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Yabes (Leopoldo Y.) memorial

Relates to the anti-Japanese resistance movement in the Philippines during World War II. Addressed to Sergio Osmeóa, president of the Philippines.

Yacht Racing Association of San Francisco Bay audiovisual materials and photographs

The Yacht Racing Association of San Francisco Bay audiovisual materials and photographs, approximately 1981-1991, (SAFR 23378, P10-002) are comprised mainly of instructional materials for Yacht Racing Association of San Francisco Bay committee members and documentation of yacht sailing races held...

Yacht Racing Association records

The Yacht Racing Association records, 1948-1985 (SAFR 5321, HDC 644) is comprised of business records, meeting minutes, correspondence, race applications and results.The collection has been processed to the file unit level and is open for use without restrictions.

Yacht Racing Association records

The Yacht Racing Association records. 1972-2002, (SAFR 21689, HDC 1650) contains business records, correspondence, race results and entry forms. The collection is processed to the file unit level and is available for use without restrictions.

Yacht Racing Association records

The Yacht Racing Association records, 1947-1962 (SAFR 4859, HDC 646), is comprised mainly of newsletters, announcements and scrapbooks from San Francisco Bay area yacht clubs. Don Seaton, the Recorder for the Yacht Racing Association was the compiler. The collection is...

Yachting Club ephemera

Yachting Club ephemera (SAFR 17260, HDC 343) contains a fund-raising letter from the Corinthian Yacht Club (from 1930), and the following yachting programs and race instructions: Corinthian Yacht Club program (1939); Golden Gate International Exposition Regatta invitation and program (1939);...

Yackle (Albert) papers

The Albert Yackle papers consist of documents related to his career in helicopter design engineering at Kellett Aircraft Corporation and Lockheed Aircraft Corporation.

Yadgâr-i Istanbul : Constantinople photographs

Souvenir album containing large mounted albumen prints of views of Istanbul, Turkey, published by the studio of Sébah & Joaillier, between 1888 and 1910.

Yadoff (Oleg) papers

Writings, letters, and personal documents, relating to Russian émigré affairs and to the resistance movement in France during World War II.

"Yahoo!: Jerry and Dave's Excellent Venture" [videorecording]

Documentary on Stanford graduate students David Filo and Jerry Yang and the creation of their internet search engine and Silicon Valley company, Yahoo!

Yakobson (Leonid) collection

A collection of photographs, videos, and research files related to the Russian choreographer Leonid Yakobson (1904-1975).

Yakobson (Sergius) papers

Speeches and writings, correspondence, conference proceedings, bibliograhies, reports, and other printed matter, relating to Slavic studies, especially Soviet studies, in the United States.

Yakotis (Patricia Vinnicombe) Papers

Collection includes class materials, notes, and some papers from her classes at Stanford, 1946-49, in particular history, political science, and French literature and culture; a scrapbook of student memorabilia and photographs, 1946-49; and a few personal papers including portraits and...

Yakoubian (Arsen L.) typescript

Abstract of doctoral dissertation, New York University. Includes bibliography.

Yale C. Maxon collection on General Hideki Tojo interrogation, 1946-1947.

Contains interrogation transcripts of General Hideki Tojo translated by Yale C. Maxon; General Tojo's notes and doodles made during the interrogation to clarify translation; case file of General Tojo entitled Evidential Facts Adduced from his Interrogations; and an affidavit of...

Yale (Dick) Papers

The (1913-2002) includes material related to Dick Yale’s interests in the fine press printing, the history of printing and newspapers, San Diego area history, and Western Americana. The collection consists of a wide variety of materials, including: fine press ephemera,...

Yale (Gregory) papers

Gregory Yale (1816-1871) was the author of (1867). The collection consists of correspondence, legal files, and accounts relating mainly to Yale's law practice in Jacksonville, Florida and in San Francisco, as well as some personal letters and papers.

Yale Puppeteers Turnabout Theater collection

The Yale Puppeteers Turnabout Theater collection, circa 1910s-1990s, consists of several thousand photographs and negatives, hundreds of items of ephemera, many journals and items of correspondence, and several puppets and stage props owned by the Yale Puppeteers: Harry Burnett, Forman...

Yale Reports transcripts

Yale Reports was a weekly radio broadcast review from Yale University (ca. 1955-1974). Collection consists 400-plus issues of radio broadcast transcripts spanning 1958-1971.

Yale University collection of Western Americana broadsides, circa 1960-1975

Collection of 16 facsimiles of broadsides in the Yale Collection, issued by their Friends group as Christmas keepsakes, ca. 1960-1975. .05 linear feet (1 folder).

Yale University Southern African Research Program collection

Conference papers and printed matter, relating to political, social and economic conditions in South Africa and other countries of southern Africa. Mainly conference papers delivered at meetings of the Southern African Research Program at Yale University.

Yalman (Ahmet Emin) papers

Correspondence, memoirs, other writings, clippings, printed matter, and photographs, relating to Turkish politics, foreign policy, and journalism.

Yalom (Irvin D.) Papers

This collection contains both papers and books. The papers constitute the smaller portion of the collection and include miscellaneous notes; proposal for a bereavement study; correspondence, largely letters received, 1971-2008; draft of his article on Hemingway and a letter from...

Yalom (Marilyn) Papers

Collection includes teaching files, correspondence, and Center for Research on Women (CROW)/Michelle R. Clayman Institute for Gender Research materials....

Yamada family papers, 1942-1949.

Contains mostly ephemera of a Japanese American family from their time living at the War Relocation Center in Poston, Arizona. Materials include correspondence, a Buddhist prayer book and program, 3 baggage tags bearing their assigned family number (#4202), travel passes,...

yamada (gayle k.) papers

Oral histories, interviews, and other primary resources relating to yamada's research for a book on women in broadcast journalism and a documentary about Japanese American military intelligence officers during World War II.

Yamada (Mitsuye) Papers

The collection comprises the papers of Mitsuye Yamada, a Japanese American poet and political activist who, as a teenager, was interned at Minadoka Relocation Center in Idaho during World War II. Her papers document her career as a writer, teacher,...

Yamamoto (Irene) Family Papers

This collection contains correspondence, postcards, yearbooks, report cards, identification documents and certifications, World War II-related material, photographs, photograph albums, travel receipts and information, and other material related to the Yamamoto family. Subjects in this collection include World War II incarceration,...

Yamamoto (Isao) writings

Memoir and letters, relating to Japanese military activities in Manchuria and surrender to Soviet forces at the end of World War II, and to conditions in Soviet prison camps.

Yamanaka (Hayato) interview summaries

Summaries of interviews of Japanese American residents of Hawaii relating to the Japanese American community in Hawaii. Includes photographs of interviewees. Digital copies of select records also available at

Yamano Japanese Internment Collection

The Yamano Japanese Internment collection contains materials pertaining to the life of Japanese Americans before, during, and after World War II. Many of the materials in the collection document their time in relocation and internment facilities. Sakae and Matsuzo Yamano...

Yamaoka (Shizue) Papers

This collection contains documents and photographs related to the personal life of Shizuye Yamaoka, dating from approximately 1900 to the 1980s. The contents include correspondence; photographs; birth, marriage, and death certificates; and papers related to Shizuye’s cosmetology career.

Yamashita (Karen Tei) papers

Karen Tei Yamashita (January 8, 1951) is a novelist, short-story writer, playwright, and professor, known for her works of Asian American literature and magic realism, including (2010), which was a finalist selection for the National Book Award. This collection documents...

Yamate Brothers records, 1916-1935.

Consists of business records including correspondence, reports on cotton trade in the U.S. and crabmeat business with M. Hatae Co., accounts and shipping receipts. Also includes school records of Sasato Yamate, including some English compositions, one on his first day...

Yamauchi (Gary) Collection

This collection relates only to Yamauchi’s bowling activities dating from 1958 to 1972. The contents include bowling attire, bowling balls and bags, photographs, newspaper clippings, score sheets, correspondence, awards, membership cards, and tournament programs.

Yamauchi (Wakako) Papers

This collection contains items created and collected by Wakako Yamauchi from the 1970s through 2003. Items are mostly related to her writing, including play scripts, correspondence, and short stories. Also included are promotional material, reviews, contracts, and photographs.

Yamazaki (Shinichi) Papers

Collection consists of material of Yamazaki's as music editor for several motion pictures, including rerecording cue sheets, music scoring session forms, notes, scripts, still photographs, and ephemera....

Yan (Lisan) papers

The Yan Lisan papers (1910-1980, undated) consists of diaries and writings relating to political conditions and military operations in China.

Yaney family account books : mss., 1850-1882.

Vol. 1 contains accounts, 1850-1853, of Israel P. Yaney (later of Inyo County) for his business interests in Sonora, Calif. Some relate to his partnerships with A. Barabino, J. Wilson and others.

Yang (Thomas Tse-yue) autobiographical writings

Relates to American efforts from 1950 to 1954 to organize a Free China Movement and train operatives on bases in Japan and Okinawa to conduct anti-communist resistance activities in China.

Yank Magazine collection

This collection contains issues of "Yank," a weekly magazine published by the U.S. Army during the Second World War.

(Yankee) Pat Traditional Jazz Collection

This collection contains recorded sound, photographs, music scores, promotional material, awards and other materials relating to the career of American jazz and blues singer Pat Yankee dating from 1953-2016.

Yankelovich (Daniel) Papers

Papers of Daniel Yankelovich (1924-2017), a noted public opinion analyst and social researcher. The collection includes his writings, project and consulting materials, interviews, speeches, teaching files, and documentation related to organizations founded by Yankelovich.

Yanker (Gary) posters collection

Twentieth-century political posters from various countries.

Yankwich (Leon R.) papers

Léon René Yankwich (1888-1975) was a judge in the Los Angeles County Superior Court (1927-35) and in the U.S. District Court of the Southern District of California (1935-64). He presided over one of the first cases under the Smith Act,...

Yano (Toyojiro) papers

Reports and notes relating to socialist and communist activities in Japan.

Yao (Norman Gan-chao and Anne Lee Yao) papers

Norman Gan-chao 姚淦潮 (1913-1980) and Anne Lee Yao 姚李勤芳, both from China, immigrated from Hong Kong to Claremont, Califorinia in 1956 under the Refugee Relief Program with their two children, Peter Yao and Margaret. Norman Yao, a lifelong enthusiast of...

Yaqui photograph albums

Photographs documenting conflicts in Northern Mexico, particularly of Yaqui people. Includes studio portraits as well as views of villages, Yaqui dancers, soldiers and prisoners of war, deportations to Yucatan, hangings and other executions, groups of children and adults, peace talks...

Yaqui photograph albums

Photographs documenting conflicts in Northern Mexico, particularly of Yaqui people. Includes studio portraits as well as views of villages, Yaqui dancers, soldiers and prisoners of war, deportations to Yucatan, hangings and other executions, groups of children and adults, peace talks...

Yardley (Captain George Warner) records

The Captain George Warner Yardley records SAFR 14306, HDC 98) consists of official documents, a scrapbook, and news clippings.

Yarim-Agaev (Yuri) papers

Writings, correspondence, reports, notes, financial records, case files, printed matter, and audiovisual material, relating to human rights and dissent in the Soviet Union, and political conditions and the promotion of democracy in the Soviet Union and post-Soviet Russia.

Yaroshinska (Alla) papers

Correspondence with members of the Soviet public, and supporting material relating to social issues in the Soviet Union, and especially to effects of the Chernobyl nuclear accident.

Yarshater (Ehsan) papers

Correspondence, grant applications, reports, and memoranda, relating to efforts to promote Iranian studies and publications in the United States.

Yasmann (Victor J.) papers

Writings, radio scripts, reports, studies, clippings, other printed matter, digital files, sound recordings, and video tapes relating to radio broadcasting to Russia, political conditions in the Soviet Union and post-Soviet Russia, and the Soviet/Russian secret police.

Yasui Family Papers

Satosuke Yasui was born in 1881 in Hiroshima Prefecture. He arrived in Hawaii in 1907, where he was a newspaperman, Japanese language school principal and teacher, and publisher and editor of the Maui Shimbun. He also served as an officer...

Yasukochi (Taisuke) Family Letters

The letters in this collection were written by members of the Yasukochi family between 1942 and 1944. The contents are mostly addressed to Taisuke Yasukochi, the head of the Yasukochi household, while he was at the Lordsburg and Santa Fe,...

Yates (Edmund H.) Papers

Edmund Hodgson Yates (1831-1894) was a novelist. He also founded and served as editor-in-chief of . The collection consists of about 125 letters from Yates to various persons, and his personal diaries from the years 1878, 1879, 1882, 1884, and...

Yates (Lorenzo G.) Papers

Letters written to him and by him; diary, 1871 and 1882; subject files with manuscripts of his writings, related notes and other material; catalogues of his shell and fossil collections; scrapbook of clippings and unmounted clippings of his articles. Relate...

Yates (Peter) Papers

Papers of a music critic, author, teacher, and poet, who championed modern avant-garde music, presented a series of chamber concerts in Los Angeles called "Evenings on the Roof," and headed the music department at Buffalo State University. The materials consist...

Yatsushiro (Toshio) Papers

Dr. Toshio Yatsushiro (born 1917) is an anthropologist born in the United States to Japanese parents. Yatsushiro started advising and doing research for the federal government when he and his family were incarcerated in the Poston War Relocation Authority Camp...

Yaussi, Frank D. (Second World War correspondence)

This collection contains correspondence primarily between Maj. Frank D. Yaussi, USAAF and his mother, Eula Yaussi, during the Second World War. Included is further correspondence between Yaussi and other relatives as well as a few correspondence from his cousin H.P....

Yavno (Max) photograph collection

The Max Yavno photograph collection contains photographs taken by Yavno of the Scripps College campus and of Scripps student life from 1945 to 1950. Some of the photographs were published in 1950 in The Los Angeles Book, which Yavno co-created...

Ybarra (Michael J.) papers

Correspondence, writings, notes, memoranda and printed matter, relating to anti-communist movements in the United States. Includes research material used in preparation of the book by Michael J. Ybarra, (Hanover, N.H., 2004).

Ybarra Rojas (Antonio) depositions

Relates to corruption and crime in the Nicaraguan government. Depositions before United States government investigators.

Yeager (Jack) California 1970 ballot propositions scrapbooks

The collection contains two scrapbooks of news clippings, correspondence, political mailers, and other materials related to efforts to pass two ballot propositions related to state bonds in the June 2, 1970 election in California.

Yearbook [graphic]

Contains photographs of faculty, graduating class, and campus scenes at West Point.

Yearbook images (University of California, Irvine)

This collection comprises photographs, negatives, and digital images taken for by Student Government and Student Media. Included are images of students, student organizations, faculty, staff, student life, housing, academics, campus events, and the UC Irvine campus. Most images are unidentified....

Yearbook on International Communist Affairs collection

Clippings, serial issues, other printed matter, and notes, relating to the activities of communist parties throughout the world, 1966-1983. Used as research material for the Yearbook on International Communist Affairs published annually by the Hoover Institution on War, Revolution and...

Yearbooks and Annuals

Yearbooks, annuals, class directories, and annual journals published by Cal Poly student body annually between 1906-1990. No annuals were published between 1943-1945.

Yearbooks from Sacramento County schools

This index is made up of yearbooks from Sacramento County colleges and elementary, middle, and high schools. It has been compiled from many different accessions in the Center for Sacramento History's collection. Individual accession numbers are included with each yearbook....

Yearbooks (UC Davis)

The collection includes preservation copies of UC Davis undergraduate yearbooks and the School of Veterinary Medicine . Patrons should consult the use copies listed in the library catalog.

Years of growth, 1939-1966 : law enforcement, politics, and the Governor's office : oral history transcript and related material / [ca. 1952-1981].

Photocopy of typed transcript of tape recorded interview with former California Governor Edmund G. (Pat) Brown. Brown discusses his family and youth; early friendships and marriage; law school, legal practice, and first political steps; adventures as a young attorney; work...

Yeaton (Ivan D.) papers

Memoirs, reports, memoranda, correspondence, orders and citations, charts, and photographs relating to Ivan D. Yeaton's military career; Soviet military strength in 1941; Soviet-American relations, 1941-1949; organization of American military intelligence during World War II; lend-lease operations; American relations with the...

Yeats and Pound Registration Forms

Includes registration forms completed by W. B. Yeats, Ezra Pound & Dorothy Pound while they were residing in England during World War I. Also included are a broadside notice, a newspaper clipping, Register of Aliens, and a 1970 letter to...

Yeats (W. B.) Letters

This collection contains 11 letters from William Butler Yeats to R. Ellis Roberts.

Yeats, W. B. (William Butler) Collection of William Butler Yeats letters : mss., 1908-1934.

Chiefly letters to Miss Mabel Dickinson, mainly concerning his work with the Abbey Theatre, and commenting on his encounters with John M. Synge, Mrs. Patrick Campbell, Lady Gregory, George Bernard Shaw, and Winston Churchill.

Yee (Jimmie R.) Collection

Contains scrapbooks, letters, articles, photographs and awards given to Jimmie Yee throughout his career in the Sacramento City Council. It includes 10 series: Speeches, Correspondence, Flyers / Mailers, Newspaper Clippings, Scrapbooks, Photographs, Publications, Blueprints, Media, & Awards / Plaques/ Certificates....

Yee (William) films of Watts and East Los Angeles

The William Yee films of Watts and East Los Angeles consist of four 16mm films and one U-matic videotape of neighborhood footage of Watts and East Los Angeles, recorded by Dr. William Yee in the 1960s and 1970s. The videotape...

Yelland, William Raymond Collection

Consists primarily of project records, which include specifications, drawings, correspondence, and notes. Drawings, which form the bulk of the collection, largely relate to residential work, although some commercial and apartment buildings, including Normandy Village, are also included. The collection also...

Yellen (Ben) Correspondence with Arthur Brunwasser

This small collection of correspondence contains approximately fifty letters and notes consisting mainly of correspondence (most covering the period 1987-1991, with attachments dating back to 1972) that Imperial Valley physician and social activist, Dr. Ben Yellen, sent to others, and...

Yellen (Ben) Correspondence with Charles L. Smith

The Ben Yellen correspondence with Charles L. Smith files contain mainly correspondence in the form of prescription-pad notes (1960-1970s) from Yellen to Smith regarding water rights in Imperial County (Calif.), writings and lists (1970-1999) created by Smith about Yellen, and...

Yellen (Ben) Papers

Papers of Benjamin L. Yellen (1907-1994), physician and political activist in Brawley, California. Most materials date from 1948 to 1994 and pertain to water, farming and medical issues in Southern California. Typewritten correspondence forms the core of the collection, while...

Yellen (Linda) film production files

This collection contains video tapes, set photographs, music recordings, and other set materials for the movies "Parallel Lives" (1994) and "Chantilly Lace" (1993), produced and directed by American producer, director, and writer Linda Yellen (1949-).

Yellen Versus Imperial Irrigation District Collection

The files contain the official transcripts of two federal trials regarding water use in the Imperial Valley and the non-enforcement of two provisions of the original Reclamation Act of 1902. The provisions concerned a 160-acre land size limitation and a...

Yellin (Herb) collection on Ray Bradbury

The collection consists of materials collected by publisher and founder of Lord John Press Herb Yellin related to science fiction author Ray Bradbury. Materials in the collection include letters from Bradbury to Yellin, photographs of Bradbury and his family given...

Yellin (Jerome) Personal Papers

This collection contains many photographs, records, and news articles about Jerome (Jerry) Yellin and his experiences as a World War II pilot. It also contains some spectacular items, such as a story depicting Yellin as a modern Maccabee pilot, a...

Yellow Aster Mine Research Material

Clippings, correspondence, notes and documents related to the Yellow Aster Mine and mining life in Randsburg, California.

Yellow Aster Mining and Milling Company Records

This collection chiefly contains correspondence from the offices of the Yellow Aster Mining and Milling Co. in Los Angeles, California, to its mining facility in Randsburg, California, dating from 1917-1919.

Yellow Aster Mining and Milling Company. Records, 1898-1918

The Yellow Aster records are organized into the following series: LEGAL (bulk 1895-1918): Corporate, Property, Legal actions--Yellow Aster vs. O. B. Stanton (1898), Yellow Aster vs. Crane Company (1904). FINANCIAL (1898-1915): Accounting, Debits, Credits, Correspondence--R. L. Burcham to C. W....

Yellow Jacket Gold and Silver Mining Company papers : Gold Hill, Nev., 1871-1909.

Legal papers; reports of silver purchased by the U.S. Mint, Carson City, Nev.; records of stock transfers and accounts. Papers relating to the Comstock Pumping Association, San Francisco included. Ledger with some entries by Mercer Otey, Secretary.

Yellowstone and Yosemite National Parks: Views

Landscape views and sites of Yellowstone and Yosemite regions.

Yellowstone Lake and Montana ranch photographs [graphic].

Views of Yellowstone Lake, Wyo., and a Montana cattle ranch with log cabins, corrals, and human figures against backdrop of unidentified butte.

[Yellowstone National Park snapshot photograph album].

Album of snapshot photographs chiefly depicting views of a trip to Yellowstone National Park by an unidentified group of at least 3 women and 1 man. Views depict park scenery, tourist cabins and surrounding landscapes. A few scenes depict Native...

Yellowstone National Park watercolor views, circa late 19th century-early 20th century

Portfolio of twelve water color views, photographed and published by F. Jay Haynes & Bro., ca. late 1800s-early 1900s.

Yellowstone Park : color photogravures by F. Jay Haynes

An album of twenty color photogravures, printed in Germany, possibly between 1890 and 1910, of views of Yellowstone National Park taken by F. Jay Haynes, who started photographing the park beginning in 1881.

Yelsky (Isadore) photographs

Depicts American and other foreign troops in Siberia during the Russian Revolution, scenes of the Russian Civil War in Siberia, and American troops and scenes of everyday life in the Philippines.

Yemenite manuscript

Yemenite manuscript, in Hebrew.

Yen (Hui-ch'ing) typescript

Relates to Chinese politics, diplomacy, finance, and famine relief.

Yen (Janice) Nikkei for Civil Rights and Redress Collection

This collection includes flyers, newspaper clippings, organizational documents, press releases, issues of "Banner," digitized photographs, and other material related to the Nikkei for Civil Rights and Redress (NCRR), formally known as the National Coalition for Redress and Reparations. It also...

Yeo, Ron

The papers Ron Yeo consist of reports, subject files, publications, and correspondence relating to environmental and cultural initiatives in Orange County. Much of the collection relates to preservation of open space in Orange County, including materials about UC Irvine’s “Project...

Yeomans (Pat) Collection on Bill Henry and the History of the Olympics

This collection consists of the research materials, correspondence, and writings Yeomans generated in establishing the Bill Henry Room at the Occidental College Library, and the publication of works on Bill Henry, the history of the Olympics, the history of tennis...

Yerbury (Ann) Papers

Poems and prose written by Ann Yerbury between 1729 and 1753 on various themes including illness, religion, friendship, reflections, and death.

Yerby (Lorees) papers

Lorees Yerby was a writer of short stories, plays, screenplays, and novels. In 1957, she and her husband Mike Dutton opened Coffee House Positano, located in Malibu, California. The collection consists of plays including Save Me a Place at Forest...

Yerington Electric Company (Yerington, Nevada) Letter

Letter to Nevada Railroad Commission by the Yerington Electric Company, dated December 1, 1912.

Yerington (Henry M.) Papers

Bound volumes : chiefly letterpress copies of letters sent, 1872-1910 (with some gaps). There are 27 v. of general business correspondence, including many letters to D.O. Mills, principal owner of most of the businesses in which Yerington was associated, and...

Yin (Haiguang) papers

Correspondence, writings, printed matter, and photographs, relating to the Chinese intellectual tradition, the philosophy of history, and the issue of academic freedom in Taiwan.

Yin (Ying) papers

Correspondence, notes, and writings, relating to Christianity in China and in Taiwan.

Ying Kelley letter : [Berkeley, Calif.], to Elsa, before 1999.

Short handwritten letter, dated February 15, that likely accompanied flowers sent to a friend who had been ill and promising a visit by Ying and "Kelley" [i.e. John L. Kelley] when she gets stronger.

Yinger (Paul W.) Papers

The collection was packed up from Rev. Yinger's garage at his home in Sun City West, AZ and shipped to the GTU Archives. The arrangement is as close to what Rev. Yinger kept as possible....

Yingst (John Leonard) papers

The John Leonard Yingst papers are comprised of his pilot's flying logbooks, service records, identification documents, and photographs gathered during his time as a member of the Air Transport Auxiliary. Material relates to airplane ferrying operations of the Air Transport...

YMCA Photograph Collection

The YMCA or Young Men’s Christian Association, was reestablished on January 12, 1952 in Escondido California after being disbanded for unknown reasons in 1941. It is unclear when the “Y” organization began in Escondido, but Escondido’s so-called “Hi-Y” club was...

Yndice general de algunas palabras que no se contienen en el de la recopilacion de Yndias ... : Mexico?, [17--?]

Alphabetical subject index to the Laws of the Indies, containing works omitted from the index of the Recopilación de Indias, p. 1-93, with a supplement, p. 93-113. Contains annotations to various laws of the Indies, p. 115-254, also a treatise...

Ynez Ghirardelli papers, 1907-1956.

The papers contain a prospectus and reviews of Ghirardelli's book The Artist H. Daumier; legal documents; information regarding her initiation into Phi Beta Kappa at the University of California; and family photographs.

Yoch (Florence) Papers

This collection contains the professional papers of American landscape architect Florence Yoch (1890-1972) relating to her work designing landscapes and gardens primarily in Southern California, but also in Northern California, Mexico, and other locales, chiefly with her partner Lucile Council...

Yoffe (Avraham) papers

Small archive consists mainly of correspondence relating to Yoffe’s editorial work in Israel.

Yoga Institute of America Papers

Incoming correspondence to Sri D.R. Sukul, numerous manuscripts and pamphlets relating to eastern philosophies and religions (originally part of the library of the Yoga Institute of America), and material concerning nutrition and color and their effect on the mind and...

Yokohama, Japan - U.S. Army photographs, 1948-1950

12 black and white photographs taken by various U.S. Army photographers and including images of Bob Hope and Marilyn Maxwell performing and visiting wounded GIs.

Yokohama Japan photograph album, circa 1900-1910

No captions, Europeans in a few images, dress suggests ca. 1900 (related to compiler?), very sharp images, b/w snapshots all same size, one of series of cannons, military officers on horseback, soldiers marching (1905 Russo-Japanese War period?), street scenes, local...

Yokohama shinpō moshihogusa printed material

Newspaper published in Yokohama, Japan.

Yolo Base Line, California - Photographs

The Photographs of the Yolo Base Line, California, were taken during 1881 in Yolo County by Werner Suess and show men of the U.S. Coast and Geodetic Survey, including George Davidson, the moveable tent (Yolo buggy) used in the survey,...

Yolo Basin Foundation Records

The Yolo Basin Foundation Records include documentation from the first executive director of the foundation, including materials documenting the creation of the Yolo Bypass Wildlife Area. The collection contains correspondence, reports, grant documentation, financial materials, records of educational programs, and...

Yolo Country Flood Control and Water Conservation District records

The collection consists of reports, newspapers, and correspondence related to the Yolo County Flood Control and Water Conservation District.

Yolo County Archives Board of Supervisors Agreements

Collection incorporates: Agreements; Resolutions; Ordinances; Public Administrator; Agricultural Services; Assessor; Assessment District; Auditor; Aviation; Board of Supervisors minutes; Location: A10.3 J4.1-7

Yolo County Auctioneer Licenses

A record of all auctioneer licenses issued by Yolo County from 1883-1884. Location A2.4

Yolo County Board of Education Records

Meeting Minutes (1891-1920) from the Yolo County Board of Education and Board of Examination records showing teacher certificate exams and certificates filed (1870-1900). A38.4

Yolo County Board of Supervisors Agriculture Commission Reports

Agricultural reports for Yolo County 1907-1957. Location: A40.6

Yolo County Church Information Files

A collection of various articles and records from churches in Yolo County.

Yolo County Clerk Index to Articles of Incorporation

An index to all index of Articles of Incorporation recorded by the County Clerk from 1881-1976. Location A2.3

Yolo County Clerk Index to Naturalized Citizens

An index to all citizens who had been naturalized in Yolo County. Location A3.1

Yolo County Clerk Index to Plans and Specifications

A collection of indexes of all plans and specifications registered with Yolo County. Location A3.6

Yolo County Clerk Miscellaneous Index

An index off miscellaneous Yolo County Clerk records. Location A2.4

Yolo County Clerk Notary Records

A collection of all notaries recorded by the Yolo County Clerk from 1847-1949 and 1962. Location A3.6

Yolo County Clerk Record of Humane Officers

A record of the humane officers registered with Yolo County in 1913. Location A2.4

Yolo County Clerk Register of Medical Professions

A register of copies of various state medical licenses kept by Yolo County. Location A2.4

Yolo County Clerk Register of Optometry

A register of all state-certified optometrists registered within Yolo County. Location A2.4

Yolo County Clerk Register of Partnerships

A collection of all registered partnerships. Location A3.4

Yolo County Clerk Register off Partnerships and Fictitious names

An index of all partnerships and fictitious names recorded from 1874-1970. Location A2.3

Yolo County Clerk-Recorder Index to Attachments

A record of filed attachments with the Yolo County Clerk-Recorder. Location A 1.4

Yolo County Clerk-Recorder Index to Attachments and Lis Pendens

An index of attachments and Lis Pendens recorded by the Clerk-Recorder of Yolo County. Location A 1.4

Yolo County Clerk-Recorder Index to Cemetery Deeds

An index to the cemetery deeds issued 1911-1928. Location A 1.4

Yolo County Clerk-Recorder Index to Chattel Mortgages

An index to all chattel mortgages recorded by the Yolo County Clerk-Recorder from 1879-1927. Location A 2.1

Yolo County Clerk-Recorder Index to Covenants

An Index of covenants recorded between 1911 and 1928 by the Yolo County Clerk-Recorder. Location A 1.4

Yolo County Clerk-Recorder Index to Decrees

An index of all decrees recorded by the Yolo County Clerk Recorder 1888-1927. Location A 1.4

Yolo County Clerk-Recorder Index to Deeds of Trust

Index to Yolo County deeds of trust 1909-1927. Location A 1.4

Yolo County Clerk-Recorder Index to Homesteads

An index of recorded homesteads in Yolo County. Location A 1.4

Yolo County Clerk-Recorder Index to Leases

Index to the leases recorded by the Clerk-Recorder. Location A 1.4

Yolo County Clerk-Recorder Index to Licensed Surveyors

An index to all Licensed Surveyors in Yolo County from 1891-1934. Location A2.3

Yolo County Clerk-Recorder Index to Lis Pendens

An index of all Lis Pendens filed with the Yolo County Clerk-Recorder. Location A 1.4

Yolo County Clerk-Recorder Index to Mechanic Liens

An index of all mechanic liens recorded by the County Clerk-Recorder from 1879-1927. Location A 2.1

Yolo County Clerk-Recorder Index to Miscellaneous Records

An index of miscellaneous records taken down by the Yolo County Clerk-Recorder from 1867-1923. Location A2.3

Yolo County Clerk-Recorder Index to Notices of Inventory Liens

An index of all Notices of Inventory Liens recoded from 1958-1964. Location A2.3

Yolo County Clerk-Recorder Index to Official Bonds and Power of Attorney.

An index to all official bonds and power of attorney documents recorded by the Clerk Recorder from 1873-1927. Location A2.3

Yolo County Clerk-Recorder Index to Patents

An index of patents filed with the Yolo County Clerk-Recorder. Location A 1.4

Yolo County Clerk-Recorder Index to Preemptions

Indexes of preemptions as recorded by the County Clerk-Recorder. Location A 1.4

Yolo County Clerk-Recorder Index to Real Mortgages

Indexes of all mortgages recorded by the County Clerk Recorder from 1852-1927. Location A2.1-2.2

Yolo County Clerk-Recorder Index to Reconveyance

Copyright has been assigned to the Yolo County Archives. All requests for permission to publish or quote from manuscripts must be submitted in writing to the Archives. Permission for publication is given on behalf of the Yolo County Archives as...

Yolo County Clerk-Recorder Index to Releases of Mortgages

Indexes for Releases of Mortgages as recorded by the County Clerk-Recorder. Location A 2.1

Yolo County Clerk-Recorder Index to Road Deeds

An index of all road deeds recorded by the Yolo County Clerk Recorder from 1889-1928. Location A2.3

Yolo County Clerk-Recorder Index to Road Records

An index of all recorded road records taken by the Yolo County Clerk-Recorder from 1853-1903. Location A2.3

Yolo County Clerk-Recorder Index to Surveys

An index of all recorded surveys in Yolo County from 1891-1912. Location A2.3

Yolo County Clerk-Recorder Indexes to Certificates of Redemption

An index of all recorded Certificates of Redemption taken by the County Clerk-Recorder from 1896-1933. Location A2.3

Yolo County Clerk-Recorder Marks and Brands

A record of all marks and brands used to denote livestock. Location A3.3

Yolo County Clerk-Recorder Release of Mortgages

Ledgers that contain "Release of Mortgage" documents as provided by the County-Clerk office. Location A28.2

Yolo County Clerk’s Miscellaneous Index

An index to miscellaneous Yolo County Clerk records. Location A 1.2

Yolo County code

Consists of Yolo County ordinances, covering: Title 1. General provisions -- Title 2. Administration -- Title 3. Finance -- Title 4. Public safety -- Title 5. Public welfare, morals and conduct -- Title 6. Sanitation and health -- Title 7....

Yolo County Court of Sessions Order Book

A ledger of orders given to the Yolo County Court of Sessions. Location A3.4

Yolo County Court Records

A collection of various Yolo County Court records. Location A3.4

Yolo County District and County Court Judgment Documents

Ledgers containing judgments handed down by the District and County Courts of Yolo County. Location A3.4

Yolo County Fair

A collection of various documents recording various Yolo County Fairs. Location A4.1

Yolo County Family Histories

Consists largely of photocopies of documents and correspondence relating to families of importance to the settlement and history of Yolo County, California.

Yolo County Gun Permits, Licenses and Record of Sales

A collection of gun permits and related documents. Location A3.5

Yolo County Historical Society History Books

A collection of educational publications produced by the Yolo County Historical Society. Location A6.2

Yolo County Index to Certificate of Tax Sales

An index to all certificates of tax sales of Yolo County from 1899-1911. Location A2.3

Yolo County Justice Court Dockets

A collection of various criminal, civil, motor and other Justice Court dockets. Location A3.4; A12.1-12.5

Yolo County, Justice Court, Putah Township, Records Collection

The Yolo County, Justice Court, Putah Township, Records Collection spans the years 1852 to 1922. The bulk of the collection is made up of court records dating from 1870 to 1874 and from 1893 to 1897. Records from the 1870s...

Yolo County Licenses Order Book

A ledger containing all licenses orders recorded by Yolo County from 1893-1895. Location A2.4

Yolo County Liquor Licenses

A collection of all liquor licenses issued by Yolo County from 1890-1919. Location A2.4

Yolo County Merchandise Licenses

An index of all issued merchandise licenses from 1883-1884. Location A2.4

Yolo County Miscellaneous Naturalization Records

A collection of various naturalization records and documents. Locations A3.2-A3.3

Yolo County Naturalization papers

Miscellaneous files relating to naturalization from the County Clerk office. Location A3.3

Yolo County Naturalization Records

A collection of various documents pertaining to naturalization. Location A3.1-3.2

Yolo County Probate Court Minutes

A record of all Yolo County probate court minutes. Location A3.4

Yolo County Probate Court Orders

A ledger of all Yolo County Probate Court orders from 11862-1870. Location A3.4

Yolo County Record of Licenses Issues

A collection of all licenses issues recorded by Yolo County from 1885-1951. Location A2.4

Yolo County Register of Healing Arts Certificates

A ledger containing copies of all medical certificates kept by Yolo County. Location A2.4

Yolo County School Records

Records relating to schools including school bods, tax election petitions, orders and reports, report of school trustees and school census statistics. A38.7

Yolo County Stubs for Marriage Licences

Collected stubs of marriage licenses for Yolo County. Location: A 37.1

Yolo County subject history collection

Documents and correspondence relating to families who settled in Yolo County and their contributions to its history. Collection includes various topics on government and community activities and development. Location: A7.1-A7.3

Yolo County Superior Court Records

Various indexes and dockets of the Yolo County Superior Court. Location A 1.1-1.2

Yolo County Telephone Directories

Various telephone directories for Yolo County. Location: A5.3

Yolo County telephone directory (AT&T)

Yolo County telephone directories from 2006 on, when AT&T absorbed Pacific Bell.

Yolo County Theatre Licenses

A ledger of all theatre licenses recorded by Yolo County from 1887-1902. Location A2.4

Yolo Superintendent of Schools Principal and Teacher Reports

A collection of teacher and principal reports collected by the County Superintendent of Schools on an annual basis.

Yolo Winery Association Collection

Minutes of the regular meetings of the association, discussing wine prices, stock options, winery operations, and other common concerns.

Yoné Noguchi collection of papers, circa 1897-1940.

Promotional materials for one of his books, and corrected manuscripts for 10 Japanese Noh plays, and photocopies of poems, plays, and essays by and about him.

Yoné Noguchi letters and ephemera, 1899-1921.

Primarily letters to Frank Putnam, dated 1899-1911. Includes a folder of photocopies of articles, 1903-1921, about Yoné Noguchi. Some letters have typed transcriptions foldered with them.

Yoné Noguchi papers : additions, 1896-1904, 1971.

Include letters written to him by Charles Warren Stoddard, Joaquin Miller and Edwin Markham; and material relating to him. Includes biographical material from 1971.

Yonan (Henry) Assyrian Songs Collection

The songs were produced by Elizabeth Mando (1903-1989) and Youell Mando (1898-1958) in America, but come from the City of Mazri in the province of Tkhuma in the eastern Kurdistan Mountains located in northern Iraq (city and province are no...

Yone Noguchi letters, 1918-1923.

Written from Japan, and from various American cities on his lecture tour to his publisher, The Four Seas Company, addressed to Mr. Brown. Discuss arrangements for American publication of some of his works. Also with these: letter, n.d., written from...

Yoneda (Elaine B.) Collection

Consists of the papers of Elaine Black Yoneda and research material gathered by author Vivian McGuckin Raineri in the course of writing the biography, . Collection includes correspondence from Manzanar, duplicates of FBI files, subject files regarding the San Francisco...

Yoneda (Elaine B.) oral history

Contains a transcribed copy of Lucille Kendall's interview with left-wing activist Elaine Black Yoneda, which began in February 1976 and ended in June 1977. The interview covers Yoneda's involvement with the International Labor Defense, International Longshoremen's Association's Defense Committee, the...

Yoneda (Karl G.) papers

Karl G. Yoneda was a Kibei-nisei, born in Glendale, California in 1906 and stayed in Japan between 1913 and 1926. He returned to the United States in 1927 and joined the American Communist Party. During World War II, Yoneda was...

Yonemoto (Bruce & Norman) Papers

This collection contains papers related to the professional filmmaking of Bruce and Norman Yonemoto, for films between the 1960s and 1990s. The contents are primarily correspondence, press materials, exhibition catalogs and brochures, and screenplays and production notes for videos.

Yonge (George, Sir) Correspondence

A collection of correspondence related to the career of Sir George Yonge, British Secretary at War.

Yorba family papers, 1863-1873.

Relate primarily to the settlement of the estate of Teodosio Yorba; includes inventories and final accounts.

Yorba Linda Citrus Association

The Yorba Linda Citrus Association Collection contains documents, papers, pamphlets, periodicals and ephemera focusing on the picking, spraying, fumigation, washing, and preparation of citrus in the Yorba Linda area from 1912 to 1965.

Yorba Linda Public Library California History Collection

The California History collection includes various types of materials, such as books, pamphlets, maps, photographs, and newspapers. Copies of the local newspaper, the Yorba Linda Star, are kept on file either in paper copy or on microfilm. The Yorba Linda...

Yorba Orange Growers Association Packing House (Historic American Buildings Survey Report on the)

This Historic American Buildings Survey (HABS) report documents the Yorba Orange Growers Association Packing House in Anaheim, California with machinery in place, an important element for understanding the historical operation of such packing houses.

Yorba, Travis, and Borchert families photographs

The Photographs from the Yorba, Travis, and Borchert families contains portraits of family members and churches, as well as postcards. The photographs are most likely from the 1920s and feature the Santa Ana Canyon Family Ranch. The collection also includes...

Yorba-Cota Family Papers

The Cotas the and Yorbas were prominent and wealthy land-owning families who played an integral role in early California history and politics. Pablo Antonio Cota and Jose Antonio Yorba both participated in the Portola expedition and were granted vast stretches...

York (Captain L. W. ) document

Captain L. W. York document dated April 16, 1959, (SAFR 23003, HDC 1633), is a carbon copy with original signature of R. L. Bucholz, Marine Personnel Manager of the Joshua Hendy Corporation.

York (Herbert F.) Papers

Papers of Herbert Frank York (1921-2009), founding director of the Lawrence Livermore Laboratory (1952-58); member of the Presidential Scientific Advisory Committee under Presidents Eisenhower and Johnson; chief scientist of the Department of Defense's Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA); first chancellor...

York (John P.) Slide Collection

Slides of the travels of John P. (Jack) York.

York (Loraine) Collection

Newspapers with articles relating to real estate development in the Beverly Hills area, including property owned by Thomas Ince and Will Rogers.

York (Neil), Willson (Lawrence) correspondence

Correspondence between Lawrence Willson, a well-known English professor at UCSB and Neil York.

York (ship) bills

York (ship) bills (SAFR 17386, HDC 253) are for refitting the YORK in 1835. Each one is signed by R. Waterman. The collection is available for research use without restriction.

Yorke (Charles Philip) family correspondence

This collection consists of correspondence from 19th century British politician Charles Philip Yorke to various family members and fellow politicians. The collection also contains letters from Yorke's brother, Sir Joseph Sydney Yorke, to Charles. Most of the correspondence concerns British...

Yorke, (Father Peter C.) Collection

The collection includes primary and secondary source materials relating to the ordained religious life, activities, and history of Father Peter Christopher Yorke, a priest of the Archdiocese of San Francisco, labor and education advocate, and notable figure in San Francisco...

Yorke, Harvey Photograph Collection

This is a photographic collection created by United States Air Force (USAF) Lt. Col. Harvey F. Yorke from 1958 to 1964, regarding activities at Mather Air Force Base and at other points in his service career.

Yorkin (Bud) papers

The Bud Yorkin papers span the year 1982-1986 (bulk 1985) and encompass 7.5 linear feet. The collection contains scripts, publicity files, photographs, and production material for TWICE IN A LIFETIME (1985)....

The Yorozu records

The Yorozu was a landmark Japanese department store that sold goods to the Issei community in Sacramento region and beyond for nearly 100 years. This group contains two boxes of financial and legal records for The Yorozu; the bulk regarding...

Yosemite album [graphic] /

Title supplied by cataloger.

Yosemite and Golden Gate International Exposition views [graphic]

Photographs mainly show landscapes in Yosemite National Park, a few show wildlife, people. A few show the Golden Gate International Exposition in San Francisco, Calif.

Yosemite and Mariposa big trees, Calif. [graphic] /

Includes views from the Yosemite Valley and the Mariposa Grove of giant sequoia.

Yosemite and Santa Barbara Mission views [graphic]

Yosemite photographs show Glacier Point, the view from Union Point, and the view from Glacier Point. One photo shows the Santa Barbara Mission.

Yosemite area views [graphic] /

Views of Yosemite landscapes and outing groups, including trail riding, stage coaches, etc.

Yosemite Association Records

This body of records represents the activities of the Yosemite Association (YA), also known as the Yosemite Natural History Association (YNHA). It also contains records representing the activities of the Yosemite Fund (YF), reflecting its work as a special committee...

Yosemite camping trip [graphic].

Scenes include group of men and women at campsite and by lake, and views of Half Dome, Cathedral Rock, Nevada Falls, and Liberty Cap.

Yosemite Conversation Club Collection

The Conversation Club records are comprised of 2.3 linear feet of materials. The bulk of the collection is paper, although there are also 23 photographs from a photo album of the club. The materials cover a date range from the...

Yosemite Falls stereoviews [graphic] : including Lady Jane Franklin's party on horseback.

Photographs of Yosemite Falls from the valley floor. One includes a party on horseback in the foreground believed to be the party of Lady Jane Franklin who visited Yosemite in 1861.

Yosemite flyer, circa 1870s

Printed flyer, "Information to Visitors: How and When to See Yosemite to the Best Advantage," [ca. 1870s].

Yosemite [graphic]

Includes early snapshots as well as professional photographs of Yosemite National Park. Also views of Big Tree, Calif.

Yosemite Lumber Company photographs [graphic]

Photographs show the Yosemite Lumber Co.'s operations at El Portal in Mariposa Co., Calif. Many photographs show workers, logs on trains, engine rooms, tools, equipment, and similar views. Many views show lumber camp facilities, including dining and living room areas,...

Yosemite Museum Program Records

This body of records represents the activities of the Museum Program's leadership and support staff, operating as a branch of the Interpretation and Education Division. Although a few documents date to the park’s earliest years, most records range in date...

Yosemite National Park Photographic Scrapbook Collection

The Yosemite National Park Photographic Scrapbook Collection documents the park from 1936-1949. It is comprised of 61 photographs that depict the geology, wildlife, and human culture of the park in that era. Many of the photographs are geological points of...

Yosemite National Park photos [graphic] /

Photos show waterfalls and general views in Yosemite National Park. One shows "Barnard's Rock Cottage".

The Yosemite National Park survey, July 1902.

Snapshots of a group of approximately seven men and two women, often posed with mules or survey equipment, in Yosemite National Park.

Yosemite National Park views, Calif. [graphic] /

Includes views of Yosemite Valley from Mariposa trail, Yosemite and Nevada Falls, North and South Domes, Cathedral Rocks, Washington Tower and a section of the Grizzly Giant (Mariposa Grove).

Yosemite National Park views [graphic] /

Includes general views of the park and many waterfalls.

Yosemite Nature Notes Collection

The Yosemite Nature Notes Collection contains a nearly complete run of Yosemite Nature Notes, including “Special Numbers” (themed issues), which the Yosemite National History Association frequently revised and republished, even following Yosemite Nature Notes’ institutional demise in 1962. The run...

Yosemite Newspaper Collection

This collection is comprised of park newspaper clippings, scrapbooks and Yosemite National Park Press releases, 1920 - 1988. The bulk of the materials date from 1920 to 1940.

Yosemite Old Central Files Collection

The Old Central Files Collection (OCFC) span from the late 1800’s through circa 1950. The collection is comprised of 40 linear feet (80 boxes) of material revealing the management strategies and interactions of Yosemite National Park in the early 20th...

Yosemite Park & Curry Co. letterhead, 1926.

Typewritten letter from agent M. E. Webb of Yosemite Park & Curry Co., on company letterhead, to Oakland school principal Elizabeth Cooper offering group rate for teachers over Easter Break.

Yosemite Park and Curry Company Collection

The Yosemite Park and Curry Company Collection contains the business records of one of the largest and longest operating concessioners in the national park system. The Yosemite Park and Curry Company (YP&C C) was organized in 1925 when Yosemite National...

Yosemite Park Mines Syndicate scrapbook, 1908.

Contains prospectus, correspondence, reports on mines, and stock certificates for mining land in Devil Gulch originally included in the Yosemite Park grant made in 1864.

Yosemite photographs, 1906-1907

Two black/white panoramic photographs: (1) Grizzly Giant Tree, Mariposa Grove. Pillsbury Picture Co., No. 1005. Oldest living sequoia, located at Wawona. The image also shows visitors, standing, on wagons, and bicycle, by the trees. Deframed, in Oversize Map Case. (2)...

Yosemite photographs [graphic]

Scenic views and groups of tourists in the Yosemite Valley and nearby locales in Yosemite National Park. Views include a party at Inspiration Point, Mirror Lake, Cathedral Spires, El Capitan, various waterfalls, a wagon in the Wawona drive-through tree, an...

Yosemite photographs [graphic] /

Photos show: Nellie Crockett and sister (dated ca. 1900), Yosemite Valley from Inspiration Point, Bridal Veil Falls, Yosemite Falls and Indian Canyon, Nevada Falls, a profile of Vernal Falls, the Three Brothers, and the Stoneman Hotel.

Yosemite photographs [graphic]: Catherine Norton Case's 1905 trip.

One Snapshot is of a meadow with figures gathered, with Half Dome and the Royal Arches in background. The other is of an unidentified rock formation among trees, presumably in or near the Yosemite Valley.

Yosemite Resource Management Records

The Yosemite National Park Resource Management Records consist of the documents created, received, and managed by the National Park Service as the park “central files” from the mid-1950s to 2008. These documents are fundamental program records that contain critical information...

Yosemite (riverboat) freight receipts

Yosemite (riverboat) freight receipts (SAFR 429, HDC 510) consists of four records from the California Steam Navigation Company. Each was signed in Marysville California between 1864 and 1866.The collection is available for research use without restriction.

Yosemite, San Francisco, Oregon, Peru, and other locations

Photographs show many scenes in and around Yosemite Valley; some views of San Francisco (including Watkins' 9-plate stereograph-sized panorama, ca. 1867, and a view of the wreck of the ship Viscata, 1868) ; views along the Columbia River; a panorama...

Yosemite Short Line Railroad Records

Legal documents and a deed record book concerning the Yosemite Short Line Railroad operations.

Yosemite Slide Collection

The Yosemite Slide Collection contains 2"x2" 35mm color transparency slides. The slides include original cardboard or plastic mounts. Metadata is often written in ink or pencil directly on the slide mount or printed on an adhesive label and placed directly...

Yosemite snow scenes and mountain lions in captivity [graphic]

Includes views of the Glacier Point Hotel under snow drifts.

Yosemite stereo views [graphic]

Stereos captioned: Bower Cave, Yosemite [showing stairs and walkways into the cave] -- Clouds Rest and thunder clouds, Yosemite -- The Diamond Jump [waterfall].

Yosemite stereograph views [graphic] /

Includes stereograph views of Yosemite Valley and the adjacent Sierra Nevada mountain range. Photographer Roche and other members of his party appear in some views.

Yosemite stereoviews [graphic]

Title supplied by cataloger.

The Yosemite Valley [graphic] : Yosemite National Park California /

19 professional-quality views of the Yosemite Valley (including onw mounted on cover and one on title page). Added snapshots and ephemera appear to be from a participant in a 1924 Oakdale to Yosemite automobile run. One view from the main...

Yosemite Valley, Old Missions of California, Yellowstone Park - Views

Includes photos of many Yosemite falls and scenery; several views of California missions (San Gabriel Mission, San Diego Mission, Mission at Santa Barbara, San Luis Rey Mission, Mission San Juan Capistrano, etc.); various Yellowstone views; and one photo of Mt....

Yosemite Valley photographs [graphic] /

1: Bridal Veil Fall, Gorge, etc. [from the Coulterville Trail] no. a11 [very similar to mammoth CEW number 14] -- 2: Cathedral Rocks 2600 ft. Yosemite no. a12 [near the vantage point of mammoth CEW number 21]-- 3: Yosemite Falls...

Yosemite Valley Railway Co. records : mss., [1922-1943]

v.1 - letter press copies of damage reports, freight bills sent to other agents for collection, waybills and voucher correction notices from Merced Falls station, 1922-1943; v.2 - train register at Bagby, 1908; v.3 - record of freight received at...

Yosemite Valley Railway Collection

Includes official bulletins issued by the Yosemite Valley Railway, train registers, checks, correspondence, and telegrams.

Yosemite Valley scenes [graphic] /

Title supplied by cataloger.

Yosemite Valley stereo views [graphic]

Published by Underwood & Underwood.

Yosemite Valley views [graphic]

Title supplied by cataloger.

Yosemite views [graphic] /

Includes views of Yosemite falls and scenery, as well as Fagersteen's wagon seen through the Wawona Tree.

Yosemite views [graphic]

Includes 6 views of Half Dome. Also views of Vernal Falls, Upper Yosemite Falls(?) and Merced(?) river.

Yosemite views [graphic]

Views show visitors to Yosemite on horseback, a crowded room of men sleeping on the floor (caption: Close quarters our first night), a man in a barber's chair being examined, playing cards with four kings identified by name (Alexander, Cesar,...

Yosemite West Property and Homeowners Incorporated Records

Correspondence, memoranda, minutes, membership and dues records, architectural drawings, and circulars from the Yosemite West Property and Homeowners Incorporated (YWPHI) regarding Yosemite West Unit #1 subdivision. These records document the activities of the organization related to sewage treatment, water scarcity,...

Yosemite Women's Group Collection

The Yosemite Women’s Group Collection includes materials created by the Yosemite Women’s Group from 1955 to 1989. These records depict the regular activities of the group through meeting records maintained by the secretary, in addition to announcements and invitations for...

Yoshi Saburo Kuno papers, 1907-1937.

Correspondence, notes, manuscripts, course notes, and subject file on Kuno's interest and activity as a professor in Japanese Culture at the University of California in Berkeley.

Yoshiaki Moriwaki family papers, 1942-46, 1976.

Photographs transferred to the Pictorial Collections of The Bancroft Library (BANC PIC 1987.070--A)

Yoshida (Yoshie) Papers

As an art critic and curator, Yoshie Yoshida (1929-2016) organized many exhibitions and events in Japan. After becoming a member of Art Critics Association, he was also engaged in supporting political and performance art. The collection ranges from monographs, serials...

Yoshikawa Family Collection

The Yoshikawa Family Collection consists chiefly of: family correspondence (1937-1947); Rohwer Relocation Center schoolwork and other memorabilia (1942-1945); and, photographs---many taken by Richard Shizuo Yoshikawa---of Rohwer Relocation Center, friends and clients in New York and elsewhere....

Yoshioka (Kiyoko Maeda) Family Photographs

The Kiyoko Maeda Yoshioka photographs collection (1916-1990, bulk 1937-1941) includes digital reproductions of family photographs primarily documenting the life of Kiyoko Maeda Yoshioka in the years before, during, and after World War II. The collection also includes digital reproductions of...

Yoshizumi (Kogan) Papers

Reverend Kogan Yoshizumi (1894-1975) was the Buddhist priest of the Soto Mission of Aiea in Hawaii on Oahu. Yoshizumi was arrested and detained at Sand Island after the attack on Pearl Harbor and was subsequently transferred to a series of...

Yost (Max C.) Report on Stanford Engineering Curricula

Collection consists of tables compiled by Yost comparing engineering requirements for his years at Stanford (1944-1952), the Pioneer Class (entered 1891, graduated 1895), and the academic year 1996/97; also included is his cover letter to Dean John Hennessy explaining his...

You Can't Beat the Dutch Phonorecords

Relates to Dutch military, naval, and aerial operations, and to the resistance in the German-occupied Netherlands.

Youkstetter (Frank) Collection

This collection contains programs, newspaper clippings, photographs, and memorabilia relating to Frank Youkstetter's involvement in the Pomona College Glee Club.

Young (Allen) Papers

Manuscripts, survey responses, correspondence, galley proofs, notes, and miscellaneous typescripts created and collected by writer, journalist and activist Allen Young. The bulk of the collection consists of materials relating to the gay male portion of (1979), the first comprehensive survey...

Young America Mining Company checks : Forest City, Calif., 1865.

from University of Wyoming, American Heritage Center;

Young Americans for Freedom records

Correspondence, memoranda, minutes, convention and meeting materials, newsletters, bulletins, leaflets, flyers, legal and financial records, membership records and mailings, printed matter, and audiovisual material relating to political conservatism in the United States and on American college campuses.

Young (Amos C.) Collection

Amos C. Young, a resident of Portland, Maine, was a relative of Civil War Veteran George H. Young. His journals and account book date from 1856-1869. The collection also includes advertising materials.

Young (Arthur N.) papers

Diary, correspondence, reports, studies, statistical summaries, financial statements, press releases, clippings, and ephemeral publications, relating to the European financial crisis following World War I, the work of the Reparations Commission in formulating the Dawes Plan in 1924, and the economic...

Young Brothers Letters


Young (C. C.) Newspaper Clippings

Newspaper clippings collected by Governor C.C. Young....

Young Communist League of the United States issuances

Theses, resolutions, bulletins, pamphlets, leaflets, and printed matter, relating to the American and international communist youth movement. Includes some issuances of the Young Communist International, the Communist Party of the United States, and anti-communist groups.

Young (David A. W.) Papers

The collection consists of correspondence, reports, financial data, clippings and ephemera related to the real estate investments and activities of various corporations and development companies.

Young (David R.) Papers, White House Special Files, 1969-1973

David Young was Special Assistant to the National Security Council and later was detailed to the Domestic Council to work for Egil Krogh. In the latter position he was involved in domestic and external security matters including investigating leaks of...

Young (Edwin S.) papers

Photographs, printed matter, medals, flags, and memorabilia, relating to American naval operations in the Pacific Theater during World War II.

Young (Eleanor L.) Papers

The great body of the Young papers consist of Miss Young's fifth through twelfth grade schoolwork (1901-1908). The papers also include notes on Miss Young's family, personal correspondence and photographs....

Young, Ella Letters to Acquisition Librarian, University of California, Berkeley, 1949.

Presenting copies of her works for the Rare Books Collection, with information on publication, rarity, etc.

Young (Ella) Papers

Ella Young (1867-1956) held the Phelan Memorial Lectureship on Celtic Mythology and Literature at UC Berkeley, and wrote poetry and books for children influenced by Irish folklore. The collection consists of manuscripts, correspondence, photographs, clippings, horoscopes, books, other printed material,...

Young (Ella) Papers

Correspondence, photographs, postcards, writings, reminiscences, and other materials relating to the Irish poet, political activist, and mystic Ella Young. The bulk of the collection consists of letters exchanged between Young and Scripps College Librarian Dorothy Drake from 1951 to 1955,...

Young (Ethel) papers

Ethel Silver Young (1915-2005) is recognized as a pioneer in early childhood education. She developed preschool and K-level curricula for multicultural and mixed-income preschool environments, was a leader in the local cooperative nursery school movement, and helped develop award winning...

Young Family Papers

The collection contains correspondence and business-related materials concerning the Young family of Paw Paw, Michigan, as well as correspondence relating to a number of other Michigan families including Butler, Carpenter, Comstock, Goodrich, Henry, Hibner, Maloney, Moyer, Nellie, Poucher, Richards, Shallenberger,...

Young family papers, 1865-1878.

of Albert Jefferson Young (1841-1933) May 21 - Sept. 11, 1862. Record of his overland journey by wagon train from Council Bluffs to California. The diary ends with the crossing of the Sierra Nevada. He settled eventually in Danville. Included...

Young family papers, 1921-1935.

Papers of Young Yuen and his family. Material concerning the Bow On Association (a benevolent society) included.

Young (Floyd D.) papers

This collection contains a scrapbook, press clippings, photographs, and other material pertaining to the Citrus Experiment Station and Floyd D. Young, a local meteorologist.

Young (George F. W.) papers

Photocopies of studies, government documents, business records, corporate reports, and other printed matter relating to German business investment in Latin America before World War II, and especially in the period before World War I, used as research material for journal...

Young (George H.) Diaries

George H. Young was a U.S. Civil War volunteer, and relative of Amos C. Young. Following the war, he migrated to and settled in Yuba County, California. The diaries he authored document his time fighting in the Civil War, and...

Young (Gordon R.) Papers

Gordon Ray Young (1886-1948) was a journalist in Chicago and San Francisco, the literary editor of the , and author of over forty novels, including the Red Clark adventure books. The collection consists of manuscripts, periodicals, three newsclippings, and six...

Young, Harry Personal Papers

Harry Fahrney Young was born on 18 December 1899 at Frederick, Maryland, and grew up with an aunt. He enlisted in the U.S. Navy in 1920 and became an aviation rigger. He would subsequently serve at NAS Key West, Anacostia,...

Young (Helen Praeger) interviews

Sound recordings and translations of transcripts of interviews of women veterans of the Chinese Long March of 1934-1935 used as research material for the book by Helen Praeger Young, (Urbana, 2001).

Young (Hobart) memorandum

Relates to press coverage by Stars and Stripes, the United States Army newspaper, of agitation by American soldiers for speedier demobilization in 1945-1946.

Young (Jesse Arthur) papers

The J. Arthur (Jesse Arthur) Younger Papers consist of the office files of J. Arthur Younger who was a United States Representative of Congress for California's 11th Congressional District in San Mateo County from 1952-1967.

Young (Kimball) Papers

This collection consists of typescripts of interviews and diaries collected by sociology professor Kimball Young (1893-1972) in regard to his research into the Mormon practice of polygamy.

Young (La Monte) papers

Selected compositions, writings, correspondence, and publicity related to musical programs and other performance events of composer La Monte Young and his wife and collaborator, the artist Marian Zazeela. Many items autographed by Young and Zazeela to Robert Stevenson or John...

Young Ladies' Institute minutes, 1912-1996.

Minutes of meetings conducted over the span of 80 years from the Gabriel Institute and the Del Mar Institute of San Francisco. Some are formally bound and some are loose. Envelopes and documents are often inserted into the minutes.

Young (M. Norvel and Helen) Papers

The collection contains the personal and professional papers of M. Norvel and Helen Young. The bulk of the materials range from the 1900s to early 2000s and document the Youngs' involvement with Pepperdine University; their families' lives; and their activities...

Young Men soiree invitations, 1859-1860.

Invitations to the Young Men's eighth and twelfth soirees in 1859 at Assembly Hall in San Francisco and 1860 at Tucker's Academy of Music in San Francisco. The 1859 invitation is addressed to a Miss Fany Frank. Committee members included...

Young Men's Christian Associations collection

Clippings, printed matter, and photographs, relating to activities of the Young Men's Christian Associations of North America in the United States and Europe during World War I

Young (Millard C.) papers

Orders, personnel records, correspondence, speeches and writings, pamphlets, other printed matter, citations, and photographs, relating to various activities of the United States Air Force, and especially to the development of the atomic bomb.

Young (Noah) photographs

This collection consists of production stills and headshots of silent film supporting actor Noah Young (1887-1958). Young performed in more than 50 films for Hal Roach Studios from the late 1910s to the mid 1930s, including with Laurel and Hardy,...

Young (Noel) / Capra Press Collection

The collection contains biographical information about Noel Young (1922-2002), including typescripts from early diaries in the 1930s and through his college years, typescripts mainly of short stories, but also poetry and plays, by Young, memorabilia from trips, photographs, and some...

Young (Oran) papers

Collection contains files of Bren School faculty member Oran Young relating to his work in the areas of Arctic studies, institutional and international environmental governance.

Young (Patrick) Collection

Patrick Young was a member of the Hong Kong Naval Volunteer Reserve during World War II and was interned by the Japanese Army during his service. Consisting mainly of newsletters dedicated to the experiences of military personnel in Asia during...

Young (Richmond) Papers

The Richmond Young papers document the political activism of civic leader Richmond Young (1952-1995). Young was a longtime San Francisco political and AIDS activist.

Young Socialist League and Young Socialist Club of Wayne County collection

The collection contains bulletins, newsletters, pamphlets, programs, constitutions, press clippings, and flyers published by or relating to the Young Socialist League and the Young Socialist Club of Wayne County.

Young (Tom) Papers

Photographs, photographic negatives, slides, graphic works, published and draft writings, and other materials relating to the life and literary and artistic career of Tom Young (1947-1989), author, artist, and assistant editor of .

Young (Victor) music manuscripts

This collection consists of manuscript sketches, scores and parts for compositions by Victor Young, created for the television programs Medic, The Tony Martin Show (drawing on material from Texaco Star Theater), and various films and popular musicians from the 1950s.

Young (William R. K.) and Gunst (Morgan A.) correspondence

Correspondence of William R. K. Young and Morgan A. Gunst with bookstores and societies selling rare and fine books. Much of the correspondence is with T. J. Cobden-Sanderson of the Doves Press....

Young Wo Benevolent Association miscellany : San Francisco, Calif., 1943-1998.

Contains a brief history of the association prepared in 1997, as well as bylaws for the years 1956 to 1989; lists of officers for 1966 to 1988; and meeting agendas from 1987-1988. Financial records include a ledger of income and...

A young woman's photograph album of San Francisco Bay Area outings [graphic].

Snapshot album of an unidentified young woman or group of women, taken around 1910-1913. Chiefly photographs of friends on hiking and camping excursions around the San Francisco Bay Area. Identifiable locations are Mt. Diablo (Contra Costa County), Mt. Tamalpais (Marin...

Young Women's Christian Association Collection

The Young Women's Christian Association Collection consists of correspondence, event invitations and programs, meeting minutes, constitution and by-laws, and publications of the Young Women's Christian Association of Oakland collected by the East Bay Negro Historical Society. The collection is organized...

Young Women's Christian Association (YWCA) of Los Angeles Collection

The Young Women's Christian Association (YWCA) of Los Angeles was established in 1893 to promote the physical, social, spiritual, and educational well-being of young women. The collection documents the establishment, evolution, and achievements of the YWCA of Los Angeles.

Young Women's Christian Association (YWCA) of San Diego County Records

The document the YWCA's growth and evolution as a service organization for women and families from its inception in 1907 through the early 2000s. The collection comprises approximately 67 linear feet of materials including the organization’s administrative records dating from...

Young Women's Christian Associations, Stanford Chapter, Records

Correspondence, memoranda, minutes, programs, photographs, and other records.

Younger (A.P.) papers

Collection consists of script materials, story ideas, notes, and story clippings related to the career of motion picture writer, A.P. Younger....

Youngman family papers, 1882-1904.

Includes letter, 1879, from Lorinda (Wooster) Youngman, describing life in California; Civil War service record of Alden L. Youngman in First Wisconsin Cavalry and regimental roster; and family genealogy.

Youngman (William Sterling) papers

The William Sterling Youngman papers include correspondence, writings, interview transcripts, and printed matter relating to American military assistance to China during World War II and to American foreign policy in China.

Yount family papers, 1830-1945.

Photocopy of translation in California State Archives of "Expediente 154" - grant, 1836, of Caymus Rancho to Yount; abstract of title (with copy of Yount's will) made, 1915, for F.W. Ellis; papers of Mrs. E.E. Cook (including Yount family genealogy);...

Yourieff (Alexandra Andreevna Voronine) papers

Memoirs, other writings, diaries, correspondence, financial records, printed matter, and photographs, relating to Russian émigré affairs. Includes papers of W. George Yourieff, husband of Alexandra Yourieff. Also includes material relating to the earlier brief marriage of Alexandra Yourieff in the...

Yousling (Jim) Photographs and Papers

This collection consists of artwork, photographs, manuscripts, correspondence, notes, press material, clippings, magazine layouts, private journals, and publications collected and/or created by Jim Yousling, 1947-1995, bulk 1963-1991. Materials include photographs, manuscripts, and press materials gathered and/or created during his editorship...

Youth and Adult Correctional Agency Records

The records of the California Youth and Adult Correctional Agency (YACA) consist of twenty-four cubic feet of textual records reflecting the Agency's administration of the Department of Corrections, Youth Authority, Board of Prison Terms, Youthful Offender Parole Board, Institutional...

Yu (Alice Fong ) Papers

These papers document Alice Fong Yu’s lifelong commitment to teaching and her role as a Bay Area Chinese American community leader. Included are files Yu maintained during her career with the San Francisco Unified School District; Yu’s coursework from the...

Yu (Eui-Young) collection of newspaper clippings on the 1992 Los Angeles Riots

The Eui-Young Yu collection of newspaper clippings on the 1992 Los Angeles Riots includes 1,282 Korean articles from and , and approximately 380 articles from the on the subjects of the 1992 Los Angeles Riots as well as race/cultural relations...

Yu (Fu Chun) Lab Notebooks

Collection consists of three notebooks (in facsimile) kept by Fu Chun Yu while he was a post-doc in Prof. Felix Bloch's NMR laboratory at Stanford; they cover Yu's work with Warren Proctor that lead to a realization of the chemical...

Yu (Sen) carving

Hand-carved ivory chrysanthemum branch.

Yuan T. Lee papers

The Yuan T. Lee papers including correspondence, research proposals, organizational records, project files and university records.

Yuba Consolidated Gold Fields Records

The records in this collection were discovered in the offices of the Western Water Company in 2003, and pertain to Yuba Consolidated Gold Fields. The records dated 1901-1929, include legal documents, deeds, business records, correspondence, reports, acknowledgements, proposals, agreements, financial...

Yuba Consolidated Industries Records

This collection includes photographs, photo albums, negatives, and blueprints pertaining to the operations of Wendall P. Hammon, Yuba Construction Company and Yuba Consolidated Gold Fields. Photographs, albums, negatives and blueprints relate to the dredging, manufacturing, and mining activities of the...

Yuba County Board of Supervisors Records

The collection includes correspondence, petitions, minutes, promissory notes, treasurer's reports, and resolutions related to the history and activities of the Yuba County Board of Supervisors.

Yuba County documents, 1852-1867.

Includes power of attorney, Dec. 1852, for David S. Forman of Marysville to F.A. McCormick of Columbus, Ohio; a request for 1000 foreign miners' license forms by the Yuba County auditor in Dec. 1855; an undated, unsigned manuscript draft of...

Yuba County History: Visual Archive

Yuba County Library's photograph collection includes images of historical interest of Marysville and other areas of Yuba County from the early 1800s to the 1950's. Images document commercial, residential, and public buildings, including businesses and restaurants), the fire department, theaters...

Yuba County Jail mug shot photographs of Chinese miners [graphic].

Includes mug shot photographs of Chinese miners convicted of hydraulic mining and sentenced to prison terms at the Yuba County Jail. Photographs bear various dates from 1887. Names include: Hop Mow, Ah Sung, Ah Fung, Ah Wang, Ah Jin, Ah...

Yuba County land papers, 1857-1871.

Include pre-emption notices and affidavits, one concerning mining property.

Yuba Manufacturing Co. Records

Financial and operating records consisting of cash books, journal and general ledgers, petty cash reports, payroll records, stock journals and ledgers, appraisal inventory, company brochures, list of dredges, and job log books.

Yuba Manufacturing Company photographs [graphic]

Predominantly views of dredges manufactured by the company, both under construction in California and in operation in California and other locales (including Alaska and Greece). Views of other industrial and manufacturing equipment are also present.

Yuba Manufacturing Company Records

The Yuba collection contains business files and documents pertaining to the activities of Wendall P. Hammon and the founding the Yuba Construction Company and Yuba Consolidated Gold Fields, including annual reports of both companies and reports of other mining companies....

Yuba River Diversion Project for Yuba Consolidated Gold Fields Report

The collection consists of a report from H.R. Edwards, Chief Engineer of Hammon Engineering Company to W.P. Hammon, managing director of the Yuba Consolidated Gold Fields. Included in the report are sections on railroad possibilities and an irrigation scheme. Appendices...

Yucatan, Mexico Documents

These papers relate chiefly to the early national period, including circulars and letters from government officials to the governor of Yucatan; acts of the Yucatan assembly, 1840; official reports concerning the troops, 1834-1845; and synopsis of official correspondence, 1841-1843. There...

Yudenich collection

Correspondence, memoranda, telegrams, reports, military documents, proclamations, maps, and printed matter, relating to the campaigns of the White Russian Severo-Zapadnaia Armiia and other aspects of the Russian Civil War, White Russian relations with the Allied Powers, and activities of White...

Yuen, H.K. Collection

The H.K. Yuen collection features primary multimedia materials on a wide range of historic themes and events set in Berkeley and San Francisco Bay Area during the 1960’s and 1970’s, such as Civil Rights and Black Power, Community Movements, Counter...

Yuen, H.K. Collection

The H.K. Yuen collection features primary multimedia materials on a wide range of historic themes and events set in Berkeley and San Francisco Bay Area during the 1960’s and 1970’s, such as Civil Rights and Black Power, Community Movements, Counter...

Yugeng certificates

Presents the credentials of Yugeng as Chinese ambassador to Japan, 1895, and as Chinese ambassador to France, 1899.

Yugoslav army is assisting Serbian terrorism video tape

Relates to the role of Yugoslav military forces in fighting between Serbs and Croats in Croatia in 1991. Includes a similar video program, entitled A Legacy of Genocide: The Serbian Death Squads. Both produced by Frank Kolarek Films and narrated...

Yugoslav subject collection

Election campaign literature, printed matter, and miscellany, relating to aspects of the history and politics of Serbia, of the federal state of Yugoslavia, and of its constituent republics and former republics collectively.

Yugoslavia. Narodna Skupština. Hrvatsko Zastupstvo issuances

Resolution, 1928, and memorandum, 1935, relating to political conditions in Croatia and Yugoslavia.

Yugoslavia newspaper collection

The newspapers in this collection were originally collected by the Hoover Institution Library and transferred to the Archives in 2019. The Yugoslavia newspaper collection (1903-2001) comprises one-hundred and twenty-eight different titles of publication, in Serbian, Croatian, (Serbo-Croatian), Slovenian, Macedonian, Albanian,...

Yugoslavia photograph album, 1936

Cite as: [Identification of item], Yugoslavia photograph album, Bernath Mss 352. Department of Special Collections, UC Santa Barbara Library, University of California, Santa Barbara.

Yugoslavia. Poslanstvo (Switzerland) press releases

Relates to the establishment of the communist government in Yugoslavia.

Yugoslavia. Poslanstvo (United States) miscellany

Press statement by Yugoslav Ambassador Dimce Belovski; official statement of the Yugoslav embassy; initiative by members of the United States House of Representatives; and excerpts from the transcript of the United States Department of State press, radio, and television briefing;...

Yuk Ow papers.

Writings and teaching notes; research on Ow family clan (1265-1975).

Yuki Akaki Collection

This collection contains 30 letters written to Yuki Akaki to his sister, Miss Hatsume Akaki, while he was serving with the 522nd Field Artillery Battalion in World War II. There are also photographs of his time serving in Japan and...

Yukihiro Collection

This collection contains army records and ephemera from Tsutomu George Yukihiro's service in World War II. Tsutomu served in the Counter Intelligence Corps in their 441st Detachment stationed in Japan, from 1945-1948.

Yukiye Kusuda letters to Robert W. Carnachan, 1942-1944.

Letters from Japanese Relocation Center, Poston, Arizona.

Yukon Basin Gold Dredging Co. Ltd. papers, 1907-1908.

Include eleven letters to Mr. F. Henderson promoting the sale of stock in the company and miscellaneous promotional handbills and flyers.

Yukon photograph collection

Collection of 109 real photo postcards, 8 printed postcards, 22 original photographs and various ephemera from the archive of the Watson family, Yukon Pioneers and owners of the Watson General Store in Carcross – the oldest operating store in the...

Yukon stern-wheelers postcard collection

This collection of 8 postcards of Yukon stern-wheelers.

Yunessi (Ebrahim) holograph

Persian manuscript which translates to "Someone Who Looks Like Me."

Yung (Judy) papers

Research files, oral histories, photographs, and writings from historian Judy Yung with a focus on Angel Island Immigration Station and the experiences of Chinese American women in the twentieth century.

Yung (Judy) slide collection

Depicts Chinese women in the United States; a selection of images used as illustrations for the book, , University of Washington Press, 1986.

Yung (Roger) processed volume

Screenplay relating to the involvement of the American Homer Lea in the Chinese republican movement.

Yun-nan [China] Expedition Collection, ca. 1900.

Two albums containing approximately 300 photographs and accompanying manuscript illustrate the travels of a French explorer, G. Geraud, who was commissioned by the French Governor of Indochina to explore Yunnan. Geraud traveled through the western province of Yunnan starting from...

Yurchenko (Ivan) writings

Relates to various aspects of philosophy, religion, and the sciences.

Yussemite Valley (Californie).

Two views from Watkins' 1865-1866 trips to Yosemite, possibly printed later. Views may be reduced versions of his mammoth plate views. Upper view captioned "South Dome en fond de la vallée." Lower view captioned: "Cathedral Rocks." The upper view is...

Yuwiler (Arthur) papers

Publications, laboratory notebooks, files, correspondence, presentations, and microscope slides which document Dr. Arthur Yuwiler's research on tryptophan metabolism, and serotonin and melatonin relations to stress, autism, and violence, as well as schizophrenia research with Ralph W. Gerard....

Yvanoff (Alexander) papers

Memoirs, correspondence, and photographs, relating to the Russian Civil War, Russian émigré life in the Philippines, and guerrilla activities in the Philippines during World War II.

[Yvonne Brathwaite Burke photos].

Publicity photographs pertaining to the early Los Angeles political career of Yvonne Burke.

YWCA of Silicon Valley Records

The Young Women's Christian Association (YWCA) of Silicon Valley was established in 1905 to provide fellowship, mutual aid, and spiritual and professional guidance to young working women. The records included in this collection range from 1905 to 2005 and include...

YWCA of the Mid-Peninsula records

The Young Women's Christian Association of the Mid-Peninsula Records contains materials related to its history, administration, public policy advocacy, programming for women and children, and incorporation of the Stanford YWCA in 1982.