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"F" Company Veterans reunion material, 1886-1891.

Invitations and programs for reunions, 1886, 1890 and 1891, of members of Company F, 2d Infantry Regiment, California National Guard, organized during the labor agitation, 1878.

F. E. Spinner letter, 1875 September 22

One letter (ALS) to unknown party, soliciting support for his bid for Comptroller. Mohawk, Sept. 22, 1875. Found in unsorted Wyles SC.

F. H. Hobbs East Africa photograph collection, circa 1927-1932

96 black and white snapshots, most Tanganyika (Tanzania) and some Uganda, taken by C.M.S. (Church Missionary Society) .... Locations include: [see dealer description for details].

F. Lincoln Grahlfs papers, 1990-1995.

The collection consists of questionnaires that Grahlfs circulated to American military veterans, asking about their exposure to radiation. The information he gathered was used for his Ph.D. dissertation and a subsequent book.

F. Nutter Cox papers, 1902-1939.

Cost estimates, blueprints and other data relating to irrigation and hydroelectric power projects in Mexico, and to a railroad in Costa Rica. Oversize folder contains blueprints of dams and other irrigation related projects in Mexico.

F. Schilling & Son Business Records

Ledgers from F. Schilling & Son, one of San Jose's historic businesses, family owned and operated from the 1860s through the early 1980s, selling firearms, hardware and sporting goods.

F. Scott Fitzgerald Letter, 1919.

One lengthy letter (ALS), six leaves, from author F. Scott Fitzgerald to [Maxwell] Perkins, thanking him for agreeing to publish his first book ["This Side of Paradise", 1920] and wondering if it will be possible to bring it out soon,...

F. Shead India Northwest Frontier Photograph Album, 1929-1930.

Album contains 200 black and white snapshots taken by a British soldier of the 2nd Essex Regiment, stationed in the Northwest Frontier Province of British India (now Pakistan). Images include scenic views; portraits of fellow soldiers, local peoples, Indian and...

F. W. Haselwood typescript carbon of Placerville Highway, late 1920s

One typescript carbon, "Placerville Highway," re early development of roads over the Sierra Nevada Mountains. N.p., ca. latter 1920s.

F. W. Vowinkel guest book : Alameda, Calif., 1904-1938.

Guest book containing unlined pages signed by guests of Dr. F.W. Vowinkel. Some pages also contain additional comments by the guests about their activities at the house and favorite quotations. Also contains 4 tipped in black and white photographs of...

F. Weber and Co. Records

Manufacturer of artists' materials, including paints, papers, and other supplies. Records contain trade catalogs and price lists, paint formula books, sample books, and business papers, trade catalogs and sample books of other companies, and lectures written and delivered by F....

F-105 Special Collection

The F-105F was a supersonic fighter bomber used by the United States Air Force. The F-105F was the third F-105 in production and the F-105G would later be modified from the F-105F. This Collection details the demonstration of the...

F.A. Nettelbeck letter and note : to J.R. : ALS, 1977 Jan 21.

Letter and note to J.R. in Walnut Grove, Calif. accompanied Nettelbeck's work he sent to J.R., and praise J.R.'s work.

Fabbri (Inez) Collection

Collection includes newspaper clippings and scrapbooks; studio photographs of Madame Fabbri wearing her opera gowns, photograph albums of her colleagues and family; an unpublished draft of a romance of Madame Fabbri's life by her grand niece, Agnes Jacoby; a tape...

Faber du Faur (Kurt von) Papers

Although this collection includes only a small portion of Curt von Faber du Faur's papers, it nonetheless contains some interesting personal items, such as a draft of an unpublished novel, and a few poems. Some German correspondence relates to the...

Faber (Justus) correspondence

Relates to German military activities during World War II.

Faber (Sandra M.) Papers

This collection contains correspondence, notes, papers, reports, minutes, articles, charts, tables, scan data sheets and maps, and photographs relating to Faber's research on the structure, formation and evolution of galaxies and stars since joining the faculty at UCSC Lick Observatory...

Fabiola Hospital Association records, 1884-1952.

Chiefly concerning organization of the hospital, its property and merger, 1938, with the Samuel Merritt Hospital. Correspondence, accounts and miscellaneous papers. A few of the papers are from the Oakland Homeopathic Hospital and Dispensary Association. Also, scrapbooks relating to medical...

Fabius T. Finch legal files, 1901-1943.

Contains correspondence, legal documents and financial papers relating to San Francisco businesses and families, consisting of files for Edward R. Bacon & Co. and Contractor's Machinery Exchange, as well as the estates of Jonas Bloom and Virginia F. Dakin.

Fabled Asp Collection

Fabled Asp is a multimedia archive that documents forty years of activist history and creativity. The project illuminates the myriad ways disabled lesbians have been moving against invisibility through civil rights actions, theater, dance, sports, and visual arts. The collection...

Fabregas (Tomas) papers

Memos, press releases, articles, correspondence, conference information and reports document Tomas Fabregas' AIDS activism on behalf of the ACT UP Immigrant working group and the San Francisco AIDS Foundation. The collection highlights Fabregas' work against immigration and travel restrictions on...

Fabre-Luce (Alfred) memorandum

Relates to missing archival material regarding the origins of World War I.

[The face of poetry exhibition photographs].

Photographs produced for exhibition, also reproduced in the 2005 book by the same title. The poets represented were all participants in the "Lunch Poems" series at the Morrison Library of the University of California at Berkeley. Poets pictured are: Czeslaw...

Faces Distribution Corporation collection of trims and outtakes, 1974-1977.

This collection of trims and outtakes are from three feature films written and directed by John Cassavetes and presented by Faces Distribution Corporation, A woman under the influence (1974), The killing of a Chinese bookie (1976), and Opening night (1977).

Faces of the Enemy : video tape

Finished videotape copy, transcript, and raw videotape footage, relating to psychological dimensions of war, interstate rivalry, and social conflict. Produced by Quest Productions.

Face-to-face: U.S.-Soviet summitry video tape

Relates to the history of high-level diplomatic negotiations between the United States and the Soviet Union, and especially to summit conferences from 1943 to 1987. Produced by the South Carolina Educational Television Network in cooperation with the United States Institute...

Facilities along the Panama Canal [graphic]

Photographs show general views of the city of Panama, as well as detailed views along the Panama Canal. Hotels, dining rooms, and readings rooms of the I.C.C. (Isthmian Canal Commission?) Club, a police station, hospital grounds, laborers quarters, workers and...

Facilities Management Records

The Facilities Management Records represent construction and maintenance activities in Yosemite National Park from 1914 to present, providing essential insight into activities and operations of the park in the 20th century. The collection is comprised of 17 accessions that were...

Facilities slides (University of California, Riverside)

The collection consists of approximately 500 35mm slides taken of UC Riverside Facilities activities and locations during the 1960s and 1970s. Most of the slides focus on agricultural work, including depictions of citrus orchards and irrigation issues. Also included are...

Fackert (Harold E.) collection

Pamphlets, clippings, and miscellanea, relating to pacifism.

Fackler (F. Louis) Scrapbooks

This collection includes five scrapbooks, loose materials, photographs and 8mm films documenting the very early years of UC Santa Cruz's history.

Facsimile Anstellungsreverse [declaration of employment] von Johann Sebastian Bach in Leipzig

Anstellungsreverse [Declaration of Employment] von Johann Sebastian Bach in Leipzig

Facsimiles de las firmas originales de 56 hombres distinguidos en la historia de California : ms.S.

Tracings of signatures of fifty-six famous Californians, made from originals in the State Archives for H.H. Bancroft in 1877. Indexed.

Facsimiles of Vizcaino and Junipero Serra documents for Adolph Sutro : Seville, Spain, 1883-1884.

Three facsimiles of different pre-American Californian documents, two by Junipero Serra and one by Sebastián Vizcaíno, in Spanish. On each, a note says in English that they were "photographed from the original the "Archivo General de Indias" de Servilla under...

Factor (Max) Collection

Booklets and clippings for motion picture make-up and its application, including one for the consumer market, 1928 - 1935. Also a greasepaint sketch portrait of Factor from the 1930s. See also P-239

Factor (Max) Photograph Collection

A collection of 24 black and white publicity photographs of cosmetician Max Factor (1877-1938) and his make-up studio at 1666 North Highland Avenue in Hollywood, California.

The facts of Stone and Kelsey massacre in Lake County California : ms. (typescript), [undated]

An account, written by a half-Pomo Indian, of the murder of two white men by five Indians in 1849 and of the atrocities committed by the punitive expedition.

Faculty & Individual Files, University Archives (Institutional Records)

The records in this series contain materials related to Faculty & Individual Files (Series 7). The series consists of news clippings, correspondence, biographical information, interview materials, publications, and other materials related to faculty, staff, donors, guests, and other individuals associated...

Faculty and staff collection (University of California, Riverside)

This collection contains programs, newspaper clippings, memorials, and other material on faculty and staff from the University of California, Riverside. Mostly contains information on the memorial service and death of Dr. Emory B. Elliott, former English Professor at the University...

Faculty and staff photographs (University of California, Riverside)

This collection contains negatives, photographs, and other material on the University of California, Riverside Faculty and Staff. Mostly contains information and photographs on faculty and staff throughout the years.

Faculty Associates records (University of California, Irvine)

The collection consists of records of the Faculty Associates organization at the University of California, Irvine from 1988-2000. Records include bylaws, minutes of board meetings (1988-1996), newsletters (1988-1996), and related material.

Faculty Association Records

The collection consists of by-laws, curricular records, committee files, meeting minutes, and other records....

Faculty Bulletin/University Bulletin

Preservation copies of the University of California Faculty Bulletin and the University of California University Bulletin.

Faculty Club/University Club Records

Ledgers, committee lists, correspondence, meeting minutes, and photographs of past presidents of the club.

Faculty Collection

Contains records from several past UC Davis faculty.

Faculty governance and physics at the University of California, Berkeley, 1937-1990 : oral history transcript / 1993.

Physicist and professor, Helmholz discusses his family background, education at Harvard and Cambridge, career on the faculty of the University of California, Berkeley, especially the loyalty oath controversy, the free speech movement, UC oversight of Livermore and Los Alamos Laboratories,...

Faculty Reprint Collection

Reprinted articles written by University of California, Davis faculty members and published in scholarly journals.

Faculty Wives, University of California, San Francisco Records

Records include correspondence, minutes, announcements and flyers, historical information, subject files....

Fadeeva (Elena Pavlovna) drawings

Botanical drawings of flowers.

Fadem (Joyce A.) papers

Joyce Abrams Fadem (b.1932) was a educator and a prominent member of the California Democratic party. She served as director of political action and legislation for the California Teachers Association, Los Angeles (1969-71), was a member of the California Democratic...

Faderman (Lillian) papers

Faderman's papers consist of drafts of her published papers and book reviews and manuscript and typescript versions of three of her books: (1981); (1991) and (1994). The papers also include background research for her various publications; correspondence relating to her...

Fadiman (Dorothy) / Concentric Media papers

The collection consists of materials related to the career of filmmaker, producer, author and teacher Dorothy Fadiman from 1976-2018. Papers document publicity, interviews, production, fundraising, reception of films, festival showings, and work with television, such as PBS. Also included are...

Fadner (John) Papers

Honorable discharge form, photographs, clipping, medal, military identification tags, and certificate of Baptism from John Fadner, 1910-1993. John Fadner was a gay man fired from his job as an orderly at a Veteran's Administration Hospital during the McCarthy-era persecution of...

Fae Lenaire Sutton Papers

Fae Lenaire Sutton is an individual who resided in Orange County. Her family were original property owners in the area of Orange and Santa Ana reaching back to the 1880s. The Fae Lenaire Sutton Collection is composed mostly of documents...

Fagan (Ted) Collection

Fagan's collection consists primarily of reel to reel tapes (1033). The rest of the materials are music memorabilia, Fagan's own writings and documents concerning the United Nations.

Fagan (Thomas) Collection: Blacklisted Teachers in Los Angeles (Interviews)

Audio cassettes and documents from interviews with Blacklisted Teachers by Thomas Fagan.

Fagen (Richard R.) collection

Pamphlets, serial issues, government documents, bulletins, newsletters, press releases, speeches, conference papers, clippings, and memorabilia, relating to political, social and economic conditions in Cuba under Fidel Castro, in Chile under Salvador Allende, and in Nicaragua under the Sandinistas; to education...

Fager (Irene) Papers

Papers of collector and newsletter publisher Irene Fager. The papers relate to the publication of her newsletter, , and include correspondence, subject files focused on submersibles, and album pages.

Fages, Pedro Cavalry Inspection Report

Manuscript, August 22, 1788, signed by Californa governor Pedro Fages. Inspection report of the cavalry at the Santa Barbara Presidio, including evaluation of soldiers, equipment, and supplies....

Fages (Pedro) Cavalry Inspection Report

Pedro Fages (1734–1794) was a Spanish soldier, explorer, and first Lieutenant Governor of the Californias under Gaspar de Portolá. He was the fifth Spanish Governor of Alta California (1782–91) when he wrote the inspection report contained in this holding. The...

Fages, Stephen B. (Second World War correspondence, photographs, clippings, and other materials)

This collection contains various materials collected by SSgt. Stephen B. Fages, USA during and after his service with the 104th Infantry Division in the Second World War. Included in the collection are correspondence, books, photographs, clippings, maps, patches and medals,...

Fagg (Fred D.) Inauguration ephemera

Fred D. Fagg served as the sixth president of the University of Southern California (1947-1957). During his tenure, the University underwent a great deal of post-war growth; in April 1948, USC dedicated some 29 buildings-- most of them former U.S....

Fagothey (Austin J.)

The Austin J. Fagothey, S.J. Papers, 1950-1989 (bulk 1951-1975) consist of biographical materials, correspondence, manuscripts, and teaching materials. The collection is comprised primarily of documents chronicling the development of Fagothey’s seminal texts, (1953) and the (1972), including correspondence, outlines, reviews,...

Fahden, Nancy Collection

This is a collection of the former Contra Costa County Supervisor, Nancy Fahden, which includes correspondence, meeting agendas, and reports and studies on many issues including landfill, Naval Weapons Station, and hospital closures.

Fahey (John) papers

John L. Fahey can be considered one of the founding fathers of the field of clinical immunology and was the founding president of the Clinical Immunology Society in 1986. He discovered Immunoglobulin D (IgD) while at NIH and delineated other...

Fahey-Sloan Family Collection

The Fahey-Sloan Collection includes family history materials and photographs. Several photo albums created by Elizabeth Haskell Sloan document the activities of the Yosemite Logging Company (1914-1917). Other albums created by Robert Fahey depict the activities of the Oakdale "Bronco Boys"...

Fahrner (Robert) Collection

Framed and unframed playbills and images of actors and actresses collected by UC Davis Professor of Dramatic Art Robert Fahrner.

Fahy (William L.) collection on A.E. Housman

This collection consists of notes, press clippings, and other material used by William L. Fahy throughout the course of his research on British poet A.E. Housman.

Failes, Horace (Civil War correspondence)

This collection contains correspondence from Sgt. Horace Failes to his sister Elepsia Spencer during the American Civil War.

Failing (Henry) scrapbooks

Henry Failing scrapbooks (SAFR 226, HDC 465) is comprised of two volumes that contain correspondence, certificates, bills of lading, and receipts associated with the Corbett, Failing, & Company for the years spanning 1855-1890. This collection has been processed and is...

Fain family papers

Identification documents; legal, work, educational and other official documents; and photographs, relating to social conditions in Russia and the Soviet Union.

Fainer (Joseph L.) papers

Joseph Lionel Fainer (1897-1960) was the special prosecutor in the Harry Raymond bombing case. The collection materials focus on his involvement with the trial and consist of trial notes, photographs, and clippings.

Fair Administration of Justice Commission Records

The records of the California Commission on the Fair Administration of Justice (CCFAJ) consist of four cubic feet of textual records reflecting the Commission's research and recommendations on the state's administration of criminal justice. The records date from 2005-2008....

Fair (C.T.) San Antonio and Aransas Railway Assistant Valuation Engineer's Notebook

A notebook maintained by San Antonio and Aransas Pass Railway valuation engineer C.T. Fair in San Antonio, Texas around 1914.

Fair Housing Council of Orange County Records

This collection consists of materials related to the Fair Housing Council of Orange County (FHCOC), a private non-profit organization formed in 1965 in the wake of the civil rights movement that resulted in the Civil Rights Act of 1964. The...

Fair Oaks Fruit Company Archives

Fruit company's business records.

Fair Oaks Ranch Photographs

This collection contains one photograph album and thirty-five loose photographs depicting the Fair Oaks Ranch, in Altadena, California, during the late 19th century. The ranch, owned by businessman and rancher James F. Crank, encompassed a vineyard, winery, and citrus orchards,...

Fairbank (James Partridge) Papers

Notebooks, photographs, proceedings, journals and correspondence pertaining to such civil engineering issues as fire protection and land use.

Fairbank (W.C.) Collection

Material about night picking of fruits and vegetables and slides of farm equipment.

Fairbank (William M) Papers

Correspondence, notes, talks, papers, graphs and charts, articles, reports, research proposals, laboratory notebooks, and photographs largely related to his research projects, including free fall experiment, gravity gradiometer, lambda point experiment, gravitational radiation, HE³ nuclear gyro, magnetic susceptometer, and magnetocardiography.

Fairbanks (Douglas) papers

The Douglas Fairbanks papers span the years 1903-2002 (bulk 1917-1939) and encompass approximately 23 linear feet. The collection includes business records for Douglas Fairbanks Pictures Corp., such as employment contracts; financial records, including personal and corporate income taxes; scrapbooks; and...

Fairbanks (Harold) papers and photographs

Correspondence, photographs, manuscripts, clippings, diaries, audiocassettes, and other material documenting the life, family, and professional career of Harold Fairbanks (1935-2014), a Los Angeles-based journalist and film critic who wrote for the Advocate, Update, Entertainment West, and Newswest.

Fairbanks (Harold W.) papers

Harold W. Fairbanks (b.1860) was an expert on the geology and geography of the Pacific Coast, and author of over 40 articles. His published works include (1899), (1902), (1903), and (1903). The collection consists of manuscripts and published materials.

Fairbanks (Jerry) Productions Records

Executive producer, Jerry Fairbanks was born in San Francisco, CA, Nov. 1, 1904; was a cameraman (1924-29); formed his production company in the early 1930s; produced films for Universal pictures; moved to Paramount pictures in 1936 where he produced the...

Fairbanks Photo Album

The album consists of 119 photographs pertaining to the Fairbanks Family traveling from Orick in Humboldt County, California, and continuing along the Klamath River to Orleans in the 1920s. The bulk of the images are concerned with the construction of...

Fairbrook (Lotte C.) Memoirs

The Lotte Fairbrook Memoirs describe Mrs. Fairbrook's life from its beginnings in Hamburg, Germany (1898) through her emigration to Palestine (1933) and then to the United States(1938)....

Fairbrook (Paul) Stockton Port Commissioner Records

The Fairbrook Collection consists of: Commission minutes; policy statements; financial records; personnel records; correspondence; and, clippings pertaining to the Port of Stockton and its commissioners (1973-1977)....

Fairchild Aerial Photo Collection

Collection of approximately 140 black and white aerial photographs of the Palos Verdes Peninsula taken between 1927-1956 by the Fairchild Aerial Survey company.

Fairchild (Betty) Papers

The Betty Fairchild papers consists of the unpublished typescript, "Living Through It: Personal Explorations of AIDS in People's Lives" (alternatively entitled, "AIDS and the Family"), along with some newspaper clippings about her and her pro-gay activities in the 1970s and...

Fairchild Corporation, Reports

Arranged chronologically, the published listing includes authors of technical reports and dates of progress reports.

Fairchild (John A.) Papers

Five documents relating to John A. Fairchild's purchase of the "Lone Star" or "Star" Ranch in Yreka, Siskiyou County, California, including deeds and correspondence.

Fairchild (Mahlon Dickerson) Memoirs

Mahlon Dickerson Fairchild's "Pioneer Reminiscences" is a 175-page, typed, manuscript describing, in rich and interesting detail, his journey from New York to California via Panama in 1848. He also describes his prospecting and mining adventures in California, Nevada, and Arizona...

Fairchild, Ricardo Alfaro collection of material

The materials consist of Fairchild brochures, planning documents, a "Goodbye Fairchild" Party planning binder, emephemera related to the deaths of Lewis H. Young and Robert N. Noyce, two books (Tom Wolfe's "Hooking Up" and Time Life Books' "The Chipmakers"), conference...

Fairchild Semiconductor Corporation: files of Steve Allen, photographer

The Steve Allen photographs of Fairchild Semiconductor contains photographs of professional photographer Steve Allen, a Fairchild Semiconductor and National Semiconductor Corporation employee from 1966 through about 1997. The collection documents executive employees, sales force, fabrication facilities, and products of Fairchild...

Fairchild Semiconductor employee papers

The Collection of Fairchild Semiconductor employee papers contains professional papers of early Fairchild Semiconductor employees Geri Hadley, Hazel White, Robert K. Waits and Lars Lunn. The collection does not contain any official corporate records of the company. The collection spans...

Fairclough (Henry) Estate Legal Documents

Documents regarding the Fairclough estate, held in trust by the Stanford Board of Trustees.

Fairclough (Henry Rushton) miscellaneous papers

Correspondence, clippings, and certificates relating primarily to Red Cross civilian relief work in Montenegro.

Fairclough (Henry Rushton) Papers

Correspondence with family and associates including Melville Best Anderson, John Casper Branner, Herbert and Lou Henry Hoover, David Starr Jordan, Chester H. Rowell, Benjamin Ide Wheeler, and Ray Lyman Wilbur. Also includes diaries, notes, photographs, newsclippings, pamphlets, published works, medals,...

Faire (Virginia B.) papers

Actress Virginia Brown Faire appeared in over forty silent film productions. The collection consists of photographs and scrapbooks related to her career.

Fairfax family engravings

This collection contains engraving (prints) of famous figures, places, landscapes, and maps of England. Primarily includes engravings from or relating to the English Civil War and of major figures in English military history.

Fairfax (Marion) papers

The Marion Fairfax papers span the years 1890-1967 (bulk 1910s-1920s) and encompass 1.0 linear foot. The collection contains scripts, correspondence, clippings, miscellaneous manuscript material, a few contracts, and a photograph album. There is some material regarding her husband Tully Marshall....

Fairfield (Asa M.) Collection

Letters of pioneers and early settlers of Lassen County used by Fairfield in preparing his county history published by H. S. Crocker in 1916....

Fairfield's Pioneer history of Lassen County, California : rev. typescript : and related material, 1916.

Typescript of the final manuscript as prepared for the printer, with holograph pagination and corrections. Accompanied by 10 volumes (in 9) of notebooks, chiefly containing copies of various source materials used in compiling the history. These include Isaac N. Roop's...

Fairless (Alexandra) Campaign Collection

This collection consists of campaign material from Alexandra Fairless’ 1972 election to Arcata City Council and her re-election to city council in 1976. The documents reflect her campaign’s staffing and organization as well as speaking engagements and print material from...

Fairman (Charles) printed material

Relates to problems of legal jurisdiction of Allied military government during World War II.

Fairoaks Project Collection

The Fairoaks Project collection includes 10 photographic prints, restored and enlarged by project curator Gary Freeman, from the Fairoaks Polaroids by Frank Melleno (1942-2010). Print titles include: 10, Aida, Brazilian, de Sade, DJ, Hanuman, Locker Room, Pool, Shower, and Stairwell....

Fairs and Expositions Collection, 1893-1967

The Fairs and Expositions collection consists of drawings, photographs, postcards and publications that document a variety of fairs and expositions nationwide. The collection is organized into five series: I. Panama-Pacific International Exposition, II. Panama-California Exposition, III. Golden Gate International Exposition,...

Fait (Margaret E.) papers

Reports, dispatches, memoranda, correspondence, and printed matter, relating to relief aid to displaced persons in Germany at the end of World War II, and to Jewish refugees in transit to Palestine.

Faith McNulty papers : on the California Condor, 1965-1985 (bulk 1977-1978).

Collection consists chiefly of correspondence between Faith McNulty and Carl Koford. Also included are drafts of Faith McNulty article on the California condor and related materials.

Faith, Prayer and Tract League collection, circa 1950s-1970s

200+ small tracts published by the Faith, Prayer, and Tract League of Grand Rapids, Michigan, mainly in the Silent Evangelist and Scripture Postcard series, with titles such as "Born Again," "Where Will You Spend Eternity?" and "Where Is Happiness?"

Falcon Studios still images collection

Slides, tranparencies, negatives, photograph prints, contact sheets, DVDs, CDs and other material, circa 1970-2012, from Falcon Studios, one of the largest producers of gay erotic film and publications in the United States. The collection includes original negatives and over 1.5...

Falconer (Thomas) Collection

This is a collection of Thomas Falconer data from 1929-1930 collected by F. W. Hodge, in preparation for the publication by Thomas Falconer, published by Dauber and Pine, New York City, in 1930, for which Hodge wrote the introduction and...

Falgar, Wes Collection

The collection includes an employee identification card, hard-hat and related material for Wes Falgar, who worked at the Tidewater Oil Company’s Avon Refinery in 1959; and a portable grain scale that was used by grain buyers in the field and...

Falk (Adrien J.) Papers

Materials relating primarily to Falk's civic activities. Includes letters written to him, many of them from prominent men in San Francisco and in the State; copies of some letters written by him; biographical sketches; personalia; awards and citations; photographs; clippings;...

Falk (Karl L.) collection

Writings, correspondence, reprints, newspaper articles, and miscellanea, relating to the sinking of the Lusitania in 1915, to the Saar plebiscite in 1935, to the conditions of Germans living in the Sudetenland, Memel, and the Polish Corridor in the interwar period,...

Fall (Albert B.) Papers

This collection contains the papers of New Mexican Senator Albert B. Fall (1861-1944) consisting of letters and documents related to the following subjects: Fall's terms of office as senator for New Mexico (1912-21) and secretary of the Interior (1921-23), family...

Fall (Eliza) Papers

This collection consists of 8 manuscript poems and sonnets by English poet Eliza Fall (1821–1881) and 45 letters from Fall to William Henry Harrison (1795?-1878) concerning her efforts to have a volume of poetry published. Fall's letters discuss her poetry,...

Fall (James H.) collection

French identification documents of arrested Vietnamese communists; and a Viet Cong photographic training manual.

Fallen Leaf Lake and Echo Lake, in the Sierra Nevada mountains [graphic].

View of Fallen Leaf Lake includes man with bicycle on trail as well as electrical power lines. View of Echo Lake taken from high distance with unidentified lake in foreground. Third view unidentified.

Fallenius (Margaret) papers

Travel diaries, scrapbooks, programs, photographs, musical scores/sheets documenting Margaret Fallenius' (1890-1962) career in vaudeville....

Fallon, Jr., Clifford Collection

The collection includes two yearbooks from Marin Jr. College (1931 and 1932) and the program from the May 1935 graduation ceremony at UC Berkeley. According to the Deed of Gift for the items described here, the donation also included yearbooks...

Falls of Clyde (built 1878; ship, 4m) cost book

Falls of Clyde (built 1878; ship, 4m) cost book (SAFR 17194, HDC 299) is a bound photocopy of cost book number 17 dated 1878 to 1879. The collection is available for research use without restriction.

Faloon (David C.) papers

The David C. Faloon papers consist of promotional and sales materials, product information, punched card designs, training materials, personal notes, and photographs pertaining to his work for Remington Rand's UNIVAC division, and later, Sperry Rand Corporation's UNIVAC division.

Faludi (Susan) Publicity Collection

The includes a number of press clippings, particularly from news magazines and national newspapers, printed before and after Backlash and Stiffed were published. In particular, it documents the national news-media's response to the books, and the debate surrounding second-wave feminism in...

Families of Los Gatos Collection

The Families of Los Gatos Collection is part of the larger Vertical File Collection, located in the Los Gatos Library Local History Room. These files contain photocopies, photographs, handwritten notes, and other documentation of individuals and families who have lived...

The Family / Waco collection, circa 1993-2000

mainly files assembled re Waco, but also folders on Evangelical Ministries to New Religions, Friends of Freedom, Hare Krishna, Islam, Religious Freedom Acts, Solar Temple, and Unification Church.

Family album of San Jose and San Francisco Bay Area views [graphic]

Snapshots of family members, friends, leisure activities, social gatherings, homes (exterior and interior), events, and outing locations chiefly in the San Francisco Bay Area and Northern California. Views of a trip to Hawaii are also included. Pictured are the family...

Family album of Southern California views [graphic]

Contains views from Alhambra, Redondo, Riverside and other unidentified areas. Also depicted are homes of Ransie Langworthy, Dr. Frary, Cussie Fowler, and others; as well as avenues, beaches, gardens and unidentified family members and neighbors.

Family album of Vallejo, Calif. and other locales [graphic]

Views seem to center around Vallejo, Calif. Includes snapshots of many home interiors and exteriors, groups of family and friends, outing groups chiefly around Northern California, a parlor decorated for a wedding, portraits of the bride, and homes visited in...

Family, business, and the San Francisco community : oral history transcript / and related material, 1973-1975.

Interviews with his wife, Janet Choynski Fleishhacker, also included. Photographs inserted. His comments on growing up is San Francisco; the Woodside house designed by Greene and Greene; the Fleishhacker family and other members of Jewish community in San Francisco; family...

Family International Records

document more than six decades of church and personal activity and include newspaper clippings, photos, audio and video recordings, personal papers, organizational documents, federal agency records, and related anti-cult and scholarly documents. During this time, The Family faced many controversies...

[Family life and outings in the Los Angeles area].

Family snapshots on "real photo postcard" stock, mounted in album produced to hold postcards. Outdoor portraits and group portraits of family, perhaps friends, children, and scenes. Includes views taken at the City Zoo, by orange trees, and at an ostrich...

[Family life in Alameda, Mill Valley, and Watkins' Ranch in 1902].

Snapshots of family life and local buildings.

The family of Harry Q.H. and Moey Lock Lee of Hanford, California [graphic].

Photographs and clippings document the life of a politically active Chinese family in Hanford, Calif. Includes photographs of Harry Q.H. Lee's herbalist shop in Hanford.

Family Photograph Album

Damaged velvet-covered album with metal clasp. Cover decoration is made of white plastic. The album contains unidentified portraits of men, women and children, high-quality cabinet cards, some from Stockton, California. 1879, undated

Family Photograph Album, 1902-1906

Family Photograph album of scenes taken in California, Washington, Kansas, Indiana, Canada, and Alaska. Includes some photographs of destruction from the San Francisco Earthquake.

Family Photograph Album, 1920s

Album has been taken apart. Photographs of scenery and people at various locations (rather than formal portraits). Some views are of the Northwest coast and show totem poles and forested coastline.

Family Photograph Album, ca. 1890-1910

Album of unidentified formal portraits.

[Family photographs and snapshot album of Adelaide Lewis McMullen, daughter of General Edward Mann Lewis].

Chiefly snapshots, with some studio portraits, of friends and family of Adelaide Lewis. The majority of photographs are in a snapshot album apparently compiled by Adelaide, and dating chiefly from 1908-1914. At this time the family lived at the Presidio...

Family photographs, aviation, and University of California at Berkeley views [graphic]

Photographs show family activities (relatives of donor Eileen Hemmerle?), U.C. Berkeley student life, agriculture in Fresno and Kings counties, and aviation. Family photos show leisure activities (horseback riding, swimming, etc.), San Francisco Bay Area views, family outings, and portraits of...

Family photographs from the Harvey Fergusson collection [graphic]

For the most part the collection comprises portraits of family and friends including: Eva Fergusson, Francis Fergusson, Fred Newton, Lena F. Browne, Mildred Koonce, Jeannette Mursky [or Minsky?], Margaret O'Hagon[?], and others. Included is also a photographic copy of a...

[Family photographs of a Chinese American family of California].

Chiefly unidentified family portraits, with some group portraits of organizations. Summary from seller's description: Collection of Chinese families from origins in Kwangtung Province to Northern California: San Francisco, Berkeley, Oakland, Stockton, Sacramento areas, from the beginning of the 20th century...

Family photographs of Dr. Michael of Ferndale, Humboldt Co., Calif. [graphic]

Primarily family photographs of children and adults (some wearing fine clothes) doing various activities.

Family portraits from the John Francis Freeman papers [graphic]

Collection primarily consists of portraits of the Freeman family and friends. Among those identified are E.J. Bennett, W.C. Bennett, Susan and Fred Colley, John Francis Freeman (many), Julius W. Tilson, Sarah Freeman, and many children. Gravestone of J.F. Freeman's mother...

Family Preservation Archives records

The Family Preservation Archives, headed by Dr. Barbara Solomon, is a collection of data gathered from community-based family preservation networks (CFPNs) in Los Angeles County. As of 2008, the Family Preservation Archives documented over 4000 families or "cases." From 2002...

Family reminiscences : oral history transcript / and related material, 1966-1967.

Recollections of family life in San Francisco; social customs; prominent Jewish families in San Francisco; Alaska Commercial Company; her husband, J.B. Levison; 1906 earthquake. Photographs inserted.

Family Service Agency of San Francisco Records

Admission and discharge ledgers for babies and children, minutes, miscellaneous correspondence and administrative records, program publications and ephemera, scrapbooks, building plans, and a small amount of photographs documenting the activities of the Family Service Agency of San Francisco from before...

Family Service Association of San Diego Records

The document the organization's operations and activities as well as San Diego's general welfare needs, spanning from the organization's inception through the 1970s.  The collection includes correspondence, reports, budgets, agency program materials, news clippings, committee files, meeting minutes, fundraising materials,...

Family Service of Los Angeles Area and Welfare Planning Council scrapbooks

This collection of scrapbooks originated with Family Service of Los Angeles Area and the Welfare Planning Council. The albums contain clippings regarding adoption; materials on the activities and functions of the Southeast Advisory Council of Family Service; the Welfare Planning...

Family Service of Los Angeles records

The Family Service of Los Angeles records document the activities of this social service organziation from its beginnings during the early years of the Depression, to its end in a merger with the Didi Hirsch Community Mental Health Center. Included...

Family Service of the East Bay records

Family Service of the East Bay records, 1887-1997, document the work of the organization, from the founding of its parent organization, Associated Charities in 1888 to its termination in 1997. The collection has been divided into seven series based upon...

Family Surnames and Topics Research Files

Family Surnames and Topics Research Files were created by volunteer Library staff members in response to patron requests for research assistance on a specific family surname or topic. Contents of files vary widely, depending on what was found in the...

Family vacation album of Californian and Western views [graphic]

Contains family vacation photos from Los Angeles, Mojave Desert, Monterey, Yosemite, Sequoia National Park, and other California locations. Also included are views of the Hetch Hetchy Dam, the San Francisco Bay Bridge during construction, and Oregon Caves. Photos depict sightseeing,...

A family winery and the California wine industry : oral history transcript / and related material, 1983-1984.

Recollections of his early life, association with various wineries. The development of Martini family properties, vine culture and winemaking techniques. Additional documentary materials included in separate box.

A family's roots in Richmond : recollections of a lifetime resident : oral history transcript / 1985.

Recollections of a lifetime in Richmond, California. Topics include: schools, Japanese and black communities, Winehaven, whaling, Todd-California Shipyards, WWII era, recruitment of Kaiser shipyard workers, housing, Japanese internment, and redevelopment in the 1960's.

Famme (Joseph H.) Personal Papers

Joseph H. Famme was a prominent contributor to the growth of the aerospace industry, especially in San Diego. The collection consists of engineering proposals, reports, correspondence, photographs, newspaper clippings, as well as other documents related to the design of major...

Famous Computer Cafe collection

Audio tapes and associated documents of The Famous Computer Cafe, including approximately 15 reel-to-reel recordings, plus production documents, transcripts, and digital files....

Fan scrapbooks compiled by Edna G. Vercoe

The Fan scrapbooks compiled by Edna G. Vercoe span the years 1914-1915. The six scrapbooks, heavily annotated by Vercoe, contain clippings grouped by film title or personal name. The letters Vercoe received from actors were removed from the original envelopes...

Fanchon and Marco Collection of Photographs and Ephemera

The Fanchon and Marco collection contains approximately 1400 photographs depicting hundreds of Fanchon and Marco Inc. sets and performers for the company's live variety shows performed before feature films in California and across the country in the 1920s and 1930s....

Fane (Elizabeth Parker, Lady) Botanical Album

A botanical album containing 25 watercolor paintings created by Lady Elizabeth Parker Fane in the 18th century.

[Fannie E. Hawley sketchbook of California landscapes].

Subjects depicted in drawings include the artist's former home at 324 Ritch Street in San Francisco (which burned on August 28, 1876); a few scenes of the Berkeley hills and countryside; a culvert underneath a Southern Pacific Railroad overpass (perhaps...

Fannie Wall Children’s Home and Day Nursery, Inc. Records

Established in Oakland, California on November 20, 1918 by the Northern Federation of Colored Women’s Clubs, the Fannie Wall Children’s Home and Day Nursery, Inc. was created to “care for homeless, dependent, neglected children from broken homes, and to provide...

Fannie's letters : from brother Charley and sister Clara, 1873-1874, 1881.

Contains 2 letters from brother Charley discussing his apprenticeship as a shoemaker. Another letter from sister Clara talks about living at Olmstead Farm near the Santa Cruz Mountains.

Fanny C. Houghton account books, 1873-1895.

Two ledgers recording family expenses, including detailed accounts of clothing, contributions, household needs, and personal expenses.

Fanny Corbaux note, 1892 February 10

One note (AN) from Fanny Corbeaux, saying she is pleased that Mr. Abington is interested in her papers on "The Rephaim." [London], Feb. 10, 1892. Found in Marie Francoise Catherine Doetter Corbaux's The Rephraim, and Their Connection with Egyptian History...

Fanny Dutard (built 1882; schooner, 3m) crew photographs

The Fanny Dutard (built 1882; schooner, 3m) crew photographs, circa 1920-1930, (SAFR 23856, P93-061) are comprised mainly of photographs of crew members during a voyage on board the Pacific Coast cod fishing schooner FANNY DUTARD. The collection has been processed...

Fanny Dutard (schooner, 3m) sea journal

Fanny Dutard (schooner, 3m) sea journal (SAFR 17884, HDC 379) is a 19 page, typewritten journal written by Jimmy Crooks. It details his voyage on the FANNY DUTARD on a cod fishing trip to the Bering Sea in 1926. The...

Fanny Jaffe Sharlip memoirs, 1947.

The collection consists of handwritten notebooks and a typescript of "My Memoirs" that describe her early family life in Russia, interactions between Jews and gentiles, immigration to the U.S., settlement and family life in California, and her reaction to the...

Fansler, Ruth Tragedy

Story of the death of Ruth Fansler

Fantasia Fair and Other Transgender Events Collection

Fantasia Fair is a conference for transgender and gender-nonconforming people. The collection consists of ephemera from Fantasia Fair and similar transgender events nationwide, including photographs, fliers, newsletters, buttons, and pamphlets.

Fantasy Records Publicity Files Inventory

The Fantasy Records Publicity Files include documents and related materials collected and generated by the Fantasy Records Publicity Department. The materials range from the early days of the company's foundation in the 1950s under the ownership of the Weiss brothers...

Fante (John) papers

John Fante (1909-1983) was an American writer of Italian descent whose depiction of 1930s Los Angeles in his novel Ask the Dust (1939) earned him his greatest acclaim. The work inspired later artists such as Charles Bukowski and Robert Towne....

Fante (Thomas Anthony) War Department File

Military record of Thomas Anthony Fante, who served in the United States 716th Railway Operating Batallion from October 23, 1943 until September 30th, 1946.

Fantus (Robert A.) Collection

Opera and classical music performances on open reel tape, all recorded from radio broadcasts by Robert A. Fantus.

fanzines (Collection of)

This collection is comprised of more than 68,000 fan magazines, primarily from the 20th century, regarding Science Fiction, Fantasy, Animation, and related genres. It was created by integrating several individual fanzine collections from prominent members of the fan community including...

Far East Asia Collection

The Far East Asia Collection consists of a collection of books, scrolls, and other artifacts believed to have been donated by Miss Ethel Swiger. Miss Swiger graduated from San Jose State College in 1934 and received her credential in librarianship...

Far East Company records, 1926-1972.

The bulk of the collection consists of miscellaneous invoices sent by various firms in China and Hong Kong to the Far East Co., Hong Kong, purchasing agent for the San Francisco firm. Goods ordered are mainly food products, handicrafts, and...

Far East Photograph Albums

Two photo albums, the first mainly of handcolored scenes in Japan and the second mainly of the Peking area of China around the time of the Boxer Rebellion and the China Relief Expedition, with numerous pictures of European and American...

Far Eastern Commission records

Mimeographed minutes, memoranda, reports, laws, and proclamations, relating to Allied administration of occupied Japan after World War II.

Far Western Slavic Conference proceedings

Relates to the history, politics, foreign relations, economy, society, and literature of the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe.

Faragoh (Francis) theater arts images collection

Collection consists of pictures and photographs relating to stage, theater, and theater personalities. Includes the Frances Faragoh collection of portraits of late 19th and early 20th century actors and actresses, and a collection of almost 200 pictures of stage-settings and...

Farallon Islands lighthouse exhibit copy photographic prints

The Farallon Islands exhibit copy photographic prints, 1897-1939, (SAFR 24653, P15-026) are comprised of photographs of the Farallon Islands used by San Francisco Maritime National Historical Park on their Farallon Island lighthouse exhibit panels. The collection has been processed to...

Farber (Nat) television show music arrangements

The collection consists of manuscript scores for arrangements by Nat Farber and others for The Carol Burnett Show, The Danny Kaye Show, The Dinah Shore Chevy Show, and other productions. Also included are scripts and rehearsal schedules for The Carol...

Fardon's (George Robinson) Views in California photograph album

One photograph album containing 12 black and white, salted paper prints. Photographed by G.R. Fardon and published in 1865, the images are considered the earliest published photographic record of an American city. Photographs document the development of downtown San Francisco....

Farha (Sandra) Papers

Includes material documenting Farha's work with the National Organization of Women, campaigning for the Equal Rights Amendment and for numerous other political campaigns.

Farie (Sophia) poetry notebook

Small notebook containing handwritten copies of poems, clippings of poems, and a few clippings of short essays. The book is inscribed inside the front cover and on one of the last pages with the owner's name, and the dates December...

Farin (Linda) papers

Linda Farin was a successful lawyer in Austin, Texas. After seeing Donna Deitch's film , she became inspired to produce a realistic and positive lesbian erotic film and began forming a cohort of lesbian writers in order to develop a...

Farington family correspondence

This collection contains multigenerational correspondence and personal notes of the Farington family. Reverend William Farington (1704-1767) was the vicar of Leigh and rector of Warrington in Lancashire, England. His son, Joseph Farington, RA (1747-1821), was a landscape painter best known...

Faris (Margaret Summers) Scrapbook

Collection consists of a printed scrapbook (College Girls' Record by Virginia Woodson Frame) in which Faris added brief entries. Items added to the volume include a valentine; photographs of coeds and of students ready for a golf game; and a...

Farish (Linn M.) circular

Reprints extracts from an article by L. M. Farish, entitled "Huge Reserves, Poor Technique Characterize Soviet Oil Industry," published in in June 1940, and letters to the editor prompted by this article, published in in July 1940, relating to a...

Fark (William E.) Personal Photo Collection

William E. Fark served in the 461st bombardment wing of the US Airforce.

Farley (Alan) Collection

The Alan Farley Collection consists primarily of recordings made for the radio program Book Talk recorded on audio cassette tapes, digital audio tapes and compact discs. Book Talk airs on KALW 91.7 FM in San Francisco, California, though some of...

Farm and ranch views near Colusa, California [graphic].

Snapshots of farms, farmhouses, ranches, fields and crops , drainage ditches, chickens, cattle and bailing alfalfa. All have short typewritten annotations (recto) of subject and or location. Some locations include Glen Homestead, C.C. Miller's chicken ranch, Bayliss Camp, Yerxa Ranch,...

Farm and Road Locomotive Company Agreement

Agreement (2 pages) between the Farm and Road Locomotive Company and R. R. Doan, W. B. Ready, R. Clark, et al. for the construction of an engine, 1871.

Farm labor in California [sound recording] : interviews / 1974-1975.

Interview notes, partial rough transcripts, and letters also available.

Farm Labor Organization Files

Contains organizational files documenting the United Farm Workers movement, especially in the lettuce and grape boycotts. Organizational files include newsletters and ephemera.

Farm Labor Training Collection

Material about tomato harvesting training course; photographs, clippings, proposal.

Farm School records (University of California, Irvine)

This collection comprises the records of the University of California, Irvine Farm School, which provided an alternative education to children ages 5 to 12 years old between 1969 and 2007. The collection includes administrative records of the Farm School between...

Farm Security Administration photograph collection [graphic].

Photographs document depression-era conditions in the American South, Midwest, Southwest, and California, including the impact of drought and the living conditions of agricultural laborers. Westward migration, migrant living conditions, strikes, FSA migratory labor camps in Arizona and California, Farm Associations,...

Farm Security Administration, Region IX, San Francisco, Calif.

Contains materials collected by Ralph W. Hollenberg chiefly during his tenure as Acting Director of the Farm Security Administration, Region IX, from 1939 to 1941. Contains administrative records, program files, and farm labor research materials relating to FSA activities...

Farm worker collection

This is a small collection housed in one 1/2 document box and 1 slide binder box. The collection contains 1968-1972 issues of the English language version of the United Farm Workers (UFW) news magazine ; aproximately 150 slides related to...

Farm Worker Organizing Collection

This is a collection of reports, writings, correspondence, union documents, fliers and clippings from individuals and organizations involved in the struggle for equitable wages and decent living conditions for farm workers in the United States during the 20th century.

Farman (Joan and Phillip) Environmental Collection

The collection documents conservation issues relating to San Diego's parks and its Parks and Recreation Board, Coastal Management, Community Plans, the San Diego City Planning Department, Century 3, Flood Control, the Ocean Beach Jetty Debate, and Sunset Cliffs. It includes documents,...

Farmer (David) Collection

Material regarding wine; brochures, catalogs, ephemera, newsletters, recipes.

Farmer (Edward M.) papers

Military documents, pamphlets, and correspondence, relating to the second civilian camouflage course given by E. M. Farmer at Fort Belvoir, Virginia, 1942.

Farmer Family Diaries

Hanford, California family's diaries, financial records, clippings, and notes.

Farmer (Garland R.) papers

Correspondence, reports, business and financial records, bulletins, statistical data, pamphlets, serial issues, clippings, other printed matter, and photographs relating to iron ore mining in Liberia and to political, social, and economic conditions in Liberia. Includes some material relating to Ghana...

Farmer, Malcolm F. (Second World War correspondence)

This collection contains correspondence from 2LT Malcolm French Farmer, USA, to his mother during the Second World War, as well as photographs and some biographical information.

Farmer (Malcom F.) Collection

This collection consists of three manuscripts written by Malcolm F. Farmer, frequent contributor to The manuscripts are titled "Notes on the Place of the Malaga Cove Site in Southern California Archaeology," June 1937; "An Indian Camp-Site in Tuna Canon," undated;...

Farmer Merchants Bank (Stockton, Calif.) Scrapbook

The Farmers & Merchants Bank Scrapbook chronicles the period of creation of the Bank's new headquarters building (1915-20). Approximately half of the scrapbook is devoted to photographs of the Bank staff and to various stages of the building process. The...

Farmer (Moses G.) Papers

Moses Gerrish Farmer (1820-1893) was born in Boxcawen, New Hampshire. While he was a school principal in Dover, New Hampshire, he invented a machine to print paper window shades. He invented what became the first electric fire alarm system in...

Farmers & Merchants Bank Correspondence

This collection consists entirely of the incoming correspondence to Farmers & Merchants Bank of Sheyenne, North Dakota, between 1907 and 1942. The correspondence reveals the thoughts and feelings of the Swedish immigrant farmers the bank served throughout the northern Plains...

Farmer's Almanac Collection

The Farmer's Almanac collection contains almanacs from the dates 1811 to 1960 with information regarding astronomy, weather, farming advice, law information, poetry, gardening tips, and periodicals. Between the years 1847 and 1848 the title of the almanacs changed from "The...

Farmers' National Weekly newspaper issues

Organ of the Farmers' National Committee for Action, a communist front organization, and published in Washington, D.C., during 1933, and in Chicago, 1934-1936.

Farmers' Trade Union Records.

Account books, cash books, check stubs, and other records relating to the commercial activities of a farmers' supply cooperative in Clements, California.

Farmersville Film Project Collection

This collection includes a broad selection of materials related to the Farmersville Film Project that took place in 1968-1969. The Farmersville Film Project was funded by the U.S. Office of Economic Opportunity, inspired by the National Film Board of Canada's...

Farming scenes [graphic] /

Title supplied by cataloger.

Farnam Lyons autograph book, circa 1879-1883

[sic]. Autograph book, [ca. 1879-1883]. Moved to Wyles Mss 28.

Farner (Frank) papers

Speeches and writings, correspondence, reports, studies, memoranda, and printed matter, relating to the establishment and administration of Federal City College in Washington, D.C., and to activities of the World Bank in providing educational development assistance to various Asian countries, especially...

Farnham, Edward (Frank Mt. Pleasant Collection)

One tape of Edward Farnham's niece saying a blessing and one picture frame containing Frank Mt. Pleasant for the dedication of the Frank Mt. Pleasant Library of Special Collections and Archives.

Farnham P. Griffiths papers

The papers of Farnham P. Griffiths include correspondence and subject files documenting Griffiths' personal and professional life. Included are materials regarding family history, his education, his work with the University of California, records of the Maritime Law Association and the...

Farnham P. Griffiths photograph collection [graphic]

Photographs relating to Griffiths and family. Locations include: Bohemian Grove (Calif.), Buckingham Palace (Great Britain), other European locations, and Pakistan.

Farnsworth (Charles Stewart) Papers

Charles Stewart Farnsworth was a United States Major General in the United States Army, who served in the Spanish-American War and World War I. This collection consists of letters, documents, manuscript diaries, a few maps and photographs, and ephemera.

Farnum (William) Collection

Manuscripts, photographs, clippings and ephemera relating to the life of William Farnum and his acting career.

Farnum (William) papers

This collection contains the papers and scrapbooks of actor William Farnum (1876-1953). Materials include play scripts, personal photographs, theater programs, handbills, correspondence, clippings, and publicity materials.

Farquhar (Francis P.) collection of offprints, ephemera, and other material

Collection consists of a group of miscellaneous publications, brochures, flyers, announcements, and ephemera, as well as materials relating to the American Alpine Club....

Farquhar (Francis P.) Papers

Francis P. Farquhar (1887-1974) was born in Newton, Massachusetts. He participated in expeditions to Mount Olympus, Greece (1914 and 1951) and to the North Pole (1949). The collection contains photographs and negatives of mountains, photographs of public buildings, a photograph...

Farquhar (Francis P.) Papers

Materials reflecting his avocations as conservationist, mountaineer, author, and historian. Include letters from friends and colleagues, officials of various government agencies and private organizations, etc., with copies of his replies; and subject files (with mss. of his writings, bibliographies, notes,...

Farquhar (Francis Peloubet) collection

Photographs, 1902-1918, of American warships and merchant vessels and of shipyards in the San Francisco area, mostly taken during World War I; and a list, 1941, of the principal mountains of Greece.

Farquhar (Franklin S.) Papers

This collection contains the papers of California historian and journalist Franklin S. Farquhar (1865-1947), including diaries chronicling daily activities and reminiscences, as well as manuscripts of several of his writings. His earlier diaries were written while he lived in Washington...

Farquhar (Percival) papers

Correspondence, memoranda, and reports, relating to negotiations between P. Farquhar and associates and the Soviet government concerning the development of Russia's iron ore and steel resources, and to the work of American engineers in the Soviet Union. Includes reports on...

Farquhar (Robert D.) Collection

Scrapbooks, ephemera, photographs, and correspondence related to architect Robert D. Farquhar and his work, particularly buildings commissioned by William Andrews Clark, Jr.

Farquhar (Robert D.) drawings of Beverly Hills High School

The Robert D. Farquhar drawings span three linear feet and date 1929. The collection consists of one flat file folder containing eight architectural drawings of Beverly Hills High School in Beverly Hills, California. Drawings in the form of reprographic copies...

Farquhar (Robert D.) Papers

Collection consists of architectural drawings, blueprints, sketches, and plans of Robert D. Farquhar, and one photograph of Bourgeois, Arthur Brown's collaborator for the San Francisco Hall. Includes drawings for Florence Brown residence in Bel Air (Los Angeles), Mrs. Henry Weyse...

Farquharson (Dorothea Price) papers

Correspondence, reminiscences, post cards, printed matter, and photographs, relating to social work, the Masaryk family, and the death of Jan Masaryk, foreign minister of Czechoslovakia, in 1948. Includes corresondence with Alice Masaryková, sister of Jan Masaryk and president of the...

Farquharson (James A.) papers

Orders, memoranda, clippings, other printed matter, photographs, and memorabilia, relating mainly to American military operations in the Pacific theater during World War II.

Farr (Fred S.) Correspondence and Photographs

Fred S. Farr was a Democratic California State Senator from 1955 to 1966, and worked with the Farm Security Administration during World War II. The collection contains seven letters to Farr from Japanese American friends from California incarcerated at assembly...

Farr (Lee) papers

Collection consists of material related to the career of actor Lee Farr. Included are clippings, photographs and negatives, interview transcript, TV stills, scrapbook, and memorabilia....

Farr (Sam) Papers

Sam Farr served as a California State Assemblyman from 1980-1993, representing the 27th and 28th Assembly Districts. The Sam Farr Papers consist of 19 cubic feet of records reflecting the interests and political activities of Farr during his 12 years...

Farragut (David Glasgow) Papers

This collection contains official and personal correspondence of United States Naval officer David G. Farragut (1801-1870) primarily covering his Civil War career, but also touching upon family affairs, including his children; personal business; naval politics; Farragut's efforts for promotion, and...

Farrand (Beatrix J.) Collection

The collection consist of personal and professional papers, records of Farrand's work as a landscape architect, and records relating to the Reef Point Library.

Farrand (Max) Papers

Max Farrand was an American historian and first director of the Huntington Library from 1927 to 1941. This collection consists of letters, manuscripts, documents, and a scrapbook, primarily related to Farrand's research from 1816 to 1947.

Farrand (Stephen M.) papers

Bulletins, regulations, correspondence, newsletters, clippings, periodical issues, and photographs, relating to prisoner of war camps in the United States during World War II.

Farrar (Irwin E.) Papers

Irwin Elmer Farrar (1893-1983) was the president of Sierra Alfalfa Company, and later of the Farrar-Loomis Seed Company, experimenting with a new kind of sugar beet and seed. He served as secretary of the Corona Chamber of Commerce, founded the...

Farrar (Irwin E.) papers

The collection contains materials related to Irwin E. Farrar, a former 30 year member of the board of directors of the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California, and founding member of the Eastern Municipal Water District and Riverside County Flood...

Farrar (Lynn D.) Papers

This collection contains the papers of Southern Pacific valuation engineer Lynn D. Farrar, who was an important collector of Southern Pacific historical materials and the lead of the Southern Pacific Historical Cost Study, a multi-year, multi-million dollar project undertaken by...

Farrell (Charles H.) Collection of Plays

Collection consists of typescript copies of various plays, some with manuscript stage directions, including an adaptation of George Du Maurier's , by Paul M. Potter....

Farrell (Cliff) Papers

Cliff Farrell (1899-1977) was the telegraph editor, night news editor, and sports news editor for the (1925-56). He also wrote many western novels, more than 600 short stories and novellas for fiction magazines. The collection consists of thirteen manuscripts of...

Farrell (Harry) Papers

Material accumulated by author and journalist Harry Farrell during his research for books Shallow Grave in Trinity County (New York: St. Martin's Press, 1997) and Swift Justice: Murder and Vengeance in a California Town (New York: St. Martin's Press, 1992)...

Farrell (James T.) Letter

One letter (TLS) from author James T. Farrell to Elizabeth Schneider (English Department, University of Pennsylvania), re legal action to suppress his book, . New York, NY, 24 May 1948....

Farrell (Michael J.) Papers, White House Special Files, 1969-1974

This collection reflects Michael Farrell's work in the White House Visitors Office. First, during his time as a Staff Assistant and then Special Assistant to President Nixon.

Farrell (P.J.) World War I Photograph Album

The P.J. Farrell World War I Photograph Album documents the experiences of American nurses and soldiers during World War I. The majority of photos were taken at Camp Albert Mills on Long Island and on the home front more generally...

Farrell (Robert C. (Nappy Chin)) Photograph Collection

The photograph collection of 21 prints (18 black and white and 3 color digital prints) document neighborhood events and activities on 6th Street between Market and Howard in the South of Market neighborhood in San Francisco between 2000 and 2004.

Farriery Receipts and Medical Recipe Ledger

Collection contains a manuscript receipt book written on machine-ruled paper. Includes entries for horses treated and what was done for them, as well as medical recipes for horse problems such as glanders, bots, poll evil (fistula), cancer, hoof rot, and...

Farrington Jones (Nan and Roy) Archive

Reported to be the largest collection of color slides of early California art, the Nan and Roy Farrington Jones Archive of Early California and Western Art is pertinent to the study of 19th to mid-20th-century artists. The archive contains over...

Farris Family Papers

Correspondence, photographs, diaries, and ephemera....

Farwell (Lyman) papers

The Lyman Farwell papers span 4 linear feet and date from circa 1893 to circa 1933. The collection contains large format scrapbook pages (measuring 26 x 19.5 in.) filled with articles written by Farwell, newspaper clippings regarding his buildings, sketches,...

Farwell (Willard Brigham) Papers

These papers are Pioneer recollections of early gold digging and mining all throughout California, as related in the article Farwell wrote for an issue of The Pioneer from January 1898. There is also a handwritten account tracing the author's life...

Fascist Italy collection

The Fascist Italy collection comprises books, pamphlets, postcards, sheet music, posters and various propaganda materials from the early to mid 20th century in Italy.

Fashion Frocks, Inc. Style Cards and Other Material

This collection comprises 133 style cards, each approximately 23 x 30.5 cm. The bulk of the cards feature fashion styles from the 1952 Fashion Frocks spring collection, with nine representing the 1959 spring and summer collections. Fabric swatches are pinned...

Fashion Plate Curio Book

This collection consists of seventy-five engraved fashion plates, dating from 1798-1808, the vast majority published by "Wirgman, Dressmaker, Hanover Street," "Vernor and Hood, Poultry," and "Payne, Milliner and Dressmaker, Old Bond St.," most with original hand coloring.

Fassett (Harry Clifford and Myra B.) papers

The papers of Harry Clifford and Myra B. Fassett. Fassett worked as a map maker, photographer, and record keeper during his employment with the Bureau of Fisheries where he became a salmon fisheries expert. Includes correspondence, reports, notebooks, diaries, pamphlets,...

Fassio (Juan) pataphysique collection

The pataphysique collection, compiled by Juan Esteban Fassio (1924-1980), offers a rich resource for the understanding of this movement and its ramifications outside of France. It features a wealth of correspondence with the most active members of the Collège de...

Fast (Emery) papers

Emery Fast (ca. 1907-1997) worked for the War Relocation Authority during World War II. The collection is largely comprised of personal letters written to his wife, Ethel “Billie” Fast, as he worked in both Utah and California and she worked...

Fast (Emory) letters to his wife Ethel Barker Fast

Fast's personal letters to his wife, Sept. 1944 and August to December 1945 when he was located in Santa Rose, CA, include mention of other WRA personnel, his visits to Japanese internment camps, and his work relocating Japanese Americans into...

Fast (Lisette), "Memories of Life in Silverton" Typescript

This memoir primarily concerns her childhood in Silverton, Colorado [1898-1915], and includes her father’s career, the family home, schools, social life, and travel.

Fast (Sydney Stalder) papers

The collection consists of correspondence, photographs, genealogical documents, scrapbooks and other material collection by Sydney Stalder Fast related to the Seaton and Stalder families, who were early 20th century residents of Riverside, California.

Fat (Frank) Collection

Contains correspondence, photographs, realia, audio-visual materials and clippings documenting a prominent Sacramento Chinese-American family, its restaurant business, and community engagement.

Father Antonio das Chagas obras : ms., 17th cent.

Include his tragic poem, La Filix; letters of which one (Aug. 9, 1662) contains autobiographical information; sermons, and miscellaneous poems.

Father Manuel Gonsales letter, 1733.

Letter from Father Manuel Gonsales, S. J. to Father Nicolas de Oro, S. J., San Miguel Arcangel de Oposura, Sonora, Mexico, April 13, 1733, describing activities, finances, and goods received by the mission.

The father of bank marketing : oral history transcript : Wells Fargo Bank, 1960-1982; Bank of America, 1987-1996 / 2005.

Childhood, family background and education, 1930-1952; U.S. Navy, 1952-1959; Crocker National Bank, 1959-1962; Wells Fargo Bank, 1962-1984; second interlude at Crocker, 1984-1986; Seafirst, president and CEO, 1986-1987; Bank of America, 1987-1996, including time as CEO, 1990-1996.

The father of prestressed concrete : oral history transcript : teaching engineers, bridging rivers and borders, 1931 to 1999 / 2001.

Lin and Guo family history in China; education at home, and at American Methodist School, Jiao Tong University, 1927-1931, and UC Berkeley, 1931-1933; engineer, Chinese Ministry of Railways, 1933-1945; professor of engineering, UC Berkeley, since 1946; organizing 1957 world conference,...

Fathy (Safaa) Video Recordings of Jacques Derrida Lectures

This collection comprises video recordings made by Safaa Fathy to document selected public lectures and other activities of the French philosopher and critical theorist Jacques Derrida between 2000 and 2004. Events include public lectures, panel discussions, conferences, and ceremonies. Some...

Fattey Family Diaries

Ten pocket diaries by Mr. and Mrs. Henry W. Fattey of Erie Co., NY, and their son LeRoy, who writes while in the Philippines, 1904-1913.

Faulk (Andrew M.) Collection of Allen Day Erotic Drawings

This collection contains over 30 erotic drawings in pen and ink, pencil, colored pencil, pastel and gouache, several party invitations and a father’s day card by artist Allen James Day, Jr., aka Strider (1941-1987). The card was for his lover,...

Faulkner (Maurice) Papers

Papers of musicologist, critic, and teacher Maurice Faulkner. The collection includes general biographical materials, photographs, article and review typescripts, extensive research notes, professional and personal correspondence, materials related to the Lotte Lehmann Foundation, and UCSB faculty records.

Faulkner (Nettie S.) newspaper clippings

Relates to world politics, Presidents of the U.S., 1921-1945, and World War II diplomatic conferences.

Faulstich (Edith M.) collection

Diaries, letters, and reminiscences of members of the American Expeditionary Forces in Siberia, reports, notes, printed matter, and photographs, relating to American military activities in Siberia during the Russian Revolution.

Faupel (David William) Collection

David William Faupel (1944- ) was president of the Society for Pentecostal Studies in 1992 and its Executive Secretary from 1996 to 2000. Faupel’s "The American Pentecostal Movement" (1972) was one of the first efforts to define the historiographical and...

Faust (Frederick) Collection

Donated by the estate of Randolph Bell of Fullerton in March 1973, the Frederick Faust Collection consists of published pulp novels by the author best known by the pseudonym of “Max Brand". In addition to the Western genre Mr. Faust...

Faust (Frederick S.) Papers

Consists of Frederick Schiller Faust's personal and family correspondence, and working papers, spanning his career from the 1910s to his death in 1944, as well as posthumous reviews, articles, and biogrphical studies. The bulk of the collection concerns Faust's writings,...

Favela (Ricardo) papers

The Ricardo Favela Papers reflect his life as an artist, professor, activist, and community organizer. Favela's personal papers include correspondence, news clippings (including articles concerning the Royal Chicano Air Force), photographs, as well as reports and exhibition announcements. Also included...

Favela (Ricardo) Royal Chicano Air Force Poster Collection

The Royal Chicano Air Force Poster Collection consists of 192 posters for community-based programs and events held by the city of Sacramento and students from California State University, Sacramento.

Fawcett (Howard S.) papers

The Howard S. Fawcett papers contain articles, magazine and newspaper clippings, correspondence, periodicals, transcripts of radio broadcasts and other material gathered on Howard S. Fawcett, a University of California, Riverside professor and noted pioneer in phytopathology. The bulk of the...

Fawl (S.) typescript

Relates to Tibetan demonstrations for independence, and to their suppression by Chinese troops. Includes copies of orders (in English) issued to foreigners regarding the imposition of martial law in Tibet. Photocopy.

Fawn Brodie letters, 1978

(1915- ). 2 letters (TLS) from Brodie re her Corle lecture

Faxon Dean Atherton papers, 1852-1934 (bulk 1852-1881).

Contains correspondence from Atherton's business associates including partner George H. Bowen, his San Francisco agent Alexander B. Grogan, Samuel D. Crane and Thomas O. Larkin, among others. The letters describe business and trade prospects in San Francisco, Califorina, Valparaíso, Chile...

Fay (Agnes) Photograph Album

Bound volume of gelatin silver prints and photo postcards documenting the professional and personal life of Agnes Fay between 1914 and 1943. A portion of the album documents the French Hospital, where Fay worked as a registered nurse during the...

Fay Brothers Collection

Correspondence and business papers of David, Patrick, Logan, and John Fay....

Fay Brothers Collection, 1850-1868.

Correspondence and business papers of David, Patrick, Logan, and John Fay

Fay family letters, 1852-1854.

Letters from Patrick, John, and Logan Fay to family, mostly written from San Francisco, describing mining activities at Columbia Bar; farming and business around Sacramento; soap trade; life in San Francisco; and shipwrecks in California. Typed transcripts included.

Fay (Logan) Letters

Letters to and from Logan Fay, dated 1849-1853. All deal with his travel to, and subsequent life in, San Francisco. He talks about his soap business, the conditions in the city and a small robbery that occurred at his house.

Fay, Luke. Correspondence and notes relating to members of Stevenson's Regiment, 1910-1917.

Correspondence with the Adjutant General's Office, Bureau of Pensions, members of Congress, and city officials of Monterey and Sacramento concerning his efforts to obtain the names of members of the regiment; related notes; and list of members compiled by him.

Fay (Paul B.) The pleasure of his company

Material relating to various stages in the researching, writing, publication, and promotion of THE PLEASURE OF HIS COMPANY, by Paul B. Fay, Jr., a longtime friend of John F. Kennedy. Includes manuscript, galleys, correspondence, and notes.

Fayette Thompson letters : San Francisco, Calif., to Jesse Thompson, 1852-1853.

Contains two letters describing the hard working conditions in San Francisco and in the mines.

Fayman (Lynn G.) Archive

Lynn G. Fayman (1904-1968) was a photographer in San Diego, California. The collection consists of his personal papers, including lecture notes, biographical material, and correspondence; slides, negatives and transparencies; photographs; and film.

Faymonville (Philip Ries) miscellaneous papers

Letters, orders, certificate, and photographs, relating to a military award to P. F. Faymonville and personal matters.

Fay-Yen-Fah: Scores & Parts

Collection includes full score of Acts II and III, manuscript vocal scores, printed orchestra parts, chorus and voice parts, and other material relating to Redding's opera Fay-Yen-Fah, first performed in Monte Carlo on March 3, 1925....

Fazio, Victor Herbert Jr. Papers

Office files, correspondence, photographs, awards, and memorabilia relating to U.S. Representative Victor H. (Vic) Fazio's more than 20 years in public life. Files on Auburn Dam and closure of McClellan Air Force Base, briefing books on policy decisions, proposals for...

F.B.D. letters : to his children, 1900-1906.

Contains 3 letters of a man from New York sent west for his health. The first letter from Las Vegas Hot Springs, New Mexico dated April 1, 1900 describes Santa Fe and Tesuque, New Mexico and the Tewa Pueblo peoples...

F.C. Burrow letter and sketches, 1890 April 24

One letter (ALS) with three pen and ink sketches, from F. C. Burrow, apparently an aspiring artist, to a Miss Kate, asking about an advertisement. London, Apr. 24, 1890. Alpha list.

Fearey (Robert A.) papers

Speeches and writings, correspondence, interviews, reports, memoranda, press releases, printed matter, and photographs, relating to American-Japanese relations before and after World War II, American occupation policy in postwar Japan, the treaty of peace between Japan and the United States in...

Fearing Family genealogy, circa 1880s

Bound volume, with handwritten entries, re a predominantly Massachusetts family, ca. 1880s. Alpha list.

Fearnside (W. Ward) collection

Wooden inkstand arved in the form of a fox and a rabbit by a Czechoslovakian Jehovah's Witness imprisoned at Mauthausen concentration camp near Linz, Austria, during World War II.

Feather (Leonard) sound recording collection

Leonard Feather sound recording collection....

Feather River and Gray Eagle Lodge Photograph Album

Photograph album created by F. Keene containing primarily photographs, but also postcards and ephemera, documenting a vacation to the Gray Eagle Lodge in Graeagle, California in 1923. Album also contains 20 loose photographs. The photographs show various lakes, rivers, and...

Feather River Canal Company, 1889-1897.

Account books, annual reports, articles of incorporation and bylaws, checks, correspondence, deeds, receipts, reports, stocks, vouchers

Feather River Canal Company Collection

Account books (1889-1897), annual reports (1890-1893), articles of incorporation and bylaws, checks, correspondence (1889-1892), deeds, receipts (1893-1898), reports, stocks, vouchers (1890-1897)....

Feather River dam construction photograph album [graphic]

Dam construction on the north fork of the Feather River, including the power house, workers, detailed views of equipment, tunnels, the river, various camps, headquarter buildings, the Western Pacific Railroad, and project officials (R.C. Colburn, B.S. Roberts, etc.) Also pictured...

Feather River Pine Mills Records

The collection contains records of the Feather River Pine Mills Company, formerly known as the Hutchinson Lumber Company. The records cover mill and logging operations and production, as well as forest management.

Feather River Project Association Collection

In 1955, the Feather River Project Association (FRPA) was incorporated as a not-for-profit, non-partisan educational association to serve the public interest of Californians in the areas of water resource development and water conservation. The collection documents such issues as the...

Fedelchak (Paul) Digital Image Collection

Paul Fedelchak served as an aerial photographer in the USAAC from 1939. His duties included service at Chanute Field, Washington and Alaska where he was involved in the aerial surveys that made the Alcan Highway possible.

Federal Art Project at the Southwest Museum Records

The Works Progress Administration of 1935 created a Federal Art Project to support artists and provide collection and exhibit maintenance and reference material to museums during the Great Depression. The National Parks Service carried out one such Federal Art Project...

Federal Art Project Collection

WPA art collection, mostly charcoal pieces with matting. Artists include Marian Herbert, Arthur Durston, Jerre Murry and Nicolas Panesis. Scenes include the California desert, Olvera Street and flower compositions. 1930s.

Federal Civil Works Administration in California records : San Francisco, 1933-1934.

Contains records from the Civil Works Administration in San Francisco, Calif. including applications, surveys and work plans.

Federal Employees’ Distributing Company (FEDCO) Collection

The Federal Employees’ Distributing Company (FEDCO), was a non-profit organization department store which provided customers with a one stop shop experience. Based in Santa Fe Springs and opened in 1948, Fedco was considered to be one of the most successful...

Federal Power Commission Collection

Memorandum about Central Valley Project in California.

Federal Railroad Administration Region 7, Office of Railroad Safety Papers

This collection includes correspondence between the Federal Railroad Administration's Office of Railroad Safety in Region 7 and railroad officials. Region 7 is headquartered in Sacramento, California and covers California, Nevada, Utah and Arizona.

Federal Records Center Misc. Records

Collection consists of 41 reels of microfilm from the U.S. Federal Records Center, Wilmington, California. Reels 1-34 are records of the U.S. Bureau of Indian Affairs, Fort Apache Indian Reservation, Arizona Territory, 1899-1912, including Commissioner's correspondence, receipts, and census figures....

Federal Telegraph Company, Perham Collection on

Reports, scrapbooks, photographs, equipment descriptions and diagrams, and notes regarding the organization of the Poulsen Wireless Telephone and Telegraph Company and subsequently, Federal Telegraph Company. Much of this material was collected by early company electrical technician Douglas M. Perham, and...

Federal Telegraph Company records, 1900-1929 (bulk 1910-1919).

Consists chiefly of correspondence; includes some legal agreements. Pertains to Beach Thompson's tenure as director of the Federal Telegraph Company, 1910-1917.

Federal Theater Project Collection

Ephemera, photographs, and playbills taken from the papers of Charles P. Teevins, district supervisor of the Federal Theater Project in San Francisco and Alameda counties.

Federal Theatre at Treasure Island : Golden Gate International Exposition 1939 : a division of the Works Progress Administration Program [scrapbook].

Scrapbook of articles from various California newspapers dated April 5, 1939 to June 26, 1939. Title and identification of newspapers and dates are typewritten.

Federal Theatre Project collection of material

The Federal Theatre Project was funded by the U.S. government as part of the Works Projects Administration (WPA) to create jobs for unemployed theatre workers during the Great Depression (1935-39). The collection includes copies of scripts from a collection on...

Federal Theatre Project dance photographs [graphic]

Photos are of the performance of a dance based on Lawrence Gellert's Negro songs of protest, in which Tamiris was the choreographer and principal danseuse. The performance was part of the Works Progress Administration Federal Theatre Project. Includes some related...

Federal Theatre Project scripts

This collection contains scripts for plays performed by the Federal Theatre Project, which was operated between 1935 and 1939 as a part of the Work Progress Administration. The Los Angeles branch of the project produced over 195 plays.

Federal Theatre Project Scripts and Publications

The Federal Theatre Project (FTP) was a part of the Works Progress Administration (1935-39) and was the first arts endeavor to be extensively funded by the U.S. government. The FTP staged plays reflecting the reality of Depression-era America, created opportunities...

Federal Theatre Project (U.S.) Photographs of the Works Progress Administration's Federal Theatre Project [graphic]

Photographs show the interior and exterior of the Federal Theatre at Treasure Island in the San Francisco Bay, Calif. Includes views of the stage, cyclorama, offices, lobby, control board, automatic switchboard, etc. Also shows two views of the Sylvan Theatre,...

Federal Union, Inc., Western Office, San Francisco records, 1940-1942.

Correspondence and bulletins concerning the Western Office, and bulletins and press releases of the New York headquarters.

Federal Writers' Project of California records

Records of the Southern California section of the Federal Writers' Project, including writing and research for the WPA Guide to California, the Los Angeles guide, the local history research material (never published), art object inventory, records of personnel, war and...

Federal Writers' Project source material on Migratory Labor, District no. 8

Chiefly abstracts, clippings, etc., from various publications concerning agricultural labor, including migratory workers, in Calif., 1849-1939. Correspondence & papers pertaining to the project, included.

Federation of Gay Games Records

The records document the activities of the Federation of Gay Games which oversees the organization of the Gay Games, a competitive and cultural event.

Federation of Hillside and Canyon Associations Records

The Federation of Hillside and Canyon Associations was founded by residents of the Santa Monica Mountains during the winter storms of 1952 to protect, promote and further the interests and welfare of residents and property owners, to preserve and enhance...

Federation of Russian Charitable Organizations of the United States records

Correspondence, minutes, financial records, reports, and lists, relating to resettlement of Russian refugees in the United States and Australia.

Fedichkin (Dmitri I.) papers

Writings, correspondence, and handbills, relating to the Russian Civil War, and the rebellion of workers and peasants in Izhevsk against the Bolsheviks, 1918.

Fedorov (Georgii) typescript

Relates to the Russian Civil War in the Kuban region.

Fedotov (Nikifor) photograph album

Depicts life of the Russian community in China.

Fedulenko (V. V.) papers

Speeches and writings, and miscellany, relating to Russian participation in World War I, the Russian Civil War, and Russian émigré affairs.

Fee, Dwight (First World War correspondence)

This collection contains correspondence between Sgt. Dwight Fee, AEF and his wife Lucille Fee during the First World War.

Fee, William (Second World War correspondence)

This collection contains correspondence by PFC William "Bill" Fee, USA, and his parents, Dwight and Lucille Fee, during his service with the 11th Armored Division during the Second World War.

Feeder Collection of Motion Picture Costume Sketches, 1920s-1930s

212 motion picture costume sketches. Sketches are gouache, pencil, and ink on paper measuring approximately 12" x 19".

Feely (Raymond Thomas) papers

Correspondence, speeches, reports, notes, leaflets, bulletins, pamphlets, and serial issues, relating to communism and anti-communist movements in the United States, especially in California.

Feferman (Anita Burdman) Papers

Audio interviews conducted for Feferman's book, , which she co-authored with her husband Solomon Feferman....

Feferman (Anita) collection

Sound recording of memorial services at the Hoover Institution on War, Revolution and Peace, and at Harvard University, for Jean van Heijenoort, mathematician and former secretary to Leon Trotsky.

Feferman (Solomon) Papers

The first series primarily document Feferman’s term as president of the Association for Symbolic Logic from 1980 to 1982. The material consists largely of correspondence, meeting agendas and minutes, and material from symposia and lectures. Accession 2018-045 largely consists of...

Fefferman (Laverne) B'nai B'rith Collection

The collection consists of scrapbook contents including photographs, newspaper clippings, newsletters, invitations, community programs, etc. Materials are from the Birdie Stodel and Bay City Chapters along with some miscellaneous items regarding the donor....

Feher (George) Papers

Papers of George Feher (1924-2017), biophysicist and professor of physics at UC San Diego. Feher founded the biophysics program at UC San Diego. This collection contains correspondence, early coursework, research materials, writings, teaching materials, and materials related to the physics...

Fehrenbacher (Don Edward) Papers

These papers document Fehrenbacher's career as historian, writer, and professor at Stanford University. Included are his incoming and outgoing correspondence, 1945-1997; syllabi, lectures, and examinations from his classes; manuscripts, drafts, and some research files from his books and reference files,...

Feierabend (Ladislav) papers

Correspondence, speeches and writings, memoirs, photographs, and printed matter, relating to agricultural administration, Czechoslovakia in World War II, and Czechoslovak foreign relations with Germany and the Soviet Union. Also available on microfilm (23 reels).

Feigenbaum (Edward A.) Papers

Collection primarily concerns his work in artificial intelligence at Stanford University and includes administrative files, correspondence, project files, trip files, proposals, reports, reprints, Artificial Intelligence Lab memos, audio tapes, video tapes, and files on computer programs, mainly DENDRAL, MOLGEN, ARPA,...

Feigenbaum (Edward A.) "Towards a Science of Scientific Thought"

Videotape of a lecture given September 30, 1976.

Feiler (Arthur) papers

Clippings, pamphlets, correspondence, and notes, relating to international economics and to German economics and politics, principally in the 1930s.

Fein (Philip) Collection, ca. 1945-1968

Contains primarily black and white photographs and negatives of architectural interior and exterior views, as well as landscapes.

Fein, Philip. Photographs of buildings in the San Francisco Bay Area [graphic]

Interior and exterior architectural photographs primarily of public buildings including schools, hospitals, and others. Also includes some corporate buildings and private residences.

Feinblatt (Ebria) Papers

Ebria Feinblatt was the founding curator of the prints and drawings department at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art from 1947-1985. The collection contains her research papers for Seventeenth-Century Bolognese Ceiling Decorators and research on Daumier, along with her...

Feinblatt (Ebria) Research Papers

Curator Ebria Feinblatt's research papers document her studies in seventeenth-century Bolognese ceiling painting and the development of quadratura illusionistic painting. The collection focuses on the work of Girolamo Curti, Domenico Maria Canuti, Angelo Michele Colonna and Agostino Mitelli, as well...

Feingersh (Francis) papers

Letters, clippings, and pamphlet, relating to American participation in the Spanish Civil War.

Feitshans (Buzz) papers

The Buzz Feitshans papers span the years 1972-1997 (bulk 1978-1996) and encompass 11.7 linear feet. The papers contain production material for more than a dozen films either produced by Feitshans or for films in which he served in a supervisory...

Fekete (Austin) Air Force photographs

159 black-and-white official United States Air Force photographs, some with captions, documenting Air Force fighters, bombers and transport planes from the biplane era to modern rocket-propelled and jet planes.

Felando (Gerald) Papers

Gerald Felando, Republican, served in the California Legislature from 1979 to 1992. He was first elected to the California State Assembly in 1978, representing the 52nd Assembly District through 1982. In 1983, until the end of his term in 1992,...

Felberbaum (William) Collection of Stanford Student Handbooks

Collection consists of the Students' Hand-Book issued by the Young Men's and Young Women's Christian Associations of Stanford University in 1914, 1916, and 1919. The diary and memoranda pages in the 1914 and 1916 volumes were annotated by Felberbaum with...

Feldman (Bruce) Collection

The Bruce Feldman Collection consists of multiple drafts of Feldman's teleplays written for two TV movies: Maybe I’ll Come Home in the Spring and The Defection of Simas Kudirka. The bulk of the collection consists of research, interview transcripts, and...

Feldman collection of Hebrew manuscripts

Collection consists of 51 Hebrew manuscripts and 3 printed works on a variety of subjects, including religion, mysticism, Jewish law, liturgy, medicine, history, biography and science.

Feldman (Ed) Hogan's Heroes Scripts

Ed Feldman was producer for the television comedy Hogan's Heroes. The collection consists of annotated scripts for the television series.

Feldman, Jacob L. (First World War correspondence)

This collection contains correspondence between Pvt. Jacob L. Feldman, USA and his cousin Jennie Vasterling during the First World War.

Feldman (Jay) Papers

Research materials for author Jay Feldman's books and . The collection also includes audio tapes of oral histories of Japanese Americans.

Feldman (Julian) papers

This collection comprises papers accumulated by Dr. Julian Feldman during his tenure as Associate Professor and Associate Dean of the School of Social Sciences at the University of California, Irvine from 1964-1986.

Feldman (Ruthe) collection of Ansel Adams photographs of Yosemite printed by Alan Ross

A collection of 15 photographs of Yosemite taken by Ansel Adams and printed by Alan Ross, collected by Ruthe Feldman.

Feldmans (Jules) papers

Correspondence, memoranda, and reports, relating to the Russian occupation of the Baltic states in 1940, displaced persons in Germany, immigration, and Latvian emigre organizations after World War II.

Felicita Collection of Photographs and Ephemera

The collection is comprised of photographs, negatives, programs, and promotional materials relating to the historical pageant , written by Benjamin F. Sherman and performed annually from 1927-1932 in Escondido, California.

Felin (Frances Edna) Papers

Collection consists of her research notes and graphs, 1937-38, from her doctoral dissertation on plankton in Searsville Lake on the Stanford campus; a typescript draft of the dissertation, 1940; and a paper on the growth of swordtails and Pacific sardine,...

Felipe Arroyo de la Cuesta letter fragments : ALS, [undated]

Part of a collection of manuscript materials associated with the Franciscan missions in California. For other items in the collection, search under title: California mission miscellany, 1630-1830.

Felipe de Neve papers, 1781-1782.

Contents: Documents as governor of California. Include Instruccion para la fundacion de Los Angeles; letter from Teodoro de Croix to José de Galvez concerning founding of the pueblo; letter from Croix to Neve; regulations fixing prices of goods sold in...

Felipe II (King of Spain) collection, 1574 December 16

One document: deed, 31 leaves, sale of the land Aldeaseca de la Frontera to Juan de Bracamonte y de Guzman, senor de Penaranda, signed 'Yo el Rey." Madrid, 16 Dec. 1574. Gift of Mark Lansburgh. Alpha list.

Felipe V, 1733

(King of Spain, 1683-1746). Bound, holographic copy of a set of Ordenanzas for Santiago, New Spain, 1733. In Spanish. Alpha list.

Felix Deutsch autograph collection.

Primarily letters in response to a request by Deutsch for signatures.

Felix Flügel papers, [ca. 1918-1934]

Include a few letters written to him, from Robert G. Sproul, Charles A. Murdock and others; clippings of articles written by him; certificates of membership; and miscellaneous papers.

Felix Riesenberg letters : to Ruth H. Kynock : TS, 1944 June 28-July 20.

Letters referring to Riesenberg's official communications to the Recruitment and Manning Organization concerning his draft status. Both letters signed: Felix Riesenberg, Jr.

Feliz (Frank E.) papers

Correspondence, memoranda, reports, writings, and printed matter, relating to labor and production allocations in the United States during World War II, postwar recovery, and activities of the United States War Production Board, War Manpower Commission, Employment Service, and War Assets...

Fellers (Bonner Frank) papers

Speeches and writings, studies, reports, correspondence, memoranda, orders, printed matter, and photographs, relating to American propaganda and military activities in the Pacific Theater during World War II, the occupation of Japan, and postwar conservative political organizations in the United States,...

Fellner (William John) papers

Correspondence, speeches and writings, conference papers, reports, studies, testimony, charts, and statistics related to economic conditions and governmental economic policy in the United States, and laissez-faire economic theory, including particularly questions of unemployment, inflation, and monetary policy.

Fellows and Stewart papers

The papers of the firm Fellows and Stewart, Inc. are contained in 8 series. Series 1, 2 and 3 are the non-financial papers, financial records, and office and yacht correspondence files. These series cover the business of the firm with...

Fellows (Charles) Correspondence

Autograph letters, drafts of letters, notes and inventories written and received by the British archaeologist Sir Charles Fellows. Fellows's letters include detailed descriptions of his archaeological expeditions to Lycia, and Xanthus in particular, with references to the Harpy Tomb and...

Fellowship of Reconciliation records

Correspondence, reports, and memoranda, relating to pacifist activities and conscientious objectors in the United States during World War II.

Fellowship of Reconciliation (U.S.), Task Force on Latin America and the Caribbean records, circa 1990-2005.

Organizational files including publications, reports, maps, and documents related to a campaign to close and environmentally clean up United States military bases in Panama. Other materials include publications from Panama and other groups active in related issues. Some materials in...

Felsch (Fred) collection

Professor Fred Felsch (1932-1998) taught history at Mt. San Antonio Community College during the school year and traveled for 22 summers with his family to Yellowstone National Park where he was a seasonal park ranger. An outdoorsman who cherished the...

Felsenstein (Lee) papers

The papers of computer designer Lee Felsenstein contain material about the development of personal computers through the 1970s and 80s.

Felstiner (John) Papers

This collection contains Felstiner's course materials and other Stanford professional files; files related to two of his publications; captions from exhibits related to four poets; and restricted files (comprised of confidential student Information).

Felt family photograph of Fort Point Life Saving Station lifeboat

The Gary Felt photograph collection, circa 1903-1915, (SAFR 24853, P17-002) is comprised of a photograph of a Fort Point Life Saving Station lifeboat, San Francisco, California. The collection has been processed to the Collection level and is open for use.

Felt Lake Dam Photographs

The materials consist of photographs documenting the construction of the Felt Lake Dam.

Felta School records, 1925-1934

This collection contains register of students for Felta School in Dry Creek Valley, near Healdsburg, California.

Felton (Frederick L.) letter excerpts

Relates to the Nuremberg trials.

Felton (Frederick) Nuremberg Trials Collection

The Felton Nuremberg Collection contains copies of court transcripts, November 20, 1945 through August 31, 1946; an index; document books and individual responsibility reports....

Felton (Verna) papers

Verna Felton spent many years acting on the stage before starting her career in radio, television and motion pictures. The collection consists of a photograph album, scrapbook, clippings, photographs, and ephemera related to her stage career.

Felver (Christopher) photographs

This collection is comprised of eighteen portraits of Beat Generation luminaries and seven poets, writers, and artists photographed by Christopher Felver between the years 1980 and 2001. The portraits are presented as silver gelatin prints and include such subjects as:...

Felz (Eberhard) collection

Graphic materials, printed matter, and miscellany, relating to graphic arts design in East Germany.

Feminist Art Workers records

The archive consists of papers, photographs, audiovisual and born digital material documenting the performances, exhibitions, and administrative activities of the Feminist Art Workers.

Feminist Bookstore News Records

The organizational records of Feminist Bookstore News (FBN) from the beginning of the Feminist Bookstore News(letter) in 1976 through 2000. The Records include correspondence, information and issue folders, publications, clippings, promotional materials, financial records, audiovisual materials and microfilm. The collection...

Feminist Institute records : Berkeley, Calif., 1980-1995.

Records include brief histories of the organization; minutes of committee meetings, including administrative, steering, and curriculum; requests for funding; notices of classes and public presentations offered, with course proposals; press releases and other publicity; membership and mailing lists; and, memoirs,...

Feminist Resources Collection

This collection contains four boxes of publications regarding feminism; and feature topics centered around women's rights, news, and events.

Feminist University Conference [videorecording]

Keynote address, panel discussion and workshop delivered at the Feminist University Conference held at Stanford University in May, 1987 and sponsored by the Graduate Women's Network....

Fendel (Nina) California Faculty Association Papers

The bulk of materials in this collection consists of correspondence, articles, budgets, and reports related to California State University (CSU) faculty salaries and higher education funding.

Fenichel (Otto) papers

Otto Fenichel was born on December 2, 1897 in Vienna. He decided to become a psychoanalyst and began his training while a medical student. He received his MD from the University of Vienna in 1921 and moved to Berlin in...

Fenlon (Roberta F.) papers

The Roberta Fenlon papers, 1939-1986, include records and correspondence relating to her professional activity in various medical and healthcare organizations, most notably her presidency of the California Medical Association (1970-1971), her presidency of the San Francisco Medical Society, and her...

Fenn (Rev. James) Papers

One volume of hymns, undated, and two volumes of remarks, sermons, prayers, and hymns, 1817 and undated. Inserted in "Book the 3" is a sermon in a different hand dated October 7, 1764.

Fenyes (Eva Scott) Collection

Eva Scott Fenyes (1849-1930) was an artist who spent more than thirty years traveling from San Diego to Sonoma, California to preserve the history and aesthetic beauty of her surroundings through her artwork. She moved to Pasadena, California circa 1896...

Fenyes-Curtin-Paloheimo (Family) Papers Container List

The Fenyes-Curtin-Paloheimo collection consists of the papers of eight family members created over a period of four generations. During the 19th and 20th centuries the family traveled internationally, established homes in New York, Colorado, New Mexico, and California, and accumulated...

Ferdinand C. Ewer journals, 1849 Apr.-Nov.

Written while on journey over sea in the York as a member of The Pacific Company or Pacific Mining Company. A list of members is pasted on the journal. George N. Cheever was master.

Ferdinand I, Czar of Bulgaria, papers

Correspondence, memoranda, and reports, relating to Bulgarian foreign relations and domestic policy, the Bulgarian role in the Balkan Wars and World War I, and Bulgarian dynastic affairs.

Ferdinand I, King of Romania letters

Relates to the Romanian court and personal matters.

Ferguson (Alan) correspondence

Relates to the history of the American Expeditionary Forces in Siberia. Photocopy.

Ferguson (Charles A.) Papers

Correspondence, minutes, reports, proposals, surveys, research notes, articles, and other items pertaining to his research in linguistics; subjects include South Asian languages, East African languages, child phonology, and language universals. Also includes course outlines and final exams from classes he...

Ferguson (Charles) Remembrances [videorecording]

Videotaped recording of a celebration of Ferguson's profession life held on September 18, 1998; speakers included John R. Rickford, Joshua Fishman, and many others.

Ferguson (Donald A.) papers

Board of directors materials, bylaws, administrative committee records, correspondence, conference material, financial records, event and program records, newsletter copy, and publicity material, 1979-1994, from gay activist Donald A. Ferguson, who served on the boards for the Triangle Gay and Lesbian...

Ferguson (Harold G.) Papers

This collection contains papers pertaining to Harold G. Ferguson and the Harold G. Ferguson Corporation. The Harold G. Ferguson Corporation was involved with the subdivision and sale of land in Southern California.

Ferguson-Edwards family papers

The collection consists of student materials belonging to Agnes Ferguson, Amy Ferguson, Harry James Edwards, and Amy McNeil Edwards. These items document student life at Stanford between the late 1890s to the 1930s. Also included are reunion materials for the...

Fergusson (Robert) Collection

Photographs, albums. Includes the Spanish-American War in the Philippines and various Forts and Army posts in the United States. ca. 1890-1915

Ferlinghetti (Lawrence) Artwork and Papers

This collection contains paintings, drawings, and sketches by Lawrence Ferlinghetti, ranging from small pieces to oversized paintings of over six feet wide. Also included are posters collected by Ferlinghetti and of his events, and some photographs of Ferlinghetti taken by...

Ferlinghetti (Lawrence) papers

Tapes, clippings, periodicals, correspondence of the San Francisco poet and publisher (b.1919); archives of the poetry journal Beatitude; draft and galleys of by Neeli Cherkovski (Doubleday, 1979); manuscripts by writer Charles Plymell (1935- ); a poster of Ferlinghetti at City...

Ferlinghetti (Lawrence) Papers

Literary manuscripts: Notes, poetry fragments, single poems, poetry collections, plays, and prose works of fiction and non-fiction, largely holograph mss. and typescripts with holograph revisions; travel journals dating from 1960-1986; notebooks; musical compositions by various composers based on poems of...

Ferlinghetti (Lawrence) Papers - Photographs

Portraits and personal snapshots of Lawrence Ferlinghetti throughout his life; his family, friends, and associates; views of City Lights Books (and other North Beach locales); as well as photographs from trips to Europe and Nicaragua. Includes photographs of Allen Ginsberg...

Fermentation Technology Collection

This small collection contains manuals, catalogs, and brochures relating to equipment used in enology, brewing, and distillation.

Fernald (Charles) Papers

Charles Heard Fernald was a prominent pioneer, cultural leader, and jurist from Santa Barbara County, California. This collection consists of personal, legal, and land papers, primarily related to the Santa Barbara area, from 1850 to 1921.

Fernald School. Records.

Record Series 572 contains the records of UCLA's Fernald School generated between 1955-1986.

Fernandez, Manuel (Second World War correspondence)

This collection contains one letter from PFC Manuel Fernandez, USAAF during the Second World War.

Fernandez (Sergio) papers

Memoirs, speeches, decrees, proclamations, reports, and studies, relating to political conditions in Chile, administration of the Chilean government, and the transition from military to civilian rule in Chile, particularly during Fernández's service as minister of the interior.

Fernandez-Alemany (Manuel) Research Papers

The Manuel Fernandez-Alemany research papers include correspondence, clippings, research, and other materials from Fernandez-Alemany's first book, , published in 1999, as well as correspondence and transcripts of interviews and incident reports from his second book, , published in 2002.

Fernando de Chacón correspondence as governor, 1795-1804.

Contains: 1. orders from Pedro de Nava, Comandante General de las Provincias Internas, regarding campaigns against Apaches; 2. letter from Pedro de Nava acknowledging receipt of report of expedition against Apaches; 3. letter from Nemesio Salcedo, Comandante General, acknowledging receipt...

Fernando Montijo letterpress copybooks, Guaymas, Mexico, 1879 1896.

Mainly business letters for the firm of F.A. Aguilar Sucesores in Guaymas. Also included are some letters and accounts while treasurer of the Compañía Minera Zaragoza and of the Compañía Unión Minera de Las Prietas.

Fernando Xavier de Rivera y Moncada correspondence with Viceroy Antonio Bucareli, 1775-1777.

Official correspondence while Spanish Military Governor of California, mainly concerning activities at the mission and presidio of San Diego.

Fernán Núñez collection.

Collection is largely literary, both Portuguese and Spanish, but also includes chronicles, historical works, religious, scientific, and genealogical material.

Fernández del Castillo y de Mier (Manuel) Papers

Miscellaneous accounts for hacienda belonging to Manuel Fernandez del Castillo y de Mier, whose daughter married Andres Lefebvre. There are journals, ledgers, cash books, and other records which illustrate the management of a typical family estate of that time, including...

Ferol Egan papers, approximately 1966-2000.

Personal papers, including general correspondence; correspondence with A.B. Guthrie and Richard Dillon; manuscripts of articles; reviews; manuscripts for The Taste of Time, The Eldorado Trail, Sand in a Whirlwind, and Fremont: Explorer for a Restless Nation.

Ferré journal : ms., 1837 Jul.-1839 Aug.

Experiences as ship surgeon aboard La Gloire during the "Pastry War" in Mexico; descriptions of Lisbon, Havana and Vera Cruz; battle of San Juan de Ulúa, Nov. 27, 1838; Mexican politics; blockade of Vera Cruz, and skirmish of Dec. 5,...

Ferré Letters to Henri Moulin and others : ALS, 1838-1839.

Letters from the director of the health service for the French fleet that was sent to San Juan de Ulúa to enforce payment of reparations to French nationals in Mexico (the "Pastry War") Two were written to Ferré's wife and...

Ferral (Robert) Letter

One letter from former judge, Robert Ferral, to B.G. Haskell Esquire, dated 01/23/1885. Judge Ferral gives his regrets at being unable to be an active member of the Central Committee of the International Workingmen's Association due to the time he...

Ferrand (Robert J.) motion picture films of C.A. Thayer (built 1895; schooner, 3m) and Wapama (built 1915; steam schooner)

The Robert J. Ferrand motion picture films of C.A. Thayer (built 1895; schooner, 3m) and Wapama (built 1915; steam schooner) consists of 3 reels of 16mm silent color film....

Ferrando (Vincent) Vietnam War Correspondence

This collection contains the correspondence of SMSgt Vincent Ferrando, United States Army, to his daughter Karen of Clarksville, Tennessee, during the Vietnam War.

Ferrari-Graves collection of photographic negatives [graphic].

Historic San Francisco scenes, including streets, buildings, and locomotives.

Ferraro (John) papers

Collection consists of records, papers, and fan mail from USC football player and Los Angeles City Council member John Ferraro.

Ferree Family collection, 1865 February 16, n.d.

. Includes genealogical lists, copy of will for John Ferree, two black and white photographs: one of Captain John A. Ferree and one of Milissa Jamison Ferree, and a Civil War letter from Camp Carrington, Indianapolis, 16 Feb. 1865.

Ferrell (Mercedes Prado) Photograph Collection

A digital collection of photographs from the Ferrell and Prado family. The Prados lived in Simons, a company town that formed out of the operation of Simons Brick Company’s plant number three.

Ferrell (Robert Lee Jr.) Papers

This collection contains materials collected by Robert Lee Ferrell, Jr. regarding his activism against the Briggs Initiative (Proposition 6).

Ferrer (Francisco) Collection

This collection was compiled primarily by Sol Ferrer Sanmarti, the daughter of Francisco Ferrer Guardia (1859-1909), a theoretical anarchist from Catalonia and the founder of La Escuela Moderna. The Francisco Ferrer Guardia material spans the last eight years of his...

Ferrero (Jane Lockwood) papers

The Jane Lockwood Ferrero papers span the years 1942-1987 (bulk 1980s) and encompass 2.5 linear feet. The colleciton contains primarily correspondence, including dictation for Phil Feldman and Ray Stark. Of interest is Lockwood? diary detailing her experiences as a hostess...

Ferrez (Gilberto) collection

The collection comprises almost 1,000 photographic prints from the oeuvre of the Brazilian photographer Marc Ferrez, whose work encompassed a photographic vision of imperial and early modern Brazil, as well as approximately 775 photographic prints by photographers active in Brazil...

Ferriere (Suzanne) typescript

Relates to operations of the American Relief Administration. Translation of Les Etats-Unis au secours de l'Europe, 1918-1923 : l'oeuvre de Hoover en Europe depuis l'armistice (Geneva, 1923).

Ferrini (Bruce) Liturgical Manuscript Leaf Collection

The Bruce Ferrini Liturgical Manuscript Leaf Collection consists of manuscript leaves of mostly liturgical texts from late medieval and early modern Europe.

Ferris (Gordon F.) papers

The papers of Gordon Floyd Ferris, an entomologist, taxonomist, Research Assistant in the Department of Entomology at the California Academy of Sciences, and founder and editor of the journal Microentomology. The collection includes correspondence, drawings, wood cuts, photographs, and glass...

Ferrito (Thomas J.) Papers

Papers of Los Gatos attorney Tom Ferrito, who was involved civil rights and police conduct organizations in the Santa Clara Valley in the 1970s and 1980s.

Ferrocarril Central from Callao to Chicla, Peru Photograph album of views

Album of photographs of travel through Nicaragua, Panama, Peru, and Hawaii, probably dating from 1883-1889.

Ferrocarril de Tacubaya narrow gauge line, Mexico City, Mexico [graphic]

Views show locomotives and cars for the F.C. de Tacubaya line, a miniature, 2-foot gauge railway, that ran entirely through Mexico City (built by Fernando de Teresa in 1896 from a horse-tram line in the Tacubaya district to an amusement...

Ferrocarril del Salvador : typescript, 1899 Apr.-1900 Oct.

Copies of letters written by Stuart as general manager of the railroad to the board of directors in London concerning management of the company's properties.

Ferry Boat Officer records

Ferry Boat Officer records (SAFR 17182, HDC 287) include an oil and fuel log, an engineer's log, a blueprint chart of engine practices, recipes for Blue and Gold malt syrup and rye whiskey and a binder of alphabetized notes. Materials...

Ferry (William M.) Family Photograph Albums, 1860s

Photographic albums of portraits probably of family members. Nearly all unidentified except for a few historical personages. See also: William M. Ferry Papers, Gen. Col. 1263.

Ferry (William M.) Papers

Papers of the Ferry family. Typescript recorded in 1913-14 by the eldest daughter of Rev. and Mrs. Ferry when she was 86 years of age, selected from family letters of incidents in the history of Mackinac Island, Michigan dating back...

Ferryboat logbooks


Ferry-Morse Seed Co. Records

Company ledgers (1879-1946), advertising posters (1890-1918), original art work (1896-1906), photographs, realia, and sales notebooks (1910-1950).

Fertig (Lawrence) papers

Speeches and writings, correspondence, printed matter, sound recordings, and motion picture film, relating to U.S. and international economic policy, and laissez-faire economics

Fertig (Ralph) papers

The collection contains documents, clippings, and newsletters collected by Ralph Fertig over the course of his work as a bicycling advocate.

Fertig (Ralph) papers

Ralph Fertig, former Associate Professor in the USC School of Social Work, has worked toward social justice as a civil rights lawyer, social worker, federal administrative judge, and activist. His papers consist of his authored essays and personal narratives, collected...

Festival Committee (Artes de Mexico) Records

This collection consists of clippings, press releases, committee records, financial papers and materials related to the Artes de Mexico Festival. Researchers who would like to indicate errors of fact or omissions in this finding aid can contact the research center...

Festival de Flor y Canto photographs (Collection of)

The collection consists of photographs taken by Michael Sedano at the first Festival de Flor y Canto (Festival of Flower and Song), an event held in 1973 at the University of Southern California that featured prominent and emerging Mexican American...

Fetter (Alexander L) Papers

These papers concern his professional activities and his administrative duties at Stanford, 1971-1991. Included are correspondence, memoranda, minutes, newsletters, and articles. In addition to the physics department, several committees are represented, including the Committee on Undergraduate Admissions and Financial Aids...

Fetter (Bruce) collection

Regulations, reports, conference papers, speeches, syllabi, and rosters, relating to higher education in Zaire and Zambia, especially to the administration of the Université nationale du Zaïre and the University of Zambia, and to the study of African history at these...

Fetter (Klara) papers

Notes, and typed copies and English translations of published material and documentary sources, relating to the history of the Hungarian Soviet Republic of 1919.

Fetzer (A. W.) Photographs

Collection includes glass plates and prints.

Fetzer (Joel S.) Papers

The collection includes research materials that Joel Fetzer used to write four of his books: (2004), (2011), (2013), and (2015). Items include interview notes, audiocassettes and compact discs of interviews, correspondence, and printed reference materials.

Feuchtwanger (Lion) papers

Lion Feuchtwanger (1884-1958) was a celebrated German-Jewish novelist and outspoken enemy of the Nazis. He began his literary career as a theater critic and turned his talent to writing plays in the 1910s and 1920s. He first became internationally known...

Feuchtwanger (Marta) papers

This archive contains the correspondence of Marta Feuchtwanger, wife of German-Jewish writer Lion Feuchtwanger, who survived her husband by almost thirty years. Marta Feuchtwanger remained an important figure in the exile community and devoted the remainder of her life to...

Feuchtwanger (Martin) papers

Correspondence between Martin Feuchtwanger and his family, primarily his son Klaus. Also includes photographs of the family. Martin Feuchtwanger, younger brother of Lion Feuchtwanger, was a German writer, journalist and publisher. He was the editor of the Saale Zeitung, and...

Feuilletau de Bruyn (Willem Karel Hendrik) typescript

Regarding Soviet Russia in Asia and the Middle East...

Feustel (Edward) collection on the Rice University Computer Project

The Edward Feustel collection on the Rice University Computer Project (formerly Rice Institute) contains material collected by Feustel while he was employed at Rice University and Prime Computer. The collection spans 1958 to 1989, with some undated material. The material...

Feynman (Richard Phillips) Papers

This collection documents the career of Nobel Prize winner Richard Phillips Feynman (1918-1988). It contains correspondence, biographical materials, course and lecture notes, speeches, manuscripts, publications, and technical notes relating to his work in quantum electrodynamics. Feynman served as Richard Chace...

F.G. Louis Wiesenhavern papers, 1845-1881.

Contains correspondence to and from F.G. Louis Wiesenhavern covering the period of his emigration to the U.S., living in the U.S., including San Francisco, Calif. and Nauvoo, Ill., and his trip to Hannover to visit family. Correspondence discusses home and...

Fianna Éireann Irish Republican Youth Association photograph albums [graphic].

Albums document members and activities of the San Francisco branch of the Na Fianna Éireann Irish Republican Youth Association scout organization. Vol. 1 (PIC box) and vol. 2 (AX box) depict scouts and adult associates at various demonstrations and other...

Fiat lux photographs documenting the University of California

Photographs were taken to document the varied activities, facilities, and personnel of the University of California throughout the state. A selection of the views were published in Ansel Adam's Fiat lux, the University of California (a centennial publication of the...

Fiber art: oral history transcript : visual thinking and the intelligent hand / 2003.

Early years, family, World War II, escape, and arrival in America; education at the University of California, Berkeley; emergence as a professional artist; travel in India and Afghanistan; creating and leading Fiberworks Center for the Textile Arts; faculty appointment at...

Fictitious Business Name Certificates

The Clerk-Recorder's main function is keeping the records for the County. The importance of this department lies in the historical stability that is maintained by the preservation of records of civil activities. This collection reflects what the Clerk-Recorder's office has...

Fidelity Sound Recordings Collection

This collection consists of commercially-released audio recordings created by the independent record company Fidelity Sound Recordings (FSR) based in Redwood City, California. The predominant musical genre featured is marching band music performed by university bands, bands affiliated with the Salvation...

Fidler, Harold A. (Harold Alvin) Records relating to The Atomic Energy Commission Management Advisory Committee, 1962-1972.

Correspondence and other documents concerning The United States Atomic Energy Commission Management Advisory Committee.

Fiedler (Willy Achim) papers

Correspondence, writings, notes, memoranda, technical reports, patent applications, clippings, other printed matter, video tape, sound recording, and photographs relating to the German missile development program during World War II, including the "V1," and to postwar American missile development programs, especially...

Field (Avery E.) photographs

The Avery E. Field photographs contain several thousand images documenting the growth and development of Riverside, California in the first half of the 20th century. A large portion of the collection is comprised of images featuring local residents and their...

Field (Charles K.) Cheerio records

Records documenting production of the popular 1930s radio program , from the show's creator, Charles Kellogg Field.

Field (Charles K.) Collection

This collection pertains largely to his connection with Stanford and includes the text of his talk on Stanford history, 1941 and 1945; text of his talk on the history of drama at Stanford in the 1890s, 1944; examples of his...

Field (Charles Kellogg) typescript

Relates to American war heroes of World War I. Includes correspondence regarding compilation of the list.

Field (Edwin W.) Correspondence

This collection consists of letters from various English artists primarily addressed to lawyer and amateur artist Edwin W. Field (1804-1871) or his son, Walter Field (also an artist). A few of the letters concern Field's attempts to establish an artistic...

Field (Eugene) Papers

Collection of manuscripts by Eugene Field, mostly autograph copies of his own poems, and letters written by and to Field. Contains a large number of letters from Field to his wife, both before and after they were married, many dating...

Field (Herbert Haviland) papers

Diary and reports relating to political and economic conditions in Bavaria. Digital copies also available at

Field (Isobel) papers

This collection consists primarily of penpal letters from Isobel Field to Hector Bolitho about her step-father Robert Louis Stevenson. Isobel Field

Field (John) collection of history of medicine course syllabi and lecture notes

Materials pertaining to "History of Medicine," Anatomy 201 and later Anatomy 240, a one-unit elective course emphasizing the historical development of concepts relating to basic medical sciences, presented to UCLA sophomore medical students. Included is correspondence relating to the development...

Field, John L. Records

Field has been recognized as one of the country's premier designers of urban in-fill retail, institutional and residential projects. His work includes Musto Plaza, one of the early remodeled warehouse buildings in San Francisco’s Jackson Square; The Rosston Townhouse Condominiums,...

Field (N. H.) memorandum

Relates to relief work in the Soviet Zone of Germany.

Field notebook collection

The collection consists of the original field notebooks and photocopied field notes of multiple botanists from the 1920s to 2010s, mostly affiliated with California Botanic Garden and related to their plant collections throughout California and other regions.

Field records for California and Nevada, 1952-1959.

Records of 300 interviews - 270 in California and 30 in Nevada; directed by David W. Reed. Each interview consists of 75 pages in phonetic notation, recording responses to a 602-item questionnaire patterned after those used in Linguistic Atlas studies...

Field, Sara Bard Letters to Margaret and Roy Sowers, 1952-1955.

Mainly regarding the disposal of her library.

Field (Stephen J.) Papers

Many of the letters, written when Field was serving on the U.S. Supreme Court, comment on Court decisions and Field's opinions. A few letters, dated earlier, are not addressed to Field.

Fielden (Bert S.) papers

Memoranda, letters, manuals, and newspaper issues, relating to Allied censorship of radio and the press in occupied territories during World War II, and in Germany immediately after the war. Includes slides of scenes of work and other daily activity in...

Fielder (William R. and Louise) sheet music collection

Collection of 19th and 20th century American sheet music and song books, much of which organized by subject.

Fielding (Jonathan E.) papers

Jonathan Evan Fielding is a Distinguished Professor in the Department of Health Policy and Management in the Jonathan and Karin Fielding School of Public Health at UCLA. Dr. Fielding is also a Professor of Pediatrics in the David Geffen School...

Fieldnotes Concerning Self-help and Consumer Cooperatives

Roughly sorted; Field notes, questionnaires, reports, printed matter, and clippings used in preparation of his doctoral dissertation: Productive enterprises among the unemployed, 1931-1938.

Fields (Armond) American Theatre collection

This collection documents the history of the American stage before talking cinema, reflecting the birth and death of vaudeville and the advent of the modern Broadway musical. The collection includes books, posters, theater programs, sheet-music covers, souvenirs, rare film footage...

Fields (Jack) Photograph Collection

Photographs taken on commission in September 1960 regarding Stanford University, used to illustrate a feature article in SATURDAY EVENING POST, 13 December 1960. The collection includes scenes of campus life, views of activities at the Medical School and at the...

Fields (James T.) Papers

The collections consist primarily of letters, as well as poems and manuscripts, from various American and British authors to American editor, publisher, and poet James Thomas Fields (1817-1881), mostly relating to publication of their manuscripts by his firm Ticknor and...

Fields (James T.) Papers Addenda

This collection of papers of American editor, publisher, and poet James Thomas Fields (1817-1881) and his wife, Annie (Adams) Fields (1834-1915), consists of notebooks and loose papers containing their poetry, essays, notes for speeches, a few scattered diary entries, and...

Fields (W. C.) papers

The W. C. Fields papers span the years 1898-1978 (bulk 1898-1946) and encompass approximately 85 linear feet. The collection includes scripts and production material, contracts, correspondence, scrapbooks, artifacts, posters, and photographs....

Fielitz (Axel von) holograph

Relates to a proposal to end World War I through reconvening the Hague International Peace Conference.

Fierro (Josefina) photographs

Photographs of Josefina Fierro, a leader in the Mexican American community.

Fierro (Joyce) reader reports

The Joyce Fierro reader reports span the years 1973-1980 and encompass 2 linear feet. The collection contains story synopses and reader reports prepared by Fierro based on material submitted to 20th Century- Fox. The reader reports provide story synopses and...

Fierro (Leonard) Papers

The (1927-1995) document Fierro's work as an educator, activist and advocate for bilingual education. The majority of the material dates from the early 1960's through 1970's, with very sparse documentation of the 1950's. These files illustrate Fierro's development of bilingual...

Fiesta de Covadonga Address

Fiesta de Covadonga Address contains a 5 page typed address on Los Angeles, Cal. letterhead. The address is titled "Discurso Ynaugural de Las Fiestas de Covadonga Pronunciado por el Sr. Dr. Antonio R. Gomez, El Dia 8 de Septiembre de...

Fiesta de las Rosas Collection

Artificial collection of records and ephemera from the Fiesta de las Rosas (earlier known as the Rose Carnival or Carnival of Roses) held in San Jose in 1896, 1901, 1910, 1926-1933, and 1969.

Fiesta de Los Angeles Collection

La Fiesta de Los Angeles was an annual multi-day event celebrating Los Angeles and Southern California's cultural heritage. The first celebration was held in April 1894. Canceled during the Spanish-American War, it was revived in 1901 under the new name...

Fiesta de San Jose 1955 Scrapbook

Scrapbook of clippings, ephemera, and photographs related to the Fiesta de San Jose held at the Santa Clara County Fairgrounds on May 25-May 30, organized by the San Jose Junior Chamber of Commerce and other organizations.

Fiesta poster, 1813 February 1

Poster , 1954. [SBHC}. [Oversize Map Cabinet 20/6]. [merge with other fiesta posters?]

Fietinghoff (Gayanne) photographs and slides of California farmworkers collection

This collection of photographs, slides, contact sheets, and negatives by United Farm Workers (UFW) staff photographer Gayanne Fietinghoff documents the work and home lives of California's Central Valley farmworkers from 1972 to 1977. While employed by the UFW from 1972...

Fife (Austin E.) typescript

Relates to stories and poems of American soldiers in the Pacific Theater during World War II.

Fife (Ray B.) Personal Papers

Raymond B. Fife (March 26, 1900 – 1982) was a pioneer mechanic of aviation. Growing up in Venice, CA, he was exposed to the world of aviation from an early age. This Collection details his life in aviation and includes...

Fifer (Charles N.) collection of Stanford English Department Miscellany

Collection consists of materials related to the Stanford English Department, including the Cliveden campus (part of the Bing Overseas Studies Program), and correspondence with other English department faculty members. Also included is the two volume work by Fifer, .

Fifer (Charles N.) Photographs

Collection contains photographs of Charles and Norma Fifer, 1958-92; faculty in the Stanford Department of English, 1970s-1995; Stanford overseas campuses and students in England 1972 (Cliveden campus) and France (Tours campus) 1966; and Charles Fifer during his own student days,...

Fifield (Lillene H.) Papers

The collection comprises reports, drafts, notes, publications, correspondence, research files, audio and videotapes, and other materials documenting the career of social worker, psychotherapist, and lesbian activist Lillene H. Fifield (born 1941), relating in particular to her studies of alcoholism in...

Fifth Annual International Conference on New Religions collection, 1991

Mainly papers presented at the conference, held in Solvang, California, May 16-17, 1991. Also relate files on the conference? How arranged?

Fiftieth Anniversary Celebration of Stanford University Fund Raising Letters

Includes memorandum re annual appeal mailings and sample letters directed at alumni, students, and other Stanford supporters; one letter is on Herbert Hoover's letterhead....

Fifty years after EPIC [sound recording], 1984.

Interviews conducted by Mike Balter, H. Morton Newman, Fay M. Blake and Claudia Williams with figures associated with Upton Sinclair's 1934 End Poverty in California campaign.

Fifty years in the dairy industry : oral history transcript / 2002.

Childhood background in the West, 1920-1939; military service 1939-1945; return to the states and civilian life; Alameda County Milk Dealers Association; transitions in industry: changes in distribution patterns, packaging, and process; family and work life, 1950s and 1960s; Northern California...

Fifty years of grassroots social activism : oral history transcripts / 1987-1990.

Discusses her early life in Berkeley, education, travel in Europe, and work for social change. Her efforts for improving conditions for migrant farm workers and rural children, health issues, and her involvement with War on Poverty are focuses.

Fight for Freedom Committee records

Correspondence, memoranda, press releases, pamphlets, clippings, and printed matter, relating to interventionist and non-interventionist movements in the United States during World War II, the America First Committee, and the activities of Charles Lindbergh and Herbert Hoover in the non-interventionist movement.

Fighting lady: a drama of the Pacific motion picture film

Relates to the role of aircraft carriers in American naval operations in the Pacific Theater during World War II. Produced in cooperation with the United States Navy. Narrated by Robert Taylor.

Fighting toxic emissions in Richmond, California, 1984-2000 / 2003.

boyhood in Richmond, California, undergraduate education, and early career; the work of the West County Toxics Coalition, 1984-present; the national and international context of WCTC's work.

Figner (Vera) letters

Relates to political conditions in Russia.

Figueiredo (Fidelino de) Letters to

Fidelino de Sousa Figueiredo (1988-1967) was a visiting professor at UC Berkeley before returning to Brazil where he taught Portuguese literature at the University of São Paulo (1938-51). He applied a critical spirit to the study of literaure, focusing on...

Figueras (Andre) [interviewer] sound recordings

Interviews with French military and naval officers, diplomats, and others, relating to the February 1934 disorders in France, the regime of Marshal Philippe Petain during World War II, the subsequent trial and imprisonment of Petain, and the postwar Organisation Armee...

Figueroa (David Damian) Papers

The David Damian Figueroa Papers document his years of philanthropy and advocacy work in civil rights and public policy. His materials also reflect his earlier work in the entertainment industry. The collection includes photographs, correspondence, ephemera, books, periodicals, and audio...

Figueroa (José) Letter

A letter dated 06/24/1835 from José Figueroa, then Governor of Alto California, to the Military Commander and Director of Colonization of the Frontier of the North. The letter is handwritten in Spanish, with official government seals on the first page....

Figueroa (Jose R.) Collection

The East Los Angeles Archives (ELAA) is comprised of collections which document the lives and events of a historical community central to the social, political, and cultural history of the Chicano/Latino community in the United States. The ELAA is a...

Figueroa (Liz) Papers

Liz Figueroa, Democrat, was a State Assembly Member from 1995 to 1998 and a State Senator from 1999 to 2006.The Liz Figueroa Papers contain two record series dating over an 11-year time period (1995-2006) and include 8 cubic feet of...

Figueroa (Robert) Photographs

Robert Figueroa photographs of the Westboro Baptist Church protest at Pedro Zamora's funeral, November 1994; Long Beach Gay Pride Parade, 1995; and Los Angeles Gay Rodeo, 1995.

Figueroa (Rudy) "A Diplomatic Farewell"

Paper written for History 244. Background of poem “Despedida Diplomática” by Hugh Judson Kilpatrick, U.S. foreign minister to Chile 1865-68 and 1881....

Fiji newspaper collection

The newspapers in this collection were originally collected by the Hoover Institution Library and transferred to the Archives in 2019. The Fiji newspaper collection (1946-1953) consists of twenty-one (21) boxes of English-language newspapers and one (1) unique title. Titles have...

Fiji photograph album

Album of 83 photographs, unsigned, but probably taken by Geoffrey Chapman Ingleton while traveling in Fiji in the 1930s. The photographs capture the ocean and landscape of Fiji, the native peoples, their dress, customs, games, and dwellings, and scenes of...

Fikkert (Rita) Collection

The collection contains correspondence, pamphlets, reports, articles, newspapers, flyers, tracts, and clippings from the World War II and post-WWII era, relating primarily to wartime relations with other countries; wartime mobilization of resources; support organizations; housing, labor, discrimination, and women's issues...

File concerning the campaign of José de Berrotarán, and the charges resulting from it : ms., 1749-1750.

A file relating to the campaign of Berrotarán, commander of the presidio of San Francisco de Conchos, for the pacification of Suma, Apache, and other Indians, ordered by the governor, Juan Francisco de la Puerta y Barrera, in accordance with...

File concerning the town and district of Apam : Mexico : ms.S, 1789 Jan. 9-Feb. 27.

File on the town and district of Apam (Hidalgo) including two reports by Pesa, alcalde mayor, to Bernardo Bonavia, intendant general; a diagram of the district showing its location with respect to Mexico City; and a copy of a letter...

File of records for various gambling houses and for lotteries : ms., [ca. 1870-1912].

Part of a collection of Chinese business records from Nevada County, Calif.

Filer Compton Collection

This collection consists of approximately 25 magazines and newspaper titles, as well as newspaper clippings and ballots. The collection predominantly focuses on African American social and political news, civil rights issues, and cultural and entertainment news. A large portion of...

Files concerning the War Relocation Authority, 1942-1946.

Censored files concerning WRA programs and activities.

Files from the National Japanese American Student Relocation Council, 1942-1943.

A fragmentary file containing carbon copies of letters, l942-1943, mostly from Nisei students who were receiving assistance from the Council. Some describe conditions in relocation centers, experiences at academic institutions, etc. Also included are some materials relating to the Council...

Files relating to Alaska.

Primarily newspaper clippings and press releases.

Files relating to the American Association of Social Workers, East Bay Chapter, 1945-1949.

Include file of correspondence and work of the Chapter, 1945-1946; and file for Committee on International Social Work, 1948-1949.

Files relating to the evacuation of Japanese and Japanese Americans : Berkeley, Calif., 1942-1975.

Brief account researched and written by Shirley Q. Henderson in 1975 describes the role of the church and the use of its Pilgrim Hall, which was designated a Civilian Control Station for the registration and evacuation of Japanese Americans in...

Files relating to the publication of M. Scott Momaday's The Way to Rainy Mountain, 1967-1968.

Correspondence, readers' comments, printer's copy of manuscript and revised typescript of the Man Made of Words, etc.

Filibuster Expeditions Collection

This collection contains primarily secondary sources related to several filibustering expeditions into Mexico and Central America in the 1850s, including one later filibustering attempt in the 1880s.

Filip'ev (Pavel Timofeevich) papers

Writings, notes, correspondence, and printed matter, relating to the authenticity of the Vlesova Kniga, the early history of Russia and the Slavs, and Russian émigré affairs.

Filipino American Library collection

The Filipino American Library collection consists of materials owned by the Filipino American Library in Historic Filipinotown that were transferred to the University of Southern California Special Collections in 2017. The collection is currently divided into two categories: (i) digitized...

Filipino Americans/Florante Peter Ibanez Collection

This collection contains programs, flyers, reports, newspapers, magazines, books, DVDs, VHS tapes, t-shirts, and other material belonging to Florante Peter Ibanez. A majority of the material in this collection relates to Filipino American events, organizations, history and culture. This collection...

Filipino Federation of America group portraits [graphic].

Group portraits of members of the Filipino Federation of America and Equi Fili Brium, taken on various occasions in various California locations, including Los Angeles and Santa Maria. Also includes studio portrait of unidentified Filipino man.

Filipino Labor Union Collection

These two tape interviews are a valuable resource to those interested in the role that filipinos played in the United Farm Workers (UFW) Union. Phillip Vera Cruz was one of the UFW's founding members. Fernando E. Gapasin is a Central...

The Filipino protest collection

This small collection consists of social and political documentation regarding the Philippines and Filipino Americans from 1974-1986. Many of the political documents are in relation to the Anti-Martial Law movement formed in protest towards Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos, and were...

Filipino Task Force on AIDS Records

This collection contains an incomplete but representative selection of records documenting the work of the Filipino Task Force on AIDS (FTFA), an organization dedicated to ending the risk of HIV/AIDS in the Filipino community. There are a wide variety of...

[Filipino-American family photograph albums of life in California].

Volume 1: Family snapshot photograph album depicting everyday life of Marcelino "Ninoy" Alcantara and Marcela Alcantara, a Filipino immigrant couple living in San Mateo in the 1940s and 1950s. Also contains photographs documenting Marcelino's service in the U.S. Army's 978th...

Filipinos in the Sacramento Region Oral History Project

The oral histories record the history of Filipinos in the Sacramento Region (City of Sacramento, City of Elk Grove, Sacramento Delta towns) from the early 20th century to the present. Topics consist of the history of Sacramento’s Filipino community, social...

Filipinos in Ventura County Digital Image Collection

The John Spoor Broome Library's Filipinos in Ventura County collection includes photograph images capturing the history of Filipinos and their contributions to the community from the 1900s to 1990s. Collection includes images of historical interest for the counties of Ventura,...

Filloon (Roy Alvin) Collection

This collection includes personal papers, hand-written volumes, and photographs related to the life of San Joaquin County resident Roy Alvin Filloon (1888-1969).

Film and Television Screenplay Collection

This collection consists of screenplays, dating from 1924-2005, donated by Father Michael Mandala, S. J., of the Blessed Sacrament Church in Hollywood, CA. The provenance of the materials is unknown, but it is thought that Blessed Sacrament Church gained possession...

Film and television scripts collection

This collection consists of screenplays, scripts, and other material regarding science fiction, fantasy, and horror film and television. Primarily contains preliminary, first, and final script drafts from the television series' and . Call sheets, shooting schedules, and one liners from...

Film and Video Center records (University of California, Irvine)

This collection contains the records of the Film and Video Center at the University of California, Irvine from 1996-2010. Included are calendars, programs, and flyers, program development files, budgets and financial summaries, press releases, directors' statements, mission statements, and correspondence....

Film Arts Foundation collection

Audio recordings of lectures and workshops about independent film production sponsored by the Film Arts Foundation, 1984-2000.

Film Arts Foundation pictorial archive [graphic].

Includes FAF people files (directors and other independent filmmakers) and film files (production stills and other promotional material). Also includes photographs documenting the Film Arts Foundation Festival of Independent Cinema, Sundance Film Festival, and other independent film festivals and film...

Film Arts Foundation records, circa 1979-2007.

Film Arts Foundation records, BANC MSS 2008/279, The Bancroft Library, University of California, Berkeley.

Film Daily publications

This collection consists of The Film Daily newspaper publications, bound in book form. This publication ran from 1918 to 1970 and contained film industry news, film revisions, and union information.

Film Division Records

Records concerning the preparation of various films, many relating to the University and its programs.

Film Festival Programs Collection, 1984-2003

Collection of international film festival programs, 1984-2003. The collection consists of programs from countries in North America, Europe, Asia, South America, and Australia.

Film Frame Collection

Specimens of motion picture film compiled and catalogued by Earl Theisen (1903-1973). A portion of the collection is derived from other motion picture history donations to the museum, but most of the items were collected by the donor. 1889-1947, undated

Film Music Collection

The collection consists of manuscript scores and sketches of motion picture music scores by Mickey Bloom, Gerard Carbonara, Eddie Dunstedter, Max Dunstedter, Frederick Hollander, Miklós Rózsa, Marc Wilkinson and Victor Young. Also included are manuscript scores and parts for the...

Film Press Kit Collection

Press kits for motion pictures, mostly independent releases, including promotional material, clippings, and advertising materials.

Film programs from East Germany

Ca. 1700 film programs with the titles Progress Film Illustrierte (1953-1957) and Progress Film Programm (1957-1978, from #63/66 with additional title "Film für Sie"), both published by VEB Progress Film Vertrieb, Berlin, mostly 2 pages. The collection includes loose leaf...

Film Scripts collection

Over 247 screenplays for major and independent American films written in the 1950s through 2003.

The Film Society records

The Film Society records span the years circa 1971-1973 and encompass 3 linear feet. The collection contains organization files, maintained by program director Douglas Edwards, on avante-garde films screened by the society at the Egg and the Eye. Included are...

Film Soundtracks collection

This collection consists of film soundtracks and radio show recordings on both LP vinyl records and cassette tapes.

Filman (Norman) Collection

The Norman Filman Collection consists of papers saved by Old China Hand Norman Filman, mostly consisting of materials related to his uncle J. Arthur Duff and Old China Hands reunions. Materials in the collection include correspondence, news clippings, essays, a...

Filming of Planet of the Apes video (University of California, Irvine)

This collection contains one super 8 film reel containing a recording of the filming of Conquest of the Planet of the Apes movie on UCI campus in 1972, recorded by former student Lorraine Prinsky. The contents have been digitized.

Fil'shin (G. I.) interviews

Sound recordings and transcripts of interviews conducted by Tatiana Zhilkina, relating to political conditions and especially to economic policy in the Soviet Union and Russian Republic. Includes some biographical materials on G. I. Fil'shin.

Fimrite, Ron [Photographs from the Ron Fimrite papers].

Miscellaneous photographs from the life and career of Ron Fimrite: as a young man in a studio portrait with his parents; as a student on the staff of the Daily Californian; and various scenes of Fimrite appearing with others, including...

Final report : Funston Avenue archaeological research project, Presidio of San Francisco : photocopy, 1999.

Photocopy and cd-rom of two volumes submitted on Oct. 15, 2000, to the Presidio Trust and the National Park Service, Golden Gate National Recreation Area. The report, 1999-2000, concerns archaeological research of buried cultural resources in the Presidio's Funston Ave....

Finance Department Photographs

The Department of Finance was created in 1921 and was responsible for budgets, accounts, claims, purchases, printing, motor vehicles, and libraies. In 1927, the Legislature charged the Department with visiting state institutions to ascertain their condition and monitoring public buildings...

Financial records, 1880-1893

Ca. 30 items. Incomplete financial records, 1880-1893; bulk 1883. Primarily financial statements from the Nevada City office detailing expenditures (operating costs, payroll, etc.) and income from water sales. Also includes an annotated bill for legal services to establish the company...

Finch family papers

This collection consists of letters, articles, photographs, and memorabilia of the extended Finch family in New York, New Haven, Ohio, Wisconsin, from 1823-1954.

Finch Jr. (Henry) photograph collection

The Henry Finch Jr. photograph collection, 1892-1934, (SAFR 24258, P97-011) is comprised of copy negatives of Henry Finch and Sons salvage divers and various steam and sailing vessels, mostly in Seattle, Washington. The collection has been processed to the Collection...

Finch (Kay) Papers

This collection consists of newspaper clippings, correspondence, artwork, postcards, and art catalogs from ceramics artist Kay Finch.

Finch (Michael) Cigar Label Collection

The collection includes cigar bands and box labels.

Finch (Robert H.) Papers, White House Central Files, 1969-1972

Robert H. Finch served as Secretary of the Department of Health, Education, and Welfare from 1969 to 1970. This file group documents responsibilities as Counselor to the President from 1970 to 1972. His primary role was advising the President on...

Finch (Sheila) papers

This collection contains press clippings, correspondence, and other material regarding Sheila Finch, a science fiction author and professor of creative writing. Includes correspondence regarding her science fiction stories with Valerie Smith, Jonathan Matson, David Brin, and Roger MacBride Allen as...

Fincher, Robert B. (Second World War correspondence)

This collection contains correspondence from Pvt. Robert B Fincher, USA to his wife Alberta B. Fincher during the Second World War.

Finder (Leonard V.) Papers

Leonard V. Finder (1910-1969) was editor of the from 1962-1966. After Finder left the he devoted his time to lecturing and teaching, primarily at the Extension Program of the University of California, Davis. His Papers contain an unfinished manuscript of...

Finding Aid for the Brittain (Robert P.) bibliography of medico-legal works

Collection contains a carbon-copy typescript, the author's autograph presentation copy. "This work comprises general texts and writings upon special subjects in the field of inter-relationships of law and medicine, including medical jurisprudence; legal aspects of insanity; medical ethics; medical evidence;...

Finding aid for the Division of Business and Administrative Support Services Records

Records generated within the organizational divisions of Sequoia Kings Canyon National Park concerning Park management, planning and development.

Finding aid of the Henry E. Mathews Family Genealogy, History, and Remembrances.

In this Family Genealogy, History and Rembrances, Henry E Mathews assembles family history, photographs, newsclippings and illustrations to document his forbearers, in one line back 7 generations. The family entries are indexed at the front of the volume and the...

Finding Aid to Book Club of California

A complete collection of BCC annual publications, quarterlies and keepsakes. The Book Club of California's publications are their most substantive, vital, and lasting achievement. The Book Club has a distinguished history of printing books, keepsakes, and ephemera strong in attention...

Finding Aid to the Henry H. Brodeck stereograph views of Alaska

Photographs of landscapes, people, and objects in various Alaska locations, including Sitka, Rockwell (Juneau), Takou Inlet (Taku Inlet), and the villages of Hoonyah (Hoonah), Chilcat (Chilkat) and Klockwan (Klukwan).

Finding of the Drake Plate : oral history transcript / 1955-1956.

Concerning the finding of the Plate of Brass by William Caldeira (Mr. Bocqueraz' chauffeur) while on a hunting trip near Drake's Bay in 1933. Also, transcript of brief interview (Feb. 1, 1956) of Mr. Bocqueraz with George P. Hammond at...

Finding the themes : oral history transcript : family, anthropology, language origins, peace and conflict / 2001.

LeCron and Cowles family history in Iowa, friends, schools, Des Moines neighborhoods; life themes, rituals, illness; studying anthropology at Northwestern University, Melville Herskovits; marriage to George Foster and study in Vienna, 1938; fieldwork in Mexico: Sierra Popoluca, 1941, long-term work...

Findlay (Alexander) Diary

Photocopy of a diary, with a few newsclippings, kept by Professor Findlay during his six month visiting professorship at Stanford. Documents his daily activities while at Stanford and speaking engagements throughout the United States. Collection also includes a note from...

Findley (Paul) papers

Writings, notes, interview transcripts, correspondence, printed matter, and sound recordings, relating to relations between Israel and the United States, American foreign policy in the Middle East, and lobbying activities on behalf of Israel in the United States. Includes research material...

Fine Arts (College of). Student project, press, and event files.

Record Series 122 contains art project, press, and event files of students at the College of Fine Arts at the University of California, Los Angeles, generated between 1937-1981.

Fine Arts Department, Academic Departments and Schools, University Archives (Institutional Records)

The records in this series contain materials related to the Fine Arts Department and Committee, while it was under the School of Education and the University Institute, and before it became the School of Fine Arts.

Fine arts inventory of public buildings in California, 1972 July.

Contains descriptions of art works, information concerning the artists, and note of present condition of the works.

Fine Arts League of Los Angeles Records

Correspondence, minutes, reports and addresses, agreements, by-laws, membership lists, financial records, and ephemera of the Fine Arts League of Los Angeles.

Fine Arts Productions Committee. Clipping Files - Announcements and Reviews of Events.

Record Series 274 contains clippings files assembled by the Committee on Fine Arts Productions.

Fine Arts Productions (Committee on). Administrative files of the Berlin/Los Angeles 200 Festival.

Record Series 275 contains administrative files relating to the Committee on Fine Arts Productions' participation in the Berlin/Los Angeles 200 Festival. Files include: budgets, Berlin/Los Angeles Consortium, contracts, publicity, and schedule of events.

Fine Arts Productions (Committee on). Event files.

Record Series 5 contains the event files of the UCLA Committee on Fine Arts Productions from 1959-1980.

Fine Arts Productions (Committee on). Newsletters.

Record Series 273 contains newsletters generated by the Committee on Fine Arts Productions.

Fine Arts Productions (Committee on). Press releases.

Record Series 272 contains press releases distributed to the news media in southern California and relating to the performing arts season and individual performances sponsored by the UCLA Committee on Fine Arts Productions.

Fine Arts Productions (Committee on). Programs.

Record Series 6 contains programs for cultural events sponsored by the Center for the Performing Arts during the years 1949-1988. Most of the programs are for events during the years 1961-1988.

Fine Arts Productions (Committee on). Season brochures.

Record Series 271 contains season brochures describing artistic events sponsored by the Committee on Fine Arts Productions.

Fine Arts Productions (Committee on). Single-event announcements.

Record Series 270 contains publicity materials for shows and events sponsored by the Committee on Fine Arts Productions.

Fine Arts Program & the Center for the Arts, Academic Departments and Schools, University Archives (Institutional Records)

The records in this series contain materials related to the Fine Arts Program and the Center for the Arts in Jewish Life. Subseries include Nomads Theatre, UJ Art Gallery, UJ Choral Society, and News Clippings.

Fine (Mort) Papers

Collection contains radio, motion picture, and television scripts written by Mort Fine and David Friedkin. Also contains business records of Friedkin & Fine, including contracts, production reports, story ideas, and business and personal correspondence. Includes scripts for such television programs...

Fine (Mort) papers

There is little biographical information available about Mort Fine. Morton Fine was born in 1916. He teamed with with David Friedkin in the 1940s and together they collaborated on a number of successful radio, television and motion pictue projects over...

Fine (Morton) scripts

This collection consists of scripts and some related production files for 44 episodes of the television series "I Spy" used by Morton Fine (1916-1991) in his role as a producer and writer on the show.

Fine Press Ephemera Collection

The collection contains material from fine presses and individual printers in the United States and England (but primarily from California). Items include cards, advertisements, invitations, and other printed materials.

Fine Press Prints, Broadsides, and Ephemera Collection

The Fine Press Prints and Broadsides Collection consists of broadsides, book prospectuses and other printed ephemera sent to the library from various fine art printing presses and printers in the United States.

Fine Press Promotional Literature Collection

The Fine Press Promotional Literature Collection, 1979-2010 (bulk 1985-1998) consists of the publicity literature mailed out to advertise fine books printed by Arion Press, The Book Club of California, The Yolla Bolly Press, and other Californian private presses during the...

Fine Print Records

Consists of press files, editorial files, and production files that document the content of the publication, along with marketing and promotion files, business and financial records, and files from Pro Arte Libri, that document the business side of publishing a...

Fine printers of the San Francisco Bay Area : oral history transcript / and related material, 1969.

Comments on the Grabhorns, Wilder Bently, William Everson, Adrian Wilson and others; his own printing ventures; association with the Book Club of California; Albert Bender, etc. Photographs inserted. Appended: text of his tribute to Edwin Grabhorn at meeting of the...

Fine Printing and the Grabhorn Press : oral history transcripts / and related material, 1967-1968.

Association with his brother, Edwin, in his early printing career and with the Grabhorn Press; views on fine printing, other printers, etc. Includes also comments by Jane (Mrs. Robert) Grabhorn on the Grabhorn brothers. Photographs inserted.

Fine Printing Collection

Examples of small and alternative presswork and typography, including advertisements, broadsides, and postcards.

Fine Printing Ephemera (Collection of)

This collection comprises printed ephemera from fine presses in the United States, Great Britain, and Europe that were assembled by the UC Irvine Libraries Department of Special Collections and Archives from a donation by Marie Louise Getty and the Richard...

Fineman (Joel) Papers

Collection includes professional and personal correspondence, articles and extensive notes and research regarding Fineman's Shakespearean literary scholarship, emphasizing the principles of contemporary psychoanalysis and structuralism as tools of criticism.

Finger (Seymour M.) dispatches

Relates to various aspects of the Hungarian economy between 1950 and 1952.

Fingerhut School of Education, Academic Departments and Schools, University Archives (Institutional Records)

The records in this series contain materials related to the Fingerhut School of Education. Subseries include Brochures, Behavioral Psychology Graduate Degree Programs, Hertzmann Summer Institute for Jewish Educators, Clejan Educational Resource Center, Master’s Degree in Educational Administration, and Events.

Fink, Leonora Galindo Collection

The Leonora Galindo Fink Collection consists of index card records of property ownership in certain areas of Contra Costa County based on county assessment books from the early 1850s to the 1890s.

Finkel (Bob) scrips and video tapes

This collection from American director and producer Bob Finkel (1918-2012) contains scripts and video tapes. Scripts include those for the People's Choice Awards, the Emmy Awards, "Circus of the Stars," and more. Video tapes include recordings of shows that Finkel...

Finkel (Robert) Collection of Photographs of Television Variety Show Sets

Producer Bob Finkel is well known for his work on variety shows. The collection consists of stills and slides of television variety show sets.

Finkle (Fred C.) Papers, Water Resources Collection

Finkle (b. 1865) worked in California, Colorado and Oregon. Chief engineer of the North Riverside Land and Water Co., Jurupa Land and Water Co. and Vividino Water Co. (1887). Later became the chief engineer of the San Bernardino Water Works...

Finkle (Raymond D.) papers

This collection consists of material related to the termination of former California College of Medicine (University of California, Irvine) professor Raymond D. Finkle, PhD. Materials include faculty panel reports, correspondence, arbitration and deposition transcripts, clippings, audiocassette recordings, and buttons created...

Finland newspaper collection

The newspapers in this collection were originally collected by the Hoover Institution Library and transferred to the Archives in 2019. The Finland newspaper collection (1905-1986) comprises eight unique titles of publication, in both Finnish and Swedish. All of the titles...

Finland photograph album, circa 1900s-1950s

Handmade wooden cover. Broad time span, ca. WWII, then earlier, then later again with Christmas cards at back.

Finlay, Edward G. (First World War correspondence)

This collection contains correspondence to and from Private Edward Grant Finlay during the First World War. There are also two photos, a small notebook, identification cards, and ephemera.

Finlay (Ian Hamilton) Papers

This collection details the career and work of Scottish concrete poet/artist, Ian Hamilton Finlay. It includes manuscripts, correspondence, printed materials, garden designs, photographs, project files, clippings, catalogs, and other materials related to his work, his family, colleagues, friends, and the...

Finley – McFarling Genealogy Collection

The Finley-McFarling Genealogy Collection contains over 700 citations to documents involving early Finley families in Virginia, Kentucky, Tennessee, Indiana, Illinois, Missouri, Texas and California along with a number of collateral lines. These documents, all in transcribed form and many with...

Finley (Charles) Nude Beach Activism Photographs

Charles Finley photographs of Black's Beach, a San Diego nude beach, and of nude beach activists at the San Francisco Freedom Day Parade, 1976-1978.

Finley (Margaret A.) letters

Letters and typewritten copies of letters from Japanese-Americans interned at Poston, Arizona, during World War II, relating to conditions in the relocation camp.

Finley McDiarmid letters to his wife Constantia McDiarmid : Wiota, Lafayette County, Wisconsin, 1850-1851.

Contains 12 letters written on McDiarmid's overland journey from Wisconsin to California, May-October 1850 and while in the goldfields. Also includes a 105-page letter written as journal to his wife while traveling to California.

Finliandets bulletins

Relates to Russian veterans' affairs.

Finn (Chester E., Jr.) papers

Speeches and writings, memoranda, reports, correspondence, agenda, and printed matter, relating to education in the United States, and especially to educational policy during the presidential administrations of Richard M. Nixon and Ronald Reagan, and to activities of the Educational Excellence...

Finnegan (Dick) Papers

Papers of architect Dick Finnegan, who was active in the Santa Clara Valley (Calif.) from the 1960s through the 1990s, as well as the Lake Tahoe region. Includes his business records, original architectural drawings, promotional material for housing developments, and...

Finney (Bob) Photographs

Photographs attributed to Bob Finney or of him as the subject, circa 1970-1989. Images include those of a protest outside Studio One; Greg Gordon and Lucia Chappelle, co-producers of the IMRU radio program on KPFK; and Reverend Troy Perry at...

Finney (Edward) / Tex Ritter Papers

The collection is primarilty publicity files of Ed Finney, mostly regarding Tex Ritter. Primarily covers the early part (1938-39) of Ritter's career with Monogram and Grand National. Some material dates through the 1940's and also covers other actors Finney was...

Finney (Ruth) Papers

The Ruth Finney Papers consist of materials related to her career as a newpaper reporter. This includes her correspondence, scrapbooks, diaries, manuscripts, clippings, photographs, research materials, legal documents, and personal mementos....

Finnie (Anne Ackerman) Papers

Typescript copy of "Pamela goes to college," a parody on PAMELA by Richardson (1740), written by undergraduate Anne Ackerman, for Professor Everett Smith's English class while Miss Ackerman lived in the Stanford Union. Typescript copy of "European thought and culture,"...

Finnie (Richard) Collection

Open reel tapes recorded by Richard Finnie, including Bechtel Corporation film soundtrack material featuring traditional music and sound effects from Asia, the Middle East, and elsewhere, and broadcasts and live performances of classical music, jazz, folk, and other types of...

Finnie (Richard S.) Papers

22 Photographs, 31 audio tapes and 28 films relating to many of Bechtel Corporation's major construction projects.

Finnish Relief Fund records

Correspondence, memoranda, minutes, reports, press releases, financial records, printed matter, memorabilia, and photographs relating to fundraising in the United States for civilian relief in Finland during the Russo-Finnish War.

Finnish subject collection

Trial transcripts, maps, pamphlets, and bulletins, relating to the Finnish independence movement before World War I, and to the trial of former Finnish government leaders accused of responsibility for Finnish participation in World War II. Includes a flag of the...

Finocchio's Collection

This collection contains materials relating to Finocchio’s, one of the oldest and best-known female impersonation clubs in the world. The collection is arranged into four series: Production Material and Ephemera, Photographs, Garments, and Artifacts.

Fintzelberg (Nicholas) Historic Preservation Collection

This collection contains correspondence, reports, planning documents, and other materials regarding the creation of Heritage Park within Old Town San Diego State Historic Park in the 1970s, as well as files on several other historic sites in San Diego, CA.

Finze (Hans Joachim) holograph

Relates to air raids on Köthen, 1944.

Fio Rito (Ted) papers

This collection consists of the music sheets and arrangements of American composer and orchestra leader Ted Fio Rito (1900-1971).

Fiorello (Dante) Collection

Collection of 2 original handwritten signed scores for soprano and string quartet, and 15 published scores (New York, Educational Publishing Institute) chiefly for band....

Fire Arms Slides

Slides of firearms in the Museum's History Department collections.

"Fire Brigade, The" Stills

Photographs of scenes from this circa 1926 film by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer. Also includes a 3-page synopsis of the film.

Fire Department (University of California, Davis) Records

The UC Davis Fire Department provides fire protection and emergency medical services to the UC Davis campus. It was established as a volunteer fire brigade in 1917 and formalized in the 1950s with the hire of career staff and a...

Fire Management Records

The collection contains materials relating to the park’s fire program and details the fires that occurred in Yosemite National Park. The records were created by Yosemite’s fire program between 1930 and 2010 with the bulk of the material dating from...

Fire Monitoring and Fire Effects Records

Records generated within the organizational divisions of Sequoia Kings Canyon National Park concerning Park management, planning and development.

The Fire of Life: The Robert Legorreta - Cyclona Collection

This collection of papers, photos, LP records and three-dimensional objects represents the personal collection of the performance artist Robert Legorreta, also known as Cyclona. Items of special interest include Cyclona's scrapbook and LP record and artifact collection depicting representations of...

Fire protection in the Berkeley Hills, 1921-1926.

A collection of letters, clippings, reports and pamphlets, 1921-1926, relating to the formation and work of the Committee, and to the Berkeley fire of Sept. 17, 1923.

Fire views of San Francisco [graphic]

Collection contains commercial photographs by the Bushnell Foto Co. showing damage caused by the San Francisco earthquake and fire of 1906. Buildings pictured include: Call Building (on fire), Hall of Justice, San Francisco Hotel, I.O.O.F. (Independent Order of Odd Fellows)...

Firefighting reference collection, 1933-2018

This is an artificial, rapid response collection put together by staff while researching firefighting within the county following the Thomas Fire in 2017. Items include reports, plans, and other publications from the Ventura County Fire Department and other fire departments...

Firehouse Theater Company Archives

In the summer of 1963, University of Minnesota graduate student Marlow S. Hotchkiss, artist James F. Faber, actor John Shimek, and actor and director Charles Morrison III renovated an 1894 fire station in Minneapolis, Minnesota as the Firehouse Theater. The...

Fire--Issue no. 2

Fire was a London-based poetry magazine, edited by Dr. Joseph H. Berke, an American-born psychotherapist based in London. It was part of the underground press movement of the 1960s and 70s. Issue no. 2 was produced in a run of...

Fireman's Fund Insurance Co. policy registers : Danville, Calif., 1897-1910.

Describes agent Chas J. Wood's policy holders residences and businesses in Danville, Calif.

Fireman's Fund Insurance Company Records

In 1863 William Holdredge created the Fireman’s Fund Insurance Company. His company established a fireman’s retirement fund with financing coming from 10% of his company’s annual net profit. This simultaneously reassured his customers that they were safe from fire and...

Fireman's Fund Insurance Company records

Fireman's Fund Insurance Company records (HDC1780, SAFR 24946) consists of correspondence, photographs, copies of articles and three volumes including 2 ledgers and one logbook. The vessel HARVEY MILLS is the particular focus of most of the materials. The collection is...

Fireside Chat with Nobel Peace Laureate Kailash Satyarthi program and supporting materials

Program, event calendar, general ephemera handouts about Satyarthi....

Firestone Farm Guide Account Book

Copy of the "Firestone Farm Guide Book" annotated with the anonymous owner's accounts.

Firestone Vineyard, a Santa Ynez Valley pioneer : oral history transcript / 1996.

Brooks Firestones discusses his early career with and resignation from Firestone Tire & Rubber Co.; the beginnings of the Firestone Vineyard in 1972; building the winery; and general trends in the wine industry.

FireWork [newsletter]

This collection contains issues of FireWork: Women in Fire Suppression newsletters from 1982-1999.

Firing Line (Television Program) broadcast records

The Firing Line broadcast records include videotapes from the television show, as well as sound recordings, administrative and speaker files, program research files, photographs, transcripts, and other materials from the show. The types of program research materials available for each...

Firmage (George J.) Papers

George James Firmage (1928- ) was born n New York, New York. He was a publications supervisor in the advertising and marketing services department of the First National City Bank in New York (1954) and wrote several books. The collection...

Firsov (Fridrikh Igorevich) collection

Photocopies of, transcripts of, transcripts of extracts from, and summaries of, official internal documents of the Communist International. Includes copies of documents from records of various national Communist parties; sound recordings of interviews with associated individuals; and notes and printed...

First African Methodist Episcopal Church (Oakland, Calif.) Collection

The First African Methodist Episcopal Church of Oakland began in 1858, and is the first and oldest African American church in the East Bay. The First African Methodist Episcopal Church (Oakland, Calif.) Collection includes administrative records, correspondence, church service bulletins,...

First Aid and Civil Defense Collection

Brochures, publications and one clipping on first aid and emergency procedures, including material on surviving a nuclear attack and constructing a fallout shelter. Primarily published by federal agencies including the Office of Civil Defense in the Department of Defense; and...

First Aid For Hungary records

Correspondence, reports, contribution lists, clippings, and printed matter, relating to relief and resettlement of Hungarian refugees.

First Aid/Anatomy handbook

First Aid/Anatomy handbook (SAFR 287, HDC 495) is a typewritten copy of the handbook, which is the successor to "The Ship's Medicine Chest" of the U.S. Public Health Service. The handbook was part of a course offered to officers and...

First among equals : California legislative leadership, 1964-1992 /

Boyhood in Texas; education: San Francisco State University, 1951-1955, Hastings Law School, 1955-1958; early Democrati party activities; election to state assembly, 1964; legislative issues and politics, 1965-1992; Ways and Means Committee chairmanship, 1969-1974; state assembly speaker, 1980-1993, leadership concerns: government...

First among equals : oral history transcript : California legislative leadership, 1964-1992 / 1999.

Boyhood in Texas; education: San Francisco State University, 1951-1955, Hastings Law School, 1955-1958; early Democrati party activities; election to state assembly, 1964; legislative issues and politics, 1965-1992; Ways and Means Committee chairmanship, 1969-1974; state assembly speaker, 1980-1993, leadership concerns: government...

First Baptist Church Material

A small collection of materials: a report, history, and policy statement

First Baptist Church records : San Francisco, [ca. 1856-1898]

Contents: v.1, receipt book, Aug. 13, 1856-Jan. 3, 1867, recording payment for work done on the church, for salaries, for interest on notes, etc.; v.2, minutes of meetings of the advisory board, Apr. 27, 1896-July 25, 1898; v. 3, Reminiscences...

First California Guard Papers

The Papers of the First California Guard comprises 8 folders of original documents dating from the first formation of the Guard under Military Governor Bennett S. Riley in 1849. The collection contains meeting minutes, constitution and by-laws of the Guard,...

First California Volunteer Regiment group portraits [graphic].

Group portraits of soldiers of the First Regiment of California Volunteers during the Spanish American War period, presumably assembled at San Francisco's Presidio or another San Francisco Bay Area military base. Images are dated 1899 and therefore follow the regiments...

First Century Families records

The collection contains records of the activities of the First Century Families, especially centered on the planning and implementation of the group's annual luncheon. Considerable genealogical and biographical material is also contained herein. The collection also includes 22.4 gigabytes of...

First chief financial officer at Genentech, 1978-1984 : oral history transcript / 2002.

Childhood in New Jersey; education in chemistry, business; early employment experiences in business management, banking, and as financial and administrative officer for Genentech's first management team; early growth of Genentech, Inc.; corporate financial strategies; raising venture capital, product licensing, private...

First Church of One Brotherhood Collection

Membership card, event programs, publicity material, flyers, clippings and other material documenting activities of the First Church of One Brotherhood (FCOB), 1956-1976. The non-denominational church, founded by Charles (Chuck) Rowland, was intended to address the spiritual needs of religious gay...

First Class of San Jose State Normal School Research Records

The First Class of San Jose State Normal School Research Records was compiled by SJSU Emeritus Professor of History, James P. Walsh. This research collection originated from his earlier publication One and the Same: The History of Continuing Education at...

First Congregational Church of Stockton Records

Collection of records for the First Congregational Church of Stockton, California, from various church groups/organizations of prominent women of Stockton.

First Fifty Years: Reflections on U.S.-Soviet Relations : video tape

Finished videotape copy, transcript, and raw videotape footage, including interviews with former American government officials, relating to the history of Soviet-American relations and prospects for their future. Produced by Quest Productions.

First films of the Soviet underground : video tape

Relates to dissidents, human rights violations, and antisemitism in the Soviet Union. Produced by Michail Makarenko for Resistance International.

First Friends Church of San Diego Records

The collection consists of Monthly Meeting minutes, as well as Ministry, Counsel, and Oversight minutes....

First Hebrew Benevolent Society by-laws and constitution, 1900.

Collection consists of a 1900 printing of the constitution and by-laws of the First Hebrew Benevolent Society in San Francisco, California. Also included is a photocopy of the 1867 by-laws and constitution.

First Lady's Press Office Files, White House Central Files, 1969-1974

The First Lady’s Press office contains information relative to the activities of the Press Office staff. These activities included conducting press briefings, dissmeninating press releases, compiling news summaries, and working with various media outlets to publicize events and promote the...

First Massachustts Heavy Artillery Civil War letters, 1861-1863

Five letters (ALS) from George W. Clark, Co. E, 1861-1863, and two letters (ALS) from Alexander Smart, Co. F, 1862. .02 linear feet (1 folder).

First Million for Stanford Collection

This collection pertains to the fund-raising efforts launched in 1922 to raise $3 million for the Stanford University endowment fund. Included are correspondence, largely of Ray Lyman Wilbur, reports, alumni lists, subscription lists, a campaign manual, and clippings. There is...

The first mission, California [graphic] : Death and resurrection, the story of San Diego.

Images depict scenes from the San Diego Mission, including interiors, grounds, exhibits, signs, burial marker and garden.

First National Bank of Santa Paula

A small collection of financial ites

First National Pictures photographs

The First National Pictures photographs span the years 1920-1931 and encompass 30 linear feet. The collection consists of 18,370 photographic prints for 144 films. The majority of the material consists of scenes, but there are also many off-camera and publicity...

First Osborne Group (FOG) records

The First Osborne Group (FOG) records contain software and documentation created primarily between 1981 and 1993. This material was created or authored by FOG members for other members using hardware compatible with CP/M and later MS and PC-DOS software. The...

First Presbyterian Church, Marysville [graphic] /

Title from caption. Photographer's label affixed to verso.

First Provisional Aero Squadron (Mexican Expedition) photographs, 1916-1918 (bulk 1916-1916)

65 black and white photographs of the First Provisional Aero Squadron, based at Columbus, New Mexico, near the Mexican border. Includes images of planes in flight, crashed planes, support vehicles, hangars, and squadron members. .05 linear feet (1 folder).

First San Francisco Photographic Salon, 1901 : catalog.

Oraganized by the California Camera Club, the Mark Hopkins Institute and Camera craft.

First Tuesday (Los Angeles) Collection

Handwritten notes, meeting agendas, meeting announcements, speakers lists, newsletters, a photograph and mailing lists documenting activities of First Tuesday, 1976-1987. First Tuesday was an informal meeting group of gays and lesbians that met to share general information "about their current...

First Unitarian Church of Los Angeles Records

The collection is arranged in four series: GENERAL FILE, COMMITTEE EVENTS, FELLOWSHIP FOR SOCIAL JUSTICE and DAVID SEIDMAN. A majority of the collection was donated by David Seidman, including his correspondence, the Drama Workshop notes (1954-1955), (he functioned as their...

First World War broadsides promoting killing of California ground squirrels [graphic].

First World War illustrated broadsides (posters, chiefly text) from 1918, promoting killing of California ground squirrels (including California governor William Stephens' proclamation of Squirrel Week, and commentary by U.S. Food Administration chief Herbert Hoover and U.S. Secretary of Agriculture D.F....

Fisch (Alan E.) collection of radio scripts

This collection contains scripts for more than 120 various episodes from approximately 20 radio shows broadcast by CBS in 1945 and 1946. The scripts were collected at the time by Alan Fisch (1928-2015), a student at the University of Southern...

Fisch (Arline M.) Ephemera Collection

The Arline Fisch Ephemera Collection contains 36 printed items featuring the work of the American jewelry artist, Arline M. Fisch. The collection includes exhibition postcards, announcements, advertisements, newsletters, pamphlets, and one booklet. The artist collected these materials from 1965-2017.

Fisch (Arline M.) Papers

The collection includes syllabi, exhibition slides, and other items pertaining to SDSU's Metalsmithing Program....

Fisch (Richard M) Papers

Correspondence, photographs, videotapes, clippings.

Fischbach (Becky) Papers

This collection consists of documents related to Fischbach's work at Stanford in the late 1970s and early 1980s and her participation in feminist, gay, and lesbian culture at Stanford through the 1990s. Small-scale artists' books broadsides and ephemera, some created...

Fischel family papers

This collection comprises certificates, working papers and passports of several members of the Fischel family, and documents the experiences of this family of German Jews who fled Nazi Germany for Shanghai, China and Palestine.

Fischer (Emil)

Family albums, glass negatives, album of (52) loose vintage photographs; personal letters, scientific publications, documents, clippings, and miscellaneous items. The materials document the lives of Emil Fischer, Hermann Otto Laurenz Fischer and Agnes Fischer Peterson. The materials are in German...

Fischer (Emil) Papers

Correspondence; manuscripts, including drafts of his autobiography; reprints of his writings; subject files relating to his research and to work during World War I, and to professional activities; laboratory notebooks, his own and those of his students; clippings; photographs; and...

Fischer (Ernst O.E.) Collection of Max Ernst Prints

A collection of prints by leading Dada and Surrealist artist, Max Ernst, assembled by Ernst O.E. Fischer and comprising 164 sheets. Approximately 66 additional pieces in bound books are now part of the Library's core collection. It constitutes a comprehensive...

Fischer (Eugen) typescript

Relates to Anglo-German relations, 1871-1914.

Fischer (George) mimeograph

Relates to Russian collaborators with Germany during World War II and especially to the Russian Army of Liberation under General Andrei Andreevich Vlasov.

Fischer (Harold E.) Personal Papers

This collection contains the personal papers of Harold E. Fischer, who was an Air Force pilot during the Korean War. He was captured and held as a prisoner of war from 1953-1955.

Fischer (Hugo B.) papers

The collection consists of reports pertaining to the study of saltwater intrusion into estuaries and heat dispersion in waterways, and water pollution.

Fischer (Joseph) Collection of Vietnam War Era Political Protest Posters

San Francisco Bay Area political protest posters from the Vietnam War era, most of them denouncing war, criticizing U.S. foreign policy of the Lyndon B Johnson and Richard M. Nixon administrations, demanding support for the peoples of Vietnam and Cambodia,...

Fischer-Galati (M. T.) photograph collection

Depicts the Maginot Line. Photographs taken by German intelligence services.

Fish and Game Slides of Ralph B. McCormick

Ralph B. McCormick took slides relating to his professional responsibilities as a biologist with the California Fish and Game Department during the 1950s and of other views that interested him. Most images are from Humboldt and Del Norte Counties in...

Fish Family Papers

Scrapbook of letters, clippings, etc., chiefly from Charles Fish, his brother, Lafayette, and sisters, Caroline and Cornelia, to members of their family. Many relate to ranching in Contra Costa Co., and to bringing of large herds of sheep overland in...

Fish (Joseph) Manuscript and Letters

Joseph Fish (1840-1926) lived in northern Arizona at Snowflake and was an official of the Mormon Church. He was among the early settlers of Iron County, Utah, Snowflake Arizona, and the Mormon Colonies in Mexico. The collection contains manuscript material...

Fish (Pat) mail art collection

Mail art collected and created by Santa Barbara tattoo artist Pat Fish during the 1970s and 1980s.

Fish (Richard) Collection

Richard Fish was born in Los Angeles, California on February 25, 1919. He earned a bachelor's degree in Cinematography and Journalism at the University of Southern California in 1940, served in the United States Army during World War II, and...

Fish, Ruth (Second World War correspondence)

This collection contains six original correspondence from various authors written to Ruth Fish during the Second World War. Also included is one photocopied Civil War letter from James H. Lord to his father in 1861.

Fish (Stanley) papers

This collection documents Stanley Fish's professional career as a literary theorist and academic. Materials are largely textual--including primarily drafts of his writings, publications, and clippings and photocopies for teaching and research purposes--and range in coverage from his early student work...

Fish (Stephen) Papers

This collections contains journals, personal notes and subject files from activist and PWA Stephen Fish (1948-1991). Fish was also a co-chair of Black and White Men Together and one of the founders of People with Immune Systems Disorder. He was...

Fish (Wendell W.) Papers

Collection consists of materials related to Wendell Wilbur Fish's advertising typography, including writing paper and envelopes printed for his own business, and brochures printed for Los Angeles businesses such as Bullock's. Also includes announcements, business cards, and other printed material....

Fisher (Charles Frederick) papers

Correspondence, speeches and writings, memoranda, reports, studies, conference material, and printed matter, relating to education in the United States, and especially to university administration.

Fisher (Dr. Robert) Collection

Contains account books, detailed inventories and summary accounts of Carter buildings, furniture, tools and materials stored at Newark shops and statements of labor.

Fisher (Edgar Jacob) papers

The collection relates to Robert College and other American schools in Turkey and elsewhere in the Near East, social and political conditions in Turkey, and ethnic minorities in Turkey. It consists of correspondence, newspaper clippings, reports, student essays, and printed...

Fisher Family Correspondence

The Fisher Family Correspondence contains sixty letters of a Woodland, California family. The majority of the collection, which spans the years 1870-1890, consists of incoming correspondence to Edna Fisher (1870-1962). Primary correspondents are Ernest Blake, a cousin, and Adella Fisher...

Fisher (Frederick) drawings

3 original drawings: 2 watercolors of buildings in Rome, Italy; 1 colored pencil and chalk rendering for a Solar Crematorium project....

Fisher (Frederick H.) Papers

The collection consists of oceanographer Frederick H. Fisher's research files, professional correspondence and writings.

Fisher Gallery records

The Fisher Gallery records document the functions and activities of the Fisher Gallery at the University of Southern California, consisting of the papers of Gallery Directors; records, publications, and media of exhibits; documents of loans; records pertaining to the USC...

Fisher (Gary) Papers

The collection contains the notebooks, diaries, journals, poems and short fiction of Gary Fisher, a gay African American man. It also includes the transcripts and excerpts used for , edited by Eve Kosofsky Sedgwick.

Fisher (Harold Albert) Personal Papers

This collection contains the personal papers of Harold Albert Fisher. Fisher was in the U.S. Navy during World War II. He then worked for the Marquardt Corporation and Grumman Aircraft Corporation.

Fisher (Harold H.) papers

Clippings, printed matter, notes, correspondence, pamphlets, articles, microfilm, and photographs, relating to the Soviet Union, the San Francisco Conference organizing the United Nations, the Civil War in Spain, Herbert Hoover and the American Relief Administration, and the history of Finland.

Fisher (Henry B. and Raymond W.) Surveys Collection

This collection contains surveys of property and plans for sewer and road construction, primarily for Santa Clara County, made by Henry B. Fisher and his son Raymond W. Fisher.

Fisher (Hugo) Papers

Hugo Fisher (1921- ) was a lawyer and politician. He was a California state senator (1959-62), a member of the central committee of the San Diego County Democratic Party (1951) and a delegate to the Democratic National Convention (1952,1956,1960). The...

Fisher (J. C. Reginald) papers

Cartoons, drawings, other artwork, and miscellany, relating to British military activities on the Western front during World War I.

Fisher (Jennifer) Collection of Dance Ephemera and Promotional Materials

This collection comprises dance ephemera and promotional materials collected by University of California, Irvine associate professor of dance Jennifer Fisher that documents dance performance and education in Southern California between 1976 and 2012.

Fisher (John W.) papers

The collection consists of the personal papers of John W. Fisher, owner of The Fisher Lumber Company, Santa Monica, California. The collection includes letters and postcards, photographs, financial records, clippings, certificates and membership cards, a few event programs and an...

Fisher (Lillian E.) Papers

Consists primarily of research manuscripts for Fisher's scholarly writings regarding Latin American history and society, as well as manuscripts for her works of fiction. In addition, the collection contains letters written by Fisher to her mother and others, particularly during...

Fisher (Lillian E.) Research Materials relating to Mexico

The Lillian Estelle Fisher Research Materials relating to Mexico consist of transcriptions from documents housed in the Archivo General de Indias in Spain and in the Archivo General de la Nacion in Mexico city.

Fisher (Margaret Liebler) sound recording collection

Phonotape cassettes of news coverage of Ronald Reagan and the 1980 presidential campaign, proceedings of the Republican and Democratic national conventions, and debates and press conferences of presidential candidates.

Fisher (Margery T.) Papers

Margery Turner Fisher (1913-1992) was an author and critic. She taught English at Oundle School (1939-45), organized courses on reading and writing for pleasure, and created her own journal, , for reviewing children's books. The collection consists of journals, annotated...

Fisher (Mary E.) letters to Mary Beach

Letters from Mary E. Fisher to her friend Mary Beach, describing life in the town of Huron, South Dakota and an eventual move to Minneapolis.

Fisher (Michele) typescript

Relates to activities of the American engineer Oliver Julian Todd in China. Photocopy.

Fisher, Raymond H. (Raymond Henry) Papers pertaining to Robert J. Kerner, 1972-1988.

Photocopies of letters about Kerner from and to Fisher, 1972-1988 (correspondents include John A. Harrison, Robert F. Byrnes, and Gay Satsuma). Photocopy of article by Fisher, "Kerner, Bering, and the Amur: a refutation"; paper by Gay Satsuma, "Scholarly Entrepreneur: Robert...

Fisher (Robert) Collection of Views of Europe

A collection of glass and paper stereographs, glass lantern slides, photographic prints (single and mounted in an album) and photomechanically illustrated travel booklets, primarily depicting European sites and cities, together with some genre scenes and a few non-European views.

Fisher (Robert L.) Papers

Scripps Institution of Oceanography research geologist Robert L. Fisher's papers, correspondence, professional materials, research files and writings.

Fisher (Sandra) papers

Sandra Maureen Fisher was an American artist born on May 6, 1947 in New York City to Ethel and Gene Fisher. She received her art degree from the Chouinard Art School, California Institute of the Arts, Los Angeles in 1968....

Fisher (Stephen) Collection of Wallace Stegner Materials

Collection consists of audio and video recordings used in the production of Fisher's documentary on author Wallace Stegner, including interviews with and readings by Stegner, interviews with his friends and family, and other footage (some possibly from other projects)....

Fisher (Suzanne) Papers

Suzanne Fisher graduated from Cal Poly Pomona with a degree in Animal Science. The collection includes papers, photographs, and realia that document Fisher's work with the University's Arabian horses.

Fisher (Walter K.) Journals

Collection consists of his journals from field trips studying mammals and birds in northern California, Nevada, the Sierras, and the Mono Lake region, 1897-1901. There are narrative parts describing the country and the animals encountered, as well as lists of...

Fisher (Walter K) Original Illustrations

Collection consists of 28 original plates prepared for publication; subjects are asteroidea (starfishes) and echiuroid and sipunculoid worms....

Fisher (Walter K.) Papers

Original drawings and correspondence of Walter K. Fisher with John Hiram Gerould (Dartmouth) and Alexander Charles Stephen (Royal Scottish Museum), and letters to Gerould from J.W. Spengel (handwritten in German)....

A fisherman and whaler : recollections of the Richmond Whaling Station, 1958-1972 : oral history transcript / 1986.

Describes his career as a whaler, the life at sea, types of whales, anti-whaling sentiments, and the closing of the Richmond Whaling Station. He also speaks of his family background and Mormon upbringing.

Fishermen's Protective Union of the Pacific Coast and Alaska ledger sheet

Fishermen's Protective Union of the Pacific Coast and Alaska ledger sheet (SAFR 24696, HDC1748) is an oversized form printed in black and red ink. It is a Secretary's Financial Report for the Quarter ending in June. The form is completed...

Fisher-Merriam Family papers circa 1850's-2005.

Fisher-Merriam family papers, BANC MSS 2004/112 c, The Bancroft Library, University of California, Berkeley.

Fisher-Merriam family photographs [graphic].

Collection contains mostly portrait and snapshot photographs relating to members of the Fisher and Merriam families of California and Massachusetts. Individuals represented include Galen Merriam Fisher, Ralph Talcott Fisher, Sr., Margaret Merriam Fisher, Grace Fisher Richards, and Leonard C. Fisher...

Fishman (Gella S.) Teaching materials for Yiddish language and culture

The first part of the collection consists of material pertaining to the Jewish holidays in the order they occur during the year. Included here are also materials on the Holocaust (for Holocaust Remembrance Day) and Israel (for Israel Independence Day)....

Fishman (Joshua A.) Papers

The Joshua A. Fishman papers include correspondence; writings by Fishman (both published and unpublished); lecture notes and transcripts; audio and video tapes of some of Fishman's lectures; course outlines and notes representing most of the institutions where he taught; reviews...

Fishman (Lillian W. and William H.) Papers

The Lillian W. and William H. Fishman Papers document the medical and research careers of two cancer scientists, William Fishman and Lillian Fishman, who specialized in the oncodevelopmental biological approach to cancer. Included in the papers are files on the...

Fishman (Rukhl) Papers

Collection includes the papers of an American-born Yiddish poet living in Israel until her death in 1984. Includes incoming and outgoing correspondence, poetry manuscripts, newsclippings, subject files, personal documents, and school/youth activities.

Fisk (A. J.) mimeograph

Relates to coal mines and mining in Poland.

Fisk (Charles Frederick) papers

Papers of Charles Frederick Fisk, rancher in Corcoran, California, land developer, mainly in the Tulare Basin area of California, and mine owner in Calaveras County, California.

Fiske (Emmett P.) Papers

The collection contains research materials related to Fiske's doctoral dissertation, The College and its Constituency: Rural and Community Development at the University of California, 1875-1978. Also included are materials related to the lawsuit by the California Agrarian Action Project against...

Fiske (George) (1835-1918) Collection, ca.1880s-1900s

Seventeen photographs of Yosemite, plus three others of the Monterey coast that may be by Fiske. All of his negatives were destroyed in two fires (1904 and 1943); only his prints remain today.

Fiske (George), Views of Yosemite, ca. 1880-1890

The Views of Yosemite album contains 68 photographic prints taken by George Fiske, likely in the 1880s. The photographs are mainly of Yosemite Valley in the winter. Views include Black Spring, domes from Columbia Rock, Inspiration Point, El Capitan Bridge,...

Fiske (John) Addenda

This collection chiefly contains correspondence of American philosopher and historian John Fiske (1842-1902) and his family. Subjects include: Fiske and his work and writings, Ignatius Donnelly, Miguel de Cervantes' novel Don Quixote, Prince Kropotkin, and the assassination of Alexander II...

Fiske (John) Papers

John Fiske (1842-1901) was born Edmund Fisk Green in Hartford, Connecticut. He wrote books on a variety of subjects including: (1879), (1888), and (1902). The collection consists of John Fiske's correspondence with various persons about historical and philosophical writings, as...

Fiske (John) Papers

This collection contains the papers and correspondence of American philosopher and historian John Fiske (1842-1902). Included are manuscripts and proof sheets of his books, articles, lectures and other works on history, theology, and education, his literary works, musical compositions, and...

Fiske (Sallie M.) Papers and Photographs

Collection includes documents, correspondence, financial records, photographs, negatives and slides pertaining to the life and career of lesbian journalist, Sallie Fiske, 1929-2004. The majority of the records document her involvement as publisher and editor-in-chief of the , including original manuscripts...

Fiske (Turbesé Lummis) and Douglas (Frances) Papers

The Turbesé Lummis Fiske and Frances Douglas papers are mostly personal documents, with some manuscripts and realia, spanning from 1890-1967. They include the papers of Henry Herbert Knibbs from 1929-1945, and include correspondence from, to, and about Charles Fletcher Lummis.

Fiske (Turbesé Lummis) Papers

Typescripts and correspondence. Correspondence is almost solely literary, relating to works represented in the collection. Typescripts include plays and short stories....

Fitch (Aubrey Wray) papers

Correspondence, speeches, orders, personnel records, clippings, and photographs collected by Aubrey Wray Fitch relating to American naval aviation, especially in the Pacific Theater during World War II. Sound use copies of sound recordings available.

Fitch (Bob) photography archive

The Bob Fitch Photography Archive consists of the photographic work of activist and photojournalist Bob Fitch, documenting the civil rights movement, the farm worker movement, the peace movement, other social justice movements and issues, cultural change, religion, as well as...

Fitch Family Papers

Correspondence and documents pertaining mainly to land claims, some to Rancho Sotoyomi. Also accounts of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Delano Fitch.

Fitch Family Papers

This collection contains the personal and business papers of Henry and Josefa Fitch and their descendants.

Fitch Family papers

This collection includes a small collection of letters and documents including a letter from Sara Fitch to her son Captain Henry D. Fitch, some letters between Joseph McKinley and his grandmother Josefa Carrillo Fitch of Healdsburg, California concerning "Valle de...

Fitch (George K.) Papers

Correspondence and newspaper clippings relating mainly to the San Francisco Call and the Bulletin, and to California politics and railroads; legal and financial papers concerning the Sacramento Times and Transcript; reports on San Frncisco water supply; biographical sketchs of Fitch;...

Fitch McCarthy (Beverly A.) Papers

The collection is made up of the life papers of Beverly Ann Fitch McCarthy, including scrapbooks (career and personal), family history, speeches, and personal and business correspondence.

Fitch Mountain School records, 1956-1977

This collection contains student registers from Fitch Mountain School, located on the east side of Healdsburg, California.

Fitchen (John) Papers

American architect and architectural historian. Most of the research materials relate to three of Fitchen's books: Construction of Gothic Cathedrals, The New World Dutch Barn, and Building Construction Before Mechanization. Other papers include designs, drawings, and sketchbooks, as well as...

Fitcombe, Authur Mortgage

A handwritten Mortgage between Author Fitcombe and Frank E. Davis

Fithian (Joel) Abraham Lincoln Assassination Account

Handwritten thirteen-page account by Joel Fithian, entitled "Recollections of Stirring Times," dated April 5, 1872, in which he recounts what he witnessed in Washington at the time of Abraham Lincoln's assassination. Fithian, a major in the U.S. Army, was staying...

Fitting (Ralph U.), "Stanford Traditions" Typescript

Short essay on the football game between Stanford and Berkeley in 1904, particularly the rooting section, with an explanation for the "Sunny Jim" sign behind the Stanford section.

Fitz Gibbon (John) papers

Writing, photographs, media, and other material from Northern Californian art critic, collector, and teacher John Fitz Gibbon.

Fitz John Porter documents, 1859, n.d.

Typescript brief of Otto Eisenschiml's testimony re General Porter's Civil War era courtmartial proceedings, n.d. Also, one letter (ALS) to Lt. Col. Daniel Ruggles, 1859. .05 linear feet (1 folder).

Fitzgerald (Ella) collection of sheet music

This collection consists of primarily of published sheet music collected by singer Ella Fitzgerald.

Fitzgerald (James E.), "History of the Financing of Stanford University, 1884-1978" Typescript

Typescript dissertation on Stanford University's financial history.

Fitzgerald, Mary G. (Second World War and Korean War correspondence)

This collection contains correspondence written to Mary G. Fitzgerald from various senders during the Second World War. Also included are a book of letters on CD, photographs, a baby book, and various periodicals.

Fitzgerald (Timothy K.) Papers

Correspondence, newsletters, and other ephemeral publications of Timothy K. Fitzgerald (1946- ) relating to San Jose State campus politics in the 1960s, local Democratic politics, evolution of the Green Party in Santa Clara County, and rights of the handicapped.

Fitzhugh (E. Lee) Papers

Cooperative Extension Specialist E. Lee Fitzhugh's subject files, research materials, course syllabi, and correspondence relating to his research in wildlife population and habitat management.

Fitzsimmons (Cortland) Papers

Cortland Fitzsimmons (1893-1949) was a screenwriter and novelist. The collection consists of manuscripts by Fitzsimmons including , , , , , , and .

Five articles regarding the Cowell family, 1953 Nov. 8.

Five articles regarding the Cowell family, BANC MSS C-R 156, The Bancroft Library, University of California, Berkeley.

Five etchings of Southern California missions [graphic]

Contains views of San Diego, Santa Barbara, San Juan Capistrano, San Gabriel, and San Luis Rey Missions.

Five illustrations from Antonio de Solis' History of the conquest of Mexico [graphic]

Illustrations captioned: The city of Mexico, The engagemnt [sic] between ye Spanish brigantines and the canoes of the Mexicans, Guatimozin taken in his retreat by Holguin, The great temple of Mexico, and [an uncaptioned general view of Mexico City and...

Five Years of Track and Field Athletics at College of San Mateo 62 years Ago

Bound volume of copies of clippings about the track team at the College of San Mateo, as well as information on Byrd's career. Produced in 1994 by Dr. Byrd....

Fixel (Lawrence) Papers

The Lawrence Fixel papers consist of extensive correspondence (outgoing and incoming) with many notable literary figures, family correspondence, his journals and notebooks, writings, and professional and personal papers.

F.J. Cebulski papers, circa 1980-2000.

Reviews for Artweek, including notes and background materials. Drafts and notes for technical publications.

F.J. Geisler photographs of Martinez and other Contra Costa County locations [graphic].

Includes cityscapes, street scenes and other views of Martinez, Calif., as well as views of other Contra Costa County locations such as Port Costa, Alhambra Valley (including the railroad trestle, the cemetery and the home of John Muir), Crockett and...

Flack (Sloan) Papers

The collection consists of correspondence, contracts, reports, and articles primarily concerning the mining and petroleum industries in California in the years preceding and including World War II.

Flagellation Collection

The consists of pamphlets, paperbacks, periodicals, and photographs on spanking, caning, and whipping. Some titles have prices penciled on the cover or flyleaf.

Flagg (Hiram B.) Diaries

Diary of Hiram Flagg's voyage on the bark "Edward Everett" from Boston to San Francisco, beginning on January 11, 1849 and ending on July 6, 1849. Contains a record of the names, occupations, residence, and age of the ships 150...

Flagg, Isaac Manuscripts of three plays : Berkeley, [ca. 1913-1916]

The renegado, The sons of Jacob, and Turpentine Grove.

Flagg (J. Foster) papers

Papers of American civil engineer, J. Foster Flagg (1835-1928).

Flagstad (Kirsten) collection

Collection contains recordings of Kirsten Flagstad and Waldemar Alme in performances and interviews.

Flaherty (John M.) Collection of Japanese Internment Records

This collection consists of documents and photographs relating to the establishment and administrative workings of the Western Defense Command (WDC), the War Relocation Authority (WRA) and the Wartime Civilian Control Administration (WCCA) for the year 1942. It includes administrative policies,...

Flaherty (Joseph William) papers

Letters, personnel records, medals, and certificates, relating to American military activities in France during World War I.

Flake (Wilson Clark) papers

Correspondence, reports, memoranda, serial issues, clippings, certificates, photographs, and memorabilia, relating to miscellaneous aspects of American diplomacy, and to American-Ghanaian relations.

Flamm (Roy) Photographs of Buildings Designed by Bernard Maybeck

The Roy Flamm Photographs of Buildings Designed by Bernard Maybeck were taken apparently for the purpose of illustrating a University of California at Berkeley memorial exhibition on Maybeck's work following the architect's death in 1957.

Flamm, Roy. Photographs of the Watzek house and the Swan house, [graphic]

The two houses were designed by architect John Yeon, the Watzek house in 1937 and the Swan house in 1950.

Flanagan (John Clemans) papers

Writings, notes, reports, studies, printed matter, and photographs, relating to psychological factors in personnel selection and training for air crew duties during and after World War II.

Flanders (Alton L.) World War I Correspondence Collection

Alton L. Flanders served in the 2nd Battalion, 5th Marines infantry battalion during World War I. The collection consists of four letters he sent to his cousin Mrs. Jason Coppernoll in Johnstown, NY, in which he documents his experiences at...

Flanigan (Peter M.) Papers, White House Special Files, 1969-1974

Peter Flanigan's responsibilities as Assistant to the President centered primarily on economic, commercial, and financial areas. He was also named the Executive Director of the Council on International Economic Policy. Flanigan also was involved in the selection process of individuals...

Flanner (Hildegarde) Papers

This collection consists of manuscripts by American poet Hildegarde Flanner (1899-1987), correspondence and recollections of Olive Percival (1869-1945), and letters to poet Ethel Hamilton Hinkle. The letters contain occasional references to Flanner's sister, the author and journalist Janet Flanner, as...

Flanner (Hildegarde) Papers

Correspondence, manuscripts of writings, reviews, lectures, and journals (1925-83). Besides Hildegarde Flanner's papers the collection also includes letters and sheet music (printed and manuscript) by her sister, Mary E. Flanner.

Flapper Fanny Says comic strip scrapbook [graphic].

Scrapbook of Flapper Fanny Says cartoon clippings affixed to leaves. Sections of the scrapbook are labeled according to thematic contents, such as "men", "pants", "evening wear", "sports", etc. Also includes a few clippings pertaining to Gladys Parker and her work...

Flatau (Kurt L.) Papers

Kurt Louis Flatau (1895-1950) wrote for various newspapers, lectured on world affairs, gave news commentaries on radio stations KMPC and KMTR (now KLAC), and was the political editor for magazine. The collection consists of Flatau's radio broadcast scripts with related...

The Flatlands Newspaper Collection

newspaper collection consists of 34 issues of newspaper printed from 1966-1968. The newspaper consists of news and op-ed articles, profiles, photographs, and events calendars mostly related to poverty, education, housing, police brutality, and politics in East and West Oakland.

Flavel Belcher letters, 1851-1857.

Letters relate to Flavel Belcher's experiences as a gold miner and Indian trader in California and as a member of Walker's filibustering expedition in Nicaragua.

Flavell (M. Kay) Collection

Correspondence and manuscript material of Mala Lasser, a German Jewish writer of the 1930s and 1940s and refugee to England. Materials are in English and German and focus on social criticism.

Fleckenstein (Louis) Pictorialist Photographs of California Missions

This disbound album contains 33 pictorial photographs of California mission ruins taken by photographer Louis Fleckenstein (1866-1943) around 1920; most notable are San Juan Capistrano, San Juan Bautista, San Luis Obispo, and San Fernando Rey. Also included are photographs of...

Fleet (Reuben Hollis) Personal Papers

Reuben Hollis Fleet was the founder of the Consolidated Aircraft Company

Fleischer (Hugo and Flora) letters

Letters, mainly to their daughter Luise Papo in London, relating to efforts to emigrate during and just prior to World War II.

Fleischer (Richard) film production papers

This collection consists of production materials related to the career of American film director Richard O. Fleischer (1916-2006). The production materials include scripts, call sheets, storyboards, photographs, and research notes.

Fleischer (Richard) papers

The Richard Fleischer papers span the years 1925-2003 and encompass approximately 19.3 linear feet. The collection includes production material and scripts, some correspondence, datebooks, and material related to Fleischer's two books, as well as photographs. The photograph series consists of...

Fleischman (A. S.) papers

The A. S. Fleischman papers span the years 1954-1997 and encompass approximately 8 linear feet. The collection includes script and production material for a half dozen films scripted by Fleischman, including BLOOD ALLEY (1955) and THE ADVENTURES OF BULLWHIP GRIFFIN...

Fleischmann (Ernest) papers

Ernest Fleischmann (1924-2010) was a German-born conductor and impresario who ran the Los Angeles Philharmonic from 1969-1998 and helped to elevate it to a world-class symphonic orchestra. He was recognized as an accomplished talent scout, recruiting conductors Esa-Pekka Salonen and...

[Fleishhacker family photograph collection].

Studio portraits, snapshot photographs, photograph albums, scrapbooks, wedding books and miscellaneous papers pertaining to multiple generations of the Fleishhacker, Mitau and Rhein families of San Francisco and Atherton. Individuals pictured include Herbert Fleishhacker and his wife May Greenbaum Fleishhacker; their...

Fleishman (Lazar') collection

Writings and photographs, relating to Boris Pasternak, Leo Tolstoy and other Russian literary figures, and to various aspects of Russian literature.

Fleishman (Stanley) Collection

Stanley Fleishman (1920-1999) is a lawyer known primarily for trying First Amendment obscenity cases. He was also very active advocating on behalf of the legal rights of the disabled community. Prior to his work, the wheelchair-bound were not permitted to...

Fleishman (Stanley) Collection of Material About Obscenity and its Legal Aspects

Stanley Fleishman (1920- ) was a lawyer specializing in defending the civil rights of authors, publishers and distributors, especially those accused of violating obscenity laws. He argued free speech cases 11 times before the Supreme Court, was involved in constitutional...

Fleishman (Stanley) Papers

Stanley Fleishman (b.1920) specialized in defending the civil rights of authors, publishers and distributors, especially those accused of violating obscenity laws. He successfully defended the bookstore prosecuted for selling Henry Miller's book, , and argued free speech cases 11 times...

Fleming (Harold M.) papers

Correspondence, writings, maps, and clippings, relating to the American Relief Administration in Russia, economic conditions, and political and social developments in Russia after the revolution.

Fleming (Raymond C.) Collection

Raymond Fleming enlisted in the US Army on January 29, 1942 on Christmas Island, where he worked as an Assistant Engineer. He served in the Pacific Theater as an Army Engineer throughout 1942.The collection documents his experiences on Christmas Island...

Fleming (Robert John) interview

Relates to the attack on Pearl Harbor and the administration of the Panama Canal Zone. Interview conducted by Paul B. Ryan, captain, United States Navy. Includes sound recording and transcript.

Fleming (Thomas C.) Papers

The Thomas C. Fleming papers include photographs, certificates, programs, manuscripts, and newspaper clippings documenting his life and career as a journalist.

Fleming (Willard C.) Papers

Papers include correspondence, photographs, biographical materials, appointment books, manuscripts. Order is that maintained in Dr. Fleming's files by his secretary, Ms. Frances E. Petrocelli. Received 9/27/73....

Fletcher (Abel) (1820-1890) Collection

The Abel Fletcher Collection consists of one carte-de-visite, and a number of ambrotypes, daguerreotypes, Fletchotypes, negatives, reprints, tintypes, books, clippings, letters, postcards and ephemera.

Fletcher (Colin) Papers

This collection includes manuscripts and drafts of both Colin Fletcher's published and unpublished material, personal and business correspondence, scrapbooks and biographical material, photographs, slides & maps related to his travels and writings, as well as some audio media and realia.

Fletcher (Colonel Ed) Collection

This collection contains papers pertaining to Colonel Ed Fletcher’s business in real estate, water development, and other commercial ventures in San Diego County in the late nineteenth to mid-twentieth centuries, as well some of his personal papers.

Fletcher (Ed) Papers

The papers of Ed Fletcher of San Diego, California, consisting primarily of Fletcher's business records from his years as a noted San Diego land developer, civic leader, and member of the California State Senate. The papers document all aspects of...

Fletcher family album of Alaska views [graphic].

Alaskan views, primarily near Kodiak and Unga, Alaska. Includes group portraits, landscapes, ships and their crews, and some mines and settlements. Also includes family pictures.

Fletcher Flaherty papers, circa 1920-1955.

Personal papers and papers relating to the Sierra Railway Company of California.

Fletcher (Fred D.) Oral History

Sound recording of interview with Fred D. Fletcher (b. 1920) conducted by Harvey Schwartz. Gives his recollections of the San Francisco Examiner and News-Call Bulletin merger of 1965 and the San Francisco newspaper strike of 1968.

Fletcher Harper Swift papers, [ca. 1907-1947]

Correspondence, primarily with school administrators and government officials; and related notes pertaining to his research projects, including his work on financing of education in Europe; MSS of his writings; and lecture notes. Some relate to his teaching career at the...

Fletcher (Jerome R. and Helen Basler) collection

The collection contains business records from Fletcher Pharmacy, personal photographs and photograph albums from the Fletcher and Basler families, and material that documents the Sacramento Saturday Club, Sacramento's oldest musical organization. Material dates from circa 1870 to 1985, with the...

Fletcher (Robert) Papers

University of California, Davis student's class notes.

Fletcher Webster letters, 1841 April 8, 28; 1854 February 1; 1854 April 17.

Four holograph letters written and signed by Fletcher Webster. The first letter, dated April 8th, 1841 and signed by F. Webster, Chief Clerk, State Department, is to P. R. Fendall, Esq. to request that he informs Webster of any progress...

Fletcher (W.H.) Photographs of Los Angeles and Vicinity

This collection of 25 William H. Fletcher commercial card photographs focus mainly on Los Angeles, California, during a period of industrial expansion and population growth in the late 1800s, with special attention on Los Angeles Street (which passes through Downtown...

Fletcher (William Barger) Collection

Correspondence from Denver, Colorado rail author and friend, Meredith (Mac) C. Poor and S. Durward Hoag, owner-manager of the Motor Hotel in Lafayette, Marietta Ohio and friend of Fletcher. Subjects include excursions with the Rocky Mountain Railroad Club to Jaurez,...

Fletcher (William R.) Papers

The William R. Fletcher papers consists of 95 photographs, a certificate, and newspaper clipping documenting William Fletcher’s Automobile Service, car racing team, and family history. The collection is organized into three series: photographs, certificate, and newspaper clipping. The photographs are...

Flügel (Ewald) Collection

Miscellaneous items pertaining to Ewald Flügel including a notebook on Beowulf, n.d.; a printed syllabus for his course on the history of early English literature, 1914; two reprints by Flügel: "Prayers for Peace and Dynamite Orders," 1914, and "Henry Bradshaw,...

Flügge (Wilhelm) Papers

Correspondence, manuscripts, papers, lectures, minutes, memoranda, photographs, and teaching materials relating to his research, teaching, departmental matters, conferences, and other professional concerns. Includes manuscript of his book STRESSES IN SHELLS. His other research subjects include aerodynamics and structural engineering.

Flick and Sally & Henry through the national parks, 1922 : original diary, 2005 /

Typescript, spiral bound volume, containing a transcription of a manuscript diary of two women who went on a 5000 mile car trip, in a 1920 Ford touring car they called Henry, to visit the national parks including Yosemite, Grand Canyon,...

Flick (Beatrice L.) Oral History

Contains a transcript of Carol Farley's 1973 interview with Beatrice Ludlow Flick documenting her activities as president of the San Francisco League of Women Voters from 1940 to 1941.

Flicker (Theodore J.) Collection

The Theodore J. Flicker Collection, 1965-1985, contains both writing and directing materials from his career. The bulk of the collection consists of scripts written by Flicker, most notably the pilot of Barney Miller, as well as episodes of The Mod...

Fligelman family papers, 1930-1985.

Correspondence; newspaper clippings; obituaries; and a genealogy of the Brin, Barron, Cain, Epstein, Falk, Firestone, Fligelman, Gittleson, Goldfeather, Goodman, Ingber, Kejlis, Lewinsky, and Friedman families, compiled by Howard B. Brin. Persons represented include Belle Fligelman Winestein, Frieda Fligelman, Fanny Fligelman...

Flight plays : typescript, 1911-1914.

Includes Flight Play for 1914: The Vision of Portola, book and lyrics by George Sterling, music by R. H. Bassett (8 l.); and Flight Play for 1914, A Grove Play, book and lyrics by George Sterling, music by Cass Downing...

Flinn Family Correspondence

The collection consists of letters written between various members of the Flinn family between 1847 and 1873. The majority of the letters are addressed to New York farmer Samuel Flinn (1806-1873) from his brothers, nieces, and nephews in Ohio and...

Flint, Bixby & Company correspondence.

Flint, Bixby & Company correspondence, BANC MSS 2011/236, The Bancroft Library, University of California, Berkeley.

Flint family papers, 1896-1942 (bulk 1915-1922)

Family letters and other materials, including one letter from Thomas Flint (b. 1858) to his father Dr. Thomas Flint (b. 1824) about his engagement. Other correspondence is primarily between Mr. and Mrs. Thomas (Ada) Flint and their daughters Marjorie and...

Flint (Phillip) papers

Alaska tundra soil nitrogen cycling. Drafts, reprints, lab notebooks, and research materials.

Flint (Rebecca) papers

Booklets, newspapers, other printed matter, and photographs relating to Young Men's Christian Association (YMCA) work with the American Expeditionary Forces in France, and more generally the life of an American in France during World War I.

Flippen (Ruth Brooks) Papers

Ruth Brooks Flippen was a prolific television and motion picture writer. Among her credits are the television series Bewitched, My World and Welcome to It, and Days of Our Lives and the motion pictures Gidget Goes Hawaiian, Sail a Crooked...

Félix Díaz telegrams : from Mexico to Veracruz concerning capture : transcript, 1912 October 25-27.

Contains three typed copies of telegrams, with annotations, concerning the fate of General Díaz that were sent between Mexico and Veracruz. Telegrams numbered: Fojas 2, 8-9, 11-15, 19-20, 22-31, 38, 41-42, and 49.

Floating Island Publications Records

The Floating Island Publications Records document the works published by this small press, which was located in Point Reyes Station, CA, from 1976-1996.

Floda (Liviu) papers

Scripts and sound recordings of Radio Free Europe broadcasts to Romania, and related correspondence, memoranda, and printed matter, relating to Romanian politics, society and culture, the status of civil liberties in Romania, and activities of Romanians abroad.

Flood & O'Brien Letter

Letter from James Clair Flood and William Shoney O'Brien to James Graham Fair, dated 12/23/1870, regarding the deposit of five thousand dollars into the account of W.S. Hobart.

Flood damage caused by the failure of the St. Francis Dam, San Francisquito Valley, Calif. [graphic]

Photographs depict debris and damage to buildings following the 1928 failure of the St. Francis Dam near Saugus, Calif. Also shown are relief tents and refugees in Santa Paula, Calif.

Flood Family Papers

The Flood family was one of the earliest and most prominent African American families to settle in Oakland, California. The Flood Family Papers includes 18 photographs, Lydia Flood Jackson’s funeral program, and two letters written by Lydia Flood Jackson to...

Flood Insurance Map Collection

The Flood Insurance Rate Map Collection contains a series of maps highlighting areas of potential flood risk throughout Los Angeles County. The maps were produced by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) as part of the National Flood Insurance Program...

Flood (inundation) Studies for Searsville, Lagunita and Felt Dams

Copies of three flood study reports and related record sheets attached. Original reports remain in Water Department records at Bonair Siding. Maps associated with these studies are available at Maps and Records.

Flood Maps collection

The collection consists of flood maps from U.S. National Flood Insurance Program.

Floor plan for a building at Third and Mission Streets, San Francisco, [undated]

Blueprint of a floor plan for a building, apparently a hotel.

Flora and Lawrence Arnstein papers, 1906-1990.

The collection contains poetry; articles; programs; reviews; photographs, including those of Ernest Bloch and Oscar Weil; a pastel portrait of Harry Lane Levy by Helen Salz; a copy of "Impressions de Voyage" by Rebecca Godchaux, Flora Arnstein's French teacher; and...

Flora Woodworth photograph collection [graphic]

Snapshops of the Panama Pacific International Exposition of 1915, San Francisco; scenes of Panama City and of Colón, Panama, and Panama Canal.

Flora's Garten, oder Anthesische Ordnung der Blumen ... : Vienna : ms.S, 1828?

Draft of his work on seasonal plantings for flower gardens, with lists of flowers, plates and a table. Two letters (Apr. 19, 1828 and n.d.) by Ritter also included.

Flordon (Norfolk) : documents, [12--]-1533

Primarily land leases and conveyances. Includes a Royal Letters Patent of Henry VIII settling a land dispute. All documents on vellum, many with fine seals.

Florence & Cripple Creek Railroad Company Letter

One letter from the Florence & Cripple Creek Railroad Company Auditor G.W. Shannon to the Rio Grande Southern Railroad Auditor George A. Marshall dated December 18, 1901.

Florence Allen Holmes collection of California stereographs and other views [graphic]

Amateur stereographs depict the University of California (Berkeley), Berkeley area views, the Bohemian Grove, San Francisco illuminated for the Portola festival (1909 or 1913?), Bolinas, Monterey, etc. U.C. views include cadets drilling on campus. One view of Santa Barbara (1880's?)...

Florence Clark Meredith oral history, 1979

Interview with UCSB's oldest alumni." Interviewer: Etta Bellekitchen, 12/11/79-12/12/79. Interviewee(s): Florence Clark Meredith. Arrangement: A19806-07: Dec. 11, 1979; A19808-09: Dec. 12, 1979.

Florence Dickens Gray papers, circa 1912-1973 (bulk 1960-1973).

Mostly subject files relating to Florence Dickens Gray's 1960s work on the preservation of North Berkeley's Cordonices Park complex, which includes the Berkeley Rose Garden, Rose Walk, Cordonices Park itself, and the Berryman Reservoir. Files include correspondence; clippings; maps; sketches...

Florence Freehof papers, 1900-1990.

This collection contains correspondence and photographs of Florence Freehof and members of her family. It also has items relating to Israeli and Jewish folk dancing, in addition to papers and publications about or from Pioneer Women; the Friends of Shaare...

Florence Hotel Register

San Diego, Calif. Spine and pages read W. Bowers, Proprietor. One page, dated 1927, has Florence Hotel crossed out and Broadway Hotel written in its place.

Florence Hotel, San Diego [graphic] /

Interior (including dining room) and exterior of the Florence Hotel.

Florence Klinger papers, 1945-1981.

Published and related materials pertaining to a wide variety of conservation issues and proposed projects in the San Francisco Bay Area. Includes Klinger's independent projects and projects as part of Contra Costa Park Council. Materials include publications from local and...

Florence Klinger Sierra Club papers, 1963-1976.

Papers relating to Florence Klinger's involvement in the Sierra Club.

Florence Lundborg drawings and photographs [graphic].

Pencil illustrations of burros, Native Americans, an eskimo girl, and a rabbit within a spherical form. Photographs depict her painted glass "personality balls", with faces or animal forms on glass spheres. Some photographs bear color annotations by Lundborg on versos.

Florence M. Fava writings, 1971-1973.

Photocopies of typescripts mainly re findings in an archeological dig of a Constonoan or Ohlone Indian site in Los Altos Hills. Also, a brief history of the Mesa family, including information on the land grant of Rancho San Antonio to...

Florence Mack Quicksilver Mining Co. Ledgers

Two accounting ledgers of cash receipts and disbursements, 1905-1908, for the Florence Mack Quicksilver Mining Co.

Florence McChesney Clifton collection on California Democratic Party, 1938-1966 (bulk 1938-1950).

Contains correspondence, telegrams, notes, publications, clippings, and programs concerning Democratic Party activities and interests. Concerns James Roosevelt, Calif. Governors Culbert L. Olson and Edmund "Pat" Brown, reelection campaigns of Franklin D. Roosevelt and Harry S. Truman, and Helen Gahagan Douglas....

Florence Prag Kahn and Julius Kahn family papers, 1852-1948.

Collection includes biographical information about Mary and Conrad Prag (Florence Prag Kahn's parents), Julius Kahn, Florence Prag Kahn, and Conrad Kahn (Julius' and Florence's son); the writings of Mary Prag, including her essays "My Life Among the Mormons" and "Early...

Florence Reid photograph album [graphic]

Album contains snapshots of friends, family, and California scenery including Woodacre Lodge; various outing locations; the Los Angeles area and Exposition Park; Yosemite, Hetch Hetchy and other Sierra Nevada locales; and El Verano. Some individuals indentified as employees of John...

Florence (ship) logbooks

Florence (ship) logbooks (SAFR 16454, HDC 170) document numerous voyages from between San Francisco, New York, England, Australia and South America. There are also a few trips to Manila. Of the fifteen volumes, most contain sketches. In particular, volume ten...

Florence Stevens scrapbooks : Sitka, Alaska, 1912-1914.

Contains two paper bound scrapbooks of a domestic science teacher at Sheldon Jackson School in Alaska with clippings, announcements, programs, student ephemera, etc. mostly related to school activities. Clippings include images of Native American young adults engaged in school and...

Florence Tsunoda oral history, 1998

[Note topics covered in transcript]. Interviewer: Lisa Fujimoto Interviewee(s): Florence Nakano Tsunoda Transcript: several versions in hard copy; one version, 76 pp, on S drive; two 3 ½" disks; one version on cd (in box). Related materials: None found.

Florence's piano club mural [graphic].

Title supplied by cataloger.

Flores (César) Teatro Cometa Collection

The grassroots Chicano theater group, was founded in 1979 and was active throughout 1980s in and around Fullerton, California. Embodying "Rasquachismo," endeavored to use their art as a teaching tool, to educate people about significant issues within their community. Their...

Flores Family Papers

This collection consists of twenty handwritten documents, twenty-five newspaper clippings, ten photographs, and three miscellaneous publications concerning Santa Barbara Presidio Commandant Gumesindo Flores and his wife Cipriana Llano Flores.

Flores Magón Documents

Photocopies of documents collected by the Secretaria de Relaciones Exteriores de Mexico and held in the Archivo General de la Nacion in Mexico City, related to the investigation for violation of neutrality laws, indictment, and extradition of Ricardo and Enrique...

Florey (Robert) scripts

This collection consists of scripts of French-American director Robert Florey (1900-1979). Florey directed episodes in television series including "The Magical World of Disney," "Four Star Playhouse," "The Twilight Zone," and "The Loretta Young Show."

Florian (Monica) papers

The collection contains brochures, planning documents, press releases, articles, VHS cassettes, and photographs relating to open space planning on the Irvine Ranch, the formation of the Natural Community Conservation Planning (NCCP), and public access to the Irvine Ranch Land Reserve....

Florian (Tibor) papers

Correspondence, transcripts and sound recordings of radio broadcasts, poems and other writings, memoranda, reports, printed matter, and memorabilia relating to Radio Free Europe broadcasts to Hungary, the Hungarian Revolution of 1956, Hungarian émigré affairs, Hungarian-language publishing in the United States,...

Florida Canyoneers Collection

The Florida Canyoneer Collection consists of two scrapbooks, one manila envelope of news clippings, and one folder of news clippings. One large scrapbook album includes news clippings, photographs, letters, and museum documents relating to Florida Canyon, the Canyoneers, Japanese beetles...

Florida East Coast Railway Construction Album

This album shows construction of various sections of the Florida Keys to Key West line of the Florida East Coast Railway.

Florida Mountain Mining Company stock certificates and tonnage chart, 1910 and 1919.

Nos. 676 and 677 to C.L. Nichols signed by indistinguishable signatures, dated October 10, 1910. Printed by Goes, and in corporated under the laws of South Dakota.

Florilegio Tabasqueño : Tabasco, Mexico : ms., 1925.

An anthology of poems by Tabascan poets, including several items later reproduced in Santamaría's printed compilation, La poesía tabasqueña -- Antología ... (1940)

Flory (David P.) Collection of San Francisco Earthquake and Fire Views

Collection contains snapshot photographic prints taken in San Francisco, perhaps by David P. Flory, following the earthquake and fire of 1906.

Flory (Paul J.) papers

The collection includes correspondence, statements, memoranda, bulletins, reports, conference material, press releases, and clippings relating to the civil rights of dissident scientists in various countries, especially the Soviet Union. Much of the material concerns the cases of Andreĭ Sakharov, Yuri...

Flounders (Bud) Papers

Newton "Bud" Flounders (1921-2005) was a leading American collector of gay literature and was involved with the Walt Whitman Bookshop in San Francisco, which was owned by his friend Charles Gilman, from the late 1970s to late 1980s.

Flournoy (Houston) papers

The collection includes correspondence, administrative records, regulations and legislation, campaign finances, budget reports for the State of California, commission and agency agendas, speeches, newspaper clippings, articles, and photographs from Houston Flournoy's political career from 1956 to 1974.

Flournoy (William) collection of World War I letters, leaflets, and other material

This small collection, gathered by William R. Flournoy, father of former California State Controller Houston Flournoy, consists of letters from the front; leaflets from points-of-interest in England and France; copy of an Army field manual belonging to Flournoy.

Flower (Elsie) Collection

The Flower Collection consists of: correspondence (1900-1968); KGDM "City Journal" radio scripts (1945-1955); notes, drafts, photos, pamphlets and clippings pertaining chiefly to San Joaquin County, the southern Mother Lode and the West....

Flower (T. J.) physician's diary

Collection consists of original dark green cloth covers with blue endpapers. Hinges and joints of upper and lower covers split; spine is loose. Pages gilt-edged. "T.J. Flower, Druggist, Hartford, Conn." in faded black ink and pencil on front free endpaper....

Floyd (Barry Neil) typescript

Paper read before the Social Science Research Committee at the University College of Rhodesia and Nyasaland, November 6, 1958.

Floyd G. Montoya letter : Pueblo, Colo., to José Lino Taylor, San Luis, Colo., 1920 Aug. 21.

On letterhead stationery of The Floyd Fairlyland Film Corporation (Pueblo and Alamosa, Colo.) correspondence from its vice-president to an investor regarding dividends on shares purchased. Letterhead depicts a reel of film unwinding to create a banner title with the company...

Floyd (Richard) Papers

The Richard Floyd Papers consist of 31 cubic feet of textual records and audio visual materials and cover the years 1979 to 2000.

Floyd (Robert W.) Papers

These papers include his Stanford course files, 1976-94; correspondence, 1968-95, including that with Donald Knuth, 1963-1987; research and subject files; reprints and manuscripts; computer printouts; and note cards. Some materials relate to his interest in backgammon.

Floyd Salas papers, approximately 1958-1996.

Contains manuscript drafts, including "Tattoo the wicked cross," "What now my love," "Lay my body on the line," "The dirty boogie," "Fandango," "Heat of the hunt," and "La favorita."

Floyd-Jones Family Correspondence

The Floyd-Jones Family Papers, 1848-1878, consists of correspondence between the various members of the Floyd-Jones family written in the late 19th century. Fourteen individuals have letters in the collection, including all of the members of the immediate Floyd-Jones family. Three...

Flug (V.E.) writings

Includes a study titled Pekhota (1926), relating to infantry organization and tactics, and a memorandum, 1933, relating to activities of the Russian 10th Army in September 1914.

Flugge-Lotz (Irmgard), Collector, Technical Reports and Papers

These reports and papers on aerodynamics are primarily in German, with a few in French, Italian, and English; research facilities represented include Aeodynamische Versuchsanstalt in Gottingen and Deutsche Versuchsanstalt fur Luftfahrt in Berlin-Aldershof. Most are published items but a few...

Flxible coaches.

Cover title.

Fly Wagon Train (Papers)

Letters to and from members of the Fly Wagon Train (1852-1887), including Camilla and Bernadette Little, Richard C. and William Percival, Mary B. Fly, and Fanny Levey, as well as reciepts from the overland journey.

The Flying A [Studio], 1912

Circular for the American Film Manufacturing Co. (Chicago), distributed by Film Supply Company of America, [1912]. Includes: "Daughters of Senor Lopaz", "The Power of Love," "Nell of the Pampas," and "The Heart of a Soldier." 1 folder ([4] p.). Alpha...

Flying Cloud (built 1851; clipper) crew list

The Flying Cloud (built 1851; clipper) crew list (SAFR 17211, HDC 303) is comprised of one crew list (one oversized page) for a voyage commencing April 25, 1854, departing from New York, bound for Hong Kong. The collection is available...

Flying Cloud (built 1939; freighter) correspondence

Flying Cloud (built 1939; freighter) correspondence, 1940 (SAFR 23830, HDC 1285) consists of 1 letter about the operation of the vessel. The collection has been processed to the item unit level and is open for use without restrictions.

Flying Cloud crew list ... : DS, 1854 Apr. 23-28.

List and agreement, with signatures of crew signed on for voyage to Hong Kong; affidavit of Josiah P. Creesy, Master, certified by J. Walton, Deputy Collector, U.S. Custom House, San Francisco.

Flynn (Dan) Sacramento guidebook research files

This collection is made up of subject files and photographs compiled by Dan Flynn while researching for his Sacramento guidebook . Material includes ephemera, magazines, brochures, newspaper clippings, restaurant menus, pamphlets, and photographs of local area businesses and points of...

Flynn (Errol) collection compiled by Trudy McVicker

The Errol Flynn collection compiled by Trudy McVicker spans the years 1929-1985 and encompasses 1.3 linear feet. The production files contain clippings and reviews for such films as the Australian-produced IN THE WAKE OF THE BOUNTY (1933), one of Flynn's...

Foch (Ferdinand) and John Joseph Pershing memorandum

Relates to projected future needs for American troops in France. Written by F. Foch and General John J. Pershing. Photocopy.

Focus on Family Farms Day records, 1978-1986.

Contains correspondence, event details and clippings relating to the yearly event.

Focus on old Oakland, 1973-1983 /

Street scenes taken in downtown Oakland, documenting residents, buildings, signs, etc., with emphasis on the age of details of the neighborhood that contrast with contemporary development.

A. Fodera's market: corner of Clay and Montgomery.

Shop interior with dozens of poultry hanging from racks and stacked on counter.

Fodor (Andrew) Personal Papers

The collection contains Andrew Fodor's personal collection of papers, letters and photos primarily relates to his involvement in the Mutual Aircraft Service.

Fodor (Nandor) papers

Correspondence, clippings, and photographs, relating to Hungarian politics and foreign relations, and to the British newspaper publisher Lord Rothermere.

Fodor's Alaska rough cut [videorecording]

Rough cuts played back on film equipment of a Fodor's video guide to Alaska. Tapes are dated September 21, 1992, November 12, 1992 and 1993. The 1993 video includes narration for the finished product.

(Foerster) Norman Papers

Letters and literary manuscripts from poets and political and scientific figures whose writings were to be published in anthologies edited by Foerster. Some letters pertain to the creative writing program at the University of Iowa. Correspondents include Stephen Vincent Benet,...

Foerster (Norman) Papers

Letters and manuscripts, 1918-1940, pertaining to New Humanism movement of the 1920's. New Humanism is a philosophical and critical movement that flourished in the U.S. under the leadership of Irving Babbitt and Paul E. More, whose 1929-1930 articles and correspondence...

Fogel (Joseph) papers

Joseph Fogel was a concert pianist and teacher based in Los Angeles. The collection contains his clippings, concert programs, music magazines, music publishers' catalogs, and various advertisements.

Fogel (Richard H.) Papers

A significant portion of this collection includes agendas, clippings, case files, reports, and resolutions related to the national and California Sigma Delta Chi Freedom of Information Committees. Founded in 1961, the Sigma Delta Chi Foundation promotes excellence and ethics in...

Fogelson, Jules (First World War postcards)

This collection contains three postcards written by Jules Fogelson during the First World War.

Foladare (Joseph) Papers

The Foladare Collection at the Caltech Archives consists of three boxes of materials, all of which date from the Caltech Rocket Project during World War II (1942-46). Included in the first two boxes are technical reports on rocket science and...

Foley and Sepulveda family papers

The Foley and Sepulveda family papers consists of letters, diaries, photographs, photograph albums, books, legal documents and ephemera, 1850-1953 and undated, created and collected by various members of the Sepulveda and Foley families. The bulk of the collection consists of...

Foley (Charles) collection

Proclamations, leaflets, pamphlets, reports, notes, and writings, relating to activities of the Greek underground organization Ethnike Organosis Kypriakou Agonos (EOKA) on Cyprus. Includes issuances of the EOKA and of the British government on Cyprus, and a translation of the memoirs...

Foley (Donald and Katharine) Collection of Penguin Books : 1935-1965

Includes more than 2,550 Penguin books published from 1935 through 1965, as well as about 175 reference items–books, serials, catalogs, and articles.

Foley (Donald and Katharine) Collection of Penguin Books : post 1965

Collection includes about 570 Penguin books published after 1965.

Foley (Henry A.) Papers relating to Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System

Includes correspondence, reports, photocopies of depositions, news clippings....

Foley, Jack Papers relating to Robert Duncan tribute, 1988 April 4.

Letters and post cards of acceptance or regrets, often embellished with anecdote and versified reminiscence, from colleagues and friends on the occasion of a memorial gathering organized by Foley following the death of poet Robert Duncan. One letter is a...

Foley (Phyllis) Oral History

Contains a transcribed copy of Lucille Kendall's 1979 interviews with Hotel & Restaurant Employees and Bartenders International Union official Phyllis Foley documenting her experiences and activities as financial secretary-treasurer of Locals 283 and 2 in San Francisco in the 1970s,...

Foley (Rudy T.) Papers

Rudy Thomas Foley (1947-1984) wrote plays, fiction, and poetry. The collection consists of manuscripts, correspondence, photographs, manuscripts, audiotapes, reviews, programs, fliers and newsletters, clippings, and presentation copies of books.

Foley (William I.) Papers

This collection contains papers of Los Angeles attorney William I. Folley (1861-1921), who was a partner in a law firm with California governor Henry T. Gage. Includes both personal and business correspondence and legal documents related to several court cases.

Foley (William I.) papers

William I. Foley (1856-1920) was the Private Secretary to and law partner of California's 20th Governor, Henry T. Gage. The collection consists chiefly of copies of letters from Foley as the Governor's Private Secretary.

Foley (Zoraya Filema) journal

A 30 page journal written between April 14 and June 1, 1907 by Zoraya Filema Foley. Foley was 14 years old when she wrote the journal. The entries describe her activities as a young lady of some means in early...

Folger (Benjamin F.) Collection

Correspondence, genealogy, photographs....

Folgore (Luciano) Papers

A comprehensive collection of materials tracing the career and work of prolific Futurist writer, Luciano Folgore, covering his involvement in that movement as well as his later pioneering work in Italian children's radio and television. The archive comprises a large...

Folk art objects from the Karen Lee Wald Cuban research collection [realia].

Includes hand-crafted biplane and motorcycle constructed from used soft drink cans, bottles, wire, etc.

Following the cattle king : oral history transcript : a lifetime of agriculture, water management, and water conservation in California's Central Valley / 2002.

Childhood and family background in San Francisco and the Central Valley; reflections on great grandfather Henry Miller, including Miller-Haggin Agreement, 1888; UC Berkeley B.A., 1939; history of Miller & Lux; early career at Miller & Lux, 1940s; building Monterey Airport...

Folsom, J. L. (Joseph Libbey) Letter to William Van Voorhies and related item : San Francisco : LS, 1851 Aug.

Requesting from California Secretary of State official copy of action in the Legislature concerning the Leidesdorff estate and escheated estates as per legislation of D.P. Baldwin and William Thom.

Folsom (Joseph L.) Collection

Business papers, certificates, correspondence, Folsom estate materials, Leidesdorff estate materials, legal papers, Pulgas Rancho materials....

Folsom Powerhouse State Historic Park Photographic Collection

The Folsom Powerhouse State Historic Park Photographic Collection contains 197 cataloged images that date from 1893 through 2009. Images depict the property as a functioning powerhouse, and later, as a state park.

Folsom Prison Views

Views of canal, guard house, power house, dining hall, miscellaneous buildings, prisoners at work, and a composite portrait of 7 prisoners "who made the break at Folsom in 1893."

Folsom prison views from the Ira Cross collection [graphic]

Views of prison buildings and grounds including interiors of dormitories, kitchens, dining room, prison cells, etc. Also shows prisoners at work in the quarry, prisoners exercising, and other activities.

Folsom State Prison (Folsom, Calif.) photograph album [graphic].

Album includes photographs of prisoners, prison grounds, guards and other personnel of Folsom State Prison (Folsom, Calif.). Activities depicted include prisoner entertainment and recreation, quarrying, and guard duties, as well as leisure time activities of prison personnel and their families....

Fonck (Charles) typescript

Relates to relief provided by the Belgian government for Belgian refugees displaced by the German invasion in May 1940.

Fong Fook Gee immigration documents, 1921-1936.

Contains U.S. Public Health Service card, a doctor's cetificate of health and an alien tax receipt.

Fong (Mary H.) Papers

Mary H. Fong served as Professor of Art and Art History at the University of California, Davis. She researched and published on T'ang Tomb murals outside China. The collection contains notes for her dissertation Secular Figure Painting of the T'ang...

Fong (Walter and Emma) Collection

Photographs, manuscript materials, and printed materials related to the lives of Walter Ngon Fong (1866-1906, widely reported to be the first Chinese student to graduate from Stanford [class of 1896, A.B.]) and his wife, Emma Howse Fong.

Fong Yue Po miscellany, 1937-1944.

Contains Kuomintang (KMT)documents, including a list of officers of the U.S. general branch of the Kuomintang, convention resolutions, and survey forms, along with bylaws, financial and fundraising reports for the China War Relief Association. Also includes a few of Fong...

Fon-Lampe (Aleksei A.) papers

Correspondence, reports, memoranda, orders, newsletters, clippings, leaflets, maps, pamphlets, and printed matter, relating to operations of the offices of the Russian Military Agent in Germany and the Russian Military Representative to Hungary, Russian counterrevolutionary activities, political events in Russia, and...

Fon-Shvarts (Aleksei Vladimirovich) papers

Diary, correspondence, memoirs, writings, notes, and printed matter, relating to Russian military campaigns in the Caucasus and Eastern Europe during World War I, and the Russian Revolution.

Fonte y Hernández de Miravete (Pedro J.) Documents

A collection of papers, mostly originals or certified contemporary copies, relating to the installation and activites of Fonte as Archbishop of Mexico, the majority addressed to or written by him, in Spanish, Latin, and Italian. The first major portion of...

food labels (Collection of)

The collection consists of packing labels and advertisements for food products, including figs, chili peppers, and beans.

Food Machinery Corporation Sales Records and Photographs

Over the course of the 20th. century, Food Machinery Corporation (FMC) grew from a local company producing pump sprayers, into an international manufacturer producing insecticide, war ordinance, and canning machinery. This collection includes catalogs, sales records and photographs of canning...

Food Science and Technology (Department of) Records

With origins rooted in the University of California Berkeley's Division of Viticulture and Enology, the Department of Food Science was initially established in 1919 as a division of fruit products after the Volstead Act prohibited commercial wine-making. The collection includes...

Foot (Isaac) Collection

Correspondence, receipts, newspaper clippings, and book reviews pertaining to Foot's scholarly and collecting interests.

Foot (Isaac) Collection

Collection contains 16th-17th bible leaves, and correspondence of Joseph Addison, Edmund Burke, Samuel Taylor Coleridge, H. L. Mencken, William Pitt, Alexander Pope, Samuel Wesley, Sarah Wesley, other Wesley family members, and William Wilberforce.

Foot (Isaac) (Collection on)

This collection contains documents and publications related to international politics, education, and history. Notebooks belonging to Isaac Foot, a British politician of the early 20th century, and a scrapbook containing letters composed by members of the British clergy are also...

Foote (Arthur) Correspondence

Correspondence with Albert Elkus, Professor of Music, University of California, Berkeley, probably dating from 1922 to 1927. Each letter is accompanied by a typed transcription made by Elkus' secretary, Helen Farnsworth, when he served as Chairman of the Dept....

Foote (Carol) photographs of the University of California, Santa Cruz

This collection consists of approximately 7000 images of campus life taken by Carol Foote at the University of California, Santa Cruz, from 1978 to 1982. It contains black and white negatives, proof sheets, and photographic prints. Included are performances, portraits,...

Foote (Mary Hallock) papers

Correspondence with Helena Gilder, spanning their friendship of fifty years (1868-1916), and with other friends, family, and business associates. Also includes typed copy of Foote's work entitled, "Reminiscences".

Foote (Mary Hallock) Papers

Mary Hallock Foote was an American novelist, short story writer, and illustrator. This collection consists of letters and manuscripts Foote sent to Century Magazine from 1886 to approximately 1902.

Foote (Morris Cooper) papers

The papers of Morris Cooper Foote document his career in the United States Army during the Boxer Rebellion in Northern China and the Spanish-American War in Cuba.

Foote (William George) Papers

These papers document the forty-nine year career of William George Foote at the Southern Pacific Railroad's Sparks, Nevada shops. They include a photograph album with photographs of Foote and other Sparks shops employees at work and attending events there between...

Foothill Groves, Inc. records (Collection)

This collection contains documents pertaining to Foothill Groves, Inc. operations, two meeting minute books that cover the years 1914-1929.

Foothill Jewish Community records, 1991-1999.

This collection consists of materials that document the history and activities of the Foothill Jewish Community, an organization that was active from June 2, 1991 to September 1, 1999.

For Bunn Bunn [graphic] : drawings of animals and a Valentine's Day card made by Alexander Calder for his nephew Kenneth Hayes.

Scrapbook of pasted-in animal sketches in ink inscribed: to Bunny on his 5th birthday from Sandy. Valentine sketch of a stork with a movable wing inscribed: For Bunn Bunn....

Forbes (A. A.) (1862-1921) Oklahoma Collection, ca. 1889

14 mounted prints on 13 mounts of Oklahoma scenes: Sac and Fox Indians, railroad bridge construction, and others.

Forbes, A. A. Photographs of Cottonwood Lakes and Creek, and other southern Sierra Nevada scenes [graphic]

Collection contains views of mountains and scenery in the following locations: Mount Whitney, Crabtree Meadows, Cottonwood Lakes, Cottonwood Creek, Rock Creek Lake, and Army Trail Pass. One view shows tents at "Anton's Camp, Cottonwood Creek."

Forbes (Albert M.) Civil War Letters

This collection comprises seven letters sent from Albert M. Forbes, Lieutenant, Member Company of the 2nd Illinois Light Artillery, to his family in 1862 during the Civil War. The letters provide a first-hand, detailed account of skirmishes in Tennessee and...

Forbes (Andrew Alexander) (1862-1921) Collection,1890-1915

Andrew Alexander Forbes was the first resident photographer in the Owens Valley area of California. He maintained a commercial photo studio in Bishop from 1902 to 1916. In addition, Forbes also made panoramic murals and scenic calendars. Included in this...

Forbes (Bryan) papers

The Bryan Forbes papers span the years 1954-1991 and encompass approximately 22 linear feet. The collection contains production files, including scripts, writings by Forbes, books, and photographs....

Forbes (Henry Stone) letters

Relates to American volunteer medical work in Serbia, 1915-1916, and to United States Army medical activities in France, 1917-1919. Letters compiled and edited by Hildegarde B. Forbes and Marjorie Forbes Elias, 1981.

Forbes (Jack D.) Collection

Manuscripts and proofs of articles written by Forbes; microcopies of records of Bureau of Indian Affairs; numerous serials, newspapers, clippings, newsletters related to Native American issues. Materials from California Indian Education Association and national Indian organizations. Also contains materials related...

Forbes (Jack D.) Papers

Jack D. Forbes (1934- ) wrote many books, including (1960), (1964), and (1965). The collection consists of published and unpublished manuscripts concerning the history of the Apache, Navajo, and Yuma Indians.

Forbes (James) Papers

James Forbes (1871-1938), a twentieth century playwright, authored , and . The collection contains manuscripts, correspondence, clippings, photographs, and memorabilia related to a number of his works.

Forchheimer (Hans) papers

Letters, photographs, drawings, and woodcuts, relating to internment of German citizens in the United States during World War I, and to family affairs. Includes letters received from relatives in Germany, 1901-1905, and illustrations of internees and conditions in Fort Oglethorpe,...

Ford and Connelley family correspondence

Family correspondence primarily addressed to Jerome Chester Ford and his wife, Minnie Belle Ford.

Ford and Sanborn Mercantile Company records, 1870-1871, 1914-1920.

Contains the financial records of a Salinas, Calif. general store. Receipts are only for businesses with names starting with the letters L-P.

Ford (Charles Henri) Papers

American poet, playwright, painter, and publisher. The Charles Henri Ford archive contains correspondence, manuscripts, ephemera, art works, and newspaper clippings relating to himself, his companion, Pavel Tchelitchew, and a large circle of friends, artists, and literary figures.

Ford (Don E.) slide collection

The collection consists of approximately 850 photographic slides, mostly of science fiction conventions, taken by well known fan Don E. Ford in the late 1950s and early 1960s. Slides in the collection depict various parts of conventions, including audiences listening...

Ford (Ford Madox) Letters

This collection of correspondence consists chiefly of letters from English author Ford Madox Ford (1873-1939) to his literary agent, James B. Pinker (1863-1922). The letters discuss Ford's writings, especially his novels, and include his frequent requests for advances. Although the...

Ford (Harrison) Papers

This collection contains the papers of silent film and stage actor Harrison Ford (1884-1957). The majority of the material relates to Ford’s finances, and includes correspondence with and documents of the Internal Revenue Service, receipts, personal account ledgers, expense books,...

Ford (Helen and George) papers

This collection contains the papers of American stage and film actress Helen Ford (1894-1982) and her husband, theatrical manager George Ford (1879-1974), with the bulk dating from the 1920s to 1950s. Materials include press clippings, playbills, photographs, and scrapbooks chiefly...

Ford (Henry) and Theodor Fritsch leaflet

Reprints of correspondence between Henry Ford and Theodor Fritsch, German antisemitic writer, relating to the works of Fritsch.

Ford (Henry Chapman) Papers

Henry Chapman Ford was born 1828 August 6 in Livonia, New York and died 1894 February 27 in Santa Barbara, California. During the 1860s, Ford served in the American Civil War, became Chicago’s first landscape painter, and helped found the...

Ford (Henry Lewis) Papers

Contains two letters, one newspaper clipping and a genealogy of the descendants of William Ford. The first letter is addressed to Sam Brannan and is a recounting of his memories of the Bear Flag Revolt. The second is an undated,...

Ford (Jesse) papers

Correspondence, writings, a public testimony manuscript, and a flyer, 1974-1975, from lesbian activist Jesse Ford in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Ford was one of the founders of Amazon Country, a Philadelphia public radio program devoted to women's music and lesbian culture.

Ford (Jesse W. and Marcella) Papers

The Jesse W. and Marcella Ford Papers includes correspondence, clippings, photographs, reports, and artifacts that document the life and activities of Jesse W. and Marcella Ford.

Ford (John Anson) Photograph Album

An album of 120 photographs highlighting the career of John Anson Ford (1883-1983), who served on the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors 1934-1958. Photographs depict Los Angeles area events and dedications primarily 1940s-1950s.

Ford, Margaret Collection

This collection of letters sent to Peggy Ford, a member of the Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW), and donated by her son, Howard Bleuel, consists of letters written by soldiers and sailors from Viet Nam, with whom she had initiated...

Ford (Mary) Personal Papers

The material consists of items primarily reflecting Mary Ford's years as an instructor and commercial pilot. There is a scrapbook that covers news articles and memorabilia during her time with ATA. There are files containing a draft manuscript, photographs, research...

Ford (Mrs. Edsall P.) papers

Diary, correspondence, photographs, and clippings, relating to Red Cross work and social conditions in the United States during World War II.

Ford (Richard) Galley Proofs for The Ultimate Good Luck

This material comprises unbound galley proofs (201 pages on 104 leaves) of Richard Ford's second novel. Each sheet but two contains holograph corrections in Ford's hand, some grammatical, some textual, and some quite extensive. Many of these changes were incorporated...

Ford (Stella Mae) Collection

This collection contains manuscripts, sheet music, concert programs, and materials relating to the Pomona College School of Music. ...

Ford (Tennessee Ernie) Collection of Musical Arrangements for the Tennessee Ernie Ford Show

Arrangements and parts in manuscripts or ozalid copies, of popular songs for performers on the Tennessee Ernie Ford Show during the 1956-1961 seasons....

Ford-Earl family papers, 1835-1980.

Primarily papers of the families of Jerome B. Ford (1821-1889), Josiah Earl (1821-1884), Guy Chaffee Earl (1861-1935), and Ella Ford Earl (1860-1945).

Fordin (Hugh) papers

This small collection contains papers of American music producer and biographer Hugh Fordin (1935-2019), primarily relating to his book, "The World of Entertainment! Hollywood's Greatest Musicals: The Freed Unit at MGM" (1975) about Arthur Freed (1894-1973) and his MGM musicals...

Ford's Theater stereoview, circa 19th century-20th century

One stereoview of Ford's Theater, exterior, Washington, D.C., n.d.

Fordyce (Elizabeth Lucile) Letter to Paul Hanna

Letter concerns Wilbur's words to a high school student in 1939 on the key to success, a recent visit with the Hanna's, and her suggestion for a new name for Stanford's athletic teams....

Foreign Bondholders Protective Council Records

The bulk of this collection consists mainly of negotiation files for each country the Foreign Bondholders staff were monitoring. The rest of the collection is made up of administrative records typical of a non-profit organization, such as Articles of Incorporation...

Foreign Film script collection

This collection consists of foreign film scripts from the 20th century. Many of the scripts included are of French origin.

Foreign heraldic scrapbook

Description from inside cover: "Drawings. Manuscripts. Sketches. Heraldry. A collection of nearly 100 sheets, mounted on hinges and bound in a limp vellum folio volume..."

Foreign Language papers

articles in foreign languages with some translations into English...

Foreign Miners Tax documents, 1850-1867.

Documents relating to the 1850 and 1852 California Foreign Miners tax laws.

Foreign Policy Association miscellany

Program and guest list for a luncheon held by the Foreign Policy Association in honor of Herbert Hoover, Jr., undersecretary of state, 1954-1957.

Foreign Students and the Berkeley International House, 1928-1961 : oral history transcript / and related material, 1966-1967.

Comments on his father, James A. Blaisdell and his presidency of Pomona College; his own career as director of International House from its inception in 1930 until his retirement in 1961. Photographs inserted.

Foreign Trade Bindings Books Collection

The Foreign Trade Bindings Books Collection consists of books published in countries other than the United States circa mid-19th century through 1940 which have highly decorated, illustrated cloth bindings.

Foreman (Carl) papers

This collection consists of scripts, correspondences, and clippings of American screenwriter and film producer Carl Foreman, CBE (1914-1984).

Foreman (John) papers

The John Foreman papers span the years 1977-1991 and encompass 1.5 linear feet. The collection consists mainly of scripts, correspondence, and production material from MANNEQUIN TWO: ON THE MOVE (1991) and MILLENNIUM (1989). Also included is material for an unproduced...

Foreman (Shawn Daniel) and Joseph Michael Reed papers

Sheet music, notebooks, poetry, photographs, correspondence, flyers, advertisements, and personal papers of Shawn Daniel Foreman, 1966-1985. The collection documents Foreman's work with Tommy Powers Presents (erotic photograph mail order), Now Tapes (erotic video mail order), Now Talk (erotic phone service),...

Forest History Interviews

Typed transcripts of oral history interviews with various persons in the lumber industry, especially the Pacific Northwest and the redwood region of California. The Bancroft Library in 1959 was named one of the Society's depositories in a continuing project.

Forest History Society oral histories, transcripts, 1953-1956.

Incomplete typed transcripts of interviews conducted by John Larson of the Forest History Society with Casimir J. Wood, president; J.W. Lilly, resident manager; and William McCarthy, mechanic.

Forest Lawn Memorial-Parks Collection

The Forest Lawn Memorial-Parks Collection documents the history of the organization between 1906 and 2015. A small amount of material is related to Forest Lawn locations in Hollywood Hills, Covina, Cypress, and Long Beach. The collection includes images and text...

Forest Management in the United States Forest Service 1907-1952 : Berkeley, California : typescript, 1965.

History of his career in the U.S. Forest Service particularly as assistant chief in charge of management, protection and development of national forest resources, 1935-1952; observations on some of the leaders in the Service; Civilian Conservation Corps.; federal legislation affecting...

[Forest scene] [graphic]

Title supplied by cataloger.

Forest Service issues and legislation to 1951 : oral history transcript / 1965-1974.

Bound with this are two additional transcripts of interviews conducted in 1964 by Mrs. Fry pertaining to the Forestry Service: The Making of a Regional Forester, by Evan W. Kelley, with comments also on the CCC. ([44] l.) Recollections of...

Forest taxation study, 1926-1935 : oral history transcript / and related material, 1965-1967.

Background of the study conducted by the U.S. Forest Service, the personnel, how it was conducted, etc. Included also: a report on the forest insurance study conducted by the Forest Service, written by Harold B. Shepard for ROHO. Appended: correspondence...

Forest Theater Collection

This collection is made up of Forest Theater programs, a list of productions, and a study of renovations done to the theater. The Forest Theater is the oldest outdoor community theater west of the Rockies. Founded in 1910, the first...

Forester (built 1900; schooner, 4m) salvage photograph album

The Forester (built 1900; schooner, 4m) salvage photograph album, 1914-1962, bulk 1961, (SAFR 23851, P88-102) is a single volume comprised mainly of photographs of men from the San Francisco Maritime Museum salvaging fittings on board FORESTER in Martinez, California, in...

Forester (C.S.) Papers

The C.S. Forester Papers (1940-1964, bulk undated) contain manuscripts for Forester's writings in a variety of genres, both published and unpublished. Most materials appear to be final typescripts, although some works exist in multiple or corrected drafts.

Foresters of America. Court Concordia, No. 119 (Sacramento, Calif.) and Court Sacramento, No. 12 (Sacramento, Calif.) records

The Foresters of America Court Concordia, No. 119 (Sacramento, Calif.) and Court Sacramento, No. 12 (Sacramento, Calif.) collection is comprised primarily of meeting minutes and financial records of the Foresters of America, Court Concordia No. 119 and Court Sacramento No....

Forestry and Fire Protection Board Records

On January 1, 1998 the Board of Forestry became the Board of Forestry and Fire Protection through an amendment to the Public Resources Code. The Board of Forestry and Fire Protection records cover the years 1998-2006 and are arranged into...

Forestry Board Records

The records of the Board of Forestry cover 1885-2002, with the bulk of the material concentrated in the period from the late 1970s through the 1990s. There are fourteen series including Minutes, W.S. Rosecrans Papers, Organization and Policy Files, Miscellaneous...

Forestry Dept. Records

The records of the California Department of Forestry (CDF) span over a century, with the majority of the material concentrated in the period from the 1930s to the 1970s. The records reflect the activities of the Department of Forestry, and...

Forestry, lobbying and resource legislation, 1931-1961 : oral history transcript / and related material, 1966-1968.

Work with U.S. Forest Service, Humboldt Redwood Reforestation Association, California Tax Research Bureau, and State Board of Equalization; comments on State Board of Forestry; California State Forest Practice Act; lobbying for California Forest Protective Association; Artie Samish and other lobbyists....

Forestry photographs from the Emanuel Fritz papers [graphic].

Photographs relate to Fritz' career and show logging and forestry, mainly in California, but also in other states and countries.

Forests of the Sierra Nevada by Robert Cermak

The unfinished book discusses the Sierra Nevada mountain environment during the California gold rush.

Forgan (James Russell) papers

Correspondence, reports, minutes of meetings, and lists, relating to the operations of the Office of Strategic Services during World War II, the creation of the Central Intelligence Agency, and the activities of the Veterans of OSS. Photocopy.

Forge (Anthony) Papers

The papers of Anthony Forge, British anthropologist, professor and specialist in the art and aesthetics of the Abelam people of Papua New Guinea, include field notes, photographs and original Abelam art commissioned by Forge during his fieldwork in the Sepik...

Forget-Me-Nots Records

The Forget-Me-Nots was a small group of gay men from San Francisco who formed an affinity group prior to the 1987 March on Washington in order to perform civil disobedience on the steps of the Supreme Court.

The forgotten Californians : Chico, Calif. : typescript, 1974.

History of the Hawaiian family and their arrival in California in 1839; marriage into the Konkau tribe of California; comments on the Round Valley Indian Reservation; and life and work with John and Annie Bidwell. Photographs and genealogies for the...

Forjaz (Jorge P.) Collection

Jorge P. Forjaz is an historian and published author whose works focus primarily on the genealogies of Macanese families, most notably , published in 1996. The collection consists largely of research materials compiled by Forjaz and used in . Records...

Forker (Wiliam R.) Papers

Summary: Daily journal of life in gold fields of El Dorado County, California. Describes return East via steamer and the Isthmus of Panama....

Form und Farbe in der Gestaltung : ein Lehrbuch fur den Kunstunterricht, [19--]

Form und Farbe in der Gestaltung, BANC MSS 74/140 z, The Bancroft Library, University of California, Berkeley.

Formakov (Arsenii Ivanovich) papers

Memoirs, other writings, correspondence, and photographs, relating to conditions in forced labor camps in the Soviet Union.

Forman (Edward S.) papers

The collection is 2.5 linear feet in size and contains correspondence, publications, news clippings, black and white photographs, 16mm film, a scrapbook, and artifacts relating to the professional career of engineer Edward S. Forman. Divided into six series, the collection...

Forman Hanna photograph, circa early 20th century

(1882-1950). One black and white mounted photograph, "Review," with three cowboys herding cattle. Globe, Arizona, [ca. early 1900s]. [Oversize boxed].

Forman (Henry J.) Papers

Henry James Forman (1879-1966) was a reporter and staff correspondent for (1903-05); news editor for (1906); associate editor of (1906-10); and managing editor of (1913-19). He taught creative writing at Temple University and reviewed books for the . Forman also...

Forman (Mary A.) Papers

This collection consists mainly of letters and questionnaires written between 1904-1908 related to the inquiries of Mary Forman (1843-1918) about specific details of the history of mid 19th-century Los Angeles, California. General topics include Los Angeles history, California state and...

Forman (Maurice Buxton) Papers

Maurice Buxton Forman was an English bibliographer and editor. This collection consists of material pertaining to Forman's bibliographical work on Eden Phillpotts.

Forman (Will) Navy Submersible Film Collection

Forty-five films (reformatted from the original 16mm) from the collection of Will Forman on U.S. Navy submersibles, particularly the development of Deep Jeep at the Naval Ordnance Test Station (NOTS) at China Lake, California.

Formas en blanco para cuentas militares : n.p. : ms., [undated]

Blank forms for the financial records of the Cuarta Compañía Volante (Fourth Mobile Company)

Former executive director, Jewish Community Federation of San Francisco, the Peninsula, Marin and Sonoma counties, 1974-1991 : oral history transcript / 1997.

Family background, Jewish community, Cleveland, OH; education at Lafayette College, and Hebrew Union College, 1964-1969; rabbinical student in Israel during 1967 War; assistant rabbi, Congregation Emmanu-El, San Francisco, 1969-1972; assistant to executive, United Jewish Appeal of Greater New York, 1972-1974;...

Fornel de la Laurencie (Benoit Leon, vicomte de) typescript

Relates to relations between the Vichy government and German occupation authorities

Forney (Edward H.) papers

Handwritten notes, correspondence, course writings, orders, reports, news releases, and news clippings relating primarily to the Korean and Vietnam Wars.

Forney, Eugene J. Division of Auxiliary and Business Services Collection

Collected materials of Eugene J. Forney, Auxiliary and Business Services employee in the Office of the Chancellor in The California State University (CSU), formerly named the California State Colleges and The California State University and Colleges. The collection includes legislation...

Forrest (Earle) Photographs of Hopi Indians

A collection of 77 photographs by Earle Robert Forrest (1883-1969) documenting the dances and rituals of Hopi Native Americans in the villages of Oraibi and Mishongnovi, Arizona, in 1906-1908. The images primarily depict the Snake Race, Snake Dance, and Blue...

Forrest (John B.) papers

John B. Forrest Jr. was born on August 10, 1936. As a child, he joined the Boy Scouts of America and remained active in scouting throughout his life. Forrest attended MIT; he graduated in 1958 and later received a master's...

Forrest (Katherine V.) Papers

The collection contains original drafts and final manuscripts of Forrest's books, reviews of her work, interviews, scrapbooks, photographs, awards and audiovisual materials.

Forrest Winfield Miller correspondence, 1942-1947.

Contains 545 letters between a WWII soldier, Forrest Miller, and his parents, girlfriend and eventual wife, Grace Helen Grimes, and friends. Letters are handwritten and typescript in various formats such as airmail and v-mail. Also contains two photographs of Miller...

Forrester (A. Theodore) Papers

Theodore Forrester was a renowned physicist, engineer and inventor, famous for his research in ionization, quantum optics, and satellite acceleration. The collection contains research, drafts, publications, and publisher's correspondence concerning Forrester's work on ionization.

Forsha (Stiles E.) Civil War Correspondence Collection

The collection consists of items related to the attempted resignation of Union Soldier Stiles E. Forsha from his position as the Regimental Quartermaster of the 7 Regiment, Iowa Infantry in 1862. Materials in the collection include Forsha's letter of resignation,...

Forster (Cliff) papers

Interview transcripts, memoirs, other writings, correspondence, printed matter, and photographs relating to internment of American civilians in the Japanese-occupied Philippines during World War II, the war crime trial and execution of Japanese General Masaharu Homma, and the American diplomatic service.

Forster (Clifford) miscellaneous papers

Correspondence, memoranda, and clippings, relating to the Russian-Belgian revolutionary and writer Victor Serge. Includes correspondence with Serge.

Forster (Frances A.) silent film music collection

Collection consists of printed loose-leaf film music comosed by J.S. Zamecnik and M.L. Lake....

Forster (John) Papers

This collection consists of correspondence and literary manuscripts by English authors and friends of English editor and Charles Dickens biographer John Forster (1812-1876) and his second wife, Eliza Ann Crosbie Colburn Forster.

Forster (John) Pioneer data from 1832

John Forster was an Englishman who moved to Los Angeles in the 1830s, and become a Mexican citizen with substantial property. This manuscript contains reminiscences of his experiences in California, with an emphasis on the battles between American and Californio...

Forster-del Valle family papers

The collection contains handwritten correspondences, telegrams, family photographs, and religious ephemera complied by the Del Valle and Forster families between 1804 and 1931.

Forsyth (Colonel Ralph E.) Collection

The primarily consists of loose album pages, which document Forsyth's military service in Nicaragua. Although the collection dates from 1924 to 1976, the vast majority of photographs seem to date from the early 1930s and include scenes of the Nicaraguan...

Forsyth (Edward Culligan) papers

Orders, memoranda, reports, correspondence, manuals, printed matter, photographs, and drawings, relating to American naval operations during World War II, and especially to naval preparations for the landings in Normandy in 1944.

Forsyth (Gloria) Papers

This collection consists of one folder of correspondence, notes, minutes and other miscellaneous publications related to Pearl Chase, several activities of the Plans and Planting Committee of the Community Arts Association of Santa Barbara, and Mrs. Forsyth's role as a...

Forsythe (George and Alexandra) Papers

The papers of George and Alexandra Forsythe include professional correspondence, notes for lectures and publications, committee records and publications, materials relating to the Forsythes' writings in the field of computer science, and materials relating to Alexandra Forsythe's interest in secondary...

Forsythe (Harold Bruce) Papers

Harold Bruce Forsythe was an African-American composer, author, and poet. This collection consists of manuscripts of Forsythe's musical scores, poems, short stories, essays, and a novel from 1903-1997.

Fort Baker/Porter Family Collection

The day-by-day farm and homestead activities of the Porter Family's large sheep ranch in southeast Humboldt County, CA are detailed in business receipts, daybooks, correspondence and a small number of photographs. The activities recorded in this collection took place in...

Fort Barry, Marin County album.

Snapshots of soldiers and gunneries and Fort Barry, and several of the Panama Pacific International Exposition.

Fort Bragg, Calif. snapshot album [graphic]

Mainly uncaptioned views show homes, a baby, children, adults, motor and horse drawn vehicles, picnics and other outings, camping, and other family scenes. Includes photos of baby equipment: a walker(?), baby carriage, rocking horse, and other toys. Also includes photographs...

Fort Bragg (steam schooner) invitation

Fort Bragg (steam schooner) invitation (SAFR 418, HDC 499) is for the trial trip of the steamer FORT BRAGG by Charles H. Higgins, managing owner, on January 7, 1911. This collection has been processed and is open for use without...

Fort Bridger miscellany.

Clippings and Mss. segregated from W.A. Carter family papers, pertaining to Jim Bridger, post life, and the physical establishment at Fort Bridger, including the text of a proposed promotional brochure by Mrs. Lulie (Carter) Groshon on the abandoned military post.

Fort Bridger post records, 1858-1890.

Includes registers of letters received, 1865-1866, 1868-1873, and 1885-1890; and copies of letters sent, 1858, 1964-1878. The 1858 letters include orders and special orders of escort troops en route, and at Camp Scott and Fort Bridger. A "History of Post"...

Fort Chaffee Photographs of Vietnamese and Cambodian Refugees

This collection is comprised of black and white photographs and negatives taken of Vietnamese and Cambodian refugees living at Fort Chaffee, a military base in Arkansas. The photographs document the daily life of the refugees, including the arrival of refugees...

Fort Dalles Records

Fort Dalles was established in 1850 as a supply depot for the United States Army on the Columbia River in Oregon. This collection consists of official papers of the activities of the United States Army in the Pacific Northwest, primarily...

Fort, Fay Oral History

Fort discusses living and working in the early 1900s in Santa Barbara

Fort Huachuca African American Photograph Collection

The Fort Huachuca African American Photograph Collection (circa 1940s-1950s) contains 40 black-and-white photographs featuring groups of men and women posing in front of buildings, with dogs, on a horse, and posing in front of the Colonel Young School, as well...

Fort Humboldt, California [graphic]

Views show Fort Humboldt as originally designed, and area around the fort.

Fort Laramie, Wyoming Territory [graphic]

Pictures document the historical development of Fort Laramie, from its inception. Includes general views of the town and fort, with Indians, officer housing, and other buildings. One photo of Fort Reno, Wyoming is also present.

Fort Mason photograph album documenting facilities following the Second World War [graphic].

United States Army photograph album documenting Fort Mason (San Francisco, Calif.) and vicinity. Includes general aerial views, views of structures and grounds, and interior scenes of buildings and facilities of the then-U.S. Army port. Also includes views of the adjacent...

Fort McDowell (Calif.) and United States Army Air Corps photograph album [graphic].

Album includes snapshot photographs depicting soldiers, ships and planes of, presumably, the U.S. Army Air Corps, as well as fortifications and other buildings of Fort McDowell on Angel Island (San Francisco Bay, Calif.). Also includes scenes taken during soldiers' leisure...

Fort Nisqually Records

A collection containing letters, documents, manuscripts, and 117 volumes related to Fort Nisqually, DuPont, Washington.

Fort Ord Historical Images

CSU Monterey Bay's Fort Ord historical images collection consists of photographs, postcards, and documents on the history of Fort Ord during the 20th century. A joint project of the CSUMB Library and the Fort Ord Museum and Archive, the collection...

Fort Powell ammunition report, 1864 April 30.

Confederate ammunition report for Fort Powell, commanded by Major W. C. Capers, for the week ending Saturday, 30 April 1864. Submitted by Lieutenant Ed. G. Jeffers, Acting Ordnance Officer.

Fort Ross and Timber Cove views [graphic]

Collection includes many photographs of the Timber Cove area in Sonoma County, California. The Benitz family ranch and Benitz & Kolmer ranch are pictured showing orchards, apples, and related scenes. The old chapel at Fort Ross is shown, along with...

Fort Ross map and related materials, 1816-1918.

Plan of the Russian establishment at Fort Ross. (San Francisco, Oct. 27, 1816), letter of explanation (Nov. 13, 1918) from J. Franklin Jameson to Charles E. Chapman, and copy of Chapman's reply.

Fort Ross State Historic Park Photographic Collection

The Fort Ross State Historic Park Photographic Collection contains 1,860 images that date from 1764 through 2015. Images depict the property as a Russian fortress, a ranching settlement, and a state park.

Fort Sumter color lithograph, 1863 November 10

Color lithograph, "Appearance of Fort Sumter on Tuesday Afternoon Nov. 10, 1863." [Oversize boxed].

Fort Sutter (built 1912, paddle riverboat) hull inspector's book

Fort Sutter (built 1912, paddle riverboat) hull inspector's book (SAFR 17523, HDC 364) contains one Department of Commerce, Steamboat Inspection Service, hull inspector's book, dated December 18, 1912, for the passenger vessel FORT SUTTER, which sailed the San Francisco Bay,...

Fort Sutter Collection

A collection containing letters, documents, illustrations and three maps related to Fort Sutter, Northern California.

Fort Tejon SHP Collection

Fort Tejon State Historic Park is located in the San Emigdio Mountains near the top of the Grapevine Canyon, on the west side of Hwy 5 near the city of Lebec, California. The park was established in 1940 and contains...

Fort Vancouver and the Pacific Northwest Coast

Views of the Pacific Northwest, including Fort Vancouver (exterior and interior), Washington (including Puget Sound), and Oregon (including Columbia River)

Fort Wingate, New Mexico views [graphic]

Photographs show a woman in a room (captioned: Gen Bradleys sitting room Fort Wingate New Mexico), a family group on a porch, and a large group under a shelter among trees. Photographs appear to relate to army officer Luther Prentice...

Forthmann family photographs

This collection consists of photographs of members of the Forthmann family, one of the first prominent families in Los Angeles at the end of the nineteenth century and beginning of the twentieth century. John Albert Forthmann I was a German...

Forthmann House relocation photographs

Photographs taken by James Child documenting the November 23, 1988 move of the historic Forthmann House from 629 W. 18th St. to 1101 W. 28th St. (now 2801 S. Hoover St.). The collection also includes an essay by Jim Childs...

Fortmann (Louise) and Emery Roe collection

Reports, studies, memoranda, minutes, and printed matter, relating primarily to agriculture and community development in Kenya, Botswana and elsewhere in Africa. Includes many issuances of the Botswana Ministry of Local Government and Lands. Collected by Louise Fortmann and Emery Roe.

Fortnight: the newsmagazine of California : records, 1951-1957.

Form letters, financial reports, advertising rates, memoranda, etc.

Fortnightly Music Club Records

Printed ephemera, clippings, photographs and other materials, many assembled during the club's 75th anniversary in 1983; and their Centennial Memory Album issued in 2008.

Fortran Standardization records

The Fortran Standardization records are primarily made up of the documents used by groups creating and proposing standards for the Fortran computer programming language as used in the United States (ANSI) and internationally (ISO). This collection also includes Fortran publications...

Fortress Monroe photograph album

Souvenir album, probably from ca. 1910, of Fortress Monroe (now known as Fort Monroe) in Hampton, Virginia, containing 22 captioned Albertype or collotype reproductions of historic and contemporary photographs of the fort.

Fortune-Telling Card collection

The collection consists of ten tarot/ fortune telling card sets from 1960s to 1980s.

Forty Niner's Hope Milling and Mining Supply Company Certificate

Original certificate, dated 05/24/1887, certifying that the articles of incorporation for the Forty Niner's Hope Milling and Mining Company were received and certified by the City and County of San Francisco. The certificate is signed by William C. Hendricks, Secretary...

Forty years in the Office of the President, University of California, 1905-1945 : oral history transcript / and related material, 1959.

Comments on work in the president's office as stenographer, secretary and executive secretary under presidents Wheeler, Barrows, Campbell and Sproul; faculty members; the campus during the two world wars. Appended: Stevens' farewell address to President Wheeler and official job description....

Forty-First Medical Society and Trust records

In 1964, the 41st Medical Trust was established by the 41st Medical Society to support the unification of M.D.s and D.O.s (Doctors of Osteopathy) and to support and expand the California College of Medicine. On December 31, 1983, the trust...

Forum Collection

Publication information, article typescripts, correspondence, advertising information, layout graphics, and clippings pertaining to , a bi-weekly newsmagazine directed to Southern California's gay and lesbian community. Only two issues of were published, 1974.

Forum for U.S.-Soviet Dialogue records

Minutes, reports, conference proceedings, lists, brochures, newsletters, and photographs, relating to American-Soviet nongovernmental relations.

Forward (Robert L.) papers

The Robert L. Forward papers contain official documents, literary works, correspondence, memorabilia, scientific research, and the personal library of Dr. Robert L. Forward, an American physicist and prolific science-fiction author. The bulk of the papers pertain to Dr. Forward's scientific...

Foss (Fedor Fedorovich) papers

Photographs and memorabilia, relating to engineering and industrial development in tsarist Russia. Includes material relating to the engineering career of Fedor Andreevich Foss, father of F. F. Foss.

Foss (Valeska) High School scrapbook

"The Girl Graduate: Her Own Book" is embossed into the leather cover of this fragile scrapbook. The volume was kept by Valeska Foss of Lincoln High School in Los Angeles, California, between 1916 and 1919, the year she graduated from...

Fossedal (Gregory A.) collection

Photocopies of correspondence, memoranda, diaries and oral histories located in the Harry S. Truman Library, Yale University, and Columbia University, and photocopies of newspaper articles, Congressional Record excerpts, and other printed matter, relating to the career of United States Undersecretary...

Fossil Free Stanford, Records

Includes photographs and a flyer from Fossil Free Stanford protests at Stanford, including photographs of the November 2015 sit-in, photographs of the the April 2016 rally in response to President Hennessy's speech in Stanford Memorial Church, "What Matters to Me...

Foster (Adriance S.) Papers

Black and white photographs of plant tissue of various genera and associated research notes.

Foster (Andrew Brisbin) typescript

Relates to the history of Gdansk, territorial disputes between Germany and Poland regarding its possession following World War I, and its administration and political and economic condition during the interwar period.

Foster, Blanche (Second World War correspondence)

This collection contains correspondence written to Blanche Foster from ten different American soldiers during the Second World War Two.

Foster (David) collection

This collection consists of American film producer David Foster (1929-2019) expenses, scripts, videotapes, and photographs. Foster created films such as "The Fog" (2005) and "The River Wild" (1994), included in this collection. Foster graduated from the University of Southern California's...

Foster Family journal, circa 1782-1791

Journal from Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, [Canada], with record of family births, deaths and other events, ca. 1782-1791.

Foster (George McClelland) Papers

The George McClelland Foster papers (1934-2005) consist of Foster's professional materials, which represent a prodigious career in anthropology. The collection contains correspondence; consulting files from various agencies concerned with health and development issues worldwide, such as the Agency for...

Foster (Herbert B.) : Papers relating to the development of various campuses of the University of California

Correspondence, histories, notes, reports, maps concerning various campuses and off-campus locations operated by the University of California as well as some properties owned by the University. Contains folders on Alameda, Calif.; Bear Gulch Water Co.; Berkeley; Blodgett Forest; Citrus Experiment...

Foster (Jack) Papers

This collection contains personal ad correspondence with advertisers in "YMX" Newsletter, 1985-1986. Jack Foster, aka Beowulf Thorne, published "Diseased Pariah News." Thorne's papers (2003-10) are also housed at the Historical Society. This collection is restricted until June 13, 2021. Please...

Foster (Joseph A.) Papers

This collections contains examples of student work from Joseph A. Foster's classes at Scripps College from 1946-1971. Included are student work's such as broadsides. He taught fine press printing and literature at Scripps College. Also included are photocopies of...

Foster (Joseph) Diary Collection

This collection contains two diaries written by Joseph Foster during his early adulthood documenting daily activities, sheep herding, and travel to various regions of California to purchase livestock.

Foster (Joseph O.) Papers

Joseph O'Kane Foster (1898- ) was a writer and consultant for a BBC documentary film on D.H. Lawrence, editor for the , a contributor to and other journals as well. He also wrote many books. The collection consists of holographic...

Foster (Ludmila A.) papers

Writings, printed matter, videocassettes and sound cassettes relating to Russian émigré literature, Russiam émigré affairs, and the Congress of Russian-Americans.

Foster (Marcus) Collection

The Marcus A. Foster was a a progressive, innovative educator who rose to national prominence as the first African-American superintendent of schools in Oakland, California. The collection spans the years 1941-1975, and includes administrative documents, professional certifications, printed materials, photographs,...

Foster (Marjorie G.) Papers

These papers, dating largely from 1913 to 1919, concern Foster's academic career at Stanford and the University of California and include her master's thesis, reprint of an article, commencement programs, clippings, and photographs. Also included are letters of condolence to...

Foster (Martha) papers

Martha Foster was a lesbian poet and fiction writer who lived in Los Angeles, California. This collection includes correspondence, photographs and manuscripts.

Foster (Mary LeCron) Papers

The papers of linguistic anthropologist Mary LeCron Foster.

Foster (Richard B.) papers

The Richard B. Foster papers document the work of a leading American national security analyst in the Cold War period. In a career spanning three decades, Foster specialized in strategic forecasting, attempting to predict future military and political developments on...

Foster/Layton Families Collection

This collection includes: a school record (no location) written by Charles Foster (1836), listing the number of days students have attended class; an letter, from Foster brothers, J.M. and E.T., in the 54th Regiment at Burnside Barracks, Indianapolis, to their...

Foster's and Bickford's diners and bakeries [graphic].

Chiefly diner and bakery storefronts (exteriors), interiors, and window displays. Some photographs of staff in restaurants and bakeries, and some portraits of unidentified executives are also present.

Fotic (Konstantin) papers

Correspondence, speeches and writings, diaries, printed matter, and photographs relating to Yugoslav-American relations, political and military conditions in Yugoslavia during World War II, postwar communism in Yugoslavia, and Yugoslav émigré politics. Also available on microfilm (73 reels).

Foto Flair Los Angeles Christopher Street West Gay Pride Parade Photographs

Foto Flair photographic prints of the Los Angeles Christopher Street West gay pride prarade, June 28, 1970.

Fotocelere Coloniale, Asmara and the roads of Eritrea

The album of 110 photographs taken by Fotocelere Coloniale between approximately 1935 and 1942 documents the roads built between Asmara, the newly-designated capitol of the Italian colony of Eritrea, and the country's other major cities as part of the infrastructure...

Foto-Willinger collection

Photographs depicting scenes of daily life in Germany in the inter-war period and during World War II, including social, cultural, industrial, and agricultural activities. Also includes scenes of Nazi activities and of military operations during World War II.

Foulds (Evan J.) Certificate of Appreciation

Southern Pacific Company certificate issued to Evan J. Foulds as "A Testimonial of Esteem and Appreciation from his Law Department Associates for his Forty Six Years Record of Distinguished Service and Notable Achievement on his retirement." August 31, 1954.

Foulk Family Papers

The Foulk Family Papers consist chiefly of correspondence to Mrs. Foulk from family and friends, letters from Mrs. Foulk to her mother, Mrs. R.H. McDaniel, and son, Henry D. Foulk (1906). There is also correspondence to Mr. Foulk from his...

Foulk (George C.) Papers

Personal and official papers, chiefly as Naval Agent and Charge d'Affaires, U.S. Legation, Korea, and as representative, American Trading Company, in Japan. Includes a copy of a letter from President Chester A. Arthur. A diary, 1884, of travel in Korea,...

Foundation for Christian Living collection

Approximately 700 printed tracts and pamphlets published by the Foundation for Christian Living, mostly authored by Norman Vincent Peale.

Foundation for Community Encouragement an Addition to the M. Scott Peck Collection

The collection documents the history, organization, mission and principles of The Foundation for Community Encouragement. It presents the FCE through the eyes of both Sister Ellen Stephen and Dr. M. Scott Peck. The collection contains a series of publications –...

Foundation for Economic Education miscellaneous correspondence

Correspondence with Roy A. Childs, relating to libertarianism in the United States.

Foundation for Enterprise Development Records

Records of the Foundation for Enterprise Development (FED), which was founded by Dr. J. Robert Beyster in 1986. The collection includes meeting minutes, administrative files and publications.

Foundation for Teaching Economics records

Correspondence, minutes, memoranda, newsletters, reports, and drafts and printed copies of textbooks and teachers' manuals, relating to the preparation and publication of instructional materials on economics, especially at the secondary school level, in the United States.

Foundation for the Great Park records

Records detailing the activities of the Foundation for the Great Park, a philanthropic organization which provided financial support and community leadership for the creation of a unified metropolitan open space in Orange County, CA.

Foundation Plant Services Records

Correspondence, minutes, reports, data sheets, publication, photographs, and slides relating to the production and dissemination of disease free cuttings and rootstock.

Founder and director of Disabled Students' Services, UC Riverside and UC Davis : oral history transcript / 2000.

Family background in foreign service; onset of polio in the Philippines, 1950; rehab at Kabat-Kaiser, 1951-1954; independent living skills, India and Pakistan; UC Riverside, B.A., and career: HOPE (Handicapped Opportunity Program for Education) and Special Services; UC Davis, Office of...

Founder's Day Collection

The documents the history of the college's Founder's Day festivities from the school's early years through 1980.  The collection dates from 1936-1980, with the bulk of the documents ranging from the 1940s through the 1970s. It consists solely of paper...

Founders Gallery Exhibit records

These records consist of the planning materials, newspaper clippings, and photographs gathered for University of San Diego Founders Gallery exhibits between 1971 and 1993.

Founders of the Future; Hewlett and Packard Dinner Papers

Collection includes video tape of the event, text of the speech by Gerhard Casper, color photographs from the event, computer printouts of the exhibit panels on display, copies of historical photographs, and an 1989 booklet on the history of HP....

Founding and Legacy Documents

This collection documents the founding of the East Bay Regional Park District (EBRPD) from approximately the 1920s through the 1960s. It contains various types of records including reports, bills, master plans, correspondence, memos, minutes, resolutions, photographs and maps, histories, newspaper...

Founding Clos du Bois Winery : oral history transcript : a marketing approach / 1998.

Background and early marketing experience with Procter & Gamble; developing and marketing Pine Mountain Log and other products; developing Breckenridge Ski Resort; Clos du Bois: vineyards in Alexander and Dry Creek Valleys, producing wine at other wineries, marketing goals for...

The founding of the Internation House movement : oral history transcript / and related material, 1969-1971.

Recollections of founding of International House in New York and its extensions to Berkeley, Chicago and Paris; relationship with the Rockefeller family. Photographs, copies of letters and other documents enclosed. With this: additional documentary material.

Fountain (Gordon H.) photograph collection

The Gordon H. Fountain photograph collection (P90-072, SAFR 24435) consists of two photograph album pages and photograph souvenir of the bark Star of India collected by Gordon H. Fountain, a member of the Friends of the Ship Balclutha.

Fountain Humboldt County History Collection

This is a narrative history of Humboldt County (1850-1903), published serially in the Blue Lake Advocate, (1964), and collected in an unbound scrapbook by the author, Susie Baker Fountain. The collection also includes letters written (1903-04) by Eleanor E. Tracy,...

Fountain (Susie Baker) Papers

Susie Baker Fountain, Humboldt State University's first graduate in 1915, was a local historian and professional columnist for the She developed an extraordinary clipping file and collection of materials on Humboldt County and Del Norte County people, activities, and history...

Four California certified public accountants : oral history transcript / and related material, 1958-1968.

Interviews with Harry J. Cooper (23 l.), John F. Forbes (15 l.), James E. Hammond (23 l.), and Anson Herrick (22 l.). Recollections of early days of public accounting in California, their own careers, and the formation of the California...

[The Four elements [graphic] : illustrative designs after Watteau].

Decorative panels with ornamental scrollwork and elaborate design elements surrounding human figures in scenes representative of the four elements. Each is individually captioned: L'Eau, La Tierre, L'Air, and Le Feu.

Four fragments of manuscripts found at a Mohammedan monastery in Abouja, Nigeria in 1903 : and related materials, [ca. 200-700 A.D.]

Also included: Photocopy of statement by Walter Sylvester Hertzog concerning the fragments.

Four items relating to Boston Corbett, who killed John Wilkes Booth and to John Corbett, alias Boston Corbett : 1911-1913.

Contents. - [no. 1] Typewritten letter, signed, Topeka, Kan., Jan. 23, 1913, to Francis E. Leupp, from T.C. Biddle, supt. Topeka state hospital.-[no. 2] Typewritten letter, signed, Atlanta Ga., Jan. 23, 1913, to Francis E. Leupp, from William H. Moyer,...

Four letters from Fanny Stevenson : to Gelett Burgess : ALS, 1898.

Love letters to Burgess written after Robert Louis Stevenson's decease.

Four letters from George W. Prichett

Originals in: Chicago Historical Society.

Four letters to Professor John Norton Pomeroy : Washington, D.C. : ALS, 1881-1884.

[No. 1] Supreme Court of the United States ... June 21, 1881. Relating in part to the proposed publication of a "sketch" by Prof. Pomeroy. (9 p. on 3 fold. leaves); [no. 2] April 14, 1882. Relating in part to...

Four manuscript layouts for "Cancion Cubana.",

Manuscript with tipped in photographs: 4 manuscript layouts on 3 boards.

Four Mexican subjects [graphic]

1. Pyramid -- 2. Architectural sculpture -- 3. Mexican subject (town square) after Guanajuato by Nebel -- 4. Mujica's Reconstruction of the Temple of the warriors at Chichen Itza.

Four stock certificates to Davis Louderbach : Virginia City, Nev. : DS, 1864 July 20.

With signatures of Warren Heaton, President, and E.W. Haines, Secretary.

Four-Minute Men Records

Los Angeles County chapter of the World War I Committee on Public Information, Division of Four-Minute Men, a group of men organized to give four-minute long speeches on various subjects related to war efforts on the home front including Liberty...

Fournel, Victor Letters to Paul Lacombe : ALS, 1884-1885.

Letters concern the thesis written by his son, Charles, L'Hopital Beaujon: histoire depuis son origine jusqu'a nos jours.

Fourteenth Industrial Exhibition stereographs: [graphic] : Mechanics' Institute, San Francisco, Calif.

Interior views of the Mechanics' Pavilion in San Francisco, Calif. One is a general interior view with a large fountain at center, and the other shows the frames, mirrors, and mouldings exhibit of Sanborn, Vail & Co., a San Francisco-based...

Fourth of July celebration : San Francisco, Calif. : scrapbook, 1880 June 5-July 14.

Scrapbook compiled as a contemporary documentation of all the activities of this celebration, principally as recorded in almost all of the city's newspapers, beginning with an announcement of the Celebration Board in the June 5th issue of the Bulletin. Coverage...

Fourth of July parade, 1869, and other Oakland scenes [graphic]

Six views show a Fourth of July parade in Oakland. Also included: IOOF parade, April 26, 1869; view of the Golden Gate from Oakland; Lake Peralta; 12th Street Bridge, Oakland.

Fowell (Hugh) Collection

Home-recorded videocassettes of television broadcasts of opera from the Great Performances series.

Fowkes, Helen Jean Oral History

Fawkes discusses her life

Fowler Brothers Papers

This collection includes material related to the history of the Fowler Brothers bookstore in Los Angeles and the Fowler and Lindstrom families of South Pasadena, California.

Fowler (Captain William H.) papers

Collection of correspondence and photographs from William H. Fowler, who worked with the railroad in Russia and Northern China around the time of the Bolshevik Revolution.

Fowler (Charles A.) Papers

This collection contains course materials, departmental correspondence, research notes, reports, photographs, and articles belonging to Pomona College physics professor, Charles A. Fowler.

Fowler (David) collection

Newswire stories on computer disks, video tapes of television news broadcasts, and printed miscellany, relating to the Tiananmen Square incident in China, American military intervention in Panama, and the fall of the Nicolae Ceausescu regime in Romania.

Fowler (Dorothy) Papers

Dorothy “Dotty” Ann Fowler (1927-2013) was raised in the suburbs of Philadelphia. She moved to the San Francisco Bay Area in 1966, came out and lived openly as a lesbian and devoted herself to improving the lives of LGBT people,...

Fowler (Gene) papers

Collection contains correspondence, manuscripts, photographs, drawings, media, and other materials collected and created by American journalist and author Gene Fowler. This includes his correspondence with Ben Hecht, S. Jay Kaufman, Sadakichi Hartman, Robert Hillyer, John Barrymore and general correspondence.

Fowler (Harlan D.) Papers

The Harlan D. Fowler Papers (1920-1980) document the career of Harlan D. Fowler, inventor and aviation engineer. The collection consists of his professional papers including technical reports, blueprints, original data, technical publications, drawings, and photographs, as well as airplane models...

Fowler (Harry Lawrence) Papers

Miscellanous documents relating to the career of Harry Lawrence Fowler with the Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul & Pacific Railroad as a brakeman and conductor. Includes Mr. Fowler's U.S. Coast Guard photograph ID card for Port Angeles, Washington (1942); a letter...

Fowler (Herbert) Papers

The Herbert Fowler Papers contain twenty-one letters written in 1898 during the time of the Spanish American War. Herbert Fowler wrote fifteen of the letters, the majority of them are to his mother, Francis Carr Fowler. Written from April 30,...

Fowler (Josephine) papers

Josephine Fowler was a scholar, writer, and activist who researched early activity of the Communist Party in the United States, particularly by Asian immigrants and Asian Americans, as well as gay and lesbian activism. The collection consists of copied primary...

Fowler (Matthew Van Benschoten) [Diary]

In this diary, U.S. Customs inspector M.V.B. Fowler describes daily life in San Francisco, and a southbound trip aboard the steamship Panama, from San Francisco to Panama.

Fowler (Murray E.) Papers

Materials related to Murray E. Fowler's career in zoological medicine at the UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine.

Fowler (Perry Lee) Papers

This collection includes a scrapbook kept by Perry Lee Fowler, owner of the Clip Joint, which was located above the Elephant Walk. The shop operated from at least the mid-1970s to the early 1980s. The scrapbook contains photos of Fowler,...

Fowler (Robert A.) papers

The Robert A. Fowler papers span 9 linear feet and date from circa 1970 to circa 2000. The collection contains landscape drawings and reprographic copies primarily of landscape designs for homes in the Santa Barbara region....

Fowler (Robert) underground comics collection

Thousands of underground comics (aka comix), assembled by collector Robert Fowler.

Fowler (Samuel K.) Civil War diary

Raised in Iowa, Fowler enlisted in the Confederate forces in February of 1862 at the age of 19. He was a member of the 2nd Missouri Volunteer Regiment of Infantry which crisscrossed the South, seeing action in every major battle...

Fowler (Stephen L. & James E.) Diary

A handwritten daily diary comprising 211 pages written by Stephen L. Fowler, covering the period from Jan 12, 1849 to March 19 1852. It records the life and experiences of the author and his brother, James E. Fowler, beginning with...

Fowler (Willa) Minstrel Show Collection

The collection contains correspondence, photographs, and posters, mainly for minstrel shows in Iowa and Illinois in the 1880s and 1890s. Included are items for the Barlow, Wilson, Primrose & West's Minstrels, Duprez & Benedicts Gigantic Minstrels, the Lady Minstrels, and...

Fowler (William A.) Papers

These papers document the career of William A. Fowler, who served on the physics faculty at California Institute of Technology from 1939 until 1982. Focusing heavily on nuclear physics and astrophysics, the Fowler papers form a rich and important collection...

Fowler (William Randolph) Collection

The William (Will) Randolph Fowler Collection highlights the literary works of Will and his father Gene Fowler. Gene is best known as a New York newspaperman and screen writer for 20 Century Fox. Will Fowler is known for his many...

Fox (Charles Elliot) Papers

Photostatic copies of papers of a British missionary who served on San Christobal in the Solomon Islands and elsewhere in Melanesia. Materials consist of Fox's manuscript for a dictionary, grammar, and transcribed tales of the Arosi language of San Cristobal...

Fox (Charles) musical compositions

The collection consists of scores and parts for film, television, and popular music, by composer Charles Fox.

Fox (Charles) papers

The Charles Fox papers span the years circa 1967-1995 and encompass approximately 28 linear feet. The collection includes full music scores and Fox's handwritten music sketches. More than a dozen films are represented, including BARBARELLA (1968), FOUL PLAY (1978), and...

Fox (Clara Mason) botanical illustrations

The collection contains watercolor illustrations of California native plants by schoolteacher and artist Clara Mason Fox that were made in the Silverado Canyon area of Orange County in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. The collection also includes a...

Fox (Edward A.) letters

The Edward A. Fox letters consists of 33 letters written by Union Sergeant Fox to his mother Hannah J. Fox during the period August 1862-February 1863, and more than 50 letters and notes written to his fiancee (later wife) Jennie...

Fox (Ernest Franklin) slides

Depicts scenes of Northern Rhodesia. Photographs taken during geological expeditions, and used to illustrate the book by E. F. Fox, By Compass Alone (Philadelphia, 1971).

Fox Family Falmouth [England] Consular Papers

Collection contains primarily 18th century documents relating to the Fox family's service as U.S. diplomats in England.

Fox (Howard A.) Papers

Correspondence, clippings, press releases, public service announcement texts, and other material documenting gay activist Howard Fox's work in 1973 to hold Los Angeles-area network television affiliates accountable for programming demeaning to gays and lesbians.

Fox (Hugh) Papers

The collection contains a mimeographed typescript of Hugh Fox's , a heavily corrected typescript draft of his novel , and poetry/artwork from the 1960s....

Fox (Mary Beatrice)

Mary Beatrice Fox was the daughter of Charles James Fox, an early landowner in Pasadena, California. This collection consists of maps, land papers, diaries, correspondence, and documents related to the Fox family and greater Pasadena from 1789 to 1961.

Fox (Marye Anne) Papers

The papers of physical organic chemist Marye Anne Fox, documenting her career as a researcher and professor. The collection dates from 1969-2011 and includes reprints, teaching files, subject files, notebooks, and grant proposals.

Fox (Peren) Letter

This collection consists of a handwritten letter from Peren Fox to his wife, Ida, regarding the delay of his return to Mariposa due to business matters, and the envelope for the letter, which includes a cancellation mark dated March 12,...

Fox (Sanford L.) Papers, White House Central Files, 1969-1974

The Sanford Fox file group documents the activities of the Social Entertainments Office from 1969 through 1974. Fox, as Chief of the Office, and his staff performed duties in connection with the planning and successful execution of social events organized...

Foxworthy (Frederick William) collection

Newsletters, bulletins, and letters, relating to conditions of internment of, and organization of relief for, American and other Allied civilians interned in the Japanese-occupied Philippines. Includes many newsletters of the organization Relief for Americans in Philippines.

Foy Brothers Records

This collection contains 62 financial volumes and one folder of ephemera for the Foy Brothers saddler and harness business in Los Angeles, California, dating from 1854 to 1925.

Foy (Mary Emily) Papers

Mary Emily Foy was the first woman to become head librarian of the Los Angeles Public Library. This collection consists of Foy's personal correspondence and papers from 1879 to 1957.

Fr. Maynard Geiger oral history, 1975

Interviews with Father Geiger re his life, history of the Franciscan order, history of the Santa Barbara Mission, and Father Junipero Serra. Interviewer: Duane Dillon, 1975. Interviewee(s): Father Maynard Geiger. Transcript: 27 pages.

Fragale (Frank) Collection

The Fragale collection consists primarily of scores and recordings, and secondarily of programs, photographs, articles and materials on Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde?s libretto.

Fragmentos de correspondencia, 1817-1832.

Mainly fragments of correspondence, circular letters to the missions, and prayers translated into Indian dialects.

Fragments of letters and documents relating to California missions : ms., [undated]

Part of a collection of manuscript materials associated with the Franciscan missions in California. For other items in the collection, search under title: California mission miscellany, 1630-1830.

Fragments of sermons : ms., [undated]

Part of a collection of manuscript materials associated with the Franciscan missions in California. For other items in the collection, search under title: California mission miscellany, 1630-1830.

Fragments related to the 91st Pennsylvania Vols., Co. F., circa 1861-1862

Collection of fragments of Civil War letters and writing excercises, apparently related to a soldier in the 91st Pennsylvania Vols., Co. F., ca. 1861-1862.

Fraiberg (Selma H.) papers

Selma Fraiberg was born in Detroit, Michigan, where she received her education, graduating from Wayne State University with a B.A. Ms. Fraiberg's papers have received preliminary sorting and boxing. Bulk dates, 1971-81. Included are manuscripts and typescripts of books and...

Frakes, Helene Collection

Collection of correspondence and minutes concerning the Community Development Department part of the Planning Commission, Contra Costa County. Helene Frakes was a member of the commission.

Fraleigh (Bert S.) papers

Bert S. Fraleigh was a Canadian-born USAID field officer who joined the U.S. Navy in 1943 after becoming an American citizen. The collection consists of multiple copies of Fraleigh's memoir regarding his experiences in Shanghai, China, during the 1940s-1950s.

Fraley (Bill) scripts

This collection contains scripts for various American sitcom television shows of the late 1990s-early 2000s, which were acquired by Bill Fraley in his capacity as camera coordinator or technical coordinator, including "Mad About You" and "Yes, Dear."

Frame (Walter C.) California Essays

This collection of approximately 65 typescript reminiscences and essays written by Walter Frame (ca. 1976-1979) are told from a very personal view point. Mr. Frame wanted to document a lifestyle that was quickly disappearing. Subjects include: family reminiscences; railroads; ferries;...

framed artwork (Collection of)

This collection contains framed paintings, drawings, sketches, photographs, and documents covering a wide range of topical areas that have been acquired by Special Collections & Archives.

Framed Items from the collections of The Bancroft Library

310 framed items from the collections of The Bancroft Library. Includes paintings, drawings, prints and photographs dating from the late 1600s to the mid-1970s. Subject matter is chiefly California scenes, events, towns and landmarks, as well as numerous portraits of...

Frameline Film Festival Collection

Frameline is a San Francisco Bay Area cultural organization founded in 1977. It hosts an annual LGBT film festival which is the longest-running, largest and most widely recognized LGBT film exhibition event in the world. Since 1977 Frameline has acquired...

Frampton (Mary) Papers

Mary Frampton was an award winning photographer who worked for the for over thirty years, starting in 1956 as one of the first female staff photographers. Later in life, Frampton became deeply involved with environmental activism in her hometown of...

Fran [Tawaniac/Tawaniak?] oral history, circa 1990

Interviewer: Unknown. Interviewee(s): Fran [Tawaniac/Tawaniak?] Transcript: None found. Related materials: None found. Arrangement: May be chronological.

France and Algeria photograph albums, circa 1916

Two photograph albums, more than 200 black/white photos, no captions except for one dated March 1916. Includes images of France and Algeria during World War I era, with images of local Arab population, street scenes, and soldiers in Algeria, as...

France and Italy World War II photograph album

One album of 23 photographs of varying sizes, including both snapshots and professional stock images of various events and locations in France and Italy during World War II, many with captions, compiled by Private C. Wenn, no. 5680560 A.C.C. H.Q....

France. Armee. 7e Corps general orders

Relates to activities of the VII Corps in the Battle of the Somme, September 9-17, 1916.

France. Armee. Detachement d'armee de l'Atlantique. Etat-major. Troisieme Bureau reports

Relates to French military operations against the German-occupied ports of Lorient, St. Nazaire, La Rochelle, and Royan-Grave, 1944-1945. Includes maps.

France. Armee miscellaneous records

Reports, orders, correspondence, and memoranda, relating to aerial operations of the French army during World War I.

France. Assemblee nationale petition

Relates to public examination of an unspecified issue. Signed by members of the French National Assembly, March 18-April 20, 1871. Photocopy.

France combattante. Afrique francaise libre miscellaneous records

Orders, decrees, and memoranda, relating to Free French military activities in French West Africa during World War II.

France. Commissariat general a la famille pamphlets

Relates to encouragement of birth rate increase, promotion of the family as a social institution, and discouragement of alcoholism.

France, Consulate General, Korea documents, 1897-1910.

Correspondence with French consuls and ministers in China and Japan, the Korean Foreign Minister, the Japanese Minister and Resident at Seoul; and miscellaneous papers. The collection concerns the opening of the port of Mokpo to foreign commerce and the regulation...

France. Direction de la Surete Generale miscellaneous records

Reports, memoranda, communiqués, and clippings, relating to the formation of the Romanian Communist Party, socialist and communist activities in Romania, and activities of Romanian socialists and communists in France. Photocopy.

France, Egypt, Greece, and Italy photograph album

Photograph album of architectural, landscape, and streetscape photographs by various 19th-century European photographers, featuring views of antiquities, cathedrals, castles, harbors, and street scenes in cities throughout France, Egypt, Greece, and Italy.

France [graphic] : World War I.

Includes snapshots and postcards of European cities, villages, tourist sites, people, trenches, scenes of destruction, tanks, soldiers, etc., compiled by Parsons while in service with the Red Cross. Includes some views of Italy and of German soldiers.

France. Ministere de la guerre. Section photographique de l'armee photograph album

Depicts the arrival of American troops in France in World War I. Includes photographs of General John J. Pershing and of Marshal Ferdinand Foch. Presentation copy for William Crocker.

France: miscellaneous letters and documents.

Concerns French social life, customs and history. Individual items cataloged separately. Search under title: France: Miscellaneous letters and documents.

France newspaper collection

The newspapers in this collection were originally collected by the Hoover Institution Library and transferred to the Archives in 2019. The France newspaper collection (1893-2001) comprises three-hundred and sixty-five different titles of publication, in French, Spanish, German, Russian, Catalan, and...

France. Office du Niger issuances

Reports and statistics, relating to agricultural development programs in the Niger River Valley of French West Africa and French Equatorial Africa.

France (Territory under German occupation, 1940-1944) Militarbefehlshaber in Frankreich. Biarritz. Feldkommandatur records

Reports, regulations, proclamations, and correspondence, relating to the administration of Biarritz, especially regarding price control and rationing.

France (Territory under German occupation, 1940-1944) Militarbefehlshaber in Frankreich. Metz. Polizeipräsident regulations

Relates mostly to police personnel policies. Includes some regulations predating the German occupation of Metz.

Frances Beven Ryan Collection

Collection of Frances Beven Ryan reflects her personal life as a pioneer family member, teacher, historian and world traveler.

Frances Depau (built 1833; ship) logbook

The Frances Depau (ship) logbook (SAFR 17643, HDC 0383) is a twelve-page reproduction of the 1850 logbook for the Francis Depau on its last voyage, from New York City to San Francisco. The vessel was used as a Gold Rush...

Frances Gledhill oral history, 1975

Life history of an artist, composer, poet, educator, writer, and reformer. Subjects covered include New York City, Columbia University, Shipping Board, and women's suffrage. Interviewer: Jane Allen Kenamore, 1975. Interviewee(s): Frances Geschickter Gledhill, Donald Gledhill, Lillian Chodrow, Jane Sunderland. Transcript:...

Frances Holden bookplate collection, circa 1893-1915

American bookplates, ca. 1890s-early 1900s, collected by the Holden family, including nine portfolios of bookplates, mainly from Massachusetts and New York areas, many by Edwin Davis French. Also, two typescript notebook indexes to the bookplates, and related correspondence from other...

Frances Holden oral history, 1992-1993

Interviews re Holden's life and opera singer Lotte Lehmann. Interviewer: D. Russell, 8/19/92-11/17/93. Interviewee(s): Frances Holden; Halldor Hansen; Dorothy Wagge, Margaret Specht, Bill and Martha Longmire. Transcript: Frances Holden: Life with Lotte. Several versions of heavily edited transcripts. Don't find...

Frances Holden papers, circa 1990-1997

Correspondence, photographs and other person/family material of a former Presidents of the UCSB Library Friends group and companion of opera diva Lotte Lehmann. Part of a much larger bequest of books, many of which are in Special and some in...

Frances Marvin Mexico scrapbook, circa 1945-1947

Photographs, postcards, travel brochures, maps, and other ephemera assembled by Frances Marvin of San Francisco, from multiple trips to Mexico in the immediate post- World War II era. Locations visited include ...

Frances Rand Smith papers, ca. 1908-1937.

Consists of manuscripts and research notes of unpublished works by Frances Rand Smith. Manuscripts are of "Spanish grants and early ranchos in Palo Alto's history," and "The Mission of San Diego de Alcala: a study of the architecture of the...

Frances Towle collection of Ina D. Coolbrith, approximately 1907-1919.

Contains letters, postcard, and printed ephemera. Most of the correspondence is addressed to Mrs. [Frances] Towle. One letter is addressed to a Mr. Desendorf. Some of the printed ephemera includes Ina D. Coolbrith's poetry.

Frances Worthen papers

The Frances Worthen papers contain technical and engineering drawings for industrial parts and creative drawings for poems, invitations, and birthday greetings -- all created by Frances Worthen (1899-1982), an industrial designer and interior decorator/designer based in Glendale, California.

Frances Yokoyama Collection

Photos of Frances Yokoyama with her friends and family in the 1940's and 1950's. The photographs are mostly portraits at various locations in the US and Japan.

Franceschina (John) papers

The collection consists of materials from author and theater history scholar John Franceschina relating to three of his publications, , , and . His personal musical compositions and plays as well as those of other composers and musicians are also...

Franchesci (Francesco) Papers

Correspondence, manuscripts of his writings, and lists of plants relating to his work in acclimatizing plants in Santa Barbara, and in maintaining a nursery of exotic plants. Some later correspondence for the Montarioso Nursery, Aug. 1913-1918, included.

Francies, Kathy-Wide Open Walls Photography Collection

This collection consists of 98 photographs taken in 2018 and 2019 and compiled by Kathy Francies, retired librarian for the Sacramento Public Library, of murals from across Sacramento painted on walls and in alleys as part of the Wide Open...

Francine Porad papers, 1980-2005.

The collection has been organized into the following series: Personal papers: Biographical materials, family photographs. -- Haiku: Articles, children's haiku, contests and awards, correspondence with poets and haiku organizations. -- Renga: Completed renga, correspondence with renga poets. -- Publications: Correspondence...

Francis A. Jenkins papers, 1956-1958.

Relate to his work in physics at the University of California at Berkeley and t