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M. A. Haynsworth diary, 1875

One volume, with short entries written on blank pages of a Counting House Almanac, Albany, New York. Alpha list.

M. C. Butler letter, 1889 Dec. 3

[Major General, C.S.A.]. One letter (ALS) to Col. C. C. Jones, re speech of Butler's, published in the Charleston News and Courier. Washington, 3 Dec. 1889.

M. D. S. Hyde letters to his brothers, 1852, July - November.

Description of San Francisco and comments on his saloon and hotel business, new buildings going up, growth of the city, business prospects, prices of goods, etc.

M. Dario Arrus photographs, circa 1890-1900

Three black and white photographs, ca. 1890s-1900s, two of mining operations, possibly in the Cerro de Pasco area of Peru. Laid in Dairo Arrus' El Callao en la epoca del coloniaje antes y despues de la catastrofe de 1746 (Main...

M. E. Grenander papers, 1981-1988

Articles and book reviews; Institute for Humanistic Studies

M. F. K. Fisher correspondence and articles, 1983-1992.

Correspondence, articles, and obituaries.

M. Greenberg's Sons anniversary program and photographs, circa 1890-1954.

Contains three photographs (circa 1890-1910) of or relating to M. Greenberg's Sons, Brass Foundry and Machine Works, including a line of workers and three cars in front of a building that was owned by the firm and which had the...

M. Hall McAllister Sierra Club papers, 1920-1922.

Papers relating to M. Hall McAllister's involvement in the Sierra Club.

M. Knoedler & Co. artist files

The M. Knoedler & Co. artist files form part of the records of the firm of M. Knoedler & Co. described in the related finding aid for the collection. Due to their size, the artist files are described separately from...

M. Knoedler & Co. records

The records of M. Knoedler & Co. document the business of the prominent American art dealer from the mid-19th century to 1971. The archive traces the development of the once provincial American art market into one of the world's leading...

M. L. Barker & G. Lawrence Ott drawings of the Claretian Theologate School building

The M. L. Barker & G. Lawrence Ott drawings of the Claretian Theologate School building date from 1954 and consist of one flat file folder of blueprints which are dated January 27, 1954. Drawings for the Claretian Theologate School building...

M. (Rosa) papers

The collection takes up 2.5 linear feet in upright archival boxes and one flat box for oversize materials. The majority of the collection is dedicated to examples of Rosa M.’s work in slides and photographs. These photographs are in many...

M. V. Miller letter to his sister, 1861 April 23.

Holograph Civil War era letter written by Martin Miller, a sergeant in the 7th Illinois Infantry, describing camp life and his experiences as a new recruit. Written from Camp Yates, Springfield, Ill.

Ma (Shang-keng) Papers

The papers of Shang-keng Ma document Professor Ma's professional career at the University of California, San Diego and his standing in the international community of theoretical particle physicists. The papers cover the years 1966-1983 and are restricted to Ma's professional...

Maas (James) letters

Relates to American military aviation training in the United States during World War II, and to operations of the 384th Bomb Group from bases in Great Britain and France.

Mabalot (Linda) collection

Linda Mabalot, a Filipino American activist and documentarian who created numerous Filipino American documentaries while at Visual Communications. Mabalot worked on several Filipino American documentaries and projects, including Manong (1977) and Planting Roots: a Pictorial History of Filipinos in California...

Mabee (James Irving) papers

Memoirs and orders, relating to activities of the Medical Department and 1st Sanitary Train of the 1st Division in France during World War I.

[Mabel Dodge Luhan portrait and snapshots].

Formal portrait of Luhan by Carl Van Vechten. Snapshots depict Luhan with Van Vechten, Witter Bynner and her then-husband Tony Luhan; taken in Taos, New Mexico, some on Kiowa Ranch (former home of D.H. Lawrence).

Mabel Forbes autograph album, 1882-1888

Autograph album, of friends, begun in Missouri in 1882 and ending in Santa Barbara, CA in 1888.

Mabel Fuller scrapbook of Berkeley and Oakland, Calif. views [graphic]

Primarily Berkeley and Oakland vicinity residences, parks, the University of California campus, etc. Numerous snapshots of friends and people on outings. Some views show Mabel Fuller with her camera and tripod. Newsclippings relate primarily to San Francisco Bay Area events...

Mabel Gillis correspondence, 1917-1948.

Correspondence to and from Mabel Gillis, primarily to local and county librarians during the Great Depression. These letters reveal many of the problems facing libraries during hard financial times, among them the common reluctance of elected officials to provide funding.

Mabel Gillis correspondence, 1917-1948.

Correspondence to and from Mabel Gillis, primarily to local and county librarians during the Great Depression. These letters reveal many of the problems facing libraries during hard financial times, among them the common reluctance of elected officials to provide funding.

Mac Low (Jackson) Papers

Papers of Jackson Mac Low, a poet, composer and performance artist who frequently used systematic chance operations and other non-intentional compositional methods in his work. The bulk of the collection dates between 1938 and 2004. The collection contains notebooks; biographical...

MacAdams (Lewis) papers

Lewis MacAdams is a Los Angeles-based poet, journalist, and filmmaker, and has authored over 20 books of poems and stories. Collection materials include MacAdams’ monographs; environmental and cultural journalism; film projects; correspondence with poets and artists; files related to the...

MacArthur (Douglas) speech

Relates to the role of the soldier in society. Delivered to the graduating class at the United States Military Academy, West Point.

Macartney (George) 1st Earl Macartney papers

George Macartney, 1st Earl Macartney (1737-1806), was a British diplomatist and colonial governor. Collection consists of papers and correspondence related to Macartney's governorship in Madras under the British East India Company from 1781-1786. The collection consists of approximately 236 items,...

Macaulay Foundry, Inc. Photographs from the Macaulay Foundry records [graphic].

Photographs pertaining to Macaulay Foundry, including interior and exterior views, operations, employees, products, etc. Especially well-documented is the founding process and the variety of castings produced. Includes portraits of H.C. Macaulay and Harry Bossi.

Macaulay Foundry records

Records of the Macaulay Foundry of Berkeley, California, including administrative materials, financial records, records of the pattern shop, and other assorted materials.

Macaulay (Theodore C.) Personal Papers

Theodore Maculay was a student at the Curtiss Aviation School and was an employee and member of the U.S. Army Signal Corps. As flight instructor, Macaulay regularly submitted names and validations for students to receive certification from the Aero Club...

Macaulay (Zachary) Papers

The Zachary Macaulay papers consist of letters, manuscripts, and documents relating to the affairs of Zachary Macaulay and his family from 1793-1888.

MacBeth (George) Papers

George MacBeth (1932-1992) is regarded as having a powerful influence on British poetry. His radio programs featured new poets and he was praised for his ability to recognize poetic excellence. He also wrote novels and nearly twenty volumes of verse....

MacCallum (Spencer H.) Papers

Papers and photographic records of Spencer H. MacCallum (b. 1931) documenting the artistic development and early public career of the master potter Juan Quezada (b. 1940).

MacCauley (Clay)Collection

Clay MacCauley served as a soldier and was a prisoner of war in the Civil War, then attended seminary and was ordained in the Presbyterian Church. He studied in Europe and developed an interest in Karl C.F. Krause. In 1868,...

MacCloskey (Monro) papers

Reports, memoranda, and minutes of meetings, relating to operational plans in the Mediterranean Theater during World War II, and to the Japanese chemical industry during the war.

Maccoby (Eleanor E.) slides

Depicts children and schools in China.

MacCowan, Lyndall. Legions working bibliography

The bibliography focuses on self-reflected lesbian lives with lesbian, bisexual, or "variant" content. Entries cover the years 1650 - 1992 and are English language titles only. The folder includes a cover letter to Jim Van Buskirk describing the bibliography, and...

MacCready (Paul B.) Papers

Arriving on December 30th 2003, the collection documents most aspects of MacCready's career and many features of his individual character. Constituted within the papers is a diverse array of documents, media, objects, manuscripts and printed material; awards; videos and film;...

MacCulloch (Bunny) Christopher Street West Photographs

Photographs of the 1983 Christopher Street West pride parade taken by Nancy W. (Bunny) MacCulloch. MacCulloch may be best known for her appearance in the documentary and as the partner of June Mazer.

MacCulloch (Bunny) papers

Nancy (Bunny) MacCulloch was a lifelong activist and community partner, serving as an active participant and board member of several organizations including the Southern California Women for Understanding, Connexxus, and the West Coast Lesbian Collections. She and her partner June...

Macdonald (Barbara) papers

Barbara Macdonald (1913-2000) was a social worker, lesbian feminist activist and ageism activist. Her work was the inspiration for the First West Coast Conference of Old Lesbians in 1987. Out of the conference came the creation of Old Lesbians Organizing...

MacDonald (Bert) Papers

This collection contains 54 items related to the investigations of United States War Department and Corp of Engineers agent Bert MacDonald, who was hired in 1942 to monitor and investigate communist and other radical groups in Los Angeles, California.

MacDonald (Donald E.) printed diary

Relates to American military operations in Italy, especially at Anzio Beach, during World War II. Privately printed in 1992.

Macdonald family papers, [ca. 1848-1917]

Mainly letters from Alexander Davidson Macdonald re his experiences as a banker in Victoria, B.C. in the 1860's, with mention of mining, and later as storekeeper for George Hearst in Lead, S.D., 1882-1883; letters to him, including one from William...

MacDonald (Jeanette) Papers

Jeanette MacDonald (1903-1965) was a Broadway chorus girl in 1920, and rapidly reached stardom in stage musicals and operettas. Her film debut was in 1929. She married actor Gene Raymond in 1937. She later retired from screen to seek a...

MacDonald (Kenneth) Script Collection

This collection comprises shooting scripts for most of the film and television projects MacDonald worked on, including dozens of B westerns and film serials. Each script is annotated in MacDonald's hand with information such as shooting schedule, filming location and...

MacDonald (Philip) Collection

The Philip McDonald Collection pertains to the career of British author and mystery writer, Philip McDonald, 1900-1980.

MacDonald (W. M.) "A Preliminary Check List of the Cultivated Woody Plants of Frost Amphitheater, Stanford University," Typescript

Four typed, single sided pages describing the the cultivated woody plants of Frost Amphitheater Nomenclature based on L. H. Bailey’s Manual of Cultivated Plants, 1947....

Macdonough, Thomas Letter to Joseph Hull : Middletown, 1810 Mar. 6.

Relating to his duties as a lieutenant in the Navy.

MacDougall (Ranald) papers

The Ranald MacDougall papers span the years circa 1930s-1980s and encompass circa 10 linear feet. The collection includes scripts and script material; business and personal correspondence, including correspondence with Nanette Fabray MacDougall; contracts; filmographies; writings; family histories, family research, and...

Maceda (Jose) Collection 1963.01

This collection consists of sound recordings and notes.

Macedo (Pablo) Collection of Mexican Notorial, Mining and Colonial Documents

The collection contains 17th century Mexican colonial documents relating to land tenure in the Itzmiquilpa region of Mexico; inspection reports from Mexican mines dating from the late 18th and early 19th centuries; two papal documents, dated ca. 1806 and 1811;...

Macedonian subject collection

Pamphlets, serial issues, election campaign literature, video tape, and sound recording, relating to aspects of the history of Macedonia, establishment of Macedonian independence, and political conditions and elections in Macedonia.

Macey, Robert Collection

Memorabilia from the Miner and Macey families, donated by Robert Miner Macey in 1988; materials date mostly from the 1800s and early 1900s but also include a 1782 document in Spanish, evidently from Mexico, along with an English translation written...

MacGowan (Ciaran) slides

Depicts political wall murals from the streets of Belfast. Includes both Catholic pro-Republican murals and Protestant loyalist murals. Includes some printed articles relating to the murals.

Macgowan (Kenneth) Papers

Kenneth Macgowan (1888-1963) was a drama critic for newspapers and magazines, a publicity director, producer and director with the Actor's Theater (1927-29), and the first department chair at the UCLA Theater Arts Department (1946-58). He was also interested in the...

Macgregor (James S.) Papers

The collection contains correspondence from James Scott MacGregor to his wife, photographs, and ephemera, mainly relating to his participation in the Civil War....

MacGugan (Kirk) Papers

The Kirk MacGugan Papers, 1941-1996, reflect the life of a disability rights scholar, advocate, and educator, and chronicle her academic career as an historian and professional career as an advocate, administrator, and teacher, as well as her personal life. The...

Machado and Silvetti Associates, Inc., Getty Villa renovation design records

The records comprise architectural drawings and renderings, models, design research materials, construction administration records, photographs, and electronic files documenting the design and construction of the Getty Villa and Ranch House renovation from 1994-2004. The records were created by Machado and...

Machado (Jess) Collection

Machado's papers reflect his interests in natural history, horsebreeding, and the Mormon/Carson Emigrant Trail. They consist of approximately ten linear feet of notes, maps, slides, photocopies of primary sources, pamphlets, flyers, and other materials....

Machado (Manuel A.) Papers

Manuel Machado served as Professor of History, University of Montana and is the author of Aftosa: a Historical Survey of Hoof-and-Mouth Sisease and Inter-American relations (1969). The collection contains reprints, reports, and correspondence concerning the problem of hoof and mouth...

Machado (Mario J.) Collection

Mario Jose de Souza Machado, a Portuguese-Chinese descendant, was born in Shanghai, China on April 22, 1935. He was an eight-time Emmy Award-winning television and radio broadcaster, and was also heavily involved in local community and Old China Hands events....

MacHarg (Janet) Papers

The Janet “Janny” MacHarg papers contain the writings and music of the prolific political songwriter, cabaret performer and activist known as “The Tallulah Bankhead of San Francisco.” MacHarg (1923-2003) and her partner of 54 years, Evie Turner, were lifelong activists....

Machlup (Fritz) papers

Correspondence, writings, reports, memoranda, notes, questionnaires, data, financial records, grant proposals, instructional materials, and printed matter, relating to economic theory and to information systems and the creation and transmission of knowledge.

Machrihanish Golf Club of California (Stanford, Calif.) Records

Record book containing minutes of the meeting to organize the club in January 1899 with the signatures of those in attendance (Stanford faculty, administrators, and students); minutes of two subsequent meetings in 1900 and 1901; and the constitution and by-laws....

Machun (Jack) Digital Image Collection

Jack Machun served with the 59th Fighter Interceptor Squadron and flew Convair F-102 Delta Daggers. In 1961 his squadron won the William Tell Competition at Tyndale AFB. He also flew the F-80, F-94B. F-102, F-106, F101B and F-4D.

Macias (Reynaldo) Oral History Collection

This collection consists of 11 original cassette interviews and CD duplicates. Researchers who would like to indicate errors of fact or omissions in this finding aid can contact the research center at www.chicano.ucla.edu

MacIntyre (Carlyle F.) Papers

Carlyle Ferren MacIntyre (1890-1967) is known for his poetry and translations of Baudelaire, Verlaine, Goethe and Rilke. The collection consists of literary manuscripts, research notes, ephemera, photographs, and correspondence of Carlyle Ferren MacIntyre.

Mackay (LaMar Seal) collection

Studies, reports, memoranda, press releases, and pamphlets, relating to activities of the Office of War Information and other United States government agencies in disseminating information and propaganda, and exercising censorship, during World War II.

Mackay (Zelda) Collection of Stereographic Views, ca. 1860-ca. 1900

The Zelda Mackay Collection of Stereographic Views contains 733 mounted stereographic prints produced from circa 1860 to circa 1900. The general subject matter of the collection is the North American West from Alaska to Mexico (excluding Canada) and Colorado to...

MacKenna (Kenneth) Collection of Material About George Bernard Shaw

George Bernard Shaw (1856-1950) started his writing career ca. 1876 and went on to become a playwright, wit, and critic. He won the Nobel Prize for literature (1925) for his work which is marked by both idealism and humanity, its...

Mackenzie (Colin) postcard collection

The Colin Mackenzie postcard collection, 1905-1911, (SAFR 24638, P P15-011) is comprised of postcards of ORION (steam whaler), DENNIS T. SULLIVAN (built 1909; fireboat), and PETER IREDALE (built 1890; bark, 4m). The collection has been processed to the Collection level...

MacKenzie (Sybil) video tape collection

Relates to the guerrilla war of the Resistência Nacional Moçambicana in Mozambique; and to techniques of hand-to-hand combat.

Mackey (Anita) Papers

The Anita Mackey Papers cover her educational, professional and volunteer accomplishments. They are recorded in correspondence, awards, memorabilia and other papers. Many slides and photos are part of this collection. The photos cover much of her personal life. Included are...

Mackey Expedition to Santa Cruz Island, 1912 July 1

Log, 1 July 1912. Gift of William P. Wreden , 1968. Alpha list.

MacKinnon (George S.) pilot's license

George S. MacKinnon pilot's license (SAFR 17503, HDC 354) contains one license issued by the governor of the Panama Canal Zone (George W. Goethals) to George Sinclair MacKinnon on March 30, 1910. The collection is available for research use without...

MacKinnon (Robert) Papers

Papers document the activities of the Glee Club, 1964-1982, and MacKinnon's musical compositions, 1948-1982. Included are musical scores, script, and audio tapes of his musical comedy "Paradise Square"; scores of his other compositions; rules, guides, and instructions for the Glee...

Mackintosh (Graham) papers

The collection consists of works from White Rabbit Press, Graham Mackintosh, and other small West Coast publishing houses.

MacKnight (Ninon) Papers

Ninon MacKnight (1908- ) drew sketches for the children's page of the newspaper, and illustrated children's historical books, then illustrated picture books for younger children. Published works for which she was illustrator include (1939), (c1946), (1947), and (c1948), which she...

MacLafferty (James Henry) papers

Diaries, letters, memoranda, and photographs, relating to Herbert Hoover and to American politics during the presidency of Herbert Hoover. Includes photocopies of doodles drawn by Herbert Hoover.

MacLean, John K. Photographs of William Everson [graphic]

Photographs show William Everson at a reception at the Book Club of California. Other (unidentified) people also present in the photos.

MacLean (Malcolm Shaw) papers

Memoirs, correspondence, and reports, relating to education in the United States, including education for Afro-Americans, and to Allied military government in occupied territories during World War II.

Maclean (Norman) Letter to Donald Kennedy

Collection consists of a letter dated January 21, 1985, from Maclean to Donald Kennedy, accepting an invitation to speak at Stanford University in April of 1985, and the text of introduction of Norman Maclean by Wallace Stegner, April 15, 1985.

MacLeod (Gavin) Collection of Scripts

The collection includes television scripts from , , , and the movie script , all of which Gavin MacLeod acted in. The scripts range in date from 1970 to 1981.

MacMaster, Robert E. Collection

Robert E. MacMaster was a prominent historian of Russian History and Literature. His major work, “Danilevsky: A Russian Totalitarian Philosopher,” is the only full-scale biography on the controversial, yet very significant Russian philosopher of the 19th century. The collection contains...

Macmillan & Co. letters, 1846-1880.

Mainly regarding orders or receipts of books. Some addressed to Alexander Macmillan. Include letters from Charles Cardale Babington, Charles Astor Bristed, Arthur Cayley, Spencer Compton Cavendish, 8th Duke of Devonshire, Frederick Greenwood, John Stevens Henslow, William Gifford Palgrave, Arthur Penrhyn...

Macmillan (Harold) speech

Recording of a speech, entitled Winds of Change, by H. Macmillan, to the Parliament of South Africa, and a reply by Hendrik F. Verwoerdt, prime minister of South Africa. Phonotape reel recording also available.

MacMillan (Howard G.) Papers

Howard G. MacMillan began his career with the United States Department of Agriculture in 1915. In 1934, as a Principal Agriculture Explorer in the Division of Plant Exploration and Introduction, Bureau of Plant Industry, he traveled to Manchuria and Mongolia...

MacMonnies (Alice Jones) Papers

The collection mainly consists of incoming correspondence to American artist Alice Jones MacMonnies and her husband, sculptor Frederick MacMonnies (1863-1937), from Alice's mother, Georgina Sullivan Jones. Jones's diary from an 1896 European tour and a variety of photographs of Alice,...

MacMullen (James) photographs of the San Francisco earthquake and fire

The James MacMullen photographs of the San Francisco earthquake and fire, 1906, between 1905-1930, (SAFR 24259, P95-043) are comprised mainly of photographs of the damage caused as a result of the April 18, 1906, earthquake and subsequent fires in San...

MacMullen (Jerry) Collection

This collection contains volumes of Jerry MacMullen’s weekly column, “The Southwest Corner,” published in the San Diego Union.

MacMurray (Fred) and June Haver papers

The Fred MacMurray and June Haver papers span the years 1907-2006 (bulk 1930s-1980s) and encompass approximately 16 linear feet. The collection contains scripts and clippings related to dozens of films starring MacMurray as well as clippings for a dozen films...

MacNair (C. Richard) Papers

The collection contains correspondence to and from C. Richard MacNair between 1973 and 1978 during his time as University Director of Teacher Education Programs and Associate Dean of the School of Education at Pepperdine University. The correspondence covers topics including...

Macneil (Sayre) Papers

This collection contains the papers of law professor Sayre Macneil (1886-1961), chiefly consisting of correspondence related to academic and legal matters (1869-1948), and papers of his family including documents related to the Arügello family (1875-1975) and the family estate and...

Macomber Brothers, 1866-1867.

Correspondence and receipts

Macomber Brothers Papers

Correspondence and receipts....

Macomber Family Collection about Race Horse Breeding

The Macomber family of race horse breeders and ranchers lived in Los Angeles, Tulare and San Jose, California. The collection consists of photographs, ephemera, an album, and a catalog relating to the horse breeding and ranching interests of the Macomber...

Macomber (J. H.) Family Scrapbook and Photo Albums

The Macomber Collection consists of one scrapbook of clippings, programs,handbills and obituaries from the Montana-Idaho area(1885-1890) and two photograph albums, one depicting Spanish American War scenes in San Francisco (1898) and the other depicting San Francisco area sites and unidentified...

Macondray and Company (San Francisco, Calif.) Records of Macondray and Company, San Francisco, Calif., 1849-1852.

Notebook with copies of letters, 25 Aug.-1 Sept. 1849, commenting on prices of goods, land speculation, and business in San Francisco; form letter, 12 June l852, with facsimiles of authorized signatures of members of the firm; circular, July 30, l852...

Macondray (Frederick W.) Letters

Letters to William E. Parrott in Boston....

Macondria theater ephemera : and related materials, approximately 1900-2002 (bulk 1928-1938).

Scrapbook, compiled by Kathryn Dodge Burkhardt, of playbills, photographs, and other ephemera of the Macondray Lane Players' performances at Macondria. Miscellaneous materials include additional copies of playbills and other printed ephemera (flyers, tickets), the woodblock used to print tickets, newsclippings,...

Macpherson (Robert) Vatican sculptures photograph album

In addition to the photo inventory checklist leaf, album includes all 126 numbered photographs listed of Greek and Roman sculpture in what was then referred to as the Vatican Museum, as well as 6 interior views, lettered A-F: Braccio Nuovo,...

Macpherson's Vatican Sculptures

An album of 130 albumen photgraphs by Robert Macpherson of Greek and Roman sculpture held in the Vatican Museum, along with installation views of six of the halls housing the sculpture. The album documents the museum as it was arranged...

MacQueeney (Patrick Thomas) papers

Orders, personnel records, correspondence, certificates, and photographs, relating to the service of P. T. MacQueeney in the United States Army and Massachusetts National Guard, including his service in the Logistics Group of the Operations Division of the War Department General...

MacQuivey (Donald R.) papers

Donald MacQuivey was a telecommunications policy analyst during the Cold War, working for Harvard's Radio Research Lab, the Department of State, and the Stanford Research Institute.

Macrae (Donald S.) Papers

Professional papers of former San Jose Personnel Director Donald Macrae, including Personnel Department and Civil Service Commission departmental files, as well as records of the Pacific Neighbors organization.

MacRae (Lillian M.) Papers

Correspondence and postcards, relating to the collection of funds in California for relief work in Belgium and northern France.

Macrakis (Kristie) papers

Writings, notes, correspondence, photocopies of East German government documents, and printed matter, relating to the East German intelligence service, and especially to its use of technological applications in espionage. Used as research material for the book by Kristie Macrakis, (Cambridge,...

Macro International reports

Relates to evaluation of the Federal Direct Student Loan Program. Reports prepared by Macro International under contract to the United States Department of Education. Includes memoranda, handbooks, manuals, printed matter, computer disks, video tapes, and sound recordings, assembled as working...

Macroinvertebrates in Wildcat and San Leandro Creeks

Materials related to organisms in Wildcat and San Leandro creeks...

Macy Family History, 1867-1984

Documents and photos relating to the Macy Family, much of which is family history originating from the 1950 centennial of their arrival in California.

Macy (Francis Underhill) papers

Correspondence, reports, meeting materials, notes, lists, memoranda, printed matter, and photographs, relating to nongovernmental exchange programs between Americans and citizens of the Soviet Union and its successor republics, and to promotion of Gestalt psychology, environmentalism, nuclear safety and alternative energy...

Macy (George N.) / Amasa L. Lincoln Papers

The collection contains correspondence, a photo album, a scrapbook, and other Civil War materials, mainly relating to the Twentieth Regiment of Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry. The correspondence, 1861-1865, is from Harvard graduate and Brevet Major General George N. Macy to his...

Mad Dog Tattoo Collection

This collection consists of designs for tattoos by Robert Roberts, of Mad Dog Tattoo in San Francisco.

Mad River : hard times in Humboldt County collection.

Interviews, recordings at meetings and background theme sounds for production of the documentary videorecording.

Madagascar Photograph Album

One photograph album, 1901-1907, containing 139 black/white prints, with captions in French. Includes images in and around Tananarive, Madagascar, of French officials, families, and children, local residents, street scenes, festivals and parades, bicycle races at the hippodrome, horse races and...

Maday (Istvan) miscellaneous papers

Clippings, relating to the trials of Hungarian political leaders accused of war crimes during World War II; and a memorandum, relating to a conversation with LászlóBárdossy, prime minister of Hungary, 1941-1942, on the eve of his execution in 1946.

Madden (Colonel John B.) Scrapbooks

These two scrapbooks include photographs, tickets, and brochures relating to the Railway & Locomotive Historical Society 1955-1956 excursions.

Madden (Henry) collection

Memoranda and reports, relating to activities of Hermann Göring and other high Nazi officials in the final days of the Third Reich, and to German refugees from the Sudetenland and other areas separated from Germany at the end of World...

Madden (John B.) Correspondence

Letters to and from John B. Madden concerning research for paintings. Includes a Lucius Beebe letter.

Madding (Gordon F.) Collection - [Photostats]

Contains photostats of letters written by authors of the Victorian era in England, including Charles Dickens, Wilkie Collins, A. Tennyson Dickens, John Forester, G. Hagarty, Leigh Hunt and T. B. Macaulay....

Maddow (Ben) Papers

Ben Maddow was a Columbia University educated screenwriter and documentarian from the 1930's through the 1970's. This collection consists of manuscripts, correspondence, scripts, magazines, photographs, and other artifacts related to Maddow's personal life and professional career.

Madeira (Dashiell L.) miscellaneous papers

Correspondence, reports, and orders, relating to American naval operations in the Atlantic and Pacific prior to and during World War II, and to the Allied occupation of Japan.

Madeleine Henrey letters, 1964-1965

(1906-2004). Four letters (TLS) , 1964-1965, from French writer Madeleine Henrey, to Jeanette Selfridge, mainly re books she has sent to Selfridge and Selfridge's kind remarks about them. Alpha list.

Mader (Clarence) Collection

This collection consists of manuscripts of compositions by Mader and others; manuscripts of unpublished poetry and verse; colored slides of art works; open reel tape recordings (non-commercial) of performances on organ and performances by others; scrapbooks; correspondence; unpublished essays and...

Madera Co. (Calif.) Sheriff's Wanted Notices Scrapbook

The Madera County, California Sheriff's office used this wanted and reward circular scrapbook from 1895-1911. The scrapbook of 246 pages is comprised of reward and wanted notices from counties all over California and from other states as far away as...

Madera County, UC Cooperative Extension Records

Records from Madera Cooperative Extension County Office....

Madera Sugar Pine Lumber Company photographs [graphic]

Close-up views of lumber, logs, forests, mills, loggers, industrial machinery, and other lumber milling related subjects are included. Includes a photograph album and a panoramic view of the Madera Sugar Pine Lumber Co. dated 6/1931.

Madge (Henry Ashley) Papers

Henry Ashley Madge was part of the Christian Charismatic missionary movement to India during the mid-20th century. The Papers of Henry Ashley Madge contain one box of manuscripts of “The Ministry of Christ’s Healing” (1969), correspondence, and handwritten notes.

[Madi Bacon photograph collection].

Title devised by cataloger.

Madie D. Brown papers.

Papers as member, California State Park Commission.

Madison (Annemarie) Papers

Madison was an AIDS volunteer and educator. The collection contains correspondence and photographs of the many "boys" hospitalized with AIDS for whom Madison cared. The collection also includes posters, and audio- and videotape on the subject of AIDS in the...

Madison (Harry N.) General Merchandise Ledger & Receipts

Collection consists of a general merchandise account book and sixteen receipts for items purchased for the store from local wholesalers (1906-1907)....

Madison (R.W.) collection on Willie Boy

This collection consists mainly of photographs, and negatives taken by R. W. Madison, a reporter, documenting the efforts of law enforcement and a local posse to capture Willie Boy, a Paiute Indian wanted for murder and kidnapping in San Bernardino...

Madrid, Manuel J. de la. Letters to Manuel J. de la Madrid : ALS, 1847-1860.

Ten letters addressed to Manuel J. de la Madrid from various correspondents. Two letters from J. Mendoza Cortina and Antonio Algara, 1847, describe the siege of Mexico City, the approach of American troops to Chapultepec Castle, and the tension existing...

Madrona Marsh Collection

Madrona Marsh Preserve is a 44-acre nature preserve in Torrance, CA. The preserve was established during the 1970s in a partnership between the Friends of Madrona Marsh and the City of Torrance. The collection includes several albums of photographs...

Madson (Ben) Papers

Ben Madson (1887-1974) served as Professor of Agronomy (1928-1954) and Director of Agricultural Field Stations (1948-1954) at the University of California. His papers contain correspondence, field station research and progress reports, range management investigations and budgets, committee materials regarding the...

Madson (Patricia Ryan) Papers

The collection primarily consists of ephemera from Stanford events including, Founder's Day, the Cornerstone Dedication, and the Cantor Museum of the Arts Opening Gala. It also includes some photos, VHS tapes, and notes from various performances and speeches. Includes copies...

Madvig (Elsbeth) Retirement Collection

The materials consist of letters from various individuals associated with Stanford's Geology Dept. on the occasion of Elsbeth's retirement.

Mae Burdge Miller eulogy : and related papers, 1974.

Letter to Edna M. Parratt (Sept. 14, 1974), photograph of Mae Burdge Miller, eulogy, and memorial card. The eulogy contains biographical information on Miller's early life with the Francis Marion Smith family, and on her marriage to Bernard Pacheco Miller.

Mae Helene Bacon Boggs collection, 1929-1963.

News clippings, correspondence, pamphlet.

Mae (Hjalmar) letters

Relates to political conditions in Estonia, especially during World War II.

Mae Lopatin Herman papers

The collection documents the experiences of Mae Lopatin Herman, a United States Army nurse, at Mauthausen concentration camp following its liberation in 1945. Included are personal papers, memorabilia, and photographs, as well as a pocket guide to Germany and German...

Maeda Family Heart Mountain Photo Album

This collection contains one photograph album mostly depicting life at the Heart Mountain incarceration camp located in Powell, Wyoming. The album contains images of life inside the camp, with several images taken ten years earlier.

Maeda (Wayne H.) Papers

Collection consists of drafts and notes for narratives on Asian Americans, photographs, exhibit items, artifacts, publications, and audio & visual material accumulated by Wayne H. Maeda, instructor and founding member of Asian American Studies at Sacramento State.

Maehrischel (Sylvia) Collection

The consists of items collected by Maehrischel that relate to her experience as an Old China Hand. The collection is primarily made up of articles on the topic of Jewish refugees in China, as well as issues of the Old...

Maenchen (Anna) Papers

The Maenchen papers consist of correspondence, child analysis documents, manuscripts and reprints authored by Maenchen, and child analysis manuscripts collected by her. There are also notes created by Maenchen, case studies collected by her, and miscellaneous documents. The materials within...

Maenchen-Helfen (Otto) Papers

The Otto Maenchen-Helfen Papers 1921-1974 (bulkdate 1921-1965) contain the correspondence, publications, research, and writings of multilingual Austrian historian, author, and traveler Otto Maenchen-Helfen (1894-1969). The collection has been divided into five series: Correspondence; Publications; Research; Professional Associations; and Biographical Materials....

Maestrapeace Artworks Records

The Maestrapeace Artworks records document the process of creating the mural Maestrapeace on the San Francisco Women’s Building. The collection includes a small amount of correspondence; administrative, financial and legal records; publicity; news clippings; research materials; artwork and architectural designs;...

Maevskii (Vladislav Al'bionovich) Papers

These papers reflect the writings and research interests of Vladislav Al'bionovich Maevskii, church historian and theologian. Among his writings are works relating to late 19th and early 20th century history of the Eastern Orthodox Church, especially relating to Russian Orthodoxy,...

Maffei Collection

Betty Maffei was the first executive director of CCCHS and served in that capacity for about 30 years. She also was an elementary school teacher. This collection includes correspondence and cards of appreciation from her students, correspondence and certificates from...

Magalousis (Nicholas) papers

This collection documents archaeologist and historic preservationist Nicholas Magalousis' efforts to preserve Southern California historic sites, particularly the San Juan Capistrano Mission, the San Luis Rey de Francia Mission, and the Irvine Ranch. It also includes documents relating to the...

Magda Ruser : liebesgedichte an eine göttliche frau, [ca. 1905-1967].

Holograph and typescript, illustrated by the author. Poems in memory of Magda Ruser, with his comments on the work and autobiographical and bibliographical notes. With this: letter of presentation from the author, Nov. 26, 1967.

Magdalene Odundo oral history, circa 1994-1995

Series of interviews with Odunde for the University Art Museum, transcripts forming the basis for the exhibition catalogue Ceramic Gestures, New Vessels by Magdalene Odundo. Interviewer: David E. Russell, ca. 1994-1995. Interviewee(s): Magdalene Odunde.

Magee, James Valentine Diary Excerpts

Magee arrived in Santa Paula in 1892. These pages describe his living and working in Santa Paula

Magee (Patric A.) Papers Concerning Transgenderism

This collection comprises the papers of Patric A. Magee, a transgender man active in many transgender support groups and activities in Orange County and Southern California. The collection includes personal correspondence and writings by Magee, as well as fliers, pamphlets,...

Magerovsky (Eugene L.) papers

Writings, correspondence, printed matter, and photographs, relating to aspects of Russian history, Russian studies in the United States, Russian émigré affairs, and the Russian Orthodox Church. Includes some papers of L. F. Magerovskii, father of E. L. Magerovsky and curator...

Maggie Westoby's St. Mary's College autograph book, 1874-1881.

Autograph book with photographs (including 4 tintypes) and other illustrations belonging to Mary Westoby, a student at St. Mary's College in Benecia. Some autographs in the book are from students at St. Augustine College.

Magic Theatre collection, 1979-2000.

The collection includes lighting diagrams, stage drawings, and posters for plays performed by the Magic Theatre. Also includes reel-to-reel and cassette tapes of some productions and a few administrative files.

Magic Theatre photograph collection [graphic].

Chiefly publicity photographs depicting scenes from various productions of the Magic Theatre, as well as portraits of actors, actresses and playwrights associated with those productions. 1998-2002 seasons are especially well-represented. Includes portraits of such notable figures as John Lion, Sam...

Magic Theatre production photographs [graphic] /

Production photographs of early performances of the Magic Theatre in San Francisco and Berkeley, some of which were written by Michael McClure. Some of these performances took place at Mandrake's Bar in Berkeley, and some at the Steppenwolf Bar in...

Magic Theatre Records

The Magic Theatre records contain the administrative, production, financial, and publicity records of a theatre company that grew from a handful of graduate students to a well respected company known for its support of new theatrical works. The collection, which...

Magic Theatre Scripts

The Magic Theatre Scripts, 1964-1990, consists of over 1200 works collected during John Lion's tenure as General and Artistic Director with the company. The scripts are written about a wide range of subjects, from sports to racial politics, by an...

Magill (Margaret W.) Artwork and Papers

Margaret Magill was the sister-in-law of Frank Hamilton Cushing, an early ethnographer of Zuni Pueblo. Collection consists primarily of 15 watercolor paintings of Saludo and Cibola pottery and 15 paintings of Zuni. These papers include correspondence. These sketches of Zuni...

Magistretti (William L.) Slides

Depicts the funeral in Moscow of Lev Mekhlis, Soviet commissar of state control, 1940-1941 and 1945-1950, and deputy commissar of defense, 1937-1940 and 1941-1942.

Magliari (Michael F.) papers

Papers in the collection originated from Magliari's involvement with the Mono Lake Committee (Magliari has been a member since 1977). Most of the collection involves Magliari's work on the state capitol office staff of California State Senator John Garamendi (Thirteenth...

Magnes collection of Arizona Invoices and Checks, 1868-1900.

Collection consists of invoices and checks (and one letter) from Jewish-owned Arizona businesses dating from 1868 to 1900. Businesses represented are from Tuscon, Tombstone, and Yuma, Arizona.

Magnes collection of Northern California Invoices and Checks, 1854-1906.

Collection consists of invoices and checks from Jewish-owned businesses in nineteenth-century San Francisco, Sacramento, and Grass Valley, California.

Magnes collection of Western Jewish obituaries and biographies, circa 1970-2008

Consists of photocopies of obituaries and biographies for that appeared mainly in Western US Jewish newspapers and newsletters between the early 1970s and the late 2000s. The collection was compiled by long-time Magnes volunteer Mary Hoexter.

Magnes collection on Adolph Sutro, 1858-1993.

The collection contains biographical material on Adolph Sutro; personal documents such as Sutro's citizenship certificate; correspondence, including seven letters to Sutro from James Phelan, who succeeded Sutro as the mayor of San Francisco; ephemera from Sutro's 1894 campaign for mayor...

Magnes collection on Congregation Emanu-El, 1850-2002.

Collection consists of materials from and about Congregation Emanu-El collected by the Judah L. Magnes Museum's staff, including a small number of administrative and cemetery records (some of these are photocopies of early materials); materials from the Congregation's religious school...

Magnes collection on Congregation Ohabai Shalome, 1871-1975.

The collection contains materials from and about Congregation Ohabai Shalome collected over the years by the Magnes staff. Included are a congregational minute book (November 6, 1864 to October 3, 1870); a copy of the Constitution and By Laws of...

Magnes collection on David Lubin, 1875-1982.

This collection consists of items created by and relating to David Lubin collected by the Judah L. Magnes Museum staff between 1969 and the early 2000s. It includes original documents and photographs created by David Lubin and his family as...

Magnes collection on Ernest Bloch, 1925-1972.

The collection consists of materials collected by the Magnes staff, including biographical information and obituaries for Bloch; a letter that Bloch sent to Rabbi Solomon Goldman, of Cleveland, Ohio, on 15 Dec. 1925, stating his preference to be "creating a...

Magnes collection on Judah L. Magnes, 1870-2004.

The collection consists of materials collected by the Magnes staff between the early 1960s and the early 2000s that document the life and influence of Judah L. Magnes. Some of these materials are original documents and photographs acquired from Magnes...

Magnes collection on Levi Strauss and Company, 1950-1974.

Collection consists of some biographical material on Levi Strauss and his descendants and relations, company ephemera and other business materials mainly from the 1960s and 1970s.

Magnes collection on the Brandeis-Bardin Institute, 1954-1988.

Collection includes Brandeis-Bardin Institute materials collected over the years by the Magnes staff. These materials include scattered newsletters (1960-1978), clippings, pamphlets and publicity materials, printed addresses delivered over the years by various dignitaries, and dedication booklets.

Magnes collection on the San Francisco Chapter of the American Council for Judaism, 1943-1970.

The collection consists of a small number of original documents, including correspondence, booklets and brochures, and clippings. Much of the collection consists of photocopies of the original Bay Area materials in the American Council for Judaism collection at the Wisconsin...

Magnus (Charles) Illustrated Song Sheets Collection

Charles Magnus was a print publisher and lithographer from New York City who sold letter sheets, maps, song sheets, envelopes and other prints from 1850 to 1899, and was especially popular during the Civil War. The collection consists of two...

Magnus (Saul) Papers

Military orders, memoranda, and maps, relating to activities of the U.S. 332d Infantry Regiment and the Italian 31st Division on the Italian front during World War I, October-November 1918. In English and Italian.

Magoun (Horace W.) Papers

Horace Winchell Magoun (1907- ) was a professor and chairman of the department of anatomy (1950-55), then professor and dean of the graduate division of the UCLA School of Medicine beginning in 1962. The collection consists of Magoun's papers, published...

Magrath, Edward. Letters received from James W.E. Doyle and William Walker, 1848-1852.

Relate to Magrath's publication of an engraving "Caxton submitting his proof sheet", from a painting by Doyle.

Magruder (Jeb Stuart) papers

Diary, writings, correspondence, office files, memoranda, reports, sound recordings, and printed matter relating to the elections of 1970 and 1972 and the Watergate hearings.

Magruder (Jeb Stuart) Papers, Committee for the Re-Election of the President, 1970-1972

The Jeb Stuart Magruder papers from the Committee for the Re-Election of the President Collection consists of correspondence to and from Magruder and John Mitchell, along with materials relating to individual states, voting blocs, political strategies and day to day...

Maguire (J.C.) Company Records and Photographs Collection

Records were collected by J. C. Maguire, and they are related to various construction companies and public works contractors, some of which were operated by Maguire. Correspondence; financial and accounting records; legal documents; invoices and inventories; meeting minutes; photographs; drawings;...

Maguire (T.H.), Cromwell Refuses the Crown of England, Collection on

The material contained in this collection is connected to the painting titled "Cromwell Refuses the Crown of England" by T.H. Maguire, and to the life of Oliver Cromwell more generally. T.H. (Thomas Herbert) Maguire (1821 - 1895) was a London...

Magunkook (freighter) logbooks

Magunkook (freighter) logbooks (SAFR 16491, HDC 212) each contain documentation of multiple voyages under different masters. Volume one is dated 1919 and concerns voyages from New York and Bristol for Rotterdam, Savannah and New Orleans under Captains A.C. Keene and...

Magyar Jubileumi Album

An album containing 41 full-page gelatin silver photographs documenting the Hungarian Jubilee Exhibition of the National Economy organized by HUNGEXPO, and held in Moscow in 1970.

Magyar Szocialista Munkáspárt Központi Bizottság miscellaneous records

Minutes and transcripts of meeting proceedings, and reports, relating to the Soviet invasion of Czechoslovakia in 1968 and the reaction in Hungary. Includes Political Bureau records. Photocopy.

Mah (Soo-Lay) Papers

Speeches and writings, correspondence, printed matter, and audiovisual material, relating to political conditions in China and Taiwan, the Zhongguo guo min dang, Taiwanese relations with Japan, and the Chinese community in Indonesia, Malaya and elsewhere in Asia.

Mahan (William) Architectural Drawings

Drawings and sketches, with a few photographs and copies, for approximately 15 projects, most in the Santa Barbara and Ojai areas. A few drawings were made for commissions in Orange County, California. The drawings illustrate Mahan's drawing skill and commitment...

Mahan, William E. History of the Mystery Novel Collection, Guide to

A collection of materials used by Sacramento historian William E. Mahan in teaching a course on the history of mystery novels through the Renaissance Society, an organization dedicated to promoting lifelong learning opportunities for older adults through the offering of...

Mahan, William E. research collection

William E. Mahan was a high school history teacher, college professor, social activist, and professional historian. This collection consists of published materials, research notes and correspondence that the creator generated on specific people, trends, and topics in the history of...

Mahaney (Ruth) Papers

The papers document the political activism of Ruth Mahaney, a San Francisco-based lesbian feminist activist and professor of women’s and queer studies.

Mahdesian, Samuel G. Papers relating to the Pilgrim Armenian Congregational Church in Los Angeles, 1969-1970.

Also included: letter to Mahdesian from M.G. Papazian, pastor of the Armenian Presbyterian Church in West New York, New Jersey, Mar. 17, 1936.

Maher (Patrick J. ) Papers

The collection contains files and scrapbooks mainly relating to Santa Barbara, 1936-1945, when Patrick J. Maher was mayor of the city. Also included are later interviews with Maher, 1978-1979....

Mahoney (Dan) Oral History

Sound recording of interview with Dan Mahoney conducted by Harvey Schwartz. Irish nationalist, peace advocate, and organizer for Newspaper Guild in New York City; discusses Irish working class family life before World War II, co-founding chapter of the League against...

Mahoney (Tom) Research Materials

The Tom Mahoney Research Materials on Pancho Villa and the Mexican Revolution comprises materials related to an unpublished book by Mahoney with the working title "P-a-n-c-h-o V-i-l-l-a: Bandit...Rebel...Patriot...Satyr," which he began working on in the late 1920s. Included is a...

Mahony (Patrick) Collection of Lord Dunsany Materials

This collection consists of the personal correspondence of the Anglo-Irish playwright and author Lord Dunsany to Patrick Mahony, periodical articles on Lord Dunsany, and programs. Patrick Mahony, himself an author, collected the materials.

Maidenberg (Harry F.) scrapbooks

This collection contains six scrapbooks containing clippings, photographs, and ephemera documenting the early history of California. The scrapbooks were compiled by Harry F. Maidenberg, who was an insurance salesman in Los Angeles.

Maier (Dieter) papers

Correspondence, serial issues, bulletins, newsletters, pamphlets, journal articles, and clippings, relating to human rights conditions in Latin America, right-wing political movements in Latin America, evangelical Protestant groups in Latin America, and foreign corporate investment in Latin America.

Maier, Mark (NASA Challenger Disaster Collection)

This collection consists of a number of videotapes and some text material collected by Professor Mark Maier that deals with the NASA Challenger disaster and its aftermath.

Maigné (Léopold) Monuments remarquables de Tlemcen XI, XII, XIII siècles

Monuments remarquables de Tlemcen XI, XII, XIII siècles restaurés et photographiés de 1853 à 1864 comprises twenty-one albumen photographs documenting sites restored and photographed by Léopold Maigné in and around Tlemcen, Algeria, during the mid-nineteenth century. Monuments depicted include...

Mailer (Norman) papers

Speeches, correspondence, tape recordings, drafts and galleys connected with Mailer's campaign for mayor of New York City in 1969.

Maillard Merino Sheep Ranch Records

Records of Merino sheep (New Zealand imports); breeding experiment records, ewe production, flock, wool, and lamb records.

Maille (Alphonse) bound volume

One bound volume containing a handwritten list on two pages of plants and their various locations in the area of Neufchâtel, France, compiled by French botanist Alphonse Maille (1813-1865)....

Mailliard Family Papers

The Mailliard Family Papers contain correspondence to and from various members of a socially and politically prominent San Francisco family. In addition, the collection contains family records, journals and diaries, newspaper clippings and scrapbooks, and various publications and memorabilia. The...

Mailliard Grove of Redwoods, Avenue of the Giants [graphic]

Photos show a redwood grove, probably taken in Mailliard Redwoods State Park in Mendocino County, Calif.

The Mailliards of California : a family chronicle, 1868-1990 : oral history transcript / 1993.

Four generations of the Mailliard family in northern California: Page, Peterson, Somers, Ward, other relations, later descendants; horse, sheep, and timber ranching in Mendocino and Marin counties; Mailliard & Republican politics 1940s-1970s: San Francisco election campaigns, Earl Warren as governor,...

Mailloux (Steven) papers

This collection comprises the papers of Steven Mailloux, critical theorist and Professor Emeritus of English at the University of California, Irvine and President's Professor of Rhetoric at Loyola Marymount University. The papers consist of scholarly and professional papers, including published...

Main and Harvard Street Archectectural Drawings, Santa Paula, CA

Plans of Harvard Street Drive-in, Service station impdroements, and the floor plan of a classroom at South 8th street and Harvard.

Main Street Iron Works plans

The Main Street Iron Works plans (SAFR 278, HDC 0487) contains 113 oversize marine engineering plans executed in ink on linen. These plans, created by the Fulton Iron Works and/or the Main Street Iron Works between 1901 and 1921, are...

Maine Central Railroad Correspondence

This collection is open for research at our off-site storage facility with one week's notice. Contact Library & Archives staff to arrange for access.

Maine GAR general orders, 1868-1872

[Grand Army of the Republic]. General Orders, 1868-1872.

Maine [Portland] photographs, circa 1898-1900

Six tintypes of Murray and Curit family members, taken by A. S. Davis & Co., ca. 1898-1900.

Mains (Geoff) Papers

The Geoff Mains papers document the personal and professional life of the late leather activist and author of the groundbreaking book, “Urban Aboriginals: A Celebration of Leather Sexuality.” The papers includes personal and professional correspondence; materials related to “Urban Aboriginals”...

Mainstream magazine, chronicling national disability politics : oral history transcript / 2000.

contracting and living with effects of polio; UC San Diego in the sixties, accessibility issues; Episcopal Women's Caucus and other church work; practice of real estate specializing in accessible housing; myths about disability; passage of American with Disabilities Act (ADA)...

Mainwaring (Daniel) Papers

Collection consists of materials related to the career of screenwriter and novelist Daniel Mainwaring. Includes script materials for 9 produced motion pictures, drafts and rewrites of projects, episodes for several television series, fictional writings, and personal and biographical material. Some...

Maison Française records (University of California, Riverside)

This collection contains scrapbooks, albums, photographs, newspaper clippings, and other material on the University of California, Riverside, Maison Françoise, which was a section in the Aberdeen-Inverness residence hall where students were required to speak in French. Mostly contains information about...

Major (Jack) Papers

Correspondence, reviews, manuscripts, surveys, articles, climatic data, research notes on weed control, films, and lectures.

Major (William B.) papers

The William B. Major papers spans the years 1957-1982 (bulk 1960-1973) and encompasses 1.7 linear feet and 1,197 artworks. The collection includes scripts, blueprints, and storyboards for more than two dozen films; and scripts and storyboards for several television programs....

Makarenko (Mikhail Ianovich) papers

Correspondence, speeches and writings, memoranda, reports, personal documents, printed matter, and audiovisual material relating to forced labor, political prisoners, civil rights, and dissent in the Soviet Union, and to human rights activities of Resistance International.

Makarov (N.) holograph

Social-economic essays on Russia and the Russian Revolution, 1917-1920.

Makepeace (Anne) Production Materials of Edward S. Curtis Documentary

The collection contains materials used in the making of the documentary film Coming to Light: Edward S. Curtis and the North American Indians by Anne Makepeace.

Makerere University Slides

Illustrates the history of Christianity in East Africa. Prepared by the Department of Religious Studies and the Audio-Visual Aids Center of Makerere University, Kampala, Uganda.

Makhno (Nestor Ivanovich) printed material

Relates to the role of the anarchists in the Russian Civil War. Published serially in the Chicago Rassvet.

Makhov (Grigorii Grigor'evich) typescript

Relates to agriculture in Ukraine.

The making of a congresswoman : the biography of Florence Prag Kahn : and related material, 1931-1984, bulk 1983-1984.

Correspondence, clipping, and program concerning the life and activity of Kahn, a congressperson from California and supporter of J. Edgar Hoover and the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

The making of a documentary photographer : oral history transcript / and related material, 1960-1968.

Early interest in photography; study with Clarence White; work with Arnold Genthe; her photography studio in San Francisco; marriage to Maynard Dixon; Bohemian group in San Francisco; beginnings of documentary photography and photo-journalism; photography work for the U.S. government -...

Makinsky (Alexander) diary

Relates to the evacuation of Rockefeller Foundation personnel and other foreigners from Paris and La Baule, France, at the time of the French surrender, June 8-25, 1940.

Makiya (Kanan) papers

Correspondence, writings, notes, interview transcripts, conference papers, serial issues, pamphlets, leaflets, government publications, other printed matter, videotapes, and other audiovisual material relating to the history of the Middle East, political conditions in Iraq and elsewhere in the Middle East, the...

Maklakov (Vasilii A.) Papers

Correspondence, speeches and writings, reports, diaries, and clippings, relating to Russian foreign relations with France, the Bessarabian territorial question, the Russian Revolution, and Russian emigres in France after the revolution.

Makowiecki (Zygmunt) typescript

Relates to the Polish national independence movement.

Malabou (Catherine) papers

Catherine Malabou is a philosopher and theorist and professor in the department of Philosophy at the Centre for Research in Modern European Philosophy at Kingston University. She was the 2015 Wellek Library Lecturer at the University of California, Irvine, and...

Malaga Cove Star Collection

Collection includes issues of an entirely self-published and edited weekly newspaper created by 13 year old James "Jimmy" Damon, and three other local youths. The newspaper ran from approximately 1938 to 1942 and reported on both local and international issues....

Malagasy subject collection

Electronic bulletins, pamphlets, reports, and other printed matter, relating to political, social and economic conditions in Madagascar.

Malakoff Diggins State Historic Park Collection

The Malakoff Diggins State Historic Park Collection contains correspondence and financial material of the North Bloomfield Gravel Mining Company, owner of the Malakoff Diggins Mine. The world's largest hydraulic mining operation, Malakoff Diggins Mine was located near the town of...

Malakoff Diggins State Historic Park Photographic Collection

The Malakoff Diggins State Historic Park Photographic Collection contains 487 cataloged images that date from 1869 through 2015. Images depict the property as a mining settlement, hydraulic mining site, and a state park.

Malang, Les Oral History

Maland discusses his life story

Malanga (Gerard) Papers

The collection consists of two letters from poet, photographer and filmmaker Gerard Malanga, to Stephen Vincent, editor of Momo's Press and Shocks magazine (1973 and 1992), and a flyer from the Pacific Film Archives advertising two films by Gerard Malanga...

Malanga (Gerard) Papers

Gerard Joseph Malanga (1943- ) was a cinematographer, executive producer, casting director, and actor in Andy Warhol Films (1963-70), had several one-man photographic exhibitions, and was a poet. The collection consists of correspondence, literary manuscripts, periodicals, books, subject files, photographs,...

Malarin Family Album

Album includes portraits of Malarin family members or relations or friends, including members of the David Spence family, as well as sitters with surnames Arguello, Pacheco, Abrego, Estrada, Fatjo, Somavia, and others.

Malarín family papers, 1784-1883.

Includes reports by Felipe de Goycoechea and José Darío Argüello on the Santa Barbara Presidio, 1784; letter from J.D. Argüello announcing arrival of new governor, Diego Borica, 1794; transcript of Father Ramón Abella's record of the marriage of Juan Malarín...

Malawi Subject Collection

Electronic bulletins, pamphlets, serial issues, reports, and other printed matter, relating to political, social and economic conditions in Malawi

Malayan Communist Party propaganda

Propaganda leaflets and bulletins and translations of propaganda leaflets and bulletins, issued by the Malayan Communist Party, relating to the communist-led independence movement in Singapore.

Malayan Emergency collection, 1954-1956

Federation of Malaya Police records relating to the Malayan Emergency declared by the British in response to a post-WWII guerilla war for independence by the Malayan Communist Party (MCP), mainly made up of ethnic Chinese members. Includes 99 b/w photographs...

Malaysia [Johore] Photograph Album, ca. 1930s.

Album contains 43 black and white snapshots, with captions in English on glassine interleaving sheets. Photos are primarily of street scenes featuring shops, buildings, local peoples and children.

Malaysian Chinese Association speech transcript

Relates to political conditions in Malaya during the emergency period. Speech delivered by a spokesman of the Kluang branch of the Malaysian Chinese Association, in Malacca, September 8, 1950.

Malaysian subject collection

Pamphlets, serial issues, brochures and other printed matter relating to the history of Malaya; to political, social, economic, and cultural conditions in Malaysia; and to the Chinese community in Malaysia.

Malcolm Burnstein collection of sound recordings on the Free Speech Movement [sound recording]

Predominantly recordings of the court proceedings of the People of the State of California vs. Mario Savio, et. al., April-June, 1965 in Alameda County. Also included are recordings of a KPFA documentary on the Free Speech Movement (December 1964), remarks...

Malcolm Colby Henderson papers, approximately 1935-1970.

Includes reprints of articles, bibliography, and materials relating to work at the Radiation Laboratory, University of California, Berkeley.

Maldonado Collection, ca. 1900-1920

Photographs and negatives. Primarily photos of the Jose Maldonado family in Southern California, including agriculture scenes.

Male Shooting Chant - Its Story Told By the Late Blue Eyes of Lukachukai

This is a typed carbon copy of a manuscript entitled "Male Shooting Chant - Its Story told by the late Blue Eyes of Lukachukai." Other title page notes read: Recorded by Father Berard Haile; free translation by Gladys A. Reichard.

Malec (Victor) letters

Letters from Ukrainian displaced persons and prisoners of war, relating to conditions of displaced persons and to post-World War II repatriation issues.

Malek (Frederic V.) papers

Speeches and writings, correspondence, memoranda, reports, and notes relating to domestic politics and administration of the federal government during the presidencies of Richard M. Nixon and Gerald R. Ford. Digital copies of select records also available at

Malek (Frederic V.) Papers, Committee for the Re-Election of the President, ca. 1971-1972

The Frederic Malek papers from the Committee for the Re-Election of the President Collection consists of materials relating to individual states, voting blocs, political strategies and day to day operations of the committee, as well as assorted materials from Frederic...

Malek (Frederic V.) Papers, White House Central Files, 1969-1974

The materials of Frederic Malek encompass the years 1969 to 1973, and relate to Malek’s roles as deputy undersecretary of the Department of Health, Education and Welfare (HEW) (1969 to late 1970) and head of the White House Personnel Operation...

Malek (Frederic V.) Papers, White House Special Files, 1969-1973

Frederick Malek served as Special Assistant for Personnel. In this capacity he recruited and evaluated candidates for Presidential and other high-level appointive positions. The Special Files group of Malek materials pertain primarily to personnel matters.

Maley (Ken) Papers

Ken Maley is a San Francisco-based media consultant and promoter who has been involved with many civic organizations and events, several of which were for the LGBT community. The collection contains correspondence, flyers, clippings, subject files, photographs, negatives, buttons, and...

Malian Subject Collection

Electronic bulletins, pamphlets, serial issues, reports, studies, and other printed matter, relating to political, social and economic conditions in Mali.

Malibooz Collection

The Malibooz is a band that specializes in surf-style music. The collection includes records and CDs of the group's music, a DVD featuring the group playing, and memorabilia such as guitar picks and a hat.

Malibou Lake Mountain Club Records

The Malibou Lake Mountain Club is a private, secluded community in the Santa Monica Mountains of Southern California. The collection contains the Club's administrative files, which are largely member files, containing applications, background checks, and correspondence with each individual member....

Malibu Association of REALTORS, Records Inc.

The collection includes digital reproductions of business records, property listings, article clippings, and promotional materials regarding the Malibu Association of REALTORS, Inc. Originally called the Malibu Board of REALTORS, Inc., the association was formed in Malibu, California in 1947. The...

Malibu Association of REALTORS, Records Inc.

The collection includes digital reproductions of business records, property listings, article clippings, and promotional materials regarding the Malibu Association of REALTORS, Inc. Originally called the Malibu Board of REALTORS, Inc., the association was formed in Malibu, California in 1947. The...

Malibu Natural Disasters Collection

The Malibu Natural Disasters Collection is comprised of photographs of natural disasters that occured at Pepperdine University and the surrounding area of Malibu. These events include several fires as well as an earthquake, storms, and flooding. The collection also includes...

Malibu Property Ownership Record Books and Real Estate Property Indexes

The collection contains seventeen property ownership record books for properties in Malibu, and eight books covering the areas of Malibu. The books have maps of property areas, owner lists, and other information. The books range in date from the 1950s...

Malibu Tiles Collection

The Malibu Tiles Collection contains tiles from Malibu Potteries, a historic Malibu ceramic company which operated in the early 20th century. Malibu Potteries, owned by May Knight Rindge, produced tiles and ceramic pieces heavily inspired by Moorish, Mayan, Spanish, and...

Malibu Times Collection

The collection consists of newspaper issues ranging from 1946 to 2019. Additionally, this collection consists of photographs and negatives from the , also ranging from 1946 to 2019. There is also a file called Canyon and Country Times which includes...

Maliga (Joe) Photographs

Collection consists of eight color snapshots and two strips of negatives taken by Joe Maliga about a week after the death of Princess Diana. The images show the Shrine to Diana at 18th and Castro Streets, Labor Day, 1997.

Maliga (Joseph P.) Papers

Following the murder of Matthew Shepard, Joseph P. Maliga undertook a project to address the problem of homophobia. For a class he assembled a workbook called "Changing Attitudes: A Project Working Against Homophobia," containing press clippings, government records and letters-...

Malik (Charles Habib) typescript

Speech delivered at the Conference on the United Nations at 25 : Performance and Prospect, held at the Hoover Institution on War, Revolution and Peace. Photocopy.

Malkiel (Yakov) Papers

The papers of Yakov Malkiel provide an overview of his career as a professor, author, editor and researcher. The collection, spanning the years from 1882 to 1998, with the bulk from 1942 to 1992, contains correspondence, teaching files, interviews, lectures,...

Malkiel, Yakov Photographs from the Yakov Malkiel papers [graphic].

Includes formal portraits and snapshots of Yakov Malkiel, his wife María Rosa Lida de Malkiel, his mother Claire Saitzew Malkiel, his father Leon Malkiel, his uncles Leo Saitzew and Manuel Saitzew, his great-grandfather Moise Saitzew, and numerous other family members,...

Mallac (Guy de) papers

The collection comprises the extant papers of Guy de Mallac, emeritus professor of Russian literature at the University of California, Irvine. His papers include subject files on Continental philosophy and Russian literature, and drafts and notes for his book

Mallard Papers on the Bank of Finance

Photocopied papers, newspaper articles, and printed images about Onie B. Granville and the Bank of Finance. Also an original condolence citation issued by the City Council of Los Angeles for Granville's passing in 1998. 1961-2017, n.d.

Mallette Dean Ephemera

Two archive boxes, one containing wood blocks, the other containing 6 file folders....

Malloch (James A.) collection

Commemorative illustrated booklet on Belgium in World War I, Nazi banner, and Nazi dagger.

Malloch (Suzanne Norman) papers

Writings, reports, memoranda, and printed matter, relating to American intelligence operations during World War II, and to the wartime situation in China. Includes reports by Theodore H. White and Randall Gould.

Malloch, Walter Scott Photographs of parks and forests of Idaho and Colorado [graphic]

Box 1: Idaho materials mainly prints, many bearing stamp of U.S. Forest Service on verso. Photographs show lakes, rivers, natural landscapes, and other views related to water resources and geology. Box 2: Colorado materials primarily 4x5 color transparencies, with some...

Malloch (William) collection

Collection consists of manuscripts, microfilms, scores, and files, as well as thousands of sound recordings including LP records, 78s, 45s, compact discs, cassettes, and open reel tapes. The collection also includes materials related to Malloch's uncle, poet, writer, and reporter,...

Mallorca portfolio II.

Mallorca locations depicted include the Catedral de Mallorca and Església i convent de Sant Francesc, both in Palma; and the Eglésia de Sant Pere and Santuari i ermita de la Mare de Déu de Bonany, both in Petra.

Mallorca portfolio III.

Mallorca locations depicted include the Catedral de Mallorca and Església i convent de Sant Francesc, both in Palma.

Mallory (Margaret) Collection

Photographs of the Kasai District in the Belgian Congo and date books from Americans working in the region, 1914-1917. Includes collection of West African postcards. Also some unrelated material such as framed Western Americana.

Malone (Billy), "The Early History of the Magnavox Company"

One of the founders of the Magnavox Company was Edwin S. Pridham, who graduated from Stanford University in May 1909 with an a.b. in physics. Prior to the founding of Magnavox in March 1911, Pridham worked with Cyril Elwell, a...

Malone (J.J.) audiovisual collection

Bay area blues musician, record company executive, and night club owner John Jacob (J.J.) Malone (1935 – 2004) was born on August 20, 1935 in Peets Corner, Alabama. The J.J. Malone audiovisual collection consists of recordings documenting his life and...

Malone (Nancy) papers

Nancy Malone began her career at the age of six, modeling and appearing on live radio and television programs. She went on to become an accomplished actor, director and producer and was a co-founder of Women in Film, the nonprofit...

Maloney family clippings, 1891-1914.

Mainly relate to career of Patrick H. Maloney as deputy U.S. marshal, detective for the Southern Pacific, and under-sheriff of Napa County. Some pertain to his brother, James J. Maloney.

Malony (H. Newton) Papers

Dr. H. Newton Malony Jr. (1931 - ) is a clinical psychologist who taught in the Graduate School of Psychology at Fuller Seminary since 1969. He has written or edited over 35 books related to the academic disciplines of theology,...

Malott (Robert H.) letters received

Letters received by Robert H. Malott, the chairman and chief executive officer of FMC Corporation, from American and foreign political, diplomatic, military and business leaders, relating to domestic and international affairs.

Malotte (Albert Hay) papers

Albert Hay Malotte (1895-1964) was most well known as a songwriter and composer. Some of his more popular works include scores for Academy Award-winning Walt Disney animation shorts (1938) and (1939) and a musical setting of (1935). During the 1940s...

Malozemoff (Elizabeth) papers

Correspondence, biographical data, printed matter, and photographs, relating to Russian literature, and to Russians in the United States.

Malta newspaper collection

Maltese newspapers (9 titles).

Maltese Falcon Script Illustrations by Lucien Denman

Illustrations pertaining to the film Maltese Falcon. ca. 1941

Maltese subject collection

Election campaign literature, relating to elections in Malta.

Maltin-Goodman Family Papers

This collection includes correspondence from Goodman-Maltin family and friends from (1902-1962); letters from Bess Maltin back to Stockton while she and her husband are on a jewelry buying trip to the East Coast (October 1941); and, the World War II...

Malvina Virginia Manning diary : ms., 1860-1862.

Pocket diary in pencil. Includes record of overland journey to California (1861) via Salt Lake, after start of journey to Texas and change of destination in the Indian Nation. With typed transcript and genealogical notes (2 folders)

The Mama's Kitchen Papers

This collection contains materials from Mama’s Kitchen, a volunteer-based meal delivery service for people with HIV and AIDS that was founded in 1990 by Laurie Leonard.

Mamlock (Isidor) correspondence

Correspondence, mainly letters received from acquaintances in Europe, relating to family affairs and to conditions in Palestine, mainly in the 1930s. Includes correspondence of other Mamlock family members.

Mamoru (Eto, Reverend) Papers

Eto Mamoru was born in 1883, and was a native of Taketa City, Ōita prefecture in Japan. He graduated from Kōbe First Middle School and Nihon Taiiku Daigaku. He fought in the Russo-Japanese War from 1904-05. He was an instructor...

Mamukov (E. I.) memorandum

Relates to a proposed Russian publishing house and newspaper in Argentina.

Man (Henri de) miscellaneous papers

Letters, writings, and clippings, relating to Marxism, Belgian politics, European socialism, the German occupation of Belgium during World War II, and the conviction of H. de Man for Nazi collaboration. Includes a photocopy of the book by H. de Man,...

A man most himself : typescript, 1922-1997 (bulk 1970s)

Consists of typescript drafts of Ethel Ray Nance's autobiographical writings about her work with W.E.B. DuBois. Nance's original draft includes letters and telegrams from DuBois mounted on paper and annotated with Nance's comments. These inserts also include mounted photographs and...

Man Ray Letters and Album

A significant ensemble of letters and writings by or addressed to Man Ray and collected by his sister Elsie Ray Siegler and her daughter Naomi Savage. The letters provide a rich chronicle of Man Ray's personal and professional life from...

The man with the hoe : Brooklyn, New York: Holograph signed, 1900, February 27.

Enclosures: the man with the hoe, printed copy; signed photograph of Edwin Markham.

MANA of San Diego County Records

The document the operation and administration of MANA during Olivia Puentes-Reynolds’ involvement in the organization.  The collection provides extensive documentation for MANA's work promoting educational achievement and increasing Latino representation at the local, state, and national levels.  Records in the...

Management and marketing at Beringer Vineyards and Wine World, Inc. : oral history transcript / 1990.

Topics covered: Moone's career as salesman with Procter Beringer Vineyards and its umbrella company, Wine World, Inc., 1973-1989; marketing in the 1970s; Beringer President Richard Maher, sales and pricing, Los Hermanos label; revitalization of Beringer under Nestlé; acquisitions of Souverain...

Management (Anderson Graduate School of). Associate Dean. Administrative files of Robert B. Andrews.

Record Series 524 contains the administrative files of Robert B. Andrews, Associate Dean of UCLA's Anderson Graduate School of Management. Files regard the Robert B. Andrews-Gerald Loeb Foundation; Doctoral, MBA, and Undergraduate programs; reviews and reorganization of Anderson Graduate School...

Management (Anderson Graduate School of). Management Education Associates files of Robert B. Andrews.

Record Series 523 contains the Management Education Associates files of Robert B. Andrews, generated during his time at the University of California, Los Angeles, Anderson Graduate School of Management.

Management Council for Merit Employment, Training and Research records

The articles of incorporation of the Management Council for Merit Employment Training and Research state that "the specific business in which this corporation is primarily to engage is to develop job opportunities and training for the disadvantaged and to perform...

Management (Graduate School of). Accreditation evaluations.

Record Series 290 contains evaluations of the Graduate School of Management conducted by the American Assembly of Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB) for the years 1958-1983.

Management (Graduate School of). Administrative files of James Jackson.

Record Series 292 contains memoranda pertaining to the requirements, design, and other aspects of the graduate school's masters and professional masters degree programs. The series also contains minutes of the proposal submitted to the Professional Masters Committee and substantial correspondence...

Management (Graduate School of). Administrative files of Robert Tannenbaum, Professor of the Development of Human Systems.

Record Series 68 contains the administrative files of Robert Tannenbaum, Professor of the Development of Human Systems. Files regard the UCLA Graduate School of Management (GSM) dean selection, faculty evaluation and review, and planning activities for new GSM programs and...

Management (Graduate School of). Division of Research. Administrative files of George Steiner

Record Series 299 contains the administrative files of George Steiner. files include correspondence, proposals, conference proceedings, personnel rosters, grant requests, memoranda, and drafts of research papers.

Management (Graduate School of). Management Department. Minutes of meetings.

Record Series 283 contains bound and unbound minutes of meetings held by the Department of Management at the UCLA Graduate School of Management, 1936-1982.

Management (Graduate School of). Management Department. Minutes of the faculty meetings.

Record Series 289 contains minutes of faculty meetings held by the Management Department of UCLA's Graduate School of Management, 1963-1982.

Management (Graduate School of). Program files of Robert Tannenbaum, Professor of the Development of Human Systems.

Record Series 69 contains the program files of Robert Tannenbaum, Professor of the Development of Human Systems at UCLA's Graduate School of Management. Files regard programs including Human Factors in Management, Personnel Management & Industrial Relations, Sensitivity Training for Managers...

Management (Graduate School of). Staffing Committee. Academic review files.

Record Series 291 contains the academic review files of UCLA's Graduate School of Management Staffing Committee from 1968-1988.

Management of natural resources in California, 1925-1966 : transcript, 1966-1976.

Interviews conducted 1966 and 1976 by Amelia R. Fry for the Regional Oral History Office, Bancroft Library. Copy of an article by George W. Thomson included as an introduction. Photographs inserted. Comments on nineteen-year career with U.S. Forest Service, supervising...

Management technology in the U.S. Forest Service: experimentation and innovation in the field, 1948-1979 : oral history transcript / and related material, 1980.

As former regional forester in Region 6 office in Portland, discusses changes in organization of the Service and development of land management policy; experimentation in the field and adoption of new methods by Washington office.

Management Technology of the U.S. Forest Service : oral history transcripts / 1978-1980.

Interviews with Gordon D. Fox, Walter L. Graves, and Chester A. Shields, Service officials. Included also interview with Robert H. Torheim.

Managing Democratic campaigns, 1943-1966 : oral history transcript / and related material, 1977-1982.

Discusses involvement in politics, including 1956 and 1960 presidential campaigns, and management of several campaigns, including Pat Brown's gubernatorial campaigns and Clair Engle's 1958 U.S. Senate race. Copies of photographs inserted.

Manahan (Charles F.) Collection

The collection contains correspondence, documents, reports, and clippings of Charles F. Manahan, an American soldier in the 34th U.S. Infantry, relating to military operations in the Philippines ca. 1899-1901. Many of the items date from a later period and refer...

Manchester (Laurie) collection

Correspondence, memoirs, newsletters, and other printed matter relating to the Russian community in Harbin, China. Consists mainly of correspondence among Russian former residents of Harbin.

Manchuria (built 1904; passenger vessel) postcard

One color lithograph postcard of the Manchuria (built 1904; passenger vessel).

Manchuria Collection

The collection contains pamphlets, handbooks, railway guides, tourist brochures, and other printed Manchuria-related items, most issued in Great Britain (extracts from publications by the British Foreign Office, the Royal Geographical Society), Manchuria or Japan (issued by various departments of the...

Manchurian manifesto mimeograph

Protests Soviet influence in Manchuria. Signed by a number of American anti-communists.

Mancini (Henry) Collection

Collection consists of music manuscripts, music notes, cue sheets and timing sheets for music composed by Mancini for motion pictures: (Universal, 1966), (Universal, 1963), (Warner Brothers, 1962), (Warner Brothers, 1964), (Columbia, 1962), (United Artists, 1969), (Warner Brothers, 1965), (National General,...

Mandel (Frank) Papers

Frank Mandel (1884-1958) was a playwright and a producer for Warner Brothers (1937-38). The collection consists of manuscripts of plays by Frank Mandel and other authors, manuscript fragments of poetry and prose, correspondence to and from Mandel, and financial records...

Mandel (William M.) papers

Radio broadcast transcripts, other writings, and sound recordings, relating to American opinion regarding the Soviet Union and development of the Cold War between 1945 and 1948; investigation of subversive activities in the United States; and social conditions in the former...

Mandelbaum (David G.) Papers

Field notes made during Mandelbaum's research trips to the Kota and Toda tribes in the Nilgiri Hills of Southern India, and the Plains Cree and Chippewa Indians; manuscripts of published and unpublished articles, books, reviews and speeches; incoming and outgoing...

Mandelbrot (Benoit) papers

The papers document the life and work of Benoit B. Mandelbrot, mathematician and pioneer of fractal geometry. The collection contains correspondence, research data, drafts and publications, administrative records, teaching material, photographs, artwork, audiovisual material, and computer media relating to Mandelbrot's...

Mandell (Alan) papers

Alan Mandell is an accomplished theater and film actor, theater manager, stage director, and producer. He was a founding member of the San Francisco Actor’s Workshop and the San Quentin Drama Workshop, managed the Repertory Theatre of Lincoln Center, and...

Mandell Gallery records

The Mandell Gallery exhibited contemporary art made from materials previously associated with a craft tradition, such as fiber, hand blown glass, and ceramic art. It was located in Los Angeles, California and established, owned, and operated by Elizabeth Mandell, running...

Manes (Hugh R.) papers

Hugh R. Manes (1924-2009) was a civil rights attorney most well-known for representing victims of police misconduct in the Los Angeles area. Manes practiced law for more than forty years and also advocated for disenfranchised groups during peak civil rights...

Manfred Rudeke(?) autograph book, 1926-1928, Germany.

Contains signatures primarily of musicians and actors: Claudio Arrau, George Baklanov, Bertold Brecht, Ernst Deutsch, Carl Ettlinger, Herbert Eulenberg, Paul Hindemith, Vladimir Horowitz, Emil Jannings, Erika Mann, Alma Moodie, Moriz Rosenthal, Hedwig Kauner-Rosenthal, Rudolf Serkin, Egisto Tango, Hermann H. Wetzler,...

Manghirmalani (Ramesh) typescript

Relates to the family background, political career, and assassination in 1991, of Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi of India. Photocopy.

Mangold (George B.) papers

Articles and publications by and about Dr. George B. Mangold (1876-1962), who was Professor of Sociology and Social Work at USC from 1928 to 1946.

Manhattan Beach Residents Association Collection

This collection includes flyers, pamphlets, correspondence, meeting notes, articles, and other documents related to the Manhattan Beach Residents Association (MBRA).Also included in this collection are issues of the MBRA publication, "The Observer". Subjects include association engagement with members to raise...

Manhattan Silver Mining Company, 1863-1888.

Bills, invoices, correspondence, and other documents relating to the Manhattan Silver Mining Company's operations in and around Austin, Nevada during the period spanning 1863 to 1888.

Manhattan Silver Mining Company, 1863-1888.

Bills, invoices, correspondence, and other documents relating to the Manhattan Silver Mining Company's operations in and around Austin, Nevada during the period spanning 1863 to 1888.

Manhattan Silver Mining Company of Nevada records, 1863-1887.

Unbound papers consist of business letters received, variously addressed to the Company, Allen and Melville Curtis, John Huber, William H. and John M. Duncan, John E. Boyd, and others, located at Austin and Mineral Hill, Nevada. A few personal letters...

Manila (schooner) account ledger

Manila (schooner) account ledger (HDC 185, SAFR 16468). This volume is undated. It is available for use without restriction.

Manings (Allan) papers

Allan Manings was a television comedy writer and producer who created the situation comedy with his late wife, actress Whitney Blake. The collection consists of script materials related to Manings' career. Notably absent from the collection are materials related to...

Maniobras del 22 de Diciembre de 1901 [graphic] /

Captioned: Artillería montada en línea desplegada -- Formación en columna por regimentos, con el frente á retaguardia -- Regimento en marcha al paso, en línea desplegada -- El Cuerpo de Ejército marchando en columna, con frente de regimentos-- Líneas de...

Manion (Mervyn P.) photographs

The Mervyn P. Manion photographs, 1913-1915, 1934-1950, bulk 1940-1950, (SAFR 24251, P91-084) are comprised of photographs taken by Mervyn P. Manion of passenger and cargo vessels primarily in the San Francisco Bay Area, California. The collection has been processed to...

Mankiewicz (Joseph L.) papers

The Joseph L. Mankiewicz papers span the years 1922-1992 (bulk 1949-1970s) and encompass circa 47 linear feet. The collection includes comprehensive production files and scripts for such films as THE BAREFOOT CONTESSA (1954), CLEOPATRA (1963), GUYS AND DOLLS (1955), A...

Mankiewicz (Tom) scripts and photographs

The Tom Mankiewicz scripts and photographs span the years 1965-1996 (bulk 1970-1990) and encompass 8 linear feet. The papers are comprised of feature film and television scripts. The photographs are related largely to the films and television programs Mankiewicz directed,...

Manley (Clyde) Photograph Collection

This collection contains glass plates and negatives of the Manley family in Hawaii during the early 1900s. Also included are images of Clyde and Lucille with the Colorado College hiking group in the Rocky Mountains, and images of the Manley's...

Manley (John F.) Papers

Clippings, press releases, statements, memoranda, correspondence, petitions, and other papers pertaining to the relationship between Stanford University and the Hoover Institution, the proposed Ronald Reagan Presidential Library at Stanford, working conditions for farmworkers on Webb Ranch (located on Stanford lands),...

Manley (John K.) Second World War Correspondence

This collection contains correspondence from John K. Manley to his mother, Elizabeth Manley, during and after the Second World War.

Manly Palmer Hall collection, circa 1930s-1950s

19 pamphlets by Manley Palmer Hall, many published by the Philosophical Research Society (Los Angeles), with titles such as "The Occult Anatomy of Man," "The Riddle of the Rosicrucians," and "The Sacred Magic of the Qabbalah."

Mann and Barr family papers, 1848-1937, 1952.

Contents: Correspondence (originals and transcripts) of Stephen Hodge Mann, Stockton pioneer, including some letters relating to his mining and farming experiences in California; clippings; and genealogical material.

Mann (Daniel) papers

The Daniel Mann papers span the years 1919-1992 (bulk 1945-1985) and encompass 20 linear feet. The collection consists of production files, scripts, and film-related correspondence for some 20 of Mann's films. There are also clippings, casting requests from actors, teaching...

Mann Family Papers

The collection is comprised of 31 personal letters written primarily between Betty A. Mann, friends and family, as well as between E. C. Mann and Betty A. Mann from 1920 to 1937. Mostly comrpised of general correspondence, the letter contents...

Mann (Heinrich) papers

The papers include personal and business correspondence, manuscripts and published articles, and personal documents and photographs, and pencil drawings dating from Heinrich Mann's years in France, 1933-1940 and Los Angeles, 1940-1950.

Mann (J. Keith) papers

Papers consist of academic appointment, promotion, and tenure review files; Stanford Law School administrative records; committee records; student organization files; and correspondence. Committees include: admissions; SLS Board of Visitors; curriculum & grading, among others....

Mann (Jim) papers

Writings, notes, correspondence, interview recordings and transcripts, photocopies of government documents, internet printouts, and other printed matter, relating to American foreign relations with China, foreign policy during the presidential administration of Ronald Reagan, and foreign and military policy during the...

Mann, Jr. (Ray M.) Color Slides of Golden Gate International Exposition

Collection of 74 color slides from the early 1940s, San Francisco. The majority of the collection are 62 color slides that document the 1940 Golden Gate International Exposition on Treasure Island, San Francisco.

Mann (Ralph) Papers

Certificates, receipts, and letters relating to Ralph Mann's service with the Southern Pacific Railroad and his membership in the Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers.

Mannasse (Joseph) Papers

This collection contains business papers and some personal papers of Joseph S. Mannasse, a Jewish immigrant and businessman who operated as a merchant and ran a general store in Old Town San Diego beginning in the 1850s.

Manne (Alan Sussmann) Papers

The papers primarily pertain to Manne's research and writing on energy, energy policy, greenhouse gases, etc., and include correspondence, typescript papers, notes, figures, charts, and computer printouts, with some papers by others.

Manne (Shelly) Collection

This collection consists of sound recordings, photographs, jazz magazines and journals, drumming method books, sheet music, books, tour itineraries, programs and fliers

Mannerheim (Carl Gustaf Emil, friherre) telegram

Relates to the Russo-Finnish War.

Manners (Robert J.) papers

This collection mainly comprises Robert Manners' correspondence, newspaper clippings, catalogs, bibliographies, administrative records, and other material, 1953-2010. Manners was the owner and operator of the home-based gay and lesbian mail order catalog Books Bohemian (Pasadena, California) from 1977 to 2004.

Manners (Sam) papers

Sam Manners was a television and motion picture producer with credits such as , , and . The bulk of the collection consists of bound scripts from Manners’ television and motion picture projects. Also included are a small amount of...

Manning (Larry A.) Papers

This collection includes technical publications, project reports and proposals that Larry A. Manning produced, collaborated on or referenced during his career as a scientist and science administrator. The bulk of the collection reflects his career as a mission analyst and...

Manning (Michael T.) papers

Correspondence, legal documents, clippings, event flyers, and photographs, 1972-1981, from gay activist Michael T. Manning. In 1975, Manning lodged a complaint with the Los Angeles Board of Police Commissioners and the Los Angeles City Attorney, requesting a formal investigation into...

Manning W. Cox collection of mining reports, circa 1911-1984.

Includes nearly 75 years of reports from mines in California, Colorado, Idaho, Mexico and Nevada, as well as bibliographies, notes on trips to mines and materials from mining conferences. Many of the reports are mine or mining property evaluation reports,...

Manno (Bruno V.) papers

Correspondence, speeches and writings, memoranda, reports, studies, press releases, briefing books, personnel records, and video tapes relating mainly to educational policy in the United States during the presidential administration of George Bush.

Manny Reaper collection, 1852-1859.

Court records and correspondence concerning the patent dispute between John Manny and Cyrus McCormick over a reaper invention.

Manoa (freighter) data book

Manoa (freighter) data book (SAFR 17496, HDC 347) contains one volume from 1915 to 1916 for the freighter MANOA. Also included is a paper with information for determining gravity, flash and fire point of oil, and weights and gravities of...

Manock (Jerry)

This collection contains many blueprints, artifacts, and documentation of Manock's time both at Stanford University as an engineering student and at Apple as a product designer.

Manor (Filomena R.), USAF Retired, Papers

The consist of nine boxes. The collection’s content focuses in part on the evolution of the United States Air Force (USAF), Biomedical and Dietary Science Corp food and diet programs developed from 1947 through 1983, and the related activities of...

Mansback (Arthur) papers

The Arthur Mansback papers consists of letters, postcards, telegrams, photographs, training materials, and printed ephemera created and collected by Private Arthur Mansback during his tour of duty in the United States Army Expeditionary Forces in France during the second half...

Mansell (Roger) collection

The collection consists of materials collected by Roger Mansell during the course of his research for his publication , as well as his role as director of the Center for Research of Allied POWs under the Japanese and its corresponding...

Mansfeldt (Hugo) Papers

Memorabilia, autobiography, recollections, press notices, recital and concert programs, musical compositions, pedagogical publications, and recital programs of his students and the Mansfeldt Piano Club....

Mansfield Family Research Collection

A research collection containing genealogical research and photographs and other sources that focuses on the prominent Moore family of Yolo County and their descendants. Location A6.2

Mansfield (Otis Tarleton) Papers

The Otis Tarleton Mansfield Papers include six photographs of Otis Tarleton Mansfield and other African American soldiers who served in the U.S. Army and Navy during World War I. The papers also include Mansfield’s honorable discharge from the U.S. Naval...

Manson (Eddy) Collection

The collection consists of materials created by and belonging to composer and harmonica virtuoso, Eddie Manson. Included are: music manuscripts; correspondence; business papers, and sound recordings pertaining to music for film and television, concert music, and Jewish service music.

Manson (Marsden) Papers

Chiefly pertaining to his office as San Francisco City Engineer, 1908-1912, and concerning the city's water supply, particularly the Hetch Hetchy Valley and Lake Eleanor, and the Spring Valley Water Company.

Mantegna (Gianfranco) Papers

Gianfranco Mantegna (1939-2001) was an Italian-born photographer who was a member of the Living Theatre from 1965 to 1969. His Papers contain photographs of Living Theatre productions and correspondence, posters, programs, and promotional materials relating to the Living Theatre.

Mantel (Hilary) Papers

The collection is comprised primarily of the manuscripts and correspondence of British novelist Hilary Mantel (1952-). Manuscripts include short stories, lectures, interviews, scripts, radio plays, articles and reviews, as well as various drafts and notes for Mantel's novels; also included:...

Mantley (John) scripts and production information

John Mantley was a television producer and writer. The collection consists of script files and a small amount of production material related to Mantley's involvement on the television shows , , and .

Manuel Aguirre Berlanga correspondence : additions, 1916-1920.

Secretario de Governación under Mexican President Venustiano Carranza.

Manuel Aguirre Berlanga correspondence, 1919.

Correspondence with Andrés Ortiz, governor of Chihuahua, concerning the politics, activities of Francisco Villa and the establishment of a Mexican newspaper in El Paso, Texas; and with F. E. Vázquez and G. J. Jiménez re finances and the government of...

Manuel Aguirre Berlanga papers, 1919.

Principally correspondence of the Mexican Secretaria de Gobernación under President Carranza. Some relates to incidents with the U.S. Includes letters from Luis Cabrera, José Diego Fernández and others.

Manuel Aguirre Berlanga papers, 1920.

Correspondence with Alfredo Rodríguez, governor of Oaxaca, concerning funds, elections, and the politically controversial movie El automóvil gris; and a report on the two major political candidates in the upcoming election in Oaxaca, with related information on conditions there, prepared...

Manuel Alvariño Rodríquez papers, 1892-1898.

Mainly letters from his wife, in Spain, written to him while he was at sea on the Cristobal Colón.

Manuel (Alvin G.) Business Correspondence with Richard Aldington

Alvin George Manuel's client, the writer Richard Aldington (1892-1962), was born in Hampshire, England. Aldington began his literary career in London as a part-time sports journalist, became a founding poet of the Imagist movement, wrote novels about World War I,...

Manuel Castañares correspondence : ALS, 1842-1844.

Include letters from Pablo de la Guerra, José Rafael González and Francisco Rico.

Manuel (Charles) memoir

Relates to conditions in Moscow during the Revolution of 1905; in Turkestan and the Caucasus in 1907; in Moscow during World War I and the Russian Revolution, 1914-1918; and in the Caucasus during the Russian Civil War, 1919-1920.

Manuel González correspondence, 1882-1884.

Relates to military action against rebels and revolutionaries, local elections, politics, roads and railroads, and Yaqui Indians. Includes letters and/or telegrams from Luis E. Torres, Miguel de la Peña, Apolinar Castillo, Telésforo García, Diego Alvarez, Rafael Cravioto, Pudenciano Dorantes, Bernardo...

Manuel J. Madrid letters : ALS, 1849-1884.

Letters to Madrid from Jean Baptiste Jecker and others, concerning business transactions in Mexico.

Manuel Komroff letter, 1925 August 18

(1890-1974). One letter (ALS) from Komroff, an American writer of plays, novels, and screenplays, to American historian Allan Nevins re Komroff sending him a copy of his book The Grace of Lambs. New York, Aug. 18, 1925. Found in Komroff's...

Manuel Lisa papers, 1812-1815.

Letter "A los Españoles del Nuevo Mexico," Fort Manuel, September 8, 1812 (2 p. A.L.S. 26 cm.), proposing to open a trade from his post on the Missouri. With this are two accounts with the U.S. government-a receipt signed by...

Manuel Micheltorena papers, 1842-1845.

Proclamations as governor of Alta California, some pertaining to land grants. Terms of treaty of San Fernando, 1845, between Micheltorena and José Castro included. Also letters from Jacinto Rodriguez.

Manuel Núnez de Arenas papers, circa 1800-1934.

Includes correspondence of Manuel Nunez de Arenas; legal and business papers of Antonio Maria de Mena; correspondence and accounts for the firm of Juan Angel Ortiz; and legal papers of the Castro family in Spain.

Manuel Victoria documents, 1815-1833.

Documents relating to his military career before and after the governorship of California in 1831.

Manuel Victoria letters, 1829-1846.

Drafts of letters, some written while governor of Alta California, relating to the secularization of missions and to the battle of Los Angeles just prior to his departure for Mexico. Later letters concern his military career in Mexico and various...

Manuel Victoria papers, 1831.

Documents as Governor of California. Includes report on census for 1830 and document regarding a dispute, with marginal note by Victoria and letter of Leandro Flores on verso, concerning the dispute.

Manuel (Wiley W.) papers

Personal and professional papers of Wiley W. Manuel, Associate Justice of the California Supreme Court from 1977 to 1981. Materials date from 1939 through 2010.

Manufacturers Street Railway Agreements

Agreement with property owners.

Manuila (Sabin) papers

Correspondence, memoranda, reports, speeches and writings, clippings, printed matter, and other material, relating to political events in Romania, and Romanian anti-communist emigre movements.

Manulis (Martin) Collection

The Martin Manulis collection, 1954-1985 contains scripts and production materials from television programs produced by Manulis. Seasons 1 and 2 of Playhouse 90 (1956-1958) represent the bulk of the collection, which also includes development materials for the anthology series Climax!...

Manus (Carmen) Collection of Dutch Underground Newspapers

Carmen Manus was a member of the Dutch underground in Haarlem during World War II, and was a newspaper carrier for the underground paper . The collection contains Dutch underground newspapers concerning the end of World War II, the book,...

Manuscript and periodical article about Bully Hayes

Manuscript and periodical article about Bully Hayes (SAFR 17188, HDC 293) are by A.T. Saunders and Gordon W. Thayer, respectively. Titled "Bully Hayes: An Authentic Life of William Henry Hayes," this photographic copy was compiled and written by Saunders in...

Manuscript atlases of "The Great South Sea of America", 1682-1698.

Reel 1: Ms. Harleian 4034 - transcript of maps, ca. 1682; Ms. Sloane 44 - Description of the South Sea, 1684; Ms. Sloane 45 - atlas, 1687.--Reel 2: Ms. Sloane 47 - Appendix to Sharps South Sea Waggoner, ca. 1682.--Reel...

Manuscript book of Vessel Names

Manuscript book of Vessel Names (SAFR 17191, HDC 295) is an alphabetically-tabbed volume. Entries are alphabetical only by the first letter of each vessel name. In addition to vessel name, an abbreviation of vessel type is listed followed by numeric...

Manuscript Collection

The collection contains 92 manuscripts, written/compiled between the early twentieth century and early twenty-first century. These manuscripts range from television and movie scripts to flight logs, accident report, personal recollections, and biographies/memoirs. Subjects include (but are not limited to) early...

Manuscript File

There are over 500 items on a varied range of topics, including documents pertaining to Los Angeles and Southern California history; personal accounts and diaries; the Civil War and Reconstruction periods; World War I and II eras; and historic documents...

Manuscripts and notes chiefly concerning the Comstock Lode

Material gathered in preparation for books on Mark Twain, John W. Mackay and the Comstock Lode. A collection of Shakespeareana and a few miscellaneous essays are also included.

Manuscripts in the Nahuatl and Otomi languages : Mexico, 1714-1866.

Each folder cataloged separately, search under title: Manuscripts in the Nahuatl and Otami languages.

Manuscripts relating to linguistic studies, chiefly in Náhuatl : Mexico, 1793-1844.

1. Letters in Spanish, apparently models for social and business usage, possibly compiled for Indian students of Spanish. Written in Coyotepec (Cuautitlán) and Mexico City, from 1793-1814 (14 p.) -- 2. A Spanish-Náhuatl vocabulary with a concluding note signed by...

Manuzio Family Collection of Portraits

The Manuzio family were renowned Venetian printers. Aldo Manuzio (1449 or 50-1515) was a Venetian printer who founded the Aldine Press and started the Hellenic Academy at Venice that contributed to the cause of learning in Italy. The collection consists...

Manzanar Assembly Center letter and telegrams, 1942-1943.

Concerns life at Manzanar, construction, army crack down at the Santa Anita Assembly Center and advice on going to the next camp. Also includes two telegrams expressing sympathy on death of daughter.

Manzanar Collection, 1942-1994 (bulk 1942-1946)

Materials relating to the forced relocation to Manzanar, California, of Miriko Nagahama and Honey Mitsuye Toda, including correspondence, photographs, and newspapers, donated in 1981 and 1995.

Manzanar Photo Album

This collection contains one album with photographs and newspaper clippings related to the Manzanar incarceration camp and World War Two. It also contains oversized photographs of Japanese interior design.

Manzanar Relocation Center collection, circa early 1940s

Collection of correspondence, photographs, newsletters and related materials. Alpha list.

Manzanar War Relocation Center records

The Manzanar War Relocation Center was located in the Owens Valley in Central California. The United States Army initially established the camp as the Owens Valley Reception Center under the management of the Wartime Civil Control Administration (WCCA), March-May 1942....

Manzanita Club Records

Records of the Manzanita Club of San Jose, founded in 1884, including yearbooks and minute books.

Manzanita School records, 1872-1954

This collection contains collection of school registers for the Manzanita School, located near Healdsburg, California.

Manzanita Water Company Records

Correspondence, journal, stock journal, bylaws, description of lands, water grants, legal documents and other papers pertaining to Leland Stanford's association with the Manzanita Water Company. Also includes papers relating to Leland Stanford's San Francisco properties and recommendations of the Pacific...

Mao (Ping-wen) Autobiographical sketch

Relates to the Sino-Japanese War of 1937-1945, and the Civil War in China, 1945-1949. Photocopy.

Map of North America by H.S. Tanner

Original map of North America by H.S. Tanner, 1822.

"Map of Pioneer Trails, 1541-1867.", circa 1972

"Map of Pioneer Trails, 1541-1867." 1 item, printed 1972. .01 linear feet (1 folder). Oversize, cabinet 1/1.

Map of the Rebellion, as It Was in 1861 and as It Is in 1864, 1861, 1864

Two-page Civil War era map from Harper's Weekly, pp. 181-182, ca. 1864. Found in unsorted Wyles SC.

Maple, Harry L. Letter : to Mr. Evans, 1865 March 30.

Holograph letter written from the Head Quarters of the 14th Pennsylvania Cavalry, Washington, D.C.

Mapplethorpe (Robert) papers

The papers and photographs of Robert Mapplethorpe (1946-1989) span the artist's career, from his early drawings, collages and jewelry to his renowned photographic work in the 1970s and 1980s. The photographic material in the archive includes Polaroids, photographs, commercial commissions,...

Maps of Los Angeles, Calif., the U.S. and the World Collection

The collection consists of maps of Los Angeles and other parts of the United States including: California Geological Survey maps, tract maps of the San Francisco Bay area, beach cities of Southern California, New Mexico oil fields, maps from the...

Maps of Paris collection

A collection of 152 printed maps of Paris and its environs, dating from the mid-18th to early 20th centuries. Most are hand-colored, indexed, and many are illustrated with vignettes of famed monuments.

Maps of Peru, circa 1600s

Two hand-colored maps of Peru: "Carte du Pérou Pour l"histoire Générale des Voyages ...," vol. 11 (or II), page 376, by Benard Direxit, [ca. 1600s?]; and "Carte du Perou, se trouvent les Audiences de Quito, Lima et la Plata...," by...

Maps of Santa Clara University

The Santa Clara University Map Collection consists of 41 maps, drawings, surveys, and site plans of Santa Clara University. The maps in the collection range in date from 1854 to 1982, and include items prepared by public works officials, professional...

Maps of Vienna

Ten lithographed hand-colored maps of Vienna published (and possibly drawn) by Austrian cartographer Carl Graf Vasquez. One print shows the city and neighboring districts in the medieval era (1147); the remaining prints show the city in the years prior to...

Maquet (Jacques J. P.) papers

Collection documents the academic and research activities of UCLA Professor of Anthropology Jacques Jerome Pierre Maquet and includes: correspondence, course and lecture files, field notes, film, photographic prints and slides, publications, research proposals, speeches and presentations, and subject files. Field...

María y Campos (Armando de) Collection

Papers collected by Armando de María y Campos, Mexican poet, novelist, biographer, and journalist. Materials include a collection of twentieth-century corridos, a list of Mexican periodicals, documents (1633-1818) related to the Conde del Valle de Orizaba, and numerous historical documents...

María y Campos (Armando de) Collection

Armando de María y Campos (1897-1967) was a Mexican scholar and journalist whose interests were Mexico's history, especially the Revolution of 1910-1927, and the Hispanic stage. The collection contains clippings, correspondence, programs, and scripts relating to Mexican drama and Mexican...

Maradiaga (Ralph) collection

The Ralph Maradiaga Collection covers Maradiaga's educational, professional and creative accomplishments. They are recorded in exhibit materials, poetry, posters and other papers. Many slides and photos are part of this collection as well. The photos cover much of his personal...

Marawske (Max) Collection

Clippings from German newspapers and periodicals, relating to World War I.

Marble (Frank E.) Papers

Frank Earl Marble (1918-2014) earned his PhD from Caltech in 1948, and remained as GALCIT faculty and active in his research at Caltech for over fifty years. The Frank E. Marble papers illustrate Marble's contributions to the field of aeronautics...

Marburger Hochschulgesprache report

Summarizes proceedings of the Marburger Hochschulgespräche, a conference of German and foreign scholars held at Marburg, concerning academic studies in Germany.

Marc Olivier Bertrand notes : ms.S, 1734-1736.

Lecture notes on courses given by a Mr. Mounier on the Odes and Ars Poetica of Horace and on rhetoric.

Marc Van der Hout papers

Papers of Marc Van der Hout, noted Bay Area immigration attorney.

Marcel E. Cerf papers, 1860-1916.

Business records. (1863-1893) of A. Blochman & Co., San Luis Obispo, in which his family were associated, are included. There are also records of various companies with which Cerf was associated, records of his legal practice and judgeship, personal and...

Marcel Mailhebuau, Old Poodle Dog Restaurant.

Box 2748: biography and correspondence; Box 2749: correspondence; Box 2750: trip to France, demise of Poodle Dog, invoices; Box 2751; price lists and invoices; Box 2752: restaurant documentation; Box 2753: legal documents; Box 2754: personal and miscellaneous; Box 2755: Camille's...

Marcel Nicolle, circa 1859-1894

Two mss giving volume by volume listing of the contents of Gazette de Beaux Arts and L'Art, ca. 1859-1894. Alpha list.

Marcel Poete correspondence, circa 1908-1909

Six letters (ALS), in French, to [?] Stirling, ca. 1908-1909. Laid in Poete's Les Primitifs Parisiens. Alpha list.

Marcelli (Nino) Music Collection

This collection contains records of the music career of Nino Marcelli, a nationally recognized musician, composer, arranger, and music teacher who worked in San Diego, CA from 1920 till his death in 1967.

Marcellus (Edward R.) First World War Correspondence

This collection contains the correspondence, records, and ephemera of Private Edward Richardson Marcellus from his time in France and Germany with the American Expeditionary Force during WWI.

Marcellus Jackson letters : and other material : to N. Henry Crocker, Boston, Mass., 1855-1930 (bulk 1855-1857).

San Francisco, Calif., Nov. 1, 1855. Handwritten letter (4 p.) to friend with details of his voyage aboard the clipper ship, The Challenger, to San Francisco by way of Cape Horn. Having arrived safely he writes that he has not...

March Committee for Lesbian and Gay Rights/Los Angeles Records

Meeting minutes, flyers, clippings, correspondence, press releases, mailing and registration lists, notes, financial records, pamphlets, mass mailings, and newsletters of the March Committee for Lesbian and Gay Rights/Los Angeles, 1980-1982, undated. Emerging from the 1979 March on Washington and the...

March for Our Lives posters collection

9 posters created by students from the Los Angeles Service Academy, who participated in the March for our Lives in Los Angeles, March 24, 2018.

March on Sacramento Records

Meeting minutes, notes, logistical information, and flyers regarding the March on Sacramento in June 1971. Troy Perry, as chairman of the Committee for Sexual Law Reform, led the march from San Francisco to Sacramento to protest discriminatory California laws against...

March on Washington for Lesbian and Gay Rights, October 11, 1987 (National), Records

Administrative, financial, programmatic and follow-up records of the national office of the March on Washington for Gay and Lesbian Rights, held on October 11, 1987.

Marchand (Roland) Papers

Research files, correspondence, publication files, ephemera, and memorabilia relating to Marchand's research in American corporate history.

Marconi (Guglielmo) Correspondence

The collection chiefly contains the correspondence of Italian physicist Guglielmo Marconi (1874-1937), primarily to his American fiancée, Josephine Bowen Holman. There are two manuscripts: Morse Code Legend written by Marconi and Holman's diary for January to April 1902.

Marcum (John) papers

John Marcum was an Africanist scholar and political historian who published extensively on post-colonial southern Africa, especially Angola, Mozambique, and South Africa. Marcum was also involved with education and study abroad programs both in Africa and elsewhere.

Marcus and Narcissa Whitman papers, 1825-1847.

Papers of the New York physician Marcus Whitman and his wife Narcissa (Prentiss) Whitman. Includes: card of admission for medical lectures, 1825; Marcus Whitman's fragmentary diary notes, May-July, 1835, on journey to Rocky Mountains with Samuel Parker; letters to his...

Marcus Fidel memoirs : typescipt, 1929 July 5.

Mainly recollections of his parents and his life in Germany, his emigration to America in 1882 and to California in 1883, and an account of the hardships in his new life.

Marcus (Fred) papers

Diaries and oral history recording and transcript relating to the condition of Jews in Nazi Germany and to the Jewish refugee community in China during World War II.

Marcus (Irving) Papers

Contains biographical material, newspaper clippings, exhibition material, publications, scrapbooks, photgraphs and slides pertaining to Irving Marcus, artist and chairman of the Art Department at Sacramento State during 1966-1969.

Marcus (Jane Ellen) Papers

These files pertain to Marcus' contributions toward the development of many campus technology programs including Team to Improve Productivity at Stanford (TIPS), and her work to help faculty integrate computers into their teaching....

Marcus (Morton) Poetry Archive

This collection includes biographical material, correspondence, manuscripts, notebooks, teaching materials, poetry and film criticism.

Marcus (Neil) papers

The Neil Marcus papers document his life and work as a writer, actor, artist, dancer and disability rights activist from his early childhood through his adult life. There is incoming and outgoing correspondence; writings, including materials related to his play...

Marcus (R. A.) papers

The working papers, correspondence, publications, and biographical material of chemist Rudolph A. Marcus form the collection known as the R. A. Marcus Papers in the California Institute of Technology Archives. Marcus is best known for his contributions to the theory...

Marcus (Steven) Free Speech Movement Photographs

This selection of 121 photographs document the primary events and personalities of the Free Speech Movement.

Marcuse (Ludwig) papers

This collection includes personal and business correspondence, manuscripts and published articles, and personal documents and photographs, and pencil drawings dating from Marcuse's years in France, 1933-1940 and Los Angeles, 1940-1950.

The Marcy Miranda Collection on the Comision Femenil Mexicana Nacional-Leadership Project, 1996.

The collection includes an interview log, interview release forms, interview transcripts, diskettes, program of the CFMN Silver Anniversary Program, and diskette printouts.

Marcy, William L. (William Learned) Letter from William L. Marcy to Reuben Withers, Esq., 1846 August 3.

Holograph letter written by William L. Marcy from Washington, [D. C.] to Reuben Withers, Esq. granting Withers the authority to endorse a bank note in the amount of $1,018.00.

Marder (Arthur J.) Papers

This collection contains the professional papers of Arthur J. Marder. It contains primarily manuscripts and research materials used for four of his historical works on the British Navy in the 20th century, and correspondence with British naval officers, which includes...

Mardian (Robert Charles) papers

Speeches and writings, correspondence, memoranda, reports, proposals, minutes, testimony, legal documents, printed matter, and audiovisual material relating to education policy during the presidential administration of Richard M. Nixon, school desegregation, surveillance of radical movements, administration of the Federal Bureau of...

Mardirosian (Vahac) papers

Reverend Vahac Mardirosian has been a major advocate of Mexican-American educational reforms in Los Angeles and San Diego school districts since the early 1960s. This collection contains material related to his pastoral work, his involvement with the 1968 East Los...

Mare Island and other California views [graphic]

Mare Island, Calif. views are aerial views of the Navy yard during World War I and later. Also includes close up views of ships, buildings, docks, and other WWI era views at Mare Island. Other photos show Robert Morrow's house...

Mare Island Naval Shipyard photographs

The collection consists of 33 photographs of mostly United States Navy vessels at Mare Island Naval Shipyard, California.

Mare Island Navy Yard documents, 1854-1856.

Negative photostatic copy of letter, June 17, 1854, from Secretary of the Navy J.C. Dobbin to Governor John Bigler (with copies of correspondence, 1941, concerning it); positive photostats of 4 letters, 1854-1856, from David G. Farragut, Commandant.

Mare Island Navy Yard Petition, 1854.

Four page document, addressed to Commodore Smith, Superintendent of Docks and Yards, Washington, D.C. Circa 1854. Testimonial for James Warner, master mason and resident of California since 1849, for a permanent appointment at Mare Island Navy Yard as master mason....

Mare Island Navy Yard Petition, 1854.

Four page document, addressed to Commodore Smith, Superintendent of Docks and Yards, Washington, D.C. Circa 1854. Testimonial for James Warner, master mason and resident of California since 1849, for a permanent appointment at Mare Island Navy Yard as master mason....

Mare Island photos from the Sidney Morgan Henry papers [graphic]

Photographs show detailed views of interior operations at Mare Island Naval shipyard in Vallejo, Calif. Included are: machinery, workshops, the route board, flag room, flag sewing areas and equipment, sewing machines, boiler shop, ship cabinet making division, upholstery department, tool...

Margaret A. Kelley papers, 1921-1939.

Partial contents: Part I (portfolio) - statement (1939) concerning James W. Marshall signed by Miss Kelley, George Johnson and other residents of Kelsey, Calif.; signed poem by Edwin Markham; notes on "Pegleg" Smith; pictures and miscellaneous papers.

Margaret and Emil Schlichtmann personal photographs [graphic]

Sixteen family photos from album of Margaret Schlichtman, showing the Estudillo home in San Leandro, Margaret Schlichtmann with Harold & Mabel Holmes (of Holmes Bookstore, San Francisco), "Hull's Meadow Cabin 1941" and scenes on family vacation about this same time,...

Margaret and Hank Jensen collection on Hans Hofmann, 1930-1980.

Contains correspondence from Hans Hofmann's wife Maria (Miz) Hofmann to Margaret Jensen and other related items concerning Hans Hofmann's career. Correspondence topics include news about exhibitions and personal concerns. Other items include photocopies of Hofmann's lectures at Berkeley in 1931,...

Margaret B. Harrison Preservation Dept. Archives, 1955-1988.

Office files and reference materials relating to the responsibilities of the department including disaster preparedness, preservation microfilming, and book repair.

Margaret Blake Alverson Collection, 1880-1920.

Account book, correspondence, diaries, files, notes and drafts, photographs.

Margaret Chung papers, 1933-1958 (bulk 1942-1944)

Contains Margaret Chung's personal writings, draft of an autobiography, speeches, addresses, radio script, tribute to Sophie Tucker, lyrics, as well as correspondence with Madame Chiang Kai-shek from 1943 to 1952, photographs of the President and Madame, and general correspondence. The...

Margaret Ely Webb collection, circa 1920s-1950s

Correspondence, Christmas greetings and watercolor sketches by Santa Barbara book artist, book plate designer, and printmaker Margaret Ely Webb (1877-1965), as well as essays by/about her.

Margaret J. Beggs estate papers, 1873-1924.

Among the documents are deeds to land in Sonoma County and an Abstract of Title and List of Incumbrances ... affecting Lots 2 and 3 ... in Rancho Laguna de San Antonio, Sonoma County, Calif. ... Dec. 14, 1899.

Margaret Long Papers

Research files for the publication, The Shadow of the Arrow, a History of Death Valley and Early Travelers Through the Area. The files consist of photostatic and typed copies of documents and maps, and a total of 133 photographs.

Margaret Mason Whitney papers, [ca. 1923-1930]

Materials relating to the Berkeley Council of the Camp Fire Girls; East Bay Girls Service Association; and other community activities. Includes correspondence, biographical materials, financial records, notebooks, minutes of meetings, theater programs, and photographs.

Margaret Mather autograph book and one photograph, circa 1880s

One autograph book and one photo (carte de visite), ca. 1880s. No prominent names noted. .05 linear feet (1 folder).

Margaret Meier collection of Extreme Right Ephemeral Materials

The Margaret Meier Collection of Extreme Right Ephemeral Materials, c1930-1980, consists of 47 manuscript boxes and 9 print boxes. The collection contains Margaret and Herbert Meier's materials documenting the rise and the activities of the extreme right in California and...

Margaret Moody Mbooni [Kenya] Mission Photograph Album, ca. 1927.

An American teacher at Mbooni Mission, Kenya photo album. Undated but circa 1927. Over 100 snapshots approximately 7.5 cm x 10 cm. About 70 are mounted (four per page with corner mounts) in a large (oblong 28 cm.) album. Almost...

Margaret More Oliver scrapbook, 1913-1965.

Scrapbook containing newspaper clippings of articles written by and about Oliver for various California newspapers as well as Socialist Party publications, including a column she wrote for the California Social-Democrat. Several clippings feature Oliver's Socialist and community activities and her...

The Margaret N. Palmer Collection of the Pacificulture Foundation Papers

The Margaret N. Palmer Collection of Pacificulture Foundation Papers covers a range of institutional records and activities during the formative years of the Pacificulture Foundation. The bulk of the collection dates from the 1960 through the 1970s. It consists of...

Margaret ("Peggy") Webster letters : Martha's Vineyard, Mass., to Travis Bogard, Berkeley, Calif., 1971.

One letter (TLS) describing her health problems, and about her new book, Don't put your daughter on the stage; and one postcard (ALS).

Margaret Peterson Christmas cards, circa 1951.

Two Christmas cards with designs by Peterson.

Margaret Ryder Sanborn Archives, 1914-2004.

Manuscripts and research materials of Margaret Ryder Sanborn.

Margaret Sanger letter, 1932 November 1

One letter (TLS) to Robert B. Sweet re his article concerning birth control technique. New York, 1 Nov. 1932. Alpha list.

Margaret Schlichtmann material collected in writing The Big Oak Flat Road, 1898-1966, bulk 1940-1955.

Correspondence with Mrs. Paden and with various persons in the area; questionnaires; notes; rough drafts of portions of the manuscript; sketch maps; etc.

Margaret Schlichtmann papers relating to California history, 1972-1975.

Include correspondence, clippings and ephermeral material relating to various localities in California - Fort Ross, San Leandro, Groveland and the Big Gap flume in Tuolumne County.

Margaret Schlichtmann papers relating to the Estudillo family, [ca.1850-1988].

The collection relates to to the editing and publication of the journals of Jesús María Estudillo. It contains correspondence; manuscript drafts; research notes; document transcriptions; clippings; and photographs.

Margaret Schlichtmann photograph collection [graphic].

Photographs relating to the history of the San Francisco Bay Area and, particularly, to the Estudillo family and the journals of Jesús María Estudillo, edited initially by Margaret Schlichtmann, and completed for publication by Marie Wilson at the request of...

Margaret T. Hodgen's California views [graphic]

Photographs show San Francisco views: the Ferry Building, Golden Gate Park, Cliff House, Fort Point, Land's End (with bathers), ships on the bay, etc. Other photos show Yosemite scenery, Devil's Post Pile, a photographer in the Sierra Nevadas, Mammoth Valley...

Margaret Victoria Samuels diary, 1932.

Diary describing the social life of a wealthy San Francisco Bay Area family, it also contains Margaret's thoughts about school, war, and entertainment during the Great Depression.

Margaret Wentworth Owings photograph collection [graphic], 1963-1985.

Mainly pictures of Owings and the following friends: Ansel Adams, Evelyn and Amyas Ames, Albert Bender, David Brower, Helen Hobart, Lady Bird Johnson, George and Gerry Lindsay, Edward P. Morgan, Wendy Morgan, Gordon Newell, Georgia O'Keeffe, Nathaniel A. Owings, Emily...

Margarita Suarez oral history, circa 1999

Interviewer: David E. Russell, [1998-1999?]. Interviewee(s): Margarita Suarez. Transcript: Corrected transcript in binder.

Margery Carpenter papers, [ca. 1938-1959]

Files relating to her political activities in Berkeley, Calif., 1938-1942; and miscellaneous writings by her relating to her career as a social worker in Berkeley.

Margery Jones Wolf research collection on Sonoma County families, 1872-2010

This collection contains genealogical charts of Sonoma County families, research notebooks and World War II ration books. It also includes the original 1872 diary of Alice Hamilton and transcriptions by Margery Jones Wolf.

Margery Jones Wolf research collection on Sonoma County families, 1872-2010

This collection contains genealogical charts of Sonoma County families, research notebooks and World War II ration books. It also includes the original 1872 diary of Alice Hamilton and transcriptions by Margery Jones Wolf.

Margo Leavin Gallery records

In nearly forty-two years of operation as one of the foremost art venues in Los Angeles (1970 -2012), Margo Leavin Gallery presented over five hundred exhibitions. Grounded in Minimalism and Pop Art, the gallery showed a mix of works by...

Margo Skinner papers, 1933-1997.

Contains manuscripts of Skinner's fiction, non-fiction and poetry, including her book "As green as emeraude." Also includes biographical information, a travel scrapbook mostly about Hawaii and ephemera.

Margolin (Burt) Papers

Burt Margolin, a Democrat, was elected to the California Assembly in 1982 to represent the 45th Assembly District. The Burt Margolin Papers consist of 10.5 cubic feet of textual records and 95 audiocassettes documenting Margolin's activities in the California State...

Margolis (Ben) Papers

Ben Margolis (1910- ) helped draft the United Nations charter, the rule of law, and the conduct of the United States government in Viet-nam and the Dominican Republic (1965). The collection consists of government documents regarding Ben Margolis including material...

Margot Patterson Doss papers, circa 1947-2000.

Contains correspondence with friends and publishers including Philip Whalen, Donald Allen and Joanne Kyger; subject files on the greater San Francisco Bay Area; manuscript drafts of books and articles; scrapbooks containing her columns; maps (chiefly in oversize).

Marguerite Bennett letters, 1923-1980.

Letters to Melville F. Phillips, 1923-1949, containing comments on her former husband, Arnold Bennett, and on Edith Sitwell. With these, a letter of transmittal from Mr. Phillips to Travis Bogard, Nov. 4, l980, with information on Mrs. Bennett.

Margulies (Stan) Collection

The Stan Margulies Collection consists of the papers of Stan Margulies. Margulies was a producer of made-for-TV movies and miniseries, including the ratings hits and .

Margulis (Rena K.) papers

Correspondence, press releases, reports, clippings, printed matter, and memorabilia, relating to human rights conditions and conditions of political prisoners in Czechoslovakia, and to Jiri Wolf and other Czechoslovak dissidents.

Margy Fiske letter, undated

One letter (ALS) to her cousin, re family matters, n.d. .02 linear feet (1 folder).

Maria Alexandrovna correspondence, [ca. 1864-1904]

Letters by the Duchess describe her life in England (sometimes at the royal court); her travels on the continent; activities of her husband, Alfred, Duke of Saxe-Cobourg-Gotha; her family, etc.

Maria and Herbert von Ridelstein collection of photographs, original art and other materials [graphic].

Includes portrait and snapshot photographs of Maria von Ridelstein and her husband Herbert von Ridelstein, photographic reproductions of their artwork, and photographs depicting art exhibitions and Maria's Art & Style Studio in San Francisco. Also includes original drawings by the...

Maria Covarrubias letter, 1871 October

1 letter (ALS), in Spanish, written on her behalf by her daughter, to her brother, re death of family members including her husband, Jose Maria (a prominent judge and legislator). Santa Barbara, Oct. 1871. Includes translation. Purchase from Joan Perkal

Maria M. Eastman Child correspondence, 1849-1851.

Letters from her husband, Isaac Child, and others concerning her sister's California plans; letters from her sister, Sophia A. Eastman, (who later married Harrison Eastman) concerning voyage from Boston on brig, Colorado, and experiences in San Francisco, including nursing at...

Maria Villas-Boas Bowen oral history, 1991

About Carl Rogers. Interviewer: David E. Russell, 4 June 1991. Interviewee(s): Maria Bowen. Related materials: Carl Rogers Collection (HPA Mss ) and Carl Rogers Oral History.

Mariah (Paul) Papers

This collection consists of materials related to the late San Francisco Bay Area poet Paul Mariah, a pioneer of the gay literary scene.

Marian Allen Williams photographs [graphic]

Views of Mrs. Williams and her friends from the Los Angeles High School Class on the beach at Santa Catalina Island.

Marian E. Koshland, 1921-1997 : oral history transcript : retrospectives on a life in academic science, family, and community activities / 2003.

Retrospective interviews about Marian Elliott Koshland (1921-1997) with eight individuals--friends, family and colleagues. Koshland's support of immunology as a distinct field, role in the reorganization of biology at the University of California, Berkeley; membership and support of the Haverford College...

Marian Lydia Lothrop papers, ca. 1926-1961.

Materials relating particularly to Lothrop's work on Mariano G. Vallejo.

Mariano Guadalupe Vallejo Baptism Record and related material : ms., 1807 and 1950.

Page 224 of Libro de Bautismos containing the recording of Vallejo's baptism on July 5, 1807, signed by Father Baltasar Carnier, and a letter from Jacob N. Bowman (September 16, 1950) transmitting to the Bancroft Library a photoprint of the...

Mariano Guadalupe Vallejo materials : ms., 1875-1876.

Letters and notes concerning land in California and California history.

Maric (Bennett) Collection

The collection consists of material, primarily correspondence (mostly outgoing) related to Maric's efforts through international legal action to recover eight paintings stolen from him in Paris during World War II. The paintings were to have been transferred from Paris to...


Title suppled by cataloger.

Maricopa & Phoenix Railroad Collection

Construction costs, bills, invoices, and other financial records for the Maricopa & Phoenix Railroad and the Maricopa, Phoenix & Salt River Valley.

Maricourt (Andre, baron de) holograph

Relates to Ferdinand Foch, marshal of the French Army.

Marie Carmichael Stopes collection, circa 1930-1940

Seven items, including correspondence, advertisement, magazine article, Christmas message, and litho portrait of British birth control advocate Marie Carmichael Stopes, found in books by her, ca. 1930s-1940s. Alpha list.

Marie de Laveaga Welch papers, circa 1917-1974.

Correspondence, manuscripts of her poems, notes and prose writings, journals. Also included, correspondence and papers of George Parsons West, her husband. Correspondence regarding literature and social or political issues is prominent. Major correspondents include: Albert M. Bender, Stella Benson, James...

Marie Humphries oil scrapbook, circa 1934-1938

Small scrapbook with clippings, many from a column in the Santa Barbara Daily News entitled "In the Oilfields," with latest news on drilling on the Santa Barbara Mesa and Ellwood fields, as well as Ventura (incl. [Robert] Moran's Oil Ridge...

[Marie Katherine Seegelken portraits of war veterans, Letterman Hospital, San Francisco].

Chiefly portrait drawings of war veterans drawn at the Letterman Army Hospital, San Francisco, in the early 1950s. Also includes other portraits, including one of Christian Dior; a few fashion drawings; an illustrated holiday greeting card; and a sketch of...

Marie (May d') Papers

May d’ Marie’s collection includes Agendas, Articles, Artifacts, Audio Recordings, Binders, Books, Certificates, Newspaper Clippings, Personal Correspondence, Ephemera, Film, Handbills, Lecture Notes, Lectures, Legal Documents, Manuscripts, Memorabilia, Notes, Notebooks, Organizational Records, Photographs, Posters, Event Programs, Publications, Scrapbooks, Speeches and Video...

Marie (Queen, consort of Ferdinand I, King of Romania) letter

Relates to personal matters and international relations.

Marie Short correspondence, 1935-1966.

Letters from Myron Brinig, Eleanor S. Brooks (the first Mrs. Van Wyck Brooks), Gladys Brooks (the second Mrs. Brooks), Jaime De Angulo, Langston Hughes, Una C. Jeffers, Ella Winter, Clarkson Crane, Van Wyck Brooks and Henry Varnum Poor. Many of...

Mariia Feodorovna, Empress, Consort of Alexander III, Letters to Queen Alexandra

Letters to Queen Alexandra of Great Britain. Relates to matters of state and family.

Mariko-Sanders (Emily) Collection of Project Inform Recordings

This collection includes 5 DVDs of recordings of news segments and other television programs circa 1987-1992 related to Project Inform and HIV/AIDS. In the late 1980s and 1990s, Emily Mariko-Sanders recorded stories off of the television related to Project Inform...

Marilyn K. Wulliger Collection

Tapes from lectures and presentations by professors in Ghana. Several of these are Professor J.H. Kwabena Nketia's lectures, who was a member of the music staff at the University of Ghana and UCLA.

Marilyn McDonald collection on Tassajara Hot Springs, Calif., circa 1974-2011.

Materials collected over a period of years from a long-time resident of the area for use in a possible book. Includes typescript of manuscript, research files, index card file (arranged chronologically and by subject), maps, brochures, promotional materials, memorabilia, ephemera,...

Marilyn Sachs manuscripts and notebooks, 1973-2005.

The collection contains handwritten notebooks and typed manuscripts with annotations by Sachs; proof sheets; a finished jacket cover and cover designs; and a very short biography of Sachs. The collection also includes the following: a copy of Sach's book, Lost...

Marin Central Labor Union minutes, 1889-1924.

Contains minutes and other business relating to the Marin Central Labor Union.

Marin Co., Calif., Assessor's Office assessment lists, [1851?] - 1855.

v.1 - undated listing of names and property with evaluations; v.2 - lists for 1854 and 1855, certified by the county assessor, with signatures of some of the property owners.

Marin County AIDS Advisory Commission Records

This collection contains records produced by the Marin County AIDS Advisory Commission (MAAC) and documents one aspect of the county’s official response to AIDS. The collection includes organizational records; correspondence and memos; meeting agendas and minutes for various committees; reports;...

Marin County Board of Supervisors records, 1864-1899.

Includes bids for building bridges; specifications for roads, and other materials.

Marin County photographs [graphic]

Collection contains photographs of towns, scenes, and activity in many Marin County (Calif.) locations. The following locations are particularly well documented: Bolinas, Larkspur (especially the Ho Ho Estate: including snaphots as well as prints of drawings by C. Neilson), Marshall,...

Marin County Tobacco Education Program

This collection documents the activities of the Tobacco Education Program of the Marin County Department of Health and Human Services (MCTEP).

[Marin County transportation materials, 1971-1980 /

Consists primarily of Marin County Transit Commission reports, agendas, and minutes (1971-1981). Also contains Golden Gate Bridge, Highway and Transportation District reports (1971-1977) and Golden Gate Recreational Travel Study reports (1976-1977).

Marin (Louis) offprints

This collection comprises offprints of critical theory articles published by Louis Marin, and a bibliography of his work. The bulk of the materials are in French and English.

Marin (Patricia J.) collection

Postcards depicting scenes along the Rhine River; and a program for a carnival in Coblenz held by the United States Third Army while serving as an occupation force in Germany.

Marin, Sonoma, San Francisco, and other California photographs [graphic] /

Primarily views of San Francisco, Mill Valley, and Marin and Sonoma Counties, California. Includes many views of schools in the San Francisco Bay area, residences, community events, etc.

Marine Biological Association of San Diego Records and Photographs

The collection consists of early records, meeting minutes, and photographs documenting the formative years of the Marine Biological Association of San Diego and its transition into the Scripps Institution of Biological Research, predecessor of the Scripps Institution of Oceanography.

Marine biologist and environmentalist : oral history transcript : pycnogonids, progress, and preserving bays, salmon, and other living things / 1996.

Joel Hedgpeth discusses his family and education, ecology, ecological communities and the work of Ed Ricketts, his time as Director of the Pacific Marine Station at Dillon Beach, the proposed Nuclear Power Plant of Pacific Gas and Electric at Bodega...

Marine Cooks and Stewards Association of the Pacific Coast minutes, 1910-1931.

Marine Cooks and Stewards Association of the Pacific Coast minutes, BANC MSS 2004/178 c, The Bancroft Library, University of California, Berkeley.

Marine Engineering and Harbor Development records

Marine Engineering and Harbor Development records (SAFR 14296, HDC 88) consists of 27 documents. These documents are specifications, pamphlets and drawings relating to marine engineering and harbor development. The plans are from International Marine Engineering. Also included is a contract...

Marine Engineering Records

The Marine engineering records collection, 1948-1954 and undated (SAFR 23832, HDC 1676) consists of information regarding an operations and maintenance manual for a pump, vessel specifications, and instructions for marine boiler water treatment. The collection has been processed to the...

Marine History of the Pacific Northwest manuscripts

Marine History of the Pacific Northwest manuscripts (SAFR 17185, HDC 290) contains the pre-published versions of the first and second edition of the book of the same title by Gordon Newell. The collection is available for research use without restriction.

Marine photographs relating to Standish D. Tynan's experiences at sea [graphic]

Portraits of Standish Tynan and others aboard various ships, pictures of numerous ships (identified in finding aid), various newspaper clippings which relate to shipping, and two letters. Several of the voyages represented were to the Arctic from the Pacific Northwest,...

Marinell Ash collection, 1970s, 1980s

1970s and 1980s. Correspondence and related printed ephemera, re Scottish history. Accompanies a book collection on the same topic. Alpha list.

Mariners' Museum photograph collection

The Mariners' Museum photograph collection, 1922, (SAFR 24830, P77-046) is comprised of a photograph of MARIA BORGES (built 1884; ship, 3m) foundered at Newport News, Virginia. The collection has been processed to the Item level and is open for use.

Marinescu (Mihai) papers

Soviet propaganda leaflet, dropped over Romania in 1944; and two letters from the Romanian politician Iuliu Maniu, relating to conditions in Romania under communism.

Marinetti (F. T. and Benedetta Cappa) papers

The founder and leader of the futurist movement. Married Benedetta Cappa, a futurist writer and artist, in 1923. Collection includes minor manifesto manuscripts, generally typewritten, sometimes translated or excerpted; a number of minor literary manuscripts; and 20,000 slides that reproduce...

Marinetti (Filippo Tommaso) correspondence and papers

Writer and founder and leader of the Italian Futurist movement. Correspondence, writings, photographs, and printed matter from Filippo Tommaso Marinetti's papers, documenting the history of the futurist movement from its beginning in the journal Poesia, through World War I, and...

Marinetti (Filippo Tommaso) Student Notebooks and Other Papers

Filippo Tomasso Marinetti's class notes, essays, and stories that he wrote for secondary school in Alexandria, Egypt. One notebook by Leone Marinetti. Selected correspondence, 1891-1943, with school friends and the school rector. Letters concerning the futurist enterprise from Gino Severini,...

Marinissen (Jan) Collection the Council on Religion and the Homosexual Records

This collection primarily contains materials related to the Council on Religion and the Homosexual (CRH) and includes organizational records; correspondence and memos; board and member meeting minutes; conference materials; financial records; mass mailings; publications; and writings and bibliographies on the...

Marinos Gillett letters to his cousin, 1862-1865.

Letters describe experiences mining in Sutters Creek and Placerville, California.

Marinship Corporation records

The Marinship Corporation records (SAFR 14318, HDC 90) consists of work ledgers, correspondence, memoranda, photographs, reports, scrapbooks, and ephemera which document certain phases of activity of Marinship Corporation between 1942-1945. An additional finding aid that includes arrangement, added entries and...

Marinship Corporation records, approximately 1934-1963.

Marinship Corporation records, BANC MSS 83/158 c, The Bancroft Library, University of California, Berkeley.

Marinship Corporation shipyard photograph

The Marinship Corporation shipyard photograph, 1942-1945, (SAFR 24635, P15-007) is comprised of a panorama photograph of the Marinship Corporation shipyard in Sausalito, California, during World War II. The collection has been processed to the Collection level and is open for...

Marinship launchings and events [graphic]

Views of World War II era launchings from the Marinship shipyard on San Francisco Bay, and of related social events. Views of the drydocks, ships, guests of honor, entertainers, and Marinship personnel are present. Ships featured most prominently are the...

Mario and Ruth Chamlee Collection

Includes correspondence dealing with the Metropolitan Opera Regional Auditions; personal papers which consist of promotional documents, and biographical and/or pedagogical writings; newspaper and magazine clippings; 22 annotated scores; 7 programs; opera snakes; about 350 photographs; 12 scrapbooks; 285 transcription discs,...

Mario Garcia oral history, circa 1990

The oral biography traces Garcia's academic career from the University of Texas, El Paso, where he completed his undergraduate work and earned an MA in history, to his first teaching position at San Jose State. It also covers his doctoral...

Mario Savio correspondence : Mississippi, to Cheri Stevenson, Berkeley, Calif. : ALS, 1964.

Contains 10 letters describing Savio's experiences in Mississippi including his involvement with the Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party, Mississippi Freedom Schools, the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee, and African American voter registration, also discussing the KKK, FBI and his education at the...

Marion De Vries correspondence, 1896-1922.

Miscellaneous correspondence, chiefly letters concerning requests for congressional patronage or support while De Vries served in the U.S. House of Representatives, and letters attempting to influence him while he served as a judge for the U.S. Court of Customs Appeals.

Marion Harry Spielmann note, 1924 May 1

(1858-1948). One note (TNS) from British art critic and scholar, to Clement Shorter, re sending copies of his (Spielmann's) works. Uplands, Folkestone, [England], 1 May 1924. Laid in The Title Page of the First Folio of Shakespeare's Plays. Alpha list.

Marion M. Oliver collection, circa early 20th century

Correspondence and reports, much of it relating to women's issues and women's clubs, including the California Federation of Women's Clubs; also several essays or speeches on various writers, artists, and historical figures. Alpha list.

Marion M. Sickler Collection, 1880.

War Department communications to signal Corps Sgt. M. M. Sickler in Sacramento from January 19 to December 9, 1880.

Marion Mitchell papers, 1870-1959.

Correspondence, clippings and notes concerning Alexis von Schmidt, civil engineer.

Marion Mostny oral history interview

This collection comprises two videotapes of an oral history interview with Marion Mostny conducted by the Holocaust Oral History Project on November 4, 1998.

Marion Randall Parsons Sierra Club papers, 1914-1915.

Papers relating to Marion Randall Parsons' involvement in the Sierra Club.

Marion Rudin Frank papers, 1980s

Vitae, leaflets, articles

Mariposa County views from the May Corcoran papers [graphic]

Views show the Fremont House, a church at Mariposa, a school at Bear Valley, the Mariposa Co. courthouse, and the Mariposa Catholic sunday school picnic, at the Stockton Creek bridge (shows many ladies wearing hats).

Mariposa Land and Mining Company of California records

The records of the Mariposa Land and Mining Company of California, including correspondence, reports, property records, legal records, financial records, and a few photographs.

Mariposa reminiscences : oral history transcript / and related material.

A group of pioneers and descendents recollecting anecdotes concerning local figures and events of an early mining town, including crimes and violence.

Maritime Federation of the Pacific Coast Records

The Maritime Federation of the Pacific Coast records document the activities of the Maritime Federation of the Pacific Coast (MFPC), more commonly known as the Maritime Federation of the Pacific (MFP), an organization representing the interests of longshoremen, seamen, ship...

Maritime History and Events Scrapbook

Maritime History and Events Scrapbook (SAFR 18465, HDC0558) was assembled by Alexander Hay using clippings from San Francisco Bay area newspapers. The collection is available for research use without restriction.

Maritime newspaper clippings scrapbook

Maritime newspaper clippings scrapbook (SAFR 17234, HDC 246) is dated 1881. The collection is available for research use without restriction.

Marizus (J.) typescript

Relates to changes in the French law regarding taxation of profits of defense contractors.

Marjorie Arkelian research files, 1967-1980.

Art historian Arkelian's research files on Thomas Hill, Charles Nahl, William Hahn and George Inness; includes photocopies of materials that date back to the 19th century. Arkelian was the author of catalogues for exhibitons of each of the artists.

Marjorie Brush papers, ca. 1940s-1990s.

Marjorie Edwards Brush was born in Alaska in 1901. Graduate of the University of California; worked as a reporter for the San Francisco Call-Bulletin. Died in the mid-1990s.

Marjorie Cook Wilson's photograph album [graphic]

Photographs appear to be mainly of Marjorie Cook Wilson's friends and their families. Mainly contains baby pictures, family snapshots, studio portraits, wedding pictures and related newspaper clippings of various families. Families pictured: Bardsley, Rieger, Hatch, Dean, High, Towler, Davies, etc....

Marjorie Davys Letters, 1932-1938.

From dealer description: Collection of 102 letters written by Marjorie Davys from Peking to her home in England. The letters in this collection are hand written (just one is typed) and are from two to ten pages in length (most...

Marjorie H. E. Benedict papers, 1938-[ca. 1965].

Correspondence and other papers relating principally to her work with the Republican Party, particularly as Republican National Committee Woman for California, 1948-1960.

Marjorie Himmelstern collection on the Belasco and Bender families, 1892-1926.

The collection consists mainly of materials relating to David Belasco and his family collected by Belasco's grand niece Marjorie Himmelstern. There are also materials relating to the Bender family, who were maternal relations of Ms. Himmelstern. Included are 1907 and...

Mark 40 Defense Fund Records

Correspondence, meeting minutes, police reports, legal papers, defendent lists, notes, memoranda, financial documents, constitution, press releases, photograph, interview transcripts, clippings, fact sheets, flyers, and graphic design material from the Mark 40 Defense Fund, 1976-1983. The Mark 40 Defense Fund was...

Mark Aurel Stein letter, 1930 March 30

(Sir) (1862-1943). One letter (ALS) from Mark Aurel Stein, Hungarian archaeologist, later British citizen and professor at various Indian universities, to Alexander H. Godfrey, thanking him for his interest in Stein's work and mentioning he is heading back to India....

Mark H. White papers, 1896-1931.

Material concerning student days at the Berkeley High School and the University of California, Class of 1900. A few items pertain to the Sierra Club.

Mark Hopkins letter : ALS : and railroad pass, 1849-1871.

written on board the ship Pacific enroute from New York to San Francisco, to his brother, Samuel, February 22-26, 1849.

Mark Hopkins papers, 1861-1878.

Chiefly letters from Collis P. Huntington, Leland Stanford and others, and papers concerning the Central Pacific Railroad.

Mark Juergensmeyer / Radhasoami collection, circa 1918-1980s (bulk 1960-1989)

Pamphlets, articles, brochures, annual reports, and other printed materials (copies and originals) about the Radhasoami religious groups and leaders such as Kirpal Singh, Darshan Singh, and Faqir Singh, collected by UCSB professor Juergensmeyer. Accompanying books have been cataloged separately.

Mark R. Rosenzweig papers, 1950-2003.

The Mark R. Rosenzweig papers include the correspondence, writings, teaching materials, research, and professional files of Mark R. Rosenzweig, prioneer and expert in the area of brain plasticity research, who served as a Professor in the Dept. of Psychology at...

Mark Ryser papers, 1980-2009.

Documents pertaining to the following organizations: California Heritage Task Force, California Preservation Foundation, Californians for Preservation Action, San Franciscans Upholding the Downtown Plan, and San Francisco Beautiful, along with documents pertaining to California State Senate Bill 180.

Mark S. Lusk diaries, 1933-1943.

Mark S. Lusk's diary from 1933, and his diary from 1943.

Mark Santarelli and Linda Arreola Collection of Magú Materials

The Mark Santarelli and Linda Arreola Collection of Magú Materials consists of items related to the short film documenting the art and activism of Gilbert "Magú" Luján. Materials date roughly from 1999 to 2004. This collection includes audiovisual materials, electronic...

Mark Schorer papers, approximately 1930-1977.

Faculty papers and correspondence, primarily concerning his work, and related publications in the field of modern English and American literature.

Mark Schorer papers, circa 1960-1975.

Contains correspondence, manuscripts, drafts, published articles, and galleys of his work and interest in writing, publishing, and literary criticism.

Mark Taper Forum Scripts

This collection consists primarily of photocopies of scripts for plays performed at the Mark Taper Forum and the Center Theatre Group in Los Angeles, California, from 1967 onward, as well as production files, programs, and a set of periodicals...

Mark Twain miscellany, [on-going]

Manuscript items associated with Twain &/or his works.

Mark W. Haviland papers, 1863-1893.

Chiefly concerning land speculation and business operations in Nevada. Some relate to Camp Winfield Scott, Nevada, of which he was custodian after 1871. Family correspondence and papers, included. Among the correspondents are Amos Buch (or Reed), C.C.C. Carr, James Collins,...

Mark-Age collection, 1960s-1980s

About 100 printed self study courses and other pamphlets by Mark-Age (Miami and Fort Lauderdale, FL), most channeled through Nada-Yolanda (Pauline Sharpe) and with an emphasis on flying saucers, meditation and psyhic development, and raising of man's spiritual consciousness.

Markarian (Yervand) Collection

Yervand Markarian was born in Harbin, China, to Armenian refugees, and he grew up in Tientsin where his father ran a billiards hall. He attended St. Louis College in Tientsin, and in 1939 volunteered to fight in World War II...

Market analyst for non-ferrous metals and non-metallic minerals, journalist, mining corporation executive, 1927-1994 : oral history transcript / 1995.

Strauss discusses his childhood in Peru, his career as an editor, The Reconstruction Finance Corporation, American Smelting and Refining Company, Southern Peru Copper Corporation, ASARCO, Magma Copper Company, the effect of nationalist movements in the 1960s, marketing issues in the...

Market reports and other papers, 1852-1862 (bulk 1852-1853).

Conveying the City's economic ties to both maritime and mining enterprises, these documents include ship lists of arrivals and clearances, current seamen's wages by route from the Far East, the price of gold dust and the supply of Mexican dollars...

Market Street Railway Company stock certificates, 1923-1927.

Printed by Republic Bank Note Company, Pittsburg, Penn.

Marketing California wine and brandy : oral history transcript / and related material, 1984.

Childhood and apprenticeship in Germany, association with various wineries in California, discussion of wine marketing business and business principles. The growth of the wine industry and the contributions of influential individuals. Additional documentary material included in a separate box.

Markey (Francis L.) papers

The Francis L. Markey papers, 1975-2009 (bulk 1975-1986), consist of materials spanning approximately sixty years of Fr. Markey's service as a pastor and chaplain. The collection includes newspaper clippings of Markey's weekly column, "As Seen From Here," which was published...

Markey (J. J.) and San Luis Rey Historical Society Papers and Photographs

Dr. J. J. (Joseph James) Markey (1897-1985) was a physician and amateur archaeologist and was president of the San Luis Rey Historical Society in 1957. This collection of papers and photographs includes newspaper clippings following Markey’s archaeological exploits, photographs of...

Markham (Edwin) Family Papers

The Edwin Markham Family Papers (1898-1994) includes a variety of documents and photographs chronicling the life of Edwin Markham, noted poet and California State Normal School, San Jose, graduate. This artificial collection includes newspaper clippings, printed poems and pamphlets, photographs,...

Markham (Edwin) Family Papers II

The Edwin Markham Family Papers II (1925-1941) includes handwritten correspondence, typed poems, a photograph, and a memorial service program for Markham dated April 20, 1941.

Markham (Edwin) Papers

Personal papers of the American poet Edwin Markham, collected by Dr. Vernon B. Hampton of Staten Island, N.Y. Of note are original manuscripts, early teaching and school administration records, one pocket diary (1902), and a letter from Jack London (1901).

Markham (H. H.) Papers

This collection consists of letters and documents related to the life and interests of California governor Henry Harrison Markham (1867-1899). Subjects include: political trends in California, the California gubernatorial campaign of 1890, the 1896 election of President McKinley, and mining...

Markkula (Mike) collection of early Apple Computer material

The Mike Markkula collection of early Apple Computer material consists of material produced or collected by Markkula during his time at Apple Computer, Inc. in various capacities from CEO to chairman of the board. Ranging in date from 1977 to...

Markleeville Sheriff's sale document, 1864 July 14.

Document announcing a Sheriff's sale in Markleeville, Amador County. The Sheriff had confiscated various lots in the city from Mr. A. Von Every to pay off a $249.13 bill Von Every owed. (Markleeville and the land around it was transferred...

Markleeville Sheriff's sale document, 1864 July 14.

Document announcing a Sheriff's sale in Markleeville, Amador County. The Sheriff had confiscated various lots in the city from Mr. A. Von Every to pay off a $249.13 bill Von Every owed. (Markleeville and the land around it was transferred...

Markov (Anatoliĭ L'vovich) writings

The collection consists of memoirs and other writings relating to Russian military operations in World War I and the Russian Revolution, subsequent anti-communist movements in the Soviet Union (including biographies of participants), Soviet agents in Egypt and police surveillance and...

Markov (Walter M.) typescript

Relates to world history from 1871 to 1945. Photocopy.

Markovic (Lazar) writings

Memoirs, entitled Uspomene, relating to the formation of the Yugoslav state following World War I and Yugoslav political developments, 1919-1925; and a biography, entitled Nikolas Pachitch (1845-1926) : Histoire d'un Olympien que le Petit Peuple des Serbes a Donné au...

Markowitz (Richard) Collection of Music Manuscripts and Recordings

This collection contains scores and recordings of film and television music of the composer Richard Markowitz.

Marks (A. L.) Civil War Diary

Civil War diary, 1861-1864, of A. L. Marks from Chicago, who enlisted as a very young man in the 13th Illinois Vol. Infantry, at Dixon, Illinois. The diary describes the movements and engagements of the 13th Illinois, from its organization...

Marks (A. L.) Civil War Diary

Civil War diary, 1861-1864, of A. L. Marks from Chicago, who enlisted as a very young man in the 15th Illinois Vol. Infantry, at Dixon, Illinois. The diary describes the movements and engagements of the 15th Illinois, from its organization...

Marks and Company invoices, 1857-1869.

Collection consists of ten invoices (billheads) sent to nineteenth-century Oakland general merchandise firm Marks and Company from San Francisco businesses, including Loupe and Haas grocers, A.S. Rosenbaum cigars, Steinhart Brothers dry goods, S. A. Peyser and Company millenary goods, Marks...

Marks (Carole) Papers

The collection consists of materials from Marks' sex research, including a questionnaire, essays and notes about sex-related themes in classical literature.

Marks, Carolyn. A compilation of articles and photographs on the Berkeley Peace Wall

Materials re the creating and dedication of the Berkeley Peace Wall.

Marks (Edward B.) Papers

Memoirs and other writings, correspondence, reports, printed matter, and photographs, relating to international assistance to refugees from World War II to the 1980s.

Marks (Jim) Photographs

Jim Marks photographs include images of Mary Francis Berry, John Bunzel, Barbara Boxer, and Linda Chavez speaking at the United States Commission on Civil Rights, undated. The photographs also include undated images of Vic Basile, Ron Bogart, Jim Dronenburg, Gary...

Marks (Milton) AIDS files

Milton Marks' files on the AIDS epidemic, accumulated during his tenure as California State Senator from San Francisco, including correspondence, newsletters, clippings, brochures, fliers, reports, workshop materials, minutes, press releases, briefings, project proposals, strategic plans, legislative drafts, and other publications...

Marks (Milton) Subject Files

This collection consist of subject files on lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender organizations and issues from the office of former California State Senator Milton Marks. The collection includes a good deal of material on LGBT religious groups, racial and ethnic groups...

Markus (Damian) memorial display and photographs

Photographs, clothing, affirmation writings, and a memorial program for Damian Markus, who died in 2000. The collection includes photographs of lesbian women and their families and friends. The collection also includes a program from the Peggy Albrecht Friendly House, a...

Marland (Sidney P.) Papers

Speeches and writings, reports, correspondence, memoranda, printed matter, and photographs, relating to education in the United States, governmental educational policy, and the career education movement.

Marlane (Vicki) Photographs and Artifacts

Vicki Marlane (1934-2011) was a critically acclaimed drag performer and transgender woman who worked in San Francisco. The Vicki Marlane Photographs and Artifacts document Marlane’s personal life in the 1970s and 1980s and her performance work in the 1990s.

Marleaux (Bryan and Mercedes of Grace World Mission) Material

Bryan and Mercedes Marleaux serve as 20th-21st century missionary evangelists, primarily in Baja, Mexico as well as Sweden, Spain, England, Germany, Norway, France, Latvia, Japan, and Argentina. Their non-profit organization Grace World Mission incoroporates power evangelism and a focus on...

Marler (Peter) Correspondence

Correspondence relating to Marler’s research on animal communication and his involvement with professional organizations.

Marliave (Elmer C.) papers

Collection includes correspondence, reports, drafts, notes, legal documents, maps, diagrams, and photographs relating to geologic investigation done for the Pacific Gas and Electric Company and other firms and agencies. The more important projects include Bodega Bay Atomic Park, Diablo Canyon...

Marlin-Jones (Davey) Press Kit Collection

Davey Marlin-Jones (1932-2004) served as the arts critic for the CBS affiliate WTOP/WUSA, Channel 9 in Washington DC, from 1970 to 1987. The collection contains entertainment publicity materials, primarily press kits for motion pictures. The press kits contain information about...

Marlowe (Sanford S.) papers

Speeches and writings, correspondence, printed matter, memorabilia, and photographs, relating to the American diplomatic service.

Marmelzat (Willard L.) collection

Willard Lee Marmelzat, M.D., renowned dermatologist, wrote multiple works on the history of medicine. In addition to his manuscripts, the collection consists of his subject files, correspondence, publications, professional society files, speeches, education files, and memorabilia.

Marmon (Howard C.) papers

Photographs, maps, reports, and orders, relating to American and Italian military aviation during World War I, including the manufacture of airplanes and airplane engines.

Marmor (Judd) Papers

Correspondence, journal articles, drafts, speeches, notes, legal papers, and subject files created by Los Angeles psychiatrist Judd Marmor (1910-2003), a leader in the successful movement to remove homosexuality from the American Psychiatric Association's , in the course of his research...

Marmor (Judd) papers

Judah (Judd) Marmor, M.D. (1910-2003), Los Angeles psychiatrist and psychoanalyst, acknowledged for his leadership role in the movement to declassify homosexuality as a mental disease, which was removed from DSM-II in 1973. The collection contains Dr. Marmor's research and reference...

Marmor (Michael F.) Papers Pertaining to Research on Woodrow Wilson

Papers pertain to research done by Marmor along with Alexander L. George and Juliette L. George on Wilson?s health, in particular his ocular health, and include correspondence, articles, and historic sources.

Marosy (Ferenc) Papers

Correspondence, reports, speeches and writings, and clippings, relating to anti-communist Hungarian emigre activities, Hungarians in Spain, and political conditions in Spain.

Marotta (George) papers

Writings and clippings relating to Hoover Institution governance at Stanford University. Includes video tapes depicting race riots in the United States, 1967-1968; the Democratic National Convention, 1968; the Attica prison riot, 1971; the presidential election campaign, 1972; and the controversy...

Marowitz (Charles) Collection of the Malibu Stage Company

The collection includes Marowitz's files from the time he served as Artistic Director of the Malibu Stage Company from 1990 to 2002. Details of the company's stage productions, actors' resumes, script revisions, costume designs, donation lists, and correspondence are included.

Marquardt (Frederic Sylvester) papers

Conference papers, printed matter, and correspondence, relating to land reform, especially in Taiwan; the 6th Conference of Heads of State or Government of Non-Aligned Countries, Havana, 1979; and communism, Central America, and the media. Includes a number of studies prepared...

Marquardt (Paul A.) music for silent films

This collection contains the manuscript and published scores of film composer Paul A. Marquardt.

Marquez (Ernest) Photograph Collection

The Ernest Marquez Photograph Collection contains photographic prints, negatives, photograph albums and ephemera compiled by collector Ernest Marquez, focused on the development of Santa Monica and Los Angeles from 1860s to 1980s, as well as other cities throughout California. The...

Marquis Collection of French Revolution Prints

The Marquis Collection of French Revolution Prints contains documentary prints, mainly engravings, which portray events, scenes and historical figures of the French Revolution. Included in the collection are 24 maps of France and Paris. The items date from the period...

Marquis, Robert B., c. 1947, 1953-1994

Robert B. Marquis Collection, c. 1947, 1953-1994. The collection is comprised of four series: Personal Papers (student drawings, CV, negatives of personal photographs), Professional Papers (transcripts and outlines for lectures, related correspondence and clippings), Office Records (correspondence, public relations material,...

Marr (Carl von) Papers

Marr was a well known painter in Munich where he held a chair at the Academy of Arts (Akademie der Kunste) from 1893 on, and later became its Director. He was born in Milwaukee, Wisonsin, in 1858, and died in...

Marr (Larry D.) Golden Gate Troopers Scrapbook and Ephemera

The scrapbook contains organizational materials, photographs, badges, pins, flyers, and clippings that document the Golden Gate Troopers, a uniform club. In addition there is a program for the "San Francisco GDI Club" and an "Acme Man '75" souvenir program.

Marriage records : Linares, Mexico : DS, 1821 Oct.-Nov.

Incomplete record, kept by the parish priest, of "diligencias matrimoniales" for the town of Linares.

Marriage records from parishes in Oaxaca, Mexico : transcripts, [195-].

Marrige data from the State of Oaxaca, Mexico, 1871-1954. Transcript of records from following parishes: Coixtlahuaca, Juquila, Juxtlahuaca, Nochixtlán, Putla, Silacayoapam, Teposulula, Tlaxiaco and Ximatlán, compiled for the use of Professor Woodrow Wilson Borah.

Marriage records of California, 1797-1853.

Forms part of the Thomas W. Norris Collection.

Marrinan (Michael) papers

The materials consist primarily of departmental files and personnel files. Also included are lecture preparation files and correspondence....

Marriner (John) Personal Photo Collection

John Marriner served in the First World War.

Marriott (Joseph S.) Papers

Writings and speeches, photographs, correspondence, and printed matter, 1933-1963, relating to Joseph S. Marriott's career in the Civil Aeronautics Administration and its predecessor, the Bureau of Air Commerce, with special reference to the states of California, Hawaii, Arizona, and Utah.

Marryat (Frederick) Collection of Engravings from the Michael Sadleir Collection

Frederick Marryat (1792-1848) served in the British Royal Navy and received many commendations including the CB for conduct in Burma, the gold medal of the Royal Humane Society for his gallantry in saving life at sea and the decoration of...

Marsan and MacBeath family photograph albums [graphic].

Albums contain photographs depicting multiple generations of the Marsan and MacBeath families of the East Bay (Berkeley, El Cerrito, Oakland, perhaps elsewhere), Los Angeles, and Yuma, Ariz. One album (v.6) depicts the brief childhood of Janet Elizabeth Marsan (b. September...

Marschak (Jacob) Papers

Jacob Marschak (1898-1977) was a professor of economics and operations research at the UCLA Graduate School of Management (1960- ). He helped develop the information theory of economics and was a leading researcher in econometrics. The collection consists of Marschak's...

Marsden Manson photograph collection [graphic]

Chiefly snapshots relating to San Francisco's water supply. Calfornia rivers and dam sites are pictured, including: Crystal Springs Dam, Sunol Dam, Lake Eleanor, Yuba River, McCloud River, Eel River, Russian River, sites in Stanislaus County, Hetch Hetchy, and unidentified mountain...

Marseilles Spetz papers : ms., 1956-1960.

Correspondence and 2 publications concerning Dr. William G. Donald.

Marsh (Dorothy) Collection of Calif. Osteopathic Assn. Records

Dorothy Marsh was president of the California Osteopathic Association (COA) during the time it merged with the California Medical Association in 1962. The doctors of osteopathy not accepting the merger formed an independent organization called the Osteopathic Physicians and Surgeons...

Marsh (Edward E.) Ephemera Collection

The is largely comprised of over 30 loose-leaf, matching leather binders of collected ephemera, pulps, magazines, art, and manuscripts from key figures in the development of the science fiction and pop culture, including Forrest J. Ackerman, Robert Heinlein, Frank Herbert,...

Marsh (Elizabeth) Collection, ca. 1913-1917

Four photographs of logging in St. Helen's, Oregon, provided by the donor's father-in-law, Edward Payson Marsh, who was a clerk in a logging store, ca.1913-1917. Persons in photographs are unidentified. Added subsequently to the collection are two items related to...

Marsh (Elizabeth) Narrative of her Captivity in Barbary [...et al.]

This bound manuscript contains two separate narratives. Narrative of her , a draft of the earliest Barbary captivity narrative to be published by an Englishwoman, details Elizabeth Marsh's 1956 capture by pirates. The second piece, , and of a ,...

Marsh family papers

The Marsh family papers, 1815-1960, reflect the life of California pioneer John Marsh and his wife, Abigail Smith Tuck Marsh; their daughter, Alice Marsh Cameron; her husband, William Walker Cameron (also referred to as Camron); and their daughter, Amy Gertrude...

Marsh family papers : additions, ca. 1829-1874.

Include seven letters, 1829-1852, written by John Marsh to members of his family; letters written to him by his family and others; a brief statement of his activities, 1823-1835; letters and papers relating to the administration of his estate and...

Marsh Family photographs

Photographs from the Marsh and Camron (Cameron) family. Collection includes large number of portraits and several albums of the Marsh and Camron (Cameron) families and friends. In addition, views taken in San Francisco, Santa Barbara, Monterey, Mill Valley, Pleasanton, Auburn,...

Marsh, George L. (George Long) Papers, 1939-1962.

Affidavits, correspondence, research notes and reports regarding enology methods.

Marsh (George Turner) papers

The George Turner Marsh papers consist of personal and professional material related to Marsh's business selling primarily Japanese arts and antiques.

Marsh Harvey Jones papers, 1942-1970.

Scrapbooks of photographs, clippings, and other items relating to Jones' career as a guard in the Plant Protection Department of the Kaiser Company's iron and steel plant at Fontana, California.

Marsh (John) journals

The thirty-seven-volume journal of the amateur English composer and musician John Marsh of Chichester, Sussex; in which he records the important events of his eventful life and of the life around him.

Marsh (John) Letters


Marsh, John Papers Collection

Box of files pertaining to John Marsh and his family.

Marsh Masconi Hollingshead Collection

The collection contains documentation of land owned by the Marsh family of Clayton in Contra Costa County.

Marsh, R. E. Correspondence, interviews, and writings / Material assembled by Amelia R. Fry, Regional Oral History Office, Bancroft Library, 1966-1971.

Included: notes re planned interviews with Mr. Marsh re his career in forestry; correspondence with Mrs. Fry re the interviews; rough-edited typed transcript of a tape-recorded interview conducted Feb. 14, 1966 re his boyhood and study of forestry; photographs, obituary...

Marsh (Warner L.) Papers

Warner Lincoln Marsh (b.1899) was a landscape architect for the Los Angeles City Park Department (1925) before starting his private practice as a planning consultant and landscape architect. In addition to his private practice, he was employed as a research...

Marsh (Warner L.) Papers

The collection consists of professional and personal correspondence, published works, projects and community plans, slides, and ephemera pertaining to the lives of Warner L. Marsh and his wife Florence Marsh.

Marsh (Warner L.) Papers

Cooperative extension circulars, reprints, technical reports, and notes relating to wilderness preservation, irrigation, carob and persimmon production, and local history.

Marshak (Robert Eugene) papers

Correspondence, memoirs and other writings, memoranda, reports, studies, minutes, trial testimony, clippings, and serial issues, relating to administration of the City College of the City University of New York.

Marshall Bond, Jr. Gold Mining photographs, 1934, 1937

32 b/w 3 3/4" x 5" copy prints of gold mining by Marshall Bond and others, mostly at Midlle Buttes, near Mojave, California. Prints were copied in 1970 - originals still with family?

Marshall (Brigitte) Files on Southeast Asian Refugees.

This collection consists of printed materials, audio and videocassettes, and photographs taken by Brigitte Marshall, who worked as a volunteer in refugee camps in Thailand and as an English-language teacher in California. All materials relate to Southeast Asian refugees, principally...

Marshall (Corporal Raymond) Collection

Raymond Marshall was an African-American US Army Air Corps Corporal who served in World War II, before military service branches in the US were desegregated. Marshall was assigned to an Air Base Security Battalion unit comprised of black enlisted men...

Marshall (Eva Hyde) sea journal kept aboard the Ship Invincible

The Eva Hyde Marshall sea journal kept aboard the Ship Invincible (SAFR 16495, HDC 217) was kept by Marshall at the age of 16. She was from Port Blakely, Washington and traveled with her parents, Annie Hyde and Harvey M....

Marshall Family Papers

The bulk of the collection consists of photographs of the Fenner, Marshall, and Fraser families as well as their friends. The rest of the collection includes memorabilia of Hollywood High School and the city of Hollywood (1928-1941), UCLA yearbooks and...

Marshall Field biographies and related material.

Remarks by Mrs. Charles B. Farwell dated Nov. 1, 1890 (1 p.); a history of Marshall Field and Company (3 p.); and a newspaper clipping concerning Field's involvement with the leasing of a structure on Sixteenth Street to the Illinois...

Marshall (George) Papers

The George Marshall Papers(1836-1993) consists of Marshall's professional materials accumulated during his lifelong career as a leading conservationist. The bulk of the collection includes correspondence and records of three conservation organizations; the Adirondack Mountain Club, The Wilderness Society, and Sierra...

Marshall Gold Discovery State Historic Park Photographic Collection

The Marshall Gold Discovery State Historic Park Photographic Collection contains 1,327 cataloged images that date from 1848 through 2015. Images depict the property as a Gold Rush-era mining settlement, a Historic Landmark District, and a state park.

Marshall H. Kuhn papers, 1967-1978.

His files on Ishi, Robert Louis Stevenson, and John Muir's Stickeen, including correspondence, notes, and clippings, with letters from James D. Hart, Albert Shumate, Norman Strouse, Saxton T. Pope, Louis J. Halle, Albert B. Elsasser, Paul Brooks and others.

Marshall (Herbert) typescript

Relates to the arrest and imprisonment in the Soviet Union of Sergei Iosipovich Paradianov, Soviet film director. Includes a petition for the release of S. I. Paradianov. Photocopy.

Marshall I. Newton letters : Howland Flats, Calif., to Harvey Thayer, Newport, Wis., 1857-1861.

Five handwritten letters (16 p.) from a man working as a gold miner in Northern California to his friend and former Williamsville schoolmate in Wisconsin. He gives details about his mining work and responds to his friend's inquiry about joining...

Marshall Islands (Military Government, 1944-1947) mimeograph

Relates to American military administration of the Marshall Islands during World War II.

Marshall (James D.) Civil War Correspondence

This collection contains two letters written by Corporal James D. Marshall of the Union Army to his mother and sister during the Civil War.

Marshall, James Letter from James Marshall to W. E. Woodward, 1866 May 30.

Holograph letter written by James Marshall, author of The Nation's Grief : Death of Abraham Lincoln, to Mr. W. E. Woodward concerns his stay at Fort Monroe and about copies of his sermon being sent to Woodward, to patients of...

Marshall (James W.) Papers

Papers relating to Marshall's estate, correspondence....

Marshall Kuhn papers, 1922-1978.

Carton 1 contains biographical, genealogical, and family information; school papers; business and personal correspondence; newspaper clippings and articles; creative writing; organizational catalogues; brochures; skits; testimonials and awards; photographs; letters from Charles Angoff and Ogden Nash; information about Hermann (Fritz) Graebe,...

Marshall Kuhn Sierra Club papers, 1940-1977.

Papers relating to Marshall Kuhn's involvement in the Sierra Club.

Marshall (Max S.) Papers

Chiefly materials about Jacob C. Geiger, MD, the subject of a biography written by Marshall: correspondence with publishers, some correspondence with Geiger, reprints and Oakland Dept. Public Health publications by Geiger. Two copies of Marshall's (Philadelphia: Lea & Febiger, 1947),...

Marshall McDonald and Associates typescript

Relates to the history of Angel Island, California, the architecture of buildings on the island, and recommendations for developing it as a recreational facility and historical site. Report prepared for the California State Division of Beaches and Parks. Photocopy.

Marshall (Prevot F.) World War II Pacific Theater

Photograph Album. Collection includes photo album of scenes in Pacific Theater of the war, Oct. 1943 to July 1945; Los Angeles Times VE Day issue, May 7, 1945; single issue of All Hands, Feb. 2, 1944; four issues of Guinea...

Marshall (R. B.) Correspondence and Speeches

Materials compiled by R.B. Marshall, former chief geographer of the U.S. Geological Survey, related to Hetch Hetchy Valley, Mississippi River Basin, water rights, and the Marshall Plan for irrigation of California's Central Valley....

Marshall, R. B. (Robert Bradford) Photographs from the Robert Bradford Marshall papers [graphic]

Collection includes a tintype of an unidentified boy, a carte de visite of an unidentified girl, postcard photographs of joshua trees, views of an unidentified automobile parade, and a photo of a cup commemorating the Mather Mountain Party of 1915....

Marshall (Robert B.) Papers

Correspondence, notes, manuscripts of his writings, speeches, memoranda, clippings and scrapbooks, mainly relating to the Marshall Plan for water development, conservation, Hetch-Hetchy, roads, Yosemite National Park and other parks. Family correspondence and personal papers also included.

Marshall (Robert) papers

Consists of correspondence with family, friends, and professional associates, field notebooks, journals, writings, and other material primarily related to Marshall's forestry career with the Office of Indian Affairs and the National Forest Service. Also included are papers and writings related...

Marshall, Robert Photographs from the Robert Marshall papers [graphic].

v.1-5 Photos of trips to Alaska in 1930-1931 which depict landscapes, dwellings, cabins, dogsleds, camps and Indians (formal and informal portraits of adults and children) -- v.6 Photos of 1939 Alaskan trip showing people and cabins around Wiseman, members of...

Marshall, Robert Photographs of western wilderness areas [graphic]

Photographs show views of wilderness areas in the western United States. Includes views relating to forestry (some forest fires), desert scenes, outings, portraits, and related views. Some views show Robert Marshall and the Wilderness Society.

Marshall Steel Jr. papers, approximately 1914-1997.

Contains correspondence, articles, awards, endowment files, family photographs, scrapbook, etc.

Marshall (Stewart McCulloch) slides

Depicts World War I scenes in France, scenes of engineering construction in India and the Soviet Union, and Stanford University.

Marshall (Sydney Smith) papers

Sydney Smith Marshall papers (SAFR 14279, HDC 71) contains a copy book of letters written from January to March 1915 while trading in North China. The letters combine feelings and daily activities with discussion of business dealings. The letters begin...

Marshall (Wade H.) papers

Wade Hampton Marshall, Ph.D. (1907-1972) was a pioneer in electrophysiology of the brain, internationally renowned for his work in mapping the somatosensory system of the cat and monkey and the visual cortex of the cat. His strong background in physics,...

Marshall (William J.) Papers

Diaries, orders, reports, correspondence, clippings, certificates, maps, cartoons, and photographs, relating mainly to U.S. naval operations in the Atlantic and Pacific Theaters during World War II.

Marshutz (Herbert Stanton) Photograph Albums

Collection includes one photograph album, 1910-1915, and one scrapbook, 1918-1931. Photographs primarily document the Stanford crew team, including their 1915 trip to New York; other images include Niagara Falls, a road race in Santa Monica (ca. 1910), and the Stanford...

Marston (George White) Civic Collection

The collection contains materials documenting the civic activities of George White Marston.

Marston (Mary) Collection

This collection contains the correspondence and research notes of Mary Marston, as well as early membership lists for the Tuesday Club.

Marston (Otis R.) Papers

Professional and personal papers of river-runner and historian and river historian Otis R. Marston (1894-1979) and his collection of the materials on the history of Colorado River and Green River regions. Included are log books from river expeditions, journals, diaries,...

Martel (James L.) Papers

These are the papers of James L. Martel(1823-1893)who was a member of the Society of California Pioneers, joining on Feb. 1, 1886. He was a real estate broker in San Francisco and a veteran of the War with Mexico having...

Martel (R. R.), papers

The correspondence, manuscripts, reports, photos, and published papers of Romeo Raoul Martel (1890-1965) form the collection known as the R. R. Martel Papers in the Archives of the California Institute of Technology (Caltech). Martel was professor of civil engineering at...

Martell (Charles R.) Papers

Contains correspondence, articles, reports, photographs and memorabilia pertaining to the Library Dean, Charles R. Martell, Jr....

Martelle (Vern) Scrapbooks

Vern Martelle was a female impersonator whose fifty-year career began in vaudeville; his act was built around lip-synching, which he claimed to have invented, as well as up to twenty-five costume changes per performance. This collection is composed of two...

Martenet (Jefferson) Correspondence

This collection contains the correspondence of Jefferson Martenet (1828-1906), who left Baltimore, Maryland, in 1852 during the California Gold Rush and became a resident of Northern California. The correspondence is chiefly to his family in Baltimore discussing life, business ventures,...

Martens (L. K.) and Santeri Nuorteva letter

Demands that B. Bakhmetev, ambassador of the Russian Provisional Government to the United States, hand over all property of the Russian government in the United States. Written by L. K Martens and Santeri Nuorteva. Photocopy.

Martens (R. C.) letters

Relates to diplomatic, economic, and political events during World War II.

Martha Alexander Gerbode (1909-1971), environmentalist, philanthropist, and volunteer in the San Francisco Bay Area and Hawaii : oral history transcript / 1995.

This oral history consists of retrospective interviews concerning the environmentalist Martha Alexander Gerbode. Topics include her support of groups ranging from the World Affairs Council, the Institute of Pacific Relations, and Planned Parenthood, to the Nature Conservancy, and the Art...

Martha Hayden Martin Price family correspondence, 1839-1967 (bulk 1850-1935).

Contains approximately 600 handwritten letters of a family who were among the early white settlers in California. Most of the correspondence is addressed to Martha "Mattie" Moad (neé Martin) from husbands, friends, and other family members. One folder of later...

Martha Washington Camp no. 3 Minutes Book

This volume contains the minutes of the Martha Washington Camp, no. 3, Santa Cruz.

Marthod Family Papers

Letters (courtship letters, letters of condolence, familial relations) and legal civil documents (birth, marriage, statements of witness, including copies from notaries books). The primary place of origin is Gray, Haute Sa^one, France. Louis Marthod is the primary correspondent, the military...

Marti (Samuel) Manuscript Collection

Samuel Marti (1906-1975) was a Mexican ethnomusicologist, and wrote the Southwest Museum leaflet on “The Eleanor Hague Colonial Mexican Music Manuscript.” This collection contains manuscripts by Samuel Marti, including two published pamphlets with the imprint Sobretiro de Cuadernos Americanos in...

Martignoni (Mauro E.) papers

This collection contains publications written and edited by Mauro E. Martignoni regarding microbiology and entomology. Materials in the collection also include journals, pamphlets, books, and other publications.

Martin (Alice) Papers, 1937-2004 (bulk 1943-1993)

The personal papers of Alice Martin, a civic-minded African-American woman known for her charitable nature and community service, consists primarily of correspondence, employment and war records, photographs, and realia. Donated by the estate of Alice Martin in 2004. Martin...

Martin, Anne Photographs from the Anne Henrietta Martin papers [graphic]

Includes several studio portraits of Anne Martin; scenic views of Reno, Nevada and its surroundings; views of the Lahontan Dam, Nevada; several unidentified individual portraits; views of W.O.H. Martin's residences; and a group portrait of the Women's International League for...

Martin Bircher ephemera collection, [16--]-1993.

Martin Bircher ephemera collection, BANC MSS 2011/252, The Bancroft Library, University of California, Berkeley.

Martin Bircher notes on the Fruchtbringende Gesellschaft collection, 1961-1996.

Contains newspaper articles, notes, and other writings by Bircher dealing with the Fruchtbringende Gesellschaft collection. Also includes a marked up draft of Bircher's catalog of the collection, Im Garten der Palme (Wiesbaden : Harrassowitz Verlag, 1998).

Martin Breslauer, Inc. collection of catalogues

Collection consists of various catalogs issued by the Breslauer firm through the years; earlier catalogs are in German and later ones are in English; the books "by or about" are all in German.

Martin C. Briggs papers, 1847-1908.

Collection contains letters, sermons, and miscellaneous writings of a Methodist minister in California. Letters are chiefly to R. Burr and were written from Concord, N.H., Boston, the steamship Oregon at sea, and Sacramento. Writings relate to temperance, travel "sketches", the...

Martin (Captain Silas) letters

Captain Silas Martin letters (SAFR 17187, HDC 292) were written primarily by Martin during his voyage around Cape Horn in 1950. Items are photocopies of the originals. The collection is available for research use without restriction.

Martin (Carolyn B.) Papers

Professional papers of Carolyn B. Martin document her involvement with California tobacco control. She was a Lung Association volunteer and helped to lead the state campaign for Prop. 99 in 1988 and served as the first chairperson of the state...

Martin (Catharine) Collection

This collection includes photographs and various ephemera from the San Francisco LGBTQ Pride Parade, the San Francisco Gay Games, the Levi Strauss & Co. Lesbian & Gay Employee Association, and the West Coast Women’s Music & Comedy Festival.

Martin (Cecil Tullis) Scrapbook

One scrapbook compiled by Cecil Tullis Martin, a locomotive fireman for the Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Railway. The scrapbook contains clippings, miscelleanous forms, train orders, clearance cards, register checks, correspondence about personnel matters, and employee timetables. There is also...

Martin (Charlotte Ellen) papers

Memoirs, diary, correspondence, financial records, printed matter and photographs relating to the Japanese occupation of the Philippines during World War II. Includes papers of Cecil John Martin, husband of Charlotte Martin, a port captain of Cebu City and the owner...

Martin (Dale E.) Papers

Dale E. Martin was a gay man and a dog breeder based in San Francisco in the 1990s. This collection includes a diary, photographs, and personal documents.

Martin (Darwin D.) Papers

Includes more than 200 letters from Wright and over 2,000 letters to Wright from the Martins and other clients in Buffalo. Wright's letters refer to the design and construction of the Larkin building and the Martin homes and discuss...

Martin (Dave) Photographs of Male Nudes

Martin's photos are of young men, indoors and out, including body builders, college athletes, military and law enforcement men. He refers to his photography genre in a recently published book as male physique photography, tracing the history of the genre...

Martin David Kamen papers : ms., [ca. 1937-1945]

Research notes and notebooks, correspondence, and manuscripts of articles, chiefly concerning research by Kamen and Samuel Ruben on carbon-14 and photosynthesis. Incorporates material by Ruben, ca. 1938-1943.

Martin (David) papers

Correspondence, reports, dispatches, memoranda, press releases, testimony, printed matter, and sound recordings of interviews, relating to the Cetnik resistance movement led by Draža Mihailovic in Yugoslavia during World War II, and to his trial for treason in 1946. Includes transcripts...

Martin (Dean) Collection

This collection consists of orchestrated scores of 52 song arrangements by Ernie Freeman, Van Alexander, and others

Martin (Dick) The Magic of Oz Drawings

The collection consists of original artwork by Dick Martin for the cover of the 13th book of the Oz series written by L. Frank Baum and illustrated by John R. Neill. Originally published in 1919, it was one of several...

Martin E. Thomas World War II documents, 1920-1953.

Military identification, documents, and correspondence belonging to Martin E. Thomas of Sacramento, including certificates of service, discharge certificates, and other items dated 1944-1953. Also included is an enrollment certificate in the California Military Reserve for Thomas' father, H. F. Thomas,...

Martin (F. Oskar) papers

This collection contains the papers of Frederick Oskar Martin, a German who moved to the United States in 1891 and worked as a mining engineer and geologist for a variety of employers over the course of his career. He spent...

Martin Family Papers

The collection consists of correspondence between members of the Martin family, including Jodie Martin, his sons Alvin and Winston Martin, and Alvin's wife Florence Bunk Martin.  Though Alvin and Florence lived mostly in Portland, Oregon during the time of the...

Martin (Gene) Logbook

One ledger book containing a log of firemen called for examination for locomotive engineer on Southern Pacific's Coast Division, February 3, 1936-May 20, 1964. Includes a list of SP Coast Division foremen from 1931-1964.

Martin Graham papers, approximately 1960-2012.

Contains correspondence, research notes, materials relating to Graham's work in the UC Berkeley's Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences, consulting work, depositions in legal cases regarding stray voltage, interactions with the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, and writings....

Martin (Hall) Collection

The Hall Martin Collection consists of open reel tapes associated with Stanford's Speech and Drama Department, and features recordings of iconic speeches from 20th century political and historical figures, as well as proceedings from the 1961 Northwest Drama Conference held...

Martin (Harold H.) drawings of St. Thomas Church

The Harold H. Martin drawings of St. Thomas Church consist of 44 architectural drawings in the form of reprographic copies. Drawings, all of which are dated from 1929, include large scale details, elevations (exterior and interior), floor plans, foundation plans,...

Martin (Harold H.) papers

Harold H. Martin was an architect in Southern California in the early twentieth century. The collection consists of drawings, hand-colored photographs, and plans for Mission Style churches and homes Martin designed.

Martin (Harry M.) real estate business records

Correspondence arranged by tract name, by street, or alphabetically

Martin (Hugh G.) Distinguished Cross Flying Award

United States Department of the Air Force, Distinguished Flying Cross Award, April 1950 issued to Hugh G. Martin.

Martin (James M.) diaries

Journals, a newsletter and an autobiographical note from James M. Martin. Born in Corpus Christi, Texas in 1943, Martin was a writer, activist, and attorney. This collection contains journals documenting Martin's life in Los Angeles and Texas in the early...

Martin (James) Papers

The collection consists of James Martin's personal testimony videotape, 'In My Opinion... Southern Baptists" and two related letters. One is from Martin to his classmates from the Class of 1962, Tupelo High School "and a few others," explaining that he...

Martin Janis Gallery Papers

Martin Janis first opened his gallery on Ventura Blvd. before moving it to 710 North La Cienega Blvd. The collection consists of clippings from prominent magazines and newspapers, catalogs, small amounts of correspondence, gallery ephemera, and invitations and announcements for...

Martin (Jeffry) photographs of the University of California, Irvine campus

The Jeffry Martin photographs of the University of California, Irvine are comprised of stylistic photographs depicting images of the University of California, Irvine's buildings and landscapes.

Martin (J.J.) Papers

Contains documents from and relating to the Kaweah Colony, the Hartly Bay Lumber, Trading & Fishing Company, the Tasmania Colony, as well as information on other cooperatives. The Kaweah Colony records include official documents, correspondence, legal documents from a case...

Martin (Joel) papers

The papers of Joel Martin, former Costo Chair of American Indian Affairs, University of Calilfornia, Riverside, includes documents, correspondence, and media publications regarding Native American history and religion.

Martin (John) collection

This collection contains apparel, memorabilia, and photographs collected by John Martin during his tenure as Volleyball Coach and Associate Athletic Director for Facilities and Operations at the University of San Diego.

Martin (John) Collection of Charles Bukowski Periodicals

This collection contains periodicals and monographs with content written by or about California poet, novelist, and short-story writer Charles Bukowski (1920-1994) that were collected by Bukowski's long-time publisher and Black Sparrow Press founder, John Martin (born 1930). The collection contains...

Martin (John) Papers

John Martin founded the Black Sparrow Press in Los Angeles in 1966 to publish modern fiction and poetry in fine press editions. In May 2002, Martin sold the rights to his premier authors (Bukowski, Bowles, and Fante) to Harper Collins,...

Martin (John) Television Journalism Collection

The documents the career of newspaper and television reporter John Martin from his time as an editor of the San Diego State newspaper in 1960 to his departure from ABC News in 2002. This collection consists of personal documents and...

Martin Joseph Routh letters received, 1789-1827.

Includes letters from E.H. Barker re Samuel Parr and from Joseph Gerrald, and two poems about Parr, one of them allegedy by William Mason.

Martin L. Washburn letter to uncle.

Handwritten letter from a Halifax, Massachusetts man working as an oxen driver near Mt. Diablo, California to his uncle back East. He writes of his arrival in San Francisco on July 4, 1852 and immediately leaving for the gold fields...

Martin (Lillien Jane) Typescripts

Two unpublished typescripts, with annotations and corrections: "The Projection Method and the Localization of Visual and Other Images," 1911; and "Concerning the Origin of a Visual Image and the Visual Image Method of Investigating and Comparing Conscious and Subconscious Thinking,"...

Martin Litton Sierra Club papers, 1918-1979.

Papers relating to Martin Litton's involvement in the Sierra Club.

Martin (Mary) scrapbook

Scrapbook created by USC alumna Mary Martin that documents her years at USC, her marriage to fellow USC alumnus Bernard Gipson, and their life after marriage. The scrapbook documents Mary's life as a student at USC. Mary's twin sister Myra...

Martin (Mildred) Papers

Primarily research materials about Donaldina Cameron, including some original materials and interviews. Martin's papers include manuscripts, correspondence, cassette tapes, and photographs.

Martin (Molly) Tradeswomen Collection

This collection contains brochures, a calendar, flyers, programs, reports, other documents and ephemera related to labor and the non-traditional women's occupation movement. Also included is a document entitled "Women in Nontraditional Careers Curriculum Guide" prepared by the Northwest Regional Educational...

Martin (Norman F., S.J.) papers

The Norman F. Martin, S.J. papers, 1950-2006 (bulk 1970-1995), document Fr. Martin's personal and professional life as a Jesuit and a professor of history at Santa Clara University, starting with his graduate education in Mexico and culminating in his death...

Martin (Percy A.) Articles

Manuscripts of two articles: "The present revolutionary disturbance in Brazil" (1914) and "Financial and economic conditions in Brazil and their relation to American trade and commerce" (1915).

Martin (Percy Alvin) papers

Outlines, notes, correspondence, summaries of interviews, and printed matter, relating to contemporary political, social and economic conditions in Mexico. Includes summaries of interviews with American businessmen and other Americans in Mexico, as well as with prominent Mexicans.

Martin (Percy Alvin) Papers

Letters to Dorothy Herrington, 1926 and 1937; a travel diary kept by Martin on a trip made to Spain in 1907; and correspondence with Mr̀io Melo, Alan K. Manchester, Joao Carlos Muniz, and John Tate Lanning, 1932-33, pertaining to Brazilian...

Martin (Philip L.) Collection of Farm Labor Contracts

Philip L. Martin (1949- ) serves as Professor of Agricultural Economics at the University of California, Davis. The collection contains farm labor contracts, many of which are California United Farm Workers collective bargaining agreements.

Martin (Philip) Water Development Collection

This collection consists of documents collected by Philip Martin pertaining to the conflicts related to the development of water resources in San Diego County between 1913 and 1969.

Martin Pinder (Jean M.) Papers

Jean M. Martin Pinder (1916-2014) was among the first African American women to graduate from the Yale School of Public Health and an advocate for health education policy and population family planning policy in pre- and early post-Independence-era Africa. The...

Martin (Ray) Music Scores Collection

Ray Martin (1918-1988) was a composer, arranger, and conductor for BBC-TV, Columbia Records, RCA, and motion pictures. The collection contains the original manuscript scores in the composer's hand, and are numbered 1 through 342. There are nearly 600 pieces, including...

Martin (Ross) papers

Best known for his role as Artemus Gordon in the 1960s television series , Ross Martin was an actor who performed on Broadway, television and motion pictures. The collection contains photographs, script material and ephemera related to Martin's acting career.

Martin S. Fiebert papers, undated

Paper, teaching materials

Martin Silver papers on Bernard Herrmann, 1990s

Research files on film composer Bernard Herrmann compiled by UCSB music librarian Martin Silver, including correspondence, programs, manuscripts and notes .

Martin (Werner) diary

Relates to German military operations on the Eastern front during World War II. Includes later notes by the author, 1949. Typed transcript. In part, photocopy.

Martin (Willard) Personal Papers

Willard Martin served as Director of Public Relations for Convair in the 1970s.

Martin Willard (special collection)

This collection contains the personal collection of Willard Martin, Convair Director of Public Relations. The collection includes photographs and other documents related to Convair operation and company literature, such as newsletters. There are also prints of Convair aircraft, and some...

Martin, William H. Letter from William H. Martin : San Francisco, to C. M. Silva & Son, Newcastle, California, 1878 September 3.

Written on California Immigrant Union letterhead, the letter concerns the subdivision of the Shafter Ranch, Marin County, and acquisition of nursery stock as samples.

Martin, William H. Letter to Robert Gardner : San Francisco : ALS, 1874 Mar. 9.

Written as general agent for the California Immigrant Union, on official stationary containing article on the Tule lands, and a list of officers of the Union.

Martin (William) notes

Summaries of interviews of European diplomats and statesmen, relating to European and world military, political, and diplomatic events during and after World War I. In part, photocopy.

Martineau (Harriet) Papers

Chiefly correspondence (ca. 775 pieces), but includes a few manuscripts of Martineau's writings, photographs, and calling cards. Also contains correspondence of James Martineau, as well as other Martineau family and friends. Reinhard S. Speck's notes and correspondence regarding his collecting...

Martinez (Capt. Ignacio) Papers

These are letters and receipts of Capt. Ignacio Martinez. The letter is handwritten in ink, entirely in Spanish and dated 3 Marzo, 1832, and signed Ignacio Martinez. The three business receipts are dated 1835, 1840 and the last is either...

Martinez (Eliud) papers

This collection includes photos, DVDs, a floppy disk, notes, course materials, correspondence, conference materials, writings, and legal documents. The materials in this collection relate to the personal life and professional interests of Eliud Martinez, Professor Emeritus of Creative Writing and...

Martinez Ferry Collecion

The collection includes accounting books of the Martinez Ferry Co. The books are a small part of a very large group of materials that were collected and donated in 1984 by Louis Stein, one of CCCHS’s co-founders.

Martinez (Harold) correspondence

26 letters written by Mexican-American solider Harold Martinez between June 1944 nd March 1946 while serving in the military during World War II. Addressed to his brother George, also in the army, and his mother, the letters begin when Harold...

Martinez, Maria Refugio Cota de. Papers pertaining to property of Maria Refugio Cota de Martinez in Los Angeles, 1866-1882.

Deed, Sept. 1, 1866, from John Moran, with notarization of signature and recording note, Feb. 11, 1868; deed, Nov. 2, 1882, from Guniscindo Correa (her son) with note of recording (at request of Horace Bell) on same date.

Martinez (Ophelia) Family Album

This collection contains 64 black-and-white photographs, and newspaper clippings mostly featuring Ophelia Martinez and possibly images of her friends and family. Some images were taken in Mexico. Other family names notated in the images include: Sanchez, Lopez, Huerta, and Montana.

Martinez (Rayvan) collection

This collection contains original sketches, designs, stencils and silkscreens from artist Rayvan Martinez (Gonzales). As an artist, Martinez was active in the early Chicano Movement during the 70's and 80's. His work focuses on Hispanic culture, social injustice, and the...

Martinez (Roberto) Papers

Papers of Roberto Martinez, Chicano rights activist, political organizer, and director of the American Friends Service Committee's (AFSC) San Diego chapter from 1983 to 2001. The collection documents Martinez's career as an activist, locally in San Diego, as well as...

Martinez-Ruiz (Barbaro) Papers

Faisal Abdu'Allah: [exhibition catalog, 2010]. [manuscript]. [typescript]....

Martin-Harvey (Sir John) Papers

Sir John Martin-Harvey (1863-1944) was an English actor-manager and member of Henry Irving's Lyceum Theatre Company in London for fourteen years before inaugurating his own management of the Lyceum in 1899. The collection contains correspondence, scripts, printed material and photographs,...

Martinson (Floyd M.) Collection

The consists primarily of reproductions of secondary source material used by Dr. Martinson in his research regarding the family and the development of sexuality in children.

Martland (Peter) collection on sound recording industry history

Early sound recording industry research files collected by Peter Martland. Includes correspondence and other business papers, records, and reports of the Victor Talking Machine Company, RCA VIctor, EMI, Thorn EMI, Columbia, Gramophone, and others. The collection also contains papers, notebooks...

Martín de Virueña testamento : Puebla, Mexico : D, 1663 Aug. 14.

Last will and testament, containing information on his family, and relating to his property, which included ownership of five slaves.

Martínez (Al) Papers

This collection contains the papers of writer and Los Angeles Times columnist Al Martínez (1929-2015).

Martínez (Elizabeth "Betita" Sutherland) papers

Correspondence, articles, journals, memos, minutes, fliers, notes, pamphlets and other material. Topics include Chicano history, culture, education, Chicano Indian relations, journalism, and movements for social justice. Please note that this collection has not been physically processed, and this document is...

Martínez (Elizabeth) papers

The papers of Mexican-American librarian Elizabeth Martinez consist of correspondence, writing, memos, publications, photographs, and other material. Collection has been minimally processed; folders have been listed but no rearrangement was conducted.

Marton (Andrew) papers

The Andrew Marton papers span the years 1920-1987 (bulk 1950s) and encompass 36 linear feet. The collection consists of film and television scripts, production material, unproduced material, correspondence, story material, scrapbooks, and photographs....

Marton family collection of United States and international performance programs

Box 1: Canada; New England; New York -- Box 2: California: mainly Los Angeles; some San Francisco -- Box 3: Chicago and other Midwest (Iowa, Illinois, Minnesota, Missouri) -- Box 4: Japan, 1975, programs, articles by Patricia Marton on Japanese...

Martov (L.) typescript

Relates to the Russian Revolution and Civil War.

Martynov (Aleksandr Pavlovich) writings

Relates to activities of the Okhrana. Published under same title (Stanford, 1972). Also available on microfilm (1 reel).

Martynov (Lieutenant General) mimeograph

Relates to the organization, training, and utilization of a future Russian cavalry.

Martynov (Zakhar Nikiforovich) papers

Correspondence, writings, reminiscences, printed matter, clippings, and photographs, relating to the Russian Imperial army, Russia's role in World War I, the Russian Revolution and Civil War, and anti-communist movements in the United States. Includes a cigarette case from the desk...

Maru (Shinyo) bulletins

Relates to wireless dispatches reporting the outbreak of World War I. Issued on board the Shinyo Maru, August 3-4, 1914.

Marut (Ret) and Der Ziegelbrenner collection

This collection contains manuscripts, press clippings, correspondence, and other material from Ret Marut's early days in Germany, chiefly Düsseldorf and Munich, including a complete run of the journal . Ret Marut is thought to be the actual identity of the...

Marutani (William M.) Papers

Philadelphia judge, the Honorable William M. Marutani (1923-2004), was the only Japanese American commissioner to sit on the Commission on Wartime Relocation and Internment of Civilians (CWRIC). The CWRIC was a congressional commission established in 1980 and charged with studying...

Marvin X audio visual collection.

Video and sound recordings of performances (One Day in the Life, Kings and Queens of Black Consciousness, In the Crazy House Called America, etc.), radio appearances, video of Eldridge Cleaver memorial, Bobby Seale audio interview, audio interviews with Nisa Islam...

Marvine (Walter)

An archive of 2,868 letters, comprising 8,972 pages (mostly manuscript), with 10 postcards. Included in the page count are several non-correspondence items such as: "Sentinel Duty at Fort Shaw, MT, 1875" (2 pp); "Convocation Address, Fort Spokane, 1895" (8 pp);...

Marx (Charles D.) Correspondence Regarding Bridges

Collection pertains to the construction of a bridge from San Francisco to Oakland. Included are correspondence, memoranda, and reports of the San Francisco-Alameda County Bridge Commission, 1926, along with one sketch; and memoranda, minutes of meetings, and reports of boring...

Marx (Charles David) Papers

Marx's papers date from 1873 to 1942 and include correspondence, reports, research notes, manuscripts, drawings, financial records, clippings, minutes, reprints, and photographs. The papers primarily relate to engineering projects in which Marx was involved, largely dams and water systems in...

Marx (Guido H) Papers

Additional papers were received in 1986 and 1990; they have been added to the collection as two addenda rather than interfiled with the previously processed papers. Each addition has been identified by its accession number (86-179 and 90-188) and is...

Marx (Guido Hugo) typescript

Relates to the pacifist movement in the United States.

Mary A. Hill letter to brother, Jason : and related material : ALS, [1853 Dec. 25]

Letter from father appended. Written to young man at the mines.

Mary A. Sears collection of photographs pertaining to the Agricultural Workers Health and Medical Association in California [graphic].

Photographs depict efforts of the Agricultural Workers Health and Medical Association in California, including health care facilities, medical staff, and patients. Many images document conditions at migratory labor camps at such California locations as Brawley, Porterville, Indio, Marysville, Shafter, Woodville,...

Mary Abney and Joseph Parker correspondence fragments, 1717-1738.

Fragments of documents, probably excised from correspondence written in the 18th century, glued together to form one piece of paper and then glue mounted to a larger piece of paper. Possibly collected for their value as samples of handwriting and...

Mary Alice Cowden scrapbooks, 1927-1969.

Scrapbooks containing playbills, programs, and newspaper clippings of performing arts events in the San Francisco Bay Area, California.

Mary Austin letters, 1913-1914.

2 typewritten and hand-signed letters from Mary Austin to James L. Gillis.

Mary Austin letters, 1913-1914.

2 typewritten and hand-signed letters from Mary Austin to James L. Gillis.

Mary Beth Webster papers, 1984-1989

Slide presentation called "Portraits of Peacemakers," including slides and transcript.

Mary Brazil papers

Papers, financial documents, account books, photographs, bills, and other ephemera belonging to Mary Brazil, Portuguese dairy rancher in Marin County. The bulk of the materials pertain to Mary Brazil’s business operations and personal correspondence. Additional material documents the correspondence and...

Mary C. Fish diary : and related material : ms., 1860 May-Sept.

Account of trip overland from Cedar Grove, Iowa, to California. Includes a brief description of Salt Lake City. Pages 1-28 contain the original diary; pages 29-67, a revised and expanded version; pages 68-123, blank; and pages 124-128, recipes and miscellaneous...

Mary Carolyn Davies papers, circa 1913-1920.

A few letters, including two written by her to Sheldon Cheney, and copy of a letter of recommendation written for her by Cheney; manuscripts of poems and plays; clippings; and a reprint of some published poems.

Mary Cohn papers and photographs, circa 1930-1971.

The collection contains some of Mary Cohn's papers and family snapshots, mostly unidentified.

Mary Cover Jones papers, 1920-1987.

Letters, manuscripts, reprints, and lecture notes of Mary Cover Jones related to her career in child development, particularly at the Institute of Human Development, University of California, Berkeley. Oversize folder contains a certificate of appreciation presented to Jones.

Mary Davis Bucknall papers, [ca. 1856-1924]

Primarily letters written to her father while she was in school.

Mary Downing Barnes papers, 1890-1898.

Correspondence concerning her historical research, including letters from Hubert Howe Bancroft and others on his staff; notes and manuscripts of some of her writings on Indians and western history; newspaper clippings and articles; some reports written by her students at...

Mary E. Gallagher collection on the I.W.W. and various labor and Socialist leaders, approximately 1919-1955.

Primarily articles, clippings and photographs relating to Eugene V. Debs, Lena Morrow Lewis, Honore J. Jaxon, Workers' Defense League, Byron Kitto, Douglas Robson, and others, and including also a letter from Debs, June 10, 1919, and two from Upton Sinclair,...

Mary E. Joralemon papers, 1873.

Letters from Elizabeth Cabot (Cary) Agassiz and from Louis Agassiz concerning her application for entrance to the Anderson School of Natural History, autographs of people at the school, including those of Austin Craig Apgar and David Starr Jordan, and a...

Mary E. Perry papers, 1892-1896.

Letters (2 - 1 incomplete, with envelope postmarked Amedee) from T. Walker, Secret Valley (Lassen Co.) Calif.; receipt for board, Roble Hall, Stanford University, and letter answering advertisement for an amanuensis.

Mary Eliza Hyde Willis papers, 1876-1941.

Photocopy of clippings and notes, and photographs relating to her school, the first private primary school in Berkeley.

Mary Elizabeth Townley Pemberton letter to J. Elmer Christie : Broadway, England : ALS, 1909 Apr. 19.

Concerning the collaboration of her husband, Thomas Edgar Pemberton, with Bret Harte on the play, Sue, and enclosing a letterpress copy of an undated letter written by her husband.

Mary Ellen Chase letters, 1938 January-March

(1887-1973). Four letters (ALS) from American author Chase to Mrs. Roger Boutell, Jan.-Mar. , 1938. Laid in Chase's Dawn in Lyonesse [Spec PS3505.H48 D3]. Alpha list.

Mary Emily Foy Collection

The collection contains information about, and works by, Mary Emily Foy.

Mary Fabilli correspondence with Dorothy and Robert Hawley, 1969-2011.

Contains letters, greeting cards, publications, and photographs from Fabilli concerning everyday life, her poetry, and information about William Everson. Includes a copy of "Mary Fabilli : 1914- a literary life," an autobiographical article about her literary influences. Also includes 11...

Mary Fabilli papers, circa 1936-2009.

Contains correspondence, diaries, notebooks, journals, poems, and other material. Also Includes material relating to her work as a researcher at the Oakland Museum, and religious memorabilia.

Mary Floyd Williams Lantern Slides Prepared for Lectures Presented by the Extension Division of the University of California. Listed at Berkeley 1941.

This collection of lantern slides includes slides prepared by Mary Floyd Williams from publications as well as from her own photography. Correspondence and receipts from travels in Southeast Asia in the 1920s and 1930s. A typewritten inventory of the slides...

Mary (Frank L.) Papers

Records of land appraiser Frank L. Mary generated during his career include correspondence, field notes, and lists of railroad appraisals, an expense account and a travel record for 1915-1918.

Mary Freeman Crabbe papers, 1845-1929 (bulk 1887-1907)

Mary Freeman Crabbe papers, BANC MSS 99/310 cz, The Bancroft Library, University of California, Berkeley.

Mary Garatti Photo Collection

A photo collection donated by Mary Garatti. Location A4.5

Mary Gleason Art Collection

The Mary Gleason Art Collection includes a variety of artwork made primarily by Mary Gleason and her son, Richard Gleason. Mary Gleason was a longtime Claremont resident and professor at Scripps College from 1936 to 1943.

Mary Graham correspondence : ALS, 1881-1884.

Contains letters from Bret Harte, Henry W. Longfellow and Annie A. Longfellow, concerning a piece of writing done by Graham.

Mary H. Wills photographs, circa late 19th century

Strip of three photographs found in Wills' A Winter in California (F 866 W73). Alpha list.

Mary Hallock Foote letters : to friends and family, 1868-1915.

Mary Hallock Foote letters, BANC MSS C-H 108 FILM, The Bancroft Library, University of California, Berkeley.

Mary Hunter Austin collection of letters and papers, approximately 1903-1933.

Primarily letters written by Mrs. Austin to Henry Nash Smith and to Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Cassidy; transcripts of some letters addressed to her; copy of her play, Fire; miscellaneous items.

Mary Jane Allen letter, 1850

One letter (ALS) from Allen to Newell [?] re invitation to spend Thanksgiving together. Abington, [MA?], Nov. [17?], 1850. Removed from Montgomery Collection (Wyles Mss 9). Alpha list.

Mary Jean Kennedy Aerni photograph collection [graphic].

Views from her travels in Pakistan, Greece, and Uganda, and of native American tribes in California and Arizona. Also, copy photographs and color slides of 19th century images used in her research on Henry Raschen and Jean Jacques Vioget as...

Mary Jean Kennedy papers, 1948-1999.

The papers consist of files containing correspondence, field notes, and articles written by Mary Jean Kennedy. Kennedy's academic career at the University of California, Berkeley is represented by a paper on the economic structure of the San Carlos Apache, written...

Mary Julia Workman Research Materials Collection

This collection consists of research notes and materials that Professor Michael Engh, S.J., then of the Department of History, Loyola Marymount University, compiled for a proposed biography of Mary Julia Workman (1871-1964), a Roman Catholic social activist and member of...

Mary Kress oral history interview

This collection comprises one sound disc of an oral history interview with Mary Kress conducted by the Holocaust Media Project at the American Gathering of Jewish Holocaust Survivors on April 11, 1983.

Mary L. Bennett scrapbooks

Many items pertaining to her dealings in books, manuscripts, printed ephemera, and photographs related to the history of California. Also, personal snapshots and memorabilia from her youth.

Mary Lura Hairgrove diaries, 1913-1939 (bulk 1921-1934).

Consists of two diaries kept by Hairgrove. The first contains daily entries for 1921, including her move to Calif. with her sister, Helen, and teaching in the English Dept. at Glendale High School. The second contains entries for a trip...

Mary M. Bowman reports for the California Historical Survey Commission, circa 1915-1920.

Minutes of the California Historical Survey Commission; other administrative records; and Mary Bowman's reports on a range of Southern California manuscript collections, some in private hands and some in libraries or museums. Included are reports on the following: the family...

Mary Millman research collection on Norman Clyde, 1926-1997.

Contains the research files for an unpublished biography titled, "Fifty years in the mountains of the West: the life of Norman Clyde." Materials include correspondence, notes, transcripts, memoirs, interviews on audiocassetes, photographs, etc. Includes Norman Clyde's handwritten manuscript of a...

Mary Moore papers, 1977-1995.

Contains materials documenting Mary Moore's career on the Oakland City Council from 1977-1994 as well as her campaigns for office. Also included is political ephemera from the campaigns of other Bay Area and California politicians.

[Mary Murphy postcard collection, from the Jay DeFeo papers].

Postcard views and souvenir minature view sets, chiefly of scenes in Oregon, California, and elsewhere in the American West. Most are "real photo" postcards or miniature photographic print sets, but some are color photomechanical prints. Miniature view sets comprise: Virginia...

Mary Norbert Körte correspondence, 1965-1966.

Contains three letters to poets David Meltzer and one to David Schaff discussing poetry and including poems of her own.

Mary Papp letter to Emma Stubbs, 1863 March 4.

Holograph Civil War era letter written from Middlebrook, Missouri, describing a visit to the camp of the 18th Indiana Volunteers. Papp describes viewing drilling exercises, dining with the officers, and visiting a local geologic curiosity.

Mary Penington document, circa late 17th century

(ca. 1623-1682). One document (ADS) from English Quaker and writer Mary Penington, to her grandchild or grandchildren, re family history and religious practices of the day, ca. latter 1600s. First pages faded and almost illegible. Provenance unknown [part of Foote...

Mary Raymond Shipman Andrews note, 1860?-1936

One note (ANS) from American writer Andrews to a Mrs. Reynolds, re a visit to New York and thanking her for selling an unknown item, n.d. Laid in Andrews' The Perfect Tribute. Alpha list

Mary Robertson Bradbury Howard correspondence and related family papers, 1905-1977.

Chiefly Letters from Mary R. B. Howard, wife of architect John Galen Howard to family members (dated 1920-1959) or to Sadie and Warren Gregory (dated 1904-1956). Also includes ALS from Eulora M. Jennings to Mary Howard, Oct. 27, 1910, and...

Mary Rose Kaczorowski collection of Save the Oaks materials : Berkeley, Calif., 2006-2008.

Contains printed materials, tree census and inventory list, ephemera, flyers, correspondence, newspaper clippings, 20 color photographs (5 x 7) of protesters and tree sitters, three posters, two t-shirts, etc. related to a protest movement, known as Save the Oaks, against...

Mary Rudge papers, 1975-2012

The personal papers of Alameda's first poet laureate, Mary Rudge (1928-2014). Included are correspondence, family papers, manuscripts and awards.

Mary Sims California Schoolhouse research.

Research materials for Mary Sims' projected book on one-room schoolhouses of California, primarily letters, postcards, news clippings and other reminiscenses sent by people who responded to notices in the Sacramento Bee and in California Farming News.The book was never completed.

Mary Todd Lincoln color engraving, undated

Color engraving, "Mrs. President Lincoln," by Kimmel & Foster, n.d. [Oversize boxed].

Mary Todd Lincoln Portrait, circa 19th century

Portrait, "Mrs. Lincoln," engraved and published by William Sartain, Philadelphia, n.d.. [Oversize boxed].

Mary Waggoner letters, 1900-1901.

Two handwritten letters (December 19, 1900 and January 31, 1901) from an Ohio woman visiting Berkeley, California to her daughter-in-law in Ravenna, Ohio. Topics covered include descriptions of the University campus at Berkeley and a storm that caused extensive damage....

Mary Wollstonecraft letters to Ruth B. Barlow.

Three letters from Mary Wollstonecraft to her friend Ruth Baldwin Barlow. The first letter (2 pages), dated February 3, [1794?] is signed "Mary Imlay." The second letter (3 pages) is dated April 27, 1794 from Havre; and the third letter...

Mary Yamamoto Shimizu Collection

This collection consists of photographs scanned from a scrapbook belonging to Mary Yamamoto Shimizu depicting life events including commencement ceremonies and social activities in Long Beach, Los Angeles, Massachusetts and Dartmouth College. The bulk of the photographs are of George...

Maryhill Museum of Art miscellaneous records

Correspondence, and lists and photographs of exhibits, relating to the acquisition by the Maryhill Museum of furniture and souvenirs donated by Queen Marie of Romania. Includes photocopies of letters by Queen Marie.

Maryland - Fifth Maryland Infantry (Vols) document, 1865 June 11

One Civil War document (ADS): Return of Deceased Soldiers. Newport News, Virginia, 11 June 1865.

Maryland - Second Eastern Shore Maryland Infantry (Vols) documents, 1864

Two Civil War documents (ADS), one re return of deceased soldiers and the other re cost of furnishing transportation to a Sergeant E. Hansen, 1864.

Marysville, California photograph album, circa 1910

30 black and white snapshots of Marysville, California and surrounding area. Includes images of integrated baseball team, railroad station, tracks, tunnel digging, and locomotive 2580, telegraph and cable office, family and friends, names unknown.

Marysville Medical Institute letter and enclosure, 1861.

Letter, dated Jan. 29, 1861, from the Secretary of the Institute, Edwin A. Williams, to the Gold Hill Lodge no. 32 F.A.M. 1861, accompanied by a broadside announcing the establishment of a medical institute, to serve as a convalescent home...

Marysville photographs [graphic] /

Includes numerous portraits and group portraits, chiefly of unidentified sitters; local business exteriors and interiors; tradesmen, laborers, firefighters, and others; home exteriors; mines and dredges; agricultural equipment; and parades. Portraits include numerous studio portraits of Chinese men, women, and children....

Masaoka (Joe G.) Papers

Joe Grant Masaoka was born in Fresno, California, and raised in Salt Lake City, Utah. He was Regional Director of the Japanese American Citizens League (JACL) in Denver, Colorado, from 1942-51 and established the Northern California regional office in San...

Masaryk (T. G.) proclamation

Issued to the Czechoslovak Army in Siberia. Photocopy.

Masaryk-Beneš collection [graphic]

Collection of photographs reflecting the Czechoslovak Presidencies of Tomǎś Garrigue Masaryk and his successor Edward Beneš, in the period between the World Wars, 1918-1937. Included are diplomatic, political and social events in Prague and other locations, touring of facilities, people...

Masaryk-Beneš collection of newspapers and periodicals, 1897-1945.

The Masaryk-Beneš materials were originally collected by Arne Laurin, editor of the Prager Presse. Consists of individual issues of various newspapers and periodicals pertaining to the Masaryk-Beneš period of Czechoslovak politics, as well as miscellanea.

Maser (Werner) miscellaneous letters received

Relates to Adolf Hitler and Rudolf Hess. Includes letters by Ilse Hess, wife of Rudolf Hess.

Mashbir (Sidney F.) papers

Sydney Forrester Mashbir worked in the Allied Translator and Interpreter Section as a military intelligence officer during the occupation of Japan, 1945-47. The collection contains mimeographed summaries of radio broadcasts, newspaper accounts, various special reports, and publications on the Japanese...

Masino (Jeffery) collection on the California AIDS Ride

Administrative records, promotional material, a photograph, clippings, T-shirts and videocassettes from the Los Angeles branch of the California AIDS Ride, 1993-2000, collected by Jeffery Masino, former director of the Los Angeles office. Materials in the collection document the planning and...

Maskell (Don) photographs

The Don Maskell photographs (SAFR 23144, P02-022) consists of 1,695 photographs (4.8 linear feet) mainly depicting aerial views of merchant and U.S. Navy vessels in the San Francisco Bay, taken during his career as a marine photographer from 1961 to...

Masland (John W.) Papers

Reports, minutes of meetings, directories, notes, and printed matter, relating to the United Nations Conference on International Organization at San Francisco and the founding of the United Nations.

Maslenikov (Oleg A.) Papers

Correspondence, writings, notes, other personal and working papers, including material related to Prof. Maslenikov's teaching in Russian language and literature and Slavic studies at U.C. Berkeley, and to his translations and analyses of early-20th-century Russian poetry, particularly the works of...

Maslin (Don) collection

The Don Maslin collection consists of software and published documentation ranging in date from 1973 to 1990. About half of the collection consists of early system disks and software for CP/M in floppy disk and cassette tape formats. The other...

Maslov (Aleksandr Alekseevich) papers

Correspondence, personal documents, and photographs, relating to Russian emigre affairs in China.

Maslov (Sergei Semenovich) mimeograph

Relates to collective farms in the Soviet Union.

Maslovskii (Evgenii Vasil'evich) letters

Relates to Russian military activities in northern Persia before World War I, and in the Turkish campaigns of General Nikolay Yudenich during World War I.

Maslow (Abraham) Collection

This is a collection of reprints of Maslow articles.

Mason, Annie. Letters, 1852-1862

Twenty-eight letters, the majority written by Annie Mason, wife of John S. Mason who was serving in the U.S. Army and stationed in California during the period covered in the letters. The first letter is dated January 11th, 1852 and...

Mason Brayman family papers, 1873-1895.

Letters from Brayman and his wife, Mary (Williams) Brayman (1816-1886), to their daughter Ada and her husband, William H. Bailhache, of Washington, D.C., during Brayman's governorship of Idaho Territory, 1876-1880.

Mason Brayman papers, 1843-1892 (bulk 1846)

Letters written to him relating mainly to Mormons in Nauvoo, Illinois. Included are an account by Nelson Montgomery of Joseph Smith's interviews with Indians in 1843; letters concerning legal and tax matters, the Mormon question and anti-Mormon forces; a portion...

Mason (Elizabeth) Papers

Elizabeth Mason (1880-1953) was a sculptor, writer, jewelry maker, and Santa Barbara historian. At the Southwest Museum, Mason created 28 dioramas of Native American life which adorned the Museum’s entrance hall and Poole Wing. This collection consists of correspondence, sketches,...

Mason (Frank E.) Papers

Correspondence, reports, journalistic dispatches, and other material, relating to German and Soviet politics and diplomacy in the interwar period, and to Allied military administration of Germany at the end of World War II. Includes a copy of the logbook of...

Mason, George C. (George Champlin) Letter from George C. Mason to Gertrude, 1888 July 8.

Holograph letter written by George C. Mason to Gertrude from Newport, R. I. about not having the desired information relating to Temperance Graul, who died on May 19, 1792 at 83 years old.

Mason (James B.) papers

Reports and photographs, relating to American military medical activities in the European Theater during World War II.

Mason (John Brown) papers

Reports, memoranda, syllabi, and organization charts, relating to the training of Foreign Economic Administration personnel for service in occupied Germany and Austria at the end of World War II, and to living conditions for American consular officials around the world.

Mason (Joseph W.) Papers


Mason (Lee) Photographs

Lee Mason photographs include images photographs of Reverend Troy Perry, John V. Platania, Don Kilhefner, Barry Dank, Dick Nash, Jay Murley, Frank Fitch, and Don O'Brien, 1971-1972. The photographs also include images of the 1971 Los Angeles Christopher Street West...

Mason (Matt E.) Papers

This collection contains the papers of Matt E. Mason (born 1849) chronicling his activity in manufacturing between 1874 and 1919 in Wisconsin, Minnesota, and North Dakota. Includes diaries and account books kept between 1874-1882 with entries describing his day-to-day activities...

Mason Opera House Playbills

This collection consists of a consecutive run of approximately 175 playbills from 1912 through 1918 for dramatic and musical performances held at the Mason Opera House in Los Angeles. During these six years, a number of Broadway musicals were performed...

Mason (Richard B.) Papers

Contents: Circulars and documents as Military Governor of California; letters from Mason describing discovery of gold; methods of mining, effect of mines on California, and problems of government arising after end of war with Mexico; and a few letters to...

Mason (Todd) papers

There is little information available about Todd Mason. During his career, he worked as an actor, did voice overs, and was a newspaper writer. From 1968-1975 Mason was an associate of Mike Connors and worked for the television series Mannix....

Mason Weymouth papers.

Mainly business correspondence as San Francisco photographer.

Mason Weymouth photograph archive [graphic].

Approximately 20,000 photographic images. Subjects include: San Francisco Bay Area views, hotels & residences (architectural photography), Yosemite, family photos, Spanish mission buildings, Berkeley Calif. police, lighthouses, views in Utah and Oregon, etc. Includes work for articles in numerous magazines and...

Mason (William R.) Papers

The collection consists of documents (many of which are photocopies), photographs and plaques related to some of the business and public service activities and interests of William R. Mason. Mason trained as a civil engineer, graduating from the University of...

Masonic Theatre Papers (Wallace, Idaho)

Summary: Letters and agreements pertaining to the construction and equipping of the Masonic Theatre in Wallace, Idaho. Also letters about the billing, quality, and success of shows that appeared in the theatre....

Masonic Union Lodge No. 58 Papers

The collection contains items relating to the operation, promotion and history of Sacramento's Masonic Union Lodge 58, founded in 1854.

Mason-McDuffie Co. photograph collection [graphic]

Includes company personnel, developments, housing, etc., mainly in Berkeley and San Francisco.

Mason-McDuffie Co. Records

Correspondence, promotional literature, ledgers, deeds, job files, architectural records, real estate journals, company newsletters, and other materials.

Mason-Reep Family collection.

Photos, ephemera, correspondence pertaining to Bertha (Reep) Mason, her husband Earl Mason, and their respective families.

The Masquers records

The Masquers records span the years 1908-1980s and encompass approximately 32 linear feet. The collection consists of membership and organization records; miscellaneous papers, including "Masquerettes" material; files regarding plays, shows, and tributes; audio tapes; plaques; scrapbooks; and photographs....

Massachusetts Anti-Slavery Society broadside, circa late 19th century

Broadside, "Fourth of July! Anti-Slavery Celebration," n.y. [Oversize boxed].

Massachusetts document, 1791 May 2

One document (ADS) from Holden Township, Worcester County, re survey of plot of land, 2 May 1791. Alpha list.

Massachusetts Infantry - 19th Regiment (Vol) document, 1864 September 30

One Civil War document (ADS), re issue or transfer of ordnance stores, 30 Sept. 1864.

Massachusetts Infantry, 12th Regiment Records

The collection contains Civil War individual service and medical records, lists of circulars, regimental and regular orders received, order books - one with a short history, and photographs for the Massachusetts Infantry, 12th Regiment (Vol.), ca 1861-1864....

Massachusetts scrapbook, circa 1853-1875

Bound, with some loose material.

Massary (Fritzi) correspondence

This collection contains the correspondence of Fritzi Massary with her colleague and friend Violet Oldak. It also includes one letter from Liesl Frank, Fritzi's daughter, to Violet Oldak, as well as a newspaper clipping about Fritzi Massary. Violet Oldak played...

Massey (Thomas James) Papers

Collection includes biographical materials; materials related to Massey's dissertation research on the African American higher education experience; notes; news clippings related to Massey's achievements at Stanford; photographs; program files; printouts of email correspondence; notes; and a journal related to events...

Massing (Hede) papers

Correspondence, writings, police reports, clippings, and photographs, relating to Soviet espionage activities in the United States.

Massip (Mireille) papers

Sound recordings of interviews, printed matter, photographs, and postcards, relating to Aleksandr Kazem-Bek and the Mladorosskaia partiia. Used as research material for the book by Mireille Massip, La vérité est fille du temps: Alexandre Kasem-Bek et l'émigration russe en Occident,...

Masson papers

Collection of daily drilling records for wells

Masson (Paul) Records

Correspondence, ledger books, scrapbooks, and photographs from Masson's Santa Clara County, California, vineyards. Collection also includes notes on Masson by UC Davis Professor of Viticulture and Enology Harold P. Olmo.

Massoth (Robert and Bertha) Collection of Disneyland Publications

This collection includes Disneyland-related newsletters, magazines, and other publications collected by Robert J. Massoth and by his wife, Bertha E. Massoth. Bertha worked as the executive secretary to the head of publicity and marketing at Disneyland, a theme park in...

Masten (Ric and Billie Barbara) papers

Writings, correspondence, clippings, photographs, business records, recordings, publications, fliers, posters, artwork, notes, scrapbooks and other personal papers of Carmel poet Ric Masten and his wife, poet Billie Barbara Masten, from 1894, 1929-2008. The bulk of the collection documents Ric’s career...

Master Key to the Panama Canal certificate issued to Vincent P. McMurdo

The certificate (SAFR 17603, HDC 0031) was issued to Mr. V.P. McMurdo November 4, 1957. The certificate has two foil seals, one gold and one red. The replica key is scotch taped to the red foil seal.The collection is processed...

Mastering the College Experience videocassettes

The collection consists of 26 VHS videocassettes, comprising the complete series entitled "Mastering the College Experience," a television program produced by Coastline Community College in Fountain Valley, California, for KOCE-TV, the primary Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) member station for Los...

Masters (Chuck) Vietnam War Correspondence

The collection contains 15 letters from army photographer Lieutenant Chuck Masters, 221st Signal Co., to friend Dave Schmahl of Alhambra, California. Letters are mainly from Pleiku and Long Binh, Vietnam, and describe day-to-day life, including R&R in Hong Kong. There...

Masters (Scott) Photography Collection

The bulk of the collection consists of medium format 120/220 black & white negatives, contact sheets, and color film transparencies of gay male erotic images along with a limited number of straight erotic images. The images were used for the...

Masterson (Albert E.) Employee Beneficiary Certificate

Brotherhood of Locomotive Firemen and Enginemen and Union Pacific employee beneficiary certificate issued to Albert E. Masterson, with accompanying correspondence.

Masterson (William F.) Papers

The William F. Masterson Papers consist of the records of his work with PICO (Pacific Institute for Community Organization) and covers the development of various PICO organizing projects throughout the United States, as well as the internal growth and workings...

Maston (Carl) papers

USC alumnus Carl Maston was an influential Los Angeles mid-century modern architect. Upon graduation, Maston worked for the offices of Floyd Rible, A. Quincy Jones, Fred Emmons, Phil Daniel, and Allied Architects before opening his own office. His homes, shopping...

Mastropasqua (Louis “Luigi” A.) Photograph Album

The photograph album contains 93 photographic prints taken between 1926 and 1928 presumably by Louis “Luigi” A. Mastropasqua, a San Francisco architect and illustrator. The album primarily consists of scenic views and street scenes of many San Francisco neighborhoods, including...

Mastrotoro (Francis) Letters to Eva Mikelonis

Letters from Francis "Pete" Mastrototoro to his girlfriend, then wife, Eva Mikelonis over the course of Mastrototoro's military service in World War II from 1942 to 1945. The letters primarily deal with his day-to-day life on bases in California, Texas,...

Maté (Rudolph) papers

The Rudolph Maté papers span the years circa 1930-1962 and encompass approximately 3 linear feet. There are awards or programs and a couple contracts related to around a dozen films. In addition, there are clippings, personal correspondence, legal and estate...

Matador Land and Cattle Company minute books, 1882-1940.

Minutes of director's meetings, lists of stock holders and periodical reports, etc., of company incorporated in Dundee, Scotland, for the purpose of raising and marketing livestock in Texas and elsewhere in the United States.

Matamoros, Mexico, after a devastating hurricane [graphic].

Views show rubble, damaged buildings and other scenes of damage caused by a hurricane or hurricanes in Matamoros, Mexico. A major storm hit the region in October, 1867, which may be the event depicted. Other hurricanes are recorded in 1869...

Matías Romero correspondence, 1850-1899.

Letters addressed to Romero, diplomat, politician, and secretary of finance in the administrations of Presidents Benito Juárez and Porfirio Díaz. A more complete description is available in film notebooks at Reference Desk.

The Matchmaker company [graphic]

Snapshots of cast members of Thornton Wilder's The Matchmaker, possibly from a London production, or the Philadelphia production of 1954 or 1955. Some photos taken in dressing rooms.

Material concerning Chinese in California and on the Pacific Coast.

Part I: Film - Selected list of works, published and unpublished, by California Chinese, with brief biographical sketches of the authors.

Material concerning Hollywood, ca. 1905-1958.

Newspaper clippings, brochures and notes, with a few letters and pictures, assembled in preparation of his history of Hollywood.

Material concerning the Battle of San Pasqual, 1846 December 6.

Photoreproduction of muster rolls for Companies C & K, 1st Regiment of Dragoons, from records, Adjutant General's Office, National Archives; pictures of "Mule Hill" and grave markers; maps and notes, correspondence from 1948-1949.

Material concerning the Dorsey and Taylor families of Grass Valley, Calif., [undated]

Scrapbook of clippings, correspondence, stock certificates, etc., chiefly for her father, Samuel P. Dorsey, Wells, Fargo agent, 1857-1904, and former owner, Idaho Maryland mine. Also, material relating to descendents of William Taylor, gold rush pioneer.

Material concerning the genealogies of early California Higuera, Lorenzana and Juárez families : ms., 1975 Aug.

Includes her manuscript of the Juárez family tree completed in 1973 (31 x 365 cm.)

Material concerning the Modoc Indians and Modoc War, [undated]

Manuscripts, notes, drafts, clippings, etc. for an unpublished book.

Material Gathered on the Federal Writers Project San Francisco

Consists of a staple-bound volume of short stories and poems by San Francisco writers working under the authority of the Works Progress Administration (WPA) Federal Writers' Project in San Francisco, on the American Guide and other publications. The volume was...

Material on Japanese immigration and propaganda in schools in California and the Hawaiian Islands : San Francisco : typewritten, 1934-1938.

Two folders of copies of correspondence, press releases, and a brochure regarding Japanese immigration and propaganda in the public schools.

Material pertaining to biography of Sinclair Lewis

Correspondence re Lewis and re the book after its publication; research notes; bibliography; books by and about Lewis; transcripts of Lewis; diaries, 1900-1907; Schorer's interview notebooks; copies of the ms.; galley and page proofs; first unbound copy; copy with Schorer's...

Material prepared by legal counsel for use in pending suit brought against the San Francisco Unified School District, circa 1864-1982 (bulk 1947-1979).

The bulk of the collection contains material prepared by legal counsel for use in pending suit brought against the San Francisco Unified School District. These include plantiff exhibits, attorney drafts and notes; production requests from the law firm; research materials,...

Material regarding mission revival architecture.

Includes correspondence with libraries, archives, historical societies, etc., re his research (ca. 1966-1970); notes speeches; clippings, photocopies of articles and other ephemeral material. Special files on architects and on Stanford University.

Material regarding the history of Corona, Calif., undated.

Clippings, notes, articles and photographs, assembled mainly from the papers of Janet Williams Gould.

Material related Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Schram and the Schramsburg Winery [graphic]

Portraits are of Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Schram. Also includes labels (undated) for Schramsburg Vineyards wine and champagne.

Material relating to Armenians in California.

Include programs and notices for churches and fraternal and benevolent societies; clippings; pamphlets and some letters. Some items concern George M. Mardikian and William Saroyan.

Material relating to Armenians in California : additions, [ca. 1970-1981]

Assorted printed and other materials pertaining to the Armenian community in California.

Material relating to boycott of Nazi typefaces, 1939-1940.

Contains several copies of a 1939 proclamation, with signatures of notable members of the Forum, calling for graphic artists and advertisers to boycott the purchase and use of Nazi typefaces, and encouraging them to use American-made type. The bulk of...

Material relating to Chase family.

Includes portion of a biographical sketch of Moses Chase, early Oakland settler, written by W.W. Conde, with related notes; transcripts of some Chase family papers, including 1867 diary of George Chase, Moses' son; three notebooks concerned with the 7th ward...

Material relating to Chinese in the West, 1876-1942.

Letters, checks, receipts, certificates of deposit, San Francisco/Oakland telephone directory, pamphlet, and an election flyer, from San Francisco; and similar items from Centreville and Coulterville, Calif., as well as Carson City, Nev., and Tucson, Ariz.

Material relating to Fort Ross, 1937-1938.

Letter appealing for aid to maintain the Fort; form letters and programs; printed album commemorating anniversary of the founding of the Fort; newspaper article.

Material relating to Henderson W. Luelling, [ca. 1920-1957]

Rhoda, Franklin. Henderson W. Luelling, father of the fruit industry on the Pacific Coast (9 typewritten leaves); Rhoda, Franklin. Origin of the fruit business of the Pacific Coast [newspaper clipping and typewritten carbon copy (1 leaf) of part of this];...

Material relating to John Marsh : ms, undated.

Copies of some documents used by Lyman in writing his book, John Marsh, Pioneer, including legal papers in Marsh's trial for conspiracy in Contra Costa County, 1855, and inventory of his estate.

Material relating to John Swett, 1853-1962.

Photocopies of typed transcripts of letters, 1853-1864, from William Russell to John Swett, and clippings concerning Swett.

Material relating to Julia Morgan, 1928-1988 (bulk 1928-1947)

Miscellaneous materials relating to Julia Morgan, including one letter written by her to Walter Steilberg, Oct. 7, l928, and a photocopy of a diary from her trip to South America. Includes copies of three letters written by Edward B. Hussey,...

Material relating to Luther Burbank, [ca. 1909-1912]

Includes a letter from Burbank, 1912 Dec. 20, and a copy of an agreement with him, 1909 Sept. 20; scrapbook of clippings, 1908-1909, regarding his experiments with spineless cactus; promotional material for the publication of the Burbank books; Luther Burbank...

Material relating to Nora May French, 1907-1963.

Mainly correspondence resulting from research on Ms. French for M.A. thesis.

Material relating to Owens Valley, California : typescript, [1900]

Legal papers relating to the Inyo Land Company, the Inyo Canal Company and the Reward Gold Mining Company; and transcript of a report describing the valley and its mining and agricultural resources.

Material relating to Prairie Schooner Detours.

Includes portion of the MS; notes; sketch maps used in the book; design for the dust jacket.

Material relating to the California State Federation of Labor unions, ca. 1938-1958.

Research material, including minutes of meetings, correspondence, pamphlets, leaflets, and miscellaneous printed material. Includes Taft's working notes, apparently for his 1968 book, Labor politics American style; the California State Federation of Labor.

Material relating to the campaign of Thomas Bradley for Mayor of Los Angeles, 1968-1969.

Includes speakers' manual, press releases, handbills and clippings.

Material relating to the Greenwood family, [ca. 1888-1967]

Includes photocopy of notes re the Greenwoods and the rescue of the Donner party; transcripts of letters from Sarah Greenwood re the family's part in the rescue operations; transcripts and photocopies of letters with genealogical information; photocopies of documents relating...

Material relating to the history of Lindsay, Calif.

Include typescripts of reminiscences by Sadie Hutchinson re the founding of the town by her husband, Arthur J. Hutchinson, and re ranching in the area; genealogical information on the Hutchinson and Patton families; maps; newspaper articles by Schutt based on...

Material relating to the legend of the sleeping princess of Mount Tamalpais, 195-.

v. 1 - letter, June 15, 1959, and pamphlet, July 1959, describing how he began his project, the sources investigated and the people contacted; v. 2 - Ms. of his unpublished study, The Legend of the Sleeping Maiden of Mount...

Material relating to the marking of various historic sites, 1953-1957.

Includes material on the Pacheco and Galindo families (founding families of Contra Costa County) and papers relating to the Alvarado Adobe, dedication of the Salvio Pacheco adobe, and Joaquin Moraga adobe.

Material relating to the Oberi Okaime language of southeastern Nigeria, ca. 1953-1961.

Used in her article, Oberi Okaime Script, Texts and Counting System. Includes a dictionary, transcriptions and translations of texts in the language, mainly of a religious nature, by Akpan Akpan Udofia.

Material relating to the Poston Cooperative Enterprises, Inc., Colorado River Relocation Center, Poston, Ariz., 1943-1945.

Includes letter from WRA director, Dillon S. Myer; letters from U.S. Treasury Dept. regarding licensing; a brief history of the Enterprises; certificate of incorporation; and license from the state of Arizona.

Material relating to the site of Santa Clara Mission.

Letter, clippings and excerpts from Jacob N. Bowman to the Bancroft Library concerning the site of Santa Clara Mission.

Material relating to the treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo : ms.

Copy of articles 8, 9, 21, and 23 of the above treaty, and notes from Robert Glass Cleland's The Mexican Yearbook, 1922.

Materials concerning Frank B. Rodolph and the Rodolph family, [ca. 1967-1968]

Genealogical and biographical information regarding the family of Frank B. Rodolph, compiled by Margaret Schlichtmann. Includes autobiographical sketch by Frank B. Rodoloph, including reminiscences of his family's journey to California in 1850, ranching near Cache Creek, and business enterprises in...

Materials concerning the missions of Alta California, 1873.

Extracts and copies from Archives, original papers, testimony of native Californians and Neophytes, scraps from books, pamphlets, and newspapers, also photographs, etc., being the entire collection on the subject formed during a period of 20 years by The Honorable Benjamin...

Materials for seminar course, The Collecting of Books and Manuscripts : School of Librarianship, University of California, Berkeley, 1971 March - June.

Included: outline of the course; list of books on reserve; copies of his lectures; and list of books, manuscripts and visual materials from his collection displayed at class meetings.

Materials on the life and career of José de Gálvez : transcripts, 1691.

Church records, royal orders, cédulas, and other sources on Gálvez collected from parochial archives, various Spanish archives, and the British Museum, by Laurence P. Briggs. See Herbert I. Priestley, José de Gálvez, Visitor-General of New Spain (University of California Press,...

Materials pertaining to the Grabhorn Press bibliography, 1927-1975.

Contains introduction, working notes, and checklists for vol. 1 of the bibliography. Includes letters to Heller from David Magee, and to Heller and Magee from numerous individuals, including Flora Arnstein, Albert M. Bender, Wilder Bentley, Oscar Lewis, Alfred Sutro, and...

Materials prepared for Commission members [collection]

From Commission member Herma Hill Kay.

Materials regarding the ancient writings of Southern Nigeria, 1967.

Article reprint of her work originally published in the Bulletin de L'Institut francais d'Afrique noire (XXIX, series B., nos. 1-2, 1967); and illustrations of glyphs appearing on tusks from Southern Nigeria, representing animals, humans, objects and symbols, used as illustrations...

Materials related to publication of Lovely Isadora, 1972-1982.

Drafts, drawings, and correspondence. Some correspondence concerns their oral history.

Materials related to shipping and engineering [graphic]

Some photographs relate to Union Diesel Engines (Fischer's business) including many ships possibly outfitted wtih Union Diesel engines. Other photos relate to shipping and engineering more generally. Objects are artificts related to early telegraph lines. Also includes a portrait of...

Materials Related to the Proposed Southwest Site of the University of California Southern Branch

Includes maps and correspondence related to the proposed site on the Palos Verdes Peninsula for the Southern Branch of the University of California, now known as University of California, Los Angeles.

Materials related to the publication of The Grabhorn Press and Kindred Matter, [ca. 1956-1979]

Typescript of book, and correspondence concerning the book's eventual publication as The Grabhorn Press: A Biography by the Book Club of California (1981).

Materials related to the will of Jonas G. Clark : Massachusetts : typescript, 1916.

Correspondence and will extracts concerning the deposition of his will and the terms to establish a library endowment.

Materials relating to Armenians in California : additions, [undated]

Subject file encompass social, religious, political, economic, and cultural aspects of Armenians in California, including listings for Armenian General Benevolent Union; Robert Avakian; Spurgeon Avakian; Charles Garry; churches; Aram Saroyan, Lucy Saroyan.

Materials relating to I.L.W.U. case, Longshoremen - B List, 1963-1984.

Includes background documentation, typed transcripts of tape-recorded interviews with longshoremen, and clippings. Also information on Harry Bridges, the Longshore Jobs Defense Committee, and the Pacific Maritime Association. Includes papers acquired as research for an oral history, as well as transcripts.

Materials relating to South America and the West Indies, 1901-1939.

Letters and reports, largely statistical, concerning population, trade and commerce, banking, education, transportation and communications, in Bolivia, Peru, Surinam, Guiana, and the islands of Cuba, Puerto Rico, Guadeloupe, Martinique, and St. Pierre et Miquelon. Also a biographical sketch of Paraguayan...

Materials relating to Spanish literature.

Assembled by the Professor of Spanish, University of California, Berkeley. Include notes relating to prominent Spanish authors and poets; indexes on periodicals; notes on the novel, poetry, and theater; bibliographical material; transcripts of theatre texts and texts of ballads autograph...

Materials relating to the Berkeley Repertory Theatre's production of Frank Norris' McTeague, 1992.

Script (200 l., revised typescript, photocopy) by Neal Bell, "Current as of 1-29-92"; Teacher's Study Guide; program.

Materials Relating to the Building of a Bridge at Bergerac

A comprehensive collection of architectural materials related to the building of a bridge at Bergerac in southwest France (bulk ca. 1825), containing plans, designs, proposals, explanations, estimates, specifications, correspondence, and other supporting materials.

Materials relating to the campaign of 1896 : ms., 1896 June-Dec.

Includes sample of forms used, and a few post-election circulars relating to registration, appointments, donations, etc.

Materials relating to the case of Gordon K. Hirabayashi, 1943.

Circular letter (typescript, mimeograph), 1943 May 21, regarding the U. S. Supreme Court hearing; and printed brochure from the Gordon Hirabayashi Defense Committee.

Materials relating to the Chinatown Coalition for Better Housing, 1972-1974.

Contains Chinatown Coalition for Better Housing correspondence, minutes, resolutions, agreements, development proposals, press releases, environmental impact report, housing study, and newspaper clippings. Most of the printed materials relate to the Redevelopment Project at Stockton and Sacramento Streets, San Francisco, California,...

Materials relating to the lawsuit, Safeway Stores, Inc. vs. A. A. Brock et al.

Carton 1: Statistical reports, 1954-1961; miscellaneous publications and annotated copies of briefs in the case. Carton 2: Microfilm of material used in evidence.

Materials relating to the sugar industry in Mexico : typescript, 1910-1949.

List of Sugar Mills in Mexico and Central America, 1948 (Typed); Preliminary Report - Improvement of Sugar Production in Mexico, 1947 (Typed); Felipe Ruiz de Valasco, Historia y Evoluciones del Cultivo de la Caña y de la Industria Azucarera en...

Materials relating to the Vincent Chin case, 1981-1990

Contains organization materials collected by Helen Zia, including bylaws, constitution, correspondence, minutes, press releases, financial records, fundraising announcements, and other community organization materials. The majority of materials consists of circuit, district, and appeals court transcripts of the case, along with...

Materials relating to Tom Paine, [1804-1934]

Includes bibliography of works about Tom Paine, letters and journal articles and menu for Tom Paine memorial dinner.

Materials relating to Topaz Relocation Center, 1942-1945.

Chiefly materials from the Central Utah Relocation Center at Topaz, including general correspondence between War Relocation Authority and hospital staff, weekly reports, analyses and studies, high school structure chart with class and teacher listings, community activity information, newsletters, and resettlement...

Matfield Family Collection

This collection consists of material collected by physician Robert Stragnell (1923-2015) regarding the Bella Union Hotel, its owners the Matfield family, and early Los Angeles and California history, chiefly dating from 1873-1918.

Math/Computer Science Library Loma Prieta earthquake damage photographs

Photographs of the Stanford Math/Computer Science Library after the 1989 Loma Prieta Earthquake....

Mathematical Writing (CS 209) Videorecordings

Videotaped lectures from Knuth's computer science course Mathematical Writing, given in the fall of 1987; guest lecturers were Herb Wilf, Jeff Ullman, Leslie Lamport, Nils Nilsson, Mary-Claire van Leunen, Rosalie Stemer, and Paul Halmos.

Mathematics Department. Chair. Administrative files of Angus E. Taylor.

Record Series 691 includes the administrative files of Angus E. Taylor, chair of the mathematics department from 1958 to 1964 and those of acting chair, Paul G. Hoel from 1961 to 1962. Files include Chair's files, directories, and proposal documents.

Matheny (Deloris) Collection

Photograph of men in machine shop, possibly on campus.

Mather (Stephen T.) Papers

Correspondence, scrapbooks of clippings, and personalia, relating primarily to his last years with the Service. A few papers pertain to his early business career with the Pacific Coast Borax Company and the Thockildsen-Mather Borax Company. Also included are letters of...

Mather, Stephen Tyng Photographs from the Stephen Tyng Mather papers.

Photograph albums: Vol. 1: Mount Rainier (photographed by Herbert W. Gleason), ca. 1905-1917. Vol. 2: Washington D.C., 1913-1915. Vol. 3: Sequoia National Park and the high Sierra, 1915. Vol. 4: Mather party in the high Sierras, 1915 (album 1). Vol....

Mathers, Alonzo M. Letters to Ulric L. Music : and related material, 1897-1899.

Letters, Dec. 20, 1897, and Jan. 31, 1898, from Empire Ranch, Pantano, Ariz. Ter., telling his friend in San Luis Obispo, Calif., of plans for ranching in Chihuahua; letter, Oct. 22, 1899, from El Fuerte, Sinaloa.

Mathers (J. H.) Papers

J. H. "Harry" Mathers was a surveyor for railroad and mining companies in the American west (primarily California) and Baja California. The collection is composed entirely of correspondence between various members of the Mathers family.

Mathew Carey note, 1929 February 6

(1760-1839). One note (ANS), requesting a visit, 6 Feb. 1829. Purchase, 1975. Alpha list.

Mathews and Bradney photographs and albums.

Two 19th century photo albums, and 55 portrait photographs (carte-de-viste & tintype probably from the 1860s) that were formerly in the albums and are mostly unidentified. The subjects of the photos are descendants of the donors. Many have the photographer's...

Mathews and Bradney photographs and albums.

Two 19th century photo albums, and 55 portrait photographs (carte-de-viste & tintype probably from the 1860s) that were formerly in the albums and are mostly unidentified. The subjects of the photos are descendants of the donors. Many have the photographer's...

Mathews and Sons, Co. records, 1845-1914 (bulk 1870-1901).

Contains legal documents including articles of incorporation, agreements, contracts, complaints, wills and property documents. Also includes administrative and financial documents and correspondence.

Mathews (Forrest David) speeches

Relates to American social welfare policy. Photocopy.

Mathews (Isaac Newton) Papers

The correspondence between Isaac Newton Mathews and various family members in Indiana and Ohio; chiefly about the American Civil War. Also includes copies of poems and several essays.

Mathews (Max V.) Papers

Correspondence, articles, lab notebooks, musical scores, audio recordings, computer files, and other materials related to the professional work of computer music pioneer Max V. Mathews.

Mathews (Sarah E.) papers

Memoirs, diary, correspondence, clippings, photographs, and oral history with transcript relating to the disposition of the remains of Tsar Nicholas II and his family, social and political conditions in Siberia, and relief work of the American Red Cross in Siberia...

Mathey (William J.) Hoof and Mouth Disease Scrapbooks

William J. Mathey taught at the University of California, Davis School of Veterinary Medicine. The collection includes two scrapbooks of photographs documenting hoof and mouth disease management in the mid-1920s.

Mathias Egner document, 1812 September 14

One document (ADS), copy of distribution for the estate of Egner Mathias, as decided in orphans' court, possibly Cecil County, Maryland, Sept. 14, 1812. Alpha list.

Mathies (M. Lorraine) Papers

Mary Lorraine Mathies (1919- ) worked as a collections librarian at the Federal Advanced Teachers College in Lagos, Nigeria, while a library consultant for USAID and the Nigerian Ministry of Education (1962-63). In 1964, she became the head of the...

Mathieu (Jules) typescript

Relates to Belgian troops attached to German forces during World War II, 1941-1945. Photocopy.

Mathurin (Owen Charles) typescript

Relates to the West Indian pan-African leader Henry Sylvester Williamanuscript Published (Westport, Conn., 1976). Photocopy.

Matilda (built 1905; scow schooner) and Annie L. (built 1900; scow schooner) photographs

The Matilda (built 1905; scow schooner) and Annie L. (built 1900; scow schooner) photographs, 1940-1960, (SAFR 24642, P15-015) are comprised of photographs of the scow schooners MATILDA and ANNIE L., likely on the mudflats at Alviso, California. The collection has...

Matilda G. Bancroft letter : San Francisco, Calif., to Aunt Mary Coley, Emporia, Kan. : ALS, 1889 Aug. 5.

Letter from Matilda Bancroft to Aunt Mary Coley, on stationary of The Bancroft Library. Includes 2 additional letters to Mary Coley: one from Olive S. Carter, a sister (July 30, 1884), and the other from Isabel Fuller, a friend (Sept....

Matilija Hot Springs Brochure

Brochure that describes the hot springs, accommodations, attractions

Matkin (Joseph) Papers

Letters of Joseph Matkin, ship's steward's assistant and member of the H.M.S. crew during the Challenger Expedition, a joint venture of the Royal Society of London and the British Admiralty (1872-1876). The collection also contains a small number of Matkin...

Matley (Ian) collection

British propaganda from World War II, and propaganda from both sides in the Korean War.

Matlock (Peter Young) Lantern Slides of Latin America

Collection consists of 92 black and white lantern slides of the countries Nicaragua, Panama, Colombia, and Chile taken in the 1920s and 1930s by Peter Young Matlock. Peter Young Matlock owned a clothing store in Buffalo, New York until 1976.

Matlovich (Leonard) Papers

This collection consists of correspondence, subject files, legal documents, photographs and personal mementos. The bulk of the collection is comprised of correspondence. The first series, for example, is correspondence from 1975 which he received after his story hit the national...

Matosian (Khacher A.) typescript

Relates to the persecution of Armenians in Turkey during and immediately after World War I, and to Armenian refugees in Greece.

Matson and Roth family history, a love of ships, horses and gardens : oral history transcript / and related material, 1980-1982.

Recollections of her father, William Matson, and his shipping company; marriage to William Roth; her family; acquisition of Filoli, their home in Woodside; interest in horse breeding and horse shows; volunteer activities.

Matson Navigation Company book of data sheets

The Matson Navigation Company book of data sheets (SAFR 23833, HDC 1670) consists of 85 blueprint pages of specifications for Matson-owned vessels. The collection has been processed to the item unit level and is open for use without restrictions.

Matsui (Robert T.) Papers

The Robert T. Matsui Papers document the career of a Japanese American politician who served 13 terms, from 1979-2005, in the United States House of Representatives as Congressman for California's Sacramento district.

Matsusaburo Hibi papers, 1941-1962.

Miscellaneous papers relating to Hibi and Topaz Relocation Center. Included are a report on the Topaz Art School and the text of a speech at the opening of an exhibit at the school; clippings re Hibi and his paintings, many...

Matsuura (Kiyoko), Collection

This collection contains one box of two letters from Kiyoko Matsuura written while Matsuura was imprisoned at Crystal City Incarceration Center in Crystal City, Texas. The letter to Mizuko Noda contains information regarding why Kiyoko did not board a...

[Matt Wobensmith collection of San Francisco Bay Area punk concert fliers].

Mostly fliers, with some posters and smaller handbills, promoting concerts by punk bands and other performers at numerous venues in San Francisco and other Bay Area locations. Among the hundreds of performers listed on fliers are Dead Kennedys, Mutants, Psychotic...

Mattachine Society minutes, 1953-1954.

Contains the minutes of the Board of Directors and the Coordinating Council. Also includes memos, press releases, goals, questionnaires and other handouts relating to the Mattachine Society and the Council on Religion and the Homosexual.

Mattachine Society Project Collection

Minutes, bylaws, correspondence, manuscripts, newsletters, financial records, legal papers, transcripts, pamphlets, flyers, clippings, sound recordings, and other papers relating to the Mattachine Society, brought together by the Mattachine Society Project from materials donated to ONE Institute (now ONE International Gay...

Matter (Herbert and Mercedes), World Game Archive

An archive consisting of approximately 500 items from Herbert and Mercedes Matter, including production files and original artwork, manuscript material, correspondence, film and magnetic media, photographs, books, and printed matter.

Matter (Herbert) collection related to his design of the book Alberto Giacometti

Materials related to Herbert Matter's design of the book Alberto Giacometti, including mock-ups, a planning binder, photostatic negatives, hand-drawn typeface and page design sketches, notes, typescripts/drafts of the American and French editions, as well as correspondence to and from Matter's...

Matter (Herbert) Papers

Original artwork, photographs, letters, manuscripts, process materials, memorabilia, negatives, transparencies, film, printed material, and working equipment.

Matteson (Robert Eliot) pamphlets

Relates to the capture of the Nazi leader Ernst Kaltenbrunner in 1945; a meeting between Joseph Stalin and Harold Stassen in 1947; and a trip on the Trans-Siberian Railroad in 1982.

Matthes, (François) Papers

The François Matthes papers consist of personal and professional correspondence and writings spanning his academic life as a student in the 1890s, through his professional career as a geologist, to his death in 1948. Included are artwork, letters, newspaper clippings,...

Matthes, François Photographs from the François Matthes papers [graphic].

Pictures from trips (including camping) around the United States include scenes in the Rocky Mountains, views of Montana and Yosemite, Calif. Many views of Sierra Nevada scenes are also included. Matthes is pictured with the crew of the Richfield Eagle...

Matthew A. Schmidt papers, 1906-1952.

Contains correspondence, clippings, and other items related to his trial. Also includes photographs of Schmidt, his sister, and of friends.

Matthew and Buddy of Glendale photograph albums

The bulk of the collection consists of the photograph albums of Matthew Schmidt and Albert Antunes (pseudonyms: Matthew and Buddy of Glendale). The early albums document the Los Angeles non-bar gay scene from the mid-1960s to mid-1970s, and contain many...

Matthew Arnold letter to Edith Murray : Cobham, Surrey : ALS, [undated]

With envelope, and autograph cut out of another document.

Matthew Arnold poem, 1883 August 12

(1822-1888). One short manuscript poem, signed, 12 August 1883. Alpha list.

Matthew (Craig T.) Comedian Photographs

Craig T. Matthew photographs of stand-up performers Lea DeLaria, Jason Stuart, and Scott Thompson, circa 1990s.

Matthew Maus letter : Forest Hill, Calif., to David D. Maus, Danville, Pa., 1855 Dec. 23.

Gold miner in California writing to his brother back East regarding a large gold mining claim he has bought. He describes the physical characteristics of the claim and his plans for working it. He writes of miner life in general...

Matthew Nunan statement and biographical sketch, [1885 ca.]

Statement, recorded for H.H. Bancroft, concerns his voyage to San Francisco via Panama in 1855 and gold mining to 1859; several businesses including a brewery from 1865; position as sheriff of San Francisco, 1875 and 1877. (7 l.)

Matthew Ritchie papers, 1949-1965.

The collection consists of Matthew Ritchie's correspondence (including correspondence between Ritchie, the Hopi Indians, and the U.S. Congress regarding a conflict between the Hopi and the U.S. government); minutes and memorandums from various organizations; radio scripts; newspaper and magazine articles...

Matthew Simpson Culbertson papers, 1843-1860.

Contents: Diaries kept while a divinity student at Princeton and asmissionary at Macao and at Ningpo, China from 1844; manuscripts of his sermons and writings, including Darkness in the Flower Land and comments on the siege of Shanghai in 1853;...

Matthews (Chris) Collection on the Arabian Horse

The collection contains photographs, articles, newsletters, catalogs, DVDs, videocassettes, and other material related to the Arabian horse collected by horse breeder Chris Matthews.

Matthews (Frederick C.) papers

The collection includes the following document types: correspondence, articles, notes, clippings. Several of the articles written by Matthews in "Pacific Marine Review" used photographs and drawings that were documented in the Photo collection P05-074. The scrapbooks found in the collection...

Matthews (G.F.) papers

The G.F. Matthews papers (SAFR 14282, HDC 74) consists of contracts, specifications and agreements for schooners OLGA, JOHN A., ESTHER JOHNSON and steam schooners DAISY GRAY and SAN DIEGO from 1889, 1892 and 1923. The collection also includes a list...

Matthews (Glenna) Oral History Collection

The Glenna Matthews Oral History Collection, 1984-2014, consists of fifty-one oral histories, forty-one of which have been transcribed. Historian Glenna Matthews conducted these interviews as part of the research for her book, (2003).

Matthews (Harold S.) Papers

Writings, correspondence, reports, and printed matter, relating to Christian missionary work in China and Japan, and to the communist movement in China.

Matthews (Herbert Lionel) papers

Drafts of the book The Cuban Story (1961), and a draft and galley proofs of the article Return to Cuba (1964), relating to conditions in Cuba following the 1959 Revolution and to Cuban-American relations.

Matthews (John P. C.) papers

Writings, correspondence, notes, memoranda, radio scripts, and printed matter, relating to Radio Free Europe broadcasting to Eastern Europe, conditions in Eastern Europe and especially in Hungary, and the Hungarian Revolution of 1956. Includes research materials used for the books by...

Matthews (Miriam) collection of Los Angeles Newspapers on African Americans

Collection consists of newspapers collected by Miriam Matthews, mostly published for the African American community in Los Angeles and concerning African American topics. Titles include the (1958-1959), (1955-1985) and the (1958) as well as some clippings and pages of other...

Matthews (Miriam) papers

Miriam Matthews (1905-2003), the first credentialed African-American librarian in the state of California, was a librarian at Los Angeles Public Library (1927-1960), a historian of African American and California history, and an active member of the American and California Library...

Matthews (Miriam) Photograph Collection

The Miriam Matthews Photographic Collection consists of 121 photographic prints collected by Miriam Matthews largely related to African American history in California. Roughly half of the collection is photographs of notable African American politicians taken by photographer Harry A. Adams...

Matthews (Miriam) Photograph collection

The Miriam Matthews Photograph collection consists of 4,600 black and white photographs of varying sizes, negatives, captions and descriptions from museum exhibitions, and a slide carousel. The collection reflects Matthews' dedication to the preservation of African American history in Los...

Matthews (Tede) Oral History Project Records

Tede Matthews was a longtime member of the Modern Times Bookstore collective, an impresario, a poet and an activist for LGBT rights in the United States and Latin America. He died of AIDS in 1993. The Tede Matthews Oral History...

Matthews (Tede) "Some of My Best Friends: poetry"

Poems written between 1974 and 1981 by gay poet and activist, Tede Matthews.

Matthews (Verner R.) World War II Photograph Album

Photograph album of an African American World War II soldier from New York City, Corporal Verner R. Matthews, Company A, 1863d Engineer Aviation. Contains 33 b/w photos, most with captions, of Matthews and fellow soldiers on Guam, relaxing off duty,...

Matthews (Washington) Papers

Major Washington Matthews, M.D., LL.D. (1881-1905) was a surgeon with the United States Army and a scholar and writer on Navajo culture and people. This collection consists of correspondence, manuscripts, magazine and newspaper clippings, and a scrapbook from 1893-1945 related...

Matthews (William) papers

William Richard Matthews (1905-1975) was born in London, England. He was an English professor at UCLA and director of the Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies. His published works include , comp. (with Roy Harvey Pearce), (1945); comp., (1950), editor...

Matthias (Bernd) Papers

Papers of Bernd Teo Matthias (1918-1980), physicist, professor and researcher in superconductivity. Matthias began his research in superconductivity at the University of Chicago (1949-1951), joined the UCSD Physics Department in 1961, worked at Bell Laboratories and the Los Alamos National...

Matthiesen (Hans Heinrich) typescript

Relates to activities of the German gunboat Luchs off the coast of China.

Mattis (Olivia) Collection

Interviews with avant-garde composers by musicologist Olivia Mattis.

Mattole Watershed Alliance Collection

In the early 1990s residents of the lower Mattole River (Humboldt County, CA) watershed created the Mattole Watershed Alliance to work on improving Mattole River conditions toward the common goal of preserving populations of wild salmonids. The collection provides information...

Mattox (Elmer L.) papers

Correspondence, writings, pamphlets, and photographs relating to missionary work in Hangchow, to Hangchow Christian College, and to social conditions in China.

Mattson (Lieutenant J.A.) papers

Lieutenant J.A. Mattson papers consists of six folders of notes and examinations for the U.S. Shipping Administration dating from 1943 to 1944. The collection is available for research use without restriction.

Mattson (Phyllis Helene) Correspondence

Phyllis Helene Mattson was born in Vienna, Austria in 1929 to Jewish parents of Polish citizenship. In the early phase of the Holocaust her parents, fearing for her life, sent her to live in San Francisco with a distant relative....

Mattsson-Boze (Joseph) Papers

Joseph Mattsson-Bozé became a leader in the "Latter Rain," a splinter movement within Pentecostalism in the 1940s and 1950s. His papers range in date from 1933 to the early 1970s. Materials include correspondence with significant figures in classical independent Pentecostal...

Mattusch (Kurt R.) Papers

Writings, correspondence, memoranda, reports, notes, printed matter, and maps, relating to economic conditions in Germany and the United States in the 1930s and 1940s, the postwar occupation of Germany, the transition of India to independence, postwar economic conditions in South...

Mattz family interviews : oral history transcripts / 1992-1993.

Mattz family members discuss their lives in a Yurok family in the Klamath River Valley, including cultural and economic concerns of Native Americans along the Klamath and a conflict over Indian fishing rights on the river in 1978, known as...

Matulić (Rusko) papers

Correspondence, writings, reports, appeals, and printed matter, relating to civil and human rights in Yugoslavia, and to Yugoslav dissidents. Includes records of the international Committee to Aid Democratic Dissidents in Yugoslavia and issues of the organization's CADDY Bulletin, and photocopies...

Matveev (General) holograph

Relates to Russian military operations during World War I.

Matveev (Pavel) collection

Circulated material, resolutions, flyers, printed matter, and photographs, relating to political conditions in the Soviet Union and post-Soviet Russia.

Matzat (Wilhelm) typescript

Relates to Wilhelm Schrameier, German colonial administrator in Tsingtao, China, 1897-1909, and the influence of his ideas concerning land reform on the political program of Sun Yat-sen. Photocopy.

Matzkin (Jack) scripts and set plans

The collection consists of script material, a small amount of blue line set drawings, and a very small number of rehearsal schedules for television variety specials produced during the late-1950s to the early-1970s. It is unclear how the materials are...

Mau Mau oath ceremonies typescript

Relates to initiation oaths of the Mau Mau movement in Kenya. Photocopy.

Mauck (Ernest J.)'s Highway Post Office Papers

This collection relates to the career of Ernest J. Mauck, a postal clerk with the Highway Post Office (HPO) Division of the Postal Transportation Service (PTS) on routes 19 and 20 between San Francisco and Redding.

Maude (F.H.) New Mexico Glass Slides

The slides, both black-and-white and hand-colored, are primarily of subjects at the New Mexico Indian settlements of Acoma, Laguna, and Santa Clara, with single scenes of Albuquerque, El Tovar, and Santa Fe. Not all slides are by F.H. Maude; a...

Maude (F.H.) New Mexico Glass Slides

The slides, both black-and-white and hand-colored, are primarily of subjects at the New Mexico Indian settlements of Acoma, Laguna, and Santa Clara, with single scenes of Albuquerque, El Tovar, and Santa Fe. Not all slides are by F.H. Maude; a...

Maude (Frederic Hamer) (1858-1959) Original Print Collection, ca.1890-1920

Photograph album. Original prints made by F. H. Maude. Includes Mt. Lowe, Los Angeles, Redlands, Catalina Island, agricultural scenes, and Missions Santa Barbara and San Fernando.

Maude (Frederic Hamer) (1858-1959) Photograph Album of California Missions, ca. 1890s

Album. Thirty-three photographs of California missions including San Diego, San Luis Rey, San Juan Capistrano, San Gabriel, San Fernando, Santa Barbara, and Carmel. Some of the prints have Maude's name on them.

Maude (Frederic Hamer) (1858-1959) Photograph Album of Southwest Indians, ca. 1890s

Album of 40 photographs of Southwest Indians made by F.H. Maude.

Maude (Frederic Hamer) Lectures

The collection consists of the hand-written lectures by photographer, Frederic Hamer Maude from approximately 1909-1960. The lectures were presented along with series of photographs by Maude, taken throughout California, the Southwest and northwestern regions of North America. Frederic Hamer Maude...

Maude (Frederic Hamer)(1858-1959) Collection, ca.1890-1920

F.H. Maude was a photographer and photographic collector of the American Southwest. Relocated from England to Los Angeles, California, Maude ran a commercial photography business, acquiring local photographers’ collections in addition to his own work. This collection depicts the urban...

Maude Toll correspondence : ALS, 1882-1892.

Contains letters from Herbert F. Laird to Miss Maude Toll during their courtship and early marriage. Laird describes activities organizing ranch hands, scouting land claims, including cost and soil condition, travel in Calif. and Ariz., and wedding plans. Also contains...

Maugeri (Franco) typescript

Relates to the Italian secret service during World War II. Includes a translation of the memoir, and correspondence relating to the memoir and its publication. Photocopy.

Maugham (William Somerset) - Bertram Alanson collection

This collection consists mainly of W. Somerset Maugham's correspondence with Bertram Alanson, dating from 1921 through 1958 when Alanson died. Alanson was Maugham's investment consultant, but more importantly he was Maugham's friend. The letters are very revealing about Maugham's activities,...

Maull (Otto) Papers

Otto Maull (1887-1957) was a German geologist and author who spent time in Latin America, which resulted in the publication of (1925) and (1930). The collection consists of manuscripts, notes, pamphlets, reprints, offprints, newspapers, magazines, and clippings mostly in German,...

Maunsell-White Family Papers

This collections contains materials pertaining to Maunsell White Sr. and his family up until 1888. Contents include business letters and records, personal letters, photographs, miscellaous legal documents, and Civil War memorabilia. Highlights include a handwritten note and hair from Confederate...

Maupin (Joyce) Papers

Consists of the personal papers of Joyce (Cowley) Maupin, including pamphlets and articles written by Joyce Cowley; correspondence, biographical materials, photographs and files. Also includes an oral history transcript on World War II, and issue of , and two stapled...

Maurer (Katharine R.) Collection

Clippings, correspondence, programs, poems, tributes, notes and drafts, pamphlets, reports, photographs....

Maurer (Norman) papers

Norman Maurer was writer, film director and producer, and also worked for many years in television animation for Hanna Barbera and ABC, writing and editing. The collection consists of scripts, photocopies of storyboards, and outlines for children's animated television programs...

Maurice & La Monte Papers

Audio recordings, programs, photographs, and ephemera relating to female impersonators and pantomime artists Henry Jouron and William "Billy" Kugler (known theatrically as Maurice & La Monte). The bulk of the collection consists of sound recordings used for Maurice & La...

Maurice A. Lazowick papers, 1931-1981.

Contains photographs of and newspaper clippings about Rabbi Lazowick; copies of letters that Lazowick wrote and received; a copy of a sermon he wrote and delivered about Israel (5 Oct. 1948); programs for various events at which Lazowick spoke; certificates...

Maurice B. Mitchell oral history, 1996

Interviewer: David E. Russell, Santa Barbara, CA, Mar. 12, 1996. Interviewee(s): Maurice B. Mitchell. Related materials: SBHC Mss and CSDI (Mss 18).

Maurice Frink Photograph Collection,

The collection is comprised mainly of photographs, collected by Maurice Frink, of Miss Indian America contestants from the mid-1950s through the mid-1960s as well as his collection of 12 salt prints of Ogallala Sioux men, dated 1898-1900.

Maurice Henry Hewlett collection of letters sent, 1902-1913.

Concerns his interest and activity in writing and its publication.

Maurice William - Sun Yat-Sen collection, circa 1931-1939

Eight articles, pamphlets, memorial service program, and other material related to Maurice William's work and influence on Dr. Sun Yat-Sen, "Father of the Chinese Republic." Laid in William's Sun Yat- Sen (1932). Alpha list.

Maurin (Joaquin) papers

Correspondence, writings, clippings, photographs, and printed matter relating to communism and socialism in Spain, the Spanish Civil War, and the American Literary Agency.

Mauritanian Subject Collection

Electronic bulletins, reports, pamphlets, and other printed matter, relating to political, social and economic conditions in Mauritania.

Mauritian Subject Collection

Electronic bulletins, pamphlets, serial issues, reports, and other printed matter, relating to political, social and economic conditions in Mauritius.

Mauritius document, 1798

One printed proclamation re authorities and citizens maintaining order. [Mauritius Collection]. Alpha list.

Maverick (Lewis A.) papers

The Lewis A. Maverick papers consist of correspondence, photographs, essays, reports, memoranda, diaries, newspaper clippings, and other documents related to the Henry Ford Peace Expedition (1915), the Neutral Conference for Continuous Mediation and International Committee for Immediate Mediation (1916), and...

Maverick Republican congressman and lieutenant governor for California, 1965-1974 : oral history transcript / 1986.

Forms part of: Government history documentation oral history series; and, Ronald Reagan Gubernatorial Era Oral History Project.

Mawdsley (Dean) Collection on Richard Dillon

Clippings, fine press samples, and writings by Richard Dillon.

Max (Arthur) papers

The Arthur Max papers span the years 1995-2005 (bulk 2000s) and encompass 6.7 linear feet. There are photographs, research, drawings and born-digital material related to the films, AMERICAN GANGSTER (2007), BLACK HAWK DOWN (2001), BODY OF LIES (2008), G.I. JANE...

Max Bergmann collection of Emil Fischer papers, ca. 1910-1920.

Includes a small amount of correspondence, scientific reports written by Fischer and Bergmann, reprints, and biographical materials.

Max C. Eastman papers, 1944-1964.

Letters, documents, contracts, and newspaper clippings pertaining to the career of petroleum engineer who worked in the Elk Hills Naval Petroleum Reserve located in Kern County, Calif. for the Navy and, after his resignation, for the Reserve Oil and Gas...

Max Eis papers, 1959-1967.

This collection consists primarily of the programs, pamphlets, and newsletters from the various organizations of which Max Eis was a member, including the Brotherhood of Temple Sinai, the National Jewish Welfare Board, the National Federation of Temple Brotherhoods, and the...

Max Heirich papers relating to the Free Speech Movement, 1964-1971.

Contains research material, grant application, correspondenc manuscripts. Research materials include biographies of regents, essays written about the Free Speech Movement (FSM) by other authors, handbills, notes taken at rallies and meetings, surveys conducted on the Berkeley campus, police response to...

Max J. Brandenstein legal records, 1882 and 1885.

The collection consists of legal records utilized in the dispute between Albert Trescony vs. M. Brandenstein and L. Godchaux, a case heard before the California Supreme Court. Specifically, the dispute concerned the ownership of Rancho San Lucas, a property that...

Max J. Friedländer biographical sketch : and other material, circa 1957.

Contains a typescript biographical sketch, with manuscript edits, of Max J. Friedländer. Also includes a letter from Benedict Nelson, the editor of "The Burlington Magazine" (London), on its letterhead stationery addressed to a "Dear Grossman" requesting help with writing a...

Max Knight collection of World War II ephemera, 1942-1946.

Two pamphlets transferred to the book collection of the The Bancroft Library for separate cataloging.

Max Knight papers, 1965-1976.

Includes collages by Knight that have German, Israeli and American themes, including: a collage on Sigmund Freud with clipping, Austrian bank note, and stamp; photographs of Tel Aviv; photographs and stamp of Hans Kelsen; clippings on Beersheba land reclamation; clippings...

Max Mendelson / Regal Shoe Company collection, 1909-1988

Two manuscripts detailing the retail activities of the Regal Shoe Company.

Max Radin papers, 1921-1950.

Correspondence, subject file, manuscripts, notes and honors concerning his interest and activity as U.C. Berkeley professor of law.

"Max Reinhardt in Action" portfolio

This portfolio/scrapbook of clippings and photographs was created by Catherine E. Sibley for completion of Drama 590B at the University of Southern California. It also includes her research paper discussing the staging of Max Reinhardt's production of Shakespeare's "A Midsummer...

Max Schmidt papers, 1893-1952.

Letters written to him regarding his book, The Log of a Cabin Boy; a copy of his book, My Impressions of Japan; a report on the Schmidt family, translated by him from the German; his Christmas cards printed by Schmidt...

Max Shaffrath Coalinga correspondence, 1903-1930.

Correspondence primarily from Coalinga oil entrepreneur Max Shaffrath to his brother, Seattle attorney Paul Shaffrath. Other correspondents include Max Shaffrath's girlfriend Gladys Lathrop, his wife Margaret, Paul's wife Louise, and other family members and business associates. Several photographs and a...

Max Thelen papers.

Correspondence, clippings, notebooks, scrapbook, minutes, reports, maps, diagrams, telegrams, and other materials chiefly concerning the California Progressive movement and the California Railroad Commission.

Max Thelen papers : additions, 1917-1958.

Relate to his work with the U.S. Railroad Administration, the California State Railroad Commisssion, and the National Association of Railway and Utilities Commissioners (War Committee). Also includes personal correspondence.

Max Weber letter, 1915, 1917

(1881-1961). One letter (ALS) from Polish-American painter Max Weber, to a Miss Van Denburg, [1915], re his booklet on Cubist poems, and an exhibition catalog from Montross Gallery , 1917. Laid in Weber's Essays on Art. See accession log 7/26/84....

Max William Gardner papers, circa 1914-1968.

Includes correspondence, notes, manuscripts, and materials relating to the history of the UC Berkeley Department of Plant Pathology. The collection also includes some J.T. Barrett material.

Max William Stern papers, 1923-1942.

Mainly typescripts and clippings of Stern's articles; some mounted in scrapbooks. Most of them written, while a newspaper reporter, regarding Hawaii, Nicaragua, the Vanderbilt newspaper enterprise, salmon industry in Alaska, Hiram W. Johnson, co-operative marketing, agriculture in California, prohibition and...

Max Yavno photographs of San Francisco and Los Angeles street scenes [graphic].

Photographs include: "Ferry Building, San Francisco" (:1) depicting man reading newspaper and other figures standing before main entrance of the structure, and "Army Street, San Francisco" (:2) depicting storefronts and rows of houses, both published in Herb Caen's The San...

Max Zurier papers, 1954-1992.

The papers consist of correspondence with dealers and artists, exhibition files, and annotated auction catalogs pertaining to Zurier's art collection. Correspondents include Arthur Garfield Dove, Nathan Oliveira, and Marsden Hartley.

Maxey (Richard) Stereograph Collection

Stereographs including images of the Stanford campus and San Francisco after the 1906 earthquake, Yosemite, Pasadena, Italy, and Cuba. Also included is a stereoscope viewer....

Maxfield (Richard) Collection

Open reel tapes by electronic music composer Richard Maxfield containing some of his most well-known works.

Maximilian, Emperor of Mexico, collection of documents, 1863-1866.

V.1: Original decree signed by Maximiliano and Carlota awarding the cross of the Imperial Order of San Carlos to Doña Concepcion Froncoso de Duarte.--v.2: Outline of proposed constitution of Mexico in Carlota's handwriting; letter from Maximilian to Señora Alonte; documents...

Maximilien-Étienne-Émile Barry, Mission scientifique de Mr. Ernest Chantre

The portfolio documenting Ernest Chantre's scientific mission to the Caucasus, Kurdistan and Mesopotamia, undertaken between March and September 1881, contains 57 albumen photographs taken by Captain Maximilien-Étienne-Émile Barry and one lithographed map showing the expedition's route. The photographs primarily document...

Maximillian E. Novak Papers on the Stoke Newington Daniel Defoe edition

This collection is comprised primarily of correspondence made within a circle of scholars of the early modern and Restoration period regarding the publication of a comprehensive, scholarly edition of works by 18th-century thinker Daniel Defoe. The primary correspondents are Maximillian...

Maximino L. Atilano Papers

Collection reflects the life of work of Maximino "Max" Limon Atilano. A resident of Escondido for over 75 years, Mr. Atilano worked for the Escondido Lemon Association as a foreman, was an active member of the Knights of Columbus, and...

Maximova-Kulaev (Antonina Alexandrovna) memoir

Relates to her service as a surgeon in a Red Army hospital in Koslov, Russia, and to the occupation of Koslov by White Russian forces in 1919.

Maxine Hong Kingston papers, circa 1989-1997.

An undated draft of Tripmaster Monkey (published in 1989), and a 100-page fragment of The Fifth Book of Peace (1997).

Maxine Tarlton travel letters, 1927.

14 letters from Maxine Tarlton (1907-1986) to her boyfriend Luman S. Judd (1906-1993) in Los Angeles, written during a family vacation through California, Oregon, and Washington with a northernmost destination of Vancouver BC, between June 27 and July 21, 1927.

Maxwell (Daryl) Collection of Movie Posters

28 movie posters primarily of Disney productions.

Maxwell (Dewey L.) Papers and Photographs

Business records and photographs related to the Garden City Velodrome, Garden City Wheelmen, and Maxwell's Cyclery in San Jose, California.

Maxwell Hunley rare books records

This collection consists of the records of the firm Maxwell Hunley Rare Books, Beverly Hills, CA. The collection includes correspondence, both business and personal; records of customers' collecting interests; invoices of sales and of Hunley's purchases from other dealers; and...

Maxwell (John S.) Papers

The collection contains correspondence, documents, and photographs, mainly concerning John S. Maxwell's service in the Navy during the Civil War. Also included is a 1907 letter (TLS) from President Theodore Roosevelt re Grand Army of the Republic encampment....

Maxwell Mining Company records : ms., [1867-1871]

For mining operations in Sutters Creek. v. 1 - receipts for labor and material, 1867-1868; v. 2 - stock certificates, 1868-1871; v. 3 - check stubs, 1869-1871; v. 4 - stock ledger, 1868- 1872; v. 5 - transfer journal, 1868-1871,...

Maxwell Perkins letter, 1934 January 8

(1884-1947). One letter (TLS) from Charles Scribner's Sons literary editor Maxwell Perkins to Gilbert [?], re various publishing concerns. New York, Jan. 8, 1934. Alpha list.

Maxwell, Robert. Medical and Dental Student Store scrapbook.

Record Series 535 contains a scrapbook assembled by Robert D. Maxwell that documents the origins, early years of development, and later history of the Medical and Dental Student Store at the UCLA Center of Health Sciences.

May 23, 2014 Isla Vista Memorial archive

The May 23, 2014 Isla Vista Memorial Archive consists mainly of condolence items left at spontaneous memorial sites, as well as items sent to the university in the wake of the incident that occurred on May 23, 2014, in which...

May Benedict Maye papers, ca. 1901-1942.

Correspondence, poetry, drafts and published articles on various topics; newspaper clippings, reprints, poetry and scrapbook about Luther Burbank, including reminiscences of the period in which she worked for him. There are also notes and correspondence in Burbank's handwriting, and both...

May Benedict Maye photographs of Luther Burbank and his work [graphic]

Six photographs of Luther Burbank, both as a young (age 20, 2 copy photos) and older man, one with him holding a baby, some showing him at greenhouses and experimental gardens, Also photographs of flowers developed by Burbank. Some views...

May, Bernice Hubbard Photographs of Sierra Nevada outing trip [graphic]

Photographs from a trip to the Sierra Nevadas including outing groups, pack trains, and Sierra landscapes.

May (Cliff) papers

The Cliff May papers span 350 linear feet and date from circa 1931 to circa 1989. The collection is comprised of architectural drawings and sketches (originals and reprographic copies), clippings and scrapbooks, correspondence, photographs, awards, financial records, legal files including...

May Day Ephemera Collection

This collection includes pamphlets, leaflets, flyers, and ephemera related to May Day events from 1937-1981. Subjects include May Day events and the history of May Day.

May (Henry F.) Papers

The papers deal principally with May's career as an historian and educator. Correspondence includes chronological files (1946-1983), former students, and other correspondents, colleagues, and friends. Included are working notes and drafts of his books and aricles, and related correspondence and...

May (Henry) Theater and Costume Design Files

Set and costume designs primarily for theater and dance productions at the University of California, Berkeley

May (James Boyer) Correspondence

This collection correspondence between Kenneth Patchen, Miriam Patchen and James Boyer May between 1956-1972, as well as a small collection of printed material documenting Kenneth Patchen's jazz-poetry period and his degenerating medical condition.

May (James Lewis) Papers

The May papers include correspondence addressed to James Lewis May and his daughter, Barbara Lewis May, as well as manuscripts of works by May and his correspondents.

May Merrill Miller letter, 1963 April 16

One letter (TLS) to Mr. [?] Baird of the Talisman Press, re purchase of historical publications and her writing, including her novel, First the Blade. Pacific Palisades, California, 16 Apr. 1963. Alpha list.

May (Michael M.) Papers

The Michael M. May collection is divided into five series, although there is significant overlap between many. The primary topics include May's work for CISAC (Committee on International Security and Arms Control) - which includes research on nuclear proliferation, management...

May (Rollo) Papers

Extensive manuscript and audiovisual collection from well-known humanistic psychotherapist and popular author Rollo May (1909-1994).

May Stanislaus Corcoran papers, circa 1848-1941.

Includes material re her research on Yosemite, Mariposa County, and other localities. Includes correspondence, Corcoran's writings and family papers related to Judge John M. Corcoran and Alice M. Corcoran.

Maya Gonzalez papers

Maya Gonzalez is a Chicana artist known for promoting the latino community through her vibrant illustrative work in children's books. This collection includes four folders containing past exhibition catalogs and 118 slides of her art work.

Maya Year at the Inauguration of the Calendar

This collection contains two typed copies of a manuscript entitled "The Maya Year at the Inauguration of the Calendar" by N. Cordy. The manuscript is 14 pages long and was written in July 1940.

Mayall (Nicholas U.) Papers

This collection contains correspondence, administrative files, photographs, charts, meeting notes, research, and writings of astronomer Nicholas Ulrich Mayall.

Mayan Temple print, circa ealy 20th century

One black and white print. [Oversize boxed].

Maybeck (Bernard) Collection, 1897-1956 (bulk 1902-1939)

Contains records relating to all aspects of architect Bernard Maybeck's life. The contents include personal papers, correspondence, office files, project files, drawings, and photographs. The records describe the unique vision of Maybeck's designs, including his use of unusual materials and...

Maybeck (Bernard) drawings of buildings

Two drawings, graphite and watercolor, mounted on one board. One drawing has signature or attribution, written in watercolor, "BR Maybeck, MH White." Pencil annotations on reverse, "Bernard Maybeck Unitarian Church" and Bernard Maybeck Unbuilt project." Drawings are elevations, one seems...

Maybeck, Bernard. Interview by Bob Shutz.

Interview with Bernard and Mrs. Maybeck.

Maybeck (Bernard) Records at the University of California Berkeley

The Bernard Maybeck materials at the University of California, Berkeley encompass all aspects of his life. The contents include personal papers, correspondence, office files, project files, drawings, and photographs. The records describe the unique vision of Maybeck's designs, including his...

Maybeck Family Papers

The Maybeck Family Papers span the years 1895-1955 (bulk 1910-1940). The materials relate primarily to the property owned by the family in Alameda, Contra Costa, and Mendocino Counties, and the architectural firm of Maybeck and White....

Maybeck family [Photographs from the Maybeck family papers].

Contains 3 19th century portraits, including Louis Mercado (possibly the San Francisco civil engineer) at age 15, Louis's sister Mary Mercado, Jr. at age 6, and Scottish architect Norman Shaw; some views of Principia College (Elsah, Ill.); several 1906 and...

Mayberry (E. L.) drawings

The E. L. Mayberry drawing of the Faulding Hotel spans three linear feet and dates from circa 1926. The collection consists of one blueprint of the front elevation of the hotel with the word “void” written over the drawing in...

Mayday Fund collection of training materials for educational workshops in pain management

The Mayday Fund is dedicated to alleviating the incidence, degree and consequence of human physical pain. The Fund was established in 1992 to further Shirley Steinman Katzenbach's commitment to social and medical causes, specifically the treatment of human physical pain....

Mayer (Bernadette) Papers

Papers of Bernadette Mayer, writer, teacher, editor, and publisher. Most often associated with the New York School, Mayer uses compositional methods such as chance operations, collage and cut-up. Materials include correspondence with writers, artists, publishers, and friends; manuscripts and typescripts;...

Mayer family papers and photographs, 1885-1933.

Collection includes diaries (10 volumes in German) from 1885 through 1933, one letter from Max Mayer in Butte, Montana, and family portraits and photographs (inlcuding early California cabinet cards).

Mayer (H. M.) Papers

Vineyard plans, grape culture notes, and nursery orders relating to Mayer's viticulture interests.

Mayer (Jacob Peter) Collection

The collection contains correspondence, photographs, and related materials, most of which accompanied the 14,500 volume library of Jacob Peter Mayer, political scientist and Alexis de Tocqueville scholar.

Mayer (Joseph) Papers

Papers of Joseph Mayer, a theoretical chemical physicist, researcher, author, consultant, and professor of chemistry at UC San Diego from 1960 until his retirement in 1973. Mayer is best known for his work in statistical mechanics and the application of...

Mayer (Maria Goeppert) Papers

Papers of Maria Goeppert Mayer, Nobel Prize winning physicist and professor at the University of California, 1960-1964. The collection includes correspondence, biographical information, reprints, manuscript drafts, notebooks, teaching materials, subject files, news clippings and photographs.

Mayer (Oliver) Papers

Includes manuscripts, corrected typescripts, childhood stories and drawings, correspondence, diaries, business papers and letters, press reviews and coverage, publications, posters, and photographs....

Mayer (Thomas) Papers

The Thomas Mayer papers document the Friends of 1800’s successful campaign to convince the board of the Community Center Project (CCP) to preserve the Fallon Building – a Victorian building at 1800 Market Street – and incorporate it into the...

Mayers (Henry) papers

Correspondence, speeches and writings, and printed matter, relating primarily to the Cold War Council.

Mayes (Thorn) Sound Recordings

Sound recordings created by Thorn Mayes as part of his research on early wireless telegraph and radio in the Western United States. Includes one-on-one interviews conducted by Thorn Mayes and Warren Green, talks to the Antique Wireless Association both by...

Mayfield Road Papers

Consists of two documents: notice to Santa Clara Supervisors relative to planting trees along Mayfield Road (undated but initiated by Leland Stanford) and "field notes of proposed change of road from Mayfield to Searsville" by J. G. McMillan, November 1887.

Mayhew (Lewis B.) Papers

Papers include manuscript, galley proof and published copies of his book COLLEGES TODAY AND TOMORROW (1969).

Mayhew (Wilbur) papers

The Wilbur W. Mayhew papers primarily consist of data relating to specimens deposited at the Museum of Vertebrate Zoology, University of California, Berkeley. In addition to corresponding specimen data, the collection also includes journals, observational, and experimental data.

Mayle (George D. ) Abstracts

These are two abstracts pertaining to Mr. George D. Mayle. The first is dated May 29th, 1883 and contains the search of records pertaining to taxes and leans on his property at "Lot 43 in Block no.2 of the Holly...

Maynard Dixon correspondence, 1906-1974.

Correspondence from Maynard Dixon to various California State Library officials along with correspondence from others regarding various Dixon exhibits, and invitations to exhibits.

Maynard Dixon ephemera.

Mock book paste-up that Maynard Dixon sent to J. Frank Dobie for a book "The Lost Lipans". With envelope with printed Dixon letterhead. Later in the year Dixon visited Dobie, who asked about using some of Dixon's earlier illustrations for...

Maynard Dixon ephemera.

Mock book paste-up that Maynard Dixon sent to J. Frank Dobie for a book "The Lost Lipans". With envelope with printed Dixon letterhead. Later in the year Dixon visited Dobie, who asked about using some of Dixon's earlier illustrations for...

Maynard Dixon papers : and related material, ca. 1901-1985.

With family members (his brother, Harry; his sons John and Daniel), art dealers, and fellow artists and literary figures. Significant and principal correspondents include: Ansel Adams, Ernest Bloch, J. Frank Dobie, Sharlot Mabridth Hall, J. Lorenzo Hubbell, Charles Fletcher Lummis,...

Maynard Dixon poetry, catalog, and drawing, 1896-1904.

Three books of poetry hand-written by Maynard Dixon, a Dixon drawing, and a catalog of his work.

Maynard Dixon-Donald J. Hagerty collection, 2012.

Materials used to research Donald J. Hagerty's books on the life and art of Maynard Dixon.

Maynard Geiger proofs, circa 1950s-1960s

Uncorrected page proofs for Father Maynard Geiger's Indians of Mission Santa Barbara... (Spec F869.S45 G3848 1960). From CDCC. Alpha list.

Maynard Joslyn papers, 1918-1980 (bulk 1960-1970).

This collection contains papers, subject files, and correspondence. In addition, the collection contains ribbons from various California State Fairs for which Joslyn had served as a judge.

Maynard (Olga) Papers

This collection comprises topical files of materials collected by dance historian and University of California, Irvine dance professor Olga Maynard for instruction and research purposes. These materials include correspondence, clippings, publications, photographs, programs and notebooks that document twentieth century ballet...

Mayo & Weed Photographs of Alaska and the Pacific Northwest

An album of 122 photographs by the Chicago, Illinois, photography firm of Mayo & Weed, dating from the 1890s, that depicts scenery and glaciers in Alaska; Native Alaskans, homes and totems; and towns and scenery in the western United States...

Mayo (C. H.) Papers

The collection consists primarily of letters, most of which were written by C. H. (Clarence Hastings) Mayo to his family back home in Warwick, Massachusetts, describing the various towns in which Mayo lived, his work on cattle ranches, agriculture, and...

Mayo, Harry Surfing Photography collection

This collection includes photographs and films of Santa Cruz surfing during the mid-20th century, primarily centered around activities of the Santa Cruz Surfing Club. Also included are correspondence, organizational documentation and ephemera relating to the Santa Cruz Surfing Club and...

Mayo (Lee W.) Collection

Lee Mayo enlisted in the US Army in October of 1941, just before Pearl Harbor Day. He kept a diary, titled "My Life in the Service" between July 23, 1944 and December 18, 1945, while moving around the South Pacific....

Mayo (Nick and Faye) Valley Music Theatre, Inc. Collection

The Valley Music Theatre was formerly located at 20600 Ventura Boulevard in Woodland Hills, between the Ventura Freeway exits of Winnetka and Canoga Avenues. Intended to be the first professional local performing arts center in the San Fernando Valley, the...

Mayock (Storey) collection

Leaflets distributed by American armed forces during the Korean War.

Mays family papers, 1869-1926.

v.1: Letters, including two from William Adams Richardson to Mrs. Anna B. Sutton, 1873, mainly concerning the wreck of steamer George S. Wright; and letter from Scollay Parker describing Sitka.

Maytorena (Jose Maria) Papers

A protagonist of the 1910 Mexican revolution, General Maytorena (1867-1948) was governor of Sonora, a province of northern Mexico, and an ardent supporter of the short-lived presidency of Francisco Madero. Caught in the internecine conflict between the revolutionaries following Madero's...

Mazama outings 1908 and 1909 [graphic]

Photographs from a wilderness outing, possibly of Sierra Club members, to Mazama Park and the Mt. St. Helens, Spirit Lake, and Mt. Baker regions of Wasington State.

Mazan (Walter L.) papers

Speeches, correspondence, personnel records, reports, printed matter, and photographs, relating to the United States Office of Emergency Preparedness, transportation policy during the presidential administration of Richard M. Nixon, and the White House Conference on Children and Youth.

Mazarinades, 1649.

Removed from a collection of printed Mazarinades (pDC130.M43 1649)

Mazarinades Collection

Collection consists of bound and unbound mazarinades, 17th century French political pamphlets relating to the civil wars involving Cardinal Mazarin. Collection is arranged primarily by Moreau number, with Moreau's additions and supplements, Socard's additions, and unrecorded titles and fragments....

Mazarinades Collection

The Mazarinades Collection contains French political pamphlets, written during the Fronde event (1649-1652), which reflect the struggle between the government and the Parliaments over the gradual usurpation of power by the Monarchy. They are known as the Mazarinades after Jules...

Mazer (June L.) collection

Correspondence, a memorial program, and a flyer, 1983-1987, documenting lesbian activist June L. Mazer. Mazer was active in the Los Angeles lesbian movement from the 1970s until her death in 1987. She served as board member for the Southern California...

Mazer (June L.) papers

June L. Mazer was born in Baltimore, MD in 1929. Her educational experiences combined with her tenure at the Children's Experimental Theatre in Baltimore, the Center for the Healing Arts in Los Angeles, and the California Institute of Psychodrama in...

Mazia (Daniel) Papers

Papers include correspondence, research notes, organizational files (including the International Cell Research Organization), course files, publications and reprints, photographs, and videotapes.

Mazowiecki (Tadeusz) writings

Reports and speeches, relating to the status of human rights in the Yugoslav successor states. Photocopy.

Mazurki (Mike) papers

The Mike Mazurki papers span the years 1927-1989 (bulk 1941-1985) and encompass approximately 31.3 linear feet. The collection contains scripts, production material, clippings, reviews, correspondence, or publicity material for nearly 100 films and dozens of television programs. Stage productions are...

Mazursky (Paul) papers

The Paul Mazursky papers span the years 1953-1991 (bulk 1968-1991) and encompass approximately 9.7 linear feet. The collection consists of scripts, production material, storyboards, clippings, theater programs, and photographs. The photograph series consists of prints, contact sheets, and negatives of...

Mazza (John) Collection of Historic Surfboards

The John Mazza Collection of Historic Surfboards includes over thirty surfboards from the personal collection of John Mazza, surfing aficionado and local Malibu resident. The boards represent the evolution of surfing and surfboard technology in the twentieth century with examples...

Mazzeo (Rosario) Photographs

This collection includes 50 gelatin silver photographs with 40 negatives taken by Mazzeo.

Mazzetti (Louis) drawings of store on State Street (Santa Barbara, Calif.)

The collection contains drawings of alterations and additions to a store building at 3328 State Street in Santa Barbara. One set of plans from 1958-1959 show alterations and additions to the building to house Fritz's Farm & Garden Store; it...

Mazzoni (Sabrina) Photographs

Collection contains numerous color photographic snapshots of different LGBT events and marches, including Lesbian Avengers, Dyke March, International Lesbian & Gay Freedom Day Parade, Bearded Lady, March on Washington and Sacramento. Also included are 58 color negatives.

M.B. Emeneau papers, circa 1935-2000.

The papers contain field notes, drafts of articles and books, subject files, reviews, and correspondence.

MBF, Marjory Bridge Farquhar : oral history transcript : pioneer Sierra climber, conservationist & photographer / 1994.

Farquhar discusses her family life in the San Francisco Bay Area, marriage to Francis P. Farquhar, and climbing activities with the Sierra Club.

Mboya (Tom) papers

Correspondence, speeches, memoranda, reports, studies, minutes, and printed matter, relating to political, social and economic conditions in Kenya, trade unions and education in Kenya, Kenyan foreign relations, and pan-Africanism. Also available on microfilm (82 reels).

MC510 Signs and Wonders Collection

MC510 was a course that took place at Fuller Seminary in Pasadena, CA from 1982-1985 under the leadership of John Wimber and C. Peter Wagner. The course was approved in Fall 1981 and given the name “Signs, Wonders, & Church...

McAdoo (William G.) Papers

William Gibbs McAdoo (1863-1941) was a lawyer with a practice in Chattanooga, Tennessee before relocating to New York City in 1892. He developed system of rapid transit tunnels under the Hudson River and was president (1902-13) of the company which...

McAdoo (William Gibbs) Papers

This collection consists of papers related to the life and political career of American lawyer and politician William Gibbs McAdoo (1863-1941). Much of the correspondence deals with McAdoo's public appearances and engagements as a United States senator from California and...

McAfee (Byron) Papers

Byron McAfee (1883-1966) was an American-born ethnohistorian and linguist who studied Nahua language and culture in Mexico. The collection consists of McAfee's research papers and original manuscripts from Mexico's colonial period.

McAfee (Howard Bailey) papers

Letters, notes, photographs, and miscellany, relating to Young Men's Christian Association war work during World War I, and to postwar relief work in the Middle East.

McAllaster (T.) Papers

Correspondence from Southern Pacific Land Commissioner T. McAllaster to J. A. Halliday, of Piedmont, California, dated July 1, 1941 with enclosures : an illustrated brochure titled "Southern Pacific Railroad Lands for Sale"; price list of lands in Mendocino County (1...

McAllister (Bruce R.) photographs

Depicts French soldiers in West Berlin, and street scenes in East Berlin. Published in the Harvard Alumni Bulletin, 1959.

McAllister (Captain Robert W.) photograph collection of the Panama Canal

The Captain Robert W. McAllister photograph collection of the Panama Canal (SAFR 22341, P99-044) consists of 5 photographic albums on Capt. McAllister service as Panama Canal pilot from 1953 to 1978....

McAllister (Frances B.) Papers

The collection contains files of Frances B. McAllister, arranged into two series: Series I: the Center for the Study of Democratic Institutions (CSDI) and Series II: the International Ocean Institute (IOI).

McAllister (Shawn) Edwin Markham Library

Personal library of collector Shawn McAllister devoted to the works of poet Edwin Markham, comprising inscribed books and other publications, photographs, and a small collection of letters.

McAlpine Mine, Coulterville, Calif. [graphic]

Primarily views of the McAlpine Mine (most probably McAlpine Gold Mine and Milling Co.) in Coulterville, including buildings, mining equipment, and miners. Also included are three views of Los Angeles and the surrounding area.

McAnelly (Jac) Papers

Papers of Jac McAnelly, including correspondence from 1980-1985; family photographs circa 1920-1950; Carrier's modeling portfolio, including two photographs with Andy Warhol. Additional materials include a screenplay, (1984), by McAnelly and Michael Zen, and two drawings by McAnelly from the September...

McAninch (George C.) manuscript

Relates to activities of the 173rd Ordnance Company and its successor units in the China-Burma-India Theater during World War II.

McAtee (Waldo L.) Pamphlets

Waldo Lee McAtee was a principal biologist and technical adviser at the Bureau of Biological Survey, U.S. Department of Agriculture. The collection consists of 21 pamphlets mostly related to language and its use written and privately printed by McAtee.

McAvoy (May) papers

May McAvoy was a silent screen actress who gained popularity during the early 1920s. She also reigned as Rose Queen for the 1923 Tournament of Roses. The collection consists of photographs, film stills, clippings, and ephemera related to her career.

McBain (George) Certificate

Railroad Retirement Board Certificate of Annuity for George McBain.

McBirnie (W.S.) pamphlets

The W.S. McBirnie Collection consists of 51 pamphlets written by conservative radio host and theologian William Steuart McBirnie during the 1970s and 1980s.

McBride (Donald W.) diary

Relates to air transport of supplies from India and Burma to Chinese forces during World War II. Photocopy.

McBride (George M.) papers

George McBride was the chair of the Geography department at UCLA from 1923 until 1942, subsequently serving in South America as the Technical Advisor to the Ecuador-Peru Mixed Boundary Demarcation Commission from 1942-1949. The collection is comprised of materials created...

McBride (Joseph M.) papers

The Joseph M. McBride papers (SAFR 18577, HDC 0529) consists of reference materials and papers generated or collected by McBride while working as the Chief Engineer aboard eight different USAT ships from aproximately 1940 to 1947.

McBride (Richard) Correspondence

Correspondence addressed to McBride. Relate in large part to his work as distributor for the publications of City Lights and other small magazines and little presses, and also to his own writing.

McBryde, Warren Scrapbook Collection

The scrapbook of Warren McBryde of Pinole, consisting of newspaper clippings on road and highway development, and agriculture and business development.

McCabe (Edward R. B.) collection of lecture and presentation slides and notes about medical genetics

Dr. Edward R. B. McCabe is a pediatrician and professor whose primary research interests include molecular genetics and systems biology with a focus on pediatric applications, including newborn disease screening, diagnosis and treatment of disorders such as: Sickle Cell Disease,...

McCabe (George E.) Papers

Considered one of the founding fathers of Sonoma State University, George E. McCabe was chair of the Education and Psychology Division. His commitments extended to national and state commissions, civil rights activism, and politics. The collection is comprised of papers...

McCabe (Hilton H.) papers

The Hilton H. McCabe papers consist of correspondence, reports, photographs, clippings, legal documents and maps documenting McCabe's judicial work with allotments, guardianships and conservatorships of the Agua Caliente Band of Cahuilla Indians in and around Palm Springs, California. McCabe, a...

McCafferty (Grattan H.) Papers

McCafferty kept a diary in which he made near-daily entries from April 8, 1942, the day before the surrender of Bataan, until the Japanese surrender in 1945 and the liberation of prisoners of war. The collection includes 15 notebooks and...

McCaffery (Larry) Papers

The (1919-2009) document four decades of McCaffery’s distinguished career as a literary critic and professor of English at San Diego State University. The collection includes manuscripts of McCaffery’s literary interviews with well-known contemporary American and postmodern writers; correspondence; research files;...

McCaffrey (Anne) papers

The Anne McCaffrey papers is comprised of manuscripts, galley proofs, notes, correspondence, and other material related to the writings of Anne McCaffrey between 1957-1999. Although this collection does not span McCaffrey's entire career, it offers a representative sample of her...

McCaffrey (Barry R.) miscellany

Official history and video tape of operations of the 24th Infantry Division (Mechanized) during the Persian Gulf War.

McCain (John Sidney) papers

The John Sidney McCain papers consist of correspondence, reports, dispatches, orders, and photographs relating to American naval aviation and to naval operations in the Pacific Theater during World War II. John Sidney McCain was an admiral in the United States...

McCaleb (J.M.) Papers

J.M. McCaleb was a Christian missionary who spent nearly fifty years of service in Japan from 1892-1941. The collection includes scrapbooks, clippings, correspondence, and publications both written and compiled by McCaleb.

McCall (Charles & Daniel) Papers

Correspondence, deeds, photographs....

McCallister (James D.) Papers

This collection documents the creation, revision, and publication of a literary novel, , set in the Grateful Dead milieu. It traces the writing process from early notes through final draft, demonstrating how the Grateful Dead phenomenon informed the novel and...

McCallum (Donald F.) papers

Donald F. McCallum was an art historian, professor, and chair at UCLA's Department of Art History. Born in Vancouver, British Columbia on May 23, 1939, he earned his AB at UC Berkeley (1962), and his PhD at the Institute of...

McCamley, George Farm Diaries Collection

Reproduction of "The Farm Diary of George McCamley," donated by the Museum of San Ramon Valley.

McCandless (Ruth Strout) Collection on Nyogen Senzaki

The Ruth Strout McCandless collection on Nyogen Senzaki contains materials related to Ruth McCandless' collaboration and association with Nyogen Senzaki and the American Zen Buddhist movement. Senzaki (1876-1958) was a Japanese Zen monk who left Japan for the United States...

McCann (Gilbert D.) Papers

A small collection of materials, reprints of Gilbert McCann, software diskettes, photographs and an autobiography manuscript form the collection known as the Gilbert McCann Papers in the Archives of the California Institute of Technology (Caltech). Professor of Applied Science at...

McCann, (Robert Ezra) papers

The papers include correspondence relating to American business interests in China and to the detainment of Robert Ezra McCann, who was arrested in 1951 by Chinese authorities and charged with espionage in 1956. Also included are slides depicting Beijing in...

McCarran (Margaret P.) Papers

Writings, notes, correspondence, and printed matter, relating to the Fabian Society, and to socialist thought in Great Britain and the U.S. Includes a book-length study, entitled The Fabian Transmission.

McCarthy (Barbara) Papers

This collection contains materials relating to Barbary McCarthy's time on the Citizens Advisory Committee of the Joint Committee on the Public Education System. These materials include a variety of correspondence, reports, and other administrative papers. The committee was charged with...