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Guide to the Records of the Department of Anthropology, 1901-[ongoing]
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Series 1: Syllabi and exam questions, 1902-1948

Physical Description: Box 1, 1a-1c

Scope and Content Note

Mainly copies of syllabi and examinations pasted into scrapbook volumes.
Boxes 1-1c

Syllabi and exam questions.

Additional Note

Mainly pasted into scrapbook volumes

Series 2: Reports, 1901-1908

Physical Description: Box 2

Scope and Content Note

Narrative annual reports of the activities of the department and the museum.
Box 2



Series 3: Museum and department financial accounts, 1901-1939

Physical Description: Box 2-7

Scope and Content Note

Early departmental and museum account books, files of general accounts, and files of some special accounts, including A.L. Kroeber's and P.E. Goddard's research accounts, 1901-1909.
Box 2

Account books, 1901-1913


Cash and Ledger, 1901-08


Revolving Fund, 1903-13 (3 volumes)

Box 3

Historical accounts



Box 4


Box 5


Box 6


Box 7

Special accounts and comptroller's files


A.L. Kroeber research account, 1901-09


P.E. Goddard research account, 1901-05


Cost of publications, to 1908


Crocker fund for research in Mexico, 1904-09


Hearst reconstruction account, 1910-12


Comptroller, 1912-14 (3 folders)


Accountant, 1914-16


Series 4: Correspondence, 1901-1957


Subseries 1: Letterpress copy books, 1901-1911

Physical Description: Vol. 1-13

Scope and Content Note

Contain outgoing correspondence, in chronological order, primarily written by A.L. Kroeber. Related incoming correspondence is in subseries 2.
volume Vol. 1

Sept. 1901 - Nov. 1902

volume Vol. 2

Dec. 1902 - Dec. 1903

volume Vol. 3

Oct. 1903 - Aug. 1904

volume Vol. 4

Aug. 1904 - Feb. 1905

volume Vol. 5

Feb. 1905 - Mar. 1906

volume Vol. 6

Mar. - Dec. 1906

volume Vol. 7

Jan. - July 1907

volume Vol. 8

July 1907 - Mar. 1908

volume Vol. 9

Mar. - Sept. 1908

volume Vol. 10

Sept. 1908 - Sept. 1909

volume Vol. 11

Sept. 1909 - June 1910

volume Vol. 12

June 1910 - Feb. 1911

volume Vol. 13

Feb. - Nov. 1911


Subseries 2: Incoming correspondence

Physical Description: Box 8-20

Scope and Content Note

Arranged alphabetically by name of correspondent. Related outgoing correspondence is in subseries 1.
Box 8

A - AM (miscellany)




Aiken, Charles S.


Albañas, Jose O.


Allen, A. H.


Allen, James T.


Amelineau, Emile


American Museum of Natural History


Angel, Myron


Angelus Motion Picture Co.


Arnold, Mary E.


BA - BD (miscellany)










Bagley, Henry N.


Bakewell, Charles M.

Box 9

Barrett, Samuel A.


1903 - Sept. 1906


Oct. - Dec. 1906


Jan. - June 1907


July - Oct. 1907


Nov. 1907


Dec. 1907, undated 1907


Jan. - Feb. 1908


March 1908


April - May 1908


June - Dec. 1908




Jan. - March 1910


April - Dec. 1910



Box 10

Barrows, David Prescott


Batwi, Sam


Bidwell, Annie E.K.


Boas, Franz


Boulitte, Charles


Boyle, David


Brady, John G.


Brewer, William A.


Brizard, A.


Brown, James


Butte County Sheriff


CA - CG (miscellany)








Central Pacific Railway


Christman, Peter


Columbia Phonograph Company


Costo, Ignacio


Culin, Stewart


DA (miscellany)






Davidson, George


Davis, Edward H.


Dennison Manufacturing Co.

Box 11

Dixon, Roland, B.












Dolores, Juan


Du Bois, Constance, Goddard








EA - EO (miscellany)




Eisen, Gustin


Emerson, Alfred


Engelhart, Zephyrin


FA - FH (miscellany)






Field, Ethel G.


Fletcher, Alice C.


Frank, Robert


Fryer, John

Box 12

GA - GH (miscellany)








Gifford, Edward W.


Goddard, Pliny E.












Jan. - April 1906


May - Dec. 1906


Jan. - April 1907


May - Dec. 1907


Jan. - May 1908


June - Dec. 1908






1911 and n.d.

Box 13

HA - HD (miscellany)






Hall, Harvey Monroe


Harrington, John P.


Hart, Mary E.


Hawver, J. C.


Hearst, Phoebe A.








Hewett, Edgar L.


Hirsch, Louis


Hodge, F. W.


Holmes, W. H.


Howard, John Galen


Hrdlicka, A.


Hussey, E. M.


I (miscellany)






James, George Wharton


Jepson, Willis L.


Johnson, Tom


Jones, C. J.K.


Jones, Jack (Captain Jack)


Jones, Philip Mills

Box 14

K (miscellany)


Kelsey, C.E.


Kofoid, Charles Atwood


Kroeber, A.L., 1901-1903


Kroeber, A.L., 1906


L (miscellany)


Lafonso, Elmer N.


Lange, Alexis F.


Library Bureau


Lloyd, Edith Van Allen


Loud, L. L.


Lummis, Charles Fletcher


MAA - MAC/MC (miscellany)








McLeod, E.L.


McNab, John L.


Mason, John Alden


Mason, O.


Matthews, Washington


Matzke, John E.


Merriam, John C.






Moore, Ralph


Moore, William H.

Box 15

N (miscellany)


Nelson, N.C.


New York Academy of Sciences


Newcombe, C.F.


Nicholson, Grace


Nuttall, Zelia


O (miscellany)






PO - PZ (miscellany)


Peet, Stephen D.


Peterson, Joseph


Price, Clifton


Putnam, F.W.


















1911 and n.d.


Q (miscellany)






Radin, Paul


Records of the Past Exploration Society


Reed, George W.


Reisner, George A.


Ritter, William E.


Rumsey, C.E.


Rust, Horatio

Box 16

SA - SB (miscellany)












San Francisco Department of Education


San Francisco Gas & Electric Company


Sell, W.M.


Sinclair, William J.


Smith, Harlan


Smithsonian Institution


Sparkman, P.S.


Spencer, D.L.


Spring Valley Water Company


Starr, Frederick


Swanton, John R.


TA - TN (miscellany)




Traber, Cornelia


Trask, Blanche


U (miscellany)


Uhle, Max


United States Department of Agriculture


United States Department of the Interior

Box 17

University of California


Department of Mining & Metallurgy


Grounds and Buildings




Medical Department


University of California, President








January - May 1906


June - December 1906


January - May 1907


June - December 1907









Box 18

University of California


Printing Office


Purchasing agent


Recorder of the Facilities



















Box 19

University of California








January - August 1911


September - December 1911


Special Committee on University Exhibit at St. Louis Exposition


Students' Co-Operative Society


Summer Session


University Farm


University Press

















Box 20

V (miscellany)










Wallis, Wilson D.


Waterman, T.T.






January - July 1909


August - December 1909






Weitchpec Frank


Wells Fargo & Company


Wier, Jeanne Elizabeth


Wilcomb, C.P.


Woodcock, Fidella F.


Y (miscellany)


Yates, M.M.


Z (miscellany)


Subseries 3: Correspondence, 1912

Physical Description: Box 21-22

Scope and Content Note

Arranged alphabetically by name of correspondent.
Box 21

A - Miscellaneous


List of gifts received at Museum of Anthropology, June 30, 1911-June 30, 1912


Anthropos, letter to ALK, illegible signature (in German)


Americanistas, Congresos Internacionales


Archaeological Institue of America, Bulletin no.4


Allen, A.H., Manager of The University Press


Allen, J.T., Secretary of the Archaeological Society


Allen Press Clipping Bureau


Alliott, Hector


Alsberg, Carl


letter of introduction for F.B. Sumner


Aydelotte, Minna A.


collector and donor of specimens


program of her play, "An Indian Wooing"


B - Miscellaneous


Barr, James A.


asks ALK to secure for the Panama-Pacific International Exposition the 1915 meetings of the learned societies to which he belongs


Barron, George


letter of introduction for H. Leibes


Barrows, David P., Chairman, Committee of Fellowships


re fellowship for William H. Mechling


Becker, A.H.


thanks for the cards and general news


Benham, G.B.


re anecdote about Inca gold


Berkeley Public Library


please post lecture notices


Berkeley Public Schools


list of schools with locations


Beyer, H. Otley


thanks for copy of Ifugao Mourning Ceremony and re exchange of publications


Blake, Moffitt & Towne


re bills


Blakeslee, G.H.


re ALK article on race endowment for the Journal of Race Development


Boon, William


wants to know if Ishi will come with ALK to lecture


Bowman, J.N.


re membership in Pacific Association of Scientific Societies for anthropological societies


Boylan, E.C.


wants money to interpret writings on Picairn Island




Briscoe, John


invites ALK and Ishi to Fiesta Arborea at Chico


Brown, Calvin S.


re lecture on Southwest archaeology


Browne, Warner


refers to ALK a letter in which George Chambers offers to lecture on a new theory of creation on which both science and religion can agree


Browne, William


order postcard pictures of Ishi


Burger, Frank, museum employee


Burridge, W.J. D.D.S.


re photographing skulls


Barrett, S.A., Milwaukee Public Museum


Boas, Franz


C - Miscellaneous




date of fiesta at Valley Center


California State Library


request for "News Notes"


The Call


Carlisle Indian Press


The Chronicle


Carroll, Mitchel, General Secretary, A.I.A.


Cattell, J. McKeen, Popular Science Monthly editorial department


Chappel, H.G., D.D.S.


re study of skulls


Christman, Peter, Indian, Tule River Reservation


Cilker, Jennie


teacher thanks ALK for visit with class of Chinese boys and sends two of their compositions


ALK replies that he is sending the compositions to Mrs. Hearst


Clapp, E.B.


invitation to meeting to form new archaeological organization


Clewe, Frido


re paper on Washo language


Cochran, A.


order for postcards of Ishi


Collett, Albert J.


applies for museum job


Cordova, Rudolp de


request for pictures of Ishi from London


California Academy of Sciences Museum Report, 1911


Comptroller, U.C.


D - Miscellaneous


D'Ancona, A.A.


re bill


Davies, C.A.


Yana words


Davis, E.H.


thanks for info on fiestas


Davis, Horace,


ALK asks him to serve on Committee on Exploration and Excavation of the Archaeological Society




deVeer, D.W.


assistant curator of Oakland Public Museum asks about mortuary customs of Paiutes


ALK says nothing published on them


Dean, W.M. Mrs.


all University publications on Southern California are held by the San Diego Society of the Archaeological Institute and the Ethnological maps of San Diego will be copied and placed in the San Diego Public Library


Dunne, B.B., editor, California Topics


re ALK article


Davis, E.H.


inquires about publication of Sparkman's work on Luisaño language


ALK says work delayed by Ishi


procures Indian informant Rocendo Curo to meet ALK at San Diego


Diamond Patent Showcase Company


Dixon, Roland B.


Dolores, Juan


E - Miscellaneous


Eastman, C.A.


wife asks if lecture tour would be profitable


ALK doesn't know


Easton, Theodore


inquiry re Ishi and his tribe


references given


Edmonson, A.P., Superintendent of Tule River Indian School


gives news of Indians


Eels, Walter C.


asks ALK to make critical examination of his Master's thesis on number systems of Indians


Elkus, Charles deY.


ALK gives info on museum


Estee, Elsie L.


ALK describes course on Indian languages and suggests books




Edes, W.C., Chief Engineer of the Northwestern Pacific Railroad


asks for Indian names suitable for stations on the Eel River line


ALK reply


Erdland, B.A.


re Marshall Island language


F - Miscellaneous


Facultad de Filosofia y Letras, Buenos Aires


request for publication


Fairclough, H.R.


asks ALK cost of shipping from Athens




Farrand, Livingston


ALK tells of fellowship opportunity here


LF has no one to suggest


Faulkner, R.D.


principal of grammar school is asked opinion of circulating set


Fitler, Daniel


thanks for pamphlet on Indian languages


Ford, G.B., Mrs


requests photo of Ishi's hut


Foster, A.W.


re program for meeting of AIA in San Diego


Franklin Printing


bids on museum postcards


French, Harold


invites ALK and Ishi to join Sierra Club group in walk from Golden Gate Park to the museum


ALK will try to arrange it


Fuller, W.P.


mix up on shipment of glass


Flinn, J.W., Superintendent of U.C. Printing Office


G - Miscellaneous


Gardiner Bros.


re celluloid sheets


Gardiner, Cornelius Col.


ALK asks permission to excavate shellmound at Presidio


referred to higher military authority


later granted


Garraga, Father, Mission, San Luis Obispo


ALK supplies name of black calla lily


Gifford, E.W.


TTW asks for gummed letters


Goldenweiser, A. A.


asks that Bruhl in Paris be placed on list to get publications


ALK explains that supply is inadequate


Gray, Walter S.


bills for phonograph blanks


Green, Mr., Santa Cruz


supplier of sticks for Ishi


Gregory, Caspar Rene


ALK offers to be of service


Gifford, E.W.


Gigneux, Claude


Gist, Frank


re sale of collection


Goddard, P.E.


Golder, F.A., Professor of Economics and History, Pullman, Washington


Goll, George Philip, Curator of the Santa Barbara Society of Natural History Museum


Gordon, G.B., Director, University of Pennsylvania Museum


Griffiths, Farnham, secretary to the president of U.C.


Grinnell, J., Director of the U.C. Museum of Vertebrate Zoology


H - Miscellaneous


Hagers, Harry W., Mrs.


thanks for lecture on Peru


Baker & Hamilton Hardware


re chain blocks


Harvey, M.G.


wants info on Ishi


referred to publications


Hawver, J.C.


re cave near Auburn


Herriott, Clarence


invites ALK to Presbyterian conference on Indian problems


ALK was out of town


Hill-Tout, Charles


re attendance at San Diego meeting


Hope, Frances


asked to post notice of lectures at California Development Board


Hovey, E.O., Acting Director of the American Museum of Natural History


gives ALK data on the Museum Journal


Howard, Eudora


wants to visit museum on some other day except Sunday


Howell, T.F.


re a sighting of Ishi prior to the university's expedition


Howerth, I.W.


proposed list of ALK extension lectures


Hrdlicka, A.


[unsigned] letter of appreciation for his "Early Man of South America"


Hutchinson, Lincoln, Dean of the Lower Division


asks heads of departments to recommend courses for sophomores planning to major in their department


Harrington, John P.


Hart, J.P.


re Lovelock Cave excavation


Hawkes, E.W.


re possible graduate work here


Hearst, Phoebe Apperson


Henderson, Victor, Secretary of the Regents


Hewett, Edgar L.


Hodge, F.W.


Holum, M.J., Assistant secretary of the department


Hugill, E.A., Superintendent of Buildings and Grounds

Box 22

J - Miscellaneous


Jesperson, Otto


papers on phonetics sent to him


Joeckel, C.B.


librarian asks for list of reserved books


Johnsone, Otto T.


ALK thanks publisher for a book


Johnston, J. Kemp


request for TTW's address




Jones, Captain Jack


re visit here as informant


Junod, H.A.


return of unrequested book


K - Miscellaneous


Karstens & Thomas


re sign for museum


Kissell, Mary Louise


re loan of slides


Kofoid, C.A.


re gift of shells


Korski, Bernard


Kemp, Edward H.


maker of lantern slides


L - Miscellaneous


Linn, Hugh


arrangement to meet EWG


Lippincott, J.B. Co.


ad for book on statistics


Love, Earnest C.


with ALK re unidentified inscriptions




ALK asks Director of the American Museum of Natural History for data on their Journal


LaFonso, Elmer N.


Indian informant suggests others


Laufer, B.


ALK admires book on Chinese jade and suggests a work outlining periods of Chinese culture




Leupp, Harold L., Associate Librarian


Loud, L.L.


re work at Mountain View and Lovelock Cave


Lummis, Charles F., Secretary of the Southwest Society, AIA


M - Miscellanous


MacCurdy, George Grant


ALK reports on the years activities for the American Yearbook


McNab, James


grants permission to excavate on grounds of Panama Pacific International Exposition


letter reports results


McNab & Smith Draying




McNutt-Kahn & Co.


re demonstration of Schapirograph


McQuaide, Joseph P.


returns musical scores loaned by ALK


Macrichelmann, Werner v.


in German


Markham, G.H.


re Indian attitudes toward ground squirrels


Martin, F.J.


EWG regrets that he can not supply a copy of his lecture on dress and adornment


Marvin, B.K.


ALK sorry to have missed him when South, general news


Maxwell, S.S.


announcement of meeting of the Biological Group


Mechling, William H.


offer of fellowship turned down


Meinhof, Carl


publications on phonetics sent to him


Mell, W.B.


re attendence of the museum furnace


Merrill, Harriet


re class visit to museum


Merrill, W.A.


invitation to organizational meeting of a new archaeological socirty


Mitchell, Jim Thomas


Indian asks ALK about opportunities for dancing at 1915 Fair


ALK says it's too soon to know, gives news of Ralph Moore and invites him to stay at the museum


Moise-Klinker Co.


re bill


Monroe, A.R.


request that he return borrowed books


Moodie, Roy L.


letter recommends John Sterling for a fellowship


Moore, J.J. & Co.


re coal bill


Mott, Charles T.


inquires meaning of Gagoopa, Tehachapi and Kaweah


ALK reply


Mason, J. Alden


Merriam, John C.


Moore, Ralph, Indian informant


collector of Indians stories


N - Miscellaneous


Neandros, Sigurd


wants work making life casts


no funds


Newell, Gwendolan


re Ishi's unauthorized visits to the Medical School


Nichols, William Ford, Bishop


ALK asks him to serve on Archaeological Society Committee for Exploration and Excavation




Newhall, C.C.


[unsigned] tells principal of Oriental Public School that his classes have been well behaved at the museum


Noyes, G.R.


re listing of language and linguistic courses


Nelson, N.C. and Mrs.


re shellmounds and work in New Mexico


O - Miscellaneous


O'Brien, Anna Louise


asks material for article on Indian village


P - Miscellaneous


Pacific Telephone


re bills


Paetow, L.J.


re requisition cards and cataloging of slides


Papey, Joe


does not think that the Indian he saw last year was Ishi and thinks some of his tribe still remains


Peabody, Charles


thinks it might be possible for the American Folklore Society to meet in S.F. in 1915


Peake-Monr Co.


re mortgage payments for L.L. Loud


Peck-Judah Co.


re distribution of museum information pamphlets


Perthes, Justus


printed notice


Peterson, [illegible first name]


writes of finding bones and relics near Morro Bay


Popper, William


invitation to come to organizational meeting of new archaeological society


Power and Pike Sheet Metal Works


re order for tin boxes


Poyser, Arthur and Mrs., museum employee


letter from vacation in London and re his paycheck


Prince, J. Dyneley


request for info on Sumerian and thanks for his reply which is not here


Purcell, Jessie Livinstone


thanks ALK for?


Pugh, Samuel


re Lovelock Cave


Putnam, F. W.


R - Miscellaneous


Rainey, Edward


thanks for postcards


Rea, Robert, S.F. Public Library


please post lecture notices


Recorder of the Faculties


Records of the Past


notice of exhibit for magazine


The Red Man (magazine)


request for copies


Reid, John


thanks for postcards


Remington Typewriter Company


re repair


Reynolds, Charles L.


reports a mound on land settled by his grandfather


Richards, John E.


asks meaning of word coyote




Richardson, Leon


contributions to list of learned societies


invitation to organizational meeting of new archaeological society


Richmond Development Co


offer to let U.C. excavate shellmounds


Rieber, C.H.


report to him re summer session classes


Rogers, John W.


thanks for postcards


Roncovieri, Alfred


details of arrangements for lectures and visits for S.F. grammar school classes


Rousselot, l'Abbé


publications on phonetics sent to him for review


Rowell, J.C., U.C. Librarian


re transfer of coin collection to library


Rust, Mrs.


personal note to ALK


Richardson, Isaac T.


re relics from Lovelock Cave


Riedman, J.W.


missionary at Round Valley doing work on Indian languages


S - Miscellaneous


Salz, H.A.


re excavating mound in his orchard at Benicia


San Francisco Chamber of Commerce


re literature on S.F.


San Francisco Laundry




Sanborn, Vail & Co.


re bills


Scher, Philip G.


missionary wants info on Tache Indians


ALK sends publications and advice on language


Schilling, Hugo K.


re conflict over use of phonetic apparatus


Schweizer, Herman


wants photos for use on postcards


Scott, A.W.


announcement of lecture on dress and adornment sent to principal of Girls' High School


Sierra Art and Engraving Co.




Smith, Eugene Ferry


invites ALK to Indian fiestas near San Diego


Smith, Harlan


two letters from Ottawa


Instituts Solvay


asks info on ALK's activities


Southard, F.D.


order for Ishi postcards


Southern Pacific Operator at Lovelock


please accept anything consigned by L.L. Loud


Sprague, Lucy, Dean of Women


wants to borrow an amphora for the Partheneia


Spring Valley Water Co.


re bills


Stafford, W.G. & Co.


solicits coal business


Stefansson, V.


re Eskimo tale


Stellman, Louis J.


he is asked to return a negative loaned for a newspaper story


Sterens, Elinor


referred to Harvard for an outline for the study of anthropology


Sterling, John


requests a fellowship


he is ineligible


Stilson, J. Mc.


tells of his Deer Creek collection


says he is told that there are still some Indians there


asks how to preserve shell beads


ALK reply


Stratton, G.M.


asks ALK to recommend dealers in Indian curios




Sumner, F.B.


re appointment with ALK


Sunset Publishing House


estimate for pictures


Seler, Eduard


orders pictures of Uhle collection


Swanton, John R.


re Algonkian map


T - Miscellaneous


Tablet and Ticket Co.


orders for gummed letters


Tassell, G.F. Mrs.


order for Ishi postcards


Taussig, R.J.


re permission to excavate on PPIE grounds


Tebbetts, Eleanor


procures an Indian to gather acorns for the museum


Teit, J.A.


requests paper on Kato language


Tilburne, E.O.


re Archaeological Institute of America


Torrey, H.B.


notice of meeting of the biological group


U-V - Miscellaneous


Uhle, Max


thanks for paper


Valuation of museum specimens and number of entries in catalogs


Van Denburgh, E.D.


sends Ishi a hand knit scarlet wool scarf


University Press


W - Miscellaneous


Wadsworth, G.B.


proposal for International Anthroposophical Society


Wallis, Wilson D.


requests for publications


Walton, Charles L.


asks info on Mohaves


not much published yet and she is asked if she knows of any Indians near Lancaster


Western Sheet Metal Works


quote on tin boxes


White Brothers Hardwood


quote on ply drawer bottoms


Whittier-Coburn Co.


order for plate glass shelving


Wicher, Edward A.


asks when Gregory is arriving




Williams, O.F. & Co.


re hardware bills


Wilson, Emma A.


asks suggestions for an Indian name for a fiesta to be held at Chico




Wilson, F.R.


request to see human remains at his place near Elmhurst


Winants, N.


re mound and fresh water lake at Presidio


Wood, W.C.


please distribute announcements to Alameda schools


Warburton, A.


reports museum news to absent ALK


Waterman, T.T.


Wheeler, Benjamin Ide, President of the University


Wheeler, Helen V.


re insurance on museum collections


Wier, Jeanne Elizabeth, Secretary of the Nevada Historical Society


re purchase of Lovelock Cave material


Wilcomb, C.P. curator of the Oakland Public Museum


Zachert, John


re identifying spider


Subseries 4: Correspondence, 1913-1957

Physical Description: Box 23-184

Scope and Content Note

Arranged alphabetically by name of correspondent. Note: museums are listed under "M" for museum, then by country, city, then by name of institution. Universities and institutes are often filed by important keyword; e.g., the University of Alaska is filed under Alaska; however, files pertaining to various office of the University of California are filed under "U."


Box 23

Abell, Emma M.


1913-1917, correspondence and unsolicited manuscripts (religious fanatic?)


Abend, Yetta


1932, 1934, ALK and RLO letters of recommendation


Aberle, David


1953, ALK suggests reviewers for book by Bidney


Aberle, Kathleen Gough


1955-1956, with DGM re career plans and DGM letter of recommendation for Guggenheim


Abbot, H.D., Mrs


1955, cover letter sent with publication by her father, C. Hart Merriam


Abbott, Clinton C.


1928-1931, Secretary of the Smithsonian, re joint work


1932-1933, Director of the San Diego Museum


1936, back at Smithsonian


Abley, Jean


1926-1927, with RLO re work in Tahiti and other matters


Abraham, Peter Ferdinand


1946-1951, re PhD. candidacy and fellowship


Academia de Ciencias Exactas Fisicas Naturales de Lima


1939, ALK elected Associate Academician


Academia Nacional de Ciencas Antonio Alzate


1931, announcement of 1930 conference, 1931, ALK elected correspondent


Academia Sinica

see Lo Ch'ang-P'el


Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia

see Fowler, Henry W.


Ackerknecht, Erwin H., M.D.


1942-1955, medical historian


Acta Anthropologica, publicada por la Sociadad de Alumnos de la Escuela Natioal de Antropologica de Mexico


announcement of first issue, 1945


Adair, Peter


n.d. invitation to staff to see his Appalachia films


Adam, Leonhard


1949-1954, University of Melbourne


Adams, Dorothy F.L.


1922-1926, graduate student and reader


Adams, Douglas S.


1916-1947, re possible acquisitions and visit to museum


Adams, E.P.


n.d., Professor of Philosophy thanks and comments on ALK's paper "On the Principle of Order etc."


Adams, Evelyn C.


asks RHL to promote her book, "American Indian Education"


Adams, William Howard


1962, invites MJH to exhibit of primitive art in Kansas City


MJH declines


Adams, Inez


1947-1949, re Burma


Adams, James F.


1948, RFH letter of advice


Adams, Joan


1951, request for publications


Adams, Richard


1956, asks if a position is available




Adams, Robert McCormick


1940, job offer


RHL says all graduate students are otherwise engaged


Adams, William


1950, wants works on Maya


referred to library


Adams, William Y.


1950, EWG regrets no financing as yet for work in the Palau Islands


Adamson, Olive


1964, re loan of pictures of Cambodian heads


Adans, A.


1946, Belgian publishers wants pictures of Indians


referred to publications


University of Adelaide


Adler, Herman


1932, re teaching of Criminology at the university



see Tubbs


Africa, Africanists


International Institute for Afroamerican Studies


1944, proposal for study of Negro population


Aga-Oglu, Kamer, Mrs.


1950, re loan of porcelain fragments


Agencia Mexica


1942, solicits subscription to ARS


Aginsky, Bernard W.






Agrawal, Satya


1956, from DGM to Fischel re teaching of Indic languages


Aguero Y Osma, J. de la Rivam


1938, Professor of the History of Peru


Aho, Ilma Ruth


1951, [unsigned] letter of recommendation for a fellowship


Aiken, Charles


1949, congratulates RHL on Faculty Research Lectureship


Ainslee, Kate Elizabeth


[unsigned] letter of recommendation


Air World Education


1952, announcement of Middle East study tour


Aitken, Barbara


1927, re maps for Braille version of "Anthropology"


1933, re Yavapai work

See also Freire-Marreco


Aitken, Robert T.


1916, [unsigned] sends publications on Mexico


Aiyappan, A.


1949, re DGM trip to India


1955, TDMcC advises on source of anthropopometric equipment


Akehurst, Marian Smith


1954, secretary sends publications and news

See also Smith, Marian W.


University of Alabama

Box 24

Alameda County. Committee for the Prevention of Juvenile Delinquency




Alameda County Tuberculosis Association


1947, faculty members are requested to have chest x-rays


University of Alaska


1940, sends Geist and Rainey publications to EWG


Albaugh, Reuben


1934, wants info on petroglyphs


notation answered by Steward




1936, request that highway crew let the department know when they cut through a shell mound


Albig, J.W.


1947, ALK recommends several people for positions at U. Illinois


Albrecht, Andrew






1942-1944, Bowman research


Aldrich, Charles R.


1931, ALK discourages him from studying here


Aldridge, Marjorie


1925-1936, departmental secretary


Aldridge, William S.


1960, 1964, asks info on Indian costumes and beadwork


Alexander, Annie M.


1947, with EWG re water colors of birds of Fiji


1949, re Massey's expenses


Alexander, Frederic C.


1957, asks EWG's advice on shell collecting


Allard, Elisabeth


1944, social anthropologist visits here on way to Australia where she will be in charge of education of evacuated Indonesian children


Allchin, Bridget


1956, DGM opinion of her proposed work in India


Allen, Albert A.


1940, ALK advises he offer his stone mortar to museum at U. Oregon


Allen, Glover M.


1919-1921, loan of Canidae remains for research for his paper "Dogs of the American Aborigines"


Allen, Harold


1946, wants pictures for new edition of "Art Through the Ages"


referred to other sources


Allen, Harold B.


1940, does ALK know of any work on Chammorran language?


nothing since Safford


Allen, Hugh S.


1924, re painted rocks on Carissa Plain


Allen, James T.


1938, re loan of specimens to Greek Department


1939, re local chapter of AIA


Allen, Maude Rex


n.d., to EWG re her work


Aring, Barbara


1964, asks info on ceremonial paddle


FAN gives references


Allende, Amadeo Baez


1935, one letter in Spanish


Alliot, Hector


1914-1916, curator of the Southwest Museum


Allison, Muriel R.


1926, ALK recommendation for fellowship


Allport, Floyd H.


1928, 1934, re inclusion of study of ALK's work in case book methods in the social sciences


Alpert, Harry


1938, RHL's reaction to his review of "History"


Alpha Epsilon Sigma


minutes, correspondence, membership lists, business of the executive committee


Alsberg, Carl




Altieri, Radames




Altman, Ralph




Altman, Ralph Memorial Fund




Altrocchi, Rudolph


1947, invitation to his lecture on Dante


Altus, W.D.


1945, asks where to publish data on heights and weights of various linguistic and racial groups among Army illiterates


RHL suggests American Journal of Physical Anthropology

Box 25

Amago, Mystica A.


1919-1920, requests copies of recordings of songs by her uncles


sent gratis along with papers on Luiseños


Amartey, Kofi


1938, wants to do graduate work here


not qualified


Ambrose, Genevieve


1923, RHL recommends her to Oxford


American Academy


1947, TDMcC supports grant application for Movius


American Academy of Arts and Sciences


1939-1955, re grants


American Academy of Asian Studies


announcement of courses, 1955-1956


American Academy of Political and Social Science


1941, 1944, 1955


American Anthropological Association


1917-1935, New Society


1945 constitution


ALK file


American Anthropological Association 1941-1947


American Anthropological Association




American Anthropological Association




American Anthropological Association




American Anthropological Association




American Anthropological Association


Western States Branch, 1951, 1953


American Anthropologist




American Antiquarian Society


1942, re book fund


American Antiquity



Box 26

American Association for the Advancement of Science




American Association for the Advancement of Science


1923, MacDougal, D.T.


American Association for the Advancement of Science


1920-27, Stebbins, Joel


American Association for the Advancement of Science


1928, Vestal, A.G.


American Association of Museums


American Association of Physical Anthropologists




American Association of Scientific Workers


1940, asks ALK to sign a peace resolution


ALK refuses


American Association of University Professors




American Association of University Women




American Association on Indian Affairs

see Hoebel, E.A.


American Book Company


1934, ALK's opinion of Shaw's "Trends of Civilization" and ALK possibly writing a history of civilization


American Committee for Democracy and Intellectual Freedom


American Committee for Emigré Scholars, Writers & Artists


American Council on Education




American Council, Institute of Pacific Relations


n.d., ALK's opinion asked on Thompson book


American Council of Learned Societies




American Ethnological Society




American Eugenics Society


1927, RHL tells them why he will not join


American Federation of Arts


1956, re exhibit


American Field Service Fellowships for French Universities


1929, ALK and RHL letters of recommendation for Lloyd Warner


American Folklore Society




American Geographical Society




American Foundation


program for film "Unveiling Qataban"


American Friends Service Committee


1949, RLO accepts, DGM declines participation in sevice seminar


American Graduate School in Denmark




American Historical Review




American Institute of Biological Sciences




American Institute of Human Paleontology


1951, re grant for reproduction of casts


American Institute of Pacific Relations


1952, DGM comments on papers on India-America relations by Appadorai and Spaeth


American Journal of Archaeology


1947, re DGM review of book by Feibleman


American Journal of Psychiatry




American Journal of Sociology




American Men of Science


The American Mercury




The American Naturalist


1945, tells new format and policy


American Numismatic Society


1927, WES asks help in identifying bronze buttons with French prase found in Indian graves


American Oriental Society


1949, invites DGM to give paper

Box 27

American Peoples Encyclopedia


1945, solicits ALK's help with revision of Nelson's


American Philosophical Society




American Smelting and Refining co.


re Peruvian metals, 1929


American Society of Human Genetics


n.d., membership drive


American Society of Naturalists


1936 ALK elected


1946, program for meeting


American Sociological Society


1950, invites EWG to join


1956 meeting


American Southest Asiatic Expedition for Cenozoic Geology and Early Man


1938, Third scientific field report


American-Soviet Science Society




International Congress of Americanists


Amerind Foundation


1948, 1955, re publications


Ames, Charles Lesley


1949, with DGM re India


Ames, David




Amo, Edward R.


1948, wants book list for private study




Amoss, Harold L., Jr.


1947 re PhD


1955 clipping about work in Afganistan


Amsbury, Clifford


1932, re possible position at Nebraska


Amsbury, Clifton


1945, re Noyo River sites


Amsden, Charles




Amyx, Darrell A.


1946-1953, professor of Art


Institute of Andean Research






Anders, John C.


1947, DGM asks for his lists of India and Southeast Asia material


Anderson, Arthur


1931, recommendations for fellowship


Anderson, Bill


1946, secretary informs him of death of Jean Johnson


Anderson, Dorothy Ann


1944, 1946, re possible study here


Anderson, Edgar


1943-1949, re prehistoric corn


Anderson, F.G., Jr.


1940, requests info on Indian languages


ALK sends reprints


Anderson, F.W.


1932, postcard about work in Alaska


Anderson, Frank G.


1950, looking for position


Anderson, Frederick


1931, of Stanford, tries to get grant for Uldall


Anderson, Hamilton H.


1950, with EWG re pharmaceutical qualities of plants used by Indians


Anderson, Harvey J.


1937, re site in Marin County


Anderson, Jack C.


1941, re possible graduate work here


Anderson, James O.


1945, wants suggestions for private study, RHL reply


Anderson, Robert T.


1949-1956, re PhD and work in Denmark


Anderson, T.W.


1936, sends obituary clipping of Indian dancer


Anderton, John E.


1930, makes arrangements to discuss Mayan writing with RHL


Andreini, Christina


1949, re role of public speaking among Indian groups


Andrade, Manuel J.


1941, re Quechua dialect


Andress, Shirley M.


1932, RLO identifies Kern County skeleton


Andrews, Richard S.


1948, inquires about Lemurians of Mt. Shasta region


TDMcC says unknown

Box 28

Angamarre, Raoul


1952, governor of New Caledonia


Angel, John Lawrence




Angeleski, Ljubomir


1953, unable to study here


Angleman, Sydney


n.d., list of courses taken


Anglim, John E.


1950, seeks position in museum


EWG reply


Angus, H.F.


1946, ALK recommends Homer Barnett to U. British Columbia


Antevs, Ernst


1945, re foxes on islands


1951, re possible lecture here


Anthony, H.M.


1933, re pictograph near Coalinga


Anthropological research in Ibero-America and Anglo-America, ALK

see Vivó, Jorge


Anthropological Society of Bombay




Anthropological Society of Washington D.C.


1932, re ALK's expenses






Antioch Review

see Bixler, Paul




subscription solicited


Antoine, Herbert




Antony, Brother Claudius


1935-1936, re EWG's work in New Mexico


Appleton publishers




Appleton, Leroy H.


1932, re his book on Indian art


Applied anthropology training


1946, statement of need


Arabol Manufacturing Co.


1941, re metalol and lithol


Arandú libros Argentinos y Americanos




Archaeological Institute of America




Archaeological News Letter




Archaeological Society of Southern California

see Johnston, F. Robert






Committee for Old World Archaeology




Arctic Health Research Center


Arctic Institute




Ardiff, V. deYoung


1938, with EWG re Clipperton Island


Ardzrooni, Leon


1931, exchange of news with RHL


Arensberg, Conrad M.


1938.1940, re his publications on Iceland


Argentina-Sociedad Argentina de Antropologia


1938, ALK elected corresponding member



see Dreidemie, Inbelloni, Cigliano


Ariss, Robert M.




Arizona Anthropological Association




University of Arizona




University of Arkansas


Armer, Laura Adams




Armitage, Margaret H.


1935, permission to copy photographs for British publication


Armstong, E.A.


1935, British clergyman inquires about thunderbirds


Armstrong, Edythe Sage


1940, inquires re graduate work


Armstrong, Robert G.




Arndt, Armin W.


1946, RFH thanks him for illustrations


Arne, B.


1935, ALK to SERA re Radin's work on Italians


Arneil, W.S.


1949, Indian Commissioner for British Columbia requests RLO publication


Arnold, A.S.


1937, secretary of the Egypt Exploration Society wants complete illustrated list of all Egyptian objects in the museum


EWG says impossible as there are over 20,000 and refers to publications


Arnold, Nellie H.


1939, EWG and others fail to identify an old brass button


Aronson, Moses J.


1933-1938, editor, Journal of Social Philosophy


Arpee, Levon Harris


1937, request for ALK publications


Arrowsmith, Harold N.


1946-1949, student


Art Council Aids


1954, thanks for picture of Maori wooden box


Ascoli, Max


1940, RHL recommends Levi-Strauss to the New School for Social Research


Ashley-Montague, M.F.


1947, asks ALK opinion on a paper which is not in this folder


Ashton, J.W.


1946, RHL regrets unable to do a book review for Journal of American Folklore




1947, to Worman re prospects here


Asia (magazine) 1940, sends RHL issue with Boas article on race




Asia Foundation


1956, letter introduces Masao Oka to EWG


Asiatic Studies


1946, draft of plan for group major


Ashkenazi, Touvia


1935, 1949


Asling, Clarence Willet


1951, re academic promotion



see U.S. Army Specialized Training Program and Barrett, S.A. 1943


Associated Oil Co.


1916, re petroglyphs


Asociacion Argentina para el Progreso de las Ciencias


1935, invites paper from ALK


Association of American College


1941, re arts program


Association of American Geographers


ALK asks use of Fenneman map


Association on American Indian Affairs, Inc.




Astronomical Society of the Pacific


1948, RHL orders publications for Mach in Germany


Astrov, Margot




Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railway Co.


1936, re lawsuit over Walapai lands


Atlanta Public Library


1951, TDMcC recommends Nona Willoughny


Atlantic Monthly


1954, RHL submits manuscript


Attica prison


1947, prisoner writes to ALK re ethnological philosophy


Atwood, W.L




Western Audograph, Inc.




Augustin, J.J.


1940, announces Anthropos Booksellers


Augustine, E.


1927, EWG asks about cliff dwellings near Niland


says it's a false report


Aukberg, Reba T.


1938, with EWG re shrunken heads


Aung, Maung Htin


DGM review of his Burmese Folk Tales


Austin, Charles B.


1937, ALK answers questions about Suisuns and Costanos


Austin, Mary


1915, re gift of specimens to museum


1933, re Guggenheim






Australian National Research Council


1922, re Pan-Pacific Research Council


Australian National University




Austro-American Institute of Education




Avias, Jacques




Ax, Albert F.


1947, DGM recommends books on India



Box 29

Ba, Tran Xuan


1944, re Annamese program


Babcock, E.B.


1940-1950, Professor of Genetics, College of Agriculture


Bach, A.M.


1949, wants basket appraisal


referred to Counter




RHL book review


Bacon, Elizabeth E.



See also Hudson, Alfred E.


Bacon, Helen


1948, wants to have Shawnee song translated


referred to Voegelin


Bacon, Leonard


1940-1941, with ALK


1948, DGM thanks him for references


Baerreis, David A.


1954, JHR inquires about his trip to Peru


Bagby, Philip H.


1953, ALK recommendation to Bollingen Foundation


Baguio Colleges, Philippines


1952, TDM thanks for carvings




1951, from TDMcC to Cornell re skeletal material


Bailey, Ethel G.


1925, wants info on Luisenos


[unsigned] gives references


Bailey, Richard C.


1951, re basket maker


1953, re archaeological survey and mummy


Bailey, Wesley T.


1939, RLO invites him to a barbeque


Baillou, Renate


1929-1936, re her work on Chimu pottery


Baima, Val & Lillybel


1965, re Indian pestle found near Nevada City


Bain, Mavis


1940, re possible graduate work here


Bain, Read


1921-1934, Sociology Professor


Baird, Helen S.


EWG recommends her to medical school


Baird, James B.


1958, Weyer advises on care of old baskets


Baird, James W.


1965, ABE writes about petroglyphs


Baird, Margaret B.


1948, EWG advises on care of baskets


Baker & Taylor, book dealers


1955, secretary refers book orders to proper places


Baker, Elizabeth


1926, RHL recommends Marion Harron to Barnard College


Baker, Frank C.


1924-1927, identifies fresh water shells


Baker, Margaret


1938-1939, with EWG re her training at Newark Museum


Baker, Raleigh D.


1952, asks what Indians lived near Castle Air Force Base


TDMcC gives references on Yokuts


Bakersfield College


1950, asks info on introductory course


TDMcC reply


Baldus, Herbert


1938-1953, in German


Baldwin, Carey N.


1946, EWG accepts invitation to lunch for self, wife and four graduate students


Baldwin, Gordon C.


1939-1946, with EWG re shell artifacts


Balfour, Donald C.


1942, ALK letter of recommendation to Mayo Foundation


Balgooyen, Ted


1955, with RHL re Indian oratory


Balkan area


1952, TDMcC letter of introduction for Vera Stein Erlich


Ball, Jau Don




Ball, Katherine M.


1940, asks ALK to confer with Japanese scholar who claims Japanese are of Jewish origin


ALK refuses on grounds that he does not know Hebrew or Japanese


Ball, Thomas


1914, EWG says ALK in East, will reply on return


note to EWG from ALK says don't pass the buck like this


Ballard, Arthur C.


1921-1930, re publication of "Puget Sound Tales"


Ballard, E.B., Mrs.


1924, re Salinan and Costanoan words


Ballard, J. Sterling


1937, re mortar


Ballard, James F.


1928, sends book to ALK in thanks for trying to identify a Peruvian weaving


Banchio, F.J.


1948, EWG sends references on Ishi and his tribe


Bandelier, Fanny R.


1928, re publication of her husband's plans of Peruvian ruins


1932, sends ALK her translation of Sahagun


Bandi, Hans-Georg


1949, re Felix Speiser memorial volume


Bang, Thomas B.


n.d., Barclay Raunkiaer letter of recommendation


Bank of America




Banks, Edgar J.


1913-1936, re Babylonian antiquities


Bankson, Russell A.


1943, RHL gives references on Ute to Information Officer of Topaz relocation camp


Bannon, John Francis


1939, re PhD candidacy


Barbaccia, Joseph C.


1963, requests films on Indians for Tulane Medical school


list sent


Barber, Charles L.


1947, wants books on anthropology, RFH reply


Barclay, Wanda H.


1966, FAN identifies scarab ring


Barcus, Robert K.


1941, sends detailed report on Indian site in Santa Monica mountains


Bard, Margaret


1922-1923, to RHL re her work in the Southwest


Barkelew, F.E.


1933, with EWG re unusual spear point


Barker, Edna K.


1942, asks about Alameda mound


EWG reply


Barker, Roger G.


1933, tells ALK that NRC turned down grant for investigation of race differences


Barley, Clyde


1940, re mortar found near Red Bluff


Barley, Henry W.


1938, orders Indian maps for New York advertising agency


Barlow, Robert H.




1951, Bernal notifies ALK of his death


Barnes & Noble


1947, sends RHL complimentary copy of Jacobs and Stern book


Barnes, Harry Elmer




Barnett, Chas. W.


1952, thanks for picture of petroglyph


Barnett, Homer G.




Barnett, J.H.


1942, re opening at U. Connecticut


Barnett, Milton


1955, visiting scholar




1949, RHL and DGM unable to contribute to Century Cyclopedia of Names


Baroja, Julio Caro


1956, re financing of lectureship

Box 30

Barr, Doris


1925, re use of her father's notes and collection by E. J. Dawson


Barr, James A.


1913-1927, manager, Bureau of Conventions and Societies PPIE


1927, re collection




1951, announcement of lecture


Barrenechea, Raul P.


1951, TDMcC regrets unable to attend Congress of Peruvianists


Barrett, S.A.














1940, Exposition receipts and related materials




Barrett, Theodore


1953, with EWG re Fred Barrett


Barrios, M.K.


1934, re petroglyph in Sonora, in Spanish


Barrows, Albert L.


secretary, Pacific Division of AAAS


Barrows, David P.




Barry, J. Neilson


1934-1935, re Oregon artifacts

Box 31

Bartet, E.E.


1944, re stone tool


Bartholomew, George


1941, ALK letters of recommendation


Bartlett, H.H.


1937, re exchange of publications


Bartlett, Katherine


1938, re EWG's Yavapai paper


Barton, Roy Franklin




Barwig, G.A.


1937, re Crow artifacts


Bascom, Frank


1940-1946, re petroglyphs


Bascom, William


acknowledgements of reprints


changes of address


collectors, collecting, exhibits


employment requests and misc.




papers etc.


letters to publishers


Mrs. Bascom


orders for books




publication misc.


info requests


museum business copies






visiting lectures


publications and related correspondence


correspondence, 1936-1940, 1957-1958

Box 32

Basehart, Harry


1954, RFH asks if he is interested in a position


Bass, C.M.


1935, asks how to preserve bones


EWG reply


Bateson, Gregory




Batrawi, A.


1948, EWG thanks for reprint


Bauer, Anna Z.


1930, student


Bauer, Catherine


1955, GMF thanks her for participating in series on Value Theory


Baumhoff, Martin A.




Baur, Cyril


1953, requests Papago publications for use at mission in Arizona


Bauxer, J. Joe


1948, re possible graduate work here


Bayard, Samuel P.


1953, thanks RHL for favorable comments on a folklore article


Bayer, Raymond


RHL regrets unable to attend a meeting in Paris


Bayles, Edith Hill


1924, wants publications on Santa Barbara area


RHL reply


Baynes, P. Godwin


1930, with ALK re shamans


Beach, D.M.


1938, requests interview with ALK re his career


Beadner, Jay


1954, 13 year old boy asks if Piltdown man is a fake


EWG says it is


Beaglehole, Ernest and Pearl




Beale, Howard K.


1942, asks RHL opinion of anthropology departments at other colleges for the purpose of relocating Japanese American students




Beals, Alan Robin


1951, re PhD exam


Beals, Ralph






Beames, Stephen


1953, maker of model skulls


Bean, Darrel E.


1951, wants info on Yurik


EWG sends references


Bear Claw, Hartford


1942, RHL writes to Crow Indian


Beardsley, Grace


1945, re work on Mexican textiles


Beardsley, Richard K.




Beatty, Harry A.


1947, re purchase of primate skeletons from Liberia


Beaumont, Texas, Park superintedent


asks advice on setting up a museum


ALK reply


Beaver, Jeannette H.


1915, helps ALK with Hoopa language


Beazley, John


1949, re visit here and feather garment


Beck, R.H.


1935, re accusations against the Whitney Expedition


1937, re photographs of Fijiian girls


Beck, Walter Georg


1952, data sheet


Becker, Gilbert B.


1951, EWG thanks for Russian publications


Becker, Howard


1941, sends papers to ALK and RHL


Beckman, Sarah


1933, re possible study here


Beckwith, Martha


1919, ALK with Boas re her work


1921, 1946


Beder, Eva


1936, EWG letter of recommendation


Bedichek, Roy


1918, re ALK's course, anthropology of the Bible


1927, re Indian stone grinding and race differences


Bebbe, Helen R.


1937, EWG identifies pot and basket


Beecher, Regina


1936-1937, re Lake County Pomos


Beeler, M.S.


1953, thanks for publications


Beery, Charles


1943, RLO recommendation to medical school


Beggs, Jack M.


1951, wants info on Bagobo


EWG gives references


Beggs, Thomas M.


1947, re return of specimens loaned to Pomona College


Bekeart, Phil B.


1917, re mounds and skeletal material on his ranch


Bekins Van and Storage


1931, EWG expresses satisfaction with the museum move


BeLieu, Joann


1965, with FAN re Proconsul


Bell, Earl H.


1937, re earth ovens


1938, re Poncas


Bell, Hazel


1947, RFH says no evidence on giants in desert


Bell, Howard H.


1942, letters of recommendation for Navy commission


Bell, Tony


1926-1929, Indian, with EWG


Bellamy, Raymond


1928, re work on hair color


1956, re visit of anthropology class of College of the Pacific


Belshaw, Cyril S.


1956, re position here


Bellue, Margaret K.


1937-1939, identifies seeds from Lovelock Cave


Beltrán, Gonzalo


1955, sends publications to GMF and invites him to visit Mexico


Benayahr, Meir


1949, exchange of publications


Benayas, Juan


1951, sends RHL his work on Incas


Bendam, E.


1916, asks for position


ALK says no hope


Bender, Albert M.


1940, ALK invites him to exhibit of primitive art


Bender, Robert J


1944, tells EWG of his research on social communication


Bendix, Jane


1951-1954, re employment as senior draftsman


Bendix, Reinhard


1955, RHL borrows papers from Second World Congress of Sociology

Box 33

Benedict, M.A.


1930, EWG asks help in locating Indian sites


Benedict, Paul K.


1938-1943, supervisor of Sino-Tibetan language project


1941, outline of thesis


Benedict, Ruth




Benfield, Bernard




Bengali Institute of American Culture


see Sarkar


Benjamin, [?]


1912, thanks ALK for publication


Benjamin, Jack Parsell


1933, RLO letters of recommendation


Benjamin, William,


1919, unable to come to city


1924, thanks ALK for gift of clothing


Benjamin Franklin Library of Mexico City


announces microfilm and photostat laboratory


Bennett, Charlie


1919, Indian informant invited to the city, then told not to come because another accepted first


Bennett, Dorothy


1963, wants to lecture and show aboriginal art


referred to UCLA


Bennett, John W.




Bennett, Walter W.


1934, with EWG re films of birds


Bennett, Wendell C.




Benno Swabe & Co.


re RHL review of Bachofen's book


Bennyhoff, James A.




Bense, Frederick


1945, EWG thanks for clipping on adobe


Benson, Gloria


1946, [unsigned] recommendation for scholarship


Benson, O.O.


1947, with TDMcC re positions in Medical Corps


Benson, Seth B.


1948, EWG sends bones for identification


Benson, William


1920-1923, Kalanaponen informant


Bentley, Madison


1932-1934, re ALK contribution to The Problem of Mental Disorder


Benton, Hope


1932, re possible graduate work here


Berchek, George


1954, wants very old Indian pictures


EWG says doesn't know of any


Berg, Adelyne


1947, DGM suggests Indian names


Berge, M.F.


1946, asks ALK to contribute an article to Chemins du Monde




Bergfors, Gustaf


1927, visits here


Bergsoe, Paul


1938, ALK thanks for metallurgical monographs


Bergtold, W.H.


1926, asks info on Ishi, references given


sends pamphlet on Mexico and later supplies on request photos in it to be made into slides




1946, ALK makes traffic suggestions


Chief of Police says Spanish prisoner letter rec'd by EWG was turned over to postal authorities


Berkeley Gazette


1949, re cradle boards


1952, U.C. denies Egypt charges of keeping historic objects


1952, re International Symposium


1956, thanks for publicity


Berkeley Police


1937, chief with ALK re Garth's survey


Berkeley Postmaster


1941, re removal of foreign stamps from incoming mail


1952, please send museum mail to museum and not department


1952, EWG explains where Sarawak is


Berkson, Joseph


1925, re relationship of race to disease


Bernal, Ignacio


1951, informs ALK of Barlow's death


Bernard, Joseph R.


1914, appreciation of ALK lecture


Bernard, L.L.


1928, request for info for Encyclopedia of Social Sciences


reply not in file


Bernard, R.B.


1932-1946, re Indian collection and mounds near Santa Cruz


Bernard, Theos


1945, exchange of publications


Bernatzik, Hugo


1949, requests photos of Esquimaux, not answered


1955, RHL gives publisher opinion of his photography


Bernays, Edward L.


1944-1946, sends writings to EWG and RHL


Berndt, Ronald


1940-1946, re possible study here


1955, re visit here


Berne, Frederick A., Mrs.


1931, wants pictures of Peruvian and Mound Builders pottery


EWG gives references


Berneck, Fred


1946, re enrollment of Igel's daughter


Berneck, Otto


1952, from RHL re how pupils were addressed in a German school




1941, RHL to American Friends Service Committee re visa for him


Berntsen, Carl


1941, ALK recommendation to medical school


1942, special exam in course 103B


Berreman, Joel V.




Berrien, William


1942, re possible position in Brazil for Jean Johnson


Berry, Martha


1949, wants info on Chemehuevis


EWG reply


Berry, Rose V.S.


1934-1940, ALK advises on her manuscript, The Southwest Through the Eyes of the Artist


Berry, S.S.


1935-1941, with EWG re shell identification


Bertelson, Palne


1945, wants numerals from one to ten in Indian languages


ALK sends paper


Bertholet, Alfred


1934, with RHL on location of Congress


Berwick, Edward


1923, re aid for Loomis


1933, appreciation of ALK's radio talks


Bessac, Frank B.


1948, secretary sends graduate reading list


1956, RFH letter of recommendation


Bessaignet, Pierre


1947, 1950


Bethel, Elsworth


1914, re Colorado place names and Arapaho


Better Homes and Gardens


1950, asks info on museum collections


EWG reply


Bewley, Luther


1933, wants Garvan material on Philippine languages for adult education in the Philippines


ALK reply


Beyer, H. Otley




Beyer, Hermann




Beyer, Dolores Silva




Beynon, William


1934-1939, asks support of his work and offers Tsimshian material


ALK says no funds

Box 34

Bickel, B.


1923, re job search


Biddle, Henry J.




Bidney, David




Bierman, Agnes


1950, applies to join field project in Micronesia


EWG reply


Bierman, Bernard


1940, 1946, re his daughter's studies


Bieter, Raymond N.


1950, EWG asks citations for his publications on Indian use of medicinal plants


reply not in file


Bigbee, Guy R.


1943, asks material on Paiutes for missionary work at Nixon, Nevada


Bigge Drayage Co.


1953, secretary compliments on good job of moving a stone sarcophagus


Bigmouth, Percy


1935-1940, Mescalero Apache


Bignall, Reva


1942, seeks translator for material in Tubuai


EWG suggestions


Bilderback, Norman C.


1941-1948, scientific illustrator


Bill, Whiskey


1913, EWG sends photo of him


Billigmeier, Robert


1941, re his program in sociology


Binder, J.W.


1933, re Lemurian race in America


Binder, Rudolph


1929, re studying sociology here


Binderup, W.F.


1950, EWG gives opinion on piece of carved bamboo dug up in S.F.


Billings Memorial Library


1948, wants RHL book on Crow


RHL reply


Bingham, Hiram


1915, publications sent to EWG


1950, TDMcC's opinion on his memorial


Bingham, W.V.


1920, planning visit here


Bingham, Woodbridge




Bingham, Mrs. Woodbridge


1961, thanks for arranging tea at preview of Art and Archaeology of Vietnam exhibition




1952, memos re visit here


Biographical Encyclopedia of the World




Bioletti, Dorothea


1926, RHL and ALK letter of recommendation


Biological Abstracts




Bird, Junius B.


1944-1953, American Museum of Natural History


Birdsall, J.B.




Birge, Raymond T.


1949, RHL's comments on Menzel's suggestions to authors


1955, RHL congratulates him on retirement


Birk, Louis P.


1935, proposes new publishing house


ALK reply


Birket-Smith, Kaj




Birrell, Verla


1955, inquires about courses


JHR reply


Birth Control Review


1922, 1931


Bisharat, Maurice H.


1957, wants publications on Ishi


referred to library


Bishop, C.W.




Bishop, Louis B.


1928, re Leverett M. Loomis


Bixler, Paul


1942, on editorial board of The Antioch Review


Black, Charles W.


1957-1967, re visits of classes from Modesto Junior College


Black, Davidson


1931-1933, Peiping Union Medical College


Black, Glenn A.


1947, 1951


Black, Mark


1960, 1962, wants info on Indians


books suggested


Black, William H.


1948, refiling thesis and incomplete grade


Black Mountain College


1953, announcement of an Institute of the New Sciences of Man


Blackford, George E.


1942, re pictographs near Fort Ross


Blackburn, John F.


1927, letter and newspaper clipping re survey of mounds in Illinois


Blade, T.


1938, EWG identifies rubbing of Aztec stone calendar


Blair, William


1943, RLO letter of recommendation


Blaisdell, Alan

see International House


Blake, Anson S.


1940, ALK invites him and wife to exhibit of Primitive Art




Blake, Marion Darling


1924, re work with Cahuilla


Blaker, Alfred A.


1966, thanks for letting extension photography class visit the exhibit hall and reports progress on book to ABE


Blakeslee, George


1915, ALK sends article on Serbians to Journal of Race Development


1917, ALK declines to review Madison Grant's book


1917, Blakeslee grants permission to include Huntington article in a syllabus


Blakiston, P.


1921, [unsigned] letter praises Wilder's "Anthropometry"


Blanchard, Dean B.


1949, asks EWG to look at his work on Munurucus of Brazil


Blancquaert, E.


1938, ALK invited to participate in Third International Congress for Phonetics




Bland, Frank D.


1956, Kay Eckman identifies cow bones


Bleeker, C.J.


1949, RHL gives advice on Congress for the History of Religion


Bleeker, Sonia


1955, asks EWG to review her juvenile books on Indians before publication


EWG's comments not in this folder


Bleil, Alice Borlin


1929, sends map, article and letter of advice on how to visit ruins at Angkor


Bliss, Wesley


1950, asks TDMcC for advice on getting funding for an excavation necessary for his dissertation


Bloch, Bernard


1941, ALK sends article for Language




Block, Fred


1947-1953, producer of color slides for art education re photographing museum material


Block, Gwendolyn


1938-1956, secretary and editor for the department and museum


Blom, Frans




Bloom, Carol


1940, re possible graduate work


Bloomfield, Leonard




Blos, May


1945, re visit with EWG


Bloud and Gay


1937, French publisher requests photo from ALK Handbook


Bloxham, John


1947, from ALK re making of slides


Blumberg, James Avrom


1947, DGM letters of recommendation to law schools


Blue Cross (hospital insurance)




Blumenstock, David I.


1937-1939, includes plans for his agricultural study


Blumenthal, Albert


1937-1945, with ALK re AB's writings on culture


Blumer, Herbert


1940, 1952, with ALK re publications on women's fashions

Box 35

Boas, Franz












National Academy 1929-1932


Linguistics 1929-1932


Linguistics 1932-1941


Bobbs-Merrill Co.


1927, ALK's opinion of Ward's "Exploring the Universe"


1932, ALK unable to supply reprint


Boccassino, Renato




Bodet, Jaime Torres


1951, ALK accepts appointment as corresponding member of Scientific and Cultural History of Mankind (UNESCO)


Boekelman, H.J.


1929-1935, re shells and shell mounds


Bohannon, Paul


1960, 1961, with Bascom re job applicants


Boise Junior College


1948, Baker requests exam questions for use with RHL's "Cultural Anthropology"


1952, Bakers asks info on field courses


1953, RLO sends references on customs and courtesy


Bolander, S.P.H.


1939, EWG sends references on petroglyphs


Bolling, G.M.


1927-1938, editor of Language


Bollingen Foundation


1949, clipping of letter defending it


1953, ALK letter of recommendation for Philp Bagby


Bolt, Thomas L.


1956, secretary asks his whereabouts and tells news


Bolton, Arthur L.


1917, 1939, curator of the Oakland Public Museum


Bolton, H.E.


1918-1940, Professor of History


University of Bombay


Bonar, Lee


1943, 1950, Professor of Botany


Bond Brothers importers


1913, offers loan of Samoan tapa cloths


Bond, R.M.


1942, gives papers on European prehistory


Boné, Edouard


1950, wants to get PhD. in Physical Anthropology


TDMcC recommends some other places


Bondurant, Joan


1948, from DGM re India


Bonilla, Manuel


1941, re petroglyph publications


Bonin, Gerhardt von


1939, EWG requests a reprint


Bonnacoff, George


1936, request for publication


Bonner, Adela


1946, describes visits to Indian sites in the Southwest


Bonner, E.C.


1918-1945, old grad, mostly about Modocs

Box 36

Book League of America


1928, re RHL's review of Boas book


Boodberg, P.A.


1942-1943, Professor of Oriental Languages


Book dealers


1954, JHR offers for sale spare copies of Antiquity


Boone, Andrew R.


1934, re photographing museum specimens


Borah, Woodrow


1941, ALK's letters of recommendation and to ALK from Princeton


Borbolla, Daniel F. Rubin de




Borden, Charles E.


1947, with EWG re position for Beardsley


Borgel, Frank


1921-1922, copyist of Papago songs for photoengraving


Borgeson, Griffith


1946, with RLO re work with Nootka


Borhegyi, Stephen S.


1949, RHL reply to request for job


Bornemann, F.


1946-1948, re Philippine research


Boscana manuscript


1951, RFH to Edwin Carpenter re source of Harrington's translation


Bose, Nirmal K.


1955, RHL makes suggestions on a paper


Botkin, B.A.


1930, with RHL re Folk-Say


Bott, Elizabeth


1949, asks RHL about Crow relationships


reply not in file


Boudeman, Donald O.


1928, EWG re exchange of specimens


Boudin, Max H.


1947-1949, re work on Fulniô (mostly in French)


Boullaye, H. Pinard de la


1923-1925, re exchange of publications (mostly in French)


Bourgeois, Julia F.




Bourke, Sara


1929, asks where to give notebooks of her father, Captain John Bourke


RHL suggests Museum of the American Indian


Bourn, W.B.


1918, re shellmound on his property


Bousios, Basil N.H.


1939, asks RHL to contribute to a publication on Ancient Greece




Bovis, Pierre


1965-1966, re publications and conservation methods


Bowden, A.O.


1923, favorable comments on RHL article from president of New Mexico State Teachers College


Bowditch, Charles P.


1915, Harvard department asks if greetings sent on first day of transcontinental telephone line got through


ALK replies "yes"


Bowdoin College Library


1945-1946, re publications




1947, RHL says too busy to read his manuscript


Bowker, William T.


1929, one [unsigned] and one ALK letter of recommendation


Bowles, Gordon T.




Bowles, Philip E.


1924, on advice of EWG and ALK does not finance an expedition to a cave full of Indian relics


does finance Emeryville shellmound excavation


Bowman, H.M.


1914-1916, with ALK on Paiute language


Bowman, Isaiah




Bowman, J.G.


1946, re possible opening for social anthropologist at the University of Pittsburgh


Bowman, Karl

see Alcohol


Bowman, Robert Goldthwait


1938, re PhD. candidacy


Bowman, W.J.


1946, ALK thanks for references


Boyd, William C.


1935, ALK's report on his Guggenheim application


Boyer, Jacques


1915, EWG sends prints of phonetic tracings


Boyer, Ruth

see Bascom, personal and misc.


Boyers, L. Morgan


1935, EWG recommendations to medical schools and re traps


Boyle, Frances


1929, undergrad wants credit for unsupervised field work


Bracketville (Texas) Chamber of Commerce


1947, RLO says his 1929 excavations there found nothing of significance


Bradfield, Wesley




Bradford, M.E.


1916, to EWG, Cherokee woman raised by whites


Bradley, Cornelius B.


1915-1926, Professor of Rhetoric


Bradley, Lyman R.


1946, 1948


Bradley University


1951, survey not answered by EWG


Bradshaw, George D.


1948, RFH tells what is known about petroglyphs at Travertine Point


Brady, Cyrus T.


1956, re possible exhibit of his photographs of African material


Brady, Caroline


1944, asks info on Latin American work being done for a confidential report to the president


Brady, R.E.


1935, with ALK re his studies on bureaucracy


Braidwood, Robert


1945, ALK helps with maps and syllabus


Brainard, Maggie D.


1917, ALK discredits Tamalpais legend and identifies beads


Brainard, Margaret


1940, re her Hopi manuscript


Brainerd, George W.


1947-1954, UCLA professor


Brainerd, William and Molly


1923, Wiyot Indians at Loleta


Bramlage, Julia A.


1952, JHR gives info on his Inca language course


Branch, Barbara K.


1949, wants info on Mexican art


JHR suggests University of Texas library


Brand, Donald




Brandeis University




Brandenstein, Susan (Mrs. Willard Park)




Brandes, Sarah F.


1935, re lectures by Bake on the music of India


Brandt, Richard




Brannon, Peter A.


1935, RHL appoints him AAA representative to semicentennial celebration at Rollins College




Brant, Betty


1960, re appraisal of baskets


Brant, Charles S.


1938, re possible graduate work here


1956, DGM letter of recommendation


Brant, LeRoy D.


1954, EWG references for info on Hiawatha


Braunholtz, H.T.


1925-1939, British Museum




1941, re Latin America exam





Box 37

Breasted, James H.




Breasted, James H., Jr.


1947, Director, Los Angeles Museum


Breen, John R.


1933, wants stone balls identified


ALK says needs more info or picture


Breger, Carpel


1933-1949, includes two manuscripts


Breiding, Florence Jane


1939, re museum class visit to exposition


Breithut, F.E.


1949, personal from RHL


Brekke, Louise S.




Brenner, Julia


1929-1931, re her textile collection


Brew, J.O.




Brewer and Warren publishers


1930, ALK gives opinion of Barton's book


Brewer, E.V.


1946, RHL asks German professor to send reactions to his book to the publisher


Brewer, Samuel


undated newspaper clipping, article on stone tools


Brewer, W.F.




Brewster, Paul G.


1955, seeks job




Brewster, R. Wallace


1938-1939, with RHL re his work on the anthropological background of the state


Brewton, Inez G.


1948, secretary says unable to forward letter to Harry Smith


Brey, Henriette


1932-1937, in German


Brezner, Albert


1942-1943, work in Anthropology 103-A


Bridge, Helen


1947, re permission to excavate her mound in the Napa Valley


Bridgman, Olga


1940, re professorship in Psychiatry


Briggs, Ellis O.


1927, American Vice Consul in Peru, re missing specimens and ponchos


Briggs, George W.


1926, ALK sends papers to Drew Theological Seminary


Briggs, Lawrence P.


1944, ALK advises on manuscript


Brigham, Edward M.


1934, re AAA membership


Brigham Young University


1930, RHL declines invitation to lecture


1949, RHL sends references on jumping rope to Physical Education professor


Brigham, William T.




Bright, William O.


1948-1952, re Karok work


British Association for the Advancement of Science


1947, RHL regrets unable to attend meeting


University of British Columbia


British Cotton Industry Research Association


1930, thanks ALK for paper on textiles


British Government and Embassy


1949, RLO introduction for Lowrimore


1950, RHL introduction for Pearsall


Brittan, Rebe L.


1944, teacher wants info on Ishi


EWG reply


Broadley, Hugh T.


1952, thanks for being allowed to see Pre-Columbian materials


Brockett, Paul


1929-1932, Assistant Secretary, National Academy of Sciences


Brodeur, Arthur G.


1936-1955, Professor of Philology


Brodt, Philip E.


1929, personal to ALK


Broek, J.O.M.


1942-1946, Professor of Geography


Brokaw, Larry


1961-1963, ABE identifies things excavated in Marin


Bronson, Bertrand


1946-1947, Professor of English


Bronson, Marjorie


1926, Carl Guthe writes to ALK about her


Brooklyn College


1949, DGM letter of recommendation for Daniel Freedman


Brooks, Charles Van Wyck


1940, 1941, RHL advises on plans


Brooks, James


1933, 1934, re Indian fishing rights on the Klamath River


Brooks, Q.T.


1947, DGM letter of recommendation to medical school


Brooks, R.E.


1927, WES asks him to relay message to W.D. Strong in Labrador


Brooks, Shelagh Thompson




Broom, Leonard


1949, someone's remarks introducing him as a speaker


undated article about him from Life magazine


1953, memo to TDMcC


Broome, Edwin C., Jr


1933, re fellowship


Browe, Dorothy J.


1952, EWG sends references on Yokuts to teacher


Brower, Jane


1944, EWG sends reference to Leechman's paper


Brothers, Stanley D.


1929-1930, student


Brown, Arthur, Jr, architect


1943-1944, re loan of tapestry


re plans for anthropology building


Brown, Blanche


1940, from H.R.W. Smith re art in the museum


Brown, David


1919, Indian accepts invitation to S.F., but is told they got someone else


Brown, Donald F.


1940, from ALK re study of Roman coins in the museum


Brown, Dorothy W.


1951-1952, re loan of exhibit material to inauguate UCLA art building


Brown, Elizabeth D.W.


1941, EWG suggestions on sources for food habits of Okinawans


Brown, F. Martin


1937-1941, re Peruvian pottery


Brown, Francis J.


1950, RHL and RFH regret they have no time to contribute to revised edition of "One America"


Brown, Harold Chapman


1929, sends ALK letter from operator of sailing yacht asking if he knows anyone who would like to join South Seas trip


Brown, Isabel G.


1939, re possible graduate work here


Brown, John


1926, asks ALK to comment on his paper on cancer


no reply


Brown, Ralph E.


reports site near Ukiah


Brown, Raymond


1922, EWG sends list of Indians measured thirty years previously and asks where each is from


Brown, Sam


1942, EWG arranges to visit Humboldt County Indian


ALK sends date of 1901 jumping dance


Brown, Thomas P.


1945, asks about Indian place names for Western Pacific magazine


ALK replies and sends his place names paper


Brown, W. Norman


1937, with ALK re Chanhu-daro excavation at Sind, India


1947, from DGM re Indic studies


Brown, William O.


1963, WB asks his opinion of Elizabeth Colson, reply not in file


1966, Brown thanks for hospitality here


Brown, Warner


1936-1943, Professor of Psychology


Brownell, Baker


1927, ALK declines to contribute to Northwestern's New World Series


Brownell, Russell


1914, re petroglyphs


Browning, C.


1931, wants to know more about an exhibition of Indain art mentioned in the Examiner


EWG refers her to the paper


Browning, John G.


1938, EWG sends references on Ishi


Bruckner, Geraldine


1939, with EWG re catalog cards used at U. Pennsylvania Museum


Bruning, Hans


1927, to ALK in German


Brunke, Waldemar


1940, reports pictograph near Aquanga


1947, offers his Iroquois notes, RHL suggests Smithsonian


Brunner, Gerte Landauer


1950, ALK statement about her political views


Brunschvig, Robert


1954, RHL asks him to suggest Islamic contributors for a book on justice and compromise


Brunswik, Else


1942, ALK helps with application to Social Science Research Council


Brunton, John A.


1964, man in Trinidad wants info on Inca costumes for use in carnival


ABE reply


Brunzell, Lovisa


1922, inquires into ALK's religious beliefs




Bryan, Alan L.


1955, requests paper on Dalles-Deschutes area for use there, sent


1961, with ABE re basalt artifacts


Bryan, Edwin H. Jr.


1922-1956, Bishop Museum


Bryan, Stanley Fisk


1914, re work on Pacific material


Bryan, W.A.


1926-1929, Los Angeles Museum


Bryant, S.W.


1948, RFH sends references on Drake Plate


Bryant, Stewart F.


1934, investigates sites in Tomales Bay region


Bryn Mawr College


1950-1953, re publications and job openings


Bryson, Gladys


1931, letters of recommendation


1948, seeks fellowship for student


Bryson, Lyman


1929, San Diego Museum


1948, RHL re book

Box 38

Buceta, Erasmo


1940, RHL thanks him for clipping on Catlin


Buchalew, Frank B.


1923, with ALK re evolution


Buchanan, Briggs


1954, wants to study Ancient Near Eastern seals


EWG says Smith knows of none and Lutz will write


Buck, Pearl S.

see East and West Association


Buck, Peter H.




Buckingham, E.L.


1936, offers Smithsonian publications


RHL reply


Budd, Clays, Mrs.


1936, re Chinese anthropometric study




1955, re Thompson's notes on Buddhist philosophical terms


Budge, E.A.


1919, [unsigned] asks permission to reprint from his work on hieroglyphics


Buell, Robert K.


1946-1947, RFH answers questions about Digueños and their trade


Buen Vecino Club


1955, re speaker


Buffett, Maria Bernal


1922, memo to ALK saying she may be last surviving Costanoan


Buffum, Richard D.


1952, requests Pope's paper on archery


JHR reply


Bufkin, E.M.


1963, ABE identifies Aleutian items


Bugnicourt, Francis


1952, re EWG's work in New Caledonia


Buhler, Alfred


1949, 1954-55, re publications


Buitron, Anibal


1952, memo re visit here


Bukofzer, Manfred F.


1946-1953, Professor of Music


Bull, J.P.


1934, reports finding ancient stone city in Durang

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