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W. and S. Jones catalogue, 1799

"A Catalogue of Optical, Mathematical, and Philosophical Instruments, Made and Sold by W. and S. Jones," No. 135 (London, ca. 1799). Part of vol. 5 of Lectures on Natural and Experimental Philosophy (London 1799). Gift of Larry Badash

W. B. Franklin letter to Colonel Nicholson, 1899 September 1.

One holograph letter written from Hartford, Connecticut, expressing regret that he cannot attend a Sixth Army Corps reunion.

W. B. Thorpe's '98 Republican campaign songs, 1898

Satirical reworking of popular songs of the day, including such titles as "Take Your Three Crank Platforms and Begone." Purchase, Schoyer's

W. C. Holliday letters, 1864.

Two Civil War era holograph letters written by W. C. Holliday, chaplain of the 90th Ohio Volunteer Infantry. In one, written near Ooltewah, Tenn., he describes a trip to Chattanooga and seeing General William T. Sherman. In the second letter,...

W. C. Lean & Jung Collection

Small collection of financial and customer records from W. C. Lean & Jung Jewelers, operating at 99 South First Street in San Jose from approximately 1904 to 1984.

W. Dibblee Hoyt collection, circa 1930s-1940s

Horse racing records, photos, and clippings from Rancho San Julian, nr Lompoc.

A. W. Dimock letter to his sister, 1861 May 4.

Holograph letter written from Jersey City, discussing personal and family affairs. Dimock mentions that his regiment may be ordered up at any time.

A. W. Drew letter to his father, brother, and sister, [1861] April 30.

One Civil War era holograph letter written from Newton, Iowa. Drew explains his wish to volunteer for an Iowa company and discusses the organization of armed militias in Missouri, threatening to invade Iowa.

W. E. Gladstone letters, 1840-1891.

Some relate to British politics. Also included is a holograph draft of a Preface, Mar. 15, 1878.

W. E. Hoskin Sonora beer wagon ledger, 1897-1908.

1 business ledger for R. E. Hoskin, who drove a beer wagon in Sonora, California. Entries are dated from 1897 to 1908.

W. F. Witherell, 1878-1886.

Letters and various assay reports, abstracts of title, etc. concerning mines and mining claims in California, 1878-1886.

W. G. Brownlow collection, 1862, 1877, 1861

One note (ANS), 1862; one letter (ALS), 1877; one envelope; one manuscript account "Brownlow's connexion with The Bridge Burning in East Tenn., Nov. 8, 1861..." See also: Wyles SC 916.

W. G. Brownlow note and photograph, circa 1862

One Civil War era note (ANS) and 1 b/w photo (carte de visite), ca. 1862. One b/w photo (carte de visite) of Captain [?] Schindel on reverse of same sheet, n.d. Also, one photo (carte de visite) of Mrs. Brownlow...

W. G. Wilson South America Cruise Photograph Album, 1930.

50 original sepia and black and white photographs with captions in album by W. G. Wilson, illustrating a cruise around South America in 1930. Includes nine photos of Havana (Cuba), six photos of Lima (Peru) and eight photos of La...

W. H. H. Bryant's bill for services and expenses as recruiting agent, 1864 August 6-1865 February 1.

One holograph bill from the town of Pembroke to Dr. W. H. H. Bryant for services and expenses as Recruiting Agent from Aug. 6/64 to Feb. 1/65. It lists the date, the number of days served, the number of recruits,...

W. H. Himbury Middle East diary, 1925

Bulk of diary, including photos, traces tour through Iraq. Also Egypt, Palestine, and Syria. Arrangement: Bound volume.

W. H. Jones life story, 2001

Typescript, photos, documents, and correspondence re Walter (Wally) Hitshew Jones, Jr. life, much of it spent abroad in places like Eritrea, French Morocco, Yemen and Europe, for many years as an official with the Bechtel Corporation.

W. H. Talbot (built 1891; schooner, 4m) logbook and newspaper clipping

W. H. Talbot (built 1891; schooner, 4m) logbook and newspaper clipping (SAFR 16449, HDC 165) includes a ship's log kept by mate O.E. Beden. He recorded nautical calculations of the voyages between Port Townsend and Shanghai. The collection is available...

[W. Huse Chapman photographs of Negritos and other peoples of the Philippines].

Ethnographic portraits, snapshots and scenes of the Negritos of the Philippines: their customs; activities; dwellings, structures and other material culture; and natural surroundings. Specific subjects include basket weaving, a burial, scarification, and a group of hooded self-flagellants. Also includes portraits...

W. K. Weare papers, circa 1880.

Autograph manuscript of Weare's unpublished autobiography (662 pages), and miscellaneous poetry, prose and letters.

W. Kenneth Davis papers, 1939-1995.

The papers consist primarily of transcripts of speeches. The collection also contains biographical information, photographs, correspondence, laboratory notes, and course notes.

W. M. Keck Observatory records

Contains correspondence and planning documents concerning the funding, planning, and construction of the Ten Meter Telescopes (TMT) on the summit of Mauna Kea, Island of Hawai'i. Also includes press releases and publicity regarding the telescopes. Additionally the collection includes audio...

A. W. MacKenzie letters, 1870-1897.

Some reflect politics in England. Include letters from John Gellibrand Hubbard, first Baron Addington; William George Spencer Scott, Earl Compton; Catherine (Glynne) Gladstone; Maria Georgina (Shirreff) Grey; John Hutton; Sir Edward Lee; William Henry Forester Denison, first Earl of Londesborough;...

W. P. Fuller & Co. (San Francisco, Calif.) Records

The collection consists of five bound letterbooks of letters sent to W. P. Fuller & Co. from September 1896 to September 1921. The letters are from the Pioneer White Lead Works and the Pioneer Color Works, subsidiaries of the company;...

W. Parker Lyon Wild West Shows, undated

One letter (ALS) on letterhead stationery, to Elmer (?), conveying best wishes to Jack (John J.) Mitchell and the Rancheros Vistadores, n.d.

W. Scott Polland collection of manuscripts relating primarily to Marin County, 1840-1962 (bulk 1849-1906).

The collection contains a diverse selection of documents relating to Marin County, California, as well as to business and household affairs in nineteenth century California. Primarily ephemera, documents include business and household reciepts and bills as well as legal documents....

W. Sidney Smith letters received, 1798-1824.

Relate to the naval career of the British admiral. Include letters from Ignazio Thaon de Revel, Johann Friedrich Hach, Sir Alexander Ball, Sir Robert Grant and others.

W. Somerset Maugham correspondence, 1954-1958

Four letters (TLS) and one letter (ALS) to Laurence Brander, re his biography, Maugham's Then and Now, and other matters. Villa Mauresque, 1954-1958, n.d. Also one picture postcard, portrait of Maugham. Alpha List.

W. Somerset Maugham letter, 1964 February 21

(1874-1965). One letter (TLS) to Louis Blevine, saying that at his age, 91, he no longer can answer extensive questions. Villa Mauresque, 21 Feb. 1964. Alpha list.

W. Somerset Maugham photograph of a painting, 1969

One signed black and white photograph of a painting of Maugham, with accompanying letter by Alan Searle, Maugham's secretary, to Ray Johnson, UCSB Manuscripts Curator , 1969. Alpha list.

W. T. Sherman letter, 1880 September 13.

One brief holograph letter written from San Francisco to an unknown recipient, regarding an appointment with a Mr. and Mrs. Holliday.

W. T. Sherman letter to General M. G. Vallejo, 1879 August 11.

One holograph letter written from Washington, D.C., regarding Vallejo's request for an example of Abraham Lincoln's signature.

W. T. Sherman letter to Mrs. Peshine, 1890 July 16.

One holograph letter written from New York City to Mrs. [Rebecca Ord] Peshine. Sherman recounts his memories of Peshine's mother, Maria de las Angustias de la Guerra Ord, from his time in California.

W. T. Sherman letters to David Milliken, Jr., 1886.

Two holograph letters to David Milliken, Jr., Secretary of the Union League Club in New York City. Sherman declines two social invitations, including a reception for the inauguration of the Statue of Liberty.

W. Turrentine Jackson oral history, 1994

Interview with Jackson re his career as a history professor and practicing public historian, and his reflections on the emergence of public history programs in the U.S. Interviewer: David E. Russell, 6/16/94 (tapes 1-3) and July 8, 1997 (phone interview,...

W. W. Light papers, 1851-1893.

William W. Light was born in Claremont County, Ohio on July 29, 1819, and was a boyhood friend of Ulysses S. Grant. He began studying medicine at age eighteen in Cincinnati, entered the practice of dentistry in 1840, and arrived...

W. W. Light papers, 1851-1893.

William W. Light was born in Claremont County, Ohio on July 29, 1819, and was a boyhood friend of Ulysses S. Grant. He began studying medicine at age eighteen in Cincinnati, entered the practice of dentistry in 1840, and arrived...

W. Y. (Walter Yeeling) Evans-Wentz Papers

Correspondence, books, notes, printed material, ephemera, and photographs pertaining to Mahayana Buddhism. Also contains materials pertaining to Evans-Wentz's education....

[Wa Sung Athletic Club baseball team photographs and records].

Collection includes 2 photograph albums and various papers pertaining to the Wa Sung Athletic Club, a Chinese-American semi-professional baseball team based in Oakland in the 1920s and 1930s. One album, untitled, compiled by team manager Ed Bowen, contains action poses...

Waard (Marieke and Frans de) Wine Label Scrapbook

Notebook-size scrapbook of wine labels, mostly from South Africa and California.

Wabash Railroad ticket form, 1906

One printed ticket form, for free seat in reclining chair car, 1906.

Wachhold (Allen Glen) typescript

Relates to the role of the historian Frank A. Golder in developing the library and archival holdings of the Hoover Institution on War, Revolution and Peace. Includes sound recordings of interviews of Thomas A. Bailey and Mabel Junkert, and written...

Wachs (Joel) Gay and Lesbian Records

Gay and lesbian-related legal records, correspondence, and awards of Los Angeles City Councilmember Joel Wachs, 1983-1996.

Wachs (Joel) Papers

This collection contains constituent correspondence, mayoral and city council campaign records, and some personal papers of Joel Wachs, Los Angeles city councilman from 1971 until 2001. The holdings are especially valuable for understanding the critical mayoral campaigns in Los Angeles...

Wachsmann (Klaus) Collection

Klaus Wachsmann was a British ethnomusicologist of German birth and a pioneer in the study of African music. Between 1949 and 1952 Wachsmann compiled an extensive collection of field recordings while living in Uganda. This collection, one of two Klaus...

Wachsmann (Klaus) Collection

Klaus Wachsmann was a British ethnomusicologist of German birth and a pioneer in the study of African music. Between 1949 and 1952 Wachsmann compiled an extensive collection of field recordings while living in Uganda. This collection, one of two Klaus...

Wachsner (Frank and Trixie) Collection

Frank and Trixie Wachsner were both children of Jewish refugees who fled to Shanghai to escape persecution during World War II. The collection consists of items related to their experiences living in China and the reunions they attended in later...

Wackenreuder family papers.

Include tax lists, leases, agreements to sell, and deeds, for land owned by Vitus Wackenreuder in San Francisco, 1859-1887; portion of a letter written by him, 1883; papers relating to his estate; land patent issued to his daughter, Mary Krause,...

Wada Family Photographs

The Wada family photographs features two negatives and ten pre-World War II images of mainly the Wada family as well as some images of members from the Ushijima family. Most of the items in this collection have been digitized and...

Wada (Tomoji) Family Papers

This collection contains materials regarding Tomoji Wada's business on Terminal Island, California, immigration materials, and incarceration camp records pertaining to Tomoji Wada and his family. Included are taxes, receipts of expenses, and ledgers, receipts for his donations to Japanese American...

Waddell (Charles W.) papers

Charles Wilkin Waddell was an educator and scholar whose emphasis was on the education of teachers. He served as the director of the training department at the Los Angeles Normal School and continued as a professor of education when the...

Waddell (James) Timebooks and Conductor's Logs

This collection appears to be the personal timebooks and freight conductor's logs compiled by Central Pacific / Southern Pacific employee James Waddell.

Waddell (Richard) Typescript and Drafts

A photocopy of a 310-page typescript "The Sierra Nevada Crossing: A Study In Railway Economics and History, 1869-1950" dated 1986.

Waddell (Thomas) Papers

This collection contains material related to Dr. Thomas Waddell (1937-1987), who is best known for founding the Gay Games. It includes correspondence, subject files, memorabilia, and a small amount of photographs.

Waddell (Tom) Photograph

Photograph of Tom Waddell, Roger Tubb, Erick Wilkinson and Mary Dunlap in Waddell’s home at 141 Albion Street in San Francisco.

Waddingham (Gladys) collection

Gladys Waddingham (1900-1997) was an author and Spanish teacher at Inglewood High School. The Gladys Waddingham collection contains materials collected during Waddingham's travels to Spain, Mexico, Guatemala, and other countries -- mostly during the 1950s. Included in the collection are...

Waddingham Slide Collection and Papers

Slides, photograph, and documents on a variety of California topics and locations.

Wade (Benjamin F.) Correspondence

The collection contains three letters relating to Benjamin F. [B. F.] Wade (1800-1878), abolitionist and Whig/Republican Senator from Ohio, 1851-1869. Wade was co-author of the Wade-Davis bill on reconstruction, which was pocket vetoed by President Lincoln, and the subsequent Wade-Davis...

Wade (Benjamin Newton) papers

Documents and correspondence relating to the service and experience of Benjamin Newton Wade, M.D., in the U.S. Army, both state-side and in france, from 1917-1919. Collection contains twenty-five military documents (several being duplicates), two incoming and two outgoing letters, and...

Wade (Bob) papers

The Robert A. Wade papers document Wade's career writing noir mysteries with his partner H. BIll Miller (who died in 1961) until Wade's death in 2012. THe collection inculdes personal and business correspondence, diaries, first editions of their books, ledgers,...

Wade (Charles J.) Account Books

Primarily account books, most belonging to Charles J. Wade of Boston, ca. 1872-1909. Also an account book with the name Mary E. Howard written in, 1876. Several diaries, including a travel account from 1909 which records a trip beginning in...

Wade (Elizabeth) Papers

Papers and photographs from the estate of Elizabeth Cecilia Wade, descendant of California pioneer Harry George Wade.

Wade (J. D.) Photographs

Photographs taken by J.D. Wade during the late 1960s and early 1970s. This set of black and white prints and original negatives document the States Line Steamship Company picket during the late spring of 1969.

Wade (Nigel) collection

Novel, essays, petitions, and other writings by Yang Guang, Wei Jing-sheng, and other Chinese dissidents, relating to political conditions and civil liberties in China, and the arrests of Yang Guang and Wei Jing-sheng. Includes photographs of Yang Guang and translations...

Wade (Ruth C.) Papers

Collection consists of photographs, two photograph albums, and biographical notes and clippings about Ruth Collins and Elbert Wade. Photographs include the Wade's 50th wedding anniversary and Northern California family scenes....

Wadsworth (Eden) Papers

Certificates, diary, printed materials, materials about his daughter, Carrie M. Wadsworth....

Waelsch (Heinrich) collection of documents pertaining to IBRO (International Brain Research Organization)

Heinrich Waelsch, M.D., Ph.D., an internationally respected researcher, was intimately connected with both the development of the field of neurochemistry and the founding and growth of the International Brain Research Organization (IBRO). This collection covers IBRO documents and correspondence from...

Wafer, Alfred Paul (Second World War correspondence)

This collection contains correspondence from Sgt. Alfred Paul Wafer, USA to his wife Elsie Ann Opolski Wafer during the Second World War.

Waffen-SS. 15 Grenadier-Division records

Correspondence, memoranda, military orders, maps, and printed matter relating to activities of the Latvian Legion police battalions and regiments.

Wagenheim (Charles) scripts

Collection consists of script material related to the acting career of Charles Wagenheim. Included are scripts for a variety of television and motion picture projects produced between the 1950s and 1970s. The bulk of the collection includes over thirty scripts...

Waggoner (Earl) Photographs of Navajo in Monument Valley

Includes scenes of everyday Navajo life and views of Monument Valley.

Waggoner (W.W.) Papers

Waldo Wade Waggoner (1860-1939) served as County Surveyor of Nevada County, California and as California Debris Commissioner. The small collection contains his report and map on the Dry Creek Reservoir Site in Nevada County as well as three letters from...

Wagner and Hubner families correspondence with the Wenger family

The Wagner and Hubner families correspondence with the Wenger family consist of 49 letters sent to Clayton P. Wenger and Suie S. Wenger, a Mennonite couple in Pennsylvania involved in charitable work among displaced and impoverished families in Austria during...

Wagner (Arthur) Papers

A small collection representing a selection of the papers of Arthur Wagner, an actor, director, and professor of drama at UC San Diego.

Wagner (Blanche Collet) manuscripts

Blanche Collet Wagner was a writer and artist who lived much of her life in San Marino, California. This collection consists of two bound manuscripts: one is an English translation of the Mayan creation story ; the other, titled (1941),...

Wagner (C. Peter) Collection

Charles Peter Wagner (b. Aug.15, 1930 – d. Oct.21, 2016) worked as Professor of Church Growth at Fuller Seminary's School of World Mission (SWM) from 1971-2001. He authored 80 books, was the founding president of Global Harvest Ministries from 1993-2011,...

Wagner (Charles) Collection

This collection consists mostly of undated, unsigned, and untitled manuscripts regarding Pastor Charles Wagner who came from Paris to give lectures in the United States in 1904. These manuscripts appear to be authored by George Wharton James, as much of...

Wagner (D.R.) Papers

Collection includes poetry (Wagner’s and other’s), manuscripts, newspapers, and artwork.

Wagner (Eleanor R.) papers

Eleanor Raymond Wagner was the executive secretary for the California Legislative Conference and administrative secretary for the Californians for Liberal Representation. The collection consists of reports, correspondence, printed materials and papers relating to her involvement with these organizations from the...

Wagner (Gordon) papers

Gordon Wagner was born on April 13, 1915 in Redondo Beach, California, and died in Long Beach, California, on December 4, 1987. From a young age Wagner was interested in mechanical designs as well as expressing his artistic vision through...

Wagner, Henry J. (First World War correspondence)

This collection contains one letter from Henry J. Wagner to his sister Frances during the First World War.

Wagner (Henry R.) Papers

Correspondence with other bibliophiles, scholars, libraries, etc. relating to his research and writing on various aspects of western and Latin American history and to his other activities, including interest in California Historical Society; MSS of his writings; transcripts and photocopies...

Wagner (Henry R.) Papers

Henry Raup Wagner (1862-1957) collected books and made contributions to the history and bibliography of Latin America as well as the American West. The collection contains correspondence, manuscripts, research notes, and printed material including his manuscript, .

Wagner (Henry Raup) Collection

Henry Raup Wagner, 1862-1957, was an avid book collector and author. He settled in California with his wife, Blanche Henrietta Collet, circa 1917. In the 1890s, he started collecting books on Spanish history, metallurgy, and mining. He also amassed collections...

Wagner (Henry Raup) Collection

The collection includes correspondence, manuscripts, articles, journals, and publications about Henry Raup Wagner....

Wagner (Jack R.) papers

The Jack R. Wagner papers (SAFR 23825, HDC 1666) consist of 5 short maritime related manuscripts written by Jack R. Wagner with associated research materials, and 2 small files of research material for 2 more unwritten manuscripts.

Wagner (Jack Russell) Collection

The Jack R. Wagner Collection consists largely of manuscripts, letters, notes and ephemera pertaining to his publications and interest in railroad history.

Wagner (Jack Russell) Mexico Trip Scrapbook

Scrapbook includes black-and-white and color photographs, brochures about hotels and steamships taken by Jack Wagner during his trip along the west coast of Mexico in 1951.

Wagner (Joseph) Papers

The collection contains materials created by, collected by, and about conductor and composer Joseph Wagner. Materials include music scores; symphony orchestra sheet music; loose music manuscripts; vinyl records; audio and video recordings; subject and correspondence files; photographs; Wagner's publications; and...

Wagner (Otto) Correspondence

Primarily letters sent to Otto Wagner, the Austrian architect and teacher, from other architects, artists, publishers, and students. Letters concern the work of Wagner and his correspondents, Wagner's influence, and exhibitions. Includes five letters from Wagner dated between 1902-1917.

Wagner (Rob) papers

Robert Leicester Wagner (1872-1942) was a illustrator for newspapers and the Encyclopedia Britannica. He also wrote for the Saturday Evening Post, Collier's, and other magazines before moving to Southern California, where he directed films for Paramount and the Hal Roach...

Wagner (Sally Roesch) Papers

This collection includes subject files, course materials, personal and business correspondence, newsletters and bulletins, publications and photographs. It focuses heavily on Sally Roesch Wagner's involvement with the Women's Studies Program at both Sacramento State College and Mankato State College. In...

Wagner, Todd A. (Iraq War correspondence)

This collection contains fourteen correspondence written by Sergeant Todd Wagner, United States Army to Rita Widder during the Iraq War.

Wagnon (Kenneth A.) Collection

Reprint of an article appearing in the Western livestock journal entitled "Two blades of grass where thousands grew before," about pioneer cattle farmers John and Harriet O'Neal, ghost-written by Wagnon.

Wagstaff (Christopher) Collection

Correspondence from contemporary poets regarding reading arrangements in the California area.

Wagstaff (Samuel) Papers

The papers document Sam Wagstaff's activities as curator and collector, with a focus on his collections and collecting processes. The papers are rich in correspondence and include letters from artists, photographers and cultural institutions. Original photographs and non-photographic original artworks...

Wahl (Henry C.) Papers

Mainly replies received from various state and national legislators concerning various issues, many of them relating to legislation on medical insurance for the aged. The letters are arranged alphabetically by correspondent. Included are letters from Barry Goldwater, Albert Arnold Gore,...

Waid (Everest) Photo Collection

This collection contains photos of the 11th Bomb Squadron at Rockwell Field, San Diego.

The Waif Manuscript

Bound manuscript newspaper of "The Waif," composed by the Literary and Musical Society of Klamathon.

Wainwright (W. A.) photographs

An aerial view of Iwo Jima, and a photograph of the dedication of a memorial flagstaff on Iwo Jima by American troops.

Wait (Frona Eunice) Lantern Slides of California Wine Country

Digital surrogates of eighty-five lantern slides taken by Frona Eunice Wait depicting wine-related scenes in the Napa Valley area during the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

Waite (C.B.) Collection, ca. 1900

10 Photographs. Various views of Los Angeles and Mexico, including the Vera Cruz Railway.

Waite (C.B.) photographs

The collection consists of approximately 200 black and white photographs of various cities, buildings, historic sites, people, events, and places in Mexico taken by photographer C.B. (Charles Betts) Waite in the early 20th century.

Waite (Kathryn) Photograph Album

Kathryn Waite (née Wilson) was born in 1901 and died in 1998. She and her husband Harry Edgar Waite (1885-1963) lived in the City of San Fernando. She worked on the nursing staff at Veterans Administration Hospital in Sylmar and...

Waite (Morrison R.) Collection

The collection contains one Civil War era note (ANS), 1862, from Morrison R. Waite (1816-1888) to R. F. Paine, concerning finances of [?] Rains, who was at Weston, Virginia, with the Ohio 67th Regiment. Also included is one undated engraving...

Waite (Willis Willard) photographs and memorabilia

Collection includes photographs and scrapbook pages containing photographs, postcards, and information on Stanford clipped from publications. Subjects of the photographs include Palm Drive, the Quad buildings, the library, Memorial Church, museum, art gallery, the Stanford union, and the grounds of...

The Waitresses records

The Waitresses was one of the first performance art groups to emerge from the Los Angeles Woman's Building. Founded in 1977 by Jerri Allyn and Anne Gauldin, the group used their collective experiences working as waitresses to explore feminist issues...

Wakao (Tatsuhiko) papers

Includes documents relating to Wakao's community organizing activities in Los Angeles, California. Also includes material relating to Wakao's legal case against the Japanese government regarding voting rights in Japan for Japanese citizens living abroad....

Wakefield & Company Freight Bills and Receipts

Freight bills and receipts issued to Wakefield & Company for shipment of goods (rope, axes and twine) on board steamers from San Francisco to Portland.

Wakefield Autograph Collection.

A collection of letters and autographs presented to the University of California in April 1922 by Sam Bell Wakefield.

Wakeling (Gwen) costume design drawings

The Gwen Wakeling costume design drawings span the years 1931-1966 (bulk late 1950s-1960s). The collection encompasses less than 1 linear foot of manuscripts and 993 costume design drawings and other artwork. The material covers Wakeling's freelance film career from as...

Wakely (Wilbur) Personal Papers

The collection consists entirely of folders and books containing photocopies of images of and from the Hubble Space Telescope, including descriptions of images and results of experiments.

Wakeman (Captain Edgar) papers

Captain Edgar Wakeman papers (SAFR 17621, HDC 116) contains correspondence, logbooks and a wide variety of paper ephemera from 45 years of maritime service. The collection is available for reference use without restriction.

Wakoski, Diane. Letters to Michael Rossman, 1960-1965.

Letters of poet Diane Wakoski written primarily from New York City, mentioning her writing, and that of other poets. With these, mamuscripts of some of her poems, some unpublished.

Walcott (C. D.) Letter

This is a typed copy of a letter from H. L. C., Supervising Engineer of the Roosevelt Dam construction in Arizona, to C. D. Wolcott, Secretary of the Smithsonian Institute, Washington D. C. The author of the letter says he...

Wald (Jerry) papers

This collection includes the papers and records of American screenwriter and producer Jerry Wald (1911-1962).

Wald (Karen Lee) Cuban research audio visual collection

Video and sound recordings covering various topics related to Cuba.

Wald, Karen. Photographs of Freedom to Travel trips to Cuba from the Karen Lee Wald Cuban research collection [graphic].

Slides of trips to Cuba made in 1993-1994, organized by the Freedom to Travel / Travel Challenge program of Global Exchange of San Francisco. Pictured are American travelers en route to Cuba (via Cancun, Mexico) and visiting sites and events...

Waldau (Otto Hoffman von) diary

Relates to German air operations during World War II. Photocopy.

Waldeck (Jacob E.) Theater Scrapbook

Scrapbook contains clippings about manager Jacob E. Waldeck's, Casino Theater (334 S. Spring St., Los Angeles), and the performers who appeared there.

Waldeck (Meyer) memoir

Relates to cultural conditions in Germany in the 1870s, and to the education in Germany of privileged German-Russian children. Attribution of authorship uncertain. Photocopy.

Waldemar Westergaard correspondence and notes : Chico, California, and Ithaca, New York, 1907-1912.

Letters to Henry Morse Stephens and Frederick John Teggart, and research notes, mainly on Bancroft Library materials, relating to the Danish West Indies.

Walden (John) collection

Clippings, serial issues, reports, other printed matter, sound recordings of radio broadcast news programs from English-language Hong Kong and international sources, and sound recordings of legislative council proceedings, relating to the administration of Hong Kong before and after transfer of...

Waldheim (Kurt) interview transcript

Relates to allegations of participation in war crimes by Waldheim as a German officer in Yugoslavia and Greece during World War II. Interview conducted by Mary Ann Sieghart for a London television station. Photocopy.

Waldie (John) Papers

John Waldie (1781-1862) was the administrator of Hendersyde Park at Kelso, Roxburghshire, Scotland. The collection consists of 7 volumes of letters to John Waldie (1793-1841), 74 journal volumes, 11 volumes on travels transcribed from the journals, and 1 volume of...

Waldman, (Anne) Papers

Newsclips and photos of midget entertainers and actors who were employed in the period 1925 thru late 1950's.

Waldmüller (Hans) Collection on Thomas Mann

This collection contains periodical issues and articles, offprints, newspaper clippings, and other materials relating to German author Thomas Mann. Materials were collected by Hans Waldmüller, author of scholarly works on Thomas Mann.

Waldo (Arthur L.) collection

Serial issues, proclamations, cartoons, booklets, and other printed matter, relating to the Soviet occupation of Poland, and especially of the western Ukraine, at the outbreak of World War II, and to the cult of Joseph Stalin.

Waldo Browne letters, 1918-1919

Four letters (TLS) from various government officials, including Secretary of the Treasury, McAdoo, re Browne's international review Renaissance , 1918-1919. Alpha list.

Waldorf (Howard) Personal Papers

The Howard Waldorf Personal Papers containns materials relating to and/or written by Waldorf. He was a prominent aviation journalist in the San Francisco Bay area following his service as a test pilot in World War I.

Waldron (Clarence Loring) papers

Writings, memoranda, reports, regulations, directives, personnel records, bulletins, and printed matter, relating to Allied administration of Japan following World War II, especially in regard to economic matters, and to postwar reconstruction and growth of the Japanese economy. Includes extensive drafts...

Waldron (W.B.) Pocket Diary

Pocket diary of W.B. Waldron, a master mechanic for the California Central Railroad. Entries are dated 1867-1868 and mention work assignments, railroad accidents, financial status and social engagements and activities.

Waldrop, Marianne S. (Gulf War correspondence)

This collection contains correspondence between 1st Lt. Marianne S. Waldrop, USMC and her parents during the Gulf War. Also included are correspondence to her from her cousin and to her parents from various Lt. Waldrop's coworkers.

Walecka (John Dirk) Notebooks and Papers

Notes, lectures and reports on nuclear theory, general relativity, quantum mechanics, and mathematical physics. Collection also includes reprints and some correspondence.

Walerga oral histories collection

The collection consists of cassette tape recordings of oral histories, typed transcripts of the oral histories, administrative records related to the project, and photographs. Digital copies have been made of all of the oral histories, and these are available on...

Wales (Nym) papers

Personal and collected correspondence, speeches and writings, news dispatches, interviews, reports, memoranda, organizational records, and photographs relating to the Chinese communists; the industrial cooperative movement, student movement, and labor movement in China; the Sian incident, 1936; the Sino-Japanese Conflict; and...

Wales (Sarah) Collection

This collection includes flyers and news clippings relating to the San Francisco Lesbian Chorus and the Women’s Philharmonic, collected by Sarah Wales who was a member of the Chorus from 1978-1982.

Walford (Roy L. ) papers

Documents relating to the career of Roy L. Walford including pathology and research files, reprints, Biosphere 2 (1992-1993), notebooks containing research and personal notes, professional files, correspondence, and notes....

Walk for Hope to Cure Breast Cancer collection

This collection includes photograph albums and a framed photograph from the 2006 and 2007 Walk for Hope to Cure Breast Cancer event held at the University of San Diego.

Walka z kosciolem w Polsce mimeograph

Documentary history relating to the Catholic Church under the communist regime in Poland, 1945-1953. First volume edited by Jan Nowak and second by Tadeusz Żenczykowski.

Walker (A. B. C) Papers

Collection pertains to his research and teaching and includes grant files (proposals, budgets, correspondence, etc.); photographs of stellar phenomena (prints and negatives); drawings, graphs, charts and computer printouts; and files from the classes he taught at Stanford.

Walker (Albert R.) papers

Albert R. Walker (1881-1958) was a architect who collaborated with Percy A. Eisen to design the Ardmore Apartments in Los Angeles, the Hollywood Plaza Hotel, the Beverly Wilshire Hotel in Beverly Hills, the El Mirador Hotel in Palm Springs, the...

Walker (Charles Heussy) collection

The Charles Heussy Walker collection, 1897-1906 (SAFR 23817, HDC 1661) collection consists of 3 letters of introduction for Charles Heussy Walker, who was dispatched to provide relief for Pacific Steam Whaling Company whalers whose vessels were ice bound in Point...

Walker (Charles Wriggins) baby book materials

Collection contains loose items removed from baby book: The new baby's biography / by A.O. Kaplan. New York: Brentano's, circa 1908....

Walker (Charls E.) papers

Correspondence, speeches and writings, reports, memoranda, and printed matter, relating to American economic conditions, American economic policy, especially during the presidential administrations of Dwight D. Eisenhower and Richard M. Nixon, and especially to banking and taxation issues.

Walker (Donald E.) Papers

The collection consists of correspondence and other office files created by Walker during his tenure as Dean of Instruction....

Walker (Dorothy Lillis) papers

Collection consists of photographs, correspondence, student materials, and books of poetry created and collected by Dorothy Lillis Walker. Dorothy Lillis Walker was a graduate of the University of Southern California, and taught English at Boyle Heights Junior High School.

Walker (Elkanah) Papers

Collection consists of correspondence, 29 diaries and one drawing related to the lives and activities of Oregon Territory missionaries Elkanah Walker and Mary Richardson Walker.

Walker (Emery) papers

Sir Emery Walker (1851-1933) cofounded the process and general engraving firm of Walker & Boutall (later Emery Walker, Limited) and the Kelmscott Press with William Morris. Walker later helped found the Arts and Crafts Exhibition Society (1888), and was elected...

Walker (Esther) collection

Printed matter and photographs relating to the German national socialist leader Heinrich Himmler. Includes autographs by Himmler, photographs of Himmler's house in Bavaria, and a Himmler family photograph album. Digital copies of select records also available at

Walker (Esther) Papers

Personal papers and photographs of San Jose Mercury journalist Esther Walker, including expense account records, correspondence, news copy, research notes, clippings, and publicity photographs of fashion designers circa 1978-1980.

Walker (Ethel P.) Collection

The Ethel Pitts Walker collection consists of four boxes of material donated by Dr. Ethel Pitts Walker, a former Emeritus Professor of Theater at San Jose State University. This collection includes copies of her published works, directorial notes and scripts...

Walker family papers

This collection comprises the personal papers of James E. Walker (d. May 1972), an attorney in Santa Ana who had offices in the Spurgeon Building and ran for the California Assembly and the U.S. Congress as a Democrat from Orange...

Walker (Frank Fish) Papers

Correspondence, reports, speeches, a scrapbook, and other papers largely relating to Mr. Walker's years in finance with some materials pertaining to his positions at Stanford.

Walker (Fred A.) Correspondence and Memorial Card

Correspondence and memorial cards relating to Iowa native Fred A. Walker, a car inspector for the Central Pacific Railroad. He died March 27, 1892, age 25, in Sacramento, after having one of legs crushed at Blue Canyon. The correspondence includes...

Walker (Fred L.) papers

Memoirs, diaries, speeches, correspondence, news clippings, printed matter, photographs, and memorabilia relating primarily to the American military campaign in Italy during World War II, especially to the Battle of the Rapido River. Also includes material on the Second Battle of...

Walker (Fred Livingood) typescript

Relates to operations of the 36th Division during the Battle of the Rapido River in Italy in 1944. Photocopy.

Walker, Hal Worth (First World War correspondence)

This collection contains one photocopy of a correspondence written by Lt. Hal Worth Walker, AEF to Harriette during the First World War.

Walker (Harry B.) Papers

The Harry B. Walker Papers include the administrative and research files of Professor Harry Bruce Walker, primarily during his tenure at the University of California, Davis. Included are research materials, maps, correspondence, manuscripts, publications, multiple committee files and professional or...

Walker (Harry O.) Slide Collection

Harry O. Walker was a faculty member in the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences at the University of California, Davis from 1955-1990. The collection contains approximately 3,000 slides that he photographed and used in his Resource Sciences course, California:...

Walker (James F) Papers

Three Civil War journals/diaries (with maps) and loose sketches and descriptions, of a young Illinois farmer who enlisted on Aug. 7, 1862 and served as a Civil War Union soldier with the 101st Illinois Infantry, Company F....

Walker (Joel P.) Manuscript

Manuscript is a photostat of the original, dictated by Joel P. Walker to R. A. Thompson of Santa Rosa, California and handwritten by Thompson in 1878. Walker (b. 1797) was a soldier under General Jackson in Alabama and Florida, and...

Walker (John Allan) Art Catalog Collection

This collection consists of art catalogs from museums, galleries, and other entities.

Walker (Marty) Collection

Music manuscripts, programs, correspondence, documents, recordings, and ephemera related to Marty Walker's career as a professional clarinet and bass clarinet player with the California E.A.R. Unit, the Robin Cox Ensemble, and as a soloist....

Walker, Peter / Peter Walker and Partners Collection

The Peter Walker/Peter Walker and Partners Collection spans the years 1971-2010 and includes files created by landscape architect Peter Walker and his various firms. The collection consists only of project records selected for transfer to the EDA, which document professional...

Walker (Randi J.)

The collection reflects the interests and activities of Randi J. Walker, professor of church history at Pacific School of Religion. She retired in June 2018.

Walker (Richard Louis) interview

Relates to the development of area studies, especially Chinese studies, in the United States. Interview conducted by Ramon H. Myers.

Walker (Rob) papers

Rob Walker (1935-2016) was a Silicon Valley native and Silicon Valley educated electrical engineer who was involved with semiconductors since the 1960s at Fairchild, Intel and as a founder of LSI Logic. He also founded the Silicon Genesis oral history...

Walker (Robert Averill) Papers

Papers pertain largely to his administrative duties at Stanford University and include correspondence, minutes, agenda, memoranda, and reports; subjects include the overseas studies program, the political science department, international studies, curriculum reviews, and faculty/staff housing on campus. Also of note...

Walker (Robert L.) Papers

This collection documents the career of Robert L. Walker, Professor of Physics at Caltech from 1949-1981. The records illustrate Walker's expertise in experimental high energy physics, particularly in the design of detectors. The records include working files relating to the...

Walker (Samuel Sloan) papers

Correspondence, memoranda, reports, and printed matter, relating to activities of the Free Europe Committee in promoting opposition to the communist regimes of Eastern Europe.

Walker Scott Department Store Records

This collection documents the activities of the Walker Scott Department Store Company, run by George A. Scott. The records date from 1915-1993, with the bulk of the documents created in the 1960s during the company’s expansion to other branch stores....

Walker (Shirley) music scores

This collection consists of music scores from American film and television composer Shirley Walker.

Walker, Spencer W. (Second World War correspondence and photographs)

This collection contains correspondence and photographs from First Lieutenant Spencer W. Walker, United States Army Air Corps to his family and friends during the Second World War. Most of the correspondence is contained within two scrapbooks. Also included is one...

Walker, Spinning, and Durrell Families Papers

A family history collection which contains correspondence, photographs, and scrapbooks pertaining to the Walker, Spinning, and Durrell families, who are related by marriage. The correspondence includes three letters from and one letter to Hiram Walker, while he was a Union...

Walker (Stanley) Papers

This collection holds a number of correspondence and greeting cards from gay man and San Francisco resident, Stanley Walker, from the 1950’s to the 1970’s.

Walker (S.W.) Correspondence

Collection contains a letter from the Secretary at Coleman's Gas-Works Manufacturing Company, on its printed letterhead, about contract for delivering opium, on which he speculated, to him....

Walker (Thane) Collection on The Prosperos

Course prospectus, flyers, pamphlets, newsletters, correspondence, essays, articles, class notes and other material from The Prosperos, co-founded by Thane Walker, 1966-1980. Founded in Florida in 1956, then based in Los Angeles in the 1960s and early 1970s, the Prosperos espoused...

Walker (Theodore) A trip to the West Indies

This bound manuscript consists of the typescript of a journal kept during a 1908 trip to the West Indies, along with sixty-nine photographs and clippings tipped in.

Walker (Willie) San Francisco Club Flyers Collection

The club and event flyers collection contains promotional handbills, flyers, and small posters for events that took place in San Francisco, as well as some other bay area locations. The bulk of the material was collected between 2000-2003 with some...

Walking Purchase Collection

A collection of correspondence and documents related to the Walking Purchase and the 1756-1758 Councils of Easton retained by the office of Pennsylvania's governor William Denny.

Walkley (S. L.) Photograph Albums

Two albums containing ninety-seven photographs, chiefly by amateur photographer S. L. Walkley (approximately 1867-1891), of buildings and landscapes in Los Angeles County and San Diego County, California, in 1888. These professional-quality views by Walkley depict newly constructed buildings, street scenes,...

Walkup, (Fairfax Proudfit) Theatre Collection

Gifted from the personal library of Dr. Fairfax Proudfit Walkup in 1971, noted theatrical educator and Dean of costuming, customs and manners at the Pasadena Playhouse for 20 years, as well as producer, playwright, and lecturer at CSUF.

Wall + Response

is a project of the Clarion Alley Mural Project (CAMP) that features 16 San Francisco Bay Area poets' responses to the social, political, racial, justice narratives of four murals on Clarion Alley, curated by CAMP artist and organizer Megan...

Wall family letters, 1814-1901.

Mainly correspondence between members of the Wall family in the East and in California, some describing Oakland and Berkeley. Included are letters by Benjamin P. Wall, a homeopathic doctor in Berkeley.

Wallace, Alfred Russel Letters to E. D. Girdlestone : ALS, 1884-1889.

Includes an 1884 letter regarding Girdlestone's paper on vivisection. Others concern nationalization of land, economic conditions in Great Britain, and a self-characterization as "a thorough socialist."

Wallace, Alice Bashford. Photographs related to Alice Bashford Wallace and Herbert Bashford [graphic]

Includes photographs of Joaquin Miller (by I.W. Taber), Ella Higginson (by Kirkpatrick of Whatcom, Wash.) Herman Whittaker (by Shaw & Shaw of Oakland), Herbert and daughter Alice Bashford and other family members, and a group portrait of N. Bashford, George...

Wallace B. Reynolds papers, circa 1931-1968.

Includes map, information booklet, telephone directory, badge and award from the wartime Clinton Engineer Works at Oak Ridge, Tenn.; wartime newspapers from Oak Ridge; and two oversized scrapbooks regarding his career in engineering at UCRL; copies of correspondence of UCRL...

Wallace (Charles William) Papers

A collection of research material on English drama and theater collected by Charles William Wallace, American author and educator.

Wallace (Earle S.) collection

Pamphlets, photographs, maps, a poster, and memorabilia, relating to activities of the American Expeditionary Forces in France during World War I.

Wallace (Ettilie) Collection

This collection contains correspondence, business papers, and artwork by Ettilie Wallace, as well as some papers of the Ilan Lael Foundation.

Wallace (F. L.) World AIDS Day Photographs

F. L. Wallace photographs of World AIDS Day demonstrators in Washington, D.C., December 1993.

Wallace (Fred) Personal Papers

Fred Wallace served in the US Navy as a Naval Enlisted Pilot (NAP) and was instrumental in the development and testing of drones and UAVs.

Wallace G. Macgregor papers, 1890-1937.

Chiefly contains letters from Wallace G. Macgregor to his family in East Braintree, Massachusetts, concerning his activities as a chemist, working first in the gold mines of Big Bug, Arizona, and later traveling as a consultant to mines in Nevada...

Wallace Hamilton papers, circa 1963-1983.

Included is correspondence from 1963-1983, manuscripts of his novels, his autobiography, numerous plays in various stages, some with notes outlines, background materials, ideas for novels never written, and a few unpublished stories. There is much information in the shape of...

Wallace Hebbard letter, 1970 November 23

One letter (TLS) to TM [Storke?] re publishing last volume of Bancroft's History of California. Santa Barbara, 23 November 1970. [See also SC 162]. [SBHC]. Alpha list.

Wallace (Howard) Papers

Wallace was a gay labor and peace activist whose work centered on equal rights for all regardless of sexual orientation or race. The collection contains correspondence, flyers, leaflets, posters, photographs, brochures, pamphlets, legal documents, and clippings. Wallace was involved with...

Wallace I. Matson papers, not after 2012.

Wallace I. Matson papers, BANC MSS 2002/62 c, The Bancroft Library, University of California, Berkeley.

Wallace (Irving) papers

This collection contains the papers of the screenwriter and novelist Irving Wallace (1916-1990). His papers include correspondence, research notes, proofs, and typescripts for some of his stories, screenplays, and novels.

Wallace J. Miller Watercolors and Pen and Ink Drawings

Paintings and drawings are of the City of Riverside between 1895 and 1897. The collection documents businesses, hotels, stables, blacksmith shops, and scenic views of Riverside and the surrounding area. The collection consists of 60 paintings, all of which were...

Wallace (James M.) papers

This collection contains articles, plaques, certificates, news clippings, brochures, photographs, slides and other material from James M. Wallace's tenure as professor of Plant Pathology at the University of California, Riverside. The bulk of the papers consist of articles written by...

Wallace (Lewis) Collection

The collection contains one Civil War letter (ALS) from Union General Lewis Wallace to Governor Robinson of Kentucky, Aug. 22, 1862, re raising 4,000-5,000 mounted Home Guards, which he sees as the quickest way of getting a proper force into...

Wallace Macgregor papers, 1963-1995.

Contains correspondence and reports related to work done with various companies dealing with mining and metals including Peabody Coal, Kaiser, AMAX, Homestake and Diamond Shamrock. Also includes papers relating to The Club.

Wallace (Margarite) scripts

The collection consists of scripts and some production information for popular radio and early television programs such as radio show, radio show, television show, and various Colgate television hours. The material may be related to the career of Maggie Wallace...

Wallace (Mr. and Mrs.) Argentina Trip photograph albums

8 oversized leather photograph albums containing approximately 3025 primarily black and white photographs, created and/or compiled by a Mr. and Mrs. Wallace while on an extended trip to Argentina in 1953-54. The photographs depict cities and town, beaches, the Andes,...

Wallace (Richard) papers

The Richard Wallace papers span the years 1912-1992 (bulk 1915-1951) and encompass 2 linear feet. The collection consists of miscellaneous papers, including a single script for THE YOUNG IN HEART (1938), a small amount of correspondence, and drafts of writings...

Wallace Stegner letter, 1977-1981

One letter (TLS) to Robert Kirsch of the LA Times, thanking him for his admirable reviews, 1977. Also one letter (TLS) to Chris Brun, UCSB Special Collections, re Stegner's recent Corle lecture, accompanied by transcript of same, entitled "The Long...

Wallace (W.L) slide collection

The collection consists of around 3000 photograph slides collected by W.L. Wallace depicting the American Southwest, mainly focusing on California, New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada, Utah, and Colorado. Slides in the collection show mostly natural landmarks and scenery, in addition to...

Wallach (George) papers

The George Wallach papers span the years circa 1917-1988 (bulk 1920s-1950s) and encompass 2.4 linear feet. The collection consists of radio scripts, 1940s film manuals on basic motion picture technique, miscellaneous programs, and photographs. Of interest is extensive documentation on...

Wallach (Steven J.) papers

The Steven J. Wallach papers document Wallach's career as an engineer and technology manager specializing in high-performance computing and supercomputers. The papers, dating between 1965 to 2010, consist of published manuals and documentation, technical reports, memoranda, engineering notebooks, course and...

Wallbank (T. Walter) papers

This collection consists of written papers and manuscripts, index card notes, journals, and books from American historian, Thomas Walter Wallbank (1901-1992).

Wallen (E. Carl) papers

Photographs depicting relief work in the Caucasus, Turkey, and other areas of the Near East at the end of World War I. Includes a few papers of Mary Jane Steel (Mrs. Earl C. Wallen), relating to her service as a...

Wallenstein (Gerd D.) papers

Memoirs, obituaries, maps, drawings, and calligraphy, relating primarily to the Jewish community in China during World War II.

Waller (Henry) Papers

A collection of material related to the Waller family of Kentucky and Henry Waller, American lawyer, politician, and businessman.

Waller (Kenneth L.) Bataan Prisoner of War Collection, circa 1941-1980

Kenneth L. Waller Bataan Prisoner of War Collection contains materials recording Waller's years as a prisoner of war (POW) in the Pacific Theater, from September 1941 to August 1945. The materials include photographs, an excerpt from a book, an annotated...

Waller, M. A. Letter : to his cousin, 1865 July 31

Holograph letter written in Montgomery, July 31st [1865?] concerning Southern sentiments after the Civil War.

Wallerstein (Robert) Papers

The Wallerstein papers extensively cover his correspondence and some elements of his work spanning the years 1942-2000.

Walley (David) research material about Ernie Kovacs

Research material collected by David Walley during the early 1970s for the writing of his biography on Ernie Kovacs.

Wallgren (Albian A.) cartoon

Relates to the American Expeditionary Forces in France during World War I.

Walling (Anna Strunsky) papers

Contains correspondence, writings, clippings, programs, brochures and ephemera, concerning the life and career of Anna Strunsky Walling. Correspondence is with friends and associates in the social and political movements in which she was active, including Emma Goldman, Jack London, Selig...

Walling (Anna Strunsky) Papers

A collection of material pertaining to the life and career of author and social reformer Anna Strunsky Walling and her husband, William English Walling.

Wallis (Gertrude Steel-Brooke) Papers

This collection includes correspondence between Gertrude Steel-Brooke Wallis and her mother, Dr. Louise Holmes Steel-Brooke, 1917-1929; other material and memorabilia related to the Y.W.C.A. movement in China and Dr. Steel-Brooke’s work in India; and manuscripts by Gertrude Steel-Brooke Wallis on...

Wallis (Hal) papers

The Hal Wallis papers span the years 1900-1982 (bulk 1945-1979) and encompass approximately 131.3 linear feet. The collection primarily documents Wallis's career as an independent producer at Paramount after he left Warner Bros. in 1944 to form Hal Wallis Productions....

Wallis (John K.) California Diary

The Wallis Diary entries are well-organized, and--though often terse--form an easily understood, readable description of a miner's and farmer's daily life. Wallis is particulary informative with respect to the business aspects of early placer mining. He describes in some detail...

Wallis (Minna) photographs

This collection includes two inscribed photos of actor John Barrymore, given to American talent agent Minna Wallis (1893-1986).

Wallner (William E.) photographs

This collection contains 61 studio portrait photographs and 15 photographic art reproduction taken by Wallner.

Wallowa County, Oregon land documents, 1906-1936.

Contains documents concerning land grants and the sale of land in Wallowa County, Ore. Many contracts involve Shonts family members or businesses. Also includes Shonts family documents concerning the sale of land in Santa Clara County, Calif., Santa Cruz, Calif.,...

Walls (Andrew Finlay) Audio Collection

Andrew Finlay Walls (b.1928) is a British historian of missions, particularly related to the history of the African church and World Christianity. The collection contains audio recordings of lectures by Andrew F. Walls, recorded live at Overseas Ministries Study Center,...

Walls (Howard) collection

The Howard Walls collection spans the years 1851-1967 (bulk 1947-1953) and encompasses 2.1 linear feet. The material consists of Walls's working files during his tenure as the Academy's first film archivist. Much of the information deals with various topics regarding...

Wallsten (Robert) Papers

Papers of actor and writer including correspondence, photographs, scrapbooks and literary manuscripts. Wallsten acted on Broadway before serving in the Navy in New Guinea during WWII. After the war, Wallsten wrote plays, teleplays, and short stories and had a long...

Walnut Creek shareware collection

Collection of shareware on optical disc, all distributed by the company Walnut Creek and its successors.

Walnut Grove Japanese Methodist Church Records

The Walnut Grove Japanese Methodist Church was the only Japanese Christian institution in the Sacramento Delta region. Established in 1915, the church played a key role in the religious life of the Japanese immigrant community. For the American-born Nisei generation,...

Walnut Park Tract, Santa Barbara, California, 1905

Abstract of Title , 1905. Alpha list.

Walpole (Hugh) Letter

An autographed letter from author Hugh Walpole (1884-1941) in 1936, on Metro Goldwyn Mayer stationery, mentioning Harold Cheever, Walpole’s companion.

Walrus & Carpenter Club Collection

By-laws, meeting minutes, and list of discussion group members.

Walsh (Arthur J.) papers

Journal, printed matter, photographs, postcards, and memorabilia, relating to United States Marine Corps activities in France during World War I.

Walsh (Dennis) Photograph Albums

Dennis Walsh was an actor who lived in San Francisco from 1974 to 1976 when he relocated to Santa Cruz. These two albums contain snapshots that document his life from 1974 to 1978. Most photos are of Walsh at home...

Walsh (Henry L.) Papers

The Walsh Papers contain personal notes, research material, correspondence, and photographs that reflect Walsh's work as poet, teacher, writer, lecturer and historian. His personal notes include clippings and souvenirs that give a general overview of Walsh's life; lecture notes, speeches...

Walsh (James P.) Papers

The James P. Walsh papers document the professional work of San José State University Emeritus Professor of History. The collection consists of chapter drafts, subject files, photographs and draft copies of his and which document the history of SJSU.

Walsh (James R.) sketchbook

The James R. Walsh sketchbook (SAFR 14314, HDC 107) is comprised of 42 pages of captioned sketches of people, mostly passengers of the ZEALANDIA or the CITY OF SYDNEY. Also there are depictions of places such as Honolulu, Tutuila Islands,...

Walsh (Matthew Joseph) collection

Contains news clippings, photographic prints and negatives, an original manuscript, journal and newspaper articles. Business correspondence, although fragmentary, was kept between 1928-1954.

Walsh (Robert) Files on Southeast Asian Refugee Resettlement and Education

This collection comprises materials accumulated during Walsh's involvement with the Overseas Refugee Program for Southeast Asian refugees in the Philippines and Thailand, and also materials that he collected regarding the education and resettlement of Southeast Asians in the United States....

Walsh (Stuart P.) collection

The Stuart P. Walsh collection (HDC 1320, SAFR 21383) consists of logbooks; letters and newspaper clippings, a Coast Guard operator's license and photographs.

Walsh (Warren Bartlett) translations

Diary of A. Balk, prefect of police of Petrograd, 1917, relating to the February Russian Revolution, and correspondence between Nicholas II, tsar of Russia, and P. A. Stolypin, president of the Council of Ministers of Russia, 1906-1911, relating to political...

Walsworth (Edward Brown) Papers

A collection of material related to the life and work of American Presbyterian pastor and seminary founder Edward Brown Walsworth.

Walsworth Family Papers

Correspondence, diaries, Mss., scrapbooks and clippings of Presbyterian minister Edward Brown Walsworth and his wife, relating to their voyage around the Horn in the Trade Wind, 1852; life in San Francisco, Marysville and Oakland; voyage to Hawaii, 1858; visit to...

Walt Disney Productions

Walt and Roy Disney founded the Walt Disney Company in ca. 1923. The Disney company starting producing feature-length animated films in the 1930s and went on to become a leader in both animation film production and family entertainment. The...

Walt Disney Productions and Walt Disney ephemera

This small collection of Walt Disney and Disney Company related ephemera consists of newsletters, posters, book jackets, clippings, prints, comic books, small books, drawings, and miscellaneous printed ephemera that feature Walt Disney-created characters. The material dates from the 1930s and...

Walt Disney Productions. Photographs relating to Walt Disney Productions animations [graphic]

Photos show various stages of animation production, including views of technicians, musicians, voice creators, meetings, etc. Photographs relating to the following animated films are included: Alice in wonderland, Sleeping Beauty, Bambi, Snow White, Cinderella, and The jungle book.

Walt Whitman collection : ms., circa 1876-circa 1890.

The bulk of items are literary manuscripts in the form of fragmentary working notes for Whitman's Specimen days & collect. Also includes correspondence or fragments of correspondence, miscellaneous notes, other papers related to his work, and a self-fashioned notebook containing...

Walt Whitman collection, circa 1880s-1890s

Collection of ephemera relating to Walt Whitman, including engraved portraits, publication and lecture notices, ca. 1880s-1890s. Gift of Charles E. Feinberg. Alpha list.

Walt Whitman engravings, late 19th century

Two framed engravings of Whitman, "From the Walt Whitman Collection of Charles E. Feinberg."

Walter (Alonzo J., Jr.) Motion Picture Film

Depicts German military and aerial operations, and German political leaders during World War II.

Walter Alvarez papers, circa 1970-2011.

Research materials concerning the Cretaceous-Tertiary (KT) impact and mass extinction, audio cassettes of KT public lecture series, course notes, meeting programs and notes, research papers, correspondence, and other material.

Walter and May Dunn ledgers and class notebooks, circa 1895-1905.

Contains 6 and a 1/2 class notebooks for arithmetic, history, and science. Also contains 4 and a 1/2 ledgers.

Walter Augustus Starr map, 1934

Map , 1934, laid in Starr's Guide to the John Muir Trail... (Spec F868.S5 S75). Alpha list.

Walter B. Jones letters, 1878-1882, to Musidore Rowntree, A.L.S.

With remarkable attention to detail Walter Jones, in some 350 letters and postcards to his fiancee, Musidore Rowntree, describes mining operations, California political and social life, as well as his own personal life. He writes extensively of his work at...

Walter Bauer collection of poems, 1974 December 25

1 typescript collection of poems, "Letzte Postkartengedichte," signed by the author, Christmas 1974. Deaccession?

Walter Besant papers, 1875-1900.

Includes letters and a revised holograph manuscript of his story, Uncle Jack.

Walter Boyd Townsend Family Papers

This collection (1890-1950s) contains a scrapbook, membership cards and passes pertaining to Walter Boyd Townsend's career as a traveling and freight agent for several railroads and information regarding his father, Henry Clay Townsend, who was also a railroad man. Also...

Walter Charles Blasdale photograph archive [graphic].

Photographs show many views of wilderness areas and recreation areas in California, such as the Russian River, Sherwood, Harris Station, the Eel River, Hoopa Valley, Monterey, Mt. Shasta area, and unidentified forests (including logs and logging). A number of forest...

Walter Colton Letter

Letter to the son of a family friend attending the military academy at Norwich, Vermont. Colton refers to mutual friends and family living in Middletown, CT.

Walter D. Graham papers, [ca. 1920]

Notebooks and papers, mainly as member, San Francisco Fire Department, [ca. 1920]

Walter D. Knight papers, approximately 1940-1995.

This collection includes correspondence between Knight and his former research assistants (specifically Winston Saunders, Daniel Gordon, and Vitaly Kresin) and other colleagues concerning collaborations on experiments and research papers. Also included are notebooks, course materials, biographical information and research files.

Walter David Briggs diploma and licenses.

Diploma from U.C. College of Pharmacy and 2 state licenses.

Walter (David) collection

Serial issues, pamphlets, leaflets, newsletters, bulletins, and election campaign material relating to libertarianism, issued by the Libertarian Party and other libertarian organizations in the United States, including many state, local, and campus libertarian groups, and by libertarian organizations in Canada.

Walter De la Mare collection, 1918-1921.

Letters, mainly written to Bertram Lloyd, concerning the publication of De la Mare's poems in an anthology. Corrected typescript of his book of poems, Stuff and Nonsense, also included.

Walter E. and Eunice V.M. Dodds Sierra Club papers, 1940-1990 (bulk 1968-1990).

Consists of materials gathered by Walter, Eunice and Edward Dodds in the course of leading Sierra Club outings to Hawaii, Mexico, and other locations from approximately 1968 to 1989. Files on trips consist of planning materials, camp menus; food lists;...

Walter E. Lammerts papers, 1937-1987.

Consists primarily of correspondence relating to the Creation Research Society and plant breeding. Also includes articles and notes by Lammerts.

Walter E. Rex collection of French prints [graphic].

Includes works by F. Boucher, C.N. Cochin, Desrais, [J.H.?] Fragonard, H. Gravelot, J.M. Moreau (le jeune), J.B. Oudry, Richard, [J.?] Vernet, and A. Watteau.

Walter E. Stoddard collection, circa 1910s-1950s

Correspondence, notes, clippings, and other California and Western-history related items, ca. 1910s-1950s, assembled by Sacramento resident and autograph collector Walter E. Stoddard. Also includes 1872 Bank of California check issued by the Mariposa Mill Company of Virginia, Nevada. Some items...

Walter Eugene Packard family papers, 1819-1973 (bulk 1907-1966).

The collection is organized into nine series: Correspondence; Projects; Projects, post-retirement; Writings, manuscripts; Writings, printed; Newspaper clippings and press; Personalia; Emma Lou (Leonard) Packard papers; and Other family papers. The correspondence includes both outgoing and incoming letters. Outgoing correspondence is...

Walter F. Vilas letters : Calif., to H.M. Vilas and Martin S. Vilas Burlington, Vt. : ALS, 1905-1906.

Contains letters from Walter F. Vilas to his father H.M. Vilas or his brother Martin S. Vilas, describing his move from Ore. to Calif., the San Francisco earthquake, the help of the University of Calif. students following the earthquake, and...

Walter G. Francis accounts, 1905-1919.

The account book, 1909-1910, reflects the partnership of W.G. Francis and G.H. Givens in a teaming business. The portfolio contains miscellaneous bills and receipts, 1905-1906.

Walter (H. A.) - India/Kashmir Photograph Album

Photo album with 252 b/w photos, mainly 1912-1916, most with fine detail, of H. A. Walter and family, mainly in India and Kashmir. Walker, who was from Connecticut, apparently was one of a number of YMCA missionary-like foreign work secretaries...

Walter H. Ratcliff architectural specifications and drawings, 1914-1959.

Specifications and blueprints, including floor plans, elevations, sections and details for buildings designed by Walter H. Ratcliff and his firm Ratcliff and Ratcliff.

Walter H. Wiley papers, 1887-1909.

Five daily journals contain manuscript notes of where Wiley was working that day and on what project. Eight letterpress copy books contain copies of thousands of letters about all aspects of mines and mining.

Walter Hamady [Perishable Press] letter, 1968

One letter (ALS) re order , 1968. [Printers].

Walter, Harry William. Letters to Lester Anderson, 1845-1950.

Regarding his interests in writing and in socialism. Manuscripts and clippings of some of his poems and articles included.

Walter Hilborn papers, 1952-1974.

The collection contains photocopies of letters between Hilborn and ranking officials of national and local Jewish organizations, as well as copies of speeches, reports, awards and tributes, and various legal materials. In addition, the collection contains autobiographical and genealogical information...

Walter Howard papers relating to his biography of Luther Burbank, 1878-1942.

Contains correspondence and research materials used to create a biography of Luther Burbank, including a copy of an unpublished manuscript written by Donald F. Jones titled "The Life and Work of Luther Burbank."

Walter Hughes Henry papers, 1892-1935.

Consists of correspondence, diaries, scrapbooks and other personal ephemera. Correspondents include his sister, Elizabeth Stephenson, A.A. Jones, Ruberto Bevan, Bertram Martin Adams, Allen L. Chickering (for Miller and Lux), Charlotte Anith Whitney and William F. Knowland. Letters from Walter Hughes...

Walter J. Lumley Papers

Photographs, documents, and newspaper clippings related to 1926 alumni and football player Walter J. Lumley.

Walter L. Huber papers, 1883-1960 (bulk 1911-1952).

Contains summaries, reports, studies, photographs, newsletters and clippings covering engineering and water resources development projects in California that Huber was involved with. Photographs are of dam projects in Calif. and of buildings in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Walter Lantz Productions Collection of Music for Woody Woodpecker Cartoons and Other Productions

The bulk of the collection consists of materials related to the music production process at the Lantz Studios from 1951-70. Includes the holographs of scores, parts, and detail sheets for Woody Woodpecker cartoons and various commercials. Also includes music sketches,...

Walter Macarthur papers, 1883-1944 (bulk 1913-1944).

The Walter Macarthur Papers contain materials of interest to researchers of the history of seaman's rights, maritime law, and labor movements. The bulk of the collection begins with Macarthur's service as U.S. Shipping Commissioner from 1913 to 1932, including substantial...

Walter, Mildred H. (Second World War correspondence)

This collection contains approximately 70 correspondence to Mildred H. Walter neé Hinds during the Second World War. The bulk of the collection was written to Mildred from Sgt. Richard C. "Dick" McKissick, USA during the Second World War. Also included...

Walter (Mildred) Manuscripts and Papers

Mildred Walter (1896-1993) was a Spanish teacher in Los Angeles public high schools, and an avid fan of traditional Mexican costumes and folk dances. Mildred and her husband Keamer Walter danced in performances in Southern California in the 1950s and...

Walter (Mildred Pitts) Papers

The Mildred Pitts Walter papers document Mildred and Earl Walter’s participation in civil rights protests in Los Angeles in the 1960s as part of the Los Angeles branch of the Congress of Racial Equality (C.O.R.E.) and as parents at Manual...

Walter Mondale Rally at Stanford

Video tapes of a political rally with Mondale at Stanford University, October 16, 1984.

Walter Morris Hart papers.

Notes, articles and publications concerning his interest and activity as a professor of English at U.C. Berkeley.

Walter P. Kistler celebrations [memory book]

Plaque dedication celebration honoring the Olga Ritso Kistler Collection and exhibit program on Estonia, Cecil H. Green Library, March 28, 2012. Includes dedication ceremony honoring the Stanford Professorship in Population Genetics and Society, and the Stanford Prize in Population Genetics...

Walter P. Taylor journals, 1906-1967.

Concern Taylor's interest and activity as a mammalogist, conservationist, and curator of The U.C. Berkeley Museum of Vertebrate Zoology (1909-1916).

Walter Rex collection of art [graphic].

Prints and paintings by Wayne Thiebaud, Earl Loran, John Haley, Harriet Fielding Whedon, and Micah Schwaberow.

[Walter Robert and Gail Lynn Kransky collection of Edward H. Mitchell postcards].

Commercially produced postcards depicting locations and other subjects in California, Oregon, Washington, Alaska, Hawaii, the broader United States and beyond.

Walter S. Johnson papers, 1910-2009.

The bulk of the collection pertains to the Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco and Johnson's work to save the building. Also included are professional papers documenting Johnson's career with American Forest Products Company and the Friden Calculating Maching...

Walter Scott Weeks papers, 1931-1946.

Material relating to the publication of articles on mining devices and service as University Marshal; and manuscripts of ballads and articles. Included are letters from the American Institute of Mining and Metallurgical Engineers, the Engineering and Mining Journal, Allan H....

Walter Tadao Oka Collection

3 photographic albums and 52 loose photographs (total of 199 images) from Walter Tadao Oka's time serving as an interpreter in Occupied Japan 1946-1948.

Walter Van Tilburg Clark papers, 1945-1946.

Two letters to A.B. Hanson, Jr., 1946, and uncorrected galley proofs of his novel, The City of Trembling Leaves.

Walter Wadsworth Bradley papers, 1888-1949.

Correspondence, both personal and relating to the California Division of Mines. Field notes, manuscripts and miscellaneous papers including reports, etc., for various scientific groups of which he was a member. Considerable material for Masonic orgnaizations, including Order of the Eastern...

Walter Wadsworth Bradley photograph collection [graphic].

Includes views of Bradley's student days at U.C. Berkeley, aftermath of the 1923 fire in Berkeley, San Francisco Bay Area views including Bay Bridge construction and the Embarcadero, many views relating to mining, mining engineering and equipment in California and...

Walter Winchell correspondence regarding Rube Goldberg, 1959.

Contains four letters concerning Rube Goldberg being awarded the "The Silver Lady," including a letter from Goldberg thanking Winchell for his kind words.

Walter Wohlfeiler papers

The collection is comprised of documents relating to the deportation of Jews living in Vienna, Austria for Poland. It includes a cover letter, instructions for deportation, and blank forms that deportees were required to complete. Deportation order is dated October...

Walter Z. O'Connell curriculum vitae, circa 1987

Vitae/bibliography; Audiocassettes

Walters (Charles) papers

This collection consists of scripts and clippings for films that American director and choreographer Charles Walters (1911-1982) was involved with. Walters was MGM's dance director for films like "Presenting Lily Mars" (1943), "Du Barry Was a Lady" (1943), "Best Foot...

Walters Family (Second World War correspondence)

This collection contains correspondence from the Walters siblings to their parents, their friends, and each other during the Second World War.

Walters (Kim) Phonograph Records Collection

78 rpm, 33 1/2 rpm, and 45 rpm records; 6 inch yellow vinyl records; also one set playing cards "LA. History Playing Cards" published by Southern California Studio. [1950]-2009, undated

Walters (Patti J.) photographs of San Francisco

Comprises 81 digital image files (76 JPEGs and 5 TIFFs) of San Francisco street photography, digitized by the photographer from 35mm negatives. A majority of the photographs were taken in downtown San Francisco: Market Street, Union Square, and Portsmouth Square....

Walters (Ray P.) writings

Report and memoir, relating to conditions in Romania at the end of World War II; and to the Second International Technical Congress of the World Engineering Conference, Cairo, 1949, especially to activities of communist delegates.

Walters (Richard F.) Papers

Richard F. Walters served as Professor of Computer Science at the University of California, Davis. The collection contains reports dealing with campus and system-wide computer issues, research on computers, correspondence, drafts, and manuals.

Walters (Shipley) Collection

Videotape and transcript of Walters' speech, "Unsung heroines of Yolo County" (1992), and a bibliography of Yolo County histories.

Walther (Edward Eric) papers

The papers of botanist Edward Eric Walther, a Research Associate at the California Academy of Sciences, who identified and classified over 100 new species and whose career focused on the management of arboretums and botanical gardens. Included in the collection...

Walther (Oskar) correspondence

Relates to German military operations during World War I. Includes some correspondence of other family members.

Walther Rathenau, 1919

(1867-1922). Publisher's flyer, in German, with biography and list of works by German industrialist, politician, writer, and statesman Walther Rathenau. Laid in Kritik der Dreifachen Revolution: Apologie (1919). Alpha list.

Walton Bean papers, [ca. 1946-1976]

Files include some correspondence, copies of student papers, class material, lecture notes, Mss, reprints of writings, research files, etc.

Walton Family photographs, 1907

4 glass plate negatives of the 50th anniversary of the Waltons, said to have run the first drygoods store in Santa Barbara.

Walton (Jean) Papers

The Jean Walton Papers consists of articles, correspondence, and periodicals used to inform the establishment of the Women's Studies program at The Claremont Colleges and chronicles the history of Intercollegiate Women's Studies of The Claremont Colleges.

Walton Van Loan diaries : ms.S, 1854, 1856 & 1858.

Pocket diaries kept by a clerk for Le Count & Strong, booksellers and stationers, San Francisco. In June, 1856, he left to return, via the Isthmus, to his home in New York State.

Walton-Jackson (Mamie Marie) Collection of Photograph Albums

A collection of three photograph albums, one college scrapbook, 103 loose photographs, and ephemera documenting the education, family life, travel, and teaching career of Mamie Marie Walton-Jackson (1916-2009). The materials span approximately from 1916 to 1968.

Waltz (Harold E. "Buzz") Collection

A local resident of Palm Springs, Buzz Waltz owned and operated the family business, Harold E. Waltz, Photographs and Blueprinting from 1962 to 2012. He provided both commercial photography as well as a complete plan duplicating service for architects and...

Wanamaker (Marc) collection of scripts

The Marc Wanamaker collection of scripts spans the years circa 1937-1955 and encompass 3 linear feet. There are more than 50 film scripts and a half dozen television scripts collected by the donor....

Wanda Roehr Foundation motion picture film

Depicts the effects of the German bombing of Warsaw, September 1939. Collected by the Wanda Roehr Foundation.

Wanderbird (yacht) logbooks and papers

Wanderbird (yacht) logbooks and papers (SAFR 16464, HDC 181) includes six rough logs and various loose pages that record weather conditions, location, passengers and other vessels as well as humourous entries for events and occurences. Warwick Tomkins was the master...

Wang (Fanxi) Correspondence

Relates to activities of Trotskyist political groups in China and the United States, and analysis of political conditions in China and elsewhere. Consists primarily of letters received from the American Trotskyist C. Frank Glass

Wang (Guanquan) page proofs

Relates to the life of the Chinese communist leader Qu Qiubai and his role in the Chinese communist movement from 1921 until his death in 1935. Published under the same title (T'ien-chin shih, 1989). Includes handwritten corrections. Photocopy.

Wang (Joel) Collection of Daniel Nicoletta Photographs

Collection of three signed black and white prints by photographer Danny Nicoletta.

Wang (Sheng) papers

Diaries, photographs, and writings relating to Taiwanese military policy and to confidential relations between Taiwan and the People's Republic of China.

Wang (Yue-che) papers

Memoirs, correspondence, reports, military documents, personal documents, and photographs, relating to West German military assistance to Taiwan.

Wang (Zuanxu) papers

Wang Zuanxu was a career militarist who became an influential warlord in Sichuan during the early Republican Chinese era, commanding the greater Chengdu and Chonqing area in the 1920s and the 1930s. The Wang Zuanxu papers (1930-2000) consists of digital...

Wang (Zuorong) papers

Memoirs, other writings, notes, handbooks, and printed matter, relating to political and economic conditions in Taiwan.

Wangenheim (Julius) Papers

This collection contains Julius Wangenheim’s personal and professional papers that pertain to his involvement in local banking and politics, and his interests in book collecting and sundials.

Wanniski (Jude) papers

Acquired in 2008, the Jude Wanniski papers in the Hoover Institution Library & Archives document the career of a journalist and consultant who, from the early 1970s until his death in 2005, sought to influence both popular opinion and the...

Wanted Posters, 1911-1917

49 items of small posters, bulletins, real photo postcards, all describing persons, primarily men, wanted for specific crimes; issued by American federal, state and local law enforcement agencies, the military, and private detective agencies.

Wanted posters received, 1921-1925.

Includes wanted posters, correspondence about fugitives, and related material, much of which is accompanied by original photographs.

Wapama (built 1915; steam schooner) arrival day photograph

The Wapama (built 1915; steam schooner) arrival day photograph, 1963 October 2, (SAFR 24662, P16-004) is comprised of a photograph of a celebration aboard WAPAMA on her arrival day at Hyde Street Pier, San Francisco, California. The collection has been...

Wapama (built 1915; steam schooner) documents

The WAPAMA (built 1915; steam schooner) documents (HDC0455, SAFR 88) are one National Historic Preservation Award certificate presented by the Advisory Council on Historic Preservation and the Department of the Interior. There are two duplicates of this document also in...

War Eagle Hotel account books : Silver City, Idaho, 1906-1916.

V. 1, receipts from guests, 1906 (with later school notes by Leona, daughter of John Grete, owner); v. 2-3, ledger and cashbook, 1913-1916; v. 4, check and deposit register, 1915-1916.

War Ephemera Collection

This collection contains war posters and pamphlets from the Russo-Japanese War, World War I, and World War II. Also included are WPA travel posters, a World War I scrapbook, World War I postcards, a POW-MIA flag, and other ephemera....

War Film Hearings collection

The War Film Hearings collection spans the year 1941 and encompasses 1.0 linear foot. The collection consists of newspaper and magazine clippings of the hearings. The collection includes many clippings not found in the Academy published volume, edited by Academy...

War flags of the California volunteers : and related material : ms., ca. 1960.

History of the battle flags displayed in the State Capitol, under which California troops fought in the Civil War, Spanish-American War and World War I; with copy of Senate Concurrent Resolution, Apr. 1, 1960, authorizing publication of a brief history....

War History Committee for Los Angeles County Records, 1914-1921

Los Angeles County region. World War I information. Lists of enlistees and inductees by local boards, and some lists include addresses and nearest relatives. Correspondence of the committee, and biographies and photos of veterans of the war, including those who...

War History Committee of California Records

This collection consists of completed survey forms that the War History Committee sent to veterans of World War I.

War Memorabilia Collection

The War Memorabilia Collection focuses on United States wars from The American Revolution through World War II.

War Propaganda Collection

The War Propaganda Collection measures 6.75 linear feet and dates from 1861 to 1991. The collection is arranged in five series: Civil War, World War II, Korean War, Vietnam, Desert Storm and although a majority of the material is from...

War Relocation Authority Collection

The War Relocation Authority (WRA) was created on March 18, 1942, by Executive Order of the President, No. 9102. This new civilian agency was to be responsible for "the relocation (of evacuees) in appropriate places, providing for their needs in...

War Relocation Authority Photographs of Japanese-American Evacuation and Resettlement

Photographs document the evacuation of Japanese Americans and their life in various Relocation Camps across the United States. Post-war resettlement activities are also recorded.

War Relocation Authority records

The collection contains material used by Carey McWilliams in writing the book, Prejudice: Japanese Americans, symbol of racial intolerance (Little, Brown, 1944). It includes U.S. War Relocation Authority records, confidential reports, bibliographies, clippings and compilations of articles, legal papers, correspondence...

War Resisters League collection, circa 1942-1946

Seven pamphlets, American and British, most issued or reprinted by the War Resisters League (NY), including a biography of the organization; also the Central Board for Conscientious Objectors (London). Provenance unknown. Alpha list.

Warburg (James Paul) typescript

Relates to allegations that the German Nazi Party had received financial support from American bankers, including one "Sidney Warburg."

Ward and G. G. Briggs Family History

G. G. Briggs was an early pioneer in the Santa Clara Valley. This is a brief history of that family

Ward (Barbara E.) papers

Notes, anthropological field study data, writings, correspondence, photographs, and sound recordings relating to the Tanka boat people of Hong Kong, ethnology of other Southeast Asian peoples, and the Chinese opera.

Ward, Cletus O. (Second World War correspondence)

This collection contains 256 correspondence from 1stLt. Cletus O. Ward, USA during the Second World War. Also included are three compact discs containing scans of his letters and photographs.

Ward (Edward) papers

This collection contains the manuscript scores of film composer Edward Ward. A large part of the collection consists of conductor's scores, vocal scores, lyrics, lead sheets and sketches for various films that Ward was involved in. Also included and of...

Ward (F. Champion) papers

Memoirs, reports, memoranda, and printed matter, relating to education in India, and to educational assistance programs of the Ford Foundation and other agencies directed toward underdeveloped countries.

A. Ward Fenton review, circa 1885, n.d.

[Civil War Union Captain, 6th Ohio Cavalry, Co. B]. One handwritten review of Major H. B. McClellan's Life of J.E.B. Stuart of the Confederate Cavalry, ca 1885, and an undated clipping of Stuart's death notice.

Ward (Florence Nightingale) Papers

The collection contains correspondence and two homeopathic medical kits.

Ward (George Clinton) Papers

This collection contains the papers of engineer and California utility company executive George Ward Clinton (1863-1933). Subject matter includes Ward's life in New York (1887-1900), two trips to the High Sierra in the area of Huntington Lake in 1922 and...

Ward, Grant papers

Grant Ward (1918-1987) served as a commanding officer of the 3535th Navigator Training Wing at Mather Air Force Base in Sacramento. This collection includes newsletters, correspondence, photographs, ephemera, and other printed material documenting Grant Ward's service in the Army and...

Ward, (Humphry, Mrs.) Papers

This collection contains the papers of Mrs. Humphry Ward (1851-1920), a British writer at the end of the nineteenth and beginning of the twentieth centuries. The collection consists of letters between Mrs. Ward and her publishers, family and friends, photographs,...

Ward (Joseph A.) Family Photographs

From 1941 to 1946, the Ward family served as caretakers of the Crags Country Club, a private club for wealthy Angelenos located in the Santa Monica Mountains. This digital collection features photography of the Ward family living and working on...

Ward Jr. (Charles T.) Reminiscences

These reminiscences were written by Charles Ward himself and first published in an annual newsletter of Society of California Pioneers in 1941. They begin with his journey to California from his home in Boston aboard the English Steamer “Unicorn.” He...

Ward (Lincoln) Collection

In his capacity as president of the Industrial Association of the San Fernando Valley, Lincoln Ward, of the Pacific Telephone Company, and Joseph Staller, of the Southern California Gas Company, conducted a series of weekly interviews over radio station KCSN....

Ward (Max) Collection of Powerviolence Material

The collection documents the emergence of the Powerviolence music scene, a little known subgenre of hardcore punk, which was primarily active in the 1990s through the early 2000s. Materials consists of original fliers, posters, handbills, correspondence, photographs, stickers, zines, and...

Ward (Michael P.) Papers

Manuscripts, photocopies of typescripts, and reprints documenting Michael Ward's medical and geographical investigations in the Bhutan Himalayas....

Ward (Prudence) and Anne J. Ward Correspondence

The collection contains correspondence, manuscripts, drawings, and photographs of the Ward and Thoreau families, relatives of Henry David Thoreau, of Massachusetts. The collection also contains two pages of proofs of F. B. Sanborn's "First and last journeys of Thoreau (1905)",...

Ward (Robert Edward) papers

Reports, studies, memoranda, minutes, correspondence, pamphlets, and other printed matter, relating to area studies and foreign language studies in the United States, education to promote international understanding, and American-Japanese cultural relations.

Ward (Vernon) Papers

Poetry typescript and letter proposing the publication of a volume of poetry by Vernon Ward, 1949. Ward was a poet and English professor at East Carolina University (North Carolina) who later founded the literary journal, .

Warde (Frederick B) Collection

Eighteen autographed working scripts and one unmarked script once owned by Warde.

Warde (Frederick B.) Prompt Book Collection

Frederick B. Warde (1851-1935) was a actor who first appeared on stage in a minor part in at the Lyceum Theatre in Sunderland, England in 1867. He went on to perform in successive seasons at the Theatre Royal in Glasgow,...

Warden (A. A.) writings

Writings, entitled On the Firing-Line of Thought, 1914-1924 (1924), and Masters of Medicine and War : A Retrospect (ca. 1929), relating to the pacifist movement and the responsibilities of the medical profession in relation to it.

Warder (Michael) Collection

Files relating to Michael Warder's participation in the Unification Church, mainly as editor of the New York based newspaper . Included are legal files relating to various activities of the church and its tax exempt status.

Wardlaw (Ana) papers

Drafts and research notes for a study, entitled Key People in Satellite Countries, 1944-1955, relating to the communist leadership in Poland, Romania, Bulgaria, Albania, Czechoslovakia, and Hungary.

Ward-Perkins Family Papers

Primarily correspondence relating to the Ward and Perkins families of Boston, New York and elsewhere. Other families who figure prominently in the papers are the Barkers, the Howards, and the Bruens. Many letters from noteworthy individuals outside of the family...

Wardwell (Charles P. S.) Papers

A collection related to the life and career of American inventor Charles P. S. Wardwell.

Ware (Harriet) Collection

The collection consists of a scrapbook by an unknown creator, which contains news clippings, programs and other announcements about Harriet Ware, her music, and her performances. It also includes a phonograph recording and correspondence from Leila Sherman concerning the donation...

Warfield Theatre hourly books.

Bound volumes with the names of movies listed on the left hand page and dated entries on the right facing pages containing columns of dates and hours with numbers entered and totalled. It is unclear what the numbers represent. The...

Warga (Wayne) papers

Collection contains the papers of Wayne Warga (1937-1994), an entertainment reporter and ghostwriter. His papers include correspondence, research files, novel galleys and typescripts, and taped interviews. He wrote about John Wayne, Natalie Wood, Aaron Spelling and Charles Rosendahl, along with...

Waring (Richard) - Miller & Lux Collection

The Waring Miller & Lux Collection consists of Stanislaus County Recorder, Richard Waring's notes on Henry Miller and Charles Lux together with a copy of the Decree of Distribution of their estate (1900)....

Warlick (James B.) typescript

Relates to the development of Marxist-Leninist thought regarding Asia and other colonial areas. Photocopy.

Warlimont (Walter) writings

Relates to the political role of the German officer corps under national socialism, and to allegations by General Alfred Jodl that W. Warlimont was guilty of war crimes.

Warm Springs Ranch, Leland Stanford Winery plaque dedication collection

Collection consists of two videorecordings of the April 2014 plaque dedication ceremony and one photograph of the event keepsake wine labels....

Warne (William E.) Collection

The William E. Warne Papers document the breadth and duration of Warne's multifaceted career as a leading federal and California state official specializing in water reclamation, water resource issues, natural resources, and international as well as domestic development; as...

Warne (William E.) papers

The collection consists primarily of speeches by Warne during his tenure as Director of the California Dept. of Water Resources, 1961-1966; also includes miscellaneous correspondence and articles written by Warne during this period.

Warner & Gray Inc. drawings of the El Mirasol condominiums

The Warner & Gray Inc. drawings of the El Mirasol condominiums span 3 linear feet and date from circa 1950 to circa 1990. The collection is composed of four architectural drawings, three original and one reprographic copy. Drawings include three...

Warner (Barbara R.) research collection

This collection consists of Barbara R. Warner's research concerning the Bear Flag Revolt.

Warner Bros. continuity scripts

The Warner Bros. continuity scripts span the years 1929-1932 and encompass 2 linear feet. The collection consists of dialogue continuity scripts, dialogue cutting continuity, and cast lists for 59 films from the early sound era, distributed by First National Pictures...

Warner Bros. continuity scripts

This collection contains continuity scripts (English subtitle/spotting list scripts) for 13 films released by Warner Bros. Pictures in the late 1980s-early 1990s.

Warner Bros. Research Department research albums

The six production research albums contain photographs and other background research materials for Warner Bros. films:

Warner Bros. Studios Music Collection

A brief initial view of the collection presents 390 boxes of music used for silent film, including printed dance band arrangements (scores and parts), sheet music, and other published and some unpublished music; 137 boxes of sheet music, choral editions,...

Warner Brothers research collection

This collection consists of the film stills of Warner Brothers Pictures films from the 1950s to the 1980s.

Warner (Carmon P.) Papers

Papers from Carmon P. Warner, Erie Railroad and Erie-Lackawanna Railroad passenger service conductor.

Warner (Daniel) Papers

Diaries, correspondence, manuscripts, photographs, videocassettes and personal information, 1980-1994, of Daniel P. Warner, AIDS educator and co-founder of the Los Angeles Shanti Foundation. Materials in this collection primarily concern Warner's experience living with HIV and AIDS from the 1980s to...

Warner (Doug) Papers

Subject files, reports and publications related to lesbian and gay civil rights issues from the files of the late ACLU staff person and gay activist Doug Warner.

Warner, Dudley L. (Second World War correspondence, photographs, and awards)

This collection contains letters from Sgt. Dudley L. Warner, USAAF during the Second World War as well as photographs, medals and ribbons, and other documents.

Warner family diaries, 1864.

Typed transcripts of diaries of Mary Eliza Warner, Mar. 28 - July 27, 1864, and of Mary Elizabeth P. Warner, Apr. 7 - June 27, 1864, while on overland journey to California with members of their family in party under...

Warner Family Letters, 1871-1901.

Letters written by Mr. and Mrs. William Warner of Sweetland, Calif. to family members

Warner Family Papers

Letters written by Mr. and Mrs. William Warner of Sweetland, Calif. to family members....

Warner (Gordon) photograph collection

Depicts American military officials and visiting American and Japanese officials in the Ryukyu Islands.

Warner (Harry M.) scrapbooks

The Harry M. Warner scrapbooks span the years 1907-1938 and encompass 15 linear feet. The scrapbooks were received as loose leaves as they had been dismantled prior to donation. There are more than 100 individual pages. Largely comprised of photographs,...

Warner Hutton house, Saratoga, Calif. [graphic]

Exterior and interior views of the Hutton house (built ca. 1896), taken Apr 14, 1988. The house was scheduled for relocation in Saratoga in 1989 or 1990 in connection with the State Highway Route 85 alignment project.

Warner (Iva) Papers

Balancing an integrated program to maintain environmental quality along Coastal California, Iva May Warner has faced nearly insurmountable odds for over a decade. Joining two former Feinstone Award (the Sol Feinstone Environmental Award, given by State University of New York)...

Warner (Jack L.) collection

This collection consists of scripts, photographs, scrapbooks, awards, and mementos from Canadian-American film executive producer Jack L. Warner (1892-1978).

Warner (Jane) Papers

Jane Ellen Warner (1956-2010) was a lesbian law enforcement officer and newspaper columnist. From 1993 to 2009, Warner served as San Francisco Patrol Special Police Officer in the Castro, Noe Valley, and Mission neighborhoods in San Francisco. Materials include DVD-Rs...

Warner (William Jack) Collection

This collection is chiefly comprised of photographs documenting World War II collected by William Jack Warner, a lieutenant in the U.S. Army during the war. Some of the photographs were taken by Warner and some were possibly taken by German...

Warner (Willis H.) papers

This collection documents the activities of Willis H. Warner, who was a member of the Orange County Board of Supervisors for 24 years, including the activities of the Board of Supervisors and numerous Orange County governmental units from the 1930s...

Warner's Ranch Collection

The collection consists of records relating to the area of land in Valle de San Jose in San Diego County known commonly as “Warner’s Ranch.”

Warrant book and related items : ms.S, 1850-1856.

Warrant book containing stubs of warrants no. 1-341, issued and signed by Edwin D. Wheeler, June 14-Dec. 23, 1850.

Warren A. Snyder linguistic notes on Maidu and Patwin languages, 1968-1970.

This collection consists of a card file containing a Maidu word list and notes on River Patwin morphology, phonemics and phonetics compiled by Warren Arthur Snyder.

Warren B. James papers, 1931-1965.

Collection consists of reports, plans, drawings, photographs, and slides relating to Warren B. James' engineering work on the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge in the 1930s and the following other bridge projects in Northern and Southern California: San Gabriel School District...

Warren (Betty) and Ruth Babcock Photographs

Betty Warren (1916 September 17-2006 July 30) was a wilderness guide, activist, and practitioner of Zen Buddhism. Ruth (Rudy) Babcock (1915 May 31-2007 January 30) was an artist, musician, and government worker. Warren and Babcock were a couple for several...

Warren (Charles) Papers

Charles Warren, Democrat, was a State Assembly Member, 1963-1977. The bill files document his legislative activity during his terms as a member of the California State Legislature.

Warren Charles Perry papers, approximately 1900-1970.

Project files, including architectural drawings (on linen and tissue, and blueprints), specifications, and correspondence. Includes several files relating to projects done for the University of California, Berkeley.

Warren D. Mohr/Charles Darwin Collection: Manuscripts

Warren D. Mohr assembled this collection of material related to Charles Darwin. It contains correspondence, photographs, prints, ephemera, and clippings.

Warren (Dennis) sound recording collection

Speeches and debates, featuring George Lincoln Rockwell and other American right-wing spokesmen, relating to race relations, fascism and right-wing politics in the United States.

Warren, Earl Collection of materials concerning Earl Warren and the Berkeley campus.

Includes issues of the Kern County High School Oracle (1907 and 1908); photograph of the Kern County High School Class of 1908; photograph of the Kern County High School baseball team of 1908; dance card for the University of California,...

Warren (Earl) Papers

The Earl Warren Papers are the first major collection of a California governor's administrative and personal papers to be deposited in the State Archives. Except for provisions covering specific classes of records--original laws, proclamations, pardons, commutations, and reprieves, extraditions, etc.--California...

Warren Family Papers

This collection documents four generations of the Horn and Warren families of New York, Springfield, Missouri, and Southern California, from 1809 to 1960. Includes papers of the family of Glendora, California, fruit rancher Charles C. Warren (died 1941) and his...

Warren Fletcher papers, 1848.

Journal (Jan. 2-July 15, 1849) of passage, Boston to San Francisco, in bark Elvira; items of membership, New England Associated California Pioneers of '49 and a few family items.

Warren G. Harding correspondence microfilmed from the Hiram Johnson papers, 1920-1922.

Originals in the Hiram Johnson papers, C-B 581 Pt. III in the Bancroft Library.

Warren (Gerald L.) papers

Correspondence, memoranda, reports, notes, press releases, press conference transcripts, press summaries, photographs, clippings, and other printed matter relating to American foreign and domestic policy during the presidential administrations of Richard M. Nixon and Gerald R. Ford, the Watergate affair, and...

Warren (Gerald L.) Papers, White House Special Files, 1971-1972

Gerald Warren was the Deputy Press Secretary to the President. Much of the material in this file group consists of communication with the Press Secretary, Ronald Ziegler.

Warren (Gerald) Papers

Papers of Gerald Lee Warren, deputy press secretary during the Nixon and Ford administrations and editor (1975-1995) of the . The collection contains Warren's office files from the editorial department of the and includes subject files, correspondence, department files, membership...

Warren Gregory papers, circa 1884-1958.

Personal and business correspondence, clippings, and miscellaneous publications relating to the activities and interests of attorney and U.C. Berkeley faculty member Warren Gregory, family members, and friends. Includes California bar exam questions with corresponding composition answer books. Agencies represented in...

Warren (Harry) audio tapes collection

This collection consists of the audio tapes of American composer and lyricist Harry Warren (1893-1981).

Warren (Harry) papers

The collection consists of printed music, an oral history transcript, lists of compositions, etc.

Warren Hussey papers, 1879-1920.

Concerning banking and mining interests in the West. Diaries of December, 1879-December, 1886, describe trips to New York and business travels in Colorado, California, Washington, and particularly northern Idaho. A memorandum book evidently dates from 1886; an account book includes...

Warren (James L. La Fayette) Papers

James Lloyd La Fayette Warren (1805-1896) was the editor for , and helped establish the California State Agricultural Society. The collection consists of correspondence, editorials, accounts and receipts, clippings, manuscripts, and a list of subscribers pertaining to Warren's editorship of...

Warren (James L.) Papers

Correspondence, accounts, manuscripts and clippings. Relate mainly to Warren's activities as editor of the California Farmer. Also included are papers pertaining to the ship, Sweden, and the Sweden Mining Company, the Sacramento Railroad Company, the California State Agricultural Society and...

Warren (Jim C.) papers

The Jim C. Warren papers document Warren’s founding and chairmanship of the West Coast Computer Faire, his political activism related to online access and civil liberties, his computer-related publications and writing career, and his technological consulting projects and research. Also...

Warren L. Hanna papers, 1671-1989 (bulk 1937-1983)

The Warren L. Hanna Papers contain materials related to Hanna's interest in the controversy surrounding the site of Sir Francis Drake's landing on the western coast of North America in 1579. The collection includes several drafts of Lost Harbor, Hanna's...

Warren (Lansing) papers

Diary and memoirs, relating to the American ambulance service in France during World War I, and to conditions in France at the time of its capitulation in World War II.

Warren Olney III papers, 1895-1973 (bulk 1954-1969)

Consists of speeches made by Warren Olney III, with a small amount of correspondence, including letters to and from Thurgood Marshall. Other Olney material includes one speech by Warren Olney, Jr. and a letter to him from William D. Mitchell,...

Warren (Patricia Nell) "47 Years of Collected Short Writings"

The collection contains editorals, essays, magazine articles, poetry, and short stories from the author's file of tear-sheets collected by Wildcat Press. The subjects of her writing include LGBT youth, politics, AIDS, sports, and censorship, among others.

Warren (Patricia Nell) papers

Writings, correspondence, editorial records, book promotion and distribution records, research files, project files, event records, computer files, photographs, video recordings, and other materials documenting the career of Patricia Nell Warren, primarily from 1971-2011. Warren is a noted activist for human...

Warren Photograph Collection

The Warren Photograph Collection provides a visual history of the lumber company town of Crannell (known as Bulwinkle prior to 1922) and the Little River Redwood Company (LRRC). LRRC purchased the Vance Redwood Mill in 1900 and merged with Hammond...

Warren (Richard Lewis) papers

This collection consists of the music scores of film score composer Richard Lewis Warren. His work includes music for "Remington Steele," "Knots Landing," and "The Love Boat."

Warren S. Wooster Papers

A small collection of expedition files and photographs by oceanographer Warren Wooster.

Warren Sadler journal, reminiscences and miscellaneous papers, 1849-1867.

Journal of Lockport, N.Y. gold prospector (Sept. 1849 - Sept. 1850) with comments on Sacramento (merchants, "water lots," and flood of Jan. 1850); mining camp life in Placer, Nevada, El Dorado and Sutter counties; travels in the state; encounters with...

Warren (Stafford L.) papers

Stafford Leak Warren was the director of the Atomic Energy Project at the University of Rochester and worked on the Manhattan Project. After the war, Warren came to UCLA to serve as Dean of the School of Medicine and as...

Warren T. Sexton Collection, 1850-1878.

Correspondence, records of proceedings of Democratic Party at district conventions in Butte County, abstract of vote (Butte County, 1853-54), bills, receipts, business papers

Warren (Tatjana M.) papers

This collection contains correspondence between Tatjana M. Warren and German poets Helmut Maria Soik and Ernst Meister. The collection also contains some manuscripts of Meister's and Soik's works.

Warren (Viola L.) Papers

Viola Lockhart Warren (1896- ) was a lecturer on medical history in the UCLA Department of History (1953-58) and wrote about early California for children and early California medical men. She was also the assistant editor for the (1918-20), did...

Warren (Virginia) and Frank J. Hogan letters to Bess Johnston and George W. Johnston Jr.

A series of letters written primarily by Virginia Warren, who was secretary to Los Angeles lawyer Frank J. Hogan, to George W. Johnston Jr. and his wife Bess Johnston, concerning personal matters and the work of Hogan's law office.

Warren W. Unna correspondence relating to his book, The Coppa Murals (S.F. 1952), 1951-1952.

Letters from Gelett Burgess, Edwin Emerson, James M. Hopper, Idwal Jones, Barbara Newberry (concerning Perry Newberry) and Martha Ewing-Newcome (concerning Isabel Fraser Chamberlain) Covering letter to James D. Hart.

The Warrens : four personal views : oral history transcript / 1970-1976.

Copies of photographs included. Copies of documentary material and clippings inserted of appended. Earl Warren Job Hunting at the Legislature, a brief interview with Horace Albright narrating an incident occurring in 1919; Earl Warren's Friend and Biographer, an interview with...

Warring, Hugh

Warring describes early Santa Paula.

Warsaw uprising motion picture film

Relates to the German occupation of Warsaw during World War II, and to the Warsaw uprising of 1944.

Wartime activities of William Bowers Bourn

Narrative account of Bourn's work with the Friends of France, which funded ambulance units, and the American League of California, with extensive quotes from Bourn's correspondence, 1914-1918, including Stanford students who were serving on ambulance units in France. Also included...

A wartime journey : from Ottumwa, Iowa to the Richmond shipyards, 1942 : oral history transcript / 1985.

She recalls leaving her children in Iowa as she joined her first husband in the Richmond shipyards, her work as a welder there, her romance with her crew's leaderman, Ray Cathey, and the general spirit of the times, including her...

Warton (Robert G.) Papers

Lieutenant Colonel Robert Gardner Warton of the Staff College, Camberly (F.R.G.S.) was the first Englishman in North Rhodesia (Zambia). He undertook three expeditions between 1892-1898, successfully receiving land concessions which he brought to the British Commissioner, and which were among...

Washburn & Sons collection on Pest Control

This collection contains publications, photographs, and other material regarding pest control research and services during the early-mid 1900s. Primarily includes publications pertaining to plant disease and pest control in the citrus industry by researchers such as Henry J. Quayle and...

Washburn Family Papers

Papers consist of Washburn/Young family genealogical history. The collection includes letters, publications, writings, and photo albums.

Washburn (Frank Layton) (1867-1950) Collection, ca.1900-1935

Photographs, negatives. Washburn was an inspector for the gas and electric company in Los Angeles; some photos document the company's work. Collection includes Los Angeles Chinatown photos, ca.1902-05.

Washburn (Frank Layton)(1867-1950) Lantern Slide Collection, ca.1900-1935

Lantern slides. Some slides are labeled "Los Angeles Camera Club". Some or all of these images may also be contained in Washburn's larger collection P-007.

Washburn (Henry) photographs and scrapbooks

This collection contains Henry Washburn's photographs of the 1938 Watsonville flood, High School Forestry classes and Farm Bureau activities. Also included are five scrapbooks of newspaper clippings documenting farming activities in Santa Cruz County.

Washburn (J.) Civil War Letter

One four-page Civil War letter (ALS) from J. Washburn to his brother, defending the Confederacy, about a month after the attack on Fort Sumter. Washburn had recently visited his brother, possibly in Princeton, and he describes at length the opposing...

Washburn (S. L.) Papers

S. L. Washburn papers contain correspondence, writings, research notes, lectures, speeches, field notes, biographical information and photographs relating to his career in physical anthropology at the University of California, Berkeley. Correspondence is mainly professional with colleagues at Berkeley, in the...

Washington Apple Pi collection

Washington Apple Pi is a non-profit Apple user group in Washington, D.C., and has published a newsletter since 1979. This collection contains most issues from 1980 to 1999. Washington Apple Pi also exchanged newsletters with many other user groups, and...

Washington Bartlett letter, 1887.

Letter from Washington Bartlett to E. W. McKinstry dated March 3, 1887.

Washington brothers portraits [graphic].

1: Portrait of one of the Washington brothers at about age 2, wearing a dress and holding a large cap. -- 2: Portrait of two brothers standing next to each other, in trousers and jackets buttoned to the neck, holding...

Washington (Carl) Papers

Carl Washington, Democrat, served as a State Assembly Member from 1997 to 2002. The Carl Washington papers consist of 9.5 cubic feet of textual records reflecting Washington’s activities during his time as an Assembly Member from 1997 to 2002.

Washington DC Slave Deed, 1836.

Washington DC slave deed dated April 14, 1836, transferring ownership of "my negro woman Dorcas...a slave for life, and her infant son Lewis, about four months old" from Joseph to Elbert Emack, along with personal property.

Washington (George) Bicentennial Collection

24 folders of booklets issued by the United States George Washington Bicentennial Commission, Washington, D.C.

Washington (George) Collection

This collection contains correspondence, surveys, military records, memoranda, accounts, receipts, and ephemera pertaining to George Washington's careers as surveyor, military leader, and U.S. president. Also present are Washington family correspondence and material relating to Mount Vernon and Washington's household, including...

Washington (Harold George) collection

Depicts social conditions, railroads, and Allied troops in Siberia and Manchuria during the Russian Revolution. Includes some postcards of buildings and war damage in France.

Washington (James Melvin) Material from the James Melvin Washington Special Collection

James Washington (1948-1997) was an ordained Baptist minister, and an Associate Professor of History at Union Theological Seminary, New York. As part of James Melvin Washington’s effort to document and interpret the role of African Americans in the contexts of...

Washington Mining Company records, [1869-1882]

Accounts, Mar. 13, 1869 - Sept., 1882, for gold and silver mining and milling company in Mariposa Co., Calif.

Washington miscellany, approximately 1878-1884.

Letters notes, and information concerning Washington state, its history and commerce. Each item cataloged separately; search under title: Washington Miscellany.

Washington miscellany, circa 1858-1930.

Includes letters from Kimball Webster (1828-1916) concerning his journey from Oregon to Washington; and letter of John Broyles concerning white penetration of the area near Kendall, Wash.

Washington newspaper miscellany, 1877-1884.

Two letters to H.H. Bancroft, Seattle, 1884, by A.A. Denny and Charles Prosch, about the Post-Intelligencer; brief notes concerning the Seattle Chronicle and Puget Sound Weekly Argus; and clippings on Washington history from the Snohomish Northern Star, 1877-1879.

Washington School materials

Mainly PTA materials and student writings.

Washington (Sir Lawrence) Papers on Carnaval San Francisco

Sir Lawrence Washington, was a conceptual artist, community activist, consultant and participant in the first Carnaval street parade in 1979. He led the parade wearing his signature Grand Marshall sequined costume. Sir became one of the six organizers to form...

Waskowitz (Edward) collection on Paul Keller

The collection consists of items sent to Edward (Edy) Waskowitz by popular 20th century German author Paul Keller. Materials in the collection include photograph postcards with Keller's portrait, signed copies of three of Keller's books, and five issues of the...

Wass & Chard drawing of the Mrs. Mary R. Dennison house

The Wass & Chard drawing of the Mrs. Mary R. Dennison house spans 3 linear feet and dates from circa 1920 to circa 1990. The collection consists of one architectural drawing in the form of a blueprint. Drawing depicts a...

Wasserburg (Gerald J.) papers

The scientific and personal correspondence, organizational and government files, NASA files including Apollo missions and lunar sample analysis, notebooks, biographical materials and audiovisual materials of Gerald J. Wasserburg (b. 1927) form the collection known as the Gerald J. Wasserburg Papers...

Wassiltschikow (Lydia) typescript

Relates to social conditions in Russia before and during World War I and the Russian Revolution. German-language version published as Verschwundenes Russland (Vienna, 1980). Photocopy.

Waste disposal incinerator proposed for Berkeley, Calif.

Correspondence concerning the building of a refuse disposal incinerator.

Waste (James) collection

Film of relief efforts in Armenia, circa 1917, and of the 1924 Olympic Games.

Watanabe (June) Papers

June Watanabe has created contemporary dance theater works and collaborated with distinguished artists from diverse disciplines including taiko masters, visual artists like Ruth Asawa and Sandra Woodall, and choreographers Remy Charlip and Alonzo King. Her work incorporates and illuminates the...

Watanabe (Paul) Sermons

Paul Yorishige Watanabe served at several Southern California Japanese American churches in the 1920s and 1930s, including the Los Angeles Japanese Baptist Church (now Evergreen Baptist Church) and the Fundamental Baptist Mission to the Japanese. This is a collection of...

Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society collection, circa 1940s-1970s

Tracts and pamphlets by the Jehovah's Witnesses publishers, with titles such as: "End of Axis Powers," "God and State," and "Refugees."

Water Claims and Indexes

This series consists of Water Claims.

Water engineering consulting reports, 1925-1946.

Includes reports on purchase of water in Owens Valley by Los Angeles, value of property of the Hillside Water Company in Inyo County, the All-American Canal in Imperial Valley, return waters from irrigation, damage to property in Needles, California by...

Water Resources Collections and Archives records

This collection contains documents, photographs, slides, compact discs, blueprints, and meeting minutes regarding WRCA history, including the archive information once held at the University of California, Los Angeles and the University of California, Berkeley.

Water Resources Control Board Records

The Records of the Water Resources Control Board span the years 1949 to 2006 and contain approximately 145.5 cubic feet of textual records, as well as audiovisual materials such as audiocassette tapes, CD-Rom, and Floppy Disks. The records were created...

Water rights and legal issues at the East Bay Municipal Utility District, 1951-1983 /

A graduate of the Boalt School of Law, University of California, Berkeley, and attorney for the East Bay Municipal Utility District, John B. Reilly talks about the Alameda County Public Defender's Office under Willard Shea; litigation and negotiation for Mokelumne...

Water rights and legal issues at the East Bay Municipal Utility District, 1951-1983 : oral history transcript / 1997.

A graduate of the Boalt School of Law, University of California, Berkeley, and attornbey for the East Bay Municipal Utility District, John B. Reilly talks about the Alameda County Public Defender's Office under Willard Shea; litigation and negotiation for Mokelumne...

Water rights on the Mokelumne river and legal issues at the East Bay Municipal Utility District, 1927-1966 : oral history transcript / 1997.

Harold Raines, holder of a J.D. degree from the University of California, for many years Attorney for the East Bay Municipal Utility District, discusses the District's early years, water law and right of condemnation; negotations for Mokelumne River water, and...

Water Supply Methods in California Missions, 1945 - Views Related to

This collection of 27 photographic prints and one blueprint consists primarily of views related to the irrigation of California mission land. The photographs were taken or collected by Frank Adams (1875-1967), a University of California, Berkeley professor who specialized in...

Water supply, water rights and other legal issues at the East Bay Municipal Utility District, 1972-1993 : oral history transcript / 2003.

Childhood in Arizona and southern California; Stanford University, B.A., 1964; Hastings College of the Law, J.D., 1967; U.S. Air Force, 1967-1972; contracts, military justice, other legal work; East Bay Municipal Utility District, 1972-1993: water rights, utilities and environmental law; preserving...

Watercolor and sketch of residence at 160 Stonewall Road, Berkeley, Calif. [graphic] /

Residence, for a short time during World War II, of the artist and his family.

Watercolor impressions of the twenty one California Spanish missions [graphic]

Exterior views of Spanish missions and their surroundings; some showing various stages of delapidation.

Watercolor of a fort, undated

[Unidentified]. Watercolor, U.S. flag flying, mountains in background, n.d.. [Oversize boxed].

Watercolor Sketches of Nazca Design

This collection consists of 82 watercolors on paper, taken mainly from Nazca pottery.

Watercolor sketches of Sierra Nevada scenery [graphic].

Watercolor sketches of scenery in the Sierra Nevada range, including views of Yosemite Valley and unidentified locations. Many sketches exhibit layout markings. Also includes design sketches for title page of artist's "A Sierra fantasy", and an illustrated ms. page. Each...

Watercolors from the William H. Meyers letters, manuscripts and drawings [graphic].

Watercolors depict a single-masted American sailing ship (presemably the sloop Cyane, on which Meyers served) and various illustrations of people in a comical, cartoonish style. These include a self portrait of Meyers captioned "William loafing a bundle," a procession of...

Watercolors of birds of the Pacific slope.

Various birds from California and Mexico, identified by scientific and common name.

Watercolors of Mexico and Panama [graphic].

Views depicts Acapulco (water, mountains, buildings, people), a mountain scene near Zumpango (including a horse, rider, and roadside cross), a mountain scene in western Mexico (showing huts, people, a roadside cross, etc.) and two scenes at the Chagres River, Panama...

Watercolors of old california buildings [graphic]

Images include Spanish Church in Los Angeles; house in Sycamore Canyon, Ranch near Mesa, Spanish house, and Adobe House, Santa Barbara; and Powder House Village, Santa Cruz,

Waterfront, bay shoreline, and marina development documents and reports for Berkeley, Calif.

Documents relating to the development of the Berkeley waterfront.

Waterfront docks and lumber-yards, Eureka, Calif. [graphic] /

Includes one composite view of an overview of Excelsior's lumber-yard below a view of the yard's waterfront. Also pictured is a smaller waterfront operation, with wooded hills in background, and a view of a dock with a small steam train...

Waterfront Employer's Union of San Francisco circulars, releases and correspondence : typescript, 1934-1938.

Contains circulars, press releases and correspondence during and after the Pacific Coast Longshoremen's Strike in 1934, of the Waterfront Employer's Union of San Francisco and the Waterfront Employers Association. Correspondence between the International Longshoremen's Association and the Central Coast Committee...

Watergate letter, 1973

Photocopy of a letter (TLS) from Les Whitten to Harry [?] re Watergate era burn bags, together with a brown paper bag containing red printing: "FBI BURN BAG, FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY, PATRICK GRAY, ACTING DIRECTOR." Washington, D.C.

Waterhouse and Connelly Photo Collection

Lieutenants Frank Waterhouse and Cecil Connelly were flying above Baja California and had to make an emergency landing. They were subsequently murdered by local fishermen in August 1919.

Waterhouse (Clark B.) Photograph Collection

The Clark B. Waterhouse Photograph Collection is comprised of 305 black and white photographs that were originally organized in a scrapbook. It is assumed that Waterhouse was the photographer of the collection, as the bulk of the photos are from...

Waterhouse (Edwin S.) journal

Account of a voyage on the Golden Rocket from Boston to San Francisco, with later entries from Placer County, California

Waterhouse (Ellis Kirkham) notebooks and research files

The archive documents the scholarly career of Ellis Waterhouse, art historian and museum director. A major part of the archive consists of notebooks, maintained from 1924 until his death in 1985, in which he recorded paintings seen in private and...

Waterhouse Family

The Waterhouse-Mills Family Papers is comprised of photographs of members of both the Waterhouse and Mills families, and two letter books and a diary written by three members of those families.

Watering Hole Artifact and Photograph Collection

Watering Hole (a bar) artifact and photograph collection; Includes a mounted photo of Robert Merl, founder of The Watering Hole; mounted log of Hungry Hole Saloon; sign from Club Bath on Howard St., 1980; “proclamation” from Imperial Court of Long...

Waterman (Donald A.) papers

Course notes and research material, largely from 1961 through 1974, in Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Psychology, and other subjects. Includes a syllabus for the 1965 Stanford Ph.D. examination in Artificial Intelligence (the first year of the Computer Science program at...

Waterman Family Papers

Papers of Robert W. Waterman, governor of California, 1887-1891, his wife Jane, and their six children. Included are letters, diaries, legal and financial records, account books, speeches and clippings. Some papers relate to his governorship and to politics. Letters...

Waterman (Hazel Wood) Papers

This collection contains materials on Hazel Wood Waterman’s architectural career and personal life in San Diego in the first half of the twentieth century, as well as some family papers going back to the late nineteenth century.

Waterman (R. W.) papers

Consists of the papers of R. W. Waterman, including ephemera and women’s suffrage newspapers. Materials date from the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Includes ephemera related to fraternal organizations and clubs within California. The types of ephemera in the...

Waterman (R.W.) Family - California Views

Nineteenth century photographic views, chiefly of California, from the family papers of California governor R.W. Waterman.

Waterman (Waldo) Personal Papers

Waldo Dean Waterman an aviation pioneer from San Diego, California.

Waterman (Wilhelm Hallet) Photograph Album

Photographs and postcards from his student days at Stanford; subjects include Frosh-Soph Tie-Up, the Big Game bonfire, athletic contests, the Cardinal Club (a student rooming house on campus), and groups of students. There are also several images of Santa Cruz,...

Waters (Aaron C.) papers

This collection contains correspondence, writings, reprints, and other materials that document the research and teaching career of Aaron C. Waters....

Waters (Chuck) Papers

Chuck Waters is an American stuntman and actor who has worked on more than 130 films, including , , , the Indiana Jones trilogy, and . The collection includes scripts, notes, photographs, stunt reels, articles, and ephemera relating to Waters'...

Waters (Frank), Book of the Hopi Manuscript

Contains materials dated from 1961-1963, including drawings and source material, contents page, introduction of the book and typed carbon of 525 pages of the manuscript. Contains two pages of the Hopi alphabet and a list of the Hopi Indian spokesmen...

Waters (John R.) World War II scrapbook

Scrapbook of photographs, programs, letters, printed ephemera collected by Tec 4 John R. Waters, 17th Airborne Division, United States Army, during his military service in Europe, 1942-1945. Waters served in the Adjutant General's office of the 17th Airborne, and spent...

Waters (Maxine) Papers

Maxine Waters was elected to the California Assembly in 1976. She represented the 48th Assembly District, which included a portion of south central Los Angeles and the suburbs of Lynwood and South Gate. The Maxine Waters Papers consist of 19...

Waters' Nickel Series Photographs of Stanford University

Collection consists of a published set of 15 small photographs of Stanford University with their original paper case. Images include various views of the inner quad, entrance gates on Palm Drive, the Mausoleum, Encina Hall, the Museum, front view of...

Waters (Norman) Papers

Norman S. Waters, Democrat, was a State Assembly Member from 1976 to 1990. The Norm Waters Papers consists of 13 cubic feet of textual records and spans the years 1978-1990. The collection is organized into the following series: Bill Files,...

Waters (R. J. and Co.) Views of Donner Lake, California, ca. 1915

The Views of Donner Lake, California album contains 16 photographic prints consisting of views of Donner Lake from various perspectives taken circa 1915. The album was created by R.J. Waters & Co., Photographers, for the Donner Lake Co. and many...

Watertown (New York) theater program scrapbook

Scrapbook of pasted in theater programs from the Watertown (New York) area, from 1895 through 1914.

The waterways of Riven Rock[graphic] : the estate of Mr. Stanley R. McCormick, Montecito, Santa Barbara, California.

Views of the garden at the estate of Stanley McCormick in Montecito, primarily showing bridges, dams, pools, etc., along a creek.

Watkins (Carleton) collection of photographs

The collection consists of 136 photographs, with the majority being from Watkins's California mission series, Yosemite series, and pacific coast series. A few additional prints are from the Columbia River and Oregon series, studio portraits, and various images from the...

Watkins (Carleton E.) (1829-1916) Collection, ca. 1880

Twelve mounted photographs of California missions.

Watkins (Carleton E.) Arizona photographs

Included are views of yucca and cactus plants, desert landscapes, mines, Mission San Xavier, and the towns of Tucson, Tombstone, and Pantano, among others....

Watkins (Carleton E.) Collection of Photographs, ca. 1874-1890

The collection consists of 140 albumen prints on their original 22 x 28 inch mounts. The collection comprises views of the western United States including Upper Geyser Basin National Park, a rare set of images of Mammoth Hot Springs National...

Watkins (Carleton E.), Franciscan Missions of California by

The Franciscan Missions of California album contains 35 albumen prints taken by Carleton E. Watkins circa 1876-1882. Watkins probably began photographing the missions while returning from a trip to Southern California in 1876, during which he also photographed scenes along...

Watkins (Carleton E.) Hearst Mining Collection of Views, 1871-1876

The collection consists of 139 landscape views, 15 «" x 21", and nine 39" x 58" enlargements. Two of the latter are enlargements of smaller 15 «" x 21" photographs. The two remaining photographs in the collection are of the...

Watkins (Carleton E.) Mammoth Plate Landscape Photographs from the George Davidson Collection

Large format photographs of Western landscapes by C.E. Watkins and W.H. Jackson, collected by George Davidson. Watkins views include Mt. Lassen, Mt. Shasta (1870?), and Mt. Lola (1879), and various Yosemite views (1861-1869.) Jackson views are of Yellowstone National Park...

Watkins (Carleton E.) Mammoth Plate Photograph Albums

A set of four albums of mammoth plate photographs by American photographer Carleton E. Watkins (1829-1916) made approximately 1876-1889 in California, Nevada, and Arizona. The albums contain 174 photographs and are titled: and

Watkins (Carleton E.) Mammoth Plate Photographs of California Missions

A collection of 37 mammoth plate photographs of Spanish missions in California by American photographer Carleton E. Watkins (1829-1916). The photographs are among the earliest made of the former mission buildings and grounds, which are seen in various states of...

Watkins (Carleton E.) Mammoth Plate Photographs of Comstock Mining, Yosemite, San Francisco, Los Angeles County, and the American West

A collection of 61 mammoth plate photographs by American photographer Carleton E. Watkins (1829-1916), of various subjects in the American West, 1861-1880. The photographs include mines and mills in the Comstock district, Nevada; Yosemite Valley; Los Angeles County ranches and...

Watkins (Carleton E.) Mammoth Plate Photographs of Yosemite, New Almaden Mine and the Mendocino Coast, California

A collection of 50 mammoth plate photographs of Yosemite, the New Almaden Mine, and Mendocino, California by American photographer Carleton E. Watkins (1829-1916). The prints were in a two-volume set, now disbound, containing a title page dated 1863 and a...

Watkins (Carleton E.) Mammoth Plate Photographs of Yosemite Valley

Yosemite views, with one image of the Columbia River, Oregon.

Watkins (Carleton E.) Mammoth Plate Views in California and Oregon

Chiefly views of Yosemite and Mendocino County, Calif., and some Oregon views.

Watkins (Carleton E.), Mendocino Coast, 1863

This collection features images taken in 1863 of lumbering activities along the Mendocino County Coast, north of San Francisco.

Watkins (Carleton E.) Miscellaneous Mammoth Plate Photographs

A miscellaneous grouping of mammoth plate photographic prints by or attributed to Carleton E. Watkins. Chiefly California landscape views.

Watkins (Carleton E.) photograph collection

Carleton E. Watkins was a 19th century photographer based in San Francisco who made his name documenting the rapid growth of the American West, and whose name is frequently associated with the birth of the photographic medium – particularly with...

Watkins (Carleton E.) Photograph Collection

A collection of 653 albumen photographs (430 by Carleton E. Watkins and 223 by Alfred A. Hart) dating from approximately 1860s to 1880s. The images document scenery and activity chiefly in Northern and Southern California in the 1870s and 1880s,...

Watkins (Carleton E.) Photographic Views of El Verano and Vicinity, Sonoma Valley, California

The collection consists of an album containing 133 albumen photographs of estates and the countryside of Sonoma Valley, California taken by Watkins in 1887 for the Sonoma Valley Improvement Company as a promotional tool.

Watkins (Carleton E.) Photographic Views of the Golden Gate Mining Claim [and the Golden Feather Mining Claim] Situated on Feather River, Butte County, Cal.

A portfolio of two related sets of riverbed mining views on the Feather River in Butte County, California. These views constitute C.E. Watkins' last known commercial commission and were taken in November, 1891.

Watkins (Carleton E.) Photographs of California Scenes: A Mammoth Plate Miscellany

A miscellany of mammoth plate landscape photographs assembled by The Bancroft Library from various sources. The great majority of images are by Carleton E. Watkins.

Watkins, Carleton E. Photographs of California scenes [graphic] : a mammoth plate miscellany /

Chiefly Yosemite views. Also includes San Francisco and vicinity and several California missions.

Watkins, Carleton E. Photographs of California scenes [graphic] : a miscellany of mammoth plate views by C. E. Watkins.

1: Telegraph Hill -- 2: The Golden Gate, San Francisco -- 3: The Lower Yosemite Fall -- 4: Clark's Station--Near View (Taber) -- 5: Yosemite Falls -- 6: The Florida Hoisting Works -- 7: End of the Carson-Tahoe Lumber and...

Watkins, Carleton E. Photographs of California scenes [graphic] : San Francisco Bay Area, Yosemite, and California missions.

Includes seven Yosemite views, San Francisco Bay Area views, and California mission views. Bay Area views include: launching of the U.S.S. Comanche, Mission Santa Clara and the Notre Dame Academy of San Jose, San Francisco's First Unitarian Church, and various...

Watkins, Carleton E. Photographs of California scenes [graphic] : Yosemite mammoth plate views from the collection of J.J. O'Doran /

1: General view of Yosemite Valley from Inspiration Point -- 2: Last View from Mariposa Trail -- 3: Outline of Cathedral Rocks, from the River at foot -- 4: Bridal Veil Falls from hillside -- 5: Cathedral Spires--full front view...

Watkins, Carleton E. Photographs of California scenes [graphic] : Yosemite, the Geysers, and other views.

Chiefly views of Yosemite Valley, with additional images of Seal Rocks (off San Francisco, Calif.), the Geysers (Sonoma County?), Downieville Buttes, and a rock arch on the Farallon Islands.

Watkins, Carleton E. Photographs of the Darius O. Mills residence [graphic].

Photos show interiors (including decor and furniture) and the conservatory at the Darius O. Mills residence, presumably in Millbrae, Calif.

Watkins (Carleton E.), Photographs of the Mariposa Estate and Environs

The collection consists of thirty-two views taken in 1860 of John Charles Fremont's "Las Mariposas" estate in Mariposa County. Included are views of mines, mills, and mining towns of the California gold country, and several views of railroads in the...

Watkins, Carleton E. Photographs of Tombstone, Az., Virginia City, Nev., and California missions [graphic] /

Stereographs (from Watkins' new series) show three California missions: San Buenaventura (#4638) -- San Carlos Borromeo (unnumbered) -- San Juan Capistrano (#4623). Cabinet card photographs (from Watkins' new cabinet series) are captioned: -- Tombstone, Arizona (#4913) [showing general view of...

Watkins (Carleton E.) Photographs of Yosemite: with Additional Views of Mt. Shasta, Calif. and Cape Horn, Columbia River, Oregon

Twelve Yosemite views printed and issued by I.W. Taber, from original negatives taken by Carleton E. Watkins. To this set are added one view of the Columbia River and one of Mount Shasta, probably both taken by Watkins on his...

Watkins (Carleton E.) San Francisco Photographs, ca. 1872- ca. 1879

The San Francisco Photographs collection contains 13 albumen prints taken by Carleton E. Watkins circa 1872 to circa 1879. The collection features various views of San Francisco, and includes two prints (Nos. 11 and 12) which were originally taken as...

Watkins (Carleton E.) Scenes of Rancho San Antonio photographed for Northern California land cases

Large format landscape scenes of Rancho San Antonio (Alameda and Contra Costa counties, Calif.), for land settlement case. Most views are in the vicinity of El Cerrito, California. Captions indicate that views were for use in case "No. 100: United...

Watkins (Carleton E.) Scenic California

The Scenic California collection contains 14 mounted albumen prints taken circa 1875-1885 by Carleton E. Watkins.

Watkins (Carleton E.) Selected Mammoth Plate Photographic Prints from the Keith McHenry Pond Collection

Mammoth plate California landscape views formerly belonging to artist William Keith. The majority of views are by photographer Carleton E. Watkins.

Watkins (Carleton E.) Stereo Views of the West, ca. 1865-ca. 1880

The Stereo Views of the West photograph collection consists of 75 stereographs taken by Carleton E. Watkins from circa 1865 to circa 1880. The photographs are arranged by and numbered with Watkins' series number. The collection includes views from the...

Watkins (Carleton E.) Stereograph Collection

This collection contains 269 stereographs by photographer Carleton E. Watkins, dating from the 1860s to about the 1880s, that chiefly depict buildings and locales in Northern and Southern California.

Watkins (Carleton E.) Stereographic Views from the Eugene Compton Collection

The Stereographic Views from the Eugene Compton Collection consists of 37 stereographic prints taken by Carleton E. Watkins during the years 1870-1885.

Watkins (Carleton E.) Sun Sketches of San Mateo

The Sun Sketches of San Mateo album contains 25 photographic prints taken by Carleton E. Watkins in 1875 featuring views of early San Mateo County. Especially featured is the Baywood residence and estate of financier John Parrott, built in 1868...

Watkins (Carleton E.) Views of San Francisco, Yosemite, and Monterey, ca. 1876 - ca. 1890

This collection consists of 16 albumen prints taken by Carleton E. Watkins, circa 1876-circa 1890. The photographs are part of "Watkins' New Boudoir Series Yo Semite and Pacific Coast." The collection consists primarily of architectural views of the San Francisco...

Watkins (Carleton E.) Yosemite Views, ca. 1876

The Yosemite Views collection includes 22 mounted albumen prints taken by Carleton E. Watkins circa 1876. The prints are part of "Watkins' New Boudoir Series Yo Semite and Pacific Coast." These general landscapes of Yosemite Valley include Cathedral Rocks, Vernal...

Watkins (Carleton E.) Yosemite Views from the Sierra Club Collection

Yosemite views in the mammoth plate format, chiefly taken by Carleton E. Watkins during his 1861 trip to the valley.

Watkins (Carleton) stereoview and cabinet photographs

Photographs by or published by Carleton Watkins. All but one are views of California.

Watkins (Eddie) Papers

Papers collected by Eddie Watkins as a waiter for Southern Pacific, Dining Car Department and a member of the Dining Car Cooks and Waiters Union, Local 456 (Oakland, California).

Watkins (Edwin A) Photograph Album

One volume contains photographs of Stanford, including the bonfire, football crowds in the Stanford stadium, the rooting section at games, fellow students Arthur G. Holmes and Leonard F. Wilbur, and various campus scenes; as well as postcards of Palo Alto...

Watkins (Elizabeth) Papers (1986-2003)

Elizabeth Watkins was the Dean of the Graduate Division, Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs, and Professor of History of Health Sciences at UCSF. This collection documents Watkins's research on hormone replacement therapy for her publication, "The Estrogen Elixir: A History...

Watkins (Eric) papers

Dr. Eric Watkins is a journalist and consultant. The Eric Watkins papers includes audio interviews, documents, publications, email printouts, photographs, and some ephemera.

Watkins Family photograph album, circa 1913

46 black and white photographs, some albumens, with images of a rural family, sev. of children, the farmstead, horses, buggies, new farm house, log cabins, mountains, waterfall, river, women with rifle and pistol in holster, antler stack, hay baling, and...

Watkins (Frances E.) Papers

Frances Emma Watkins, born December 27, 1899 and died circa 1987, was an anthropologist specializing in the American Southwest, publishing mostly in the 1930s and 1940s. Watkins was an employee of the Southwest Museum of the American Indian from 1930...

Watkins Glen/Oil exploration photograph album

Album with 31 pictures of Watkins Glen, New York, and other locations, many having to do with oil exploration.

Watkins (Gordon and Anna) papers

This collection is comprised of manuscripts, correspondence, photographs, documents, certificates, and other material regarding Gordon and Anna Watkins from 1903-1971. Includes both personal and university related items. Material reflecting the Watkins' interest in the field of economics and his tenure...

Watkins (James T.) papers

Writings, reports, memoranda, orders, correspondence, printed matter, and photographs, relating to American military administration of Okinawa immediately after World War II. Entire collection also on microfilm (36 reels).

Watkins (James T.) Papers

Contents include correspondence, class materials, and files relating to university and political science department activities as well as to Stanford sports.

Watkins (Lee H.) Papers

Lee H. Watkins (1908-1972) served as an apicultural assistant for the University of California, Davis from 1952-1964. The collection contains correspondence, research notes, and research papers concerning early American beekeeping history. The collection also contains a series of correspondence and...

Watkins, Louis Douglass Letter, 1865 July 8

Holograph letter written at Louisville Head Quarters concerning the recruitment of Kentucky troops.

Watkins, (Louise Ward) Papers

The collection consists of papers, diaries, and photographs related to the life and interests of California women's rights activist Louise Ward Watkins (1890-1974) and her family. Subject matter in the collection includes California politics; Japan and Japanese-American relations; her father,...

Watkins (Ralph J.) papers

Speeches and writings, studies, reports, memoranda, correspondence, notes, and printed matter, relating to economic planning in the U.S., Mexico, Ecuador, Egypt, India, Taiwan, South Korea, and Japan; and to Allied civil affairs administration in North Africa during World War II.

Watkins (Richard Howells) Collection

The collection contains correspondence, copies of short stories, articles, and screenplays by Watkins, as well as aviation files with photographs of WWI aces, early airplanes (Curtis, Martin, Le Perce-Packard, Thomas-Morse Aircraft Corporation, and others), ca. 1910s-1920 and images apparently shot...

Watkins (Susan E.) collection

Correspondence, postcards, leaflets, and miscellany, relating to civilian relief work in France during and after World War I, and especially to the work of Fatherless Children of France.

Watson Airfotos Inc. photograph collection

This collection of historical imagery of areas in Los Angeles and surrounding counties dates back to the 1920s (1927 to 1947). The Watson collection came to the Library as part of the gift from the Teledyne Foundation in 1986, and...

Watson and Moderwell Families Collection

The collection contains historical material relating to the Watson and Moderwell families, including a typescript family record of William Haymond (father of Rebeckah Haymond, who married Thomas Watson in 1813), with genealogical information and transcriptions of letters by Haymond, mainly...

Watson (Benjamin) Papers

Benjamin Harrison Watson was an American working in the export business in Shanghai when World War II began. The Benjamin Watson Papers document the experiences of internees in the Chapei Civilian Assembly Center in 1943 through the camp newsletter

Watson Blanchard letters : from Todd Valley, Calif. : ALS, 1864-1865.

Letters from Blanchard to his mother, Martha Blanchard, his brother Ruel, and his aunt Mary Reed, all in Maine. Watson Blanchard was apparently a draft evader, and he discusses his reasons for leaving home and his attitudes towards women.

Watson Brothers (Civil War correspondence)

This collection contains six correspondence from brothers James Harvey Watson and Jasonon Lee Watson to their cousin Elisha during the Civil War.

Watson C. Squire dictation and biographical material, 1889-1890.

Include typewritten dictation and draft of biographical sketch, partially in H.H. Bancroft's hand.

Watson, (Diane E.) Papers

This collection documents the activities of the California State Legislature, the Senate Committee on Health and Human Services and Senator Diane E. Watson during the passage and implementation of Proposition 99, California's landmark anti-tobacco bill, and associated bills.

Watson (Diane E.) papers

Diane E. Watson is an American politician who served as a United States Representative, United States Ambassador to the Republic of Micronesia, California State Senator, and Los Angeles Unified School District Board of Education member. The collection covers Watson's time...

Watson (Diane) Papers

The Diane Watson Papers consist of 25 cubic feet of records reflecting Watson's activities during her Senatorial career. The records contain Bill Files, 1979-1998; Subject Files, 1977-1986; Chronological Correspondence, 1979-1991; Constituent Correspondence, 1989-1994; Correspondence of Jane Uitti, 1985-1991; and Legislative...

Watson (Don) Oral History

Sound recording of interview with Don Watson conducted by Harvey Schwartz. Reviews work-life and activism in Marine Cooks and Stewards, CIO, late 1940s-early 1950s; and in ILWU, 1955-1993; remembers waterfront screening, McCarthy period; recalls Jimmy Herman and racial integration of...

Watson (Douglas Sloane)

This collection primarily consists of manuscripts and typescripts of various essays and stories by the historian and author Douglas Sloane Watson (1875-1948). There are also newspaper clippings, correspondence, financial documents, and a small amount of photographs....

Watson (Ernest P., S.J.) Papers

The Ernest P. Watson, S.J. Papers,1906-1968 (bulk 1911-1929), document the personal, scholastic, and professional life of Ernest P. Watson, SJ. Included are materials from Watson's days as an undergraduate student at Santa Clara University and his career as a professor...

Watson Land Company Collection

A small collection of materials from the Watson Land Company, including articles of incorporation, financial statements, correspondence, newsletters, and reports.

Watson M. Laetsch papers, circa 1965-2005.

Correspondence, research notes, and other scientific and personal papers relating to his career as professor of botany, director of Lawrence Hall of Science and the Botanical Garden, and Vice Chancellor for Undergraduate Affairs.

Watson (Maj. Y.L.) Personal Photo Collection

Major Y.L. Watson served in World War Two.

Watson (Mary) Letters

Mary Watson was a school teacher in Alaskan Territory in the early 20th Century. This collection includes 13 letters written by Mary Watson to Cora Lyman from different towns in Alaska. The letters describe Watson's journey to and life in...

Watson (Raymond L.) papers

This collection comprises the extant files of Raymond L. Watson (1926-2012), former President and CEO of the Irvine Company. Beginning in 1960, Watson served the company as Architect Planner, Vice President of Planning, Senior Vice President of the Land Development...

Watson (Samuel Newell) papers

Correspondence, clippings, pamphlets, photographs, and postcards relating to relief work in France during World War I and to the Allied Powers during the war.

Watson (Tom) U.S. Open Ephemera Collection

Program from 1982, Pebble Beach, day ticket, and news article from San Francisco Chronicle....

Watsonville is in the Heart oral history interviews

This collection contains oral history interviews collected by the Watsonville is in the Heart (WIITH) research team that chronicle the lives of the descendants of the (older brother) generation of Filipino agricultural workers who settled in the Pajaro Valley of...

Watt, Claude Z. (Second World War correspondence and other materials)

This collection contains correspondence and other materials relating to the service of Cpl. Claude Z. Watt, USA during the Second World War. Included are photographs, clippings, Nazi medals, and various books and pamphlets.

Watt (Ian P.) Papers

Correspondence, lectures, notes, course materials, bibliographies, articles, proofs, clippings, and reprints pertaining to courses he taught, departmental business, academic associations, and other professional activities. Some of the material pertains to his teaching at UC Berkeley before he came to Stanford;...

Watt (Patricia L.) photographs

The Patricia L. Watt photographs, 1994 April, (SAFR 24255, P94-033) are comprised mainly of photographs of sites in Dumbarton, Scotland, and Cardiff, Wales that relate to the history of BALCLUTHA (built 1886; ship, 3m). The collection has been processed to...

Watt (Robert S.) Photograph Collection

A collection of photographs approximately 1890-1928 of miner Robert S. Watt and family living in the mountains of Los Angeles County. Assorted views include the Watt Mines Supply Co., Los Angeles; prospecting; hunting; Los Angeles buildings and oil wells; and...

Watt (Tom) television memorabilia

Documents, photographs, and ephemera related to the career of TV critic and TV news director Thompson R. Watt (Tom Watt).

Watt (William R.) papers

This collection contains numerous site plans and brochures of Irvine Company and Baywood neighborhoods and homes, as well as other developments in Orange County, San Diego, and San Francisco. Some of the material also includes hand written notes. William R....

Watters (Bill) collection of 19th and 20th century autographs and documents

This small collection contains an authorization for the Secretary of State to transfer information to the President of the Republic of Costa Rica pertaining to an individual's citizenship, signed by James Buchanan on February 4, 1858; an autograph with note,...

Wattles (Gurdon Wallace) Papers

This collection contains the papers of American businessman Gurdon Wallace Wattles (1855-1932) of Omaha, Nebraska, and Hollywood, California. The papers chiefly dating from 1918-1950 consist of correspondence, as well as some manuscripts of Wattles and Ephemera. The correspondence primarily deals...

Wattles (Warren F.) miscellaneous papers

Correspondence, memoranda, and clippings, relating to World War I and the Spanish Civil War.

Watts (Captain Charles A.) rough logook

The Captain Charles A. Watts rough logbook (SAFR 16489, HDC 209) is for the calendar year 1919.

Watts (Captain Charles) personal papers and records

Captain Charles Watts personal papers and records (SAFR 17230, HDC 242) consists of correspondence, licenses, letters of recommendation, a short story manuscript, certificates, telegrams, photographs, publications and identity cards belonging to Watts. The collection is available for research use without...

Watts (Charles William) Papers

A collection of material related to Charles William Watts, Oregon newspaperman and Klondike Gold Rush miner.

Watts Labor Community Action Committee (WLCAC) Papers

This collection is comprised of materials generated by Watts Labor Community Action Committee (WLCAC). The Watts Labor Community Action Committee formed in 1965 prior to the Los Angeles (Watts) Riots of 1965 in an effort spearheaded by Ted Watkins, Sr....

Watts Rebellion Collection

This collection contains material related to the Watts Rebellion, the Watts neighborhood, Los Angeles during 1965, the 1992 Los Angeles riots, and also includes material regarding race, rioting, civil rights, activism, and poverty. A majority of this collection consists of...

Watts Riots records

Final report (1965) of the Governor's Commission on the Watts Riots.

Watts (Robert) papers

American artist of mixed media, sculpture, and assemblage, best known as a founding member of Fluxus. The archive consists of correspondence, manuscripts, personal documents, and many photographs and slides documenting Watts' work and affiliations with artists. Also included are three...

Watts (W. L.) Collection, 1891-1910

Photos taken by W. L. Watts, mostly of Nevada and California desert and mining scenes, 1891-1910, undated. Also some of Los Angeles and Southern California, including the 1910 Dominguez Air Meet.

Watts (William M.) Papers

William M. Watts (1885-1980) was born on February 15, 1885 in Lodi, Texas to Perry and Jane Watts. After earning a medical degree from Meharry Medical College in Nashville, Tennessee, Watts practiced medicine at hospitals in Houston, Texas and Fresno,...

Watts Writers' Workshop stories, lesson books, and other material

The Watts Writers’ Workshop was founded in 1965 by Budd Schulberg. This collection contains clippings about the workshop and works by Jimmie Sherman, one of the Workshop’s members.

Waud (Alfred R.) Collection

Sketches, correspondence, photographs, tintypes, and ambrotypes pertaining to Alfred R. Waud, a Civil War illustrator, and his family. 1842-1921, undated.

Waud (Alfred R.) Photograph Collection

Photographs. Photographs of Civil War illustrator Waud, his two wives, and daughters. ca. 1860-1899, undated. Part of Alfred R. Waud Papers (Gen. Col. 1102). See also MSS-441 for 2 drawings attributed to Waud.

Waugh (Evelyn) Papers

This collection contains literary manuscripts, business and personal correspondence and ephemera by and about the British writer Evelyn Waugh (1903-1966).

Waugh (Evelyn) Periodical Collection

This collection contains 101 issues of periodicals with content written by or about the British author Evelyn Waugh (1903-1966) between 1923 and 2010, with the bulk of the items dating from 1930 to 1965. 76 of the items contain articles...

Waugh (Grace Fraser) Correspondence

This collection contains the family correspondence of Ohio-born Grace Fraser Waugh (1871-1938) consisting almost entirely of letters sent by Waugh between 1900 and 1936 to her younger sister and brother-in-law from various places including, Heidelberg, Germany, Florida, Oregon, Ohio, Massachusetts,...

Waugh/Hovden Invoices

Collection consists of two invoice statements from Joe Rappa Marine Supply & Tanning Co. and Joe Rappa & Sons Marine Supply.

Wave Power Patents collection

The collection consists of patents pertaining to production of power by various methods of utilizing waves and/or tides.

Wawona (schooner) restoration project report

Wawona (schooner) restoration project report (SAFR 20610, HDC 1271) was funded by the Maritime Heritage Preservation Program at the Northwest Seaport, Inc. Kirkland, Washington 1975-1984. Documentation include illustrations, correspondence, grants processing control sheets, service reports and Xerox copies of photographs....

Wawona Washburn Hartwig Papers

The Wawona Washburn Hartwig Papers contains materials including original correspondence, notes, deed reproductions, legal records, articles, forms, maps, brochures, pamphlets, event programs, newspaper clippings, magazines, newsletters, stationary, menus, paperback publications, reviews, journal reproductions, postcards, polyester and acetate negatives, photographs, a...

Wawrzonek (Roman) papers

Memoirs, other writings, underground publications, other printed matter, personal documents, photographs, and memorabilia, relating to the Polish resistance movement during World War II, postwar political dissent in Poland, the Solidarnosc movement, and Polish émigré affairs.

Wax (Rosalie H.) Papers

Consists chiefly of a 1981-1982 revision of her Tule Lake field notes, written for the Japanese American Evacuation and Resettlement Study in 1944-1945, while Wax was at the Relocation Center near Newell, Calif. The revision, funded by a grant from...

Waxman (Henry A.) papers

Henry A. Waxman served as a lawyer in private practice and as a member of the California State Assembly from 1969 until 1974. In 1974 he was elected as Congressman for the California Twenty-fourth district, and served in Congress from...

Way (Arthur S.) - English Verse Translation of Lucretius' “De rerum natura”

Apparently the typesetter's copy for the Wessex Press edition of 1933 (published by Macmillan and Co., Ltd., London)....

Way (E. Leong) Papers

Collection contains E. Leong Way's professional papers concern his career in pharmaceutical chemistry at the University of California, San Francisco.

Way (Washington Irving) Letters

This collection contains correspondence and miscellaneous ephemera of American author, agent, and book distributor W. Irving Way (1853-1931), consisting primarily of 146 letters and ephemera from American publisher Thomas Bird Mosher (1852-1923), chiefly about business matters.

Way-Bill, California and Oregon, 1867

List of 13 passengers travelling via stagecoach on the United States Mail Line, Portland and Yreka on Sunday, August 11, 1867. Bill details their fares paid and destinations. 11 Passengers listed by name and two listed as only "John China,"...

Wayburn (Edgar) papers

The Edgar Wayburn Papers (1923-2010, bulk 1951-2007) focus on Wayburn's conservation work both in the United States and internationally.

Waycott (Ralph) collection of papers regarding the Appleton/Waycott house

The Ralph Waycott collection of papers regarding the Appleton/Waycott house spans 3.5 linear feet and dates from 1950 to 2007. The collection is composed of papers, including correspondence, reports and legal documents, photographs, drawings (some copies from the Cliff May...

Wayfarers Ministry Newsletters of Betty Ann Wagner

Betty Ann Wagner (died c.2012) started Wayfarer's Ministries in 1979. Wayfarer’s Ministries was created to help with small needs overlooked by larger missions organizations. This is a collection of Betty Ann Wagner’s newsletters, called “Wayfarers Ministry” newsletter, or Monthly Report...

Wayland (Francis) Papers on Microfiche

Francis Wayland was a Baptist clergyman and the pastor of First Baptist Church, Boston from 1821-1826. In 1825 he participated in the founding of Newton Theological Institution (became Andover Newton), for the training of pastors for American Baptist Churches. The...

Wayland (George H.) naval architectural drawings

The George H. Wayland plans collection (HDC 1534) contains 721 items, the majority of which are original pencil on paper naval architectural drawings of yachts and smaller motor craft designed by George H. Wayland between 1921 to 1947. Most are...

Wayland (Harold) papers

The Papers of Harold Wayland (1909-2000), Caltech Professor of Engineering Science, 1949-1979, are a small collection of personal, scientific, and institutionally related documents. They cover aspects of Wayland's scientific work on microcirculation, his invention of the intravital microscope, and Caltech's...

Waymire (Carol) Collection

The collection includes fliers, minutes, notes and related records for several Los Angeles organizations including Action Coalition Against Briggs, Los Angeles Lesbian Feminists, Los Angeles Women's Forum, the Peoples College of Law, the Socialist Feminist Network, and Women Against Violence...

Waymire (Carol) collection of periodicals and ephemera

Carol Marie Waymire is a California based lawyer who served underrepresented communities through her work on immigration law, rights of undocumented workers, racial and sexual discrimination, workers rights on the job, and child custody for gay parents. This collection contains...

Wayne, Henry A. (Second World War correspondence and other materials)

This collection contains photographs, realia and correspondence written to and from PFC Henry A. Wayne, USA during the Second World War.

Wayne (John) Batjac Productions records

This collection consists of the business and production records of John Wayne's company Batjac Productions. Records include personnel files, tax information, and post-production files from 1957-1975.

Wayne (June) Exhibit Catalogs and Publications

This collection comprises exhibit catalogs and exhibit related ephemera documenting the work of artist of June Wayne from the 1950s through the late 1990s. Also included are journal articles on Wayne and her artwork, some articles by Wayne and her...

Wayne (June) papers

June Claire Wayne was born on March 7, 1918 in Chicago, Illinois, where at the age of 15 she dropped out of high school to pursue her career as an artist. In addition to her work in lithography, which revitalized...

Wayne Miller photographs [graphic].

Includes a portrait of the Miller family: Wayne, Joan, Peter, Dana, David, Jeanette, 1974, and 2 snapshots of Wayne Miller in his studio (ca. 2003?).

Wayne (Roy E.) photographs

Depicts social conditions and refugees in Yugoslavia, Russia, and Turkey at the end of World War I.

Wayne (Stephen J.) photographs

This collection contains photographs, negatives, and slides taken by Stephen J. Wayne, a local photographer from the Inland Empire region of Southern California. Images in the collection primarily reflect the landscape of Riverside and the greater Inland Empire during the...

Wayne T. Corbitt papers, 1980-1997.

Consists of works by and about Wayne T. Corbitt, including his notebooks, poems, short stories, plays, and performance works, as well as reviews of his work and interviews. Also includes a small amount of correspondence with colleagues and friends, and...

Wayne T. Corbitt pictorial collection [graphic]

Includes personal snapshots, portraits, and photographs of Corbitt performing, probably in San Francisco, but possibly also in New York. Also includes two views of the exterior of the bar called The Slot.

Wayne T. Corbitt sound recordings [sound recording]

Corbitt interview on KALX radio, July 24, 1991 and four other workshop and/or rehearsal recordings.

Wayne T. Corbitt videotapes [videorecording]

Largely performance footage of Corbitt.

Wayne Thom Photographer negatives, photographs, and other material

The Wayne Thom Photographer negatives, photographs, and other material contains the record of Wayne Thom's prolific career as an architectural photographer and graphic designer. The bulk of the collection consists of Thom's professional photographic work, beginning with his earliest work...

W.B. Clarke & Co. Nursery Records

Personal plant breeding and record file of W.B. Clarke, founder and owner of W.B. Clarke & Co. Nursery in San Jose, California. The collection also includes a set of the nursery's catalogs spanning the years 1934-1949.

W.B. Clarke Apothecary prescription book

Collection contains a prescription copybook mostly for "W.B. Clarke, Apothecary, Stockbridge, Mass.", 1898-1899; some entries from "F.M. Pease, pharmacist, 14 Main Street, Lee, Mass.". Each page contains 8 or more duplicate prescriptions, on pharmacist's letterhead and completed in holograph, pasted...

W.B. Fitch family letters, 1849-1892 (bulk 1849-1855).

Fourteen letters, primarily to his wife Maria, written from California, detailing his work mining. Also includes a few letters written by other family members.

W.C. Lowdermilk papers, 1914-1961.

Material relating to the U.S. Department of Agriculture Land Use Survey in Europe and Africa, 1938-1939, including copies of letters written by him, itinerary, log, photographs and preliminary reports; letters written from China, 1942-1943, while on a mission for the...

W.C. Lowdermilk papers, circa 1912-1969.

Collection includes correspondence, diaries and field notes, articles on soil erosion and land reclamation, reports, and many photographs documenting Lowdermilk's trips to the Middle East, Europe, and China.

W.C. Morrow papers, 1898-1921.

Relating primarily to his literary work. Included are letters from Holbrook Blinn, Ina D. Coolbrith, Charles M. Gayley, David S. Jordan and Vincent Starrett; and photocopies of Morrow's letters to Starrett, 1915-1921, many of which refer to Ambrose Bierce.

We Are Everywhere, International Collection

Flyers, correspondence, annual reports, press releases, position statements, articles, meeting notes, meeting minutes, and bylaws documenting activities of the gay human rights organization, We Are Everywhere, International (WAEI), 1975-1981. WAEI invoked Article II of the United Nations' 1946 Convention on...

"We do not solicit 'hippie' patronage" broadsides, circa 1969-1970.

Contains two copies of a printed broadside (8 1/2 x 11 in.) that was used for display purposes in business establishments located in Mount Shasta, California during the late 1960's.

We Supported Our Men in Vietnam records

Correspondence, clippings, scrapbooks, photographs, memorabilia, sound and video recordings, and motion picture film related to efforts in New York to mobilize popular support for American servicemen and prisoners of war in Vietnam both during and after the Vietnam War.

W.E. Waste Travel Itineraries

Mostly travel itineraries of transcontinental rail travel prepared by the Southern Pacific Railroad's Passenger Department.

Wead (Frank "Spig") papers

The Frank ?pig?Wead papers span the years 1851-1994 (bulk 1929-1947) and encompass 5.1 linear feet. The collection consists of scripts, clippings, and reviews for films written and collaborated on by Wead. There is information about Wead? naval career and family...

Weakley (Charles Enright) papers

Correspondence, orders, drafts of speeches, printed matter, photographs, and sound recordings, relating to post-World War II American antisubmarine force operations and to National Aeronautics and Space Administration activities.

Wealth of nations in the twentieth century conference proceedings

Relates to world economic conditions. Sponsored by the Hoover Institution on War, Revolution and Peace.

Weast (Clair A.) Collection

The collection consists of Weast biographical material and a significant assortment of photos and slides that document Tillie Lewis Foods and Weast's interest in Spanish Missions.

Weather Bureau Records

The United States Department of Commerce, Weather Bureau records chronicle San Diego’s daily, weekly, and monthly weather. The records include daily, weekly, and monthly weather observations, bulletins, station activities and memorandum, meteorological summaries, reports, and climatic information.

Weatherbee (Cecil Knockherworst) Collection

The collection consists of materials collected by Cecil Knockherworst Weatherbee (Danny), a columnist for the Bay Area Reporter (BAR). Knockherworst was active in the Imperial Court and the collection contains materials related to the court system and San Francisco bars.

Weatherholt (Charles) collection

Autobiographical and other writings, correspondence, notes, printed matter, and photographs, relating to American counterintelligence activities during World War II. Includes material on Robert C. Ebaugh, who impersonated Franklin D. Roosevelt at the Teheran Conference, arrest records of Nazi leaders tried...

Weatherly (Aubrey Richard) Collection

Aubrey Richard (Rick)Weatherly, 1952-91, was a pastor in the Universal Fellowship of Metropolitan Community Churches and served in Oakland, California. The collection contains personal and professional files, photographs, slides, negatives, and buttons relating to his personal and professional life.

Weathern family correspondence, 1848-1853.

Two letters to W.H. Weathern, Farmington, Maine, from uncle, M.B. Reed, Denmark, Iowa, planning to leave for California, Apr., 1849; two letters to E.R. Weathern from friend, John L. Gilley, Indian Crick [sic.] and Grass Valley, Calif., 1852-1853.

Weathers (Carolyn) papers

Carolyn Weathers is a lesbian activist and publisher. This collection contain flyers, brochures, publications, and other materials related to the operation of Clothespin Fever Press, a lesbian press founded by Carolyn Weathers and Jenny Wrenn in the 1980s.

Weathers (Carolyn) photographs and papers

Personal papers, professional records, and digitized photographs of LGBT and feminist activist Carolyn Weathers, 1961-2015. The collection includes documentation of the Alcoholism Center for Women, and information about Brenda Weathers, Jenny Wrenn, among others.

Weatherwax Gasoline Motor and Auto Accessory Company Papers

The Weatherwax Gasoline Motor and Auto Accessory Company Papers contains correspondence, stock certificates, and legal documents related to financing and patenting the creation of an improved gasoline motor. A.L. Harris, the Company's secretary and treasurer, is author of the bulk...

Weatherwax (John M.) Collection

This collection contains material collected and written by John M. Weatherwax such as correspondence, manuscripts, essays, film treatments, research notes, pamphlets, leaflets, flyers, programs, mailers, and other documents. Material authored by Weatherwax includes drafts of manuscripts, essays, novellas, articles, radio...

Weatherwax Rosenberg Flyer Collection

The Weatherwax Rosenberg Flyer Collections contains flyers, pamphlets, booklets, and other papers about the Julius and Ethel Rosenberg case from the personal collection of John Weatherwax. Items in the collection date from 1952 to 1976. Most of the materials in...

Weatherwax (Seema) photographs

Seema Aissen Weatherwax was a photographer and social activist who was part of the Film and Photo League, worked with Ansel Adams in Yosemite, and shot Woody Guthrie and migrant workers at a California FSA camp. Collection contains prints and...

Weatherwax (Seema) photographs and papers

This collection primarily comprises photographs from Weatherwax's personal life and professional career as a photographer. Included are a selection of enlargements printed by Jason Weston under Weatherwax's supervision, and a collection of photographs featuring family members and Weatherwax's professional work,...

Weaver (Alan) Papers

This collection contains materials relating to the activities of Alan Weaver, co-founder of the Gay and Lesbian Sierrans (GLS), the first queer Sierra Club section in the United States. GLS documents include organizational records, correspondence and e-mails, election materials, meeting...

Weaver (Alan) Papers Related to the Sierra Employees Alliance, United Autoworkers Union, Local 2103

Material collected by Alan Weaver related to organizing Sierra Club employees, including the Sierra Employee Alliance (SEA), United Autoworkers Union, Local 2103; and John Muir Local 100. Includes correspondence, emails, clippings, meeting agendas and minutes, contracts, committee records, flyers and...

Weaver (Harrell) Family Papers

This collection documents Harrell Weaver and his extended family including the Weaver, Thing, Wells, and Snethen families. Family members played active roles in the military from the Revolutionary War to World War II as is documented in the collection’s family...

Weaver (Harriett) Collection about Residential Development and Fire, Flood, and Landslide Management in the Santa Monica Mountains

Harriett Sherwood Weaver (1913-1988) contributed book reviews and feature articles to the (1936). She married and moved to Los Angeles (ca. 1940). After the 1961 Bel-Air fire, Weaver crusaded for effective management of native brush in the Santa Monica Mountains...

Weaver (Harriett) papers

Harriett Sherwood Weaver (1913-1988) contributed book reviews and feature articles to the Kansas City star (1936). She married and moved to Los Angeles (ca.1940). After the 1961 Bel-Air fire, Weaver crusaded for effective management of native brush in the Santa...

Weaver (Jane C.) collection on Sadakichi Hartmann

The collection consists of materials related to Jane C. Weaver's research on the life and work of Sadakichi Hartmann. Materials in the collection include research notes, photographs, and photocopies of original correspondence and documents related to Hartmann.

Weaver (John D.) Collection about the 1984 Olympic Games

John D. Weaver (b. 1912) worked for various federal agencies, including the National Recovery Administration (1933-35). He was also a reporter, feature writer, book reviewer, and copy editor for the (1935-40) and contributed articles, short stories, and book reviews to...

Weaver (John D.) collection of Los Angeles ephemera and research materials

A file composed primarily of newspaper and magazine clippings, but also containing some letters, notes, public documents and official reports, collected during the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s by the author of, among other books, (1980) and of the 1974 and...

Weaver (John D.) Collection of Material about Thomas Mann

John Downing Weaver (1912- ) was a reporter, feature writer, book reviewer, and copy editor for the (1935-40). He also contributed articles, short stories and book reviews to magazines, and wrote novels and non-fiction. The collection consists of photocopied articles...

Weaver, John Downing Collection of materials concerning the article "The Honorable Earl Warren" published in Holiday magazine in April, May and June of 1966.

Includes mimeograph of typescript of manuscript with pencilled annotations (in three parts); bibliographical notes captioned "Documentation" [for part I], "Note" [for part II] and "List of sources" [for part III]; galleys for the April, May and June installments in Holiday...

Weaver (John Downing) papers

Collection consists of professional correspondence, manuscripts, research notes, proofs, publications, clippings, and scrapbooks of author John Downing Weaver....

Weaver, Pat L. (Persian Gulf War correspondence)

This collection contains one correspondence written by Pat L. Weaver to Opal Fitzgerald during the Persian Gulf War. Also included in the collection is Opal Fitzgerald's obituary.

Weaver (Pat) speech collection

This collection contains binders of typescript speeches by Sylvester "Pat" Weaver, dating from 1949 to 1956. Weaver because NBC's vice-president of television in 1949 and was president of NBC between 1953 and 1955. The speeches cover a variety of topics...

Weaver (William) Papers

William Weaver (b.1923) was a free-lance writer, translator, music critic, associate editor of , Italian correspondent for the (London), music and opera critic in Italy for the , and record critic for . The collection consists of Weaver's translations from...

The weaver's weaver : oral history transcript : explorations in multiple layers and three-dimensional fiber art / 1996.

Kay Sekimachi discusses her family background, studies at the California College of Arts and Crafts, learning and teaching weaving techniques, exhibits and shows, and stimulus for innovation.

Weaverville Joss House State Historic Park Photographic Collection

The Weaverville Joss House State Historic Park Photographic Collection contains 457 cataloged images that date from circa 1854 through 2014. Images depict the property as a Gold Rush-era Chinese Taoist temple and a state historic park.

Web Archive (University of California, Irvine)

The University of California, Irvine Web Archive contains hundreds of websites docuemtning UCI. Most websites reside within the "uci.edu" domain, but it does contain external sites, videos, and social media pages. This continuously growing collection documents UCI's administrative and academic...

Webb (A. Dinsmoor) Papers

The A. Dinsmoor Webb Papers document primarily the professional life and work of Webb, a professor in the Chemistry and Viticulture and Enology Departments from 1948-1981. His research centered on the isolation and identification of trace aroma and pigment materials...

Webb (Charles Harper) papers

The Charles Harper Webb papers consist of drafts of poetry and prose, correspondence, publications featuring Webb's work, and ephemera from poetry events created and assembled by the American poet and professor, Charles Harper Webb (born 1948). The majority of the...

Webb (Clifton) material

The Clifton Webb materials span the years 1947-1966 and encompass 1.7 linear feet. The collection contains two undated typed manuscripts, with some annotations, and typed notes dating from 1949. The time periods covered include Webb's childhood, early stage career, and...

Webb (Eugene J.) Papers

Professional papers relating to courses Webb taught at the Graduate School of Business at Stanford University and his research interests such as philanthropy, altruism, effect of deadlines on human behavior, and organizational behavior. Included are correspondence, notebooks, articles, subject files,...

Webb (Francis Gilbert) Correspondence Collection

Francis Gilbert Webb (1853-1941) was a well-known English music critic and musicologist writing from the turn of the 19th century until 1932 as 'Lancelot" of . The collection consists of the correspondence files of Mr. Webb and the correspondence of...

Webb (George C.) papers

The George C. Webb papers span the years circa 1950s-1970s and encompass approximately 2 linear feet. The collection consists primarily of eight production design drawings; storyboard reproductions related to several films, including THOROUGHLY MODERN MILLIE (1967); and an album assembled...

Webb (Jack) Collection

Collection consists of scripts related to the career of Jack Webb. Contains various radio and television scripts written, directed, produced, or performed by Webb. Includes "Dragnet" (radio, June 1949-Sept. 1955), "Dragnet" (television, Dec. 1951-Aug. 1959), "The D.A.'s Man" (television, Jan.-July...

Webb (James R.) Papers

James R. Webb (1909-1974) wrote fiction for such magazines as , , and . He later became a Hollywood screenwriter and won a 1963 Academy Award for the original screenplay of (1962). The collection consists of 7 variant scripts for...

Webb, John A. (Korean War correspondence)

This collection contains one letter written by John A. Webb to friends and family during the Korean War

Webb (Nancy) Papers

This collection documents the work of linguistic anthropologist Nancy Matthews Webb (1922-1984). The collection includes materials on her research and professional activities studying the native languages of California, specifically Pomo and other Hokan group languages, and her broader work as...

Webb (Sir John), Collection of Estate Papers

Receipts, bills, inventories and other papers from the estate of Sir John Webb, baronet, of Odstock, Wiltshire, dated 1785-1802.

Webb (Thompson) Papers

A collection of personal, professional, and business papers of Thompson Webb, California educator and founder of the Webb School in Claremont, California.

Webber & Spaulding drawings of the William Wrigley Jr. castle on Mount Ada

The Webber & Spaulding drawings of the William Wrigley Jr. castle on Mount Ada spans 1 linear foot and dates from circa 1928. The collection is composed of one box containing 16 architectural drawings, all of which appear to be...

Webber (Bert) papers

Writings, correspondence, photocopies of government documents, printed matter, and photographs, relating to Japanese military operations against the west coast of the United States during World War II. Used as research material for the book by Bert Webber, Retaliation: Japanese Attacks...

Webber (Herbert J.) papers

This collection contains research notes, publications, photographs, manuscripts, and other material regarding the scientific and professional career of Dr. Herbert J. Webber, a research scientist at the Citrus Experiment Station (CES) in Riverside, California from 1913-1946. In addition to citrus...

Weber (Albert C.) Photographs

This collection contains eighteen silver gelatin prints of landscapes, five portraits of Ansel Adams, Morley Baer, Pirkle Jones and others, and six prints of commercial work produced for the University of California Santa Cruz. Also included are five framed ink-jet...

Weber and Murphy family collection of portraits and Stockton views [graphic].

Collection of family portraits of the Charles M. Weber family of Stockton, Calif. and some of their Murphy relatives. Included are 12 half-plate daguerreotype views of Stockton and the exterior of the Weber home, taken for Weber by W.H. Rulofson,...

Weber (Brom) Papers

Manuscript material, clippings, and books relating to the career and poetry of Hart Crane; reviews of other material by Weber; correspondence from authors and editors.

Weber (David C.) Papers

The first series "Papers" contains correspondence, manuscripts, and articles for the October 1969 issue of LIBRARY TRENDS, edited by Weber, on university library buildings; also includes floor plans and photographs to be used as illustrations. The second series "Additional Papers"...

Weber (Devra) Papers

The collection consists of newspapers, correspondence, flyers, and magazines collected by Devra Weber from the 1960's to the 1970's. The material primarily pertains to the Chicano Moratorium, Ruben Salazar, the Labor Movement, the Chicana/o Movement, women's issues, education, prisons, and...

Weber (Eugen J.) Papers

Eugen Joseph Weber (b.1925) was a professor (1956- ) and chairman of the department of history at UCLA (1965-68), dean of social sciences (1976-77), and dean of the College of Letters and Sciences (1977-82). The collection consists of Weber's notes,...

Weber Family Collection

The Weber Family Papers contain materials documenting the business and social lives of three generations of the family. They include: business records and personal papers of Charles David Maria Weber (1836-1881); his wife, Helen Murphy Weber (1882-1895); his brother, Adolf...

Weber family collection on G. Stanley Wilson

This collection contains documents, photographs, and other material documenting the architectural works of G. Stanley Wilson, a locally renowned architect in Riverside, California. Material was compiled and collected by Peter N. Weber, a fellow architect and colleague of Wilson, and...

Weber Family Papers

Includes correspondence, diaries, letterpress copy books, legal documents, accounts, property records, and personal ephemera concerning the life of Charles Maria Weber and his family in California. Weber was a German immigrant and founder of Stockton, California. He came to California...

Weber, Francis J. (pamphlet collection)

This collection consists of 39 pamphlets, two mission programs, three books, 15 bookplates, 12 blanks forms of corresponence, and two newspaper article clippings written or printed by Rev. Francis J. Weber.

Weber, James L. (Second World War correspondence)

This collection contains one letter from ART James L. Weber, USN to his grandmother after the Second World War.

Weber (Kem) papers

The Kem Weber papers span 54 linear feet and date from circa 1920 to circa 1959. The collection contains correspondence in the form of telegrams and handwritten notes, Weber’s published articles, newspapers and magazine clippings regarding his work, black-and-white photographs...

Weber (Mark) Jazz collection

The collection consists of photographs taken by Mark Weber relating to the experimental jazz musicians during the 1970's - 1990's, predominant focus on photos taken in Los Angeles from 1976-1985. Also included are notes, clippings, interview transcripts, correspondence, programs, flyers...

Weber (Mike) papers

The Mike Weber Papers document the professional and personal activities of John Martin "Mike" Weber, a prominent member of the educational community in Sacramento for more than 50 years. Through his work with the Sacramento County Office of Education, the...

Weber (Richard P.) Football, Baseball, and Boxing Scrapbooks

This consists of three scrapbooks of newspaper clippings related to baseball, football, and boxing in the 1930s.

Webster (David James) papers

Correspondence, reports, and memoranda, relating to post-communist era radio and television broadcasting in Eastern Europe.

Webster (David Locke) Papers

The papers of David Locke Webster document his career as a professor and physicist and include course material from physics classes taught at Stanford (1946-1954); notes and notebooks from his earlier teaching career at Harvard, Michigan and M.I.T.; correspondence and...

Webster (David Locke) Papers

Correspondence (1939-70) regarding Webster's interests (e.g. Klystron Tube, compton effect), research notebooks (1916-1970) and correspondence relating to the Physics Department during the 1940's. Also includes glass plates for printing graphs, photographs, and maps.

Webster (David Locke), Reminiscences of a Rolling Stone

Subjects covered in this autobiography include sailing experiences, airplane testing during World War I, life at Stanford from the 1920s to the 1950s, experiences working on rockets during World War II, and his experiences as a pilot. There is very...

Webster Family Papers

The collection consists of correspondence, photographs, printed materials, and financial records belonging to the Webster family of Malibu, California. The collection spans from 1922 to 1963.

Webster (Grady L.) Papers

Professional correspondence, departmental notes, memos, and minutes of meetings of the Department of Botany, University of California, Davis.

Webster (Hutton) Papers

Collection consists of two bound bibliographies (typescript and manuscript entries): "Bibliography of Ethnography" and "Guide to Social Anthropology"; and two privately published volumes, 1952: "A Brief Memoir of Winifred Fry Webster" and "Genealogical and Autobiographical Notes by Hutton Webster."

Webster (James B.) papers

The papers relate to theology, and to missionary activities and Christian education in China. They are comprised of diaries, correspondence, notebooks, writings, printed matter, photographs, and memorabilia.

Webster (Marjorie and Edna R.) papers

The collection contains photographs, notes, articles, and other materials from explorer Edna R. Webster and her daughter Marjorie Webster. The majority of materials in the collection relate to Edna's exploration and study of Mayan ruins on the Yucatán Peninsula in...

Webster (Paul Francis) papers

This collection contains papers of American lyricist Paul Francis Webster (1907-1984). Materials include: published sheet music, photographs, manuscripts and documents including lyric worksheets reflecting the development of Webster's lyrics, phonograph record albums, awards, and "Jump for Joy" production materials.

Webster Robinson notes on Pacific Coast shipping, circa 1925-1930.

Typed and handwritten notes and transcriptions from various newspapers and government documents on topics relating to Pacific Coast shipping from the 1840s to the 1870s. The files appear to be related to an unpublished book project. Topics include the following:...

Webster (Samuel Derrick) Collection

This collection consists of the personal papers of Samuel Derrick Webster (1845-1928), Civil War soldier and Indian Agent, and Joseph Witherspoon Cook (1836-1902), missionary to the Yankton Sioux in South Dakota.

Webster (William H.) speeches

Sound recording of a speech at the Hoover Institution on War, Revolution and Peace, 1983, relating to high technology aspects of national security vulnerability; and video tape of a speech at the National Press Club, 1985, relating to Soviet espionage...

Weddle (David) production files

This collection includes production files, scripts, notes, schedules, and correspondence related to the television productions of American writer and producer, David Weddle.

Wedel (Oswald Henry) typescript

Relates to the Bavarian Soviet Republic of 1919, the political situation in Bavaria in its aftermath, and the Bavarian particularist movement. Master's thesis, Stanford University.

Wedemeyer (Albert C.) papers

Orders, plans, memoranda, reports, correspondence, speeches and writings, clippings, printed matter, photographs, and memorabilia relating to Allied strategic planning during World War II, military operations in China, American foreign policy in China, and post-war American politics and foreign relations.

Wednesday Club Collection

This collection contains papers of the Wednesday Club, a women’s club operating in San Diego, from the late 1890s to the early 2000s.

Weekes, Don J. (Second World War battle reports)

This collection contains two reports written by Lieutenant Don J. Weekes, USN about the sinking of the USS St. Lo during the Battle of Leyte Gulf, Second World War.

Weekly Review of Events in Ireland bulletins

Relates to the Irish independence movement, April-December 1921. Issued by Irish nationalists.

Weekly Trinity journal accounts, 1876-1940.

Business correspondence (1939), ledgers (1882-1903), scrapbook of clippings re Weaverville (1876-1885), and other materials.

Weeks (Charles) Collection

In 1909 Charles Weeks pioneered what was then a new method of raising poultry, by concentrating birds into coops. In 1923 he established a small farming community in Owensmouth known as the Weeks Poultry Colony. This collection is comprised of...

Weeks (David) Papers

Weeks served as Professor of Agricultural Economics at the University of California, Berkeley. The collection contains operating records of forty-two livestock ranches which were used for his publication, Land Utilization in the Northern Sierra (1943).

Weeks (George P.) memorandum

Relates to the role of Venustiano Carranza, president of Mexico, 1917-1920, in the Mexican Revolution.

Weeks (W. H. ) drawings of the Santa Barbara Junior High School

The W. H. Weeks drawings of the Santa Barbara Junior High School span 3 linear feet and date from circa 1930. The collection is composed of two architectural drawings in the form of reprographic copies. Drawings include a plot plan...

Weeth (Lois Weston) Collection on UC Davis History

Lois Weston Weeth (B.S. Plant Pathology, class of 1943) is a past president of the Cal Aggie Alumni Association, a former UC regent, and a past chair of the UC Davis Foundation. She is a botanist and former docent at...

Wegeforth (Rachel Granger) Papers

This collection contains personal papers of Rachel Granger Wegeforth mostly pertaining to real estate holdings.

Wegerer (Alfred von) writings

Study entitled From War to Peace, relating to the causes of World War II and prospects for peace; and photocopy of a memorandum relating to the proposed establishment of an Academy on War and Peace in connection with the Hoover...

Wegierski (Mark) writings

Printed writings, relating to Canadian politics, the Polish community in Canada, and contemporary conservatism.

Wegner (Glen E.) Papers, White House Central Files, 1969-1972

Glen E. Wegner was Deputy Assistant Secretary for Legislation (Health) in the Department of Health, Education, and Welfare. His responsibilities involved fields relating to health and education legislation, including the National Fluoridation Proposal, funding for medical schools, health planning, health...

Wehausen (John V.) books

The collection consists of approximately 27 books on various water issues, including hydraulic mining, river drainage, and water development in various cities.

Wei (E) writings

Relates to post-1949 Chinese history. Includes summaries of interviews with Deng Xiaoping, Jiang Zemin, and Yang Shangkun.

Wei (James) diaries

Relates to political conditions in Taiwan, and to Taiwanese-American relations.

Wei (Yong) papers

Correspondence, writings, conference papers, printed matter, photographs, and memorabilia, relating to political conditions in Taiwan, Taiwanese foreign policy, Taiwanese-Chinese relations, and Taiwanese-American relations.

Weid (A. J. ) drawings of the apartments for McLennan and Fargo

The A. J. Weid drawings of the apartments for McLennan and Fargo span 3 linear feet and date from circa 1950 to circa 1970. The collection is composed of twelve architectural drawings (ten original drawings and two blueprints). Drawings include:...

Weidenbaum (Murray L.) papers

Speeches and writings, pamphlets, and clippings, relating to American federal credit programs, business and inflation, government regulation of business, utility regulation, and military-industrial relations.

Weier (Thomas E.) Papers

Photo albums, diaries, research notes and lab notebooks corresponding to Weier's frequent and extensive collecting trips, including field trips with his botany classes.

Weiffenbach (John F.) Collection

The papers in this collection concern Mr. Weiffenbach's activities with Electro-Motive Division, Fairbanks, Morse, and Canadian Locomotive Company. The papers are primarily handwritten notes and a few drawings, with many internal memoranda, carbons of letters, and curve charts. Mr. Weiffenbach...

Weigel (George) papers

The papers consist of correspondence, writings, memoranda, minutes, and printed matter relating to Weigel's role as a theologian and scholar, the role of religion, specifically from the Christian and Catholic point of view, in American foreign policy, peace and disarmament...

Weigle (Richard Daniel) papers

Diary, history, press conference transcript, orders, dispatches, memoranda, maps, and photographs, relating to activities of Chinese forces in India during World War II, and to the surrender of Japanese forces in China in 1945.

Weihe, Frick & Kruse Collection, 1917-1976

The collection documents the architectural projects of Arthur Brown, Jr., Bakewell & Weihe, Weihe, Frick & Kruse, and William B. Fox.

Weil (Charles A.) correspondence

Relates to proposals for Anglo-French naval cooperation at the time of the Italian invasion of Albania in 1939. Photocopy.

Weil (Martin Eli) Papers

This collection contains the professional papers of architect Martin Eli Weil (1940-2009), relating to Weil's work as a restoration architect and consultant in Los Angeles and Southern California. The materials date from 1964 until 2009, the year of Weil's death,...

Weiland (Richard William) Papers

Collection includes personal correspondence, 1969-2002; materials pertaining to Microsoft, both his career there and the company, 1976-99; his research materials and notebooks on computers, the software industry, investments, and other interests, 1988-2006; papers, yearbooks, notebooks, and other items from his...

Weiler (Hans N.) miscellaneous papers

Correspondence, bulletins, reports, studies, conference proceedings, pamphlets, and serial issues, relating to education, educational planning, and student life in West Germany.

Weiler (Hans N.) papers

Files on the Graduate School of Education, SIDEC and its Southeast Asia Program, provided by Professor Hans N. Weiler....

Weill (Jose) Personal Papers

This collection consists of one archival box, containing assorted Air Force pamphlets, newspaper articles, magazine articles, photographs, playing cards, among other various artifacts from Weill's career.

Weimann (Robert) papers

This collection consists of published works by Robert Weimann, Shakespearean scholar and Professor Emeritus, Department of Drama, University of California, Irvine. The bulk of the collection consists of works by Weimann, comprising preprints, reprints, and offprints of journal articles, book...

Weimar Germany collection, circa 1932

Black and white picture postcards, Belvedere and Tiefurt castles and other unidentified buildings, admission tickets, and other ephemera. Provenance unknown. Alpha list.

[Weimar Joint Sanatorium, Placer County, Calif. photograph album].

Photograph album of snapshots documenting an unidentified woman's stay at the Weimar Joint Sanatorium for tuberculosis, likely in the late 1920s or early 1930s. Photographs depict her, some of her fellow patients (only identified by first name) and various visitors....

Weimer (Jan) Papers

Papers of Jan Weimer, former executive food editor of , author, food writer, and consultant. The collection dates from 1974 to 2004, and contains letters, drafts of articles, clippings, tear sheets, awards, ephemera, and photographs, as well as video and...

Weinberg (Max) papers

Max Weinberg was a writer and producer of motion picture trailers. The collection includes Weinberg's files which may contain one or more of the following: business correspondence and memos, film trailer scripts, radio and television spot scripts, production notes and...

Weinberg (Tom Wilson) collection

Publicity material, correspondence, audiocassettes, one compact disc and two record albums, 1979-2009, from gay musician and composer, Tom Wilson Weinberg. The collection comprises publicity and sound recordings from Weinberg's gay musical revues, , , , and .

Weinberger (Caspar) at Stanford

Talk by Secretary of Defense Caspar Weinberger at Stanford University, Kresge Auditorium, 12 March 1982.

Weinberger (Norman M.) papers

Norman Weinberger was a founding UCI faculty member in the Department of Psychobiology (now Department of Neurobiology and Behavior). He served as chair of the department, interim dean of the School of Biological Sciences, and helped found the Center for...

Weinberger (William E.) Collection on the Law and Gays and Lesbian Rights

Conference materials, minutes, correspondence, amicus curiae briefs, and other documents relating to the provision of legal representation for lesbians and gays, created and collected by Los Angeles lawyer William E. Weinberger, a member of several organizations that provided legal services...

Weinberger Winery collection, 1830-1893.

3 items relating to the Weinberger Winery: a document in German dated 1830 (possibly John C. Weinberger's birth certificate or baptismal record), a map dated June 1873 showing the winery property, and a photograph of the property taken in 1893.

Weiner (Gerald and Barbara) collection of Ethiopic manuscripts

A collection of 239 Ethiopic manuscripts (137 bound volumes and 102 scrolls), on vellum, dated ca. 1600 - 1960. The collection consists of religious and liturgical works used in the Ethiopian Christian tradition. The majority of the texts were written...

Weiner (Hannah) papers

Papers of Hannah Weiner (1928-1997), a New York City poet and significant member of the "language-centered" group of writers. The papers, covering the years 1946-2002, contain notebooks, typescripts of poems, prose works, typed transcriptions of notebooks, audiorecordings, and miscellaneous materials....

Weiner (Herbert) papers

Herbert Weiner, M.D. (1921-2002) was a pioneer in psychosomatic medicine who revolutionized scientific understanding of how the brain and body interact during illness. He served as chief of behavioral medicine at UCLA (1982-2002) and was a researcher at UCLA’s Neuropsychiatric...

Weiner (Matthew) Collection

The Matthew Weiner Collection, 1997-2015 covers Weiner’s involvement as a writer and producer with the television show The Sopranos, seasons 4, 5 and 6, and scripts from Andy Richter Controls the Universe, The Naked Truth, and Mad Men. The collection...

Weingand et al, v. County et al (Channel Island Drilling). collection, 1972-1974

Cite as: [Identification of item], Weingand et al, v. County et al (Channel Island Drilling). collection, SBHC Mss 31. Department of Special Collections, UC Santa Barbara Library, University of California, Santa Barbara.

Weingarten (Lawrence) papers

This collection contains scrapbooks and production files for American producer Lawrence Weingarten (1893-1975).

Weinland (William H.) Photograph Collection

This collection contains 525 loose photographs and 3 photograph albums that depict the people, experiences, and places witnessed by Moravian missionary William H. Weinland (1861-1930) and his family during their years of missionary service between the mid 1880s and the...

Weinland (William Henry) Papers

A collection of material related to the professional and personal lives of Moravian missionaries William Henry Weinland and Caroline Yost Weinland.

Weinman (Fritz) Papers

The Fritz Weinman Papers document the life of Jewish German emigre, Fritz (Fred) Weinman and his family through correspondence, vital documents, photographs, newspaper clippings, and ephemera. The archival materials document his efforts to leave Nazi Germany and the places he...

Weinstein (Allen) papers

Correspondence, writings, conference proceedings, printed matter, photocopies of government documents, and sound recordings relating to promotion of democratic institutions outside the United States; to Soviet espionage in the United States, especially the cases of Julius and Ethel Rosenberg and Alger...

Weinstein (Brian) papers

The papers of the American political scientist include writings, notes, correspondence, reports, printed matter, and photographs relating to the career of the black French colonial administrator Félix Eboué in Martinique, Guadeloupe, and French Equatorial Africa; and to the political development...

Weinstein Company reports, 1938-1968.

Contains the annual and special meeting reports with details of meetings of Board of Directors and principal stock holders including by-laws, financial operations, properties, and negotiations with labor unions. Also includes establishment of Isidor Weinstein memorial scholarship at the University...

Weinstein, Nat and Sylvia papers

The collection comprises the papers of Nat and Sylvia Weinstein, members of the Socialist Workers Party and founding members of Socialist Action, as well as labor and women's rights activists. It includes reports, resolutions, article drafts, minutes, convention and plenum...

Weinstein Spanish American War Collection

Books, clippings, reports, articles, and pamphlets relating to the Spanish American war....

Weinstock (Matt) Papers

Matt Weinstock (1903-1970) joined the as a sports reporter (1924), became managing editor of the (1934), and became an editorial columnist three years later. He subsequently wrote for the and . Weinstock also wrote two books as well as short...

Weintraub (Hyman) and William Goldberg Collection of Socialist Party Material

Collection consists of material concerning the Socialist Party in the U.S. and California, mainly during the 1930s and 40s, collected by Hyman Weintraub and William Goldberg in the course of their activities as local and national party officials. Includes local...

Weintraub (Jerry) Collection of Motion Picture and Television Program Reels

The Jerry Weintraub collection includes 84 reels of motion pictures, television programs, and sound recordings, 13 take-up reels, and two projectors. Weintraub has produced such works as (1975), (1977), (1980), (1982), (1984), (1992), and (1998).

Weisbart (David) papers

This collection contains the papers of American film producer David Weisbart (1915-1967). Materials consist of screenplays, correspondence, stills, budgets, and general production materials relating to approximately 13 films produced by Weisbart; miscellaneous scripts and treatments pertaining to 56 unproduced films...

Weisberg (Ruth) papers

Ruth Weisberg, former Dean of the USC Roski School of Fine Arts and long time USC School of Fine Arts faculty member, is a renowned and respected artist and educator. Her work explores issues surrounding women artists and Judaism, and...

Weisburd (Mel) Papers

Melvin Irving Weisburd (1927-2015) was a prominent environmentalist, magazine editor, writer and poet. Aside from his work with the Los Angeles County Air Pollution Control District, Weisburd is well known for his contribution to the Los Angeles beatnik poetry movement...

Weiser (Marty) papers

The Marty Weiser papers span the years 1925-1988 and encompass approximately 24 linear feet. The collection consists of publicity-related material, including advertising budgets, clippings, correspondence, and press releases for hundreds of films, primarily Warner Bros. releases. There is correspondence, both...

Weislogel (Stephen) photographs

Stephen Weislogel was an amateur photographer and teacher. This collection includes 35mm slides, data discs, and a usb thumb drive of his photography of LGBTQ community events in the 1980s such as Pride Parades and Castro Street Fairs.

Weiss (Helene) Heidegger lecture notes

The collection contains notes thaken by Helene Weiss and her associates during a series of courses taken from Heidegger; it forms a complete and clearly presented corpus of Heidegger's teaching and philosophy in one of the most important periods of...

Weiss (Herbert F.) papers

Writings, notes, correspondence, government documents, bulletins and issuances of Congolese political organizations, reports, studies, conference materials, and printed matter relating to nationalism in and independence of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, the Parti Solidaire Africain, Patrice Lumumba, civil war...

Weiss (Mike) Double Play Collection

The collection contains the research material Weiss collected for his book . The book recounts the events surrounding Dan White's assassinations of San Francisco Mayor George Moscone and San Francisco Supervisor Harvey Milk on November 27, 1978, and White’s trial...

Weiss (Rick) Films

Collection consists of 2 short 16 mm films and 1 16mm working copy (3 reels total) from the 1976 Gay Parade in San Francisco.

Weiss (Seymour) papers

The papers document Seymour Weiss's long career as an analyst at the U.S. Department of State. Working closely with his counterparts in the Department of Defense, Weiss specialized in the fields of nuclear strategy and arms control. The bulk of...

Weiss (Winfried) and Robert Hagopian Papers

The Winifried Weiss and Robert Hagopian papers contain writings by them and photographs of their travels together. Weiss (1937-1991) published two acclaimed books. “A Nazi Childhood” is an intimate portrait of Germany and the Third Reich as seen from the...

Weissenberg (Henry and Idelle) Collection

The collection consists of a B'nai B'rith Weinberger Breitbard Lodge Banner, copies of 3 commemorative plaques, and assorted papers from North Coast B'nai B'rith, Couples Unit #5282....

Weissenbock (Franz) correspondence

Relates to German military operations during World War II.

Weisser (Andy) Photograph Collection

The consists of course work for Journalism 397A and B, (1984) including California State University, Northridge campus newspaper () student employee guidelines, photographs, and associated newspaper clippings of images taken by then student Andy Weisser. Subjects are overwhelmingly on-campus people,...

Weissman (Susan) Radio Broadcast Interviews

Sound recordings on compact sound cassettes relating to contemporary political, social and economic conditions throughout the world, and especially in the Soviet Union and its successor states, from a weekly radio program broadcast on radio station KPFK, Los Angeles.

Weitbrecht (Robert) papers

The papers of Robert H. Weitbrecht, a physicist and electronic design engineer best known for his invention of TTY, also known as the teletypewriter, TDD, or Telecommunication Device for the Deaf.

Weitzman (Bernie) papers

Collection consists of reports, ledgers, and other business records associated with American executive Bernie Weitzman's time with Desilu Productions.

Weixlgärtner-Neutra (Pepi) collection of prints

This collection primarily consists of prints by Pepi Weixlgärtner-Neutra, an Austrian artist.

Welbourn (Richard B.) The History of Endocrine Surgery draft

The collection consists of a photocopied typescript draft of the text, indexes and bibliographical references; and illustrations (chiefly portraits). The completed book was published in 1990 by Prager (New York)....

Welch (Claude E.) collection

Pamphlets, government issuances, transcripts of interviews, and ephemeral publications, relating to the political development of West Africa. Used as research material for C. E. Welch's book, (1966).

Welch (Claude) Personal Papers

Claude Raymond Welch (1922 - 2009) was Dean and President of Graduate Theological Union from 1971 to 1982 and served as Dean from 1982 to 1987. He was a historical theologian specializing in Karl Barth and nineteenth-century theology. The collection...

Welch (d'Alté A.) papers

d'Alté A. Welch (1907-1970) was a biologist and collector of children's books. His publications include (1972) and (1973?). The collection consists of research material compiled by d'Alté Welch on children's book collections, including microfilm, photographic negatives, card files, photocopies, correspondence,...

Welch (d'Alté) Bibliography of English Children’s Books Printed before 1821, with annotations and additional entries by Wilbur Jordan Smith

Manuscript for the Bibliography of English Children’s Books Printed Before 1821 by James d'Alté Aldridge Welch, with annotations and additional entries by Wilbur Jordan Smith

Welch (Dr. H.E.) chiropractor promotional calendar

This collection contains a cardboard sheet with leather-grain cardboard matte overlay; photograph of "flapper" or silent film actress; flap labelled "compliments" reveals printed advertisement and portrait of "Dr. H.E. Welch, chiropractor. Where you get that healthy look! 5323 Moneta Avenue,...

Welch (J. A.) Letters

Correspondence regarding efforts to build Bayshore Highway and Skyline Boulevard....

Welch (James F.) collection, 1973-1979

The collection consists of four boxes of historical materials covering events in Ventura County, gathered by Mr. James F. Welch during his research from 1973 to 1979....

Welch (James R.) Papers

Small selection of personal papers of Hon. James R. Welch (1860-1931) of Santa Clara County, primarily documenting his involvement in the planning and implementation of Skyline Boulevard and Bayshore Highway.

Welch (James Roy) papers

Papers relating to Judge James Roy Welch's career and life in San Jose, California, spanning the late 1800s to early 1900s.

Welch (Lew) Papers

The papers of an important member of the West Coast Beat poetry community. Lew Welch's papers include correspondence, poetry, prose, plays, essays, songs, scrolls, and notebooks. The collection as a whole contains information pertaining both to Welch's personal battle with...

Welch (Vivian Lee) Papers

This collections contains correspondence from Vivian Lee Welch to Dree Lyon from 1991-1998, legal docuemtns, financial documents, manuscripts for plays and screenplays, music lyrics, miscellaneous writings, photographs, and publications.

Welch-Switzer papers, 1849-1854, undated.

Photocopies of diary of A.S. Welch; and letters by David Switzer. Also, photocopies of Welch letters as published in two newspapers.

Welcome Collection on Commercial Iron Works

A few personal papers of Solon B. Welcome (1861-?), founder of the Commercial Iron Works in Los Angeles in 1905. Also several items for his son, Claude including a photograph, One product catalog and one issue of an employee...

Welcome (Linda) Papers

Linda Welcome was a lesbian who grew up in New England, lived in the Bay Area, and recorded her life in scrapbooks that span the time from her childhood in the 1940s to the late 1990s. The collection contains scrapbooks,...

Weld and Newton family photographs [graphic].

A quarter-plate daguerreotype of Gilbert Cumming Weld, and a sixth-plate daguerreotype of his wife Elise M. Weld. Stereographs are portraits of Elise Weld's family, in various locations, after her marriage to Louis [Lewis?] Henry Newton. Stereographs taken in front of...

Weld (John) Papers

John Weld (1905- ) was a stuntman in Hollywood films (1923-26), a reporter for several newspapers, and a producer of film documentaries. The collection consists of Weld's manuscripts, notes, correspondence, and ephemera. Manuscripts include , , , , , ,...

Welfare Council of Metropolitan Los Angeles reports and publications

The Welfare Council of Metropolitan Los Angeles reports and publications consists of documents produced by various divisions of the Welfare Council, 1944-1953. In addition to by-laws and meeting minutes, the collection contains reports on such topics as social welfare standards;...

Welfare Planning Council, Los Angeles Region, records

The Welfare Planning Council, Los Angeles Region, records, consists of correspondence, brochures, minutes, and reports, dated 1939-1974 (bulk 1950s-1960s), that document the activities of the Council in the areas of social welfare planning, research, and development, and the coordination of...

Welga Project files

The Welga Project was launched at the UC Davis Asian American Studies department in 2014 with purpose of providing digital access to Filipino American history, specifically in regards to immigration, labor, and activism history. The Welga Project files spans from...

Wellborn (Mildred) collection

This collection consists of the scrapbook, realia, and printed emphemera belonging to Mildred Wellborn who graduated from the University of Southern California in 1912.

Wellcome collection of Near Eastern Manuscripts

Collection consists of Arabic manuscripts, dealing with philosophy, logic, mathematics, astronomy, astrology, Islamic theology, etc. The entire collection is in Arabic....

Wellek (René) papers

This collection consists of the personal and scholarly papers of Yale University's Sterling Professor of Comparative Literature René Wellek (1903-1995). This collection primarily documents Wellek's academic career as a specialist in Slavic and English literature, as well as a historian...

Weller Vineyard and Garrett and Co. Winery collection

The collection consists of items relating to the Weller Vineyard, the Garrett and Co. Winery, and the Garret and Weller families. Materials in the collection include correspondence, news clippings, genealogies and family documents.

Welles (Gideon) Papers

The papers of U.S. Secretary of the Navy Gideon Welles.

Wellington Family Papers

The collection documents both the Wellington and Fisher families....

Wellington (Winfield S.) Exhibits - Photographs

Photographs of exhibits created by Winfield Scott Wellington in the University Art Gallery, primarily of Hearst Museum of Anthropology artifacts.

Wellington, Winfield Scott collection

The Winfield Scott Wellington collection consists of project photographs and drawings, spanning the years 1930-1971. The majority of the drawings and photographs reflect Wellington's interest in residential design. The collection also includes drawings relating to exhibit designs for the Fine...

Wellington, Winfield Scott Photographs of De Young Museum exhibits [graphic] /

Photos from two exhibits at the De Young Museum, San Francisco (photos 1-5) -- Exhibition of Japanese materials, 1951; (photos 6-9) -- Exhibition of American-Indian materials, 1953.

Wellington-Beresford Collection

The collection consists mostly of dispatches from Arthur Wellesley, 1st Duke of Wellington, to William Carr Beresford, Viscount Beresford, a general under Wellesley, giving instructions.

Wellington-Elrington Papers

This collection contains papers of British soldier and statesman Arthur Wellesley, 1st Duke of Wellington (1769-1852), chiefly related to Wellingon's work as Constable of the Tower of London, including letters and documents pertaining to the day to day running of...

Wellman family papers, 1791-1983 (bulk 1862-1926).

Contains travel journals, legal documents and newspaper clippings. Journals are Emma Wellman's for trips to Japan in 1897, world trip in 1899-1900 and a trip to New Zealand in 1925-1926 and Jean Wellman's trip to Europe in 1889-1890. Legal documents,...

Wellman family photographs [graphic].

Formal portraits and snapshots of various members of the Bela Wellman family. Includes social gatherings, residences (including the Fruitvale district of Oakland, Calif.) and the Wellman, Peck & Co. store in San Francisco, Calif. Album also depicts Jean Howard McDuffie,...

Wellman (Paul I.) papers

Paul Iselin Wellman (1898-1966) worked as reporter, writer, and editor for various Wichita newspapers (1919-36) and the (1936-44) before becoming a screenwriter for Warner Brothers and M-G-M (1944-46). He also wrote histories of the west and many historical novels, including...

Wellman, Robert. Collegium Bibendi, Men's Faculty Club, and ASUCLA Student Legislative Council. Agendas and minutes.

Record Series 669 contains Student Legislative Council and Men's Faculty Club files assembled by Robert Wellman between 1971-1986.

Wellman (Theodore C.) papers

The collection consists of correspondence, draft reports, papers, and news clippings pertaining to water resources development issues regarding State of California, Marin County, and San Francisco Bay Area.

Wells / Hajjar Central America Solidarity Collection

The Wells / Hajjar Central America Solidarity Collection represents the grass-roots organizational, operational and public relations efforts of a network of political action groups founded in the late 1970s by former California State University, Fullerton professor of history and art...

Wells (Annie) Photographs

This collection consists of photographs from Annie Well's professional career in photojournalism....

Wells (Carlton F.) Collection of Material about The Moon is Down by John Steinbeck

Carlton F. Wells was a English professor at the University of Michigan, and a author and editor. The collection consists of correspondence, clippings, and reviews concerning John Steinbeck's book, . The correspondence is a result of Professor Carlton F. Wells...

Wells (Carole) and Goldman (Lawrence) script collection

This collection consists of scripts belonging to American actress Carole Wells (b. 1942) along with scripts written by American writer Lawrence Goldman (1907-1990).

Wells, Fargo & Company collection, 1853-1906.

Certificates, correspondence, envelopes, receipt books, etc.

Wells Fargo & Company Express Collection

The collection consists of business records of the Wells Fargo & Company Express.

Wells, Fargo & Company ledgers.

Nine bound volumes of various printed forms with handwritten entries: 5 letterpress volumes of receipt copies for way-bills and money orders, 2 volumes of way-bill passing registers, 1 volume of a delivery receipt book, and 1 daily balance volume.

Wells, Fargo & Company Papers

Certificates, correspondence, envelopes, receipt books, etc....

Wells, Fargo & Company Records

This collection consists mainly of letters to and from Wells, Fargo & Company official Hosmer B. (Buckingham) Parsons (1846-1908), who joined the company in 1867 and later became president of its bank in New York. The papers deal with company...

Wells Fargo Steinbeck Collection

The Wells Fargo Steinbeck Collection, originally the Rodgers Collection of John Steinbeck, contains more that 770 letters, photographs, clippings, unpublished short pieces, and ephemera from John Steinbeck and the Steinbeck and Hamilton families, dating from the 1890s to the early...

Wells (James Bertrand) papers

Collection consists of drawings, plans, and reports related Stanford University buildings; materials related to San Francisco and Peninsula civil engineering projects; Stanford Academic Council minutes; and correspondence....

Wells (Robert) and Kirk (Lisa) Collection of Music Scores, Lyrics, and Associated Papers

Collections contains songs written by Bob (Robert) Wells in collaboration with others; vocal and orchestral arrangements performed by Lisa Kirk; clippings; photographs; and other miscellanous publicity material.

Wells (Robert) papers

Collection consists primarily of television scripts and production the career of writer and producer Robert Wells. Includes materials for television shows and specials, motion pictures, and live variety shows including The Dinah Shore Chevy show. Also includes material for live...

Wells (Robertha J.) Papers

The Robertha J. Wells Papers include education material, certificates, programs, employment records, ephemera, and photographs documenting Robertha J. Wells, Earle Keikikane and the Wells family.

Wells (Thomas W.) Papers

The collection consists of personal and business correspondence relating to Thomas W. Wells’ photography studio and mining investments as well as financial records.

Wells, Van Dyke, and Lee Papers.

Collected incoming correspondence to the Los Angeles law firm of Wells, Van Dyke, and Lee, which existed from 1885-1887.

Wells, Van Dyke, and Lee Papers.

Collected incoming correspondence to the Los Angeles law firm of Wells, Van Dyke, and Lee, which existed from 1885-1887.

Wells, Van Dyke, and Lee Papers

Collected incoming correspondence to the Los Angeles law firm of Wells, Van Dyke, and Lee, which existed from 1885-1887.

Welmers (William E.) papers

William Everett Welmers (1916-1988) was a professor of linguistics and African languages at UCLA, becoming emeritus professor in 1982. His publications include (1968), (1973), and (1976). The collection consists of Welmers' professional papers, including tape recordings, research materials and notes,...

Welsh (Elliott) papers

The Elliott Welsh papers span 5 linear feet and date from circa 1965 to circa 1995. The collection consists of the work of two architects, Elliot Welsh and Elda Muir. Within the Elliott Welsh collection there is one file folder...

Weltausstellung in Wien 1873

Sixteen photographs document exhibition buildings and exhibits of the 1873 Vienna International Exhibition. The photgraphs are credited variously to György Klösz, Oscar Kramer, and Josef Löwy.

Welter Family Papers

This collection primarily consists of correspondence to family from Edwin Nicholas Welter as he worked and traveled throughout Alaska and the Yukon and from Stuart Jackson Welter as he mined for iron in Nevada, chiefly dating from 1900 to the...

Welton Becket and Associates drawings for the Robert McCulloch House (Thunderbird Country Club, Palm Springs, Calif.)

Fifteen reproduction, blueline drawings include floor plans, foundation plans, electrical and mechanical plans, not a complete set. Drawings are dated between 1954 and 1957....

Welton Becket architectural projects [graphic]

Photographs show finished buildings (designed by Welton Becket), construction scenes, plans, architects' drawings, public buildings and insitutions (hotels, hospitals, schools, churches, etc.), and many projects at the University of California Los Angeles campus. Most projects seem to be in Southern...

Wemple (Emmet) papers

USC alumnus Emmet Wemple was an influential landscape architect based in Southern California. Wemple and his firm Emmet L. Wemple & Associates had participated in an impressive array of national and international projects, including those for civic master planning, academic...

Wemple (Emmet) papers

USC alumnus Emmet Wemple was an influential landscape architect based in Southern California. Wemple and his firm Emmet L. Wemple & Associates had participated in an impressive array of national and international projects, including those for civic master planning, academic...

Wendell (Charles) Arabic Volumes

Seven bound manuscript and printed volumes in Arabic script, some illuminated by hand, including works on Islamic architecture and religion.

Wendell M. Latimer papers, 1916-1972 (bulk 1949-1955).

Contains correspondence (1949-1955), writings (1916-1955), and a few personal and family papers, including photographs (1922-1972). Oversize folder: certificate of merit for service during World War II, signed by Harry Truman, March 1, 1948.

Wendell Phillips advertisement, circa 1894

Publisher's advertisement for "Danger Signals No. 2," ca. 1894, including Phillips' 1880 testimony concerning the dangers of secret societies, especially the Freemasons.

Wendell Prescott Roop correspondence, 1907-1925.

Contains manuscript and typed letters, mostly from Wendell P. Roop, a student in the Physics Department at the University of California in Berkeley to his father, a businessman in Kansas City, Mo. Describes his activities and interests in school and...

Wendingen archive

A complete run of the review, together with an archive of related material including the finished original drawing by Jesserun de Mesquita for one of the covers (vol. IX, no. 1, 19128), two original drawings for page layouts, and other...

Wendley (Richard) papers

Richard Wendley began writing for television in the 1950s. Later in his career he wrote shows for Lutheran Television. The collection consists of produced and unproduced scripts, treatments, and story ideas for television programs, a small amount of correspondence and...

Wendt (William) letters to Guy and Lucia Edwards

This collection consists of 39 holograph letters written by Laguna Beach landscape painter William Wendt to Guy and Lucia Edwards of Pasadena. While many of these letters are personal, some relay information about Wendt's art coursework and exhibitions. The collection...

Weng (Wenhao) papers

Correspondence, writings, and photographs relating to political conditions in China.

Wenger (Christian S.) Papers

Correspondence of Christian S. Wenger, who worked as an obstetrician at United States Naval Hospitals during World War II. Letters are primarily to Wenger's parents, and describe his work in California and Mississippi between 1944 and 1946, as well as...

Wenner-Gren Foundation research conference materials on Bantu origins

Collection consists of 31 reel-to-reel tapes of the Wenner-Gren Foundation research conference on Bantu origins in sub-Saharan Africa. It was organized by Dr. Brian M. Fagan, Professor of Anthropology at UC Santa Barbara, and held in Chicago, March 25-30, 1968....

Wenzel (Caroline) Collection

Correspondence, greeting cards, clippings, notes, speeches, receipts, State Library School materials, Pony Express information, photographs, notes on historic buildings, Caroline Wenzel School materials, tax receipts; Arthur, Florine, Jennie, George, Robert and Wenzel family materials....

Wenzel, Florine collection of Sacramento Saturday Club records

Florine Wenzel (1884-1984) was a Sacramento pianist and vocalist who served as president of the Sacramento M. T. A. (Music Teachers' Association) and later president of the Sacramento Saturday Club. Her papers are largely comprised of records from the Saturday...

Werbizky (G.G.) papers

Correspondence, writings, personal documents, printed matter, and photographs, relating to conscript Ostarbeiter workers in Germany during World War II, displaced persons after World War II, and Russian emigre affairs.

Werfel (Franz) papers

Franz Werfel (1890-1945) was one of the founders of the expressionist movement in German literature. In 1940, he fled the Nazis and settled in the U.S. He wrote one of his most popular novels, , in 1941. The collection consists...

Werner (Charlotte) papers

Memoirs and printed matter, relating to social conditions in Germany and to the fire-bombing of Dresden during World War II.

Werner K.G. Möbes clippings and other assorted miscellany pertaining to his work, Bibliographie der Tauben, circa 1953-1962.

Werner K.G. Möbes clippings and other assorted miscellany pertaining to his work, Bibliographie der Tauben, BANC MSS 92/833 z, The Bancroft Library, University of California, Berkeley.

Werner (Max Alexis) typescript

Relates to secret service activities of Sicherheitsdienst Office VI F.

Werner photo album- canal to SF.

Snapshots from a Panama Canal trip. Includes Calif. desert, Joshua Trees, Grand Canyon, etc.

Wert (Robert Joseph) Papers

Robert Joseph Wert served as the President of Mills College from 1967 to 1976. The Robert Joseph Wert Papers include Wert's Personal and Family Papers; Office of the President, 1967-1976; Speeches and Writings; and Clippings.

Wesker (Arnold) Collection of works

Part of the collection has been cataloged individually by monograph title. The material in this collection is more ephemeral, including texts in magazines, criticism, theater programs, posters, and a sketch.

Wesley (Edgar Bruce) papers

Writings, diary, correspondence, syllabi, outlines, and printed matter, relating to education in the United States.

Wesley, Harry

Wesley's Description of "Fifty Years in Santa Paula."

Wesley (John) Letters

A volume of letters and engravings related to the life and work of John Wesley, English evangelist and founder of Methodism.

Wesley M. and Leona A. Fisher Colombia photograph album, 1938-1939

More than 500 black and white photographs, most snapshots, with extensive captions in English, taken by an American couple who spent a year in the area around San Pablo and Concepcion, where Wesley Fisher apparently worked for the South America...

Wesleyan Theological Society Records

This collection includes 16 linear feet of correspondence, organizational documents, minutes, membership records, audio tapes, microfilm, and conference papers. Also included is a full run of "Wesleyan Theological Journal."

Weslow (Jessie C.) Papers

Typescript of Weslow's article about location of a Donner Party site.

Wesson (Alfred) papers

Alfred "Al" Wesson is best known as the composer, while a student at USC, of "All Hail"-- USC's current alma mater song-- for a student fundraiser called "Campus Frolics of 1923". The other song he wrote for the opening of...

Wesson (Robert G.) papers

Correspondence, writings, memoranda, and clippings relating to the Soviet political system, political and economic conditions in Latin America and other parts of the world, and the theory of evolution.

West & Harry receipts, 1906-1908.

Receipts for goods provided to West & Harry in Soulsbyville, CA.

The West : past and present, real and imaginary /

Views of the West. Views of rodeos and festivals: grandmother and child, women peering through cyclone fence, and portrait of little girl, at White Mt. Apache Tribal Rodeo, 1970; man thrown from bull, Papago Tribal Rodeo, Sells, Ariz., 1969; Crow...

West Adams Christian Church Records

The collection consists of documents, photographs, and a small number of three-dimensional artifacts produced or housed by the West Adams Christian Church (formerly the Japanese Christian Church) from its inception in 1908 to the 1970s. During World War II the...

West Africa photograph album

Gold Coast Colony, Colony and Protectorate of Nigeria, circa 1938-1942. Photograph album of trade and transport in British Crown Colonies of West Africa, kept by Major Clarence Henry, whilst on the SS Nigerian cargo steam ship.

West African photograph album, 1936

Photograph Album of Travels in West Africa in 1936, featuring Belgian Congo, Uganda, Niger, Ghana (Gold Coast), Nigeria, Ivory Coast, and Sudan. Album contains 127 original B + W photographs of travels in West Africa in 1936, featuring Belgian Congo,...

West (Alfred L.) Papers

Includes photographs, railroad passes, identification cards, and a retirement menu documenting the career Southern Pacific employee Alfred L. West, who worked at SP headquarters in San Francisco, Calif. for 43 years.

West and Benson family papers, 1853-1922.

Wells Wallis West (1836-1924) autobiography, Lake Port, California, March 1921-February 1922. Account of childhood in Illinois; overland journey to California (1853) via Ft. Laramie and Salt Lake City; mining near Ione City and at Michigan Bar; Civil War experiences as...

West (Andrew) Photographs of the Guelaguetza

Andrew West (1954- ) has worked as a photographer's assistant and as an annual report photographer. His photography of Guatemalan costumes appears in the exhibition catalog, , published by the Fowler Museum at UCLA (1992). The collection is composed of...

West (Arthur L.) papers

Reports, manuals, orders, correspondence, memoranda, printed matter, and photographs relating to American military operations, especially in Vietnam, and to United States Army development of combat systems and tactics, especially the use of armor.

West Bay Health Systems Agency Admin. Records

The collection contains the administrative records of the West Bay Health Systems Agency from 1976-1983.

West Berkeley urban renewal project files.

Files relating to West Berkeley industry and redevelopment projects.

West (Celeste) Papers

The papers contain correspondence, drafts of books and articles written and edited by West, subject files for library work, and Booklegger Press and Elsa Gidlow materials.

West Coast Celebration II and Conference of Old Lesbians Records

This collection contains documents from the Second West Coast Conference of Old Lesbians, held August 4-6, 1989 at San Francisco State University.

West Coast maritime photographs

The West Coast maritime photographs, circa 1905-1922 and 1983, (SAFR 24648, P15-021) are comprised of photographs of MANNING (built 1898; cutter: U.S. Revenue Service), MARION (vessel type unidentified), WAPAMA (built 1915; steam schooner), and H.F. 249 (cutter?). The collection has...

West Coast Negro Baseball Association Collection

The West Coast Negro Baseball Association was formed on March 9, 1946 at a meeting of the High Marine Social Club at the Elks Clubhouse in Oakland, California. The baseball league was spearheaded by two Berkeley firemen, Eddie Harris and...

West Coast steelhead administrative record, 1985-1994.

Federal Register notices, petition, letters, memos, reports document the process of declaring steelhead to be an endangered species, following federal procedures and guidelines.

West Contra Costa Legal Collection

This collection consists of legal documents from two cases in the 1990s. One is a lengthy set of handwritten letters and filings from a man named Ali Shair or Shair Ali, who had been arrested on drug charges and was...

West Contra Costa Schools Budget & Planning Collection

This collection includes material donated by the now-defunct West County Times newspaper, relating to budgets and school facility planning by the West Contra Costa Unified School District in the late 1990s and early 2000s.

West Covina Rose Float Foundation Tuskegee Airmen float collection

The West Covina Rose Float Foundation Tuskegee Airmen float collection consists of materials related to the 2010 entry into the 2010 Tournament of Roses Parade by the West Covina Rose Float Foundation. This collection is contained within the Tuskegee Airmen...

West (Edith) papers

Curricular materials, writings, notes, reports, and printed matter, relating to the teaching of social studies in the United States.

The West End Gold Mining Co. letter and prospectus : Sherman, Colo. to R.L. Mutting, Otisfield, Maine : TL, 1895 Feb. 20.

Consists of letter to a prospective investor along with a company prospectus, an article on the mining area and an order blank for stock.

West (Frank) papers

This collection consists of five volumes of reports, accounts, notes, and logs, two unbound texts, and eighty-seven photographs associated with United States Army Colonel Frank West (1850-1923), chiefly during his service during the Indian Wars in the 1870s, including in...

West (H.H.(Henry Hubbard)) photograph album

Album of photographs and newspaper clippings, primarily of Los Angeles and vicinity, but also including many photos of travels to Northern California, the Midwest, and New England, compiled by Henry Hebard West between 1896 and 1937. Most of the photos...

West Hollywood Gay and Lesbian Task Force collection

Photocopies of administrative records from the West Hollywood Gay and Lesbian Task Force, 1985-1988, co-chaired by Jean Conger and Bill Wuzzy Spaulding.

West India Plantations business ledger

The collection consists of the business ledger of the West India Plantations, a company founded and ran in part by Frederick O. Popenoe, to import, grow and sell agricultural goods including date palms. Materials in the ledger cover the business...

West Indian Conference report

Report of the Drafting Committee of the second West Indian Conference. Includes transcript of an interview of Rexford G. Tugwell, governor of Puerto Rico, relating to discussion at the conference of social and economic conditions in the West Indies.

West Indies Cruise Photo Album, 1928

Book kept by Mrs. Elizabeth Y. Yuell of Highland Park, Illinois. There are photographs of Cuba, Panama, Puerto Rico, and Bermuda. There is also a passenger list for the cruise on the S.S. Veendam and an itinerary.

West Indies Photograph Album

Photograph album of the West Indies, 1937, containing 33 black/white photographs of street scenes and countryside in Martinique, Barbados, St. Georges (Grenada), Caracas (Venezuela), Curacao, Cartagena (Colombia), Panama, Trinidad, and St. Thomas (Virgin Islands)....

West Indies Photograph Album, ca. 1910s.

Album contains 156 black and white uncaptioned photographs of what appears to be early Kingston (Jamaica). Images feature both local and British men, women, and children; villages, markets, houses, post office, Royal Mail Steam Packet Company building, street views; men...

West (Isabel Percy) Reminiscences

This manuscript was written by Isabel West and covers San Francisco history from the years 1853 to 1915. She combines personal experiences and memories with discussions of the development and changes in San Francisco, particularly the area around one particular...

West (John B.) Papers

Papers of John Burnard West (b. 1928), professor of physiology, researcher in high-altitude medicine and adaptation, author, and leader of the 1981 American Medical Research Expedition to Mount Everest (AMREE). West participated in Sir Edmund Hillary's 1960-1961 Himalayan Scientific and...

[West Lake School class of 1938 group portraits].

Two variant panoramic group portraits of class of 1938 students of West Lake School, Oakland, Calif.

West (Louis Jolyon) papers

Louis Jolyon (Jolly) West, M.D. (1924-1999) was a well-known Los Angles psychiatrist who served as the chair of UCLA's Department of Psychiatry and as director of the UCLA Neuropsychiatric Institute from 1969 to 1989. He was an expert on cults,...

West (Martha) Papers

Correspondence, publications, course notes, and memorabilia related to West's teaching career and political activities.

West on Videotape

"The West on Videotape" documents 40 interviewees who have been significantly involved in the history and folk culture of the Western United States. The intention of this collection is to demonstrate the value of videotape in preserving local history. The...

West Point Inn Collection

A collection of administrative documents, letters, publications, photographs, and artifacts associated with the West Point Inn, the West Point Inn Association and its membership from 1943 to 1999.

West (R. Rolleston) Collection

Negatives. Travel views including the Orient, early 20th century [ca. 1920, undated]

West (Ralph E.) papers

Correspondence, newspaper clippings, serial issues, and other printed matter relating to the Vietnam War, the Watergate affair, and American and international politics during the presidencies of Eisenhower, Johnson, Nixon, Ford, Carter, and Reagan.

West (Roland) papers

The Roland West papers span the years 1916-1933 (bulk 1929-1932) and encompass 2.0 linear feet. The collection is almost exclusively devoted to correspondence, together with check stubs, receipts, and bills. The majority of the correspondence is personal in nature and...

West Sacramento Haines directory

Alphabetical list of street names with numerical addresses for each listing owner name and phone number. Includes Woodland, Winters, Yolo, Zamora, West Sacramento, Davis, Clarksburg, Broderick, Bryte, Madison, Knights Landing. Includes zip code section. Separate section of numerical phone numbers...

West Side oil fields, Kern County, California

Views relating to oil industry of Taft area in Kern County. Depicted are oil fields, individual rigs, blowouts, business districts, buildings, and supporting industries. Includes photos of the Standard Oil Co. facilities (machine and blacksmith shop, farm, pipelines, bunk houses,...

West Side oil fields, Kern County, California

Views relating to oil industry of Taft area in Kern County. Depicted are oil fields, individual rigs, blowouts, business districts, buildings, and supporting industries. Includes photos of the Standard Oil Co. facilities (machine and blacksmith shop, farm, pipelines, bunk houses,...

West Valley College Accreditation Reports

This collection consists of Applications for Accreditation and associated reports for West Valley College.

West Valley College Administrators, Board Members, Community Leaders, and Alumni File

This file includes a variety of information on each person ranging from biographies, correspondence, news clippings, photos, press releases, published articles, resumes, speeches, etc.

West Valley College Admissions and Records Surveys of Students Released to Attend Other Community Colleges

This collection consists of surveys of students released to attend other community colleges.

West Valley College Advisory Group Documentation, Marketing Materials, Studies, and Surveys

File contains material related to West Valley College sponsored advisory groups, marketing materials, studies, and surveys.

West Valley College Catalogs

This is a collection of West Valley College course catalogs from the 1965-66 academic school years to the present.

West Valley College Classified Staff File

This file includes primarily information sheets and/or photos of classified staff.

West Valley College Early History and Development File

This file includes documents and photographs from the founding and early history of West Valley College.

West Valley College Educational and Facilities Master Plans

This collection is made up of master planning documents for West Valley College including Educational and Facilities Master Plans.

West Valley College Enrollment Profiles

The West Valley College enrollment profiles provide a statistical survey designed to provide basic data on enrollment and student characteristics.

West Valley College Faculty and Classified Staff Handbooks

This collection is made up of a miscellaneous collection of faculty and staff handbooks.

West Valley College Faculty File

This file includes a variety of information on each person ranging from biographies, correspondence, news clippings, photos, press releases, publications, resumes, etc.

West Valley College Library Services and Instruction Materials

This file contains West Valley College materials generated for, or about, the West Valley College Library.

West Valley College Photographs and Negatives

This is a collection of negatives, proof sheets, and photographs related to West Valley College.

West Valley College Pictorial Progress Scrapbooks of the Construction of the Saratoga Campus

A series of 8 pictorial scrapbooks of the construction of the West Valley College Saratoga campus.

West Valley College Press Releases, Public Service Announcements, and Cutlines

This file contains press releases, public service announcements, and cutlines (photographs with a caption or a press release) issued by West Valley College.

West Valley College Program Reviews

This collection contains West Valley College program reviews.

West Valley College Programs and Departments Information File

This file contains an assortment of materials specific to, or generated by, various West Valley College academic programs and departments.

West Valley College Publications

This file contains an alphabetical arrangement of past and present West Valley College publications.

West Valley College Saratoga Campus Slides

This file contains a miscellaneous assortment of color photographic slides.

West Valley College Schedules of Classes

This is a collection of West Valley College schedules of classes.

West Valley College Schedules of Classes for Community Education

This is a collection of West Valley College schedules of classes for community services, community development, and community education.

West Valley College scrapbooks

This file contains six distinct scrapbooks of assorted West Valley College memorabilia.

West Valley College Sponsored Events and Community Events Held at West Valley College

This file contains material related to West Valley College sponsored events and community events held at West Valley College.

West Valley College Student Retention, Recruitment and Transition Reports

This file contains a sample trio of student retention, recruitment and transition reports.

West Valley College Study of Enrollment, Weekly Student Contact Hours, Average Daily Attendance

These studies evaluate enrollment, weekly student contact hours and average daily attendance for college divisions by instructor. Also included in the collection is a room utilization study.

West Valley Mission College District Staff Directories

These directories include listings for all district staff including Board of Trustees, Administrators, Faculty and Staff covering the period from the beginning of the college in 1964 through 1992.

West Valley-Mission Community College District Budgets

This collection is made up of the published annual budgets for the West Valley-Mission Community College District from academic year 1964-65 to the present.

West Valley-Mission Community College District Financial Statements and Audit Reports

This is an incomplete collection of West Valley-Mission Community College District annual financial statements and audit reports.

West Valley-Mission Community College District Sabbatical Leave Proposals and Compliance Reports

This file contains an assortment of West Valley-Mission Community College District sabbatical leave proposals and compliance reports with documentation.

West Van Nuys Chamber of Commerce Collection

The West Van Nuys Chamber of Commerce (WVNCC) was established in 1952 by a group of merchants in Van Nuys, who were members of the West Valley Associated Chambers of Commerce and the Valley-Wide Streets, Highways, and Transportation Committee. The...

West Village Site map

Map of the West Village: of Moultrie Place in the McMillan Manor Tract Subdivision, drawn by Lois Goodrith

West (Willa Mae) papers

A collection of photographs and ephemera spanning nearly 50 years of the life of Willa Mae West, an active participant and leader in many African American social organizations in the Los Angeles area. West served as a national officer for...

Westall (William ) and Richard Westall Collection of Papers and Correspondence

This collection contains 39 items of English artists and brothers William Westall (1781-1850), an illustrator of topographical works, and Richard Westall (1765-1836), a painter, book illustrator, and instructor of painting and drawing to the Princess Victoria.

Westbrook family material, 1882-1886.

Biographical sketch of Mr. and Mrs. C.A. Westbrook, Lorena, Texas, by John W. Hall, 1886; two letters, 1886, by Mrs. Westbrook to Hall and H.H. Bancroft concerning her desire to write a biographical account of Bancroft; narrative by Mrs. Westbrook,...

Westbrook (Lee) Papers

Anonymous surveys, notes and unpublished manuscript materials from C. Leroy (Lee) Westbrook's uncompleted dissertation in Psychology, "A Comparative Study of the Relationship of Childhood Christian Religious Training To Adjustment Problems of Gay and Straight Men."

Westbrook Scientology Collection

Donald A. Westbrook (1985-) received his Ph.D. in Religion from Claremont Graduate University (CGU) in 2015. His dissertation, “A People’s History of the Church of Scientology,” was produced with logistical assistance from the Church of Scientology International in Los Angeles...

Westchester Security League records

Correspondence, memoranda, leaflets, and clippings, relating to the activities of the league in promoting patriotism and isolationism, and in opposing subversion, socialism, communism, the New Deal, and the income tax.

Westchester Skateland Album

This collection consists of newspaper clippings and photographs, gathered in an album, of the Westchester Skateland roller-skating rink, in Inglewood, California.

Westcott (Doris T.) realia

Collection consists of a commemorative certificate and Educare ROSE award belonging to USC benefactor Doris T. Westcott.

Westergaard (Waldemar) Papers

Waldemar Christian Westergaard (1882-1963) was a historian who specialized in Scandinavian and European history. The collection consists of correspondence, transcripts and copies of documents and manuscripts, clippings,and photographs regarding Westergaard's career, research, and writings.

Westerholm, (Victor W.) papers

The Victor W. Westerholm papers, 1918-1947 (SAFR 23106, HDC 1634) is comprised of professional papers from Westerholm's career as a seaman.

Western American ephemera

This collection consists of historical ephemera from the western United States and Canada, specifically excluding the state of California. Types of materials include road maps and geographical maps, pamphlets, brochures, guides, articles, magazines, souvenirs, scrapbooks, city information sheets, fact books,...

Western Association of Map Libraries (WAML) Records

This collection contains meeting records, correspondence, media such as photographs and audio records, and documents related to the governance of the Western Association of Map Libraries, also known as WAML. Though WAML was formally organized starting in 1967, this collection...

Western Association of Map Libraries (WAML) Records

This collection contains meeting records, correspondence, media such as photographs and audio records, and documents related to the governance of the Western Association of Map Libraries, also known as WAML. Though WAML was formally organized starting in 1967, this collection...

Western Association of Women Historians Records

Includes minutes, reports, newsletters, awards, photographs, and artifacts pertaining to the Western Association of Women Historians records.

Western Association of Women Historians Records: Additions

WAHA has amassed a collection of minutes of Executive Board meetings and Business meetings, written and electronic communications of Executive Board Committee members, communications of Award and Prize Committee members, program reports, programs of Annual Conferences, newsletters, reels, and artifacts...

Western authors material from the Huntington Library : ms.

Manuscripts, typescripts, music score, illustrations, printed material concerning Jack London, George Sterling, Joaquin Miller, Mark Twain, Bret Harte, Ambrose Bierce, Helen Hunt Jackson, John Muir, Ina Coolbrith, Robert Louis Stevenson, Charles Warren Stoddard, Edwin Markham, Stewart Edward White, Gertrude Atherton,...

Western Behavioral Sciences Institute records

Western Behavioral Sciences Institute (WBSI) was founded in 1958 in La Jolla, California by Richard Farson, Wayman Crow and Paul Lloyd as an independent, nonprofit organization devoted to research, education and advanced study in human affairs. Collection consists of correspondence,...

Western Books Exhibition Collection

This collection contains the Rounce and Coffin Club's collection of books submitted to and included in their Western Books Exhibition from 1938 to 2005.

Western Canadian views [graphic]

Includes the towns of Fernie, British Columbia, and Coal Creek (Yukon?). Races, fishing, and other recreational and family life scenes are depicted. Also pictured are logging, mining, parades & carnivals, an avalanche, and general street and landscape views.

Western Center on Law and Poverty records

Letters and print materials from the WCLP. "Western Center was formed in 1967 by a passionate group of attorneys and legal scholars from USC, UCLA and Loyola law schools who sought to create a unique organization, driven by the belief...

Western College Congress records

Resolutions, agenda, and study papers, relating to the international situation and American foreign policy.

Western Consortium for Public Health Records

This collection is comprised of records retained by the Western Consortium for Public Health as a part of their participation in the California Tobacco Control Resource Partnership (CTCRP). This collection provides extensive documentation of the expenditure of Prop. 99 funds....

Western Culture Faculty Symposium Videorecordings

Tapes of talks presented at the 1980 Symposium by Edward M. Good, Mark W. Edwards, Donald R. Howard, Edward W. Spofford, John J. Winkler, Marsh H. McCall, Paul S. Seaver, Henry S. Levinson, and Ronald N. Bracewell; and tapes of...

Western Electric Company photographs

The Western Electric Company photographs span the late 1920s-1950s and encompass 15.8 linear feet. The collection consists of nitrate negatives, safety negatives, and photographic prints depicting equipment, both sound-related and projection-related, manufactured by the Western Electric Company....

Western Express Collection

The box includes about 37 years of a quarterly publication called Western Express, which features historical articles on early mail delivery in the western United States. The collection includes quarterly issues from 1951 to 1988, and an index of the...

Western Federation of Miners, Silver City Union, No. 66 records : Silver City, Idaho, 1896-1902.

Organizational and other records [kept during a part of 1896-1897 by W.D. (Big Bill) Haywood], including minutes of weekly meetings at Silver City, August, 1896-September, 1898, financial records, register of members, membership cards, transfer cards, and other materials.

Western Fiction Ephemera Collection

Western Fiction Ephemera Collection consists of 145 uncatalogued paperbacks and 92 periodical titles pertaining to the fiction of the American West and traditional Western genres.

Western Furniture Exchange and Merchandise Mart Records

The Western Furniture Exchange and Merchandise Mart operated from its founding in 1915 until it closed in 2008. The Mart served as the largest hub for furniture wholesale on the West Coast and hosted sellers from all over the Western...

Western Goals issuances

Newsletters, report, leaflets, videotape films, and videotape film transcript, relating to international communism in world politics, Soviet espionage and communist subversion in the United States, international terrorism, and allegations of Soviet use of chemical and biological warfare.

Western Highway Historical Collection

Photographs, dealer catalogs, and specification sheets concerning trucks, mostly from the 1920s and 30s, and trucking ephemera from the early 1950s.

Western Hills, Lawndale, California : preliminary prospectus and illustrations.

3 folded, mounted prints: reproductions of architectural drawings by Bernard Maybeck and/or Julia Morgan depicting various views and details of the proposed Western Hills cemetery.

[Western illustrations from periodicals] [graphic] /

The prairie on fire, Nebraska; The Truckee River (from a photograph by C. E. Watkins); A Valley in the Sierra Nevada (from a sketch by Fred. Whymper), and The Summit of the Sierra Nevada mountains (from a drawing by Nahl...

Western Independent Publishers Records

Correspondence and financial records.

Western Jewish History Center Collection on the San Francisco Jews of Eastern European Origin, 1880-1940 Oral History Project records, 1902-1979.

The collection contains the indexes for the oral histories, as well as biographical information for those people preliminarily interviewed for the project: Celia Yerusalimski Alperth; Bassya Maltzer Bibel; Philip Bibel; Eugene Block; Lilan Friedman Cherney; Zena Sheinkman Druckman; Rose Hartman...

Western Jewish History Center records

The collection contains minutes and agendas of the Western Jewish History Center's Advisory Committee; statistical reports, press releases and announcements; photographs, newspaper clippings, and brochures. Most of this material relates to the Center's various collections, exhibits, programs, publications, and projects....

Western Jewish History Center, "San Francisco Jews: Old Traditions on a New Frontier" Exhibition records, 1907-1992 (bulk 1972-1976).

The "San Francisco Jews: Old Traditions on a New Frontier" was a special traveling exhibition prepared, in 1976, by the Western Jewish History Center. It was created in commemoration of the United States' bicentennial, and it was developed with the...

Western Jewish History Center, Vertical Files

The Western Jewish History Center, Vertical Files contain the office reference and research files of the Center and document its efforts to provide guidance and assistance in the study of western Jewish Americana.

Western Jewish History Center, Zionism in the San Francisco Bay Area records, approximately 1900-1991 (bulk 1950-1975).

This collection, consisting of materials from various sources, documents the evolution of Zionist thought in the San Francisco Bay Area. It includes correspondence; pamphlets; newspaper clippings and small publications; and photographs and posters. In addition, the collection contains the proposed...

Western Jewish Studies Association (WJSA) Collection

This collection consists of correspondence, newsletters, flyers, membership lists, dues receipts, conference materials and proposals  from conference speakers....

Western Labor Communications Association Records

Consists of the office files of the Western Labor Communications Association (WLCA), donated by Fred Glass. Includes notes, agendas, correspondence, and materials from WLCA conferences and Executive Board Meetings from 1991 to their final meeting in June 2006. Also includes...

Western Land and Live Stock Company records, 1854-1885.

Correspondence and documents principally relating to Guadalupe Island, Mexico. Also included are titles and deeds relating to the purchase of property in San Francisco and Jenny Lind, Calif. Correspondence documents conflict between the government of Mexico and the Western Land...

Western landscapes in California, Nevada, Wyoming, and Washington

Chiefly views in California (approximately 150) and Nevada (approximately 115). California views consist entirely of images of the Sierra Nevada, including the Mount Whitney, Kern River Canyon, and Kaweah regions. Nevada views include Carson City, Virginia City, mining towns, mines,...

Western Landscapes, undated

Four handcolored photographs, n.d.

Western Machinery Company Records

Drawings and blueprints of agricultural machinery, including pattern and drawing records.

Western mining documents, maps, and photographs

Materials include a variety of documents related to mining operations (primarily in California and Nevada, though with some documents related to Colorado and British Columbia), including plans, printed matter, reports on properties, agreements, financials, maps, several reports on tungsten, blueprints,...

Western miscellany.

Concerns Indians warfare, fur trade, freight and freightage, description of Rocky Mountains, actions and defenses, real estate, and overland journeys to the Pacific. Each item individually cataloged. Search under title: Western Miscellany; or call number: BANC MSS P-W 10:1-8.

Western Museums League Collection

Publications from the Western Museums League.

Western North American Indians, photographs

Historic images of Western American Indians from various sources.

Western Oil Association letter, circa 1901.

To prospective investors containing prospectus and stock application.

Western Overland Trails Collection manuscript material collected by the Oregon-California Trails Association.

The Oregon-California Trails Association (OCTA) established the Western Overland Trails Collection at the California State Library in 2002. In addition to a substantial collection of published books and pamphlets, the Association donated copies of unpublished material such as diaries, journals,...

Western Pacific Construction Agreements

Collection contains agreements for construction between Utah Construction Company and Western Pacific main line, agreements between Western Pacific Railway and construction companies and Boca & Loyalton Railroad reports.

Western Pacific Railroad Authorities for Expenditure (AFE) collection

The AFE project files contain detailed information about construction projects and equipment orders undertaken by the Western Pacific Railroad between 1911 and 1983. The indexes to AFEs are useful in providing a summary of this information.

Western Pacific Railroad Company Records

Business records of the Western Pacific Railroad.

Western Pacific Railroad Views of Construction

Albums created by Western Pacific Engineering Department showing structures in California and Nevada.

Western Pacific, San Francisco Division Construction Album

Includes photographs of the construction of Western Pacific's San Francisco Division.

Western Pacific Trains in Northern California Album

Album includes various snapshoot photographs of Western Pacific trains in various Northern California locations.

Western Photograph Collection

Photograph album, ca. latter 1800s, with 77 black/white prints, some captions, of California scenes (Mount Shasta, Shasta Springs, Trinity River, Mission Hills of Trinity County, hydraulic mining, stagecoach, woman and child on wooden aquaduct), along with a few of Colorado...

Western Photography Guild Physique Photographs

Physique photographic prints produced by Don Whitman and sold through his company the Western Photography Guild (WPG). WPG sold photosets through the mail and his first advertisement appeared in magazine in 1947.

Western picture postcards, circa late 19th century-early 20th century

Two b/w photos: log bridge on the Oregon and Overland Trail, and a Pony Express stable, ca. late 1800s-early 1900s. Old Wyles cat. #: pw F593 04 and 04w.

Western Pine Association photographs [graphic].

Photographs document many aspects of logging and lumbering operations in California, including views of hand-logging, mills, lumber, horses hauling logs, tools and equipment, and logging camps. Various lumber companies are identified.

Western Pipe and Steel Company C3 Manual for Mold Lines

Western Pipe and Steel Company C3 Manual for Mold Lines (SAFR 23861, HDC 1646) consists of a small paper bound volume with the title "C3 MANUAL" stamped on the front cover. It measures about 4 by 6 inches and has...

Western Pipe and Steel, Richmond Calif. [graphic].

Photographed by Sierra, S[an] F[rancisco]. Name blind-stamped in photograph.

Western postcard scenes [graphic]

Postcards show many California locations, including: Coalinga; Hanford; Hayward; missions San Gabriel, San Xavier, and Santa Inez; Modesto; Oakland; Roseville; the Crocker Mansion, San Francisco; and the Hotel Montgomery and Market St., San Jose. Other views show Phoenix, Arizona; Goldfield,...

Western Rail Road Corporation document, 1861 July 8

One Civil War era document: Receipt for transportation of one box of books from Boston. Pittsfield, Massachusetts, 8 July 1861.

Western Ranching and Scenery Photograph Album

This photo album depicts scenery of the High Sierras and ranching scenes from around the West, likely from the late 19th century.

Western scenes from the Ed Ragland collection [graphic].

California postcards show buildings in Eldridge, Lake Chabot in Oakland, San Francisco views, San Rafael, Mt. Tamalpais, and various nature scenes. Other postcards are from Garrison, Montana (Blackfoot Indian family portrait) and Portland, Oregon. One shows a mule posing as...

Western Signal Corps School Collection

From 1943-1944, in the midst of World War II, the UC College of Agriculture at Davis (now the University of California, Davis) was closed and converted to a training facility for the Western Signal Corps School (WSCS). The collection contains...

Western Society for Physical Education Education of College Women Records

The collection consists of administrative files, programs, oral histories and bound volumes pertaining to the Western Society for Physical Education of College Women.

Western Society for Physical Education of College Women records, 1924-1991.

Contains conference programs and reports; also newsletters and directories.

Western States Jewish History Archive

The Western States Jewish History Archive contains the compiled research and activities of the Society's two founders, Dr. Norton Stern and Rabbi William Kramer. The bulk of the collection includes research files on individuals, institutions and organizations, and synagogues throughout...

[Western stereograph views by various photographers].

Great Bear Rocks, Purgatory River, Col. -- The Churches of San Miguel and St. Guadaloupe, Sante Fe, New Mexico -- Mill Creek Fall (Oregon) -- Morris and Front. View of Portland's Great Flood 1894 ⁰́₃ Ashland (Oregon) from Ropers Hill...

[Western Sugar Refinery fabric dolls].

Doll figures printed on sugar bag fabric, as promotional items for the Western Sugar Refinery. Dolls represent various characters from Mother Goose, national types, etc., including Little Miss Muffet; Frog Who Went A-Wooing; Tommy Tucker (2 copies); Trili, Swiss girl...

Western Survey Expeditions of 1871, 1872, 1873, and 1874

This survey expedition stereograph collection consists of 150 albumen stereographs taken of and for the Geographical Surveys West of the 100th Meridian from 1871-1874. The publisher is the War Department Corps of Engineers, U.S.A. The U.S. Geographical and Geological Surveys...

Western Television Programs Script Collection

Western television programming features stories of the American West, usually occurring during the historical period of westward expansion, from 1865-1900, and typically set in the western United States or northern Mexico. Popular series in this genre include , , and...

Western travel photo album.

Small format snapshots.

Western travel views [graphic]

Photographs show Colorado scenery, general views of Colorado towns, and railroads. Utah views focus on Salt Lake City and show the Mormon Tabernacle and general views. California views include many from San Francisco: some from the California Mid-Winter Exposition, views...

Western Travels of a Newly-Wed Couple Photograph Album

Photograph album depicting the travels of a young couple from California.

Western Union Telegraph Company Los Angeles Office records, circa 1933-1977.

Contains scrapbook, blank telegrams, sign, publications, correspondence and photographs. Scrapbook includes clippings and photographs of Western Union employees, equipment, and of Western Union in general. Also includes telegram and reports from United Nations Conference in San Francisco in 1945; papers...

Western United States Business Records

These records are a miscellaneous collection of ledgers, journals, cash books, letter books, stock books, certificates, and daybooks, as well as a folder of deeds to mining and other property in Carson and Virginia cities, Nevada, by Mrs. Margaret A....

Western USA travel photograph album, circa 1924

201 black and white photographs, mostly snapshots, captions in English, of a tour throughout the West, by what appears to be a family or families, perhaps by rail. Locations visited include Grand Canyon, AZ (group in western wear, at the...

Western Vascular Society records

The records of the Western Vascular Society include: correspondence exploring the creation of a society and potential members (1984); formation documents and bylaws (1985); 114 membership applications; curriculum vitae of some officers; and annual meeting programs (1st-11th, 1986-1996)....

Western Writers of America Records

Boxes 1-63 and 65 include paperbacks, hard bound books, correspondence, manuscripts, and ephemera by or relating to members of the Western Writers of America. Most of their works are westerns....

Westerners Collection, The

The collection contains materials from both the Los Angeles and San Diego corrals of the national group The Westerners. The bulk of the collection documents the Los Angeles corral and includes correspondence, informational flyers, governance rules, and membership directories. Information...

Westerners Foundation Records

The Westerners Foundation Records include: articles of incorporation, by-laws, correspondence and manuscripts (1957-1975)....

Westerners International, Stockton Corral Records

The Stockton Corral of Westerners Collection contains the articles of incorporation, by-laws, awards information, membership lists, financial records, correspondence and memos, newsletters (Smokesignal), publicity and promotions, minutes of Posse (officers' meetings), publications records, collected Westerners publications, newspaper clippings, and photographs....

Westerners series, 1975-1987 (bulk 1976-1981)

Talks given at Westerners meetings. The Westerners were a group started in Chicago in 1944, for anyone interested in Western American history. The organization, now known as Westerners International, continues to be active, with chapters in many U.S. cities and...

Westfall (Victor B.) Papers

Victor Beebe Westfall (1885-1961) was the president of Fallbrook Public Utility District. The collection consists of letters, manuscripts, photographs, clippings, scrapbooks, memorabilia, and related printed material concerning the early history of Fallbrook and San Diego County, California.

Westfield Park Recreation and Parkways District No. 12 records

Collection of administrative records, correspondence, newsletters, directories, subject files, and maps documenting the beginnings of the Westfield Park Recreation and Parkways District No. 12, District projects including beautification projects, equestrian ring, tennis courts, hiking and riding trails, and property easements,...

Westgate (Warren A.) Photograph Collection

Exhibit copy prints of the buildings, businesses, and people of Yolo County, California.

Westheimer (Joseph and Katherine) collection of patents

The Joseph and Katherine Westheimer collection of patents span the years 1850-1975 (bulk 1901-1939) and encompass 2.5 linear feet. The collection contains United States, British, and miscellaneous foreign patents collected by Westheimer that relate to composite pictures, trick photography, and...

Westin, Jean Eddy papers

Jeane Eddy Westin is a local author from the Sacramento area. The Westin papers collection consists of interviews on cassette tape and in printed form, several newspaper clippings, and correspondence related to her first book, . The book was published...

Westinghouse Electric Corporation Nuclear Training Center Manuals

This collection contains manuals published by the Nuclear Training Center of Westinghouse Electric Corporation on the thermodynamics of nuclear power plants. These manuals were part of a training program provided by Westinghouse for the education of Southern California Edison employees...

Westinghouse elevator album.

Elevators, machinery, and modern renovations in Los Angeles buildings.

Westinghouse (George Jr.) Letter

A typewritten letter, signed, from George Westinghouse Jr. to Charles Francis Adams mentioning the sale of freight car brakes to the Chicago, Burlington and Quincy Railroad and the New York Central System.

Westlake Park, Los Angeles History Correspondence

This collection contains correspondence and memoirs from 1942-1950 between Mayor Fletcher Bowron, Mary J. Workman, and Dora B. Weatherwax regarding the origin of Westlake Park (now MacArthur Park) in Los Angeles, California and the involvement of John Henry Bryant in...

Westland School Collection

The Westland School is a private elementary school founded in 1949 by Lory Titelman, and Marie H. Briehl. The guiding philosophy of the School is based on the concepts of John Dewey and Progressive education, a pedagogical movement that began...

Westman (Walt) Papers

The Walt Westman Papers is a small collection which contains materials related to Dr. Westman's efforts at enhancing communication among gay and lesbian scientists, fostering public awareness of gay and lesbian scientists within the scientific community, and promoting understanding of...

Westmore (Perc) papers

The Perc Westmore papers span the years 1925-1965 and encompass 7 linear feet. The manuscript material is a miscellaneous assortment that includes newspaper and magazine clippings, telegrams and congratulatory letters regarding Westmore's 1938 marriage to actress Gloria Dickson, a statement...

Westmoreland Versus CBS Collection

The WESTMORELAND/CBS COLLECTION contains many of the joint exhibits entered into the record during the libel suit of General William Westmoreland against the Columbia Broadcasting Company in 1985. Included are photocopies of interview transcripts, notes, memoranda, cables, CIA records, books,...

Westmoreland (Wade "Surfer Hank") Drag Racing Photograph Collection

This collection contains 17 black-and-white photographs of Wade "Surfer Hank" Westmoreland in Jeff Busby's top fuel dragster named, "The Beach Boys". Also included are images of Jim Busby.

Weston (Brett) photographs

This collection includes 269 gelatin silver photographs by Brett Weston taken between 1927-1989. Box 7 is a portfolio of 10 portraits by Brett of his father Edward Weston and the Weston family. Except for the portraits, all the photographs depict...

Weston (Duane) Antique Valentine Collection

This collection contains more than 2,300 Valentines, 1,143 Christmas and New Year's cards, 214 friendship cards, and 286 miscellaneous cards, as well as Valentine envelopes, paper lace, and decorative paste-ons. The collection also includes exhibition materials and correspondence.

Weston (Edward) periodical collection

This collection contains fifty-five magazines, exhibition catalogs, brochures, and other printed material related to the career and life of Edward Weston (1886-1958), a pioneering 20th-century American photographer known for his exploration of form in landscapes, still lifes, and nudes. The...

Weston (Edward) photographs

Collection includes gelatin silver and platinum photographs, proof sheets, copy slides, and printed material.

Weston (Edward) photographs

Collection consists of 256 original Edward Weston photographs, taken between 1918 and 1945, and ten pieces of correspondence. 195 of the prints are a series of 8×10 landscape photographs of California that Weston created for Westways magazine. The remaining images...

Weston, Edward Photographs from Letters to Miriam Lerner Fisher [graphic]

Includes four portraits of Tina Modotti, two nudes (believed to have been modelled by Miriam Lerner Fisher), and two photos of Mexican clay statuettes.

Weston Family Color Slides of Golden Gate International Exposition

Collection of 120 Kodachrome color slides document both years 1939 and 1940 of the Golden Gate International Exposition on Treasure Island in San Francisco.

Weston (Francis E.) Diaries

These four diaries provide interesting daily journal entries regarding Francis Weston’s preparation and passage from St. Louis, Missouri to California, shortly after the discovery of gold. The diaries span from April 7 to December 1, 1849. Weston recounts details of...

Weston (Otheto) Gold Country Collection

Otheto Weston was an author and historian of the Gold Rush era in Eastern California. Her book was published in 1948 by Stanford University Press. This collection contains typescripts of stories and news clippings (1850-1872), photographs of people and buildings...

Westover (Maj. Gen. Oscar) Personal Photo Collection

Oscar M. Westover (July 23, 1883 - September 21, 1938) was a major general and fourth chief of the United States Army Air Corps.

Westphalen (Emilio Adolfo) papers regarding surrealism in Latin America

Peruvian writer and editor, active in the literary and artistic avant-garde in Peru and Mexico. Letters, manuscripts, drawings, clippings, and ephemera document the work of Westphalen and the surrealist Peruvian poet César Moro (1903-1956). Many files relate to Las Moradas...

Westport Shipyard, Inc. Design Catalog

The collection consists of a binder containing information on the company, followed by design specifications, descriptions, and photographs of the types of boats the company is offering.

Westra (Dorothy) Papers

Scrapbook of Dorothy Westra, with programs, flyers, publicity, and reviews for concerts by soprano Dorothy Westra, on a European tour in 1951-1952. Westra later joined the UCSB music faculty in 1956 and was director of the Chamber Singers....

Westrick (Edward) Collection on Veterans Council for American Rights and Equality

Minutes, correspondence, newsletters, clippings, manuscripts, notes, financial records, flyers, photographs, audiocassettes, textiles, memorabilia and other material relating to the gay and lesbian veterans' organization, Veterans Council for American Rights and Equality (Veterans CARE), founded in Los Angeles in 1984 by...

Westside Action Group records

This collection contains press clippings, correspondence, programs, agendas, minutes, photographs, and other materials regarding the Westside Action Group (WAG), a community activist group founded in 1972 to support and advocate for the African American community of San Bernardino, California.

Westside Church of Christ Records

This collection contains ledgers, a notebook containing Japanese writing, and an invitation to the dedication of the Westside Church of Christ. The church was located on 1270 W. 35th Street in Los Angeles until 2002 when the Church sold the...

Westview Presbyterian Church records

Church records, bulletins, photographs...

Westview Presbyterian Church Weekly newsletter

This collection contains copies of , the weekly newsletter of Westview Presbyterian Church in Watsonville running from October 1946 until 1981, missing the year 1950. In addition to commentary and news it also covered marriages, baptisms, deaths, and other community...

Westwood (Carol) photographs

The Carol Westwood photographs span the 1970s-1990s and encompass 3 linear feet. The collection consists of prints, slides, and negatives of motion picture production, television production, and biography photographs....

Westwood Chamber of Commerce Records

The Westwood Chamber of Commerce (Los Angeles, California) was first organized in 1930 as the Westwood Village Business Association. The collection consists of correspondence, membership records, financial records, records of the Westwood Club House, annual reports, and records of activities...

Westwood Hills Business Village Collection, ca. 1920s

Photographs. Contains property development illustrations in the area of Westwood Village.

Westwood Hills Property Owners Association. Records.

Record Series 813 contains the collected records of the Westwood Hills Property Owners Association, covering a period from the early seventies to 2002. Included are environmental impact reports and development plans created by UCLA throughout this time, as well as...

Westwood Movie Club Scrapbook

The Westwood Movie Club, active circa 1940-circa 1965, was an amateur movie club dedicated to helping members improve and show their films.

Westwood-Holmby Historical Society records

The collection is comprised of administrative, organizational and membership files of the Westwood-Holmby Historical Society as well as materials about Los Angeles gathered between 1989 and 2014 through the Research Committee of the WHHS. Historical research and community support were...

Wetton (Monterey fishing boat) bill of sale

Wetton (Monterey fishing boat) bill of sale (SAFR 17498, HDC 349) consists of one bill of sale for a Monterey fishing boat which is in the Museum's collection of small craft (SAFR 13311, referred to as the WETTON). The boat...

Wexler (Donald A.) Collection

Donald A. Wexler FAIA was born in South Dakota in 1926. He remains one of the most influential and famous architects to leave his mark on modern and midcentury architecture in the Palm Springs area. He is known for pioneering...

Wexler (Haskell) Collection

Collection consists of television and motion picture scripts and treatments received by Haskell Wexler's production company. Includes numerous scripts by various authors. The bulk of the collection dates from the late 1980s on. ...

Wey (Nancy) Papers

Contains personal correspondence, writings, research files, college materials, resumes, employment information, newsclippings featuring Nancy Wey. Her writings include her dissertation on Mu-ch'i and Zen painting, book reviews, East West articles and other papers relating to Asian art, Chinese American history,...

Weyer (Guillermo Arturo) collection on Agencia Noticiosa Paraguaya

The collection consists of the entire library and political archive of the Agencia Noticiosa Paraguaya (ANP), a news agency focused on Paraguayan opposition parties and organizations that operated in Buenos Aires from 1973 until it was closed by the Argentine...

Weygand (Maxime) memorandum

Relates to the capitulation of France in 1940.

Weyl (Nathaniel) papers

Correspondence, writings, memoranda, notes, and printed matter relating to communism, especially in Latin America; espionage and internal security in the United States; and racial, ethnic and class analyses of political and intellectual elites.

Weyman (Stanley) collection

The Stanley Weyman collection primarily consists of correspondence related to his novel .

Weyman (Stanley J.) Papers

Stanley John Weyman (1855-1928) was a lawyer before he turned to writing. His published works include (1890), (1894), (1895), (1922), and (1928). The collection consists of both incoming and outgoing personal and business correspondence, literary manuscripts, notebooks, a diary providing...

Weymouth Family Papers

These papers include correspondence, lectures, articles, student essays, poetry, and short stories of Frank Weymouth, Alice Jenkins Weymouth, Oliver P. Jenkins, and others. Photographs and negatives in the collection include images of family members, beach scenes, crabbing activities in Anacosta,...

Weymouth (Frank Elwin) Papers, Water Resources Collection

This collection contains Weymouth's personal papers including correspondence, his publications and speeches, and photographs all relating to the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California, the construction of Boulder Dam (Hoover Dam) and the Colorado River Aqueduct from 1894-1941.

Weymouth (Frank W.) Papers

This collection primary consists of the professional correspondence of Frank W. Weymouth and his publications....

Weyse (Alice W.) Correspondence

Alice Wolfskill (Barrows) Weyse was the granddaughter of William Wolfskill, a Southern California pioneer, and the daughter of Juanita Wolfskill Barrows and Henry D. Barrows. Henry Dwight Barrows arrived in Los Angeles, California in 1854. He was a teacher, County...

W.H. Durham papers, 1918-1949.

Letters, publishers' agreements, Mss. of a few articles, and army papers (1918-1921).

W.H. Hutchinson research notes for Oil, Land, and Politics: the California career of Thomas Robert Bard, circa 1960-1965.

Primarily relate to Bard's oil and property dealings in Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, and Ventura Counties. There are also materials on crimes related to land claims, and relating to Bard's political career as a United States Senator. Hutchinson's book on...

Whale honey : typescript (photocopy), [ca. 1975].

Script (33 leaves), the original of which appears to have included minor ms. revisions & notations. Perhaps an actor's copy. The playbill is for a performance (ca. 1975) featuring Diane Di Prima and several of her children.

Whalen (Philip) Correspondence

Philip Whalen (1923-2002), American poet of the beat generation, authored and among other works. This collection contains letters to Whalen from his fellow poets, Robert Creeley, Allen Ginsberg, Bernadette Mayer, Michael McClure, Alice Notley, Gary Snyder, and Anne Waldman.

Whalen (Philip) Papers

The Philip Whalen Papers, circa 1940-2001, consist of the writings (notebooks, poems, prose works), correspondence, professional papers, artwork and personal papers that detail Whalen’s dual life as poet (coming to prominence during San Francisco’s Beat era of the 50’s and...

Whalen (Richard J.) papers

Correspondence, writings, notes, interview transcripts, printed matter, and sound and video recordings, relating to twentieth-century American politics, Joseph P. Kennedy and the Kennedy family, the Republican Party, and the presidential administrations of Richard M. Nixon and Ronald Reagan. Includes research...

Whaling Ship Manifests, 1864

16 masters' and shippers' manifests (14 with revenue stamps) for outbound vessels from New Bedford, Massachusetts, destined for the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. Also, related manifests listing provisions for ships bound for destinations such as Brazil and Africa. .05 linear...

What Matters to Me and Why digital recordings

"What Matters to Me and Why" is a monthly talk and discussion series featuring USC faculty and administrators. The series encourages reflection about values, beliefs, and motivation in the lives of those who help shape our university. Presenters are encouraged...

Wheat (Carl I.) 'Flush Times in the Diggins' Research Collection

This collection consists of letters, diaries, and other materials compiled by Carl Wheat while researching Captain Leonard W. Noyes, with an introduction and explanatory notes by Wheat.

Wheat (Frank) Papers

This collection contains the personal and professional papers of California lawyer and political activist Frank Wheat (1921-). The papers chiefly date from the mid 1980s-2005 and cover his work on the California Desert Protection Act; the California Desert Miracle, The...

Wheatley, William F. (First World War correspondence)

This collection contains letters and greeting cards from Pvt. William F. Wheatley, AEF to his sister Margaret Opal Wheatley during the First World War.

Wheatley (William) Personal Photo Collection

William "Bill" Wheatley was a test pilot for Consolidated Aircraft.

Wheaton & Luhrs file letter, 1889.

Handwritten letter from A. Ricioli of Markham Mills to the San Francisco firm of Wheaton and Luhrs dated October 15, 1889, complaining that the firm has not sent the writer an accounting of his packed butter as promised. It is...

Wheaton (William Lindus Cody) Collection: Introduction to City and Regional Planning

A collection of slides used to illustrate the Introduction to City and Regional Planning as used in The University of Pennsylvania 1960.

Wheeler (Alice) Glass Plate Negatives

Collection of 207 glass plate negatives dating to the early 1900s. They appear to have been taken by the same photographer, and include many casual family shots, as well as landscapes around the Monterey area and Santa Clara County.

Wheeler Amusement Company circus photographs

28 black-and-white snapshots and one photo postcard relating to the Wheeler Amusement Co.

Wheeler (Benjamin Ide) Papers

Personal correspondence of the President of the University of California; his writings and speeches (Mss. and printed); genealogical material on the Wheeler and Ide families; and clippings relating mainly to the University of California, 1912-1913. A small group of papers...

Wheeler Canyon

Annual meeting presentation on the history of Wheeler Canyon, the Juaregui family presenting

Wheeler (Charles Julian) papers

Correspondence, writings, certificates, clippings, photographs, and memorabilia relating to American naval operations in World War I, in Turkey and China in the 1920s, and in the Pacific Theater during World War II. Includes sound recordings and transcript of interview conducted...

Wheeler (Charles) scripts

This collection consists of the scripts of American cinematographer Charles F. Wheeler (1915-2004).

Wheeler (Cyrus T.) Papers

Correspondence, business papers, estate materials administered by his executor, John A. McIntire, and mining investment materials....

Wheeler (Dorothy Deming) scrapbooks

This collection includes scrapbooks, horse lineage charts, and ephemera relating to Dorothy Deming Wheeler's activities as women's polo champion, horse breeder, and promoter for the sport of polo in Santa Cruz. Much of the material covers Pogonip Polo Club, Santa...

Wheeler family correspondence : ALS, 1850-1877.

Contains 15 letters by Allison Wheeler and 5 letters by Alfred Wheeler, from San Francisco, Calif., back east to New York, many to their sister Caroline Garner Chapman. The letters concern Allison's travel to Calif. by ship, life in Calif....

Wheeler (Frank K. B.) papers

Interview transcript, correspondence, reports, studies, statements, press releases, orders, service records, and video tape, relating to American naval operations during World War II, especially the undeclared naval war in the Atlantic and the question of advance knowledge of the Japanese...

Wheeler (Frank) Scrapbook Collection

The Wheeler Scrapbooks chronicle life at Pomona College and in the city of Claremont from 1884 to 1938, compiling newspaper clippings, photographs, maps, plans, pamphlets, and other materials.

Wheeler (Harvey) Papers

Correspondence, writings, and administrative files, mainly relating to Wheeler's long-term association with the Center for the Study of Democratic Institutions.

Wheeler (Louis Cutter) papers

Collection consists of the papers and research materials of Dr. Louis C. Wheeler (1910-1980), American botanist and professor of botany within the USC Department of Botany in the School of Letters, Arts, and Sciences.

Wheeler (Lyle R.) papers

Papers of Lyle Reynolds Wheeler (1905-1990), American motion picture art director and winner of five Academy Awards.

Wheeler (Nathaniel) correspondence

This collection consists of 76 letters, the majority addressed to Nathaniel S. Wheeler at various "Wild West" duty posts such as Fort Bliss, Texas and Fort Craig, New Mexico.

Wheeler (Philip H.) papers

Contracts, letters of recommendation, and a passport, relating to American commercial transactions in Kobe, Japan, and elsewhere.

Wheeler (Raymond A.) papers

Correspondence, speeches and writings, reports, diaries, memoranda, maps, motion picture film, sound recordings, and photographs relating to military engineering; the Panama Canal; World War I; American military operations in the China-Burma-India Theater during World War II; construction of the Stilwell...

Wheeler (Robert F.) papers

Writings, notes, statistics, printed matter, sound recordings, and copies of German government records, relating to the Unabhangige sozialdemokratische Partei Deutschlands and its relation with the Second and Third Internationals, and to socialist and labor movements in Germany, especially during World...

Wheeler, William A. (William Almon) Letter : to M. C. Meigs, 1861 July 15.

Holograph letter written in Washington recommending that R.A. Sorelund be in charge purchasing horses in Northern New York.

Wheelon (Albert D.) papers

The Albert D. Wheelon papers primarily focus on his career at the United States Central Intelligence Agency, Hughes Aircraft Company, and his research on electromagnetism.

Wheels to Wings Book Collection

The materials were collected, acquired, and donated to the San Diego Air & Space Museum over a long period of time and used as background material to create the book Wheels to Wings, in preparation for the Ford Building's 75th...

Wheels to Wings Book Collection

The materials were collected, acquired, and donated to the San Diego Air & Space Museum over a long period of time and used as background material to create the book Wheels to Wings, in preparation for the Ford Building's 75th...

Wheelwright (Jane Hollister and Joseph) Papers

The Hollister Wheelwright papers include research notes, manuscripts for articles and books, essays and books, correspondence files, and photographs....

Whelan (Elizabeth M.) papers

Letters, conference papers, and testimony, relating to environmental and consumer protection, especially health effects of smoking, diet, pesticides, and toxic wastes. Photocopy.

Whelan (Harriet) Area E Alternative School Collection

The initial proposal for the Area E Alternative School (AEAS) was for an integrated K-12 school in urban Los Angeles whose core tenets included a multicultural emphasis in the curriculum, a decision-making process that included parents, students and teachers, and...

Whelihan (J. Bruce) Papers, White House Special Files, 1969-1974

Bruce Whelihan was a Staff Assistant in the White House Press Office. The files consist primarily of news clippings and related materials pertaining to controversial issues monitored by the Press Office.

Where Atlas flings his shadow : n.p. : ms.S, 1983 Mar. 6.

His poem, submitted to Bernard Rosenthal and Andrew Hoyem. Set in portfolio, with handdrawn map, suggestions for photographic illustrations, and notes.

Where Do We Go from Here? Histories of Long-Term Black Business Ownership, Community, and Family in Los Angeles County

This series documents long-term and multigenerational business ownership in the Black community through oral history interviews with owners of businesses located in Los Angeles County.

Which Way, LA? Collection

The Which Way, LA? Collection consists of audiotapes, with some transcripts, of the major public affairs program in Los Angeles, "Which Way, LA?."

Whidbey, Joseph. Letter to Henry Dundas, 1st Viscount Melville, reporting on the survey of the Northwest Coast, with recommendations for trade and settlement. Sent from "Monterey, N.W. America", Jan. 2, 1793 : typescript.

A transcript of Whidbey's letter with notes concerning the author, other members and the vessels on Vancouver's voyages of discovery. Covering letter from J. Pearson & Co. (London) Ltd., included.

Whig party materials, 1854-1857.

Notice requesting meetings for selection of delegates to state convention, ca. 1854 and a bill from the Siskiyou Chronicle to the Independent Party, Yreka, for the printing of tickets, 1857.

Whig Publication, undated

Uncut pages from a Tennessee Whig tract, n.d.

Whigham (Thomas) collection on Paraguay

This collection contains manuscripts, press clippings, and other material regarding the research of Thomas Whigham, professor of colonial and modern Latin America as well as a former Fulbright scholar in Argentina and Paraguay.

Whinery, Charles Crawford Letters to Francis Samuel Philbrick : New York City : LS, 1907, Dec. 21-1908, May 13.

Five letters concerning preparation of articles on Cuba and other subjects for the London Times written on stationery of the American office of The London Times.

Whipple (Derek) Collection of Zines

is a San Francisco based punk rock fanzine established in 1982. The collection includes a nearly complete chronology of issues from 1991-2003, along with a small assortment of punk rock zines from 1992-2003 including , , , , and...

Whitaker & Baxter Campaigns, Inc. Records

Whitaker & Baxter Campaigns, Inc. was the country's first political campaign management firm. The company's records document their state, local and national political campaigns as well as work for various public relations clients spanning the 1933 to 1974 time period....

Whitaker & Baxter International records, circa1958-1992.

Contains office files relating to their political and public relations campaigns.

Whitaker (Douglas Merritt) Papers

Papers include articles, speeches, slides used in lecture on evolution, some correspondence and lecture notes, and material on the Bikini atom bomb tests.

Whitaker (John C.) Papers, White House Central Files, 1969-1973

The John C. Whitaker file group documents primarily the Nixon administration’s environmental and natural resource policies, from mid-1969 through early 1973. The three men whose office files comprise the file group – John C. Whitaker, Richard M. Fairbanks III, and...

Whitaker (John Mills) Papers

This collection consists of the typed transcripts of the journals keep by Mormon missionary and active church member John Mills Whitaker (1863-1960) and a typed transcript of the funeral service held for him. The journals cover the majority of Whitaker’s...

Whitaker, Robert Papers

This collection contains sermon outlines, fiction and nonfiction essays, articles, flyers, and poetry....

Whitaker (Robert W.) Collection

Robert Whitaker was a Baptist minister who served churches in Seattle; Salem, Oregon; Oakland and Los Gatos, California. He was politically active throughout his ministry. participating in socialism, communism, pacifism, the labor movement, and the American Civil Liberties Union. He...

Whitaker (Thomas W.) Papers

Thomas W. Whitaker (1904-1993) served as a geneticist for the United States Department of Agriculture where he developed new varieties of cantaloupes, gourds, and lettuce. The collection contains his articles, talks, and manuscripts, as well as correspondence received upon his...

Whitaker (Virgil Keeble) Papers

Professor Whitaker's office files contain primarily Stanford material relating to his years as Professor of English, his membership on various university committees and professional interests. Includes correspondence, minutes and general material relating to Whitaker's career.

Whitcomb family papers, 1851-1877.

Letters, mainly from the Whitcomb brothers - Clement Godfrey, Byron and J. Baker - to family in the East. Includes description of Panama in 1851; life in mining communities of Yuba Co.; mines and water ditches; stage coach robbery by...

Whitcomb (John M.) papers

Photographs, depicting communist leaders from various countries, and including delegates to congresses of the Communist International; and letters, other writings, and diagrams, relating to the residence of Karl Marx at 4 Anderson Street, Chelsea, London, from 1849 to 1850.

Whitcomb Locomotive Company Records

The Whitcomb Locomotive Company Records include the corporate records of the George D. Whitcomb Company from 1916-1931, the Whitcomb Locomotive Company from 1931 to 1940, and the Whitcomb Division of the Baldwin Locomotive Works from 1940 until 1950, when Baldwin...

Whitcomb Locomotive Company records

The Whitcomb Locomotive Company Records include the corporate records of the George D. Whitcomb Company from 1916-1931, the Whitcomb Locomotive Company from 1931 to 1940, and the Whitcomb Division of the Baldwin Locomotive Works from 1940 until 1950, when Baldwin...

Whitcomb (Therese) papers

Therese Truitt Whitcomb was the first graduate of the University of San Diego College for Women and taught at the University of San Diego for 35 years. These papers document her work at the University and in the San...

White (Albert) Waiters' Union Collection

This collection consists of White's seven union handbooks, his union traveling card and the By-Laws of the San Francisco chapter of the Fraternal Order of Eagles. The union handbooks contain the union constitution, which describes the objectives, roles of officers,...

White (Allen) Papers

The Allen White papers contain materials related to his work as an event organizer, publicist, reporter and gay activist.

White (Amy) photograph album of the American West

Photo album from the early 1870s commemorating a trip to California with prints by Carleton Watkins, Alfred Hart, Eadweard Muybridge, and others.

White Apron Club (Lodi, Calif.) Collection

The White Apron Club Collection consists of an anonymous typescript history of the Club (1898-1934), eight Minute Books (April 1900-March 1957) and an officers and committee members list book (1948-1956)....

White (Charles H.) papers

Correspondence, studies, reports, maps, and notes, relating to mineral resources in Bulgaria, Czechoslovakia, Greece, and Yugoslavia.

White (Christine) collection

Reports, relating to antisemitic, neo-Nazi and other far right-wing organizations in the United States, their involvement in terrorist incidents, support extended by private right-wing groups in the United States to the contra guerrilla movement in Nicaragua, and alleged involvement of...

White Deer Memorial Collection

This is a collection of material retained by artist Margaret Price regarding the death of the beloved white deer of Mission Hills in 1975, and records of the memorial established after its death.

White (Don) Committee in Solidarity with the People of El Salvador (CISPES) Collection

Don White was a board member and leader of the activist organization, the Committee in Solidarity with the People of El Salvador (CISPES) in Los Angeles, where he coordinated and participated in numerous rallies, demonstrations, fund-raisers, delegations, congressional visits and...

White (Don Lee) Collection

This collection contains the papers, photographs, videos, and musical recordings related to organist, conductor, and musicologist Dr. Don Lee White. The collection documents African-American church music, church history, and the evolution of spiritual music in African-American churches. It also includes...

White (Ellis) Collection

The collection contains theater, music, opera, & ballet playbills.

White Fathers Records

The White Fathers (a Catholic society also known as the Society of Missionaries of Africa) was founded in 1868 by Charles M. Lavigerie, Archbishop of Algiers. The members of the White Fathers are bound by an oath to the establishment...

White (Geoffrey) papers

Correspondence, writings, reports, resolutions, minutes, discussion bulletins, and printed matter, relating to American Trotskyist politics, the Socialist Workers Party, and the formation of the Spartacist League. Includes a few items relating to the Communist Party of the United States and...

White (Gerald T.) papers

This collection contains research files relating to Gerald T. White's work on the history of oil in California, including his book (1962). The collection also includes manuscripts and correspondence relating to his research.

White (Harry) Family Collection

Photograph album. Album of an African-American family living in Lectonia, Ohio, late 19th century.

White (Hayden V.) papers

The Hayden V. White papers document White's professional, teaching, and research career from the 1950s to 2017. A significant portion of the collection contains White's research files, which include his notes and writings, correspondence, and collected files on various topics,...

White (Helen Hartley Greene) typescript

Relates to President and Mrs. Hoover during and after their residence in the White House. Photocopy.

White (Henry) miscellaneous papers

Memoranda and resolutions, relating to the work of the Paris Peace Conference. Photocopy.

White (Henry) Personal Papers

Commander Henry James White (1892-1962) was a naval aviator, linguist, translator, inventor, flight instructor and Commander of Naval Air Station Ream Field.

White Horse Literary Society collection

This collection consists of the papers of the White Horse Literary Society.

White (Hortense Sacriste) Letters

Collection of letters written to Hortense Sacriste, later Hortense Sacriste White. Many of the letters are from male admirers before she married. Writers include George H. Bonebrake, James C. Kays, Reginaldo F. del Valle, James W. Dunn, John A. Fanning,...

White House Conference on Aging Papers, White House Central Files, 1971-1972

The objective of the Conference was to provide a forum for representatives of older Americans throughout the country to discuss and propose solutions to the unique problems facing the elderly in the United States. This collection contains primarily printed and...

White House Conference on Child Health and Protection records

The records consist of correspondence, expense statements, memoranda, pamphlets, and reports, relating to the physical and social condition of children in the United States, the status of school health education and health service programs, and proposals for the promotion of...

White House Conference on Food, Nutrition and Health, White House Central Files, 1969-1971

The White House Conference on Food, Nutrition and Health was convened at the behest of President Richard M. Nixon to focus national attention on the nutritional needs and problems of all Americans. The goal of the conference was to lay...

White House Executive Clerk Reading Papers, White House Central Files, 01/20/1969 - 08/09/1974

This series consists of copies of Presidential memoranda sent to the heads of departments and agencies during the Nixon Administration. These memorandums were a reference set kept by John Ratchford, White House Executive Clerk, until his retirement and span the...

White House Gift Unit, White House Central Files, 1969-1974

The White House Gift Unit was responsible for sending and receiving White House Gifts and Cards. The series contains correspondence, subject files, Gift lists and cards and form letters.

White House Press Office, White House Central Files, 1969-1974

The files contain materials produced by the Press Office for distribution to the media. These materials include press releases, press conference transcripts, and other notices to the press. The topics addressed cover the full range of activities and policies of...

White House Special Files, Administrative Files, White House Special Files, 1969-1974

These files were created by the White House unit responsible for maintaining the Special Files and pertain to: general office functions, finding aids and inventories, accesses and searches, and control of the White House taping system.

White (Howard A.) Papers

The collection contains professional and personal papers of Howard A. White dating from 1938 to 1991. The bulk of the materials range from 1957 to 1990 and document his professional involvement with Pepperdine University in various administrative roles, and personal...

White (J. Benton) Papers

J. Benton White (d. 1931- ) was the first ombudsman on racial issues at San José State University. His position was created in 1967 by President Robert D. Clark in response to racial conflict and discrimination on campus, and was...

White (J. Gustav) typescript

Relates to conditions in German prison camps during World War I.

White (James L.) Papers

Journals and drafts of poetry, in particular the posthumously-published anthology, , and prose of the poet James L. White (1936-1981).

White (James) papers

This collection is comprised of typescripts, galley proofs, notes, and other material by James White, an Irish author of science fiction novels, novellas, and short stories. Primarily includes manuscripts of White's published and unpublished works (many contain hand annotations). Within...

White (Janet McCoy) '31 scrapbook

Large scrapbook created by Janet McCoy White, Class of 1931, documenting her student life at USC.

White (Jon L.) collection on Common Lisp

The Jon L. White collection on Common Lisp contains material relating to the development and standardization of the programming language Common Lisp and, more generally, the Lisp family of programming languages. Records date from 1963 to 2012, with the bulk...

White (Jules) papers

The Jules White papers span the years 1923-1990 (bulk 1934-1958) and encompass 19.7 linear feet. The collection contains shooting scripts and photographs for films produced by White for Columbia Pictures. There are scripts for 516 films, along with around two...

White (Lewis E) Papers and Memorabilia

Collection includes family photographs, studio portraits of White, photograph album largely pertaining to his time at Stanford, photographs of his gravesite, two letters by White written while serving in World War I, and other letters pertaining to White’s service and...

White (Lynn T.) papers

Lynn Townsend White, Jr. (1907- ) was a professor of history at UCLA (1958-72), and Director of the UCLA Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies (1964-70). The collection consists of teaching and research material related to Lynn White's career as...

White (Mel) and Lach (Daryl) Collection (CLGS)

James Melville "Mel" White is an influential author, filmaker, spokesman and clergyman raised as an Evangelical Christian. In his fifties, he became an effective and outspoken advocate for gay rights, openly confronting Evangelical leaders for their anti-homosexual rhetoric. Daryl Lach...

White (Minor) photographs

The collection consists of 479 black and white gelatin silver prints and 423 gelatin silver print negatives of urban and rural postwar Bay Area and greater Northern California taken by photographer Minor White while he resided in San Francisco from...

White Mountain Research Station Administrative Files

Administrative files of the White Mountain Research Station, a University of California Multicampus Research Unit (MRU) supporting high altitude research. The station operated under the direction of Nello Pace (1950-1977) and William J. Welch (1977-1979) of UCB, Clarence A. Hall,...

White (Nelson H.) Papers

Collected self-published works on ceremonial magic by Nelson H. White of Technology Group publications. Collection includes some unpublished material.

White (Raymond R.) collection

The Raymond R. White collection consists of documents relating to the Stanford antiwar movement and to the wider radical political and countercultural scene in the Palo Alto area in the late 1960s and early 1970s. White was a member of...

White (Richard) papers

Collection includes professional files, teaching materials, files related to books and other articles, and audiovisual materials....

White (Robert and Phyllis) Papers

The Robert and Phyllis White Collection contains mostly television scripts written by the couple as a team and solo works by Robert White. A small amount of correspondence related to their involvement in labor organizing for TV writers is included....

White (Robert J) Photograph Album

Album includes photographs, clippings, and his class registration cards. Stanford subjects include the campus, fraternity members, other students, excursions, and social events; there are also images of family and social life, cross country trips, and the Lindbergh parade in Los...

White (Robin) Papers

The Robin White papers contain materials related to the Radical Faeries and Nomenus, the Radical Faerie land trust. Robin White was a member of the local Santa Cruz Coordinating Council of Nomenus.

White (Sam) papers

The Sam White papers span the years 1928-2004 (bulk 1950s-1960s) and encompass 9.3 linear feet. The collection contains film and television scripts for produced and unproduced properties, as well as files on various unproduced properties. There are a few awards,...

White (Stephen M.) Ledger, 1892-1899

Account book of financial transactions of Los Angeles businesses and individuals. See Also: 1124: Stephen Mallory White Scrapbooks, 1894-1900.

White (Stephen M.) Papers

Correspondence and other papers relating to White's career as lawyer, Los Angeles district attorney, state senator, and U.S. Senator. Subjects covered include: estate litigation, water rights, incorporations, mortgages, property rights, local and California politics, patronage, tariffs, annexation, pensions, appeals for...

White (Stephen Mallory) Papers

The collection consists chiefly of materials pertaining to Stephen Mallory White's career as an attorney. Also, there is correspondence between White and his family (in particular with his wife Hortense) and a small amount of material pertaining to his political...

White (Stephen Mallory) Scrapbooks

These scrapbooks contain correspondence, pamphlets, clippings, speeches, invitations, and other material relating to White's political career, particularly during his term as U.S. Senator. The bulk of the material concerns his involvement in the "Free Harbor controversy."

White (Stewart E.) Manuscripts

Manuscripts of his stories, novels and books. Some pertain to outdoors life and mountaineering in California and to travels in Africa.

White (Stewart Edward) Photograph Collection​

Photographs by author Stewart Edward White primarily documenting his travel experiences in Africa and the United States.

White (Terence) collection

Printed matter and miscellany, relating to political and social conditions in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

White (Thelma) papers

Collection consists of the correspondence, memorabilia, acting files, and photographs of American actress Thelma White (1910-2005).

White (Thomas P.) papers

Thomas Patrick White (1888-1968) became the youngest judge in the United States when he was appointed to the Los Angeles City Police Court in 1913. He then worked at a private trial attorney in Los Angeles until he returned to...

White (Virginia L.) Collection

The Virginia L. White collection (1957-2016) contains primarily tour materials consisting of photographs, posters, programs, ephemera, scrapbooks, and costumes that once belonged to former, long-time Albert McNeil Jubilee Singers (AMJS) members Virginia L. White and Jacquelyn F. Sebastian.

White (Walter S.) papers

The Walter S. White papers span 86 linear feet, date from 1926 through 1997 (bulk 1939-1996), and include White’s personal and office papers, his research, and drawings and photographs relating to his architectural designs and patents. Personal papers contain clippings,...

White (William A.) Letters

Letters from White to Helen Sutliff, both of whom were members of the Class of 1890 at the University of Kansas. Includes letters from Sallie Lindsay White and William Lindsay White and a class song written by William Allen White...

White (William A.) Scrapbook

This is a scrapbook compiled by William A. White of Los Angeles, California, consisting of newspaper clippings and a couple of photographs from 1895-1900 regarding excavations and archaeological studies in Southern California.

White (William) Collection

The is comprised of four photograph albums primarily documenting the British military experiences of White family members serving in China in the 1920s, and their family life in China through the late 1940s.

White (William) collection on John P. Marquand

Books, magazine and anthology appearances by novelist John P. Marquand (1893-1960) together with bibliographic notes on Marquand assembled by Prof. William White.

White (William Lindsay) typescript

Relates to the Allied occupation of Germany at the end of World War II and to German public opinion regarding the occupation, World War II, and the Nazi regime. Annotated by Herbert Hoover. Subsequently published under the title, Report on...

Whitehead (James H.) photograph collection

Depicts activities of members of the American Expeditionary Forces in Siberia and the Russian Railway Service Corps, General William S. Graves, Czech and Russian military forces, and the living quarters of Tsar Nicholas II at Ekaterinburg.

Whitehead (Nurse) Autograph Album

This album amicorum was kept by nurse Whitehead, known to one soldier as "Nurse Whitey," in 1918 at the Moor Park Auxiliary War Hospital (Moor Park Military Hospital). The album contains autographs by convalescing soldiers, 5 portrait drawings (of nurse...

Whitehead (Richard) Papers

This collection, compiled by Whitehead, contains research materials, drafts,and published writings; facsimiles, transcriptions and translations of historic documents; correspondence; and deeds, maps, and plans, that document the history and reconstruction of El Presidio de Santa Barbara. Also included are Whitehead's...

Whitehead (Richard S.) Collection

The collection is arranged in two series: Alphabetical Files and Geographical Files. Both series primarily are concerned with land use and planning. In some cases the key word apparently used for filing purposes, has been indicated in brackets....

Whitehouse (Jack) papers

Jack Whitehouse was a public relations executive, consultant, writer, and editor. This collection comprises primarily film reels and video recordings relating largely to the Japanese Steel Industry, one of Whitehouse's clients. It also contains correspondence, speeches, annual reports, press kits,...

Whitehouse, Thomas L. (Iraq War correspondence)

This collection contains letters and emails from 2nd Lt. Thomas L. Whitehouse, USA to his family during the Iraq War. Also included are one photograph, one thank you card, and one pamphlet published by the US Army Center for Health...

Whitehurst (Alvin) Manuscript

Alvin (Al) Whitehurst’s manuscript, “Gay Blades, Straight Arrows,” is a memoir that, in his words, “blends history and current events with anecdotes about my life as a gay man.” The collection includes printed copies of the manuscript along with computer...

Whiteley, Gary (Korean War correspondence)

This collection contains correspondence written to Gary Whiteley from two soldiers serving overseas during the Korean War. The two authors were Sgt. Robert J. Gendaszek, USA and PFC John Horner, USA.

Whiteley (Harold) design of an unidentified Beverly Hills, California store building

The Harold Whiteley design of an unidentified Beverly Hills store building spans 1.5 linear feet and dates from 1951. The collection is composed of one presentation drawing rendered by J. D. Prouty of a suggestion for the tile facing and...

Whiteman (Paul) papers

This collection consists of the papers of American composer and bandleader Paul Whiteman (1890-1967). Materials include correspondence, photographs, film stills, and movie information. This collection includes items related to the movies "Thanks a Million" (1935) and "King of Jazz" (1930).

Whiteside (David and Wendy) Collection

The is a small collection of San Fernando Valley State College memorabilia including a football program (1956), Homecoming (1958) materials, a campus coed calendar (1961), and a SFVSC freshman beanie (1961).

Whitesides, Patricia Collection

This is a collection of high school yearbooks and scrapbooks, social registers, and other ephemera related to Contra Costa County and San Francisco belonging to Thomas E. & June Whitesides.

White-Warner (Rhonda) Papers

The Rhonda White-Warner papers consist of consulting project files, subject files, photographs, back issues and administrative files of Tidbits magazine, administrative files and theatrical programs of the Oakland Ensemble Theatre, and assorted printed material largely documenting the African American performing...

Whiting (Billington Crum) Papers

This collection consists of letters written on the overland journey of New York lawyer Billington Whiting (1812-1881) to California in 1849 and life after his arrival. There are also memoirs written by his wife, Susan Whiting (1826-1913), who came to...

Whiting (Charles Jonathan) papers

Orders, reports, correspondence, photographs, and motion picture film, relating to the sinking of the American gunboat Panay in China, 1937; to other activities of the United States Navy in China, 1937-1940; and to American naval operations in the Atlantic and...

Whiting family papers, 1924-1939.

Henry Hyer Whiting correspondence with William G. McAdoo, 1932-1938. Contains Whiting's files, mainly as Northern California campaign manager for McAdoo. A few letters to and form others included. Also, copies of correspondence with John W. Preston concerning federal judgeships for...

Whiting (Randolph V.) Papers

Professional papers of Randolph V. Whiting, Reporter of Decisions for the California Supreme Court and Courts of Appeal from 1917 to 1940. Materials include correspondence, notes and official reports dating from 1922 through 1940.

Whiting, William B. Letter from William B. Whiting to his cousin, 1874 April 14th.

Holograph letter written and signed by William B. Whiting, a Lieutenant and Commodore in the U. S. Navy, from Delafield, Waukesha County, Wisconsin to his cousin in Cooperstown, New York. The letter is about an offer he received from Harpers...

Whitley (H.J.) lands near Corcoran, California photograph album

Snapshots of agricultural scenes, probably taken during the 1920s, on lands belonging to H. J. (Hobart Johnstone) Whitley, possibly near Corcoran, California, in the San Joaquin Valley, east of Paso Robles.

Whitley (Hobart J.) Papers

Hobart Johnstone Whitley was a Southern California real estate developer, and head of the H.J. Whitley land syndicate. The collection consists of about 2000 pieces of correspondence, and deeds, accounts, journals, ledgers, minutes of stockholders' meetings, maps of Southern California...

Whitlock (Al) collection

This collection consists of framed paintings by British motion picture matte artist Albert Whitlock (1915-1999).

Whitlock (Brand) papers

Writings, diaries, scrapbooks, drawings, printed matter, and photographs relating to Belgian-American relations during World War I, the work of the Commission for Relief in Belgium, and the writings of Brand Whitlock.

Whitlock (Mary) Photographs

Photographic images, including prints, negatives, and color transparencies (slides), documenting the professional career and private life of Mary Whitlock between 1974 and 2008. The bulk of the collection consists of images taken by Whitlock in her capacity as a professional...

Whitlock Metered Mailing Machine Collection

Photographs, drawings, flyers, patent records, incorporation records and other material pertaining to the Whitlock metered mailing machine, which was authorized by the United States Postal Service.

Whitman (L.L.) correspondence

This collection consists of letters from L.L. Whitman and his wife to his mother R.J. Whitman, in South Paris, Maine.

Whitman (Marina von Neumann) Papers, White House Central Files, 1971-1973

Marina von Neumann Whitman became the first female member of the Council of Economic Advisers or CEA in March 1972. Whitman’s areas of responsibility on the CEA included: analyses on international economic development and policy; price and wage developments; food...

The Whitman massacre; and early history of Oregon, 1839-1848.

Copies of original Mss. or transcript: (1) Letters of Peter H. Burnett and Henry H. Spalding to J.S. Griffin of The Oregon American, 1848; (2) Overland diary of Sidney Smith with Farnham's party, 1839; (3) Sketches of early Oregon history...

Whitman Mission correspondence, 1834-1852.

Typed transcript compilation made for the Whitman National Monument by Olaf T. Hagen, U.S. National Park Service, 1941-1942.

Whitman-Radclyffe Foundation Collection

Flyers, clippings, articles, correspondence, contracts, reports, press releases, handwritten notes, project proposals, financial documents, meeting minutes, and other material documenting activities of the Whitman-Radclyffe Foundation (WRF), 1972-1976. WRF was founded in San Francisco in 1972 as the "education, research, and...

Whitmore (William Francis) papers

Journal, reports, and printed articles, relating to the development of the Polaris missile and other American naval weapons systems. Photocopy.

Whitney (Daniel) Papers

Materials in this collection document Cultural Resource Management Law in Southern California....

Whitney (Daniel S.) Papers

The collection contains papers of the Reverend Daniel Saunders Whitney, Massachusetts abolitionist (1810-1894), including a Civil War era diary (1865-1866), correspondence to his wife Sophia and daughters (ca. 1864-1865), an engraved portrait of Whitney, and a page of the (printed...

Whitney (Frances A.) Scrapbook

Scrapbook of Frances Ann Whitney, mainly clippings of poems, many from the Civil War era. Includes titles such as "I Would the War Were Over," "Tell Him I'm Ready," and "A Soldier's Poem." Includes poems by a number of women...

Whitney (Frederick C.) Papers

The document an important San Diego political and environmental issue, as well as the inner workings of a political association.  The collection is primarily concerned with the period in 1972 when Whitney was involved in the Coastal Initiative and Pollution...

Whitney (George Harrison) collection on Winston Churchill and Los Angeles

George Harrison Whitney's research and correspondence regarding a visit made by Winston Churchill to Los Angeles in 1929. The collection includes newspaper clippings, mostly from the Los Angeles Times, that range from the 1920s to the 1980s. Winston Churchill spent...

Whitney (George Harrison) papers

This collection cosists primarily of information on the Van Nuys and Lankershim families, pioneers in Los Angeles and the San Fernando Valley, and the development of the Valley. George Harrison Whitney was President of the Van Nuys Foundation.

Whitney T. Genns oral history, 1971

Interview with Santa Barbara rare book dealer Genns re childhood in New Jersey-New York in 1910s, World War I, Greenwich Village in the 1920s-1930s, prohibition, jazz greats, Washington, D.C. during the New Deal, and FDR. Interviewer: Gibbs M. Smith, Feb....

Whiton Steam Turbines, Erecting and Operating Instructions

The collection consists of a booklet containing instructions for the building and operation of a steam turbine. It includes details about the model and 6 folded construction plans.

Whitsell (Leon O.) California History Scrapbooks

This collection consists of 11 scrapbooks of clippings from California newspapers of the 1930s. Topics include California places and historical events, biographies, book reviews, and western history. Included are typescript transcriptions of historical articles as well as some correspondence regarding...

Whittell family papers, 1906-1929.

Letters and postcards among family members, mostly addressed to George, Jr. from his father in New York. Also included are financial papers and biographical notes on various family members.