March 25, 1943 Memorandum to: Robert Kinoshita, Chairman
Factory Committee
From: J. E. Rosenbloom
Office Manager

In view of the fact that there has been a misunderstanding concerning the responsibility for maintaining the ceiling figure mentioned in the agreement of Feb. 13, 1943. I am submitting to Mr. Stahl by telephone tonight the suggestion that he take the loss of over two thousand dollars due to the misunderstanding.

In other words, I will submit to him the figure of 1.057 per hour to be paid to non-weavers for the period ending March 16 with the understanding that you, in turn, will notify me in writing that the ceiling figure which is now 1406 wukk be maintained hereafter.

According to the agre ment, the non-weaving workers shall be paid on the general average wage of the current half of the month of all weavers who have received two prior pay checks, meaning that the total earnings of all of the weavers shall be divided by the number of weavers who worked during the period, thereby basing the onn-weavers pay on production earnings of the weavers.

As you know, the weavers have been paid for the past period and the non-weavers checks are being held up pending an answer to this communica5ion. Please give this your immediate attention and have your letter of understanding and agreement in the morning so that I can proceed with the non-weavers part of the payroll.

J. E. Rosenbloom
Office Manager
cc to: Mr. Wade Head
Mr. V.R. Kennedy