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O. Bendeleben to Robert F. Stockton mortgage : Santa Clara, Calif., 1855 Jan. 1.

Printed legal mortgage form with manuscript entries containing details of an indenture for property in Santa Clara, California owned by Robert F. Stockton of Princeton, New Jersey by O. [Ottfried] Bendeleben in exchange for an $8000 dollar promissory note. The...

O Gydweli i Galifornia : oral history transcript : from Kidwelly to California / November 19, 21, and December 14, 1999.

Davidson discusses her life in Wales and emigration to the U.S. and eventual relocation to California. Also discusses Welsh language and customs and her involvement in Welsh societies in California.

O' Leary, William Oral History

O'Leary tells the history of his family farm in Santa Paula

O. O. Howard portrait, undated

[Civil War Union General]. Portrait. [Oversize boxed].

O. Quelle Studien Aus Dem Indienarchiv in Sevilla Translated Manuscript

O. Quelle Studien Aus Dem Indienarchiv in Sevilla Translated Manuscript contains an English translation of O. Quelle's manuscript. The German to English translation was completed by John Pilsar and edited by Alfred Hamilton as part of WPA Project PS. H-9226-A,...

O. W. Petersen typescript, 1888, 1960

Typescript (photocopy) of 1960 account by O. W. [Oggie] Petersen of his early years in Nebraska, including life in a sod house, [ca. late 19th century]. Also copy of homestead claim of his father, Carl M. W. [Petersen], 1888. Found...

Oak Grove School PTA Collection

The scrapbook includes newspaper clippings about the Oak Grove School PTA and its activities from 1922 to 1950.

Oak (Henry L.) 1874 Diary and Biography

This collection includes a diary of trip to the missions of Southern California by Henry Lebbeus Oak and biography of Oak by Henry R. Wagner.

Oakes Ames letter to E. D. Braford, 1868 January 14.

Holograph thank you letter written from Washington, D. C. on Congressional stationery.

Oakes College Records

The records of Oakes College currently consist of photographs and audio visual materials, generally on cassette or VHS tape. The photographs are primarily informal snapshots of unidentified events and have been put into a rough chronological order. Audio and video...

Oakeshott (Walter Fraser) Papers

Scholar of Medieval art, distinguished by his work on the 12th-century Winchester Bibles and on Elizabethan England. The papers document much of his work and reflect his lifelong passion for studying and collecting early books and maps. The archive primarily...

Oakland & Imada Collection

The Oakland & Imada Collection spans the years 1942-2002 (bulk 1953-1999) and includes files documenting the projects of the firm and its predecessor, Claude Oakland & Associates, and the activities of the two partners. The Collection is organized into five...

Oakland and Calaveras County views [graphic]

1: Pioneer Hotel and Sheep Ranch Gold Mine, Calaveras County (1890's?) -- 2: Oakland views at 10th and Broadway (ca.1890-1900?) -- 3: north on Broadway from 9th (1898)

Oakland, Antioch & Eastern Railway Collection

The collection consists of ledger sheets containing statements which list and compare expenditures for maintenance, equipment and electric power for the Oakland, Antioch and Eastern Railway on a monthly basis for 1914 and 1915.

Oakland Army Base Oral History Project, 2007-2009.

A series of 47 interviews with veterans, former base employees, community members, and policy makers to document the core functions of the base during its period of operation (1941-1998); the social life and work culture on the base; the impact...

Oakland Benevolent Society articles of incorporation and related material : DS, 1890.

Includes the certificate from the California Secretary of State's Office officially recognizing the incorporation, signed on behalf of A.C. Hendricks (Secretary of State) by H.B. Davidson, dated March 15, 1890. Lithographed by H.S. Crocker & Co.

Oakland, Berkeley, and the University of California, 1880-1895 : oral history transcript / and related material, 1963.

Recollections of her father, John Knox McLean, pastor of 1st Congregational Church of Oakland; description of life in Oakland and in Berkeley; life as a student at the University, 1891-1895. Photographs inserted.

Oakland Black Cowboy Association Records

The Oakland Black Cowboy Association Records consist of administrative records, flyers, posters, videocassette recordings, clothing, and photographs documenting mostly the Oakland Black Cowboy Parade between 1976-2018.

Oakland, Calif. election, 1982 (Nov. 2), Measure EE, rent control initiative : campaign ephemera and newspaper clipping].

Collected by staff of the Institute of Governmental Studies, University of California, Berkeley.

[Oakland, Calif. election, 1985 (Apr. 16), Board of Education candidates, Rosenthal and Sklar : campaign ephemera].

Collected by staff of the Institute of Governmental Studies, University of California, Berkeley.

[Oakland, Calif. election, 1985 (Apr. 16), mayoral candidates, Riles and Wilson : campaign ephemera and newspaper clippings].

Collected by staff of the Institute of Governmental Studies, University of California, Berkeley.

[Oakland, Calif. election, 1987 (April 21), School Board District 1 candidates, Hirota, Jordan and Wright : campaign ephemera].

Collected by staff of the Institute of Governmental Studies, University of California, Berkeley.

[Oakland, Calif. election, 1988 (Nov. 8), Measure T, nuclear free zone initiative : campaign ephemera and newspaper clippings].

Collected by staff of the Institute of Governmental Studies, University of California, Berkeley.

[Oakland, Calif. election, 1990 (June 5), mayoral candidates, Bazile, Harris, Riles, and Wilson : campaign ephemera and newspaper clippings].

Collected by staff of the Institute of Governmental Studies, University of California, Berkeley.

[Oakland, Calif. election, 1992 (June 2), Board of Education candidates : campaign ephemera and newspaper clippings].

Collected by staff of the Institute of Governmental Studies, University of California, Berkeley.

[Oakland, Calif. election, 1992 (June 2), City Council candidates : campaign ephemera and newspaper clippings].

Collected by staff of the Institute of Governmental Studies, University of California, Berkeley.

[Oakland, Calif. election, 1992 (June 2), Measure I, emergency preparedness bond issue : campaign ephemera and newspaper clippings].

Collected by staff of the Institute of Governmental Studies, University of California, Berkeley.

[Oakland, Calif. election, 1992 (Nov. 3), ballot measures and City Council candidates : campaign ephemera and newspaper clippings].

Collected by staff of the Institute of Governmental Studies, University of California, Berkeley.

[Oakland, Calif. election, 1994 (June 7), candidates for City Council, School Board, and Auditor : campaign ephemera and newspaper clippings].

Collected by staff of the Institute of Governmental Studies, University of California, Berkeley.

[Oakland, Calif. election, 1994 (June 7), mayoral candidates, Dang, Harris, King, et al. : campaign ephemera and newspaper clippings].

Collected by staff of the Institute of Governmental Studies, University of California, Berkeley.

[Oakland, Calif. election, 1994 (June 7), Measure O, library tax : campaign ephemera and newspaper clippings].

Collected by staff of the Institute of Governmental Studies, University of California, Berkeley.

[Oakland, Calif. election, 1994 (Nov. 8), mayoral candidates, Dang and Harris : campaign ephemera and newspaper clippings].

Collected by staff of the Institute of Governmental Studies, University of California, Berkeley.

[Oakland, Calif. election, 1996 (Nov. 5), ballot measures : campaign ephemera and newspaper clippings].

Collected by staff of the Institute of Governmental Studies, University of California, Berkeley.

[Oakland, Calif. election, 1996 (Nov. 5), Measure F, strong mayor charter amendment : campaign ephemera and newspaper clippings].

Collected by staff of the Institute of Governmental Studies, University of California, Berkeley.

[Oakland, Calif. election, 1998 (June 2), mayoral candidates, Blakely, Brown, et al. : campaign ephemera and newspaper clippings].

Collected by staff of the Institute of Governmental Studies, University of California, Berkeley.

[Oakland, Calif. election, 1998 (Nov. 3), strong mayor initiative : campaign ephemera and newspaper clippings].

Collected by staff of the Institute of Governmental Studies, University of California, Berkeley.

[Oakland, Calif. election, 2000 (Mar. 7), ballot measures : campaign ephemera and newspaper clippings].

Collected by staff of the Institute of Governmental Studies, University of California, Berkeley.

[Oakland, Calif. election, 2000 (Mar. 7), City Attorney candidates, Russo and Williams : campaign ephemera and newspaper clippings].

Collected by staff of the Institute of Governmental Studies, University of California, Berkeley.

[Oakland, Calif. election, 2000 (Mar. 7), City Council candidates, Bassette, Chang, Nadel, et al. : campaign ephemera and newspaper clippings].

Collected by staff of the Institute of Governmental Studies, University of California, Berkeley.

[Oakland, Calif. election, 2000 (Mar. 7), School Board candidates, Gonzales, Hamill, et al. : campaign ephemera and newspaper clippings].

Collected by staff of the Institute of Governmental Studies, University of California, Berkeley.

[Oakland, Calif. election, 2000 (Nov. 7), city council candidates and ballot measures : campaign ephemera and newspaper clippings].

Compiled by the staff of the Institute of Governmental Studies, University of California, Berkeley.

[Oakland, Calif. election, 2002 (Nov. 5), city council candidates and ballot measures : campaign ephemera and newspaper clippings].

Compiled by the staff of the Institute of Governmental Studies, University of California, Berkeley.

[Oakland, Calif. election, 2004 (Mar. 2), city council candidates and ballot measures : campaign ephemera and news stories].

Compiled by the staff of the Institute of Governmental Studies, University of California, Berkeley.

Oakland (Calif.) estuary postcard

This is a single color lithograph postcard captioned "Oakland, California, Estuary."

[Oakland, Calif. general election, 2006 (Nov. 7), candidates and ballot measures : campaign ephemera and newspaper clippings].

Collected by staff of the Institute of Governmental Studies, University of California, Berkeley.

Oakland (Calif.) harbor postcard

A single color photomechanical postcard of the Southern Pacific Company's wharf in Oakland's Inner Harbor.

[Oakland, Calif. primary election, 1996 (Mar. 26), City Council and School Board candidates : campaign ephemera and newspaper clippings].

Collected by staff of the Institute of Governmental Studies, University of California, Berkeley.

[Oakland, Calif. runoff election, 1987 (May 19), City Council, District 1 candidates, Gibson and Lopez : campaign ephemera].

Collected by staff of the Institute of Governmental Studies, University of California, Berkeley.

Oakland (Calif.) School Women's Club Records

The Oakland School Women's Club papers consist of a history of the Club (1942) by a former member, four volumes of Club minutes (1912-25), Club Bulletins (27 issues, 1914-23) and miscellaneous correspondence....

Oakland, California, ca. 1930-1939 - Views

The collection consists of 26 black and white photographs taken in Oakland, California by the Cheney Photo Advertising Company circa 1930-1939. The views include the residences of Francis Marion Smith, founder of the Borax empire, and Joaquin Miller's "Hights." Other...

Oakland Federation of Teachers, Local 771 Collection

The Oakland Federation of Teachers first organized on May 3, 1943 as the Alameda County Federation of Teachers, Local 771 of the American Federation of Teachers (AFT) to both "improve the educational facilities for the children of the nation and...

Oakland Harbor Light Station ledgers, 1892-1910.

Contains 5 printed ledgers with manuscript entries of the Oakland Harbor Light Station. Ledgers track inventories received and used for supplies, forms, furniture, oil, wicks, chimneys, etc.

Oakland harbor training walls [graphic] : (Oakland inner harbor jetties) final report: May 12, 1999 /

Views and documentation of two stone jetties constructed parallel to the Oakland estuary as part of harbor improvement projects between 1874 and 1894. Documentation was created prior to scheduled demilition of the north training wall. Includes contemporary views (1999), copies...

Oakland Home Telephone Company Collection

The items in this collection are dated from 1893-1909 and consist of correspondence (small amount) and business and legal documents. Under correspondence there are several letters from an injured employee, letters dealing with stockholders of Telepost, and a few letters...

Oakland Moving and Storage : Entrepreneur, Rotarian, and Philanthropist : oral history transcript / 1973.

Comments on his business, the Lyon Storage and Moving Company; community services; philanthropic activities, etc. Photographs inserted. Photocopies of documentary material included and appended.

Oakland Municipal Airport and other aviation related views [graphic]

Views of aircraft dating from 1912 throught the 1930's, primarily in Oakland, California. Also includes views of other Bay Area locations and events, such as the U.S.S. Constitution in San Francisco and the Golden Gate and Bay Bridges under construction....

Oakland Oral History Project : oral history transcripts, 1997-1999.

The Oakland Oral History Project aimed to collect the valuable oral histories of senior Oakland residents of different ethnic backgrounds for the present Oakland community. The project focused on race relations in Oakland with special emphasis on the areas of...

Oakland Paving Co. receipts, 1882-1885.

from University of Wyoming, American Heritage Center;

Oakland Paving Company ledgers, 1909-1923.

2 ledger books: a trial balance book (1909-1912), and a purchasing journal (1922-1923).

Oakland Paving Company ledgers, 1909-1923.

2 ledger books: a trial balance book (1909-1912), and a purchasing journal (1922-1923).

Oakland Post Photograph Collection

The Oakland Post Photograph Collection consists of 11,797 photographs appearing in the Oakland Post newspaper between 1963-2005. A majority of the photographs are portraits of African American politicians, business and community leaders, entertainers, athletes, and community and social groups from...

Oakland Post-Enquirer reporters' information file, [ca. 1947-1950]

Clippings, press releases, drafts of articles and miscellany, arranged alphabetically by subject.

Oakland road and bridge projects of the Civil Works Administration [graphic]

Photos show crews of horses, men, and vehicles constructing roads and bridges, primarily in Oakland, Calif. Many streets and bridges are identified. Hand labor is clearly visible, as are the laborers.

Oakland Technical High School ephemera, 1918-1957.

Oakland Technical High School materials collected by Andrew Peter Costelli include his 1922 diploma, 1922 graduation program and invitation, and a program for 1957 graduation. Also includes Costelli's diploma from Elmhurst School in 1918.

Oakland the beautiful : official song of the Oakland centennial, 1957-1977 /

Contains photocopy of the official song, clippings, and city resolution to make song the official song of Oakland.

Oakland Title Insurance and Guaranty Company title insurance policies : Oakland, Calif. : DS, 1920-1924.

Two title insurance policies. One is dated Sept. 3, 1920; the assured are Jesse D. and Effie D. Cope, whose property in Piedmont, Calif. is insured for $2,500.00. The other is dated Jan. 11, 1924; the assured is the Mercantile...

Oakland Tribune Records

The is a daily newspaper published in Oakland, California. The Oakland Tribune Records consist of files that the Knowland family compiled during their ownership of this newspaper.

Oakland Unified School District Newsletter Collection

The Oakland Unified School District Newsletter Collection consists of 19 issues of the (1966-1969) and (1969-1971) newsletters. The newsletters were published by the Oakland Unified School District with federal funds from the Elementary Secondary Education Act (ESEA) and featured articles...

Oakland views which include automobiles [graphic] /

Views include city streets, businesses, developing neighborhoods and residential lots, and hills in the San Francisco Bay Area. Several automotive factories under construction, or their projected sites, are also pictured. Images were apparently collected by a previous owner because they...

[Oakland-Berkeley firestorm, Oct. 20, 1991 : newspaper clippings].

Collected by staff of the Institute of Governmental Studies, University of California, Berkeley.

Oakland-Berkeley Hills fire photograph collection [graphic].

Photographs, most taken by local residents, document the October 20, 1991 Oakland-Berkeley hills fire and aftermath. Some accompanied by narratives or descriptive information.

Oakland/Berkeley hills fire reports and documents.

Mainly reports by various city offices concerning emergency services at the time of the fire and subsequent updates.

Oakley (Laura) Papers

Papers includes correspondence and clippings. Photographs include Milton Moore, Oakley's husband and Universal Film cameraman; movie stills, particularly of the serial "Black Box Mystery" (1915); movie poster for "Her First Arrest" (1914); and items reflecting her capacity as chief of...

Oakley M. Hall papers

Primarily literary manuscripts but also includes a small batch of correspondence to Robert Kirsch commenting on his writing and teaching activities. Included are notes, drafts, revisions, printer's copies, galleys, and some related correspondence with agents and publishers for a number...

Oaks (Robert) Papers

Robert F. Oaks is a historian with a primary interest in Colonial America and the American Revolution. In the late 1970s he developed an interest in gay history, too. The collection contains letters from gay historians, research notes for articles...

Oakwood Park Stock Farms Collection

The collection includes daily business ledgers from 1889-91 from the Oakwood Park Stock Farm, and account ledgers from the Cook Farm related to the execution of the will of Seth Cook in 1891 (both farms were owned by the same...

Oasis collection, 1977-1988, undated

Catalogs and ephemera from the Oasis Center for Human Potential in Chicago.

Oatman (Earl R.) papers

This collection contains photographs, correspondence, military records, and other material pertaining to Earl R. Oatman, a Prisoner of War (POW) during World War II and Professor Emeritus of Entomology at the University of California, Riverside. Includes correspondence and documents related...

Obadiah Haight Hoag family papers, 1855-1917.

Correspondence, legal documents, and miscellany pertaining to the Hoag family in Sonoma County, California. Correspondence includes: unsigned draft of speech on O.H. Hoag letterhead stationery (likely written by Obadiah Haight Hoag) making "a few remarks about the Chinese" and recommending...

Obama (Barack) Presidential Election Memorabilia from Kenya

On November 4, 2008, Barack Obama became the first African American to be elected president of the United States of America. Because President Obama's father was from Kenya, Kenyans have closely followed Barack Obama's political career since his election to...

Ob"edinenie chinov Kornilovskogo udarnogo polka records

Correspondence, financial records, and photographs, relating to operations of the Kornilovskii Polk during the Russian Civil War, and to postwar activities of its veterans in emigration.

Obedinenie russkikh v Marokko Records

Correspondence, memoranda, reports, lists, and financial records, relating to activities of the Russian émigré community and Russian Orthodox Church in Morocco, primarily in Casablanca.

Ober (Richard) papers

Correspondence, writings, notes, personnel records, memoranda, reports, legal records, and printed matter, relating to the Central Intelligence Agency and its Operation CHAOS. Consists mainly of reportage of post-Watergate debate on intelligence agency oversight and of documentation of related litigation.

Oberheitmann (Theo) deposition

Relates to allegations made at the Nuremberg war crime trials regarding German propaganda activities during World War II. Typed transcript.

Oberkamp (Louis Paul)'s Examination Answers

Louis P. Oberkamp's answers to "Examination Questions" administered while he was a student at the El Paso & Southwestern Railroad Apprentice School. He took the test on December 21, 1921 and passed with a score of 98.5%.

Oberlander (Theodor) memoranda

Two memoranda, entitled , relating to German relations with the occupied territories in Eastern Europe, especially the Caucasus region.

Oberlin '57 Faith & Order Meeting

Photocopies of the preparation documents and documents produced at the 1957 Faith & Order Meeting at Oberlin, Ohio on the theme of "The Nature of the Unity We Seek." The collection includes an invitation and promo CD for the 50...

Oberlin (B. G.) collection

Newspaper issues and clippings, depositions, and photographs, relating to the Japanese war crime trials after World War II. Includes mimeographed prison newspapers issued by Japanese prisoners awaiting trial.

Obern (Vivian M.) Papers

The Vivian M. Obern Papers cover efforts made during the 1976 American Bicentennial by organizers and participants to recreate the expedition by Juan Bautista de Anza and his party of 240 settlers from northern Mexico to northern California two hundred...

Oberon (Merle) papers

The Merle Oberon papers span the years 1911-1979 (bulk mid-1950s-mid-1970s) and encompass 5.8 linear feet. The collection consists of 11 scripts, 12 scrapbooks, two photograph albums, correspondence, foreign language press clippings, handwriting samples, five disc recordings, miscellaneous items, and photographs....

Obituaries and other articles relating to Adrian Wilson, 1988 : photocopies.

Included is typescript of an elaborate obituary authored by Eshelman.

Obituary of Lieutenant Horace Sargent Dunn, [1862] May 28

Printed obituary of Lieutenant Horace Sargent Dunn, written by Mr. G. S. Hillard and appeared in the Boston Courier of May 28, states that his remains were committed to the grave on Saturday. It also mentions that Dunn was the...

Obituary of the late Mrs. Mary Todd, [1839].

Printed obituary of Mary Todd in the American Presbyterian newspaper with details of her life and family history. The obituary, composed by her son-in-law or daughter-in-law, indicates that she was a native of Louisa County, Virginia; the wife of Dr....

[Objects from the Donna M. Garaventa collection of Great Chefs at Mondavi Winery ephemera].

Objects relating to cuisine program on Great Chefs of France at Mondavi Winery, including a group of 3 pig bladders with note: chicken boiling bladder, Alan Chapel; a chef's hat; a curio in the shape of a Dutch wooden clog,...

Objects pertaining to Allen Ginsberg from the Bill Morgan papers [graphic].

Includes Allen Ginsberg toy: sealed figurine, cut-out American flag hat and sealed audio disc of poetry readings in original packaging; City Lights Books San Francisco t-shirt depicting Allen Ginsberg; and two buttons, one pertaining to Ginsberg's poem Howl, the other...

Obledo (Mario G.) Papers

Correspondence, subject files, daybooks, video and audiotapes, posters, and other materials relating to his career as a civil rights advocate, government official, educator, and consultant.

Obligación a favor de su majestad : DS, 1697.

Part of a collection of documents relating to Mexican history, titled Mexican miscellany.

Oblique Aerial Photographs

Contains 59 (8 x 10 inch) photographs of Monterey and Santa Cruz Counties taken by Fairchild Aerial Surveys, Inc.

Obolensky (Prince Alexis) typescript

Relates to social conditions in pre-World War I Russia. Includes a synopsis of Obolensky's subsequent life.

Obras del R[ea]l Palacio ... : Mexico City : ms., 1795 June 30-Aug. 8.

File on repairs for the Viceregal Palace, containing letters exchanged by Viceroy Branciforte, Ladron de Guevara, and builders Ignacio de Castera and José Joaquín García de Torres, as well as related documents.

O'Brian (Hugh) papers

Hugh O'Brian was an actor who appeared in numerous theater, television, and motion picture productions. He is best identified for his role as Wyatt Earp in the television western, (1955-61). The collection consists of plays, screenplays and television scripts.

O'Brien (C. Bickford) Papers on Russian History

Microfilm, photocopies, translations, and drafts of articles relating to Russian foreign relations, trade, and economics, particularly in the 17th century.

O'Brien (Charles A.) papers

Diary, notes, photographs, postcards, clippings, and memorabilia relating to American Red Cross activities in Siberia, and the Russian Civil War and Allied intervention in Siberia.

O'Brien (Dave) Red Skelton Show scripts

Dave O'Brien was an actor and writer from the 1940s through the 1960s. The collection consists of script material for his work as the head writer for the television series .

O'Brien (Edgar Alphonso) Papers

Biographical material, letters, union cards and certificates, meal tickets, train orders and annuity certificate relating to Edgar Alphonso O'Brien's career as a locomotive fireman and engineer with Southern Pacific.

O'Brien (Edmond) Papers

Edmond O'Brien was an alumnus of the Voorhis School for Boys in San Dimas, California. The collection includes yearbooks, diplomas, photographs, and materials related to the Voorhis Vikings Alumni Association.

O'Brien (Ersey) scrapbooks

The Ersey O'Brien scrapbooks consists of two ledger format spiral binders containing green bar computer paper that has been repurposed as scrapbook pages. The scrapbooks, one entitled "My friends" and the other "High School Memories," contain clippings and printed ephemera...

O'Brien (James Edward)

Correspondence with wife and others, and personnel records relating to American naval operations in the World War II Pacific Theater.

O'Brien (John) Papers

Clippings, flyers, correspondence, notes, press releases, questionnaires, meeting minutes, petitions, position statements, and a resume of gay activist John O'Brien, 1969-1994. A lifelong gay rights and political activist, O'Brien participated in the Stonewall Riots and was a cofounder of the...

O'Brien (John) Papers

Papers of John S. O'Brien, UC San Diego professor of neurosciences, internationally known for his discovery of the genetic cause of Tay-Sachs disease and his development of screening tests for the disease.

O'Brien (Mark) Papers

Consists of the body of O'Brien's professional work as a poet and journalist. The papers include unpublished and published poems, books, articles, short stories, and speeches, as well as O'Brien's undergraduate and graduate school assignments.

O'Brien (Michael) Northwest Coast Graphic Art Collection

The Northwest Coast Graphic Art Collection, assembled by Michael O'Brien, contains various forms of reprinted Native American art from museums as well as artists' brochures. Souvenir postcards and greeting cards represent museum pieces as well as contemporary artists' work. Letters,...

O'Brien (Morrough P.) papers

Correspondence, reports, and documents, concerning sedimentation, flow of water in channels, rivers, flood control, waves and surge, beach erosion, dams and related projects, pipes, hydraulic models, and pumps....

O'Brien (Neil) papers

Papers of early 20th century American blackface entertainer Neil O'Brien (circa 1868-1954), leader of "Neil O'Brien's Great American Minstrels," including scripts, music, set designs, photographs, letters, artifacts, posters, programs, sheet music, and financial documents.

O'Brien (Smith) drawing of the Youth Directory building

The Smith O’Brien drawing of the Youth Directory building spans 3 linear feet and dates from 1908. The collection is composed of one presentation drawing in the form of a reprographic copy. Drawing is dated 1908 and depicts the front...

O'Brien (Willis) Scrapbooks, ca. 1929-30, 1933

Two scrapbooks of photos compiled by O'Brien, best known for his work on King Kong.

O'Brien-Rothe (Linda Lee) Collection 1972.03

This collection consists of sound recordings on open reel tapes created by Linda O'Brien in 1972. The recordings document the music of the Tzutuhil-Maya Indians in Guatemala, Santiago Atitla´n. Listening copies are available for use.

O'Brien-Rothe (Linda Lee) Collection 1974.01

This collection consists of sound recordings.

Observations and records : typescript, 1916.

Transcript of excerpts from his diary, and reminiscences, relating mainly to rainfall in San Diego County, 1862-1916.

Observations of San Francisco Bay from 1900 to 1971 : oral history transcript / and related material, 1970-1972.

Comments on boyhood at lighthouse stations at Point Bonita, Farallones, and Southhampton Shoals; ferries and excursion boats; hydro-survey work with the Army Engineers in the Bay and other California harbors; changes in the Bay and its surroundings; building Treasure Island;...

Observations on the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California, 1900-1940 : oral history transcript / and related material, 1980-1981.

Comments on judges, U.S. attorneys, prominent members of San Francisco bar, the court's jurisdiction, and leading cases argued before it. Copy of photograph inserted.

Obshchestudencheskii russkii khor imeni A. A. Arkhangel'skogo Records

Correspondence, minutes, printed matter, and photographs, relating to émigré Russian choir activities in Czechoslovakia.

Obshchestvo formirovaniia boevykh otriadov proclamation

States regulations of the Obshchestvo formirovaniia boevykh otriadov.

Obshchestvo obedineniia i vzaimopomoshchi russkikh ofitserov printed material

States basic regulations of the Obshchestvo obedineniia i vzaimopomoshchi russkikh ofitserov i dobrovol'tsev.

Obshchestvo rossiisko-chechenskoi druzhby issuances

Printed matter, relating to human rights issues in Russia.

Obshchestvo russkikh veteranov Velikoi voiny v gorode Los Anzhelose records

Legal, financial, and membership records, correspondence, printed matter, audiovisual material, and memorabilia relating to Russian émigré affairs.

O'Byrne (Ernest B.) Papers

The collection consists of meeting minutes, correspondence, library information, Education Opportunity Program information, and research....

Obzina (Martin) production design drawings

The Martin Obzina production design drawings span the years circa 1917-1956 and encompass less than 1 linear foot of papers and 382 artworks. The collection consists primarily of production design drawings and artwork. The papers include certificates, a partial memoir,...

OC Stories

OC Stories celebrates the rich cultural diversity of Orange County's past and present by documenting people, businesses, institutions, and events of historical significance to Orange County, California.

Ocamb (Karen) Photographs

Karen Ocamb photographs include an undated group picture of Jim Kepner, Harry Hay, Morris Knight, Muetler(?), Jackie Goldberg, and Virginia Uribe; the New York Dyke March, June 1994; Jeanne Cristina with child Hannah at the 1993 March on Washington; and...

Occidental Gold Mining Company Records, 1877-1973.

This collection consists of corporate records arranged in the following series. Records from 1877-1897 are sparse, those from 1898-1973 provide a wider range of data.

Occupation of Alcatraz by Indians, 1969-1970 [sound recording]

Material relating to the occupation of Alcatraz Island in the San Francisco Bay includes a talk by John Trudell, a panel discussion with Indians from various tribes on Alcatraz, a conversation with Congressman George Brown, John Trudell, and Earl Livermore,...

Occupational Information Coordinating Committee Records

The records of the Occupational Information Coordinating Committee (COICC) consist of twelve cubic feet of textual records and one box of electronic media. The committee was created by an act of the State Legislature in response to the national Comprehensive...

Occupational photographs taken in Mexico [graphic]

Individuals posed illustrating various occupations; most photos have description written on the verso in Spanish.

Occupied Japan Photograph Album

Photograph album of an American GI in Occupied Japan, containing more than 140 b/w photos, most with captions. Most photos are of GIs, including camp life, on maneuvers, recreational activities, and a few with Japanese women. Also includes some related...

Occupy Sebastopol collection, 2011-2013 (bulk, 2011)

This collection contains 42 items related to the Occupy movement, focusing on activities and discussion in and around Sebastopol, California. Most items are clippings and photocopies of articles and letters to the editor that appeared in Sonoma West Times &...

Occupy Stanford Collection

Websites, fliers, meeting minutes, and posters documenting the Occupy Stanford movement.

Occupy the Future Collection

Website and manifesto.

Ocean Cruise Tour Pamphlet Collection

Brochures for ocean lines, advertising leaflets, luggage stickers, passenger keepsakes. Bulk is 1920s through 1930s.

Ocean Shore Railroad General Ledger

The general ledger for Ocean Shore Railroad with entries between 1911 and 1938.

Ocean Shore Railroad Train Conductor's Train Record

Train record compiled by Ocean Shore Conductor C. E. Houck for the period July to September 1915. A daily record of trains including consist and crew names.

Ocean Township Justice Court records, 1916-1931

Collection contains records of cases tried at the Ocean Township Justice Court between 1916 and 1934. Includes Justice docket (civil cases) for the Ocean Township Justice Court in Sonoma County, California between 1916 and 1934.

Ocean treasures from Santa Barbara, Cal.

Consists of one scrapbook of sea mosses titled , and one loose cover, alternatively titled , created by Rudolph Geschwind in 1891. The scrapbook contains six unidentified sea mosses, each mounted on its own page.

Oceanography, population resources and the world : oral history transcript / 1986-1998.

Covers family, boyhood, and education; Ellen Clark Revelle, graduate school, early research experiences; travel in 1936 to England and Norway; U.S. Navy, oceanographic responsibilities; Operation Crossroads, 1946, preparation and conduct of Tests Able and Baker, impact and lessons learned.

Oceanography: The Making of a Science, People, Institutions & Discovery Collection

Video recordings and oral history transcripts from a program entitled "Oceanography: The Making of a Science, People, Institutions and Discovery." The program was sponsored by the Office of Naval Research (ONR) in cooperation with the H. John Heinz III Center...

Oceanology Associates records and publications

This collection consists of the administrative records of the Oceanology Associates corporation of the University of California, Irvine from 1965-1976. Included are correspondence, by-laws, the articles of incorporation, and minutes of meetings.

Ochoa (Horacio) Photographs

The collection contains photographs by Horacio Ochoa of monumental natural and built environments in Peru. The photographs were used by Daniel Ruzo in his research on Peruvian protohistory. Many of the images depict the sacred places or large sacred objects...

Ochoa (Victor) Papers

Ochoa [Victor] Collection. Art files, exhibition files, ephemera, posters and prints and other printed matter, photographs and slides, correspondence files, and recordings of the Chicano painter/muralist long considered to be one of the pioneers of San Diego's Chicano art movement...

Ockenga (Harold John): Presidential Papers

The Harold John Ockenga: Presidential Papers, 1929-1977 contains correspondence, addresses and papers of the founding President of Fuller Theological Seminary, Harold John Ockenga, as well as his correspondence as a Trustee of the Seminary. It also includes the record of...

O'Connell (Arthur) Papers

This collections contains the records of the film career of Arthur J. O'Connell (1908-1981), a major charactor actor in Hollywood from the 1940s through the 1970s.

O’Connell, Marcus Collection

The Collection consists of papers, reports, newspaper clippings, and audio tapes of public meetings, mostly concerning the environmental impacts of growth in Contra Costa County and the City of Concord.

O'Connell (William J.) papers

Papers include correspondence, news clippings, memoranda, office files, legal documents, drafts of legislation, and transcripts of hearings. Principal topics include area planning, flood control and drainage, garbage and refuse collection and disposal, sewerage and industrial wastes, water quality management, water...

O'Connor, Charles J. (Charles James) Photographs of Red Cross activities in Texas and Mexico, from the Charles J. O'Connor papers [graphic]

Photographs include city and town views, street markets, churches, cemeteries, harbors and ships. Locations identified include Santa Julia, Veracruz, San Juanico, Tacuba, Mexico City, Ojinaga, and El Paso. Numerous photos show wounds, corpses, starving children and adults, etc. Others depict...

O'Connor, Donald (orchestration arrangements collection)

A collection of musical arrangements owned and used by entertainer Donald O'Connor for the production of television shows including "The Donald O'Connor Show" (two separate variety and concert shows of the same name that ran in both the 1950s and...

O'Connor (Frances Bowker) Scrapbook

Scrapbook documents her social activities at Stanford and Berkeley and includes photographs, dance cards, programs, clippings, party favors, notes from students, ticket stubs, and Christmas cards. Of note are items pertaining to the Big Game, the annual football game between...

O'Connor (Frank B.) Collection of Materials of or about Los Angeles County Agencies

Collection consists of printed materials and photocopies of proceedings, reports, and other materials produced by various Los Angeles County agencies, mostly Board of Supervisors, 1977-79, as well as clippings relating to transportation and other topics, mostly from the ....

O'Connor (Jeannie) AIDS Self-Portraits Collection

The collection consists of negatives, contact sheets, proof prints, Polaroid prints, and oversized prints of self-portraits made at several San Francisco Bay Area AIDS and HIV-positive care facilities. The subjects included people with AIDS and HIV, as well as staff...

O'Connor (John J.) scrapbooks, 1931-2008

This collection consist of five scrapbooks chronicling the career of Congressman John J. O’Connor (D) of New York. Also included is biographic information on Basil O’Connor, who worked with President Roosevelt in the fight against polio.

O'Connor (John Jay) notes

Notes on courses in the Stanford University School of Law.

O'Connor (June) Papers

The June O'Connor papers consist of correspondence, press clippings, fliers, newsletters, programs, typescripts, and documents. The collection outlines Dr. O'Connor's career as an educator of religious studies at the University of California, Riverside (UCR) from 1973 through 2007, in addition...

O'Connor (Mary H.) Collection

The Mary H. O’Connor Collection, 1908-1940, primarily consists of programs, flyers, leaflets and other promotional material produced by the Writers, a social club organized by the Screen Writers’ Guild during the 1920s and 1930s. The collection also contains some business...

O'Connor (Michael G.) papers

Dissertation, other writings, correspondence, orders, personnel records, and flight log books, relating to American naval aviation, and to managerial principles in the American armed forces.

O'Connor (Richard) manuscripts

Summary: Literary manuscripts. Typescripts with correction and galley proofs....

Octavia Hamblin Sexton and Harry H. Sexton correspondence, approximately 1844-1900 (bulk 1844-1860).

Collection of correspondence (42 letters, 160 p.) between a married couple, family members, and friends. Most of the pre-Gold Rush letters (16 letters, 57 p.) are written to Octavia Hamblin [later Sexton] from her cousin, Eleanor Farrow, working as a...

Odd Fellows Clock, Santa Paula

Papers of the Ventural County Cultural Heritage Board on the Odd Fellows Clock Towere

Odd Fellows History (IOOF)

A presentation by Ron Merson about the Odd Fellows organization and their Hall, a Fireside Chat of the Santa Paula Historical Society

Odd Fellows, Independent Order of Charity Lodge (Stockton, Calif.) Records

The Odd Fellows Charity Lodge Records consist of correspondence, financial statements, reports, bills and other financial papers (1852-1867)....

Oddie (Tasker L.) Papers

This collection consists mainly of correspondence of Nevada governor and United States Senator Tasker L. Oddie (1870-1950) from the period 1910-1914 during his governorship. There are also Nevada State papers consisting almost entirely copies of legislative bills for the year...

Ode to joy and freedom: the fall of the Berlin Wall video tape

Relates to the history of the Berlin Wall from its construction in 1961 to its demolition in 1990.

Odeen (Captain Peter E.) collection

Captain Peter E. Odeen collection (SAFR 17181, HDC 286) contains photocopied newspaper clippings, photocopied maritime clippings, a reference book, circa 1935; 2nd Mates License Workbook, 1921-1935; Certificates dated 1915 (sheepskin), 1932, 1953; a Letter of Reference signed by Governor Earl...

Odegard (Peter S.) musical scores

This collection consists of manuscripts of original scores and arrangements composed by Professor Peter S. Odegard, Chair of the University of California, Irvine, Department of Music from 1969-1975 and well-known local conductor. The majority of the scores are for the...

Odell (John S.) papers

Institutional papers of John Odell, Ph.D. in political science in 1976, University of Wisconsin-Madison. He was a member of Harvard University's faculty from 1976 through 1982. Since 1982, Odell has taught and written at the University of Southern California, where...

Oden (Gloria) Papers

This collection contains materials relating to the poet Gloria Oden, created between 1955 and 2010. The collection predominantly consists of correspondence and poetry, but also includes photographs, newspapers clippings, and VHS tapes. A majority of the correspondence consists of letters...

Oden (William Arthur) Collection

Contains material generated and collected by William Oden while President of Short Line Enterprises. Emphasizes consulting work for the California State Railroad Museum and for the State of Nevada. This collection is arranged into the following series: Series 1. PROJECT...

Odets (Clifford) Theatrical Materials

This collection consists of draft scripts of , , and ; reviews of theatrical performances; correspondence; programs; and family photographs accumulated by renowned playwright Clifford Odets. The bulk of this collection comprises reviews of Odets' theatrical performances found in newspaper...

Odintsov (Gleb Nikolaevich) papers

The collection includes materials related to the Russian Imperial army; events in Russia before, during, and after the Russian Revolution and Civil War; the Romanov family, and other Russian dignitaries and nobility, in the form of correspondence, writings, notes, clippings,...

O'Donnell (Arthur) Bound to Fall Books and Images Collection

Books and digital images of changing San Francisco built environment.

O'Donnell (Eddie) Collection, ca. 1913-1920

81 black-and-white photographs of race car driver Eddie O'Donnell, some picturing the Duesenbergs that he drove, and of other race car drivers. ca. 1913 to 1920, undated.

O'Donnell (Edward J.) correpondence

Relates to evacuation procedure plans for dependents of American military personnel at Guantanamo during the 1962 Cuban missile crisis.

O’Donnell (Gladys) Digital Image Collection

123 Tiffs from an album lent to SDASM by Bill Allen that focuses on the life of Gladys O'Donnell

O'Donnell (Patrick) University California, Irvine Photographs

Patrick O'Donnell was a photojournalist and photographer. He photographed US presidents, groundbreakings, and events at California universities and colleges. This collection contains digital photographs taken by O'Donnell of UCI's 1964 dedication ceremony with Lyndon B. Johnson speaking, and Hubert Humphrey...

O'Donnell (Terrence) Papers, White House Special Files, 1973-1974

Terrence O'Donnell worked as an advance man during the 1972 campaign and in the Advance Office after the re-election of President Nixon. He then served as Staff Assistant to H.R. Haldeman and Deputy Special Assistant to the President, Office of...

O'Donovan (James) photographs

Depicts scenes in Ireland and events in Irish history in the twentieth century.

O'Driscoll (Gerald P.) correspondence

Relates to economics. Photocopy.

Oehler (Terry) Journals

Oehler was a librarian and former lawyer who lived in the San Francisco bay area. He was a gay man who loved bridge, chess, travel, and genealogy. His meticulously detailed diaries provide a glimpse of his life.

Oertel (Irmgard) typescript

Relates to conditions in Germany during World War II, and to the experiences of Irmgard Oertel from 1942 to 1945 as a war labor service worker, a medical student, a nurse, and a refugee at the end of the war.

O'Faoláin (Seán) Papers

A collection of Irish writer Seán O'Faoláin's correspondence and manuscript writings.

Offen (Karen M.) Papers

Papers include Offen’s files about K-12 curriculum; people files and correspondence, and research about the birth of the field of Women’s History. Also included documents and letters related to Offen and Bell’s book “Women, the Family, and Freedom: The Debate...

Office de radiodiffusion-télévision française boycott letters.

Collection of 9 typescript (mimeographed) protest letters with the same text addressed to "Monsieur le Directeur Général," each with holograph date (May 23, 1968) and signature, proclaiming the signee's affiliation with Comité d'action étudiants-écrivains and prohibiting the use of the...

Office Holder Records Collection

The Office Holder Records Collection documents the activities of the Mayor and City Council offices of the Long Beach Municipal Government from 1994 through 2014. The collection is made from a combination of donations from the private offices of city...

Office of Alumni and Constituent Relations records (University of California, Riverside)

This collection contains photographs, newspaper clippings, catalogs, pins, banners, negatives, correspondence, records, and other material regarding the University of California, Riverside, Office of Alumni & Constituent Relations, which serves to preserve and promote the relationships between UCR, its alumni, students...

Office of Analytic Studies and Institutional Research Records

The document San Diego State University's enrollment and includes statistical information from 1898-1973. It consists solely of paper records. Included in this collection is an in depth statistical study of the university's graduating class of 1949. This study was conducted in order...

Office of Architects and Engineers Records

The collection consists of maps, architectural drawings, blueprints, reports, photographs and administrative files relating to the development of campus infrastructure at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography and UC San Diego.

Office of Career Services records

These records document the activities and resources offered by the Office of Career Services from the 1970s through 2014. The annual activities conducted by department Director, Linda Scales, are documented along with calendars, fliers, brochures, and job search resources...

Office of Ceremonies and Special Events Collection

The Office of Ceremonies and Special Events collection contains materials related to UC Davis campus ceremonies, dedications, lectures, programs, and receptions. Also included are meeting minutes for the Committee on Public Ceremonies (1947-1973).

Office of Contract and Grant Administration project reports

The reports of contract and grant projects conducted at UC San Diego and administered by the Office of Contract and Grant Administration.

Office of County Counsel Records

This collections contains one scrapbook and one folder of news clippings about the Office of County Counsel.

Office of Design and Construction records (University of California, Riverside)

This collection contains photographs, newspaper clippings and studies from the University of California, Riverside, Office of Design and Construction, which provides the Riverside campus with a physical environment which supports the teaching, research and public service goals of the university....

Office of Diversity and Outreach Records

The Office of Diversity and Outreach was established in 2009 after student activists sent out a critical call to action to UCSF leadership. It's work grew out of the work of pioneering grassroots organizations like the Black Caucus. The collection...

Office of Enrollment Services records (University of California, Riverside)

This collection contains 2 binders of enrollment publications and admissions statistics; 10 binders of photographs, negatives and slides depicting the University of CA, Riverside campus buildings, classes and events during the late 1990s and early 2000s.

Office of Equal Opportunity and Diversity publications (University of California, Irvine)

The collection comprises publications produced by the Office of Equal Opportunity and Diversity (OEOD) at the University of California, Irvine (UCI). OEOD "works to promote and integrate the principles of equal opportunity, affirmative action, nondiscrimination, and excellence through diversity at...

Office of Event Management and Protocol records (University of California, Riverside)

The University of California Riverside Office of Event Management and Protocol records consists of materials such as invitations, programs, cue books, and photos generated by the office for official functions associated with the campus.

Office of Information Technology records (University of California, Irvine)

The Office of Information Technology (OIT) is responsible for supporting the IT needs of University of California, Irvine faculty, students, and staff. Their mission is to provide information technology leadership, services, and innovative solutions to promote the research, education, and...

Office of Institutional Advancement. GTU Photograph Collection

This collection consists of GTU photographs taken and collected primarily for the purpose of publishing them in the GTU newsletters Ecumenical Associates News and later Currents, as well as other publications such as the GTU View Book and GTU Catalog,...

Office of Institutional Research records

The Office of Institutional Research records consist of the documents and data compiled for national surveys and reports, accreditation, institutional analysis and planning.

Office of Intercollegiate Athletics and Campus Recreation publications (University of California, Irvine)

This collection comprises the official publications of the Office of Intercollegiate Athletics and Campus Recreation at the University of California, Irvine (UCI). Athletics publications include department-wide and sport-specific publications. Campus Recreation publications include those related to fitness and recreation programs...

Office of Planning photograph, slide and film collection

The Office of Planning Photograph, Slide and Film Collection consists of photographs, slides and films that visually document Santa Clara County from 1906 to 1980, with the bulk of the collection ranging from 1950 to 1970. The collection contains aerial...

Office of Planning Records

This collection consists of brochures and other planning documents created by the County Office of Planning and of the Office of Planning publication info.

Office of Public Affairs Plaques Collection

This collection contains awards to and proclamations by Santa Clara County.

Office of Public Affairs Records

This collection contains two publications issued by the Office of Public Affairs, the County News Digest and Comline, the County employee newsletter.

Office of Public Information photographs

This collection consists of 59 Hollinger boxes totaling 24.6 linear feet, dating from 1944 to 1989 (bulk 1960 to 1975) organized in two series. The bulk of the collection are black and white photographic prints and negatives and also includes...

Office of Research Administration Records (University of California, Irvine)

This collection includes contract and grant financial award reports for fiscal year 2003-2004 compiled by the Office of Research Administration at the University of California, Irvine.

Office of Research and Graduate Studies publications (University of California, Irvine)

This collection contains the official publications of the Office of Research and Graduate Studies at the University of California, Irvine. Included are annual reports, brochures, academic catalogs, directories, manuals, memoranda, newsletters, posters, and programs.

Office of Strategic Communications records (University of California, Riverside)

This collection is comprised of material pertaining to the University of California, Riverside's Office of Strategic Communications. The UCR Office of Strategic Communications is responsible for creating and managing the marketing of the university through first-person communication, programs, and publications....

Office of the Chancellor Records

Contains records sent by the Office of the Chancellor to the University Libraries, mainly consisting of statistical and fiscal reports.

Office of the Chancellor records (University of California, Riverside)

This collection contains newsletters, commentaries, correspondence, memorandums, dedications, awards, documents, and other material from the Office of the Chancellor at the University of California, Riverside, which is located in Hinderaker Hall. The bulk of the records consist of information on...

Office of the Chancellor, University of California, Berkeley, Records

The Records of the Office of the Chancellor, University of California, Berkeley, 1952-[ongoing], includes records for the chancellorships of Clark Kerr, Glenn T. Seaborg, Edward W. Strong, Martin Meyerson, Roger Heyns, and Albert H. Bowker. The collection includes the administrative...

Office Of The Dean. GTU Distinguished Faculty Lecture

The Graduate Theological Union Annual Faculty Lecture was inaugurated in 1976 and is usually held in November. The lecture is given by distinguished members of the faculty.

Office of the Dean of Graduate Studies Records

UC Davis Graduate Studies encompasses the nearly 100 graduate and professional programs at UC Davis. The collection includes handbooks, newsletters, promotional materials, clippings, records of statistics and awards, and optical disks with images of commencement ceremonies and other events.

Office of the Dean of Students, Student Affairs records (University of California, Irvine)

This collection comprises topical and administrative files from Randy Lewis, Dean of Students at UC Irvine from 1990-2008, as well as material created prior to and after his term as dean. The materials document the following programs and events: Administrative...

Office of the Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost records (University of California, Irvine)

This collection consists of administrative records from the University of California, Irvine, Vice Chancellor, Academic Affairs, a.k.a. Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost, from 1960-2009. The bulk of the collection contains academic planning materials, which includes academic plans for various schools...

Office of the Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost records (University of California, Riverside)

This collection contains reports, a compact disc and other material on the Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost who is responsible for managing the daily operations of the UCR campus; developing academic and administrative policies; and working closely with the chancellor,...

The Office of the Governor under Earl Warren : oral history transcript / and related material, 1970-1972.

Career as editor of the Feather River Bulletin; association with Earl Warren as administrative secretary in the governor's office (1945-53); state and national political campaigns from 1934; relationship of Warren and Thomas Kuchel; association with Senator Kuchel as administrative assistant;...

Office Of The President And Dean. John Dillenberger Papers

John Dillenberger became assistant dean of the GTU in 1963 and served as dean from June 1, 1963 to July 1971. He held the additional title of GTU President from 1967 until he left these administrative posts in 1971. The...

Office of the President Memorabilia collection

This collection primarily consists of certificates and awards presented to University of San Diego's first three Presidents: President Author E. Hughes, President Alice B. Hayes, and President Mary E. Lyons. Commemorative videos of these USD Presidents are also included.

Office of the President, Warren J. Baker

Records created by the Office of the President during the 30-year term of President Dr. Warren J. Baker relating to university operations, administration, promotion, international relations, and development, including campus life and commencement. Records include correspondence, meeting minutes, photographs, speeches,...

Office of the Registrar records

These records consist of the Higher Education General Information Survey (HEGIS) and Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System (IPEDS) reports for the University of San Diego. Information provided to comply with the Student Right to Know Act are also included.

Office of the Registrar Records

Includes applications for admission, entrance examination reports, degrees and certificates awarded, committees, correspondence, petitions, scrapbooks, journals, and standard diaries.

Office of the Registrar records (University of California, Riverside)

The collection consists of materials from the Office of the Registrar at UC Riverside, including administrative records and the draft of the university's first course catalog from 1953.

Office of Undergraduate Education records (University of California, Riverside)

This collection contains publications and other material pertaining to the University of California, Riverside, Office of Undergraduate Education, which promotes undergraduate student success and provides campus-wide advocacy for undergraduate education. Includes the and .

Officers of Our Navy photo engraving, 1861

One Civil War era photoengraving, with images of nine Union officers, 1861. [Oversize boxed].

Offices of George Caswell, 412 Sacramento Street, San Francisco [graphic]

Office interiors, showing G.W. Caswell, George Ott, Tom Ross, A.H. de Maniel, William G. Badger (in flamboyant, possibly military, uniform), Walter Brooks, and G.G. Sanchez.

Official Bulletin Collection

Government periodical. Published daily by order of the President by the Commission on Public Information.

Official Documents Relating to Early San Francisco

Includes official correspondence of various alcaldes and justices of the peace; proclamations and documents relating to criminal and court proceedings, land grants, etc.

Official papers relating to the Administration of Sinaloa and Sonora : Mexico : DS, 1740-1752.

Folder 1 contains documents, 1740-1752, concerning expenditures of Vildosola, Acting Governor and Captain General of Sinaloa, in connection with the conquest and pacification of the Yaquis, Mayos, and Baja Pimería Indians. They include official correspondence of Vildosola, of his predecessor,...

Official photographs of the Panama-Pacific International Exposition [graphic].

Views of groundbreakings, preliminary plans, and official ceremonies of the exposition site and the various pavilions. Includes buildings under construction, art works and artists, officials, and guest celebrities.

O'Flaherty (Terrence) papers

Terrence O'Flaherty worked as television critic for the San Francisco Chronicle from 1952-1986. The bulk of the collection consists of television stills and promotional material collected by O'Flaherty during the course of his 37-year journalistic career. Additionally included are scrapbooks...

Ogasawara (Frank X.) Papers

The papers contain correspondence and publications by Ogasawara.

Ogden (C.K.) Papers

C.K. Ogden (1889-1957) published (1923), which set forth principles for the understanding of the function of language. In 1922, he became editor of the international psychological journal , and used it as a vehicle for publishing research on international language...

Ogden (David Ayres Depue) letter

Relates to the career of D. A. D. Ogden as a military engineer, 1918-1957, including service in the Pacific Theater during World War II and in the Korean War

Ogden (Helen) papers

Memoirs and letters, relating to education in China. Includes papers of Frederick McGarrity, also an American teacher in China

Ogden Hoffman habeas corpus, 1851.

Habeas corpus document issued by Judge Ogeden Hoffman of the United States District Court, Northern District of California, in behalf of Anastasis Chaballa on Dec. 19, 1851.

Ogden Hoffman habeas corpus, 1851.

Habeas corpus document issued by Judge Ogeden Hoffman of the United States District Court, Northern District of California, in behalf of Anastasis Chaballa on Dec. 19, 1851.

Ogden Union Railway and Depot Certificate

Certificate of Service for Theodore P. Colbaugh, November 27, 1933.

Ogilvie (Lloyd John) Papers

The Papers of Lloyd John Ogilvie, 1958-2006 documents the ministry of Lloyd John Ogilvie with special focus on his years at First Presbyterian Church of Hollywood and his “Let God Love You” radio ministry. The collection also contains prayer manuscripts...

Ogita (Tomoo) photograph albums

The collection comprises photograph albums created by Tomoo Ogita, a Japanese American who was born and raised in Los Angeles, California in the 1920s and 1930s. He was associated with Granada Relocation Center in the 1940s and served as special...

Oglesby Citrus Label Collection

This collection of over 80 citrus labels from southern California date from as early as the 1890s and was collected by Alice and Professor Larry Oglesby, long-time Claremont residents. Professor Oglesby was Professor Emeritus of Biology at Pomona College. The...

O'Gorman (Ella F.) papers

Ella Foy O'Gorman (1862-1965) was born in Los Angeles, California and worked as a school teacher in Washington. She did genealogical research and wrote books about her family history, including (1932) and (1947). The collection consists of O'Gorman's photographs, diary,...

O'Grady (Frank) photograph collection

The Frank O'Grady photograph collection contains approximately 220 photographic prints of newsworthy events produced by the Underwood & Underwood photo syndicate for potential publication in various New York City newspapers in 1919. The collection was assembled by Francis (Frank) O'Grady,...

O'Grady (Roberta) Scrapbook

This scrapbook documents her life as a student at Stanford, 1953-1955, and includes photographs, programs, menus and napkins from local restaurants, party favors, letters, clippings, tickets, invitations, greeting cards, and postcards. Of note are items on the social regulations for...

O'Guinn (Allan Asbury) papers

Memoirs, notes, correspondence, newsletters, and clippings, relating to conditions in Japanese prison camps during World War II. Includes a memoir by Helen Marguerite O'Guinn, daughter of A. A. O'Guinn.

Oh (K.S.) family papers

The K.S. Oh family papers is a small collection comprised of biographical and genealogical materials of the Oh family, primarily relating to professor of dermatology and medical missionary Kung Sung, as well as his grandson and creator of the materials...

Oh Leven Stanford Reflections

Printed volume of notes posted to the Class of 2011's Facebook page.

O'Hanlon (Daniel) - Vatican II Collection

The collection was given to the GTU Library in the late 1970's by Daniel O'Hanlon. It was not officially deeded to the GTU Archives until 1992. Originally in cardboard cartons, the collection was reboxed and moved at least twice by...

O'Hara (Scott) Papers

Artifacts, journals and ephemera related to porn star Scott O'Hara. Collection includes performance clothes worn by O'Hara when he performed in sex clubs.

Ohff (Heinz) Collection of Wolf Vostell Papers

The Wolf Vostell papers, collected by the German art critic and friend of the artist, Heinz Ohff, document the activities of one of Europe's pioneers in video art, Happenings, and Fluxus. The bulk of the material dates from the 1970s...

O'Higgins, Ambrosio Papers, 1760-1799.

Correspondence with church and governmental figures regarding missions, road repair, land allocation, military strength, and provisions for the poor.

Ohio Infantry (42nd Regiment, Co. C) Clothing Account Book

Bound volume, Civil War era, with lists of clothing issued to soldiers of the Ohio Infantry, 42nd Regiment, Company C, 1861-1864....

Ohio photograph album, circa 1920s

80+ black and white snapshots, no captions, most seemingly from about the same time period, Mansfield, Ohio photographer (P. Bahl) printed on back of an earlier cdv. Many images of children and young adults, recreational activities, automobiles, houses and woods...

Oi (Matsunosuke) Papers

Matsunosuke Oi was born in 1885 in Kochi Prefecture, Japan. He arrived in the United States in 1906 and was a merchant and community leader in Southern California and an active officer in various Japanese associations including being a founding...

Oiderman (M.) typescript

Relates to the history of Estonia during the Russian Revolution and to the establishment of an independent Estonian state. Prepared under the auspices of the Estonian Foreign Office.

Oil and gas in California reports, circa 1932-1939.

Contains 3 reports relating to oil and gas in California: Lithologic variation of Kettleman Hills North Dome Reservoir Rocks / by Lester Curen; Manuel of California Oil and Gas Cases; untitled typescript about land held by Mexicans in California. Includes...

Oil City and Titusville (Pennsylvania) Opera House programs

Approximately 100 Oil City and Titusville, Pennsylvania opera house programs.

Oil Industry in California, 1911-1914

The Oil Industry in California collection consists of 383 photographs taken from 1911-1914. The photographer is unknown. Every aspect of the industry is depicted: choosing and clearing the site, hauling the pipes, line, and equipment; drilling water wells; building derricks;...

Oil painting of barn and outbuildings, circa mid 20th century

[Unidentified]. Oil Painting. [Oversize boxed].

Oil Spill Information Center (OSIC) Collection

The four-volume publication (Santa Barbara: University Library, UCSB, 1972) serves as a guide to specific items in the collection. Copies of the index are located in Special Collections and the Sciences and Engineering Library (SEL) [Z7173.W3 C3)]. ...

Oiye (George) Album

One 34-page album of black and white photographs taken by George Oiye and Susumu Ito....

Ojai Festivals, Ltd. Collection

Collection of papers pertaining to Ojai Festivals, Ltd., 1946-1953, presented to the Huntington Library by Mr. and Mrs. John Bauer.

Ojai Music Festival records

The collection consists of materials pertaining to the Ojai Music Festival, founded in 1947. The festival is held annually in Ojai, CA, in Ventura County. Notable conductors and performers have included Pierre Boulez, Aaron Copland, Igor Stravinsky, Michael Tilson Thomas,...

Oka (Shigeki) Papers

Shigeki Oka was a native of Kochi Prefecture, Japan, born 1878. He was employed by Yorozu Chh before relocating to the United States in 1902. He was an influential journalist in the pre-war Japanese community. He was briefly interned at...

Okamoto (Rikichi) holograph

Relates to philosophy and economics. Includes printed synopsis.

Okihiro (Gary Y.) Papers

This collection documents the professional activities of Gary Okihiro including research he conducted for his publications. One such publication is (1999). Based on archival research and oral histories from nisei students, describes how these students relocated to colleges and universities...

Okinawa World War II Photograph Album

Photograph album with 30 b/w photos of Okinawa during World War II, no captions, apparently taken by a soldier with the U.S. Sixth Marine Division. Includes images of U.S. soldiers, armored vehicles, naval vessels in action, destroyed Japanese aircraft, Japanese...

Okita (Harry) collection

Abstract is currently unavailable at this time.

Oklahoma Land Lottery photographs, circa 1900

Three mounted images. .05 linear feet (1 folder).

Okmin (Dr. Seymour) Collection

The collection consists primarily of photographs and negatives, most of which were taken by Dr. Okmin.  A large photographic scrapbook and album are also included, in addition to newspaper articles, correspondence, newsletters, and materials pertaining to lodge business....

Oksenberg (Michel) papers

The Michel Oksenberg papers (1949-2001) consists of research notes and interviews with PRC and US officials, as well as photographs and slides related to his activities in China from the 1970s to the 1990s, including former President Jimmy Carter's 1997...

Oku (Toshio) Photo Album

The Toshio Oku photo album comprises of a collection of photographs that primarily documents the life of Toshio Oku while he, his father, Naojiro Henry, mother, Misao, and sister, Hideko Louise, were incarcerated at Tule Lake Incarceration Camp in Northern...

Okubo (Miné) Collection

The collection contains paper materials related to Miné Okubo's career and personal life. Many items are related to her book, Citizen 13660.

Okubo (Miné) Collection

Correspondence, articles, clippings, photographs, published materials, business and financial records, paintings, collages, and drawings created and collected by artist Miné Okubo (1912-2001), with the bulk dating from the immediate postwar period to the 1970s.

Okulich (Iosif K.) Papers

Diaries, correspondence, speeches and writings, printed matter, and photographs, relating to agriculture in Russia prior to World War I, White Russian relations with the United States during the Russian Revolution and Civil War, and Russian émigré affairs.

Okura (Pat and Lily) papers

The lives of Pat and Lily Okura represent Japanese American civil rights leadership in the face of adversity and discrimination. Their life histories give testament to service and dedication for social justice, especially for Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI)...

Olaussen (Harold) Collection

Harold (Harry) Olaussen was born in Shanghai in 1929. His father was a Norwegian sea captain, and his mother was Italian. He went to St. Francis Xavier's College, and lived above a bar owned by his grandmother. In 1949, he...

Olazábal, José Juan. Letters of José Juan Olazábal : Mexico : transcript, 1819 Jan. 23-1825 Aug. 12.

Correspondence directed to commercial contacts, in Cádiz, Seville, Havana, Paris, New York, and other cities, concerning commercial matters and shipping. Includes letters to the writer's brother-in-law, Francisco de Borja Migoni, in London. The letters also discuss Mexican political events, such...

Olberg (Keith) Papers

The Keith Olberg Papers consist of 9.5 cubic feet of textual records that reflect Olberg's legislative activities during his six-year career in the Assembly. The records are organized into the following record series: Bill Files, 1995-2000; Correspondence Files, 1995-1997; Budget...

Olbricht (Thomas H.) Papers

Former Chair of Pepperdine's Religion Division and current Distinguished Professor Emeritus, Thomas H. "Tom" Olbricht serves Pepperdine's community through academia and spirituality. The Thomas H. Olbricht Papers includes correspondences sent to Olbrict from various friends and colleagues between 1956-2003, including...

Olchowski (Edward F.) collection

Dental records of German Nazi leaders undergoing trial for World War II war crimes. Includes signatures of the Nazi leaders

Olcott-Bickford (Vahdah) Collection

Vahdah Olcott-Bickford, née Ethel Lucretia Olcott, was an professional teacher of the Guitar, most well known for her influential , Op. 25, and the , Op. 116. She also wrote numerous articles about the guitar, and corresponded with other musicians...

Old China Hands Oral History Project Collection

The Old China Hands Oral History Project Collection consists of oral histories of "Old China Hands," foreigners who lived and worked in China before or shortly after the Communist takeover of the country in 1949. The experiences of Old China...

Old China Hands Unpublished Manuscripts Collection

The Old China Hands Unpublished Manuscripts Collection consists of unpublished, primarily autobiographical and biographical works written about people who lived in China from the mid-19th century until the establishment of the People's Republic of China in 1949.

Old City Hall, San Diego

Records files from the City Clerk's Office regarding Old City Hall, its use, sale and condition; including appraisals, analysis and photograph of the site and building dated prior to 1941

Old Colony & Newport Railway Receipt and Invoice

Stock receipt; shop stock invoice.

Old Fashioned Revival Hour and Joyful Sound Audio Collection

The Old Fashioned Revival Hour and Joyful Sound Audio Collection contains the broadcast recordings of Charles E Fuller (1887-1968), one of the leading Christian radio evangelists of the 20th century and co-founder of Fuller Theological Seminary. The collection contains an...

Old Fashioned Revival Hour Collection

Evangelical sermons, prayers, and hymnal recordings on Compact Disc, originally broadcast from 1937 to 1968 on the radio program Old Fashioned Revival Hour.

Old Globe Theatre Photograph Collection

The documents the photographic history of the Old Globe Theatre and contains four series: ; ; ; and . The first three series are arranged chronologically, with oversized photographs listed at the end of each series. The series (1934-2006) is...

Old Globe Theatre Records

The document the operation, administration, creative history, development, and growth of California's longest-running not-for-profit regional theatre. The records contain detailed documentation of numerous productions, correspondence, promotional materials, and organizational and administrative records. The are divided into fifteen series: , , ,...

Old Lesbians Organizing for Change records

Old Lesbians Organizing for Change (OLOC) is a national organization for lesbians over the age of 60. Using education and public discourse, the core mission of OLOC is to combat ageism and increase the visibility of older lesbians. The majority...

Old Lesbians Organizing for Change San Francisco Bay Area Chapter Records

This collection contains organizational records and scrapbooks documenting the activities of the San Francisco Bay Area chapter of Old Lesbians Organizing for Change (OLOC).

Old Master Prints

The Grunwald Center for the Graphic Arts at the UCLA Hammer Museum is renowned for its splendid holdings of over 5,500 European prints and drawings dating from the 15th to the 18th centuries. The following collection guide includes a selection...

Old Orchard Santa Clara pears fruit labels [graphic].

Labels depict 2 girls standing among rows of trees in a pear orchard. Taller girl is Nancy Weston, granddaughter of Old Orchard's founding owner.

Old Poodle Dog Restaurant ephemera, approximately 1906-1922.

Contains a large number of items related to food and wine service at the Old Poodle Dog Restaurant in San Francisco. Items include printed menus of various shapes and sizes, printed menu booklets, printed wine booklets, blank menu cards, wine...

Old Sacramento 1849 scene photographs of etchings and drawings album

Photographs of etchings and drawings of Old Sacramento between 1848-1852.

Old Sacramento Citizens and Merchant Association records

The Old Sacramento Citizens and Merchants Association collectively with the city of Sacramento, sought to preserve the historic integrity and commercial interest of the Old Sacramento historic district. The collection was donated by local businessman and association historian, William Atwell,...

Old San Diego Architectural Control Board Records

The (1943-1974) document the planning, preservation, and development of Old Town State Historic Park. Highlights include the review drafts for the overall design of Old Town, including landscaping, lighting, street furniture, and signs. The collection consists of by-laws, correspondence, meeting minutes,...

Old San Diego Community Church Records

The collection contains materials related to the development, administration, and activities of the Old San Diego Community Church, as well as the surrounding Old Town San Diego neighborhood.

Old Ship Saloon photograph

The Old Ship Saloon photograph, circa 1907, (SAFR 24661, P16-003) is comprised of a photograph of the Old Ship Saloon in San Francisco, California. The collection has been processed to the Collection level and is open for use.

Old Town Goleta oral history project, circa 2000

Interviewer: David E. Russell, 2000. Interviewee(s): Fermina Murray, Cathy Jo, Raphael Trancoso, Al Jaramillo, Gil Garcia, Joe Kunze. Transcript: Fermina Murray - Architectural Review; Cathy Jo -The Pagliotti Family: An Italian American Story; Raphael Trancoso: Ranch Foreman and Pioneer Merchant;...

Old Wives' Tales Bookstore records

The Records of OWT comprise one linear foot spanning the years 1976 to 1995. The Records provide documentation of the running of a feminist collective enterprise almost always close to financial instability. The files document the day to day operations...

Oldeberg (Andreas) papers

Authority on ancient Scandinavian metalwork and metallurgy. The Andreas Oldeberg papers are comprised of research data for metal artifacts from Sweden dating from the Bronze Age through the Middle Ages, as well as a small amount of analysis relating to...

Older (Fremont) Papers - Portraits

Includes portraits of Older himself and other San Francisco figures, including: James D. Phelan, Abe Ruef, and others.

Older (Mrs. Fremont) Photograph Collection

The Mrs. Fremont Older Photograph Collection, 1854-1965, consists of photographs collected by author and historian Cora Miranda Baggerly Older (commonly referred to as Mrs. Fremont Older). The bulk of the collection consists of photographs of San Francisco, as well as...

Older Women's League, Sacramento Capitol Chapter Records

Contains organization files, correspondence, publications, photographs, media and artifacts pertaining to the Older Women's League (OWL), Sacramento Capitol Chapter.

Older Women's League, San Diego County Chapter Records

The collection includes publications, minutes, clippings, and scrapbooks. It is arranged in six series: , , , , and ....

Oldfield (Otis) artwork photographs

The Otis Oldfield artwork photographs, 1930-1940, bulk 1930, (SAFR 24433, P99-046) are comprised mainly of photographs of watercolor paintings by artist Otis Oldfield depicting scenes aboard DOVER (built 1891; paddle riverboat) during a 1930 trip in the Sacramento River Delta...

Oldfield (Otis) papers

The Otis Oldfield papers, 1899-1968 (SAFR 17114, HDC 239) is comprised of materials created and assembled by artist, painter Otis Oldfield. The collection has been processed to the file unit level and is open for use with restrictions. This is...

Oldroyd (Ida S.) Papers

Collection contains incoming correspondence, 1888-1940 addressed to Ida Shepard Oldroyd, a curator of Geology at the Stanford University Museum, as well as records of transfers, exchanges and acquisitions of materials for the geology collection from the same time period.

Olds (Charles Burnell) papers

Letters, writings, and pamphlets, relating to Christianity in Japan.

Oleari (Kenoli) records of the Coalition for Alternatives to Pesticides

This collection documents the activities of the Northwest Coalition for Alternatives to Pesticides (NCAP), the California Coalition for Alternatives to Pesticides (CCAP), and various other organizations and local groups with which they collaborated or were affiliated. It includes correspondence; administrative...

Oleinikov (Pavel) collection

Reports, printed matter, map, and photographs, relating to the Soviet nuclear energy program, and to pre-World War I copper mining operations in the Ural region of Russia by the Kyshtim Corporation, of which Herbert Hoover was a director. Includes photocopies...

Olekhnovich (Alekseĭ Semenovich) papers

Memoirs and other writings, diaries, correspondence, printed matter, and photographs, relating to the Russian Revolution and Civil War and to Russian émigré affairs. Includes records of the émigré organization Korpus Imperatorskikh armiĭ i flota.

Olema Hotel, Marin County, Calif. [graphic]

Exterior views of hotel with people assembled on porch.

Olferieff (Theo) typescript

Relates to military defenses in the Soviet Far East.

Olin (Spencer C.) papers

This collection comprises the extant professional papers of Spencer C. Olin, founding faculty member, administrator, and professor emeritus of history at the University of California, Irvine (UCI). His papers contain research files related to his book , teaching materials for...

Olin (Spencer) oral histories of University of California, Irvine faculty and staff

This collection comprises oral history interviews conducted by professor emeritus Spencer Olin with seven key administrators and faculty from the University of California, Irvine. Included are sound recordings, draft transcripts with corrections, final transcripts, correspondence, and other administrative materials.

Olins (Peters Z.) Papers

Correspondence, dispatches, writings, financial records, printed matter, photographs, and memorabilia, relating to Latvian foreign relations and émigré affairs.

Oliphant (David D.) papers

Correspondence, speakers' schedules, memoranda, and printed matter related to Four Minute Men speakers at war loan drives in Alameda County during World War I.

Olive Collection

Materials from Lindsay Olive Growers, including correspondence, articles, and one photograph, and correspondence with Cruess, Vaughn, Webster and others in the olive industry.

Olive Mayer collection of aerial photographs of San Mateo County [graphic].

Aerial views chiefly depicting undeveloped areas of San Mateo County. Locations identified include Bear Gulch, Star Hill, San Gregorio, McCreery and Dyer properties, Pigeon Point lighthouse, Rockaway Beach, Half Moon Bay, El Granada, Bald Mountain, Irish Ridge, Skyline Trail, Crystal...

Olive Mayer papers, circa 1968-2000.

Correspondence, legal documents, reports, notes, press releases, and photographs documenting Olive Mayer's work as a peace activist and an environmental activist in San Mateo County.

Olive View Hospital Earthquake Damage Collection

The collection consists of photographs of earthquake damage to the Olive View Hospital in 1971. It also includes newsclippings from and

Olive Vore Kirk poems : typescript, 1901 and 1917.

Some to Dr. J.W. Henderson and others to Dr. and Mrs. W.H. Ivie concerning Christmas creche, immortality, medicine, and sunsets (Cloth of Gold)

Olivenhain Colony Records

This collection contains meeting minutes, correspondence, and other records of the Olivenhain Colony, a utopian farming community located in Encinitas, California in 1880s-1890s.

Oliver (Audrey) Collection

This collection consists of scrapbooks related to Audrey Oliver's life at school and college as well as personal correspondence to herself and other family members.

Oliver (Bernard M.) Oral History Interview

Transcript of an interview conducted by Arthur L. Norberg covering Oliver's early life, his education, and work experiences at Bell Laboratories and Hewlett-Packard. Subjects include television research, radar, information theory, organizational climate and objectives at both companies, Hewlett-Packard's associations with...

Oliver Boardman Huntington journals, 1843-1900.

Member of a prominent Mormon family, Huntington wrote up his journals in "historical style," with much information concerning his father William, brothers Dimick and William, and sisters Zina and Prescindia. Describes experiences from 1835 with the Mormons in Ohio, Missouri,...

Oliver Cromwell Applegate papers.

Includes his own correspondence, 1870-1938; some papers of his father, Lindsay Applegate, and of his sisters and brothers; documents in family possession; correspondence and documents relating to the Modoc War, 1867-1874.

Oliver, Dave, Memoir

This typed transcription is a memoir of a young office boy entitled, "Bonanza Days: Tales of the Stockbrokers of the Big Board Half Decade - 1875-1880, by an office boy and messenger of that period. Dave Oliver", at the Pacific...

Oliver Eckhardt Players records

The Oliver Eckhardt Players were a repertory company, producing such plays as , , and . The collection consists of scripts for plays produced by the Oliver Eckhardt Players.

Oliver Ellsworth autograph collection, circa 1846-1913.

Correspondence, cards, and clippings collected for the autographs. Includes autographs from Louisa May Alcott, Frances Hodgson Burnett, Salmon Portland Chase, Henry Clay, Samuel Clemens, Grover Cleveland, Henry James, Abraham Lincoln, Joaquin Miller, John Philip Sousa, Daniel Webster.

Oliver (Emory) Western Pacific Railroad, North Fork Division Construction Album

Photographs of the construction of Western Pacific's North Fork Division.

Oliver Everett papers, [ca. 1849-1945]

Collection contains correspondence, account books, diaries, architectural drawings, clippings, and miscellaneous writings. Also contains a manuscript titled: Crossing the plains: a tale of 1849 / by an Emigrant Lady, possibly written by Harriet Helena Hunt.

Oliver Everett photographs and prints.

Photographic prints and other prints show San Francisco scenes (especially architectural views of large Victorian homes and some public buildings), several of art works and artists' models, snapshots of the aftermath of the 1906 San Francisco earthquake and fire, and...

Oliver Family Photograph Collections

The Oliver Collection consists of approximately 2700 glass plate negatives and photographic prints taken mainly by amateur photographer William Letts Oliver and his son, Roland L. Oliver. Subjects include maritime and yachting scenes, views of California and San Francisco Bay...

Oliver Hazard Perry White letter, 1849.

Letter written by Oliver Hazard Perry White on July 18, 1849 from valley on west side of Rocky Mountains during overland trip to California, to friends Jordan and James. Letter details the journey, recommends that no one else make such...

Oliver Hazzard Perry papers : AD, 1964 (bulk 1847-1849).

Perry's diary of his experiences in the Massachusetts Volunteers during the Mexican War, 1847-1848; a Spanish exercise book in his handwriting, 1849; and a written statement, 1964, by his grandson, Perry Patton, giving biographical details of his grandfather.

Oliver J. Carter Collection, 1951-1976

Master calendar orders, apellate decisions, opinions, briefs, bench books, correspondence.

Oliver J. Stough, circa 1867-1958

Copy of "Memoirs and Memories of Oliver J. Stough, 1828-1925," written by Isabella Churchill, descendent of Stough. Includes Mexican War and Civil War accounts. Gift of SB resident Florence Casebeer, daughter of Isabella Church. Alpha list.

Oliver (R. L.) Photographs

R. L. Oliver photographs of two men walking the streets of an unidentified city, 1980.

Oliver (Robert T.) papers

Robert T. Oliver was an American author, professor, specialist in Asian rhetoric and communication, and advisor to South Korean President Syngman Rhee. This small collection consists of his professional and personal correspondence during his life and career, as well as...

Oliver (Robert W.) papers

The working papers, correspondence, publications, and biographical material of Robert Warner Oliver form the collection known as the Papers of Robert W. Oliver in the Archives of the California Institute of Technology. Oliver was professor of economics at Caltech from...

Oliver Wendell Holmes collection of letters and papers, 1853-1892.

Oliver Wendell Holmes collection of letters and papers, BANC MSS 71/115 z, The Bancroft Library, University of California, Berkeley.

Oliver Wendell Holmes holograph poem, 1879 September 27

One signed holograph poem. Beverly Farms, Massachusetts, 27 Sept. 1879. [From: CDCC]. Alpha list.

Oliver Wendell Holmes letter and holograph poem, 1880 January 19

(1809-1894). One letter (ALS) and one signed holograph poem, "Under the Violets," for bereaved parent.. Boston, 19 Jan. 1880. Alpha list.

Olivereau (Louise) trial transcript

Relates to the trial of L. Olivereau in United States District Court, Western District of Washington, Northern Division, on charges of inciting insubordination and obstructing recruitment in the United States Army during World War I. Includes text of indictment.

Oliveros (Pauline) Papers

Papers of Pauline Oliveros, American experimental musician, composer and key figure in the development of contemporary electronic music. The collection contains Oliveros' original writings, compositions, correspondence and sketches. Also included are interviews, programs and reviews, teaching materials and writings about...

Oliveros (Pauline) Papers

The Pauline Oliveros collection documents the professional career of composer, accordionist and performer, Pauline Oliveros.

Olivina Vineyards Collection

Vineyards' business records.

Olmo (Frank del) Collection

Frank del Olmo (1948-2004) was a journalist, editorial columnist, and editor for the specializing in Latin American affairs and local Latino community concerns. Over his thirty-four year career with the del Olmo advanced from intern to assistant editor, and ultimately...

Olmo (Harold Paul) Papers

Papers from his work as a Professor of Viticulture and Enology, University of California, Davis, including correspondence, research files, slides on grape varieties, grape variety reports by county, and materials relating to his activities in symposiums, conferences, and advisory boards.

Olmstead (Alan L.) Papers

Background research materials for an article co-authored by Olmstead and Paul Rhodes, "The agricultural mechanization controversy of the interwar years," which appeared in Agricultural history 68:3 (Summer 1994).

Olmsted Brothers Collection, n.d., 1913-1916

The collection consists of records created by the Olmsted Brothers firm, as well as materials relating to Frederick Law Olmsted, Sr.

Olmsted (David L.) Papers

Articles by David L. Olmsted and manuscript of his book, A lexicon of Atsugewi.

Olmsted (Evangeline H.) Papers

Includes correspondence, manuscripts, memorabilia reprints, typescripts, diaries and notebooks....

Olmsted, Frederick Law Reports to the California State Park Commission, 1943-1947.

Background reports prepared by Olmsted during research for his 1950 general report to the State Park Commission. Reports deal with several different proposed park sites throughout the state.

Olmsted (John) Papers

John D. Olmsted (1938-2011) was a California naturalist who was instrumental in the creation of the Jug Handle State Reserve and the Independence Trail, a hiking path in the Yuba River Canyon. The collection contains a slide set created by...

Olmsted (Nancy and Roger) Papers

The Nancy and Roger Olmsted papers (SAFR 23820, HDC 1665) consist of 571 files in 34 boxes separated into 3 series. This collection has been processed to the file unit level and is open for use without restrictions.

Olmsted (Nancy) scow schooner slide show

The Nancy Olmsted scow schooner slide show, May 17, 1991, (SAFR 23342, P92-108) is comprised of 80 black-and-white slides and a VHS 1/2 in. videocassette, color with sound, of a slide show held in the J. Porter Shaw Library on...

Olmsted (Roger) Master's thesis

This item Roger Olmsted's Master's thesis (SAFR 21392, HDC 1330) is a typescript copy of his thesis from the University of Nevada, titled "The Scow Schooners of San Francisco Bay, 1849-1949," dated 1955. It contains the original glossy photographs. Olmsted's...

Olmsted (Roger) photographs

The Roger Olmsted photographs, 1970-1981, (SAFR 24817, P16-011) are comprised of portrait photographs of Roger Olmsted and photographs of a ceremony attended by San Francisco Mayor Joseph Alioto at Victorian Park, San Francisco, California. The collection has been processed to...

Olmsted (Scott M.) papers

Correspondence, memoranda, minutes, resolutions, newsletters, leaflets, and clippings, relating to the libertarian movement in the United States, and especially to Students for a Libertarian Society

Olney family papers, 1861-1978.

Consist principally of Warren Olney, Sr. correspondence and writings. Correspondence documents his experiences in the Union Army, the 1906 San Francisco earthquake, and views on political issues, such as U.S. occupation of the Philippines, the Panama Canal and Yosemite Valley....

Olney family papers, [ca. 1889-1957]

Letters from Warren Olney, Sr. to B.P. Wall and George C. Pardee (returned, with covering letters from the recipients, to Warren Olney, Jr.); list, by Warren Olney, Sr. of judges and lawyers he had known; speech by Warren Olney, Jr.,...

Olney (Warren) motion picture film

Motion picture film of ceremonies held in Hindenburg Park in Los Angeles on German Day, 1936; and of interviews of Dr. Salin, a criminologist, and W. Olney III, United States assistant attorney general, 1953-1957, relating to the incidence of crime...

Olonetskaia Kareliia typescript

Relates to Russian influence in Karelia during the Russian Civil War.

Olsberg (Nicholas) Research Papers on Southern California, circa 1910-circa 1965

This collection of Nicholas Olsberg's architectural research contains slides, photocopies of published and ephemeral materials, and notes and inventories. The bulk of the collection materials were accumulated for a planned exhibition about Southern California architecture and urban pattern. The exhibition,...

Olschki (Fiammetta) Olschki Firm and Family Papers

Includes personal family correspondence between the Wittkowers and their son, and between the Olschkis and their children. The papers of the firm include individual files of correspondence with major scholars and collectors. In addition, there is a history of the...

Olschki (Leonardo) Papers

German-Italian romance philologist, orientalist, and scholar of medieval and renaissance texts. His papers comprises research papers, his manuscripts, correspondence, clippings, and some personal documents. Annotated proofs for English, German, and Italian editions of Marco Polo's Asia and Genius of Italy...

Olsen (Captain Andrew) papers

The Captain Andrew Olsen papers (SAFR 17611, HDC 41) is comprised of 52 items spanning the years 1890-1919. The collection contains correspondence, legal papers, insurance documents, personal letters written by Olsen to his wife and daughter, postcards, certificate registering Capt....

Olsen (Captain Andrew) papers

The Captain Andrew Olsen papers (SAFR 17610, HDC 40) is comprised of a (parchment-like) United States Citizen Certificate issued to Andrew Olsen on September 6, 1889. Copies of the document and copies of immigration department cards are included. The certificate...

Olsen (Don) / Ox Head Press Collection

The collection includes limited edition material by Robert Bly, Ralph Waldo Emerson, John Keats, Ursula K. LeGuin, Pablo Neruda (tr. by Olsen), Percy Bysshe Shelley, and Walt Whitman.

Olsen (Tillie) papers

The collection includes personal and professional correspondence, literary manuscripts by American author Tillie Olsen and others, material on the Longshoremen's Strike and the Socialist Party from during the mid-1930s, teaching material and student work, clippings, pamphlets, book reviews, awards, etc....

Olsen/Ricklefs Family papers

Papers of the multi-generational Olsen/Ricklefs family, many of whom attended and/or graduated from Stanford University. Includes correspondence, diaries, and notebooks. Stanford graduates include Margaret Olsen, class of 1928; Robert U. Ricklefs, class of 1931; James Ricklefs. class of 1937; Cynthia...

Olson (Everett Claire) papers

Dr. Everett C. Olson, a zoologist, paleontologist and geologist, began his long-term field program in the American Southwest, studying Permian vertebrate fossils during the 1930s while working within the University of Chicago's Department of Geology. In 1969, Olson joined the...

Olson (Jenni) Collection

The collection consists of material collected by curator, filmmaker and author Jenni Olson, a national authority on queer film. Materials include national and international queer film festival records; film-related ephemera, subject files, and artifacts; audiovisual materials; and press packets, advertisements,...

Olson (Leon) Oral History

Sound recording of interview with Leon Olson conducted by Adah Bakalinsky. Describes the anti-Hearst newspaper strike of 1968; San Rafael Independent Journal strike, ca. 1970s; the shrinking number of newspapers, 1970s-1980s; and the impact of new technologies on the Typographers...

Olson (Reuel) Papers on the Colorado River Compact, Water Resources Collection

This collection of papers consist of manuscript and research materials for Reuel Olson's book the Colorado River Compact.

Olson (Toby) Papers

Manuscript drafts, proofs, notes, correspondence, and publications.

Olszowski (Stefan) papers

Recordings and transcripts of interviews, other writings, genealogical data, photographs, and memorabilia, relating to political conditions in Poland, and to Polish foreign relations.

Olvera, (Robert) Sr. and Robert Olvera, Jr. International Longshore and Warehouse Union, Local 13 Collection

The papers of Robert Olvera, Sr. and Robert Olvera, Jr. document two generations of union activism in one family. The collection consists largely of business papers dating from 1960 to 2003, including Executive Board and general meeting minutes (with indexes),...

Olwell (Robert F.) papers

The Robert Frederick Olwell Collection is comprised of personal and professional papers documenting his life and work as an architect. The personal papers consist of photographs, files related to his education, and military service, and his personal art work. The...

Olympia (passenger vessel) logbook

Olympia (passenger vessel) logbook (SAFR 16486, HDC 206) documents voyages between San Francisco and Santa Barbara for the Pacific Coast Steamship Company in 1893. The collection is available for use without restriction.

Olympic Games (1932) Collection

Copy photos of 1932 Olympics in Los Angeles, from the Museum's 1984 exhibit which was part of the 1984 Olympic Arts Festival.

Olympic Games (1984) Collection

Aperture cards. "Construction, Look, & Signage" aperture cards for the various sports and venues for the 1984 Los Angeles Olympic Games.

Olympic Games (2012) Collection

London 2012 Olympic Games ephemera and publications.

Olympic Games Collection

The Olympic Games Collection includes reproductions of Olympic posters; programs, ticket stubs and memorabilia for the 1932, 1960 and 1984 Games; newspaper clippings and magazine articles for the three sets of games as well as the 1984 Olympic Arts Festival;...

Olympic Memorabilia Collection

Consists of medals, postcards, and publications for Greek Olympics in 1906.

Olympic Velodome Collection

Records of the California State University, Dominguez Hills 7-Eleven Olympic Velodrome include documents, correspondence, news releases, newspaper clippings, press packets, photographs, and publications such as pamphlets, brochures, booklets, magazines, and newsletters from the Southland Corporation, the Los Angeles Olympic...

Olympics (1932) Collection

Primarily the 1932 Olympic Games held in Los Angeles, California.

Olympics Out of Cobb County records

Correspondence, photographs, letters of support, notebooks, anti-gay material, flyers, press releases, banners, T-shirts, clippings, stamps, audiocassettes, a videocassette and other material from Olympics Out of Cobb County (OOCC), 1990-1998, as well as OOCC co-founder, Jon-Ivan Weaver. OOCC formed in 1994...

Olzak (Susan) Papers

This collection consists primarily of data and supporting documentation related to the Ethnic Collective Action in Contemporary Urban U.S. project led by Olzak. The project goal was to identify sources of ethnic and racial conflict and protest in urban America...

Omaha Magic Theatre records, [1968?-ongoing].

Includes scripts, public relations files, grant applications, financial records, tour files, production files, videotapes, audiotapes, and photographs.

O'Malley (Charles D.) papers

The collection contains O'Malley's research materials, documents pertaining to his professional and academic life, correspondence, and some personal items. Included are reproductions, translations and transcriptions of source texts; reprints; illustrations and portraits; notes, bibliographies, catalogs, etc.

O'Malley (Michael J.) Guadalcanal Diary Digital Only Collection

Michael O'Malley served in the Navy during the Second World War.

O'Malley, (Thomas P., S.J.) Collection

This collection consists primarily of plaques and awards given Rev. Thomas P. O’Malley, S.J., prior to his service at Loyola Marymount University.

Oman, Ernie Oral History

Oman discussed family life, life and business in Santa Paula

O'Meara (James) Letters

Personal and business correspondence of James O'Meara, newspaper editor and writer.

Omer Call Stewart field notes, 1935 June-July.

Contains field notes on the Pomo Indians specifically the Yokayo and Kashaya in Mendocino County, California.

Omissions in Alaska writings : ms.

List of omissions in: Ivan Petrov's translation of Tikhmenev's "Historical Review ... of the Russian American Company ..." in Russian America, v. I-II (BANC MSS P-K 1 - BANC MSS P-K 2) and of "Materials for the History of Russian...

Omura (James) papers

The James M. Omura papers, 1912-1994, represent the life work of this influential Japanese American writer, journalist, and civil rights activist.

On balance, one woman's life and view of University of California management, 1954-1990 : an oral history memoir of the life of Afton E. Crooks, 1994.

Afton Crooks, long-time Information Coordinator for the University of California, Berkeley, discusses her family background in Seattle, early jobs at the University, the Kerr Presidency, the Free Speech Movement, affirmaive action, conflict-of-interest, the Saxon and Gardner Presidencies, various state and...

On Our Backs Production Materials

Production materials from the graphic files of the lesbian erotica magazine, "On Our Backs," including numerous black & white prints, contact sheets, drawings and cartoons, and a few production notes.

On schedule : oral history transcript : recollections of a planning and scheduling manager at the Alameda-Contra Costa Transit District / 2003.

Family roots in Oakland, California; first AC Transit job as traffic checker, 1961; role of the schedule analyst; history of National City Lines; changing rail lines to bus lines; effects of drivers' contract; learning scheduling from Warren Robinson and Dick...

On the Anatomy of the Heart Manuscript

Collection consists of a manuscript, created and signed by four students (José Arana y Abreu, Pedro Soler Bertot, Pedro Marti Bonaplata, and José Albeu Rabane) in honor of their "dear and worthy professor of anatomy," Doctor Antonio Riera Villaret, in...

On the Technical Development of Automatization and Some of its Moral Consequences Paper

Collection consists of the following: "Paper presented at symposium on Science and our Future; AAAS Committee on Science in the Promotion of Human Welfare, Annual Meeting, American Association for the Advancement of Science, Chicago, December 27, 1959"--At head of caption...

Once In A Blue Moon Productions Records

The bulk of this collection contains correspondence, financial records and printed ephemera documenting the activities of Once In A Blue Moon Productions, a production company and women's collective located in Los Angeles, California. The materials document Blue Moon's activities and...

ONE Archives gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender manuscripts collection

Unpublished fiction and nonfiction manuscripts; dissertations and theses; photocopied articles and chapters from published books; government reports, manuals and guidelines; independently-researched reports, manuals and guidelines; bibliographies; surveys; conference papers and proceedings; and other material created by or about gay, lesbian,...

ONE Archives LGBTQ poster collection

Approximately 10000 posters, circa 1955-2018, documenting gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and queer (LGBTQ) life in the United States and abroad.

ONE Archives matchbook collection

Matchbooks documenting bars, bathhouses, beauty shops (hair salons), books, discos, events, hotels, motion pictures, nightclubs, organizations, political candidates, resorts, restaurants, retail stores, safer sex campaigns, taverns, and theaters primarily in California. The collections also contains matchbooks from 24 other states,...

ONE Archives menus collection

Menus from restaurants and bars, which presumably catered to lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) clientele, circa 1960-2000. The majority of the restaurants represented in this collection were located in Los Angeles, California; others were located in San Francisco, New...

ONE Archives Subject File Photographs

The collection consists of hundreds of photographs documenting lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, questioning, intersex, asexual and ally (LGBTQIA) history and culture, 1925-2007. The collection includes personal, professional, candid, posed, and reprinted photographs of buildings, businesses, demonstrations, events, monuments, organizations,...

One hundred photographs with botanical descriptions suitable for coloring of the wild flowers of Yosemite and the High Sierra.

Professional photographs depicting wild flowers of the Yosemite Valley region of the Sierra Nevada.

One Hundred Years of Revolutionary Internationals Conference proceedings

Sound recordings and conference papers, relating to the history of Marxist doctrine and of the communist movement

ONE in Long Beach Incorporated records

The administrative, service, and event records of ONE in Long Beach Incorporated, 1986-2009. Alternately referred to as The Center/Long Beach, the Long Beach Gay and Lesbian Center, or the Gay and Lesbian Center of Greater Long Beach, the organization provides...

One Inc. Magazine Collection

The One Inc. Magazine Collection 1953-1982 (Bulk: 1953-1967) includes One Institute Quarterly: Homophile Studies (1958-1965); Mattachine Review (1956-1962); and One Magazine (1953-1967, 1972), as well as miscellaneous bibliographies and articles. One Inc. was founded in 1952 and in 1953 incorporated...

ONE Incorporated records

The collection consists of the administrative records, publications, correspondence, divisional records, affiliate office records, and photographs of ONE Inc., 1907-2001, bulk 1952-1994. The records include annual reports, court records of ONE Inc. legal entanglements, complete runs of and , reader...

One Life for Another: The Survivor's Story Photograph Documentary

Eighteen black and white photographs of people living with AIDS taken by Barbi Schreiber in the 1980s.

One man - one vote and Senate reapportionment, 1964-1966 : oral history transcript / and related material, 1978-1980.

Interviews with two key state legislators involved in the 1966 reapportionment of California: Stephen P. Teale. The Impact of One Man-One Vote on the Senate: Senator Teale Reviews Reapportionment and Other Issues, 1953-1966. Comments also on his political career, Governor...

One man's dynamic role in California politics and water development, and world affairs : oral history transcript / and related material, 1977-1980.

Comments on student days, University of California, Berkeley, class of 1916; participation in Republican Party politics, 1940s-'60s; fundraising for various campaigns, including Earl Warren's; involvement in California water issues and controversies, including state wide bond issue for the water project;...

ONE National Gay & Lesbian Archives collection of film and video, circa 1965-1999.

This collection features film and video materials that reflect the history of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender community. Interviews with pioneers of the LGBT movement such as Jim Kepner, Dorr Legg, Morris Kight, Pat Rocco, Stewart Szidak, Bob Basker,...

ONE Subject Files Collection

The ONE Archives’ Subject Files consist of more than 8,100 unique files of businesses, organizations, people, and topics primarily documenting twentieth century global lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, transgender, queer, questioning, intersex, asexual and ally (LGBTQIA) history and culture. The bulk of...

One woman's role in Democratic Party politics : national, California, and local, 1950-1973 : oral history transcript / and related material, 1972-1975.

Association with Berkeley League of Women Voters and interest in Berkeley City Council; campaign for California state assembly (1950); appointment to California Democratic State Central Committee and election as national committeewoman; participation in Kefauver presidential primary campaigns (1952 and 1956);...

O'Neal (A. Daniel) Papers

Speeches and writings, correspondence, reports, memoranda, legal documents, notes, and printed matter, relating to federal regulation of interstate commerce, and especially to regulation of railways and motor carriers.

O'Neal (Harold T.) Collection

This collection is the life's work of filmmaker Harold O'Neal. O'Neal started filming in Southern California in 1939 and continued through the 1980s. His films contain material about a wide variety of subjects on gay and general interest themes.

O'Neil (Edward N.) material on Index Plutarcheus

This collection consists of Dr. O'Neil's work on the Index Plutarcheus....

O'Neil, Robert (World War II cartoon drawing)

One hand-drawn cartoon, WW II era by Robert "Snuffy" O'Neil.

O'Neill (Dan) (b. 1875) Collection

Lantern slide of O’Neill on stage, and photographs in Nome, Alaska, in a 1900 storm aftermath. Also an assortment of personal documents.

O'Neill, Dan Comic Art Archive

This collection constitutes the entirety of Dan O'Neill's personal collection of his work that remained in his possession as of 2012. The majority of items are original drawings, numbering 1,517, for the Odd Bodkins comic strip, which ran from 1964...

O'Neill (Dick) scripts

Dick O'Neill was an actor best known for his role as Charlie Cagney on the television series, . The collection consists of television, motion picture and stage scripts related to O'Neill's acting career.

O'Neill (Edmond) Papers

The Edmond O'Neill Papers, 1891-1918, relate primarily to his career in the Department of Chemistry at the University of California, Berkeley, and his involvement with intercollegiate athletics, and contain correspondence and office files, with a few personal papers. Letters by...

O'Neill (James) Collection

A collection of British and American literary manuscripts and correspondence primarily from the latter half of the nineteenth century.

Oneira Women's Club Records

The collection contains records related to the activities of the Oneira Women’s Club of San Diego.

Ongerth (Henry J.) papers

This collection contains correspondence, articles, press clippings and photographs regarding the professional life of Henry J. Ongerth, who worked for the California Bureau of Sanitary Engineering/California Department of Health. Ongerth was instrumental in water reclamation, Treasure Island clean-up, and Electric...

Onikul (Abram Grigor'evich) papers

Police and judicial records, and photographs, relating to political offenses in the Soviet Union. Includes some police and judicial records relating to other family members. Photocopy.

Ontario Business and Professional Women's Club Collection

The Ontario Business and Professional Women's Club Collection consists primarily of scrapbooks created by the club as well as correspondence and club directories.

Ontario Mill and Park City, Utah [graphic]

Views of the Ontario Mill (Park City, Utah) including one detailed interior view showing machinery on the top floor, with large drive belts going through the floor. A general view of Park City, Utah is also included.

Ontario Motor Speedway Collection

The Ontario Motor Speedway (the Big “O”) was designed as a replica of the 2.5 mile racetrack at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. It also had an infield road course and a drag strip to maximize racing events. Designed by Walter...

Ontario Mutual Water Companies Collection

This collection contains the business records of the Ontario Mutual Water Company and the South Side Mutual Water Company.

Onthank (Wilna and Robert) papers

Manuscripts, photographs, correspondence and other papers, circa 1910-1995, of Wilna Onthank, who in 1994 wrote , an unpublished book based on the diaries of her brother Robert Onthank, a gay World War II veteran.

Onuma (Jiro) Papers

This collection is from the estate of Jiro Onuma, a Japanese-American man. It includes photographs of Onuma (1904-1990), his friends, and family in the U.S. and in Japan and, notably, a photo of a group of Japanese-Americans (Jiro in the...

[Opaque projector] [realia].

Includes bulb and cord.

Opel (Robert) Los Angeles Christopher Street West Gay Pride Parade Photographs

Robert Opel photographs of the Los Angeles Christopher Street West gay pride parade, 1975, undated.

Open Air School photographs, Ixtapalapa, Mexico, circa early 20th century

Eight black and white photographs of faculty and students, including rattan furniture weaving and artwork.

Open End (Television Program) Sound Recordings

Phonotape reels of interviews with Premier Nikita Khrushchev of the Soviet Union, Vice President Richard M. Nixon of the U.S., Governor Nelson A. Rockefeller of New York, and others, relating to Soviet-American relations, American politics, the election of 1960, and...

Open Forum: A School of Collective Learning Records

Open Forum was a collective learning project based on the philosophy that an informed community is best able to guide its own future. The hierarchical academic tradition of teacher and students was replaced with a collective discussion group model applied...

Open Ring Galleries Records

Open Ring Galleries, a not for profit corporation for the arts, was established in Sacramento, California in 1975 upon the receipt of a grant from the National Endowment of the Arts. Its purpose was to provide a space for exhibitions...

Open Society Archives collection

Relates to the Polish unit of Radio Free Europe.

Opening of Japan collection, circa 1850s

Japanese woodblock prints, watercolor, and map, most depicting arrival of Perry and his fleet, and aftermath (see list for details).

Opera Air Check Recordings Collection

350 instantaneous disc air check recordings of mostly Metropolitan and San Francisco Opera live performance broadcasts (in addition to other, unnamed orchestras) from 1937 to 1956. Because the provenance of these discs is not known, they have been retained, though...

Opera Pacific Records

These papers contain extensive material relating to the productions and operation of the Opera Pacific theater group that operated in Orange County from 1962 until 2008

Operation Crossroads

This collection includes annotated typescript and photographs of Galtsoff's report as an observer of the Bikini Atoll atomic bomb tests and the destructive results of the tests on the sea life in the area.

Operation Crossroads : a report of non-participating scientific observer, ca. 1946-1947

Paul Galtsoff was an observer of the Bikini Atoll atomic bomb tests and reported on the destructive results of the tests on sea life in the area. This collection includes seventy-four annotated typescript carbon pages, with photographs, of his report

"Operation Fill" Southern Pacific's New Crossing of the Great Salt Lake Photograph Album

This album chronicles the building of a new fill across the Great Salt Lake to replace the then existing trestle.

Operation Overlord Corps transportation Digital Only Collection

The Transportation Corps were key in the success of Operation Overlord.

Opgenorth (Olive) typescript

Relates to rival French and German territorial claims to the Saarland, and to French administration of the territory following the end of World War I. Master's thesis, Stanford University.

Ophelia (built 1863; bark, 3m) postcard

This is a single black-and-white photographic postcard of a marine painting of the bark OPHELIA.

Opie (Amelia Alderson) Correspondence

Correspondence belonging to British Romantic poet and author Amelia Alderson Opie.

Opisʹ delam ... : ms., 1781-1825.

Inventory of documents and communications received pertaining to the affairs of the Russian American Company from Aug. 17, 1781 to Aug. 27, 1824.

Opium articles : San Francisco, Calif., 1882-1911.

Scrapbook of clippings relating to the career of E.A. Holmes, mainly concerning opium-smuggling cases on San Francisco Bay. These sensational accounts describe the creative tactics employed by Holmes in his arrests. The articles were collected by Holmes and chiefly taken...

Oppen (George) Letters

Research files compiled by Rachel Blau DuPlessis concerning American poet George Oppen, comprising photocopies of Oppen's letters (1930-1982), copies of Oppen's FBI file, and miscellaneous correspondence between DuPlessis and others pertaining to those Oppen materials. The results of DuPlessis's research...

Oppen (George) Papers

Literary papers of George Oppen (1908-1984), objectivist poet and winner of the Pulitzer Prize for Poetry in 1969. Materials range in date from 1958-1984 and include correspondence, manuscripts and typescripts for all the poems contained in Oppen's nine published books,...

Oppen (Mary) Papers

Papers of Mary Oppen, writer, painter, and wife of poet George Oppen. The Mary Oppen Papers contain extensive photographic documentation of the Oppen family, along with artworks by George and Mary Oppen and a small file of papers. The artworks...

Oppenheim (Siegfried) papers

Correspondence, orders and other military documents, photographs, and miscellany, relating to American military operations in China at the end of World War II.

Oppenheimer (Donald R) photographs

Satellite photographs of intelligence facilities in Cuba.

Oppenheimer (Frank) Papers

Consists of correspondence, writings, along with professional and personal papers reflecting his career in scientific research and his role as a pioneer in science education. Also included are materials regarding his investigation by the U.S. Congress House Committee on Un-American...

Oppenheimer (Fritz E.) papers

Minutes, reports, speech, and printed matter, relating primarily to the meetings of the Council of Foreign Ministers in Moscow, London, and Washington, D.C., 1947. Includes an account by F. E. Oppenheimer of the signing of the German surrender to the...

Oppenheimer (Jess) Collection

The Jess Oppenheimer Collection, 1936-1977, reflects his successful writing career in radio and television that spans five decades. The collection is entirely electronic having been scanned from original documents. It consists of radio scripts, comedy routines and spots, and production...

Optics and laser spectroscopy, Bell Telephone Laboratories, 1951-1961, and Stanford University since 1961 : oral history transcript / 1998.

Schawlow family background, Depression years in Toronto; early aptitudes in radio engineering; college and university studies in math and physics, and World War II interruption; Malcolm Crawford and thesis research on atomic beam light source; post-doc at Columbia University, 1949-1951;...


Binder's title.


Binder's title.

Oracle Feminist Bookstore Subject Files

The Oracle Feminist Bookstore subject files consist of materials collected by Marilyn Shatzen while she worked at this feminist bookstore in Hayward, California. The files are arranged alphabetically and contain materials related to lesbians, women and feminism.

Orage (Desmond L.) papers

Press releases, statements, letters, deposition, and clippings, relating to the Movement for the Survival of Ogoni People in Nigeria, its leader Ken Saro-Wiwa, and the murders of Ogoni leaders of which Saro-Wiwa was convicted. Photocopy.

Oraibi (Hopi) Indian photographs, circa 1897

Collection of albumen photographs, 10 images of 1897 Moki Snake Dance (stamp of G. Wharton James, Pasadena, Cal. on most); 3 images of Oraibi women and children, gathering of clans, n.d.; 1 image of group of men, including James, E....

Oral History Collection

The class interviewed persons who were instrumental in the formation and early years of the GTU. When the collection was given, Zikmund noted that the tapes from John Dillenberger and Robert Kimball were missing. The interviewees signed release forms. These...

Oral history interview with Anthony C. Beilenson ... oral history transcript, 1997-1998 /

Beilenson discusses his family background and childhood, attending Harvard University, moving to California in 1957, joining the Beverly Hills Democratic Club and winning the Club's endorsement to run for the 59th Assembly District in 1962. He continues with the impact...

Oral history interview with David Donald Mulford : oral history transcript : California State Assemblyman, 1957-1970 / 1988-1989.

Mulford discusses his career in the State Assembly from 1957-1970, including working with Jesse M. Unruh, becoming Republican caucus chair, Ronald Reagan's campaign and governorship, reactions to disruptions on university campuses (1964-1969), unsuccessful campaign against Ken Meade in 1970, legislative...

Oral history interview with Frederick S. Farr : oral history transcript / [1992].

Farr discusses his education, both formal and informal; his wartime work in Puerto Rico; and his private legal practice in Monterey County. He depicts the senate and senators during his service from 1955 to 1967. He discusses early environmental legislation...

Oral history interview with General Oliver P. Smith : Los Altos, California : oral history transcript / 1969.

General Smith's career in the Marine Corps from 1917 to his retirement in 1955.

Oral history interview with J. Anthony Kline : oral history transcript / [1991].

Kline discusses the governorship of Jerry Brown, 1975-1983, particularly criminal justice issues including sentencing and prison reform, bail reform, the judiciary, and court reform; the Agricultural Labor Relations Act; water issues; California Supreme Court Chief Justice Rose Bird; and the...

Oral history interview with Joe Russell, 1977 Aug. 18.

Joe Russsell discusses his career as an airplane pilot before and after World War II: learning to fly in Idaho just after World War I, barnstorming in Idaho, eastern Washington and Oregon with his brother Basil "Bake" Russell, working as...

Oral history interview with John F. Burby : oral history transcript / 1987.

Burby discusses his family background, education, World War II military experience, his career in journalism, and service as press secretary to Gov. Edmund G. Brown, Sr., from 1961 to 1967. He comments on significant events and issues that impacted the...

Oral history interview with Martin Huff : oral history transcript / 1988.

Martin Huff's oral history discusses the history, organization and operations of the California Franchise Tax Board during his years as executive officer (1963-1979) including collection of personal income and business taxes, unitary system of corporate taxation, relations with supervisory board,...

Oral history interview with Michael L. Fischer, executive director, California Coastal Commission, 1978-1985 ... : oral history transcript, 1992-1993 /

Michael L. Fischer discusses his personal and educational background; his leadership of the North Central Region, Coastal Zone Conservation Commission, including relations with the commissioners and the statewide commission. The region's coastal development, including controversies over Bodega Harbor, Sea Ranch,...

Oral history interview with Rube Goldberg : New York City, New York : oral history transcript / 1971.

Recollections of Herbert Hoover; comments on his own career as cartoonist and sculptor.

Oral history interview with William H. Lancaster ... oral history transcript 1994-1995 /

Mr. Lancaster recalls his 1958 election to the City Council of the recently incorporated City of Duarte, his service to the California State Assembly in 1972 until he decided to retire in 1992. Well known for his expertise in local...

Oral history interview with Ynez Williams /

Reminiscences of the San Francisco earthquake and fire of 1906 and her life in San Francisco.

Oral history interviews for Migrant daughter: coming of age as a Mexican American woman.

"Migrant Daughter is the coming-of-age story of Frances Esquibel Tywoniak, who was born in Spanish-speaking New Mexico, moved with her family to California during the Depression to attend school and work as a farm laborer, and subsequently won a university...

Oral History Interviews of Ames Personnel Collection

This collection contains an assemblage of oral history interview transcripts of personnel from NASA Ames Research Center and its precursor organization, the NACA Ames Aeronautical Laboratory. These were selected from larger oral history collections held at the NASA Headquarters History...

Oral history interviews on the history of the Consumers Cooperative of Berkeley : with related illustrative materials, 1977-1983.

Four oral history transcripts, a biographical masters thesis, and one volume of supplementary material relating to the history of the Consumers Cooperative of Berkeley.

Oral history interviews with Mexican political leaders and other personalities : Mexico, 1964-1965.

Tapes and transcripts of interviews with the following Mexican leaders, conducted by Mr. Wilkie and Edna Monzón de Wilkie: Salvador Abascal, Aurelio R. Acevedo, Juan Andreu Almazán, Silvano Barba González, Clementina Batalla de Bassols, Ramón Beteta, Juan de Dios Bojórquez,...

[Oral history interviews with persons associated with the development of the Interstate Highway System in the United States]

Conducted for the Public Works Historical Society as part of the AASHTO Interstate Highway Research Project.

Oral History Interviews with Stanford People

Audio cassettes, with brief typed summaries, of interviews with Vartan Gregorian, E. Fay Jones, Emily Hanna Johnson, and John Paul Hanna, 1993. Gregorian discusses his childhood and Armenian roots, student days at Stanford, his teaching career, and his administrative career...

Oral history of Elsa Springer Meyer, 1969 : oral history transcript / 1994.

Mrs. Meyer discusses life in Cincinatti, Ohio at the turn of the century before World War I, for an economically sound family, and the disruption and hardships caused by the war.

An oral history of Louis M. Brown /

Brown talks about his childhood in Los Angeles, mentions his education at USC and at Harvard Law School, and discusses briefly his early career in private practice in Los Angeles. He talks extensively about his theories of legal education and...

Oral History Office Records

Audio recordings and transcripts of oral histories conducted by the Oral History Office. Also included are office files and correspondence relating to the activities of the office.

Oral History Program. Administrative files.

Record Series 385 contains the administrative files of UCLA's Oral History Program. Files regard the Oral History Association, workshops, travel, publicity, personnel, supply, income, and other operational activities. Materials include correspondence, requests, reports, orders, budget, announcements, and ledgers.

Oral History Program. Publications.

Record Series 168 contains the publications of UCLA's Oral History Program.

Oral History Research (Center for). Center for Iranian Jewish Oral History Program.

Record Series 779 contains oral history transcripts and audio recordings donated to UCLA's Center for Oral History Research, and interviews from the Center for Iranian Jewish Oral History (CIJOH), many of which are in Farsi.

Oral history transcripts, 1990.

Contains 16 typed transcripts or summaries and 25 cassette tapes of interviews with Asian American immigrant women, conducted for Asian American Studies 151, Asian American Women, at the University of California, Berkeley, and History 261A, Asian American History, at Stanford...

An oral history with David Blackwell : oral history transcript / 2003.

Early years in Centralia, Illinois; early teaching jobs, including Howard University; Bayesian approach; work on information theory; Berkeley and Berkeley's Dept. of Statistics.

An oral history with Robert H. Bragg : oral history transcript / 2005.

Forms part of the African American faculty and senior staff oral history series.

An oral interview of Tom Greig : oral history transcript / and related material, 1970.

Comments primarily on his work aiding the League with property acquisition.

Orange Coast College HABS-like reports

This collection contains an Orange Coast College HABS-like printed report, digital report, and digital photographs.

Orange County Aerial Photograph Collection

This collection consists of approximately 721 black-and-white aerial photographs of Orange County, California produced on behalf of the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). The bulk of this collection consists of 9 x 9 inch and 23 x 23 inch...

Orange County and California Maps (Collection of)

This collection of over 100 maps documents the State of California, but especially its southern counties. Although the maps are predominantly reproductions they also include a number of originals, with some dating back to the 1820s. Early plats and diseños...

Orange County California Anthropological Project: Banning Site Notes

This is a typed report on the Orange County California Anthropological Project, Number 7680, January report of the Banning Site, 1937 January, including daily notes for the Banning site 1937 December 21-1938 January 20; a list of artifacts found at...

Orange County, California Centennial Year (Collection on)

This collection comprises publications created for the Orange County, California Centennial Year celebration in 1988-1989, including programs, brochures, magazines, and newsletters.

Orange County Californio Families Portrait Photograph Album

This collection comprises an album of 66 studio photographs, carte de visites, and tintypes of early and prominent Californio family members. The families are predominantly from the Orange County area and include the prolific and prominent Yorbas, Peraltas, and Sepulvedas,...

Orange County Commission on the Status of Women Records

This collection consists of records from the Orange County (California) Commission on the Status of Women from 1978 to 1990. Materials in this collection include booklets, reports, pamphlets, newsletters, schedules, a transcript, and related material documenting the activities of the...

Orange County directories

This collection comprises aproximately sixty-seven Orange County, California telephone directories issued between 1950 and 1990. They include information for Orange County, Orange County regions or areas, and specific Orange county cities.

Orange County District Attorney's Obscenity and the Law Collection

Orange County District Attorney’s Obscenity and the Law Collection was founded in 1971 through the efforts of then English Department professor Donald Sears (now deceased) and his late wife Orange County A.D.A. and later Judge Oretta Sears. The materials are...

Orange County Division of the League of California Cities

The collection includes records documenting the Orange County Division of the League of California Cities' activities during the 1960s and 1970s, a period of explosive growth in Orange County, California. These activities included advocacy on issues of importance to the...

Orange County Environmental Issues, Land Use, and Planning Collection

The collection consists of correspondence, reports, court documents, minutes, photographs, and newspaper clippings documenting three major environmental and political issues in Orange County, California, in the 1960s: agricultural preserves, beach erosion, and redistricting. Primary creators and collectors of the documents...

Orange County Ephemera Collection

This collection consists of various ephemera about Orange County, California from various donors. Subjects and materials include flyers, brochures, and programs concerning Orange County political and election issues and cultural events; political campaign materials for the 1978 state and local...

Orange County Group Documents on Gays and Homosexuality

This collection consists of photocopies of several internal documents from the Orange County Group, a Marxist-Leninist study group that formed within and eventually broke its ties with the August 29th Movement. Documents include "Towards the development of the correct Marxist-Leninist...

Orange County Holocaust Oral History Project Interviews

This collection contains the oral history videotapes of interviews with Holocaust survivors and liberators complied by the Anti-Defamation League, Orange County, California, circa 1994.

Orange County Human Relations Commission Records

This collection consists of records of the Orange County (California) Human Relations Commission from 1974 to 1998. Materials include reports, publications, minutes and agendas, and other material related to the activities of the commission on topics including affirmative action, fair...

Orange County Human Relations Council records

This collection contains the records of the Orange County Human Relations Council. The records document events, organizations, and initiatives with which Rusty Kennedy, the Orange County Human Relations Commission, and affiliates were involved. Orange County Human Relations Council is a...

Orange County Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Timeline Research Files

The collection consists of newspaper clippings, publications, and ephemera about Orange County, California's gay and lesbian communities. The materials were collected by multiple individuals as part of the Orange County Historical Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) Timeline Project.

Orange County Library Association records

This collection consists of the records of the Orange County Library Association from 1920-2014, including by-laws, minutes, correspondence, clippings, financial records, rosters and directories, bulletins and newsletters, committees and special reports, history, membership documents, and scholarship materials. A PowerPoint presentation...

Orange County Newspaper and Magazine Clippings Collection

This artificial collection comprises photocopied newspaper and magazine clippings from Orange County newspapers and magazines from the early 1900s through the 1990s. Clippings are organized in three groupings: biographical information about notable people; information about city news and significant regional...

Orange County photograph collection

This collection comprises photographs taken in Orange County, California from 1921-1980. Subjects include Native Americans, Governor Earl Warren and family and scenes of Balboa and Santa Ana.

Orange County Rancho Title Abstracts (Collection of)

This collection comprises 3 bound, handwritten title abstracts, prepared by the Abstract and Title Insurance Company of Los Angeles, containing transcriptions of documents, dating back as early as 1868. The transcriptions are from original documents such as deeds, leases, tax...

Orange County School Yearbook Collection

This collection comprises yearbooks from various Orange County high schools and a few colleges. The earliest item is the 1904 Santa Ana High School yearbook . Yearbooks from this collection document student life in Orange County schools primarily during the...

Orange County Social Services Agency Records

This collection of records of the Orange County Social Services Agency (OCSSA) includes documents related to the administration of government refugee assistance programs. The materials consist of administrative papers, correspondence, data and statistics, reports, legislative documents, memoranda, notes, proclamations and...

Orange County Visibility League Records

Press releases, organizational bylaws, meeting notes, map, articles, and flyers documenting activities of the Orange County Visibility League (OCVL). The OCVL was formed in 1988 to advocate for civil rights for gays and lesbians in Orange County.

Orange County Water District Groundwater Protection and Replenishment Activities records

Collection consists of 22 folders of reports, data, correspondence, agreements, resolutions and maps detailing the Orange County, (Calif.) Water District's efforts at Groundwater Protection and Replenishment during the period 1952-1967....

Orange Public Library Local History Collection

The Collection consists of the Florence Flippen Smiley Memorial Archives, on permanent loan from the Orange Community Historical Society, as well as numerous items acquired by the Library through purchase or donation. Covering the period 1871 to the present, this...

Orangevale Community Planning Advisory Council records

Since its formation, the Orangevale Community Planning Advisory Council has advised the Sacramento County Board of Supervisors on issues relating to growth, zoning, traffic and environmental protection. This collection is comprised of records documenting the work of the Advisory Council...

Orata (Pedro Tamesis) writings

Relates to education in the Philippines.

Orbison (Thomas J.) papers

Diaries, writings, photographs, and memorabilia relating to relief work in Latvia at the end of World War I. Diaries and typescript also available on microfilm (3 reels).

Orchard Gould Bristol letters : Stockton, Calif., to wife Loisania Bristol, Coventry, N.Y., 1849-1852.

Correspondence of a man traveling to the California Gold Rush, working as a gold miner, and his eventual return home to Coventry, New York (Chenango County). Details include the difficult conditions onboard the Brig Lalla on the way to San...

Orchesis (Stanford University) Records

The collection includes correspondence, programs, photographs and scrapbooks relating to this honorary women's modern dance society.

Orchestra parts for KRAKATOA, EAST OF JAVA

The Orchestra parts for KRAKATOA, EAST OF JAVA are undated and encompass 1.3 linear feet. The collection contains orchestra parts for 42 music cues and two songs. The orchestra parts are sheets of music for each individual player extracted from...

Orcutt (Charles Russell) Papers

The papers consist of the correspondence of botanist Charles Russell Orcutt. There are a few documents and manuscripts and six pieces of ephemera

Orcutt (Charles Russell) Papers

This collection contains materials related to Charles Russell Orcutt’s work in Jamaica, Haiti, Mexico and the American Southwest as well as his family history.

Orcutt (Charles Russell) Papers

The papers consist of correspondence, field notes, and publications of the botanist Charles Russell Orcutt. It also includes biographical material and lists related to Orcutt's natural history collections, library, research, and travels.

Orcutt Family Papers

Papers of the Orcutt family: Financial, property lines, indentures for purchase of propety

Ord (Edward O.C.) Papers

The General Edward O. C. Ord Letters total approximately 260 letters, the first written in Oct. 5, 1854 (two days before he married) and extending through January 30, 1885. The early letters from Oct. 5, 1854 -April 2, 1855 were...

Orde (James P.) Correspondence

The Correspondence of James P. Orde contains 86 items, primarily of correspondence (1823-1842) between James P. Orde and George Perfect Hardy (d. 1853). Hardy was commissioned by Orde to copy portraits in various English Country houses for use in a...

Orden dirigida a la Real Audiencia de Guadalajara : Mexico City : ms., 1802 June 12.

Copy of an order from an official in Mexico City to the Guadalajara Audiencia, requesting more care in the selection of settlers sent to the Californias, in place of the criminals hitherto sent. Preceded by copy of a document, Aug....

Ordenanca ... para que los alcaldes mayores de las minas ... no consientan que ningun pasajero ... ponga tienda ... ni asiente ... en ... las dichas minas ... : Mexico City : DS, 1620 Sept. 15.

Viceregal order restricting for two years the sojourn and mercantile activities of transients, whether foreigners or newly arrived Spaniards, in mining regions, to prevent collusion and defrauding the Crown of its tax, "the royal fifth."

Ordenanzas para los Hospitales, 1552.

Original documents in: the Zavala Library, Chapultepec.

Ordenanzas vigentes para las medidas de Tierras y Aguas de esta America Septentrional ... : Mexico City (?), 18th cent.

Data compiled by Sáenz on the basis of ordinances existing from the 16th century and relating to measurement and distribution of land or waters in North America; with interpretative comments and diagrams.

Order from Secretary of State, New Hampshire, 1856 September 27

Order from Secretary of State, New Hampshire, to select men of Concord, to hold meeting to vote for electors of President and Vice President of the United States, 27 September 1856.

Order of Railroad Telegraphers Charter

Charter granted by the Order of Railroad Telegraphers of North America to Pacific Division No. 170, Oakland, California on September 11, 1891

Order of Railway Conductors Certificate and Ledger

Certificate of membership in the Order of Railway Conductors for a Mr. L.W. Kiff, dated March 20, 1887; Ledger containing Committee Reports for the General Committee of Adjustment and for the General Chairman, 1902-1905.

Order of Railway Conductors Certificate of Membership

Certificate issued to William Ward, September 10, 1882, for membership in the Baraboo Division No. 68 of the Order of Railway Conuductors.

Order of Siberian Snow Dogs Photographs and Roster

Two photographs and roster of the Order of Siberian Snowdogs.

Order of the Eastern Star records, 1920-1936.

Bound ledger volumes for three chapters of the Order of the Eastern Star located in Berkeley, Calif.: Alethe #366 (South Berkeley), Berkeley #178, and Thousand Oaks (Berkeley) #375. Bound volumes consist of entries on chapter letterhead entry sheets listing dates...

[Order of the Sons of Hermann Golden Jubilee group portrait, Golden Gate Park, San Francisco] [graphic].

Panoramic group portrait of members of the Order of the Sons of Hermann posing before the Conservatory of Flowers in Golden Gate Park. On lawn before conservatory, flowers are arranged to spell out: Welcome Herman Sons Golden Jubilee 1879-1929.

Order, taste and grace in architecture : oral history transcript / and related material, 1959-1968.

Study of architecture at University of Pennsylvania, Rome and Paris; association with John Galen Howard, 1904-1908, in San Francisco; architects and architecture in the Bay Area; Bohemian Club; professor of architecture, University of California, Berkeley; architecture on Berkeley, San Francisco...

Order to remove stoppage of pay for Captain J. H. Dewees, 1864 [March] 29.

Printed order on official stationery of the Ordnance Office, War Department in Washington, D. C., dated [March] 29, 1864, states that a request has been sent to the Paymaster General of the Army that the stoppage of pay on the...

Orders and Medals Society of America publications

Relates to military and other governmental medals and decorations of the United States and other countries, mainly in the twentieth century

Orders from the Office of Power Administrator : typescripts, 1918 June-1921 March.

Collection of orders to Pacific Gas and Electric Co., Great Western Power Co., Sierra and San Francisco Power Co., and various other electric, gas, water, and mining companies. Topics of orders include: operating to capacity, power emergencies, amounts of water...

Orders No. 16 by Brigadier General John E. Wool, 1841 December 10.

Holograph military order by from Head Quarters, Eastern Division in Troy, N. Y. pertaining to the resignation of Captain R. Anderson from his stafff appointment at the Head Quarters and the announcement of Captain E. Schriver as the new Chief...

Ordinances concerning treatment of the Indians : Valladolid : photocopy, 1513 June 23.

Photostats of a copy of the "Laws of Burgos" in the Archivo General de Indias, Seville. A contemporary copy, made for the Governor of Puerto Rico, of the code drafted for the government of Española. Includes copy of Indiferente General...

Ordination of Women in the Episcopal Church Collection

This collection was put together in 1977 at the Graduate Theological Union Library by then Acting Librarian David Green. He published a letter in Episcopal diocesan newspapers stating that the Library was collecting on this important subject, and requesting any...

Ordnance report signed by William Hoffman, 1863 June 20.

Holograph ordnance report, written on official stationery labeled Form No. 7--(a.) (For issues or transfers of Ordnance Stores), with quantities of military supplies, such as sabres, belts, knots, revolvers, belt holsters, halters, horse brushes, saddle blankets, etc..The report, signed by...

Oreña Family Papers

This collection contains the papers, dating from 1838 to 1955, of the Oreña family, who held properties in present-day Santa Barbara, San Luis Obispo, Ventura and Los Angeles, California.

Oreamuno (J. Rafael) interview

Relates to American-Costa Rican relations, and inter-American relations during World War II, especially Argentina's declaration of war and participation in the United Nations Conference on International Organization. Interview conducted by Raymond Henle. Includes typewritten transcript.

Oregon and California Railroad Co. Collection

Includes an equipment record and financial records.

Oregon and California views [graphic]

Photographs show snapshops along a road trip, including scenes of camping, fishing, a scout camp, towns, homes, pets, and several automobile wrecks. Appears to be photographs from Oregon and California, but identification uncertain.

Oregon autograph collection, 1862-1930.

A collection of letters and signatures of prominent Oregonians - mainly governors and U.S. senators and congressmen.

Oregon (built 1848; steamer) logbook

The Oregon (built 1848; steamer) logbook (SAFR 16482, HDC 202) consists of one photocopy of a logbook. The original is held by the Fine Arts Museum San Francisco. This copy is available for research purposes only.

Oregon, California, Idaho, and Other Western Scenes, 1857 - ca. 1895 - Photographs

The Photographs of Oregon, California, Idaho, and Other Western Scenes collection contains 310 items --293 stereographs, 7 cartes de visite, and 10 other mounted albumen prints --taken from 1857 to circa 1895. Most of the prints are the work of...

Oregon Central Railroad Records

Financial records and bridge alignment notes from the construction of the Oregon Central Railroad.

Oregon dictations, 1885-1887 /

Biographies of Oregon settlers. Dictation recorded by James A. Moore for Hubert Howe Bancroft. Individually cataloged; search under title: Oregon dictations, 1885-1887.

Oregon dictations for Klamath County, 1888.

Dictations recorded in Klamath Co. for Hubert Howe Bancroft by John T. Fulkerson. Each item catalogued separately; search under title: Oregon Dictations for Klamath County.

Oregon Girl's Photograph Album

Extensive collection of snapshot portraits and scenes illustrating family and social life in Grants Pass and Portland (Oregon) during and shortly after WWI through the eyes of Marie Anensen, a young Norwegian immigrant.

Oregon Ledger

Business ledger used by several different groups and individuals in various Oregon cities (1867-1888). Occidental Meat Market daybook (Portland, Or., 1867; Albany, Or., 1868; unspecified location, 1876) occupies pages 1-96, 336, 349-350, 355. Douglas County School District no. 50 (Cleveland,...

Oregon miscellany.

Letters and documents assembled from various sources. Included is a facsimile of an Abraham Lincoln letter, Nov. 19, 1858.

Oregon Miscellany

Letters and documents collected by Thomas Wayne Norris....

Oregon Photograph, circa 1910s-1940s

One b/w 3 3/4" x 10 1/2" print of Vista House, Crown Point, Columbia River Highway, taken by Cross & Dimmitt, Portland, Oregon.

Oregon Pioneer Records

Includes typescript copies of diaries, letters and narratives, with biographical and genealogical notes and photographs added. Originals of some items in private possession as noted thereon. Included are accounts of overland journeys to Oregon; organizational journal, 1845, for train captained...

Oregon postcards [graphic].

Views of natural scenery, cities and towns, public and commercial buildings, roads and bridges, rivers, railroads, industry, logging, agriculture, and other views from regions throughout Oregon.

Oregon Railroad and Navigation Company

Business forms and receipts issued by the Oregon Railroad / Railway and Navigation Company.

Oregon Scenes, 1906

Two b/w 3 1/2" x 11 1/2" prints of Illecillewaet River and Little Yoho River, taken by Pittsbury Picture Company, San Francisco, 1906.

Oregon Short Line Railroad Payroll

Bound volume (183 pages) containing payroll sheets for employees in various departments and occupations on the Oregon Short Line in Utah and Idaho.

Oregon Stage Company records, 1862-1867.

Letters, waybills, instructions and receipts covering operations from Sacramento to Portland.

Oregon Stage Company records, 1866-1872.

Consists of waybills, monthly abstracts, receipts and vouchers made by the Oregon Stage Co. Transactions include equipment for (and repair of) stagecoaches, as well as food and boarding for horses. Also included is correspondence of H.W. Corbett.

Oregon Stage Company way-bill and receipt, 1866.

Printed way-bill of the Oregon Stage Company filled out for 6 stage coach passengers and dated November 11, 1866. Three of the passenger names are listed as "John China," two as "China", and one as "Chinaman." The second item is...

Oregon State Hydroelectric Commission records, 1949-1959.

Records and proceedings in connection with project no. 170. Included are copies of proposal for the dam; studies; letters and reports supporting and protesting the project; transcripts of public hearings; applications of the Northwest Power Supply Co. and later of...

Oregon (steam schooner) pilot house logbook

The Oregon (steam schooner) pilot house logbook (SAFR 16483, HDC 203) records time, headland, location, course, climate and distance relative to the OREGON while she carried lumber between Gray's Harbor in Washington, San Francisco and San Pedro, California, from July...

Oregon Tradeswomen, Incorporated Collection

The Oregon Tradeswomen, Inc. (OTI) collection contains correspondence, budgets, reports, clippings, newsletters, grant proposals, conference and event materials, newsletters, papers of other trades organizations, videocassettes, and other materials relating to OTI. The bulk of the materials within this collection focus...

Oregon Trail photographs [graphic].

Views of various sites along the route of the Oregon Trail, showing such features as wagon ruts and the remains of Fort Kearney as they appeared in the 1930's.

Oregon views [graphic]

Views of Hotel Denny, Yaquina Bay, and Grand Ronde Valley, Oregon.

Oren (Michel) collection of Marxist Literary Group recordings

The Michel Oren collection of Marxist Literary Group recordings contains 21 lectures given by Fredric Jameson, Stanley Aronowitz, and Terry Eagleton at the 1977 Summer Institute of the Marxist Literary Group of the Modern Language Association held in St. Cloud,...

Orfalea College of Business

Documents, administrative records, and photographs of the Orfalea College of Business, formerly the Department of Business Administration within the College of Social Science.

Organisation Armee secrete leaflet

Relates to the program of the Organisation Armée secrète, and to the Algerian independence movement.

Organisation for European Economic Co-operation, Intergovernmental Committee on the Establishment of a European Free Trade Area.

Memoranda, resolutions, and reports, relating to the initial plans for the European Free Trade Association

Organization and Economy, Commission on California State Government (Little Hoover Commission) Records

This record group consists of 5.5 cubic feet of records from the Commission on California State Government Organization and Economy. The records span from 1974 to 1990.

Organization Brochures, Santa Paula

Collection consists of samples of brochures representing clubs and organizations, one Santa Paula Map, and Soroptimist's Yearbooks

Organizational Charts (University of California, Irvine)

The collection comprises organizational charts and occasional memoranda documenting the administrative structure of the University of California, Irvine (UCI). Records illustrate reporting relationships for major organizational units, identify senior campus administrators, and communicate basic functions and areas of responsibility for...

"Organizational Vision and Visionary Organizations" [videorecording]

James Collins, lecturer in business at Stanford Graduate School of Business, reports on research done with colleague Jerry Porras on organizational vision and the evolution of visionary organizations, describing a clear framework for understanding and setting organizational vision.

Organizing women, careers in volunteer politics and government administration : oral history transcript / and related material, 1976-1977.

Work for the California Republican party, including involvement with Republican women's clubs and participation in conventions and campaigns; role as director of women's activities, Federal Civil Defense Administration, 1954-58, and with Western Training Center, Office of Civil Defense, 1960-65. With...

Orgel (Leslie) Papers

Papers of Leslie Eleazer Orgel (1927-2007), chemist and molecular biologist. Orgel was a senior fellow and research professor at the Salk Institute for Biological Studies, where he directed the Chemical Evolution Laboratory. The collection includes correspondence, writings, talks and lectures,...

Oriental Consolidated Mining Company Photograph Collection

The collection contains 129 black and white photographs, mainly snapshots, most with captions in English, on loose pages from two or more photo albums, likely compiled by Pitt Hyde, a geologist working for the American owned and operated Oriental Consolidated...

The Oriental Mine, 1938-1991 : oral history transcript / 1996.

Donald Dickey discusses his family background and education; the history and development of the Oriental Mine, Alleghany, Calif.; management of a high-grade mine; security and safety; refining of gold and waste disposal; and geological research.

Oriental Mine Research Collection

Photographs (prints are only those filed with the negatives), negatives. Photographs made by Don Chaput and Bill Cumiford of the Museum's History Division staff during July 1984 and 1986 field trips to the Oriental gold mine in Sierra County, CA.,...

Orientation events

Video tapes of three faculty debates: Should we have manned space flight, Is third world poverty America's fault, and Has Christianity been a good thing for Western culture; and a faculty forum on: Reading works of Western culture: a critical...

Oriflamme (steamship) freight receipt

Oriflamme (steamship) freight receipt (SAFR 426, HDC 507) was signed in Portland, Oregon on April 24, 1876. The collection is available for research use without restriction.

Origen de los Mexicanos : ms., 16th cent.

Three manuscripts, primarily Franciscan, relating to the origins, theogony, and history of the early inhabitants of Mexico: 1. Origen de los Mexicanos. [Mexico, 16th cent.] Copy of a fragment from a report on the first tribes to inhabit Mexico, prepared...

[Original art from the Izzy Young collection on Jack Micheline].

1 drawing with multiple female figures (1965) and 4 abstract paintings (1988-1989).

The original documents : old spanish land grants listed as missing after the fire of 1906. San Francisco : ms.S, 1964 Feb. 13.

Report made to the U.S. Attorney General, containing a list of documents shipped to the National Archives in 1937.

[Original drawings from the exhibition La república 150 años después].

Original drawings by Sergio Sánchez Santamaría produced for his exhibition La república 150 años después, held in Mexico City from July, 2017 to June, 2018. The exhibition commemorated the 150th anniversary of the 1867 constitutional referendum of Mexico. Drawings depict...

Original Hidden Treasure Mining Company records, [1869-ca. 1885]

Correspondence and stock records for mining operations in White Pine County, Nevada.

Original illustrations done for Curtis Publishing Company [graphic] /

Includes drawings for Ruggles of Red Gap, by Harry Leon Wilson, published in the Saturday evening post.

An original voice in twentieth-century music : oral history transcript / 1999.

Early years in St. Louis and Chicago; education with Alexander Sebald and Ottorino Respighi; creating a string quartet; music in the 1930s; composing for NBC and a WPA theater project; studying conducting with Pierre Monteux; performing as violinist with San...

Origins and early years of the Bureau of Sanitary Engineering : transcript, 1970.

Interviews conducted 1970 by Malca Chall for the Regional Oral History Office, Bancroft Library. Photograph and photocopies of clippings inserted. Introduction by Henry J. Ongerth. Comments on long career as first chief of the Bureau in the California State Department...

Origins of the California Schoolmasters' Club : Berkeley, California, 1941-1970.

Study of the club, founded by Dr. Elmer E. Brown about 1893, for those interested in education. Included is information on the defunct Scholia Club and on the California Teachers' Association (5 leaves, typescript).

Orinda & Moraga Scrapbook Collection

Miscellaneous newspaper clippings concerning the history of Moraga and Orinda, California. Included are some columns written by St. Mary’s College history professor, Brother Dennis called “Lake of the Redwoods.”

Orion (Walter Harold) papers

Reports, orders, printed matter, photographs, and a poster, relating to American assistance in teacher training programs in South Korea

Orlando Gallery records

Gallery ephemera and administrative records; photographs, slides, transparencies and negatives of installations, exhibition openings and art works; publicity releases; newspaper and journal article clippings; and a limited amount of art, mail art, correspondence, and other materials from the Orlando Gallery....

Orlando (Guido) papers

The Guido Orlando papers span the years 1928-1983 (bulk 1948-1962) and encompass approximately 13.3 linear feet. The collection consists of clippings, correspondence, autobiographical manuscripts, photographs, and three scripts. There are also eight scrapbooks and one oversize photograph album....

Orlando J. Hall journal, 1849

Photocopy of an overland journal, from Nauvoo, Illinois to California, 1849. Provenance unknown.

Orlando Winfield Wilson photograph collection [graphic]

Folder 1: Photographs and snapshots of O.W. Wilson -- Folder 2: Chicago photographs -- Folder 3: Photographs of friends, unidentified -- Folder 4: Photographs of Chicago police banquets and other events, family and individual portraits, wedding pictures, etc.

Orleans Longacre letters : to Jim Longacre : ALS, 1864-1865.

Letters written to his brother, Jim, from Mare Island Navy Yard, San Francisco Bay, Panama, and the coast of Central America deal primarily with day-to-day concerns. They also offer references to local events and activities, such as the imprisonment of...

Orloff (Alexander Sergevich) Collection

Scripts in Russian by both Russian and European playwrights; some programs, reviews, and slides regarding Russian theatre.

Orlov (Nikolai Vasil'evich) Writings

Relates to the Russian imperial Zaamurskii okrug Otdel'nogo korpusa progranichnoi strazhi.

Orme Family Papers

The materials consist of digital copies of origial photographs and albums created by members of the Orme family, including Charles Henry Orme (1916) and Charles Henry Orme, Jr. (1941)....

Ormsby County, Nevada, Records

This collection contains items related to Ormsby County, Nevada, between 1864 and 1886. Most are business-related, with the majority of them related to the drawing and summoning of trial and grand juries. Other records include statements from county officials, estimates...

Orne, Ebenezer Hugill

A biography of Ebenezer Hugill Orne

Orne, Ebenezer Hugill Collection

This collection was put together by the great granddaughters of Orne. Includes his biography and role in establishing the First United Methodist Church in Santa Paula, CA

Ornithology and Mammalogy Department Field Note Collection at the California Academy of Sciences

The collection consists of the research field notes created and assembled by the Ornithology and Mammalogy Department of the California Academy of Sciences. The field notes are arranged in folders by last name and are housed in 55 archival boxes....

O'Rourke (Thomas J.) collection

The Thomas J. O’Rourke collection includes business records pertaining to O’Rourke’s work at Tymshare, a corporation he co-founded, the General Electric Company (GE), and to the computer services industry as a whole. There is an emphasis on internal company communications...

Oroville & Virginia City Railroad Correspondence

Correspondence from William A. Bolinger in San Francisco, to Mr. A. Harpending outlining their equal interest in the Becksworth Pass Wagon Road franchise, April 14, 1868.

Oroville and Virginia City Railroad Company papers, 1867-1868.

Articles of agreement between William A. Bolinger and Asbury Harpending, including certified copies of the articles of incorporation, of California Assembly Bill no. 716 concerning railroad bonds, and of power of attorney to General W.S. Rosecrans; abstracts from stockbook with...

Oroville Dam site slides [graphic].

Views of dam construction at Oroville, Calif., on the Feather River. One view of the Bidwell Bar area, soon to be flooded.

Orozco (Jose Clemente) Prints

One album of ten lithographs printed by Litografos Mexicanos: "10 Reproductions of His Mural Paintings," text by Justino Fernandez. Published by Eugenio Fischgrund, Mexico, 1944.

Orphan Collection 1

This collection contains pamphlets and publications donated by an unknown donor. Three of the six publications are cartoon books done by Bill Maudlin. There are also two military published books about the 442nd Regimental Team and the 92nd Infantry Division....

Orphanos (Stathis) Gay Activist Photographs

Stathis Orphanos photographic portraits of iconic gay activists, including Forman Brown, Harry Hay, Morris Kight, and Jim Kepner, undated.

Orphanos (Stathis) Papers

Stathis Orphanos (1940- ) was a author, bookseller and photographer. He began bookselling with Sylvester and George Fisher in 1972 as Sylvester & Orphanos, and issued their first catalog in 1973. They began publishing limited editions as Sylvester & Orphanos...

Orphans' Homestead Association stock certificate : Vallejo, Calif., 1869.

Issued to H.B. Williams. With signature of George W. Simonton, Secretary. Feb. - June 1969, Vallejo, California. Printed by Bacon & Company, San Francisco.

Orquestra Medellin Photograph Collection

This photograph album was originally created and given as a gift from Amelia M. Lopez to Jack and Margie Lopez of Los Angeles on February 9, 1995. It contains 197 photographs (9 are in color, 188 are black and white)....

Orr (Charles Andrew)

Autobiographical writings and miscellany, relating to socialism in the United States, conditions in Catalonia during the Spanish Civil War, and encounters with George Orwell in Spain in 1936-1937 and with Leon Trotsky in Mexico in 1940. Photocopy.

Orr (Eric) documentary photographs and papers

The Eric Orr papers consist primarily of photographic prints, slides, transparencies, and negatives that document the Light and Space movement artist's paintings, sculptures, and public fountains. Also present are schematic drawings and plans for Orr's public works and ephemera, clippings,...

Orr (George Vernon) notes

Relates to meetings of advisers to Ronald Reagan concerning the 1980 presidential election campaign and the transition to the presidency of Ronald Reagan.

Orr (Violet) Oral History

Transcript and sound recording of Lucille Kendall's 1976 interviews with Violet Orr, including a brief interview with Violet's husband Paul Orr; an interview history; and one folder of Orr family papers and photographs, dated from 1919 to 1976. The interviews...

Orr, Virginia Oral History

The life of Orr is discussed as told to her grandson, Nathan Orr, especially during her high school years in the 1930s

Orrell Anza Borrego Desert Collection

The collection consists of documents related to Fred Lewis Orrell’s research of military activity in the Anza-Borrego Desert area and Southern California during World War II.

Orrin, Edmund Letters to H.A. Avery : San Francisco, Calif. : ALS, 1852 Oct. 13 & 28.

Letters from Orrin (or Orvin?) to H.A. Avery in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio report on life in San Francisco, mutual friends, and business affairs. Although the letters do not focus on mining, mention is made of a Mr. Moulton whose machine...

Orrin K. McMurray papers, 1912-1943 (bulk 1920-1930)

Correspondence and subject files chiefly concerning education and law.

Orrin S. Payne letters, 1854-1859, to his brothers.

Written mainly from Woodside, California, describing his logging work in the redwoods of San Mateo County.

Orrin W. Peasley papers, 1850-1858.

Chiefly letters from friends in California, including D.S. Ruggles, W. Hall, C.E. Hutton, Joseph Clarke and Lewis J. Low. From Downieville, San Francisco and Strawberry Valley. One addressed to Peasley at Port Orford, Ore.

Orsini Family Papers

The Orsini are one of most important families in Italian history. At the height of their influence, in the late Middle Ages and into the Renaissance, the Orsini were crucial players in Italian politics; they were closely allied to the...

Ortega family documents : DS, 1833, 1842.

Agreement between Antonio María Ortega and Rafaela Ortega regarding the Rancho del Refugio, 1842 May 24; and documents regarding the sale of land called Tajiguas (San Isidro de Tajiguas?) in Santa Barbara County to Rafael Ortega.

Ortega family papers, 1846-1868.

Mainly papers relating to property of Rancho Santa Ysabel and Santa María.

Ortega (Raul M.) Interview with Harvey Milk

Reel-to-reel recording of reporter Raul M. Ortega’s interview with Harvey Milk on KPOO-FM. Recorded October 11, 1976 at Castro Camera.

Ortenburger (Leigh N.) papers

The papers of Leigh N. Ortenburger contain correspondence, personal papers, maps, manuscripts, and photographic negatives and prints, with emphasis on the Cordillera Blanca in Peru and the Teton Range in Wyoming. He was the early author and eventual co-author of...

Orth (Myra Dickman) research papers

The research papers of Myra Dickman Orth consist of manuscript notes, correspondence, drawings, publications, slides, offprints, photographs, and index cards. An American art historian and a leading specialist on French Renaissance manuscripts, Orth conducted research and published on books of...

Ortiz (Bobbye S.) collection on Latin America

This collection contains press clippings and other material regarding Latin America that was collected by Bobbye S. Ortiz, a feminist and social activist that served as editor of the . Materials in this collection primarily relate to Chile during the...

Ortiz (Flora Ida) papers.

This collection includes many of her individually published works, course materials, pamphlets, and collaborated publications. Dr. Flora Ortiz was a Professor of Institutional Leadership Policy Studies for the UCR Graduate School of Education, from 1972 to 2004. Her research focus...

Ortiz (Joe) Papers and Radio Interviews

This collection consists of the papers and audio cassettes collected and created by journalist and talk show host Joe Ortiz. This collection also contains the papers related to Mr. Ortiz's successful public relations company, Joe Ortiz Associates.

Ortiz-Taylor (Sheila) Papers

The Sheila Ortiz-Taylor collection contains material relating primarily to her work as a writer and a teacher. The collection takes up four linear feet and is continually being added to by Ortiz-Taylor, as her work as a scholar and writer...

Ortlieb (Patricia) collection on Eliza L. Tibbets

This collection contains research notes, articles, photographs, documents, and other material compiled by Patricia Ortlieb, author and great-great-granddaughter of Eliza L. Tibbets, as she conducted research for the book "Creating an Orange Utopia: Eliza Lovell Tibbets and the Birth of...

Ortman (Sylvia M.) motion picture film and postcard collection

The Sylvia M. Ortman motion picture film and postcard collection, 1966-1972, (SAFR 23855, P10-004) is comprised of a Matson Lines motion picture film titled "South Seas Cruise Adventure" and a postcard of the Pacific Far East Line steamship MARIPOSA (built...

Orvana Resources Corporation records

This collection documents the mining activities of Orvana Resources Corporation in California, and San Bernardino County in particular. It includes geological, topographical, and claims maps; soil analysis reports; project reports, notes, and research material; aerial photographs; and some correspondence and...

Orzechowski (Marian) writings

Relates to political conditions in Poland and to Polish foreign relations. Photocopy

O.S. Lang letters : Calif., to family members, Me., 1870-1889.

Eight handwritten letters (30 p.) from a man living in Northern California to various family members back East and in Maine. One letter is co-signed by his brother, H.O. (Herbert O.) Lang. Most of the contents describe the mild weather...

Osband, Embury Durfee Letters : to his cousin, Louise, 1863-1865.

Three holograph letters written to his cousin during his service in the 4th Illinois Cavalry Regiment, and the 3rd Colored Cavalry Regiment.

Osbert Sitwell letter, circa 1892-1969 January 6

(1892-1969). One letter (ALS) from English writer to Ted [?], thanking him for the book he has received and briefly discussing his own writing. Eckington, Derbyshire, 6 January n.y. Alpha list.

Osborn (Ken) Legal Records

Legal records, including briefs, memoranda, trial transcripts, and judicial orders, of 1st Lt. (later Capt.) Ken Osborn, USAR, relating to his participation as one of the named plaintiffs in (1994-1998) and its predecessor, (1993), the first pro-active court challenge to...

Osborn (Thomas Lee) Collection

The Osborn collection consists of audio and video tapes recording the messages and lessons of T. L. and Daisy Osborn and their daughter LaDonna Osborn. Also included are Manuals for the Life Discovery Bible Institute Bible Study Course. Titles include...

Osborne (Adam) collection

The Adam Osborne collection consists of material related to Osborne’s role as writer and publisher of software and technical books and manuals, primarily between 1975 and 1991. There are copies of these texts in English as well as Japanese, Italian,...

Osborne (Dr. Leonard) Journal

Dr. Leonard Osborne, fleet surgeon in the US Navy during the War of 1812, kept this journal from 1809 to 1815. In it, he describes medical lectures he attended, some medical treatments, and his experiences during the war, including the...

Osborne Family Papers

Correspondence, photographs, books, and other papers of Henry A. and Helen Annas Osborne and their five children, all of whom attended Stanford University.

Osborne (George E.) Papers

These papers largely pertain to his teaching career at Stanford Law School and include correspondence, memoranda, curriculum materials, Law School publications and reports, and speeches. Other professional papers include correspondence with his publishers, 1938-61; and correspondence with legal scholars at...

Osborne (Henry Z.) Papers

Henry Zenas Osborne (1848-1923) was the owner of the , and the , which he directed until 1897. He served as the receiver of public moneys of the Bodie land district, collector of customs of the Los Angeles district, and...

Osborne (Henry Z.) Papers

These papers consist of a letter from Leland Stanford (on U.S. Senate letterhead), 1892; a telegram from Jane L. Stanford, March 1896, thanking Osborne for his loyalty to Leland Stanford; a letter from David Starr Jordan about the Dept. of...

Osborne (Henry Zenas) Los Angeles billheads collection

A collection of more than 80 billheads from a variety of turn of the last century Los Angeles businesses, ranging from Newberry's grocery store to the Los Angeles Tent and Awning Company. All the billheads are made out to Henry...

Osborne (James H.) Gardena Photograph Collection

This collections contains mainly black-and-white as well as some colored photographs and an article from the Gardena Valley News. Together they document the local news, history, and activities in the city of Gardena from circa 1980-1999.

Osborne (James H.) Nisei Collection

The James H. Osborne Nisei Collection contains mostly correspondence between Emiko and Usami Terada, incarcerees in the Rohwer incarceration camp, McGehee Arkansas, and the Thomas family in Lawndale, California and some photographs of the Teradas and the Thomases. The letters...

Osborne (James), History of Lawndale Collection

This collection contains materials related to "Some Images of Lawndale's Past, A Collection of Photographs and Memorabila of Lawndale, California prior to 1939" complied by James H. Osborne; as well as photocopies of newspaper articles and clippings from the "Daily...

Osborne (James), South Coast Botanic Garden Collection

This collection includes documents, letters, programs, publications, and other material related to the South Coast Botanic Gardens. Subjects include the history and operation of the South Coast Botanic Garden and its 50th-anniversary celebration.

Osborne (Selden) Papers

The collection highlights Osborne's extensive involvement in labor organization and the attempt to reform and reveal what he saw as an undemocratic union structure. The collection consists of three series. Series 1 consists of various materials relating to labor organizations...

Osborne-Montague family papers

The Osborne-Montague family papers contains the papers of multiple generations of the Osborne and Montague families, as well as of the families they married into (primarily the Tingstads and the Caleffs). Rodney Montague moved to Los Angeles in 1853, while...

Osburn (Bennie I.) Papers

Dean Osburn's weekly update emails, materials related to the UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine, the Association of American Veterinary Medical Colleges North American Veterinary Medical Consortium, foreign animal & zoonotic disease, as well as Osburn's research on the bluetongue...

Oscar Burdick collection of letters and miscellany relating to the San Francisco Bay Area in the 1960s and 1970s, 1966-1979.

Contains letters to Harlan and Madelyn Stelmach, including 3 letters from Barry Messer concerning resistance to the draft in 1968, and educational ventures at Sunnyvale and Santa Cruz, Calif. Also contains a postcard from "Dick"; 2 letters from "George" concerning...

Oscar concert music scores for nominated songs and scores from the 86th Oscars

The Oscar concert music scores for nominated songs and scores from the 86th Oscars are from 2014 and encompass 3.8 linear feet. The collection contains the music scores and orchestra parts generated by JoAnn Kane Music Services for the concert....

Oscar Hecht papers, 1950-1965.

The collection consists of papers, documents, letters, and photographs of his work. Much of the correspondence consists of letters Oscar Hecht wrote to his wife Edith in 1959 and 1961 while he was in Israel and she remained in Berkeley,...

Oscar L. Starr papers, 1910-1967.

Papers concerning Caterpillar Tractor Company.

Oscar Lewis letter, 1936 May 26

(1914-1970). One letter (TLS) from American anthropologist Oscar Lewis, to Walter E. Stoddard re Book Club of California membership. San Francisco, 26 May 1936. Laid in Lewis, Sea Routes to the Goldfields. Alph list.

A. Oscar Riehl letters relating to his re-instatement with the Southern Pacific Company, 1913-1915.

Include recommendations from former employers, and letters from the Company refusing his applications.

Oscar V. Lange papers, 1887-1913.

Miscellaneous papers removed from a scrapbook of the Berkeley photographer, including letters from E. E. Banard and E. W. Davis; announcement of meetings of the Pacific coast Amateur Photographic Association and the California Camera Club; and clippings.

Oscar W. White letter : San Francisco, Calif., to J.H. Thomas, La Porte, Calif., 1877 Aug. 29.

Contains letter from agent of the Grant Powder Company on an order of Judson powder and how best to use it.

Oscar Weil papers, 1921-1943.

The collection contains handwritten scores, music, and librettos composed by Weil; correspondence about the Oscar Weil Scholarship Fund, established in 1921; letters about Weil from Albert I. Elkus, Harold Bauer, Efrem Zimbalist, Josef Lhevinne, and others; and Weil's broken cane.

Osen (Lynn M.) Papers

This collection comprises the papers of Lynn Moses Osen, who helped develop the Women's Studies program at the University of California, Irvine and actively spoke on behalf of women's education. The papers document Osen's teaching career at the University of...

Osgood (Agnes) Papers

The documents her involvement as a community activist in the San Diego area, with a particular focus on the Lemon Grove community. The collection is comprised of correspondence, employee business cards, newspaper clippings, Congregational church membership documentation, and documentation detailing...

Osgood Bradley Invoice

Invoice for purchase by the Boston and Providence Railroad of four box cars from the manufacturing works of Osgood Bradley.

O'Shaughnessy family papers, circa 1905-1984.

Contains miscellaneous personal papers of Mary Spottiswood (Mrs. M. M.) O'Shaughnessy, and their five children: Margaret, Mary, Helen, Francis, and Elizabeth.

O'Shaughnessy (Michael M.) papers

The M. M. (Michael Maurice) O'Shaughnessy papers, 1882-1937, consist of materials relating to his career as a civil engineer, working first as a consultant in private practice, and later as City Engineer of San Francisco. The collection contains primary and...

O'Shaughnessy (Michael Maurice) Papers

Material related to Michael Maurice O'Shaghnessy's career as a San Francisco city engineer that include a signed copy of his book Hetch Hetchy : Its Origin and History.

O'Shaughnessy (M.M.) photograph collection

The M.M. (Michael Maurice) O’Shaughnessy photograph collection, 1887-1986, consists of photographic prints, film negatives, reports, albums, cartoons, lantern slides and ephemera relating to M.M. O’Shaughnessy’s professional life as a civil engineer, working first as a consultant in private practice, and...

Osheroff (Douglas Dean) Papers

Laboratory notebooks.

Osiatynski (Wiktor) papers

Speeches and writings, bulletins, minutes, and curricular material, relating to the government and constitution of Poland. Includes draft versions of a constitution.

Osipov (Lidiia) diary

Relates to the siege of Leningrad, and conditions in the Soviet Union during World War II.

Osler (Sir William) Papers

This collection contains the papers of physician Sir William Osler (1849-1919), who helped found Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine and served as Regius Chair of Medicine at Oxford University, chiefly consisting of correspondence.

Osler (William, Sir) portrait by Seymour Thomas and other Osler-related papers

From the original Osler portrait he had painted and exhibited in 1909, the prominent American portraitist S. Seymour Thomas also painted a replica. Elmer Belt, M.D., instrumental in the founding of the UCLA School of Medicine and its staunch supporter,...

Osma (Julio de) Collection

The collection includes over one hundred music manuscripts by Julio de Osma, three publications of his songs, and a couple dozen photocopied documents dealing with his family history and professional life.

Osmanczyk (Edmund Jan) papers

Correspondence, writings, and printed matter, relating to political conditions in Poland, Polish foreign relations, and international relations in general.

Osobka-Morawski (Edward) papers

Memoirs and other writings, correspondence, and printed matter, relating to political conditions in Poland during and after World War II.

OSPAAAL Poster Collection

This collection comprises over 100 posters published from the 1960s through the 1990s issued by the Organization in Solidarity with the People of Africa, Asia, and Latin America, or Organización de Solidaridad con los Pueblos de Asia, África y América...

Osswald (R. P.) mimeograph

Relates to allegations of German war crimes in combating Belgian resistance fighters during World War I.

O'Steen (John R.) papers

Collection consists of scripts and files related to the career of Warner Brothers' Librarian, John R. O'Steen. Includes viewed picture files, treatments synopsis, and miscellaneous photocopied motion picture credits and publications....

Osterbrock (Donald E.) Papers

This collection contains Dr. Donald E. Osterbrock's activities as astronomer and science writer, director of the Lick Observatory, and Professor Emeritus of Astronomy and Astrophysics at the University of California, Santa Cruz.

Osterkorn (John) Photographs

This collection contains 39 black and white photographs of portraits, still-life, architecture, and abstracts, many of which portray religious symbols or imagery. Of these photographs, 33 are matted on boards. The collection was donated by Visual Aid, a group that...

Ostland miscellaneous records

Reports and memoranda, relating to German agricultural policy in occupied Belarus during World War II.

Ostomel (Maurice) papers

Maurice Ostomel was the assistant director of the Welfare Planning Council of Metropolitan Los Angeles from 1945 to 1957. While there, he helped form a community committee on the aging and wrote a number of reports on public assistance in...

Ostroff (Manning) Papers

Manning Ostroff was a writer, producer, and director in radio and television. The collection consists primarily of radio and television scripts related to his career as well as correspondence, photographs, and memorabilia.

Ostroukhov (P.)

Newspaper articles relating to the Russian Civil War in Siberia. Articles published in Siberian newspapers.

Osumare (Halifu) papers

This collection documents the professional and artistic career of scholar, educator, arts administrator, community activist, dancer, and choreographer Halifu Osumare and her contributions to African American dance. Osumare divided her collection into 10 categories: career overview files; materials related to...

Osuna (Sabino) papers

This collection contains glass plate negatives, photographs, and lantern slides of the Mexican Revolution done by commercial photographer Sabino Osuna. Includes images of Francisco Madero, Victoriano Huerta, Alvaro Obregón, Emiliano Zapata, and Pancho Villa, as well as street warfare during...

Osusky (Stefan) papers

Correspondence, speeches and writings, memoranda, reports, clippings, printed matter, memorabilia, and photographs, relating to Czechoslovak politics and diplomacy, and European diplomatic relations between the two world wars.

Oswald (Elinor) Collection of Southern California Tourism Ephemera

The collection includes a wide variety of tourist ephemera relating to Elinor Oswald's professional career as a tour guide. The bulk of the collection consists of brochures, maps, artist files, travel books, magazine articles, newspaper clippings, itineraries, business records, photographs,...

Oswald (James M.) papers

Writings, correspondence, reports, studies, curricular material, and printed matter, relating to education in the United States, and especially to social studies and international education....

Oswin Schmidt Polar / Arctic travel album, 1912

160 original photographs, some panorama shots, and chromolithographs, as well as route maps, postcards, and menus of a voyage on the S.S. Grosser Kurfürst of the Norddeutscher Lloyd Line, from Bremerhafen (Germany) to Scotland (Edinburgh), Iceland (Reykjavik and Tröllafos), Spitzbergen,...

Otay Flood Relief Expedition Records

This collection consists of records pertaining to a flood relief expedition led by US Navy Lt. Willis W. Bradley Jr. after the 1916 Lower Otay Dam failure.

Otay Ranch Records

The Otay Ranch Records document the history of San Diego county through the administrative, economic, financial, employment and agricultural records that describe the operations of this large south county ranch. The documents include correspondence from Stephen Birch, Sr., the original...

The other Bidwells : typescript, 1972.

An account of Daniel Bidwell, half brother of John Bidwell, who settled on Rancho Chico, Butte Co., in 1854, and his family and descendents, with genealogical information on the Bidwell and Reed families.

Other Minds Collection

The Other Minds collection includes over twenty five years of music programming produced by the San Francisco based new music organization Other Minds. Concerts, panel discussions, presentations, etc. have been documented since 1993 in audio and visual formats.

Other Minds Records

This collection contains the organizational records of Other Minds, a San Francisco-based contemporary music non-profit organization. The records primarily include business records and correspondence related to the annual Other Minds New Music Festival, other events, artists, publications, fundraising and development,...

Otis (Bill) Typescript

Typescript of "Hobart Mills: A High Country Logging Town in the Sierras" by Bill Otis.

Otis (Frances L.) diary

Relates to conditions in Florence during World War II.

Otis H. Lockhart records : Los Angeles, Calif., 1898-1917.

Ledger books containing details of real estate, loans, and oil property transactions in the Los Angeles, Calif. area. Includes an account book for cattle breeding listing details on siring, milk production, birth information, lineage, and cattle sales. Small B&W photographs...

Otis (H.A) Payroll Check

A 19 cent payroll check dated January 31, 1919 issued to H. A. Otis by the Western Pacific Railroad / United States Railroad Administration.

Otis (Harrison Gray) (1837-1917) Mexican Military Photos

Mounted photos of the Mexican military, circa early 20th century.

Otis (Harrison Gray) Album of California Scenes

The Harrison Gray Otis Album of California Scenes contains 23 photographic prints taken circa 1890-1910 by the photographer "Rafert."

Otis K. Freeman Collection, 1838-1881.

Business papers and memorabilia

Otis L. Bridges letters, 1852-1853.

Letters from Otis L. Bridges to Mrs. E.E.P. Belton, concerning Bridges's daughter Alice.

Otis W. and Bernice E. Coan correspondence, 1942.

Letters to the Coans from Japanese-American evacuees in assembly centers, 1942 May-Sept. Includes letters from Harold M. Asami, Dorothy Ban, Helen Ban, Edna Miwa, and Walter Watanabe. Also includes a letter given to Otis Coan by Asami to forward to...

Oto zdrada narodu radzieckiego mimeograph

Relates to the policies of the Soviet government under Nikita Khrushchev. Editorial published in the Chinese newspaper Zenminzipao. Polish translation from Chinese.

Otomi Language Documents

This collection contains a copy of the Lord's Prayer hand-written in Otomi language, a typed manuscript entitled "Otomi: spoken in the Californies (sic)," and a typed manuscript entitled, "Otomi: spoken in the state of Mexico and in different parts of...

Otorchi (Ulan) typescript

Relates to the communist movement in Mongolia during the Russian Revolution.

Otselelite video tape

Relates to forced labor camps under the communist regime in Bulgaria. Includes interviews with survivors of the camps. In Bulgarian with captions in English.

Ott (Richard Leroy) Personal Papers

Richard Ott was a staff sergeant in the United States Marine Corps. He was stationed at Marine Corps Air Station El Toro in Santa Ana, California. He served in the Vietnam War.

Ottile Sutro Berlin Diaries, 1914-1915.

Four diaries by Ottile Sutro, an American concert pianist living with her sister Rose (also a pianist) in Berlin during the beginning of World War I. Entries describe day to day experiences of the effects of the war on Berlin,...

Ottinger (Bee) Los Angeles Parade Photographs

Bee Ottinger photograph contact sheets of an unidentified Los Angeles parade/march, undated.

Ottley (Allan) Papers

The collection is organized into four series: Personal papers, including correspondence focusing on Ottley's literary and political interests; Articles and speeches, comprised of approximately thirty typescripts; Publications, documenting all phases of the production of John A. Sutter, Jr.: statement regarding...

Ottley, Allan R. Papers, 1955-1979.

Alan Ottley was born in Vancouver, B.C. in 1909 but has been a resident of California since he was 13. He graduated from Santa Barbara High School and Santa Barbara State College and completed library school in Riverside. He worked...

Ottley (Allan R.) photograph and postcard collection

The Allan R. Ottley photograph and postcard collection, 1900-1992 (bulk 1902-1950s), (SAFR 21641, P97-007) is comprised of photographic material Allan used for research and reference, and postcards that were sent to or collected by Allan Ottley and his wife, Nancy....

Otto Bremer class notes, 1882-1883.

v. 1: Notes for Latin grammar course given by Professor H. Osthoff (123 pages); v. 2: Notes on Old English from Prof. J. Zupitza's textbook (32 pages); v. 3: Notes on Old English grammar from Prof. Zupitza's course.

Otto F. Ege broadside, circa 1930s

"Original Leaves from Famous Bibles, Nine Centuries 1121-1935 A.D." Broadside. Includes list of leaves contained in two separate series, issued in 1936 and 1938, by Otto F. Ege, Cleveland School of Art, lecturer on the historyu of the book, School...

Otto Grazier papers, 1855-1858.

Includes complaint of Charles Lauff of Bolinas for non-payment for a horse, 1855; and bills and receipts relating to the settlement of his estate.

Otto Joseph Mitchell Smith papers, 1969-1971.

Letters sent to Smith, Professor in the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, University of California, Berkeley, from various opponents concerning his views on the Vietnam War and President Nixon, among other topics. Also includes a notebook/journal concerning harassment...

Otto Kraus papers

The Otto Kraus papers are comprised of two translated and transcribed letters and a translated account, describing the experiences of two Czech Jewish families -- Kraus and Munk -- during the period of 1941-1944, when members of both families were...

Otto N. Toomey papers, circa 1848-1940 (bulk 1922-1935)

Includes papers regarding Mormon doctrine (originals and typed transcripts), clippings and other printed materials, including publications of Church of Christ (Temple Lot), and a small amount of correspondence. Letters from Ben T. Short [1939]; from J.W. Musser with copies of...

Otto Stern papers, circa 1888-1969.

Includes correspondence, notes, and manuscripts of German émigré physicist Otto Stern whose work encompassed both theoretical and experimental physics in Germany and the United States. Photos and awards are included. Correspondents include Albert Einstein, Niels Bohr, and other prominent physicists.

Otto Wallace Peterson papers, 1900-1957.

Typed transcripts of selected entries from Peterson's diary (1906-1919), reports and photographs of the Suribong Dam project, 1918-1920, and of the Peterson's family in Korea, 1918-1919. Also contains photocopies of United States census records (1900), signed by Peterson from Contra...

Otto Wittmann papers relating to the Art Looting Investigation Unit of the United States Office of Strategic Services

The Otto Wittmann papers relating to the Art Looting Investigation Unit (ALIU) of the United States Office of Strategic Services (OSS) consists of reports prepared by the OSS and by other allied agencies, as well as the work that Wittmann...

Otvos (Ervin George) collection

Letters, serial issues, and other printed matter, relating to Hungary during World War II and to the Hungarian Revolution of 1956

Ough (Cornelius S.) Papers

Class materials, research notes, articles, and correspondence.

Oullahan Family Papers

The Oullahan Papers consist primarily of the correspondence, speeches and writings of Alexander C. Oullahan (1890-1930). Among his correspondents were: Grover Cleveland; James P. Phelan; William Gibbs McAdoo; Luther Burbank; and, Franklin D. Roosevelt. There are also letters between Oullahan...

Our 18th century heritage of united democracy : ms., circa 1940 /

Contains unpublished manuscript on the government of the 13 American British Colonies and the start of the United States.

"Our Colored Citizens" pamphlet

"Our Colored Citizens: How They Have Been Officially Recognized Both in War and Peace by the Republican Party" is an 8 page pamphlet describing how the Republican Party had been working to enfranchise African-Americans in American government and politics and...

"Our Darling Boy" [videorecording]

This film, featuring Stanford family images and artifacts and narration from family letters, accompanied the exhibition "Splendid Grief: Darren Waterston and the Afterlife of Leland Stanford, Jr." at the Cantor Arts Center at Stanford University, 2009.

Our globe under siege video tape

Relates to the international geopolitical situation, the nature of communism, and Soviet-American relations. Narrated by Robert Morris. Produced by the New Hampshire Association for Freedom through Strength.

Our Lady of Vladimir Convent (San Francisco, Calif.) Collection, 195-.

Photo album depicting life in a Russian Orthodox convent, located in San Francisco.

Our Miss Brooks collection of scripts

started on radio in 1948 and was successfully transferred to television beginning in 1952 (it ran on both media, with largely the same cast, for several months in 1952). The series ended in 1956. The program revolved around Connie...

Our Native Flora

Alfred James McClatchie (1861-1906) was an American agriculturalist and horticulturalist and taught biology at Throop Polytechnic Institute in Pasadena in the 1890s. This is a hand-written manuscript titled "Our Native Flora" by Alfred James McClatchie.

"Our Opinion" - confederate broadside verse, circa 1862

Confederate broadside verse. In hand as of 6/16/11. Oversize boxed.

Our Paper Newspaper Production Records

Materials relating to the production of Our Paper, a community paper for the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community in Silicon Valley. Includes photographs, layout boards, advertiser art, cartoons, newspaper clippings, periodicals, political campaign records and business records.

Our tour of Alaska '05 [graphic]

Views of Fairbanks and other Alaska scenes. Many show Eskimos and their sled dogs (including sled dog mail teams). Scenes of mining and boom towns are also present, including Dawson, Yukon Territory.

Ousdal (Asbjorn P.) Vinland Saga scrapbook

A scrapbook containing materials relating to Asbjorn P. Ousdal's historical drama, , first performed at the Lobero Theatre in Santa Barbara, California in 1937. The scrapbook includes an official program for the 1937 production issued by the Norroena Society of...

Ousdal (Asbjorn) Papers

The collection contains correspondence, scrapbooks, magazines, pamphlets, and manuscripts of writings, ca. 1930s-1950s, of Asbjorn Ousdal, a Santa Barbara resident and medical doctor (osteopathy) who also had interests in creative writing and fossils.

Ouspenskaya (Maria) Papers

Maria Ouspenskaya (1876-1949) performed on Broadway and ran a New York acting school before going to Hollywood, California (1936). The collection consists of scripts, reviews, publicity material, and photographs related to Maria Ouspenskaya and her acting career, the Moscow Art...

Out in the Redwoods Collection

This collection contains material relating to the GLBT history on the UCSC campus including files from GLBT Campus Concerns Committee, gay and lesbian student groups, UC domestic partner rights records, syllabi and readers for GLBT issues, interviews, class writings, media,...

Out on the Farm [videorecording]

This DVD documentary chronicles the history of the Stanford lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community and its accomplishments over the past thirty years; it features interviews with faculty, staff, students, and prominent alumni.

Outcalt (Irving E.) Collection

All of the items in the collection were written by Irving Outcalt....

Outcalt (Miller) Photographs

This collection contains color prints of Miller Outcault's experiments in photography and macrophotography.

Outcasts Records

This collection contains the official records of the Outcasts, a social and educational organization for women interested in S/M with other women that was founded in San Francisco in 1984. These records document the history of the organization and its...

Outcault (John) architectural drawings

The papers document John Outcault's architectural designs in the Coachella Valley in California through technical drawings, renderings and sketches. Some files also contain related papers and a few photographs, but original and reproduction drawings form the bulk of the collection....

Outdoor scenes in California [graphic]

Various outdoor group activities, including picnics, swimming, outings; wilderness scenes (apparently Sierra Nevada), including one of Devil's Postpile.

Outdoor Sculpture Survey

This collection consists of surveys of outdoor sculptures in Santa Clara County. Each survey includes the name of artist, year the sculpture was created, dimensions and materials of the sculpture, where the sculpture is located, and any preservation or conservation...

Outerbridge (Paul) Papers

The Paul Outerbridge papers document the American photographer's artistic and professional life from his earliest art studies in 1915 through his varied career as an innovator in advertising photography, a pioneer in color photography, and a freelance writer. The archive...

Outfest LGBT film festival collection, 1939-2007, (bulk 1986-2007).

This collection is comprised of Outfest's library of preview videocassettes and DVDs with titles ranging in dates from 1939 to 2007. The collection includes submitted films, accepted films, exhibition copies of films, excerpts of films, television programs, public service announcements,...

Outfest records

The collection documents the board, staff, and committee activities; event planning and operations; outreach, marketing, and merchandising; fundraising; volunteer operations; financial management; collaborations; and general administration for Outfest, the Los Angeles lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender film festival, 1986-2011. Over...

Outland (George E.) USC Trojans football scrapbook

Scrapbook of clippings created by George E. Outland documenting the 1931 USC-Notre Dame football game. Clippings come from newspapers from all over the United States. Also included is a section on the 1931 Stanford-Dartmouth football game. Outland was born in...

Outline history of the National Guard.

Prepared by WPA personnel from records in the California Adjutant General's office and the state library. Includes list of guard organizations, and information on activities during World War I, Mexican border service, 1916, San Francisco earthquake and fire, Civil War,...

Out/Look Foundation Records

Out/Look: National Lesbian & Gay Quarterly was a groundbreaking queer magazine published between 1987 and 1992; the magazine’s staff also organized the annual OutWrite Conferences, held between 1990 and 1992. The collection contains organizational records, correspondence, board materials and meeting...

OutRight Action International Records

Material related to the International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission (IGLHRC), now called OutRight Action International. Includes project and organizational records, ephemera and artifacts (including a T-shirt), publications, audiovisual material and computer media. Material is dated approximately 1990-2010.

Outroads Travel promotional materials collection

Outroads Travel was a student-owned and operated travel agency on the University of California, Irvine campus from 1984 to 2004. This collection contains news clippings, flyers, photographs, brochures, and newsletters promoting the agency to faculty, staff, and students.

OuYang (Lucille) production notebooks

The Lucille OuYang production notebooks span the years 1989-2005 and encompass 3.3 linear feet. The notebooks contained scripts and production material, such as breakdowns, memos, and shooting schedules, for more than a dozen films on which OuYang worked. For access,...

Ouzoonian (Vahan) U. S. Army Signal Corps negatives

The images in this collection were taken in Central and Western Europe during World War II. They follow the U.S. Army’s invasion of the countryside in Belgium, France, and Germany, as well as military life in American-occupied London and Paris.

Ouzoonian (Vahan) U. S. Army Signal Corps photographs

The Vahan Ouzoonian U. S. Army Signal Corps photographs collection is comprised of 248 photographic prints dating from the final year of World War II. The prints depict the progress of the U.S. Army through Central and Western Europe in...

Ovcharov (Svetoslav) video tapes

Relates to King Ferdinand I of Bulgaria and to the Bulgarian general Nikola Ivanov.

Ovchinnikov (Anton Zakharovich)

Relates to the Russian Civil War in Siberia, 1918-1920. Includes translation.

Overdrive: L.A. constructs the future, 1940-1990 exhibition oral history interviews

The resource comprises eight unedited videorecordings (with corresponding transcripts) of oral history interviews conducted with prominent Los Angeles architects from 2011 to 2012 as part of the Getty Research Institute's exhibition Overdrive: L.A. Constructs the Future, 1940-1990. The exhibition examined...

Overland Express collection, 1860s

17 items, including correspondence, checks, letterheads, logos, receipts and vouchers relating to Wells Fargo, Overland Stage Line, Pony Express, Judge Carter, Ben Holladay, and Nat Stein. .05 linear feet (1 folder).

Overland journey ... recollections.

Original transcript in: California State Library.

Overland Mail Collection

This collection contains materials related to the development of overland mail service in the United States West (bulk 1850-1887) and is composed of two parts: the papers of Hiram S. Rumfield (75 pieces), assistant treasurer of the Overland Mail Company...

The Overland route to California : holograph ms. : journal and sketchbook, 1861.

Illustrated journal describing overland journey from Iowa to California. Some sketches of California scenes at end of sketchbook.

Overland stage line : papers, [1901-1902]

Biographical sketch of Bela M. Hughes; letter, Feb. 9, 1902, from Frank A. Root to Nathan Stein, concerning publication of Overland stage to California (1891); letter, Dec. 28, 1902, from Nathan Stein to Dudley Evans, concerning the Pony Express and...

Overland to California : notes from a journal kept by Mrs. Francis H. Sawyer on a journey across the plains : typescript, 1852 Apr. 25-Aug. 17.

Record of journey from Kentucky to California with added note. Explanatory letter from her daughter, Mrs. Nannie S. Wills, bound in. Other copies available: typed transcript and carbon copy.

Overland to California: An Interesting History of the Trip of General Hammond and Robert Eliot Across the Continent in 1849

This collection contains one typed copy and one carbon copy of a typed manuscript by Robert Eliot entitled, "Overland to California: An Interesting History of the Trip of General Hammond and Robert Eliot Across the Continent in 1849." The manuscript...

Overseas Weekly photographs

Negatives and contact sheets depicting scenes from the Vietnam War and American servicemen in Vietnam. Digital copies of select records also available at

Overseth (Marcus) papers

Photographs, contact sheets, negatives, flyers, essay manuscripts, postcards, an organizational prospectus, and clippings, 1969-1979, from journalist and gay activist Marcus Overseth. Overseth was the editor of the , 1969-1970.

Oversized Materials, University Archives (Institutional Records)

The records in this series contain materials related to Oversized Materials. Please see the finding aids for specific schools and departments for additional details.

Overton (Alice) papers

The Alice Overton papers consists of reports, publications, clippings, correspondence, printed ephemera, 1930-1987, that documents Alice Overton's career as a social worker and as a social activist. The holdings are especially strong for the 1950s and the 1960s.

Overweight Counterbalance Elevator Company Records

Includes records from the Overweight Counterbalance Elevator Company.

The O.W. (Bud) Hampton Archive of Papua materials and documentation

Artifacts and documentation of Dr. O. W. Hampton in the central highlands of West Papua (formerly Irian Jaya) over an 18-year period (1982-1999). The majority of the materials come from the Dani people living in the Baliem Valley of the...

Owego Mining Company Papers

This collection contains 54 documents kept by Sidney A. Shepperd, secretary of the Owego Mining Company and railroad ticket agent for the Denver & Rio Grande/Atchison, Topeka, and Santa Fe Railroad. The material is chiefly related to the Owego Mining...

Owen, Alan. Manuscripts of stories relating to California and the West : typescript, [ca. 1885-1900]

Various stories, some with photographs for illustrations, concerning early California, the West, particularly Idaho, and preparations for departure for the Klondike gold regions.

Owen (Albert K.) papers

This collection contains photographs, correspondence, contracts, court documents, newspaper clippings, blueprints, and other material pertaining to Albert K. Owen, an American civil engineer hired to construct a railway from Kansas City, Kansas to Topolobampo, Sinaloa. Includes material pertaining to the...

Owen (Albert Kimsey) Letters and Documents

This collection consists of documents and letters (mainly contemporary copies, some of which are in Spanish) related to Utopian reformer Albert K. Owen (1848-1916), the rise and fall of the Topolobampo utopian colony in Sinaloa, Mexico (1886-ca. 1903), and railroad...

Owen, Albert Kimsey. Letters to Senator Henry W. Blair 1895.

Promoting the Pacific City Colonization Company, a proposed colonization scheme with construction of a railroad in Topolobampo, Sinaloa, Mexico. Portion of a draft of a prospectus also included. With these: letter, Nov. 27, 1881, to the Senator from W. A....

Owen (Albert Kimsey) Papers

This collection consists of papers related to Albert Kimsey Owen, the rise and fall of the Topolobampo utopian colony in Sinaloa, Mexico (1886-ca. 1903), railroad development, and Owen's survival of the wreck of the Vera Cruz in 1880. The collection...

Owen (A.Y.) Lon Chaney scrapbooks

Collection consists of two scrapbooks (one photocopied), stills, and ephemera related to the career of Lon Chaney and created by A.Y. Owen.

Owen C. Coy Collection, 1860-1940

Clippings, correspondence, pamphlets, manuscripts, plats, building plans, notes and directory information.

Owen (C. R.) papers

Writings, correspondence, clippings, notes, printed matter, and videotapes, relating to the German national socialist leader Otto Strasser, his break with Adolf Hitler in 1930, his oppositional political activities in Germany until 1933, his attempts to form a German anti-Nazi movement...

Owen (Maureen) Papers

Papers of Maureen Owen, poet, editor, publisher and coordinator/director of the St. Mark's Poetry Project (1976-1980). The papers contain correspondence with colleagues, including Rebecca Brown, Bernadette Mayer, Susan Howe, and Ron Padgett; poetry manuscripts and drafts; production materials for published...

Owen P. Adkins correspondence and notes relating to the Rambo family, approximately 1958-1966.

Primarily research material on Adonijah Rambo, an early settler in Red Bluff, and on Isaac Rambo of Petaluma.

Owen (Roger) papers

This collection includes card files, subject bibliographies, schematic charts, maps, articles, manuscript chapters, clippings, audio tapes, and other material documenting anthropologist Roger C. Owens work with a range of native American groups of the Southwestern US and the Baja peninsula....

Owens & Moore Company cashbook, circa 1876-1955 (bulk 1876-1878).

Bound account book mostly containing daily entries for cash transactions of a grocery business for each month from January 1876 to Novermber, 1878. Also contains a few pages, made in another hand at a later date, circa 1909-1910, that appear...

Owens (Charles) Sketches

These sketches (some originals and others printed) are primarily of California scenes, including Boulder Dam, Yosemite, the Ventura Mission, Los Angeles High School on Ft. Moore Hill, Giant Redwoods, and Exposition Park. ca. 1925-ca. 1953, undated.

Owens (Claude M.) papers

Legal briefs and decisions, transcripts of testimony, notes, and photographs relating to the trial of Japanese military personnel for atrocities in the Philippines during World War II.

Owens, J. A. Letters from J.A. Owens, 1866-1869.

Includes two letters from Hollister, California, 1869, written as agent for a stage line.

Owens (Louis) Papers

Manuscripts of his works, correspondence with publishers and students, course syllabi, reviews and articles on his works, manuscripts, dissertations, and publications by other authors, and videocassettes.

Owens (Mr. and Mrs. Edward N.) Collection

Photographs of people and places in town of Yolo (in Yolo County).

Owens (Rochelle) Papers

Rochelle Owens (1936- ) is an American playwright and poet. The collection contains books, clippings, correspondence, promotional material, and programs relating to some of her works.

Owens (Trudy) Collection of Materials Relating to the Credentials Committee of the 1968 Democratic National Convention

Collection consists of Materials Relating to the Credentials Committee of the 1968 Democratic National Convention, at which Trudy Owens was a member. Includes briefs of certifications, contests, challenges, press releases, and ephemera....

Owens Valley Collection, Water Resources Collection

Newspaper clippings, pamphlets, broadside, articles and government documents about water supply in the Owens River Valley.

Owens Valley photograph album

Album containing 28 gelatin silver photographs of Owens Valley and surrounding area, dated between July 1905 and February 1906.

Owens Valley Radio Observatory records

The Owens Valley Radio Observatory (OVRO) began operations in 1958 with the commissioning of two 90-foot radio telescopes built by Caltech. It was originally built to study radio galaxies, but is now used to look at the sun's magnetic field....

Owens Valley Water Wars Reference File and Correspondence from the personal file of Senator, Joseph E. Riley, 1924-1938.

This collection represents California's 28th Senatorial District Senator, Joe Riley's personal file (1925-1938) regarding the "Inyo County Matter," also referred to as the "Owens Valley Water Wars." Included are letters, telegrams, memos, proposals, property appraisal data, contracts, options, offers, counter-offers,...

Owings (Alison) interviews

Phonotape sound recordings of interviews of German women from a variety of societal backgrounds, relating to their experiences and recollections of life in Germany during the Nazi period. Used as research material for the book by Alison Owings, Frauen: German...

Owings (Margaret W.) Papers

Collection contains correspondence, speeches, articles, and files related to Margaret Owings' work in environmental conservation and wildlife preservation. She was particularly concerned with mountain lions, sea otters, sea lions, California redwoods, and parks and wildlife in Africa. Owings was...

Owl Club records, 1880-1881.

Minute book, l v. (Mar.16-Dec.27, 1880), kept by Frank C. Radcliffe and W.M. Bowers, secretaries. Also included: copy of rules, lists of members and honorary members. A few clippings re club functions pasted in. With this, papers re resignation of...

Owner of the Shot Mining Company, Manhattan Mercury Mine, 1965-1981 : oral history transcript / 1996.

James Wilder discusses building an earth-moving business after World War II, specializing in mining and mercury mining in San Mateo and Alameda Counties, Calif.; buying the Manhattan Mine in Napa Co., Calif.; negotiations with Homestake Mining Company when gold was...

Owyhee Co., Idaho, Silver City Precinct, Justice of the Peace docket : DS, 1895-1899.

Entries, Jan. 13-Mar. 15, 1895, by Frank M. Hunt; entries, Jan. 28, 1897-Feb. 17, 1899, by Simon Harris. A few accounts also.

Owyhee County mining miscellany, 1869-1941.

Concerns assays, meat, mutton, hearts and tongue, stocks, correspondence, plans, land tenure and stationery. Items in this collection are cataloged individually and can be searched under title: Owyhee County Mining Miscellany.

Owyhee County miscellany.

Concerns voyages to the Pacific coast, land tenure, commerce, hotels, estate management, sheep, accounts, and dams.

Owyhee Meat Company accounts, 1884-1917.

Includes 12 volumes of account books, ledgers, and other financial documents of the Owyhee Meat Company, located in Silver City, Idaho.

Owyhee Silver Mining Company records : Silver City, Idaho, 1869-1919.

Letters from the Nevada Transportation Company, Winnemucca, Nevada, 1871-1872, to W.D. Walbridge, Superintendent, or J.L. Gardiner, Secretary, pertaining to freight carriage between Silver City and Winnemucca. Also, receipts, invoices, bank statements, and checks, 1869-1872; and letters between E.M. Farnham and...

Oxnard Public Library Photograph Collection

Oxnard Public Library's photograph collection includes images of historical interest to the City of Oxnard and surrounding areas. Images, dating from the late 1800's to 2001, document business, agriculture, residential, special events, people and places of interest in Oxnard and...

Oxtoby (Willard Gurdon) Papers

Collection consists of syllabi, exam schedules, reading lists, bibliographies, class handouts, and Oxtoby's notes and papers from classes he took at Stanford in history, humanities, philosophy, and political science, 1952-1955.

Ozols (Oskars) typescript

Relates to the Bermondt-Avalov campaign in Riga in 1919 during the Russian Civil War. Photocopy.