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[P.] G. T[oussaint] Beauregard letter, 1887 November 18

One letter (ALS) to A. Gross re a billing issue for a book subscription. New Orleans, 18 Nov. 1887. Merged with SC 388.

[P.] G. T[oussaint] Beauregard letters, 1887-1888

Five letters (ALS) from the former Civil War Confederate general to Charles Scribner's Sons and their salesman, A. Gross, re a subscription for an eight-volume set of books. New Orleans, 1887-1888.

P. Gerald Kruger letters : to Erika Wackenroder Kruger, Germany : ALS, 1939-1940.

Contains correspondence written by Kruger to his wife, while he was traveling to Calif. from Illinois and working at Lawrence Labs in Berkeley, and his wife was visiting family in Berlin, Germany. Describes his work on the cyclotron, his colleges...

P. M. McClung letter, 1847 September 24

One letter (ALS). Knoxville, TN, Sept. 24, 1847. Found in unsorted Wyles SC. Alpha list.

P.A. Ducey and Peter McArthur land deeds : Tuolumne County, Calif. : TD, 1902-1903.

Contains 25 certified deeds recording the sale of land in Tuolumne County, Calif., in Townships 4, 5 and 6, to P.A. Ducey and Peter McArthur, from landowners who mostly resided in the San Francisco Bay Area. Also includes two ms....

Paap (C. H. N.) typescript

Day-by-day summary of war news as reported in the Hague newspaper De Residentiebode.

Paasche (John) papers

Memoirs, thesis, other writings, and printed matter, relating to the career and murder of Hans Paasche, social conditions in Germany during the Weimar and Nazi periods, German émigré life in Japan and the United States, and positions of the Communist...

Pablo González letters : Saltillo, Mexico : Ls.S, 1980 May 8-9.

Two leters. His views on Emiliano Zapata with related notes.

Pablo Velásquez cartas recibidas : Mexico : L, 1941-1942.

Letters in Tarascan written to Velásquez by Jacobo García Luis (Federal Preparatory School, Coyoacán, Nov. 12, 1941) and Máximo Lathrop (Paracho, Michoacán, Feb. 6, 1942), dealing with politico-educational matters and transmittal of religious works; with translations into Spanish provided by...

Pablo Vicente de Sola papers, 1816-1822.

Mainly official letters from F.M. Calleja, Viceroy of Mexico, to Sola, Governor of Alta California. In Spanish.

Pacas (Bert) papers

Notes, news dispatches, reports, clippings, other printed matter, and a video tape, relating to guerrilla warfare and civil rights in El Salvador.

Pace (Irene G.D.A.) Papers

Irene Greene Dwen Andrews Pace (1892- ) was an author. Her publications include (1936), (1940), and (with Edmund Andrews, 1944). The collection consists of two scrapbooks, a diary, a commonplace book, correspondence, three literary productions, and typescripts of an article...

Pace (Nello) Himalayan Documents

The Nello Pace Himalayan Documents contain writings relating primarily to the 1954 California Himalaya Expedition to Makalu, the world's fifth highest peak, located in Nepal. Dr. Nello Pace served as the assistant leader and chief scientist for the expedition, studying...

Pacheco (Felix) speech transcript

Relates to President Warren G. Harding of the U.S. Delivered at a memorial service in Rio de Janeiro after the death of Harding.

Pacheco Schools PTA Scrapbook Collection

The scrapbook includes newspaper clippings, pamphlets of school activities and songbooks used by the Pacheco Schools Parent-Teacher Association.

Pacht (Jerry) papers

Jerry Pacht, born on January 24, 1922, was a Municipal and Superior Court judge in Los Angeles, CA. He was known for being an activist and particularly for his ruling in favor of Angela Davis against the UC Regents. The...

Paci (Mario) papers

Articles, correspondence, photographs, drawings, programs, newspaper clippings, and musical scores and compositions related to the pianist and conductor Mario Paci (1878-1946), who founded the Shanghai Symphony orchestra.

Pacific / Asia photograph album, circa 1916

Includes images of China, Korea, Japan, Philippines, and Hawaii.

Pacific Air Industries photograph collection

The Pacific Air Industries (PAI) photograph collection (4 x 5 inch negatives and prints) came to the UCSB Library in 1986 as part of a gift from the Teledyne Foundation. The majority of this collection consists of ground shots taken...

Pacific and Asian American Center for Theology and Strategies Collection

Organized in 1972 as the Asian American Center for Theology and Strategies and incorporated in 1974, the name was changed to Pacific and Asian American Center for Theology and Strategies in 1977 to reflect inclusiveness of constituencies. PACTS was...

Pacific Association of Women Martial Artists Records

This collection contains records from the Women's Martial Arts Training Camps organized by Pacific Association of Women Martial Artists (PAWMA) in the summers of 1980 to 1982. The camps were held in Nevada City, California and were attended primarily by...

Pacific Car Demurrage Bureau records

The records of the Pacific Car Demurrage Bureau contains only records associated with business transactions including: receipted vouchers, payrolls, register of vouchers, cashbooks, time books, journals, and ledgers. Most of these are pasted into ledger books, which are old (dates...

Pacific Car Service Bureau Station Records

Station record (Form 30) for Southern Pacific station at Florence, California.

Pacific Century Papers

This collections contains materials pertaining to the production of The Pacific Century, a ten-part documentary series produced by Jigsaw Productions and The Pacific Basin Institute in 1992. Contents include correspondence, production and research files, licensing and rights documents, photographs, and...

Pacific Clinics records

The Pacific Clinics records consists of annual reports, financial statements, correspondence, program and grant proposals, administrative and organizational records, 1942-1997 (bulk 1960s-1990s), documenting the growth of the clinic's services.

Pacific Coast Association of Friends papers, 1931 April-July.

Includes letters addressed to Peter Gulbrandsen and Howard Brinton; completed questionnaires regarding proposed organization and summary of replies; lists of potential members. Also also includes meeting minutes and manuscripts on Quakerism.

Pacific Coast Borax Company letters.

Typescript correspondence from the Secretary of the Pacific Borax Company (signature is illegible) to J. Henry Strachan, the superintendant of the Teel's Marsh borax mine in Nevada. Nine of the letters are written on letterhead stationery of the Pacific Coast...

Pacific Coast Committee on American Principles and Fair Play Records

The Pacific Coast Committee on American Principles and Fair Play Records date from 1940 to 1951, and relate to the evacuation, internment, and relocation of Japanese-Americans during World War II. The collection consists of a variety of materials, including correspondence,...

Pacific Coast Council on Latin American Studies (PCCLAS) Collection

The Pacific Coast Council on Latin American Studies Collection (1984-2010; undated) contains five boxes and 1.88 linear ft. of material donated by Dr. Erika Verba, Dr. Irene Vasquez, and belonging to the Pacific Coast Council on Latin American Studies. The...

Pacific coast diaries, 1881-1886.

Contains examples of daily diaries distributed by various booksellers and stationers on the West coast, including A.L. Bancroft & Company.

Pacific Coast League baseball ephemera, 1944-1950.

The Pacific Coast League was formed in 1903 and consisted of baseball teams in California, Oregon, and Washington. After major league baseball came to California in 1958 (and after major league games began to be televised), the Pacific Coast League...

Pacific Coast League baseball ephemera, 1944-1950.

The Pacific Coast League was formed in 1903 and consisted of baseball teams in California, Oregon, and Washington. After major league baseball came to California in 1958 (and after major league games began to be televised), the Pacific Coast League...

Pacific Coast nurseryman, award-winning horticulturalist, and historian : oral history transcript / 1998.

Carman history in the Los Gatos area, founding Carman's Nursery in 1937; Peninsula nursery history, businesses, impact of World War II; Ed and Jean Carman's nursery since 1946, the role of the family; successful introduction of the kiwi vine from...

Pacific Coast photographs and drawings by Merritt R. Hosmer.

Album of 1870's photographs was apparently used as Merritt Hosmer's sketchbook in 1915. Photos show mining and Indians in British Columbia, views along the Columbia River (including Mt. Hood), Portland, the Oregon coast, Yosemite, and San Francisco (including Rincon Hill...

Pacific Coast Ports report

Pacific Coast Ports report (SAFR 17381, HDC 268) was written by Ted Miholovich for a college assignment circa 1936. The collection is available for research use without restriction.

Pacific Coast Railway Cash Book

Pacific Coast Railway cash book receipts.

Pacific Coast Redwood Co. records, 1903-1929.

v. 1: By-laws, May 1907; v. 2: Minute Book, including copy of articles of incorporation, 1903-1929; v. 3: Journal, 1906-1929; v. 4: Stock ledger and journal, 1907-1929; v. 5: Ledger, 1906-1929; v. 6: Miscellaneous loose material removed from preceding volumes.

Pacific Coast Shipbuilding Company. Photographs relating to the Pacific Coast Shipbuilding Company and Union Iron Works [graphic].

Chiefly photographs of ships and shipyards as well as machinery and facilities from the late 1880s to about 1920. Some views are related to the Union Iron Works (machinery manufactured, and two crowd scenes at the 1904 sale of the...

Pacific Coast Shipbuilding Company records

The Pacific Coast Shipbuilding Company records (SAFR 15794, HDC 127) is comprised of correspondence, legal records, notebooks, printed material, shipbuilding costs and specifications, pamphlets, notebooks, documents from the American Society of Naval Architects and marine Engineers, and oversize ship plans...

Pacific Coast Steamship Companies Collection

When the Pacific Steamship Company went out of business in 1936, the surviving records of the company were offered to The Claremont Colleges if someone would go to Seattle to sort the papers and select what was to be kept....

Pacific Coast Steamship Company cargo receipts, 1870-1878.

Receipts for cargo shipped out of San Francisco for Portland from various individuals or firms including the following: P.C. Dart, John S. Kinkel, Giant Powder Co., Souther & Co., R. Patrick & Co., C.K. Hawkes, Pacific Rolling Mill Co., L.H....

Pacific Coast Steamship Company Records

The collection consists of business documents and other printed materials of the Pacific Coast Steamship Company, a San Francisco-based passenger and freight company founded in 1882, as well as items pertaining to S. T. Johnson, the company’s San Diego agent.

Pacific Coast Stock Exchange photographs

Photographs of the Pacific Coast Stock Exchange in Los Angeles, Calif., depicting the introduciton of new International Rectifier ticker machines and that company's stock certificate. Also depicts facilities of the curb trading room.

Pacific Coast Travel Journal

This album documents 1909 train trip from the Midwest to California.

Pacific Constructors, Inc. Shasta Dam Photo Album

The photo album contains 89 photographs detailing construction progress of the Shasta Dam by Pacific Constructors, Inc.

Pacific Cooperative Poultry Producers and Pacific Egg Producers

The advertising archive offers essential visual and primary documentation of the Pacific Cooperative Poultry Producers (PCPP) and Pacific Egg Producers (PEP) cooperative which drew upon at least 50,000 family poultry farmers and egg producers across the Pacific Northwest and California.

Pacific Counseling Service and Military Law Office Records

Consists of office files from two collaborating organizations serving U.S. military service personnel primarily in the Bay Area and Asia during and after the Vietnam War. Includes organizational history, correspondence and reports from projects and offices in Asia and West...

[Pacific Electric, Central Pacific and other railroad photographs].

Photographs depict trains, trainyards and stations of various railroad companies, especially Pacific Electric Railway and Central Pacific Railroad. Other companies include Atlanta and West Point Railroad (in view of roundhouse in Atlanta, Ga. showing evidence of city's devastation during U.S....

Pacific Electric Railway Company motor coaches and railroad cars photographs

Collection of 875 unmounted photographs (including duplicates) of motor coaches and railroad passenger cars in operation between 1927 and 1950 on routes of the Pacific Electric Railway Company and related bus and train systems of Los Angeles, California, and environs.

Pacific Electric Railway Company Photographs

The collection consists of 3396 black and white photographs (many with corresponding original and copy negatives), 116 unprinted glass plate negatives, memos, correspondence, press releases, and notes related to the Pacific Electric Railway, ca. 1870s-1950s. The collection provides a comprehensive...

Pacific Electric Railway Company Records

The Pacific Electric Railway Company, established by Henry Huntington, connected cities across the Los Angeles metropolitan area. The records in this collection consist of information about rules and regulations governing employees, timetables and vehicle information, financial, operation, and service reports,...

Pacific Electric Railway Records

Includes operating agreements, executive committee resolutions, and accounting records for Pacific Electric Railway of 1901 and Pacific Electric Railway of 1911.

Pacific Electric Railway Scrapbook

This album contains images of Pacific Electric interurban cars in operation on various lines and in various yards awaiting assignment.

Pacific Far East Line, Inc. records

Pacific Far East Line, Inc. records (SAFR 18803, HDC 462) contains correspondence, records and plans relating to the building of C-8 container ships for Pacific Far East Line for the years 1967 to 1976. This collection has been processed and...

Pacific Fast Freight Line Invoice

Invoice for shipment of one case of merchandise from New York to San Francisco via the Chicago, Rock Island and Pacific Railroad, 1871; receipt, 1872.

Pacific Film Archive Film and Video Collection

The Pacific Film Archive was conceived as an American version of the Cinematheque Francaise in Paris—a center committed not only to exhibiting films under the best possible conditions, but also to increasing the understanding, appreciation, and preservation of cinema through...

Pacific Fruit Express Co. Drawings

This collection includes 7,396 Pacific Fruit Express Company structural and component ice plant and car shop drawings.

Pacific Fruit Express Company Collection

A preliminary finding aid has been prepared. The finding aid will be expanded to include unprocessed material. This material has been arranged in the following series:...

Pacific Gas and Electric Company collection

Sound recordings and motion picture film of a series of political education programs, featuring campaign presentations by candidates for election to major state political offices in California.

Pacific Gas and Electric Company Politics 1962 series materials, 1962.

Correspondence and motion pictures concerning the appearances of Edmund G. Brown, Thomas H. Kuchel, Thomas Coakley, Stanley Mosk, Richard M. Nixon, and Richard Richards on the Politics 1962 series sponsored jointly by the P.G. and E. and Pacific Service Employees...

Pacific Gas and Electric Utility Street maps of San Francisco

Pacific Gas and Electric Utility Street maps of San Francisco (SAFR 17213, HDC 305) consist of nine items: five are dated 1925 and are street maps on drafting linen and four are dated 1977 and are street wiring diagrams on...

Pacific Geograpic Society Records

Materials in the collection date from 1927-1940, the bulk falling between the years 1933-1939. Included are correspondence, minutes, drafts, reports, statistics, bills, receipts, contracts, clippings, press releases, various lists, organizational papers, announcements, memos, printed brochures, legal papers, itineraries, notes, photos,...

Pacific Hebrew Orphan Asylum and Home Society of San Francisco records, approximately 1876-1975 (bulk 1876-1920).

The collection consists of by-laws and a constitution, annual reports, and copy of a history of the organization. It also includes a bound volume of the "Fair Journal" (1876), which the organization published in conjunction with their fund raising activities...

Pacific Horticultural Foundation records, 1963-2002.

Contains W. George Walters correspondence, editorial correspondence, letters from subscribers, board of directors minutes, financial records, reports, promotional material.

Pacific Improvement Company payroll book

This is a single item collection constituted by the Pacific Improvement Co. payroll book for 1883. The book does not duplicate any information in the related Pacific Improvement Co. Collections (JL001 and JL017). The ledger shows the actual rates of...

Pacific Improvement Company. Photographs of the Seventeen Mile Drive, scenic boulevards, Pacific Grove, Pebble Beach Lodge, Monterey Peninsula, California [graphic]

Views of the Monterey Peninsula, including the 17 Mile Drive, Pacific Grove, and the Pebble Beach Lodge, including the interior of the lodge. Many views with automobiles, and people dressed for excursion. Two fishing scenes.

Pacific Improvement Company Records

Contains business records of the Pacific Improvement Company and its subsidiaries. Includes business and legal documents, correspondence, reports, minutes, deeds, annual reports, maps, and blueprints. Contains materials related to the Monterey Peninsula and its development. Business areas covered include land...

Pacific Improvement Company Records

The collection is made up of approximately fifty percent loose material and fifty percent bound volumes (percentage estimated in shelf space). The loose material consists of documents, both routine business and legal, correspondence, reports, minutes, various types of financial business,...

Pacific Iron Works mining machinery [graphic]

Hoisting works for deep mines -- wire rope tramway dumping rig -- roasting and lixiviating mill -- copper smelting plant.

Pacific Island Communities collection

The Pacific Island Communities Collection consists of pamphlets and booklets that were published for the Pacific Islander Festival in Los Angeles, as well as some other events amongst the Pacific Islander community. The City of Los Angeles, Cultural Affairs Department...

Pacific Island Employees Foundation newsletters

Relates to the condition of American prisoners of war held in Japanese prison camps during World War II. Includes issues of the Pacific Island Employees Foundation Bulletin, 1942-1945, and a few issues of the Pac-POW Bulletin, 1945-1947.

Pacific Islands Photograph Album, ca. 1930s.

130 black and white and sepia-toned photographs taken during a tour of New Zealand, Polynesia, New Hebrides (Vanuatu), New Caledonia, and Australia, with captions in French. Includes native villagers in natural costume (fishing, weaving, tattooing), volcanic regions, missions and villages,...

A Pacific Legacy slide show

A Pacific Legacy slide show, December 11, 1991, (SAFR 23341, P92-105) is comprised of slides of photographs in the San Francisco Maritime National Historical Park collection, created by the Park's Photo Lab for an exhibit coinciding with the publication of...

Pacific Life Community records

Materials consist of publications, notes, correspondence, newspaper clippings, minute meetings, photographs, slides and related ephemera....

Pacific Lumber Company records, [ca. 1864-1938]

Fragmentary records documenting operations of the company in Nevada Co. and later in Humboldt Co.

Pacific Mail Steamship Co. Passenger Lists

This collection is the statement of all tickets issued via the Pacific Mail Steamship Company for the San Francisco Overland route, dating from December 1905-December 1913.

Pacific Mail Steamship Company broadside, circa early 20th century

Broadside, 1874, re the side-wheel steamship Senator, traveling to Santa Barbara, San Pedro, and San Diego. Reprinted by the Los Angeles Corral of "The Westerners," ca. 1948. [Oversize boxed].

Pacific Mail Steamship Company Collection

The collection consists of the business records of the Pacific Mail Steamship Company, dating from 1851-1929. The collection also contains some records of the Occidental and Oriental Steamship Company.

Pacific Mail Steamship Company journal and logbook : ms., 1883-1885.

Journal (Jan. 14-Feb. 4, 1883) kept by an agent of the Company, covering part of a trip to collect data concerning business possibilities along the Gulf of Mexico; written aboard the Colima and the Sonora in the Bay of Mazatlan...

Pacific Mail Steamship Company. Letters to Alfred Robinson : New York City, 1848 December - 1850 November.

From William H. Aspinwall and Samuel W. Comstock; relating to Robinson's service as agent for the company on the California coast.

Pacific Mail Steamship Company record

Pacific Mail Steamship Company record (SAFR 14301, HDC 93) contains a six page letter dated September 29,1874 and envelope. Letter is addressed to Robert Kelly Palache from the agents of Taylor & Cox regarding Palache's application for the position of...

Pacific Mail Steamship Company records, 1851-1880.

Contents: Ledger, 1878-1880, of accounts of personnel on various ships; bills for the steamship Constitution, and miscellaneous papers.

Pacific Mail Steamship newspaper citations

The collection consists of fifteen (15) spiral notebooks documenting references to the Pacific Mail Steamship company in newspapers from 1848 to 1916.

Pacific Mill and Mining Company records : Virginia City, Nevada, 1865-1936 (bulk 1869-1884).

Receipts, payrolls, accounts, and other records for various mills operated by the company, including Bacon, Brunswick, California Mill, Eagle Salt Works, Hoosier State Mill Co., Kelsey, Mariposa, Morgan, Nevada Mill, North End, Occidental, Omega, Ophir, Trench and Woodworth mills.

Pacific Mill and Mining Company Voucher

Pacific Mill and Mining Company, Omega mill, voucher for payment ($326.79) to Virginia and Truckee Railroad Company for transport of various items between San Francisco and Virginia, Nevada.

Pacific Motor Trucking Company records, [ca. 1933-1965]

Leases, sales agreements, notices of assignment, etc.

Pacific Mutual Life Insurance Company Records

The Pacific Mutual Life Insurance Company was founded in 1868 Initially the company offered life and endowment policies and began investing in community improvements. In 1885, the company began offering accident insurance, and in March 1906 it consolidated with Los...

Pacific National Fire Insurance Company records of Orange County buildings

The collection consists of maps, photographs, and descriptive text on various buildings in Orange County, California, primarily public institutions. The Pacific National Fire Insurance Company in Santa Ana, California produced these records between 1942 and 1951 for insurance purposes. The...

Pacific Neighbors Inc. Records

Records and photographs of San Jose's Pacific Neighbors Sister City Program, primarily related to activities with sister cities Okayama, Japan, and San Jose, Costa Rica.

Pacific Palisades Property Owners Association records

Organizational and legal records of the Pacific Palisades Property Owners Association (PPPOA), including maps, drawings, plans, photographs, and audio recordings that were created and/or collected by its directors. The documents collected by PPPOA are from various sources, including Los Angeles...

Pacific Photo Club collection

The records consist primarily of black-and-white photographs created by members of the Pacific Photo Club, an organization of amateur photographers active during the first three decades of the 20th century. The collection was accumulated by George R. Bunn, a member,...

Pacific Pioneer Broadcasters collection

This collection consists primarily of scripts for radio and television shows and for television commercials (approximately 90 volumes) including "Dealer in Dreams" (radio, 1940-1941), "Murder is My Hobby" (radio, 1945), and "Queen for a Day" (television, 1952-1953). There are also...

Pacific Pride Foundation records

Records documenting the activities of the Pacific Pride Foundation of Santa Barbara, California, the bulk of these dating from 1991-2015. Materials include office files and correspondence, loose photographs and photograph albums, clippings, publications, posters, ephemera, and moving image materials.

Pacific Queen (built 1886; ship, 3m) copy negatives

The Pacific Queen (built 1886; ship, 3m) copy negatives, 1935-1941, (SAFR 24651, P15-024) are comprised of photographs of PACIFIC QUEEN in San Francisco and San Diego, California. The collection has been processed to the Collection level and is open for...

Pacific Queen (built 1886; ship, 3m) document collection

The Pacific Queen (built 1886; ship, 3m) document collection (SAFR 17646, HDC 385) contains a reproduced scrapbook which contains mostly newspaper clippings and some correspondence. The collection is available for research use without restriction.

Pacific Queen (built 1886; ship, 3m) logbooks and Star of Alaska (built 1886; ship, 3m) documents

Pacific Queen (built 1886; ship, 3m) logbooks and Star of Alaska (built 1886; ship, 3m) documents includes several donations from Rose Kissinger, former owner of the PACIFIC QUEEN. The PACIFIC QUEEN items are three logbooks including one visitors logbook. The...

Pacific Queen (built 1886; ship, 3m) photograph

The Pacific Queen (built 1886; ship, 3m) photograph, 1933-1954, (SAFR 24663, P16-005) is comprised of a photograph of PACIFIC QUEEN under sail. The collection has been processed to the Collection level and is open for use.

Pacific Queen (built 1886; ship, 3m) records

Pacific Queen (built 1886; ship, 3m) records (SAFR 17383, HDC 271) contains copies of items originally housed in two folders: Pacific Queen - General and Pacific Queen - Status Reports. These items include letters, news articles and reports dating from...

Pacific Queen (built 1886; ship, 3m) scrapbooks

The Pacific Queen scrapbooks (SAFR 21354, HDC1295) were compiled by Rose Kissinger. They document more than 20 years of history of one of the San Francisco Maritime National Historic Park's premier exhibits, the BALCLUTHA. The BALCLUTHA is one of the...

Pacific Railway and Navigation Co. Records

Financial records of the Pacific Railway and Navigation Company records.

Pacific Regional Humanities Center Collection

The Pacific Regional Humanities Center (PRHC) was an initiative funded by the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) in 2002 and overseen by the UC Davis Humanities Institute. The PRHC emphasized the study of "place." This small collection contains DVDs...

Pacific Rolling Mill (San Francisco) Invoices

Invoices to the Central Pacific Railroad, including one dated July 26, 1869 to the Central Pacific Railroad for back and forward locomotive driving axles and rocker shafts.

Pacific Rural Press Company Stock Book

The Pacific Rural Press Company was the San Francisco, California-based publisher of the . The collection contains one volume of stock certificates for the Pacific Rural Press Company.

Pacific Ship Model Society papers

The Pacific Ship Model Society records (SAFR 17241, HDC 324) includes correspondence, membership lists, meeting minutes (1925-1949), receipts, brochures, clippings, contracts, a copybook of H.M. Kebby, a yachting scrapbook of newspaper clippings and scrapbooks of freighter charter contracts (1900-1921). The...

Pacific Ship Repair Company Berthing logbook and Berth application for Vessel George Handley

Pacific Ship Repair Company Berthing logbook and Berth application for Vessel George Handley (SAFR 17189, HDC 296) are connected by vessel and date. The GEORGE HANDLEY is listed in the logbook on page 29. Dates for this entry correspond to...

Pacific Slope collection

Letters, reminiscences, interviews, and term papers on Western American history written for and collected by Mary Sheldon Barnes along with her students and fellow faculty, 1892-1896. Includes manuscripts of William B. Ide and others on the Bear Flag Revolt; a...

Pacific Slope Manuscripts

Manuscripts, documents, transcriptions, correspondence, newspaper clippings, and other ephemera related to the history of the American West.

Pacific Slope scrapbooks

The first series of scrapbooks was created by mayor (and future governor) Washington Bartlett, containing articles pertaining to political and civic issues in San Francisco and California from 1855 to 1886, as well as some notes and memoranda chronicling his...

Pacific slope trip.

Photographs document a train trip through many western locations, including: the Rocky Mountains, Utah, California, Oregon, Yellowstone National Park, Alaska, Canada, Minnesota, and Ohio. Alaska views include Indians.

Pacific Sociological Association Records

The collection begins with records from 1929 when Emory Bogardus, Ph.D. of the University of Southern California founded the Pacific Sociological Association (PSA) and ends in 2008 upon the retirement of PSA Chief Executive Officer, Dean S. Dorn, Ph.D., of...

Pacific Southwest Airlines Collection

The collection contains 57 cubic feet of material and spans the airline’s entire operating history. The collection includes historical and biographical records, corporate papers, operations and training material, photos, brochures, magazines, newspaper clippings, advertisements, and various pieces of ephemera relating...

Pacific Southwest Airlines flight attendant photograph album

A photograph album compiled by a flight attendant working for Pacific Southwest Airlines (PSA) in the 1970s. The photographs are uncaptioned but some feature the year and month in the negative: October through December of 1973. The woman, who is...

Pacific Standard Time: Art in L.A. Recordings, 2008-2012

The collection principally comprises recordings produced from 2008 through 2012 as part of the project. Project participants, including the Getty itself, conducted an extensive series of oral histories with many of Los Angeles' key artists, filmmakers, curators, collectors, and critics,...

Pacific Steam Navigation Company minute books, 1838-1889.

Originals in: the Company's possession in Liverpool.

Pacific Steam Whaling Co. Photographs of San Francisco, the Arctic, and other scenes [graphic]

Contains family photos (babies, toys, pets, etc.); and family scenes in San Francisco including picnics, interior scenes, and other snapshots. Also scenes of whaling ships in the Arctic Sea, some nature scenes and outdoor activities. Includes photographs of Artic Oil...

Pacific Steam Whaling Company scrapbook

Pacific Steam Whaling Company scrapbook (SAFR 286, HDC 494) contains examples of company tickets, stationary, labels, notices, and shipping order forms from 1900. The last section of the scrapbook is a list of the cost of the company stationary. The...

Pacific Steam Whaling invoice book

Pacific Steam Whaling invoice book (SAFR 17564, HDC 375) consists of a paste-up book of invoices from the Nushagak Cannery in 1901. The invoices are mostly for operating supplies. "Volume 19 " is written on the spine of the volume....

Pacific Telegraph Company accounts, 1865-1866.

Account book, removed from W.A. Carter Papers, "of all Expences on Repairs of Line west of Laramie. D.T.," October, 1865-April, 1866.

Pacific Telephone and Telegraph Company file of correspondence and records, Accounting Dept. : San Francisco, 1920-1931.

Copies of letters, orders and related material, kept chiefly by I.C. Cassasa, division accountant.

[Pacific Telephone and Telegraph Company operations in the San Francisco Bay Area, and snapshots of the 1906 San Francisco earthquake and fire aftermath].

121 8x10 inch photographs formerly bound in two binders, depicting facilities, equipment, staff, and operations of the Pacific Telephone and Telegraph Company, chiefly in San Francisco, Oakland, and Berkeley. Offices, staff lounges, switchboards and operators, machine shops, cable and cable-laying...

"Pacific Vision: The Asia/Pacific Scholars Program at Stanford University" [videorecording]

This film profiles several scholars as they debate in seminars, get together at social events, and travel on field trips.

Pacific Workshop on German Affairs proceedings

Relates to the theme of "The German Search for Role and Identity," including consideration of political, social and economic aspects of both East and West Germany.

Pacifica Foundation ephemera collection

Documents on Pacifica Foundation, with emphasis on KPFA-FM in Berkeley, California. Primarily printed articles about KPFA, programming schedules, information fliers and other publicity materials. Some of the material is in the form of photocopies, and most have been annotated by...

Pacifica Radio folio collection

This collection is comprised of folios from Pacifica Radio stations KPFA, KPFK, WBAI, KPFT, and WPFW, ranging in date from 1949 to 1987, as well as a small number of Pacifica administrative files and promotional pamphlets.

Pacifica Radio Sampler : Berkeley Calif., 1984 May.

Volume contains photocopies of papers selected from KPFA, Berkeley, files, by Vera S. Hopkins, retired staff member, to document the founding, development and problems of listener sponsored radio, 1946-1984. Emphasis on early history and on KPFA. Table of contents included....

Pacifica Views newsletters and records

A collection of 100 issues of , a four-page newsletter published at Conscientious Objector (CO) Camp Number 76 in Glendora, California. A group of men, referring to themselves as "Pacifica Associates of Glendora" started the "independent weekly pacifist publication" during...

Pacific-Inter Club Yacht Association member photographs

The Pacific-Inter Club Yacht Association member photographs, circa 1958 and in 1969, (SAFR 24816, P16-010) are comprised of photographs of Pacific-Inter Club Yacht Association officers, directors, and other members. The collection has been processed to the Collection level and is...

Pacifico (freighter) records

The Pacifico (freighter) records (SAFR 14281, HDC 73) consist of correspondence, an agreement, a bond payment received by John Leale, and court papers dating 1921 to 1922 and 1924. The records include claims for service performed by D. Dorward, Jr....

Pacifism collection

Collection consists of mimeographed and printed newsletters, journal issues, brochures, programs, announcements, correspondence, meeting minutes, and ephemera....

Paciolan Systems records

Paciolan Systems, Inc. began as a small computer software development company specializing in ticketing for college athletics. In its past four decades of history, the company grew, developed, and merged with other companies-- and now is once again known as...

Pack (Frank) Papers

The collection consists of Dr. Frank Pack's daily planners, grade books, correspondence, notes, and sermons from 1933 to 1990. The lifelong preacher spent the majority of his career at David Lipscomb College, Pepperdine College, and Abilene Christian College. He also...

Packard (Martin) papers

In the late 1940s and early 50s, physicist Martin Packard made significant contributions to the emerging field of nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) technology at Stanford University. Packard was later employed by Varian Associates, where he became head of the analytical...

Packard, Walter E. (Walter Eugene) Photographs from the Walter Eugene Packard papers [graphic]

Collection of family pictures includes family portraits, school pictures of Packard grandchildren, etc. One portrait, which includes Emma Lou Packard, is captioned "four generations of Packards."

Packard (Walter Eugene) Papers

The collection is organized into nine series: Correspondence; Projects; Projects, post-retirement; Writings, manuscripts; Writings, printed; Newspaper clippings and press; Personalia; Emma Lou (Leonard) Packard papers; and Other family papers. The correspondence includes both outgoing and incoming letters. Outgoing correspondence is...

Packard-Gouzigian letters

Letters exchanged between members of the Packard family and members of the Markar Gouzigian family, and letters from others received by both families, relating to the immigration of Armenian refugees to the United States. Includes letters from an Armenian serving...

Packenham (Robert A.) papers

Writings, correspondence, notes, interview transcripts and sound recordings, and printed matter, relating to economic development and dependency theory, American foreign aid, and political and economic development in Brazil.

Packer (Herbert L.) Papers

The papers primarily contain correspondence, but also include articles, drafts, conference materials, financial records, and administrative files. Subjects include Packer's academic career at Yale and Stanford; his research and writing on the Alger Hiss trial; the government witness project undertaken...

Packer Motor Company Records

The Packer Motor Company Records represent the activities of one of the first automobile dealerships in Glendale, California. Selling Studebaker cars and trucks, the dealership’s main location was on Brand Boulevard in Glendale, expanding to other locations in Eagle Rock...

Packer (Nancy) Collection

The Nancy Packer Collection consists of two sets of recordings: an interview with Herbert Packer, and lectures by Leon Lipson. Both were taped at Stanford University in 1969.

Packer (Nancy Huddlestone) Stanford Interviews and Notes

Collection contains notes from interviews with various Stanford professors and administrators pertaining largely to the academic history of Stanford post World War II and her unpublished typescript article on Stanford’s history.

Packes (John) newsletters to Thomas Wood, 1642-1695

The John Packes Newsletters to Thomas Wood are a collection of letters written by John Packes, who was the business partner and London agent to Thomas Wood, concerning the East India Company and other business matters, dated from 1642 to...

Packing labels, 1920s

Five printed color packing labels for lemons packed by the Limoneira Co. of Santa Paula, California. Gift of Sally Weimer, 6 July 1989. Alpha list.

Packing labels, early-mid 20th century

Five printed color packing labels for lemons packed by companies in Santa Barbara County, California. Purchase, Gaylord's Mercantile, Old Sacramento shop, ca. 2005. Alpha list.

[Packing pineapples Oahu, Hawaii, and a view of the Palace Hotel Court, San Francisco, California].

Three field workers pack stacks of pineapples into crates as a supervisor looks on. An elevated plank walk or irrigation flume cuts across the field. The view of San Francisco's Palace Hotel court is taken from the corner of the...

Packman (Ana Bégué de) papers

Ana Bégué de Packman (1882-1973) served as Secretary of the Historical Society of Southern California from the 1930s through the 1950s. The collection consists of Packman's photographs, newspaper articles, manuscripts, genealogies, maps, ephemera, and correspondence pertaining to the history of...

Pacoima Revitalization, Inc. Collection

In 1978, a social service agency, Pacoima Revitalization, Inc. (PRI) was created by Los Angeles City Councilman Bob Ronka as a non-profit public corporation to help revitalize the City of Pacoima, California. The Pacoima Revitalization, Inc. Collection documents the organization's...

Pactolus (bark) logbook

The Pactolus (bark) logbook (SAFR 16500, HDC 222) records 1908 weather, climate, course and remarks on incidents and activities for a number of voyages between San Francisco and Port Townsend while involved in the lumber trade. The volume also includes...

Paden (Irene D.) Papers

The Paden papers consist of notes, research materials, and portions of the drafts of her three books. They are contained in seven manuscript boxes (3 linear ft.), the first four of which contain 18 ringbinders of notes, quotations, and transcripts...

Paderewska (Helena) memoirs

Relates to activities of Ignace Paderewski from 1910 to 1920, Poland during World War I, and the Paris Peace Conference and establishment of Polish independence.

Paderewski (Ignace J.) papers

Correspondence, speeches and writings, clippings, printed matter, and photographs relating primarily to the establishment of an independent Polish state, the Paris Peace Conference, Polish politics in the interwar period, the occupation of Poland during World War II, and the musical...

Paderewski Testimonial Fund records

Reports, correspondence, press releases, financial records, printed matter, and photographs, relating to relief activities carried on by the Fund and by the Paderewski Hospital in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Padgett (Ron) Papers

Ron Padgett (1942- ) was a poetry workshop instructor at St. Mark's-in-the-Bowery, New York City (1968-69), poet in various New York City Poets in the Schools programs (1969-76), writer in the community, South Carolina Arts Commission (1976-78), director of St....

Padilla, Amado M.

Amado Padilla is a professor of psychology who studies Hispanic American bilingualism and mental health. The collection contains correspondence, personal and professional papers, and material from Padilla's work with the Spanish Speaking Mental Health Research Center, National Center for Bilingual...

Padilla collection of California photographs [graphic].

Views include many of the San Francisco earthquake and fire of 1906; Lake Tahoe and vicinity; industry, oil terminals, and rail yards in Richmond, Calif. Also included are: the Emanuel Sisterhood, California Missions, Yosemite, redwoods, sequoias and "McEwan's Tract", San...

Padilla (Crecencio) papers

Materials consist of photographs, correspondence, meeting minutees, and personal notes from Padilla's tenure as a civil rights activist in the Monterey Bay Area. Includes Padilla's records and founding documentation as the founder of the local LULAC chapter, as well as...

Padilla (Pete) Photo Collection

Pedro “Pete” Padilla was known as the dean of photography in his hometown of Calexico. At the end of World War Two her served under Douglas MacArthur in Japan, working in counterintelligence.

Padnick (Glenn) script files

Glenn Padnick was one of the founders of Castle Rock Entertainment. During his career Padnick oversaw the activities of many television shows, but may be best known for his work on the television program, The collection consists of script files,...

Padrones : Nueva Vizcaya, Mexico, 1786-1821.

Census tables and reports for Valle de la Ciénega de los Olivos, 1786; for the Corps of Dragoons in the jurisdiction of Chihuahua, 1787; for the parish of San Francisco Javier de Satebó and the mission of Santiago de Bobonoyaba,...

Padua Hills Land Development Collection

Materials cataloging the land development and construction of the Padua Hills enclave in Claremont, California.

Padve (Martha) papers

Martha Padve was involved in the Southern California art community as a trustee of the Pasadena Art Museum (1967-74), co-chairman for the building fund for the Norton Simon Museum of Art (1968-70), chairman of the Pasadena Planning Commission (1973-81), developer...

Padve (Martha) Papers on the Crystal Cove Historic District

This collection comprises the personal papers of Martha Padve, a former resident of Crystal Cove, California and member of the Crystal Cove Residents' Association Executive Committee. The collection includes correspondence, reports and proposals, leases, financial records, newsletters, memoranda, clippings, photographs,...

PAET Flight Project Collection

This collection consists of two binders and thirteen film reels of material related to the Planetary Atmosphere Experiments Test (PAET) Project. The first binder, which was compiled by PAET Project Manager David E. Reese, primarily contains logistical documents for the...

Paetow, Louis John Papers concerning the California State Historical Association, 1922-1924.

Chiefly carbon copies of letters sent. A few letters received, reports and organizational papers included.

Pagano (Darlene) Papers

The collection includes manuscripts and correspondence documenting the publication of the book "Against Sadomasochism" and materials relating to the conflicts among collective members of A Woman's Place Bookstore which ultimately led to the lock-out of four members in 1982.

Page (Albert L.) collection of University of California, Riverside photographs

This collection contains portrait and group photographs of faculty from the University of California, Riverside and Citrus Experiment Station collected by Albert L. Page, an emeritus professor of environmental science and alumnus from the University of California, Riverside.

Page (Albert L.) papers

The collection consists of materials related to the career and research of Albert L. Page, an emeritus professor of environmental science at the University of California, Riverside. The bulk of materials consist of reprints and reports collected by Page related...

Page (Arthur R.) Collection

The Arthur R. Page collection includes photographs, baseball programs, and newspaper clippings documenting the baseball and military career of Arthur R. Page, one of the first African American baseball players to play on integrated baseball clubs in the United States...

Page, Bacon & Co. records, 1851-1863.

Includes notices of protest for non-payment of notes, signed by H.H. Haight, E.V. Joice and Frank Turk, 1851-1855; draft and renewal of partnership, 1854-1855; power of attorney from Charles Dana; power of attorney to David Hoadley; judgment in case Stanford...

Page, Bacon & Co. records, 1854-1856.

Includes early checks, bills of exchange and deposit receipts, mainly from their San Francisco office.

Page (Benjamin M.), "Mineral Resources on Stanford Land, A Preliminary Report"

Typescript report on mineral, water, and oil resources on Stanford land by Benjamin M. Page, Stanley N. Davis, Frank W. Atchley, L. Trowbridge Grose, John W. Harbaugh, and Charles F. Park, Jr.; with related correspondence of Park and university president...

Page (Benjamin M.) Papers

Papers include correspondence, minutes, budgets, class notes, course files, student papers, reports, maps, and research files and pertain to his activities as professor, department administrator, and scientist. Some papers relate to his work with the Advisory Committee on Reactor Safeguards...

Page, Carol (Afghanistan War correspondence)

This collection contains one greeting card signed by several servicemen to Carol Page during the Afghanistan War.

Page (Charles R.) papers

Correspondence, memoranda, minutes of meetings, and miscellanea, relating to the work of the U.S. Shipping Board in regulating shipping rates and practices, allocation of ships, recruitment of seamen, and claims for insurance. Includes correspondence with Edward N. Hurley and Joseph...

Page (Donald W.) Papers

Donald William Page, born in on October 12, 1884, spent much of his career in Mexico, Ecuador, Spain, Portugal, and other countries. During World War I, he served as a captain in the United States Army Corps of Engineers and...

Page (Ernest W.) Papers Relating to Albert Abrams, M.D.

The papers relating to Albert Abrams, M.D. include correspondence, photographs, pamphlets, manuscript drafts, original envelopes of Albert Abrams' diagnoses, photocopies of draft manuscript House of Miracles, fictionalized biography of Albert Abrams, M.D. by Dr. Page. Gift of Dr. Page, received...

Page (Frank Copeland) clipping collection

Relates to the death of Lord Horatio Herbert Kitchener, British general and secretary of state for war. Clippings from British newspapers and periodicals.

Page (Henry Markham) collection

Collection documenting the history of the Early Republic (United States), Civil War, and early California politics (Henry Harrison Markham, former governor and senator, California, 1885-1895). Materials include diaries, documents, newspaper clippings, publications, manuscripts, and Civil War medals....

Page (James O.) papers

This collection gathers the papers of James O. Page, the "father of modern EMS" which span nearly a half century of active service in the fire and Emergency Medical Services fields. The material is separated into two main bodies: Page’s...

Page, John Letters : to his wife, Narcissia, 1862.

Two holograph letters written to his wife regarding camp life and requesting that she write about how the crops are doing.

Page (Joseph A.) papers

Writings, printed matter, and photocopies of United States Department of State documents released under the Freedom of Information Act, relating to Juan Perón, the Peronist political movement in Argentina, and relations between the United States and Argentina. Used as research...

Page Mill Road Co-ordinating Committee Records

Correspondence, committee meeting minutes, news clippings, flyers, photographs, blue prints, and publications....

Page Mothers Conference Recordings

Video and sound recordings of the Page Mothers Conference, a meeting on innovative writing by American women organized by Fanny Howe and Rae Armantrout in 1999 at UC San Diego.

Page (Nina A.) Panoramic Photographs of Los Angeles and San Francisco

Nineteen panoramic photographs, taken by Nina A. Page in 1902, using a Kodak Panoram No. 4 camera. Six photographs depict Bonnie Brae Street, Los Angeles; the rest depict Mount Lowe Observatory, Los Angeles; Rosedale Cemetery, Los Angeles; Santa Monica; the...

Page Seed Company records

A collection of approximately 425 incoming and outgoing letters and invoices documents the business activities of the Page Seed Company, founded in 1896 by Erford Lydell Page and Cornelia Page in Greene, Chenango County, New York. Letterheads on outgoing letters...

Pageler (Donald Wayne) papers

Interview transcript, personnel records, and photographs, relating to the Israeli naval and air attack on the American naval intelligence ship Liberty on 8 June 1967.

Pages from an Orderly Book : Headquarters. Army of Occupation, Texas and Mexico : DS, 1848 May 2-Dec. 20.

Copies of orders and court martial records, written at various headquarters points, principally Mexico and the mouth of the Rio Grande in Texas. Signed by 2nd Lieut. Daniel M. Beltzhoover.

Pages from assay book : San Francisco, 1859-1879.

Records of payments signed by various individuals.

Paget-Fredericks (Joseph Rous) Dance Collection

The Paget-Fredericks Dance Collection contains roughly 2,000 original drawings, paintings, photographs and pieces of memorabilia that date from approximately 1913-1945.

Paget-Fredericks, Joseph Rous Scrapbooks of original art for The paisley unicorn and Coconina and Pantaloni [graphic] /

Chiefly pen and ink illustrations for children's stories by Paget-Fredericks, along with ephemera, annotations, and typed notes with biographical information and quotations from reviews of the artist's work. Also includes a printed promotional poster for the San Francisco Players' Guild's...

Paget-Fredericks (Jospeh Rous) Papers

The Joseph Rous Paget-Fredericks Papers consist primarily of materials relating to his extensive involvement in the art and dance world of the 1920s and 1930s. Although the collection extends from 1893-1963, the bulk of materials date from 1924 to 1962,...

Pai (Ch'ung-hsi) papers

The Pai Ch'ung-hsi 白崇禧 papers include diaries, writings, correspondence, notes, DVDs, photographs, and a videotape relating to the Sino-Japanese War and the Chinese Civil War.

Pai (Hsien-yung) (Kenneth Pai) papers

The collection encompasses an extensive assortment of printed works, literary manuscripts and other material relating to the novels, plays, short stories, and films adapted from the work of UCSB Professor Emeritus Hsien-yung Pai (Kenneth Pai).

Paik (Edward) papers

Edward Paik was a Korean American food service equipment sales supervisor, Kitchen Specialist, and U.S. Air Force Surplus Property Disposal Specialist. This collection comprises primarily photographs and printed materials created and collected by Edward Paik. It also contains ephemera in...

Paik (Irvin) papers

The Irvin Paik papers include correspondence, article typescripts, subject files, scripts, photographs, news clippings, slides, and audiotapes created by television and film editor Irvin Paik during a period (early 1970s) when he was actively involved in several organizations (East-West Players,...

Paillat (Claude) papers

Writings, correspondence, interview sound recordings and transcripts, notes, photocopies of government and other documents, and printed matter relating to political, social and economic conditions in France in the inter-war period, during World War II, and in the post-war period, and...

Pain management workshops collection

The collection contains the following: [Low back pain (LBP) guideline], ca. 1996; [Pain patient examination and consultation forms], ca. 1996; Fourth annual comprehensive review of pain management: 1997 syllabus (New Orleans, 20-23 November 1997) / presented by the American Society...

Paine (Albert Bigelow) Letters

This collection consists almost entirely of letters addressed to American editor and author Albert Bigelow Paine (1861-1937). The correspondence, with the bulk dating from 1891-1934, provides a picture of the literary and newspaper field of Paine's time. In addition to...

Paine (Charles and Barbara) Collection

Consists of incoming correspondence from Miriam Patchen, painted books, signed and unsigned books, and miscellany printed ephemera produced by poet-novelist Kenneth Patchen.

Paint and Varnish Ephemera Collection

The collection contains pamphlets on paint and varnish materials and procedures.

Painted Rock Pictograph Collection

This collection contains four India ink drawings from tracings made of the original pictographs found on the formation known as the Painted Rock (La Piedra Pintada; also called the Carisa Rock), located on the Carrizo Plain in eastern San Luis...

Painter (Milton D.) Collection

A collection of documents related to the Painter family and the Pasadena Land and Water Company.

Painting, 1878

Unknown artitist and title, shows boy at door kissing hand of woman, with angry man holding rope, approaching the boy. In-hand as of 8/3/11.

Painting from Jonestown, Guyana

Painting of the sun, painted on wood by an anonymous member of Peoples Temple in Jonestown, Guyana, between 1974 and 1978.

Paintings and Salz family photographs

Some photographs show paintings and pastel portraits done by H. Salz. Other views include Salz' home on Clay Street, San Francisco; friends of Salz, family photographs, and photographs of Ralph Stackpole.

Paintings and sketches by Mrs. Charles Fremont Pond [graphic]

Primarily California landscapes and a few portraits. Includes 2 photographs of oil paintings by Pond.

Paintings and sketches [graphic] /

Includes portraits (5 of Joaquin Miller), landscapes, and nature scenes.

Paintings by Gelett Burgess [graphic]

Paintings are very colorful, in most cases fully populated, with one or more inhuman, mythical, or imaginary creatures.

Paintings of California flowers.

Title supplied by cataloger.

Paisin (Alice H.) B'nai B'rith Collection

The collection consists of newsletters, photographs, scrapbook contents, newspaper clippings, a ceremonial banner, and a banquet cloth. Materials are from both the Birdie Stodel Chapter and the Bay City Chapter of B'nai B'rith Women....

Paiva (Jean) papers

This collection consists of the papers of author Jean Paiva, including manuscript drafts, notes, research, and short stories. Materials in the collection also include literary contracts, earnings statements, and correspondence between Paiva and other authors, editors and literary figures.

[Pajarito Club, Pajarito Plateau, New Mexico photograph album].

Views of the homesteaders, buildings, investors and guests, grounds and surrounding region of the Pajarito Club. Many Native Americans of the region are depicted, as are their cliff dwellings, kivas, adobe buildings and other structures. Depicted in many images is...

Pajaro Valley Oil Company Records

Business papers and clippings from the Pajaro Valley Oil Company, 1901-1902.

Pajaro Valley Railroad Correspondence

Correspondence relating to order for locomotive, Baldwin Locomotive Works, Dimond and Company.

Pajot (Charles) lecture notes collection

Manuscript notes of 80 lectures on obstetrics delivered in Paris by Charles Pajot, beginning in September 1859. Written in black ink in a small, difficult hand, on recto of each leaf; the same hand added several tables and notes, in...

Pakistan [Abbottabad] Photograph Album, ca. 1917.

Photograph album contains 71 black and white photos, captioned in English, by a British serviceman at a hill station in British India, now Pakistan. Images include churches and other buildings, local peoples, a religious festival, livestock, river and scenic views,...

Pakula (Alan J.) papers

Alan J. Pakula papers span the years 1950-1998 and encompass approximately 90 linear feet. The collection consists largely of scripts and production material for films produced and directed by Pakula, as well as photographs. The photograph series consists of prints,...

Palé (George) Collection of Photographic Slides

This collection contains 35mm color slides taken by George John Palé from about 1944 to 1965 and document his World War II service in Europe and the Philippines, as well as his postwar family life in Arizona.

Pal (George) Papers

Collection consists of material related to career of animator producer director George Pal. Includes correspondence, script materials, photographs, audio recordings, publicity material, clippings, and research and development materials. Contains material representing Pal's produced films, animated shorts, and unproduced projects. Includes...

Pala and San Diego County, California Photograph album

Photographs of scenes of Pala and other areas of San Diego County, including four panorama photos, possibly taken by a member of a surveying crew around 1914.

[Palace Hotel advertising card, with a portrait of Taliesin Evans mounted on verso].

Palace Hotel card contains a mounted photoprint of a drawing of the hotel exterior, with letterpress advertising text. The diminutive scale of pedestrians and steet traffic emphasizes the building's size. The carte de visite portrait on verso is of Taliesin...

Palace Hotel and Nob Hill views.

:1 Palace Hotel, San Francisco, Cal. -- :2 Palace Hotel, San Francisco Cal. (variant with several figures on corner) -- :3 Nob Hill from Telegraph Hill, San Francisco, Cal. (No. 117).

Palace Hotel Records

Contains daily schedules and reservations, and employee time sheets. The daily schedules and reservations detail banquets, meetings, weddings, parties and also the first meetings of the United Nations in 1945. Details include menus and seating charts. There are also daily...

Palace Stables Records

This collection contains invoices documenting expenses involved in operating the Palace Stables between 1911 and 1919, a stable operated by George Philip Furhman in San Diego, California.

Palache, Charles Photographs from Palache's Six weeks in the saddle : a trip to Stockton in ... July and August 1889.

Views of a trip to Hetch Hetchy, Yosemite, Mono Lake, Mariposa Big Trees and other areas in the Sierra Nevada. Photos depict roadside scenery, men in camps, horses, hiking, etc.

Palanti (Mario) architectural records, Montevideo, Uruguay

The papers of Mario Palanti (1885-1979) primarily document the planning and construction of the Palacio Salvo in Montevideo, Uruguay, as well as Palanti's dry masonry technique known as

Palau (Marta) prints, correspondence, and ephemera

The Marta Palau prints, correspondence, and ephemera consist of a set of screen prints by Marta Palau (1934-2022), correspondence from Palau to Evelyn Vedro, ephemera relating to Palau's works and exhibitions, and a small amount of photographs. The set of...

Palei (Ol'ga Valerianovna (Karnovich), kniaginia) typescript

Relates to the Russian Revolution and Civil War. Memoirs published.

Palembang [Sumatra, Indonesia] Oil Industry Photograph Album, 1909.

118 large black and white photos of European staff; indigenous personnel; buildings and barracks, including interiors; tankers (loading petroleum, etc.); drilling derricks; cracking installations; pipelines; boats on the Musi River. Several group photos of staff, and children from a local...

Paleolog (Sergei N.) papers

Correspondence, reports, and memoranda, relating to Russian refugees in Yugoslavia after the Russian Revolution and Civil War and the Board of the Government Plenipotentiary for the Settlement of Russian Refugees in Yugoslavia

Palestine Photograph Album, ca. 1920s-1950s.

Album contains 244 color postcards, mainly of Palestine, with some additional postcards of Lebanon, Syria, and Egypt. Most descriptive information on the postcards is in German; some also include French and English. Images include sights, scenes and local peoples in...

Palestine resistance movement through 30 June 1970 typescript

Relates to the organization and activities of Palestine liberation and resistance movements in the Middle East, 1947-1970. Photocopy.

Paley (Aaron) collection of arts organizations materials

Collection consists of materials generated from local, national, and international arts organizations collected by Aaron Paley. Materials date from 1980 through 1998 and include information from a variety of organizations. Contains brochures, catalogs, information packets, news clippings, program guides, newsletters,...

Palii (P. N.) writings

Relates to Russian prisoners in German prison camps during World War II, and to the Russkaia Osvoboditel'naia Armiia.

Palisades Historical Image Collection

The collection illustrates the history of Pacific Palisades with historical photographs, postcards and other visual records.

Palitsyn (Fedor Fedorovich) memoirs

Memoirs, entitled Perezhitoe, 1916-1918 (1918), and Zapiski Generala F. Palitsyna (1921), relating to Russian military activities during World War I, and to White Russian military activities during the Russian Civil War.

Pallenberg (Rospo) Collection

The collection contains produced and unproduced projects by the screenwriter Rospo Pallenberg.

Palm Center Records

The Palm Center is a think tank which promotes the study of LGBTQ people in the armed forces. This collection focuses on the Palm Center's role in repealing the Clinton-era "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" (DADT) policy on LGBTQ servicepeople, allowing...

Palm Desert Campus records (California State University, San Bernardino)

This collection contains documents, correspondence, publications, press clippings, and other material pertaining to the establishment and growth of the Palm Desert Campus.

Palm Desert Graduate Center records (University of California, Riverside)

This collection contains magazines, newspaper clippings, poems, articles, lanyards, fliers, newsletters, and other material concerning the University of California, Riverside Palm Desert Graduate Center, which was established as a teaching and research center. Mostly contains information on events and studies...

Palm Haven Tract Association Records

Records of the Palm Haven Tract Association, an organization of early residents in the historic subdivision of Palm Haven on the southern edge of San Jose.

Palm Springs Art Museum Architecture and Design Council - Symposium and Lecture Series Collection

The Architecture and Design Council (ADC) was formed in 2003 and focuses on contemporary issues and innovations in architecture and design. It sponsors an Annual Symposium and Lecture Series which has been videorecorded for historical research purposes. Not all of...

Palm Springs Art Museum Institutional Archives Collection

Palm Springs Art Museum was founded in 1938 as the Palm Springs Desert Museum, specializing in Native American artifacts, the natural sciences, and the environment of the surrounding Coachella Valley. The museum moved several times within the downtown Palm Springs...

Palm Springs Modern Banking District: Bruce Emerton Collection

Collection of materials related to the modern banks and buildings in the core financial district of Palm Springs, California.

Palmer (Allen D.) collection on Heinrich Marschner

This collection contains research material pertaining to German composer and music director Heinrich Marschner, compiled by Allen Dean Palmer during his studies at UCLA. Material includes photographs, printed sheet music, clippings, postcards, and Palmer's completed Masters thesis and PhD dissertation.

Palmer and McBryde Papers

Correspondence, contracts, bills and estimates relating to Palmer and McBryde's construction of the Stanford Stadium (1921) and reconstruction of the stadium stands (1925, 1927).

Palmer (Bonita Ann) Papers

The Bonita Ann Palmer papers includes newsletters, clippings, personnel records, correspondence, reports, ephemera, pamphlets, and pastoral letters from Episcopal churches, in particular the Parsonage in the Castro, which was the first GLBT ministry supported as an Episcopal Diocesan institution.

Palmer Canyon Deeds Collection

The Palmer Canyon Deeds Collection includes original documents, agreements, correspondence, receipts, and other administrative materials related to the sale of Palmer Canyon properties between land investor C.S. Phillips and new parcel owners. The land once owned by the Palmer Family...

Palmer (Charles) papers

The Charles Palmer papers span the years 1941-1952 and encompass 1.8 linear feet. The collection consists primarily of script materials for Palmer's feature films and radio programs. There is a small amount of correspondence....

Palmer Cox Collection, 1871-1924.

32 letters written to Alice F. (Mrs. John) Daggett of northern California between 1871 and 1924. Includes other correspondence, clippings, pen and ink art originals on paper, "Address to the Citizens of East Quogue, Long Island, New York," and "The...

Palmer (Edward) Manuscript Collection

Edward Palmer (1829-1911) was born in Norfolkshire, England, but became known for his field work in the United States as a field naturalist, ethnobotony, and archaeology of the Southwest and Mexico. This collection of papers includes handwritten manuscripts, research notes,...

Palmer Family Papers

The collection contains correspondence and memorabilia of the Palmer Family. The correspondence, written during the mid to late nineteenth century, discusses the Civil War and family matters in Ohio and South Carolina. Transcriptions of most of the letters are also...

Palmer Family papers

Henry Austin Palmer came to California in 1862 and was employed in a banking and assay office in Folsom until 1864, and then spent a year in assaying in Michigan Bluff. He became the first cashier of the Union National...

Palmer (Gary) Papers

The Gary Palmer Papers contain paper and video documentation of Men Dancing as well as Gary Palmer Dance Company (GPDC)/San Jose Dance Theatre (SJDT). Gary Palmer (born 1951) is a dancer/choreographer who was active in the San Francisco Bay from...

Palmer (Jeff) "Bodyscapes" Exhibit Photographs

Jeff Palmer's "Bodyscapes - Studies of the Human Figure in Light & Shadow" exhibit photographs in an As We Are (AWA) sponsored event at the Mondrian Hotel on December 5, 1993. Photographs date from 1989-1993.

Palmer (Lillian and Herbert) William Hogarth Engravings Collection

William Hogarth was a famous English painter, printmaker, satirist and editorial cartoonist who lived during the early 18 century. The collection consists of 19 prints of engravings by or in the style of Hogarth, including the full series,

Palmer, (Lucy) typescript

Relates to conditions in civilian internment camps in the Japanese-occupied Philippines during World War II. Includes computer disk version.

Palmer (Lucy) typescript

Relates to conditions in civilian internment camps in the Japanese-occupied Philippines during World War II. Includes computer disk version.

Palmer (Maria) papers

The Maria Palmer papers span the years 1922-1975 and encompass 6 linear feet. The collection relates primarily to Palmer's stage and television career, including biographical material, clippings, contracts, and correspondence. There are also writings by Palmer, including a number of...

Palmer (Paul A.) and Blomquist (Agnes) Collection

In 1935, Palmer was hired as the general sales agent for Griffith Company, which owned much of Lido Isle. Palmer and his associates eventually founded Newport Balboa Savings & Loan Association in 1936 as a means of helping home buyers...

Palmer Photoplay Corp. synopses

The Palmer Photoplay Corp. synopses span the years 1921-1922 and encompass 2 linear feet. The collection contains synopses generated by the Palmer Story Service....

Palmer (Silas H.) Business Papers

Correspondence, billheads, invoices, bids, estimates, reports, contracts, receipts, financial accounts, and receipts of Palmer, relating to his construction jobs throughout Calif., both in partnership, primarily as part of Palmer & McBryde and of S.H. Palmer & J.P. Holland, Inc., and...

Palmer (Theodore Sherman) Papers

A collection of material related to naturalist Theodore Sherman Palmer, with special emphais on Death Valley, California, and the Jayhawker Party.

Palmer (Theodore Sherman) Photograph Collection

This collection contains 87 card photographs and 3 lantern slides taken between January and September 1891 during a United States Department of Agriculture scientific expedition led by T.S. Palmer from Death Valley, California, to Mt. Whitney to collect flora and...

Palmer (William) Papers

This collection consists of documents for the United Verde Copper Company, Clarkdale, Arizona, the Columbia Graphophone Company, Bridgeport, Connecticut, and the Tioga Mining Company, Mono County, California.

Palmerlee (Charles) Papers

Charles Palmerlee was a high school teacher at the Tule Lake War Relocation Authority center in Newell, California, during World War II. This collection contains correspondence, booklets, news clippings, ephemera, and typescript. It also contains images, moving images, a color...

Palmquist (Peter E.) Working Photograph Collection

The Peter E. Palmquist Working Photograph Collection contains approximately 5,000 images from Northwest California, especially Humboldt County. 3,700 of these images can be viewed in the Library's Humboldt Room and searched through the Humboldt Room Photograph Collections database. There is...

Palmquist's Lucy Thompson File

Peter Palmquist's wide ranging research interests included the Thompson Family, starting with Burtha Thompson's (spelled Bertha in many sources) work as a model for photographer Emma Freeman. Palmquist granted permission to the HSU Library's Special Collections to photocopy items from...

Palmquist/Yale Digital Collection

Through an agreement between Yale's Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library and Humboldt State University's Library, 740 images from the Peter Palmquist Collection at the Beinecke were digitized there and then cataloged at the HSU Library. Some highlights of this...

Palo Alto & Stanford (Rosebrook family glass plate negatives)

Over 300 glass plate negatives with views of Palo Alto, Stanford University, and various locations in California and the West Coast.

Palo Alto Church of Christ Records

The Palo Alto Church of Christ met in Palo Alto, California from 1961-2017. This collection contains financial and various church records, materials from the church's 25th and 50th anniversary celebrations, scrapbooks, newspaper clippings, and photos.

Palo Alto Ranch Employee Time Records

Time record notebook for employees on Palo Alto Ranch, maintained by J. C. Conway. Includes records for named employees and the hours spent on specific Quad construction jobs during March 1892.

Palo Alto Stock Farm Photographs

Images in this collection include Stock Farm horses Electioneer and Lady Russel; Leland Stanford, Jr., with the horse Cheatano, 1882; trainers and grooms at the Stock Farm, 1881 and 1884; two trotters racing; and the Wooster home on campus. Other...

Palo Alto Stock Farm Records

Records of Leland Stanford's Santa Clara county property, the Palo Alto Stock Farm (devoted to the breeding and training of trotting horses) and Tehama County property, the Vina Ranch (primarily a vineyard and winery with some horse breeding facilities.) Includes...

Palo Alto-Stanford Hospital Collection

The orginal collection consists of two parts. The first pertains to Stanford's acquisition of Palo Alto's share of the hospital and includes correspondence, legal documents, financial reports, and floor plans, 1951-1966. The second part consists of scrapbooks and clippings, 1938-1960,...

Palomar Monthly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends Collection

The collection consists of one 16mm reel of microfilm containing meeting minutes, correspondence, press releases, and clippings....

Palomar Observatory motion pictures collection

A collection of films showing the construction and operation of the 200-inch Hale Telescope at Palomar Observatory, Palomar Mountain, California. This instrument was the world's largest effective telescope for 45 years (1948-1993). The collection includes footage of the transportation, grinding...

Palomar Observatory photographs [graphic]

Interior and exterior views of Palomar Observatory and telescope, including an aerial view of the region.

Palomar y Vizcarra, Miguel. Letter to Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy : and related materials. Mexico : LS, 1962 July 31.

Sent with copy of his book, Los Cristeros del Volcán de Colima. Refers to the visit of the Kennedys to Mexico, and discusses the problems of the church in Mexico, and U.S. policies in regard to these problems. With this:...

Palomino (Ernesto R.) Papers

The contents of the Ernesto R. Palomino Papers reflect the development of a Chicano artist from his 1950s era beginnings as a Mexican American youth through his active participation in the Chicano cultural movement of the 1970s and 1980s. The...

Palos Verdes Begonia Farm collection

Collection includes newsletters, clippings, printed material and ephemera.

Palos Verdes Bulletin Collection

Collection includes issues of a newsletter providing information on the early development of the Palos Verdes Peninsula.

Palos Verdes College Collection

Collection of scrapbooks, photographs and administrative records of the Palos Verdes College.

Palos Verdes Community Arts Association Collection

Collection includes exhibition catalogs, meeting minutes and agendas.

Palos Verdes Golf Club Collection

Collection of newsletters, yearbooks, plans and redesigns for the golf course and hole #4, correspondence, and sales reports.

Palos Verdes Library District Collection

Collection of correspondence, reports, legal contracts, photographs, pamphlets, brochures, newsletters, reading lists, and programming files of the Palos Verdes Library District from its founding in 1926 through the 1990s.

Palos Verdes Library District Local History Collection

Palos Verdes Library District's photograph collection includes images of historical interest to the Palos Verdes Peninsula and surrounding Los Angeles County area. Images document schools, churches, lighthouses, residential, and public buildings. Famous locations include Wayfarer's Chapel, La Venta Inn, Marine...

Palos Verdes Library District (PVLD) Administration Clippings Collection

Collection of clippings from area papers and magazines documenting the Peninsula Center Library expansion in the 1990s, tenure of District Director Linda Elliott and the effects of a state-wide budget crisis on PVLD operations, staff and Board of Trustees.

Palos Verdes Peninsula and South Bay Area Realty Board Publications

Includes multiple listing services books and reports for properties on the Palos Verdes Peninsula and select areas of the South Bay area.

Palos Verdes Peninsula Coordinating Council Records

The Palos Verdes Peninsula Coordinating Council collection documents the activities of the Palos Verdes Coordinating Committee, later renamed the Palos Verdes Peninsula Coordinating Council. The organization is made up of representatives from area organizations, agencies and interested citizens. The materials...

Palos Verdes Peninsula News Publications

Collection includes once yearly tabloid supplements and special editions published by the Palos Verdes Peninsula News.

Palos Verdes Peninsula Oceanographic Society Collection

Collection includes subject files and publications of the Palos Verdes Peninsula Oceanographic Society.

Palos Verdes Woman's Club Collection

The collection includes administrative records, scrapbooks and photographs of the Palos Verdes Woman's Club and documents the philanthropic and social activities of the Club.

Paltridge (Blair) collection

The papers of photographer and art historian Blair Paltridge contain negatives, study slides, audio interviews, and exhibit catalogs pertaining to his research on Mexican and Latin American art.

Palumbo (Anthony L.) papers

Reports, studies, statistics, minutes, agenda, charts, correspondence, and memoranda, relating to law enforcement and administration of criminal justice in California during the gubernatorial administration of Ronald Reagan (1967-1974).

Pam Levinson papers, 1978-1996 (bulk 1991-1996).

The collection consists mostly of examples of Pam Levinson's graphic design work. There are also some materials related to her graphic design business, photographs and slides, sympathy letters, invitations, and awards.

Pamela Israel papers, 1975-1985.

Includes field notes, course notes, unpublished papers, index cards, and audio tapes, as well as annotated articles on ethnicity, social change, social theory, phonology, and linguistics in South and Central America, and Israel's master's thesis on Uspantán, Guatemala, and her...

Pamela Platt Gregory papers, 1864-1913 (bulk 1864-1883).

Personal letters from Gregory and Platt family members providing numerous details on family members and friends. Arranged chronologically. Handwritten letters (24), essays (2), with typewritten transcripts [some original letters missing] includes a photocopy photograph of Pamela Platt Gregory with handwritten...

Pamela Walker papers, 1975-1992.

Contains information on publicity for the disabled including guidelines, publicity packets and clippings. Subjects include education on understanding handicaps and the disabled in the Arts.

Pamphlet File

Pamphlets and brochures on selected Monterey Peninsula organizations and topics.

Pamphlet maps collection

Collection consists of hundreds of pamphlet maps of various places around the world.

Pamphlets on agriculture and horticulture.

Desaive. De l'organisation de l'agriculture en Belgique.--Kickx, J. Description d'une nouvelle espèce fluviatile du genre mytilus.--Fournier de Saint-Martin. Du tableau historique ... des Pays-Bas.--Substances.--Mareska, J. Travail et condition physique ... des ouvriers ... à Gand.--Cendre fertilisante.--Barton, John. Géographie des plantes.--Muller,...

Pamphlets on agriculture and horticulture.

Desaive. De l'organisation de l'agriculture en Belgique.--Kickx, J. Description d'une nouvelle espèce fluviatile du genre mytilus.--Fournier de Saint-Martin. Du tableau historique ... des Pays-Bas.--Substances.--Mareska, J. Travail et condition physique ... des ouvriers ... à Gand.--Cendre fertilisante.--Barton, John. Géographie des plantes.--Muller,...

Pan American Airways Collection

Pan American Airways, one of the largest international airlines in the US, operated from 1927-1991, and pioneered several features of modern air travel. Founded in 1927, when the US post office requested bids on a contract to deliver mail from...

Pan American Exposition (Buffalo, NY, 1901) Scrapbooks

Scrapbooks contain photogravure and/or rotogravure pictures, some ticket stubs and programs from the Exposition.

Pan American League of San Diego

This collection contains materials related to the Pan American League of San Diego and its administrative processes from founding in 1936 through 1981.

Pan American Society (USA), San Francisco Chapter Papers

The papers of the Pan American Society (1928-1965) consist of correspondence, financial and membership records, publicity, photographs, educational materials and memorabilia....

Pan American Union. Special Neutrality Commission miscellaneous records

Minutes of meetings, memoranda, declarations, and press releases relating to interruption of South American commerce by belligerents during World War I.

Pan (Hyleigh) collection of digital photographs of Lao ephemera

The Hyleigh Pan collection of digital photos of Lao ephemera is a collection of 107 digital photos taken by Hyleigh Pan of Lao ephemera, most of which was encountered in Kansas. Photos are of news clippings about Laotioan diaspora, postcards...

Pan Pacific Auditorium skating scrapbook

1 scrapbooks of newspaper articles about ice skating (including USC ice hockey), ice follies, and roller skating events held at the Pan Pacific Auditorium, circa 1938-1940.

Pan-African Congress miscellaneous records

Reports, declarations, resolutions, speeches, and leaflets, relating to the Pan-African movement, colonialism, and worldwide diaspora of Africans. Includes printed matter about the congress, collected by Alma Robinson and Charles Ogletree.

Panama and Southwest U.S. photograph collection, circa early 20th century

31 b/w images, including snapshots of Canal Zone, 1909; unidentified mounted albumen prints of apparently a Southwest town and inhabitants (signs are in English); and two of a boy on horseback.

Panama Canal / Southwest U.S. / Europe Photograph Album

Photograph album, apparently of a family's 1926 travels, containing 250+ black/white snapshots of various locations - Panama Canal, Texas, New Mexico, Grand Canyon, and Europe. Includes shots of ships and locks (Panama Canal); Elliott family and oil wells (Brady, Texas);...

Panama Canal Photograph, undated

One black/white panoramic photograph: Cucaracha Slide - Culebra Cut. .01 linear feet (1 folder). Photo deframed 11/25/03. Oversize, map case.

Panama Canal photograph, undated

One black/white panoramic photograph of Panama Canal under construction, showing equipment used in excavation. .1 linear feet (1 oversize framed item). Vault.

Panama Canal photographs, circa 1904-1914

Eleven black and white photographs, including picture postcards and one stereoview, of Panama Canal construction, hotels, Hospital Ancon, Santa Anna Church, and Cathedral Plaza.

Panama Canal Picture Postcard Collection

The collection contains 77 picture postcards, most in color with printed captions, ca. 1908-1910. Included are images of Gatun Locks, Culebra Cut, Miraflores Locks, Pedro Miguel Locks, Cristobal, Ancon Hospital, Empire Bridge, Panama City, Naos Island, and the Pacific Coast...

Panama Canal Stereo Glass Slide Set, 1910.

Stereo viewer and 48 accompanying black and white stereo glass slides, with views of the Panama Canal and its environs.

[Panama Canal views].

Views of the Panama Canal, various ships in the canal, and nearby Canal Zone locations including Cristóbal, Cartí Island and Colón.

Panama Canal Zone photograph album, circa 1912

Descript. /Summary (520): Bound photo album dated circa 1912 (per dealer estimate). Note: The Panama Canal Zone was acquired via purchase by the U.S. in 1904 and reverted to the government of Panama in 1999. The Panama Canal construction project...

[Panama Canal Zone photographs].

Title devised by cataloger.

Panama Mail Steamship Company operations receipts

Panama Mail Steamship Company operations receipts, 1933 (SAFR 23142, HDC 1644) is comprised of bills of sale and receipts from suppliers to Grace Line (W. R. Grace & Co.) and its subsidiary, Panama Mail Steamship Company. Most of the reciepts...

Panama newspaper collection

The newspapers in this collection were originally collected by the Hoover Institution Library and transferred to the Archives in 2019. The Panama newspaper collection (1944-1966) comprises six different Spanish and English-language titles of publication. All of the titles within this...

Panama (Norman) papers

The Norman Panama papers span the years 1929-1998 (bulk 1945-1986) and encompass 9.9 linear feet. The collection consists primarily of Panama's scripts for many of his productions from the late 1940s through the late 1960s....

Panama Pacific International Exposition and Yosemite camping views [graphic]

Snapshots of the P.P.I.E. grounds, and views of scenery and camp life in Yosemite. Includes photos of a group of young men and women on hikes, in camp, taking photographs, riding a motorcycle, etc.

Panama Pacific International Exposition Collection

The Photographs of the Panama-Pacific International Exposition collection contains photographic glass negatives of the 1915 Panama-Pacific International Exposition taken by the Cardinell-Vincent Company, the official photographers of the Exposition.

Panama Pacific International Exposition Pictorial Miscellany

Chiefly panoramic or birdseye views of the expostion grounds and of crowds or organized groups attending special events or dedicated days of the exposition. Many such days are focused upon organized professional or trade groups or upon visiting individuals....

Panama Pacific International Exposition Records

The Panama Pacific International Exposition Records consist of the official records from the offices of the world's fair held in San Francisco, California in 1915. The bulk of the records range in date from 1911, when San Francisco was officially...

Panama Pacific International Expostion, 1915, San Francisco Collection

San Francisco hosted the Panama Pacific International Exposition in 1915. Officials from the Exposition printed postcards for the tourists who visited the Exposition. Because San Francisco suffered a major earthquake in 1906; and the earthquake destroyed many buildings, the postcards...

Panama Railroad Correspondence

Correspondence, includes letter of recommendation from C.E. Stewart, Master Mechanic of the Locomotive Department of the Panama Railroad, dated August 2, 1872, with envelope.

Panama Stereocard Collection

The Panama Stereocard collection consists of thirty-six cards published by Underwood and Underwood featuring scenes in the Republic of Panama from the first decade of the 20th century. Stereograph views were a very popular entertainment medium predating television and film....

Panama Subject Collection

The collection contains guidebooks, maps, canal zone publications, and postcard albums relating to Panama from the early 20th century.

Panama-California Exposition Administrative Collection

This collection contains materials related to the planning and execution of the Panama-California Exposition held in San Diego in 1915-1916.

Panamanian subject collection

Serial issues, pamphlets, leaflets, election campaign literature, bulletins, reports, and studies, relating primarily to political conditions and elections in Panama, the Panama Canal, relations between Panama and the United States, and the American invasion of Panama in 1989.

Panama-Pacific Exposition Collection, 1915

Photos from the 1915 Pan-Pacific Exposition in San Francisco.

Panama-Pacific International Exposition - Photographs

The Photographs of the Panama-Pacific International Exposition collection contains 31 photographic prints of the 1915 Panama-Pacific International Exposition taken by the Cardinell-Vincent Company, the official photographers of the Exposition.

Panama-Pacific International Exposition, 1915 - Views

The Views of the Panama Pacific International Exposition albums contain 462 photographic prints taken by William Hood of the Cardinell-Vincent Company, the official photographers of the Exposition. The albums document in great detail the structures and grounds of the Panama-Pacific...

Panama-Pacific International Exposition architectural drawings : blueprints, 1913-1914.

Drawings principally for the utility systems of the following structures: California Building (Thomas H. Burditt and George W. Kelham); Court of the Four Seasons (Henry Bacon); Festival Hall (Robert D. Farquhar); Fine Arts Building (Bernard R. Maybeck); Horticulture Building (Bakewell...

Panama-Pacific International Exposition glass negatives [graphic].

Negatives depict events, exhibits, buildings and grounds of the Panama-Pacific International Exposition held in San Francisco in 1915. Especially noteworthy subjects include automobiles and the airplane shows of stunt pilot Art Smith. Other subjects include guns, deep-sea diving equipment, bicycles,...

Panama-Pacific International Exposition: Official Photographs

Photographs chiefly comprising Panama-Pacific International Exposition preparation and construction views taken in 1913-1914, exposition site views at various stages, exposition officials and dignitaries, photographs of artists’ design drawings for buildings, and crowds attending the 1915 opening and other events.

[Panama-Pacific International Exposition photographs of exhibits and other views].

Subjects include exhibits of Pacific Tank & Pipe Co., Horlick's malted milk, and the Feaster film feed machine; attractions in the Joy Zone; the California Building; a group portrait taken on the grounds of the Japanese Pavilion; and a view...

Panama-Pacific International Exposition views [graphic].

Views show construction of various buildings used for the Panama-Pacific International Exposition in San Francisco, Calif., including the Palace of Machinery, Palace of Horticulture and Palace of Education. Panoramic views show Exposition site during construction with hills of city of...

Pan-American Exposition, Buffalo, New York - printed color plan, 1901

Revised printed color plan for exposition to be held in Buffalo, May 1 - Nov. 1 , 1901. Found item, provenance unknown. Alpha list. ++ Oversize boxed.

Pan-American Exposition Photograph Collection, 1901

Contains 36 photographs of the Pan-American Exposition, including candid snapshots of the Midway and various concessionaires, street views of the Exposition, and prominent buildings, including the Electric Tower. The photographer is unknown. Also included are two souvenir books: and ,...

Pangborn (Rose Marie) Tribute Collection

Video tributes to UC Davis Professor and Sensory Scientist Rose Marie Pangborn and recordings of Pangborn's lectures for Food Science and Technology 107, Principles of Sensory Evaluation.

Panjandrum Press records, circa 1970-1990.

Contains publishing contracts, correspondence, manuscripts, reviews, business records, poems, etc.

Pannell (William E.) Papers

The Papers of William E. Pannell, 1929-2015 contain personal records related to his time with Thomas Skinner Associates, Inc., Fuller Theological Seminary, and the Obsidian Society. His collection includes articles, sermons, and papers related to race issues and the African...

Panniell (York) photograph album

A photo album created by Private York Panniell (ca. 1925-1987) while serving in Japan during the U.S. Occupation between 1946 and 1947.

Pannwitz (Heinz) typescript

Relates to the assassination of the Nazi official R. Heydrich in Prague in 1942, and to the subsequent German investigation. Original memoir written in 1959. Photocopy.

Panofsky, Wolfgang Kurt Hermann Papers, 1932-2008

The W. K. H. Panofsky Papers consist of extensive administrative and professional correspondence and memoranda, subject files, minutes and reports, and other materials relating to Dr. Panofsky's responsibilities as Director of the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center (SLAC) and as an...

Panorama City Woman's Club Collection

The Panorama City Woman's Club Collection contains financial records, correspondence, and ephemera documenting the philanthropic and social activities of the club in the second half of the 20th century. Panorama City Woman's Club operated in the Sierra-Cahuenga District of the...

Panorama (north from Call Building), San Francisco, Cal. postcard

A single black-and-white postcard captioned "Panorama (north from Call Building), San Francisco, Cal."

[Panorama of Honolulu, Hawaii].

Title supplied by cataloger.

[Panorama of Pyramid Lake, Nevada].

Gift of Mary Keith Pond.

[Panorama of San Francisco from California St. hill] [graphic].

Detailed 360 degree panoramic view in mammoth plate format, taken from the roof of the Mark Hopkins residence on Nob Hill.

Panorama of San Francisco [graphic]

Title supplied by cataloger.

[Panorama of the foreign settlement, Kobe, Japan] [graphic].

360 degree panorama, from a rooftop, of neighborhood near harbor with colonial architecture. Young planted trees line the streets. Rickshaws and occasional human figures are visible in largely empty streets. Tile workers are on some rooftops. A British flag flies...

Panorama Postcards collection

Collection consists of panoramic postcards, primarily from California. Also includes cards from the United States, Italy, Canada, Hong Kong and Panama....

[Panoramas of Manzanillo, Mexico] [graphic].

Two panoramas of Manzanillo, Mexico, both showing harbor, boats and sailing ships on the bay, and early housing on beach and among hills in the background. The presumed earlier panorama was taken from slightly elevated vantage point; the later one...

[Panoramic group portraits from the Andover Street Archives].

Group portraits: 1. Islam, Sixty-Fourth Annual Session of the Imperial Council, Ancient Arabic Order, Nobles of the Mystic Shrine, Los Angeles, 1938 (2 copies); 2. Hartford Accident & Indemnity Co., Fairmont Hotel, Jan. 16, 1923; 3. Unidentified group, Oakland?

Panoramic Hill Association records, 1952-1999.

Contains by-laws, meeting minutes, correspondence, clippings, plot maps, newsletter (Panoramic Hill News) and other materials relating to planning & zoning regulations and other aspects of community life in the Panoramic Hill area. Much of the material documents their interaction with...

Panoramic Photograph Collection

A. C. Heidrick, born in Austria, enlisted in the U. S. Army in 1902, and was stationed in the Philippines. He then worked as a field photographer in Texas. In 1908 he was stationed at the Presidio of Monterey. Leaving...

Panoramic Photographs collection

Collection consists of black and white panoramic photographs; subject matter is mostly California and the Western United States.

Panoramic Photographs Collections

The Huntington Library's Collection of Panoramic Photographs, 1851-1995, depicts a wide variety of subjects and provides an important resource for the visual history of the United States, with a particular emphasis on California and the American West. Subjects include landscapes,...

Panoramic photographs of First World War U.S. National Guard troops at Camp Cody, New Mexico [graphic].

Panoramic views of Camp Cody depicting stations of the 1st South Dakota Cavalry and the 4th Nebraska and 3rd Minnesota Infantries.

[Panoramic photographs of Orange County, Calif. scenes].

Various panoramic scenes from early 20th century Orange County, including :1-:2--G) Huntington Beach oil fields; :3--G) orange groves, with oil field in distance; :4--G) harvest scene; :5--G) United Walnut Growers of California truck loaded with bags of walnuts; :6--H) Laguna...

Panoramic photographs of San Francisco after the earthquake and fire of 1906 [graphic] /

:1 No. 51 Business District of San Francisco [prior to the earthquake, probably taken from the roof of Shreve & Co., at Grant and Post Streets] :2 The Burning city - San Francisco. 10 a.m. April 18,1906 [taken from the...

Panoramic photographs of Southwestern mining regions.

Views of the towns or vicinities of Miami (Arizona?), Oatman (Arizona), Kelvin, Metcalf, Morenci (Arizona?) and unidentified locales. All appear to be Southwestern arid landscapes, and they were photographed by Los Angeles-based photographers. 23 views are in panoramic formats, and...

Panoramic pictures of Denali (Mount McKinely), Alaska from the Sierra Club Foundation records [graphic].

Panoramic images of Denali (Mount McKinley) and adjacent mountain range.

Panoramic views of San Francisco, Calif. after the earthquake and fire of 1906

Collection includes several rotogravure panoramic views of San Francisco taken after the 1906 earthquake and fire. Most of the photomechanically reproduced views were published in weekly installments in the San Francisco Examiner. The collection features a multi-part panoramic view from...

Pansy Division (rock band) Ephemera

This collection contains 37 flyers and 1 sticker regarding the gay rock band, "Pansy Divison". Flyers are mostly related to benefit concerts and shows that the band played in venues across North America; as well as flyers promoting album releases....

Panteleieff (Maxim) papers

Clippings, flyers, and photographs, relating to the Russian Art Grand Opera Company.

Pantiukhov (Oleg Ivanovich) papers

Correspondence, writings, reports, military documents, personnel lists, maps, printed matter, and photographs, relating to Russian participation in World War I, the Russian Revolution, and activities of His Majesty's 1st Rifle Household Troops Regiment during this period and subsequently in emigration.

Pantoskey family papers, 1865-1945 (bulk 1885-1945).

The collection consists mainly of a scrapbook separated into various topics, including national and civic affairs. The collection also contains photographs, marriage certificates, and other materials related to the Pantoskey family and business.

Pantothenic Acid Patent Rights Collection

Correspondence, financial papers, and legal documents regarding patent rights to pantothenic acid and beta-alanine invented jointly by Thomas Jukes, Sidney H. Babcock, Jr., and Bernard R. Baker under the auspices of the University of California.

Panunzi (Benito), Fotografia Artistica

A set of 23 Buenos Aires cityscapes and images of gaucho and ranch life in Argentina by Benito Panunzi, issued in periodic fascicles.

Panunzio (Constantine) collection of material on Japanese American Incarceration

The collection consists of UCLA Professor Constantine Panunzio's collection of printed materials such as articles, clippings, newsletters, pamphlets and reports relating to the incarceration of Japanese Americans during World War II.

Panunzio (Constantine M.) papers

The Constantine Maria Panunzio papers contain significant materials relating to the Mussolini dictatorship in Italy and the aftermath of fascist rule in the country at the end of World War II. As a sociologist whose primary research focus was on...

Panza (Giuseppe) Papers

Collection documents the Italian businessman's activities in collecting works by some of the seminal American artists involved with abstract expressionist, pop, minimal, conceptual, environmental, and light and space art. The archive contains material dating from 1956, when Panza began collecting....

Panzram (Carl) Papers

The document Panzram's experience in America's prison system as well as his reflections on and assessment of his own violent behavior. The collection includes Panzram's handwritten autobiographical manuscript, photocopies of annotated typescript of the manuscript, correspondence between Lesser and Panzram, reviews...

Papé (Frank Cheyne) Letters and drawings

Letters and invoices (1929-1931) written or directed to Alwyn J. Scheuer. The letters concern orders for illustrations, prices, and shipping. The collection also includes 194 drawings by Papé, illustrations for seven works published between 1921 and 1930....

Papan (Lou) Papers

Lou Papan was a man of many names. Born Elias Papandricoupolos to Greek immigrant parents; called "The Enforcer" for his tendency to punish recalcitrant members with smaller staffs and offices; called "Leadfoot Lou" for the speeding tickets he received...

Papazian (Jerry) collection on USC

The Jerry Papazian collection on USC contains papers and records documenting USC organizational activities in which Papazian participated. Papazian has served on the Board of Governors of the USC Alumni Association; the Board of Counselors of the USC Dornsife College...

Papazoglou-Margare (Theano) papers

Collection of archival materials from Theano Papazoglou-Margare's life as a Greek American writer. Included are published and unpublished writings, correspondence with religious leaders and family, and personal and biographical documents. Materials are in Greek and English.

Pape (Robin) photographs

Photographs and postcards depicting Japanese military forces on maneuvers.

Papeles de los Gobernadores de la Alta California : official Papers of the Governors of Alta California, 1804-1846, 1937.

A bound collection of eighteen original proclamations, letters, and other official papers of the Spanish and Mexican Governors of California between 1804 and 1846. The documents are mounted with typewritten English translations mounted on opposite pages; with a title page...

Papeles relativos a la Comandancia General de las Provincias Internas de Occidente : Durango, Mexico, 1820.

Letter to the Ayuntamiento of San Buenaventura, August 29, 1820, and proclamation, September 9, 1820, of a royal decree dated April 22, 1820, concerning rights and privileges of the Indians.

Papeles Varios Compuestos por el Ex[celentisi] mo Yll[ustrisi] mo S[eñ]or Campillo, [1542-1804]

Copies of letters, reports, decrees, and miscellaneous papers relating principally to ecclesiastical affairs, compiled by González del Campillo, including material composed by him either as Bishop of Puebla or in an earlier subordinate capacity. Written for the most part in...

Papeles varios de todo Genero de Poesia : Salamanca, Spain : ms. S, 1789 Apr. 9.

A poetical miscellany, all authors anonymous; assembled and transcribed by Vara.

Papeles varios shelf list : ms., [ca. 1870-1890]

Numerical listing by original volume, of contents of series of works, chiefly pamphlets, 1653-1873, so designated in H.H. Bancroft Collection.

Papen (Franz von) miscellaneous papers

Correspondence, speech transcripts, and photographs, relating to German politics, requests of office-seekers, and the last will of President Paul von Hindenburg. Includes letters to Major General Paul X. Kelley, United States Marine Corps.

Paper Currency Collection

United States currency: early colonial and continental; pre-Civil War state-issued; Civil War-era and Confederate States of America; postage and fractional currency; and some 20th century bills. U.S. Military Payment Certificates from 20th century. Foreign currency: from a variety of countries;...

Papers and papermaking collection

Examples of handmade and other fine papers from around the world, along with materials on papermaking. Related cataloged items (including works by Dard Hunter) can be searched on Pegasus.

Papers concerning the Filibuster War : Nicaragua, [1851-1858].

Originals and contemporary copies. Include letters and documents from William Walker, Bruno Von Natzmer, Francisco de Castellón, Trinidad Cabañas, and Máximo Jerez; petition from citizens of Granada in 1855 requesting that General Ponciano Corral's death sentence be commuted; certification of...

Papers concerning the Oakland Gold Mining Company, 1878-1907.

Two stock certificates issued to Mrs. C.A. Bramlett; letters concerning the company from the California Dept. of State, July-Nov., 1907. One signed by John Hoesch for C.F. Curry, Secretary of State; the other by Lew A. Norton, License Superintendent.

Papers concerning volume of autographs of California pioneers, 1909-1925 /

Letters from Ora Oak to Joseph C. Rowell, Henry Morse Stephens and others; receipt for the volume from the Bancroft Library; letter from Everett L. Perry; printed propectus and table of contents included.

Papers documenting the Richfield Building

The papers documenting the Richfield Building span 8 linear feet and date from 1928 to 1967. This collection documents the Richfield Building on the corner of 6th and Flower Street in downtown Los Angeles primarily through photographs, correspondence concerning the...

Papers of various mining companies operating in Goldfield, Nevada, 1904-1925.

Chiefly records of Edward S. Van Dyck, Albert S. and Edward C. Watson, agents and promoters, concerning the Jumbo Extension, Vernal, Florence Goldfield and Manhattan Mining companies, the Topak-Keystone Mining and Milling Co., and other mining ventures.

Papers on American literary manuscripts prepared by students for Prof. James D. Hart's American Literature seminar : University of California, Berkeley, ca. 1959-1967.

Includes papers on the following: William C. Bryant, James F. Cooper, Richard H. Dana, Jr.; Ralph W. Emerson, Nathaniel Hawthorne, Sophia P. Hawthorne, Oliver W. Holmes, Henry W. Longfellow, Herman Melville, William H. Prescott, Harriet B. Stowe and Walt Whitman....

Papers on civilian activities in World War I : prepared for courses in California history, University of California, 1919.

Materials relating to the American Red Cross of Berkeley, Americanization projects in Alameda County, welfare and entertainment programs, shipbuilding, Serbian relief, and other relief activities. All materials relate to the homefront in Alameda County during World War I. Collection contains...

Papers on European and American Printers, Illustrators, and Artists

Prepared by students in UC School of Librarianship courses in the history of the book and history of printing.

Papers on the Bear Flag...

Papers obtained by H.H. Bancroft for his History of California, documenting the capture and occupation of Sonoma in 1846, M.G. Vallejo's imprisonment, and events leading to his release.

Papers on the History of California

They relate mainly to the Donner Party, McKinstry's work as sheriff for the Sacramento District, estimates of the whites and Indians in the Sacramento Valley, and early steamboats on the Sacramento River. Included also is a pay roll of the...

Papers on western authors written for Prof. James D. Hart's seminars, 1957-1963.

Includes papers on Jack London, Gelett Burgess, Mary Austin, Upton Sinclair, Bret Harte, Ambrose Bierce, Robinson Jeffers, Gertrude Atherton.

Papers pertaining to case in California Supreme Court, Hart vs. Burnett, et al, concerning land in San Francisco, 1860.

An appeal from Superior Court, San Francisco, involving title to a number of 50-vara lots levied upon and sold by the sheriff under judgement in suit, Jesse D. Carr vs. the City (cf. 15 Calif. Reports 530)

Papers pertaining to claim of Andrés Pico, Elias L. Beard, John M. Horner and Juan B. Alvarado to Mission San Jose lands, 1852?-1855.

Contents: Draft of brief for the United States in U.S. Land Commission Case no. 110, and typed transcript of deposition of James Alexander Forbes in the same (the later copied form records in the U.S. District Court, San Francisco)

Papers pertaining to the Peralta family's title to Rancho San Antonio : Alameda Co., Calif., 1818-1923.

Include photocopy of original California land grant documents now in the National Archives; transcripts of documents from U.S. Land Commission and District Court cases; abstract of title, 1887; and documents pertaining to later litigation, with related material.

Papers regarding grand jury indictments of Abraham Ruef, et al., in the Superior Court for San Francisco, 1907.

Include copies of true bills and transcripts of testimony before the grand jury.

Papers regarding Mrs. Roberton F. Williams' Willa Cather collection, [ca. 1948-1951]

Include letters from bookdealers Constance Spencer and Ben Abramson (Argus Books Inc.). Enclosure to letter (6 June 1951) from Constance Spencer: letter to her from F.B. Adams, Jr. re Alexander's Bridge, 28 May 1951.

Papers related to California Indian Conference, "Weaving Ancient Traditions", approximately 1985-1986.

Files from the California Indian Project at the Lowie Museum of Anthropology. Lee Davis, Director of the project, organized and planned the conference.

Papers relating to Baja California, 1847 Sept. 27-Dec. 4.

Signed originals, copies, and drafts relating to Baja California in 1847 and primarily to the war between Mexico and the United States. Deal with military needs and maneuvers, war-time legislation, the meritorious conduct of various officers, the treachery of Francisco...

Papers relating to California pioneers and to California history

A few autobiographical sketches collected by Mrs. Wolfe; research notes; transcripts of letters, diaries, and articles; occassional correspondence with families of pioneers, etc. Include material relating to the following people - John Marsh, Kimball family, John Muir, George C. Yount,...

Papers relating to E.A. Denicke and F.A. Denicke, [ca. 1863-1919]

Diplomas, military commissions, clippings (including obituaries), memorial tributes, and other papers.

Papers relating to Francisco Pico's claim to the Calaveras grant, 1846-1853.

Tracings from the following original documents: petition, 1846, by Pico, with map, certified by John C. Hays, Surveyor General of the U.S. for California, and copy of grant by Pio Pico, July 11, 1846.

Papers relating to Healing v. Jones (Hopi-Navajo Land Claims Case), 1819-1970.

Contains testimony, reports, transcripts, findings, exhibits, notes, correspondence, and legal documents used by the Navajo Tribe's attorney, Norman Littell. There are also documents pertaining to Pueblo and other Native American tribal land claim cases.

Papers relating to John Wright Buckham's Book: George Holmes Howison

Includes letters written to Buckham, mainly after the publication of the book, and a few anecdotes by Buckham concerning Howison.

Papers relating to La Laguna Seca land grant in Santa Clara Co., Calif., 1853-1854.

Agreements (2) Oct. 17, 1853, between Juan B. A. Alvires and Isaac Saffarrans, and agreement, 1854, between James Eldredge and attorneys, E.W.F. Sloan and N.H. Davis, pertaining to suits for recovery of land granted to Juan Alvires.

Papers relating to land in Klamath Co., Calif., 1864-1872.

Papers concerning land purchased with Chippewa Half Breed Scrip by various individuals residing in Wisconsin and Minnesota. Includes powers of attorney to lawyer William S. Chapman, and deeds to Frank P. Hooper and John A. Hooper of California.

Papers relating to litigation over the wills of James G. and Charles L. Fair, 1880-1909.

Photostats of letters and documents, 1880-1894, of James G. Fair; detectives' reports on Nettie R. Craven and others; statements of various persons; copy of Marc Levingston's formal withdrawal; list of jurors; C.L. Fair's cipher book, 1890; various papers in the...

Papers relating to pre-emption claims for land in Los Angeles Co., Calif., 1853-1858.

Include affidavits and claims by Thomas Burdick, 1853; John G. Downey, 1854; José Joaquín Jimeno and Francisco de Jesús Sánchez for a portion of San Gabriel Mission, recorded by B.D. Wilson, 1857; and John Goller, 1858.

Papers relating to property known as the Alameda Marsh in the Oakland Estuary, 1916-1921.

Include abstracts of title compiled by the Oakland Title Insurance and Guaranty Company and the Leckie-Abraham Title Company, with abstracted documents dating from 1818 to 1912; information on the Oakland inner harbor by Edward C. Sessions; report by Otto Von...

Papers relating to Rancho Arroyo de las Calaveras land claim : DS, 1846 May 1 - July 20.

English translations of Spanish documents. Include Francisco Pico's request to J.A. Sutter for the land, endorsements by Sutter and Francisco Guerrero, recommendation by Manuel Castro, and approval and official grant by Pío Pico.

Papers relating to Stanislaus County, [ca. 1854]

Invitations to Mr. and Mrs. Newsom to the New County Ball, May 19, 1854, and to a Fourth of July cotillion; draft of resolutions concerning use of school house and duties of trustees (in the handwriting of Charles Hutchings, father...

Papers relating to Suscol Rancho.

Tracings from original documents re claim for ranch.

Papers relating to the ceremonial completion of the Southern Pacific Company's linkage of the Oregon and California Railroad and the former California and Oregon Railroad at Ashland, Oregon, 1887-1958 (bulk 1887)

Transcripts of articles from the Jacksonville, Oregon, Democratic Times, December, 1887; photocopy of letter, "Chas. to Sister," Ashland, December 18, 1887; and letters from J.N. Bowman, 1958. Primarily concerns the spike driven by Charles Crocker at the ceremony.

Papers relating to the execution of Dennis Mahoney for murder : D, 1859-1860.

Includes order for execution, signed by E. Burke, judge, 13th judicial district; stays of execution signed by Governors John B. Weller and John G. Downey; and report of execution, March 9, 1860, by J.D. Griffen, sheriff, Mariposa County.

Papers Relating to the Jesuits in Baja California and Other Northern Regions in New Spain

Letters and reports (mostly signed originals) dealing primarily with the work of Padre Eusebio Francisco Kino and his fellow Jesuit missionaries in Baja California, Sonora, Sinaloa, and other parts of New Spain. Include histories of missions, accounts of explorations and...

Papers relating to the Philippine Islands, 1857-1898.

Receipt 1896 signed by P.O. Trinidad, Juez de Paz de Macati; papers of San Pedro Macati, Manila (certificates and letterhead); YMCA card and stationary for U.S. troops in the Philippines; Gobierno General circular, July 13, 1886 (in Arabic?); Fred Baker...

Papers relating to the San Francisco Committee of Vigilance, 1856, 1856 May - Aug.

Include statements presented by citizens before the Committee; two letters relating to Judge David S. Terry; letter of resignation from a member, L. Joseph; letter from two citizens requesting release of a prisoner, Jacob Ritchie; letter from John Maguire requesting...

Papers relating to the ship Electric Spark, 1856-1857.

33 documents surveying what occurred when the ship Electric Spark arrived in San Francisco with damaged goods includes the San Francisco Port Warden's survey of the ship's condition and contents, and letters to the ship's owners Magoun and Son of...

Papers relating to William G. Dryden : typescripts, 1839-1939.

Papers re the trial, imprisonment, and damage suit of Dryden, a U.S. citizen charged by the Mexican government with complicity in the 1841 attempt of Texas to annex New Mexico through the armed Santa Fe expedition organized by President Lamar...

Papers relating to Women's Suffrage in California, 1888-1911

Includes letters from Charles F. Aked, William F. Badè, John G. Brooks, California Equal Suffrage Association, May L. Cheney, Albert H. Elliot, Thomas E. Hayden, William S. Morgan, Thomas H. Reed, Anna Scott, J. Stitt Wilson, August Vollmer, Helen M....

Papier Mache Press Records

This collection includes publication and business records of Papier Mache Press, including editorial, production, sales, and marketing files, as well as manuscripts....

Papua, New Guinea, World War II Photograph Album

One World War II photograph album containing more than 180 b/w photos, with captions. Apparently the album of a wry U.S. soldier and member of a finance group (some images indicating 3rd and 4th Platoons, Co. D), self-described as the...

Papyri Fragments

This collection contains Demotic, Coptic, Arabic, and Greek papyri fragments.

Paquette, Elmer Oral HIstory

Paquette discusses his life and times

Parabel Project records

Writings, translations, notes, and questionnaire responses relating to a comparative study of underground movements in China, France, Italy, Kurdistan, and Poland, 1939-1947. Project sponsored by the Hoover Institution on War, Revolution and Peace and the Johns Hopkins University Operations Research...

Paradise Incorporation Clippings, 1978-1980.

7 bound batches of newspaper clippings relating to incorporation and first year of operation of the Town of Paradise, Nov. 1978-Dec. 1980. Clippings are mounted on 8 1/2 x 14" sheets of paper and are bound along 8 1/2" edge....

Paradise (Scott Hurtt) papers

Writings, correspondence, photographs, and memorabilia, relating to Commission for Relief in Belgium relief activities and to conditions in Belgium during the German occupation in World War I.

Paradise Women's Improvement Club records

This collection contains the minutes of the general and executive board meetings, financial records, club histories, and clipping files of the disbanded club.

Paraguay photograph album

This collection consists of an album of photographs depicting various scenery, people, agriculture, and ruins in Paraguay in the early 1900s. Photographs in the album include views of a fleet from the 1912 Revolution, the Encarnación cyclone disaster of 1926,...

Paraguay photograph albums

130 black-and-white photos/photo postcards (some mounted, some loose) depicting various scenes and locales in Paraguay.

Paralegal Program records

These records include course materials, reports, and goals for the certificate Paralegal Program with the University of San Diego School of Law. These records document planning that occurred for the program as well as perceptions for how the program...

Paramount Pictures contract summaries

The Paramount contract summaries span the years 1932-1961 and encompass approximately 7.0 linear feet. The collection contains contract summaries in the form of brief sheets for actors and actresses, composers, cinematographers, directors, executives, producers, writers, and others....

Paramount Pictures Corporation motion picture stills for The Ten Commandments

The motion picture Ten Commandments (1956) was a Paramount Pictures Corporation, Cecil B.DeMille production. The collection consists of black and white stills and a typescript revised script dated 6 July 1956.

Paramount Pictures Corporation photographs

Materials used in preparation of motion pictures released in 1944, the first titled , depicting the Nazi rise to power in Germany, scenes of party rallies, parades, SS troops, and Adolf Hitler and other Nazi leaders at various stages of...

Paramount Pictures Corporation television production records

Collection consists of scripts and production material related to the Paramount Picture Corporation primarily from the Television division. The bulk of the material dates from the 1950s through the mid-1970s. Includes material for various television series such as The ABC...

Paramount Pictures photographs

The Paramount Pictures photographs span the years 1914-1970 and encompass 322 linear feet. Some 1,900 film titles are represented by approximately 200,000 photographic prints. They include scenes as well as publicity portraits and off-camera photographs showing various aspects of productions...

Paramount Pictures press sheets

The Paramount Pictures press sheets span the years 1920-1965 and encompass 5.5 linear feet. The collection contains 42 bound volumes of printed press sheets prepared and issued by the Publicity Department of the studio for use by exhibitors in advertising...

Paramount Pictures production records

The Paramount Pictures production records span the years circa 1924-1970 and encompass approximately 290 linear feet. The collection contains documentation on most Paramount sound films released between the 1930s and 1970s. The files originated from several studio divisions, including the...

Paramount Pictures scripts

The Paramount Pictures scripts span the years 1912-1983 and encompass 425 linear feet. More than 2,500 films are represented. The collection consists of a wide range of Story Department documents, such as original source material, treatments, script drafts, continuities, synopses,...

Paramount Research Library collection

This collection consists of the Paramount Pictures Research Library of photographs and postcards.

Paramount Research stills collection

This collection consists of the photographs and stills used by Paramount Pictures for research for their films.

Paramount Studios records

Collection consists of employee logs and payroll for Paramount Studios.

Paramount Theatre (Oakland, Calif.) Photographs from the Paramount Theatre records [graphic].

Photographs chiefly document the 1970s restoration of the Paramount Theatre in Oakland, Calif., and the damage and repair following the 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake. Also includes construction photographs, publicity photographs, and photographs depicting general interiors, exteriors, events and staff.

Paramount Theatre Records

Provides a complete history of the venue from 1929-1999, with regular additions expected. The management, construction and restoration of the building are fully documented. The bulk of the collection includes detailed performance schedules and a large poster collection.

Parana River and Iguazu Falls photograph album

Album with 103 original photographs of the Upper Parana River and Iguazu Falls.

Parant (Alexandre) letters

Relates to conditions on the western front during World War I. Includes postcards and photographs.

Parcher Family Papers

The collection consists of the documents of father and son, William C. and Frank M. Parcher from 1911 to 1931. William's portion includes documents from his time with the Bishop Chamber of Commerce circa 1918-1921. Frank's portion includes professional documents...

The Pardee collection of photographs related to water projects.

Photographs related to the following water projects: Truckee-Carson Project, Nevada (many views); Uncompaghre Project, Colorado; Klamath Project, Oregon; Yuma Project, Arizona; and Minidoka Project, Idaho. Views depict construction of dams, spillways, and canals.

Pardee Dam construction photograph album

Photograph album containing 51 sepia, gelatin silver prints showing the construction of the Pardee Dam, near Valley Springs, California, as part of the Mokelumne River Project by Atkinson Construction Company in 1927-1929.

Pardee Dam Construction Photograph Album

This collection consists of a photograph album of the construction of the Pardee Dam in northern California, compiled by the Atkinson Construction Company, builders of the dam.

Pardee (George C.) Papers

The George Cooper Pardee Papers, 1871-1968, contain materials documenting Pardee's political career as governor of California, his role as governor in overseeing relief efforts following the Great San Francisco Earthquake and Fire of 1906, and his interests in conservation, forestry,...

Pardo (Mary Santoli) Collection

In her work, Dr. Mary S. Pardo focuses on East Los Angeles, emphasizing the important role played by females, and the powerful influence of cultural symbols like motherhood and the Church. She suggests how such activism has innervated cultural identity...

Pardon Bowen Smith family papers, 1850-1925.

Consists of correspondence of the Pardon Bowen Smith family including Lucinda Huntinton, Ebenezer Handy Smith, James V. Smith, Joanna Jewell Smith, Mary Victoria Smith, Pardon Bowen Smith, and John N. Hartford. Letters include information on voyages from Me. to Calif....

Parent, Nancy Collection

Some promotional materials from the 1915 Pan Pacific Exhibition and a scrapbook of news article. These materials belonged to the donor’s mother.

Parent, special education advocate for the Center for Independent Living's Disability Law Resource Center and attorney for the Disability Rights Education and Defense Fund, 1979-2002 /

Childhood and family in Queens, New York, 1945-63; early experiences with people with disabilities; black-Jewish relations during the Civil Rights era; enrollment at UC Berkeley, 1963-66; involvement in the Free Speech Movement; premature birth of triplets, 1972; daughter's diagnosis of...

Parente (Edward) Print

A signed lithographic print by Edward Parente (1941-1992), an artist who moved to San Francisco in 1975. The print is titled “The Gift of Speed” and depicts a nude angel alongside a horse against a night sky. This print is...

Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays, Orange County Records

The collection documents the activities of the Orange County (OC) chapter of the Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays (PFLAG) national organization. Records of PFLAG OC include scrapbooks, clippings, and newsletters dating from 1978-2008 (bulk, 1989-2003).

Parents Committee for Decent School Administration Records

Letter from the Parents Committee for Decent School Administration regarding copy of letter regarding Dr. Clish, Superintendent of Schools for San Francisco.

Parents, Families, and Friends of Lesbians and Gays San Francisco Records

The mission of Parents, Families, and Friends of Lesbians and Gays (PFLAG) “is to build on a foundation of loving families united with LGBTQ people and allies who support one another, and to educate ourselves and our communities to speak...

Parents, Family and Friends of Lesbians and Gays records

This collection consists of organizational records of the Monterey County chapter of Parents, Family and Friends of Lesbians and Gays (PFLAG), including founding documentation, board meeting minutes, and newsletters.

Pares (Bernard, Sir) miscellaneous papers

Correspondence, notes, memoranda, and diary, relating to political conditions in Western Siberia during the Russian Civil War.

Paret (Peter) papers

Writings, together with correspondence, report, list, copies of judicial proceedings and printed matter used as research material, relating to executions following the attempted assassination of Adolf Hitler on 20 July 1944, and to the life of the German Nazi artist...

Paret-Limardo de Vela (Lise) Collection

This collection consists of sound recordings and personal papers.

Parfitt (Dan E.) Collection on Plant Collecting and Breeding

Published works, reports from plant exploration missions, reports on the establishment of new germplasm repositories, and grey literature from agricultural experiment stations in India and Turkmenistan collected by pomologist Dan E. Parfitt.

Parham (Thomas A.) papers

Thomas A. Parham was Vice Chancellor, Student Affairs at UC Irvine from 2011-2018 and also served as an adjunct faculty member from 1985-2018. This collection contains writings and speeches, photographs, research files relating to African-American psychology, an autographed basketball, newspaper...

Paris during the Commune [graphic].

Five scenes of various places in Paris during the Commune, some showing barricades and soldiers. Scenes include: 1. Ruins of Palais des Tuileries, destroyed by fire spring 1871, looking northeast from Jardin des Tuileries; 2. L'Église de la Madeleine in...

Paris letter newsletters

Relates to conditions in France during World War II and to American relief work in France.

Paris Peace Conference (1919-1920) Commission on Baltic Affairs minutes

Relates to aspects of the World War I peace settlement regarding the Baltic States. Includes some notes on proceedings of the commission.

Paris Peace Conference (1919-1920). United States Territorial Section miscellaneous records

Memoranda, notes, and reports relating to political and economic conditions in the Ottoman Empire and Latin America, proposals for new boundaries in Asia Minor, creation of an independent Armenia, and boundary disputes in South America.

Paris Peace Conference miscellaneous records

Transcripts of proceedings, summaries, speeches, and agenda, relating to the peace settlement at the end of World War II.

Paris resolutions and free-trade printed material

Appeal for the continuation of a free trade policy in Great Britain after World War I. Written by a private group of British subjects.

Paris student revolt collection

This collection comprises materials documenting the protests and general strike that took place in France in 1968 when Parisian students and workers protested against American involvement in Vietnam, as well as for a better educational system and working class rights....

Paris Universal Exposition 1867 collection, circa 1864-1867

Cite as: [Identification of item], Paris Universal Exposition 1867 collection, Mss 223. Department of Special Collections, UC Santa Barbara Library, University of California, Santa Barbara.

Parish archives of Altar, Sonora.

Positive microfilm of selected documents relating to baptisms, marriages, burials and ecclesiastical matters, ca. 1764-1858. Byron Ivancovich-Kieran McCarty microfilm project, 1964-1965. See also BANC MSS 72/195 and 72/220.

Parish archives of Magdalena, Sonora, Mexico.

Positive microfilm of selected documents relating to baptisms, marriages, burials and ecclesiastical matters, ca. 1684-1913. Byron Ivancovich-Kieran McCarty microfilm project, 1964-1965.

Parish archives of Sonora and Sinaloa, Mexico.

Positive microfilm of selected documents relating to baptisms, marriages, burials and ecclesiastical and civil affairs during the late 18th and early 19 centuries. Selection made by Kieran McCarty, O.F.M. Filmed under the auspices of the University of Arizona Library, Sonora-Sinaloa...

Parish (James Robert) celebrity press clippings

This collection consists of American author and biographer James Robert Parish's files of celebrity press clippings. The collection includes newspaper and magazine clippings.

Parish (Jasper) Collection

A collection of material related to the life and work of Jasper Parish, interpreter for the U. S. government and Iroquois Native Americans.

Parish (John C.) Papers

John Carl Parish (1881-1939) was a history professor who taught at Colorado College, the State University of Iowa, and UCLA. He edited the State Historical Society of Iowa's monthly journal, (1920-22), the , and the . His published books include...

Parish records from Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe de Reinosa : Nuevo León, Mexico, 1781-1831.

1. Ocho Diligencias Matrimoniales q[u]e se practicaron en este de Juzg[a]do Ecc[lesiásti]co de la Villa de N[ues]tra S[eñor]a de Guadalupe de Reynosa siendo Ministro el Reverendo Padre Predicador General Fray Francisco Antonio Rochel ... Nuevo León, January 5-November 19, 1781....

Parish (William A.) photographs of late-19th century architecture in Southern California

A collection of photographs taken approximately 1942 of Southern California structures built in the late 19th century. Huntington Library curator William A. Parish took the photographs to accompany a proposed book on regional architecture, and his typescript draft is also...

Parish, William F. (First World War correspondence)

This collection contains one correspondence and one photocopied obituary for William F. Parish, USA during the First World War.

Parisian Fashion Etchings Collection

Album of 98 etched and partially hand-colored plates with whitework embroidery patterns on each page representing women's fashion. Each etching bears the imprint "Costume Parisien" along with a description of the costume depicted. No information exists as to when plates...

Park & Co. Photo. Photographs of Laguna, New Mexico and of an Indian woman with pottery.

Collection contains a street scene in Laguna, and a portrait of a woman with pottery.

Park (Alice) Papers

The collection chiefly contains correspondence and papers related to the reform interests of California feminist and pacifistic Alice Park (1861-1961), particularly women's rights, as well as some materials concerning Park family matters.

Park (Alice) papers

Diaries, correspondence, pamphlets, clippings, leaflets, and peace buttons relating to pacifism and the peace movement, the Ford Peace Ship Expedition, feminism, socialism, the labor movement, prison reform, child labor legislation, civil liberties, and a variety of other reform movements in...

Park Center Project Building Survey

Building survey forms and photographs compiled by the City of San Jose Building Inspector between March 20 - April 13, 1961, believed to be part of a neighborhood survey completed for the Park Center Plaza Redevelopment Project in downtown San...

Park (Charles Frederick) Papers

Collection largely consists of correspondence with professional colleagues and correspondence which covers Park's activities in national and international geological organizations (especially the Society of Economic Geologists and the International Association of the Genesis of Ore Deposits), mineral explorations, work as...

Park (Darragh) Papers

Papers of Darragh Park, an American painter and literary executor of the estate of Pulitzer Prize-winning poet James Schuyler. Park studied painting under Long Island painter Robert Dash.

Park (David) Correspondence

The friendship of Howard and Dorothy Baker, Mildred and Bertrand Bronson and Lydia and David Park was intimate, stimulating and youthful. Baker was Yvor Winter's protégé, and a genius. Dorothy was writing or had just published YOUNG MAN WITH A...

Park (Frank L.) Collection, ca. 1900

Photographs. Local recreation spots including Westlake Park and the Ostrich Farm at South Pasadena.

Park (Harry) Photographs and Other Material

Photographs and other material. Park originated from Baltimore, but later settled in Los Angeles, thus many of the photos show early Los Angeles and fellow bicycle enthusiasts. Noteworthy are the items reflecting Park having earned his flying license from instructor...

Park Hotel Company records

Board ledgers, account and minute books spanning the entire period of the Park Hotel’s operation in Chico, 1888-1947, make up the collection. Also included is a deed, from John Bidwell to the Park Hotel, dated March 15, 1887....

Park (Joe) Collection

Clippings, correspondence, research notes, and articles relating to the history of agriculture and a wide variety of agricultural equipment and technologies.

Park (Sang Joon) collection on Korean science fiction

A collection of 79 pamphlets, leaflets, event programs, fliers, and other ephemera relating to Korean science fiction. The material in this collection was assembled by Sang Joon Park, the founding president of the Korea SF Association. Since its emergence in...

Park Villa Tract Collection, 1887-1964

Deeds, indentures and other legal documents pertaining to personal property on the Park Villa Tract in the city of Los Angeles. Also some documents relating to personal property in the Ellis Tract, in the city of Los Angeles, and the...

Parker (Alan and Beatrice) Collection

The archive consists of two rare book collections featuring works by Kenneth Patchen and James Joyce collected by Alan and Beatrice Parker. In addition to the published works, The Kenneth Patchen collection includes incoming correspondence from Kenneth and Miriam Patchen...

Parker (Captain Franklin O.) navigation workbook for the Archer (built 1876; barkentine)

The Captain Franklin O. Parker navigation workbook for the Archer (built 1876; barkentine) (SAFR 16484, HDC 204) consists of entries for the years of 1901 to 1904. The collection is open and available for use without restriction.

Parker (Cecile R.) letter and liberated woman die-cut

The Cecile R. Parker letter and liberated woman die-cut consists of two items relating to women's history during the American Victorian and Edwardian eras. The first item is an 1874 letter from Cecile R. Parker to Mrs. Evaline Price regarding...

Parker Dam construction photographs.

Forms part of: Henry J. Kaiser pictorial collection.

Parker (David B.) papers

Writings, correspondence, reports, orders, printed matter, photographs, and memorabilia, relating to American military engineering operations in the Pacific Theater during World War II, the atomic bombing of Japan, and General Douglas MacArthur.

Parker (Dorothy) Collection

A small collection of material related to American writer and satirist, Dorothy Parker.

Parker (Ely Samuel) Papers

A collection of material related to the life and work of Ely Samuel Parker, Native American representative and lawyer.

Parker family papers, 1874-1991.

Contains a biography and clippings about Jean Parker and school named for her, Civil War remembrances of W.L. McEwen, Parker family genealogy, and photographs of Parker family.

Parker (G. Gordon) writings

Relates to Christianity in Liberia and elsewhere in Africa. Includes one essay by Evalyn Parker.

Parker (Jean) Collection

Personal items collected by a San Francisco pioneer school teacher

Parker (John W.) USC Edmondson Faculty Center files

This collection includes the planning files, correspondence, and committee records for the development of the Edmondson Faculty Center at the USC School of Medicine.

Parker (Kit) collection

The Kit Parker collection spans the years 1925-2007 (bulk 1940s-1950s) and encompasses 14.8 linear feet. The collection consists of original source material gathered by Kit Parker for Kit Parker Films, including scripts, contracts, music cue sheets, and photographs for films...

Parker letter to [B. Henrey?], 1854

One handwritten letter (ALS) from Parker to [B. Henrey?], soliciting political help in Illinois. Charleston, IL, May 11, 1854. Removed from Montgomery Collection (Wyles Mss 9). Alpha list.

Parker (Lovel Newton) Papers

A collection of material of Lovel Newton Parker related to the American Civil War.

Parker (Maynard L.) negatives, photographs, and other material

Maynard L. Parker negatives, photographs, and other material consists of 58,093 black-and-white negatives, color transparencies, black-and-white prints, and color prints; 39 presentation albums; and 17 boxes of office records, 1930-1974. Created primarily by Maynard Parker, the archive documents the residential...

Parker (Morris B.) Papers

This collection contains the papers of American assayer and mining engineer Morris B. Parker (1871-1957), who wrote about his experiences working for mining companies chiefly in Mexico and White Oaks, New Mexico. This collection consists of typescripts of Parker's autobiographical...

Parker (Pat) Poems

There are three poems by Pat Parker. The first lines and/or titles are: "mold yourself..." (2 leaves), "To Lynda" (1 leaf), and "from my bedroom window..." (1 leaf).

Parker (Paul Percy) Collection on Monterey County history

The Parker Collection of Californiana contains official documents (many in Spanish), legal and financial papers, manuscripts of narratives and memoirs, printed material and clippings relative to California history. The major bulk of the papers are dated prior to 1900 and...

Parker (Robert A.) Papers

Correspondence, mainly about his writing; mss., with related materials, of his biographies; articles and book reviews by him relating to art and the theater; mss. of film scenarios and plays; unfinished ms. on the theater in America; unpublished novel based...

Parker Twins Collection of Photographs, Manuscripts, and Ephemera

Materials related to the Parker Twins (Jane and June Cheney, born 1914), who performed with Fanchon & Marco, a theatrical production company.

Parker (William J.) China Marine Association Collection

William J. Parker is a retired United States Marine who was formerly stationed in China. He is an active member of the China Marine Association, and in 2008 began serving as Editor of their newsletter, The collection consists mainly of...

Parkin Store Ledger Books

Henry S. Parkin was a trader and married to a Sioux woman. The Parkin Store, later called the Cannonball Mercantile Company, operated in Standing Rock Agency, North Dakota from 1879 to 1930. A majority of their clientele were Sioux Indians....


The Parking Collection is made up of archival material collected by the La Jolla Historical Society since the 1930s to use for historical research and reference. This Collection contains newspaper clippings, memorandums, letters and reports relating for automobile parking issues...

Parkinson and Parkinson drawings

The Parkinson and Parkinson drawings span 1.5 linear feet and date from circa 1930s. The collection is composed of two prints of unidentified buildings....

Parkinson family letters : ALS, 1848-1893.

Collection of 21 letters includes letters from members of the Parkinson and Harrison families and friends to May Parkinson (Mrs. A.A. Parkinson) as well as a few letters from May. Many are letters of condolence on family deaths, particularly that...

Parkman (Ralph) Papers

This collection contains materials from Ralph Parkman's career in the Engineering Department at San José State University. Included are historical narratives about engineering programs and curricula, teaching materials, and related newspaper clippings.

Parkman (Samuel P.P.) Papers

The Samuel Paul Pablo Parkman family papers includes correspondence, mining documents, diaries, personal legal documents and genealogies.

Parks and Buildings of Sacramento, Calif., ca. 1930-1939

The , collection contains 34 photographic prints probably taken during the 1930's. Included are views of parks, schools and other buildings. Parks include Fremont, McKinley Marshall, South Side, and Winn parks. Schools include Oak Park, Watson Grammar, and the high...

Parks and Recreation Dept. Records

The Dept. of Parks and Recreation was originally named the Dept. of Natural Resources when first created in 1927. The records of the Dept. of Parks and Recreation consist of fifty-two cubic feet and include thirty maps covering the years...

Parks and redwoods, 1919-1971 : oral history transcript / and related material, 1959-1972.

Comments on his father Wells Drury and his journalistic career in Nevada and San Francisco; his brother, Aubrey Drury; college days at University of California, 1908-1912; teaching and working as assistant to the President of the University; organization and work...

Parks Bar Bridge, Yuba River, Calif. [graphic]

Views of the Parks Bar Bridge (Yuba River Bridge), California State Highway 20 spanning the river, Smartville vicinity, Yuba County, Calif.

Parks (Bradley) Collection

This collection consists of over 4,000 audio tapes (contact the archives for a full list) dating from 1949 to 2004 and 5 linear feet of papers related to the conferences he taped from 1972 to 1998, as well as papers...

Parks (D. Russell) collection on Quanah Parker

This collection contains stories, articles, newspaper clippings, scholarly journals, booklets, and other material collected by D. Russell Parks on U.S. Native Americans and Quanah Parker, the last chief of the Comanche tribe. Parks was part of the same Comanche tribe...

Parks in Oakland, California - Views

The Views of Parks in Oakland, California collection contains 30 photographic prints taken circa 1905.

Parks (Marion) papers

This collection consists chiefly of correspondence and papers from the late 1930s relating to the Los Angeles Civic Center Union Station Committee, of which Marion Parks was secretary. Also included are personal correspondence to Harry Chandler of the , M.R....

Parks (Marion) Papers

The papers of Marion Parks, a talented and resourceful personality in Los Angeles during the early 1900s, relate to the history of Southern California. Parks described herself as "a California historian." Her principal contributions in this capacity were a series...

Parks, Paul J. (Second World War correspondence, photographs and memorabilia)

This collection contains approximately 170 letters from Cpl. Paul J. Parks, USAAC to his wife Sylvia during the Second World War. Also included are several pieces of memorabilia and some photographs sent home by Cpl. Parks.

Parkside Tennis Club scrapbook

Scrapbook of clippings and photographs relating to Parkside Tennis Club's activities.

Parkyn (George W.) writings

Printed writings, relating to education, especially in international aspects.

Parlee (Lorena) Collection

This is a small collection donated by Lorena Parlee's mother to the Center in 2007. It consists of LP records, color slides and papers related to her films, Mexico and Break of Dawn.

Parlee (Norman A.D.) Papers

The bulk of these papers consists of correspondence, memos, proposals, reports, and financial records, 1973-1983, pertaining to his research projects funded by or submitted to the Center for Materials Research at Stanford University. Other papers include correspondence, memos, notes, papers,...

Parlement de Paris bound volume, 1732

One thin bound volume, with holographic notes on the Presidents and advisors/counciollors of the Inquests at the time of their exile by Louis XV in 1732. Stamped "Collection de Dumont Villeneuve." Alpha list.

Par-Links Golf Club Scrapbook

The Par-Links Golf Club was founded by fifteen African-American women golfers of the East Bay on September 12, 1958. The collection consists of one scrapbook documenting the first six years of the club’s existence from 1958-1963. It encompasses the bylaws...

Parmelee (Ruth A.) papers

Includes diaries, notes, correspondence, reports, clippings, printed matter, photographs, and awards relating to the life and work of Dr. Ruth A. Parmelee. Parmelee was born and brought up in Turkey by her missionary parents. After her education in the United...

Parming (Tonu) typescript

Published as Chapter 1 of the book entitled The Estonian S.S.R. : A Case Study of a Soviet Republic (Boulder, 1977), edited by T. Parming and Elmar Järvesoo.

Parnassus Press records

The Parnassus Press records including administrative files, correspondence, manuscripts, notebooks, sketches, drawings and artifacts.

Parnes (Irwin) Collection of Composers' Music

The collection consists of ozalid masters and copies of music manuscripts by Eric Zeisl, Werner R. Heymann, Jarold Green and Jacob Weinberg.

Parodi (Roger) Collection of Art Museum and Gallery Announcements

Contains approximately 2000 printed announcements from a wide variety of art museum and gallery venues located mostly in the San Francisco Bay area and other areas in California, Washington, and Oregon. Also includes a lesser amount of announcements from various...

Parr Terminal : fifty years of industry on the Richmond waterfront : oral history transcript /

Cox discusses his family background; industrialist Fred D. Parr; Parr-McCormick Steamship Line, and Port of Oakland, 1915; beginning Parr Terminal, Richmond, 1926; Richmond waterfront industries, 1930s-1950s: Ford Motor Co., Filice & Perrelli Canning Co.; Terminals No. 1-4; Pt. San Pablo:...

Parra (Nicole) Papers

Nicole Parra, a Democrat, served as a State Assembly Member from 2003 to 2008. The Nicole Parra papers consist of eleven record series: Assembly Bill Files, 2003-2008, Subject Files, 2001-2008, Hearing Files, 2005-2007, Correspondence, 2003-2008, Weekly Reports, 2006-2008, Resolutions, 2004-2006,...

Parratt, Edna Martin. Letters received by Edna Martin Parratt, 1954-1976.

Includes letters from Admiral Nimitz; Nancy, Lady Astor; Irving and Ellin Berlin.

Parris (Fred) Collection on Virginia Gay and Lesbian Rights Organizations

The collection contains materials from the Virginia Coalition for Lesbian and Gay Rights, 1977-1980, and the Virginia Gay Alliance, 1983. The documents include fliers, meeting information, and minutes of the Virginia Coalition for Lesbian and Gay Rights. The collection also...

Parrott (Enoch G.) correspondence

Letters of a Navy lieutenant to his sister and mother during the Mexican War.

Parrott (John) Letter

A manuscript letter written by John Parrott, a pioneer gold prospector of Sacramento, to his father.

Parry (Chris) Papers

The papers of Chris Parry, Tony Award-winning theatre lighting designer and University of California, San Diego, faculty. The materials illustrate his extensive production career for both stage and film lighting design from 1975-2006 and as a lighting design instructor.

Parry (Harvey) papers

The Harvey Parry papers span the years 1918-1987 and encompass 3 linear feet. The collection consists of scripts, mostly unproduced; clippings; and material relating to the Stuntmen's Association, including directories, rosters, and correspondence....

Parshina (E. A.) papers

Memoirs, co-authored with her son Leonid Parshin, and sound recordings of interviews conducted by Tatiana Zhilkina, relating to Soviet intelligence operations in Spain during the Spanish Civil War, clandestine sabotage and intelligence operations in the German-occupied Soviet Union during World...

Parsons, Albert (First World War correspondence)

This collection contains the correspondence of Albert Parsons to his family member Laura Stanley. Parsons served in the American Expeditionary Force in during the First World War.

Parsons (Bishop Edward L.): Pamphlets, Articles, and Sermons on Church Unity

Twelve papers from the collection of Edward L. Parsons, 1868-1960, who served as pastor at St. Mark's Episcopal Church, Berkeley, California, 1904-1919. He was Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of San Francisco, 1919-1924, and Bishop of California, 1924-1941.

Parsons (Callie) Letters from World War I Soldiers

Small collection of letters to Miss Callie Parsons of San Jose, California, from soldiers serving in World War I.

Parsons (Charles) mimeograph

Relates to the allegations of Tyler Kent, a code clerk at the United States Embassy in London, that President Franklin D. Roosevelt had conspired to bring about the entry of the United States into World War II.

Parsons (Charles Wesley, Rev.) correspondence

"A fascinating archive of letters from Rev. Charles Wesley Parsons (1851-1907) to his close friend Henry M. Quackenbush (1847-1933), gun manufacturer and inventor of the extension ladder and the nutcracker. Once a highly respected Methodist Episcopal minister, by his late...

Parsons (Edward L.) Papers

The Edward Lambe Parsons Papers, 1865-1968, consist of correspondence, writings, and office files relating to his career as one of the leading figures of the Protestant Episcopal Church in America, plus personal, biographical, and family papers. The collection spans Parsons'...

Parsons Family Papers

Materials documenting the family relations and business interests of Hosmer B. (Buckingham) Parsons, Clelia Howson Parsons, and their family.

[Parsons family photographs of African Americans in Santa Fe, Denver and Southern California].

Snapshots and portraits documenting multiple generations of the African American Parsons family of Santa Fe, New Mexico; Denver, Colorado; Hollywood and perhaps other Southern California locations. Identified individuals include Velma Ruth Parsons (1902-1982), her sisters Marcella Parsons and Roselle Parsons,...

Parsons Frank G Papers

Seed Certification material.

Parsons (Geoffrey) Papers

The collection primarily consists of Geoffrey Parsons' correspondence regarding his work on a biography of William McKinley.

Parsons (George W.) Scrapbooks

George W. Parsons (1850-1933) was a charter member of the Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce serving as director and chairman on the Committee on Mines and Mining as well as on the Transportation Committee. He was active in promoting Southern...

Parsons (H. F.) Account Book

This small collection contains an account book 1883-1890, with cash income and expenses for Parsons and son, William B. Parsons, as well as loose letters, receipts and ballots for the Democratic Primary Election.

Parsons (James Jerome) Papers

Collection consists of personal, professional and academic incoming correspondence for James Jerome Parsons. Also included are reviews by and of Parsons’ work.

Parsons (Louella) papers

This collection consists of radio scripts, writing drafts, and records of American movie gossip columnist Louella Parsons (1881-1972). Parsons was an influential figure in Hollywood with her columns being read by 20 million people. She hosted a weekly radio program...

Parsons (Louella) scrapbooks and photographs

The Louella Parsons scrapbooks and photographs span the years 1915-1961 and encompass 20.9 linear feet. The 61 scrapbook volumes contain thousands of columns she wrote over six decades. There are also biographical clippings on Parsons and coverage of her various...

Parsons (Lucena P.) - Journal: The woman in the sunbonnet : typescript

Summary: An edited version of the journal kept by Parsons during her trip overland from Wisconsin to California in 1850, edited with an introduction by Elene and Elizabeth Wilbur. The journal is the chronology of a trip undertaken by a...

Parsons (Marion Randall) slide collection

Depicts scenes in France during World War I.

Parsons (Patti) photographs of Scripps Institution of Oceanography events

Photographs of people and events taken or collected by SIO Director's office executive secretary Patti Parsons, from the late 1970s through 1991.

Parsons, Robert (Second World War correspondence)

This collection contains three correspondence and a photograph from PFC Robert "Bob" Parsons to his girlfriend Olive M. Violante during the Second World War.

Partansky (Julie) Papers

Reports, memos, agendas, clippings, and correspondence created while Julie Partanksy was a Davis City Council Member and Mayor.

Partansky (Julie) Papers

Reports, memos, agendas, clippings, and correspondence created while Partanksy was a Davis City Council Member and Mayor.

Partch (Harry) Music Scores

The Harry Partch Music Scores consist of facsimiles of musical and theatrical compositions by Harry Partch, written between 1922 and 1972. Compositions include seminal works such as , , and .

Partch (Virgil) Cartoons and Artwork

Virgil Partch, also known as Vip, was the creator of the popular syndicated cartoon and also had a successful career as a freelance cartoonist and book illustrator in the United States from the 1950s to the 1980s. In addition to...

Partheneia Texts, Reports and Music

Texts of the plays, annual reports on the preparation and completion of the year's activities, and original music composed for the pageant.

Parti communiste reunionnais sound recordings

Songs performed at the fourth congress of the party.

Parti social francais miscellaneous records

Bulletins, membership records, questionnaires of members, and miscellany, relating to right-wing political activity in France prior to and during World War II.

Partial Inventory of the Maria Teresa Ronderos interviews

Phonotape sound recordings of interviews of Colombian government officials and others, relating to to drug trafficking in Colombia.

Partial list of civilian internees in Manila typescript

List of Americans in the Japanese civilian internment camp at Santo Tom�s University, Manila. Compiled by Mr. Tsurumi, Japanese consul in Manila, and delivered to Mr. Spiker, American consul in Shanghai.

Partial military order signed by Edward Robinson, 1862?.

Partial holograph millitary order signed by Edward Robinson, by order of Brigadier General Julius Stahel, states that Aquia Creek Station will furnish all details for fatigue and guard duty; all the fatigue parties from the Third Division which are now...

Partido africano da independencia da Guine e Cabo Verde sound recording

Protest songs of the peoples of Guinea-Bissau and Cape Verde Islands.

Partido Comunista Mexicano. Congreso Nacional proceedings

Proceedings of the Mexican Partido Comunista Mexicano, Congreso Nacional in 1939

Partido Social Cristiano (Venezuela) Collection of Material

A collection of political material representing the Venezuelan third-way political party, the Partido Social Cristiano de Venezuela. The collection documents circulated political materials leading up to the election of its party founder and head, Rafael Caldero, to the Venezuelan presidential...

Partido Unionista records, 1919-1931 (bulk 1919-1921).

Bound ledger containing 189 pages of handwritten minutes and actions recorded by the Unionist Party of Guatemala concerning their activities and the government of Manuel Estrada Cabrera. Dated entries from January 3, 1919 to October 7, 1921 contain enumerated actions...

Partiia sotsialistov-revoliutsionerov miscellaneous records

Reports and minutes, relating to the activities and views of the party, and to the Russian Revolution.

Partington family papers

The correspondence and papers of the John Herbert Evelyn Partington, his wife Sarah, and their children: Blanche Partington, Gertrude Partington Albright, Phyllis Partington, and, to a lesser extent, Jack (John) Partington, Sr., Richard Langtry Partington, Edward Partington, Kate Partington, and...

Partington family photograph albums [graphic].

v.1: Album of snapshots given to Gertrude Partington by Carrie Sterling, Christmas, 1904. -- v.2: Views of Point Pedro, 1905 and unidentified California locales; fire and aftermath of 1906 earthquake; ruins of Cliff House; views near Monterrey. -- v.3: Cartes...

Partington family photograph collection [graphic]

Includes many photographs of Phyllis Partington, theater and opera personalities, family portraits and residences, etc. Also includes photographs of an outing aboard Jack London's yacht The Snark.

[Partington family photographs].

Collection of Partington family portraits and snapshots, including John Herbert Evelyn Partington, Sarah Ann Partington, Blanche Partington, Richard Langtry, Gertrude Partington Albright, Phyllis Partington, John Allan (Jack) Partington, Kate Partington and Edward and Mary Partington. Also includes pictures of Partington...

Partington (Wilfred) Papers

This collection contains the papers of English author, editor, bibliographer, and journalist Wilfred Partington (1888-1955), who was editor of the Bookman’s Journal and Print Collector from 1919 to 1931. Includes manuscripts by Partington and other authors, as well as correspondence...

Partito nazionale fascista miscellaneous records

Letters, telegrams, and photographs, sent by local organizations of the party to Adolf Hitler to congratulate him upon his attainment of power in Germany.

Partner and participant : oral history transcript : University of California chancellor's and president's wife, 1984-1995 / 2002.

Family, childhood in North Carolina and New Jersey; meeting Jack Peltason at University of Missouri, marriage and family; faculty wife at Smith College and University of Illinois, 1947-1959; UC Irvine, founding years, 1964-1967; wife of chancellor, University of Illinois, 1967-1977;...

Partner and participant : University of California chancellor's and president's wife, 1984-1995 / 2002.

Family, childhood in North Carolina and New Jersey; meeting Jack Peltason at University of Missouri, marriage and family; faculty wife at Smith College and University of Illinois, 1947-1959; UC Irvine, founding years, 1964-1967; wife of chancellor, University of Illinois, 1967-1977;...

Partnership in community service : oral history transcript / and related material, 1976-1978.

Life in Berkeley, Calif.; association with University of California, as student in Berkeley and as fund-raiser; voluntary work with various organizations, including YWCA, United Service Organization, Travelers Aid Association of America, World Affairs Council, United Way, International Conference of Social...

Parton (Jane Bourne) Papers

The Jane Bourne Parton Papers are remarkable for the thorough documentation they provide of the life of an American woman in the mid-twentieth century, from childhood to death. Jane Bourne was born in 1917, and grew up in the Pacific...

Parton (Jim) BEAR collages

Four photograph collages documenting BEAR events in California and Florida circa 1995-2002 created by Jim Parton. Parton served as Mr. Southern California Bear 1997 (Per BEARS LA 1997) and Mr. International Bear 1997 (per Bears of San Francisco BEARS, IBR...

Partridge (Roi) Mills College: Record of a Campus, ca. 1940

This collection of Mills College photographs consists of 55 items (53 photographic prints) mounted on boards, taken by Roi Partridge, circa 1940. The other two items are a map of Mills based on a drawing, and a postscript describing the...

Partridge (Rondal) collection of materials on undergrounding of street lighting lines in Claremont district of Berkeley, Calif.

Primarily correspondence between Partridge and Berkeley city officials. Also, one folder of material on undergrounding Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) tracks.

Partridge (Stanley N.) papers

Photographs, postcards, and letters, relating to conditions in Siberia, China, and Japan, 1918-1920; and American military facilities in New Guinea and the Philippines, 1943-1945.

[Party at Hearst Castle, 1933]

Snapshots, taken outdoors at San Simeon. Photographs picture, among others, William R. Hearst, Marion Davies, Fremont Older, Constance Talmadge, Adolphe Menjou, Clarence R. Linder and wife.

Partyka (Eugene) and Philip Stuart papers

Correspondence, journals, notebooks, photographs, slides, negatives, drawings, scrapbooks, film (home movies), sound recordings, video recordings, uniform accoutrements, and other material, 1961-2000, from Eugene Partyka and Philip Stuart. Materials in the collection document the relationship between Partyka and Stuart, as well...

Parunak (Capt. Aram Yervant Dick) Personal Papers

Capt. Aram Y. (Dick) Parunak, USN (1910–2007) was a U.S. Navy pilot during World War II, who became the first pilot to land and takeoff on Greenland’s ice cap during the rescue of the crew of a crashed B-17. In...

Pasadena and Southern California orange groves [graphic]

Includes a general view of Pasadena; a view of a live oak on Orange Grove Blvd. near Columbia Street, Pasadena; and a photo of orange picking and packing.

Pasadena Buddhist Temple Photographs

This collection contains photographs and panoramic photographs of the Pasadena Buddhist Temple and members of the church's congregation. Also included are photographs at different Buddhist churches, conferences, and anniversary events around California. All of the items in this collection have...

Pasadena, California, area views.

Photographs show the San Gabriel Mission interior and exterior, Marengo Ave. (Pasadena), Lucy Baldwin's home near Pasadena, the Raymond Hotel, the beach and hotel at Santa Monica, and the home of Ramona (Camulos Ranch).

Pasadena Digital History Collaboration photographs

A collection of digital objects representing the diverse social and cultural history of Pasadena.

Pasadena Orange Growers Association Records

A collection of the business records of the Pasadena Orange Growers Association, California.

Pasadena Playhouse records

This collection contains the records of the Pasadena Playhouse, a community theater established in Pasadena, California, in 1917. Materials consist primarily of theater programs, scrapbooks, business records, correspondence, clippings, scripts, school catalogues, brochures and ephemera, indexes, photographs, original drawings of...

Pasadena Scrapbook Collection

Two scrapbooks of news clippings, broadsides, and correspondence about Pasadena, California and its citizens, dated between 1900 and 1945.

Pasadena Tournament of Roses slides

The Pasadena Tournament of Roses slides consist of two sets of color photographic slides documenting the Tournament of Roses Parade (also known as the Rose Parade) for the years 1959 and 1961. Each set contains approximately seventy 35mm mounted slides....

Pascal (Ernest) collection

This collection consists of the scripts of Ernest Pascal (1986-1966), as well as his book collection. Pascal was an American screenwriter, author, and playwright.

Pascoe (Juan) collection

The Juan Pascoe Collection, 1971-2014, contains almost all of the imprints and published monographs created by Juan Pascoe. It begins with his first efforts in West Branch, Iowa (1971-1972), traces his developments through his initial press, Imprenta Rascuache, in Mexico...

Pascoe, Neil Campbell (Second World War correspondence) and Watson, Michael L. (Vietnam War correspondence)

This collection contains correspondence from Sergeant Neil C. Pascoe during the Second World War and Michael L. Watson during the Vietnam War. Also includes newspaper clippings from 1943 to 1944 and Pascoe's veteran information card.

Pash (Boris T.) papers

Correspondence, memoranda, reports, orders, writings, photographs, motion picture film, and printed matter relating to the naval forces of General Nikolay Yudenich during the Russian Civil War; the Russian refugee camp in Wünsdorf, Germany, in 1922; American military intelligence service activities,...

Pa-shih nien-tai Tai-wan fu-yun video tape

Relates to the feminist movement in Taiwan during the decade of the 1980s. Produced in Taiwan by the Awakening Foundation.

Pasqualetti (Martin J.) collection on Homer Aschmann

The collection consists of materials related to the research and publication of Martin J. Pasqualetti's book, published in 1997 and focusing on the work of former UC Riverside Geography professor and founding faculty member Homer Aschmann. Items in the collection...

Pasqualetti (Roy) photograph album of Hercules (built 1907; tugboat)

The Roy Pasqualetti photograph album of Hercules (built 1907; tugboat), 1971-1972, (SAFR 24643, P15-016) is comprised of photographs documenting the condition of the museum vessel HERCULES at Hyde Street Pier, San Francisco Maritime State Historic Park, San Francisco, California, as...

The passage of the Central Valley Project Improvement Act, 1991-1992 ; Executive Director, Save San Francisco Bay Association : oral history transcript / 1994.

Nelson discusses the Miller-Bradley and Seymour bills in Congress; lobbying efforts of environmental and agricultural communities in the formation of the Central Valley Project Improvement Act; Metropolitan Water District and water marketing transfers; the Endangered Species Act, Share the Water,...

The passage of the Central Valley Project Improvement Act, 1991-1992 : oral history transcript : the Central Valley Project Water Association Perspective / 1999.

Representing Central Valley Project Water Assn. (CVPWA); drafting and revising John Seymour's bill S. 2016, and efforts to pass Seymour bill and oppose bills of Congressman George Miller, Senator Bill Bradley (Miller-Bradley bills); relationships with Miller, Bradley, Central Valley congressmen...

The passage of the Central Valley Project Improvement Act, 1991-1992 : oral history transcript : the Metropolitan Water District perspective / 1999.

Joint interview discusses the background of the Los Angeles Metropolitan Water District's (MWD) interest in water marketing and transfers, and water banking; Imperial Irrigation District, Palo Irrigation District; Arvin-Edison Water Storage District, Areias Dairy Farm Transaction; the three-way process, formation...

Passage of the Central Valley Project Improvement Act, 1991-1992 : oral history transcript : the role of George Miller / 1996.

Daniel P. Beard dicusses his interests in natural resources policy issues, in particular his association with Cogressman George Miller and the congressman's position on Central Valley Project reform; and concludes the interview with his views of his time as Commissioner...

Passage of the Central Valley Project Improvement Act, 1991-1992 : oral history transcript : the role of John Seymour / 1997.

The legislative assistant to Senator John Seymour, Richard K. Golb discusses the writing and revision of the Seymour bills on the water resources of the Central Valley, Calif., his work with the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee, and with...

The passage of the Central Valley Project Improvement Act, 1991-1992: Environmental Defense Fund perspective : oral history transcript / 1996.

Joint interview discusses the Environmental Defense Fund, research relatd to California water issues, and the drafting, moving through the Senate, and final passage of the Central Valley Project Improvement Act.

Passchendaele campaign, in and around Ypres, Belgium during World War I photograph album of battlefield scenes

Album of photographs, many by Australian official photographer Frank Hurley, documenting one of the major battles of World War I, the Battle of Passchendaele, also known as the Third Battle of Ypres, between July and November 1917.

Passera Family papers,

Material collected by Ermete Passera including work-related items from Italian newspapers, and San Francisco Athletic Club documents.

Passet (Joanne) Research Material on Barbara Grier

The collection contains Passet's interviews and correspondence about the life and work of lesbian author and publisher Barbara Grier. Grier was one of the editors of and one of the founders of Naiad Press. interviewees and correspondents include: Grier's life...

Passing it on : stories from the Civil Rights Movement, 1993.

Interviews with 24 individuals involved in the Civil Rights Movement in the United States and the San Francisco Bay Area. Interviewees include activists, a Black Panther member, and others.

Pasternak family papers

Correspondence, diaries, memoirs, other writings, biographical data, printed matter, drawings, photographs, and other audiovisual material relating to Russian art and literature, culture in the Soviet Union, and Russian émigré life. Includes papers of Leonid and Rosalia Pasternak; their sons, the...

Pasternak (Joe) papers

Joe Pasternak (1901-1991) was a Hungarian born American film producer who worked with Universal Pictures, MGM, and Twentieth Century Fox. This collection includes scripts, photographs, film reels, production files, awards, and vinyl records.

Pasteur (Louis) Collection

This collection contains correspondence, manuscripts, notebooks, printed material, research notes and drawings, and photographs related to French chemist and microbiologist Louis Pasteur (1822-1895).

Pastime Gun Club Records

The collection contains one ledger pertaining to the activities of the Pastime Gun Club from March 9, 1893 to January 11, 1915.

Pastora Gomez (Eden) interviews

Sound recordings of interviews, relating to the Nicaraguan revolution of 1979, Nicaraguan-Cuban relations, and the Nicaraguan contra guerrilla war. Includes typed notes made from the interviews. Interviews conducted by William E. Ratliff.

Pastuhov (Vladimir D.) papers

Correspondence, memoranda, reports, interviews, maps, photographs, and printed matter, relating to the investigation of the Japanese incursion into Manchuria in 1931.

Pasztor (Laszlo) papers

Correspondence, press releases, and miscellany, relating to Republican Party activities among ethnic groups in the United States. Photocopy.

Pat Bond Memorial Old Dyke Awards Records

The Pat Bond Memorial Old Dyke Awards was organized by a special committee sponsored by the National Center for Lesbian Rights. Pat Bond was a Bay Area comedian, writer, and performer. The awards were founded to “ensure that the talents...

Pat Brown: Friends and campaigners : oral history transcript / and related material, 1977-1982.

Interviews with individuals associated with him in his administration or in his campaigns. Copies of photographs and of documentary material inserted. Interviewees, and titles of interviews, as follows: Nancy Sloss. Political Appointments and Personalities; Meredith Burch. Political Notes; Charles Guggenheim....

Pat Brown mimeograph script, 1894 September 25

[Governor of California]. Mimeograph script for KEYT [Santa Barbara television station] for program "Campaign Special #1," showcasing local developments during his tenure, Sept. 25 , 1962. Alpha list.

[Pat Jacobsen collection of fruit crate labels from Washington State].

Fruit crate labels from the personal collection of Pat Jacobsen, an authority on such labels, chiefly related to the apple and pear industries of Washington State.

Pat Rocco collection of gay erotic shorts, home movies, and other material, approximately 1948-1977, 2003, (bulk 1968-1972).

This collection features Pat Rocco's gay erotic shorts, features, documentaries, and home movies including footage of the June 1971 Christopher Street West parade in Hollywood, gay demonstrations, events and festivals, backstage footage of his tour with Marge and Gower Champion,...

Patch, Roving D.J., Photographs

Photographs of Patch, Roving D.J., broadcasting in a radio studio, broadcasting on location including at the Hustler Club and on Broadway in San Diego, interviewing musicians, and being promoted on a marquee at Gazzaris on the Sunset Boulevard, 1967-1971, undated....

Patchen (Kenneth) Papers

This collection contains biographical material, correspondence, manuscripts, bound first editions, rare silkscreen and painted book editions, painted poems, works of art including illustrations, paintings, papier-mâché sculptures and decorated furniture, scrapbooks, photographs, slides, recordings, musical scores, and clippings documenting the creative...

Patchen (Magel and Ruth) Collection

This collection contains correspondence from Miriam Patchen, books, printed material and family photographs on Kenneth Patchen as collected by his sisters Magel and Ruth Patchen.

Patchen (Miriam) Papers

This collection contains biographical material, correspondence, photographs, musical scores, audio recordings, a film and an artifact, documenting Miriam Patchen's promotion of her late husband's work.

Patco, Pat Lynn (UCLA 19--). Student records of courses in Home Economics and in Film and Radio departments.

Record Series 635 contains records of courses in home economics, film and radio offered by UCLA. These materials were collected and used by UCLA student Pat Lynn Patco (19--).

Pate (Charles) Photograph Collection

Collection consists of three photograph albums and loose photographs taken by Charles Pate (1874-1961), depicting early residents, locations, and landmarks in the local area. He was an early pioneer who came to the La Cañada Valley in California in 1893....

Pate (Edward) Chiropody Notebook

Collection contains course notes, with one diagram, completed in pen and pencil on 36 p. at beginning and end of notebook. The notes concern the fundamentals of chiropody and the practices involved. The notebook also contains tipped-in typescript letters and...

Pateman (Carole) papers

Carole Pateman (1940- ) is a Distinguished Professor Emeritus in the UCLA Department of Political Science. She was the first woman President of the International Political Science Association (1991-1994) and was President of the American Political Science Association (2009-2011). Her...

Pateman (Roy) papers

Speeches and writings, correspondence, printed matter, photographs, videorecordings, and sound recordings relating mainly to political conditions in Eritrea and the history of Eritrea.

Patent Collection

United States Patent Office specifications, correspondence.

Patent for Improved Gun Harpoon

Patent for Improved Gun Harpoon (SAFR 14285, HDC0047) is U.S. Patent No. 5949 dated 1848. Two page parchment with description of gun on second page. First page signed by Secretary of State James Buchanan. Also a drawing of specification of...

Patent issued to Alfred Ropp of Selby, California for roasting and oxidizing furnace, 1899.

Patent document issued by Patent Office with seal and ribbon to Alfred Ropp of Selby, California (who probably worked for Selby Smelters) in 1899 for "roasting and oxidizing furnaces". Accompanied by document discussing the Canadian patent and miscellaneous documents relating...

Patent issued to Alfred Ropp of Selby, California for roasting and oxidizing furnace, 1899.

Patent document issued by Patent Office with seal and ribbon to Alfred Ropp of Selby, California (who probably worked for Selby Smelters) in 1899 for "roasting and oxidizing furnaces". Accompanied by document discussing the Canadian patent and miscellaneous documents relating...

Patent Medicine Trade Card collection, circa 1870-1910 (bulk 1880-1889)

Approx. 270 mostly color lithograph cards.... From Connecticut, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Vermont,Wisconsin... advertising products such as Merchant's Worm Tablets, [think about org. by company name, like Romaine and others].

Patent Medicine Trade Cards

The trade cards are small, colorfully illustrated advertising cards touting a particular medicine and its many cures. The illustrations often have little to do with any of the ailments purported to be cured. They were pure advertising and very collectible.

Patent Model Collection

Models for late 19th Century patents.

Patent petition for gold washing machine, 1849.

Petition to the [United States] Commissioner of Patents filed by Edward P. Coffin of Nantucket, Massachusetts for a "new and useful improvement in gold washing machines." A 3 -page description of the mechanism is attached to the petition along with...

Patent petition for gold washing machine, 1849.

Petition to the [United States] Commissioner of Patents filed by Edward P. Coffin of Nantucket, Massachusetts for a "new and useful improvement in gold washing machines." A 3 -page description of the mechanism is attached to the petition along with...


Patents consist of 15 disbound volumes of certificates that signify the transfer of ownership rights of publicly held land to private individuals in San Diego County between 1883-1931.

Patents collection

This collection consists of books and loose leaf papers of patents filed in the United States, the United Kingdom, France, and Germany from the 1890s to the 1930s. These patents generally have to do with photograph, film, and other formats...

Patents, drawings and other documents pertaining to cable car design, 1890 April, 1894 January.

Patents, drawings and other documents pertaining to cable car design, BANC MSS 92/899 c, The Bancroft Library, University of California, Berkeley.

Paterek (Josephine D.) Bibliography for Encyclopedia of American Indian Costume

This collection consist of a bibliography on index cards created by Dr. Josephine Paterek for her book , which was published in 1994. Each section was titled and organized by Paterek according to how they appear in the final publication...

Paterson (Charles William) Papers

This small collection contains papers of British Naval officer Charles William Paterson (1756-1841), who became Admiral of the White in 1837. The twin cores of this collection are six letters from Paterson in 1793-1794 to family during his naval service...

Paterson (J. A.) papers

Journal, map, photographs, and spears, relating to exploration in the Lake Nyasa region of Africa.

Pathé Exchange records

The Pathé Exchange records span the years 1925-1931 and encompass 2 linear feet. The collection is composed chiefly of business and financial records for Pathé Exchange and the Pathé Studio, including audits; balance sheets; budgets; payroll records; reports; weekly cost...

Path of History Brochures and Maps

Two Path of History brochures, each includes numbered tour sites with descriptions and map.

The Path to the lost cities exhibition [graphic] : Photographs of exhibit materials from the Phoebe Apperson Hearst Museum of Anthropology.

Exhibit traces the historic discovery of the "Lost Cities of the Maya" by American diplomat John Lloyd Stephens and English artist Frederick Catherwood, and Payne Johnson's 20th century visit to the same locations. Collection includes photographs (color snapshots) of the...

Pathfinder Press mural project collection

Slides, video tapes, and keyed photographic representation of mural depicting international revolutionary leaders on Pathfinder Building in New York City, with biographical information on those depicted and on mural artists, with press releases and press coverage relating to the mural.

Pathfinder Press Photographic collection

Collected by Pathfinder Press for use in illustrating its publications, the collection includes photographs, drawings, and printed reproductions of illustrations, depicting Leon Trotsky, leading figures of the Russian Revolution, leaders of the Fourth International, leaders of the Socialist Workers Party...

Pathfinder Press Publications

Record copies of books, pamphlets, and bulletins, relating to Marxist theory and socialist political analysis and commentary, and including works of Leon Trotsky, Fidel Castro, Malcolm X and others. Includes publications of Pioneer Publishers, Merit Publishers, and Monad Press, predecessors...

Pathfinders Club of San Jose Records

Club records and photographs documenting the women's group Pathfinders Club of San Jose, especially outdoor recreational outings around the San Francisco Bay Area.

Pathologie Interne Lecture Notes

Collection consists of a manuscript on blue paper in unidentified hand, apparently that of an unnamed student of Philippe Pinel. Notes in longhand of Pinel's two-year course on internal pathology at the École de Médecine in Paris. The organization of...

Pathologische Anatomie Lecture Notes

A series of lecture notes dealing with anatomical and clinical pathology, consisting of more than 400 pages of manuscript text with approximately 30 lines per page, and with 400 pages of finely hand-drawn and hand-colored drawings facing the text. The...

Patiev (Aleksandr) papers

Writings, notes, correspondence, printed matter, and photographs relating to political conditions in Russia, elections in 1989, privatization of state property, and administration of Saint Petersburg.

Patouillet (Madame) diary

Relates to conditions in Petrograd and Moscow during World War I and the Russian Revolution, 1916 October-1918 August.

Patri (Giacomo) Collection of Materials

The collection consists of materials by or pertaining to artist and illustrator Giacomo Patri. Includes biographical materials about the artist as well as labor union pamphlets and handbooks for the Marine Cooks and Stewards Association, the International Longshore and Warehouse...

Patri, Tito Collection

The Tito Patri Collection spans the years 1955-2015. The collection is organized into four series: Personal Papers, Professional Papers, Office Records, and Project Records. The collection includes a published sketchbook of his travel drawings, regional studies and reports, and documents...

Patriarch (built 1969; ship, 3m) and Tongass (built 1915; steam schooner) photographs

The Patriarch (built 1969; ship, 3m) and Tongass (built 1915; steam schooner) photographs, circa 1900-1912 and 1938-1948, (SAFR 24646, P15-019) are comprised of photographs of cargo aboard PATRIARCH and of TONGASS while docked. The collection has been processed to the...

Patriarche (Charles T.) Papers

Correspondence, notes and drafts, receipts....

Patricia A. Buffler papers, 1963-2007.

Contains correspondence, articles, speeches, research and teaching materials from Patricia Buffler's career in at the University of Texas, Austin and the University of California, Berkeley.

Patricia A. Etter collection on Robert Brownlee, circa 1935-2001 (bulk 1980-2001).

Research materials used in editing the book, "An American Odyssey: the autobiography of a 19th c. Scotsman Robert Brownlee at the request of his children, Napa County, California, October, 1892," based on the life of a 19th century Scottish immigrant...

Patricia A. Etter Papers

The collection documents Etter's research about 19th century Chinese opium pipes and smoking at two sites: Donner Summit, California and Virginia City, Nevada.

Patricia Branstetter collection of Simeon Stivers family papers : and related material, approximately 1828-1967 (bulk 1828-1928).

Contains family papers, correspondence, receipts, certificates, licenses, invoices, accounts, legal documents, land purchase receipts, clippings, etc., of a Mormon pioneer family in California. Includes similar materials for Stivers's uncle, Earl Marshall. Also includes other related materials about extended family members...

Patricia Chesebro papers, 1975-1987

Manuscripts and Leaflets

Patricia Faure Gallery Records

The Patricia Faure Gallery in Los Angeles, which began as Asher/Faure, exhibited internationally recognized artists such as Richard Artschwager, Philip Guston and Morris Louis along with less-known local artists such as Gwynn Murrill, Craig Kauffman and Jack Goldstein. The archive...

Patricia Freeman papers, 1945-1989 (bulk 1971-1989).

Conference materials gathered by Patricia Freeman from NAACP West Coast Regional Conferences (1977-1987), NAACP Region 1 Leadership Conferences (1972-1988), and NAACP Northern Area Conferences (1974-1987); NAACP Region 1 annual reports (1974-1982); Freeman's subject files, including files on ACT-SO, the development...

Patricia Ingram collection of Norman Clyde, 1911-1969.

Contains manuscript and typescripts of various drafts of Norman Clyde's narratives, in his own hand, about his climbing activities in the Sierra Nevada mountain range, as well as mountains in Arizona, the Canadian Rockies, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Southern California, Washington,...

Patricia Oberhaus collection of Bay Area countercultural ephemera.

Posters and handbills for popular culture or counter-cultural events, chiefly in San Francisco and Berkeley. Includes rock concerts from the hippie to the punk eras.

Patricia Tobacco Forrester etching, 1966

No. 75 of 110 of "Light in the Woods." Deframed 5/3/06. Found in workroom, provenance unknown. Alpha list. Oversize.

Patrick Anthony Lawlor typescript, circa 1945

Typescript copy of "Writers and the Faith. Katherine Mansfield," ca. 1945. Alpha list.

Patrick County, Virginia, Slave documents, 1839-1840

22 documents. .05 linear feet (1folder).

Patrick J. Hillings papers, 1930-1994.

Contains correspondence, brochures, awards, etc.

Patrick J. Hillings photograph collection.

Includes studio portraits, press photographs and snapshots pertaining to the career and personal life of U.S. Representative and Republican Party insider Patrick J. Hillings (PIC boxes 1-2). Also depicted are various politicians and public figures, including Dwight D. Eisenhower, Richard...

Patrick (Jack) Scrapbook

Photographs, clippings, and several ephemeral items pertaining to Patrick’s athletic career at Stanford and on the American Olympic rugby teams in 1920 and 1924.

Patrick (James) Photographs

This collection includes photographs taken by James Patrick of the Folsom Street Fair and Castro Halloween celebrations, circa 1990-2005.

Patrick (Mary Mills) papers

Memoirs, entitled Transformations, and letters, relating to the history of Constantinople Woman's College during World War I, conditions in Turkey during the war, Turkish society, and the Turkish educational system.

Patrick Purtell Collection of McLaughlin Mine Manuals

The collection consists of manuals, dating from 1982 to 1985, related to the Homestake Mining Company's project at McLaughlin Mines, located in Napa and Lake counties, California.

Patrick Sarsfield Dorney scrapbooks, 1884-1891.

V. 1: Clippings concerning politics in California, 1884-1888.

Patriotic parade in Monrovia, Calif.

Two views of automobiles decorated for the parade, and one view of the parade progressing down the street, with flags flying from buildings. Parade could be for the ending of the first world war, or for July 4th.

Patriotyczny Ruch Odrodzenia Narodowego (Poland) Rada Wojewodzka w Siedlcach miscellaneous records

Minutes of meetings, reports, appeals, correspondence, and lists, relating to political conditions in Siedlce province following the imposition of martial law in Poland in 1981. Includes miscellaneous records of district and local branches within Siedlce province.

Patrol Squadron 13 (VP-13) Special Collection

The VP-13 was a Tactical Training Squadron featuring aircraft such as the Consolidated PB2Y (various models). Of particular importance in this collection is the XPB2Y-1 Coronado known as “Blue Goose.” Originally designed as a patrol bomber, PB2Ys were eventually used...

Patron's Club Records

The collection consists of financial records, meeting minutes, clippings, a scrapbook, and other miscellaneous records....

Patrons of Husbandry California State Grange San Jose Grange, No. 10 records, 1873-1907.

Names of charter members and of candidates, 1873; secretary's report, 1873-1874; minutes of meetings, May 1873-Oct. 1907. Some clippings pertaining to activities of the Grange pasted in.

Pats (Konstantin) miscellaneous papers

Photocopies of letters by K. Päts, relating to his imprisonment in the Soviet Union, and appealing to the United Nations to bring about civil rights and independence in the Baltic States; translations and a press release from the Consulate General...

Patsy Jane Keating photographs from the Thomas Keating scrapbooks [graphic].

Photograph album contains chiefly snapshots documenting early life of Patsy Jane Keating. Album also depicts Patsy's father, Thomas Keating, who was assistant manager of the Hotel St. Francis in San Francisco, as well as the hotel's famous chef Victor Hirtzler...

Patt (Harvey M.) Papers

Papers include business and personal correspondence, committee correspondence, meeting minutes and reports, photographs and slides, and appointment books....

Patten family papers, 1866-1923.

Letters, agreements and papers concerning quicksilver mines in Napa and Sonoma Counties; deeds for property in Napa County; letters and receipts.

Patten (Fred) collection on Science Fiction and Animation

This collection contains materials created and collected by Fred Patten, best known for his involvement in the Science Fiction fan community and work as an historian in the Anime, Manga, and Furry fandoms. The primary focus of this collection is...

Patten (Fred) papers

This collection contains correspondence, email, fliers, articles, stories, business cards, and other material on Fred Patten, who was an historian in science fiction, manga, anime, and furry fandom. Mostly contains correspondence and exchanges which he had with others.

Patterson (Bradley H.), Jr. Papers, White House Central Files, 1969-1974

Bradley H. Patterson, Jr., served as an Executive Assistant, Special Consultant to the President in the office of Leonard Garment. The file group reflects Patterson’s responsibilities in civil rights, plans for the American Revolution Bicentennial celebration, oversight of both the...

Patterson (Charles) Stereograph Collections, ca. 1890-1910

Stereographs. Views of Europe and the United States collected by Patterson.

Patterson (Clair C.) Papers

This collection documents Clair Patterson (1922-1995), a geochemist at the University of Chicago and California Institute of Technology. Patterson was best known for determining the age of the earth and the solar system, and for his pioneering work on global...

Patterson (David S.) mimeograph

Relates to foreign policy views of Herbert Hoover. Photocopy.

Patterson (Edgar James) Papers

Collection consists of many newspaper clippings, records and certificates of his awards and accomplishments, important memberships, his correspondence recommending persons for important positions as judges, as well as very laudatory letters regarding the quality of his work from the Governors...

Patterson (Ella J.) Photographs

Collection includes a portrait of Patterson in her cap and gown, 1909; two images of Stanford women students in their dorm, one labeled “A Kimona Party” and one, “Mock Wedding”; and six other photos, including people in canoes and in...

Patterson (George Washington) Papers

These 7 folders contain correspondence to George W Patterson from family and business associates in the time period from 1849 to 1859. The subject matter of the letters is either family,local news or business matters. George Patterson received these letters...

Patterson (Jerry M.) Papers

This collection comprises news clippings, photographs, printed publicity materials and reports, datebooks, correspondence, and other papers related to the political career of Jerry M. Patterson, who served as councilman and mayor of Santa Ana from 1969 to 1974, then as...

Patterson, Langford and Stewart drawings for the Santa Barbara Central City Redevelopment project

The Patterson, Langford and Stewart drawings for the Santa Barbara Central City Redevelopment project span 3 linear feet and date from circa 1974. The collection consists of 25 architectural drawings documenting the firm’s alternative land use suggestions. Drawings include: a...

Patterson (Louise) Scrapbook

This scrapbook was created by Miss Louise Patterson, daughter of Mrs. Louise Hillard Patterson and student at Coronado High School. Originally from Baltimore, this mother and daughter resided at Coronado Beach and were both prominent local socialites. Miss Patterson's scrapbook...

Patterson (Marion) interviews

The Marion Patterson interviews contains recorded interviews of photographers, such as Edna Bullock, Pirkle Jones, Ruth-Marion Baruch, Charis Wilson, and Julius Shulman, conducted by Patterson. Patterson is a photographer whose worked with Ansel Adams, Dorothea Lange, and Minor White. She's...

Patterson (Mark) Santa Cruz Pride Photographs

Mark Patterson photographs of an unidentified gay pride event in Santa Cruz, California.

Patterson Mining Collection- Maps, 1848-1936

: The collection, spanning 1848-1936, consists of manuscript mine maps including; surveys, claims, assays, with annotated manuscript annotations. The collection is housed in 1 box containing 153 m.s. maps. The bulk of the collection covers the period after the California...

Patterson (Noel L.) papers

This collection contains correspondence, appraisals and maps of real estate in Santa Cruz County as well as some personal papers of Noel Patterson.

Patterson Ranch papers, circa 1880-1987

The Patterson Ranch Company was a livestock, dairy, and agricultural farm originally located on the Oxnard plains. The ranch was owned by New York farmer John D. Patterson, who hired managers to run the farm for him. Peter Hartveld, a...

Patterson (Thomas C.) papers

The collection consists of the papers of Thomas C. Patterson, a Distinguished Professor Emeritus in the UC Riverside Department of Anthropology. Materials in the collection include field notebooks and other materials related to Patterson's archaeological and ethnohistorical research on Peru.

Patterson (Tom) collection on California history

This collection contains postcards, photographs, correspondence, and other material regarding California that was collected by Tom Patterson, a columnist for the newspaper and a local historian. Materials in this collection primarily relate to Riverside, California and the greater inland region...

Patterson (Vernon) Papers

The collection consists of typescript volumes by author Vernon Patterson (1896-1978), founding faculty member and professor of English at Orange Coast College in Costa Mesa, California. Patterson documented the early lives of his youngest son, Christopher (born 1949), and Christopher's...

Pattie Party Memorial Plaque Records

Collection contains correspondence and other documents pertaining to the Pattie Party, Pattie Party descendants and the plaque commemorating Sylvester Pattie and party on Presidio Hill in San Diego.

Pattison, Alexander B. Letter : to Brig. Gen. Lorenzo Thomas, 1863 September 26.

Holograph letter written at Head Quarters on the Rapidan River requesting that General Thomas help return an absent private to his regiment.

Patton Family Collection of Photographs and Negatives

The Patton Family Collection consists of 156 glass plate negatives, 218 film negatives, 875 photographs, and a negative book, 1885-1945 (bulk 1895-1907), created and/or collected by members of the Patton family and friends. Also included are photographs of Lake Vineyard...

Patton Family Papers

The collection consists of personal and business papers related to the Patton family, and is particularly focused on the activities of George Smith Patton (1856-1927), an attorney, businessman, and the first mayor of San Marino, California. Topics covered include railroads,...

Patton Family Property Papers

This collection contains papers having to do with land plots in the Wilmington area of Los Angeles, California owned by sisters Maria Jesus De Shorb, Annie Wilson, and Ruth Patton. Included in the collection are declaration of trust papers,...

Patton (George S.) speech transcript

Speech to the United States Third Army during World War II.

Patton (James L.) papers

The James L. Patton papers currently consist of 35mm slides from the years 1966-1999 as well as thumbnail albums and digital copies accompanying the slides. These slides contain the photographs from field work done in North America, Mexico, Venezuela, Vietnam,...

Patton, Sr. (George S.) Collection

The collection contains the personal and business papers of George S. Patton, Sr., and his family.

Patton(Gary) Political Papers

This archive contains the political papers of Gary Patton, the Third District Supervisor of Santa Cruz County from 1975-1994.

Pauker (Guy J.) papers

Studies, reports, memoranda, notes, correspondence, trial transcripts, bulletins, press summaries, clippings, and printed matter, relating to political, social, and economic conditions in Indonesia; Indonesian foreign relations, especially with the United States; communism in Indonesia; the coup of 1965 in Indonesia,...

Paul (Almarin B.) Memoir

Almarin B. Paul's memoir is 36 typed pages in a daily journal from 1898, recalling events from 1849-1851. It details his investment in hardware merchandise to be shipped to California, and his departure with his future business partner Dr. Thomas...

Paul (Benjamin D.) Papers

Papers include field notes from research trips to Guatemala, 1941-2000; other research files and notes, including some of his wife Lois Paul; correspondence; class files and departmental records; and reprints.

Paul (Bil) Photographs

Photographs by William (Bil) Paul taken between 1977-1978. Subjects includes: Harvey Milk, Castro Street Fair, George Moscone, Gay Freedom Day Parade - Gay Teachers and School Workers contingent, Anne Kronenberg, and Carol Ruth Silver.

Paul Bissinger papers, 1932-1942.

Chiefly letters, typescripts and finished broadsides for two printing projects Bissinger did for Kathleen and Charles Norris: "Thirtieth anniversary : to CeeGee from Katy" and "To Charles G. Norris on an anniversary, April 23, 1931"

Paul Conrad cartoons, 1971

23 reproduction proofs, various subjects including Vietnam, elections, and prison conditions, by Los Angeles Times political cartoonist, Paul Conrad. Accompanied by a letter from Conrad and an essay on cartooning. Gift of Herb Simpkins

Paul Courtright papers

The Paul Courtright papers contain photograph albums, scrapbooks, newspaper clippings, maps, reports, books, correspondence, journals, and other material collected and/or created by Paul Courtright, a former Peace Corps volunteer who was stationed in the Jeonnam Province of South Korea from...

Paul De Longpre Collection

This collection consists of published material and personal papers. The published materials include magazine and newspaper articles about De Longre's 50th birthday celebration, which includes a poem dedicated to the artist by Theo M. Carpenter; biographical note on De Longre;...

The Paul Ecke Ranch Records

The Paul Ecke Ranch, Inc. Business Records and Family Papers at California State University San Marcos Library include approximately 600 cubic ft. of paper records, prints and photographs, digital and analog media, and artifacts documenting daily operations of the business...

Paul Ellerbe collection, 1960s

Carbon-copy typescript of Ellerbe's The Winds Are My Shelter: The Autobiography of a Comparatively Free Man.

Paul (Elliot) Papers

Elliot Paul (1891-1958) was a journalist for European editions of American newspapers, co-founded the literary review, (1927) in Paris, and a screenwriter. The collection consists of screenplays and proof sheets of books by Paul including , , , , ,...

Paul G. Chace Ephemera Collection

The Paul G. Chace Ephemera Collection is an assortment of memorabilia collected by anthroplogist and arheologist, Paul G. Chace. This collection is a part of a larger donation from Chace to CHSSC that, as a whole, were split into five...

Paul Gann archive, 1978-1989

Campaign materials for State Proposition 13, a property tax reduction initiative; Proposition 8, The Victims Bill of Rights; Propositions 24, 36, and 4, and the 1980 campaign for the United States Senate.

Paul (Gary Norman) typescript

Doctor of Library Science dissertation, University of California, Berkeley. Photocopy.

Paul Groth papers, approximately 1970-2014.

Contains files of course materials, lecture notes, correspondence, syllabi of seminars, class readers, research materials, small architectural drawings, etc. related to Paul Groth's career as a professor of architecture and geography at UC Berkeley, with a particular emphasis on cultural...

Paul J. Corcoran papers, 1962-2000.

Contains papers relating to the Center for Independent Living (CIL); Boston Center for Independent Living (BCIL); Robert Wood Johnson Foundation National Advisory Committee (RWJ NAC); independent living; personal care assistants. Also includes research papers and publications relating to disabilities and...

Paul J. Lundbeck papers, 1887-1970 (bulk 1944-1952).

The Paul J. Lundbeck collection contains correspondence and other materials regarding the life of Paul Lundbeck and his family. Included is correspondence between Paul and his wife Elizabeth written while he served in the Navy during World War II. Also...

Paul Jacobs papers, 1964-1978.

Includes Jacobs' writings and background material on police and criminal justice, especially in California.

Paul Jacobs papers, approximately 1959-1980.

Contains files on Personal Interests, Labor, Police and Criminal Justice, and Informers' Files.

Paul Jacobs papers, approximately 1967-1969.

Manuscripts and notes on Jacobs' activity and interests in writing about race relations with Mexican, Chinese, Japanese, and Native Americans, among other ethnic groups. Contains copies of research materials from as early as 1830.

Paul Jacobs papers relating to George H. McLain and the old age pension movement in California, 1948-1955.

Letters and memoranda from Frank A. Pinner and Philip Selznick, who, with Jacobs, wrote the report, "Old Age and Political Behavior: A Case Study," for the Institute of Industrial Relations, University of California, Berkeley; research notes, drafts of sections of...

Paul Jorgen Gothesen papers, 1911-1956.

Documents relating to Paul Gothesen's life as a San Francisco Bay ferryman, including company memoranda and United States Department of Commerce certificates.

Paul Kohner Agency records

The Paul Kohner Agency records span the years 1935-1988 and encompass approximately 75 linear feet. The collection consists largely of scripts for produced and unproduced films. There are also some agency agreements and contracts, correspondence, and clippings....

Paul Lacombe papers, 1854-1913.

Letters and documents related to his bibliography of the works of Leopold Delisle. Include letters from Edouard J. Champion, Honoré Champion, Léopold V. Delisle, Xavier Delisle, Anatole Claudin, François E. M. Dolbet, Gustave Macon, Henri A. Omont, Edouard Pelay, Georges...

Paul Lemperly letter, 1908 May 7

One letter (TLS) from businessman and book collector Lemperly to E. H. Sauer, re collecting prints and proofs. New York, May 7, 1908. Alpha list.

Paul Lester Morton papers, 1944-1967.

Collection contains papers relating to Morton's career at the University of California, Berkeley in Electrical Engineering. Materials includes articles by Morton, bibliographies of his published works, and biographical information (including work history, professional activities, etc.) Also includes professional correspondence and...

Paul M. Naghdi papers, circa 1943-1995.

Consists primarily of writings by Professor Naghdi. A small amount of correspondence and photographs are also included.

Paul (Michael) typescript

Relates to Romanian and German military operations at Stalingrad and in Yugoslavia during World War II, and to conditions in British prison camps. Photocopy.

Paul Muñiz collection of Nicaraguan Perspectives : and related material, approximately 1980-1990.

Contains records, correspondence, policy guidelines, etc. of Nicaraguan Perspectives, a magazine published by the Nicaragua Information Center. Also contains numerous other miscellaneous publications and materials concerning various Nicaraguan and Latin American issues such as voting campaigns, foreign policy, and the...

[Paul Ogden collection of Harder, Spenger, Davis, and Ogden family photographs, and historical views of Berkeley, Calif.].

Snapshots and portraits of families related to Ogden or relevant to the history of Berkeley, Calif., and snapshots of Berkeley near the turn of the 20th century. Some may be photographs Ogden collected out of historical interest, but most seem...

Paul Padgette collection of American and English writers, 1962-1996 (bulk 1962-1993).

Boxes 1-4 contain correspondence begun by Paul Padgette (then known as Paul McDonald), following his visit to Carl Van Vechten in New York, and continuing until Van Vechten's death. Their passionate, detailed correspondence was based on Padgette's great interest in...

[Paul Padgette collection of Annette Rosenshine material].

Photographs of sculptures by Rosenshine and portraits of her, including several by Ansel Adams and a few by Arnold Genthe.

[Paul Padgette collection of Gertrude Stein photographs and other materials].

Original installment: portrait photographs by Carl Van Vechten of Gertrude Stein and Alice Toklas in the 1930s. Includes photographs taken at Bilignin Villa, Chambery, Stein's home at 27 Rue de Fleurus, in New York, and at University of Virginia and...

Paul Padgette collection of Henry Herman Evans ephemera, 1961-1990.

Contains clippings, a calendar, and other ephemera relating to Henry Evans, collected by Paul Padgette.

Paul Padgette papers, approximately 1950-2000.

Correspondence with booksellers; travel ephemera and travel notebooks; materials for Padgette's unpublished memoir.

Paul Robeson - Othello playbills, 1943-1944

Two printed playbills, Sam S. Shubert Theatre (New York City) and Auditorim Theatre (Rochester, NY). Purchase, HCA

Paul (Rodman W.) papers

Paul was a historian of the American West. His special interest was in mining. The small collection of Rodman Paul papers was given to the Archives by the Division of Humanities and Social Sciences in 2001. It contains a sampling...

Paul Sawtell

Music scores for film and television by Paul Sawtell, and other documents and photographs relating to his life and career.

Paul Schuster Taylor photograph collection [graphic]

Collection includes family pictures (including Paul S. Taylor as a baby), Paul S. Taylor in WWI uniform, and European views from 1971 (PIC box 1). Many views which relate to the Report on community development programs in India, Pakistan, and...

Paul Spivey papers, ca. 1954-1974.

Letters written to him, notes, clippings and related materials, including certificates of award and appreciation, mainly concerning his interest in the history of early sawmills in California, lumbering operations, and redwood trees, and his services as a park ranger. Oversize...

Paul Swatek Sierra Club papers, 1966-1983.

Papers relating to Paul Swatek's involvement in the Sierra Club.

Paul Trujillo Collection: Anza Expedition Reenactment, 1975-1976

During the 1700’s the Spanish government looked to assert Spain’s presence in Alta California permanently by establishing protected ports for Spanish ships along the Alta California coast. One expedition in particular was monumental in helping Spain to reach this goal....

Paul Veblen papers, circa 1960s-1970s

Notes and article about the Santa Barbara News-Press and Paul VeblenÆs involvement in the John Birch Society æskirmishÆ; letters and copies of letters to Veblen from Pearl Chase, along with her copy of Seven Hundred Chinese Proverbs, inscribed to Veblen.

Paul (William L.) papers

The William L. Paul papers contain correspondence, photographs, clippings, and other material regarding William L. Paul, a pioneer date grower in Coachella Valley, California from 1909-1935. Topics include the Coachella Valley Date Growers Association, Paul's personal date business, and the...

Paul William Nishimuta Collection

This collection contains approximately 150 photographs, 3 letters, 2 newspaper clippings, 2 packs of negatives, and 1 photograph album that describe Paul William Nishimuta's service as a member of the 442nd Regimental Combat Team, 100th Infantry Battalion (Separate) during World...

Paula Friedman's collection of Open Cell records, 1969-1988.

The collection consists of copies of "Open Cell," a periodical that was associated with the Free University of Berkeley. The collection also contains Paula Friedman's recollections on the history of "Open Cell."

Paula Kirkeby/Smith Andersen Gallery collection of Bruce Conner, 1964-2001 (bulk 1974-2001).

The collection consists of gallery records regarding the representation and promotion of artist Bruce Conner. Organized chronologically, the collection includes gallery records, including correspondence, announcements, inventories and invoices. Also included are articles, reviews, interviews, resumes, bibliographies and reproductions of Conner's...

Paula S. Fass papers, 1970-2010.

Contains research files, writing drafts, course notes, professional activities, and university service files.

Pauley (Edwin W.) papers

Edwin Wendell Pauley was born in 1903. In 1940 Pauley served as a member of the University of California, Board of Regents, a position he kept for 30 years. The bulk of the collection consists of photographs, photo albums, and...

Pauley Family Collection

The Pauley family is known for its ties to the oil business and the University of California, Los Angeles. The family also has a decades-long involvement with plans to redevelop the site of the historic winery in Guasti, California and...

Paulina June Pollak papers

The collection contains Paulina June Pollak's personal and professional records, documents, photographs, family geneaology, personal book collection, and awards.

Pauline Cushman scrapbook, 1863-1869, 1893.

Contains mainly newspaper clippings collected by Pauline Cushman documenting her speaking engagements about her life as a Union Army spy during the American Civil War. Included are announcements, reviews, and biographical pieces. Clippings are from various state newspapers and date...

Pauline Dietz Sierra Club papers, 1947.

Papers relating to Pauline Dietz's involvement in the Sierra Club.

Pauline (Jean) Oral History

Sound recording of interview with Jean Pauline conducted by Harvey Schwartz. Discusses youth in Brooklyn, 1920s-1930s, early interest in cooperatives and anarchism, coming to California, 1944; helping establish Peace and Freedom Party in San Diego, 1967; and Modern Times Bookstore...

Pauline Larwood Papers

This collection houses a variety of government documents, papers, photographs, business records, scrapbooks, ephemera, and other pertinent information regarding a variety of topics related to the political career of Pauline Larwood.

Pauline Simington Newcomer papers

Primarily typescripts of short works, together with some related correspondence....

Paulist Productions records

Paulist Productions was founded in Los Angeles in 1960 by Ellwood "Bud" Kieser (b. March 27, 1929-d. September 16, 2000), a Catholic priest and member of the Paulist Fathers. Its initial television series, , originally consisted of little more than...

Pauloo (Mary G.) papers

This collection consists of published sheet music, manuscripts, concert programs, press clippings, photographs, and correspondence collected by or addressed to Los Angeles area vocalist Mary Green Pauloo, who worked closely with composer and educator Mary Carr Moore and was involved...

Paulson (Tim) Federation of Retired Union Members (FORUM) Collection

This collection consists of the administrative papers of the Federation of Retired Union Members (FORUM). Materials include the organization's by-laws, minutes, correspondence, bank and dues statements, and health care files and programs.

Paulson (Tim) Labor Party Advocates Collection

Contains materials related to the Bay Area chapters of the Labor Party Advocates, including correspondence, membership lists, bank statements, labor newsletters, media lists and press releases, and the rules for the founding convention of the Labor Party.

Pauly (Ira) Papers

Ira Pauly was an American psychiatrist known for his research and writing on transsexualism. This collection includes a number of Pauly’s published writings on the topic of transsexualism. It also includes an original video recording of Pauly’s interview with Louis...

Pavatea (Tom) Collection

Tom Pavatea was a Hopi Indian who was a trader on the Hopi reservation beginning in the late 1890s and running through the 1940s. This collection includes official correspondence and papers of Tom Pavatea from 1933 to 1947.

Pavey (Robert F.) Personal Papers

Robert F. Pavey was born in 1928 in Vernal, Utah. He joined the Navy and served in the Navy Photographic Section.

Pavlov (D. P.) typescript

Relates to the economics of grain production in Canada and prospects for the future.

Pavlov (Iv.) typescript

Relates to the Trotskyist opposition in Russia.

Pavlov (Ivan P.) collection of 18 contemporary laboratory photographs

The collection of photographs, taken around the turn of the 20th century, shows Pavlov's laboratories, coworkers, and some laboratory procedures used in his experiments. The photographs were presented by one of Pavlov's pupils, Professor Petr Stepanovich Kupalov, to Dr. Mary...

Pavlov (Leonid) papers

Correspondence, minutes, protocols, reports, circulated material, and financial records relating to activities of the independent trade union Nezavisimost' in the Soviet Union and post-Soviet Russia.

Pavlova (Anna) Collection

The collection comprises dance programs, photographs, postcards, clippings, and tributes assembled by the University of California, Irvine, Special Collections and Archives to document the career of Anna Pavlova, a ballerina who was renowned for her inspiring performances and for generating...

Pavlovskaia (Elena Fedorovna) letters

Letters to E. F. Pavlovskaia from her sisters Ekaterina Fedorovna Estifeeva and Elizaveta Fedorovna Estifeeva, both residents of Voronezh, Russia, relating to family matters and social conditions in the Soviet Union.

Pavlu Nikolaevichu Miliukovu, tribute, 1817, 1910.

Tribute to P. N. Miliukov from the Finnish colony of St. Petersburg, 1910. Two pages of origianl signatures, prececeded by leaf containing text of tribute, in manuscript, and decorated with an original drawing, hand-colored. Includes translation of tribute text.

Paxton (John) papers

The John Paxton papers span the years 1941-1980 (bulk 1942-1970) and encompass 13 linear feet. The collection contains production material, scripts, correspondence, and clippings. In addition to the film scripts, there are also scripts for unproduced films and television programs,...

Paxton (John) papers

John Paxton (1911- ) worked as a press agent (1937-38), associate editor for magazine (1937-38) and a publicist for New York Theatre Guild (1941) before coming to Hollywood to work as a scriptwriter with RKO. The collection consists of Paxton's...

Payn (James) Papers

James Payn (1830-1898) was a English author and magazine editor. The collection consists of original holograph manuscripts of Payn's novels , , and .

Payne (George and J. Howard) Papers

Ledger of orchard accounts from the Payne ranch (1870-1892) located near Campbell, California, and Local Secretary-Treasurer's Minute Books from Moreland Local No. 92, Farmers' Educational and Co-operative Union of America, California Division (1927-1936).

Payne (George S.) 1835-1840 journals onboard Niantic (built 1835; ship, 3m)

The George S. Payne 1835-1840 journals onboard NIANTIC (built 1835; ship, 3m), (SAFR 23812, HDC 1656) consists of four handwritten journals containing the observations and musings of able seaman and second mate George S. Payne while sailing on four year-long...

Payne J. Shafter papers, 1876-1894.

Include letters to him from California State Prison at San Quentin and from Robert Dollar re his supplying them with wood, and from the California State Board of Agriculture re reward for his gelding Viking; accounts.

Payne (John) scripts

John Payne was a television and motion picture actor. In the 1950s Payne was featured in his own television series (1957-59). The collection consists of seventy-plus scripts for the series.

Payne (Kenneth W.) Collection - Philippines

The Kenneth W. Payne Research Archive (DOC1989.1) contains research Payne conducted from 1972 to 1985 on the traditional medical practices of the Bagobo people of Mindanao, Philippines, including diseases, symptoms, treatments and cures; healer and patient relationships; and nutrition. Based...

Payne (Miles) poetry collection

Issues of Payne's little magazine The Light Year, and his The Lovable Cable Car: Free Poems Among Friends.

Payne (Oskar Birkett) views of China

The collection of glass and nitrate negatives contains almost 1,000 views of Shanghai and surrounding areas taken by Oscar Birkett Payne, especially documenting sites and scenes along the waterways going as far north as Ningbo (Ningpo) and Hangzhou (Hangchow). The...

Payne (Owen Street) Papers

Essays by Payne, primarily concerning WWII.

Payne (Robert) Papers

Pierre Stephen Robert Payne (1911-1983) was a professor of English poetry and lecturer in naval architecture (1943-46), head of the English deptartment at Alabama College, Montevallo (1949-54), war correspondent in Spain (1938), correspondent for the in Changsha, China (1942), the...

Payne (Theodore) collection

The collection contains Theodore Payne nursery catalogs; pricelists; plant and seed lists; articles and pamphlets authored by Payne for magazines and newsletters; and correspondence with Susanna Bixby Bryant and staff of California Botanic Garden.

Payne (Theodore) papers

Theodore Payne was a horticulturalist, nurseryman, and expert on California native plants. Materials in the Theodore Payne papers include personal and business records, records pertaining to his professional interests and activities, photographic material, publications on horticulture and gardening, landscaping records,...

[Paynter Bros. photographs of Costa Rica].

Professional views taken in Costa Rica in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Subjects include various views of San José, the volcanoes Turrialba and Poás, the Northern Railway, and the Teatro Nacional. Also includes views of the Río Grande,...

Payro (Julio) Letters received

The collection comprises 354 letters from 116 correspondents sent to the Argentine art critic Julio Payró between 1937 and 1971.

Payton (Jay) Papers

Legendary Bay Area emcee Jay Payton (1925-2016) was born William J Payton on Oct. 29, 1925 in Asheville, North Carolina. Beginning in 1972 Payton hosted the KEMO-TV music show “Soul Is” (later “The Jay Payton Show”), a weekly entertainment show...

Paz (Hipolito Jesus) papers

Correspondence, writings, clippings, and photographs, relating to American-Argentine relations, the presidency of Juan Perón of Argentina, activities of Perón after his deposition in 1955, and activities of the Peronist political movement. Includes letters by Perón and Milton Eisenhower (brother of...

P.E. Van Pelt fire truck catalog and correspondence, 1938-1943.

Binder of materials on fire engine trucks the company produced for various towns, government agencies, and universities throughout California. Binder contains black and white lithographic prints of fire trucks with specifications on the back of each one. The binder was...

Peabody (George Tompkins) Papers

The collection consists of correspondence, documents, and news clippings related to the life and professional activities of George Tompkins Peabody.

Peabody (Henry G.) Collection of Photographs and Negatives

The Peabody Collection consists of 672 glass plate negatives in various sizes, 1054 film negatives in various sizes, 24 photograph albums, 887 loose photographs in a variety of formats, published works, and manuscript material, created and collected by Henry G....

Peabody (Homer and Betty) Magic Lantern Collection

The (1800-2006) contains forty-two magic lanterns, approximately five thousand glass slides, as well as material related to the Peabody's membership in the Magic Lantern societies of the United States, Canada, and Great Britain, and their collecting activities and interests. The...

Peabody (Paul E.) papers

Correspondence, orders, citations, and commendations, relating to American military intelligence operations, military liaison with Great Britain and Mexico, and occupation of Japan after World War II.

Peace & Disarmament collection

A collection of over 800 pamphlets, papers, and articles devoted to the control of armed conflict.

Peace and Freedom Party Collection

The Peace and Freedom Party was founded on June 23, 1967 during the 1960's civil rights and anti-Vietnam War movements. By 1968 the group gained national recognition and dedicated their efforts towards achieving their platforms of a socialist, democratic, feminist,...

Peace and Freedom Party Collection

Collection consists of ephemeral materials, internal papers, and campaign literature relating to the Peace and Freedom Party....

Peace Corps in Korea collection

This collection consists of the photographs, papers, art, and other items related to members of the Peace Corps in Korea.

Peace Officer Standards and Training Commission Records

The records of the Peace Officer Standards and Training Commission consist of seven cubic feet of textual and audiovisual records spanning the period from 1970-1992, which reflect the activities of the Commission as it worked to raise the level of...

Peace Resource Center of Santa Barbara Collection

Newsletters, flyers, correspondence, photos, and subject files of the Santa Barbara center.

Peace (Steve) Papers

John Stephen (Steve) Peace, Democrat, was a State Assembly Member, 1982-1993, and a Senator, 1993-2002. The Steve Peace Papers consist of 42 cubic feet of textual records covering 1983-2002. The collection is organized into five series: Bill Files, Worker's Compensation...

Peace subject collection

Pamphlets, clippings, leaflets, letters, memoranda, circulars, reports, and bulletins, relating to pacifism, disarmament, international law, the Paris Peace Conference of 1919, the League of Nations and other actual or proposed international organizations, and various proposed plans to ensure peace.

The peaceful conquest of Mexico, 1899 [graphic].

Photographs taken on a trip to Mexico; includes some professional photographs. Shows local people, street scenes, scenery, a bull fight, etc.

The Peacekeeper Rail Garrison Project Records

Business records of The Peacekeeper Rail Garrison Project, a collaborative project between first class class railroads through the Association of American Railroads, defense contractors and the United States Air Force, which sought to identify locations along railroad right of way...

Peach (Kenneth D., Jr.) Lantern Slide Collection

28 lantern slides of the 1893 World's Columbian Exposition in Chicago. 6 lantern slides of miscellaneous California scenes. ca. 1893

Peach (Kenneth) papers

Kenneth Peach, Sr. was a special effects artists and set photographer. The collection consists primarily of television scripts related to the Peach's career.

Peacock log, January 1, 1836 - November 5, 1837, and journal, August 19, 1838 - July 18, 1841.

The log records voyages in the Pacific, returning via California and Cape Horn to Norfolk, Va.

Peairs (Howard A.) Papers

Drafts of three bills introduced by Assemblyman Howard A. Peairs in the 40th State Legislature, 1913-1914....

Peñaloza's (Ezequiel Padilla) Archive

Materials consist of photographs, campaign flyers and broadsides, campaign correspondence and other documents that provide background information for Padilla's campaign. One such document is a fifty page photostatic document regarding foreign communists and leftists in Mexico from government officials. The...

Pearce (Al) papers

Comedian Al Pearce became an established name in radio and was best known for playing Elmer Blurt, a self-conscious door-to-door salesman. The collection consists of script files, sound recordings, and photographs related to Pearce's radio career as well as a...

Pearce (Alice) papers

Collection includes the scripts, photographs, clippings, correspondence, awards, and personal materials of American actress Alice Pearce (1917-1966). Also present are music recordings from the personal collection of Pearce's first husband, composer John Rox (1907-1957).

Pearce (Donald) Papers

The collection contains correspondence, teaching materials, and copies of articles by the late Donald Pearce, professor of English at UCSB from the 1970s through the 1990s.

Pearce (Donald) Ross Macdonald (Ken Millar) audio recordings

19 audiocassettes containing discussions by the late Donald Pearce, professor of English at UCSB from the 1970s through the 1990s, on American-Canadian crime-fiction writer Ken Millar (1915-1983) (pseudonym Ross MacDonald), lectures on W.H. Auden, and a discussion with Tom Nolan...

Pearce (Dr. William M.) Collection

The Dr. William M. Pearce Collection documents the professional life of a practicing physician in Wilmington, California between 1924 and 1955. The collection primarily consists of appointment books detailing Pearce’s daily professional activities, and a small amount of material related...

Pearce (James B.) Papers

The (1924-1963) primarily document the advertising activities and real estate listings of Pearce's real estate company, H. Pearce "Ranches Only."  Of particular interest is the first issue of the (1928), a rare newspaper about the area's agricultural activities, and scrapbook...

Pearce (Mercedes) postcard collection

The collection consists of 5 postcards are primarily of scenes in San Francisco Bay (Calif.) with one postcard of the U.S. Torpedo Boat Destroyer WORDEN.

Pearce (Roy Harvey) Papers

Papers of scholar, critic, and founder of the UCSD literature department and the Archive for New Poetry. Included is correspondence regarding a wide variety of topics, for example, Jack Spicer research and the creation of the poetry archive. Correspondents include...

Pearcy (Susan D.) wood and linoleum block prints of United Farm Workers

Susan Due Pearcy is an internationally known artist and printmaker working in the tradition of the transcendentalists. This collection consists of sixteen of her linoleum and woodcut block prints depicting scenes of the migrant field work from her time volunteering...

Pearl Chase correspondence, circa 1833-1918

Collection of ten letters and documents removed from the Community Development and Conservation Collection [also known as the Pearl Chase Collection, SBHC Mss 1]. Includes items from [?] Bryce, Theodore E. Burton, R. Choute, Hamilton Fish, John Hay, Augustus Post,...

Pearl Chase letter, 1962 September

Carbon copy of a letter (TLS) from Pearl Chase to John A. Hussey, Historian, National Park Service, San Francisco, re birth of Isabel Larkin, believed to be first child born in California of American parents. Santa Barbara, September 1962. Found...

Pearl Chase oral history, 1968-1974

Interviews with Pearl Chase about her life, Santa Barbara history in the early 20th century, her longstanding involvement in community development efforts. Also, tapes of events involving and honoring her. Interviewer: Gibbs Smith, ca. 1972-1973. Other tapes, 1968, 1974, and...

Pearl Church diary, 1928.

Diary made by Pearl Church of her 8800 mile rail trip west with her friend Flora Thane, from August 4 to September 3, 1928. They visited Colorado Springs, the Grand Canyon, Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, Portland, Seattle, and...

Pearl (Ed), Ash Grove Collection

This collection contains material belonging to Ed Pearl, founder of the Ash Grove venue. The majority of material related to the Ash Grove includes documents regarding efforts to create a new Ash Grove in the 1980s, as well as in...

Pearl Harbor Dispatches Special Collection

On the morning of December 7, 1941, there was a surprise Japanese military strike against the US naval base, Pearl Harbor, in Oahu, Hawaii. This Collection contains dispatches reporting on the attack.

Pearl Harbor lifeboat logs : typescripts, 1941 Dec. 11-29.

Daily logs of the lifeboats of the SS "Lahaina" and the SS "Manini." Both ships were torpedoed or shot at by Japanese vessels. L.B. #2 of the Lahaina was at sea from Dec. 11-21, 1941; L.B. #2 of the Manini...

Pearl (Robert C.) Papers

Robert C. Pearl (1925-2012) served as Cooperative Extension Specialist with the UC Davis Department of Food Science and Technology. The collection contains biographical information, correspondence, and Pearl's publications as well as materials related to UC Cooperative Extension and the UC...

Pearlman (Bill) Papers

Papers of Bill Pearlman (1943-2016), poet, actor, playwright, Jungian psychotherapist and founding director of the Institute for Archetypal Drama.

Pearlman (Judith) interviews with Bauhaus masters and students

The collection comprises audio interviews by Judith Pearlman, accompanied by some transcrips, translations, notes and printed matter. Also included are two videotapes of Bauhaus films; and the original unenhanced cassette tapes and reel-to-reel master copies.

Pearlstein (Leo) papers

Leo Pearlstein is an American public relations executive known as the "Culinary King of Public Relations" and one of the pioneers of food consulting. The collection is comprised of recipes, photographs, press releases, magazine clippings, letters, memoranda, emails, menus, leaflets,...

Pearman (Reginald) Photograph Collection

Photojournalist Reginald A. Pearman worked as a staff photographer for the , , and the Associated Press and over his career was a regular contributor to Magazine, , and the . The Reginald Pearman photograph collection includes 614 photographic prints...

Pearson family papers, 1858-1960.

Consists of diaries, correspondence, and newspaper clippings. Diaries are by Samuel Pearson and his wife Margaret Pearson; they include Samuel Pearson's service Spanish-American War in Cuba, and time stationed in Calif. and Japan. Also includes menus, military documents, a scrapbook,...

Pearson (Gerald L.) Papers

Correspondence, 1961-1982, research notebooks on optical properties of solids and other subjects, technical reports prepared during his tenure at Bell Telephone Laboratories, reprints, photographs and slides, legal papers relating to patents, transcript of an oral history interview, memorabilia, and other...

Pearson (Grace N.) papers

Correspondence, pamphlets, reports, newspaper articles, photographs, and memorabilia, relating to the evacuation and resettlement of Japanese Americans on the West Coast during World War II.

Pearson (Gustavus C.) Papers

The collection consists primarily of diaries, and letters between the members of Gustavus Pearson's immediate family -- his wife Hattie and three children, John A., Francis, and Norman. Included in the correspondence are also a few letters from Gustavus and...

Pearson, Norman Holmes Letter to Dixon : and related material : LS, 1941 Dec. 29.

Transmits to Dixon a carbon typescript of Pearson's review of F.O. Matthiessen's American Renaissance (Oxford University Press) submitted to decision, and makes comment about Dixon's next visit the following summer when the war is hoped to be "well on the...

Peary (Dannis) papers

This collection includes various articles and interviews written by American film critic Dannis (Danny) Peary.

Pease (Daniel C.) papers

This small collection pertains to the early career of microscopist Daniel C. Pease, Ph.D. (1914-2001) at the University of Southern California (USC) and University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). Pease developed thin-slice histological techniques for electron microscopy at USC; two...

Pease Family Papers

This collection consists of materials from three generations of the family of Massachusetts doctor and Marshall/Caroline Islands medical missionary Edmund Morris Pease (1828-1906) and his wife Harriet A. Sturtevant Pease (born 1877), dating from 1816 to 1974 (bulk 1870-1930), and...

Pease (Francis Gladheim) Addenda

This collection includes correspondence, manuscripts, printed material, and ephemera all related to Mount Wilson Solar Observatory astronomer Francis Gladheim Pease (1881-1938), his astronomy work, and the telescopes he designed (bulk dating from 1908-1937).

Pease (Francis Gladheim) Papers

This collection consists of the research papers of American astronomer Francis Pease (1881-1938), one of the original staff members of the Mount Wilson Solar Observatory.

Pease (Hattie A.) (1846-1933) Papers, 1861-1894

The bulk of this collection consists of long letters "Hattie" Pease wrote to "Friends at home" while she was in Micronesia. One letter is from Honolulu (May-June, 1877) and there are two folders containing pages from her journal.

Pease (Howard) Papers

Included in the Howard Pease Papers are drafts of some of his published novels, short stories and newspaper articles as well as correspondence from family, friends, fans and business associates. The collection also contains memorabilia, including awards, reviews, photographs and...

Pease (Lute) Collection

Mining and settlement in 1860s Nevada, prospecting and settlement in the Yukon Territory and Alaska 1897-1901, West Coast literary magazines in the early twentieth century, Pease family history...

Pease (May R.) Autograph Album

Autograph album belonging to May R. Pease contains quotations and poetry by family and friends, primarily in Sutter County.

Peatman (Philip) Collection

This collection contains material by and about Henry Miller, collected by Philip D. and Sylvia Peatman. ...

Peattie (Donald C. and Louise R.) Papers

The bulk of the collection relates to the writings of Donald Culross Peattie, but there also is substantial material regarding Louise Redfield Peattie's writings. In addition, there is some personal/family material.

Peattie (Noel) Papers

Noel Peattie (1932-2005), a poet and author of and served as Acquisitions Librarian at the University of California, Davis from 1966-1992. His Papers contain correspondence with Gary Snyder and A.D. Winans, among others, and manuscripts of some of Peattie's works.

Pecanins (Yani) artists' books

The collection comprises eighteen artists' books created by Mexican artist Yani Pecanins. Most of the books are unique (i.e., the artist only made one copy) and incorporate found objects, such as washing boards, spools of thread, newspaper, needles, combs, plates,...

Pecci-Blunt (Anna Laetitia) collection of maps of Rome

The collection of forty-two maps of the city of Rome dates from the mid-16th century to the late 19th century, and originally formed part of the library of collector, philanthropist, gallerist and patron of the arts, Countess Anna Laetitia Pecci-Blunt...

Pecci-Blunt (Anna Laetitia) Print Collection of Views of Rome

The collection consists of 97 prints of views of the city of Rome, dating 1589 to circa 1860, from the library of collector, gallerist, philanthropist and patron of the arts, Countess Anna Laetitia Pecci-Blunt.

Peck (Col. George) Personal Papers

Col. George Peck served with the 107th Observation Squadron and the 67th Tactical Recon Group during WWII. He was Commanding Officers of both.

Peck family correspondence, 1891-1947 (bulk 1904-1915).

Contains correspondence concerning both the private and public interests of the Peck family, most notably Janet Peck, including the Golden Gate International Exposition, the Serbian Eastern Orthodox Church and correspondence with Phoebe Apperson Hearst.

Peck (Gregory) papers

The Gregory Peck papers span from the 1920s to 1993 and encompass approximately 132 linear feet. The collection contains production files for film and television, subject files, correspondence, scrapbooks, and photographs. The photograph series consists of more than 6,000 items....

Peck (Harold) Papers

Correspondence, pamphlets.

Peck (M. Scott) Collection

The Papers of M. Scott Peck features copies of his books in 25 translations, published reviews of his books, several published magazine and newspaper articles as well as interviews including accounts of Scott Peck’s life and work, and many of...

Peck (Orrin) Collection of Photographs

The collection consists of 298 photographs, 1878-1951 (bulk 1890-1915), collected by American portraitist and landscape painter Orrin Peck and his sister Janet M. Peck. Primarily portraits, the photographs depict friends and acquaintances (both identified and unidentified) of Orrin and Janet...

Peck (Orrin M.) Papers

This collection consists of the personal correspondence of American portraitist and landscape painter Orrin Peck (1860-1921) and his sister, Janet Peck. The collection contains references to various artists, musicians, authors, and public figures chiefly from the 1890s-1910s.

Peck (Templeton) papers

Memoirs, 1988, and radio broadcast transcripts, memoranda, and reports, 1944-1945, relating to activities of the Office of War Information during World War II, and especially to its radio broadcasts of news and commentary in various languages to Europe from its...

Peck (Willys) Papers

Papers from the estate of Willys I. Peck related to his work for the San Jose Mercury News and the American Newspaper Guild.

Peck (Willys R.) papers

Diary and other writings, correspondence, memoranda, biography, and clippings, relating to Chinese foreign relations, domestic politics in China, and the Japanese occupation in Bangkok, Thailand, during World War II.

Peckham (Stephen F.) Papers

These papers consist of a journal (1865-1866) kept by Peckham (with some entries by his wife, Mary Chace Peckham, active in the suffrage movement) during their stay in San Buenaventura, California; correspondence between Peckham and geologists then working in California...

Peckinpah (Sam) papers

The Sam Peckinpah papers span the years 1936-1985 (bulk 1970s-1980s) and encompass 99.5 linear feet. The collection contains production material, scripts, story files, correspondence, legal and financial records, books and magazines, audiotapes and disc recordings, scrapbooks, and photographs. Personal material...

Peck-Jardine -1902.

Business papers and family correspondence from four related families: Peck, Chater, Earle, and Jardine.

Pecora (Joseph B.) Papers

Joseph B. Pecora, as the de facto historian of the Alamo Square neighborhood, conducted research on historical neighborhood homes and buildings as part of his involvement in the Alamo Square Neighborhood Association, which he later compiled and published as a...

Pecos River Viaduct Construction Photograph Album

This album consists of 71 photographs of the construction and early days of the bridge.

Pecourt (Edouard) Tango and Latin American music collection

The Edouard Pecourt Tango and Latin American music collection consists of correspondence, photographs, albums, clippings playbills, programs, ephemera, manuscript scores, sheet music, lyrics sheets, and research materials related to tango and Latin American music from the beginning of the 20th...

Pecsek (Steven) Stanford Concert Program Collection

This collection is comprised of select event programs at Stanford ranging from 1938 to 1948....

Pedacitos de Mexico /

Whimsical figures combining animals or traditional subjects of Mexico (Nahuals, Quetzalcoatl, nopal cactus, roosters, etc.) with contemporary elements (skateboards, cellular phones, etc.) or skulls.

Peder Sather letters : San Francisco, California, to Christoffer Petersen Sather, Odalen, Norway, 1856 and 1867.

Two handwritten personal letters addressed to Peder Sather's brother in Norway; on printed letterhead stationery of the Banking House of Sather and Church.

Pedersen family collection

Pedersen family collection (SAFR 18578, HDC0552) consists entirely of reprographic copies from Adolph Cornelius Pedersen and his son, Captain Leonard Pedersen including a sail plan and survey of the bark CHALLENGER and a day book kept by Captain Pedersen aboard...

Pedersen's Furniture Company records, 1903-2017

This collection contains the business records of Pedersen's Furniture Company, which was known as Santa Rosa's oldest family-owned store until its closure in 2019. The collection includes family photographs, advertisements, ledgers and ephemera documenting the history of the company....

Pederson (Donald E.) drawings of the Carrillo Street Hotel/Conference Center

The Donald E. Pederson drawings of the Carrillo Street Hotel/Conference Center span 3 linear feet and date from 1984. The collection consists of 19 architectural drawings. Drawings include: elevations (interior and exterior), area maps, specifications, floor plans, site plan, and...

Pederson (Duane), Jesus People International, and Hollywood Free Paper Collection

Duane Pederson (1938-), a key figure in the Jesus Movement, was raised in Minnesota and moved to California to pursue a career as an entertainer. He started the Hollywood Free Paper (HPF) in 1969 as a Christian response to the...

Pediatric pain interviews collection

The Pediatric Pain Interviews Collection was created 2003-2007 by a UCLA interdisciplinary team led by Professor Margaret C. Jacob and Dr. Marcia Meldrum of the UCLA Department of History and Dr. Lonnie K. Zeltzer of the Department of Pediatrics in...

Pedigree Chart of Joseph Murillo Northrop

This is a pedigree chart created by Marie Northrop, documenting the family tree of Joseph Murillo Northrop on a layout copyrighted 1949 by Wendell O. Rich. The Northrop family is documented in California and Mexico from 1700 to 1944.

Pedro Corvalan ordenes : Arispe, Mexico : D, 1783 Nov.-Dec.

Orders of the governor of Sonora, concerning the Mission of San Carlos of Sonora and improving conditions for the inhabitants of the province, with special measures regarding cattle.

Pedro de Alberni papers, 1800-1801.

Military communications to Macario Castro, Comisionado, Pueblo de San Jose.

Pedro de Alvarado letters : ms., 1534 Jan. 18-1541 Apr. 29.

Six letters of Alvarado: two to the King of Spain, Puerto de la Posesión, Nicaragua, January 18, 1534, and Guatemala City, May 12, 1535; one to Governor Barrionuevo of Tierra Firme, Puerto Viejo, Peru, March 10, 1534; one to the...

Pedro de Lemos Collection

Collection consists of a bound booklet titled “Pedro de Lemos Early Twentieth Century Artist & Craftsman,” containing photocopied documents, articles, photographs, and drawings compiled by Phyllis Lyon Munsey, circa 1990; and other assorted photocopied photographs and news clippings, 1924-41.

Pedro Espejo family papers, 1856-1898.

Mainly letters to Eduardo Espejo (1876-1878) from family in San Francisco; and a few written by him (1877) from San Bartolo, Sonora, Mexico; some letters to General Pedro Espejo (1865-1867) from the Mexican Ministry of War concerning appointment to military...

Pedro Fages : The first Californian : typescript : [ca. 1947-1950]

Drafts of a book or paper on the Spanish explorer and military governor Pedro Fages, by Desdemona Heinrich, Berkeley, Calif. Contains: preliminary draft; Fages & Serra; Pedro Fages to 1782; Pedro Fages in Baja California, 1783.

Pedro Fages correspondence and documents, 1772-1788.

Includes letter to Father Junípero Serra, with reply by Serra; list of captives from settlements on the Colorado River, and those killed there, Dec. 20, 1781; copy, in hand of Hermenegildo Sal, of diary kept during expedition from Pitic to...

Pedro J. Gonzalez Papers

A telegraph operator for Pancho Villa during the Mexican Revolution; a radio personality and popular recording artist in Los Angeles; an immigration activist framed for political purposes and sent to San Quentin prison; and finally, a man fighting for the...

Pedro Javier de Vera correspondencia : Cáceres and Cádiz, Spain : LS, 1810 July 9-Sept. 25.

Correspondence (copies and signed duplicate) of Vera, Matías Bazo, and José María Cos, dealing principally with a remittance payable to Vera's attorney, Miguel de Náxera; referring also to ecclesiastical and political matters connected with the Council of the Indies.

Pedro Lainez poesias, [16--].

Photostat copy (negative).

Pedro María de Vargas y Silva papers, 1772-1804.

Include the following: request, l772 to be admitted as a cadet in the cavalry regiment in Seville, with approval signed by Alexander O'Reilly; orders by Pedro Gorostiza, Feb. l3, l79l, for Vargas and others to accompany officials on a census...

Pedro Racobih documents : D.S., 1844-1847.

Request for property in Monterey, Calif. written for him by George Allen, Dec. 13, 1844. Also included: confirmation of grant by Marcelino Escobar, Dec. 14, 1844; notation of recording by Ambrosio Gómez; assignation of land to Ricardo Juan by María...

Pedro Sanchez de Perales family heraldic documents, 1999.

Contains two modern heraldic documents, a family tree and a coat of arms, prepared by the Knights of Malta, Western Association, on behalf of Antonio R. Sanchez-Corea, a descendant of Pedro Sanchez de Perales of Spain. The family tree (39...

Pedrorena (Miguel de) Letter

This is a photostat, created circa 1932, of a letter from Miguel de Pedrorena to Captain Stephen Smith. Original letter written October 10, 1845....

Pedroza (Alma and Alfonse) Recordings

Instantaneous (lacquer) disc recordings of Mexican-American opera singers Alma and Alfonse Pedroza.

Peebles (Curtis) Personal Papers

Curtis Peebles was an aerospace historian for the Smithsonian Institute and is known as the nation’s leading researcher and skeptic on UFO sightings. In addition to his UFO research, he has written numerous books and magazine articles dealing with declassified...

Peel, Dorothy Mason (UCLA 1935). Student and alumna memorabilia and scrapbooks.

Record Series 644 contains the student and alumna memorabilia and scrapbooks of Dorothy Mason Peel (1935). Files regard UCLA sports (including football, basketball, volleyball, and tennis), Phi Omega Pi, and UCLA clubs & organizations. Materials include clippings, photographs, programs, tickets,...

Peer Gynt Costume Illustration Collection

This collection is comprised of 43 original costume illustrations used for the San Jose State College production of Henrik Ibsen’s , which was presented during the college’s Diamond Jubilee on May 21st, 1937. These costume designs were produced by students...

Peer (John A.) Papers

Collection consists of correspondence and legal and business papers of Peer, including bills and receipts, concerning his activities as an inventor of devices for improved smelting and refining of gold ore....

Peer (Ralph S.) correspondence archive

The Ralph S. Peer correspondence archive consists of letters and printed matter to and from Peer concerning multiple events and personages related to the local, national, and international expansion and growth of camellia-related activities through the many efforts of Peer.

Peers Family Photograph Albums

[Colfax and other places in California: 1910-1926]. 615 photographs, varying sizes from 2.25 x 3.25 to 5 x 7 inches, with a few larger format images, in two oblong, string-tied albums.

Peery family papers,

Includes receipt for lot in Yuba City, Calif., 1893; 2 letters from Hiram W. Johnson to Mrs. T.P. Peery concerning a foreign service appointment for her son; and obituary notices for Trusten P. Peery, 1936.

Peet family papers, 1859-1878.

Include letters from Edward Warren Peet, mainly to his wife, relating to his experiences mining in California, Nevada and Arizona, and correspondence and accounts primarily concerning his flour mill business in Neenah, Wisconsin, in the early 1860's.

Pefley, Lola Cannon (Second World War correspondence)

This collection contains various soldier correspondence to Lola Cannon Pefley, and ephemera during the Second World War.

Pegge Family Papers

Samuel Pegge (1704-1796)was a Fellow of St. John's College, Cambridge (1726), vicar of Godmersham, Kent (1731), rector of Whittington, Staffordshire (1751), and a antiquarian. His son, the younger Samuel Pegge (d. 1800), became a barrister, a groom of his majesty's...

Peggy Christian (Firm) Records

Collection consists of material related to the Peggy Christian Bookseller. Includes correspondence, catalogs, business records (1947-83), and ledgers (1954-82). Also includes working papers for an article regarding the Newberry and Caldecott awards and correspondence of James Sanborn....

Peggy Jeanne Green papers, circa 1960-1975.

Contains promotional materials, advertisements, and other ephemera for California City, Calif. used by an agent to promote real estate sales. Also includes a buyer copy of a real estate agreement (signed by Green) to purchase land in California City from...

Peggy LaViolette Powell papers on the Eyes West conference : Monterey, California, 1961 Sept. 15-17.

Contains article on the Eyes West conference including short biographies and statements from photographer Ansel Adams, advertiser Howard Gossage, producer and actor John Houseman, architect Louis I. Kahn, author Lewis Mumford, music composer Gunther Schuller, and art director Henry Wolf....

Peggy Wayburn papers 1968-1998.

The papers consist primarily of manuscript drafts. Also included are correspondence, reports, book proposals, and reviews, diaries, and field notes.

Peggy Wayburn photograph collection [graphic].

Chiefly slides of wilderness areas in Alaska and California. Also views in Hawaii and other parts of the United States. Also present are photographs from Wayburn's travels abroad, including the Galapagos Islands and Africa. Some family photographs present, with many...

Peggy Wayburn Sierra Club papers, 1957-1973.

Papers relating to Peggy Wayburn's involvement in the Sierra Club.

Pehrson (Elmer Walter) Photograph Album and Papers

The photograph album, kept during his four years at Stanford, includes images of faculty (James Perrin Smith, Cyrus Fisher Tolman, David Starr Jordan, John Casper Branner, Austin Flint Rogers, and Hayes Wilson Young); Geology and Mining Society group portraits; dorm...

Peirce family papers

Primarily letters between various members of the Peirce family as well as their friends and associates, the bulk dating from approximately 1850 to 1920. Collection also contains business records and many photographs.

Peirce (George J.) letters

Letters from friends in Great Britain relating to conditions in Great Britain during World War II, January-February 1941.

Peirce (George J) Papers

Peirce's papers are primarily incoming and outgoing correspondence pertaining to his professional interests (research, publications, teaching positions) and his administrative duties at Stanford. Correspondents include Daniel T. MacDougal, William Austin Cannon, Charles R. Barnes, John M. Coulter, William F. Ganong,...

Peirce (Herbert H.D.) papers

The Herbert H.D. Peirce papers (1910-1916) consists almost exclusively of documents relating to Pierce's studies of conditions in the camps and among German and Austro-Hungarian prisoners of war in 1915.

Peixotto (Ernest and Mary) papers

Papers of artist and writer Ernest Peixotto and his wife Mary Hutchinson Peixotto. Includes correspondence; subject files; diaries, sketchbooks, and notebooks; personalia; ephemera; and some scrapbooks.

Peixotto, Eustace M. (Eustace Maduro) Photographs of the Columbia Park Boys' Club.

Albums contain snapshots of summer camps, long distance walking trips throughout California, acrobatics, marching bands, baseball teams, swimming, and other club activities.

Pekarek (Bohuslav) typescript

Typescript memoirs of participation in the Czechoslovak Legion in Russia during the Russian Civil War.

Pele deLappe oral history and supporting materials, 1991-2001.

photocopy of a typescript oral history interview with artist/journalist/political activist Pele deLappe conducted by Robert G. Larsen in 1993 for the Berkeley Historical Society. Corrections and additions in manuscript. Volume 2 includes copies of letters by Robert E. Treuhaft and...

Pelenyi (Janos) papers

Correspondence, memoranda, speeches, printed matter, and photographs, relating to the history of Hungary, Hungarian-American relations, and Hungarian diplomacy during World War II.

Pelican Media collection

Collection primarily contains media from the production of Pelican Media films in a variety of formats. Series 6 contains paper records related to the company, project and production notes, and material related to Irving's film studies at Stanford and pre-Pelican...

Pelikan (John M.) papers

Correspondence, contractual agreements, and clippings, relating to engineering operations and economic conditions in the Soviet Union, and to exit difficulties of J. M. Pelikan and his wife, a Soviet citizen. Photocopy.

Pell & Company accounts, 1847-ca. 1850.

Mainly accounts for business association of E. Ward Pell and R.C. Kirby, presumably in San Francisco.

Pellar (Brian) papers and artwork for Form No. 2

This collection documents the creation of , a bronze sculpture of a human figure created by University of California, Irvine, graduate Brian Pellar. The sculpture was installed in the Laurel Wilkening Rose garden on the UC Irvine campus on April...

Pellerano Family Papers

The Pellerano Family Papers, 1879-1945 (bulk 1879-1894) document the business and professional lives of the Pellerano family. The records consist of business ledgers that belonged to Clorinda, Pedrina, and Nicholas Pellerano as well as school essays written by Nicholas Pellerano...

Peltason (Jack) papers

This collection contains papers and scrapbooks from Jack Peltason, founding Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs at UC Irvine, UC Irvine Chancellor from 1984 to 1992, and President of the University of California from 1992-1995.

Pelton (George S.) Papers

Correspondence, maps and legal papers dealing mostly with mining and re-working ancient silver deposits in Hildalgo, Mexico, at Pachuca and Real del Monte, ca. 1920's-1940's.

Pelton (George S.) Papers

This collection contains papers of investor George Pelton concerning Pelton's agreement and disputes in the early 1900s with novelist Jack London concerning the film rights of London's novel The Sea Wolf (1904), and with director Cecil B. DeMille concerning various...

Pelz (Bruce) collection on Science Fiction fandom

This collection contains programs, rosters, ballots, progress reports, fliers, and other material regarding Science Fiction and Fantasy fandom. Includes material related to Science Fiction and Fantasy based organizations and conventions.

Pemberton Collection, ca. 1906-1907

Scrapbook and photograph album. Scrapbook of John Roy Pemberton ( -1968) of his college days at Stanford University. There are also cyanotypes of earthquake damage at Stanford resulting from the 1906 San Francisco earthquake.

Pemex Travel Club brochures of Mexico collection

The collection consists of 24 brochures produced by the Pemex Travel Club in 1959, offering information, pictures, itineraries, and maps of various locations in Mexico.

Pena (Terri de la) Poster

Terri de la Peña (1947- ) is the author of (1992), the first Chicano lesbian novel, and (c. 1994). The collection consists of one limited edition publicity poster for Terri de la Peña's novel, .

Pence (Harry) Papers

Papers of Captain Harry Langley Pence, U.S. Naval Academy graduate (1906), career United States Navy officer (1902-1945), and Red Cross administrator (1945-1946). The papers contain correspondence, diaries, memorabilia, memoranda, orders, photographs, reports and Pence's scrapbooks.

[Pencil drawings by Caroline Bacon Coleman, 1864-1868]

This collection consists of twenty-two detailed pencil drawings on a newsprint sketchpad, dated 1864-1868. Identified drawings include Fort Yuma in 1864, General Jillers [sp.?] mansion at the head of the Bayous Burrow, Niagara Falls and Mount Baker from Cedar Hill...

Pendleton family papers.

Include recollections of Chappell Heath Bonner recorded by his granddaughter, Mrs. John W. Pendleton; biographical information re Rev. John W. Pendleton, pioneer Methodist clergyman in Nevada and California; genealogy of Pendleton family.

Pendleton family papers

Hazel Almuth Pendleton was born in Nicholaus, Sutter County, California on September 11, 1890. She was the second child and only daughter of Samuel Alvah and Carrie Lucia (Arens) Pendleton. Her parents were married on June 27, 1 883. Her...

Pendleton (Perley Earl) correspondence

Materials consist of 124 letters, mainly from Pendleton to his fiancée Mary E. Willis (later Mrs. Mary E. Pendleton), 17 telegrams, 1 used postcard and 1 used envelope. Also includes two letters written to Mary E. Willis by "Sister Louise"...

Penfield & Smith drawings of El Presidio Properties parking lot

Collection consists of three reprograhic copies of a parking layout with proposed decorative wall details for the El Presidio Properties company. The parking lot was located on the corner of Canon Perdido and Anacapa streets in downtown Santa Barbara....

Peng (Shu-tse) and Chen Bilan papers

Speeches and writings, correspondence, theses, and resolutions relating to the early communist movement in China, and to Trotskyist activities in China and elsewhere. Includes memoirs, other writings, and correspondence of Chen Bilan, the companion of Peng Shu-tse, relating to the...

Peninsula Gay and Lesbian Youth Group Records

The Peninsula Gay and Lesbian Youth Group records document some of the activities of this Palo Alto-centered support group, from its formation in 1984 to 1988. The group offered discussion sessions, peer counseling, referrals to services, and information about organizations,...

Peninsula Hospital, Incorporated, Records

Includes list of original stockholders, 1908; petition by property owners and residents objecting to location of the hospital in block 54, 1908; deeds and other legal documents relating to property in lot 26, 1909-1913; and an agreement with the Students...

Peninsula Musical Association ephemera

Peninsula Musical Association performance programs and note from Lou Henry Hoover....

Peninsula Professional Network newsletters and records

This collection documents the activities of the Peninsula Professional Network (PPN), a Monterey Bay area LGBTQ professional, social, and educational organization founded in 1983. The bulk of the collection consists of monthly newsletters containing meeting information and member announcements from...

Peninsula-Times Tribune Photographs

Photographs taken for the former Peninsula-Times Tribune newspaper.

Peninsula-Times Tribune Photographs of Stanford University

These photographs pertaining to Stanford University were selected from the morgue of the Peninsula Times-Tribune after its closing. They consist of photographs by the newspaper staff as well as photographs obtained from the Stanford News Service and other sources.

The Penitent brothers : typescript, [ca. 1935-1936].

Copies of her work on the Penitentes in New Mexico, with related notes; and typed transcriptions and translations of selected Penitente songs, in collaboration with Laurence Lee.

Penn Chemical Works (Campo Seco, Calif.) Essay Records

This collection consists of pages of unbound printed forms on which daily assay samples are recorded, giving the percentages of copper, iron, etc. in each sample. Since the period covered by these records includes the World War I years, the...

Penn (Donald) papers

Donald R. Penn received his bachelor's and master's degrees in electrical engineering and electrophysics from the University of Southern California (1963, 1968). He spent most of his career with the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power, but also...

Penn (Roy A.) Etchings and Photoengravings Collection

The Roy A. Penn Etchings and Photoengravings Collection includes etchings and engraved prints collected by Penn. Both American and British engravers are represented in the collection, along with a smaller number of French and German works. The collection includes the...

Penn (William) collection of genealogical research on William Penn and his descendants

William Penn (1644-1718) was an early Quaker and founder of the Province of Pennsylvania. This collection consists of correspondence, manuscripts, typescripts, pamphlets, clippings, and books concerning the life of William Penn (1644-1718) and genealogy research about his descendants.

Pennell family papers, 1849-1853.

Letter from George Pennell, 1849, describing his journey across Panama; two letters, one on a lettersheet, from John T. Pennell, 1853, containing description of Sacramento and his life there; and genealogical information on the Pennell family.

Pennell (William D.) Letters

Family letters of William Doyle Pennell and his wife, Delila Ann....

Penner (S. S.) Papers

Papers of Stanford Solomon Penner, professor of engineering physics and director of the Center for Energy and Combustion Research at the University of California, San Diego.

Pennes (Alexander) Papers: Committee for Medical Freedom Records

The majority of this collection concerns the blacklisting of doctors and other medical professionals during the Cold War/McCarthy Era, particularly the dismissal of three doctors by the Cedars of Lebanon Hospital in Los Angeles in December 1951.

Penningroth (Louis P.) papers

Correspondence, diaries, memoirs, financial records, reports, clippings, other printed matter, and photographs, relating to Young Men's Christian Association aid to Allied prisoners of war in Austria, especially juvenile Russian prisoners; aid to repatriated Russian prisoners at the end of World...

Pennington Family Papers

consist of correspondence to Louis and Jane Pennington in San Diego from Louis' mother in Oroville, California, and Jane's mother and sister in Charleston, South Carolina. The materials include letters, Christmas cards, a birthday card, and one photograph. There...

Pennington (Greg) Papers

Greg Pennington was a cofounder of the GLBT Historical Society and an active member of the leather and motorcycle club community in San Francisco. This collection includes leather community friendship, bike club, and bar anniversary pins, collected by Pennington; mailers,...

Pennington (Lee Roberts) papers

Correspondence, speeches, reports, memoranda, serial issues, clippings, and other printed matter relating to communism and other political issues in the United States, subversive activities in the United States, and investigative activities of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and private...

Pennington (Levi Talbott) correspondence

Relates to Pacific College, disarmament, the National Committee on Food for the Small Democracies, and the Boys' Clubs of America. Photocopy.

Pennsylvania documents : DS, ALS, 1774-1816.

Concerning land transactions, and two letters from William Clark, 1816, relating to the proposed building of an arsenal in Meadville.

Pennsylvania Infantry - 115th Regiment (Vol) - Company D documents, 1862

Two Civil War documents (AD): Clothing Accounts for John Ruggles (deceased), George H. Shippey, Elliot Bayer, and James Smith (all deserters), 1862.

Pennsylvania Infantry - 139th Regiment (Vol) - Company F documents, 1863

Two Civil War documents (AD): Clothing Accounts for Henry Dengler, Robert A. Donaldson, William English, and James English, 1863.

Pennsylvania Infantry - 184th Regiment (Vol) - Company J document, 1864-1865

One Civil War document (AD): Clothing Accounts for John W. Swartz and William Stininger, 1864-1865.

Pennsylvania Infantry, 90th Regiment, Civil War History

The collection contains one undated 27-page handwritten manuscript, "Record of the 90th Regiment," recounting the participation of the Pennsylvania Infantry, 90th Regiment (Vols.) in the Civil War, 1861-1864, including the Battle of Gettysburg in July 1863....

Pennsylvania Railroad Records

Receipts, freight way form, and bill of lading.

Penny Andersen Collection

Collection consists of 5 born-digital items, 23 35mm Kodak film slides, correspondence between Penny Andersen (donor) and George Bergstrom, 1 newspaper clipping relating to Lloyd Mitchell and Dorothy Mitchell. Lloyd McIntyre (Lefty) Mitchell (January 10, 1907-August 20, 1987) served as...

Penrod (James I.) Papers

The collection includes files collected from James I. Penrod's office between 1970 and 1985 during his time as Vice President for Systems and Planning at Pepperdine University. Materials include correspondence; organization charts; a systems and planning orientation manual; Pepperdine management...

Penrod (James W.) papers

James Wilford Penrod (1934-2019) was a dancer, choreographer, and Professor Emeritus at the University of California, Irvine's Claire Trevor School of the Arts. Collection materials include teaching materials, manuscripts, programs, clippings, correspondence, photographs, audiovisual materials, and posters.

Penrose (R.A.F.) miscellaneous correspondence

Consists primarily of letters received from Herbert Hoover, relating to international mining, World War I Belgian relief, and American politics.

Penry (William C.) Collection

Business papers and correspondence in connection with operation of the Amador Dispatch newspaper and the Amador Telegraph Company, both in Jackson, California....

Pentecost (Walter) Personal Papers

The material primarily relates to his days with the AVG-Flying Tigers from early 1941 through July 4, 1942, as well as later correspondence and documents relating to AVG-Flying Tigers publications. Included are aircraft records and service logs, maps and blueprints,...

Pentecostal, Charismatic, and Evangelical Ephemera Collection

Ephemera and other materials collected by former archivists during their time at Fuller Theological Seminary Archives and Special Collections. Materials pertain to the Pentecostal, Charismatic and Evangelical movements. Material related to the Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada is also included. Bulk...

Pentlin (Susan Lee) collection

Pamphlets, serial issues, other printed matter, and photographs, relating to political, social, economic and cultural conditions in East Germany, and to German studies in the United States and the teaching of German as a foreign language. Mainly East German government...

Penzer (Norman Mosely) Papers

The collection contains mostly mounted photographs of architectural and archaeological sites in the Middle East and Europe, with extensive notes and accompanying maps, pamphlets, booklets, etc.

Peo Monoldi Industrial Workers of the World Collection, 1894-1936

The bulk of the collection is print material, primarily pamphlets and newsletters relating to the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW). The earliest item is the pamphlet, "The Pullman Strike," by Rev. William H. Carwardine, 1894. The most contemporary is...

People for the American Way Collection of Conservative Political Ephemera

This collection is comprised of ephemera assembled by the People For the American Way and pertaining to right-wing movements in the United States. The collection documents the ideological orientations, policy positions, talking points, and organizational structures and strategies of hundreds...

The people of the state of California, plaintiff, vs. Bertha Berger, defendant : no. 22,838, a felony, to wit, murder : reporter's transcript : typescript, 1933 Feb.

Vols. 2-3 of the reporter's transcript of Bertha Berger's murder trial, held Feb. 1933 in San Francisco, Calif. Berger was accused of murdering her husband Dec. 1, 1932 in San Francisco. George T. Davis was the defense attorney.

The people of the state of California, plaintiff, vs. Kenneth Long, defendant : no. 4369 : reporter's transcript : typescripts, 1948 Nov. 3-19.

Reporter's transcripts (11 v.) of Kenneth Long's murder trial held Nov. 3-19, 1948 in Martinez, Calif. Long was accused of murdering his wife, Barbara Jean Long on June 26, 1948, in Richmond, Calif. George T. Davis was his defense attorney.

The people of the state of California, plaintiff, vs. Lillian Barendt, defendant : no. 24,606, a felony, to wit, assault with intent to commit murder (insanity) : typescripts, 1934 Oct. 31-Nov. 7.

Reporter's transcripts (4 v.) of Lillian Barendt's attempted murder trial, held Oct.-Nov. 1934 in San Francisco, Calif. The defense entered a plea of not guilty by reason of insanity. George T. Davis was the defense attorney.

People vs. Duncan transcripts

The People v. Elizabeth Duncan trial was heard at the Superior Court of California in Ventura County regarding the murder of Olga Duncan by Augustine Baldonado and Luis Estrada Moya at the behest of Olga Duncan's mother-in-law, Elizabeth Ann Duncan....

People vs. Owen Bathhouse Closure Litigation Records

Court documents and other records related to the case People of the State of California, ex rel. George Agnost, et al. vs. Ima Jean Owen, et al. (Superior Court No. 830-321), aka People vs. Owen, filed October 10, 1984, by...

People's College of Law of the National Lawyers Guild Collection

Press releases, correspondence, proposal, flyers, notes, clippings, pamphlets, resolutions, admission packet, and other items documenting activity of the People's College of Law of the National Lawyers Guild (PCL), 1973-1980. The PCL was an unaccredited law school intended to train legal...

People's Fund Records

This sparse collection is comprised of approved and denied applications for assistance, thank-you notes, bank records, minutes, and scattered correspondence. There is little that documents the relationship between the Pride Foundation and its community center at 330 Grove, Bob Ross...

People's Lumber Company records, 1890-1982.

The People's Lumber Company was a lumber and construction supply company established in Ventura in 1890. The company was the main supplier of lumber and construction supplies until it reoriented its business to focus on real estate investments in the...

People's Park Community Advisory Board records.

A joint University of California, Berkeley/City of Berkeley effort to address the status of People's Park.

People's Park conflicts in Berkeley, California /

Demonstrators in the streets of Berkeley during the 1969 People's Park riots. Some views include police in riot gear or tear gas in the streets near the park. Images from 1972 chiefly depict the crowd and police gathered around a...

People's Park, July 14, 1969.

Photographs documenting events of July 14, 1969 during a conflict between police and demonstrators over the fencing of newly-formed People's Park, in Berkeley, Calif., taken by photographer when she was an aspiring photojournalist at age 22. Images depict various activities...

Peoples Temple Collection

This collection contains audiotape transcripts and summaries, audiotapes, photocopies of original unclassified documents from the federal government (on paper and also on other formats, including microfilm, microfiche, and compact disk), and newspaper and magazine articles related to the Peoples Temple...

Peoples Temple Ephemera and Publications

The bulk of the collection consists of printed materials generated by Peoples Temple pertaining to their activities in the United States and in Jonestown, the agricultural project started by Jim Jones in Guyana. Includes promotional materials such as periodicals, flyers,...

Peoples Temple Miscellany

Peoples Temple miscellany consists of miscellaneous materials about Peoples Temple arranged by California Historical Society staff into a single, ongoing collection. Acquired at different times from a variety of donors, materials in the collection include correspondence, notes, scrapbooks, journals, clippings,...

Peoples Temple photographs from the San Francisco examiner archive

Photographic prints, chiefly from the oversize print files, related to the Peoples Temple and Jonestown, Guyana. Includes photographs of the air strip and the bodies of victims, Jim Jones and Leo Ryan, as well as several original notebook pages from...

Peoples Temple Publications Department Records

Records mainly consist of photographs created or collected by Peoples Temple members in order to support the Temple's public relations efforts, including the publication of the newspaper. The collection includes approximately 53,500 black-and-white 35mm negative images; 3,500 color slides; 30,000...

Peoples Temple Records

Consists of materials collected by court receiver Robert H. Fabian in his efforts to identify and locate Peoples Temple assets and settle the more than 750 claims that arose from the events of November 18, 1978, when Congressman Leo Ryan,...

People's World Photograph Collection

The People's World Photograph Collection consists of approximately 6,000 photographs used in , a grassroots publication affiliated with the Communist Party of the United States of America (CPUSA). The photographs, along with a small selection of cartoons and artwork, highlight...

People's World Research Files

Consists of text subject files of the People's World.

Pepe (Angelo) Photograph Collection

The Angelo Pepe Photograph Collection documents Angelo Pepe's military service as a Navy corpsman attached to a United States Marine unit stationed in Tientsin, China in the post World War II period.

Peper (John P.) Papers

Collection consists of peace officer training curriculum, bicycle safety program, speeches, awards, publications, and research files.

Peper (Karen) video recordings

Video recordings (1979-2005) from filmmaker and attorney, Karen Peper, documenting a variety of LGBT-related events from the 1980s to the early 2000s, particularly LGBT community activities in Michigan. The collection includes footage from the Marches on Washington for LGBT rights,...

Peppard (George) papers

The George Peppard papers span the years circa 1953-1990 and encompass 21.3 linear feet. The collection contains film and television scripts, production material, awards, and seventeen scrapbooks. The photograph series consists of prints, transparencies, slides, and negatives of motion picture...

Pepper, Dorothy Leavitt. Photographs from a trip to Yellowstone National Park.

Sierra Club scenes, primarily on an outing to Yellowstone National Park in 1926. Photos depict camp life and scenery. Ansel Adams appears in one of the photographs.

Pepper, (Dr. Robert D.) Ephemera Collection

This collection contains various ephemera collected by Dr. Robert D. Pepper spanning 1735-1869. Materials include: a reproduction of the Sixth Congress of the United States, two British indenture contracts on parchment, and a 1869 map of San Francisco's Bernal Heights.

Pepperdine Ambassadors Council Records

The Pepperdine Ambassadors Council (PAC) is a group of undergraduate students at Pepperdine University who serve as a link between the student body of Seaver College and the greater Pepperdine community. The group is comprised of students who feel passionately...

Pepperdine Associates Records

The Pepperdine Associates is a Pepperdine University support group comprised of donors, alumni, and community friends, started in 1977. The collection contains printed material, photographs, and audiovisual material created by and collected about the Pepperdine Associates. The items are primarily...

Pepperdine Bible Lectures Collection

The Pepperdine University Bible Lectures collection includes paper materials (including programs, correspondence, and other items) and audio recordings taken during Pepperdine Bible Lectures held in Los Angeles (beginning in 1943) and Malibu (beginning in 1973).

Pepperdine College Freedom Forum Records

The Pepperdine College Freedom Forum was a three day seminar on promoting and defending American values co-sponsored by Pepperdine College and the National Education Program held annually on campus from 1959 to 1971. The collection consists of brochures, programs, press...

Pepperdine (George) Family Papers

The George Pepperdine family papers are comprised of paper materials (such as correspondence, writings, and newspaper clippings), photographs, films, and memorabilia, dating from 1907 to 2002. Individuals represented in the collection include George Pepperdine, Lena Rose Pepperdine, Helen Louise Pepperdine,...

Pepperdine University Accreditation Collection

The collection contains files related to accreditation of Pepperdine College and Pepperdine University from 1938 to 2005. Most items are reports submitted to the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) or the previous accreditation body, the Western College Association...

Pepperdine University Admissions and Enrollment Collection

The collection contains materials created by and for the Office of Admissions at Pepperdine University between 1962 and the mid-2000s. Printed materials include application packets, brochures, flyers, advertising material for Pepperdine, enrollment and admissions statistics and reports, and other items....

Pepperdine University Alumni Records

The materials in this collection are items created by and collected from the Pepperdine University Alumni Association between 1958 and 2016, including printed material, memorabilia, alumni directories, and photographs. The Alumni Association is comprised of graduates from Pepperdine University's five...

Pepperdine University Annual Reports

The collection contains annual financial reports (generally called "Annual Reports," but occasionally called "President's Reports") for George Pepperdine College, Pepperdine University, the Graziadio School of Business and Management, the Graduate School of Education and Psychology, and the School of Public...

Pepperdine University Archaeological Survey and Excavation Collection

Before Pepperdine University existed, the Chumash Native Americans inhabited what is modern day Malibu. Their invention and use of the plank canoe (tomol), their beautifully crafted baskets, tools and bead making, and their customs/beliefs are what make the Chumash unique.The...

Pepperdine University Archives Audiovisual Collection

The collection is a catchall for audiovisual materials not already separated into specific collections. The most common types of recordings include VHS, betacam and betamax tapes, audio and video reels, and audiocassettes. Recordings may relate to individuals, workshops, conferences, events,...

Pepperdine University Archives Individual Files

The collection was created by Special Collections and University Archives staff and consists of papers, photographs, slides, and negatives about and of former faculty, staff, donors, distinguished guests, and other individuals associated with Pepperdine University. Materials are filed alphabetically by...

Pepperdine University Archives Oral History Interviews

The collection was created by Special Collections and University Archives staff and consists of oral histories with former faculty, staff, donors, distinguished guests, students, and other individuals associated with Pepperdine University. The collection is arranged alphabetically by interviewee's last name.

Pepperdine University Archives Photographs, Negatives, and Slides

The collection contains photographs, negatives, and slides taken of people, places, and events related to George Pepperdine College and Pepperdine University, in California and abroad. Items range in date from 1937 to 2008. The bulk of the collection is comprised...

Pepperdine University Archives Photographs, Negatives, and Slides

The collection contains photographs, negatives, and slides taken of people, places, and events related to George Pepperdine College and Pepperdine University, in California and abroad. Items range in date from 1937 to 2008. The bulk of the collection is comprised...

Pepperdine University Archives Subject Files

The collection is a catchall for printed materials and photographs related to Pepperdine University. Topics include campus departments, campus planning, construction, churches, financial aid, events, lectures and conferences, Malibu, educational organizations, off-campus education programs, personnel, and other topics. Files range...

Pepperdine University Athletics Records

The collection contains materials related to and produced by Pepperdine University Athletics and its predecessor at George Pepperdine College. Items range in date from approximately 1939 to 2013, and primarily include game programs, sports schedules, brochures, newspaper clippings about athletes...

Pepperdine University Board of Regents Records

The collection contains materials from the Pepperdine University Board of Regents between 1976 and 2005, including meeting minutes and agendas, member lists and biographical material, memorandums and correspondence, photographs, and VHS tapes.

Pepperdine University Budget and Finance Collection

The Pepperdine University Budget and Finance collection consists of materials related to the fiscal management of the university. Materials in the collection include budget reports, audit reports, policy and procedure manuals, accounting reports, meeting agendas and minutes, and documents related...

Pepperdine University Bulletins, Catalogs and Schedule of Classes

The Pepperdine University catalogs, bulletins and schedule of classes consists of publications produced by Pepperdine College and Pepperdine University for current and prospective students, ranging from 1937 to 2013. Materials in the collection include a variety of brochures advertising the...

Pepperdine University Campaigns and Fundraising Collection

The collection contains materials related to fundraising efforts run by Pepperdine University, primarily the major fundraising campaigns "Wave of Excellence" and "Challenged to Lead." Paper items include correspondence, handbooks, brochures, gift letters, photographs, interview transcripts, and other items. Audiovisual items...

Pepperdine University Campus Dedications Collection

The Pepperdine University Campus Dedications collection consists of materials related to ceremonies celebrating the groundbreaking, dedication and opening of new buildings and other areas on Pepperdine campuses. Materials in the collection range from 1937 to 2013, and include programs, invitations,...

Pepperdine University Campus Planning and Construction Collection

The collection consists of files regarding the planning and construction of the Pepperdine University campus in Malibu, between 1968 and 1999. Materials consist of master plan files, maps, correspondence, architectural plans, drawings, and photographs associated with the construction of campus...

Pepperdine University Commencement Collection

The collection consists of materials related to commencement ceremonies held at Pepperdine University, including video recordings, photographs, printed material, memorabilia, and programs. Materials in the collection span from 1938 to 2014, and document commencement ceremonies held at all five schools...

Pepperdine University Computing Collection

Computers were first introduced at Pepperdine University in the late 1970s and early 1980s under Howard White's presidency. The collection contains records from multiple offices on campus related to computers and computing, including meeting minutes from the Data Administration Group...

Pepperdine University Convocations, Founder's Day and Presidential Inaugurations Collection

The collection documents convocation programs at Pepperdine, annual Founder's Day ceremonies, and the inaugurations of Pepperdine presidents. Materials include programs, invitations, speech transcripts, general information, photographs, and audio and video recordings of particular events. Items in the collection range from...

Pepperdine University Credits Committee Records

The collection contains materials produced by and related to the Credits Committee. Items in the collection include printed materials such as memoranda; weekly committee minutes; student correspondence; minutes from the Orange County campus; fieldwork minutes; credit committee guidelines; and other...

Pepperdine University Due Process Committee (DPC) Deliberations Records

The Due Process Committee (DPC) held deliberations from April to July of 1977, regarding the handling of project supervision when faculty members are terminated or take leaves of absence. Materials in the collection include transcripts of committee proceedings.

Pepperdine University Faculty Collection

The collection contains materials from 1930 to 2013 related to faculty at George Pepperdine College and George Pepperdine University. Items include subject files on topics such as appreciation dinners and conferences, announcements, committees, individual faculty members, and others; citation lists...

Pepperdine University Graduate School of Education and Psychology Records

The collection contains materials related to the Graduate School of Education and Psychology (GSEP) and its predecessors. Most items were collected from Dean Olaf H. Tegner's office, and range in date from 1964 to 2005. Materials include advertisements, class schedules,...

Pepperdine University Great Issues Records

The collection contains printed materials, photographs, negatives, and audiocassettes from the Great Issues Series at Pepperdine from 1970 through 1987. Themes addressed in speaker presentations focused on pressing issues of the time, primarily in the areas of policy and economics....

Pepperdine University International Programs Records

The Pepperdine University International Programs collection consists of materials from Pepperdine's various international study programs, most notably the Year-In-Europe program. Items in the collection range from 1955 to 2011, and include printed materials such as correspondence and brochures as well...

Pepperdine University Libraries Records

The collection contains materials produced by or about Pepperdine libraries between 1937 and 2013. The libraries represented are the George Pepperdine College Library (Los Angeles campus); Payson Library and the School of Law library (Malibu campus); and the Orange County...

Pepperdine University Management Committee (UMC) Records

The University Management Committee serves as Pepperdine's key policy making body. The collection includes meeting minutes, agendas, correspondence, blueprints, financial records, memoranda, and reports from committee meetings. The documents span from 1992 to 2008.

Pepperdine University Office of Public Affairs Records

Materials in the collection come from various offices and departments on campus responsible for handling public relations and school publications at Pepperdine. Materials in the collection include subject and name files covering events, faculty and alumni; correspondence and interoffice memos;...

Pepperdine University Office of the Provost, Nancy Magnusson Fagan Records

The collection consists of inter-office memoranda and correspondence sent by or to former Pepperdine University Interim Provost Nancy Fagan Magnusson from January 1993 to June 1993.

Pepperdine University Office of the Provost Records

The collection consists of interoffice memoranda and correspondence that document the administrative activities of Pepperdine Provosts from 1965 to 2006.

Pepperdine University Office of the Provost, Steven S. Lemley Records

The collection consists of inter-office memoranda and correspondence sent by or to former Pepperdine University Provost Steven S. Lemley from 1993 to 1998.

Pepperdine University Office of the Provost, William B. Adrian Records

The collection consists of inter-office memoranda and correspondence sent by or to former Pepperdine University Provost William B. Adrian from 1985 to 1993.

Pepperdine University Operations Planning Committee (OPS) Records

The collection includes agendas, articles, correspondence, financial records, memoranda, meeting minutes, policy lists, schedules, maps and blueprints of the campus, and summaries of action taken by the committee. Materials range from 1974 to 1987.

Pepperdine University Performing and Fine Arts Collection

The Pepperdine University Performing and Fine Arts collection contains materials related to music, theater, and art events and activities held on Pepperdine campuses. Items in the collection include brochures, programs, event invitations, photographs, and audiovisual recordings ranging from 1937 to...

Pepperdine University Planning Committee (UPC) Records

The collection includes memoranda, correspondence, agendas, minutes, and other documents pertaining to the University Planning Committee (UPC) at Pepperdine University from 1993-2006.

Pepperdine University Plaques

The collection includes fourteen plaques that were at one time displayed around George Pepperdine College or Pepperdine University.

Pepperdine University Policy Committee (UPOL) Records

The collection includes documents pertaining to the University Policy Committee at Pepperdine from 1983 to 1992. Topics include student recruitment, university finances, student employment, tuition and other student charges, admissions, graduation, faculty housing, voice mail, and WASC accreditation.

Pepperdine University Publications

The collection was created by Pepperdine University librarians and consists of 95 publications produced or published by Pepperdine University from 1945 to present.

Pepperdine University Real Estate Records

The collection contains files on real estate properties around the United States (but mainly in Los Angeles and California) sold by Pepperdine University primarily in the 1970s and 1980s. The files contain paperwork, correspondence, copies of property deeds (including exact...

Pepperdine University School of Continuing Education Records

The collection contains materials produced by and related to the Pepperdine University School of Continuing Education. Items in the collection include a press release, brochures and course offering flyers, teacher evaluations, photographs, and other printed materials. Materials in the collection...

Pepperdine University School of Law Records

The Pepperdine University School of Law records consist of items produced by and related to the law school at Pepperdine University. Materials in the collection include brochures, invitations, symposium and conference proceedings, photographs, alumni directories, audiovisual materials and bulletins specific...

Pepperdine University School of Professional Studies and Los Angeles Campus Collection

The collection contains materials produced by and about Pepperdine University's School of Professional Studies (SPS) on the Los Angeles campus. The bulk of the material dates from 1972 to 1981. Materials include general files about the School of Professional Studies,...

Pepperdine University School of Public Policy Records

The collection contains mainly printed material and photographs produced by and related to the School of Public Policy at Pepperdine University. Items in the collection include recruitment materials such as programs, flyers and brochures; project and event programs; publications; news...

Pepperdine University Seaver College Records

The collection contains mostly printed material related to or created by Pepperdine University's undergraduate college, Seaver College, dating from approximately 1970 to 2010. Items include brochures and information about admissions, conferences, lectures, departments, and international programs; articles; handbooks; exam schedules;...

Pepperdine University Speeches Collection

The collection contains printed transcripts of various speeches and addresses given at Pepperdine University, as well as some draft materials and recordings of speeches. The types of speeches include commencement addresses, presidential inaugural speeches, talks given for Pepperdine's Great Issues...

Pepperdine University Strategic Planning Committee Records

The collection includes correspondence, financial reports, memoranda, and other materials related to the universities' strategic planning from 1977 to 1997.

Pepperdine University Student Life Collection

The collection documents aspects of students' experiences at Pepperdine. Materials in the collection include publications prepared for and by students; materials related to student organizations, activities and events; and photographs, scrapbooks and memorabilia from different eras. Materials range from 1937...

Pepperdine University Women's Organizations Collection

The collection contains materials created by women's organizations of George Pepperdine College and Pepperdine University. Items include member directories and handbooks, financial records, meeting minutes, invitations, correspondence, memos, a scrapbook, and a gavel. Materials range in date from 1937 to...

Pepperdine Volunteer Center Records

The Pepperdine Volunteer Center was established in 1988. The collection contains photographs, printed materials, and audiovisual materials documenting and describing key events and programming led by the organization from its creation in 1988 to 2009.

Pepperdine's Rose Parade Photo Album

As a part of Pepperdine University's 50th Anniversary celebrations in 1987, the university entered a float into the 98th Tournament of Roses Parade in Pasadena, California. The theme of the float was "The Quest for Atlantis," a Classical theme reflecting...

Peralta-Galindo family papers, 1852-1924.

Letters, some in Spanish, and legal documents, such as deeds, survey notes, blueprints, and tax receipts, record the land holdings and later subdivisions of the Peralta-Galindo families. For each document written in Spanish, a brief definition and summary written in...

Perceval (Don Louis) Illustrations Collection

Don Louis Perceval grew up in California and studied at Chouinard Art Institute, London's Royal College of Art and the Heatherley Art School. In addition to his work as a commercial artist, he also served on the faculty of Chouinard...

Percival (Don Louis) Collection, ca. 1870s-1904

Photos of Native Americans in Arizona, New Mexico and California. Includes three photos by J. K. Hillers and eight by James Stevenson. There are also 27 of Zunis by Mrs. M. C. Stevenson.

Percival (Olive) Collection

This collection contains the papers of Olive Percival (1869-1945), a Southern California author, gardener, book and art collector, photographer, and activist, dating chiefly from 1899 to 1946 and consisting of manuscripts, diaries, correspondence, and ephemera. Some of the subjects represented...

Percival (Olive) Collection of Photographs

The Olive Percival Collection of Photographs contains approximately 875 photographs of California and Mexico, chiefly of locations in Los Angeles and environs and in Mexico City, taken chiefly by Olive Percival (1869-1945) from approximately 1880-1941. The photographs, mostly cyanotype snapshots...

Percival (Olive) papers

Olive May Graves Percival (1869-1945) was an avid collector of books, hats, dolls, daguerreotypes, silver, textiles, quilts, fans, bookplates, Lalique, and Oriental art. The collection consists of correspondence, photographs, negatives, scrapbooks, guest books, typescripts of articles and poems, bookmarks, bookplates,...

Percy C. Heckendorf papers.

Correspondence, speeches, minutes and scrapbooks concerning the California State War Council, Earl Warrens 1942 election as state governor, and other projects in which Heckendorf was involved.

Percy (James Fulton) Papers

This small collection consists of materials by and about Dr. James Fulton Percy, of Los Angeles, California.

Percy Mackaye letter, circa 1914, 1916

One letter (ALS) to Miss Mary E. Hand, re his book Sanctuary: A Bird Masque, along with publisher's advertisements for Sanctuary, ca. 1914 , 1916. Alpha list.

[Percy W. McClellan photographs pertaining to Panama Railroad Co.].

Photographs pertaining to the Panama Railroad Co. and other scenes of Panama. Includes a view of Front Street and the general office building of Panama Railroad Co.; company staff, including Percy W. McClellan, in a residence and an office; railroad...

Perdomo (Maj. Oscar F.) Personal Papers

Major Oscar Perdomo flew a P-47 Thunderbolt with the 464th fighter squadron, 507th fighter Group USAAF in the Pacific Theater, where he became the last “Ace in a Day” of WWII.

Perduss (Jurgen) collection

Computer disks, lists, reports, roster, telephone directory, code book, judicial decision, and printed matter, relating to the organizational structure and operations of the East German secret service, and to post-unification investigations of it. Includes lists of East German secret service...

Peregrine Press and Henry H. Evans Collection

Correspondence, writings, designs, photographs, prints, artwork and ephemera produced by Henry H. Evans and the Peregrine Press.

Pereira (Hal) Film Sketches Collection

The Hal Pereira Film Sketches Collection consists chiefly of the film sketches that art director and designer Hal Periera created for Hollywood films in the 1950s and 1960s.

Pereira (William L.) and Associates project workbooks for the University of California, Irvine campus

This collection comprises five project workbooks documenting the preliminary planning of the University of California, Irvine campus by the architectural firm William L. Pereira and Associates. Pereira and Associates presented the workbooks to the University of California Regents in 1962...

Perekrestenko (Vladimir Mikhailovich) papers

Speeches and writings, correspondence, personal documents, and printed matter, relating to displaced persons camps after World War II, and to Russian émigré affairs.

Perelman (Bob) Papers

Papers of American poet Bob Perelman, documenting his career as a poet, professor, literary critic, and one of the founders of the Language poetry movement on the West Coast.

Perez, Adela Oral History

This is the life story of Adela Perez as told to her daughter, Isabel Perez

Perez de Cuellar (Javier) miscellaneous papers

Summaries of meetings and conversations, notes, letters, statements, and memoranda relating to United Nations involvement in international negotiations regarding the Middle East.

Perez (John) United Teachers Los Angeles Manuscript Collection

This collection contains the unpublished manuscript, written by former UTLA President John Perez, along with supporting photographs and research materials.

Perez (Phyllis) Collection

The Phyllis Perez Collection consists of photographs and ephemera. The photographs document Board of County Supervisors meeting from 1997 to 2000 and include agendas that describe the photographs. The ephemera consist of items used by Clerk of the Board of...

Perez (Rudy) archive

The Rudy Perez archive consists of the papers, clippings, programs, books, videos, costumes and photographs from the work of modern dance choreographer Rudy Perez (1929- ), currently based in Los Angeles.

Performer biographies collection

Clippings, pamphlets, and other biographical information about musical performers....

Performers of small stature collection

Collection of photographs, cartes-de-visite, and souvenir circus programs relating to little people performers in late 19th and early 20th century circus and vaudeville, including issues of the Midget City News newspaper.

Performing Arts collection

Programs, flyers, press kits, photographs, correspondence, newspaper clippings including reviews, and periodicals primarily documenting gay and lesbian actors and theater 1980-2000. The core of this artificial collection was formed from performing arts materials from the collection of Ken Dickmann, supplemented...

Performing Arts Collection

Artificial collection of programs for live theater performances primarily in the Los Angeles vicinity including the Philharmonic Orchestra, the Hollywood Bowl magazine, and the Performing Arts magazine. Collection arranged by venue, publication, geography, production title, touring company, opera, and foreign...

Performing Arts Photographs Collection

This collection, assembled by the Special Collections Department, contains images of nineteenth to twentieth century vocalists and stage actors and actresses.

Performing Arts Portrait Collection

The consists of photographs and other images of several hundred individuals and groups. The majority of photos are of theater and other arts personalities of the 20th century. Examples are Maude Adams, Beaux Arts Quartet, Harry Belafonte, Johnny Cash, Judy Clayton, Greta...

Performing Arts Program Collection

The Performing Arts Program Collection documents theater productions from venues in New York, San Francisco, and San Jose between the years 1894-1941. The programs consist of orchestra, theater, symphony, opera, and recital programs. Each one is compiled with event details,...

Pergaminhos medievais : inventærio bibliogræfico e ideogræafico : typescript / 1944-1948, 1951-1952.

Accounting of Costa's survey in widely scattered Portuguese libraries of fragments of medieval Portuguese manuscripts (in Latin, Portuguese, French, Spanish), and of music, that had been used in various manners of the binding of later manuscript and printed volumes.

Perham (Douglas M.) Clippings on Early Radio History

Clippings compiled by electronics collector Douglas M. Perham on the history of wireless telegraphy and radio, particularly in the Pacific Region.

Perham (Douglas M.) Papers

Biographical materials, correspondence, photographs, certificates and other ephemera relating to Douglas McDonald Perham (1885-1967) and Constance Broner Kambish Perham (1908-2001).

Perham Foundation Records

Minimally processed administrative files of the Perham Foundation, received as part of the Perham Collection of Early Electronics in 2003. The Perham Foundation operated the Foothill College Electronics Museum in Los Altos Hills, California, between 1973 and 1991.

Perham History Files

The Perham History Files were first created by Douglas M. Perham and continued by the Perham Foundation and Foothills Electronics Museum. The collection served as a quick reference file regarding people, companies, apparatus, and events relating to the history of...

Perica (Lou) Films

This collection contains several 8 mm films on gay and non-gay subjects in San Francisco during the late 1970s and early 1980s. One of Perica's films “Lou and Dan” is a self-study of the long term relationship between Perica and...

Peripheral Canal collection

The collection consists of newspaper clippings regarding the proposed California Peripheral Canal.

Perishable Press Limited and the Shadwell Papermill advertisement, 1974 June 19

One letterpress advertisement of books in print and terms of purchase, 19 June 1974. Laid in Jerome Rothenberg, A Poem to Celebrate the Spring & Diane Rothenberg's Birthday (Perishable Press

Perkins (Eloise) collection

The Eloise Perkins Collection holds approximately 2,000 photos, with 200 currently digitized. Perkins (1921-1989) was a staff writer for the Times-Advocate from 1949 until 1981. She wrote local interest stories centering on Escondido, CA and the surrounding environs. The photos...

Perkins family papers, 1855-approximately 1863.

Invitations and programs for cotillions and balls in Todd Valley, Michigan Bluff, Forest Hill and nearby communities in Placer County, California, including: Dedication Ball, Long Island House, Todd's Valley, May 3, 1855; Social Ball, Long Island House, Todd's Valley, March...

Perkins (Floyd J. Perkins) Collection

Nazarene missionary Floyd Jerry Perkins (1924 - Nov 14, 2008) was born in Bertha, Minnesota to a family of Christian and Missionary Alliance members. The Floyd Perkins Collection documents the life and ministry of Nazarene missionary Floyd Perkins and his...

Perkins (Harry) Correspondence

Collection consists of about 400 pieces of correspondence to and from Harry Perkins, general manager of the National Orange Show, relating to the 1913 show....

Perkins (Hayes) San Simeon Diaries

Five volumes of typescript diary entitled Here and There: The Diary of Hayes Perkins. Perkins worked for publisher William Randolph Hearst at both his San Simeon and Wyntoon estates; biographical ephemera and correspondence on Perkins.

Perkins (Isaac) Papers

Letters from Isaac Perkins to his brother Daniel in Salem, Mass....

Perkins (James Alfred) papers

Correspondence, speeches and writings, memoranda, minutes, reports, and printed matter, relating to education in the United States and other countries, especially developing countries, education in internationalism, and foreign language studies in the United States.

Perkins (John Loring) papers

The John Loring Perkins papers span 5 linear feet and date from 1914 to circa 1978. The collection consists primarily of office records that take the form of manuals (construction and production), production data that spans two time periods 1947-1978...

Perkins (Kenneth) Papers

Collection includes: manuscript drafts of novels, stories, radio and television scripts, plays, and screenplays; plot outlines, summaries, and synopses; published versions of stories (most in the form of tear sheets extracted from magazines, many of them pulps); research notes; a...

Perkins (William) Journal

Summary: Journal chronicling three years residence in California. Typescript. Several letters in Spanish....

Perkoff (Stuart Z.) Papers

Stuart Z. Perkoff (1930-1973) was a Beat era poet living in Venice, California. The collection consists of his manuscripts and 46 handwritten journals.

Perkovic (Paul) papers

The Paul Perkovic papers range in date from 1967 to 1988 and consist of technical reports, memos, notes, and published manuals. About a third of the collection consists of documentation related to the Harvard University Center for Research in Computing...

Perl (Martin G.) papers

Memoirs, correspondence, identification documents, printed matter, and photographs, relating to social conditions in the zone of Germany under Soviet occupation in the years immediately after World War II.

Perlet (Herman) Papers

Collection includes manuscript and published scores of Perlet's songs, light operas and theatrical works, and orchestral and chamber music, as well as librettos, 4 scrapbooks, news articles, programs, brochures, and photographs. Also included is a small collection of photographs of...

Perlich (Martin) interviews

The collection predominantly consists of Martin Perlich's radio and video interviews with musicians, actors and comedians. Also included in the collection are papers pertaining to Perlich's life and career as a writer, producer and broadcaster.

Perlman (Janice E.) papers

Writings, studies, reports, notes, and printed matter relating to urban poverty in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, internal migration in Brazil, and urban poverty elsewhere in the developing world. In part, used as research material for Perlman's books (Berkeley, 1976) and...

Perlmutter, Marty J. (Vietnam War correspondence)

This collection contains letters and photographs from Machinist's Mate Fireman Marty J. Perlmutter, United States Navy during the Vietnam War.

Perloff (Harvey S.) Papers

Harvey S. Perloff taught architecture and urban planning at the University of Chicago (1947-55), was dean of the UCLA Graduate School of Architecture and Urban Planning (1968-1983), director of the Resources for the Future, Incorporated, appointed by President Kennedy to...

Perloff (Marjorie) Papers

Literary manuscripts, correspondence with writers, artists, fellow critics, and publishers, published essays and reviews, editorial and university administration files, and electronic discs.

Perman, Gordon Personal Papers

The collection contains photographs, negatives, documents, newspaper clippings, pamphlets, maps, patches, postcards, and stickers. Binder titles and description notes were created by the owner. While serving as a Helicopter Rescue Swimmer and Designated Naval Air Crewman in April 1981, Gordon...

Permanente Metals Corporation photograph album

The Permanente Metals Corporation photograph album, 1941-1945, (SAFR 24426, P14-006) is comprised of an album containing photographs of World War II shipbuilding activities at the Kaiser Shipyards, operated by the Permanente Metals Corporation, in Richmond, California. The collection has been...

Permanente Wives' Group records

The Sacramento Permanente Wives' Group formed in 1970 as a social and service organization in support of Permanente Medical Group and the Kaiser Foundation Hospitals. This collection is comprised of the Permanente Wives' Group constitution and by-laws, a calendar of...

Perón (Juan Domingo) papers

The Juan Domingo Perón papers consist primarily of correspondence between Perón and his followers, conducted largely during the period of his exile in Madrid, Spain. Among the correspondents are many of the major figures of the Peronist movement, including trade...

Pernau-Walsh Printing Co. scrapbook, 1909-1944.

Sample book containing ca. 256 mounted items (and ca. 36 loose items) by the Pernau Publishing Co. (later the Pernau-Walsh Printing Co.), including menus, envelopes, business cards, folders, programs, advertisements, ledgers, dance cards, catalogs, receipt forms, product labels, pamphlets, and...

Peroutka (Ferdinand) papers

Correspondence, memoranda, writings, and printed matter, relating to postwar conditions in Czechoslovakia, the internal administration of Radio Free Europe, and Czechoslovak émigré politics.

Perovic (Mileta) indictment

Accuses M. Perovic of crimes against the state of Yugoslavia. Issued by the district public prosecutor of Belgrade. Photocopy.

Perrin (Jack) papers

The Jack Perrin papers span the years 1919-1960 (bulk 1920s-1930s) and encompass 1.3 linear feet. The collection is composed exclusively of scenarios and scripts for around thirty films in which Perrin appeared, including nine Universal shorts and one serial....

Perrin V. Fox letters : Agua Fria, Calif., to his wife, [Medina, N.Y.?], 1852-1855.

Three handwritten letters (7 p.) by Perrin V. Fox (signed either "Peren" or "P.V. Fox"), while working as a miner during the Gold Rush of California, to his wife, Ida [i.e. Louisa]. Details include: expressions of affection and longing, his...

Perrine, Laurence D. (Second World War correspondence scrapbooks)

This collection contains two scrapbooks compiled by MSgt. Laurence D. Perrine, USA relating to his service during the Second World War. Included are correspondence, photographs and collected ephemera.

Perris District Defense Association and Val Verde Water Company Papers

This collection contains business correspondence, documents, and ephemera relating to the operation of the Perris District Defense Association in Riverside County, California, and a single document and multiple pieces of ephemera relating to the operation of the Val Verde Water...

Perris (Frederick Thomas) Survey Field Books

The collection consists of four leather-bound field books used by Frederick Thomas Perris in the course of surveying lands in San Bernardino County, California, in 1856 and 1857.

Perris (Harry S.) Papers

Includes papers about the Centenary of the Treaty of Ghent, 1814-1914, publications by Harry Shaw Perris and George Herbert Perris, manuscripts by H.S. Perris, and papers and speeches by other writers.

Perris Valley Museum Historical Archives Historically Significant Books, Booklets and Magazines Collection, 1833-1957

The Perris Valley Museum Historical Archives Historically Significant Books, Booklets and Magazines Collection, 1833-1957 consists of books collected since 1983 by the Perris Valley Historical and Museum Association by a number of both known and unknown donors. The topics of...

Perris Valley Museum Historical Archives Reference Books, Booklets and Magazines Collection, 1868-2004

The Perris Valley Museum Historical Archives Reference Books, Booklets and Magazines Collection, 1868-2004, consists of books collected since 1983 by the Perris Valley Historical and Museum Association by a number of both known and unknown donors. The topics of the...

Perrotta, Ron collection of Apple Computer material

Mr. Perrotta worked at Apple Computer from 1982-1993.

Perry (Anthony Thomas Jr.) Certificate of Apprenticeship

Southern Pacific Certificate of Apprenticeship issued to Anthony Thomas Perry, Jr., August 1, 1960, upon completion of apprenticeship as carman helper at the Sacramento General Shops.

Perry (Bruce) Arizona Farm Workers Union interviews

Audio recordings about the Arizona Farm Workers Union in the 1970s & 80s.

Perry (Charlotte M.) clipping collection

Relates to World War I. Clippings from American and foreign newspapers.

Perry (Eleanor) papers

The Eleanor Perry papers span the years 1931-1981 (bulk 1962-1979) and encompass 6.3 linear feet. The collection contains scripts, along with some clippings, correspondence, and legal material for 10 films. Perry's stage, film, and television work are all represented to...

Perry G. Davis Collection

The Collection of Perry G. Davis contains postcards of the early 20th century in Japan and China; it also contains one book and a leather-bound portfolio used by Perry in his journeys on Navy ships. The postcards in his collection...

Perry, Newel Lewis Photographs from the Newel Lewis Perry papers.

Photographs of Newel Perry's room in Munich showing lavish Victorian furniture and other interior details. One photo of Newel Perry at the New York Association for the Blind in a room of people working.

Perry (Troy D.) papers

Reverend Troy Deroy Perry is an American religious leader, gay rights and human rights activist, and founder of the Metropolitan Community Churches (MCC), the first church specifically aimed at ministering to the LGBTQ community. His collection (1906-2015) includes documents, correspondence,...

Perry (W. L.) collection

Pamphlets, leaflets, handbooks, and miscellanea issued as guides to American soldiers in North Africa and Italy during World War II.

The Perry Watkins Papers

Perry James Henry Watkins was the only openly gay person discharged from the U.S. Army with full honors after serving for nearly two decades. Watkins fought for this distinction, suing the Army after being forced out in 1979 because of...

Perry (William) papers

The collection includes documents related to daily activities, speech drafts, office files, and scrapbooks of photographs taken from 1994-1997....

Perry (Winfred O.) collection

Printed matter, maps, photographs, glass slides, and battalion flags relating to American military activities in France during World War I.

Pershin (Dimitrii Petrovich) papers

Correspondence, diaries, writings, notes, and clippings relating to White Russian and Soviet activities in Mongolia during the Russian Revolution, and the Russian émigré population during the Russian Civil War and subsequent years. Includes a memoir entitled relating to counter-revolutionary events...

Persia (Iran) photograph album

34 photographs taken in Persia (Iran) in the 1920s.

Persian and Arabic manuscripts in Special Collections Catalog

Includes bibliographical references and indexes....

Persian Calligraphic Samples Collection

Collection consists of Persian loose sheets illustrating calligraphy....

Persian Gulf Command - Iran Photo Album

During World War II, the U.S. Army's Persian Gulf Command maintained a supply line through Iran for the benefit of our Soviet allies. The first American troops of the PGC arrived in Iran in December 1942 and quickly took control...

Persian newspaper collection

The newspapers in this collection were originally collected by the Hoover Institution Library and transferred to the Archives in 2019. The Persian newspaper collection (1949-1999) comprises sixty different titles of publication, in English, Fārsī, and French. All of the titles...

Persico (Joseph E.) papers

Sound recordings and transcripts of interviews, correspondence, reports, drafts of writings, notes, printed matter, and photographs, relating to American secret service activities in Germany during World War II. Used as research material for the book by J. E. Persico, Piercing...

Person to Person Films records

Motion picture film, videotapes, sound recordings, and transcripts, relating to civil war in Nicaragua. Assembled in preparation for a projected documentary film to be produced by Ronald F. Maxwell that was not completed.

Personajes de Morelos : obra grafica /

Portraits of figures prominent in the history of Morelos, Mexico.

Personajes de Tlayacapan /

Depictions of historic and recent figures of Tlayacapan, Morelos, Mexico, the birthplace of the artist. Portrait subjects include Chucho Jesús Meza (El Muerto), compositor de los sones del chinelo; Los Alarcones, músicos; Victor Sánchez, teniente Zapatista; Cristobal Sánchez, soldado etstado...

Personal Recollections of Los Angeles, California, in 1856 Manuscripts and Letter

This collection consists of a handwritten manuscript of a "few personal recollections of Los Angeles, 50 years ago," written by Mrs. M.E. Williams from Santa Rosa, California. The "recollections," written in 1907 February, tell of Mrs. Williams' experiences in Los...

Personal Record Book

Day book with annotations for appointments, quantities of fruits and vegetables and their prices, and income and expenses.

Personal Reminiscences of the War in Upper and Lower California between the American and Native Troups : Sebastopol, Calif. : typescript, 1903 June 21.

An account by a member of Stevenson's Regiment, describing his arrival in San Francisco in 1847, the capture of Santa Barbara, the siege of La Paz, the battle of Todos Santos, and the declaration of peace.

Personal Rights in Defense and Education (PRIDE) records

Articles of incorporation, by-laws, reports, proposals, minutes, meeting notices, photographs, event flyers and tickets, membership flyers, correspondence, and organizational documentation related to Personal Rights in Defense and Education (PRIDE), 1966-1970, a Los Angeles gay activist organization.

Personalities and Activities in the Self-Help Cooperatives of California: Photographs from the Exhibition, 1933-1934

The Personalities and Activities of the Self-Help Cooperatives of California collection contains 80 mounted silver gelatin prints taken from 1933-34. The prints were originally included in the "Exhibition of Photographs and Etchings of Personalities and Activities in the Self-Help Cooperatives...

Personality Clipping File collection

This collection consists of newspapers, clippings, and biographies of television and film personalities, actors, producers, directors, VPs, and hosts.

Personality review (Television program) video tape

Discussion among Edwin Meese III, counselor to the president of the United States, Bernard Siegan, law professor, and Herbert Klein, newspaper editor. Broadcast over KPBS-TV, San Diego, California.

Personality stills collection

This collection consists of photographs and production stills of motion picture and television actors, hosts, and other such known personalities.

Personnel Listings (UC Davis)

Listings of faculty and staff employed by UC Davis.

Personnel Manuals (UC Davis)

The collection includes non-current copies of the University of California, Davis Academic Personnel Manual and the University of California, Davis Policy and Procedure Manual.

[Perspective peep show of a book printer's shop].

Set of prints which, viewed together, form a three dimensional scene of operations in a printer's shop, presumably in mid-18th century Germany.

Perspectives on Department Administration : oral history transcript / and related material, 1978-1980.

Interviews with five department directors in the Knight-Brown administrations. Copies of photographs and of documentary material inserted. Interviewees and titles of interviews, as follows: John M. Peirce. California State Department of Finance, 1953-1958. Also discusses the 1958 gubernatorial campaign. Bert...

Perspectives on the Alameda County District Attorney's Office : oral history transcripts / and related material, 1963-1974.

Interviews with friends and associates of Earl Warren relating to his professional and political career in the District Attorney's Office in Alameda County.

Pertsov (Vladimir Aleksandrovich) diary extracts

Relates to the evacuation of White Russian military personnel from Kurgan in western Siberia, to Spassk, near Vladivostok, 1919 July-August.

Pertzoff (Constantin A.) letter

Relates to the question of Allied responsibility for the downfall of Admiral Aleksandr Kolchak during the Russian Civil War. Photocopy.

Peru Indian photographs, circa late 19th century

Eight black and white photographs (cartes de visité size), of Peruvian Indian men and women, several by photographer Ricardo Villaalba, some studio, others outdoors.

Peru. Legacion (United States) typescript

Relates to the seizure of a German ship during World War I for alleged violation of Peruvian neutrality.

Peru newspaper collection

The newspapers in this collection were originally collected by the Hoover Institution Library and transferred to the Archives in 2019. The Peru newspaper collection (1912-1989) comprises seven different Spanish-language titles of publication. All of the titles within this collection have...

Peru Photograph Album, ca. 1900

Photographs of Rev. M. J. Pusey's travels in Peru. See also Gen. Col. 1262 for articles written by Pusey while in Peru.

Peru photograph album, circa 1900-1920

About 270 images, including original prints, captions in German, and picture postcards, many in color.

Peruvian 18th and 19th Century Correspondence and Documents Collection

Collection consists of eighteenth and nineteenth century correspondence and documents from Peru. Correspondence includes letters from important figures in Peruvian history, including presidents Ramón Castilla, Juan Antonio Pezet, and Manuel Pardo. Also includes a letter from Bolivian president Jose Balivian,...

Peruvian colonial records, 1581-1850.

Contains Peruvian colonial documents presumably collected by Victor Wolfgang von Hagen in the course of his research. Arranged chronologically.

Peruvian Manuscript Account Books Collection

Collection consists of seven manuscript account books from Peru, 1734-1806. Includes account books for the Abbey of Santa Clara, the hospital of Santa Ana, the hospital of San Andrés, and the guardianship of Feliciano Torrejón by Dr. Sebastián de Ygarriza....

Peruvian Manuscripts collection

This seven volume collection of manuscripts and printed materials on colonial and independent Peru focuses on the late eighteenth century, although its contents span from the seventeenth to the early nineteenth century. Three volumes of Royal Decrees feature important institutional...

Peruvian Political Printed Ephemera Collection

Collection of 20th century Peruvian newspapers, periodicals and ephemera, with emphasis on early issues of short-lived political publications.

Peruvian subject collection

Serial issues, pamphlets, leaflets, bulletins, and studies relating primarily to political conditions and elections in Peru, and to communist and guerrilla movements in Peru.

Peruvian Textiles

The Peruvian Textiles are products mostly of the Chancay, Chimú, and Tiohuanaquence or Tiahuanaco, with one folder dating back Pre-Colombina. Most of the collection is that of the Chancay an indigenous group that produced a variety of textiles such as...

Pery (Edmund Sexton) Correspondence

This collection contains 347 letters chiefly addressed to Irish politician Edmund Sexton Pery, Viscount Pery (1719-1806) that deal with Irish politics and parliamentary affairs, particularly during Pery's tenure as Speaker of the Irish House of Commons (1771-1785).

Peschelt (William A.) Collection

The collection documents the landscape work of landscape designer William A. Peschelt during the early part of the 20th century, with a focus on his work for Arthur Letts' Holmby Park residence in Los Angeles, California.

Peshine (John Henry Hobart) Papers

A collection of material related to the life and work of American dipolomat John Henry Hobart Peshine.

Pesonen (David) papers

The David Pesonen Papers include materials produced and acquired by Pesonen relating to his professional activities as an environmental activist, lawyer, and judge in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Pest Management Program records (University of California, Riverside)

This collection contains minutes, memorandums, course descriptions, pamphlets, correspondence, degree lists, and other material regarding the Pest Management Program at the University of California, Riverside. Mostly contains information on the M.S. degree, courses, graduates, and other topics.

Pesticide Regulation Dept. Records

The records of the Department of Pesticide Regulation (DPR) consist of 14 cubic feet of textual records reflecting the agency's administration of California's many and varied pesticide regulatory programs. The records are dated from 1950 to 2004, are separated into...

Pesticide Waste Pits records (University of California, Riverside)

This collection contains records and materials related to pesticide waste pits operated at the University of California, Riverside during the twentieth century.

Peszczynski (Mieczyslaw) memoir

Relates to conditions among Polish deportees to the Soviet Union at the end of World War II, 1944-1947.

Petal (Marvin) KTLA Scripts Collection

This collection primarily consists of scripts for courtroom television series Youth Court and Municipal Court.

Petaluma & Santa Rosa Railway Records

Contains records of the Petaluma & Santa Rosa Railway.

Petaluma Adobe State Historic Park Photographic Collection

The Petaluma Adobe State Historic Park Photographic Collection contains 779 cataloged images that date from 1860 through 2015. Images depict the property as a ranch, a historic landmark, and as a state park.

Petaluma and military album

A young man's album, possibly that of Elwin Swetmann of Petaluma, Calif. Includes snapshots of Petaluma, army activity in California, and views related to mining, apparently in Alaska.

Petaluma, California views.

Includes town views, ranch and farming scenes (some annotated "Castania ranch owned by D.G. Heald ... ") landscapes after a rare snowfall, and parade views. The one stereograph pictures students in front of Petaluma High School, ca. 1875.

Petaluma Cine Club records, 1942-1971

This collection contains official records of the Petaluma Cinema Club (also known as the Petaluma Cine Club) of Petaluma, California from establishment in 1942 to dissolution in 1971.

Petaluma Cooperative Creamery records, 1914-1974 (bulk, 1928-1974)

Official records of the Petaluma Cooperative Creamery from 1914 through 1974.

Petaluma Justice Court and Petaluma Judicial District Court records, 1895-1968

This collection contains records that provide details on the operations of the Petaluma Justice Court, including lists of jurors, offences etc. Collection includes the justice docket (i.e., criminal justice docket) for the Petaluma Justice Court in Sonoma County, California...

Petaluma Police Court records, 1912-1952

This collection contains records pertaining to the operations of the Petaluma Police Court, including lists of jurors

Petaluma Recorder's Court records, 1893-1918

This collection contains ledgers listing misdemeanor cases handled through the Recorder's Court, by the Petaluma City Recorder. Recorder's court docket records spanning the early twentieth century. These are primarily handwritten volumes, although some were typewritten.

Petaluma school clippings, 1970-1990

This collection contains newspaper clippings concerning Petaluma (Calif.) schools, primarily from the Argus-Courier newspaper.

Petaluma Small Claims Court records, 1923-1967

This collection contains a large number of volumes that derive from the operations of the Petaluma Small Claims Court in Petaluma, Sonoma County, California

Petaluma Treasurer's Office records, 1867-1948

This collection contains tax assessment rolls for the City of Petaluma, Calif.

Petar Todorovic Faculty Papers Collection

This collection documents Petar Todorovic's research and teaching work in the field of Mathematics and Statitstics.

Petchel, John J. (Cold War and Vietnam War correspondence)

This collection contains correspondence from LCpl. John J. Petchel, USMC to Anne Bau while aboard a ship in the Caribbean before and during the Cuban Missile Crisis and during the Vietnam War.

Petelin (Innokentii Stefanovich) papers

Correspondence, reports, and personal documents, relating primarily to the Chinese Eastern Railway.

Peter A. Sturrock papers

This collection consists of correspondence, research and teaching files, grant proposals, and reports....

Peter B. Kyne papers, 1914-1957.

Primarily MSS of short stories and novels.

Peter Carr works on activism

This collection contains unpublished manuscripts, posters, scraps, drawings, art and writing specific to Peter Carr's political engagement and commitment to the Southern California ecosystem. Carr (1925-1981) was an activist, poet, artist, and teacher. He helped establish the Comparative Literature department...

[Peter Charles Baker portraits of San Francisco earthquake and fire refugees and other photographs]

Chiefly portraits documenting the refugees of the San Francisco earthquake and fire of 1906. Includes richly-detailed individual, family and large group portraits of subjects posing at their tents and other shelters within the refugee camps of the city. Also includes...

Peter Decker diaries : A.Ms.S., 1849-1871.

Diary of overland journey (via Sublette Cut Off) to California, Apr. 4-Nov. 5, 1849.

Peter E. Haas papers : relating to the San Francisco Commission on Equal Employment Opportunity, 1958-1960.

Contains case files relating to equal employement opportunities, meeting minutes and other files while Haas was serving on the San Francisco Commission on Equal Employment Opportuinty.

Peter F. Drucker Papers, 1909-2005

Peter F. Drucker was a writer, professor, management consultant and self-described “social ecologist,” who explored the way human beings organize themselves and interact much the way an ecologist would observe and analyze the biological world. Hailed by BusinessWeek as “the...

Peter F. McDermott collection, 1892-1909.

Correspondence and ephemera relating to Peter F. McDermott, Girard Manufacturing Company, and the Appeal to Reason weekly.

Peter F. Neumeyer collection of Gustav Janouch, 1959-1975, undated.

Letters and documents concerning a literary controversy in the 1960s over the late Czech editor Gustav Janouch and his study on Franz Kafka, entitled Gesprache mit Kafka, and its English edition, Conversations with Kafka. Also present are letters concerning the...

Peter Fabrizius columns written for Die Westküste, 1941-1985.

Tearsheets of Die Westküste, a biweekly section of Aufbau for California, Oregon, and Washington. Aufbau was a German language emigré newspaper published in New York. Max Knight and Joseph Fabry collaborated in writing a column about West Coast cultural life...

Peter Finch papers, 1966-1970.

Includes correspondence which consists mostly of letters addressed to Finch, poetry, drawings, and printed material.

Peter Force note, 1839 March 6

(1790-1868). One note (ANS) to P. R. [Fendall?], re corrections he is to make [for a publication?], 6 Mar. 1839.

Peter Gerin document, 1866 January 12

[New York Dragoons, 1st Regiment, Company I]. One Civil War era document (ADS): Receipt for property of deceased soldier Gerin. Washington, D.C., 12 Jan. 1866.

Peter Goin and Paul F. Starrs California agriculture archive.

Archive of materials pertaining to Field guide to California agriculture, written by Starrs and Goin. Contains photographs (ffALB, PIC box 1, F, I and FR) documenting various aspects of California agriculture, including produce, irrigation, industry, labor, livestock, and scenic views....

Peter H. Duesberg papers, circa 1965-1998.

Included in: History of Science and Technology Collection.

Peter H. Odegard papers : additions, 1928-1966.

Manuscripts, clippings, reports, speeches, subject files, and notes concerning his activity as professor of Political Science at U.C. Berkeley.

Peter H. Odegard papers, 1947-1966.

Correspondence, manuscripts, subject files, photographs, and notes on his interest and activity in political science and The University of California, Berkeley.

Peter J. Barber collection, 1871-1909.

Consists of biographical material covering Barber's journey to San Francisco and his life in Santa Barbara, correspondence, political memorabilia including ribbon campaign badges, and newspaper clippings.

Peter J. Dunne and Josephine Masten Dunne family photographs [graphic].

Portraits and snapshots of the family of Peter J. Dunne and Josephine Masten Dunne of San Jose, Calif., with some views of their California homes. Locations depicted include San Jose, Calif., and Peter J. Dunne's ranch (San Nicolas y La...

Peter Manigault, 1731-1773

(1731-1773). Msg/oversize?

Peter McLaren (papers collection)

The academic papers of Professor Peter McLaren (b. 1948) with a concentration on his publications.

Peter Mondavi : advances in technology and production at Charles Krug Winery, 1946-1988 /

Wine industry, 1914-1946: shipping grapes to home winemakers, practices prior to cold fermentation; Charles Krug Winery: purchase by Cesare Mondavi, renovation, processing, production, marketing; advances in filtration and clarification; vineyards; diseases, mechanical harvesting, purchasing grapes; new facilities and technical advances...

Peter N. Tenney papers, approximately 1963-1975.

Contains a mixed collection of loose journal pages with handwritten and typescript entries, submissions of articles to magazines including the Atlantic Monthly, rejection slips, poems, loose dream journal pages, numerous Yi Ching readings, an astrology chart, and a small amount...