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Small Press Club of Marin 1974-1986, undated


Small presses 1973-1976, undated


Smith, Charles W. ( Manuscripts in Libraries of the Pacific Northwest) 1931


Smith, George D. (Bookseller, New York) 1945


Smith, Harold F. (Har-ma Press) 1978, undated


Smith and McKay Printing (San Jose) 1976


Smithsonian Institution (Washington D.C.) 1923-1984, undated


Smithsonian Institution, Archives of American Art (West Coast office, San Francisco) 1991


Societa Nebiolo Torino undated


Societe Suisse des Bibliophiles 1926


Society of Arts and Crafts (Boston) 1906, undated


Society of California Pioneers (San Francisco) 1931, 1968, 1973


Society for Calligraphy, The 1974


Society of Calligraphers 1919, 1968


Society of Calligraphers of Los Angeles, The undated


Society of Graphic Arts of San Francisco 1948-1951, undated


Society of Iconophiles, The (New York) 1930


Society of Printers (Boston) 1915-1953, undated


Society of Typographic Arts (Chicago) 1947-1950, undated


Solano Republican (Newspaper, Suisun, California) 1877


Solo, Dan X. (Solotype, advertising typography, Oakland) 1963-1974, undated


Somerset Type Metal Company (San Francisco) 1982


Sonoma County Democrat (Newspaper, Santa Rosa, California) 1866, 1875


Sonoma County -- newspapers undated


Sonoma State College Library (Rohnert Park, California) 1964


Sonora Stamp Company (Oakland) undated


Sorensen's Advertising Typographers (San Francisco) undated


Soule, A. R. (Letter press printery and foundry, the Gas Light Days, The Type Trader, Los Gatos, California) 1966-1976, undated


South Coast Paper Mills and Lebanon Paper Mills (San Francisco) 1900


Southern California Newspaper and Job Printing Office (Los Angeles) 1855


Southern Oregon Historical Society 1959, undated


Southwest Museum (Los Angeles) 1967


Southworth Machine Company (Portland, Maine) 1974-1975, undated


Sower, Christopher (Printer, Pennsylvania) 1944, 1969


Sowers, Roy V. (Art and rare book dealer, San Francisco) 1935, 1970, undated


Spanish imprints undated


Spain -- printing 1963, undated


Spear, T. G. (Printer, San Francisco) undated


Special Libraries Association (Alexandria, Virginia) 1970


Special Libraries Association, San Francisco Bay Region Chapter 1959


Speed-o-Print Business Machines Corporation (Chicago) 1974-1983


Spenceley, Frederick 1908


Sperisen, Albert (Collector, graphic design, and fine printing, Toyon Press, Black Vine Press) 1966-1999


Spiral Binding (William S. Millerick and Neil MacNeil, San Francisco) undated


Spirit of the Times and Fireman's Journal (Newspaper, San Francisco) 1867


Spiro, Leon (Editor S-B Gazette and poet, Marin City, California) undated


Springer, John (Iowa City, Iowa) undated


Squires, Roy A. (Bibliographer, A Bibliographic Catalog of the Works of Clark Ashton Smith and H. P. Lovecraft) 1968


Stacey's, a division of Bro-Dart, Inc. (J.W. Stacey, Inc.) 1932, 1967-1971


Stagecoach Press, The (Jack D. Rittenhouse, Sierra Madre, California) 1951-1971, undated


Sta-Hi Corporation (Newport Beach, California) 1968-1972


Stallings, Hal II (Artist) 1972


Stanbrook Abbey Press (England) 1967


Standard Duplicating Machines Corporation (Everett, Massachusetts) undated


Standard, Paul (Calligrapher) 1947


Stanford University (Palo Alto, California) 1906-1959, undated


Stanford University, Hoover Institution (Palo Alto, California) 1967-1975, undated


Stanford University Libraries (Palo Alto, California) 1927-1988, undated


Stanford University Press (Palo Alto, California) 1927-1980, undated


Stanford University, Stanford Sequoia (Student magazine, Palo Alto, California) 1907, 1910


Stanton, Herbert (Editor, The Silver Lake Miner) 1974


Star Book Store (K. F. Richards, San Francisco) undated


Star Graphic Systems, Inc. (South Hackensack, New Jersey) undated


Starr, Kevin (San Francisco City Librarian, California State Librarian) 1973-1979


Stauffacher, Jack Werner (Printer and typeface designer, the Greenwood Press, San Francisco) 1941-2003, undated


Steer, Vincent ( Printing Design and Layout) undated


Steiner-Prag, Hugo (Designer, illustrator, and typographer) 1948


Steinlen, Theophile Alexandre ( Tales for Sara) 1898


Steinmesse and Stollberg KG (Nuernberg, Germany) undated


Stempel Typefounders (Frankfurt, Germany, Morristown, New Jersey) 1929, undated


Stephenson Blake Typefoundry (Sheffield, England) 1966, undated


Sterett Printing Company (Benjamin Franklin Sterett, San Francisco) undated


Sterling Type Foundry (Indianapolis) 1958-1963, 1984


Stern, Alec (Etching artist, San Mateo, California) 1965


Stern and Faye (Printers, publishers and typefounders, Sedro-Woolley, Washington) undated


Stern, Norton B. (Publisher, Santa Monica, California) undated


Stevens, G. W. (Printer, San Francisco) undated


Stevens, John (Calligrapher) 1987


Steward Company, The (Lithography and printing equipment and supplies, San Francisco) 1985, undated


Stewart, George R. (Author) 1946, 1951


Still, John Hamilton 1973


Stinehour Press, The (Roderick Stinehour, Vermont) 1963, 1988


Stock Report Publishing Company (San Francisco) 1978


Stockton Daily Argus (Newspaper, Stockton, California) undated


Stockton Independent (Newspaper, Stockton, California) 1931, 1976, undated


Stockton Journal (Newspaper, Stockton, California) 1851


Stockton Mail Company, Inc. 1890-1905


Stockton -- newpapers 1963


Stockton Record (Newspaper, Stockton, California) undated


Stockwitz Printing Company (San Francisco) undated


Stone, Edward L. (Printer) 1940, undated


Stone, Sumner (Calligrapher and type designer) 1998


Stopple, Lee 1946, undated


Storke, Thomas M. (Newspaper editor and publisher) 1971, 1973


Stover and Von Oorschot (Stationery store, San Mateo, California) undated


Strathmore Paper Company (Mittineague, Massachusetts) 1924, 1925, undated


Straube, Ben C. (Typefounder, Los Angeles) 1937, undated


Strawberry Hill Press (Jean-Louis Brindamour, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania) 1976


Street of Crocodiles Printery (Jules Remedios Faye, Sedro-Woolley, Washington) undated


Streeter, Thomas Winthrop (Book collector) 1948-1969, undated


Stricker, Thomas Perry 1930-1944


Strip Printer, Inc. (Oklahoma City) 1975-1977


Strouse, Norman H. (Vailima Foundation, St. Helena, California) 1967-1974


Studio Z Mendocino (Zida Borcich, Fort Bragg, California) 2005


Sullivan, Gordon L. (Printer) undated


Sullivan, J. W. (Periodicals and magazine importer, San Francisco) 1856


Summa Printers undated


Sun Chemical Corporation (New York) 1966


Sunday Mercury, The (Newspaper, San Francisco) 1867


Sunflower Press (Carol and Bruce Cunningham, Mill Valley, California)


General 1976-2010, undated

Physical Description: 2.0 folders

Moxon Chappel 1975-2009, undated


Sunset Photo Engraving Company 1902


Sunset Press (San Francisco) 1931, 1959, undated


Superior Graphic Equipment Corporation (Hempstead, New York) undated


Superior Publishing Company (Seattle) undated


Superior Typesetting Company, Inc. (Los Angeles) undated


Superspeed Inc. (Chicago) 1976-1978


Suspension Feeder Corporation (Illinois) undated


Sutro Library (San Francisco) 1957-1978, undated


Sutter Independent, The (Printers and publisher, Yuba City, California) 1923


Sutton, Jack (Author and publisher One Day of Southern Oregon History) 1962


Swallow Press, Inc. (Chicago) 1968


Swan and Hoop (Russell Maret, New York) 2008


Sweden -- printing undated


Sweeney and Ward (Agents for Saratoga Mills straw paper goods, San Francisco) undated


Swingle, John (Alta California Bookstore, Berkeley) 1963-1975, undated


Syn-tac (Ink rollers) 1977-1982


T. and A. Constable, Limited. (Thomas and Archibald Constable, printers, University Press, Edinburgh, Scotland) 1909, undated


T. B. Deffebach and Co. (Ornamental printers, San Francisco) undated


T. J. Lyons Press (The Print Shop on the Avenue, Thomas J. Lyons, Boston) 1937-1975, undated


TAGlio Litho (Tom and Marguerite Goglio, San Jose)


General undated


Moxon Chappel 2008-2009


Takk Corporation (Newark, Ohio) undated


Talbot, Clare Ryan (Clare Collectors Books, Oakland) 1955-1971


Talisman Press (Georgetown and Los Gatos, California) 1959-1982, undated


Tallant, Drury J. 1851-1852


Tamal Land Press (Fairfax, California) 1976


Tamalpais Press (Roger Levenson, Berkeley)


General 1957-1995, undated

Physical Description: 2.0 folders

Moxon Chappel 1961-1993, undated


Tanner, Wesley (Arif Press, Chez Panisse menus, Berkeley) 1975-1987, undated


Tansey, Gene M. (San Francisco) 1950-1954


Tasope (Photoengraving plant and school, Aurora, Missouri) 1931


Tatum and Bowen Printers Warehouse (San Francisco) 1884, undated


Tatum and Bowen Printers Warehouse (San Francisco) 1884, undated


Tauzy, Levy & Co. (Foreign booksellers and stationers, San Francisco) undated


Taylor, Alexander S. (Bibliographer) 1933


Taylor, Archer ( Renaissance Reference Books) 1941


Taylor, John "Jock" (Newspaper publisher and journalist, Nevada) 1965


Taylor and Nevin (Printers, San Francisco) 1879, 1881


Taylor, Newton (Out of print book dealer and search service, San Francisco) undated


Taylor and Taylor, (Edward DeWitt and Henry H. Taylor, printers, San Francisco) 1926-1983, undated


Taylor, W. Thomas (Publisher, Austin, Texas) 1987, undated


Teague, Walter Dorwin (Industrial designer, graphic designer, and illustrator) 1914-1947, undated


Technical Information Inc. (Composition Information Services, Los Angeles) 1966-1976, undated


Technigraphics (Long Beach, California) undated


Tecolote Book Shop (Santa Barbara) undated


Teiser, Ruth (Interviewer, San Francisco) 1969-1978


Temple, Tomas Workman II (San Gabriel, California) 1959


Tenfingers Press, The (Phyllis and Frank Thomas, Los Angeles) 1964-1968, undated


Tentacled Press undated


Territorial Enterprise (Newspaper, Virginia City, Nevada) 1864, 1873


Territorial Press of Arizona (Tucson, Arizona) 1964


Terry, Edward H. (Rare book dealer, Beverly Hills) 1939


Terry Robinson and Company (Photocompostion, San Francisco) undated


Texas Christian University Press (Fort Worth, Texas) 1951


Texas -- printing undated


Texas State Historical Association (Austin, Texas) 1988


Texas State Library and Archives (Austin, Texas) 1968


Thames and Hudson (Publisher, London) undated


Thatcher, Ralph Henry (Printer, San Francisco) 1920-1921


Thomas' Cosmopolitan Printing and Publishing House (San Francisco) 1888


Thomas, Isaiah (Printer and founder of American Antiquarian Society) 1962, undated


Thomas Nelson and Sons (Publisher, London) undated


Thomas T. Moebs Americana and Fine Books (Atlanta, Georgia) undated


Thompson, E. A. (Bookbinder, Inglewood, California) undated


Thompson, J. E. (Service Linotyping Company, San Francisco) undated


Thompson, John (Printer, Los Altos, California) 1952


Thompson, Lawrence S. (University of Kentucky Library, Lexington, Kentucky) 1957-1971, undated


Thomson-Shore (Book manufacturer, Dexter, Michigan) 2010


Thorniley, William O. (Printer, Seattle) 1950-1976, undated


Thunderbird (Bookstore, Carmel) undated


Tileston and Hollingsworth Company (Boston) undated


Tilghman, Charles F. (Tilghman Press, Oakland) undated


Time Inc. (New York) 1986


Timely Typography (San Francisco) 1986, undated


Times and Transcript Press (Sacramento) 1857


Times-Gazette, The (Newspaper, San Mateo, California) 1906, 1935


Times-Mirror Company (Los Angeles) 1892, 1935, 1960s


Tintagel Printing and Publishing (Berkeley) 1980


Tintograph Company, The (Color printing equipment and supplies, New York) circa 1950


Tipos y estadisticas, S. A. (Mexico) undated


T'jan Booksellers and Importers (San Francisco) undated


Todhunter, Francis (Artist, San Francisco) 1924-1963


Tofua Press (San Diego) undated


Tombstone Epitaph, The (Newspaper, Tombstone, Arizona) 1975


Tommasini, Amadeo R. (Printer and book designer) 1940-1981, undated


Tory, Geofroy (Printer, Paris) 1920-1937


Tower Manufacturing Company (Stationery, New York) 1885


Town Book and Card Shop (San Francisco) undated


Town Hall Forum, Inc. and Circulating Library (San Francisco) 1960, undated


Town Talk Print (San Francisco) 1894, undated


Towne, Arthur W. (San Francisco) 1928, 1966, undated


Towne and Bacon (San Francisco) 1939, 1970, undated


Townsend Industries (Altoona, Iowa) undated


Toyobo Printight 1985


Toyon Press (Bertram Wood Johnck and Albert Sperisen, San Francisco) 1939-1968


Trade Composition Company, Inc. (Boston) undated


Trade Pressroom, The (San Francisco) 1942


Trade Typesetters and Advertising Typographers of the Eleven Western State (Western Printer and Lithographer, Los Angeles) 1955-1962, undated


Trail's End Publishing Company (Pasadena, California) undated


Trans-Anglo Books (Long Beach, California) 1975, undated


Traung, Charles and Louis (Lithographers, San Francisco) 1937-1960, undated


Travel by Design: Computer Graphics California undated


Traylen, Charles W. (Antiquarian bookseller, England) 1976


Tree Garden Workshop (Publisher, San Francisco) undated


Trenholm, George F. (Advertising and book design, Boston) 1930, undated


Triangle Type Foundry (Chicago) 1954, 1976


Tri-Ocean Books (San Francisco) 1969


Triumph Electric (New York) 1968


Tuolumne Courier (Printer) undated


Tuolumne Independent, The (Newspaper, Sonora, California) undated


Turkey Press (Harry and Sandra Reese) undated


Turnbaugh Service (Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania) 1970


Turnbull and Smith (Printers) 1867


Turner, Warren (Printer, Oakland) undated


Turtlesilk Design and Two Left Hands Press (Los Gatos)


Moxon Chappel 2013


Twelve Oaks Press, The (William M. Johnson, Portland) undated


Twin Quills Press (Niles, Illinois) 1977


Two Left Hands Press (Los Gatos) undated


Twowindows Press (Don Gray, Berkeley) undated


Tyler Brothers (Booksellers and stationers, San Francisco) 1870s


Tyler, Charles W. (Bookseller and stationer, San Francisco) undated


Tyler, W. B. (Photogravure and fine art publisher, San Francisco) undated


Type case undated


Type characters undated


Type Directors Club of New York 1966


Typefounders Inc. (Phoenix) 1961-1965, undated


Typefounders -- United States undated


Typefoundry Amsterdam 1954, undated


Type specimens undated


Type World (Newspaper, Wilmington, Massachusetts) 1978


Typographers Association of New York 1998


Typographic Composition (Trade journal, Philadelphia) 1958


Typographical point system 1926


Typographical Union Number 174 (Los Angeles) 1960-1961


Typography 1953-1977, undated


Typophiles, Inc. (New York) 1935-1977, undated


U. P. Press, The (San Francisco) 1906


Ulano Corporation (New York) 1979


Ultra-Violet Products, Inc. (San Gabriel, California) undated


Underhill, George L. (Book and job printer, San Francisco) undated


Unidentified printing samples undated


Union Advocate (Newspaper, Jackson, California) 1865


Union Democrat (Newspaper, Sonora, California) undated


United Efforts Press (John Arnold, Portola Valley, California)


General 1961-1964, undated


Moxon Chappel 1960-1966, undated


Union Lithograph Company (San Francisco) 1907-1928


Union Paper Company (San Francisco) undated


Union Photo-Engraving Company (San Francisco) undated


Union-Tribune Publishing Company (San Diego) 1966, undated


United Lithographers (Spokane, Washington) 2011


United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) 1945, 1970-1974


United States Bureau of Engraving and Printing (Washington D. C.) 1973, undated


United States Department of Commerce (Printing and Publishing Industry report) 1977


United States Forge and Foundry Company (Pulaski, New York) undated


United States Government Printing Office (Washington D. C.) undated


United States Newspaper Project (Bloomington, Indiana) 1977


Univar (VWR Scientific Inc., Treck Photographic) 1977-1978


Universal Imprints Company (Brooklyn, New York) 1983


University Microfilms, Inc. (subsidiary of Xerox Corporation, Ann Arbor, Michigan) 1966-1980, undated


University of Alabama, Institute for Book Arts (Tuscaloosa, Alabama) 1983


University of Arizona Library (Tucson) 1959-1979


University of Arizona Press (Tucson) 1966, undated


University of California, Berkeley 1956-1982, undated


University of California, Berkeley, Bancroft Library 1948-2003, undated


University of California, Berkeley, General Library 1955-1985, undated


University of California, Berkeley, Institute for Journalism Education 1983


University of California, Berkeley, School of Librarianship - South Hall Press and Paper Mill 1971-1979


University of California, Book Arts Club 1935-1969


University of California, Davis 1970, 1984


University of California, Davis, Library 1965-1986, undated


University of California, Los Angeles 1961-1962, undated


University of California, Los Angeles, Library 1949-1986, undated


University of California, Los Angeles, School of Library Service 1962-1965


University of California Press (Berkeley) 1933-1986, undated


University of California, Santa Barbara, Library 1967-1973, undated


University of California, Santa Cruz 1959-1980


University of California, Santa Cruz - Cowell Press Council 1976-1977


University of California, Santa Cruz - Lime Kiln Press 1975-1981, undated


University of Chicago Press 1982, undated


University of Colorado - The Press at Colorado College 1980


University of Illinois Press (Urbana, Illinois) undated


University of Kansas Libraries 1955, 1972


University of Kentucky - King Library Press 2006


University of Michigan, William L. Clements Library 1923-1974


University of Nevada Press (Reno, Nevada) 1974-1976, undated


University of New Mexico Press (Albuquerque, New Mexico) 1974-1975


University of New Mexico, The Quivira Society (G. P. Hammond, Albuquerque, New Mexico) 1937, 1949


University of Oklahoma Press 1976, undated


University of Oregon Books (Eugene, Oregon) 1959-1969, undated


University of Pennsylvania Libraries (Philadelphia) 1987


University of San Francisco 1966-1987


University of San Francisco, Gleeson Library 1970-1987, undated


University of San Francisco, Gleeson Library Associates 1950-1988


University of South Carolina Press 1975


University of Southern California Fine Arts Press (Los Angeles) undated


University of Texas Press (Austin, Texas) undated


University of Texas, Institute of Texan Cultures (Tom Lea, San Antonio, Texas) 1970


University of Utah (Salt Lake City) 1975


University of Virginia, Bibliographical Society (Charlottesville, Virginia) 1948, 1969


University of Washington Libraries undated


University of Washington Press (Seattle) 1963, undated


University Press of Virginia (Charlottesville, Virginia) 1967-1975, undated


University Press, The (Cambridge, Massachusetts) 1919


University presses 1963-1968


University of Utah Press 1963, 1979, undated


Updata Publications, Inc. (Microfilm, Santa Monica, California) 1974


Upham, Samuel C. undated


Upstart Crow and Company, The (Bookstore, San Francisco) undated


Upton Brothers (Printers, San Francisco) undated


Upton, John P. (Printer, San Francisco) 1878, undated


Upton, Monson and Haswell (Commercial book and job printing, San Francisco) 1852


Utah -- printing 1931, 1933


Utley, George B. ( Source Material of the Study of American History in the Libraries of Chicago) 1922


VWR Scientific Inc. (Graphics equipment and supplies, San Francisco) undated


Vacaville Museum ( Crate Expectations: A History of Agricultural Labeling 1870-1970 exhibit) 1986


Val Trefz Press (Pasadena, California) undated


Vale Press, The (Llewellyn Hacon and Charles Ricketts, London) 1898-1899, 1946


Valentine, Alexander (Printer, San Francisco) undated


Valentino, Carmen D. undated


Valleau and Peterson (San Francisco) undated


Vallely Morning Series (Book club, Pasadena, California) undated


Valley Paper Company 1908


Valley Publishers (Fresno, California) 1970-1977, undated


Van Allen Bradley, Inc. (Lake Zurich, Illinois) undated


Van Bibber, T. C. (Stationery, San Francisco) undated


Van Bokkelen, George A. (Importer of blank books, stationery, type, presses and printers' material) 1858


Van Ghemmert Publishing Company (Kortrijk, Belgium) 1979


van Heusden, Gerard (Publisher and bookseller, Amsterdam) 1965-1967


Van Holdt, Rick and Lori (Foolproof Press) 1980-1981


van Krimpen, Jan (Typographer) 1959, 1965, undated


Vance, George (Proofreader for the Sierra Club) 1933


Vancouver Club of Printing House Craftsmen (Vancouver, British Columbia) 1930-1938


Vandercook and Sons, Inc. (Chicago) 1958-1986


Vanderwater and Norton Printers (F. A. Donnelly, San Francisco) undated


Van Son (Holland Ink Corporation of America, Mineola, New York) 1963-1979, undated


Van Vleck, O'Hara and Livermore (Marie Van Vleck, Lillian O'Hara, Grace Livermore, wood engravers, San Francisco) undated


Varisystems Corporation (Plainview, New York) 1972


Varityper Corporation (Phototypesetting equipment, East Hanover, New Jersey) 1975-1976, undated


Veer (Type design and illustration) 2009


Velo-Bind Inc. (Sunnyvale, California) 1971-1973, undated


Vermont Historical Society (Stephen Daye's printing press, Montpelier, Vermont) 1968, undated


Vermont -- print trade undated


Vernon Simpson Typographers (Los Angeles) undated


Versatec (Phototype proofing equipment, Cupertino, California) 1973, undated


Victoria Club of Printing House Craftsmen (Victoria, British Columbia) 1931


Vijuk Equipment, Inc. (Folding machines, Elmhurst, Illinois) 1988, undated


Virkotype (Hand process machine, Plainfield, New Jersey) undated


Visual Graphics Corporation (Miami) 1967-1974, undated


von Holdt, Rick and Lori (Fremont, California) undated


Vroman's Book Store (Pasadena, California) 1969


Vue (Western Printing Buyers' Journal, Bellevue, Washington) 1974


W. A. Woodward and Company (Job printing, San Francisco) 1880-1897


W. Graham Arader III (Maps, book and print dealer, San Francisco) 1986


W. H. Freeman and Company (Publishers, San Francisco) 1967-1976


W. O. Hickok Manufacturing Company (Bookbinding machinery and tools, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania) undated


W. S. Bacon and Company (Booksellers and stationers, Oakland) undated


W. V. Dermitt and Company (Law blank publishers, Pittsburgh) 1903


W. W. Brier and Son (Booksellers, San Francisco) c. 1888


Waddington, Alfred P. (Map maker) 1976


Wade, Leonard (Linotype faces, San Francisco) undated


Wade, S. H. (Book and job printer, San Francisco) undated


Wadsworth Publishing Company, Inc. (Belmont, California) undated


Wagner, Blanche Colett (Artist, San Marino, California) 1938, undated


Wagner, Harr 1936-1976, undated


Wagner, Henry Raup (Historian, San Marino, California) 1927-1970


Waite, Benjamin Franklin (Printer, San Francisco) undated


Waiward Press (Barbara and Christopher Warnock, Los Altos, California)


General 2008-2009, undated


Moxon Chappel 2007, undated


Waldstein, A. undated


Waldtenfel, A. (Bookseller, San Jose) undated


Walker Engraving Company (New York) 1941


Walker, Franklin undated


Wall, Bernhardt (Etcher, Sierra Madre, California) undated


Wall Street Journal Pacific Coast Edition 1964-1974, undated


Wallace and Hassett (Printers, San Francisco) undated


Wallace Hill Bookstore (Arkadelphia, Arkansas) 1949


Wallace Kibbee and Son (Printers, San Francisco) 1937-1964, undated


Walsh, Charles R. (Compositor, San Francisco) undated


Walt Whitman Bookshop (San Francisco) undated


Walter Crittenden (Typographic decorations, Buffalo, New York) 1953, undated


Walter J. Mann Company (The Lauck-Mann Company, design and photo engraving, San Francisco) undated


Walter N. Anderson, Fine Linotyping (San Francisco) undated


Walteufel, Achille (Bookseller, San Francisco) undated


Wamsley, George and Helvi (Editor and publishers, The San Francisco Territorial News)


Wanner, A. F. (Typefounder, Chicago) undated


Ward Ritchie Press, The (also Anderson, Ritchie and Simon, Los Angeles) 1932-1987


Warde, Beatrice (Typographer) 1940-1976, undated


Warfel, Willy undated


Warner Company, The (Commercial printers, San Francisco) undated


Warnock, John (Adobe Systems, Palo Alto, California) undated


Warren, J. Q. A. (San Francisco) 1974


Washbish, Robert Williston 1965-1966, undated


Washington-Alaska Graphic Arts Industries, Inc. (Yakima, Washington) 1960


Washington, Augustus (Daguerreotypist, Hartford, Connecticut) undated


Washington Press (San Francisco) undated


Washington Star (Newspaper, Washington D. C.) 1979


Washington -- newspapers 1870, 1934, 1969


Washington -- printing 1889, 1908, 1967, undated


Washington State Historical Society (Tacoma, Washington) 1964, 1975


Wasp Publishing Company (San Francisco) 1890, 1894


Water Table Press (Gary Albers, Santa Barbara) 1975


Waters and Company (San Francisco) 1870s, 1900


Waters, Newhoff and Company (Printers, San Francisco) undated


Watson-Brooks Office (Printing services, Jean Watson and Ruth Brooks, San Francisco) undated, 1954


Watson, Douglas S. (San Francisco) 1933-1935


Waston, Joseph (Type and press sales, Boston) 1874


Watts, Steven Lewis ( The Pastime Printer, typophile, Virginia) 1956-1967, undated


Wave Publishing Company (San Francisco) undated


Weather Bird Press (Vance Gerry, Los Angeles) 1973-1982


Web offset presses undated


Weber, C. E. (Stuttgart, Germany) undated


Weber, Reverend Francis J. (Archivist, Archdiocese of Los Angeles) 1969-1975, undated


Webster, Wesley (Publisher of classical and educational music, San Francisco) undated


Weekly Arizonian, The and printing press (Newspaper, Tubac, Arizona) undated


Weidemann, Harry (Typefounder, Nyssa, Oregon) undated


Weiss, M. (Book and job printing, San Francisco) undated


Wells Fargo Bank (San Francisco) 1956, undated


Wells, Horace (Typefounder, Cincinnati) undated


Welty, Frederick (Bibliophile, Philadelphia) undated


Wempe Brothers (Manufacturers of paper boxes, San Francisco) 1885


Wentworth, John P. H. (Publisher, San Francisco) 1876


Wenzel, Caroline (Librarian, California State Library, Sacramento) undated


Werner, N. J. (Originator of standardized typeface alignment, St. Louis, Missouri) undated


Werner, William (Newspaper publisher, Oakland) 1973


Wesel Manufacturing Company (Scranton, Pennsylvania) undated


West Coast Lithograph Company (San Francisco) undated


West Coast Print Center (Berkeley) 1980


West Indies -- printing undated


West, Joan 1972-1973


West-State Books (A. J. Van Duzen, Palo Alto, California) 1963-1964, 1967


Westana Publications (San Francisco) 1981


Westerberg, J. F. (Mill Valley, California) 1943, undated


Western daily newspapers 1962, undated


Western Electric Company (Portland, Oregon) 1949


Western History Association 1967-1975, undated


Western Letter (San Francisco Book Company, Inc.) 1975


Western Lithograph Company (Los Angeles) 1928, 1941-1942


Western Newspaper Union (Stephen W. Johnson) undated


Western Printing and Publishing Company (Sparks, Nevada) undated


Western Roll Paper Company (San Francisco) undated


Western Roller Company (Etiwanda, Calfornia) 1979


Western Tanager Press (Santa Cruz, California) 1981


Westernlore Press (Paul Bailey, Los Angeles) 1957-1975


Westerns, The (San Diego) 1979, 1983


Westgate Press (Alfred B. Kennedy, Oakland) undated


Westways (Automobile Club of Southern California) 1956


Westweek (Pacific Design Center, Los Angeles) 1986


Weyer, Auguste ( l'Echo du Pacifique) 1869


Weygers, Alexander (Carmel Valley, California) 1977


Wheat, Carl Irving (Wheatstalk Press, founder Roxburghe Club) 1928-1967, undated


Wheelan and Greene (Printers, San Francisco) undated


Wheeler, William (Bookbinder, San Francisco) undated


Whirligig Press (D. and D. Solo, Alameda, California)


General 2005-2009, undated


Moxon-Chappel 1994-2007, undated


Whitaker and Ray Company (Publishers and booksellers, San Francisco) 1900-1905


White, Elihu (Typefounder, Hartford, Connecticut) undated


White, James T. (Bookseller) undated


White Rabbit Press (Graham Mackintosh) 2009


Whiting Papers (Paper samples, Menasha, Wisconsin) undated


Whitnah, Dorothy (Emeryville, California) 1987


Whittle, George Howes 1917-1919


Whitton, Town and Company (Printers, San Francisco) 1858-1861


Whitton, Waters and Company (Book and job printing, San Francisco) 1861


Wiebking, Robert (Typefounder) undated


Wilke, William (Designer and illustrator) undated


Will and Finck (Bookseller, San Francisco) undated


Willats Printing Company (San Francisco) undated


William B. Cooke and Company (Importing stationers, San Francisco) 1862


William B. Rudow, Inc. (Printers' accessories, Sarasota, Florida) 1978-1979


William Kaufmann, Inc. (Publisher) 1977-1982, undated


William P. Harrison Printers Warehouse (San Francisco) 1865


William P. Wreden (Rare books and manuscripts, San Francisco and Palo Alto, California) 1940-1984


Williams College, Chapin Library (Williamstown, Massachusetts) 1966-1976


Williams and Collins (Printers, San Francisco) undated


Williams Engraving Company (Wood printing plates) undated


Williams, Fred (Hayward, California) undated


Williamsburg, Virginia -- printing 1957, 1979, undated


Willis, Edward Judge undated


Wilmac Press (J. Wilson McKenney, San Mateo, California)


General 1962-1967, undated


Moxon Chappel 1963-1973, undated


Wilmington Photo Type Founders, Inc. (Andover, Massachusetts) undated


Wilson, Adrian (Printer and book designer, San Francisco) 1952-1988, undated


Wilson, Carroll A. 1948


Winchester, John (California state printer) 1851


Windle, John (Antiquarian bookseller and publisher, San Francisco) 1980, 1999


Windsor Press (Cecil and James Johnson, San Francisco) 1927-1958, undated


Wing, William (Typefounder, Hartford, Connecticut) undated


Winged Mouse Press (San Francisco) undated


Winship, George Parker (Librarian and scholar, Cambridge, Massachusetts) 1919, 1929, undated


Winter Harbor Press (James Houle, Biddeford, Maine) undated


Winterburn and Company (Printer, San Francisco) 1878, 1885, undated


Winterich, John T. 1927-1930


Winters Express (Newspaper, Winters, California) undated


Wisconsin State Historical Society (Madison, Wisconsin) 1966-1970


Wise, Thomas J. 1948, 1962


Wismer and Becker (Sacramento) undated


Wizer Equipment Manufacturing, Inc. (Chula Vista, California) 1983-1985


Wobbers Inc. (Commercial retail and wholesale stationers, San Francisco) 1947, undated


Wofsy, Alan (Antiquarian bookman and publisher, San Francisco) 1975


Woman's Place Bookstore (Oakland) undated


Women printers 1964-1983, undated


Women Writers Union (San Francisco) undated


Women's Cooperative Printing Union (San Francisco) 1871-1886, undated


Women's History Research Center (Berkeley) undated


Women's Press, The (San Francisco) 1984


Women's Press Project undated


Wood, Charles R. undated


Wood, Dallas (Founder, Peninsula Newspapers, Inc.) 1974


Wood and Strickland (Printers, designers, engravers, San Francisco) undated


Wood type 1977-1978, undated


Woodcut Society, The (Kansas City, Missouri) undated


Wooden presses in the United States undated


Woon, Basil (Journalist, author, Reno, Nevada) 1974


Word Processing and Office/Business Equipment Expo 1981


Words on Walls and Things, Inc. (Manhattan Beach, California) undated


Worthy Paper Company (West Springfield, Massachusetts) 1925-1931, undated


Wright and Chadbourne (Printers, San Francico) undated


Wright Press, The (Paris, Texas) undated


Wroth, Lawrence C. 1942-1970


X-Rite Company, The (Grand Rapids, Michigan) undated


Xerox Corporation (Rochester, New York) 1966-1978, undated


Yale University Libraries 1945-1962, undated


Yale University Press (New Haven, Connecticut) 1966-1969, undated


Ye Old Book Shop (R. D. Collyer, Palo Alto, California) undated


Ye Olde Printery (Harold E. Sterne, Cincinnati) undated


Yellow Barn Press undated


Yerba Buena Books (San Francisco) 1984


Yerba Buena Press, The (Nathan Van Patten, Stanford University) 1931-1952


Yolla Bolly Press, The (James V. and Carolyn Robertson, Covelo, California) 1984-1987, undated


Yosemite Association (El Portal, California) undated


Young and McCallister, Inc. (Los Angeles) 1931, undated


Young, Brigham (Utah) 1963, 1977


The Youths Companion (Periodical, Boston) 1882, 1915


Yreka Journal (Newspaper, Yreka, California) 1878


Yreka Union (Newspaper, Yreka, California) 1879


Zamorano, Agustin Juan Vicente (California's first printer) 1932-1979, undated


Zamorano Club 1929-1986, undated


Zamorano press 1949, 1970


Zapf, Hermann (Type designer) 1951-1987


Zeitlin, Jake (Zeitlin and Ver Brugge, antiquarian book dealer, Los Angeles) 1953-1988


Zeitlin Periodicals Company (Los Angeles) undated


Zellerbach, Isadore 1941


Zellerbach Paper Company 1916-1987


Zion's Book Store (Salt Lake City, Utah) 1949


ZYZZYVA (Magazine) 1985


Oversized ephemera


Adams, Ansel 1939


Adobe Systems Inc. (Mountain View, California) 1988-1989


Albany Free Press (Michael and Lubov Mazur) 2009


Aldus Press (S. Vance Cagley, San Francisco) undated


Alex Dulfer Printing and Lithographing Company (San Francisco) 1946


Allied Arts Guild (Menlo Park, California) undated


Alphabet Express (San Francisco) 1975


Alta California Bookstore (Berkeley) undated


Alvarez, Francisco S. (Paper importer, San Francisco) 1853


American Institute of Graphic Arts (New York) 1920-1930, undated


American Printer, The (Chicago) 1924-1925


American Type Founders Company (Elizabeth, New Jersey) 1923, 1950, undated


American Wood Type Manufacturing Company (New York) undated


Ampersand Press, The (Arthur M. Ellis, Jake Zeitlin, Grant Dahlstrom) 1930


Amsterdam Continental Types and Graphic Equipment, Inc. (New York) undated


Angelo, Valenti (Printer and illustrator, Grabhorn Press, San Francisco and New York) 1931-1976, undated


Ano Nuevo Island Press (Marianne Hinckle, San Francisco) 1996, 2000, undated


Anvil Press (Victor Hammer, Lexington, Kentucky) 1955, undated


Appleton Papers, Inc. (Appleton, Wisconsin) 1984-1989


Archetype Press (Wilder and Ellen Bentley) 1935, 1939

Location of Materials: Located in folio folder.

Argus Books (Herbert Caplan, Sacramento) undated

Location of Materials: Located in folio folder.

Arif Press (Wesley B. Tanner, Berkeley) 1970


Arion Press (Andrew Hoyem, San Francisco) 1974-1987, undated

Location of Materials: Located in folio folder.

Art Directors Club of San Francisco and the Artists Club of San Francisco 1952

Location of Materials: Located in folio folder.

Art Institute of Chicago 1937

Scope and Contents

File contains a printing tree, recording names of important figures in the history of typography and printing, designed by Anne Edwards.

Association Typographique Internationale 1983

Location of Materials: Located in folio folder.

Automix Keyboards, Inc. (Bellevue, Washington) undated


Bancroft-Whitney Company (Lawbook publishers, San Francisco) undated


Bank of America National Trust and Savings Association undated


Barbarian Press (Vancouver, British Columbia) 1980-1981


Basilisk Press, Limited (London, England) 1974


Bauer Type Foundry, Inc. (Konrad F. Bauer, New York, Frankfurt) 1937, undated

Location of Materials: Located in folio folder.

Scope and Contents

Contains German poster of Stammbaum der Schrift, Bauer's family tree of printing types.

Baxter, George (Printer) 1843


Beagle Press (Vallejo, California) 1969


Bean Creek Press -- General and Moxon Chappel (Charlie and Frances Hinde, Santa Clara, California) 1976-1986, undated


Bellerophon Books (San Francisco) 1973

Location of Materials: Located in folio folder.

Belt, Elmer (Collector of Vinciana, Los Angeles) 1949


Ben Day, Inc. (Rapid shading medium, New York) 1919, undated


Bender, Albert M. 1939


Berkeley Art Center (Perfect Bindings: Northern California Book Arts exhibition) undated


Bishop Museum Press (Hawaii) 1957


Blackwood Press 1928, undated


Blake, Moffitt and Towne (San Francisco) 1953, 1963, undated

Location of Materials: Located in folio folder.

Book Club of California (San Francisco) 1922-2005


Brandtjen & Kluge (Printing equipment manufacturers, St. Croix Falls, Wisconsin, St. Paul, Minnesota) undated


Bray and Beran (Printers, San Francisco) 1929


Briggs, W. K. ( SF Newsletter, fortieth Anniversary issue cover) undated


Brough, Bruce (Printer, San Francisco) 1923


Brower, Marcus (Printer, Brower Associates, Marcus Brower & Company, San Francisco) 1932


Bullen, Henry Lewis (Printer, librarian, and historian) 1935


C. M. Edwards Associates (San Francisco) undated




California Centennials Commission 1948

Scope and Contents

Contains map of California based on Britton and Rey's 1857 lithograph of California map drawn from United States Land and Coast surveys.

California Constitution (Reproduction) undated

Location of Materials: Located in folio folder.

California Historical Society (San Francisco) 1954-1976

Location of Materials: Located in folio folder.

California International Antiquarian Bookfair 1966, 1978-1985


California Photo-Engravers Association (San Francisco) 1925


California Polytechnic State University, Shakespeare Press Museum (San Luis Obispo, California) undated

Location of Materials: Located in folio folder.

Californian, The (Newspaper, San Francisco) 1848, 1948, undated


Camino Press -- Moxon Chappel (Matthew Kelsey, Saratoga) undated


Carnegie Institute of Technology -- The Laboratory Press (Pittsburgh) 1928, 1931


Case Paper Company (New York) undated


Caslon type undated


Castle Press, The (Grant Dahlstrom, Pasadena, California) 1966, 1969


Caxton, William (Printer) undated


Champion Papers Inc. (Hamilton, Ohio) 1965, undated


Charles H. Falk Studio of Typography (San Francisco) 1958


Charles R. Wood and Associates (Lithography and photogravure, San Francisco) undated


Charles Scribner's Sons (New York) undated


Chiswick Book Shop (New York, New York) 1972


Christmas cards undated


City College of San Francisco Department of Printing Technology undated

Location of Materials: Located in folio folder.

Cleland, Thomas Maitland (Printer) 1926


Cobden-Sanderson, T. J. (Bookbinder and printer) 1916


Columbia Times (Reproduction, Carrier's Address for New Years Day) undated

Location of Materials: Located in folio folder.

Composing room undated


Conlan, Charles (Printer and lithographer, San Francisco) undated


Cordis, Thomas Edward (International Association of Printing House Craftsmen, Inc.) 1960, undated


Coster, Laurens Janszoon (Inventor of a printing press) undated


Coverdale Press, The (Chicago) 1960


Craemer, Jeff (Printer) 1983


Craftool Company, The (Historical Press Series, Albion press, Wood-Ridge, New Jersey) undated

Location of Materials: Located in folio folder.

Cranach Press (Weimer, Germany) 1930, undated


Cresset Press Limited, The (London) 1929


Cubrey & Company (Printers, San Francisco) 1869


Deberny & Peignot (Typefounders, Paris) undated


Declaration of Independence (Reproduction) undated

Location of Materials: Located in folio folder.

DeVinne Press, The (Theodore Brockbank DeVinne, New York) 1930


Dodd, Mead & Company (Book covers, New York) undated


Dogwood Press (Frank McCaffrey, Seattle) undated


Duensing, Paul Hayden undated


Dunn, Harvey Hopkins (Designer and typographer, New York, Philadelphia) undated


Duschnes, Philip C. (Distributor for Urs Graf Publishing Company, New York) 1959


Dwiggins, William Addison (Designer, illustrator, typographer, Massachusetts) 1906-1958


Engdahl Typography (Lee and Mayona Engdahl, Santa Rosa, California) 1988


Epes Ellery Antiquarian Bookstore (San Francisco) 1984


Eragny Press undated


Everson, William (Author and printer, Berkeley) 1947-1981


Feathered Serpent Press (Susan Acker, Dan Greame and Marian R. Kelley, San Rafael, California) 1984, undated


Fecit, Benard (Artist) undated


Figment Press, The (Dianne Weiss, Mill Valley, California) undated


Five Fine Printers: an exhibition (Jake Stauffacher, Adrian Wilson, Richard Bigus, Andrew Hoyem, William Everson) 1979


Flong 1965


Foster, F. (Bookbinder, paper ruler and blank book manufacturer, Sacramento) undated


Francis, Valentine and Company (Engraving and printing, San Francisco) undated


Franklin, Benjamin undated


Fuji Graphics Inc. (Anaheim, California) undated


G. M. Whipple and A. A. Smith (Booksellers and stationers, Salem, Massachusetts) undated


George F. Nesbitt and Company (Printers and stationers, New York) undated

Location of Materials: Located in folio folder.

Gill, Eric (Engraver) 1928


Golden Cockerel Press, The (Robert and Moira Gibbings, Berkshire, England) 1931, 1937


Goudy, Frederick W. (Type designer) 1932, undated


Government Printing Office (Washington D. C.) 1936, 1941


Grabhorn-Hoyem (Printers, San Francisco) 1967-1972


Grabhorn, Jane (Printer, The Colt Press, San Francisco) 1953, 1956, 1980


Grabhorn, Mary (Illustrator, San Francisco) 1956, undated


Grabhorn Press (Robert and Edwin Grabhorn, San Francisco) 1922-1976

Physical Description: 4.0 folders

Graphic Arts of Marin (Sausalito, California) undated


Graphic Arts Studio (San Francisco) undated


Great Midwestern Bookshow (Minneapolis) 1985


Greenwood Press (Jack Stauffacher, San Francisco) undated

Scope and Contents

Contains a broadside of Plea for Survival by Sir Bertrand Russell.

Grolier Club (New York, New York) 1910, 1973


Guasp Press (Saint Francis of Assisi woodblock prints) undated


Guide, The (Newspaper, reproduction, Bishop and Company, San Francisco) undated


Gutenberg, John (Printer, The Gutenberg Bible) undated


H. S. Crocker and Company (Stationers and printers, Sacramento) 1875-1877


H. S. Tanner, Philadelphia and T. R. Tanner, New York (Maps and atlases) undated


Hackett, Edmond Byrne (Brick Row Book Shop, Inc., New York) 1936


Haentjens decker Gumbert (Prospectus, The Utrecht Pslater) 1972


Halle-Cordis Composing Room (San Francisco) undated


Harding, George L. undated

Scope and Contents

Contains keepsake for friends of the Grabhorn Press, California Spanish Imprints, 1833-1845.

Harper and Brothers (Publishers) undated

Scope and Contents

Contains book cover for George Du Maurier's Trilby.

Harvard College Library, Department of Printing and Graphic Arts (Cambridge, Massachusetts) undated


Havilah Press -- Moxon Chappel (Emeryville, California) 2007


Heidelberg (Printing, West Germany) undated


Hilltop Hobbies Press -- Moxon Chappel (George Pfeiffer) 1981


Hinckle and Sons Printing Office (Marianne Hinckle, San Francisco) 1988


Hittell, Theodore H. ( Brief history of California, sample pages) undated


Howell, Warren R. (John Howell Books, antiquarian bookseller) 1972, 1973, undated


Independent Pressroom, Inc. (San Francisco) undated


Industrial Espionage Inc. [Goes] undated


Institute of Historical Cartography (San Francisco) undated


International Association of Printing House Craftsmen, Inc. 1929-1949


International Typeface Corporation (New York) undated


J. H. Neblett Pressroom, Limited (San Francisco) undated


J. W. Butler Paper Company (Chicago) 1903

Location of Materials: Located in folio folder.

Jackson, Hartley Everett 1948


James F. Drake, Inc. (Rare book, first edition, and autograph dealer, New York) undated


Janus Press 1986


Japan Paper Company (New York) undated


John Calhoun Club (Chicago) 1928


John Howell Books (San Francisco) undated


John T. Bevans Linotyping (San Francisco) undated


John Windle Publishing Company (San Francisco) 1980


Johnck & Seeger (Printing press, John J. Johnck and Harold Seeger, San Francisco) 1930, 1939, undated


Johnson Reprint Corporation (Subsidiary of Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, New York) undated


Jones, George W. (Sign of the Dolphin, London, England) 1919, 1930, undated


Kemble, Edward Cleveland undated

Location of Materials: Located in folio folder.

Kemble Collection on Western Printing and Publishing (California Historical Society, San Francisco) undated


Kennedy, Alfred L. (Printer, San Francisco) 1958-1970, undated


Kennedy, Lawton (Printer, San Francisco) 1958-1970, undated

Physical Description: 4.0 folders
Location of Materials: The bulk of materials are located in oversized boxes, two posters are located in folio folders.

Kennedy, Lawton and Alfred L. (Printers, San Francisco) 1961-1975

Physical Description: 2.0 folders

Kennedy-ten Bosch Company (Printers and binders, San Francisco) 1926-1927, undated


Kimberly-Clark Corporation (Wisconsin) 1962


Knight-Counihan Company (Printers, San Francisco) 1928


Koch, Peter Rutledge (Blackstone Press) 1980-1985

Scope and Contents

Contains keepsake printed for the Friends of the Edward C. Kemble Collections on Western Printing and Publishing. Keepsake contains information about and a book order for Epes Ellery Antiquarian Bookstore.

Kusz, Charles L. (Newspaper editor The Gringo and Greaser, New Mexico) undated


LKW Press -- Moxon Chappel (L. Kenneth Wilson, Palo Alto, California) 1969, 1972


Lakeside Press, The (R. R. Donnelley and Sons Company, Illinois) undated

Scope and Contents

Contains reproduction of Volume One, Number One of Scientific American.

Lane Magazine and Book Company ( Sunset Magazine, Sunset Books, Menlo Park, California) undated


Le Count Brothers (Stationers and printers, San Francisco) 1893


Limited Editions Club Inc. (New York) 1934-1936


Lindner, Eddy and Clauss (Lithographers, New York) 1888


Lithography undated


Los Angeles Club of Printing House Craftsmen undated

Location of Materials: Located in folio folder.

Ludlow Swiftape (Teletypesetter-copatible tape entry and justification system) undated


Ludlow Typograph Company (Chicago) undated


Mackenzie-Harris Corporation (Typographers and typefounders, San Francisco) c. 1925, 1975, 1982

Location of Materials: Located in folio folder.

Mackintosh, Graham ( Oyez) 1971


Maran Printing Services (Baltimore) undated

Location of Materials: Located in folio folder.

Scope and Contents

Contains reproduction lithograph of the Declaration of Independence.

Marchbanks Press, The (New York) 1918-1931, undated


Marsh, S. H. (H. K. McCann Company) 1924


Marshall Printing (Letterpress) undated


McCormick-Armstrong Company (Wichita, Kansas) 1931, 1932

Location of Materials: Located in folio folder.

McKay, Donald (Advertising illustrator, San Francisco) undated


McMurtrie, Douglas C. (Typographer, Evanston, Illinois) 1927, 1932, undated


Mergenthaler Linotype Company (Brooklyn, New York) 1927-1934, undated


Merrymount Press, The (D. B. Updike, Boston) 1923, 1940, undated

Location of Materials: Located in folio folder.

Metcalf-Little Inc. (Typographers and illustrators, San Francisco) undated


Miehle-Goss-Dexter, Inc. (Chicago) 1934, 1953


Mills College (Oakland) 1935, 1939

Scope and Contents

Contains materials from the Eucalyptus Press and the Albert M. Bender collection at Mills College.

Monotype Composition Company (Typefoundry, San Francisco) undated


Morison, Stanley ( Four Centuries of Fine Printing) undated


Murdock, Charles A. (Printer, San Francisco) 1885


Nash, John Henry (Printer, Trade Pressroom, San Francisco) 1919-1934

Physical Description: 2.0 folders

Neal, Stratford and Kerr (Stationers and engravers, Oakland) undated


New York Public Library, The Robinson-Pforzheimer typeface collection undated


New York Times, The (Newspaper) 1940, 1962


Noble Impressions -- Moxon Chappel (San Francisco) undated


Oak Hill Press (Philip H. Goldman, Santa Barbara) 1969

Location of Materials: Located in folio folder.

Oakland National Engraving and Gravure Company (Oakland) undated


Oakland Tribune 1924-1927, 1981


Omnicomp (San Francisco) undated

Location of Materials: Located in folio folder.

Overland Press, The (Austin, Texas) 1981


Pacific Coast Advertising Clubs Association 1922

Location of Materials: Located in folio folder.

Pacific Society of Printing House Craftsmen 1930, undated


Pacific Wine and Spirit Review (San Francisco) 1896


Pageant Book, Inc. (Paterson, New Jersey) 1960


Pajaronian, The (Newspaper, Watsonville, California) 1915


Palmer and Rey (San Francisco) undated


Papel Indigena Mexicano, El (Hans Lenz, Mexican indigenous paper) undated


Parker Printing Company (San Francisco) undated


Pelican Press (London) 1928


Pennoyer, A. Sheldon (Author, artist) 1938


Peregrine Press (Henry Evans, San Francisco) 1950-1970, undated

Location of Materials: Located in folio folder.

Philoxenia Press -- Moxon Chappel (Berkeley) undated


Philter Press, The -- General and Moxon Chappel (Paul and Joyce Quyle, Murphys, California) 1964-1978, undated


Plantin, Christophe (Printer and publisher) undated


Plantin Press, The (Los Angeles) 1957


Poltroon Press (Alastair Johnston, Berkeley) 1976, 1999


Porpoise Bookshop, The (Booksellers and publishers, San Francisco) 1955, 1956, undated


Powell, H. M. T. (Illustrator, Pueblo de Los Angeles) undated


Price Typography (San Francisco) undated

Location of Materials: Located in folio folder.

Printer's hat undated


Printers' Shop, The (Frederica Postman, Palo Alto, California) 1974


Printing Department, Edison Junior High School (Berkeley) 1932


Printing presses (Illustrations of presses) undated


Printing Week 1955, 1965


Quintessence Publications and Working Press-Room Museum, Inc. (Amador City, California) 1986, undated


R. E. Lewis, Inc. (Original prints and drawings, San Francisco) 1956


Rand, McNally and Company (Printers and engravers, Chicago) 1876


Recorder Printing and Publishing Company, The (San Francisco) 1926


Reynard Press (Typographers, publishers, binders, San Francisco) undated


Richard Abel Bookseller (Beaverton, Oregon) 1973, 1974


Ricci, Franco Maria (Publisher, Parma, Italy) 1965


Rising Marks Fine Typography (Roland Charles Stovel, Los Angeles) undated


Ritchie, George F. (San Francisco) 1977


Riverside Press, The (Bruce Rogers, Boston) 1902, undated


Rogers, Bruce (Type designer and printer, World Bible) 1924-1949


Rollins, Carl Purington (Montague Press, New Clairvaux Press, Yale University Press) 1930, undated


Rosenstock, Fred A. (The Old West Publishing Company, Denver) 1963


Rounce and Coffin Club (Los Angeles) 1953


Royal Zenith Press undated

Location of Materials: Located in folio folder.

Rudge, William Edwin (Printer and publisher, New York) 1928-1929


Russ Building (San Francisco) undated

Location of Materials: Located in folio folder.

S. D. Warren Company (Printing paper, Boston) undated


Sacramento Book Collectors Club 1950


Sacramento Club of Printing House Craftsmen undated


Saint Benedict undated


San Francisco Bay Cities Club of Printing House Craftsmen undated


San Francisco Chronicle (Newspaper, fire in Virginia, Nevada) 1875


San Francisco Club of Printing House Craftsmen 1930-1979

Location of Materials: Located in folio folder.

San Francisco Examiner (Newspaper) 1979, 1987


San Francisco International Book Fair (Friends of Books and Comics) 1973


San Francisco Photo Engraving Company undated


San Francisco printers undated


San Francisco Public Library undated


San Francisco Territorial News 1966, undated


Sausalito Gazette (Newspaper) 1959


Schoeffer, Johannes ( Livy's Roman History leaves) undated


Schmidt Lithograph Company (Max Schmidt, San Francisco) 1936


Schwartz, Charles W. ( Wild California: Vanishing Lands, Vanishing Wildlife sketches) 1985


Scrimshaw Press, The (Darius Kinsey collection, Oakland) undated


Scripps College Press (Claremont, California) 1986


Scudder, Harvey E. (Printer, Stockton, California) 1965, undated


Seattle Club of Printing House Craftsmen 1928, 1935


Serendipity Books 1971


Ship Press Chappel (San Francisco) 1980-1981


Simpson Lee Paper Company (San Francisco) undated

Location of Materials: Located in folio folder.

Slotkin, Stanley S. (Founder of Abbey Rents, Los Angeles) 1969, undated


Small Press Club of Marin 1982-1986, undated


Smithsonian Institution, Division of Graphic Arts (Washington D. C.) 1979-1980, undated

Scope and Contents

Contains model of a common wooden press and The Stuffed Goose Printers' Broadside Series, portfolios 1 and 2.

Societa Nebiolo (Typefoundry, Turin, Italy) undated

Location of Materials: Located in folio folder.

Society of Graphic Arts of San Francisco 1955


Solo, Dan X. (Solotype, Oakland) 1966, undated


Spiro, Leon (Editor, S-B Gazette, poet, Marin City, California) 1965-1974


Stanford University Libraries (Palo Alto, California) 1972


Stanford University Press 1938

Scope and Contents

Poster contains Moulin aerial photograph of San Franicsco bay.

Stauffacher, Jack Werner (Printer and typeface designer, The Greenwood Press, San Francisco) 1991, 2003


Stecher-Traung (Lithographers, San Francisco) 1943, 1941, undated


Stinehour, Christopher (Brick Row Book Shop, Yerba Buena Books) 1984


Stone and Kimball (Printers, New York) undated


Streeter, Thomas Winthrop (Book collector) 1962


T. J. Cardoza Company (Bookbinders, stationers, San Francisco) 1928


Tamalpais Press (Roger Levenson, Berkeley) 1972, undated


TAGlio Litho -- Moxon Chappel (Tom Goglio, San Jose) undated

Location of Materials: Located in folio folder.

Taylor and Taylor (Edward De Witt and Henry H. Taylor, printers, San Francisco) 1982


Taylor, Nash and Taylor (Printers, San Francisco) 1913-1914

Scope and Contents

Contains a 1913-1914 calendar for the Thacher School, with photographs of the school grounds in Ojai, California.

Teague, Walter Dorwin (Industrial designer, graphic designer, and illustrator) 1914-1920


Times New Roman undated


Times, The (Newspaper, London) 1931, 1953


Tommasini, Amadeo R. (Printer and book designer) 1941-1947


Turtlesilk Press -- Moxon Chappel (Linda Stinchfield, Los Gatos) undated


Typographic Service Company (Los Angeles) undated


Unidentified printed maps undated


Unidentified print ephemera undated

Location of Materials: Located in folio folder.

United Efforts Press -- Moxon Chappel (John Arnold, Portola Valley, California) 1963, undated


University of California, Berkeley, Bancroft Library 1957, undated


University of California, Davis - Putah Creek Press 1968


University of California, Los Angeles Antiquarian Book Fair 1977


University of California Press undated


University of California, Santa Cruz - Lime Kiln Press 1981


University of Chicago Press undated


University of Denver Press 1950


University of Nevada, Reno - Black Rock Press (Kenneth Carpenter) 1967-1973


University of San Francisco, Gleeson Library Associates 1963-1984


University of Southern California - Fine Arts Press (Los Angeles) undated


Updike, D. B. undated


Walker Engraving Company (New York) 1941


Wallace Kibbee and Son (Printers, San Francisco) 1936, 1938, undated


Walter J. Mann Company (Engraving, San Francisco) undated


Walter Mayer Advertising 1971


Ward Ritchie Press, The (Los Angeles) 1949


Weather Bird Press (Vance Gerry, Los Angeles) undated


Weiss, E. R. (Insel-Verlag, Leipzig) 1925


West Virginia Pulp and Paper Company undated


Western Lithograph Company (Los Angeles) undated


Wheat, Carl Irving (Printer, founder of Roxburghe Club) 1933

Location of Materials: Located in folio folder.

Wheatstalk Press (Carl Irving Wheat, Palo Alto, California) 1928, 1958


Wilke, William Hancock (Artist, San Francisco) undated


William H. Robinson Ltd. (Rare books and ancient manuscripts, London) 1933


William P. Wreden (Rare books and manuscripts, San Francisco and Palo Alto, California) 1967


Wilson, Adrian (Printer and book designer, San Francisco) 1956, 1967, undated


Windsor Press (Cecil and James Johnson, San Francisco) 1935


Women's Press of San Francisco, The 1984


Wood & Nathan Co. The Monotype undated


Wynkyn de Worde Society 1970


Xerox Corporation (Rochester, New York) 1976


Yolla Bolly Press, The (James V. and Carolyn Robertson, Covelo, California) 1984-1992, undated


Z. & W. M. Crane (Dalton, Massachusetts) 1927

Scope and Contents

Includes reproductions of title pages designed by Edwin Grabhorn, Bruce Rogers, D. B. Updike, and William Edwin Rudge.

Zamorano Club 1934, 1940


Zeitlin and Ver Brugge (Rare book seller, Los Angeles) 1973-1974

Location of Materials: Located in folio folder.

Zellerbach Paper Company (San Ramon, California) 1959, 1987, undated

Location of Materials: Located in folio folder.
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