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Z Archipelagu Gulag video tape

Relates to Polish deportees and prisoners in the Soviet Union during World War II. Produced by Józef Gębski. Includes variant versions of the video tape, including one with English subtitles, and still photographs used in the production.

Z Wadowic do Watykanu video tape

Relates to the life of Pope John Paul II from his childhood in Poland to his attainment of the papacy.

Zablackas Spanish Civil War Collection

This collection consists of 155 items of Spanish Civil War materials, including children's books, military documents and regalia, money, trade cards, receipts, news magazines, postcards, and other propaganda....

Zabylov (Sergei) letters

Letters received from correspondents in the Soviet Union, relating to personal and family affairs.

Zaccagnini, Cipriano (Second World War correspondence)

This collection contains six letters from Sgt. Cipriano Zaccagnini, USA to his cousin Mary Talingo during the Second World War.

Zacek (Pavel) collection

Case files, reports, and diaries and interrogation transcripts of Czech senior secret police personnel, relating to secret service activities in Czechoslovakia. Includes a summary of the secret police file on Václav Havel. Photocopies of originals in the Národní archiv.

Zachariasen (Fredrik) papers

The working papers, correspondence, publications, and biographical material of physicist Fredrik Zachariasen form the collection known as the Fredrik Zachariasen Papers in the Archives of the California Institute of Technology (Caltech). Zachariasen specialized in theoretical physics, focusing on the interactions...

Zachary (Gregg) Showstopper : papers

Contains research files, notes, audiovisual materials, notebooks, and manuscripts of Gregg Zachary's book Showstopper, documenting the history of the Microsoft.

Zagorskii (I. K.) typescript

Relates to political repression in the Soviet Union.

Zagovor protiv strany sovetov : fil'm vtoroi video tape

Soviet film relating to American espionage in the Soviet Union. Includes a segment attributing espionage activities to the American Relief Administration.

Zahidi (Ardashir) papers

Correspondence, speeches and writings, interview transcripts, financial records, photographs, video and sound recordings, printed matter, and computer disks relating to Ardeshir Zahedi's diplomatic career during the Pahlavi era in Iran. Zahedi served as Ambassador to the United States, Ambassador to...

Zahn (Dieter) collection

Election campaign literature and other printed political ephemera, mainly from Germany.

Zahn (Gary) and the San Luis National Wildlife Refuge Complex collection

Collection is comprised of correspondence and materials collected during Gary Zahn's tenure as manager of the San Luis National Wildlife Restoration Complex, from 1980-1999. Materials are organized topically and chronologically, and address the following topics: drain water issues, water contracts,...

Zainichi Korean collection

The Zainichi Korean collection is comprised of research files of Yondaru Kimu. Yondaru Kimu is a second-generation Korean and a researcher of modern Korean history, particularly the history of Koreans. Koreans are Korean migrants and their descendants from Joseon who...

Zaitsov (Arsenii Aleksandrovich) mimeograph

Relates to Soviet economic and military policy.

Zake (Louis Joseph) papers

Writings, notes, correspondence, and printed matter, relating to activities of the Wydzial Narodowy Polski Centralny Komitet Ratunkowy w Ameryce in mobilizing Polish Americans to support relief efforts for Poland during and after World War I and to promote establishment of...

Zakhartchenko (Constantine L.) papers

These papers contain the personal documents and correspondence of Constantine L'vovich Zakhartchenko, a Russian émigré and aeronautical engineer. In the course of his engineering career, Zakhartchenko was involved with the design and development of numerous aircraft, aircraft components, and missiles,...

Zakheim (Bernard) Collection

This collection contains material regarding the life and work of artist Bernard Zakheim. Much of the collection relates to the creation and restoration of Zakheim's Toland Hall and Cole Hall murals at the University of California, San Francisco. Included are...

Zakheim (Bernard) collection on Frank Herbert

The collection consists of materials from Polish-born San Francisco artist Bernard Zakheim, mostly related to his friendship and interactions with science fiction author Frank Herbert. Items in the collection include correspondence between Herbert and Zakheim, news clippings on Herbert, and...

Zakheim (Bernard) papers

Bernard Zakheim (1898-1985) was an artist best known for murals he painted in Coit Tower and in Toland Hall at the University of California, San Francisco. His collection contains correspondece, research files, and published and unpublished artwork and writing.

Zakian (Michael) Papers

Michael Zakian was the Director of the Frederick R. Weisman Museum at Pepperdine University. Throughout his life Michael had a passion for the arts which came through in his work at the Weisman Museum and previous museums he was employed...

Zalar (Charles) typescript

Relates to communism in Yugoslavia. Ph.D. dissertation, Georgetown University.

Zalba-Hollister Bakery records

Business records of an early-20th century Basque bakery in Hollister, California.

Zale (Schimmel) Lesbian Wedding Photographs

Schimmel Zale photographics of a lesbian wedding, October 1987.

Zaleski (August) papers

Correspondence, dispatches, memoranda, and reports, relating to interwar Polish diplomacy, conditions in Poland and diplomacy regarding Poland during World War II, and postwar Polish emigre life.

Zaleski (Jerzy J.) and Zbigniew Wolynski circular letter

Asks Poles to sign a demand to August Zaleski, president of the Polish Republic in Exile, for the reorganization of the Polish Government-in-Exile in order to make it more representative. Written by J. J. Zaleski and Zbigniew Wolynski.

Zalewski (Franciszek) papers

Reports, statistics, charts, notes, speeches, and diaries, relating primarily to the health of, and medical care for, Polish troops in the Soviet Union during World War II.

Zambia. Ministry of Information and Broadcasting photographs

Depicts Zambian and Chinese crews laying track for the Tanzam Railroad, and inauguration ceremonies upon completion of the railroad.

Zambian subject collection

Electronic bulletins, pamphlets, leaflets, speeches, reports, and other printed matter, relating to political, social and economic conditions in Zambia.

Zambrowski (Antoni) papers

Memoirs, other writings, correspondence, bulletins, printed matter, and audiovisual material, relating to political conditions in Poland and to the Solidarnosc movement.

Zambrowski, Roman papers

Memoirs, other writings, diaries, and printed matter, relating to political conditions in Poland and to the Polska Zjednoczona Partia Robotnicza.

Zamecnik (John) music scores

This collection consists of music scores belonging to American composer and conductor John Zamecnik (1872-1953). He is best known for the photoplay music he composed for pianists, organists, and orchestras during the silent film era.

Zamin (Ki Dost) papers

Zamin Ki Dost (1866-1947) was a medical missionary in India and lectured throughout the U.S. for Armenian Relief before settling in Los Angeles to teach philosophy and write stories and poems. The collection consists of literary manuscripts, including a manuscript...

Zamorano and Roxburghe Clubs publications and ephemera

Keepsakes, bibliographies, and printed ephemera produced and collected by members of the Zamorano and Roxburghe Clubs. The two bibliophilic societies have sponsored the printing of announcements, keepsakes, and letterpress items by their members, to be distributed amongst the memberships as...

Zamorano Club Collection

Collection of materials created by and for the Zamorano Club, including primarily printed books, pamphlets, and other ephemera from meetings, talks, and dinners. Also includes minutes from meetings, meeting announcements, and other club functional records.

Zamorano Club Ephemera, Robert E. Cowan Collection of

Ephemera related to Zamorano Club events from 1929-1935, from the collection of bibliographer Robert E. Cowan.

Zamorano Club Keepsakes Collection

This collection contains announcements and invitations for Zamorano Club events; publications, posters, and broadsides from published by Zamorano Club members. ...

Zamorano Club Papers

The collection contains boxes and several separate items. It is semi-cataloged. The entire collection deals with The Zamorano Club of Los Angeles....

Zane Grey print, circa 1930

One b/w print of Zane Grey and J. A. Wiborn on the beach, together with copies of three clippings re his trip to New Zealand, Australia and Tahiti, ca. 1930. Laid in Grey's Tales of Tahitian Waters (New York ,...

Zane Grey Travel photograph album, 1923

629 b/w photographs in an album inscribed by Zane Grey to his secretary Mildred Smith, noting "This is a photographic record of our wanderings from May until Nov. 1923...". Includes Southwestern scenes, Pacific Northwest hunting, and deep-sea fishing scenes.

Zani i Kosoves periodical issue

Relates to Albanian culture, literature, and politics.

Zapata Murals

Video of the murals in Casa Zapata painted by various students and classes taught by Tony Burciaga and visiting artists; narrated by Tony Burciaga.

Zapatismo and Leftist activism posters

This collection consists of 22 posters on the Zapatismo and Leftist activism in Mexico created between 2010 and 2013....

Zare (Richard N.) Audiovisual Materials

Collection consists of nine 16mm film reels donated by Professor Richard N. Zare, Marguerite Blake Wilbur Professor in Natural Science at Stanford University.

Zariņš (Richards A.) papers

Private archives of Latvian American reverand, author, bibliophile and collector Rev. Richards Zariņš contains his personal papers and the records of The Latvian Evangelical Lutheran Church of New York. The materials document the life of Latvian community in New York...

Zarin (Nikolai D.) papers

Diaries, certificates, photographs, and memorabilia, relating to Russian military operations during World War I. Includes English translation of diaries.

Zarochentsev (Mikhail Trofimovich) papers

Speeches and writings, correspondence, patents, business records, printed matter, and photographs, relating to the meat and fish refrigeration industries.

Zartman (I. William) collection

The I. William Zartman collection consists of research materials on Africa compiled by Zartman in the 1950s and 1960s. Comprised of clippings, news dispatches, and serial issues, the collection documents political developments and economic conditions in a number of African...

Zastupnevich (Paul) costume design drawings

The Paul Zastupnevich costume design drawings span the years 1960-1979 and encompass 2.7 linear feet. The collection consists primarily of nearly forty signed costume design drawings as well as some production design drawings....

Zavadskii (Sergei Vladislavovich) typescript

Relates to Vladislav Romual'dovich Zavadskii, Russian Imperial courtier.

Zavarin (Evgeniĭ Alekseevich) writings

Semi-autobiographical stories, some relating to displaced person camps after World War II.

Zavarin (Konstantin Nikolaevich) typescript

Relates to the river warfare campaigns and tactics of the White Russian forces on the Kama River in Siberia during the Russian Civil War, 1918-1919. Written by K. N. Zavarin and Mikhail Smirnov.

Zawada (Edward) papers

Correspondence, writings, memoranda, reports, printed matter, photographs, and memorabilia, relating to the pharmaceutical and chemical industries in Poland.

Zawodny (J. K.) papers

Writings, correspondence, interview transcripts, and research materials, relating to the Katyn Forest Massacre, the Warsaw Uprising of 1944, other aspects of Polish history, and labor conditions in the Soviet Union. Consists mainly of microfilm and compact disk copies.

Zborovskii family papers

Correspondence and photographs, relating to conditions of the Russian imperial family in captivity following the Russian Revolution, and to Russian emigre affairs. Includes letters written by the four daughters of Tsar Nicholas II and by the Tsar's sister Grand Duchess...

Zdanski (Konstanty) papers

Memoirs and photographs relating to the Russian community in China and to Polish-Soviet trade relations.

Zádor (Eugene) papers

The collection consists of autographed manuscripts of orchestral works, operas, songs, and chamber music; reel to reel recordings of performances; full scores and parts not necessarily in the composer's own hand; and numerous items of correspondence to and from the...

Zealous (built 1844; bark) cargo manifests

The ZEALOUS (built 1844; bark) cargo manifests (SAFR 13552, HDC 7) consists of three cargo manifests for British bark ZEALOUS all dated 1851 August 12 for a voyage from Lisbon to San Francisco.

Zebot (Cyril A.) collection

Clippings, telegrams, letters, and speeches, relating to the testimonial dinner in honor of the eightieth birthday of Frank J. Lausche, United States senator from Ohio, held in Washington, D.C., November 16, 1975. Photocopy.

Zebrak (Nicholas A.) papers

Correspondence, clippings, and pamphlets, relating to Russian émigrés, police administration, and welfare and veterans' organizations in China.

Zech (Frederick) Collection

The collection includes (Boxes 2-10) both scores, and instrumental and voice parts, for a wide variety of compositions. In addition (Box 1) there is found a photograph and biographical sketch of Mr. Zech by Oliver Hyde, a large scrapbook of...

(Zech) Lando William papers

Memoranda, reports, studies, correspondence, briefing books, and printed matter, relating to nuclear power plants in the United States, including issues of licensing, safety and waste management.

Zechanowitsch (George) papers

Identification, school, military, and legal documents, as well as photographs, relating to Russian émigré life in Poland and Germany, and to displaced persons following World War II. Includes documents of other family members of George Zechanowitsch, primarily relating to pre-Revolutionary...

Zeidler (Zeke) California State University, Northridge, Associated Students Incorporated Senate Papers

The papers comprise California State University, Northridge (CSUN), Associated Students Incorporated Senate meeting minutes while Zeidler was a senator, 1983, and president, 1984-1985; Zeidler's CSUN Associated Students Incorporated correspondence while president of the organization, 1984-1985; and brief documentation of Zeidler's...

Zeininger (Charles Russell) papers

Correspondence, military service records, receipts, and other documents of Charles Russell Zeininger, 1873-2002. Zeininger served with distinction in World War II, worked as an advertising executive, and became an expert in ancient Greek history.

Zeisl (Eric) Papers

Zeisl's music manuscripts, published scores, correspondence, documents, recordings, and other materials.

Zeitlin (David I.) papers

The David I. Zeitlin papers span the years 1955-1968 (bulk 1962-1966) and encompass 4.4 linear feet. The collection consists primarily of telexes of stories written by Zeitlin for "Life" magazine, as well as communications between Zeitlin and his editors. There...

Zeitlin (Jacob) Collection

The Jacob Zeitlin Collection includes publications and lecture material written by Zeitlin, newspaper articles about the bookseller and his bookshops, announcements of exhibits or events held in his honor, and catalogs of the books and art which he dealt over...

Zeitlin (Jake) Collection of Material

Jacob Israel Zeitlin (1902-1987) was a bookseller, poet and book reviewer in Ft. Worth, Texas before moving to Los Angeles (1925). He was employed by the Holmes Book Company and the book departments of the May Company and Bullock's before...

Zeitlin (Jake) Graphic Arts Ephemera Collection

Collection consists of materials on typography, printing history, illustration and engraving, bookbinding, private presses, and fine printing. Includes assorted ephemera such as newsletters, announcements, clippings, memorabilia, keepsakes, and more. The various presses, printers, designers, and organizations represented include: Bremer Press,...

Zeitlin (Jake) papers

Jacob Israel Zeitlin (1902-1987) was a bookseller, poet and book reviewer in Ft. Worth, Texas before moving to Los Angeles (1925). He was employed by the Holmes Book Company and the book departments of the May Company and Bullock's before...

Zeitlin (Jake) Papers on D. H. Lawrence Manuscripts

Correspondence between Jake Zeitlin, a Los Angeles antiquarian book dealer, Frieda Lawrence and others regarding the sale of D.H. Lawrence manuscripts. Includes correspondence with book dealers, publishers, and academic institutions regarding the appraisal and exhibition of Lawrence manuscripts, books, and...

Zeitlin (Josephine ver Brugge) Aldous Huxley Collection

Aldous Huxley (1894-1963), a British author best known for his novel immigrated to the United States in 1937, where he remained until his death. He began working with Jacob Zeitlin shortly after coming to the US, and corresponded with him...

Zeitlin (M.A.) collection of reproduced manuscripts in Spanish

M. A. Zeitlin (1899-1993) was a professor in UCLA's Department of Spanish and Italian, founded the departmental program in Portuguese, helped to develop a curriculum in Latin American studies, and was a member of the initial committee on Latin American...

Zeitlin (M.A.) papers

M.A. Zeitlin (1899-1993) was the chair of the Department of Spanish and Italian at UCLA. He founded the departmental program in Portuguese, helped to develop a curriculum in Latin American studies, and was a member of the initial committee on...

Zeitungsdienst Graf Reischach newspaper clippings

Newspaper photographs of prominent Germans in politics, business, art, and the military.

Zelda Mackay collection of miscellaneous historic photographs [graphic].

Includes photographs related to Oregon pioneer photographer Peter Britt, his family, and his photographic studio. Also includes a group portrait (later copy only) of photographer Robert Vance and his staff, portraits of prominent Califonians (including Lily Hitchcock Coit, John C....

Zelia Nuttall materials relating to Sir Francis Drake, circa 1914-1916.

Transcripts of documents in the Public Record Office, London, used in preparation of her New Light on Drake ... 1914, and captions for an exhibit, University of California, 1916? [Sept. 1915].

Zelikow - Rice papers

Correspondence, memoranda, notes, speeches and writings, press releases, printed matter, and photographs, relating to the unification of Germany, and to American and Soviet foreign policy regarding it. Includes photocopies of Soviet archival documents. Used as research material forthe book by...

Zellerbach Family Papers

The collection consists of Zellerbach family papers, photographs, and home movies. Included are materials from Isidore and Jennie (Baruh) Zellerbach, Harold and Doris (Joseph) Zellerbach, J.D. and Hannah (Fuld) Zellerbach, Claire Zellerbach Saroni, and Stephen A. and Merla (Burstein) Zellerbach....

Zellerbach Playhouse views.

Possible addition to BANC PIC 1983.213.

Zemmering (Raissa G.) papers

Correspondence and miscellany, relating to the émigré Russian writer Ivan Shmelev. Mainly letters received from Ivan Shmelev.

Zen Center of Los Angeles records

The Zen Center of Los Angeles (ZCLA) was founded in 1967 by Taizan Maezumi. Associated with the Soto Zen sect, it provides Buddhist teaching and training to both lay people and monks. This collection spans 1937-2012 and primarily consists of...

Zen (Michael) storyboards

Script and storyboards to straight adult films directed by Michael Zen, undated.

Zeng (Qi) papers

Correspondence, speeches and writings, party programs and proceedings, clippings, other printed matter, and photographs relating to political conditions in China, the Young China Party, and Chinese relations with the United States.

Zeng (Zhaolun) typescript

This collection contains a typescript about the emergence of the Chinese Democratic League....

Zenovich (George N.) Papers

George N. Zenovich, Democrat, was a State Assembly Member for the 32nd Assembly District from 1963 to 1970, and a State Senator for the 16th Senate District (which later became the 14th Senate District after redistricting) from 1971-1979. The George...

Zentmyer (George A.) papers

The George A. Zentmyer papers is a collection of newsletters, monographs, and magazines related to UC Riverside professor emeritus George A. Zentmyer's research on phytophtoras, which are a genus of plant-damaging molds that can cause damage to crops and natural...

Zentner, Sally family papers

The Sally Zentner family papers are comprised of correspondence, photographs and printed material documenting Zentner's family in Sacramento from the early 1900s through the 2000s. The bulk of the collectiong comes from her parents, Adele and Joseph Griffith, and her...

Zenzinov (V.) translations

Excerpts from letters and diaries of Soviet soldiers during the Russo-Finnish War, relating to conditions at the front, living conditions in the Soviet Union, and personal matters. Includes photocopies of the original letters and diaries.

Zephyr Books (bookplate collection)

Two loose bookplates from the 18th century.

Zermeño (Andy) papers

Andy Zermeño was a political cartoonist and graphic designer noted for his contributions to , a periodical produced by the United Farm Workers of America. The collection includes Zermeño's personal copies of , drawings, filmstrips, and ephemera.

Zernova (Ruth) and Serman (Ilya) papers

Ilya Serman (1913-2010) was a literary scholar and professor of Russian and Slavic Philology in Russia and Israel. Ruth Zernova (1919-2004) was a writer and interpreter, as well as an author of many short stories and several novels. Their papers...

Zero Population Growth of Los Angeles, Inc. Collection

The Los Angeles chapter of Zero Population Growth (ZPG) was established in 1978. ZPG of Los Angeles' educational activities include letter writing campaigns, donation of radio air time for public service announcements and programs, and speeches given to community groups,...

Zero to Success Benefit Photographs

Jon of Diamond Bar, Michael J. Veregas, and J. C. Pearson photographs of the Zero to Success Benefits, 1975-1977. Some of the images are from Trouper's Hall, circa October 1975, while others are from Rose's Longhorn Saloon, September 21, 1975....

Zershchikov (K.) typescript

Relates to the bodyguard of Tsar Nicholas II in 1917. Photocopy.

Zeta Kappa Collection

The collection contains materials related to Zeta Kappa, a local sorority on the Pepperdine campus in existence from 1938 to 1996. Materials in the collection include scrapbooks documenting sorority activities and members; annual member lists and accomplishments of the chapter;...

Zeta Psi Fraternity, Mu Chapter, Records

Journal kept by members of the Mu Chapter of Zeta Psi at Stanford, 1893-1911, which includes information on members activities, and the history of the chapter. Also included is a mimeographed list of members and a letter from a New...

Zetler (Bernard D.) Papers

Papers of Bernard D. Zetler, a research oceanographer at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography who studied tides and tsunamis.

Zetterberg (Stephen) Papers

The Stephen Zetterberg Papers consist of 2 cubic feet of records reflecting Zetterberg's activities in the California Democratic Council (CDC), the Los Angeles County Democratic Central Committee, and Democratic Party. Zetterberg was instrumental in the formation of the CDC, a...

Zettler Exposition Park Collection, 1919-1922

Wide-angle, panoramic views of Exposition Park taken by Ferd J. Zettler, a realtor and general building contractor in Los Angeles.

Zgineli w Katyniu exhibit

Photographs and textual commentary, relating to the Katyn Forest Massacre. Exhibit sponsored by the Stowarzyszenie Rodzin Ofiar Katynia.

Zhabinskii (Vl.) papers

Radio broadcast scripts and sound recordings, fictional writings, memoranda, notes, correspondence, and printed matter relating to Radio Liberty broadcasting to the Soviet Union, and to Russian literature.

Zhang (Ailing) papers

Zhang Ailing (Chang Ailing, Eileen Chang) was a Chinese author whose well-known literary texts include The Rogue of the North, The Golden Cangue, and The Rice Sprout Song. Her works, considered to be among the best Chinese literature of the...

Zhang (Junmai) miscellaneous papers

Two letters to United States Secretary of State George C. Marshall and General Albert C. Wedemeyer, respectively, relating to prospects for a coalition government in China, 1947; military reorganization agreement, 1946; and painting and calligraphy presented to Zhang as a...

Zhang (Li) writings

Relates to economic reform in China, 1976-1984; and to a visit to a forced labor camp in Sinkiang Province by the Dalai Lama XIV in 1957.

Zhang (Lisheng) papers

Letters, biographical data, printed matter, and photographs, relating to political conditions in China and Taiwan. Includes a memoir by Hsiao-yuen de Groot, daughter of Zhang Lisheng.

Zhang (Shuqi) papers

Correspondence, diaries, speeches and writings, financial records, printed matter, drawings, and photographs, relating to Chinese art and to Chinese-American cultural relations, especially during World War II. Includes papers of Helen Fong Chang, wife of Zhang Shuqi. Video use copies of...

Zhang Xueliang jiang jun jiu shi da shou lu ying video tape

Depicts the ninetieth birthday celebration of General Chang Hsüeh-liang in Taiwan. Includes commemorative brochures.

Zhang (Yidong) collection

Notes, clippings, and serial issues, relating to political and social conditions in China from 1956 to 1976.

Zhang (Zhongkui) Papers

Included in these papers are his academic records from the National University of Peking and correspondence from the University of Wisconsin, 1937; immigration papers, 1937, 1954 and undated; reprints (in English) of three scholarly articles by Chang, 1936-37; his Stanford...

Zhao (Dihua) papers

The Zhao Dihua papers (1938-1951) consists of diaries, writings, correspondence, memoranda, reports, printed matter, and photographs, relating to banking and economic conditions in China.

Zhao (Hengyi) letter

Relates to political turmoil in Hunan Province, China. Photocopy.

Zhenkun (Xiao) papers

Writings, certificates, photograph, and memorabilia relating to Chinese aerial operations during World War II, and to the post-war Taiwanese air force.

Zhernakov, V. N. papers

Correspondence, writings, printed matter, and photographs of Zhernakov, a russian émigré scholar in Manchuria, Australia and the United States. Materials relate to the society, culture and natural history of Manchuria, and to Russian émigré affairs.

Zhilkina (Tat'iana) papers

Writings, correspondence, notes, and photocopies of clerical documents, relating to the Russian community and Russian Orthodox Church in the United States, and including drafts of and research materials for the book by Tat'iana Zhilkina, (Moscow, 2005); and sound recordings of...

Zhirinovskii (Vladimir Vol'fovich) speech

Speech given in Narva, Estonia, relating to Russian nationalism and political conditions in the former Soviet Union.

Zhivkova (Evgeniia) collection

Photographs, compact disk, and printed matter, relating to the Bulgarian communist leader Todor Zhivkov. Includes a copy of his privately printed memoirs; compact disk version of selected documents from the Bulgarian state archives; and photographs of Todor Zhivkov, mainly in...

Zhongguo di zheng yan jiu suo interviews

Interviews with twenty-one officials who participated in the Taiwan Land Reform Program, 1949-1953, conducted by the China Research Institute of Land Economics. Includes transcripts.

Zhongguo gong chan dang issuances

Internal documents, books, pamphlets, serial issues, broadsides, and flyers relating to political, military, social, and economic conditions in China at the national, provincial, and local levels.

Zhongguo guo min dang [Kuomintang] records

Relates to political conditions in and government of China and Taiwan.

Zhuang (Xueben) papers

Report, instructional materials, and photographs, relating to ethnic minorities in Xikang Province, China.

Zichelli, Jerry T. (Second World War correspondence)

This collection contains one letter from Pvt. Jerry T. Zichelli, USA to his brother Cpl. Frank J. Zichelli, USAAF during the Second World War. The letter was written from Italy in 1943.

Zidnak (Pete) Collection of San José State University Sports History

The Pete Zidnak Collection of San José State University Sports History is the research of Professor Emeritus Zidnak on the history of athletics at San José State University.

Ziegler (John L.) Papers

Correspondence, grant and project proposals, notes, research papers and ephemera connected to Dr. Ziegler's work dealing with AIDS related cancers, particularly Kaposi's Sarcoma. Also included in the collection is a folder of correspondence, clippings, and a photo from Dr. Ziegler's...

Ziegler (Ronald L.) Papers, White House Special Files, 1969-1974

This is a portion of the overall Press Office materials generated during the Nixon administration. It includes some of Press Secretary Ronald Ziegler's files but consists primarily of the records of the Correspondence Research Office and the Press Office. The...

Ziegler School of Rabbinic Studies, Academic Departments and Schools, University Archives (Institutional Records)

The records in this series contain materials related to the Ziegler School of Rabbinic Studies. Subseries include Curriculums and Catalogues, Student Handbooks, Brochures, Events, Publications, Conservative Judaism Materials, Communications, Faculty, Masorti Foundation, Tamkin Yavneh Program, and Lishma.

Ziegler (Walter H.) Papers

Walter H. Ziegler (1891-1974) managed Holly Sugar Corporation's plant in Alvarado, California (now Union City, California) before being named manager of the corporation's sugar refining facilities. This small collection contains materials related to the history of the Holly Sugar Corporation,...

Ziemelkalifornijas latviesu biedriba records

The Ziemeļkalifornijas latviešu biedrība (Northern California Latvian Association) records pertain to the largest organization in the Latvian community of Northern California and consist of minutes, correspondence, membership and financial records, bulletins, and printed matter relating to Latvian émigré affairs and...

Zientara (Jerry) Collection

This collection contains various audio cassettes, textiles, and literary journals from Jerry Zientara who was involved with the Radical Faeries, SF Jacks, and other groups, and is a librarian at the Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality. T-shirts include...

Ziffer (Steve) Politician and Activist Photographs

Steve Ziffer photographs of politicians and activists include images of Miriam Ben-Shalom, Rita Mae Brown, Phyllis Diller, Rich Eychaner, Diane Matthews on Good Morning America, Bill Nelson, Carol Bellany, May Sarton, Ted Page, Paul Popha, Mike Richards, Mary Presslauer, Ted...

Ziffren (Lester) papers

The Lester Ziffren papers contain materials relating to the Spanish Civil War. As Madrid bureau chief for United Press, Ziffren filed dispatches and made nightly radio broadcasts in which he described political, economic, and social conditions in Spain in the...

Zihuatanejo Railroad [Michoacan, Mexico] Photograph Album, 1936.

Album contains clippings and 34 black and white photographs documenting the construction of the Zihuatanejo Railroad and showing views from along a section of the route from Tacambaro to Uruapan. Images include scenic and street views of Tacambaro; railroad officials...

Zilberman (Bella Neumann) papers

Writings, letters, and printed matter, relating to proposals to bring about world peace.

Zilhart, William. Diary of Bill Zilhart : and related materials : ms. and typescript, 1853-1994 (bulk 1853-1916)

Record of a journey with a wagon train from Pleasant Gap, Bates Co., Missouri to Santa Rosa, Calif. (Apr. 21 - Oct. 1, 1853) by way of Blue and Platte Rivers, South Pass, Bear Valley, Raft River, Goose Creek, south...

Zilinskas (Raymond A.) collection

Technical reports and bibliographies, relating to biological warfare.

Zilm (Harvey) photographs

Depicts the American gunboat Sacramento and other foreign warships in Vladivostok harbor, Japanese and Russian troops in Vladivostok, and scenes of daily life in Vladivostok at the conclusion of Allied intervention during the Russian Civil War. Includes commentary on the...

Ziloti (V. P.) diaries

Diaries relating to Russian émigré affairs.

Zima (Suellen) papers

Letters received from Chinese acquaintances and photographs relating to social conditions in China.

Zimbabwean subject collection

Electronic bulletins, pamphlets, flyers, reports, government documents, press releases, other printed matter, and audiovisual materials, relating to revolutionary movements in Zimbabwe, especially the Zimbabwe African National Union and the Zimbabwe African People's Union, the history of Zimbabwe, and political, social...

Zimbardo (Philip G.) Papers

The materials consist of research and teaching files, professional files and correspondence, audiovisual materials, professional papers and articles, and materials documenting the Stanford Prison Experiment.

Zimm (Bruno) Papers

Papers of Bruno Zimm, inventor, educator, and polymer DNA scientist. Professor of chemistry and biochemistry at University of California, San Diego, from 1960 to 1991 and professor emeritus after his retirement in 1991. Zimm is known for his work on...

Zimmerman (Bonnie) Papers

:  This series, which contains materials that range from approximately 1970 to 2003, is a record of the teaching and academically related work and teaching of Dr. Bonnie Zimmerman.  Each subseries holds materials from different aspects of Dr. Zimmerman’s academic...

Zimmerman Family Papers

This collection consists mainly of correspondence detailing the lives and activities of the Zimmerman family, especially J. Franklin Zimmerman and his sisters who were in Alaska, the Klondike, and the prairie provinces of Canada, chiefly dating from 1900 to 1928,...

Zimmerman (Oliver B.) photograph

Depicts the entrance of the German army into Brussels, Belgium, in August 1914. Taken by O. B. Zimmerman from the window of the office of the International Harvester Company.

Zimmerman (Philip) Papers

Correspondence, artifacts (including 1 leather jacket), works of art, and other material documenting the life and work Philip Zimmerman. Zimmerman is an artist and musician who has worked in San Francisco, New York, and other cities. His partner, Allan Stinson,...

Zimmerman (Rheta L.) Collection

The Zimmerman Collection consists of correspondence and clippings relating to the establishment of Columbia (Calif.) State Historic Park (1934-1949); the restoration of the San Francisco Presidio (1938); the establishment of the Ina Coolbrith Park (San Francisco, 1946); the establishment of...

Zimmermann (Bodo) Papers

Bodo Zimmermann was born in 1928 in Berlin, Germany, and moved to Shanghai with his family in 1940 after their home and business were confiscated by Nazi officials. The family was left destitute after the move, so at age 13...

Zine collection

Zines, flyers, and printed ephemera produced across the United States and internationally from 1981 to 2019. Also included are flyers, stickers, and cards. Topics covered by the zines created in the United States include straight edge vegans, death metal devotees,...

Zine Collection

This collection consists of small magazines, also known as 'Zines. They are on a range of topics but all within the heading of Chicano Studies. They were hand crafted by the students of Professors Maylei Blackwell and Genevieve Carpio in...

Zine collection

Zines covering race, gender, sexuality, politics, culture, and other topics.

Zine Collection

This collection contains issues of zines regarding topics such as: skateboarding, art, photography, music, activism, feminism, gender identity, fandom, Japanese American history, women's history, and other topics....

Zine collection, circa 2003-2007

17 zines re race, gender, sexuality, politics, and other topics.

Zines and Minicomics Collection

The combines materials from two former collections known as the and the . The collection ranges from 1985 to the present and includes zines and minicomics on a variety of topics. Concentrations include identity politics (especially riot grrrl, people of...

Zink (Frank W.) Papers on Plant Breeding

The collection includes field notes, data, draft and published writings, and slides of Frank W. Zink (1923-2001), UC Davis researcher and plant breeder specializing in vegetable crops.

Zinke (Paul J.) papers

This collection documents the professional work of University of California, Berkeley forestry and environmental studies professor, and soil specialist, Paul J. Zinke. The collection includes correspondence; biographical materials; University of California, Berkeley administrative materials; writings and professional papers; project files;...

Zinke, Paul J. Photographs from the Paul J. Zinke papers [graphic].

Includes photographic prints and negatives of trees, soil and other natural features in various California locations, including Bull Creek, Ferndale and other areas in Mendocino, Humboldt and Alameda Counties. Includes many aerial photographs of these regions, as well as a...

Zinkin (Harold) collection

Russian tabernacle, inscribed "Ral'k, Supplier for the Imperial Court."

Zinnemann (Fred) papers

The Fred Zinnemann papers span the years 1885-2001 (bulk 1950s-1980s) and encompass 93 linear feet of manuscripts, 17.5 linear feet of photographs, 32 posters, and 36 artworks. The collection contains production files (scripts, production material, and correspondence); television files; story...

Zinner (Christa) photographs

Christa Zinner was a well-known fashion and advertising photographer from the 1940s through the 1970s. Her photographs appeared in many popular magazines and newspaper supplements including Ebony, Look, Life, Harpers Bazaar, Sports Illustrated, TV Guide, etc. The collection consists of...

Zinner (Ernst) Manuscript Collection

The documents Zinner's work as an astronomer and scientist at the Remeis Astronomical Observatory in Bamberg, Germany. The collection dates from 1818-1981, with the bulk of documents created in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, and consists of almanacs,...

Zion Research Library, 1932, n.d.

Four lists of new books (mainly religious) at the Zion Research Library [Brookline, Mass.] , 1932, and one printed document re terms of use for the library, n.d. Laid in Zion Research Library, Catalogue of the Zion Research Library (ARC...

Zipkin (Isadore) Papers

Collection contains the personal and professional papers of Isadore Zipkin.

Zitron (Isidore) collection of papers of Sydney Leyton

Collection consists of manuscripts, appointment books, notebooks, notepads, correspondence, newspaper clippings, newspapers in Russian, and telegrams....

Zitta (Victor) Papers

Victor Zitta (1926- ) was a professor of political science. He taught at Gonzaga University (1958-60), Marquette University (1961-65), and the University of Maryland (1966-68). The collection consists of Zitta manuscripts including typescripts with holograph corrections of (1981) and (1983).

Zivot a smrt generala Heliodora Piky typescript

Relates to the career of General Heliodor Píka, Czechoslovak army officer, and chief of the Czechoslovak military mission in the Soviet Union during World War II, who was executed in Czechoslovakia in 1949. Includes two separate drafts, one of them...

Zjednoczenie Polskich Uchodźców w Niemczech records

Minutes, correspondence, reports, case files, and printed matter relating to relief activities on behalf of Polish refugees in Germany and to Polish émigré activities.

Znamiecki (Alexander) typescript

Relates to Herbert Hoover and United States Food Administration relief work in Poland at the end of World War I.

Zoë Akins writings, [ca. 1900-1958].

Typescript of poems, some with revisions, and typescript of a comedy, A Royal Fandango.

Zoë Green Radcliffe papers, 1899-1932.

Include letters from Ina D. Coolbrith, R. H. Davis, Boutwell Dunlap, Thomas A. Edison Laboratory, Charles A. Keeler, Henry Kirk, Charmian London, Jack London, Friend W. Richardson, Joseph C. Rowell, George Sterling, William C. Morrow, Madge Morris Wagner, Herman Whitaker,...

Zobel (Jan) Papers

Jan Zobel was a San Francisco tax professional, lesbian, LGBTQ activist, and philanthropist. She wrote "Minding Her Own Business: The Self-Employed Woman’s Guide to Taxes and Recordkeeping" and served as editor of "The San Francisco Bay Area People’s Yellow Pages."...

Zobelein family collection

The Zobelein family collection consists of photographs, maps, clippings, ephemera, and realia that documents the history of the Zobelein family and the brewing industry in Los Angeles in the late 19th and 20th centuries. The collection includes images of the...

ZoBell (Claude E.) Papers

Marine microbiologist Claude E. ZoBell's biographical materials, correspondence, professional files, writings and photographs.

Zoe Wyllie letters, 1942-1947.

Collection of letters from Japanese-American war relocation centers. Written by various individuals. Describe life in centers in California and Utah, and resettlement in Nebraska. Background note by Miss Wyllie and a few clippings relating to Japanese-Americans also included.

Zoellner Family Papers

This collection consists of scrapbooks, photographs, correspondence, newspaper and magazine clippings, miscellaneous documents, posters, programs, brochures, essays, and memorabilia

Zoeth Skinner Eldredge papers.

Roughly sorted. Correspondence, notes, transcripts and manuscripts for his writings on California history.

Zold (Edward) Papers

The collection contains correspondence, meeting minutes, conference materials, draft publications, press releases, and videotapes, 1993-1997 (1 linear foot), document Edward Zold's work with ACT UP Golden Gate in campaigning to make AIDS Health Policy.

Zolin (Fred H.) papers

Letters, telegraphic dispatches, and an autobiographical sketch, relating to conditions in Hungary in 1919 and to the Romanian intervention in Hungary.

Zoller (Curt J.) Churchill Collection: Printed Materials and Ephemera

The Curt J. Zoller Churchill collection: printed materials and ephemera contains approximately 550 items related to British statesman Winston Churchill (1874-1965). The items date from 1903 to 2010 and consist of articles from a variety of periodicals by and about...

Zon (Julius) papers

Correspondence and newspaper issues, relating to the German occupation of Poland and to German concentration camps.

Zona Gale papers : ms., undated.

Review of Ridgely Torrence's group of Negro plays, Granny Maumee, The Rider of Dreams, and Simon the Cyrenian (2 folders)

Zonta Club of Newport Harbor Records

This collection documents the Zonta Club of Newport Harbor’s “Share a Gift” Christmas tree campaign for 1960.

Zonta Club of Pasadena Records

Collection documents the activities of the Zonta Club of Pasadena from 1929 through 2015.

Zook (David) Journals

This collection contains three travel diaries of David Zook, documenting river and rail travel in Boston, Massachusettes; New York, New York; Pasadena, California; and Los Angeles, California from 1901-1904.

Zoraster (Albert) Collection

A resident of the San Fernando Valley from 1920 to the mid-1970s, Albert Zoraster devoted much of his life to improving the quality of services in the community, particularly in the areas of transportation and municipal services. An active committee...

Zornes (Milford) to Valerie Cohen Letters

A collection of correspondence from Milford Zornes to Valerie Cohen from 1987 to 2004.

Zsako (Istvan) typescript

Relates to twentieth-century Hungarian history and to Hungarian émigré affairs.

Zschau (Ed) papers

Correspondence, memoranda, press releases, bills, testimony, studies, campaign literature, printed matter, and video tapes, relating to Congressional election campaigns, and various national political issues, particularly export administration of high technology products.

ZSFG Oral Histories

This collection contains oral history interviews with staff and patients of Zuckerberg San Francisco General.

Zuber, Don, Jr. (Vietnam War correspondence)

This collection contains letters and photographs from Sgt. Don Zuber, Jr., USA during the Vietnam War. The collection also includes four letters from SP5 Jon M. Young, USA.

Zubets (Vladimir Aleksandrovich) typescript

Relates to Russians in the Chinese army in the 1920s. Includes a summary of contents in English.

Zubok (V. M.) interviews

Sound recordings of interviews of Soviet and American government officials relating to Soviet foreign policy during the presidency of Mikhail Gorbachev.

Zuckerman (Bessie) papers

This collection consists of material relating to Bessie Zuckerman, a prominent member of the community of music associations in Los Angeles between 1920 and 1940. Items include music scores, sheet music, performance programs, correspondence, photographs, ephemera, and publications. The collection...

Zuckerman (John) Huleh Reclamation Papers

Zuckerman's papers consist chiefly of correspondence with Hamburg, Israeli government officials, and U.S. farming and equipment experts. The papers also contain reports, color slides, and a large map of the Huleh....

Zugsmith (Albert) papers

Collection of screenplays, treatments and related material.

Zuill (William E. S.) collection

Reports and clippings, relating to the imposition of British censorship in Bermuda during World War II.

Zujovic (Mladen J.) papers

Diaries, notebooks, and printed matter, relating to Serbian military operations during World War I, and to Dra?a Mihailovic and the Cetnik resistance movement in Yugoslavia during World War II.

Zukarskas (V. P.) collection

Pamphlets, leaflets, and bulletins, issued by the Soviet government and by various anti-communist organizations in the United States, relating to Soviet social policy, communism in Lithuania, and Lithuanians in the United States.

Zukas (Hale) Papers

Consists of materials reflecting Zukas's leading role as a founder and activist for the disability rights and independent living movements. The collection includes his papers from the Center for Independent Living, the Disabled Students Program at U.C. Berkeley and other...

Zukor (Adolph) correspondence

The Adolph Zukor correspondence spans the years 1912-1977 (bulk 1920-1935) and encompasses 3 linear feet. The collection consists of correspondence received by Zukor. There is also biographical data; speeches; invitations; programs; awards; stockholders' reports for Famous Players-Lasky, Paramount, and Paramount...

Zumoff (Jacob Andrew) processed volume

Relates to American communism and the Communist International. Ph.D. thesis, University of London.

Zundelevich (Aaron Isaakovich) correspondence

Correspondence with family and friends, relating to prison and exile conditions in Siberia, general political conditions in Russia, and Russian revolutionary activities.

Zuni, New Mexico - Photographs

Photographs of Zuni include war dances and other ceremonies, ruins of Spanish mission buildings, sacred Zuni sites, ruins of ancient Zuni pueblo, and views of the surrounding scenery.

Zuni Vocabulary

This is a bound journal with the title "Zuni Vocabulary" by Matilda Coxe Stevenson, 1903. Vocabularly is listed in alphabetical divisions by English word or phrase with Zuni equivalent.

Zuniga Huete (Angel) letters

Relates to American-Honduran relations.

Zupp family photograph album documenting pool construction

This collection comprises a photograph album with 57 tipped-in black and white photographs documenting the building of the Zupp family pool in Van Nuys, California. The photographs (each approximately 9 x 9 cm) and accompanying handwritten captions document the process...

Zurcher v. The Stanford Daily Records

These records, created by The Stanford Daily as well as their attorneys (Jerome B. Falk, Jr. and Robert H. Mnookin of the Howard, Prim, Rice, Nemerovski, Canday & Pollack law firm and Anthony G. Amsterdam of the Stanford Law School),...

Zurilgen, H. W. Collection on Roy N. Francis

News clippings, photographs, publications and other materials regarding early Santa Clara County aviator Roy Francis.

Zuts (Vsevolod Leonidovich) writings

Relates to activities of the Akademiia nauk Ukraïns'koï RSR and especially to the editing of the Ukraïns'ka radians'ka entsyklopediia, and to social conditions in Russia.

Zvegintsov (Nikolai) papers

Correspondence, writings, and memoranda relating to activities of White Russian military forces during the Russian Civil War.

Zwart (Frank) Papers

This digital collection contains 264 black and white images from Frank Zwart's work as yearbook student photographer for Cowell College "Markings, 1969". Included are performances, informal portraits, and student activities, as well as visitors and events significant to the student...

Zwart (Piet) Views of Manufacturing and Architecture

Photographs taken by designer Piet Zwart to be used in his typographical work for various manufacturing companies in the Netherlands. Also includes photographic prints of architectural exteriors and interiors, and prints that are more artistic in nature.

Zweifach (Benjamin) Papers

Papers of Benjamin W. Zweifach, pioneering researcher in the field of microcirculation and co-founder of the Bioengineering Department at the University of California, San Diego. Zweifach served as professor of bioengineering at UCSD from 1966-1981 and was designated emeritus professor...

Zweig (Gunter) Papers

Correspondence, subject files, articles about pesticides, course materials, and files on conferences and organizations.

Zwiazek Bojownikow o Wolnosc i Demokracje miscellaneous records

Case files, including correspondence, memoranda, and lists, relating to World War II military service of selected Polish officers, and to postwar veterans' affairs.

Zwiazek Patriotow Polskich w ZSRR printed material

Relates to pro-Soviet Polish organizations during World War II.

Zwiazek Socjalistycznej Mlodziezy Polskiej. Urzad Rady Ministrow records

Minutes, resolutions, membership rosters, statutes, and individual membership books, relating to communist youth activities in Poland.

Zwicky (Fritz) Papers

This small collection contains correspondence, some photographs, 5 audio tapes, and 14 film reels of Fritz Zwicky (1898-1974), a Swiss astronomer who worked most of his life at the California Institute of Technology. The collection chiefly deals with Zwicky and...

Zylbercweig (Zalmen) Collection of Yiddish Theater Scripts

Zalmen Zylbercweig (1894-1972) was born in Chortkov, Galicia. He started his career as an actor before he turned to writing, translating, and directing plays. He relocated to New York in 1937 where he served as editor for the for eleven...

Zyzzyva Records

Zyzzyva records, 1984-2007, contain correspondence, meeting minutes, mailing lists, budgets, and promotional and advertisement materials. The collection also includes manuscripts and galleys. Papers are arranged as received.