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Capps (Lois) papers
Mss 333  
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item V9183

Snowy Plover Protest 2001 March 30

item V9188

Snowy Plover Protest KEYT 2001 March 30

item V9201

China Statement 2001 April 4

item V9204

Electric Bus 2001 April 11

item V9211

C.C. Survey of Schools 2001 April 19

item V9199 / V9202

Congressional Art Competition 2001 April 22

item V9176 / V9181

Black Beret Hearing 2001 May 2

item V9145

Line to Learning- Education on Line 2001 May 4

item V9177 / V9180

Energy/Bush/Capps 2001 May 15

item V8744

Rep. Ben Cardin w/ Rep Lois Capps 2001 May 17

item V9194

Tri-Counties Regional 2001 May 18

item V9173

Airport Funding 2001 May 23

item V9175

Airport Funds 2001 May 24

item V9190

UCSB Office Hours, Discussing the Energy Crisis 2001 May 29

item V9191

CPR 2001 May 30

item V9179

Bob Kerrey- Capps Center 2001 May 31

item V9189

Bob Kerrey- Capps Center 2001 May 31, June 1

item V9018

Computers for Families 2001 June 1

item V9192

McVeigh Execution 2001 June 11

item V9178

Energy Crisis 2001 June 20

item V9187

Gov. Davis in DC/Energy Rebates 2001 June 21

item V9185

KEYT Re: Adventure Pass 2001 June 22

item V9193

Ruling on Offshore Oil 2001 June 22

item V9170

Nursing Shortage Petition 2001 July 2

item V9157 / V9159

ALS Bill 2001 July 5

item V9158

Fishermen Buyback/ALS 2001 July 5

item V9143

Tax Refund Scam 2001 July 11

item V8925

Oil Amendment 2001 July 17

item V9171

Pancake Breakfast 2001 August 4

item V9144 / V9172

Stem Cell Decision 2001 August 9

item V9146

PBOR Stem Cell Decision, Blood Drive 2001 August 14

item V9147 / V9148

Technology Survey 2001 August 15

item V9149

Convention 2001 August 15

item V9142

Funds for New Fire Equipment 2001 August 21

item V9141

Vandalism at SB Office 2001 August 24

item V9099 / V9153 / V9162 / V9163

Dos Pueblos Visit 2001 September 17

item V9130

Untitled 2001 September 17-18

item V9160

Peace Vigil 2001 September 18

item V9166

Capps' Statement after Bush's Address 2001 September 26

item V9132

Untitled 2001 September 27

item V9161

Marshall Ackerman Medals, "Cover Story" 2001 September 27

item V9168

Marshall Ackerman Medals 2001 September 27

item V9129

SLO Airport Security 2001 September 27

item V9167

"Conservation Easement $'s" 2001 September 28

item V9109

"Airline Workers Assistance Press Conference Santa Maria" 2001 October 1

item V9133

Airline Bill 2001 October 2

item V9164

In Studio, Response to Attacks 2001 October 7

item V9104

Attacks/War Powers Act 2001 October 8

item V9107

Locked Office Door 2001 October 10

item V9154

Office Security Regan Announcement, Office Security 2001 October 10

item V8884

"Talk to Your Kids" PSA w/ Rep. Lois Capps 2001 October 12

item V8542

60 Minutes Nuke Plants 2001 October 14

item V9131

Terrorism Response Meeting 2001 October 18

item V9165

Terrorism Briefing 2001 October 19

item V9111

Capps with US Mayors (Security) 2001 October 25

item V9118

Community Recovery Network Act, Red Cross PSA 2001 October 29

item V8921

American Heritage Day 2001 October 31

item V9137

Morro Bay Dredging Funding, Red Cross Counseling PSA with Lois 2001 October 31

item V8746

KCOY News 2001 November 5

item V8635

Voice of SB With Diana Hull 2001 November 9

item V8754

Russian Nuclear Stockpile 2001 November 14

item V8747

Airport Security Bill 2001 November 15

item V8629 / V8752

Aviation Security Bill 2001 November 19

item V8741

Medicare Reimbursement 2001 November 20

item V8753

Medicare Bill 2001 November 20

item V8631

Beth Rogers 2001 December 10

item V8633

Stroke Act, Beth Rodgers, Don Regan, Lois 2001 December 10

item V9182

The Great Snowy Plover Riot 2001

item V8930

KEYT Mon 2002 March 11

item V8933

Red Cross / Lois, Beth Rogers 2002 March 12

item V8934

Beth Rogers / Larry Herrera 2002 March 12

item V8918

Los Padres Oil 2002 March 18

item V8947

KCOY / Fox Friday, Saturday, Sunday 2002 March 25

item V8919

Domestic Violence (and Rogers) 2002 March 26

item V8917

Child Resource Center, Women in Small Business 2002 April 1

item V8889

Voice of SB 2002 April 5

item V9024

Congressional Women's Caucus, Opening Bell 2002 April 16

item V8950

KEYT Thurs AM + PM Friday AM 2002 May 2-3

item V8916

Internet Privacy 2002 May 30

item V8924

KEYT Mon 2002 June 3

item V8949

Offshore Oil Leases (Beth Rogers) 2002 June 7

item V8915

Offshore Oil Leases 2002 June 8

item V8942

Davis Oil, Lois Flower Flag 2002 June 14

item V8936

Governor Oil Press Conference 2002 June 24

item V8939

KEYT Wednesday 2002 June 27

item V8941

KEYT Fri Night, Sat Night, Sun Night 2002 June 29

item V8926

Prescription Drugs and Seniors 2002 July 1

item V8948

KEYT Wednesday 2002 July 4

item V8923

"In Focus" [KEYT News Segment] 2002 July 7

item V8953

KEYT Wednesday 2002 July 17

item V8929

Oil Amendment 2002 July 19

item V8954

KEYT Weekend Tape 2002 July 19

item V8955

Nursing Bill Final Passage 2002 July 22

item V8956

Nursing Bill 2002 August 1

item V8957

KEYT Tuesday 2002 August 6

item V8937

Alzheimer's Press Conference 2002 August 9

item V8938

Women in Business Forum 2002 August 13

item V8912

Nursing Event, Rogers Ad 2002 August 15

item V8928

KCOY / Fox Sunday 2002 August 25

item V8940

KEYT Wednesday 2002 August 28

item V8763

Santa Barbarans Speak Out on Iraq 2002 August 28

item V8523

Campaign for Congresswoman Lois Capps with President Clinton at Betty Stephens Estate in Santa Barbara 2002 September 6

item V8886 / V9261

Fire Grant 2002 September 16

item V8883

Relay for Life / DC Coverage 2002 September 19

item V8899

Media Training 2002 September 25

item V8902

KEYT Thursday 2002 October 5

item V8906

"No" Vote Lois on House Floor 2002 October 9

item V8903

"1. BR Campaigning 2. Vote Republican advertisement 2002 October 16

item V8898

KEYT 2002 October 20

item V8897

KEYT Thursday 2002 October 24

item V8890

Campaign Money Raised 2002 October 30

item V9093

Clinicas Opening 2002 November 21

item V9094

Lois on Gore Dropping Out 2002 December 16

item V8945

9-11 Floor Statement 2002

item V9263

Election 2002

item V9057

Swearing In 2003 January 7

item V9082

Faith and Politics, Lieberman, KEYT 2003 January 12,13

item V8709

Weekend Tape, ADL Press Conference 2003 January 24

item V9083

State of the Union Reaction 2003 January 28

item V9049

Capps- Budget Committee 2003 February 4

item V9048

Silver Star 2003 February 10

item V9053

Comments on Iraq 2003 February 14

item V9051

Voice of SB 2003 February 19

item V9052

Gaviota Coast, SOS Press Conference 2003 February 24

item V9084

KCOY Monday-Wednesday 2003 February 24-26

item V9054

SBCYPAC $100,000 Check 2003 March 14

item V9061

Smooth Buses Santa Maria 2003 March 17

item V9062

Lois' Response to War on Iraq (Bush's Speech) 2003 March 17

item V9063

Statement on War 2003 March 20

item V9064

Lois on the War 2003 March 22

item V9058

Emergency Operations, Prep for Possible Terrorist Attacks 2003 March 23

item V9059

Emergency Presentation- EOC, Budget Cuts and Education 2003 March 28

item V9078

EOC Press Conference (SB County) 2003 March 28

item V9060

Regan Ad 2003 April 1

item V9091

Green Academy Press Conference 2003 April 4

item V9092

Vet event and spending cuts 2003 April 16

item V9090

Untitled 2003 May 10

item V9089

Shearwater, Ganrud 2003 May 12

item V9087

Boys and Girls Club 2003 July 2

item V9086

Mission Bill 2003 July 10

item V9088

Mission Fund with Boxer 2003 July 10

item V9030

Prescription Drug Plan 2003 July 18

item V9085

Medicare Coverage 2003 July 21

item V9080

Lois on Cornfield 2003 July 28

item V9079 / V9081

Head Start Story 2003 July 29

item V9047

"In Focus" [KEYT News Segment] 2003 September 28

item V9071

Labor Day Democratic Picnic with Lois 2003 September 1

item V8659

Lois at VTA Labor Day Picnic 2003 September 4

item V9072

No on Recall Rally 2003 September 6

item V9026

101 Widening 2003 September 10

item V9007

Media Training 2003 September 22

item V9008

Lois on Channel 12 2003 October 3

item V9075

"No on 54 @UCSB" 2003 October 6

item V9073

Don Regan- Declares Candidacy 2003 October 10

item V9076

Family Violence Stamp 2003 October 14

item V9038 / V9042 / V9074

Medicare/Scully Event 2003 October 20

item V9025

Oxnard "Great" Project 2003 October 23

item V9035

Lois Pro-Choice Event 2003 November 5

item V9036

Medicare Bill 2003 November 10

item V9039

Medicare Bill 2003 November 19

item V9069

In Focus: Saddam [Hussein]'s Capture 2003 December 14

item V9065

Lois CJ Ward 2003 December 16

item V9066 - 9068

Elwood Mesa 2003 December 17

item V9077

National League of Nurses (NLN) Award, Congresswoman Lois Capps Award 2003

item V9046

SB Vets Clinic 2004 January 1

item V9070

Stop Stroke Act 2004 January 7

item V9037 / V9040 / V9056

State of the Union Local Response (Healthcare) 2004 January 20

item V9020

Los Padres Drilling 2004 February 18

item V9041 / V9045

SF Gay Marriage, Housing 2004 February 19

item V9055

Earthquake Resolution 2004 March 9

item V9034

Ocean View School, Earthquake Speech 2004 March 9, October 27

item V9055

VA Clinic Part III, Gaviota Coast Funding 2004 March 12

item V9016

Vet Medals- SM 2004 April 6

item V9019 / V9023

School Vending Machines 2004 April 9

item V9017

KEYT 2004 April 14

item V9027

KSBY-6 2004 April 14

item V9033

Bird House 2004 April 30

item V9021

GREAT Project, Family Self Sufficiency, Stroke Bill 2004 May 25, June 14

item V9044

"The U.S. Congress and You" 2004 September 1

item V9029

Lois Kerry Debate 2004 September 30

item V8693

Lois on Arnold/DC 2005 February 17

item V8697

Education Budget Cuts/SLO 2005 February 28

item V8701

KEYT 2005 August 10

item V8703

Take Control PSA Rep. Lois Capps 2005 September 9

item V8696

Fire Grants 2005 September 12

item V8695

Disaster PLAN (after President's speech) 2005 September 15

item V8691

KSBY 2005 October 12

item V8694

Summit for Danny 2005 October 20

item V8733

5:00 pm News 2005 October 31

item V8677

Take Control PSA Rep. Lois Capps 2005 November 9

item V8698

B-WET Press Conference 2006 January 20

item V8668-V8669

KEYT News Tognazzini 2006 January 26

item V8665

"In Focus" [KEYT News Segment] 2006 March 12

item V8699

Lois with Cindy Sheehan 2006 April 9

item V8676

Lois at Immigration Rights Rally in SB 2006 April 10

item V8675

Lois at UCSB with Nava 2006 April 12

item V8673

Lois at Walter Capps Park Dedication 2006 April 23

item V8674

Lois Forum on the Budget and Women 2006 April 24

item V8670

"Week of the Immigrant" 2006 April 25

item V8671

Lois at Adams School for Arbor Day 2006 April 29

item V8666 / V8672

Lois at Santa Maria Airport 2006 June 1

item V8667

In Focus 2006 July 2

item V8664

Lois on KEYT 2006 July 4

item V8663

Lois on KCOY 2006 August 2

item V8662

Lois Visit to Santa Rosa Island 2006 August 4

item V8661

Lois at Fire Press Event 2006 August 7

item V8658

Offshore Oil Drilling Press Conference 2006 August 20

item V8660

Lois at SLO Dem[ocratic] Picnic 2006 September 10

item V8721

First Day of 110th 2007 January 4

item V8720

KEYT 6:00 News 2007 January 20

item V8685

Lois Response to State of the Union 2007 January 23-24

item V8713

MTD Hybrid Bus, Iraq War 2007 April 3

item V8687

IV Youth Center, Lois at S.C. Dems. Meeting 2007 April 4-5

item V8749 - V8750

Tiger Salamander 2007 April 6

item V8686

Lois at LNG Rally 2007 April 9

item V8779

KSBY News Week of 5/11 #2 2007 May 11

item V8778

KSBY-TV News 2007 May 19

item V8777

KSBY-TV 2007 May 22

item V8776

KSBY-TV News 2007 May 24

item V8682

Lois Speaking on Memorial Day 2007 May 28

item V8684

Lois on NCLB Tours 2007 May 30

item V8757

Lois Amendment 2007 July 17

item V8927

Hastert Visit to Simi Valley 2007 August 2

item V8520

Lois Capps + Sheriffs 2007 August 8

item V8545

Lois on Shootings 2007 August 9

item V8785

Walter Capps - Cuesta Award 2007 August 14

item V8762

Marriage Penalty, Flip Flop, Tiger Salamander, Ruffled Feathers 2007 August 16

item V8932

Hastert Santa Maria Event 2007 August 18

item V8879- V8880

Clinton Event 2007 September 6

item V8909

KEYT Thursday 2007 September 27

item V8905

KEYT Wednesday 2007 October 9

item V8896

LWV Debate + Voice of SB 2007 October 23

item V8761

KCOY / KEYT Debates 2007 October 25

item V8893

KEYT 2007 October 25

item V8894

KSBY Debate 2007 October 29

item V8895

Candidate Interview 2007 October 29

item V8891

Post Election Coverage 2007 November 6

item V9032 / V9043

"We The People... The US Constitution and You" 2007

item V9001

Energy Conference 2008 January 3-10

item V9002

Housing Conference/Veteran Award 2008 January 7

item V8692

Clinic Move Part 1 2009 March 10

item V8999

Notch Babies 2009 November 13

item V9010

One Stop, Budget/Headstart 2010 January 31

item V9012

"In Focus" [KEYT News Segment] 2010 February 5, 8

item V8751

U.S. Representative Lois Capps Remarks to SLO Health Care Summit undated

item V8481

"Mr. Capps Goes to Washington" February 18-22

item V9138

"Capps Won't Debate" undated

item V8700

"Saving Social Security" undated

item V9028

415 loy Gas Prices undated

item V8712

Airports Greg Haas undated

item V8679

Boys and Girls Club undated

item V8908

Californians for Population Stabilization undated

item V8728

Campaign $ undated

item V8892

Campaign / New District undated

item V8731

Capps [?] undated

item V9260

Capps Ad undated

item V9276

Capps Holds, Emergency preparedness roundtable undated

item V9264

Capps Use of Harriman Media Services undated

item V8724

Carlos Ornelas' Service undated

item V8743

Comment on Bombing KEYT - ABC undated

item V8969

Computers for Families undated

item V8836

Congresswoman Lois Capps Reading "Oh, the Places You'll Go" -Dr. Seuss undated

item V8634

DC Oceans Meeting undated

item V9231

DC Office Profile News undated

item V8951-8952

Dennis Hastert, Santa Maria event undated

item V8624

US. Rep. Walter Capps UCSB Basketball Team undated

item V9274

Walter Capps Washington Journal undated

item V8487

Local news clip- Death of Rep. Walter Capps undated

item V8480

Vietnam Class UCSB undated

item V8482

Walter Capps Memorial and Celebration undated

item V8540

Dr. Capps Vietnam Lecture Part 2 undated

item V8541

Dr. Capps Vietnam Lecture Part 3 undated

item V8535

Dr. Walter Capps Campaign Video undated

item V8536

Dr. Walter Capps Campaign Video Diversity, Immigration, Environment undated

item V8529

Dr. Walter Capps Education Speech Technology undated

item V8946

Floor Remarks on Shays-Meehan Bill undated

item V9031

Frontline "Faith and Doubt at Ground Zero" undated

item V8943

Gaviota Forum undated

item V8614

Hwy 154 PSA undated

item V8615

Hwy 154 Safety Campaign undated

item V8881

"In Focus," Beth Rogers undated

item V9242

Jim Harrison commercial undated

item V8913

KCOY / Fox undated

item V8901

KCOY / Fox - Wednesday / Thursday undated

item V8904

KEYT Monday undated

item V8914

KEYT Monday undated

item V8935

KEYT Tuesday undated

item V8911

KEYT Wednesday undated

item V8571

Kosovo Statement undated

item V9267

KSBY News undated

item V8789

KSBY-TV undated

item V8527

Ladera St. Apartments, Affordable Housing undated

item V8558

LGC Floor Speeches undated

item V8756

Lois Capps campaign advertisements undated

item V9250

Lois Capps for Congress "Honor" undated

item V8729

Medicare Cards undated

item V9248

News clippings undated

item V8982

Nurse Anesthetist Ad, Stoker Ad undated

item V8642

Nursing Bill Debate undated

item V8985

Nursing Home undated

item V8922

NYSE Opening undated

item V8617

Oil Spill and [?] at SB Rehab undated

item V8546

Representative Lois Capps' Floor Speeches undated

item V8716

Opposing Prop 54, City Council Meeting, Pancake Breakfast undated

item V8626

Permit Process Meeting Regarding El Nino undated

item V8654

Permit Process Meeting, Morro Bay Drudging undated

item V9136

Pierce's Disease undated

item V9139

Push in SB undated

item V9135

Red Legged Frog undated

item V8525

Remarks to SLO Health Care Summit from DC undated

item V8702

Rep. Capps: "Fighting for our Future" undated

item V8711

untitled (#4) undated

item V8710

Request for Aid for Earthquake, Stroke Bill, Congressional Bill (Stroke) undated

item V8888

Rogers on In Focus and Cornfield undated

item V8655

Santa Maria Day undated

item V8656

Santa Maria Day- Gerald Condon undated

item V8657

SLO Soc Scc Roundtable undated

item V8714

SLO Speech, Highway undated

item V9155

Stoker undated

item V8737

Stop Violence Against Women Installation Tape Featuring Members of Congress undated

item V8736

Stop Violence Against Women PSA Featuring Rep. Lois Capps undated

item V8885

Summer Reading PSA undated

item V8764

"The U.S. Congress and You" undated

item V8907

Tues[day] undated

item V8920

Tyler Bickley as George W. Bush undated

item V8704

untitled (#1) undated

item V8705

untitled (#2) undated

item V8706

untitled (#3) undated

item V8689 / V8708 / V8722 / V8727 / V8825 / V9128 / V9275 / V8554 / V8707 / V8996

untitled undated

item V8717

VA Clinic Part 2 (Lois' letter) undated

item V8723

Vets Korean War undated

item V8532

Video of Walter Capps speaking to audience against advertising of Andrea Seastrand undated

item V9156

Voices Against Violence in Hariman Center Studio undated

item V8719

Wednesday and Thursday Tape, Wednesday 6:00 Preparation for Terrorist Attacks undated

item V8514

White House Conference on Early Childhood Development First Session 1 of 2 undated

item V8515

White House Conference on Early Childhood Development First Session 2 of 2 undated

item V8516

White House Conference on Early Childhood Development Second Session 1 of 2 undated

item V8517

White House Conference on Early Childhood Development Second Session 2 of 2 undated

item V8468

"Abortion" undated

item V8539

Dr. Walter Capps Vietnam Lecture UCSB Veterans undated


Walter Capps

Scope and Contents

Includes news reports and footage of Capps' professional career and memorial.

Betacam 2001-2002, 2009

item 9284 / 9286 / 9287

SLO County Library 2001 August 14

item 9285

French Hospital 2001 August 14

item 9288 / 9289

"SOT @ Michael Pk." 2001 August 14

item 9282

Rep. Lois Capps compilation reel 2002 January 31

item 9281

Census 2010 2009 December 15

item 9280

Representative Lois Capps Remarks to SLO Healthcare Summit undated

item 9283

Prescription Drug news clippings undated


Cassette Tapes 1997-2000

item A29137/CS

Dave Congalton Show: "Remembering Walter Capps" 1997 October 29

item A29139/CS

Walter Capps on Dave Congalton Talk Show 1997 July 3

item A29138/CS

David Skaqqs Walter Capps Memorial Lecture 2000 November

item A33419/CS

Representative Capps Memorial Forest


Series VII. Digital files 1995-2015

Scope and Contents

Digital files include fifty CDs, twenty-six DVDs, 1 USB, and 2 3.5" floppy disks. The digital files encompass mostly photographs, congressional events, and policy research materials.
Please contact UCSB Special Research Collections for regarding access.


The series is arranged by format.
box 48

CDs and DVDs 1995-2015


Gaviota Coastal Trail and Access Study undated


Santa Barbara County Trails Council

Santa Cruz Island Crisis to Recovery undated


The Nature Conservancy

Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary Draft Management Plan/Draft Environmental Impact Statement 2006 May


Volumes I and II, U.S. Department of Commerce, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, National Ocean Service, National Marine Sanctuary Program

Experience Etherne TV undated


Delivering and managing video over your IP network

Southern California Land Management Plan Revisions 2004 May


United States Department of Agriculture, Forest Service, Pacific Southwest Region

Venoco Ellwood Marine Terminal Lease Renewal Project 2007 August


Environmental Impact Report Finalizing Addendum

Ellwood Marine Terminal Lease Renewal Project 2008 December


Recirculated Draft Environmental Impact Report

Mission Creek Flooding Video 1995


Draft Recovery Plan for Island Foxes (Urocyon Littoralis) on the Northern Channel Islands 2001 March


National Park Service, Channel Islands National Park

The United States Coast Guard Academy 2007


Leadership. Honor. Tradition.

Center for Asymmetric Warfare Informational Video undated


Operation 20/20 undated


Vitamin angels

NexGen Videos 2010 March


Federal Aviation Administration. ADS-B in the Gulf, NexGen defined, AIRE, Flight Data Object Demo, NexGen Gate to gate, A Pilot's Tour of ADS-B, NAS Voice Switch

Fine Art Santa Barbara 2000 October 7-8


Santa Ynez Band of Chumash Indians

Blank 2015 February 2


Chumash Indians 2015 January 23


908 pg doc. Trust 4-Fee

Final Environmental Impact Statement for Oil and Gas Leasing - Record of Decision July 2005


USDA, Forest Service, Los Padres National Forest

Coalition to Save Los Padres Stop Oil & Gas Drilling 2005 August 4


Press Photos

Ellwood Pipeline Company Line 96 Modification Project 2011 March


Public Draft EIR

Ellwood Pipeline Company Line 96 Modification Project 2011 March


Public Draft EIR

MMS Draft Environmental Assessments (EA's) for MMS Suspension Decisions on Undeveloped Leases 2004 November 17


CD includes six separate EA's and Public Announcement

2011 PSA Program Rep. Lois Capps, Breast Cancer Awareness, Mental Health Awareness 2011


National Association of Broadcasters PSA

The Honorable Lois Capps CA-23 1110 Longworth HOB undated


Hon. Capps 2014 April 8


Capps 2014 June 24


Codel Markey Brazil 2008


Codel Markey Brazil 2008


AZA Reception 2011 May 11


Association of zoos and aquariums

Hon Capps S.C.A.C. 2011 October 26


Rep. Capps PSA, Bullying/LGBTQ/ "It Gets Better" 2010 December 08


1 min 4 seconds, PSA

Jerusalem 2004 January 9-16


Photos by Mark Brown, + AVH Photos

Afghanistan Trip 2006 November


Cong. Pomeroy's Pics

Rep. Capps Photos- Bachelet Dinner undated


30th Anniversary Ceremony- V.V.A "Wall" Chapter 218 2005 April 30


The traveling Vietnam wall in SB

Senator Jeff Merkley, the Breastfeeding Promotion Act Press Conference 2009 June 11


Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids undated


Democracy in the Workplace: The Fight for the Employee Free Choice Act 2009 May 26


1hour, 35 minutes, 52 seconds

Lois Capps "In the Public Interest" 2006 August


Coalition to Save Los Padres Press Photos 2004 February 18


Stop oil and gas drilling

Rep. Capps Tree Memorial 2008 May 21


Video by Carey Lane

Rep. Walter Capps Memorial Services undated


Starts at House, goes to Capitol, SB Mission, and Minneapolis

Memorial Service Music Video for Rep. Walter Capps undated


House Democratic Caucus Gulf Coast Trip Pictures 2006 August 27-30


Woolsey Hearing pictures undated


Hunting on Santa Rosa Island 2006 September 14


Lanewsclippings, KABC Eyewitness news

Sheehan 2006


Santa Barbara, Bob Duncan

Lois Capps Tribute Video 2005 October 7


Channel islands Marine Sanctuary 25th anniversary event, 1hr 41 mins

Stories From the Heart Undated


WomenHeart coalition for women with heart disease

Website Photos 2001-2002


Walter's Writings undated


1. "Children of the Vietnam Generation" 2. Human Rights, Spiritual Values, and Political Realities 3. "I Have Been Intrigued 4. The Election and the Next Congress 5. The Role of Religion in the World Today

Rod Rolle Photographer ...Images With A Global View in Mind 2007 June 3


California Democratic Party Faith and values Community Summit

Congressional Briefing for Wireless Technology Impacts 2007 May 10


Cindy Sage, Sage Associates

KSBY Broadcast: Congresswoman Lois Capps comes to Cal Poly to discuss stimulus benefits 2009 July 2


Veterans History Project Library of Congress Hazel C. McNett Undated


Army Nurse Corp 25th General Hospital 128th Evac. Hospital Interviewed by U.S. Representative Lois Capps

Congresswoman Capps Healthcare Rally 2010 March 29


CHC + Capps Rally JPG format, Photo credit: Nathan Appel Photography

CODEL, House Democracy Partnership Chairman David Dreier 2011 February


Images from the HOP trip to Indonesia

HDAC 2009 August


Alpaca, photos by Dr. Brian Monahan

CoDel Lewis/Houghton 2003 May 23-31


South Africa

Lois Capps Pictures Santa Maria 2010 July 9


CAC Weatheucation Meeting SB County photos- ashley

Holiday PSA 2009 December 15


With director of the office of drug control policy, 50 seconds

District Scheduler Photos 2011 February 8


Includes: common grand, Hancock, college, Martin Luther King Jr., partners in Edu., Health care infor session, Hispanic chamber of commerce, black history worship service, drug ct visit

Holiday Statement 2009 December 15


2010 Census PSA 2009 December 15



Piedras Blancas Light Station Dedication Photos 2002 May 25


Bureau of Land Management

Piedras Blancas Light Station Dedication Photos 2002 May 26


Bureau of Land Management

Arctic National Widlife 2004 June26- June1


Pete Rafle (with phone number)

Fulfilling the Promise ARRA at Work Creating Jobs in California Undated


SB County Reentry Program undated


Intro: Sheriff Bill Brown

Blue Ribbon Commission on Jail Overcrowding 2008 February


Sheriff's blue ribbon commission on jail overcrowding informational video

Pressproof 2004 February 20


Isla Vista Youth Projects

Photograph by Victoria Garagliano Courtesy of Hearst Castle 2003 August 8


SLO, America's Byways

The Future of Nursing: Leading Change, Advancing Health 2010


Complete Report, Prepublication Copy Uncorrected Proofs

Periodic Inspection Report No. 1 Santa Maria Levee System 2015 May 8


Los Angeles District U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Dam and Levee safety

Santa Cruz Island Primary Restoration Plan 2002 June


Final Environmental Impact Statement
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Clients Capps 1 12-02 undated

box 48

Capps Logo 1 undated

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Capps Logo 2 undated

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Clients Capps 2 Bn-12-02Clients Capps 2 Bn-12-02 undated

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Selma to South Africa: Journey Toward Reconciliation and transformation. 2003 May 23-31


Rep Capps + FLOTUS (First Lady of the United States) undated

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USB and 3.5" Floppy Disks undated

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