Manzanar, California
January 19, 1943 MEMORANDUM TO: Mr. W. Wade Head, Project Director Colorado River Relocation Project
SUBJECT: Transfer of camouflage net project workers

Mr. R. H. Haberle, the Superintendent of Manufacturing, at our center has submitted to us a list of five individuals who have stated their desire to relocate to your center in order to work on the camouflage net project as we in Manzanar do not have such a project here. They have all been working or have worked on the camouflage net project here prior to the time it was taken away.

If you feel that it would be beneficial to have these five individuals at your center to aid in the camouflage net project, we would be most happy to have them transferred to your center at as early a date as possible.

We are attaching a copy of the memorandum which Mr. Haberle sent to us.

Ralph P. Merritt
Project Director
Enc. 28984