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R. & D. Watson, Inc., creator. [Photographs from the R. & D. Watson, Inc. records].

Photograph files of R. & D. Watson, Inc., documenting the company's engineering projects throughout the state of California from the 1940s to the 1980s. Topics include dredging, excavating, grading and other activities associated with the construction of channels, harbors, dams,...

R. A. Lever / Fiji photographic negative collection, circa late 1930s

2 negative albums containing 212 images, with indexes, taken by [British?] naturalist R. A. Lever of ...

R. B. Symington letter and invoice, 1882.

Two items handwritten by R. B. Symington. A letter dated February 7, 1882 is written to James Moore from Jamestown in Tuolumne County reporting on the financial status of the Good Friday Mine. Symington states that the mine is owned...

R. C. Parsons certificate, 1857

One certificate, admitting Parsons as an Attorney and Counsellor of the Supreme Court of the United States, 1857. Alpha list.

R. Cunningham-Graham letter, 1910 March 31

[B.?]. One letter (ALS) re his writing, 31 Mar. 1910. Purchase. Deaccession?

R. D. Packard reprint, 1941 February

"Sarah Bush Lincoln: an account of Lincoln's stepmother." Reprint from The Sohioan (February 1941).

R. D. Stephens, 1888-1890.

This collection of manuscripts dates from 1888 to 1890 and includes documents relating to R. D. Stephens' roles as a Postmaster, Trustee of the California State Library, and agricultural businessman during those years.

R. G. Herrington China notebook, 1934

40 black and white photos, in school notebook, apparently compiled by R. G. Herrington in 1934, with handwritten captions, mainly of Japanese bombardment and attacks on Shanghai, as well as earlier images of Chinese pirates being executed. .05 linear feet...

R. H. Horne document, 1872

One printed document, "Copy of a Memorial forwarded in February, 1872, to the Right Honorable W. E. Gladstone, M.P., First Lord of the Treasury," re the importance of English author R. H. Horne's literary works and public service. Alpha list.

R. Hoe & Co. records, 1852-1878, (1873-1878 bulk).

30 incoming letters to R. Hoe & Co. from various California type foundries and related businesses located in San Francisco, including several from H. L. Tatum, San Francisco agent for R. Hoe & Co.

R. M. Loeser residence : architectural drawings, NE corner, Cherry & Jackson, S.F., 1914.

Floor plans and elevations by Miller & Colmesnic, n.d. (sheets numbered 2-7); 3 unnumbered sheets of details by Houghton Sawyer, 1914-1915.

R. P. F. Jose M. Gonzales document, 1852 April 28

One document (ADS), in Spanish, re a marriage. Santa Barbara, 28 April 1852. [SBHC]. Alpha list.

R. R. McGuire collection, 1861-1862

Civil War journal, 1861-1862, letter and circular, together with typed transcript and family information.

R. S. Ewell portrait, undated

[Civil War Confederate General]. Portrait. [Oversize boxed].

R. W. Everett Mexico Tour collection, 1937

Scrapbook (mainly picture postcards, travel brochures) and related correspondence.

R.A. Rowan & Co. records

R.A. Rowan & Co. was one of the Los Angeles area's earliest and most long-lived real estate development firms, spanning almost a hundred years of the twentieth century. Robert A. Rowan was responsible for founding the company in 1904; the...

Raab (Edmund W.) collection of photographic slides

The collection consists of photographic slides representing Los Angeles-area dance and theater productions photographed by Edmund W. Raab.

Raab (George) collection

This collection consists of material collected by George Raab, a resident of Laguna Beach, California, about gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender causes from 1984-1996. Included are newsletters, correspondence, notes and newspaper clippings related to his involvement in those causes. There...

Ra'anan (Gavriel D.) typescript

Relates to internal political struggles (especially between G. M. Malenkov and A. A. Zhdanov) as a factor in Soviet foreign policy formulation in the early post-World War II period, and particularly with regard to the Soviet-Yugoslav break. Enlarged version published...

Rabbitt (James A.) papers

James Aloysius Rabbitt was an American engineer who worked in China and Japan in the first half of the twentieth century and specialized in the mining of metals. The collection includes correspondence, memoirs, lectures, reports, surveys, patents, clippings, sketches, and...

Rabinoff (Max) typescript

Relates to unoffical diplomatic and commercial relations between the United States and the Soviet Union during the 1920s.

Rabinov (Irwin) Collection

Rare opera and vocal recordings on open reel tape, from the collection of Irwin Rabinov.

Rabinowitsch-Kempner (Lydia) papers and photographs

The collection includes biographical information, offprints and reprints, a Rabinowitsch-Kempner calling card, laboratory notebooks, address books, and photographs from Bacteriologist Lydia Rabinowitsch-Kempner....

Rabinowitz (Jesse) Papers

The Jesse Rabinowitz papers, 1944-1999, consist of correspondence, writings, research, and personal papers relating to his life and work as a biochemist. The bulk of the collection consists of correspondence, research material, and professional papers that Rabinowitz collected during his...

[Race car and racing photographs in Southern California].

Includes automobiles, racetracks, and drivers. Named locations are Santa Barbara and Riverside. Some motorcyle races are included. Some multi-image contact sheets of high speed cars are present. Individuals pictured include Richie Gunther, Frank Monise, and Bill Murphy, among others.

Race, Ethnicity and Student Activism (Collection on)

This collection contains programs, newspaper clippings, fliers, posters, and other materials related to race and ethnicity both on and off the UC Riverside campus in the late 1960s. Topics addressed in the collection include information on ethnic studies, African American...

Race horse document of sale, 1861

Document dated December 2, 1861 attesting that Thomas Harrigan of Sutter Township, Sacramento County has sold three race horses to Barney Mulligan for $1340.00.

Race (Jeffrey) writings

Study entitled "War Comes to Long An" (1969), relating to political events in Phuoc Tuy Province, South Vietnam, 1954-1968; and essay entitled "Whither the Philippines?" (1975), relating to contemporary Philippine politics. In part, photocopy.

Rachel Anderdon bound volume and sketches, 1815 January 1

One bound volume, with pencil and water color sketches, many of boats, buildings, and people; also several recipes in a separate section of the volume. Date inside cover, January 1, 1815. Alpha list

Rachel Bubes correspondence and telegram, 1923-1924.

Correspondence relating to Rachel Bubes' attempts to get her brother-in-law, Haim Stankkevich, and his family into the U.S. The collection includes copies of letters Bubes received from local legal and financial authorities, as well as a letter and telegram from...

Rachel Carson College records

Photographs and administrative records of Rachel Carson College at the University of California, Santa Cruz....

Rachel Homer collection of Bruce Conner correspondence and ephemera, approximately 1963-2016.

Collection includes personal correspondence from Bruce Conner to Rachel Homer. This correspondence is comprised primarily of mail art with some written letters addressed to Rachel Homer. Also included are several photographs of Conner, two catalogs, several Conner multiples including his...

Rachel Levy Santa Barbara autograph album, 1880s

Autographs and messages from friends, relatives, teachers, many of whom were members of the Santa Barbara Jewish community of the latter nineteenth century.

Rachunek sumienia-kosciol polski wobec antysemityzmu conference proceedings

Sound and videotape recordings of proceedings, relating to the Roman Catholic Church and antisemitism in Poland. Conference organized by Bohdan W. Oppenheim.

Racism Lives Here Too Movement records

Includes photographs depicting Stanford Law School students with a banner stating "Racism Lives Here Too," as well as posters bearing quotes attributed to Stanford students and professors. The banner and posters were hung at Stanford Law School in February 2018...

Radbruch (Gustav) typescript

Relates to the indictment at the Nuremberg Trial of the Ministry of Justice of the National Socialist German Workers Party. Published in the Juristische Wochenschrift.

Radcliff (Peter) Oral History

Sound recording of interview with Peter Radcliff conducted by Harvey Schwartz. Describes his activities with the American Federation of Teachers (AFT) before the San Francisco State Strike of 1968-69, the role of strike activists, leaders and opponents in detail, assesses...

Radcliffe (Mary Marriott) printed material

Advocates sexual abstinence. Published by Norman Remington, Baltimore. Includes list of testimonials from prominent Americans.

Radcliffe, Zoe Green. Photographs of the Snark from the Jack London papers [graphic]

Snapshots of the leavetaking of Jack London's yacht, the Snark, possibly in San Francisco or Oakland. London, George Sterling and others are pictured on deck.

Radden (Thelma Gibson) Papers

The Thelma Gibson Radden papers consist of photographs, correspondence, artifacts, clothing, ephemera, and legal records documenting her life and professional career as a nurse and her family’s long history in California and Michigan.

Radek (Karl) letter

Relates to the communist movement in Germany. Photocopy.

Rademaker (John A.) Papers

John Adrian Rademaker was a professor of Sociology, Ph.D., University of Washington (ca. 1939). He served as community analyst at the Granada Relocation Center, Prowers County, Colorado, during World War II. This collection consists of approximately 660 returned postcard-questionnaires on...

Rader (Franklin) scrapbook

Rader's high school career and World War II.

Radford (Arthur William) memoirs

Relates to American naval operations in the Pacific Theater during World War II, the development of naval aviation, postwar American defense policy, and American policy in the Indochinese War of 1946-1954. Published as From Pearl Harbor to Vietnam : The...

Radford (Dollie) Papers

Correspondence, contracts, diaries, original manuscripts and typescripts of poems, plays, and short stories by Dollie Radford. Several mss. by her daughters, Hester and Margaret, and by her husband, Ernest Radford. A.Ls.S. by John Lane, D. H. Lawrence, John Masefield, Ernest...

Radical Elders Oral History Project Records, 1947-1995

The Radical Elders Oral History Project Records consist of audio recordings in cassette and reel-to-reel format, transcripts and project files documenting early twentieth century activists in the Communist Party as well as labor and other social justice movements. Interviewees include...

Radical Ephemera and Underground Publications Collection

This collection covers social issues of the late 1960s to mid 1970s in the United States, especially as manifested on the San Diego State University (College) campus and in San Diego County. These issues include women's rights, civil rights, Marxism,...

Radical newspapers collection

Issues of Berkeley Barb, S-B Gazette, Grassroots, and others from 1966-1976.

Radical Religion: A Quarterly Journal of Critical Opinion

The Radical Religion Collective, later named the Community for Religious Research and Education, formed in Berkeley, California in 1973 to continue the publishing arm of the closed Berkeley Free Church (1967-1972). Richard L. York, pastor of the church, became a...

Radical right collection

The Radical right collection is comprised of pamphlets, leaflets, newspaper and serial issues, newsletters, bulletins, circulars, and other printed and near-print material issued by right-wing organizations and individuals, largely in the United States. The materials relate to anti-communist, nationalist, fundamentalist,...

Radigan (Corinna) papers

Corinna Radigan was a sports writer for several newspapers and magazines, including the . This collection compiles her and several women's work, brought together by Radigan, including unpublished stories and manuscripts as well as materials related to The Coming Out...

Radikalna stranka (Srpska) minutes

Minutes of the Klub Radikalnih Poslanika of the Radikalna Stanka, relating to Serbian politics and parliamentary strategy. Photocopy.

Radin (Paul) oral history

The collection contains background material (including a six page typescript autiobiography), as well as tapes and transcripts from 1999 interviews on Radin’s role as a producer in the film industry.

Radin (Paul) papers

Paul Radin (1883-1959) was a field ethnologist at the Geological Survey of Canada specializing in the study of the Winnebago. His publications include (1910), (1913), and (1915). The collection consists of typed, annotated transcripts and translations relating to the book...

Radin (Paul) Papers

Chiefly surveys from Radin's supervision of over 200 workers who interviewed ethnic groups in the San Francisco Bay Area for the State Emergency Relief Administration of California (SERA) over a period of nine months in 1934-1935. Known as SERA project...

Radio Bible Class collection, circa 1970s-1980s

. 78 booklets published by the Radio Bible Class (Grand Rapids, MI), most by Richard W. De Haan, with titles such as "Eternal Destinations," "The Other Side of Death," and "The Time of Christ's Return."

Radio Free Asia Vietnamese Broadcasts

The collection is comprised of broadcast transcripts and audio recordings of the Radio Free Asia (RFA) Vietnamese radio programs for the years 1997-2002 (later years are retained by RFA). The broadcast transcripts include a morning and evening broadcast for each...

Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty Afghan Service records

American radio broadcasting organization operating Radio Free Europe and Radio Liberty. The Afghan Service records include programming reports recordings. Target regions include Afghanistan.

Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty Albanian Monitoring Subsection records

American radio broadcasting organization operating Radio Free Europe and Radio Liberty. The Albanian Monitoring Subsection include the papers of Nicolo Prennushi, employee of the Albanian Monitoring Subsection.

Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty Armenian Service records

American radio broadcasting organization operating Radio Free Europe and Radio Liberty. The Armenian Service records include newswires, scripts, and sound recordings. Target regions include Armenia.

Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty Azerbaijani Service records

American radio broadcasting organization operating Radio Free Europe and Radio Liberty. The Azerbaijani Service records also known as Radio Azadliq. Includes Daily format and work plans, editor's file, scripts, special programs, and sound recordings.

Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty Belarus Service records

American radio broadcasting organization operating Radio Free Europe and Radio Liberty. The Belarus Service records include daily format work plans, editor's files, program logs, scripts, and sound recordings. Also known as Radio Svaboda. Target regions include Belarus.

Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty broadcast records

American radio broadcasting organization operating Radio Free Europe and Radio Liberty. Includes sound recordings of broadcasts, as well as documents used for creating broadcasts including scripts, correspondence, and memoranda relating to broadcasts by Radio Free Europe to audiences in Eastern...

Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty Bulgarian Broadcasting Department records

American radio broadcasting organization operating Radio Free Europe and Radio Liberty. The Bulgarian Broadcasting Department records contain program reports, editors files, scripts, and sound recordings. Target regions include Bulgaria.

Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty corporate records

The records of the American radio broadcasting organization operating Radio Free Europe and Radio Liberty (RFE/RL) include correspondence, memoranda, reports, financial and legal records, technical specifications, opinion survey data, serial issues, other publications, and microfilm relating to operations of Radio...

Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty Czech Service records

American radio broadcasting organization operating Radio Free Europe and Radio Liberty. The Czech Service Records include scripts, special programs, and thumbnail sketches (with schedules), and sound recordings. Target regions include Czech Republic.

Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty Czechoslovak Broadcasting Department records

American radio broadcasting organization operating Radio Free Europe and Radio Liberty. The Czechoslovak Broadcasting Department records include scripts, special programs, and thumbnail sketches (with schedules), and sound recordings. Target regions include Czech Republic.

Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty Estonian Service records

American radio broadcasting organization operating Radio Free Europe and Radio Liberty. The Estonian Service records include clippings, correspondence, cover sheets, daily program summaries, editor's file, music programming, newswires, program reviews, scripts, Soviet media digest, special programs, tape index and sound...

Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty Georgian Service records

American radio broadcasting organization operating Radio Free Europe and Radio Liberty. The Georgian Service records include editor's file, printed matter, program reviews, scripts, special programs, and sound recordings. Also known as Ekho Kavkaza and Radio Tavisupleba. Target regions include Georgia...

Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty Hungarian Broadcasting Department records

American radio broadcasting organization operating Radio Free Europe and Radio Liberty. The Hungarian Broadcasting Department records include correspondence, daily broadcast analyses, editor's file, employee papers, index to archival tapes, monitoring, news budget, program schedules, program summaries, scripts, special programs, thumbnail...

Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty Kazakh Service records

American radio broadcasting organization operating Radio Free Europe and Radio Liberty. Kazakh Service records include daily format and work plans, editor's file, employee papers, monitoring, program logs, program reports, scripts, special programs, and sound recordings. Also known as Radio Azattyq....

Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty Kyrgyz Service records

American radio broadcasting organization operating Radio Free Europe and Radio Liberty. The Kyrgyz Service records include cover sheets, editor's files, faxes, program reviews, reports, scripts, special programs, and sound recordings. Also known as Radio Azattyk. Target regions include Kyrgyzstan.

Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty Latvian Service records

American radio broadcasting organization operating Radio Free Europe and Radio Liberty. The Latvian Service records include cover sheets, editor's files, scripts, special programs, summaries of original scripts, tape index, tentative programs, and sound recordings. Target regions include Latvia.

Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty Lithuanian Service records

American radio broadcasting organization operating Radio Free Europe and Radio Liberty. The Lithuanian Service records include cover sheets, editor's files, news reports, scripts, and sound recordings. Target regions include Lithuania. Languages include Lithuanian.

Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty Moldovan Service records

American radio broadcasting organization operating Radio Free Europe and Radio Liberty. The Moldovan Service also known as Radio Europa Libera. Target regions include Moldova.

Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty Multiple Language Service records

American radio broadcasting organization operating Radio Free Europe and Radio Liberty. The Multiple Languge Services records include event file listings, program logs, tape library, and sound recordings for multiple languages.

Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty News and Current Affairs Broadcasting Department records

American radio broadcasting organization operating Radio Free Europe and Radio Liberty. The News and Current Affairs Broadcasting Department records include newswires, summaries, transcripts, and sound recordings. No specific target regions. Multiple languages, including English.

Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty North Caucasus Language Service

American radio broadcasting organization operating Radio Free Europe and Radio Liberty. The North Caucasus Service records include audience research and evaluation review, program logs, program materials, and sound recordings. Target regions include North Caucasus. Languages include Adyge, Avar, Chechen, Circassian,...

Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty Persian Language Service records

American radio broadcasting organization operating Radio Free Europe and Radio Liberty. The Persian Language Service records include clippings from Iranian newspapers, program reports and logs, scripts and research files. Also known as Radio Farda. Target regions include Iran. Languages include...

Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty Polish Broadcasting Department records

American radio broadcasting organization operating Radio Free Europe and Radio Liberty. The Polish Broadcasting Department records include editor's files, scripts and sound recordings. Target regions include Poland. Languages include Polish.

Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty Radio Free Afghanistan records

American radio broadcasting organization operating Radio Free Europe and Radio Liberty. The Radio Free Afghanistan records also known as Radio Azadi contains sound recordings. Target regions include Afghanistan. Languages include Dari and Pashto.

Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty Radio Free Iraq records

American radio broadcasting organization operating Radio Free Europe and Radio Liberty. The Radio Free Iraq records contain program logs. Target regions include Iraq. Languages include Arabic.

Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty Romanian Broadcasting Department records

American radio broadcasting organization operating Radio Free Europe and Radio Liberty. The Romanian Broadcast Department records include editor's files, program calendars, employee papers, scripts, and sound recordings. Target regions include Romania and Moldova. Languages include Romanian.

Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty Russian Service records

American radio broadcasting organization operating Radio Free Europe and Radio Liberty. The Russian Service records include editor's files, employee papers, program calendars, scripts, and sound recordings. Also known as Russian Broadcasting Department, Radio Svoboda. Target regions include Russia and former...

Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty Slovak Service records

American radio broadcasting organization operating Radio Free Europe and Radio Liberty. The Slovak Service records include editor's files, scripts, and sound recordings. Target regions include Slovakia. Languages include Slovak.

Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty South Slavic Service (Balkan Service) records

American radio broadcasting organization operating Radio Free Europe and Radio Liberty. The South Slavic Service (Balkan Service) records also known as Albanian Service, Balkan Service, and South Slavic and Albanian service include editor's file, press monitoring, and sound recordings. Target...

Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty Tajik Service records

American radio broadcasting organization operating Radio Free Europe and Radio Liberty. The Tajik service records also known as Radio Ozodi include editor's file, daily workplan, scripts and sound recordings. Target regions include Tajikistan. Languages include Tajik.

Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty Tatar-Bashkir Service records

American radio broadcasting organization operating Radio Free Europe and Radio Liberty. The Tatar-Bashkir Service also known as Radio Azatliq includes editor's files, scripts, and sound recordings. Target regions include Bashkortostan, Tatarstan, and Ukraine. Languages include Bashkir, Crimean Tatar, and Tatar.

Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty Turkmen Service records

American radio broadcasting organization operating Radio Free Europe and Radio Liberty. The Turkmen Service also known as Radio Azatlyk includes editor's file, and sound recordings. Target regions include Turkmenistan. Languages include Turkmen.

Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty Ukrainian Service records

American radio broadcasting organization operating Radio Free Europe and Radio Liberty. The Ukrainian Service also known as Radio Svoboda includes editor's file, correspondence, letters from listeners, scripts, and sound recordings. Target regions include Ukraine. Languages include Ukrainian, Russian, and Crimean...

Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty Uzbek Service records

American radio broadcasting organization operating Radio Free Europe and Radio Liberty. The Uzbek Service also known as Radio Ozodlik includes editor's file, program logs, scripts, and sound recordings. Target regions include Uzbekistan. Languages include Uzbek.

Radio Luxembourg miscellaneous records

Letters, lists, memoranda, schedules, and broadcast transcripts, relating to Allied propaganda directed at foreign workers in Germany.

Radio program library and transcription catalogs

Standard Program radio station library catalogs (loose-leaf binders and index cards), as well as other radio library and transcription catalogs.

Radio Program recordings collection

This collection consists of audiotapes of radio shows from the early to mid-20th century.

Radio Pyongyang radio broadcast transcripts

Relates to the Korean reunification question. Broadcasts monitored by United States Army Forces in South Korea.

Radio Records collection

This collection consists of radio acetate and LP vinyl recordings.

Radio Scripts Collection

This collection consists of approximately 1,000 American radio scripts containing 48 different series titles spanning multiple genres - drama, comedy, mystery, musical, quiz show, documentary, children’s and religious. The bulk of the collection dates from the 1940s through the 1950s....

Radio scripts collection

This collection contains radio scripts for nearly 50 American radio programs dating from the 1930s to 1950s, including a number of scripts written by American radio and television writer Edward J. Adamson (died 1972).

Radio series scripts collection

Collection consists of American radio series scripts including over 143 titles.

Radio Shack collection

The Radio Shack collection contains materials related to Tandy Corporation/Radio Shack’s microcomputer, the TRS-80. The Manuals series consists of manuals published by Tandy and others concerned with the TRS-80 and also programs authored by Radio Shack and other companies. The...

Radio sociedad nacional de agricultura broadcast

Relates to the overthrow of the government of Salvador Allende in Chile by the coup of September 11, 1973.

RadioActive Queers Audiotapes

This collection contains 23 audio cassette tapes from the micro-radio station RadioActive Queers, 87.9 FM. RadioActive Queers programming varied every week and included techno, punk, hip hop, old sci-fi radio plays, Noam Chomsky, discussions of masturbation, science news, pornography, and...

Radiocarbon Lab records (University of California, Riverside)

This collection contains sample records and supporting documentation, chromatographs, lab notebooks, master lists, equipment operating manuals, procedural documents, correspondence, financial documents, floppy disks, computer print outs and other material documenting the daily operations of the UCR Radiocarbon Lab. In addition,...

Radiocarbon Lab records (University of Chicago)

The University of Chicago Radiocarbon Lab records document the daily operations of the University of Chicago Radiocarbon Lab. The records contain correspondence and related subject files, lab notebooks, sample records and other material documenting the activities of the University of...

Radiologic Imaging Laboratory Records

Contains the records of the Radiologic Imaging Laboratory (RIL) of the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) from its initial funding by Pfizer, Inc. through its operation as a unit of Diasonics, Inc. and Toshiba America MRI (TAMI). Material relates...

Radisics (Elemer) papers

Correspondence, reports, diplomatic dispatches, military and historical studies, clippings, and printed matter, relating to Hungarian history, politics, and government, the Danube Valley, the Hungarian Revolution of 1956, World War II military campaigns, world politics, Palestinian history, and Jewish-Arab relations.

Radius (Walter) amateur press collection

Collection of American amateur press publications, mostly from the late 19th century.

Radlauer (Dave) Jazz Collection

The collection pertains to Dave Radlauer, Bob Mielke, Dick Oxtot, Earl Scheelar and other musicians involved in the San Francisco Bay Area jazz music scene from the 1940s to the 2000s. The materials are composed primarily of sound recordings, video...

Radnitz (Robert) papers

This collection includes the production records of American motion picture producer Robert Radnitz (1924-2010).

Radvanyi (Janos) writings

Relates to the Vietnamese War and to the role of János Péter, foreign minister of Hungary, in negotiations between the United States and North Vietnam.

Rady (Donald) papers on the Brazilian Steel Industry and Volta Redonda

This collection contains items Donald E. Rady compiled for his dissertation and book project focusing on the Brazilian Companhia Siderúrgica Nacional (CSN) and surrounding Volta Redonda community. After a bidding war between German and US firms to create a new...

Radzwill (Ekaterina Rzewuska kniagina) diary

Relates to South African politics and to Cecil Rhodes.

Rae (John Bell) Papers

This collection contains the papers of John Bell Rae, a historian of industry and tecchnology and one of the first members of the Harvey Mudd faculty. Besides teaching at both the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvey Mudd College, Rae...

Raebel (Hermann C.) papers

Hermann C. Raebel Jr. (1848-1869) was born in Leipzig, Germany. He graduated from the U.S. Naval Academy (1866). While on maneuvers off the coast of Brazil in 1866, received a commission as ensign. He painted watercolors and wrote letters home...

Rael (Juan B.) collection of alabados and folk and nativity plays of Mexico, New Mexico, Colorado and Colombia, 1869-1949

Folk plays of Mexico, New Mexico, Colorado and Columbia on religious subjects. Also, alabades (religious songs)....

Raemaekers (Louis) reproductions of World War I political cartoons

Louis Raemaekers (1869-1956) was a cartoonist and painter primarily known for his portrayal of World War I in the Dutch newspaper . His publications include (1912), (1918), and (1918-19). The collection consists of reproductions of anti-German political cartoons originally published...

R.A.F. Pilot's Pakistan Photograph Album

Photograph album of a British R.A.F. pilot in Pakistan, 1927-1928, containing 100+ black/white photographs, many with captions. Includes shots of biplanes, airfields, camps, and colleagues, as well as a number of scenes in the North West Frontier and other parts...

Raffaëlli (Jean-François) papers, 1870-1929

French painter, draftsman, printmaker, sculptor, and author of Italian descent. Raffaëlli introduced technical innovations in ink drawing colors, drypoint, and color engraving. The archive documents Raffaëlli's art (especially his innovations in printmaking), exhibits, art criticism, and his literary and socio-political...

Rafferty, Joe and Marilyn Oral History

History of Rafferty family from 1850s

Rafferty, Lois Oral History

Discussion of Lois Millin Rafferty's life in Santa Paula

Rafu Uwamachi Daini Gakuen Records

The Rafu Uwamachi Daini Gakuen (Los Angeles Uptown Second Education House) was a Japanese language school established in 1915 and attended by local Japanese American students, with a break during the years of World War II, until its closure in...

Ragan Theater Collection

Ruth Ragan was born in Indiana in 1884 and died in San Diego in 1969. She spent many years in Japan with the YWCA before taking a job working for the director of Scripps Institution of Oceanography in La Jolla,...

Ragland, Clay (First World War correspondence)

This collection contains eight letters from Pvt. Oren Clay Ragland, AEF to his half-sister Clola Horner, and one from "Mina" to Clola, during the First World War. Also included is one copy of two photographs of Pvt. Ragland as well...

Ragonnet (Eugene Ludovic) Engineering Notebook

Baldwin Locomotive Work's engineer's notebook compiled by Eugene Ludovic Ragonnet. The 85-sheet notebook includes notes, sketches, and blueprints.

Rahilly (George T.) Slides

Slides taken by model railroader and trolley enthusiast Dr. George T. Rahilly of locomotives and scenery documenting rail excursions in the United States and Canada between 1947 to 1975.

Rahle Abals letter, 1858.

Collection consists of a letter that Rahle [Pahle?] Abals sent to his brother-in-law, Isidore, from Stockton, California in 1858. Rahle congratulates Isidore on his recent marriage and provides news about businesses in San Francisco, Mokelumne Hill, and Stockton. The original...

Rahn (Arthur G.) Papers

Includes correspondence, reports and a copy of land appraiser Arthur G. Rahn's book CORRIDOR VALUATION: AN APPRAISER'S OVERVIEW.

Rahnema (Majid) writings

Speeches, radio addresses, conference papers, and journal articles, relating to educational and other strategies for development in underdeveloped countries, especially Iran and Mali, and to activities of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization.

Raichlen (Fredric) Papers

Fredric Raichlen, Professor Emeritus of Civil and Mechanical Engineering in Caltech's Division of Engineering and Applied Science taught at Caltech for forty years. Raichlen formally retired from teaching in 2002 but remained active with Caltech colleagues, students and consultants until...

Raiguel California Architectural Projects

William O. Raiguel was born in Freehold, New Jersey in 1875. He studied design and architecture at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts. He came to California after the San Francisco earthquake in 1906 and became a partner in the...

Raiguel Monterey Peninsula and Carmel Valley Building Photos

William O. Raiguel was born in Freehold, New Jersey in 1875. He studied design in California after the San Francisco earthquake in 1906 and became a partner in the architectural firm of John Galen Howard, which was responsible for several...

Raiguel, William Otis Collection

The William Otis Raiguel papers span the years 1905-1932 and include correspondence, contractual agreements, travel diaries, and an insurance application. The correspondence, dated from 1909-1920, is between Raiguel and John Galen Howard, and documents some of their financial arrangements. The...

Raikin (Spas T.) papers

Correspondence, writings, bulletins, serial issues, printed matter, and photographs, relating to Bulgarian history, the Bulgarian Orthodox Eastern Church, Bulgarian émigré affairs, and activities of anti-communist organizations, including the Anti-Bolshevik Bloc of Nations and the Bulgarian National Front.

Railroad Collection

The collection contains correspondence, invoices, notices, receipts, and tickets for several railroads including the Atlantic and Great Western Railway; Buffalo Pass, Scalplock & Defiance Railroad; Chicago & North-Wester Railroad Company; Chicago Burlington and Quincy Railroad; Denver & Rio Grande Western...

Railroad Comm. of California Report

A typescript of a report issued by the Railroad Commission of California in 1914 analyzing public utilities under its jurisdiction.

Railroad commemorative stone

Section of rail . . . of the first rail-road in America (1826, Massachusetts), attached to a granite block.

Railroad Commission of Nevada Documents

Correspondence and opinion and order of the Nevada Railroad Commission in Case No. 142, Meyers Mercantile Company and E. J. Walsh versus Virginia & Truckee Railway.

Railroad Commission of the State of California records, [1915 - ca.1935]

Contents: inventory, with appraisal and physical evaluation, of Northern Electric Railroad Company, 1915; and report by T. Falch, assistant engineer, on prices and trends of railroad utilities, ca. 1935.

Railroad Employee Timebook Collection

Timebooks completed filled out by employees of various railroads.

Railroad Employees National Safety Council Award Certificate

Railroad Employees National Safety Award, 1951 Group A winner (lowest total casualty rate), issued by the National Safety Council, to Union Pacific Railroad Company.

Railroad Employees Photograph Album

The collection consists of nearly 300 pages of black and white photographs (image size: 1-1/4 x 1-½ inches), with 24 images pasted on each page) of male railroad employees, arranged alphabetically by the first letter of the surname, but not...

Railroad Engine photograph album, circa 1880s-1950s

Includes number of copy prints of earlier photos, sold by a railroad photo dealer. Arranged by name of railroad.

Railroad Ephemera Collection

The collection contains a variety of ephemeral items relating mainly to railroad companies, but also some bus and other transportation companies. Included in the collection are passenger tickets, railroad forms, transfer tickets, bond coupons, baggage claim checks, company passes, time...

Railroad ephemera collection, circa 1915-1960

Cite as: [Identification of item], Railroad ephemera collection, Wyles Mss 154. Department of Special Collections, UC Santa Barbara Library, University of California, Santa Barbara.

Railroad Law Enforcement Collection

The Railroad Law Enforcement Collection deals with a number of aspects of crimes associated with rail travel. It begins with the first train robbery in the United States in 1870 and includes material up to 1977. The bulk of the...

Railroad Logos Scrapbook

Scrapbook of North American railroad and steamship company logos.

Railroad Manuscript Collection

Publications, clippings, brochures, transfer tickets and other ephemera. Dated items begin at 1889. Includes street railways. Primarily for Los Angeles County, but also includes San Francisco and Oakland, other U.S. railroad lines, and some foreign.

Railroad miscellany, 1868-1964.

Stocks, plans clippings, registers of movement for various railroads in California such as the Central Pacific Railroad; California and Oregon Railroad; Nevada County Narrow Gauge Railroad; West Side Lumber Company Railroad; San Francisco-Sacramento Railroad; Oakland, Antioch and Eastern Railway and...

Railroad News Events Scrapbook

Includes newspaper clippings of major railroad news events throughout the United States.

Railroad Printed Ephemera Collection

The collection contains flyers, memos, membership cards, newsletters, notices, proceedings, statutes and other related materials, mainly pertaining to the New York, New Haven and Hartford Railroad Company and to the Brotherhood of Railway and Steamship Clerks, Freight Handlers, Express and...

Railroad Publications from the United States, Mexico, and Panama Collection

Collection contains mostly railroad company annual reports, as well as various company legal and financial information. Contains a small section on the Tehuantepec Isthmus, and many route maps covering each company's territory. Companies represented in the collection include: Atchison, Topeka...

Railroad Safety Posters

Seven framed railroad safety posters.


Typed (81 pages) short excerpts from the publication RAILROAD STORIES prior to 1940 and dealing with railroads in California and the far west. Includes some rosters of railroad equipment. The histories are arranged by railroad but not alphabetically.

Railroad Telegraphic Password and Cipher Documents

Includes a key card and telegraphic passwords.

Railroad views from Sacramento and the San Francisco Bay Area [graphic]

Views relate to trains and railroads in Sacramento and the San Francisco Bay Area. Locomotives and stations of the San Francisco & Alameda Railroad and of the Sacramento Valley Railroad are pictured. Also shown is a time table of the...

Railroads and trolleys in the United States and Mexico : photographs

Collection contains over 2,600 photographs documenting various railways and trolley lines in the United States (primarily California) and Mexico.

Railroads in California

L. M. Clement was one of the leading civil engineers responsible for surveying and building the eastbound route of the Central Pacific Railroad, thereby contributing to the completion of the transcontinental railroad in 1869. The collection comprises a handwritten copy...

Railroads of the Pacific Northwest photograph album

Includes photographs of several railroads of the Pacific Northwest.

Railroads, Street Cars, Trains, Trolleys

The Railroads, Street Cars, Trains, and Trolleys Collection is made up of photographs and archival material collected by the La Jolla Historical Society since the 1930s to use for historical research and reference. The Collection contains material dedicated to the...

Railtown 1897 State Historic Park Collection

Railtown 1897 State Historic Park is a functional steam-powered locomotive passenger attraction and railyard and is located in Jamestown, Tuolumne County. The Railtown 1897 State Historic Park Collection is arranged in twelve series: 1. Correspondence, 2. Meeting Minutes, 3. Financial...

Railtown 1897 State Historic Park Photographic Collection

The Railtown 1897 State Historic Park Photographic Collection contains 677 cataloged images that date from 1983 through 2011. Images depict the property as a state park.

Railway & Locomotive Historical Society Broadside Collection

The Railway & Locomotive Historical Society's Broadside Collection contains 568 broadside posters from 77 different railroads including: the Boston and Maine, Boston and Worcester, the Connecticut River, the Boston, Concord and Montreal, New York, New Haven and Hartford, and Old...

Railway & Locomotive Historical Society Corporate Ephemera Collection

The Railway & Locomotive Society Corporate Ephemera Collection focuses on corporate memorabilia from various railroad companies in the United States, Canada and Mexico from the 1840s through the 1960s.

Railway & Locomotive Historical Society (R&LHS) Postcard Collection

The Railway & Locomotive Historical Society Postcard Collection contains postcards of railroad stations dating from 1851-1953. Most of the photographs are of railroad stations. There are also some photographs of trains, rolling stock, locomotives, shops, yards and tunnels. Also includes...

Railway & Locomotive Historical Society's Caldwell Engine, National Model Railroaders Association and National Railway Historical Society Meeting slides

This is a slide collection depicting locomotives using Caldwell engines and annual meetings of the National Model Railroaders Association (NMRA) and the National Railway Historical Society (NRHS).

The Railway & Locomotive Historical Society's glass plate and film negative collection

The Railway & Locomotive Historical Society's Glass Plate and Film Negative Collection contains photographs of locomotives located in North and South America between the years of 1843 and 1913. This collection contains photographs that were collected by the Railway &...

The Railway & Locomotive Historical Society's Harold Stirton Photography Collection

The Harold Stirton Photography collection contains photographs of locomotives and trains in North America. This collection contains photographs that were collected by Stirton, but also by other railroad photographers.

The Railway & Locomotive Historical Society's Jukes (Mark "Fred") Photographs

The Railway & Locomotive Historical Society's Fred Jukes Photograph Collection consists of 557 photographs fixed to ridgid cardboard frames. The subject matter of the collection is largely focused on North American railroads and steam locomotives, there is also a sizable...

Railway & Locomotive Historical Society's William M. Hayes Negatives

This collection includes photographic negatives belonging to amateur railroad photographer and one-time Western Union telegrapher William M. (Murray) Hayes. They include images of locomotives, freight and passenger cars, stations, structures, ferries and employees of railroads across the United States and...

Railway & Locomotive Society Historical Society Photograph Collection

The Railway and Locomotive Society Photograph Collection includes black-and-white photographs of railroads and locomotives in the United States and Canada taken between 1830 and 1960.

Railway and Locomotive Historical Society Oversize Photo Collection

The Railway and Locomotive Historical Society Oversized Photograph Collection contains 871 photographs from over 300 unique railway companies. Steam locomotive photographs feature prominently in this collection. Other subjects include: bridges, viaducts, portraits, trains, rolling stock, stations, graphics and foreign railroads....

Railway Equipment & Realty Company railway drawings [technical drawings].

Contains engineering drawings of railways in and around Oakland, Calif. of various subsidiaries and predecessors of the Railway Equipment & Realty Company including San Francisco-Oakland Terminal Railways, East Bay Street Railways, East Bay Transit Co., Key System, and Key System,...

Railway Mail Association, Division 13 Newsletters

Fifteen mimeographed issues of a newsletter sent to members of the 13th Division Railway Mail Association serving in the military, 1943-1945. The editor was Glenn E. Brown of Spokane, Washington. Also includes Wayne McVey's original pen and ink /...

Railway Mail Service Correspondence

Correspondence regarding employment (RMS 5076) of George A. Bausum of Rochester, New York.

Railway Mail Service logbook of Joseph R. Rudynski

This is the logbook of Railway Mail Service postal clerk Joseph R. Rudynski, while he worked in Chicago, Illinois in the 1930s and 1940s.

Railway Post Office Booklet

packages, jackets, registered cases, through registered pouches, and inner registered sacks, received by [Name], en route from [Location] to [Location]." Handwritten entries record a description of package, where postmarked, date of delivery, location of post office, name of R.P.O. or...

Railway poster collection

This collection consists of railway travel posters for railways in London, Wales, Scotland, and Sweden.

Raina (Peter K.) collection

Photocopies of correspondence, memoranda, reports, and government documents, and photographs, relating mainly to relations of the Catholic Church with the government of Poland. Includes photocopies of personal papers relating to General Wojciech Jaruzelski, photocopies of letters by Adolf Hitler relating...

Rainbow Bridge

This is a handmade volume entitled by Hoffman Birney, signed by the author and dated 1927. It contains photographs and typed pages of prose and a prayer regarding the Rainbow Bridge red sandstone natural formation in Utah....

Rainbow Bridge/Monument Valley Expedition Archives

The Rainbow Bridge/Monument Valley Expedition (RBMVE) Archives results from excavations that were conducted between 1933 and 1938 along the Colorado River basin directed by Ansel Hall, Head of Education for the Western Region, National Park Service, based in UC-Berkeley. The...

Raine (Kathleen) Papers

The papers of Kathleen Raine, English poet and Blake and Yeats scholar, include journals, correspondence, photographs, draft versions of poems, essays, reviews, critical work, and her published autobiographical trilogy. The majority of Raine's writings in the collection focus on her...

Rainear, "Chick" (Second World War poetry)

This collection contains one typed, two page, volume of poetry including three poems written by Lt. "Chick" Rainear during the Second World War.

Rainer (Yvonne) Papers

Yvonne Rainer is an avant-garde American dancer, choreographer, filmmaker and writer. Her papers document her life as an artist from the late 1950s through 2013, and include photographic material dated as early as 1933. Materials include dance scores; programs and...

Raines Cohen papers and T-shirts collection

T-shirts and newsletters from the Berkeley Macintosh Users Group, and related files kept by Raines Cohen about his involvement with early Macintosh computer communities.

Rainfall in San Diego County collection

The collection consists of records of rainfall compiled by California Water and Telephone Company in San Diego County at approximately 80 precipitation stations. Periods of record vary, oldest beginning 1875, some records ending 1946. Typescripts (mimeo.), with holograph annotations.

Rainforest Action Network, creator. Photographs and objects from the Rainforest Action Network records.

Includes photographs (mostly color snapshots) of protests and other Rainforest Action Network events as well as some posters and publicity material. Also in the collection are T-shirts, a bandana, a tote bag and a cloth print freaturing logos, slogans or...

Rainforest Action Network Photographs and Objects

Includes photographs (mostly color snapshots) of protests and other Rainforest Action Network events as well as some posters and publicity material. Also in the collection are T-shirts, a bandana, a tote bag and a cloth print freaturing logos, slogans or...

Rainforest Action Network Records

Contains subject files for Rainforest Action Network (RAN) campaigns, Rainforest Action Groups, Rainforest Action Network publications, and small quantities of correspondence and photographs.

Rainier Brewing Company architectural drawings : San Francisco, Calif., 1937.

Contains 12 brown line prints (46 x 38 cm) and 2 smaller black and white photostats of prints, drawn Sept. 1937, for a brewery operating in San Francisco. Prints include those for the brewery, bottling house, and warehouse. Includes plans...

Rainmaker Charles Hatfield Collection

City Clerk, City of San Diego documents related to Rainmaking and Charles Hatfield, a rainmaker hired by the City in 1915. Documents and related materials date from 1914 to 1948 and include correspondence (including that from and to the City...

Rains (Omer L.) Papers

Bill files, committee files, legislation, campaign and election files, press releases, speech files, subject files, and binders with biographical information pertaining to Rains, a California legislator (State Senate), 18th Senatorial District (Santa Barbara/Ventura). Includes files on abortion, alcoholism, drugs, marijuana,...

Raisin (Administrative) Committee

The Raisin Committee collection contains reports on the harvest of raisins and statistical data.

Raitt (Helen) Papers

Papers of Helen Raitt (1905-1976), author, publisher, and wife of oceanographer Russell W. Raitt. The collection contains correspondence, research materials, writings, photographs, and audiocassettes.

Raitt (Russell W.) Papers

Papers of Scripps Institution of Oceanography geophysicist Russell W. Raitt, including correspondence, research files, laboratory notebooks, and teaching materials.

Rajchman (Ludwik Witold) letters

Relates to relief work in China, Polish refugees and relief needs during World War II, Polish relations with the United States and the Soviet Union, and postwar prospects for Poland. Letters addressed to the Polish foreign minister August Zaleski. Photocopy.

Raker (James) papers

The James Raker papers span the years 1948-1980 (bulk 1960s-1970s) and encompass 4.2 linear feet. The collection contains advertising slogan ideas for publicity campaigns for 221 films released by American International Pictures (AIP) from 1961 to 1980, 27 films released...

The rake's progress : the life and times of Rafael Perez /

Satirical scenes illustrating the gradual corruption of Los Angeles Police Department officer Rafael Perez.

Rakestraw (Norris W.) Papers

Papers of Norris Watson Rakestraw (1895-1982), marine chemist and professor of chemistry at Brown University, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, and Scripps Institution of Oceanography. Rakestraw was known for his research into the chemical composition of seawater and the role of...

Rakos (Andrew) "100 to Infinity" Documentary Production Materials

Video and audio recordings, correspondence, footage logs, transcripts of interviews, legal and financial documents, and promotional and reference materials, primarily from 1994-1999, relating to the production "100 to Infinity", an unfinished documentary by Andrew Rakos profiling 100 gay, lesbian, bisexual,...

Rakosi (Carl) Papers

Papers of Carl Rakosi, American poet and social worker, who professionally practiced psychotherapy under the name Callman Rawley. Rakosi was known for his association with the Objectivist movement as well as other Jewish writers. The collection contains correspondence, prose, poems,...

Rakovskii (Khristian Georgievich) typescript

Relates to socialist activities in the Balkans, and to the Russian Revolution. Photocopy.

Rakower (Ettel) postcard

1 postcard sent to Grete Brewer in Vienna from Ettel Rakower in Theresienstadt concentration camp, April 3, 1944.

Rakowski (Mieczyslaw F.) papers

Diaries, writings, correspondence, printed matter, photographs, and video tapes relating to political conditions in Poland during the 1980s, and to the Polska Zjednoczona Partia Robotnicza.

Raksin (David) "The Subject Is Film Music" radio program recordings

This collection consists of the audio recordings of the radio program "The Subject Is Film Music." This program ran on KUSC and was hosted by American composer David Raksin (1912-2004).

Raksin (Ruby) music scores

This collection consists of music scores for film and television series that American composer Ruby Raksin (1917-1979) composed music for. Raksin won an Academy Award in 1966 for Technical Acheivement for production of a Composer's Manual for Motion Picture Music...

Ralf (Richard) papers

Richard Ralf was a German composer who moved to Los Angeles in 1946. His music follows the florid and emotional trend of post-Wagnerian Romanticism. Among his compositions were Transcendental Ballet (1921), Violin Sonata (1923), String Quartet (1924), Violin Concerto (1925),...

Ralgin (Dmitrii) papers

Correspondence, personal documents, and photographs relating to the House of Romanov and Russian émigré affairs.

Rall (Ted) Papers

This collection consists of original cartoons, book proposals, and manuscripts of American cartoonist, columnist, and author Ted Rall (born 1963), dating from 1979 to 1998 (the drawings/cartoons date from 1979 to 1996). The correspondence deals with Rall's personal and business...

Ralph Bradford letter, 1933

One letter (TLS) from Unitarian minister and lecturer Henry Clark, praising Ralph Bradford for his book, In the Image of Man (1933). Alpha list.

Ralph Brown postcards : San Francisco, Calif., to Mrs. E.L. Brown, Los Angeles, Calif., 1906 April.

Two postcards from a man to his mother written shortly after the San Francisco earthquake of 1906 giving her assurances of his safety. Dated and postmarked from San Francisco on April 20, 1906 and April 24,1906, respectively.

Ralph Chessé and Blanding Sloan puppet theater production handbills [graphic].

Includes pictorial handbills, mostly woodcut prints, advertising various San Francisco productions of Ralph Chessé's Marionette Playhouse Club (566 Merchant St.) and the Blanding Sloan Puppet Theatre (718 Montgomery St.). Also includes handbill for the Puppet Players (688 Filbert St.), and...

Ralph E. Neidhardt photograph album documenting the Pancho Villa Punitive Expedition [graphic].

snapshots and some professionally made views documenting the 2nd Ohio Infantry of the Ohio National Guard along the U.S.-Mexico border as part of the Pancho Villa Punitive Expedition (1916-1917). Pictured are soldiers, military camps and maneuvers. Also depicted are everyday...

Ralph Edwards Productions production records

The collection consists of materials pertaining to the various Ralph Edwards Productions projects such as , , and .

Ralph Emerson papers, [ca. 1933-1980].

Includes correspondence, teaching and research files.

Ralph Grout papers, 1844-1876.

Letters received, accounts and miscellaneous papers relating to his occupation as innkeeper on Calumet Island, Canada.

Ralph J. Gleason letters to Alexander P. Hoffman, 1963.

Fourteen letters giving commentary on current events, including the Lenny Bruce trials, the civil rights movement, radio station KPFA in Berkeley, writers, jazz musicians, and the assassination of John F. Kennedy. Includes a letter from Gleason's wife, Jean, to Hoffman.

Ralph Kaneshiro Photographic Collection

Five photographs of Ralph Kaneshiro's time in the MIS in the Philippines and Japan between September 1945 and October 1946.

Ralph King papers, circa 1930-1984.

The collection consists of Echo Lakes cabin owner files (arranged alphabetically by surname), Ralph King's general correspondence (arranged chronologically), and other materials relating to the Echo Lakes area and its residents, including files on the Highway 50 Association, the Echo...

Ralph L. Phelps papers.

Also, material on the salt industry, chiefly in the San Fransico Bay region; and miscellaneous notes and pictures received from W.P. Gregory.

Ralph L. Phelps papers : additions, 1927-1954.

Correspondence, notes, photographs and clippings relating mainly to Stephen Tyng Mather, and to collecting Mather papers for the Bancroft Library. Letters from Horace M. Albright, Herman Phleger and Merrill E. Prichard included.

Ralph L. Phelps papers concerning Robert Shankland, 1951 March 23.

Inscription to Phelps from Robert Shankland; TLS to Phelps from Horace Marden Albright concerning Shankland's biography of Steve Mather.

Ralph (Leon D.) Papers

Leon Douglas Ralph, Democrat, was a State Assembly Member, 1966-1976. His main area of interest was issues affecting minorities, particularly affirmative action.

Ralph. Letters from Ralph : Corning, Calif. : ALS, 188-.

Love letters written from Corning and Bully Choop , Calif. to "Myrtie", wishing they could be together.

Ralph M. Heintz papers, 1930-1976.

The cartons contain 3 folders of correspondence and newspaper clippings, 5 folders of patents, 1 folder of photographs, 7 reports on equipment and 10 notebooks. The 2 scrapbooks contain correspondence, photographs, newspaper clippings and legal notices pasted in chronological order.

Ralph M. Heintz Prints, Tracings, and Sketches

This collection consists of prints, tracings, and sketches of technical equipment such as compressors, engines, and generators.

Ralph M. Kramer papers, 1954-2001 (bulk 1964-1991).

Contains correspondence, writings, course materials, research proposals, and miscellaneous papers.

Ralph Reynolds family memoirs, circa 1956.

Memoirs prepared by the family of Dr. Ralph Reynolds of San Francisco.

Ralph S. Kuykendall notes and transcriptions relating to the history of Mexico, ca. 1920-1940.

Notes and transcriptions of documents from the Archivo General de Indias in Seville, Spain concerning Mexico, ca. 1773-1796. Included as well is a guide to researching in the Archivo General de Indias written by Kuykendall.

Ralph Segalman papers, 1939-1972.

This collection documents the efforts of the American Joint Distribution Committee to resettle displaced persons in Austria after World War II through reports and correspondence. It also includes personal correspondence, materials and correspondence related to Ralph Segalman's work with Jewish...

Ralph Shigeto Iwamoto Collection

This collection consists of eight photographs and a memorandum related to Iwamoto's military service as a member of the 441st Counter Intelligence Corps Detachment.

Ralph "Sonny" Barger portraits [graphic] /

Portraits of Hell's Angels motorcycle gang leader Ralph "Sonny" Barger, taken at his Arizona home. Other family members also appear in some photos.

Ralph Stackpole papers, approximately 1920-1980.

Chiefly incoming correspondence, including several files of letters from Leo Eloesser, as well as correspondence from several federal agencies concerning Stackpole's involvement with various New Deal projects. Also contains outgoing correspondence, including letters written by Stackpole as Head of the...

Ralph Vince Garrod papers, [1958-1959]

Includes his statement prepared for the California Industrial Welfare Commission on fruit growing in the Saratoga area and labor problems pertaining thereto; a copy of the report of the Resolutions Committee, California Farmers, Inc., for the annual meeting 1958; copy...

Ralph W. Baker Conservation Corps collection [graphic]

Include 3 albums (v.1-3) of young men on hiking excursions in Marin County, Calif. between 1929 and 1931. Some views of trail maintenance work are present, and some are identified as "SCC" related. 2 additional albums (v.4-5), compiled on binder...

Ralph Waldo Emerson papers, 1837-1860.

Assembled from various sources.

Ralph Waldo Emerson photo, undated

One black and white cabinet photo of a painting of Emerson, labeled "Bruckmann's Collection," n.d.

Ralph Whitman Guantanamo Bay, Cuba papers, 1904-1913

Collection of 61 carbon copies of typewritten letters, memoranda, and reports, June 4, 1904 to August 23, 1913, on the construction of the United States' naval base at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, and its water supply in Oriente Province, originally belonging...

Ralph Withington Church papers, [ca. 1926-1955].

Letters written to him while a student and later professor of philosophy, by Sherwood Anderson, William R. Dennes, Eugène Jolas, Roger B. Merriman, Laura Riding, Gertrude Stein, Pavel Tchelitchew, Alice B. Toklas and Clement C.J. Webb.

Ralph Works Chaney, Ph. D. : paleobotanist, conservationist : transcript, 1959.

Interviews conducted 1959 by Edna T. Daniel for the Regional Cultural History Project, University of California Library, Berkeley. Photographs inserted. Mainly comments on teaching career at University of California; loyalty oath controversy; student government; conservation work with Save the Redwoods...

Ralston (F. Marion) Collection of Musical Compositions

Collection consists of manuscripts, ozalid masters and copies, and published sheet music of musical compositions. Titles include: ; ; ; ; ; ; ; and ....

Ralston (W. C.) and His Mansion in Belmont, Calif., Photographs

The Photographs of W.C. Ralston and His Mansion in Belmont, Calif. collection contains eleven photographic albumen prints taken by Eadweard Muybridge in 1874. The prints, some of which are stereograph halves, are gathered on four mounts --two prints being individually...

Ralston (William C.) Correspondence

All letters are copies printed from microfilmed originals. Letters primarily to Ralston, dealing with William W. Cargill of the Oriental Bank Corporation of London and Charles de Long, U.S. Envoy and Minister to Japan. Also included are letters asking for...

Ram Studios Records

This collection contains records from Ram Studios, an art and erotic photography studio in San Francisco owned by photographer Frank Tarsitano, aka Franco. The records include administrative and model files; financial and legal records; a small amount of correspondence; photographs...

Ramabai (Pandita) Microfiche and Microfilm Collection

Ramabai Dongre Medhavi, known as Pandita Ramabai (1858-1922), was an Indian evangelist, social reformer, Bible translator and theologian. She was a noted Sanskrit scholar as a child. Ramabai converted to Christianity in 1883, and became women's rights and social reform...

Ramaty (Reuven) Papers

Papers of Reuven Ramaty, astrophysicist, pioneer in high energy astrophysics, and a leading theorist at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center for over 30 years. The collection documents his years at Goddard Space Flight Center first as post-doctoral research associate, then...

Rambling Views [graphic] : photographs of California.

Snapshots of surf at Santa Monica, Magnolia Ave. (Riverside), a sailboat on San Francisco Bay, a woman on board the S.S. Pomona, the Post Office in Sacramento, the Court House in Santa Barbara, an adobe market in Santa Barbara, the...

Rambo (F. Ralph) Collection

Original illustrations, cartoon drawings, manuscripts, photographic prints, and other ephemera created by Santa Clara Valley illustrator and author F. Ralph Rambo. Rambo was known for his work with Muirson Label Company from 1916-1966 and later as an author and cartoonist...

Rambo family portraits.

Title supplied by cataloger.

Rambo (Leslie A.) Autograph Album

"An album of original drawings, sentiments, reflections, and recollections by British, Canadian, and American soldiers billeted at the 16th Hospital--specifically, in the 17th Ward, under the care of 'Sister Rambo' (and her colleague, 'Sister Baird'). Prepared as a keepsake for...

Rambo (William R.) Papers

These papers, kept in their original arrangement, reflect Prof. Rambo's administrative responsibilities as well as his research interests, largely during his time at Stanford University. Stanford subjects include the School of Engineering, the Electrical Engineering Department, the Stanford Electronic Labs,...

Ramboz (John H.) Papers

John Henry Ramboz (1879-1960) served as the representative from San Marino to the Metropolitan Water District Board of Directors in 1933. He was the vice-chairman in 1948, and chairman in 1949. The collection consists of correspondence, reports, graphs, pamphlets, books,...

Ramey (Bern C.) Papers

Bern C. Ramey had a long career in many aspects of the wine field including those of winemaker, merchandising specialist, author, lecturer, educator, and sales executive. A graduate of the UC Davis Department of Viticulture and Enology, Ramey worked for...

Ramey, Melvin R. Papers

Research articles, reports, notes and calculations, private sector work, personal documents.

Ramicova, Dunya Costume Design Collection

Costume designs and illustrations by Dunya Ramicova, Professor Emeritus at UC Merced.

Ramirez (Efren Convento) Photographs

Efren Convento Ramirez was a freelance photographer in the San Francisco Bay Area. He received M.A. and B.A. degrees in Art from San Francisco State University in 1974 and 1977. This collection holds select photos of San Francisco LGBT life...

Ramirez (Salvador A.) Papers

This collection of research papers was assembled by Salvador Ramirez as information for the books he authored.

Ramirez-Montesinos (Vicente) photograph collection

Depicts Francisco Franco, other Spanish political leaders, foreign diplomats and other officials visiting Spain, and scenes of political, military, cultural, social, and religious life in Spain.

Ramón Corral correspondence.

Letters written to the Mexican Vice President, containing information on activities of the opposition party led by Bernardo Reyes, on political events, and government, and journalism, by Miguel Ahumada, Fernando Celada, Enrique C. Creel, Luis del Carmen Curiel, Manuel Garza...

Ramón Gil Navarro papers, 1845 March 24-1883 June 8.

Vol. 1: Diary, March 24, 1845 - October 16, 1852; Vol. 2: Diary, November 1, 1852 - July 11, 1857); Vol. 1-2 suppl., loose pages removed from vol. 1-2; Vol. 3: commonplace book, 1846 - December 12 [1854?]; Vol. 4:...

Ramón Múzquiz letters to the alcalde at Goliad, [1831]

Official letters from the political chief at San Antonio de Bexar (now San Antonio) to the alcalde at Goliad, in the state of Coahuila and Texas (now Texas)

Ramo Arquitectos records, 1559-1855.

Items selected by Professor Donald B. Cooper from the city's architectural records. Reel 1: Materials relating to appointments, licensing, examinations and salaries of architects; repairs on buildings damaged by earthquakes and floods; documents concerning the construction and maintenance of the...

Ramon J. Hill papers, 1863-1933.

This collection contains a misc. assortment of personal and legal documents. Hill's personal documents include correspondence, speeches, and a few scrapbooks with his poetry. Most of the legal documents are land deeds, including ones held by his son, Lawrence V....

Ramona Glass Slide Collection

40 glass slides by F. H. Maude (Los Angeles, CA), many colored, with captions, providing a visual depiction at Rancho Camulos (Ventura Co.) of Helen Hunt Jackson's novel .

Ramos Arizpe, Miguel Letters relating to the election of Miguel Ramos Arizpe as deputy to the Constituent Congress of the Mexican Empire for Coahuila : Saltillo, Coahuila : ALS and ADS, 1822.

Consists of four letters and one document regarding the appointment of Ramos Arizpe as Deputy to the Mexican Congress in 1822, which show the positive reaction of several politicians in Coahuila and record the progression of events leading to his...

Ramos (Avelino) Oral History

Sound recording of interview with Avelino "Abba" Ramos conducted by Harvey Schwartz. Describes youth in Hawaii as son of Filipino sugar worker, coming of ILWU to Islands in 1940s, CIO organizing work in Hawaii, and career in California with Local...

Rampant Lions Press Collection

This collection contains items related to the Rampant Lions Press and its owners Will and Sebastian Carter. Materials include those printed by and about the Rampant Lions Press, including books in print pamphlets, lecture announcements, book prospectuses, and other printed...

Ramparts magazine and Scrimshaw Press records, 1965-1996 (bulk 1965-1980).

The records of Ramparts magazine and Scrimshaw Press contain materials collected by Frederick C. Mitchell from his own involvement in both organizations. The Ramparts material predominantly concerns the business side of the operation, with correspondence and reports relating to circulation,...

Ramplee-Smith (Winifred V.) collection

Pamphlets, leaflets, clippings, and postcards, relating to the February 1917 Revolution in Russia. Includes fragments of burned records of the tsarist secret police (Okhrana).

Ram's Head Records

Records of the student drama group Ram's Head include financial reports (1924-1957), Dramatic Council minutes (1925-1948), board minutes, (1935-1957), general correspondence (1934-1952), production books (1937-1959), and several LP records and audio tapes for such Ram's Head productions as the Big...

Ramsay, George Douglas Letter : to Major R.L. Baker, 1862 November 9

Holograph letter written at the Frankford Arsenal to Major R.L. Baker of the Watervliet Arsenal, West Troy, N.Y.

Ramsdale (Esther) photograph album

The collection consists of a photograph album created by Riverside resident Esther Ramsdale in 1925. The album most notably documents Ramsdale's experience as one of the first graduates of the Riverside Community Hospital School for Nurses, as a part of...

Ramsdell (Kristin) Papers

This collection documents the work of Emerita Library Faculty member, Kristin “Kris” Ramsdell, who was instrumental in the establishment and expansion of the information literacy credit courses at the university.

Ramsdell (Sheldon) Papers

Journal, ephemera, correspondence, and other materials collected by political activist and photojournalist Sheldon Ramsdell.

Ramsey (Admiral Paul) Photo Collection

Photographic Prints that have been digitized and placed on the DAMS and Flickr. They have been assigned a 09 Series Number. Admiral Ramsey was the air warfare director for the Chief of Naval Operations before he took command of Task...

Ramsey Collection, ca. 19th century

Photographs. Mostly 19th century studio stills and outdoor images of individuals and groups, including animals and a tree. Undated.

Ramsey (Paul Harrison) Accident Report

An accident report dated August 16, 1945 for an injury occurring on August 6 to M.S.A. Railroad brakemen Paul H. Ramsey of Heber Springs, Arkansas. Mr. Ramsey injured his finger while opening the coal gate on a steam locomotive.

Ramtha collection, 1991-2004

Audio and video recording of the teachings of the spirit Ramtha, channeled by JZ Knight.

Ranch life and leisure scenes of youths in California [graphic].

Snapshots of family life, outings, and ranch life in Marin and possibly Lassen Counties, California. Views include horses, livestock, hunting and trapping, a home in Oakland, Calif., automobiles, young men at track events and on hiking trips, and various other...

Ranch life in northern California

Rural life and outings. Locations noted include Jackson, Truckee, Lake County, Mt. Shasta fish hatchery, and the Klamath River Valley (Oregon).

Rancheros Visitadores collection, 1935-1994.

Los Rancheros Visitadores, or the Visiting Ranchers, is a Santa Barbara-based social club; however, many of its members are also from Ventura County. The club is most known for its annual 60-mile trek through the Santa Ynez Valley. James Albert...

Rancheros Visitadores films

Two reels of 16mm film relating to Los Rancheros Visitadores, or the "Visiting Ranchers," a social club in the United States.

Ranching and travel views in Arizona, New Mexico and Mexico.

Chiefly snapshots of ranch and desert scenes in Arizona, with views from excursions in Mexico and New Mexico. Locations include a trip to the Montoya Mine, Saw Mill Canyon (Ajo Mountains, Arizona?), Estancia (New Mexico), Martin's Ranch (Cerro Colorado), San...

Rancho Camulos

A presentation on the Rancho Camels, early rancho in Ventura County, which now has a National Landmark designation

Rancho Corte Madera del Presidio papers concerning title.

Includes abstract of title (incomplete) and correspondence.

Rancho Cucamonga Grape Harvest Festival Collection

The collection contains memorabilia from the Rancho Cucamonga Grape Harvest Festival, an event that started in 1939 and was billed as "California's Oldest Grape Harvest Festival." The festival was originally scheduled to coincide with the beginning of the grape harvest...

Rancho de la Nacion Collection

This collection contains documents pertaining to the ownership of Rancho de la Nacion in the second half of the nineteenth century. These include land petitions and grants, deeds, land surveys, mortgages, property taxes, and maps.

Rancho de Los Alamos broadside, 1888

Auction broadside, "Grand Auction Sale at Los Alamos, the chief town in the northern part of Santa Barbara County...," by Easton, Eldridge & Co., 1888. Includes map of the subdivision. Oversize, map cabinet 20/6. Alpha list.

Rancho de Matapajaros sale documents : Santiago Tlacotepec, Mexico, 1733 Dec. 12.

Manuscript legal documents concerning the sale of the Rancho de Matapajaros, located in [Santiago] Tlacotepec in the province of Metepec, Mexico, by the son of a Spanish agriculturalist, Phelipe de la.Cruz Manjarres de Metepec, to some Indians for the price...

Rancho La Ballona Map

This collection consists of a map hand-drawn by Los Angeles surveyors George Hansen and Afredo Solano in 1876 on linen cloth of Rancho La Ballona, which covered present-day Venice, Culver City, and West Los Angeles. The size of the...

Rancho La Ballona Property Records

This collection contains legal documents related to the ownership, transfer of title, and division of the property known as Rancho La Ballona.

Rancho Las Posas and Simi records, circa 1870-1930.

Rancho Las Posas and Rancho Simi were both Mexican land grants that were owned by the de la Guerra y Noriega family of Santa Barbara. They cover large portions of present-day Camarillo, Moorpark, Simi Valley, the Oxnard Plains, and western...

Rancho Life in California photographs, circa 1950-1970

20 black and white photographs, with captions, of various activities including cattle herding, plowing, and hide tanning. Apparently historical recreations, ca. 1950s-1970s, which were photographed and distributed to institutions such as the Ventura Schools Visual Aids Department, which is where...

Rancho Los Amigos Hospital records

The Rancho Los Amigos Hospital began in the late 1880's as the Los Angeles County Poor Farm. For over a century, the Rancho's mission has evolved, first as a hospital for indigents and then as a center for rehabilitation for...

Rancho San Luis Rey Collection

The collection documents Cooper's early life horse breeding and racing, ranching, commerce, land development, and politics. Because of the breadth of the collection, it has been organized alphabetically by subject, person, or correspondent with inclusive dates listed. Users should be...

Rancho San Pedro Collection

This collection contains legal and business papers related to the Rancho San Pedro and to its owners, the Dominguez family. The Spanish crown gave the Southern California lands of the Rancho San Pedro to Juan Jose Dominguez in 1784,...

Rancho San Pedro documents

Typescript abstract of title for the Rancho San Pedro, consisting of copies of documents related to the property, dated 1805 to 1854.

Rancho San Pedro Reference Collection

This collection includes correspondence, brochures, newsclippings, papers, and copies of historical documents related to the Rancho San Pedro. Subjects include the Dominguez Adobe and Claretian Seminary, families descended from the Dominguez sisters, companies owned by these descendants, and the...

Rancho San Rafael diseño y otros papeles : ms., [undated].

Sketch map (negative and positive photostats) of the Rancho San Rafael in the Altar Valley of Sonora, on a former gold-mining site; overlay tracing by Robert H. Becker; letter of presentation from Jacob N. Bowman (Berkeley, Calif., March 31, 1958);...

Rancho Sespe Collection

This collection includes 412 items related to the history of Rancho Sespe, near modern day Fillmore, California, dating from 1829 to 1944, and including a manuscript of the history of the Rancho by E.M. Sheridan, as well as research notes,...

Rand Corporation reports

Relates to the organization, operations, motivation, and morale of Viet Cong and North Vietnamese troops, 1964-1968, based on 2400 interviews with Vietnamese

Rand (Robert W.) Collection

A collection of documents, publications, 35 mm and glass slides, and films chronicling Dr. Robert Rand's career as clinical neurosurgeon, researcher into innovative techniques of cancer treatments and microsurgery, and entrepreneur of medical equipment. Textual coverage of his extensive publications...

Rand (William W.) Papers

Papers of William Whitehill Rand (1902-1988), geologist, engineer, and petroleum prospector. The collection includes documents, maps and some artifacts related to Rand's career in geology, marine engineering, and the oil industry. The maps are scientific and some include offshore sounding...

Randal F. Dickey, Jr. Sierra Club papers, 1949-1964.

Papers relating to Randal F. Dickey's involvement in the Sierra Club.

Randall (A. Frank) Photographs of Apache Indians

This disbound album contains 123 photographs taken by photographer A. Frank Randall between 1883 and 1888. The images include studio and field photographs of Apache Indians taken during the United States military campaign to capture Apache renegades during the...

Randall, B. G. Correspondence with Abner Doble Company, 1898.

Concerning a pump and other equipment and supplies for mine at Campo Seco, Calaveras Co., Calif.

Randall family. Papers relating to the Sarah Seaver Randall House : Olema Valley.

Relating to the nomination for the National Register of Historic Places of the Sarah Seaver Randall House in Olema Valley. Copies of photographs, information on the Randall family, etc., included.

Randall (Josephine D.) Junior Museum records

Collection contains administrative papers and publications of the Auxiliary of the Josephine D. Randall Junior Museum and later the Josephine D. Randall Junior Museum Society as well as records of the Museum. Also includes records, historical photographs, photo albums, and...

Randall (Tony) television script collection

This collection consists of Tony Randall scripts from two 1970s series, "The Odd Couple" and "The Tony Randall Show." Tony Randall was an American actor best known for his role in "The Odd Couple."

Randall W. Ackley Papers

A very small selection of the papers of Randall Ackley, poet, scholar, professor of English at the University of Alaska-Juneau and Yarmouk University in Irbid, Jordan. Ackley collected materials from key figures in Chicano and Indigenous poetry movements, including Ricardo...

Randall (William A) letters

Relates to social conditions in China and the Philippines. Letters written to a friend in the United States.

Randel (William) Research Papers

The bulk of this collection consists of research materials, notes, and correspondence created and compiled by American English professor William Randel (1909-1996) for an unfinished book on Mormon gold miner and journalist Samuel Brannan (1819-1889), as well as drafts of...

Randolf (Anders) papers

The Anders Randolf papers span the years 1914-1930 and encompass 1 linear foot. The collection contains clippings, correspondence, drawings, scrapbooks, and a photograph album....

Randolph, D. C. Letter from D. C. Randolph to S. D. Cabanip, Esq., 1859 March 5.

Holograph letter written by D. C. Randolph in Richmond to S. D. Cabanip in Huntsville about the arrival of Mrs. Harrison and the selling of Dolly, who is reported to be in good health.

Randolph (Donald) papers

Donald Randolph was a stage, film, television, and radio actor. The collection includes two scrapbooks of programs and clippings documenting a number of projects in which Randolph was involved, photographs, and a small amount of ephemera, correspondence, and writings by...

Randolph family papers, 1836-1973 (bulk 1830-1904).

Contains correspondence of the Randolph family in Virginia and California, including Thomas Lyman Randolph, Samuel N. Jones, Elisabeth Randolph Simonson, Daniel Lyman Randolph, Edward H. Simonson, Louisa Maria Randolph and Anne M. (Mathieu) Randolph, as well as other Randolph and...

Randolph (Julian F.) Oral History

Sound recording of interview with Julian F. Randolph conducted by Harvey Schwartz. Describes his involvement in the San Francisco State Strike, the evolution of faculty unionism at San Francisco State University, his efforts on behalf of faculty rights as an...

Randolph Sevier papers, 1940-1963.

Documenting his career with Castle & Cooke, Ltd., and with Matson Navigation Company.

Random Access newsletter collection

This collection includes various issues of the "Random Access" newsletter published by the Microcomputer User Group sponsored by University Computing Services of the University of Southern California.

Random Lengths News Collection

This collection contains clippings, notes, correspondence, photographs, half-tones, press releases, flyers, invoices, meeting minutes, reports, published newspaper issues, and other material generated by Random Lengths News.

Randy Collins Enterprises records

Mail orders, correspondence, financial records, advertisements and other records from Randy Collins Enterprises, 1988-1992, a gay erotic video mail order company based in San Francisco, California.

Rangel (Santos) Papers

Santos Rangel was an active member of the Alameda County Leather Corps and the Phoenix Uniform Club. This collection includes uniforms, leather material, photographs, paper ephemera, artifacts, and organizational records related to Santos Rangel’s involvement with these clubs.

Rank (Kenneth) - New Idria Mines Collection

Correspondence, notes from interviews, foreman`s notebook, geology and production reports, annual reports, microfilm of Congressional reports....

Rank v. Krug Collection

The Rank v. Krug collection measures 9 linear feet and consists of eleven series; Case documents, Clippings, Indentures, Interior Department and Congressional documents, Publications, reports and statistics, Related cases, Water applications, protests and complaints, Water districts, Miscellaneous, Maps and Photographs....

Rankin family genealogy.

Genealogy charts and citation lists for the Rankin family and other related families.

Rankin, James Photographs of Wyntoon and San Simeon Hearst estates.

Photos of Wyntoon show the surrounding McCloud River area in snow, and the buildings of the estate. San Simeon photographs show construction of pools, details of interior elements, formal gardens, etc. Some portraits also included: Mr. and Mrs. James F....

Rankin (James) Sons Records

Born in May 1851, James Rankin immigrated to the United States from Scotland when in his teens. He first found employment and learned the trade of plumbing from his uncle, Mr. Dalziel of Oakland. He continued to work with his...

Rankin (John Thompson) and Caroline Wisdom Rankin USC School of Medicine diplomas

USC School of Medicine diplomas for husband and wife graduates Caroline Wisdom and John Thompson Rankin, Class of 1903.

Rankin (Pauline Jordan) memorabilia

French helmet, German belt buckle, pin, cigarette lighter, and five decorations (medals, ribbons, and citation) given to P. J. Rankin by the French War Ministry in 1917. Includes two American posters from World War II.

Ransenberg (Rolf) papers

Correspondence and personal documents, 1937-1947, created and collected by Rolf Ransenberg. Consisting chiefly of correspondence from the Ransenberg family in Wanneman, Germany to their son Rolf in the United States, the papers also contain along with some personal documents of...

Ransohoff (Marta) correspondence with Greta Rosenthal

The Marta Ransohoff correspondence with Greta Rosenthal contains approximately 195 letters sent from Marta Ransohoff to her daughter Greta Rosenthal between 1940 and 1941. Also included is an immigration document titled "Wichtige Anmerkungen über die zur Einwanderung am praktischsten Beweismittel"...

Ransom, Mary Akers

Ransom discusses Santa Clara Valley from 1887 to 1876

Ransom (Roger L.) papers

The collection contains materials from UC Riverside Emeritus History and Economics Professor Roger L. Ransom, including outlines and other coursework from classes taught by Ransom, and maps related to his research interests. The collection also includes files from the Riverside...

Ransome (Amy C.) collection on Women's Suffrage

The Amy C. Ransome collection contains material related to women's suffrage from 1884-1949. There is a large amount of correspondence and printed material connected with Sarah Ware Whitney, editor of the Women's Standard in Waterloo, Iowa. In addition, there is...

Ransome (Arthur) Collection

The Arthur Ransome Collections consists of books written by Mr. Ransome, the noted British children’s author, and books that formed part of his personal library.

Ranson (Rebecca) Papers

Materials, 1987-1996, relating to the life and work of Lesbian playwright Rebecca Ranson, including scripts of three of her plays (circa 1987-1989), a copy of (1996), a book of interviews and stories by residents of single room occupancy (SRO) dwellings,...

Ranson-Windle-Krieg-Arey Neuroscience Reprints Collection

Collection consists of approximately 8000 reprints and offprints amassed as a working collection, chiefly 1908-1956, by Stephen Walter Ranson and his colleagues and successors at the Northwestern University Dept. of Anatomy and Cell Biology and the Institute of Neurology: William...

Rantz family papers

Correspondence with and about Ivy Litvinov, clippings, and photographs, relating to Ivy Litvinov, literature, Basic English, and personal affairs. Includes a letter by Joseph Freeman.

Ranuzzi (Florence) Papers

This collection contains material relating to the personal activities of conservative political activist Florence Ranuzzi (1908-2002), who co-founded Poor Richard's Bookshop in Hollywood, California. The materials reflect her early life in the motion picture industry, and business papers concerning Poor...

Ranzow Engelhardt (Poul) memoir

Relates to the German occupation of Denmark during World War II and to the formation of the Viking Division of Scandinavian and Dutch volunteers within the Waffen-SS to fight against the Soviet Army.

Raoul-Duval (Michael) Papers, White House Central Files, 1973-1974

Michael Raoul-Duval was a Staff Assistant to the President (scheduling trips and planning President Nixon’s foreign trips); consultant on detail to the Inaugural Committee; Aide to HUD Secretary Lynn in his role as Counselor to the President for Community Development;...

Raousset-Boulbon (Gaston R., comte de) Papers

A collection of carbon copies of transcripts in Spanish from the Mexican archives used in research for the book ...

Rapaport (Elliot) Papers

This collection contains the professional papers of Dr. Elliot Rapaport. It includes photographs, correspondence, certificates and awards, teaching materials, manuscripts, published articles, and teaching slides.

Raper (John M.) Civil War letter

One letter from John M. Raper (1827-1901) to his wife Maria detailing the fighting around Chattanooga, Tennessee, during the American Civil War. Discusses the rental of their house and upkeep of their shop and land.

Raphael M. Robinson papers, circa 1940-1995.

Chiefly consists of Robinson's mathematical notes and writings in the areas of set and number theory, complex analysis, geometry, and combinatorics, with some correspondence. Includes his writings on the tiling of the plane.

Raphael (Max) Papers

Modernist art historian, born in Poland (1889), died in the United States (1952). Papers contain approximately 6 linear feet of manuscripts (many unpublished) on philosophy, artists and art (ancient, medieval and modern), the sociology of art, architects and architecture, as...

Raphael Weill papers and photographs, 1880-1964.

Collection consists mostly of photographs relating to Raphael Weill's businesss as well as his family, friends, and acquaintances. Among the photographs are portraits of the following: Edgar Meyer, Judge Morrow, Sigmund Steinhart, John French Sloan, Edward Robert Taylor, Daniel J....

Rapoport family papers

Memoirs, other writings, correspondence, personal documents, and photographs relating mainly to the "doctors' plot" arrests in the Soviet Union in 1952-1953.

Rapoport (Henry) Papers

The Henry Rapoport Papers, 1936-2003, consist of correspondence, writings, reports, and research materials spanning Rapoport's distinguished career in organic chemistry from the 1940s to his death in 2002. The bulk of the collection includes correspondence and reports generated by Rapoport...

Rapoport, Henry. Photographs from the Henry Rapoport papers.

Includes photographs taken of Rapoport throughout his career. Also depicts many of Rapoport's colleagues in the Universit of California, Berkeley Department of Chemistry, as well as some of his students.

Rapoport (Sonya) Papers

The Sonya Rapoport papers document the life and work of this American conceptual/ digital artist. Included in the collection are artworks, research for artworks, exhibition announcements, correspondence and other materials documenting Rapoport's work over the course of five decades.

Rapoport (Sonya) Pictorial Material from the Sonya Rapoport Papers

Chiefly photographs pertaining to Rapoport's various conceptual art projects. Some portraits and snapshot photographs of the artist are included throughout files. Also includes selections of Rapoport's artist's books and a small number of early drawings.

Rappahannock (ship) invoice

Rappahannock (ship) invoice (SAFR 18870, HDC0522) provides crew to the captain and owners. Issued by Charles McCarthy and signed on February 5, 1891. There is the original document and a duplicate. The collection is available for research use without restriction.

Rappaport (Roy) Papers

Papers of Roy A. Rappaport, an ethnographic anthropologist. The collection includes research papers and materials generated from his fieldwork with the Tsembaga Maring of the Simbai Valley in Papua New Guinea during two field trips (1962-1963 and 1981-1982). Rappaport's first...

Rapport sur l'activite politique de la francmaconnerie typescript

Relates to the history of Freemasonry in France and the world, and the relationship of Freemasonry to pacifism, communism, the Spanish Civil War, and World War II.

Rare Books

The Rare Book Collection consists of books, pamphlets, periodicals and manuscripts from the 15th to 20th century.

Raskol'nikov (Fedor Fedorovich) letter

Relates to political purges in the Soviet Union.

Rasputin (Grigorii Efimovich) note

Includes explanatory letter by Peter S. Soudakoff, 1966, and an affidavit copy certifying the authenticity of Rasputin's handwriting.

Rasula (George A.) papers

George Arthur Rasula (1920-2019) was a career Army officer who served in World War II, the Korea War, and the Vietnam War, and fought in the Battle of Chosin Reservoir during the Korean War. The collection includes letters and ephemera...

The Ratcliff Architects : in Berkeley since 1909 : oral history transcript / 1989.

Ratcliff discusses the architectural practice and principled philosophy of his father, Walter H. Ratcliff, exploring the relationship of the first two generations of Ratcliff architects to Bay Region architects such as Maybeck and Wurster. They discuss social planning, growth, and...

Ratcliffe (Rita) collection of television scripts

Collection consists of various drafts of scripts for Cannon (4 episodes, 1971), Hawaii five-0 (7 episodes, 1968) (23 episodes, 1970-1971 season) and (13 episodes, 1972 season), and Kojak (3 episodes, 1974). Also includes press kit style distributor's package for Requiem...

Rath (Eric) Collection

This collection contains papers related to the various business projects conducted in the San Diego area by Eric Rath.

Rath (Ralph) Collection

Ralph Rath (May 22, 1932 - August 12, 2019) was a Roman Catholic journalist. The collection includes Ralph Rath’s essays, articles and booklets. Materials also include conference programs, booklets, and magazines related to the Charismatic renewal in the Catholic Church...

Rathbone (William) Correspondence

A collection of the correspondence of William Rathbone, English ship-owner and merchant.

Rathbun (Harry J.) Lecture Papers

One audio reel from a lecture in The Sequoia Seminar series on "Realizing Our Highest Potentialities" given at the Palo Alto Library, 1955.

Rather (Lois) papers

Papers of Lois Rather, printer, writer, and proprietor, along with her husband Clif Rather, of the Oakland, California-based Rather Press.

Rather Press Collection

The Rather Press collection measures 1 linear foot and dates from 1968 to 1996. The bibliographies list everything published by The Rather Press in chronological order, regardless of format. The first bibliography, covering the years 1968 to 1978, is extensively...

Rathvon (Nathaniel Peter) letters

Letters, 1923-1945, from William H. Donald, Australian journalist and adviser to Chiang Kai-shek and other Chinese officials, 1903-1942, relating to historical and political events in China, and letters from Earl Albert Selle, 1946-1947, relating to the preparation of his book...

Ratliff (Patty) collection

Photographs, printed matter, and miscellany, depicting political, social, and economic conditions in the Soviet Union.

Ratliff (Therese Tag) scrapbook

This scrapbook largely documents student life at Stanford from 1909-1911, with a few items pertaining to summer activities. Included are letters, clippings, receipts, tickets, notes, postcards, photographs, programs, class registration cards, dance cards, calling cards, a few completed essay tests,...

Ratliff (William E.) papers

Writings, correspondence, sound recordings of interviews, reports, memoranda, legal proceedings, internal bulletins, opinion polls, printed matter, and photographs, relating to communism in Latin America; political and economic conditions, and especially laissez-faire economics, in Argentina, elsewhere in Latin America, and Hong...

Ratzenhofer (Emil) study

Relates to mobilization, transportation, and concentration of troops in Austria-Hungary in 1914. Includes translation.

Raub (Henry) Collection

Photograph prints and negatives primarily of Whittier, California, along with other Southern California views. Most of the photographs are attributed to photographer Allan W. Ramsey. ca. 1900-1920.

Raubitschek (Antony E.) Papers

This collection pertains to Raubitschek's interest in Greek ostraka and the historical knowledge generated from their study; included in the collection are his historiography notes, correspondence, lists of ostraka, and photographs of ostraka. Correspondents include Eugene Vanderpool, C. W. J....

Rauch (Laura) photographs

Photographs depicting American military activities in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Raul Ramirez papers, 1950-2013.

Professional and personal papers of journalist Raul Ramirez. Includes materials relating to the libel case, Hearst v. Hearst Corporation, as well as materials regarding his teaching journalism at San Francisco State University.

Raum (Hermann) photo collages

Satirical collages relating to West German and world politics

Raun Family Photograph Album of California Scenes

Snapshots or amateur views including San Francisco's Cliff House and Golden Gate Park, Monterey, Sacramento, Mt. Tamalpais, Sausalito, the Mokelumne River, and the Del Ray [sic] mine. Also present is a view of the tombstone of Eduard Theodor and Charlotta...

Rauscher (Elizabeth A.) papers

This collection documents the life and work of American physicist and parapsychologist Elizabeth A. Rauscher. Materials include personal papers, professional papers, and research material.

Raut (Georges) papers

Writings, correspondence, diaries, notes, serial issues, other printed matter, and photographs, relating to Romanian participation in the two world wars, Romanian diplomacy and political conditions, the International Labour Organisation, Romanian émigré activities in France, Romanian culture, and the Romanian Orthodox...

Ravarour (Adrian) Papers

The collection includes material related to Vanguard, an organization of LGBTQ youth and others from the Tenderloin district in San Francisco, circa 1965-1967. Materials include correspondence regarding the founding of Vanguard and essays by Adrian Ravarour regarding “Vanguard LGBT Youth...

Ravarour (Adrian) Synopsis and Appendix: The Vanguard (LGBT) gay youth movement and organization, San Francisco 1965-1967

A short history of the founding of Vanguard, an organization for LGBT equal rights that also served LGBT youth in San Francisco's Tenderloin District, written by its founder Adrian Ravarour. It recounts the connections between Vanguard, Glide, and other organizations....

Ravdin (Boris) collection

Reports, memoranda, and police files, relating to secret police activities and political dissidents in Latvia. Photocopy.

Rave promotional ephemera from the San Francisco Bay Area [graphic].

Handbills and promotional fliers promoting rave parties and nightclub events, chiefly in the San Francisco Bay Area. A few events in Portland, Oregon, in London (U.K.), and other cities are also represented. Most are colorfully illustrated with visual references to...

Raveling (Dennis G.) Papers

Dennis G. Raveling served as Professor of Wildlife and Fisheries Biology at the University of California, Davis from 1971-1991. The collection contains files from Raveling's Canada Goose Study in Manitoba and Rochester, Minnesota, his research data files, as well as...

Ravell, Charles Henry. Photographs from Mexico [graphic] /

Primarily views of buildings and street scenes from Cuernavaca, Xochimilco, and other Mexican locations. Two appear to be San Francisco, Calif. views.

Raven Grey Eagle Collection

Materials related to the life and career of Western actor Raven Grey Eagle, a.k.a. Andy Florio.

Ravenholt (R. T.) writings

Relates to fertility trends throughout the world, controversy regarding birth control policy, and tobacco use as a cause of mortality.

Ravenswood High School collection

A collection of audio and video material—analog originals and preservation-quality digital copies (transferred and preserved by the Bay Area Video Coalition) relating to (and produced at) Ravenswood High School in East Palo Alto, ca. early 1970s, along with additional printed...

Ravila (Paavo) typescript : Finnland : wie es ist und wie es wurde

Radio broadcast transcript relating to Finnish history. Prepared for German government broadcast.

Ravitch (Diane) papers

The Diane Ravitch papers consist of speeches and writings, correspondence, printed matter, reports, and studies relating to education in the United States. She is a professor, prolific writer, and an advocate of improvements in American education. Collection includes research materials...

Rawlings, Lloyd L. (First World War correspondence)

This collection contains correspondence and registration copies for Lloyd L. Rawlings during the First World War.

Rawn (A.M.) papers

A.M. Rawn (1888-1968) worked for the Los Angeles County Sanitation Districts. He was promoted to chief engineer and general manager of the Los Angeles County Sanitation Districts (1941), and later appointed to California State Water Pollution Board (chairman, 1953-61). The...

Ray A. Billington correspondence, 1958-1966

Six letters (TLS) from historian Billington to Wilbur Jacobs, Professor of History at UCSB, re history conferences, talks, historians, and personal matters. Gift of Wilbur Jacobs. Alpha list.

Ray and Garstang collection of bound tearsheets from architecture and art publications

The Ray and Garstang collection of bound tearsheets from architecture and art publications span 16 linear feet and date from circa 1897 to circa 1935. The collection is composed of tearsheets from various art and architecture publications, such as, ,...

Ray and Turner School (Lodi, Calif.) Registers

The Ray and Turner School Registers includes original records kept by teachers in two elementary schools located in Elkhorn Township, San Joaquin County, northwest of Lodi, California. The registers list students, their attendance records, and their grades. They also elaborate...

Ray B. Lyon collection, circa 1953

(Judge). Correspondence, clipping and three typescript essays re deer in California, one entitled "Deer of Santa Barbara," ca. 1953. Alpha list.

Ray Boynton dance collection.

List of contents available in the Guide to pictorial collections.

Ray Bradbury correspondence, 1974-1975

Seven letters (TLS) and one letter (ALS) from Bradbury to UCSB librarians, re his Corle lecture and its publication in the Library's Soundings, 1974-1975; also two letters (TLS) to Bradbury re the Soundings article, 1975. Alpha list.

Ray Bradbury correspondence, 1976

One letter (TLS) to Matthew J. Bruccoli and one letter (TLS) from Bruccoli, with typescript response by Ray Bradbury, 1976, re publication of Bradbury's Moby Dick screenplay and rights issues involving John Huston. Alpha list.

Ray Bradbury papers (Willis E. McNelly Science Fiction Collection)

The Ray Bradbury papers contains original manuscripts of The Fireman, Fahrenheit 451, short stories, and first editions donated and signed by Ray Bradbury. Autgraphed play program of CSUF Theater Dept. production of the Dandelion Wine musical, 1971.

Ray (Charles Henry) Papers

A collection of material related to Charles Henry Ray, American physician, abolitionist, politician, journalist, and editor.

Ray Colvig papers, 1948-1994.

Includes correspondence, writings, and research materials relating to Colvig's publications.

Ray (Dixy L.) papers

Correspondence, speeches, reports, studies, printed matter, audiovisual material, and memorabilia, relating primarily to nuclear energy in the United States, and to Washington state politics. Digital copies of select records also available at

Ray Hammond and Grace Misener Peru photograph albums, 1932-1940

Two albums with more than 200 black and white snapshots, many with captions in English, most in and around Casapalca (known for its silver and zinc mines) where Ray apparently worked for a mining concern. Includes many images of family,...

Ray Herbeck Los Angeles Swing Band records

The Ray Herbeck Los Angeles Swing Band Collection consists of original scores and various chart arrangements, band photographs, concert reviews, recording and performance contracts, advertisements, and more.

Ray (J. Franklin) papers

Minutes of meetings and reports, relating to relief activities of the United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Administration in China at the end of World War II.

Ray (James) Papers

A collection of documents relating to machinist James Ray and his employment with various railroads, in England and the United States.

Ray Jones papers, [ca. 1920s-1970s]

Contains Jones' writings, including manuscripts of his essays and poems, and newspaper clippings of his articles. Of note is correspondence from the 1920s to 1950s with anarchists in China, including Lu Chien Bo and Ba Jin, a well known writer...

Ray L. Skofield telegram, 1929 June 27

Telegram to H. L. Hitchcock of Santa Barbara, the first plane-to-ground commercial radio message, June 27 , 1929, together with a Santa Barbara News-Press article detailing the story, Feb. 2 , 1958. Alpha list.

Ray (Martin and Eleanor) Papers

Correspondence, manuscripts, business files related to winemaker Martin Ray and wife Eleanor Ray's life and work.

Ray (Milton S.) papers

The Milton S. Ray papers collection consists primarily of field books and specimen records of ornithological field work and collecting done throughout the Western United States, as well as other areas of North America, between the years 1889 and 1946....

Ray (Oakley S.) papers

Documents related to Oakley Stern Ray....

Ray (Philip Alexander) mimeograph

Relates to political and economic conditions in Mexico, the Mexican communist movement, and prospects for communism in Mexico.

Ray (Rex) Graphic Art Collection

Collection contains numerous posters, ephemera, and book covers designed by San Francisco-based queer graphic artist Rex Ray, (September 11, 1956 – February 9, 2015). Many of the works were designed for Bill Graham Presents, dating from the early 1990s to...

Ray (Robert J.) Papers

This collection contains published and unpublished manuscripts of works by author Robert J. Ray.

Ray S. Feder autograph collection.

Letters, cards and fragments with the signatures of politicians, actresses, well-known personalities such as William McKinley, William Jennings Bryan, Jules Verne, C.P. Huntington, and Nellie Melba.

Ray Sherwin Sierra Club papers, 1963-1979.

Papers relating to Ray Sherwin's involvement in the Sierra Club.

Raya (George) Papers

The George Raya papers document political organizing and social networking within the gay community in California, particularly during the 1970s and 1980s. In December 1974, Raya became California's first full-time lobbyist for gay rights, a position he held until June...

Raya (George) papers

Correspondence, promotional material, clippings, California legislature bills, financial records, and photographs documenting the lobbying efforts of George Raya, bulk 1975-1979. Raya lobbied the California State Legislature regarding the consensual sex (AB 489) and employment discrimination (AB 633) bills and was...

Raye (Martha) papers

The Martha Raye papers span the years 1916-2000 (bulk 1936-1992) and encompass approximately 58 linear feet. Raye's film career is primarily documented through clippings, with some correspondence, reviews, and publicity material. There is script material for unproduced films from the...

Raymond A. Stephanak correspondence, 1944, 1981

Five letters (ALS and TLS) , 1944, from Raymong A. Stephanak, former proof-reader at Conde Nast, to Irving Rigby, re his World War II experiences in the Pacific theater, mainly New Guinea, along with examples of Japanese currency and a...

Raymond and Edna Soper Collection

This collection is composed of photographs, newspaper clippings, certificates, and poems related to the lives of Edna May and Raymond Soper and the citrus industry.

Raymond Arthur Babcock papers, 1884-1961 (bulk 1917-1918).

Contains mostly materials from Dr. Raymond Babcock's military service as a surgeon in France during World War I. Materials include notebooks, field medical training manuals, lectures, reports, official correspondence, German and French language translation books, and newspapers. Newspapers include The...

Raymond Cattle Company Records

Materials related to the Raymond Cattle Company and Raymond family, including financial documents, correspondence, maps, and ephemera.

Raymond Granite Company, Raymond, Fresno County, Calif., photographic views [graphic]

Views of quarry, stone cutting and transportation, and of buildings built with Raymond granite.

Raymond James Sontag papers, 1960-1972.

Correspondence, course notes, subject files, reviews, and writings as professor of History at The University of California, Berkeley.

Raymond (John) Letter and Pamphlet

Handwritten letter dated April 9, 1837 by John Raymond, builder of the first mile of commercial railroad track in the United States in 1828. Also an undated printed pamphlet by E.B. Callaway, entitled "America's First Locomotive," which tells the story...

Raymond (John Marshall) papers

Correspondence, memoranda, reports, press releases, and minutes relating to administration of justice in the American occupation zone in Germany and to the Nuremberg war crime trials.

Raymond L. Clar Correspondence

Correspondence to banker and financier Nicholas Luning from Collis Potter Huntington (1822-1900), Leland Stanford (1824-1893), Mary Frances Sherwood Hopkins (died 1891), and Charles Crocker (1822-1888), largely concerning a loan made to the Southern Pacific Company.

Raymond P. Barry papers, ca. 1942-1973.

Include his annotated bibliography of housing, relief and health care for migratory farm labor in California, (1866-1939); scrapbooks of clippings on migratory farm labor in California, (1942-1973); and notes.

Raymond, Robert Presention

A presentation by Raymond's son-in-law, Herb Mailland. It covers Raymond's life, work, and artifacts left by Raymond

Raymond, Stella Johnson Letters to Homer C. Votaw, 1954-1955.

Relate to history of Raymond, Washington, and to the shipwreck of the Robert Bruce; with clippings, photographs of her husband, Leslie V. Raymond, and a few notes relating to Raymond and Pacific County Washington, by H.C. Votaw.

Raymond Thayer Birge correspondence relating to Oppenheimer hearings, circa 1928-1954.

Correspondence regarding the Oppenheimer hearings, 1954; letters from Oppenheimer to the Department of Physics regarding teaching appointment; clippings and published articles on Oppenheimer hearings.

Raymond (Thoreau) typescript

Relates to debates in the United States from 1912 to 1914 over the question of repealing exemption of coastwise American shipping from Panama Canal tolls.

Raymond Wallace travel journals, 1935 July-1936 January.

Contains a journal kept by Raymond Wallace in two notebooks of his hitchhiking trip around the western half of the United States from July to September, 1935 (forty pages of the first notebook are Wallace's notes from a chemistry course...

[Raymond, Yosemite and Mojave photograph album].

Snapshot photograph album documenting a family stage coach excursion from Raymond to Yosemite Valley via Wawona. Points of interest depicted include Mariposa Big Tree Grove, Wawona Tree, Colorado Tree, Inspiration Point and Camp Yosemite. Also includes a few snapshots of...

Raynaud (Captain A. F.) documents regarding C.A. Thayer (built 1895; lumber schooner, 3m) and Wapama (built 1915; steam schooner)

Captain A. F. Raynaud documents regarding C.A. Thayer (built 1895; lumber schooner, 3m) and Wapama (built 1915; steam schooner) (SAFR 18491, HDC 193) concerns the restoration of these two vessels, the latter known as TONGASS. The materials date from 1957...

Raynaud (Captain A.F.) papers

Captain A.F. Raynaud papers (SAFR 17394, HDC 261) consists of the following items: one page of an article "Home From The Sea" by Bob and Jan Young about the new State maritime monument at Hyde Street pier; a letter dated...

Rayner Wickersham Kelsey papers, 1908-1916.

Correspondence, chiefly with Alfred Otis Larkin and Sampson Tams, and notes concerning Thomas Oliver Larkin and the Larkin Family. Data obtained from Samuel Hopkins Willey is included. With the above: Extract from a letter, July 5, 1846, from Captain Blake,...

Raynesford, Howard C. Papers, 19--.

Early manuscript draft of a book Raynesford co-authored with Wayne C. Lee, Trails of the Smokey Hill: from Coronado to the cowtowns (1980).

Raynor, Jesse and Carrie Schonheit (Papers), 1907-1925

This collection contains four manuscripts, including a dictionary and ethnography of the Kikuyu, hundreds of images and slides, East African missionary pamphlets and various papers relating to the life of Jesse and Carrie Raynor who were missionaries in Kenya with...

Rayski (Ludomil) papers

Writings, correspondence, and photographs, relating to the Polish air force from World War I to World War II. Includes studies by Waclaw Subotkin and Jerzy Wypiórkiewicz relating to Rayski

Raysor Family Papers, 1900s-1980s.

The collection contains academic writings, research files, correspondence, and related of Thomas M. Raysor (Coleridge/Wordsworth/Shakespeare scholar; Harvard grad; University of Nebraska faculty) and family correspondence, mainly to Ellen Devereux Koopman Raysor (wife of Thomas; Radcliffe grad), some 1930s and WWII...

Raytheon Company Electronics Industry Files

The collection consists of files that Raytheon's Semiconductor Division kept to monitor both the progress of their competitors and trends in the electronics industry. The original organization of the files has been largely reproduced here. Gaps in the numerical filing...

Razon ... para celebrar honras al ... S[eñ]or D[o]n Joseph de Torres, y Vergara Arcediano ... de esta S[an]ta Yglesia de Mexico ... y Fundador ... de d[i]cho Convento [de San José de Gracia de Querétaro ... : Mexico City : ms., 1727.

Account of the career and benefactions of José de Torres y Vergara, Archdean of Mexico City Cathedral, founder of the Capuchin Convent of San José de Gracia in Querétaro, Inquisition and Holy Crusade dignitary, and University Chancellor. Written at the...

Razorcake/Gorsky Press, Inc. records

is a Los Angeles-based punk rock fanzine established in 2001 and published by Sean Carswell and Todd Taylor. The collection includes zine issues, microcassettes of interviews, and punk memorabilia and ephemera.

RCA Short Wave Radio Station records : Bolinas, 1927-1962.

Log books, reports, budget data, correspondence, legal agreements, blueprints, photographs, etc. regarding the operations and equipment of the Radio Corporation of America's short wave radio station at Bolinas, California. The oversize rolls consist of three blueprints of the station.

Rea (Charles, Dr.) Papers

Collection consists of photographs, correspondence, memorabilia, and a scrapbook related to World War II....

Rea (George) photographs of Southern California Edison Company hydroelectric projects and other California scenes

Collection of black and white photographs taken by George Rea throughout California in the 1920s. Some photographs are affixed to photograph album pages, others are loose. Rea worked for Southern California Edison Company on hydroelectric projects in Tulare, Kern and...

Read, Benjamin M. (Benjamin Maurice) Papers relating to the history of New Mexico, 1634-1921.

Original documents on New Mexico, and several family collections, especially the papers of Manuel Alvarez, 1830-1862, reflecting his life as a fur trader, Santa Fe merchant, and U.S. consul, and papers of the Donaciano Vigil family, 1850-1898, long active in...

Read (Georgia Willis) Papers

This collection contains research material compiled by American historian and author Georgia William Read and Ruth Gaines for their publication of the journal of California Gold Rush topographer and artist J. Goldsborough Bruff (1804-1899), dating primarily from the 1930s to...

Read (John M.) papers

The John M. Read papers consists of correspondence, estate records, financial documents, legal documents, and letterpress books related to Read’s career as an American lawyer, jurist, and politician.

Read (Kenneth E.) Papers

The papers of anthropologist and professor Kenneth E. Read contain typescript articles and essays based on his field work in Papua New Guinea in the 1940s - 1950s, as well as 1981-1982. Also included are three papers written by...

Read, William Miles Photographs from the William Miles Read papers [graphic]

Photographs show views of facilites related to the Eberhardt and Aurora Mining Co. including the Eberhardt mine tunnel entrance, the Eberhardt Mill, transportation of logs by horses, etc. Other views show the hotel at Hamilton, Nev., a general view of...

Reading family papers, 1841-1868.

Letters written to or about Pierson Barton Reading, mainly by members of the family, including letters from Richard Bland Lee and Fannie (Washington) Reading (one describing her voyage to San Francisco in 1856 from New York via Panama); letter, 1844,...

Reading (Pearson B.) Collection

Correspondence, family history, California Battalion accounts and correspondence, and grant and ranch materials....

Reading (Pierson Barton) Diaries

This folder contains: 1) a bound photostatic copy of the original diary kept by Pierson Barton Reading on his overland journey from St Louis, Mo to Monterey, CA from May 15, 1843 to December 20, 1843. The original of that...

Ready (Lester S.) papers

The collection consists of unpublished reports pertaining to water power and water supply in California, compiled by Lester S. Ready, former chief engineer of the State Railroad Commission and consulting engineer.

Reagan (Neil) papers

This collection consists of the papers of American radio station manager, CBS senior producer, and senior vice president of the advertising agency network McCann Erickson, Neil Reagan (1908-1996). Materials include radio scripts for the western "Death Valley Days," as well...

Reagan (Ronald) Radio Commentary sound recordings

This collection contains sound recordings, transcripts, correspondence, and other documents related to the radio broadcast series and as well as the LP records (aborted) and . O'Connor Creative Services produced both the radio series and the LPs. A variety of...

Reagan (Ronald) subject collection

Books, clippings, news summaries, other printed matter, lists, indexes, memorabilia, sound recordings, video tapes, and miscellany relating to the career of Ronald Reagan, his electoral campaigns for governor of California and president of the United States, and his gubernatorial and...

Reagh (Patrick) Papers

The collection of Patrick Reagh's Press consists of ephemera, page and galley proofs, printing plates, and various items relating to printing. The collection is contained in 111 boxes. Filed in folders, the archive contains the paperwork concerning the production of...

Real Caja account books : DS, 1622-1738.

Accounts for the Guadalajara branch of the Royal Treasury, covering the periods April 1622-March 1623, 1714, and 1738; arranged in sections corresponding to treasury activities, and chronologically within sections. Each with table of contents, and signatures of treasury officials.

Real Cedula, Dirijida al Padre Custodio Fray Esteban de Perea

This collection contains a typed copy of a manuscript "Traslado de Real Cedula, dirijida al Padre Custadio Fray Esteban de Perea, 1621" and two pieces of correspondence from 1902 regarding the manuscript. The typed copy was requested by Frederick Webb...

Real de Minas del Catorce Records

Materials related to the silver mining operations of the de la Maza family at the Real de Minas del Catorce, San Luis de Potosi, Mexico. Includes publications, a map, and photographs of the mine and its surroundings.

Real Hacienda certificados : Mexico City : DS, 1791 Feb. 19 and June 17.

Two certificates for money received from the treasury at Guadalajara, signed by Juan Antonio López de la Paliza, José María Martínez del Campo, and Ramón Gutiérrez del Mazo.

Real (Jack) papers

The Jack Real papers consist of research material related to Howard Hughes’ biography. Also included are books, printed matter, photographs, and VHS belonging to Real and his career in the aerospace industry.

[Real photo postcards of exhibits at the Cloverdale Citrus Fair, Sonoma Co.].

Received in "magnetic" photo album with adhesive pages. Items removed for preservation.

[Real photo postcards of the Panama-Pacific International Exposition].

27 postcards: an incomplete set from a souvenir postcard album.

[Real photograph postcards of Native Americans in Arizona and New Mexico].

Real photograph postcards depicting amateur views of Native American activities in the southwestern U.S., most if not all likely taken in Arizona and New Mexico. Groups likely depicted include Hopi and Navajo, and perhaps Apache. Possible locations depicted include Walpi;...

Reale (Eugenio) papers

Writings, speeches, interview transcripts, letters, biographical sketches, photographs, and clippings, relating to the founding of the Communist Information Bureau in 1947, activities of the Partito Comunista Italiano, aspects of Italian foreign relations, and socialist political activities in Italy. Includes letters...

Reales Cédulas, 1575-1677.

Copies of royal decrees relating to the Philippines.

Realia collection (University of California, Irvine)

This collection contains three-dimensional objects that are associated with, or that represent, University of California, Irvine. Included is the site dedication plaque.

Realist [publication]

This collection contains 15 issues of "The Realist", a satirical publication featuring articles and essays focusing on social, political, and religious topics; and conspiracy theories.

Realty Syndicate Company records, approximately 1865-1945.

Deeds, survey descriptions, and company board of director meeting minutes.

Ream (James) Records, 1965-1997

This collection, which spans the years 1965-1997, consists of drawings, photographs, slides, professional papers, articles, press releases, and tear sheets relating to the architectural career of James Ream. It includes work that he did when he was with the firm...

Ream (Renee) collection

Materials in this collection were collected by members of the John and Renee Ream family. The collection is comprised of diaries, memoirs, DVDs and interview transcripts of American civilians interned by the Japanese during their occupation of the Philippines in...

Reames Brothers (Second World War correspondence)

This collection contains eight correspondences from brothers PFC Earl Mitchell Reames, USA and Maj. John Pooley Reames, USA to their sister, Anna Lee Reames, during the Second World War.

Reams (David W.) Papers

David Wayne Reams (1917-1948) served in the U.S. Navy. The collection consists of papers related to Reams's service in the Navy including a scrapbook, U.S. Navy records, discharge papers, pins, photographs, and memorabilia.

The Reaper: records

Records pertain to the editorial process of THE REAPER, its production, finiancial management, and other miscellaneous business, as well as the literary interests and opinions of its editors and contributing authors. Included is correspondence between the poetry editors Mark Jarman...

[Reapportionment of California's legislative and congressional districts after the 1990 census : newspaper clippings].

Collected by staff of the Institute of Governmental Studies, University of California, Berkeley.

Reardon (Donald V.) vessel documents

The Donald V. Reardon vessel documents (SAFR 22007, HDC1512) collection consists of certificates of inspection, crew lists, shipping articles, financial statements, bills of sale, stock certificates, American President Line vessel data and publications.The collection is a combination of three accessions,...

Reardon family papers, 1923-1968.

The Reardon family moved from the Midwest around the turn of the century and is well known for establishing a mortuary in Ventura, as well as others in Oxnard and Simi Valley. Oliver Louis Reardon and Mary Agnes O'Leary Reardon...

Reay (Donald and Sylvia) Collection

The Donald and Sylvia Reay Collection spans the years 1938 to 1999, and includes the Reays' personal papers, records from private practice and professional careers, and materials generated by the firms DeMars & Reay, Reay Associates, and Reay-Tsuruta Associates. The...

Rebecca Rothenberg papers, 1990-2002.

Contains unbound typescripts and drafts of two of Rothenberg's novels, The Bulrush Murders (published by Carroll & Graf Publishers, 1991) and The Tumbleweed Murders (co-published by Perseverance Press and John Daniel and Company, 2001). Also includes correspondence, promotional materials, clippings,...

[Rebecca Solnit collection of political posters].

Political posters pertaining to a variety subjects, some promoting events in the San Francisco Bay Area, others promoting awareness of current or historical issues. Topics include anti-war efforts against U.S. invasion of Iraq (1991 and 2003); the administration of San...

Rebecca Solnit collection of punk ephemera, [ca. 1977-1984].

Contains pamphlets, periodicals, posters and articles relating to Punk Culture.

Rebecca Solnit map galley proofs from Infinite City: A San Francisco Atlas, approximately 2010.

Assorted galley proofs of maps published in Infinite City: A San Francisco Atlas by Rebecca Solnit (2010).

Rebecca Tracy papers, 1967-2012.

Papers of Rebecca Tracy, site director and Head Teacher from 1971 to 1998 for the University Child Care Program (now the Early Childhood Education Program), which provides full-day care for infants and preschool children of University students, faculty and staff....

Rebecca Voorsanger collection of newspaper clippings, 1897-1901.

Newspaper clippings on Jewish holidays, observances, personalities, synagogues, and on the relationship between Judaism and Christianity. It also has articles on the Jews of Kaifeng, China, and on San Francisco's congregation Beth Menachim Streisand.

Reboot records

The materials consist of Reboot board meeting minutes, periodical issues, handbills, promotional materials, financial records, and other documents....

Rebuild LA Collection

The Rebuild LA Collection contains the administrative and organizational records of Rebuild LA, the most important response to the Los Angeles riots of 1992. The collection spans the entire life of the organzation from its beginning in 1992 to its...

Rebull (Josep) writings

Theses and resolutions, 1937-1939, and summary of interview conducted by Agustín Guillamón and written responses to questions posed by A. Guillamón, 1985, relating to political activities and positions of the Partido Obrero de Unificación Marxista during the Spanish Civil War...

R.E.C. records, 1967.

Contains two sets of minutes for R.E.C. meetings taken by Helen Bandes: one held on February 12, 1967 in San Francisco, California, and one in Berkeley, California on February 21, 1967.

Recüeil de pieces, 1694-1721.

Collection of 7 printed pamphlets and 8 manuscripts on astronomy, physics, optics, wine and fermentation, and other scientific topics.

Receipt from Office of Lloyd's American R. R. Weekly, 1865 Sept. 12.

Office of Lloyd's American R. R. Weekly receipt, signed for J. T. Lloyd by W. M. Walker, indicating that money was received from Mr. Samuel Breese in advance for a copy of Lloyd's Farmer's, Railroad, Telegraph and Express Map of...

Receipt of L. Woolmer : and related material : ms., 1801.

Concerns the purchase or repair of footware. Also includes an engraving of Drew by R. Hicks from a painting by J. Moore.

Receipt received of Captain G. A. Pierce, Assistant Quartermaster U. S. Army, 1865 June 29.

Two copies of a holograph receipt written on official stationery of the Transportation Department, Mississippi River, Assistant Quartermaster's Office. The receipt is identified as Book F No. 124 and is received of Captain G. A. Pierce, Assistant Quartermaster U.S. Army,...

Receipts : DS : San Francisco, 1870 June - September.

Receipts and related account records for various materials (food stuffs, coal, hardware) and services provided by numerous San Francisco firms.

Receipts for supplies and fees : San Francisco, 1851-1853.

Receipts for potatoes (from Sim & Co. and Flint, Peabody, & Co.), for various metal goods (from Ackley & Co.), and for fees paid to the U.S. Custom House, San Francisco.

Rechtin (E.) miscellaneous papers

American engineer; director, Advanced Research Projects Agency, United States Department of Defense, 1967-1970; principal deputy director of defense research and engineering, 1970-1971; assistant secretary of defense for telecommunications, 1972-1973.

Reclamation Board Records

This record group contains the administrative, legal, and financial records of the California State Reclamation Board established in 1911.

Reclamation District #551 Records

Four bank ledgers (1893-1922) and four minutes books containing trustee board meeting minutes and financial reports to the district (1893-1945).

Re/Collecting Project Archive

The Re/Collecting Project (Re/Co for short) is an "ethnic studies memory project of California's Central Coast." The project's aim is to digitally capture and make publicly accessible the rich history of the diverse - yet under-documented - communities of the...

Recollections and reminiscences of life in the Bay Area from 1920 onward : oral history transcript / and related material, 1964-1969.

Education at Harvard and recollections of George Santayana, Josiah Royce and Charles T. Copeland; teaching career at University of California, Berkeley, from 1920, and administrative duties on library and budget committees, on President's advisory committee and as chairman of the...

"Recollections of a Lifetime: 1908-1988"

Recollections of Templeton Peck documenting his 64-year career in Journalism....

Recollections of a pioneer : Green Valley, Sonoma Co., Calif. : ms., 1914.

Recollections of early days in the vicinity of Sebastopol.

Recollections of California during the Gold Rush, [ca. 1900]

First overland mail to California (in wagon train led by Col. Chiles, 1848); notes on early days in El Dorado Co.; James W. Marshall; sales and transfers to Sutter's Fort and Sutter's Mill; ferry on the American River.

Recollections of Ferry Point, Richmond, California : oral history transcript / 1985.

Recalls his family's relocation to California from Tupelo, Oklahoma in the early 1920s, the "Okie" stereotype, and his recollections of youth at Ferry Point.

Recollections of Hubert Howe Bancroft and the Bancroft family : oral history transcript / and related material, 1977-1980.

Volume 1. Comments on her brief career in motion pictures, 1912-1915; marriage to Griffing Bancroft in 1917; her father-in-law, Hubert H. Bancroft, and other members of the Bancroft family.

Recollections of John Muir : oral history transcript / and related material, 1964-1971.

Interviews with John H. Briones, William E. Colby, Herbert M. Evans and Frank Swett conducted by John M. Jencks and Ernest Lowe for radio station KPFA, Berkeley, 1964. With these: correspondence relative to the interviews and transcribing them.

Recollections of Kiev and the northern Caucasus : oral history transcript / and related material, 1968-1971.

Recollections of early years in Jewish community in Kiev; interest in Russian revolutionary movement; experiences as member of Menshevik faction of Social Democratic Party during the revolution and civil war. Photographs inserted. Included also: brief biographical sketch and list of...

Recollections of Mary A. Jones : Alamo, Contra Costa County : typescript, [ca. 1915].

Recollections of Mrs. John M. Jones of overland journey to California, 1846 with the Brown-Allen-Jones party; winter at the Chiles ranch; stay in San Jose; as settlers at Alamo (typescript).

Recollections of overland journey to California, 1849 : ms. S, [18--?].

Notes on journey from Massachusetts, via Independence, Fort Laramie, Salt Lake and the Carson River, to the Placerville area. Mention of conditions in the mines and San Francisco.

Recollections of Point San Pablo and San Francisco Bay : oral history transcript / 1985-1986.

Discusses Point Richmond in the 1920's; Capt. Raymond Clarke and the Richmond-San Rafael Ferry Co.; labor disputes; the black population and racial tensions; World War II changes; bay pollution; Thoman Crowley and the Crowley Maritime Corp.; California bar pilots; the...

Recollections of San Francisco printers : oral history transcript / and related material, 1966-1967.

Recollections of Edwin and Robert Grabhorn, John Henry Nash, John Swart, Bruce Brough, the Taylor brothers, Max Schmidt, Jr., and other members of the printing community; his printing career; various craftmen's clubs and their publications. Photographs inserted. Appended: photocopies of...

Recollections of the Berkeley Town and Gown Club by thirty senior members : oral history transcripts, 1981-1998 (bulk 1993-1998).

Personal accounts of 30 senior members of the Town and Gown Club, plus their drama director for 40 years, George Felker. The oral histories cover family life and connections (mothers, daughters, in-laws, who were also members); social life in the...

Recombinant DNA research at UCSF and commercial application at Genentech : oral history transcript / 2001.

Pennsylvania family background; education at St. Vincent College, University of Pittsburgh; postdoctoral research on restriction enzymes, Yale, 1963-1966; assistant professor to professor, University of California, San Francisco, 1966-1991; recombinant DNA research: collaboration with Stanley N. Cohen, biohazards controversy, development/diffusion of...

Reconstructed San Francisco several years after the earthquake and fire of 1906 [graphic]

Professionally photographed views of new civic, commercial, and residential buildings (completed and under construction), street scenes, public monuments, and leisure and recreation views in Golden Gate Park and at Ocean Beach,

Reconstruction and Reemployment Commission Records

The State Redevelopment and Reemployment Records consist of 29 cubic feet of material reflecting the activity of the Commission in the areas of research and fact finding, providing assistance to local leaders, and solving problems dealing with various social, economic,...

Reconstruction Era Railroad collection, circa 1866-1878

Letters and documents mainly relating to financial matters of the Mobile & Ohio, and the Louisiana & Missouri Railroad companies. .05 linear feet (1 folder).

Reconstruction Service Committee memorandum

Relates to the establishment of the United States Office of Foreign Relief and Rehabilitation Operations.

Record auction catalog collection

78 rpm record auction catalogs, from dealers both foreign and domestic, dating roughly from the mid 20th century to 2012.

Record book, 1930-1984

Record book kept by the club's first secretary, Eva F. Chan, and later, by Hon Chew Hee and Wahso Chan. Includes manuscripts of the club's constitution, lists of officers and members, and roll call and minutes of meetings from 1930...

Record book of the Royal Treasury in Mexico City : Mexico City : ms., 1807 (bulk 1658-1659).

Account book of the Royal Treasury, arranged according to types of income or outgo, such as ecclesiastical tithes, royal fifths, sales taxes, fees for episcopal appointments, revenue from monopolies, donations and fines; payments of salaries, payments to conquistadors, quicksilver payments,...

Record books, 1863 Nov.-1873.

Journal (sales ledger), November 1863-December 1865; daybook (expense journal), 1869, and ledger (general), 1871-1873. Includes, in general ledger, entries for California Pacific Railroad. Owners: J.W. Brickell, W.H. Krieger, Jeh. Jones, J.D. Hilton (see p. 130 of Journal).

Record Catalog Collection

The Record Catalog Collection consists of published catalogs and other advertising materials issued by a wide variety of recording companies from around the world. In addition to catalogs, the materials include catalogs, booklets, pamphlets, magazines, and loose sheets published between...

Record of appointments of postmasters in Nevada, 1855-1930.

Original records in the National Archives, RG 28.

Record of claims against Mexico in 1839 and 1848.

Includes Claim No. 59, 1839, and Case No. 145, 1848. They concern claims made by American citizens against the Mexican government for seizure and deportation to Mexico from California.

Record of documents relating to claim to land called Flugge's Ranch, 1844-1857.

The Bancroft Library holds related collections of Thomas O. Larkin material: BANC MSS C-B 37-45 and C-E 1-25.

Record of growth for pavilion tree of Calaveras Grove and related materials : ms., 1865-1957.

A chart identifying the number of growth wings; a Stockton Record clipping of February 4, 1922 describing the tree, its history, and the chart; a note from the University of Arizona commenting that an error may exist in the commutation...

Record of Mormon missionary labors, 1916-1918

Record of Missionary Labors. Bound ledger, with diary of activities in England, 1916- 1918.

Record of sales of merchant broker firm : San Francisco (Calif.) : ms., 1851 Apr. 15-Dec. 12.

Includes names of clients, vessels, information on goods and prices.

Record of sermons preached : and other papers : 1872-1902.

Record of sermons preached, primarily in Stanislaus County, California, Jan. 1884-Apr. 1902, including information on text, date, place, number in congregation and comments on weather; at the end: record of funerals at Ione and Oakdale and of marriages at Ione.

Record of the Corso (Coso) Mining District: County of Inyo, State of California from 1868-1872 Translations

This manuscript collection consists of translations of mining claims made in the Coso Mining District of Inyo County from 1868-1872. Names of mines and their locations are listed here, as well as the names of the claim holders. A note...

Record of vessels boarded by San Francisco Harbor Police : ms., 1876-Jan., 1896.

Dated lists of ships, barks, etc., with national register, name of captain, latest port and length of voyage. Monthly summaries.

Record stamper collection, 1900-1950.

Stampers (metal parts) for HMV and Victor 78rpm issues.

Records collected by Thomas S. Deering

Records collected by Thomas S. Deering (SAFR 17248, HDC 331) consists of: one reproduction of a Marine note of protest to the consul of the United States dated June 28, 1889; Twenty-one reproduced pages of correspondence between the United States...

Records for the Betteravia Plant

Correspondence files and financial records.

Records in Civil Case no. 4125 : Martinez, Calif. : Ds.S, 1909-1917.

Case relating to complaint of air pollution from cement plant operating near Concord, California. Includes subpoenas, depositions, complaints etc. Signatures of various lawyers, sheriffs and judges.

The Records of an Unbroken Friendship but the Mortal Severance, 1907-1924

The Records of an Unbroken Friendship but the Mortal Severance album contains approximately 410 photographs apparently created as a memorial to Taizo Kato, a Japanese-American who died in 1924 at the age of 36. The album title implies that it...

Records of cash receipts for fandan games in various gambling houses, 1893-1912.

Records from Tai Chong, Chow Lee, Chong Lee, Sing Chow Lee and others (gambling houses).

Records of Fortitude Lodge U.D., Chungking, China

The Masonic lodge named Fortitude Lodge, U.D., was created in Chungking, Szechwan, China, by Masons of various nationalities who were gathered in the region during World War II. It functioned formally from 1943, after receiving a special dispensation from the...

Records of Miscellaneous Legislation

court documents, correspondence, newspaper clippings, memos, printed materials...

Records of the American Association of University Women (AAUW), Escondido-San Marcos Branch

Collection includes minutes, newspaper clippings, scrapbooks, newsletters, and press releases of the Escondido-San Marcos Branch from 1953 through 2012.

Records of the Berkeley Review magazine, 1956-1958.

Manuscripts, mock-ups, galleys, and advertising orders for issues 1-3 of the literary magazine published in Berkeley. With these, a few unpublished mss.

Records of the California State Parks Council

Relating to the campaign for a comprehensive state park program. Included are copies of letters written by Newton B. Drury and staff, incoming correspondence, interoffice memoranda, minutes of meetings, press releases, articles prepared for newspapers and magazines, speeches and statements,...

Records of the Daughters of the American Revolution, Rincon del Diablo Chapter

The collection of the Rincon del Diablo chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution documents the activities and services performed largely from its inception in 1954 through 1981. Collection contains scrapbooks and miscellaneous records to include minutes, manuals, and...

Records of the Los Angeles Philharmonic Archives

The Los Angeles Philharmonic Archives contains programs, brochures, books, clippings, departmental records, recordings, photographs, films, and many other items pertaining to the institutional history of the Los Angeles Philharmonic Association.

Records of the Mississippi Valley, Junction Bluff and North San Juan Mining Districts in Bridgeport Township : Nevada Co., Calif. : ms., [1852-1871]

Mainly copies of mining laws, abstracts from minutes of meetings at which recorders for the mining districts were elected, claim notices, bills of sale, deeds of conveyance, powers of attorney, etc. Included occasionally are copies of records of the justice...

Records of the Museum of Vertebrate Zoology

These papers consist of an extensive set of correspondence between Annie Montague Alexander and the directors of the museum between 1908 and 1949 and typescripts, manuscripts and notes for some of the publications issued as "Contributions from the Museum of...

Records of the Office of the Superintendent

The Records of the Office of the Superintendent Collection represents 15 accessions, which were deposited by various superintendent’s office staff members from 1991 to 2012. The collection contains reports, correspondence, appointment calendars, meeting notes, case files, project planning documents, budget...

Records pertaining to The history of music in San Francisco Series

Collection of archival materials pertaining to the published and unpublished volumes in the series....

Records relating to Dominicans in Baja California, 1822-1827.

Contemporary copies of documents relating to Domincans in Baja California and to their attempts to transfer a mission and establish a hospital in Pitic (Sonora) or in Tepic (Nayarit). Include letters and petitions from Fathers Tomás Ahumada, Domingo Barreda and...

Records relating to land in and around Gualala, Calif., 1860-1911.

Contains deeds, abstracts, indentures, agreements, U.S. land grants, records of taxes, and other transactions concerning property in Mendocino and Sonoma counties, along with related surveys, field notes, maps, and sketches. Records chiefly concern the acquisition of land by the Gualala...

Records relating to Russians in Alaska, 1732-1796.

Journals, logbooks, and reports by Vitus J. Bering, A.I. Chirikov, Nikolai Golovnin, Sofron Khitrov, G.F. Müller, Grigorii Shelikov, Vice-Admiral Sanders, G.W. Steller, Sven Waxel, and Kharlam Yushin. From negative and positive photostats obtained in Leningrad for the University of Washington.

Records relating to the Rancho de San Pablo : DS,[1853-1861?]

Includes deed from Victor Castro to William H. Gray; and abstract of title to a portion of the Rancho (documents abstracted dated from 1852-1861).

Recreation and Youth Services Planning Council records

The Recreation and Youth Services Planning Council records consist of correspondence, memorandums, meeting minutes, and reports created and compiled by the Los Angeles Metropolitan Recreation and Youth Services Council from its formation in the late 1940s through the early 1970s...

Recreation Center and Playground

The La Jolla Recreation Center (Community House) Collection is made up of photographs, scrapbooks, ephemera and archival material collected by the La Jolla Historical Society since the 1930s to use for historical research and reference. The Center, a gift of...

Rector (Frank L.) Papers

This collection consists of photocopies of documents relating to the career of Frank L. Rector.

Rector/Hirschman family correspondence, 1920-1986

The bulk of the collection consists of Rector-Hirschman family correspondence between 1920-1986. It also includes genealogical materials and family photos. There are also materials related to Mabel and Ted Hirschman, including correspondence and financial records.

Recuerdo de Montevideo / por Bate y Ca., Calle 33, ns. 170 y 172

Album containing ten photos of streets, market place, and special buildings of Montevideo, Uruguay, issued by Bate y Ca. during the 1870s.

Recuerdo del viaje a la costa del Pacifico, de los sres. viceprecidente y ministro de comunicaciones, con motivo de la inauguracion del tramo entre Acaponeta y la c. de Tepic, construído por el Ferrocarril Sur Pacífico de México, 1930.

In Spanish. Volume is a typescript in journal form, edited in pencil, of drafts of accounts and reports written in January and February, 1912, concerning the opening of a stretch of the Southern Pacific Railroad between the Mexican cities of...

Recuerdos de José Arnaz ... : Rancho de Santa Ana, Calif. : ms 1878 Feb. 26-27.

Dictation recorded for H.H. Bancroft by Thomas Savage.

Recuerdos del Perú

Photograph album, probably from 1871, containing 25 urban views of Lima, Peru, and 64 studio portraits of middle and upper class women of Lima by Eugenio Courret.

Recuerdos Guatemala, tierra fria [graphic].

Mainly views of Guatemalan people, and some views of unidentified cities (buildings, monuments, streets), villages (native huts), and landscapes (mountains, lakes, falls). Depicted are street peddlers and markets, women with children (bathing, doing laundry, taking care of children), villagers, religious...

Recuerdos historicos de California : Santa Cruz, Calif. : ms., 1877 July 27.

Reminiscences relating to Echeandía's revolt against Victoria, and to Nicolas Robles in Santa Cruz, 1839.

Recuerdos históricos sobre California : ms., 1877.

Dictation recorded for H.H. Bancroft by Thomas Savage concerning José Joaquín de Arrillaga; the Solis Revolt; the governorships of Victoria and Figueroa; and the Padrés-Hijar colonization scheme.

Recuerdos históricos y personales tocantes à la Alta California, 1769-1849 : ms., / Historia politica del pais, 1769-1848. Costumbres de los Californios. Apuntos biográficos de personas notables. Obsequio de autor á Hubert H. Bancroft,. 1875 10 de Abril.

Historical and personal account of Alta California, including political history, 1769-1848; social life and customs of the Californios; biographical information on notable persons.

Recuerdos revolucionarios : Mexico City : ms., 1940 Feb. 5.

Reminiscences concerning his revolutionary activities, 1906-1913, in Texas and Mexico on behalf of the Partido Liberal Mexicano, working with Ricardo Flores Magón.

Recuerdos sobre California ... en 1834 : San Jose : ms. S, 1877 June 23.

Recollections of the colony brought from Mexico by his uncle, José María de Híjar, Missions, manners and customs in California, etc.

Red Bird, Oklahoma glass plate negatives

Red Bird is located in Wagoner County, Oklahoma. The town was settled before 1900 by the Barber and Ruffin families. Collection consists of a group of 12 original glass plate negatives, depicting early views of homes, businesses and townspeople in...

Red Cross Collection

This collection contains information on the American Red Cross and its San Diego Chapter regarding internal operations, fundraising, recruitment, and various public services.

Red Cross Influenza Relief Station, District No 6, Final Report and Photographs

Report and photographs documenting the district's relief work, from Oct. 21 to Nov. 16, 1918, in response to the influenza epidemic.

Red Jordan Arobateau papers, 1970-2017.

Consists of correspondence, writings, publicity materials, interviews, VHS tapes, and miscellaneous personal ephemera concerning San Francisco Bay Area writer of lesbian erotica, Red Jordan Arobateau. Contains incoming and outgoing correspondence with friends, publishers, magazine editors, and noted individuals in the...

Red Jordan Arobateau pictorial collection.

Includes portraits of the author, color snapshots and poster reproductions of his paintings, and snapshots of his partner Dalila Jasmin at home and attending events.

Red Myth : Motion Picture Film

Relates to the history of communism. Produced for television by KQED-TV, San Francisco, in cooperation with the Hoover Institution on War, Revolution and Peace.

Red Rest and Red Roost

The Red Rest and Red Roost (“Neptune”) Collection is made up of photographs, ephemera and archival material collected by the La Jolla Historical Society since the 1930s to use for historical research and reference. Built in 1894, the Cottages are...

Red Stack Line papers

Red Stack Line papers (SAFR 240, HDC 481) consist of a logbook, a Red Stack Line Ship Owners and Merchants Tugboat Company business card, and a minimum wage scale classification schedule. Dates range from 1912 to 1917. This collection has...

Redd, Ed Biography

One page providing information on Ed and Minnie Redd

Redding (John C.) Poster Collection

The collection contains posters salvaged from public places in San Francisco by Redding. Most of these posters are 82 x 11 inch photocopied handbills for new wave, punk, or hard-core groups performing at local bars and nightclubs. Redding also collected...

Reddy (Helen) musical arrangements

Helen Reddy was an Australian recording artist and television personality who enjoyed international success in the 1970s, particularly in the United States, where she had several Top 10 singles and hosted her own program, . The collection consists of sheet...

Redefer (Frederick Lovatt) typescript

Interview transcript relating to the origins and activities of the Progressive Education Association. Interview conducted by James L. Hymes, Jr.

Redfern Mason papers, [ca. 1895-1939]

Correspondence with musicians and friends, personalia, notebooks and diaries, mss. of some of his writings, clippings.

Redfield (Leonard G.) Papers

A collection of family correspondence written to Leonard G. Redfield, California emigrant and miner.

Redford (J.A.C.) scores

This collection consists of the scores of American composer, arranger, orchestrator, and conductor John Alfred Clawson Redford.

Redlich (Fritz) correspondence

Correspondence, primarily with Wilhelm Gehlhoff, German economist, concerning conditions in German universities after World Wars I and II. Includes personal letters received by Annemarie Labes, sister of F. Redlich, 1947-1957

Redman of the World Ledger

Ledger contains records of Wigwam of Wyoming Tribe No. 49. Included are minutes, membership and dues and receipts.

Redon (Joel) Papers

Manuscript of Redon's unpublished work, "Loving Dangerously." The text "loosely chronicle[s]...the period in [his] life just before and after [he] was diagnosed with AIDS... in November 1986." Also included is a letter to "Richard" asking for his opinion on the...

Redondo Beach studio photographs

The Redondo Beach studio photographs consist of seven glass plate negatives and 36 prints from an unidentified photography studio, presumably in Redondo Beach, California, given the "Redondo" banner appearing in many of the images. All of the portraits show women...

Redpath (Kenneth V.) papers

Kenneth V. Redpath was a charter member and secretary of the Los Angeles Driving Club, organized in 1899. The collection consists of photographs, clippings, and records of the Los Angeles Driving Club, programs of Los Angeles horse associations, and personal...

[Redrawing the Oakland City Council election districts : newspaper clippings].

Collected by staff of the Institute of Governmental Studies, University of California, Berkeley.

Redwood District Council of Lumber and Sawmill Workers Collection

The Redwood District of Lumber and Sawmill Workers Collection consists of the office files of the Redwood District Council of Lumber and Sawmill Workers, an umbrella organization of industrially organized plywood, sawmill and logging local unions in Del Norte, Humboldt,...

Redwood Empire Association photographs [graphic].

Collection includes general views of towns and other locations along the Redwood Highway (southwestern Oregon and northwestern California). Views show rural areas, Indians, parks, recreation, farms, monuments, coastline, forests, buildings, roads, bridges, logging, special events, mines, rivers and lakes, and...

Redwood Empire Association records.

Minutes, correspondence, and reports of the association, its officers and committees, and subject files on association activities, legislation and governmental actions, highway development, publicity, film and photographic materials.

Redwood Empire Association records, [ca. 1929-1964]

Mainly records kept by Clyde Edmondson, the Association's first manager, including correspondence, memoranda, reports, programs, clippings and miscellaneous papers relating to the activities of the Assonciation and to redwoods, with letters by Edmundson, William J. Losh, George Christopher, Paul R....

Redwood Manufacturers Company Plant in Pittsburg, Calif., circa 1915-circa 1925

The Redwood Manufacturers Company Plant in Pittsburg, Calif. albums contain 274 photographic prints taken circa 1915 to circa 1925. The subject of the albums is the Redwood Manufacturers Co. (Remco), located in Pittsburg adjacent to the U.S. Steel Corporation. Both...

Redwood Manufacturers Company records.

Partial list of contents available.

Redwood Photograph, circa 1910s-1920s

One b/w 6 1/2" x 8 1/2" print of automobile and passengers driving through tunnel cut in tree, ca. 1910s- 1920s.

The redwood question: how much is enough? [graphic] : photographic slides of the California Forest Protective Association.

Slides for a presentation entitled: "The redwood question: how much is enough?" The presentation was used by Redwood lumbering companies in the conflict over an expansion of Redwood National Park.

Redwood Township Justice Court and Redwood Judicial District Court records, 1937-1964

Collection contains Redwood Township Justice Court records, including matters relating to Fish and Game. Records are variously titled as "Criminal Docket" or "Criminal Justice Docket." Includes the criminal justice docket for the Redwood Township Justice Court and its successor, the...

Redwood trees [graphic] /

Items are captioned: "On 'The Avenue of the Giants' near Dyerville, California" and "Mill Creek Redwoods, near Crescent City, California"

[Redwoods and Giant Sequoias].

Contains: No. 8 Redwood Trees, Santa Cruz Mtns. -- No. 9 Big Trees, Calaveras Grove [Calif.].

Reeb (George) Papers

Business papers, correspondence, legal papers, printed materials, Trustee of Hornitos records....

[Reebie consulting : transportation and logistics planning]

Reebie consulting -- Freight locator -- Transearch® -- Transportation costing services -- Rail operating mileages -- Barge costs -- Rail costs -- Truck costs -- LTL costs.

Reed (Alan) papers

Alan Reed (1907-1977) performed on Broadway (1930s-40s), and appeared in more than 50 films, including and . He also played character roles on television, most notably, as the voice of cartoon character Fred Flintstone (1960-77). The collection consists of correspondence,...

Reed (Alan) Papers

Alan Reed was an American film, stage, and voice actor, best known as the original voice of Fred Flintstone on the show . The collection includes photographs of Reed assembled for his portfolio, correspondence from Fred Allen, newspaper clippings, short...

Reed (Alice C.) excerpts from letters

Relates to social conditions and Christian missionary work in China.

Reed and Ketcheson Family photographs

The collection contains photographs of a Canadian family spanning multiple generations.

Reed (Dave) Oral History

Sound recording of interview with Dave Reed conducted by Harvey Schwartz. Remembers boxing days, early 1930s; longshore work, 1933; witnessing S.F. police shooting workers during 1934 strike, being arrested for own union activity in 1934, meeting Henry Schmidt, Local 10...

Reed (Ethel M. and Nancy E.) Papers

This collection is comprised of the writings, artwork, and memorabilia of Ethel M. Reed and her adopted daughter, Nancy E. Reed. These two women lived in Claremont, California for most of the twentieth century. Ethel was a homemaker and Nancy...

Reed (George) Miscellaneous Views From the San Francisco Bay and Monterey Areas, California

The collection consists of an album of 42 black and white photographs taken by George Reed of Sausalito, California, probably in 1888. The album appears to be a family snapshot album. It includes views of the grounds and gardens as...

Reed (Howard A.) papers

Correspondence, memoranda, reports, studies, notes, curricular material, conference papers and proceedings, and printed matter, relating to the promotion of international education in the United States; Middle Eastern area studies, and especially Turkish studies, in the United States; and activities of...

Reed (Irving McKenny) photograph collection

Depicts military airplanes, troop positions, and war damage in northern France during and immediately after World War I. Most photographs are aerial views.

Reed (James F.) Papers

Correspondence, legal papers, appointments, petitions for land timber, deeds, contracts, business and military papers....

Reed (James) Papers

The collection consists of reports and correspondence concerning the construction of the Golden Gate Bridge and some material dealing with Reed's earlier activities, such as his association with the Celite Company in Los Angeles, Public Works and management activities in...

Reed (Mary Sawyer) photographs and ephemera

Collection mainly consisting of photographs of USC alumna Mary Sawyer Reed (nee Mary Estella Sawyer), Class of 1892, and of her husband Dr. Elgar Reed. Also are included a play program, print of the Cincinnati College of Medicine and Surgery,...

Reed (Paul) Papers

Paul Reed was an author from San Francisco, California. Greatly influenced by the AIDS epidemic, his fiction focuses on the gay community from the 1980s through the 1990s. His published journals and other works of non-fiction record his fight with...

Reed Quicksilver Mine Collection

The Reed Quicksilver Mine was located in Yolo County, California. This small collection contains reports about the mine, several pieces of correspondence, as well as twenty-seven photographs of the mine property.

Reed (T. Palmer and Lewis F. ) Photographs of California and the West

The Reed Photographs include images of California and the West with photographs of Palm Springs, Yosemite, Owens Valley, San Gabriel Mountains, Lake Tahoe, Sequoia and King's Canyon National Parks. The collection contains two photo albums and 220 loose photographs.

Reed (Virginia Elizabeth) Letter Collection

This collection contains letters written by Virginia Elizabeth Reed (later Virginia Reed Murphy), a member of the Donner Party, at age 12, as well as manuscripts written about her by George Wharton James and Frances Watkins. It also includes magazine...

Reed-Glyn papers

The collection chiefly contains material related to the Reed and Glyn families of Kansas.

Reedy (Robert) Personal Papers

The collection contains items reflecting Mr. Reedy’s career and his lifelong passion for aviation. There are papers, photographs, albums, scrapbooks, drawings and patents, reports, models and other memorabilia, from the late 1920s up through the 1980s. Included are Swallow and...

Reefe (Thomas Q.) papers

The Thomas Q. Reefe papers are the materials from a research project entitled "Does God speak to the Ngumba? Church, language and ethnicity in the forest of Cameroon" conducted at various times from 1982 to 1984 in Cameroon and the...

Reel Pride

Collection of materials relating to LGBTQ Film Festival "Reel Pride," both text and ephemera.

Reeme (Daniel E.) Diaries, 1863-1864

Three diaries mention Annapolis, Martinsburg, and Cumberland. Also included is a Bible carried by Reeme during the Civil War.

Rees (Steve) photographs of the University of California, Santa Cruz

This collection consists of more than 2700 images of campus life taken by Steve Rees at the University of California, Santa Cruz, from the fall of 1966 through the spring of 1967. These black and white, 35mm negatives chronicle the...

Reese (Elena) Stanford House Investigations Report

This report by Elena Reese includes historic background, research methodology, archaeological investigation, comparative house histories, conclusion, and references, and is illustrated with graphs and photographs.

Reese (Harry) collection of paper samples from Rudge paper mold

Paper samples made using Rudge paper mold, collected by Santa Barbara book artist and printer Harry Reese....

Reese (Mary Lou Hutton) Scrapbooks

15 scrapbooks containing clippings, events programs, photographs, course materials, official riding school documents, and ephemera pertaining to Cressmont, Mills College Riding School, assembled by Mary Lou Hutton Reese (student, then later instructor).

Reeve (Henry, Mrs.) Papers

Christina Georgina Jane Reeve was the second wife of Henry Reeve (1813-95). Henry Reeve's position as editor of the allowed the Reeves to move in leading social, literary, and political circles of London and Paris of their time. The collection...

Reeve (Phyllis) and Alexander T. Vogelsang Correspondence

This file contains copies of letters between thirteen year-old Phyllis Reeve and Alexander T. Vogelsang, First Assisant Secretary of the Interior, regarding land ownership in Arizona. Letters were composed from August 7, 1920 to September 10, 1920. The originals are...

Reeves (John T.) Papers

The papers of John T. Reeves, M.D., professor emeritus of medicine, pediatrics and surgery in the School of Medicine at Colorado University. The papers document his medical and scientific contribution to high altitude, neonatal, and molecular and cellular pulmonary circulation...

Reeves (Robert) papers

The collection consists of personal and professional materials related to detective fiction author Robert Reeves. Items in the collection include various typescripts and drafts of both published and unpublished works, different translations and editions of Reeves' novels, and copies of...

Reevy (Anthony) "Tony" Papers

The material in this collection documents various aspects of Tony Reevy's writings, which include articles and books about railroad photographers Lucius Beebe and Charles Clegg, Jack Delano, O. Winston Link, David Plowden, Jim Shaugnessy, railroads, railroad structures, the rails-to-trails conservation...

Reference and rare books : oral history transcript : three decades at UC Berkeley's School of Librarianship, 1950-1981 / 2000.

Family background, education in North Dakota; doctoral study at the University of Illinois; postwar library studies a the University of Chicago graduate library school; head of reference at Chicago's Newberry Library, late 1940s; to UC Berkeley's School of Librarianship, 1950:...

Referencia : Luis Cabrera, 1915-1920.

Clippings of editorials from Mexican newspapers, most written under his pseudonym, Blas Urrea, relating to Mexican politics. With these: a few clippings about Cabrera.

Reffkin (David) Ragtime Machine Collection

The Ragtime Machine was a weekly one-hour radio program about ragtime music, produced and hosted by David Reffkin and broadcast on the University of San Francisco's station KUSF. The collection contains all programs from 1981 to 2007, as well as...

Reflection Press archives

The collection consists of publications and recordings from Reflection Press, an artists' group operating out of Stuttgart, Germany, during the 1970s and 1980s.

Reflections of a longtime black family in Richmond : oral history transcript / 1985.

The Williams' describe their family backgrounds, the racial climate in Richmond before and after World War II, their observations of the impact of the tremendous influx of people during the War years and changes in Richmond since then.

Reflections on legal practice and Jewish community leadership : New York and Los Angeles, 1907-1973 : oral history transcript / and related material, 1973-1974.

Discussion of his legal career in New York and, from 1929, in Los Angeles; the Los Angeles Jewish community; his philanthropic, educational and civic activities. With this (as v. 2): photocopy of his Autobiography (37 l.) commenting on his more...

Reflections on the Sierra Club, the environment and mountaineering, 1950s-1970s : transcript, 1975-1977.

Interviews conducted in Richmond, California, 1975-1977, by Ann Lage for the Regional Oral History Office of The Bancroft Library as part of the Sierra Club History Series. Introduction by Phillip Berry; copies of photographs inserted. Comments on scientific studies at...

Refugee camp views after the 1906 San Francisco earthquake and fire [graphic]

Photographs show refugee camp life after the 1906 earthquake and fire in San Francisco, Calif. Women cooking on stoves set up in the street, women washing in tubs, a man cooking over a fire on the ground, men sitting on...

Refugee Forums (Collection on)

This collection consists of the administrative files of the Refugee Forum of Orange County (RFOC), and the California State Refugee Forum (CSRF), and other documents relating to these organizations. These forums enable service providers for Southeast Asian and other refugees...

Refugee Nation videorecordings and promotional materials

This collection comprises 4 video recordings of , a national theater project that explores the Laotian refugee experience.

Refugees Bulletin (Menekultek Ertesitoje)

Published in Debrecen, the provisional capital of partly liberated Hungary, "Menekultek Ertesitoje" was dedicated to helping the surviving Hungarian Jews locate missing relatives. The journal was founded by three survivors of forced labor camps. This is the first issue of...

Regan (Bill) Photographic Collection

The Bill Regan Photograph Collection documents San Jose State University (SJSU) from 1937 to 1953. The images chronicle a variety of campus events, sports, students, staff and faculty members. The collection consists of photographs and negatives.

Regents of the University of California Records

The bulk of these records cover the period 1868 to 1918; records after 1918 consist of an incomplete set of minutes of Regents' meetings. Boxes of records are arranged by chronological periods, then into three groups within each period :...

Reggae magazine collection

Small collection of 1980s reggae fanzines. Magazines including interviews, reviews, discographies, playlists, and essays on Rasta philosophy. All in English except Swiss magazine "Ital Muzik."...

Regina Fuchs photographs and travel ephemera from Guatemala

This collection consists of Regina Fuchs' holiday in Guatemala in November and December of 1936 and features numerous snapshots of locals and scenery.

Regina Gans papers, approximately 1873-1910.

The collection contains scapbooks with newspaper clippings; cards and notes from members of the Gans family; and programs, including some for balls Gans sung at in 1882 to raise funds for Russian Jewish refugees, as well as for concerts at...

Regina Gor typescript, 1975

Typescript draft of novel, "Down to Earth," by blind author

The Regina Reinhardt and Fritz Klein Bisexual Archives Papers

Dr. Regina Reinhardt is considered an expert in the field of bisexuality. In 1993, she authored Bisexual Women in Heterosexual Relationships, and wrote the foreword to Dr. Fritz Klein’s book The Bisexual Option, which was published later that same year....

Regina Waldman papers and photographs, 1970-2005.

The collection consists of a small amount of biographical material, correspondence, newspaper clippings, assorted pamphlets and exhibition catalogs, and photographs that document the activities Waldman undertook as director of the Bay Area Council for Soviet Jews. The oversize item is...

Reginald E. Zelnik papers, approximately 1964-2004.

Reginald E. Zelnik papers, BANC MSS 2011/105, The Bancroft Library, University of California, Berkeley.

Reginald H. Barrett papers, approximately 1960-2010.

Research, writings, course notes, correspondence, and photographs from Reginald Barrett's career as Professor of wildlife biology and management in the Department of Environmental Science, Policy, and Management.

Reginald (Robert) papers

This collection contains materials from science fiction author and bibliographer Robert Reginald (aka Michael Burgess), and the Borgo Press, a small press founded by Reginald where he served as publisher and editor. Materials in the collection include correspondence between Reginald...

Reginaldo F. del Valle Portraits

Contains 49 photographic prints, including tintypes, cartes de visite photographs, and cabinet cards, taken of the del Valle family and associates between 1880 and 1915. Includes photographs of Reginaldo del Valle with his wife, Helen, and daughter, Lucretia and images...

Regional and local television guides collection

United States regional and local television guides dating from the 1940s through the 1980s.

Regional characteristics of biotechnology in the United States : oral history transcript : perspectives of three industry insiders / 2001.

Hugh A. D'Andrade (b. 1938): Executive with Schering-Plough Corp., 1981-present; Schering-Plough alliances with Biogen and DNAX Research Institute; commercializing recombinant DNA technology at Biogen and DNAX; biotechnology in New Jersey; comments on BIO (Biotechnology Industry Organization). David P. Holveck (b....

Regional Newspaper Collection

The original Regional Collection of the Library collected and preserved newspapers over the years since Sonoma State College was founded. These newspapers eventually became an archival collection of historical newspapers covering many areas of Sonoma County, including the Petaluma Argus...

Regional Oral History Office pictorial collections [graphic].

Mainly a collection of portraits, but also includes religious art and other images. Organized in folders by name and subject. All are items associated with interviews conducted by the Regional Oral History Office of The Bancroft Library.

Regional Plan Association, Inc., of San Francisco Bay Counties records, [ca. 1925-1931]

Includes Correspondence, subject files, conference files, Scrapbook of clippings, and printed materials. Subjects include: city planning, airport development, the growth of San Francisco, correspondence and reports concerning bridges, and San Francisco traffic survey reports.

Regional planning and governance in the Bay Area, 1941-1995.

"This collection of news clippings, journal articles, reports, correspondence, internal memoranda and other items, mostly concerning the San Francisco Bay Area, and principally relating to the Association of Bay Area Governments (ABAG), was compiled and presented to the IGS Library...

Regional Service Committee Records

The collection contains material on the activities of the Regional Service Committee of San Francisco, which was established in 1939 in response to the anti-San Francisco attitude of many California and Oregon counties. The Commitee's function was to promote San...

Register of Dentists

Ledgers of dentists' registration within Yolo County. Location A 2.4

Registers of the San Vicente Ferrer Dominican Mission, 1780-1828.

Registers of marriages, 1781-1800, and burials, 1780-1828, with signatures of the mission friars and of the provincial examiners.

Registers of the Santo Domingo Dominican Mission, 1775-1850.

Registers of baptisms, 1775-1839, marriages, 1776-1850, and deaths and burials, 1775-1837, with signatures of the mission friars and of the provincial examiners.

Registers of the Santísimo Rosario Dominican Mission, 1744-1868.

Registers of baptisms, 1744-1868, marriages, 1744-1868, and deaths and burials, 1775-1805, and 1805-1828, with signatures of the mission friars and of the provincial examiners.

Registers of the Velicatá Dominican Mission, 1769-1821.

Registers of baptisms, 1769-1818, marriages, 1769-1817, and burials, 1773-1802, and 1803-1821, with signatures of the mission friars and of the provincial examiners.

Registrar of Voters Records

The Registrar of Voters Records includes documents pertaining to state and national, municipal and county, and school district elections from 1916 to 2010. The collection also includes complete statements of votes, administrative records and California state laws and codes pertaining...

Registrar (Office of the). Administrative files of Stanley Chin, William Puckett.

Record Series 561 contains the administrative files of registrars Stanley Chin and William Puckett, generated within the Office of the Registrar at the University of California, Los Angeles. The files of Chin and Puckett include some materials generated by registrars...

Registrar (Office of the). Publications.

Record Series 188 contains publications of the Registrar's Office at the University of California, Los Angeles.

Registrar (Office of the) Records

Summaries of students by quarter, schedules, notices, information on majors and degrees offered, and one scrapbook.

Registration Attendance and Grade Accounting Instructor's Manuals

These are instructor's manuals on how to properly keep registration and attendance records, as well as grade accounting procedures.

Registration or voting records used as scrapbooks, circa 1890-1905.

Three volumes of handwritten voting records(?) for the San Jose area with clippings pasted over. Some of the text is readable. Clippings are primarily poems, cartoons, and political cartoons, with some news stories.

Regnery (Henry) papers

Correspondence, memoranda, writings, legal and financial records, and printed matter relating to publishing, and to conservative thought in the United States.

Rego, Nilda Collection

Nilda Rego had a column in the Contra Costa Times called “Days Gone By” from 1989 through 2016. This collection includes a selection of her research for the articles she wrote as well as the bulk of her materials gathered...

Reh (Lawrence), Los Angeles City Council Liaison to the Gay Community Records

Correspondence, press releases, meeting minutes, to-do lists, clippings and flyers written and/or collected by Lawrence A. Reh while he served as Liaison to the Gay Community, Offices of the City Council, 13th District, Los Angeles, California, from 1975 to 1977....

Rehabilitation Department Records

The Department of Rehabilitation records consist of 38 cubic feet of textual records and three motion picture films covering the period 1947 through 1997. The earliest records document the establishment of the department and the formation of departmental policies. The...

Rehabilitation of the Oakland Fox Theater.

Contains the architectural plans for a renovation of the Fox Theater in Oakland, California begun in 2006. Also includes a three-ring binder containing preliminary documentation for the project including the memorandum of understanding entered into on September 1, 2003 between...

Rehbock (Philip F.) Papers

Papers of science historian Philip (Fritz) Rehbock (1942-2002), known for his research on 19th century British naturalists, evolutionary theory, the expedition, and the history and science of the Pacific.

Reher (Sven) Papers

Sven Reher (d. 1991) was prominent on the Los Angeles music scene as a violist and composer since 1934, when he left his studies at UCLA to audition for Otto Klemperer and the Los Angeles Philharmonic. He was associated with...

Rehnquist (William H.) papers

Documents the Supreme Court terms of William H. Rehnquist, associate justice from 1972 to 1986 and chief justice from 1986 to 2005. Materials include court case files, administrative files, conference files, correspondence, speeches and writings, book manuscripts, invitations, and other...

Reich and Hayman family papers

This collection contains the personal papers of Dr. Joseph Reich and members of his extended family. It contains photographs and artifacts as well as correspondence, legal documents, and some ephemera, mostly from the period from World War I to World...

Reichard (Kenneth) Photograph Collection

Scenes of Stanford University campus life commissioned by the University for publicity and development, and for publication in the Stanford Alumni Review and other Stanford publications.

Reichardt (Jasia) Archive of Concrete and Sound Poetry

British art critic, editor, and curator born in Poland. The collection consists of poetry in a variety of media: manuscripts and typescripts, screenprints and posters, collages and original graphics, sound recordings, photoprints, and objects. Artists include Ronaldo Azedredo, Stephen Bann,...

Reichardt (Jasia) Correspondence

Jasia Reichardt correspondence, 1956-1987, consists mainly of correspondence between artists, writers, and Reichardt from 1965 to 1975 when she was Assistant Director of the Institute of Contemporary Arts, London, and Director of the Whitechapel Gallery.

Reichardt (Walter L.) papers

The Walter L. Reichardt papers span 24 linear feet and date from circa 1930 to circa 1989. The collection contains more than 50 watercolor drawings done while Reichardt was a student at the University of Pennsylvania (1927-1930), and when he...

Reiche (V. H. E.) diary

Relates to conditions in the German prison camp at Hadamar bei Limberg.

Reichel (Leon) Collection

The contents of the collections consist of documents, records, minutes, newspaper clippings, photographs, special programs and events regarding the congregation, from the 1950's to the early 2000's ....

Reichert (Gayle) Collection of Martha Courtot Papers

Gayle Reichert was a longtime friend of Martha Courtot, lesbian-feminist poet, activist, performer, and teacher. The collection includes decades of personal correspondence between Reichert and Courtot, original writings, including Courtot poetry, and a small number of photographs and publications. Also...

Reichhold Papers

The collection is organized into three series: Correspondence --letters and ephemera from leading Haiku poets; Haiku societies --correspondence and related materials pertaining to Haiku organizations; Publications --ms. material from Jane Reichhold's works and from titles published by AHA Books....

Reichhold papers, 1979-

The collection is organized into three series: Correspondence -- letters and ephemera from leading Haiku poets; Haiku societies -- correspondence and related materials pertaining to Haiku organizations; Publications -- ms. material from Jane Reichhold's works and from titles published by...

Reichsgruppe Handel. Wirtschaftsgruppe Einzelhandel mimeograph

Relates to commerce and trade in Nazi Germany.

Reichspropagandaleitung der N.S.D.A.P. correspondence

Correspondence with regional party organizations, relating to preparations for German national elections of 1930. Includes correspondence of Heinrich Himmler, head of the division.

Reid (Amelia) Papers

The Amelia Reid Papers include computation charts, computing tools, convention brochures, computation manuals and notes pertaining to Reid's career as a human computer for the National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics (NACA). The papers are related to Reid's professional development and...

Reid (Brian) collection

Pamphlets, leaflets, campaign literature, serial issues, and clippings, relating to general elections in South Africa, South African politics and race relations, and the position of religious groups in South Africa on these issues. Includes issuances of various political parties.

Reid (Christopher) Afrofuturist Comic Book

Contains one afrofuturist comic, "Christopher Reid presents King Size Comic Novastar and Docter Foe I....plus the Battle of the Plumets Featuring Super Adventurer"....

Reid (David W.) Collection

David W. Reid served as a painter and illustrator for a variety of wine manufacturers. The collection contains posters, advertising artwork and copy, marketing plans, clippings, and ephemera relating to the wine industry in California.

Reid (Elliott) Papers

Correspondence, research notes and drawings, reports, articles, product specifications, commercial publications, photographs, and other items pertaining to airplanes and aeronautical research, including his research on wings and propellers. There is correspondence with the National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics, the National...

Reid Family Papers

The Reid Family Papers,1827-1961 (bulk 1846-1916), document the personal and professional lives of several members of the Reid family. This collection includes material related to Bernard J. Reid's 1849 overland journey to California from Missouri, including his personal diary from...

Reid (Frances) Scripts for Days of Our Lives

or her continuing role as Alice Grayson Horton on the television soap opera, (1965-2007). The collection consists of television scripts for the soap opera , related to Reid's career.

Reid (Freda) Papers

A small collection of papers and photographs of marine phytoplankton specialist Freda M. H. Reid. Included are files on Reid's work with plankton taxonomy and ecology, as well as those pertaining to her involvement with the SIO Building Advisory Committee...

Reid (Hugo) Collection

Correspondence along with letters to the editor of "Star" newspaper. Topics emphasize customs and the treatment of Mission Indians. Signatures are Hugo Ried [sic] and P. Hugo Ried [sic]. Primarily undated, with one sheet dated 1852.

Reid (John R.) Papers

The materials consist of four published journal articles.

Reid (Ruth) and Kent Hyde papers

Ruth Reid and Kent Hyde were both authors and lovers for over forty years. Their correspondence documents the changing political landscape of the twentieth century as well as their intellectual development and personal relationships. For most of their relationship Kent...

Reid (Ruth) Autobiographical Novel

This is a copy of an unpublished 400-page typewritten autobiographical novel, "Dark Birth," written by Ruth Reid. According to her friend, writer Jacquelyn Marie, Reid used that term because she changed names and used poetic license, but the stories were...

Reid (Sally M.) Papers

Papers relating to the passage of the California Wilderness Act (1984) and the Condor Range and Rivers Protection Act (1992), including correspondence, photographs, reports, documents, and other papers of this Sierra Club member.

Reid (Sam ) Surfing photographs and memorabilia

Contains snapshots and negatives of surfers and surfing in Santa Cruz, California and Hawaii in the 1950s-1970s, as well as other personal photographs from Sam Reid. Also included is a wood surfboard fin....

Reid (W. Stafford) typescript

Relates to clandestine preparations for the Allied military landing in North Africa during World War II.

Reid (Wallace) Photographs and Papers

Small amount of papers, family photographs and publicity stills of Reid's wife Dorothy Davenport, an actress in her own right. Large collection of film stills of Reid's movies. 1873-1928, undated.

Reid (William T.) Papers

was born on November 8, 1843 on a farm near After graduating from in 1868, he taught at the and the prestigious before accepting a job at the in in 1875. Elected to the presidency of the in 1881, Reid...

Reider (Norman) Papers

The Reider papers consist of correspondence, invoices, biographical information, materials covering general psychoanalysis, research into chess, investigations of homosexuality and male homosexuality in ancient Greece, game theory, and the history of religion. The materials in the collection span the years...

Reid/Leffingwell items, 1773-1892.

Handwritten tax document signed by Connecticut Colony Treasurer Christopher Leffingwell dated April 1773 charging 600 pounds of duty on sixteen hogsheads of rum brought from Granada aboard the brig Britannia. Also included is the autograph book of Elizabeth May Reid...

Reifel (Stanley) papers

The Stanley Reifel papers span 1 linear foot and date from circa 1967 to circa 1970. The collection is primarily composed of black-and-white photographs and negatives that document the exhibit spaces Reifel designed at the University of California, Santa Barbara’s...

Reifenberg (Benno) typescript

Relates to the German newspaper Frankfurter Zeitung during the Nazi regime in Germany.

Reiff (Emery) Photographs

The Emery Reiff collection contains slides, prints, negatives and contact sheets of his photographs. The vast majority document the early years of the Community Softball league (CSL), but there are also images of friends, a production of the "Wizard of...

Reigns (Steven) papers

Writings and poetry, clippings, flyers, CDs, DVDs, a calendar and material about the lesbian writer Sapphire, bulk 2000-2010, from gay writer and poet Steven Reigns. The collection documents Reigns' writing career and also includes Reigns' research and annotated bibliography on...

Reilay G. Smith papers, [ca. 1864-1876]

Civil War discharge papers, 1864 and 1866, and cancelled paycheck, Jan. 31, 1876, from the Caspar Lumber Co.

Reilly (Paul C.) drawings of the Daniel J. Donahue house

The Paul C. Reilly drawings of the Daniel J. Donahue house span 3 linear feet and date from circa 1958. The collection consists of three original presentation sketches. Sketches depict exterior elevations of the tapestry room, arcade and porch as...

Reilly (Tom W.) Collection

Dr. Thomas W. Reilly was a faculty member at California State University, Northridge (CSUN) from 1969-2001. Before coming to CSUN Reilly worked as a journalist with the (now the ) He also spent time as the public information officer for...

Reilly (William) and Edward King papers

Papers of longtime partners William Reilly and Edward King, 1938-1995, including contracts, deeds, correspondence, tax forms, William Reilly's medical records as he dealt with AIDS-related complications, and book and short story manuscripts written by Edward King.

Reiman (Ken) papers

Writings and printed matter, relating to education and political conditions in North Korea.

Reimann (Gunter) papers

Includes correspondence, writings, notes, and printed matter, relating to international economic conditions, and to national socialism and communism in Germany.

Reimann (John) United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners of America, Local 713 (Hayward, Calif.) Collection

Consists of materials documenting John Reimann's activism in Bay Area Carpenters unions Local 36 (Oakland, Calif.) and Local 713 (Hayward, Calif.). Includes material on the Coordinated Housing Organizing Project (CHOP) focused on organizing the unorganized; materials on Carpenters for a...

Rein (Marcy) Papers

The Marcy Rein papers contain subject files related to her writings on queer issues and radical politics. Rein, a political organizer active in LGBT politics in San Francisco in the 1980s and 1990s, wrote for an assortment of women’s left...

Reindeer (built 1863; ship) logbook

The Reindeer (built 1863; ship) logbook (SAFR 14043, HDC 123) is a carbon copy of a transcript of the log from the ship REINDEER during a whaling voyage taken from New Bedford, Massachusetts to the Pacific Ocean and Hawaii during...

Reindel (Carl) Collection

The Carl Reindel Collection, 1961-1981, reflects Reindel’s two decades as an actor in film and television. Among his best-known credits are Bullitt (1968), Tora! Tora! Tora! (1970), The Andromeda Strain (1971), and television programs such as Bonanza, Ironside, Gunsmoke and...

Reines (Frederick) papers

This collection documents Frederick Reines' career in nuclear physics and astrophysics as both a scientist and an academic, as well as aspects of his personal life. Material ranges from the early period of his career as a graduate student, through...

Reinhardt (Aurelia H.) Papers

The archive consists of eight series: Series I. Personal and Family Papers, 1824-1948; Series II. Office of the President Files, 1916-1943; Series III. Rosalind Keep files, 1916-1948; Series IV. American Association of University Women, 1919-1932; Series V. Writings of Aurelia...

Reinhardt (Max) collection

This collection contains materials related to the work of Austrian theater and film director Max Reinhardt (1873-1943) including European set design plans and some papers, dating from circa 1910s-1930s, and a scrapbook of memorabilia from Reinhardt's 1927-1928 New York repertory...

Reinhardt (Max) Prompt Books for Faust

Max Reinhardt (1873-1943) produced plays and was a stage actor. He founded the Kammerspiele and Grosse Schauspielhaus theatres in Berlin, was first to produce the early works of Richard Strauss and founded the Salzburg Festival. The collection consists of four...

Reinhart (Anson) Papers

Almost all the materials in the Anson Reinhart collection are from the years 1970 to 1972 and consist of gay liberation, gay male consciousness raising, feminist, and lesbian printed materials from a radical/socialist point of view.

Reinhart family papers, 1850-1991.

The collection contains genealogical materials, including a copy of Walter Hertzmann's "The Reinharts of Nevada: A Genealogy and Family History;" a copy of a letter that Pauline Reinhart wrote about the 1906 San Francisco earthquake and fire while across the...

Reinhart (Leonard) Personal Papers

Leonard Sylvester Reinhart was born November 22, 1919 in Bascom, Ohio. Leonard had six siblings and they all grew up and were schooled in Ohio. Leonard enlisted in the U.S. Army Air Forces on December 18, 1942, and was...

Reinisch (Erica) Collection

Erica Reinisch lived in Shanghai during the 1930s and 1940s. The collection consists of photographs depicting the Japanese bombing of Shanghai in 1937, Shanghai foreign residents ration coupons from 1949, an alien resident certificate from1949, Chinese sketches by the artist...

Reinkemeyer (Joe) papers

This collection consists of the television writer and story editor Joe Reinkemeyer's collection of scripts, video, and papers created from around 1990 to around 2010. His most notable works were "Honey, I Shrunk the Kids: The TV Show," "Buffy the...

Reinsch (F.H.) Papers

Frank Herman Reinsch (1885- ) was a professor of German and served as president of the Philological Association of the Pacific Coast (1946-47). His publications include (1923) and (editor, 1946). The collection consists of correspondence files, manuscripts of articles on...

The reinterment of Juan Bautista de Anza in Arizpe, Mexico [graphic].

Photographs depict reinterment of Juan Bautista de Anza in the cathedral of Arizpe, Mexico, 1963. Also depicted are ceremonies, persons and a monument related to the event, as well as general views of Arizpe.

Reis (Bernard and Rebecca) papers

Accountant who served as a financial advisor and patron to many artists; wife Rebecca Reis (b. 1900) was an art collector. The papers contain correspondence, business and financial records, printed ephemera, photographs, a substantial body of letters from major and...

Reis (Irving) papers

The Irving Reis papers span the years 1935-1953 and encompass 4.3 linear feet. The collection consists of film and radio scripts, story material, correspondence, and miscellaneous papers, including clippings and reviews, material related to his Army service, and photographs....

Reisbord (Samuel) papers

The Samuel Reisbord papers span 28 linear feet and date from 1923 to circa 1976. The collection consists primarily of architectural drawings and reprographic copies of civic and commercial projects Reisbord did in the Los Angeles region, but also includes...

Reise (Lloyd) photograph collection

Depicts World War I scenes in France, especially aerial operations; and scenes in China, especially of the Russian fleet, during the Russo-Japanese War.

Reisen mit Rico, Travels with Rico, an Anthology of Memories from Landgut Burg, Stanford in Germany

Travels with Rico traces the exploits of Stanford University undergraduates on and off their overseas campus near Stuttgart, West Germany, in the early 1970s. Includes first draft, final version (2000), and 4th printing (2001)....

Reiser (Alois) papers

This collection consists of the sheet music manuscripts of Czech cellist, composer, and film music director Alois Reiser. These materials span Reiser's entire career and include his classical compositions, operas, materials from his time as conductor at New York's Strand...

Reisfeld (Bert) papers

The Bert Reisfeld papers span the years 1931-1990 and encompass approximately 15 linear feet. There are miscellaneous papers, including writings by Reisfeld, clippings, and legal documents; sheet music; tape recordings; disc recordings; and photographs....

Reisman (Del) Papers

The Del Reisman Papers, 1936-2011, documents Reisman’s career and life as a writer and as a board member for the Writers Guild of America West (WGAW). The collection includes Reisman’s television scripts spanning 1958 to 1987 and correspondence pertaining to...

Reisman (Philip H. Jr.) Papers

The Philip H. Reisman Jr. Papers consist of scripts, outlines, notes, research and correspondence related to his body of work as a writer for TV and film over five decades.

Reisner (George A.) Collection - Ancient Egypt

The collection encapsulates George Reisner’s archaeological work with Phoebe Apperson Hearst in Egypt. Items within the collection include grave goods from tombs and cemeteries, ceramic jars and pots, necklaces, faiences, bronzeware and weapons, statues & statuettes of various media, coffins,...

Reisner (Konrad) papers

Correspondence, serial issues, and pamphlets, relating to the Deutsche Friedensgesellschaft and Deutsche Liga für Menschenrechte in Germany, political activities of German socialist refugees in France after 1933, and the German peace activist Carl von Ossietzky

Reissner (Eric) Papers

Papers of Eric Reissner (1913-1996), professor of mathematics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (1938-1969) and professor of applied mechanics and engineering sciences at the University of California, San Diego (1970-1979). Reissner's research interests included problems of turbulence and aerodynamic...

Reissner (Eric) papers

The Reissner papers consist of more than 200 letters, many of them in German, written to Eric Reissner (1913-1996), a German-born mathematician. Correspondents include Reissner's father, Hans, a prominent German aeronatuical engineer whose avocation was mathematical physics; Bernhard Hermann...

Reissner (Hans) Papers

Papers of Hans Reissner (1874-1967), aeronautical engineer, physicist, professor, and researcher. Reissner designed the first successful aircraft with all-metal wing and tail surfaces and the first controllable-pitch propeller. He began his career in Germany, working with Ferdinand Zeppelin, Hugo Junkers...

Reith (Gertrude M.) Slide Collection on the Regional Geography of California

Approximately 8,000 slides of California (1955-1983) focusing on geographic aspects and illustrating landforms, physical features, land uses and especially agriculture and forestry, some historic sites and buildings, port facilities, highlights of cities, and aerial views.

Rekow (Gary Lynn) collection

This collection includes numerous t shirts, a towel from Mayan Baths (Berkeley, CA), Gay Area directories, several issues of Vector magazine, and other paper ephemera, collected by Gary Lynn Rekow.

Relación del quo de Itzquintlan y su Jurisdicion, circa 1750-1800.

Handwritten manuscript (3 p.) with detailed description of the village Itzquintlan [i.e. Santiago Ixcuintla] in Nayarit, Mexico. Details include civil and religious history, fauna, and geography. Drawn in the bottom of the final page is a map showing direction and...

Relaciones de los Soldados que se alistaron para las Yslas filipinas : DS, 1700.

Documents relating to the recruiting of a company in Queretaro for service in Manila, including proclamation of the viceroy, Conde de Moctezuma, a list of soldiers in the company, and marching orders for the company, with signatures of the viceroy,...

Relations of Salary to Title in American Universities Collection

Stanford president David Starr Jordan issued a circular letter in October 1906 to college presidents and faculty on the issue "should the same salary be paid to men bearing the same title." Included in this collection are the letters received...

Relief Administration Records

The State Emergency Relief Administration was created in 1933, and succeeded by the State Relief Administration in 1935. Both agencies were developed to alleviate certain conditions caused by the Great Depression. The records from both agencies include reports, statistics, surveys,...

Relief and Support Groups for Japanese Americans during World War II Collection

Many non-governmental groups sought redress for Japanese Americans interned during World War II. This collection contains reports, correspondence, publicity, and other documents issued by the Committee on Resettlement of Japanese Americans, National Japanese American Student Relocation Council, Pacific Coast Committee...

Relief Camps for Refugees from the San Francisco Earthquake and Fire, 1906

The Relief Camps for Refugees from the San Francisco Earthquake and Fire album contains 25 photographic prints taken in 1906 by San Francisco photographer Charles Weidner. The album documents the relief camps constructed for refugees from San Francisco's 1906 earthquake...

[Relief map of fictional mountain setting for George Rippey Stewart's book titled Fire].

Plaster of paris topographical map of the fictional Ponderosa Forest region, located between the actual Tahoe Forest and Plumas Forest in the Sierra Nevada Mountains.

Religa (Stella) Collection

The Stella Religa Collection (1918-2016, undated) contains materials from the life and career of political activist Stella Religa. The materials in this collection concentrate on Religa's advocacy for the Democratic Party, women's rights issues, the anti-Vietnam war movement, and domestic...

Religion and agriculture collection, 1938-1966.

Finding aid in the Special Collections Department.

Religious Leaders of America Collection

Research files used by J. Gordon Melton while compiling his book , first published in 1991.

Religious Studies Board records

This collection contains the Religious Studies Board office files, and correspondence pertaining to the short-lived Religious Studies major at UCSC.

Relis (Paul) journals

This collection consists primarily of personal journals, as well as manuscripts, booklets, correspondence, and articles documenting the environmental community outreach activities and personal reflections of author and environmentalist Paul Relis of Santa Barbara, California.

Relph, Ross (Second World War correspondence)

This collection contains four letters from Pvt. Ross Relph, USA to his parents during the Second World War.

Remak and Mosenthal family papers

This collection documents the experiences of a Jewish German family from Berlin. Papers in German and English describe the multi-generational business of the Mosenthal family, family member's military service during World War I, arrest and imprisonment of family members, forced...

Remak (John) Collection

This collection contains WWII propaganda publications, documents and leaflets produced by the American Psychological Warfare Division(PWD) and SHAEF, as well as examples of German counterpropaganda. Also included are a few propaganda samples from the Korean War.

Remarks on board Bark Midas : ms. S, 1849 Oct. 31-1850 Mar. 24.

Journal of voyage around the Horn, from Thomaston, Maine. Descriptions of Rio de Janeiro and Talcaguana, Chile where the ship stopped for several days for repairs and refitting. Journal ends just before arrival in San Francisco.

Remarks on board barque "Belvidera" on a voyage to San Francisco, Capt. Saml Barney : New York : ms. S, 1849 Mar. 1-Oct. 13.

Record of voyage of bark, Belvedere, with a company of 74 goldseekers (California Joint Stock Company?), "8 non-members together with 4 ladies and a little girl."

Remembering my hometown : San Francisco in my mind, 2007 /

Consists of 7 oversize drawings, a printed portfolio (9 leaves), and an addendum containing text, 25 color photographs, clippings, and other ephemera. "The portfolio provides a brief explanation of each text, beginning with the cartographic and ending with the semantic/semasiographic....

Remembering Theological Education at the Graduate Theological Union in the 1960s Oral History

This extensive oral history includes interviews from 79 scholars who discuss the founding of the Graduate Theological Union and issues in theological education before, after and during the 1960s. The interviews were conducted in 1993-94 by Ray F. Kibler III,...

Remembering war: a U.S.-Soviet dialogue video tape

Relates to American and Soviet perceptions of World War II. Includes raw footage; correspondence, and financial and other production records; and a companion book. Production sponsored by the University of California, San Diego, the Roosevelt Center for American Policy Studies,...

Remembering When 1937

A group discussion of remembrances of 1937.

Remembering William F. Knowland : oral history transcript / and related material, 1979-1981.

Interviewees, and titles of interviews, as follows: Emelyn Knowland Jewett: My Father's Political Philosophy and Colleagues. Estelle Knowland Johnson: My Father as Senator, Campaigner, and Civic Leader. Paul Manolis: A Friend and Aide.

Remer (C. F.) papers

Correspondence, writings, notes, studies, speeches, clippings, and printed matter, relating to the political and economic development of the Far East, especially China. Digital copies of select records also available at

Remey (Charles Mason) reminiscences and letters

Correspondence, reports, diary, photographs in 119 bound volumes....

Remey-Mason Family Papers

The papers document the Remey and Mason Families and were edited and arranged by Charles Mason Remey....

Remillard Brick Company records

Bound financial ledgers of the Remillard Brick Company, whose headquarters were at 2nd Street & Clay in Oakland. They also had an office in San Francisco at the Pacific Street Wharf. Material covering the period 1879 to 1921, with records...

Remillard Brick Company Records

Six bound ledgers from the Remillard Bros. company operations covering the time period 1878-1898. These ledgers were recovered by the donor from the Ashworth-Remillard House on Story Road in San Jose, the legacy of Countess Lillian Remillard Dandini, daughter of...

Reminders of home folks [graphic] /

Snapshots of Berkeley, Calif. Primarily home interiors and family members, with one view of the University of California, Berkeley campus.

Reminders of the cruise of the U.S.S. Bear.

Contains photographs taken in Nome, Golovin, St. Lawrence Island, Siberia (incl. St. Nicholas), Teller, Pt. Barrow, Dutch Harbor, Unalaska, and Sitka. Includes photographs of settlements, native peoples, ship's crew and passengers. Captain Hamlet and Mrs. Churchill are identified in some...

Reminiscences, 1879.

Two ms. documents with transcriptions. Each is two pages in length and consists of short factual entries. Marshal follows an idiosyncratic custom of ending each paragraph with the punctuation mark xc. The document referring to his Mexican War experiences has...

Reminiscences collected for the Ventura County Eisteddfod, 1927.

Mainly relate to early history of Ventura County, with special mention of Tiburcio Vázquez, litigation for the Sespe Rancho, the murder of Thomas W. More in 1877, adobe houses in San Buenaventura, and San Nicolas Island. Partial transcripts of some...

Reminiscences of Eric Spencer and Constance Macky : oral history transcript / and related material, 1954-1957.

Concerning art and artists of the San Francisco Bay area (particularly since 1910), the impact of the Panama Pacific International Exposition, various art schools and patrons.

Reminiscences of Grand View Valley, Idaho & clipping : Glenns Ferry, Idaho, 1952.

Experiences with her husband, Vaughn B. McKeith, proving up a desert land claim at Grand View from 1905, later at Glenns Ferry, then in Owyhee County, with remarks on living conditions in the country, 1920 and later.

Reminiscences of Kemper Campbell : oral history transcript of a tape recorded interview conducted in Los Angeles by Corinne L. Gilb on April 13, 1954. Regional Cultural History Project, the Bancroft Library, University of California, Berkeley, Calif., 1954 : and related material, 1954.

Notes his early life and legal training; connection of his family with canning industries (particularly olives); political activities-including association with the Progressive Republicans and various California governors; friendship with Arthur Brisbane; Los Angeles Bar Association and the State Bar; work...

Reminiscences of overland journeys during the gold rush period, 1912 Sept. 24

Letter (7 p.), two envelopes and two typescripts, one with a brief introduction and footnotes. The letter was written on Sept. 24, 1912 at the request of Goode's sister-in-law, Catherine McRae Goode and sent to her in Carson City, Nevada....

Reminiscences of the Hearst family : oral history transcript, 1967.

Photocopy of a typed transcript of a tape-recorded interview conducted by Wesley Cook in 1967. Prefatory note by J.R.K. Kantor.

Reminiscencias históricas de California : San Jose, Calif. : ms., 1875 June 22.

Dictation recorded for H.H. Bancroft by Henry Cerruti.

Remisoff (Nicolas) papers

The Nicolas Remisoff papers includes more than 400 original works, consisting of full-size watercolor drawings, some black and white drawings, and numerous oil paintings. The earliest dated drawing is from 1921. The archive covers all aspects of Remisoff's career and...

Remodeling of San Francisco Officers' Club Photograph Album

The album includes matted photos of fixtures, building interiors/exteriors, and grounds of the San Francisco Officers' Club (in the Presidio).

Remondino (P. C.) Papers

This collection contains the papers and research of P.C. (Peter Charles) Remondino, San Diego physician.

Remondino (P.C.) papers

P.C. (Peter Charles) Remondino (1846-1926) was a prominent doctor and author. The collection contains holograph and typed manuscripts of articles by Remondino, and 2 portraits and 1 oversize picture of him.

Rempel (David) photograph collection

Depicts the signing of documents of surrender by German authorities at the end of World War II.

Ren and Stimpy "The Last Temptation" Collection

The Ren and Stimpy Show was an animated television series created by animator John Kricfalusi. The show aired on Nickelodeon, an American cable and satellite television network, and ran for five seasons (1991-1996). "The Last Temptation" episode, which did not...

René Yañez and Cynthia (Kiki) Wallis collection : pictorial material.

In-process pictorial portion of the Yañez and Wallis archive consists, initially, of oversize material and objects requiring custom housing. The great majority of pictorial content will remain integrated with the manuscript, ephemera, and audiovisual material that forms the archive (BANC...

René Yañez and Cynthia Kiki Wallis papers, 1950-2013.

The collection documents the careers of René Yañez and Cynthia "Kiki" Wallis, specifically both of their work within the San Francisco arts community from the 1960s to the present day. The collection contains a wide variety of formats including audio/visual,...

Renaissance man of Bay Area music : oral history transcript : tenor, teacher, administrator, impresario / 2001.

Early years in San Francisco; the Fleishhacker, Dinkelspiel and Schwabacher families; UC Berkeley Department of Music, 1937-1941; Jan Popper and the Stanford University Department of Music, 1945; Schwabacher-Frey Printers and Stationers, 1905-1959; performing oratorio and opera; teaching young singers; thoughts...

Renaissance of religious art and architecture in the San Francisco Bay area, 1946-1968 : oral history transcript / and related material, 1981-1985.

Interviewees include: William J. Monihan, Elio Benvenuto, Emily Michels, Robert Brennan, Ethel Souza, William Justema, Louisa Jenkins, Maria Luisa Wolfskill, Mary Erckenbrack, Antonio Sotomayor, Paul Ryan, Micaela DuCasse, Mario Ciampi, Stephen DeStaebler, Charles Warren Callister, Vivian Cummings, Harold W. Cummings,...

Renaissance Society of California State University, Sacramento records

The collection consists of the records of the Renaissance Society of California State University. Sacramento including administrative files, minutes of meetings, newsletters, event catalogs, membership directories, photographs, and scrapbooks.

Renan (Sheldon) Papers

The collection contains the papers of Sheldon Renan, during his professional affiliation with the Pacific Film Archive at the University of California, Berkeley. This includes his early work, starting in 1967, of founding the film archive and being appointed the...

Renata Polt oral history interview

This collection comprises one videotape with accompanying transcript of an oral history interview with Renata Polt conducted by the Holocaust Oral History Project on February 5, 1996.

Rendez-vous Hautes Montagnes : files and journal

Correspondence, organizational files, and the journal, 1969-1984. Includes Beardsley's research notes and typescript about the history of American women's mountaineering, ca. 1970, that was to have been used in von Reznicek's 2nd edition of VON DER KRINOLINE ZUM 6 GRAD,...

Renée Renouf Hall papers : additions, circa 1960-2009.

Correspondence, articles, clippings, and assorted printed material pertaining to dance and dance performances.

Renger-Patzsch (Albert) papers

German photographer associated with the art movement Neue Sachlichkeit (New Objectivity). The archive documents Renger-Patzsch's professional life, especially his work on book projects and commissions for industrial firms. It also includes technical details of his photographic workshop, and provides insight...

Renie costume design drawings

The Renie costume design drawings span the years 1953-1963 and encompass approximately 4 linear feet. The collection contains costume sketches for THE BIG FISHERMAN (1959), CLEOPATRA (1963), and THE PRESIDENT'S LADY (1953). There are also travel and research photographs in...

Reniff (Asa Arnold) certificate and license

Asa Arnold Reniff certificate and license (SAFR 17508, HDC 359) consists of a United States Inspectors certificate to first engineer of steam vessels dated 1870 and one Steamboat Engineer's license renewal dated 1867. The collection is available for research use...

Renison (William H.) Personal Papers

William H. Renison (October 29, 1906 – May 1, 1955) had a diverse background of aircraft industrial occupations, but mostly within the managerial positions. He attended the University of Michigan in 1928 and graduated with a degree in Aeronautical Engineering....

Renne (Louis Obed) typescript

Relates to the internment of Japanese-Americans during World War II. Published (Glasgow, 1954).

Renner (Karl) interview transcript

Relates to Austrian politics. Interview conducted by Jacques de Launay.

Reno Traction Company Correspondence

Correspondence regarding accident reports.

Renoir (Jean) papers

Collection consists of material related to Jean Renoir's career as director and screenwriter. Includes scripts, production material, photographs, personal and professional correspondence, and manuscript material. Photographs include film stills representing over 30 film titles released between 1926-69, photographs of Renoir's...

Renouf (Juliet D.) Papers

The Juliet Dixon Renouf papers measure 2 linear inches and date from 1889, 1919 to 1922, 1950. Included in these papers are a credential for teaching Physical education as well as a letter of recommendation written by Henry J. King...

Renton (D. M.) Papers

A collection of correspondence between D. M. Renton and William Wrigley, Jr., concerning the development of Santa Catalina Island under Wrigley ownership.

Rentz (George) miscellaneous papers

Letters received and miscellany, relating to Office of War Information activities in Egypt during World War II, and to the postwar situation in the Middle East.

Renzel (Ernie) Papers 1900-2007

Renzel's personal papers, including diplomas, personal and professional certificates, awards, San Jose City records and Santa Clara County public documents. The bulk of the papers relate to Renzel's term as San Jose City Councilman and Mayor, his role in developing...

The reorganization of biology at the University of California, Berkeley : oral history transcript / 2003.

Interviews with Daniel E. Koshland, Jr., Roderic B. Park and Louise Taylor on the process of reorganizing UC Berkeley's Dept. of Biology and other science departments into the Dept. of Molecular and Cell Biology and the Dept. of Integrative Biology...

[Report and specifications for construction of streets in the City of Los Angeles].

Collection of specifications for construction streets and sidewalks in the City of Los Angeles. Starts with Specifications No. 47 (new series) for the construction of pavement of vitrified brick class B in the City of Los Angeles dated January 21st,...

Report of appraisers in bankruptcy proceedings in the federal district court Arizona : ms., [192-]

Consists of mounted photographs of company operations, a map of Calaveras County showing the properties of the company, and a sketch map of the Valentine group of mines.

Report of Chief of Engineers, U.S. Army : covering the harbors of San Francisco, Oakland, and Richmond : typescript (photostat), 1924-1941.

Consists of statistics, graphs and charts on vessels entering San Francisco Bay area harbors including tonnage, and items imported and exported.

Report of labors in archives and procuring material for history of California : and related material, 1876-1879.

Thomas Savage's report, written in 1879, with detailed information about his trips in California securing copies of manuscripts and archives and dedications from pioneers; portions of the manuscript of Literary Industries; copy of story from San Francisco Bulletin, Apr. 27,...

Report of U. S. Army Court of Inquiry regarding Captain Emmet Crawford

This is a typed copy of United States General Order 13, issued by order of Brigadier General Crook on July 14, 1884 from the Whipple Barracks in Prescott, Headquarters Department of Arizona, regarding the performance of Captain Emmet Crawford, Third...

Report on a Coast Stream Water Supply for the Palo Alto Water Disctrict

Preliminary report showing the feasibility of a coast stream water supply for the Palo Alto Water Disctrict.

Report on Los Banos Internment Camp typescript

Relates to American prisoners in the Japanese prison camp at Los Baños, Philippines. Prepared by released prisoners for the United States Department of State.

Report on Preliminary Investigation of Painted Cave, Inyo County, California

This is a report submitted to the Southwest Museum by amateur archaeologist and enthusiast, E. T. Ross, regarding a cave he discovered and explored in 1938. The report includes a letter to Southwest Museum staff, drawings, photographs, and a folded...

Report on the Cumberland Gold Mine, Arizona Territory

This bound volume is entitled "Report: The Cumberland Gold Mine" and contains newspaper clippings from 1879 and a handwritten report submitted by George E. Barnes and B. J. Burns to the President of the Cumberland Mining Company. The report was...

Report on the merits and services of Gabriel Antonio García Vallecillos y Ruiz : D and printed, 1803-1820.

Documents relating to the career of Dr. García Vallecillos, native of Algeciras, Spain, attorney and judge of the Real Audiencia, Alcalde mayor of Sololá Province, Guatemala, and defender of the Spanish régime in the closing days of the Viceroyalty of...

Report on uranium deposit near Enterprise Gold Mine, Madera County, 1955.

Document describing a mining site near the Enterprise Gold Mine in Madera County. The site was being tested for the presence of uranium. The report consists of copies of document, a map and several original photographs.

Report on uranium deposit near Enterprise Gold Mine, Madera County, 1955.

Document describing a mining site near the Enterprise Gold Mine in Madera County. The site was being tested for the presence of uranium. The report consists of copies of document, a map and several original photographs.

Report, with supplementary documents, on Presidios of the Provincias Internas : Mexico, 1722-1729.

Incomplete transcript of 1728 report prepared by Rivera, Governor of Tlaxcala and subsequently Governor of Guatemala, on the basis of his 1724-1728 inspection of the northern frontier presidios. It is divided into three main parts, in compliance with Viceroy Casafuerte's...

Reporter's Transcript of Testimony and Proceedings in case of the People of the State of California, Plaintiff, vs. D.M. Bond, Defendant : Red Bluff, Calif. : ms. S, 1908 Dec. 4-11.

Typed record of first trial for murder of Robert Junior, an Indian. Each volume indexed. Signed by Fred J. Brownlee, official court recorder.

Reporting from Sacramento : oral history transcript ; tape-recorded interview conducted in 1969, 1977, and 1979 by Amelia R. Fry, Gabrielle Morris and Sarah Sharp for the Regional Oral History Office The Bancroft Library, University of California, Berkeley, California, 1981 : and related material, 1977-1981.

Interviewees and titles of interviews, as follows: Earl C. Behrens: Gubernatorial Campaigns and Party Issues: A Political Reporter's View, 1948-1966. Richard Bergholz: Reporting on California Government and Politics, 1953-1966. Sydney Kossen: Covering Goodwin Knight and the Legislature for the San...

Reporting on California's gold mines for the State Division of Mines and Geology, 1951-1979 : oral history transcript / 1993.

Clark discusses maintaining inventory of state mines and mineral resources; editing California Division of Mines' gold districts of California, a report on 342 districts, published 1969; California mines and people in mining.

Reports Collection of The California State University Archives

This collection consists of 3969 reports generated by or about The California State University

Reports for Motor Vessels Komoku and Mokuhana

Reports for Motor Vessels Komoku and Mokuhana (SAFR17113, HDC 238) contains 2 copies of each report plus an issue of the Pacific Marine Review magazine. These materials date from 1938. The collection is available for research use without restriction.

Reports of Irrigation : Quinto Canal, Merced Co., Calif : ms. S, 1908-1909.

Record of amounts of water used, location, crops, condition of ditches, type of soil, and name of person ordering the water.

Reports on Fairchild Semiconductor Corp. and IBM Groundwater Contamination in South San Jose

Technical and administrative reports, including correspondence, related to groundwater contamination and subsequent restoration efforts at the IBM General Products Division (5600 Cottle Road) and Fairchild Semiconductor Corp. South San Jose plant.

Reports on historic bridges of Los Angeles made in preparation for seismic retrofits [graphic]

Views and accompanying Historic American Engineering Records reports on three Los Angeles bridges: the First Street Bridge, Sixth Street Bridge, and Ninth Street Viaduct (Olympic Boulevard Viaduct). Accompanied by reports on an additional five bridges which were determined not to...

Reports to the California State Board of Equalization and Local Assessors

Companies doing business in the state of California were required to file a "Report on General Corporate Franchises"(Form 1), a "Report of Railroad Companies" (Form 7) or a "Report of Railroad Companies (also Street Railways) (Form 6) to the State...

Reports, University of California, Davis

Contains reports created by the University of California (System) and the University of California, Davis campus. The collection includes annual reports, budget and financial reports, as well as specific task force reports.

Reppas (George S.) papers

Memoirs, correspondence, and business and legal records, relating to efforts of the Societe americaine grecque et malgache to establish a slaughterhouse and meat-processing plant in Madagascar, the forced bankruptcy of the company, the imprisonment of G. S. Reppas, efforts to...

Repper, Robert W. (Second World War correspondence)

This collection contains correspondence written by Lt. Robert W. Repper, USA to his parents during the Second World War. Also included are one diary, one photograph, a graduation program, documents and clippings.

Reppert, B. B. B. Letter : to his cousin, 1865 July 10.

Holograph letter written at Huntersville, Arkansas.

Representative men of San Francisco : view of San Francisco /

Two identical views of San Francisco from the bay, each surrounded by 24 portraits of prominent men of the city. The portraits on each print are of different men.

Representatives of the German Industry broadside

German propaganda distributed to Americans leaving Berlin at the outbreak of World War I.

Reproductions of art work by Frederic Remington.

Collection includes one photograph of Frederic Remington. Other items include many scenes featuring Indians, camps, exploration of the West, etc.

Reproductions of drawings of California missions [graphic].

Reproductions of pen and ink drawings of various California missions (San Buenaventura, San Carlos, San Diego de Alcala, San Fernando Rey, San Juan Bautista, San Juan Capistrano, San Luis Rey, Santa Clara, and Santa Inés).

Reproductions relating to "Life of the Late Rear- Admiral John Drake Sloat, U.S.N." [graphic]

Collection contains images (used as plates?) relating to "Life of the Late Rear-Admiral John Drake Sloat of the United States Navy", and a reproduction of a bust of Columbus.

Reprographics Records

Programs, announcements, and brochures for campus events such as entertainment, lectures, and ceremonies.

Reps (Paul) papers

Collection consists of books, manuscripts, clippings, correspondence, photographs, articles, and audio and video recordings related to the career of Paul Reps....

Repton (Humphry) architectural and landscape designs, 1807-1913

English landscape designer. An assembled collection of drawings, letters and a report document Humphry Repton's designs for gardens and buildings.

Repton (Humphry) Papers

A collection of family and professional material relating to the English landscape gardener, architect, and author Humphry Repton.

Republic of Korea slide kit

Set of slides, with accompanying phonotape cassette and printed narrative, relating to the history and culture of Korea, and to political, social and economic conditions in post-World War II South Korea.

Republic of Texas, Sheriff of Austin County, jury summons for slave trial, 1843 April 13.

Holograph list of names summoned by the Republic of Texas for jury duty on a slave trial.

Republic Pictures collection

This collection consists of scripts, press kits, stills, and production information for films and television series created and distributed by Republic Pictures, as well as related production and distribution companies.

Republic Pictures Corporation records

Republic Pictures Corporation was created in 1935 by merging four minor studios. The studio produced mostly westerns in assembly-line fashion, and occasionally produced a major motion picture under direction of Raoul Walsh, John Ford, or Orson Welles. The collection consists...

Republic Pictures cutting continuity scripts, 1936-1959

61 cutting continuity scripts for Republic Pictures films (primarily Westerns) produced between 1936 and 1959. These scripts would have been prepared after each film was finished and describe each shot in a film, generally noting the footage mark and frame...

Republic Pictures scripts

This collection consists of the scripts of the American motion picture production-distribution corporation Republic Pictures Corporation.

Republican Associates of Southern California collection

Pamphlets, reports, and studies, many of them issued by various California state government agencies, relating to administration of the California state government, especially during the governorship of Ronald Reagan (1967-1974), and particularly to administration of the state prison system. Collected...

Republican Congressional Committee document, 1860 May 31

One printed document [incomplete], "Investigation of Public Printing," the minority view submitted by Mr. King, Chairman of the Subcommittee charging, among other things, that "moneys drawn from the public treasury under color of law, ostensibly to pay for executive printing...

Republican National Committee campaign collection

This collection contains articles, pamphlets, newsletters, reports, and other material on Republican National Committee campaign efforts during the 1960s. Materials in the collection consist mainly of information on candidates, policies, and other topics relevant to elections.

Republican National Committee (U.S.) Opposition Research Group records

The records include research materials accumulated and acquired by the Republican Opposition Research Group during the 1984 presidential election for use in the campaign against Democratic presidential candidates. The records consist of materials such as clippings, press releases, other printed...

Republican National Convention program

Republican National Convention (30th : 1972 : Miami Beach, Fla.)

Republican Party (Calif.) records

Minutes and transcripts of meetings, correspondence, memoranda, financial and legal records, polling data, printed matter, clippings, photographs, and sound recordings, relating to elections and Republican Party activities in California. Includes files of Shawn Steel as party chairman.

Republican Party campaign organizer : from volunteer to professional : oral history transcript / and related material, 1977-1983.

Brief biography and family backround, work experience, Republican politics 1948-1972 and personal observations on women in politics. Also includes supporting documentation in separate box.

Republican Party State Central Committee letterbooks, 1862-1879.

Letterpress copies of correspondence of the Union State Central Committee and the Union Republican State Central Committee. C-A 105 includes minutes for two meetings laid in at end.

Republican State Committee - Massachusetts, 1880

Seven printed items, including notices, instructions, and electoral slate, 1880. Alpha list.

Requa & Jackson drawings of the Mrs. H. C. Magee house

The Requa & Jackson drawings of the Mrs. H. C. Magee house span 3 linear feet and date from 1928. The collection contains five architectural drawings in the form of blueprints. Drawings include floor plans as well as interior and...

Requa (Isaac Lawrence) Papers

A collection of professional and personal material related to the life and work of Isaac Lawrence Requa, American mining engineer and businessman.

Requa (Mark Lawrence) memoirs

Relates to activities of the Tax Association of Alameda County, California, in 1912, and of the United States Food Administration during World War I. Photocopy.

Requin (Edouard J.) papers

Correspondence, military orders, memoranda, and writings, relating to Allied military operations in World War I, particularly Franco-American military cooperation; to proposals for a treaty of mutual assistance under auspices of the League of Nations, 1922-1923; and to operations of the...

Rerberg (Fedor Petrovich) memoirs

Relates to the X Corps, the Sevastopol' Fortress during World War I and the Russian Civil War, and White Russian and Allied military activities in the Crimea during the Russian Civil War. Also available on microfilm (1 reel).

Research Center for the Americas records

The records of the RCA highlight the productive potential of cross-border perspectives linking the Americas and the evolution of the fields of Latin American and Latino studies. The collection includes a variety of materials ranging from posters and flyers to...

Research Files for Asian American History at Stanford

This collection contains Jade: the Asian American identity magazines (1974-1984) that were published in Los Angeles by California Jade Publication Corp. These magazines were transferred by the Manuscripts unit in 2021. ...

Research Libraries Group, Inc. (RLG) records

Collection includes historical corporate documents, program and project files, grant proposals, system and software development files, digital material, photographs, and other documents and memorabilia.

Research Libraries Group, records

Reports, manuals, proposals, surveys, statistics; BALLOTS System books and reference manuals; PLAN Systems books.

Research manager to president, U.S. Borax & Chemical Corporation, 1957-1986 / 1992.

Discusses his childhood; Navy career during World War II; his career at U.S. Borax & Chemical Corporation.

Research Material about Robert Noyce

The collection documents the research phase of Berlin's biography of Robert Noyce, entitled THE MAN BEHIND THE MICROCHIP. Included are interviews and transcripts including one with Gordon Moore.

Research material concerning Felix Peano, [ca.1960-1970]

Correspondence, notes, and clippings concerning Cole's lengthy investigation into the life and California works of Italian-born sculptor, Felix Peano.

Research material for book on California's first women legislators, 1978-1981

In 1978 Ethel L. Bornefeld published an article "Mrs. Elizabeth Hughes Butte County's Only Woman Legislator" in the Fall & Winter Edition of the Butte County Historical Society's Diggin's (v. 22, no. 3&4). During the next five years or so...

[Research material on General Mariano G. Vallejo's bookplate] [manuscript].

Photocopies of notes, correspondence, and articles relating to research on Vallejo's bookplate; for inclusion in new chapter in reprint of "Historic California in bookplates".

Research material primarily for the history of Fort Bidwell (Modoc Co.) and Fort Crook (Shasta Co.) Calif., 1934-1935.

Correspondence with various U.S. Army officers (including General W.C. Brown), Adjutant General's Office and various offices of the War Dept.; notes and drafts (including "Battle of Infernal Caverns"); photographs of the forts.

Research material relating to historic places in California.

Included is supportive material for nominations to the National Register of Historic Places.

Research materials for a thesis on some incidents in the life of Captain Don Fernando de Rivera y Moncada, 1954-1977 (bulk 1954-1957).

Contains research materials, including photostat copies from microfilm, typed transcriptions, and some translations, chiefly from a variety of sources in the collections of The Bancroft Library. Includes Shaffer's notes, drafts, and clippings related to her M.A. Thesis, presented to the...

Research materials for California place names, circa 1935-1942.

Roughly sorted preliminary notes, drafts, manuscripts and bibliographies compiled chiefly by the Federal Writers' Project, Oakland.

Research materials for the study of California and Mexican architecture, 1959-1966.

Manuscript and plates for his book, The Churches of Mexico, 1530-1810; card bibliography on Latin American architecture, especially the colonial period; negatives of buildings (some with architectural detail) in Mexico, Spain, Portugal, California, and the United States.

Research materials relating to early California residents.

Notes, articles and clippings re Spanish-Mexican families in California and land grants.

Research materials relating to John Swett, 1862-1982.

Documents and articles realting to the career of California educator John Swett. Swett was principal of San Francisco's Rincon School, served as State Superintendent of Public Instruction from 1862-1867, and became City Superintendent of School in 1889.

Research materials relating to the film Carved in silence [graphic]

Contains copies of historical photographs used for the production of the film, Carved in silence, on Chinese immigrants entering the U.S. through Angel Island Immigration Station, which was written, produced and directed by Felicia Lowe.

Researcher and educator in electromagnetics, microwaves, and optoelectronics, 1935-1995; Dean of the College of Engineering, UC Berkeley, 1959-1963 : oral history transcript / 1996.

Whinnery discusses his family background and early education at the University of California, Berkeley; his early career at General Electric; his return to Berkeley as a graduate student, lecturer, and associate professor; his years as Dean of the College of...

Reseda Chamber of Commerce Papers

The Reseda Chamber of Commerce was formed by area merchants in 1935 to promote the welfare of the community, and to cultivate the business and social interests of its members. The records of the Reseda Chamber of Commerce document the...

Reseda Woman's Club Collection

The documents the Club's founding in 1918 as the Mother's Club of Marian, through its twentieth century evolution into a member club of the California Federation of Women's Clubs, Sierra-Cahuenga District. Materials provide insight into social networks in the San...

Reserve Oil and Gas Company photographs from the Max C. Eastman papers.

Includes portraits of Max C. Eastman and some of his fellow petroleum engineers, as well as photographs of oil fields, offices and other property of the Reserve Oil and Gas Company of San Francisco, Calif. Includes many photographs of the...

Reshovsky (Ernest E.) Photographs

Ernest E. Reshovsky was a Los Angeles photojournalist. The collection consists of negatives and proof sheets of Reshovsky's work between 1949-72.

Residence of Alviza Hayward, San Mateo, Calif.

Temporary list of contents available.

Residence of Mr. and Mrs. James Mauran-Rhodes [graphic] /

Views of the Mauran-Rhodes residence in Santa Barbara, "Mon Désir." Home located at 325 E. Valerio.

Residence of Mr. and Mrs. Paul Thelen, Berkeley, California [graphic] /

Set of drawings (blueprints) for residence at 828 Contra Costa Ave., Berkeley, includes: site plan, front elevation, north elevation, south elevation, rear elevation, section, basement and foundation plan, first floor plan, second floor plan, attic plan.

Residence of William Chapman Ralston, Belmont, Calif.

Views of opulent country mansion of William C. Ralston, depicting exterior, interiors and estate grounds.

Residences of Brigham Young in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Photographs of two residences, one much more lavish than the other and captioned "New Residence of President Brigham Young."

Residencia de Jerónimo de Vega y Salazar y de sus ministros : San Jose del Parral, Nueva Vizcaya : DS, 1654 May 5-June 6.

A file on an inquiry, carried out by Aguileta as alcalde mayor and judicial official of San José del Parral, into the official conduct and services of Vega, former justicia mayor and captain of that mining settlement, and of Vega's...

Resident Stanford Alumnae Association Records

Records include two minute books, 1909-1933, also containing membership records and the constitution and by-laws; financial records, primarily pertaining to the tea fund, 1917-1928; letters from Helen Cubberley largely pertaining to the clubhouse, 1926-31; and miscellaneous articles, 1919-25.

[Residential wood paneling photograph album].

Professional views of home interiors featuring various types of wood paneling popular in 1950s middle-class American residences, specifically those of the lumber region of the Pacific Northwest. Album organized according to room types: living rooms, bedrooms, dressing rooms, dens and...

Resistencia Nicaraguense Ejercito records

Includes handwritten documents, memoranda, press releases, rosters, personnel records, statistics, financial records, pamphlets, newspaper clippings, computer printouts, various manifestos, and photographs relating to Resistencia Nicaragüense Ejército and guerrilla military operations in Nicaragua, financing and supply of guerrilla forces, medical care...

Resistencia Nicaraguense records

The records pertain to an umbrella organization uniting the main components of the armed resistance to the Sandinista government in Nicaragua in the 1980s. They are comprised largely of correspondence, communiqués, clippings, memoranda, press releases, proposals, programs, and reports. Additionally,...

Resolutions adopted at resignation of Charles B. Hill from the Ghabot Observatory, 1888 July 11.

Part of a collection of certificates, diplomas, and similar documents, primarily from California.

Resource Management Collection

The collection documents the resource management activities in the park. Some of the material was originally created by programs that predated the Resources Management Division, but were integrated into the new division in 1984. With increasing program specialization, the records...

Responses to Jonestown collection

This collection consists of newspaper articles, periodical articles, and sermons reporting or commenting on the Jonestown mass suicide in Guyana, November 1978. The Graduate Theological Union Library staff solicited and collected the materials from various sources.

The responsibilities and rewards of involvement : oral history transcript / and related material, 1979-1981.

Discusses family life in San Francisco; business interests; other Jewish community leaders; Jewish charity activities (Jewish National Welfare Fund, Federation of Jewish Charities, Jewish Family Service Agency, etc.); formation of and changes in San Francisco Jewish Bulletin. Also included: brief...

Respublikanskaia partiia Rossiiskoi Federatsii Sankt-Peterburgskaia organizatsiia records

Correspondence, circulars, memoranda, and lists, relating to political conditions in Russia.

Respuesta a la escalada sudafricana video tape

Relates to Cuban military involvement in Angola and Namibia. Produced by the Fuerzas Armadas Revolucionarias of Cuba.

Rest Haven Preventorium for Children Papers

This collection contains materials related to Rest Haven Preventorium and its administrative processes from 1910 through 1971.

Rest Stop Collection

Rest Stop was an emotional support center for persons living with AIDS/ARC/HIV in San Francisco, California. It opened in 1987 and closed in 1992. The collection contains the Rest Stop newsletter, photographs, subject files, newspaper clippings, a small amount of...

Restaurant Menus Collection

An artificial collection of over 450 menus from abroad and the U.S. Bulk is from California restaurants from the 1930s through the 1970s. Includes airline, cruise ship and railway menus. Arranged geographically, then alphabetically.


The Restaurant Collection is made up of photographs, ephemera, menus and archival material collected by the La Jolla Historical Society since the 1930s to use for historical research and reference. This Collection contains archival material pertaining to restaurants in La...

Resthaven Auxiliary records

The Resthaven Auxiliary records consist of correspondence, agendas for meetings, member lists, minutes, gift lists, benefit activities, financial records, and guest books, 1956-1979, that document the activities of the Resthaven Auxiliary, a volunteer organization important for its fundraising work for...

Restitution Project Records

This collection contains records of the Restitution Project, an organization devoted to publicly acknowledging and affirming the contributions of LGBT veterans and service members.

Restoration Movement Publications

The collection was created by Pepperdine University librarians and consists of publications associated with the Restoration Movement. The Restoration Movement is the umbrella term for the Churches of Christ, the Christian churches and churches of Christ, as well as the...

Restoration of the C.A. Thayer (built 1895; schooner, 3m) records

Restoration of the C.A. Thayer (built 1895; schooner, 3m) records, 1983-1984 (SAFR 23383, HDC 1640) were created by Stephen W. Hastings, former Marine Maintenance Foreman at the National Maritime Museum, to chronicle the 1983-1984 restoration of the lumber schooner.

Restore Hetch Hetchy object collection [graphic].

Includes coffe mug illustrated with 2 printed images: logo for Restore Hetch Hetchy (depicting view of Hetch Hetchy Valley with no reservoir), and image of Hetch Hetchy Reservoir bordered by text: Hetch Hetchy / Yosemite's Buried Treasure. Also includes t-shirt...

Restore Hetch Hetchy records, 1987-2008 (bulk 1997-2003).

The records include petitions, research, legal documents, publicity, photographs and other materials related to Restore Hetch Hetchy itself and environmentalism in general. Also contains correspondence of key figures in the organization including the notebooks of former Executive Director, Ron Good.

Resume of Eucalyptus Planting on the Angeles National Forest : typescript, 1915.

Includes a brief history of the planting of eucalyptus in the region, a list of nurseries supplying the young plants, details on the cultivation of the trees, description of area, tables on expenditures, results of planting and names of species...

Retail Clerks Union Local 770 Scrapbook Collection

The Retail Clerks International Union (RCIU) Local 770 works to secure rights, negotiate wages, and resolve contract disputes for California-based retail employees. Joseph T. DeSilva helped form the RCIU and led Local 770 as executive secretary for over 35 years....

Retail Store Employees Union Local 410R Records

Includes: constitution and bylaws, minutes of the membership and executive board, records of associated retail clerk organizations, financial ledgers and statements, membership documentation, and contract negotiation files of the Retail Store Employees Union Local 410R.

Rethel (France) Bureau communal miscellaneous records

Copies of correspondence with the German occupation authorities and minutes of meetings.

Retired Officers Association, San Diego Chapter Records

The collection consists of by-laws, charter, correspondence, certificates, meeting minutes, financial records, membership rosters, and bulletins....

Retired Senior Volunteer Program Records

The collection documents local economic conditions, education, the environment, public works, recreation, schools, social conditions, and social service agencies. It includes correspondence, memoranda, Board of Directors meeting minutes, financial statements, and grant proposals....

Retivov (Mitrofan Ivanovich) papers

Writings, photographs, and miscellany, relating mainly to the medical profession in Russia prior to the Russian Revolution.

Retting (Martin) collection

This collection consists of magic lanterns, antique scientific lantern slides, a Kinora, and Kinora reels.

Rettinger (Michael) Collection

One 45 rpm recording of animal noises

Returned original recorded documents

Returned original recorded documents consist of 60 manuscript boxes and four oversized boxes, containing original documents brought to the San Diego County Recorder for recording from 1860-1939, bulk 1885-1907. These documents were then transcribed as Official Records to be maintained...

Reuben R. Rinder papers, 1907-1966.

The collection consists of correspondence; cantorial materials; musical arrangements, compositions and programs; biographical materials; certificates and honors; some of Rinder's writings and speeches; items from Rinder's tenure at Temple Emanu-El; and photographs. The correspondence consists of general correspondence as well...

Reuel Ford Pray family papers, approximately 1895-1978 (bulk 1895-1925).

Contains mostly newspaper clippings and a small amount of personal ephemera of the Reuel Ford Pray family, including a handwritten, leather-bound "Resolutions" booklet signed by the faculties of the Westwood Public School system in recognition of Reuel Pray Sr.'s eight-year...

Reupsch (Carl) Collection

This collection contains personal and business papers of Carl Reupsch, including his involvement in the San Diego Harbor Department, Mission Bay Park, and San Diego Port Unified District

Reuter (Walter) photographs

Walter Reuter (1906-2005) was a German-born Mexicon photojournalist. He fled war in Europe in 1942 for Mexico, where using modern photojournalistic techniques, he began, among other projects, documenting Mexico's indigenous people. This project eventually consisted of over 35,000 photographs of...

Reuther (Walter) papers

This collection consists of citrus biologist Walter Reuther's research notes, trip reports, correspondence, personal notebooks, publications, correspondence and various other documents.

Rev. D. Ripley Sr. letter to the Christian Commission, 1864 July 8.

One holograph letter written and signed by Rev. D. Ripley Sr. from Wesleyville, Erie County, Pennsylvania to the Christian Commission, an organization that provided supplies, medical services, and religious literature to Union troops during the American Civil War. The letter...

Rev. Daniel [W?]. Lathrop letter, 1825 April 4

One letter (ALS) to Lathrop from unidentified author. New Haven, [CT], Apr. 4, 1825. Found in unsorted SC. Alpha list.

Rev. McRee oral history, 1989

Interviewer: DR? 4/17/89-4/20/89.

Reva and David Logan collection files, approximately 1960-1985.

Collection files for the Reva and David Logan collection of photographic books.

Revealing Lives: Autobiography and Biography Conference Records

Correspondence, typescript articles, programs, and other conference records from the conference at Stanford University in April 1986 sponsored by the Center for Research on Women and on the subsequent work to prepare selected papers for the publication, REVEALING LIVES: AUTOBIOGRAPHY,...

Revelaciones/Revelations, Hispanic art of evanescence: exhibition sponsored by the Hispanic American Studies Program at Cornell University and the Herbert F. Johnson Museum of Art at Cornell University

The collection includes files, catalog, press coverage, 68 slides, raw video coverage, one finished video, an audio cassette, clippings, and publications relating to the Revelaciones/Revelations exhibit.

Revelle (Ellen Clark) Collection

The Ellen Clark Revelle Collection includes correspondence of Ellen Clark Revelle, Ellen Browning Scripps, Scripps College alumni and faculty, and family and friends, biographical publications, news clippings, academic work and notes from Revelle's time at Scripps College, and photographs regarding...

Revelle (Roger) Papers

Papers of Roger Revelle, distinguished scientist, academic administrator and early climate change theorist. The collection contains his professional correspondence, writings, research and administrative files, and photographs.

Revel'skaia gavan' i bol'sheviki typescript

Relates to commerce conducted through the port of Tallinn, Estonia, during the Russian Civil War.

Reverdy Johnson letter, 1856 Aug. 26.

One holograph letter written and signed by Reverdy Johnson to a lawyer regarding a case, possibly the Dred Scott case, that might go the Attorney General for consideration.

Revere Copper and Brass. Inc. Collection

Series of pamphlets bringing architectural concepts and designs to the American public.

[Reverend H.S.P. Warren photograph album of indigenous boys at St. Michael's College, Belize].

Chiefly portraits of indigenous boys of Belize (then a British colony) taken by Rev. H.S.P. Warren while he was principal of St. Michael's College, an Anglican boys' secondary school in Belize. Images depict the boys in traditional attire or nude,...

Reversing Vandalism Collection

The collection includes organizational files, correspondence, programs, clippings, flyers and press coverage that document the Reversing Vandalism project and exhibition.

Review of Contemporary Fiction/Dalkey Archive Press records

John O'Brien founded The Review of Contemporary Fiction (RCF) in 1980 and established the Dalkey Archive Press three years later. Since its inaugural Spring 1981 issue, RCF has appeared with exact regularity three times a year. Each number is devoted...

Review of George Sterling's poem Lilith, and note, [ca. 1926, 1976].

Removed from: Rudolph Blaettler's copy of Sterling's Lilith; a dramatic poem (F855.2.S6035 1926 c3).

Revista Crisis collection

The Revista Crisis collection comprises nearly a full run of the Argentine magazine, . The collection also contains approximately 20 letters written by prominent literary figures to the editors of regarding their contributions to the magazine. Authors of the collection's...

Revolution and the Development of International Relations Project records

Memoranda, correspondence, data sheets, and printed matter, relating to the comparative study of social, political, and economic development in various countries during the twentieth century, and especially to the comparative study of political and military elites in various countries.

Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan Issuances

Serial issues, pamphlets, leaflets, postcards, sound recordings of songs, and a video tape, relating to political conditions, civil liberties, and the conditions of women, in Afghanistan.

Revolutionary Communist Youth and Spartacus Youth League Bulletins

The collection contains Internal Discussion Bulletins and Pre-Conference Discussion Bulletins published by Revolutionary Communist Youth (RCY), and Internal Discussion Bulletins and one Young Communist League Bulletin published by the Spartacus Youth League (SYL). Both organizations served as the national youth...

Revolutionary Marxist Committee collection

The collection contains the internal bulletin of the Revolutionary Marxist Committee and , the organization's journal. It also contains a newsletter of the Revolutionary Marxist Organizing Committee.

Revolutionary Socialist League collection

The collection reflects the activities, statuses, and principles of the Revolutionary Socialist League, a Trotskyist organization that advocated for the unification of the working class, the rebuilding of the Fourth International, and for championing various social causes. It contains Internal...

The Revs Program at Stanford, records

Collection contains Revs newsletters, promotional materials relating to Revs program, as well as materials from Data Driven conference, held at Stanford in 2015....

Reward poster for escapees from Folsom Prison, 1890.

Small reward poster for escapees from Folsom Prison, signed by Charles Aull, warden and dated Aug. 19, 1890. Includes description and very faded photographs (1x1 in.) of four men described as "German, speaks English with broken accent". Captured is scrawled...

Reward poster for escapees from Folsom Prison, 1890.

Small reward poster for escapees from Folsom Prison, signed by Charles Aull, warden and dated Aug. 19, 1890. Includes description and very faded photographs (1x1 in.) of four men described as "German, speaks English with broken accent". Captured is scrawled...

Rex Drawing for Leatherworld Advertisement

This is an advertisement layout for Leatherworld San Francisco featuring an original drawing by the renowned leather artist Rex.

Rex Evans Gallery Records

The Rex Evans Gallery opened as a partnership by Rex Evans and Jim Weatherford in Los Angeles (1960). The gallery primarily featured works in smaller media of drawings and water-colors. The gallery closed in 1972. The collection documents the La...

[Rex Ray archive].

Material with graphic designs by San Francisco based artist Rex Ray (1956-2015). Includes book jackets, rock concert posters (chiefly for Bill Graham Presents or Another Planet), promotional handbills, and merchandise. Some of the artist's watercolors, drawings, and block prints are...

Rexall Drugs Merchandising records

This collection consists of the files kept by Joseph A. Hailer over the course of his 60-year career with Rexall Drugs. Most of the files are from his later years with the company, when he was in charge of marketing...

Rexford Tugwell speech, circa 1960s-1970s

(1891-1979). Autobiographical UCSB Friends of the Library speech by Rexford Tugwell, member of the FDR Brain Trust and, later, active in the Santa Barbara- based Center for the Study of Democratic Institutions (CSDI), [ca. 1960s-1970s]. Alpha list.

Rexroth (Kenneth) papers

Kenneth Rexroth (1905-1982) was an author, critic, poet, teacher, translator and active member of San Francisco's cultural, political, and poetry scenes from the 1930s through the 1960s. The collection consists of correspondence, manuscripts, and ephemera by and about Rexroth, and...

Rexroth (Kenneth) papers

The papers of Kenneth Rexroth, American poet and activist, comprise manuscripts, notes, printed material, publications, correspondence, ephemera, and artwork related to poetry, writing, speaking engagements, and teaching, primarily from the last decade of his life; also included are correspondence, manuscripts,...

Rey (Charles Fernand Sir) diaries

Relates to description and administration of Bechuanaland. Includes photographs.

Reyburn (Matt) Collection of Erotic Stories

This is an organized collection of 275 hand-typed (or copies of typed) erotic stories that were distributed and read by men. Most are about homosexual encounters but there are also some meant to appeal to heterosexual men. The stories are...

Reyes (Amelia Lourdes Benitez) typescript

Ph.D. dissertation, Stanford University. Photocopy.

Reyes (Ruben) Cannery Workers Committee collection

The collection documents Ruben Reyes and the Cannery Workers Committee's activities related to their fight against workplace discrimination in the 1970s. It includes photographs, posters and bumper stickers, reports and court records, Cannery Worker newspapers, news clippings, awards, newsletters, and...

Reyes (Tony) Papers

Tony Reyes was a Los Angeles based entertainer and a founding member of ONE Incorporated with his partner Don Slater. This collection primarily consists of music recordings, photographs, newspaper clippings, letters, and clothing regarding Reyes' entertainment career, but does also...

Reykowski (Janusz) writings

Relates to political conditions and public opinion in Poland. Photocopy.

Reymershoffer (Charles) petition

Relates to the claim of C. Reymershoffer against the German government for financial losses resulting from the deposit of his savings in German banks and the subsequent loss of value of German currency. Petition addressed to the United States Senate.

Reynolds & Buckley Wine Auction Collection

Wine auction-related materials from San Francisco, California auction firm Reynolds & Buckley. The collection includes catalogs, posters, clippings, memorabilia, and recordings of auctions featuring David Buckley.

Reynolds (Adeline De Walt) collection

This collection contains photographs, clippings, scrapbooks, periodicals, and a trophy related to the career of American actress Adeline De Walt Reynolds (1862-1961), which date from the 1930s to around 1960.

Reynolds (Christopher A.) Collection of Women's Song

Christopher A. Reynolds, Professor of Music at the University of California, Davis, has identified and collected sheet music written by women composers active in North America and England. This collection contains over 3000 songs and song publications mostly published between...

Reynolds (D. M.) papers

The D. M. Reynolds Papers provides an inside view of electoral politics with a number of letters from former President Herbert Hoover, circa 1943 about Reynolds' efforts to support then-governor of Ohio, John Bricker, as a Republican candidate for national...

Reynolds (Dale) papers

Correspondence, writings, audiocassettes, clippings, administrative records, contracts, publicity material, photographs, and other material, 1974-2011, from film and theater producer, actor, and writer Dale Reynolds. The collection includes documents related to film and theatrical productions that Reynolds produced; research material, recorded...

Reynolds (Dorothy) photograph collection

This collections consists of two document boxes filled with 363 black and white photographs, color slides, and essays documenting Dorothy Reynolds' travels in South and Central America. Her images illuminate the colonial and traditional architecture, and the cultural and religious...

Reynolds (Dyer M.) circus history collection

This collection consists of the historical circus materials and personal correspondence amassed by circus worker, artist, and historian Dyer M. Reynolds. Materials included are circus programs, window cards, lithographs, banners, various letterheads, route books, albums of photographs, negatives, 8mm film...

Reynolds (Earle and Akie) Archive

This collection includes correspondence, publications, scrapbooks, photographs, realia and audio/audio-visual materials related to the evolution of Earle Reynolds and his family as peace activists.

Reynolds (Elliott H.) letters

Relates to activities of the American Expeditionary Forces in Siberia

Reynolds (Gene) Collection

Collection consists primarily of television Scripts and Production and research material related to the career of producer and director, Gene Reynolds. A large part of the collection includes materials for the television series "Lou Grant" (1977-82) and "M*A*S*H" (1971-80). Other...

Reynolds (Harold Albert) Papers

Letters, photographs and ephemera concerning locomotive construction at Lima Locomotive Works and Baldwin Locomotive Works, information on a steam cylinder cock operating valve designed and manufactured by Reynolds, and specifications for a Southern Pacific 250-ton steam crane.

Reynolds (Howard and Alice) correspondence

Correspondence between traveling salesman Howard Reynolds and teacher Alice Reeves Reynolds of Los Angeles (both before and after their marriage in 1903).

Reynolds, J. M. Letters to William Cole : Merrimac, Nev.? ALS, 1889.

Written as Superintendent, American Eagle Mine, concerning employment.

Reynolds (Joseph Smith) Civil War Diary

Civil War diary, 1862, of Joseph Smith Reynolds, a Union officer with the 64th Illinois Vol., Co. F. Reynolds was born in New Lenox, Illinois, December 3, 1839. He moved to Chicago in 1856, graduated from the high school there...

Reynolds (Judy) Papers

In the 1960s, librarians in the California State University and Colleges System were one of three academic employee groups along with teaching faculty and student affairs officers. Librarians were the only group of academic employees on a different and lower...

Reynolds (Marcus T.) drawing of the Albany Evening Journal building addition

The Marcus T. Reynolds drawing of the Albany Evening Journal building addition spans 3 linear feet and dates from 1916. The collection is composed of one drawing in the form of a reprographic copy dated November 1, 1916. The drawing...

Reynolds, Patricia (Afghanistan and Iraq War correspondence)

This collection contains 90 correspondence from multiple service members to Patricia Reynolds as a part of a pen pals group called Friends of Our Troops

Reynolds (Paul A.) Photographic Prints and Negatives

Black-and-white 2-1/2 x 3-1/2 inch photographs and negatives depicting Canadian Pacific, Canadian National, Central Vermont, Edaville, and Reading railroad steam locomotives and trains running during the 1940s and 1950s taken by Paul A. Reynolds.

Reynolds (Ralph Hubbard) correspondence

Correspondence with Stanford University alumni in the American armed forces, relating to military life and the home front in the United States during World War II

Reynoso (Cruz) Papers

Activities files, organization, people and issues files, files on committees and commissions, and correspondence.

Reznick (Sidney) papers

Sidney Reznick worked as comedy writer in radio and television. The collection consists of scripts related to his career, mostly for the Garry Moore television show (1958-1961), as well as sound recordings. A 2013 addition contains project files, bound volumes...

Reznikoff (Charles) Papers

Papers of Charles Reznikoff (1894-1976), American poet, writer, and chronicler of Judaism and the American Jewish experience. He worked both as an editor and contributing author on and , and was in close association with such noted writers as Ezra...

R.H. Barlow correspondence, 1934, 1943.

Correspondence (7 letters, handwritten and typescript) between authors of science fiction, fantasy, and horror concerning their writing and published efforts.

R.H. Loughridge papers, 1881-1917.

Correspondence, manuscripts of writings on agricultural subjects and on E.W. Hilgard, and miscellaneous papers, relating to his work with the tenth U.S. Census and the College of Agriculture, University of California.

Rhatican (William F.) Papers, White House Central Files, 1971-1972

The office files of William F. Rhatican reflect his responsibilities as a Staff Assistant in Charles W. Colson’s office from 1971 to 1972. These materials highlight Rhatican's efforts with the New Economic Policy, as well as President Nixon's plans for...

Rhea Blue correspondence, 1923-1994.

The collection consists of personal correspondence sent to Dr. Rhea Blue by friends and colleagues over the course of her life. The collection is organized alphabetically by correspondent. Correspondence from unidentified authors has been filed chronologically at the end of...

Rheaume (Charles) typescript

Relates to international scientific support for the dissident Soviet physicist Andrei Sakharov. Ph.D. dissertation, McGill University.

Rhees (William Jones) Papers

This collection contains the papers of Smithsonian chief clerk, bibliographer, and collector William Jones Rhees (1830-1907), of materials assembled chiefly for their autograph value, though the collection contains various groups of related materials. Includes papers of American physicist and surveyor...

Róheim (Géza) Papers

Papers of Géza Róheim, a Hungarian anthropologist who applied psychoanalytic techniques to cultural studies. The collection includes drafts of writings and research materials, including transcriptions of the dreams and stories of Australian aborigines, and a vocabulary of the Normanby Islanders.

Rheingold (Howard) papers

The papers of writer and technologist Howard Rheingold include drafts, proposals, and other typescripts; notes; fliers; and many articles and videos by and about him.

Rhine family scripts

This collection contains the scripts of American screenwriter and producer Larry Rhine (1910-2000) and American actress Hazel Shermet (1920-2016). Larry Rhine wrote for radio and television programs. Hazel Shermet was an actress for radio, theater, film, and television. Robert Rhine,...

Rhine (Larry) Papers

The bulk of the Larry Rhine Collection consists of scripts written by Rhine for film, television and radio programs spanning the 1930s through the 1970s. Other material consists of jokes, sketches, and Rhine’s unpublished memoir.

Rhinehart (Charles) Papers

The Rhinehart papers, dating from the late 1960s through 2007, include correspondence, government documents, meeting minutes, newspaper clippings, newsletters, pamphlets, fliers and ephemera. All relate to such varied local environmental issues as estuarine sanctuaries, the Bodega Bay power plant, coastal...

Rhines (Howard) Collection

Files and recordings on audiotape from Howard Rhines, a composer, announcer and program director at Los Angeles classical radio station KFAC.

Rhoades (J.V.) Employment Agency Records

Company records include correspondence, receipt books, loose receipts, and work order books; one photograph portrait of an unidentified woman. English, with some documents in Spanish.

Rhoades (Weldon Emmerson) diaries

Relates to American civilian air transportation under military contract during World War II, and to activities of the headquarters of General Douglas MacArthur in the Pacific Theater. Photocopy.

Rhoads and Bennett correspondence

Collection contains letter on col. ill. letterhead (schematic drawing of human head and neck, showing brain, oral cavity and throat, sinuses, nerves) for "Dar-ling-Oil."...

Rhoads (Eugene Smokey) Photo Collection

Photographic Prints that have been digitized and placed on the DAMS and Flickr. They have been assigned a 09 Series Number. Eugene "Smokey" Rhoads was the Chief Mechanic on the NC-4 first transatlantic flight in 1919. He later went on...

Rhoads family papers, 1846-1856, 1890.

Correspondence of California pioneer Daniel Rhoads and his wife with family, including account of overland journey from Missouri in 1844 and information on farming in Santa Clara County near San Jose.

Rhoads (Horace Emerson) Papers

This collection contains the papers of Southern California newspaperman Horace Emerson Rhoads (1883-1941) and his family, dating chiefly from 1910 to 1939. Most of the manuscripts concern The Los Angeles Record, The San Diego Sun, and The San Francisco Daily...

Rhoads (Jim D.) papers

printed materials (books), reports, reprints, maps...

Rhoads (William A.) nude male photographs

Nude photographs of male hitchhikers on Pacific Coast Highway between Santa Monica and Santa Barbara taken by amateur photographer William A. Rhoads, circa 1975-1981.

Rhoda H. Goldman, a retrospective memoir : oral history transcript / 2000.

Retrospective interviews about philanthropist, community leader, and environmentalist Rhoda H. Goldman (1923-1996) with twelve individuals who discuss: leadership in Congregation Emanu-El's capital funds drive, Jewish Community Endowment Fund, and Mayor Dianne Feinstein's Committee for a Holocaust Memorial; Mount Zion Hospital...

Rhoda Kremnitz-Martin collection, 1923-1974.

Correspondence, documents relating to Rhoda Kremnitz -Martin and her involvement in the Theosophical Society of America, and in Pittman's Shorthand. Some original artwork is included as well.

Rhode (Ilse) typescript

Relates to the national composition of the West Prussian and Posen populations. Original article published in the Deutsche wissenschaftliche Zeitschrift für Polen (1926).

Rhodes (Billie) papers

The Billie Rhodes papers span the years 1903-1988 and encompass 1.8 linear feet. The collection contains clippings, correspondence, family history and biographical information, programs, sheet music, and awards and trophies. There is also material covering the career of G. Pat...

Rhodes (Cecil John) miscellany

Copies of letters, clippings, and miscellanea, relating to C. Rhodes, to the Rhodes scholarships, and to the Rhodes Scholar reunion at Oxford University in 1929. Includes a copy of the will of C. Rhodes

Rhodes (Charles Dudley) diary extracts

Relates to the Indian campaign of 1890-1891; the expedition to Santiago de Cuba, 1898; the China Relief Expedition, 1900; the Philippine insurgency, 1901-1903; and a secret mission to Mexico, 1911. Photocopy.

Rhodes (Eugene Manlove) Papers

The collection contains the literary and personal papers of Eugene Manlove Rhodes (1869-1934), a California novelist and short-story writer known as the "cowboy chronicler."

Rhodes Family Papers

The Rhodes Family Papers consist of correspondence (1838-1877), Robert H. Rhodes diary (1848-1849), California ranch business records(1858-1898), and miscellaneous biographical and genealogical materials pertaining to the Rhodes, Smith, Pister and McDermott families....

Rhodes (Fred Burnett) papers

Correspondence, speeches and writings, reports, memoranda, legal documents, staff studies, and memorabilia, relating to the American atom bomb project during World War II, political issues before the United States Senate during the 1960s, veterans' affairs, and the postal service.

Rhodes (Leah) costume design drawings

The Leah Rhodes costume design drawings span the years 1941-1970 (bulk 1940s-1950s) and encompass 5.3 linear feet. The collection consists almost entirely of original costume design drawings, with 30 films represented by approximately 120 designs. A sampling of Rhodes's nonfilm...

Rhodes (Michael) papers

Michael Rhodes appears to have been involved in the motion picture and television industries during the 1960s to the 1980s. The collection consists of scripts, production information and film storage service invoices related to Rhodes career.

Rhodin (Carl J.) papers

The collection consists of reports and papers on hydraulic power systems, hydroelectric developments in California and the West, land reclamation and valuation.

Rhorabough (Frank Layne Phares) St. John's Military Academy Scrapbook

The Frank Layne Phares Rhorabough St. John's Military Academy Scrapbook consists of a single scrapbook containing clippings and ephemera from Rhorabough's time as a student at St. John's Military Academy.

Rhyme & Reason Open Mike Series records, 1998-2000.

Contains the administrative records and materials from the open mike meetings. Administrative records include correspondence, scheduling, agreement with the University of California, Berkeley Art Museum, grant paperwork, signups and biographies on steering committee members. Open mike meeting materials include flyers,...

Riabukhin (N. M.) typescript

Relates to activities of the White Russian commander Baron Roman Ungern-Shternberg in Mongolia during the Russian Civil War. Also available on microfilm (1 reel).

Ribaudo (Concetta E.) scrapbook on the Hollywood Canteen

The Concetta E. Ribaudo scrapbook on the Hollywood Canteen includes a variety of memorabilia collected by Ribaudo, who went by the stage name Connie Roberts, during her employment as a hostess at the Hollywood Canteen during World War II. The...

Ribera, Alan E. Collection

The Alan E. Ribera collection consists primarily of project photographs and slides, arranged alphabetically within record type. These images depict Ribera's designs of various parks and recreational settings and their usage by the general public. Parks throughout California are represented,...

Ribinski (John R.) Photographs

Collection contains photographs and negatives of parades, coronations and drag events, parties and other activities of John Ribinski's circle of friends.

Rible (Ulysses) Architectural Collection

Student work of California architect Ulysses Floyd Rible.

Ricapito, Carolyn (First World War and Afghanistan War postcard collection)

This collection contains two postcards; one from Frank Kitchen, circa 1919, to his mother notifying her of his return home with simply "On the way, Frank" and a second postcard from Frank Ricapito making the same statement to his mother...

Ricard (Herbert) papers, 1890-1970

Herbert F. Ricard was a local historian and writer. He authored MVC quarterly Volume 17, Issue 2 "Place Names of Ventura County" (1972-73). This collection contains Ricard's research and notes, including his notes on place names within the county that...

Ricard (Jerome S.) Papers

The Jerome S. Ricard, S.J., Papers consist of biographical materials, publications, research papers, and correspondence relating to Ricard's work as SCU faculty member, astronomer, meteorologist and seismologist.

Ricardo Cruz / 1967-1993.

The collection includes correspondence files, legal documents, transcripts, photographs, news clippings and ephemera. The preponderance of the Ricardo Cruz Papers, 11 boxes, the Legal Files series, represent his legal cases as a Los Angeles attorney.

Ricardo-Campbell (Rita) papers

Correspondence, memoranda, reports, and printed matter, relating to the administration and financing of higher education, the Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education, the Mountain States Regional Medical Program, and the National Center for Higher Education Management Systems

Rice (Archie) Papers

Papers include correspondence, articles, news clippings, and several photographs. Rice's letters to Ray Lyman Wilbur, 1941, include reminiscences of many alumni and of events during his student years, suggestions on what Stanford needs to be doing, and reminiscences from his...

Rice (Condoleezza) papers

Condoleezza Rice is an American diplomat, political scientist and professor. She was previously the provost at Stanford University and served as National Security Adviser and Secretary of State in the George W. Bush administration. In 2020 she was appointed Director...

Rice (Craig) papers

Personal and business correspondence; typescripts, ca. 1950-55. Craig Rice (Georgiana Ann Randolph) (1908-1957) published her first book, 8 Faces at 3, in 1939. She married several times; one was to Beat writer Larry Lipton. She became an enormously popular writer...

Rice (Dorothy P.) Papers

This collection contains the non-confidential documents of Dorothy P. Rice pertaining to the class action suit filed by Mississippi State Attorney General Michael C. Moore aimed at recovering Medicaid costs for treatment of tobacco-related illnesses from the tobacco companies.

Rice family papers

This collection comprises materials from the James S. and Cora Rice family of Tustin, California, and other relatives, including Harvey M. Rice, father of James and an Ohio author and legislator; Nettie Rice, sister of James and the first wife...

Rice (Felicia)/Moving Parts Press archive

Fine press artist collection of the Moving Parts Press of Santa Cruz, California, dating from 1974 to 2017.

Rice Growing and Irrigation in California, 1908-1916 - Photographs

This collection contains 17 black and white photographs taken between the years 1908 and 1916 of rice fields, agricultural equipment, and irrigation procedures, primarily in Yolo County, California. Several photographs feature Fair Ranch, located in Knight's Landing. Other rice fields...

Rice (Hugh) Los Angeles Gay and Lesbian Community Services Center Records

Administrative and promotional records, clippings, and photographs maintained by Hugh Rice primarily regarding his work at the Los Angeles Gay and Lesbian Community Services Center, bulk 1983-1989. Rice was a longterm employee of the Center, including as Health Services Director...

Rice, James Clay Letter : to Erastus Corning, 1862 December 5.

Holograph letter written in New York City asking if Erastus Corning had received a package he had sent.

Rice (John R.) on Microfiche

John R. Rice (1895-1980) was a noted pastor, evangelist, author and publisher. He was a key leader in the second generation of Fundamentalism, a critic of the RSV, Billy Graham and the New Evangelicals of Fuller Theological Seminary. His ministry...

Rice (Miriam C. and Raymond) Papers

This collection documents the careers and artistic works of Miriam C. Rice and Raymond (Ray) Rice, two artists based in Mendocino, California throughout the twentieth century. It contains artwork samples, including batik prints, sketches, paintings, and dye samples, and photographs...

Rice (Ray) films

This collection consists of short animated films created and produced by Ray Rice.

Rice (Timothy) Collection

Field recordings collected in Bulgaria (April 1972-June 1973, 1986, 1988, 2000) and Georgia (2002).

Rich (Alan) Papers

Alan Rich was an American music critic, based in New York and Los Angeles, who began his professional career in the 1950s and continued writing until his death in 2010. The collection includes research files, correspondence and memorial tributes, promotional...

Rich (Ben R.) Papers

This collection contains the papers of aerospace engineer Ben Rich (1925-1995), who served as the second director of Lockheed's Skunk Works in Southern California and was involved in the development of the F-117 stealth aircraft. The papers date from the...

Rich (Elaine) papers

Elaine Rich was a television producer whose credits include the television series (1979-1980) and (1981-1989). The collection consists primarily of scripts and photocopied press clippings for the television series Dynasty.

Rich Gold papers

A collection of creative and intellectual works by Rich Gold, an American inventor, futurologist, and artist who was active from the 1970s to early 2000s. Gold produced writings, presentations, inventions, and artwork to demonstrate relationships between technology, society, and creativity....

Rich (P. J.) miscellaneous papers

Letters, printed articles, book reviews, and clippings, relating to various aspects of education, especially the role of ritual in education, and the Congreso de las Américas.

Richard & Rhoda Goldman Fund Records

The Richard & Rhoda Goldman Fund Records document a history of charitable giving to nonprofit organizations working in the areas of the environment, Jewish affairs, Israel, population, and the San Francisco Bay Area.

Richard and Gloria Santillán Collection – Papers, Documents, Clippings, Newsletters and Journals, CS ARC 2019/1, Ethnic Studies Library, University of California, Berkeley.

The Richard and Gloria Santillán Collection – Papers, Documents, Clippings, Newsletters and Journals contains the personal papers and research files of Dr. Richard Santillán, a longtime professor, activist and advocate for the Mexican-American community of California.

Richard Arthur Bolt papers, circa 1948.

Reminiscences concerning his career in public health, specializing in child hygiene; his experiences at the Tsing Hua College in China, 1911-1912; work in Europe in chld welfare during World War I; organization of the Alameda County Health Center, 1919; and...

Richard B. McConnell papers, [ca.1941-1965].

Materials relating to the life and work of German chemist Nobel Laureate (1902), Emil Fischer. Includes photographs, a three volume carbon typescript of the English translation of Fischer's autobiography.

Richard Bachenheimer papers, 1925-1954 (bulk 1953-1954).

Field notes, correspondence, drafts of reports and papers, and other materials related to Bachenheimer's research in India as a Fulbright scholar working with University of California Berkeley professor David Mandelbaum. Materials contain information on social structures, homes, agriculture, irrigation, kinship,...

Richard Bentley and Son papers

Richard Bentley (1794-1871) worked at his brother Samuel's printing shop. He published a series of 127 volumes known as standard novels and retired in 1867, after which his son George Bentley (1828-95) ran the business. His grandson, Richard Bentley, (1854-1936)...

Richard Bland Lee correspondence, 1849-1850.

Letters of information to George Gibson of the Quartermaster Dept. Include report on trip through Mexico en route to California, provisions available in San Francisco, army establishments in Oregon, changes in California, conditions at Benicia.

Richard Brautigan note, 1975 May 12

(1935-1984). One note (ANS) by American writer Richard Brautigan, re one of his poems, 12 May 1975. Laid in Brautigan's Please Plant This Book (Santa Barbara, CA: Graham Mackintosh , 1968). Alpha list.

Richard Brautigan papers, circa 1950-1959.

Early poems, short stories, "experimental dramas," miscellaneous correspondence with Edna Webster and publishers, and high school memorabilia (diploma). Several of the literary manuscripts were written for Edna Webster or Linda Webster. Most are undated but are known to have been...

Richard Brautigan papers, circa 1975-1981.

Contains notebooks, writings, correspondence and other papers that Brautigan left with his friend Dwain Richard Cox. Also includes photographs of Brautigan, his family, and of a trip he took; some writings of Tanikawa Shuntarō. Writings and correspondence were not sorted...

Richard Brautigan photograph collection [graphic]

Includes professional portraits, snapshots, proofs and cover mock-ups for several of Brautigan's works.

Richard C. McCormick correspondence : with Rodman M. Price, 1856.

Regards Col. John C. Fremont and the Roman Cathalic Church.

Richard C. Parsons documents, 1861

Two documents, one-sheet passports for Parsons, signed by United States Secretary of State, William Seward, 1861. Alpha list. [Oversize boxed].

Richard C. Rust papers, 1896-1902.

Miscellaneous papers, including two commissions as Judge of the Superior Court of California for Amador County. (1896 and 1902) signed by James H. Budd and Henry T. Gage; and his last will (Apr. 19, 1899).

Richard C. Trudeau papers, 1934-2000.

Contains speech writings, publications, reports, photographs, scrapbook, notes, subject files and clippings and other materials related to the career of Trudeau. Includes his work with the Scandinavian Festival, the East Bay Regional Park District and issues related to parklands and...

[Richard C. Zack photographs of California high speed railroad construction].

Photographs documenting construction of high speed railroad lines in Fresno and Madera Counties, Calif. Locations depicted include vicinities of the cities of Fresno, Madera, Hanford, Conejo and Bowles. Railroads (e.g. Burlington Northern Santa Fe, Union Pacific), highways, agriculture fields, and...

Richard Caldwell Brewer papers, 1890-2016 (bulk 1940-2000).

The papers include correspondence, professional papers, family and legal papers, as well as some artwork, photographs and a scrapbook. The papers are notable for rich correspondence that provides an intimate "slice of life" of being an "out" gay man in...

Richard Cellarius Sierra Club papers, 1972-1990.

Papers relating to Richard Cellarius's involvement in the Sierra Club.

Richard Chabot Dieckman papers.

Diaries, (1934-1977), and unpublished verses.

Richard Cheadle Powell papers, 1907-1966.

Engineering files relating to power plant projects, mainly in Hawaii (circa 1950-1964); a small amount of professional correspondence; subject files on topics relating primarily to the construction of steam power plants; a few publications by Powell and others on engineering...

Richard Cobden letters, 1846-1851.

Four brief letters written to R.H. Greg, William Rathbone, Lord Willoughby De Eresby and J.A. Novello.

Richard Coke letter, 1874 October 16

(Texas Governor, 1874-1876). One letter (ALS) to Charles B. Pearse, re financial claims against the state. Executive Office, State of Texas, Austin, Texas, 16 Oct. 1874.

Richard Denner papers, approximateley 1970-2010.

Correspondence; poetry notebooks, scrapbooks, and manuscripts; some published poetry; proofs of some works published by DPress; and audio and digital video tapes of readings and other events.

Richard Dering letters : to family in Sag Harbor, Long Island : ALS, 1853-1860.

Letters from Richard Dering to his brother Henry Thomas and his sisters Elizabeth and Francis discuss a return from the Sandwich Islands, offers of jobs aboard ships, and a description of the Farallones including a possible job at the light...

R[ichard] D[oddridge] Blackmore letter, 1877 July 12

One letter (ALS) Blackmore, English novelist best known for Lorna Doone, to Alfred Hunt, asking about Hunt's new book and talking about other personal matters. [London], July 12, 1877. Alpha list.

Richard Doren Civil War song, 1864 December.

One holograph Civil War song, patriotic to the Union cause, written on board the U.S. Steamer Osceola the night before the battle of Fort Fisher.

Richard Drummond discharge papers, 1863 September 14.

Discharge papers for Private Richard Drummond, of the 21st Regiment, Alabama Volunteers, Company K, on surgeon's certificate of disability. Signed by Assistant Adjutant General John Withers.

[Richard E. Crowe collection of San Francisco Bay Area posters from the 1960s].

Psychedelic concert posters and filers for political rallies.

Richard Eberhart letters, 1958-1962.

Concerning his poem, The Oak. A signed typescript copy of the poem included.

Richard Ellis collection of San Francisco Bay Area photographic views [graphic].

Includes photographs depicting various San Francisco Bay Area locations and subjects, including buildings and other landmarks on the campus of University of California, Berkeley; Skyline Boulevard and other streets in the East Bay hills after unusually heavy snowfall; and Golden...

Richard Flacks papers, circa 1960s-2000s

Cite as: [Identification of item], Richard Flacks papers, UArch FacP 48. Department of Special Collections, UC Santa Barbara Library, University of California, Santa Barbara.

Richard Forster Sketchley papers, [ca. 1852-1900]

Includes poems (manuscript and clippings) and letter to him from Thomas Mathews Blagg (May 18, 1900).

Richard G. Dale document, 1862 August 21

[123rd Pennsylvania Vol., Co. G]. One Civil War document: Appointment as first lieutenant, 21 Aug. 1862. [Oversize boxed].

Richard Garvey papers, 1860-1965 (bulk 1872-1929).

Contains the business records of Richard Garvey including correspondence discussing crops, mines and other ranch business, account records of household related items, and legal documents including land documents and a petition to keep the Garvalia post office. Also includes some...

Richard Garvey photographs [graphic].

Portraits of Garvey and a view of what may be the large school house built by Garvey in Garvalia, Calif. (in the vicinty of later-named Monterey Park, Rosemead, and San Gabriel). Also present are later prints of snapshots of various...

Richard Goss Stanwood journals and letterbooks : ms.S, 1852-1884.

v. 1-3, journals, Sept. 1852-Jan. 1864, describing arrival in San Francisco after voyage from Boston, move to Marysville and employment in lumber business, trip to East and return via Panama, June-Nov. 1858; v.4-5, letterpress copy books of personal letters, 1878-1880...

Richard Graves papers, 1954-1968.

Materials relating to an interview with Richard Graves by the Bancroft Library Regional Oral History Office. Most are about his unsuccessful campaign for California Governor in 1954. Includes typescript copies of speeches by Graves.

Richard Grossinger papers, approximately 1960-2010.

Includes multiple drafts of manuscripts, correspondence, research materials, publications, books, photographs, and audiovisual materials.

Richard H. Morrison letters, approximately 1918.

Photocopies of typescript transcriptions of approximately 100 letters written by a U.S. Army soldier serving in Europe during World War I to his family. Describes army life near the front lines and in various areas in Europe and France.

Richard Hagopian scrapbooks, 1945-1955.

V.I. Newspaper clippings of reviews of the work of the Armenian American author.

Richard Hamlin Peterson papers, 1930-2006.

The papers include correspondence with California governor, George Deukmejian, letters from other American political figures, information about Pacific Gas and Electric Company, photographs, and newspaper clippings.

Richard Harding Davis letters, circa 1890s to 1900s.

Four undated letters regarding his writing activities and one autograph.

Richard Hewett Collection, 1952-1989

Photographer Richard Hewett spent over five decades capturing the essence of Los Angeles, covering subjects as wide-ranging as television productions, hospital staff, school children and animals both domestic and wild. As a photographer working for Los Angeles Times, Life, Look,...

Richard J. Brenneman papers, approximately 1944-2000 (bulk 1983-2000).

Contains 13 binders of documents, court transcripts, police reports, case studies, notes, etc. related to Richard Brenneman's work as an investigative journalist and author.

Richard J. Dolwig Collection, 1950-1981.

Files on water: reports, notes, clippings, minutes, correspondence

Richard (John) Fire-Damaged House Photographs

John Richard photographs of an unidentified fire-damaged house, undated.

Richard Krech papers, 1968-2014.

Contains unpublished manuscripts, chapbooks, printed educational material, poems, drawings, leaflets, flyers, and other materials related to Krech's creative works and poetry reading performances. Includes an advertising poster for a 40th anniversary poetry reading of Annus Miraculum at Moe's Books in...

Richard L. Bower papers, 1946-1961.

Collection contains correspondence, memoranda, and minutes of the Butano Forest Associates; notes, ephemeral promotional material, and clippings relating to the effort to preserve the forest of redwood trees in San Mateo County, Calif.

Richard L. Stiles Collection at the California Adult Education Archives

Richard L. Stiles was a consultant in the California Department of Education from 1975-2001, serving in the Adult Education Office from 1979-1988 and 1991-2001, and in the Amnesty Education Office from 1988-1991, where he was Manager. The largest part of...

[Richard Loo photograph album].

Photograph album of chiefly snapshots documenting the early life of Hollywood actor Richard Loo (b. 1903, d. 1983), including many images of family, friends and associates. Includes numerous scenes from Loo's childhood in Hana (Maui), Honolulu and other Hawaii locations;...

Richard Lyons naval documents, 1860-1866.

24 official documents relating to Richard Lyons' service in the United States Navy, plus a marriage certificate. The naval documents are dated during the period of Lyons service from 1860 to 1866, but many are stamped with 1899-1901dates on the...

Richard M. Leonard papers, 1931-1976 (bulk 1931-1953).

Consists entirely of records from Richard M. Leonard's military career including orders, coded telegrams, official correspondence, discharge papers, awards, Bronze Star documentation, certificates, etc.

Richard M. Leonard photograph collection of rock climbing techniques.

Photographs of various climbing techniques taken at Yosemite National Park, Calif. Also included is a letter written by Leonard describing army training film for "high angle climbing."

Richard M. Leonard Sierra Club papers, 1920-1985.

Papers relating to Richard M. Leonard's involvement in the Sierra Club.

Richard M. Nixon : Candidate for U.S. Senate

Photographs show Richard Nixon speaking, apparently at a political event.

Richard M. Nixon Collection

United States politician Richard Milhous Nixon served as a member of the House of Representatives, the Senate, as Vice President, and as the thirty-seventh president of the United States. He had close ties to Whittier College and the city of...

Richard M. Nixon letter, 1962 May 19

One letter (TLS), signed "Dick Nixon," to T[homas] M. Storke, Santa Barbara News-Press, re advance copy of his book Six Crises. 19 May 1962. Alpha list.

Richard M. Nixon letter, 1973 September 24

Copy of a letter (TLS), signed "Richard Nixon," to Maude Barnard of Santa Barbara re her book Within the Walls of Peking, written during the height of the Watergate scandal and wishing Barnard "...the peace, joy and fulfillment you so...

Richard McCullough Ritchie papers, 1877-1909.

Letters received, accounts and papers relating to his work as inkeeper at Bryson, Canada, and to his interests in mining, particularly in the Grand Calumet Mining Company of Ottawa, Ltd.

Richard N. Pitman collection of Mount Shasta area views [graphic]

Views of Mount Shasta area including Black Butte summit and McCloud in Siskiyou County.

Richard Neil Lerner papers regarding the Telegraph Avenue Co-op Center Council in Berkeley, California, 1978-1989.

Materials relating to the Telegraph Avenue Co-op Center Council of the Consumers Cooperative of Berkeley, Inc., 1980s. Oversize folder contains floor plans, sections and designs for a proposed health food co-op store, as well as maps of Berkeley neighborhoods.

A. Richard Newton papers, 1972-1998.

Includes course materials, research files, project consulting files, and reprint publications.

Richard Northcott letters, 1921 October 8-10

(1871-1931). Two letters (ALS) from English biographer Northcott, to Dr. Wyatt Wingrave, re Wingrave's reminiscences of Adah Isaacs Menken, American Jewish actress, painter, and poet. Southbourne, [England], 8 and 10 October 1921. Found in Northcott's Adah Isaacs Menken (London ,...

Richard Ogg, Elementary general chemistry: laboratory manual for chemistry 1, 2, 3, Stanford

Spiral bound volume with 24 lab assignments, blank pages for notes, and a set of assignment report sheets.

Richard Press Wine Ephemera, 1976-1999.

Brochures, newsletters, and price lists from various California wineries and wine distributors.

Richard R. Korn papers, 1978-2002 (bulk 1981-1998).

Contains manuscripts and outgoing correspondence dealing with crime, criminal justice, and penology. Also includes Korn's poetry, a chapbook of poetry "Two Voices", laminated photographs of Korn in academic regalia, pamphlets, ephemera etc. Correspondents include his friend and publisher Robert Hawley.

Richard S. Buswell photographs of Montana dwellings [graphic].

Montana dwellings: Medicine lodge (:1); Cactus covered roof no. 1 (:2).

Richard S. Floyd papers, [ca. 1876-1889]

Letters written to and by Floyd, president of the James Lick Trust; accounts; some minutes of meetings, memoranda and reports of the Lick Trust; photographs, specifications and blueprints of Lick Observatory (some mounted in a scrapbook); clippings; legal papers in...

Richard S. Sweeney correspondence, circa 1862

[Corporal, Kentucky Infantry, 5th Regiment (Vol), Company B, Louisville Legion]. Civil War correspondence, ca. 1862.

Richard Searle Sierra Club papers, 1968-1970.

Papers relating to Richard Searle's involvement in the Sierra Club.

Richard Sloss papers, 1906-1975.

Grouped into series for Family History, Organizations, Writings, Performances, Recordings, Scrolls, and Awards

Richard Smith letters : Downieville, Calif., to father Richard R. Smith, Bath, Me. : ALS, circa 1852.

Contains 2 letters of a miner's account of prices, conditions, lack of mail, large numbers of people coming to California for gold, and his eventual success while working a claim of another miner.

Richard Stanley Israel collection on California elections, 1948-1961.

Material on elections and political issues, primarily at the state and local level, but including Presidential campaign information. Largely focuses on Democratic Party politics in Oakland and Berkeley from the late 1940s to early 1960s. Includes Democratic State Central Committee...

Richard Strauss note, circa 1910s-1920s

One note [TN], in English, "Cuts for Rosenkavalier," n.d. Laid in Strauss' DerRosenkavalier (M1503.S916 R6 1943). Alpha list.

Richard Strauss note, circa 20th century

One note (AN), in English, content unclear, n.d. Laid in Strauss, Ariadne auf Naxox [vocal score] (M1503.S916 A7 1944). Alpha list.

Richard Varich Dey letters, 1855-1856.

20 letters from R.V. Dey to his mother and sister in New York describing early life in San Francisco. He includes an an account of Digger Indians (July 30, 1855), a steamship outbreak of cholera (Sept 18, 1855), an account...

Richard Vaux letters, 1881 August 31; 1882 September 5.

Two holograph letters written from Philadelphia and signed by Richard Vaux, former Mayor of Philadelphia and a member of the U. S. House of Representatives, to Dr. Cohen. The first letter is about Mr. Sage being with Jen and having...

Richard Victor Langford scrapbook, approximately 1922-1936.

Scrapbook of school-related ephemera belonging to Richard Victor Langford, a student in Pasadena and Los Angeles. Includes materials from the 1920s and 1930s related to Langford's experience, service, and activities in elementary, middle school, and high school in South Pasadena...

Richard Vogler Cruikshank Collection

In 1989 UCLA Chancellor Charles E. Young acquired the Richard Vogler Cruikshank Collection on behalf of the Grunwald Center for the Graphic Arts. Comprising 3,500 works on paper--drawings, prints, illustrated books, serials, and pamphlets, as well as letters and autographs--the...

Richard W. and Elizabeth Lyman personal papers

Primarily contains materials relating to Elizabeth (Jing) Lyman's activities in community affairs, personal correspondence, and activities of both Elizabeth and Richard Lyman....

Richard Walker Papers, 1972-2012.

The Papers of Richard Walker document his nearly forty-year career as a Professor of Geography at U.C. Berkeley. Included are records of his work with Faculty for Human Rights in El Salvador and Central America (FACHRES) in the early 1980s,...

Richard Wollheim papers, 1930-2002.

Correspondence (including a significant number of letters to and from U.C. Berkeley colleague, David Rynin), course notes and syllabi, newspaper clippings, lecture notes, articles, research notes and manuscripts.

Richards (Al) Travel Collection

The collection includes biographical information, manuscripts of travel memoirs, photographs, negatives, slides, maps, journal entries, and notes....

Richards, Dell Papers

The Dell Richards Papers are composed of newspaper articles, correspondence, photographs, and electronic media that document the professional and personal life of the creator, with a particular focus on Sacramento and her role as a writer and activist in the...

Richards (Dennis) Papers

The Dennis Richards papers contain materials related to his work as a neighborhood activist and preservationist. Richards was president of the Friends of 1800, a group of preservationists who successfully fought to save the Fallon Building, which was slated to...

Richards (John), "Works Administration: Lectures Before the Student of the Leland Stanford Junior University"

Contains ten lectures on shop management; topics include expense, plant implements and processes, plant design, employees, measurements, machine tools, invention, cooperation, and selling the product.

Richards (Mary) Audiotapes

Mary Richards was a journalist for the Bay Area Reporter (BAR), a San Francisco-based LGBTQ newspaper, in the 1980s and 1990s. The collection contains over 200 audiotapes of interviews Richards conducted with queer people on a wide range of topics....

Richards (Mary Caroline) papers

Papers document Richards's work as a scholar and teacher of English literature, her a poet, potter, and translator, and finally her lectures, workshops, and writings in art education. The papers emphasize the 1940s and 1950s, the period during which Richards...

Richards (Raymond G.) Caltech Course Lecture Notes

The course notes, syllabi, and reports of Caltech student Raymond G. Richards. Richards received his B.S. degree in mechanical engineering from Caltech in 1940.

Richards (Richard) Papers

Richard Richards (1916- ) was a lawyer and legislator. He was the chairman of the Los Angeles County Democratic Central Committee (1950 & 1952), delegate at national conventions (1948-64), a Los Angeles County senator and a member of the California...

Richardson (Alvin Franklin) papers

Memoranda and reports relating to Allied World War II policy planning for the post-war period. Digital copies of select records also available at

Richardson (Beatrice A.) Collection

Beatrice A. Richardson was the director of both Physical Education and Dance at Scripps from 1938-69. She played a fundamental role in building the Scripps Dance department into a successful and widely recognized program. This collection consists of materials donated...

Richardson (Bertram) Papers

Correspondence with the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals and notes on the chamber's use and construction.

Richardson (Bruce) Papers

Hand-written letters make up the bulk of the collection. The letters were primarily written by Bruce Richardson while he was living in the Philippines, from 1904 to 1941. Other correspondences were addressed to Bruce Richardson or referenced him in some...

Richardson (Charles H.) field notes

The Charles H. Richardson field notes consists of two bound volumes spanning the years 1908-1911. Originally maintained by the author in three-ring field note binders, the notes were later removed and bound chronologically. The notes include journal entries and catalogs...

Richardson (Donald Wayne) collection

The Donald Wayne Richardson collection (1935-2000) is composed of two photographic albums, maps (of Bad Reichenhall, Germany and Berchtesgadener Alpen, Austria), a certificate to retain a captured German pistol, a patrol report of the area south of Konigess, and a...

Richardson Family History

"Santa Paula Richardsons: the Days of Their Ancestors" a history of the family

Richardson Family Papers

The Richardson family owned large land holdings north of Chico on which they raised cattle. The resort of Richardson Springs was developed on a part of this property. This collection consists of deeds, mortgages, title abstracts, agreements, a share certificate...

Richardson Film Personalities Collection, ca. 1930s-1940s

Photographs of film personalities from the 1930s and 1940s.

Richardson (Frances) collection

The Frances Richardson collection spans the years 1936-1969 (bulk 1940s-1950s) and encompasses less than 1 linear foot of manuscripts and 28 artworks. The collection consists primarily of production design drawings for 20th Century-Fox films. Artists include Edward Graves, David Hall,...

Richardson (Fred) Collection

Black and white photographs; images reproduced from Eastman's Studio.

Richardson (Gardner) papers

Photographs, resolutions, and letters of gratitude, relating to relief work in Styria, Austria, and in Odessa, Ukraine, and to the University of Vienna Children's Clinic.

Richardson (George Mann) Letter to Firstall

Letter recounting the first year at Stanford University, in particular difficulties from the lack of equipment, the success of the football team in its first game against Berkeley, and a hiking trip Richardson and his wife took from Stanford to...

Richardson (George Mann) Papers

Correspondence, photographs, legal papers, albums and biographical material of George Mann Richardson, his wife Margaret Watson, their sons Alan and Remond, and Watson family relatives. Correspondence includes a family letter describing a trip to Colorado and New Mexico, 1887; letters...

Richardson (Grace) collection

Printed matter, clippings, and badges relating to the League to Enforce Peace; the American Red Cross; a 1919 reception for President Woodrow Wilson in Omaha, Nebraska; and women's suffrage in Nebraska.

Richardson (Grant) Student Athlete scrapbook

This collection consists of a scrapbook from USC student athlete Grant Richardson.

Richardson (Inez) papers

Correspondence, memoranda, reports, minutes, speeches and writings, photographs, and printed matter relating to international relations; education; the role of radio and television in education; the 1930 White House Conference on Child Health and Protection; American Higher Education conferences; Herbert Hoover;...

Richardson (James H.) Papers

James Hugh Richardson (1912-1963) worked for the (1912), and the (1913). He covered many of the celebrated crime and court cases of the 1920s, including the Frieda Lesser homicide and the William Desmond Taylor murder mystery. He became the city...

Richardson (James) papers on the Ku Klux Klan in Southern California

Research materials, notes, transcripts and audio cassette interviews relating to the Ku Klux Klan group based in Southern California in the late 1970s and early 1980s. These materials were created, collected and assembled by James Richardson (b. 1953), who was...

Richardson (James) Reserach Files on the Biography of Willie L. Brown

Consists of James Richardson's research files from his publication, "Willie Brown: a biography"....

Richardson (James T.) New Religious Movements Collection

The James T. Richardson New Religious Movement Collection contains records of his scholarly research and activity to include newspaper clippings, photos, audio and video recordings, personal papers, organizational documents, federal agency records, and related anti-cult and scholarly papers spanning over...

Richardson (Jerome) Collection

This collection consists of recordings and related materials of the jazz flutist and saxophonist Jerome Richardson (1920-2000), who performed with many of the great jazz musicians of the 20th century. The collection highlights recordings at clubs, concert halls, and rehearsals...

Richardson (John) papers

Correspondence, writings, reports, memoranda, financial records, meeting materials, printed matter, and photographs relating to American foreign and cultural relations, international relief efforts, and the promotion of international democratic institutions.

Richardson (John V.) papers

John V. Richardson (b.1949) is a professor of Library and Information Science at UCLA (1979- ). In 2013, he was awarded emeritus status in recognition of his long and accomplished career. This collection, spanning 1949 – 2013, focuses on Richardson’s...

Richardson (L. Song) papers

L. Song Richardson is an American lawyer, scholar, and the second dean of the University of California, Irvine, School of Law. From 2017 to 2021 she was the Dean and Chancellor's Professor of Law at the University of California, Irvine,...

Richardson (Larry) Cemetery Collection

Collection of cemetery and burial sites mostly in Butte County, California.

Richardson (Leon Josiah) papers

The papers of Leon Josiah Richardson, Professor of Latin and Director of the University Extension at the University of California, Berkeley, contain correspondence, drafts and notes for articles, poems, and speeches, as well as material relating to his teaching of...

Richardson (Phillip) Oral Histories with World War II Veterans

This collection consists of Philip Richardson’s 1997 interviews with gay men who were veterans of WWII; a copy of the raw data interview sheets for most of the subjects in his study; and a copy of his unpublished paper, “Queer...

Richardson (Ralph G.) Papers

Ralph Richardson was a board member of the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) and the Los Angeles Community College District. He joined the faculty at UCLA in 1948 as a speech instructor. His wife, Mary Lou Richardson, served on...

Richardson (Robert C.) papers

Correspondence, bulletins, directives, maps, and photographs relating to American military operations in the Pacific Theater during World War II and the American Expeditionary Forces in World War I.

Richardson (Robert) collection on Southern California Theater

This collection consists of the research files on Los Angeles and Southern California theaters compiled by Robert Richardson. The focus of the files, which contain clippings, statistics, and ephemera, is the physical venues themselves (the theaters).

Richardson (Robert) collection on Southern California Theater

This collection consists of the research files on Los Angeles and Southern California theaters compiled by Robert Richardson. The focus of the files, which contain clippings, statistics, and ephemera, is the physical venues themselves (the theaters).

Richardson (Walter) Files on Planning and Architecture

This collection includes the professional papers of architect and planner Walter Richardson. The collection contains presentation materials from the firm Richardson, Nagy, Martin documenting its planning and architectural projects in Orange County, California. It also contains material collected by Richardson...

Richey (Helen) Personal Papers

Helen Richey was the first female pilot to be hired to fly by a commercial scheduled passenger carrier on December 13, 1934 with Central Airlines.

Richmond City Budget Collection

This collection includes material donated by the now-defunct West County Times newspaper, relating to city budgets and expenditure plans for the City of Richmond in the late 1980s, 1990s and early 2000s. The collection includes the City of Richmond’s annual...

Richmond, Cyrus C. Papers, 1812-1903, inclusive; 1859-1851, bulk

Six letters that relate to Cyrus Richmond's business dealings in California. Three letters are from Richmond to his family back in Maine. The first, dated June 3, 1849 details his early impressions of life in San Francisco and the impact...

Richmond Local History Photograph Collection

Richmond Public Library’s digital photograph collection includes two hundred sixty photographs of historical interest on the City of Richmond from its earliest beginnings to 2007. There are photographs of the early settlers, local businesses, major industries, civic buildings, residences and...

Richmond P. Everett California scrapbooks, 1848-1856.

Scrapbooks labeled "California Scrapbook No.1" and "No.2," contain newspaper clippings concerning California life which have been pasted over the original entries in the day books.

Richmond Shipbuilding Corp. album.

Photographs included aerial views of the Richmond yard befoe and during construction of the shipyard, as well as the visit of Commissioner Edward MacAuley.

Richmond Yacht Club photographs

The Richmond Yacht Club photographs, circa 1920s-1977, bulk 1930s-1940s, (SAFR 23370, P12-001) are comprised mainly of photographs and some ephemeral material regarding yachts and yachting related to the Richmond Yacht Club and surrounding San Pablo Bay harbor in Northern California....

Richter, Burton Papers, 1931-2018

The Richter papers document Burton Richter’s role in modern physics as a scientist, administrator, and advisor. The collection includes personal and professional correspondence, memoranda, clippings, reports, minutes, research notes, presentations, proposals, publications, reprints, and photographs relating to Dr. Richter's career...

Richter (Charles F.) Papers

This collection documents the life of physicist Charles F. Richter, who focused on geophysics and seismology. He is best known as the seismologist who developed the magnitude scale that bears his name. The papers consist of correspondence with professional organizations,...

Richter (Harald) collection

Bulletins, leaflets, clippings, and ephemeral printed matter and mimeographed material, primarily issued at the Universität Hamburg by student protest groups, relating to the university and to German and world politics. Includes some material relating to West German student radicalism.

Richter (Jean Paul) - Leonard da Vinci Biography

Two-volume holographic manuscript on the life of Leonardo da Vinci, French translation of Jean Paul Richter's (1880 edition in English), likely done by his wife Louise in 1884.

Richter (Leo G.) publications

Collection consists of 2 vol.: v.1 (1923-1943), 71 items; v.2 (1944-1963), 96 items; chiefly radiology of lungs and stomach....

Richter (Max Clemens) Papers

Max Clemens Richter (1884-1973) was a commercial beekeeper, author of (1911), and owner of a book store, The Book Den. His Papers contain correspondence, photographs of various apiaries and apiculturalists, and scrapbooks relating to beekeeping, bee diseases, and queen bee...

Richter (Rudolf) miscellany

Memoranda, correspondence, and forms, submitted by R. Richter as part of the required application for membership in the Schutzstaffel of the German Nazi Party, relating to his genealogy.

Rick (John W.) papers

This collection contains the field notes, field school operation records, and teaching materials created and assembled by John Rick....

Rickard (Joseph) Papers

This collection contains the papers of dance studio founder and choreographer Joseph Rickard (1918-1994), and includes manuscripts, printed material, ephemera, music scores, production files, and photographs related to the First Negro Classical Ballet and Negro Classical Ballet, which Rickard founded,...

Ricker (Christine) Diaries

Diaries with clippings, programs, notes, and letters concerning Stanford news and personalities, World War II and other political events, Ricker's activities in the Episcopal Church, and her circle of friends, most of whom were single working women like herself.

Ricketts, Ben. Letter : to his sister, 1862 May 14

Holograph letter written at Fort Marshall, Maryland, describing the fort.

Ricketts (Charles) Collection

This collection contains visual material created by Charles Ricketts, an English printer and artist active in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

Ricketts (Edward Flanders) Papers

Personal and professional papers including incoming and outgoing correspondence, a few letters from Herbert Kline to John Steinbeck, notes on intertidal marine life, printed articles, manuscript notes of unpublished biology articles, a philosophical manuscript, financial records, photographs and notes from...

Ricketts (Norma B.) Papers

The Norma B. Ricketts Papers contain research materials on the Mormon presence in California, from the Gold Rush era to present day.

Ricketts (Wendell) Papers

The collection contains materials related to author Wendell Rickett's writing and activism. Ricketts was born on Wake Island, an atoll in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, and raised in small towns on O’ahu, Hawai’i. His writings about working class...

Rickford (John R.) Papers

This collection primarily consists of conference materials, projects, papers, and notes related to his work in linguistics. It also includes photographs and an audiorecording of a Rosa Parks press conference at Stanford in 1990....

Rickman-Southey Collection

A collection of correspondence between the English poet Robert Southey and John Rickman.

Ricks (William N.) Papers

The William Nauns Ricks Papers contain more than 450 individual poems and nearly 100 short stories and other works of prose, written or collected by Ricks between 1899 and 1963. The collection also includes a small amount of correspondence and...

Rico (Carlos "Charlie") Lions Club of Wilmington Collection

The Carlos "Charlie" Rico, Lions Club of Wilmington Collection primarily documents Rico’s membership and tenure as President of the organization between 1994 and 2013. The collection includes administrative records, photographs, and planning and promotional materials related to philanthropic activities and...

Riddell (Adaljiza Sosa) Papers

The papers contain correspondence, subject files, curriculum materials, and research materials.

Ridder Park Drive (750) Architectural Drawings

Architectural plans for the former San Jose Mercury News plant at 750 Ridder Park Drive, San Jose, including original construction and later expansions and renovations.

Riddle (Melvin) papers

The Melvin Riddle papers span the years 1918-1969 and encompass approximately 4 linear feet. The collection consists of miscellaneous papers, scrapbooks, and photographs....

Riddle (Waide Aaron) Writings

Typescripts of seven poems, 1996-2002, by writer Waide Aaron Riddle, who began writing poetry in 1995. The collection includes his 1996 award-winning poem, "Two Men Kissing," as well as a photograph, circa 2002, of the author himself.

Ridge (W. Sheldon) papers

Clippings and notes, relating to political, social, and economic conditions in China and to Chinese history, foreign relations, and civilization.

Ridgeway (Cecilia) papers

Collection includes research and publication files, as well as audiovisual materials....

Ridgeway (James) Files on Southeast Asian Refugees

This collection is comprised of materials collected by James Ridgeway that document refugee social services and educational organizations. The materials focus on organizations in Texas, the second most populous state after California for Southeast Asian refugees. An extensive list of...

Ridland (John) papers

Papers of University of California, Santa Barbara Professor Emeritus of English, critic, translator, and poet John Ridland (1933-2020). Materials include correspondence, manuscripts, teaching files, subject files, publications, and diaries.

Ridley (Charles Price) papers

Reports and other writings, relating to the role of elementary school textbooks in socialization in China; and microfilm of five elementary school textbooks published in South Vietnam, 1964-1973.

Riebe (Friedrich) personnel records

Private, German army; guard at Sachsenhausen concentration camp.

Riedel (William R.) Papers

Correspondence and select subject files of Scripps Institution of Oceanography micropaleontologist William R. Riedel, including JOIDES Planning Committee files related to the Deep Sea Drilling Project.

Rieder (Howard) papers

The collection consists of audiotape recordings and CD transfers of original KUSC-FM broadcasts, 1948-1952, and scripts of several broadcasts; and research materials for Rieder's 1961 master's thesis, "The Development of the Satire of Mr. Magoo." These latter include CDs of...

Rieffel (Aristide) Collection

Primarily correspondence and writings [in French] of French philosopher, social scientist, journalist and inventor Rieffel, who spent his last years in Santa Barbara.

Rieffel (Aristide) papers

Correspondence, writings, pamphlets, clippings, and photographs, relating primarily to the temperance movement in France and the United States, pacifism, international arbitration, the Society for Arbitration between Nations, Alfred Nobel and the Nobel Peace Prize.

Riegelman (Sidney) Papers

The Sidney Riegelman papers include correspondence, manuscripts, lecture notes, laboratory and research notes and reports, committee minutes, computer printouts. Received 9-11/82....

Riegger (Fred G.) typescript

Relates to philosophy.

Riegraf (Karl) correspondence

Relates to conditions in Allied prison camps after World War II

Riehl (Gordon) photograph collection

The Gordon Riehl photograph collection, circa 1935-1965, bulk circa 1935-1940, (SAFR 23382, P78-132a), is comprised mainly of photographs of sailing vessels in the Pacific Northwest region of the United States. The collection has been processed to the Item level and...

Rieke (Dieter) papers

Memoirs, correspondence, judicial documents, videotape cassettes, and photographs, relating to political prisoners in East Germany. Includes judicial documents of and videotape cassette interviews with other prisoners.

Riese (Eugene) papers

This collection consists of manuscript and published vocal scores for religious (Christian and Jewish) and secular songs. Also included are a few personal materials belonging to Eugene Riese.

Riesenberg family papers

The Riesenberg family papers (SAFR 18804, HDC 0463) includes manuscripts, notes and correspondence to and from Captain Felix Riesenberg (1879-1939). From Felix Riesenberg, Jr. (1913-1962), there are manuscript chapters for "Sea War" and incoming and outgoing correspondence. There are also...

Riesenfeld (Hugo) musical scores

This collection contains various musical scores from the library of Hugo Riesenfeld, with approximate dates spanning the composer's career ranging from 1907 to 1939.

Riesner (Dean) Papers

The Dean Riesner Papers, 1917–1992, contain film and television scripts and production materials, as well as correspondence, story and development files, and other materials related to the life and career of the prolific film and TV writer Dean Riesner.

Rietveld (Harriet) papers

Notes, educational material, and printed matter, relating to missionary work of the Young Women's Christian Association in Chefoo, China; to 1931 flood relief in China; and to other missionary activities in China

Rifetto, L. Collection

Collection of postcards.

Rifkind (Emilie Michel) collection of H.L. Mencken letters

The collection consists of letters written by H.L. Mencken to Louis Michel, Mrs. Louis Michel, and their daughter Emilie Michel Rifkind. Also included are Mencken's wedding announcement and calling card, a clipping from the Baltimore Sun about a piece by...

Riga (Latvia). Otdel vnutrennikh del. Batal'iona patrul'no-postovoi sluzhby. Rota, 1. Perovaia rota records

Riga (Latvia). Otdel vnutrennikh del. Batal'iona patrul'no-postovoi sluzhby. Rota, 1. Perovaia rota records (1982-1990) consists of logbooks, individual service records, and miscellany relating to police activities in Riga, Latvia.

Riga (Sandr) papers

Clandestine serial issues, other writings, and printed matter, relating to the ecumenical movement in the Soviet Union, political dissent, conditions in psychiatric hospitals, and Russian and Latvian culture.

Riga (Treaty of) typescript text

Treaty between Poland and Russia, signed at Riga, 1920 October 11, halting the Russo-Polish War.

Riggers' and Stevedores' Union Records

The Riggers' and Stevedores' Union Records include nine bound volumes of minutes from meetings from the years 1906-1919, and four folders of loose items from the years 1906-1918.

Riggin/Pettyjohn Family Papers

This collection chiefly contains correspondence of the Pettyjohn family and correspondence between tavern owner James C. Riggin in Yuba County, California, and his wife, Rebeca Jane Pettyjohn. The letters tell of the journey to California along the Oregon Trail, and...

Riggins (Herbert L.) Collection, ca.1895

8 photographs & corresponding negatives of Alaskan gold rush scenes in area of Yukon known as Eldorado. Also one photo of Herbert Riggins.

Riggs (Ernest Wilson) papers

Memoirs and correspondence, relating to Turkish atrocities against Armenians in 1915; the expulsion of Americans from Turkey, 1920-1921; Turkish-American relations; and conditions in Greece during World War II.

Riggs (Lutah Maria) papers

The Lutah Maria Riggs papers span 253 linear feet and date from circa 1920 to circa 1984. The collection is composed of letters, diaries, student work and research, clippings, scrapbooks, ephemera, photographs, sketches, and architectural drawings....

Riggs (Marlon)

This collection documents the life and career of the documentary director, Marlon Troy Riggs, 1957-1994. The majority of the materials in the Collection are from the period between 1984 and Riggs' death in 1994, the decade of his concentrated film-making...

Right to believe motion picture film

Relates to religion in the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe.

[Rights of disabled persons/patients generally] : articles from the Mental and physical disability law reporter (formerly the Mental disability law reporter).

Three articles appearing in the column Summary, analysis and commentary reviewing the Burger court / edited by J. Parry (MPDLR/vol.8, no.6, MPDLR/vol.9, no.1, MPDLR/vol. 10, no.4). -- Developments in Patients' Bill of Rights since the Mental Health Systems Act /...

Rights of Passage Scripts

Two signed editions of Rights of Passage, a 2013 play by Ed Decker and Robert Leone. One edition is a first edition. One edition is the acting edition.

“Rights of Passage” Videotape

Collection contains 1/2-inch open-reel videotape of “Rights of Passage”, a play on mid-life and menopause by Marylou Shira Hadditt, a civil rights and political activist and lesbian feminist. The location of the recording is unknown, and the date is estimated...

Right-Wing and Conservative Publications Collection

The Right-wing and Conservative Publications Collection contains newsletters, newspapers, bulletins, magazines, and other publications generated by right-wing organizations and individuals. Material in this collection includes information regarding topics such as right-wing politics, religion, anti-communist activities, conservatism, antifeminism, segregation, political extremism,...

Right-wing political pamphlets collection

A collection of pamphlets, brochures, flyers, magazines, newspapers, and printed ephemera discussing various right-wing political topics, including anti-communist activities, the American Nazi Party and white supremacy, anti-semitism, racism, conservative economic policies, and religion. Also includes a few left wing publications.

Rigler-Deutsch Index Computer Tapes

Computer tapes containing data from the Rigler and Deutsch Index of Recorded Sound (RDI), a union catalog of 78-rpm disc holdings from several major research libraries, including the Stanford Archive of Recorded Sound.

Rijksinstituut voor Oorlogsdocumentatie prospectus

Notes and summaries for a projected series of publications, relating to the history of the Netherlands during World War II.

Rijksuniversiteit te Gent congratulatory letter to Harvard University

Relates to the 300th anniversary of the founding of Harvard University. Photocopy.

Rikugun records

Surveys of buildings and other property in China.

Rikugun Yonen Gakko photographs

Depicts training of cadets.

Rila (Margo) Collection of Bisexual Newsletters and Ephemera

This collection contains newsletters from bisexual organizations and ephemera about bisexuality, including pamphlets, conference information, international directories of bisexual groups, and mass mailings. The collection contains: the national magazine of the bisexual movement in Australia; the newsletter of the Bi...

Rila (Margo) T-Shirt Collection

This collection includes t-shirts relating to bisexual groups and issues and was collected by Margo Rila, a prominent bisexual activist and sexual freedom advocate.

Riles (Wilson C.) Papers

Collection consists of speeches, articles, reports, subject files, and personal files pertaining to Wilson C. Riles, the first African American to be elected as state superintendent of schools in California.

Riley (Frank Branch) Scrapbooks

Collection consists of three scrapbooks kept during his student years at Stanford, which include programs, clippings, photographs, class registration cards, and other memorabilia. Many of the newspaper clippings include illustrations and there are a number of pencil and ink illustrations...

Riley (Frank) Papers

Frank Riley (1915-1996) was an author, and the travel editor for the and the (1971-1988). His travel writings also appeared in other newspapers such as the , and . Riley also wrote screenplays, novels and short stories. The bulk of...

Riley (James A.) miscellany

Identification and other personal documents, printed matter, and miscellany, relating mainly to Latvia.

Riley (Jay) papers

Jay Riley was an African American actor who started his career in 1932. He appeared in Broadway productions and also found roles in motion pictures and television. The collection consists of script material, photographs and a small amount of biographical...

Riley (Lewis) Papers

The collection contains business papers of the lawyer Lewis Riley while practicing in Colorado and San Diego, California.

Riley (Miss Billy) Papers

The collection contains materials related to the tourism promotion activities of civi