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Guide to the Records of the Department of Anthropology, 1901-[ongoing]
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Museums - Switzerland, Basel- Museum fur Volkerkunde


Museums - Tallahassee, Fla.- Florida State University Museum


Museums - Toledo, Ohio - The Toledo Museum of Art


Museums - Turkey - Musées d'Antiquités de Stamboul (Constantinople)


Museums - U.S.S.R. - Leningrad - Museum of Anthropology and Ethnography


Museums - Vermillion, S. Dak. - W.H. Over Museum


Museums - Visalia, Calif. - Tulare County Museum


Museums - Waltham, Mass. - Brandeis University


Museums - Washington D.C. - Children's Museum


Museums - Washington D.C. - Smithsonian Institution, 1915-45, 1946-66


Museums - Washington D.C. - Smithsonian Institution (Frank Setzler), 1935-49


Museums - Washington D.C. - Smithsonian Institution, Bureau of American Ethnology


Museums - Washington D.C. - Smithsonian Institution, Division of Marine Invertebrates


Museums - Washington D.C. - Smithsonian Institution, National Gallery of Art


Museums - Washington D.C. - Smithsonian Institution, National Herbarium


Museums - Washington D.C. - Smithsonian Institution, National Museum


Museums - Western Museum Conference, 1946-53


Musgrew, Miss


EWG gives references on totemism


Musladin, L.H.


1930, ALK gives information on required "background test" for beginning course


Mussey, Henry R.


1920, [unsigned] chides The Nation for saying Boas is unpatriotic


Mutual Trading Company


1923, re Narwhal Expedition and possible Golomshtok participation


Myers, Clara D.


1923, re husband's Hawaiian collection


Myers, Frank A.


1952, re Pomo bear walkers


Myers, R.G., Mrs.


1937, inquires about Easter Island and Ifugao works by Barton


secretary replies


Myers, Stella E.


1916, Kansas high school teacher writes of her pupils' reaction to the death of Ishi


Myers, W.E.


1915, re Indian languages


Myres, John L.


1914-1946, re Congres International d'Anthropologie et d'Archeologie Prehistoriques and other matters


Mysch, Lucia


re illustrative material on Indian Art for course at Ball State Teachers College


University of Mysore


Myszka, C.S.


1935, re birthplace of Indian informant Charlie Brown


Mytinger, Caroline


1943, with EWG




N - Miscellaneous

Box 110

Nakos, Zoe


Napa County Historical


Naroll, Raoul S.


National Association of Educational Broadcasters


Negro Publications

see Hartley, M.R.


Negro Studies

see Committee for Advancement of


Nejelski and Company


Neufeld, L.


New Century Encyclopedia


New Yorker


Newcomb, William W., Jr.


Newcomer, Mabel


Newell, J.C.


Newman, M.T.


Newton, Esther


Nitze, Wm. M.


Njoroge, Mungai


Northern California Association of Scientists


Nadel, S.F.




Naffziger, H.C.


1933, re examining trephined skulls and Steward's petroglyph reprint


Nagle, F.G.


1915, wants EWG lecture on Osiris


not published, EWG gives another reference


Nagpur, M.P., India, Nagpur University


Nahikian, Richard M.


1923-1924, question re Bregma Position index


ALK reply


Nahl, Perham N.


1920-1933, Professor of Art and Drawing


Naismith, Alma


1938, with EWG re identifying Arizona Indian basket


Nakamura, Susumu


1941, re identification of Japanese sword


Nakashima, Kaoru


1931, asks general information on Indians


EWG reply


Nakata, J.


1929, in French, re exchange of reprints with ALK


Nakata, Shizuko


1942, re EWG recommendation for her release from Relocation center


Nammour, Valerie Wheeler


1965, re M.A. thesis project


Napa County tax collector


1930, re ALK proprty near St. Helena


Narayan, J.P.


1929, RHL gives references for his thesis on cultural variation


Narwhal Expedition

see Mutual Trading Company

Box 111

Nash, John Henry


1929-1934, re ALK's copies of biographies of Phoebe Apperson and George Hearst


ALK's appreciation of the latter


Nash, M.B.


1936, asks if RHL published anything on Shoshoneans




Nash, Philleo


1935-1937, re work on Klamath Reservation and U.C. Library privileges


Nash, Roy

see Indian Affairs, John Collier 1939


Nash, Stanley


1940, asks career advice


ALK reply


Nashville Agricultural Normal Institute


1932, asks ALK to donate books


no reply


Natches, Gilbert


1915-1928, Paiute Indian informant, Nixon, Nevada


The Nation



See also Mussey


National Academy of Sciences


1924-1932, 1933-1934, 1935-1936, 1937-1945, 1945-1947, 1948-1950, 1951-1953, 1956 includes some National Research Council


National Advertising Service


1937, re Devereux Tanola expedition


National Archives and Records Service


1954, re guide to manuscript depositories


National Broadcasting Co.


1941-1942, re broadcast about ALK's work


National Child Labor Committee


1920, re magazine


National City Company of California


1930, ALK letter of recommendation for Stanley Brothers


National Conference of Christians and Jews


National Council of American-Soviet Friendship




National Council of Social Work




National Cyclopedia of American Biography


1920, asks ALK to furnish data


National Federation for Constitutional Liberties


1941, 1945


National Geographic Magazine




National Geographic Society



Box 112

National Ice and Cold Storage Co.


1914, re bill


National Mill and Lumber Co.


1914-1915, re mouldings for the museum


National Parks Association




National Research Council


















National Research Council Committee on State Archaeological Surveys




National Resources Planning Board




National Science Foundation




National Science Fund




Committee on National Security and Fair Play


1942, re Japanese-American Relocation


National War Labor Board




National Youth Administration



Box 113

Natomas Company


Natural Science Association, Venezuela




Natural Science Society of China




Nature (London)




Naumann, Oswald


1934, inquiry re Otomi and Chiapanecs dialects


referred to Harvard


The Nautilus


1941, to EWG re back issues and production costs


Navarro, Everardo Peña


1950, re exchange of reprints


Neal, Arminta


1947, re employment as scientific illustrator


Neasham, Aubrey


1952, re visit to Carmel to see Col. McCleary's collection


University of Nebraska


1943, offers to sell back issues of U.C. publications


no funds


Committee for the Advancement of Negro Studies


urges courses on Africa and the Negro in America


ALK and EWG reply with descriptions of courses on Africa


Nehru, Pandit


1949, from DGM to Mme. Pandit re possible visit of Nehru to U.C.


Neill, Caroline


1916, TTW grants petition to cancel course from record


Neilson, Gladys


1913, re her senior examination


Nelkin, Sam


1939, request for reprint


Nelson, Agnes M.


1926-1929, re MA thesis on Peruvian textiles


ALK job recommendation


Nelson, Harold


1954-1956, description of Korea


job recommendations


Nelson, Lucretia


1950, re display of Chimu and Nazca pottery by Department of Dramatic Art


Nelson, Nels C. and Mrs. E.G.


1913-1955, Arizona archaeology, China expedition 1926, from ALK re poor prospects for a museum in 1927 etc.


Thomas Nelson and Sons, publishers


1929, asks RHL to prepare article on ethnology for an encyclopedia


RHL suggests Spier


Netherlands Consul




Nettle, A.L.


1933, ALK thanks him for courtesies to Dobo and Clements at Parker, Arizona


Neugebauer, O.


1941, ALK sends appreciation of his Vorlesungen




Neuhaus, Eugene


1913-1947, U.C. Professor of Art


Neumann, Gerhardt




Neumann, Henry


1938, Brooklyn Society for Ethical Culture invites RHL to speak


Neumeyer, Alfred


1942-1955, Mills College Art Gallery


Nevada-California Electric Corporation


1936-1937, re pictures for an article on Indians in Valley Homebuilder


University of Nevada


Nevada Historical Society


1912, J.E. Weir with ALK


Nevin, Hazel C.


1942, with EWG


New England Mutual Life Insurance Co.


1927-1931, with ALK


New Era Printing Co.


1916-1920, re AAA publications


New International Encyclopedia


to RHL


New International Year Book


1923, to RHL


New Mexico Anthropologist


1940, to ALK


New Mexico Association on Indian Affairs


1943, contains pamphlet, "Renewed threat to Pueblos"


University of New Mexico




University of New Mexico Press


New Process Company




The New Republic




The New Republic


Constance Naar, 1926


New School for Social Research




New York Academy of Science




New York Central Railroad Company




College of the City of New York


New York Daily News


New York Evening Post




New York Fire Insurance Exchange




New York Herald Tribune


New York Sociologists




New York State Library




New York State Tax Department




New York State University, Syracuse


University of the State of New York


New York Times




New York University


New York Zoological Society




Newcomb, Leighton C.




Newcombe, W.A.




Newell, D.E.




Newell, Laura L.


1964, re Spier records to FAN


Newland, Mrs. D.O.


1917, asks about Ishi


[unsigned] reply


Newman, Henry


Brooklyn Society for Ethical Culture invites RHL to speak




Newman, Rabbi Louis I.


1927, re possible talk by Sapir


Newman, M.V.M


1923, questions ALK about the unconscious




Newman, Mre. Richard


1921, re talk on Egypt to Philomath Club


Newman, Russell




Newman, Stanley S.


1930, 1940-1944


Newton, Irene


1927, ALK recommendation


Newton, Janet


1961, re Indian sites at Livermore


Neyman, J. Prof.


1941, re statistics in anthropology

Box 114

Niagra County Historical Society, Inc.


1948, request for publication


Nicholl, Brooke




Nichols Publishing Co.


1921, re excerpts from U.C. publications to be included in Larned's History for Ready Reference


Nichols, Madaline W.


n.d., RLO recommendation for Social Science Research Council fellowship


Nichols, Bishop Wm. F.


1915, 1919, re Archaeological Society


Nicholson, Carlos (Dr.)




Nicholson, H.B.




Nicolaeff, Alexandra


1950, re possible employment as Egyptologist


Nicora, J.C. Jr.


1948, re return of skull


Nielson, N.


1915, inquires identity of Polish gentleman on staff


TTW replies that it is probably Julian Korski


Nienburg, M.


1925, inquiry about Hebrew race


RHL reply


Nigerian Students Association


1964, re loans of Nigerian art for exhibition at Stales Hall


Nightingale, Cathern


1940, re identification of Alaskan bracelet


Nikoden, George


1932, re publications


Nickul, Karl


1946-1947, re Lapps


Nilsson, Martin P.


1930, re Greek vase


Nimkoff, M.F.


1931-1933, 1941


Nimuendaju, Curt




Nipper, Carl R.


1924, re skeleton found near San Jose


Nippgen, J.


1926, wants ALK's handbook


none left


Nisbet, R.A.




Nishimura, Kahitaro


1927, Japanese schoolboy asks ALK about origin of clothing


Noack, H.R.


1918, EWG asks to borrow book on birds of India


Noah, Heinz


1934, ALK refers him to Stricklen paper on Papago songs


Noback, Charles R.


1944, request for RHL reprint


Nobel Committee, Code of Statutes


1921, invitations for nominations


Noble, Dorothy


1926, secretary writes that ALK knows of nothing more on Panamint Indians than items in the bibliography of his handbook


Noble, Miriam


1928-1929, re her book, "A Mosaic of Symbols"


Nofcier, W.L.


1929, mimeographed letter asks to what extent faculty members engage in civic affairs


no reply


Noguera, Eduardo


1936-1950, Instituto Nacional de Antropologica e Historia, Mexico


Noll, Helen


1940, re graduate work


Nomland, Gladys and J.O.




Norbeck, Ed




Norbury, J.


1948, asks references on history of knitting


TDM reply


Nordenskiold, Erland




Nordyke, Almeda


1933, references on Indians of San Joaquin Valley and advice on prospective museum


Noren, O.P.


1932-1941, re San Joaquin Valley


Norman, Dorothy S.


1957, re reproduction of photo


Normand, A.A.


1931, re enrolling


The North American Review


complimentary copy to RHL




University of North Carolina Press


1927, RHL's comments on Davies' "Warfare"


Northway, Millicent B.


1931, requests course outlines


Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Company


1926, ALK policy


Northwestern Pacific Railroad Company


1920, re survey maps of Eel River region to illustrate Goddard's work


Northwestern University




Northwest Regional Council


1943, asks ALK to approve for publication Barnett's Yakima study


ALK reply


Norton, Gertrude


1920, re lost exam paper


Norton, W.W. and Company






1914, from TTW re Yana baskets


Norway, Consulate General, New York


1924, re Lumholtz' collection


Nourse, Hope


1917, bill for typing thesis


Novakovsky, Stanislaus


1922, asks ALK and EWG for list of their writings in which they discuss geographical influence in historical events


EWG reply


Noyes, F.K., Managing Editor, Adventure magazine


asks ALK and RHL if Arthur Woodward would be a good editor in charge of American Anthropology


favorable replies


Noyes, G.R., Professor of Slavic langauges


1913-1929, re linguistics, Faculty Research Lecture


Nudd, Barbara L.


1942, re examination


Numana, Capt. Dave, Wadworth, Nevada


1913, Indian informant


Nunn, Ruth


1944, re RLO recommendation to Stanford


Nunoo, Richard B.


1967, Director, Ghana Museum and Monuments Board, re graduate work


Nurse, Alvin D.


1925, re examination


The American Journal of Nursing


1946, opinion survey


no reply


Nusbaum, Jesse


Nuttall, Zelia




Nutting, Charlotte


1940, from RLO re analysis of student reaction sheets


Nunan, Francis, (of Yap?)


1956, to EWG recalling their work together and telling of his studies at Hilo


Nylander, Henry


1929, request for map of Indian locations


Nystrom, A.J., map publishers


to RHL


Nystrom, Paul H.


1928, asks permission to use charts in fashion article




Nyswander, Dorothy


1930, 1935, correspondence and description of Indian Botanical Institute at Reno




O - Miscellaneous

Box 115





O'Flaherty, James C.


Ogle, Lorraine




O'Keefe, Mary E.


O'Keefe, Mary E.


Oliver, Thomas C.


Oliver, Elizabeth


Olmsted, David


Olschki, Leonard


Oregon State Library


Orr, Kenneth G.


Orrsich de Slavetich, Adam


Ortman, J. Gaylord


Osgood, Cornelius


Owen, John E.


Oak, Liston M.


1931, re Exposition of Indian Tribal Arts


Oakes, Alfred


1943, re finding a book


Oakes, Katherine Beverly


1942, RHL letter of recommendation


Oakeshott, Peter H.


1940, asks info on Peruvian masks for children's book


Oakland Free Library




Oakland National Engraving Company




Oakland Tribune




Oakley, Kenneth P.




Oakley, Samuel H.




Oatman, F.W.




Ober, Sara Endicott




Oberlander Trust


1931, press release


Oberlin College


O'Brien, A.P.


1929, re employment as substitute guard


O'Brien, Eric, O.F.M.


1943, re Carmel Mission manuscripts


O'Brien, R.J.


1917, request for publication


Occidental College


Ocean School




Oceanic Steamship Company


1957, re EWG trip to Fiji


O'Connor, Audrey D.


1945, EWG refers to State Library for books on Pacific Ocean folklore


O'Connor, C.J.


1913, re Red Cross work


O'Connor, J. Robert


1931, Deputy District Attorney asks ALK if there is a fish cannery on Tiburon Island in the Gulf of California


ALK says no


Odock, Thomas


1917, Indian informant, Colusa


Odum, Howard W.




Oefele Laboratory


to ALK in German


Oetteking, Bruno




Offield, Mamie


1939, to Indian informant from EWG


Ogawa, O.E.


re stone specimen


Ogbu, John


1965, re museum employment


Ogburn, William F.




Ogden, John


1933, re identifying relics


Ogle, Carl F.


1925, asks for info on archery


EWG reply


Ohio State University


1929, re RHL teaching 1930 summer session


Ohlhoff, Dorothy


1933, inquires about Indian mounds near Carmel


ALK reply


Okada, Taro


1930, request for publication


University of Oklahoma


Oklahoma Historical Society


Oklahoma State Archaeological Society


Okubu, Toku


1942, wants to do Anthropological work while interned in relocation center


RHL reply


Olbrechts, Frans M.




Older, Mrs. Fremont


19[?]8, 1948


Oldfather, Dean C.A.




Oldfield, Genevieve Ambrose


1933-1953, re her work in Nigeria


Oldfield, Otis




Oldt, Alice


1962, re identifying brass pen and ink set


Oleen, Norah


1930, nut letter


EWG reply


Olenich, P.


1938-1939, wants ALK's support of expedition to Tibet to regain Russian treasure placed there for safekeeping during the revolution


ALK declines to be associated with it


Oliphant, Marie E.


1931, asks ALK how to play shinny




Olmsted, Florence S.


1929, re baskets


Olmsted, Frederick Law


1928-1929, re Indian sites to be included in the State Park system


Olmsted, James Prof.


1941, ALK asks him to answer a letter asking how men and animals can survive without water


Olmsted, Lorena Ann


1953, asks for picture of Ishi to illustrate article


O'Loughlin, Kathleen


1943, sends gift of privately printed book


RHL reports that he gave it to The Bancroft Library

Box 116

Olson, Mr.


1937, ALK recommendation for a scholarship


Olson, M.C., Mrs.


1951, re identifying Mexican pottery vase


O'Mara, Patrick F.




O'Neale, Lila M.




O'Neill, E.


1918, re photograph of bench in the Faculty Club


Onslott, Philip


1949, Tribes of Western Africa with maps of their Loci


Opler, Marvin




Opler, Morris Edward


1936-1949, 1965


Oppenheimer, Emilie


1933, re Mrs. Steinegger


Oppenheimer, Franz


1940, invitation to lecture here


Opperman, John V.


1936, asks for info on pictographs and petroglyphs


RHL reply


The Orange-Judd Farmer


1914, [unsigned] letter asks statistics on statement that 51% of students are self supporting


University of Oregon


Oregon State College


O'Reilly, R. Patrick


1952-1954, re EWG article on New Caledonia for publication by Société des Oceanistes, Paris


O'Reilly, Wance


1923, re Indian names


no reply


Oriental Institute, University of Chicago




Orientalia, Inc.


1934-1935, re publications


Orozco, Luis Chavez


1939, ALK invited to meeting of Philologists and Linguists in Mexico




Orr, Agnes M.


1954, wants museum training


EWG refers elsewhere


Orr, Mrs. Craig


1932, offers books for sale


declined, too expensive


Orr, Edward

see Gifford, 1950


Orr, Hester


1940, inquires re study of archaeology


ALK suggests Columbia


Orr, J.J.


1914, asks if Egyptian lectures are published




Orr, Phil C.




Orton, F.H.


1925, letter to him from a prospector mentions numerous sites in Southeastern Nevada

Box 117

Osaka City Medical School


Osanai, Iva T.


1939, asks ALK's advice on study of kinship and social organization of the Hupa and related groups using the functional approach




Osborn, Henry Fairfield




Osborn, John L.


1928, asks career advice


ALK reply


Osborn, Raymond C.


1933, from RHL re Mr. Rife


Osborne, Carolyn


1948-1949, re study of Peruvian shaped breech cloths


Osborne, Douglas




Osborne, Vivian (Mrs. March)


Oscar, Lewis


1942, thanks ALK for book on Yurok geography


Oseting, Arlie G.


1956, re publication


Osgood, Cornelius




Ostergoff, Walter


1957, request to photograph items on display in show "6000 years of Jewelry"




Ott, Susanna C.


1916, re meaning of Cahuenga and Tejunga and her children's book based on Indian stories


Our Wonderful World


1954, asks permission to publish photo of Eskimo wooden mask




Ousdal, A.P.


1927, re skull


1939, re pottery


Outhwaite, Leonard




Overacker, M.J.


1933, from EWG, stating that U.C. can not afford to examine his site, and asking donation of artifacts


Overland Freight and Transfer Co.


1928, re moving boxes to Berkeley


Overton, Paul H.


1944, asks career advice


ALK reply


Owen, Charles L.


1924, cover letter for photos of clay spool like objects


Owen, Edith C.


1917, asks ALK for recommendation to Stanford


Owen, Francis


1940, asks career advice


ALK reply


Owens, J.S.


1953, EWG refers him to Lutz


Oxford University


Oxford University Press


Oxtoby, Gurden C.


1931, re lectures at the San Francisco Theological Seminary


Oyawoye, Shoba


1964, University of Ibadan, Nigeria, re misroscope


Oyler, Sherman G.






P - Miscellaneous

Box 117

Sociedad Colobista Panamericana


Paratone Co.


Patterson, Maureen L.P.


Parker, Fava Marilyn


Patterson, Henry H.


Patterson, Howard S.


Paulson, Ivar


Paulson, Jeanne


Paxton, Avis Meigs


Peabody, Frank E.


Pearce, Virginia


Peking Man


Pelton, June


Pelzer, Karl J.


Penfield, Douglas L.


Penitentiary of the City of New York


Pereira, Nunes


Perry, Mary Lou


Peters, Robert E.K.


Peterson, C. Stewart


Petri, Helmut




Pettigrew, Percy L.


Pheland, Arthur D.


Philipp, Lawrence A.


Phillips, G.D.R.


Phonograph records


Photo and Sound, Inc.


Pike, Kenneth M.


Pineda, Roberto


Platt, William G.


Pohland, G.H.



see Malkin




re National Geographic exchange for Polish anthropological journal


Polar, Suarez

see Fejos


Poleman, H.I.


Poleman, Horace


Pollock, H.E.D.


Port Angelos Evening News


Potts, Merlin K.


Price, Mary Emily


Pritzker, Lee


Prusmack, J.J.


Pryor, Furman


Psi Chi


Public Health Advisory Committee


Public Health Service


P[?], Francis


1932, to RHL on University of Pennsylvania Law School letterhead


Pabst, Adolph


1936, 1943, re identifying specimens and Sigma Xi


Pacific Affairs


1935, asks ALK to review a book




College of the Pacific


1956-1957, announcement ot the American Academy of Asian Studies summer school in San Francisco


Pacific Coast Committee for the Humanities


announcement of 1950 grants-in-aid


Pacific Discovery


1955, RLO opinion of article not suitable for publication


Pacific Gas and Electric Co.


1915-1952, re bills


The Pacific Historical Review


1942-1945, invitations to subscribe and review


Pacific House, Golden Gate International Exposition




The Pacific Northwest Quarterly


1936, 1942, requests for reviews by RLO


Pacific Portland Cement Company


1925, [unsigned] letter asks info on shell mounds


Pacific Railways Advertising Company


1926, EWG suggests advertising card for museum


Pacific School of Religion




Pacific Science Congress


TDMcC tells the Dean of Letters and Science that EWG is invited to the 8th annual meeting


Pacific Sociological Society




Pacific Spectator


1947, 1949


Pacific Telephone and Telegraph


1913, 1915-1954

Box 118

Packard, Charles


1950-1951, re making drawings of Indian regalia


Packard, E.L.


1915, tells TTW he has accepted a position at Washington


Packard, Phoebe E.


1920, referred to Benedict for folklore courses


Padelford, Frederick M.


1924-1928, recommendations for Golomshtok and RLO


1928, ALK visit to Seattle


ALK letter re Smithsonian funds


Paden, William G.


1937, sends beads from Colusa mound


Page, Homer


1944, offers to photograph exhibits


Page, Rev. Rodger C.G.


1929, thanks EWG for his book on Tonga and says the Queen spent all night reading it




Paget, Geoffrey


1929, wants to study drawings of Indian children


ALK reply


Paine, C.D.


1927, re petroglyphs near Porterville


Paine, Swift


1942, asks advice on bibliography of Nevada


RHL reply


Palache, T.N.


1934, re artifacts


Palm, Erwin Walter


1941, re job possibilities


Palmer, Ben F.


1927, ALK refers him to Paleontology


Palmer, Brooks


1914-1915, re articles on shellmounds for California Out-of-Doors


Palmer, C.W.


1920, re skeletons found near San Luis Obispo


Palmer, E. Laurence


1957, ad for book, "Palmer's Field Book of Mammals"


Palmer, Jesse T.


1929, re ALK reprints


Palmer, R.H.


1926, re shellmounds


Palmer, Ralph W.


1920, inquires about Indian "singnal tree"


[unsigned] reply


Palmerton, Mizpah


1931, re appointment with MacFarlane


Palmquist, Dick


1951, inquiry re Pomo Indians


referred to ALK's handbook


Palo Alto Public Library




Pan American Institute




Pan American Scientific Congress




Pan American Society, Inc.




Pan American Union




Pan Pacific Progress




Pan Pacific Science Congress




Pan Pacific Union




Pan Pacific Who's Who




Panama Canal Exhibition Company




Panama Pacific International Exposition


Panama Pacific International Exposition


Pope, Alvin E., 1915


Panama Pacific Line




Pancoast, Chalmers L.




Panunzio, Constantine




Papale, Henry


1965, World Library of Sacred Music inquires re ethnomusic


FAN reply


Pape, Gordon E.


1925, asks ALK to write to his professor


Parcher, Frank M.




Paredes, Alberto M.




Pareja, Jose Rafael


business card


Parish, John C.


1932, asks ALK's opinion on landing place of Drake


no reply


Park, Edna


1926, with ALK re condition of Indians


Park, George D.


1965, from WB describing new museum


Park, Nelson R.


1927, re ALK's Peruvian collection


1943, address


Park, Susan


1942, asks EWG's permission to use him for job references


EWG's reply with news of several other people


Park, Mrs. Thomas M.


1937, inquires re Indian place names to give to her placer mining claims


EWG reply


Park, Willard


1931-1948, letters re his studies in Germany, Vienna, field work in Colombia, University of Oklahoma


Parke, A.L.


1953, with EWG re Fiji


Parker, Arthur C.


1923-1947, re paper, museums in New York State, Lovelock Cave


Parker, George


1940, asks for literature on anthropology


RHL reply


Parker, H.G.


1937, asks identification of two artifacts found near San Mateo Creek


EWG reply


Parker, Hollis




Parker, Luther


1915, with TTW re skull measurements


Parker, Mr. and Mrs. Ralph, Salinas Antiques


1965, re identification of statue


Parker, Robert J.


1932, asks RLO to recommend an anthropology book


he recommends ALK's


Parker, Rupert


1936, tells ALK news of Indians and says he would like to have a book


Parkes, C.


1930, requests O'Neale and ALK work on textiles for the British Cotton Industry Research Association


sent gratis


Parkinson, R.H.


1934, re map of Peru


1955, asks names of anthropologists in South Africa


TDMcC reply


Parks, Harold, E.


1934-1953, curator of the U.C. Herbarium, re museum class visit


re gift of his Fiji and Tonga items to the museum


Parks, Marion


1933, asks ALK to confirm spelling of name Cabezon


no reply


Parmelee, Maurice


1926, asks ALK for citation of his article on women's fashions


1932, invites ALK to luncheon


Parmenter, Ross


1961-1965, re his research on Zelia Nuttall


Parodi, Lorenzo R.


1936-1937, with RHL re exchange of reprints


Parra C., Francisco


1946, 1950, to EWG in Spanish


Parratt, Edna


1951, re baskets


Parry, Milman


1928, cover letter, ALK sends thesis


Parshalle, Eve


1934, inquires about photographs of Indian art for publication


EWG says no staff available to make selection


Parsons, Rev. Edward L.


1935, RHL asks money for TDMcC's research




Parsons, Eleanor


1942, High School counselor asks about anthropology as a career


RHL reply


Parsons, Elsie Clews




Parsons, J.L.


1930, re find of enormous human bones


referred to Southwest Museum


Parsons, John E.


1927, re RHL article for Yale Law Journal


Parsons, Lee


1954, inquiry re museum training


referred to Stanford


Parsons, Sydney H.


1931, re work among Seri Indians


Parsons, Talcott


1946, re Shimkin


Partch, Harry


1935-1939, re Indian music and Colorado river place names


Partoll, Albert.


1929, corrects ALK on Flatheads




Partridge, Grace


1913, re grade


Partridge, John W.


1941, asks permission to take Anthro 150 A-B


Partridge, Roi


1936-1941, re visits to Mills College Art Gallery

Box 119

Pasadena Meeting, Pacific Section, AAA




South Pasadena Public Library


1957, request for reprint


Pasadena Star News


1928, asks to interview ALK


Paschall, Clarence


1922-1929, re PhD committee


school visitation


ALK's opinion on poor knowledge of Geography by high school graduates


Passin, Herbert


1952-1953, includes reading list for Anthro 183, biographical sketch, paper - "Honor and Guilt: the story of Roshomon"


Patai, Raphael




Patell, Kekie H.


1928, inquiry re race of Parsees


ALK reply


Paterson, T.T.


1939, re possibility of J.R.C. Hamilton studying here


Pathé News, Inc.


1935, asks ALK's opinion of newsreels


no reply


Patrick, George Z.


1938, re Brenner's promotion committee


Patten, C.W.


1963, re preparation of white rawhide


Patterson, Alma


1934-1941, re illustrations for book on California Indian legends


Patterson, Mrs. George W.


1942, asks for material on recent archaeogical exploration


EWG gives references


Patterson, Mary F.


1920-1942, Department of Household Art and Design, mostly re exhibits


Pattiway, Postmaster, Kern County


1924, Schenck asks if he knows of mounds or relics in the upper San Joaquin Valley


Patton, Bessie Jane


1942, re thesis


Patton, Clyde


1940, asks RLO to see him


Patton, J.V.


1934, asks if Walter Bennett may photograph breeding water birds at a gun club


Pauer, Paul Siliceo


1924, in Spanish, inquiry re job possibility here


ALK reply


Paul, Benjamin




Paul, Camille Haynes


1933, inquires about Comanche and Kiowa


ALK replies that there has been nothing satisfactory written


Kegan Paul, booksellers, London


1933, offers for sale 4 vol. work by Schrenck


no reply


Paula, Fr. M., O.S.D.


1934, re Indian sites


Pavlow, A.W.


Russian professor requests reprints




Paxson, Frederick L.


1940-1944, Professor of History


Paxton, Avis Meigs


1948, from RHL re Professor Alexander


Payne, C.E.


1921, 1935, vague requests for information


Payne, Doris A.


1948, asks about "slave killers"


EWG gives references


Payne, Skipper


1952, inquires about Washo language




Payne Stone Age Collection


1935, memorandum as to its status


Payne, William, Fiji


1951, request for EWG reprints


Payon, José García


1938, request for publications


Payot, G.


1928, 1935, re French translations of RHL books


Peabody, Charles


1919-1928, re American Foundation and School for Prehistoric Study in France


Peabody Foundation, Andover, Mass.


Peacock, Mary and Thomas


1934, re gathering acorns for a study of the food value of various species


Peak, C.N.


1920, inquiry re Indians


bibliography sent


Pearce, Charlotte Morell


1932, inquires about fellowships


Pearce, J.E.




Pearl, Jeannette D.


1923, asks RHL for books and articles on race




Pearl, Raymond


1924-1937, re Quarterly Review of Biology (ALK was on editorial advisory committee)


Pearsall, Marion




Pearse, Andrew


1953, re lecture on West Indies folklore


Pearson, A. Alida


1925, inquires after Indian legends


EWG gives references


Pearson, Calvin


1914, wants meaning of words wahtoke and tchoenimnee


[unsigned] reply


Peart, Homer


1914, asks appraisal of bow and arrow




Pease, Ben


1941, inquires about supposedly Crow flag


no reply


Pease, George Edward


1936, re career and recommendation for William Laughlin


Pease, Kingsley


1931-1932, inquires about his son George


ALK reply


Pease, Florence A.


1926, re San Fernando place names


Pease, Paul


1964, inquires about a message stick


no reply


Peckinpah, C.M., Madera County


1916-1918, re baskets for sale and EWG's equipment


Pedersen, Carl


1950, re work here as Swedish translator


Pedersen, P.O.


1950, Director of the National Institute of Dental Research thanks EWG for hospitality


Pedroni, Mrs. M.B.


1945, den mother wants info on Indians


EWG recommends Richards book


Peery, T.P.


1913, re books on Maidu


referred to American Museum, N.Y.


Peikert, Cecilia H.


1955, for doctoral dissertation asks what use of the museum is made by the Department of Education


EWG sends annual report and refers to Dean Brownell


National Library of Peiping


1938-1939, requests ALK reprints





see Pierce


Peixotto, J.B.


1914-1926, Professor of Social Economics


Pelegrin, Carl E.


1939, inquires about Indians of El Dorado National Forest


EWG refers to Beals paper


Pell, Arthur


1934, of Liveright publishers


from RHL re French translation of "Primitive Society"


Peniflor, Albina


1941, asks for someone to identify a jardeniere


EWG says bring it in


Penburg, William


1962-1962, prisoner in Conservation Camp asks info on Indian relics found in Tehama County


ABE reply


Pendery, Wilson


1951, EWG asked for recommendation for former museum preparator




Pendleton, Emmet


1931, to ALK re Indian songs




Penquin Books




Penkes, Dora L.


1924, demands payment for manuscript submitted to the American Anthropologist


RHL says he is not an agent and returns it to her


Pennington, Campbell White


1954, advanced to PhD. candidacy


Pennock, Murray A.


1930, inquires re race of people with tails


ALK reply


University of Pennsylvania


Pennsylvania Historical Commission


1928-1932, re survey of sites and relics, publications


The Historical Society of Western Pennsylvania


1930, cover letter, gift of their magazine to ALK


Pennsylvania State College


Penzotti, J.P.


1914, asks if EWG's lectures are published




Peoples Express Co.


1916, re charge for moving specimens from Hearst Mining Building to Fine Arts Palace

Box 120

Pepper, George H.


1921, inquires re Navajo ponchos


reply that there are none here


Pepper, Stephen C.


1939-1942, Chairman, Art Department


Perchick, Samuel L.


1941, re borrowing Lindgren


RHL replies that the only copy in the country is in Chicago


Perhamus, Dick


1943, asks about career in anthropology


ALK reply


Perkins, Carolena


1926, requests a booklet giving rules and regulations of the museum


[unsigned] says there is none


Perkins, Fannie


1924, requests museum catalog


Perkins, Fay


1935, letter of recommendation from his high school principal


Perkins, Frank L.


1934, re Pomo publications


Perkins, H.S.


1939, re RHL loan of Whiting's ethnobotany paper


Perl, L.


1931, to ALK about Indian tribes of Nicaragua and Honduras


no reply




1951-1953, re health plan (now Kaiser)


Permits for digging




Perry, Mrs.


n.d., re identifying Eskimo collection


Perry, Mrs. C.J.A.


1966, inquires about a silver spoon


FAN reply


Perry, Harold E.


1949, with EWG re Perry's book on Yosemite Indians


Perry, Rose V-S.


1937, asks ALK to recommend that the Carnegie Foundation help finance her work on New Mexican Santos


Perry, Stuart H.


1928, to RHL and ALK asking if they know anyone who has a meteorite


negative replies


Perry, Warren C.




The Perser Corp.


1931, re photographic process which shows the third dimension


Perthes, Justus, publisher


n.d., printed request to proofread copy for Geographical Who is who and return




1954, to U.S. Embassy, Lima


Peru, Comisión Central de Propaganda Turismo del Cuzco


cover letter for gifts of maps to ALK


Peru, Consul General


1923, requests for maps


1941, TDMcC requests interview to discuss practical matters


Peruvian Collection (UCMA)






Pete, Clarence


n.d., thanks for book on Pomo


Peter, Jesse


1921-1941, Santa Rosa Junior College


Loud's activities


archaeological survey of Sonoma County


rock paintings in Modoc County Moaning Cave


Arizona potsherds


Peter, Prince of Greece


1936, RHL advice on what Indian tribes would be worthwhile to study


1956, visit


Peter, Tommy


1923, ALK sends phonograph records of Indian songs


Peters, Clarence N.


1956, re possible museum employment


GMF reply


Peterson, Mrs. Sidney A.


1963, inquires about ALK's 1899 Cheyenne notes


Peterson, Adolph S.


1930, wants to excavate


ALK says only institutions may do so


Peterson, F.H.


1929, inquiry which covers vast field


referred to books


Peterson, H.


1913, Stanford Museum


Peterson, Howard


1916, TTW sends photographs of him


Peterson, Joseph


1914, [unsigned] letter asks for his shellmound notes


two days later says that Nelson has admitted having taken them


Petterson, Virgil


1936, Professor at Brigham Young University asks ALK if he knows of any finds where prehistoric animals are found in association with man or artifacts


negative reply


Petray, Marian S.


1928, to ALK, thanking him for advice and announcing her plan to get a Masters in Social Institutions


Petri, Lori(s)


1919-1920, with ALK re evolution


Petrullo, Vincenzo




Pettazzoni, Raffaeli


1927, 1949


Petter, Rodolphe


1913, asks ALK to subscribe to his proposed dictionary of the Cheyenne language


no reply


Petterson, Richard


1966, asks for interview with Bascom to discuss an evaluation of condition and potentialities of Eskimo art and handicrafts


Pettitt, George A.


1928-1961, re University News Service


as assistant to U.C. President


graduate work in Anthropology


Navy experience




Pettus, W.B.


1943, invites ALK to a tea for faculty members interested in The Far East


Petzoldt, W.A.


1924-1933, with RHL re Crow Indians




Indian Affairs (ALK letter describes his experience)

American Indian Defense Association (John Collier)

Shimkin, Dmitri

Stewart, Omer (no folder headed peyote)


Peyton, W.A.


1916, with TTW re visit to Berkeley by Indian Henry


Pfaffenberger, C.J.


1931, asks EWG what the Indian population of California was at the time the white men came




Pfeifer, Gottfried


1936, ALK thanks him for his California study amd they reminisce


Pfister, Oscar


1930-1931, re visit here


Pfleuger, Timothy L.


1936-1940, with ALK re museum exhibits


Pfluger, Kurt


1938, thanks for info on Egyptian stelae


Phelps, Mrs. John Dudley


1931, with EWG re Indian name Oneita


Phelps, Southwick


n.d., thanks for ALK's kind note on his paper


Phi Beta Kappa


Phi Sigma

Box 121

Philadelphia Academy of Natural Sciences


price list of publications


Society of Philatelic Americans


n.d., samples of gummed arrows for museum labels


Philbrick, Elizabeth


1931, inquires re Nuttall publication


ALK reply


Philbrick, Francis S.


1935-1949, with RHL


Philippine-Indonesian Institute




Phillips Academy, Andover, Mass.


Phillips, George Brinton




Phillips, John W.


1942, RLO letter of recommendation to U. Oregon medical school


Phillips, Liva


1939, inquires about shells


EWG gives references


Phillips, Rodney


1943, EWG statement as to his satisfactory work in course


Phillips, Major S.


1948, inquires re name Tzabaco


EWG reply


Phillips, Wendell


1944-1947, re African expedition, includes reprints and clipping


Philological Association of the Pacific Coast


Philosophical Library


1943, re publications


Pi Gamma Mu


1928, to ALK saying that he has been proposed for membership


Pi Lambda Theta


1943, 1948, announcement of research grants


Piatkowski, Lezzek, architect


1957-1960, re museum displays


Piccardo, Mickey


1946, inquires how to preserve bone and horn artifacts


EWG reply


Pichette, Peter


1926, re Flathead Indian, Arlee, Montana, one letter telling about himself and his plan to write a book


Picken, J.V.


1925, American consular employee in Lima re sale of ALK's car


Piddington, Ralph


1950-1956, with EWG, visit here on way from U. Edinburgh to U. New Zealand


plans for study in North America in 1957


prospectus for his "An Introduction to Social Anthropolgy"


Pierce, E.A., & Co.


1930, letter of recommendation for Margery Aldrich


Pierce, Edith W.


1938, with ALK re his work on women's dreww


Pierce, G.H.


1939, from ALK re Miss Sawtelle


Pierce, JamesA.


1939, re skeleton found near Paso Robles


Pierce, Norman A.


asks advice on his course of study


RHL reply


Pierce, Robert Norris


1939-1940, with ALK re his classification of Indian languages


Pierce, Sarah Louise


1932, inquires about graduate work


ALK reply


Piersall, Guy E.




Pierson, Donald


1946-1947, re Portuguese translation of ALK's "Superorganic"


ALK's 1947 preface


Piety, Austin L.


1951, RFH re radio carbon dating


Pijoan, Joseph


1942, re search for a photograph of J.T. Goodman


Pilkington, Thomas J.


1922-1926, inquires re Indians of Marin County; ALK gives references


Pilling, Arnold Remington


1948-1955, re graduate work




Pillsbury, A.G.


1931, carbon for ALK of letter from the Regents thanking him for gift of a book


Pinder, L.


1928-1929, re Lenape Indians


ALK reply


Pine, Mrs. C.


1942, inquiry re "Negro blood"


RHL reply


Pinecrest Resort


1928, EWG requests opening date and rates


Pineda, Roberto and Virginia




Pinner, Max


1926, from ALK re Wilder reference


1947, from RHL re royalties


Pinney, Roy, Jr.


1931, asks ALK's advice on proposed photographic trip to Northwest Mexico




Pinkley, Nancy M.


1938, job application


negative reply


Pinto, Estevão


1949, RHL apologizes for wrong citation of his work


Pinto, Leonardo


1941, Brazil, re exchange of reprints


Pioneer Hi-Bred Corn Co.


1945-1946, requests photographs of prehistoric and modern corn


Piper, Helen S.


1930, EWG requests return of photo loaned to S.F. News


Pitelka, Frank A.


1941, from EWG re shells at Tomales Bay


Pittioni, R.


1947, with RHL


Pittman, Dean


1954-1955, re possible graduate work here


re basic anthropology library


Pittman, R.S.


1940, with ALK re Indian languages of Mexico


Placzek, Dr.


1943, inquires if ALK knows whereabouts of Baron von Waldegg


negative reply


another letter on various subjects


Plastre, J.E.


1928, ALK suggests book


Platt, Mrs. C. Howard


1927, with EWG re pictographs


Platts, J.M.


1936, with EWG re arrowpoints


Pleasants, Frederick


1966, from WB re films on Africa


Pleasants, Frederick R.




Pleasants, Mrs. J.E.


1937, requests permission to use Ishi photographs




Plehn, Emily Noble


1943, with ALK re citizenship of Grace Yip Park


Plover, John P.


1932, sends drawings of rock carvings


Plymouth Brethren Mission


1929, ALK asks whereabouts of Walapai Indians


Poffenberger, Albert T.


1933, with ALK re publishing papers of the Birmingham Conference


1941, from RHL re job for Shimkin


Poindexter, Martye


1935, inquires re methods of decorating textiles


LMO reply


Poindexter, Raymond


1944, inquires about cliff dwellings of the Mesa Verde in Colorado


EWG reply


Poladin, Sirvart


1938-1940, re MA degree and subsequent career


Polar, Suarez

see Fejos


Poley, Horace S., photographer


Colorado Springs, n.d., list of slides


Polifka, Karl


1934, 1947


Polish Institute of Arts and Sciences in America




Political Science Quarterly


Polland, Stella


1929, cover letter of pictures of Indian blanket


Pollard, Henry M.


1942, from EWG


Polley, E.M.


1965, Alice Mead says negatives of totem pole have been found


Polynesian Society


1930, 1955


Pomfret, John




Pommerehnke, Harold


1949, with RHL


Pomona College


Poncho, Longfellow


1913, EWG sends photographs to an Indian


Pond, Alonzo W.




Pond, John Enoch


1914, acknowledgment for donation of animal skull


Ponting, Ivan C.


1928-1929, re courses


Poole, Caroline B.


1931, with EWG


Pope and Talbot


1913, re mouldings for museum


Pope, Antoinette L.


1924, re Pomo


Pope, Arthur Upham




Pope, Barbara F.


1940, thanks TDMcC for interview


Pope, G.D.


1918, acknowledgment for lantern slides of Ishi


Pope, Katherine


1926-1927, re Hawaiian material


Pope, Saxton T.




Pope, Mrs. Saxton




Pope, Tom




Popenoe, Paul


1921, with ALK re fish corrals, photographs and a drawing


Popper, William




Popular Science Monthly


1928, 1930, two printed letters to ALK


no replies


Population Association of America


1940, invites ALK to join


no reply

Box 122

Porter, Langley


1928-1931, re Keith as possible Hitchcock lecturer


ALK donation to medical library


Leake requests that Hearst medical papyrus and some trephined skulls be placed in the medical school library (refused)


Porter, Muriel Noe


1954, wedding announcement


Porterville Land and Cattle Co.


1924, re site


Portheim Foundation


1951, man planning book on African sculpture asks for photographs of figurines and masks


no reply


Posnansky, Arthur, Bolivian


card and list of articles in English


Pospisil, Francis


1926-1934, curator of ethnography, Museum Moraviae, Brno, Czechoslovakia, re lecture here on folkdances, publications


Post, George


1918, re method of making arrowheads


publication sent


Post, Richard H.


1936, re possible employment


ALK holds out no hope




1913-1931, correspondence with postmasters of many places


Poteet, Sybil


1939, asks about fellowships


RHL reply


Pothier, Patricia


1954-1955, recommendation to Stanford and to Library School


Potter, Irving


1944, inquires re museum courses


not being given during the war


Potter, Kenneth, Fresno State Teachers College




Pottinger, David T.


1928, with RHL re review copy of Boas' "Primitive Art"


Potts, Lewis E.


1946, seeks job as musem preparator


Potts, Marie


1960, re her demonstration of California Indian acorn processing and basket weaving at the museum


Powdermaker, Florence


1926, BM asks to see her in Chicago


Powdermaker, Hortense




Powell, Frank


1918, [unsigned] sends photographs of himself


Powell, J.J. Stedman


1925, requests copy of paper by his uncle, Philip S. Sparkman


EWG reply that it is not yet published


Powell, Norma N.


1914, asks for material on Indian myths


ALK gives references


Powell, W.R.


1937, RLO thanks her for a "flattering letter"


Power, E.B.


1916, request for Indian linguistic map


Power, Eugene B.


1934, from RHL re missent paper


Power, R.G.


1937, re mounds near Colusa


Powers, Alfred


1927-1928, with RHL and ALK re teaching at U. Oregon


Powers, O.K.


1933, asks RHL's opinion of Margaret Mead




Poyser, A.


1916-1947, museum guard


University of Praetoria


Prall, David W.


1933-1934, re Halpern's request to do graduate work here


Prall, Margaret C.


1937, with ALK re gift of recordings of Indian music to Mills College


Pratt, Charles


1934, re Indian paintings near Bakersfield


Enoch Pratt Free Public Library


1929-1936, with ALK and RHL re Popular Science book lists


Pratt, George D.


1929, invites RHL to join American Forestry Association




Pratt, Harry Noyes


1933, re carved rock and vases found near Stockton


Pratt, M. Alexander


1935, asks advice on what to read


RHL reply


Preble, C.S.


1916, to ALK re name of Lake Tahoe


Preble, Donna


1937, re her juvenile book, "Yamino-kwiti" and ALK's introduction to it


Preble, Zahreh E.


1922, asks questions about Zuni


clerk replies that ALK is away


The Prehistoric Society


n.d., list of French publications


Preidel, Johanis


1939, letter in German


bio-bib in English




1950-1951, asks TDMcC's opinion on proposed book by Estel and an anthropology atlas


The Press (Riverside)


1915, inquires about skeletons found in Tupango Canyon


Preston, F.M.


1922, re paycheck


Price, Homer B.


1926, re possible graduate work here


Price, L.M.


1928, from ALK re membership in "the association"


Priestley, Herbert I.




Priestley, Veronica


1951, correspondence with secretary and curriculum vitae


Prieto, F.G., Jr.


1936, asks opinion of EWG and Isabel Kelly on relics from Costa Rica


Primus, Edward


1954, with EWG re Pre-Columbian Mexican art


Princeton University


Princeton University Library


1940-1943, re publications


re Librarian Boyd borrowing Mencken letters from RHL


Princeton University Press


Prior, Mr.


1924, from EWG asking permission to measure and photograph his collection of items from Kern Lake


Prior, Beatrix


1945, inquires re Indians of Yosemite and Madera County


EWG gives references


Pritchard, E.H.


1918-1923, inquires re Cahuilla language


ALK gives references


Pritchard, Virginia Cole


1941, several questions re Indians of Lower California


ALK reply


Probert, F.H.


1919-1936, Dean of Mining, re identification of metal artifacts


Probasco, Clara T.


1918-1919, re her thesis


Proctor, Hugh W.,Mrs.


1931, describes finds in Coachella Valley


Proctor, Phimester, Jr.


1933-1934, asks support for his excavations in the Aleutian Islands


EWG says no funds




1930, re photo for publication


Proskauer, Mr. and Mrs. J.M.




Prosser, William S.


1925, with ALK re indiginous names, Maya


Proteau, Albert L.


1930, with ALK re relics found near Lake Van Norden


Providence-Biltmore Hotel


1940, ALK thanks them for complimentary room


Provident Mutual Life


1926, to ALK re change of beneficiary


Provinse, John H.




Provost, H.J.


1916, request for ALK reprint


Prowse, Charlotte


1937, asks RLO to give talk on primitive religion at Unitarian Church of Berkeley




1939, with ALK re his subscription


The Psycho-Analytical Press


1924, re change of address and delayed publication


Psychological Abstracts


1926, asks ALK to write abstracts


secretary replies that he is in Peru


Psychology-Anthropology Seminar


1943, draft of meeting notice


Dictionary of Psychology


1930, asks ALK to revise and construct definitions of race, Psychology, and Anthropology


no reply


Ninth International Congress of Psychology


1929, meeting notice


Public Affairs Committee


1940, asks RHL's opinion of pamphlet on race problems by Boas and David




Public Employment Bureau


1917, re letter of recommendation obtained from ALK's mother-in-law under threat of violence


Public relations Directory and Yearbook


1945, announcement


University of Puerto Rico


1947, annual report of the Social Science Research Center


Pugh, Marion D.


1948, from DGM


Puhl and Wagner, Rixdorf, Germany


1925-1926, re equipment


Puhr, Wilbur Joseph


1939, high school senior asks ALK how to become a Peruvian archeologist


advised to see Bennett at Wisconsin


Pulleine, R.H.


1923, re pictures of African Pygmies


referred elsewhere


Pullen, Virginia


1951, inquires re job in museum


EWG reply


Pumphrey, Janet


1952, clerk typist at museum, re her employment


newsy letter to EWG describing his wife's sendoff party on Thor I

Box 123

Purcell, Jessie Livingston


1913, to ALK


Purdy, Ruth Charlotte


1946-1955, clerk-typist, re employment


personal letters to secretary


Puri, R.N.


1932, re Indian population


Purlenky, Alma


1923, asks for references on Indian symbols


no reply


Purviance, C.E.


1916-1945, re Navajo


Puryear, Vernon




Purschl, Rev. Nicholas


1919, request for Juan Dolores paper from Franciscan Papago Missions, Tucson


Putland, H.R.


advertising, looking for a professor to go on a cruise on a sailing ship on which young paying passengers would be trained


replies and suggestions from ALK, RHL, RLO


Putnam, Alice E.


1922, offers F.W. Putnam's library for sale


no funds


Putnam, Edward K.




Putnam, F.W.




Putnam, G.P. and Sons


1916, 1939, RHL's opinion on books


Putnam, L.G.


1930, re arrowhead


EWG reply


Putnam, Patrick


1925, re trip to Indies


Putnam, R.B.


1919, asks about death dances


ALK knows nothing of what she describes but tells about mourning chants


Putnam, T.M.




Putorti, Nicola


1947-1949, Department members help Italian family



Box 123

Quain, E.P.


1939, asks Ruth Benedict's address


secretary replies


Quain, Fannie Dunn


194[?]-1947, with RHL re her efforts to find someone to prepare her son's notes on the Kraho for publication


Queen, Stuart A.


1942, asks permission to use RHL's Crow Indian material in his book, granted


1945-1948, re persons available for teaching positions at Washington U., St. Louis


Queens College, N.Y.




Quiggin, A. Hingston


1924, re possible teaching job here


1939, re primitive money


Quijada, E.


1916, question on races


[unsigned] reply


Quimby, George


1945, from ALK re his leaflet on Aleutian Islanders and planned museum




pamphlet, "A Guide to Quiriguá, an ancient Maya city" by Wilson and Dorothy Popenoe


Quiring, Daniel


1944, RHL sends text of his address as retiring vice-chairman of Section H of AAAS, asks him to present it if travel conditions prevent him from attending


Quisumbing, Eduardo


1954, Director, Philippine National Museum, with EWG re publications




R - Miscellaneous

Box 123

Ramaseshan, Rukmini


Radvanyi, Laszlo


Ratcliff, Norman


Raup, H.F.


Rea, Robert


Rea, Robert


Records of the Past


Reddick, Dr.


Reed, Stephen


Register of Research in the Social Sciences


Reichardt, Edwin P.


Reubens, Edwin P.


Review of Religion


Rice, Sgt.


Richard, Christian


Richards, T.H., Jr.


Riddell, Dorothy M.


Ridley, Major Gen.


Rigg, Horace Abram, Jr.


Righetti, Miss


Robb, Walter


Roberts, Helen


Roche, Barbara


Robinson, June


Rodenborn, George Meyer


Rodrigues, Aryon Dal'Igna


Roe, Ann


Rogers, Millard


Rogers, Walter S.




Romero (custodian)


Ronald Press Co.


Rooth, Anna Bergitta


Roseh, George


Rosenthal, Beatrice


Roth, Robert M.


Rousling, Albert


Rousseau, M. Jacques


Routledge & Kegan Paul


Roy, R.C.


Royal Society of Canada


Royal Society of South Africa


Ruby, Robert H.


Rudy, Jack R.


Ruesch, Jurgen


Rusler, Marilyn B.


Rutledge, P.J.


Russian language


Russel Sage Foundation


Ruthnaswamy, M.


Ruzo, Daniel


Ryden, Stig


Ryker, Esther M.


Raab, Patricia Verdi


1954, re artifacts found near Stockton


1956, EWG recommendation for Fulbright


Raab, Harvey


1928, re Densmore publication


Raber, B.F.




Robinowitz, B.F.


1924, re estate of Fanny Rothschild


Raby, Florence


1937, several questions about Indians


EWG refers to Wissler's book


Committee on Race Relations, Society of Friends, Philadelphia




Racial Theories


Radcliffe-Brown, A.R.




Radenzel, Edward


1936, asks if ALK has done anything more on Indian place names


referred to Harrington


Rader Music Publishing Co.


1929, request for Matthews' Navajo songs


Radin, Max




Radin, Paul






1933-1953, scripts


correspondence re broadcasts


Ragot, Mme


1952, letter of thanks in French


Rahmann, R.


1936, to ALK in German




Raines, Earl L.


1934, teacher at school for Shoshone children asks if legends brought by his pupils are genuine


RHL says yes


Raiford, E.H.




Raitt, Helen


1954, asks EWG's permission to quote from his "Indian Place Names"




Ramaswamy, S.V.


1932-1933, sends thesis to ALK and asks for a degree


ALK replies that a minimum residence of one year here is required


Ramois, Sandra G.


1948, EWG's recommendation to Library School


Ramos, Arturo


1940, re possible lecture here

Box 124

Ramsey, Grace F.


1930-1938, with EWG re museum Education


Rand, E.K.


1919, about a paper at a meeting (nearly illegible)


Rand, W.H.


1923, [unsigned] has sent your letter and photographs to Smith in Canada


Rand McNally & Co.


1920, announcement of maps


Randall, Francis


1944, from RLO re project in Dayton, Ohio


Randall, M.


1933, EWG gives references on treatment of antique metal objects


Rander, Ernst


1921, re possible study here


long ALK letter describes opportunities here


Randolph, C.N.


1913, wants info on Ishi for newspaper story


referred to Sunset


Random House


1946-1948, re dictionary


ALK suggests Hutson for article on Indian loan


Ransom, Caroline L.


1916, re Egyptian collections


Ransome, Bernard


1919, from chairman of the tennis committee re resurfacing of courts


Rao, P. Kotanda


1936, re possible visit to RHL


Rasbach, Oscar


1932, with RHL re identifying Indian spear heads


referred to Southwest Museum


Rasch, P.J.


1925-1926, 1952, re Apache songs


referred to Reichard and Goddard


Ratcliffe, S.C.


1942, re AAA membership


Rauer, Philip


1915, manufacturer of human models solicits business


Ravila, Paavo


1953, postcard


1954, secretary asks him how to obtain Finnish publication


Ray, Bill


1919, Indian informant says he can't get around well enough to come here


Ray, P. Orman


1936-1941, re Council of the Institute of Social Sciences


Ray, Samuel


1919, Indian informant says he can't come because his eyesight is impaired


Ray, Verne


1936-1956, with ALK


Ray, Virginia


1942, RHL and Leonard Loeb re Phi Beta Kappa for her


Raymond, Charles


1936, re a committee and a publication


Raymond, Jane


1943, asks RHL and ALK if anthropologists agree with Nazi race theories




Raymond Rich Associates


1940, brochure and order form for "American Foundations and their Fields"


Raymond, Sarah Y.


1926, inquires about publications on baskets


EWG reply


Raymond, Virginia


1944, "please send me all you have on California Indians"


notation, "not answered" ALK


Raymond, W.B.


1933, request for publications from librarian in Wisconsin


referred to U. Wisconsin


Rayner, Edgar J.


1955-1956, research in dental pathology using skulls in the museum


Rayner, Ernest A., President of Union College of the Philippine Islands


1921-1922, with ALK, exchange of papers and outline of proposed book, "Psychology of Primitive Life"


Rea, P.M.


1931, Advisory Group on Museum Education of the Carnegie Corporation asks statistics in museum attendance


LMO reply


Read, Ervin W.


1930, with ALK re Seri songs


Read, T.T.


1924, to ALK re age of various metals


Read, William A.


1927, asks meaning of name Chihuahua


ALK refers to Mexican museum


Reagan, A.B.


1913-1929, re Vistoria Museum, Navajo


Reaves, S.W., Dean of Arts and Sciences, U. Oklahoma


1929-1930, re job openings


Rebhan, Edward H.


1941, congrats to RHL on honorary degree and reminiscence of their aquaintance in Vienna


Red Cross


n.d., 1950's membership and blood donor campaigns


Redfield, Caspar L.


1942, to RHL on race and evolution


no reply


Redfield, Robert




Redfield, Robert


1945-1947, re Coulborn


Redman, Elizabeth


1939, asks RHL how to get financing for recreational work in migrant labor camps


no reply


Redwood Empire Association


1941, re photographing relics from Drakes Bay for publication


RFH reply


Reed, A.C.


1929, EWG cover letter for slide showing elephantiasis


Reed, C.W.


1929, from EWG re vouchers for hotel in Yuma


Reed, Charles


1930, inquires about studying here


RHL describes undergraduate program


Reed College




Reed, Dolores


1946, letter of recommendation


Reed, Elizabeth


1938, RLO agrees to speak to Newman Club


Reed, Erik K.


1934-1951, inquires re possibilities for field work


sends abstract of his proposed thesis for ALK's comments


re employment


RFH thanks him for a review


Reed, George S.


1923, from RHL re his program


Reed, H.S.


1933-1946, Professor of Agriculture


Reed, Janet


1941, re graduate work here


Reed, Ruth A.


1928, EWG letter of recommendation


Reed, Thomas


1916, from TTW telling him that a lot of "Indian" beads are mostly commercial


Reed, Thomas


1929, asks return of material written by him in course of psycho-analysis under ALK


Rees, John E.


1925, re RHL's Shoshone publications


Reeve, Frank D.


1926-1954, Sacramento State College


Campus Cooperative Campaign for Refugee Students


1938, asks donation from RHL and ALK


Reichard, Gladys




Rehfisch, F.


1952-1956, re work on Mabila in British Cameroons

Box 125

Reid, John T.


1923-1931, mining engineer inquires about Lovelock Cave publications


letter describes his exploration of the cave with Captain Natches


letter describes Hart exploration


this material was incorporated into Loud's paper


Reincke, W.H.


1930, to EWG re grade


Reinhardt, Aurelia Henry


1941, RLO regrets unable to attend open house for summer session students and faculty


Reinhardt, James M.


1932, asks permission to quote from ALK's "Superorganic"




Reisner, George A.


1902-1921, re exploration of Pyramids


Reiss, Mrs. F.A.


inquires about Spanish colonial Peruvian textiles


reply that museum has only pre-Columbian textiles


Reiter, Paul


1939-1942, re graduate work here and activities at U. New Mexico


Relander, Click


1930-1932, re donating his sculptures of Indian heads


Remington Typewriter Co.




Remington Rand Business Service


1930, re museum cases


Remsburg, George


1925, 1929


Remy, J.M.


1953-1957, French paleontologist identifies crustacean fragments for EWG


Renaud, E.B.




Rennacker, E.D.


1932, asks if Indians had a way of tempering copper


RLO reply


Rensch, H.E.


1936, re survey of historical sites of Alameda County


Renz, C.


1924-1928, re ALK publications


The Reporter


1954, sends RHL articles on state of science


RHL reply


Rerro, George


1929, requests ALK publication for Sra. Rosalia Abreu of Cuba, an expert on apes




Retzius, Magnus Gustav


1915, TTW asks permission to reprint some of his work in proposed textbook




Reuss, Marguerite


1936, asks RHL for a portrait photo to be placed in a gallery of Sociologists


RHL says he has nothing suitable


Reuter, Mabelle


1932, sends ALK transcription and translation of Kasthewati




Revue Anthropologique


RHL sends his address


Rex Photo Finishing Company


1928, EWG wants rush job on 13 glossy prints


Reynes, George


1927, re shipment from Peru for ALK


Reyes, Gorgonio L.


1925, 1928, 1941, asks RHL for complimentary copies of his books


Reygadas Vertiz, José


1925-1930, with ALK re work in Mexico


Reynal and Hitchcock


1941, sends ALK a complimentary copy of "Kabloona" by Poncins


ALK regards it highly


Reynolds, Earl C.


1932, Klamath County Chamber of Commerce asks info on Modoc pictographs


ALK refers to Steward publication


Reynolds, Earl L.


1936, with RLO re enrolling here


Reynolds, Lloyd H.


1935, with RLO re paper to raise "E" grade


Reynolds, Norman


1935, re Eskimo material


Reynolds, Ralph Arthur


1931, asks RHL to serve on committee to set up a center for information on Russia




Reynolds, W.L.


1925, asks for info on habits and customs of various nationalities


referred to "Anthropology"


Rhodes, Emma M.


1942, offers to show EWG a piece of Attu Indian weaving


he will be away and says no funds for purchase


Rhodes, M. Thayer


1928, asks ALK to contribute article on California Indians for magazine announcing a dental conference


refused, but Beals will do it


Rhodes-Livingstone Institute


1950-1951, RHL recommendation of Marion Pearsall


TDMcC recommendation of Lowrimore


1950, list of publications


Rhodes scholarships


1948, TDMcC recommendation for Solheim


Rhodes University


1954, secreatry requests address of Radcliffe-Brown


Rice, Frances Van Dorsten


1937, re makeup final


Rice, Stuart A.


1929-1931, with RHL and ALK re case-book on methods in the social sciences


Rice, Virginia


1951, applies for museum job


Rich, Willis H.


1942, inquires about meaning of place name "Cachinetac"


ALK reply


Rickard, T.A.


1936, ALK thanks for articles on the smelting of bronze and the use of gold


Richards, Irmagarde


1930-1948, re California State school textbooks


1963, re Quinault Indian collection in Washington


Richardson, Ethel


1927, asks for list of books to use in summer session


LS reply


Richardson, Florence B.


1927-1930, re book store owner Johnson's Indian collection


re Yurok fishing methods


re Stewart's work in Humboldt County


Richardson, Isaac


1933, request for publication on Lovelock Cave


Richardson, Jane


1935-1936, to ALK and RHL describing field work in Oklahoma


ALK recommendation for fellowship


her work in New York


re her and ALK's fashion paper


Richardson, Robert William


1936, re candidacy for PhD. in Geography


Richer, Juan E.


1934, from ALK re laws covering archaeological exploitation


Richman, C.


1956, secretary gives museum hours


Richmond, City of


1941-1942, re mound excavations


Richmond Chamber of Commerce


1941, asks about local Indians


referred to ALK's handbook


Richmond Record-Herald


1913, request for EWG's paper on shellmounds


Rickard, T.A.


1929-1936, ALK's suggestions on his manuscripts


Ricker, Edgar A.


1929, asks identification of Chinese seals


referred to Prof. Gale


Richert, Roland


1938, inquires re fellowships




Ricketson, Oliver


1934, request for material for library of Carnegie Institution in Guatemala, ALK note "Kidder wrote to forget it"


Rickman, John


1926, Malinowski apologies for delay in writing "Australian Totemism"


Riddell, Dorothy and Fritz




Riddell, Francis A.



See also California (State) Division of Beaches and Parks


Rider, Fremont


1925, EWG's contribution to Rider's "California"


Ridings, Arnold


1934, asks meaning of name "Yana"


EWG reply


Ridpath, James W.


1915, asks suggestions for Tamal Indian name for bungalow in San Anselmo


EWG reply

Box 126

Rieber, C.H.




Rien, John


1924, thanks RHL for letting him take an early final, describes trip to Hong Kong, Ceylon, Suez Canal, Alexandria, Naples, Boston, New York


Riesenberg, Saul H.




Riesenfeld, Alphonse




Riess-Vásquez, Alma


1930-1935, re jade in California and Ecuador


Riggins, M. Elizabeth


1939, secreatry, mostly re EWG's mail


Riggs, Arthur Stanley


1932, asks ALK to review a book




Riggs, Frances S.


1931, inquires re Mono Indians


ALK reply


Rightmeyer, Donald A.


1944, 1953, with RHL re his ideas on Indian prehistory


Riis, S.M.


1936, re Darwin Centenary Commemoration Expedition


Riley, Charlotte E.


1935, re beards on Indians


Rimmer, Harry


1924, re relics from Tulare Lake region


Rinehart, publishers


1945-1955, re RHL books


Rinehart, R.W.


1921, asks information on Indians near Elko for series of ads on the natural cleanser


Ring, Mildred


1924-1926, re her work with Yurok and Karok


Ripley, M.A.


1930, loans ALK a document prepared for the Mau of Samoa asking compensation for a Naval station


ALK's comments


Rishbeth, O.F.T.


1921, [unsigned] letter to Prof. Allen of Greek Dept. re possible employment


Ritchler, Nellie


1954, to EWG with advice on European travel


Ritter, Dale W.


1956, long letter to EWG describes trip to the Southwest


Ritter, William E.




Rivers, Fred


1923, invites ALK to speak at Open Forum of the La Vero Foundation




Rivers, W.H.R.


1913-1921, with ALK re kinship terms


Riverside College




Rivet, Paul




Riviere, Georges Henri


1931, 1952, thanks for publications for the library of the Musée d'ethographie, Paris


Roark, Richard


1963, requests maps of Peru


ABE reply


Robb, Bob


1933, asks EWG to correct his newspaper article on Cora Dibois' investigation of ghost dance


Robbert, Helen M.


n.d., fan letter to ALK


Robbins, Dale W.


1946-1952, re her museum work


Robbins, E.V.


1916, re Ishi's name


Roberts, Alexander C.


1935, invites ALK to participate in symposium on social problems




Roberts, Bertram L.


1955, asks for names of Indian informants in Owens Valley


EWG reply


Roberts, Donald A.


1927-1938, Editor of the City College Alumnus asks RHL to review Paul Radin's book


RHL regrets unable to attend dinner for Prof. Cohen


Roberts, Frank H.H.




Roberts, H.C., Mrs.

see U.S. Interior - Indian Affairs


Roberts, Helen H.




Roberts, Jessie


1917, bill for office work


Roberts, O.


1915, asks ALK what to do about speech impediment


EWG suggests seeing a physician


Roberts, O.L.


1931, asks if Hindus are Caucasian


[unsigned] reply


Roberts, R.B.


1939, inquires about works by Indian authors


EWG gives references to works by Juan Dolores


Roberts, R.E.


1930, re hours worked


Roberts, Ruth K.


1919-1953, she and her husband were friends of Indians in Humboldt County


Roberts, Stacey L.


1943, ALK asks him for a bibliography on Korea




Roberts, Wilmer C.


1918, asks for TTW publication




Robertson, A.M.


1915-1916, TTW suggests book on Ishi


reply that AMR can not undertake it at this time


Robertson, J.W.


1927, ALK thanks him for book, "The Harbor of St. Francis"


Robertson, James A.


1935, asks ALK about some Filipino words


ALK replies that he does not know the language


Robertson, Sidney H.


1941, Music division of Pan American Union asks about holdings in Latin American folk and primitive music


EWG replies "none"


Robertson, T.B.


1917, re use of classroom in museum


Robins, Robert H.


1951, employment forms and expense account for linguistic work with Yuroks


Robinson, Alice


1931, writes about Shoshone singing


Robinson, Arthur


1951, re photographs of mummy found at Amador to be displayed at County Fair


Robinson, David Moore


1914, EWG sends photos of Cabiric vase


Robinson, Edgar E.


1924, re RHL book


1944, regrets having missed a meeting


Robinson, Eugene




Robinson, Frederick B.


1930, invites RHL to give course on Indian languages at institute at CCNY




Robinson, George


1936, explains absence from final exam


Robinson, Harry A.


1927, asks ALK about Cuzco


ALK replies that he was not in that part of Peru


Robinson, Howard E.


1957, asks where to take Cub Scouts to see Indians and artifacts


GMF recommends museum in Sacramento


Robinson, Kendall E.


re copying Ifugao photos


Robinson, R.C.


1927, re importation of pigeons


Robinson, Sarah B.


1929-1931, editorial assistant


Robinson, S.O.L.


1925-1927, student


Robinson, W.A.


1917, asks ALK to recommend a text for a course in ethnology and archaeology


ALK makes suggestions but says nothing is really suitable and suggests that he get in touch with publishers and urge such a book


Robinson, Ansel W.


1925, re papyri


1937, asks species of California linnet


Robredo, P.


1925, request for Mexican publications


Robson, James C.


1950, recommendation for government grant for study in England


Robson, Kernan


1924, asks ALK to recommend books




Robson, R.W.


1951, re publication of EWG's Fiji material by Pacific Publications Pty. Ltd.

Box 127

Rocca, Helen M.


1925, cover letter for announcement of League of Women voters fellowship


University of Rochester


1943, RLO recommendation of William Blair to medical school


Rock, Fritz


1926, one letter in German


Rock, George H.


1932, inquires about mysterious tribe at foot of Mt. Shasta


RLO says never heard of them


Rockefeller, Nelson




Rockefeller Foundation




Rocker, R.


1943, tells ALK that he will be included in Who's Who in the Western Hemisphere


Rodgers, Dona G.


1922, EWG gives references to material on Hupa, Klamath and Modoc


Rodrigues, Jose Honorio


1937, Brazilian inquires about fellowship possibilities


Roe, Frank Gilbert


1941, re ALK publications


Roe, J.V.


1928, re site in Southern Utah


Roesling, E.L.


1960-1962, re identifying Hindu antiquities


Roffe, Bertha


1940, inquires about Hupa customs


EWG gives references


Rogers, B.H.


1928-1929, re RHL's automobile


Rogers Book Shop


1928, EWG declines to purchase books offered


Rogers, D.B.


1927, EWG thanks for suggesting archaeological sites in San Joaquin Valley and gives references on panpipes


Rogers, D.B.


1936, EWG asks for activities of Santa Barbara Museum to be published in Journal of American Antiquity


Rogers, H.J.


1915, asks what tribe lived near Mission San Jose




Rogers, Malcolm J.


1929-1945, San Diego Museum, manuscript of "The Evidence for Early Man in San Diego County, California" (1929)


preliminary report of the archaeological work on Pacific Coast Shell-middens (1920)


Rogers, Rose


1935, sends ALK notes taken from Klinket informant


ALK reply


Rogin, L.


1931, ALK thanks him for monograph on plow and wheat


Rohan, James


1929, criticises RHL's article on Haiti in California Monthly




Rohan, Thomas M.


1938, asks for books on Indians


EWG reply


Roheim, Geza


1929-1951, mostly re field work with Yuma


Rohrke, Barbara


1949, inquires about museum courses


EWG reply


Rolland, Romaine see

Frank, Waldo


Rollins College


1935, program in commemoration of the Semicentennial Anniversary of the establishment of Rollins College, Nov. 2-4


Romanov, Mirro R.




Romero, John B.


1938, re exploitation of Indian graves


Rommert, George


1930-1933, re micro-projection method


Rondon, Jorge A.


1944, one letter to ALK in Spanish


Roney, James G.


1940-1953, graduate work here and elsewhere


letters from Iran


Root, Chester W.


1939, request for information about museum for file of philanthropic information, Wells Fargo Bank


Root, Howard F.




Root, William C.


1939-1948, re metallurgy


Rorick, Milton C.


1934, [unsigned] letter of recommendation


Rose, Edward


1931-1939, undergraduate work here


graduate work at Stanford


Rosenberg, A.


1927, ALK sends him Boas article


Rosenberg, James N.




Rosenberg, Max




Rosenblat, Angel


1936, ALK commends his computation of the aboriginal population of America


Rosener, Ann


1954, asks for photos and information of Indians of Death Valley for museum of Pacific Coast Borax Co.


EWG reply


Rosenshine, Annette


1936, asks ALK for allusions to bowels in Indian folklore




Rosenthal, Nina


1940, with RHL re racial intermarriage


Rosenwald (Julius) Fund




Ross, Harriett M.


1928, asks for names of texts for courses


[unsigned] reply


Ross, John


n.d., transcript and plan of dissertation


Ross, Joseph L.


1917, letter of recommendation for museum general assistant


Ross, Virginia


1938-1939, re graduate work at Yale


Rossi, L.M.


1946-1948, re permission to excavate near Napa


Rossi, M.F.


1923, writes about fossil find


ALK says it is not a fossil


Rossier, Charles W.


1941, survey of courses on Latin America


ALK reply


Rossiter, C.C.


1929, fan letter to RHL, reply


Rosner, Dora


1944, asks about books on ethnology




Rostlund, Erhard


1934-1950, re studies here


Rotary Club of Berkeley


1933, invites ALK to attend lunch for visiting summer session faculty


Roth, G. Kingsley


1946-1954, re Fiji


Roth, Walter E.


1919-1920, re kinship terms in British Guiana


Roth-Lutra, Karl H.


1932-1933, requests for publications


Rothman, Walter, Dr.


1931, with ALK


John Rothschild & Co.


1955, EWG requests truck or jeep for use on Yap


Rothstein, Murray


1950, asks for recordings of Yuma music


none here, referred to Herzog at Indiana U.


Roumain, Jacques


1941, Bureau d'Ethnologie, Port-au-Prince, Haiti, requests exchange of publications


Round Valley Reservation


1914, [unsigned] asks verification of report that two women of Ishi's tribe were captured and taken to reservation, no reply


1922, request for date of dance, reply - there will be none


Rouse, Eleanor A.


1930, RLO suggests she take her Peruvian antiquities to American Museum of Natural History for appraisal


Rouse, Irving



see American Antiquity


Rousseau, B.G.


1914, re return of photos loaned to Gilbert Natches


Roust, Normal L.


1951, re dig at Fallon, Nevada


letter of recommendation to Harvard



see Bernice P. Bishop Museum (Museums section)


Routledge, Katherine



Box 128

Row, Jesse


1931, asks about cannibalism on Fiji


RLO reply


Rowe, Elizabeth


1927, asks about archaeological expeditions


ALK reply


Rowe, L.S.


1922-1928, Director, Pan American Union


Rowe, Marian E.


1927, inquires about folklore of the Indians of Mt. Diablo area


ALK reply


Rowe, Mary


1913, Santa Barbara informant offers to teach her language


Rowell, Perry E.


1913, asks ALK's opinion of his fifth grade science book


no reply


Rowland, Donald W.


1929, request for ALK punlication


Rowlands, Montana


1927, asks Indian words for "house of many windows", ALK reply that Indians have no words for windows or glass



see Kroeber, Feb. 28, 1946

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