December 13, 1976

Norvel Smith
Associate Vice Chancellor
Student Affairs
University of California, Berkeley
Berkeley, California 94720

Dear Mr. Smith:

Thank you so much for your informative response to my inquiry concerning the establishment of independent living centers for the handicapped. Your suggestions and the support material you sent have been extremely helpful. You will be interested to know that the other responses I received were unanimous in their support of community as opposed to university-based centers, and that this is the approach I will take in my legislation. However, I am also looking into the possibility of providing universities with grant money to establish Offices for the Handicapped or Physically Disabled Students Programs. I plan to be in close touch with Judy Heumann as the details of these proposals are worked out, and would welcome any additional comments or recommendations you might have.

Thanks again for your help; your assistance is very much appreciated.

All the best.

Edward I. Koch