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J. A. Early (Lt. General) letter, 1864 October 22

One printed letter to the "Soldiers of the Army of the Valley," admonishing them for leaving the battle at Bell Grove on Cedar Creek (Oct. 22, 1864) to engage in looting. Head Quarters Valley District, Oct. 22, 1864. Cat. no.:...

J. A. Graves letter, 1927 October 19

One letter (TLS) to Dawson's Book Shop of Los Angeles, re Los Angeles Times delay in publishing his book, [My Seventy Years in California]. Los Angeles, Oct. 19 , 1927. Alpha list.

J. A. Welch Letters, 1917-1928

Correspondence regarding efforts to build Bayshore Highway and Skyline Blvd.

J. Allen Hawkins Studio Collection of Negatives

The J. Allen Hawkins Studio Collection of Negatives consists of 3027 negatives and 3607 prints (both vintage prints and copy prints), 1924-1972, that depict commercial sites, residences, and other subjects in and around Pasadena and the San Gabriel Valley in...

J. Arthur (Jesse Arthur) Younger Papers

This collection consists of correspondence, documents, and printed reference materials which form a written record of Younger's career in Washington, D.C. from 1964 until his death in 1967 and the election of his successor. The collection covers almost every aspect...

J. Arthur Ragsdale papers relating to his trial under the California criminal syndicalism law in the 1920s : including his notes on the proceedings, circa 1917-1963.

Includes a list of questions for jurors during selection, military discharge papers from 1917, and a certificate of work under the Office of Scientific Research and Development during World War II from 1945. Some items discussing the trial reference interviews,...

J. C. Morrill Company, 1859-1867.

Account books, 1862-66; correspondence, 1860-67; receipts, 1859-66.

J. C. Morrill Company Collection

Account books, 1862-66; correspondence, 1860-67; receipts, 1859-66....

J. C. W. Brenan letter to his father, 1856 August 6.

Holograph letter written by J. C. W. Brenan from New Orleans informing his father of his imminent departure on the Steamer Granada for Nicaragua to join General William Walker's army, in which he was promised the position of Lieutenancy in...

J. California Cooper papers, 1956-2005.

The J. California Cooper papers document her literary life. The collection contains correspondence with, personalia from, and writings by the award-winning African American author. Correspondence is personal and professional, incoming and outgoing. It includes cards and letters to family members,...

J. Castor de Guzman letters, 1864.

Written from Murphy's Bar, Calif. to Juan de Dios Sepulveda in San Francisco to obtain certified copies of documents in Spain concerning inheritance of family estate.

J. Craig Venter Institute History of Molecular Biology Collection

Collection contains the personal papers of distinguished scientists and Nobel Laureates in molecular biology and allied fields. Materials were collected by Jeremy Norman and his colleague Al Seckel from 1999-2002 and acquired by the J. Craig Venter Institute in 2005....

J. Desmond Clark papers, circa 1929-2002.

Correspondence, writings, conference and course materials, research notes subject files, papers by others, maps and rock art drawings. The collection includes a significant amount of material related to his work in Africa, particularly on Ethiopia and Kalambo Falls.

J. Dewitt Miller letters written to him, 1875.

Letters from C.B. Lewis and R.D.S. Taylor, his publisher, concerning Lewis's book, Quad's odd.

J. E. Clayton correspondence and papers, 1854-1904.

Diaries, 1877-1889 (5 v.), field notebooks, 1857-1889 (22 v.), reports, accounts, legal papers, manuscript maps. Also includes correspondence (incoming and outgoing), 1857-1891.

J. E. Pierce letter, 1967

One handwritten letter (ALS) from Pierce to Katie Child of Genoa Illinois, discussing her trip to San Francisco and her new position as a teacher in Genoa. Jackson, [IL?], Apr. 21, 1867. Removed from Montgomery Collection (Wyles Mss 9). Alpha...

J. Edward Johnson papers, approximately 1935-1967.

Files relating to Johnson's biography of Justices of the California Supreme Court, published as History of the Supreme Court Justices of California.

J. F. Allison letters : to his family : ALS, 1851-1852.

Written from Sacramento, two appended to lettersheets of the second and third issues of Sacramento News-Letter, a fortnightly publication. Relate to his business, that of selling goods on commission.

J. F. B. Marshall letter, 1890.

Letter written by J. F. B. Marshall toWilliam Heath Davis from the Occidental Hotel in San Francisco on May 17, 1890, describing Marshall's experiences in the Graham Affair of 1840.

J. F. Briggs letter, 1880 January 31

1 letter (ALS) from Congressman Briggs to a Mr. [Pevare?], saying he will send the document requested. House of Representatives, Washington, D.C., Jan. 31, 1880. .02 linear feet (1 folder).

J. F. Huntington document, 1863 February 3

[Civil War Union Captain, 1st Ohio Artillery, Battery H]. One Civil War document (ADS), to Captain A. G. Mason, re arrest and detention of a mule team, 3 Feb. 1863.

J. F. Lüning correspondence, circa 1843-1872

Letters in difficult German script, at least some from J. F. Lüning, some during Civil War era but Civil War content unclear. Some mold problems, not all removed, stored in poly bag. In hand as of 10/27/10 - provenance unknown....

J. Fessenden Clark letters : San Francisco, Calif. to Robert G. Byxbee, Navarro Ridge, Mendacino, Calif. : ALS, 1886, 1890.

Deals with accounts, filling orders, transport of goods, retaining customers and underselling competitors for the Navarro Mill Co.

J. Foster Flagg Papers, ca. late 1800s-early 1900s

Papers of an engineer and astronomer, who spent his last years in Santa Barbara. Includes maps of North and South America, documents relating to J. Foster Flagg, Flagg family genealogy, and four late 19th-early 20th century photo albums of Latin...

J. Frank Mackey papers, 1899-1914.

Date books and diaries recording engagements of the Mackey Amusement Enterprises, handling bookings for theater, vaudeville, and talking pictures (actors performing scripts during silent film showings). Some volumes include accounts and addresses.

J. G. Cooper letters : to his family, 1853-1864.

The early letters describe his activities while a member of the Isaac Ingalls Stevens' party to explore a route for the Pacific Railroad, life at Fort Vancouver, the collecting of specimens and gold washing. Later letters relate to his work...

J. G. Eaglesfield correspondence, 1861-1862, 1865

[Sargeant, New York Infantry, 89th Regiment, Company K]. Civil War correspondence to his family, 1861-1862, 1865.

J. H. Barnard letter, 1944

One carbon copy letter (TL) to Stanley F. Horn, author of The Army of Tennessee and one letter (TLS) response from Horn, both 1944, re Barnard's reminiscences as veteran of the 5th Cavalry, formerly the 2nd Cavalry, organized by Jefferson...

J. Henry Brown autobiography and related materials : Salem, Oregon, 1878-1888.

Describes his 1847 overland journey; the Rogue River Indian wars of 1855-1856; adventures in Oregon and California, to which he trailed cattle in 1858; Civil War service with the 1st Oregon Cavalry Volunteers in Oregon, Washington, and Idaho. Bound in...

J. Henry Shorthouse letter, 1898 December 4

One letter, (ALS) responding to an unknown correspondent re the description of "the little chapel" in his book, John Inglesant. Lansdowne, [England], [4 December] 1898. Found in: J. Henry Shorthouse, John Inglesant (London, 1882). Alpha list.

J. Henry Strachan letterpress copybook.

Letterpress copybook of J. Henry Strachan in his role as superintendant of Francis Marion Smith's mining company, Teels Marsh Borax Mining Company, containing letters dated from July 9, 1887 to August 24, 1890. All letters are signed by J. Henry...

J. Howard Ackerman account statements : ADS, 1848.

Articles delivered after Leidesdorff's death and previous to appointment of W.D.M. Howard as administrator. With this; receipt to Howard for nails left with Leidesdorff by Francisco Ramides (?) Jan. 4, 1848, witnessed by Ackerman.

J. J. Dahlgren Civil War documents, 1862-1865

[Rear Admiral, Commanding South Atlantic Blockading Squadron]. Fifteen Civil War documents, mainly orders to Acting Master Benjamin Dyer, Commanding the U.S.S. 'Home,' re matters such as transferring men and equipment to other ships, and being appointed a member of Naval...

J. J. Gillick Company records

Articles of incorporation; tax forms; ledger volume

J. J. Snook poem, 1909 August 23.

Printed poem titled "The Glorious 22nd," written by J. J. Snook, a former Union soldier of the 22nd Michigan Infantry. The poem describes General George Henry Thomas' selection of the 22nd Michigan for his headquarter guard.

[J. L.?] Chamberlain letter, 1863 July 6

[Civil War Union Colonel, 20th Maine Vols]. Photocopy of one letter (ALS) to Lieutenant George B. Herendeen. Field near Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, 6 July 1863.

A. J. Mills Mexican War letter, 1847

Letter and partial typescript from A. J. Mills, of the 1st Regiment of Missouri Mounted Volunteers under Colonel Alexander W. Doniphan, to his brother detailing his experiences during the war against Mexico, culminating in the Battle of Sacramento and march...

J. Milton Bailey letters to family, 1850-1853.

Describing overland journey from Missouri to California in 1850, experiences mining in Nevada City and farming on Skull Bone Ranch near Colusa. Also included are a few letters from his brother Henry who joined him on his farm in 1853.

J. Paul Getty Museum Department of Education and Academic Affairs records

Records consist of memoranda, correspondence, reports, handouts, meeting notes, exhibit designs and related materials, public announcements, policy guidelines, visitor responses, educational materials, photographic materials, contracts, and publicity concerning the activities of the J. Paul Getty Museum Department of Education and...

J. Paul Getty Museum Department of Manuscripts original enclosures study collection, 1983-2005

This collection comprises twenty-nine enclosures of varying size and design which originally housed objects from the J. Paul Getty Museum's Department of Manuscripts at the time of acquisition. Twenty-two enclosures contained objects from the Ludwig Catalogue, purchased in 1983, while...

J. Paul Getty Museum, Department of Manuscripts, photographs of unpacking the Ludwig collection

Records comprise photographs, and photocopies of the photographs, of the opening and unpacking of the Ludwig Collection of illuminated manuscripts purchased by the J. Paul Getty Museum, 1983.

J. Paul Getty Museum Exhibition Design records

Records consist of design plans, gallery and promotional graphics, material samples, slides, photographs, and administrative materials created and maintained by the J. Paul Getty Museum's Exhibition Design Department, dating from 1991 through 2006 (bulk 1997-2005). The records include exhibition planning...

J. Paul Getty Museum exhibition photographs

The records comprise written documentation and photographs documenting the exhibitions of the J. Paul Getty Museum from the early 1980s to 2004. Materials include black-and-white and color photographic prints, slides, negatives, transparencies, and digital images (TIFFs).

J. Paul Getty Museum Getty Center Public Event Recordings, 1998-2018, undated

This collection consists of audiovisual recordings of public programming events sponsored by the J. Paul Getty Museum that were held at the Getty Center campus from 1998 to 2018. One event is undated. Events comprise lectures, conversations, panel discussions, symposia,...

J. Paul Getty Museum, Getty Villa construction records

Correspondence, reports from the architects and builders, legal and financial documents, blueprints and models, photos, printed matter and oral histories, dating 1960, 1964, 1968-1986, undated (bulk 1971-1974) concern the design and construction of the J. Paul Getty Museum (Villa).

J. Paul Getty Museum Getty Villa Public Event Recordings, 2006-2018

This collection consists of audiovisual recordings and ephemera of public programming events sponsored by the J. Paul Getty Museum that were held at the Getty Villa campus from 2006 to 2018. Events comprise lectures, conversations, panel discussions, symposia, seminars, colloquia,...

J. Paul Getty Museum guest scholar and conservator files

The records comprise files relating to J. Paul Getty Museum guest scholars, visiting conservators and general program files, dating 1978-1996, in addition to photograph albums dating 1979-2005. Files include general and personal information regarding visitors as well as information and...

J. Paul Getty Museum, library inventory and accession records

The records comprise inventories, lists, and accession records from the museum and library, listing J. Paul Getty's personal books and furniture in the museum, reference books in the library, and books purchased for the library of the J. Paul Getty...

J. Paul Getty Museum Public Programs Performing Arts Recordings and Ephemera, 1998-2018

The records comprise audiovisual recordings of performances sponsored by the J. Paul Getty Museum Public Programs department at the Getty Center and Getty Villa between 1998 and 2018, and documentation of the events from 1998 to 2013. Events include presentations...

J. Paul Getty Trust Documentation of the Installation of Taste at the Restaurant at the Getty Center

Records document the 1997 creation and execution of Taste, Alexis Smith's permanent mixed-media installation for the Restaurant at the Getty Center. Materials comprise 35mm color slides; 4 x 5 inch color transparencies; 4 x 5 inch color and black-and-white negatives;...

J. Paul Getty Trust, Getty Center site planning and construction photographs

Records comprise photographic prints, snapshots, contact sheets, slides, and negatives, dating 1947-1997 (bulk 1984-1997), that were created and maintained by the J. Paul Getty Trust Building Program. Images document the planning and building of the Getty Center in Brentwood, California...

J. Paul Getty Trust, Getty Oral History Program Interviews Overseen/Conducted by Martin Meeker, University of California, Berkeley, 2015-ongoing

Records currently consist of printed transcripts and flash drives containing Word, PDF, MP3 and MP4, wav, and raw video files, dating 2015-2017, of the oral histories created as a part of the new 2015- Getty Oral History Program initiated by...

J. Paul Getty Trust Inventory of Getty Publications, 1954-2012 and undated

The materials include publications issued by the J. Paul Getty Trust or Getty Publications, including titles published by, or on behalf of, the J. Paul Getty Museum, the Getty Conservation Institute, the Getty Center for the History of Art and...

J. Paul Getty Trust Oral History Transcripts, 1999-2009

Records comprise the final transcripts and three videos of oral histories conducted with Getty staff, trustees, and associates by Oral Historian Eric Abrahamson between 1999 and 2010.

J. Paul Getty Trust Press Clippings

The records comprise press clippings about the J. Paul Getty Trust, J. Paul Getty Museum, other Trust programs, and Getty family and associates, 1954-2019 (bulk 1983-2019) and undated. The records contain analog and digital files and document the extent to...

J. Paul Getty Trust Press Releases and Public Outreach Materials

The records comprise press releases, event calendars, magazines published by the Getty, and other materials created and disseminated by the J. Paul Getty Museum and the J. Paul Getty Trust, 1954-1959 and 1973-2019 (bulk 1983-2019). The records contain analog and...

J. Paul Getty Trust, Publications records

These records were generated by the J. Paul Getty Trust Publications offices and departments and its related Editorial Committee during the course of day-to-day operations. The records comprise correspondence, memoranda, publishing proposals, budget information (including information from the J. Paul...

J. Paul Getty Trust, Records and Archives administrative records

The records reflect the early development of the records management and archives policies and practices for the emerging J. Paul Getty Trust. The records date from 1980 to 1990 and include reports and recommendations of archival consultant, Nicholas Olsberg as...

J. Peter Winkelstein scrapbook

Scrapbook of clippings, primarily from the . Includes one biographical sketch about Senator Leland Stanford and the founding of Stanford University. Also includes letters....

J. Richard Challacombe photograph collection pertaining to the early logging of giant sequoia in the Sierra Nevada [graphic].

Includes photographs pertaining to the early logging and lumbering of giant sequoia in the Sierra Nevada of California; Converse Basin grove, Calaveras Big Tree grove, and other giant sequoia habitats; early figures in the movement to conserve the giant sequoia;...

[J. Ross Browne family photographs].

Includes a few portraits of J. Ross Browne, a few dozen portraits of his daughter Lucy Mayotta Browne Hoffman, and other portraits and snapshots. Other descendants of Browne and Hoffmann are also depicted. Also includes a self-portrait caricature drawing by...

J. Ross Browne letters, 1849-1859.

Describe California in 1849 and concern property in Oakland; some to J.W. Denver re the condition of California Indians. Also photocopy of letter to James A. Garfield, protesting the liquor tax.

J. Rupert Mason on single tax, irrigation districts and municipal bankruptcy : oral history transcript / and related material, 1957.

Notes his family and early life, including experiences as a bondsalesman; his own firm in San Francisco; his ideas on irrigation and municipal bond issues and government controls; theories of taxation; interest in and work for various water and power...

J. Rupert Mason papers, 1935-1958.

Papers and correspondence of San Francisco banker and bond broker J. Rupert Mason, primarily regarding single tax and business aspects of California irrigation, water, and land use.

J. S. Holliday papers, 1959-2006.

Drafts and research materials from Holliday's books "The World Rushed In," and "Rush for Riches," along with journal articles, and papers relating to Holliday's employment at the Oakland Museum, the Bancroft Library, and the California Historical Society.

J. S. Mosby engraved portrait, undated

[Col.]. Engraved portrait, n.d.

J. S. Ramsbottom letters, 1910-1911

Three letters (ALS), from various correspondents, thanking him for the unorthodox work he has sent them , 1910-1911. Alpha list.

J. Stilson Judah: New Religious Movements Collection

The collection consists mainly of Library director N. Stilson Judah's materials on New Religious Movements. There is some personal materials that reflect Judah's interest in tennis and ballroom dancing and an oral history about his life.

J. T. Copeland letter, 1889 June 9.

Holograph letter from attorney J. T. Copeland to General N. M. Carr, regarding a letter from General Boynton and the reputation of General Rosecrans. Written from Orange Park, Fla.

The J. Tilman Williams, Oazo de Esperanto, and Esperanto Club of Los Angeles Collection

The J. Tilman Williams, Oazo de Esperanto, and Esperanto Club of Los Angeles Collection (JTW, ODE, and EKLA Esperanto Collection for short) includes periodicals, dictionaries, vocabularies, grammar books, yearbooks, directories, correspondence, photographs, ephemera, and realia related to Esperanto and the...

J. Torrey Connor papers, circa 1878-1935.

Collection mainly consists of clippings of magazine and newspaper articles by Oakland author J. Torrey Connor from the 1890's-ca.1930. Many of these were published in Los Angeles newspapers or in national publications. Also contains clippings from society pages about Connor,...

J. V. Todd oral history, 1994

This oral history/video project was completed in conjunction with the acquisition of the J. V. Todd Record Collection; the project, which was completed at the Todd residence in Seattle, Washington, involved the production of a 90 minute video of the...

J. W. Minnick letter, 1919 March 4

One letter (ALS) from ex-C.S.A. Minnick to his daughter Mary B. Poppenheim re copies of book relating to Civil War era Rock Island Prison, Mar. 4, 1919. Found in unsorted Wyles SC.

J. Walter Thompson Company scripts and production material

An early innovator in radio and television advertising, the J. Walter Thompson Company developed a leading edge in program production in both media. The collection consists of scripts and production material for television variety specials such as the Academy Awards...

A. J. Weinman letters, 1899-1901, to his family.

Letters written by him, mostly from the Yukon Territory, describing his work mining gold. Comments on weather, trip from Skagway to Dawson City, Dawson City, life in mining camp, difficulties with cooks, etc.

J. William Futrell Sierra Club papers, 1974-1978.

Papers relating to Futrell's involvement in the Sierra Club.

J. William Schuchert letters : Marysville, Calif., to John P. Mann, Chester, Ill., 1852-1853.

Contains two handwritten letters to a friend back home concerning J. William Schuchert's life in California. In the first letter (3 p.), dated Oct. 22,1852, Schuchert describes his overland trip to California, the town of Marysville, California, including finding work...

Jabes (Edward) drawings of the Miss. Kidder house

The Edward Jabes drawings of the Miss. Kidder house spans 3 linear feet and dates from circa 1930. The collection consists of one flat file folder that contains four original drawings and 12 blueprints, none of which are dated. Drawings...

Jablonski (Henryk) papers

Correspondence, speeches and writings, reports, and printed matter relating to governmental administration in Poland, Polish foreign relations, and the Polish educational system.

Jache (Chreslos [don Pedro Anselmo]) compuestas por. Ordenanzas del baratillo de Mexico Compuestas por don Pedro Anselmo Chreslos Jache

This humorous and sarcastic mid-eighteenth century treatise attributes a heavily anti-Spaniard perspective to Mexico City's multiracial lower-class population, particularly in relation to themes such as peninsular privilege and racial discrimination. Taking the form of traditional Spanish legal codes, the text...

Jacinto Blanco Fons [?] ordenes del Día : Jalisco, Mexico : DS, 1849 Mar. 6-9.

Assignments to military duty in Zapopan and other places in the state of Jalisco.

Jacinto (Louis) Los Angeles Event Photographs

Louis Jacinto photographs primarily of a mural at the Sunset Junction Street Fair in Los Angeles, 1982. Also includes one photograph of onlookers at the 1982 Los Angeles Christopher Street West pride parade.

Jack Alroy Holmes papers.

Research, correspondence, subject, teaching related records and materials, university related records and materials, works and notes, and professional organization materials concerning his interests and activities.

Jack Christensen papers

Correspondence and miscellany relating to a projected theatrical production on the life of the philosopher Eric Hoffer.

Jack Collom papers, [ca. 1961-1976]

Letters to Ken Pettitt, and poems by him.

Jack Family Papers

Correspondence, business records, and photographs relating to the Jack Family and San Luis Obispo, California.

[Jack Fleming collection of prison postcards and photographs].

Includes photographs depicting views of Folsom Prison taken at the turn of the twentieth century, evidently following the construction of many new facilities at the prison. Also includes several views of the California State Prison at San Quentin. Views depict...

Jack Fleming prison ephemera collection, 1796-2001 (bulk 1900-1999).

Ephemera, correspondence, and other materials relating to California prisons, the Tom Mooney case, Black history and the Ku Klux Klan. Also includes a box of letters and cards sent to Charles Manson following an incident in 1984 in which Manson...

Jack Foley miscellany, 1987-2010.

Includes two items by Foley: "Indeed the name was Irish," a St. Patrick's Day address (with Adelle Foley) to the Commonwealth Club of San Francisco, delivered March 14, 1990; and the text of a reading at Cody's Books, Berkeley, June...

Jack Harrison Pollack photographs relating to Earl Warren [graphic]

Photographs show views related to Earl Warren, including the Governor's Mansion, press photos, official functions, family gatherings, portraits of Warren, photos of his gravestone, etc.

Jack Hirschman letters : to Neeli Cherkovski, 1974.

Contains letters and mss. poems. Letters discuss fellow poets Charles Bukowski, and Allen Ginsberg, Hirschman's work on the magazine "Phoenix," and his translation work.

Jack Hirschman papers, approximately 1971-2013.

Contains correspondence, translations, manuscripts, publicity materials, and photographs.

Jack In The Box film script

Revised final draft of film script by The American Film Institute. Horror movie involving Mexican witchcraft partially filmed at the Southwest Museum.

Jack (J. F.) Collection, 1906

Photograph album. Album with captioned views of Virginia. Documents a trip taken mid-summer of 1906 on the steamer Middlesex up the Rappahannock River from the Fredericksburg Wharf to the Walsingham Estate and Belle Grove "birthplace of President Madison." Also Curl...

Jack LaLanne collection, 1914-2011.

Photographs, pamphlets, DVDs and books relating to Jack LaLanne.

Jack Lindsay note, undated

One note (TNS) re his next novel, All on the Never-Never. Castle Hedingham, Halstead, Essex, n.d. Alpha list.

Jack London Collection 1893-1977.

Correspondence, articles, clippings, ephemera, pamphlets, personal records

Jack London papers, 1902-1940.

Nine letters to Frank Putnam (Nov.15, 1902 - Mar.7, 1905) relating to the controversy over publication of his story, The One Thousand Dozen, in the National Magazine. With these: carbon of a letter from Putnam to London, Feb. 23, 1905;...

The Jack London story and the Beauty Ranch : oral history transcript / 2001.

The Jack London family, including grandmother Eliza London Shepard and father Irving Shepard; memories of growing up on the London "Beauty" Ranch and of Charmian Kittredge London; London daughters Joan Abbot and Becky London; the controversy surrounding the London estate...

Jack M. Hession papers, 1970-2005.

Includes the personal and professional papers relating to Hession's work as Sierra Club field representative in Anchorage, Alaska.

Jack Micheline memorial reading and obituary notices, 1998.

Collection contains the notice of the March 3, 1998 memorial at 439 Guerrero St. in San Francisco, a program, a printed email description of event from Jesse Beagle sent to Jack Foley, flyers, broadsides, obituaries, and related newspaper clippings.

Jack Micheline papers : additions, 1962-1998.

Jack Micheline reading in San Francisco, 2/7/89 and 8/9/97.

Jack P. Wardlaw papers, circa 1938-1940

Pre-World War II period, mainly in the U.S. Marine Corps, on the U.S.S. Honolulu. Includes numerous photos.

Jack Richmond papers, 1915-1942.

The collection contains correspondence (1915-1928); an undated newspaper clipping that states Jack Richmond received a Master of Science from the University of California, Berkeley; and a newspaper clipping about a new group of individuals receiving their Scottish Rite degrees from...

Jack Rowan in Berkeley, Calif. [graphic]

Doug Ballinger and John (Jack) Rowan in front of Berkeley's Center for Independent Living, and Rowan on Telegraph Ave. carrying Christmas tree on his wheelchair.

Jack Scott Papers

The Jack Scott Papers contains personal and professional papers and memorabilia of Dr. Jack Scott, former President of Pasadena City College (1987-1995), California State Assemblyman 44th District (1996-2000), California State Senator 21st District (2000-2008), and Chancellor of California Community Colleges...

[Jack Spicer childhood photographs].

Chiefly snapshots of Jack Spicer and Spicer family members taken during the poet's toddler years when the family lived in Glendale and Los Angeles. Domestic scenes of Jack and his younger brother Holt Spicer crawling, playing, reading, posing, etc. Also...

Jack Spicer letters to Allan Joyce : New York and Boston, 1955-1956.

Also included: Manhattan [poem] written on a postcard addressed to Allan Joyce; and some notes on Whitman for Allan Joyce [1 l.]

Jack Spicer letters to Myrsam H. Wixman, 1955-1956.

Letters written from Boston and New York to a student friend at Berkeley.

Jack Spicer papers, 1954-1964.

Letters to Graham F. Mackintosh; letters to Donald M. Allen, with carbons of Allen's letters; Mss of poems, published and unpublished; galleys for Book of magazine verse; typescript and galleys for Language; typescript of Lament for the Makers; unpublished book...

Jack Spicer papers, 1956-1963.

Consists chiefly of typescripts and manuscripts of single and collected poems, all undated. Includes typescripts of 9 poems, including 3 signed by Spicer, and poems collected under the titles: Billy the Kid; The heads of the town up to the...

Jack T. Casey papers, 1913-1956.

Letters, notes, reports, statements, and other material relating mainly to the Central Valley Project and to water problems in California.

Jack Werner Stauffacher papers, approximately 1940's-2014.

Papers include correspondence, work samples, project files, teaching materials, photographs, broadsides.

Jack Wilkinson Smith papers, 1925-1949.

Letters written by him, 1930-1948; a few letters to him, mainly on behalf of the Murder Club of Los Angeles; manuscripts of short stories, brief articles and poems by him; clippings re his paintings; obituary clippings; and miscellaneous personalia.

Jackie Coogan Ranch records

In the mid-1920s, Jackie Coogan Productions purchased a cattle ranch near Campo, California, approximately fifty miles east of San Diego, on behalf of child actor Jackie Coogan. The collection contains correspondence and financial documents related to the operations of the...

Jackling (Daniel C.) Papers

This collection includes material organized in four series: Private Papers, Personal Papers, Photographs and Printed Matter, and Ledgers and Accounts....

Jacks (David) Collection

Includes personal and business papers belonging to David Jacks and the David Jacks Corporation presented to the Huntington Library by his daughter, Margaret Anna Jacks, April, 1958...

Jacks (David) Papers

The DAVID JACKS PAPERS include correspondence, primarily business; legal and official documents in the form of leases, bills of sale, transfers of title, and court actions; financial papers; maps; clippings and printed materials; and photographs, photostats and prints. There are...

Jacks (Jerrold) Papers

The Jerrold "Jerry" Jacks papers relate to his interest in science fiction. Jacks (1947-1986) founded the Urania Science Fiction Club, an organization devoted to the discussion of lesbian, gay, and alternate sexuality in science fiction and fantasy, in 1980.

Jackson, Andrew Letter : to Maj. Gen. Pillow, 1861 October 19.

Holograph letter written at the Hermitage recommending a good plantation manager to Maj. Gen. Pillow.

Jackson (B.D.) Collection of Negatives and Photographs

The B.D. Jackson Collection of Negatives and Photographs consists of more than 4,800 photographs, glass plate negatives, and film negatives, as well related manuscript and ephemeral materials, created by Southern California photographer B.D. Jackson (ca. 1850-1937). The collection dates from...

Jackson Burgess papers, 1950-1979.

Correspondence, manuscripts, course notes and plans concerning his interests and activities as a professor of English at U.C. Berkeley.

Jackson (Calvin) Papers

Papers of Calvin Jackson (1919-1985), jazz pianist, composer, arranger, ensemble leader, and host of radio and television programs featuring jazz music and performers. The material consists of manuscript scores and instrumental parts for Jackson's own compositions, his arrangements of the...

Jackson (Captain Charles) Papers

TheCaptain Charles Jackson Papers documents Jackson's personal life and military career in the United States Marine Corps from 1934 to 1955.

Jackson County (Ore.) Records

This collection of Jackson County records consists of about 1600 items formerly held by the County Clerk's Office. They include licences, bills, receipts and certificates pertaining to ferries, peddling, road building, elections and liquor sales (1853-1891)....

Jackson County, Oregon, records, 1856-1862.

Receipts, coroner's reports and fee bills; and bridge commissioner's report.

Jackson (Florence) collection

Clippings, leaflets, and miscellanea, relating mostly to relief work in World War I.

Jackson (Forrest) Collection

Contains more than 8,000 photographic images relating to California agriculture. Subjects include the Tri/Valley Growers (1967-1991), the Modesto Irrigation District, central valley politicians (Bob Bergland, Leo McCarthy, Erneste LaCoste), and the Tulare Farm Equipment Show. Also includes photographs of the...

Jackson (Gabriel) Papers

Papers of Gabriel Jackson, hispanist, historian and professor of modern European history at UC San Diego. The collection contains correspondence, photographs, and manuscripts of Jackson's writings, particularly on the history of Spain, the Spanish Civil War, and current events in...

Jackson (George P.) Collection of Southern Hymnody Index

George Pullen Jackson (1874-1953) taught German at various institutions beginning in 1905, was a professor of German (1918-43) and emeritus at Vanderbilt University, President of the University Philharmonic Society in Grand Forks, North Dakota (1913-18), the founder of the Nashville...

Jackson, Gilbert Oral History

Dr. Jackson discusses his life in Santa Paula where he had a veternarian practice

Jackson, Gordon Jr. Personal Papers

The collection contains working files compiled by Gordon M. Jackson, an engineer at the Convair Division of General Dynamics in San Diego. During his engineering career with Convair, Jackson was recognized as the unofficial historian of the company’s historical production...

Jackson (Grant) Papers

This collection includes certificates, correspondence, legal documents, manuscripts, legal papers, and a scrapbook regarding the professional career of Grant Jackson. Materials are from 1886-1924.

Jackson H. Ralston papers, circa 1877-1945.

Correspondence, scrapbooks, clippings, and legal files relating to Jackson's career in international law. Major topics include the Single Tax and the Pious Fund case of 1902.

Jackson (Holbrook) Papers

Holbrook Jackson (1874-1948) was born in Liverpool, England. He began publishing articles at age 16 while working as a clerk. He co-edited the in 1907 and edited , which he later bought out in order to edit his own literary...

Jackson (I. Andrea Hoffman) Papers

This collection contains items related to the work of I. Andrea Hoffman Jackson, a sculptor and art writer in San Diego including a scrapbook on her body of work, interviews of local artists for her book, "San Diego Artists," and...

Jackson (Ida L.) Papers

The Ida L. Jackson papers encompass certificates, pamphlets, programs, correspondence, and photographs documenting her activities as the first African American public school teacher in Oakland and as the founder of Alpha Kappa Alpha sorority on the West Coast.

Jackson (James J.) Employee Records and Correspondence

Employee records and correspondence relating to James Matthew Jackson, locomotive engineer for the Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Railway.

Jackson (Joseph H.) Papers

The collection consists mainly of correspondence (both letters written to Jackson and his replies); manuscripts of a few books and articles; notes and research materials; royalty statements; clippings of his book review columns; and some photographs. They cover the period...

Jackson (Kennell A.) Collection on Branner Hall

These materials were collected by Kennell A. Jackson during his tenure as Resident Fellow in Branner Hall at Stanford. Included are Branner yearbooks, directories, and assorted newsletters; scripts from Branner orientation skits, 1991-2003, and other plays put on by dorm...

Jackson (Leroy F.) Papers

The collection consists of the papers of Professor Leroy F. Jackson (1881-1958), an educator actively involved in the education of Native Americans in the early 20th century. The material focus on the the following subjects: early missions and missionaries to...

Jackson (Parker H.) Personal Papers

Parker H. Jackson was the biographer Richard S. Requa, the master architect of the California Pacific International Exposition in 1935. This Collection includes documents from Jackson's studies of Requa.

Jackson Ralston Autobiography typescript

Ralston's autobiography, which touches on topics including: family and childhood; life in Quincy, Illinois; life in Washington; congressional cases; work with labor organizations; civil liberties; European travels; and California, among others....

Jackson (Richard B.) Notebook and Photograph Albums

Notebook with R. B. Jackson's notes regarding electric, short line and narrow gauge railways.

Jackson (Richard Harrison) papers

Speeches, memoranda, reports, orders, and printed matter, relating to American naval policy during the 1920s. Includes summaries of intelligence reports, received by the United States Embassy in France, 1917-1918.

Jackson (Robert A.) papers,

Diaries, essays, and clippings, relating to relief work in Belgium carried out by the Commission for Relief in Belgium during World War I.

Jackson (Robert W.) Papers

This collection consists of materials that document four NASA space programs during the years 1967 to 1988: Biosatellite, Magellan, Pioneer and Voyager. The materials were collected by Robert W. Jackson, who served as Recovery Controller for the Biosatellite program and...

Jackson (Roland) Papers

The collection contains correspondence and personal papers relating to the academic research, teachings, and career of Roland John Jackson. Jackson was a professor at Claremont Graduate School (CGS) from 1970 to 1994. During the 1980s, Jackson contributed to expanding the...

Jackson (W. Turrentine) Papers

Drafts of Jackson's articles, books, and papers; research notes; class lecture notes; and correspondence concerning his research interests in the Trans-Mississippi West and California mining and his organizational affiliations.

Jackson (William H.) Photographs: Mexican Views

Contains views of street scenes from various Mexican locations depicting peddlers, water carriers, children carring burdens on their backs, etc.; also included are a general view of Chihuahua, a cathedral in Mexico City, a palace and, a pottery market in...

Jackson (William Henry) photographs

These 25 mounted photographs, depicting views of Yellowstone National Park, and various lakes and mountains in Colorado, Montana, and Grand Teton National Park, were taken by renowned American photographer William Henry Jackson between 1871 and 1873. They represent part of...

Jackson (William Henry) Photographs From the U.S. Geological Survey of the Territories

Photographs taken in the American West as part of the U.S. Geological and Geographical Survey of the Territories.

Jackson, William Henry Photographs of California missions, New Mexico scenes, and Indian pueblos [graphic]

views of eleven missions, featuring buildings, friars in mission gardens, cemeteries, etc.

Jackson (William Henry) Photographs of the California Missions

A collection of albumen photographs of 12 California Missions, taken by nineteenth-century photographer William Henry Jackson sometime between 1885 and 1890. One or more images of the following missions are included: San Antonio de Padua, San Carlos Borroméo de Carmel,...

Jacob Blumlein and Phillipine Hellman engagement agreement, 1862.

An 1862 engagement agreement for Jacob Blumlein and Phillipine Hellman and a document providing details about the power of attorney.

Jacob C. Fredericks papers, 1872-1951.

Consists of letters and legal documents including real estate agreements, builder's bonds, remodeling specifications, claim of lien, attorney for lien claimant letter, U.S. citizenship papers, grant deeds, tax payments, and the last will of William Fredericks (dated Jan. 5, 1951)....

Jacob C. Hawley papers, 1862-1896.

Relating to his service as San Francisco agent for the Elk River and Arcata Mill and Lumber Companies and for the steamer Arcata, concerned with shipping along the coast and in Hawaii.

Jacob C. Hawley papers, 1867-1902.

Contains correspondence, legal documents and financial records pertaining to mining and other business dealings in California.

Jacob Christian Jacobsen writings, [ca.1970-1978].

Typescript copies of two works by Jacobsen: "Family History," a short biography of his father, Jacob Christian Jacobsen, containing information on his arrival in Montana in 1889 from Denmark, farming in Montana, and growing potatoes in Idaho. And "Recollections," concerning...

Jacob H. Holeman correspondence, 1851-1854.

Mostly drafts and fragments relating to Holeman's service as Indian Agent in Utah, 1851-1853, including letters to Luke Lea, Commissioner of Indian Affairs, May 1 and 8-11, 1852, and May 14, 1853; to R.M. Halliday, February 1, 1853; and a...

Jacob J. Weaver letter to Mrs. Wilmot G. Holmes, 1905 April 24.

Holograph letter written and signed by Jacob J. Weaver from Uniontown, Maryland to Mrs. Wilmot G. Holmes in Charleston, South Carolina to inform her that her copy of "Manual of Military Surgery", written by his late friend Dr. Julian Chisolm,...

Jacob Nieto papers, 1882-1931.

Correspondence; reports; rabbinical and congregational materials; documents; articles; newspaper clippings; speeches and sermons; photographs; and genealogical materials.

Jacob P. Leese papers and accounts, 1837-1849.

account books, one in Spanish, recording goods sold to William S. Hinckley, Nathan Spear, A.B. Thompson and others; cargo book for the brig Eveline; inventory of stock in store; drafts of letters to Sherman Peck and A.B. Thompson; letter from...

Jacob (Paul) papers

Writings, correspondence, press releases, campaign literature, serial issues, clippings, and memorabilia relating to activities of the Libertarian Party in the United States, its efforts to secure positions on the ballot for its candidates in various states, its opposition to military...

Jacob Primer Leese papers, 1838-1865.

Include bond with A.B. Thompson, letter by Cesareo Lataillade, and incomplete account book, 1838-1841.

Jacob Rosenberg papers and photographs, 1868-1917.

The collection consists of genealogical information, a small amount of correspondence, Jacob Rosenberg's journal and notebook (which includes his memoir of his childhood and his experiences leaving Prussia and then settling and working in Northern California), handwritten prayer books Jacob...

Jacob Rubel papers, 1892-1919.

Correspondence; photographs; college transcripts; newspaper clippings; essays and sketches from when Rubel was a student; articles about the mail order business; and patents for powdered antiseptics.

Jacob Rudolph Hoesli papers, 1830-1858.

Includes marriage certificate, passports, citizenship certificate, etc.

Jacob Voorsanger papers, 1885 approximately.

The collection consists of a copy of an undated photograph of Voorsanger and photocopies of essays that he wrote and published in the Emanu-El newspaper.

Jacob W. Keller document, 1870 August 19

[1st Lieutenant]. One printed document [DS]: Special Orders No. 211 re officers reporting to Retiring Board. Washington, D.C., 19 Aug. 1870.

Jacob Yerushalmy papers, 1930-1971.

Papers of a bio-statistician who taught at the University of California, containing correspondence and subject files concerning his interest in public health.

Jacobo Sedelmayr reports concerning explorations in the Southwest, 1750.

Complementary reports (one a continuous narrative, the other written as 22 daily entries) concerning an exploring expedition in the Southwest undertaken by Sedelmayr and twenty-four soldiers, from Busani, near Caborca, to the Gila-Colorado River area of Southern Arizona, then descending...

Jacobowitz family papers, 1942-1945

This collection is comprised of documents and artifacts belonging to members of the Jacobowitz family and document their experiences during the Holocaust while imprisoned in Westerbork Concentration Camp in the Netherlands and in Terezin concentration camp in Czechoslovakia.

Jacobs (Allan B.) Slides

Teaching slide collection of Allan B. Jacobs, emeritus professor of City and Regional Planning at the College of Environmental Design, University of California, Berkeley.

Jacobs (Arthur P.) Collection

The collection includes files from his publicity firm (15 linear feet); production files from his motion pictures (65 linear feet); art work; photographs; sound recordings; books and other memorabilia.

Jacobs Brothers Papers

This collection contains the papers of bankers and businessmen Barron Jacobs (1843-1936) and Lionel Jacobs (1841-1922) of Tucson and Tombstone, Arizona, and their family, including correspondence of the Jacobs brothers and their mercantile and banking operations; family letters; and financial...

Jacobs (Fenton Stratton) papers

Correspondence, writings, printed matter, maps, and photographs relating to cavalry tactics, logistics, and military transportation during and after World Wars I and II.

Jacobs (Horace) papers

The files in this collection consist of typed and handwritten materials resulting in the publication of Horace Jacob's dissertation, "Rene Schickele as a mediator in Franco-German relations"....

Jacobs (Jesse) Papers

The collection consists of personal papers and correspondence; organizational records from the League of Voters for Equal Rights (LOVER), ONE Institute, and the Institute for the Study of Human Resources (ISHR); and acting-related materials created and/or collected by Jesse Jacobs,...

Jacobs (John F. de.) typescript

Relates to the arrest of J. F. de Jacobs by Soviet authorities.

Jacobs (Joseph E.) papers

Writings, correspondence, reports, and printed matter relating to various aspects of American diplomacy, especially reconstruction in Korea, mutual security programs in Europe after World War II, the Italian communist movement, the Philippine independence movement, and the Shanghai riot of May...

Jacobs (Joseph J.) miscellaneous papers

Correspondence with the philosopher Sidney Hook and printed matter relating to Hook.

Jacobs (Nathan Mallory) papers

Personal papers of Nathan Mallory Jacobs, World War I veteran and salesman in Oil City, Pennsylvania.

Jacob's Pillow Dance Collection

Dance and souvenir programs for Ted Shawn and his Men Dancers, 1934-1938, and for the Jacob's Pillow Dance Festival, 1954-1955 and 1957-1958; publicity materials and dance programs, circa 1940-1949, for dancers Barton Mumaw and Foster Fitz-Simons; stylized drawings, circa 1936,...

Jacobs (Proverb) Papers

Proverb Jacobs (1935-2016), professional football player from 1958-1964 and Laney College Athletics Director, was born Proverb Jacobs Jr. in Marksville, Louisiana, on May 25, 1935. The Proverb Jacobs Papers include newspaper clippings, souvenir programs, correspondence, curriculum vitae, handwritten notes, pamphlets,...

Jacobs (Robert Nelson) Papers

The Robert Nelson Jacobs Papers, 1977-2000, consist of scripts, development materials and research materials related to the feature film CHOCOLAT. The collection contains the original manuscript of the novel from which the film was adapted, early research materials, adaptation notes,...

Jacobs (Wilbur R.) Papers

The collection includes newspapers, writings, monographs, articles, book reviews, foreign language works, lectures, and letters to editors.

Jacobs-Bond (Carrie) Papers

Carrie Jacobs-Bond (1862-1946) was a song composer, and president of the publishing firm of Carrie Jacobs Bond & Son. The collection consists of music and poetry manuscripts by Carrie Jacobs-Bond, citations and tribute books in honor of her, scrapbooks, clippings,...

Jacobsen (Arnold) Collection

The Arnold Jacobsen Collection consists of open reel tapes of 78-era popular vocal music and accompanying documentation from the collection of record dealer and store owner Arnold Jacobsen.

Jacobsen (Daniel C.) Photographs of Stanford Student Life

Photographs probably taken by David S. Jacobson, Stanford class of 1930. Images include designs for card stunts done by the cheering section at football games, ca. 1929; Zoology Club, 1927, with David Starr Jordan; students of the classes of 1928...

Jacobsen (Henry) Papers

Lantern slides and scrapbooks depicting agricultural practices in the Philippines.

Jacobsen (LaVonne) Papers

Collection contains five buttons, 17 color snapshots, a paperback edition of Burning Sappho by Martha Rofheart, and a 1982 Gay San Francisco map and guide. The photographs appear to be from a San Francisco pride march, circa 1982, and show...

Jacobsen (Lydik S.) Papers

Miscellaneous correspondence and other papers relating to Professor Jacobsen's research interests in seismology and structural dynamics.

Jacobsohn collection on Germany between the Wars

Papers of Dr. Leo Jacobsohn (1881-1944). The papers consist of the many collections of predominantly print ephemera that Jacobsohn gathered throughout the time he lived in Berlin. Dating mostly from 1914-1933, the collections include World War I materials (including...

Jacobson (Byron) Papers

The archival collection consists of one box of papers regarding the Free Methodist Church and personal papers on dairy farming. Dates range from 1930-1975.

Jacobson (Carl) collection of Hollywood Anti-Nazi League records

Carl Ingold Jacobson was the City Councilman for the 13th District on the Los Angeles City Council from 1925-1933. The Hollywood Anti-Nazi League for the Defense of American Democracy, commonly known as the Hollywood Anti-Nazi League, was a Los Angeles-based...

Jacobson (Ken and Jenny) collection

The Ken and Jenny Jacobson Orientalist Photography collection comprises over 4,500 photographic images of the Middle East and North Africa. The majority of the images were created between 1850 and 1920 and record a period when the "Orient," increasingly open...

Jacobson (Norman) papers

The Norman Jacobson papers, 1949-2002, document his professional career as a professor of Political Science at the University of California, Berkeley, Stanford University, and the University of South Carolina. The bulk of the materials consist of Jacobson's scholarly writings...

Jacobs-Pauwels (F. Marguerite) papers

The F. Marguerite Jacobs-Pauwels papers provide a record of the life and career of a Belgian woman active in public service and charitable work in her native country over a period of 50 years. These activities included caring for orphaned...

Jacoby (Grover) Records of the Variegation and Recurrence Poetry Journals

Grover Jacoby was the editor of two national quarterly journals of poetry: and . The collection consists of material pertaining to the poetry journals and includes letters to the editor, reviews and comments, extracts from the two quarterlies appearing in...

Jacoby (Harold) Migrant Labor Collection

The bulk of the collection consists of records of hearings conducted by the U.S. House of Representatives on the subject of migrant labor. The collectiona also includes publications from the WPA Division of Social Research and Farm Security Administration, with...

Jacoby (Harold S.) Nisei Collection

The collection includes WRA reports and other printed materials, periodical articles both by Japanese Americans and by others, field notes, internment camp newspapers and highschool yearbooks, clippings, and ephemera relating to the Japanese-American relocation. It contains materials pertaining to nearly...

Jacoby (Harold Stanley) Collection

The papers in this collection derive from Jacoby's activities both as a teacher and as a citizen acting in the cause of reform.

Jacot (Henri) Balboa Park Protective Association Records

The collection contains items from the Balboa Park Protective Association, documenting their efforts for the preservation of San Diego’s Balboa Park, including project reports, public outreach and meetings.

Jacqueline Ellen Violette de La Harpe papers, 1915-1962 (bulk 1921-1951).

Consists of correspondence, manuscripts and professional papers and notes during her tenure at University of California, Berkeley. Much of the material deals with La Harpe's study of French literature as well as her interest in religion, philosophy and world travel...

Jacques Spitz typescript, circa 1896-1963

(1896-1963). Typescript carbon, "Le Probleme de la Connaissance et la Theorie Quantique," by French engineer and writer, Jacques Spitz, n.d. Alpha list.

Jacun, (Konrad) typescript

Relates to the Eurasian nature of Russian civilization.

Jade Magazine collection

Abstract is currently unavailable at this time.

Jadot (Albert Joseph) papers

Orders, reports, correspondence, and memorabilia, relating to resistance activities of the Armée belge des partisans in Belgium during World War II.

Jaeger (Edmund C.) papers

This collection contains correspondence, articles, and other material pertaining to the personal and professional life of Edmund C. Jaeger, an American biologist best known for his works on desert ecology. Jaeger was a naturalist, writer, lecturer, educator, and early researcher...

Jaeger (Ernst) papers

The collection comprises correspondence between Ernst Jaeger and filmmaker Leni Riefenstahl, starting in the 1950s to the 1970s as well as screenplays, manuscripts and other correspondence from Ernst Jaeger. Blending audio recordings, photographs and correspondence, the cinematic memorabilia offers insight...

Jaffe (George C.) Papers

Letters, mainly from fellow European physicists, many of them German, and written primarily in German; copies and/or drafts of his letters; documents and letters re professional appointments; personalia; reprints of papers; manuscript of Probability of Physics; material relating to his...

Jaffe (Steven-Charles) papers

The Steven-Charles Jaffe papers span the years 1987-1990 and encompass 1.3 linear feet. The collection consists of storyboards for four films produced by Steven-Charles Jaffe....

Jaffy (Florence) Papers

Florence Jaffy, a professor of Economics at the College of San Mateo, served as Research Director for the Daughters of Bilitis (DOB) from approximately 1960 to 1970, where she worked under the alias of Florence Conrad.

Jagan (Cheddi) speech transcript

Relates to political and economic conditions in and foreign relations of Latin America.

Jagielski (Krzysztof) papers

Correspondence, writings, clandestine literature, leaflets, serial issues, other printed matter, sound recordings, photographs, and memorabilia relating to activities of Solidarność in Poland, with a particular emphasis on Szczecin and the region Pomorze Zachodnie.

Jahimovics (Janis) papers

Diaries, memoirs, other writings, personal and legal documents, printed matter, and photographs relating to dissidence in the Soviet Union and the movement for Latvian independence.

Jahn (Waldeman P.) Personal Photo Collection

Waldeman P. Jahn was an aviator in the US Navy.

Jahns (Richard H.) Papers

Correspondence, memoranda, reports, and articles. The Jahns papers reflect the breadth of his research and teaching interests, from glacial deposits to seismic hazards. Also included are materials related to his public service and consulting activities with NASA, Atomic Energy Commission,...

"J'ai Toujours Ma Boule" throwing game set

"J'ai Toujours Ma Boule." Nouveau Tue-Boches. An unusual game, dating to the First World War, in which the aim is to launch a ball at five chromolithographed wooden heads representing the "Boche" (or Germans) and the leaders of the other...

Jaime Photographs of the West Hollywood City Council

Jaime photographs of the first meeting of the West Hollywood City Council, November 29, 1984.

Jajko (Edward A.) collection

Depiction of Egyptian leaders Gamal Abdel Nasser and Abd al-akim Amir.

Jakob Kalinski papers

This collection is comprised of a single item, a certificate issued by the D.P. (Displaced Persons) Camp of Feldafing Labor Office. It is made out to Jakob Kalinski and identifies him as working in a labour group under the auspices...

Jakobsen (Robert K.) Photographs

Black & white and color photographs and negatives of gay pride parades and festivals in Long Beach and Los Angeles, 1984-2001.

Jalapa Enríquez, Mexico city council records, 1828-1829.

Contains daily entries of requests, hearings, actions, and accounts of the municipal government of the capital of Veracruz, Xalapa. Reflection of city administration during early republic.

Jalbrzykowski (Andrzej Grabia) writings

Relates to conditions in Lithuania during World War II, and to Polish émigré affairs. Includes writings of others.

Jalowiecki (Mieczyslaw) memoirs and drawings

Relates to historical events in Russia and Lithuania before, during, and after the Russian Revolution and Civil War; Poles in Lithuania; and agricultural developments in Lithuania, 1881-1939. Includes watercolor drawings and sketches of scenes and manor houses in Lithuania and...

Jam Handy Collection

Seventy linear feet of magnetic and optical sound recordings on 35mm film stock, featuring production music and sound effects produced by the Jam Handy Organization of Detroit, Michigan for industrial, educational and promotional films.

JAMA Life History Project Records

The Japanese American Medical Association Life History Project was started in 2002 with funding from the California Civil Liberties Public Education Program in conjunction with the UCLA Asian American Studies Center and the Japanese American National Museum. This project sought...

Jamero (Peter) papers

Consists of 18 document boxes containing correspondence, organizational records, photographs, audio visual material, and a variety of ephemera related to Peter Jamero's life as a Filipino American. The collection spans from 1938-2015.

James A. Garfield autograph, undated

Autograph, n.d. Alpha list.

James A. Garfield photograph, circa 1831-1881

One b/w mounted photograph, ca. 7 1/4" x 12", date?.

James A. Garfield telegraph, 1880 August 5

One handwritten telegraph message to John Sherman, Secretary of the Treasury, re case of a Mrs. Martha A. Walker. House of Representatives, 5 Apr. 1880.

James A. Whistler maps, 1854

Two engraved maps of Anacapa Island, by artist Whistler, 1854. Gift from Michele Aldrich

James Addison Reavis and the Peralta Claim

This is a thesis entitled "James Addison Reavis and the Peralta Claim" by Newton A. Johnson. It was presented to the Department of History, University of Southern California in partial fulfillment of the requirements of the degree Master of Arts...

James Alexander Forbes letterbook : and related material, 1850-1879.

Correspondence concerning his interest and activity as a merchant and member of the community in Santa Clara County with such individuals as family, Juan Bautista Alvarado, Bishop Alemany, Santiago Arguello, Ygnacio Peralta, and Mariano Guadalupe Vallejo. Also includes biographical information...

James Alexander Forbes papers, 1845-1853.

Correspondence and documents to and from Forbes concerning J.S. Frémont and incidents leading to the Bear Flag revolt; description of battle of Santa Clara in Dec. 1846, and account of New Almaden Mines.

James Alexander Forbes papers, 1852-1872.

Mainly concerning land litigation. Include letters from Benjamin S. Brooks and Antonio María Peralta, and agreements and accounts with Vicente Peralta.

James, Alma (Lytton) Collection

This is a collection of family and official records of early Contra Costa County families in the Martinez area. The collection includes personal and business letters, postcards, photographs, business day ledgers, and business records. The family names include Hollenbeck, Olmstead,...

James? Anderdon bound holographic poems, circa early 19th century

Bound holographic love poems, many to Hannah [Blakely?], and essays on themes like matrimony, [ca. early 1800s]. Probably part of the Eric Walter Bligh Collection - note by Bligh laid in the volume. Alpha list.

James B. Chase letters : to his family : ALS, 1853-1856.

Written to the author's brother, John B. and his sister, Sarah A. Chase Stone, Michigan. Content consists chiefly of routine details of daily life (prices of goods, wages, Chase's daily activities, health and family matters, the mails, religion), with some...

James B. de López journal and ships' logs : ms., 1867 Mar.-1870 May.

Record of voyages on various British ships, mainly along the African Coast. Journal ends with arrival in Jamaica, May 1870.

James B. Jackson correspondence, 1861

[Civil War Union Private, 1st Rhode Island Detached Militia, Company K]. Photocopies of 11 letters (ALS) to his mother, 1861.

James B. Lundy letter, 1854

Mention of Malta and Constantinople on eve of Crimean War. Purchase, HCA

The James B. Pond family's travels in Scotland and England [graphic]

Snapshots and some commercial photographs of shipboard scenes, British sites, family members, and social gatherings in Scotland and England. Includes views of Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee, and one photograph of Mark Twain and his daughter Clara in London.

James B. Roof scrapbook relating to the Mountain Play Association, 1915-1982.

Collection of programs, posters, flyers, and ticket stubs for annual Mountain Play performances in Mill Valley, California, on Mount Tamalpais. Some are in a scrapbook with comments made by James B. Roof. Several of the plays performed were written by...

James Baird letter to his friend, Miss Mattie Price, 1862 June 14.

One Civil War era holograph letter written at Camp Bigelow, South Carolina, concerning military camp life.

James Barrie letter, 1930 March 27

One letter (ALS) from Barrie, the Scottish author, dramatist, and creator of Peter Pan, to [Augustine?] Birrell mainly about his stay in Brighton. [Brighton?], 27 Mar. 1930. Alpha list.

James Beith diaries : and related materials : ms., 1862-1888.

Record of his life and activities, mainly in Arcata, Calif. Notes on national and state politics and his own participation in local Democratic affairs; logging, farming and mining; Indians of the area; friends and associates. Later volumes contain only intermittent...

James Ben Ali Haggin papers, 1887-1914.

Include letters to Haggin, relating mainly to financial investments; records, 1887-1910 (reports, accounts, stock certificates, etc.) of the Anaconda Copper Mining Company; copies of agreements with George and Phoebe Apperson Hearst; miscellaneous materials, some relating to Kern County.

James Boyer May (Amsberry-May) Collection

James Boyer May (1904-1981) was a poet, essayist, and publisher in Los Angeles. The collection consists of May's books, working records, mailing lists , publication files and correspondence. It is a solid record of the small press and poetry publishing...

James Branch Cabell letters, 1920, 1927, 1934

(1879-1958). Three letters (TLS), to George Sterling, 1920; [?] Weymer, 1927; and Boyd [?], 1934. Alpha list.

James Branch Cabell limited edition portrait by Frank C. Pape, 1930

One limited edition portrait, by the illustrator Frank C. Pape , 1930. Alpha list. [Oversize boxed].

James Branch Cabell print, 1930

Print of author James Branch Cabell, by Frank C. Papé , 1930. One of 210 impressions. Oversize boxed. Alpha list.

James Bryce letter regarding the Sierra Club, 1915 Feb. 19.

For information on main collection, see collection-level record (search under call number: BANC MSS 71/295 c).

James Buerer Central African Republic Slide collection, circa 1977-1991

218 color slides, most around an American-run mission, possibly Baptist, in the Central African Republic, many of construction projects including hospital, churches, and houses. Very few captions, few locations noted (one is Kpokpo). Includes images of markets, local inhabitants and...

James Bunyan Hume papers, [ca. 1877-1900]

Included are a few letters written by Hume, primarily to his future wife; MSS of some of his writings; an autobiographical narrative and copies of letters written by him (and his brother John) describing journey to California in 1850, gold...

James C. Alden letters : California, 1849, 1854.

Contains 2 letters from Sacramento and Deadwood, Siskiyou County, Calif. describing the mail service, running a grocery in Sacramento, travel overland to Calif., gold mining, Diamond Spring and Hangtown, and talk of going to Oregon.

James C. Nealon pre- and post- election letters, 1885-1886.

The collection consists of pre- and post-election letters 1885-1886 to James C. Nealon, who was nominated and elected to serve the position of Assessor of San Francisco from 1887-1890. The first letter is a handwritten draft of the announcement to...

James C. Purcell collection.

Documents, court records, and photographs rpertaining to legal work Purcell did on behalf of Japanese internees, particularly Mitsuye Endo. Also included are court transcripts and documents of the "People v Mooney" and "People v Schmidt" bombing trials.

James Calley document, 1734 July 1

One document (ADS): Last Will and Testament. Marblehead, Massachusetts, 1 July 1734. Purchase, Mar. 11

James Canney letter, 1876 Aug. 16.

Letter from James Canney in San Jose to John Bell. Accompanied by "Bell's Real Estate Circular" dated 1882. Canney invites Bell to come to California and describes the farm equipment business and the status of a Quaker colony in San...

James Canney letter, 1876 Aug. 16.

Letter from James Canney in San Jose to John Bell. Accompanied by "Bell's Real Estate Circular" dated 1882. Canney invites Bell to come to California and describes the farm equipment business and the status of a Quaker colony in San...

James Cason papers, [ca.1940-1958].

Chemistry notebooks of the chemist; Also includes the manuscript of his book, Organic Chemistry for Modern Biologists.

James Cathcart Snodgrass family ledgers, 1888-1927.

Ledgers concern, in part, family orange groves in Ontario, California. Until 1921, compiled by James Cathcart Snodgrass; thereafter by Annie Evans Snodgrass.

James (Charles) Papers

Handwritten copies of correspondence relating to the attempted export of arms from San Francisco, 1864. Handwritten copies of Presidential and Treasury Dept. orders; correspondence as Collector of the Port and Customs, with E.F. Beale, Thomas Brown, Placido Vega, General McDowell...

James Chase documents, 1673

Two documents (ADS), re petition of James Chase to King Charles II, for payment of money owed, 1673. Purchase, G. Titus. Alpha list.

James Clark Strong, 1862-1899.

This collection mainly documents a pay dispute that arose between the U. S. Treasury and Colonel Strong. In 1878, the U.S. Treasury claimed to have overpaid him and Colonel Strong disagreed.

James D. Bales collection on Mormonism, [1955-1960]

Annotated bibliography of his personal collection of Mormon books; photocopies of letters to him by Mrs. Josephine R. Secord, granddaughter of Sidney Rigdon (1955), and George G. Shurtz, 1960; photograph of "Kinderhook plate" in Chicago Historical Society museum.

James D. Hart correspondence with Jesse S. Crisler, 1985-1987 : and related material, 1982-1987.

Chiefly correspondence between James D. Hart and Jesse S. Crisler (1984-1987), and including correspondence with others, all regarding an edition of the collected letters of Frank Norris, compiled and annotated by Crisler, and published by the Book Club of California...

James D. Hart letters : to James L. Henry, 1965-1991.

Consists primarily of letters from James D. Hart, as director of The Bancroft Library, to James L. Henry. The correspondence concerns the sale or donation of Henry's collections of material relating to 20th-century American authors to The Bancroft Library. Also...

James D. Houston papers, circa 1960-2008.

Manuscripts and writings, working drafts, notes, research files, book proposals, correspondence, personal appearance announcements, and teaching materials.

James D. McClure photograph collection of historic western landmarks [graphic]

Primarily California locations, including: Weaverville, Bodie, Mare Island, Berkeley, Petaluma, Columbia, Downieville, Fort Ross, San Francisco, Monterey, Palo Alto (Stanford Univ.), Sutter's Fort, Yosemite National Park, Oakland, and others. Also included are Bryce Canyon, Utah; Fort Churchill and Aurora, Nevada,...

James D. Phelan photograph collection [graphic]

Buildings (including Phelan office building and Phelan residence), sculptures of Robert Aitken, and parades in San Francisco; events at Bohemian Grove; Joaquin Miller cabin; rice farming near Chico, and other California views. Also 11 views of the Phelan residence (including...

James D. Phelan portrait collection [graphic]

Includes portraits and snapshots, many unidentified. Individuals pictured include Helen Wills, Anna Pavlova, Noël Sullivan, and many others. Scenes of tennis and archery, and social events at the Phelan estate (Villa Montalvo). Miscellaneous scenes from California, Washington, D.C., and Europe.

James (Daniel) Papers

The Daniel James Collection contains James' correspondence, notes and drafts (1953-1969), including most of his "Dateline Latin America" columns and an unpublished work titled "Communism in Mexico." The collection also contains information files on Latin America and individual Latin American...

James (David V.) papers

The collection consists of materials related to the career of David V. James. A holder of 72 patents as either originator or collaborator, Mr. James worked on wireless router devices, digital television research, and other electronics-related innovations. Included are Mr....

James David Zellerbach papers : relating to the European Recovery Program mission to Italy, 1948-1950.

Contains letter reports and addresses about the ERP mission to Italy in 1948-1950. Includes report to United States Congress for extension of the ERP.

James Dawson papers, 1844-1847.

Include his last will and testament Oct. 10, 1844, witnessed by J. O'Farrel and William Blaisdell; statement by J.P. Leese for his widow, Nov. 1844, and by Antonio M. Pico, 1847, re the rancho she inherited.

James De Fremery diaries and scrapbook, 1849-1877.

Includes Perpetual Diary for the Pacific Coast (1 vol.), ca. 1875.

James de T. Abajian African American bibliography correspondence, 1969-1971.

James de T. Abajian African American bibliography correspondence, BANC MSS 85/137 c, The Bancroft Library, University of California, Berkeley.

James de T. Abajian collection of Black (African-American) ephemera, 1876-1981 (bulk 1960-1980).

Comprises James de Tarr Abajian's collection of printed ephemera, much of it related to the San Francisco Bay Area African-American community, as well as photocopies, notes, and original documents pertaining to Abajian's research interests. Organizations represented include the Black Filmmakers...

James de T. Abajian index files and scrapbooks, 1950-1986.

Includes California History Index as well as indexes to photographers, architects, gunsmiths, furniture makers, clock/watchmakers, and actors and those in other theater related occupations. Also includes index files of Afro-American biography and numerous obituary scrapbooks, and misc. index files pertaining...

James de T. Abajian papers, approximately 1840-1985.

The bulk of the collection consists of correspondence, ephemera, manuscripts, and research materials related to Abajian's work on the history of, and bibliographies of source material for, African Americans in California and the West. This includes materials from the African...

James Denman papers, 1894 (bulk 1862-1863).

v.1 (1 portfolio) - letters written to his brother from Europe, 1862-1863; v.2 (in box) - scrapbook of clippings and related material re his campaign for congress, San Francisco, 1894.

James Dewing papers, 1865-1936

Thirteen items of Barbara DeWolfe's grandfather, James Dewing, including a photograph, materials relating to his service in the 18th Regiment of Connecticut Infantry, Company A, during the Civil War (discharge papers, widow's pension, GAR receipts), publishing/piano manufacturing business in San...

James Dix Schuyler papers, 1889-1911.

Reports on irrigation projects, dams and power companies, in California, Arizona, Mexico, Utah and Texas, written while consulting hydraulic engineer.

James E. Kelly letters : San Francisco, Calif., to his brother : 2 ALS, 1857.

Letters of March 20th and August 4th concern receipt of money.

James E. Sisson collection of California legal documents, 1906-1934.

Various legal documents including a certificate of United States citizenship, with photograph affixed, for a British-born civil engineer, a United States naturalization judgment for a French-born cook, a warranty deed for land in Missouri sold to a California resident, two...

James E. Sisson collection of papers on Chinese in California, 1894-1926.

Various legal documents and papers including certificate of residence for Hang Jung; citizenship papers of Cheung Hung Fon; marriage certificate and divorce proceedings for Mary Young Chan and Jack Chan.

James E. Sisson miscellaneous research and personal correspondence, 1943-1986.

Contains miscellaneous research correspondence, including letters from Paul Green, Lawrence Ferlinghetti, and Sydney Clark, written in response to inquiries from Sisson, as well as numerous letters from The Bancroft Library and Dr. James Hart concerning Sisson's many gifts to the...

James Earl Wood collection on Filipinos in California, circa 1929-1934.

Correspondence, field notes, manuscripts, newspaper miscellaneous printed material and ephemera, etc., gathered in the preparation of Wood's master's thesis. Box 1: drafts and notes. Box 2: field notes. Box 3: publications regarding Filipino immigration, copies of acts, bills, and report...

James (Elizabeth L.) diary

Relates to conditions in the Philippines under Japanese occupation.

James Everett Stuart paintings of adobe dwellings in San Diego and Monterey [graphic].

Oil paintings depicting adobe dwellings in San Diego (:1) and Monterey (:2). Figures in traditional Spanish/Mexican/indigenous attire also depicted.

James F. Aduddell Spanish-American War collection, circa 1898-1923

Contains items relating to the service of James F. Aduddell, Sergeant in Company F, 17th US Infantry during the Spanish-American War. There are 11 letters from Aduddell written from Columbus, Ohio, New York, Puerto Rico and the Philippines. There are...

James F. Bell papers, circa 1937-1995.

This collection contains materials related to the professional career of James F. Bell in solid mechanics, biomedical research and the physics of music. The bulk of this collection consists of Bell's research materials. Included are data and graphs from more...

James F. Curtis letter to the Second Auditor, Treasury Department, 1865 August 4.

Manuscript letter signed by Colonel James F. Curtis, written to accompany a list of deceased soldiers of the California 4th Infantry for the quarter ending June 30, 1865. List is not included. Written from Drum Barracks, California.

James F. Pollard papers, 1912-1913.

Included in: History of Science and Technology Collection.

James F. Summers collection, circa 1861-1866

[Captain, Ohio Infantry, 70th Regiment, Company B]. Civil War collection, including extensive correspondence (mainly to wife), along with diary, documents and newspaper accounts of the unit's activities, ca. 1861-1866.

James F. T. Bugental oral history, 1986, 1989-1990

HPA. Oral history of Dr. James F. T. Bugental. Interviews with the humanistic-existential psychotherapist and first president of the Association for Humanistic Psychology. Interviewer: David E. Russell, 1986, 1989-1990. Interviewee(s): James F. T. Bugental. Transcript: Unedited and edtied rought drafts....

James Frank Dobie - special supplement of the Austin American-Statesman (Austin, Texas), October 25, 1964, 1964 October 25

Special supplement of the Austin American-Statesman (Austin, Texas), October 25, 1964, dedicated to Dobie, folklorist and newspaper columnist who wrote about rural and early days of Texas. [Oversize boxed].

James Franklin Houghton Collection, 1853-1855.

Correspondence relating to the California lumber firm of Pine and Houghton

James Franklin Houghton family papers, approximately 1882-1960.

Includes correspondence, printed and manuscript maps, financial records, reports, and related materials. Oversize folder contains: Color illustrated poster/map of the Gage Canal Systen and Arlington Heights, Riverside, Calif.; 2 maps of the Phillips Tract in Rancho La Puente, Los Angeles,...

James Frazier Reed Collection, 1843-1851.

Correspondence, legal papers, appointments, petitions for land timber, deeds, contracts, business and military papers

James Frazier Reed correspondence, 1845-1849.

Letters from member of the Donner Party to his brother-in-law, James W. Keyes, describing his journey to California and gold mining ventures there. Two of the letters were published in the Illinois State Register. Also included: letter from another brother-in-law,...

James F.T. Bugental papers, 1948-1997 (bulk 1961-1997)

Includes material relating to Bugental's work as a consultant, as well as examples of his lectures, teaching, writing.

James G. Blaine portrait, undated

. [U.S. Congressman and Secretary of State]. One black and white cabinet card size portrait, n.d.

James Giambruno papers, circa 1916-1969.

Materials relating to James Giambruno's union organizing activities and the operations of his business, The Miner's Store, in El Dorado, California. Union materials, dating from circa 1910 to 1950, include, most notably, correspondence and other files relating to the Hetch-Hetchy...

James Gillis and Newton Spencer correspondence regarding James Marshall materials, 1913.

Letter dated February 6, 1913 from State Librarian James L. Gillis to former Public Administrator Newton Spencer requesting authentification of James Marshall materials being offered to the library by John Sipp, plus envelope letter was sent in. Also included is...

James Gillis and Newton Spencer correspondence regarding James Marshall materials, 1913.

Letter dated February 6, 1913 from State Librarian James L. Gillis to former Public Administrator Newton Spencer requesting authentification of James Marshall materials being offered to the library by John Sipp, plus envelope letter was sent in. Also included is...

James Grant Wilson letter to Ben W. Austin, 1892 February 17.

One holograph letter written from New York, regarding Austin's request for autographs for his collection.

James Grant Wilson letter to the Honorable Joseph H. Choate, 1909 May 22.

Holograph letter written and signed by James Grant Wilson on official stationery of the Hudson-Fulton Celebration Commission, from its headquarters at Tribune Building, New York to the Honorable Joseph H. Choate. The letter states that it is the desire of...

James Guthrie California Indians letter, 1853.

Letter dated April 14, 1853 from Secretary of the Treasury James Guthrie to R. P. Hammond introducing Edward F. Beale as agent appointed by the President to make certain military reservations available for removal and protection of California Indians.

James Guthrie California Indians letter, 1853.

Letter dated April 14, 1853 from Secretary of the Treasury James Guthrie to R. P. Hammond introducing Edward F. Beale as agent appointed by the President to make certain military reservations available for removal and protection of California Indians.

James H. Bennett letters : to his family, 1849-1850.

Describe his voyage to California, his impressions of San Francisco, experiences mining in the Wachusett Valley, California.

James H. Briggs documents, 1862, 1863

[Civil War Union Captain, New York Infantry, 10th Regiment (Vols)]. 2 ADS and envelope, 1862, 1863. [moved to Wyles Mss 87 on 7/13/06]

James H. Burgess letters, 1856-1871.

Written to his wife, Easter Jane Pearce, both before and after their marriage, froim Douglass Flat, Calif., and Austin, Nevada, where he worked in mining. Include descriptions of everyday life and discussions of family matters. With this: biographical sketch of...

James H. Gardner papers, approximately 1850-1870.

Papers relating to James H. Gardner and Louise Virginie Thouvenin Gardner, including passport, marriage license, letters, and other items.

James H. Latham papers, 1860-1870.

Includes agreement by Thomas H. Loehr, Jackson, Calif., to drop libel suit (witnessed by T.A. Springer); deed from Charles Marshall for property in Grass Valley; deeds from Caroline M. Robertson for property in El Dorado Co. (including canals and ditches);...

James H. Mason document, 1862 April 23

[Private, Illinois Cavalry, 8th Regiment, Company K]. One Civil War document (ADS): Discharge, 23 Apr. 1862.

James H. Shepard register of Civil War pension applications, November 1891-November 1892

This collection contains several items related to the work of San Francisco pension attorney James L. Shepard (born Jan. 1843 in Bergen, New Jersey; died Apr. 10, 1917, in Oakland, Calif.). The primary item is a ledger book of...

James Hamilton letters.

Three handwritten letters with integral address leaves from a baker who is also working as a gold miner in California gold rush country to his wife and a friend in Milan, Ohio. Contains descriptions of miner life, bakery and gold...

James (Harry C.) Manuscript Collection

This collection contains the manuscripts, drafts, proofs, and articles by Harry C. James from 1953-1968.

James (Harry C.) papers

This collection contains manuscripts, correspondence, and other material regarding Harry C. James, an author, educator, and founder of the Trailfinders Organization. Topics include the Hopi, the Cahuilla, and the American Southwest.

James Hart and N. Scott Momaday at The Bancroft Library [graphic]

Photographs taken at a Bancroft Library reception, one with the Codex Fernández Leal hanging in background.

James Hartley papers : ms., 1780-1784.

Diary, despatches and correspondence while in command of the army in the Concan.

James Harvey Oliver papers, 1840-1857.

Chiefly letters from and about his nephews, John O. and Thomas J. Oxley, California gold seekers and members of Crabb's illfated expedition into Sonora. Letters, 1852-1857, from Columbia, Calif.

James Henry Breasted collection, circa 1900-1936

(1865-1935). One b/w photo, one letter (ALS), one picture postcard, and one memorial service program at the University of Chicago, with "Quotations from the Works and Letters of Dr. Brested" by Robert M. Hutchins, ca. 1900-1936. Alpha list.

James (Henry) Manuscript Collection

This collection consists of fourteen outgoing letters from Henry James; one book review manuscript; one letter from William James; one letter from Henry James, Sr., and two letters presumed to be from Henry James, son of William James....

James (Henry) papers

Reports, correspondence, and financial records, relating to the opening of the Danube River to navigation at the end of World War I, and to the political situation in Hungary at the time of the Hungarian Revolution.

James (Henry Thomas) Papers

Professional correspondence, administrative records, materials relating to educational conferences held at Stanford, and some research materials for James' comparative study of educational systems in various states.

James Himrod letters : Sacramento, Colusa, and Truckee, Calif., to his nieces: ALS, 1850-1919 (bulk 1868-1878)

Consists of businessman James Himrod's letters to his nieces, Minnie, Lizzie, Julia, and Anna Himrod, chronicling his 10 years of life in Sacramento, Colusa, and Truckee, Calif. Himrod describes his experiences with the weather and earthquakes, and the differences between...

James Horatio Watmough letterbook : and papers, [1844-1855]

Letterbook (volume) written from both ends. Contains copies (in his handwriting and mostly signed with initials) of letters as purser on U.S. naval vessels, Portsmouth, Perry and Constitution. Letters from the Portsmouth reflect service on the Pacific Coast, 1845-1847. The...

James Hunawill letters : to his wife in Woolwich, Maine, ALS, 1849 Oct. 10-1850 May 30.

Two letters to his wife, Mary Jane. The first (2 p.) describes the scene at Portland, Maine, as his ship prepares to sail around the Horn to San Francisco. The second (4 p.), written after arriving at last in San...

James Hunter Bull papers : typescript, 1843-1845.

Folder 1. Copies of items ascribed to or concerning Bull, as follows: a letter, Hermosillo, Mexico, September 3, 1843, from William Keith to Abel Stearns, introducing Bull as a visitor to Los Angeles en route to Oregon Territory; a letter,...

James J. Bxxxx letters : Drayton, Ga., to Carrie : ALS, 1856 Mar.-Apr.

Two love letters (5 p.) on embossed stationery. In the first, the writer declares his love for Carrie; in the second, he laments that Carrie has not written to him or returned his affection.

James J. Lynch papers, circa 1942-1962.

Correspondence, manuscripts, theater programs and playbills, speeches, papers, syllabi, and resources on a variety of English authors and playwrights including Samuel Johnson, Boswell, and Shakespeare. Includes early drafts and "author index copy" (galleys) of published book "Box, pit, and gallery:...

James Jerome Smith collection, 1888-1908.

Letters, notices od location for quartz claims, agreements, and other legal documents for four separate groupings of correspondence: 1. J. J. Smith and George Pilz; 2. Smith and Joseph Behm; 3. West Point Reduction Works; 4. Misc., Potazuba Mining Co.,...

James Jerome Smith correspondence, 1889.

Letters to him from D.K. Allen and others, re the gold mines of El Alamo, Baja California, and possible use of Smith's pulverizing machine.

James Jones papers, 1863-1869.

Include letters from his brother, Frank A. S. Jones, and from Charles H. Wakelee, and O. F. Thornton; prospectuses etc. for the Imperial Silver Quarries Company, Limited and for the Leviathan Gold and Silver Mining Company; agreements re mining property...

James Joshua Guthrie letter, 1929

One letter (ALS) on Pear Tree Press stationery, to [S. Winard], re publishing concerns, [1929]. Laid in Miles Tomalin, Fool's Luck, Ten Poems. Alpha list.

James Joshua Guthrie [Pear Tree Press] correspondence, 1931-1934

Nine letters (ALS), most to friend P. J. [?] re printing and personal matters. Purchase from Heritage Bookshop, accessioned 10/26/83. Alpha list.

James Joyce letters to Grant Richards : typed transcripts, 1905-1914.

Concerning the publication of his books, Chamber Music and Dubliners.

James K. Fisk papers concerning the Players Club of San Francisco, 1904-1950.

Consists of correspondence, scrapbooks, posters, newspaper articles, writings and memorabilia concerning James K. Fisk, the Players Club of San Francisco, its productions, the local theater scene, and Berkeley's Greek Theater. Correspondents include Margaret Anglin.

James Keilty papers, 1947-1979.

Consists chiefly of Keilty's plays, and materials relating to his creation of a new language which he called "Prashad". A small amount of correspondence concerns attempts at publication by both Keilty and his estate, along with several autobiographical sketches and...

James Keilty photograph collection [graphic].

Family snapshots and studio portraits, largely unidentified. Includes locations and portraits from studios in Michigan and California. Albums, presumably of Keilty in his youth and his parents in their student days, include collegiate activities ca. 1907, and family and boyhood...

James Kennedy Moffitt papers, 1874-1955.

Correspondence, mainly relating to his book collecting. Material concerning Horace include copies of correspondence, a bibliography, and translations of Horace's poetry by Thomas Hamilton Breeze. Also includes 4 volumes of record notebooks (1874-1955) listing books in sequence by date acquired...

James Kenyon Chandler letters, 1849-1864.

Written primarily to Chandler's cousin in the East, the letters relate to experiences as a miner from 1852 at Gibsonville, St. Louis, and other northern California towns, and comment on prices, social events, etc. Letters from 1861 are concerned mainly...

James King of William papers, 1852-1874.

Includes letter from Banking House of James King of William & Company; check endorsed to the company; copy of an article by King of William relating to the trial of James Casey in New York; letter from Mrs. King of...

James King Steele and travel-related ephemera collection

This collection consists of travel-related ephemera and material related to James King Steele.

James Knox Polk Miller diaries : ms.S, 1864-1868.

The diaries, beginning August 10, 1864, record a journey from Chicago to Salt Lake City, a winter among the Mormons; on to Virginia City, Montana, as an employee of J.C. Rockfellow, 1865; life in western Montana to June, 1867; by...

James L. Gillis collection, 1899-1957.

Pictures, personal papers and clippings of former State Librarian James Louis Gillis.

James L. Henry collection of George Sterling, and Herbert and Opal Heron letters, 1908-1923, undated.

163 letters from Sterling to the Herons, dated 1908-1923, plus typed transcripts of same prepared by James L. Henry; 2 letters from Opal to Herbert Heron (1917); Herbert Heron diary; James L. Henry notes on Heron's diary.

James L. Henry collection of George Sterling manuscripts, approximately 1903-1926.

Manuscripts of seventy-one poems and two plays. Most of the works are in holograph; some unpublished. With these: bibliographic notes by James L. Henry.

James L. Henry collection of Ken Kesey, 1962-1990.

Contains collector's notes and bibliography concerning his collection. Includes short story and article by Kesey, as well as copy of screenplay of "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest." Also, various clippings and ephemera regarding appearances by Kesey and reviews of...

James L. Henry magic collection pictorial material [graphic]

:1 print of boy magician altered to read "The Grate [sic] Henry" -- :2 printed posted for Ovie the Magician performance -- :3 poster for performances at the Empire Theatre in Peterborough (Scotland?) which includes Chris Charlton, "conjuror to H.M....

James L. Henry materials pertaining to his collection of Herbert Gold, approximately 1950-1977.

Two letters from Gold to James L. Henry; manuscript of one short story by Gold; tear sheets of articles by and/or about Gold; reviews of Gold's work; bibliography on Gold compiled by James L. Henry.

James L. Henry materials pertaining to his collection of Jack Kerouac, 1950-1995.

Collector's notes on his Jack Kerouac collection, including book reviews, newspaper clippings, publication notes, and bookseller catalogs.

James L. Henry materials pertaining to his collection of John Steinbeck, approximately 1950-1994.

Collector's notes on his Steinbeck collection, with a small amount of ephemera and clippings about Steinbeck.

James L. Henry materials pertaining to his collection of Thomas Wolfe, 1919-1993.

Collector's notes on his Thomas Wolfe collection, including ephemera, periodical clippings, periodical issues, bookdealer catalogs, correspondence, etc.

James L. Henry materials pertaining to his collection of William Stafford, 1950-1993.

Consists of James L. Henry's bibliography of Stafford writings, correspondence between Henry and Stafford, signed ephemera and clippings, published poems, articles, book reviews, biographical information.

James L. Henry materials pertaining to Max Brand and western pulp fiction, approximately 1980s.

Collector's notes on his Max Brand (Frederick Schiller Faust) collection, including publication notes on Max Brand publications and Western Story magazine, and some correspondence with book dealers and publishers.

James L. Martel papers, 1846-1888.

Includes note-book with copies of songs and his own poems; cargo book mentioning various vessels; poem by W.H. Campbell, "The Dale at Mulegé", and receipts.

James L. Sperry papers, [ca. 1852-1899]

Three letters written by Sperry, including an 1852 letter describing his trip across the Isthmus of Panama; letters addressed to him and to his family from Asa Gray, William H. Holmes, John J. Hay and others; deeds and miscellaneous documents...

James Laughlin letters, 1965-1966

Three letters (TLS) from American poet and book publisher Laughlin to Bill Butler about publishing matters, including news about Allen Ginsberg, Lawrence Ferlinghetti, and Gregory Corso. New York , 1965-1966. Alpha list.

James Leary Flood and Maud Lee Flood Residence Blueprints collection

This collection contains architectural drawings for the James Leary Flood and Maud Lee Flood Residence, also known as the Flood Mansion.

James Leishman Buchanan papers, 1886-1941.

Diaries, clippings, and other papers, relating to his life farming in Illinois and California; drilling for oil in the vicinity of Santa Paula, California from 1887; and drilling for water in Hawaii, 1902, and in South Africa from 1902 to...

James Leroy Stockton collection, circa 1911-1942

(1873-1942). Collection, ca. 1911-1942, of printed poems by James Leroy Stockton, poet, educator, and Vice-President of Santa Barbara State College (ca. 1921- 1925); also "Santa Barbara Alumni Chapter, Phi Delta Kappa, Songs," with words by Stockton, and obituary. Transfer from...

James Lick Trust scrapbooks, 1874-1897.

Copy of the original deed of trust and other legal papers; clippings, etc., concerning the operation of the trust and its beneficiaries; pictures; notes by the compiler, Secretary of the Trustees. Letter, June 28, 1869, from James Lick, at the...

James Llewellyn Allhands letters to Glen Maxon : Dallas, Texas, ALS, 1977-1978.

Letter of December 6, 1977 concerns completion and particulars regarding publication of Allhands' autobiography, which includes a mention of Maxon in the chapter on Fort Davis. Two letters from February and October, 1978 are written by Allhands' wife Peggy, following...

James L.L.F. Warren collection of papers relating to California economic activities, 1848-1860.

Miscellaneous items, mostly legal papers and receipts. Includes: shipping articles of the schooner Star, of San Francisco, containing a list of the crew members and their salaries, 1848 Aug. 8; papers relating to a case of non-payment involving the San...

James Longstreet engraved portraits, circa 1862

[Lt. Gen.]. Two engraved portraits, [ca. 1862].

James M. Dalzell manuscript poem, 1917 July 16.

Holograph copy of Civil War poem "The Blue and the Gray," 1867, by Private Dalzell. Note states that Dalzell originally wrote the poem in February 1867. This copy is dated July 16, 1917.

James M. Hutchings collection, 1873-1942

Correspondence, stationery, and clippings written by or relating to James M. Hutchings.

James M. Short Collection, 1859-1887.

Business papers, legal documents, personal papers, letters, receipts

James M. Stobbs document, 1863 December 1

[First Corporal, Iowa Infantry, 30th Regiment (Vol), Company B]. One Civil War document (ADS): Appointment, 1 Dec. 1863.

James Maas papers, 1866-2007 (bulk 1989-2007).

The bulk of the collection consists of copies of letters that Maas sent to his granddaughter, Julia, from 1989-2007. The letters may include photocopies of other correspondence, photographs, programs, family trees, and additional documents and writings. The collection also contains...

James Madison autograph, circa 1801-1809

Autograph, reading "Department of State, James Madison," [ca. 1801-1809]. Alpha list.

James Madison Grover diary and papers, 1854-1905.

Diary, 1854, of voyage, New York to California, via Nicaragua, on steamers, Prometheus and Pacific, and recollections (1905) of voyage and experiences in San Francisco and Mokelumne Hill. Notes of family and early life, California associates, mining ventures, Vigilance Committee...

James Mandeville papers, 1849-1857.

Letters from friends in New York, including one from K.H. Dimmick reporting on politics in New York state; petition from Columbia Fusiliers for funds; copy of complaint and summons in case, U.S. vs. Niles Mills, J.W. Mandeville and John Warren;...

James Marshall note, 1873.

Addendum to Society of California Pioneers meeting minutes, dated March 1, 1873, in which James Marshall is stated to have described the gold discovery somewhat differently from what is commonly believed.

James Martineau letters, 1863-1890.

Include letters to E.D. Girdlestone re interpretation of Plato and on the freewill controversy.

James Masterson correspondence : and other material, circa 1854-1897 (bulk 1854-1858)

Contains 28 handwritten letters addressed to James Masterson from various persons located in gold mining camps in Northern California. Twenty-one of the letters are from a friend, Denis Hanly. Also includes handwitten dictation notes of Masterson written by his daughter...

James Mather journal and related material, 1846 July-Nov.

Diary begins July 4, 1846, 100 miles west of Fort Laramie. Journey continues via Fort Laramie, Sweetwater River, South Pass, Fort Bridger, Salt Lake, Hastings Cut-off, Humboldt River, Truckee River to Mission San Jose. (Nov. 7, 1846) The diary records...

James McHall Jones collection of papers.

Contents: Part I - letters (8) 1849-1851, to his mother and stepfather, Dr. & Mrs. J.L. Hornsby in Louisiana, concerning his activities as delegate to the California Constitutional Convention, legal practice with John B. Weller and business ventures. With these:...

James McMillan Shafter papers, 1857-1885.

Includes papers relating to ownership of Rancho Punta de Reyes (Marin County) 1851-1865, and accounts, 1876-1885.

James Miller deeds, 1856-1864.

For property in Marin County, including portions of Nicasio from James Black and Daniel Frink, and part of Rancho San Pedro, Santa Margarita y Las Gallinas from John Lucas.

James Minor Lincoln correspondence, 1876-1958 (bulk 1876).

Contains letters with family members in New York City while serving as the acting Purser aboard the SS Georgia at Panama, describing Panama, Chile and other parts of Central and South America. Also includes passport, a cyanotype of the family,...

James Mita Collection

Personal materials from James Mita's time serving in the 442nd RCT in Company F. There are also materials from his post-war life serving on the Go For Broke National Education Center board.

James Monroe, 1824 May 27

Certificate of Register. Cincinnati, Ohio, 27 May 1824. Gift of Mr. and Mrs. John Thomas , 1968. Alpha list.

James Monroe letters to his sister, Lucretia B. Bryant, 1858-1861.

Three letters written from Solano County, California to his sister in Pittsfield, Massachusetts about his life as a school teacher and recurring illness. The third letter tells of his marriage in 1860. A fourth letter in 1861 is from Hannah...

James Moore claim, 1881-1882.

from University of Wyoming, American Heritage Center;

James Morris papers as sheriff : New York, N.Y. : DS, 1799.

List of convictions in the February Sessions, and a statement of disbursements made for the city jail.

James Murata Photographic Collection

Two photographs from James Murata's time training for World War II with the Military Intelligence Service at Fort Snelling, Minnesota and Camp Stoneman, California.

James Noble Hatch papers, circa 1904-1947 (bulk 1904-1931)

Contains handwritten, typescript, and carbon copies of various articles and poems written by James Noble Hatch. Most of the materials concern public civil engineering and transportation projects. Some of the materials were likely submitted to engineering journals and various newspapers...

James Norris Gillett Collection, 1880-1971

Correspondence, legal and business papers, ephemera, photographs, diaries, scrapbook, poetry and miscellaneous personal papers.

James Norris Gillett family papers, 1909-1934.

Miscellaneous bills and receipts for hotels, medical services, household expenses, and bank transactions. Also includes 2 postcards to Mrs. J.N. Gillett from Emma M. North, and invitation, and a poem printed on satin.

James P. Walsh papers on San Jose State University, an interpretive history, circa 1957-2003.

Papers relating to the research and production of Walsh's book San Jose State University : an Interpretive History include correspondence between the Office of the President of SJSU, project editor Carol Beddo, and a number of reviewers and friends Walsh...

James Parker diaries, 1891-1919.

Includes 17 diaries written by James Parker growing up on a family farm near Chico, Calif. Records daily life of growing up on a farm and then on a career in teaching and school administration. Also includes photocopies of Luther...

James Perrin Smith articles on California, circa 1910.

Photocopies of three handwritten articles (one partial) on subjects pertaining to California. Written for an unidentified newspaper, the articles contain edits, notes, and instructions to editors and printers for the placement of images and photographs. In "A California Robin Hood"...

James Phelan papers, circa 1858-1892.

Correspondence, including letters from his son, James D. Phelan, and from George L. Duval; miscellaneous receipts; and powers of attorney made out to Phelan.

James Pollock broadside, 1855 January 16

[Governor of Pennsylvania]. Broadside, "Inaugural Address of Governor Pollock, of Pennsylvania: Delivered at Harrisburg, on Tuesday, the 16th day of January, 1855." [Oversized, boxed].

James Porter Shaw papers, [ca. 1938-1958]

Papers accompanying his collection of books on guns and firearms. Sales catalogs (many from F. Theodore Dexter, antique firearms collector and dealer), lists and a few letters and drafts.

James Purdy letters and manuscripts : to Robert Sharrard, 1987-1994.

Contains correspondence and a few manuscripts of Purdy's work to his editor. Also includes reviews of Purdy's work.

James Putnam Flint letters and biographical sketch, 1866 Jan. 20-June 16.

Letters to his wife from London while attempting to secure British financial support for railroad and mining interests in California. Accompanied by a biographical sketch by his great-grandson, John C. Howard, and typed transcripts of the letters.

James Quimby papers, 1852.

Contains a poem, a page of journal entries, and a letter from James Quimby, who attempts to go to California via Cornelius Vanderbilt's Accessory Transit Company, presumably for the gold rush, but has to turn back in Nicaragua and return...

James Ray Files papers, 1860-1953.

Contains general correspondence, bound and in chronological order. Also includes information concerning the 1940 Democratic National Convention, the Fight for Freedom and the Committee to Defend America, and some family papers, mostly correspondence, 1860-1893, but including some papers of his...

James Riordan letters to his family : San Francisco, 1859-1861.

Description of mining on the Fraser River, life in San Francisco, and mention of the duel between Broderick and Terry.

James Rolph Jr. correspondence,

Typed letter (on "Office of the County Clerk" letterhead with view of City Hall) from the County Clerk of San Francisco to James Rolph Jr. congratulating him on his work for the Admission Day Festival Committee, dated August 29, 1910....

James Rolph (ship, 3m) logbook

The JAMES ROLPH (ship, 3m) logbook (SAFR 14265, HDC 55) is comprised of one volume kept by C.A. McArthur, mate, dated from 1919-1920. The first voyage was from Ipswich, England to Costa Rica; the second voyage was from Costa Rica...

James S. Barnes letters to his family, 1849 Oct.-1857 Sept.

Written primarily from Sacramento, but include also letters from Panama, San Francisco and the mining country.

James S. Gray Civil War correspondence, 1862-1863

Six letters [ALS] from James S. Gray, private in the 25th Maine Infantry, Co. K, including descriptions of camp life, nearby regiments, southern plantations. .02 linear feet (1 folder).

James S. Law letters to his sister, 1852-1854.

Written from Sacramento and San Francisco, describe voyage via Panama, illness during voyage, experiences mining and with the California legislature.

James S. Sharp scrapbook, 1866-1867.

Compiled aboard the Games Shepard during three voyages from London to Shanghai.

James Samuel Todd family papers, 1862-1923.

Contains receipts and correspondence of James Samuel Todd, and the love letters of Firgie Todd. Also includes a description of the papers with some biographical information.

James Sanders China and Philippines Photograph Album, ca. 1920s.

Large album contains approximately 160 black and white photographs taken primarily in China and the Philippines, with others presumably in Argentina. China photos include numerous street views featuring buildings, carts, rickshaws, local peoples; harbor views of junks and other boats,...

James Sawders photograph collection, circa 1930s-1950s

Approximately 890 black and white prints, most 8x10, taken in many countries. Most taken by Charles Phelps Cushing and distributed by James Caleb Sawders. A few photos give Sawders credit alone. A few others were taken by Jack Lewis, distributed...

James Shideler research collection on farm cooperatives, circa 1951-1952.

The collection consists of James Shideler's research materials on the development of farm cooperatives in California in the early twentieth century, especially in California under the leadership of Aaron Sapiro and David Lubin. Included in the collection is a folder...

James Smathers papers, 1957-1981.

Correspondence primarily concerned with his invention of the electrial typebar typewriter in 1913. Detailed letters to longtime friend, Mrs. Edgar Sherman, document his experiences with the realities of patent rights, royalities, production and marketing.

James Smith oral history, 1969

Early Santa Barbara and Goleta Valley blacksmith. Interviewer: Prob. Gibbs Smith, 21 June 1969. Interviewee(s): James Smith. Transcript: Yes, but doesn't look long enough for 120 minute tape. Related materials: None found.

James Stephens Brown diaries and accounts, 1849-1900.

Autobiographical information concerning early life in Iowa and family history; missions undertaken for the Mormon church in Nebraska Territory, among the Indians, in England, in the eastern United States and in the Marquesas Islands.

James T. Case collection, 1905, 1917, 1938 July 10

One letter (TLS) from Dr. John Harvey Kellogg, Battle Creek, Michigan, 10 July 1938, re medical research. Also one b/w portrait of Case , 1905; one b/w photo of Case with [x-ray machine ?] , 1917; and one later color...

James T. Fields notes, 1874, 1879, n.d.

Three notes (ANS) from the American publisher Fields [Ticknor and Fields] to [Henry Wadsworth] Longfellow, 1874, and others, 1879, n.d. Alpha list.

James T. Jones research materials on the Jack Kerouac family, circa 1993-2000.

Contains research materials used for James T. Jones's book "Use my name: Jack Kerouac's forgotten families." Includes articles, notes, unpublished manuscripts, correspondence, photocopies of legal documents, photocopies of early correspondence by Kerouac family members, book reviews, poetry, typescripts, etc. Includes...

James Thurber letter, 1940 April 6

(1894-1961). One letter (TLS), signed by American author, cartoonist, and wit James Thurber and Elliott Nugent, to William Ashworth, Santa Barbara State College, English Department, granting permission to read selections from the play, The Male Animal, in his classroom. New...

James Thurber letter, 1953

One letter (TLS) to Mrs. F. Maurice French, in response to earlier letter from her (carbon), thanking her for the gift of Maxl, apparently a piece of driftwood more-or-less in the shape of a dog; both letters written very much...

James Tracy San Francisco Housing Rights Activism Collection, 1996-2006.

Video, clippings, fliers, legislation, meeting notes, and other materials on local housing rights activism collected by James Tracy of Coalition on Homelessness, Right-to-a-Roof, and Eviction Defense Network. Issues include: Federal Hope VI redevelopment in North Beach and Valencia Gardens public...

James Truslow Adams letter, 1947 June 30

One letter (TLS) to John Moore, re James Truslo Adams' cousin Frederic L. Adams (a son of Henry A. Adams), an Episcopal clergyman and playwright who end up living in southern California and who got into various sorts of trouble....

James W. Hall document, 1862 December 26

[New York Infantry, 136th Regiment (Vol), Company G]. One Civil War document (ADS): Discharge, 26 Dec. 1862.

James W. Howson papers, 1917-1925.

School journals (1917-1925) Kept when a teacher of the deaf at California Institution for the Deaf and Blind in Berkeley. (5 v.)

James W. McCarthy papers, 1874-1892.

Letters and accounts of the Constable of Big Oak Flat, including one letter from his wife signed Elviria Mecartea. With these are 4 copies of the Tuolomne County Democratic ticket for 1884, some with notes on verso by McCarthy. McCarthy...

James W. Ripley letter and telegrams, 1837 July 24; 1861 Sept. 1; 1861 Sept. 4.

One holograph letter written and signed by J. W. Ripley in Augusta, Maine to Mr. Bond and Sons, watchmakers in Boston, to ask that they deliver a watch to Mr. James Baker. Two telegrams written on official stationery of the...

James W. Wilkie : oral history interview : Costa Rica.

Interviews in English and Spanish conducted by James Wilkie, Albert L. Michaels, Gary Hoskins, and Edna Monzón de Wilkie in the United States and Costa Rica. Topics include Costa Rican politics, communism, the Civil War, economics, the church, family and...

James Walker papers, 1835-1971 (bulk 1945-1971).

Naturalization certificate for his father, 1835; marriage certificate, 1857; genealogy and family history by his wife, Mary Elizabeth (Beattie) Walker; photographs of Walker's pencil sketches made during the Civil War.

James Wall Schureman letters, 1842-1851.

Written by a young army officer, describing life at military posts in Louisiana and Michigan; experiences (1846-1848) in Mexico during the Mexican-American War; voyage around the Horn (Dec. 1848-July 1849) on the ship Mary and Adeline, via Rio and Valparaiso;...

James Warren & Son Realtors records, 1960-2012.

Includes correspondence, property files, property maps, reports, advertisements, and general office files of James Warren & Son Realtors. Also includes informational files regarding land use in the St. Helena and Napa Valley areas. Oversize folders contain aerial photographs.

James Wesley Calkins collection, late 19th century

Family and local history collection of b/w photos and clippings relating to the Calkins family and Santa Barbara area, including Zaca Lake Ranch.

James West letters, 1774.

To an unnamed correspondent, concerning the whereabouts of a Mr. Woodward in India and business transactions. Included is a letter from Thomas Saunders concerning Mr. Woodward.

James White Review Association Records

Correspondence, manuscripts, illustrations, photographs, press releases, newspaper clippings, event posters, and financial records documenting the activities of the James White Review Association, (JWRA) from 1983 to 1999.

James Whitney letters to George Gibson : New York and Sacramento : ALS, 1858 July 29-1859 Feb. 18.

First letter, from New York, discusses his desire to return to Sacramento, commenting on steamship fares, and the gold rush on the Frazer River. The second and third letters find him writing from Sacramento. They are very newsy, mentioning a...

James Wiley Bradford Montgomery papers, 1880-1888.

Certificates of appointments to California District Board of Agriculture, 1883, and to the Board of Trustees of the Northern Branch State Normal School of California, 1887; and papers relating to his leave of absence from the National Guard in 1888.

James William Denver correspondence, 1847-1887.

Handwritten personal and professional correspondence of James William Denver with various persons over the course of his career covering a range of topics including politics, family matters, etc. Correspondents include Denver's brothers, Arthur and Frank, his wife Louise, constituents, friends,...

James (William F.) Papers

Small collection of papers and photographs from the estate of Judge William F. James, former Santa Clara County Superior Court Judge. The papers contain his notable opinions, and materials related to the dedication of the William F. James Boys Ranch...

James William Foster correspondence approximately 1857-1906.

Handwritten letters of a seaman from Beverly, Massachusetts, James William Foster, to various family members. Written from various ports of call from Alabama, New York, Jamaica, and Charleston, South Carolina, among others, the letters describe ship names, ports of call,...

James Wilson Marshall collection, 1885-1888.

Papers relating to Marshall's estate, correspondence.

Jameson (Fredric) papers

The Fredric Jameson papers contains drafts of a manuscript, "The Benjamin Files," written by Fredric Jameson, which will be published in 2020. "The Benjamin Files" is about Walter Benjamin, a critical theorist.

Jamieson, Elvesta I. and John A.

Elvesta Isabella (Ehrhardt) Jamieson and John A. Jamieson were longtime Sacramento County residents who married in 1914 and resided in Franklin, Vorden and Sacramento. This collection is comprised of two albums containing hundreds of postcards received by them individually between...

Jamison family papers.

Includes: two letters by Alfred Jamison, one describing his voyage around the Horn in 1849, the city of Lima, and a bull fight; the other concerning his experiences gold mining in the Feather River area in 1851; and genealogical material...

Jan Baum Gallery Records

The Jan Baum Gallery records include correspondence; press kits containing newspaper clippings, price lists, curriculum vitae and artists' statements; loan agreements; receipts; invitations; miscellaneous ephemera; and photographic and audiovisual materials.

Jan (Flora Belle) letters

Contains Flora Belle Jan's letters to her friend Ludmelia Holstein, relating to journalism in the United States and China and to personal matters. Published as (Urbana, 2009).

Jan van Wagtendonk Collection

The Jan van Wagtendonk Collection consists of the documents and records created and received by Dr. van Wagtendonk during his tenure as a Yosemite National Park research scientist from 1972-2009. These documents contain information relating to research and scholarship undertaken...

Jane B. Hayes cemetery plot, 1865.

Deed written by Peter S. Van Wyck for plot in Lone Mountain Cemetery, San Francisco, of Mrs. Jane B. Hayes dated February 27, 1865. Copied from entry dated May 13, 1857 in Lone Mountain Cemetery Company book of records.

Jane B. Hayes cemetery plot, 1865.

Deed written by Peter S. Van Wyck for plot in Lone Mountain Cemetery, San Francisco, of Mrs. Jane B. Hayes dated February 27, 1865. Copied from entry dated May 13, 1857 in Lone Mountain Cemetery Company book of records.

Jane Bouse papers, not after 1954.

Contains seventeen undated typescripts of short stories and novels written by Jane Bouse. Also includes one folder of handwritten notes and draft pages.

Jane L. Stanford (barkentine) sea journal

Jane L. Stanford (barkentine) sea journal (SAFR 16478, HDC 198) was kept while aboard the barkentine from 1896 to 1897. It is a copy made from the original. The collection is available for research use without restriction.

Jane Porter letters, [undated and 1835]

Included is a letter to Henry Fothergill Chorley on receipt of his first book.

Jane Richardson Hanks collection on Alfred Kroeber, 1951-2002.

Letters, articles, notes, and correspondence relating to noted anthropologist Alfred Kroeber, his wife Theodora, and son Karl, from a former graduate student of his at the University of California, Berkeley. Three small handwritten notes (3 p.) on University of California,...

Jane Sherman papers relating to Allan Seager, [ca. 1934-1977]

Materials relating to writer Allan Seager. Includes: correspondence between Seager and Sherman, ca. 1934-1947; correspondence between Sherman and Stephen Connelly regarding Connelly's dissertation on Seager, 1973-1974; writings by Sherman; writings by Seager, including typescript of his story "Pro Arte"; and...

Janet Adelman papers, 1959-2009.

Janet Adelman papers, BANC MSS 2012/197, The Bancroft Library, University of California, Berkeley.

[Janet C. Graham Collection of portrait photographs of the Bancroft and Derby families.]

Photographs of the family of Cecilia Bancroft Derby Kenny and her first husband, George Derby, including her parents Azariah Ashley Bancroft and Lucy (Howe) Bancroft and her brother, Hubert Howe Bancroft. 1: George Derby and Cecilia (Bancroft) Derby, approximately 1849-1850...

Janet Delaney archive of her photographic project titled Form follows finance: a survey of the South of Market [graphic].

Archive of Janet Delaney's photographic survey of her South of Market neighborhood (SOMA) in San Francisco. Photographic prints and slides document residential interiors of artists and other neighbors, local small businesses, various buildings, streets, construction scenes and general neighborhood views...

Janet Grant Winship collection of George Sterling, 1911-1926.

Contains 75 typescript poems, 5 handwritten poems, 72 letters (dated 1912-1926), and 4 postcards, signed by George Sterling. Also include 132 unsigned typescript poems by Sterling and some clippings. The letters are effusive in Sterling's obvious affection for Janet Winship...

Janet Haas collection on Jewish tuberculosis organizations and Jewish cemetaries, 1934-1972.

The collection contains promotional materials about the Jewish Consumptives' Relief Society’s sanatorium in Spivak, Colordado: Thirty Years of Saving Lives: The Sanatorium of the Jewish Consumptives' Relief Society, 'Denver Sanatorium' 1904-1934; a pamphlet, from 1947, entitled Keep them Living! and...

Janet Lewis reading at Stanford

Lewis read from her work at an event sponsored by the Creative Writing Program.

Janet Newton collection of newspaper articles relating to Livermore, California, 1961-1970.

In addition to her articles there are excerpts from early postal records of Livermore and Murray Township.

Janet Richards papers, not after 1985.

Contains mostly typescript drafts and original manuscripts for both published and unpublished works. Also includes correspondence, etc.

Jang (Michael) ncollection of Atari materials

Prints and original concept sketches of Atari game cabinets, often in the form of photocopies or photographs. Collection is organized by project. Those projects that are covered completely include a conceptual sketch, production drawings, and finally the engineering prototype. In...

Jangfeldt (Bengt) papers

Correspondence, writings, printed matter, and audiovisual material relating to Russian literature and especially to Joseph Brodsky and Vladimir Mayakovsky. Includes correspondence with Brodsky and research material collected for a biography of Mayakovsky and other publications.

Janice Blue papers, approximately 1955-2012.

Contains poems, ephemera, snapshots, publications, books, paintings, audiocassetes, miscellany, etc. of the poet Janice Blue.

Janice Hartoch Taylor collection, circa 1920s-1940s

One photograph album and associated prints, various locations and content, including WWII soldiers; four handwritten journals/notebooks in German (see notes on contents with each).

Janice Marie Clark papers, 1922-1935.

Play scripts by Janice Marie Clark and related material. Includes: "Match Makers Ltd.", book and lyrics by Janice Clark, music by Arthurine Thornton, written for the U.C. Treble Clef play contest, April 26, 1923, and performed at the Oakland Auditorium...

Janin (Charles Henry) Papers

This collection contains papers related to the career of American mining engineer Charles Janin (1873-1937). Subject matter in the collection focuses on minerals, mines and mining, especially in California, Mexico, Alaska, Canada, Russia (including Siberia), and Central and South America....

Janin Family Papers

This collection contains the papers relating to the lives and activities of various members of the Blair, Croghan, Janin, and Jesup families, chiefly extending from New Orleans lawyer and businessman Albert Covington Janin and his wife, Washington, D.C., socialite...

Janin (Louis) Papers

This collection contains the papers of American mining engineer Louis Janin (1837-1914), chiefly consisting of correspondence, primarily from the Concepcion Mining & Milling Co. for the years 1887 through 1889, and 47 notebooks and pocket diaries kept by Janin between...

Janin (Louis) Papers (Addenda)

This collection consists of 18 diaries kept between 1863 and 1895 by American mining engineer Louis Janin (1837-1914), which chiefly contain accounts of trip California, Nevada, Japan, and Mexico to survey mines.

Janin (Pierre Thiebaut Charles Maurice) diary extracts

Relates to Allied intervention in the Russian Civil War. Extracts published in Le Monde slave, 1924-1925.

Janis (Bruce) Student Papers

Gay and lesbian student organization records and the thesis of Bruce Janis, 1976-1985. Janis started the first gay and lesbian student organization at Washington University in St. Louis in 1976, then helped restart the San Francisco State University gay and...

Janisch (Wolfgang) papers

Memoirs, photographic collages, other photographs, postcards, correspondence, police reports, printed matter, sound recordings, videocassettes, and memorabilia relating to political dissent and the peace movement in East Germany.

Janislawski (Mary) papers

The Mary Janislawski papers, 1908 - 2005 (SAFR 23806, HDC 1649) document the teaching career and professional associations of Mary Janislawski.

Janken (Bennett L.) Collection of Bay Area Committee Against the Briggs Initiative Records

This collection consists of the speakers’ handbook Bennett L. Janken wrote in 1978 when he was active with the Bay Area Committee Against the Briggs Initiative (BACABI). The manual was used statewide by all speakers. There are also supplemental materials...

Jannach (Hubert) collection on B. Traven

This collection contains correspondence, notes, and other material regarding research conducted on B. Traven by author Hubert Jannach.

Jannay, (J. H.) mimeograph

Relates to the need for food relief in Spain.

Janney (John) collection

The John Janney collection contains correspondence and business records related to mining in the early 20th century American West. Included are files related to John Janney's several properties and interests, most of which were in Lincoln County, Nevada, including the...

Janosco (John) United Packinghouse Workers of America Collection

John Janosco was a West Coast Representative for the United Packinghouse Workers of America (UPWA) from 1949-1960. His area of coverage included California, Oregon, Washington, and Arizona. Janosco through most of his life was an active participant in the labor...

Janovsky (Karl) reports

Three reports; one entitled Bericht über die im RWM Stattgefundene Aussprache über die Bulgarischen Verhandlungsergebnisse; the second, Lagebericht über die Verhältnisse in Südost; and the third, Lagebericht 1942 über die Verhältnisse in Ungarn, Rumänien und Bulgarien. Relates to economic conditions...

Jansen (B. Douglass) collection

Press releases, statements, and speech transcripts, relating to proposals for disarmament and a nuclear test ban. Issued by officials and agencies of various governments, especially the United States Arms Control and Disarmament Agency, and the Soviet Embassy in the United...

Jansen (Jerry) Papers

The collection of pro-sex activist Jerry Jansen consists of materials from the Committee to Preserve Our Sexual and Civil Liberties, the 15 Association and the UnCut Parties, including videos, meeting minutes, newsletters, clipping files, conference materials and ephemera.

Janssens (Edouard) deposition

Relates to the activities of Belgian military forces in the Belgian Congo in the period immediately preceding independence, 1959-1960.

Jansson (Claro G.)'s South American Steam Driven Lumber Mill photograph album

The subject of this album is an all steam driven lumber mill somewhere in South America.

Jantzen (Grace J.) processed item

Relates to conditions in civilian internment camps in the Japanese-occupied Philippines.

Janus Society Records

Meeting minutes, bylaws and constitution, correspondence, notes, printed ephemera and other records from the Janus Society of America (also known as Janus Society of Delaware Valley), a Philadelphia-based homophile organization founded in 1962. The Janus Society was an influential group...

Japan - Okinawa Photograph Album, 1952-1953.

Album with 79 snapshot and commercial black and white photos. Mostly Tokyo street scenes, including Asakusa. Owner unclear but likely a soldier or military dependent. Tourist attractions (sumo wrestlers, mud baths, fisherwomen of Onjuku, etc.) and local scenes. Six photos...

Japan - Post World War II Photograph Album

Photograph album, 142 black/ white snapshots with handwritten captions, along with 10 loose b/w photos and other ephemera belonging to an American GI who apparently was in Japan after WWII, around 1946. Mostly Tokyo, also places like Kamakura. Includes images...

Japan and China Photograph Album, 1938-1939.

Album contains 237 small black and white snapshots and commercial photographs of Japan and China, with penciled captions in English. Locations include Nikko, Mount Koya, Lake Biwa & Hikone, Takayama (Japan), Peking (China). Images include portraits of families the photographer...

Japan. Gaimusho reports

Reports relating to foreign media coverage of Japan and to economic conditions in within the Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere.

Japan, Irkutsk (Siberia), and Manchuria Photograph Collection

Eleven black/white photographs, 1901-1902, most with captions on the back, including scenes of Japanese rickshaws and people, Japanese station and hotel, orthodox church and museum in Irkutsk (Siberia), horse and cart carrying firewood, and railway water tower in Manchuria....

Japan. Koshikan (Korea) records

Photocopies of originals no longer extant. Correspondence, dispatches, instructions, reports, treaties, agreements, lists, and charts relating to Japanese-Korean relations, and to the internal administration and foreign affairs of Korea. Includes reports of the Japanese Residency General (1906-1910) and Government-General (1910)...

Japan newspaper collection

Japanese newspapers (13 titles).

Japan parade photograph album, circa late 19th century-early 20th century

22 black and white snapshots. Probably celebrating some festival [which?]. All images seem to be of same event. Stamp in album says London, front cover says Photographic Souvenirs, so taken by British visitor? No captions. Location unknown, but wooded hills...

Japan Photograph Album, ca. 1900.

Album contains 137 black and white and hand-colored photographs, with a few captions in English. Images include markets and vendor stalls, including dolls, textiles, fish; rice paddies, harvest, and processing; men, women, and children in traditional clothing; gardens and scenic...

Japan photograph album, circa 1880s

18 hand-colored images; Kimbei Kusakabe, photographer. .05 linear feet (1 folder).

Japan photograph collection, circa 1900s-1960s?

140+ black/white snapshots of Japanese men, women, children and a Japanese wedding party. Captions on back of a couple of prints only. Purchase: eBay

Japan Photographs, ca. 1945-1947.

About 166 black and white snapshots of post-World War II Japan, taken presumably by an Army officer. Some captions, in English, on backs of photos. Identified locations include Ise Grand Shrine (Mie Prefecture); Kōshien, Takarazuka, Nishinomiya (Hyōgo Prefecture); Kure (Hiroshima...

Japan photographs, circa 1920s

23 black and white snapshots, no captions, with images of geishas, theatre, gardens, flooded streets, Sumo wrestling, groups of men, women and children, location unknown. Difficult to date, but one photo includes European whose dress suggest 1920s or thereabouts.

Japan Shipwreck photograph album, circa 1910s-1920s

Appears to be documentation of a shipwreck, damage to ship, and repair along Japanese coast, but a European (possibly British or American) in many photos, who may have been the captain, overseeing the work. No captions, but note in English,...

Japan. Soryojikan (San Francisco) miscellany

Biographical sketches and photographs of Prime Minister Masayoshi Ohira, Foreign Minister Sabuto Okita, and Deputy Chief Cabinet Secretary Koichi Kato, of Japan.

Japan Subject Collection

The collection contains maps, guidebooks, viewbooks, and other printed ephemera from Japan, mainly from the first half of the 20th century.

Japan [Tokyo] Photograph Album, ca. 1952-1953.

Large lacquer album contains 185 black and white photographs, compiled by an American G.I. most likely associated with Tokyo Army Hospital. Photos show post-war Tokyo street scenes, buildings, docks and shipboard views; military personnel in uniform and staff; and a...

Japan travel scrapbooks, 1936

Two scrapbooks with hotel brochures, ... from a tour around Japan, and stops in China and Korea, 1936

Japan-American Conference of Mayors and Chamber of Commerce Presidents Records

Consists of correspondence, agendas, minutes, and photographs pertaining to the biennial conference.

Japanese Alien Land Law Investigation Records

The collection consists of materials related to 19 investigations into Japanese-owned properties focused in San Joaquin County and escheat cases that resulted from them.

Japanese American Archival Collection ImageBase

The Japanese American Archival Collection is comprised of approximately 2,100 original items, including letters and other textual documents, photographs, diaries, scrapbooks, newsletters, art work, clothing and artifacts. The collection provides valuable insights into the history of Japanese American communities in...

Japanese American Citizens' League. Committee for Iva Toguri. Records of the Japanese American Citizens' League, Committee for Iva Toguri, 1975-1977.

Contents: V. l - minutes of committee meetings, memoranda, reports, press releases, interviews, lists of supporters, background material, etc.; V. 2 - drafts of summary sheet and pamphlet about the case prepared by the committee; V. 3 - press clippings;...

Japanese American Citizens League (JACL) Redress Video Collection, 1988-1991, undated.

The Japanese American Citizens League (JACL) Redress Video Collection, , consists of interviews conducted by Visual Communications, writer and director John Esaki, and producer Amy Kato. The collection consists of ¾” U-matic tapes, the majority of which are digitized....

Japanese American Citizens League, Monterey Chapter oral history project records, 1991-1995.

Contains the oral histories, transcriptions, drafts, and other records used to write The Japanese of the Monterey Peninsula. Interviewees are listed in the subjects with the subdivision interviews.

Japanese American Citizens League, National Ad Hoc Committee to Repeal the Emergency Detention Act records, 1967-1971.

Correspondence, reports, memoranda, minutes of meetings, position papers, campaign literature, newspaper clippings, press releases and newsletters, copies of congressional documents, etc., relating to the national campaign efforts to repeal title II (the emergency detention measure) of the Internal Security Act...

Japanese American Citizens League Pacific Southwest District Office Records

The Pacific Southwest Region of the Japanese American Citizens League (JACL) served as the political voice for the Japanese American community and sponsored a variety of social and educational activities. Records include: administrative files, meeting minutes and agendas, reference files,...

Japanese American collection

This collection primarily contains transcripts, audio cassettes, and other material pertaining to the Japanese American Cultural and Community Center (JACCC) EO 9066 Project. Also includes material pertaining to Japanese American art, entertainment, and culture as well as Japanese American life...

Japanese American Confinement Sites World War II American home front oral history project.

Oral history interviews with fourteen Japanese Americans who attended UC Berkeley before--and in some cases after--incarceration during World War II. Includes interviews with two hearing impaired subjects, Nancy Ikdea Baldwin and Ronald M. Hirano, that were conducted in American Sign...

Japanese American Evacuation & Relocation Collection

This collection includes individual case histories, posters and ephemera from the evacuation and relocation of Japanese American citizens, 1942-1944

Japanese American Evacuation and Resettlement Records

The collections consists of surplus copies of the U.S. War Relocation Authority agency documents, including publications, staff papers, reports, correspondences, press releases, newspaper clippings, scrapbooks and a few photographs. Included is the Japanese American Evacuation and Resettlement Study, University of...

Japanese American family photograph album from the World War Two era [graphic]

Snapshots of family life in San Francisco, during internment at Heart Mountain (Wyoming), and during the military service of a friend or family member. Many include an apparent young couple, Mitsi and Toshi. Chiefly snapshot portraits or group portraits, often...

Japanese American History Collection

This collection contains books, pamphlets, flyers, photographs, booklets, correspondence, periodicals, and oversized material related to Japanese Americans. Subjects in the collection include incarceration camps, Southbay local history, World War II propaganda, Japanese American families, incarceration camp pilgrimages, and other topics.

Japanese American Incarceration Collection

The collection consists of publications and press releases by the United States War Relocation Authority (WRA), in addition to yearbooks and pamphlets created by Japanese American incarcerees and advocacy groups, with an emphasis on the Manzanar and Minidoka incarceration camps.

Japanese American Newspaper Clipping Files

The collection contains newspaper clippings pertaining to Japanese Americans and the Internment.

Japanese American oral history project, circa 1998

Interviewee(s): Frank Morri and Sigeniko Meano; Cathy Chiu; class discussion.

Japanese American relocation center views

Photographed by Dorothea Lange, Francis Stewart, and Tom Parker. Drawings by Miné Okubo.

Japanese American relocation center views [graphic]

Photographs document the Japanese American evacuation of World War II and its effects. Shown are children and adults at various relocation centers throughout the west. Includes one view of Eleanor Roosevelt visiting the Gila River camp.

Japanese American Relocation Collection

The collection consists of correspondence, magazines, newspaper and journal articles clippings, and publications from the War Relocation Authority, religious groups, as well as civil liberties organizations. It also has a series of correspondence to and from Occidental President Remsen Bird's...

Japanese American Research Project (Yuji Ichioka) collection of material about Japanese in the United States

Collection consists of materials collected by the Japanese American Research Project (JARP) related to the history of Japanese and Japanese Americans in the United States. Contains more than 100 groups of personal papers related to individuals and/or families, and these...

Japanese American Review collection

43 issues of the "Japanese American Review", a newspaper published in New York between 1939 and 1941. Includes two copies of a special Japan Day Edition (June 1939), which covers the Japan Pavilion at the 1939 New York World's Fair....

Japanese American Women / Alumnae of the University of California Berkeley oral history project.

These interviews highlight the lives of eleven Japanese American coeds (chiefly women) who studied at the University of California Berkeley from the 1930's to 1951, and includes their options available during the World War II evacuation/exclusion of all persons of...

Japanese Americans Citizens League, Washington, D.C. District Office Records

The records of JACL, Washington, D.C. District Office (JACL-DC) document the administration, JACL-endorsed advocacy issues, and reference files. The collection includes numerous court cases involving employment discrimination, immigration, military, and redress. In a number of these cases, JACL was directly...

Japanese Americans in the San Fernando Valley Oral History Project Collection

The Japanese Americans in the San Fernando Valley Oral History Project documents the lives of Japanese Americans who lived, or are currently living, in the San Fernando Valley. The participants are multi-generational, with many who experienced firsthand internment and prejudice...

Japanese calligraphy, circa late 20th century

Two ink on paper examples of calligraphy, one of a poem by Otaki Ringetsu (1791-1875), Kyoto female poet. Alpha list.

Japanese, Chinese, and other photographs from the Eli T. Sheppard papers.

Includes numerous cartes de visite of Japanese dignitaries and consular staff from Europe and America, scenes in Japan and China (including town views, antiquities, etc.), and portraits of Chinese people.

Japanese diaspora collection

Reports, pamphlets, postcards, other printed matter, photographs, and digital materials relating to Japanese immigration to the United States and elsewhere, the Japanese community in the United States, and Japanese American internment during World War II.

Japanese diaspora oral history project records

Digital interview recordings of Japanese Americans relating to immigration to the United States from Japan, internment of Japanese Americans during World War II, and the post-war Japanese American community. Interviews conducted by Kaoru Ueda. Includes images of diaries, newsletters, and...

Japanese expulsion from Atlin, British Columbia [graphic] /

Three posed crowd portraits in the snowy streets of Atlin and at McKee Creek. Two include a sign reading : Mayor Kirkland / White men's rights without violence / General Ward. One view shows town in background, another shows the...

Japanese Family Photograph Album, ca. 1930s.

Large family album contains 174 black and white snapshots and commercial photographs. There are many professional portraits, including large groups, husbands and wives, young children, and sibling portraits. Some photos mark occasions, including what appear to be a wedding and...

Japanese Farm Survey for Defense Records

This collection contains information collected during two surveys of Japanese farmers in the Los Angeles area in 1940 and 1942. The first survey relates to farms along major power transmission lines and aqueducts (1940) and the second to farms in...

Japanese film posters collection

The collection consists of posters of popular Japanese films. Includes some Japanese martial arts films.

Japanese Friendship Doll Records

Photographs, literature, a book, Dolls of Friendship, and a 1927 "Passport of Goodwill" for the doll called "Miss Taiwan". Important note: In October, 2018 the doll was re-identified as "Miss Hyogo" and not "Miss Taiwan."

Japanese Hawaiian newspaper collection

Japanese language newspapers published in Hawaii. Digital copies are available at

Japanese in America, circa early 1900s-1960s

many photos and photo albums; substantial internment material including correspondence, newsletters, and photographs.

Japanese In Manchuria Photograph Album

The album contains 190 black and white photographs documenting the wartime experiences of one Japanese soldier during his service in Manchuria in the 1930s. Included are scenes of barracks life, life in the field, portraits of friends and fellow soldiers,...

Japanese Internment : Tule Lake, 1935-1988.

Mary Oshiro was interned at the Tule Lake Relocation center beginning in 1942. She did watercolors of the camp and its surroundings, and worked as an artist and stencil cutter for the camp newspaper, the Tulean Dispatch.

Japanese Internment : Tule Lake, 1935-1988.

Mary Oshiro was interned at the Tule Lake Relocation center beginning in 1942. She did watercolors of the camp and its surroundings, and worked as an artist and stencil cutter for the camp newspaper, the Tulean Dispatch.

Japanese Internment collection

The collection consists of copies of the Manzanar Free Press, the Information Bulletin published by the Japanese-American Relations Committee of the American Friends Service Committee, and various pamphlets and fliers published and/or distributed by the War Relocation Authority and various...

Japanese Jaunts

This collection includes Japanese Jaunts newsletters published for American Servicemen in Japan. It includes information on listed tours for Americans, events in town and around Japan, and movies on base.

Japanese manuscripts concerning commerce, [undated]

7 letters, 1 manual, and 1 envelope. Materials concern commercial transactions, mostly relating to buying or selling of food.

Japanese modern history manuscript collection

Manuscripts, ephemeral printed matter, and maps relating to various aspects of Japanese history, including Nagano prefecture local government during the Meiji period; the Sino-Japanese War of 1894-1895; pre-World War II domestic affairs; the post-World War II American occupation; the International...

Japanese naval training squadron collection

Photographs and miscellany relating to Japanese naval visits to Hawaii and the Panama Canal.

Japanese Papermaking Photographs

The collection contains 16 assorted photographs ("coloured by hand" per description in English on envelope) showing method of Japanese paper making from the gathering and processing of the raw materials to the final bundling of the paper for shipment. The...

Japanese photographs

23 photographs of life in Japan, circa 1880.

Japanese pictorial collection

Photographs depicting scenes of daily life, prominent personalities, and miscellaneous scenes in Japan, and from the Russo-Japanese War.

Japanese poster collection

The collection contains posters on the following topics: Japanese products and design; railways, ocean liners and tourism; Japanese art and design exhibitions; Japanese imperial modernity (including colonies in Korea, Manchuria, and northeastern China); and Japanese Ministry and Telecommunications campaigns. The...

Japanese Prints

The Grunwald Center's collection of 40,000 works on paper includes 950 prints by Japanese Edo and Meiji period artists. The Center acquired many of these prints in 1965 from the Estate of Frank Lloyd Wright (American architect, 1867-1959). Artists represented...

Japanese Relocation Center, Tule Lake Collection

Papers and records arranged in the following subject areas: Age distribution, Athletic teams, Buddhist Reverends and Christian Minister lists, Community Activities Directory, Educational Personnel, Enlistee classification list, equipment list, High school enrollment, project chart, recreational activities list, Rules and Regulations,...

Japanese Relocation Center, Tule Lake Collection, 1943-1943.

Age distribution, Athletic teams, Buddhist Reverends and Christian Minister lists, Community Activities Directory, Educational Personnel, Enlistee classification list, equipment list, high school enrollment, project chart, recreational activities list, Rules and Regulations, War Relocation Authority Personnel List, Ward Councilmen List.

Japanese Saipan Photograph Album

Photograph album, containing about 170 black/white snapshots and a few postcard views, of the Japanese period in Saipan, 1914-1944. Includes a number of shots of the local Saipan population and scenery, but most of the photos are of Japanese adults...

Japanese Students Association, Stanford University, Records

Records include guest books, 1917-1962; scrapbook of clippings, photographs, and postcards, 1916-1932, pertaining to sports teams, construction of the Association's clubhouse, the YMCA convention in 1922, and group shots of the Association; photograph album of graduates and professors, ca. 1909-ca....

Japanese subject collection

Serial issues, reports, election campaing literature, and other printed matter, relating to various aspects of social, political and economic conditions in Japan, the Sino-Japanese War of 1894-1895 and the post-World War II Allied occupation of Japan.

Japanese table, circa 1800s

[see description in Schedule and Report].

Japanese View Book

This is a 36 page (unpaginated) booklet in English with printed photographs and illustrations with no publication information. It appears to have been printed in Japan (note style of romanization of Japanese place names) and highlights various aspects of Japan's...

Japanese Women's Contemporary Artist Zines

Collection of 124 zines, all created by young female Japanese artists. These publications represent the entire output of the "Feminine" show - an exhibition of zines curated by Tokyo store , presented exclusively at the 2011 New York Art Book...

Japanese woodblock print book

All hand-colored prints.

Japanese woodblock print poem cards, circa late 19th century

100 card set, almost complete, with 97 of 100 picture cards and 99 of 100 of script cards; housed in original wooden box.

Japanese woodblock prints, 1964

1964 portfolio calendar with woodblock prints for each month.

Japanese Woodblock Prints and Brush Paintings Collection

This collection consists of forty-five color woodblock prints by Japanese artists from the early 1700s to the mid 1900s, and three brush paintings by artist Shuho Kawashima in 1958.

Japanese woodcut fan albums, late 19th century-early 20th century

Two fan albums featuring 28 separate Meiji/Taisho era Japanese artists, as well as eight Hiroshige reprints. Fan albums, created as marketing tools, were a compilation of a season's available designs, commissioned by some of the most eminent artists of the...

Japanese-American Collection, ca. 1900-1940s

Japanese-American families of Los Angeles and Southern California, their social life and customs, in the first half of the twentieth century. Several documents are pictured, including a Japanese map dated circa 1796. Photographs, negatives. ca. 1796-1960, no date (bulk is...

Japanese-American evacuation from Berkeley, Calif. [graphic]: Photographs

Photographs show Japanese-Americans waiting with luggage for transportation, people on busses, and similar scenes....

Japanese-American Internment Camp Church Bulletins and Newsletters Collection

This collection contains mimeographed church worship bulletins and newsletters from various Japanese-American Internment Camps during World War II.

Japanese-American Internment Camp Materials

The Japanese-American internment camps during World War II were administered by the War Relocation Authority. Camp inmates independently wrote and distributed many of their own documents associated with the camp newspapers, camp stores, school publications, and other camp activities. This...

Japanese-American Internment Oral Histories

This collection contains audio interviews, transcriptions, photographs, genealogical information, letters and related newspaper clippings of Japanese-American who were kept in Relocation Centers during World War II.

A Japanese-American nurseryman's life in California : floriculture and family, 1883-1992 : oral history transcript / 1993.

Domoto discusses his family background; early nursery business and garden shows; Japanese-American Relocation period; work with California Association of Nurserymen and California Horticultural Society.

Japanese-American Relocation Center Newspaper Collection

During the internment of the Japanese-Americans from 1942-1945, newspapers recording camp activities and providing news of events outside the camps were issued by the internees from the beginning of their confinement in temporary assembly centers and permanent relocation centers. This...

Japanese-American Relocation Collection

The Japanese-American Relocation Collection is composed mostly of documents related to the relocation program during World War II. Items include the official government report of Manzanar Relocation Center, oral histories, a photo album, post-war activism related to preserving and remembering...

Japanese-American relocation interviews [sound recording] / 1966, 1967.

Interviews about the Japanese-American evacuation and relocation during World War II include the following interviewees: Dave Tatsuno, Fuji Okamoto Takaichi, Jon and Esther Sills, George Shimada, Takeshi Shibuya, Claude N. Settles, Eiichi Sakauye, Peter Nakahara, Wayne Kanemoto, Masao Hamamura, James...

Japanese-American Relocation Reviewed : oral history transcript / and related material, 1969-1976.

Interviews with individuals primarily in the federal and state government, involved in the evacuation of Japanese-Americans from California during World War II. Photographs and copies of documentary material inserted and appended. V. 1, Decision and Exodus; v. II, the Interment.

Japanese-American youth photograph album [graphic].

Icludes snapshot and formal portraits of numerous young Japanese-American men and women taken during the mid-1940s to early 1950s. Some photographs were possibly taken in San Francisco and Sacramento. Others appear to have been taken in an unidentified World War...

Japanese-Americans in World War II Collection

The Japanese-Americans in World War II Collection measures 1 linear foot and dates from 1920 to 1995. The collection contains both contemporary and contemporaneous materials about the relocation of Japanese during World War II from the perspective of Japanese-Americans as...

Jaqua (Mary Alice) Papers

Correspondence, photographs, and other materials, relating to Mary Alice Jaqua (1913-1987), daughter of Ernest J. Jaqua, first president of Scripps College. The materials document in particular her career, 1941-1946, first as secretary to the director of the American Red Cross-Harvard...

Jardetzky (Oleg) Papers

Collection includes papers from his years at Harvard, 1957-67; records from the Dept. of Molecular Pharmacology at Stanford and the Stanford Magnetic Resonance Laboratory, 1970-2001; and papers pertaining to his other professional activities, including the International Conference on Magnetic Resonance...

Jardine (John E.) Papers

The Jardine family collection consists primarily of personal and business correspondence between 1893 and 1941. The majority of the folders contain family letters, correspondence with friends, photographs, postcards, wedding invitations and poems. Also included are financial reports and statements from...

Jarkoff (Peter) collection

Bulletins and writings relating to Russian émigré military schools. Includes school bulletins and memoirs of cadets.

Jarman Family Papers

The collection primarily consists of correspondence related to the Jarman family, Mormon converts who immigrated from England to Utah in the 1860s. It includes statements by Maria Bidgood Jarman Ford Barnes regarding her divorce from her abusive, polygamous first...

Jarmuth (Hilda) Personal Papers

Little is known about Hilda Jarmuth, an early aviatrix who was born on November 22, 1900. She may have been a member of the Ninety-Nines Club, which was founded on November 2, 1929, for the mutual support and advancement of...

Jarolim (Edith) Collection

Edith Jarolim's project files for her two editions of Paul Blackburn's works, and . Included are photocopies of Blackburn's correspondence and manuscripts deposited in other libraries and Jarolim's correspondence with Blackburn's family and friends. Also of interest are her copious...

Jarrett (David L.) New York City Gay Men's Chorus Photographs

The collection consists of six digital images of the New York Gay Men's Chorus. David L. Jarrett photographed a performance at Carnegie Hall in 1982. Jarrett's work has appeared in a number of magazines for the gay market and in...

Jarvik (Murray E.) papers

Murray E. Jarvik (June 1, 1923 - May 8, 2008) was a professor of psychiatry and pharmacology at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine and the University of California, Los Angeles. His research interests included effects of drugs on learning...

Jarvis (Charles E.) papers

Correspondence, military tactics book, camp newspaper, French currency, postcards, and personal items of identification, relating to activities of the 28th Engineer Regiment in France during World War I.

Jarvis (Elaine Gay) Photographs

Collection of black and white photographic prints and negatives of the 1978 Gay Freedom Day Parade in San Francisco, California. All photographs were taken by Elaine Gay Jarvis.

Jarvis Family Papers

Ellis Adams Jarvis (1900- ) was a teacher in San Pedro (1924- ), and later served as a superintendent of Los Angeles City Schools (November 1956-January 1962). The collection consists of correspondence, clippings, scrapbooks, photographs, memorabilia and related printed material...

Jarvis (Howard) Collection

Clippings, periodicals, awards, audio tapes, video tapes, photographs, correspondence, news releases....

Jasany (Rick) Papers

The collection contains photographs, slides, and magazines, that document the work of Rick Jasany. His subjects included daily life in San Francisco and street life in the gay community in the 1970s and 1980s. For the magazine "Vector," Jasany created...

Jasgur (Gary "Junior") papers

The Gary "Junior" Jasgur papers span the years 1938-1994 and encompass one linear foot. The collection consists of clippings, fan mail, photographs, and press/publicity sheets....

Jasiewicz (Jan) papers

Correspondence, writings, printed matter, personal documents, theatrical programs, and photographs relating principally to theatrical productions staged by Polish prisoners in German prison camps during World War II.

Jaskulski (Martin) papers

This collection consists mainly of personal documents regarding Martin Jaskulski, a German Jew, and provides a snapshot of the life of a German Jew before, during, and after World War II.. Much of the documentation relates to his work history...

Jasper O'Farrell papers, 1846-1860.

Letters from Henry Dalton, Abel Stearns, James Van Ness, Ambrose J. Hooper, and others, mainly relating to business affairs and to purchase of lands. Also deed issued by James Black for a San Francisco lot.

"Jasper Ridge Biological Preserve: An Island of Discovery" [videorecording]

A description of Stanford's biological preserve at Jasper Ridge, including its history and some of the research being done there. Persons interviewed include professors Harold Mooney, Paul Ehrlich, Nona Chiariello, and David Ackerly; students Nathan Sanders, Jeff Dukes, and Julia...

Jasper Ridge Biological Preserve Records

Correspondence, memoranda, reports, proposals, financial records, articles, class schedules and syllabi, student papers, questionnaires, and other records largely pertaining to administrative matters such as fencing, security, mosquito control, docents, tours, permits, Searsville Lake, and fundraising. Some of the material pertains...

Jasperson (Robert) papers

The collection contains records relating to Jasperson's involvement with the Conservation Law Society of America, the Sierra Club Foundation, Save-the-Redwoods League and the Walnut Creek Open Space Foundation.

Jastrow (Elisabeth) papers

The Elisabeth Jastrow papers document the life and scholarship of this émigré archaeologist who left Germany due to the anti-Semitic policies of the Third Reich. The archive contains personal and professional correspondence, unpublished manuscripts, extensive research notes and photographic documentation...

Jau Don Ball papers, 1917-1934.

Contains correspondence and reports concerning Dr. Ball's work as an Army Doctor performing discharge examinations at the Presidio of San Francisco during World War I. The bulk of the collection, however, relates to his consulting work for local industry and...

Jaudin family letters, [1854?-1873]

Mainly letters of Ernest Jaudin and his brother, Ulysse, written from San Francisco to family in France, describing journey to California, life in San Francisco, the French colony there, business conditions, etc. Also includes copy of revised typescript, La Famille...

Java and other Islands of the Indian Archipelago

Printed photographs glued into an album. Shows people, houses, boats, scenery. [undated, ca. 1906]

Jawetz (Ernest) Papers

Includes manuscripts and typescripts of papers on plague, immunity. Received from Reinhard S. Speck, MD....

Jay (A.) Papers

The papers contain original artwork for the gay erotic comic strip "Harry Chess: The Man From A.U.N.T.I.E." and many flyers for which A. Jay's art was used. In addition, the collection contains correspondence with other prominent gay artists such as...

Jay DeFeo papers, 1901-2005 (bulk 1970-1989).

Correspondence, business, and personal records. While the collection focuses on Jay DeFeo's life after the completion of The Rose, it also includes some materials from before she started The Rose. The collection contains her business and exhibition correspondence and papers,...

Jay Eslick collection, 1934-1950.

Jay Eslick was born in Spokane, Washington on August 31, 1901, and in the 1920's became a drummer and bandleader in the Pacific Northwest. By 1928 he had joined a band in Tijuana and subsequently became a popular bandleader in...

Jay Eslick collection, 1934-1950.

Jay Eslick was born in Spokane, Washington on August 31, 1901, and in the 1920's became a drummer and bandleader in the Pacific Northwest. By 1928 he had joined a band in Tijuana and subsequently became a popular bandleader in...

Jay (Madeline). 2837 Webster Street: the land and early generations.

History of the McKusick house, Berkeley, Calif. and surrounding lands.

Jay (Mary R.) Collection, 1905-1945

The Mary Rutherfurd Jay collection documents Jay's career as a landscape architect, her lectures on gardens, and her involvement in the profession. Research notes and images on gardens around the world and architectural drawings form the bulk of the collection....

Jay Monaghan oral history, circa 1975

Interviews and talks by Monaghan re Lincoln scholarship, American western history, and development of the William Wyles Collection at UCSB. Interviewer: Gibbs M. Smith, UCSB Library Oral History Program, ca. 1975. Transcript: for tapes 1 & 2 only. Related materials:...

Jay (Robert B.) Collection

The consists of photographs, maps, correspondence, and research materials collected by Jay related to World War II-era China. Of particular note is a toy Chinese Yo-Yo and original photographic prints possibly depicting the Tientsin flood of 1939.

Jayhawker Party Collection of Materials

This collection contains letters, narratives, and eight large volumes of clippings related to the members of the Jayhawkers, their overland trip to the California gold fields through Death Valley in 1849-1850, and their annual reunions held between 1872-1918. It also...

Jayhawkers of '49 Clippings Collection

The Jayhawkers of '49 were a Death Valley pioneering party, many of which died of starvation en route in 1849. This collection includes newspaper articles on the reunion of the survivors in 1913 and a newspaper clipping on member Colonel...

Jayne (Barbara Kibbee) Personal Photo Collection

Barbara Kibbee Jayne was a female test pilot for Grumman in World War Two.

Jay's Chicago Gay Pride Parade Photographs

Jay photographs of the Chicago Gay Pride Parade, circa 1974.

Jazmen (Eric) Papers

Eric Jazmen was a designer who lived with AIDS-related dementia; he made a film (I Still Am) about his condition, and continued to advocate for the destigmatization of dementia as his illness advanced. The collection consists of Jazmen’s papers and...

Jazz concert programs ca 1948-1952.

Souvenir programs from Jazz and popular music concerts including Duke Ellington, Louis Armstrong, Stan Kenton, Nat "King" Cole and Sarah Vaughan, Lionel Hampton, Jan Garber and The Mills Brothers, Fred Waring's Pennsylvanians.

J.B. Neilands papers, circa 1960-2008.

Includes correspondence, writings, subject files, photographs, and other materials relating to Neilands' professional activities, including his work to prevent human disease and animal cruelty, and to protect public ownership and access to energy and water resources. Neilands' participation on the...

J.B. Osborne papers related to Groom Mining District mining claims : Lincoln County, Nev., 1874-1895.

Contains deeds and legal contracts (one notarized) between various parties for shares of mining claims in Nevada. Includes printed booklet prospectus for Groome Company, Limited. Also contains a notary public statement, signed by notary A. Koenig for a resident of...

J.C. Beideman legal documents, 1860-1866.

Contains 7 sets of legal documents of J.C. Beideman relating to land titles, services rendered and estate in San Francisco, Calif. Including a land dispute with John K. Moore.

J.C. Kastner letters : to Violet Cole : ALS, 1891-1897.

Four letters of affection and devotion are addressed to Miss Violet Cole in Spanish Ranch, Plumas County, Calif. from J.C. Kastner and contain friendly greetings, news about planting flowers and the difficulty of trusting flower catalog descriptions, and advice not...

J.C. Meussdorffer and Brother records, 1868-1869.

A San Francisco wholesale hat business.

J.C.W. Brenan correspondence with Charles Brenan : ALS, 1856-1857.

Contains 3 letters between father and son. Discusses 1856 Walker invasion of Nicaragua.

J.E. Drew papers, 1933-1961 (bulk 1933-1940).

Consists of materials from involvement with the California Crusaders organization, the campaigns against the Single Tax and the Ham and Eggs initiative. Crusaders materials include national and local materials relating to the mission and history of the group and public...

Jeakins (Dorothy) Costume Design Archive

Dorothy Jeakins built an impressive list of credits in theater, film, and television and came to be respected as one of the best costume designers in the entertainment industry. The collection contains costume designs, preparatory sketches, textile swatches, and designer...

Jeakins (Dorothy) costume design drawings

The Dorothy Jeakins costume design drawings span the years 1948-1978. A little more than a dozen films are represented by around 75 drawings....

Jean and Edwin Corle correspondence, 1945-1951, 1981

Six letters (TLS) from correspondents including Witter Bynner, Joseph Henry Jackson, Henry Miller, Charles Nordhoff, and Wallace Stegner. The April 7, 1947 Miller letter, mainly concerning his book Into the Night Life, is to Merle Armitage, who added a note...

Jean Ariss manuscripts of novels, 1958-1962.

Printer's copy of The Quick Years. (1958) (box 1); Printer's copy of The Shattered Glass (1962) (original title, If Two Lie Together), with corrected galleys (box 2).

Jean Bright high school yearbooks and scrapbook : Balboa High School, San Francisco, Calif., 1928-1930.

Contains high school yearbooks with signatures and notes, and a scrapbook covering school events for Balboa High School in San Francisco, Calif.

Jean Field Committee Records

These are records from the Jean Field Committee, which was formed in 1951 to aid Jean Field in her child custody appeal case. Field lost custody of her children in 1950 based only on the contents of two letters...

Jean Ingelow holograph poem, circa 1820-1897

(1820-1897). One holograph poem by English poet and novelist Ingelow, n.d. Alpha list.

Jean Jacques Vioget Papers, 1829-1852.

Business papers, certificates and correspondence

Jean Margaret Hill papers, 1953-1973.

Contains six journals with sketches and drawings (some in color) of batik patterns, figures, and other subjects such as her travels in Europe, personal reflections, poetry, pressed flowers, and samples of yarn dyed with a variety of natural plant extracts....

Jean Murray Bangs collection on Bernard Maybeck, 1904-1976 (bulk 1948-1976).

Includes Bangs' notes and unpublished manuscript on Maybeck, correspondence, receipts and other papers relating to a survey of Maybeck's work conducted by Bangs for the University of California, Berkeley.

Jean Paul Richter - Leonard Da Vinci Biography, 1884.

Two-volume, clothbound, holographic manuscript on the life of Leonardo da Vinci, in french, with 1884 date inscribed on the front of volume one.

Jeanbin Collection of Wine Label Art

Imprimerie Jeanbin was a French printing company in operation from 1840-1962. The collection includes artwork created in the design and production of French wine labels, as well as printed wine labels, menus, wine lists, and brochures related to Imprimerie Jeanbin....

Jean-François de Galaup La Pérouse letters, 1778 and 1783.

Letter to his sister (January 19, 1778); and transcript of letter concerning money due him (July 3, 1783), With transcripts and translations.

Jeanie Bernstein Papers

Jeanie Bernstein was an activist and advocate for peace in southern California. In Orange County, she helped found the Alliance for Survival, a peace and environmental organization, and was an integral part of the peace movement in the area. Bernstein...

Jeanne Crain collection of home movies and other materials, 1932-1976, (bulk 1948-1965).

This collection consists of home movies, feature films, shorts distributed for the home market, television shows and commercials, and audio tape reels. Approximately half of the collection consists of 16 mm. Kodachrome home movies that feature Crain in both her...

Jeanne Emrich papers.

Haiku books, periodicals, chapbooks, correspondence, notebooks, poetry, and drafts.

Jeanne Graffy papers, ca. 1971-1994.

Papers of Santa Barbara City Council member and Santa Barbara County Board of Supervisors member.

Jeanne Morgan collection, circa 1960s-1970s

Pamphlets, newsletters, and other ephemeral underground press material.

Jeanne Van Nostrand research materials, 1940-1988 (bulk 1968-1983).

Research materials and correspondence for her books on early California artists: "Edward Vischer's drawings of the California missions, 1861-1878"; "The first hundred years of painting in California, 1775-1875"; "San Francisco, 1806-1906, in contemporary paintings, drawings and watercolors"; an article: "Jean...

Jeannette Lyons oral history, 1975

Family and local history, mainly Santa Ynez Valley, including experiences as a teacher and, later, curator of the Santa Ynez Historical Museum. Interviewer: William Shanbrom, for UCSB Oral History Program, 1975 Transcript: Transcript: Should be, or research paper based on...

Jeannette Rankin letter, 1971 May 1

(1980-1973). One letter (TLS) from Jeannette Rankin, pacifist and first woman to be elected to the United States House of Representatives, to Albert Krichmar, UCSB librarian, sending regrets she cannot help in compiling a bibliography on the women's rights movement...

Jean-Nicolas Perlot papers, circa 1780-1900.

Includes letterbook describing mining in California and experiences as a gardener in Portland, Oregon, 1853-1858; letter concerning his trip from New York to Oregon via rail in 1883; letters from his brothers, one giving an account of his voyage around...

Jeannie O'Connor portrait photographs of Imogen Cunningham [graphic].

Portrait photographs of Imogen Cunningham taken in various San Francisco locations.

Jedediah Smith family papers, 1814-1953.

Originals and photocopies of documents relating to the family of Jedediah Strong Smith (1799-1831), one of the most remarkable figures of the Western fur trade era; an explorer in the Rocky Mountains, the Great Basin, California, and the Pacific Northwest,...

Jedediah Smith family portraits [graphic].

Primarily portraits of Smith, Yetter, Helman and Isbell family members, with other individuals presumed to be friends and relations.

Jedediah Smith papers, 1814-1849.

The papers of Jedediah Smith, Sr., father of the explorer Jedediah Strong Smith, include an account book, 1827-1839, with additional entries, 1867-1879, made by Bernhard Reichert, second husband of his grandaughter-in-law, Eliza (Prescott) Jones, while living in Kansas; a family...

Jedediah Strong Smith papers, 1819-1833.

Manuscript of Jedediah S. Smith's "transcript journal" (1822, 1827-1828) in the hand of Samuel Parkman, and with notes concerning the manuscript by Dale L. Morgan. Transcript journal describes journey up the Missouri River in 1822; return from the first visit...

Jedeikin (Joseph) Collection

Joseph Jedeikin was born in Kobe, Japan to a Russian mother and Latvian father. After living in Switzerland as a child, his family moved to Shanghai in 1940 to escape German persecution against Jews which they felt would eventually reach...

Jedenoff (George A.) "My Story"

Family history of Jedenoff family, Russian émigrés to Seattle after the Revolution....

Jedrychowski (Stefan) papers

Interview transcripts, speeches and writings, correspondence, and photographs relating to governmental administration, economic planning, and foreign policy in Poland.

Jefferies (Clint) Theater Scripts and Recordings

This collection consists of scripts of plays and musicals written by Clint Jefferies and recordings of performances of these pieces by Wings Theatre Company of New York City.

Jefferies (Philip M.) papers ***

The Philip M. Jefferies papers span the years circa 1954-1986 and encompass approximately 13.75 linear feet of manuscripts and 3350 artworks. The collection consists of production drawings and related production records, including scripts, agreements, location research, and photographs....

Jeffers (Hamilton Moore) papers

This collection documents the work of Hamilton Moore Jeffers, an astronomer who spent much of his career at the Lick Observatory. Materials include his professional and personal correspondence, some research notes, personal and family photographs, class notes from his student...

Jeffers (Robinson) / Armstrong (Frank H.) Collection

The collection contains three portfolios, with correspondence, photographs, newspaper clippings, magazines, and various pieces of ephemera related to Robinson Jeffers, such as announcements, broadsides, flyers, and handbills, as well as three large matted photographic portraits. The bulk of the correspondence...

Jeffers (Robinson) Collection

Robinson Jeffers (1887-1962) was an American poet who is primarily known for the works he produced in and about the central coast of California. This collection is comprised of several donations of Jeffers' manuscripts and letters, as well as collected...

Jeffers (Una) Papers

Letters from Mabel Dodge Luhan and others, relating primarily to D.H. Lawrence and to writers and artists resident in Taos, New Mexico; Una and Robin - MS. by Mrs. Luhan; clippings; photographs, etc.

Jeffers (William M.) Papers

William Martin Jeffers (b.1876) left school at age 14 to work for the Union Pacific Railroad. He worked his way up the organizational ladder from call boy to vice-chairman of the board of directors (1946-1953). In 1942, Jeffers agreed to...

Jefferson Davis collection, circa 1870s-1880s

Engravings of Jefferson Davis and wife, along with autograph and note (ANS) by Jefferson Davis, all mounted and framed.

Jefferson Davis correspondence, 1850-1860.

Jefferson Davis correspondence, BANC MSS C-A 339, The Bancroft Library, University of California, Berkeley.

Jefferson Davis political cartoons, circa 1860s

Two Civil War era political cartoons, including one by Currier & Ives. [Oversize boxed].

Jefferson Davis portraits, undated

Portraits. [Oversize boxed].

Jefferson F. Poland papers, approximately 1965-1973.

Includes subject files of correspondence, writings, miscellaneous printed materials, and clippings. Also includes 2 scrapbooks for 1965-1967 and 1966-1968.

Jefferson Family Papers

The Jefferson family papers consists of the scrapbooks of John Wayles Jefferson and Beverly Jefferson; photographs of John Wayles Jefferson, Anne Wayles Jefferson, and Beverly Jefferson; and other material of a genealogical nature of Carl S. Jefferson and his wife,...

Jefferson (Gail) papers

Gail Jefferson (1938-2008) was an internationally renowned scholar in the field of Conversation Analysis, and developed transcription taxonomy standards used in the detailed analysis of conversational exchanges. The collection contains transcripts, talks, reports, articles, drafts, project proposals, news clippings, notes,...

Jefferson School materials

PTA and Dads' Club materials, photo albums and scrapbooks, history, etc.

Jefferson (Thomas) Collection

This collection contains letters, documents, and manuscripts that reflect the life and career of Thomas Jefferson (1743-1826), the third President of the United States.

Jeffords (Bob) papers

Producer Bob Jefford's career included theatre, television and motion pictures. The collection consists of project files containing production material and/or scripts for a number of motion picture and television projects. Among the forty television projects are , , , ,...

Jeffrey Fadiman field notes based on oral interviews with Meru tribal elders : collected in Kenya, 1960s and 1970s.

Primarily field notes. Also includes draft manuscript materials and reprints, publicity and research materials for his talks and course, "Spirits and the Sex War: African Witchcraft and Women," and a photocopy of the original Kimeru manuscript and English translation of...

Jeffrey M. Kraut student materials

This collection consists of CE 277 Nuclear Civil Engineering course material notes & various ephemera donated by a former student of Stanford University....

Jeffrey Schweitzer papers, 1893-1962.

Include letters from Frederick W. Coleman (re World War I), U.S. Senator Samuel M. Shortridge and others; mementos from international fairs held in San Francisco in 1894, 1915 and 1939, and in Chicago in 1893; passenger list and menu of...

Jeffry Joseph Prendergast diaries, 1931-1962.

Association with the Bear Valley Mutual Water Company in San Bernardino County; interest in water conservation, construction and maintenance of dams, canals and irrigation projects; cultivation of oranges; flood control; water levels; agriculture; forestry conservation; trips to Mexico.

Jeftic (Trivun R.) papers

Correspondence and memoranda, relating to German occupation policy in Yugoslavia, and to the Yugoslav resistance movements.

Jehl (Joseph R., Jr.) Field Notes, 1967-1974

The Joseph R. Jehl, Jr. Field Notes, 1967-1974 consist of two volumes of field notes, drawings, and maps of expeditions along the western coast of Baja California (Mexico).

Jehl (Joseph R., Jr) Historical Photographs of the Biota and Geology of Islas Guadalupe, Mexico Collection

The Joseph R. Jehl, Jr. Photographs Collection consists of photographs of the biota and geology of Guadalupe Island, Mexico, circa 1969-1971.

Jekyll (Gertrude) Collection, 1877-1931

Contains records related to the life and career of landscape architect Gertrude Jekyll (1843-1932) who practiced primarily in England. Documents Jekyll's collaborative relationships with architectcs, especially Edwin Lutyens, through project records. Records include correspondence, photographs, drawings, and albums.

Jelinek (James John) papers

Speeches and writings, sound recordings of lectures, correspondence, memoranda, and printed matter, relating to education in the United States.

Jendarata Rubber Company Ltd photograph album, circa 1914

52 black and white photos, with captions in Danish, showing the Jendarata rubber plantation and factory in Lower Perak, then part of the Federated Malay States (now Malaysia), which was established by Danish engineer Aage Westenholz, uncle of Karen Blixen...

Jenefsky (Cindy) T-Shirt Collection

Feminist T-shirts, mid 1970s-1990s, comprised of 5 sweatshirts, 48 short and long sleeve pullover shirts, and two arm bands. Many of these promote peace, the environmental movement, or leftist political issues.

Jeng family correspondence, 1888-1927.

Consists of correspondence among the Reng family and business associates in China and Hong Kong.

Jenkins (Allen) United States Army Discharge Papers

This collection contains the United States Army discharge papers of one Allen Jenkins in 1868, ending his service that began in the Civil War.

Jenkins (Arthur C.) Papers

The 17 cartons comprising this collection consist chiefly of reports and notes relating to mass transit in California, especially with Los Angeles Railway Corporation, Pacific Electric Railway Company, Ashbury Rapid Transit Lines, and Los Angeles Motor Coach Company. It includes...

Jenkins, Arthur J. [Correspondence on the Honolulu Rapid Transit Company] /

Includes financial reports and applications before the Hawaii Public Utilities Commission, 1959-1962.

Jenkins (Billie) papers

Billie Beasley Jenkins is a pioneer for professional working women and African Americans in the entertainment industry. She has been involved in many aspects of film and television including acquisitions, business affairs, human resources and casting to executive in charge...

Jenkins (Dennis R.) Digital Only Space Image Collection

The Dennis Jenkins Digital Only Space Collection contains space related images collected by Mr. Jenkins and covers all major American space programs.

Jenkins Family Papers

Deeds, correspondence, and other documents (transcripts and originals) relating to the family's claim to Alcatraz Island. Portfolio contains map of San Francisco Bay showing location of Alcatraz, and a tracing of the map.

Jenkins (George D.) papers

Writings, notes, correspondence, minutes of meetings, ordinances, reports, pamphlets, clippings, other printed matter, and data cards relating to political, economic, cultural, and social affairs in Nigeria, in general, and Ibadan and the Yoruba, in particular. Includes drafts of a book,...

Jenkins (George) papers

Collection consists of materials related to the professional career of production designer and art director George Jenkins. Includes research material, sketches, and floor plans. Research materials consist of location photographs, scripts, schedules, notes, color samples, and budget records. Sketches include...

Jenkins (George) papers

The George Jenkins papers span the years 1946-1990 (bulk 1970s) and encompass 70.9 linear feet. The collection includes manuscripts, drawings, and photographs, including slides. There are production files for ALL THE PRESIDENT'S MEN (1976) related to locations, research, sets, and...

Jenkins (Harold) Photograph Collection

The Harold Jenkins Photograph Collection includes 81 photographs documenting Harold Jenkins' various businesses in downtown Oakland, California. A majority of the photographs are publicity stills of bands and performers, interior shots of patrons and employees, or exterior photographs of Jenkins'...

Jenkins (Hubert Oliver) Papers

Papers document his academic career at Stanford and include drawings and notes from science classes, 1903-1907; notes from a class at Hopkins Marine Station, 1932; and notes, maps, financial accounts, and a diary from his doctoral research on meadow mice...

Jenkins (James A.) Papers

Correspondence, lecture notes, class materials, reports, minutes of meetings, manuscripts and reprints of his papers, notebooks, research notes, etc. Relate to his teaching career at the University of California, Berkeley, in the Department of Genetics and to his researches, particularly...

Jenkins (Lawrence E.) Papers

Correspondence, job records, financial records, clippings, poetry, and short stories of Lawrence E. Jenkins, 1941-1954, a gay man living in Los Angeles.

Jenkins (Leoline) Newsletters

A collection of letters, newsletters and reports of Parliamentary Proceedings sent to the diplomat Sir Leoline Jenkins and his secretary Dr. Owen Wynne, 1676-1680.

Jenkins (Olaf P.) Papers

This collection, dating from 1929 to 1973, largely relates to Jenkins' career with the California State Division of Mines and Mining and includes correspondence, biographical material, talks, and memorabilia. The bulk of the collection is correspondence concerning his appointment as...

Jenkins (Oliver P.) Papers

Papers include personal correspondence, 1891-1928; letters of introduction and reference, 1869-1888; reports of his field trips (primarily on fish), 1885-1904; and published and unpublished addresses, pamphlets, and essays, including one on children’s nature study, circa 1920, and one on a...

Jenkins (Phillip E.) Papers

The Phillip E. Jenkins papers include photographs, educational materials, military records, and organizational records of the Sacramento Traditional Jazz Society.

Jenne (Corrinne) papers

Conference papers, agenda, programs, and notes, relating to the Student-Faculty Conference of the YMCA-YWCA held in Asilomar, California.

Jenne Mowry project files : and related materials, 1983-2014.

Contains reference materials and the work of graphic design artist Jenne Mowry, primarily for New Student Services at the University of California, Berkeley. Collection includes campus and student photographs; Welcome Week materials, including t-shirts, posters, and buttons; Cal Student Orientation...

Jenner Coastside Conservation Coalition. Records of the Jenner Coastside Conservation Coalition, 1970-1971.

Correspondence, memoranda, minutes of meetings, resolutions, clippings etc. of the organization formed to oppose dredging and development at the mouth of the Russian River near Jenner.

Jennie Cullum notebook : [Meadville, Penn.?], 1858-1889.

Notebook diary (55 p.) containing handwritten transcriptions by Jennie (Jane) Cullum of "interesting parts of Hattie and Ned's letters to the family that I wish to remember." The letters were written from California and Japan, 1858-1862, by Edwin (Ned) H....

Jennie Harris papers, 1902-1972.

Collection consists primarily of a typed manuscript of Harris' detailed and evocative autobiography, in which she describes her early life and her experience as a businesswoman in the 1920s and 1930s. The collection also includes newspaper and magazine clippings about...

Jennie Matyas and the I.L.G.W.U. : oral history transcript of tape-recorded interviews conducted in 1955 by Corinne L. Gilb for the Oral History Project, Institute of Industrial Relations, University of California, Berkeley, 1957.

Account of early life in Hungary to 1905; arrival in New York, 1905; work in garment industry in New York from 1911; her career in the International Ladies' Garment Workers' Union from its inception, with comments on communist infiltration, union...

Jennifer Azzi Highlights [videorecording]

Videotape on Azzi when she was a candidate for Kodak All-American.

Jennings (Dale) Scrapbook Collection

Scrapbooks in the collection primarily consist of advertisements clipped from periodicals and newspapers, as well as photographs. Each volume has a theme, and was created between 1950 and 1996.

Jennings Family Papers

Personal and legal papers including tax forms, wills, marriage certificates, photographs, and an oral history interview. There is an interview with Thomas Jennings wherein he outlines the family history, details his first-hand experience of the 1906 earthquake, and discusses the...

Jennings, Jim Collection

The Jim Jennings Collection spans the years 1969-2014 and documents Jennings’s career as an architect and the projects of his firms. The Collection is organized into four Series: Personal Papers, Professional Papers, Office Records, and Project Records. The Project Records...

Jennings (John) papers

John Edward Jennings, Jr. (1906-1973) was an author, writing under his own name and the pseudonyms Bates Baldwin and Joel Williams. His publications include (1938), (1939), (1945), (1946), (1950), (1950) and (1954). Collection includes galleys and typescript drafts.

Jennings (John) papers

The collection consists of materials related to John Jennings' graphic novel adaptation of Octavia Butler's .

Jennings (Peter R.) papers

The Peter R. Jennings papers range in date from 1976 to 1999 and consist of business records, financial documentation, legal correspondence, published manuals and books, software, and a small amount of audio-visual material. Much of the collection consists of business...

Jennings (Ralph E.) Papers

Correspondence, personnel records, memoranda, speeches, logbooks, clippings, printed matter, and photographs, relating to U.S. naval operations in World War II, the U.S.S. a historic telecast from the U.S.S. in August 1947, and the Military Assistance Group to Norway.

Jennings Technology, Collection on

Records created by Jennings Manufacturing Company (later Jennings Technology Corporation) during operations in San Jose, California. Includes material acquired as part of the Perham Collection of Early Electronics as well as records collected when the plant closed down in 2017.

Jennison (Harry A.) letter received

Relates to conditions in Russia during the Russian Civil War. Written by a White Russian Army colonel.

Jenny (Arnold E.) Papers

Correspondence, diary, reports, memoranda, and printed matter, relating to relief work in Siberia during the Russian Revolution, and among displaced persons in Germany at the end of World War II.

Jenny Fleming : memories of the California Native Plant Society during and after its formation, 1955-present : oral history transcript / 1993.

Personal interest in conservation: river conservation and kayaking, landscaping with native plants; California Native Plant Society: early members and events, the plant sale, fund-raising; CNPS Bay Chapter: since 1976, presidency, changes, formation of [Tilden] Botanic Garden Volunteers, Rare Plant Project;...

Jenny Kamnitzer papers

This collection comprises documents relating to the emigration of a German Jew, Jenny Kamnitzer, from Nazi Germany to Shanghai, China in 1940, and her subsequent emigration to the United States in 1947.

Jens and Amy Nyholm collection, circa 1912-1980

Includes library correspondence, records, and newsletters, as well as family photographs, financial records, and thesis of Jens Nyholm, Chairman of the UCSB Library Friends and a book collector. Accompanies a collection of books, mainly European literature.

Jensen (Bernhardt M.) papers

Letters, reports, memoranda, and statistics, relating to agricultural production and public finances in northern Nigeria and to plans for agricultural development.

Jensen (Creston H.) Collection, 1921-1929

The collection documents the architectural work of Creston H. Jensen, with a focus on his ecclesiastical projects.

Jensen, Emil Photographs from the Emil Jensen papers [graphic].

Personal photographs, chiefly unidentified, pertaining to Emil Jensen, his family, and Olsen family relatives of his wife. Includes two card photograph albums of studio portraits, apparently taken in Denmark (ca. 1870s) and in San Francisco, Ukiah, and other Northern California...

Jensen Family Papers

The Jensen Family Papers document the family's immigration to the United States from Germany and years in the Hayward area of California through correspondence, sketches, and extensive secondary source materials collected by family members.

Jensen (James J.) photographs

The James J. Jensen photograph collection, 1910-1920, (SAFR 24422, P14-002) is comprised mainly of photographs of James J. Jensen and views aboard AURORA (built 1902; barkentine, 4m). The collection has been processed to the Collection level and is open for...

Jensen (Joan) Asian Indian immigrant research materials

Research materials for PASSAGE FROM INDIA: ASIAN INDIAN IMMIGRANTS IN NORTH AMERICA by Joan Jensen, emerita professor of history from New Mexico State University. Jensen's book looks at Asian Indian immigration to the western United States and Canada; ethnic discrimination;...

Jensen (Joseph) Papers

Joseph Jensen (1886-1974) was a petroleum engineer and geologist for the Tidewater Oil Company and predecessors (1917-55). In 1927, he was appointed to the Water and Power Committee of the Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce and personally participated in the...

Jensen (Kenneth) Papers

This collection contains research notes on the lime industry in the Santa Cruz area, as well as the final draft of , Jensen's senior thesis.

Jensen, Margaret [Photographs from the Margaret and Hank Jensen collection on Hans Hofmann].

Chiefly snapshots of Hofmann instructing art classes at his school in Provincetown, Mass. Images show Hofmann drawing, critiquing and otherwise interacting with students. A couple other images are snapshot portraits of Hofmann. Among the students depicted is Hank Jensen.

Jensen (Raymond) papers

The Raymond Jensen papers, 1943-1945, consist of more than 500 letters written by Raymond Jensen to his wife Doris and other family members, and from Doris to Raymond, during Raymond's service in the United States Navy during World War II....

Jepson (Warner) Collection

This collection contains film and photographic materials shot by avant garde composer and photographer Warner Jepson (1930-2011). Jepson lived in San Francisco from 1952 to 2003, when he moved to Sonoma.

Jeremiah Burke Sanderson collection, 1859-1915.

Documents, correspondence, photos, fliers, clippings, and other ephemera pertaining to Jeremiah Burke Sanderson, his family, and his descendents.

Jeremiah Burke Sanderson papers, [ca. 1857-1912]

Papers of a Black family in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Jeremiah Lee receipt : for Jonathan Procter, 1756 Sept. 1.

Receipt for merchandise in Marblehead, Massachusetts.

Jeremiah O'Brien (liberty ship) logbooks

Jeremiah O'Brien (liberty ship) logbooks are copies made from the originals retained at the National Archives and Records Administration in San Bruno, California. The collection is available for research use without restriction.

Jeremiah S. Black letter to his son, Chauncey Forward Black : and related material : York, Pa. : ALS, [1868?] Apr. 28.

Accompanied by a letter written by Chauncey F. Black and a biographical sketch.

Jeremy Robinson letters, 1818-1823.

Typed transcripts (carbon) to John Quincy Adams as Secretary of State and President James Monroe. Written from various cities in South America, the letters report on political conditions and events. Originals in Library of Congress.

The Jeri Dilno Papers

From 1993 to 1995, Jeri Dilno held the position of Editor at the Gay and Lesbian Times (GLT) at a time during the AIDS crisis when organizations such as ACT UP and Queer Nation held large protests. A dedicated journalist,...

Jermain (George) Document

Folder contains 1 handwritten request from George Jermain for one lot of land in Santa Cruz, July 22, 1849.

Jermanok-Pitman (Mary) Shorthand Collection

This collection consists of course material and personal notes of Mary Jermanok as she learned shorthand....

Jerome B. Ford diaries, 1854 (bulk 1867-1871)

Diaries kept by the operator of the Mendocino Lumber Co. sawmill. The diaries comment on the weather, arrival of ships, sawmill operations, etc. Some accounts included also. The 1854 diary includes a brief account of his voyage via the Isthmus...

Jerome C. Davis Collection, 1843-1865.

Business papers, certificates, correspondence, legal papers, printed materials

Jerome Karabel papers, approximately 1980-2000.

Contains subject files, correspondence, committee files, and newspaper clippings.

Jerome L. Sackman papers, approximately 1950-1990.

Contains correspondence, research notes, class materials, reprints and reports, and Sackman's student materials from Columbia University.

Jerome Madden papers, 1875-1902.

Papers consist of certificates of appointment as Southern Pacific Railroad Company land agent from 1875 and resolutions of the board of directors; three letters from Charles Crocker; miscellaneous clippings and personalia.

Jerome R. Waldie papers, 1966-1972.

Correspondence; subject, legislative, campaign and personal files, clippings, district office files, invitations and scrapbooks concerning his activity as a congressman from California's 14th District (Contra Costa County).

Jerome T. Light papers, 1942-1948.

Correspondence, memoranda, reports, clippings, reprints and subject files relating to his work as high school principal at Minidoka and Colorado River Japanese-American Relocation Centers and later as a U.S. War Relocation Authority relocation officer at Santa Barbara and Arroyo Grande,...

Jerome (Walter) La Novia Ranch Collection

Walter Jerome lived on a ranch in Zelzah, California (now Northridge) with his wife Helen and his children in the late 1920s and early 1930s. He kept a diary from November 27, 1927 to January 15, 1930, in which he...

Jerrome (Stephen) Photographs of Artists

Stephen Jerrome photographs of artists and entertainment industry insiders Steven Arnold, Don Bachardy, Bud Cort, Mickey Cotrell, Tony Curtis and son Nick, Jimmy Douglas, Keith Harring, David Hockney, Annie Lebowitz, Rodney Bingenheimer, Lester Perskey, Herb Ritts, Steven Meisel, and Matthew...

Jerry O'Connell correspondence, 1985-2004.

Correspondence is mostly incoming with some letters concerning publishing and politics. Also includes some political memorabilia with an article from an interview O'Connell did with Edmund G. "Pat" Brown in 1992.

Jerusalem photographs, circa 1890

Three black/white albumen prints of Jerusalem scenes, plus two prints of Cairo and one of Palermo. Purchase, Margolis & Moss

Jerzy Neyman biographical material, 1975-1982.

Biographical material collected by Joseph Hodges relating to Jerzy Neyman consists of a piece included in "Biographical memoirs of Fellows of the Royal Society," correspondence between E.S. Pearson and J.M. Hammersley relating to Hammersley's biography of Neyman, and a copy...

Jerzy Neyman papers, 1938-1980.

Collection contains materials related to Neyman's professional career as a mathematician and statistician. Includes correspondence, writings, conference and grant materials, financial records, reports, and materials related to his professional activites and his work at UC Berkeley.

Jesperson (Max) Personal Papers

Max Jesperson served in the Air Force for over 26 years and took part in World War Two, the Korean War and the Vietnam War.

Jess Adkins letter, 1936 July 3

One letter (TLS) from Jess Adkins, of Jess Adkins & Zack Terrell Amusement Enterprises (Cole Bros. Circus and Clyde Beatty's Gigantic Trained Wild Animal Exhibition) to James V. Chloupek of Oakland, CA, re the circus business as it pertained to...

Jesús González Ortega papers, 1884, 1844-1866.

Concern the efforts of General González Ortega to recruit men and obtain munitions in the United States to oppose Emperor Maximilian in Mexico.

The Jess Jessop Papers

In October of 1972, Jessop founded and co-chaired the planning committee for The Gay Center for Social Services. From 1973-1974 Jessop served as the first Executive Director of The Center, during which he held the first press conference for gay...

Jesús Manuel Bustillos daybook : La Porte, Plumas Co., California : ms., 1867-1878.

Accounts for forwarding agency and pack train operator. A few miscellaneous bills and receipts of other members of the family included.

Jesús María Estudillo diaries : ms.S, 1861-1862, (bulk 1864, 1867)

Description of life in San Leandro, California, education at Santa Clara College, his friendship with and work for John Nugent in Virginia City mining enterprises, return to San Leandro and involvement in Democratic Party politics.

Jess Papers

The Jess Papers, 1941-2004 (bulk 1962-1997) document his life as an American assemblage artist and painter. The papers are divided into four series: Correspondence, Writings, General Files, and George Herms Papers and consist of correspondence, manuscripts, flyers, announcements, clippings, writings,...

Jesús Ramos journal, 1853 February 28-1857 June 4.

Holograph journal of Jesús Ramos, written in Spanish and includes mostly lists of expenses. Journal consists of two notebooks bound together by a red thread.

Jessamyn West Collection

Mary Jessamyn West (1902-1984) was an American writer with Quaker roots. She was the cousin to the 37th President of the United States, Richard Milhouse Nixon. Jessamyn lived in Yorba Linda and attended Whittier College as a student and after...

Jesse Bottomley Caribbean, Central and South America Cruise Photograph Album, 1936-1937.

Album of 271 black and white photographs and other ephemera put together by Jesse Bottomley while on a West Indies and Panama Canal cruise on the S. S. Haiti from August 20 to September 7, 1936. Some are professional/commercial photos...

Jesse Dreibelbis collection of San Francsico Bay Area concert fliers [graphic].

Fliers promoting concerts by punk bands and other performers at numerous venues in San Francisco and other Bay Area locations. Several venues from Los Angeles are also represented. Among the hundreds of performers listed on fliers are Mutants, Flipper, Romeo...

Jesse M. Unruh Institute of Politics California political campaign ephemera

The Jesse M. Unruh Institute of Politics California political campaign ephemera consists of files containing primarily direct mail materials for various local and state of California political campaigns, 1993-2009.

Jesse R. Grant papers, circa 1915-1934.

Correspondence, clippings, of the son of Ulysses S. Grant.

Jessey (Joseph) photographs

Photographs and postcards, depicting President and Mrs. Warren G. Harding and Secretary of Commerce Herbert Hoover aboard the U.S.S. Henderson en route to Alaska.

Jessica Tarahata Hagedorn correspondence with Stephen Vincent : and other material, circa 1974-1990.

Contains mostly correspondence between Hagedorn and Vincent (Momo's Press founder). Topics covered include her appearances and publishing activities with Momo's Press. Also includes two issues of Shocks magazine (No. 3-4, and 5), programs, brochures, announcements, and book reviews pertaining to...

Jessica Tarahata Hagedorn photograph collection [graphic].

Collection documents career of Jessica Tarahata Hagedorn from the early 1970s onward. Includes portraits and snapshots of Hagedorn and other writers, actors, and musicians. Also depicts readings, performances and other events. Among the noteworthy figures represented in the collection are...

Jessie Benton Fremont letter, 1902 July 14

(1824-1902). One letter (ALS) to Mrs. Gorham, providing an introduction for her nurse and a Mr. Milo Wilson, and commenting on Mrs. Gorham's garden. Los Angeles, 14 July 1902.

Jessie Coles Grayson papers, 1886-1953.

Collection consists principally of scrapbooks documenting Grayson's career as an actress and her involvement in many civic activities. Contains stills from motion pictures, including "The Little Foxes," "Syncopation," and "Cass Timberlane"; clippings about Grayson and reviews of movies in which...

Jessie Coles Grayson photograph collection [graphic]

Primarily stills from various motion pictures in which Grayson appeared, including Our very own, Syncopation, The little foxes; also includes the play Deep are the roots. Other persons include Joan Evans, Farley Granger, Gus Schilling, Jane Wyatt, Donald Cook, Ann...

Jessie M. Bierman papers, ca. 1928-1993.

Contains small amounts of correspondence, speeches, reports, articles, notes, awards, clippings, and other printed materials relating to the work of Dr. Jessie Bierman in Montana, California, and internationally, particularly in the areas of maternal and child health. Also includes correspondence...

The Jester Hairston Collection

Materials created and collected by and about Jester Hairston, and administrative materials related to Hairston's centennial celebration. Materials include manuscripts, music and lyrics, articles, and administrative files.

Jesuits. Paraguay. [Documents concerning the Investigation of the Documents concerning the Investigation Dispute between Bishop Bernardino de Cardenas and the Jesuits of Paraguay.]

Book of testimonies compiled by the "oidor" (judge) of the Buenos Aires Audiencia, Don Pedro de Rojas y Luna, in his investigation of the 1644 conflict between the Jesuits of Paraguay and the Bishop Bernardino de Cardenas.

Jesus People Movement Collection

The Jesus People movement was a social phenomenon in Christianity beginning on the West Coast of the United States in the late 1960's and spreading primarily through North America and Europe, before dying out by the early 1980's. The Jesus...

Jesus Salvador Treviño papers

Grant proposals, story outlines, script developments and treatments, publicity, soundtracks, videos, etc., all pertaining to the television scripts written and/or produced by Treviño. Includes photographs of Treviño, one by Harry Gamboa....

Jett (Stephen C) Papers

Lecture notes for Jett's geography courses, material about Native Americans; Tiananmen Square.

Jetter (Betty) papers

Betty Jetter was active in lesbian separatist communities and conversations, particularly with the Califia Community, which organized feminist educational retreats. She was also a poet and participant in local lesbian politics. This collection contains personal correspondence and material about Califia...

Jewel P. Cobb papers (Collection)

The California State University Fullerton Office of the President, Jewel P. Cobb (1981-1990) documents her tenure ad university president. The records consist of correspondence, manuscripts, meeting minutes, daily schedules, speeches, photographs, and newspaper clippings.

Jewett (Alyce W) Collection

Photocopies of Jewett's correspondence with Peter J. Shields. Minutes of the Purple Circle Organization, clippings and printed material about the University of California, Davis.

Jewish Agency for Palestine Council meeting materials

Reports, pamphlets, and serial issues, relating to Jewish settlement in Palestine. Materials assembled for meeting in conjunction with the 16th Zionist Congress in Zurich, Switzerland.

Jewish and community service in San Francisco, and family tradition : oral history transcript / and related material, 1977-1978.

Comments on childhood in San Francisco; family relationships (Koshland, Sinsheimer, etc.) and friendships; University of California, Berkeley, Class of 1910; practice of law in San Francisco; philanthropic activities; Jewish charities and organizations; etc. Copies of documentary material, including genealogies, appended....

Jewish Art Treasures in Prague postcards, 1965

Set of 12 black and white photo postcards and accompanying multi-language descriptive pamphlet , 1965. Alpha list.

Jewish Arts Community of the Bay records, 1977-2003.

By-laws, minutes, and agendas; proposals; newsletters and programs; publicity-related materials, posters, and fliers; copies of its publication, "Directory of San Francisco/Bay Area Jewish Artists and Resources" (1984); memorandums and correspondence; rubber stamps; office subject files; financial materials (i.e. cancelled checks,...

Jewish business trade cards, circa 1880s-1890s

12 advertising cards for Jewish businesses in New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, and Rhode Island. Purchase, HCA

Jewish Community Center of Berkeley photographs, circa 1951-1978.

Collection consists of photographs of the Berkeley Jewish Community Center (founded in 1951). Photographs document youth activities, senior activities, and the JCC's buildings.

Jewish Community Center of Berkeley scrapbooks, 1954-1961.

Collection consists of two scrapbooks containing clippings, photographs, programs, and calendars that document the Center's activities in the 1950s, including those of a senior citizens group that was co-sponsored by the local chapter of the National Council of Jewish Women.

Jewish Council of 1933 records, 1943-1978.

Correspondence; minutes; by-laws; bulletins; reports; awards; officer and membership lists; financial items; information about postwar resettlement; news about Shanghai Jews; lists of public debates sponsored by the Council; advertisements of Jewish businesses located in the San Francisco Bay Area during...

Jewish Diaspora News Photograph Collection, ca. 1934-1962.

111 original press photographs housed in two portfolios depicting Jewish immigration to Palestine during the 1930s, the Arab revolt of 1936, American anti-Nazi protests in support of Jewish rights, the liberation of the notorious Belsen concentration camp in 1945, post-war...

"Jewish Displaced Persons ("D.P's") in Germany and the United States of America, 1945 to 1960"

This report, written by Josef Butterman, a former inmate of Bergen Belsen, is a personal account of his experiences in Bergen Belsen after liberation. It includes photographs.

Jewish Education Council records (bulk 1950-1980).

Organizational records of the Jewish Education Council.

Jewish Family and Children's Services records, 1985-1999.

This collection contains copies of the organization's annual reports and newsletters that document how this organization provided social services to the inhabitants of San Francisco.

Jewish Family Service of Los Angeles Oral History Project Collection

The Jewish Family Service of Los Angeles Oral History Project consists of 50 interviews of Jewish immigrants in the Los Angeles area. The goal of the project was to study and evaluate the life experiences of persons who came to...

Jewish Family Service of Los Angeles records

This small collection documents some of the activities and history of the Jewish Family Service of Los Angeles. Included are minutes from meetings of the Committee on Aging during the 1960s, when the Freda Mohr Center for the elderly was...

Jewish Federation Council of Greater Los Angeles, Community Relations Committee Collection, Part 1

In response to the spread of organized anti-Semitism in the United States during the 1930s, leaders of Los Angeles' Jewish community formed a special defense organization known as the Los Angeles Jewish Community Committee. The committee later changed its name...

Jewish Federation Council of Greater Los Angeles, Community Relations Committee Collection, Part 2

In response to the spread of organized anti-Semitism in the United States during the 1930s, leaders of Los Angeles' Jewish community formed a special defense organization known as the Los Angeles Jewish Community Committee. The committee later changed its name...

Jewish Federation Council of Greater Los Angeles, Community Relations Committee Collection, Part 3

In response to the spread of organized anti-Semitism in the United States during the 1930s, leaders of Los Angeles' Jewish community formed a special defense organization known as the Los Angeles Jewish Community Committee. The committee later changed its name...

Jewish Federation Council of Greater Los Angeles, Community Relations Committee Collection, Part 5

In response to the spread of organized anti-Semitism in the United States during the 1930s, leaders of Los Angeles' Jewish community formed a special defense organization known as the Los Angeles Jewish Community Committee. The committee later changed its name...

Jewish Federation Council of Greater Los Angeles records

The records of the Jewish Federation Council of Greater Los Angeles consist of reports, correspondence, board meeting minutes, and Council publications, 1956-1979, that document some of the activities of this organizaiton, including their work with the Jewish aged and their...

Jewish Federation of San Diego County Collection

This collection contains photos, documents, minutes, newsletters, campaign materials, regarding the Jewish Federation of San Diego County from the 1940s to 2013....

Jewish Federation of the Greater East Bay records

The collection consists of the records of the Jewish Federation of the Greater East Bay and its predecessor organizations. Included are administrative records, records of Special Projects, records of the various divisions of the Federation, and photographs.

Jewish Federation of the Sacramento Region records, 1948-1986.

Correspondence; minutes; annual reports; historical and financial materials; newspapers and bulletins; membership and donor lists; information on fundraising and on religious/cultural community activities; and papers from the early 1970s on a proposed merger of the B'nai Israel and Mosaic Law...

Jewish Feminist Conference records

According to its statement of purpose, the Jewish Feminist Conference asked, "Why is this conference different from all other conferences? This conference is being organized by Jewish lesbians and Jewish feminists. For many of us the dynamic of being Jewish...

Jewish Feminist Conference Records and Audiotapes

The Jewish Feminist Conference (JFC) records and audiotapes document the activities of the organizational committees and the responses of JFC participants. The records are divided into two series, Administrative and Workshop documents.

Jewish Home for the Aged of Los Angeles records

The Jewish Home for the Aged was originally located in the Boyle Heights section of Los Angeles. In 1976, the Home moved to a new residential facility in the San Fernando Valley (the planning, construction, and dedication of which are...

Jewish journals and newspapers, 1920s-1940s

Includes issues of Fun Letsten Churbn: Tsaytshrift fur Geshikhte fun Yidishn Lebn betn Natsi-Rezshim - The Last Extermination: Journal for the History of the Jewish People During the Nazi Regime (ed. by Israel Kaplan; Munich, 1946-1948); Nuestra Ayuda (Mexico: Sociedad...

Jewish Newspaper Collection

This collection of newspapers from the Jewish Community Center documents some of their activities over a period of  almost 30 years.  The contents of the collection consist of bulletins and newspapers from the East County (54th St.) and Lawrence Family...

Jewish Radical newspaper records, 1969-1973.

Formerly: Western Jewish History Center Collection Number 154

Jewish Servicemen in World War I records, 1920

Mainly "War Service Record of Soldiers, Sailors and Marines" forms, completed in 1920 for the Pennsylvania War History Commission, and supporting documentation. Includes information for Captain Jacques M. Swaab of the 22nd Aero Squadron, noted as one of the ten...

Jewish Social Studies : records

Correspondence, manuscripts, financial records, and subscription records, 1934-1987; correspondence pertaining to the Conference on Jewish Relations, 1931-1956; and materials pertaining to the Jewish Cultural Reconstruction.

Jewish Welfare Federation of San Francisco, Marin County, and the Peninsula Records

The Jewish Welfare Federation of San Francisco, Marin County, and the Peninsula records document decades of charitable giving and fundraising for local San Francisco constituent agencies, as well as national and international organizations.

Jezierska (Fanny) letters received

Five original and thirteen photocopies of letters by the German communist leader Klara Zetkin, 1916-1932, relating to the communist and feminist movements in Germany; three letters by the German socialist leader Franz Mehring and his wife Eva, 1918, relating to...

J.F. Baldwin gold rush diary, 1850-1852

Leatherbound diary with brief dated entries by a man traveling with a company of men, the Bath Cal Company, from their home in Summit County, Ohio to the gold rush region of California. The first pages of the diary contain...

J.H. Beeman letters : Gold Hill, Calif., to Mort, 1896.

Ten handwritten letters (15 p.) written from two gold mining areas in California, Gold Hill and Bart Mill. Most are addressed to "Dear Mort" from J.H. Beeman and his likely spouse, Hattie. One letter, addressed to "Mac" from E.P. Wilson,...

J.H. Fleming accounts in Oakland, 1871-1875.

Oakland Military Academy, Contra Costa Water Company, McCleverty and Noblett (Fashion Livery and Sale Stables), Oakland Gas Light Company.

J.H. Mankins' Recollections of Early Days manuscript.

Typescript and manuscript of Mankins' memoir, "Recollections of Early Days", detailing his experiences during the Gold Rush in the 1850s, and in the Visalia area during the 1860s and 1870s.

J.H. Mankins' Recollections of Early Days manuscript.

Typescript and manuscript of Mankins' memoir, "Recollections of Early Days", detailing his experiences during the Gold Rush in the 1850s, and in the Visalia area during the 1860s and 1870s.

J.H. Mason papers, 1913-1949.

Correspondence and a contract concerning his activities and interests in publishing industry.

Jikihara (Toshihei) papers

Toshihei Jikihara 直(1869-1929), a Japanese immigrant, was a longtime resident of Upland, California and best known as a poet. He came to the United States in 1903 from Okayama Prefecture and thereafter held many occupations including labor camp operator, farmer,...

Jim and Eric Saito Family Collection

The Jim and Eric Saito family collection (1890-2017, bulk 1936-1990) includes a wide array of materials, such as immigration documents, Tanjiro Saito's materials concerning his business ventures and memoirs, Japanese citizenship renunciation papers, Saito and Ogawa family trees and records,...

Jim Gifford Civil War correspondence, 1864

Four letters by Ordinary Seaman Jim Gifford of the USS bark Release, written while serving off the North Carolina coast, while helping blockade the coast. [Expand].

Jim McCrary papers, 1924-1930.

Correspondence, papers and clippings relating to his activities as a California labor leader and member of the International Labor Defense and the Workers (Communist) Party of America; primarily his efforts to relieve striking miners in Colorado and Pennsylvania, and to...

Jim Norris research material.

Research notes on California local history, taking the form of lists, citations, and statistics, all of which have also been donated to other institutions. Some of it seems to serve as a finding aid for materials that the California State...

Jim Tushinski collection of Tom Graeff films, 1951-1959, circa 1966.

This collection consists of the following films created by Tom Graeff: Toast to our brother. 1951 (opt sd., col. ; 16 mm. safety print); The Orange Coast College story. 1954 (DVD ; sd., col.); Island sunrise. ca. 1954 (si., col....

Jimenez (Mario A.) Costa Rica Collection

Mario Alberto Jiménez (1911-61) was a Costa Rican journalist. The collection consists of 19th and 20th century Costa Rican documents, correspondence, pamphlets on various subjects, photographs, post cards, and miscellaneous ephemera.

Jimmie Otijohok letters : Gambell, Alaska, to Edward D. Jones : ALS, 1947-1948.

Two letters (5 p.) relating to St. Lawerence Island Eskimo Jimmie Otiyohok and life in Gambell, Alaska since Edward D Jones' last trip (1920's?).

Jimmy & Lucy's house of "K" records, 1984-1993.

Chiefly submitted manuscripts, paste-ups, and master copies of three journals edited and published by Andrew Schelling and Ben Friedlander, including Jimmy & Lucy's House of "K", Chumolungma Globe, and Dark Ages Clasp the Daisy Root. Includes editor's notes, correspondence, unpublished...

Jimmy Hatlo papers.

Containing sketches and proofs of syndicated newspaper cartoons.

Jiménez (Francisco) Papers

The Francisco Jiménez Papers, 1962-2010, document Jiménez's achievements as a writer and university professor. Jiménez's written works, primarily collections of short stories, document his childhood and adolescence as the son of migrant farm workers. He recounts his personal and academic...

Jin (Wensi) papers

Transcripts of conversations with foreign officials, memoranda, and reports relating to Chinese foreign relations with the Netherlands, Belgium, Norway, Poland, and Czechoslovakia; the Sino-Japanese War; and the Korean National Council to the League of Nations, 1919.

Jirousek (Ludek) typescript

Relates to conditions in Czechoslovakia under the communist regime, and to Czech émigré affairs. Photocopy.

Jitney Busses scrapbook

This small scrapbook contains clippings, from December 1914 to March 1915, documenting the controversy over lack of regulation of "jitney" buses in Los Angeles. Many of the clippings come from the Los Angeles Times, the Express, the Tribune, and the...

Jitsuo Morikawa sermons : photocopies, 1973-1987.

Contains copies of Jitsuo Morikawa sermons, with the majority published in Sermons from Riverside, Riverside Church, New York, between October 1976 and October 1977. Also includes pamphlet, My Spiritual Pilgrimage, dated May 1973 and published by the American Baptist Churches,...

J.J. Franklin estate records, 1875.

from University of Wyoming, American Heritage Center;

J.K. Osgood to George Strang: two letters : San Francisco : ALS, 1849 Aug. 23 & 1850 June 10-20.

Reports to friend in New York of economic conditions and political feeling in California.

J.L. Folsom-William A. Leidesdorff estate papers, 1850-1861.

Consists of the legal correspondence of J.L. Folsom and his San Francisco lawyers, H.W. Halleck, A.C. Peachy and P. Warren Van Winkle, regarding Folsom's San Francisco tenants and properties. Also contains letters from Folsom's New York lawyers, Snydum, Reed &...

J.M. Alexander letters to his wife, 1851-1852.

Includes letters relating to mining in Tuolumne County.

J.M. Byrne accounts : ms., 1909-1922.

For an undertaking and furniture business in Selma, California. v.1 - ledger, 1909-1915; v. 2 - trial balance, 1921-1922.

J.M. Hutchings diaries, 1848-1855.

1848-1849 diary records voyage from Liverpool, England to New York, and his subsequent overland journey to California from New Orleans, describing encounters with Indians and concluding with a list of names of those whose graves he found along the way...

J.M. Kelber papers, 1953-1961.

Contains material relating to cattle breeding in Israel; the Jewish Community Center in Ontario, Calif., including newspaper clippings, a dedication program, and a yearbook (1956-1959); and B'nai B'rith, Ontario and Pomona Lodge, Number 1187.

J.N. Macomb correspondence, 1858-1860.

Concerning Macomb's service constructing military roads in New Mexico and his expedition of 1859 to survey the Spanish Trail as far as the junction of the Grand and Green Rivers in Utah. Also included: letters from Lieutenant Joseph C. Ives...

J.N. Mainers scrapbook, [ca. 1874-1880]

Mainly clippings of poems; some written material concerning Austrian Benevolent Society in San Francisco.

Jo Anderson Print Shop cards, 1914.

A series of 9 large landscape-oriented cards titled "Me and the Dog," containing a poem, a cartoon, and a short message, advertising the Jo Anderson Print Shop at 416 J Street, Sacramento. Also included is a card of thanks to...

Joachim (bark) repair estimates : mss., 1864.

For the chalking and coppering of bottom and the making of sails by Robert Wilson & Co., San Francisco.

Joan Didion letter, 1979 February 5

One letter (TLS) to Mr. [?] Norbutt, re the writing process, 5 Feb. 1979. Purchase from Maurice Neville, 1979. Alpha list.

Joan Didion letters : to Herb Yellin, Northridge, California, 1978-2004.

Six handwritten notes dated August 30, 1978, May 2, 1981, November 10, 1984, October 5, 1996, February 18, 2004, and one undated. In all Didion thanks Yellin for various kindnesses, and in one she mentions stories she will be sending...

Joan Didion letters to Peggy LaViolette Powell, 1955 -2004 (bulk 1955-1960).

Contains six letters written in 1955 covering Joan Didion's travels by train from New York to Boston, Quebec, Chicago, and Sacramento and at the University of California, Berkeley. She describes her encounters with other people aboard trains, life at home...

Joan Didion papers, 1963-2006 (bulk 1963-1992).

Contains manuscripts and other papers concerning her works: Run River, Slouching towards Bethlehem, Play it as it lays, A book of common prayer, The white album, Salvador, Democracy, Miami, and After Henry. Also includes 3 essays by Didion from the...

Joan Frank papers, 1990-2017.

Bound books, galley proofs, published and unpublished manuscripts, drafts, handwritten notes, binders documenting the book production and marketing process, magazines and newsprint publications, photocopied articles, correspondence, calendars, photographs, and awards.

Joan Levinson papers, 1966-1995.

Contains article drafts, interview notes and scripts for radio programs, workshop plans and handouts, and research material relating to the women's movement. Also includes material relating to her political action in Berkeley movements including the New School Network for alternative...

JoAnn Levy papers.

Papers and research materials pertaining to Levy's books "Unsettling the West," "They Saw the Elephant," "For California's Gold," "Daughter of Joy," and numerous other published and unpublished works.

Joaquim de Araujo correspondence, 1900-1901.

Two handwritten letters from Joaquim de Araújo to one or multiple friends. The first, dated April 2, 1900, concerns events in Portugal, his official consular salary, post cards, the poetry of Almeida Garrett in "Dona Braca" and the book he...

Joaquin Miller and Juanita Miller correspondence, 1888-1961.

Correspondence written by and about Joaquin Miller and his daughter Juanita Miller.

Joaquin Miller letter, 1964 February 21

(1841-1913). One letter (ALS) from F. M. DeWitt to Charles W. Kozlay, and related material regarding inscription in Miller's book, First Fam'lies of the Sierras, laid in that book , 1911. Gift of Pearl Chase. Alpha list.

Joaquin Miller letters : Oakland, Calif., 1871-1912.

Seven handwritten letters and notes (9 p.), two on letterhead stationery of Miller, concerning a variety of topics. One letterhead, titled "Joaquin Miller Lecture Season, 1900-1901", has a lithograph reproduction of Miller's home and the caption "The Hights in Oakland,...

Joaquin Miller letters and manuscripts, 1871-1892.

Contains manuscripts of "How to get married," and of two poems. Also includes three letters from Miller to friends.

Joaquin Miller note to Harry Edwards, 1879 October 21.

Handwritten note of Joaquin Miller to his friend, Henry (Harry) Edwards: "My dear Harry, I am beginning to find that almost any mechanic can make the form of a man; but it takes a god to breathe a Soul into...

Joaquin Miller papers : to various individuals : ALS, 1855 5 May - 1907 10 May.

Includes 18 letters and 1 postcard, many to the California author Howard Sutherland concerning articles he was writing on Miller's books. Also includes 2 autograph manuscript copies of poems or portions of poems by Miller.

Joaquín Codallos y Rabal papers, 1744-1748.

Includes an inquiry into Navajo life.

Joaquín Terrazas papers, approximately 1874-1913.

Contains correspondence, legal documents, receipts, inventory lists, publications, etc. Of note in the collection is a letter dated May 31, 1882 to Joaquín Terrazas from his son, Ygnacio Terrazas, concerning the capture of the Apache leader, Juh,and a 15-page manuscript...

Job (Martha) papers

Diary, maps, posters, photographs, clippings, and booklets relating to the Young Women's Christian Association in China, flood relief, the University of Peking, and internal problems in China from 1920 to 1928.

Jobs (Annie L.) Photograph Album

Annie L. Jobs compiled the photograph album in 1887, although the earliest photograph dates to 1884.  Photographs include Flint, Idaho Mining Company buildings, company staff, miners, miner tents and dwellings, camp holiday celebrations, and surrounding scenery including Hard-Up Gulch and...

Job's Daughters (Bethel 103) scrapbook

Job's Daughters Bethel 103 (Mountain View, California) scrapbook from 1958.

Jochimsen ( Marion L.) Paintings

This collection contains 21 tempera portrait paintings done by Jochimsen along with a couple of photos of her, color transparencies of the paintings, her scrapbook and a holograph autobiography.

Jocknick (Gustavus F.) Papers

This collection contains the papers of American Civil War Captain Gustavus Ferdinand Jochnick (1817-1890). Chiefly consists of correspondence from Gustavus F. Jocknick to his friend John Wilkin, including discussion of the Civil War and discussing army movements, battles, and political...

Joe Chino photographs

This collection contains 234 scanned photographs, many likely taken by Joe Chino, the collector. Chino was a soldier in the MIS and many of the photographs depict him and other soldiers. There are also many photographs of the US Army...

Joe Davis Entertainment and Minstrel Folio, circa 1930s

Printed song and jokebook issued by Joe Davis Inc., Music Publishers, 1658 Broadway, New York City.

Joe Hooker engraving, undated

One engraving, in uniform, with inscription re making all heads same size (for composite image?), n.d..

Joe Keehn Collection

Various photos from the Keehn family. Location: A4.5

Joe Morovits letters : to Dryden and Young, 1929-1930.

Thirty-six typescript letters, dated June 29, 1929-April 7, 1930, from a gold miner working the Hand-Rolleri Mine located near Placerville, California, to investors, Dryden and Young, reporting on his gold mining operations and actions he has taken. He addresses the...

Joe R. Momyer Sierra Club papers, 1930-1971.

Papers relating to Joe R. Momyer's involvement in the Sierra Club.

Joe Schwartz oral history, circa 1994

Interviewer: DER. Interviewee(s): Joe Schwartz. Transcript: None found. Related materials: Published material by JS.

Joel Bryan at UCR, 1970-1973.

Scrapbook containing Bryan's reports, proposals for funding, description of campus facilities, and other materials regarding his tenure as Director for Special Services and project director for Handicapped Opportunity Program for Education (H.O.P.E.) at the University of California, Riverside.

Joel Conway / Early Aviation Photograph collection, circa 1909-1950s (bulk 1910-1910)

About 400 separate images (many copy negatives and copy prints) compiled by Santa Barbara photographer Joel Conway, the bulk relating to the aviation activities of the Christofferson brothers and the Loughead (Lockheed) Aviation Company (headquartered in Santa Barbara, CA for...

Joel Conway oral history, 1973

Interviews with the Santa Barbara photographer and collector of historical photographs, re development of his collection, early motion picture and television history and stars, including Flying A Studio in Santa Barbara and 1950s House on Un-American Activities. Interviewer: Prob. Gibbs...

[Joel D. Levinson photographs from his Still life and Mass-media series].

Fine art photographs, some with autobiographical references, others pertaining to imagery found in such media sources as newspaper and television.

Joel Hedgpeth papers, 1958-1978.

Correspondence of the marine biologist, director of the Pacific Marine Station at Bodega, California, concerning Pacific Gas and Electric Company's proposed nuclear plant there; scrapbooks of clippings; miscellaneous articles and related papers, with information on effects of radioactivity on marine...

Joel Henry Hildebrand papers, 1903-1986 (bulk 1923-1981)

Contains materials relating to Joel Henry Hildebrand's professional activities as a professor and researcher, primarily from the latter part of his career. The correspondence includes interchanges with journals, professional organizations, and colleagues, many of whom were also personal friends. Documents...

Joel R. Poinsett letter to David Currier, Esq., 1840 June 5.

One holograph letter written and signed by J. R. Poinsett to David Currier, Esq. of Salem, Massachusetts about having received Currier's letter and enclosing a report from the Commissioner of Pensions accompanied by regulations that Currier must comply with to...

Joglars Records

Clark Coolidge (1939- ) was the producer of (a weekly hour of new poetry) at KPFA-FM in Berkeley, California (1969-70), the author of various books of poetry, and the co-editor of (1964-66). The collection consists of materials relating to the...

Johan Hagemeyer business records, [ca. 1928-1958]

Accounts for his photography business, Carmel and Berkeley, Calif. A few letters from customers included.

Johan Hagemeyer, photographer : oral history transcript / and related material, 1955-1956.

Notes his early life in Holland; horticulture (particularly in California); photography and influence of Stieglitz; Weston and other photographers; Carmel associates; his philosophy of life and art; his photographic techniques.

Johann Froben leaf, 1525

One leaf from Natural History, printed by Johann Froben, Basle, 1525. This leaf and the accompanying description came from a copy of Otto F. Ege's Original Leaves from Famous Books. Special has a copy of this work but this leaf...

Johanna Mayer Hirschfelder letter, 1856.

Collection consists of an 1856 letter written by Johanna Mayer Hirschfelder from her Downieville home to her family in Europe describing in detail her journey by ship and train to California via the Isthmus of Panama. In the letter, Johanna...

[Johanson?] Family photograph album, circa 1910-1930

101black and white snapshots, various sizes, some with captions in English, most noting family first names and one of Grandpa Johanson. Includes images of men, women and children (many of Bud and Helen) in groups and individually, on farms in...

John A. Dreibelbis letters and related materials, 1854-1861.

A signed autographed letter from Dreibelbis, Shasta City [Calif.], February 7, 1854, to an un-named addressee, written to suggest the examination of a possible route for a Pacific railroad (2 p.) Two enclosures are a manuscript map of his route...

John A. L. Kelley China Oil Photograph collection, circa 1913-1914

notes with collection say this relates to the Standard Oil Company Expedition of 1913-1914. Another note says Mongolia Oil Co., acreage leased from Chinese Government. How are these related? Very few captions (in English), some printed on the negatives.

[John A. McCone pictorial collection].

Chiefly photograph albums and portfolios pertaining to McCone's career, particularly his roles as an executive of the California Shipbuilding Corporation (1941-1945), as Chairman of the United States Atomic Energy Commission (1958-1961), and as Director of the Central Intelligence Agency (1961-1965)....

John A. Rice Asia photograph album, circa 1927-1961 (bulk 1932-1932)

117 black/white photos, with handwritten captions at end of album, of the travels of American seaman John A. Rice. Includes images of Japan, China (Shanghai), Hong Kong, and Philippines, most apparently ca. 1932. [expand - see dealer's description].

John Abel Collection on the Malibu Yacht Club and the Malibu Surfing Outrigger

This collection consists of materials relating to the Malibu Yacht Club and the Malibu Surfing Outrigger, a sailboat designed by club member Warren Seaman. It includes blueprints, plans, articles, manuals, photographs, and record books about the Malibu Outrigger, as well...

John Albert McIntire Collection, 1880-1931

Business papers, clippings, correspondence, mining information, notes and drafts, photographs.

John Albert Thompson letters to his wife : Washington, D.C. : ALS, 1872 Feb. 6-Mar. 7

Two letters written while seeking Congressional settlement of his accounts for transporting the mails from Placerville to Genoa, Nevada, 1856-1857.

John Alden Clark papers, 1932-1978

Biographical notes, letters, photo, journal articles

John Alpheus Putnam papers, 1943-1958.

v.1: Letters from C.R. Sessions, Standard Oil of California, and H. Bowman Hawkes; v.2: a copy of his doctoral thesis in mechanical engineering; v.3-8: proceedings of the annual University Faculty Seminars sponsored by Standard Oil Company of California, 1952-1957.

John Amos Chaffee papers, 1841-1903.

Papers of the famous "Chaffee and Chamberlain" partners in Tuolumne County. Diaries, 1853-1903, of J. P. Chamberlain included. Also includes account books, correspondence, and a guest book, Second Garrote, 1895-1903.

John and James Blair family portraits [graphic]

Ambrotype portrait of James Blair (or possibly John Blair) as a young man (ca. 1855-1860), and an album of portraits of Blair family members. Surnames of other friends or family members include McClure, Turney, Schooley, Alderson, Watt, Reynolds, and Ellis....

John Anderson family papers, [ca. 1849-1875]

v. 1 (portfolio) includes letter from John Anderson to his wife and family, May 13, 1850, commenting on passage up the Sacramento River and impressions of California; two letters to his children, 1875; certificates of promotion for William B. Anderson,...

John App diaries, 1850 and 1870.

Contains two diaries of a California gold rush miner originally from Illinois. Dated entries contain brief descriptions of daily events, weather, lists of goods and prices, and other personal observations. The first diary, from 1850, covers App's journey from his...

John Arthur Elston papers, 1918-1921.

Correspondence re proposed legislation to enlarge Sequoia National Park. Include letters from the following: Horace M. Albright, Scott Ferris, California Civic League, William W. Hastings, Stephen T. Mather (U.S. National Park Service), James D. Phelan, Sierra Club (William F. Badè),...

John Arthur Thomson papers, 1898-1924.

Letters addressed to the British biologist from J.M. Dent, Sir Edwin Ray Lankester, William P. Paterson, W.R. Sorley, Chalmers Watson, James Ward, J.T. Merz and others; manuscripts and corrected proofs of articles and portions of some of his books; and...

John Augustus Blanchard daguerreotype and ambrotype portraits [graphic].

Portraits of California gold miner John Augustus Blanchard. Daguerreotype: bust-length portrait in formal dress. Ambrotype: full-length standing portrait in miner's attire.

John Augustus Sutter abstracts of title : Sacramento, Calif., 1841-1923 (bulk 1841-1883).

Contains 30 abstracts of title for land in Sacramento owned by Sutter.

John Augustus Sutter collection, 1839-1880.

Business correspondence, Sutter claim materials, miscellaneous papers. Much of the collection typescripts, photostats, and facsimiles.

John Augustus Sutter, Jr., collection, 1850-1890.

Business papers, legal papers, estate matters, manuscript statement of events occurring in Sacramento, 1848-1850.

John B. Colley (bark) logbook

The JOHN B. COLLEY (bark) logbook (SAFR 13573, HDC 27) is comprised of a single volume sea journal written by an unidentified author during a voyage from Norfolk, Virginia to San Francisco, California on the JOHN B. COLLEY (bark) in...

John B. Cozzens Letters, 1846-1875.

Correspondence, personal balance sheet, New York State Legal documents

John B. Cozzens papers : ms., 1846-1875.

Relating to his service as a sutler to U.S. forces in Mexico; correspondence, 1848, concerning challenge to a duel with Lt. Charles Deas, U.S.N.; correspondence and papers concerning his financial affairs.

John B. Harmon correspondence : ALS, 1854.

Contains letters from Jefferson Davis, as Secretary of War and others about Colonel John B. Harmon's appointment to the Board of Visitors at West Point Academy.

John B. Locke correspondence, 1850-1853.

Includes letters from his father in Australia, relating to business, farming and gold mining there, and one from his brother William, concerning his experiences mining in California.

John B. Stolzenberg and Bud Baldwin oral history, 1992

History of the Lisle Fellowship, Inc. Interviewer: [DER?] Apr. 1, 1992. Related materials: Four chapters re Lisle Fellowship and copy of spiral bound A Tiger by the Tail: The Story of the Lisle Fellowship, Inc. Dewitt C. Baldwin, with Patricia...

John B. Stolzenberg and Bud Baldwin oral history, 1992

HPA. The oral history was recorded during a weeklong visit to the archive in 1992. It provides a comprehensive assessment of the life and career of Virginia Satir, including a review of her medical history by Stolzenberg, who was her...

John B. Weller papers, 1852-1859.

Materials created when Weller was U.S. Senator and as Governor of California.

John B. Winthrop (ship) records

John B. Winthrop (ship) records (SAFR 14278, HDC 70) consists of a single volume of the outfit records for the JOHN B. WINTHROP dated 1907 for voyage number 16. William T. Shorey, an African American, was the Master. This collection...

John Barry streetcar and bus memorabilia.

Box 2824: Schedules, transfers, company documents; Box 2825: Schedules, transfers, company documents; Box 2826: Schedules, transfers, company documents; Box 2727: Photos, postcards, and calendars.

John Barry streetcar and bus memorabilia.

Box 2824: Schedules, transfers, company documents; Box 2825: Schedules, transfers, company documents; Box 2826: Schedules, transfers, company documents; Box 2727: Photos, postcards, and calendars.

John Bartlett letter, 1896 March 20

(1820-1905). One letter ( ALS) from John Bartlett, American writer and publisher, best known for his Bartlett's Familiar Quotations, to the Rev. Cameron Mann, re error in Bartlett's Shakespeare Concordance that Mann has uncovered. Cambridge, [MA], 20 March 1896. Alpha...

John Batdorf flyers, 1918, n.d.

Two flyers re Federal Trade Commission (1918) and The Workers Party (n.d.). Laid in Batdorf's The Workers Party (1918). Alpha list.

John Beecher collection, circa 1957-1977

Broadsides, prospectii, flyers, announcements, quartos, and other printed matter relating to radical poet, steel mill worker, teacher (San Francisco State and elsewhere), rancher, descendant of the New England abolitionist Beecher family, and printer John Beecher and his poetry. Several items...

John Bellows correspondence, 1900, 1931, 1933

Three letters (ALS) from Bellows to unidentified friend, ca. 1900, and one b/w photo of [William?] Bellows , 1933. Also one printed appreciation of John Bellows , 1931. Alpha list.

John Berrian Montgomery papers, 1844-1848.

Copies of letters sent, october 4, 1844 - November 21, 1848, as commander, USS. Portsmouth, preparatory to sailing, en route, and from various stations on the California and Mexican coasts. A few notes and memoranda encluded. Some drafts in his...

John Bertram gold mining journal : Amador County, Calif., 1853-1854.

Handwritten bound journal of a gold miner from Illinois mostly containing brief daily entries (Feb. 25, 1853 to April 12, 1854) of his final year working a mining claim along Amador Creek in Amador County, California. The entries note the...

The John Bevens Bohnett, Ruth Evans Bohnett, Joan Evans Bohnett, and Barbara L. Bohnett collection of family photographs [graphic].

Chiefly studio portraits, with some snapshots of the Bohnett, Evans, Markham, and related families

John Bidwell collection, 1841-1917.

Correspondence, notes, legal and business papers

John Bidwell letters, 1895-1899.

Mainly written to Professor Rockwell D. Hunt, re his recollections of early California history. Also included: three cancelled checks.

John Bidwell letters to E. W. Haskell : ALS, 1867 July 10-Aug. 13.

Six letters from Bidwell, written from Chico, California, to Haskell (probably Edward Wilder Haskell), in Marysville, California. Letters concern Bidwell's political career, his defeat at the state convention, the campaign of 1867, and his speech regarding the inadvisability of a...

John Bidwell (Sutter's Fort Pioneer Collection), 1841-1902.

Business and personal papers, correspondence, certificates, contracts, receipts

John Bigelow essay, undated

One printed essay, "The Confederate Diplomatists and Their Shirt of Nessus," n.d. .02 linear feet (1 folder).

John Bigelow letters, 1881-1882

Two letters (ALS) from the editor, author, diplomat, anti-slavery and free trade advocate, one discussing at length the shortcomings of an article on Thomas Jefferson, to Chas. Scribners & Sons, 1881-1882.

John Bigler papers, 1850-1869.

Letters written by Bigler; letters from Indian Commissioner Oliver W. Wozencraft concerning an attack upon Indians in the Kings River area, and from Milton S. Latham; photoreproduction of letters from Harry Love relating to the arrest of Joaquín Murrieta; certificates...

John Birge Sawyer diaries : holograph and typescript, 1910-1962.

V.1: summary of life before 1910 with biographical information on parents; schooling in Germany, San Jose, and at University of California at Berkeley; work with U.S. Bureau of Immigration at Portland. Vols. 2-5: 1911-1936, cover his work with Immigration Bureau...

John Birge Sawyer papers, circa 1900-1958.

Contains documents related to Sawyer's work dealing with immigration, Chinese immigration in particular, including official forms, procedures, correspondence, and his experiences. Also includes papers regarding his career advancement, and a couple of letters to and from his daughter Josephine Sawyer...

John Birge Sawyer photographs [graphic].

Chiefly group portraits depicting John Birge Sawyer: with cadets and Psi Upsilon fraternity brothers at University of California, Berkeley; and with fellow officials of U.S. Immigration Service in Portland, Oregon and Hong Kong, China. One print (a photographic enlargement of...

John Bolton Alvarado portrait and stereograph [graphic].

Portrait of John Bolton Alvarado (1890s) and stereograph of John Bolton Alvarado accompanied by a man (possibly Juan Bautista Alvarado?) and two women in Yosemite Valley (1870s).

John Borrowman journals : typescript, 1846 Dec. 23 - 1870 Mar.

Record of experiences as a member of the Mormon Battalion in southern California; life in San Francisco; gold mining in 1848; return to Utah in July 1848; life in and near Salt Lake City. Entries are sporadic after 1856.

John Bowring Hawaiian papers, 1842-1871.

The papers reflect Sir John Bowring's service in London and on the Continent as Envoy Extraordinary and Minister Plenipotentiary for the Kingdom of Hawaii, 1859-1871, negotiating treaties to safeguard the independence of Hawaii. Predominantly they consist of correspondence with Robert...

John Boyd Quinton's letters to his brother, 1849-1859.

Letters, Valparaiso, Feb. 25, 1849, and Aspinwall, Mar. 29, [1855?] on voyages to California; the rest from San Francisco.

John Boynton Kaiser papers, approximately 1920-1958.

National Union Catalog of Manuscript Collections

John Brandi correspondence : to Steve Sanfield, 2005-2014.

Contains mostly handwritten letters and postcards of John Brandi with some other related materials such as printed poems and printouts of emails. The correspondence is signed variously as "John", "Juan 2Shoe", "Two Shoe", or just "2." Topics covered mostly concern...

John Brandi papers, 1964-2013.

Contains published and unpublished manuscripts of prose, poetry, drafts of books, and illustrations. Also includes correspondence with publishers and other poets and authors, such as Jack Hirschman, David Meltzer, Michael McClure, Janine Pommy-Vega, Nanao Sakaki, Naomi Shihab Nye, Arthur Sze,...

John Bratt Collection Ranching Records and Biographical Material

Records of John Bratt and Co. Ranching firm

John Breuner Company. Records, 1897-1974.

Originally founded in Sacramento around 1856 by John Breuner, company became one of largest furniture stores and chains of the era.

John Brooks Felton papers, 1860-1866.

Mainly relate to case, Sill vs. Reese, over ownership of lot on Kearney St., San Francisco. Include letters from Joaquin Torres, W.J. Reynolds and others, and questionnaire answered by Benito Diaz containing references to the Castro revolution. Also complaint in...

John Bryant grocery store ledgers : San Bernardino, Calif., 1885-1888.

Six ledgers for a grocery store, possibly named Base Line Store and/or located on Base Line Street in San Bernardino, California. Five of the ledgers contain running daily entries for groceries and supplies charged to various individuals. One ledger is...

John Burland daybooks, : mss.S, 1867-1873.

For a general merchandise store in Castroville, California. (v.1) Jan. 1867-May 4, 1869; (v.2) May 17, 1869-July 1873. (Miscellaneous clippings pasted over many entries in v.2).

[John Burroughs [graphic] : six days before his death /

Two copies of the same portrait of Burroughs at age 83, taken in Pasadena, Calif.

John Bushman journal, diaries and timebook, 1871-1923.

Account of his activities as bishop in the Mormon Church, principally in Utah and Arizona. Some genealogical information and family history included.

John C. Black letter to Frank B. Tinnelli, Esq., 1885 July 27.

Holograph letter written on official stationery to Frank B. Tinnelli by John C. Black, as Commissioner of the Department of the Interior Pension Office in Washington, D. C., requesting information regarding Tinnelli's full military service in the Union Army or...

John C. Breckinridge engraved portraits, circa 1850s-1860s

Three engraved portraits, [ca. 1850s-1860s].

John C. Bull letters : to Elizabeth S. Bull, Hanover, Mass., 1845-1847.

Four handwritten letters with integral address leaves from a 36-year old man working aboard a ship docking in California ports to his sister. The letters contain mostly personal expressions of affection for his siblings, wife, and children back home, along...

John C. Callbreath letters, 1849-1899.

Fifteen letters relating to his voyage to California around the Horn on the ship Mentor, arrival in San Francisco on June 3O, l849 and experiences as a miner and farmer. Letter, l859, describes his journey to the Fraser River gold...

John C. Frémont and other Union generals [graphic]

Half-portrait of J.C. Frémont, and group portrait J.C. Frémont, W.C. Rosencrans, N.P. Banks, J. Pope, O.M. Mitchel, J. Hooker, and G.G. Meade, all in uniform.

John C. Harsanyi papers, 1957-2000.

Includes the correspondence, lecture notes, professional files, and writings of Nobel Prize winning economist John C. Harsanyi. Subjects include Harsanyi's groundbreaking work in game theory, for which he shared the 1994 Nobel Memorial Prize in Economics. The collection also includes...

John C. Klein papers, 1889.

Materials concerning the Panama Canal and the French Canal Company. Include letters from General Victor Vifquain, U.S. Consul at Colón, and newspaper clippings of two articles by Klein.

John C. Maynard scrapbooks, circa 1889-1917.

Primarily news clippings on contemporary political figures.

John C. Ogden Company records

John C. Ogden Company records (SAFR 17219, HDC 312) contains three copies of general specifications for the ferry TREASURE ISLAND (built 1911; steamer), circa 1940. There is also a business card, a cover letter, a bulletin with photos of the...

John C. Perry manuscript for "Bear Valley Trip", 1899 Aug. 7 - 15.

Mimeograph ms. for "Bear Valley Trip", 12 p. Holograph additions totalling 13 words. Privately printed, 21 copies. A pleasant, occasionally humorous and observant account of a Los Angeles resident's journey to and stay in the San Bernardino mountains.

John C. Perry manuscript for "Bear Valley Trip", 1899 Aug. 7 - 15.

Mimeograph ms. for "Bear Valley Trip", 12 p. Holograph additions totalling 13 words. Privately printed, 21 copies. A pleasant, occasionally humorous and observant account of a Los Angeles resident's journey to and stay in the San Bernardino mountains.

John C. Snidecor oral history, 1975

Life history of the UCSB speech professor and administrator, including work with the Navy and development of State College of Santa Barbara into a university. Snidecor Hall is named after him. Interviewer: L. Cheek (?), UCSB Library Oral History Program,...

John C. Wilson letters : Oxford, to Christopher Cookson : ALS, 1906 May 15, 17.

Letters from J. Wilson removed from first edition of Cruquius' Horace (1578) offer the volume to C. Cookson, and discuss Oxford University politics.

John Canfield letters to his family : Nevada City, Calif., 1855-1859.

Letters concerning Canfield's life in California and his mining experiences. Included is an explanation of hydraulic piping.

John Cash letters : to William Cash, 1878-1892.

Contains 11 letters from an Englishman in San Juan del Rio and Mexico City, Mexico, to his brother back in England describing life in Mexico and his work trying to run a textile business. Also includes a clipping about Cash's...

John Chapin papers, 1850-1852.

Includes letters by S. G. Haven, U.S. Postmaster General N. K. Hall, and Dennis Bowen, concerning the appointment; and letters by Chapin to his brother describing his voyage to California via Panama in l85l.

John Charles Fremont ephemera, 1856

One silk bookmark, with image of Fremont and inscription "Liberty Union: Free Speech, Free Men, Free Territory, Fremont." Possible souvenir of Fremont's Republican Party presidential race in 1856.

John Charles Fremont print, circa 1896

[General]. One black/white 5 1/4" x 8" mounted print of Fremont, in later life, "in front of the tree used by Him as his headquarters in 1846, which was afterwards named in honor of him." Santa Cruz, California, 1896.

John Charles Frémont papers, 1862-1889.

Pt. I: 18 items including copy of General Orders, no. 28, June 18, 1862; letter to Zachariah Chandler; agreement with Edgar Conkling; letter from Santiago Ainsa; letters to Rutherford B. Hayes and William K. Rogers. Also, letters from Mrs. Frémont...

John Charles Meussdorffer Collection, 1862-1895.

Correspondence of the Meussdorffer family and to the J. C. Meussdorffer Hat Mfg. Co.

John Chauncey Hayes letters to W.F. Bliss, 1909 March

Two letters containing biographical information on his father, Benjamin I. Hayes. Bliss' thesis for the University of California Berkeley was titled "Report on the Hayes papers in the Bancroft Library with special reference to the attitude of the native Californians...

John Christopher Stevens papers, 1977-2012.

Contains primarily letters and resolutions of condolence upon Steven's death. Small amount of personal and family correspondence included.

John Clar papers, 1845-1883.

Contents: Letter, Sept. 10, 1845, from Clar to George Bancroft, requesting disability pay, enclosing copy of statements by William Maxwell Wood, fleet surgeon, and John D. Sloat; reply from Bancroft; letter, Nov. 22, 1881, from James Alexander Forbes, to William...

John Clarence Birdseye papers, 1850-1856.

Primarily correspondence addressed to his family describing his gold mining experiences, running a sawmill, and other events in his life in California. Also included are correspondence, clippings, sketches, and genealogical material pertaining to the Birdseye and Brewer families. Featured are...

John Coffee Hays papers, 1850-1854.

Mainly papers as Sheriff of San Francisco. Includes court orders and receipts for sale of property.

John D. Gilchriese collection of documents relating to Southern California, 1852-1882.

Consists of correspondence and accounts receipts of various residents of Southern Calif., including Pio Pico and his Pico House Hotel in Los Angeles, John Forster, Stephen C. Foster, Jose Sepulveda, Abel Stearns, Thomas A. Garey, George Stoneman, and the law...

John D. Goodwin correspondence, 1868-1875.

Seven handwritten letters (14 p.) addressed to a lawyer in Plumas County, California regarding various legal and business matters including railroads, elections, diamond investing (in what later became known as the Great Diamond Hoax of 1872), and witness testimony concerning...

John D. Phelan letter to General Braxton Bragg, 1866 February 17.

One holograph letter from John D. Phelan to General Braxton Bragg, written in Montgomery, Alabama. Phelan discusses the death of his son, Watkins Phelan, a captain in the Confederate army.

John D. Short papers, 1962-1978.

Letters from Van Wyck Brooks and Josephine W. Duveneck; and file of letters written to Short re John Steinbeck's sources for Tortilla Flat, including letters from Carol (Henning) Steinbeck and Elaine (Scott) Steinbeck.

John D. Spreckels (built 1880; brigantine) papers

John D. Spreckels (built 1880; brigantine) papers (SAFR 17617, HDC 52) is comprised of three photostats of prose written by sailors on the JOHN D. SPRECKELS dating from 1883 and 1885. The photostats are from an autograph book. This collection...

John Daggett Collection, 1864-1919, 1931, 1957

Business letters, legal instruments, accounts, scrapbooks, certificates

John Daniel Barry papers, [ca. 1926-1942]

Letters written by him; clippings of his column from the San Francisco News; clippings about him.

John Daniel Coffman diaries, 1908-1952.

Describe his activities in the U.S. National Park Service, Branch of Forestry, as fire control expert and as chief forester in the CCC program; his work relating to blister-rust control and other problems in national parks; his association with the...

John Daniel Goodwin Collection, 1857-1885

Correspondence, business papers, legal papers, mining papers, miscellany.

John David Jackson papers, 1947-2010.

Collection includes correspondence, physics course materials, research notes, and other materials, including some in digital format, relating to Professor Jackson's teaching career at University of California Berkeley and the University of Illinois.

John Dawson Gilmary Shea letter, 1854 December 19

One letter (ALS) from customer John Bap[?] re Shea's book History of the Catholic Missions among the Indian Tribes of the United States, 1529-1854. Bangor, Dec. 19, 1854. Found in Shea's History ... Alpha list.

John Debo Galloway reports as consulting engineer, 1910-1937.

Some as member of the firm of Galloway & Markwart: v.1--on properties of the Oro Water, Light and Power Co., 1910; v.2--on the properties of the California Western Railway and Navigation Co., 1911; v.3--a comparison of the San Pablo Reservoir...

John DeMolitor collection, circa 1780-1781, 1864-1936

Primarily of Civil War related material, including typescript copy of diary and various originals and copies of documents, ca. 1780-1781, 1864-1936.

John Denton Carter collection relating to his work on George Kenyon Fitch, circa 1940.

Regarding John Denton Carter's paper, titled "The early career of George K. Fitch, pioneer California journalist." Also contains photostats of clippings and letters by or about Fitch dating from 1849, 1897, and 1906.

John Denton Carter papers, 1940-1959.

Relating to his study of the San Francisco Bulletin, and of two of its editors, James King of William and his brother, Thomas Sim King. Included are correspondence, newspaper clippings (mainly transcripts), and a revised typescript copy of his paper...

John Dillard Spencer account book for his job printing business in Stanislaus Co., Calif. : ms., 1870-1879.

Also included: accounts of an unnamed contractor, working in Oakland and Berkeley from 1908 to 1911.

John DiMugno oral history, 1977

Interview with the 1977 Russell A. Buchanan Award (for graduating senior majoring in history or history of public policy), re family history, growing up in a Catholic family in the 1960s, life in the 1960s and 1970s, including Vietnam War...

John Doble papers, 1851-1865.

Diary concerning his voyage to California via Nicaragua in 1852 and experiences as a miner in and around Volcano; letters relating mainly to activities in Volcano, with descriptions of mining camps and social events, and in San Francisco from 1863;...

John Donald Hicks papers, 1906-1970.

Correspondence, notes, manuscripts, honors, course notes, trip diaries, and subject files concerning his career in Department of History, University of California, Berkeley.

John Dos Passos Letters, 1966,1967.

One letter (ALS) from author John Dos Passos to Michael Heskett (Santa Barbara, CA) re 1920s literature, disagreeing strongly with the characterization of it being the 'lost generation'. Westmoreland, VA, Apr. 22, 1966. Also, photocopy of one letter (ALS), to...

John Drye letter : Benicia, Calif., to Wagowen & Son, 1853 Dec. 30.

Complaint about costs of shipping to California.

John E. Lesch papers, approximately 1970-2012.

Contains drafts of publications, research materials, correspondence, conference papers, and course materials.

John E. Norcross letter and note, circa 1912, n.d.

One letter (ALS) and one note (ANS) to General Thomas H. Hubbard, re verse Norcross has written, 1912, n.d.. Laid in Norcross' Verses and Translations by a Union Soldier (1912).

John E. Smith correspondence, 1863-1864

Photocopies of 5 Civil War ALS, 1863-1864.

John Edmund McElroy scrapbooks : and related materials., 1896-1905.

Contain clippings documenting his activities as city attorney and police commissioner in Oakland, California, covering such matters as water problems, gambling, garbage disposal, etc. (v.1): 1896-1902; (v.2): 1903-1905. :

John Edwards papers, 1858-ca. 1882.

Concerning missionary work among the Choctaw Indians in present Oklahoma; four letters, 1858-1867, from Cyrus Byington, about the Choctaws and his work on a Choctaw grammar and translations from the Bible into that tongue; a copy of a contract, 1860,...

John Elliott Patterson photograph archive of western landscape views [graphic].

Collection consists primarily of scenic landscape views in the American West. Mountains and wilderness landscapes predominate. 452 California views are present, including Mount Lassen and vicinity (34 views), Mono Lake and vicinity (109 views), Siskiyou and Shasta Counties (68 views),...

John Erasmus Pyle papers, 1875-1878.

Volume 1-2, diaries, 1876-1877, as Special Indian Agent, Cimarron, New Mexico; volume 3, diary, January-November 1878, as Farmer-in-Charge of the Jicarilla Apache Agency at Cimarron and as Navajo Indian Agent at Fort Defiance, Arizona, April-November 1878, with miscellaneous accounts and...

John Ericsson collection, circa 1862-1866

(1803-1889). Collection of Civil War era documents and correspondence re Monitor and other naval vessels, ca. 1862-1866. .02 linear feet (1 folder).

John Evans dictations and related biographical material : Denver?, 1888?

Statements by Evans, his wife Margaret P. (Gray) Evans, a Mrs. Dickinson, and Lionel A. Sheldon, concerning his contributions to education in Indiana and Illinois; Illinois politics before and during the Civil War; term as second governor of Colorado Territory;...

John F. Baldwin papers, 1954-1967.

Records pertaining to the political career of Congressman Baldwin, representative for Contra Costa County. Records include correspondence, press releases, committee reports, campaign files, clippings, and subject files.

John F. Dockweiler Political Realia Collection

This collection consists of realia related to the political campaigns of John F. Dockweiler for governor and United States Congressman in 1938.

John F. Kennedy Presidential campaign materials

Book of strategy, scripts, storyboards, memos, notes, six- minute film strip featuring Mrs. Kennedy, and 15 five-minute television commercials. All media for this collection has been reformatted....

John F. Miller family telegrams, 1869-1898.

from University of Wyoming, American Heritage Center;

John F. Seymour papers, 1906-1911.

Some relate to his position as Chief of Police, San Francisco. Includes letters from Judge Elijah C. Hart, copies of correspondence between the mayor's office and the Presidio re granting licenses to saloons near the Presidio gates, and letters and...

John F. Willis papers, 1849-1915 (bulk 1849-1896).

Contains a bound volume diary of Willis's overland trip to California along the Platte River and other related materials from his life and family including legal documents, correspondence, and funeral receipts. Willis traveled from Milwaukee, Wisconsin to St. Louis, Missouri...

[John Fiorillo photograph collection of Berkeley views].

Chiefly postcards depicting scenes of downtown Berkeley and the University of California campus. Other subjects include the Berkeley fire of 1923, Southern Pacific ferry steamer Berkeley, Presidio of San Francisco and Mt. Tamalpais. Negatives (box 1) depict scenes from San...

John Fisk Bigelow family papers, 1882-1926.

Contains an official certificate of United States citizenship (42 x 28 cm) issued to J.F. Bigelow by the District Court of the First Judicial District of Nevada on February 20, 1882. Signed by the clerk of the court, J.A. Mahoney,...

John Flannery Sierra Club papers, 1948-1969.

Papers relating to Flannery's involvement in the Sierra Club.

John Flaxman note, circa 1833

Ms biographical note (AN) in French, on English sculptor and draughtsman Flaxman, [ca. 1833]. Found in Thomas Piroli's Atlas Dantesque de la Divine Comédie (Milan, 1822). Alpha list.

John Flaxman papers, 1770-1817.

Include letters of the British sculptor to Prince Hoare and others, mainly relating to the payment for General Simcoe's monument in Exeter Cathedral, and accounts, one with George Romney.

John Flynn letters of introduction, 1879.

Three letters of introduction for John Flynn, a reporter based in Chicago, from the Chicago Daily Union and Inter-Ocean. One of them (with an envelope) authorizes his use of Western Union services. Flynn came to San Francisco to cover the...

John Francis Llebaria documents, 1853-1854.

Relates to Llebaria vs. Peck, California District Court (3rd District), Santa Cruz, California. The litigation was over land in the Santa Cruz Mission orchard. Include: receipt for costs of court, demurrer to complaint, answer of defendant Henry W. Peck by...

John Francis Pyle diaries and memorandum books : ms., 1874-1921.

Diaries, accounts and memoranda as farmer in Santa Clara Co., Calif.

John Franklin Forbes papers, 1874-1968.

Contains business and personal correspondence concerning his career as an accountant, attorney and lecturer at UC Berkeley. Also includes CPA certificates, speeches, teaching materials, legal documents, clippings and ephemera.

John Franklin (Hans Frankenthal) papers

The John Franklin collection comprises documents and artifacts related to his childhood experiences as a German refugee in Holland, as a prisoner in Westbork concentration camp, and as a liberated prisoner and displaced person after World War II.

John Franklin Miller Collection, 1855-1890.

Business papers, certificates, checks, clippings, letters, calling cards, legal papers, pamphlets, menus, photographs

John Franklin Miller papers, 1872-1881.

Include four letters from Lewis Gerstle and one letter from A. Wassermann written on behalf of Alaska Commercial Company, giving reports of company operations re fur trade and market conditions, and activities of its agents; also with these, a newspaper...

John Franklin Miller receipts, 1872-1885.

from University of Wyoming, American Heritage Center;

John Frederic Murphy papers, 1916-1963

Correspondence, documents, b/w photos, flyers, pamphlets and other printed material relating to the life of a Santa Barbara architect, including his academic days at Grinnell College and Columbia University, his military service during WWI, and his professional association with the...

John Furnival letter, 1965

One letter (ALS) from British artists Furnival to Ian [?], on back of broadside announcement for Semiotic Drawing , 1965. Alpha list.

John G. Downey correspondence, 1860-1861.

Materials created when Downey was Governor of California.

John G. Holme [24th New Jersey Vol., Co. B.] document, 1863

One Civil War document: Commission, 1863. [Oversize boxed].

John G. Marvin letters and memorandum, 1851-1854.

Carbon copy of transcript of letter to the Monterey County Treasurer (Dec. 31, 1853) from Marvin in his capacity as California Superintendent of Public Instruction, transmitting a statement of state school money for 1853. Also includes a statement of each...

John G. North Collection, 1857-1869.

Business papers, receipts

John G. Nye letters : to his parents, 1849, 1853.

Contains 2 letters describing living in San Francisco and California at the time of the gold rush.

John G. Tyler correspondence pertaining to ornithological research, circa 1905-1937.

Chiefly letters received by Tyler in the context of his ornithological studies in California and the activities of the Cooper Ornithological Club. Includes a large group from Joseph and Hilda (Wood) Grinnell.

John G. Winant letter, 1929 April 23

One letter (TLS) from New Hampshire politician Winant to Lawrence S. Mayo, re help in editing and publishing the diary of Winant's brother Cornelius. Concord, N.H., April 23 , 1929. Alpha list.

John Galen Howard architectural drawings for miscellaneous projects, including a small theater for the University of California [graphic].

Original drawings (and one photograph) for building designs by John Galen Howard. 1: an auditorium in a park, dated 1891 (France) -- 2: an open air pavilion, dated 1892 (France) -- 3: grand staircase in a street façade, perhaps for...

John Galen Howard collection of progress photographs graphic]

These volumes of photographs show the construction of various Howard buildings between approximately 1905 and 1910; in a few cases there are views of the site before the beginning of construction, but in some cases there are not even photographs...

John Galsworthy in a discussion on books, plays & new writings, [ca. 1929?]

Bound in green cloth. Cover title: John Galsworthy's discussion with Sewell Stokes - ms. and proof

John Galsworthy letter, 1927 July 19

One letter (ALS) to Mr. [?] Dawson excusing himself [from an invitation?]. London, 19 July 1927.

John Gardener Yeaton journal : ms.S, 1852-1853.

Record of voyage to California (Mar. 10 - Sept. 1, 1852) in company with John C. Morrill and James Fife, on ship, North American; experiences in California to Apr. 29, 1853, chiefly in Sacramento, including the fire (Nov. 2); mining,...

John Gilroy papers, 1846-1853.

Contains a handwritten letter (1 page), dated August 28, 1846, from Daingerfield Fauntleroy, concerning John Gilroy's appointment as a United States justice of the peace of San Juan Bautista, California, along with the enclosed official appointment orders (1 page), dated...

John Goddard document, circa 1814

One document (ADS) re a legal case involving Philadelphia merchant, John Goddard,and other parties, ca. 1814. Alpha list.

John Gordon Wright Library collection of autographs : California Bishops, 1878-1968.

Contains part of a collection of autographs of Episcopal Bishops from correspondence collected by Librarians of the John Gordon Wright Library at the Episcopal Theological School. Includes only Bishops from California, the location of the remainder of the collection is...

John Greeleaf Whittier carte de visite photograph, circa 1870s

One carte de visite photograph of Whittier later in life, about age 70, ca. 1870s. Imprint of Warren, Boston. Whittier was active in the abolitionist movement.

John Greenleaf Whittier collection, 1858-1892.

Correspondence signature, and clipping concerning his life and activities involved with writing and publication.

John Greenleaf Whittier collection, 1861-1863, n.d.

1861-1883, n.d. Eight items, including two letters (ALS) to Whittier re requests for autograph and opinion about correspondent's poetry, one 1883 letter (ALS) from him re letters he received in memory of an unknown individual, lists, and one cabinet size...

John Greenleaf Whittier letter, 1880 January 25

(1807-1892).. One letter (ALS) from American Quaker poet and abolitionist Whittier, to General Vallejo, addressed as "Dear friend,"saying problems with his eyesight limits what he can write but he is happy to supply the verses requested. Danvers, MA, 25 Jan....

John Gregory Dunne papers, 1969-[on-going].

Collection contains notes, drafts, manuscripts, proofs, etc. for his works: The Studio; Vegas; True Confessions; Dutch Shea, Jr.; and The Red, White and Blue.

John Griffeth Wetmore correspondence, 1880-1885.

Mainly letters from his parents and brothers. A letter, Jan. 1880, from his father, Robert Hodge Wetmore, Sr., to his mother, included.

John H. Beeckman Collection, 1849-1852.

Correspondence between John Beeckman, his wife Margaret, and other family members.

John H. Fleming collection, circa 1862-1864

[Private, Pennsylvania Infantry, 150th Regiment (Vol), Company K]. Civil War collection, including correspondence, documents and photograph, ca. 1862-1864. Article on the collection appears in UCSB Library's Soundings, May 1971.

John H. Gagnon papers, undated

Articles, Vitae, Biographical Notes

John H. Hansen papers, 1876-1891.

Some relate to his career as public school teacher in California. Included is letter from John H.C. Bonte.

John H. Mackie letters, 1868-1974, Shanghai, China.

Recorded in letterpress copybook, while he was acting manager of the wharfage and storage business of the Union Steam Navigation Co. at Shanghai, and as agent for several steamships. Accounts also included.

John H. Williams letters : to Nettie Williams, 1907-1918.

Contains letters from Williams to his wife Nettie while he was on the road. He describes Oregon, Washington and California as well as publishing his work "Yosemite and its High Sierra" (1914), payment problems with the Christian Science Monitor, and...

John Haley papers, 1922-1992.

Contains correspondence, exhibition announcements and catalogs, writings and notes on art theory and technique, other biographical material, photographs, slides, a sketchbook and clippings, relating to the career of John Haley. A significant part of the collection concerns his mentor Hans...

John Hamilton Reynolds papers, 1949-1998.

Includes correspondence, research files, and course materials relating to John H. Reynold's career as professor and researcher in the Department of Physics at UC Berkeley.

[John Harding photograph archive].

Series 1: chiefly large-format, exhibition quality photographs of street scenes in San Francisco, with an aesthetic emphasis on color. Images depict various aspects of the city's social and cultural diversity, focusing on everyday people in public spaces, and including such...

John Harvey collection, circa 1801-1809

Five documents (ADS), from a Wexford County [Ireland] justice of the peace, re judicial matters such as handing over individuals to the county jail. Alpha list.

John Harvey Tolan photograph collection [graphic].

Includes photographs documenting depression-era migrant workers camps and the relocation of Japanese-Americans during World War II. Photographs were commissioned by the Farm Security Administration, Federal Works Agency, U.S. Forest Service and other government agencies.

John Henry Brown papers, 1846-1849.

Collection includes: 1. Agreement, in writing of W.A. Bartlett, between Albert Packard and J.H. Brown for the settlement of debts of the firm of Brown, Packard, and Joel P. Dedmond, due to Henry Mellus, William D. Phelps, and William Fisher,...

John Henry Dunnel correspondence, 1849-1858.

Letters to his wife concerning his voyage to California via Panama in 1849, and his mercantile activities, mainly at Coloma; letters from his wife and family in New York relate to family and friends.

John Henry Nash collection, circa 1918-1970 (bulk 1920-1939)

The collection contains an edited copy of the catalog of books printed by John Henry Nash of San Francisco, printing specimens, prospectuses, offprints, and related ephemera, the bulk from the 1920s-1930s. Much of the design work for Nash was done...

John Henry Nash collection of commemorative medals [graphic].

Commemorative medals or medallions, chiefly with portraits of British, French, and other European literary figures. Several exposition souvenirs are present, including the Massachusetts Bay Colony Tercentenary, the Panama-Pacific International Exposition, and the Golden Gate International Exposition. One item represents the...

John Henry Nash collection of engraved portraits by Vertue and by Houbraken [graphic].

Chiefly portraits of British nobility of the seventeenth century, with some earlier figures depicted. Several queens, princes, bishops, and generals are included and some Holbein portraits from the Tudor era.

John Henry Nash letter, 1928 March 30

One letter (TLS) from Nell O'Day, librarian for San Francisco printer John Henry Nash to N. C. Holmes, responding to query about the printing of Margaret Collier Graham's Gifts and Givers, Mar. 30,1928. Alpha list.

John Henry Nash letters : San Francisco, to J. Paget Fredericks and the Right Reverend Bishop Thomas : TLS, 1933 Feb. 28, and 1934 June 13.

Letter of Feb. 28 1933 to J. Paget Fredericks discusses a visit Paget Fredericks is to pay to Nash, with his drawings, and mentions a book that Nash plans to give to him. Letter of June 13 1934 to the...

John Henry Nash pictorial collection [graphic]

Chiefly graphic material related to Nash's fine press productions. Includes original ink, pencil & watercolor drawings for borders, vignettes, illustrations, frontispiece portraits, monograms, initial letters and bookplates, plus various etchings and stats. Also present are offset prints from the Golden...

John Henry Nash portrait collection [graphic]

One portrait each of Jean Hersholt and William A. Magee; 3 portraits of A. Edward Newton (2 inscribed photos of sculptural portraits, 1 photographic portrait) One portrait of John Henry Nash by Georges Pussin, dated 1928.

John Henry Newman letters, 1847-1871.

English religious leader and cardinal.

John Henry Woodworth photostat of typescript statement, early 1860s

[Captain]. Photostat of typescript statement, "An Unpublished Lincoln Story," re sending steak to President Lincoln for his breakfast, taken from an autobiography by Woodworth, who was in charge of beef supply for the Army of the Potomac during the Civil...

John Hetherington Civil War diary, 1961-1962

[Massachusetts Infantry, 21st Regiment (Vol)]. Civil War diary - ms and typescript copies, 1861-1862.

John Hiley Austen botany volume, circa late 19th century

One printed botany volume with extensive handwritten annotations , seemingly sightings of different plants around Weymouth and other areas of southern England, ca. 1835-1863. Volume begins with p. 213, no title, likely volume 2 of 2 volume set. Bookplate of...

John Hobart letters received, 1934-1950.

Primarily letters responding to his reviews. Include letters from Thornton Wilder, John Steinbeck, Eugene O'Neill, Robinson Jeffers, and from motion picture actors (Janet Blair, Nanette Fabray, Betty Hutton, Charles Ruggles, Loretta Young, Vera Zorina).

John Hooper Sierra Club papers, 1980-1983.

Papers relating to John Hooper's involvement in the Sierra Club.

John Houston Bolivia Letter Book, ca. 1870-1873, 1890.

Over 100 written leaves (tissue copies of his letters, in English) from the chief engineer of a project to construction a railroad from Port of Mejillones in present-day Chile (then controlled by Bolivia) to the Caracoles mines in La Paz...

John Howland Rowe papers, 1947-1994.

The collection documents Rowe's decades long career as a professor of Anthropology at the University of California, Berkeley. Included are correspondence, lecture notes and departmental records.

John Hudson Thomas architectural drawings, 1909- 1911.

blueprints for the H.I. Randall house in Berkeley. George T. Plowman and John H. Thomas. 1909. (13 sheets)

John Hudson Wayman papers, 1852-1862.

Diary (Mar. 25, 1852-Mar. 25, 1853) records Dr. Wayman's overland journey from Indiana to California and later experiences mining, mainly in the southern region; and letters (1852-1862) written to family while en route, Shaws Flat and Forest City, California and...

John J. Astor letter, 1953 January

One letter (TLS) from the Chairman of The Times (London) to C. E. Wright of Hollywood, CA, re sending him a copy of Britain's Homage. London, January 1953. Alpha list.

John J. Doyle collection, 1901-1911.

Items related to John J. Doyle, the John Doyle Estate, and Cupertino Wine Company.

John J. Manion papers, 1926-1946.

Mainly his writings on San Francisco's Chinatown and on narcotics.

John J. McElroy papers, 1946-1947.

Relate to his work as state supervisor, emergency farm labor, for the California Co-operative Extension work in Agriculture and Home Economics. Include copies of his letters, minutes of meetings, memoranda issued by his office, and circulars issued by the California...

John J. Pershing letter, 1916 January 3

One letter (TLS) to Harry Owsley, holiday greetings. Headquarters Punitive Expedition, U.S.A., Colonia Dublan, Mexico, 3 Jan. 1916. Alpha list.

John J. Pershing letter, 1923 April 30

(1860-1948). One letter (TLS) from Pershing, on General of the Armies stationery, to The Academy Press, thanking them for book they have sent. Washington, [D.C.], April 30 , 1923. Alpha list.

John J. Zucker marriage licenses, 1943-1945.

Consists of a group of marriage licenses from weddings that Zucker performed in 1944 and 1945 while serving as a rabbi at a synagogue in Reno, Nev., prior to his becoming rabbi of San Leandro's Temple Beth Sholom.

John James Diaries, 1841-1842.

Diary, May 16-Nov. 4, 1841, recording John's journey from Westport, Mo. to California with the Bartleson-Bidwell party. Differs somewhat from the version in Pt. II. Extracts from John Bidwell's journal, Oct. 20-Nov. 5, 1841, also copied into the volume. Also...

John James Hamilton letters to family, 1848-1893.

Correspondnence to family in Scotland describing his activity and surroundings while working in England (1848-1850), California (1850-1858), Chile (1859-1875), and South Africa (1887-1893) Some correspondence concerns the settlement of a family estate (1918-1919)

John Jay Chapman letter, 1930 July 6

(1862-1933). One letter (ALS) from American author John Jay Chapman to M. Jusserand re his war play. Tarrytown-on-Hudson, July 6 , 1930. Alpha list.

John Jones papers relating to mining business in White Rock and to property in Oroville, Calif., 1851-1857.

Include letters to Jones, deeds of sale, agreements, accounts and promissory notes.

John Joseph Alishouskas World War II Fiji Photograph Album, ca. 1942-1946.

Album and accompanying documentation for a soldier who was assigned to Fiji during World War II, injured, and returned home to McCloskey General Hospital in Texas with honorable discharge. Album contains black and white photographs, postcards, booklets and printed ephemera,...

John Joseph Allen papers, 1926-1985, bulk 1941-1963.

Personal and professional papers relating to his political career, primarily as U.S. Representative from California. Also included is a volume of personal reminiscences, which features extensive genealogies and family history.

John Joseph Allen photograph collection [graphic]

Congressman John Joseph Allen Jr.'s photograph collection shows social and political events, publicity photos, etc.

John K. Northrop oral history, 1972

Life history, with the former aircraft company president and aeronautical engineer, re history of Northrop Aviation and the "Flying Wing," Interviewer: Dick Thurston. Interviewee(s): John Knudsen Northrop. Transcript: Three typescript versions. Related materials: The 3 cds are in the box...

John Karner dictations : Mexia, Texas, 1887-1888.

Includes information on Karner's experiences travelling from Germany to New York as a youth; to Texas, 1835; member of Houston's army and at Gonzales when news arrived of the fall of the Alamo; Houston's campaign against Santa Anna, and the...

John Kentfield and Company records

John Kentfield and Company records (SAFR 18867, HDC 519) include accounting documents, receipts and bills of lading that are dated from 1862 to 1876. The collection is available for research use without restriction.

John Kohnen Honey papers

Diaries, letters, correspondence, clippings, postcards, and photographs relating to the American Ambulance Service attached to French Army forces in France during World War I. As a whole, the collection depicts John Kohnen Honey's time in the American Field Service during...

John L. Bromley papers, 1857-1898.

Contains documents pertaining to land held in Contra Costa County and Oakland, Calif. Also includes letter and document pertaining to voyage to California.

John L. Buchanan letters : to his family : ALS, 1852-1857.

Thirteen letters, plus corrresponding photocopies of typed transcripts, from a California gold miner to his wife, brother, and sister; addressed from various digging venues including Sarahsville, Hunts Hill, Volcano Hill and Eaton Rapids.

John L. Cooper diary, 1852.

John L. Cooper's diary for the year 1852, and two-page document containing biographical information and highlights of diary.

John L. Cooper diary, 1852.

John L. Cooper's diary for the year 1852, and two-page document containing biographical information and highlights of diary.

John L. Harper papers : regarding Mineral King, Sequoia National Park, Calif., 1966-1994.

Contains materials from a 1985 presentation and correspondence concerning the preservation of Mineral King now in Sequoia National Park, Calif.

John L. McBeth correspondence, 1856-1868.

Letters (many of them drafts) written by him, mainly from Meekers Flat on the Feather River, to family and friends, describing his experiences farming and tending a store; and letters to him, including one from Horace Parks in 1863 concerning...

John L. Rapier letters, 1880

Four letters (ALS) with Edward E. Bradbury and Postmaster, Richmond, Virginia, re Civil War experiences and long lost book, 1880.

John L. Rinn music collection, 1995-1998

This collection contains music arranged and collected by John L. Rinn. Approximately half the collection consists of barbershop quartet arrangements Rinn created for his quartet, the Rinntones. Other materials include piano arrangements of pop and jazz pieces; arrangement source...

John L. Shover material relating to his article on Fred Schwarz's Christian Anti-Communist Crusade, 1962.

Includes copy of the article, correspondence with magazine publishers and related material.

John L. Stephens (steamship) freight receipt

John L. Stephens (steamship) freight receipt (SAFR 18861, HDC 513) is dated 1876. The collection is available for research use without restriction.

John Lafayette Lane diaries : ms.S, 1852 Apr. 27-1867 May 14.

The diaries, 47 and 127 p., describe a journey to California in 1852 overland from Lockhart, Texas, via Eagle Pass to Mazatlán, by sea to San Francisco, thence to Stockton, Columbia, Sonora, and Mokelumne Hill, where Lane mined through 1853....

John Lawrence Fox journals : mss., 1838-1861.

Journal of a cruise in the U.S. Ship Vincennes.

John Leighly papers, 1925-1987.

Professional correspondence, research notes, field notes, climatic graphs and charts, manuscripts for publication, course notes and transcripts of talks given.

John Lothrop Motley letters, 1868-1876.

Letters of the American historian and diplomat, written to Emory Washburn, David Douglas and Dr. John Brown.

John Lynch papers, 1858-1889.

Mainly records pertaining to his property (a portion of Rancho Petaluma), including deeds from Mariano G. Vallejo and others, abstracts of title, etc. Also included are a few records of the Sonoma Mountain Irrigation Company.

John M. Hague papers

Consists of the professional records of John M. Hague, geologist for the New Jersey Zinc Company, primarily focused on mining operations in Wisconsin. Included in the collection are mining reports, notes and manuscripts prepared by Hague, professional correspondence, writings, and...

John M. Kerr letters : typescript, 1849 Apr. 8-May 2.

Transcripts of five letters describing experiences en route from Missouri to California.

John M. Lewis correspondence, [ca. 1898-1915].

Include letters written by John M. Lewis to his wife, Sophie Borel, 1898-1912 (most of them before their marriage); letters written by Mrs. Lewis, l898-1907, many commenting on family activities; letter to Lewis from Aylett R. Cotton, Sept. 24, 1906;...

John M. Miller and H.E. Burke papers on western forest entomology, 1907-2005 (bulk 1907-1951).

The John M. Miller and H.E. Burke papers on western forest entomology document their work with the United States Department of Agriculture's Forest Service and Bureau of Entomology in California and Oregon. Included are field diaries, notebooks, calendars, and reports....

John M. Miller photographs of California forests [graphic].

Snapshots taken in various California and Oregon forests by John M. Miller during his work as a ranger and entomologist. Photographs depict general views of the forests, as well as insect (and in one view, rattlesnake) control efforts, and camp...

John M. Weatherwax Collection

Materials related to John M. Weatherwax's writings, works, and publishing with the John Henry and Mary Louisa Dunn [Bryant] Foundation. Materials include: correspondence, finished publications, manuscripts, publisher layouts and negatives.

John M. Wedemeyer papers, 1953-1969.

John M. Wedemeyer served as the Director of the California State Department of Social Welfare under Governor Edmund G. Brown. His papers include personal correspondence, from that period, speeches, publications, and materials regarding his resignation from the position in 1966.

John [Maittond?] letter, 1806 May 29

One letter (ALS), re business matters at a local land office. Lancaster [PA?], 29 May 1806. Alpha list.

[John Malcolm Nicol collection of photographs of Latin America and Oregon mining].

Snapshots of scenes and people from the trips of a mining engineer in Latin America and Oregon. Some professionally produced photographs included. Of note are views of Zacatecas and mines in the region, a few images of artillery practice in...

John Marin collection, circa 1900-1930s

Five b/w photos and one earlier photogravure of artist John Marin. Gift of John Gillespie. Alpha list.

John Marsh family papers, 1832-1856.

Include two letters from John Marsh, one in 1832 describing his experiences in the Black Hawk Indian War and one in 1852; letters by Miguel de Pedrorena, William Lewis and Cesáreo Lataillade on business matters; letters by Mrs. John Marsh;...

John Marsh Smith Collection, 1849-1857.

Certificates, correspondence, diary and receipts

John Marshall Pierce diaries, 1863-1873.

John Marshall Pierce was born on January 1, 1831 in Glasgow, MO. He traveled overland and arrived in Diamond Springs, CA in October of 1850. He spent the next 25 years mining and gambling in other parts of California as...

John Marshall Pierce diaries, 1863-1873.

John Marshall Pierce was born on January 1, 1831 in Glasgow, MO. He traveled overland and arrived in Diamond Springs, CA in October of 1850. He spent the next 25 years mining and gambling in other parts of California as...

John (Martha Tyler) papers

Writings, reports, and bulletin, relating to education in Botswana and Swaziland.

John Maximus early map collection, 16th century-18th century

Early 16th-18th century maps by European cartographers such as Blaeu, Jansson, and Mercator.

John Maximus engravings, 1935, circa 1936

Four proofs of engravings on boxwood by John Maximus, privately printed by William Edwin Rudge, Sons, New York City, ca. 1936; one proof, from a brush drawing by John Maximus, lithograph end papers for Mountaineering in the Sierra Nevada, by...

John McCausland letter : Stony Point, Calif. to Clarke B. Holbrook, Sacramento, Calif., 1857 Sept. 8.

Manuscript letter replying to a friend's request for information on the prospects of opening a butcher shop in Petaluma, Calif. McCausland believes the prospects to be good despite the presence of two butcher shops already due to the growth of...

John McCrackan letters, 1849-1850.

Typescripts of letters written by John McCrackan during his journey around Cape Horn aboard the ship "Balance," and after his arrival in San Francisco.

John McCrackan letters to his family : and biographical information, 1849-1853.

Letters describe his voyage from New York around the Horn to San Francisco on the ship Balance, with extensive comment on fellow passengers and crew, bird and marine life, stops in Talcahuano and Concepción, Chile; legal practice in San Francisco...

John McDougal correspondence, 1851-1860.

Documents and letters as Governor of California; with letters and petitions from Alex W. Hope, Rodman M. Price, Persifor F. Smith, San Francisco Bar (85 signatures), and others.

John McGrath ledgers, 1904-1909.

Contains ledger of accounts from John McGrath's grocery in Virginia City, Nev., located on C Street. The second ledger with an inventory is assumed to be from John McGrath as C Street locations are specified.

John McHenry legal papers, ca. 1835-1880.

Contains legal documents including agreements, subpoenas, land surveys, fire insurance policies, deeds, and other assorted legal documents relating to McHenry's legal practice. Also includes receipts for the legal practice and clippings.

John McLaren Society Hagiwara Memorial Fund correspondence

Correspondence related to honoring the Makoto Hagiwara family with a monument and luncheon.

John McLeod papers, 1823-1837.

Reflecting McLeod's labors in the service of the Hudson's Bay Company in western Canada and the Pacific Northwest, prefaced by a brief biographical sketch prepared by the Public Archives of Canada. Includes his journal, Kamloops to Edmonton, February 19-May 17,...

John Meinecke correspondence, 1943-1949 (bulk 1943).

Contains letters to Meinecke, a miner, while serving in the Army in Missouri during World War II. Includes letters from his mother Ann Thompson, many discussing discharge from military because of the need for miners at home.

John Melville drafts and notes for his book, Guide to California wines ..., [1955]

Correspondence (carton 1); drafts (for both editions) (carton 2).

John Melville writings, [ca. 1940-1944]

Manuscripts of his fiction. Includes drafts of Populism and drafts of unpublished children's books, a novel, London Journal (1942-1944), and other writings.

John Meussdorffer account books, [1852-1866]

Accounts for wholesale and retail hat business in San Francisco.

John Miguel Price papers, 1847-1850.

Mainly decrees as alcalde and judge of San Luis Obispo. Include public notices re land, school and elections; letters from Walter Colton, A.B. Thompson and Wm. G. Dana; and inventory of documents handed over by Price to Charles Freeman in...

John Milcane papers, 1898-1901.

3 letters and 1 document to and from John Milcane in the Yukon, and about his mining activities there.

John Montgomery papers

John Montgomery papers, BANC MSS 2011/217, The Bancroft Library, University of California, Berkeley.

John Moore letter, 1962 May 29

One letter (TLS) to John Coulthard, thanking him for kind words about his book. Tewkesbury, England, 29 May 1962. Laid in Your English Words: A Book about Them. Alpha list.

John Morley correspondence, 1904-1923

(Viscount, 1838-1923). Six letters (ALS) to [?] Birrell, re personal matters , 1904- 1923. Alpha list.

John Morley letters, 1910 November 6, 1914 August 28

Two letters (ALS) , 1910 , 1914 from John Morley to Augustine Birrell, laid in Birrel's copy of Morley's book Miscellanies, Fourth Series (1908). Alpha list.

John Muir collection of papers, [ca. 1860-1914]

Letters from Muir to his daughter Helen, W.E. Colby, R.U. Johnson, and others; letters to Muir including one from Ralph Waldo Emerson, 1872; 2 letters to Helen Muir regarding her father's death; letters to W.E. Colby from Charlotte Kellogg and...

John Muir letters to Katharine Putnam Hooker, 1909-1913, undated.

Concerning daily activities, writings, travels, etc.

John Muir's last trip to the Sierra Nevada [graphic] /

Items captioned: John Muir's last trip to the Sierra [at entrance to Sequoia National Park] -- Stage from Wawona into Yosemite carrying John Muir and Frank W. Kellogg -- Top of General Sherman tree.

John Murray papers, [ca. 1898-1920]

Manuscripts, clippings, scrapbooks, pictures, and some correspondence, reflecting Murray's career as labor leader and journalist. Include material concerning miners' strikes in the West, the Mexican Revolution, and the Pan American Federation of Labor.

John Nagy letters to his brother in Ohio : mss., [1853-1858]

Comments on experiences mining and on conditions in California.

John Nelson Bennett Ritchie interviews [sound recording] / 2009.

Interviews conducted with San Francisco realtor, member of San Francisco's Landmarks Preservation Advisory Board, and former president of the California Historical Society in preparation for his memoir "Remember the days." Supplementary material includes the transcript of an interview with Ritchie...

John Nicolson correspondence, 1942-1979.

Six letters of correspondence to a history professor at Northern Arizona University from various people including U.S. Senators, an Italian diplomat, and the broadcaster, Edward R. Murrow. Most contain brief responses to inquiries or comments directed to them by Nicolson....

John N.L. Cummings correspondence : Guyandotte, Va. [i.e. West Va.], 1812-1841.

Contains 47 handwritten letters primarily between John N.L. Cummings and his wife, Mary Susan Cummings (nee Wright) and other related family members. Includes love letters, and general correspondence including letters concerning an American merchant ship running a British blockade. Includes...

John North Shipbuilding Company ledger

John North Shipbuilding Company ledger (SAFR 285, HDC 493) is a bound ledger with a list of vessels constructed by John North of San Francisco between 1852 and 1866. It also contains a detailed inventory of materials and labor costs...

John O. Haman correspondence, 1890-1936 (bulk 1923-1924).

Contains letters with his parents. Also includes writings on Cable Cars.

John O'Farrell Boy Scouts of America collection

In 1916 Troop 1 was organized by W. George Spillman in Sacramento. By 1919, twenty-one troops existed in the Sacramento region. In 1920 a formal council was created to develop and promote scouting in Sacramento and the surrounding areas. The...

John Ogden papers, 1896-1905.

Twenty-three letters written from Tuolumne County, to his wife, Anna, in Berkeley, describe his efforts to homestead on timber land: clearing land, building and furnishing a cabin; assistance of neighbors; attempts at finding outside work to supplement income. Also includes...

John Oliver Ashton papers, [ca. 1938-1959]

Mostly stories written by the radio engineer re the early days of radio and various radio pioneers for whom he worked.

John (Otto) typescript

Relates to the July 20, 1944 assassination attempt upon Adolf Hitler.

John P. O'Reilly incoming correspondence, 1944-1974.

Include letters from San Francisco Chronicle literary editor, Joseph Henry Jackson, and from Irish authors, Frank O'Connor and Seán O'Faoláin. Some refer to book reviews O'Reilly wrote for the Chronicle.

John Paterson correspondence : Berkeley, Calif., 1961-1962.

Correspondence related to his role as host of the television show "Books and Authors" that aired on KQED San Francisco, California. Letter topics include responses to appearance requests, program content, funding, and commentary. Also includes a pencil sketch drawing of...

John Paty papers, 1847-1868.

Contains ms. of Paty's autobiography and a journal, dated 25 Jan. - 22 May 1853, written onboard the brig Baltimore, in the form of a letter to his wife. Also contains a journal from Oahu to San Francisco, 1868; and...

John Paul Dart Letters, 1849-1856.

Letters of John Paul Dart to his brother and sister

John Penn letter, circa 1781 June 18

(grandson of William Penn; Lt. Governor of Pennsylvania, 1763-1771, 1773- 1776). one letter (ALS) to General William Thompson (1736-1781), regretting that Thompson will not be able to dine with him, 18 [June 1781?]. Alpha list.

John Phabe (ship) bills of lading

John Phabe (ship) bills of lading (SAFR 18863, HDC 516) are both signed by Master Elisha Pye on the dates of August 27 and August 30, 1799. The vessel was bound for Liverpool, England from Boston, Massachusetts. The collection is...

John Piper business papers, 1877-1905 (bulk 1884-1898)

Collection contains correspondence, contracts, bills, and other records of Piper's Opera House mainly from 1884-1898. Business letters to Piper are from actors, theatrical agents and syndicates concerning bookings for performances at opera houses in Nevada, chiefly the Piper Opera House...

John Pond Farmer diary, 1849-1850.

Diary kept daily while on journey to California aboard the ship Hannibal out of Boston on Nov. 21, 1849 and arriving in San Francisco on May 6, 1850. Dutiful log of activities aboard ship including helping with repairs, and a...

John Pringle Brodie journals : and related materials : typescripts, 1824-1919.

Brodie's journals and notes, with relevant letters, grouped as follows: (folder 1); J.A. Waldteufel to Herbert E. Bolton. Ukiah, California, October 20-29, 1917; March 11, 1919. 3 p. L.S. Concerns use of the Brodie Mss. and scrapbook by the California...

John Promberger Photograph Album

The collection of photos in this album included group portraits, boats, trains, automobiles, landscapes, waterscapes, farms, and animal husbandry. The album is bound in leather, with marbled endpapers, and the name John Promberger stamped in gilt on the cover. The...

John Purcell San Mateo County documents, 1868-1893.

San Mateo County property deeds, and legal documents. Some of these appear to pertain to the town of Purissima.

John Purinton Fay papers, 1888-1912.

Checks, Oregon Pacific Railroad pass and photocopy of attorney's oath, Nevada, and certificate for expenses as candidate, Congressman at Large, Washington.

John Q. Pearl and John H. Pearl land documents, 1861-1884.

Contains 6 legal documents of John Q. Pearl and John H. Pearl for land in Santa Clara County, California.

John R. Hall papers, circa 1990s

Mainly articles and microcassettes (interviews by Hall?) re various groups such as Heaven's Gate and Aum Shinrikyo.

John R. May speeches : typescripts, 1951-1985.

Contains speeches given by John R. May at the Chit Chat Club and the San Francisco Foundation, concerning charitable foundations and the government, the Hoopa Valley community, Jim Crow laws, on Bernard Shaw, on communication of the blind and deaf,...

John R. McKinney papers, 1863-1883.

Letters written by a Union soldier from Louisiana during the Civil War describing his day-to-day experiences and complaints. One letter speaks of the siege of Vicksburg, and another on July 4th of the rebel surrender. Also contains his discharge certificate,...

John R. Post collection of Graham Greene, circa 1935-2006.

Collection of material by and about author Graham Greene, organized in 14 binders and 1 oversize portfolio. Includes: 3 binders of booksellers' and auction catalogs offering copies of Greene's works for sale; 6 binders of book reviews of Greene's works...

John R. Whinnery papers, circa 1947-1994.

Consists of correspondence, research notes, and course materials for classes taught at UC Berkeley, UC Santa Barbara, and Stanford. Also includes drafts for articles, materials relating to microwave tube research, and files relating to the UC Berkeley Department of Engineering.

John R. Woodyard papers : additions, 1926-1981 (bulk 1930-1942).

Contains doctoral dissertation on Klystron development, lecture notes of W.W. Hansen on microwave devices, coursework and exams in Physics and Mathematics, correspondence, drawings, photographs and blueprints created while engaged in physical electronics research at Stanford University, Sperry Gyroscope Company, and...

John R. Woodyard papers, circa 1913-1977.

Included in: History of Science and Technology Collection.

John R. Young letters to his family, 1882-1885.

Letters written from Tombstone, Arizona, San Francisco, Unalaska and Yukon River area, Alaska; those from Alaska written when he went gold prospecting.

John Randolph Cory account book : Stockton, Calif., 1856-1858.

Bound notebook used by the owner of a carriage making and repair business to record various transactions and expenses, from January 1, 1856 to January 9, 1858, including costs of parts and labor, credits, debits, money received, cash balances, customer...

John Reardon letters : California, to wife Mary Reardon, ALS, 1852-1855.

Contains the letters of a gold miner in Rough & Ready (Nevada County), then Iowa Hill (Placer County) and Lost Camp (Placer County), California to his wife back East.

John Reed papers relating to his estate, 1850-1879.

Includes bonds for administrators and guardians signed by Benjamin Buckelew, Williams S. Clark, Timothy Murphy, et. al., accounts and receipts, and material reganrding litigation over Rancho Corte de Madera and guardian James McCormick.

John Robert Taylor journal, 1861-1921

[Private, New York Infantry, 42nd Regiment (Vol), Company C]. One journal, earliest entries dealing with Civil War service, 1861-1921.

John Robertson letters to his mother, Sarah B. Robertson : Green River : ALS, 1837 Aug. 3.

Written from the trapper's rendezvous; brief account of his experiences of the past year and plans for the next.

John Rollin Ridge papers, 1847-1867.

Include autobiographical note, untitled poem, poem "To a Mockingbird," and clipping re the Indian poet.

John Ross Browne documents microfilmed from various Bancroft Library collections.

Material from C-B 637, Elisha Oscar Crosby papers; C-B 466, George D. Roberts correspondence; C-B 678, J. Ross Browne letters.

John Ross papers, 1979-2009.

Includes materials documenting the life and career of journalist and activist John Ross.

John Ruskin carte de visite photograph, circa 1860s

One carte de visite photograph of Ruskin at about age 40, ca. 1860s. Imprint of Elliot and Fry, London.

John S. Eastwood papers, 1884-1969 (bulk 1895-1924).

The John S. Eastwood papers contain materials relating to Eastwood's career as a civil/hydraulic engineer, particularly in the field of dam design and construction. The collection consists of professional correspondence, agreements, proposals, reports, surveys, specifications, field notes, articles, writings, and...

John S. Knight Journalism Fellowships at Stanford, Records

The collection consists of files from John S. Knight Journalism Fellowships Director Lyle Nelson (1969-1985). Also included are Board of Visitors records, which are restricted for 75 years from date of creation....

John S. McLean papers, 1846-1864.

Mainly letters from John S. McLean to Griffen B. Halsted describing his life and travels in Florida in 1849; letter to him from his cousin, John T. McLean, Feb. 24-26, 1849, concerning his proposed journey to California. With these: certificate...

John S. Service sound recordings collection [sound recording]

Tapes 1-8: recording of East wind rising by Relman Morin; tapes 9-18: recording of Golden inches by Grace Service; tapes 19-27: recording of Goodbye to old Peking by John Seymour Letcher; tapes 28-31 recording of Not without the Americans (excerpts)...

John S. Shirley papers, 1863, 1865

Civil War correspondence, discharge, clippings of letters printed in an unidentified newspapers, and handwritten poem, "Marching through Georgia: A Ballad of 1863," of a private in the Iowa Cavalry, 4th Regiment (Vol), Company A.

John S. Stec Photographs Collection

This collection represents 14 carousels of 35mm color slides photographed by John Stec during his travels in the Unites States and Europe between 1978 and 1982. Holdings include approximately 1940 35mm color slides as well as 14 corresponding indexes handwritten...

John Samuel Fox histories of various historic spots in California, circa 1936.

Typescripts of short essays prepared in connection with the California Historical Landmarks Series of the Department of Natural Resources, Division of Parks and the Works Projects Administration's Federal Writers' Project of Northern California. Includes one report by Lois Ann Woodward.

John Samuel Watson papers, 1952-1962.

Correspondence and subject files concerning his interest and activity with agriculture and politics in California.

John Sanders London papers, 1938-1971.

Collection contains correspondence and biographical materials. Also includes subject files, mainly relating to promotion and tenure at the University of California, Berkeley, and some relating to the University's loyalty oath controversy.

John Sanford letter, 1947 May 12

One letter (ALS) from author Sanford to Harden Goldstein, responding to request for information about his earlier publications. Encino, California, 12 May 1947. Alpha list.

John Schubert collection of Sonoma County court documents, 1847-1979

This collection contains a compilation of Sonoma County court-related correspondence, letterhead, rules, rosters, and business cards culled by John Schubert, a Russian River historian, while he served the county as a deputy sheriff for 39 years. The administrative records...

John Sealy Livermore papers, 1931-2013.

Contains correspondence, journals, and student papers. Includes a significant amount of correspondence from his father Norman B. Livermore, Sr. There are also reports and subject files on mining, particularly about the Dee Gold Mining Company and Rayrock Mines, Inc.

John Seymour Somerset letters to the Mayor and Burgesses of Marlborough, 1671-1672.

Some are recommendations for schoolmasters for the local school.

John Stanton Political Campaign Collection, 1860-2007.

Buttons, ribbons, badges, medals, bumper stickers, posters, letters, photos, and campaign materials. In addition, research notes and rough drafts of a book by Chico State professor Ben Franklin on Reagan's influence on California higher education are included.

John Steinbeck and Arthur Grove Day correspondence, 1929-1950.

Letters received by Day from Steinbeck: three typescript letters signed, John, three typescript letters signed with a typescript signature, John, and one handwritten letter signed, John.

John Steinbeck collection of letters and papers, 1935-1971.

Includes 2 letters from John Steinbeck to Anne Dare; 1 letter to Norma Beatly (Photocopy); 2 letters to Joseph Fontenrose; 1 letter to Robert S. Vance; an essay, Argument of Phalanx (photocopy); a document regarding transfer of literary rights from...

John Steinbeck letters.

Correspondence from John Steinbeck to Katherine (Trina) Groves, the daughter of Steinbeck's Stanford professor William Herbert Carruth, from whom he took Verse Writing and Prosody in the spring of 1923. This correspondence was written in the 1960s regarding Steinbeck's work...

John Steinbeck letters.

Correspondence from John Steinbeck to Katherine (Trina) Groves, the daughter of Steinbeck's Stanford professor William Herbert Carruth, from whom he took Verse Writing and Prosody in the spring of 1923. This correspondence was written in the 1960s regarding Steinbeck's work...

John Steinbeck letters and manuscripts, 1938-1963.

Letters to Mr. and Mrs. Ritchie Lovejoy; letter to Steinbeck from John Roy Carlson; manuscript of The Red Pony; scenario for the film, The Red Pony; galley proofs for The Wayward Bus.

John Steinbeck letters from various Bancroft Library collections, 1938-1963.

Argument of Phalanx; letters Feb. 23, 1938; Feb. 2, 1949; Aug. 26, 1958; Dec. 22, 1944; first theatrical production of Of Mice and Men (reprint).

John Swett & Son records, 1888-1919.

Contains correspondence, but chiefly consists of records concerning operations and finances of John Swett & Son, owners of Hill Girt Farm and Hill Girt Winery in Martinez, Calif. Of particular interest are the daybooks and ledger which record wine purchased...

John T. Apperson papers, 1865.

Letter from Ladd & Tilton to Apperson at Oregon City, and a copy of a contract with the Hinckley Company of San Francisco, 1865, for building a steamboat.

John T. Bell papers, 1864-1918.

Mainly the papers of John T. Bell, many relating to his Civil War experiences, including army reports and orders, signed by E. D. Townsend and others, and a diary, Nov. 1864 - May 1865, describing Sherman's march to Savannah; account...

John T. Knox papers

The John T. Knox papers document Knox's career as a member of the California Assembly representing the 11th district, with files encompassing 1967-1980.

John T. Malone papers, 1875-1892.

Chiefly letters to Malone from friends, including Thomas B. Shapter and Nicholas Bowden.

John T. Porter accounts, 1891-1900.

Bills and receipts, mainly from business establishments in Santa Cruz, California.

John T. Rundle papers, 1849-1864.

Letters to his family prior to sailing and on voyage, New York to San Francisco, on bark, Belvedere, as member, Cayuga Joint Stock Company; letters to his family from California describing his experiences in the mines and stock raising. Also,...

John T. Scott papers, [ca. 1891-1940]

Correspondence, estimates, financial reports, a few records of Union Iron Works, clippings, blueprints of ships, etc. Mainly relate to his association with the Pacific Coast Shipbuilding Company.

John T. Wright papers, 1863-1877.

Mainly correspondence, including letter from A.D. McDonald.

John Thomas Doyle Collection, 1893-1902.

Correspondence, leases, legal materials, notes and drafts, pamphlets, tax receipts

John Thomas Doyle letterbooks, 1858-1906.

Letterpress copies of private and business letters of a California lawyer. Many relate to the Pious Fund litigation, the estate of Peter Donahue and other important cases in his extensive legal practice. Also includes references to his vineyards and winery.

John Thomas Gulick papers, 1841-1916.

Typescripts describing his childhood in Hawaii; voyage to Oregon and life there in 1848; gold mining in California; life in San Francisco; his interest in conchology and evolution; voyage of the schooner Carolina on missionary voyage to Micronesia; missionary work...

John Townsend papers, 1846-1849.

Includes his application for Mexican citizenship, 15 Jan. l846, with supporting testimony by José Abrego, William E. P. Hartnell, David Spence, and Manuel Castro, and signatures of Ambrosio Gómez, Manuel Díaz, and Nicanor del Castillo; letter of same date by...

John Townsend Trowbridge holograph poem, 1879 November

One holograph poem, untitled. Arlington, Mass., November 1879. Alpha list.

John Townsend Trowbridge holograph poem, 1880 January 31

(1827-1916). One holograph poem, "At Sea." Arlington, Mass., 31Jan. 1880. [CDCC]. Alpha list.

John V. Tunney papers, circa 1960-1980.

Campaign and legislative materials, press-related materials, speeches and lectures, some correspondence, and subject and clipping files on various political issues relevant during Tunney's career from the late 1960s through the mid-1970s.

John Vasconcellos oral history, 1987, 1991, 1993

Mainly [Self Esteem ?] Committee meetings and Self Esteem Task Force, plus two phone interviews with Mrs. John Vasconcellos (mother). Interviewer: David E. Russell, [1993] Interviewee(s): Mrs. John Vasconcellos [mother of John Vasconcellos] Related materials: JV HPA collection - there...

John Velton papers, 1972-1982.

Includes correspondence, memoranda, and personnel records regarding Mr. Velton's work with the Disabled Students Program, University of California, Berkeley and the California State Department of Rehabilitation.

John W. Bone letters : Sacramento Valley, Calif., to Marion J. Bowers, Hopkins County, Kentucky 1853-1854.

Contains seven handwritten letters from a man working on a farm near the Sacramento River, California. Five are addressed to his childhood sweetheart, Minnie, and two are addressed to an unnamed friend. Details include descriptions of farm life and agricultural...

John W. Borden ephemera collection, 1960s-1990s

The John W. Borden ephemera collection consists of ca. 964 items collected by Mr. Borden during the 1960s through the 1990s. During these years he was an active amateur letterpress printer and participated in serveral clubs with a focus on...

John W. Edwards letter, 1901.

Letter from John W. Edwards of Redlands, California to T. J. Stefan of Hot Springs, Arkansas, dated August 27, 1901 and discussing discharge of lodge dues out of available funds.

John W. Geary School PTA Records

The records of the John W. Geary School PTA begin in April 1930. Included are correspondence, minutes, flyers, programs, newsletters, and scrapbooks. The most revealing and complete materials from the early days of the school are the publicity scrapbooks which...

John W. Gofman papers, approximately 1930-2010.

Contains correspondence, research files, lab notebooks, writings, articles, speeches, book drafts, scrapbooks, and newspaper clippings relating to all aspects of Dr. Gofman's career. Also includes records, correspondence, and publications of the Committee for Nuclear Responsibility, including the work of Gofman's...

John W. Harding papers, 1919-1975 (bulk 1930-1960).

Collection consists primarily of location files and well records for oil field development in California from the 1920s to the 1960s. Location files contain correspondence, maps, legal documents and notes; well records are standarized forms documenting exploration of particular sites....

John W. Ingram Collection, 1850 - 1854.

Fourteen letters and 16 pages of a diary which was written on the overland journey from Michigan to California.

John W. Reynolds letters to his family, 1875-1876.

Letters describe his experiences in California, including bee keeping near San Diego; impressions of San Francisco and Eureka.

John W. Schuler Papers

Collection includes board meeting minutes, payroll books, shares books, legal documentation, ledgers, and journals from the Delta Warehouse Company. Collection also includes personal financial records and correspondence of John Walter (J.W.) Schuler. [Parenthesized numbers at the end of entries indicate...

John W. Troy papers, 1913-1918.

The papers include letters not only to Troy but to J.H. Guffey, A.L. Shoup, J.F.A. Strong, James Wickersham, and government officials in Washington, especially on political matters, the first World War, and Indian lands near Sitka; correspondents are James Hamilton...

John Walter Stetson papers, 1912.

Concerning the Roosevelt Progressive Republican League of California (of which he was president), the Progressive and Republican Parties and the election of 1912. Chiefly carbon copies of League organizational papers and letters sent or pertaining to the Afro-American Council, C.L....

John Ward Mailliard papers, circa 1928-1954.

Correspondence, invitations, subject files, and clippings; materials concerning J.W. Mailliard Jr., and memorial materials of J.W. Mailliard addressed to others. Also, some correspondence of Mrs. J.W. Mailliard (received after his death) and genealogical material concerning the Mailliard and Ward families.

John Watts Kearny letter, 1889 November 7

One letter (TLS) to Captain Robert Catlin re copies of journal Kearney's father kept in Africa. New York, 7 Nov. 1889.

John Wesley North letters, 1861-1865.

Letters to his wife and sister, written from Virginia City and Carson City, Nevada.

John W.H. Baker letters : Mokelumne Hill, Calif. to Julia Ann Baker, Meriden, N.H. : ALS, 1853-1855.

49 letters from John W.H. Baker to his wife and children date Aug. 17, 1853-Apr. 13, 1855 and comprise a complete set of letters by every steamer during his time in Calif. Baker describes his journey via Jamaica on the...

John William Fox, Jr. letter, 1908 September 30

(1863-1919). One letter (ALS) to Dona Carolina [?] re his forthcoming book, The Trail of the Lonesome Pine. Big Stone Gap, Virginia, 30 Sept. 1908. Alpha list.

John William Livingston papers, 1845-1847.

Papers relating to the U.S. occupation of California, including letter by Livingston to R.F. Stockton, letters from William Speiden and James Biddle, documents relating to the U.S.S. Frigate Congress, copy of Stockton's Address to Californias, etc.

John William Lloyd letter, 1935 April 30

One letter (ALS) to [Robert] Sweet re Lloyd's writing and religious issues, Apr. 30 , 1935. Laid in Lloyd's Dawn-thought on the Reconciliation: A Volume of Pantheistic Impressions and Glimpses of Larger Religion (Sweet BL220.L6 1904). [Sweet]. Alpha list.

John Wilson property agreement : Santa Barbara, Calif., 1839 Oct. 16.

Contains a handwritten agreement (1 p.) concerning property owned by John Wilson and signed by Luis T. Burton [a renter?]. It is also countersigned by Juan Camarillo and has an added note in the margin signed by Antonio Rodriguez. Also...

John Woart scrapbook, [ca. 1852-1891]

Clippings; a few reflecting his service as U.S. Army Chaplin in New Mexico and California.

John Wolcott Adams drawing, circa 1874-1925

Pen and ink drawing by American illustrator John Wolcott Adams, "New York in 1660." Laid in Maud Wilde Goodwin's Historic New York: The Half Moon Papers (New York: Putnam's , 1901). Alpha list.

John Woodyard papers : additions, circa 1926-1972.

Included in: History of science and technology collection.

John Work journals, 1824-1834.

The journals are: (1) Journal ... From Fort George (Astoria) Northward [to explore the lower Fraser River, under James McMillan, November 18-December 30, 1824] (2) Journal of a Trip from F. Vancouver to the Interior in the year 1826 [to...

Johnny Carson Tonight Show script collection

The collection consists primarily of television scripts from the with Johnny Carson. The remainder of the collection consists of other forms of script-related material including: correspondence, clippings, treatments, photographs, as well as scripts that were never performed. Containing material from...

Johnny Guitar Society collection compiled by Malcolm Watt

The Johnny Guitar Society collection compiled by Malcolm Watt spans the years 1953-2000 and encompasses 3.3 linear feet. The collection includes photocopies of scripts, as well as books, clippings, production material, disc recordings, and photographs related to the film....

Johnny Lucas collection, 194x-19xx.

The collection includes original acetate disc recordings from the collection of Dixieland trumpeter Johnny Lucas, including acetates of Lucas' bands, airchecks of the Bing Crosby show and other unidentified recordings.

Johnny Tolbert letters

The Johnny Tolbert letters is a collection of 151 letters and four Western Union telgrams sent from United States Army soldier Johnny Tolbert (1924-1989), also known as Johnnie Clifton or J.C., to Ruth Mae Clennell (1925-2000) from San Pedro, California...

Johns Family Second World War Correspondence

This collection contains letters to and from Danver Johns and his parents Moss and Amy Johns during the Second World War. It also contains letters to Amy Johns from various correspondents and seven photographs and newspaper clippings.

Johns (Nellie E.) sketch book

Sketch book kept by a student of the Mark Hopkins Institute of Art, San Francisco.

Johns (Vernon E.) Family Papers

The Vernon E. Johns collection contains Weiskopf and Johns family archival materials in the fields of education, and both civil and aerospace engineering. The archival collection concentrates on the professional and personal lives of Vernon’s grandparents the Weiskopf’s and...

Johns (William F.) Mining Records

Collection contains correspondence and financial records pertaining to the operation of the Original Amador Mine, Plumas Eureka Mine, Seaton Mine, Sierra Buttes Mine and Uncle Sam Mines.

Johns, William F. Photographs from the William F. Johns mining records [graphic]

Stereographs show the Sierra Buttes mine, and the Plumas Eureka mine. Other photoprints show Plumas Eureka miners and related subjects; the original Amador mine; etc.

Johnson (A.C.) United States Railroad Retirement Board Certificates

Certificates of service months and compensation for A. C. Johnson.

Johnson (Adolf) postcards

22 postcards depicting buildings and scenes around Los Angeles, including Pasadena, Venice and Burbank, sent to Adolf Johnson in Turlock, California between 1911 and 1913. Scenes include (but are not limited to) various views of downtown Los Angeles (Spring Street...

Johnson (Albert J.) papers

The Albert J. Johnson papers, 1945-1998, contain material such as correspondence, diaries, and calendars; objects relating to Johnson’s involvement with film events and festivals, including badges, event posters, and press documents; hand written notes on various films, filmmakers, and festivals;...

Johnson (Andrew) impeachment proclamation

One document, handwritten, a proclamation, relating to the impeachment of President Andrew Johnson....

Johnson (Arthur M.) collection of botanical drawings

Approximately 1000 botanical drawings, most in pen and black ink on paper, of the structural parts of angiosperms and some gymnosperms, by Arthur Monrad Johnson. Many of the illustrations have been published in the author's scientific publications, such as his...

Johnson (Arvid T.) Papers

This collection contains correspondence, ephemera, and a photograph album of World War I American soldier Arvid T. Johnson (later a San Diego State College history professor), as well as some later family letters and documents.

Johnson (B. Lamar) Papers

B. Lamar Johnson was a highly distinguished educator known as due to his extensive contributions to the study and development of community college education. The collection contains correspondence, reports, speeches, administrative papers and publications from Johnson's tenure at Stephens College,...

Johnson (Barbara Piasecka) miscellaneous papers

Sound recordings of interviews, and promotional literature, relating to American philanthropy and business investment in Poland, and to the Torf Corporation. Interviews conducted by Elena S. Danielson.

Johnson (Basil) Photograph Collection

The collection contains several hundred black and white prints and color slides taken by Basil Johnson, Emeritus Professor of Geography at the Australian National University.

Johnson Beal Collection, 1852-1869.

Letters from family and friends, poll tax receipts.

Johnson (Benjamin O.) Papers

Correspondence, reports, memoranda, diplomatic dispatches and instructions, and printed matter, relating to the Russian Railway Service Corps in Siberia, the Inter-Allied Technical Board, and the Trans-Siberian Railroad during World War I and the Russian Civil War. Photocopy.

Johnson (Bernard) Papers

This collection documents the career of Bernard Johnson, a dancer, costume designer, director, choreographer, and teacher who served as the first professor of costume design at UC Irvine from 1991-1997. Materials document Johnson's professional work in theatre, film, and television,...

Johnson (Buford A.) papers

This collection contains military documents, correspondence, and other material pertaining to the Tuskegee Airmen and Buford A. Johnson, a Master Sergeant in the United States Army Air Force and chief mechanic who serviced jet aircraft in the 99th squadron of...

Johnson, C. W. J. (Charles Wallace Jacob) Miscellaneous photographs of Monterey, Calif. [graphic]

Photographs from various sources depicting: Seventeen Mile Drive (at Cypress Point), Hotel del Monte, and the Spanish mission of Monterey ("Royal chapel" of the Presidio)

Johnson, C. W. J. (Charles Wallace Jacob) Photographs of the opening of the graves of Franciscan friars at Mission Carmel [graphic] /

Mission Carmel (July 3, 1882) on the occassion of the opening of the graves and the identification of the remains of the Franciscan Friars: Juan Crespi, Julian Lopes, Firemen Francisco Lascuen, and Junipero Serra. Primarily group photos of St. Patrick's...

Johnson (C. W. J.) Collection

Accounts, business and personal correspondence, diaries, photographs....

Johnson (Captain Peter)memoirs

Captain Peter Johnson memoirs (SAFR 17847, HDC 394) dated 1877 to 1927, is a 107 paged xerographic copy of his reminiscences including his youth in Sweden, his seaman's days and his time as a steamship captain for Matson lines. The...

Johnson (Captain Robert) photograph collection

The Captain Robert Johnson photograph collection, circa 1900-1918, (SAFR 24822, P77-034) is comprised mainly of photographs of scenes related to the fishing industry in Alaska. The collection has been processed to the Item level and is open for use.

Johnson (Carl) Personal Papers

Carl Johnson was a proud member of the U.S. Navy. In the 1930’s he travelled aboard the USS Ranger to Peru and Brazil. He was a seaman second class (S2c), an aviation machine mate third class (AMM3c) in the V-2...

Johnson (Carlton) Correspondence

[Item 1] To Don Massy, from Carlton Johnson, February 23, 1982, Clio, Michigan, 1 p. Letter about several Michigan railroads: the Cadillac & Lake City Railway Company, the Tuscola & Saginaw Bay Railroad and the Huckleberry Railroad. A.L.S. [Item 2]...

Johnson (Carrie Jette) scrapbook

This scrapbook primarily concerns her high school life in Pacific Grove, California, her student years at Stanford University, and social events in Monterey and San Francisco. Included are programs, dance cards, clippings, invitations, calling cards, menus, valentine cards, academic notices,...

Johnson (Charles H.) Papers

The collection mainly contains correspondence from Charles H. Johnson, a Civil War Union soldier, Michigan Cavalry, 1st Regiment (Vol), Co. M, to his mother, 1858-1866, as well as some later correspondence, a few photographs, and miscellany, including a cookbook with...

Johnson (Charles Henry) Journal

Journal of Charles Henry Johnson about his voyage to San Francisco from the East Coast, aboard the ship "Rhone". He records the journey and notes each location they arrive at. He left December 22, 1847 and arrived in San Francisco...

Johnson (Charlotte M.) papers

Materials include correspondence (both manuscript and typescript), diaries, newspapers, artwork, photographs, and ephemera created and collected by missionary teacher Charlotte Johnson. Most of the correspondence is from the time that Johnson went to China just after 1904-1914, while the diaries...

Johnson (Clarence L.) papers and addenda

Collection of archival material related to aeronautical engineer Clarence L. Johnson.

Johnson County War collection

The collection consists of primary and secondary source material on the Johnson County War of 1892, focusing on and around the town of Buffalo, Wyoming. It includes manuscripts related to the Johnson County invasion, alleged cattle rustling, the death of...

Johnson, Danny M. Research Collection

The collection includes 35 photographs, printed copies of newspaper articles, descriptions of the property, copies of relevant leasing and court documents, Johnson's personal notes on the location, maps, a printed copy of a PowerPoint presentation, and notes on public speaking...

Johnson (David) Photograph Archive

Rich representation of the African American community in San Francisco, particularly the Fillmore District, from the post-World War II era to the Civil Rights movement.

Johnson (Donald Barton) papers

The Donald Barton Johnson papers are comprised of the research, correspondence, and works of literary criticism (especially related to Sasha Sokolov and Vladimir Nabokov) compiled by Professor Emeritus Donald Barton Johnson throughout his career as professor of Russian and Slavic...