May 19, 1942

Civilian Restrictive Order No.1

  1. Pursuant to the Provisions of Public Proclamations Nos. 1 and 2, this Headquarters, dated March 2, 1942 and March 16, 1942, respectively, it is hereby ordered that all persons of Japanese ancestry, both alien and non-alien, who are now or who shall hereafter reside within the bounds of established Assembly Centers, Reception Centers or Relocation Centers pursuant to exclusion orders and instructions from this Headquarters, shall during the period of such residence be subject to the following regulations:
    1. All such persons are required to remain within the bounds of Assembly Centers, Reception Centers or Relocation Centers at all times unless specifically authorized to leave as set forth in subparagraph (b) hereof.
    2. Any such person, before leaving any of these Centers, must first obtain a written authorization executed by or pursuant to the express authority of this Headquarters setting forth the hour of departure and the hour of return and the terms and conditions upon which said authorization has been granted.
  2. Any person subject to this order who fails to comply with any of its provisions or with the provisions of published instructions pertaining hereto will be liable to the penalties and liabilities provided by law.

Lieutenant General, U. S. Army

Office of Assistant Chief of Staff, Civil Affairs Division

Telephone KLONDIKE 2-2611
rec'd May 25
May 22, 1942

SUBJECT: Posting of Civilian Restrictive Order No. 1

MEMORANDUM FOR: All Assembly Center Managers (Thru Mr. R. L. Nicholson, Chief Reception Center Division)

  1. Civilian Restrictive Order No. 1 a copy of which is attached hereto, is now being printed for distribution to all Assembly, Reception and Relocation Centers. The order will be printed in both English and Japanese, each text to be on a heavy card 22” x 12”. One of each is to be attached to sturdy and permanent bulletin board to be used exclusively for this purpose, constructed according to specifications attached hereto. The boards, when completed are to be installed at intervals of 200 feet the entire length of the perimeter (outer boundary) of each Center, and each Center will manufacture the boards necessary for its needs from lumber already on hand or to be procured, labor to be performed by residents at the particular Center in accordance with approved internal labor procurement methods. On each board will be painted the name of the particular Center and the legend “CENTER LIMITS” in both English and Japanese, as indicated on the enclosed sketch.
  2. If there are fences, hedges or other barriers already existing to define the limits of the Center the board will be attached thereto if physically possible, or driven into the ground by means of a post or stake as close thereto as possible, facing inwardly. Where the limits of the Center are not defined by some monument already in existence, the placement of the boards will serve to define the limits and shall be connected by a cable or single strand of barb wire if practicable.
  3. It is directed that all Managers take stops to construct the quantity of boards that will be required in each particular Center immediately upon receipt of this memorandum. Cards covering the English text should reach all Managers within the next few days, whereas it is anticipated that the Japanese text may be slightly delayed. The English text will be attached to the board as indicated and space reserved for the Japanese text, and the boards installed as indicated in the foregoing.
  4. In the event the cards are received before the boards have been constructed, they will be immediately posted around the entrances and exits of each Center, in dining halls, recreation centers and other points within the limits of the Center where residents habitually congregate.
  5. A sufficient stock of cards of both texts will ultimately reach you to provide for replacement as such becomes necessary by reason of weather, defacement or other causes which render the texts illegible.

Karl R. Bendetsen, Col. G.S.C.
Asst. Chief of Staff
Civil Affairs Division
Encls. (2)
Civ. Restr. Order No. 1

1st Indorsement
Wartime Civil Control Administration, Reception Center Division, May 23, 1942 To All Assembly Center Managers
1. Forwarded for immediate compliance.
R. L. Nicholson
Chief, Reception Center Division
Wartime Civil Control Administration

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Title: Civilian Restrictive Order No. 1
Date: May, 1942
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