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Guide to the Records of the Department of Anthropology, 1901-[ongoing]
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Roy, Francis A.


1943, asks that enclosed letter be given to Borbolla who is on his way here


Roy, Rai B.S.C.


1925-1928, editor of Man in India requests RHL books for review


Royal Society of New South Wales


1920-1923, re publication of ALK's "Relationship of the Australian Languages"


Royo, Fernando


1940, sends publications from Cuba


Roys, Ralph




Rozaire, Charles




Rozeney, Irene


1943, inqires about summer graduate work


ALK reply


Rubino, Joseph P.


1934, re appraisal of Mexican figurine


Rubio, Victor M.


1941, asks ALK's help in getting insurance payment for Peruvian gold articles stolen from N.Y. World's Fair, photographs and news clipping included


ALK reply


Ruby, Jay


1966, WB recommends Charlotte Busick for Old Sacramento archaeological dig


Rudd, Jean


1938, offers to record inscriptions on Indian gravestones


RHL refers to Schenck


Ruddy, J. Maurice


1940, inquires about couvade


ALK refers him to books by Ploss


Ruden, Elliott S.


1932, asks career advice


RHL reply


Rudholm, Melvin P.


1947-1948, provides photos of rock paintings on Tule River reservation


Rudnicki, John


1926, asks meaning of "Tonopah"


RHL reply


Ruffner, Marguerite


1941, inquires for Indians who make moccasins


ALK refers to Indian Arts and Crafts Board


Rukeyser, Muriel


memo says she should be asked to return Boas material


Rumberg, H.H.


1933, inquires about bronze coin(?) found in W. Virginia


no reply


Ruml, Beardsley


1932, secretary acknowledges ALK letter


Rumsey, C.E.


1908, one letter


Runs Across River


1917, Arapahoe Indians ask ALK's help in getting permission to continue sun dance


Ruppert, Karl


1923, inquiry re graduate work


Rushen, Fred A.


1950, re EWG's stay at Kashia school house


Rushton, Mary Fay


1941, asks for maps


referred to U.C. Press


Rushworth, Bill and Mart Mulholland


1944, merchant seamen ask ALK how to get into Navy language school




Russell, A.N. & Sons


1931-1933, supplier of museum cases


Russell, C.P.


1923-1933, Park Naturalist, Yosemite - re Indians of the region


Russell, Eloise




Russell, Prof. F.M.


1930-1944, 1947, re doctorate in the field of International Relations


Russell, F.W.


1928, invites ALK to lecture at Mt. Hermon




Russell, Richard Joel


1940, thanks ALK for publication and invites him to visit Louisiana State University


Rutgers University


Rutherford, Miriam


1931, RHL letter of recommendation to medical school


Rutter, Samuel


1924, [unsigned] asks for data on effect of prohibition in the U.S.


no reply


Ruzich, Raiko H.


1933-1934, letters of recommendation, director of Bureau of Translations


Ryan, Carson


1932, ALK wants to talk to him about Indian education


Ryan, E.J.


1965, wants archaeological work


Ryan, Edward D.


1966, FAN supplies references on the archaeology of Haiti to the president of Medical Relief for Haiti, Inc.


Ryan, F.B.


1934, asks financing for collecting relics


no funds


Ryan, Thomas Mecham


1931, offers basket collection for sale


EWG refers him to Mrs. Poole of South Pasadena, who buys them


Ryder, Prof. A.W.


1913-1914, 1930


Ryder, Franklin P.


1941, asks about graduate work


ALK reply


Ryder, Olive M.


1929, asks for Navajo dictionary


secretary refers to one published by Franciscan fathers


Ryder, Worth, Prof.




Ryerson, Knowles, Dean of Agriculture






S - Miscellaneous

Box 128

San Francisco Courts


Santa Clara County Hospital


Santa Cruz, Antonia


Sasao, Hisako Tanaka


Sauter, Marc R.


Scaglione, John H.


Schacht, Joseph


Schaub, E.L.


Schioler, Mararethe C.


School of Speech, Orlando, Fla.


Schumacher, Robert


Schwidetsky, N. Ilse


Science of Culture


Searle, Margaret J.


Secoy, Frank R.


Seward, N.H.


Seibert, Janet Brown


Seiler, Dr.


Seligman, Brenda


Sen, Gopal Chandra


Serrano, Antonio


Settle, Josephine B.


Shafer, V.F.


Shah, Popatlal Govindlal


Shaw-Walker Company


Shepard, Anna O.


Sheps, J.G.


Sherif, Muzafer


Sherwood, H.W.T.


Shipley, William F.


Shrader, William


Schuster, George N.


Siebe, Helen C.


Silver, Emanuel


Simmons, Harry


Simms, T. Erwin


Simões, Mário Ferreira


Simon, Gwladys H.


Simpson, George Gaylord


Simsa, Paul Joseph


Sinha, D.P.


Sjoberg, Gideon


Skhul, V


Sklare, Marshal


Smith, F.H.


Smith, M.G.


Smith, J. Russell


Smith, Robert J.


Smith, Rose Brondz


Smith, R.T.


Smith, Sidney or Miss Sidney-Smith


Smith, Wilfred Cantrell


Social Relations, Official Register of Harvard


May 12, 1946


Social Science Integration, Colorado Conference




Society for the Study of Evolution


Société Suisse


Soedjatmoko, Mr.


Sofue, Takao


Sollaksen, Bert E.


Solomon, Norman


Somato typing


Somers, Melvin R.


South American problems


Southern Terminals Company


Spear, Marilyn C.


Society for the Study of Speciation


Spellman, Charles Wilfred


Spindler, Louise


Stacey's Book Store


Stanislavski, Dan


W.C. Stanke Subscription Co.


Steelman, Lucia


Stern, Curt


Steinmann, A.


Stetler, Henry G.


Stevens, H. John


Stevens, S.S.Stirton, R.A.


Stoddard, Kenneth B.


Stong, Frank R.


Stragnell, Robert




Sudbeck, Joseph C.


Sukenik, E.L.


Sulli, K.


Swan Tool and Machine Company


Swets & Zeitlinger C.V.


Saavedra, Juan


1936, one letter in Spanish from Mexican agent


Sabine, Dr. G.


1938, RHL decline to review a book


Sachet, M.H.




The Sacramento Bee


1914, 1947-1948


Sacramento State College


Sadow, Sue


slides and lectures, "Ancient and Modern Life in Iran", Feb. 26, 1961, clippings and posters


The Safe-Cabinet Company




Sagala, A.


1925, 1929, re Indian migration and models of heads


Sager, Carl C.


1932, re E grade


Said, Robert M.




St. Clair, Raymond


1927, re possible graduate work


St. John, Frances Arcadia




St. John, Harold


1933, request for reprint


St. Lawrence University


St. Louis University School of Medecine


St. Olaf College


Sait, E.W.


1934, 1936

Box 129

Saladana, Jean


1937, condolences to EWG on loss of Poyser


Salaman, Redcliffe N.




Salin, Norbert L.


Salinardi, Adella


employment records, clerk-typist. Many such records have been destroyed. This one had been left in as a prototype.


Salinger, Anne M.




Salisbury, Ella G.




Salisbury, Ethel I.


1932, to ALK


no reply


Sallee, P.J.




Salloch, William Books


Salmi, Martin E.




Salmon, Thomas W.


1925, reference for Patrick Putnam


Salmons, Ora


1920, re photo of Sparkman


Salmony, Alfred




Salomon, Gotfreid


1924, re International Sociological Yearbook


Salsman, Byrd R.


1943, re excavation near Mt. View


Salvador, Clifford


1924, map sent


Salz, Ansley K.


1912, Kullman, Salz & Co., tanners


Salz, Beate R.


1941, re possible graduate work here


Salzmann, Zdenek


1957, re possible graduate work here


Sambo, Sargent


1946-1947, with ALK, Indian informant, Siskiyou County


Sameshima, Isame


1933, Boy Scout inquires about foods eaten by Indians


secretary replies


Sample, L.L.


1965, to HJH from Arizona State University


Sampson, A.W.


1931-1944, Professor of Forestry


Sampson, Nathalie F.


1939, re possible graduate work here


Sampson, W.W.


1951, cover letter from EWG sent with Disaster Preparedness Plan for the Museum


Samuels, W.L.


1915, with ALK re Washo


San Diego State College


1922, ALK's report on E.L. Hewett as instructor


San Diego Zoological Society


1934, asks EWG to write letter supporting their efforts to get a tax for the zoo


San Francisco Book Fair Committee




San Francisco Chronicle


1935, 1942


San Francisco Congress of Mothers and Parent-Teacher Associations


1925, request that Sunday afternoon lectures be resumed


San Francisco Examiner




San Francisco Labor College


1937, RHL regrets unable to speak to them


San Francisco Laundry


1917-1921, bills


San Francisco State College




San Francisco Town Hall Forum, Inc.




San Joaquin General Hospital Library




San Jose State College


San Jose Unified School District


Universidad Nacional de San Marcos




San Mateo Historical Association




San Mateo Junior College




San Quentin State Prison


Sanchez, Leslie N.


1936, Indian informant, Las Vegas, Nevada


Sanchez, Nellie V.


1915, with ALK re Indian names


Sander, Gerhard


1925, seeks museum job


Sanderson, Grover


1949-1952, re films of Indian dances


Sanford, Harry


1932, with ALK re grave near Stockton


Sanford, Thomas M.


1953, re Blackfoot vs. Blackfeet


Sanger, A.R.


1922-1945, re reprints and his collection


Sanginés, Carlos Ponce


1954, one letter in Spanish


Sangster, Edith


1936, sends papers from Gila Pueblo


Santa Cruz Island




Santa Cruz Sheriff's Office




Santee, Ross


1940-1941, seeks sources on Cocopa Mythology




Sapir, Edward




Sapir, Olga Linares




Sapir, Philip




Sapper, Karl



Box 130

Sarafian, K.A.


1940, ALK unable to give references on Armenians


Sarah Lawrence College




Sargeant, W.W.


1921, 1926, California Academy of Sciences


Sargent, Harriett N.


1937, re Indian map


Sargent, N.J.


1949, secretary sends address of R. Fortune


Sargent, Porter


1943, sends pages of his book in which he has quoted ALK


Sarkar, Benoy


1946-1949, Bengali Institute of Sociology


Sarle, C.J.


1925, asks RHL for references




Sarma, Jyotirmoyee


1945, RHL answers question on Plains comradeship pattern


Sarton, George




Sarvari, Louis


1950, EWG gives references on headhunting and shrinking


Saskevaya, Claude


1961, Hopi demonstrates kachina doll making and belt weaving


Sastry, N.S.N.


1952, re his lecture fee


Sattherwaite, Linton, Jr.


1943-1949, University Museum, University of Pennsylvania


Saturday Evening Post




Saturday Review (of Literature)


Sauer, C.O.




Sauer, Charles A.


1943, ALK asks for references on Korea


no reply


Sauer, Theodore


1936, RHL gives advice to high school boy


Saunders, Mrs. B.G.


1963, re Indonesian orchestra


Saunders, C.F.


1913, request for paper


Saunders, Mrs. F.W.


1921, curator sends info on her stone implements


Saunders, John B. de C.M.




Saunders, Kenneth J.


1924, RHL assessment of a student


Saurin, Hazel E.


1942, RHL gives advice on how to prepare her son for archaeology


Savage, William


1963, re "Faces of the Congo" show


Savannah Chamber of Commerce


1938, re excavations


Savannah Evening Post


1928, ALK can not identify John Winthrop Sargent


Savelle, Max


1940, with RHL


Savery, W.


1933, RHL asks him to speak at symposium


Saville, Frank


1929, re findings while building water line from Los Angeles to Albuquerque


Saville, Maurice H.


1929, 1935, Society of Friends of Mexico


Sawtell, Ruth




Sawyer, Carlotta


1915, TTW recommendation to Stanford


Sawyer, Eleanor E.


1944, of the People's World


Sawyer, Houghton


1932, EWG explains that he could not see certain items when he called because they are stored in the mining building


Sawyer, Jesse O.


1954, re PhD.


Sawyer, Sarah


1962, reclaims Chimu pot left for consideration


Sayce, R.U.


1933, University Museum of Archaeology and of Ethnology, Cambridge, England


Sayles, E.B.




Sayre, Melville


1934, Montana School of Mines


Sayre, Paul


1934, 1943, State University of Iowa


Scammel, M.J.


1915-1919, from TTW


Scammon, E.G.


1941, EWG recommends book on Indian crafts


Scanlan, Leo E.


1942, Samoan requests tongan and Tahitian dictionaries


Scapucino, James


1941, with EWG on mortar holes in the Sierra Nevada


Scarf, Caroline


1942, re exam


Scattergood, E.F.


1925, [unsigned] gives references on basketry


Schaden, Egon


1946, 1954, University of São Paulo, Brazil


Schaedel, Richard P.


1948, Universidad Nacional de Trujillo, Peru


Schaefer-Simmern, Henry


1948, lecturer in Art and Education


Schaeffer, C.E.


1935, Institute of Human Relations, Yale


Schafer, E.H.


1953, sends reprints to ALK


Schafer, Edward Hetzel, Jr.




Schapera, I.




Scheffler, Priscilla S.


1944, EWG sends references


Scheiber, Hugo


1925, seeks material for feature stories


Schenck, Hubert G.


1929-1955, Professor of Geology, Stanford


Schenck, John N.


1940, plans for Pacific House at GGIE


Schenck, Sara M.


1956-1957, (Mrs. W. Egbert)

Box 131

Schenck, W. Egbert


1923-1928, 1929-1937, 1938-1955


Schenck, Mrs. W.J.


1926-1929, loans Egbert's letters


Schepotieff, A.


1927, 1929, in French from Minsk



see Kidder, A.V., 1931


Scherer, Jas. A.B.




Scherer, Kny


1923, re publication


Scherer, Lester


1922, re drawing


Scherman, Lucian


1923, ALK thanks for review of book


Schetter, Adrienne Estelle


1932, thesis committee


Schevill, Margaret




Schevill, Rudolph




Schifferle, Joseph H.




Schiller, Walther


1939, re ALK's biographical data


Schilling, Frank A.




Schilling, Hugo K.




Schindler, Bruno




Schinhan, Philip J.A.




Schipper, A.J.




Schleicher and Schutt Co.


1929, paper supplier


Schlesinger, A.M.




Schmalhausen, Samuel D.


1929, RHL declines to contribute to book


Schmalholz, Ladislaw Frank


1924, arranges visit to museum


Schmidt, David




Schmidt, Graham E.


1941, thanks for recommendation


Schmidt, Harry J.


1940, 1941


Schmidt, Helen Louise


1934, ALK letter of introduction


Schmidt, L.S.




Schmidt, Father Wilhelm




Schmider, Oscar


1928, EWG asks for reprint


Schmitt, Charles


1955, with RHL re petroglyph


Schmulowitz, Nat



Box 132

Schneider, David M.




Schneider, E.R.


1934, with ALK re coins


Schneider, Elsbeth


1936, advice from RHL


Schneider, Edwin E.




Schneider, Franz




Schneider, Genevieve




Schneider, H.K.




Schneider, Marguerite




Schneider, Walter




Sehnert, M.P.




Schnier, Jaques




Schoenborn, Wolfgang




Schoepfle, Irene




Scholz, Richard F.




Schonfeld, Leo




School of Scottish Studies


School of Speech, Orlando, Florida










Castro Valley






East Auburn








Klamath Falls




Los Angeles


Los Molinas














Pleasant Hill


Redwood City








San Francisco


San Jose






Walnut Creek




Schoosberger, Emily


1942, secretary answers questions on publication policy


Schott, H.F.


1933, seeks interview with RHL


Schreiber, Charles D.


1936, re "sahale stick"


Schrieke, B.




Schrifnen, J.,


1930, from ALK


Schroder, E.E.W.


1929, from EWG


Schroeder, Hans


1935, fan letter to ALK


Schuffler, Wallace


1940, to EWG re missing picture


Schuller, Rudolph




Schultes, Richard Evans




Schultz, Adolph H.




Schultz, Harold


1955, speaks here


Schultz, James Willard




Schultz, Leonhard


1934, in German


Schulz, V.H.


1943, from EWG re recording sites


Schuman, Henry, publishers


Schumann, George


1944, advice from RHL


Schurz, Carl, Memorial Foundation, Inc.




Schurz, Herbert


1934, budding journalist seeks interview with ALK


Schuster, Carl




Schuster, Helen




Schutte, Alice Maude


1926, re "La Pintra Pintada" near San Luis Obispo


Schuyler, Robert L.



Box 133

Schwab, William B.


1956, re position here


Schwabe, Benno and Co.




Schwamm, J.A.


1919, re rock painting near San Luis Obispo


Schwartz, Douglas W.


1955, request for reprint


Schwartz, Edward D.


1941, ALK says not planning a publication on Mariposa County


Schwartz, Isabelle


1920, with ALK re grade


Schwartz, Walter B.


artist, excerpts from testimonials


Schweizer, H.




Schwinn, Florence H.


1935, RHL refers to handbook






Science and Society




Science of Mind


1947, solicits ALK contribution


Science Illustrated




Science League of America




Science Service




Sixth International Congress for the Unity of Science








The Scientific American


1929, 1935


Scientific Monthly




Scoe, H. Jalmar F.


1933, re Philippines


Sconce, George W.


1942-1943, re Japanese-American relocation


Scott, Arthur F.


1943-1944, President of Reed College


Scott, Donald




Scott, Doreen C.




Scott, Edward


1938, re Indians


Scott, Eleanor Aurelia


1930, re Chumash


Scott Foresman Co.


Scott, James Coleman




Scott, John McKenna




Scott, R.E.


1906, resignation as museum assistant


Scott, S. Spencer


1938, re appointment with ALK


Screwball scribblings, nut letters, pseudo-science


Scribner's publishers




Scripps College


Seaborg, Glenn T.


Seale, Alvin




Seale, M.O.




Sears, Paul B.




Sears, Robert R.




Seashore, Carl E.




Seashore, Robert H.




Seattle World's Fair, African Pavilion




Seaver, H.L.


1927, EWG gives sources of slides on basketry


Sebastian, Carl


1919, invited to come to museum, Indian informant


Sebeok, Thomas A.




Sebolt, Martha H.


1941, ALK answers questions on Navajo


Sechrist, E.L.




Secrist, C.C.


1934, EWG gives references on arrowheads


Sedgwick, Betty


1936, reports shellmound


Sedley, Henry


1940, EWG declines to become editor of Aviculture


Seeger, Charles




Seelig, George Robert


1941, 1946


Seelman, Theodore




Seely, F.H.




Seeman Printery, Inc.


Segawa, Kokichi




Segers, Alfred M.




Seidl, Geoge




Seiger, Rudy




Seitz, Ellen


1939, re maps


Sekelj, D. Tibor


1948, with TDMcC in Spanish


Selden, Elizabeth S.




Seldes, Gilbert




Selenka, Margaret




Seler, D.




Seligman, C.G.




Seligman, Julius




Sell, William M.




Sellander, Marjorie


1943, RLO letter of recommendation to the armed services


Sellander, W.H.


1934, with EWG re poisoned arrows


Selsor, Mark A.


1937, requests list of metals made by Indians for inclusion in book


no reply


Selwyn, Clarence M.


1942, EWG provides list of references on early Indians of Southern California


Seltzer, Carl C.


1932, with ALK re Eskimo blood groups

Box 134

Seminar 218E




Senyurek, Muzaffer


1945, TDMcC advises on job prospects


SERA (State Emergency Relief Administration)






material collected by ALK, 1935


SERA - Yuma project, Halpern


material collected by ALK, 1935


Servento, L.


1919, [unsigned] refers to book for answers on race questions


Service, Elman R.


1964, WB sends paper for meeting


Sessions, Gilpin S.


1943, [unsigned] recommends books on Japanese to teacher at relocation center


Setchell, W.A.




Settles, Mrs.


1948, RLO recommendation for scholarship


Severance, Mrs. C.E.


1915, ALK arranges eye care for Indian at Nixon, Nevada


Severance, Kendall


1914, re visit by Gilbert Natches


Severo, Augusto


1941, ALK sends publication


Severus, Mrs. H.T.


1916, re mortar holes near Warner Springs


Second International Congress for Sex Research




Seymour, Otto C.


1930, RHL advises PhD. candidate on method of investigating Indian religion


Shaeffer, James B.


1937, re comprehensive exam


Shaeffer, Mrs. James B.


1946, EWG recommends readings on museum work


Shafer, Robert




Shafter, Mary Severance


1916-1921, re Indian dances for pageants


Shallenberger, F.C.


1939, ALK advises on high school preparation for anthropology


Shallenberger, W.H.


1946, re artificial arms and hands


Shambaugh, Effie


1929, ALK declines to supply references on educational psychology and folk dancing


Shane, C. Donald, astronomer




Shanklin, W.M.




Shantz, Homer LeRoy


1931, 1937


Shapiro, Harry L.




Sharp, Calvin L.




Sharp, Frank C.


1927, with RHL on Indian manners and morals


Sharp, Lauriston


1946, RHL's opinion of Morris Opler


Sharp, Mrs. Vida




Sharpe, Norvelle Wallace


1932, seeks info on tourist spots in Peru


Sharpe, Rosalind


1946, with ALK re sites


Shattuck, George O.


1931, with EWG on age of skull


Shattuck, O.W.


1931, ALK says skulls too fragmentary to identify


Shaver, Richard S.


1961-1963, ABE unconvinced that colored stones he sent are "prediluvial writings"


Shaw, Charles F.


1938-1939, re soil survey maps


Shaw, Clifford R.


1941, RHL comments on a case study of two delinquent boys and their non-delinquent half-brother


Shaw, John D.


1943, EWG sends non human bones to paleontology


Shea, Joseph F.


1944, re mound in Alameda


Shea, Mrs. W.L.


1936, with RHL re "creole"


Sheinblum, Hyman J.


1938, request for "Sino-Tibetan Linquistics"


Sheirakov, George


1938, personal letter to ALK's family


Sheldon, Richard


1949, RHL to Kerner on his possible appointment


Shelford, Victor E.


1927-1940, re maps


Shell Development Company


1938, ALK letter of recommendation


Shepard, Anna O.


1944, re loan of sherds


Shepard. E.M.A.


1917, 1923, letters of recommendation


Shepard. Loraine Vista


1942, re RLO talk at Mills College


Shepard, Ruth Dunham




Shepherd, Rulon T.


1935, ALK advice to his student


Sheridan, Robert


1940, ALK cousin


Sherman Institute


1935, from ALK


Sherman, Mrs. R.P.


1929, secretary advises on name for cottage


Sherrill, William A.


1940, with EWG re caves in Calaveras County


Sherwood, George H.




Sherwood, H.


1921, re Spanish swords


Sherzer, W.H.


1924, 1927


Shimkin, Demetri B., 1934-1944,

See also:

Kroeber's PhD.'s bibliographies

U.C. Dean of the Graduate Division

McAllister, J. Gilbert, 1940

Parsons, Talcott

Poffenberger, Albert T.


Shiner, V.J.


1943, re edible wild plants


Shinn, George Hazen




Shippee-Johnson Expedition




Shipton, Clifford K.


article on American Antiquarian Society


Shirley, Joe C.


1924, Spier gives references on Havasupai


Shirokogoroff, S.


1925-1926, with RHL re reviews

Box 135

Shock, N.W.


1938, asks permission to search journals in seminar room


Shokai, Kawaguchi


1930, EWG turns down offer of loan of woodcut prints


Shope, Emma


1934, question about coin referred to Art Department


Shopen, Timothy


1965, re shipment from Dakar


Shortridge, Louis


1932, seeks position


Shrader, John


1938-1942, re plans to study here


Shrively, Frank


1934, RHL "to whom it may concern" letter for Crow Indian


Shry, Howard E.


1936, re found jaw bones


Shryrock, John K.


1936, 1937, Journal of the American Oriental Society


Shryrock, Richard H.


1947, from ALK to Acting Director, American Council of Learned Societies


Shubert, Helen Victoria


1935, ALK letter of recommendation


Shuey, Paul B.


1916, TTW explains low course grade


Shuler, Roy B.


1938, EWG suggests taking ollas to museum


Shull, George H.


1924, thanks ALK for contribution to Galton and Mendel Memorial Fund


Shurtleff, Arthur A.


1923, order for Ishi pamphlet


Shutler, Dick, Jr.




Sibley, Robert




Sidlinger, R.E.


1924, WES asks accurate location of skeleton find near Bakersfield


Siebenschein, Robert


1927, letter of introduction to RHL from Malinowski


Sieber, S.A.


1938-1939, with RHL re his work


Siebert, Frank T., Jr.


1942, orders RHL reprint


Siegel, Bernard J.


1944, 1951


Siegel, M.J.


1941, letter of introduction for employee of Republic movies


Siegfried, H.N.


1928, re Indian writings near Little Lake, Inyo County


Siegfried, Mary Ann


1965, re visitor, Mr. Torres


Sigerfoos, Charles P.


1927, seeks info on Rev. Harry Rimmer


EWG reply


Sigma Phi Alpha




Sigma Xi




Sigma Xi




Sigma Xi




Sigma Xi




Silcock, Arnold


1931, to ALK re Hatch


Silva, Irma L


1921, ALK gives psychiatric help by mail


Silver, Leah Waters


1944, exams in Anthro 1-B and correspondence


Silver, Shirley


1957, seeks publications


Silverman, Milton


1938, RLO agrees to give lectures at GGIE


Sime, Hugh T.


1914, donor of three Filipino dictionaries


Simmonds, Hubert W.


1946, with EWG


Simmons, C.A.


1927, re International Congress of Americanists


Simmons, Donald


1945, with EWG


Simmons, J.W.


1932, with EWG


Simmons, Leo W.


1937, Yale University Institute of Human Relations


Simms, George A.


1930, financial clerk, Phoenix Indian School


Simonds, Anne Allison


1921-1922, employee


Simonton, F.V.


1923, acknowledgment of manuscript




undated, [unsigned] letter of recommendation


Simpson, Lesley B.




Simpson, Louise


1940-1941, re make-up exam


Simpson, Ruth D.


1945, with EWG re publication on Indian use of corn


Simpson, Seth


1964, re Roman coins and walls on Grizzly Peak


Simpson, Thomas


1919, re Queensland Social Workers' League


Simpson, Winifred


1936, re publications on basketry


Sinclair, J.T., Jr.


1937, re possible graduate work here


Sinclair, Kent


1939, re make-up exam


Sine, Georeg W.


1951, EWG refers him to the American Musem of Natural History for evaluation of the pictorial history of Rushing Eagle


Singer, Aaron


1932, with EML re Indian games


Singer, Milton D.




Singer, Stanford A.


1943, EWG identifies skull in school laboratory in San Luis Obispo


Singerman, Matille


1943-1944, seeks position


Sinha, Surajit C.


1954-1954, Fullbright scholar, follower of Gandhi


Sino-Tibetan N.R.A. project




Sipes, David G.


1941, ALK says no people on earth at the time of dinosaurs


Sirodo, Leon


1953, EWG can not supply picture requested


Sisk, Tom


1932, re arrowpoints


Siskin, Edgar E.




Siskiyou County Historical Society


1954, 1957


Skeels, Lydia Maury


1965, FAN explains museum procedures


Skelton, Mary Jo


1963, re site near Sonora


Skerlj, B.


1952, Yugoslavian professor


Skinner, Alanson


1920, with ALK re his work at Public Museum of City of Milwaukee


Skinner, H.D.




Skoglund, Daisy W.


1938, with RHL


Skoglund, Daisy W.


1938, with RHL


Skogstand, Agnes


1955, RHL interprets Madison, Wisconsin murals

Box 136

Slattery, John J.


1952, re EWG's work near Chico


Slaton, L. Clyde, Jr.


1942, reader for RHL


Slevin, Joseph R.




Slevin, Louis S.


1926, re handprints near Tassajara


Sloane, William, Associates, publishers




Sloane, William Milligan


1923, re Loubat prize


Sloss, Leon


1917, re Elliot collection of paintings of Alaska


Sluiter, Engel


1939, re museum darkroom


Small, H.J.


1937, EWG thanks for aiding expedition to Elk Grove


Small, Regina


n.d., resumé


Smart, George W.


1948, re possible graduate work here


Smead, Julia


1937, re possible graduate work here


Smidt, W.R.


1915, re name "Kaweah"


Smiley, Helen A.


1940, wants data on Andean regions


RHL reply


Smisor, George T.


1943, acknowledges RHL subscription to Tlalocan




1929, from ALK to editor of Mohave County Miner




1931, note of resignation to EWG


Smith, A. Haven


1927, with ALK re whereabouts of the possessions of the "lost woman of San Nicolas"


Smith, A. Ledyard


1938, RLO gives info on Andean regions


Smith, A.T.


1916, re Hupa and Klamath languages


Smith, Allan


1949, 1954, 1957


Smith, Allyn G.


1938-1950, with EWG


Smith, Barbara


1941, RLO to dean re her grade


Smith, C.N.


1932, seeks info on expeditions


ALK reply


Smith, Mrs. C.P.


1932, seeks methods of [?]


Smith, C.R.


1931, RLO translates Chinook words


Smith, Charles R.


1920, re his coin collection


Smith, Charles W.


1935, re ALK reprints


Smith, Charlie


1941, with ALK re bone in Abilene museum


Smith, Clarence E.




Smith, Mrs. Clarence M.


1926, wants to meet ALK


Smith, D.V.


1916, identifies curios


Smith, Douglas


1943, requests archery reprints


Smith, Dudley


1937, ALK translates Maidu words and describes dance house near Chico


Smith, E.H.


1924, re relics and sites of Southern San Joaquin Valley


Smith, Elmer L.


1923, [unsigned] gives references on Southwest Indians


Smith, Elmer P.


1935 1942, University of Utah


Smith, Elna N. (Mrs. Maurice G.)




Smith, Emory E.


1937, 1938, re Stanford region


Smith, F.M.


1914, with ALK re peyote


Smith, Frances Rand


1931, ALK sends reprints


Smith, G.S.


1927, ALK refutes rumors that ancient Egyptian seeds have germinated


Smith, George D.


1927, manager of the Mark Hopkins Hotel suggests that ALK take an apartment there


no reply


Smith, G. Elliot




Smith, George L.


1931, ALK says pay no attention to claims in Rosicrucian magazine


Smith, Grant H.


1916, requests copies of EWG's lectures


Smith, H.R.W.




Smith, H.V.


1939, ALK acknowledges book on early fire fighting


Smith, Harlan I.




Smith, Helen S.




Smith, Israel


1932, RLO and RHL letters of recommendation


Smith, Jack E.




Smith, Mrs. J.P.


1927, EWG sends pictures of painted cave


Smith, James Herbert


n.d., employment record


Smith, James P.


1926, ALK answers questions about Olompali


Smith, LeRoy C.


1928, RHL gives references on Blackfeet


Smith, Lloyd Mason




Smith, M.J.


1938, with ALK, teacher in junior college for Indians plans course in Indian history


Smith, M. Ellwood


1922, ALK recommends James C. Scott to Oregon Agricultural College


Smith, Malcolm


1954, EWG arranges for him to examine a New Caledonian snake vertebra


Smith, Marian W.



See also Akehurst


Smith, Marion B.




Smith, Martha


1957, WB supplies publications to teacher at Hoopa Valley School


Smith, Martin


1935, 1939


Smith, Martin R.


1939, to RHL re class report


Smith, Mary Elizabeth


1940, fan letter to EWG from former student


Smith, Maurice G.




Smith, Mrs. Maurice G.




Smith, Maurice P.


1936, RLO letter of recommendation

Box 137

Smith, Paul C.


1938, RHL suggests courses to prepare for study of anthropology


Smith, Ray W.


1941, with ALK re objects found in mound near Poteau, Oklahoma


Smith, Richard R.


1917-1941, Macmillan Co., and own publishing firm


Smith, Robert Leland


1944, Navy requests info on candidate for commission


Smith, Samuel H.


1948, Superintendent of Recreation, Klamath Falls, Oregon


Smith, Stephen L.


1924, re possible graduate work here


Smith, Valene L.


1952, with TDMcC re possible work in Israel


Smith, Veda Esther


1936, to RHL re illustrations in "Cultural Anthropology"


Smith, W. Vernon


1936, from ALK re his language exams


Smith, Walter L.


1928, EWG gives references


Smith, Warren D.




Smith, Watson


1962, background material for lecture here


Smith, Wayne


1935, RHL letter of recommendation for typist


Smith, William Anton


1951, re loan of books


Smith, Wyman


1923, re photographing museum specimens for a magazine article


Smithson, G.A.


1913, re his course in linguistics


Smyser, Seldon




Smyth, William H.


1919, 1929, (Fernwald, Berkeley)


Snead & Co., Iron Works


1915-1916, re exhibit cases


Snell, Earle


1914, California Motion Picture Corporation


Snell, James Hall


1938, ALK refers to his bibliography


Snell, W.H.


1923, re site near Willits


Snooks, J.


1952, thanks for publications


Snow, Charles E.




Snowden, Frances V.


1914, ALK gives info on Southern Maidu


Snyder, L.C.


1927, EWG gives references on mounds of Sacramento Valley


Snyder, S.R.


1947, with EWG and RFH re her work in the Sacramento Valley


Snypp, J.R.


1953, EWG declines to give away museum specimens


Social Communication


a study project, 1944


Social Science Research Conference



Box 137

Social Science Research Council





Box 138

Social Science Research Council (cont.)










Sociedad Alemana Mexicanista


1940, re exchange of publications


Sociedad Argentina de Antropologia




Sociedad Colombista Panamericana




Sociedad Mexicana de Antropologia




Société d'Ethnographie de Paris


1929, ALK cover letter for publications


Société des Américanistes de Paris




Société des Oceanistes




Society for American Archaeology






Society for Applied Anthropology




Society of Arts and Sciences




Society of Friends of Mexico




Sognnaes, Reider F.


1951, from TDMcC


Sohier, Etta Stewart


1925, 1925


Soldi, Pablo L.


1947, with ALK in Spanish


Solenberger, C.V.


1935, re possible work with Klamath Indians


Solenberger, Robert R.


1953, resumé and photograph


Solheim, William G.




Sommer, Henry Otto


1925, secretary unable to answer questions on Paiute or Shoshoni language


Sommer, Herman


1937-1940, with EWG re mussel poisoning


Sonntag, Georg C.


1932, with EWG re markings on a stone


Soped, Daniel E.


1920, offers to let ALK see his specimens


Society for Research in Child Development


1940, 1941


Sora, Mirko E.


1946, requests pictures of Peruvian metal objects


EWG refers to publication


Soustelle, Jacques


1938, RHL admires article




South American Handbook




University of South Dakota


1951, 1955


South Manchurian Railway Co.


1937, asks if department still wants to be on mailing list


South Pacific Commission




Southall, Aidan W.


1962, re visit here


University of Southern California




Southern Illinois Normal University


Southeast Asia Institute




The Southern Commercial Congress


1923, re educational and archaeological to Mexico


Southern, May


1936, president of Shasta Historical Society sends pictures of petroglyphs for interpretation


referred to Steward's paper


Southern Pacific Co.




Southwest Review


1946, invitation to subscribe


Southwest Society

see Parsons, Elsie Clews


Southwestern Anthropological Association


1948-1953, meeting notices


Southwestern Journal of Anthropology




Southworth, E.P.


1920, wants suggestions for Indian name for apple ranch


EWG reply


Sowrey, Joy


1942, requests publications

Box 139

Spalding, Keith


1928, requests info on Indians of Ventura County


ALK reply


Spain, consul


1935, 1951


Spaeth, Louise M.


1925-1929, with ALK re prospective work with Mohave or Yuma


Spalding, Lee M.


1932, wants courses on Southwestern archaeology


referred to U. Arizona and New Mexico


Spanwith, J.E.


1931, ALK orders books


Sparkes, Grace M.


1936, exchange of papers with Yavapai County (Ariz.) Chamber of Commerce


re Sparkman, Philip Stedman


1907, efforts to acquire his Luiseno manuscripts from his estate


Sparks, Hale


1933, request for radio script


1966, to ABE giving excerpts of audience response to program on Egypt


Sparr, Sylvia


1938, re exam paper


Spaulding, Albert C.


1937, inquires about possible graduate work


1953, card announces that he is associate editor of American Antiquity


Spear, P.T.


1935, RHL says his brother-in-law, Cole, may go to Montana


Speare, W. Edmund


1932-1936, solicits manuscript from ALK


Speck, Frank G.




Speegle, Jackie


gift shop owner wants info on baskets


EWG sends references


Speight, E.E.


1949, from DGM re his proposed trip to India


Speight, Harold


1921, gives monograph on Neolithic man


Speiser-Merian, Felix


1949, one letter in German, death notice


Spence Air Photos


1941, offers air photos of Indian village


no reply


Spence, Charmine


1928, inquires about Indian remains on San Clemente


ALK reply


Spence, Don


1950, request for publication


Spencer and Company


1942, inquires place of origin of eight Indian tribe names being used as names for Navy tugboats


RHL reply


Spencer, C.


1936, offers Peruvian pictures for sale


Spencer, Dorcas J.


1917, ALK reads and comments on her lecture on Indian birth


Spencer, Joseph Earle


n.d., [unsigned] letter of recommendation


Spencer, Lilian White


1930, sends RHL her book of poems, "Arrowheads" and asks about death moccasins


RHL reply


Spencer, M. Lyle


1931-1932, ALK and RHL recommendations for a post at U. Washington


Spencer, Robert F.




Sperry, Arthur B.


1930, professor at Kansas State asks about possible fellowship for student


ALK replies no hope for the first year and little after that


Spicer, Edward H.




Spiegelberg, Frederic




Spier, Ann

see Gayton, Ann


Spier, Leslie




Spier, Robert F.G.




Spinaway Motor Co.


1923, [unsigned] letter attests to good credit of L.L. Loud


Spinden, Herbert J.




Spiro Harness Co.


1914, re bills


Spiro, Melford




Spitzer, Alan


1947, with RHL, seeks position


Spitzer, Leonie


1934, [unsigned] letter in German


Spivak, C.D.


1915, asks ALK's opinion of his paper on specific gravity of the human body


Spivacke, Harold


1946, re Indian recordings at the Library of Congress


Splithoof, Clarence A.


1940, asks for speaker for Oakland 20-30 Club


RHL replies that Stewart and Shimkin are willing


Splitter, Harry W.


1947, to ALK, encloses typescripts of 1850s newspaper articles on Indians of the San Joaquin Valley


Spoehr, Alexander




Spokane Historical Society


1916, asks advice on how to record the language and myths of Spokane Indians


referred to Boas


Spott, Robert


1927-1944, Yurok Indian informant, re visits here, fishing rights on the Klamath River, book (with ALK) "Yurok Narratives", obituary by ALK


Sprague, Myrle A.


1939, asks for position in museum


EWG reply


Spring Valley Water Co.




Springer, Julius


1927, ALK sends copy of review


Springhorn, Mrs. A.W.


1925, requests papers on Peruvian collection


referred to U.C. Press


Sproul, Robert Gordon




Sprung, Fred W.


1944, describes site of pottery find


Spuhler, J.N.


1948, 1951, 1956


Spurlock, Austin


1936, sends concrete from Indian dam for analysis


no reply


Squier, Robert J.


1960-1967, University of Kansas


Squires, Harold, Jr.


1935, inquires about career in archaeology


Srinivas, M.N.



Box 140



memo re gift of brass halberd


referred to Oriental Languages


Stacey, Johnson


1932-1948, Yavapai Indian informant


Stackfleth, Lucy


1934, inquires re Iroquois language


referred to Smithsonian


Stacy-judd, Robert B.


brochure on expedition into Yucatan


Stadelman, S.L.


1932, inquires re Indian mortar under the impression that an adhesive is referred to


EWG reply


Stadler, L.J.


1937, re Sigma Xi lectures


Stafford, W.G.


1918, "do your patriotic duty and order your coal supply early"


Stair, Jen B.


1929, inquires about tribes of Vancouver Island


referred to Sapir


Stallard, Dwaine C.


wants info on kilns, glazes, pottery making


EWG suggests pottery firm


Stamp, J.H.


1926, requests list of anthropology courses


Stanchfield, Paul Lewis


1931, ALK, RLO and [unsigned] letters of recommendation for scholarships


Standard American Encyclopedia


1937, request for pictures of primitive man


EWG says be more specific


Standard Oil Co.




Standard Photoprint Service


1917, letter describes their copying method


Standley, Mac


1929, EWG sends picture


Stanford, R.C.


1938, governor of Arizona invites ALK to serve on advisory staff of Andean Anthropological Expedition


Stanford University




Stanford University Press




Stanger, F.M.




Stangland, Edna M.


1929, wants speaker for Roseville evening school


Staniford, Kenneth J.


1932, re photographs


Starkweather, Jack


1935, inquires about department requirements


Starr, Frederick




Stasek, Ramona


1937, inquires about career in archaeology


ALK gives discouraging reply


States, Mrs. R.E.


1942, re Curtin's references to silkworms


ALK says cocoons used by Indians were actually those of a moth


Stauffer, Joseph


1933, from ALK re prospects for art museum


Staunton, Delee


1935-1945, former EWG student, re museum job possibilities


letters from Australia


Stearns, F.A.


1933, EWG thanks him for map of Rainbow National Park


Stearns, Harold T.


1927, request for publication on mounds


Stearns Visible Typewriter


1913, order to change symbol on typewriter


Stebbings, Franklin F.


1947, inquires about recorded songs by Amanda Wilson


EWG replies that we have none


Stebbins, Joel

see American Association for the Advancement of Science


Stechert, F.C.


1924, book dealer


Stechert, G.E.


1925-1940, book dealer


Steele, Cleve


1931, EWG requests numbers of PG&E powerhouses on San Joaquin River


Steele, Lee


1941, EWG answers inquiry on raising of doves


Steen, Charlies R.


1933, inquires about fellowship


ALK holds out no hope


Steen, Elizabeth K.


1929-1938, expedition to Brazil


graduate work here


The Stefannson Library


1942, inquires re Nunival Island


TDM refers to Margaret Lantis and says material will soon be published


Stefannson, Vilhjalmur




Stegeman, A.A.


1930, inquires re San Joaquin Indians


EWG gives references


Steger, Gertrude


1939-1947, re place names & petroglyphs


Stein, David


1939, re fossil finds


Stein, Rolf


1938, vita


Steinberger, A.


1924-1925, re excavations in San Joaquin Valley and mounds near Buttonwillow


Steindorff, Ruth


1940, exam question


re color movies of Mexican archaeological sites


Steinnegger, Emma




Steinen, Dieter von


1935-1938, German-Jewish sinologist stranded unemployed in China


ALK's efforts to aid him


Steiner, F.S.


1939, request for Indian maps from Oxford


Steinhart Aquarium


1924, to EWG re Tulare Lake


Stephen, Indian


1916, TTW sends photographs of him


Stephen Girard Hotel, Philadelphia


1940, ALK and RHL reservations


Stephens, Henry Morse




Stephens, R.G.


1922, EWG thanks him for Napa Valley and Richmond Data


Stephenson, T.E.


1922, re petroglyph and site near Santa Ana


Stepping Stone Center


n.d., prospectus for half way house for women Parolees


Stern, Anna


1950, sick leave arrangements and resignation


Stern, Bernhard J.




Stern, Theodore




Sterberg, Joan


1940, asks ALK about Indian influence on American life


he recommends Wissler's book


Sternic, Lázaro


1945, Argentinian student requests publications


lists sent


Steve, Weitchpec


1924, ALK sends gift of clothing


Steven, A.O.


1927, re identification of daggers


Stevens, Allen


1939, re skull found near Cholame


L.L. Loud identifies it as a woman near 50


Stevens, Bess R.


1934, re work for M.A. on Crow Indians


RHL reply


Stevens, C.A.


1930, offers to donate ox shoe found near Donner site


EWG suggests that it should go to an historical museum


Stevens, David


1944, ALK sends book as thanks for promoting Peruvian trip


1946, re Coulbourn


Stevens, Gertrude D.


1949, asks for museum job to finance PhD. work


EWG says no hope


Stevens, John B.


1926, geologist for oil company describes mound near Buena Vista Lake


Stevens, R.B.


1930, re tribal maps


Stevenson, Beatrice L.




Stevenson, John A.


1943, sends ALK book on balloon ascension in Philadelphia in 1793


ALK thanks


Stevenson, Paul M.


1929-1931, re teaching here


"Notes on certain prebronze human skeletal remains excavated at Tell En-nasbeth"


Stevenson, Terry


1931, ALK recommends Joe Maloney for job at proposed Santa Ana museum


Stevenson, W.C.


1923, asks info on Paiutes


ALK says not much yet published


Stevenson, Yvonne H.


1943, asks info on expedition to study large, hairy, Sasquatch Indians in British Columbia


EWG says no such expedition and never heard of such a tribe

Box 141

Steward, Charles H.


1929, re prehistoric hearths in Oregon


eventually gets in touch with Cressman at Eugene


Steward, Julian






[unsigned], undated letter of recommendation


Stewart, Alban


1926, inquires re whereabouts of "old Galapagos Island crowd"


EWG reply


Stewart, Elizabeth


1937, re tribal maps


Stewart, George R.


1942, re Dakota words


1945, RHL criticisms of his manuscript


Stewart, George W.


1925-1929, re rock basins in Tulare County


Stewart, Mrs. J.G.


1948, re photos of Swedish ceramics for publication


Stewart, Kenneth Malcolm




Stewart, L. Alice O.


1929, asks translation of message she receives while falling asleep which she believes to be in Indian language


no reply


Stewart, M.A.


1946-1948, Professor of Parasitology, with EWG re health precautions on trip to Fiji


Stewart, Omer C.




Stewart, Mrs. Robert B.


1935, re identifying Mexican water jug


referred to Peabody Museum


Stewart, T. Dale


1943-1947, (Smithsonian)

Box 142

Stillman, Charles


1919, re organizing American Federation of Teachers


Stilson, J. McCord


1914-1930, re Ishi


re his excavations and collections


Stilwell, B.F.


1927, thanks for report of painted rocks in San Luis Opispo County


Stimson, Henry L.


1940, to ALK re prohibiting war exports to Japan


Stimson, J. Frank


1928-1940, Bishop Museum researcher (lingusitics) in Tahiti


Stineman, R.P.


1915, sends EWG a set of slides on evolution on approval


returned, already have most of them


Stiriss, Marie B.


1929, re possible graduate work


Stirling, Mathew W.


1920-1946, (Smithsonian)


Stirling, Rebecca


1929, ALK and [unsigned] recommendations for scholarship


Stock, Chester


1917-1942, (paleontologist)


Stockton, Icle Wilson


1934, inquires about scholarships


RHL reply


Stoddard, Alonzo E.


1946, asks to be attached to overseas expedition


ALK replies that U.C. has no such, individuals sometimes go for other institutions


Stoddard, Edmund


1933, re his work on Shoshoni and Bannock languages and Sun Dance


Stoddard, Harry


1940, RLO writes on E Clampus Vitus matters


Stokes, Frank


1921, request for ALK publication


Stokes, John F.G.


1920-1939, (Bishop Museum)


Stolberg, Benjamin


1928-1929, with RHL re articles for The Bookman


Stoltz, H.R.


1932, (Institute of Child Welfare) re Garth's proposal


Stolz, Karl R.


1924, request to use pictures from "Anthropology"


referred to publisher


Stolz, Regina F.


1927, asks for names of women under thirty doing distinguished work


referred to Ruth Benedict




1943, RHL recommendation to WAVES


postcard re her training


Stone, John A.


1940, asks identification of articles excavated in Siskiyou County


EWG reply


Stone, Witmer


1928, re EWG loan of photographs of Loomis for The Auk


Stoner, Mrs. M.B.


1936, inquires as to meaning of swastika


EWG reply quotes dictionary


Stoppel, Lee L.


1939, 1939, RHL turns down invitation to Roxburghe Club dinner


Storer, Tracy I.


1915-1939, (Museum of Vertebrate Zoology)


Stork, H.E.


1938, to EWG re Botanical Garden second expedition to Andes


Story, Chester E.


1925, re Indian trade beads


Story, Russell M.


1938, president of Claremont Colleges thanks RHL for participating in conference


Stoser, William James


1941, RLO letter of recommendation


Stout, David B.




Stover, Alle J.


1927, 1944, 1949, re location of petroglyphs


Stover, C.F.


1930, ALK would like to see him about his list of Indian words


Stow, Vanderlynn


1915, with ALK re stone with many mortar holes


Stowell, Agnes


1928, invites EWG to speak to S.F. League for Hard of Hearing




Stragnell, G.


1933, asks RHL for data on female sexual functions in primitive societies


RHL says subject enormous and gives some references on puberty rites


Strait, Chester U.


1941-1942, asks ALK's opinion on his manuscript (in folder) "The Chins"


advice and further correspondence


Strandt, H.F.


1929, wants pamphlets on Indians


referred to libraries


Strate, Eleanor


1930, asks if apes can mate with humans


RHL says no


Stratford Co., publishers, Germany




Stratton, G.M.




Strauss, Bella S.


1944, re possible graduate work


Strecker und Schroder, publishers


1929, solicits manuscripts


no replies




1942, sends publications of Delaware Co. Institute of Science


RHL thanks


Strehlow, Charles


1917, to EWG re Indians of Healdsburg


Strell, Lloyd


1924, [unsigned] thanks him for excellent job of photographing Peruvian pottery


Stricklen, E.G.


1921-1934, (Department of Music)


Stromberg, Leslie K.


1948, thanks for cooperation in investigation of old Tranquillity site


Strong, Edward K.


1917, asks ALK for suggestions for AAAS section H meeting at Pittsburgh


ALK replies that he must be in Philadelphia as president of American Anthropological Association


Strong, Ronald T.


1929, coming to identify William Duncan Strong Alaska specimins

Box 143

Strong, William Duncan









Box 144

Strube, Leon


1926, Chilean professor requests Uhle reprint


Struve, Gleb


1948, seeks to rent RHL house


already let


Stryker, Ruth B.


1948, RHL identifies some Oglala-Dakota writing


Stuart, J. Leighton


1933-1936, (President, Yenching University, Peiping, China)


Stubbs, S.G.B.


1931, Seri photographs lent to British publisher


Stumer, Louis M.


1953, speaker on Peruvian archaeology


Stumpfle, Friedrich


1929, Austrain inquires about job as physical anthropologist


ALK suggestions


Sturken, Frank


1925, wants info on Marin County shellmounds for newspaper article


EWG refers to Nelson article


Sturtevant, E.H.




Sturtevant, William C.


1952, RHL regrets unable to talk to Yale Anthropology Club


Sublette, Blanche


1940, asks about Ishi and reports Indian graves near Stockton


Suehead, Thompson


1919, Placer County Indian wants to come to museum as informant


previous applicant already hired


Suhl, Alvena


1926, re master's thesis


Suk, V.


1933, (Professor of Anthropology, Masaryko Universita, Brno, Czechoslovakia)


Sukh Dev, Pleader


1949, DGM would like to see him again in India


Sulimirski, Tadenz




Sullivan, G.H.


1929, house available in Kingman, Arizona


Sullivan, Harry Stack


1928, invites ALK to colloquium




Sullivan, L.R.


1919-1924, (American Museum of Natural History; Bishop Museum)


Sullivan, Maurice S.


1933, asks ALK's help in identifying rancherias mentioned by Jedediah Smith and other traders


ALK says no one qualified to answer


Sumner, F.B.


1920, with ALK re research cooperation with Scripps Institution for Biological Research


Sundahl, Carroll


1940, wants summer work with archaeological expedition


TDMcC reply


Sunset magazine




Suraci, Rose C.


1944, student writes appreciation of Source Book in Anthropology and asks about T.T. Waterman


ALK reply


The Survey


1923, subscription offer touts Collier's articles on pueblos


Susman, Amelia


1937, re field work at Covelo


Sutherland, F.C.


1920, asks about course in phonetics


ALK says unlikely to be given and suggests books


Sutherland, Fred G.


1930, re tribal map and possible exchange of obsidian pieces


Sutliffe, Mary C.


1941, reports petroglyph in Plumas County


Sutro, Adolph estate


1914, executrix identifies ancient Greek lamp


Sutter's Fort


1947, from RFH re map


Suttles, Shirley


1944, with ALK re plans


Sutton, Barbara


1937, EWG advice re possible museum job


Sutton, Ernest V.


1938-1943, with EWG


Sutton, Ransome


1931, wants to do article on Kamia for L.A. Times


EWG says all he knows is in his article


Sutton, Virginia


1935, asks methods used in archaeological work of Santa Barbara Channel Islands


RLO reply


Suzzalo, Henry

see U. Washington and Martin, Charles E.


Swadesh, Morris


1941-1954, (includes list of informants of Penutian groups)


Swaffield, O.E.


1953, arrangements for Meighan to see Aleutian collection


Swafford, Paul A.


1923, Engineering professor compliments ALK on new book


Swainson, Anne

see U.C. Department of Household Art


Swanson, Earl H.


1963, Director, Idaho State University Museum, re visit here


Swanton, John R.


1914-1953, (Smithsonian, Bureau of Ethnology)


Swarth, H.S.


1925-1927, U.C. Musem of Vertebrate Zoology


Swartz, B.K., Jr.


1957, wants age of certain museum baskets


WB answers


Swartz, Burton A.


1920-1921, wants suggestions for Indian name for ranch near Clarksburg




Swartz, Florence


1925, asks info on basketry


references sent


Swasey, Lora G.


1940, asks whereabouts of Lehmer


referred to his son


Swayne, J.C.


1930, thanks ALK for Introductions to Smithsonian etc.




Swayze, R.O.


1941, General Petroleum Corp., re excavations at Burrel Ranch




1952, RHL letter to Herbert Antoine


Sweden, legation




Swedish Academy of Science


1952, re Alonzo de Santa Cruz map of the Valley of Mexico


Sweeney, D.W.


1930, inquires re Indians near Red Bluff and place names


Cora Du Bois reply


Sweeney, J.D.


1939-1945, re Indians and artufacts near Red Bluff


Sweet, Emma Kessler


1932, fan letter for EWG radio talk


Sweetland, Mrs. W.A.


1916, with TTW re Indians near Colusa


Swift, Edmund


1940, asks RHL's opinion of Engel's family theories and asks if RHL's views have changed between his 1921 and 1937 books


Swift, F.H.


1930, Professor of Education inquires about education of Indians


EML reply


Swing, Phil D.


1932, Congessman asks about Mystic Maze near Needles


ALK reply






University of Sydney


1947, to RHL from professor with illegible signature


Sydow, W.


1964, letter from ABE


Sykes, Elizabeth M.


1925, [unsigned] refers her to Engelhardt's book


Symmachus Trading Co.


1946, offers painting of Indians for sale


Symonds, C.P.


1914, asks info on Ishi


referred to Popular Science Monthly


Syracuse University




Szasz-Stein, Elizabeth


1939, Hungarian seeks work in museum


ALK reply




T - Miscellaneous

Box 145

Tamkus, A.J.


Tang, Ruth


Tanner, H.A.


Tayler, Edith S.


Tener, Mary L.




Tepner, I.


Terry, Edward H.




Te Winkel, John R.


Theisen, E. J.


Theodoratus, Robert


Thompson, David


Thornton, Mildred V.


Three Lions publishers




Times (London)


Tiselius, Arne


Tobias, P.V.


Todd, J.H.


Toledo Public Library


Tomita, Mary


Prince Tungi of Tonga


Topp, Anna


Tovar Llorente, Antonio


Townsend, Earl C.


Towne, Katherine


Townsend, William C.




Trimborn, Hermann


Trowbridge, Delger


Troxel, C.M.


Trujillo, Fr.


Trumpler, Robert J.


Trynin, Ben S.


Tryon, Robert C.


Tucker, Jack A.


Turner, Ethel


Turner, L.


Tyan, E.


Taber, Henry


1944, re ritual murder and gangs in South Boston


Taber, Loren B.


1940, re Indian dental practices


Tablet and Ticket Company


1913-1953, orders for gummed label


Taggert, E.L.M.


1933, requests photos of Egyptian art with lions


EWG reply


Taglizvini, Carlo


1926, with ALK re Indian languages


Tait, David




Takamine Corporation


1934, ALK orders wooden handled tooth brushes


Talbert, Margaret


1924, wants copy of ALK paper to read to women's club


not available


Talbot, B.C.


1935, RLO identified vase


Talbot, Phillips


1948-1949, re Harris Memorial Foundation in International Relations


Talbot, Zenaida


1949, 1953, C. Hart Merriam's daughter, re publication of his manuscripts


Talieje, Paul


1936, Walapai Indian


Taliaferro, N.L.


1939, Geology professor


Talkington, H.L.


1946, inquires about Ishi


references sent


Tanaka, Tyozaburo


1955, asks about Indian plant food


EWG gives references


Tangco, Marcelo


1923-1926, re graduate work


Tanquist, Mamie


1931-1932, re possible graduate work here


Tanzer, Ward


1938, re possible graduate work here


Tappe, Donald T.


1937, inquires how to make rabbit skin blanket


ALK reply


Tapscott, Katherine


1921, thanks for filipino specimens lent for display in S.F. Extension office


Tarascan project




Tarr, W.


1925, from EWG to Fiji


Tate, R.W.


1921, Governor of Samoa


Tate, Vernon D.


1931, re possible graduate work here


Tatlock, J.S.P.


1935-1939, Professor of English


Tatum, Brooking P.




Tatum, R.M.


1945-1946, re petroglyphs


Taucher, Frank S.


1930, request for publication


Tax, Sol




Taxac, John


1962, Eskimo from King Island demonstrates ivory carving at the museum


Taylor, Archer




Taylor, Bessie


1933, asks info on Mohave Indians


EWG gives references


Taylor, Edith

see Wallace, William J.


Taylor, E.G.R.


1932, re identifying people mentioned in manuscript


RLO reply


Taylor, Mrs. George H.


1910-1926, re baskets, petroglyphs, tribal locations


Taylor, George M.


1933, re student loan


Taylor, Griffith


1934, EWG thanks for reprint


Taylor, H. Grant


1931, inquires about petroglyphs north of Truckee


referred to Steward's paper


Taylor, Mrs. H.J.


1932, 1935, sends EWG copies of her article, "The Last Survivor"


Taylor, Hugh


1937, ALK letter of introduction


1942, HT recommends books to ALK


Taylor, J.A.


1915, TTW identifies bones found in Fresno County


Taylor, John S.


1945, EWG identifies grooved rock


not an artifact


Taylor, Paul S.


1933-1939, Professor of Economics


Taylor, Walter W.


1945-1948, requests for ALK reprints and advice on his manuscript


Taylor, William T.


1926, offers RHL dormitory accomodations at Columbia




Taylor, Winifred


1941, asks identification of Indian dolls


EWG reply


Teachers Insurance and Annuity Association




Teague, Frank


1932, inquires about costumes of Kiowas and Comanches


referred to AMNH handbooks


Techno-Chemical Corporation




Te Cube, Norman


1938, EWG sends gifts


Teed, Currie N.


1931, re pictographs in Idaho


1943, re identification of skulls found in Idaho


Tegen, Einer


1940, ALK advice on visit to Zuni


Teggart, F.J.




Teit, J.A.


1912, [unsigned] sends Goddard paper


Teicher, Morton


1952, request for reprints


Tellez, Manuel


1925, sends medal commemorating centennial of National Museum of Mexico


Tello, Julio C.


1928-1946, (Peru)


Temple, Charles R.


1954, asks about Mexican masks


EWG says we have none


Temple, Laura


1916, with TTW re her work in Mexico and PhD. candidacy


Templeton, S.W.


1933, from EWG re material excavated near Lindsay

Box 146

ten Kate, Dr. H.




Tennant, Lloyd


1915, wants info on Diggers to use in sermon


referred to U.C. Press


Tennessee Evolution Case Defense Fund




University of Tennessee


1941, ALK letter of recommendation for Thomas Davies


1950, acknowledgement of publication


Tennessee Valley Authority


1938, ALK plan for excavations of Indian sites to be flooded


Tentori, Tullio




The Teocentli


correspondence, 1928-1952 and issue of Dec. 1941


Terman, Lewis M.


1920-1929, (Psychology, Stanford) with ALK


Termer, Franz


1950, with RHL in German


Terrano, Mary


1932, wants info on Indian heroines


RLO reply


Terwilliger, Mrs. J.


1919, asks about Marsden's study of Paiute


not yet published


Tesche, W.


1929, asks Indian names for mortars, to name a ranch




Tetzleff, M.


1948, picture postcard of U. Alaska to EWG


Tew, Marguerite




Texas Agricultural Experiment Station


1939, sends ALK paper on Indian corn


North Texas State College


n.d., museum survey


University of Texas


1941, thanks EWG for paper


Thacker, Mary


1944, wants info for guide book for designers


EWG reply


Thakore, M.D.


1929, re AAA membership


Thalbitzen, William


1930-1931, with ALK


Thane, Mrs. J.E.


1926-1931, re Indian mound near Niles


Thanhouser, Marian


1924, re make up exam


Thayer, B.W.


1941-1942, ALK identifies pictures of moccasins


Theil, P.


1956, Instructor in architecture offers suggestions for design of exhibit gallery


Theodoratus, Dorothea


1959-1960, re slides of exhibits in Sacramento


re Eskimo mask


Thiel, C.


1926, offers South American Indian poison for experiments




Thoburn, Grace


1939, tells of Indian graves near Sonora


no one available


Thoburn, Joseph B.


1930, plan for archaeological survey of several states south of the Missouri River drainage area


ALK advice


Thomas, Alfred


n.d., on Comanche, bibliography(?)


Thomas, C.W.


1945, from ALK announcing five new regional courses on areas concerned in the war and one course in intelligence and administration


Thomas, Dorothy


1941-1947, re Sociology here


manuscript of paper, "The Mechanisms and Consequences of the Wartime Civilian Control program for the Evacuation and Resettlement of Certain Classes of the Population", "Memorandum to Observers and Collaborators of Japanese evacuation"

See also Thomas, William I.


Thomas, Evelyn


1941, thanks EWG for letters of recommendation and tells of job


EWG reply


Thomas, F.W.


1927, President of Fresno State College re gift of Indian skeletons to U.C.


Thomas, Gordon


1961, boys ask advice on excavating Indian mound in Marin which they feel will soon be bulldozed


ABE refers to RFH's book on methods


Thomas, H.H.


1916, [unsigned] reports cephalic indexes of him and brothers


Thomas, Sarah A.


1928, librarian requests info on Panama pottery


referred to McCurdy of Yale


Thomas, W.B.


1932, re possible graduate work here


Thomas, William


1940, re find of skeleton near Kentfield


Thomas, William I.




Thompson, Alan R.


1944, suggests general exams for A.A. degree


ALK reaction


Thompson, Anna

see Thompson, Joseph C.


Thompson, Crystal


1932, asks for prospectus on museum methods course


referred to announcement of courses


Thompson, Edward


1915, asks for books on evolution and missing links


reply not in folder but notation in ALK's hand refers to Haekel book


Thompson, Ellis H.


1933, from ALK re laws or lack thereof on excavation


Thompson, J.C. and Anna


1915-1955, Navy surgeon and psychoanalyst


Thompson, J. Eric




Thompson, James Westfall


1933-1935, Professor of History


Thompson, John L.


1927, re saving painted rock near Paso Robles


Thompson, L.M.


1927, re EWG trip to Fiji


Thompson, Laura


1930-1956, Ph.D. and career


Thompson, Lucy


1920-1921, Indian, author of "To the American Indian"


Thompson, N.B.


1926, re Kiowa calendar


Thompson, Sheilagh


1944-1947, re graduate work, see Brooks


Thompson, Stith




Thompson, Thomas G.


1931, Director of U. Washington Oceanic Laboratories


Thompson, Winfield M.


1931, asks ALK's help in preparing brochure on Indians for passengers of Panama Pacific Line




Thomson, Basil


1925, EWG thanks him for letter outlining prospects for Fijian archaeology


letter referred to is not in file


Thomson, D.O.


1932, student asks for job


EWG says no hope


Thomson, Roberto


1930, re ALK trip to Mexico


Thornber, J.J.


1930, U. Arizona botanist to identify plants used by Yavapai for EWG


Thorndike, E.L.




Thorne, Sue


1926-1934, re studies here


recording equipment


Thorner, Daniel and Alice




Thornwaite, C.W.




Thornton, Carl J.


1929, asks info on local Indians for Kern County High School and Junior College


ALK gives references


Thorp, Rowena


1935, asks info on Indian dress


RHL gives references


Thrall, Barbara




Thrasher, Frederic M.


1932, re ALK talk and attendance at New York Sociologists


Thurman, Sue Baily


1944, sends RHL a book of poems


Thurnwald, Richard


1916-1954, correspondence


obituary by RHL

Box 147

Thurston, Carl


1940-1943, re seeing museum collections for book on primitive art


Thurston, Ralph V.


1944, re identifying potsherd


Tibbetts, Edith M.


1933, re trip to South America


1935, at her instigation, E. Franco offers Peruvian collection for sale


Tierra Firme


1936, (Spanish publication)


Tietz, John W.


1939, asks info on Indian educational systems


ALK gives references


Tilden, Josephine E.


1920, asks ALK's contribution to a bibliography of the works of the delegates to the Pan-Pacific Congress


Tillhagen, C.H.


1966, WB note


Tillitt, Harley


1939, asks suggestions for book to use to teach about Indians of California


ALK reply


Timbacca, Michel


1951, asks to buy photo of eskimo mask for use in film on primitive art


sent gratis






Time-Life Books


Timothy, C.H.


1930, high school teacher wants publications to identify relics found in Sutter County


EWG reply


Tindale, Norman B.


1936-1951, Australian


Ting, V.K.


1920-1934, Geological Survey of China


Tinley, J.M.


1941, Associate Professor of Agricultural Economics


Tison, M.D.


1928, asks location of gold-filled "city of the dead"


ALK says he doesn't believe in it


Titchener, E.B.


1925, asks for samples of shell beads




Titiev, Mischa


1924-1951, asks ALK advice on field work with Northern Paiute




Todd, Arthur J.


asks ALK for suggestions for position at Northwestern




Todd, Aurelius


1929, reports mound near gold Hill on Rogue River


Todd, Edwin


1953, asks for publications on hand crafts for Institute of Jamaica




Todd, Loraine Norris


1937, asks meaning of place name and about Indians of El Dorado County


EWG reply


Todd, T. Wingate


1928-1937, Western Reserve University


Todhunter, A.R.


1927, asks identification of pots found near 29 Palms


ALK reply


Toffelmier, Gertrude






1945, re admission to graduate study at Northwestern


Tolerton, Hill


1914, introduces Gilbert Natches


Tolman, Edward C.


1922-1934, ALK suggests books on psychoanalysis for library


Tolman, Richard C. and Mrs.


1938, ALK asks if Cal Tech is planning to add anthropology to curriculum


Tolman says probably not


re ALK review of Benedict book


Tolman, Ruth Sherman


1936, re Ph.D exam


Tolstoy, Paul


1953, EWG sends appreciation of article on pottery and reprint of his own




Tomasic, Dinko


1948-1949, re visit with RHL


study on Russia


Tomes, Ethel


1954, wants info on legends of Indians near Pacific Grove


EWG gives references


Tomlinson, E.P.


1937, inquires about Heizer's paper on Sacramento Valley Expeditions


not yet published




1942-1944, RHL book review and article on ASTP


Tompkins, John Barr




Tompkins, P.W.


1931, re Lost City


1939, re repair of pots found in Utah


Tompkins, William


1926-1931, with ALK and RHL re his book on Indian sign language


Toor, Frances


1925-1926, editor, Mexican Folkways, re possible lecture here


Tope, Joseph C.


1954, asks appointment to have Indian dress identified


EWG says bring it to the museum


Topping, C.W.


1942, re job opening at U. British Columbia


RHL suggestions


University of Toronto


Torres, Heloisa


1944, re exchange of publications with Museu Nacional, Brazil


Torres, Jose M.


1955, from EWG re purchase of used jeep for use on Yap


Torrey, Harry Beal


1926, to ALK and RHL introducing Mrs. Clarence Smith, author of historical novels, interested in Indians


Tose, Howard


1954, EWG thanks for plaster to restore a pottery vessel


Tosetti, William


1931, re wood supply for ALK's place near St. Helena


re road and drainage problem


Totten, George Oakley


1927, announces his book on Maya Architecture


Touring Bureau, CSAA


1929, EWG asks advices on trip from Oakland to Ontario via Southwest


Touring Topics


1932, asks ALK opinion on book prior to publication


secretary says he is at Columbia


Tow, Grace


1934-1938, re employment and scholarship


Towndolly, Grant


1919, [unsigned] offers job to Indian and to teach him to write his language


Towner, Lawrence William


1966, Keller asks to borrow the Ayer collection of Philippine photographs for use in arranging collection here


Toynbee, Arnold J.


1943, ALK sends him review of his book and speaks of similar book by himself about to be published


Tozzer, A.M.


1906-1928, 1929-1933, 1935-1954

Box 148

Trader Bill


1954, offers Indian craft items to museum shop


Trager, George


1938, from RHL


1954, re Kiowa and Tanoan languages


Trahan, Roy


1941, seeks position, resumé enclosed


Tranter, Charles L.


1942, with ALK re peyote


Trask, Blanche




Treanor, John


1931, re visits here and Southwest Museum matters


Treaties, Many


1933, asks info on Mayos


ALK refers to Beals and suggests visit to Sonora


Trebellas, John P.


1944, RHL recommendation to Signal Corps


Treganza, Adan E.




Trego, Mrs. Byrd


1916, asks suggestions for Bannock names


EWG reply


Treleaven, O.C.


1944, inquires about Miwok words and place names


EWG reply


Trell, Bluma L.


1940, Classics, UCLA


Trewartha, Glenn T.


1946, ALK recommendation for von den Steinen


Tringual, A.


1934, says he found "the first shelter on the face of the globe" in France


RHL refers to Renaud


Tripp, Violet


1946, Indian tells of death of "Grandma Ike" and offers artifacts for sale


EWG reply


Tronoso, Hector Uribe


1955, offers for sale photos of Aztec calendar


Trotter, Mildred


1923, EWG asks her opinion of whether textile sample is made of human hair


EWG reply


Troupe, Harry


1930, EWG sends corrections to museum listings in SF Official Information guide


Trousdale, William


1944, wants info for career book on archaeology


RHL refers to Douglas Beyers


Trout, Wutchpic


1913, Indian informant to ALK


Trower, F.W.


1913, wants copy of EWG talk on Osiris


no written copy


Troxell, G.E.


1933-1942, re Sigma Xi


analysis of Peruvian limestone


Truell, Paul


1942, from ALK questioning metal objects found at Ocucaje


to ALK, letter introducing Louis Soldi


Truttman, Virginia


1940, re possible graduate work here


Tschirky, Robert


1940, wants museum job


ALK says no hope


Tschopik, Harry Jr. and Mrs. Marion


1936-1956, archaeological work in Peru


Tsuchiyama, Tamie


n.d., 1944-1956, much on Japanese American relocation


Tsur, Y.T.


1916, recommendation for George Shew for indemnity scholarship

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