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Guide to the Ted Freedman Papers, 1926-1974
BANC MSS 79/79 c  
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Key to Arrangement

Box 1

Letters written by Freedman, 1926-1959.

Scope and Content Note

17 letters, mainly carbon copies.
Box 1 - 3

Letters written to Freedman

Scope and Content Note

Mainly from owners of other small presses, many of them in California, discussing printing projects and technical problems, and exchanging information and publications. The letters have been arranged alphabetically by author or organization, then chronologically within each folder. A partial list of correspondents follows the Key. Unlisted letters have been placed in miscellanies preceding each letter of the alphabet.
Box 1

A - Cq

Box 2

Cr - M

Box 3

N - Z

Box 4

Platen Press records


Accounts for paper and ink, 1944-1952


Accounts for type-face, printing equipment, 1944-1961


Articles about the Press, including some bibliographical material




Annunciation by Meridel Le Sueur.

Scope and Content Note

1935. Typescript

Letter from San Jose by Charles White

Scope and Content Note

[for Glen Dawson's Early Travel Series]. 1955. Mock-ups; accounts, paper samples, etc.

[Monterey County Fair book and print exhibit. 1952]:

Scope and Content Note

text, galley and page proof

The Nonpareil and the Fly Trap [by Ted Freedman. 1953]

Scope and Content Note


Proofreader's Mind by Christopher Morley.

Scope and Content Note

Mock-up, printed sheet.

Retrospect by Oscar Lewis.

Scope and Content Note

1946. Text; mock-ups; leaf drawings Miscellaneous fragments

Rounce and Coffin Club


Membership cards;

Scope and Content Note

1948 membership list; materials re. Western Books, including certificate of award of merit for the Nonpareil and the Fly Trap.

William Morris Society


Membership cards; membership lists;

Scope and Content Note

lists of greeting cards for sale by the Society, etc.

Freedman, Ted


Miscellaneous accounts, 1945-1953;

Scope and Content Note

membership cards; business cards



re Freedman


re Commonwealth College, Mena, Arkansas


re labor unions



portfolio Oversize portfolio:

Card signed by co-workers at retirement party for Freedman

Partial List of Correspondents


Abbe, Dorothy


5 letters, 1953-1955


Adams, Frederick Baldwin, 1910-


Letter, Feb. 13, 1947


Albertus Magnus Press, Oakland, Calif.


Everson, William


Allen, Lewis, 1908-


2 letters, 1951 and n.d.

(Allen Press, Kentfield, Calif.)


Allen Press, Kentfield, Calif.


Allen, Lewis


American Friends of the Plantin-Moretus Museum


2 letters, 1967-1971, by L. Voet.


American Institute of Graphic Arts


2 letters, [1959]-1961, by Eugene M. Ettenburg, Robert M. Jones and Joyce Morrow. Form letters re traveling exhibit, with related materials.


American Notes and Queries


Postcard, Sept. 9, 1948, by B. Alsterlund


Ampersand Press, Pasadena, Calif.


Dahlstrom, Grant


Andrews, Joseph L


Letter, June 11, 1954


Archer, Horace Richard, 1911-1978


187 letters, 1947-1971, containing many enclosures, including samples of printing from his press, the Hippogryph Press. Some written for the Rounce and Coffin Club.

See also: Cheney, William Murray


Archer, Margot (Mrs. H. Richard Archer)


3 letters, 1950-1961


Arnold, Melvin Luxton, 1913-


3 letters, 1953. Writing as editor for the Beacon Press, Boston, and for the Christian Unitarian Register.


Arundo Press, Berkeley, Calif.


Thomas, Frederick Folger


Ashton, S. H.


Letter, Apr. 16, 1953, re. his portable proof press.


Baker, Russell Wayne, 1925-


2 letters, 1963


Beach, Warren, 1914-


Fine Arts Gallery of San Diego


Beacon Press, Boston


Arnold, Melvin Luxton


Bell, Philip Wilkes, 1924-


2 Christmas letters, 1964-1970. 1964 letter re. experiences in Kampala.


Bender, J. Terry


Stanford University. Libraries


Bennett, Paul A., 1897-


31 letters, 1945-1961, mainly in behalf of and re. the Typophiles. Some comments on Brother Antoninus and on H. Richard Archer.


Berger, Sanford L.


Letter, Sept. 10, 1967


Berland, Abel Edward, 1915-


Letter, Feb. 19, 1959


Bliss, Carey S.


8 letters, 1948-1956, written mainly on behalf of the Henry E. Huntington Library and the Rounce and Coffin Club.


Book Club of California


9 letters, 1947-1972, by Elizabeth Downs, George L. Harding, Carroll T. Harris, Oscar Lewis,Teressa Fryworth, Dorothy and Kerwin Whitnah.

See also: Lilienthal, Theodore M.; Borden, John W.; and Shumate, Albert.


Book of the Private Press


Letter, Nov. 28, 1957. Printed, filled in; signed by Thomas Rae.


Borden, John W.


2 letters, 1953-1955. 1955 letter written on behalf of the Book Club of California.


Briggs, Ronald Charles Hawkswell


William Morris Society


Calder, Grace J.


2 letters, 1973, re. William Morris Society


California. University. President


Letter, June 20, 1963. Clark Kerr, enclosing a certificate of appreciation.


Carpenter, Edwin Hager, 1915-


35 letters, 1949-1963. Some written on behalf of the Rounce and Coffin Club


Carpenter, Kenneth J.


Letter, Oct. 24, 1956


Castle Press, Pasadena, Calif.


Dahlstrom, Grant


Cheney, William Murray, 1907-


57 letters, 1948-1961. Many undated. Also included: notes on bits of printing. Some letters include notes by Grant Dahlstrom and H. Richard Archer.


Christian Unitarian Register


Arnold, Melvin Luxton


Crittenden, Walter


7 letters, 1955-1956, re. type.


Dahlstrom, Grant


8 letters, 1951-1955

(Ampersand Press; Castle Press).

See also: Cheney, William Murray; Rounce and Coffin Club; Thomas, Frederick Folger


Dawson, Glen, 1912-


8 letters, 1950-1955, mainly re. the printing of Letter from San Jose.


Dawson, Muir


8 letters, 1948-1958


Deal, Borden, 1922-


Letter, May 11, 1971


Dean, Mallette, 1907-


4 letters, 1951-1963


Dreis, Hazel


3 letters, 1963 and n.d.


Dunlap, Joseph Riggs, 1913-


42 letters, 1959-1975. Mainly on behalf of the William Morris Society.


Eissler, Frederick, 1922-


Sierra Club


Elliott, James W.


3 letters, 1947-1952

(Taylor and Taylor, San Francisco)


Equinox Press; Berkeley


Everson, William


Eshelman, William R.


2 Christmas messages, 1968 and n.d.


Ettenburg, Eugene M., 1903-


American Institute of Graphic Arts


Evans, Henry Herman, 1918-


3 letters, 1955-1958

(Porpoise Bookshop, San Francisco)


Everson, William, 1912-


11 letters, 1948-1961. Some written while Brother Antoninus.

(Equinox Press; Albertus Magnus Press)


Fahey, Herbert, 1894-1959


Letter, Jan. 29, 1951


Fine Arts Gallery of San Diego


Letter, Mar. 2, 1960, by Warren Beach, re. exhibit Private Press Printing - A Fine Art.


Glick, Evelyn (Harter)


Harter, Evelyn


Goertzel, Victor, 1914-


3 cards, 1963-1965


Golden Hind Press, Madison, N. J.


Rushmore, Arthur W; and Rushmore, Edna


Gould, Charles Perry, 1909-


Letter, Apr. 12, 1958


Grabhorn, Jane Bissell, 1911-1973


Postcard, [Aug. 29, 1955]


Grabhorn, Robert, 1900-1973


Postcard, [Nov. 21, 1952]


Graphic Roundtable of San Francisco


Wilson, Adrian


Gray Dawn Press, Pasadena, Calif.


Spalding, Graydon E.


Green, Ralph, 1893-


Thomas, Frederick Folger


Greenwood Press, San Francisco


Stauffacher, Jack Werner


Griddle Press, Yokohama


Wesson, Sheldon C.


Grove, Lee Edmonds, 1909-


16 letters, 1940-1963


Grover, Sherwood


Letter, n.d.


Hagedorn, Hermann, 1882-


Letter, Dec. 23, 1946


Harding, George Laban, 1893-1976


Book Club of California


Harmsen, Tyrus George, 1924-


2 letters, 1953. February letter written for the Rounce and Coffin Club.


Harris, Carroll Timanus, 1890-1975


Book Club of California


Hart, James David, 1911-


6 letters, 1947-1967


Harter, Evelyn


Letter, Feb. 22, 1948


Hendrickson, James


Letter, Jan. 26, 1948


Henry E. Huntington Library and Art Gallery, San Marino, Calif.


Bliss, Carey S


Herity Press, White Plains, N.J.


Lieberman, J. Ben


Hippogryph Press


Archer, H. Richard


Hubben, William, 1895-


Letter, Dec. 19, 1955, addressed to Henry Pommer.


Huggins, Dorothy Harriet


3 letters, 1951-1954


Jones, Robert Marion, 1919-


American Institute of Graphic Arts


Journeyman Press, London


Sinclair, Peter


Kelley, Donald Greame, 1913-


Christmas card, with note, [Dec. 1950]


Kennedy, Alfred Brooks


2 letters, I949 and n.d.


Kerr, Clark, 1911-


California. University. President.


Knowles, Squire


3 letters, 1951-1952


Lansburgh, Mark


Letter, Feb. 12, 1957


Lederer, Wolfgang


Postcard, [Nov. 23, 1952]


LeSueur, Meridel


3 letters, 1946 and n.d. Signed copy of poem also included. Enclosure to undated letter: manuscript, Shirley's Temple.


Levenson, Roger


2 letters, 1955-1963


Lewis, H. H.


5 letters, 1937 and n.d. Also included are manuscripts of some of his poems and articles.


Lewis, Oscar, 1914-


5 letters, 1946-1947.

See also: Book Club of California.


Lieberman, J. Ben


6 letters, 1961-1964.

(Herity Press)


Lilienthal, Theodore M.


4 letters, 1947-1948. 1954 letter on behalf of the Book Club of California.

See also: Book Club of California


McCune, Donovan James, 1902-


2 letters, 1958


McLean, Edward


7 letters, 1952-[1965?]


McManaway, James Gilmer, 1899-


Letter, Aug. 6, 1952


Marks, Lilian


Letter, June 2, 1965

(Plantin Press, Los Angeles)


Marks, Saul, 1905-1974


4 letters, 1944-1963. August 14, 1944 letter describes equipment of the press.

(Plantin Press, Los Angeles)


Mason, John, 1901-


17 letters, 1948-1958, re. special Papers from England.


Melcher, Frederic Gershorn, 1879-


Publishers' Weekly


Middleton, Robert Hunter, 1899-


Society of Typographic Arts


Miller, Alec, 1879-


5 letters, 1958


Miller, George Paul, 1891-


Letter, Mar. 15, 1949


Morley, Christopher Darlington, 1890-


Letter, Apr. 18, 1945


Morley, Grace Louise (McCann), 1900-


San Francisco (City). Museum of Art


Morrow, Joyce (Knoedler), 1917- (Mrs. Richard Stevens Morrow)


American Institute of Graphic Arts


Neel, Marvin H.


Letter, May 12, 1956


New Harmony Press, San Francisco

See Philpott, Arlen Henri


New York (City). Public Library


3 letters, 1954-1955. Letter of Jan. 22, 1955 by L. M. Stark


New York Times


Letter, Dec. 16, 1963, by Irvin S. Taubkin


Northern California Service Board for Conscientious Objectors


Letter, Dec. 4, 1942, by Allen H. Barr.


Olmsted, Duncan Houx


Letter, Apr. 18, 1958


Orton, Vrest Teachout, 1897-


Letter and postcard, 1934-[1935]. 1935 letter includes mock-up and suggestions for improving the printing of the Commonwealth College Fortnightly.


Peacock Press, Berkeley, Calif.


Underhill, Wanda


Pearson, Reuben


5 letters, 1949-1953


Philpott, Arlen Henri


38 letters, 1952-1961

(New Harmony Press).

Enclosure to letter of Jan. 12, 1953: postcard from W. P. Wreden.


Plantin Press, Los Angeles


Marks, Lilian; and Marks, Saul.


Pommer, Henry Francis, 1918-


4 letters, 1955-1957


Porpoise Bookshop, San Francisco


Evans, Henry Herman


Powell, Lawrence Clark, 1906-


2 letters, 1949-1953




Letter, July 15, 1951 by W.E. Rudge.


Private Press of the Indiana Kid, Nappanee, Ind.


Weygand, James Lamar


Privateer Press, Front Royal, Va.


Watts, Stevens Lewis


Publishers' Weekly


Letter, July 23, 1946, by Frederic G. Melcher


Rae, Thomas, 1928-


Book of the Private Press


Ransom, Will, 1878-1955


4 letters, 1947-1951


Ritchie, Ward, 1905-


Letter, [1958?].

See also Rounce and Coffin Club.


Rounce and Coffin Club


Form letter, May 30, 1953, signed by the Board of Governors - Grant E. Dahlstrom, Ward Ritchie, and J. I. Zeitlin.

See also: Archer, H. Richard; Bliss, Carey S.; Carpenter, Edwin Hager; and Harmsen, Tyrus George.

See also subject file in Box 4.


Rudge, William Edwin, 1908-




Rushmore, Arthur Wisner, 1883-1955


10 letters, 1940-1954

(Golden Hind Press)


Rushmore, Edna (Mrs. Arthur Wisner Rushmore)


2 letters, 1956-1966. 1956 letter re. death of her husband. Mrs. Rushmore continued the Golden Hind Press after her husband's death.


San Francisco (City). Museum of Art


4 letters, 1958, by Grace L. McCann Morley and Katherine Baker.


San Francisco (City). Public Library


Letter, Aug. 15, 1967, by Harold D. Martelle, Jr.


Schmoe, Floyd Wilfred, 1895-


3 letters, 1966


Sequoia Press, Kalamazoo, Mich.


Stone, William


Shapiro, S. R., 1911-


Letter, July 15, 1953


Shumate, Albert, 1904-


3 letters, 1958 and n.d. Undated letter written on behalf of the Book Club of California.


Sierra Club


4 letters, 1958, by Fred Eissler, re. clean-up campaign, with related clippings, etc.


Sinclair, Peter


Letter, Sept. 24, 1974

(The Journeyman Press)


Society of Typographic Arts


Letter, May 13, 1947, by R. H. Middleton.


Spalding, Graydon E.


3 letters, 1953-1966,

(Gray Dawn Press)


Sperisen, Albert, 1908-


Letter, n.d.


Standard, Paul, 1900-


3 letters, 1947


Stanford University. Libraries


2 letters, 1955, by J. Terry Bender and E. M. Grieder.


Stark, Lewis Morgrage, 1908-


New York (City). Public Library


Stauffacher, Jack Werner, 1920-


21 letters, 1950-1971. Comments on Mardersteig and his press; life and printing in Italy; work at the Carnegie Institute of Technology in Pittsburgh, Pa. (Greenwood Press)


Stephenson, Blake and Co., Ltd., Sheffield, Eng.


4 letters, 1950-1952, re. purchase of type.


Stinehour, Roderick D.


Letter, Nov. 3, 1954

(The Stinehour Press)


Stinehour Press, Lunenburg, Vermont


Stinehour, Roderick D.


Stone, William


4 letters, 1949-1953

(Sequoia Press)


Tamalpais Press, Berkeley, Calif.


Levenson, Roger


Taylor and Taylor, San Francisco


Elliott, James W


Thomas, Frederick Folger, 1885-


96 letters, 1951-1968. Copies of letters by Ralph Green included in letter of April 22, 1953; letter from Grant Dahlstrom is enclosure to letter of Oct. 7, 1953. Miscellaneous annotated printing samples at end of second folder.

(Arundo Press, Berkeley, Calif.)


Tommasini, Amadeo R.


4 letters, 1966-1967




Bennett, Paul A


Underhill, Wanda


4 letters, 1965 and n.d.

(Peacock Press, Berkeley, Calif.)


Van Patten, Nathan, 1887-


3 letters, 1951-1955


Walter, Florence S. (Mrs. John I. Walter)


Letter, Apr. 19, 1958


Watts, Stevens Lewis, 1895-1966


3 letters, 1958-1965

(The Privateer Press)


Wesson, Sheldon C.


2 letters, 1956

(The Griddle Press, Yokohama)


Weygand, James Lamar


7 letters, 1953-1970

(Private Press of the Indiana Kid)


White, Minor


5 letters, [1951]. Included are portions of text and revisions of captions for his book of photographs.


Whitnah, Dorothy L.


Book Club of California


William Morris Society


20 letters, 1957-1972, by R. C. H. Briggs, Freeman Bass and Alan Fern. Some addressed to Adrian Wilson. Miscellaneous membership lists etc. at the end of the folder.

See also: Dunlap, Joseph Riggs; and Wilson, Adrian.


Wilson, Adrian, 1923-


6 letters, 1958-1962, mainly re. and in behalf of the William Morris Society. 1962 letter written for the Graphic Roundtable of San Francisco.


Wreden, William Paul, 1910-


Postcard, Nov. 20, 1952.

See also Philpott, Arlen Henri.


Yaukey, Grace (Sydenstricker), 1899-


2 letters, 1961-1967


Zeitlin, Jacob Israel, 1902-


Postcard, May 14, 1954.

See also Rounce and Coffin Club.