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Please note the California Digital Library, which maintains the Online Archive of California, does not own the items or collections on the site and has no further information about them.

Questions about items and collections should be directed to their contributing institutions. You can find the contact information for institutions on every collection guide, in the “Get items” area: Click on the red link to find the phone and/or email of the institution. For example:

Staff at the institution indicated by the red link can tell you about the contents of the collection, including requests for duplication, permissions, or more information.

If you have a question about using an item you found on the Online Archive of California, you may want to first consult the Terms of Use. Other frequently asked questions are addressed on our help page.

Use this form only if you have technical problems, questions, or general comments about the Online Archive of California. If this message concerns items or collections found on this site, please contact the contributing institution directly. Messages about items or collections submitted through this page may be forwarded to the contributing institution, as noted in our Privacy Statement.

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Our help page contains search tips and answers to many frequently asked questions, such as how to find more information about an item or collection. If you're wondering about permissions and what you can do with items you find on the Online Archive of California, a good starting point is the terms of use.

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