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Lovestone (Jay) papers
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International Journal, 1958 Winter-1959


International Juridical Association, Curbing the Courts 1937


International Labour Conference, Delegations and Secretariat, 1963


International Labour News, 1965 January


International Labour Office (ILO)


Activities of the ILO, 1968


Approaches to Social Security, 1942


The Compensation of War Victims, 1940


Forced Labour, 1968


Industrial Safety Survey, 1942


Little Stories of Other Countries, 1924


Manual on Procedures Relating to International Labour Conventions and Recommendations, 1965


A New Era, 1944

box 91

Provisional Record, 1969


Reports, 1945-1974


War Time Transference of Labour in Great Britain, 1942


International Labour Review, 1960 July, 1970 January


International Ladies' Garment Workers' Union (ILGWU)


American Labor Faces the Future, undated


Campaign Liberature - Presidential Election, 1944


A Democratic Foreign Policy for the United States, 1947


A Fighting Program for the Dressmakers, undated


Handbook of Trade Union Methods, 1937


How to Start Classes, 1937


Justice, 1956 February 1, 1975 October 15-November 1

box 92



Mooney and Billings Must be Freed!, 1936


1919-1944, Local 89 ILGWU Jubillee, 1944


The Position of the International Ladies' Garment Workers' Union in Relation to CIO and AFL, 1934-1938, 1938


Reports, Proceedings


Twenty-First Convention 1932


Twenty-Sixth Convention 1947


Twenty-Seventh Convention 1950


Twenty-Eighth Convention 1953


Thirtieth Convention 1959


Thirty-Second Convention 1965


Thirty-Third Convention 1968


Thirty-Fourth Convention 1971


Thirty-Fifth Convention 1974

box 93

The Story of the I.L.G.W.U., 1935


The Structure and Functioning of the I.L.G.W.U., 1934


Win the Cold War, Preserve the Peace, 1950


International Ladies' Handbag, Pocketbook and Novelty Workers Union, Reports to the Fourth and Fifth Conventions 1942, 1946


The International League for the Rights of Man, The Rights of Man and the Wrongs of States, 1965


International Longshoremen's Association


The President Reports, 1971


Report and Recommendations of Special Mission to Nigeria, 1970


International Metalworkers' Federation, Resolutions, 1974


International Organizations, 1959, 1961


International Peasant Union, 1956 March, 1958 April


International Peasant Union, The Failure of Communist Agriculture, 1963


International Press Correspondence, Material on the Russian Question, 1926


International Rescue Committee, Annual Report, 1963


International Review Service, Representation of China in the United Nations, 1957


The Arms Race, 1957


Representation of China in the United Nations, 1957


International Security: The Military Aspect, 1958


International Service of Information Foundation, General Report, 1951


International Trade Union Conference, European Recovery Programme, 1948


International Transport Workers' Federation, Press Reports 1944 November, 1946 May, 1974 March, 1951 December


International Transport Workers' Journal, 1944 September-October, 1958 March

box 94

International Union of Food and Allied Workers' Association, News Bulletin (incomplete) 1968-1972


The International Union of Socialist Youth, Communist-Trained Youth Revolts Against Communism, 1957


International Union United Automobile Workers of America, Proceedings, 1939


Internationale Arbeiter-Hilfe, 1925


International Vereinigung kommunistischer Opposition


Internationale Nachrichten, 1931 July


Der Krieg und die kommunistische Internationale, 1937


Zur Krise in der Sowjetunion, 1937


Der Zusammenbruch der Weimarer Republik und was weiter?, undated


Internationale Nachrichten, 1931 July


Internationaler Bund freier Gewerkschaften, Die tschechoslowakischen Gewerkschaften, 1870-1970, 1970


The Interpreter



box 95



Iraq News Agency, 1963


Ireland, Ireland's Right to Unity, undated


The Iron and Steel Trades Confederation, Report of Delegation to the U.S.S.R., 1945


Ise, Joh, Our Vanishing Oil Resources, 1929


The Islamic Center, Islam and Humane Tenets, undated




Embassy, Washinton, D.C., Policy Background, The "Imminent War" Thesis and the Mideast Reality, 1969


The Histadrut: The General Federation of Jewish Labor in Israel, circa 1958


Information Services, The Record of Aggression, 1967


Policy Statements, 1970


Israel Digest, 1955 December 23


Israel Labor Bulletin, 1956


Israel Labour News, 1949 October 5


Israel Labour Party, What Mapai Stands For, 1959


Issues and Answers, UN Membership for Mao, 1966


Issues and Studies, 1965 February


Italian Affairs, 1954 September


Italian-American Labor Council, Celebration Luncheon 1958 December 20


Italy. Federazione Italiana dei Sindacati Postelgrafonici, Il Congresso, 1944


Italy Against Fascism, 1942


Italy's Struggle for Liberation, 1944


Izuka, Ichiro, The Truth About Communism in Hawaii, 1947

box 96

JTA Daily News Bulletin, 1968 March


JTUC Report (incomplete) 1956-1963


J. Henry Schroder and Company, Quarterly Review of International Conditions, 1931 May, August


Jaffe, Grace M., Le mouvement ouvrier a Paris, undated


Jain, Girilal, Chinese "Panchesheela" Chinese, 1956


Janes, George Milton, The Control of Strikes in American Trade Unions, 1916




Ministry of Foreign Affairs


The Japan of Today, 1963


Working Conditions in Japan, 1960


Ministry of Labor


Japanese Women Today, 1964


Labor Administration of Japan, 1964


Japan, 1964


Japan as an Export Market, 1972


Japan Federation of Employers' Associations


Conditions of Labour Economy in Japan, 1970


An Outline of the Japan Federation of Employers' Association, 1970

box 97

The Japan Institute of Labor


Directory of National Unions in Japan, 1965


Japan Labor Bulletin (incomplete) 1962-1975


Japan's Labor Statistics, 1967


Labor Relations in the Asian Countries, 1967


Japan Labour Movement, 1973 January


Japan Productivity Center


Productivity Drive in Japan, 1962


The Productivity Movement in Japan, 1964


Japan Report (incomplete) 1960-1975


Japanese Communist Party, The Program and Contract of the Japanese Communist Party, undated

Language of Material: Japanese.

Japanese Confederation of Labour

Scope and Contents note

See also: listing under Domei News.

Constitution, 1964


Democratic Trade Union Movement in Japan, 1964


Japanese Economic Mission to the United States, Report, 1964

box 98

Javits, Benjamin A., and Leon H. Keyserling, The World Development Corporation, 1959


Jenks, M., The Communist Nucleus, What It Is--How It Works 1928


The Jerusalem Post, 1970 July 27


Jewish Labor Committee, Jews Behind the Iron Curtain, 1949


Jewish Newsletter, 1958 September 22, 1961 August 7


Jews and the Jewish People, Collected Materials From the Soviet Daily and Periodical Press 1963


Jews in Eastern Europe, 1968 March


Jobs for Veterans Report (incomplete) 1975-1976


Joensson, Algot, Organized Labor and Democracy in Germany 1949


Joffe, Ellis, Party and Army, Professionalism and Political Control in the Chinese Officer Corps, 1949-1965


John XXII, Pope, Pacem in Terris, 1963


The John Birch Society, Bulletin, 1965 July


John Herling's Labor Letter (incomplete) 1965-1974


Johnson, Alvin, and Ernest Hamburger, The Economic Problem of Germany, 1946


The Johnson Foundation, Viet Nam, 1964


Johnson, Lyndon B., Public Order Based on Equal Justice 1967


Johnson, Priscilla, The Regime and the Intellectuals: A Window on Party Politics, circa 1963


Jordanian Operational Orders for the Destruction of Israeli Settlements and Killing All Persons in Them, 1967


Joshua, Wynfred, Soviet Penetration Into the Middle East 1970


Jukic, Ilija, Tito Between East and West, 1961

box 99

Jutro Polski, 1958 February 22


K.D.K. Information (incomplete) 1972-1976


Kaganowitsch, L. M., Der organisatorische Aufbau der RKP 1925


Kalandra, Zavis, O Spanelskou Revoluci, 1936


Kalnins, Bruno, Ist die Sowjetunion ein sozialistischer Staat?, 1948


Kamath, H. V., Communist China Colonizes Tibet, Invades India, 1959


Kamp, Joseph P., Join the C.I.O and Help Build a Soviet America, 1937


Kampfgruppe Gegen Unmenschlichkeit, Die Jugend der Sowjetzone in Deutschland, 1955


Kantor, Harry


The Development of Accion Democratica de Venezuela 1959


The Development of Democratic Government in Latin America, 1960


Governing Our Metropolitan Communities, 1958


Public Finances Parties, 1958


Kardelj, Edvard, The International Scene and the Yugoslav Position, 1950


Karsh, Bernard, Kawada, Hisashi, and Levine, Solomon B., Comparative Research in Industrial Relations: Three Papers, 1966


Katz, Amrom H., The Myth of Overkill, 1964


Kavanagh, Denis, J., Answer to Skeptics, 1943


Kavcic, Stane, Self-Government in Yugoslavia, 1961


Keating, Charles H., Jr., The Report That Shocked the Nation, 1971


Kelley, Douglas C., Africa in Paperbacks, 1960


Kennan, George F., Japanese Security and American Policy 1964 October


Keracher, John


Crime, Its Causes and Consequences, 1937


Economics for Beginners, 1935


The Head-Fixing Industry, 1935


How the Gods Were Made, 1929


Producers and Parasites, 1935


Proletarian Lessons, undated


Why Unemployment?, 1935

box 100

Kerala Liberation Movement, Tempest In Kerala, undated


Kerala Pradesh Congress Committee, True Picture of the Situation in Kerala, 1958


Kerala School Managers' Association, Kerala, The Present Textbooks Memorial, 1958


Kerr, Clark, and Siegel, Abraham, The Interindustry Propensity to Strike: An International Comparison, 1954


Keys, Donald F., Human Rights: Present and Future, 1968


Keyserling, Leon H., Taxation of Whom and For What, 1969


Khatib, M. A., I.C.F.T.U. International Confederation of Free Trade Unions, Asian Regional Conference, Bread, Fredom, Peace, 1951


Khrushchev, N. S.


Disarmament--The Way to Secure Peace and Friendship Between Nations, 1960 January


Expose the Manoeuvres of Reaction, 1960


Freedom and Independence for all Colonial Peoples, 1960


Verbatim Report of Two Interviews Granted to American Newspaper Men, 1957


Kingdon, Frank, That Man in the White House, 1944


Kintner, William R., The Prudent Case for Safeguard, 1969


Kintner, William R., and Robert L. Pfaltzbraff, Jr., Soviet Military Trends: Implications for U.S. Security, 1971


Kirshbaum, Louis, Justice for Organized Workers, undated


Kiselev, K. V., Certain Results of the Work of the United Nations Organizations, 1946


Kissinger, Henry


Coalition Diplomacy in a Nuclear Age, 1964


For an Atlantic Confederacy, 1961


Strains on the Alliance, 1963


The Unsolved Problems of European Defense, 1962


Kithima, A. R., La doctrine generale du syndicalisme congolais, 1960


Kleczkowski, Stefan, Poland's First 100,000, undated


Kleinpaul, Rudolf, Deutsches Fremdworterbuch, 1937


Klotzner, Ottoman, Sowjet-Russlands wahres Gesicht, undated


Kloosterboer, W., Involuntary Labour Since the Abolition of Slavery, 1960


Klutznick, Philip, The Middle East: What Next?, 1967


Knauth, Oliver D., U.S. Foreign Policy in a Changing World 1960


Knebel, Fletcher, Who's on the Far Right?, 1962


Knorr, Klaus, The Crisis in U.S. Defense, 1957


Koch, Fred C., A Business Man Looks at Communism, 1961


Koczkar, Erno, Innovation Movement in Hungary, 1950


Kohlberg, Alfred, Memo by Alfred Kohlberg, 1957 June 1


Kohlrausch, E., Young Plan and Gemeindepolitik, 1930

box 101

Kommunistische Agitation, 1958 December, 1959 April, 1962 April, 1963 January


Kommunistische Betriebszeitungen, 1956


Kommunistische Partei Deutschlands, Alle Macht den Raten Spartakusbriefe, 1921


Die kommunistische Internationale, 1926 December


Die kommunistische Internationale, Protokoll des 6. Weltkongresses, Volumes III and IV 1928


Komor, I., Ten Years of the Commmunist International, 1929


Korbel, Josef, Trouble in the Satellites, undated


Kovac, Pavle, Development of Self-Government in Yugoslavia 1961


Kozlov, Frol R., The Development of Economic and Cultural Cooperation, 1959


Kramer, Hans, and Horst Pfalzgraf, Worth Knowing About the FDGB, 1967


Kreisky, Bruno, Austria Draws the Balance, 1959


Krieg und Gewerkschaften, 1939


Kripalani, Acharya J. B., Which Way to Victory, Indians for Victory 1962


Kristol, Irving


"Civil Liberties," 1952--A Study in Confusion, 1952


What Business Is a University In?, 1970


Der Kurier 1955 March 29


Kutt, Aleksander, Price Changes and Price Discrimination in Soviet-Captive Countries Trade in 1965-1966, 1968


Kuusinen, Aino, Madame Kuusinen Begins to Tell Her Story 1966


Kuznets, Simon, Shares of Upper Income Groups in Income and Savings, 1950

box 102

LO, Swedish Confederation of Trade Unions 1968 August


Labin, Suzanne


Embassies of Subversion, 1965


Offener Brief and Lord Bertrand Russell, undated


The Unrelenting War, undated


Labor, International Federation of Christian Trade Unions (incomplete) 1957-1962


Labor, Standard Railroad Labor Organizations (incomplete) 1926, 1928, 1940-1942


Labor Action, 1940 May 27


Labor and Industry in Britain, 1949 December


Labor Bureau, Inc., Labor's Share in the Late Lamented Prosperity, 1930


Labor Chest for Relief and Liberation of Workers of Europe


Labor Under Hitler, 1935


Persecution of European Labor, 1935


The Truth, undated


Labor Committee to Release Imprisoned Trade Unionist and Democratic Socialist, Newsletter, 1962 February 28, April 30


Labor Digest, 1973 September 17


Labor in Exile (incomplete) 1958-1966


Labor in Israel, 1956 April, 1963 February


Labor Journal, 1942 January 29


Labor Letter, The Federated Press (incomplete) 1926-1928


The Labor Magazine, 1941 September


The Labor Monthly, 1928 April, 1932 January-February


Labor Power, 1941 February


Labor, Press and Information (incomplete) 1968-1972


Labor Reports, 1957 July-August


Labor Research Institute, Soviet Colonialism, undated

box 103

Labor Unity, 1927 February 1, 1930 May 3


Labor's Economic Review, 1960 July, 1961 February


Labor's League for Political Education, Minutes of the National Committee, 1950 September 23


Labor's Non-Partisan League, National Bulletin, 1940 December 20


Labour (incomplete) 1948-1975


Labour and Socialist International, Documents and Discussions (incomplete) 1936-1938


The Labour Book Service Bulletin, 1940 November, 1941 February-March


Labour Bulletin, 1965 October-December


Labour Chronicle, 1972 January, 1976 July-September


Labour Discussion Notes (incomplete) 1941


Labour News, 1966 February, 1968 September-October


Labour Party (Great Britain)


Britain and the Common Market, 1962


British Transport, undated


China and the West, 1961


Facing Facts in the Colonies, 1955


Help Us to Win a Better Future, 1938


Labour Party Bulletin, 1939 December 8, 1941 December


Labour, The War, and the Peace, 1940


Labour's Fight for the Old Folk, 1942


Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy Have Invaded Spain, 1938


The Social Services, 1941


Labour Press Service, 1939-1941


Labour Research Department


Britain's Wealth and Profits, undated


British Imperialism in East Africa, 1926


The Coal Crisis: Facts From the Samuel Commission, 1925-26, 1926


The Federation of British Industries, 1923


Labour and Capital in the Engineering Trades, 1922


The Politics of Oil, 1924


What Is the Economic League?, 1937

box 104

Labour's Call, 1949-1963


Lafargue, Paul, The Right to Be Lazy, 1883


LaFollette's Magazine, 1923 May, July


Laidler, Harry W.


How America Lives, 1924


Putting the Constitution to Work, 1936


Toward a Farmer-Labor Party, 1938


Unemployment--and Its Remedies, 1929


Laidler, Harry W., Consumers' Cooperation, and Campbell, Wallace J., The Cooperative Movement, 1937


Lamb, Marjorie, The Promise and the Peril, 1964


Land and Work, 1959


Landau, Katia, Le stalinisme en Espagne, undated


Landauer, Carl, and Robert Pickus, Peace Politics, the New Left and the Pity of It All, 1966


Lane, Thomas A., Vietnam, Observations on America Policies 1967


Lane, Winthrop D., The Denial of Civil Liberties in the Coal Fields, 1924


Lang, Nicolas, Le Colonialisme Chinois au Tibet, 1962




Phoukout Stronghold, 1967


The Wood Grouse, 1968


Laski, Harold J.


Is This an Imperialist War?, undated


The Labour Party, the War and the Future, 1939


Lassale, F., Elementarbucher des Kommunismus, 1923


Latin America: A Positive View, 1963


Latin America Report, 1966 June, 1970 August


Lattimore, Eleanor H., Labor Unions in the Far East, 1945


Latvian Information Bulletin, 1958 May - 1959 November, 1963 March, 1977 January


Lauck, W. Jett, The Fundamental Significance of Our Present Day Labor Movement, 1941

box 105

Il lavoratore, 1925 May 16


Il lavoratore del mare, 1970 January


Law and Labor, 1927 December


Lazarus, Herman, and Joseph P. Goldberg, Collective Bargaining, 1949


Le Duan, Forward Under the Glorious Banner of the October Revolution, 1967


League for Industrial Democracy


Socialism's New Beginning, 1934


The State of the Student Movement-1970, 1970


Leber, Georg, Parteien und Gewerkschaften im Aufbau einer demokratischen Gesellschaft, 1966


Lecht, Leonard A., Changes in National Priorities During the 1960s: Their Implications for 1980, 1972


Leder, Z., Das Reparationsproblem, 1924


Leers, Johann


Adolf Hitler, 1932


Juden sehen Dich an, undated


Left, 1940 October


Lehman-Wilzig, Sam N., Enemy at the Gate?, 1975 October


Leichter, Otto, Was will der Marshall-Plan?, 1948


Leiserson, William M., Labor's Right to Organize, 1939


Lenin, Vladimir Il'ich


Imperialism: The Latest Stage in the Development of Capitalism, 1924


The Infantile Sickness of "Leftism" in Communism, 1920


Kautsky the Renegade and the Proletarian Revolution 1920


"Left" Communism: An Infantile Disorder, 1920


"Left-Wing" Communism: An Infantile Disorder, revised translation 1934

box 106

Lenin on Organization, 1926


The New Facts About Laws of Capitalism Development in Agriculture, 1918

Language of Material: Russian.

On the Eve of October, undated


Preparing for Revolt, undated


The Proletarian Revolution, 1918


Que faire?, 1925


Religion, undated


Die Revolution von 1905, 1931


Revoluntionary Lessons, 1929


Staat und Revolution, 1929


The State and Revolution, 1917 (1921)


Uber den Krieg, Volumes I and II 1926


Uber die Judenfrage, 1932

box 107

Uber die nationale Frage, 1930


Uber die Pariser Kommune, 1931


Uber Organisations-Fragen, 1924


Uber Religion, 1931


The War and the Second International, 1932


What Is to Be Done?, 1929


Zur Agrarpolitik der Bolschewiki, 1921


Lenin, Wladimir Iljitsch Uljanow, 1925


Lenzner, N., Die chinesische Revolution und die Opposition in der KPSU, 1927


Lepeshinsky, A., Lenin and Britain, undated


Lerner, Max, World of the Great Powers, 1947


Leskes, Theodore, The Civil Rights Story...1958, 1959


Letter of an Old Bolshevik, The Key to the Moscow Trials 1937


Lettre aux militants, 1951 September


Levi, Maxine, The Communists and the Liberation of Europe 1945


Levine, Isaac Don, Soviet Intervention in Hungary, undated


Levine, Solomon B.


Labor in a Prosperous Japan, 1964


The White-Collar, Blue-Collar Alliance in Japan, 1966


Lewis, John, Marxism and Modern Idealism, 1944


Lewis, John L.


Labor and the Nation, 1937


A Plea for Labor Unity, 1951


Lewis, Joseph, Jefferson the Freethinker, 1925

box 108

The Liberal, 1925 August


Liberal Democratic Union of Central Eastern Europe in the United States of America, Bulletin, 1957 January-April


Liberal Party, New York


Declaration and Platform, 1944


For Victory and Lasting Peace, 1944


The Four Dewey Years, undated


The Liberal Party Selects its Good Government Ticket for the City of New York, 1945




State Legislative Program for 1945


Liberator, 1920

Scope and Contents note

See also: bound volumes at end of Printed Material series.

Liebaers, Frans, URSS-USA, 1951


Lieberman, Elias, The Trade Unions in the Soviet Union, 1962


Liebstein, A. M.


The Modern Medical and Prophylactic Treatment of Diabetic Gangrene, 1943


The Value of a Vegetarian Diet in Therapeutics, 1943


Lifshitz, Mikhail, The Philosophy of Art of Karl Marx, 1938


Liga fur Volkerfreundschaft der DDR, Current Documents from the German Democratic Republic, 1963


Lillienthal, Philip E., and John H. Oakie, Asia's Captive Colonies, 1942


Limb, Ben C.


Korea and the United Nations, undated


Korea and World Peace, undated


Korea, Test and Symbol, undated


Korea, Time for Action, undated


The Pacific Pact: Looking Forward or Backward?, 1951


Lincoln, Murray D., American Business and World Leadership 1958


Lindholm, Rolf, The Perfect Factory, undated


Lithuanian Bulletin, 1949 April-June


The Lithuanian Roman Catholic Priests' League of America, The Church in the Shadows, undated


Liu, Shih Shun, Extraterritoriality: Its Rise and Its Decline, 1925


The Living Age, 1924 September, 1931 September-October, 1932 February


Living Marxism, 1941 Spring

box 109

Lloyd, Jessie, Gastonia: A Graphic Chapter in Southern Organization, 1930


Lloyd George, David, Spain and Britain, 1937


London, Jack, The Dream of Debs, undated


London Busmen's Rank-and-File Movement, London Busmen Demand the Right to Live a Little Longer!, 1937


Looking Ahead (incomplete) 1967-1973


Losowsky, A.


Kommunisten und Gewerkschaften, 1926


Paris, Breslau, Scarborough, 1925


Lozowski, Jerzy, Poland, 1964


Lovestone, Jay

Scope and Contents note

Additional material in Speeches and Writings series.

American Labor and the World Crisis, undated


The Government-Strikebreaker, 1923


New Frontiers for Labor, undated


1928: The Presidential Election and the Workers, 1928


The Party Organization, circa 1925


People's Front Illusion, undated


Soviet Foreign Policy and the World Revolution, 1935


What Next for American Labor?, 1934

box 110

Lubin, Isador, and Forrest D. Murden, Jr., Our Stake in World Trade, 1954 July-August


Lugano Review, 1975


The Lumbering Industry, 1960 January 9

Language of Material: Russian.

Luxemburg, Rosa


Eglise et socialisme, 1937


The Mass Strike, the Political Party and the Trade Union, undated


"The Proletariat on Its Knees" in Soviet Russia 1921 January 22


Reform or Revolution, 1937


Die russische Revolution, undated


Lynching Goes Underground, 1940 January


Lyons, Eugene


Operation Suicide, 1967


Workers' Paradise Lost, 1967


M.I.S., Middle-East Intelligence Survey (incomplete) 1974-1976


McArthur, Dan, We Carry On, Our Tribute to Bob Smillie, undated

box 111

MacDonald, Lois, Gladys L. Palmer, and Theresa Wolfson, Labor and the N.R.A., 1934


McGee, Gale W., and Frank E. Moss, Study Mission to Central and Southeast Asia, 1966


The Machinist, 1963 January


Mackie, Albert (trans.), A Call from Warsaw, 1944


McKinney, Robert, The Red Challenge to Technological Renewal in the West, 1960


McMillen, S. I., None of These Diseases, 1963


MacVane, John


Embassy Extraordinary, 1961


The House that Peace Built--The United Nations, 1964


This House Divided--Issues Before the United Nations 1964


Madden, Carl H., Clash of Culture: Management in an Age of Changing Values, 1972


Mae, Jhalmar, Dritter Weltkrieg droht?, 1955


Magnani, Valdo, and Aldo Cucchi, Dichiarazioni e documenti 1926


Malenkov, G. M.


Speech at a meeting of the Supreme Soviet of the U.S.S.R. 1953


Speech at the funeral of Joseph Vissarionivich Stalin 1953


Malik, Charles, Will the Future Redeem the Past?, 1960


Malinowski, Wladyslaw R., Toward Polish-Soviet Understanding, 1943


Malkosh, Noah, Cooperation in Israel, 1961


Malmgren, Harald B., Trade Wars or Trade Negotiations?, 1970


Malansi, Edmund, After Disengagement, 1963


The Manchester Guardian Weekly (incomplete) 1950, 1956-1957, 1961, 1963


Mangone, Gerard, How Can We Better Educate Americans to Work and Study Abroad?, undated


Mankind, 1939 March


Mannoni, Eugene, Moi, General De Gaulle, 1964


Manuilsky, D. Z.


Social Democracy--Stepping Stone to Fascism, 1934


The World Communist Movement, 1939

box 112

Mao Tse-tung


The Autobiography of Mao Tse-tung, 1938


The New Stage, 1938


Quotations from Chairman Mao Tse-tung, 1966


Mao Tse-tung, Wang Ming, Georgi Dimitroff, and others, China: The March Toward Unity, 1937


Marcantonio, Vito, Labor's Martyrs, 1937


Marcy, Mary E., Shop Talks on Economics, 1911


Marianetti, Benito, La conquista del poder, 1932


Markham, R. H., The Wave of the Past, 1941


Marlio, Louis, A Short War through American Industrial Superiority, 1941


Martin, L. W., Ballistic Missile Defense and the Alliance 1969


Marwick, W. H., Scottish Local Government, 1939


Marx, Karl


Der Burgerkrieg in Frankreich, 1920


The Civil War in France, 1933


Die Klassenkampfe in Frankreich, 1920


The Paris Commune, 1917


Wage-Labor and Capital, 1917


A Workers' Enquiry, undated


Marx, Karl, and Friedrich Engels, Uber historischen Materialismus, 1930

box 113

Marxist Study Courses, Political Economy, Lessons 2-7 undated


Masani, M. R., India's Answer to the Chinese Bomb, 1964


Masnata, Albert, U.S.A., 1958


Masses - Information, 1951 June


Matteo, Johan, Democracy or Revolution in Spain?, 1937


Matthews, J. B., Traffic in Death, 1934


Maurer, Ion Gheorghe, The Inviolable Foundation of the Unity of the International Communist Movement, 1963


Maurin, Joaquin, Das Fiasko des Anarcho-Syndikalismus, 1937


Maximov, G., Bolshevism, 1935


Mazey, Emil, Report, 1970


Meacham, Steward, Labor and the Cold War, 1959


Mead, Lucia Ames, Washington and the French Bolshevists 1922


Meany, George


American and Soviet Economy, 1958


Foreign Aid, undated


The ICFTU: Estimate and Perspective, 1965


Internationale wirtschaftliche und soziale Aufgaben der Gegenwart, 1953


The Last Five Years, 1951


Not in Our Image, undated


Trade Union Delegation Exchanges with Dictatorship Countries, 1960


Meany, George, and R. J. Tomas, Cost of Living, 1944


Meet Germany, 1962


Meet the Press


Adenauer, Konrad 1960 March 20, 1961 April 16


Brzezinski, Zbigniew 1969


Bush, Vannevar 1959 May 24


Casuso, Teresa 1960 October 30


Flemming, Arthur S. 1960 August 28


Jagan, Cheddi 1961 October 15


Kennedy, John F., Lyndon B. Johnson, and Stuart Symington 1960 July 10


Mikoyan, Anastas, I. 1959 January 18


Mehring, Franz, The Lessing Legend, 1938


Melder, F. Eugene, State Trade Walls, 1939


Melman, Seymour (ed.), A Strategy for American Security 1963


Memoiren einer Friedens-Taube, 1955

box 114

Menne, Bernhard


Armistice and Germany's Food Supply, 1918-19 1944


German Industry on the Warpath, 1860-1939 1942


Menon, A. K., The Defense Debate, 1961


Meraat-Ul-Gharb, 1928 November 16


Meshel, Yeruham, Workers' Interest in Economic Problems, 1972


Metall, 1952 March 19, 1966 August 23, 1967 July 25


Metcalf, Arthur G. B., Salt II--Some Principles, 1973


Metropolitan Life Insurance Company, Industrial Development in the United States and Canada, 1926-1927, undated


Mexican Labor News, 1945 February 15


Mexican Revolutionary Party


The Second Six-Year Plan, 1939


The Second Six-Year Plan and Avila Camacho, undated


Mexico, Frente Popular Anticomunista de Mexico, Mensaje a los amigos y simpatizadores, undated


Michael, Donald N., Cybernation: The Silent Conquest?, 1962


Michael, Franz, Communist China and the Non-Committed Countries: Motives and Purposes of Communist China's Foreign Policy, 1962


Michigan, State Welfare Department, Old Age Assistance in Michigan, 1933-1937, 1938


Middle East and Maghreb, 1969 June


The Middle East Institute, American Interests in the Middle East, 1969


Middle East Press Review, 1959 March-April


Midland Bank Limited, Monthly Review (incomplete) 1925-1931


Mikesell, Raymond F., Promoting United States Private Investment Abroad, 1957


Mikulina, E., Socialist Competition of the Masses, 1932


Miller, Arthur S., Private Governments and the Constitution 1959


Millikan, Max F., American Foreign Aid: Strategy for the 1970s, 1969


Miltenberg, Weigand von, Adolf Hitler, Wilhelm III, 1931

box 115

Milwaukee Journal, "Wounded Soldiers Come Home...What Then?," Vols. 1 and 2 1943


Minorities, Italian Americans, Building America, undated


Mirsky, D. S., A History of Russia, 1927




Missile Sites Labor Commission, Success Before Countdown undated


Mitchell, Wesley C., The National Bureau Enters Its Twentieth Year, 1939


Modern China Studies, International Bulletin, 1970

box 116

Modern Monthly, 1935 December, 1937 September


The Modern Quarterly, 1939 Winter


Modern Review, 1948 June


Moffett, Carol Willis, More for Your Money, 1942


Molnar, Thomas, Spotlight on Southwest Africa, 1966


Molotov, V. M.


The Communist Party of the Soviet Union, undated




At an election rally in Molotov electorial area, Moscow 1946 February 6


At the funeral of Joseph Vissarionovich Stalin 1953


On Armed Forces of the United Nations in foreign territory 1946 November


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Scope and Contents note

See also: bound volumes at end of Printed Material series.

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