Biennial Report of the President of the University on behalf of the Regents to His Excellency the Governor of the State, 1910-1912

Memorial Resolutions for Regent Reinstein

On May 9, the following resolutions were adopted, by a rising vote, in memory of Regent J. B. Reinstein, whose death occurred on April 16, 1911:

“The Regents of the University of California record in the death of Jacob Bert Reinstein the passing of an able, energetic, far sighted, loyal, and high minded alumnus and Regent of the University and citizen of the State.
“To mention his services to the University would be to enumerate the things that have made the institution great. To whatever detail he lent his mind for the moment, it was all part of a comprehensive ideal toward which the University should be built. In this view, he was active as President of the Alumni Association in mobilizing and energizing that body in the service of their Alma Mater. In this view, he threw himself with such fervor into the athletic interests and other student activities that football seemed to be a passion of his. In this view, he organized the “Labor Day” project of the student body. In this view, he planned the devotion of a certain portion of the State appropriations for Scholarships, distributed among the Congressional Districts. In this same view, he suggested to Mr. Levi Strauss the institution of an equal number of scholarships supported by private generosity.
“The same motives and principles were at the bottom of his interest and activity in securing support from the State in varied legislation, especially the second one-cent tax. The same motives underlay his promotion of Farmers' Institutes and the extension of the work of the College of Agriculture to the direct advancement of the interests of the State. The same motives, too, underlay his general support of the professional colleges, and, above all, his intelligent, patient and persistent devotion to the encouragement of medical education. It was with the same object that he became infatuated with the idea of providing a splendid architectural scheme for the appropriate housing of the University. If his most signal services are connected with the first presentation to the Regents of a comprehensive architectural plan, and then with the execution of the Phoebe A. Hearst Architectural Competition, they are, nevertheless, but parts of one largeminded,
far-sighted design for the development of the University to its utmost possibilities as representing the educational interests of the State.
“His attitude on all questions was statesmanlike. Every consideration was weighed by him in respect to its bearing on the interests of the Commonwealth. His two passions were the University of California and the City of San Francisco. But these to him were parts and agents and instrumentalities of the State. His ultimate thought always was, what would redound to the glory and honor of California.
“There was much that was grandiose in his view of things, that was dramatic in his action. Nothing was too magnificent or splendid for his conception. But behind his idealism, and the gorgeousness in which he loved to clothe his pictures, there was a practicality of means and methods of realization. He sketched his schemes in broad, comprehensive outlines and in alluring colors; he then filled in the details with utmost care and patience and toned down the color to suit the practical everyday purpose.
“In personal relations, he was the most loyal, affectionate, and dependable of friends. Whatever and whomever he loved, he loved utterly. Devoted himself to the public service, he demanded of whomever served the public in any capacity that he serve unselfishly and unsparingly. Keenly and painfully sensitive to criticism and misunderstanding, his comfort and encouragement came back to him from those who responded with like fervor to his ardent affection.
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Title: 1910-1912, Biennial Report of the President of the University on behalf of the Regents to His Excellency the Governor of the State
By:  The Regents of the University of California (System), Author
Date: 1912
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