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K. Hope Hamilton scrapbook.

Material re her work with Inter-America House, San Francisco, during World War II, and her career as an interior decorator in the city.

KABC-TV Los Angeles collection

Collection consists of materials related to the Los Angeles television station KABC-TV.

Kachamba (Donald)

Donald Kachamba, a well-known musician from Malawi in southeast Africa, taught a lecture and performance course at UCLA in Fall 1999 as part of the Department of Ethnomusicology's "Year of African Music." The collection contains manuscripts, teaching materials, and audio-visual...

Kaczmar (Olga) papers

The collection contains primarily photographs and printed materials relating to displaced persons camps in postwar Germany, particularly Dornstadt, Funk-Kaserne, Warner-Kaserne...

Kadane (Joseph) Papers

Correspondence and leaflets regarding student unrest at Stanford and the University of California, and the Mississippi Freedom Project.

Kader (Boris M.) collection

Articles, notes, and poems, written by the prisoners of Peresylnaia Tiurma in Petrograd for their secret magazine Tiurma. Includes description of the material by B. M. Kader, editor of Tiurma.

Kadoike (Hiroshi) papers

Author and scholar. The Kadoike Hiroshi papers includes biographies and audio interviews with Japanese Americans who joined the Japanese Army during WWII.

Kadrmas, John C. (Second World War correspondence)

This collection contains correspondence from PFC John C. Kadrmas, USA during the Second World War.

Kaestle (Carl F.) papers

Report, entitled "Everybody's Been to Fourth Grade: An Oral History of Federal R&D in Education," 1992, relating to federal funding of education research, with sound recordings and transcripts of interviews of educators used in preparation of the report.

Kaesz (Herbert D.) Papers

Herbert D. Kaesz was a professor of chemistry in UCLA’s Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry. He received his PhD from Harvard University in 1959, and joined UCLA’s Inorganic Chemistry unit within the Chemistry and Biochemistry Department in 1960, where he...

Kagan (Paul) Papers

The Paul Kagan collection consists almost entirely of publications, printed materials and newsletters published by each organization. Community members designed some of these for a general, interested audience and others only for their own edification. The various publications cover issues...

Kagel (Sam) Collection

This collection contains the case files for over 4000 labor arbitrations and mediations heard by Sam Kagel, his son John Kagel, and others during the years 1949 to 1997. The cases involve unions and companies in the San Francisco Bay...

Kagel (Sam) Oral History

Contains a transcribed copy of Lucille Kendall's 1980 interview with arbitrator Sam Kagel documenting his role in San Francisco labor relations in the 1930s and 1940s, especially during the 1934 waterfront and general strike and the 1937 hotel strike.

Kageyama (Glenn) photographs of UC Irvine

Glenn Kageyama attended UCI as an undergraduate student from 1965-1969. He graduated with a BS in Marine Biology. He was a student photographer for the UCI Yearbook and had the informal job of hanging block letters from the administration building...

Kagiwada Brothers papers

Eiho and Yoshifusa Kagiwada were brothers, born in the Kanagawa Prefecture of Japan. They emigrated to the United States where Eiho obtained a BS at Southwestern University and Yoshifusa obtained a BS from the University of Southern California. They subsequently...

Kahgan (Philip) Collection

The collection consists of program runs and single issues representing individual performers, orchestras, theaters, and other performing groups and institutions throughout the Los Angeles Metropolitan Area. Also included are autographed photographic portraits of major musical performers, conductors, and groups, correspondence,...

Kahn (Erika) print collection

The collection consists of original art pieces by local Santa Barbara artist Erika Kahn and her collection of Dietrich Varez prints.

Kahn family papers, 1887-1902.

The collection consists of genealogical and family history information and photographs. Included are a large genealogical chart for the Kahn family compiled by Henriette Kahn Wildbergh; additional genealogical information on the family compiled by Carolyn Levy Kahn and Susan Kahn...

Kahn (Gus) musical compositions and papers

Gus Kahn was a prolific lyricist who wrote for the stage and for films. The collection consists of disc recordings, music manuscripts, lyrics, letters of condolence, and some personal papers.

Kahn (Louis E.) letters

Letters to family and friends, relating to American military training camps in the United States and medical services in France during World War I.

Kahn (Matt) Papers

Materials include professional files, teaching files (including videos of lectures), and photographs....

[Kahn's Department Store photographs] /

Department store interiors: rotunda decorated for Christmas, handkerchief department with Christmas decor, the Men's Slacks and Sport Coats Department, and the Knit Shop.

Kahrs (Katherine) Photography Collection

Katherine Kahrs is a teacher, painter, and photographer. During the 1980s, Kahrs served as an official photographer for the Pacific Dance Center and the Palo Alto Dance Center, thus compiling an important visual record of their contributions to dance education....

Kaim (Samuel C.) papers

Documents related to Samuel C. Kaim....

Kaiser aircraft design and construction.

Title devised by cataloger.

Kaiser (Armin Dale) Papers

Correspondence, 1966-1972; research notebooks, 1956-ca. 1980; and faculty notebooks, 1979-1982...

Kaiser (Bill) Milano Archives Photographs

Bill Kaiser photographs of a visit to the Milano Archives, undated.

Kaiser (Edgar F.) papers

The bulk of the papers were transferred to The Bancroft Library by Kaiser Aluminum and Chemical Corp. and consist primarily of corporate files from Kaiser's tenure as president and chairman of the board of Kaiser Industries Corporation. Also included are...

Kaiser Foundation Hospitals, Hawaii Region records, 1958-1988.

Construction files, 1958 (2 cartons) and Purchasing Department scrapbooks (2 vols.) for the Kaiser Foundation Hospital in Waikiki; Regional Manager (23 vols.) scrapbooks, beginning with the Kaiser Foundation Hospital in Waikiki (1958-1986) and continuing with the Kaiser Permanente Medical Center...

Kaiser (H. G.) Collection

Negatives. Views of early 20th century Alaska, most taken by H. G. Kaiser, although some appear to be copies of other photographers' work. Includes Eskimos, dog sleds, native wildlife, Nome, Anchorage, and mining towns. ca. 1900-1921

Kaiser Hawaiian operations : including development designs.

Collection contains sketches, design drawings, and plans for Kaiser development and building concerns in Hawaii. Some of the plans are for large scale hotel and apartment projects, while others show interior details. Carton contains 35mm slides of Hawaii operations and...

Kaiser (Henry J.) Jr. Papers

Collection contains business and personal correspondence, speeches, subject files.

Kaiser (Henry J.) Papers

The Henry J. Kaiser papers contain personal and business correspondence, memoranda, speeches, and papers, covering the Oakland, New York, and Hawaii offices, principally from the period after World War II. Includes material on the Kaiser Industries Corporation, the Kaiser-Permanente Medical...

Kaiser (Henry J.) Pictorial Collection

The Henry J. Kaiser Pictorial Collection contains an estimated 200,000 items, chiefly photographs, documenting the activities, projects, and products of the various companies that comprised Kaiser Industries, as well as photographs of Kaiser family members and associates. Subjects pictured include...

Kaiser Hospitals [graphic].

Title devised by cataloger.

Kaiser Industries, Trefethen Vineyards, the University of California and Mills College, 1926-1994 : oral history transcript / 1997.

Trefethen discusses his childhood, education, and marriage; early work for Henry J. Kaiser; Kaiser Aluminum and television stations; Kaiser Steel; other Kaiser industries; community involvement; and the Trefethen Vineyards. Includes the reminiscences of Tefethen's wife, Catherine Morgan Trefethen, and her...

Kaiser (Jakob) speech transcript

Relates to cooperation between the occupation authorities in Berlin and in the Soviet zone of Germany. Delivered at a meeting of the Union der Ostzone und Berlin in Berlin.

Kaiser (Nina) Papers

Nina Kaiser was a member and board member of the San Francisco Daughters of Bilitis chapter. This collection includes records from the group including correspondence, articles of incorporation, financial records, news clippings, and other ephemera.

Kaiser pictorial collection : Hawaii albums [graphic].

Includes design drawings of aircraft manufacturing facility and aircraft.

Kaiser pictorial collection : miscellaneous projects

Includes Kaiser Center, Oakland office building, College of the Holy Names, Bay Area Rapid Transit System (BART), San Francisco-Oakland Trans Bay Bridge, Aircraft Plans, Airport Plans.

Kaiser pictorial collection [graphic] : portraits of business executives and associates.

Future additions to this sub-collection possible, from the unprocessed backlog of Kaiser pictorial collections (BANC PIC 1983.001-.075).

Kaiser pictorial collection [graphic] : Richmond Shipyard number 4 launchings, etc.

Chiefly negatives with no corresponding photographic prints.

Kaiser pictorial collection: ships. Classifications by type.

Ships by Type: Liberty, Frigate, Tankers, Troopships, etc

Kaiser pictorial collection: shipyard events, including celebrations, ceremonies and visitors.

Events (.028) and visitors (.029) at Kaiser Shipyards, excluding ship launchings.

Kaiser pictorial collections [graphic] : miscellaneous operations, projects, and affiliated companies.

Miscellaneous views of Kaiser companies, industries, or projects not included in BANC PIC 1983.001-.074. Cartons 1-2 contain photoprints and negatives of the Denver Shell Plant, manufacturing munitions during the second world war.

Kaiser Steel photographs.

Title devised by cataloger.

Kaiser-Permanente Medical Care Program oral history records and related materials, 1955-1987.

BOX 1: Records of the working council of the Tahoe Conference and its successor, the Advisory Council, 1955-56. BOX 2: Transcripts of in-house interviews regarding Kaiser-Permanente history, Regional Oral History Office/K-P Advisory Committee outlines, and miscellaneous brochures relating to the...

Kaiulani (built 1899; bark, 3m) news clipping

This collection consists of an Oakland Tribune article about the KAIULANI, "Square-rigger's remains return," from July 3, 1978. Researchers should note that this collection was part of a larger accession that includes photographs. Researchers should consult the Park's reference staff...

KAIULANI plans, design history and specifications

KAIULANI plans, design history and specifications collection consists of plans, blueprints, diazotypes, specifications and reports related to the KAIULANI, the last American-built square rigger. Naval Architect Charles Wittholz consulted with Alan Hutchinson on the restoration of the KAIULANI in the...

Kakis, Frederic J. (academic papers)

The collection consists of Chapman University Professor Emeritus Frederic J. Kakis' pubished articles, regalia and some material related to his career at Chapman University.

Kalayjian (Pat) Collection

The Pat Kalayjian Collection (1843-1942, undated) contains photographs and books belonging to Pat Kalayjian, associate professor of interdisciplinary studies at Cal State Dominguez Hills. The majority of photographs are military photographs of Ashford General Hospital in West Virginia and 1942...

Kalenborn (Arion Siegfried) Photograph Album

Album includes photographs and printed images of Stanford views and buildings, 1893-ca. 1903, with one postcard image ca. 1910. Images of note include view from church steeple looking down Palm Drive, Palo Alto train station, train coming over bridge by...

Kaler family papers relating to Murphys, California, 1847-1959 (bulk 1850-1900)

Collection contains Kaler family papers and items collected by Elizabeth Kaler relating to the gold rush town of Murphys, Calif. In addition to the Kalers, other families include those of Nathaniel Hoyt, James L. Sperry, and Eliza and John Perry....

Kalia (Ravi) collection relating to the planning of Chandigarh, Punjab, India

With the partition of India in 1947, Lahore, the ancient capital of the Indian state of Punjab, became part of Pakistan. As other towns served as the temporary capital, a site at the center of the Indian state was chosen...

Kalil Family papers

This collection consists of the family papers of Charles and Violet Kalil, who moved to California in the late 1930s. It includes photo albums, greeting cards, postcards, letters, clippings, keepsakes and a scrapbook.

Kalish (Donald) papers

Donald Kalish, born December 4, 1919, was a logician, UCLA professor, and anti-war activist. His areas of expertise included logic and set theory. Kalish was known for his activism and opposition to the Vietnam War, as well as US military...

Kalish, Max [Photographs from the Max Kalish papers].

Includes a portrait of Max Kalish; scenes of Kalish working on or posing with sculpture created for the Panama-Pacific International Exposition; a view of Nations of the East sculptural group inside of an Exposition palace prior to its installation atop...

Kall (Alexis) papers

Alexis Kall (b.1878) taught at the Imperial University in St. Petersburg, Russia. The collection consists of Kall's correspondence, papers, notebooks, and memorabilia. There is also a typescript manuscript on Stravinsky by Kall.

Kallis (Stanley M.) Scripts

Stanley M. Kallis was a television writer and supervising producer. The collection consists of scripts from and .

Kalmer (Nicholas) radio broadcast

Appeals to Greek-Americans to contribute medical and food relief to Greece through the Greek War Relief Association at the end of World War II.

Kalmus (Natalie) papers

The Natalie Kalmus papers span the years 1929-1948 (bulk 1939-1948) and encompass 0.8 linear foot. The collection contains information on early 1940 Technicolor films, including camera department crew calls, schedules, correspondence, and interoffice memos. Miscellany includes fan mail, horoscopes, household...

Kalnins (Eduards) papers

Memoirs, correspondence, memorabilia, and printed matter, relating to the establishment of Latvian independence and to post-World War II Latvian émigré affairs.

Kalpakian (Laura A.) papers

Laura Anne Kalpakian (b.1945) has worked as a professor of English and writing, book critic, and free-lance writer. Her major works include: (2002), (1999), (1999), (1995), (1992), (1989), (1987), (1986), and (1978). Her stories and essays have also appeared in...

Kalpakian (Laura) papers

This collection includes early revised and final drafts of Laura Kalpakian's novels, and .

Kalt (Elisabeth) correspondence

A collection of 16 letters between Dr. Elisabeth Kalt (1903-1961) and her husband Bertram Kalt ranging from July 23, 1940 to January 20, 1943. Dr. Kalt was a female psychiatrist who began her career in 1933, as the Nazi Party...

Kaltenbach (Frederick Wilhelm) miscellaneous papers

Correspondence, diaries, clippings, other printed matter, photographs, and memorabilia, relating to German propaganda activities during World War II.

Kalter (Suzy) Collection of Dallas Television Scripts

has been labeled the first of a genre to be named "prime-time soap." It is likely the collection of scripts was collected by Suzy Kalter for her book .

Kalugin (Nikolai Petrovich) papers

Speeches and writings, printed matter, personal documents, and photographs, relating to Russian émigré affairs, and especially to the Kharbinskii Politekhnicheskii Institut.

Kamakura Maru (built 1930; passenger vessel) photograph

The Kamakura Maru (built 1930; passenger vessel) photograph, 1939-1942, (SAFR 24843, P75-034L) is comprised of a photograph of KAMAKURA MARU docked at San Francisco, California. The collection has been processed to the Collection level and is open for use.

Kambara (Dr. George) Papers

Correspondence with L. R. Chandler, Dean of Stanford University School of Medicine, 1942-47, concerning possible placement at a hospital away from California, war time conditions at Stanford, advice on a surgery at Tule Lake camp, Kambara's move to Memphis, and...

Kamchatka Photograph Album

The album contains 24 mounted black/white photographs of the Kamchatka Peninsula and the Bering Sea, with captions in Russian.

Kamen (Martin David) Papers

Martin David Kamen (8/27/13- ) received a B.S. in chemistry from the University of Chicago in 1933 and a Ph.D. in physical chemistry from the same institution in 1936. He continued his research at Berkeley's Radiation Laboratory (later known as...

Kaminski (Leszek) papers

Personal documents, correspondence, printed matter, photographs, and memorabilia relating to conditions in Poland during World War II and to the Warsaw Uprising of 1944.

Kamishibai collection

Japanese illustrated paper play sheets, intended primarily for children and women at the homefront and dealing with World War II propaganda themes.

Kammerer (Albert) typescript

Relates to the book by A. Kammerer, (Paris, 1944) on the French surrender in 1940. Article published in (No. 41, February 15, 1946).

Kammerer (Kam) Papers

C.W. “Kam” Kammerer is a gay man who has been involved with the Gay Games, Star Trek and science fiction fandom, and with the queer employee caucus of Bank of America. The collection contains correspondence, ephemera, publications, and audiovisual materials,...

Kamp (Louis and Irene) papers

The Louis and Irene Kamp papers span the years 1958-1984 (bulk 1959-1980) and encompass 1.5 linear feet. The collection consists of produced and unproduced screenplays that the Kamps worked on, either together or separately, as well as a small amount...

Kampanakes (Patroklos) letter

Relates to the royalist-Venizelist division in Greek politics, Greek foreign policy in Turkey, and Franco-Greek relations.

Kamprath, Eugene J. (Korean War correspondence)

This collection contains sixteen correspondence that Eugene J. Kamprath received during the Korean War. The letters were written by Eugene's, PFC Albert D. Flowerday, USA and PFC Edward H.erman Sautter, USA.

Kamyshnikova-Pervukhina (Natalii︠a︡) papers

Relates to social conditions in the Soviet Union and post-Soviet Russia. Includes extensive correspondence from the Russian social activist and political figure, I͡Ulii͡a Ginzburg, from the mid-1970s until the late 1990s. Many letters are addressed to Natalia Pervukhina, her husband...

Kanaar, M.D. (Adrian C.) papers

Dr. Kanaar was a British-born and -trained surgeon who served in the Royal Army Medical Corps during World War II, in France and Belgium up to the retreat at Dunkirk, in various battlefield locations after D-day, and in Berlin during...

[Kanae Nagasawa photograph collection].

Snapshots and studio portraits chiefly depicting Kanae Nagasawa, his associates and his Sonoma County estate (Royal Oak?) at Fountain Grove. Photograph album (shelved in ALB) contains snapshots of Nagasawa's home at Fountain Grove; Kanae Nagasawa and various associates, including Thomas...

Kanai (Lincoln) papers

Correspondence, primarily of Lincoln Kanai, governmental documents, pamphlets and bulletins relating to the relocation and internment of Japanese and Japanese Americans during WWII.

Kanamori (Tsugitada) Collection

This collection contains one box of documents belonging to Tsugitada Kanamori. Materials in this collection mostly pertain to Kanamori’s efforts regarding cancelling his renunciation and reinstating his American citizenship.

Kanaye Nagasawa photographs of Yosemite Valley, 1904

This collection contains an album with approximately 100 photographs taken by Kanaye Nagasawa in July 1904 during a visit to Yosemite Valley.

Kandel (Isaac L.) papers

Contains correspondence, writings and background materials relating to international education and Kandel's career as a leading comparative and international educator

Kandel, Lenore [Photographs from the Lenore Kandel papers].

Chiefly snapshots of Kandel in the 1960s. Includes one childhood photograph; a snapshot album depicting Kandel, perhaps at the home of her parents, who are presumably the others depicted; miscellaneous snapshot and professional photographs depicting Kandel, including a series of...

Kandel (Stephen) papers

Stephen Kandel is a prolific television writer whose credits include television and motion pictures. The collection consists of television and motion picture scripts including television programs such as ; television movies such as ; and motion pictures such as .

Kandinsky (Wassily) Papers

Russian-born artist considered to be one of the creators of abstract painting. Papers document Kandinsky's teachings at the Bauhaus, his writings, his involvement with the Russian Academy of Artistic Sciences (RAKhN) in Moscow, and his professional contacts with art dealers,...

Kane (Anita) Papers

Anita M. Kane (1910-1984) was a choreographer and dance teacher who grew up in the Philippines and introduced classic ballet to the Philippines through her school, "Studio of the Classic Dance." Under her influence visiting dance companies such as Alexandra...

Kane (Ari) Papers

Ari Kane, born in 1936, is a counselor, gerontologist, and sexologist known for founding the Outreach Institute of Gender Studies as well as Fantasia Fair, a yearly festival for the transgender and gender-nonconforming community. Kane is bi-gender and androgynous, identifying...

Kane (Ariadne) Outreach Institute of Gender Studies Collection

Joseph Ariadne "Ari" Kane-Demaios is the founder of the Outreach Institute for Gender Studies. Originally named Joseph DeMaios, he officially came out as Ariadne "Ari" Kane in 1971. The contains various documents, audio and video tapes, photographs, and awards. These...

Kane (Byron) papers

The Byron Kane papers span the years circa 1938-1970 and encompass 2 linear feet. The collection contains teleplays, radio scripts, and some miscellaneous material. Nine leather-bound volumes of scripts for the PETER GUNN television series with writings by Tony Barrett,...

Kane (Elisha Kent) Papers

Journal, annotated sketch, photograph, silhouette, biography from book, and juvenalia. The journal is one kept by Kane during the Second Grinnell Expedition, the purpose of which was to search for Sir John Franklin. The handwritten journal dates from June 4,...

Kane (Gerald John) Autograph Collection

A group of autographs from American politicians, soldiers, clergyman, and actors, collected by Gerald John Kane; the collection covers the years 1666 to 1953.

Kane (Gerald John) Collection

A collection of business correspondence, land and mining papers, documents, and volumes dealing with Nevada, Arizona, and California; the material was collected by Gerald John Kane.

Kane (Gerald John) Literary Collection

This collection, compiled by collector Gerald John Kane (1901-1957), consists of 1,520 documents written by or containing the signatures of notable individuals. The material dates from 1571 to 1951 and includes accounts, letters, photographs, poems, government papers and royal proclamations...

Kane (Thomas Leiper) Papers

Papers cover primarily Kane's two trips west, in 1846-1847 and in 1858. The collection contains letters, diaries, agreements, clippings, notes for articles and lectures, drafts, sketches, and diagrams. Predominant subject matter is the Mormons, their history, migrations, persecution, and characteristics....

Kanehara (Setsu) Papers

Setsu Kanehara was born in 1916 in Oakland, California. She was sent to Japan and graduated from a girls' middle school in Miyazaki Prefecture. She returned to the United States in 1936. A poet and author, she used Setsuko Nagata...

Kaneko (Hiroshi) Papers

This collection contains items related to relocation of Japanese Americans, primarily items from Tule Lake, California from 1942 to 1945. The majority of the collection is newspapers and printed material, but correspondence, pamphlets, newspaper clippings, art, and other materials are...

Kanelos, Constantine "Gus" Collection

Constantine "Gus" Kanelos was a longtime historian and promoter of the Florin area (CDP) of Sacramento County. His decades-long commitment to recording and sharing Florin's history is expressed through his own historic narratives, poetry, images, ephemera, scrapbooks and school reunion...

Kanemoto (Lisa) Photographs

Collection consists of black and white photographs of San Francisco LGBT individuals taken during the 1980s by Lisa Kanemoto for her 1984 book We Are.

Kanemoto (Lisa) Photographs

Collection of 253 black and white photographic prints of documentary photograph projects by Lisa Kanemoto in San Francisco, California between 1977 and 1988. Projects include Chinatown and Japantown communities in San Francisco; students of Louise M. Lombard Special Education School,...

K'ang (Ching-lien) papers

The K'ang Ching-lien 康景濂 papers (1920-1979) document K'ang's military career with the Chinese Nationalist Party (Kuomintang/KMT/Guomindang) from the warlord era (1916-1928) through the Chinese Civil War (1927-1949).

Kanghu Jiang papers, 1915-2008 (bulk 1917-1950).

Contains mostly photocopies of his personal, professional, and family correspondence, love letters and love poetry, published articles, family photographs, publications, legal documents, Jiang family genealogy, newspaper clippings, and a bound volume list of books (in Chinese) given by Jiang to...

Kanin (Fay and Michael) papers

The Fay and Michael Kanin papers span the years 1941-1984 and encompass 2.8 linear feet. The collection includes scripts, miscellaneous photocopied correspondence, and photostats of storyboards for A DOUBLE LIFE (1947). There are also photocopies of correspondence for Kanin Productions...

Kanitz (Ernest) papers

Correspondence, scores, recordings, and ephemeracorrespondence of Austrian emigre composer and teacher Ernest Kanitz (1894-1978). Kanitz continuously devoted himself to the systematic study of piano, theory and composition. In 1930 he founded the Vienna Women's Chorus, with which he brought new...

Kanitz (Ernest) papers

The Ernest Kanitz papers contain professional and personal correspondence, orchestrations, concert reviews, musical publications, and other material regarding Ernest Kanitz, an Austrian composer and musician. Materials also document his performances and programs of his concerts. Topics covered by the collection...

Kanner Architects records

The Kanner Architects records span approximately 150 linear feet and date from circa 1960 to circa 2007. Documenting three generations of Kanner family architecture this collection is composed primarily of architectural drawings, but also includes photographic prints, models, yearly planners...

Kanner (Heinrich) writings

Relates to political conditions and public opinion in Germany and Austria during World War I. Includes a partial translation (typewritten), by Robert Hopwood. Also available on microfilm (1 reel).

Kansas (built 1905; battleship: U.S. Navy) photograph

The Kansas (built 1905; battleship: U.S. Navy) photograph, 1907-1909, (SAFR 24440, P15-002) is comprised of a photograph of the United States Navy battleship KANSAS during the cruise of the Great White Fleet around the world. The collection has been processed...

Kansas City, El Paso and Mexico Railroad Company Contract

Five-page contract dated August 21, 1888, between Morris R. Locke & Company and the Kansas City, El Paso and Mexican Railroad regarding the completion of the roadbed extending from the boundary line between the state of Texas and the territory...

Kansas City Trucking Co. Collection

Promotional photography stills, publicity, publication lists, cast lists, correspondence, press releases, and other material documenting the publicity for the release of (1976), a film by gay filmmaker Tim Kincaid, also known as Joe Gage. In the 1970s, Kincaid wrote and...

Kansil (Joli Quentin) papers

Diaries, appointment books, board games, and booklets, relating to games, world travel, and social life.

Kanter (Hal) Collection

The Hal Kanter Collection, 1943-2009, primarily consists of radio scripts produced during Kanter’s work for the Armed Forces Radio Service during WWII. Also in this collection are other radio and television scripts, professional and personal correspondence and Writers Guild of...

Kantner (Harold DeWolf) Personal Collection

This collection contains the personal papers of Harold DeWolf Kantner. Kantner was an early aviation pioneer who did a lot of work with flying boats.

Kantor (Bernard) papers

This collection consists of Dr. Bernard Kantor's collection of files, student papers, colleague papers, and photographs. Dr. Kantor was the Chair of the Department of Cinema at the University of Southern California from 1964 to 1974.

Kantor (Harry S.) papers

Correspondence, writings, reports, memoranda, notes, legislation, and printed matter, relating to the American labor force, wages and hours regulation, unemployment and retirement benefits, encouragement of inventors in the United States, and the enactment of a minimum wage law in the...

Kantor (Kenneth) papers

Contains printed newspaper writings, drafts of articles, letters, and photographs relating to the post-World War II American occupation of Japan, the Korean War, and other subjects.

Kantor (Saul and Yakov) Papers

The collection consists of the Star of David "Jude" patch said to have belonged to Saul Kantor (1912-1976); two drawings by his son, Yakov Kantor (1952-2007), a graphic artist and member of the Portland, Oregon, Jewish LGBT community, inspired by...

Kanzaki (Kiichi) papers

Diaries, speeches and writings relating to Japanese immigration to the United States, and to the Japanese community in the United States. Photocopies of archival documents held at Kwansei Gakuin University's Archives in Japan.

Kanzler (H. A.) Travel Journal

Journal generated by H. A. Kanzler documenting his trip to the West in 1915.

Kapiloff (Lawrence) Papers

Lawrence Kapiloff, Democrat, was a State Assembly Member, 1973-1982 for the 78th Assembly District, which included cities within San Diego County. The Lawrence Kapiloff Papers consist 8.5 cubic feet of Assembly Bill Files documenting Kapiloff's legislative activity. Bills introduced by...

Kaplan (Abraham A.) papers

Abraham Abbott Kaplan (1912-1980) was a lecturer in labor economics, author of several books, and an arbitrator in industrial disputes. He also worked for the UCLA Institute of Industrial Relations extension service, the UC University Extension, the Department of Theater...

Kaplan (Abraham) Papers

Abraham Kaplan (1918-1993) was a philosopher, an author and an educator. His collection contains correspondence, articles, lectures, speeches, book manuscripts, subject files, notes, and printed matter pertaining to his writings and academic career.

Kaplan (Allan) and Robert Kaplan political memorabilia collection

The Allan Kaplan and Robert Kaplan political memorabilia collection consists of posters, ephemera, and realia documenting national and local political and campaigns. The bulk of the material dates from the late 1960s-early 1970s and documents the brothers' earliest political activism....

Kaplan (Celeste S.) Papers

Papers of a 1930s student radical and Communist Party member. The collection covers her activities from her undergraduate debating career through her resignation from the party in 1958.

Kaplan (Gene) photograph collection

The Gene Kaplan photograph collection, circa 1895-1925, (SAFR 23859, P96-047) is comprised of photographs of various vessels, including freighters, passenger steamships, schooners, and tugboats, among others. The collection has been processed to the Collection level and is open for use.

Kaplan (Henry S.) Papers

Professional and administrative correspondence; research and clinical abstract files, and research notebooks; films; biographical material including an oral history interview; and other files.

Kaplan (Joseph) Papers

Joseph Kaplan (1902- ) was a professof of physics at UCLA, chairman of the department and the director of the Institute of Geophysics. He was also a member of the National Academy of Science, and served as chairman of the...

Kaplan (Karel) collection

Copies of selected minutes, reports and memoranda of the Czechoslovak government and Czechoslovak communist party, relating to Czechoslovak foreign policy at the onset of the Cold War, the communist party purge trials in Czechoslovakia, reaction in Czechoslovakia to the Soviet...

Kaplan (Nathan O.) Papers

Papers of Nathan Oram Kaplan, university administrator and eminent biochemist affiliated with Brandeis University, where he developed that university's graduate program in biology during the late 1950s and early 1960s, and subsequently with the University of California, San Diego, where...

Kaplan (Oscar and Rose) Public Opinion Surveys

Surveys, dating from 1951-1992, conducted by Oscar and Rose Kaplan, public opinion pollsters and analysts for businesses, politicians, attorneys and newspapers in the San Diego area. A small number of surveys were conducted in the Los Angeles area and nationwide....

Kaplan (Oscar J.) Collection

The documents Kaplan's career as a pollster, psychologist, gerontologist, and member of SDSU's faculty. Also included is Kaplan's work with various organizations including the Gerontological Society, American Society of Aging, the American Psychological Association, and SDSU's Center for Survey Research....

Kaplan (Phillis Abry) Papers

Phillis Abry Kaplan was a queer woman who served in World War II. This collection consists of her scrapbooks chronicling her service.

Kaplan (Robert) political campaign, ballot measure, and fundraising papers

Robert Kaplan is an internationally known campaign, communications and fundraising consultant and advisor who has planned, designed, positioned, directed and executed more than 250 fundraising and capital campaigns, grassroots, voter outreach and other communications programs for a variety of interests....

Kaplun (Irina) writings

Poems, notes, and other writings, relating to the Soviet dissident movement.

Kapnist (Lieutenant) papers

Orders, telegrams, and correspondence relating to the liaison work of Lieutenant Kapnist with General Pierre Janin, French Army officer and commander of Czechoslovak and other Allied troops in Siberia during the Russian Civil War.

Kappa Phi Zeta, Alpha Chapter Records

Kappa Phi Zeta was a professional library sorority founded in 1926 at the University of California at Los Angeles. The collection contains records from the Alpha chapter including the constitution, by-laws, minutes, initiation documents, guest book, scrapbook, financial sheets, and...

Kappa Phi Zeta sorority records

This collection consists of the records of the University of Southern California sorority Kappa Phi Zeta.

Kappa Sigma Fraternity, Beta-Zeta Chapter (Stanford University), scrapbook

Scrapbook/member register of Kappa Sigma fraternity, Beta-Zeta chapter....

Kappe (Ray) Papers

Los Angeles architect Ray Kappe is one of Southern California's preeminent designers of modern residential architecture and a long-time educator who founded the influential Southern California Institute of Architecture (SCI-Arc). Consisting of drawings, documents, photographs, client correspondence, and writings, the...

Kappes (Marion) research material re folk tunes

This collection of research materials represents the final stages of preparation before the went to the publisher, H. W. Wilson Company, New York. Evidently 114 published collections of folk tunes were to have been included in the publication (see the...

Kapps (Joseph Richard) Photograph Album and Artifacts

Joseph R. Kapps (1917-1994) was a friend of Clarkson Crane and Clyde Evans. There are two major components to the collection: a large scrapbook-type photo album (actually a wallpaper sample book that documents many aspects of Kapps' life), and a...

Kaprow (Allan) Papers

The Allan Kaprow Papers offer comprehensive documentation of an artistic career that spanned the latter half of the 20th century and continues into the 21st. Arranged chronologically so as to demonstrate the artist's passage from student of art and art...

Kaptur (Hugh M.) Collection

One of five children, Hugh Michael Kaptur, AIA was born on May 22, 1931 in Detroit, Michigan. Kaptur is an American architect whose practice is primarily in California's Coachella Valley, especially in the Palm Springs area. Kaptur has designed residential...

Kapusta (Alvin) collection

Clippings, photocopies of articles and pamphlets, photographs, notes, and bibliographies relating to Russian literature and art, especially in the emigration, and particularly to the writer Alekseĭ Remizov.

Kapustianskii (A. P.) typescript

Relates to the Russian Civil War and Russian émigré affairs. Photocopy.

Karaberis (Constanatine) Personal Papers

The Rear Admiral Constantine A. Karaberis Personal Papers contains items related primarily to Karaberis' career in the United States Navy from 1935 to 1969, commanding several bases and ships.

Karabian (Walter) collection on Norman H. Topping

This small collection contains items on USC president Dr. Norman H. Topping (1908-1997), dating from 1975 to 2013, primarily collected by his friend Walter Karabian. Most of the materials relate to the planning of tribute events for Dr. Topping, dating...

Karabian, Walter J. Papers

The Karabian papers measure 25 linear feet and date from 1964 to 1992. The papers are arranged in nine series: Biographical information, Legislative files, Campaign materials, Correspondence, Writings, Subject files, Public relations files, Photographs, and Artifacts. The papers are the...

Karabian (Walter J.) You Bet Your Life episode reel

This collection consists of one 16mm black and white print of the television program "You Bet Your Life" donated by California state assemblyman and attorney Walter J. Karabian.

Karaolos No. 1 Headquarters Camp directives

Relates to detention of illegal Jewish immigrants.

Karasik (Theodore William) collection

Studies, reports, memoranda, interview transcripts, notes, and printed matter, relating to forced labor in the Soviet Union, and to the detention of American prisoners of war in the Soviet Union, especially Americans captured during the Korean War. Includes photocopies and...

Karcz (Jerzy F.) papers

Correspondence, writings, research notes, statistical surveys and reports, and miscellanea, relating to Soviet and East European agriculture and economics. Jerzy F. Karcz was also known as George Karcz.

Karczag (Dezso) Papers

The collection contains the handwritten autobiography by Dezso Karczag [Dennis G. Karzag], co-founder of Santa Barbara-based Direct Relief International, along with supporting correspondence, articles, clippings, documents, photographs, and reports, ca. 1920s-1991.

Karen Lee Wald research collection on Cuba, circa 1982-2010.

Karen Lee Wald research collection on Cuba, BANC MSS 2010/241, The Bancroft Library, University of California, Berkeley.

Karen Newman papers, 1974-2016.

The collection contains Newman's curriculum vita and proposals and syllabi for comparative literature courses that came out of the Comparative Literature Women's Caucus at the University of California, Berkeley. It also includes announcements for courses at Brown University that grew...

Karen Topp Goodwyn materials relating to California Dept. of Rehabilitation, 1975-1986.

Documents Goodwyn's work under John Velton with severely disabled individuals as a vocational rehabilitation counselor for the Calif. Dept. of Rehabilitation in Oakland. Goodwyn sought access to training, education, and technology for her clients so that they could live independently....

Karklis (Arved Andreevich) papers

Identification and other official documents, writings, printed matter, and photographs, relating to miscellaneous aspects of the Russian Civil War and of political administration in Latvia and elsewhere in the Soviet Union.

Karl Aschenbrenner papers, 1917-1984.

The Karl Aschenbrenner manuscripts include publication drafts and notes regarding Aschenbrenner's research on appraisive characterization, Kant's Critique of Pure Reason, and the concepts of coherence in art, criticism, and value.

Karl Bach papers

This collection is comprised of the correspondence of German emigrant Karl Bach realting to his efforts to obtain visas to the United States for family members living in Germany. The correspondence spans the years 1938-1941, and includes both personal and...

Karl Friedrich May western scenes cigarette cards [graphic].

German cigarette cards depicting scenes from various western stories by Karl Friedrich May, including Winnetou (publisher's series 1), Old Surehand (series 4), Winnetou II (series 15), Old Surehand II (series 19), Sohn des Bärenjägers (series 23), Feinde werden Blutsbrüder (series...

Karl Friedrich Meyer photograph collection [graphic].

Photographs relating to Meyer's medical research career at UC Berkeley. Photos focus on public health, effects of diseases on animals, veterinary medicine, and epidemiology. Collection includes studio portraits of Meyer, contemporary portraits and group portraits of his colleagues, portraits (including...

Karl Friedrich Meyer photograph collection [graphic] : additions.

Collection includes a mix of career and family photographs relating to the life of Karl Meyer. One album shows a 1919 camping trip in the Sierra Nevadas, another album shows California orchards, Stowe Lake (in Golden Gate Park), shipboard views,...

Karl Kasten papers, approximately 1916-2000.

Contains personal and professional correspondence, notebooks, brochures and clippings related to art; notebooks, drawings and specifications for the KB Press, the etching press he designed; artwork; materials regarding exhibits; subject files; course materials, including notes for his class Art Materials...

Karl Kasten photograph collection [graphic]

Collection contains a large amount of material relating to the Panama Pacific International Exposition of 1915 in San Francisco: stamps advertising various products (many by Schmidt Lithograph), postcards and photographs of PPIE, etc. Other views show scenes of California, San...

Karl Meyer papers : additions, circa 1900-1975.

Correspondence; research files; professional meetings and seminars files; manuscripts of writings; correspondence with publishers; awards and personal memorabilia; family letters and photographs; letters of condolence to Mrs. Meyers after Dr. Meyer's death; clippings.

Karl Meyer papers, 1900-1975.

Correspondence; research and lecture notes; laboratory notebooks; files related to professional meetings and seminars; manuscripts of writings; correspondence with publishers. Also includes personal memorabilia and correspondence with family and friends.

Karl S. Pister papers, 1948-2002.

Consists of correspondence, lectures, grant proposals, and course materials relating to Karl Pister's career as professor and dean in the UC Berkeley Department of Engineering. Also includes some material documenting Professor Pister's tenure as UC Santa Cruz Chancellor from 1991-1996.

Karl (Terry L.) papers

Collection includes Karl's teaching materials from Political Science and Latin American Studies, as well as papers written by Karl....

Karla Andersdatter papers, 1985-1990

Manuscript (The Doorway) and leaflets

Karlinsky (Simon) papers

The Simon Karlinsky papers document his career as a scholar and professor of Russian literature at the University of California, Berkeley, and offer insight into his life as a gay man. Major topics include émigré literature, gay culture, history and...

Karlson (Phil) Papers

Phil Karlson (1908- ) was born Philip N. Karlstein. He worked in many positions at Universal Studios, including propman, film editor, associate producer, and finally as feature editor in 1944. He was known for directing realistic crime films. The collection...

Karma Tenzing Wangchuk (Dennis H. Dutton) papers.

Dennis H. Dutton is a writer, editor, and reviewer, has worked in the library field, and is a Viet Nam veteran. In 1998 he resumed writing Haiku after a 34-year hiatus. While in Viet Nam, Dutton became a Buddhist, is...

Karma Tenzing Wangchuk (Dennis H. Dutton) papers.

Dennis H. Dutton is a writer, editor, and reviewer, has worked in the library field, and is a Viet Nam veteran. In 1998 he resumed writing Haiku after a 34-year hiatus. While in Viet Nam, Dutton became a Buddhist, is...

Karmilof (Olga) mimeograph

Relates to social conditions in Russia, the Russian Revolution, and Russian émigré life, especially in China.

Karmin (Otto) miscellaneous papers

Letters by Friedrich Wilhelm Foerster, Petr Kropotkin, Franz Oppenheimer, Elisée Reclus, and Hans Vaihinger, relating to anarchism, pacifism, and various aspects of the international situation; and transcript of a lecture by Tomá? Masaryk, relating to Czechoslovak nationalism.

Karno, M.D. (Marvin) professional papers

Dr. Marvin Karno, Professor Emeritus, Department of Psychiatry and Biobehavioral Sciences, UCLA School of Medicine, had an illustrious career as clinician, researcher, teacher, and administrator. This small collection focuses mainly on his research in community centered psychiatry, especially with Los...

Karnow (Stanley) papers

Notes, news dispatches, interview transcripts, government documents, studies, reports, printed matter, and photographs relating to political conditions and international relations primarily in Asia, and especially in China, Vietnam and the Philippines, and to Asian American communities. Used as research materials...

Karns (Roscoe) collection

This collection consists of the papers and film reels of American actor Roscoe Karns (1891-1970).

Kaross (Sonia Baltrun) Oral History

Contains a transcribed copy of Lucille Kendall's 1977 interviews with Sonia Baltrun Kaross and ephemera documenting Kaross' personal life and activities as a feminist; Socialist and Communist activist; Lithuanian writer; United Textile Workers (UTW) organizer and representative; and pacifist in...

Karov (D.) typescript

Relates to operations of the Ukrainian partisan force Ukraïns'ka Povstans'ka Armiia against Hungarian forces during World War II.

Karpinski (Louis C.) Collection

Maps related to American history before 1800...

Karpov (Mikhail Pavlovich) papers

Correspondence, programs, appointment books, printed matter, postcards, and photographs, relating to music in tsarist Russia and the Soviet Union.

Karr (John B.) Pathology photostat typescript

Collection contains photostat typescript, bound, with holograph annotations throughout. Final section titled "Exercises in recitation in connection with the summary on general pathology". Some notes dated 1915 or 1916. Blank prescription form and real estate invoice (dated 1907) laid in;...

Karras (Maria) collection of Woman's Building papers and photographs

The collection presents a record of the historic first years of the Woman's Building in Los Angeles and the women involved with it, including Feminist Studio Workshop founders Judy Chicago, Sheila de Bretteville, and Arlene Raven. Maria Karras's photographs are...

Kars Photograph Album

Photograph album, ca. 1878-1921, containing 24 black/white images, with captions in Russian. Kars, now part of Turkey, was part of the Russian Empire at the time. Most of the photos are landscapes from the Agri Dagi mountains south of Kars...

Karsh (Audrey) Collection

This collection includes research notes, newspaper clippings and copies of original source material on San Diego's Jewish pioneers, and some notables of the 19th & 20th century. There are personal photos and copies of her short stories, articles and plays....

Karsh Yousuf photograph, circa mid 20th century

One 10" x 13" b/w portrait of unidentified man, sitting at desk. Credit line: Karsh, Ottawa. Penciled notation: No - 17. Deframed 5/3/06. Found in workroom, provenance unknown. Alpha list. Oversize.

Karski (Jan) papers

Correspondence, memoranda, government documents, bulletins, reports, studies, speeches and writings, printed matter, photographs, clippings, newspapers, periodicals, sound recordings, videotape cassettes, and microfilm, relating to events and conditions in Poland during World War II, the German and Soviet occupations of Poland,...

Karubian (Richard [Rouhollah]) collection of Arabic and Persian manuscripts

Collection consists of Persian and Arabic manuscripts, and one Syriac manuscript, dating from 1510-1930. Subjects include Shiite theology, jurisprudence, and popular religion.

Kasai Family papers

The collection consists of the personal and business records of Henry Yoshihiko Kasai. Included are documents and records from Mr. Kasai's involvement in community and civil organizations in Utah and records regarding his internment during World War II. Also among...

Kasak (Elias) typescript

Relates to Russian military operations during World War I, the establishment of Estonian armed forces in 1918, the Estonian war for independence, interwar Estonian politics, the Soviet occupation of Estonia in 1940, conditions in German prison camps during World War...

Kasakow (Sergei Vladimirovich) typescript

Relates to social conditions and engineering in the Soviet Union, and to post-World War II Russian émigré affairs.

Kasch (Frederick W.) Papers

The Frederick W. Kasch Papers (1937-2011) document Dr. Kasch’s work as a physiologist, researcher, educator, and promoter of adult fitness in San Diego. The collection highlights his published research, coverage in the media, and awards of appreciation from colleagues, students,...

Kaschnitz von Weinberg (Rudolf) papers

Certificates, naval records, printed matter, photographs, paintings, medals and memorabilia relating to Austro-Hungarian submarine operations during World War I.

Kashi Ashram collection

Consists of copies of magazine articles, transcripts of lectures, flyers, leaflets, correspondence, programs, and event calendars relating to the Kashi Ashram and its founder Ma Jaya Sati Bhagavati.

Kashiwagi (Hiroshi) papers

Diaries, writings, correspondence, and printed matter, relating to Japanese American internment during World War II and to postwar civil rights.

Kashmir photograph album, 1912

Cite as: [Identification of item], Kashmir photograph album, SC 1100. Department of Special Collections, UC Santa Barbara Library, University of California, Santa Barbara.

Kashmir photograph album, 1936

39 b/w photos, many with captions in English. Includes images of Nagin Bagh lake (with houseboats), mountain trekking via Erin Valley, Kishin Ganga, Sarbal Valley, Haramukh, Gangabal, Gurez, Chorwan, Kaobal Pass, Kinari Darkush; also log, rope, and snow bridges.

Kashmir Photograph Album, ca. 1930s-1940s.

Album contains 75 black and white photographs, possibly taken by a British official stationed in India. Photos are primarily of landscapes and scenic mountain views, and local peoples in traditional clothing. Several photos feature a highly decorated bearded man who...

Kaslas (Bronis J) papers

The papers consist of writings and rare printed matter relating to Eastern European politics, the Russian occupation of Lithuania, Lithuanians in foreign countries, the Baltic States, Poland, and the Paris Peace Conference of 1946.

Kasmin Limited Records

The records of Kasmin Limited document the Kasmin Gallery at 118 New Bond Street in London that John Kasmin directed from 1963 to 1972 in partnership with Sheridan Dufferin. Among the artists represented by the gallery, and in the records,...

Kasmire (Robert) Papers on Produce Refrigeration

Writings, photographs, and subject files on transportation and handling of refrigerated produce.

Kaspar Sternberg hand colored plate, 1820-1838

One hand-colored plate from Versuch einer geognostisch-botanischen Darstellung der Flora der Vorwelt, a two volume set published 1820-1838. Alpha list. [Oversize boxed].

Kasprzycki (Piotr Pawel) mimeograph

Relates to the concept of nationality and its role in World War I.

Kassis Family collection

The Kassis Family collection documents the family and their Sacramento-area businesses. The family is best known for starting the Stop-N-Shop chain of grocery stores and Arden Fair Mall. Material dates from 1902 to 2003 and includes operational and administrative records,...

Kasson (John Adam) letters

Relates to decisions of the conference regarding government and trade in the Congo region. Photocopy.

Kastchenko (Marie) typescript

Relates to social conditions in Ukraine prior to and during the Russian Revolution, and to Ukrainian refugee life in Poland. Photocopy.

Kasten (Karl) Papers

The Karl Kasten papers are comprised of correspondence, professional and personal papers, writings, subject files, documentation binders, and teaching materials....

Kasznar (Kurt) papers

The Kurt Kasznar papers span the years 1932-1978 (bulk 1960s-1970s) and encompass less than one linear foot. The collection consists primarily of material related to Kasznar's stage career and includes clippings and reviews, programs, and play bills. There is only...

Kataev (Vitalii Leonidovich) papers

The papers of Vitalii Leonidovich Kataev, Russian engineer, Soviet defense industry official, and adviser to President Mikhail Gorbachev, include reports, memoranda, correspondence, diaries, notes, meeting and conference materials, electronic documents, and sound recordings relating to Soviet military policy, the Soviet...

Katalog der Spielwaren Ausstellung in Titograd typescript

Relates to toys made by Austrian prisoners in the Yugoslav prison camp of Titograd.

Katano Family Papers

The majority of the collection consists of correspondence sent to the Katano family while they were interred at the Manzanar War Relocation Center in Inyo County, California, from 1942 to 1945. Many of the letters were sent to Tomeko...

Kataoka (Ayako Nakauchi) Family Photograph Collection

Collection documents multiple generations of the family of Ayako Kataoka (née Nakauchi) (1917-1995), a Japanese American woman born in Los Angeles who was interned in the Heart Mountain Relocation Center during World War II.

Katchadourian (Herant A.) Papers

Correspondence, research files, notes, lectures, memoranda, articles, photographs, audio and video tapes of lectures, and other papers pertaining largely to his teaching and research career at Stanford University, with some materials from his association with the American University of Beirut....

Katchongva (Chief Dan) Collection

Chief Dan Katchongva (1860-1972) was born in Old Oraibi, Arizona. He was a tradional leader and Hopi Chief at Hotevilla, Arizona. This collection consists of material primarily created between 1970-1971. They include photocopies of correspondence from Chief Dan Katchongva to...

Kate Davenport (ship) and Red Cross (ship) logbook

Kate Davenport (ship) and Red Cross (ship) logbook (SAFR 16451, HDC 167) is a rough log for the KATE DAVENPORT under the command of Captain James E. Howland for a number of voyages between New York, Oregon, Washington, China, Hawaii,...

Kate Felton Elkins Collection

Scrapbooks on musical, theatrical and literary subjects. Includes letters, programs, playbills, clippings, printed articles, prints and photographs. One bound volume, titled "Dramatic" has twentieth century letters written to Felton Elkins....

The Kate Johnson Papers

This collection contains materials belonging to Kate Fennimore Johnson, a co-founder of Lambda Archives of San Diego and head of Exhibitor Relations at San Diego Pride from 1995 – 1999. The materials in this collection feature documents from San Diego...

[Kate Kline May archive of City of Berkeley photographs].

Includes photographs taken to illustrate various City of Berkeley publications issued in the 1970s. Also includes a few such publications, most of which were also designed by Kline May. Also includes a small number of copy negatives of older views...

Kate O. Sessions Collection

A collection of document archives relating to Kate O. Sessions, horticulturist, landscaper, city gardener, and nursery and cut flower business owner in San Diego, dating from 1891-1940, from the City Clerk’s Archives, City of San Diego, CA. Miss Sessions is...

Kate Pope collection of California political ephemera [realia].

Includes button, pins and other small ephemera chiefly pertaining to numerous political campaigns in California and across the country. A few items pertain to Alexander H. Pope's participation in some of these campaigns.

Kate Severance Spencer Goewey paper read before the San Francisco Browning Society, 1917, Dec. 21.

Contains three typescript drafts of an address given by the author of a privately published catalogue of the Goewey collection of Elizabeth and Robert Browning at the San Francisco Browning Society. One of the copies is heavily annotated in pencil....

Katharine Adams correspondence : and other material, circa 1898-1960.

Approximately 150 letters written to Katharine Adams sending congratulations from clients for whom she had bound books, discussing technical problems (such as the warping of vellum boards), etc. Correspondents include John Charrington, T.J. Cobden-Sanderson, Douglas Cockerell, Lord Aldenham, C. Henry...

Katharine E[des] Beecher letter, 1836 April 17

One letter (AL) to Katharine E. Beecher, wife of William Beecher, Apr. 17, 1836. Alpha list.

Katharine Luomala papers, 1923-1984.

Anthropology class notes from classes at the University of California, Berkeley, 1923-1938; research notes with annotations by Alfred L. Kroeber; essay by Professor Luomala about her school days at the University of California, Berkeley.

Katharine Miller Johnson papers pertaining to Point Reyes, 1961-1987 (bulk 1969-1971).

Carton 1 contains correspondence generated by Katharine Miller Johnson on behalf of Point Reyes National Seashore primarily between 1969 and 1971. Carton 2 contains background material, statements, Congressional hearing transcripts, and other material related to legislation on Point Reyes, and...

Katharine R. Maurer Collection, 1913-1977.

Clippings, correspondence, programs, poems, tributes, notes and drafts, pamphlets, reports, photographs.

Katharine Whiteside Taylor papers, approximately 1938-1989.

Correspondence, publications, journals, and subject files primarily concerning education, psychology, and related professional activities.

Kathe Schwent Robbins Collection

A collection of ephemera (seven pinback buttons) from various events in Escondido, California.

Katherine Amelia Towle collection of clippings, mainly relating to the Free Speech Movement at the University of California, Berkeley, 1964-1966.

Includes clippings on the Free Speech Movement from November 1964-January 1966, clippings about Katherine Towle from 1961-1965, and some issues of the student and local publications, SLATE, Particle, and Spider.

Katherine Amelia Towle papers, 1948-1968 (bulk 1964-1965)

Memoranda (originals and copies), clippings, etc. relating to her career in the U.S. Marine Corps, and as Dean of Women and later Dean of Students, University of California, Berkeley; many concerning the Free Speech Movement.

Katherine Browning Miller papers, 1910-1947 (bulk 1925-1928)

Manuscripts of plays and novels, clippings and some correspondence.

Katherine Esau oral history, 1988-1981

Interviewer: David E. Russell, Sept. 8, 1988-July 17, 1991. Interviewee(s): Katherine Esau, UCSB Chancellor Vernon Cheadle, Dr. Ray Evert, and Dr. Jennifer A. Thorsch (Dr. Esau's last doctoral student). Related materials: UArch Fac Pap Arrangement: Jennifer A. Thorsch - July...

Katherine Garrison Chapin letter, 1962 March 7

(1890-1977). One letter (ALS) from Santa Barbaran McKinley Helm to American poet Katherine Garrison Chapin, praising her poems. Santa Barbara, 7 March 1962. Laid in Katherine Garrison Chapin, The Other Journey: Poems New and Selected (Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press...

Katherine M. Ball papers, ca. 1900-1920.

Contains 8 items relating to talks and lectures given by Katherine Ball for the Japan Society of America.

Katherine Mackay Hawkins papers mainly as member of Nevada DAR and Monday Club of Reno, 1861-1964 (bulk 1957-1964)

Includes copy of a letter of 1861 December from A.G. Hawkins to his brother, Rev. S.J. Hawkins.

Katherine McNabb oral history, 1971

Interviews with UCSB librarian McNabb, re her times at Columbia Library School, Greenwich Village in the 1930s, Kansas City Public Library, and the UCSB Library. Interviewer: Gibbs M. Smith, UCSB Library Oral History Program, 1971. Interviewee(s): Katherine McNabb. Transcript: Transcript:...

Katherine Shumard Sanders plays : typescripts, ca. 1937.

Contains two unpublished plays by Sanders entitled: "The dragon waits," and "Wei river famine." Both plays are set in China. Also includes a collection of poetry by Sanders.

Kathleen (built 1904; sloop: yacht) photograph

The Kathleen (built 1904; sloop: yacht) photograph, 1912-1915, (SAFR 24659, P16-001) is comprised of a photograph of KATHLEEN underway on San Francisco Bay, California. The collection has been processed to the Collection level and is open for use.

Kathleen Dickenson Mellen papers, 1928-1969 (bulk 1961-1969).

Photocopies of two letters, 1968, written by her to her nephew commenting on her books about Hawaii; articles about her and her husband, George Mellen; obituaries; one published monograph, The Magnificent Matriarch: Kaahumanu, Queen of Hawaii, 1772-1832 (New York :...

Kathleen Norris and Charles Gilman Norris letters : Palo Alto, California, to Tilly and Malcolm Johnson, Long Island, New York, 1943-1945.

Handwritten and typescript letters from Kathleen and Charles Norris to Tilly (or Tillie) and Malcolm Johnson. Includes a Christmas card, a card featuring Mission San Diego, and others on paper with the Norris' "La Casa Abierta" letterhead. One letter is...

Kathleen Norris and Charles Gilman Norris letters to Mr. and Mrs. Walter Ernest Todd, 1927-1928.

Two handwritten letters from Kathleen Norris (envelopes postmarked Nov. 5, 1927 and Nov. 8, 1928) to Mrs. Walter Ernest Todd and one typescript letter from Charles Norris to Walter Ernest Todd (addressed to The Menlo School and dated Apr. 27,...

Kathleen Norris letters to Margaret A. Hartigan, 1897-1964 (bulk 1910-1964).

Contains letters describing family news; about Kathleen Norris' writing; travel around the United States, Europe, and Asia; women's suffrage; United States politics including presidential elections; the fight against communism including the University of California's Loyalty Oaths; the events leading up...

Kathleen Thompson Norris and Charles Gilman Norris papers

Contains manuscripts and correspondence of Kathleen Thompson Norris and Charles Gilman Norris. Also includes photographs and articles about the two authors.

Kathryn Conlon Childress correspondence : ALS, 1886-1937 (bulk 1886-1902).

Contains correspondence to Kathryn Conlon Childress from her husband Henry Childress, and her parents Daniel and Rose Conlon. Correspondence from Henry Childress discuss their courtship, finding teaching positions, a land case against the railroads, and Chinese. Correspondence from Kathryn's parents...

Kathy Sloane photographs of jazz musicians [graphic].

Photographs depict various jazz musicians performing at various venues in the San Francisco Bay Area. Musicians depicted include Pharoah Sanders, Art Blakey and the Jazz Messengers, Dexter Gordon, George Cables, Cecil Taylor, Bobby Hutcherson, Chalrie Haden, World Saxophone Quartet, Von...

Katie Reed O'Neal family papers, 1800-1972 (bulk 1800-1865).

Contains mostly 19th century handwritten receipts, contracts, deeds, documents, correspondence, food and medicine recipes, and other miscellany from a Missouri family who relocated to California in 1907. Includes two "bills of sale" for three African-Americans bought as slaves in Scotland...

Katipunan Society constitution and by-laws : ms., [ca. 1900]

Contains information on the organization, duties, its history, etc.

Katkov (George) typescript

Relates to the history, organization, and operations of Soviet archival administration and publication policy since 1945. Photocopy.

Kato Family photography collection

More than 1200 black and white photographs documenting the Kato family. The photographs include studio photographs, weddings, funerals, Boy Scouts, Stanford versus University of California Big Game, army training, road trips and other events. Also includes photographs of the Heart...

Kattermann (Heinrich) photographs

Depicts H. Kattermann; German troops in World Wars I and II; and national socialist political rallies.

Katy Raddatz news photograph archive, approximately 1975-2008.

News photographs from her career as a photographer for the San Francisco Examiner (1975-2000) and the San Francisco Chronicle (2000-2008).

"Katy" (Second World War correspondence)

This collection contains one correspondence, written by a young girl named Katy and sent to her Uncle "Bill", USA, during the Second World War.

Katz (Allan) scripts

Allan Katz was a television writer and producer. The collection consists of scripts related to Katz's career including , , and .

Katz (Demian) gamebook collection

More than 2500 print gamebooks (primarily paperback) along with smaller number of related works in other media, including magazines, comics, audio recordings, films, and software.

Katz (Friedrich) collection

Clippings, notes, and pamphlets, relating to international relations, international economic conditions, the oil industry, domestic conditions in Croatia, Croatia's role in international relations, the history and condition of Jews throughout the world, and military operations during World War II.

Katz (Joseph) Papers

Collection includes the following: Vassar College student interviews and report to the college president, 1951; interviews and other materials for the Student Development Studies done at the Institute for the Study of Human Problems, 1960-85; interviews with Stanford students from...

Katz (Richard) Papers

Richard Katz was first elected to represent the 39th Assembly district in 1980, and served until 1996, when he termed out of office. The Richard Katz Papers consist of 29 cubic feet of textual records and 2 boxes of audio/visual...

Katz (Rudolf) papers

Correspondence, reports, speeches, and clippings, relating to relief efforts of the German Labor Delegation in the United States, an organization of refugee German socialist and trade union leaders.

Katz (Samuel Irving) papers

Biographical data, speeches and writings, correspondence, and printed matter, relating to international finance and to operations of the Federal Reserve Board.

Kaucher (Dorothy) Publications Collection

The Dorothy Kaucher Publications Collection consists primarily of published materials written by Kaucher during the early days of commercial aviation.

Kaufman (Alfred) musical scores

Collection consists of approximately 100 holograph scores (principally unpublished) of piano, chamber, orchestral and vocal works....

Kaufman (Anne and Michael) Papers

These papers document the Los Angeles based political activities of former husband and wife (Michael and Anne Kaufman), including their joint involvement with W.E.B. DuBois Clubs of America (1961-1966) and American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees [AFSCME, AFL-CIO]...

Kaufman (Dr. Morris P.) photographs

The Dr. Morris P. Kaufman photographs, circa 1925-1935, (SAFR 24265, P80-004a) are comprised mainly of photographs of Kaufman's 1925 voyage to Alaska aboard STAR OF ALASKA (built 1886; ship, 3m). The collection has been processed to the item level and...

Kaufman (Edith Schoenberger) papers

The collection consists of Edith Schoenberger Kaufman's family papers, photographs, and photo albums/scrapbooks. The materials document Edith's family life in Germany, the experience of Edith and her first husband, Eugen Schoenberger, in Nazi Germany and in France under Germany occupation,...

Kaufman (Franklin John) papers

Physician's patient visit registers and related material kept by Syracuse, New York general practitioner F.J. (Franklin John) Kaufman....

Kaufman (Harry) Papers

Harry Kaufman (1894-1961)was a pianist and music teacher at the Curtis Institute of Music, Philadelphia. He was also a successful piano soloist with orchestras in the U.S. and Europe, and accompanied such artists as Joseph Szigeti, Toscha Seidel, Nathan Milstein,...

Kaufman (Lawrence) Collection

The consists of photographs taken shortly after the 1994 Earthquake by Mr. Kaufman, CSUN Service Recognition pins, and a cow bell.

Kaufman (Mary) Collection

The Kaufman Collection consists of: Daryl Morrison's taped interviews with Mary Kaufman (1990-1991) in which the latter discusses her childhood home at Valley Home, her roles as rancher's wife, mother and cannery employee; a "Valley Home Cookbook" with historical notes...

Kaufman (Millard) papers

This collection contains the papers of American screenwriter Millard Kaufman (1917-2009) and chiefly consists of film scripts dating from the late 1940s to mid 1960s.

Kaufman (Millard) papers

The Millard Kaufman papers span the years 1941-1998 (bulk 1950s-1960s) and encompass 8.3 linear feet. The collection consists of script material for more than a dozen films. BAD DAY AT BLACK ROCK, RAINTREE COUNTY (1957), TAKE THE HIGH GROUND, and...

Kaufman (Miriam Stirberg) Letters

This collection contains primarily letters sent to Miriam (Stirberg) Kaufman, dating from 1944 to 1945. The contents are primarily letters and photos Kaufman received while corresponding with two World War II soldiers in the 100th/442nd Regimental Combat Team, as well...

Kaufman (Polly Welts) Collection

Research material used by Polly W. Kaufman for her 1994 edition of Apron Full of Gold: The Letters of Mary Jane Megquier from San Francisco, 1849-1856.

Kaufman (Shirley) Papers

Correspondence between Shirley Kaufman and other poets and writers; writings and materials regarding publication of poems and other writings; notebooks and journals; publicity materials; some biographical materials, including interviews and articles on Kaufman, some personal files, photos and some recordings,...

Kaufmann (Gordon B.) drawings

The Gordon B. Kaufmann drawings span 9 linear feet and date from 1933 to 1940. The collection is composed of architectural drawings which document three different projects: the Hollywood Palladium Ballroom and Shops (Los Angeles, Calif.), the Weaver Jackson Shop...

Kaujewa (Jackson) sound recording

South West African Peoples Organisation freedom songs sung by the SWAPO Singers, arranged by J. Kaujewa, and released by the SWAPO Department of Information and Publicity in London in cooperation with Action Namibia, Holland.

Kauke (Ruth Richardson) correspondence

Relates to social conditions and civil war in the Changsha region.

Kaul (Byran) collection

This collection contains limited edition statues and posters that depict animation characters from popular culture sources such as comic books and movies.

Kaul'bars (Aleksandr Vasil'evich) typescript

Relates to Russian aerial operations during World War I.

Kaumheimer family papers

The collection comprises papers from the families of two German Jewish brothers, Julius and Ludwig Kaumheimer, during the period 1935-1940. Papers include certificates of citizenship, certificates documenting their service in the Germany Army and their awards of the Iron Cross,...

Kautsky (Benedikt) biography

Relates to August Bebel, German socialist leader. Photocopy.

Kautsky (Karl) typescript

Relates to the history and future prospects of socialism in Russia. Includes a postcard photograph of K. J. Kautsky. Photocopy.

Kavanaugh-Hecker (Frances) Clippings, Scrapbook, and Photographs

Frances Kavanaugh-Hecker (1915-2009) was known as the "Cowgirl of the typewriter" and was one of the few women scriptwriters for western film and television. This collection consists of ephemera, newspaper clippings, publications, publicity packets, and a scrapbook. Material in this...

Kavka (Gregory) papers

This collection contains the papers of Gregory Kavka, Professor of Philosophy at the University of California, Irvine. Included are correspondence, teaching materials, and manuscripts of his works.

KAW issuances

Two folios of facsimiles of posters, proclamations, letters, leaflets, and other documents, commemorating respectively the life of Feliks Dzerzhinskii, head of the Soviet secret police, and the thirty-fifth anniversary of the Polish citizens' militia and security service.

Kawamoto, Casey Collection

The Casey Kawamoto Collection spans the years 1945-2001 and includes files documenting his life and work. Includes drawings, photographs, correspondence, portfolios, and administrative files.

Kawamoto (Tazu) Photo Album Collection

This collection contains one album of mostly photographs compiled by Tazu Kawamoto that document various people, events, and activities throughout 1939-1943. Materials in this collection include: photographs, flyers, invitations, and business cards relating to Tazu Kawamoto's personal life, with a...

Kawano (Shigeichi) Papers

Shigeichi Kawano was interned at Heart Mountain Relocation Center in Wyoming during World War II. The collection consists primarily of documents related to the Center.

Kaweah Colony and views of the Kaweah River valley, California [graphic]

Photographs show various homes and settlements: the Haskell homestead, Halstead's ranch, the Colony townsite, Camp Advance (many views), a trapper's residence, camp of A.E. Redstone (a forest ranger in the giant [sequoia] forest), Haskell's cabin near camp #1, and others....

Kaweah Colony group leisure scenes [graphic].

Includes scenes of groups likely to be members of the Kaweah Colony in Tulare County, Calif., posing in various outdoor leisure situations. Scenes include a group portrait in front of a house; a group posing with mules, horses and buggies;...

Kaweah Colony material.

Pt. I: Transcripts of originals in the Sequoia National Park Library. Include letter and autobiographical sketch by C.F. Keller; letters and articles by James J. Martin.

Kaweah Colony views [graphic]

Photographs show activities and settlement of the Kaweah Colony, with some people identified. Views include Camp Advance, people working at an outdoor sawmill, a bridge, and swimmers in the north fork of the Kaweah River.

Kaweah Cooperative Colony Company records, 1885-1892.

Includes incomplete minutes of the San Francisco group's meeting, September 1890; minutes of the Colony, March - August 1891; by-laws; accounts; treasurer's report; time-checks; circulars and form letters; resolutions; agreements and official correspondence. Some items written by Burnette Gregor Haskell...

Kay (Alan), "Mice, Windows, and the Great Comet"

Lecture about computer sciences in the 1960's and trends in computer engineering.

Kay (Jack) Papers

Collection consists of 7 volumes of descriptive catalogs and photograph albums depicting homes decorated by interior designers Harry Gladstone and Jack Kay, his brother-in-law....

Kay (Margaret Hawtof) collection of Stanley G. Weinbaum materials

This collection contains manuscripts, published and unpublished works, poetry, and short stories written by the science fiction author Stanley G. Weinbaum before his death in 1935.

Kay Willis oral history, circa 1998

DER interview of Kay Willis, with Cynthie Hoie, at the Willis residence, SB. Mostly about Japanese American parents and WWII internment. Interviewer: DER Interviewee(s): Kay Willis and Cynthia Hoie Transcript: Tape 3 (revised); also 91 pp. transcript (partially revised). Would...

Kayashima (Shizuko) Photograph Album

Photograph album memorializing the school-age life of Shizoku Kayashima, a young Japanese-American woman living in California in the 1930s.

Kayden (Eugene Mark) typescript

This collection contains a typescript of a memorandum on the political changes in Russia since the revolution....

Kaye (Lisa) papers

Meeting minutes, administrative records, training workshop materials, political campaign records, publicity material and other papers, 1975-1996, from lesbian activist and community organizer Lisa Kaye from Orange County, California. Materials in the collection document Kaye's political and activist career with the...

Kayser (Josef) papers

Correspondence, a diary, and sermons relating to German prisoners of war in the Soviet Union and to the Working Council on Religious Questions of the Nationalkomitee Freies Deutschland (National Committee for a Free Germany), an organization of anti-Nazi German Christians...

Kayser, (Paul) Collection

Paul Kayser was a U.S. Marine who led a two-day rescue mission in China during World War II to recover kidnapped Marines. The collection includes the map used by Kayser during this mission, along with two photographs of Kayser, and...

Kazakh newspaper collection

The newspapers in this collection were originally collected by the Hoover Institution Library and transferred to the Archives in 2019. The Kazakh newspaper collection (1945-1991) comprises two unique titles of publication. Each title within this collection have been further analyzed...

Kazakh subject collection

Pamphlets, leaflets, serial issues, election campaign literature, circulated documents, and other printed matter, relating to political, social and economic conditions, and elections, in Kazakhstan, primarily in the post-Soviet period. Photocopy.

[Kazayra Miranda González political prints].

Prints pertaining to the artist's personal experiences as an undocumented immigrant and to current political topics including immigration, citizenship and deportation. Includes a portrait of New York City transgender and immigrant rights activist Lorena Borjas, and a self-portrait of the...

KC PZPR records

Photocopies of minutes, correspondence, reports, and memoranda, relating to political conditions in Poland, and to Polish foreign and domestic policy.

KCET-TV Collection of "California Connected" production files

The collection contains files created during the production of the television program “Calfornia Connected," a weekly news and public affairs magazine that reported on civic issues throughout the state of California. Contents in the production files include memos, contracts, calendars,...

KCET-TV Collection of "California Connected" video recordings

The collection contains 144 master recordings on video and 98 duplicates on DVD of the television program "Calfornia Connected," a weekly news and public affairs magazine that reported on civic issues throughout the state of California. The aim of the...

KCET-TV Collection of "Life and Times" production files

Collection CSLA-38 contains documents created during the production of "Life and Times," a half-hour public affairs series produced by and broadcast on KCET-TV from 1992 to 2007. The collection is comprised of 128 boxes, which contain administrative notes, script revisions,...

KCET-TV Collection of "Life and Times" video recordings

This collection contains master recordings of "Life and Times," a half-hour public affairs series produced by and broadcast on KCET-TV from 1992 to 2007. From its start, the show aired Monday through Friday. Over the course of its 16-year run,...

KCRA-TV film collection (Part 1 of 3)

The KCRA-TV Film Collection documents the work of Sacramento's NBC television affiliate from 1957 to 1982. The bulk of the collection contains day-to-day news stories, politics, crime, local events, sports, and human interest stories occurring in northern California and the...

KCRA-TV film collection (Part 2 of 3)

The KCRA-TV Film Collection documents the work of Sacramento's NBC television affiliate from 1957 to 1982. The bulk of the collection contains day-to-day news stories, politics, crime, local events, sports, and human interest stories occurring in northern California and the...

KCRA-TV film collection (Part 3 of 3)

The KCRA-TV Film Collection documents the work of Sacramento's NBC television affiliate from 1957 to 1982. The bulk of the collection contains day-to-day news stories, politics, crime, local events, sports, and human interest stories occurring in northern California and the...

KCSB Audiotape Collection

The collection contains 102 open reel tapes produced by radio station KCSB, with live coverage of events, other broadcasts, calls, and interviews.

KCSB-FM collection

Collection contains reels and cassette tapes on a variety of topics discussed on KCSB-FM radio station from 1964 until 2004.

Keane (James) Collection of Fritz Burns Biographical Materials

The collection contains the materials that James Keane used to write his biography of Fritz Burns: notes, the manuscript of Keane's book, photocopies of primary source materials, business brochures, and copies of business and personal correspondence of Fritz Burns. There...

Kearney Agricultural Research & Extension Center (KARE) Tea Trials Records

Digital copies of correspondence, field notes, forms, proposals, reports, and field data related to tea trials conducted by UC Agricultural Extension and Lipton Tea Co. at the Kearney Agricultural Research and Extension Center (KARE) in the 1960s and 1970s.

Kearney (Gene) papers

Gene Kearney was a writer, director, producer, and actor in various television programs and motion pictures. Collection consists of scripts, production information and clippings related to his career.

Kearney, Louis E. (Second World War correspondence)

This collection contains letters, photographs and and photocopied correspondence from LtCol. Louis E. Kearney, USAAF during the Second World War.

Kearney (M. Theodore) Papers

Correspondence and papers mainly pertaining to his property in Fresno Co., Calif., and to cooperative raisin production; pocket diary-account books, 1865-1903; social correspondence from his travels; newspaper clippings, pamphlets and pictures.

Kearney (M. Theodore) Papers

The M. Theo. Kearney papers span 1887-1907, 1966 and contain correspondence, documents, pamphlets, certificates, maps, blueprints, newsclippings, ledgers, and photographs that relate primarily to Kearney's Fruit Vale Estate, the California Raisin Growers Association, and California Raisin and Fruit Packing Company....

Kearney Ranch Records

The records include account books for the Fruit Vale Improvement Company; records of the Easterby Rancho; records of the Kearney Vineyard Syndicate; labor and crop reports; financial statements; inventories; general accounts; and records relating to the Federal Trade Commission and...

Kearney Vineyard Company papers, 1903-1948 (bulk 1940-1948).

Includes canceled gold bonds and coupons formerly in the custody of the Regents of the University of California; and vouchers, canceled checks, reports, etc., up to circa 1946.

Kearns (Henry) papers

Correspondence, memoranda, reports, studies, office files, and printed matter, relating to international trade and finance policy, and operations of the Export-Import Bank during the Presidency of Richard M. Nixon.

Kearns (Kenneth) video tape

Depicts the celebration of the end of World War II in Honolulu on V-J Day and a subsequent official parade.

Kearns (Michael) papers

Clippings, flyers, manuscripts, photographs, programs, posters, scripts, and VHS videotapes of the works, theatrical performances, and appearances of Michael Kearns; a parent, playwright, producer, director, actor, author, and activist, who is openly gay and HIV-positive.

Kearny Street Workshop Archives

The nonprofit agency Kearny Street Workshop (KSW) is the oldest multidisciplinary Asian American arts organization in the United States. Established in 1972 as a collective of artists in San Francisco's Chinatown/ Manila town neighborhood, KSW is now a nonprofit agency...

Keast (Phillip) Collection

Manuals, reports, specifications, and other documents relating to electrical machinery and plant operations.

Keaton (Buster) papers

The Buster Keaton papers span the years 1900-1999 (bulk 1924-1966) and encompass 2.4 linear foot. The collection consists of an assortment of material relating to Keaton, including scripts, music, autograph books, a vaudeville scrapbook, clippings, date books, and photographs. The...

Keats (Mark) Photograph Collection

The Mark Keats Photograph Collection consist of one and one-third cubic feet. Mark Keats, an amateur photographer and a long-time progressive took pictures of demonstrations, cultural, and social events in which progressives participated. The collection dates from the late 1940s...

Keats (Steven) Scripts

Steven Keats was actor for film, television, and theater. The collections comprises scripts related to Keats's career.

Keck School of Medicine Trials and Transformations oral histories

This collection includes interview transcripts for the Trials and Transformations book project on the history of the Keck School of Medicine.

Keddie (Arthur Walter) Family Papers

This collection contains material collected by surveyor Arthur W. Keddie and his family relating to his discovery of an alternative transcontinental railroad route through Feather River Canyon as well as his contribution to the development of Plumas County.

Keddie (Nikki R.) papers

Nikki Keddie is Professor Emeritus in the Department of History. Keddie taught Middle Eastern and Iranian history at UCLA. Her research focused on Iran, Islam, Middle Eastern women, and comparative world history. This collection, spanning 1947 to 2003, consists of...

Keehn (Joseph) Collection

Photograph of group of men sitting on South Hall porch.

Keeler (Charles A.) Papers

Correspondence, writings, diaries, notes, and clippings concerning Keeler's literary works and his life in Berkeley. Correspondents include: William Frederic Bade, Mary Bird Clayes, Ina Donna Coolbrith, Mary Coolidge, Herbert Hoover, Bernard Maybeck, C. Hart Merriam, John Muir, and August Vollmer.

Keeler (Charles Augustus) Papers

A collection of personal, business, and literary papers belonging to American poet and ornithologist Charles Augustus Keeler.

Keeler (Charles) Document

File contains 1 typed letter from Charles Keeler to the Scholarship Committee at Univeristy of California, Berkeley, in regards to a Francis Wilkes. This is a letter of reccomendation for Francis to receive a scholarship in order to continue her...

Keeler, Charles Photographs from the Charles Augustus Keeler papers [graphic]

Locations pictured include: Alaska, Australia (New South Wales), New Zealand, Mexico, Canadian Rocky Mountains and plains, Philippines, San Francisco, and southern California. Alaskan views include totem poles, Innuits, scenery, and some Harriman Expedition photographs. Photographs from Mexico are touristic views...

Keeler, Eloise. Papers and family materials.

Mainly Eloise Keeler writings and personal materials.

Keeler family pictorial collection [graphic].

1959.074: Portraits and other photos relating to Keeler family and friends, including the Bunnell family of San Francisco -- 1959.075: Album of mission views with missionaries, nuns, and native children; location unknown (ca. 1905?) -- 1959.076: Alaska scenes sketched by...

Keeler (James E.) Papers

Contains correspondence, family photographs, school papers, drawings, diary and notebooks, academic papers, articles & lectures. Also contains William F. Keeler's Mayport diaries, from 1878-1886.

(Keeler) Leonarde Papers

Leonarde Keeler was a pioneer in the burgeoning field of criminology in the 1920s and 1930s. The Leonarde Keeler papers contain professional correspondence, research and publications, notes, and newsclippings that relate to the polygraph, personal research, and the academic field...

Keeler, Walter (Second World War correspondence)

This collection contains over 360 correspondence between T/Sgt. Walter Keeler, USAAF, and his wife, Florence, during the Second World War. Also included are several greeting cards from Walter to Florence.

Keeley (Joseph C.) miscellaneous papers

Correspondence, 1967-1968, with Mario Lazo relating to Keeley's assistance in the composition of Lazo's book Dagger in the Heart: American Policy Failures in Cuba (New York, 1968); and letters, memoranda, and circulated material, prepared by Alfred Kohlberg, 1944, relating to...

Keeling (Charles David) Papers

Papers of Charles David Keeling (1928-2005), an environmental chemist, founder of the Scripps CO₂ Program, and professor emeritus at UC San Diego. Dr. Keeling was considered the world's leading authority on atmospheric greenhouse gases and climate science. The collection includes...

Keeling (Richard) Collection 1979.02

This collection consists of sound recordings.

Keen (Harold) Papers

The collection includes documentation on local arts and artists, city planning, commerce and manufacturing, crime and criminals, higher education, entertainment, local government and politics, state government and politics, journalists and journalism, law and legal profession, newspapers, police, radio and television,...

Keen (Myra A.) Papers

Papers consist of correspondence with colleagues and former students, 1936-65; correspondence with her publisher Stanford University Press, 1937-80; and papers (correspondence, memos, reports, minutes, and financial records) relating to the Department of Earth Sciences and fossil and shell collections, 1937-1981....

Keene (Barry) Papers

Barry Keene, Democrat served in the California State Assembly 1972-1978 and California State Senate, 1978-1992. The Barry Keene papers contain eighty-five feet of records representing many of Keene's concerns and goals for his districts and California as a whole during...

Keene (Florence R.) Papers

A collection of personal and literary papers related to Florence R. Keene, California poet and magazine editor.

Keene, Herman Collection

The collection contains the materials of Herman Keene, namely his notebooks, photographs of family and hunting trips and a CD of Herman Keene movies

Keenen, David U. (Second World War correspondence)

This collection contains one correspondence from Staff Sergeant David U. Keenen, USA to his wife Phyllis during the Second World War.

Keeny (Spurgeon Milton) newsletters

Relates to activities of the United Nations International Children's Emergency Fund in promoting child health and welfare in Asia, and to activities of the Population Council in promoting birth control in East Asia.

Keep Christ in Christmas (KCIC) Records

The Keep Christ in Christmas (KCIC) Records contain two scrapbooks of KCIC programming and news coverage from 1970 to 2002. Beginning with a small display in 1963, since 1964 KCIC organizers have committed to sharing a Christmas crèche at the...

Keep (Josiah) Papers

Josiah Keep (1849-1911) was a professor of Natural Sciences at Mills College. Previous to his time at Mills, he also taught at Golden Gate Academy and was a principal at Alameda High school. His published work focuses primarily on West...

Keep (Rosalind) Papers

Rosalind Keep was a Mills College alumna (class of 1903), and professor of English and Printing. She was also the Director of Publications and founded Eucalyptus Press in 1932.

Keesing (Roger M.) Papers

Papers of cultural and linguistic anthropologist Roger M. Keesing, who studied the culture, history and language of the Kwaio people of Malaita in the Solomon Islands. The Keesing Papers contain research material generated from his fieldwork with the Kwaio and,...

Keesling (Francis V.) Papers, 1906-1957

The Keesling Papers consist of correspondence, diaries, notebooks, drafts of speeches and articles, reports, minutes of meetings, newspaper and magazine clippings, maps and blueprints, circular and form letters, political flyers, etc., pamphlets, annotated government documents, promotional brochures, miscellaneous printed material,...

Keesling (Francis V.) Papers, 1908-1972

Correspondence, scrapbooks, legal papers, and miscellaneous material relating to the selective service, the construction of the San Francisco International Airport, and various government committees and projects....

Kefauver (Grayson Neikirk) papers

Correspondence, reports, memoranda, speeches and writings, minutes, and printed matter, relating to international educational reconstruction after World War II, and the organization of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization.

Kegley (Hugh Paul) Papers

These papers primarily pertain to his student years at Stanford and include student handbooks, 1913-16, with notes re daily activities; account book for Jan. 1915 - May 1917; and dance programs and name tags, 1914-17. Other items include a letter...

Kegley (Hugh Paul) Photograph Album

This album contains photographs, postcards, clippings, and programs largely pertaining to his student days at Stanford. Subjects include campus views including some prior to the 1906 earthquake, interior and exterior views of Memorial Church (also pre-1906), fraternity houses, student amusements...

Keighley (William) material

The William Keighley material spans the years 1940-1981 (bulk 1940-1967) and encompasses approximately 1.7 linear feet. The collection consists of three scripts for three films released in 1940: THE FIGHTING 69TH, FOUR MOTHERS, NO TIME FOR COMEDY, along with correspondence,...

Keil (Robert H.) letters

Relates to United States Army and Texas Ranger operations against bandits on the Texas-Mexican border, 1916-1918. Photocopy.

Keiser (Glen) Comic Books, Fantasy Drawings, and Realia Collection

Collection consists of comic books, fantasy drawings, and realia. Includes material from D.C. Comics, Marvel Comics, and other independent publishers. Among the various titles are , , , and ....

Keitel (John Fitzgerald) film collection

Film prints (16mm and 35mm) and publicity material, 1991-1999, from Los Angeles filmmaker John Fitzgerald Keitel. The collection includes prints and trailers for the student film ; the documentary short (circa 1991); and the feature film (1997), about "a macho...

Keith (Agnes Newton) papers

The Agnes Newton Keith Papers (1913-1985, bulk 1939-1975) include drafts, diaries, correspondence, speech notes, research materials, and clippings, mostly related to Keith's literary work.

Keith (Alexander Perkins) Personal Papers

This collection contains papers relating to A.P. Keith. The papers include documents about a patent Keith received in 1870 for a flying machine.

[Keith Dannemiller photographs of Guatemalan Mayan refugees in Chiapas].

Portraits, views and scenes documenting various aspects of daily life among Mayan refugees from Guatemala taken in the La Cieneguita refugee camp (later named Nueva Libertad) in Chiapas, Mexico. Also includes an oversize color photographic print of a section of...

Keith (Gerald) and Cary Hayward miscellany

Letters, written by G. Keith and Cary Hayward, American sailors, to family members, relating to American naval operations during World War I; and aerial photographs of the San Mihiel and Meuse-Argonne regions, 1918.

Keith (Joseph Joel) Papers

Joseph Joel Keith was an American poet of the mid-twentieth century. His Papers contain his notebooks, poems, prose, and lyrics, as well as several photographs.

Keith Kellum papers, [ca. 1960-1989].

Consist of correspondence and subject files which illuminate Kellum's activities as an attorney and a disability rights activist.

Keith Lampe column, circa 1969-1970

Earth Read-out" column, mimeograph format, by Yippie activist Lampe. Berkeley, CA , 1969-1970. Alpha list.

Keith (Todd), "Standardized Testing, Affirmative Action, and Stanford Admissions Policies Before 1970"

Report, commissioned by University President Gerhard Casper, on admissions policies at Stanford....

Keith Walker papers, 1955-1998.

Collection consists primarily of research materials gathered and created by Keith Walker for his book on the Stephanie Bryan murder case. These include court transcripts and other records from the 1956 California Supreme Court Appeal of Burton Abbott's 1955 conviction...

Keith-McHenry-Pond collection of C.E. Watkins photographs.

Views, including some circular views and stereo views, of the Yosemite Valley, Donner Summit, California Missions, and other California scenes. At least one image by C.R. Savage is present, entitled "Old Mill, American Fork [Canyon?], Utah". Some views bearing Watkins'...

Keith-McHenry-Pond Family papers

Include papers of William Keith relating to his career as an artist; papers of his wife, Mary McHenry Keith, reflecting her participation in the woman suffrage movement and humanitarian activities; papers of her parents, Ellen and John McHenry; papers of...

Keith-McHenry-Pond family pictorial collection [graphic].

Includes drawings and photographs relating to the Keith, McHenry and Pond families, including material pertaining to artist William Keith, his daughter Emma Pond, and to Admiral C.F. Pond. Snapshots, studio portraits, and many landscape photographs are present. Views include sites...

Keizer (Joel) Papers

Journal articles, research notes, correspondence, book manuscripts, and other materials relating to the mathematical modeling of biological processes.

Kelco Aerial Photograph Collection

The collection consists of black and white, color, and infrared aerial photography of kelp beds and coastline from Baja California to Point Conception.

Kellam (Frederick) Papers

Frederick Kellam served as secretary for the Royal Insurance Company during the 1906 San Francisco Earthquake. He rose through their ranks until he retired in 1929 as General Manager of North American operations. The Royal Insurance Company played a critical...

Kelland (Clarence Budington) letters

Letters from Herbert Hoover, General Albert C. Wedemeyer, and Roy W. Howard, relating to personal matters and American politics. Includes two photographs of Herbert Hoover and Senator Mark Hatfield.

Keller (Clara Druzilla) Photograph Album

Images of student life at Stanford University, including dormitory rooms, commencement scenes, and costume affairs. Also includes a short biography of Keller, ca. 1952.

Keller (Frank P.) papers

The Frank P. Keller papers span the years 1935-1977 and encompass 4.3 linear feet. The collection contains production material, including scripts, clippings, correspondence, and post-production files, for around 20 films. There is similar material for a dozen television programs or...

Keller (Harald) Papers

German art historian and teacher (1903-1989). Lecture notes, correspondence, and manuscripts compiled during Keller's 35-year academic career cover major periods and works in the history of art and architecture. Papers include research notes and annotated copies of several Keller publications,...

Keller (Helen) Letter and Printed Braille Card

One typewritten letter signed (TLS), Apr. 23, 1925, from Helen Keller to Mayer Porter of La Mesa California, regarding a recent San Diego talk of hers and what it is like to be blind. Also, a printed card with a...

Keller (Henry W.) Papers

Henry Workman Keller (1869-1958) was a land developer in Southern California. He was a part owner of the South Coast Land Company, president of Bolsa Chica Land Company, vice-president and general manager of the Riverside-Portland Cement Company, manager of the...

Keller (Henry Workman) Papers

The collection consists of the personal and business papers of Los Angeles businessman Henry Workman Keller (1869-1958) and is comprised of approximately 7985 pieces. Many of the papers are bound together in files so that one item may contain up...

Keller (Irwin E.) Papers

This collection contains materials related to the legal career and political activism of Irwin E. Keller (b. 1960), an attorney, former executive director of the AIDS Legal Referral Panel of the Bay Area and member of the Kinsey Sicks. The...

Keller (Joseph B.) Papers

These papers consist primarily of correspondence files maintained by Keller from 1949-2007. Also included are article reviews and refereeing reports, honorary degrees and other awards, and course evaluations, as well as figures and problems.

Keller Latin American Diary

A manuscript pocket diary of U.S. citizen [?] Keller, traveling by steamship, with numerous stops at ports from Valparaiso, Chile, to Panama and Colon, recording impressions of shipboard life, fellow passengers, sights and customs observed along the way, sometimes interspersed...

Keller, Margaret, Oral History

Keller discussed her life story

Keller (Matthew) Papers and Addenda

This collection contains papers related to the life and business interests of Los Angeles pioneer businessman and ranch owner Matthew Keller (1810-1881). Subject matter in the collection includes Los Angeles from 1851-1880, particularly reflected in deeds and land papers for...

Keller (Sheldon) Collection

The Sheldon Keller Collection, 1939, 1960-2004 consists of scripts from television, variety specials, and films, as well as correspondence and other materials related to Sheldon Keller's writing career. Several scripts feature sketches, jokes and speeches that Keller wrote for entertainers...

Keller (Vicki) Papers, White House Central Files, 1971-1972

Vicki Keller had several titles while serving at the White House. She served as a Staff Assistant to the President, Associate of the Domestic Council, and Staff Director of the Cabinet Committee on National Growth Policy. This file group documents...

Keller (Woodrow Wilson) Timebooks

Timebooks (24) for Union Pacific brakeman Woodrow Wilson Keller, covering the period 1946-1982.

Keller-Frick (Ines) papers

Memoirs, reports, clippings, journal articles, photographs, and printed matter relating to United Nations and Swiss relief work in Poland after World War II; the World War II Serbian resistance leader Draža Mihailovic and his trial and execution in Yugoslavia in...

Kelley, A. John F. (Interwar and Second World War personal accounts, photographs and documents)

This collection contains articles, photographs and documents from the service of CCM A. John F. Kelley, USN during the Interwar and Second World War periods, from 1928 to 1945. Included are personal accounts of travelling the Pacific in peace time...

Kelley, Bob Video Collection

Collection contains 60 video cassettes in various formats. Videos cover events throughout the Sacramento area from 2000 through 2010 as captured by videographer Bob Kelley.

Kelley (Chas. H.) Letter

1 handwritten letter from Chas. H. Kelley to his father, regarding his voyage to San Francisco, by way of sea. Written October 4th, 1849. A bit difficult to read.

Kelley (David) Papers

David Kelley, a Republican, served California as a State Assembly Member from 1979 through 1992, as a State Senator from 1993 through 2000, and again as a State Assembly Member from 2000 through 2001. The David Kelley Papers consist of...

Kelley (DeForest) papers

The DeForest Kelley papers span the years 1929-1999 and encompass 12.7 linear feet. The collection contains scripts and production material for six Star Trek films, television scripts for STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION, clippings, convention programs, correspondence, fanzines, financial and...

Kelley (Douglas McGlashan) Papers

This collection consists of correspondence, television scripts and publications related to the criminological and pedagogical work of psychiatrist Douglas McGlashan Kelley.

Kelley (George F.) Correspondence

Collection contains a report by a physician appointed by the state of Massachusetts to examine convicts. He recommends removal of a violent, delusional prisoner convicted of drunkenness to one of the state hospitals....

Kelley, George H. Papers

The George H. Kelley Papers spans the years 1939-c.1990 and documents Kelley’s life and career. The collection is divided into two series: Personal Papers and Professional Papers, and consists of photographs, clippings, film reels and Kelley’s personal scrapbook.

Kelley (Gerard William) papers

Correspondence, diary, orders, memoranda, and photographs relating to American military operations on Saipan, the Marianas, Makin Atoll, and elsewhere in the Pacific Theater during World War II.

Kelley (Gorman F.) Papers

Gorman F. Kelley worked for the War Relocation Authority during World War II. This collection is largely comprised of letters written from Kelley during his four month employment at Tule Lake to his family in Los Angeles.

Kelley (H. Roy) papers

The H. Roy Kelley papers span 6.5 linear feet and date from circa 1912 to circa 1957. The collection consists of annotated drafts of Kelley’s memoir entitled , correspondence, interior and exterior black-and-white photographs and negatives of Kelley’s residential and...

Kelley (Harold H.) papers

Two boxes of autobiographical and biographical files; education (BA 1942 and MA in Psychology 1943 at UC Berkeley; PhD under Kurt Lewin at MIT, 1948); academic appointments; publications and presentations; and awards and honors (including election to the National Academy...

Kelley, James A. (Second World War correspondence)

This collection contains two letters from T/Sgt James A. Kelley, USA during the Second World War. Also included are copies of the letters and photocopies of service documents relating to T/Sgt. Kelley.

Kelley (James Leo) Personal Collection

James Leo Kelley worked for Consolidated Aircraft Corporation from 1934 until 1970. This collection contains his personal desk diaries from that time period. Entries include personal and work-related daily incidents.

Kelley (John R.) Los Angeles Board of Education collection

Collection consists of newspaper clippings and printed materials relating to the activities of the Los Angeles Board of Education. Topics include American Legion, election campaigns, Municipal League of Los Angeles, Pro America Association, purchasing, and teacher groups. Collection also contains...

Kelley (Michael) Papers

Collection consists of photographs from San Francisco photographer Michael Kelley and includes the pages of a scrapbook filled with snapshots of the interior and exterior of the former Haight Street bar, the Pall Mall Grill, as well as shots of...

Kelley (Robert L.) Papers

Primarily correspondence, research files, and writings of Robert Lloyd Kelley, UCSB professor of history, director of the UCSB Public History program, and scholar in the field of public policy, particularly California water history.

Kelley (Robert Lloyd) papers

The collection consists of historical reports, pre-trial memoranda, testimony and trial transcripts regarding floods in Sacramento Valley.

Kelley (William J.) papers

Report, memorandum, and transcripts of letters, relating to American Relief Administration operations in Russia, and to political conditions in Poland and Polish foreign policy.

Kelliher (M. S.) Collection

The collection contains approximately 550 color slides taken by UCSB faculty member M. S. Kelliher in E. Pakistan, 1956-1957, while he was developing a teaching program for students there. The slides are organized by the following categories: occupations-workers (e.g. crushing...

Kellner (Josef) papers

Diaries, reports, orders, and certificates, relating primarily to Austro-Hungarian military operations on the Russian front during World War I.

Kellner (Robert) papers

Documents related to the career of Robert Kellner, including manuscripts, correspondence and research project files....

Kellock (Harold) letter

Relates to American relations with the revolutionary governments of Finland and Russia.

Kellogg (Charlotte H.) papers

The Charlotte Kellogg papers include speeches and writings, correspondence, printed matter, and scrapbooks relating to relief work in Belgium during World War I and in Poland during and after World War II, and to Queen Jadwiga of Poland.

Kellogg Family Papers

The collection contains photographic negatives and prints, correspondence, and other materials related to cereal innovator W.K. (Will Keith) Kellogg, his family, and the Kellogg Company.

Kellogg family snapshots [graphic]

California views captioned: Mr. John Muir at Paso Robles; Grace Clark, Aunt Nackie, etc [on horseback]; Grace et al [on horseback]; Desert; Family at Lake View; "Lake View" Hotel [location unknown - desert region?]; On way to Camp Sierra, July...

Kellogg (Louise) field notes

The Louise Kellogg Papers collection includes field notes, correspondence, and 35 mm slides. Kellogg was an early participant in the MVZ and the longtime companion of the museum’s founder Annie Alexander. Her vertebrate collecting trips took place between 1908 and...

Kellogg (Marjorie) papers

Papers of Marjorie Kellogg (1922-2005), American novelist and screenplay writer born in Santa Barbara, California. In addition to correspondence, original manuscripts, photographs, press clippings and artifacts relating to Kellogg's writing career, the collection includes historical photographs of Santa Barbara and...

Kellogg, Martin Correspondence and papers regarding Martin Kellogg, 1939 May 21- 24 & n.d.

Includes a biographical sketch on Kellogg; a letter from Anita K. Paterson, dated May 24, 1939, to Herbert I. Priestley regarding Kellogg genealogy; a letter from Anita's brother, Herbert Kellogg regarding Kellogg genealogy.

Kellogg (R. H.) collection

Letter from G. W. Giddings of the Commission for Relief in Belgium, 1915, enclosing a Christmas greeting from the children of Antwerp to the children of the United States, 1914.

Kellogg (Ralph H.) Papers

Ralph Henderson Kellogg was a professor of physiology at UCSF for many years. The papers of Dr. Kellogg primarily relate to his education, teaching, and research. Subjects include UCSF Department of Physiology, White Mountain research, people in the scientific community,...

Kellogg (Sheldon I.) Jr. shooting contest scrapbook

Scrapbook compiled by a champion pistol shot, documenting shooting matches in Northern California

Kellogg (Vernon L.) papers

Writings, printed matter, photographs, drawings, and certificates relating to relief work in Belgium during World War I, the relief activities of Herbert Hoover, and the world food problem.

Kelly (Charles) Photograph Collection

The Charles Kelly Photograph Collection is comprised of a photograph album of Kumeyaay and Pala subjects from various reservations in San Diego County. The majority of the photographs are from the Inaja-Cosmit Reservation, but other locations include: Campo Reservation, Pala...

Kelly, Edward T., Jr. (Second World War correspondence)

This collection contains correspondence from Edward T. Kelly to his family during the Second World War.

Kelly (Ellsworth) prints from Stéphane Mallarmé Un Coup de Dés series

The collection consists of four (4) framed plexi-glazed prints.

Kelly (Frances Maria) Papers

This collection contains the papers of Frances Maria Kelly (1790-1882), a popular actress on the 19th century British stage, and includes 176 manuscript and correspondence items and 45 items of ephemera.

Kelly (Frank K.) Papers

The collection contains papers of Frank K. Kelly, speechwriter for Harry Truman and longtime executive with the Santa Barbara-based Center for the Study of Democratic Institutions (CSDI) and the Nuclear Age Peace Foundation (NAPF).

Kelly (James J.) papers

Papers created and collected by Dr. James J. Kelly relating to MSW program development in California and the National Association of Social Workers. Kelly taught gerontology, social work, and student orientation at California State University at Long Beach for 17...

Kelly (Kathleen Lesley Margaret) Papers

Collection relates to Sonoma writer Kathleen Lesley Margaret Kelly. Kelly wrote children's stories and fiction; her column "Meadowland" was published in the "Kenwood Express." The collection consists of an obituary, the program for Kelly's memorial service, a program from "The...

Kelly (Laura A.) Travel Diary

Laura Kelly's travel diary includes entries made during a trip from San Francisco, overland to New York, and across the Atlantic to Europe from April 22, 1905 to August 12, 1905, as well as a motor trip to several Southern...

Kelly (Lorelei) collection

Pamphlets, leaflets, bulletins, newsletters, serial issues, reports, and press releases, relating to peace, disarmament, and anti-nuclear movements in the United States, Germany, and elsewhere in Europe.

Kelly (Paul) Los Angeles Typographical Union, Local 174 Collection

Paul Kelly was president of the Los Angeles Typographical Union, Local 174, during which time Local 174 was a member of the Joint Strike-Lockout Council. The Strike took place in Los Angeles, California from 1967-1977 and was one of the...

Kelly (Robert) Papers

Draft copy of Kelly's poem The daughters of Jerusalem (1965) with changes in the author's hand.

Kelly (Samuel Taylor) papers

Samuel Taylor Kelly (1934-2019) was an electronic engineer who spent most of his career in the Oceanic Division of Interstate Electronics, involved in deep-sea operations and recovery. This collection relates primarily to Kelly's involvement in technology transfer and various joint...

Kelly-Holiday collection of negatives and photographs, 1954-1971

The Kelly-Holiday aerial photography portion of the collection consists of 3,753 4” x 5” film negatives and six Hollinger boxes of 1,076 photographs by Kelly-Holiday Photography. There is also a small amount of ephemeral material related to the collection, such...

Kelps. Ephemera and memorabilia.

Record Series 672 contains ephemera and memorabilia generated by the UCLA Kelps.

Kelsey, Bill. Photographs of Sierra Nevada scenery [graphic] /

Sierra Nevada locations: Mt. Morrison, Convict Lake, Hot Creek, Jackson Lake, Wheeler Ridge, and South Lake.

Kelsey family papers, 1933-1978.

Predominately correspondence among family members, and various information concerning finance, land tenure, and autobiography of George P. Kelsey, Jr. and genealogy.

Kelsey (Jeannette G. W.) Family Papers

Papers of Jeannette Garr Washburn Kelsey and her extended family; the papers include Jeannette G. W. Kelsey's memoir; family, social, and business correspondence; volumes, and photographs.

Kelsey (Richmond) woodblock prints

Six woodblock prints by Richmond Kelsey with nautical and other themes.

Kelsey St. Press records

The Kelsey St. Press records including correspondence, manuscripts, corrected proofs, reviews, minutes, agendas, flyers, photographs, catalogues, artwork, financial information and audio-visual materials.

Kelton (Stanley M.) radio collection

Materials generated in the course of operations of the Southern California AM radio stations KFI 640kHz (1938-1950) and KFON 1280kHz (1924-1941) -- later to become KFOX Long Beach (1941-1977) -- amassed by attorney and educator Stanley M. Kelton (1952-2015).

Kelzer, Marie Collection.

A collection of bookbinding material samples and supply catalogs, with some supplementary materials on local bookbinding and printing resources.

Kemble Ephemera Collection

The collection comprises a wide variety of ephemera pertaining to printing practice, culture, and history in the Western Hemisphere. Dating from 1802 to 2013, the collection includes ephemera created by or relating to booksellers, printers, lithographers, stationers, engravers, publishers, type...

Kemble (E.W.) - Collection of illustrated books by E.W. Kemble

E.W. Kemble (1861-1933) contributed illustrations and cartoons to magazines and weekly periodicals. He also illustrated published works by authors such as Mark Twain, and authored books himself. His works include (1896), (1898), and (1900). The collection consists of 11 books...

Kemble (Fanny) Papers

This collection consists of 96 manuscript poems, documents, and correspondence by and related to English actor and author Fanny Kemble (1809-1893). Correspondents include: Angela Georgina Burdett-Coutts, Charles John Kean, John Mitchell Kemble, John Poole, Adelaide Kemble Sartoris, and Charles Mayne...

Kemble (John Haskell) commercial maritime ephemera collection

This collection forms part of the John Haskell Kemble maritime collection compiled by American maritime historian John Haskell Kemble (1912-1990). The collection contains ephemeral materials including ship histories, travel brochures, schedules and passenger lists from over 925 shipping companies.

Kemble (John Haskell) maritime art collection

This collection forms part of the John Haskell Kemble maritime collection compiled by American maritime historian John Haskell Kemble (1912-1990). The collection contains 125 artworks pertaining to and/or depicting maritime vessels, including both commercial and military ships.

Kemble (John Haskell) maritime, travel, and transportation collection

This collection forms part of the John Haskell Kemble maritime collection compiled by American maritime historian John Haskell Kemble (1912-1990). The collection contains prints, ephemera, maps, charts, calendars, objects, and photographs related to maritime and land-based travel, often from Kemble's...

Kemble (John Haskell) Papers

The John Haskell Kemble papers contains research materials and notes, typescripts about maritime history. In addition, there are his students' papers, course work, and documents about the organizations he participated in at Pomona College from 1936 to 1990. Also, there...

Kemble (Milton Frank) Papers

The bulk of this collection consists of the diaries, account books, weather diaries, and notebooks of American Midwestern farmer Milton Frank Kemble (1829-1888). Of particular interest is the diary Kemble wrote while traveling by train from Iowa to California in...

Kemble Type Specimen Collection

The collection consists of type specimens from type founders, type foundries and type designers in the United States, Scotland, England and the Netherlands. Dating from 1923 to 1982 the collection includes type specimens demonstrating various type ornaments and fonts available...

Kemnitz (Hans Arthur von) essays

Relates to the question of German war guilt for World Wars I and II. Written by H. A. von Kemnitz and Friedrich Wilhelm Adolf Günther.

Kemp (Arthur) papers

Correspondence, writings, memoranda, notes, typed copies of documents, and printed matter, relating to Herbert Hoover, American foreign policy and domestic policies during and after the presidential administration of Franklin D. Roosevelt, World War II, international relief and reconstruction, and communism....

Kemp, Bob Personal Papers

Born in San Diego on October 19, 1924, Robert C. “Bob” Kemp was a publications editor and illustrator with General Dynamics in San Diego, as well as a noted artist, specializing in aircraft and sailing ship paintings.

Kemp (Earl) collection on Science Fiction

This collection contains programs, correspondence, and other material regarding Science Fiction conventions and fandom collected by Earl Kemp, a Science Fiction critic and fan who won a Hugo Award in 1961 for his fanzine .

Kemp (Kathryn) Girl Scouts Collection - Stockton (Calif.)

The Kemp Stockton Girl Scouts Collection consists of the Stockton Troop 8 Scrapbook (1937-1956) created by Ms. Kemp and a miscellany of local and national Girl Scout printed matter (1920-1950)....

Kemper (James S.) papers

Speeches, letters, certificates, clippings, and photographs, relating to Republican Party politics, the presidential election of 1944, and relations between the United States and Brazil.

Kempkey (Augustus) papers

The collection consists of economic and engineering reports written by Augustus Kempkey, a consulting civil engineer; design of structures, preparation of detailed plans and specifications, supervision and administration of construction and operation, appraisals as to value for rate fixing, taxation,...

Kempton (Grace A.; and Willett Main) family papers

Correspondence and printed material largely related to World War II from Grace Kempton, who worked for the Army Public Relations Office and later joined the Women's Army Corp, and her husband Willett Kempton, who worked for the Office of War...

Ken Darby Bohemian Club music manuscript collection, 1950-1983 (bulk, 1962-1976)

This collection contains sheet music for programs at the Bohemian Club's Bohemian Grove in Monte Rio, California. Most music composed or arranged by Ken Darby. Collection is a mix of original manuscripts and photocopied scores with annotations. The majority...

Ken Kesey Merry Pranksters collection, (bulk 1964-1969).

The bulk of the collection contains home movie footage taken during The Merry Pranksters cross-country road trip on the day-glo painted school bus nicknamed Further. The footage consists of The Merry Pranksters painting the bus at Kesey's home in La...

Ken Light photographs from To the promised land and With these hands [graphic] /

1: Surrender, 74 year old man from Zamora, Michoacán, 1988 -- 2: Cañón Zapata / Soccer Field, Tijuana / San Ysidro, 1988 -- 3: Grape Picker, Delano, California, 1982 -- 4: Grape Picker, Napa Valley, California, 1984.

Ken Stein papers, circa 1982-2007.

Contains publications, photocopies of published articles, and other materials concerning the disabilty rights movement in the San Francisco Bay Area and Ken Stein's role as an advocate. Also includes similar kinds of materials authored by Ken Stein on unrelated topics.

Ken Yamamoto letter and clippings, 1942

One letter (ALS) to Paula Gillett, along with clippings about the Manzanar Relocation Center and a pamphlet on Sino-Japanese conflict. Manzanar, CA , 1942. Alpha list.

Kenady Legal Papers on Joseph L. Alioto v. Cowles Communications., Inc. Trials

Legal files, likely belonging to Charles Kenady, the lead attorney for the defendant, Cowles Communications, in the libel suit brought by Joseph L. Alioto against the publisher of Look magazine.

Kendall (George Wilkins) Collection

George Wilkens Kendall was born on 1807 August 22 at Mount Vernon, near Amherst, New Hampshire. He was a journalist, Texas sheepman, and war correspondent during the Mexican War (1846-1848). Kendall died in Texas on 1867 October 21. Kendall County,...

Kendall (Paul W.) Papers

The Paul W. Kendall Papers, 1917-1963 (bulk 1939-1950), documents Kendall's military service from World War II to the 1950's. Included in the collection are scrapbooks depicting military personnel, military bases, and non-combat military activities. The Kendall collection includes other military...

Kendall (T. Robert) Papers

The collection consists of T. Robert Kendall's research files on the history of underwater photography and diving, materials documenting his participation in the San Diego Underwater Photographic Society (SDUPS), and vintage diving equipment catalogs.

Kendall (Willmoore) papers

Correspondence with Willmoore Kendall, Sr., and Yvona Kendall Mason, father and sister respectively of Willmoore Kendall, relating to American politics, political theory, and conservatism in the United States. Includes both original correspondence and version edited for publication, with accompanying commentary,...

Kendall-Frost Marsh Preserve Collection

The collection consists of correspondence, reports, photographs, clippings, maps and charts....

Kendrick (Baynard H.) Typescript

Typescript of "Florida's Perpetual Forests."

Kendrick (Charles) papers

Speeches, correspondence, diaries, minutes, reports, memoranda, maps, orders, photographs, and memorabilia, relating to American military activities in France during World War I, Herbert Hoover, national business associations in the United States, and San Francisco civic affairs.

Kendrick (James Blair) Correspondence

James Blair Kendrick (1893-1962) served as Plant Pathologist and Professor of Plant Pathology at the Berkeley and Davis campuses of the University of California from 1927-1960. The collection contains fifty-six letters, the majority of which are written from Kendrick to...

Kenilworth (bark, 4m) and Star of Shetland (bark) logbooks

Kenilworth (bark, 4m) and Star of Shetland (bark) logbooks (SAFR 16457, HDC 174) consists of photocopies of two logbooks. The first logbook is from the 4-masted bark KENILWORTH under Captain William Taylor. The owner was Arthur Sewell. The logkeeper A....

Kenji Sayama letters, 1942-1944

Five typescript letters, signed by Kenji "Ken" Sayama, a young Japanese American man from California who had been forcibly relocated to Arkansas during World War II, to two of his friends from the University of California, Berkeley. Four of the...

Kenjiro Akune Personal Collection

The collection consists of manuscripts, military publications, correspondence, and audio/visual materials of Kenjiro Akune. This collection focuses on the military service of Akune and other Nisei soldiers during World War II. The collection also touches on Akune's post-World War II...

Kennard (Robert A.) papers

Robert A. Kennard (1920-1995) was an African American architect in Los Angeles. He designed over 40 residences and later focused on public works, including Carson City Hall and Community Center and the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) Headquarters. The collection...

Kennedy (Alex D.) Collection

Alex D. Kennedy was born in Shanghai in 1930. He was the fourth son of Colonle Dimitry Vasilivich and Ekaterina Nikitichna Kochneff, and attended both the Public & Thomas Hanbury School and St. Francis Xavier's College in Shanghai. The collection...

Kennedy (Amos Paul Jr.) collection

Art work, posters, broadsides, postcards, fans, and miscellaneous small items produced by Amos Paul Kennedy Jr.

Kennedy (Arthur Garfield) Papers

Personal and professional correspondence, notes, reviews, notebooks, bibliography of writings on the English language, and other papers. Material relates to specific works of Dr. Kennedy on English philology and current use of English, Stanford University during World War II, scholarly...

Kennedy (Bari L.) Papers

Letters, drawings, publishing statistics, audio tapes, books, unpublished manuscripts, and posters advertising special poetry events in the Sacramento area.

Kennedy (Charles R.) papers

Charles Rann Kennedy (1871-1950) wrote short stories, articles and poems, was an actor, a press agent, and a theatrical business manager. He also taught for several years at the dramatic department of Bennett Junior College in Millbrook, New York. The...

Kennedy (David M.) Papers

This collection consists of the professional files of Historian and Stanford Donald J. McLachlan Professor of History, Emeritus David M. Kennedy. ...

Kennedy (Donald) Clipping File

Clippings with some letters, addresses, memoranda, and notes pertaining to the indirect cost controversy at Stanford University and Donald Kennedy's role in it as President of the University.

Kennedy (Donald) Personal Papers

This collection contains his speech files dating from 1975 to 2007; these include Stanford events, commencements at other universities, conferences, government testimony, memorials, and others. There is also an unprocessed accession (2003-003) which includes his personal copies of congressional hearings...

Kennedy (Donald), President of Stanford University, Papers

Contains materials related to his time as Stanford's eighth president and vice president and provost under his predecessor President Richard W. Lyman....

Kennedy (Eugene) papers

Diary, clippings, and certificate, relating to activities of the 303rd Engineer Regiment in France during World War I. Photocopy.

Kennedy (F.C., Mrs.) Account Book

In its Truckee boarding house section [pp. 1-106] the Kennedy Account Book records date, name of roomer [there were 32 altogether], length of rental period and fee (1878-1881). In the Stockton ranch section [pp. 114-116] the account book records date,...

Kennedy (Fred Conoway) Papers

The Reverend Fred C. Kennedy (1931-) and his first wife Eleanor founded Woodforest Presbyterian Church, Houston, Texas, in 1959. He published “The Knowledge of God and of Ourselves” from sermons prepared for the Woodforest Presbyterian Church congregation. The collection contains...

Kennedy, Henry A. Sr. (Second World War correspondence)

This collection contain correspondence from Maj.Henry Anthony "Stump" Kennedy Sr., USA to his parents Austin J. and Annie Kennedy and his sister Elna Kennedy during the Second World War. The collection also contains correspondence to Henry Kennedy from his army...

Kennedy (Jay) video tapes collection

Videotape cassettes of television broadcasts of speeches and remarks by Ronald Reagan as governor of California, relating to California state politics.

Kennedy (John F. and Robert) Ephemera Collection

Mainly memorial issues of magazines following the assassinations of John F. Kennedy, 1963, and Robert F. Kennedy, 1968.

Kennedy (John F.) Assassination Newspaper Collection

This collection consists of various print media produced in the wake of the assassination of US President John F. Kennedy. It contains national news weeklies, corporate newsletters, and regional news from the Richmond, Washington area.

Kennedy (John F.) assassination newspapers, clippings and documents

Assortment of newspapers, many foreign, dealing with the assasssination of President John F. Kennedy in Dallas, Texas on November 22, 1963.

Kennedy (John F.) assassination printed ephemera

This collection consists of newspaper and magazine ephemera chronicling the life and assassination of John F. Kennedy.The bulk of the materials generally date from the 1960s through the 1990s.

Kennedy (John F.) Non-Book Collection

An adjunct to Special Collections and University Archives' John F. Kennedy Book Collection, the consists of newspapers and newspaper clippings, magazines, pamphlets, fliers, sheet music, photographs, posters, and other memorabilia. The collection includes five series: , , , , and...

Kennedy (John F., President) Collection of Material about his Assassination

Collection consists of newspapers, chiefly from Dallas relating to the assassination of President Kennedy and the weeks following. Includes 13 issues of the , 16 issues of the , 6 issues of the , and issues of the , ,...

Kennedy (John F.) speeches

Speeches delivered during a visit to Ireland, relating to Irish-American relations.

Kennedy (Karen) Papers

Contains files pertaining to Karen Kennedy's time as first a student, and later a professor at California State University, Sacramento. A majority of the collection focuses on the subjects she taught in women's studies. Files include personal notebooks, course syllabi,...

Kennedy (Lawton) Ephemera

Ephemera printed primarily by Lawton Kennedy in San Francisco

Kennedy (Madge) photographs and clippings

Collection consists of photographs and clippings of American theatre and film actress Madge Kennedy.

Kennedy (Mary Alice) Scrapbook

Clippings on U.S. presidents, prominent people and pets. 1903 - 1919.

Kennedy Mining and Milling Company records, 1887-1895.

Includes invoices, receipts, etc., 1887 and 1892, and payroll ledger, Aug. 1891-Oct. 1895, for Jackson, Calif. company.

Kennedy (Philip B.) typescript

Relates to social conditions and public opinion in Western Europe.

Kennedy (Richard T.) papers

Speeches, correspondence, memoranda, reports, transcripts of hearings, and printed matter, relating to nuclear power plants in the U.S., and especially to the Three Mile Island nuclear accident. Digital copies of select records also available at

Kennedy (Robert E.) Japan Photograph Album

One album compiled by Private Robert E. Kennedy, with 151 black/white prints including ruins of Hiroshima and Nagasaki (commercial photos), views of Yokahama, servicemen playing baseball, visiting shrines (esp. Daibutsu nr. Kurakama), Camp McNair, Japanese at work, street scenes.

Kennedy (Robert F.) Assassination Investigation, Los Angeles Police Dept. Records

When the California State Archives received the Kennedy assassination investigation records in August 1987, it was apparent that the records would require special treatment. In examining the material, one is immediately struck by both the magnitude of the investigation and...

Kennedy Space Center Image Collection

These images are from NASA and focus on projects that were launched from the Kennedy Space Center at Cape Caneveral. They originally appeared on this site: https://science.ksc.nasa.gov/gallery/photos and were gathered by a researcher who gave them to the San Diego...

Kennedy-Minott (Rodney) papers

Correspondence, memoranda, reports, notes, printed matter, photographs, and sound recordings relating to the 1967 congressional campaign of Paul McCloskey in California, McCloskey's 1972 Republican presidential primary campaign, the 1976 presidential campaign of Jimmy Carter (especially in California), American foreign policy...

Kennel (Charles F.) Papers

Papers of Charles F. Kennel, physicist and Director of Scripps Institution of Oceanography and Vice Chancellor and Dean of Marine Sciences at UC San Diego from 1998-2006. The collection contains a small amount of correspondence and writings, and files representative...

Kenneth and Ruth Yearns papers, 1962-1980.

14 TLS from Wilfred V. Pennell to Ruth and Kenneth Yearns, containing, besides family news and description of life in Mallorca, observations on China and its leadership and reminiscences of Tientsin. 18 illustrated scholarly vignettes relating to China by Samuel...

Kenneth C. Sample Civilian Conservation Corps photograph album, circa 1933-1935

Includes images from South Dakota, North Dakota, Arkansas, and New Orleans.

Kenneth C. Zwerin papers, 1924-1983.

This collection contains Zwerin's autobiographical "Memories of a Reform Jewish Youth"; correspondence; writings and correspondence relating to Zwerin's manuscript on Jacob Nieto; material on Jews in Hawaii, which includes lists of residents who contributed to synagogues; newspaper clippings on Zwerin's...

Kenneth Cardwell Collection

The Kenneth Cardwell Collections spans the years from 1941-1994, and includes files created by Cardwell, the firms he worked for, and records pertinent to his research and teaching materials. This collection mainly documents his work as an architect, preservationist, and...

Kenneth Carpenter papers, 1959-1961.

Relating to the design and printing of William Everson's The Year's Declension (Berkeley, 1961). Carpenter designed and printed the book of poems. Included is his correspondence with Everson and with Henry Evans (Porpoise Bookshop); corrected proofs; mock-up, announcement and prospectus,...

Kenneth G. Goode photographs, circa 1974

Collection of copies of black and white photographs, provenance of most unknown, used in Goode's California's Black Pioneers: A Brief Historical Survey, ca. 1974. Alpha list.

Kenneth Gordon Scott papers, [ca. 1932-74]

Primarily journal articles, 1932-1971. Box 2 also includes correspondence, 1971-74, biographical information, clippings, and press releases. Box 3 contains a scrapbook with articles from 1936. Certificates and awards in oversize folder.

Kenneth Hart collection of San Francisco Bay Area concert handbills and posters [graphic].

Collection consists chiefly of handbills and posters promoting various rock and folk music concerts in the San Francisco Bay Area ca. 1965-1975. Many items were designed by artist David Singer of Tea Lautrec Litho and issued by Bill Graham for...

Kenneth J. Carpenter correspondence with Lewis M. Allen and Roger Levenson, 1964-1987.

Letters relating primarily to Carpenter's, Allen's, and Levenson's mutual interests and activities as operators of printing presses.

Kenneth J.H. Reid letters received, 1966-1969.

Relate primarily to Lester B. Pearson's honorary degree from Pearson, John Lynch, John P. Robarts, P.E. Trudeau, Walter Weir and others.

Kenneth Joseph Colvin oral history interview

This collection comprises one videotape with accompanying transcript of an oral history interview with Kenneth Joseph Colvin conducted by the Holocaust Oral History Project on July 11, 1990.

Kenneth L. Kann collection on the Petaluma Jewish Community, 1939-1989 (bulk 1950-1978).

Consists of copies of various materials that Kann compiled and used while doing research for his books about the Jewish community in Petaluma, Calif., including the titles "Joe Rapoport: the life of a Jewish radical" and "Comrades and chicken ranchers."

Kenneth M. Stampp papers, 1938-2007.

The papers include incoming correspondence, primarily from other American historians, book reviews written by Stampp, and a few subject files and folders of course notes.

Kenneth Millar, circa 1957

Handwritten review [attributed to Millar] of Spectrum, the UCSB student literary magazine, ca. 1957.

Kenneth Patchen Festival Records

Contains correspondence, publicity including catalog layout sheets, photographs, slides, recordings, an artifact and mail art material generated and collected mainly by Trumbull Art Gallery director during the Kenneth Patchen Festivals held between 1987-1991 in Warren, Ohio. Included are festival exhibit...

"Kenneth Patchen: Hurrah for Anything" Film Production Records.

Contains transcripts, outtake reels and video tapes to "Kenneth Patchen: Hurrah for anything", a documentary on poet and novelist Kenneth Patchen produced by KQED Event & Presentation Unit in 1982.

Kenneth Perkins papers, approximately 1914-1950.

Collection includes: manuscript drafts of novels, stories, radio and television scripts, plays, and screenplays; plot outlines, summaries, and synopses; published versions of stories (most in the form of tear sheets extracted from magazines, many of them pulps); research notes; a...

Kenneth R. Farrell oral history transcript : taking the University to the people, University of California Cooperative Extension / c2009.

Dr. Kenneth Farrell completed his Master's degree and Doctorate in Agricultural Economics from Iowa State University and served as an economist for the University of California Berkeley's Giannini Foundation of Agricultural Economics. He also served as the Vice President, Division...

Kenneth Rank - New Idria Mines Collection, 1867-1973.

Correspondence, notes from interviews, foreman's notebook, geology and production reports, annual reports, maps, charts.

Kenneth Rexroth papers, approximately 1960-1982.

Includes family correspondence, personal papers, photographs, ancopies of drafts of manuscripts.

Kenneth S. Beam papers, 1931-1971 (bulk 1931-1956).

Consist of correspondence, writings, publications, scrapbook, clippings and photographs from Kenneth Beam's professional career. Correspondence is mainly with Kenyon Scudder and Norman Fenton. Writings include reports to the National Probation Association, 1935-1936, related material of the Los Angeles and San...

Kennett, California Photograph Album

Photograph album featuring images of the Mammoth Smelter and related scenes of the Mammoth Mining Company from Kennett, California at the dawn of the 20th century.

Kenney (Louis A.) Papers

The document Kenney's years as University Librarian at San Diego State University. The collection dates from 1914-1992, and has been divided into four series: , , , and ....

Kennick (Joseph M.) Collection

Correspondence, clippings, certificates, personal papers, speech material, photographs...

Kenny Fries papers, 1976-2014.

Contains correspondence, book and poetry drafts, artwork, newspaper clippings, and small amount of ephemera.

Kenny (Herbert) Collection of Photographs of South Pasadena

This collection contains 799 photographs (chiefly glass-plate negatives, with 798 corresponding later prints) of people and places primarily in South Pasadena, California, taken by photographer Herbert J. Kenny (1863-1956) from approximately 1908-1937. The collection chiefly comprises studio portraits and images...

Kenny (Robert W.) Papers


Kenny (Robert W.) Papers

Chiefly his papers as Attorney General of California, 1942-1946; some material pertaining to his offices and judgeships, Los Angeles; State Senatorship; Prohibition repeal; legal problems of World War II, including Japanese evacuation and war industry reconversion; control of venereal diseases;...

Kensinger (Michael) papers

Michael Kensinger was an artisan and gay rights activist who would design and sew blocks for the Names AIDS Quilt. This collection includes his personal photos, flyers and ephemera related to his AIDS activism, a VHS tape of the Names...

Kensington Ladies’ Erotica Society Collection

The Kensington Ladies’ Erotica Society Collection documents the variety of activities, organizations, publications, photographs, and news articles about the society.

Kent (Danny) Collection of Lesbian/Gay Freedom Day Parade Records

The Danny Kent collection of Lesbian/Gay Freedom Day Parade records contain materials related to the 1985 parade and celebration.

Kent (England) Deeds, 1400-1799

The documents come almost exclusively from Kent and involve several of the same families, tenures, towns, etc., over the space of 300 years. 89 Deeds, including 9 conveyances, assignments, leases, and mortgages (1400-1800). Primarily in Latin, some in English....

Kent Family Papers

This small but rich collection consists mostly of letters written by Jessie Kent to her mother Kate Kent, who lived in San Diego, but also includes other correspondence written to Jessie and Kate by various relations and suitors. Jessie's letters...

Kent family papers, 1907-1975 (1927-1966)

Correspondence, reports, financial materials, subject files, contracts, deeds and other materials relating to the family, the William Kent Estate Co. and Kent Woodlands Company.

Kent family. Photographs from the Kent family papers [graphic].

Photographs relating to Kent family business interests in Chicago, Ill. and the San Francisco Bay Area. Chicago photos (housed in size "AX") include commercial buildings (the Kent building, and the Tamalpais Hotel, apparently named in reference to the Kent's California...

Kent G. Dedrick papers, circa 1950-1990.

Correspondence, research notes, subject files, legal documents, tidal and hydrological records, organizational records, surveys, charts, maps, and photographs.

Kent Gill Sierra Club papers, 1965-1977.

Papers relating to Kent Gill's involvement in the Sierra Club.

Kent (Roger) Papers

Letters addressed to Kent; copies of his replies and subject files which include clippings, notes, speeches, press releases and ephemeral printed material. $b Documenting Kent's role in Democratic Party politics - his campaigns for Congress, his leadership as head of...

Kent, Roger Photographs from the Roger Kent papers [graphic]

Photos relating to Democratic Party politics in San Francisco. Mainly views of campaign rallies, etc., some for Stevenson/Kefauver campaign, some for Johnson/Humphrey campaign of 1964 [?] (cf. Pierre Salinger for senator).

Kent (T. J.) Papers

The T.J. "Jack" Kent papers selectively cover a career in urban and regional planning that lasted over 50 years. The collection includes correspondence (primarily professional rather than personal), research notes, drafts of essays and talks, published books and articles, UC...

Kentucky Mining Company accounts, 1858-1861.

Contains 2 account ledgers of a California mining company.

Kenworthy (Aubrey Saint) Papers

Aubrey S. Kenworthy served as principal military police officer in charge of security at the trial of Japanese war criminals. The collection contains mementos of the post-World War II Japanese war criminal trials in Manila and Tokyo; materials pertaining to...

Kenyan subject collection

Bulletins, press releases, reports, pamphlets, other printed matter, and seminar papers, relating to political, social and economic conditions in Kenya.

Kenyatta (Jomo) sound recordings

Excerpts from political speeches, 1961-1965. Includes Kenyan music recorded in tribute to Jomo Kenyatta.

Kenyon (Charles Patterson) Collection

The Charles Patterson Kenyon Collection contains material that documents the life, career, and retirement of the first administrator for San Joaquin County. It also includes bound volumes that were either owned or written by ancestors or relatives of Kenyon. Of...

Kenyon (John) Autograph Album

This collection consists of a disbound autograph album chiefly containing manuscripts and letters written by leading British Victorian political, scientific, and literary figures; there is also a small amount of material by American, French, German, and Polish writers.

Kenyon, Stanley, and Crellin families papers

This collection consists of papers and photographs of the Kenyon, Stanley, and Crellin families. The Kenyon and Crellin families lived in Iowa in the late 19th century and moved west to Tustin, California at the turn of the 20th century,...

Kenyon (W. Houston) diary

Relates to conditions on the American home front during World War II, and to patent considerations in American military procurement policy during the war.

Keogh Family Papers and Photographs

Correspondence, papers and photographs of Keogh returned to his family in Ireland after his death, together with letters received by the family relating to Keogh, and newspaper clippings. The family assembled two albums to honor the memory of Keogh, the...

Keohan (Constance and Emily) Papers

Constance Keohan was a music teacher at Galileo High School, and her sister Emily was the head of the department of Home Economics of the Sacramento School District. Constance became the first female conductor of the San Francisco Symphony. The...

Kepes (György) papers

The personal papers of artist, designer, and visual theorist György Kepes.

Kephart (Larry C.) Christopher Street West Collection

Christopher Street West slogan selection records, button designs, and drafts of the anthem for the 1982 Los Angeles pride parade and festival. Larry C. Kephart served as a board member and treasurer of Christopher Street West during the 1980s.

Kephart (Larry) Gay Male Erotic Short Stories

Three three-ring binders each containing approximately 30 gay erotic short stories written by Larry Kephart, 2006-2007. Larry Carl Kephart was a former United States Marine, Vietnam veteran and community activist with interests in writing, acting, and photography.

Kepner (Jim) Papers

Manuscripts, correspondence, diaries, minutes and organizational records, notebooks, science fiction writings, poetry, erotica, educational material, photographs, computer disks, textiles, ephemera and memorabilia from writer, historian and gay activist, Jim Kepner (1923-1997). Founder of the Western Gay Archives (later renamed the...

Kepner (Richard E.) Papers

Reprints of articles on organic chemistry.

Keppel, Charles. Manuscripts of writings of Charles William Keppel, [ca. 1938-1956]

Typescripts of stories, articles and a poem. Included is Central Park Crypt Project, an imaginary diary of the Duke of Windsor. (v. 1-3)

Keppler (Joseph) Papers

Joseph Keppler Jr. was born Udo Keppler on 1872 April 4 in St Louis, Missouri. He was a writer, collector of Native American literature and artifacts, political cartoonist, and publisher. In 1898, Keppler was adopted into the Wolf Clan of...

Kerby (Elizabeth Poe) papers

The Elizabeth Poe Kerby papers span the years 1951-2003 (bulk 1953-1957) and encompass 1.2 linear feet. The papers consist of clippings, correspondence, periodicals, unpublished manuscripts, court documents, and interview notes with individuals blacklisted within the Hollywood film industry....

Kerby (Philip P.) Papers

Philip Pearce Kerby (1911-1993) was born in Pueblo, Colorado. He worked for many newspapers and journals as a reporter, editorial writer and editor. He founded the Los Angeles political journal, and was awarded a Pulitzer Prize for editorial writing in...

Kerckhoff-Cuzner Mill & Lumber Company Records

This collection consists of correspondence, business records, and maps of the Kerckhoff-Cuzner Mill & Lumber Company of Los Angeles, California, with the bulk dating from 1883-1908. The majority deals with the purchase of Boschke’s Island in the Port of Los...

Kerensky (Aleksandr F.) miscellaneous papers

Correspondence and writings, relating to the Russian Revolution and personal matters. Includes a history by Kerensky, entitled "The Genesis of the 'October Revolution' of 1917", and correspondence with Vasilii Maklakov, Michael Karpovich and Anatole G. Mazour.

Keres Language of New Mexico

This is a hand-written document of English words with Keres equivalent, except two pages of Keres to English, probably created by Adolph Bandelier, circa 1883. The document consists of 22 sheets of notebook paper with notes handwritten in ink.

Kerista Commune Collection

John Peltz Presmont (Bro Jud) and Eve Furchgott (Even Eve) founded the Kerista Commune in San Francisco in 1971. After the commune's dissolution in 1992, Presmont continued his work under the name of the World Academy of Keristan Education (WAKEINC)....

Kerl (Simon) Manuscripts

The collection includes 10 manuscript pages by Simon Kerl, who wrote several books on English grammar between approximately 1859 and 1871. Some of the pages are draft-manuscript for a revised edition of one of Kerl's school texts. Also included in...

Kerley (Robert V.) Personal Papers

Robert Kerley was an engineer at Wright Field, specifically researching, creating, and managing the production of lubricates and fuels through the 1930s until his retirement in 1970. Afterwhich he worked extensively on the autobiography of Sam D. Heron.

Kermit Sheets pictorial collection [graphic].

Archive of Kermit Sheets, consisting of photographs, drawings, posters, correspondence and other items. Includes photos of Sheets, James Broughton (including many taken during the filming of his "Mother's Day"), various theatrical productions, friends and associates; original design drawings used to...

Kern (Andrew C.) Collection

The materials in this collection chronicle Andrew Clarence Kern’s employment with the Caterpillar Tractor Company. Kern was initially hired by Caterpillar in 1925. He was transferred to the Eastern Sales Division in 1936 and became an Agricultural Representative in 1938....

Kern County Land Company Promotional Photograph Album

Promotional album containing views of the Kern County Land Company's buildings and views illustrating various aspects of the regional agriculture and other benefits of living and/or investing in the area.

Kern County Local History Photograph Collection

Kern County Library's photograph collection includes images of historical interest of Bakersfield and other areas of Kern County from the late 1800s to 2001. Images document buildings, business people, city views, earthquakes, education, floods, government officials, hospitals, hotels, industry, libraries,...

Kern County Newspaper Collection

This collection newspapers published in Kern County, California and include The Colored Citizen, The Standard School Red and White, The Bakersfield Californian and The Bakersfield Press.

Kern (George A.) Papers

George Alexander Kern (1880?-1957) was a Los Angeles based landscape architect and a member of the American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA). The collection consists of notes, clippings, blueprints, photographs, drawings, and memorabilia relating to George Alexander Kern's career as...

Kernan (Rosemary) correspondence

Relates to work of the Knights of Columbus and of the Comité anglais in France.

Kerno (Ivan S.) papers

Correspondence, speeches and writings, memoranda, reports, press releases, clippings, other printed matter, and photographs, relating to Czechoslovak foreign relations, the founding conference of the United Nations, subsequent activities of the United Nations, and international law.

Kerns, Ralph W. (Second World War photograph scrapbooks and correspondence)

This collection contains two scrapbooks filled with photographs and other materials, as well as correspondence written by T/5 Ralph W. Kerns, USA to his family during the Second World War.

Kerns (Thaddeus S.) Personal Papers

Thaddeus Kerns was born in Santa Ana, California on June 5, 1894, and died in a plane crash on July 15, 1913. At a very young age, he built a full-sized plane with his own hands, with the exception of...

Kerr (Clark) Personal and Professional Papers

Clark Kerr Personal and Professional Papers documents Kerr's life as an educator, labor negotiator, and, most importantly, as chancellor of UC Berkeley and then president of the University of California system. The collection spans his professional career from the...

Kerr, Clark Photographs from the Clark Kerr personal and professional papers [graphic].

Includes snapshots and portraits of Kerr, his friends and family members, including his parents Samuel W. Kerr and Caroline Clark Kerr. Photographs chiefly depict Kerr during his boyhood and early adulthood in Pennsylvania. Includes two ninth-plate ambrotype portraits of Kerr's...

Kerr (Darrell) Correspondence with American Poets and Publishers

This collection contains correspondence between publisher Darrell Kerr and American poets and small press publishers of the 1960s, as well as some related materials such as drawings and clippings. It includes 46 letters from Peter LaRouche, as well as correspondence...

Kerr family correspondence, 1862.

Letters from S.H. Kerr in Tennessee and from W.C. Kerr in Virginia relating to the Civil War, and letter from J.C. Kerr, describing flood damage in San Joaquin County, California.

Kerr (George H.) papers

Reports, notes, press summaries, clippings, and writings, relating to political and economic conditions in Formosa under Japanese rule, transfer of Formosa to China in 1945, Formosan rebellion against Chinese rule in 1947, American foreign policy regarding Formosa, and political and...

Kerr (Jack and Anna) Papers

Jack and Anna Kerr have been longtime members of the First Presbyterian Church of Hollywood in California during the later 20th century. The collection contains materials related to the Kerrs’ family histories as well as the 20th century ministry and...

Kerr (Margaret Ann) papers

Reports, speeches, letters, membership lists, bulletins, minutes, printed matter, and miscellany, relating to communist and other radical movements in California, and to the Better America Federation, an anti-communist organization.

Kerr (Stanley Elphinstone) typescript

Relates to Turkish massacres of Armenians in Maras, Turkey, 1920.

Kerr (William J.) Papers

Contents include correspondence, drawings, clippings, correspondence, manuscripts, programs, reprints, typescripts....

Kerr-Hurd Family Collection

The Kerr-Hurd Family Collection affords insights into medicine, society, politics, education, and family life in San Joaquin County, California, during the late-nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. It includes correspondence, diaries, account books, published material, memorabilia, medical books, and other material...

Kerridge, (Captain P. Markham) Angling Collection

The Capt. P. Markham Kerridge Angling collection was founded at California State University, Fullerton with a large donation from Captain Kerridge on March 11, 1969, of books, pamphlets, periodicals, ephemera, dealer catalogs, tackle catalogs, and artifacts on freshwater angling.

Kerrigan (Thomas) Papers

Correspondence and manuscripts (poetry and prose) submitted to Thomas Kerrigan, attorney, poet, and editor of (a Los Angeles magazine of new poetry and fiction), ca. 1969-1972. Correspondents/contributors include Douglas Blazek, Charles Bukowski, Robert Creeley, Thom Gunn, and Lee Mallory.

Kershaw (Greet) papers

Greet Kershaw, an anthropologist from the University of California, Long Beach, lived in Kenya from 1955 to 1957 in order to study the reasons behind the Mau Mau movement, an anticolonial movement, and the effects on the local people and...

Kerstan (Wilhelm) typescript

Transcript of bulletins compiled by Wilhelm Kerstan, 1941-1944, consisting of news of the extended Kerstan family and related German families, and including excerpts from letters by various family members, relating to conditions in the German army and on the home...

Åkerström (Åke) Papers

The Åke Åkerström papers record the scholarly career of this Swedish classical archaeologist. Åkerström's research interests and publications ranged from architectural terracottas in Asia Minor to Etruscan tomb typology to Mycenaean pottery in Greece, and this breadth is reflected in...

Kertesz (Stephen D.) papers

Correspondence, speeches and writings, memoranda, reports, clippings, and other printed matter relating to the politics, economy and diplomacy of Hungary, minority problems involving Hungary or Hungarians, the Paris Peace Conference of 1946, modern diplomatic history, and international relations.

Keskula (Aleksander) papers

Correspondence, writings, and memoranda, relating to personal experiences and to international socialist and communist movements.

Kesler (Frederick) Papers

A collection of correspondence and journals of the American master millwright and Mormon Bishop, Frederick Kesler.

Kessler (Chester) Dance Photography Collection

Chester Kessler was a student of Minor White’s photography program at the California School of Fine Arts. In the 1950s, he was a part of San Francisco’s North Beach scene, photographing Beat writers, poets, and artists, including Allen Ginsburg and...

Kessler (Chester) Papers

This collection contains a storyboard, worksheets, frame drawings, a film and photographs for an animated film adapted from Kenneth Patchen's novel , as well as photographs of Kenneth and Miriam Patchen by Chester Kessler.

Kessler (David R.) Papers

This collection documents the professional and political life of David Rudolph Kessler, M.D. (born April 1, 1930 - died November 24, 2022). The collection contains a small amount of correspondence, speeches and lectures regarding homosexuality and psychiatry, materials relating to...

Kessler (Friedolin Edward) Art Collection

Artist Friedolin Kessler (1913-1995) was born in St. Louis, Missouri and studied art at Washington University in St. Louis. Following art school he settled in California, initially working as an artist for the Civil Conservation Corps (CCC). With his wife...

Kessler (Friedolin Edward) Papers

The materials in this collection relate to the life and art career of Friedolin Edward Kessler. The materials consist of personal papers, photographic reproductions of his art, and a few original art pieces.

Kessler (Jascha F.) Papers

Jascha Frederick Kessler (1929- ) was an English professor who wrote poetry, plays, translations, and short stories. He taught at New York University (1954-55), Hunter College (1955-56), Hamilton College(1957-61), and UCLA (1961- ). He was also the director of the...

Kester (Frank) Papers

The Frank Kester Papers provide a detailed account of the life of a dedicated reporter and nature lover. Included are chapters of his autobiography, short stories and poetry. Kester's research notes and stories highlight the histories of small California towns,...

Ketcham (Allen Francis) typescript

Relates to national biases in textbooks treating World War II. Photocopy.

Ketcham (W. Egbert) photographs

Depicts the first public flight of a plane in Japan, at Meguro Race Track, Tokyo, and a later flight at Yokohama.

Kettleman North Dome Association collection

This collection consists of business records, correspondence, and legal cases related to Kettleman North Dome Association.

Kettlewell collection of photographs, primarily of northern California [graphic].

Oakland, San Francisco, and Mill Valley views, including Oakland Oaks baseball team. Also includes studio portraits; street scenes of St. Helena, Calif.(Some with Kettlewell family business signs visible); construction of the Golden Gate International Exposition; a few Glacier National Park...

Kettner (William) Papers

This collection contains papers pertaining to the congressional career of William Kettner, as well as some personal papers and condolence letters sent to his widow after his death in 1930.

Keuhn (Lucille) Collection on the "Challenge: Women in Higher Education" Institue

This collection includes materials from the 1972 EPDA (Education Professions Development Act) institute "Challenge: Women in Higher Education".

Kevin Starr papers, 1969-

Material in this series relates to projects Starr conceived of as publications, even though some were never published, and include speeches when they were a secondary aspect of that project. The series is divided into sub-series that reflect the type...

Kevles (Barbara L.) collection of computer technology

Collection of operating manuals, software, and related material, assembled by journalist Barbara Kevles.

Kevles (Barbara L.) collection on Gordon Parks

Interview notes and other material related to filmmaker and photographer Gordon Parks by journalist Barbara Kevles.

Kew (Darren) papers

The papers are comprised of sound recordings, transcripts of interviews, notes, an election observer manual, memoranda, and election campaign literature, relating to presidential elections in Nigeria in 1999. Use copies of sound recordings available.

Kew (Kenneth) Papers

Correspondence, reports, photographs, drawings, realia, and maps relating to Kew's career as a wine merchant for Draper Esquine.

Key (Al) photographs

The Al Key photographs, 1951-1959, (SAFR 23376, P78-336a) are comprised of images photographed by Al Key in San Francisco, California, showing the San Francisco Maritime Museum and Aquatic Park area. The collection has been processed to the Item level and...

Key (Kerim Kami) typescript

Dissertation relating to the role of intellectuals in the Young Turk movement and the resurgence of Turkish nationalism.

Key System Newspaper Clippings

Newspaper clippings collected by the Key System from September 1941 to July 1960 covering San Francisco Bay Area transportation, labor union, and urban planning issues, and Key System matters. Clippings are from various Bay Area newspapers including the Oakland Tribune,...

Key (Troyce) Papers

The Troyce Key papers include correspondence, photographs, financial records, flyers, publicity material, and publications documenting the musical career of blues musician and nightclub owner Troyce Key. The papers are organized in to four series: Eli Mile High Records, Eli’s Mile...

Keyes (Cheryl) Collection

Cheryl L. Keyes is a Professor in the UCLA Department of Ethnomusicology and specializes in rap/hip-hop music. This collection consists of unpublished and published sound recordings collected by Cheryl Keyes as part of her research on African American music; popular...

Keyes (Edith Thurston) Papers

The collection contains works by poet Edith Thurston Keyes and her contemporaries, and press and correspondence regarding Keyes’ poetry activities.

Keyes-McIntire-Voorheis-Clark family papers, circa 1849-1970.

Materials relating to Amador County, California politics and government, mining, education, etc., and include papers of John Keyes, E.C. Voorheis, Baylies Coleman Clark and his wife, Gertrude (Voorheis) Clark.

Keyfitz (Nathan) papers

Journal articles, conference papers, drafts of writings, letters, and briefing books, relating to various aspects of world population studies and of population studies in Canada, the United States and Indonesia, especially with regard to fertility rates and population effects on...

Keynes (John Maynard) typescript

Relates to economic conditions in Great Britain.

Keys (James M.) The Spanish missions of California and their influence today

Dissertation on the Spanish influence on California, beginning with the missions. Keys examines both the early mission system and the restored missions in contemporary California life.

Keys to Introducing Disabilities in Schools records, 1978-1990.

Includes correspondence, publications and games.

Keystone Photo Service, Inc. Photograph Albums of Scenes of Southern California, ca. 1920

Photo albums produced by the Keystone Photo Service, Inc. of Los Angeles. Shows animals in Southern California.

Keystone Photo Service, photographer. [Photographs of Henry E. Huntington Library and Art Gallery buildings and paintings].

Photographs depicting 3 views of building exteriors (library and art gallery), 1 interior view (art gallery), and 10 paintings by artists including Thomas Gainsborough (Blue boy, Elizabeth Jenks Beaufroy, and Professor Carl Friedrich Abel), Joshua Reynolds (Viscountess Diana Crosbie, Sarah...

Keystone Stereograph Visual Aids Collection

This collection consists of 16 boxed topical sets of educational stereographs intended as visual aids for instruction for elementary school children. Though most topics relate to the natural sciences, two boxes relate to a Reading curriculum based around domestic activities...

Keystone View Company Photo Albums of Scenes from Around the World, ca. 1920

Photo albums produced by the Keystone View Company of Meadville, Pennsylvania. Shows various scenes from around the world.

Keystone View Company Stereocard Collection

The Keystone View Company Stereocard Collection contains more than 600 stereocards published by the Keystone View Company. The Stereocards were used for educational purposes as well as for entertainment. The Keystone View Company had branches throughout the country and Europe...

Keystone View Company World War Through the Stereoscope Collection

The Keystone View CompanyWorld War Through the Stereoscope Collection consists of 300 stereograph cards featuring scenes from WWI, a stereoscope for viewing the cards, and a 1928 copy of the book "The World War Through the Telebinocular."

Keystone-Mast Collection

The Keystone-Mast Collection comprises over 350,000 stereoscopic photographs and negatives that depict the world between the late-nineteenth and mid-twentieth centuries. Firms represented in Keystone-Mast include Keystone View Company, Underwood and Underwood, B.W. Kilburn, H.C. White Company, Universal Photo Art Company...

KEYT News video archive

2,587 3/4" U-Matic videotapes containing airchecks and raw news footage created for broadcast by KEYT-TV (01/12/1985-09/08/95). Material includes local, regional, and national stories; televised special events; and news magazine type content.

KEYT-TV News Collection

The KEYT-TV News Collection Collection contains film and photos representing KEYT-TV's first 20 years on the air.

KGB connections: an investigation into Soviet espionage operations in North America video tape

Television program relating to Soviet espionage in the United States and Canada.

Khachigian (Kenneth L.) Papers, White House Special Files, 1970-1973

Ken Khachigian worked for Herbert G. Klein and then Charles W. Colson. His responsibilities mainly concerned public relations and writing speeches or other documents. He spent much of his time working on the 1972 re-election campaign, and the files reflect...

Khantamour (Krikor M.) papers

Collection consists of photographs, writings, notes, correspondence, and ephemera of Dr. Krikor Khantamour, mostly writings and notes in Armenian connected with Armenian studies and history....

Kharbinskie kommercheskie uchilishcha collection

Correspondence, minutes, serial issues, and photographs, relating to Russian émigré schools in Harbin, China.

Kharbinskii komitet pomoshchi russkim bezhentsam miscellanea

Correspondence, pamphlets, brochures, and financial reports, relating to assistance provided to Russian refugees by the Harbin Committee and affiliated organizations.

Kharlova (Lidiia Aleksandrovna)

Personal documents and photographs, relating to the Russian émigré community in China. Includes papers of Boris Moskotin, husband of Lidii͡a Kharlova.

Khayyam (Omar) Collection of Material

Omar Khayyam (1048?-1131) was a Persian poet, astronomer, and mathematician of the early Seljuk period and is best known for a collection of Rubáiyát, or quatrains, known as the . The collection contains materials related to the work of Omar...

Kheel (Curtis) scripts

Curtis Kheel is a television writer and supervising producer. The collection consists of scripts for the television series, most prominently the series,

Kherdian (David), Saroyan and Armenian American Literature Talk

Talk was given at the 100th birthday celebration of the life and work of William Saroyan at Stanford University, November 20, 2008; also include a handout and program of the event.

Khisamutdinov (Amir Aleksandrovich) writings

Relates to political purges in the Soviet Far East during the 1930s, and to other aspects of the twentieth century history of the region. Includes some writings by Aleksei Mikhailovich Buiakov, some collected material, and a bibliography of the writings...

Khitrovo (Vladimir Sergeevich) papers

These papers contain the correspondence and writings of Vladimir Sergeevich Khitrovo, a graduate of the Pazheskii korpus and participant of World War I and member of the White Army

Khlodovskiĭ (Vsevolod Vladimirovich)

Relates to military activities in Yugoslavia during World War II.

Khmer Arts Records

Khmer Arts is a nonprofit organization focusing on classical Cambodian dance based in Long Beach, California and Takhmao, Cambodia. This collection consists of 93 videorecordings of Khmer Arts Ensemble rehearsals and performances on digital video (DV) tape and DVD.

Khmer Girls in Action records

This collection contains the records of Khmer Girls in Action, such as publicity materials for events and community projects, information on deportation, children's health and women's reproductive health, training materials for workshops, and zines. Khmer Girls in Action is a...

Kühne (Franz Ludwig) Wanderbuch

Wanderbuch (64 page bound volume) registered to Franz Ludwig Kühne [?], August 1815.

Khokhlov (Nikolaĭ Evgen'evich) papers

Correspondence, writings, testimony, notes, printed matter, photographs, and memorabilia, relating to Soviet secret service operations, research in parapsychology, and psychological warfare applications.

Khoo (Dr. Joo Ee) Slides

This collection consists of approximately 3,500 35mm slides depicting art, artifacts, and material culture from Southeast Asian cultures.

Khorvat (Dmitrii Leonidovich) memoirs

Relates to the Chinese Eastern Railway and to White Russian military activities in Siberia during the Russian Civil War. English translation from Russian. Includes translator's notes. Also available on microfilm (1 reel).

Khoshev (Boris Aleksandrovich) service record

Relates to the military career of B. A. Khoshev before and during the Russian Revolution. Photocopy.

Khrabroff (Nicholas) typescript

Relates to the Russian Civil War in Siberia, 1919-1920. Photocopy.

Khristianskii Soiuz Molodykh Liudei v Kharbine miscellany

Annual publications, pamphlets, writings, letters, lists, clippings, and photographs, relating to Young Men's Christian Associations educational activities within the Russian community in Harbin, and to alumni activities elsewhere in emigration.

Khudaibergen (Divanov), Views and people of Khiva

The collection comprises 18 salted paper photographs by pioneer Uzbek photographer and filmmaker, Khudaibergen Divanov. Fifteen of the images are photographs Divanov made prior to the fall of the Khanate of Khiva, and depict the city of Khiva, the capitol...

Kibby (Robert Milton) Papers

Correspondence, research notes, subject files, and patent applications relating to Kibby's work in materials science....

Kibler (Belva) and Donald Morgan Collection

The Kibler-Morgan collection contains their annotated scores, photographs, programs, scrapbooks, correspondence, newspaper clippings, books and recordings.

KidSat Project Files

The KidSat Project was sponsored by NASA in partnership with the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL), UC San Diego (UCSD), and the Johns Hopkins University Institute for Academic Advancement of Youth (IAAY). The program enabled K-12 educators and students to participate...

Kidshows miscellany, 1982-1998.

Consists of business and publicity files, and ephemera from related organizations. The business files include financial information, artists' contracts, and box office statements. The publicity files contain audience surveys, public relations ephemera, news releases, fliers, clippings, and performers' photos. Also...

Kiely (John R.) papers

Project management files, personal project files, and correspondence documenting John Kiely's years as Vice-President of Bechtel Corporation's Power Division.

Kiernan (Brendan) papers

The Brendan Kiernan papers (1980-1992) consist largely of political ephemera documenting the emergence of political plurality in the late Soviet Union and early Russian Federation.

Kiernan (Jim) Papers

Correspondence, newspaper clippings, subject files relating to Kiernan's involvement with labor unions.

Kiers (Margriet) and Hicks (Kenna) papers

Margriet Kiers and Kenna Hicks were long-term romantic partners and were active members of the lesbian feminist activist community in Santa Barbara. This collection is comprised of periodicals, newsletters, correspondence and membership material from Santa Barbara as well as national...

Kiesel (Conrad) Correspondence

Summary: Incoming letters to Kiesel, and some third party correspondence about him....

Kiess (Paul) papers

This collection contains the personal papers of Dr. Paul Kiess. The collection contains personal correspondence and correspondence with Christian organizations in the US, photographs, newspaper clippings, outlines for Dr. Kiess' speeches, and ephemera. Dr. Paul Kiess, a Protestant, was a...

Kight (Morris) Papers

Morris Kight was an early advocate of integration and began his career as an underground gay liberationistin 1967. He was a spokesperson in the Gay Liberation Front of Los Angeles, helped found the Los Angeles Gay Pride Parade Committee, was...

Kight (Morris) Papers and Photographs

The collection, 1920-2003, consists of photographs, correspondence, clippings, annotated materials, and organizational materials primarily documenting Morris Kight's role as a gay activist in Los Angeles. He was born November 19, 1919 in Procter, Comanche County, Texas, married in 1950 in...

Kihara (Ted) Photograph Collection

This collection contains one box of photographic images taken by Ted Kahara, a World War II Japanese-American Infantryman and Intelligence Officer. Materials include: 35 mm slides and negatives, and photographs.

Kiiashchenko (Georgii Titovich) papers

Speeches and writings, correspondence, military documents, printed matter, and photographs relating to Russia in World War I and to Russian émigré affairs.

Kiiashchenko (Georgii Titovich) papers

Speeches and writings, correspondence, military documents, printed matter, and photographs relating to Russia in World War I and to Russian émigré affairs.

Kikel (Rudy) collection

German and American postcards, greeting cards and other propaganda ephemera from the World War II era, many with Christmas themes. Includes catalogs and printed reproductions of other such items.

Kiki Gallery Records

The Kiki Gallery was established by Rick Jacobsen in San Francisco in 1993 to showcase contemporary art and performance. The records contain publicity files, slides, photographs, drafts of performance pieces, exhibit catalogs, a KIKIBOX, and some correspondence.

Kikuchi (Charles) papers

Charles Kikuchi (1917- ) worked for the California State Employment Service, surveying Nisei occupations. He was recruited by Berkeley sociologist Dorothy Swaine Thomas for the Japanese Evacuation and Relocation Study (JERS). He began to keep a diary and completed field...

Kilbracken (Arthur Godley, Baron) Letters

This collection contains the letters of Arthur Godley, Baron Kilbracken to his adult daughter Helen from the years of 1898-1899, along with two photographs of Helen from 1875. An additional autograph letter signed by Catherine Gladstone (wife of Prime Minister...

Kilbride (Gerald) papers

Letters, printed matter, and photographs, relating to the British-Soviet writer Ivy Litvinov. Includes photocopies of letters by Ivy Litvinov.

Kilbride (Jerry) Papers

Correspondence, scrapbooks and memorabilia arranged in two series: Haiku Related Materials and Personal Papers....

Kilbride, Jerry. Papers, 1950-

Born February 25, 1930 in Denver, Colorado. Attended grammar and high schools affiliated with St. Mel Roman Catholic Parish in Chicago's west side, 1936-1948. United States Army, 1951-1953. Studied at the Kansas City Art Institute, Mexico City College, The School...

Kilburn (Fern) Photograph Collection

The Fern Kilburn Photograph Collection consists of 51 photographs taken between 1916-1917. Photos depict San Jose State Normal School students, buildings, Kindergarten Training School faculty and students, members of the Browning Literary Society, and various photos of Kilburn and associates.

Kilgore, Jr. (Thomas) papers

The collection consists of manuscripts, drafts of sermons, church and personal correspondence and photographs of Dr. Thomas Kilgore, pastor of the Second Baptist Church of Los Angeles from 1963-1985 and a noted civil rights and civic leader.

Kilgroe (Louisa) typescript

Relates to American foreign policy regarding the Sino-Japanese War. Photocopy.

Kilian (Dorothy B.) papers

Correspondence, notes, newsletters, bulletins, pamphlets, serial issues, clippings, and other printed matter, relating to peace, disarmament, Soviet-American relations, person to person exchanges between the United States and the Soviet Union, and religion in the Soviet Union.

Killalee (Jack Adelbert) papers

Correspondence, diaries, memoranda, reports, notes, personal documents, and photographs, relating to American technical assistance to Turkey and to highway construction in Turkey, Lebanon, and elsewhere.

Killam (Keith and Eva) papers

The collection consists of documents related to the careers of Keith and Eva Killam, including manuscripts, correspondence, teaching materials, professional society files, slides and research project files....

Killian (Joe) photographs and papers

Fliers, memorial program, photographs, and obituary, 1971-1990, of Joe Killian, president of Dignity, 1972; director of ONE Incorporated, 1971-1985; and founding member of Veterans Council for American Rights and Equality, 1984.

Killie (Charles A.) photographs

Depicts the siege of Peking during the Boxer Rebellion in China.

Killingsworth (Edward A.) papers

The Edward A. Killingsworth papers span 358 linear feet and date from circa 1940 to circa 2006. The collection is arranged in 4 series and contains drawings, photographs and transparencies, manuscripts and printed material, newspaper clippings, awards, manuals and reports,...

Killion (Tom) papers

Correspondence, writings, notes, government documents, bulletins, serial issues, printed matter, photographs, and sound recordings relating to the history of Ethiopia and Eritrea, especially to labor and nationalist movements in those countries.

Killion (Tom) Prints Collection

The Tom Killion Prints Collection consists of eight woodcut prints of the United States, Europe, and Africa by the artist Tom Killion, which were among the sixty-five prints used to illustrate his fine press book, . Also included in the...

Kilpatrick (Wylie) writings

Reports, studies, articles, and books, relating to finances of state and local governments in the United States, especially Florida.

Kilroy (John B.) XXI Olympiad Papers

This collection contains documents related to the bid for Los Angeles to host the XXI Olympiad.

Kim (Chan-Hie) papers

This collection consists of the papers and photographs of Chan-Hie Kim.

Kim family papers

The collection contains materials from the Kim family, including correspondence, photographs, scrapbooks, clothing, and other items related to their experience as Korean Americans in Riverside, California.

Kim (Kyeng Bo) recordings and slides

This collection contains eighteen 1/4" reel audio tapes recorded by Kyeng Bo Kim (1883-1976) beginning around the late 1950s. The tapes have not been digitized, but appear to include recording of oral histories, family, business, and social events, and songs....

Kim (Ronyoung) and Richard Hahn papers

Ronyoung Kim was a Korean American author, best known for her novel "Clay Walls." Her husband, Richard Hahn, was a doctor and writer as well. This collection comprises primarily biographical materials, writings, academic papers, printed materials, photographs, and correspondence created...

Kim (Yin) papers

Yin Kim was a first-generation Korean American WWII veteran, dentist, and USC alum. This small collection consists of photographs and biographical materials related to Kim, as well as to his family members Earl Kim, Sung Kwon Kim, Hye Won Kang,...

Kim (Young Oak) Biography papers

Young Oak Kim was a Korean American United States Army officer, civic leader, and humanitarian. This collection comprises military documents and audiovisual materials relating to Kim's service in World War II and the Korean War, collected as well as created...

Kim (Yung-chol) papers

Yung-chol Kim (1929-2018) was a Korean American methodist pastor. A dedicated activist, he devoted his life to support human rights, democratization, and peaceful reunification of Korea, and helping Koreans in the United States. The collection consists of four boxes of...

Kimball & Cutting, Murphys, Calif. papers, 1851-1867.

Include promissory notes; minutes of meeting of Bunker Hill Mining Company, June 23, 1851; inventory of mining tools and accounts for labor expenses for working a mine at Murphys, 1851-1853; and two letters from Ephraim Cutting to family in the...

Kimball (Alice Windsor) Scrapbook

The scrapbook documents her student days at Stanford and includes programs, clippings, invitations, notes and letters, photographs, ticket stubs, postcards, pen and ink drawings, music manuscripts, and other memorabilia. The photographs are of dorm rooms, campus buildings, Mrs. Dunn's cat,...

Kimball (Charles P.) Diaries, Vol 1

This is the first of four volumnes of diaries of Charles P Kimball covering the time period from January 1839 to December 1842. It is the daily record of a young man, 18 years old at the beginning, living on...

Kimball, (Charles P.) Papers, 1840-1920

This collection of Kimball documents includes: house papers from residences on Howard Street, a journal of daily life from 1840, a journal of daily life from 1851-1873, citizenship paperwork, a tenant’s agreement form, a deed from Harvey T.(?) Brown and...

Kimball (Charles P.) Papers, 1876-1908

This collection contains material both from and related to Charles P. Kimball. Correspondence, receipts and a memorial are included.

Kimball family papers, 1863-[ca. 1920]

Papers of William Augustus Kimball and his father, Nathan Kimball (1822-1898), pertaining to their military service and to the business interests of the son in Washington Territory.

Kimball (Katrine Rushton Fairclough) papers

Correspondence, regulations, and miscellany relating to physical therapy in British military hospitals during World War I.

Kimball (Laura F.) Papers

The Laura F. Kimball Papers consist of correspondence among botanists and collectors of ferns, mostly in the period 1889 to 1914. Includes a small number of plant lists (earliest 1886).

Kimball (Margaret) Interview for "Becoming Stanford, the Making of an American University"

Interview pertains to the history of Stanford University from its founding through the 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake.

Kimball (Rebecca M.) Papers

File contains handwritten receipts and correspondence between Rebecca M. Kimball and Charles B. Turrill, as well as Pastor Pond. Dates range from 1870-1924.

Kimball (Ruth Laird) Scrapbook

The scrapbook documents her student days at Stanford and includes photographs, student records and an entrance exam, letters and notes, receipts, invitations, postcards, clippings, programs, posters, and other memorabilia. Some items pertain to the Machrihanish Golf Club at Stanford. Also...

Kimball, Sandy Collection

A collection of research files and works by Sandy Kimball on mostly Lafayette and some county-wide topics. She wrote La Fayette: A Pictorial History and Moraga’s Pride.

Kimball (Thomas Lord) Papers

This collection consists of the personal and business papers of American railroad executive Thomas Lord Kimball (1831-1899) and is primarily focused on his activities with the Union Pacific Railroad.

Kimiko Matsui Kaneko : oral history transcript : an oral history / 24 April and 22 June, 2000.

Kaneko discusses her childhood in Signal Hill, California; living in Japan from 1928 to 1937; return to California; internment at Tule Lake during World War II; life after the war in Shasta and Berkeley, California.

Kimm (Diamond) collection on

This small collection chiefly contains photocopies of documents related to the deportation case of Diamond Kimm, a Korean resident of Los Angeles, whose legal case denying a suspension of deportation after refusing to say whether he was a Communist in...

Kimmel (Jess) papers

Jess Kimmel was a director and producer for radio, television and stage from the late 1930s to the early 1960s. The collection consists of script material, occasional notes, production information and/or publicity and materials believed to be related to Kimmel's...

Kimura (Toshio) Letters

Relates to conditions in the relocation camp and prospects for release. Includes letters from Mrs. T. Kimura.

Kincaid, George F. Photographs of a cabin from the George F. Kincaid papers.

Photographs show exterior and one interior views of a cabin or cabins, possibly at Phoebe Hearst's Wyntoon estate in Siskiyou County, California.

Kincaid Rolle (Sojourner) Papers

The papers of African-American poet and playwright, peacemaker, community activist, and television producer Sojourner Kincaid Rolle, have been established in CEMA. Her poetry includes chapbooks, inclusion in various anthologies and literary journals and a body of uncollected work, some of...

Kinch (Don) Collection

The Don Kinch Collection consists of 26 open reel audio recordings of jazz musician Don Kinch.

Kincheloe, Joe (papers)

This collection contains the academic papers of pedagogy theorist Joe Lyons Kincheloe, (December 14, 1950 – December 19, 2008).

Kinder, Richard C. (Second World War correspondence)

This collection contains three photocopied correspondence from Pvt. Richard C. Kinder, USA to his mother Abigail Kinder during the Second World War. This collection also contains a brief history of Richard Kinder and a transcription of the original letters.

Kindlerska (Stefania) typescript

Relates to Poles deported to Soviet Kazakhstan, 1940-1946.

Kinesiology Department. Class schedules and enrollment statistics.

Record Series 332 contains class schedules and enrollment statistics generated by UCLA's Kinesiology Department between 1920 and 1977.

Kinet (Urbain Joseph) papers

Belgian-American scientist (1909-1989); Station chief in Uvira, Belgian Congo, Institut pour la recherche scientifique en Afrique centrale (I.R.S.A.C), 1951-1960. Includes writings, field notes, reports, correspondence, maps, sound recordings, and photographs, relating to study of the ethnology, flora and fauna, mineralogy,...

King (Ben) Collection of Detroit Publishing Company Photochrom Views

Scenic photographic views, printed in color, of landscapes, urban locations and everyday life, taken throughout the American West. Other regions in the United States and abroad are also represented.

King Bros. Productions records

The King Bros. Productions records span the years 1940-1985 (bulk 1940-1968) and encompass circa 72 linear feet and 62 posters. The collection consists of business records, including production files and scripts, financial records, contracts, correspondence, scrapbooks, and photographs....

King (Byron) and Mrs. Byron King silent film music scores

Collection consists of published silent film music belonging to pianist Olive King Lindsay.

King (Charles) papers

Writings, notes, correspondence, copies of government documents, statistics, printed matter, and photographs relating to the history and ethnology of Moldova and to political, social, and economic conditions in Moldova. In part used as research material for the book by Charles...

King (Charles) Papers

A collection of correspondence of Charles King, American soldier, novelist and historian.

King Charles ye First His Physick Books

Collection contains manuscript volumes in unknown hand. Bookseller attributes possible authorship to Sir Théodore Turquet de Mayerne, son of the Hugenot historian and political theorist Louis Turquet de Mayerne, and physician to James I, Charles I, and Charles II (upon...

King City, Monterey County, California photograph album

Photographic album comprising 23 gelatin silver photographic prints showing King City, California and the Monterey Coal Company circa 1905.

King (Clarence) Papers

A collection of professional and personal material related to Clarence King, American geologist, mining engineer, and writer.

King (Coretta Scott) at Stanford University [Videorecording]

Coretta Scott King, visiting the Martin Luther King, Jr. Papers Project at Stanford University in November, spoke on ending apartheid in South Africa. Includes original 3/4 inch cassette and DVD viewing copy.

King (David R.) Gay Rights Collection

This collection consists of a scrapbook and 29 loose items compiled by gay rights supporter David R. King. The bulk of the items date from 1977-1979 and deal with gay rights issues, especially with Anita Bryant's activities in Dade County,...

King (David W.) papers

Diary, orders, correspondence, and memorabilia, relating to French and American military operations in World War I, the American consular service in Ethiopia in 1926, and Office of Strategic Services activities in North Africa during World War II.

King Family papers

Andrew Jackson King (1836- ) was a lawyer (1858- ), district judge, a member of the California Legislature (1859-1860), and later, a Los Angeles county judge (1869). He also published the , the first daily newspaper south of San Francisco...

King (Frank H. H.) motion picture film

Depicts scenes in Shanghai, Peking, Nanking, Yenan and elsewhere in China; members of the American mission to China headed by General George C. Marshall; American food relief distribution in China; communist forces in China; and the Chinese communist leader Zhou...

King (Frank Haviland) papers

Memoirs, correspondence, newsletters, clippings, other printed matter, and photographs, relating to American intervention in Siberia during the Russian Civil War, and to subsequent activities of veterans of the American Expeditionary Forces in Siberia. Includes unrelated letters to F. H. King...

King (Frank M.) Papers

This collection contains the papers of American author, rancher, and cowboy Frank M. King (1863-1953), who served as a columnist and associate editor of the Western Livestock Journal. Includes manuscripts of King's writings about his life and the history of...

King (Gertrude Besse) writings

Letters and newspaper dispatches, relating to conditions in Russia, Romania, and Bulgaria during World War I. Photocopy.

King (Gertrude) papers

The papers primarily consist of correspondence, reports, memoranda, pamphlets, and serial issues, relating to internment of Japanese Americans during World War II, and to placement of Japanese-American students in colleges. Also includes records of the National Japanese American Student Relocation...

King (Gertrude) typescript

Relates to the history of Gdansk and to territorial disputes between Germany and Poland regarding its possession following the end of World War I. Seminar paper.

King (Gwendolyn B.) Papers, White House Central Files, 1969-1974

Gwendolyn B. King served as Director of Correspondence for the First Lady. Her responsibilities included answering all mail received by Mrs. Nixon, Julie and David Eisenhower, and Tricia and Edward Cox. Mail addressed to the President and Mrs. Nixon was...

King (Henry L.) Documents

File contains 3 handwritten letters to Henry L. King, 1 offical copy of minutes from the Board Meeting of City Hall Commissioners, King's Society of California Pioneers membership form, King's original business license, a deed of shares, a booklet of...

King (Henry) papers

The Henry King papers span the years 1923-1981 and encompass 8 linear feet. The collection contains scripts and/or annotated copies of original source material; a small amount of production material; awards and certificates; biographical data; contracts; correspondence, the bulk of...

King Huber Collection

King sometimes used file folders twice, simply folding them the other way so that they ended up with two labels. I wanted to confirm which label was correct before giving them to the park. There are about 7 linear feet...

King James Bible leaves, 1611

Three original leaves from the Book of Amos, the Book of Daniel, and the Book of Ezekiel. Gift in memory of Roger Wayne Knight. [Oversize boxed]. Alpha list.

King (Jay) Memorial Boards

Two memorial boards and a memorial service program documenting the life of Jay King (June 23, 1958-January 26, 2019). King was a Black gay man and dancer. He danced with Alvin Ailey and Dance Theater of Harlem before moving to...

King (Joseph Choate) papers

Diary and memoirs, relating to American military activities in the Philippines, during the Punitive Expedition into Mexico, and in World War I.

King Kong collection

The collection consists of typescripts related to various film and book adaptations of the fictional character King Kong. Items in the collection include an edited screenplay, novelization, and an unpublished novel all related to Edgar Wallace's 1933 screenplay. Also included...

King (Leland W.)

The Leland W. King papers are composed of personal and professional correspondence, plans, photographs, brochures, booklets, reports, manuscripts and research. The materials document King's work with the post office, the State Department's Office of Foreign Buildings Operations (FBO), restoration of...

King (Lillie Mae Ransom) Photographs and Papers

The Lillie Mae King (Ransom) collection is comprised of photographs and ephemera documenting the Ransom family as well as documentation from her tenure as Secretary of the Western Addition Community Organization (WACO). Types of material include family photos, religious and...

King (Martin Luther), Jr., Birthday Celebration Videorecording

Tape of the celebration of Martin Luther King, Jr.'s, birthday at Stanford University, 1987, with featured speaker Jesse Jackson; other speakers include Steve Phillips, president of the Black Students Union, and Professor William B. Gould.

King, Molly Oral History

King discusses her life story beginning in Texas, to her marriage and life in Santa Paula

King (Noel Q.) papers

This collection contains manuscripts, interviews and copies of works written primarily in the Luganda language, with many English translations by Ugandan and other writers, from the era of the newly independent Uganda and the proceeding Protectorate, used as a reference...

King (Norman D.) papers

Orders, memoranda, intelligence reports, notebook, clippings, maps, and photographs, relating to activities of the XVI Corps in Europe during World War II.

King (Paul R.) Collection

Collection of posters and one DVD. Most of the posters were previously hanging in the the San Francisco gay S/M bar “The Cave.” Subjects include: Ladies and Gentlemen: Phatima Rude (DVD and poster); bondage; sadomasochism; San Francisco Gay and Lesbian...

King Petar II Karadordevic miscellaneous papers

Correspondence and announcements, relating to the Yugoslav exile government during World War II, resistance movements in occupied Yugoslavia, politics and government, and Yugoslav emigre politics. Photocopy.

King (Robert B.) Fuze Collection Documents

The Robert B. King Fuze Collection Documents, 1943-1945, donated with the fuzes, include a set of the Confidential Bulletins of Section L (OSRD Contract OEMsr-418), as well as several technical manuals published by the U.S.Navy. All materials have been declassified.

King (Robert Lee) Family Papers

This collection documents Robert Lee King's distinguished 38-year career with the Southern Pacific Company.

King (Rufus) Papers

This collection contains correspondence of American statesman and diplomat Rufus King (1755-1827), dating from 1782 until 1830, related to United States Department of State communications including negotiations with Great Britain; intelligence bearing on the tension between the United States and...

King (Thomas M.) Papers

The Thomas M. King Papers includes materials related to King's historic preservation work in San Jose, perticularly as it relates to the San Jose Survey of Historic and Archaeological Sites; and various edited manuscripts of King's published work

King (Thomas Starr) Collection

Thomas Starr King (1824 - 1864) was a Unitarian and Universalist minister and popular lecturer. Son of a Universalist minister who served in New York and Massachusetts, he also served churches in the Boston area. He accepted a call to...

King (Tom) photographs

The Tom King photographs, circa 1955-1970, (SAFR 23853, P02-015) are comprised mainly of photographs of cargo handling and fishing activities, likely on the waterfront of San Francisco, California. The collection has been processed to the Collection level and is open...

King Wyles letter to his brother, R. B. Wyles, 1862 March 11.

One holograph letter written by King Wyles in Washington, D.C., to his brother, R. B. Wyles, stating that he is engaged in Brigadier General [Andrew] Porter's office.

Kingery (Ralph T.) Collection

This small collection consists of nine folders of military records, three books, and a military flag which was presented to the family at Mr. Kingery's funeral.

Kingman (Alden H.) Gold Rush Letters

Manuscript letters by prospector and gold miner Alden H. Kingman, detailing his experiences in Tuolumne County, California, and later in San Francisco.

Kingman (Daniel) Papers

Contains correspondence, publications, music sheets, scores and instruments pertaining to Daniel Kingman, an American composer, author, and Professor Emeritus at California State University, Sacramento.

Kingman (Dong) papers

The Dong Kingman papers span the years 1961-1975 and encompass less than 1 linear foot of manuscripts and photographs, and 567 artworks. The artwork includes drawings and storyboards for the title sequences of FLOWER DRUM SONG (1961), CIRCUS WORLD (1964),...

Kingman (Harry L.) Papers

Correspondence, manuscripts of writings and speeches, subject files, tear sheets and reprints of writings, and clippings, relating mainly to his long career as executive director of the University of California YMCA (Stiles Hall); work in China with the International Committee...

Kingman (Ruth W.) Papers Related to the Pacific Coast Committee on American Principles and Fair Play

Ruth W. Kingman was the Executive Secretary of the Pacific Coast Committee on American Principles and Fair Play. The collection consists of correspondence and other papers related to the activities of that organization and Ruth W. Kingman's involvement in it....

Kingmasters records

Constitution, bylaws, meeting minutes, correspondence, flyers, event programs, questionnaires, membership lists, and a photograph, 1972-1983, from Kingmasters in Los Angeles. Kingmasters was a gay men's social group formed to promote fraternity between organizations and the community in general with an...

[Kings and princes of England] [graphic].

Portraits of Alfred the Great; Henry I; Henry II; Richard I; Edward III; Edward, Prince of Wales and Aquitaine.

[Kings County Packing Co. (Armona, Calif.) photograph collection].

Photographs of the buildings, grounds, fields, orchards and facilities of the Kings County Packing Co. plant of Armona, Calif.

King's River Canyon Sierra Club Trip photograph album

Photograph album containing 71 black and white photographs accompanied by titles and captions documenting the two week trek through Kings River Canyon by the Sierra Club, August 16-31, 1930. Also included is a copy of "This is Santa Fe" by...

Kings River collection

The collection consists of miscellaneous materials pertaining to the history and development of the Kings River, California, and the construction of the Kings River Project.

Kingsbury (Albert G.) lantern slide collection

The Albert G. Kingsbury lantern slide collection, circa 1880-1930, bulk 1897-1915, (SAFR 23857, P97-025) is comprised mainly of photographs of Alaska and the Yukon Territory of Canada during the Klondike Gold Rush and Nome Gold Rush as well as photographs...

Kingsley Art Club records

The Kingsley Art Club records consists of 10 linear feet of administrative records, newsletters, scrapbooks and exhibition information. The collection is arranged into five series: Series 1. Administrative records, Series 2. Annual art show exhibitions, Series 3. Scrapbooks, Series 4....

Kingsley family papers, [ca. 1859-1902]

Diaries, 1859, 1860, 1871 of John T. Mason, Colusa Co., primarily re barging on Sacramento River between Red Bluff and Sacramento, and ranching and drayage in Colusa Co.; diaries, 1874 and 1875, of Caroline A. Kingsley of Red Bluff, regarding...

Kingsley (George L.) Letters

Family and business letters....

Kingston Collection

The collection contains correspondence, documents, and financial records (mainly bills and receipts) of the Beal and Holmes families. There are a number of items from the Civil War era....

Kingston (Maxine Hong) Papers

The Maxine Hong Kingston Papers contain typescripts, proofs and galleys, announcements, reviews, and related material for Kingston's books, and , as well as other material related to her writing. The collection dates from 1952 to 1999 and has been...

Kinney (Troy) Etchings and Engravings

This collection consists of 22 color intaglio prints by Troy Kinney featuring dancers and dance performances, produced from 1915 to 1928. Among the dancers represented in these prints are Vaslav Nijinski, Adeline Genée, Anna Pavlova, Alexandre Volinin, and Doris Niles....

Kino (Gordon S.) Papers

Condolence letters, memorial programs, and articles re Kino's life; photograph album from Kino's retirement party; patent files related to Therma-Wave, Inc. & Boxer Cross, Inc.; miscellaneous publications....

Kinsey Anderson papers, circa 1950-1993.

Materials related to the professional career of UCB Physics Professor Kinsey Anderson. The collection includes correspondence; conference and meeting programs and schedules; papers delivered; committee review materials for various programs and fellowships; research proposals for the Physics Dept. and Space...

Kinsey (Darius R.) Photograph Album

This album includes photographs taken by Darius R. Kinsey of railroad and logging operations in Washington state.

The Kinsey Sicks Collection

The Kinsey Sicks are a drag a cappella ensemble who bill themselves as “America’s Favorite Dragapella Beautyshop Quartet.” The collection is arranged into six series: Administrative Records; Production Materials; Press and Publicity; Photographs; Audiovisual and Optical Media; and Textiles, Memorabilia,...

Kinsley (Wil) Plaques

Plaques from Larry's (S&M bar) donated by Wil Kinsley. He bartender at Larry's, 1975-1977 and later the Detour bar in Silverlake.

Kinter (Dean) photographs of the Golden Gate Bridge and Bay Bridge construction

The collection of photographs taken by Dean Kinter document the daily work on the construction of the bridges and also includes some miscellaneous manuscripts.

Kintner (William R.) papers

The William R. Kintner papers document the career of an important American foreign policy analyst whose career spanned the Cold War. The bulk of the papers consists of correspondence, much of it deriving from Kintner's leadership role in the Foreign...

Kinzie, Robert A. Photographs from the Robert A. Kinzie papers [graphic]

Views are primarily of mines and mining facilities in Alaska and Mexico. Alaskan views include Juneau, Thane, Treadwell, and mining facilities identified as "A.G.M. Co." (Alaska Gastineau Mining Co.?) Many scenic views as well as mining-related views. A professionally produced...

Kiosko (Literatura de)

"Kiosk literature" (literatura de kiosco), were sold at kiosks on the street in Spain and encompass a great number of different subjects and subgenres within the genre of the novelette, from the comic genre, the detective novel, and the novel...

Kiperash Family Farm Records

Records from former Kiperash family land near Penitencia Creek, San Jose, comprising mainly prune picking ledgers.

The Kipling Club [graphic]

A caricature of club member's faces on the bodies of monkeys in a tree, one branch of which is labelled "Bandar-log". Some play musical instruments. Members identified as: J.B. Landfield, W. Strunk, Jr., H. Morse Stephens, F.C.S. Schiller, F. Cutts,...

Kirby (Edmund) Papers

The collection consists of correspondence by Edmund Kirby. There are a few letters written to him as well as correspondence by other Kirby family members.

Kirby (Gustavus T.) papers

Reports, correspondence, clippings, map, and card file, relating to relief in Belgium during World Wars I and II, exchange of Belgian and American Fellows through the C.R.B. Educational Foundation, and charitable and goodwill efforts of the Friends of Belgium.

Kirchner (Klaus) collection

World War II Soviet propaganda broadsides, leaflets and flyers, aimed at German troops and the German population.

Kirchner (Mark) Proposition 8 Photographs

Mark Kirchner black and white photographs on the passage of California's Proposition 8. The photographs are reproductions of displayed images at a Center in Long Beach exhibit in 2009.

Kirgo (George) Papers

The George Kirgo Papers consist of feature film and television scripts written by Kirgo throughout his career as a screen and television writer, as well as personal and professional papers, particularly related to his time as President of the Writers...

Kirk Family Papers

This small collection contains papers of the Kirk family, a well-established Pennsylvania Quaker family. The majority of the collection consists of family letters, notes, cards and invitations between members of the Kirk, Inskeep, and Ridgway families.

Kirk (Mary) Document

File contains original deed of property, signed to Mary Kirk (also known as Sister Mary DeSales). It is signed November 25th, 1904, for property in Monterey County.

Kirk (Paul L.) Papers

The Paul L. Kirk papers consist of the research, writings and correspondence of Professor Kirk.

Kirk (Ruth Falkenburg) Collection

This is a collection of articles and manuscripts written by Ruth Falkenburg Kirk, mostly regarding Zuni fetishes, from 1939-1950. Materials include a lecture given by Kirk, and a catalog of Zuni ceremonial jars for sale, which includes photographs and one...

[Kirk Thompson photographs of Isleton, Calif.].

Documentary views of Isleton, Calif. in the Sacramento River Delta.

Kirk, William A. Letters, 1864 May

Three holograph letters, all written to various sources in May 1864, regarding his promotion and command.

Kirkendall (Emit A.) Papers

Emit Akins Kirkendall (1878 June 1 - 1958 January 23) was a Spanish-American War veteran, an inventor of agricultural tools, and a real estate agent in Baker, Oregon. His collection of papers, correspondence, photographs, and memorabilia span from 1899-1977 and...

Kirk-Greene (A. H. M.) papers

Regulations, statutes, instructions, reports, maps, writings, letters, manifestos, pamphlets, and election campaign literature, relating to political parties in Nigeria and other African countries, and especially to the elections of 1980 in Zimbabwe.

Kirkhuff & Schaaf drawing of the San Marcos building addition

The Kirkhuff & Schaaf drawing of the San Marcos building addition spans 3 linear feet and dates from circa 1920. The collection is composed of a single drawing in the form of a reprographic copy. Drawing is of a first...

Kirkland (John F.) Documents

Correspondence about operating manuals, maintenance manuals, parts lists, a Baldwin Locomotive Works master maintenance bulletin book, and an illustrated parts list sent by John Kirkland to Dick Hulbert from 1984-1986. Subjects include: Baldwin-Hamilton Company's order writing practices, 5208 series fan...

Kirkland (John F.) Letter

Letter (April 2, 1971) from John F. Kirkland to Francis A. Guido regarding an accident to two Kaiser Bauxite diesel locomotives.

Kirkpatrick (Paul Harmon) Autobiography

General reminiscences about his life, including recollections about his work and colleagues at Stanford. Also includes a bibliography....

Kirkpatrick (Paul Harmon) papers

Correspondence, memoranda, and reports, relating to security clearance procedures for education advisers in the United States International Cooperation Administration, and to education in the Philippines, especially the teaching of physics at the University of the Philippines.

Kirk/Spock Slash Fiction Zine collection

31 Kirk/Spock slash fiction zines, 1978-1986, based on characters from the 1966-1969 television series "Star Trek", including five issues of , six issues of , and five issues of the series.

Kirkwood (Carla) Collection

The collection pertains to social activist Carla Kirkwood and is related to her interest in women’s rights, the working class, and her art projects.

Kirrene, Gerald Trade Card Collection

This is a collection of trade cards from various business in Sacramento from 1870 to 1910, collected and organized by Gerald T. Kirrene.

Kirsch (Adam)

The Adam Kirsch papers consists of writing notebooks, poetry drafts, correspondence, research notes, book manuscripts, newspaper clippings, book reviews, correspondence, and other materials from the poet and literary critic Adam Kirsch....

Kirsch (Robert R.) Collection

The collection contains approximately 400 b/w publicity photographs of literary figures whose books were sent for review by Robert Kirsch. They are arranged alphabetically by surname. In a few instances, a photograph's credits may refer to a given author but...

Kirsch (Robert R.) Papers

Robert R. Kirsch (1922-1980) was a journalist, lecturer and author. He worked as a reporter, feature writer and literary critic for various southern California newspapers, was a lecturer in journalism at UCLA (1953,1959-60,1961-72), dean of college at International Community College...

Kirschbaum (Mark W.) collection

Interrogation summary, flyers, photographs, and miscellany, relating to the Russian Civil War in Siberia and Mongolia. Copy.

Kirschbraun, Son and Company correspondence, 1879-1880.

Contains (18 items) letters, some on business letterhead, between Louis Kirschbraun and H. M. Jacobs discussing business matters; and letters to them from various suppliers and vendors. There is information about availability, prices, shipments, needs, etc.

Kirst (Michael W.) papers

Reports, memoranda, correspondence, statistics, notes, working papers, clippings, and other printed matter, relating to education in Hong Kong and elsewhere. Includes material used in preparation of the published report, Perspective on Education in Hong Kong: Report by a Visiting Panel...

Kirstein (Roman) collection

Serial issues, leaflets, and other printed matter, relating to the Solidarnosc movement in Poland. Includes many local Solidarnosc issuances.

Kirwan (Ed) ASUC Photograph Archive

Photographs of student life, athletics, campus events, and buildings and grounds at the University of California, Berkeley, chiefly from 1942 into the 1970s. The photographs were created by the ASUC Photography Department, headed by Ed Kirwan from about 1957, and...

Kirwan (J. W.) typescript

Relates to activities of Herbert Hoover as a mining engineer in Australia in the 1890s.

Kiss (Istvan) papers

Correspondence, identification and personal documents, clippings, serial issues, photographs, and slides, relating to social and political conditions in Hungary, and to Austro-Hungarian participation in World War I. Includes some papers of the father of István Kiss, also named István Kiss...

Kissinger (Henry A.) Office Files, National Security Council Files, 1968-1975

The Henry A. Kissinger (HAK) Office Files consist of materials documenting the day to day administration of the NSC, the planning of Kissinger’s trips abroad, negotiations with foreign governments, and Kissinger’s office files. These files are Presidential historical materials as...

Kissinger (Henry A.) Telephone Conversation Transcripts (Telcons), National Security Council Files, 01/21/1969 - 08/08/1974

The Kissinger telephone conversation transcripts consist of approximately 20,000 pages of transcripts of Kissinger’s telephone conversations during his tenure as Assistant to the President for National Security Affairs (1969-1974) and Secretary of State (1973-1974) during the administration of President Richard...

Kistler Family papers

This small archive consists mainly of information relating to Olga Ritso's family history, and Walter Kistler's scientific work. It illustrates the interconnectivity between Estonia and the US in the twentieth century.

Kistler (Jessie Rua), "Tennyson's Flora" Thesis

Additional handwritten manuscript of thesis (M.A.) submitted to the Stanford University Department of English in April, 1911.

Kistler Printing and Lithography Collection

William A. Kistler established a printing business in Los Angeles in 1910. After World War I he purchased a lithography firm where both he and his son practiced lithography for several years. The collection contains the commercial work of Kistler...

Kistner, Wright & Wright drawings of the Betsy Ross School Extended Day Care Center addition

The Kistner, Wright & Wright drawings of the Betsy Ross School Extended Day Care Center addition spans 3 linear feet and dates from 1963. The collection is composed of 16 architectural drawings in the form of blueprints. Drawings include: a...

Kiszczak (Czeslaw) writings

Speeches, writings, interview transcripts, correspondence, notes, printed matter, photographs, and videotapes, relating to political conditions in Poland and to the transition from communist to post-communist government.

Kit Carson Ranch Records

The Kit Carson Ranch was operated by the Shade family in Riverside, California during the early 20th century. The collection contains papers and photographs that document the history of the Ranch and the Shade family.

Kita Shina Fūbutsu Shashin Gashū - Northern China and Tibet Scenes Photograph Album

Kita Shina Fūbutsu Shashin Gashū (title in Japanese on cover), "Northern China Landscape Photograph Collection." An album of 91 tipped-in black and white photographs with captions and descriptions in Japanese showing various sights and locations in China, Tibet and Manchuria...

Kitagawa (Kay I.) collection

Military manuals, syllabi, exercises, and maps, used by the United States Military Intelligence Service Language School at Camp Savage, Minnesota, relating to the organization of the Japanese army and to the study of the Japanese language. Includes Japanese swords, rifle...

Kitaj (R.B.) papers

R.B. Kitaj was an influential and controversial American artist who lived in London for much of his life. He is the creator of many major works including; (1964), 1972-3; (1975-76) and (1983-4). Throughout his artistic career, Kitaj drew inspiration from...

Kitaji (Masuo) papers

Masuo Kitaji was a Japanese American Salvation Army captain. The collection contains English-language printed Bibles (digitized versions available) annotated by Kitaji with Japanese translations and other commentary as well as Japanese WWII internment newspapers and other materials.

Kitano (Harry H. L.) Papers

Harry Kitano was born in San Francisco, Calif. on Feb. 14, 1926 to Motoji and Kou Yuki Kitano. After the bombing of Pearl Harbor, the Kitano family was sent to the Assembly Center at the Santa Anita Race Track in...

Kitch (Kenneth Haun) Papers

Kenneth Haun Kitch was a former journalism professor at California State Polytechnic College, San Luis Obispo. His collection contains research materials, correspondence, and oral history recordings that Kenneth Haun Kitch conducted for an unpublished book that he was working on...

Kitchel (Denison) papers

Speeches and writings, correspondence, memoranda, and clippings, relating to American politics, and especially to the 1964 presidential campaign of Barry Goldwater.

Kitchen videos and records, The

The Kitchen has been a center for innovative artistic activity since its founding in 1971. Operating as a meeting place between disciplines in New York, the space has fostered the development of experimental artwork across music, video, dance, performance, and...

Kitchin family USC memorabilia

Cap worn by Harry Kitchin, School of Pharmacy, 1920s; baseball cap worn by Philip Kitchin, circa 1947-1951; NROTC sailor cap, circa 1951; George Tirebiter t-shirt, 1989; and USS Bausell memento.

Kitchin (George) typescript

Relates to conditions in Soviet concentration camps, 1928-1932. Translation published as Prisoner of the OGPU (New York, 1935)

Kititsyn (Captain) order

Relates to White Russian naval activities at Vladivostok.

Kittredge (George Lyman) collection

Letters, broadsides, and pamphlets, relating to World War I fundraising and relief.

Kittredge (Letain Thom) Papers

This small collection consists of photocopies of published materials relating to U. S. Naval aviation in World War I, especially around San Diego. There is also a photocopy of an unpublished manuscript written by Kittredge about his backpacking adventures in...

Kittredge (Mabel Hyde) miscellaneous papers

Summary of mortality statistics for Lille, France, during the German occupation in World War I, prepared by Dr. DuCamp; and an offprint of a journal article, entitled Taking Care of Belgium, by M. H. Kittredge, 1915, relating to relief work...

Kittredge (Tracy B.) papers

Correspondence, reports, writings, notes, and clippings, relating to the Commission for Relief in Belgium, 1914-1924; the Paris Peace Conference, 1919; the controversy between Admiral W. S. Sims and Secretary of the Navy Josephus Daniels, 1919-1920; the League of Red Cross...

Kittson (W. A.) Central Australia Collection

Two photo albums and other material relating to a "Reso" railroad and motor car tour organized to give Australian businessmen knowledge of the area's resources.

Kitzinger (Ernst) Papers

Art historian specializing in Byzantine, early Christian, and early medieval art. The papers document Kitzinger's scholarly contribution to the history of late antique, early Christian, Byzantine, and early medieval art. The collection consists of offprints of his published work, research...

Kivelson (Margaret G.) papers

Margaret G. Kivelson is a professor of Space Physics, Emerita in UCLA's Department of Earth and Space Sciences and the Institute of Geophysics and Planetary Physics. This collection, spanning 1950–2008, focuses on Kivelson’s research on magnetospheric plasma physics of Earth,...

Kiyohara (Danzo) Papers

Danzō Kiyohara was born ca. 1881 in Kumamoto Prefecture, Japan. He arrived in the United States in 1894 and attended the University of California. Later he became a businessman in Southern California and was active in various business ventures including...

Kiyoshi and Kiyoko Tokutomi papers, ca. 1940-2003.

The Tokutomi papers fill 50 manuscript boxes with over 6000 items. In addition to documents and correspondence, there are ca. 1000 photographs and some ephemera. Much of the material is in Japanese. The papers are organized into two series: Personal...

Kizer (Harry J.) Collection, ca. 1898

Album of photos from the Spanish-American War in the Philippines, where Kizer served. Folder holds photograph of a ship taken by J. D. Givens. Also, postcards of California and other locales.

Kjellson (Per) video tapes collection

Relates to the adoption of constitutions in post-communist states of Eastern Europe.

KKSF Collection

232 open reel tapes of radio advertisments played on San Francisco radio in late 1986.

Klain, James M. Photographic images of Royce Hall.

Record Series 616 contains photographic images of Royce Hall at the University of California, Los Angeles, taken and assembled by James M. Klain.

Klain, James M. School of Theater, Film & Television photographs.

Record Series 671 contains photographs taken and/or collected by James M. Klain on behalf of UCLA's School of Theater, Film, and Television.

Klain (Julius) Collection of Collection of Photographs

Collection consists of commercial portraits of European and American opera singers (including Victoria de Los Angeles, Anton van Rooy, Lillian Nordica, and Edouard de Reszke, several of which are autographed.

Klamath Forest Alliance Collection

The collection was created by the Klamath Forest Alliance (KFA) and Felice Pace (Mr.). Between the late 1980s and 2010, KFA, with Felice as its leader, played major roles in the "timber wars" in northwest California and southwest Oregon, including...

Klaminskii (Sergei N.) writings

Relates to Russian military history, especially during the period of World War I and the Russian Revolution and Civil War. Microfilm.

Klapp (Orrin Edgar) Papers

The documents the sociologist's career as a professor, naval officer, and professor at San Diego State College from 1949 to 1969. The collection is comprised of information pertaining to the history of the Hydrographic Office during WWII, correspondence to and...

Klara Furst-Heinam diary, circa 1879-1950

Manuscript diary in German, inscribed "Meine Leiden & Freuden," ca. 1879-1950; later years in New Berlin, New York. Alpha list.

Klatil (Frantisek) papers

Writings and biographical data, relating to political conditions in Czechoslovakia, and especially to the history of the socialist movement in Czechoslovakia.

Klatt (Werner) collection

Reports and memoranda, 1940-1944, issued by various German government agencies, relating to German food supply policy during World War II. Includes a report by W. Klatt, 1946, relating to German food policy.

Klauber (Alice E.) Papers

This collection contains the personal papers of Alice E. Klauber, including numerous travel journals from her journeys through Europe and Asia, as well as diaries chronicling her life in California. It also contains pencil sketches and watercolors of landscapes, people,...

Klauber Family Theater Scrapbook Collection

consists of three scrapbooks containing programs for various performance arts events from 1896 to 1932. Various performing arts events include theater shows, recitals, operas, Califa, a historical California pageant, and other miscellaneous productions the Klauber family attended. Most of the...

Klauber (Laurence M.) Field Notes

The Laurence M. Klauber Field Notes, 1923-1967 collection consists of bound volumes of annual diaries detailing Klauber's herpetological collecting trips and research.

Klauber Theater and Concert Programs Collection

This is a theater and concert programs/playbills collection saved by Mrs. Melville Klauber, contained in three scrapbooks. Includes San Diego, Rome, New York, London, and San Francisco, among others. Includes travel diary entries and various ephemera such as travel and...

Klaus (Vaclav) miscellany

Printed copies of writings, a few drafts of printed writings, certificates, and miscellany, relating to political and economic conditions in the Czech Republic.

Klavins (Aleksandrs) letters

Relates to conditions in Soviet prison camps. Includes photograph and obituary.

Klebingat (Captain Fred K.) collection of Ernest Aderman photographs

The Captain Fred K. Klebingat collection of Ernest Aderman photographs, 1912-1974, bulk 1930-1945, (SAFR 23377, P77-015) is comprised mainly of photographs of yachts and other sailing vessels that Ernest Aderman worked on, mostly on the Pacific Coast of the United...

Klebingat (Captain Fred K.) photograph collection

The Captain Fred K. Klebingat photograph collection, circa 1900-1961, bulk 1925-1927, (SAFR 23381, P80-050) is comprised mainly of photographs of crew and sailing vessels that Klebingat worked on, the majority of which are of Zane Grey's South Seas fishing voyage...

Kleczynski (Bohdan) papers

Diary, letters, military and personal identification documents, printed matter, and photographs, relating to an alleged assassination attempt on General Wladyslaw Sikorski, prime minister of the Polish government-in-exile, in 1942, and to Polish air operations during World War II. Includes posthumous...

Kleiber (Max) Papers

Personal letters, files, and workbooks, publication reprints, photographs, tapes of speeches, diaries and personal manuscripts, as well as academic files and correspondence relating to Kleiber's research on animal metabolism.

Klein (Allen) "Moon Over Miami" Fundraiser Collection

Klein organized the "Moon Over Miami" event in 1977 to benefit the Miami Gay Support Committee's fight against Anita Bryant's anti-homosexual campaign. The success of the benefit led to a few other fundraising events for the anti-Briggs Initiative (a.k.a. No...

Klein (Arthur L.) Papers

The Papers of Arthur L. Klein (1928-1974) represent a small collection divided between correspondence, teaching files, technical material relating to wind tunnels and airplane design, and personal data. Researchers should also consult the following related collections: the Papers of Theodore...

Klein (Barbara) for Los Angeles City Council

Correspondence, clippings, topical files, and government publications pertaining to, or collected by the staff of, Barbara Klein's 1979 election campaign.

Klein (Donald F.) papers

Donald Franklin Klein, Professor emeritus in the Department of Psychiatry at Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons, is a psychiatrist and researcher who revolutionized psychiatric thinking through his discovery in 1960 that imipramine, a recently-developed psychotropic medication, was effective...

Klein (Edward L.) photographs

Collection consists of medium format snapshots and photographs of Los Angeles during the 1960s and early 1970s by photographer Edward L. Klein (1907-1984).

Klein (Eleanor) papers

Eleanor Klein received her Master's Degree in Social Work from USC in 1953 and held many positions as a social worker in Los Angeles thereafter. She held several positions within the local Southern California chapter of the American Association of...

Klein (Fred) papers

DVDs of the television interview show (2010-2018) hosted by Fred Klein of Santa Barbara, California, as well as other materials, including show notes (with clippings) prepared by Klein, and material related to Klein's time as the vice president of marketing...

Klein (H. Arthur) Papers

H. Arthur Klein (b. 1907) was a journalist and author. He lived in Berlin and London, and worked for news services as a feature writer and reporter. The collection consists of Klein's correspondence, manuscripts, publishers files, researchers files, photographs, diaries,...

Klein (Herbert G.) papers

The Herbert G. Klein papers contain detailed records of the day to day activities of Herbert G. Klein, University of Southern California alumnus and trustee, journalist, editor and first White House Director of Communications. Included are records from all phases...

Klein (Herbert G.) Papers

Herbert G. Klein was born in Los Angeles in 1918 and died in San Diego in 2009. He married Marjorie G. Galbraith in Long beach in 1941. After serving for four years as an officer in the Navy, Herb Klein...

Klein (Herbert G.) Papers, White House Special Files, 1969-1973

Herb Klein was the Director of Communications for the Executive Branch. In this capacity he coordinated the public relations activities of the White House and the Federal agencies. The Special Files contain only a small segment of the overall Klein...

Klein (Herbert S.) collection

The collection is comprised of printed matter and research materials relating to the history and modern politics of Bolivia. The printed matter consists of pamphlets, monographs, and serial issues that largely pertain to Bolivian leftist authors and organizations. The research...

Klein (Jay Kay) photographs and papers on science fiction fandom

This collection is primarily comprised of photographs, negatives, and slides taken by Jay Kay Klein as he documented Science Fiction & Fantasy fandom over the course of many years. The majority of images were taken by Klein while attending Science...

Klein (Jessica) Collection

The Jessica Klein Collection, 1981-2006, consists of scripts and other material related to Klein's career as a TV writer and producer. The collection includes scripts and correspondence related to Beverly Hills, 90210, Capitol, and Truth or Consequences and also includes...

Klein (Jonathan H.) Papers

A set of specifications for the Cal Trains / SP San Francisco Subdivision fleet of Gallery cars and locomotives, ordered for Caltrain / Peninsula Corridor Joint Powers Board.

Klein (Julius) correspondence

Relates to a projected book by J. Klein on the Irish nationalist leader Sir Roger Casement. Includes a clipping and a statement by George Bernard Shaw regarding Sir Roger Casement. Photocopy.

Klein (Julius) papers

Transcripts of radio broadcasts, transcripts of speeches, and correspondence, relating to American economic conditions, foreign trade, and economic policy during the administration of President Herbert Hoover.

Klein (Ronald), "The Challenge of Individualism," Senior Class Oration Typescript

Typescript of Senior Class Oration speech written and presented by Ronald Klein for Seniors Day, 1949....

Klein (Violet Atkins) Papers

Violet Atkins Klein wrote novels, short fiction, and scripts for radio and television. The collection documents the writing process, including research materials and drafts. The legal materials document Klein's interaction with the publishing industry, and her efforts to have script...

Kleinberg (Judy) papers

Judy Kleinberg is an artist that appears to be mostly involved in the mail art scene. The collection consists of subject files and files pertaining to The 20 ANSWERS Mail Art Collaboration created by Kleinberg and Harry Warschauer in the...

Kleiner (Herman) Collection

This collection contains items collected by Herman Kleiner, dating from 1942 to 1944 (and one item from 1992). The contents include mostly newspaper articles and reports, but also includes correspondence about Japanese American students. Most the items relate to Japanese...

Kleiner Perkins, venture capital, and the chairmanship of Genentech, 1976-1995 : oral history transcript / 2002.

Founding Kleiner & Perkins [later Kleiner Perkins Caulfield and Byers] and early investments in Tandem Computers and Genentech; chairmanship of Genentech board of directors and executive committee; hiring Robert Swanson at Kleiner & Perkins and initial dealings with Swanson and...

Kleingartner serial issue

Anti-communist propaganda camouflaged as a serial issue and distributed in East Germany.

Kleinhans (Eleanor M.) collection

Serial issues, correspondence, pamphlets, reports, flyers, serial issues, and other printed matter relating to various peace movements and activist causes throughout the United States, such as disarmament, draft opposition, nuclear energy opposition, foreign policy reform, and opposition to wars in...

Kleinrock (Leonard) papers

Leonard Kleinrock, UCLA faculty in Computer Science since 1964. He received his BA from CCNY and MA and PhD from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Kleinrock ran the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) Network Measurement Center (NMC), the first...

Kleinschmidt (Hans J.) Research Files

German-born psychiatrist with a deep interest in German expressionism and Dada. Kleinschmidt was concerned with trends in art and literature from the turn of the century to the end of the Weimar Republic. This collection consists of unpublished letters, published...

Kleiser (Randal) papers

This collection consists of scripts and video tapes of American director, producer, screenwriter, and actor Randal Kleiser (born 1946).

Klemin (Alexander) papers

Alexander Klemin (1888-1950) was the head of the Aeronautics Department at MIT (1917), head of the Guggenheim School of Aeronautics at New York University's College of Engineering (1925-45), and the author of , , and . The collection contains correspondence,...

Klemm (V.) writings

Autobiographical sketch, 1926; a history, entitled Ocherk Revoliutsionnykh Sobytii v Russkoi Srednei Azii (1922); and a translation of the above.

Klemperer (Otto) Collection of Musical Scores

Otto Klemperer was a German conductor and composer born in Breslau, Germany on May 14th, 1885. After studying at the Hoch Conservatory in Frankfurt and the Stern Conservatory in Berlin until 1918, he became one of the leading German conductors...

Kleptko (Frank) Photographs of Stanford University

Images include the interior of Memorial Church, the exterior of Memorial Church (ca. 1905), Quad arches, front view of Quad (ca. 1925), view of the Oval from front of the Quad, the arboretum, and the Entrance Gates (post 1906). Images...

Klien (Ferdinand) collection

Press releases, bulletins, reports, campaign literature, and vote returns, relating to the election for a constituent assembly in Namibia in 1989. Includes issuances of various Namibian political parties, the South African government, the Office of the Administrator-General for the Territory...

Kliene Family Collection

The Kliene Family Collection includes publications, research materials, photographs, and artifacts that reflect the Kliene brothers' participation and interest in the Boy Scouts in Shanghai, the Shanghai Volunteer Corps, and their own family history in China. Albert and Fernande Kliene,...

Kliene (Gloria Watson Curtis) Collection

Gloria Watson Curtis Kliene was a British national born and raised in Shanghai, China. During World War II Gloria and her family were interned by the Japanese at the Yu Yuen Road Camp and the Yangtzepoo Camp from February 1943...

Kliewer (W. Mark) Papers

UC Davis Professor of Viticulture W. Mark Kliewer's class materials, including syllabi and lecture notes and research materials.

Kligman (Gail) Collection

Audio recordings from fieldwork conducted in Romania, 1975-1976 and 1978-1979.

Klimas (Petras) diary excerpts

Relates to a Lithuanian student organization in tsarist Moscow; Lithuanian diplomacy after the outbreak of World War II; and political activities of the Lithuanian diplomat and writer Oskaras Milas?ius. Excerpts selected and edited by Z?ibuntas Miks?ys.

Kline (Gertrude Hartfield) script collection

This collection consists of scripts by various screenwriters and produced by different production companies. Gertrude Hartfield Kline's relationship to the materials is undetermined.

Kline (Lee B.) papers

Papers of architect Lee Kline, 1923-1974, consisting of scrapbooks of clippings, a student notebook from one of Kline's courses at USC, microfilms of many of Kline's projects, some photographs of USC students and faculty, Kline's office stamp, and a gavel...

Kline (Marty) storyboards

The Marty Kline storyboards span the years 1989-1993 and encompass 1.3 linear feet. There are photocopies of storyboards for three films directed by Robert Zemeckis, BACK TO THE FUTURE PART II (1989), DEATH BECOMES HER (1992), and FORREST GUMP (1993);...

Kline (Samuel H.) papers

Samuel Kline (1837-1917) was a Boston businessman who retired to San Diego, California in 1902. His papers include his detailed memoirs in which he wrote about his two-hundred-year family history, his childhood in upper New York State, his experiences in...

Kling (Arthur S.) collection

This small collection contains Dr. Arthur S. Kling's basic biographical and professional information in a few textual documents. However, a visual history of his scientific work is well represented in photographs and over one thousand 35 mm slides. Contained are...

Klingberg (Frank J.) Papers

Frank Joseph Klingberg (1883-1968) was born in Kansas was on the faculty at University of Southern California (1912-18)and appointed chairman of the History Department of the new Southern Branch of the University of California, serving for 18 years. He was...

Klinger (Walter A.) papers

The Walter A. Klinger (1912-2003) papers consists of photographs, correspondence, clippings, and typescripts that document the pre-war Austrian lives of Walter, his wife Hertha, and father Adolf; their emigration via Trinidad in the early 1940’s; and from their lives in...

Klinger (Walter) papers

Writings, letters, memoranda, personal documents, printed matter, photographs, and memorabilia, relating to participation of the American motion picture film industry in the World War II war effort, and to postwar reorganization of the German motion picture film industry under Allied...

Klochkov (Pavel Vasil'evich) papers

Writings, personal documents, photographs, and miscellany, relating to forced labor in the Soviet Union.

Klondike and Atlin [British Columbia] Gold Rush photographs, 1898-1899

Ten mounted black/white photographs ... .05 linear feet (1 folder). Putchase, Chapel Hill Rare Books, 2006.

Klondike gold rush stereoviews [graphic]

Captioned: A claim on the Klondike (Keystone View Co. #9201) and: The Klondike, a busy street in Dawson City (#2762, published by William H. Rau and distributed by Griffith and Griffith.) The former shows two men in front of a...

Klondike Grub-Stake Company stock certificate, 1897.

Stock certificate dated December 6, 1897 plus stamped cover.

Kloss (Robert Marsh) Papers

Robert Marsh Kloss served on the faculty at California State University, Sacramento in the Department of Sociology, College of Social Sciences and Interdisciplinary Studies. He was the recipient of the Associated Students, Incorporated Teacher of the Year Award in 1997....

Klotz (Esther) collection on Miné Okubo

This collection is comprised of press clippings, correspondence, artwork, brochures, and other material regarding the personal and professional life of Miné Okubo, a Japanese American artist and author. Includes material on Okubo's book and the art exhibit . Mailings from...

Klotz (Esther H.) papers

Esther H. Klotz was a lifelong Riverside County resident, who was very involved in local historical preservation efforts and in researching and writing about Riverside and the surrounding area. The Esther H. Klotz papers contain research notes, correspondence, publications, and...

Klotz (Leo J.) collection on plant disease

This collection contains slides, photographs, and other material regarding plant disease used by Leo J. Klotz, former professor of Plant Pathology at the University of California, Riverside, in his research. The material in this collection has an emphasis on citrus...

Klotz (Sergius) Papers

These papers primarily relate to his service in the U. S. Navy and his connection with Stanford University. Included in the collection are his civil service records, 1941-42, military records, 1942-49, correspondence with Dwight D. Eisenhower, 1952-55, and letters received...

[Klub Dekadence nightclub fliers].

Photocopied fliers promoting after hours gay and lesbian dance venue Klub Dekadence. Some fliers are illustrated with recycled imagery but most feature original artwork of local photographers and depict the male go-go dancers of the club, often posing nude or...

Klub Psikhicheskoi Kul'tury records

Proceedings and writings, relating to psychology. Consists mainly of writings by S. P. Semënov.

Klure (Laura) collection on the Riverside Young Women's Christian Association (YWCA)

The collection consists of items collected by Laura Klure related to the Young Women's Christian Association (YWCA) of Riverside, a women's organization dedicated to empowering women and advocating for civil rights. Materials in the collection mostly consist of interviews, research,...

Klus (L. L.) postcard collection

The collection consists of 2 postcards of the ships loading in Oakland, CA and the USS California log.

Kluss (Walter L.) letter

Relates to an American invitation to the Turkish government to send a military delegation to visit the United States.

Klussmann (Friedel) San Francisco Beautiful Records

The Friedel Klussmann San Francisco Beautiful Records contain documents related to the activities of San Francisco Beautiful between 1955 and 1992. The material was collected by Klussmann in her role as president and retained by San Francisco Beautiful after her...

KMEX-TV film strips

This collection consists of film reels from television station KMEX.

Knabenshue (Roy) Collection

Book of photos showing the development of dirigibles between 1903 and 1908.

Knapp (Erich) papers

Correspondence, writings, financial records, press releases, bulletins, newsletters, serial issues, clippings, other printed matter, and photographs, relating to West German foreign policy, political conditions in West Germany and reunified Germany, political aspects of Islam, and promotion of world peace through...

Knapp (J. Burke) papers

Writings, correspondence, memoranda, reports, transcripts of interviews, and memorabilia, relating to activities of the World Bank in funding development programs in Latin American and other developing countries, and to miscellaneous aspects of foreign economic policy of the United States government.

Knapp (Robert T.)

The working papers, correspondence, publications, photos, artifacts, and biographical materials of Robert Talbot Knapp form the collection known as the Papers of Robert T. Knapp in the Archives of the California Institute of Technology. Knapp attended the Throop College of...

Knauer (Georg Nicolaus) papers

Correspondence, notes, reports, press releases, newsletters, bulletins, and printed matter, relating to higher education and student radicalism in West Germany, especially at the Freie Universität Berlin, and to the organization and activities of the Notgemeinschaft für eine freie Universität and...

Knauft (Bruce M.) Papers

Papers of an American anthropologist, consisting largely of carbon copies of anthropological field notes taken by Bruce Knauft and his wife Eileen when they lived among the Gebusi people of Papua New Guinea from 1980-1982. The notes include information on...

Kneass family school portraits and ship launching photographs [graphic].

Includes group portraits of pupils from Hearst Grammar School, including George W. Kneass, and Hillsborough School, including Phyllis Kneass. Also includes World War II-era photographs depicting various Kneass family members at a christening and launching ceremony for submarine chaser USS...

Kneeland Family Papers

The Kneeland Family papers measure 7.75 linear feet and date from 1820 to 1961. The papers predominantly cover the life and interests of Clarissa Kneeland and her brother, Ira Kneeland and are arranged in four series: Clarissa Abia Kneeland, Ira...

Kneeland (Frederick) letters

Relates to activities of United States Marines stationed in the Dominican Republic, including skirmishes with guerrillas.

Kneeland (Norman L.) letters

Relates to military training in Texas, service in France during World War I, and impressions of General John J. Pershing.

Kneiss (Gilbert H.) photographs

The collection consists of 1 photographic print of a cable car in front of the San Francisco Ferry Terminal and 3 black-and-white negatives of railroad cars at the Golden Gate International Exposition.

Kneiss (Gilbert Harold) Collection

This collection contains early Western Pacific records obtained by Gilbert Harold Kneiss, the Vice-President and head of the WP public relations department from 1949 to 1963, his family papers, and his writings as a railroad historian.

Kneiss (Karl. E.) Certificate

Certificate of Participation awarded to Karl E. Kneiss from the State of California and the California Commission for the Golden Gate International Exposition.

Knerem, Ralph E. (Vietnam War toilet paper letters)

This collection contains two letters written by Ralph Knerem, USA to his mother during the Vietnam War. Both letters were written on toilet paper.

Knezevich (John) papers

Photographs and memorabilia relating to the Yugoslav guerrilla war against German occupation forces during World War II.

Kniazeff (Alex N.) papers

Correspondence, minutes, financial records, bulletins, personal documents, printed matter, and photographs, relating to the Russian Boy Scouts movement abroad and to Russian émigré affairs. In part, microfilm.

Kniazeff (Alexis N.) Papers

Materials assembled by Alex N. Kniazeff, including diaries, photo albums, family papers and papers re Russian organizations in the U.S., especially San Francisco.

Kniazev (N. N.) typescript

Relates to Baron Roman Ungern-Shternberg, White Russian military leader in Mongolia during the Russian Revolution. Translation of Legendarnyi Baron, published in Luch Azii, 1937. Also available on microfilm.

Knibbs (Henry H.) Papers

Corresponence, documents, photographs and sketches, newspaper clippings, tearsheets, and Knibbs' death mask. The areas covered include works by Henry Knibbs, including novels, short stories and poetry; biographical data on Knibbs; and works by other authors....

Knies (Donald Arthur) collection

Reports, memoranda, and correspondence, relating to a project carried out by Teachers College of Columbia University to provide educational assistance, and especially assistance in training teachers, to Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda.

Knight (Arthur and Kit) Beat Collection

The Arthur and Kit Knight Beat Collection is comprised of manuscript material, photographs, magazines, booklets and ephemera relating to the Beats and Beat History. Most of the items in the collection are publications issued and edited by the Knights. Arthur...

Knight (Arthur) collection

This collection contains the papers and tapes of film critic and historian Arthur Knight (1916-1991).

Knight (Clifford) Papers

Clifford Knight (1886- ) contributed fiction and short stories to several magazines, including and , and wrote mystery novels. The collection consists of manuscripts, correspondence, and ephemera.

Knight Dunlap Correspondence

Collection consists of a typed letter signed from Knight Dunlap to "My Dear Slemons" (J. Morris Slemons), 17 January 1901, with annotations and corrections by hand. Typed on letterhead of the Psychological Laboratory, The Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, Maryland. Apparently...

Knight (Emerson) Collection, 1898-1965

The Emerson Knight Collection spans the years 1898 to 1965 and documents Knight's personal life, projects, and professional activities through reports and correspondence, drawings, and photographs. The collection is arranged in four series: Personal Papers, Professional Papers, Project Records, and...

Knight Family Photograph Albums, ca. late 1800s

Family photographs, some identified. Also two 1912 Progressive Party Membership certificates, one signed by Margaret V. Knight. circa late 1800s-1912

Knight (Frances) scrapbook

Documents her career as "A Teller of Tales in Song."

Knight (Francis Putnam) papers

Diary, correspondence, clippings, and photographs, relating to activities of Motor Transportation Corps Supply Depot No. 702 in Paris during World War I.

Knight (Goodwin J.) Papers

Goodwin Jess Knight, born 9 December 1896 in Provo, Utah, received his A.B. degree in law from Stanford in 1919 and was admitted to the California Bar in March 1921. In 1935 he was appointed to the Los Angeles...

Knight (Goodwin J.) Papers

The records of the Goodwin J. Knight Administration consist of 83 cubic feet of records covering the period that Knight served as governor (1953-1959).

Knight (Joseph A.) Collection

Printed ephemera, including stock certificates, reprints, periodicals, and news clippings, regarding Federal Telegraph Company and other electronics ventures, collected by Joseph A. Knight.

Knight Management Center

The material consists of a book and accompaying DVD documenting the dedication of the Knight Management Center, Stanford University Graduate School of Business, April 28-29, 2011.

Knight (Vick Jr.) Papers

Vick Knight Jr. was an educator and author whose writings about wine focused on the Temecula wine region. The collection includes copies of his wine columns for the and recordings of his television show . There are also materials he...

Knights Deep Mine photographs [graphic]

2 panoramic views of the mine and ore processing facilities, 1 of which is heavily annotated on verso. Annotations provide production statistics as well as descriptions of features in the view,including: staff quarters, the native compound and hospital, and the...

Knights of Columbus collection, circa 1950-1961

32 numbered pamphlets published by the Supreme Council, Knights of Columbus, Religious Information Bureau (St. Louis), with titles such as "The Infallible Church: Truth or Trickery," "Is the Catholic Church a Menace to Democracy?" and "Let Us Judge Catholics by...

Knights of Labor Railroad Strike Scrapbook

Scrapbook containing newspaper clippings about the Knights of Labor railroad strike against the New York Central & Hudson River Railroad in August of 1890.

Knights of Labor records, 1886-1892.

Volume 1 includes letters certifying the election of delegates to the state assembly of 1886; minutes and proceedings of the meeting of September 16-17, 1886; addresses of district and local assemblies. Volume 2 is a minute book, February 24, 1886-May...

Knights of Pythias, Beatific Lodge No. 7 receipts, 1874-1903.

from University of Wyoming, American Heritage Center;

Knights of Pythias, California, Oakland Lodge No. 103 minute books, 1904 November 3-1911 January 26.

C-G 8: minutes for January 2, 1908 to January 26, 1911; C-G 9: minutes for November 3, 1904 to December 26, 1907

Knights of Pythias, Mono Lodge, No. 59, records : Bodie, Calif., 1879-1911.

Contains correspondence, administrative and financial records, clippings and ephemera.

Knights of Pythias name cards, circa 1890-1910.

Collection consists of name cards with rank for the following individuals in the Newman, California lodge (#139) of the Knights of Pythias : J.F. Pollock; L.B. Rountree; E.D. Hollister; Ben Levy; M.E. Netherton; A.J. Baker; and George Steele.

Knights of Pythias, Sacramento Lodge, No. 11 weekly minutes : mss, 1875-1911.

Minutes of the weekly meetings of the fraternal order, Knights of Pythias, Sacramento Lodge No. 11. Minutes record the election of officers, resolutions, members sick and benefits paid to them, election of new members, lodge finances, business with other lodges,...

Knights of the Clocks collection

Articles of incorporation, event invitations, and meeting notes, circa 1950-2012, from Knights of the Clocks, an interracial homophile social organization founded in 1951 by Merton Byrd.

Knight's Scrapbooks

Printed forms, circulated by the H. H. and A. L. Bancroft Companies, completed in manuscript, with added letters, clippings and notes. They include information on various Western towns and counties and economic conditions in California, Nevada, Oregon, Idaho, Utah, and...

Knoche family souvenir photograph album collection

18 albums of souvenir photographs from various locations in the United States and Europe, collected by a member or members of the Knoche family. A box once housing the albums read, "Bilder von der Reise nach und in Europa, 1889....

Knoche (Johann Edward) Memoirs, 1819 -- 1901

The memoir of Johann Edward Knoche, an early member of the Society of California Pioneers, describes his trip by ship to San Francisco in 1849, his early work in the city, and his journey on foot to mine for gold....

Knochen (Helmut) memoirs

Relates to the German occupation of France, 1940-1944. Also available on microfilm (1 reel).

Knoedler Kasmin Limited Records

The Knoedler Kasmin Limited records document the business of the London gallery under the partnership of gallerist John Kasmin with New York's Knoedler & Co. from 1977 to 1992. The gallery exhibited mostly abstract painting and sculpture and represented well-known...

Knoles Family Collection

Collection consists of a variety of documents from the Knoles family, including letters, clippings, and photographs. Tully Knoles is the primary focus of the material, but many other family members are also represented.

Knoles (George Harmon) Papers

Professional and personal papers of Stanford University professor of American history.

Knoll (S.) collection

Photographs and miscellany relating to British prisoners of war in German prison camps during World War II.

Knollin (Robert) papers

Letter, training manuals, photographs, and postcards, relating to the Office of Strategic Services mission to Vietnam at the end of World War II.

Knopf (Edwin H. and Mildred O.) papers

The Edwin H. and Mildred O. Knopf papers span the years 1911-2004 (bulk 1941-1969) and encompass 3.4 linear feet. The collection is comprised largely of bound scripts, most of which contain production photographs interleaved amongst the pages. Other material includes...

Knopoff (Leon) papers

The Leon Knopoff Papers (LSC Manuscript Collection 1876) document the professional and research career of the seismologist, geophysicist, and University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) Professor Leon Knopoff (b.1925-d.2011). Knopoff was known for his range of theoretical advances including a...

Knorr (E.A.) Patient Case Notes

Four volumes of manuscript patient case notes, with handwritten indexes referring to page numbers bearing patient records, document the practice of E.A. Knorr, M.D., an ophthalmologist practicing and teaching in Baltimore, Maryland, from 1905 to 1948. Several non-ophthalmologic cases are...

Knorr (Wilbur Richard) Papers

The papers document Knorr's career as scholar and professor and include lectures, research notes, publications, class files (syllabi, student papers, class evaluations, course readers, etc.), photographic copies of sources and maps, and microfilm of source materials.

Knott (W. W.) Letter

File contains 1 handwritten letter from W. W. Knott to an unknown recipient, July 20th, 1882. Knott describes an enclosed essay to which he had made edits and hopes the recipient enjoys reading.

The Knowland Family and the Oakland Tribune, [ca. 197-?]

Concerns the relationship between the Knowland family and the Oakland Tribune.

Knowland, Joseph R. (Joseph Russell) Photographs from the Joseph R. Knowland papers [graphic].

Group portraits depicting Joseph R. Knowland and associates, including a panoramic photograph taken at the Elk's Bulkhead Breakfast, Castlewood Country Club in 1925. Also includes a photograph depicting the Aahmes Temple (perhaps in Oakland or San Francisco).

Knowland (Joseph R.) Papers

The Joseph Russell Knowland Collection consists of over fifty years of correspondence, reports, articles and printed materials conerning the development of California during the first half of the 20th century. The collection is composed primarily of the documents of the...

Knowland (Joseph R.) Papers

The Joseph R. Knowland Papers document the career of an American politician, newspaper owner, and civic leader. He served five terms, from 1905-1915, in the United States House of Representatives as Congressman for California's district encompassing Alameda, Contra Costa and...

Knowland (William F.) miscellaneous papers

Press releases, reports, and campaign literature, relating to the Republican Congressional campaign of 1956.

Knowledge engineering: artificial intelligence research at the Stanford Heuristic Programming Project

Documentary regarding expert systems and focusing on the Stanford Heuristic Programming Project.

Knowledge Representation: Pat Hayes and Nils Nilsson [videorecording]

The materials consist of videorecordings of lectures by Pat Hayes (Xerox PARC and Stanford University) and Nils Nilsson (Stanford University) on the topic of knowledge representation.

Knowles (Joseph) Collection

The collection contains correspondence, lists, and samples, mostly from the Western Builder's Supply Co. of San Francisco, ca. 1920s-1930s, and two letters (TLS) to George Washington Smith, Santa Barbara architect, re architectural and design catalogs and brochures being sent, 1922...

Knowles (Josiah N.) Letter

File contains handwritten letter from Mary Knowles to her husband Josiah N. Knowles. There is also a typed copy of the letter. Written May 22, 1864.

Knowles (Paul F.) Papers

Collection includes collection trip notes, original manuscripts and drafts, and slides and photographs from agronomy professor Paul F. Knowles (1916-1990).

Knowles, Russell, Jr. (Cold War correspondence)

This collection contains 38 correspondence written by Lt. Russell Knowles, Jr. to his family during the Vietnam War.

Knowles (William) Papers

Knowles' papers include his letters to his parents, 1888 and 1893, one of which recounts his track record at Stanford; a few undated compositions; several pencil sketches of Stanford scenes, 1894; his business cards; and a booklet of images of...

Knowlton (J. Edward) Pathology notebook

This collection contains a holograph notebook written in ink and pencil; author identified on label on cover: J. Edward Knowlton of 80 East Concord St., Boston. Perhaps lecture or ward notes from a medical school or teaching hospital. Notations contain...

Knowlton (Lucerne H.) papers

Letters, typewritten history, and printed matter, relating to missionary work in China, including reports of Hwa Nan College, a newsletter from Foochow, and reports on Methodist Women's Work Conferences at Foochow.

Knox (Alexander) papers

The Alexander Knox papers span the years 1940-1996 and encompass 5 linear feet. The collection contains production files, correspondence, photographs, and scrapbooks....

Knox family photographs [graphic]

Collection contains a Knox family group portrait, a photograph of their home in San Francisco, a portrait of Mrs. Camille Caroline Knox (Mrs. George Knox), and a pair of men dressed up as Arabian princes.

Knox (Harley) Collection

This collection contains papers pertaining to Harley Knox’s political career as a city councilman and as mayor of San Diego, California between 1939 and 1951, as well as some of his personal papers.

Knox (Jessie Juliet) Collection

The Jessie Juliet Knox Papers document the activities of Knox from the mid-1890s to 1912. The records are divided into two series and total .3 linear feet, in one half-size manuscript box and one flat box. Two monographs, authored by...

Knox (John T.) Papers

Knox's legislative files, including letters to and from constituents, related papers, clippings, pamphlets, study reports, copies of bills introduced into the Assembly by Knox, excerpted sections of various codes, etc....

Knox (John T.) Papers

John T. Knox, Democrat, was a State Assembly Member, 1960-1980. During his term in the Legislature, Assembly Member Knox sponsored legislation concerning, the reorganization of local government, the environment, the Bay Area, and medical plans.

Knox, Julian F. Collection

The Julian Floyd Knox Collection is divided into two series: Personal Papers and Project Records. The Project Records make up the bulk of the collection and contain architectural drawings, primarily from Knox’s time as a solo practitioner with a small...

Knox (Kenneth R.) Collection

The Kenneth Knox Collection documents the trials of fifteen German Prisoners of War (POW) convicted of murdering four fellow prisoners: Johannes Kunze, Werner Drechsler, Hans Geller, and Horst Gunther in 1945. The collection also includes materials from Kenneth Knox's personal...

Knox (Mertice McCrea Buck) Collection

This collection contains a manuscript and explanatory introduction by Mertice McCrea Buck-Knox entitled "Lieutenant Emory's Report of the Expedition Down the Gila in the Autumn of 1846" based on Emory's official report of 1848 entitled "Reconnaisance." This collection also contains...

Knox (Ronald) Papers

The Ronald Knox Papers contain over five hundred items, including personal letters, published and unpublished articles, broadcast transcripts, sermons, a few photographs and some manuscript writings.

Knox (Samuel B. P.) Papers

The collection contains three items: one letter (TLS) from the Secretary to the President, John Addison Porter, Executive Mansion, 30 Apr. 1898 to P. C. Knox, re his brother Dr. S. B. P. Knox; one document, signed by Franklin D....

The Knoxville Mining District, the McLaughlin Gold Mine, northern California, 1978-2002 : oral history transcript / 1998-2002.

James Anderson (b. 1935), geologist: Kennecott Copper Co., 1960-1967; Occidental Minerals, 1967-1975; Armand Hammer, Gore family; vice president, exploration, Homestake Mining Co., 1975-1987, researching mercury hot springs, gold discovery at Manhattan [renamed McLaughlin] Mine; environmental aspects, community relations; member, chairman,...

KNTV Channel 11 News Archive

Local news film (16mm) reels, shot between 1965 and 1980, both silent and with sound, taken by KNTV cameramen. They include black-and-white and color footage, and are accompanied by newscast scripts and film storage logs. The films for 1970-1975 were...

Knud Dyby oral history interview

This collection comprises two interviews with Knud Dyby. The first interview comprises one videotape with accompanying transcript and was conducted by the Holocaust Oral History Project on June 6, 1991; the second interview comprises one videotape and was conducted by...

Knudsen (Vern Oliver) papers

Vern Oliver Knudsen (1893-1974) was a professor in the Department of Physics at UCLA before serving as the first dean of the Graduate Division (1934-58), Vice Chancellor (1956), Chancellor (1959). He also researched architectural acoustics and hearing impairments, developed the...

Knut (Sargeant Prentiss) Papers

A collection of letters and documents related to the life and work of American lawyer Sargeant Prentiss Knut.

Knute Stiles papers, 1948-2005.

The Knute Stiles papers predominantly consist of correspondence and greeting cards to Stiles. Correspondents include John Barrow, Leo Krikorian, Jack Goodwin, and George Stanley. Also consists of a small amount of artwork, photographs, biographical material, and miscellaneous papers.

Knuth (Donald E.) papers

Papers reflect his work in the study and teaching of computer programming, computer systems for publishing, and mathematics. Included are correspondence, notes, manuscripts, computer printouts, logbooks, proofs, and galleys pertaining to the computer systems TeX, METAFONT, and Computer Modern; and...

Knuth (Ginny) Papers

Ginny Knuth (1934-1997) was a cisgender woman who volunteered extensively with San Francisco transgender organizations from 1983 until her death. The collection includes photographs, an oral history, a small amount of biographical information, and a large number of awards and...

Knuth (Hertha) miscellany

Photographs and press cables, depicting the proceedings of the International Military Tribunal at Nuremberg, and describing the death sentences and deaths of various defendants.

KNXT Channel 2 press releases

The collection includes press releases from 1961 to 1962.

Ko (Won) papers

This collection contains the papers of Korean-American poet, human rights activist, and professor Ko Sung-Won (1925-2008).

Koala Motorcycle Club Photographs

Collection contains 6 black and white 8” x 10” photographs of Koala’s Motorcycle Club taken by Henri Leleu in 1967. Images depict club members, including Peter Fiske, candidly socializing outdoors. Also included is 1 group photo. The club president at...

Kobal (Daniel) collection

Memorabilia, issues of Vietnamese and American armed forces newspapers, and photographs, relating to the 1963 coup d'état in South Vietnam and the assassination of John F. Kennedy.

Kobata Family Photographs

This collection includes digitized photographs and a commemorative photo album related to the Kobata family. Images in the collection include the Kobata Nursery in Los Angeles, plants at the nursery, tour photographs of Japan, and portraits of the Kobata family....

Koch & Wilz, Panoramas of Paris

The album of 39 panoramic photographs by Koch & Wills includes 30 panoramas of Paris; two each of Trouville and Geneva; and one each of Versailles, Zürich and Schloss Heidelberg; as well as panoramas of an unidentified river town and...

Koch (Beth) Photographs of the University of California, Irvine

This collection comprises black and white and color negatives, contact sheets, and photographic prints from images taken by Beth Koch on the University of California, Irvine campus from 1963 to 1984. The collection includes images from plays and shows from...

Koch (Burkhard) writings

Relates to the impact of German unification on European security. Prepared for President Lothar de Maizière of East Germany. Photocopy.

Koch (Erik J.) Collection

Erik J. Koch was born in Denmark in 1895, and traveled to China in 1923 to work as a sea captain. The collection contains various documents belonging to Koch related to his time in China, including his Foreigners' Resident Certificate,...

Koch (G. R.) papers

newspaper clippings, 35mm slides, printed materials, correspondence, charts, maps, photographs...

Koch (Girard) collection

The Girard Koch collection (SAFR 13572, HDC 26) is comprised of correspondence, court papers, legislative documents, and other documents relating to life in San Francisco during the Gold Rush. The collection also includes documents relating to maritime matters in and...

Koch, Honor

Koch and Theobald lived and worked in Santa Paula. Koch owned the Studebaker Franchise on Mill Street

Koch (Howard Everard) papers

Writings, correspondence, notes, and printed matter, relating primarily to Arab-Israeli relations. Includes the doctoral dissertation by H. E. Koch, "Permanent War: A Reappraisal of the Arab-Israeli Conflict, 1948-1967" (1973).

Koch (Peter)

Papers of fine press printer, Peter Koch, include press proofs, correspondence, teaching files, sales and financial material, student work, job files and media.

Koch,Carl Record Book

Locomotive engineer's Record Book compiled by Southern Pacific locomotive engineer Carl Koch, May 1903 - May 1904.

Kocój (Henryk) typescript

Relates to Prussian diplomacy during the Polish Revolution of 1831.

Koda Family Papers

Family photograph albums, 16 millimeter films, correspondence, newspaper clippings, and notebooks.

Koebele (Albert) papers

The papers of Albert Koebele, entomologist and corresponding member of the California Academy of Sciences. Included are his correspondence, diaries, journals, field notebooks, pictures, and drawings.

Koechlin (Charles) Manuscripts

In the following inventory, I have divided the manuscripts into three sections: ...

Koegel (John) Collection

This collection consists of photographs, programs, clippings, magazines and autographs of prominent opera singers

Koehler (Jim) collection

This collection consists of materials collected by film location manager and auditor James "Jim" Koehler, including production board strips, books on locations, location guides, film still, scripts, budgets, and photographs.

Koehler (John O.) papers

Correspondence, news dispatches and news stories, photocopies of East German secret police documents, photocopies of United States government documents, post-reunification German governmental reports, clippings, other printed matter, photographs, sound recordings, and video tapes, relating to political conditions in Germany, the...

Koelsch (William A.) Papers

Articles, manuscripts, correspondence, transcripts, clippings, programs, fliers, press releases, guides, biographical information, and photographs documenting the writings, projects, activities, and personal interests and history of William Koelsch, 1942-2014. Koelsch was a Boston gay rights activist best known for his column...

Koenig (Laird) papers

Papers of American novelist, playwright, and screenwriter Laird Koenig. The bulk of the material dates from the 1970s to 2017.

Koenig (Louise H. "Ila") 1906 Earthquake Collection

Contains 1906 earthquake photographs, mostly taken by Arno Richter, and a letter of earthquake recollections written by Ila Koenig who was an earthquake survivor.

Koenig (Pierre) papers

The archive of Los Angeles architect Pierre Koenig, consisting of drawings, photographs, documents, writings and client correspondence, and three models. The archive is an important resource for the study of Southern California Modernism, as well as for the study of...

Koenigs (Folkmar) collection

Flyers, leaflets, and serial issues, distributed at the Technische Universität Berlin, issued by a variety of student groups, mostly radical, relating to West German and world politics and West German universities.

Koepfli (Joseph B.) Papers

Joseph B. Koepfli (b. 1904) was research associate in chemistry at Caltech from 1932 to 1971. His field of study was organic chemistry, principally alkaloids and other physiologically active substances such as adrenalin and insulin. He was trained in pharmacology...

Koerber (Hans Nordewin von) papers

This collection consists of the papers of Professor Hans Nordewin von Koerber, Ph.D.

Koerper, Victor E. (Second World War booklet)

This collection contains one booklet titled "A Bolt from the Blue" owned by CPT Victor Eugene Koerper, USA.

Koester, Alvin W. and Don Engel (Second World War correspondence)

This collection contains three letters to Margaret V. Schell from Pvt. Alvin W. Koester, USA and Cpl. Don Engel, USMC during the Second World War.

Koestner (Nicolai) miscellaneous papers

Writings, press summaries, and memoranda relating to diplomatic recognition of Estonia by the United States and other countries, and to the admission of Estonia to the League of Nations.

Koether (George F.) papers

Correspondence, speeches and writings, reports, pamphlets, clippings, photographs, and printed matter relating to laissez-faire economic and political thought, monetary policy, and economic conditions in the United States.

Kofoid (Charles A.) Letters

Concerning his nomination to the professorship of proto-zoology at the School of Tropical Medicine, Bombay.

Kofoid (Charles Atwood) Papers

Papers documenting the life and career of University of California, Berkeley zoologist Charles Atwood Kofoid and his wife, Carrie Kofoid. The collection includes material on the Kofoids' families and education, in addition to correspondence, diaries, manuscripts, published writings, scientific research...

Koford (Carl B.) papers

The Carl B. Koford papers include work done by Koford between 1938-1979, as well as correspondence dating from 1939-1977. The field notes document projects focusing on the California Condor, Pumas, primates, and additional birds, mammals, and reptiles.

Kohan (Silvia) Papers

The Silvia Kohan papers document the life and musical career of this Argentinian-Jewish lesbian singer and songwriter and contains journals; scrapbooks; correspondence and e-mails; photographs that date back to her childhood; music and lyrics; publicity materials; DVDs and audio recordings...

Kohl (Franz) diary

Relates to conditions in German East Africa and the Belgian Congo. Photocopy of typed transcript.

Kohlberg (Alfred) papers

Correspondence, memoirs and other writings, newsletters, clippings, printed matter, photographs, and sound recordings relating to communism in the United States, China, and other parts of Asia, and to anti-communist movements in the United States.

Kohler (Benno) typescript

Relates to the arrest of B. Köhler for political offenses and to his imprisonment in the Nazi concentration camp of Oranienburg, 1933-1934. Photocopy.

Kohn (Walter) papers

The Walter Kohn Papers contain materials related to the career of the Nobel Prize winning physicist Walter Kohn and is primarily comprised of physics-related research notes, professional travel files, and correspondence.

Kohner family papers

This collection contains video recordings, sound recordings, and other material regarding Lupita Tovar, a Mexican actress, and her son Pancho Kohner, director of and .

Kohnstamm (Oskar) papers

Papers of Dr. Oskar Kohnstamm, M.D. (1871-1917). The collection is predominantly made up of Dr. Kohnstamm's published work and research in medical journals. It also includes materials that concern both Dr. Kohnstamm and the Sanatorium Dr. Kohnstamm, which he established;...

Kohs (Samuel) Papers

The Samuel Kohs papers document the rich history and contributions of a noted psychologist and social worker.

Koike (Kenzo Robert) Papers

Kenzo R. Koike was a Japanese American, born in 1920 in Seattle, Washington. At the age of 12, his family moved to Los Angeles, where he attended middle school, high school, and college. In 1942, the Koike family was removed...

Kojeve (Alexandre) typescript

Relates to the role of France in the post-World War II world. Photocopy.

Kojima family papers

The materials include loose photographs, a photograph album, letters, ephemera such as Toshiko's school records, a "Memorial Chimes" boxed funeral album regarding Kenji Kojima, and other materials relating to the Kojima family and their struggle to re-establish their lives after...

Kok (Anton H. J.) papers

Study, correspondence, photocopies of government documents, printed matter, and photographs, relating to the authenticity of a painting allegedly made by Pablo Picasso in Paris in 1905 of Mata Hari. Includes material on the early life of Mata Hari.

Kokkai research reports

Research reports, prepared by Kokkai committees, relating to a variety of social issues in Japan, including labor and socialist movements, and security issues.

Kokovtsov (Vladimir Nikolaevich, graf) typescript

Relates to Russian political conditions, 1904-1917, and to the Russian Revolution. Translation published (Stanford, 1935). Edited by H. H. Fisher and translated by Laura Matveev. Includes photographs used to illustrate the book.

Kokuritsu Kyoiku Kenkyujo collection

Reports, memoranda, and correspondence, relating to educational reform in Japan during the post-World War II Allied occupation. Includes hard copy of a roster of Allied educational officials in Japan, and publications issued by the National Institute for Educational Research, Tokyo.

Kokusai Shashin Joho (the International Graphic)

This collection consists of twelve issues of – "The International Graphic" Magazine from 1927-1931. , first published in 1922, documents current event photography in Japan and around the world. Each issue consists of photography, art prints, and larger fold-out prints....

Kolaczkowski (Ryszard) papers

Memoirs, sound recordings of interviews, and photographs, relating to Polish military operations during World War II, and to Radio Free Europe broadcasts to Poland.

Kolanik (Michael) papers

Affidavits, passport applications, and correspondence, relating to the internment of M. Kolanik during World War II. Includes correspondence of Michael Kolanik, Jr., with American government officials and others, relating to attempts to secure compensation or recognition for the internment of...

Kolb (Dr. Leon) William Hogarth Engravings Collection

William Hogarth was a famous English painter, printmaker, satirist and editorial cartoonist who lived during the early 18 century. The collection consists of a number of engravings by or in the style of Hogarth.

Kolb, Leon Print Collection

The subjects include rulers, statesmen, authors, scholars and other famous personages from ancient times to the nineteenth century. Most of the prints were produced in the 17th and 18th centuries from paintings by Has Holbein, Anthony Vandyke, Godfrey Kneller, Peter...

Kolb, Leon Print Collection

The subjects include rulers, statesmen, authors, scholars and other famous personages from ancient times to the nineteenth century. Most of the prints were produced in the 17th and 18th centuries from paintings by Has Holbein, Anthony Vandyke, Godfrey Kneller, Peter...

Kolchak (Aleksandr Vasil'evich) correspondence

Relates to conditions for Allied support of the forces of Admiral Kolchak during the period from May 26 to June 4, 1919.

Kolchin (Ivan Andreevich) papers

Correspondence, clippings, and photographs, relating to Russian choirs in China and the United States.

Kolesnikoff (George) papers

George Kolesnikoff was a Russian emigre, Cossack dancer and stunt rider, and member of Serge Jaroff's Don Cossack Chorus and dancers. The collection consists of a Cossack dance costume, a set of throwing daggers, and printed materials relating to the...

Kolia Levienne papers ca 19XX-19XX

Papers of cellist Kolia Levienne, including concert tapes, biographical information, programs and photographs.

Kolin (Alexander) papers

The collection consists of correspondence (including letters from Albert Einstein), United States patents for Kolin's inventions, and awards.

Kolker (IUrii) papers

Correspondence, writings, radio broadcast transcripts, underground journals, photographs, and sound recordings relating to Russian literature, dissidence in the Soviet Union, and radio broadcasting to the Soviet Union. Includes some papers of other family members.

Kolmsperger (M.) typescript

Relates to militarism in Bavaria, Germany.

Kolobov (Mikhail Viktorovich) typescript

Relates to the Russian Civil War in Siberia. Includes typewritten translation of excerpts. Also available on microfilm (1 reel).

Kologrivov (Constantine Nikolaevich) memorandum

Relates to Tsar Nicholas II's Personal Combined Infantry Regiment and 4th Imperial Family Rifle Guards Regiment. Memorandum addressed to Cornet Sergei Vladimirovich Markov of the Crimean Horse Regiment.

Kolosov (Andrei Ivanovich) diary

Relates to evacuation of the Siberian flotilla from Vladivostok to the Philippines following the end of the Russian Civil War. Includes English translation of the diary by Marina Kast, and study by W. G. Kast based on the diary. Also...

Kolsky (Harwood G.) Papers

The Harwood G. Kolsky collection is comprised of documents related to the development of super computers, microprocessors and microcomputers, computer modeling, digital image processing, computer programming languages, as well as materials related to teaching computer architecture and computer history. The...

Kolupaev (Eugenia Ritter) notes

Relates to events in Kiev during the Russian Civil War, 1917-1919.

Komitee der Bewegung Freies Deutschland für den Westen issuances

Propaganda bulletins and leaflets, distributed on the western front during World War II. Includes similar material distributed on the eastern front by the Nationalkomitee Freies Deutschland. In part, photocopy.

Komitee für Grundrechte und Demokratie records

The collection consists of the complete internal writings of the Committee for Fundamental Rights and Democracy from its founding in 1979 until 1998.

Komitety obshchestvennogo samoupravleniia records

Minutes, resolutions, reports, correspondence, and studies relating to the self-government movement in various cities and towns of Russia, and especially in Moscow.

Kommunistische Partei Deutschlands report

Relates to a meeting of members of the party held at Frankfurt, June 9, 1949, to consider German political and economic questions.

Komor (Mathias) Photographic Archive

Assembled by Mathias Komor, an art dealer in New York City from the 1930s until his death in 1984, the collection documents objects that passed through one of the first New York dealers to handle ancient and ethnographic art.

Komor (Paul) letters

Relates to political and economic conditions in China. Written by an unidentified Russian émigré in China.

Komorowski (Tadeusz) papers

Correspondence, instructions, reports, and dispatches, relating to conditions in occupied Poland, Polish underground movements, and operations of the Armia Krajowa. Photocopy.

Kompaneiskii (Boris Nikolaevich) papers

Writings and miscellany, relating to physiology, Russian literature, and Russian émigré affairs. Microfilm.

Kompfner (Rudolf) Papers

The Kompfner papers span the years 1937 to 1977 and concentrate primarily on his research interests while at Bell Laboratories, Stanford University and Oxford University. The collection includes general correspondence files, diaries (1937-41), notebooks and notes (1937-77), articles and reports...

Komunisticka partija Jugoslavije. Centralni komitet issuances

Program and statutes, relating to Yugoslav politics. Photocopy.

Komunisticka strana Ceskoslovenska Ustredni vybor records

Correspondence, memoranda, reports, and other internal documents, relating to political conditions in Czechoslovakia. Includes copies of Czechoslovak government records. Photocopy.

Kondo Family papers

This collection contains more than 50 letters written by Yasaku Kondo and his children Henry Kondo and Yuri Kondo Morimoto during World War II. The letters between Henry Kondo and Yasaku Kondo were written from 1943 to 1944, and letters...

Kondolf (G. Mathias) Landscape Architecutre Term Projects collection

Collection materials consist of graduate term projects for LA222 and LA227 courses taught by Professor G. Mathias Kondolf within the Department of Landscape Architecture and Environmental Planning at the University of California, Berkeley.

Kondrat'ev (Mikhail Mikhailovich) papers

Autobiography, certificates, and work and wage records, relating to the participation of M. M. Kondrat'ev in the Russian Revolutions of 1905 and 1917, in the railway union Vikzhel', and in the Russian Communist Party.

Konecna (Hana) papers

Correspondence, writings, printed matter, personal documents, and memorabilia, relating primarily to the Charta 77 movement. Includes some papers of family members.

Kong Chow Benevolent Association miscellany, 1901-1954.

Contains regulations, undated, for membership and investing for both the San Francisco and Los Angeles chapters, as well as a 1954 illustrated publication commemorating the 100th anniversary celebration of the Association, including convention proceedings and activities, a history of the...

Kongres Polakow w Niemczech issuances

Leaflets, pamphlets, reports, postcards, printed matter, and memorabilia, relating to the Polish population within Germany.

Konig (Rudolf) writings

Relates to Adolf Hitler as a schoolboy. Includes additional documentation and commentary by Rudolf J. König, son of Rudolf König.

Konokovich (General) typescript

Relates to military operations in Russia during World War I.

Konoye (Fumimaro) holograph

Relates to political conditions in Japan, 1932-1945. Includes a copy of the published Japanese text.

Konspiracja w Kraju pod Okupacja Sowiecka typescript

Relates to resistance to Soviet occupation forces in Poland at the end of World War II.

Konstantin Nikolaevich (Grand Duke) letter extracts

Relates to travels in Western Europe, and the political situation in Russia.

Konstantin Stanislavsky writings, 1923.

Contains 220-page typescript, Exposition of his approach to technique of creative acting. With this: copy of a letter, Nov. 17, 1960, from Alexander Koiransky to Fred Harris relating to Stanislavsky and the manuscript. Also includes 2 copies of translation.

Konstantinov (Il'ia Vladislavovich) papers

Writings, memoranda, reports, circulated materials, and printed matter, relating to political conditions in the Soviet Union and post-Soviet Russia.

Konstantinov (P. F.) printed material

Newspaper article relating to the memoir by V. N. Ipatieff, , and to conditions in Russia before and after the Russian Revolution.

Konstitutsionno-demokraticheskaia partiia records

Minutes of meetings, resolutions, reports, and correspondence, relating to the Russian Civil War and to activities of the Konstitutsionno-demokraticheskaia partiia in exile.

Kontsevich (Elena Iur'evna) papers

Correspondence, personal documents, and photographs relating to Russian émigré affairs.

Koolish (Lynda) Photographs Collection

Lynda Koolish is a photographer and a professor of English and comparative literature. The collection contains portraits of gay and lesbian writers. Many of these images appear in Koolish's book (Jackson: University Press of Mississippi, c2001).

Koon (Alpheus) Papers

The collection includes material related to ballet dancer Alpheus Koon, including World War II-era correspondence from Koon’s friends, family, and lovers. From the correspondence, Koon appears to have been in intimate relationships with several of the male correspondents. Material dates...

Koontz (Giacinta Bradley) Aviation Sheet Music Collection

This collection contains seventeen pieces of sheet music featuring songs with aviation-related themes from the start of the 20th century. Also included are two felt banners which are reproductions of banners created for the International Aviation Meet, Nassau Boulevard L.I....

Koontz (Louis K.) Papers

Louis Knott Koontz (1890-1951) was born in Shepherdstown, West Virginia. He was a professor in the History department at UCLA, author of (1925) and (1941) and managing editor of the (1936-47). The collection consists of materials pertaining to Koontz's university...

Koosis (Ella S.) Collection of Material Relating to Dance

Collection consists primarily of periodicals, ballet programs, and ephemera related to dance. Also includes holograph diaries of Ms. Koosis as well as some French and German language programs and periodicals....

Kopaska-Merkel (David C.) collection on Dreams and Nightmares

This collection contains materials related to the publication and distribution of , a fantasy and science fiction poetry magazine edited by David C. Kopaska-Merkel. Items in the collection include original page proofs for a number of issues, art and poetry...

Kopelman (Gabrielle) Papers

The papers of Gabrielle Kopelman document her numerous projects as a New York-based independent conservator for various institutions such as The Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum and The Toledo Museum of Art, as well as art dealers including P. & D....

Kopp (Quentin) Papers

Quentin Kopp, Independent, served in the California State Senate from 1986 until 1998. His papers consist of 35 cubic feet of textual records and 5 audio cassettes and are organized into the following record series: Bill Files (1987-1998) and...

Koppel (Stanley) Papers

Consists of a collection of cartoons and illustrations created by artist Stanley Koppel. Materials include flyers and newsletters for Painters Local 4 (San Francisco) and the Rank and File Club of Local 892 (NY); issues of , a rank and...

Koppelmann (Max) papers

Memoirs and photographs, relating to the Jewish community in Russia, Germany and Palestine.

Koran - Commentary, 1245 A.H. (A.D. 1829-1830)

One printed volume, with illuminations, a commentary on the Koran, 1245 A.H. (A.D. 1829-1830).

Koran leaf, circa 1200

Single leaf from a Koran, possibly Persian, ca. 1200. Written in Cufic characters on recto and verso. The style of calligraphy suggests Mashad (Persia), although possibly from Arabia or Egypt. Description accompanying leaf notes that a few leaves from this...

Koran (Lorrin) Piano Music Collection

Piano music on open reel tape.

Koran [Sudan], 1964.

Leatherbound volume, with accompanying note saying the Koran was written in Khartoum, Sudan, and finished in 1964. Bound in traditional Koranic form. Written in Sudani hand, "a script in its own right in which much Mahdist literature was written and...

[Koran?], undated

Leatherbound volume, in Arabic script, with illuminations.

Koranda (Lorraine Donoghue) Collection (1963.02)

This collection consists of field recordings made by Lorraine Donoghue Koranda of Eskimo music in Unalakleet, Kobuk, King Island, Mary's Igloo, Kotzebue, Nome, Hooper Bay, Chevak, and Bethel, Alaska between 1962 and 1963. Performers include Joe Seton ; John Nesh...

Korbonski (Andrzej) Collection of Research Materials on Communist Poland

This collection consists of Radio Free Europe reports, photocopies of declassified U. S. Department of State documents and Polish government documents that Dr. Andrzej Korbonski gathered for research on his homeland of Poland under Communism.

Korbonski (Stefan) papers

Speeches and writings, correspondence, dispatches, minutes, bulletins, memoranda, printed matter, phonotapes, and photographs, relating to the underground movement in Poland during World War II, Polish émigré affairs, and the Assembly of Captive European Nations and other anti-communist movements.

Kordmann (Ursula) collection of German theater programs

Extensive collection of 205 Berlin theater programs accumulated by Ursula Kordmann, a Berlin theater subscriber, ranging from 1910–1950 with one typed manuscript of a short play by Kurt Finke. The collection establishes a broad overview of the production of various...

Kordysh (Inna) papers

Biographical notes, letters, death and rehabilitation certificates, and photographs, relating to the political career of the Russian Menshevik leader Georgii Kuchin-Oranskii, his execution for anti-Soviet activities in 1938, his rehabilitation in 1958, and the imprisonment of his wife Ida Kuchina.

Korea photograph albums, 1962-1963

3 albums, b/w, apparently taken by [?] Botnick, see vol. 1 for poss. unit.

Korea (Territory under U.S. occupation, 1945-1948) Military Governor issuances

Mimeographed political reports, and printed orders and directives, relating to administration of the country.

Korean American Coalition collection

Korean American Coalition (KAC) is a non-profit, non-partisan community based organization. Established in 1983, its mission is to facilitate the Korean-American community's participation in civic, legislative, and community affairs in order to contribute to the broader society.

Korean American Leftists in the 1950s collection

The United States Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) was an agency of the U.S. Department of Labor from 1933 to 1940 and the U.S. Department of Justice from 1940 to 2003. This small collection comprises government documents from the INS...

Korean American Oral History Project Collection

Correspondence between KW Lee and Luke Kim as well as mounted photographs, poster boards, and captions, regarding Korean Americans.

Korean American Pioneer Council records

This collection contains records of the Korean American Pioneer Council (KAPC) in Los Angeles, California, dating from 1995 to 2018. Records include by-laws, meeting minutes, member directory files, brochures and brochure drafts, newsletters, exhibition boards, and files related to projects...

Korean Broadcasting System radio broadcast transcripts

Korean Broadcasting System radio broadcast transcripts.

Korean movie scripts

This collection consists of film scripts and photographs from Korean movies.

Korean National Association in Hawaii and related lawsuits collection

By the year 1905 more than 7,000 Koreans populated the Territory of Hawaii. In 1909, the Korean National Association in Hawaii was established, along with a main headquarters in San Francisco, with a purpose for uniting all Koreans in the...

Korean Postcards Collection

The collection contains a group of nine color ethnographic cards, six of people, three of various locations in Seoul, (known as Keijô by the Japanese colonial authorities who controlled Korea during this period, 1910-1945). Title captions (in English) are: "Everyday...

Korean subject collection

Pamphlets, bulletins, leaflets, and other printed matter relating to political, social, and economic conditions in North and South Korea, and to the Korean War.

Korean underground report newsletters

Compilation of information from various newspapers and other sources, relating to communist subversion in the United States and international affairs, particularly in relation to South Korea and Southeast Asia. Edited by Kilsoo K. Haan.

Korean War collection

The Korean War collection contains Chinese propaganda leaflets printed during the Korean War (1950-1953), restricted Chinese military maps, books of photographs, post-war North Korean propaganda, songs, a photograph album, posters, comic books, and illustrated propaganda created during and shortly after...

Korean War letters from California, 1948-1954.

Letters to Betty Scholle in St. Charles, Missouri from men stationed in California and elsewhere during the Korean War. Also included are letters and postcards from men and women in civilian status, and invitations to weddings and showers.

Korean War Photograph Album, ca. 1951.

Disbound album contains 150 black and white snapshots, captioned on backs in English, of American soldiers in Korea. Photos include arrival of soldiers on the U.S.N.S. Gen. Edwin D. Patrick; railroads, tanks, cars, airplanes, helicopters; Korean civilians, including children; war...

Korean War photographs

This collection contains 71 gelatin silver photographs of the Korean War.

Korean-American Oral History Project collection

The Korean-American Oral History Project at the UCLA Asian American Studies Center was founded to develop oral history source materials on Korean American history during the 1903-45 period, and to facilitate their use by researchers. The tape-recorded oral histories of...

Korematsu (Fred T.) v. United States Coram Nobis Litigation collection

The Korematsu litigation documents are the record of the Korematsu team's litigation work. Not only were they actively engaged in litigation and court affairs on behalf of Mr. Korematsu, but they also saw themselves equally engaged in community outreach, educational...

Koret of California Records

The Koret of California records document the fashion history of the company, as represented in its rich collection of photographs, portfolios, and advertisements - all of which illustrate the cultural impact and longevity of the company in the fashion industry.

Korf (K. Frank) papers

Memoranda, reports, and interrogation transcripts, relating to legal questions of ownership and copyright of diaries of the German Minister of Propaganda Joseph Goebbels. Includes photocopies of entries from Goebbels diaries, 1941-1944, at the Bundesarchiv, Koblenz; photocopies of Goebbels press conference...

Korfanty (Zbigniew W.) typescript

Relates to the Polish uprising in Upper Silesia at the time of post-World War I partitions in 1921.

Kornberg (Arthur) Papers

Collection documents Kornberg's work concerning the synthesis of DNA in the laboratory, as well as the synthetic pathways of nucleotides, and includes correspondence, 1947 to 1982; research lab notebooks, 1947 to 1969 (which include those studies for which he received...

Kornilov (Lavr Georgievich) miscellany

Letter signed by L. G. Kornilov, copies of a speech and orders by him, and related printed matter, relating to the Russian Civil War. In part also available on microfilm (1 reel).

Kornweibel (Dr. Theodore Jr.) Collection

These papers include material collected by historian and author Dr. Theodore Kornweibel, Jr. while researching his book RAILROADS IN THE AFRICAN AMERICAN EXPERIENCE: A PHOTOGRAPHIC JOURNEY, (Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University Press, 2010.) It includes research material, photographs (photocopies, printed and...

Korol'kov (M.) typescript

Relates to administration of military justice in the Imperial Russian army, and to military discipline at the time of the Russo-Japanese War.

Korologos (Thomas C.) Papers, White House Special Files, 03/1974 - 08/1974

The Tom Korologos materials in the Special Files are only a small percentage of the files received or created by him when he was Deputy Assistant to the President for Legislative Affairs. These files consist primarily of handwritten notes of...

Koron (Alex) Collection

Material regarding European wine areas, menus, wine lists, brochures, slides with text.

Korotych (Vitalii Oleksiioych) papers

Writings, notes, and photographs, relating to publication of Ogonek, and to political and intellectual conditions in the Soviet Union.

Korsunsky (Irina) papers

Correspondence, clippings, and photographs, relating to civil liberties in the Soviet Union.

Kortum, Bill (William M.) Papers

The Kortum papers, dating from 1954 to 2014, include correspondence, documents, maps, clippings, photographs, and ephemera on national and local environmental and political topics.

Kortum (Jean) papers

Correspondence, records, and research files collected by a San Francisco environmental activist and historic preservationist

Korvin-Kroukovsky (Eugenie A.) diary

Memoir, relating to events in Petrograd in 1917 during the Russian Revolution, and to the journey of E. A. Korvin-Kroukovsky to the United States via China and Japan in 1918.

Korzenik (Diana) Collection of Art Education Ephemera and Books

A collection of art education materials representing the evolution of art education in America, compiled by Massachusetts professor Diana Korzenik, and composed of instructional materials (e.g. art instruction manuals, art reproductions, drawing books, drawing cards, painting books, penmanship books, etc.),...

Kosak (Georges) typescript

Relates to military operations of the French 9e Armée and 4e Armée in Belgium and France in 1940, and to postwar recriminations regarding French military performance. Photocopy.

Koscinska (Marja) typescript

Relates to the condition of Poles in Germany between the two world wars.

Kosciol polski a walka z antysemityzmem conference proceedings

Video tape and transcript of proceedings, relating to the Roman Catholic Church and antisemitism in Poland. Conference organized by Bohdan W. Oppenheim.

Koshetz (Nina) collection of vocal music

This collection consists of the largely handwritten sheet music of Russian soprano Nina Koshetz. Manuscripts include vocal, full, and other scores for songs and operatic arias performed by Koshetz, by Russian composers Borodin, Glinka, Mussorgsky, Rachmaninoff, Rimsky- Korsakov, and Tchaikovsky.

Koshland, Jr. (Daniel E.) Papers

Papers of Daniel Koshland, pioneering biochemist and former faculty at the University of California, Berkeley.

Koshland (Marian, Elliot) Papers

The papers of Marian E. Koshland document Koshland's professional life. Papers contain correspondence and edits to published journal papers and some research, research methods and notes from lectures.

Kosinskii (Vladimir Andreevich) typescript

Relates to agrarian reforms in Russia from 1905 until 1917.

Koske (Walter) prison diary

A prison diary written by Walter Koske, a documented member of the Nazi resistance. Walter Koske was one of twelve members of the illegal resistance cell Mix & Genest (named after the electronics company they worked for) who were arrested...

Koskovich (Gerard) Papers

Collection includes correspondence and clippings regarding proposed renovations to Stanford's inner quad, 1983; information on chapters of the Student Homophile League, 1967; copy of his paper "Ambiguity, Ideality, and Otherness: Homosexuality and Ideological Strategies in the Art of Charles Demuth,"...

Koskovich (Gerard) Papers

The Gerard Koskovich papers document his work as an activist and includes his interviews, journalism, poetry and writings on queer history; materials related to Queer Nation San Francisco, protests against the Castro Sweep and other incidents of police misconduct; materials...

Kosmos Club records : additions, 1974-[on-going].

Includes minutes of meetings (1974-1995) and related material, including a paper by E. W. Strong.

Kosmos Club records : Berkeley, Calif., 1913-1973.

Included are minutes of meetings (1913-1973) with some gaps; programs; some correspondence of secretaries with members re participation at meetings, election to membership, etc.; Jacob N. Bowman's history of the Club; miscellaneous papers, etc.

Kosovo subject collection

Electronic bulletins, serial issues, and printed matter, relating to political conditions and civil war in Kosovo.

Kossack family papers

Kossack family photograph album, official Nazi party family tree document, and one page of a letter.

Kostencka (Marina) papers

Protocols, press releases, and printed matter, relating to the S"ezd Narodnykh Deputatov and the issue of Latvian independence.

Kostenko (IUrii Ivanovich) papers

Correspondence, party conference materials, election campaign literature, serial issues, pamphlets, and audiovisual materials relating to political conditions and elections in Ukraine. Includes records of Narodnyĭ rukh Ukraïny and of Ukraïn'ska narodna partii͡a.

Kostenko (Mikhail Mikhailovich) papers

Correspondence, personal and military documents, photographs, and memorabilia relating to Russian military operations in the Russo-Japanese War and World War I and to Russian émigré activities. Includes some later family correspondence.

Kostopoulos (Mark) papers

Correspondence, arrest and court records, fliers, clippings, and written statements documenting the life of Mark Dyer Rexroad, better known as Mark Kostopoulos. He was a leader of the Lavender Left in New Orleans, who relocated to California to help found...

Kostriukov (Nikolai F.) papers

Correspondence, clippings, promotional materials, and photographs, relating to the General Platoff Don Cossack Chorus.

Koszorus (Ferenc) typescript writings

Relates to Hungarian, German, Soviet, and international military strategy during World Wars I and II. Includes a letter and notes from F. Koszorus to General Omar Bradley, 1953.

Kothe (Sylvia and Karl) Collection

The collection consists of materials collected or created by Sylvia and Karl Kothe and the organizations in which they were active, primarily concerning the creation of Oak Grove Regional Park in San Joaquin County, California, circa 1979-1999, and citizens’ resistance...

Kotler (Edith) B'nai B'rith Scrapbook

The Kotler scrapbook consists of photographs, newspaper clippings, newsletters, invitations, etc. Materials document the Bay City Chapter....

Kotok, Jack B. (Second World War correspondence)

This collection contains three correspondence from Sgt. Jack B. Kotok during the Second World War.

Kotschoubey (Maria Nicolayevna) processed item

Relates to Russian émigré life in Europe and South America after the Russian Revolution. Includes appendices and clipping.

Kottmann (J.B.C.) collection of Johann Christian Stark lectures

Lectures on surgery delivered in Jena by Johann Christian Stark, recorded in manuscript by J.B.C. (Johann Bapt. Carol.) Kottmann. "They begin with the history of surgery and move rapidly to discussing specific ailments and infections as well as remedies (with...

Koudinoff (George) papers

Clippings, programs, letters, and photographs, relating to Russian opera.

Kouvaras (Kostas) papers

Reports and transcriptions of radio messages, relating to activities of the Greek resistance organization EAM-ELAS during World War II. Includes reports by German, Greek collaborationists, and EAM-ELAS officials, and a statement by K. Kouvaras relating to the origins of the...

Kouw (Arnold Joseph) Notebook

Arnold Joseph Kouw began working for the Southern Pacific Railroad in 1945. He worked as a brakeman, switchman, and conductor, briefly in Texas, but for the majority of his career he was stationed in California. When passenger service transferred to...

Kovach (Robert L.) papers

Includes personal research notebooks, correspondence, mission reports and transcripts, films, photographs, and ephemera collected by Kovach reflecting his role as a principal investigator for the Apollo 14, 16, and 17 missions. Film reels and photographs depict seismic experiments designed by...

Kovacs (Ernie) collection

This collection primarily contains scripts, rundowns, and notes from the career of Ernie Kovacs, circa 1951-1961. The collection also contains small amounts of other production material including treatments, prop lists, guest lists, cue sheets, lyric sheets, and other related items.

Kovacs (Ernie) papers

Ernie Kovacs (1919-1962) was one of the leading innovators of comedy in television. He also published a novel and acted in movies. The collection consists of Profuselies cartoons, scripts, recordings of Kovacs' television shows, manuscripts of his novel, , as...

Kovalenskai︠a︡, Nina. Letters written to Nina Kovalenskai︠a︡, 1948-1967.

Letters, addressed to her as Nina Grigorʹevna Pavlova, from actresses Maria Andreevna Vedrinskai︠a︡ and Ekaterina Nikolaevna Roshchina-Insarova, and biographical information about them by Nina Kovalenskai︠a︡.

Kovic (Ron) papers

Writings and slides relating to the Vietnam War. Includes the manuscript of the book by Kovic, (New York, 1976). Digital copies of select records also available at

Kovick (Kris) Drawings

Cartoonist Kris Kovick (1951-2001) donated these drawings after the GLBT Historical Society's Queer Folk Art exhibit. Kovick was also a printer, writer and arts community activist in San Francisco from the 1980s until her death from breast cancer. Kovick's art...

KOVR-TV film collection

The KOVR-TV Film Collection documents the work of Sacramento's then ABC television affiliate from 1967 to 1981. The bulk of the collection contains day-to-day news stories. KOVR, with bureaus in both Sacramento and Stockton, focused on events within Sacramento, San...

Kowalczuk (Ilko-Sascha) typescript

Relates to universities in East Germany prior to German reunification.

Kowalik (Jan) papers

Correspondence, writings, bibliographies, notes, catalogs, bulletins, biographical data, printed matter, and photographs relating to the post-1939 Polish émigré press, Polish émigré journalists, and notable Polish émigrés in the United States and especially in California. Includes some collected papers of Polish...

Kowalski (Ludwik) papers

Diaries, other writings, computer disk interview recording, and correspondence, relating mainly to communism.

Kownacki (Richard) Collection of Material about Ruhollah Khomeini

Collection consists of ephemera critical of the Ayatollah Khomeini. Includes material relating to marketing, as well as artifacts and cartoons....

Kozai (Jiro) Papers

Jiro Kozai, an Issei from Tottori Prefecture who immigrated to the United States in 1911, was one of the early Japanese pioneers of New York City. He was the president of the Japanese Association of New York and was the...

Kozlenko (William) papers

The William Kozlenko papers span the years 1943-1968 and encompass 2 linear feet. The collection contains primarily scripts for unproduced films, television programs, and other unrealized projects. There is some biographical and credit information on Kozlenko....

Kozlowski (Leon) typescript

Relates to the imprisonment of Leon Kozlowski in the Soviet Union from 1939 to 1941 as a political prisoner during World War II. Photocopy.

Kozlowski, Walter A. (Second World War correspondence)

This collection contains letters from 2nd Lt. Walter A. Kozlowski to his friend and colleague Joseph Weyres during the Second World War. Kozlowski and 13 people on the aircraft named "Bastard" were lost at sea on October 29, 1943 when...

Kozy (James W.) papers

Memoirs, letters, and drawings, relating to American aerial operations during World War II and conditions in German prison camps.

KPFA history miscellany : photocopy typescripts, 1960-1969.

Draft history (17 pages) of the radio station, 1946-1960, "KPFA History," by Eleanor McKinney, January 1960, with annotations in an unknown hand. Also, "The Beginnings of Pacifica Foundation" (12 pages), by Gene R. Stebbins, 1969. Includes biographical information on Lewis...

KPFA radio demonstration fliers [graphic].

Fliers and poster promoting various Berkeley and San Francisco demonstrations protesting against the 1999 takeover of KPFA radio station by its parent organization Pacifica. Most fliers illustrated with images of activists at demonstrations.

KPFA-FM Music Dept. Audio Collection

Compiled from 1949 to 1995, this collection of primarily analog reel-to-reel audiotapes embodies decades of innovative new music radio programming, specialized in 20th Century new music, but whose content also reflects a variety of musical forms rarely represented by commercial...

KPIX photograph album [graphic].

Album includes images of KPIX television studios, cameramen and crew, taping of shows, and a few views of San Francisco.

KPIX-TV Kitchen recipes, 1950-1951.

Contains recipes from weekly show on San Francisco television station KPIX with Faye Stewart as director and host of show.

KQED 'The Castro' Videotapes

This collection contains 40 B-rolls from the KQED documentary "The Castro", the third episode in KQED’s series “Neighborhoods: The Hidden Cities of San Francisco”.

Krader (Barbara L.) Collection

This collection consists of sound recordings.

Kraemer (Walter) typescript

Relates to conditions in prison camps in the Soviet Union during and after World War II. Includes drawings.

Kraemer-Milligan Family Collection

John Thomas Milligan raised white Leghorn chickens on his Oakgrove farm near Stithton, Kentucky. He migrated to the San Fernando Valley in 1922 and started The California White Leghorn Breeding Farm in the Lankershim area of the Valley (now North...

Kraft (Charles H.) Papers

Charles H. Kraft (b.1932) is an American anthropologist, linguist, and Professor Emeritus of Anthropology and Intercultural Communication in the School of Intercultural Studies at Fuller Theological Seminary in Pasadena, CA. The bulk of the collection includes materials related to Charles...

Kraft (Rose) collection

Photographs depicting military campaigns in the Pacific during World War II; color slides depicting scenic views in mainly European countries; and programs to Russian theater and ballet performances.

Kraft (William) Collection of Musical Compositions

Holographs, ozalid masters and copies, and photocopies of scores and parts of music for film and television. Includes scores for Avalanche, Bill, The Chisholms, The Elephants: Last Day in Eden, Fire and Ice, The Homeric Hymn to Demeter, and Kirlian...

Krajina (Vladimir J.) memoirs

Relates to the resistance movement in German-occupied Czechoslovakia during World War II, and especially to clandestine radio communications between Great Britain and Czech resistance forces. Includes holograph and typescript versions of a volume entitled "Ve sluzbach odboje a demokracie," and...

Kralin (M. M.) correspondence

Correspondence with the Russian-American literary historian Gleb Struve and others, relating primarily to the Russian writer Anna Akhmatova. Photocopy.

Kralj (Kim) papers

Kim Kralj is a community activist and art dealer based primarily in Los Angeles, California. The collection consists primarily of agendas, minutes, subject files, and general notes of action regarding West Hollywood's recognition and promotion of its gay and lesbian...

Krall Family Papers

ca. 1758-1900. Correspondence, business records, and documents (including 18th century indentures) of a family from Shafferstown, Lebanon County, Pennsylvania, along with almanacs from the 1850s-1860s, and printed speeches, programs, and pamphlets from the Civil War and Reconstruction eras. 2 linear...

Kramer (Howard D.) papers

Transcripts of radio broadcasts, posters, leaflets, correspondence, printed matter, and photographs relating to American and Japanese propaganda activities in the Philippines during World War II. Includes a photocopy of the Ph.D dissertation of Howard D. Kramer, entitled "History of the...

Kramer (Jack) papers

Correspondence, memoranda, writings, printed matter, photographs, and one sound recording relating to the Eritrean Liberation Front and the movement for Eritrean independence. Also available on microfilm (1 reel).

Kramer (Ken) collection

The Ken Kramer collection spans the years circa 1940s-1970s and encompasses 4 linear feet. The collection is comprised of more than 2,200 photographic prints collected by Kramer of American motion picture theatres, primarily located in California. Most of the photographs...

Kramer (Richard) Manuscript of “Tales of the City”

This manuscript is of a television play adaptation of Armistead Maupin’s “Tales of the City” written by Richard Kramer in 1993. The script is inscribed and signed by both Maupin and Kramer.

Kramer (Stanley) papers

Stanley Kramer (1913- ) was born in New York City. He began working in the film industry in the 1930s as a researcher, film editor, and writer, eventually working his way up to the position of associate producer by the...

Kransky Collection of Edward H. Mitchell Postcards

Approximately 13,000 postcards published by Edward H. Mitchell of San Francisco, Calif., between approximately 1895 and 1923. Views are chiefly sites in California and on the Pacific Coast, but represented locales range across the American West and across the Pacific...

Krasil'nikov (Mikhail Mikhailovich) papers

The Krasil'nikov papers are comprised of poems, correspondence, legal documents, printed matter, and photographs relating to political dissent in the Soviet Union, conditions in forced labor camps, Russian literature, and Russian-Latvian cultural relations.

Krasil'nikov (S. A.) collection

Reports, statistics, directives, memoranda, and map, issued by the Ob"edinnenoe Gosudarstvennoe Politicheskoe Upravlenie and other Soviet governmental and communist party agencies, relating to forced resettlement in the Novosibirsk region and other parts of Siberia, in connection with collectivization, primarily in...

Krasno (Rena) Collection

Rena Krasno was born in Shanghai in 1923. Her parents, two stateless Russian Jews, fled Russia two years before her birth. Krasno grew up in a Jewish community in Shanghai, but fled to Israel in 1949 just before communist forces...

Krasno (Rena) papers

Memoirs, letters, clippings, reviews, pictorial book, certificates, identification documents, printed matter, photographs, video tapes, and miscellany, relating to the Russian Jewish community in Shanghai during the 1930s and 1940s. Video use copies of selected items also available.

Krasnov (Petr Nikolaevich) papers

Correspondence, speeches and writings, military documents, printed matter, and photographs, relating to Russian participation in World War I, the Russian Civil War, the Don Cossacks, and Russian émigré affairs.

Krasnov (Vladislav) writings

Dissertation, entitled (1974); and a conference paper, entitled (1981). Includes a Soviet police description of defectors used in preparation of the latter paper.

Krasovskii (Oleg Antonovich) papers

Writings, correspondence, printed matter, photographs, and sound recordings relating to Russian nationalism, Russian émigré affairs, and Radio Liberty broadcasts to the Soviet Union. Includes manuscripts submitted to Veche and editorial correspondence of the journal.

Krassovskii (Vitol'd) memoirs

Relates to Russian military activities during World War I, and to White Russian military activities in southwestern Russia during the Russian Civil War.

Krassovsky (Vadim) papers

Vadim Krassovsky was a Russian émigré who lived in China and the United States. This collection contains correspondence, minutes, memoranda, memoirs, and printed matter.

Krat (Vladimir Vasil'evich) papers

Correspondence, writings, personal documents, printed matter, and photographs relating to the petroleum industry and to Russian émigré affairs. Includes some papers of other family members.

Krathwohl (David R.) papers

Correspondence, memoranda, reports, minutes, and printed matter, relating to various aspects of teacher training and governmental educational policy in the U.S.

Kraucs (Eduards) papers

Autobiographical sketch, scrapbook, motion picture film, and photographs, relating primarily to Latvian refugees in Germany and the United States. Includes translations.

Krause (Johannes) typescript

Relates to the post-World War II German black market.

Krause (Lucjan) Warsaw Uprising postcards

A collection of approximately 75 postcards and handmade cards sent from schoolchildren in Poland to Lucjan Krause (1928-2022), a member of the Polish underground resistance who fought in the Warsaw Uprising (1944). The cards, mostly written by Polish schoolchildren in...

Krause (Martin, Dr.) essays

Relates to economic conditions in Argentina.

Kraushaar (Raoul) music scores

Collection consists of the handwritten orchestrations for the television program written by American composer Raoul Kraushaar.

Krauskopf (Konrad Bates) Notebooks

Collection consists of his notes from geological surveys in Gas Hills (Wyoming), 1955; Greece, 1962; Glass Mountain (California and Nevada), 1969-74; and Mariposa County, Calif., 1978-87. Also included is a certificate of appreciation from the Geological Society of America in...

Krauss (Friedrich S.) Papers

Friedrich S. Krauss (1859-1938) was an Austrian ethnographer and folklorist. He specialized in Slavic ethnography and folklore. During the course of his fieldwork, he amassed one of the largest collections of Guslar epic songs. He later turned his attention to...

Krauss (Wilhelm W.) Papers

Wilhelm W. Krauss (b.1894) collaborated in writing the book, (1926), lectured on topics of race and eugenics, and wrote several manuscripts on racial topics. The collection consists of manuscripts, research notes, printed materials, photographs, and correspondence relating to Krauss' work...

Kravchinskii (Sergei Mikhailovich) papers

Correspondence, writings, and extracts from printed matter, relating to nineteenth century Russian revolutionary movements. Includes material relating to S. M. Kravchinskii.

Kravik, Leon B. (Second World War correspondence)

This collection contains correspondence and other materials pertaining to the accidental death of PFC Leon Bruce Kravik, USAAF, during training in 1942 during the Second World War.

Krebes, Anthony P. (Second World War correspondence)

This collection contains correspondence between SSgt. Anthony P. Krebes, USA and his wife Juanita during the Second World War. Also included are correspondence from Anthony's brothers who served overseas, family and friends, as well as some documents and ephemera.

Krebs (Rudolf) clipping collection

Relates to the causes of Germany's defeat in World War I. Photocopy.

Krehbiel (Edward) typescript

Relates to food production and conservation in California during World War I. Photocopy.

Kreider (Samuel L.) Papers

This collection contains both personal and professional papers of Samuel L. Kreider (1882-1954), a prominent businessman in Los Angeles, California. Within the collection, there are manuscripts, business documents, correspondence, legal and financial documents, and ephemera, which include various writings...

Kreisauer Kreis memoranda

Relates to the anti-Nazi movement and to post-World War II reconstruction in Germany. Written by members of the anti-Nazi Kreisauer Kreis resistance movement. Also available on microfilm (1 reel).

Kreisel (Georg) Correspondence with Jean van Heijenoort

Correspondence, notes, memoranda, articles and other materials by Professor Georg Kreisel, sent to his colleague, Professor J. van Heijenoort of Harvard University. Includes some correspondence with other colleagues.

Kreisel (Georg) Papers

Correspondence with professional colleagues, collaborators, students, and others, primarily from 1962 to 1984, lecture notes, manuscripts and other writings.

Kreissman (Bernard) Papers

Library Associates files, correspondence, and speeches.

Krejci (Jaroslav) photographs

Depicts scenes relating to political dissent in Czechoslovakia and to the fall of the communist régime.

Krenek (Ernst) Letters to Mildred Kayden

Letters from European composer Ernst Krenek to his former student, Mildred Kayden, and other related ephemera. Collection materials date from 1940 to 1986 and include letters, postcards, newsclippings, programs and a musical score.

Krenek (Ernst) Manuscript and Letters to Will Ogdon

Two photographs, one typewritten manuscript of Krenek's book , and four folders of letters from Krenek to Will Odgon, written between 1943 and 1985. The letters include references to music composition, occasional advice on career and personal matters, and happenings...

Krenek Festival tapes

Tapes and program booklet for 1979 festival in Santa Barbara honoring composer Ernst Krenek.

Kreps (Robert E.) Photo Collection

Photographic Prints that have been digitized and placed on the DAMS and Flickr. They have been assigned a 09 Series Number 09-02053 to 02055. Ralph E. Kreps was assigned to the US Naval Air Station, Coco Solo, C.Z. The photos...

Kreps (Theodore John) Papers

Reports, memos, surveys, statistics, legal documents, and some printed material. Arrangement is chronological. Subjects included are cartels, anti-trust , labor, conservation, investment, reciprocal trade, government purchasing, production, government regulations, inflation, land-lease, war mobilization, and international trade.

Kreps (Theodore John) Papers

Reports, memos, surveys, statistics, legal documents, and some printed material. Arrangement is chronological. Subjects included are cartels, anti-trust , labor, conservation, investment, reciprocal trade, government purchasing, production, government regulations, inflation, land-lease, war mobilization, and international trade.

Kresge College records

This collection documents the history of Kresge College from its inception to the early 2000s, and primarily comprises early college planning documents, administrative records and correspondence, event-related ephemera, and recordings of commencements, lectures, and other events on DVD, VHS, and...

Kress, Frank (First World War correspondence)

This collection contains correspondence from Pvt. Frank Kress, AEF to his wife Josephine Marchildon during the First World War.

Kress (Phyllis J.) Papers

The bulk of the collection contains costume designs for the theater productions at the University of California, Davis. Other material includes posters, programs, and other records dealing with campus theatrical productions.

Kresy-Siberia Foundation collection

Video recordings of interviews of Polish survivors of forced labor camps in the Soviet Union, relating to deportations from Poland during World War II and to conditions in Soviet forced labor camps. Includes some copies of textual documents. Interviews conducted...

Kretschmer (Ernest T.)Archive

This collection includes programs, posters, and ephemera related to the Cabrillo Music Festival, Santa Cruz Symphony, Cultural Council of Santa Cruz, the Crown College Concerts at the University of California, Santa Cruz, Watsonville Concert Association, Barati Ensemble, and Santa...

Kreuger (Kurt) papers

The Kurt Kreuger papers spans the years 1956-2003 (bulk 1992-2003) and encompasses 1.5 linear feet. Kreuger's manuscripts consist primarily of drafts and notes for his unpublished memoir documenting his life as an actor in Hollywood and as a landlord in...

Kreutzberg (John) Collection

Correspondence of an American ambulance driver who served in the French army during World War I.

Krevans (Julius R.) Papers

This collection documents the activities of Dr. Julius R. Krevans from his early career at Johns Hopkins through his years as Chancellor of the University of California-San Francisco. His many roles are highlighted, from researcher to teacher, from administrator to...

Krick (Irving P.) papers

Collection consists of original meteorological and climatological data (including weather maps and charts) collected by Irving P. Krick and his associates in various states of the U.S., Alberta, Canada, and France.

Krieger (Murray) papers

This collection comprises book manuscripts, articles, seminars, lectures, correspondence and other writings documenting the professional life of literary theorist Murray Krieger. The bulk and strength of the collection consists of drafts of Krieger's numerous publications (particularly thirteen monographs), student papers...

Kriegs-Nachtrichten Collection

Three portfolios/scrapbooks with photographs, clippings, war reports, leaflets and political cartoons pertaining to the Franco-Prussian war of 1870-1871, as well as the Paris Commune and the Italian annexation of Rome.

Kriger (Jeffrey S.) Photographs

The Jeffrey S. Kriger collection documents the photographic works of San Francisco-based photographer, entrepreneur, and fine arts framer Jeffrey Kriger and includes photographs, slides, negatives, contact sheets, and other related materials.

Krim (Mendel) Collection

The Mendel Krim Collection contains the photographs and papers of Mendel Krim, M.D., who served as a United States Army doctor in Korea and Japan from 1947-1949. Papers include letters, certificates, and records of Krim's military service, while the extensive...

Krims (Milton) papers

The Milton Krims papers span the years 1931-1974 (bulk 1960s) and encompass 7.9 linear feet. The collection contains scripts, teleplays, and correspondence....

Krisel (Marcella S.) Collection of Lectures by Alan Watts in Los Angeles

Alan Wilson Watts (1915-1973) was a professor of comparative philosophy (1951-57), dean (1953-56), and writer and lecturer (1956-73) at the University of the Pacific, Academy of Asian Studies in San Francisco. He helped popularize Zen Buddhism in the U.S., was...

Krisel (William) Papers

Southern California architect William Krisel is a pioneering designer of mid-century residential and commercial architecture, known mainly for his affordable homes expressing the modern aesthetic. Consisting of drawings, photographs, documents, and articles, the archive contributes greatly to the study of...

Krishnabai Nimbkar papers, [ca.1931-1945].

Correspondence, newsletters and other documents relating primarily to Indian independence movement. Include material issued by the Congress Socialist Party, Indian National Congress, and other organizations and individuals.

Krishnamurti (Jiddu) Papers

The collection includes promotional material, photographs, correspondence, audiocassettes and albums, newspaper articles, and one video....

Krisitn Ockershauser Papers

These are papers of community organizer Kristin Ockershauser, primarily documenting efforts in the early 1970s organizing residents in two public housing projects in the San Pedro area of Los Angeles: the Park Western Organization for Positive Action (at Park Western)...

Kristanoff/Dade Family Papers

A collection of materials relating to the Naval career of Kristanoff and Dade

Kriuchkov (Petr) holograph

Relates to the evacuation of White Russian forces from the Crimea to Bulgaria during the Russian Civil War.

Kriukov (Boris A.) papers

Memoranda; military and naval intelligence reports; civil, naval, and military orders; correspondence; and photographs, relating to the Russian Revolution and Civil War in the Siberian Far East, especially operations of the Amur Flotilla (Red) and the Siberian Flotilla (White)

Krizis partii typescript

Relates to the history and structure of the Soviet communist party, 1905-1923.

Krizman (Serge) scripts

This collection consists of scripts from various television programs worked on by Yugoslavian-born art director and production designer Serge Krizman (1914-2008).

Kräly (Hans) script material

The Hans Kräly script material spans the years 1934-1944 and encompasses less than one linear foot. The collection consists apparently entirely of stories and unproduced script material, including work by several other writers in addition to Kräly, notably George Wallace...

Kroc Foundation archives

Administrative files, 1967-1985, of the Kroc Foundation of Santa Ynez, California, relating to conferences it sponsored and grants it awarded in the area of medical research.

Kroczak (Stanislaw) papers

Memoirs, printed matter, and photographs, relating to Polish military activities during World War II.