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Finding Aid to the James D. Phelan Photograph Albums, 1902-1929
BANC PIC 1932.001--ALB  
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[Woman in tennis clothes] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 100:361--ALB


[Statue of Helen Wills ?] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 100:362--ALB


[Large outdoor gathering] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 100:363--ALB


[Phelan and others] March 24, '29 [1929] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 100:364--ALB


[Woman with baby] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 100:365--ALB


[View down road] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 100:366--ALB


[Woman in bathing suit] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 100:367--ALB


[Women in bathing suits]


BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 100:368--ALB


[Women in bathing suits] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 100:369--ALB


[Boys at swimming pool] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 100:370--ALB


[Phelan and others wearing sombreros while dining] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 100:371--ALB


[Phelan and little girls] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 100:372--ALB


[Baby] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 100:373--ALB


[Three little girls] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 100:374--ALB


[People at pool] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 100:375--ALB


[Baby] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 100:376--ALB


[Boy by fountain] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 100:377--ALB


[Woman in evening gown] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 100:378--ALB


[Woman and girls] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 100:379--ALB


[Phelan and woman] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 100:380--ALB


[Portrait of man and woman] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 100:381--ALB


[Group dining]


BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 100:382--ALB


BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 100:383--ALB


BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 100:384--ALB


BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 100:385--ALB


BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 100:386--ALB


[Phelan and woman dancing]


BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 100:387--ALB


BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 100:388--ALB


[Group dining]


BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 100:389--ALB


BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 100:390--ALB


[Band playing]


[Band playing] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 100:391--ALB


BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 100:392--ALB




BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 100:393--ALB


[Woman] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 100:394--ALB


[Group portrait] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 100:395--ALB


Volume 101


[Dam ?] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 101:001--ALB


[Westinghouse equipment] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 101:002--ALB


[Irrigation ditch?] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 101:003--ALB


Home Ranch. House, March 12, 1922


BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 101:004--ALB


Home Ranch. House, March 12, 1922 BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 101:005--ALB


Home Ranch. March 12, 1922 BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 101:006--ALB


Reavis Ranch, 1922 Home Ranch BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 101:007--ALB


Reavis Ranch, 1919 BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 101:008--ALB


Reavis Ranch, tank and house, Home Ranch BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 101:009--ALB


[Barn] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 101:010--ALB


Reavis Ranch


Reavis Ranch BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 101:011--ALB


Reavis Ranch BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 101:012--ALB


Reavis Ranch BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 101:013--ALB


Reavis Ranch, Mar [March] 12, 1922; Edgar slough


BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 101:014--ALB


Reavis Ranch, Mar [March] 12, 1922; Edgar slough BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 101:015--ALB


Reavis Ranch, Mar [March] 12, 1922. Rice [?] ... from Edgar Slough BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 101:016--ALB


Reavis Ranch, Mar [March] 12, 22. [1922] Rice [?]


Reavis Ranch, Mar [March] 12, 22. [1922] Rice [?] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 101:017--ALB


Reavis Ranch, Mar [March] 12, 22. [1922] Rice [?] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 101:018--ALB


[Phelan] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 101:019--ALB


[Water hole] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 101:020--ALB


[untitled] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 101:021--ALB


[Men making rudimentary bridge] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 101:022--ALB


[Men building pump plant?]


[Men building pump plant?] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 101:023--ALB


BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 101:024--ALB


[Pump plant?] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 101:025--ALB


[Man on pump plant?] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 101:026--ALB


[Pump plant? Water tower?] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 101:027--ALB


[Westinghouse equipment] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 101:028--ALB


[Water hole] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 101:029--ALB


[Westinghouse equipment]


[Westinghouse equipment] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 101:030--ALB


BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 101:031--ALB


[Water tower?] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 101:032--ALB


[Pipes and water hole] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 101:033--ALB


[Water tower?]


BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 101:034--ALB


[Water tower?] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 101:035--ALB


[Water tower?] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 101:036--ALB


[Water tower? and pump plant?]


[Water tower? and pump plant?] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 101:037--ALB


[Water tower? and pump plant?] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 101:038--ALB


[Pipes] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 101:039--ALB


[Men and pipes] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 101:040--ALB




[Pipes] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 101:041--ALB


[Pipes] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 101:042--ALB


[Pipe leading into ditch]


BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 101:043--ALB


BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 101:044--ALB


[Water towers?] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 101:045--ALB


[Pipes leading into ditch] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 101:046--ALB


[Field] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 101:047--ALB


[Water tower? and pipes] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 101:048--ALB


[Irrigation ditch?]


BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 101:049--ALB


BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 101:050--ALB


BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 101:051--ALB


BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 101:052--ALB


BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 101:053--ALB


BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 101:054--ALB


BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 101:055--ALB


BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 101:056--ALB


BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 101:057--ALB


[Water tower?] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 101:058--ALB


[Irrigation ditch?] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 101:059--ALB


Reavis Ranch - rice checker BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 101:060--ALB


[Irrigation ditch?] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 101:061--ALB


Reavis Ranch BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 101:062--ALB


[Irrigation ditch?] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 101:063--ALB


Reavis Ranch - engine and checker BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 101:064--ALB


Reavis Ranch


BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 101:065--ALB


BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 101:066--ALB


BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 101:067--ALB


Reavis Ranch BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 101:068--ALB


BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 101:069--ALB


BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 101:070--ALB


Reavis Ranch, 1919 BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 101:071--ALB


Reavis Ranch


BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 101:072--ALB


BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 101:073--ALB


BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 101:074--ALB


Reavis Ranch, 1919 BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 101:075--ALB


Reavis Ranch


BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 101:076--ALB


BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 101:077--ALB


[Irrigation equipment?] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 101:078--ALB


[Irrigation pipes?] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 101:079--ALB


[Irrigation equipment?] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 101:080--ALB


[Men with irrigation equipment?] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 101:081--ALB


[Water towers?] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 101:082--ALB


[Men building] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 101:083--ALB


[Men by structure] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 101:084--ALB


[Structure by water towers?] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 101:085--ALB


[Equipment] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 101:086--ALB


Reavis Ranch Diesel Engine House, July 1921 BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 101:087--ALB


Reavis Ranch, July 1921 BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 101:088--ALB


Reavis Ranch, July 1921, Edgar Slough BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 101:089--ALB


[Barn?] May 20, 22 [1922]


[Barn?] May 20, 22 [1922] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 101:090--ALB


BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 101:091--ALB


Home dwelling, May 20, 22 [1922] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 101:092--ALB


Store house, May 22, 22 [1922] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 101:093--ALB


[Men by shed] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 101:094--ALB


May 22, 22 [1922], Granary and home ranch BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 101:095--ALB


[Shed] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 101:096--ALB


Box stalls and auto repair shop, May 22, 22 [1922] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 101:097--ALB


[Barn] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 101:098--ALB


Reliance meter installed at Little Chico Creek syphon, Spring 1922 BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 101:099--ALB


Installing reliance meter at Little Chico Creek syphon, Spring of 1922 BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 101:100--ALB


Installing reliance meter at Little Chico Creek syphon BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 101:101--ALB


Butte Creek Dam, raising dam, Spring 1922


BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 101:102--ALB


BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 101:103--ALB


Butte Creek, raising dam, Spring 1922 BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 101:104--ALB


Butte Creek Dam, May 1, 1922 BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 101:105--ALB


Butte Creek Dam, Spring 1922, raising dam


BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 101:106--ALB


BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 101:107--ALB


Phelan-Parrott Pump Plant BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 101:108--ALB


Virgil Estes place on Edgar Slough, showing bridge which is lower part of dam and large pipe carrying water out to irrigate orchard and alfalfa about 20 acres BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 101:109--ALB


Estes place - dam and pumps for taking out water BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 101:110--ALB


Estes place on Edgar Slough from S.R. Co. Tracks showing S.E. corner -orchard and alfalfa field in back ground [sic]. See Hubbard letter July 10, 22 [1922] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 101:111--ALB


New land bought by Estes on east side of Edgar Slough, showing corn and garden land and pipe lines for irrigation. The dam is at the right under the largest oak tree. BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 101:112--ALB


Pump house and garden on Breslauer Place BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 101:113--ALB


Another view of pump house on Breslauer place showing gas engine and discharge pipe BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 101:114--ALB


Pump house on Breslauer place on Edgar Slough. The pump is operated with a gasoline engine BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 101:115--ALB


Four inch pump on Breslauer place on Edgar Slough BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 101:116--ALB


Where plant garden divert their water from Edgar Slough BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 101:117--ALB


Plant garden corner, showing flume and large excess of water BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 101:118--ALB


Dividing boxes at plant garden corner. Water flowing along fence line. July 1, 1922 BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 101:119--ALB


About 15 second feet of water flowing to U. S. Plant Corner, July 1st, 1922, they are entitled to not over four second feet at this state BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 101:120--ALB


Head box of El Oro Co. and plant garden flume attached to our dam, July, 1922 BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 101:121--ALB


Completed flume of El Oro Company and plant garden attached to our head dam, July, 1922 BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 101:122--ALB


Crouch lower weir wider than banks. Hubbard's letter 9/8/22 [September 8, 1922] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 101:123--ALB


Crouch Upper Weir 23 ½ ft. wide. Hubbard's letter 9/8/22 [September 8, 1922] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 101:124--ALB


Pump and tank house on Loughlin Place on Edgar Slough. Our water shows on extreme right. This well is about 35 feet from the flowing water. BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 101:125--ALB


Attorney Harry Davids place on Edgar Slough. This place has a well just back of the house and a pressure system for supply. Naturally this well borrows indirectly some of our water. BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 101:126--ALB


S. J. Ganow place on Edgar Slough. Our water is flowing to the left. On the right is the corn patch they have been irrigating with a small pump, 1 ½". The fruit dryer and grader is also shown BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 101:127--ALB


Abutment formerly used by El Oro Dredging Co. and Plant Garden to divert their water. A long bar of gravel has formed back of this, up to our dam, and all should be removed. Hubbard's letter 9/8/22 [September 8, 1922] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 101:128--ALB


Butte Creek diversion dam, May 22, 22 [1922] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 101:129--ALB


May 1922, Butte Creek Dam


BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 101:130--ALB


BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 101:131--ALB


Butte Creek intake, May 21, 22 [1922] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 101:132--ALB


Butte Creek head gate, May 21, 22 [1922] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 101:133--ALB


May 1922, diversion box, Butte Creek Dam BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 101:134--ALB


May 1922, head gate, Butte Creek BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 101:135--ALB


Butte Creek water, May 21, 22 [1922] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 101:136--ALB


Phelan-Parrrott ditch [?] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 101:137--ALB


Phelan-Parrott ground ditch [?] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 101:138--ALB


May 1922, foreign water from Butte Creek near R. R. BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 101:139--ALB


Head gates at Butte Creek Dam showing heavy iron locked over wheels to prevent tampering, July, 1922 BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 101:140--ALB


Butte Creek Dam, July 1, 1922 BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 101:141--ALB


Butte Creek Dam, August 1st, 1922 BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 101:142--ALB


Butte Creek Dam showing bar that should be removed. Hubbards letter 9/8/22 [September 8, 1922] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 101:143--ALB


Butte Creek Dam lower apron. Hubbard letter 9/8/22 [September 8, 1922] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 101:144--ALB


Butte Creek Head Dam, showing undercut in lower apron. Hubbard's letter 9/8/22 [September 8, 1922] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 101:145--ALB


Clearing Butte Creek Dam, Sept [September] 1922 BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 101:146--ALB


Butte Creek Dam after first rain, Oct 2, 22 [October 2, 1922] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 101:147--ALB


Butte Creek Dam, October, 1922 storm before work was started BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 101:148--ALB


Clearing brush at Butte Creek Dam, Oct 17, 22 [October 17, 1922] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 101:149--ALB


Butte Creek Dam lowered and water flowing through middle of bar BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 101:150--ALB


Lowering Butte Creek Dam BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 101:151--ALB


North side of dam at Butte Creek showing brush and rock protection BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 101:152--ALB


Bar below dam at Butte Creek, cleared of brush and ready for work BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 101:153--ALB


Water diverted to south side of Butte Creek dam while bar is being scraped BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 101:154--ALB


Bar below dam at Butte Creek ready for scraping BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 101:155--ALB


Scraping on Butte Creek Bar


BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 101:156--ALB


BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 101:157--ALB


Finishing scraping work on Butte Creek Bar BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 101:158--ALB


Filling deep hole below dam on Butte Creek BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 101:159--ALB


Butte Creek Dam showing position of mixer for gravity work BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 101:160--ALB


Butte Creek Dam. Running concrete on heavy rock foundation for apron BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 101:161--ALB


Butte Creek Dam, running concrete for apron BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 101:162--ALB


Butte Creek Dam, March 19, 1923, showing low stage of water. Dam was raised on this date BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 101:163--ALB


Butte Creek Dam, May 30, 1923, showing plenty of water BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 101:164--ALB


Butte Creek Dam and head gates, May, 1923 BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 101:165--ALB


Fish wheel constructed and ready to install in place in the ditch below Butte Creek head gates, May, 1923. Size of wheel 6 ft. wide and 8 ft. high. BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 101:166--ALB


Concrete Weir and Fish Wheel, Butte Creek ditch, July, 1923. (Hubbard's letter, Aug. 5/23) [August 5, 1923] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 101:167--ALB


Fish heel in place showing concrete weir below, July, 1923. (Hubbard's letter Aug. 5/23) [August 5, 1923] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 101:167--ALB


Fish wheel operating, July 1923 (Hubbard's letter Aug. 5/23) [August 5, 1923] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 101:167--ALB


Butte Creek waters over our dam, August 1, 1923. (Hubbard's letter Aug. 5/23) [August 5, 1923] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 101:167--ALB


Phelan-Parrott canal above Edgar Slough BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 101:168--ALB


Phelan-Parrott below Little Chico Creek syphon BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 101:169--ALB


Hubbard letter 9/8/22. [September 8, 1922] The division wall at Edgar Slough BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 101:170--ALB


At Edgar Slough and Extension Canal. Showing tulle and bulrush growth below the division wall. This opening is 40 ft. ... BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 101:171--ALB


Looking up Edgar Slough from Division Wall. Moore [?] ranch on left, Crouch ranch on right. Hubbard's letter 9/8/22 [September 8, 1922] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 101:172--ALB


Just below division wall showing narrow channel of stream. Hubbard's letter 9/8/22 [September 8, 1922] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 101:173--ALB


Hubbard's letter 9/8/22. [September 8, 1922] Tulle growth just below division wall BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 101:174--ALB


Looking up from Phelan second weir, showing tulle growth below second division point. Hubbard's letter 9/8/22 [September 8, 1922] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 101:175--ALB


Intake or sump at pump plant, showing sand deposit in front of screens. Hubbard's letter 9/8/22 [September 8, 1922] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 101:176--ALB


Bar of silt and trash from [?] in front of screens at pump intake. Has been removed in part. Hubbard's letter, 9/8/22 [September 8, 1922] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 101:177--ALB


At pump intake, scraper with team ahead removing silt BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 101:178--ALB


At pump intakes scraping out silt BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 101:179--ALB


At pump intakes, work completed BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 101:180--ALB


Little Chico Creek in flood, Dec. [December] 28, 1922 - at siphon looking South. Hubbard Jan. [January] 5, 1923 BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 101:181--ALB


Hubbard Jan. [January] 5, 1923 - canal and McLain field looking north from Little Chico Creek siphon. On the right of the fence is the McLain field, on the left our canal. Photo taken Dec.[December] 28, 1922. Water is shown discharging into our canal through cut in bank. BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 101:182--ALB


Hubbard, Jan .[January] 5, 1923. Water rising in Big Chico Creek, a.m. Dec [December] 28, 1922 BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 101:183--ALB


Hubbard, Jan. [January] 5, 1923. By noon Dec. [December] 28, 1922 water was as high as shown BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 101:184--ALB


Hubbard, Jan. [January] 5, 1923 - water still rising. At 3:00 p.m. Dec. [December] 28, 1922 water was up to main stringer from which iron rods run down to suction pipes. That was the high mark BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 101:185--ALB


Snow at pump station, Jan. [January] 29, 1923


BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 101:186--ALB


BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 101:187--ALB


BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 101:188--ALB


Dunham place - residence, Apr [April] 27, 22 [1922] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 101:189--ALB


Dunham place - residence and tank house - Apr 27, 22 [April 27, 1922] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 101:190--ALB


Dunham place, Apr 27, 22 [April 27, 1922] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 101:191--ALB


Dunham place - tank house, Apr 27, 22 [April 27, 1922]


Dunham place - tank house, Apr 27, 22 [April 27, 1922] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 101:192--ALB


BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 101:193--ALB


Dunham place - residence, Apr 27, 22 [April 27, 1922] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 101:194--ALB


Dunham place, Apr 27, 22 [April 27, 1922]


BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 101:195--ALB


Dunham place, Apr 27, 22 [April 27, 1922] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 101:196--ALB


BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 101:197--ALB


[Barn] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 101:198--ALB


South Ranch - San Jose, Oct 1, 22 [October 1, 1922] Pump, ho and wells installed by Lymn [?] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 101:199--ALB


South Ranch, San Jose, Oct 1, 22 [October 1, 1922], pump, ho, etc., facing Lenter [?] St. BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 101:200--ALB


South Ranch


BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 101:201--ALB


South Ranch BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 101:202--ALB


BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 101:203--ALB


BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 101:204--ALB


South Ranch BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 101:205--ALB


R. Clark residence, July 25, 21 [1921] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 101:206--ALB


R. Clark ranch - gate to residence, July, 1921 BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 101:207--ALB


R. Clark residence, July, 1921


BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 101:208--ALB


BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 101:209--ALB


Home dwelling, R. Clark residence, July, 1921 BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 101:210--ALB


R. Clark residence, July, 1921 BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 101:211--ALB


R. Clark residence and tank house, July, 1921 BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 101:212--ALB


R. Clark ranch, July, 1921, west of tank BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 101:213--ALB


R. Clark ranch, July, 1921, north of tank BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 101:214--ALB


R. Clark ranch, July, 1921, west of tank BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 101:215--ALB


R. Clark ranch, July, 1921 BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 101:216--ALB


R. Clark or home ranch, July, 1921. S. E. of tank BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 101:217--ALB


R. Clark Ranch, July, 1921. North field BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 101:218--ALB


R. Clark, July, 1921, North Big Field BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 101:219--ALB


Reuben Clark ranch, July, 1921, South Big Field BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 101:220--ALB


R. Clark, July, 1921 BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 101:221--ALB


Reuben Clark or Home ranch, Facing Putah Creek, July, 1921 BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 101:222--ALB


R. Clark ranch, July, 1921 BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 101:223--ALB


R. Clark or Home ranch, July, 1921


BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 101:224--ALB


BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 101:225--ALB


R. Clark, July, 1921


BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 101:226--ALB


BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 101:227--ALB


BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 101:228--ALB


BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 101:229--ALB


Norman Clark Rand, power house built by R. H. Collins, July 25, 21 [1921] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 101:230--ALB


Norman Clark ranch, July, 1921 BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 101:231--ALB


Norman Clark ranch, power house at junction of Putah Creek and Eliuara [?] Erected by R. H. Collins; contains 12" horizontal Krough pump, 75 L. L. [?] 6 cyl [cylinder] directly connected BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 101:232--ALB


Norman Clark ranch. Dining room, kitchen and sleeping quarter for cook. July, 1921 BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 101:233--ALB


Norman Clark ranch, July, 1921 BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 101:234--ALB


Norman Clark ranch, tank house erected by R. H. Collins BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 101:235--ALB


Norman Clark, 5 ½ acre field. July, 1921 BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 101:236--ALB


July 1921. Upper Clark ranch -- across from residence BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 101:237--ALB


Upper ranch BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 101:238--ALB


Volume 102


[Mountains] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 102:001--ALB


[Man in rowboat on lake] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 102:002--ALB


Camp at Big Creek looking N.W., 8-13-18 [August 13, 1918] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 102:003--ALB




[Railroad] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 102:004--ALB


BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 102:005--ALB


[Trestle] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 102:006--ALB


[Railroad] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 102:007--ALB


[Men on train] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 102:008--ALB


[Working on tracks over bridge] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 102:009--ALB


[Bridge] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 102:010--ALB


Dam Site at Priest looking N., 8-16-18 [August 16, 1918] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 102:011--ALB


City employee's club house at Groveland, 8-16-18 [August 16, 1918] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 102:012--ALB


City hospital of Groveland, 8-6-18 [August 16, 1918] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 102:013--ALB


[Building in snow, Groveland] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 102:014--ALB


City bldgs. [buildings] at Groveland, 8-6-18 [August 16, 1918] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 102:015--ALB


South Fork Camp looking S.W., 8-8-18 [August 8, 1918] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 102:016--ALB


Camp at Big Creek looking N.W., 8-13-18 [August 13, 1918] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 102:017--ALB


[Vehicle on train tracks] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 102:018--ALB


[Men working on the railroad]


[Men working on the railroad] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 102:019--ALB


[Men working on the railroad] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 102:020--ALB


[Men working on the railroad] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 102:021--ALB


[Railroad tracks and housing] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 102:022--ALB


Tramway of early intake from across river, 8-12-18 [August 12, 1918] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 102:023--ALB


Tramway at early intake looking up, 8-12-18 [August 12, 1918] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 102:024--ALB


[Bridge] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 102:025--ALB


[Water works] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 102:026--ALB


Aquaduct at early intake, 8-12-18 [August 12, 1918] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 102:027--ALB


Power house at early intake from across river, 8-12-18 [August 12, 1918] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 102:028--ALB


Power house at early intake end, 8-12-18 [August 12, 1918] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 102:029--ALB


Transformers at Priest Portal, 8-6-18 [August 6, 1918] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 102:030--ALB


Penstock above power house, 8-12-18 [August 12, 1918] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 102:031--ALB


Power house - early intake, 8-12-18 [August 12, 1918] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 102:032--ALB


Switch board early intake power house, 8-12-18 [August 12, 1918] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 102:033--ALB


Transmission line looking W. across Big Creek, 8-14-18 [August 14, 1918] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 102:034--ALB


Big Creek shaft and dump, 8-13-18 [August 13, 1918] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 102:035--ALB


Big Creek compressor plant, 8-13-18 [August 13, 1918] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 102:036--ALB


Interior of tunnel at Priest, 8-6-18 [August 6, 1918] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 102:037--ALB


Face of Priest tunnel - 500 ft., 8-6-18 [August 6, 1918] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 102:038--ALB


South Fork tunnel interior, 8-8-18 [August 8, 1918] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 102:039--ALB


South Fork tunnel portal and bldgs. [buildings], 8-8-18 [August 8, 1918] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 102:040--ALB


[Lumber for railroad?] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 102:041--ALB


[Mountains] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 102:042--ALB


[Mountains and river] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 102:043--ALB

Scope and Content Note

Hetch Hetchy Valley (pre flood) with the Tuolumne River running through.

[River] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 102:044--ALB


[Felled trees] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 102:045--ALB


[Lumber and felled trees] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 102:046--ALB


H. H. Dam site looking across diversion dam, 8-8-18 [August 8, 1918] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 102:047--ALB


H.H. Dam site and R.R. grade from road, 8-9-18 [August 9, 1918] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 102:048--ALB


Truck at H.H. Dam, Mr. O'Shaughnessy and Mr. Ronkin, 8-11-18 [August 11, 1918] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 102:049--ALB


Eleanor Dam looking up stream, 8-9-18 [August 9, 1918] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 102:050--ALB


Eleanor Dam looking down stream (nearly completed) 8-9-18 [August 9, 1918]


Eleanor Dam looking down stream (nearly completed) 8-9-18 [August 9, 1918] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 102:051--ALB


Eleanor Dam looking down stream (nearly completed) 8-9-18 [August 9, 1918] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 102:052--ALB


Eleanor Dam looking down stream (close view -nearly completed) 8-9-18 [August 9, 1918]


Eleanor Dam looking down stream (close view -nearly completed) 8-9-18 [August 9, 1918] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 102:053--ALB


BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 102:054--ALB


Camp at Big Creek looking N.W., 8-13-18 [August 13, 1918] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 102:055--ALB

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