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Packard (Walter Eugene) Papers
BANC MSS 67/81 c  
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Series 1: Correspondence approximately 1899-1970

Physical Description: Carton 13-16

Subseries 1_1: Outgoing approximately 1899-1966, undated

Physical Description: Carton 13

Contents Note

Arranged chronologically. Letters to his family are originals; business letters are mainly typed copies. Arranged chronologically. Family letters relate to his work and to family matters; business letters relate to his various jobs and to his many other interests including public water and power, world peace, etcetera.
carton 13

Outgoing letters from Walter Eugene Packard approximately 1899-1966, undated


Subseries 1_2: Incoming approximately 1899-1966, undated

Physical Description: Carton 14-15; carton 16, folder 1-13

Contents Note

A-Single Letter Miscellany
Aandahl, Fred George, 1897-; Alcorn, George B.; Anderson, Dewey, 1897-; Anderson, Glenn Malcolm, 1913-
Adams, Frank, 1875-
4 letters, 1931-1966. Letter (copy), Mar. 10, 1931, written to L. G. Hoff with enclosure: letter from Hoff to Adams. Letter, Oct. 31, 1966, addressed to Mrs. Packard.
Alexander, Will Winton, 1884-
2 letters, 1937-1955
Alsberg, Carl Lucas, 1877-1940
4 letters,1938-1939.
Archer, Laird, 1892-
4 letters,1955-1967. Letters, Jan. 2 and 10, 1967, addressed to Mrs. Packard.
B-Single Letter Miscellany
>Barrows, Harlan Harland, 1877-1960; Barton, William Eleazar, 1861-1930; Bell, George Lewis, 1888-1958; Berkeley High Twelve Club; Bertsch, Howard, 1909-; >Bioletti, Frederic Theodore, 1865-; Breed, Arthur Hastings, 1865-1953; Breed, Eleanor D.; Brown, Edmund Gerald, 1905-; Burdick, Eugene L., 1918-; Burton, John L.
Baldwin, Calvin Benham, 1902-
4 letters, 1939-1944
Ballis, George
3 letters, 1963
Bartlett, Louis, 1872-1960
7 letters, 1940-1954. Letter (copy), April 19, 1944, is written to Sheridan Downey. Included also: letter (copy), March 30, 1944, to Bartlett from Judson King.
Beck (R.W.) and Associates
2 letters, 1965. Written by Herbert C. Westfall, Manager, Western Region. Concerning plans for building a 500,000-kilowatt nuclear plant in the Delta area.
Bell, Colin Wedderburn, 1903-
4 letters, 1961. Letter (copy), Jan. 12, is written to Allen Longshore.
Benedict, Murray Reed, 1892-
5 letters, 1940-1946. Letter, Aug. 5, 1941, is written to J. Rupert Mason.
Benítez, Jaime, 1908-
3 letters, 1949-1955. Written while Chancellor, University of Puerto Rico.
Berkeley, California First Congregational Church
2 letters, 1954.
Bernstein, Leon, 1915-
2 letters, 1955
Bird, Remsen Dubois, 1888-
3 letters, 1954-1955. Letter, Oct. 10, 1954, includes carbon of Packard's reply on verso.
Blaisdell, Allen Carrier, 1897-
4 letters, 1954-1956.
Bliven, Bruce, 1889-
7 letters, 1954-1973. Several letters are written to Mrs. Packard.
Bouphidis, Sotori
See Greece. Consulate, San Francisco
Bulbulian, Berge
2 letters, 1963-1964.
Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists
2 letters, 1964
C-Single Letter Miscellany
Carter, Albert Edward, 1881-; Carter, Oliver Jesse, 1911-; Center for the Study of Democratic Institutions; Champion, Charles Hale, 1922-; Clark, Ramsey, 1927-; Cowden, Howard A., 1893-1972; Curtiss, Charles Franklin, 1863-1947; Douglas, Helen (Gahagan), 1900-;
California. University, San Francisco (Medical Center)
2 letters, 1963-1966
Catsambis, Cleon
See Greece. Consulate, San Francisco
Central Labor Council of Santa Clara County APL-CIO
2 letters, 1965. Written by James P. McLaughlin, Secretary-Treasurer. Letter (copy), June 28, written to President Lyndon B. Johnson.
Clawson, Marion, 1905-
2 letters, 1944
Coffield, Clara Eleanor (Packard), 1910-
12 letters, 1937-1966
Cohelan, Jeffery, 1914-
8 letters, 1962-1965
Committee for a Review of Our China Policy
4 letters, 1964. Written by Charles O. Porter and Ernest T. Nash.
Council for a Livable World
3 letters, 1964
Cowell, Henry Dixon, 1897-1965
2 letters, 1943-1962. Included also: In Memoriam (pamphlet)
Cowell, Sidney Hawkins (Robertson)
6 letters, 1964-1969. Written mainly to Mrs. Packard.
Cross, Ira Brown, 1880-
2 letters, 1954
D-Single Letter Miscellany
Downey, Sheridan, 1884-1961; Dallas County State Bank; Dawson, Albert K.; Dickinson, Philip P.; Domhoff, Bill; Douglas, Helen (Gahagan), 1900-; Dunne, Joe.
Daniels, Josephus, 1862-1948
5 letters, 1937-1938
Davis, Arthur Powell, 1861-1933
2 letters, 1916-1917. Written while Director and Chief Engineer, U.S. Reclamation Service. Letter (copy), Mar. 23, 1917, written to Board of Directors, Imperial County Farm Bureau.
Dibble, Barry, 1881-
4 letters, 1929-1954
Duffy, Walter A.
49 letters, 1939-1943. Written while Regional Director, Farm Security Administration
E-Single Letter Miscellany
Eckbo, Garrett, 1910-; Edward, H.R.; Egloff, Marjorie; Elder, C.C.; Erskine, Dorothy.
El Centro Chamber of Commerce
3 letters, 1938-1940.
Engle, Clair, 1911-1964
2 letters, 1959-1964. Letter, July 22, 1964, written for him by Philip P. Dickinson.
F-Single Letter Miscellany
Fortier, Samuel, 1855-1933; Farquharson, D.G.; Fawcett, Will S.; Ferguson Steamship Agency; Ferry, W.H.; Fluharty, L.W.; Foreign Operations Administration; Foreign Service;
Fireman, Milton
5 letters, 1953-1955 and n.d.
Fortas, Abe, 1910-
8 letters, 1949-1965. Letter, May 16, 1949, written by his secretary. Enclosure: sworn statements by Packard's friends used by Fortas in Packard's loyalty hearings. See also Wurster, Catherine (Bauer), 1905-1964.
Fryer, Leland N.
24 letters, 1940-1946 and n.d. Relate mainly to Farm Security Administration.
G-Single Letter Miscellany
Garst, Eleanor; Grady, Lucretia (del Valle), d. 1972; Geer, William D.; Fresno County Farm Bureau; Gerty, Francis J; Gilfillan; William E.; Gimbell, Dennis; Goldshmidt, Alfons; Grady, Grover;
Garst, Jonathan, 1893-1973
18 letters, 1936-1965. Letters dated 1930's written while Regional Director, Resettlement Administration. Several letters written to other persons.
Garst, Roswell, 1898-
3 letters, 1963. Copies of letters written to other persons. Included also: carbon translation of letter to Garst from N. Khrushchev, Dec. 31, 1959.
Gray, Lewis Cecil, 1881-
8 letters, 1924-1939. Several letters (copies) written to other persons.
Greece. Consulate, San Francisco
3 letters, 1964-1966. Written by Sotori Bouphidis and Cleon Catsambis.
Greene, Felix
2 letters, 1961 and n.d. Telegram (copy) n.d. written to President-elect John F. Kennedy. Concern U.S.-China relations.
H-Single Letter Miscellany
Hamilton, Walton Hale, 1881-1958; Hanna, Paul Robert, 1902-; Hewes, Laurence I.; Holifield, Chet, 1903-; Humphrey, Hubert Horatio, 1911-; Huxley, Aldous Leonard, 1894-1963 (see Kahoe, Walter).
Hoppe, Arthur Watterson, 1925-
3 letters, 1962-1963. Written to Mrs. Packard.
Hunt, Thomas Forsyth, 1862-1927
2 letters, 1914-1923
I-Single Letter Miscellany
Ingalsbe, Gene: International Planned Parenthood Federation.
International Cooperative Petroleum Association
2 letters, 1961
J-Single Letter Miscellany
Johnson, Lewis Jerome, 1867-1952; Joralemon, Ira B.; Julian, Correll M.
Jackson, Henry Martin, 1912-
2 letters, 1964-1965
John Randolph Haynes and Dora Haynes Foundation
42 letters, 1940-1941. Written mainly by Anne M. Mumford, Executive Secretary. Relate mainly to his Central Valley land studies and his book "The Economic Implications of the Central Valley Project."
Johnson, Edgar Augustus Jerome, 1900-
2 letters, 1953-1954.
K-Single Letter Miscellany
Kahoe, Walter (written while assistant to Arthur E. Morgan. Enclosure: Letter (copy) to Morgan from Aldous Huxley, July 26, 1937); Kerr, Clark, 1911-; Kimbrough, O. L.; Kuchel, Thomas Henry, 1910-; Kershner, Kitty; Koras, Mrs. James K.; Kreutzer, Dorothy M.
Khrushchev, Nikita Sergeevich, 1894-
See Garst, Roswell, 1898-
L-Single Letter Miscellany
Laidler, Harry Wellington, 1884-; Landauer, Carl, 1891-; Lubin, Isador, 1896-.
Lapham, Roger Dearborn, 1883-1966
2 letters, 1961-1962
Lee, Charles Hamilton, 1883-1967
2 letters, 1930-1933
Leonard, Sophia Sarah Maria (Smith), 1842-1947
78 letters, 1915-1936. Concern life in a small agricultural community in Iowa. Written mainly to Mrs. Packard.
Leonard, Warren Henry, 1900-1966
5 letters, 1959-1966
Letsas, Frixos
17 letters, 1953-1956. Written by Packard's assistant in Greece
M-Single Letter Miscellany
McCarran, Patrick Anthony, 1876-1954; McCarthy, Gerald T., 1909-; McGovern, George Stanley, 1922- (see Anderson, Dewey, 1897-); Marsh, Benjamin Clarke, 1877- (The People's Lobby); >Marshall, George Catlett, 1880-1959; >Mocine, Corwin R. (to Mrs. Walter Packard).
McCarthy, Thomas K.
3 letters, 1955. Concern Packard's work in Jamaica for Kaiser Aluminum & Chemical Corporation.
McDonald, Grace
11 letters, 1954-1966. Written while Executive Secretary, California Farm Research and Legislative Committee. Several letters (copies) written to other persons.
McGrath, Harold I.
2 letters, 1943-1944. Written while Executive Director, California Housing and Planning Association.
McLaughlin, James P.
See Central Labor Council of Santa Clara County AFL-CIO.
McWilliams, Carey, 1905-
3 letters, 1964-1969. Written while Editor of The Nation. Letter dated 1969 written to Mrs. Packard.
Marín, Luis Muñoz
See Puerto Rico. Governor
Marx, Guido Hugo, 1871-1949
2 letters, 1944
Mason, James Rupert, 1886-1959
38 letters, 1935-1944. Mainly copies of letters written to other persons; concern reclamation, irrigation, land use, etcetera.
Mead, Elwood, 1858-1936
3 letters, approximately 1923-1924
Meiklejohn, Helen (Everett)
3 letters, 1965-1966. Letter, March 21, 1966, written while Honorary Chairman, East Bay Committee to Abolish the House Un-American Activities Committee. Letter, Nov. 17, 1966, written to Mrs. Packard.
Mumford, Anne M.
See John Randolph Haynes and Dora Haynes Foundation
Murray, Keith
2 letters, 1961-1963. Letter (copy), Dec. 26, 1961 written to Gov. Edmund G. Brown.
N-Single Letter Miscellany
Nelson, Samuel Baldwin, 1902-; Nash, Roy; National Committee for the Union of Cyprus; National Farmers Union; National Reclamation Association; Nelson, A.M.;
Nash, Ernest T.
See Committee for a Review of Our China Policy
Neilands, John B.
6 letters, 1963-1966. Letter (copy), May 25, 1964, written to Stewart Udall. Letter, Nov. 15, 1966, written to Mrs. Packard.
Nelson, Lowry, 1893-
2 letters, 1939-1946
Nuveen, John, 1896-1968
4 letters, 1953-1966. Letter, Nov. 3, 1966, written to Mrs. Packard. Included also: copy of Memorial service for John Nuveen.
O-Single Letter Miscellany
Oak Park (Village of), Illinois; Oregon, State of;
Olson, Culbert Levy, 1876-1962
2 letters, 1940-1942. Letter, Oct. 10, 1940, written to Paul S. Taylor. Letter, Dec. 30, 1942, written by M. Stanley Mosk, Executive Secretary.
Outland, George Elmer, 1906-
2 letters, 1943-1944
P-Single Letter Miscellany
Pacific Books; Page, John S.; Pepelasis, Adam; Petrovic, A.V.; Petty, Claude R.; Phelan, Margaret; Portland Cement Association; Puerto Rico (various government departments).
Packard, Clara Adelaide (Fish), 1855-1926
97 letters, 1906-1926 and n.d. Mother to Walter Eugene Packard. Relate mainly to family affairs. Some letters are written to Mrs. Packard and the children.
Packard, Emmy Lou, 1914-
97 letters, approximately 1923-1970. Daughter of Walter Eugene PackardLetters dated 1940 and 1941 were written from Mexico and include comments on her work with Rivera. Written to various family members.
Packard, John Cooper, 1892-1956
6 letters, 1908-1940. Brother to Walter Eugene Packard. Letter (copy), Nov. 14, 1940, written to Robert H. Jackson.
Packard, Samuel Ware, 1847-1937
29 letters, 1907-1934. Father to Walter Eugene Packard. Relate mainly to family business and finances.
Page, John Chatfield, 1887-1955
8 letters, 1938-1941. Written while Commissioner of the Bureau of Reclamation.
Patrons of Husbandry
2 letters, 1965. Written by J. Blaine Quinn, Master, California State Grange.
Patton, James George, 1902-
16 letters, 1944-1968. Letters dated 1944 to 1955, written while President, National Farmers' Union. Letters after 1966 written to Mrs. Packard. Letter (copy), Dec. 27, 1951, written to W. Averell Harriman.
Piñero, Jesús T
See Puerto Rico. Governor
Porter, Charles O.
See Committee for a Review of Our China Policy
Porter, Paul Robert, 1908-
3 letters, 1950-1954 and n.d. Letter, Nov. 13, 1950, written while Chief, Economic Cooperation Administration Mission to Greece. Letter (copy), n.d., written to W. Averell Harriman.
Puerto Rico. Governor
4 letters, 1946-1955. Written by Jesús T. Piñero, Luis Muñoz Marín and others.
Q-Single Letter Miscellany
Quail, John L.; (missing)
Quinn, J. Blaine
See Patrons of Husbandry
R-Single Letter Miscellany
Reconstruction Finance Corporation; Reynolds, Malvina (Milder), 1900-; Roosevelt, Eleanor (Roosevelt), 1884-1962;
Reich, William
6 letters, 1964-1969 and n.d. Written mainly to Mrs. Packard. Letter (copy), June 24, 1964, written to Gov. E. G. Brown.
River, Robert B.
3 letters, 1955 and n.d. Written while Consultant and Organizing Secretary, California Water and Power Users Association.
Roosevelt, Franklin Delano, 1882-1945
See Tugwell, Rexford Guy, 1891-
S-Single Letter Miscellany
Sanford, Robert Nevitt, 1909-; Schwartz, Carl Herbert, 1910- (see U.S. Bureau of the Budget); Shaw, Charles Fredrick, 1881-; Swing, Philip David, 1884-;
Sapinsley, Barbara
31 letters, 1965-1972. Written to Mrs. Packard; relate to Miss Sapinsley's proposed biography of Elizabeth Parsons (Ware) Packard (W. E. Packard's grandmother).
Seaborg, Glenn Theodore, 1912-
2 letters, 1963. Written while Chairman, Atomic Energy Commission. Letter, May 27, 1963, written for him by Earle J. Townsend.
Shattuck, Oscar Willey, 1891? - 1968
2 letters, 1964. With these: Letter, Nov. 15, 1968, concerning his death, written to Mrs. Packard by Mr. and Mrs. Dallas C. Bache.
Shaw, Mary
11 letters, 1964-1970. Written mainly to Mrs. Packard. See also Shaw, Robert
Shaw, Robert
17 letters, 1964-1968 and n.d. Some letters addressed to Mrs. Packard. See also Shaw, Mary
Smith, Roy James
2 letters, 1939
Stassen, Harold Edward, 1907-
2 letters, 1954. Written while Director, Foreign Operations Administration.
Straus, Michael Wolf, 1897-
31 letters, 1946-1969 and n.d. Letters dated 1946 and 1947 written while Commissioner of Reclamation. Several letters (copies) written to other persons. Letters after 1966 written to Mrs. Packard.
Sturdevant, William Lommer, 1885-1952
3 letters, 1941-1945. Written while Director of Information, Tennessee Valley Authority.
Swett, Frank Tracy, 1869-1969
10 letters, 1936-1948 and n.d. Several letters (copies) written to other persons. Letters dated 1936 relate to Resettlement Administration.
T-Single Letter Miscellany
Taeusch, Carl Frederick, 1889-; Thompson, Carl Dean, 1870-; Tobriner, Mathew Oscar, 1904-; Tolley, Howard Ross, 1889-1958
Taylor, Paul Schuster, 1895-
10 letters, 1935-1966. Several letters (copies) written to other persons. Letter, Nov. 7, 1966, written to Mrs. Packard and family.
Temko, Allan, 1924-
3 letters, 1962.
Tolan, John Harvey, 1877-1947
4 letters, 1941-1944.
Tugwell, Rexford Guy, 1891-
30 letters, 1935-1968. Letter, Mar. 14, 1936, written to Pres. Franklin D. Roosevelt, transmitting Packard's letter of resignation as Regional Director, Rural Resettlement contains annotation by Roosevelt. Several letters written for him by others.
U-Single Letter Miscellany
Union for Democratic Action; United Hellenic-American Societies; United States Atomic Energy Commission; United States Bureau of the Budget; United States Department of Agriculture; United States Department of Justice.
Udall, Stewart Lee, 1920-
2 letters, 1962-1966. Letter (copy), May 13, 1966, written to Rev. James L. Vizzard.
United States Farm Security Administration
13 letters, approximately 1938-1943
United States National Youth Administration
6 letters, 1939-1940. Written mainly by Aubrey Williams.
V-Single Letter Miscellany
Violich, Francis; Vogelsang, Alexander Theodore, 1861-1930; >Voorhis, Horace Jerry, 1901-.
Veihmeyer, Frank Jacob, 1886-
2 letters, 1938-1939. Letter (copy), Feb. 4, 1939, written to Charles F. Shaw.
W-Single Letter Miscellany
Walsh, Richard John, 1886-1960; Warren, Charles Hugh, 1927-; Warren, Earl, 1891-; White, Mastin Gentry, 1901-; Wilson, Maud Mathes, 1883-; Wirtz, William Willard, 1912-; Woehlke, Walter Victor, 1879-1954; Wright, John Kirtland, 1891-;
Wallace, Henry Agard, 1888-1965
3 letters, 1944. Written while Vice President of the United States.
Warne, William Elmo, 1905-
8 letters, 1962-1966. Written while Director, California Dept. of Water Resources. Letter, Nov. 2, 1966, written to Mrs. Packard.
Weeks, David
2 letters, 1933-1966. Letter, Nov. 11, 1966, written to Mrs. Packard.
Wentworth, Edward Norris, 1887-1957
6 letters, 1953-1957
Westfall, Herbert C.
See Beck (R.W.) and Associates
Williams, Aubrey Willis, 1890-1965
See United States National Youth Administration
Wilson, Milburn Lincoln, 1885-
6 letters, 1935-1966 and n.d. Several letters written to other persons. Included also: Letter, n.d., written by Mrs. Wilson.
Windmiller, Marshall
3 letters, 1964-1966. Letter, Nov. 1, 1966, written to Mrs. Packard.
Woods, Baldwin Munger, 1887-1956
2 letters, 1940
Wurster, Catherine (Bauer), 1905-1964
2 letters, 1944-1949. Letter, April 29, 1949, written to Abe Fortas.
Wyckoff, Florence Walton (Richardson)
4 letters, 1944
Y-Single Letter Miscellaneous
Young, Walker Rollo, 1885-; Young Women's Christian Association.
Assorted fragments, unidentified and miscellaneous letters
Includes letter to Mrs. Upton Sinclair from her brother regarding Upton's manuscript of "The Jungle" and other items.
carton 14

Incoming letters to Walter Eugene Packard, A-Lucy, Sophie approximately 1899-1966, undated

carton 15

Incoming letters to Walter Eugene Packard, M-Weeks approximately 1899-1966, undated

carton 16, folder 1-13

Incoming letters to Walter Eugene Packard, M-Weeks approximately 1899-1966, undated


Subseries 1_3: Other correspondence approximately 1882-1975

Physical Description: Carton 16, folder 30-31
carton 16, folder 30-31

Correspondence relating to Packard's oral history with the Regional Oral History Office of the Bancroft Library; miscellaneous correspondence approximately 1882-1975,


Series 2: Projects approximately 1909-1955

Physical Description: Carton 1-6; oversize box 1, folder 2


Arrangement is essentially chronological.
carton 1, folder 1

Imperial Valley approximately 1909-1917

Scope and Contents

"Report to Secretary of the Interior and President University of California by Board of Engineers on Irrigation and Flood Protection Problems of Imperial Valley, California, March, 1917"; reports by county agencies on agriculture, water supply, and irrigation of Imperial County; minutes of Board of Directors, Imperial County Farm Bureau; map of El Centro, Calif., drawn about 1910 by Bertha Heise. (l folder)
carton 1, folder 2-7

Delhi State Land Settlement 1920-1924

Scope and Contents

Reports on land sales, building construction, agricultural development by Packard and others; financial records including income, debts, expenditures, loans to settlers and foreclosures; data on problems leading to Packard's resignation and petition (copy) protesting his possible dismissal; pamphlets written for settlers describing the Settlement and agricultural methods; printed reports of the California Division of Land Settlement, 1922 and 1931; map of land in northern Merced County offered by Edgar M. Wilson to the California Land Settlement Board (n.d.); "An Economic Analysis of the California State Land Settlements at Durham and Delhi" by Roy J. Smith, (typescript).
carton 1, folder 8

Owens Valley Water Study approximately 1924

Scope and Contents

Report on Resettlement of the Big Pine Lands, probably written by Packard, (incomplete); list containing purchase price of lands and water rights acquired by City of Los Angeles in 1923-1924 under Owens River and Big Pine Canal. (l folder)
carton 1, folder 9-12

Mexico 1926-1929

Scope and Contents

Data and notes on natural resources, cattle, soil, irrigation, agriculture, range lands, haciendas, etc., used by Packard to compile reports on his work. (4 folders)
carton 1, folder 13

Walter Eugene Packard's testimony as witness in the case of Hayes versus Sacramento Suburban Fruit Lands 1929

Scope and Contents

Data and notes on natural resources, cattle, soil, irrigation, agriculture, range lands, haciendas, etc., used by Packard to compile reports on his work. (4 folders)
carton 1, folder 14-15

Columbia Basin Project approximately 1932

Scope and Contents

Analysis of probable results of agricultural production (chart), 1931, prepared by Packard; "Report on Proposed Columbia Basin Project,” U.S. Bureau of Reclamation (typescript). (1 folder)
carton 1, folder 16

Soil Survey of Rio Linda Colony, Sacramento County, California approximately 1933

Scope and Contents

Memorandum (copy) on investigation of soil conditions in the Rio Linda Colony by Packard (incomplete); questions propounded to Packard and information used in his testimony in the case of Frank L. Hayes vs. Sacramento Suburban Fruit Land Company; map of Rio Linda Subdivision No. 6 (1 folder)
carton 1, folder 17-21

Resettlement Administration. Rural Division, approximately 1933-1937 approximately 1933-1937

Scope and Contents

R. A. publications on origin, duties, purposes, problems, projects, services offered, procedures, and rural housing; miscellaneous reports, memoranda and inter-office communications (copies); blank forms -loan applications, purchase and lease contracts, construction contract, tenure form; names and addresses of regional directors, engineers, etc. (looseleaf notebook). (5 folders)
carton 2, folder 1-4

Farm Security Administration approximately 1937-1938

Scope and Contents

Copies of papers, speeches, and reports by various officials relating to FSA problems including food production, low cost and rural housing, farm tenancy, and migrant farm labor; loan application and other forms; "Preliminary Outlet Drainage Survey, Willamette Valley" (typescript) by L. T. Jessup and maps used by Packard to write "Post War Future of a Western Community." Oversize box 1, folder 2 contains an FSA sketch of Farm Worker's Community near Woodville, Calif.ornia, planned in the office of the district engineer, District 6, San Francisco.
oversize-box 1, folder 2

Farm Security Administration (continued) approximately 1937-1938

carton 2, folder 5-6

Imperial Valley Study 1939

Scope and Contents

Preliminary outline by Packard of features to be covered and facts to be secured for the study; reports and memoranda (copies) by the Bureau of Reclamation and other agencies and committees relating to land tenure studies, irrigation problems, agricultural and economic conditions, and soil and land-classification surveys. (2 folders)
carton 2, folder 7

Study of Baja California for Jewish Settlement approximately 1939

Scope and Contents

Report on Lower California by Alfons Goldschmidt, 15 p. (typescript); "Lower California -A Permanent Haven for the Oppressed" by Linton Wells, 7 p (typescript); letter (copy) from Stuart Chase to Alex Gumberg suggesting how to approach the Mexican government about the planned settlement; miscellaneous notes and data. (1 folder)
carton 2, folder 8

National Youth Administration approximately 1938

Scope and Contents

Projects for Youth, 4 pages (typescript); outline of proposed land projects for landless farm youths. (1 folder)
carton 2, folder 9

Indian Service Summer School, Fort Wingate, N.M 1938

Scope and Contents

Catalog containing description of course, "Water, Soil, and Livestock," taught by Packard; list of his students; notes on Indian history by Mrs. Packard. (l folder)
carton 2, folder 10

Commonwealth Club of California 1942

Scope and Contents

Walter Eugene Packard was chairman of the Agricultural Section of the Commonwealth Club for two years.
carton 2, folder 11

California State Land Classification Commission 1942-1943

Scope and Contents

"Tax Deeded Land in California," Supplemental Report, California State Planning Board, 1940; briefs (copies) re Mercury Herald Company vs. Maurice Moore; lists of members on advisory committee. (1 folder)

Central Valley Project, California

carton 2, folder 12-15

Central Valley Project general files approximately 1942-1944

Scope and Contents

Information on history of the project; construction progress; related studies and issues including irrigation, flood control, recreation, and agriculture; pamphlets and reports, mainly by the Bureau of Reclamation. "A Social-Economic Study of the Central Valley Project of California" by E. J. Coil and others, 1935 (typescript carbon)
Report by Packard for the Haynes Foundation. Progress report, names of people to be sent copies of his report, copy of his report, "The Economic Implications of the Central Valley Project," 1942.
carton 2, folder 16

Economic Implications of the Central Valley Project (a report by Packard for the Haynes Foundation with accompanying material) approximately 1941

carton 2, folder 17-18

Social-Economic Study of the Central Valley Project of California (typescript by E. Johnson Coil) approximately 1935

carton 2, folder 19

Central Valley Project Committee of the California Housing and Planning Association (Walter Eugene Packard, Chairman) approximately 1943

Scope and Contents

Progress reports, Oct., Nov., Dec., 1943, minutes of committee meetings, draft of report (typescript carbon). (1 folder)
carton 2, folder 20-22

Central Valley Project Studies, general files approximately 1940-1945

Scope and Contents

Bulletins, memoranda, copies of letters (mainly mimeographed), and other statements concerning the purposes of the 24 studies and the general organization, and personnel of the project; monthly progress reports, Feb.-Sept., 1944; "Value and Price of irrigation Water;" preliminary statement prepared by Bureau of Agricultural Economics for CVPS committees (mimeographed). (3 folders)
carton 3, folder 1

CVP Studies, Number 2: "Food, Fiber and Seed Production in War Time from the Central Valley Project," May, 1943

carton 3, folder 2

CVP Studies, Number 7: "Further Stages in the Development of the Central Valley Basin," > April, 1945

Scope and Contents

Includes also: subcommittee reports and drafts of report.
carton 3, folder 3

CVP Studies, Numbers 8 and 9: "Report of Subcommittee on Allocation to Municipal and Industrial Water Supply" and "Report of the Irrigation Subcommittee," Sept. 22, 1944, Feb. 13, 1945

carton 3, folder 4

CVP Studies, Number 12: "Payments Toward the Cost of the Central Valley Project by Indirect Beneficiaries," May, 1944

Scope and Contents

Includes also: subcommittee reports and drafts of report.
carton 3, folder 5

CVP Studies, Number 15: "Annual Cost of Central Valley Project Power System," report on Section IV Oct. 5, 1943

carton 3, folder 6

CVP Studies, Number 16: Report of technical division on water rates May 12, 1944

carton 3, folder 7-8

CVP Studies, Number 19: "Acreage Limitation in the Central Valley," Sept. 25, 1944

Scope and Contents

Includes also: preliminary reports. (2 folders)
carton 3, folder 9

CVP Studies, Numbers 21 and 22: Drafts of reports by committees on project water May 31, 1944

carton 3, folder 10-13

CVP Studies, Number 24: "The Effect of the Central Valley Project on the Agricultural and Industrial Economy and on the Social Character of California," Sept. 29, 1944

Scope and Contents

Includes also: preliminary drafts, minutes of committee meetings, statistical memoranda by the population committee.
carton 3, folder 14-16

Miscellaneous publications relating to the Central Valley Project 1944-1955

Scope and Contents

Including Hearings before a Subcommittee of the Committee on Irrigation and Reclamation, U.S. Senate, July 24-29, 1944; Proceedings of California Water Conference called by Earl Warren, Governor, Sacramento, Dec. 6 and 7, 1945; Central Valley Project: Federal or State? prepared by Bureau of Public Administration, University of California, Berkeley, 1955.
carton 3, folder 17-20

Puerto Rico 1945-1947

Scope and Contents

Letters and memoranda by Packard and others (mainly typed carbons), reports, and notes relating to agriculture, land use, family budgets, food and diet, and economic and social conditions by Packard and others; drafts of legislation concerning land law; material on tenure reform program of the Puerto Rico Land Authority including legal papers (carbons) for case of People of Puerto Rico versus Eastern Sugar Associates, etcetera.
carton 4, folder 1

Puerto Rico (continued) 1945-1947

carton 4, folder 2

Venezuela 1947

Scope and Contents

Miscellaneous notes by Packard on agriculture and economic conditions. Oversize box 1, folder 2 contains a flip chart of plans and sketches entitled Huerta Familiar, Banco Obrero, Caracas, Venezuala, Diseno Tipico, Area Rural.
oversize-box 1, folder 2

Venezuela (continued) 1947

carton 4, folder 3

Cuba approximately 1946

Scope and Contents

Miscellaneous notes and data on agriculture and industry by Packard and others.
carton 4, folder 4-18

Greece 1948-1954

Scope and Contents

Reports, memoranda (some by Packard), correspondence (carbons), data, and notes relating to Packard's work for American Mission for Aid to Greece and for Economic Cooperation Administration. Subjects include public ownership of power, irrigation, soil and water conservation, land reclamation projects, agricultural programs, and economic development.
carton 5, folder 1-13

Greece (continued) 1948-1954

oversize-box 4

Greece (continued) 1948-1954

carton 5, folder 14

Jamaica 1955

Scope and Contents

Summary of information Packard used to write his report, expense account, outline for oral report on trip to Jamaica; data and notes relating to bauxite, forests, vegetation, soil, agriculture, and industry.
carton 5, folder 15

Miscellaneous project material


Series 3: Projects, post-retirement approximately 1948-1968

Physical Description: Carton 6
carton 6, folder 1

American Public Power Association 1948

Scope and Contents

Speeches delivered at conferences; "Public Power Pays," pamphlet published by APPA.
carton 6, folder 2-3

California Farmer - Consumer Information Committee 1953-1970

Scope and Contents

Form letters, statements, and reports by the executive secretary, consultants, and directors regarding the Committee's stand on proposed federal and state legislation, consumer problems, farm conditions, and water and power projects; annual reports; notices and minutes of meetings; speeches delivered at their conferences and workshops.
carton 6, folder 4-5

California Power Users Association 1964-1966

Scope and Contents

Speeches delivered at conferences; notices and minutes of meetings; progress report; petition to President L.B. Johnson concerning enforcement of the Raker Act; form letters re public power; bibliography on public power and utility regulation; financial statements.
carton 6, folder 6

California Water and Power Users Association 1955-1956

Scope and Contents

Articles of incorporation; list of officers, directors, etc.; form letters by consultants and others relating to the Association's stand on proposed water and power legislation; speeches delivered at conferences; revenue and budget estimates.
carton 6, folder 7

Californians for a Federal Power Intertie 1964

Scope and Contents

Form letters opposing private utility intertie; minutes of meeting.
carton 6, folder 8-9

Proposed Berkeley municipal power system 1963-1965

Scope and Contents

Feasibility studies and reports by R. W. Beck and Associates, Pacific Gas and Electric Company and the Berkeley City Manager; miscellaneous data.
carton 6, folder 10

Western Resources Information Committee approximately 1962

Scope and Contents

List of members, notes from meetings, miscellaneous data on the 160-acre limitation as applied to the San Luis project.
carton 6, folder 11

Western Water and Power Users Council approximately 1963

Scope and Contents

Mainly form letters to members concerning the Council's stand on proposed legislation.
carton 6, folder 12-16

Miscellaneous water and power 1956-1968

Scope and Contents

Speeches, reports, pamphlets, statistics, and other data relating to policies, problems, projects, legislation, rates, and the 160-acre limitation.

Series 4: Writings, manuscripts approximately 1924-1966

Physical Description: Carton 7-9


Arranged alphabetically.
carton 7, folder 1

Accomplishments and Larger Purposes of Rural Resettlement 1937

carton 7, folder 2

Achievements and Future Plans of Rural Resettlement 1936

carton 7, folder 3

The Agrarian Movement in Mexico 1926

carton 7, folder 4

Agriculture and the Depression approximately 1935

carton 7, folder 5

The Answer in Greece undated

carton 7, folder 6

Arizona Part-Time Farms 1937

carton 7, folder 7-8

Autobiography of a Conviction (Packard's memoir) undated

carton 7, folder 9

Back to the Land Movement, with special reference to the Jew (lecture delivered at the San Francisco Jewish Community Center) 1938

carton 7, folder 10

The Basically Undemocratic and Seriously Uneconomic Character of the Give-Away Program undated

carton 7, folder 11

A Bird's Eye View of Mexico's Agricultural Resources undated

carton 7, folder 12

California at the Crossroads approximately 1960

carton 7, folder 13

California Breaks With Tradition undated

carton 7, folder 14

Can the Low-Income and Destitute Farm Population Improve Their Status Through Cooperation (empty folder) undated

carton 7, folder 15

Can Migrants Be Placed to Advantage on Lands to Be Served by the Central Valley Project (Packard's testimony before the Select Committee of the United States House of Representatives Investigating the Interstate Migration of Destitute Citizens) approximately 1940-1941

carton 7, folder 16

The Case for a Total Democratic Industrial World Social Order undated

carton 7, folder 17

The Central Valley Project undated

carton 7, folder 18

Central Valley Project Studies (address delivered by Packard at the semi-annual meeting of the Board of Directors of the CHPA, San Francisco) 1943

carton 7, folder 19

Colonization Plans for Irrigation Projects undated

carton 7, folder 20

Discussion of the Utilization of the Waters of Columbia River for Irrigation Development in the Columbia Basin (report) approximately 1932

carton 7, folder 21

Preliminary Comments on the Program of the Land Authority (Puerto Rico) approximately 1946

carton 7, folder 22

Community and Neighborhood Planning (statement prepared by Packard for Ormand E. Loomis, H.O.L.C.) 1937

carton 7, folder 23-33

The Consumer-Labor Approach to Social Organization undated

carton 7, folder 34

Cooperatives: Why Cooperation on Rural Resettlement Projects 1936

carton 7, folder 35

Cost of Inadequate Rural Housing (statement by Packard prepared for Ormand E. Loomis) 1937

carton 7, folder 36

Criteria for the Development of Individual Farm Units on Rural Resettlement Projects 1936

carton 7, folder 37

Cuba and Puerto Rico Compared undated

carton 7, folder 38

Cyprus undated

carton 8, folder 1

Democracy, A Design for Living undated

carton 8, folder 2

A Democratic Analysis of the Triple Revolution undated

carton 8, folder 3

A Democratic Substitute for our Present Policies in the Middle East undated

carton 8, folder 4

Determination of the Value in Money of the Profits That Flow to Each Particular County From the Standpoint of Irrigation if the State Water Plan Is Put Into Operation 1930

carton 8, folder 5

Division of Responsibility for Land, Water and Power Resources Development undated

carton 8, folder 6

Economic Analysis of the East Contra Costa Irrigation District (prepared for the Federal Land District) 1933

carton 8, folder 7-8

Economic Implications of the Central Valley Project (report for the Haynes Foundation) 1941

Scope and Contents

See also carton 2, folder 16
carton 8, folder 9-12

Economic Primer: Farming in the Future undated

carton 8, folder 13-14

Employment and Earnings in Lynn County, Oregon, A Post-War Study approximately 1942

carton 8, folder 15

The Establishment of a Dairy Community in the Guatimape Valley, Durango, Mexico 1930

carton 8, folder 16

Farm Tenancy undated

carton 8, folder 17

Farming: Why the Way We Do It is Becoming Impossible (radio talk delivered at the Friday luncheon meeting of the Commonwealth Club, San Francisco) 1937

carton 8, folder 18

A Four-Year Program for Water and Power Development in Greece approximately 1956

carton 8, folder 19

The Fundamentals of California's Inter-related Land, Water, Power and Population Problems approximately 1963

carton 8, folder 20

The Fundamentals of the Power Issue in California undated

carton 8, folder 21

The Government as a Real Estate Buyer 1937

carton 8, folder 22

Ground Water Control: A Key Administrative Problem undated

carton 8, folder 23-24

A Guide to Balance undated

carton 8, folder 25

How Large Should a Farm Be? undated

carton 8, folder 26

How to Meet the Problems of Marginal Land in Agricultural Land Use Planning (Address, Agricultural Section of the Commonwealth Club, San Francisco) 1938

carton 8, folder 27

The Hydro-Electric Power Problem in Greece 1949

carton 8, folder 28

Implementing Want undated

carton 8, folder 29

Is General Agriculture Over-Developed in California? undated

carton 8, folder 30

Land and Water Resources Development and Conservation In Greece approximately 1950

carton 8, folder 31

Land Planning Problems in the Western States undated

carton 8, folder 32

The Land Problem in Puerto Rico undated

carton 8, folder 33

Land Reform in the United States undated

carton 8, folder 34

Land Settlement as a Social Force undated

carton 8, folder 35

Land Settlement of Irrigation Projects undated

carton 8, folder 36-37

The Last Great Social Revolution approximately 1963

carton 9, folder 1

Migratory Agricultural Laborers' Camps undated

carton 9, folder 2

Migratory Labor and the Resettlement Administration 1937

carton 9, folder 3

The New Cotton Fields of the Southwest (to be read before the National Association of Cotton Manufacturers, Boston) 1919

carton 9, folder 4

On the Activities of the California Power Users Association During the Eight Months of its Existence 1919

carton 9, folder 5

On the Nature of the Public vs. Private Power Issue undated

carton 9, folder 6

On the Need for a Twentieth Century Period of Enlightenment undated

carton 9, folder 7

The People's Program for a Better Life (address, Land Tenure Conference, Puerto Rico) 1947

carton 9, folder 8

Planning for Survival in Greece (address to the California Chapter of the American Institute of Planners) 1956

carton 9, folder 9

Plans for the Resettlement Division (memorandum) 1936

carton 9, folder 10

Practicability of Resettlement and its Economic Justification (address to be delivered before the Lions Club, Los Angeles) 1936

carton 9, folder 11

Preliminary Report on the Economic Feasibility of the Southwestern Puerto Rico Project 1946

carton 9, folder 12

Preliminary Report on the Proposed Development of the Gila Valley Project, Arizona (office file copy, Resettlement Administration) 1935

carton 9, folder 13

Present Status and Recent Trends of Irrigation Development undated

carton 9, folder 14

The Presently Unrecognized Democratic Third Force in the Cold War undated

carton 9, folder 15

Program of Land and Water Resources Development in Greece undated

carton 9, folder 16

The Proposal for a Central Valley Authority (a talk before the Public Utilities Section of the Commonwealth Club) 1941

carton 9, folder 17

Proposal for Research Into the Problems and Possibilities of Master Planning in Rural Areas undated

carton 9, folder 18

Public vs. Private Planning. What is Happening in the Central Valley Project in California approximately 1944

carton 9, folder 19

Public vs. Private Power Issue undated

carton 9, folder 20

Purposes and Accomplishments of the Resettlement Administration 1937

carton 9, folder 21

Race Relations in Mexico undated

carton 9, folder 22

Reasons for Not Conveying Title to Farm Security Clients Until the End of Forty Years 1937

carton 9, folder 23

A Reconnaissance Study of the Problems and Possibilities of Agricultural Production on Reconditioned Land Following Bauxite Mining Operations in Jamaica 1955

carton 9, folder 24

Report on Proposed Resettlement of a 3,000 Acre Tract of Land in the Big Pine District of Inyo County, California (to the Los Angeles Bureau of Public Service) 1924

carton 9, folder 25

Report on the Agricultural Situation in Owens Valley, as it relates to the agricultural development of lands belonging to the City of Los Angeles (for the Department of Public Service, Los Angeles) 1925

carton 9, folder 26

Report on the Effect of the Change in the Regimen of the Mokelumne River as Proposed by the Pacific Gas and Electric Company Upon the Water Supply for the Mokelumne Valley Lands As Proposed by The Pacific Gas and Electric Company Upon the Water Supply for the Mokelumne Valley Lands) 1932

carton 9, folder 27

Report on Water and Power (to the 39th annual meeting of the California Farm Research and Legislative Committee, Fresno) 1964

carton 9, folder 28

Resettlement 1936

carton 9, folder 29

The Resettlement Program (Address before the Advisory Committee of the College Division, American Society of Agricultural Engineers) 1936

carton 9, folder 30

The Resettlement Administration Program in Migratory Labor Camps 1936

carton 9, folder 31

Resettlement of Land Utilization Clients 1937

carton 9, folder 32

Resettlement Problems in the Great Plains Region (summary of talk made before the President's Committee on Drouth) 1936

carton 9, folder 33

The Resettlement Program as it Will Affect Western Irrigation Projects (delivered at the sixth annual conference of the Institute of Irrigation Agriculture, Corvallis, Oregon) 1937

carton 9, folder 34

Response to an Underdeveloped World in Revolution undated

carton 9, folder 35

Resumé of Rural Resettlement 1936

carton 9, folder 36

Resumé of the Rural Resettlement Program 1937

carton 9, folder 37

The Road Ahead - A Democratic Design for Living undated

carton 9, folder 38

Rural Housing Problems (delivered at the Rural Housing Conference, Washington, D.C 1937

carton 9, folder 39

The Serious Nature of California's Rejection of the Acreage Limitation and Public Power Provisions of the Reclamation Act undated

carton 9, folder 40

Should Berkeley own its Own Power Distribution System and Buy its Power From Some Suitable Public Agency, (address to Berkeley Mayor Johnson and members of the Berkeley City Council) undated

carton 9, folder 41

Soil Survey and Economic Study of the Guatimape Project in the State of Durango (report to the President of th eComision Nacional de Irrigacion, Chapultepec, Mexico) undated

carton 9, folder 42

Some Underlying Elements of the Power Problem undated

carton 9, folder 43

The Southwest Water Project undated

carton 9, folder 44

Special Report on the Rural Resettlement Projects 1936

carton 9, folder 45

State Wide Planning (statement prepared by Packard for Walter E. Ormond) 1937

carton 9, folder 46

Statement Covering the Delhi Situation undated

carton 9, folder 47

Subsidy Grants and Loans (statement prepared by Packard for Walter E. Ormond) undated

carton 9, folder 48

Summary of Observations Covering N.Y.A. and Land Settlement Activities in the South (summary prepared for the National Youth Administration) 1938

carton 9, folder 49

The Tenant as a Migrant (prepared for the National Conference of Society Work, Indianapolis) 1937

carton 9, folder 50

The Time To Act Is Now undated

carton 9, folder 51

A Tribute to Richard R. Perkins undated

carton 9, folder 52

Values in Relation to Reclamation undated

carton 9, folder 53

Western Water and Power Users Council (statement in suport of the Pacific Southwest Water Plan, with reservations, presented by Walter E. Packard on behalf of the Water and Power Users Council of California, at the hearing before the State Water Board in Sacramento) 1963

carton 9, folder 54

What Existing Circumstances Require Us To Do undated

carton 9, folder 55

What Has Happened in the Caribbean? undated

carton 9, folder 56

What is Happening in the Central Valley Project of California undated

carton 9, folder 57

What the Development of Techniques Requires Us To Do (prepared for publication in "Plan Age") 1938

carton 9, folder 58

Why a New Deal approximately 1933

carton 9, folder 59

The Year of Decision on Water and Power undated

carton 9, folder 60

Untitled Writings undated

carton 9, folder 61-66

Miscellaneous Fragments and Notes undated


Series 5: Writings, printed approximately 1911-1963

Physical Description: Carton 10, folder 1-21; oversize box 1, folder 4


Arranged alphabetically
carton 10, folder 1

Agriculture in the Imperial Valley: A Manual for Settlers 1917

carton 10, folder 2

The Answer in Greece (from Humanist World Digest) 1955

carton 10, folder 3

California's Future and the Colorado River Decision (from Frontier: The Voice of the New West) 1963

carton 10, folder 4

Can Greece Feed, Clothe and House its Growing Population? (Advisory Group on Land and Water Resources Department) 1954

carton 10, folder 5

Economic Implications of the Central Valley Project 1942

carton 10, folder 6

Fundamentals of the Land, Water and Power Issues in California (from The Liberal Democrat) 1963

carton 10, folder 7

How to Win With Foreign Aid (from The Nation) 1961

carton 10, folder 8

Imperial Valley Settlers' Crop Manual (University of California College of Agriculture, Agricultural Experiement Station) 1911

carton 10, folder 9

Institutional Adjustments in Land Planning (from Plan Age) 1938

carton 10, folder 10

Irrigation of Alfalfa in Imperial Valley (University of California College of Agriculture, Agricultural Experiement Station) 1917

carton 10, folder 11

The Land Authority and Democratic Processes in Puerto Rico (Social Science Research Center, University of Puerto Rico) 1948

oversize-box 1, folder 4

Mexico's Agriculture (from the Sunday Los Angeles Times, Farm and Garden Section) 1930

carton 10, folder 12

Our Fallow Economy (from Agenda: publication of the California Housing and Planning Association) 1941

carton 10, folder 13

Post War Future of a Western Community (Farm Security Administration) 1943

carton 10, folder 14

Pros and Cons of California's Water Dispute (from The Washington Post) 1962

carton 10, folder 15

Public Power? Yes! (from Viewpoint: Junior League of Oakland, Incorporated) 1960

carton 10, folder 16

The Relationship of Credit and Organized Land Settlement to the Value of Irrigation Securities and to the Success of Irrigation Development (from The Irrigation Review) 1922

carton 10, folder 17

Response to an Underdeveloped World in Action (from Humanist World Digest) 1965

carton 10, folder 18

Theory and Practice of Irrigation (in Greek) 1949

carton 10, folder 19

What Place Does and Should Agriculture Fill in California (from The Commonwealth: Journal of The Commonwealth Club of California) 1944

carton 10, folder 20

Year of Decision on Water and Power (from The Liberal Democrat) 1963

carton 10, folder 21

Miscellaneous undated


Series 6: Newspaper Clippings and Press approximately 1910-1966

Physical Description: Carton 10, folder 22-28; oversize box 1, folder 1

Scope and Contents

Includes clippings and press releases relating to Packard's work in California's Imperial Valley, Greece, Jamaica, and Puerto Rico as well as clippings and press releases on water and power and related topics.
carton 10, folder 22-28

Clippings and press materials approximately 1910-1966

oversize-box 1, folder 1

Clippings scrapbook relating to Packard's work in the Imperial Valley approximately 1910-1917


Series 7: Personalia approximately 1900-1966

Physical Description: Carton 10, folder 29-31; oversize box 1, folder 5; oversize box 2

Scope and Contents

Includes biographies; passports; poems about Packard; records of education, miliary service, and employment; membership cards; script for television program, "See It Now," which concerns his work in Greece; certificates and awards, a scrapbook, and obituaries.
carton 10, folder 29-31

Assorted personalia approximately 1900-1966

oversize-box 1, folder 5

Certificates and awards approximately 1900-1966

oversize-box 1, folder 5

Scrapbook and photo album approximately 1900-1966

Scope and Contents

Scrapbook/photo album of Walter Eugene Packard's school years in Oak Park, Illinois, including photographs of Oak Park High School football and other sports, approximately 1900; photographs and ephemera documenting Packard's years at Iowa State College; and postcards and photographs of travel after college.

Series 8: Emma Lou (Leonard) Packard papers approximately 1898-1966

Physical Description: Carton 10, folder 32-39; carton 11; carton 12, folder 1; oversize box 3, item 4
carton 16, folder 14-29

Incoming and outgoing correspondence approximately 1907-1980

Scope and Contents

Mainly originals written to family members, arranged chronologically. Some letters were written while accompanying Mr. Packard on various work-related trips. A few letters written from Mexico, 1927-1928, concern political conditions there; letters written in 1936 from Washington, D.C., concern early days of the Resettlement Administration. Two folders of letters from Francis Marion Pottenger (1869-1961).
carton 10, folder 32

General personalia approximately 1904-1943

carton 10, folder 33-39

K-12 and Iowa State College essays, notes and other materials from New Sharon and Ames, Iowa approximately 1898-1907

carton 11, folder 1-9

K-12 and Iowa State College essays, notes and other materials from New Sharon and Ames, Iowa (continued) approximately 1904-1943

oversize-box 3, item 4

The '07 Bomb (yearbook from Iowa State College, Class of 1907) approximately 1906-1907

carton 11, folder 10

Manuscript writings of Emma Lou Packard approximately 1898-1907

carton 11, folder 11

Diary, "Dairying on the Delhi State Land Settlement," by Emma Lou Packard approximately 1920-1922

carton 11, folder 12

Diary of tour of Southern Resettlement Projects by Emma Lou Packard (also includes notes on lecture by John Gunther) approximately 1936-1937

carton 11, folder 13

Scrapbook, Washington, D.C approximately 1935-1937

carton 11, folder 14

Clippings scrapbooks of newspaper articles written by Emma Lou Packard on the Delhi Land Settlement approximately 1920-1922

carton 11, folder 15

Scrapbook, Imperial Valley and Palo Alto approximately 1910-1932

carton 11, folder 16

Responses to invitation to wedding of W.E. Packard and Emma Lou Leonard approximately 1909

carton 11, folder 17-18

Golden wedding anniversary cards approximately 1959

carton 11, folder 19-20

Greeting cards, invitations, announcements approximately 1930-1970

carton 11, folder 21-22

Cards and letters sent on the occasion of Walter Eugene Packard's death 1966

carton 12, folder 1

Cards and letters sent on the occasion of Walter Eugene Packard's death (continued) 1966


Series 9: Other family papers 1819-1973

Physical Description: Carton 12, folder 2-28; overszie box 1, folder 2-3; oversize box 3, item 1-3
carton 12, folder 2-3

Packard family genealogy undated

carton 12, folder 4-9

Materials relating to Emmy Lou Packard (W.E. Packard's and Emma Lou Packard's daughter) approximately 1914-1973

Scope and Contents

Materials from Emmy Lou Packard's childhood, including a baby book with birth announcement, clippings, a photograph of Emmy Lou Packard's place of birth (the experimental farm in El Centro, California), and other childhood photographs, as well as childhood drawings and poems; clippings about her art career; exhibition announcements; some prints and artwork (mostly for holiday cards); a photograph of the interior of Paper Doll, a gay bar decorated by Emmy Lou Packard; and assorted other papers, including some materials on her second husband Byron Randall; a copy of a typescript of an interview with Emmy Lou Packard by radio station KPFA about her career and her politics; some materials on Telesis Environmental Research Group; and a approximately 1940 letter dictated by artist Diego Rivera in Emmy Lou Packard's handwriting. This letter is addressed to Jay Lovestone.
oversize-box 1, folder 2

Materials relating to Emmy Lou Packard (W.E. Packard's and Emma Lou Packard's daughter) (continued) approximately 1914-1973

oversize-box 3, item 1-2

Theophilus Packard (grandfather of Walter Eugene Packard) approximately 1819-1872

Scope and Contents

A Calvinist minister, mostly in Manteno, Illinois. Married to Elizabeth Parsons Ware. Includes an account book of "every college expense" kept by Theophilus Packard during his years at Amherst College and the Princeton Theological Seminary (1819-1824). At the end of the account book are a range of lists, including ones of periodicals, newspapers, and college. Also included is the Autobiography and Diary of Theophilus Packard. The autobiography (100 pages) appears to have been written over a period of time and covers his life from his childhood until 1872. The diary (82 pages), bound with the autobiography, starts in January of 1829 and goes through 1872. Entries are monthly between 1828 and 1933 and then become more irregular. Included in the autobiography are Theophilus Packard's memories about the process of having his wife involuntarily admitted to an Illinois insane asylum.
carton 12, folder 10-17

Samuel Ware Packard, assorted approximately 1869-1887

Scope and Contents

Samuel Ware Packard was a prominent Chicago attorney and father of Walter Eugene Packard. Included are biographical materials, a diary of Samuel Ware Packard (1869-1874); telegrams (mostly having to do with legal business in 1887); legal briefs and documents on the admission of the Dakota Territory; legal briefs relating to Mugler versus Kansas (1887); assorted legal notes (1887); assorted printed writings; reports of missionaries supported by Samuel Ware Packard (from the Illinois Home Mission Society; 1883-1890); and a small number of letters.
oversize-box 1, folder 3

Samuel Ware Packard, 1900 issue of The Coming City newspaper from Zion City, near Chicago, Illinois with an article by Packard on the legal case of Zion Lace Industries 1900

oversize-box 3, item 3

Samuel Ware Packard, private diary kept from 1869 to 1872 1869-1872

carton 12, folder 18

Clara Adelaide (Fish) Packard approximately 1886-1926

Scope and Contents

Mother of Walter Eugene Packard. Includes a letter from her mother-in law (1886 or 1888); a marriage certificate (1874); a program for a memorial service in memory of Clara A. Packard (1926; with substantial biographical information); and a copy of the Oak Leaves newspaper/magazine, which includes a photograph of Clara A. Packard as President of the Nineteenth Century Club in Oak Park, Illinois.
carton 12, folder 19

Miscellaneous Packard family material undated

carton 12, folder 20

Ellen and Bertha Heise, assorted approximately 1867-1938

Scope and Contents

Ellen Harris Heise was born in 1848 to Emily Fish (Clara Adelaide Fish Packard's mother) during her first marriage to Samuel Elon Harris. She was Clara Fish's half-sister. She attended the Woman's Medical College in Chicago, graduating in 1887. Bertha Heise was Ellen's daughter. Includes ephemera from the Woman's Medical College; a small amount of correspondence; and a biographical essay about Ellen written by her daughter, Bertha.
oversize-box 1, folder 3

Ellen Heise's State Board of Health Certificate authorizing her to practice medicine in Illinois 1887

carton 12, folder 21-22

John Cooper Packard approximately 1892-1956

Scope and Contents

Brother of William Eugene Packard and Southern California attorney known for representing Upton Sinclair. Includes legal materials relating to the case of the People of the State of California versus Claude R. Anderson, et. al., legal papers regarding the estate of Harry W. Goodall; by-law of the Pasadena Co-Operative Society; and a scrapbook of John C. Packard's 1936 campaign for U.S. Congress in the 11th District of California.
carton 12, folder 23

Donald Ian Cairns approximately 1935-1962

Scope and Contents

Grandson of Walter Eugene Cairns and son of Emmy Lou Packard. Some letters written to his mother and other miscellany.
carton 12, folder 24

William Domhoff manuscripts undated

Scope and Contents

Grandson-in-law of Walter Eugene Packard.
carton 12, folder 25

Packard family newspaper clippings undated

carton 12, folder 26-28

Leonard family materials undated

Scope and Contents

Assorted materials as well as documents relating to the estates of Marian E. Leonard and Sophia Sarah Maria (Smith) Leonard (mother of Emma Lou Leonard Packard).