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Inventory of the Joint Committee on Higher Education Records
LP71; LP72; LP73; LP74  
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Arrangement and Description


LP 71:8-13 Personnel Files: correspondence and biographical data on candidates under consideration as Executive Director, general staff, and advisory committee members 1965-68

Physical Description: (6 f).

LP 71:14-19 Meeting Files (records for each meeting described separately): Informal meeting notes Oct. 25, 1965


LP 71:14 Minutes, agenda, list of invitees, synopsis of comments on draft out-line of study topics. Sept. 13, 1966


Minutes July 12, 1967


Agenda Aug. 17, 1967


LP 71:15-16 Agenda, correspondence, newspaper clippings, statements and testimony presented before committee on subject of tuition. Oct. 13, 16, 1967


LP 71:17 Workshop-agenda, summary of findings, background material on tuition. Nov. 13, 1967


Agenda, summary of findings on subject of student aid. Nov. 20, 1967


Agenda, progress report, outline and summary of preliminary findings, committee resolutions, misc. correspondence. Feb. 8, 1968


LP 71:18 Transcrift of hearings, agenda, correspondence on subject of equal opportunity in higher education. May 25, 1968


LP 71:19 Agenda, background papers. Sept. 11, 1968


Agenda, correspondence, memos, tentative draft of final report, revised meeting schedule. Dec. 20, 1968


Miscellaneous correspondence, list of student body presidents attending. July 7, 1969


Agenda, statements and testimony presented before committee on subject of problems in higher education. Oct. 31, 1969


Statements and testimony presented before committee on subject of public aid to higher education. Dec. 5, 1969


Agenda, transcript of hearings (untranscribed dictabelts), statements and testimony presented before committee on subject of Master Plan for higher education. Jan. 15, 1970


LP 71:20 Meeting Files of Advisory Committee.


Agenda, correspondence, memos, chairman's opening remarks. July 23, 1968


Agenda, miscellaneous correspondence. Sept. 18, 1868


Miscellaneous correspondence. Oct. 23, 1968


Miscellaneous correspondence, notes. Nov. 13, 1968


LP 71:21 Report Files: correspondence; report outlines and summaries; minority reports; newspaper clippings. 1967-69


LP 71:22-38 Correspondence Files: daily correspondence re committee affairs, meeting arrangements, studies; letters soliciting suggestions on committee activities; staff position papers; press releases and newspaper clippings; Student Advisory Council-correspondence and information to and about 1965-70

Physical Description: (17 f).

LP 71:39-LP 72:7 Accounting Files: legislation for fiscal support; statistics on committee expenditures; contracts, agreements and invoices for studies on subjects of mobility. patterns of college students, benefits and costs of higher education, financing private institutions, equal opportunity in higher education, student income sources, financial structure and practices of the University of California, student flow into and out of secondary institutions of higher learning 1965-69

Physical Description: (11 f.)

LP 72:8-LP 72:12 Background and Data Files: correspondence; memos; reports; articles; studies; statistics; newspaper clippings; press releases; and general information. Files are numerically coded and are keyed to the general subjects of the contracts and agreements outlined above under Accounting Files. Samples of the coding and related subject matter are listed below 1958-71

Physical Description: (78 f).

LP 72:8-11 1620-1640: equality of opportunity; student unrest; student discripline 1966-69

Physical Description: (4 f).

LP 72:12-30 1712-1835, fiscal affairs: student financial aid; Educational Opportunity Program; ways of financing higher education; University of California budget; federal funds for higher education; tuition; financing private colleges; cost per student; program budgeting 1959-69

Physical Description: (19 f).

LP 72:31-32 1900-1951: higher education facility needs; negro colleges; higher education for women; higher education as an economic asset 1958-69

Physical Description: (2 f).

LP 72:32-LP 73:18 2100-2950, University of California System: Board of Regents, organization and procedures; controlled growth of university system; teaching assistants; admission requirements; faculty research; personnel and faculty; regulation of student conduct, student organizations and use of university facilities; U. S. Berkeley campus disturbances; budget; gifts and endowments program; Board of Regents investment policies; long range fiscal planning; physical planning and facilities 1965-69

Physical Description: (23 f).

LP 73:19-28 3100-3951, State College System: mission and public costs; minority study programs; faculty research and instruction; faculty salaries, teaching loads; Fresno and San Francisco campus disturbances; student rights; budget; physical planning and facilities 1958-69

Physical Description: (10 f).

LP 73:29-LP 74:4 4000-4950, California Community College System: administration and planning; Board of Governors; research studies regarding; students and student affairs; capital outlay; Economic Opportunity Program; low ability students; finance, tuition, and state support; physical facilities 1965-70

Physical Description: (11 f).

LP 74:5-6 5000-5800, private institutions: general information and financial support of 1966-69

Physical Description: (2 f).

LP 74:7-12 6000-9600: miscellaneous 1962-69

Physical Description: (6 f).