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Guide to the Records of the Department of Anthropology, 1901-[ongoing]
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Tubbs, David O.


1943, request for Sino-Tibetica publications




Tucker, Mary


1940, re job possibility at GGIE exhibit


Tucker, R.P.


1934, asks identification of Mexican pottery bottle


ALK reply


Tucker, Sara Jones


1936, re visit here


Tuckey, Harry A.


1934, wants to take impression of Juan Dolores' teeth


ALK says that he would probably not want to have it done


Tudela, Jose


1954, itinerary and poster for lecture


Tufts, Jessie


1918, re biographical info on her father


Tuivakano, Premier of Tonga


1921, letter introduces Miss M.E. McLellan, collecting birds for California Academy of Sciences


Tulane University


1936-1951, re exchange of potsherds and publications


Tule Lake




University of Tulsa


1931, library acknowledges publications


Tully, L.L.


1936, asks ALK to write anthropology article for encyclopedia




tum Suden, H.N.


1920, inquires about Indians near Mendota




Tungi, Prince of Tonga


1954, re visit here and introduction to Japanese professor


Tuomey, Honoria


1915-1916, 1929-1930, re paper


re statue of Chief Solano


Tupou, Charlotte, Queen of Tonga


1921, letter introduces Miss McLellan


Tupper, Joseph L., Jr.


1943, inquires re courses


Turk, Rudy H.


1966, with WB re exhibit of African arts


Turkel, P.H.


1944, ALK declines to review a book


American Friends of Turkey


1932, invitation to ALK to ninth anniversary lunch


Turner, Christy G.


1958-1959, announcement of seminar


re studying Southwestern skeletal material here


Turner, Mrs. Clifford B.


1942, request for tribal map


Turner, G.E.S.


1931, tribal maps sent


Turner, H.B.


1939, inquiry about rock or bone, referred to Camp


Turner, Jeanette C.


1937, re courses


Turney-High, Harry


1934-1939, re RHL review of Linderman's "Red Mother"


re museums on Montana


archaeolgy work on the high plains


Turpen, A.B.


1939, Camp identifies fossil


Turpin, Wayne


1938, inquires who were first people in Goose Lake area


EWG reply


Tuskegee Institute


Tuting, Laura


1933, to RHL re plans to go to Lau


Tuttle, Amber M.


1946, writes to EWG about her book on occult philosophy


no reply


Tuttle, Fred P.


1936, asks meaning of "Nataqua"


ALK doesn't know


Twyman, John V.


1952-1953, re photographing specimens for slides for art education


Tyler, John


1956, GMF asks Verne Ray and Douglas Osbornes for info on him


Tyndall, Arthur


1930, 1953, re visits here


Tyree, Charles


1939, re skeletal finds near Escalon


Tyson, Robert A.


1927, re races




U - Miscellaneous

Box 148

Ubbelohde-Doering, Heinrich


United Nations


Ury, Marian


Uhle, Max




Uhlenbeck, C.C.




Ukranian "Secret" University




Uldall, H.



Box 149

Umaña, Eve Peri


1946, EWG sends package from Isabel Kelly


Umlauff, Wilhelm


1914, seeks job


Unangst, Dorothy A.


1917, ALK suggests books to U.C. employee


Underhall, Ruth M.




Underwood and Underwood Travel System




Underwood, Florence F.




U.S.S.R. Académie des Sciences




Union Oil Co. of California




Union Steamship Co. of New Zealand




United Brewers Industrial Foundation




United Crusade


The United Educators, Inc.








United Press


U.S. Government - miscellaneous


U.S. Department of Agriculture


U.S. Air France


U.S. American Military Government


U.S. Army


U.S. A.S.T.P.


U.S. S.S.T.P.


Area and language, European, Sontag, Raymond J.


U.S. A.S.T.P.


U.C. Courses, Krueger, Myron, 1943-1945


U.S. Biographical Records


U.S. Biological Survey


U.S. Bureau of Reclamation


U.S. Civil Service Commission - examinations


U.S. Civil Works Administration projects


U.S. Coast and Geodetic Survey


U.S. Department of Commerce


U.S. Congress


U.S. Superintendent of Documents


U.S. Department of Education


U.S. Department of Employment


U.S. F.B.I.


U.S. Federal Security Agency


U.S. Federal Works Agency


U.S. Foreign Operations Administration


U.S. Forest Service


U.S. Fulbright


U.S. General Land Office


U.S. Geological Survey

Box 150

U.S. Department of Health, Education and Welfare


U.S. Income Tax


U.S. Department of Interior



See also Indian Affairs, Indian Claims Division


U.S. Department of Interior, Hawaii


U.S. Department of Interior, National Park Service

See also Hall, Ansel F.


U.S. Department of Interior, Joshua Tree National Monument


U.S. Department of Interior, National Park Service, Lassen Volcanic National Monument


U.S. Department of Interior, National Forest, North Fork, California


U.S. Department of Interior, Oraibi Indian School


U.S. Department of Interior, Southwestern National Monuments


U.S. Department of Interior, National Parks, Vancouver, Washington


U.S. Department of Interior, National Parks, Yosemite


U.S. Department of Interior, Chapman, Oscar L.


U.S. Department of Interior, Department of Indian Affairs


U.S. Department of Interior, Office of Indian Affairs, Sacramento, Lipps, O.H.


U.S. Department of Interior, Indian Affairs, Lyford, C.A.


U.S. Department of Interior, Pala Indian Agency


U.S. Department of Interior, Travel Bureau


U.S. Department of Interior, War Relocation Authority


U.S. Department of Justice


U.S. Department of Justice, Immigration and Naturalization


U.S. Library of Congress


U.S. Navy


U.S. Post Office


U.S. President, Co-ordinator of Interamerican Affairs


U.S. President, National Resources Planning Board


U.S. Quartermaster


U.S. Public Health


U.S. Shipping Board Emergency Fleet Corporation


U.S. Social Security


U.S. Department of State


U.S. Office of Strategic Services


U.S. Trust Territory of the Pacific Islands


U.S. Veterans Administration


U.S. Veteran's Administration


U.S. Veteran's Bureau


U.S. War Department


U.S. Office of War Information


University of California

Additional Note

Note: In this list systemwide offices such as that of the President and Regents are interfiled with Berkeley campus offices, both of which are listed by keyword, i.e., Anthropology (Dept. of)

Accounting, 1948-50




Africa Expedition


Agassiz Chair, 1931-33


Agriculture, College of, 1927-45


Agriculture, Dean of., 1932-35

Box 151

Anthropology, Dept. of


Archaeological Survey, 1946-56


Archaeology reclamation, 1946-50


Books and periodicals, 1946-53


Budget, 1947-56


Building, 1943-1958


Cal-Stanford dinners, 1952-56


Citations departmental, 1954-56


Clippings, 1954-56


Coffee, 1954-56


Conference on anthropology in junior colleges, 1956


Conferences, 1956-56


Contracts, 1951-53




Approval of, 1946-50



Box 152

Summer session, 1946


Spring, 1946


Fall, 1946






A.B., 1946-50


B.A., M.A., 1951-53


Ph.D., 1946-50


Ph.D., 1951-53


Departmental directory


Discussion group, 1939


Discussion group, 1946-56 (Kroeber Anth. Soc.)


Distributed materials


Rowe: Archaeology as a career


Graduate program in anthropology


Guide to anthropology resources


History of the department


List of courses


Reading list for baby prelims


Ph.D. Reading list


Statement of fields


Editorial board, 1941-54


Employees, 1946-56




Language and special, 1946-56


Preliminary, 1946-50


Qualifying, 1946-56


Graduate work, 1951-53,


Historic reports to the President, 1910-27

Box 153









Inventory, 1954-56






Jobs in dept., 1954-56


Jobs outside dept., 1954-56


Lectures and other honors, 1914-31


Miscellaneous, 1946-54











Box 154

Opinions by Kroeber, Waterman, misc., 1923-37


"Perspective of anthropology" 1946-50


Prison labor, 1951-53








Program, 1922-40


Promotions (staff), 1954-56


Publications, 1951-56


Reading instructions, 1946-53


Readers' duties, 1954-56










Reports, 1954-56


Routine procedures, 1946-50


Sabbatical leave, 1954-56


Scholarships, prizes






Semicentennial tea


Seminar room, 1946-56


Sigma Xi


Slides, 1946-50


Speakers, 1954-56


Specimen of the week, 1946-50


Staff, 1946-50


Staff meetings minutes, 1955-56


Summer session, 1947


Syllabi, 1954-56


Teas, luncheons, etc. 1946-50


Teaching and research assts., 1954-56




Television, 1951-56









Box 155



Tracer, 1951-56


Training film


Appointment Secretary


Architects and Engineers, Dept of., 1953-54


Architecture, School of, 1947-51


Art, Dept of, 1946-49


Associated Students, 1929-32


Associated Students Store, 1932-45


Astronomy, Dept of


Audiovisual, 1944-55


Bancroft Library, 1943-44


Biological Seminar, 1943


Botany, Dept of


Business Administration, School of


Business Office, 1941-54

Box 156

Calendar, 1918-42


California Alumni Association, 1925-40


California Monthly, 1944-54


Chancellor, 1952-56


Chemistry, Dept of, 1942


Child Welfare Institute, Committee on










City and Regional Planning, Dept of


Classics, Dept of, 1941-44


Classroom Building, Committee on, 1946


Committees, academic, 1954-56


Comptroller's Office


1915-1917, ("Asst. Comptroller")







Box 157















Conferences, committees, colloquia, councils, centers, 1954-56


Counseling Center


Courses, Committee on, 1915-43


Cowell Hospital


Criminology, Dept of

Box 158

Daily Californian


Dean, 1924-37 ("B.M. Woods")


Dean of Men


Dean of Faculties, 1917-23


Dean of Students, 1946-53


Dean of Women, 1916-36


Decorative Art, Dept of, 1939-43


Dramatic Art, Dept of, 1953


Drawing Dept, 1915-22


East Asiatic Studies, Institute of, 1948-54


Economics, Dept of, 1919-33


Education, Dept of


Educational Policy, Committee on, 1933-39


Educational Relations, Dean of, 1961


Elementary School, Berkeley (UC), 1934-39


Engineering, College of, 1946-55


English, Dept of, 1952-53


English Club, 1930


Entomology, Dept of


Examiner of Schools, 1929


Experimental College Program, 1965








1943-46 ("Joseph E. Lateana")








Committee on Audio Visual Instruction, 1955-59

Box 159

Faculty Club, 1946-52


Faculty Research Lectureship, 1931-50


Far Eastern and Russian Languages


Far Eastern and Slavic Committee, 1945-47


Financial Assistance, Committee on, 1951-54


French, Dept of




Geography, Dept of


Geological Sciences, Dept of


German, Dept of


Graduate Council


Graduate Division




1921-25 ("Dean C.B. Lipman")


1926-27 ("Dean C.B. Lipman")


1928-32 ("Dean C.B. Lipman")


1933-36 ("Dean C.B. Lipman")


1937-41 ("Dean C.B. Lipman")


1942-44 ("Dean C.B. Lipman")



Box 160







Graduate Division Scholarships, 1954-56


Grounds and Buildings






Herbarium, 1949-51


History, Dept of


Hitchcock Lectures, 1931-33


Home Economics, Dept of


Household Art, Dept of, 1919-25 ("Anne Swainson")


Housing, 1954-56


Industrial Relations, Institute of


Insurance and retirement






International Relations, Bureau of, 1946-57 (Inst. of)


International Relations, Committee on, 1919




Journalistic Curriculum, Committee on, 1936

Box 161

Kroeber Anthropological Society, 1951-52


Latin American Studies, Center for


Latin American Colloquium, 1950-54


Lectureships, 1951-53


Letters and Science, College of








Librarianship, School of, 1943







Box 162











Rowell, J.C., 1908-1936


Leupp, H.L., 1942-43


Books ordered, 1930-37


Biology Library, 1941


Gifts and Exchanges, 1942-48


Loyalty Oath





Box 163

Mailing Division


Miller Institute


Mining, Dept of


Mothers Club, 1962 ("Mrs. Otto Jeschien")


Music, Dept of


Naval Science, Dept of ("Capt. H.E. Kays")


Navy V-12 program, 1944-45


Near Eastern Languages, Dept of


Newman Club, UC, 1939


News Service, 1938-41


Oriental Languages, Dept of


Paleontology, Dept of


Paleontology, Museum of, 1934-57








Personnel Office










Physical Education, Dept of, 1920-21 ("F.L. Kleeberger")


Physics, Dept of, 1942


Physiology, Division of


Police Dept, 1947-61


Political Science, Dept of, 1924-55













Box 164


























Box 165






















Box 166

President: Appointments, administrative










President: Appointments, professors, research assistants, teaching fellows, etc.












President: Appointments, professors






President: Appointments, readers, stenographers and helpers














President: Appointments, research assistants, associates, fellows, traveling fellows, 1954-56


President: Appointments, Teaching assistants and research assistants










President: Appointments, professors







Box 167

President: Appointments, UC Archaeological Survey






President: Budget, gifts, transfers of funds










President: Correspondence re professor of linguistics, 1938-40


President: Cribbing, 1920


President: Leaves of absence, transfers of funds














President: Special leaves of absence






President: Micronesia expedition, 1950


President: Museum project, 1928-33


President: Orders


President: Parsons, E.C., 1932-33


President: Promotions, changes of status








President: Pronouncements and ukases, 1951-53

Box 168

President: Reports










President: Research grants, 1938-39


President: Resignations








Press (University Press)



























Box 169
























Box 170











Press: Distribution of publications, mailing list, 1931-32


Press: Publications Committee, 1934


Printing Office, 1918-23


Provost (Monroe E. Deutsch)

See also: President, 1942-44


Psychology, Dept of


Public Administration, Bureau of


Public Administration, Committee on


Public Ceremonies


Public Health, Dept of


Public Information, Office of


Public Relations, Berkeley Campus Committee on, 1954


Publications ("Official Publications"), Office of


Publicity, 1920


Purchasing Agent















Box 171

Radiation Laboratory, 1959


Radio, 1932


Receiving Dept, 1949


Recorder's Office, 1914-32










Regional Studies Committee, 1933-36















Box 172

Relations with Schools, 1947-56


Reports: Ten year plan, and others, 1954-56


Sabbatical leave










Safety, Dept of


Salaries, academic, 1949-56


Scandinavian Club, 1921-33


Section Club, 1948


Slavic Languages, Dept of, 1950-51


Slavic Studies, Institute of, 1951


Social Research, Graduate School of


Social Science, Institute of, 1933-51


Social Welfare, Dept of, 1949-54


Sociology, Dept of, 1950-56


Sociology, Committee on higher degrees in: Report of subcommittee, 1941


South Asia Colloquium, 1958-62


South Asia Studies, Center for: three papers presented to the South Asia Colloquium, issued by the Center, 1958-62


Southeast Asia Studies Committee, 1954


Spanish, Dept of, 1945-54


Speech, Dept of, 1951-55


Student Affairs Committee, 1920-28


Student faculty reaction sheets, 1952


Summer Session













Box 173

Teacher placement, 1951-56


Television Committee, 1953-54


Vertebrate Zoology, Museum of, 1913-48


Veterans Bureau










Welfare, Committee on, 1943 ("Gerald E. Marsh")


Women's Faculty Club, 1948-50


Zoology, Dept of, 1945-52


University of California, Davis, 1953-54


University of California, La Jolla, 1949-52


University of California, Los Angeles, 1929-55


University of California, Riverside, 1947-54


University of California, San Francisco, 1915-22


University of California, Santa Barbara, 1949


University College, London


University College of West Indies


University in Exile

see Johnson, Alvin


University Society, New York


Untaman, Vincent




Upperman, Harry L.




Urey, Harold C.


Urteaga, Horacio




Useem, Howard


Oxford, Ohio


Usinger, Robert L.


University of Utah


Utley, Fran






V - Miscellaneous

Box 174

Vail and Eldridge


Prof. Vakil of Bombay


Mrs. E. Valencia


Valentin, Veil


Vallois, Henri V.


Valyi, Felix


Van Auken, Ruth


Van De Graaff, J.


Van de Water, Janice


Van der Feen, Mrs.


van der Wal, Olive


Van Doren, Mark


form letter to RHL


van Ghent, Dorothy B.


Van Giesen, Helen


Van Horn, Margaret


Van Nouhuys, Dirk


Van Slyck, Philip


Van Voss, M. Heerma


Van Waters, Miriam


Van Wormer, District Attorney of San Luis Obispo


Vance, Allen H.


Vandegrift, Rolland A., California Department of Finance


VandenBerg, L.J.


Vangly, Anthony D.


Vargas, Luz Molinar




Vascancellos, Marina de


Vasconi, Louis D.


Vasta, Frank J.


Vavilov, N.I.

See also Muller, Herman file


Vela, David


Valasquez Gallardo, Pablo


Vecqueray, A.


Velásquez M., D. Rogerio


Velich, Ralph, taxidermist


Velten, H.V.


Verastegui-Mackee, Pedro


Vereczkei, Alexander


Verges, Eugene M.


Vermaas, L.


Vestal, Elden H.


Viamar Co.


Vidich, Arthur J.


Viet-Nam (Vangley, first Vietnamese student in U.S.)


Vigfussen, V.A.


Vignati, Milciades Alejo


Fondo de Cultura Economica


Vinals, A.L.


Vincent, Stenio


Vivanco, J.


Virtue, Frank, Superintendent, Tule River Agency


Volk, Meyer


Volkmann, G.E.


Vollmer, Arthur


von Falkenberg, F.


von Eickstedt


re festschrift


von Furer-Haimendorf

see Furer-Haimendorf


von Glahn, George


von Huene, Rudolph


von Schlichten, Harold


Voth, H.R. Vucinich, Alexander


Vaillant, George C.




Valcárcel, Luis


1932-1942, Director of the National Museum of Peru


Valsik, J.A.


1947, with ALK re Congress of Americanists in Paris


Van Cleef, Eugene


1938, with ALK re racial classification of Finns


Van Cleve, Mrs. Eric


1940, re photographing miniatures of the Dutchess of Haarington


Van Dyke, Edwin C.


1915-1950, entomologist


Van Every, Mildred E.




Van Heckern, H.R.




Van Meter, M.L.


1939, request for map of Indian sites


ALK notation that he is a pot hunter and request will go unanswered


Vannicelli, P. Luigi




Van Nostrand, J.J.


1944, with RHL re Social Studies major


Van Ommern Corp.


1921, re shipment of slides to Thurnwald


Van Pelt, Harvey


1942, re possible visit of EWG to Orleans, California


Van Stan, Ina


1948, re graduate work in textiles


Van Valkenburgh, R.F.




Vandereike, Paul


1917, Dean of Bakersfield Junior College


Vanney, Charles E.


1924, donates notes of E.Z. Marsden


Vassar College


1954, TDM letter of recommendation for John Bushnell


Vaughan, George


1937, asks if ALK believes a spiritual awakening to be coming




Vavages, Rosaria


1948, neice and heiress of Juan Dolores


Venezuala consul


Verde Valley School, Sedona, Arizona




Verdier, Esther


1931-1932, re Indian picture writing and relics near Bakersfield


Verrier, Lindsay


1949-1953, with EWG re Fiji


Versteeg, Chaester


1922-1939, re Indian place names


Vetter, Margaret M.


1954, re feather embroidery


Victor Talking Machine Company


Vidolin, M.V.


1939, re museum work


Viking Fund




Viking Press


1929-1937, RHL opinion of books


Vilakazi, Absalom


1961, from WB re vita and paper


Villegas, J.


1951, offers book of maps


Bancroft already has it


University of Virginia


Viru Conference


Vivó, Jorge



Box 175

Voegelin, Carl F.












Voegelin, Erminie












Voget, F.




Vollmer, August, Chief of Police, Berkeley


von Borosini, August


1945, paper on handedness


von den Steinen, Dieter




Von der Porten, Edward




von Hagen, Victor


1941, 1952


von Richthofen, B.


1932, EWG sends paper


von Scholar, Baron Walram V.


1938, re exhibit of his Peruvian materials



Box 175

Wachter, Miriam Rutherford


1931, asks RHL for recommendation to medical school




Wade, Marilyn


1966, request for textiles to exhibit at U.C. Davis


ABE reply


Wadey, M. George


1927, re ALK lecture at Southwest museum and relics


Wadia, M.C.


1957, requests permission to use Herzog's recordings of Tesque songs in dissertation




Wadsworth, C.R.


1924, EWG to P.E. Bowles describes cache of relics CRW knows about


Wadsworth, H.E.


1933, with EWG on origin of Shoshoneans


Waghorne, W.R., Mrs.


1928, asks info on South American Indians


ALK reply


Wagley, Charles


1951, re Hohenthal's proposed work in Brazil


offer of summer session position here


Wagner, Barbara


1938, re possible graduate work here


Wagner, Charles


1929, former worker at Shivwits Indian School exchanges news with RHL


Wagner, Gunter


1933, thanks ALK for hospitality and describes trip east

See also May, Stacy, 1933


Wagner, J.A.


1933, inquires about courses in archaeology


ALK suggests he audit some


Wagner Publishing Co.


n.d., to EWG, return of loaned pictures


Wagus, Jess


1933, RHL suggests persons to get in touch with in the mid-west re anthropology and linguistics


Wahlman, A.


1937, EWG refers him to a dealer for identification of coin


Waite, Leslie S.


1929, novelist asks RHL's advice on how humans become civilized




Wakefield, Eleanor E.


1942, re qualifying exam


RHL offers surplus reprints

Box 176

Walapai manuscript and maps


[unsigned] description


Walcott, F.C. Senator


1940, RHL opinion on the value of Stimson collection of Austral Island materials


Walda, Eva


1930, inquires about Yaqui


Waldegg, Hermann von




Walden, Dale F.


1931, asks where to study archaeology


ALK reply


Walden, John


1954, from EWG to JW in Hong Kong


Waldes & Co.


1916, offer reports of button museum in Prague


EWG accepts


Waldner, George


1949, from ALK re Humboldt excavations


Waldron, William L.


1928, asks info on Mexican pyramids


ALK reply


Walker, Artie


1943, from EWG re his interpretation of Black Babylonian Tablet


Walker, Ben R.


1939, inquiry


ALK reply about Jack Wilson and the Ghost Dance movement


Walker, Boyd W.


1953, Assistant Professor of Zoology, UCLA - with EWG on fish bones


Walker, C.T., Mrs.


1920, wants spearhead identified


ALK asks more info


Walker, Dorsey E.


1945, asks advice on thesis


ALK asks clarification


Walker, Edwin F.


1930-48 Southwest Museum


Walker, Eileen A.


1939, inquiry re major


RLO reply


1941, EWG recommendation for fellowship


Walker, Paul A.




Walker, Winslow M.



See also:

U.S. Civil Service Comm, Nov. 1940

Kidder, A.V., 1928

Hall, E.R., 1944


Wallace, Anthony F.C.


1952, turns down job offer


Wallace Don Kent


1933-1940, oil company employee interested in archaeology


Wallace, William J.



See also Queen, Stuart


Wallerstedt, C.E.

see Sweden, legation


Wallis, Wilson D.









See also:

Jenks, A.E.

Laufer, Berthold, 1916

Pearce, J.E.


Walpole, Ronald A.


1952, recommends French translators to EWG


Walrath, James C.


1936, EWG and RHL suggest books suitable for his 14 year old son


Walson, Kate


1935, Indian, Fall River Mills


Walter, James


1935, ALK sends info on turkey raising and cement lined water tank


Walters, Velpha




Walton, Eda Lou


1931, asks ALK for recommendation for Guggenheim




Walton, George D., Mrs


1944, asks use of stone implements found near Red Bluff


EWG reply




two [unsigned], undated letters of recommendation


"Wander Bird" brochure of cruise S.F. to Hawaii




Wann, Trenton William


1940,1941, two ALK letters of recommendation


Wanner, Theodor W.


1952, RHL to State Department re possible visit here


War Relocation Authority


1942, RHL says keep on mailing list


Warburton, Arthur


1915-40, museum employee

See also Gifford, 1932, 1938


Warburton, T. Stanley


1940, principal of new Acalanes High School asks about name and Indians of area


ALK reply


Ward, Alice


1941, request for museum job


Ward, Charles F.


1931, ALK advises Harvard for Mexican Archaeology


Ward, Florence S.


1916, order for postcard pictures of Ishi


Ward, Henry L.


1914-20, Director of the Public Museum of the City of Milwaukee


Ward, J.E.


1926, re shipment of pigeons to EWG


Ward, Wallace


1947, RFH acknowledges beads and gives advice on digging


Ward's Natural Science Establishment


1919-1946, supplier of skeletons and anatomical models


Wardlaw, F.A.


1922, Curator of Historical Collection of the Association of Edison Illuminating Companies wants old electrical apparatus


EWG reply


Wardlaw, W.J.


1915, ALK identifies stone Indian pipe found in Plumas County


Wardle, H. Newell


1915-1916, Academy of Natural Sciences, Philadelphia


Ware, Allison


1916-17, President of State Normal School at Chico re ALK lectures there


Ware, Catherine


1957, with GMF re Mono Indians


Ware, Marcus J.


1942, wants info on Ishi


EWG sends list of publications

Box 177

Warner, Dwain W.


1953, Curator of birds, Museum of Natural History,Minneapolis asks EWG about living conditions on New Caledonia




Warner, Lloyd (same person as Warner, William Lloyd)

see Rockefeller Foundation


Warner, Murray


1915, TTW thanks him for photos and slides of Samoans


Warner, William Lloyd










Warnke, Marjorie


1930, EWG letter of recommendation


Warnotte, D.


1933, asks about methods of education among primitive people


ALK reply


Warren, Charles B.


1942, RLO letter of recommendation


Warren, Earl


1932, asks race of Filipinos


EWG reply


Warren, T.E., Mrs.


1929, asks info on Indians


secretary refers her to BIA


Warren, W.A. Mrs.


1931, with RHL on comparative ideas of morality of European countries


Warren (Edward K.) Foundation, Three Oaks, Michigan


1920, Director asks if there has been an archaeological survey of California


Washburn, Mary Ellen


1932, to EWG from Honolulu


Washburn, Oliver M.


1930-38, Chairman of U.C. Department of Art and Committee on Courses


Washburn, Sherwood L.




Washburn, Stella A.


1916-17, blue print maker


Washington-Lafayette Institution, Inc.


1926, sends book to RHL and asks opinion of it


Washington State Historical Society


1922, re cooperative movement of museums


University of Washington




State College of Washington (Pullman) 1949-1954


Washington University (St. Louis) 1923-1953


Watanabe, Hitoshi


1949, sends paper on Japanese archaeology


RFH thanks


Waterbury, M.G.


1933, EWG says no funds for excavation at present


Waterhouse, Mills N.


1941, seeks Indian name for cabin


EWG reply


1950, asks if Indian society contributed anything to American government


RHL reply


Waterhouse, S.A.


1924, secretary of the Royal Society of New South Wales sends reprints to ALK


Waterman, Helen


1936, RLO letter of recommendation


Waterman, Ivan R.


1940, Chief of the Division of Textbooks, California


Waterman, Patricia Panyity




Waterman, Richard A.


1949, DGM sends guide for graduate students


Waterman, Ruth D.


1936-1940, T.T.'s widow, includes obituaries of him

Box 177

Waterman, T.T.













Box 178

Waterman, T.T. (cont.)









See also:

Kroeber-Waterman, 1913-1917

Gifford, 1915-1918

Abell, Mrs. Emma

Barrett, S.A.

Boas, Franz

Goodwin, Catherine D.

Goddard, P.E.

Heye, George C.

Jenks, A.E., 1922

Kidder, A.V., 1928

Museums - Honolulu, Hawaii - Bernice P. Bishop Museum

Outhwaite, Leonard

Box 178

Waters, M.L., Mrs.


1936, re identification of Pueblo bowls


Watkins, D.K.


1921, asks ALK's opinion of Woodruff's theory on the effect of tropical light, reply


1923, asks RHL to recommend book on race, reply


Watkins, Gordon S.


1948, UCLA and Committee on Social Science Research


Watkins, James T.


1933, re EWG meeting with J. Leighton Stuart


Watson, C.B.


1937, re moaning cave near Angel's Camp


Watson, C.G.


1918, thanks for gift to library


Watson, George Adams


1921, re races


Watson, James B., Mr. and Mrs.


1952, request for list of Nimuendaju's publications, sent


1953, thanks for showing Melanesian materials


Watson, Margaret


1935, wants info on Shoshone


RHL gives references


Watson, S.B.


1932, re graduate work here


Watts, John Frederic, Mrs.


1942, asks advice on general anthropology course to be given at Pasadena Junior College


RLO reply


Waverly Press


1929, suggested economies for "your journal"


Wax, Rosalie


1955, recommendation for Guggenheim


Way, James Leong


1946, EWG letter of recommendation


1947, re Nayarit pottery


Way, Stuart C.




Wayne University


1947-1952, job opportunities


Wear, E.N.


1927, sends drawings of petroglyphs and pictographs from Rock House Canyon


ALK thanks


Webb, F.S.


1926, sends clipping to RHL


Webb, Fred B.


1945, asks ALK's opinion of peyote




Webb, William S.


1930-1941, re exchange of publications with University of Kentucky

See also University of Kentucky


Webbe, H.W.


1939, ALK sends references on migration


Webber, Ellen R.C.


1913, asks if Indians could be descendants of the people of Atlantis




Weber, C.F. & Co.


1925, request for map catalog


Weber, Julius Rehn


1918, re loan of statue to Defenders Club


Weber, Ronald


1952, re his collection


Webster, Hutton




Webster, J.C.


1924, ALK asks him to repair the lock on his cabin at Orick


Weckler, Joseph E.






1914, asks about apparatus for recording the human voice on smoked glass


[unsigned] describes it


Wedel, Waldo



See also Kroeber's PhD's bibliographies


Wedel, Waldo


"archaeological correspondence found in room 8"


Weems, Clarence N., Jr.


1943, ALK thanks for bibliography on Korea


Weer, Paul


1937-38, EWG thanks for papers


Wegner, Richard W.


re exchange of publications


Weiand, Elizabeth


1944, asks how to get job with archaeological expedition


RHL reply


Weidenreich, Franz




Weil, S.


1948, donates x-ray machine


Weilbauer, Eugen


1949-50, with RHL in German


Weiler, Evelyn


1946-48, record of work here


Weinberg, Gladys


1966, re plates of Wepemnofret stela


Weiner, J.S.


1955, TDM sends microfilm of his thesis


Weinreich, Max


1944-45, asks ALK and RHL opinions on racial classification of immigrants




Weir, A.M.


1949, asks suggestions for a library of archaeology and ethnology


JHR sends list


Weiss, Charles


1933-35, ALK helps with his paper "Are the Jews a Race?", carbon of paper, ALK's comments on it


Weitlaner, Irmgard and Robert



See also:

Kelly, Isabel, 1935

Johnson, Jean


Weitzner, Bella


1917-1949, American Museum of Natural History

Box 179

Welchans, Roger A.


1954, EWG gives advice on research on culture of Africa


Weldon, Roy


1942, ALK thanks him for a photograph


Wellington, W.S.


1940-1950, Professor of Decorative Art,U.C.


Wells Fargo and Co. Express




Wells Fargo Bank


Wells, John W.


1952-53, identifies New Caledonian coral for EWG


Wellwood, Gail


1938, seeks museum work


EWG suggests class at Newark Museum


Welpley, Margaret


1933, with RHL re career plans


Weltfish, Gene




Weltner, George


1926, thanks ALK for holiday greetings


Welty, Howard O.


1912-28, excavates shell mound near San Diego following instructions from ALK


Wendorf, Fred


1956, with EWG re his Petrified Forest paper


Wenner-Gren Foundation






Wentworth, F.W. & Co.


1913-16, suppliers of museum cases, includes blue prints of cases


Wentworth, Mildred


1925, asks advice on her research on influence of plants upon primitive material culture


RHL reply


Wescott, Roger W.


1950-52, re possible position here, vita


Wesley, Clarence


1948, TDM thanks him for helping with a conference on the Apache Reservation


Wesson, Miley B.


1935, EWG thanks him for papers on Goodfellow


West, David M.


1947, asks advice on shell mound excavarion to be undertaken by State College at San Diego


RFH reply


West, James


1927, inquires about carving of a dinosaur in Havasupai Canyon


ALK says highly improbable


West, Louis C.


1914, asks for job as curator of Egyptology


reply says we have no such position


West Disinfecting Company




West, S.L.


1951, to TDM re career plans


Westergaard, W.A.


1935, re ALK visit to Los Angeles


Westergreen, E.E.


1931,1935, re Costanoans


Westermann Book Co.


1941, ALK orders books in German


Western College Association


1945-52, meeting notices


Western Fixture and Showcase Co.


1940, TDM orders a show case


Western Governmental Research Association




Western Humanities Review


1952, RHL asked to review Wallace and Hobbel's The Comanches




Western Museums Conference


1941-46, reports of meetings


Western Pacific Railroad


1925, re discount fare for AAA meeting at New Haven


1941, Brown thanks ALK for list of Indian words meaning cradle or papoose basket


Western Political Science Association


1948, 1950, asks RHL to write for journal




Western Psychological Association


1923, invites ALK to participate in annual meeting


Western States Life Insurance Co.

see Stewart, Omer, Edc., 1940


Western Union


1931, suggests ALK send telegram to the Columbia Alumni dinner


Western Washington College of Education


Western Wonderlands Publishing Co.


1947, request for photos


EWG says we have nothing suitable


Wetherbee, Charles


1934, re Indian skulls


1935, re pictographs



see Museums - Washington, D.C. - Smithsonian

Gifford, 1950, 1954


Weule, K.


1922, one letter in German


Wexler, Lillian


1944, re possible graduate work here


Weyer, Edward M., Jr.




Weymouth, Walter D.


1939-1949, museum preparator


Wharton, Frank E.


1930, inquires about archaeological work in Northern Arizona


ALK refers to other institutions


Wheat, Joe Ben




Wheeler, H.V.


1913-15, re insurance on museum specimens


Wheeler, Helen Mar


1942, RHL locates an article on tobacco for her


Wheeler, J.R.


1913, with ALK re presidency of the Archaeological Institute


Wheeler, R.E. Mortimer


1952, re lecture here


Wheeler, Virginia D.


1945, asks help in identifying Mexican stone head


Wheeler, W.M.


1928,1930, re artificial ants nest


Wheelwright, Mary C.




Wheelwright, Merriam


1932, wants work in Peru


RLO refers to W.C. Bennett


Whelan, L.C.


1922, re possible fellowship here


Whetstone, Gloria


1951, tells of sites in Utah


EWG refers to University of Utah


Whieldon, J.A.


1943, psychiatrist requests copy of ALK's review of Freud's "Totem and Taboo"

Box 180

Whipple, Howard


1921, inquires about Indians of Stanislaus County


Whipple, Mary Ann


1952-55, editor


Whisman, H.S.


1923, ALK suggests books to doctor at state mental hospital


Whitaker, T.W.


1956, re Massey's cucurbit material


White, A.B.


1925, wants book on Indian picture writing in California


[unsigned] says not yet published


White, Amelia Elizabeth


1941, asks EWG to write letters opposing dams which will flood Pueblo country


1948, social thanks


White, C. Carroll


1922, asks meaning of Cuyamaca


ALK reply


White, David


1918, re man who speaks unknown language


1928, another man, same name notifies ALK of election to National Academy of Sciences


White, Mrs. Ed

see Orick, Bob and Kroeber, personal


White, Frances A.


1941, inquires about Northwest coast Indian blankets


EWG refers to others


White, John R.


1928, superintendent, Sequoia National Park


White, Leslie



See also Museums - Santa Fe - Laboratory of Anthropology


White, Marjorie


1949-50, with RHL re possible English translation of Bachofen's "Das Mutterecht"


White, Mark W.


1936, wants work on basketry


EWG reply


White, Peter


1966, with ABE re his film "The Bowmakers"


White, Thain


1941, with EWG re archery


White, W.A.


1920, [unsigned] compliments him on his book


1926, re publication of Malinowski paper in The Psychoanalytic Review


White Bear, Russell


1935, RHL writes about his lecture plans


Whitebread, Harley E.


1929, invites ALK to a lecture on Australian aborigines


ALK accepts


Whited, Marjorie




Whiteford, A.H.


1941, with EWG re exchange of papers


Whitehead, Betty H.


1952, letter to O'Neale


secretary informs her that O'Neale died in 1947


Whiteman, Lovett Fort


1929-30, RHL corresponds with former student studying in Moscow


Whiting, Alfred F.


1941,1944, ethnobotanist


Whiting, F.J.


1933, inquires about Indian maze


EWG reply that it is now believed to be remnant of railroad construction


Whiting, Mary Alice


1937, re studying here and possible museum employment


Whitmore, George L.


1941, asks help in identifying Pomo artifacts


ALK reply


Whitney, C.W.


1928, requests paper on Akwa'ala Indians for Boy Scout work


Whitney, C.W., Mrs.


1916, writing article about Bradley's apparatus for plotting tonal inflection


[unsigned] refers her to TTW


Whitney Foundation


1952, re Opportunity Fellowships


Whitney, Frances A.


1929, asks for all available information on Indians


no reply


Whitney, Hart H.


1929, ALK tells him how to order announcement of courses


Whittemore, Norman C.


1943, 1945, ALK sends book list


Whitton, Frederick H.


1919, with ALK re tennis court


Whitworth, G.F.


1927, sends skeleton unearthed by laborers on the Port San Francisco development with description of site


EWG reply with identification


Who's Who


Whorf, B.L.




Whymant, A. Neville


1925, inquires re position correlating Anthropological and Oriental studies


RHL suggests Field Museum




1930, one letter in German


Wicher, Edward A.




Wickersham, James


1915, delegate to Congress from Alaska sends paper for AAA meeting


Wieland, C.F.


1931, re stone with phallic appearance


Wildman, Mary Katherine


1929, ALK letter of recommendation


1930, re typing of ALK's Seri manuscript


Wiener, Leo


1913, offers paper for publication


ALK reply that we can publish only the work of this institution


1927, announcement of his book


Wier, Jeanne Elizabeth


1913-1942, University of Nevada History Department and Secretary and Curator of the Nevada Historical Society-re procuring Paiute informant, Lovelock Cave, failed attempt to get Jack Wilson to come as informant


Wierman, O.C.


1942, inquires re Shawnee


RHL refers to Voegelin


Wiesschhoff, H.




Wightman, Chauncey


1927, letter of introduction for J. Vardon, engineer of the Indian Government Railways


Wilbert, Johannes


1954, asks if museum has South American Indian fishing equipment, EWG says no


Wilbur, Ray Lyman

see Pacific House


Wilbur, V.R., Mrs.


1940, editor of Lienhard Diary of 1846 asks help with Maidu words


ALK reply


Wilbur, Walter K.


calling card and notation that he visited EWG Aug.11,1941


Wilcomb, C.R.

see Museums - Oakland, Calif. - Oakland Public Museum


Wilcox, Ida


1928, asks RHL if she can enroll late


answered affirmatively by hand


Wilder, Alice Earle


1937, has collection of Paiute tales collected by her father


ALK suggestions


Wilder, Harris


1921, re exchange of publications with ALK


Wilder, M.A.


1945, re exchange of publications with Taylor Museum


1946, re evidence of tuberculosis in pre-Columbian days


Wildoner, Dale E.


1945-46, re archery and arrow points


Wildman, Katherine


1930, re job search


Wiley, Elizabeth


1927, ALK letter of recommendation for fellowship


Wileman Bros.


1929, ALK gets Garvan to translate a letter in Malay


Wiley, John & sons, publishers


1936, ALK's assistance on MacGregor's "Southwestern Archaeology"


Wilhelmson, Carl


1936, inquires re California folklore


EWG gives references


Wilkinson, Boyden & Cragun law offices


1951-53, re Indian claims

Box 181

Will, Otto Allen


1932-33, re graduate work


Willamette University


1948, re gift or purchase of two ranges


Willcox, W.F.




Willey, Gordon




Willey, Malcolm M.




Willey, Walter O.


1937, requests permission to quote




Williams, Albert R.


1934, inquires museum hours


no longer open to public


Williams, Donna Louise


1935, student


Williams, E.G.


1913, thanks for papers on basketry


Williams, Eugene


1944, missionary wishes to help old Yurok woman sell artifacts


ALK writes of his work with them in 1900 and 1907


Williams, F.E.


1936, EWG thanks for papers


Williams, Francis H.


1952, to EWG, describes visit to New Caledonia


Williams, George


1941-42, with ALK and EWG re stone alignments in Nevada, two snapshots in file


Williams, Golda


1925, with EWG re identifying Indian skull and Indian bead stringing


Williams, Grant


1918,1940, sends papers on Egyptology to EWG


Williams, H.E.


1930, photographer requests pictures of Ishi to be made into postcards, snapshot of self in file


Williams, Hadwen Harry


1937, seeks ALK's advice on what tribes to study in the Philippines




Williams, Herbert U.


1930, inquires about bones collected by ALK which show symptoms of syphilis


no reply


Williams, Howel


1946-52, Geology professor identifies soil and stones


Williams, J. Harold


1936, RLO accepts summer session position at UCLA


Williams, J.J.


1933, sends copies of his book "Voodoos and Obeahs" to EWG, RHL, ALK


acknowledgments and comments


Williams, Jack R.


1957, Lassen Park ranger, re loan of slides


Williams, Joseph


1921, prospector reports find of bust carved "previous to elevation of mountain range under which it was found"


no reply


Williams, Joshua


1917, re bill for phonetic work


Williams, Roger J.


1946, sends copy of his paper "Developing a Crucial Applied Science: Humanics"to RHL for comments




Williams, Rosetta


1934, EWG inquires which rancherias two Indians are from


Williams, Russell D.


1934, with RHL re Committee for Immediate Defense of Constitutional Rights


Williams, Ruth


1947, wants to visit ALK


TDM writes her that he is at Harvard


Williams, S.A.


1929, tells ALK of sites in Sonora


Williams, Tom


1909-1926, Indian informant, Jamestown


Williamson, C.G.


n.d., sends biological theory for comment


no reply


Williamson, Hoge and Curry law offices


1951, wants to consult ALK on Indian claims case


secretary supplies address


Williamson, Lillian A.


1922, inquires about Tulare Indians


ALK gives reference


Williamson, T.F.M.


1930, EWG says he will send paper on canoe


Williamson, TenBroeck




Willigar, Mertie


1930, with LMON re textiles


Willis, Anne


1951, asks for museum job


Willits, Joseph H.

see Rockefeller Foundation


Willoughby, C.C.


1916-1936, Director of the Peabody Museum at Harvard


Willoughby, Ralph and Nona




Willoughby, R.R.


1926, asks to undergo psychoanalysis with ALK


ALK declines but invites him to come for discussion


Willoughby, W.F.


1928, ALK requests Interior Department report on Indian administration


Wilmeth, Roscoe


1956, request for museum job, vita


GMF reply


Wilson, Anna Marie


1956, typist


Wilson, Carrie E.


1917, failed attempt to get Jack Wilson as informant


Wilson, E.B.


1930-33, ALK asks his opinion on his paper "Quantitative Expression of Cultural Relationships"


Wilson, Edward E.


1934, wants info on Indians of Plains and Great Lakes


RLO gives references


Wilson, Fred H.


1927, with ALK re Mescal pits and pictographs in Nevada


Wilson, Gilbert L.


1928, describes Mandan pottery making at request of EWG


Wilson, H.W. Co.




Wilson, Harry Leon


1925-26, with ALK re stone walls in Siskiyou County


Wilson, Herbert


1929, ALK says his name was dragged into the newspaper account of an underground city and that he believes it to be a hoax


Wilson, Icile


1921-1929, teaching assistant


Wilson, J.F.


1928, with ALK re research on ancient wool


Wilson, Jack (Ghost Dance)

see Weir, Elizabeth and Wilson, Carrie E.


Wilson, James G.


1929, ALK requests info about his father for preface to a book


Wilson, Karl


1927, asks RHL, ALK and EWG if Indians are descended from lost tribe of Jews




Wilson, L.C.


1929, offers to show ALK his Central American collection


Wilson, L.I.


1923, secretary of the Tracy Chamber of Commerce asks about Indians of the area


ALK reply


Wilson, Laurence L.


1947-53, re his work in the Philippines


Wilson, M.L.


1942, with RHL on how anthropology can contribute to the war effort and to post-war reconstruction


Wilson, Margaret Adelaide


1913-1918, collector of Cahuilla words and stories


Wilson, Neill C.


1935, wants info on Panamint Indians


EWG reply


Wilson, Nell Griffith


1938, inquires about meaning of Los Guilicos


ALK reply


Wilson, Oren F.


1924, asks how to measue for cephalic index


RHL reply


Wilson, Paul N.


1921, re Japanese race with ALK


Wilson, Paul T.


1937, re use of plants and animals by California Indians and purchase of slides


Wilson, Ralph E.


1929-30, re ALK's insurance


Wilson, Thomas E.


1930, lawyer asks if motion picture which shows gorillas mating with African women is authentic


EWG says gorillas are impersonated by men


Wilson, Warner


1924, Duncan Strong offers him job at Emeryville shell mound


Wilson, William A., Jr.


1941-42, letters of recommendation for scholarship


Wilson, William I.


1936, re ALK re meaning of Chupines


Wiltse, Joie


1919, re identifying bones


Wiltse, M.B.


1928, with EWG re Akwa'ala creation story


Windsor Productions, Inc.


1954, wants films of animals


Wingert, Paul S.




Wingo, C.H.


1949, her inquiry about Siamese pottery plaque turned over to Boodberg


Winnie, G.J.


1947, request for publications


Winston, John C., publishers




Winter, C.C., Mrs.


inquires about Hupa stick game


EWG gives references


Winterbotham, George S.


1950, re use of Metraux's photographs in a pictographic geography of South America


Winther, Carl P.


1923, wants anthropologist for filming expedition


RHL has no one to suggest


Winther, Fritz


1954, requests publications on pottery


EWG reply


Wirth, Louis


1941, ALK thanks for publication

See also American Journal of Sociology


Wirz, Dadi


n.d., newsclip of his arrival


notice of film lecture on New Guinea

Box 182

Wisconsin State Historical Society


1950, request for contributions to Charles E. Brown Memorial Fund


University of Wisconsin


1948-55, job and fellowship opportunities


Wisdom, Charles


1930, re possible graduate work here


Wise, Jennings C.


1931, re book


Wise, John Ltd.


1939, Nora Wise thanks ALK for hospitality


Wise, Lois


1941, ALK assists with job hunt


Wise, Stephen S.


1912, as requested sends ALK abstract of a talk


Wise, W.


1946-1951, with EWG re his work on Fiji


Wissler, Clark











See also American Museum of Natural History


Wistar Institute of Anatomy and Biology




Withers, Arnold M., Mrs


1944, looking for prehistoric copper specimens


EWG suggests possible places


Withrow, Billie Jean


1946, wants info on Indian contribution to civilization


RFH makes suggestions


Witmer, C.C.


1927, inquires how to get publications on the Philippines


ALK reply


Wittek, Paul


1941, re visit here


Wittfogel, Karl A.


1946, Chinese History Project, Columbia


Witthoft, John


1953, from RFH re pictures of California Indians


Wittke, Carl




Wittke, Otto J., Jr.


1938, EWG will evaluate his Inca pottery


University of the Witwatersrand


1932-1956, re publications and possible job for Marion Pearsall


Wofford, Audie K.


1930-31, fire chief of Sierra National Forest helps with EWG work on the Northfork region


Wolf, Carl Fr.


1915, with EWG re pyramids


Wolf, Natalie


1916, wants to make a medallion of Ishi


Wolf, Peter Gray


1925, asks ALK's view on the Mayas


EWG says ALK is away and refers to "Anthropology"


Wolfe, A.B.




Wolfe, Alvin W.


1962, WB tells him about British edition of "Continuity and Change in African Cultures"


Wolfe, Shirley


1942, asks for text on California Indians


EWG reply


Wolff, Henry, Mrs.


1937, EWG advice on how to catalog her Indian collection


Wollner, William S.


1930, reports carved boulders near Spyrock


ALK says he will suggest that Gladys Nomland look at them on her way back from Humboldt


Womack, Dorothy M.


1957, re visit of Cub Scouts to museum


Wong, Ella Clemens


1918, wants info on Canadian Indian Chief


[unsigned] suggests Canadian government publications


Wood, Avery


1928-30, recommendations


Wood, D.E., Mrs.


1955, grandmother of a new-born part Negro baby wants TDM to predict its adult appearance


TDM says too soon to tell


Wood, Granville


1923, EWG asks permission to measure his Indian skulls


Wood, H. William


1917, wants work as museum preparator


Wood, Henry E.


1932, re Indian artifacts in mining country


Wood, H.


1926, doing survey of Indian Peace medals for American Numismatic Society


EWG says we have none


Wood, Josephine


1965, re visit here to study Eisen collection for book on Indian Costumes of Guatemala


Wood, R.E.


1914, [unsigned] thanks him for obsidian for Ishi


Woodall, Roy D.


1944, many questions on early man


ALK gives references


Woodbridge, Frederick J.E.


1931, ALK asks suggestions on securing a job for Walter Rothman




Woodbury, G.E.


1930-32, study of Indian head hair


Woodbury, Richard B.


1992, with ABE re abstracts


Woodcock, Alice


1921, re Yurok


Wooden, Wesley


1935, wants info on Hupa and Klamath Indians


EWG reply


Woodpines, T.


1922, offers for sale death masks of Australian aborigines, photo enclosed


1927, to ALK from Hawaii on work there


Woodruff, E.D.


1937, EWG thanks president of California Lands Incorporated for permission to excavate


Woodson, Mrs. R.M.


1921, wants outline of lectures


syllabus sent


Woodward, Arthur



See also Los Angeles Public Museum


Woodward, Doris


1939, RHL letter of recommendation


Woodward, Frederic


1940-42, re RHL participation in Fiftieth Anniversary Celebration of the University of Chicago


Woodworth, R.S.




Woolf, Paul Joseph


1927, ALK letter of recommendation


Woolley, Yvonne H.


1956, request to visit museum


Woolston, H.


1920-1938, University of Washington


Wooten, D.M.


1938, EWG thanks for permission to excavate in the Hotchkiss mound at Knightsen


Worcester, Donald




Worcester Natural History Society


1949, introduces Ben Charles Harris


Work, June


1933, seeks museum job


ALK reply


Workman, Arnold R.


1932, request for publication

Box 183

World Affairs Council of Northern California


1947, invites EWG to be on roster of speakers service,not answered


1953, invitation to join


World Almanac


1922, requests museum listing


World Area Files




World Book Encyclopedia


1944, asks RHL to read and revise several articles


declines and suggests Wallis


World Calendar Association


1936, 1941


World Health Organization


1955, requests copies of GMF's "Guidelines in Community Development Programs"


World's Fair


1933, 1929-1931


Worman, Eugene C., Jr.


1947, seeks job, vita


Worms, Ernest


1947-1950, re work in Australia


Worth, C.A. and Co.


1915-1929, freight carters


Worthington, T.J.


1934, EWG thanks for Winterhaven News


Works Progress Administration Statewide Reports


March 1937-November 1938


Works Progress Administration Expense Accounts


Works Progress Administration-434 (now 10482-A15) Reports


Works Progress Administration General Correspondence 1937-40


Works Progress Administration 1970, (now 10482-A16)


Works Progress Administration Reports 6147, 6430


Works Progress Administration Re 7 (Patwin language)


Works Progress Administration-434 1935-36


Works Progress Administration Re 0702-61 (Chinese)


Works Progress Administration Re 1260 1936


Works Progress Administration 1970, 1935-36


Works Progress Administration Writers Project


Wrangell Potlatch Inc.


1940, invitation to ALK


Wreszinski, Walter


1932, in German


ALK reply (in English) re reproduction of Egyptian reliefs


Wright, C.C.


1921, re recording Indian languages, songs and chants


Wright, Estelle


1925, re perforated stone


Wright, F.B.


1913-1916, Records of the Past Exploration Society


Wright, George


1937, EWG suggests publications to help identify a slate pencil like object


Wright, Harry B.


1936, re Metraux's nagativesof Uro Indians


Wright, H.J.


1912, thanks ALK for post cards


Wright, Harold


1921, ALK congratulates on election as President of the California Society for Mental Hygiene and arranges date for lunch


Wright, J.W.


1923,1933, re publications and wants Indian words for singing water


EWG replies


Wright, R.J.


1924, inquires about Indians with whistling language


[unsigned] says it is pure fiction


Wrigley, G.M.


1923-1931, editor, American Geographical Society


Wunsch, Walther


1937, in German


ALK replies with info on cowboys supplied by Brodeur


Wyant, Margaret


1936-1942, student


Wyatt, Melvin


1935, wants specimens evaluated


LMO says no one can do it and gives references to books


Wyatt, Roscoe D.


1935, re very old Indian residing at Half Moon Bay


EWG visits him and he proves to be Mexican


Wylie, Wendell L.


1944, re lecture here by Dr. Krogman


Wyman, Anne


1938, wants field courses


EWG makes suggestions


Wyman, L.C.


1934-1937, blood group determination from tissue samples of mummies


Wyman, Walter C.


1919, offers to show specimens, offers first nugget found at Coloma for $5000


Wyoming Historical and Geological Society


1925,1929, request for publications


ALK informs of site in Pennsylvania


University of Wyoming


1923, RHL supplies Crow names for a play


1948, TDM letter of recommendation for Solheim


1955, re available job



Box 184

Yale Book Store


1944, inquires about International Journal of American Linguistics


ALK refers to Voegelin at Indiana


Yale Law Journal


1928, RHL orders reprints of his paper


Yale University




Yale University Press


1936, ALK suggests they publish book on Peru by Tello


1942, RHL thanks for copy of "Sun Chief" by Simmons and says he has written a review


Yampolsky, Helene Boas


1943-56, re Boas, includes unpublished autobiographical manuscript by Boas


Yankton College




Yatron, M.


1944, RHL reply to his letter from Texas which is not in file


Yavapai County Chamber of Commerce


1936, cover letter for gift of scientific report on Tuzigoot Ruin


Yawman and Erbe


1913-1916, manufacturers of office equipment


Yde, Jens


1947, acknowledges publication


Yeager, Dorr G.




Yeager, O.M.


1953, writer asks for information on Crow Indians


RHL gives references


Yeager, Rex B.


1944, wants recordings of Sioux music


RHL refers to Smithsonian


Yearbook of Anthropology

see Wenner-Gren Foundation


Yellowtail, Robert


1935-1953, Superintendent of the Crow Indian Agency

See also Zim, Sonia Bleeker


Yenching University




Yerkes, Robert M.




Yerxa, Cabot


1914, thanks for fossil turtle


1930, wants info on Indians near Palm Springs


EWG reply


Yoder, Fred R.


1930-1941, Department of Sociology, State College of Washington


York, C.E.


1933, EWG to visit to see his artifacts and site near Campbell


Yosemite Handbook

see Hall, Ansel F.


Yosemite museum


Harwell, C.A.

Russell, C.P.

U.S. Interior - National Park Service - Yosemite


Yosemite Natural History Association




Yoshioka, Joseph G.


1942, RHL reply to offer to assist Dorothy Thomas project


Yost, Paul K.


1913, with ALK re Indian place names


Young, C.W.


1913, wants faculty cooperation in making movie on evolution


Young Ching-Chi


1945, Chinese anthropologist seeks job, vita and bibliography


Young, Elizabeth M.


1931, invites EWG to speak to Boy Scouts




1934, informs RHL that she has given his name as references


Young, Ernest F.


1945-1946, re possible graduate work here


Young, Frances P.


1940-1943, secretary (?)


Young, G.


1913, wants job as watchman or janitor


Young, Jewell


1937, asks what to take in high school to prepare for archaeology, RLO reply


Young, Kimball




Young, Nestor A.


1916, [unsigned] thanks him for info on finds in Antelope Valley


Young, P.A.


1926, EWG asks president of the California Hotel Association if posters advertising the museum can be placed in hotels


Young, R.B.


1935, asks ALK and EWG to evaluate a scarab


both refer her to Lutz


YWCA (Oakland)


1940, invites ALK to program by Chief Eaglewing


Younger, John E.


1931, ALK analysis of career opportunities in anthropology


Youngs, Oliver


1932, asks ALK to talk to lunch club




Yovino-Young, Anthony


1957, wants evaluation of item from Spanish-California


referred to Pilling


Yucatan - Asociación de los Monumentos Arqueologicos de Yueatan


1922, announcement of founding


Yucca Valley Frank


1940, wants info on Indians of the area


RLO refers to Campbells of Twenty-nine Palms


Yuma Chamber of Commerce


1929, EWG asks location of Fortuna Mine


secretary sends map


Yturald, Angelica


1942, TDM letter tells of her employment record here


Yves-Guyot, M.


1919, EWG disapproves his plan to found a scientific institute with membership restricted to the allied nations



Box 184

Zabitsky, Freya


1965, thanks FAN for info on Tolowa


Zaichick, Norman


1947, asks RHL for autographed reprints


some sent


Zallio, Anthony




Zan, Jewel Spencer


1944, RHL supplies Bannock words for 7 and 8


Zatkovsky, Maurice


1931, wants "complete information" on career in exploration


ALK says be more specific


Zehner, Fenton J.


1928, EWG says Littlejohn will come to see rock pictures and old canoe near Blairsden


Zellerbach Paper Company


Ziegenfuss, Audrey


1940, RLO says see me about my proposed talk at the Peace Forum


Ziemer, T.B.


1936, book dealer procures book for RHL


Zigmond, Maurice


1936, wants to discuss with ALK his work on Kawaasu


Zilboorg, Gregory


1937, ALK suggestions to the Committee for the Study of Suicide


Zim, Sonia Bleeker


1951-1952, RHL reads and makes suggestions for her manuscript of book on Crow Indians for ages 9-12


Zimmerman, A., Mrs.


1965, FAN advice on preservation of baskets


Zimmerman, H.E.


1917, ALK gives references on Ishi


Zimmerman, Mark E.


1925, asks about partitioned or double brains


ALK says he does not believe there ever were any such


Zingg, Robert M.




Zinn, Earl F.


1921-23, with ALK re Committee for Research on Sex Problems




1955, JHR reports his whereabouts


Zulch, J. William


1948, missionary at Nixon, Nevada wants regulations governing Paiutes


secretary gives references


Zumwalt, D.E.


1921, wants info on Ishi


[unsigned] gives references


Zuñi, Flora


1916, to ALK


Unidentified correspondence


(2 items)


Series 5: Museum acquisitions

Physical Description: Box 185-186

Scope and Content Note

Potential museum acquisitions: alphabetical by name of person offering items. Responses are mostly letters explaining that the University has no funds for the purchase of the item offered.

Museum acquisitions, potential

Additional Note

Alphabetical by name of person offering items. These are mostly letters explaining that the University has no funds for the purchase of the item offered.
Box 185


Box 186



Series 6: Correspondence from University of California archeological expeditions to the South Pacific, 1946-1956

Physical Description: Box 187-188
Box 187

Fiji, 1946-1949

Box 187

New Caledonia, 1949-1952

Box 188

Yap, 1947-1956


Series 7: Student files, 1908-1975

Conditions of Use

RESTRICTED; May be used only by permission of University Archivist

Additional Note

Only files of individuals no longer living will be made available

Subseries 1: Ph.D student files

Physical Description: Box 189-193
Box 189, folder 1

Arewa, Erastus Ojo, 1966

folder 2

Barnett, Homer G., 1938

folder 3

Barrett, Samuel A., 1908

folder 4

Beals, Alan R., 1954

folder 5

Beals, Ralph L., 1930

folder 6

Beardsley, Richard K., 1947

folder 7

Bennyhoff, James Allan, 1961

folder 8

Blount, Benny Garell, 1969

folder 9

Boyer, Ruth MacDonald, 1962

folder 10

Bramblett, Claud Allen, 1967

folder 11

Broadbent, Sylvia Marguerite, 1960

folder 12

Brooks, Sheilagh Thompson, 1951

folder 13

Brudner, Lilyan Lois Amdur, 1969

folder 14

Bruhns, Karen Olsen, 1967

folder 15

Bushnell, John H., 1955

folder 16

Cappannari, Stephen Clement, 1950

folder 17

Chard, Chester Stevens, 1953

folder 18

Chrisman, Noel Judson, 1966

folder 19

Clark, Mary Margaret, 1957

folder 20

Clements, Forrest Edward, 1928

folder 21

Coult, Allan Donald, 1961

folder 22

Count, Earl Wendel, 1935

folder 23

Cox, Bruce Alden, 1968

folder 24

Curley, Richard Turner, 1969

folder 25

Davis, William George, 1969

folder 26

Denitch, Bette Stubing, 1969

folder 27

Denman, Anne Smith, 1969

folder 28

Denman, Clayton Charlton, 1968

folder 29

Devereux, George, 1935

folder 30

Diaz, May Nordquist, 1963

folder 31

Dickeman, Mildred, 1958

folder 32

Donnan, Christopher Bruce, 1968

folder 33

Downs, James Francis, 1961

folder 34

Drewitt, Robert Bruce, 1967

folder 35

Du Bois, Cora Alice, 1932

folder 36

Eddington, Meil Arthur, 1967

folder 37

Ellefson, John Oscar, 1967

folder 38

Elmendorf, William W., 1949

folder 39

Elsasser, Albert Bertrand, 1965.

folder 40

Erasmus, Charles John, 1955

folder 41

Essene, Frank J., 1947

folder 42

Estel, Leo Arthur, 1950

folder 43

Evans, David Kenneth, 1966

folder 44

Fahim, Hussein Mohamed, 1968

folder 45

Fitzgerald, Lorraine Kirk, 1970

folder 46

Foster, George McClelland, 1941

folder 47

Francisco, Alice Enderton, 1968

folder 48

Freed, Ruth Shelley, 1958

folder 49

Gamst, Frederick Charles, 1967

Box 190, folder 1

Driver, Harold Edson, 1936

folder 2

Drucker, Philip, 1936

folder 3

Gerow, Bert Alfred, 1950

folder 4

Gibson, Ann Judith, 1964

folder 5

Gibson, Kathleen Rita, 1970

folder 6

Goins, John Francis, 1954

folder 7

Goldschmidt, Walter Rochs, 1942

folder 8

Gould, Richard Allen, 1965

folder 9

Grand, Theodore I., 1962

folder 10

Gregory, Michael Strietmann, 1969

folder 11

Hall, Clara Stern, 1962

folder 12

Hammel, Eugene Alfred, 1959

folder 13

Hansen, Judith Friedman, 1970

folder 14

Harner, Michael James, 1963

folder 15

Hazlehurst, Leighton Wilson, 1964

folder 16

Heizer, Robert Fleming, 1941

folder 17

Henderson, Helen Kreider, 1969

folder 18

Henderson, Richard Neal, 1963

folder 19

Herman, Mary Woody, 1963

folder 20

Hewes, Gordon Winant, 1947

folder 21

Hippler, Arthur Edwin, 1968

folder 22

Hoben, Allan, 1963

folder 23

Hockings, Paul Edward, 1965

folder 24

Hoffman, Bernard Gilbert, 1955

folder 25

Hohenthal, William Dalton, 1951

folder 26

Hollos, Marida Clara, 1970

folder 27

Holloway, Ralph Leslie, 1964

folder 28

Holt, Permelia Catharine, 1942

folder 29

Holtzman, Stephen Ford, 1970

folder 30

Howell, Richard Wesley, 1967

folder 31

Ingham, John Michael, 1968

folder 32

Izmirlian, Harry, 1964

folder 33

Kearney, Michael Clark, 1968

folder 34

Keller, Bonnie Burnett, 1970

folder 35

Keller, Charles Marquis, 1966

folder 36

Kelly, Isabel Truesdale, 1932

folder 37

Kennedy, Kenneth Adrian Raine, 1962

folder 38

Kennedy, Mary Jane, 1955

folder 39

Kernan, Keith Thomas, 1969

folder 40

Kiefer, Christie Weber, 1968

folder 41

King, Arden Ross, 1947

folder 42

Kirkpatrick, Joanna, 1970

folder 43

Koch, Klaus Friedrich, 1967

folder 44

Lambert, Bernd, 1963

folder 45

Lambrecht, Winifred, 1967

folder 46

Lancaster, Chesley Stevens, 1970

folder 47

Lancaster Laura Jane Beckman, 1967

folder 48

Lanning, Edward Putnam, 1960

folder 49

Lantis, Margaret, 1939

folder 50

Lee, Richard Barry, 1965

folder 51

Lewis, Henry Trickey, 1967

folder 52

Libby, Dorothy, 1952

folder 53

Lindburg, Donald Gilson, 1967

folder 54

Lockwood, William Grover, 1970

folder 55

Low, Setha, 1976

folder 56

Lowrimore, Burton Sherman, 1951

folder 57

Lyon, Patricia Jean, 1967

Box 191, folder 1

Mackey, Carol Joy, 1970

folder 2

MacRoberts, Michael Haddon, 1968

folder 3

Madsen, William, 1955

folder 4

Mann, Alan Eugene, 1968

folder 5

Marino, Mary Carolyn, 1968

folder 6

Marzke, Mary Ronald Walpole, 1964

folder 7

Massey, William Clifford, 1940

folder 8

McClellan, Catharine, 1950

folder 9

McCorkle, Homer Thomas, 1954

folder 10

McCown, Theodore Doney, 1939

folder 11

McHugh, Joseph James, 1970

folder 12

McKern, Thomas Wilton, 1955

folder 13

Meighan, Clement Woodward, 1953

folder 14

Menzell, Dorothy Riddell, 1954

folder 15

Milner, Christina Andrea, 1970

folder 16

Mitchell, Claudia I., 1969

folder 17

Molohan, Kathryn Theresa, 1968

folder 18

Morris, Patrick George, 1969

folder 19

Napton, Lewis Kyle, 1970

folder 20

Nelson, Cynthia, 1963

folder 21

Nelson, Harold, 1953

folder 22

Newman, Lucile Fanning, 1965

folder 23

Newman, Russell Wallace, 1949

folder 24

Nunez, Theron Aldine, 1964

folder 25

Olson, Ronald L., 1929

folder 26

O'Neale, Lila M., 1930

folder 27

Orenstein, Henry, 1957

folder 28

Osborne, Homer Douglas, 1951

folder 29

Patterson, Thomas Carl, 1964

folder 30

Pearsall, Marion, 1950

folder 31

Pelto, Pertti Juho, 1960

folder 32

Pendleton, Wade Carlton, 1970

folder 33

Pettitt, George Albert, 1940

folder 34

Pilling, Arnold, 1958

folder 35

Plotnicov, Leonard, 1964

folder 36

Pohorecky, Zenon Stephen, 1964

folder 37

Potter, Jack Michael, 1964

folder 38

Proulx, Donald Allen, 1965

folder 39

Provencher, Ronald, 1968

folder 40

Randolph, Richard Rannels, 1963

folder 41

Riesenberg, Saul Herbert, 1950

folder 42

Ripley, Suzanne, 1965

folder 43

Roark, Richard Paul, 1964

folder 44

Robbins, Lawrence Harry, 1968

folder 45

Roney, James Givens, 1955

folder 46

Rosin, Robert Thomas, 1968

folder 47

Romano, Octavio, 1964

folder 48

Rothenberger, John Evans, 1970

folder 49

Sade, Donald Stone, 1966

folder 50

Sarich, Vincent Matthew, 1967

folder 51

Scholte, Bob, 1969

folder 52

Sebring, James Marshall, 1968

folder 53

Shepardson, Mary Thygeson, 1960

folder 54

Shimkin, Demitri Boris, 1939

folder 55

Shirek-Ellefson, Judith, 1967

folder 56

Siegel, James Theodore, 1966

folder 57

Simmons, Roger Albert, 1971

Box 192, folder 1

Simic, Andrei Williams, 1970

folder 2

Simonds, Paul E., 1963

folder 3

Smith, Andrew Brown, 1974

folder 4

Smith, Clarence Ernest, 1950

folder 5

Smith, William Charles, 1965

folder 6

Spencer, Robert Francis, 1946

folder 7

Squier, Robert J., 1064

folder 8

Starr, June Oettinger, 1970

folder 9

Steager, Peter William, 1971

folder 10

Steklis, Horst Dieter, 1974

folder 11

Steward, Julian Haynes, 1929

folder 12

Stewart, Kenneth Malcolm, 1946

folder 13

Stewart, Omer Call, 1939

folder 14

Stromberg, Gobi, 1976

folder 15

Strong, William Duncan, 1926

folder 16

Stross, Brian Malet, 1969

folder 17

Strumm, Shirley Carol, 1976

folder 18

Symons, Donald Allen, 1973

folder 19

Talbot, Stephen Andrew, 1974

folder 20

Tallman, Janet Elizabeth, 1969

folder 21

Tanner, Nancy, 1971

folder 22

Taylor, Clark Louis, 1978

folder 23

Templeman, Dennis Roy, 1974

folder 24

Thomas, Norman Dwight, 1967

folder 25

Thompson, Laura Maud, 1933

folder 26

Thurnher, Majda Theresia, 1966

folder 27

Tobin, Jack Adair, 1967

folder 28

Todd, Harry Flynn, 1972

folder 29

Toffelmier, Gertrude Doniger, 1937

folder 30

Treganza, Adan Eduardo, 1950

folder 31

Trott, Melody Ann, 1973

folder 32

Tsuchiyama, Tamie, 1938

folder 33

Tuttle, Russell Howard, 1965

folder 34

Valory, Dale Keith, 1970

folder 35

Van Bremen, Jan G., 1984

folder 36

Van Hom, Richard Norman, 1969

Box 193, folder 1

Venti, Gail, 1978

folder 2

Vichit-Vadakan, Juree N., 1979

folder 3

Villa, Paola D'Amelio, 1978

folder 4

Voegelin, Charles F., 1932

folder 5

Wagner, Richard Vernon, 1969

folder 6

Wai-Ogosu, Bassey Eteyen, 1973

folder 7

Wallace, Dwight Tousch, 1957

folder 8

Wallace, William J., 1946

folder 9

Watson, James Lee, 1972

folder 10

Weaver, Thomas, 1965

folder 11

Wedel, Waldo Rudolph, 1936

folder 12

Weiss, Mark Lawrence, 1969

folder 13

Weist, Katherine Morrett, 1970

folder 14

Wenger, Gwynifer Clare, 1976

folder 15

Whiteford, Michael Bonneville, 1972

folder 16

Whitehead, Jack Milton, 1968

folder 17

Whittaker, Elvi Waik, 1973

folder 18

Williams, Nancy Margaret, 1973

folder 19

Wilson, Andrew Peter, 1968

folder 20

Wilson, Thomas Henry, 1976

folder 21

Winton, Marianne Yvonne, 1969

folder 22

Witty, Cathie Jane, 1975

folder 23

Yngvesson, Barbara Belton, 1970

folder 24

Zaretsky, Irving Izhak, 1969

folder 25

Zarrugh, Laura R. Hoffman, 1974

folder 26

Zihlman, Adrienne Louella, 1967


Subseries 2: M.A. student files

Physical Description: Box 193-196
Box 194, folder 1

Adams, Dorothy I, 1928

folder 2

Altick, Joan M, 1959

folder 3

Amir, Raymond Gene, 1954

folder 4

Anderson, Robert Thomas, 1953

folder 5

Arnold, Barbara Ann, 1970

folder 6

Asaro, Barbara, 1955

folder 7

Ash, Willard Rodman, 1954

folder 8

Bardacke, Nancy Glicksberg, 1973

folder 9

Bessac, Frank, B., 1957

folder 10

Bessac, Suzanne L., 1955

folder 11

Black, William H., 1948

folder 12

Brabender, Ingrid B, 1964

folder 13

Brandon, Catherine Jordan, 1977

folder 14

Brooks, Richard Howard, 1962

folder 15

Busch, Barbara Ehrman, 1964

folder 16

Carey, Henry A, 1925

folder 17

Castillo, Eddie Dan, 1977

folder 18

Chambers, thomasd Sprague, 1967

folder 19

Cooke, Jeanne Clennel, 1959

folder 20

Cottage, Coral (Autenreith), 1968

folder 21

Cowan, Richard Alfred, 1969

folder 22

Darlington, Herbert S, 1926

folder 23

Dazey, Elizabeth T, 1948

folder 24

Dlugin, Lee Alberta, 1964

folder 25

Dodge, Cole P, 1976

folder 26

Dodge, Frank Riley, 1955

folder 27

Dole, Lynne D, 1970

folder 28

Duke, Kathryn A, 1976

folder 29

Edmunds, Cicely, 1958

folder 30

Enrico, John James, 1970

folder 31

Evans, William S, 1956

folder 32

Evans, William S, 1956

Box 195, folder 1

Fernandez,Esther Maria, 1966

folder 2

Frederickson, Vera-Mae W, 1963

folder 3

Freed, Julius Arthur

folder 4

Freedman, Eric E, 1976

folder 5

Garth, Thomas R, 1940

folder 6

Gayton, Anna H, 1924

folder 7

Gilmer, Nancy C, 1952

folder 8

Gobeck, Amanda, 1977

folder 9

Golomshtok, Eugene A, 1923

folder 10

Greengo, Robert E, 1951

folder 11

Greener, Virginia

folder 12

Gupta, Vijay Bhushan, 1967

folder 13

Halliday, Constance C, 1947

folder 14

Hallinan, Patrick Sarsfield, 1970

folder 15

Hatfield, Patricia A, 1963

folder 16

Heard, Ralph, 1967

folder 17

Heim, Mary Stenbruck, 1963

folder 18

Henao, Hernan, 1978

folder 19

Herman, Mary Woody, 1950

folder 20

Hess, Betsy Nan, 1970

folder 21

Holt, Permelia C, 1928

folder 22

Holtzman, Hannah Elizabeth, 1968

folder 23

Hoppes, Roger Edward, 1974

folder 24

Hoyt, Margaret Ann, 1968

folder 25

Humm, Peter Frederick, 1971

folder 26

Jing, Karen, 1965

folder 27

Kalbaugh, Ann, 1977

folder 28

King, Ann Goldblatt, 1967

folder 29

Klitgaard, Patricia Lynne, 1969

folder 30

Kohlstedt, Marian Baker, 1963

folder 31

Kotzin, Theodore J, 1959

folder 32

Krantz, Grver Sanders, 1958

folder 33

Kurtz, Donal V, 1961

Box 196, folder 1

Landauer, Ernest, 1956

folder 2

Lanning, Sutti, 1957

folder 3

LaPrade, Lucile H, 1920

folder 4

Larios, Rudolph Avila, 1963

folder 5

Laskemoen, Harald, 1966

folder 6

Leach, Jerry Wayne, 1969

folder 7

Lee, Betty Jean, 1972

folder 8

Lewis, Louisa Adrienne, 1972

folder 9

Lincoln, Jackson S, 1932

folder 10

Lininger, Elise V, 1975

folder 11

Linton, Sally Slocum, 1966

folder 12

Lucas, Virginia C, 1947

folder 13

McFeeley, Frances, 1949

folder 14

MacRoberts, Barbara Richey, 1968

folder 15

Madsen, Claudia Nettles, 1962

folder 16

Marks, Patricia L, 1952

folder 17

Martin, Marian Sally, 1959

folder 18

Mason, Karen Pickard, 1970

folder 19

Matheson, William Quinton, 1971

folder 20

Miller, Charlene Noble, 1964

folder 21

Millman, Harry, 1954

folder 22

Mohr, Laetitia Sample

folder 23

Moosbrugger, Joseph Thomas, 1969

folder 24

Morris, Joseph Matheson, 1968

folder 25

Mudog, Nathaniel Agida, 1967

folder 26

Nienu, Vikuosa, 1978

folder 27

Nelson, Nels C, 1908

folder 28

Newbern, William Crawford, 1953

folder 29

Olney, Eleanor Claire, 1970

folder 30

Osborne, Ellen Leonard, 1960

folder 31

Panyity, Patricia H, 1949

folder 32

Rademan, Lenore R, 1964

folder 33

Rapaport, Hanna, 1959

folder 34

Rappaport, Randy Ross, 1970

folder 35

Riddell, Francis A, 1954

folder 36

Romanow, Mirro R, 1950

folder 37

Rose, Michael David, 1967

Box 197, folder 1

Salamon, Sonya Blank, 1965

folder 2

Salisbury, Winfield Wyman III, 1958

folder 3

Sananman, Elisa Joan, 1966

folder 4

Schaffer, Joseph Harold, II, 1966

folder 5

Schenk, Sara Moffat, 1925

folder 6

Seid, Jean Naomi, 1966

folder 7

Shkurkin, George Vladimirovich, 1968

folder 8

Shutler, Dick, Jr., 1950

folder 9

Smith, Tillie, 1964

folder 10

Solheim, Wilhelm G., 1949

folder 11

Stern, Nicola, 1983

folder 12

Steward, Julian H., 1926

folder 13

Stewart, Archer Whiting, 1961

folder 14

Stewart, David Henry, 1963

folder 15

Stirling, James Heber, 1964

folder 16

Swezey, Sean Lawrence, 1976

folder 17

Tang, Mei-Chun, 1963

folder 18

Thompson, Sheilagh, 1947

folder 19

Vincentnathan, Sugirdanathan George, 1971

folder 20

Voegelin, Erminie W., 1931

folder 21

Walker, Winslow M., 1928

folder 22

Weeks, Paula Ellen Pouttu, 1970

folder 23

West, Emory J., 1973

folder 24

Wierda, Arlene Helen, 1964

folder 25

Willoughby, Nona Christensen, 1950

folder 26

Wood, John Lyman, 1972


Subseries 3: Former student files

Physical Description: Box 197-203
Box 197, folder 27

Former students - general - A

folder 28

Abrams, David Martis, 1968

folder 29

Adams, Wm. Yewdale, 1946

folder 30

Albee, Alan Dale, 1971

folder 31

Arvizu, Steven Fredrick, 1970

folder 32

Ash, Willard, 1951

folder 33

Axtell, Lawrence, 1957

folder 34

Former students - general - B

folder 35

Bachenheimer, Richard, 1950

folder 36

Bankes, George H. A., 1966

folder 37

Barnes, Larkie L., 1958

folder 38

Barnes, Lawrence B., 1962

folder 39

Bassey, Magnus O., 1977

folder 40

Bauerochse, Wolfgang, 1978-79

folder 41

Bayer, Allan A.

Box 198, folder 1

Beckham, Marie, 1950

folder 2

Befu, Harumi, 1956

folder 3

Bernard, Richard, 1957

folder 4

Berry, Lanny G., 1970

folder 5

Blanc, Esther, 1961

folder 6

Bohn, Davis Valentine, 1961

folder 7

Bolt, Thomas Lucius, 1950

folder 8

Borchgrevink, Louise, 1962

folder 9

Boreman, Gail Ann, 1967

folder 10

Bravo, Father Emilio Mario, S.J., 1960

folder 11

Brennan, Judith T., 1963

folder 12

Brion, Irene J., 1960

folder 13

Broughton, Eve Tunette, 1969

folder 14

Brown, Carl, 1960

folder 15

Brown, Jack, 1960

folder 16

Brown, William Edward, 1956

folder 17

Burd, William, 1951

folder 18

Burnside, Beverly H., 1966

folder 19

Former students - general - C

folder 20

Carbert, Genevieve, 1958

folder 21

Carroll, Sandra Faye, 1963

folder 22

Chan, Jeffrey Paul, 1970

folder 23

Chapman, Lewis Duane, 1963

folder 24

Chroman, Peter, 1958

folder 25

Clendenen, Harold F., 1956

folder 26

Clune, Francis Joseph, 1956

folder 27

Cody, Patricia E., 1944

folder 28

Coles, George R., 1963

folder 29

Comerford, John F., 1960

folder 30

Corren, Leonard Arden, 1959

folder 31

Cott, Nancy R., 1962

folder 32

Cousins, Peter H., Jr., 1965

folder 33

Curren, Terence B.

folder 34

Former students - general - D

folder 35

Dahlfues, Diane Marie, 1962

folder 36

Dane, Norma W., 1962

folder 37

Daniels, Gert L., 1940

folder 38

Davidson, Robert Theodore, Jr., 1958

folder 39

Davis, Ethelrede C., 1950

folder 40

Davis, James Thomas, 1960

folder 41

Davlin, Joan B., 1960

Box 199, folder 1

De Castro, Frieda, 1958

folder 2

De la Torre, Carl Eugene, 1971

folder 3

DeLuca, Nicholas M., 1961

folder 4

DeNoi, Nicholas G., 1960

folder 5

Dibble, David S., 1955

folder 6

Douglass, William A., 1962

folder 7

Dowdakin, Ruth G., 1950

folder 8

Draper, Gloria, 1955

folder 9

Dubois, Marilyn M., 1957

folder 10

Ducommun, Dolores Jameson, 1964

folder 11

Dumitru, John, 1960

folder 12

Former Students -general - E

folder 13

Eggers, Alan Van Dusen, 1964

folder 14

Eimerl, Sarel Henry, 1968

folder 15

Epler, Nancy D., 1962

folder 16

Former students - general - F

folder 17

Faville, Donald, 1960

folder 18

Fenenga, Franklin

folder 19

Fernandez, Miguel Raul, 1971

folder 20

Finkel, Phyllis E., 1950

folder 21

Fischer, Lucy Rose, 1968

folder 22

Fox, Richard G., 1962

folder 23

Fraley, Nancy Carol, 1970

folder 24

France, Richard H., 1962

folder 25

Frederickson, David A.

folder 26

Frost, Frederick E.

folder 27

Frye, Leland T., 1960

folder 28

Former students - general - G

folder 29

Gallagher, Orvoell R., 1955

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