Preliminary Inventory to the Chauncey McCormick Papers, 1917-1954

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Preliminary Inventory to the Chauncey McCormick Papers, 1917-1954

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Descriptive Summary

Title: Chauncey McCormick Papers,
Date (inclusive): 1917-1954
Collection number: 57020
Creator: McCormick, Chauncey, 1884-1954
Collection Size: 1 manuscript box, 1 roll, 3 phonorecords (0.6 linear feet)
Repository: Hoover Institution Archives
Stanford, California 94305-6010
Abstract: Reports, correspondence, orders, printed matter, phonorecords, and photographs, relating to relief work in Poland and political and economic conditions in Poland at the end of World War I.
Physical Location: Hoover Institution Archives
Language: English.

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United States. Food Administration.
International relief.
World War, 1914-1918.
World War, 1914-1918--Civilian relief.
World War, 1914-1918--Poland.
Poland--Economic conditions--1918-1945.
Poland--Politics and government--1918-1945.
United States--Foreign relations.

Container List

Box 1., Folder 1

Chauncey McCormick correspondence






9 - Minutes of a meeting between Chauncey McCormick and Heinrich (3p. original)


5 - Chauncey McCormic, letter to (?) from Hotel Adlon, Berlin re German attitude and trouble with German liaison man named Henrich. Trouble resolved (2p. typed copy unsigned)


6 - Chauncey McCormick, letter to (?) re: release from Poland and the Food Mission should be off in a day or so, and then to Paris (1p. typed copy unsigned)


8 - Chauncey McCormick, letter to (?) from Danzig re: letter received from Muriel McCormick, news about coming home, German Henrich, architecture in Poland (1p. typed copy unsigned)


4 - Vernon Kellog, letter to Chauncey McCormick re: communications, supplies, etc. (8p. ALS)


4 - Colonel Grove, letter to Chauncey McCormick re: information on shipping, Red Cross, Vernon Kellog, etc. (3p. ALS)


3 - Chauncey McCormick, letter to Colonel Grove re relations with the Germans, courier service, new address, etc. (1p. ALS, typed copy attached)


2 - Chauncey McCormick, letter to (?) from Danzig describing the Germans and conditions. Expects to be relieved shortly (2p. typed copy unsigned)


2 - Chauncey McCormick, letter to Dr. Vernon Kellog, (copy to Colonel Grove) from Danzig, shipments and supplies of food, conditions of the people (5p. carbon signed)




27 - Chauncey McCormick, letter to (?) describing general conditions in Poland and the people (3p. typed copy unsigned)


27 - Chauncey McCormick, letter to "Edith" from Warsaw describing conditions, the Germans, fighting, the taking of condensed milk by armored train to Lwow, Cracow hospitals, etc. (3p. typed copy unsigned)


12 - Chauncey McCormick, typed copy of letter to (?) from Warsaw describing conditions, Paderewski, etc. (3p. unsigned)


11 - Chauncey McCormick, letter to (?) from Warsaw describing Army menu, visits to Lodz, feelings of the people for the Germans, destruction caused by the Germans, etc. (typed copy 2p. 2 copies, no heading or signature)


2 - Chauncey McCormick, typewritten copy of letter to Muriel McCormick from Vienna relating to the conditions and food situation, signed "Chan" (2p.)


1 - Telegram in Polish


1918 December 22 - Orders from Herbert Hoover and General Harts for Chauncey McCormick to report to Poland for work with the Food Administration (1 original and 3 carbons signed by Herbert Hoover, 1 original from Harts, 1 carbon from Bash - all above together as a unit)






29 - Major James H. Perkins, letter to Chauncey McCormick in reply to Chauncey McCormick's letter of December 22nd, refuting rumor of Chauncey McCormick calling Red Cross crooked (1p. cc.)


22 - Chauncey McCormick, letter to Major James H. Perkins Commissioner for France, American Red Cross re Major James H. Perkins' letter of December 19, 1917 where Major James H. Perkins stated that he had heard a rumor which stated that Chauncey McCormick had called the Red Cross a crooked. Chauncey McCormick denies this (3p. ALS)


19 - James H. Perkins (Major A.R.C.), letter to Chauncey McCormick relating to report he received that Chauncey McCormick stated the Red Cross was crooked (1p. cc.)




24 - Major James H. Perkins, letter to Chauncey McCormick in reply to Chauncey McCormick's letter of 1917 October 11 and accompanying Major James H. Perkins' letter of 1919 October 17 (


17 - Major James H. Perkins, letter to Chauncey McCormick in reply to Chauncey McCormick's letter of 1917 October 11 (1p. cc.)


11 - Chauncey McCormick, letter to Major James H. Perkins, Commissioner for France, American Red Cross, re: forcing out the Red cross of Chauncey McCormick, his sister and Miss Vanneman by the Paris office (2p. ALS)




11 - Chauncey McCormick, letter to Major Grayson M.P. Murphy, High Commissioner for Europe, American Red Cross re: chance to enter U.S. Army (2p. ALS)


17 - Patten, Mr. Dept. of Military Affairs, memorandum to Major Murphy, Honorable Discharge of Chauncey McCormick (1p. ALS)


18 - Major Graysom M-P Murphy, letter to Chauncey McCormick relating to Chauncey McCormick's request for discharge to enter U.S. Army, appreciation for services to Red Cross (1p. cc.)


October 8 - J. P. Sedgwick (Director, Asile-Caserne du Luxembourg, Toul,) memorandum to Dr. W. F. Lucas re: release of Miss Vanneman. Miss Vanneman requested to be relieved of duty at this station (1p. carbon)

Folder 2

1918 - Chauncey McCormick, three postal cards sent from Germany to Mrs. Chauncey McCormick (3 cards ALS's)


1918(?) - Lt. Chauncey McCormick (evidently a copy of a telegram since the name is misspelled), reporting his arrival to Captain Ghererdi in Berlin and requesting accommodations on the night train to Cologne (1p.)




April 4 - Chauncey McCormick, repeating instructions from Herbert Hoover to proceed to Paris with companions and report to the Food Administration Office in that city (1p. ALS)




15 - Chauncey McCormick, letter describing his arrival with Herbert Ward in Bucharest (1p. typed unsigned)


11 - Herbert Hoover (U.S. Food Administrator): ". . . To whom it may concern: Chauncey McCormick is an American citizen and my representative. . . ", etc. Also U.S. Food Administration Passport attached with 4 carbons of the first document


11 - U.S. Army Special Order No. 66 re special authority vested in Herbert Hoover (U.S. Food Administrator). Subject: Captain Chauncey McCormick QMC is directed to proceed to Romania under the orders of the Food Administration (1p. ALS Major James S. McKnight, 1 carbon attached)


11 - Major James S. McKnight, memorandum for Captain McCormick. Received telephonic communication from Adjutant General, District of Paris stating that he had no objection to Chauncey McCormick remaining on duty with the Food Administration provided that he (Chauncey McCormick) was satisfied (1p. ALS, 1 carbon attached)


8 - Herbert Hoover (U.S. Food Administrator,) letter to the Adjutant General Commanding Troops, District of Paris, explaining that he had held Captain Chauncey McCormick at Paris and then assigned him to Bucharest, Romania for a one month period after which he was free to return to the U.S. Army (1p. ALS 2 carbon attached)


8 - Harts, to the Adjutant General A.E.F., informing him that Herbert Hoover requested the services again of Lt. Chauncey McCormick for one month period, and that unless orders to the contrary were to come from Headquarters, Chauncey McCormick would remain on duty with Herbert Hoover (1p. typed copy)


7 - P. J. Gimon, letter to Dr. A. E. Taylor at the Hotel Crillon, Paris telling him that train reservations had been made and where to pick up the tickets (1p. ALS)




24 - Chauncey McCormick, request to Adjutant General A.E.F. at Chaumont, France for immediate discharge (1p. typed copy)


20 - E. F. Carry (President-Haskal and Barker Car Works, Inc.,) requesting information from Chauncey McCormick about the equipment Turkey and the Balkans will be needing once the peace is signed (2 letters - same date, 1p. each ALS)


16 - Chauncey McCormick, telegram to Herbert Hoover re: German requirement that Poles going with food shipments refrain from political propaganda, assuring Herbert Hoover that as far as possible the American Mission requires the Poles to sign a statement to that effect (1p. copy of telegram)


14 - Chauncey McCormick, army orders to report to his former station now that the Food Administration had no further use of his services. Signed by Geo. H. Harries Brig. Gen. U.S.A. (4 attested true copies clipped together)


12 - Chauncey McCormick, corrections made by the American Mission to manuscript of meeting of 1919 February 8th, submitted by the Railway Direction of Danzig (2p. typed copy ALS)


11 - Chauncey McCormick, letter to Dr. Kellogg re food shipments by train and by ship. Also the German fear that the Poles would not return the freight cars once they were sent to Poland. Chauncey McCormick tried to guarantee that the problem would not arise but the Germans were still dubious (3p. hand copy)


10 - Colonel William R. Grove, memo and order to Chauncey McCormick to report to proper station for duty, having completed assignment for the Food Administration (1p. ALS)


10 - Colonel W. R. Grove (U.S.A.,) letter to Chauncey McCormick re Major Webb (Chauncey McCormick's Relief,) and what to report to Taft, and Kellogg when he sees them (1p. ALS)


10 - Vernon Kellogg, letter to Chauncey McCormick giving coal conditions in Danzig (3p. ALS)


6 - Vernon Kellogg (Chief - U.S.F.A., Poland), authorization for Chauncey McCormick to leave for Paris and sever all connections with the Food Administration as requested and return to America. Expresses regret at losing him but understands his desire to go home (2p. ALS)

Folder 3

American Relief Administration




March 24, American Relief Administration Bulletin No.2


April 8, American Relief Administration Bulletin No.4


Undated - L'Ukraine, l'Allemagne et les Allies


1919, February 8 - Danzinger neuste Nachrichten - four pages of notes and two newspaper clippings on German food supplies, and also coal supplies and shipments (4p. 2 clippings)

Folder 4





Miscellany - Two eight by ten sheets with fifteen business cards, calling cards and official cards stapled to them plus one pin with a picture of General J. Haller, 1923, "A True Son of Poland" on it


February 14 - Deutsche Waffenstillstandskommission - Legitimation Card made out for Lt. Chauncey McCormick advising all German authorities to render any and all services necessary for Lt. Chauncey McCormick to reach his destination as soon as possible (1p. ALS German Secretary of State)


Four cuffs (wooden?) from Berlin, each stamped Union 27


Undated - English translation by Lt. Leon P. Wozakiewicz. M.C., U.S. Army, of a petition to the women of Poland by someone unknown (1p. ALS)




February 4 - Pass of some sort made out for Chauncey McCormick in Danzig, written in German (1p. ALS.)


January 22 - Meeting held at the city of Lemberg by Chauncey McCormick and the representatives of civic, military, infant feeding organizations to discuss the best methods for the distribution of ten tons of milk (1p. signed by organization heads and Chauncey McCormick, 1 copy attached unsigned)


January 31 - Letter in Polish signed by Jasnie Wielmozny. English translation in text refers to Chauncey McCormick's discharge (1p. ALS)


February 3 - Letter of assistance for one Mr. Walter Dzaak for all authorities to give him help in transmitting messages to the Polish Authorities (signed by Chauncey McCormick (1p. ALS)


March 8 - Memorandum from Lt. John A. Chamberlain to Ed A. Reed, Passport Bureau, Paris, authorizing Captain Chauncey McCormick to proceed to Bucharest via Switzerland for the Food Commission (1p.)


January 23 - To Chauncey McCormick from the Jewish population of Lemberg - their most sincere thanks for the milk for the children of Lemburg (1 original in Polish signed, 1 original in English not signed, 2 copies unsigned)


Part of the Armistice terms of World War I, containing terms nos. 12-16 (carbon copy unsigned not dated)


"The Extinction of the Poles: Poland and Bolshevism" - a seven page summary of the above dissertation (Chauncey McCormick)


Undated - Unidentified page of notes pertaining to the terms of the American Mission in regard to a free corridor between Poland and Germany for the shipment of food and supplies and trains (Chauncey McCormick's writing?)


1919 January 5 - Newspaper clipping entitled "Powitanie gosci amerykanskich" from Ilustrowany Kurier Codzienny, Krakow, 1919 January 5


1915 - Typed 15 page memorial address (in French)

Folder 5

Emergency Foreign Policy Conference, etc.


1925 December 11-13 - The American Farm Bureau Federation, resolution adopted at the National Convention held at Chicago


1924 January 16-7 - American National Livestock Association, resolution adopted at the Animal Convention at Omaha, Nebraska


Undated - Emergency Foreign Policy Conference of American Producers - list of Committee members, etc.


Undated - Senator Burton K. Wheeler, letter to Mr. Basil M. Manly (Director of the People's Legislative Service,) Washington, D.C., congratulations on his acceptance of the position as Treasurer of the Emergency Foreign Policy Conference of American Producers and suggests a slight policy change (1p. cc)




February 4 - Chauncey McCormick, letter to Mr. Arthur Fisher enclosing a check for $500.00 for the Emergency Foreign Policy Conference of American Producers, but declining time to discuss the organization (2 carbon copies of the original)


January 30 - Arthur Fisher, letter to Chauncey McCormick enclosing papers explaining the work of the Emergency Foreign Policy Conference of American Producers, request time to explain the purposes of the organization (1p. ALS)


January 17 - Charles A. Lyman (Sec. EFCPOAP #), letter of Lyman to William Kent Hon describing the members of the below named organization and some of the aims of it (1p. cc.) (# Emergency Foreign Policy Conference of American producers)


[1924(?)] - The Emergency Foreign Policy Conference of American Producers, forms outlining the principals and policies of this organization (2 copies)

Folder 6

Newspapers and clippings


Polish newspapers


Nowosci Ilustrowane, 1919


Ilustrowany Kuryer Codzienny, with an article about Lt. Chauncey McCormick and with translation attached


Przeglad Wieczorny, with and article about the American Relief Mission to Poland, and a speech by McCormick


Newspaper clipping ( Palo Alto Times, 1941) relating to Ignacy Jan Paderewski's death from pneumonia


Newspaper clipping from the New York Times photographic section of 1941 February 9, showing the home life of Ignacy Jan Paderewski and sister


Polish-American newspaper entitled Dziennik Chicagowski with a cartoon entitled "In Tribute to a Great Friend," and showing a monument inscribed "Chauncey McCormick, Patriot, Civic Leader, Humanitarium" with a person weeping and a wreath inscribed "From Polonia," 1954 September 10

Folder 7

Printed materials


Polish printed materials


Three miscellaneous Polish World War I pamphlets


Catalog of a Polish Exposition of the works of Polish painters and sculptors in Paris, 1918, for the benefit of the Polish Army in France


Pamphlet printed in Paris entitled La situation en Ukraine par un Polonais d'Ukraine (The situation in the Ukraine by a Pole from the Ukraine) (2 copies)

Folder 8

Herbert Hoover correspondence (this material is in the Herbert Hoover Papers)


1919 March 8


Herbert Hoover (U.S. Food Administrator), memorandum to the Adjutant General commanding the troops, District of Paris, re assignment of Chauncey McCormick (1p. cc.)


Herbert Hoover, letter to M. Clementel, Minister of Commerce, Paris - concerned with the omission of Dr. Taylor's name and party omitted from the list for the train the following Tuesday (1p. copy 1 carbon)


1918 December 22, Roueau D. Meroski (?), letter to Herbert Hoover from (?) re Count Lauioski's offer to put his house at the disposal of the American Mission while in Warsaw (2p. ALS)


1936 February 18, D. M. Reynolds, letter to Herbert Hoover quoting a "brand new wise-crack" he thought up himself (1p. ALS)

Folder 9-12

Herbert Hoover notes, drafts, and speeches made in the 1930s and during the 1936 campaign (this material is in the Herbert Hoover Papers)

Folder 13



German troops at burnt Polish village


Portrait of Herbert Ward


Portrait of Chauncey McCormick, painted by a Polish artist in Chicago, ca. 1922

Folder 14-15

Germans, Poles, etc., mostly during World War I

Box On shelf

Posters. Polish and German World War I posters

Record cabinet

Sound recordings (phonorecords)

Record cabinet

Sound recording of Ignacy Jan Paderewski speech 1940 April 16

Access Information

Use copy reference number: 57020_a_0001779

Scope and Content Note

Speaking in Geneva, Switzerland, Paderewski speaks on the state of the war in regards to the people of Poland. He mentions Chauncey McCormick
Record cabinet

Sound recording recording: National Committee on Food for the Small Democracies 1941 June 28 - 1944 June 28

Access Information

Use copy reference number: 57020_a_0001710

Scope and Content Note

A talk on food aid to Nazi-occupied countries. Date is debatable. Disc label has the date as 6-28-41, but the original sleeves read June 28, 1944. Speaker refers to the U.S. as a neutral nation on the second disc