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Guide to the Meyer Lissner Papers, 1903-1923 (inclusive), 1910-1920 (bulk)
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Santa Ana Daily Register - s. J.P. Baumgartner, ed. & mgr.


Santa Barbara Morning Press - s. W.C. Getty, mg. ed.


Sawtelle Tribune - s. Art Yeager, publr.


Stockton Record - s. H.J.F. Barkalay?, bus mgr.


Van Nays News Publishing Co. - s Frank M. Keffer, ed. & mgr.


Ventura Daily Post - s. Alfred H. Davis, publr.


Ventura Free Press - s. D.J. Reese, publr.


Visalia Daily Times - s. M.M. Maddox


Watts Advertiser - s. A.D. Lefavor, mg. ed.


Whittier News - s. B.L. Donag ?


Zelzah ? s. H.E. Whitaker

Correspondents by Year


1904 - 1909


Anderson, George Baker - 1909 -Secretary People's Legislative Bureau, Sacramento


Avery, Russ - L. A. attorney


Bancroft, Philip


Bard, U.S. Senator Thomas R. - Hueneme, Ventura County.


Bartlett, Rev. Dana - Bethlehem Institute, Los Angeles


Beatty, John A., Jr. - Santa Ana


Bell, State Senator Charles W. - Pasadena


Belshaw, State Senator C. M. - Antioch


Booth, H. C. - Santa Barbara city attorney; Southern Pacific atty.


Brundige, H. W. - editor, L. A. Express


Butler, Sidney A. - L-R campaign manager, Los Angeles


Coggswell, Assemblyman Prescott F. - 68th District


Crow, Judge S. E. - Santa Barbara


Davis, W. R. - former mayor, Oakland


Devlin, Frank R. - attorney Vallejo; President (1908)Lincoln Roosevelt League of Republican Clubs of California


Dickson, E. A. - associate editor L. A. Express, 1907.


Drew, A. M. - Fresno


Earl, E. T. - Los Angeles publisher; financial support


Eshleman, J. M. - attorney from Imperial County


Estudillo, Miguel - Riverside


Fels, Joseph - soap manufacturer


Fleming, A. P. - old time Los Angeles Republican


Flint, State Senator Tom - 1907 -Los Angeles


Fredericks, J. D. - District Attorney, Los Angeles, 1908


Harper, A. C. - Mayor, Los Angeles, 1968


Hayes, E. A. - C ongressman from San Jose


Haynes, Dr. John R.


Heard, Dwight B. - Arizona Progressive


Henderson, Frank - 1908Secretary Lincoln Roosevelt League of Los Angeles


Heney, Francis J. - San Francisco attorney


Hewitt, Leslie R. - Los Angeles city attorney, 1907


Houser, Fred W. - Assemblyman


Hunsaker, W. J. - L. A. attorney; defended Older in Libel suit.


Jacobs, Isidor - California Canneries, S. F.; Good Gov't. Organization


Johnson, Hiram - Governor of California


Jones, Prof. Wm. Carey - Dept. of Jurisprudence, Univ. of California


Kent, U. S. Rep. William - Marin County


La Follette, Senator Robert M.


Lee, Bradner - 1908 Chairman Republican County Central Committee, L. A.


Leeds, W. R. - Los Angeles attorney; assemblyman 1907


Long, Percy - San Francisco District Attorney, 1908


Luce, Edgar A. - San Diego


McLachlan, U. S. Rep. James


Newberry, Perry - San Francisco Republican League


Nye, A. B. - State controller; former sec. to Governor Pardee


Older, Fremont


Pardee, George - former Governor of California


Pridham, R. W. - L. A. County Supervisor


Roberts, E. D. - President San Bernardino National Bank


Roche, Theodore - San Francisco attorney


Roseberry, L. H. - Atty. Santa Barbara


Rowell, Chester


Ryan, Daniel A. - candidate for mayor, San Francisco


Sloane, Judge W. A. - San Diego


Stimson, Marshall - Los Angeles


Uhl, Adolph - San Francisco


Vorys, Al - Taft representative in Ohio, 1908


Wallace, A. J. - Lt. Governor


Weinstock, Harris


Willard, C. D. - sec. L. A. Municipal League


Williams, W. R. - State Treasurer


Works, Judge John D.


York, Judge Waldo M.




Bancroft, Philip - Secretary, San Francisco County Central Com.


Bartlett, Dr. Dana - Bethelehem Institute, Los Angeles


Dickson, E. A. - Secretary, U. S. Senator John D. Works


Dixon, U. S. Senator Joseph M. - Chairman National Progressive Com.


Earl, E. T. - Los Angeles Publisher -- Tribune, Express


Edgerton, Edwin O. - Member, California Railroad Commission


Fels, Joseph - soap manufacturer; single-tax advocate


Hamilton, John J. - member Los Angeles Board of Freeholders


Haynes, Dr. John R. active in L. A. Good Government Organization


Heney, Francis J. - San Francisco attorney


Hewitt, Leslie R. - Los Angeles attorney


Johnson, Hiram - Governor of California


Jordan, Frank C. - Secretary of State


Kent, U. S. Rep. William - Marin County


La Follette, Senator Robert M. - Wisconsin


Luce, Edgar A. - San Diego attorney


McCabe, Alexander - secretary to Governor Johnson


Madsen, Martin C.-- executive secretary to Governor Johnson


McCormick, Medill - National Roosevelt Committee, 1912


Mott, Frank - Mayor of Oakland


Nelles, Fred C. - Superintendent Whittier State School


Neylan, John Francis - Member, State Board of Control


Older, Fremont - San Francisco Bulletin


Pardee, George C. - former Governor


Perkins, George W. - Progressive National Committee


Pillsbury, A. J.


Pridham, R. W. - Los Angeles County Supervisor


Richardson, Friend - State Printer


Roberts, E. D. - State Treasurer


Robinson, Leo - Secretary, Finance Committee, Roosevelt Progressive Republican League of California


Rowell, Chester - Fresno Republican


Ryan, Daniel A. - San Francisco


U'Ren, W. T. - Direct Legislation League of California


Walcott, E. A. - Secretary, Commonwealth Club


Wallace, A. J. - Lieutenant Governor


Willard, C. D. - Secretary, Municipal League of Los Angeles


Woodruff, Clinton Roters - Secretary, National Municipal League


Young, Assemblyman C. C. - Berkeley




Bartlett, Dr. Dana


Bell, U. S. Rep. Charles W. - 1913,Los Angeles


Boynton, A. E.


Brundige, H. W.


Burke, Dr. William P. - Redlands


Camp, E. W.


Carr, State Senator William J.


Churchill, Winston


Chenoweth, Lawrence E. - Bakersfield


Clark, Assemblyman Willaim C.


Cochems, E. T. - Progressive National Committee


de Ligne, A. A. - State Superintendent of Banks


Detrick, Charles R. - Railroad Commission


Dickson, E. A.


Dixon, Joseph M.


Edson, Katherine and Charles Farwell


Earl, E. T.


Fels, Joseph


Fernald, Reginald - Santa Barbara


Fischer, Will - 1913,Managing Editor, California Outlook


Gates, Carroll W. - Los Angeles


Gates, Assemblyman Egbert J.


Gates, Lee C.


Hewitt, Leslie R.


Heney, Francis J.


Jones, Professor Willaim Carey


Kellor, Francis A. - Chief, Progressive Service, Prog. Nat'l. Com.


Kent, Senator William


Letts, Arthur - Attorney, Los Angeles


Lind, H. B. - Progressive State Central Committee, Nevada


McCormick, Medill - Progressive National Committeeman


Morrison, Willis I. - Attorney, Los Angeles


Neylan, John F. - State Board of Control.


Pillsbury, A. J. - Industrial Accident Board


Richardson, Friend


Roosevelt, Theodore


Rowell, Chester


Stephens, Congressman William D.


Stetson, John W. - Pres. Roosevelt Prog. Repub. League of Calif.


Stimson, Marshall


Stone, George W. - Mayor, Santa Cruz


Taylor, B. Grant - Clerk, Supreme Court of California


White, William Allen


Wiggins, Frank - Secretary, Los Angeles Chanber of Commerce


Will, Arthur P. - Legislative Counsel


Williams, Edgar - President State Civil Service Commission


Williams, Thomas S. - Member State Harbor Commission


Woodley, Assemblyman F. E. - Los Angeles


Young, C. C. - Speaker of Assembly


1915 - 1916


Arlett, Arthur - San Francisco; member Panama Pacific International Exposition Commission


Baer, John Willis - President, Occidental College


Baumgartner, J.P. - Santa Ana publisher; member Conservation Commission


Benedict, Stanley - State Senator


Blight, Reynold E. - accountant, Los Angeles


Bonnheim, A. - Sacramento banker; member Industrial Welfare Commission


Bulla, Robert N. - Los Angeles


Burnham, George - Philaldelphia; Treasurer National Municipal League


Butler, Edwin M. - State Senator


Carnahan, H.L. - Commissioner of Corporations


Carr, William J. - State Senator


Chambers, John S. - State Controller


Chandler, A.E. - Member, State Water Commission


Cook, A.J. - Commissioner of Hotriculture


Devlin, Frank R. - State Railroad Commission


Dohrmann, A.B.C. - San Francisco; member Industrial Welfare Commission


Edgerton, Edwin O. - State Railroad Commission


Edson, Mrs. Katharine P. - Member, Industrial Welfare Commission


Eshleman, John M. - Lieutenant Governor


French, Will J. - Member Industrial Accident Commission


Gordon, Alexander- Member, State Railroad Commission


Havenner, Franck R. - San Francisco Bulletin


Hichborn, Franklin - Santa Clara


Hinshaw, W.E. - Supervisor, Los Angeles County


Howard, Ray - attorney, Los Angeles


Ickes, Harold - attorney, Chicago


Jess, Stoddard - banker, Los Angeles


Johnson, Hiram - Governor


Johnson, William Templeton - architect, San Diego


Johnstone, W.A. - San Dimas; member State Water Commission


Jordan, Frank - Secretary of State


Lane, Franklin - Secretary of the Interior


Lathrop, John E. - American City Bureau, New York City


Long, Percy - City Attorney San Francisco


Loveland, H.D. - State Railroad Commission


McCabe, Alexander - Private Secretary to Governor Johnson


McClure, W.F. - State Engineer


Madsen, Martin - Executive Secretary to the Governor


Martin, Irving - Member, State Water Commission


Murasky, Frank J. - Chairman, Industrial Welfare Commission


Murdock, Victor - Chairman Progressive National Committee


Neylan, John Francis - State Board of Control


Phelan, Hames D. - United States Senator from California


Pillsbury, A.J. - Chairman, Industrial Accident Commission


Rowell, Chester


Sinsheimer, Paul - Bond Expert, Railroad Commission


Sullivan, Matthew I. - Pres. P.P.I.E. Commission


Swing, Phil D. - attorney, El Centro


Thelen, Max - President Railroad Commission


Thompson, Newton W. - State Senator


U'Ren, Milton - Secretary, Direct Legislation League of California


Webb, U.S. - State Attorney General


Weinstock, Harris - Member, Industrial Accident Commission


White, William Allen - Kansas editor


Will, Arthur P. Chief, Legislative Counsel Bureau


Williams, Edgar - President, State Civil Service Commission


Williams, W.R. - Supreintendent of Banks


Woodruff, Clinton Rogers


Woolwine, Thomas Lee - Los Angeles District Attorney


Works, John D. - United States Senator from California


Young, C.C,


1917 - 1921


A - I


Arndt, Stanley - Stockton attorney


Benjamin, Raymond - 1920,Chairman Republican State Central Com.


Beveridge, Albert


Breed, Arthur H. - State Senator from Piedmont


Bradley, Christopher M. - attorney for Industrial Accident Commission


Camp, E.W. - railroad attorney


Carnahan, H.L. - of Riverside; Commissioner of Corporations


Chambers, John S. - State Controller


Devlin, Frank


Dickson, E.A.


Edson, Mrs. Katherine Phillips - Executive Commissioner, Industrial Accident Commission; voluminous correspondence


Fellows, C.W. - Manager, 1919,State Compensation Insurance Fund


French, Will J. - Industrial Accident Commission


Gibson, Hugh - United States Diplomatic Service


Graupner, A.E. -Counsel, Industrial Accident Commission


Haynes, Dr. John Randolph


Hays, Will - Chairman, Republican National Committee; large file


Herriott, Paul


Ickes, Harold


Johnson, Hiram - United States Senator from California


J - Z


Johnson, Hiram - United States Senator from California


Johnson, Hiram, Jr. - attorney


Johnston, W.A.


Krehbiel, Edward - Professor of History, Stanford University


Lasker, Albert - Chairman, United States Shipping Board


Luce, Edgar A. - attorney, San Diego


Lyons, D.B. - Registrar of Voters, Los Angeles


McCabe, Alexander


McClatchy, Charles K. - Publisher, Sacramento Bee


Madsen, Martin


Martin, Irving - Railroad Commission


Mueller, Oscar C. - President, Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce


Myers, Judge Louis W. - Los Angeles


Naftzger, A.F. - Industrial Accident Commission


Nelles, Fred C.


Neumiller, Charles L. - Stockton


Neylan, John Francis - 1913-1920files in this drawer


Older, Fremont -San Francisco Bulletin


Olney, Warren Jr. - California Supreme Court


Ozborne, H.Z. - United States Representative


Perkins, George W. - Chairman Progressive National Committee


Phelan, James - United States Senator to 1917


Pillsbury, A.J.


Pope, Arthur Upham - Philosophy Professor, Univ. of California


Reese, D.J. - State Civil Service Commission, 1917


Rowell, Chester - largest single file


Russell, Charles Edward - Washington, D.C.


Seavey, Claude S. - Member, 1920,State Board of Control


Shortridge, Samuel M. - U.S. Senator, 1921-1927


Sloane, W.A. - Justice, Supreme Court of California


Stephens, William D. - Governor of California


Thelen, Max - Railroad Commission


Weinstock, Harris


White, William Allen


Young, C.C.

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