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Boxes 1-9

Captured German Documents, 1944-1945

Scope and Contents note

Administrative orders, clippings, correspondence, diaries, instructions, leaflets, maps, memoranda, pamphlets, reports. The series includes only those German documents that were processed by various agencies of American and British governments and forwarded to the Psychological Warfare Division. The original arrangement—division into files A, DE, etc.—has been preserved, although the reasons for such a division are not always clear. Copies of the same document may sometimes be found in several files. The inventories of three files (DE, PID, and S) were compiled previously, perhaps by Daniel Lerner. Two of them (DE and S) appear in Lerner's book, Sykewar: Psychological Warfare against Germany, pp. 350-389. Although a few documents in these files are missing, the inventories were incorporated in the register unchanged
Box/Folder 1 : 1



Memorandum on subversive activities of Russians in the German army, (unnumbered) June 1944


Memorandum on political tasks of the German soldier in the East, (unnumbered) 18 October 1944


Memorandum on morale in the Wehrmacht, (unnumbered) 27 October 1944


Directives to use Allied decrees in occupied Germany for stirring up hatred against the Allies, (unnumbered) November 1944


Thirty-eight extracts from letters written by German civilians, (#344) October 1944-January 1945


Ten extracts from letters written by German civilians, (#345) October 1944 - November 1945


Directives for Nationalsozialistische Führungsoffiziere (NSFOs) (#347)


Directives for NSFOs (#349)


Directives for NSFOs, (#350) February 1945


Leaflet on communication among drivers during air raids, (#352) n.d.


Four extracts from letters written by German civilians and soldiers, (#353) August-November 1944


Diary of a NSFO, (#360) July 1944 - February 1945


Eleven extracts from letters written by German civilians and soldiers, (#370) March 1945


Three extracts from German newssheets, (#371) March-April 1945

Box/Folder 1 : 2



Report on sanitary conditions among German front line troops, (#266) July 1944


Himmler's order: Germans should work and fight even harder, (#331) 2 August 1944


Three letters to civilians and extracts from a diary by a soldier on difficulties of war conditions, (#361) May-September 1944


Instruction concerning organization and equipment of the Volkssturm, (#627) November 1944


German leaflet on success of German troops, (#679) November-December 1944


Report on conditions in the concentration camp Dachau by a German who was put for an indefinite term in Dachau for "his repeated ignoring of order to work on a road-building project" in (#798) June 1937


Six extracts from letters written by soldiers and civilians in Germany, (#1522) 1944-1945


Extracts from interrogation reports of German POWs on their attitude toward Americans and Russians, and memorandum on furloughs for German soldiers from the East (#1580)


Extracts from three letters from Berlin area addressed to a German soldier captured in Alsace, (#1603) January-February 1945


Seven extracts from letters by German civilians to soldiers, (#1608) January-February 1945


Extracts from six letters by German civilians and soldiers, (#1675) January-February 1945


Extracts from nine letters written by German civilians to soldiers, (#1830) February 1945


German propaganda materials, (#1831) February-March 1945


Messages by Himmler and Jodl on necessity to fight to the last soldier, , and information given by a foreign worker on a new location of the propaganda radio station "Siegfried Line Calling" (#1864) April 1945


Two extracts from a letter written by a German civilian to a soldier, (#1876) March 1945


NSDAP propaganda materials. Instructions and leaflets (#1924)


Reports by Sicherheitsdienst (SD) in Aschaffenburg concerning morale of the population, (#1925) December 1944 - February 1945


Propaganda directives to German newspapers, , and a letter to Eisenhower signed by women of Heidelberg (#1926) March 1945


Letter signed by Eduard Schneider to the American military government; SS order on curfew, ; propaganda leaflets on Werwolf and on Hitlerjugend in the Volkssturm (#1927) April 1945

Box/Folder 1 : 3



Ten extracts from letters written by German civilians (#9)


"High treason" of German prisoners of war. Threats against their families (#10)


Diary of life in the "Etappe" (#11)


Handbook and maps for the invasion of Great Britain (#12)


Communications for the troops (#13)


More strength through fear and more social demagogy (#14)


Replacements for German units must be "infiltrated" with Nazi spirit (#15)


The Führer's order to hold battle line to the last man (#16)


German propaganda in the North-West (#17)


Troops reproved (#17-A)


Diary of SS-Rottenführer, H. Pueker (Hitler plot, Himmler, listening to BBC) (#19)


Warnings against looting and desertions (#20)


More threats against deserters (#21)


Parts of Volksgrenadier Division "beat it." Renewed threats of shooting (#22)


Plundering by German troops in Reich territory (#23)


Wounded German soldiers "unreliable" (#24)


Order against continued rumors about treachery of German officers (#25)


Punishment threat to German soldiers found in possession of "red safe-conduct" (#26)


Diary of experiences of German soldier Erich Heutschel (#27)


Diary of German Hitler youth (#28)


Diary extract re disobedience of men and cowardice of officers (#29)


"Die Geheimwaffe des Feindes ist eingesetzt!" (#30)

Box/Folder 1 : 4

German leaflet to German troops to hold Metz (#31)


Samples of Nazi propaganda to German troops (#32)


Sixteen extracts from letters written by German civilians (#33)


German leaflet for German troops (#34)


Three letter extracts from imprisoned wife to German soldier (#35)


Letter report by German schoolboy on the state funeral of Oberstleutnant Lent (#36)


Twelve extracts from German civilian letters (#37)


Five death sentences on deserters from Volksgrenadier Division (#38)


Twelve points for political training of German soldiers (#39)


Disabled and ill men called for front-line duties (#40)


Extracts from Gen. F.M. Model's address to German troops (#41)


Diary re fighting in Alsace-Lorraine and western Germany (#42)


Requisitioning of small arms; pros and cons of stepping up production (#43)


Propaganda directives for Nazi Party (#44)


Confidential directives for propaganda to German women (#45)


German Army High Command instructions for German unit leaders (extracts) (#46)


Leaflet for German soldiers: "Da gibt es nun wieder 2 Möglichkeiten" (#47)


Communications for the troops (#48-49)


SS leader corrects Propaganda Ministry (#50)


Instructions for Unit leaders; political explanation of new weapons (#51)


Directives for hate propaganda re Allied measures in occupied German territory (#52)


Extracts from "Die Lage" (#53)


"Hitler bears the guilt for our misery": Extract from Special Court files (#54)


"Quarrel over the booty" (#55)


Seven extracts from letters written by German soldiers (#56)


"Why Nazi Commissars?" (#57)


German propaganda leaflet to Americans: "Your near Future . . .?" (#58)


Model's appeal not sufficiently followed (#59)


Diary of Alsatian soldier serving with German Army (#61)


Party bureaucracy re Gen. Field Marshal v. Reichenau's widow (#62)


Lightning News: November Issue (#63)


New warning against looting by German soldiers on German territory (#64)

Box/Folder 1 : 5

"Breach of international law by American troops" (#65)


Soldiers back civilians against evacuation order or party (#66)


People's Grenadier Division under personal care of Himmler (#67)


Nazi Commissar's complaints (#68)


Summary of documents re organization and equipment of the Volkssturm (#69)


Hate and atrocity propaganda against Allied rule (#70)


Gauleiter's order: "With bicycles against tanks!" (#71)


C.O. of German 1st Army reveals serious decline in Army's discipline (#73)


Orders for building new main line of resistance but material not available (#74)


Nazi propaganda leaflet to Allies (#75)


Punishment of German corporal for writing defeatist letter (#76)


Summarized extracts from German documents re morale, discipline (#77)


German leaflet for German troops: Persuasion against rumors and panic (#78)


Original of captured German paper "Skorpion-Informationsdienst" (#79)


Reaction to Allied propaganda (#80)


German propaganda for Germans: "Wer Kauft Gips zum Kuchenbacken?" (#81)


German propaganda for German troops (#82)


German propaganda for American troops (#83)


Diary of Ltn. Erich Halfpap on experiences in reserve regiment (#84)


German propaganda leaflet to British troops (#85)


Twelve extracts from German soldiers' letters (#86)


Hitler order to fight for Metz to the last man (#87)


Reaction to Allied leaflet (#88)


Divisional Commander criticizes Company Leaders (#89)


Terror poster by Nazi leader (#90)


Diary of German soldier (#91)


Kittel threatens to use artillery fire against deserters and POWs (#93)


Article by War Correspondent, New York Herald Tribune (#94)


SS explanation of defeat (#95)


General restrictions on foreign workers (#96)


Arguments of German women against "total war work" (#97)


Lightning News (#98)


Lightning News (#99)

Box/Folder 1 : 6

Stand-and-hold leaflet distributed to German troops during middle of (#101) November 1944


Nine extracts from German soldiers' letters (#102)


Directives for conduct under enemy occupation (#103)


Diary of Waffen-SS man (#104)


Daily Gestapo report (#105)


Extracts from letters by German girl to her parents (#106)


Battle-fit or slightly damaged armed vehicles and tanks not to be removed from battlefield (#107)


Extracts from captured German documents concerning propaganda, morale, etc. (#109)


Gestapo report re differences between the SS and German Army (#110)


Nazi propaganda leaflet for Allied troops (#111)


Lightning News (#112)


Nazi propaganda for Alsatians (#113)


C.O.'s order re reinforcement of defenses in the West (#114)


Transfer of Army technicians to U-Boat and air force duties (#115)


Frontier police given independent authority (#116)


Twelve extracts from soldiers' letters (#117)


Precautions against deserters (#118)


Ten extracts from German civilian letters (#119)


Diary of Romanian (Volksdeutsche) who complains about discrimination against Volksdeutsche (#120)


Eight extracts from letters written by German soldiers (#121)


Nine extracts from German civilian letters (#122)


Orders of the Day before the great German counteroffensive (#123)


Another insight into German hate propaganda (#124)


Economic situation in the Reich and postwar hopes (#125)


Fortifications in the West (#126)


Eleven extracts describing air raids on Graz and Salzburg, and effect on population (#127)


Contradictions in German statements concerning treatment of nations under Nazis (#128)


Eleven extracts from German soldiers' letters (#129)


Organization and equipment of the Volkssturm (#130)


Lack of coordination in 17 SS Pz. Gren. Div. (#131)


Activities of the Feldjäger (#132)

Box/Folder 1 : 7

Strict measures imposed on Lorraine population near Bitsch (#133)


German war reporter on zero hour of the offensive (#134)


Sentence of death on Dutchman who did not obey German order to build dams (#135)


Gauleiter Wagner advised of urgency of building shelters in Karlsruhe (#136)


Mercy appeal to U.S. Commander by seven German officers and men who violated the Geneva Convention by wearing American uniforms (#137)


The Führer's order to await further instructions re reconstruction (#138)


The Führer's order re new "Front-OT" within old organization Todt (#139)


F. M. Model's propaganda directives to N.S. leaders (#140)


Eight extracts from German civilian letters (#141)


Passive resistance of Catholic priests in the Reich (#142)


Treatment of foreign workers in Germany (#143)


Difficulties for German transport system, caused by Allied air raids (#144)


German people not to be told of shortages of meat, fat, potatoes, etc. (#145)


Orders to hold bridgehead of Venlo; every tenth tank is to be destroyed (#146)


Discovery of a Polish resistance movement in Pomerania (#147)


Preservation of pure German blood endangered by relations between Italian workers and German women (#148)


No (civilian) executive powers for military commanders, only for Gauleiters (#149)


Eight extracts from German civilian letters (#150)


Orders of the Day before big German counteroffensive (#151)


Incorporation of Eastern volunteers in Volksgrenadier Regiment affects reliability (#152)


Large order placed with Berlin firm for paper to be used for leaflets (#153)


Slackness, etc., of communication personnel makes contact between Jäger Regiments and Artillery Liaison Detachment impossible (#154)


German propaganda leaflet (#155)


German propaganda leaflet: "Was wird?" (#156)


Spotlight on Regimental Commander (#157)


Eleven extracts from German civilian letters (#158)


SS Pz. Gren. Div. Troops instructed on how to behave on German territory (#159)


Order stressing need for not only medical, but psychological, welfare of troops (#160)


Search for English-speaking soldiers . . . for propaganda purposes (#161)


German instructions re POW interrogations, etc. (#162)


German propaganda leaflet (#163)


German information sheet and leaflet re behavior of troops in occupied territory (#164)


German propaganda leaflet for German troops (#165)


Model's order re technique of sleep (#166)


German propaganda leaflet (#167)


Seyss-Inquart deplores panic flight of Nazi officials from the Netherlands (#168)


Strange bedfellows in the Volkssturm - Retired generals and criminals (#169)

Box/Folder 2 : 1

Keitel order curtails staff and petrol of generals and admirals (#170)


Nine extracts from letters written by German civilians. Two songs (#171)


Gauleiter reproved for haphazard selection of Volkssturm leaders (#172)


Recent CO order and notice re looting, etc. (#173)


Development of Nazi youth (#174)


Strict measures ordered against German deserters, etc. (#175)


Model's Christmas message to the troops (#176)


German leaflet to German troops: "Saboteur or not?" (#177)


Rundstedt's New Year message to the troops (#178)


Order of the Day by Lt. Col. v. d. Heydte on occasion of receiving oak-leaf cluster (#179)


Fourteen extracts from letters written by German civilians (#180)


Suggested formation of English Legion in Reich to fight against the Bolsheviks (#181)


Defeatist remarks from retreating German staff officers are bad influence on Alsatian population (#182)


"German tea." This ersatz commodity no longer to be dignified with the term "German" (#183)


Bormann takes dim view of suggestion to use POWs as protection for important installations against Allied air raids (#184)


German C.G.S. orders re measures for preventing documents from falling into Allied hands (#185)


Shortages in the German Army (#186)


Discipline by force of arms - "Don't wait for court martial" (#187)


German Army fears betrayal from within (#188)


Report on food situation in Reich in the sixth year of war (#189)


Orders to German troops re looting on Reich territory (#190)


Nazis fear effect of Allied propaganda on the people of Alsace, Lorraine, and Luxembourg (#191)


Model hopes to draw victory from defeat (#192)


Model's orders re lack of discipline and security-mindedness (#193)


Rundstedt order re lack of discipline among troops (#194)


Lack of discipline in SS Geb. Jg. Regt. in Oslo (#195)


Recent shortages in Panzer Artillery Regiment (#196)


Soldiers' worries in Panzer Artillery Regiment (#197)


Reasons for reverses in German Army in November (#198)


Order to cease discrimination between rear and front-line troops (#199)

Box/Folder 2 : 2

Model reproves unit leaders for staying in the rear and not accompanying the troops (#200)


Strict measure to be taken to eliminate possible ways and means of desertion (#201)


Insufficient training caused by lack of equipment (#202)


Model orders Army vehicles to assist in evacuating German civilians (#203)


"Did the Führer know best?" (#204)


Seven extracts from soldiers' letters (#205)


Model's New Year message to the troops (#206)


The horrors of defeat. NSFO directives to troops, why they must fight on (#206A)


Propaganda leaflet for German troops re looting civilian population (#207)


He who wins the winter, wins the war (#208)


"J'accuse" (A good German writes to a good Nazi) (#209)


Battalion Commander's lament about bad shooting, poor discipline, etc. (#210)


Slack execution of orders, etc. (#211)


Extracts from "Abwehr Merkblatt, 1944," re closer attention to security (#212)


Eight extracts from German soldiers' letters (#213)


Rundstedt orders war troops against unfavorable criticism of other sections of the Army (#214)


"Stomach Unit men fine fighting troops!" (#215)


Importance of December offensive stressed to next of kin of fallen soldiers (#216)


"The truth about the Waffen-SS" (#217)


"Is your journey really necessary?" (#218)


German propaganda to German troops (#219)


Himmler's war aims (#220)


Commander's order to eighteen Volksgren. Div. on eve of German December offensive (#221)


Fourteen extracts from letters written by German civilians to soldiers at the Western Front (#222)


Failure of German evacuation measures in the West (#223)


German concern about Allied leaflets (#224)


German women in the war (#225)


Serious effect of Allied low-level attacks on German transport (#226)


Extracts from Army documents re desertion (#227)


Mahlmann order "Better Death than Slavery" (#228)


Sepp Dietrich's New Year message (#229)


Model order re plundering in German territory (#230)


Poor chances for the ideal Nazi bride (#231)

Box/Folder 2 : 3

Document extracts from files of two Parachute Regiments before and after the December offensive (#232)


"No booty to the enemy!" (#233)


German leaflet to Allied troops, designed to sow dissension among American and French Armies fighting side by side (#234)


Text of German leaflet quoting the Führer's New Year Order of the Day (#235)


Treason, weakness, and cowardice of "Etappen" officers (#236)


The food situation (#237)


"Wozu das alles" - Nazi propaganda for wounded soldiers (#238)


Confidential NSFO News Sheet of the German Navy articles of (#239) 29 December 1944


Adolf Hitler's curriculum vitae and how to use it (#240)


German leaflet: The hour of decision has come" (#241)


Ten extracts from letters written by German civilians to soldiers (#242)


Sidelights on the Volkssturm (#243)


Food problems facing the German commander on the Atlantic coast (#244)


Medical officer on lack of ambulances, carelessness with medicine bottles (#245)


Road transport and traffic difficulties (#246)


Orders of Col. Kuehne to 246 VG Div. (#247)


NSFO directives (#248)


"Infantry infiltration methods" to overcome Allied material superiority (#249)


Attitude of civilian population in Alsace under German occupation (#250)


Germany's oil dilemma (#251)


Eleven extracts from letters by German soldiers (#253)


Eighty percent of all subordinate commanders are below the basic training standard of a recruit (#254)


Conscripts desert and soldiers on leave are attacked in Upper Silesia (#255)


Eleven extracts from letters written by German civilians (#256)


"The war won't be won until the Anglo-Americans are cleared out of Europe" (#257)


Main line unit seriously weakened through losses (#258)


Introduction of new identity card "W" in German pay books (#259)


"S C A N D A L S" (#260)


German propaganda directives (#261)


Extracts from an NSFO progress report (#262)


Our critical situation on all fronts (#263)


Model offers special premiums for the shooting down of Allied planes (#264)


Civilian population impressed by correct behavior of American troops (#265)


Germany's labor problem (#266)


NSFO February News Digest (#267)


Unwillingness to get at the enemy (#268)

Box/Folder 2 : 4

Guderian's proclamation to soldiers on the Eastern front (#269)


Education of the young in Nazi Germany today (#271)


"Richtmänner" (#272)


Three hundred and forty Volksgrenadier Div. NSFO confidential directives of February 14 (#273)


The Party comes in for criticism. Four extracts from German civilian letters (#274)


Students' Order of the Day to commemorate the day Hitler came to power (#276)


Verpflichtungserklärungen used in the German Army (#277)


Conscription of medical students (#278)


Ten extracts from German soldiers' letters (#279)


Ten extracts from letters written by German civilians (#280)


uniforms (#281) 1945


How the evacuation of Germans from Romania, Yugoslavia, Hungary, and Slovakia was carried out (#282)


The last COMB-OUT (#283)


Sniping, training, and use of snipers to be intensified (#284)


Nine extracts from letters written by German civilians in (#285) January 1945


Change of regulations re soldiers from annexed and German administered territory (#286)


"Soldaten der Ostfront" (Guderian on enemy propaganda to the troops) (#287)


German propaganda to German troops (#288)


Forged order to the Allies from 89 I.D. (#290)


Himmler takes a hand as C-in-C Oberrhein (#291)


The hold of the Catholic Church on German women. Extracts from SD report (#292)


The influence of the film on German Youth (#293)


Grohe's desperate call for hatred and resistance (#294)


Police raids against foreign workers (#295)


SS-man's views about a Waffen-SS battalion commander (#296)


NSFO directives re anti-Russian atrocity propaganda (#297)


Volume of faked orders and false passes in the Wehrmacht seriously affecting conduct of war (#298)


Combatant status for party officials (#299)

Box/Folder 2 : 5

Blaskowitz order, 5 March (#301)


East contribution, (#302) February 1945


What price rubber? (#303)


Rundstedt's Order of the Day, (#304) 11 February 1945


Use of the Volkssturm in Division rear areas (#305)


The position of miners in evacuated areas (#306)


Reprisals on SS-Deserters' kith and kin (#307)


Letters written by soldiers of the Lorient garrison. Extracts (#308)


"Planned evacuation" of transport workers from the West? (#309)


Himmler fights anti-Nazi youth cliques (#310)


The case against the SS as presented to their own recruits (#311)


Regulations re handling of POWs (#312)


Bormann decree re Party influence in jurisdiction (#313)


Strength through fear. NSFO not sure about morale-building effect of calculated intimidation - but military situation leaves no choice (#314)


Workers' meals poor, insufficient, and costly (#315)


Police forces to stay behind in evacuated areas (#316)


Himmler's verdict on the Allies (#317)


Shaded propaganda. Special treatment of colored POWs (#318)


Disused mine galleries provide hideout for soldiers, Ostarbeiter, and civilians (#319)


Himmler's order re execution of Salisch and Hassenstein for cowardice (#320)


Two kinds of evacuations (#321)


"Sippenhaft" rejected by soldiers (#322)


Civilians suffer for lack of discipline among troops (#323)


Foreigners and the Volkssturm (#324)


Security measures re soldiers recalled from armament factories (#325)


Volkssturm "dress rehearsal" falls flat (#326)


Air raids and censorship (#327)


"It is senseless to continue this war." Public opinion survey (#328)


"Only fatheads believe we will lose the war" (#329)


Fear of foreign workers rising (#330)


Gangsters and murderers. Two-front war in atrocity propaganda (#331)

Box/Folder 2 : 6

Railway officials failing in their duties (#332)


The bottom of the barrel (#333)


Twelve commandments of spiritual warfare (#334)


Foreigners - all sorts (#335)


SS-Jagdverbände call for volunteers with banking experience (#336)


Göring speaks his mind. Drastic measures to be taken against Luftwaffe personnel to stop rot in morale (#337)


Reserved for Generals! (#338)


Nine extracts from letters written by German civilians (#339)


Protection of large families - an empty phrase! (#340)


Rundstedt knew: No war without railways (#341)


Flight from the Rhine. Extract from typical letter (#342)


Failure of German propaganda (#343)


Rumors preceding Allied troops (#344)


Bormann on Party discipline (#345)


News Service - Nazi style (#346)


POWs treated like convicts (#347)


Extensive looting by Party (#348)


Double deferment (#349)


Death sentences to preserve quality of the Nation (#350)


Test of anti-Semitism (#351)


"Dienst bis zum Umfallen" (#352)


Analysis of captured German civilian letters (#353)


Ecclesiastical letter from Cardinal Faulhaber, (#354) 15 November 1944


Wehrwolf recruiting (#355)


Penalty for insulting the Volkssturm (#356)


Encircled troops, fortresses, and other isolated units (#357)


"We surrender!" Extracts from letters written by German civilians (#358)


Hitler's armament production emergency program (#359)

Box/Folder 3 : 1

Formation of the "Freicorps Adolf Hitler" (#360)


Hitler's Scorched Earth Order of 19 March (#361)


Himmler ordered compulsory evacuation of clergymen (#362)


Foreign workers. Secret circular by Kaltenbrunner (RSD) demanding frequent police raids (#363)


Himmler's detention and interrogation methods (#364)


Forerunners of Wehrwolfs (#365)


The mentality of the 20 July conspirators (#366)


Himmler - Chief executioner (#367)


Hitler put Himmler in charge of Allied POWs and internees last October (#368)


Death sentences under the Heydrich regime (#369)


Black Market - New version (#370)


Officials and doctors to stay put (#371)


Scorched earth east of the Rhine. Letter quoting top secret order of Keitel that transport installations are not to be destroyed beyond repair (#372)


Himmler encourages denunciation of officers by men (#373)


German Propaganda needs Allied "War Criminals" - Keitel order (#374)


Prospect of Allied occupation. Extracts from letters by German civilians (#375)


"Deutsche Lufthansa" kept in readiness (#376)


The last round. Bormann decrees which show various aspects of Party's final struggle to maintain authority in face of moral and material disintegration (#377)


Recruits for the Master Race (#378)


Himmler's children (#379)


Small-bore rifles go to war (#380)


Model order demanding use of arms against German civilian defeatists (#381)

Box/Folder 3 : 2

White flag versus Swastika (two copies) (#382)


Doves of Peace not welcome in Germany (#383)


The Catholic Church in Nazi Germany (#384)


Hitler mistrusted commanding generals (#385)


Eight extracts from soldiers' letters (#386)


Himmler orders death penalty for anyone in SS or Police who uses the Russian equivalent of the "son of a b---" curse. In Germany the mother is sacred (#387)


Model order re slack execution of orders and poor fighting discipline on the offensive (#388)


Right off the map! Germany acknowledges military defeat, but is ideologically on the offensive (#389)


Psychological warfare (#390)


"Protection" of Nazi youngsters (#391)


Stimmungsberichte (#392) 1943-1945


Change of uniforms (#393)


SS-children at any price (#394)


Kesselring's order of 3 April, introducing himself as new C-in-C West (#395)


Himmler vs. Bormann re court cases involving officers (#396)


Action Vlassov - Volunteers by force (#397)


They blamed the Party (#398)


Himmler was misunderstood. Clarification of his order re German women's duty to bear children out of wedlock (#399)


Nazi creed incompatible with Christian doctrine (#400)

Box/Folder 3 : 3

Prick of Conscience? Re question whether the Party bears any guilt in this war, and countering soldiers' doubts as to justice of their cause (#401)


Slave labor (#402)


The Rundstedt gamble (#403)


Hess's star turns (#404)


Arrogance, treachery, incompetence, the verdict of Nazi leadership as defeat is at hand (#405)


Boys and girls against tanks (#406)


Nonfraternization in German-occupied Holland (#407)


Werewolves' pledge; two leaflets (#408)


Conscious of atrocities (#409)


"Mein Kampf" and German war guilt (#410)


Spontaneous anti-Semitism? (#411)


"If we perish, our enemies shall perish with us" (#412)


"Myth and Reality"; Nazi myth-building in defeat (#413)


Maltreatment of foreign workers (#414)


German comments on Goebbels' presentation of Hitler (#415)


Extracts from letters written by Fieldmarshal v. Rundstedt and members of his family (two copies) (#416)


The impact of war events and Nazi propaganda on the German People (#417)


Strong men in Nazi Germany: Todt and Speer (#418)


Twelve years' security service: A review by Himmler (#419)

Box/Folder 3 : 4

Reactions to Nazi press, radio, and newsreels (#420)


OKW ordered concentration camp shootings of Allied POWs (#421)


Keitel kept in the dark? (#423)


Frau Heydrich's correspondence (#424)


Planned "spontaneous" demonstration of loyalty and affection to the Führer(#425)


Hitler's admission of defeat. Clash over the Führer succession question (#426)


How they looted. Göring - the art collector (#427)


Nazi propaganda methods (#428)


Looters' progress - Nazi exploitation of occupied territories (#429)


Hitler lectured Hindenburg on the "Jewish menace" (#430)


The importance of food production (#431)


Hitler's first cabinet meeting (#432)


Göring boasts about Luftwaffe successes. Leaves Sweden unmoved (#433)


"Schutz der Deutschen Frau im Einsatz!" (#434)


"Ministry for the No-Longer-Occupied Eastern Territories" (#435)


Foreign workers - Asset turned liability (#436)


Allied white-flag propaganda paralyzed German morale west of the Rhine (#437)


Food - The German people's war heritage: Dire shortage (#438)


The "Praetorian Guard" of Nazi Germany (#439)


He refused to join the Party; Letter of resignation from Eltz-Ruebenach (#440)


"Dr. Goebbels-Spende" - Propaganda for the Propaganda Minister (#441)


Concentration camps: "The Wehrmacht did not know" (#442)

Box/Folder 4 : 1

Transcriptions of shorthand notes taken at Hitler's Hq. (#443)

Box/Folder 4 : 2

The muzzled press of Nazi Germany (#445)


"A moment as favorable as that in 1939 would never recur." Hitler explains the timing of Germany's war (#446)


Forced marches of Allied officer POWs. Views on Vlassov and Germany's foreign legions. Hitler's brainwave - how to raise Russian scare in England (#447)


Hitler's scathing criticism of his foreign Divisions (#448)


- Hitler's reaction to the Duce's fall (#449) 1943

Box/Folder 4 : 3

The decline of the Luftwaffe (#451)


Rumors by "Volksempfänger" (#452)


Gestapo and SD investigations of reports broadcast by "Sender Atlantik" (#453)


"Kill the Schweinhund." Nazi propaganda for Germans (#454)


Government and Party offices ignored Goebbels/Lammers appeal to help air raid victims (#455)


Himmler complains about getting Allied radio news instead of music (#456)


Nazis debated whether to hang Bishop of Münster for "treacherous utterances" (#457)


Listening to foreign broadcasts in wartime - a major problem in Nazi-Germany (#458)


Propaganda: Frick and Goebbels did not see eye to eye on issues of policy and authority (#459)


Confiscation of radio sets from Jews kept dark. Himmler raced Goebbels, and Hitler approved (#460)


Lammers out of favor with Hitler and Bormann (#461)


Japan in 1941 planned to attack Russia (#462)


Goebbels/Ribbentrop rivalry for control of Nazi Propaganda Agencies in foreign countries (#463)


"Operation Green" (Czechoslovakia): Germany's plan for aggression (#465)


Pre-Hitler government funds for Nazi Military Organizations (#467)


Nazi Black Lists of Jewish composers and orchestrators (#469)


correspondence between Cardinal Faulhaber, Archbishop of Munich, and Adolf Wagner, Gauleiter of Munich (#470) 1934


Membership in the NSDAP as the decisive factor in the appointment of high government officials (#475)

Box/Folder 4 : 4

The background of Hitler's "Enabling Act," which suspended the Weimar Constitution (#480)


Dr. Schacht dismissed as President of Reichsbank (#482)


Göring's list of Nazi Party addresses (#483)


"Reich Chamber of Culture" blacklists of half-Jews and persons married to Jews (#487)


Nazi 1940 blueprint of the economic new order in postwar Europe (#488)


Comprehensive directive for police treatment of Berlin Jews (#489)

Box/Folder 4 : 5

Nazi's "colonial" policies in occupied Eastern Territories (1941): Starvation and economic slavery (#491)


Nazi propaganda film against Allied bombing for showing in neutral countries vetoed by Goebbels (#492)


List of all German feature films produced from (#493) 1939-1944


Applications to Goebbels for permission to see films prohibited in Nazi Germany (#495)


Reich Propaganda Ministry blacklists of authors and journalists (pre-war) (#496)


After the fall of France - Hitler's opinion on political and military possibilities in Europe (#497)

Box/Folder 5 : 1



Report on German rearmament at the time of a disarmament conference, (#1) 1933


Report on juvenile delinquency, Munich, (#2) 1939-1945


Memorandum on special measures against juvenile delinquency during air raids, (#3) September 1943


Lists of Göring family presents for birthday and Christmas (#4)


Extracts from diary of Erich Pehrmann, NSFO Richtman, (#5) October 1944-February 1945


Extracts from diary of Oberleutnant Hauer, (#6) January-March 1945


Extracts from diary of Oberschuetze Anton Haas, (#7) September-October 1944


Reports by Eigrueber, Gauleiter of Vienna, on morale of troops and civilians (#8)


Keitel's order on provisions of Geneva Convention (#9)


Instruction not to publish works of Hungarian Communist Bela Bartok, (#10) May 1944


Letter by Speer to Brugmann - congratulation in connection with reception of award from Portuguese President General Carmona (#12)


Extracts from diary of Alfred Klonsk, Waffen-SS, formerly law student from Vienna, (#13) July-October 1944


Memorandum and order on deserters, (#14) November 1944


Memoranda on awards for destruction of tanks and planes (#15)


Memoranda on foreign workers (November 1944) and on Russians in German army (February 1945) (#16)


Memorandum on relations between German soldiers and civilians, (#17) November 1944


Memoranda on mistreatment of POWs (January 1945) and on military insignia (December 1944) (#18)


Memorandum on foreign workers, (#19) January 1945


Death sentences to German officers who failed to destroy bridge across the Rhine, (#20) March 1945


Letter written by Charlotte Kleeman to her family, (#21) April 1944


Letter written by Major Erich Franz to Melitta Franz, (#22) December 1944


Instruction what soldiers should write to their relatives, (#23) September 1944


Extracts from "Der politische Soldat" on functions of Sicherheitspolizei and Sicherheitsdienst, (#24) 1944


Order concerning desertions in Italy, (#25) May 1944


Memoranda concerning Allied interrogators, (#26) May 1944


Memoranda on educational value of detention units, (#27) April 1944


Telegram by Mackensen to soldiers of the 14th Army, (#28) May 1944


Memorandum on security issues, (#29) n.d.


Extract from "Panzerfunk" on the resistance to Allies in Germany, (#30) October 1944


Memoranda to SD Führer of Strassburg on morale and patriotism of Germans, (#31) November 1944


History of NSDAP, (#32) 1918-1939


Extracts from diaries of German soldiers, (#33) January-September 1944


Extracts from diary of Leutnant Horst Neujahr, (#34) 1941-1943


Extracts from diary of a German captain, no name, (#35) February-December 1942


Extracts from diary of a German soldier, no name, (#36) May-June 1944


Extracts from diary of Oberstabartz Kuentzell, ; appeal signed by German officers Kuentzell and Mueller to German authorities to treat a group of F.F.I. members not as francs-tireurs but as regular POWs if the latter are taken as prisoners because these F.F.I. members had treated the German officers exceptionally well when the Germans were prisoners of these F.F.I. members (#37) September-October 1944


Report by SD of Strassburg on the structure of the Wehrmacht (#38)


Letter by R. Sautter, Protestant minister, to Margenthaller, Kultminister (#39)


NSDAP appeal to German youth, (#40) 1944


Memorandum on Catholic press in Germany, (#46) 1940

Box/Folder 5 : 2





Two letters written by SS men regarding Oberst Stein's alleged complicity in Putsch of 20 July 1944


Three reports concerning mass media in Germany



Box/Folder 5 : 3


Box/Folder 5 : 4

Official obstacles to the activities of the church in July-August 1939 (#1) () 1945 July 10


SD agents to report on Catholic Church Festival (#2) () 1945 July 11


Wealthy Jews to be branded as traitors and arrested by Gestapo (#3) () 1945 July 11


SD report on corrupt conduct of Goebbels' protégé in Norway (#4) () 1945 July 11


Discontentment amongst old fighters of the Party (#5) () 1945 July 13


SD report on development of Czech radio (#5A) () 1945 July 12


German penetration in South America in preparation for war (#5B) () 1945 July 13


Air raids and propaganda (#6) () 1945 July 13


Non-Aryan tuition means dismissal for civil servants (#7) () 1945 July 16


Example of activities of German agent in South America (#8) () 1945 July 17


Survey of air raid damages (#9) () 1945 July 17


Göring suggests immediate shooting of captured Allied crews (#10) () 1945 July 17


Illegal business transactions of Bremen Senator (#11) () 1945 July 17


Dissolution of monasteries and confiscation of their property (#12) () 1945 July 18


SD reports on the "Reicharundfunkgesellschaft" (#13) (). 1945 July 19


Reactions to speeches by Hitler and Göring in (#14) (1945 July 19) April 1942


Church and Party: "A Christian cannot be a National Socialist" (#15) () 1945 July 19


Nazi bosses buy castles while people worry about their future (#16) () 1945 July 19


Hitler correspondence re offer to form new cabinet (#17) () 1945 July 20


Indiscretions of high party members (#18) () 1945 July 21


Story of birthday present for Germany's Postmaster-General (#19) () 1945 July 22


Effect of Allied radio propaganda and German counter propaganda (#20) () 1945 July 23


Policy concerning children of Eastern workers (#21) () 1945 July 24


SD directives for the work of press specialists (#22) () 1945 July 24


Protective custody and concentration camps (#23) () 1945 July 25


Extracts from Hitlers' election speech in January 1933 (#24) () 1945 July 30


Hitler letter outlining views on foreign policy (#25) () 1945 July 30


Minutes on meeting at Hitler's HQ discussing transport problems (#26) () 1945 August 1


Nazi Kreisleiter asks for churches as warehouses (#27) () 1945 August 2


Letter concerning corruption of Gauleiter Hanke (#28) () 1945 August 16


Letter by Bormann confirming cruel treatment of Germans fraternizing with foreigners (#29) () 1945 August 18


Interrogation of Jodl, Rundstedt, Halder, Keitel (USSBS) (#30) () (missing) 1945 August 20


Ribbentrop's views on the future of a national Germany (#31) () 1945 August 21


Interrogation report on Kesselring (USSBS) (#32) () 1945 August 20


Bormann outlines position of the "Office of the Führer's Deputy" (#33) () 1945 August 21


Schwerin von Krosigk's letter to Goebbels (#34) () 1945 August 23


Bormanns' criticism of SD reports (#35) () 1945 August 23


Göring takes care of Jewish property (#36) () 1945 August 23


Hitler ordered killing of captured Commandos (#37) () 1945 August 24


Report on the fighting capacity of the Russian army (#38) () 1945 August 24


Doenitz thanks Guderian "in the name of coming generations" (#39) () 1945 August 27


Schwerin-Krosigk: Report & Private Correspondence, 1938-1945 (#40) () (missing) 1945 August 27


Duplicates (#41) (missing)

Box/Folder 5 : 5

Göring sanctioned Rosenberg's "booty staffs" (#42) () 1945 August 31


Seyss-Inquardt to Goebbels re "Bolshevistic black propaganda" to force Britain and UMA to adopt anti-Russian attitude, etc. (#43) () 1945 July 5


Kortenhaus cables to Italy for sabotage groups and Werewolf activity (#44) () 1945 July 8


Estimates on conscription of women; nobody dares rectify figures given to Goebbels (#45) () 1945 July 8


Last stages of the "Axis" (#46) () 1945 July 9


Pre-war morale in Gau Düsseldorf (#47) () 1945 July 10


Bormann circular re Hitler's orders on scorched earth and evacuation (#48) () 1945 July 11


Reactions to Hitler's policy in Poland and German-Russian agreement (#49) () 1945 July 12


Best cure for absenteeism and Gestapo action (#50) () 1945 July 16


Sects, religious societies, etc. to which civil servants can't belong (#51) () 1945 July 16


SD report on Allied and German propaganda (#52) () 1945 July 17


Goebbels propaganda directive of 5 February 1945 (#53) () 1945 July 18


SD-Leipzig Report: Anti-Nazi activities, Nazi corruption (#54) () 1945 July 19


Mundpropaganda (#55) () 1945 July 19


Himmler's problems and their solution (#56) () 1945 July 19


Copy of Communist propaganda leaflet in Hamburg camp after German capitulation, sent to OKW Staff by Chief of Gen. Staff (#57) () 1945 July 20


Morale in German Army, February 1945 (#58) () 1945 July 21


Existence of Communist opposition in Oanabrueck (#59) () 1945 July 21


Troubles of Frieda Boehmker before fall of Bremen (#60) () 1945 July 23


Wine and tobacco distributions before the fall of Bremen (#61) () 1945 July 24


Popular views on Dr. Ley as reported by SD in 1943 (#62) () 1945 July 24


Reactions to Dittmar broadcasts () () end 1942-middle 1943 1945 July 25


Opposition activities in 1939 (#65) () 1945 July 27


Morale reports: Kreis Munchen-Gladbach-Rheydt, (#66) January-August 1935


Reactions to rumors of impending war with Russia, May 1941 (#67) () 1945 August 1


Schwerin-Krosigk: Reports and private correspondence, 1938-1945 (#68) () 1945 September 1


Requisitioning of "Enemy of State" property in Austria by Nazis (#69) () 1945 September 2


Duplicates (#70)


SD reports on general morale in Stuttgart area (August 1944) (#71) () 1945 August 31


Duplicates (#72)


Japanese attempts to supplement Anti-Comintern Pact by military agreement (#73) () 1945 September 4


I.G. Farben employee sent to Far East for SD work (#74) () 1945 September 3


German staff plans for "German military government in Great Britain" (#75) () 1945 September 2

Box/Folder 5 : 6

Ribbentrop on "certainty" of German victory over Russia (#76) () 1945 September 1


Göring, Rintelen, and Gen. Pariani re political and military plans for Europe (#77) () 1945 September 13


Telegrams between Foreign Minister Schwerin-Krosigk and Ambassador in Tokyo Stahmer, (#78) (1945 September 9) 4-10 May 1945


German interest in Luxembourg after reoccupation of Rhineland by German Army (#79) () 1945 September 11


Reasons for Gauleiter Bohle's dismissal from Foreign Office (#80) () 1945 September 10


Round-up of former Social Democrats, Communists, and trade union officials, (#81) (1945 September 11) August 1944


Duplicates (#82)


Duplicates (#83)


Foreign workers in Northern Germany (#84) () 1945 September 13


Strife between party members (#85) () 1945 September 15


Julius Streichar's attacks on Göring and Lammers (#86) () 1945 September 15


German interference in Austrian affairs, (#87) (1945 September 21) 1937


Letters to Schwerin-Krosigk from Kaltenbrunner, Thierack, and Major Hueldner, re Putsch (#88) (1945 September 15) July 1944


Legality of Hitler's offices of Chancellor and Supreme Head of State, and of Doenitz as his successor (#89) () 1945 September 15


List of comments available on Schwerin-Krosigk (#90) () 1945 September 21


German interference in Austrian affairs, (#91) (1945 September 21) 1935-1938


Himmler on Degrelle. Letter to Lemmers, (#92) (1945 September 19) 25 March 1943


Position of Bormann, after departure of Hess (#93) () 1945 September 27


Duplicates (#94)


Duplicates (#95)


German use of a pastoral letter for anti-clerical abuse (#96) () 1945 September 25


Aide-memoire on a speech of Dr. Frank, Gov. Gen. of Poland, (#97) May 1941


National Socialist views on the Confessional Church, (#98) (1945 October 5) 23 August 1936


Dittmar on propaganda, Hamburg, (#99) (1945 October 5) 21 October 1944

Box/Folder 5 : 7

No moral scruples permissible in war (Admiral v. Reuter) (#100) () 1945 October 5


Greiser to leaders on methods for administration of Poland (#101) () 1945 October 5


Duplicates (#102)


Growing distrust between Hitler and Army, ; proposals to remove this by turning Panzer Grenadier Div. "Grossdeutschland" into elite Corps of Army (as against the Waffen-SS) (#103) (1945 October 5) June 1943


Jodl's directive, , for OKW communiqués (#104) (1945 October 4) 25 October 1944


Jodl's personal notes on activities of individuals heading for a military putsch (#105) () 1945 October 9


, Boehme informs Jodl and Keitel of his refusal to obey orders re Sweden and Norway (#106) (1945 October 5) 7 May 1945


A discourse on war (anonymous) (#107) () 1945 October 5


Criticism by high-ranking Russian officers of Germany's propaganda in Eastern territories and recommendations for setting up Russian puppet government, (#108) (1945 October 15) November 1942


German civilian morale after Stalingrad, late (#109) (1945 October 19) 1942-1943


General Weiss condemns policy & treatment of population in occupied areas of Russia, particularly Ukraine (#110) () 1945 October 10


Three decrees to Commandants of concentration camps, (#111) (1945 October 11) 1942


Reimann report to Hitler on black market in Paris, (#112) February-April 1943


Klage's farewell letter to Hitler (#113) () 1945 October 6


Description of the retreat from Moscow (5th Corps) (#114) () 1945 October 6


Duplicates (#115)


Transport of Belgian gold from Marseilles to Berlin, (#116) October 1941


Abetz suggests "Femgericht" in France to avenge murders of Germans (#117) () 1945 October 20


Hitler orders destruction of historic Shrine at Kiev, (#118) (1945 October 13) October 1941


Battle for preservation by Gen. Winter re policy in areas of German and looted works of art, valuables, and documents in Austrian saltmines, German policy of seizure of art treasures (#119) () 1945 October 18


Memorandum by Gen. Winter re policy in areas of France and Belgium expected to be re-occupied during Rundstedt's Ardennes offensive (#120) () 1945 October 25


Von Schirach's views on art at exhibition in Düsseldorf, (#121) (1945 October 25) 1941


Killing of inmates in mental asylums (#122)


German difficulties in Denmark (#123) () 1945 October 25


German plans () for French participation in war against Britain (#124) (1945 October 15) 1940


Plan for the final solution of the Jewish Problem, (#125) (1945 October 16) 1942


German Secret Rearmament (#126) (1945 October 25) 1924-1933


German policy in Poland (#127) (1945 October 27) 1930-1945


Expulsion order for Jews in Poland (#128) () 1945 October 26


Evacuation of civilian population west of the Rhine during the Allied advance in Germany. Letters and orders by Hitler, Bormann, Keital, and Ley, (#129) (1945 October 30) February-March 1945


Göring wishes to set up special commandos to operate among the hostile population behind the line in Russia and to commit murder, arson, and rape, (#130) (1945 November 3) September 1948


Means of dealing with POWs guilty of insubordination and provocative behavior (#131) () 1945 November 3


"Aryanisation" of Jewish property in Gau Pranken, (#132) (1945 November 3) November 1930


German treatment of Italian soldiers taken prisoner or interned after the surrender of Italy to the Allies (#133) () 1945 November 3


Report on interrogation of leading German official of the WAST on the Wehrmacht casualties during the war (#134) () 1945 November 8


Strength of the "General SS" as on with figures on its pre-war complement (Greater German Reich) (#135) (1945 November 5) June 30, 1942


Duplicates (#136)


The Nacht und Nebel Erlass: Prosecution of offenses against the Reich in the occupied territories (#137) () 1945 November 15


The activities of the "People's Court" in years (#138) (1945 November 15) 1942-1943


German policy in Poland, . Extracts from diaries of Hans Frank (#139) (1945 November 15) 1939-1945


Duplicates (#140)


German preparations for air war, (#141) (1945 December 14) April 1939


Nazis prepare to take over power, (#142) (1945 November 23) 1932


Police executions and special courts in the Kattowitz District, (#143) (1945 November 23) 1941


Quashing of prosecutions of murders and assailants of political prisoners due to pressure of political police (#144) ( 1945 December 13


Political and SS interference in administration of justice (#145) () 1945 December 15


Duplicates (#146)


Aryanisation of Jewish property in Gau Pranken, (#147) November 1938-1942


Execution by security police (Sipo) of 135,567 Jews, communists, and mentally afflicted persons in Baltic States (#148) () 1945 December 1


Duplicates (#149)


Quashing by political police of investigations and prosecutions ordered by the Staatsministerium der Justiz (#150) () 1945 November 29


Duplicates (#151)


Duplicates (#152)


Schacht's attitude towards the Nazi anti-Jewish policy, . Documents from file entitled "Judenfrage" (#153) August-December 1935


Hitler plans to attack Czechoslovakia and Austria. Minutes of a meeting between Hitler, the Cs-in-C of the three services, etc. (#154) () 1945 December 5


German General Staff's negotiations with Finland concerning the attack on Russia (#155) () 1945 December 5


Doenitz orders resistance to the last, (#156) (1945 December 14) April 1945


Nazi management of Austrian plebiscite, (#157) (1945 December 12) April 1938


The German Intelligence Service and coordination of its research agencies (from private papers of SS-Hastuf Hrallert) (#158) () 1945 December 21


Nazi proposal for the absorption of Hungary (#159)


Speech made by Speer at the Gauleiter Rally in Munich, , on taking over from Todt (#160) 24 February 1942


Program for the employment in Germany of workers from occupied countries () (#161) (1946 January 1) 1944


German preparations for war in (#162) (1946 January 3) 1935


Nazi plan, dated , for snatching a political victory out of the jaws of military defeat (#163) (1946 January 4) 15 March 1945


Neurath accepts Mussolini's offer to issue dementis on the prosecution of Jews in Germany (Letter from Neurath to Hitler, ) (#164) (1946 January 2) 2 February 1933


Speech by Hitler at the Gauleiter conference in Berlin on 2 , outlining the Nazi principles of government (#165) February 1934


Duplicates (#166)


Shooting of three hundred and twenty-eight civilian prisoners in Minsk by the SD in (#167) (1946 January 10) January 1942


Ribbentrop explains to the Army the nature of the mission of Abetz on the latter's promotion to be Ambassador to the Vichy Government, dated (#168) (1946 January 14) 3 August 1940


Murder, rape, plunder, and other horrors, perpetrated by the Germans in Poland, (#169) (1946 January 22) November 1939 - January 1940

Box 6


Box/Folder 6 : 1

Order concerning prohibition of listening to foreign broadcasts (#1)


Activities of stormtroopers on German "Innere Front" (#2)


Extracts from soldiers' letters (#3)


Scheme of German military censorship (#4)


German home morale (#5)


German warning against Allied leaflets (#6)


German soldiers describe Allied firepower (#7)


Danger of typhus, etc., through insufficient draining system (#8)


Lack of equipment and uniforms (#9)


Re arrest of Oberst Stioda (#10)


Duplicates (#11)


Altar for the Führer in every dugout or section (#12)


German leaflet: Mistreatment of prisoners by the British (#13)


Order demanding conservation of civilian morale in France (#14)


Commander Cherbourg complains about insufficient equipment (#15)


Evidence of partisan activities in France (#16)


Extracts from soldiers' diaries (#17)


Order re leadership and morale and countering enemy propaganda (#18)


Order re "corner for the Führer in troop quarters" (#19)


Wehrmacht pamphlet telling soldiers "why they have to fight" (#20)


German soldiers on bunkers (#21)


Decree forcing French civilian population to repair communications (#22)


Order re food German units are allowed to buy in France (#23)


Securing of classified material in the event of enemy attack (#24)


German unit with no telephone communication owing to lack of wire (#25)


Drunken German soldiers destroy French furniture, etc. (#26)


Pattern of Nazi ideological training in the Army (#27)


Order revealing method of spreading leaflets for Americans (#28)


Detention units in the German army also in West (#29)


German soldiers' letters from the West (#30)


Kreisleiter on evacuation of town (#31)


Ten commandments for German soldiers in Paris (#32)


Morale of German soldiers in France before the invasion (#33)


Death sentence for cowardice (#34)


Extracts from soldiers' letters (#35)


Order re terror against partisans and civilians in France (#36)


Order of the Day to soldiers in 14th Army: "There is no way back" (#37)


Extracts from five diaries (#38)


Diary of a German soldier (#39)


Notes by German soldiers revealing effect of Goebbels' propaganda (#40)


Secret directives against partisans, enemy propaganda, desertions (#41)


Report of prisoners from the East are sent from Stalags to the West (#42)


Report of conference with adjutant of Flak unit (#43)


Order of the Day 716th Infantry Division concerning promotions (#44)


Censorship report re subversive remarks of Polish soldier (#45)


Confidential directions re political developments in Brittany (#46)


Division Roder: Rewards for foreigners (#47)


Death sentence for deserter, carried out in France (#48)


Order of the Day by Kesselring (#49)

Box/Folder 6 : 2

Secret order re labor volunteers (#50)


Order re French population to build paratroop and glider obstacles (#51)


Files dealing with sabotage, Allied propaganda, etc. (#52)


Diaries of German soldiers in the Cherbourg area (#53)


Soldier sentenced to death for desertion - execution after war (#54)


Seven death sentences on officers for subversive activities (#55)


Disciplinary punishment of German soldiers (#56)


Order by Organization Todt re treatment of forced laborers (#57)


Anti-Bolshevik Russian convicted in German Army (#58)


Extracts from civilian letters (#59)


Poster asking French population to build obstacles against airborne troops (#60)


Foreigners in German Army, increase of subversive activity (#61)


Secret order authorizing killing of French partisans and civilians under suspicion (#62)


Order re hedgehog tactics against partisans (#63)


Order against "panic" (#64)


Göring asks for higher efforts in the Luftwaffe, praises Allies (#65)


Secret order by Hitler prohibiting threat with court martial to avoid desertions (#66)


Order re precautions by German soldiers against attacks by French civilians (#68)


German soldiers think "doodlebugs" mean end of war (#69)


Report re frontline radio propaganda against American troops (#70)


Diary of German soldier describing beginning of invasion (#71)


Report on secret meeting of commanding generals and Hitler, Himmler, Rosenberg, etc. (#72)


War-weary soldier still believes in the wisdom of the Führer (#73)


Extracts from soldiers' letters (#74)


Directives re handling of Allied propaganda material, leaflets (#75)


Letters from Vienna: Allies have firm grip on French territory (#76)


Secret order: Anglo-Americans will use poison gas in the invasion (#77)


Secret order re "enemy sabotage" (#78)


Secret order re details on manhunt on French civilians (#79)


Secret instructions about theft of personal papers by enemy secret service (#80)


Seven cases of punishment against German soldiers in Western France (#81)


Confession of faith by a German soldier (#82)


Order stating desertions of soldiers to "partisan bands" (#83)


Order banning leave for troops and exemptions (#84)


German chief of armor issues order against grinding troops (#85)


Extracts from letters written by soldiers (#86)


German Army directives concerning soldiers' complaints (#87)


Rundstedt on morale of Allied troops (#88)


Order re jamming of Soldatensender Calais (#89)


Order of the Day C-in-C, 14th Army: Too many have raised the white flag (#90)


Questionnaire for Nazi-Propaganda interrogators of Allied POWs (#91)


Diary of German soldier: This war is lost for Germany (#92)


Notes of an Austrian deserter who gave himself up to Allied troops (#93)


German leaflets dropped to Anglo-American troops in Italy (#94)


Report on a tour of inspection by French collaborationist journalist (#95)


Secret order re blocking of highways against partisans (#96)


Special order re education of 17-18 year old HJ boys (#97)


Ill treatment in the SS (#98)


Atrocity stories of the German High Command (#99)

Box/Folder 6 : 3

Limited operational value of German unit (#100)


Nazi war song (#101)


Foreign volunteer found unreliable because of defeatist letters (#102)


Extracts from soldiers' letters from the Cherbourg area (#103)


Soldiers tend to prolong leave by falsification of leave passes (#104)


German CO bolsters up troops' morale (#105)


Warning against falsification of camouflaged Allied leaflets (#106)


Twenty lapses of military discipline in 709th Infantry Division (#107)


Increased rations for troops working in mine laying, etc. (#108)


Files of SS-Pz. Div. "Hitlerjugend," court martial of SS-man, etc. (#109)


Extracts from letters written by soldiers in the Cherbourg area (#110)


Report by Organization Todt re Dutch agitators (#111)


Extracts from letters written by German soldiers (#112)


Secret order re training of troops: Allied superiority, etc. (#113)


Disintegration of troops in Italy, special units for detaining deserters (#114)


Goebbels forbids the word "Katastrophe" in the beginning of 1944 (#115)


SS-Pz. Dv. "Reichsführer" to fight to the last bullet (#116)


General scheme of German Press and Information Service in foreign countries (#117)


Secret directive by F.O. (German) for German embassies in European capitals (#118)


Extracts from letters written by soldiers in the East (#119)


Soldiers' letters re unknown weapon (#120)


Excerpt from speech by Fieldmarshal Keitel in Bad Schachen (#121)


Extract from diary of German officer: Lt. Rebensdorf (#122)


Order re requisition of radio sets in France (#123)


Diary of German soldier describing conditions in detention units (#124)


Death sentences for German soldiers for conspiring with French civilians (#125)


Shortage of vehicles and fuel (#126)


Request by German unit for medical material (#127)


Warnings against sabotage and attacks on German troops (Italy) (#128)


Order re poisoning of food by the enemy (#129)


Three diaries: Pole describes opening of invasion, etc. (#130)


Suicides and suicide attempts of German soldiers (#131)


Extracts from civilian letters (#132)


Extracts from letter written by Waffen-SS member (#133)


Two letters from soldiers criticizing conditions in the Army (#134)


Extracts from letters written by German soldiers in France (#135)


From where do French partisans get their ammunition? (#136)


List of scarce medical supplies (#137)


12th SS-Pz. Div. shortage of medical supplies, etc. (#138)


Order re treatment and evacuation of Allied POWs (#139)


Order re precautions against the invasion (#140)


Order re ammunition supply, failure in production and quality (#141)


Extracts from letters written by SS-leaders (#142)


Order re instances of low discipline of troops (#143)


Suicides in SS-Pz. Div. "Hitlerjugend" (#144)


New penalties for "crimes" (#145)


Order re supplies to be destroyed in case of withdrawal (#146)


Order by Chief of Staff re working time (#147)


Directives for conduct of personnel during operations (#148)


Security regulations with G.A.F. mail service in Paris (#149)

Box/Folder 6 : 4

Danes protest against German guards when on rescue work (#150)


Duplicates (#151)


Invasion diary of German soldier (#152)


Extracts from letters written by members of the SS-Pz. Div. "Hitlerjugend" (#153)


Directive for propaganda inside the German units (Eastern volunteers) (#154)


German views on the Danubian region (#155)


Duplicates (#156)


Extracts from letters written by German soldiers (#157)


Duplicates (#158)


Amnesty by Mussolini for partisans; details of supplies for partisans (#159)


Diary of German soldier (#160)


Ill treatment of volunteers from the East (#161)


List of soldiers punished for insubordination, thefts, etc. (#162)


V. Schlieben orders to make a stand; death for everyone who retreats (#163)


Letter from NSKK Standartenführer: Was treated badly on Army because a Nazi (#164)


Letter from Brigadeführer re morale in Berlin, etc. (#165)


Duplicates (#166)


Regimental order re morale of German troops in France (#167)


Interrogation teams of German F.O. in the front line (#168)


Leibstandarte Adolf Hitler sentences for corruption, etc. (#169)


Directives for requisitioning and warnings against looting in France (#170)


Shortage of cable and wire (#171)


Shortage of trucks and ammunition, 21st Pz. Division (#172)


Kampfgruppe Rauch order to defend Caen to last bullet (#173)


Extracts from letters written by German soldiers in France (#174)


Order re Geneva Convention being observed by Anglo-American troops (#175)


Directives re handling of Allied POWs (#176)


French police and gendarmes - cooperation with French partisans (#177)


Extracts from letters written by German soldiers in France (#178)


Letter of Feldwebel: Americans fight well, are humane to German POWs (#179)


Threat of court martial in cases of loss of small arms (#180)


German leaflet dropped on Allied troops (#181)


Nazis who listen to Allied broadcasts (#182)


Measures taken against French partisans, methods for recruiting forced labor (#183)


Nazi leaders to be trained as front-line officers (#184)


Commander of Caen: Measures against "internal unrest," sabotage (#185)


Secret order re allotment of ammunition in the West (#186)


Battalion Com. complains his battalion was abused as cowards (#187)


Commander Parachute Unit to give his oath to fight to the end (#188)


Desertions, fear and nervousness, losses in battle, etc. (#189)


Older soldiers are setting a bad example in discipline for the younger (#190)


The Führer's order after the invasion (#191)


Plundering by German soldiers created chaos behind the lines (#192)


Extracts from letters written by German soldiers in France (#193)


Extracts from letters written by German soldiers in France (#194)


Extract from letter describing effects of air raid on Braunschweig (#195)


Address by General Schack to 272nd Inf. Div. (#196)


Three desertions reports on foreigners in the German army (#197)


Soldier's letter fed up on account of not getting any home leave (#198)


Zeitzler on "Panzerschreck" (very different in reality from propaganda) (#199)

Box/Folder 6 : 5

Flak units' directives for the defense of trains against partisans (#200)


List of deserters from Regt. 897 (#201)


Evidence that Germans cannot replace service trucks (#202)


Artillery ammunition is available only in limited quantities (#203)


Evacuation of French civilians from areas behind the front line (#204)


Special Hitler order to German soldiers after 20 July plot (#205)


Eastern battalion in the West promised to "liberate" Russia (#206)


Proclamation to non-German soldiers (#207)


It is not possible to send reserves to the front with full equipment (#208)


Postwar employment plans for soldiers (#209)


Battle experiences of "Panzer-Lehr-Division" (#210)


Special Admiralty order re prevention and punishment of sabotage (#211)


German paratroopers young and inexperienced for fighting terrorists (#212)


Extracts from letters written by soldiers in France (#213)


Shortages (#214)


O.T. records destroyed in raid on Berlin (#215)


Russian POWs transported to West to work on fortifications (#216)


Allies succeed in snatching a German parachutist. Germans failed (#217)


Allied tank attack shakes the nerves of young Germans (#218)


Orders and news after July 20 plot (#219)


Lack of fuel and decisive cut in rations for German units (#220)


Catastrophic situation in supply of German service trucks (#221)


Shortage of uniforms as far back as autumn 1943 (#222)


Warnings against all forms of enemy propaganda (#223)


Extracts from letters written by soldiers in France (#224)


Leaflets for French and foreign workers affect German soldiers (#225)


Investigation against German soldiers accused by enemy propaganda (#226)


Instructions for soldiers how to behave as POWs (#227)


Insufficient training of young parachutists (#228)


Location of German Counter-Intelligence and Security Offices in Brittany (#229)


Shortages of wire and equipment (#230)


Extracts from notes taken at General Staff school, Giessen (#231)


Order stating Allied superiority of equipment, fear of Allied propaganda (#232)


German disturbed by Allied propaganda to French doctors (#233)


Paris: Insecure place for Germans (#234)


Measures to prevent Hiwis and Volksdeutsche from deserting (#235)


Order re looting of cattle (#236)


Doenitz considers Russians best example of spiritual training (#237)


Eight soldiers desert in two days (#238)


Panzer division commanders' abilities to be tested (#239)


Sabotage of communications lines by German units and soldiers (#240)


Extracts from letters written by soldiers in France (#241)


Notes re July 20 plot (#242)


History, education, organization and aims of SA (#243)


New text of "Lilli Marlene" (#244)


New version of "ten little nigger boys" (#245)


Order of the Day for regiment going into battle in France (#246)


Casualty report by SS-Pz. Regt., "Der Führer" (#247)


Secret orders by Rundstedt re French partisans to be delivered to SD (#248)


Criticism of morale and attitude of sixteenth GAF Division (#249)

Box/Folder 6 : 6

Notes of German 1st Lt. written after his capture in France (#250)


Outline of subjects of interest to the Wehrmacht propaganda (#251)


Rape of French girls (#252)


Extracts from letters written by soldiers in France (#253)


Letter describing effects of air raids on schools in Frankfurt (#254)


SS commissar gives his opinion of the fighting in France (#255)


Order re poisoned beverages for German troops, lack of clothing, etc. (#256)


Belgian, French, and Dutch workers resist against working for O.T. (#257)


Treatment of conscripted men from Polish territory (#258)


Faulty ammunition (#259)


Lists of units stationed in Holland (#260)


Report of invasion experiences (#261)


Extracts from letters written by soldiers in France (#262)


Two cases of self-mutilation, punished with death (#263)


Circular by Battalion Chief re Hitler plot (#264)


Propaganda directives: "What are we fighting for?" (#265)


Concern over increase of desertions (#266)


Increase of self-mutilation and desertions amongst parachutists (#267)


Bishop of Bayeux pledges himself to refrain from all political activity (#268)


"The diary of the End," soldier Kurt Schmeling (#269)


German lootings and criminal acts drive French civilians to the Fighting French (#270)


Kampfgruppe Bretagne dissolved (#271)


Extracts from letters written by members of the Waffen-SS in France (#272)


Battle morale (#273)


Farewell address of Commander of 77th Inf. Division (#274)


Report on meeting of German commanders from 2nd Gren. Regt. 894 (#275)


Activities of French partisans; countermeasures, death sentences (#276)


Effects of Flying Bomb (Com. Pz. Dv., "Das Reich," to his soldiers) (#277)


Directives for behavior as POWs given by 21st Pz. Div. (#278)


Attempt on Hitler's life was made "by the enemy" (NSFO) (#279)


Extracts from letters written by soldiers in France (#280)


Directives re handling of censorship offenses (#281)


Strength, battle value, and tactics of Anglo-American troops (#282)


Extracts from letters written by soldiers in France (#283)


Letter from Amsterdam: Dutch killing Germans, martial law in Amsterdam (#284)


Alarming increase of venereal diseases (#285)


The Führer introduces new badge for his handmen, etc. (#286)


Measures against "terrorists" in France (#287)


Increase of self-mutilation and malingering (#288)


Cattle and agricultural machinery to be saved before burning of houses (#289)


Faulty hand grenades (#290)


Pattern of Hitler education (#291)


Order re activities of French Darnand Militia (#292)


Increase of court martial offenses by officers and men (#293)


Threats against deserters - reprisals against their families (#294)


Desertions and lack of equipment in German foreign units (#295)


Activities of partisans and nationalists in France (#296)


Shortage of radio spare parts in the Netherlands (#297)


Heavy losses and lack of raw materials in the East (#298)


Marked decline of morale among German officers (#299)

Box/Folder 6 : 7

Order for special lessons stressing dangerousness of Allied propaganda (#300)


Decline of discipline in the West (#301)


V. Kluge's declaration of loyalty to Hitler (#302)


Instructions to troops re treatment of Russian volunteers (#303)


Diary of Lt. A. Synobar (#304)


Stricter security measures against agents in France (#305)


"Kraft Brief" found on German prisoner (#306)


Extracts from letters written by soldiers in France (#307)


Goebbels directives to the press re "mass murder at Katyn" (#308)


Deserters from the Armenian Legion wanted (#309)


Increasing desertions by Russians in the German Army (#310)


Directives teaching French and Polish soldiers the German language (#311)


General Spang gets butter instead of margarine (#312)


Order of the Day urging to prevent the "enemy" from occupying St. Malo (#313)


Special regulations against civilian population in France (#314)


"Miscalculations of the Allied High Command" re invasion (#315)


Letter from German soldier stationed in the "Brest peninsula" (#316)


Extracts from letters written by German soldiers in France (#317)


Dingler demands attention to supplies dropped by air to partisans (#318)


Order to fight French partisans mercilessly (#319)


Form of conditions for release by the German security police in Rennes (#320)


Failure of National Youth service in France (#321)


Increase in malingering (#322)


Diary of German soldier - Wegener (#323)


Himmler's prohibition of the word "Volksdeutscher" (#324)


Absence of the Luftwaffe explained to German soldiers (#325)


Extracts from letters written by German soldiers in France (#326)


"Cunning methods" of Allied leaflets (#327)


Low discipline of truck drivers (#328)


Brutal measures against French partisans (#329)


Order re lack of weapons and use of captured British weapons (#330)


Battle experiences during invasion days - Allied superiority, etc. (#331)


Text of two leaflets by Germans to German troops (#332)


Order from Keitel re increasing offenses among officers (#333)


Evacuation of district of St. Malo - looting prohibited (#334)


Extracts from letters written by German soldiers in France (#335)


Shortage of various types of materials in Panzer-Lehr Div. (#336)


Diary of Austrian medical sergeant Franz Anggel of Vienna (#337)


Hungarian and Spanish nationals in Panzer training Regt. 130 (#338)


SS men on burning of grain on retreat, while people at home lacked enough to eat (#339)


Investigations on SS men's complaining that their families do not get enough to eat (#340)


German officers who lose their heads (#341)


Falkenherst to his troops in Norway; Order of the Day re invasion (#342)


Diary of (Parachute) signalman (#343)


Atrocity propaganda re treatment of German POWs by Allies (#344)


Leaflet: Appeal to French youth (#345)


German commander on relations between German soldiers and French civilians (#346)


Report re relatively high losses in fighting in the West (#347)


Extracts from letters written by German soldiers in France (#348)


Older German age groups useless in battles - desert at first opportunity (#349)

Box/Folder 6 : 8

Directives for the fight against French forces of the interior (#350)


Hitler greeting not too much appreciated (#351)


Göring order in connection with July 20 plot (#352)


Arms dropped by British planes to be used by the Germans (#353)


German outline on Russian battle tactics (#354)


Lack of manpower forces Germans to employ engineers in front line (#355)


SS ordered to bring as many POWs as possible to solve manpower POW problems (#356)


Directives re treatment of German occupied territories (#357)


Ten points of instruction for German troops re treatment of POWs (#358)


Hitler: "The enemy has to be annihilated at the beaches" (#359)


Cable from the Führer (#360)


Six court martial cases in Pz. Lehr Div., including two suicides (#361)


Duplicates (#362)


Soldiers from Alsace desert in considerable numbers (#363)


Foreigners in the German Army "a danger to discipline" (#364)


No negotiations with "French bandits" (#365)


Sabotage and anti-German actions by French (#366)


Order of the Day: Too many Losses of Weapons - Not Enough Shooting (#367)


Propaganda re "incorrect treatment of German POWs" by British (#368)


Considerable decline of discipline among soldiers in the West (#369)


"Constructive" criticism on combat tactics (#370)


Duplicates (#371)


Extracts from two soldiers' letters remarks on V-2 hope for victory (#372)


Measures in case of sea and air invasion (#373)


Inquiry re membership of certain officers in Nazi Party (#374)


Wehrmacht prisons for foreign volunteers (#375)


Declarations of loyalty, von Kluge (radio) and Eberbach (#376)


Loss of life in SS-Pz. Div., "Hitlerjugend," through anxiousness (#377)


Increase of robbery in France by Germans (#378)


Dietrich order to overcome Allied superiority through individual heroism (#379)


Germans crossing into Spain lower esteem of their Division (#380)


German soldiers desert to Spain - shot in France (#381)


Five death sentences in SS unit (#382)


"Energetic" measures against deserters and Allied leaflets (#383)


Newspapers and distribution centers for Eastern volunteers (#384)


"The last quarter hour" (#385)


Circular letter on conditions in Düsseldorf (#386)


Front-line report on Allied propaganda (#387)


Increase in defeatism (#388)


Heavy losses through panic (#389)


Report on Allied landings by Major Bachus - 716th Inf. Div. (#390)


Rundstedt's report on the invasion of France (#391)


Directives for officer replacement (#392)


"Why the Allies are superior," report on battle experiences (#393)


Fighting value of Tartar legions (#394)


Treatment and pay of Eastern volunteers (#395)


Diary of German artillerymen describing retreat and capture (#396)


Significance of field post letters (#397)


Extracts from letters written by German soldiers in France (#398)


Court martial for declaring the "Atlantic Wall" insufficient (#399)


Troops should be kept informed from day to day about situation in north and south (#399-A)

Box/Folder 7 : 1

Precautions against desertions call for unity (#400)


Broadcasting stations audible in the filed (#401)


Leaflet causing disturbance (#402)


Göring's appeal for the "defense of the Reich" (#403)


Diary revealing "Canada Spirit" (#404)


Systematic looting by SS (#405)


Cowardice in the SS (#406)


"Unsoldierly behavior" (#407)


Sabotage of communications by German troops (#408)


Food unfit for consumption (#409)


Officer to use violence against men in emergency (#410)


Extracts from soldiers' letters (#411)


Extracts from civilian letters (#412)


Treatment of prisoners in the SS punishment camps (#413)


Sabotage activities by the French (#414)


Clever trick for sabotage of German mine fields by French worker (#415)


Hospital conditions (#416)


Report on Allied and German propaganda (#417)


Denial that Zeitzler was involved in Hitler plot - V-1 propaganda (#418)


Desertions in the 7th Army (#419)


Directive by Zeitzler for treatment of Russian deserters (#420)


Shortages in 2nd Pz. Div. and Pz. Gren. Regt 2 (#421)


Shortage of fuel (#422)


Rumors concerning F.P. (#423)


Serious decline of discipline, says Badninski (#424)


Directives for German civilians in German Armed Forces (#425)


Diary of German officer (Hitler plot, etc.) (#426)


Extracts from letters written to Badninski (#427)


Four cases of desertions by Russian volunteers and Germans (#428)


Directives for saving weapons and ammunition (#429)


Young soldiers badly trained - accidents from misuse of weapons (#430)


Opposition amongst Cherbourg workers causes alarm in O.T. (#431)


SS propaganda in German units (concerning Allied war aims) (#432)


Rundstedt's directive to smash invasion attempts (#433)


Restricted promotion for part-Jews (#434)


Censorship of foreigners' letters to be made known (#435)


Civilians to work in mine-endangered areas (#436)


Extracts from civilians' letters (#437)


Letter: Complaints about delays in payment of military allowance (#438)


Girl condemns organized childbirth for the Reich (#439)


Order by Dietrich implying mistreatment (#440)


Ammunition-dump explosion (#441)


Duplicates (#442)


Flying bombs on German lines (#443)


Neither supplies nor reserves expected (#444)


Figures showing increase of desertions (#445)


Agents to be placed amongst German troops (#446)


Measures against subversive activities in German Army (#447)


Extracts from letters by General Foltermann (#448)


Allied leaflets shirkers (#449)

Box/Folder 7 : 2

Order by Colonel Aulock (#450)


Faulty ammunition (#451)


Shortages (#452)


Order for looting (#453)


G.A.F. Capt. accused of high treason in captivity (#454)


Diary of German officer assigned for "2nd line" in France (#455)


Nazi commissar on Allied propaganda (#456)


Nazi commissar's directives on Hitler plot, low morale, etc. (#457)


German underground leaflet (#458)


Badninski's address concerning hero's death (#459)


Musical industry moved in France (#460)


Order to prevent infiltration of foreign agents into German Army (#461)


Badninski's opinion on functions of reserves (#462)


Diary of Lieutenant Fasthuber (#463)


Diary of Austrian officer (#464)


Wehrmacht begging weapons from SD (#465)


Diary of German soldier (criticism of desertions) (#466)


Two diaries of German soldiers (#467)


German deserters will be sent to Siberia by the British (#468)


Distribution of leaflets amongst Allied troops (#469)


Duplicates (#470)


Battle value and tactics of British and American troops (#471)


Demonstrations for Allied airmen in Pas de Calais (#472)


Morale and treatment of Russian POWs and volunteers (#473)


Strict measures against desertions (#474)


Posts removed with help of deserters (#475)


Desertions and absence (#476)


Death sentence for surrender (#477)


Diary of Gren. Wurmbach (#478)


Letter: "The front can't hold any more" (#479)


Extracts from soldiers' letters (#480)


Diary of German soldier (astonished about Allied materiel) (#481)


Nazi against Allied propaganda (#482)


Nazi commissar on Allied losses in the West (#483)


Nazi commissar warns against desertions (#484)


Soldiers listening to a "skillfully camouflaged" enemy broadcast (#485)


Nazi commissar explains "why Germany will win" (#486)


Nazi commissar: "Atrocity propaganda against Allies" (#487)


Italians: Oath of loyalty to Hitler (#488)


Diary of German soldier (defeatism - Allied broadcasts) (#489)


Extracts from soldiers' letters (#490)


Extracts from POWs diary (#491)


Measures against families of deserters (#492)


SS-units keen to reach the front (#493)


Executions not to be photographed (#494)


Allied POWs "died or were shot" (#495)


Undermining and disintegrating influences (#496)


Special care for Hiwis (#497)


Kluge-Gersdorf conversation about withdrawal (#498)


Shortages revealed in various files (#499)

Box/Folder 7 : 3

"What are we fighting for?" Book in preparation (#500)


Intentional optimism by Aulock (#501)


Decline of discipline in SS (#502)


Personal belongings of killed soldiers disappear (#503)


Letter by Gen. Lt. Gullmann (#504)


Directives for Nazi commissars re "spiritual training" (#505)


Directives for German front-line propaganda (#506)


Nazi commissar reports on morale (#507)


Diary of H. Karpe (#508)


Duplicates (#509)


Diary of Catholic soldier (#510)


Mistreatment of wounded German soldiers (#511)


Ramcke on discipline (#512)


Extremely low state of discipline in German army (#513)


Court martial audience dissolved (#514)


Extracts from soldiers' letters (#515)


Punishment of officers during fighting (#516)


Losses of Gren. Regt. (#517)


Shortages of medical officers (#518)


Declaration of loyalty by v. Luettwitz (#519)


German intelligence report on French civilians (#520)


German soldier destroys mail from home (#521)


Address by Model (two copies) (#522)


Directives concerning Geneva conventions (#523)


Escaped Russian POWs join partisans (#524)


Names of Gestapo agents (#525)


Lack of trained officers for infantry (#526)


Defective hand grenades (#527)


Parachute commander on Allied leaflets re Hitler plot (#528)


Circular of 353 L.D. warning that Germany POWs are sent to Siberia (#529)


O.B. West order re new gas filter (#530)


V-1 that fall prematurely (#531)


Extracts from soldiers' letters (#532)


Nazi infiltration in General staff (#533)


Shortage of ammunition (#534)


Report on retreat movements (#535)


Report on strength of 15th Army (#536)


Army Group G: Report on strength and losses (#537)


"Conversation with Polish-American" (#538)


Diary of infantry soldier (#539)


Rundstedt on arrest and shooting of hostages (#540)


Fortifications to be reinforced (#541)


Order on disciplinary drill (#542)


Investigation concerning ammunition (#543)


Suicides (#544)


Eastern volunteers returned to Stalags (#545)


Desertions, rape (#546)


Diary of Georg Seidel (#547)


Propaganda campaign to include Russians to desert to Germans (#548)


"Spirit of St. Malo" demanded from all units (#549)

Box/Folder 7 : 4

Training with M.G. unsatisfactory (#550)


Diary of H. Steudenmaier (#551)


Special ceremonies for relatives of fallen soldiers (#552)


Directives for Nazi commissar re countering Allied propaganda (#553)


Extracts form soldiers' letters (#554)


Shortages of AA-Ammunition (#555)


Suicides and absence increased (#556)


Gas-mask filter "42" removed from secret list (#557)


"Impenetrable Siegfried line" (#558)


Hold out to the last bullet "to regain coast" (#559)


Change of directives for Nazi commissar (#560)


Shortages of paper (#560-A)


Secret 1000 Kg bombs (#561)


Diary of German soldier from signal unit (#562)


Extracts from soldiers' letters (#563)


Defeatist letter from home garrison (#564)


Renewed warning against listening to Allied broadcasts (#565)


Custom officials engaged in Gestapo activities (#566)


Diary of Gefr. Wenzel (#567)


Divisional Commander on new Allied break-through tactics (#568)


Secret order by A.O.K. 15 stating ineffectiveness of fortifications (#569)


"Hold the position to the last wounded man" - dangerousness of Allied propaganda (#570)


Extracts from soldiers' letters (#571)


Disaffection among Russian volunteers (#572)


Heavy and light weapons buried by Allied bombardments (#573)


Special propaganda action concerning Russians as POWs in British hands (#574)


Center of conspiracy against Germans in Russian emigrant circles (#575)


German intelligence report on sabotage in France (#576)


Russians accused of subversive activities (#577)


Interrogation of German Red X sisters returned to German lines (#578)


Letters to Colonel Bayer (#579)


Appeal by Reichsleiter Bormann re Hitler plot (#580)


Monthly report of German propaganda leader in France (#581)


List of Postleitzahlen (#582)


Names of SD and Gestapo men from Gestapo files in Paris (#583)


"Germany's food situation stable" (#584)


Extracts from soldiers' letters (#585)


Lack of raw materials causes lack of tools (#586)


Hitler personally took care of defense of East Prussia (#587)


Goebbels does not wish the word "propaganda" used so much (#588)


Censorship of letters written by German soldiers (#589)


Laval order re behavior of French gendarmes in Allied landing makes Germans suspicious (#590)


Germans take special care of high-ranking Fascists in N. Italy (#591)


Roster of German and French Gestapo officials in Le Mans (#592)


List of German and French officials for Commission for Labor (#593)


Gestapo agents in Paris (#594)


Rundstedt's Order of the Day after his first dismissal (#594-A)


Kluge's farewell message (#595)


Diary of Obergefr. Selzer (#596)


Soldier's bombed-out wife badly treated (#597)


Diary of Luftwaffe lieutenant (#598)


Diary of German soldier coming home from Holland to France (#599)

Box/Folder 7 : 5

Many death sentences passed on German officers (#600)


Overtired soldier sentenced to imprisonment (#601)


Gestapo files revealing intrigues between Vichy and the Germans (#602)


Retreating German soldiers spread rumors (#603)


Spiritual training re "Allied post-war plans" (#604)


Diary of German officer from the staff of General Vierow (#605)


Extracts from letters written by German soldiers (#606)


Extracts from letters written by German civilians (#607)


Nazi anxiety about the "spiritual invasion of Americanism" (#608)


Germans shoot everyone in Labor Service uniform (#609)


Address by General Blaskowitz (#610)


Rape of 14-year old French girl by member of G.A.F. (#611)


New SS-card index (#612)


Treatment of POWs in Russia - extract from article in PDfSS (#613)


Duplicates (#614)


Extracts from soldiers' letters (#615)


German woman denounces her husband to the Gestapo (#616)


Order to prevent Communist activities (#617)


German leaflets for German troops on German armament reserves (#618)


Principal outline of partisan fighting (#619)


Extracts from soldiers' letters (#620)


Extracts from letters written by the Waffen-SS (#621)


Secret order stating unreliability of Lorrainers in German Army (#622)


Lack of education in German Officers' Corps (#623)


Flying Bomb: Revolution in aerial warfare (#624)


German soldier's diary - indicating effects of Allied leaflets (#625)


Leuna works partly destroyed (#626)


Diary of German N.C.O. (#627)


Diary of German officer re partisan fighting (#628)


N.F.O. denounces Allied propaganda re morale of German troops (#629)


Vast corruption in the German Officers' Corps (#630)


Note by General Vierow re Colonel Goellnitz suspected by the Gestapo (#631)


Lecture by NSFO re political and strategic world situation (#632)


Transfer of fieldmarshals (#633)


Letter from Aachen describing conditions during the first days of September (#634)


Directives re use of arms by members of the German Medical Corps (#635)


List of newspaper and Nazi publishing houses (#636)


Some Nazi propaganda on Americans for French consumption (#637)


Duplicates (#638)


NS Sprachreglung for Commissars in Units (#639)


Extracts from civilian letters (#640)


Extracts from soldiers' letters (#641)


Duplicates (#642)


Order to defend to last man by signed oath (#643)


Wounded to be sent back to combat unit; new classification for unfit (#644)


Effect of Allied-front propaganda with loud speakers (#645)


Measures to prevent civilians contacting POWs (#646)


Special order against listening to Allied broadcasts (#647)


Soldiers looting weapons court martialed (#648)


The air war and German armament production (#649)

Box/Folder 7 : 6

Diary of German SS-Sturm Mann Zimmer (#650)


Extracts from soldiers' letters (#651)


Pattern of propaganda organization in the Wehrmacht (#652)


Decrees by Reichminister for armament and war production (Speer) (#653)


Extracts from soldiers' letters (#654)


Activities of Nazi Commissars described as best measures against Allied propaganda (#655)


Order re hedgehog tactics; criticism of defense measures (#656)


Schmidt's last order - Leaders of Nazi organizations to become officers with utmost speed (#657)


Hitler order re soldier abandoning weapon to be shot (#658)


Reich's Labor Minister combing mines for men for new units (#659)


Diary of Obgefr. Sikon Rehrl (#660)


Extracts from civilian letters (#661)


Explanation to German soldiers why Britain and America are fighting (#662)


Warning by Div. Commander re seriousness of the situation (#663)


Nazi Party defends itself against Allied propaganda (#664)


Extracts from soldiers' letters (#665)


Investigation case of captain giving order under influence of alcohol (#666)


Hitler orders Keitel to clean the Wehrmacht of members of former ruling houses (#667)


Warning against picking up Allied leaflets - soldier wounded (#668)


Comments on behavior of foreigners in the German forces (#669)


Soldiers complaining that priests are not allowed to take their confessions (#670)


Desertions of Italian volunteers (#671)


Accidents in use of Russian weapons (#672)


Diary of German infantry soldier (#673)


Order re listening to foreign broadcasts (#674)


NSFO weekly slogans for German troops (#675)


German periodical re treatment of POWs in Russia, etc. (#676)


Officer's journal on military infallibility of Hitler (#677)


Member of "Deutsches Institut" in France cooperated with SP (#678)


"Fanatical will" against Allied material superiority (#679)


Extracts from soldiers' letters (#680)


Further decline of discipline in German units (#681)


The Führer dissatisfied with psychological effects of Hitler-plot trials (#682)


Soldier's reaction to Allied propaganda (#683)


Extracts from soldiers' letters (#684)


Propaganda directives for the SA (#685)


Summary of meeting of German Board of Transport (#686)


Directives for Polish workers in Germany (#686-A)


Orders re discipline, plundering, etc., by paratroopers in Italy (#687)


Italians willing to work and fight as volunteers, not as POWs (#688)


Circular for officers re discipline (#689)


Hitler demands harsher punishment of French police not cooperating against partisans (#690)


Directives for the German press (#691)


NSDAP Gauamt Westmark propaganda directives (#692)


Order re influence of Allied leaflets on German soldier (#693)


Extracts from soldiers' letters (#694)


The American opponent (#695)


Extracts from soldiers' letters (#696)


Epidemics feared in German front-line - bad sanitary conditions (#697)


Instructions to German troops on Allied war aims: Allies want to destroy all Germans (#698)


Duplicates (#699)

Box/Folder 7 : 7

Measures by Nazi Party against deserters' families (#700)


No supply in tobacco goods for many units in German Army (#701)


Secret order by Manteufel to clear large area of stray units (#702)


Diary of German soldier Gefr. Eberhard Sohnecki (#703)


General von Seydlitz sentenced to death (#704)


Extracts from underground newspaper called the "The New Germany" (#705)


Experiences with French partisans (#706)


Causes of delay in mail for German soldiers (#707)


Political tasks of the German soldier in the East (#708)


Diary of German Catholic soldier (#709)


Statistics on sabotage committed in Belgium and N. France (#710)


Shortage of officers in the German army (#711)


Order to prevent increase of Communist activities in the German army in the West (#712)


General Mikosch quits Boulogne in time (#713)


NSFO circular indicating current morale-building tactics (#714)


Extracts from soldiers' letters (#715)


Diary of Austrian soldier "K. F." infantrist (#716)


Diary of Gefr. Stecker (#717)


War diary of battalion (#718)


Lack of training has to be paid for with blood sacrifices (#719)


Extracts from soldiers' letters (#720)


Extracts from civilian letters (#721)


Division order exposing failure of propaganda among Eastern volunteers (#722)


New ranks for political leaders of the NSDAP in the German Army (#723)


Documents handwritten by Austrian deserter (#724)


Warning against Allied leaflets on the Italian front (#725)


Diary of German soldier Ewald: sabotage, Allied leaflets, etc. (#726)


Directives for behavior of German soldier if taken POW (#727)


Extracts from soldiers' and civilian letters (#728)


Extracts from civilian letters (#729)


Twelve extracts from civilian letters (consecutive) (#730)


List of Nazi personalities from "Der Arbeitseinsatz N. 4" (#731)


Difference between officers and men, in punishment (#732)


Undermining of fighting spirit - death sentence (#733)


Soldier's letter extracted (morale) (#734)


Extracts from soldiers' letters - destruction in Hamburg (#735)


Test of low morale (#736)


Extracts from soldiers' letters (#737)


Diary of German soldier Toni (#738)


Diary of San. Uffz. Giese (#739)


NSFO says "troops will fight until new weapon arrives" (#740)


Extracts from letters written by girl in Labor Service (#741)


Extracts from civilian letters (#742)


Extracts from civilian letters (consecutive) (#743)


Extracts from civilian letters (#744)


Extracts from civilian letters (#745)


SS Führer on sterilizations (#746)


Speer attempts speeding up of production (#747)


Extracts from Der Skorpion (German propaganda publication) (#748)


Names of people connected with the Lux Radio under the Nazis (#749)

Box/Folder 7 : 8

Fernau: "The mystery of the present phase of the war" (#750)


Diary of German quartermaster Feldwebel Arnold (#751)


Extracts from soldiers' letters (#752)


Extracts from soldiers' letters (#753)


Names and addresses of guests at a German entertainment in Nancy (#754)


Duplicates (#755)


Battle training of Luftwaffe ground crew stated to be poor (#756)


Regtl. order re punishment of political offenders in the Wehrmacht (#757)


Instructions for German troops: "What are we fighting for?" (#758)


The Führer's gratitude to the fighting men (#759)


New Hitler order about task of NSFO (#760)


Extracts from soldiers' letters (#761)


Extracts from soldiers' letters (#762)


Extracts from soldiers' letters (#763)


German officers lodge too many complaints (#764)


Extracts from soldiers' letters (#765)


Duplicates (#766)


Two reports on Allied leaflets (#767)


Extracts from civilian letters (#768)


Unit reports to the German C.O. in N.E. France (#769)


Standing directives for Nazi Party in Trier, in case of air raids (#770)


Keitel on corruption in the German Army (#771)


Propaganda directives for local party groups by Hauptamt Propaganda (#772)


Extracts from soldiers' letters (#773)


Propaganda directives for local NSDAP groups (#774)


Leave restrictions for German soldiers (#775)


"Observations on Vatican Politics in Wartime" (#776)


Increase in punishable offenses in German Division in Italy (#777)


Technique of German greeting - court martial offenses (#778)


Duplicates (#779)


NSFO admonished to boost troops' morale in Italy more strongly (#780)


New common rank and seniority relationship between the Wehrmacht and the SS (#781)


C-in-C West orders defense of West Wall to last man (#782)


Extracts from soldiers' letters (#783)


Extracts from soldiers' letters (#784)


Extracts from soldiers' letters (#785)


Extracts from soldiers' letters (#786)


Boosting morale by raising hopes for new weapons (#787)


Diary of typical SS man (#788)


Extracts from civilian letters (#789)


Material from NSFO instruction (#790)


Spoiled food and rusted ammunition (#791)


Diary of Gefr. Reinhard Scholz (#792)


Extracts from civilian letters (#793)


POW interrogation (#794)


German C.O.'s take political line for instruction of troops (#795)


Propaganda is a weapon - character of British and Americans (#796)


Extracts from soldiers' letters (#797)


Nazi propaganda for increase of birth rate (#798)


Propaganda directive to avoid the word "crisis" (#799)

Box/Folder 8 : 1

Duplicates (#800)


Diary of Nazi officer Hans Eggers (#801)


Form of order distributed to Germans taking part in building of fortifications (#802)


Diary of German "Junker" Anti-Nazi Ob. Gren. Paul Gerd Nowatzki (#803)


Alsatian deserts (#804)


Battle training for all Reich Germans appearing on fight strength (#805)


Diary of German POW (#806)


Diary of Hitler Youth functionary Herman Börroth (#807)


Duplicates (#808)


Death sentence for deserter (#809)


Extracts from soldiers' letters (#810)


Extracts from soldiers' letters (#811)


Extracts from soldiers' and civilian letters (#812)


Gestapo order re mass flight of foreign workers during and after raids (#813)


Directives for evacuation of German civilians in western Germany (#814)


Siegfried line to be held to the last man (#815)


German paratroopers must learn to believe in German victory (#816)


Reich labor leader on unreliability of foreign workers in Germany (#817)


"Watch on the Rhine" leaflets to German soldiers (#818)


Duplicates (#819)


Division order to troops guarding Western Germany (#820)


Collection and control of stray units (#821)


Recent decree by Speer (#822)


Manteufels' order to officers about NS guidance during operations (#823)


Leaflets: "Attention Metz" and "Citizens of Metz" (#824)


SS Standarte "Kurt Eggers" on activity of German SS-radio reporters (#825)


Extracts from index file Reichstatthalter Wagner (#826)


Duplicates (#827)


Directives for the NS leadership in the German Army (#828)


Division order re NS education of German troops (#829)


Functions, in detail, of the German officer in political education (#830)


Instruction for the troops: "Irresistible power of national socialism" (#831)


Orders by Hitler and Keitel re NSFO in German Army (#832)


NSFO lecture on the work of NSDAP in the war (#833)


Directives for political training of German troops (#834)


Duplicates (#835)


Hitler order re political education of German soldiers (#836)


"What the German soldier is fighting for" (#837)


The meaning and function of NSFO (#838)


The taking of pictures of executions by firing squads (#839)


Extracts from civilian letters (#840)


The reorganizing of new fighting units (#841)



Box/Folder 8 : 2

Report on battle experience of the Panzer Training Division during three weeks fighting in the West, (#151) June 1944


Order by the Commander of the 91st Infantry Division stating Allied superiority in arms and equipment and showing fear of Allied propaganda, (#164) July 1944


Report on the invasion of France, (#219) June 1944


Memorandum on deserters' families, (#261) July 1944


Reports on battle experience during first days after the invasion of France, (#309) June 1944


Report on Allied landing, (#316) June 1944


Diary of a (Parachute?) signalman, (#333) June-August 1944


Extracts from seven letters written by German soldiers in France, (#339) June-July 1944


Memorandum on combat tactics, (#352) July 1944


Memorandum on measures in case of sea and air invasion, (#360) July 1944


Memorandum on measures against deserters and Allied leaflets, (#369) July 1944


Rundstedt's report on the invasion of France, (#379) June 1944


Directives for officer replacements, (#381) July 1944


Report on battle experiences in France, (#382) July 1944


Report on German and Allied propaganda, (#389) July 1944


Rundstedt's directives to smash every invasion attempt, (#410) February 1944


Memoranda on use of civilians for Navy work in mine-endangered area, (#435) June 1944


Directives by NSFO regarding attempt on Hitler's life, (#438) August 1944


Report on impact of an Allied leaflet, (#443) August 1944


Report on discipline among, and supplies to, the German troops, (#446) August 1944


Report on morale of Russians in the Wehrmacht, (#460) July 1944


Report on shortages of medical officers in the Wehrmacht and the SS, (#494) June 1944


Report on soldiers' reaction to a court martial session, (#496) October 1944

Box/Folder 8 : 3

Ramcke's report on discipline of troops, (#504) July 1944


Model's address to the German troops, (#506) September 1944


Demand for an investigation concerning ammunition because of American dispatches, (#508) August 1944


Leaflet concerning attempt on Hitler's life, (#514) July 1944


Directives for NSFOs, (#516) September 1944


Guderian's memorandum on NSDAP influence in General Staff, (#519) July 1944


Reports on desertion of German troops, (#537) June 1944


Diary of Hubert Staudenmaier, (#543) June-July 1944


Report on suicides, attempted suicides, and absence without leave among German troops, (#547) July 1944


Extracts from German propaganda pamphlet on the strength of Atlantic fortifications and the Siegfried Line, (#559) 1942


Report on anti-communist and anti-Nazi movements among Russians in German Army and among Russian POWs, (#565) July 1944


Reports on interrogation of eight Red Cross female volunteers, (#571) July 1944


Monthly report of the German propaganda leader in France, (#573) July 1944


Two letters written by Oberst Bayer, (#574) August 1944


Report on Goebbels' directive not to use the word "propaganda" too often, (#578) July 1944


Report on morale of German troops, (#579) October 1944


Extracts from four letters written by German soldiers, (#583) August 1944


Diary of Obergefreiter Selzer, (#585) April-August 1944


Sentence to an Obergefreiter for negligence of guard duties, (#587) August 1944


Memorandum on punishment of German officers for cowardice and self-mutilation (#588)


Memorandum on privileges of high-ranking Fascists and their families in Northern Italy, (#589) July 1944


Kluge's farewell message to the troops, (#595) October 1944


Rundstedt's Order of the Day after his first dismissal as Commander in the West, (#596) July 1944


Diary of a Luftwaffe lieutenant, (#597) January-August 1944

Box/Folder 8 : 4

Twelve extracts from letters written by German soldiers in France, (#601) August 1944


Reports by Gestapo on relations between Vichy government and German administration in France, (#602) August 1943-April 1944


Report on low morale of German troops, (#603) August 1944


Twenty-one extracts from letters written by German soldiers, SS men, and civilians, (#604) July-August 1944


Report on effect of Allied front line propaganda, (#605) July 1944


Diary of officer Fleischman, (#610) March-September 1944


Order to battle Communist activities in the Wehrmacht in occupied areas in the West, (#612) June 1944


Statement of German woman denouncing her husband for his friendship with a French woman, (#614) September 1944


German propaganda leaflet to the troops assuring them of sufficiency of German armament reserves, (#616) September 1944


Six extracts from letters written by SS men in France, (#617) July-August 1944


Four extracts from letters written by members of the Waffen-SS in France, (#618) June-August 1944


Diary of a German NCO regarding impact of difficult battle conditions and Allied propaganda on morale of German troops, (#619) July 1944


Memorandum on lack of discipline in German officer corps, (#620) June 1944


Diary of German soldiers indicating effect of Allied leaflets, (#621) July 1944


Memorandum on corruption among German officers, (#622) August 1943


Memorandum on unreliability of Lorrainers in the Wehrmacht, (#623) June 1944


Memorandum on Allied propaganda, (#624) August 1944


Extract from a letter written by a German service regarding American air raids on Leuna works and also regarding treatment of Italian workers, (#626) October 1944


Thirty-two extracts from letters written by German soldiers and civilians, (#627) June-August 1944


Diary of a German officer on his service in Russia, Belgium, and France, (#628) July-September 1944


Directives for the use of arms by members of the German medical corps, (#629) April 1944


Letter by a German woman on conditions in Aachen, (#631) September 1944


Order to fight to the last man, (#634) May 1944


Nine extracts from letters written by German soldiers in France, (#635) October 1944


Directives to NSFOs regarding attempt on Hitler's life, (#636) August 1944


Memorandum against listening to Allied broadcasts, (#638) July 1944


Memorandum on effect of Allied air raids on German armament production, (#639) October 1944


Order concerning punishment of soldiers losing their weapons, (#640) October 1944


Orders to German medical corps regarding evaluation of recruits and treatment of wounded, (#641) January 1944


Directives on discipline measures among German civilians, (#642) July 1944


Articles in German officers' journal on military infallibility of Hitler, (#643) 1944


Diary of SS man Zimmer, (#644) June-July 1944


Report concerning structure of propaganda agencies in the Wehrmacht, (#645) October 1944


Decrees by Reichsminister f_ Kriegsproduktion, (#646) August 1944


Report regarding military situation and Allied propaganda, (#648) August 1944


Twenty extracts from letters written by German soldiers in France, (#648-A) October 1944


Schmundt's last order: leaders of NSDAP and Hitlerjugend should become officers in the German Army, (#649) July 1944


Hitler's order - everybody abandoning his weapon to be shot, (#650) August 1944


Memorandum on recruiting new soldiers, (#651) October 1944


Memorandum on NSFO ability to fight Allied propaganda, (#653) August 1944


Memorandum on fortifications in the rear, (#654) August 1944


Report on relations between a French priest and German religious soldiers, (#656) June 1944


Reports on behavior and attitudes of Polish and Russian youngsters in German army, (#657) July 1944


Order concerning listening to foreign broadcasting stations, (#658) August 1944


Memorandum concerning Hitler's reaction to the psychological effects of the proceedings of the People's Court after the Hitler plot, (#660) October 1944


Report of case: a captain was accused of prematurely ordering destruction of guns under the influence of alcohol, (#662) August 1944


Nine extracts from letters written by German soldiers in France, (#663) August 1944


Memorandum: Hitler demands that the harshest punishment be inflicted on French police forces not cooperating in measures against the partisans, (#665) October 1944


Directives for the German press, (#666) August-September 1944


Memorandum on relationship among troops and troops' attitude towards civilians, (#667) June 1944


Diary of German soldier, (#670) June-September 1944


Seven extracts from letters written by German soldiers in France, (#671) August 1944


Memorandum concerning desertion of Italian volunteers, (#672) June 1944


Memorandum concerning accidents in the use of Russian weapons, (#673) June 1944


Report regarding further decline of discipline in the Wehrmacht, (#675) August 1944


Summary of a meeting of German Board of Transport and Production in France and Belgium, (#677) March 1944


Memorandum: Italians willing to fight as volunteers and not as prisoners of war, (#678) March 1944


Report on discipline and morale in the Wehrmacht, (#681) April 1944


Extract from a letter written by Slovene soldier concerning Allied propaganda, (#682) August 1944


Memorandum regarding General Seydlitz' death sentence for cooperation with Soviets, (#685) August 1944


Memorandum concerning shortages of tobacco goods in the Wehrmacht, (#686) August 1944


Memorandum on causes of delay in mail for German troops, (#687) July 1944


Memorandum concerning NSDAP attitudes towards deserters' families, (#690) March 1944


Memorandum concerning replacement of infantry officers, (#693) June 1944


Twelve extracts from letters written by German soldiers in France, (#694) August 1944


Order concerning construction of fortifications in the area between the Rhine and the Western front, (#689) September 1944


Memorandum on political tasks of the German soldier in the East, (#695) November 1944


Directives for Polish workers in Germany, (#696) October 1944

Box/Folder 8 : 5

Ten extracts from letters written by German soldiers in France, (#702) August 1944


Diary by an Austrian soldier, (#704) March 1943-August 1944


Battalion war diary, (#705) August 1944


Directives for organization of propaganda activities among troops, (#707) June 1944


Order concerning establishment of new ranks for political leaders of the NSDAP in the Wehrmacht, (#708) November 1944


Fourteen extracts from letters written by German soldiers in France, (#709) August 1944


Report on partisan activities in Belgium and France, (#710) September 1943-June 1944


Diary of Gefreiter Strecken, (#710-A) October 1943-August 1944


Statement by an Austrian deserter, (#711) October 1944


Fifteen extracts from letters written by German civilians and garrison soldiers, (#712) July-September 1944


Eleven extracts from letters written by a German woman, (#713) June-August 1944


Letter of Gefreiter Schmeer as given by postal and telegraph censorship, (#715) September 1944


Letter on conditions in Hamburg, (#716) October 1944


Report on Vatican politics, (#717) November 1944


Order to punish by death those who undermine the Wehrmacht's fighting spirit, (#718) November 1944


Diary of German soldier, (#720) January-August 1944


Memorandum on differences in punishment accorded officers and men, (#721) June 1944


Directives for behavior of German soldiers if taken prisoner, (#722) September 1944


List of NSDAP officials, (#725) October 1944


Seven extracts from letters written by German civilians, (#726) August 1944


Seventeen extracts from letters written by German civilians, (#727) August 1944


Extracts from four letters written by a German girl in labor camp, (#728) November 1944


Extracts from seven consecutive letters by a German woman, (#729) May-August 1944


Ten extracts from letters written by German civilians, (#730) June-August 1944


List of names of German and Luxemburg people connected with the Luxemburg radio station during Nazi occupation, (#731) October 1944


Extracts from German soldiers' newspaper Der Skorpion, (#732) November 1944


Lecture by H. Kopperschmidt on sterilization, (#733) November 1944


Ten extracts from letters written by German soldiers in Denmark, (#735) August 1944


Eight extracts from letters written by German soldiers and sailors in Denmark, (#736) August 1944


Diary of a German Feldwebel, (#737) August 1943-Ocotber 1944


Statement by Joachim Fernau on German victory, (#738) August 1944


Eight extracts from letters written by German soldier on the Western front, (#744) August-October 1944


Diary of a German soldier, (#745) February-June 1944


Memorandum on battle training of the Luftwaffe ground crews, (#746) March 1944


Order concerning punishment of political offenders in the Wehrmacht, (#747) August 1943


Reports on Allied leaflets, (#748) August 1943


Directives for the NSDAP in Trier in case of air raids, (#749) November 1944


Nineteen extracts from letters written by German soldiers and civilians, (#750) August-September 1944


Memorandum by Feldmarschall Keitel on corruption in German officer corps, (#751) February 1943


Monthly propaganda directives for local party groups, (#752) October 1944


Three extracts from letters written by German soldiers on the Western front, (#754) September 1944


Memorandum on the relationship between the Wehrmacht and the Waffen-SS, (#755) July 1944


Memorandum: NSFOs should boost morale of German troops in Italy, (#760) July 1944


Order of the Day by Befehlshaber Nordostfrankreich, (#762) August 1944


Memorandum concerning increase of punishable offenses in a German division in Italy, (#763) August 1944


Decrees by Speer, (#767) August 1944


Memorandum regarding new weapon, (#770) August 1944


Eleven extracts from letters written by German soldiers on the Western front, (#773) August-September 1944


Diary of Gefreiter Reinhard Karl Artur Scholz, (#776) August 1942-July 1944


Memorandum on spoiled and rusted ammunition, (#777) August 1944


Nine extracts from letters written by German soldiers on the Western front, (#779) August-September 1944


Memorandum on Alsatian deserter, (#790) August 1944


Diary of Oberleutnant Hans Eggers, (#795) September 1944


Diary of Obergrenadier Paul Gerd Nowatzki, (#796) January-September 1944


Leaflets to citizens of Metz, (#876) November 1944

Box/Folder 8 : 6

Two orders by Oberst Mueller, (#1034) April 1945


Memorandum concerning punishment for breaking oath in the Wehrmacht, (#1518) October 1944


Memorandum concerning listening to London broadcasts, self-mutilation, treatment of Jehovah Witnesses, etc., (#1543) July 1944


Memorandum concerning discipline in the Wehrmacht, (#1548) October 1944


Two orders to fight to the last man, (#1587-1588) October 1944


Memorandum concerning punishment of deserters, (#1590) October 1944


Memorandum concerning looting by German troops on Reich territory, (#1593) September 1944



Box/Folder 8 : 7

Memorandum on new weapon, August 1944


Nineteen extracts from letters written by German soldiers on the Western front, (#773) August-September 1944


Forty-six extracts from letters written by German civilians, (#775) August-September 1944


Song "Edelweiss-Piraten," (#945) December 1944

Box/Folder 8 : 8

Six extracts from letters written by German soldiers, (#1500) August-October 1944


Duplicates (#1500-A)


Diary of Hitlerjugend official Hermann Boeroth, (#1501) December 1943-September 1944


Broadcast speech by Wilhelm Pieck, Freies Deutschland, (#1502) October 1944


Directives for German soldiers in Balkan countries, (#1503) November 1944


Eleven extracts from letters written by German civilians, (#1504) October 1944


Directives for German troops: No looting in Germany, (#1505) September 1944


Diary of Unteroffizier Willy Hoischen, (#1504) January-September 1944


Memorandum concerning signs of disintegration in the Wehrmacht, (#1508) August 1944


Ten extracts from letters written by German soldiers on the Western front, (#1509) August 1944


Report on sabotage in France, (#1511) June 1944


Fourteen extracts from letters written by various Gestapo offices, (#1513) September 1944


Directives for German police concerning use of weapons against prisoners of war, (#1514) August 1942


Leaflet on necessity to defeat the Allies, (#1516) n.d.


Memorandum on low morale in soldiers' letters, (#1517) October 1944


Directives for NSDAP speakers, (#1519) February 1944


Directives on total mobilization, (#1528) September 1944


Report on low morale and shortages in the Wehrmacht, (#1532) October 1944


Soldiers' paper Zur Lage, No. 30/44 (#1533)


Directives about the Volkssturm, (#1534) September 1944


Rundstedt's memorandum on coming Allied attack, ; and Dewitz's memorandum on German fighting planes, (#1535) October 1944 September 1944


Directives: No retreat from the West wall, (#1536) September 1944


Reports on morale and conduct of labor service men, (#1539) September 1944


Hitler's telegram to Oberst von Aulock urging him to hold St. Malo to the last bullet, (#1541) August 1944


Seventy extracts from letters written by German civilians, (#1542) September-October 1944


Death sentence for cowardice and warning against looting, (#1544) September 1944


Report on clothing shortages in German Army, (#1547) October 1944

Box/Folder 9 : 1

Report concerning smuggling of dutiable goods from Western occupied territories into Germany, (#1555) July 1944


Memorandum on troops' qualities, (#1558) October 1944


Nine extracts from letters written by German soldiers on the Western Front, (#1560) November 1944


Dr. Conti's considerations on how to influence raising the birth rate, (#1563) November 1944


Divisional court martial sentences for SS looters, etc., (#1564) November 1944


Battalion order to troops in Italy, (#1565) November 1944


Extracts from German civilians' letters, (#1566) November 1944


Drastic threats against soldiers joining the Nationalkomitee Freies Deutschland, on becoming POWs, (#1567) August 1944


Kesselring had to impose death penalty without court martial, as a last resort to stop excessive looting by German soldiers in Italy, (#1568) November 1944


Security Service "interested" in German employers fraternizing with foreign workers. Transfer of foreign men from border areas as Allied armies advance, (#1569) September 1944


Ten extracts from letters written by German civilians, (#1572) December 1944


Warnings against looting and desertions, (#1574) November 1944


Regimental commander promises enough fighter planes as soon as enough fuel can be produced, (#1575) September 1944


Ten extracts from letters written by German civilians inside Germany, (#1576) November 1944


Nazi paper's advertising methods, (#1577) December 1944


NSFO warning against Allies' cunning "whisper propaganda" (to troops defending Le Havre), (#1580) November 1944


As many men as possible to be released for front line duties; slacking to be checked and leisure to be cut down amongst men stationed at home, (#1581) November 1944


Eight extracts from letters written by German civilians, (#1582) November 1944


Situation on the Western Front - Evacuation and removal of supplies from Aachen carried out in calm and orderly manner, (#1583) September 1944


Replacements for German unites must be "infiltrated" with the National Socialist spirit by Nazi commissars, (#1584) November 1944


NS-Commissar propaganda directive. Decrees of the Allies in occupied Germany "must be used to stir up hatred," (#1586) November 1944


Nazi press methods: Government's demands and instructions for anti-Jewish press campaign, (#1595) November 1944


Two men from Malm_ving in the German Army are anxious for the Allies to end the war quickly - these sympathies appear to be shared by Alsatians and Luxemburgers fighting on the Lithuanian front, (#1596) November 1944


Extracts from a letter written by a German sailor stationed on the Aegean coast at a "Seetransporthaupstelle," (#1597) November 1944


Extracts from diary of German officer Lt. Friedrich Jockschmann written in captivity, (#1598) December 1944


Extracts from letters written by German soldiers on the Italian and Russian front, (#1599) December 1944

Box/Folder 9 : 2

Pledge to hold Boulogne to the last man signed by officers of Gren. Rgt. 1039 and 3rd A.R. 164, (#1600) December 1944


Extracts from "Mitteilungen f_pe," tactlessly worded (a) letters of condolence to relatives of fellow soldiers killed in action; (b) German authorities anxious: Wearing of trophies has been taken as indicating sympathy for the Russians; (c) "British stirring up hatred against officers," (#1606) December 1944


NCO observations from "Der politische Soldat," September 1944; importance of "so-called trivialities" regarding officers' conduct - Being "National' is not sufficient, we must also be called "social,'" (#1607) December 1944


NSFO directives, (#1608) December 1944


Extracts from speech on "Deutsche und europ3che Geistesfreiheit" by Alfred Rosenberg, delivered in Prague, ; British and USA post-war aims - the Allies as "destructors of European culture," (#1609) 16 January 1944 December 1944


Twelve extracts from letters written by German civilians, (#1610) December 1944


Names of prominent Nazi officials in "Kreis Diedenhofen" (Thionville), (#1611) December 1944


Admission of widespread distrust of German propaganda amongst German soldiers and civilians after Atlantic Wall fiasco, (#1612) December 1944


Sentences against members of Reich Labour Service (RAD), (#1613) December 1944


New form of self-mutilation - German soldiers damage or "lose" their dentures to get out of front-line fighting, (#1614) December 1944


Order by Commander of 10th Army on Army jurisdiction. Difficulties of maintaining discipline and order among units together in present emergency, (#1615) December 1944


Serious anti-German demonstrations by Labour (RAD) conscripts in Alsace and Lorraine (report on People's Court sentences), (#1616) December 1944


Twelve extracts from letters written by German civilians, (#1617) December 1944


Report concerning German propaganda in the North-West, (#1618) April 1939


Directives: Fear of tanks must be overcome, (#1620) September 1944


Order on morale-building measures during fighting in Netherlands, (#1621) October 1944


Instructions: What should be reported to the troops, (#1623) October 1944


Directives: All unknown officers in German uniform giving unusual orders to be taken into custody, (#1624) October 1944


Directives for the treatment of the Volksdeutsche on Volksliste 3 (Polish), (#1624-A) October 1944


Memorandum on conduct of German troops in Italy, (#1625) October 1944


Eleven extracts from letters written by German civilians, (#1626) October 1944


Notes of German soldiers on impact of Allied leaflets, (#1627) September 1944


Article by Reinecke in Der Politische Soldat, (#1628) October 1944


Instructions for the treatment of Volksdeutsche on Volksliste 3 (Polish), (#1629) October 1944


Memorandum on protection of decontamination units under the Geneva Convention, (#1630) October 1944


NSDAP directives how to combat current rumors, (#1631) November 1944


NSDAP directives regarding wine allowances for workers on fortification construction and also regarding lights or white marks on blocked roads, (#1632) November 1944


Memorandum on morale in the Wehrmacht, (#1633) October 1944


Ten extracts from letters written by German civilians and German soldiers stationed in Germany, (#1634) October-November 1944


Directives regarding the Volkssturm, (#1635) November 1944


Statement on marriage difficulties of a police inspector, (#1636) August 1944


Memorandum on confirmation of death sentences, (#1637) September 1944


Telegram from Himmler to all Gauleiters quoting Kesselring's message on the Volkssturm, (#1638) November 1944


Letter of a German soldier who never wanted to fight, (#1639) September 1944


Ten extracts from letters written by German soldiers on the Western front, (#1640) October-November 1944


Two letters by NSDAP members, (#1641) October-November 1944


Report on impact of Allied air raids on German industry and transport, (#1642) November 1944


NSFO leaflet to German troops on Allied atrocities: Read and learn to hate, (#1643) November 1944


Various documents concerning German concentration camps, (#1644) October-November 1944


Fifteen extracts from letters written by German soldiers on the Western front, (#1645) November 1944


Extract from Die eiserne Faust, (#1646) November 1944


Ten extracts from letters written by German soldiers on the Western front, (#1647) November 1944


Memorandum on five-day rest for fighting units, (#1648) December 1944


Memoranda and orders of 559th Volks.-Gren.-Division, (#1649) September-October 1944

Box/Folder 9 : 4

Order by Berger for Nazi education of German soldiers, (#1685) August 1944


Memorandum on restriction of private billets for troops, (#1686) November 1944


Propaganda directives, (#1687) October 1944


Directives for interrogation of Allied POWs, (#1688) October 1944


Propaganda leaflet for German troops, (#1689) January 1944


Ten extracts from letters written by German civilians, (#1690) December 1944


Extracts from Informationdienst der D.A.F., (#1691) May-June 1944


Directives for NSDAP members, (#1696) October 1944


Memorandum concerning participation in fortification works, (#1697) November 1944

Box/Folder 9 : 5

Five extracts from letters written by German civilians and soldiers stationed in Germany, (#1700) December 1944-January 1945


Leaflets to German troops, (#1702) March 1945


Memorandum on necessity to save grain and cattle, (#1703) December 1944


Twelve extracts from letters written by German civilians and soldiers stationed in Germany, (#1704) January 1945


Various documents on Interministerieller Luftkriegssch_Ausschuss (Ministerial Air Raid Damage Board), (#1705) 1944


Two letters concerning SA-Gruppe Oberrhein, (#1706) January 1945


Report concerning living conditions of fortification construction workers, (#1707) November 1944


Report by NSDAP central district office, (#1707-A) October 1944


Report on treatment of a German evacuated woman with seven children by a local NSDAP official, (#1708) October 1944


Ten extracts from letters written by German civilians and soldiers stationed in Germany, (#1709) January 1945


Report concerning food of fortification construction workers, (#1710) October 1944


Memorandum concerning plans for polygamy in Germany, (#1711) October 1944


Directives for better treatment of Eastern workers, (#1713) August 1944


Directives for NSFO of the Kriegsmarine (German Navy), (#1714) December 1944


Report by Bormann on corruption in Germany, (#1715) May 1944


Propaganda leaflets for troops, (#1716) November 1944


Order to hold position to the last drop of blood, (#1717) November 1944


Directives for the treatment of Russian POWs, (#1718) n.d.


Nine extracts from letters written by German civilians, (#1719) January 1945


Directives on enrollment of NSDAP leaders in the army, (#1720) October 1944


Propaganda directives for NSFOs, (#1721) January 1945


Memorandum by Bormann that was approved by Himmler on enrollment of criminals and politically unreliable people in the Volkssturm, (#1722) November 1944

Box/Folder 9 : 6

Eight extracts from letters written by German civilians, (#1726) January 1945


Report by Axmann on Hitlerjugend military training, (#1727) November 1944

Box/Folder 9 : 7

Memorandum on children of German soldiers and non-German women, (#1765) November 1944


Reports on mobilization of foreign and German labor in the period of 1942-1944, (#1766) September 1944


Seven extracts from letters written by German civilians, (#1767) March 1945


Order concerning conscription of German soldiers who were exchanged from American and British POW camps, (#1768) October 1944


Eight extracts from letters written by German civilians, (#1770) March 1945


Hitler's order: Partisan war is to be waged against Allies, (#1771) April 1945


Otto Konrad Hellmuth's papers, (#1772) 1928-1945


Eleven letters by German civilians, (#1774) March 1945


Last proclamation by F. Sauckel, (#1775) April 1945

Box/Folder 9 : 8

Himmler's directives for security of NSDAP officials, (#1776) n.d.


Himmler's memorandum on discipline in German army, (#1777) September 1944


Memorandum on bodies of dead inmates in concentration camps, (#1778) October 1944


Various documents relating to Reichstatthalter Sauckel's life style, (#1779) 1943-1944


Various documents from Sauckel's archives, (#1780) 1935-1936


Schoenhorn's order on deserters, (#1781) November 1944


Letters by General Hagler on German warfare, (#1782) July-August 1944


Bormann's last appeal to NSDAP leaders: Victory or death, (#1783) April 1945


Orders from the file of Reichsf_fice, (#1784) April 1939-1940


Report by a secret SD agent on morale in an army unit, (#1785) August 1940


Memorandum on treatment of foreign workers, (#1786) December 1942


Order and memorandum on 1938 election, (#1787) 1938


Memorandum on search by Sonderkommando Rosenberg for libraries and papers of Jews and other NSDAP enemies, (#1789) May 1944


Göring's order to sentence officers and men to death and prisons, (#1790) January 1945


Memorandum by Backe concerning food supply, (#1791) February 1945


Memorandum concerning resistance movements among Allied POWs, (#1792) September 1944


Reports by the SD on morale of population, (#1793) 1938-1939


Speer's decree concerning requisition of raw materials from occupied territories, (#1796) January 1945


Letter on organization Osenberg - long-term plans for development of new weapons, (#1797) December 1944


Report on treatment of Russian and Polish workers in German camps, (#1798) n.d.


Letters to Generalmajor Theodor Scherer, (#1799) 1942-1944


Various materials concerning activities of Gauleiter P. Giesler, Munich, (#1801) June 1944-March 1945


Report concerning morale of American soldiers, (#1802) February 1945

Boxes 10-14

Censorship Reports, 1946-1947

Scope and Contents note

Transcripts of and excerpts from letters and telephone conversations of German civilians processed by the United States Civil Censorship Submission, United States Forces European Theater, arranged chronologically

. 1946

Box/Folder 10 : 1-6

. September

Box/Folder 10 : 7-8


Box/Folder 11 : 1-5

. November

Box/Folder 11 : 6-7

. December

Box/Folder 12 : 1-3

. December


. 1947

Box/Folder 12 : 4-6

. January

Box/Folder 13 : 1-3

. January

Box/Folder 13 : 4-7

. February

Box/Folder 14 : 1-3

. February

Box/Folder 14 : 4-8

. March

Boxes 15-27

Handbooks, Guides, and Manuals, 1942-1946

Scope and Contents note

Arranged alphabetically by subject or issuing agent

Allied Expeditionary Forces. Supreme Headquarters.

General note

See HANDBOOKS, GUIDES, AND MANUALS/Supreme Headquarters Allied Expeditionary Forces

Foreign Office.

General note

See HANDBOOKS, GUIDES, AND MANUALS/ Ministry of Economic Warfare and Foreign Office

General Services Geographic Section (Great Britain).

General note

See HANDBOOKS, GUIDES, AND MANUALS/Netherlands - General Services Geographic Section

Inter-Service Topographical Department (Great Britain)

Box/Folder 15 : 1

Aarhus (�rhus)

Box/Folder 15 : 2


Box/Folder 15 : 3



Bremerhaven and Bremen

Box/Folder 15 : 4


Box/Folder 15 : 5


Box/Folder 15 : 6


Box/Folder 15 : 7


Box/Folder 15 : 8


Box 16

Germany, Railways in.

General note

See HANDBOOKS, GUIDES, AND MANUALS/Inter-Service Topographical Department/ Railways in Germany
Box/Folder 16 : 1


Box/Folder 16 : 2


Box/Folder 16 : 3


Box/Folder 16 : 4


Box/Folder 16 : 5


Box/Folder 16 : 6


Box/Folder 16 : 7


Box/Folder 17 : 1

Nürnberg (Nuremberg)


Railways in Germany

Box/Folder 17 : 2




Box/Folder 17 : 3


Box/Folder 17 : 4


Box/Folder 18 : 1


Box/Folder 18 : 2


Box/Folder 18 : 3


Box/Folder 18 : 4


Box/Folder 18 : 5


Box/Folder 18 : 6


Box/Folder 18 : 7


Box/Folder 18 : 8


Box 19




General note

See HANDBOOKS, GUIDES, AND MANUALS/ Italy/Agriculture, Department of
Box/Folder 19 : 1

Agriculture, Department of

Box/Folder 19 : 2

Allied Commission - Manual on Materials

Box/Folder 19 : 3

Allied Control Commission - Emergency Industrial Programme for the Rehabilitation of Italian Industry

Box/Folder 19 : 4

Allied Military Government for Occupied Territories - Plans, Proclamations and Instructions

Box/Folder 19 : 5

Allied Military Government, Liguria region - Guide to Operation Procedure for Regional Officers

Box/Folder 19 : 6

Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System and the Federal Reserve Bank of New York


Federal Reserve Bank of New York.

General note

See HANDBOOKS, GUIDES, AND MANUALS/Italy/Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System

Industry, Rehabilitation of.

General note

See HANDBOOKS, GUIDES, AND MANUALS/Italy/Allied Control Commission


General note

See HANDBOOKS, GUIDES, AND MANUALS/ Italy/Labor, Department of
Box/Folder 19 : 7

Labor, Department of Money and banking.

General note

See HANDBOOKS, GUIDES, AND MANUALS/Italy/Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System

Office of Strategic Services

Box/Folder 19 : 8


Box/Folder 19 : 9


Box/Folder 19 : 10

Geographic and social background

Box/Folder 19 : 11

Government and administration

Box/Folder 19 : 12

Industry and commerce

Box/Folder 19 : 13

Legal affairs

Box/Folder 19 : 14

Natural resources

Box/Folder 19 : 15

Public health and sanitation

Box/Folder 19 : 16

Public safety

Box/Folder 20 : 1

Public welfare

Box/Folder 20 : 2

Public works and utilities

Box/Folder 20 : 3

Transportation systems


Office of Surgeon General.

General note

See HANDBOOKS, GUIDES, AND MANUALS/Italy/Office of Strategic Services/ Public health and sanitation



Coal production, Administration of.

General note

See HANDBOOKS, GUIDES, AND MANUALS/Japan/ Foreign Economic Administration
Box/Folder 20 : 4

Foreign Economic Administration - Administration of coal production

Box/Folder 20 : 5

Office of Strategic Services - Population and migration


Population and migration.

General note

See HANDBOOKS, GUIDES, AND MANUALS/Japan/Office of Strategic Services

Military Intelligence Research Services (Great Britain)

Box/Folder 20 : 6

Organisation Todt

Box/Folder 20 : 7

SA (Sturmabteilung) der NSDAP


Ministry of Economic Warfare and Foreign Office





Box/Folder 20 : 8

Part 1

Box/Folder 20 : 9

Part 2

Box 21

Part 3

Box/Folder 21 : 1

Economic survey

Box/Folder 21 : 2

Local directory

Box/Folder 21 : 3

Part 4

Box/Folder 21 : 4

Administration and public services under German control


German control.

General note

See HANDBOOKS, GUIDES, AND MANUALS/Ministry of Economic Warfare and Foreign Office/Austria/ Administration and public services under German control


Box/Folder 21 : 5

Basic handbook


Zone handbooks

Box/Folder 21 : 6

No. 1 (East and West Flanders)

Box/Folder 21 : 7

No. 2 (Antwerp and Limburg)

Box/Folder 21 : 8

No. 3 (Brabant and Hainaut)

Box/Folder 21 : 9

No. 4 (Liège, Luxemburg, Namur)

Box/Folder 21 : 10


Box/Folder 22 : 1




Box/Folder 22 : 2

Basic handbook


Zone handbooks

Box/Folder 22 : 3

Unnumbered (Sicily)

Box/Folder 22 : 4

No. 4 (Lucania)

Box/Folder 22 : 5

No. 5 (Apulia)

Box/Folder 22 : 6

No. 6 (Campania)

Box/Folder 22 : 7

No. 7 (Abruzzi and Molise)

Box/Folder 22 : 8

No. 8 (Lazio)

Box/Folder 23 : 1

No. 9 (Tuscany)

Box/Folder 23 : 2

No. 10 (Marche, Umbria)

Box/Folder 23 : 3

No. 11 (Liguria)

Box/Folder 23 : 4

No. 12 (Emilia)

Box/Folder 23 : 5

No. 13 (Venezia Euganea)

Box/Folder 23 : 6

No. 14 (Venezia Tridentina)

Box/Folder 23 : 7

No. 15 (Venezia Giulia E Zara)

Box/Folder 24 : 1

No. 16 (Piedmont)

Box/Folder 24 : 2

No. 17 (Lombardy)

Box/Folder 24 : 3


General note

See also HANDBOOKS, GUIDES, AND MANUALS/Ministry of Economic Warfare and Foreign Office/Belgium/Zone handbooks/No. 4


Box/Folder 24 : 4

Basic handbooks

Box/Folder 24 : 5



Zone handbooks

Box/Folder 24 : 6

No. 1 (Lumburg, Noord Brabant, and Zeeland)

Box/Folder 24 : 7

No. 2 (Zuid Holland, Noord Holland, and Utrecht)

Box/Folder 25 : 1

No. 3 (Geiderland, Overijssel, Drenthe, Groningen, and Friesland)



Box/Folder 25 : 2-3

Basic handbooks

Box/Folder 25 : 4

Zone handbooks

Box/Folder 25 : 5

Netherlands - General Services Geographic Section


Supreme Headquarters Allied Expeditionary Forces


Germany, Allied military government in

Box/Folder 25 : 6


Box/Folder 25 : 7

Technical manual

Box/Folder 26 : 1



Treasury Department - Governmental finance

Box/Folder 26 : 2


Box/Folder 26 : 3



War Department and its subagencies

Box/Folder 26 : 4

Field Protection of Objects of Art and Archives




Civil affairs

Box/Folder 26 : 5

Legal affairs

Box/Folder 26 : 6

Public health and sanitation

Box/Folder 26 : 7

Public safety


Public works and utilities

Box/Folder 26 : 8

Electric power

Box/Folder 26 : 9



Information control media, Employment of Germans in.

General note

See HANDBOOKS, GUIDES, AND MANUALS/War Department and its subagencies/ White, Grey, and Black List for Information Control Purposes
Box/Folder 26 ; 10


Box/Folder 26 : 11

White, Grey, and Black List for Information Control Purposes

Box/Folder 26 : 12


Box 27

War Office



General note

See HANDBOOKS, GUIDES, AND MANUALS/War Office/ Notes on G.S.G.S. Maps of Germany, Denmark, and Central Europe


Box/Folder 27 : 1




General note

See HANDBOOKS, GUIDES, AND MANUALS/War Office/Gazetteers/France, Belgium, Luxemburg, and Holland
Box/Folder 27 : 2


Box/Folder 27 : 3

France, Belgium, Luxemburg, and Holland



Box/Folder 27 : 4


Box/Folder 27 : 5




General note

See HANDBOOKS, GUIDES, AND MANUALS/Office/Gazetteers/ France, Belgium, Luxemburg, and Holland


General note

See HANDBOOKS, GUIDES, AND MANUALS/War Office/Gazetteers/ France, Belgium, Luxemburg, and Holland


General note

See HANDBOOKS, GUIDES, AND MANUALS/War Office/ Military Headquarters and Installations in Germany; and HANDBOOKS, GUIDES, AND MANUALS/ War Office/ Notes on G.S.G.S. Maps of Germany, Denmark, and Central Europe
Box/Folder 27 : 6

Military Headquarters and Installations in Germany

Box/Folder 27 : 7

Notes on G.S.G.S. Maps of Germany, Denmark, and Central Europe

Boxes 28-50

Intelligence Reports, 1944-1948

Scope and Contents note

Daily, weekly, and monthly serials produced by various agencies of American and British governments. Arranged alphabetically by issuing agency


Box/Folder 28 : 1

Accession list of books regarding Germany and World War II, . 1939-1945

Box/Folder 28 : 2

Intelligence bulletins, . 1945-1946

Box/Folder 28 : 3

Military intelligence reports, . June-December 1945

Box/Folder 28 : 4

Reports, October-December 1944


Allied Commission Headquarters

Box/Folder 28 : 5

Captured Enemy Materials Branch - Monthly Report, . 1945-1946

Box/Folder 28 : 6

Displaced Persons and Repatriation Subcommission - Monthly Report, . 1945-1946

Box/Folder 28 : 7

Economic Section. Venezia Giulia. Udine Operations Branch - Monthly Report, . May 1946


Educational Subcommission

Box/Folder 28 : 8

Monthly Report, . 1945-1946

Box/Folder 28 : 9

Reports, . 1946

Box/Folder 28 : 10

Finance Subcommission - Report of the Finance Subcommission, . 1945-1946

Box/Folder 28 : 11

Food and Agriculture Branch - Monthly Report, . March-April 1946

Box/Folder 28 : 12

Food and Agriculture Subcommission - Monthly Report, . 1945-1946

Box/Folder 28 : 13

Food Subcommission - Monthly Reports, . July-October 1945

Box/Folder 29 : 1

Industry and Utilities Subcommission - Monthly Report, . 1945-1946

Box/Folder 29 : 2

Land Forces Subcommission - Report, . 1945-1946

Box/Folder 29 : 3

Program Coordinating Branch - Report, . December 1945

Box/Folder 29 : 4

Public Health Subcommission - Monthly Report, . 1945-1946

Box/Folder 29 : 5

Public Safety Subcommission - Monthly Report, . 1945-1946

Box/Folder 29 : 6

Public Works and Utilities Subcommission - Monthly Report, . 1945-1946


Allied Commission Headquarters - Monthly Report

Box/Folder 29 : 7

. 1944


. 1945

Box/Folder 29 : 8

. January-September

Box/Folder 29 : 9

. October-December

Box/Folder 29 : 10

. 1946

Box/Folder 29 : 11

Allied Control Commission. Allied Anti-Inflation Committee (Italy) - Report, . 1944


Allied Expeditionary Forces. Supreme Headquarters.

General note

See Supreme Headquarters Allied Expeditionary Forces

Allied Military Government (Italy)

Box/Folder 29 : 12

Naples commune - Monthly Report, . December 1945

Box/Folder 29 : 13

Public Relations Section - Report, . 1945-1946

Box/Folder 29 : 14

Venezia region - Report, . May-June 1945

Box/Folder 29 : 15

Combined Working Party on European Food Supplies - Report DI: Estimates of European Population at the End of 1943, . October 1944


Control Commission for Germany (British Element)

Box/Folder 29 : 16


Box/Folder 29 : 17

Monthly Report No. 9 for . June 1946

Box/Folder 29 : 18

Report for the Month of. June 1946

Box 30

Control Commission for Germany (British Element).


Information Services Control Branch

Box/Folder 30 : 1

Intelligence Summary, . 1945-1946

Box/Folder 30 : 2

Review of the Political Tendencies of the Newly-Licensed Press, . April 1946

Box/Folder 30 : 3

Control Commission for Germany (British Element). Legal Division - Reichsjagdgesetz

Box/Folder 30 : 4

Control Commission (Military Section). Joint Historical Research Section - Reports on various subjects of German history, . 1918-1944


Control Council (U.S. Group)

Box/Folder 30 : 5

CINFO Report, . September 1945


Information Control Intelligence Summary, . 1945

Box/Folder 30 : 6

. July

Box/Folder 30 : 7

. August

Box/Folder 30 : 8

. September-October


French Institute of Public Opinion.

General note

See INTELLIGENCE REPORTS/Office of War Information and French Institute of Public Opinion.

Great Britain

Box/Folder 30 : 9

Admiralty. Naval Staff. Naval Intelligence Division - Weekly Intelligence Report, . November-December 1945

Box/Folder 30 : 10

British Broadcasting Corporation - Surveys of European Audiences, . 1944-1945

Box/Folder 31 : 1

Embassy (United States) - News of Hitler's Order and Public Health under Hitler's Rule, . April-June 1944


Foreign Office. Political Intelligence Department.

General note

See INTELLIGENCE REPORTS/Great Britain/ Political Intelligence Department

Foreign Office. Research Department


Digest for Germany and Austria, . 1946

Box/Folder 31 : 2

. March

Box/Folder 31 : 3

. April

Box/Folder 31 : 4

. May

Box/Folder 31 : 5

. June

Box/Folder 31 : 6

. July

Box/Folder 31 : 7

. August

Box/Folder 31 : 8

. September

Box/Folder 31 : 9

Extracts from Weekly Political Intelligence Summary, . April-May 1946

Box/Folder 31 : 10

Memoranda on Axis-Controlled Europe, . July-September 1944

Box/Folder 31 : 11

Foreign Office and Ministry of Economic Warfare - Notes of Economic Intelligence, . July-September 1944


Ingersoll House Intelligence Section

Box/Folder 31 : 12

Intelligence Summary: Holland, . June 1945


Northern Region Intelligence Review

Box/Folder 31 : 13

Denmark, . June 1945

Box/Folder 31 : 14

Norway, . June 1945


Military Government for Germany.

General note

See also INTELLIGENCE REPORTS/Control Commission for Germany (British Element)
Box/Folder 31 : 15

Fortnightly Report, . June 1946

Box/Folder 31 : 16

Intelligence Summary, . September 1945

Box/Folder 31 : 17

Monthly Report, . 1946-1947

Box/Folder 31 : 18

Reaction Report, . 1947


Weekly Summary

Box/Folder 31 : 19

. 1945


. 1946

Box/Folder 31 : 20

. January-March

Box/Folder 31 : 21

. March-May


Ministry of Economic Warfare.

General note

See INTELLLIGENCE REPORTS/Great Britain/Foreign Office and Ministry for Economic Warfare
Box 32

Political Intelligence Department

Box/Folder 32 : 1


Box/Folder 32 : 2

Austria: Weekly Background Notes, . October 1945

Box/Folder 32 : 3

Background Notes, . February-March 1945

Box/Folder 32 : 4

Digest for Germany and Austria, . October-November 1945

Box/Folder 32 : 5

Germany: Weekly Background Notes, . July-October 1945


Intelligence Summary

Box/Folder 32 : 6

Belgium, . February-June 1945

Box/Folder 32 : 7

Netherlands, . February-May 1945

Box/Folder 32 : 8

Nazis in the News, . 1943-1945


Northern Region Intelligence Review

Box/Folder 32 : 9

Denmark, . March-May 1945

Box/Folder 32 : 10

Norway, . May-June 1945

Box/Folder 32 : 11

The United Nations and the Future - Weekly Summary of discussion in Allied Countries, . 1944-1945

Box/Folder 32 : 12

Weekly Intelligence Summary: Italy, . February-September 1944

Box/Folder 32 : 13

Weekly Magazine Survey, . 1944-1945

Box/Folder 32 : 14

A Year Ago To-Day - Weekly Report, . 1944-1945

Box/Folder 32 : 15

Youth Protection Camps in Germany - Report, . July 1944

Box 33

Political Warfare Executive

Box/Folder 33 : 1

Fortnightly Directive for B.B.C. Norwegian Bulletins, . March 1945


German Propaganda and the Germans - Weekly Report

Box/Folder 33 : 2



. 1944

Box/Folder 33 : 3

. February

Box/Folder 33 : 4

. March

Box/Folder 33 : 5

. April

Box/Folder 33 : 6

. June

Box/Folder 33 : 7

. July

Box/Folder 33 : 8

. September

Box/Folder 33 : 9

. October

Box/Folder 33 : 10

. November

Box/Folder 33 : 11

. December


. 1945

Box/Folder 33 : 12

. January

Box/Folder 33 : 13

. February

Box/Folder 33 : 14

. March

Box/Folder 34 : 1

. April

Box/Folder 34 : 2

. May

Box/Folder 34 : 3

Intelligence Summary: Holland, . February 1945

Box/Folder 34 : 4

Nominal Roll (German enlisted men), . April 1945


Northern Region Intelligence Review

Box/Folder 34 : 5

Denmark, . August-November 1944

Box/Folder 34 : 6

Finland, . September 1944

Box/Folder 34 : 7

Norway, . 1944-1945


Service Notes

Box/Folder 34 : 8

Belgium, . 1944-1945

Box/Folder 34 : 9

Netherlands, . 1944-1945


Weekly Directive for B.B.C.

Box/Folder 34 : 10

Danish Services, . March 1945

Box/Folder 34 : 11

Greek Services, . 1944-1945

Box/Folder 34 : 12

Weekly Intelligence Summary: South Eastern Europe, . 1944-1945

Box/Folder 34 : 13

Weekly Political Warfare Intelligence Summary: Germany and Austria, . 1944-1945


War Office - Miteuropa

Box/Folder 34 : 14

. 1945


. 1946

Box/Folder 34 : 15

. January-March

Box/Folder 34 : 16

. April-June

Box/Folder 34 : 17

. July-August

Box/Folder 34 : 18

. September

Box/Folder 35 : 1

Military Intelligence Research Service, Washington - SS Personalities in German-Dominated Areas, . June 1944

Box/Folder 35 : 2

Office of War Information and French Institute of Public Opinions - Surveys, . March-May 1945


Political Warfare Executive and Office of Strategic Services

Box/Folder 35 : 3

France: Daily Intelligence Report, . September-November 1944

Box/Folder 35 : 4

Germany and Austria: Daily Intelligence Summary, . 1944-1945


Supreme Headquarters Allied Expeditionary Forces


G-2 Division

Box/Folder 35 : 5


Box/Folder 35 : 6

Economic Intelligence Summary, . 1944-1945


Enemy Communication and Supply Summary, . 1945

Box/Folder 35 : 7

. February-April

Box/Folder 35 : 8

. April-May

Box/Folder 36 : 1

G-2 Report, . 1944-1945


Martian Report

Box/Folder 36 : 2

. July

Box/Folder 36 : 3

. August

Box/Folder 36 : 4

. September

Box/Folder 36 : 5

G-2 and G-5 division - List of reports


G-5 Division

Box/Folder 36 : 6



G-5 Weekly Journal of Information, . 1945

Box/Folder 36 : 7

. March-April

Box/Folder 37 : 1

. April-June


Weekly Civil Affairs Summary

Box/Folder 37 : 2

. 1944-1945