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Inventory of the Department of Natural Resources Records, 1927-Sept. 30, 1961
F3735; F3809  
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Arrangement and Description



Additional Note

NOTE ON ARRANGEMENT: All series are arranged chronologically except where noted.
Folder F3735:1-4

1. CORRESPONDENCE. 1937-39, 44-48, 53, 55.

Physical Description: (4f)

Scope and Content Note

Letters received and copies of letters sent, misc. memos and telegrams of director's George Nordenholt (1934-39), Warren Hannum (1944-53), and Dewitt Nelson (1953-61, 63). Subject matter is very general, only nominally dealing with departmental administration, consisting principally of requests for information and invitations to or requests to attend or speak at various meetings, conferences, etc. Included in F3735:1 is a summary report of departmental operations for the period 1935-38.
Folder F3735:5-8


Physical Description: (4f)

Scope and Content Note

Copies of outgoing correspondence and memoranda relating to departmental operations, programs, and administrative, fiscal, and personnel matters. A significant part of this series consists of analyses, opinions, position statements, and recommended amendments to proposed and pending legislation. Correspondence of the latter category is both with Beach Vasey, the Governor's Legislative Secretary, and with individual legislators and legislative committees. Also included are responses to individuals and organizations in response to requests for information.
Folder F3735:9-12


Physical Description: (4f)

Scope and Content Note

Letters received, copies of letters sent, memoranda, and misc. reports. This series consists of letters of referrals involving requests for information covering fields of expertise handled by the department: mining; conservation and wildlife management; forestry and fire fighting practices; oil and gas production; development and maintenance of state parks and historical landmarks. Files for 1945 and 1946 include summary reports compiled by each division detailing major programs by county and comments upon major problems. Much of the information is statistical and includes such data as acreage under state jurisdiction, fire activity, mining activity and production data, and relevant state manpower and cost figures. Scattered within this series are complaints, comments on, and suggestions for improvement of departmental programs.
Folder F3735:13-18


Physical Description: (6f)

Scope and Content Note

Arranged alphabetically by agency and chronologically thereunder.
Letters received, copies of letters sent, misc. minutes and reports, and FPC notices, orders, circulars and other informational materials. Agencies and subjects include: Federal Power Commission, 1944-46 investigation of natural gas industry; Forest Service and Intergovernmental Relations Commission survey on conservation and natural resources grants-in-aid programs, 1954; Natural Resources Advisory Committee, recommendations on projects and programs to be considered during the Kennedy administration, 1960-61; Reclamation Bureau, Central Valley Project studies contributing to the war effort and the public welfare, 1940-44; War Department, sector plans for use of military personnel in the prevention and control of forest fires, Transcript of proceedings of Western Defense Command conference on forest fire prevention, July 7, 1943, and improvements of Humboldt Bay (U.S. Corps of Engineers), 1940-45; and Works Progress Administration, project proposals, status and expenditure reports on programs administered by the department, 1935-40.
Folder F3735:19-68


Physical Description: (50f)

Scope and Content Note

Arranged alphabetically by agency and chronologically thereunder. Letters received, copies of letters sent, memoranda, agendas, minutes, reports, agreements, resolutions, telegrams, press releases, newspaper clippings, background information and other records of state agencies with which the department transacted business or of which the Director was a member. Corresponding agencies and topics covered include: Attorney General, opinions, 1958-61; California Commission on Inter-state Cooperation, 1942-47, 52-53, drafting and adoption of a Pacific Marine Fisheries Compact, 1946-47, Lake Tahoe Interstate Water Conference Committee report 1952, adoption of a uniform State Warehouse Act, 1952, proposed California participation in Inter-state Oil Compact Commission, 1953; Finance, budget submissions, augmentations, transfers, deficiency appropriations, and other budgetary matters, 1937-43; State Planning Board, 1937-43, development of California recreational facilities, and misc. papers of the committees on Mapping, Northern California-Klamath Drainage Basin, Recreational Survey, Tax Delinquent Land Advisory, and Wildlife, 1937-43; Public Works, divisional construction program authorizations and reports on completed and active projects, 1943-53; Reconstruction and Reemployment Commission, meeting and program records of the Citizens Advisory committees on Development of Natural Resources, Fish and Game, Reforestation, and Riding and Hiking Trails, 1943-49; Waste Utilization Commission, creation of and operations relating to investigations into commercial use of waste materials - use of redwood and timber slash in the manufacture of newsprint, 1939-43; Water Pollution Control Board (WPCB), creation of, organization, membership, pollution complaints, legal opinions concerning sewage disposal and powers of the WPCB, speeches and papers of staff and board members, Public Law 845-proposed state water pollution control law, reports and studies. Also included are regular, special and executive meeting files of the WPCB covering the period 1950-56. Hannum and Nelson served as the first two chairmen.
Folder F3735:69-71


Physical Description: (3f)

Scope and Content Note

Letters received, copies of letters sent, minutes and agendas of the Natural Resources and Travel and Recreation committees of the California State Chamber of Commerce, 1946-50; and Forestry Committee questionnaire on state forestry problems of the Council of State Governments, 1944. Participation and interaction with these organizations varied and in some cases their input was incorporated into program planning and development.
Folder F3735:72


Physical Description: (1f)

Scope and Content Note

Misc. minutes, agendas, and memoranda reports of monthly meetings of Division Chiefs, semi-annual conferences of Commissioners and departmental staff, 1940. Although fragmentary the minutes indicate the meetings were held in an effort to coordinate cooperation between the several divisions.
Folder F3735:73


Physical Description: (1f)

Scope and Content Note

Sampled memoranda directives relative to departmental policies on personnel, fiscal reporting, activity reports, and other aspects of day-to-day operations.
Folder F3735:74-87

9. LEGISLATIVE FILES. 1928-29, 34, 35, 37-55, 59-61 (63).

Physical Description: (14f)

Scope and Content Note

Arranged chronologically or by subject and chronologically thereunder.
Proposed legislation; amendments; bill analyses; letters, resolutions, testimony, departmental and other position statements in support or opposition; legislation status reports; misc. legislative Committee minutes, agendas and working papers; and other records related to departmental legislative programs or legislation having an impact on departmental programs. Series includes correspondence with the Governor's Legislative Secretary on legislation to be included as part of the Governor's Legislative program and with individual legislators, special interest groups and private citizens on specific measures. For the years 1944-50 separate legislative files exist for each of the principal divisions and for the State Parks Commission, 1928-29. Also included are the following committee hearing files and working papers and the subject matters dealt with:

1) Governmental Reorganization, Senate and Assembly Interim, 1948, 50-51: State water problems and inter-relationship with recreation and wildlife development; property management and distribution of publications; survey of field services; and reorganization of the Division of Fish and Game.


2) Natural Resources, Senate Fact-Finding, 1959-63: disposition of Squaw Valley and/or development and operation as a State Park.


3) Public Lands, Senate and Assembly Interim, 1949-52: public lands under departmental proprietary control; property acquisition and development of state park system.


4) Water Pollution, Assembly Fact-Finding, 1947-49: water pollution resulting from sewage and industrial waste; air pollution problems; and proposed pollution control legislation.



Scope and Content Note

Prior to 1941 this division was known as the Division of Parks. In keeping with the department's increasing program to integrate beaches into the park system a name change was authorized by the 1941 Legislature (ch. 550).
Folder F3735:88-91


Physical Description: (4f).

Scope and Content Note

Monthly reports of state park operations, development, patronage, land acquisition, restoration projects, and other park activities. Many reports include commentary on actions taken upon state Park Commission recommendations. In scattered instances the activities of the Division Chief are noted.
Folder F3735:92, 93


Physical Description: (2f)

Scope and Content Note

Monthly reports of Engineer in Charge on Federal Co-operative Projects in the state beaches and parks system. Reports principally cover E.C.W. accomplished by C.C.C. labor but also summarize Civilian Works Administration and State Emergency Relief Administration projects. 47 snapshots are scattered throughout the reports showing work accomplished and/or in progress. Two reports entitled Report on Federal Cooperative Projects in State Parks, ca. March, 1936, detail the total work accomplished under this program from its inception.
Folder F3735:94

12. RECREATION FILE. 1946-49.

Physical Description: (1f)

Scope and Content Note

Letters received, copies of letters sent, memoranda, minutes, reports and related materials concerning the State Committee to Study Recreation of which Warren T. Hannum was a member. The Committee was formed to consider the responsibility of state government in the area of recreation services. The out-come was the creation of a Recreation Commission (Stats. 1947, ch. 1239) and a statewide survey of recreational facilities and needs.


Folder F3735:95


Physical Description: (1f)

Scope and Content Note

Miscellaneous correspondence with Fish and Game Commission Executive Officer and divisional staff concerning Commission meetings and subjects for consideration at, divisional administrative, personnel and program matters.
Folder F3735:96-107

14. MONTHLY ACTIVITY REPORTS. 1934, 39, 43, 46-51.

Physical Description: (12f)

Scope and Content Note

Monthly activity reports of the bureaus of Fish Conservation, Game Conservation, Licenses, Marine Fisheries, and Patrol and Law Enforcement as submitted to the Director through the Executive Officer of the Fish and Game Commission. Topics covered include fish planting activities and statistics, game bird releases and status of Pittman-Robertson projects, hunting and fishing license sales, commercial fishing catches and statistics, status of Wildlife Conservation Board projects, and violations and arrests. Reports are complete for most months but not for all years.
Folder F3735:108-117


Physical Description: (10f)

Scope and Content Note

Arranged alphabetically by subject and chronologically thereunder.
Letters received, copies of letters sent, memoranda, telegrams, minutes and agendas, transcripts of hearings, resolutions, newspaper clippings, and other records relating to Division of Fish and Game activities and operations. Subject files cover such topics and issues as: Abalone, 1935-38; Antelope, hunting of, 1936-38; Bear, depredations by and complaints by sheep growers, 1935-39; Deer, damage caused by and hunting of, 1943-48; Elk Grove Bass Hatchery construction, 1935-36; Federal Agencies, general correspondence with, 1934-37; Fish Screens, adaption, installation, and testing of electric fish screens, 1934-41; Friant Dam controversy over priority of use of San Joaquin River waters, 1948-50; Imperial County Game Refuge, state purchase of properties for, 1931, 32; Klamath River, water flow at Copco Dam, construction of wing dam on, and pollution of, 1934-50; Los Banos Game Refuge, state purchase of property for, 1929; Pittman-Robertson Act project proposals, 1938-41; Production-for-Use Projects, distribution of shark meat to the unemployed, 1939; Quail, 1944; Sardines, regulation of sardine industry, 1934-48; Sardine Study Committee, investigation of the administration of laws governing the taking, canning, and/or reducing of sardines, 1941; Smith River, 1937; Stream Pollution caused by distillery slop disposal, 1938, 42; Spiney Rayed Fish, rescue and reclamation of, 1930-35; and Trinity River, pollution and setting of fish traps on, 1939-40.



NOTE: Records of the Division and Department of Forestry are described collectively under a separate finding aid.


Folder F3735:118


Physical Description: (1f)

Scope and Content Note

Miscellaneous correspondence regarding departmental operations and U.S. Bureau of Mines projected film Natural Resources of California.
Folder F3735:119

17. BIENNIAL REPORTS. 1932-34, 38-46

Physical Description: (1f)

Scope and Content Note

Highlights and major accomplishments of the division.
Folder F3735:120-122

18. MONTHLY ACTIVITY REPORTS. 1934, 39, 41-48, 59-61.

Physical Description: (3f)

Scope and Content Note

Monthly reports of administrative services, public relations, information services rendered, field work of Geologic and Mining Engineering branches, and activities of cooperative program of geological investigations with the U.S. Geological Survey.
Folder F3735:123, 124

19. DIRECTOR'S SUBJECT FILES. 1935, 36, 38, 42, 46, 51-52, 54.

Physical Description: (2f).

Scope and Content Note

Letters received, copies of letters sent, and memoranda on the subjects of complimentary letters received relating to division services and publications, Gold Producers of California and plight of gold mining industry, war minerals development and production, misc. State Mining Board meetings and activities, and W.P.A. project proposals and reports.


Folder F3735:125


Physical Description: (1f)

Scope and Content Note

Miscellaneous letters received, copies of letters sent, memoranda, and related records concerning divisional operations and activities.
Folder F3735:126-128

21. MONTHLY ACTIVITY REPORTS. 1934, 37, 38-41, 44-48

Physical Description: (3f).

Scope and Content Note

Monthly oil field activities: wells inspected for water shut-off or other drilling or abandonment operations; new well proposals; deepening and redrilling of oil wells; and commentary on drilling activity of significant interest.
Folder F3735:129-131

22. DIRECTOR'S SUBJECT FILES. 1934-46, 52-53.

Physical Description: (3f)

Scope and Content Note

Arranged alphabetically by subject and chronologically thereunder.
Letters received, copies of letters sent, memoranda, minutes, reports, and misc. other records on the subjects of: Atkinson Oil Bill (Prop. 5, 1939 General Elections) - conservation measure designed to help secure a controlled supply of reasonably priced oil and gas; Huntington Beach, 1934-37 - gas wastage and proposed legislation prescribing leasing procedures for extraction; Kettleman Hills, Mountain View, and Playa Del Rey oil fields, 1935-gas wastage; Legislation, 1939 - misc. proposals; District Oil and Gas Commissioners meetings, 1937-46; and divisional personnel matters, 1935-37, 52-53


Scope and Content Note

At the time of the creation of the Department of Natural Resources a section called Departmental Administration was organized comprised of the Director, Deputy Director, Secretary, and central accounting office. About 1947, Administration achieved divisional status and was administered by a Deputy - Comptroller, formerly the Departmental Accounting Officer, and included sections on accounting, personnel, and property. In 1958 the name changed to Administrative Services Division. Conservation education was placed under the Division of Administration from its beginning in 1949.
Folder F3735:132-138


Physical Description: (7f)

Scope and Content Note

Letters received, copies of letters sent, memoranda, reports, circular letters and other fiscal documentation relating to cooperative and service agreements, purchase and payment for supplies and equipment, land acquisition and leases, personnel matters, travel, budgets, fund transfers, etc. A separate file includes examples of forms used in various transactions - cancelled checks, cashiers receipts, park receipts, fish packer tax receipts, fund transfers, etc.
Folder F3735:139-144

24. ACCOUNTING-BUDGETS. 1936, 42-49.

Physical Description: (6f)

Scope and Content Note

Divisional budget detail of expenditures for salaries and wages including work classifications or titles, position numbers, monthly salaries, total expenditures, and explanatory notes covering position justifications.
Folder F3735:145-148


Physical Description: (4f)

Scope and Content Note

A Chief of Conservation Education was appointed and a program activated in May, 1949, to cooperate with the Department of Education to promote the teaching of conservation as an intergrated part of the public school curriculum. A Conservation Education Committee, appointed by the Superintendent of Public Instruction, served as the medium of cooperation. Records of this series document the backgrounds and origins of this program, principally by the Division of Fish and Game, and the activities of Edward F. Dolder, Chief of Conservation Education. Letters received, copies of letters sent, memoranda, minutes, monthly activity reports, resolutions, speeches, telegrams, and conference materials and other records concerning program development, coordination with the Department of Education, providing information and resources to public schools, and participation in conferences and workshops.
Folder F3735:149

26. PERSONNEL. 1948-53

Physical Description: (1f)

Scope and Content Note

Misc. memoranda and directives on such subjects as establishment of positions, job reclassifications, clearing of eligibility lists, time reports, etc.
Folder F3735:150


Physical Description: (1f)

Scope and Content Note

Attorney General opinions relative to department programs and operations, discontinuance of publishing The Conservationist, Governor's Interdepartmental Safety Advisory Committee-Motor Vehicle Safety Advisory Comm., and Governor's Committee on Personnel and Training - Guidelines for Public Reporting, department review of and comments on.


Folder F3735:151


Physical Description: (1f)

Scope and Content Note

Various printed and typescript histories, speeches and statements which include significant information on the development and organization of the division and its programs. Individual histories, largely undated, include Accomplishments Division of Parks Under the Administration of Governor James Rolph, Jr.,
Historical Monuments program, History and Organization of...Beaches and Parks as compiled by the Department of Finance... (June, 1944), Recreation Program in State Parks During the Post-War Period, California State Park System, 1946-1949, Some Problems of Beach Administration and Development in the State Park System, Department of Finance Management Surveys 877 and 1025, 1958, 59, and Clarification of Relationships between the State Park Commission, the Department of Natural Resources, and the Division of Beaches and Parks, 1958 (pursuant to S.R. No. 28, 1957).


Folder F3735:152-194

29. MEETING FILES. 1928, 1929-37, 40-61.

Physical Description: (43f)

Scope and Content Note

Commission minutes, agendas, corrections, and minutes of misc. committees. Files incomplete or missing entirely for some years prior to 1941. Indexes to individual meetings appear from January, 1947 on. Minutes cover such topics as creation of state beaches and parks, land acquisition, creation of a statewide network of riding and hiking trails, and restoration and maintenance programs of historical sites and monuments.
NOTE: A complete file of Park Commission Minutes, 1927-date, is located is located in the Resources Library, 1416 9th St.
Folder F3735:195-197

30. PARK COMMISSIONER'S CORRESPONDENCE. 1927-28, 31, 35, 49-54.

Physical Description: (3f)

Scope and Content Note

Miscellaneous correspondence of Commissioners William E. Colby, 1927-28, 31, 35, George A. Scott, 1949-53, and George Waldner, 1951-54. Much of this correspondence is routine relating to meetings and general activities. Colby's correspondence is more diverse and includes exchanges with Newton B. Drury, Secretary of Save-the-Redwoods League.
Folder F3735:198


Physical Description: (1f)

Scope and Content Note

Miscellaneous correspondence of John H. Covington with Commission members, principally with Joseph R. Knowland, and with staff of Emergency Conservation Work projects concerning park development, construction, etc. Also includes miscellaneous correspondence with the Director of Natural Resources. Three letters dated Aug.-Sept., 1936, deal with the Commission's recommendation that James A. Snook, Chief of Division of Parks, be dismissed.
Folder F3735:199


Physical Description: (1f)

Scope and Content Note

Miscellaneous correspondence.
Folder F3735:200-206

33. PARK ACQUISITION FILES. 1928-35, 41, 42.

Physical Description: (7f)

Scope and Content Note

Arranged alphabetically by subject and chronologically thereunder.
Letters received, copies of letters sent, memoranda, minutes, reports, resolutions and other records relating to actions on acquisition of property for state park purposes. Included in this series are appraisal reports and valuations of potential beach and park properties, 1928-31; meetings of the State Park Finance Board ( Stats. 1927, ch. 765) concerning sale of State Park Bonds, and premium fund billings and expenditure reports for land purchases, 1931-34; sub-marginal land additions proposals, 1934, 35; and Grizzly Creek Tract, proposal to add to Van Duzen River State Park, 1941, 42.
Folder F3735:207

34. PRESS CLIPPINGS. 1935, 36.

Physical Description: (1f)

Scope and Content Note

Miscellaneous clippings on Commission meetings, members, and activities.
Folder F3735:208-211

35. REPORTS. 1927-48.

Physical Description: (4f)

Scope and Content Note

Acquisition reports-properties purchased and/or received as gifts with detail on approximate acreage, cost or appraisal value, and source of funds. Report dated January 1, 1936 summarizes all park acquisitions between 1902 and 1935. Annual reports to the Governor for the years 1928, 29, 31, 34, 36, 37, 41 and 45. Miscellaneous reports submitted to the Commission, including: State Park Survey, 1927,28; annual reports of the Chief of Division of Parks, 1928, 29; summary of park areas preserved through activities of the Save-the-Redwoods League, 1921-31; Administrative Committee policy and program recommendations, 1936-37, 1943; February 27-28, 1940 storm damage to Northern California beaches and parks; and National Park Service survey of parks, parkways, and recreational areas administered by the State of California, ca. 1937.
Folder F3735:212

36. W.P.A. PROJECTS. 1935, 36.

Physical Description: (1f)

Scope and Content Note

Letters received, copies of letters sent, memoranda, and other records relating to W.P.A. Project applications, project cost estimates, securing abandoned E.C.W. camps and facilities, and project progress on such sites as the Pio Pico and General Vallejo homes.


Folder F3735:213-228

37. CORRESPONDENCE. 1929-55.

Physical Description: (16f)

Scope and Content Note

Letters received, copies of letters sent, memoranda, minutes, reports, photographs, blueprints, and drawings, resolutions, and other records concerning the registration of historical points of interest; dismissal of James A. Snook as Chief of Division of Parks, 1936; survey and removal of trees dangerous to the public safety, 1937-38; analyses of legislation affecting the division; budget preparations; development and administration of beaches in Southern California; acquisition, maintenance, and development of parks and beaches and historical sites and monuments; beach erosion control study; development of riding and hiking trails; staff meeting summaries; and personnel matters.
Folder F3735:229-254

38. REPORTS TO CHIEF OF DIVISION. 1933, 35-36, 39, 47, 51, 52.

Physical Description: (26f).

Scope and Content Note

District Superintendent's, Warden's and Supervisor's weekly reports of activities. The 1935-36 reports deal principally with construction activities while the 1951, 52 reports, received from each operating park and state historical monument, cover official duties and include daily information on work accomplished, weather conditions, and number of visitors including comparison with same week of previous year. Space is also included for special events and news items of special interest. Special reports include: Report on Educational Activities, State Redwood Park, 1933; Report on Present and Potential Income, Various State Parks, 1933; and Reports and Analyses of Attendance at State Parks...for the calendar years 1945, 1946, and 1947. 1947-48.
Folder F3735:255-256

39. HISTORIC LANDMARKS. 1934-36, 43-49.

Physical Description: (2f)

Scope and Content Note

Letters received, copies of letters sent, memoranda, reports, studies and related records on the formal registration of state historical sites. This program started as a joint venture with the California State Chamber of Commerce, out of which came the W.P.A. funded California Historic Landmarks Project, see series entry 48, and the eventual creation in 1949 of a Historical Landmarks Advisory Committee ( Stats. 1949, ch. 143). This series documents a part of the application and registration program begun in 1931 (ch. 184) and includes landmark proposals, rejections, and chamber periodic reports of registrations.
Folder F3735:257-279

40. SUBJECT FILES. 1927-37, 46-61.

Physical Description: (23f)

Scope and Content Note

Arranged by subject and chronologically thereunder. Letters received, copies of letters sent, memoranda, minutes, reports and studies, articles, press releases, speeches, photographs, newspaper clippings, and related records. Subject files in this series include: Anza Desert-Borrego State Park, report on geology and mineral resources, 1956; Bodie, acquisition of as a State Park, 1955-60; Colton Hall, feasibility study of as a State Historical Landmark (pursuant to S.R. No. 13, 1960), 1961; Ferry Building State Historical Monument proposal and Park Commission disapproval due to location of Embarcadero Freeway, 1955-57; Five Year Master Plans, 1955-60 and 1956-61, for development of State Park System, 1956; Golden Gate State Park project, acquisition of surplus lands of Fort Cronkhite and Fort Baker as a part of, 1959-61; Grazing in State Parks, development of policy on, 1956-61; Historical Landmarks, outline plan for investigation and compilation of the history of California Historical Landmarks by SERA personnel, 1935, and minutes and recommendations of Historical Landmarks Advisory Committee, 1958-61; Hunting in State Parks, Park Commission policy on, 1946-60; Mining in State Parks, Park Commission policy on with specific application to Anza-Borrego State Park, 1954-57, 60-61; Nature Guide, monthly and seasonal reports and recommendations on Nature Guide Service program in Redwood Park in cooperation with Fish and Game personnel, 1929-30; Palace of Fine Arts, proposed rehabilitation and restoration of, 1960-61; Park Commission Policy, adoption of and amendments, 1959-61; miscellaneous photographs of Bidwell State Park, Morro Bay, San Pasqual Historical Monument, and Tahoe campground, 1929-31; Point Reyes National Seashore, background information on proposed, 1960-61; Publicity-articles, press releases, speeches, etc. to promote state park programs, 1927-35; Reservoirs, recreational planning at, 1956-58, 61; Riding and Hiking Trails Advisory Committee - minutes, expenditure and progress reports, and project files relating to Mt. Tamalpais and San Diego county trail systems, 1946-55, 60-61; Roadside Rest Areas, proposals and development, 1960-61; Shoreline Planning Association of California-minutes and correspondence with concerning state beach development, 1949-52; and W.P.A. Project 2873, photographing of state Beaches and Parks.
Folder F3735:280-290


Physical Description: (1f) and 10 vols.

Scope and Content Note

The California Redwood Park Commission ( Stats. 1901, ch. 162), transferred to the Department of Natural Resources in 1927, is included here because the records of this Commission relate to the establishment of California Redwood Park, California's first State Park. Arranged chronologically or numerically by volume number. Secretary's correspondence, maps, report on native trees and shrubs, misc. correspondence with the U.S. Secretary of Interior regarding withdrawal of homestead and timber entry of land to be included within the park, Commission resolutions, requests of the Governor for additional appropriations, minutes, agreements, and bonds. Also included are 10 volumes of Abstracts of Titles as detailed in letter dated Sept. 26, 1902 and filed with Vol. I.
Folder F3735:291-299

42. AGREEMENTS. 1933-61.

Physical Description: (9f)

Scope and Content Note

Arranged by subject.
Samples of inactive concession, cooperative, right-of-way, service and timber purchase agreements. Concession and cooperative agreements relate to grazing, operation of stores and recreation camps, filming by movie studios, and archaeological excavations with or on state park or historical monument properties. Service agreements with private contractors, including attached job specifications, architectural and working drawings, and bid information, relate to such projects as historical building restoration, beach and park campsite and other recreational facility development, archaeological excavations, restoration of paintings and development and production of exhibit components.
Folder F3735:300-303

43. LAND-LEASE FILES. 1943-61.

Physical Description: (4f)

Scope and Content Note

Correspondence, memoranda, reports, maps, background information relating to the gift of Hearst Castle and surrounding properties, transfer from the Division of Highways of property at La Purisima State Historical Monument, and lease to the U.S. Navy Department of Vallecitos-Carrizo Gunnery Range - portion of the Anza Desert-Borega State Park.
Folder F3735:304-318


Physical Description: (15f)

Scope and Content Note

Arranged alphabetically by name of state beach or park project, and/or county.
Appraisal reports of properties considered for additions to or creation of new state beaches or parks or with respect to county Master Shoreline planning activities. Reports contain market value estimates, physical and legal descriptions of properties, maps and photographs. Files in this series cover Atascadero Beach State Park additions, San Luis Obispo County; Colorado River potential park projects; Dockweiler Beach State Park, Los Angeles County; Los Angeles County Master Shoreline Plan; Manhatten Beach State Park additions, Los Angeles County; Morro Bay State Park; Painted Canyon and Box Canyon Project, Riverside County; Placerita Canyon State Park, Los Angeles County; Redondo Beach State Park, Los Angeles County; Salton Sea State Park additions; San Diego County Master Shoreline Plan; and San Luis Obispo County Master Shoreline Plan.
Folder F3735:319-344


Physical Description: (26f)

Scope and Content Note

Arranged alphabetically by name of park and/or project and chronologically thereunder.
Letters received, copies of letters sent, memoranda, photographs, progress specifications, budget and cost estimates, bids received, contractor's agreements, work orders, and other records relating to construction of new facilities, maintenance, repair and replacement of older facilities, and preservation and restoration projects on state historic sites. Sampled construction files in this series relate to work at Angel Island State Park (S.P.), improvement of electrical and water systems, boat landing and pier facilities, 1958-62 (NOTE: Referenced here but described and filed separately are architectural drawings to U.S. Quarantine Station complex ca. 1901-06, Angel Island S.P., used as an immigration station for Chinese and Asians from the turn of the century and as a temporary detention facility for Japanese at the beginning of WWII); Armstrong Redwoods S.P., bridge and culvert work, 1953-56; Benecia State Historical Monument (S.H.M.), restoration of Benecia State Capitol building, 1950-56; Calaveras Big Trees S.P., acquisition of South Grove and highway connecting with North Grove, 1949-60; Clear Lake S.P., general development, 1953-56; Columbia Historic S.P., general development, restoration of Drug Store, Fulton Theatre and Wells Fargo building, and water system acquisition and operation, museum possibilities study, recommendations for and Master Plan Report, 1948-59; Ft. Ross S.H.M. restoration, 1947-51; Ft. Tejon S.H.M. restoration, 1948-54; George C. Hatfield S.P., general development, 1953-54; Hearst-San Simeon S.H.M., general development, 1959-63; La Purisima Mission, restoration-includes catalog of historical and ethnological objects, 1937-41, 54-56; Marshall-Gold Discovery S.P., museum construction and exhibit development, 1956-62; Old Custom House, Monterey, maintenance and repairs, 1953-57; Salton Sea S.P., landscaping, 1953-56; Sutter's Fort S.H.M., maintenance and repairs, 1947-54; Tomales Bay S.P., general development, 1952-58; Vallejo Home S.H.M., restoration and repair, 1948-50.
Folder F3735:345-351


Physical Description: (7f)

Scope and Content Note

Monthly newsletter including vols. 1-6, No. 10 (Oct., 1943-Oct., 1948), Vols. 7-8, No. 11 (1949-Nov., 1950), and Vol. 10, Nos. 1-11 (Jan.-Nov., 1952).
Folder F3735:352


Physical Description: 1 reel

Scope and Content Note

16 mm film showing last remaining stand of Monterey Cypress at Pt. Lobos.
Folder F3809:1-330


Physical Description: (330f)

Scope and Content Note

Between 1936 and 1940 the Division of Parks, funded by the W.P.A., sponsored a project to collect historical data on state landmarks and on state park areas. The information gathered - historical significance, background, and area development - resulted in the production of a large number of monographs. An alphabetical listing of these monographs, and additional project information, can be found as Appendix I to this inventory.


Scope and Content Note

A Division of Fish and Game was created in 1927 with the formation of the Department of Natural Resources. The origins of California's program is much older, having begun in 1870 with the creation of a State Board of Fish Commissioners ( Stats. 1869-70, ch. 457), later renamed as the Fish and Game Commission ( Stats. 1909, ch. 238). Under the two commissions a number of bureaus were created and after a number of reorganizations and name changes continued in the Division of Fish and Game. Records described below cover the period 1870-1951 when the Division became the Department of Fish and Game ( Stats. 1951, ch. 195). Records of the Department of Fish and Game, 1951-73, are described in a separate finding aid, F3498:1-897.
Folder F3735:353

49. STATE BOARD OF FISH COMMISSIONERS. 1885, 88, 95, 98, 1909.

Physical Description: (1f)

Additional Note

NOTE: Only fragmentary records of the State Board are currently known to exist.

(1) Charges of misuse of Commission funds brought by Commissioner Joseph D. Redding and J.C. Frazier, Superintendent of State Hatchery in Nevada County, against R. H. Buckingham and A.B. Dibble, President and Secretary-Treasurer of Commission. Charges refuted in letter of November 6, 1885. All three letters directed to Governor George Stoneman.


(2) Minutes of Executive Session of April 11, 1888.


(3) Summary Report of Receipts and Disbursements for 44th-47th fiscal years through December 9, 1895.


(4) Summary of Commission activities for the years 1897-98.


(5) Report of receipts and expenditures, July 1, 1907 to Jan. 31, 1909.


Records of the Fish and Game Commission

Folder F3735:354-370

50. MEETING FILES. 1932-43, 46-51.

Physical Description: (17f)

Scope and Content Note

Minutes and agendas of regular and executive meetings. Indexes to individual meetings, agenda analyses, and other background information materials for commission information appear from January, 1949 on. Minutes not complete for all years.
Folder F3735:371-374


Physical Description: (4f)

Scope and Content Note

Letters received, copies of letters sent, memoranda, notes, telegrams, travel vouchers, and miscellaneous other records of commissioners (General) Henry H. Hap Arnold, and William J. Silva, 1948. Subject matter relates principally to commission meetings, issues before and pending legislation.
Folder F3735:375-435


Physical Description: (61f)

Scope and Content Note

Arranged by subject and chronologically thereunder.
Letters received, copies of letters sent, memoranda, minutes and agendas, petitions, reports, resolutions, studies, telegrams, blueprints and architectural drawings, and miscellaneous other records related to the Executive Secretary's duties and responsibilities and subject matter as follows.
Folder F3735:375

(1) Meetings, 1948, 51: background materials, etc. forwarded for member consideration and/or information.

Folder F3735:376

(2) Monthly and quarterly activity reports for commission consideration, 1933, 36, 43-46, 49. Also included is a Summary of Accomplishments...Under Administration of Governor James Ralph Jr., n.d., and a typescript original of the thirty-fourth Biennial Report, 1934-36.

Folder F3735:377-381

(3) Chronological correspondence, 1933-44, 46, 50-51: fish salvage, plantings, operations, construction of Klamath River wing dams and Elk Grove Bass Hatchery, and use of fish screens in lakes and streams; requests for information; sportsmen's and conservation organizations concerning game seasons and specific changes in commission policy.

Folder F3735:382-384

(4) Director's Office, 1937, 46, 50: departmental policies, procedures, budget, personnel, and other day-to-day matters.

Folder F3735:385,386

(5) Accounting, Deputy Director-Controller, 1946, 50: transfer of funds, purchases, equipment, personnel, leases, agreements, and other internal fiscal operations.

Folder F3735:387-389

(6) Bureau of Engineering, 1943-44: project and operations reports; planning and construction of facilities, particularly fishways, dams, fish screens and hatcheries.

Folder F3735:390

(7) Bureau of Fish Conservation, 1950: hatchery facility construction projects; planting programs; and stream and waterway improvements.

Folder F3735:391

(8) Bureau of Game Conservation, 1950: Commission policies and actions; game seasons; game management project developments and area operations; leases and agreements; and Pittman-Robertson projects.

Folder F3735:392

(9) Bureau of Marine Fisheries, 1950: commissions policies and actions; Marine Research Committee activities.

Folder F3735:393

(10) Bureau of Patrol, 1944, 47, 50: law enforcement; use and installation of radio equipment in patrol vehicles; commission policies and activities.

Folder F3735:394

(11) State Agencies, 1946, 50: Division of Architecture relative to project planning and construction; Finance-publication of changes in Fish and Game regulations, budgetary matters.

Folder F3735:395, 396

(12) Governor's Office, 1934, 44, 47-50: referrals for response and/or action; pending legislation; out-of-state travel authorizations; personnel; and civilian defense planning.

Folder F3735:397-400

(13) Legislation, State, 1943, 45-46, 49-50: Legislative analyses and summaries; statements, testimony and other information provided individual legislators and committees.

Folder F3735:401-403

(14) Legislation, Federal, 1948-50: proposed and pending legislation.

Folder F3735:404-406

(15) U.S. Agencies, 1944, 46, 48, 49, 51: cooperative programs; impact of Federal projects on California fish and wildlife programs.

Folder F3735:407-435

(16) Subject Files: angling regulations changes, 1949-50; Chambers of Commerce, State and local, recommendations for improvements in fish and game laws, 1946; commendation letters received, 1947, 51; complaints, 1950-51; conservation education program expansion, 1947, 48, 51; county Boards of Supervisors, 1947, 48, 50; deer management policy, 1948, 50; Fish and Game Protectors (reserve Game Warden patrol program) - appointments, monthly reports of licenses and bag limits checked, predators killed, and miles patrolled, 1933-49; (Commission) form letters, bulletins, circular letters, resolutions, etc., 1946, 48, 49; game season recommendations, 1948-50; International Association of Game, Fish and Conservation Commissioners and Isaac Walton League meetings and policy recommendations, 1943, 48, 49, 51; Pacific Marine Fisheries Compact proposal, 1945-47; protests on elimination of Monterey Peninsula Game Refuge and opening of Huntington Lake Game Refuge, 1947; public shooting grounds acquisition and development, 1947-49; sardines, commission policy governing granting and issuance of reduction permits, 1950; sportsmen's organizations meetings and policy and legislative recommendations, 1948-49; Mt. Tamalpais Game Refuge, proposed controlled deer season in, 1950-51; uniforms, adoption of regulations and specifications for, 1930-31, 35-37, 39; Western Association of State Game and Fish Commissioners, 1947-50.


53. STREAM CLOSURES. 1928-46, 48, 49.

Physical Description: (17f)
Folder F3735:436-442

(1) Closure orders effective annually on May 1. Data for each year includes: closure orders; correspondence with sportsmen's organization, Fish and Game field personnel, Federal and local government agencies, and private individuals regarding closure recommendations; and misc. maps and other records submitted in support or opposition to proposed closures.

Folder F3735:443-452

(2) Closing and opening orders by county. Closure and opening orders with varying effective dates. Frequently attached to specific orders are correspondence with individuals, sportsmen's organizations, Fish and Game field personnel, and local government agencies recommending opening or closure with specific information pertaining to local water conditions and problems. In other cases letters, petitions, etc., of protest to commission actions are included. File F3735:443 consists of County worksheets showing closures, by name of watershed, for all years between 1928 and 1945. File F3735:452 consists of miscellaneous correspondence, 1931-34, between the Executive Office, Chief of the Bureau of Patrol, and others relative to stream closures.

Folder F3735:453-468

54. HUNTING CLOSURES. 1933-51.

Physical Description: (16f)

Scope and Content Note

Arranged alphabetically by game animal or species and chronologically thereunder.
Closure orders, misc. correspondence, and samples of affidavits of posting by County Clerks for bear, deer, ducks and waterfowl, doves, pheasant, and quail. Also included are separate files on miscellaneous closures relative to taking game of any type and special hunting seasons. Attached to individual closure orders is correspondence, resolutions, telegrams, etc., from conservation and sportsmen's organizations, local government agencies, and individuals, which includes specific information pertaining to local conditions requiring closure or shortened seasons. The deer files for 1942 and 1943 include large numbers of protests from the same organizations and agencies because of wartime conditions which necessitated a statewide hunting ban and which originated with Western Defense Command authorities.


Folder F3735:469

55. HISTORY FILE. 1945-51.

Physical Description: (1f)

Scope and Content Note

A series of studies, analyses, and reports on the organization and functions of the Division of Fish and Game. Items in this series document the transition of the division, culminating in 1951 with the establishment of a Department of Fish and Game ( Stats. 1951, ch. 195). Also included is a Review of the Studies and Post War Plans for the Development of Fish and Game in California, Jan. 2, 1945, and a state map showing the location of all Fish and Game facilities, 1949.
Folder F3735:470

56. ACCOUNTING. 1939-50.

Physical Description: (1f)

Scope and Content Note

Approved budget for 1939-40 F.Y.; miscellaneous deposit receipts, bills, and other fiscal records relative to operating expenses and support for the Fish and Game Preservation Fund; and miscellaneous personnel attendance reports.
Folder F3735:471

57. LIBRARY. 1927-51.

Physical Description: (1f)

Scope and Content Note

Miscellaneous correspondence of the librarian relative to books and periodicals purchased or received as gifts for inclusion in the Division library.
Folder F3735:472


Physical Description: (1f)

Scope and Content Note

Miscellaneous background information, responses to inquiries for information, correspondence and memoranda relative to promotional programs and divisional participation in conservation education, wildlife shows and exhibitions.


Scope and Content Note

Engineering functions relating to construction programs, formally the Bureau of Hydraulics, were maintained as a separate Bureau until 1945 when work was transferred to the Department of Public Works, Division of Architecture (Dept. of Natural Resources, Biennial Report, 1944-46, p. 12).
Folder F3735:473-482

59. PROJECT FILES. 1937-45.

Physical Description: (10f)

Scope and Content Note

Arranged alphabetically by project name.
Letters received, copies of letters sent, memoranda, telegrams, reports, photographs, maps, blueprints and other records related to engineering surveys of properties to be purchased and/or used for game farms or refuges, and prelimenary studies and cost estimates of of project development and construction. Files in this series are selected samples and include: Bear Valley, Lassen County, property survey for dam site; Biscar Dam repairs; Carmen Valley, Sierra and Plumas Counties, property survey for possible dam site; property survey of land near Chico for use as a game farm; Fern Creek hatchery alterations, Mono County; development of Grey Lodge, Butte County, Waterfowl Refuge development; Honey Lake, Lassen County, Waterfowl Management Area development; laboratory and office facilities in San Francisco for California Federal Aid projects; Lassen County land surveys for Pittman-Robertson projects, including Madeline Plains Waterfowl Management Area, Secret Valley for possible dam site, and Willow Creek dam site; Los Serranos game farm cottage; Redding Game Farm property survey for construction of warehouse and additional game pens; Sacramento Game Farm facilities; Scott Creek, Santa Cruz County, stream improvement, Suisun Waterfowl Refuge development; Tehama Winter Deer Range fencing project; Terminal Island building modifications; Tuleluke patrol station cottage and well; Willows Game Farm brooder house; Yountville Game Farm property survey and construction of cottages. Field correspondence and memoranda in many projects make frequent references to the difficulty of obtaining supplies and skilled laborers because of wartime conditions. NOTE: (Folders F3735:473, 474, 475, 478, 480 and 482 contain photographs and are filed in VB 489.)


Scope and Content Note

The Bureau of Fish Culture (1927-35) was renamed as the Bureau of Fish Conservation when the commission was reorganized on July 6, 1935. The principal program of this Bureau was the collection of eggs from fresh water fish and the eventual planting and stocking of lakes and streams. Another program responsibility passing through several administrative changes, was water pollution prevention.
Folder F3735:483-488

60. POLLUTION. -1916, 21-23, 25-33.

Physical Description: (6f)

Scope and Content Note

Letters received, copies of letters sent, memoranda, reports, newspaper clippings, and photographs relating to water pollution by all sources. This program started July 1, 1916, under the Department of Fish Culture, consolidated in 1926 under the Bureau of River and Harbor Pollution, transferred in 1927 to the Bureau of Hydraulics, and in 1933 returned to the Bureau of Fish Culture. This series consists principally of investigations stemming from complaints and also independent investigations by bureau personnel. The majority of pollution problems arose from oil refineries but also includes investigations of pollution caused by ship discharges and dumping within California waters, mining operations, discharges into public waters by various manufacturing and chemical companies, and-by dredging operations. Indicative of oil refinery problems is the file on the Union Oil Company operations at Oleum, Contra Costa County, and at Avila and San Luis Obispo Creek, San Luis Obispo County.
Folder F3735:489-493, 498-500


Physical Description: (9 vols. and 3f)

Scope and Content Note

Arranged chronologically by subseries.
Folder F3735:494-497, 489-493

(1) Fish Books, 1931-35: yearly reports of hatchery operations in receipt of fish eggs. Each volume is arranged alphabetically by hatchery name and includes date eggs received, species, source, number of eggs received, weekly loss, and total eggs on hand. Eggs of species not indigenous to California waters were imported from as far away as Canada and Pennsylvania. Entries for some hatcheries also note number and place of fish plantings.

Folder F3735:494-497

(2) Fish Distribution Reports, 1920-44: yearly summaries of fish planted, by species, from all hatcheries, and county reports of date of delivery; applicant requesting stocking; hatchery making planting; waters stocked; and number of fish stocked by species.

Folder F3735:498-500

(3) Planting Allotments, 1941-52: yearly allotments arranged alphabetical by hatchery, including county waters to be stocked and numbers to be stocked by species. Most of this series relates to trout plantings. For the years 1951 and 52 fragmentary information is also included on the methods of planting-airplane, truck, man pack, horse pack, jeep, or railroad.

Folder F3735:501, 502

62. CORRESPONDENCE 1943, 46-51.

Physical Description: (2f)

Scope and Content Note

Letters received, copies of letters sent, memoranda, reports, photographs, and other records concerning hatchery operation, varieties of food fed hatchery fish, including pellets, responses to inquiries for information such as where to purchase trout eggs for commercial raising, and operations of fish screens, ladders, and other fish protective facilities and equipment.

Records of the Bureau of Game Conservation

Folder F3735:503

63. CORRESPONDENCE. 1946-47, 50-51.

Physical Description: (1f)

Scope and Content Note

Miscellaneous correspondence received and sent relative to inquiries for information and on Pittman-Robertson projects. Also included is an Employee's Handbook for 1951.

Records Relating to Pittman-Robertson Projects

Scope and Content Note

The Pittman Robertson Act, also known as the Federal Aid in Wildlife Restoration Act (50 Stat. 917), approved September 2, 1937, was the result of concerted efforts by wildlife and conservation organizations to provide some means of restoring natural conditions so as to offset the rapid depletion of many species of wild mammals and birds and provide a surplus to be harvested annually by hunting. Funding was limited to amounts not exceeding the annual revenue from the tax on sales of arms and ammunition and matched in the ratio of 75% Federal and 25% State moneys. The program was administered through the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.
Folder F3735:504

64. MANUALS. 1940, 47.

Physical Description: (1f)

Scope and Content Note

Procedural manuals of 1940 and 1947 (revised).
Folder F3735:505, 506

65. CORRESPONDENCE. 1940-51.

Physical Description: (2f)

Scope and Content Note

Miscellaneous correspondence and memoranda concerning project approvals, amendments, costs, budgets, equipment, and personnel.
Folder F3735:507-553

66. PROJECTS. (19(34) 40-50.

Physical Description: (50f)

Scope and Content Note

Arranged by project number and by subject or chronologically thereunder.
Folder F3735:507

(1) Project 2R, A Survey to Determine the Present Status of the three Kinds of Beaver in California - service agreements, quarterly progress reports, 1940.

Folder F3735:508-511

(2) Project 4D, Desert Game Habitat Improvement Project - report, agreements, photographs, and blue-prints of water delivery systems for quail and other game birds, 1940-41.

Folder F3735:512, 513

(3) Project 5R, A Survey of the Fur Resources of... California - monthly and quarterly progress reports, 1940-45.

Folder F3735:514-531

(4) Project 6R, The Management of California Valley Quail in the South Coast Counties of California - project working papers: Age-Sex Ratios; Bitterwater Experimental Area - quail censuses and banding, field notes of observations; Diseases; Dune Lakes Experimental Area-Coccidia (disease) studies, lincoln index (census), reports, Passerine (predator) census and feeding experiments, quail nesting studies; FA-6R budgets; Gilroy Hot Springs hunters reports; Kettleman Hills Experimental Area - reports, nest studies, observational predator count and track census, quail census; Queen Sabe Experimental Area-proposal, cover vegetation survey report, quail censuses, diseases, transplanting and trapping; Reports-monthly quarterly and special; Shannon Experimental Area-reports, predator censuses and reports; San Joaquin Experimental Range-general, 1940-46.

Folder F3735:532

(5) Project 7D, Survey, Mark and Post... Game Refuges - quarterly progress reports, 1941-42.

Folder F3735:533

(6) Project 12R, Aerial Survey of Big Game in North-western California and in the Owens Valley - quarterly and final reports, photographs, 1942-44.

Folder F3735:534

(7) Project 14D, Tehama Winter Deer Range Development - quarterly progress report, Sept. 30, 1944.

Folder F3735:535

(8) Project 15R, A Study of the Influence of Seasonal and other Factors on the Food Value of the Meat of Game Animals - proposal, quarterly reports, deer kill reports for Lassen, Marin, Santa Barbara, and Ventura Counties, 1943-45.

Folder F3735:536

(9) Project 16R, Desert Game Water Development Survey-project statement, quarterly reports, vouchers, maps, 1944-46.

Folder F3735:537

(10) Project 176, Valuation Report on the Made line Plains Waterfowl Management Area, 1945.

Folder F3735:538-540 & F3735:541-548

(11) Project 18D, Beaver Livetrapping and Transplanting-Colorado River survey and management program; corr. concerning selection of sites, planting, licensing of trappers and reports of pelt sales; damage complaints; licensed trappers, 1937-49; muskrat reports and surveys; Oregon beaver program reports; planting and trapping reports; planting locations; management and regulation change proposals; reports-monthly, quarterly, progress, special and final; traps and trailer specifications, 1934-49.

Folder F3735:549, 550

(12) Project 19R, The Life History and Management of Mountain Quail in California - quarterly progress reports, 1945-50.

Folder F3735:551

(13) Project 20R, Survey of Waterfowl Food Plants of California - quarterly progress reports, 1945-50.

Folder F3735:552

(14) Project 26D, Restoration of Valley Quail in the Sierra Foothills - proposal, estimates, vouchers, misc. accounting records, 1947-48.

Folder F3735:553

(15) Projects 25R-33R, 34D, 35R, misc. reports, 1949.

Folder F3735:554-572


Physical Description: (19f)

Scope and Content Note

Arranged by subject and chronologically thereunder. Miscellaneous correspondence, memoranda, minutes, reports, studies, field notes, maps, charts and graphs and other records of a joint study on the California Valley Quail by the U.S. Bureau of Biological Survey and Forest Service, University of California and the Division of Fish and Game. Areas of investigation, as reflected in file headings, included: life history -quail census; cover; diseases; food; predation - Cooper's Hawk Study; water; and the effects of cattle; rodents-squirrel poisoning study; competitor species - dove nesting study; and man-management and hunting studies. Series also includes information on bird banding, nesting, population, roosting, and trapping summaries.
Folder F3735:573, 574


Physical Description: (2f)

Scope and Content Note

Miscellaneous rules and regulations and studies relating to game management programs. One study concerns the use of economic poisons, principally thallium, for the control of ground squirrels and the impact on quail, game animals and other wildlife.
Folder F3735:575-590


Physical Description: (16f)

Scope and Content Note

Memoranda, reports, charts, graphs, statistics and other records documenting the production and liberation of game birds and operations of game farms. The program, begun in 1909 and lasting 64 years, released over 250,000 birds - ring-necked pheasants, quail, chukar partridge, turkeys, Hungarian partridge, Reeves and Afghan white-winged pheasants and a number of other exotic species. This series consists principally of annual reports of production and liberations, including data on number of releases by county, and annual operations information on each other game farms including: weekly and monthly activity reports; procedures and policy memoranda; statistics on eggs purchased, hatched, survival rate; costs of operation; and releases and liberation data. Files for 1959-64 relate specifically to the Yountville and Vacaville game farms
Folder F3735:591-636


Physical Description: (46f)

Scope and Content Note

Joseph S. Hunter was employed by the Fish and Game Commission and the Division of Fish and Game in various capacities. Hunter's first position was that of a Game Warden. After a stint with the U.S. Biological Survey he served as Chief of the Bureau of Patrol, 1926-28, as assistant to the Fish and Game Commission Executive Officer, 1928-32, and finally as Chief of the Bureaus of Game Refuges and Game Conservation, 1932-ca 1951.
Arranged alphabetically by subject and chronologically thereunder. Arrangement is artificial due to the total lack of organization in the records accessioned. Subject headings were for the most part created and are preceeded by miscellaneous correspondence - A, Misc., B, Misc., etc.
Antelope, aerial census of and 1951 hunting regulations, 1928, 48, 51; B, Misc., 1926-36, 48; Bennett, Eugene D., Executive Officer of Fish and Game Commission, memoranda regarding game refuges, deer seasons, 1928; Bounties, legislative history, 1861-77, and misc. opposition to bounty system, 1935, 40, 48, 49; Budget and Fiscal, misc. expenditure statements, proposed budgets, 1870-1909 history of legislative appropriations for fish and game operations, 1916-50; C, Misc., 1912, 25-48; Deer, depredations, conservation of, deer kill reports, studies, refuges, and 1947 and 1949 daily reports of deer tags received, 1916, 26-50; Elk Refuge operations, 1929, 42-48; F, Misc., 1936-37; Enforcement, corr. and repts. of Game Warden arrests and prosecutions, 1907, 10, 26-28; G, Misc., 1906, 28-33, 42; Game and Wildlife Refuges, operational reports, appointments to and activities and recommendations of Game Refuge and Public Shooting Grounds Advisory Comm., 1928-34, site-recommendations, studies, acquisitions, and development, 1916, 25-48; Game Conservation, general, 1928, n.d.; H, Misc., 1927-44; Hungarian Partridge, failure of 1909-10 statewide planting program, 1926-29; Hunter, J.S., personal, 1907-47; Hunting Regulations and Seasons, 1905-52; Hunting Statistics, misc. tables of game killed, by species and season, 1935-51; International Assoc. of Game, Fish and Conservation Commissioners, annual meeting programs, papers, reports, 1926, 28, 47, 48; Isaak Walton League, game conservation proposals, 1928-30; K, L, Misc., 1928, 29, 35; Legislation, 1907, 13, 23-49, recommendations on objections to proposed constitutional amendments creating a new Fish and Game Commission with plenary powers, 1929, and legislative histories on subjects of deer, 1852-1915, ducks, 1852-1944, general fish and game legislation, 1851-97, quail, 1852-1915, and trout, 1861-1915; Licenses, tables and reports of license sales, 1907-46; M, Misc., 1928-30, 45; Mountain Lions, hunters reports, bounties, 1928-41; Newbert, Frank M., member of Board of Fish and Game Commissioners, corr. on Board activities, 1911; O, P, Misc. - T. S. Palmer, U. S. Bureau of Biological Survey, corr. with Chief Deputy Charles A. Vogelsang on game conservation, 1909-11, and effects of poisons on game birds, 1909-11, 25-46; Personnel, job specifications, Civil Service Commission certification lists and applicant fitness questionnaires, test questions, Fish and Game Officer Handbook, 1907-47; Pheasants, distribution reports and survey and planting plan, 1940-49; Photographs, game and wildlife refuges, hunting, fish planting, and misc., n.d.; Political, campaign literature, ephemera advocating candidacy of Rex B. Goodcell for Governor, 1926; Predatory Animals, trapping reports and control recommendations, 1929-47; Quail refuges, planting, 1911, 26-47; R, Misc., 1925-31, 46; Reports, misc. monthly activity reports and 1948 annual report of Tehama Winter Deer Range operations, 1926, 27, 48, 49; S, T, Misc. 1925-44; Trapping summaries of fur bearing mammals taken, licensed trapper reports, 1920-48; U, W, Misc., 1929-49; Waterfowl, hunting limits, conservation, ducks-diseases (botulism), kill reports, studies and surveys, refuges, depredations of agricultural crops, 1926-29.
Folder F3735:637-639

71. LICENSES, BUREAU OF. 1909-50.

Physical Description: (3f)

Scope and Content Note

Sample checks for payments from various accounts, annual reports of angling license sales, 1942-44, sample applications for hunting and fishing licenses and other permits and forms as issued by the Bureau, and misc. Bureau Chief corr. regarding license transactions.

Records of the Bureau of Marine Fisheries

Scope and Content Note

In 1937 the Bureau of Commericial Fisheries was changed to the Bureau of Marine Fisheries by order of the Fish and Game Commission. The Bureau administers commercial and sport fishing programs and conducts biological and statistical research through a State Fisheries Laboratory at Terminal Island established in 1920. In 1939 a program was funded to conduct investigations on the impact of the Central Valley Project on fish life in the Sacramento and San Joaquin valley river systems.
Folder F3735:640-772


Physical Description: (134f)

Scope and Content Note

Arranged by subject and chronologically thereunder. Administrative and general files of the bureau chief consisting of letters received, copies of letters sent, memoranda, meeting-minutes, programs, and addresses, maps, newspaper clippings, news releases, photographs, reports, studies, articles for publication, and other records documenting activities in the conservation and regulation of marine resources. This series is, in part, artificial, due to the nature and diversity various subject files and miscellaneous groups added. Subject matter in this series includes:
Folder F3735:640-648

A. Abalone, regulation of commercial industry, use of by-products, 1916-53; Accounting and Fiscal, misc., 1948-49; Agar, wartime investigations on value as food source and harvesting of, 1942-44; Albacore, commercial fishing for, 1924-41; American Fisheries Society meetings, 1928, 38-51; Anchovies, commercial fishing regulations, canning standards, 1936-53; Angling Regulations proposals, 1949-51; Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission meetings and legislative positions, 1947-53.

Folder F3735:649

B. Boats, licensing, registration, and wartime regulations affecting, 1926-45.

Folder F3735:650

C. California Fish and Game Biologists Assoc. meetings, 1944-53; California Fish and Game Magazine, manuscripts for publication in, 1926-44; California Fish Canner's Assoc. reports of catches and sardine oil production, 1936-48; California Fisheries, annual reports of canned, cured and manufactured fishery products, 1937-46, and sardine and reduction plant operations, 1938-39 to 41-42 seasons; California Sardine Products Institute, catch and production reports, 1937-48; Clams, regulations on seasons and bag limits, 1949-53; Coast Guard boat lists used in checking fishing activity, 1942; Commercial Fisheries reports of fish landings and values and Fish Bulletin No. 74 The Commercial Fish Catch on California for the Year 1947 With an Historical Review 1916-47, 1940-51; Committees, Misc. meetings, 1942; Common Names of Fishes, standardization for commercial catch reporting, 1921-53; Conservation Education, program and policy development, Motion Picture Committee meetings, development and use of films on abalone, salmon, sardine and tuna industries, school wildlife leaflets and other publications programs, 1945-53; Corporations Commission, applications of canning and packing companies to issue stock referred for comment, 1946-48; Crabs, regulation of seasons and taking of, introduction of new varieties, competition of Alaska imports, catch reports, 1921-41; Crescent City Harbor Improvement and effect of explosives on marine life, 1940, 47.

Folder F3735:666-673

E, F. Eel River, legislation affecting and impact of proposed introduction of striped bass, 1923, 26; Electrical Fishing Devices use in commercial fishing, 1950; Federal Jurisdiction over California fisheries, 1924-52; Fish Meat, uses of, 1925-44; Fish Nets, wartime difficulties in obtaining, 1943-44; Fish Prices, strikes over, 1927-33 and wartime price data, 1942-43; Fisheries Laboratory, cooperation with University of California research, 1943-48; Fisherman's Organizations, general, 1925-44; Fishing, misc. problems, 1941, 46-51.

Folder F3735:674-680

G, H. General Orders and amendments as adopted by the Fish and Game Commission, 1919-48; Half Moon Bay improvement, 1945-47; Halibut catch reports, regulations and amendments of the International Fisheries Commission, 1926-53; Herring catch report data, 1916-45, and Nordic Herring Conference proceedings, 1949; H.R. 4503, fish conservation and reclamation, 1945-46; Humboldt Bay improvements; 1945, 49-50.

Folder F3735:681-691

I. Misc., 1948, 49; International Fisheries Problems, various issues involving U.S. high seas fishery policy and including (1) California Fisheries Committee-activities in the introduction, passage, and implementation of a Tuna Convention with Mexico, Costa Rica and other Latin American countries and other negotiations through the U.S. State Department to resolve such issues as seizure of U.S. fishing vessels in Mexican Territorial waters, 1945-53, (2) Inter-American Tropical Tuna Association creation of, meetings and activities in support of U.S. funding to conduct an intensive population study of tuna in the eastern Pacific fishing area, 1949-53, (3) North Pacific Treaty-Canada, Japan and U.S. agreement to encourage the development, study and management of fisheries to promote the maximum productivity of food and other useful products, 1949-53, (4) Pacific High Seas Fisheries Commission - proposed U.S.-Canada Convention for the preservation of the halibut fishery and for the extension of reciprocal port priviledges, 1949-50, and (5) South and Central Pacific Fisheries-proposed U.S.-Mexico Fisheries Treaty dealing with the issues of Mexican regulation and taxation of U.S. participation in international fisheries management, 1936, 45-53; International Fisheries Regulations, proposal to establish an agency to regulate fisheries in international waters, 1943, 45, 49, 53-54; International Whaling Treaty proposal, 1949.

Folder F3735:692

J. Japanese Fisheries, financial problems of japanese coastal fishing industry, 1950-51.

Folder F3735:693-704

K. L. Kelp and Seaweed, regulation of harvesting, harvesting reports, pollution of beaches by kelp, 1918, 26-53; Legislation, proposals, amendments, analyses, and position statements on measures affecting Bureau operations, 1942-52; Licenses, general, 1933-34, 49-52; Lobsters, federal legislation and import regulations on, 1951-53; Log Books, revision of as used by trawler fishermen, 1945.

Folder F3735:705-710

M. Mackeral, catch reports, voluntary season closures, and depletion studies, 1919, 26-51; Mad River Fish Ladder at Sweasey Dam modification, 1950-51; Mission Bay improvements and effects on fish and wildlife, 1932-33, 45, 53; Monterey, City of, monthly reports of fish received by canneries and reduction plants, 1938-52; Monterey-San Luis Obispo Coast Harbor Survey and harbor improvements, 1945, 51; Monterey Bay photos of storm damage of Dec. 8-9, 1943; Morro Bay improvements, 1919, 38, 44-46; Mussels, Health Department quarantine orders, extensions and releases, 1923-48.

Folder F3735:711

N. O. Nativity of fishermen, reports on numbers of licensed alien fishermen including Japanese fishermen at the beginning of WWII, 1921-47; Navy guided missile research at Pt. Mugu and impact on fisheries, 1947; Noyo Harbor improvements, 1945-51; Operating costs of reduction plants, 1936-45.

Folder F3735:712-720

P. R. Pacific Fishery Biologists annual meetings, 1946-53; Pacific Oceanic Fishery Investigation, cruise reports, meetings, and program review and Tuna Industry Advisory Committee meetings, 1949-53; Plenary Powers of Fish and Game Commission, objections of granting to, 1930, 32, 46; Pollution complaints, investigations, reports and studies with specific emphasis on pollution caused by cannery discharges, 1923-53; Post War Programs and Planning 1941-46; Purse Seining in Mexican waters, 1950; Richmond Harbor improvements, 1945-52.

Folder F3735:721-760

S. Sacramento River, arguments for and against Propositions 6 and 15 (November, 1948 General Election), initiative measures closing Sacramento River and San Francisco Bay to commercial fishing and to prohibit use of purse seiners within California's three-mile limit, 1948; San Francisco Bay, Reber Plan and impact on Sacramento River fisheries, 1946-53, and History of San Francisco Bay Fisheries, 1952; Salmon catch reports and development of tagging program, 1925-53; Sardines and Sardine Fishing Industry Decline, catch and reductions plant reports and statistics, 1940-53, allocation meetings and reduction plant allotments, 1935, 42-48, boat delivery, reduction plants, and operational reports, 1928-52, size, weight and length regulations, 1941, 48-49; Sardine Advisory Committee organization, meetings and recommendations, 1947-49; Seismic Exploration regulations, applications for and permits granted, fish kill reports, complaints against, and studies and reports on effect of on fish life, 1943, 45-53; Shark Fishing Industry, catch reports and investigations of shark livers as a source of Vitamin A, 1926-48; Shrimp regulations, 1951-53; Sport Fishing reports on recreational fishing, 1927-53; Squid fishing industry and research, 1927-35, 51; State Fish Exchange, legislation transferring functions from Department of Agriculture to Fish and Game Commission, samples of fish-dealer license forms, 1925-33; Statistics, collection and use of in conservation planning, 1919, 25-50; Suisun Bay, effect of naval anchorage on area commercial fishing industry, 1945-46.

Folder F3735:761-764

T. Tidelands, conflicts of Federal regulation of marine fisheries within 3-mile limits, 1948-51; Trawl Fishing, general, 1942; Tuna, catch reports, annual Tuna Conference reports, monthly and annual reports of fish received, packed, and by-products produced, 1938-53.

Folder F3735:765-772

W. War efforts, effect on fishing industry with respect to restrictions on boat movements, boats taken over by military services, manpower shortages, and O.P.A. price ceilings, 1941-45; (President's) Water Resources Policy Commission, State recommendations to 1950; Weights and Measures, application of state laws to sardine industry and cannery operations, 1925-52; Western Association of State Game and Fish Commissioners, annual meetings and resolutions adopted, 1944, 46, 53; Wildlife Management Institute 1950 annual meeting, 1949-50.

Folder F3735:773-785


Physical Description: (13f)

Scope and Content Note

Letters received, copies of letters sent, memoranda, reports, and related records concerning biological and statistical research operations and activities. Subject matter includes operations of the research vessel N.B. Scofield, salmon and other tagging programs; personnel matters; responses to requests for information; research and statistical reporting on the sardine industry; installation and maintenance of fish screens and ladders in the Central Valley fisheries program. Considerable overlap with records as described in series entry 72.

Records of the Bureau of Patrol and Law Enforcement

Folder F3735:786

74. CORRESPONDENCE. 1946-51.

Physical Description: (1f)

Scope and Content Note

Miscellaneous inter-office correspondence and memoranda and field office correspondence relative to Warden's investigation and prosecution of Fish and Game Code violations, office procedures, maintenance of equipment. File also includes Deputy Warden's Reserve and Wardens' Manuals, 1947, 51.
Folder F3735:787-792

75. WEEKLY PATROL REPORTS. 1948, 49, 50.

Physical Description: (6f)

Scope and Content Note

Arranged chronologically by name of Warden. Samples of weekly activity reports summarizing wildlife activity observed, weather conditions, areas patrolled, miles travelled, time in field, number of licenses checked, violations, and arrests.

Publications of the Division of Fish and Game

Folder F3735:793

76. THE SERVICE BULLETIN, 1934, 39-40, 46.

Physical Description: (1f)

Scope and Content Note

Samples of monthly newsletters of divisional activities, personnel changes, and other information of interest. Series includes portions of volumes 9, 14-15, and 21.
Folder F3735:794-803

77. OUTDOOR CALIFORNIA. 1940-43, 44, 46, 47-49, 51.

Physical Description: (10f)

Scope and Content Note

Weekly newsletters (press releases) of commission and division activities, and other information of interest to the public and sportsmen. This series includes volumes 1-12 but is not complete for all years.
Folder F3735:872-1900 F3735:1901-1910

78. PHOTOGRAPHS. c. 1910-1969.

Physical Description: (57 glass plate negatives, 975 prints, and 166 film negatives)

Scope and Content Note

Prints and negatives are stored separately. Corresponding prints and negatives share the same number; when an N appears on a print, an original or copy negative exists and when a P appears on a negative, an original or copy print exists.
Principal subjects include: portraits of Fish and Game Commissioners and photo depicting their activities; fish hatcheries; fish screens; fish ladders; fish planting operations; fish and game law enforcement; a variety of fish and game species; scenic photographs of rivers, lakes, etc... some unidentified; state game farms, 1930's (F3735:1836-1892); group portraits of department personnel, c. 1926-1938, 1955, 1960 and 1969 (F3735:1901-1910). Many of these photographs were used in Fish and Game publications and were captioned. A caption list is available in Folder 1, Box 1, VB 259.


Scope and Content Note

The Division of Mines has as its origins the State Mining Bureau as established in 1880 (ch. 105) to collect geological and mineral specimens and to carry out various informational functions. Minor administrative changes were made prior to including Mines in the Department of Natural Resources. The chief administrative officer bears the title of State Mineralogist. Continuous programs include field and laboratory investigations and supplying information on the geology, mineral resources, and mining and mineral industries of California.
Folder F3735:804

79. STATE MINING BUREAU. 1889-1918.

Physical Description: (1f)

Scope and Content Note

Board of Trustees, certificates of appointment of T.B. Bishop, 1889, 1897, 1902; misc. corr. of State Mineralogist L.E. Aubury, 1904-12; misc. publication lists and orders, 1906, 07, 18. Various annual, biennial, audit and miscellaneous other reports, 1894-1910, of the State Mineralogist and the Trustees of the State Mineral Cabinet are filed in the Governor's Papers Record Group, see Agency Index under heading: MINING BUREAU, STATE.
Folder F3735:805

80. AGREEMENTS. 1946-50.

Physical Description: (1f)

Scope and Content Note

Samples of standard service and cooperative agreements principally related to geological investigations and mapping.
Folder F3735:806-815

81. CORRESPONDENCE. 1930-58.

Physical Description: (10f)

Scope and Content Note

Samples of letters received, copies of letters sent, misc. photographs and other records of Headquarters, San Francisco, and branch offices in Los Angeles and Sacramento. Much of the correspondence is routine responses to inquiries, identification and location of mineral samples; location, production and operational history of various mines; staff field work, mapping activities, preparation of exhibits, and appearance before professional and related organizations.
Folder F3735:806, 817

82. ITINERARIES. 1951-52.

Physical Description: (2f)

Scope and Content Note

Arranged alphabetically by name of individual. Weekly itineraries and summary reports of staff field activities.
Folder F3735:818-822


Physical Description: (5f)

Scope and Content Note

Samples of inter-office memoranda between all branch offices and Headquarters. Subject matter principally covers office, program and day-to day operations, including: staff assignments and activities, meetings, preparation of exhibits, attendance at or presentations before professional and related organizations; preparation of various divisional publications; geological mapping activities; field and laboratory studies and research. Two files labelled Memos, Chief deal with divisional policies and procedures and other operational matters.
Folder F3735:823-834


Physical Description: (12f)

Scope and Content Note

Arranged by subject and chronologically thereunder.
Letters received, copies of letters sent, yearly reports of licensed ore buyers and reporting forms of bullion on ore purchased. The greatest portion of this issue deals with investigations of suspected gold transactions and thefts- high-grading reflected in various field reports by division undercover operatives. The field reports describe stake-outs, rendezvous, contacts with informants and other information related to high-grading, illegal operations of stamp mills, etc. Operative reports are identified by name and/or, in two cases, by number only. Also included are two files of investigations related to specific individuals or mining operations.
Folder F3735:835

85. PRESS RELEASES. 1939, 52.

Physical Description: (1f)

Scope and Content Note

Examples of news bulletins of division activities and publication releases.
Folder F3735:836-844

86. PUBLICATIONS. 1918, 40, 47-55.

Physical Description: (9f)

Scope and Content Note

Letters received, copies of letters sent, memoranda, publication lists, staff assignments on preparation of articles, and reports of printing costs and numbers printed. Publications include: Bulletins, selected documentation relating to preparation, contributing writers, costs, distribution and reviews of; Mineral Information Service, a monthly news release designed to inform the public of mineral resource and industry discoveries, operations, markets, statistics, and new publications; Monthly Commercial Mineral Notes, examples of monthly listings of mineral properties for sale or wanted to purchase - restricted to posting in division offices after Attorney General ruled the publication to be private advertising; and miscellaneous typescript reports entitled Chrome, Manganese Deposits of California, and Chrome and Manganese, a Tabulated Report. The three reports cited field surveys of operating mines, were originally investigations done during World War I for the State Council of Defense. Their presence with Division of Mines records is not explained.
Folder F3735:845-850

87. W.P.A. PROJECT FILES. 1935-39.

Physical Description: (6f)
Folder F3735:845

(1) Projects, General: status reports on all projects under division administration and final reports on project 2892, Lantern Slide Photography and 3392, Handbook on the Geology of California, 1936-37.

Folder F3735:846-848

(2) Project 2668, Mapping of California Mining Districts, project application, description, correspondence with field personnel, weekly and bimonthly progress reports of man-hours and labor costs, 1935-39.

Folder F3735:849

(3) Project 7387 (previously 4190), Bibliography of the Geology and Mineral Resources of California, project weekly reports, correspondence, and cost data, 1937-38.

Folder F3735:850

(4) Project 8251 (previously 6753), reorganizing, cataloging, and inventoring records of the Division of Mines, correspondence and other documentation dealing with personnel transactions, miscellaneous project activity reports.



Scope and Content Note

Oil and gas program functions were initially administered by a Department of Petroleum and Gas within the State Mining Bureau under a State Oil and Gas Supervisor appointed by the State Mineralogist ( Stats. 1915, ch. 718). The enabling legislation was designed to protect petroleum and gas resources from waste and destruction through improper operations in production. On May 29, 1929 the Division of Oil and Gas was created by executive order of the Director of Natural Resources. The division was later charged with supervision of the method of drilling and maintenance of oil wells.
Folder F3735:851-855


Physical Description: (5f and 13 vols.)

Additional Note


(1) Agreements, examples of Standard Service Agreements, 1937, 41, 42, 48.


(2) (Equalization, State Board of), annual Assessment Rolls for Petroleum and Gas Fund, receipts used for support of divisional operations, 1916-19, 21, 24, 29-31, 35, 40, 43, 45, 50.


(3) Map Sales, monthly district and statewide summaries of, 1950-51.


(4) Press Bulletins, examples of weekly reports of oil field operations, deepening or redrilling operations, and abandonments, 1939, 40.


(5) Production Schedules and Summaries, Playa Del Rey Field Schedule of Allowable Production and Summary of Production, 1934.


(6) Weekly Summaries of Notices, district logs of oil field activities, 1945. This information was summarized and provided the basis of information as reported in the weekly Press Bulletins, see above (4).


(7) Township plats (Mining Bureau, State) of oil and gas claims for Fresno, Kern, Los Angeles, Orange, Santa Barbara and Ventura counties, 1916 (D1295, F3363).



Scope and Content Note

The Recreation Commission, although created in 1947 (ch. 1239), did not become a part of the Department of Natural Resources until 1959. Records of this agency for the years 1947-67 are described under a separate inventory, F3588:1-323).


Scope and Content Note

For fragmentary records prior to 1962, see Agency Index, NATURAL RESOURCES-SMALL CRAFT HARBORS.


Scope and Content Note

The State Soil Conservation Commission was created in 1938 (1st Ex. Sess., ch. 7) but was not funded until 1945 (ch. 1187). Added to the Department of Natural Resources in 1949 (ch. 1031) it attained divisional status in 1955 (ch. 1680). This program assists in the formation, organization, and operation of local and regional districts and cooperates with federal, state, local agencies, and others in coordinating activities to control water runoff and to prevent and control soil erosion.
Folder F3735:856

90. ORGANIZATION. 1941, 42, 43.

Physical Description: (1f)

Scope and Content Note

Suggested Procedures for the Organization of Soil Conservation Districts under Division IX, Public Resources Code, Supplements Nos. 1 and 2.
Folder F3735:857-859


Physical Description: (3f)

Scope and Content Note

Letters received, copies of letters sent, reports and inter-office memoranda with Director's Office, Administrative Services and field offices. Subject matter covers department and division policies and procedures, personnel matters, work improvement proposals, budgets, publications, civil defense planning, watershed project applications and development, cooperation with the U.S. Soil Conservation Service, technical assistance, fish and wildlife enhancement, cost sharing, flood control, Public Law 566-Small Watershed Act, monthly divisional activity reports, monthly lists of small watershed applications being prepared, and report of accomplishments during administration of Governor Goodwin J-Knight.
Folder F3735:860


Physical Description: (1f).

Scope and Content Note

Miscellaneous correspondence.
Folder F3735:861

93. FEDERAL PROJECTS. 1958-59.

Physical Description: (1f).

Scope and Content Note

Reviews and comments on various federal project reports.
Folder F3735:862

94. LEGISLATION. 1949-59.

Physical Description: (1f).

Scope and Content Note

Letters received, copies of letters sent, memoranda, bill analyses and other records concerning proposed and pending legislation affecting division programs and operations. Also included is correspondence with statements before and comment on hearings of Jt. Legislative Committee on Soil Conservation with respect to operations and management of equipment pools.
Folder F3735:863, 864

95. PUBLIC LAW 566. 1954-59.

Physical Description: (2f).

Scope and Content Note

Letters received, copies of letters sent, memoranda regarding enactment and amendments to P.L. 566, designation of Soil Conservation Commission as State coordinating agency, conflict in activities with U.S. Soil Conservation Service, watershed-flood prevention-environment conflicts, and inter-agency coordinating conferences of federal and state agencies on soil conservation relating to small watershed program-agenda, minutes, statements and presentations, reports on, and participating agencies comments on selected recommendations.
Folder F3735:865


Physical Description: (1f).

Scope and Content Note

Governor's proclamation and division support and comments on.
Folder F3735:866-868


Physical Description: (3f).

Scope and Content Note

Outlines for teaching conservation in public schools; cooperative agreements with Stanford Research Institute on flood damage factor studies; Annual Technical Reports, Plant Materials Center (Pleasanton) relating to development of superior plants for controlling soil erosion, water runoff and wildlife food and shelter, 1959, 61; and Reports of Proceedings, Meetings of USDA Soil and Water Conservation Advisory Committee, 1957, 60.
Folder F3735:869


Physical Description: (1f).

Scope and Content Note

Miscellaneous correspondence with concerning cooperative efforts in P.L. 566 projects and statewide water development policy.
Folder F3735:870


Physical Description: (1f).

Scope and Content Note

Miscellaneous correspondence about programs and proceedings of 3rd-5th meetings.
Folder F3735:871


Physical Description: (1f).

Scope and Content Note

Preliminary list of public and private agencies in California.
Folder F3735:872-1910

101. Natural Resources Fish and Game. Information Office. Photographs. c. 1910-1969.

Physical Description: 1,198 items.

Scope and Content Note

Arranged numerically. Prints and negatives stored separately. Formats included are: gelatin dry plate negatives, negatives, and photographic prints.
Principal subjects include: portraits of Fish and Game Commissioners and photos depicting their activities; fish hatcheries; fish screens; fish ladders; fish planting operations; fish and game law enforcement; a variety of fish and game species; scenic photographs of rivers, lakes, etc... some unidentified; state game farms, 1930's (F3735:1836-1892); group portraits of department personnel, c. 1926-1938, 1955, 1960 and 1969 (F3735:1901-1910). Many of these photographs were used in Fish and Game publications and were captioned. A caption list is available in folder 1, box 1.
Folder F3735:1901-1948, 2314-2327c

102. Natural Resources Mines and Geology Watts photographs. 1895-1898.

Physical Description: 62 items.

Scope and Content Note

Arranged by size. Formats included are: photographic prints and oversized photographic prints.
Field photography by W.L. Watts, Assistant in the Field for the State Mining Bureau. Subjects include: geologic formations, oil yielding geologic formations, oil well operations, gypsum mines, asphalt mines, and other mining operations. Geographic areas included are: Fresno, Kern, Los Angeles, Santa Barbara and Ventura Counties.
Folder F3735:1949-2089

103. Natural Resources Mines and Geology Dredge photographs. 1903-1912.

Physical Description: 141 items.

Scope and Content Note

Arranged numerically. Formats included are: photographic prints and cyanotypes.
Contains images of dredges, dredging operations, placer mining and related equipment. Geographic areas include: Shasta, Siskiyou, Tuolumne and Merced Counties.
Folder F3735:2098-2137

104. Natural Resources Mines and Geology Photographs. 1895-c. 1910.

Physical Description: 54 items.

Scope and Content Note

Arranged numerically. Formats included are: gelatin dry plate negatives and photographic prints.
Contains images of masonry companies in Los Angeles, oil refineries in Alameda and Kern Counties, mining operations in Sutter and Santa Cruz Counties and the Ferry Building in San Francisco.
Folder F3735:2138-2313

105. Natural Resources Mines and Geology Photographs. c. 1875-1915.

Physical Description: 30 items.

Scope and Content Note

Arranged numerically. Formats included are: photograph albums, negatives, and photographic prints.
Contains photographs of mining operations and geologic formations. Geographic areas included are Santa Cruz, San Luis Obispo, Nevada City, El Dorado County and Placer County.
Folder F3735:2328-2371, 2372-2377

106. Natural Resources Mines and Geology Photographs. c. 1870-1952.

Physical Description: 50 items.

Scope and Content Note

Arranged numerically. Format included is: oversized photographic prints.
Images include portraits of State Mining Bureau Board of Trustees and staff mineralogists, State Mining Bureau exhibits, oil derricks and refineries, placer and gypsum mining operations, dredges, the tunneling related construction of Boulder Dam, and Boorman's Dam at Weaver Lake (Nevada County), c. 1880..

Appendix I

Folder F3809:1-2

Project activity and progress reports and miscellaneous working papers.

Folder F3809:3

Alpine County

Folder F3809:4

Alum Rock Park

Folder F3809:5

Amador County

Folder F3809:6

Anchorage of the San Carlos

Folder F3809:7

Angels Camp

Folder F3809:8

Anza Desert State Park

Folder F3809:9

Anza Expedition Camps

Folder F3809:10

Armistice Oak Tree

Folder F3809:11

Armstrong Redwoods State Park

Folder F3809:12

Asistensia de San Antonio de Pala

Folder F3809:13

Austin (Mary) Home,

Folder F3809:14

Avila Adobe

Folder F3809:15

Banning Park

Folder F3809:16

Battlefield State Historical, San Pasqual

Folder F3809:17

Bear Flag Monument

Folder F3809:18

Bend City Site

Folder F3809:19

Benicia Arsenal

Folder F3809:20-22

Bidwell State Park

Folder F3809:23

Big Basin Redwoods State Park

Folder F3809:24

Blue Wing Inn

Folder F3809:25

Brand Park

Folder F3809:26

Broderick-Terry Dueling Place

Folder F3809:27

Butte County

Folder F3809:28

Butterfield Stage Station

Folder F3809:29

Calaveras County

Folder F3809:30

Calaveras State Park

Folder F3809:31

California Star Newspaper Office

Folder F3809:32

California State Capitol II

Folder F3809:33

California State Capitol III

Folder F3809:34

California State Capitol IV

Folder F3809:35

California Theatre

Folder F3809:36-47

Camp Independence

Folder F3809:38

Campo de Cahuenga

Folder F3809:39

Captain Jack's Stronghold

Folder F3809:40

Carlsbad Beach State Park

Folder F3809:41-43

Carpenteria Beach State Park

Folder F3809:44

Carson Hill

Folder F3809:45

Casa Adobe de San Rafael

Folder F3809:46

Casa de Estudillo

Folder F3809:47

Casa de la Guerra

Folder F3809:48

Castillo de San Joaquin

Folder F3809:49-51

Castle Crags State Park

Folder F3809:52

Castro Home

Folder F3809:53

College of California, Site of

Folder F3809:54

Colton Hall

Folder F3809:55

Columbia, Town of

Folder F3809:56

Colusa County

Folder F3809:57, 58

Contra Costa County

Folder F3809:59

Covarrubias Adobe

Folder F3809:60


Folder F3809:61

Dana Point

Folder F3809:62

Del Norte Coast Redwoods State Park

Folder F3809:63

Derby Dike

Folder F3809:64

Discovery Well

Folder F3809:65-70

D. I. Bliss State Park

Folder F3809:71

Doheny Beach State Park

Folder F3809:72

Dominguez Ranch House

Folder F3809:73

Donner Monument

Folder F3809:74

Douglas Flat

Folder F3809:75

Drum Barricks

Folder F3809:76

El Dorado, Parker House and Dennison's Exchange.

Folder F3809:77

Empire Mine, The

Folder F3809:78

Estudillo Home

Folder F3809:79

First Permanent White Habitation in Owens Valley

Folder F3809:80

First Sawmill in Marin County

Folder F3809:81

First Theatre in California

Folder F3809:82

First U.S. Branch mint in California, Site of

Folder F3809:83

Fort Roops (Fort Defience)

Folder F3809:84

Fort Guijarros, Site of

Folder F3809:85

Fort Gunny logs

Folder F3809:86

Fort Humboldt

Folder F3809:87

Fort Rosecrans

Folder F3809:88

Fort Ross

Folder F3809:89

Fort Stockton

Folder F3809:90

Fort Tejon

Folder F3809:91, 92

Founding of the Presidio of San Francisco

Folder F3809:93


Folder F3809:94

Fresno County

Folder F3809:95

Giant Desert Figures near Blythe

Folder F3809:96

Glenn County

Folder F3809:97

Hacienda of Governor Pio Pico

Folder F3809:98

Hancock Park, La Brea

Folder F3809:99

Hangman's Tree

Folder F3809:100


Folder F3809:101

Hiouchi Redwoods State Park

Folder F3809:102

Hock Farm

Folder F3809:103

Humboldt County

Folder F3809:104

Humboldt County, Redwood Parks of

Folder F3809:105, 106

Imperial County

Folder F3809:107

Inyo County

Folder F3809:108

Joaquin Miller House

Folder F3809:109-115

Kern County

Folder F3809:116

Kings County

Folder F3809:117

Kruze Rododendron Reserve

Folder F3809:118

La Mesa Battlefield

Folder F3809:119

Landing Place of Captain Montgomery

Folder F3809:120

Landing Place of Sebastion Vizcaino and Fray Junipero Serra

Folder F3809:121

La Punta de Los Muertos

Folder F3809:122

Lake County

Folder F3809:123

Larkin House

Folder F3809:124

Lassen's Monument

Folder F3809:125

Lighter Wharf at Bolinas

Folder F3809:126

Lime Kilns

Folder F3809:127

Livermore Memorial Monument

Folder F3809:128, 129

Los Angeles County

Folder F3809:130

Los Angeles Plaza

Folder F3809:131

Lotta Crabtree, Home of

Folder F3809:132

Luther Burbank Home and Gardens

Folder F3809:133, 134

Madera County

Folder F3809:135-137

Manhattan Beach State Park

Folder F3809:138

Marin County

Folder F3809:139

Mark Twain Cabin

Folder F3809:140

Marshall's Blacksmith Shop

Folder F3809:141

Marshall (James) Monument

Folder F3809:142, 143

Mayfield Canyon Battleground

Folder F3809:144

McArthur Memorial State Park

Folder F3809:145-150

Mendocino County

Folder F3809:151

Merced Theatre

Folder F3809:152

Mill Creek Redwoods Saved

Folder F3809:153

Mission Bay State Park

Folder F3809:154

Mission Dam and Flue

Folder F3809:155

Mission La Purisima Conception

Folder F3809:156

Mission Nuestra Senora de la Soledad

Folder F3809:157

Mission San Antonio de Padua

Folder F3809:158

Mission San Carlos de Barromeo de Carmelo

Folder F3809:159

Mission San Diego de Alcala

Folder F3809:160

Mission San Fernando Rey de Espana

Folder F3809:161

Mission San Francisco de Asis

Folder F3809:162

Mission San Francisco Solano

Folder F3809:163

Mission San Gabriel Arcangel

Folder F3809:164

Mission San Jose

Folder F3809:165, 166

Mission San Juan Bautista and Plaza

Folder F3809:167

Mission San Juan Capestrano

Folder F3809:168

Mission San Luis Rey de Francia

Folder F3809:169

Mission San Rafael Arcangel

Folder F3809:170

Mission Santa Cruz de Asis

Folder F3809:171-173

Mission Santa Cruz

Folder F3809:174

Mission Santa Ines

Folder F3809:175

Mission Vieja, Site of

Folder F3809:176

Mitchler Hotel

Folder F3809:177

Modjeska's House

Folder F3809:178

Mokelumne Hill

Folder F3809:179-180

Mono County

Folder F3809:181

Monterey County

Folder F3809:182

Monterey Block

Folder F3809:183

Monument of Chief Solano

Folder F3809:184

Morro Bay State Park

Folder F3809:185

Morro Strand State Park

Folder F3809:186

Mount Diablo State Park

Folder F3809:187

Mount Diablo State Park Acquisition

Folder F3809:188

Mount Diablo State Park Flora and Fauna

Folder F3809:189, 189a

Mount Diablo's History

Folder F3809:190

Mount San Jacinto State Park

Folder F3809:191

Mountain Parks of Southern California

Folder F3809:192

Mount Tamalpais State Park

Folder F3809:193

John Muir Home

Folder F3809:194


Folder F3809:195, 196

Napa County

Folder F3809:197

Natural Bridges Beach State Park

Folder F3809:198

Nevada County

Folder F3809:199, 200

New Almaden Mine

Folder F3809:201

New Brighton Beach State Park

Folder F3809:202

Niantec Hotel

Folder F3809:203

Vallejo (or Niles) Flour Mill

Folder F3809:204

Nuestra Senora La Reina de Los Angeles

Folder F3809:205

Oak of the Golden Dream

Folder F3809:206

Old Bale Mill

Folder F3809:207

Custom House at Monterey

Folder F3809:208

Old Statehouse

Folder F3809:209

Old Town of Shasta

Folder F3809:210

Old Labero Theatre

Folder F3809:211-215

Orange County

Folder F3809:216

Palomar Mountain State Parks

Folder F3809:217

Parent Washington Naval Orange Tree

Folder F3809:218

Parrott Granite Rock, Site of

Folder F3809:219

Peralta Home

Folder F3809:220

Peter Lassen Marker

Folder F3809:221-223

Pfeiffer Redwoods State Park

Folder F3809:224

Phelan Beach State Park

Folder F3809:225

Pico House (Hotel)

Folder F3809:226

Pioneer Oil Refinery

Folder F3809:227

Pioneer Telegraph Station

Folder F3809:228

Pismo Beach State Park

Folder F3809:229

Place Where Garces Crossed the Kern River

Folder F3809:230, 231

Placer County

Folder F3809:232

Plaza, San Diego Viejo

Folder F3809:233

La Plaza at San Juan Bautista

Folder F3809:234

Plumas County

Folder F3809:235

Plummer Park

Folder F3809:236

Point Lobos Reserve State Park

Folder F3809:237

Pomona College, First Home of

Folder F3809:238-243

Portola Expedition Camp Sites - San Mateo County

Folder F3809:244

Portsmouth Plaza

Folder F3809:245

Putnam's (Cabin), Site of

Folder F3809:246

Rancho San Antonio (Peralta Grant)

Folder F3809:247

Reading Adobe

Folder F3809:248

Residence of General William Ide

Folder F3809:249

Rincon Hill

Folder F3809:250, 251

Riverside County

Folder F3809:252

Site of Louis Rubidoux House

Folder F3809:253

Royal Presidio Chapel of San Carlos

Folder F3809:254, 255

Sacramento County

Folder F3809:256

Saint James Episcopal Church

Folder F3809:257

San Andreas

Folder F3809:258, 259

San Benito County

Folder F3809:260

San Bernardino Asistencia

Folder F3809:261-263

San Bernardino County

Folder F3809:264, 265

San Carlos- into San Francisco Bay, Entrance of

Folder F3809:266-268

San Clemente Beach State Park

Folder F3809:269-273

San Diego County

Folder F3809:274

San Diego Presidio Site

Folder F3809:275

San Diego Whaling Station, Site of

Folder F3809:276

San Francis Ranch

Folder F3809:277-280

San Francisco County

Folder F3809:281

Shoreline Markers (San Francisco)

Folder F3809:282

San Joaquin County

Folder F3809:283

San Luis Obispo County

Folder F3809:284

San Mateo County

Folder F3809:285

San Simeon Creek Beach State Park

Folder F3809:286-289

Santa Barbara County

Folder F3809:290

Santa Clara County

Folder F3809:291

Santa Cruz County

Folder F3809:292

Santa Margarita Asistencia

Folder F3809:293

Santa Monica Beach State Park

Folder F3809:294

Serra Palm

Folder F3809:295

Shasta County

Folder F3809:297

Silver Strand Beach State Park

Folder F3809:298, 299

Solano County

Folder F3809:300

Sonoma Coast Park

Folder F3809:301

Sonoma County

Folder F3809:302

Stevenson House (Robert Luis)

Folder F3809:303

Studebaker's Shop

Folder F3809:304

Sutter County

Folder F3809:304a

Sutter's Fort

Folder F3809:305

Swift's Stone Corral

Folder F3809:306

Tehama County

Folder F3809:307

Telegraph Hill

Folder F3809:308

Temelic Hall

Folder F3809:309

Tip of Ballast Point

Folder F3809:310

Town of Trinidad

Folder F3809:311

Trinidad Head

Folder F3809:312

Trinity County

Folder F3809:313

Tulare County

Folder F3809:314, 315

Tuolumne County

Folder F3809:316


Folder F3809:317

Vallecito Stage Depot (Station)

Folder F3809:318

Vallejo Home, General

Folder F3809:319-320

Valley Springs

Folder F3809:321

Vasquez Tree and Site of 21-Mile House

Folder F3809:322

Ventura County

Folder F3809:323

Volcano and Buildings

Folder F3809:324

Walker's Pass

Folder F3809:325

Weber Point and Site of Captain Charles M. Weber House

Folder F3809:326

Yerba Buena Island

Folder F3809:327

Yolo County

Folder F3809:328, 329

Yosemite Valley

Folder F3809:330

Yuba County

Folder F3809:331-333

Final Summary Report