April 7th, 1943 Subject: Settlement of Dispute.
Supplement to Contract.
Attitude towards management.

I In the latrine this mroning I met Sat Takemoto, of the office of the factory who told me that the dispute hdd been settled.

"We finally told the committee to accept the 18% for the month of March, inetedd of the $1.12 an hour. In this way, I think the avergge hourly wgge will be higher than $1.12 an hour. We are getting a pretty good deal now; with 16.5% from April 1st, will give the orkers more say in the attitude of the workers. There will be no more loafing on the part of the various workers. If some member of the crew falls down on the job, then the other members can jump on him and ask him to works a little harder."

This is going back some, but were there many applicants for your job?

Yes, there were quite a few. It is a pretty good job. Smilar to the Administration accounting office job, where one puts in afull days work, but gets only $16.00 a month. Here, I work just as hard, and make anywehre from three to four times as much. When we get out of here, or when we land a similar job on the outside, the fact that we worked in a defense plant office, with recommendations, it might get us a better deal.

How do the workers feel about Rosenbloom?

Well, when it is business, he is a hard man. All business. But if you catch him when he is not talking about business, then he is apretty good fellow. He said this the other day, "If I can put oneover you, that is to my advantage; and if you can put one over on me, that is my loss."