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[E. A. Bonine photographs of Yuma and early Arizona mining].

Includes 2 views of what is likely Yuma, Arizona, on the Colorado River. Images depict adobe structures, a large river in the background and, in one view, a paddle steamer on the near bank. Also includes 3 views of a...

E. B. Dunnells Company ledger

E. B. Dunnells Company ledger (SAFR 17104, HDC 229) consists of 242 photocopied pages of arrivals and departures of ships at the San Diego Harbor from 1890 to 1902. The collection is available for research use without restriction.

E. C. Ambler Civil War diary, 1862

Handwritten diary, in ink, approximately 129 pages, Sept. 5 - Nov. 23, 1862, by E. C. Ambler, Chaplain with the [New York?] 69th Regiment. Writing from Annapolis, talks about parole camp, widespread illness, visits to the hospital, camp news and...

E. C. Chapman Photograph Collection, ca. 1960s-1970s.

270+ black and white prints and color slides. Locations include Bali, Burma, Cambodia (Angkor Wat), Laos (Vientiene), Malaysia (mainly Malacca and Penang), Shanghai, and Thailand (including South Thailand - Kra Isthmus). Images feature street scenes; agriculture, countryside, and river views;...

E Clampus Vitus Archives

The E Clampus Vitus Archives contains by-laws, minutes, correspondence, fiscal records, photographs, member writings and biographical materials, clippings and other materials chronicling activities of the Grand Council and local chapters of the order (notably its landmarks recognition program and its...

E Clampus Vitus Billy Holcomb Chapter collection

This collection contains announcements, fliers, publications, and other materials pertaining to the Billy Holcomb chapter of E Clampus Vitus, an organization dedicated to preserving and documenting the history of the American West with an emphasis on San Bernardino and Riverside...

E Clampus Vitus Historic Sites Collection

This collection contains historic site reports compiled by the San Diego-based Squibob Chapter of the E Clampus Vitus fraternal organization, either to apply for historic designation or in preparation of dedication ceremonies and the installation of commemorative plaques.

E Clampus Vitus Records

This collection contains the records of the Platrix Chapter (Los Angeles) of E Clampus Vitus (Fraternal order).

E Clampus Vitus Records

The revival of E Clampus Vitus was begun by Carl I. Wheat and others around 1931 as a parody of mining fraternities of the nineteenth century. E Clampus Vitus events were organized around historical anniversaries or in a place of...

E. Conway & Co. ledgers, circa 1860s

Two handwritten ledgers with manuscript documents and maps pertaining to the E. Conway & Company purchase of lands in Santa Barbara, Ventura, Los Angeles, and Contra Costa counties, with early information about oil development in California.

E! Entertainment Library Collection of Picture Files and Tabloids

The collection consists of the picture files (consisting of photographs and slides) related to film, television, music related celebrities and current events as well as tabloids, collected by E! Entertainment as part of their reference library. The collection is in...

E. G. Wheeler telegram, 1863 July 10.

Holograph telegram written and signed by E. G. Wheeler, Major Commanding Post., on official stationery of the South-Western Telegraph Company, from Okolona, [Mississippi] to Capt. L. D. Sandidge about having no reliable news, [with the enemy] reported to advance by...

E. Gill Nursery Company records, 1867-1944.

Records for the E. Gill Nursery Company, located in West Berkeley from 1867-1944. Volume 1, a scrapbook, contains tipped in deeds, receipts, bills, indentures, membership cards, business cards, and estate records. Box 1 holds 3 daybooks. Box 2: 1 receipt...

E. H. Lewis letter, 1899.

Handwritten letter dated March 4, 1899 from E. H. Lewis, manager of the Boggs and Lewis Livery Feed and Sale Stable of Sutter Creek, to Mrs. Ida M. Lewis on company letterhead.

E. Hansen document, 1864 May 10

[Civil War Union Sergeant, E.S. Maryland, 2nd Regiment (Vol)]. One document (ADS), re payment of transportation charges. Baltimore, 10 May 1864. Moved to SC 544.

E. L. Welling Journal, 1849.

Typescript of journal likely written by E. L. Welling during his trip around Cape Horn in the bark Strafford beginning February 3, 1849, prefaced by a typescript of an article in the New York Herald and followed by an explanation...

E. Littell letter to Horatio King, 1863 September 23.

Holograph letter written from Boston, regarding the visit of his son, Robert S. Littell, to Washington, D.C.

E. R. Jim Blakley Backcountry oral history collection, 1974-1985

Cite as: [Identification of item], E. R. Jim Blakley Backcountry oral history collection, SBHC Mss 81. Department of Special Collections, UC Santa Barbara Library, University of California, Santa Barbara.

E. Richard Brown papers, 1957-1973.

The papers document Brown's life in Berkeley while he pursued his doctorate in education, specifically his political activism and campaign for Berkeley City Council. Included are subject files on various city agencies, community group newsletters, materials documenting the controversy over...

E. W. Mason Certificate of Appreciation

Certificate of Appreciation to E. W. Mason from the Railroad Employees Industrial Association, October 1, 1935.

E. W. Melvin deeds and papers relating to land in Sacramento County, California, 1887-1892.

E. W. Melvin deeds and papers relating to land in Sacramento County, California, BANC MSS C-I 41, The Bancroft Library, University of California, Berkeley.

E.A. Lewis letters : Rail Road Flat, Calif., to brothers, 1872, 1874.

Contains 2 letters discussing mining and local goings on.

E.A. Upton diaries, 1849-1850.

Contains four pocket diaries covering his experiences after arrival in San Francisco from September 8, 1849 to September 26, 1850. Events described include: a trip up the Sacramento River on the Pantuxit to Sacramento; digging for gold as a member...

Eadweard Muybridge papers : additions, 1881, 1892-1893, undated.

Includes agreement with Leland Stanford concerning photographic equipment and photographs, and letters from Muybridge to Stanford relating to his photographs of animal locomotion.

Eadweard Muybridge papers, 1876-1955.

Part I: Photocopy and transcript of Muybridge letter, May 25, 1876; correspondence of Mrs. Janet Pendegast Leigh with George E. Nitzsche and others relating to Muybridge's work; articles about him; notes on his trial for murder.

Eagal (John H., Sr.) Collection

The Eagal Collection includes: 19th century Eagal family correspondence; family scrapbooks and photograph albums containing many images of early automobiles; business papers; published and typescript biographical material on John H. Eagal, Sr.; and, much printed matter pertaining to Ford Motor...

Eagle (Arnold) Papers and Films Related to Hans Richter

This collection documents the film collaborations and friendship of German-born Dadaist, Hans Richter, and New York photographer and cinematographer, Arnold Eagle. It includes color film footage, out-takes and audiotracks for several of Richter's post-World War II films, as well as...

Eagle (John H.) Letters

A collection of letters and ephemera of the California gold miner John H. Eagle.

Eagle Ranch, San Luis Obispo County, California photograph album

Collection comprises two photograph albums containing photographs of Baron John Henry Von Schroeder's Eagle Ranch, San Luis Obispo County, California in 1890.

Eagle Salt Works Financial Records

Financial records of the Eagle Salt Works, 1910-1915.

Eagle (Schooner?) Papers

This folder contains one mortgage of the schooner Eagle on 04/11/1859 from mariner Peter Caughill to glove cutter Charles B. Grant for $1.

Eagleton (George D.) Stereoview Collection

The collection contains ca. 6708 stereoviews, 179 other photographic images (most photo postcards), one videotape about stereoviews, 11 stereoviewers, and related books and issues of , assembled by George D. Eagleton. The stereoviews, some exceedingly rare, include images from many...

Eakland (Martha ) Collection Documenting Stanford Women's Basketball

Printed material and news clippings, primarily concerning Martha Eakland (Class of 1941) and the Stanford women's basketball program.

Eames (Charles & Ray) ephemera and photographs

The Charles & Ray Eames ephemera and photographs span 3 linear feet and date from circa 1951 to circa 1962. The collection consists of printed ephemera and black-and-white photographs. Printed ephemera take the form of advertisements for Eames furniture designs...

Earhart (Amelia) (1898-1937) Collection, 1928-1937, 1945

The Amelia Earhart Collection is comprised of six boxes and one oversized box of black and white prints of Amelia Earhart, her family and friends and other various photographs relating to both her flights and aviation in general. ca. 1918,...

Earhart (Amelia) Papers

Letters, flight logs, radiograms and clippings by and about Amelia Earhart (AE).

Earl C. Bolton papers, 1960-1966.

Correspondence, memoranda and reports relating to his activities as chairman of the Subcommittee on Mental Health Information and Education of the Governor's Advisory Committee on Mental Health. Include letters from Glenn M. Anderson, Daniel Blain, Edmund G. Brown, Lawrence T....

Earl Craig collection, 1940-1961.

Letters Craig sent to public officials during the 1940s, along with other documents. Reply letter from the White House signed William D. Hassett. Craig was the editor of the Home Front News Letter, and was involved with Thursday Evening Forum,...

Earl Craig collection, 1940-1961.

Letters Craig sent to public officials during the 1940s, along with other documents. Reply letter from the White House signed William D. Hassett. Craig was the editor of the Home Front News Letter, and was involved with Thursday Evening Forum,...

Earl F. Cheit papers, 1954-2005.

Contains the papers of former executive vice chancellor of University of California, Berkeley, dean and professor emeritus at the Haas School of Business, and athletic director. Includes correspondence and papers regarding his book on China "A Glimpse at Some Flowers...

"Earl" (First World War correspondence)

This collection contains three postcards written by Earl (last name unknown) to his sister (name unknown) and nephew, Eddie, during the First World War. The postcards were made in France using fabric.

Earl of Roden CommonPlace Book

This CommonPlace book contains songs and other verse also household recipes. It was compiled by an Earl of Roden of Irish peerage during the 18th century.

Earl Payne.

Professional quality landscapes and other views of nature in California and possibly other western states, taken by Earl C. Payne (1921-2006). Includes multiple views taken in Death Valley and Yosemite Valley. Other identified locations include Lake Tahoe, Pebble Beach, Point...

Earl Warren and the State Department of Mental Hygiene : oral history transcript / and related material, 1970-1973.

Contents: Frank F. Tallman: Dynamics of Change in State Mental Institutions. Regarding his service as director of the Department 1949-1953 and innovations in state hospital policy and program. Appended: copies of vitae, speech, article, etc. Portia Bell Hume: Mother of...

Earl Warren and the Youth Authority : oral history transcript / and related material, 1970-1972.

Interviews with four men influential in the development of a new approach to the care and treatment of juvenile delinquents during the Warren administration, and the establishment of the California Youth Authority.

Earl Warren as Executive: Social Welfare and State Parks : oral history transcript / and related material, 1970-1977.

Interviewees are: Charles Irwin Schottland: State Director of Social Welfare, 1950-54. Comments also on his other social welfare work and government service including work for the California State Relief Administration; Lawrence Arnstein; Culbert Olson's administration; working relationship with Earl Warren;...

Earl Warren: Fellow Constitutional Officers : oral history transcript / and related material, 1969-1979.

Interviews with Edmund G. Brown, Sr., Robert W. Kenny and Thomas H. Kuchel. Interviewers are: Edmund G. Brown, Sr. The Governor's lawyer. Views on Warren as Alameda Co. district attorney and as governor, and personal relationship with him; his own...

Earl Warren holograph speech, circa 1956

(Chief Justice, U.S. Supreme Court). One holograph speech re new UCSB campus, [ca. 1956]. Alpha list.

Earl Warren Institute of Ethics and Human Relations, Academic Departments and Schools, University Archives (Institutional Records)

The records in this series contain materials related to the Earl Warren Institute of Ethics and Human Relations. Subseries include the Radio-Television Department, Public Lectures and Events, and the Earl Warren Chair in Law and Ethics.

Earl Warren letter, 1947 December 19

(Governor of California). One letter (TLS) to Victor G. Loly re recommendation to State Board of Cosmetology. Sacramento, December 19 , 1947. Alpha list.

Earl Warren memoirs, 1972.

Draft of Earl Warren's autobiography, with a few letters about the draft from Merrell F. Small.

Earl Warren photographs from the Percy C. Heckendorf papers

Photographs show a rally for Earl Warren, probably during his 1942 gubernatorial campaign. Postcard shows the Earl Warren family, and includes campaign related information.

Earl Warren: The Chief Justiceship : oral history transcript / and related material, 1977, 1972-1977.

Interviewees (photocopies of documentary material included with some of the interviews) include the following: Herbert Brownell. Earl Warren's Appointment to the Supreme Court. Includes Brownell's retrospective memorandum, Aug. 1975, as well as transcript of the interview. Comments on events leading...

Earl Warren: the Governor's family : oral history transcript / and related material, 1970-1980.

Interviews with three sons and a daughter of Earl Warren. Notes by Mrs. Warren also included. Copies of photographs inserted. Discussion of family life in Oakland and in the Governor's mansion, Sacramento; views of him as a father and as...

Earl Warren's Bakersfield : oral history transcripts / and related material, 1969-1970.

Interviews (photographs inserted) include: Maryann Ashe and Ruth Smith Henley; Earl Warren's Bakersfield - comments by two members of his high school class; Omar Cavins: Coming of Age in Bakersfield - comments by another member of his high school class;...

Earl Warren's campaigns : oral history transcript / and related material, 1972-1978.

Primarily comments on the Werdel delegation which contested the Earl Warren delegation in California's 1952 Republican presidential primary.

Earl Warren's campaigns. oral history transcript / 1969-1976.

Interviews with several individuals active in Warren's political campaigns. Copies of photographs inserted; photocopies of letters, reports, clippings, speeches, etc., also included as documentary material supporting the interviews. Interviewees include the following: Stanley N. Barnes: Experiences in Grass Roots Organization....

Earl Warren's campaigns. oral history transcripts / and related material, 1969-1976.

Original interviews shelved as Phonotape 1094:9-19, A, C.

Earl Wendel Count papers, 1930-1996 (bulk 1950-1980)

Writings, correspondence, research and subject files dealing with his career and interest in anthropology. Primary areas of interest covered in the collection are cultural anthropology, mythology, philosophy of science, comparative anatomy, brain physiology, animal behavior, human fossil history and zoography....

Earle E. Williams collection of California German immigrant letters, 1860-1872.

Contains correspondence between German immigrants in Calif. and their families in Germany. Also includes a copy of a birth and baptism certificate and a church dues bill.

[Earle E. Williams photograph collection].

Photographs chiefly of Tracy, California and its environs, amassed by Tracy mayor and historian Earle E. Williams. Most of the photographs originate with other families and individuals living in the Tracy region. The collection features persons and scenes from throughout...

Earle Ovington letter, 1922 July 25

One letter (TLS) to [Curtis] Freschel, re successful investments. Santa Barbara, CA, 25 July 1922.

Earley, Charles W. (First World War correspondence)

This collection contains correspondence from Charles W. Earley, USA to Mary A. Clancy during the First World War.

Earliest Alta California printing, 1817-1841.

Examples of sealed paper stationary (papel sellado), including some documents, many incomplete (mainly "diligencias matrimoniales").

Early 20th century German and Russian bank notes [graphic]

Includes one 1905 3 ruble note, one 1909 5 ruble note, two 1000 mark notes from 1910, one 10000 mark note from 1922 and one bogus modern note (Calif.) meant as humor.

Early Alameda and Santa Clara Counties, [1969?].

Scrapbook containing originals and photocopies of clippings, photographs, maps, pictures, letters and articles, relating to the history of the two counties, to water resources and to transportation.

Early American Documents Collection

Collection consists of early American documents, including letters from Georgia, and other documents from Pennsylvania, South Carolina, and other states....

Early American gazetteer, 1833 and 1853 editions [electronic resource]

System requirements: IBM PC compatible (386 minimum, 486/33 or higher recommended); color VGA monitor; double-speed CD-ROM drive; 4MB RAM, 2MB hard disk space; Windows 3.1 or later.

Early American Legal Documents: Indentures, 1785, 1799, 1809.

Three large-format manuscript documents dated 1785, 1799, and 1809 representing legal contracts known as indentures. Issued in New Jersey.

Early aviation views in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Photographs show Bake Russell and other Bay Area pilots, airplanes, Crissy Field (San Francisco), other airfields, parachuters, the Carquinez Bridge, and aerial photographs. Other views show the crowd greeting Charles Lindberg at Alameda airport, and Barney Oldfield with Henry Ford...

Early Birds Collection

consists of several "Executive Binders" belonging to club presidents of the Early Birds, an unofficial social organization on the campus of California State University, Northridge. The organization began in the early days of the San Fernando Valley State College...

Early buildings in Monterey, California.

Includes views of the first wooden building and an adobe unit, both in Monterey, Calif.

Early California residents' portraits

Collection of 127 cartes de visite, 5 cabinet cards, and 19 tintypes from ca. 1864-1890, of early residents of California.

Early California scenes from the Golden era [graphic]

Collection includes views published in the Dec. 24th, 1853 (Vol. 2:2) Golden era. Scenes include Happy Valley (i.e. San Francisco) in 1849; Yerba Buena Cemetery, Oakland; Stockton; wrecks of the Independence, the Tennessee and the Lewis; burning of the Rassette...

Early campus photograph albums (University of California, Irvine)

The Early Campus Photo Albums comprise 372 photographs documenting UCI's first decade, 1959-1969. The mostly black and white photographs are arranged in chronological order in seven bound volumes. Many prints are 11 x 14 with excellent image quality. Coverage includes...

Early cloning and recombinant DNA technology at Herbert W. Boyer's UCSF laboratory in the 1970s : oral history transcript / 2002.

Discussion of laboratory facilities, personnel, competition, and working atmosphere at Herbert Boyer's laboratory in the early 1970s; early work to purify restriction enzymes and plasmids and clone DNA; biosafety concerns; plasmid vector development, approval and certification, and conflicts surrounding dissemination...

Early Day History of the Santa Clara School

Early history of the Santa Clara School, written by Mary Alice Orcutt Henderson

Early Days in Arizona as Seen by Thomas Thompson Hunter

This file contains a 37-page typed manuscript entitled "Early Days in Arizona as seen by Thomas Thompson Hunter." The topics of the manuscript include travel through Apache country, stories of relations between the United States government and the Native Americans...

Early days in California : memoirs of Dr. J.H. Carothers : typescript, [ca. 1907].

Chapters I & II of Dr. Carothers' recollections, with topical outline for Chapter III.

Early days in Santa Barbara and records of the Nidever family

A short history of the Nidever family with a list of Nidever descendants.

Early Farming

A Fireside Chat discussion by a panel at the Presbyterian Church. The panalists were Airing, Leavens, and Ryan

Early gliders.

Photos of gliders ordered from Otto Lilienthal, German aeronautical engineer and pioneer in aviation. All are shown on the ground. One photo shows Hiram Maxim, inventor and explosive expert, with a kite, and a frame for an extremely large kite.

Early homesteaders of the Upper Sisquoc River collection

This collection consists of nine pages of description given by Chester Davis on September 28, 1961, concerning the settlement of the Upper Sisquoc River in Santa Barbara County, California, between 1895 and 1903.

Early Los Angeles Court Transcript Collection

The (1885-1904) consists of transcripts of court cases in Los Angeles, California from the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. The collection contains some transcripts of trials, but the majority of documents are transcripts of the testimony for preliminary examinations....

Early Los Angeles photograph album

Album belonging to Mrs. A.S.C. Forbes of Los Angeles, containing 87 black & white photographs documenting the early history and development of the city of Los Angeles.

Early Manuscripts and Engravings Collection

The Early Manuscripts and Engravings Collection was created by Special Collections and Archives staff and contains leaves from manuscripts and engraved prints from the 17 18 and 19 centuries.

Early Mexican Imprint Collection

Documents issued by Mexican government, 1828 - 1846, reflecting the history of the city of Los Angeles, Southern California and Alta California; Andrés Pico; Manuel Micheltorena; and others.

Early Modern Indentures collection

A collection of 40 early modern indentures from the United States, Ireland, and the United Kingdom.

Early Monterey Library and City Records

Documents and photocopies pertaining to Monterey's first public library and various other city related documents.

Early music performance in the San Francisco Bay Area, 1960s-present : oral history transcript / 1997.

Laurette Goldberg discusses her Jewish family background and education; harpsichord study with Gustav Leonhardt and Ralph Kirkpatrick; being on the faculty of San Francisco Conservatory of Music and the University of California, Berkeley; 1750 Arch Street; founding the Philharmonia Baroque...

Early photos of Alaska [graphic]

Includes photos of the U.S. Revenue Cutter Bear (ship), Nome, cliff dwellings on King Island, Unalaska Island, native peoples (children of Port Clarence and a grave site, etc.) Also includes photographs of Eskimo boats.

Early Presidio base photograph album

Album comprised of snapshots of soldiers at the Presidio and Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco, Calif., and other unidentified locations.

Early Presidio base photograph album: [graphic].

Album comprised of snapshots of soldiers at the Presidio and Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco, Calif., and other unidentified locations. Images include training and maneuvers, horses, wagons, tents, barracks, artillery, cooks and camp kitchens, trenches, surveying, airplanes.

Early Printing Examples Collection

Issued in 1926 by The Foliophiles Incorporated of original leaves (many with accompanying text providing details of the specimen.) World examples including Javanese, Sanskrit, German, Chinese and Japanese. 1263 - 19th century.

Early Railroad and Locomotive Photo Collection

This is an artificial collection that brings together small collections pertaining to early American railroad transportation and locomotive engines. Coverage throughout the United States. ca. 1860s-1954

Early San Francisco Bay Area and other western views.

Chiefly copy photographs of photographs related to the history of Marin County, and of views of San Francisco during the gold rush, including reproductions of 1850s wood engravings, and portraits. Scenes in Marin County, San Rafael, and a few related...

Early San Francisco lithographs from the John McCrakan letters [graphic].

Two pictorial lettersheets and one pair of images of a presentation loving cup and plate. Lettersheets are 1: "Great fire in San Fransisco [sic], M@y [sic] 4th, 1850" (Baird 96a, earlier state)-- 2: "Tremendous excitement!", a view of the hangings...

Early San Francisco photographs.

Primarily early (1860s-1880s) San Francisco views depicting churches, schools, commercial buildings, Woodward's Gardens, San Francisco wharves, and general street scenes. Several photographs of the Mission La Purísima Concepción (near Santa Barbara, California) are also present.

Early San Francisco views [graphic] /

San Francisco views from its earliest years through the earthquake and fire of 1906. Includes panoramas, street scenes, buildings, the earthquake of 1868, Chinatown, preparations for war in the Philippines (1899), etc.

Early San Jose (California) history collection

San Jose (California) photograph album documenting everyday life of female cannery workers at the Sunnyvale Cannery, 1913.

Early Santa Clara County and Other Views

Primarily views of agriculture, homes, and family groups on picnics and recreational outings in Santa Clara County, Calif. Also included are several Hawaiian scenes (Diamond Head and Queen's Hospital grounds) and views of San Francisco (Cliff House, Sutro Heights, etc.)...

Early Spanish American Imprint Collection

Two publications printed in Spanish colonial Mexico. 1768-ca. 1787

Early (Steve) Research Files for The Civil Wars in U.S. Labor

Consists of materials collected and generated by Steve Early for his 2011 book, The book examines labor disputes among unions, primarily related to union structure, membership rights, organizing strategies, and contract standards. In particular, the book deals with the 2009...

Early tall buildings: Original drawing of California urban scenes

Drawings were made for two works by Dickinson Weber, both of which were published under the title: Early tall buildings: a sentimental sketchbook collection. 48 were for the 1988 book bearing the cover title: Early tall buildings from the agricultural...

Early twentieth century advertising ephemera and trade literature collection

The collection consists advertising, trade, and catalogs from the early twentieth century.

Early Ventura

A publication by Security-First National Bank on the early history of Ventura

Early views of Columbia, Calif. [graphic]

General view of Columbia and a view of townspeople gathered around a waterwheel.

Early views of Oakland and San Francisco /

Collection includes copy prints of a panorama of Oakland taken by A.H. Wulzen in 1879 (for originals, see BANC PIC 1908.001--fALB). Other photos show buildings, street scenes (including people and vehicles), residential areas, churches, hotels, and many businesses with signs...

Early views of San Francisco [graphic]

Photos show San Francisco street scenes, events, buildings, etc.

Early views of streets in Oakland, Calif. [graphic]

Photographs show views of identified Oakland streets and corners including: 8th, 11th, 12th, 13th, 14th, 15th, Broadway, Washington, and San Pablo. Views show businesses, houses, horse and wagon teams, pedestrians, etc.

Early views of the University of California, Berkeley, campus and other Berkeley and Oakland sites.

Collection includes photographic copies of maps & paintings. Maps--aerial photos with roads and towns drawn over; one of the Berkeley campus site, captioned "Relief map of the site of the University of Calif., Berkeley, Cal. 1888," and one of San...

Early views of the University of California campus relating to the Forestry School [graphic]

Views of the UC campus show interiors of Hilgard and Giannini Halls, Forestry facilities (classrooms, offices, etc.) and some other views relating to forestry in the Bay Area (pulp and paper concerns), some from Forestry field trips.

Early views of the University of California campus relating to the Forestry School [graphic]

Views of the UC campus show interiors of Hilgard and Giannini Halls, Forestry facilities (classrooms, offices, etc.) and some other views relating to forestry in the Bay Area (pulp and paper concerns), some from Forestry field trips.

Early wireless radio artifacts [realia].

Title devised by cataloger.

Early years : oral history transcript / and related material, 1960-1963.

Notes his education in Germany, interest in Chinese language and experiences in China, 1907-1914. A partial list of his works (including the Mongolian-English Dictionary) appended.

The Earnest C. Watson Lecture Series, 1971

The Earnest C. Watson Lecture Series brings to the public the most innovative scientific research taking place at Caltech. Spotlighting a small selection of the pioneering research the Caltech faculty is conducting, these lectures are geared toward a general audience,...

Earnest (Dr. Sue) Papers

The Dr. Sue Earnest Papers document the career and personal interests of Dr. Sue Earnest at San Diego State University and in the greater San Diego community. The collection highlights in particular Earnest's dissertation research, her career as a professor...

Earnest (John W.) California Gold Rush and Civil War Manuscript

One typed manuscript (TMS), 94 pages, "The Life of John W. Earnest (1824-1913)," by his son William W. Earnest, including an account of John W. Earnest's overland trip from Illinois to the California goldfields in 1850, experiences there, return east...

Earnest (Lester) Collection

The collection is composed of documents created or acquired by Lester Earnest during his employment with the City of San Diego from 1948-1971, primarily related to city finances, land use, parks and recreation, and community development.

Earnest (Lester) Papers

The Lester Earnest papers document the fraternal organization Phi Lamba Xi, of which earnest was a member during his time at San Diego state.  Highlights include the fraternity's newsletter, a group photograph, and the spring 1954 handbook of the Delta...

Earplay Collection

The collection includes administrative and financial records, program-related materials, scores, and recordings spanning the 12 years from 1985 (the year of the ensemble's founding) to 1997. The organization's filing system has remained intact through the processing of this archive, with...

Earth Day 1990 collection

Materials dealing with the planning, promotion and reception of Earth Day 1990, an international event, coordinated from Stanford, California. Contents include: press releases, newspaper clippings, lists of international participants and contacts, newsletters ("Earthline" and "International Update"), citizens guides, fact sheets,...

Earth Day t-shirts [realia].

2 white cotton t-shirts with silk-screened logos in green ink commerating Earth Day 1990.

Earth Island Institute Records

This collection contains the records of Earth Island Institute, a Berkeley, California based not for profit environmental group founded in 1982 by David R. Brower. The collection primarily documents the organizational and administrative history of Earth Island Institute and two...

Earthmind Records

Books, correspondence, ephemera, financial papers, photographs, serials, and working files relating to energy use; some of these materials were once part of a lending library on alternative energy generation.

Earthquake and fire of 1906 photographs [graphic].

Collection contains professionally produced photographic prints taken by Arnold Genthe in San Francisco following the earthquake and fire of 1906. Views show refugee camps, Market St. (including the Monadnock, Call, and Crocker Buildings) and the Fairmont Hotel. Also included is...

Earthquake damage in Compton, Calif.

Snapshots of damaged buildings and rubble in downtown Compton after an earthquake. Includes Marines on patrol, Stockwell Building, City Hall, Park Street and Tamarind Street. Also includes two photographs, in postcard format, of the business district after reconstruction.

Earthquake damage in San Jose, Calif. [graphic]

Post earthquake views include business district, St. Patrick's Church, camp in park, unidentified church. Could be 1906 earthquake.

Earthquake damage in Santa Barbara and Bakersfield, Calif. [graphic].

Includes views of damaged buildings and cracks in the ground.

Earthquake Damage in Santa Barbara, California - Views

This collection contains 32 black and white photographs of the Santa Barbara area, detailing the damage from an earthquake measuring 6.3 on the Richter scale June 29, 1925. The photographs were taken by Edwin Rick and another unidentified photographer.

Earthquake damage photographs of the Inglewood Hotel [graphic]

Photos show the Inglewood Hotel (near Los Angeles, Calif.) in ruins, with bystanders.

Earthquake (Governor's Interagency Council) Records

The records of the GIEC have been arranged in the following order: GIEC general records, the records of the Steering Committee, the records of the Preparedness and Response Committee, the records of the Research and Investigations Committee, the records of...

Earthquake Photographs Collection

This is a collection of materials related to major California earthquakes of the first half of the 20th century, including San Francisco, El Centro, Santa Barbara and Eureka, as well as the Helena, Montana earthquake of 1935.

The Earthquake Story of Stanford University Photograph Album

Photographs taken by Carl Breer on the Stanford University campus and in San Francisco shortly after the April 1906 earthquake, accompanied by text written in 1963-64. Volume one depicts destruction on the Stanford campus, including Memorial Church, Memorial Arch, Encina...

Earthquakes Scrapbook, 1925-1927

Newspaper clippings, from a clipping service, pertaining to earthquakes, primarily in the United States.

Earthworm Garden Club records, approximately 1930-2004.

Includes minutes, bylaws, event files, financial materials, membership rosters, newsletters, and photographs.

Easley (Frances J.) Papers

The collection shows an overview of the life of Frances Easley. It includes materials from her time at Pepperdine as well as both before and after her tenure at the school. The types of materials include correspondence, photographs, diplomas, and...

East Africa [Tanganyika] Photograph Albums, ca. 1911-1921.

232 black and white photographs in three albums, apparently spanning the German and British colonial periods. Images include indigenous peoples; markets; colonial officers; boats and railways; street scenes; countryside views; animals including cattle, lions, elephants, and antelopes.

East Asia Collection

Material relating to the Orient (primarily Japan), its philosophy, art, way of life, history, government, etc. Includes mss. of books, letters, memos and reports. The typescripts of the Papers of Eli T. Sheppard form the bulk of the material. The...

East Asia Photo album, circa 1930

Photo album with 49 B+W photos taken during a journey on an unnamed German steamship ( North German Lloyd registry), originating in Europe in 1930. Scenes of various locales in Europe and Asia including Gibraltar, Stromboli, the Suez Canal, Singapore,...

East Asian Artifacts Collection

The collection consists of items from and related to China and Japan. These include:...

East Asian Languages and Cultures Department. Administrative files.

Record Series 563 contains the administrative subject files of the East Asian Languages and Cultures Department at UCLA (known as the Oriental Languages Department until the 1984/1985 academic year; renamed the Asian Languages and Cultures Department in 2004). Materials include...

East Asian pamphlets and maps

This collection consists of maps, guides, and pamphlets for tourism in China, Korea, and Japan.

East Asian Photograph Collection

40 b/w photos of Japan, China, Hong Kong, and Macao, ca. 1910-1920s. Most appear to be of Japan and China, many of scenery, shrines, and buildings, but a number of people as well, including some children. About half have captions....

East Bay Alliance for a Sustainable Economy (EBASE) records

East Bay Alliance for a Sustainable Economy (EBASE) records comprise materials from its 1999 to 2010 campaigns revolving around economic, racial, and social justice issues. These campaigns include: Living Wage; immigrant rights; community and labor organizing at Port of Oakland;...

East Bay graffiti photograph collection.

Includes snapshot photographs and sketchbooks ("black books") documenting the graffiti works of various artists and crews from the East Bay and elsewhere. Photographs depict graffiti in both public and private locations (e.g. walls, freight train cars, domestic interiors) in Oakland,...

East Bay hills and Balloon Dome photographs.

Views include Balloon Dome (San Joaquin River), the trunk of a juniper, and two views of the East Bay hills from the Contra Costa side (in the San Francisco Bay Area.).

East Bay Hospitals Collection

Scrapbooks, photographs, annual reports, news clippings, meeting minutes, books and booklets related to old East Bay Hospitals and Nursing programs. These include Fabiola Hospital/Oakland Homeopathic Hospital, Peralta Hospital, Samuel Merritt Hospital, Alameda Hospital, Highland Hospital and the Oakland College of...

East Bay Lesbian and Gay Democratic Club scrapbooks and miscellany, 1982-1987.

Consists of miscellaneous materials regarding the club and Alameda County gay candidates running for various political offices, including Tom Brougham, elected to the Peralta Community College District board of trustees. Contains nine club scrapbooks for the years 1982-1985 (in box...

East Bay Liberation Information Center records.

East Bay Liberation Information Center records, BANC MSS 99/352 c, The Bancroft Library, University of California, Berkeley.

East Bay Municipal Utility District (EBMUD) records

The collection consists of materials from the East Bay Municipal Utility District (EBMUD), including court transcripts, maps, and interpretive reports.

East Bay Municipal Utility District water delivery system photographs [graphic].

Series of enlarged photographs, apparently from an educational exhibit, illustrating various stages of the water delivery system of the East Bay Municipal Utility District (EBMUD), depicting the watershed region in the Sierra Nevada foothills, the Mokelumne River, Pardee Dam and...

East Bay Negro Historical Society Records

The East Bay Negro Historical Society Records include meeting minutes, correspondence, reports, program flyers and brochures, financial ledgers, and scrapbooks documenting the activities of the society between 1965-2001.

East Bay Regional Parks Oral History Collection

Oral history transcripts of interviews conducted by East Bay Region Park employees of residents in different regional park areas.

East Bay Sanctuary Covenant Collection

The collection contains the records of East Bay Sanctuary Covenant (EBSC) from 1982 through 2000. Founded in 1982, the organization was created by local congregations to help refugees to the United States from El Salvador and Guatemala. By 2000, E...

East European Constitutionalism Teacher-Training Project records

Reports, correspondence, memoranda, studies, curricular material, and printed matter, relating to the training of teachers in constitutional history in Eastern Europe. Project sponsored by the American Council of Learned Societies.

East German art collection

Books, catalogs, posters, and ephemera documenting the history of East German art. The largest segments of the collection are KUNSTLERKATALOGE (411 titles), catalogs of exhibits held in East Berlin (174 titles), and catalogs of exhibits held elsewhere in the GDR...

East German movie poster collection

The collection consists of movie posters for films produced and distributed by the Deutsche Film-Aktiengesellschaft (DEFA) between the 1950s and 1970s.

East India Company records, 1611-1816.

Selected inventories and accounts; 1816 records refer to Napoleon Bonaparte.

East Irvine Historic Resources Documentation Photographs

This collection of 230 photographs and 106 associated negatives documents buildings in East Irvine, California that were built at the turn of the twentieth century. The collection was compiled by Sanchez Talarico Association, Inc. in circa 1988 in order to...

East Los Angeles College New Careers Program Collection

Meeting minutes, correspondence, and reports associated with the New Career Program.

East Los Angeles Community Union (TELACU)

The East Los Angeles Community Union (TELACU) is dedicated to the development of Los Angeles County. Founded in 1968, TELACU is a non-profit community development corporation with a mission to create greater opportunities, services, and affordable housing in undeserved communities....

East Palo Alto Women's Club Records

The East Palo Alto Women's Club Records consists of administrative records and artifacts documenting the club's activities from 1917-1995.

East San Diego Chamber of Commerce Records

This collection consists of by-laws, office memos and announcements, membership rosters and directories, news clippings, correspondence, minutes, financial records, and miscellany.  It is divided into three series: Office Records, Minutes, and Financial Records....

East Street Shipping photograph

The East Street Shipping copy negative, 1898-1923, (SAFR 24845, P80-077) is comprised of a copy negative photorgraph of the San Francisco, California, waterfront around Pier 10. The collection has been processed to the Collection level and is open for use.

East West Players records

As the first Asian American theater founded in 1965, East West Players and its history provide valuable account of Asian Pacific American experience. The collection spans 1965 to 1992 and includes administrative files, financial records, and production related files consisting...

East West Research Files

Contains visual research files consisting of photographs and copies of photographs used as reference for newspaper articles focusing on political, social, cultural and community issues that affected the welfare of Asian Americans from 1967 to 1989. Also includes administrative files...

East West Trade Associates records

Correspondence, promotional material, other printed matter, photographs, video tapes, and phonorecords, relating to exchange of American and Soviet jazz performers, and marketing of Soviet jazz in the United States.

East Yolo Records

Newspaper published weekly on Wednesday in West Sacramento, California. Location: A24.4 ; A24.5

Easter Seal Society of California records, 1928-1974.

Minutes from Annual meetings, Board of Directors meetings, Executive committee meetings, and House of Delegates meetings. Financial reports are included throughout meeting minutes. Also contains a couple of Easter Seal publications.

[Easter service on Mt. Rubidoux, Riverside].

One postcard and one 8x10 photographic print.

Easterbrook (Ernest Fred) papers

Correspondence, speeches and writings, orders, reports, printed matter, photographs, and memorabilia relating to American military operations in the China-Burma-India Theater during World War II, military operations during the Korean War, American military assistance to Thailand, and American army aviation. Includes...

Easterbrook, Robert S. (Second World War correspondence)

This collection contains correspondence and other materials from SSgt. Robert S. Easterbrook, USA, to his family during the Second World War.

Easterby (Capt. A. Y.) Papers

This collection includes the transcribed memoirs and letters of Captain Anthony Y. Easterby. The collection is comprised of 5 folders; one contains a 73-page transcription of Easterby's dictated memoirs (the original version of this memoir is in our collection under...

Easterby (Capt. Anthony Y.) Memoir

Captain Easterby Memoir was dictated by him to family members in Napa during 1885. The memoir is handwritten in ink in a bound lined journal. The handwritten is generally very legible. It covers 133 pages. The narrative is well written...

Easterby Family Papers

Includes documents spanning from the years 1803-1892; mostly made up of financial and legal information, including receipts, accounts, and inventories. Also includes several letters to/from the Easterby family, many of which are only addressed to/from a Mr./Mrs. Easterby and include...

Eastern Cities Transit (SCRTD files)

This collection focuses on the 1971 acquisition of Eastern Cities Transit, a small private bus company serving East Los Angeles, by the Southern California Rapid Transit District (SCRTD).

Eastern European Oral History Project interviews

Sound recordings of interviews of Polish, Romanian, and other Eastern European political leaders, writers and others, and Western experts on Eastern Europe, relating to political conditions in Poland, Romania and elsewhere in Eastern Europe. Includes selected transcripts of interviews and...

Eastern Express Company Receipt

An Eastern Express Company, Boston, receipt dated May 11, 1872, issued to Daniel Jones, for the amount of $56.15.

Eastin (Delaine) Papers

Delaine Eastin, Democrat, served as a California State Assembly Member from 1987 to 1994, and was the first female to serve as the State Superintendent of Public Instruction from 1995 to 2003. Eastin’s 18th Assembly District included the cities of...

Eastland (Thomas B.) Papers

The diary and 13 letters concern Eastland's overland trip from Nashville, Tenn. to Mazatlan where he boarded the steamer for the remainder of the trip to San Francisco....

Eastman (Harry A.) Ranch Collection

The Harry A. Eastman Ranch collection contains the business records of the Eastman Ranch Company along with a miscellany of personal papers, photos and memorabilia.

Eastman (Joseph Houston) papers

Diary, clippings, memorabilia, and photographs, relating to the American ambulance service and American aerial operations in France during World War I.

Eastman (Ralph and Jennie) papers

Correspondence and other material related to American educators working in the Philippines in the early 20th century.

Eastman's Originals Collection

Collection includes photographs, negatives, and postcards for a wide variety of northern California locations and events, including dam construction, logging, mining, food processing, and community buildings and activities.

Eastman-Smith papers, [ca. 1842-1915]

Letters, 1852 - ca. 1870, to Charles B. and Hazen B. Eastman in Trinity Co., Calif., from their family in the East; reminiscences of Mrs. Lucy Ann Eastman Smith; miscellaneous papers (some relating to mining property) of C.B. Eastman and...

Easton (Robert E.) collection

The bulk of the collection consists of papers and ledgers regarding Robert E. Easton's business dealings, especially the Sisquoc Ranch Company.

Easton (Robert O.) Collection

Correspondence, research and subject files (including Chumash, natural resources, wilderness, and women's issues), drafts of writings, and related materials of the Santa Barbara author of (on the 1969 Santa Barbara Oil Spill), , and the acclaimed multi-volume series. Also includes...

Eastside Church of Christ Records

In 1953, the Eastside Church of Christ began in conjunction with Columbia Christian School in Portland, Oregon. The collection includes financial records and other documents related to church business from 1960 to 2006.

East/West newspaper collection

Copies of issues throughout the history of publication, including 8 complete sets in bound volumes. Some issues missing, some incomplete. Numbering occasionally repeats or skips. Includes one copy of Asian Week newspaper dated March 11, 1982....

Eastwood (Alice) Papers

The Alice Eastwood Collection is comprised of materials donated to the California Academy of Sciences. It contains her memoirs, diaries, field notes, and correspondence, among other items.

Eastwood, John S. Photographs from the John S. Eastwood papers.

Chiefly stereographic views (PIC boxes 1-3) of numerous dams, dam construction sites, reservoirs and other subjects pertaining to hydraulic engineering, hydro-electric power and water-supply, as associated with Eastwood's career, primarily in the state of California. Among the identified dams and...

Eastwood (John Samuel) papers

The collection consists of correspondence, reports, designs, specifications, and photographs, relating to dams, dam sites, and hydroelectric power plants in Arizona, California, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Utah, Wyoming, British Columbia, and Mexico.

Eaton family papers, 1862-1906.

Includes 13 letters, May 25, 1862-Sept. 23, 1864, written by Col. Willard Gould Eaton, 13th Michigan infantry, from Tennessee, and a memorial brochure published for his regiment; 3 letters, May, 1906, from his daughter, Mrs. Vesta Daniels, to her daughter...

Eaton (J. Lloyd) papers

This collection contains correspondence, notes, and other material from J. Lloyd Eaton, a physician and book collector whose collection of science fiction, fantasy, and horror publications formed the foundation of the Eaton Science Fiction & Fantasy Collection at UC Riverside....

Eaton (J. Lloyd) Science Fiction Conference collection

This collection contains flyers, schedules, notes, pamphlets, shirts, bags, newspaper clippings, tapes, CD's, and other material on the J. Lloyd Eaton Science Fiction Conference, which is a premier academic conference devoted to the study of all aspects of science fiction...

Eaton (John) Papers

Unpublished poetry, correspondence, screenplay, scripts, personal journal notes, and prose fiction by John Eaton, 1980-1984. Eaton worked as a writer-publicist for theatre companies in Houston and Los Angeles.

Eaton (Muzza) Collection

The Muzza Eaton Collection documents the lives of Muzza Rosenstein and her Russian emigrant family in Harbin, Dairen, and Shanghai, China before they moved to the United States after World War II.

Eaton (William) Papers

This collection contains the papers of American soldier and diplomat William Eaton (1764-1811), chiefly accumulated during his service in the Mediterranean and dating between 1798 and 1805. The papers document the relations between the United States and the Barbary states,...

Eaves (Gerald R.) Papers

Democrat Gerald R. "Jerry" Eaves was first elected to the California State Assembly in 1984. The Jerry Eaves Papers consist of 5 cubic feet of textual records reflecting Eaves's legislative interests during his eight years in the California State Assembly.

E.B. Towl and Arthur Van Dusen letters : Calif. and Nev., Neb. and Mont. Territories : photocopies of ALS, and some typed transcripts, 1855-1895.

Letters written to various family members and mutual friends by Towl and/or Van Dusen, who are working their way to Calif. to work in the gold mines. Consists of photocopies of typed transcripts for letters from 1855-1859, covering a stop...

Ebell Club Collection

The Ebell Club, a woman's organization was founded in Santa Paula, CA in 1913. This is an extensive collection of that organization

Ebell Club History

A presentation on the history of the Ebell Club made by Mildred Harding and Marjorie Hudson.

Ebell Club of Los Angeles Collection

This collection contains 42 items related to the Ebell Club of Los Angeles, California, chiefly dating from the late 1890s-early 1900s.

Ebenezer Stout property census, 1778.

For personal and real property owned at an undisclosed location including: houses on Sudbury Street (let to D. Juguaham) and Union Street (let to Joseph Greenby and Philip Freeman), and a warehouse let to Joseph Barrell.

Eber (Ronald) Collection

Ron Eber is a graduate of San Fernando Valley State College (now CSUN), class of 1971. Mr. Eber served as President of CSUN's Mountaineering and Conservation Club and was instrumental in raising awareness about environmental issues on campus, throughout California,...

Eberhart (Roland) Collection

The collection comprises the personal papers of Roland Eberhart from 1909 to 1967. A substantial portion is Eberhart's correspondence with the many friends, acquaintances and professional contacts he made through his poetry, his years at Stanford, his teaching career and...

Eberlein Mexican War letter, 1847.

Handwritten letter dated February 2, 1847 from John E. Eberlein in Steubenville, Ohio to United States Secretary of War William L. Marcy with typescript. Letter requests instructions on enrolling new troops under a bill pending in Congress.

Ebersole, Robert P. (Second World War correspondence)

This collection contains one letter from Lt. Robert P. "Ebby" Ebersole, USA to Agnes Heil née Wright during the Second World War. The letter was written in condolence of her son Robert J. "Bob" Heil, USA who was killed in...

Eberson (Frederick) Papers

Bibliography; manuscript and typescript drafts of medical writings; tables and illustrations; lecture notes....

Ebin Francis document, 1799 January 17

One document (ADS) to Captain Thomas Harris re stores shipped on board the ship Juno. Boston, 17 January 1799.

Ebin Orvis Darling Collection, 1858-1888.

Personal papers, business papers, certificates, correspondence.

Ebner, David (Second World War correspondence)

This collection contains letters and written correspondence from Sgt. David Ebner, 2nd Battalion, 111th "Associators" Infantry Regiment, USA, duirng the Second World War.

Ebrahim (Ahmed Moosa) papers

Writings, judicial decisions, sound recordings of interviews, and printed matter relating to the judicial system of Zimbabwe.

Ebsworth (Joseph W.) Papers

The Reverend Joseph Woodfall (1824-1908) collected and edited English ballads and poetry. His publications include and the . The collection consists of holograph letters signed from various persons to the Reverend Ebsworth of Edinburgh and holograph notes by Ebsworth on...

Ecclesiastical court records regarding Juan Larios.

Five handwritten documents comprising a report file to the Bishop of Tlaxcala, processed in the ecclesiastical court of the Diocese of Tlaxcala, Puebla, concerning charges of abuse of the local Indians by a parish priest, Juan Larios. Document 1 (1572...

Echeverría Martínez (Rodolfo) collection

Reports, correspondence, minutes, conference proceedings, resolutions, speeches, pamphlets, discussion bulletins, newsletters, and printed matter, relating to activities of the Partido Comunista Mexicano from its formation in 1919 until its merger with other parties in 1981, including electoral, trade union, student...

Echo (barkentine) logbook

Echo (barkentine) logbook (SAFR 16459, HDC 176) documents voyages between Scotland, Callao, Sydney and Oregon under Captain C.J. Jenson. The ECHO was engaged in the lumber trade under the ownership of the Simpson Lumber Company from 1914 to 1916. The...

Echo Lakes Association Papers

The records of Echo Lakes Association consist of correspondence and other working files related to the concerns of cabin owners regarding a variety of environmental and safety matters. Also includes the files of the Echo Lakes History Project, an oral...

Eckart (Carl) Papers

A small collection of the correspondence and professional papers of the physicist, physical oceanographer and geophysicist Carl Eckart.

Eckart (Dietrich) printed material

Relates to economic conditions in Germany.

Eckbo (Garrett) Collection, 1933-1996

Contains records related to the life and career of landscape architect Garrett Eckbo (1910-2000). The collection includes files created by Eckbo and the numerous firms with which he worked. Contains a wide range of materials documenting Eckbo's long, innovative and...

Eckbo, Royston & Williams drawings

The Eckbo, Royston & Williams drawings span three linear feet and date from circa 1946. The collection consists of three architectural drawings in the form of reprographic copies, each drawing for a different project. Drawings include: an isometric drawing of...

Eckert (Jerry) papers

Reports and studies, relating to American, Canadian and international agricultural development assistance programs in Lesotho.

Eckert (John Edward) Papers

John Edward Eckert (1895-1975) served as Professor of Entomology at the University of California, Davis from 1931-1962. The majority of his Papers contain his correspondence on subjects such as ants, bee diseases, honey marketing, and queen bees, among other topics....

Eckert (Joseph W.) papers

The collection consists of materials related to the academic career of Joseph W. Eckert, an Emeritus Professor from the UC Riverside Plant Pathology department. Items in the collection include photographs, news clippings, and academic articles authored by Eckert on various...

Eckert (Thomas T.) Papers

This collection contains professional papers of Thomas T. Eckert (1825-1910), chiefly related to his duties as part of United States Military Telegraph Office during the Civil War.

Eckhardt (Tibor) papers

Correspondence, writings, notes, memoranda, clippings and other printed matter relating to twentieth-century Hungarian politics, anti-communist movements in the United States, and Hungarian émigré politics.

Eckhardt (William) writings

Journal articles and reprints, relating to psychological, ideological and social sources of aggressiveness, militarism and war, and of peace.

Eckstein (Hans) Research Files

This collection reflects the major research interests of German scholar, Hans Eckstein, from archaeology to architectural history, including historic preservation, the rebuilding of post-World War II German cities, exhibitions, and museums, as well as his large circle of colleagues and...

Eckstein (Harry) papers

This collection contains the papers of Professor Harry Eckstein, Distinguished Research Professor of Political Science at the University of California, Irvine. Included are analytical essays, notes, correspondence, photographs, research materials, UC Irvine syllabi and course materials, copies of dissertations, journals,...

Ecology Action Records

The Ecology Action Records consist of the records of a non-profit organization founded by Cliff Humphrey and Chuck Herrick in 1968 in Berkeley, California to promote an ecological life. Included in the collection is correspondence, Humphrey's writings, files relating to...

The Ecology of Nuclear War [videorecording]

Paul Ehrlich, Professor of Biological Sciences and Bing Professor of Population Studies, Stanford University, discusses the present state of U.S. and Soviet nuclear forces and presents the consensus of leading scientists on the long term ecological impact of nuclear war....

Economic and Business Development Department Records

The records of the Department of Economic and Business Development document California's efforts to promote economic development, provide service to visitors, and assist California and foreign businesses active in international trade. This record group contains 20 cubic feet of textual...

Economic and Financial Conference records

Minutes of meetings, agenda, committee reports, draft proposals, a roster of delegates, and telegrams sent and received by the Italian delegation, relating to European economic reconstruction and to European economic relations with Russia.

Economic and Youth Opportunities Agency of Greater Los Angeles records

The Economic and Youth Opportunities Agency of Greater Los Angeles records contain reports, minutes, and memorandums that document some of the activities of this agency between 1964 and 1970, specifically the administration of Head Start programs and the Teen-Post program....

Economic conditions of Kuban Black Sea region typescript

Relates to the topography and economic conditions of the Kuban District, Russia, during the Russian Civil War.

Economic impact of mining on the community of Elko, Nevada : oral history transcripts / 1995, October.

Interviews with Marcia Bandera, George Boucher, Mike Franziola, Ron Remington, Stan Popack, and Jeannie Block. The Bandera interview is not transcribed. Also included is a copy of the article "The economic impact of mining on the community of Elko, Nevada"...

Economic Research Bureau, Records of

The collection consists of materials such as correspondence, reports, memos, and pamphlets related to the growth and development of the city and county of San Diego. The collection contains materials created and published by the San Diego Chamber of Commerce,...

Economics Club of Leland Stanford Junior University Records

Records include minutes, 1915-17, constitution and bylaws, 1915, and correspondence, 1914-15.

Ecton, Harry L. (Vietnam War correspondence and photographs)

This collection contains correspondence from PFC Harry L. Ecton, USA to Diana Gatrell during the Vietnam War. Also included are 7 letters from Diana returned due to his death, as well as audio correspondence, condolence letters, photographs, and one black...

Ecuador Figurine Drawing Collection

The collection is comprised of 160 photocopies of drawings that depict figurines, which were likely produced by the Jama Coaque (200 B.C.–800 A.D.) culture in the province of Manabí in Ecuador. The date that the photocopies were made is unknown....

Ecuador photograph album

100 black-and-white photos/photo postcards of Ecuador, circa 1920.

Ecuador photograph albums, circa 1910s-1920s

5 albums and xx loose photographs, incl. a few panoramas. Includes images of what appear to be oil wells - taken by the photographer who may have been associated with one of the oil companies? Not sure yet if all...

Ed F. Browne unpublished article on labor unions.

Typescript, unpublished?, article (7 pages), by former mining engineer, Ed F. Browne, on the threat and troubles with labor unions. Includes two publisher rejection letters (3 pages). The article accuses federal and state officials of aligning themselves with socialists like...

Ed F. Dunbar letters from the Spanish-American War, 1898-1899 : ALS : and related materials, 1898-1950 (bulk 1898-1899).

Letters from Dunbar to his "sweetheart" and future wife, Maud Miller, in Santa Rosa, and to her brother, Edgar, during Dunbar's service with the First California Volunteers. Also includes a typed partial transcript of the letters, with additional information provided...

Ed Fletcher correspondence with Walter L. Huber and Francis P. Farquhar concerning Joseph J. Hill's History of Warner's Ranch and its environs, 1924-1930 (bulk 1930)

Ed Fletcher correspondence with Walter L. Huber and Francis P. Farquhar concerning Joseph J. Hill's History of Warner's Ranch and its environs, BANC MSS C-B 306, The Bancroft Library, University of California, Berkeley.

Ed Salter papers (Collection)

The Ed Salter papers are comprised of two document boxes containing his personal files. Files are largely made up of his personal notes as well as papers related to the citrus industry.

[Ed Sweeting photographs of California, the West, the Southwest, and Mexico].

Amateur photographs by Ed Sweeting documenting his travels throughout California, the Western and Southwestern United States, Mexico and perhaps elsewhere, chiefly in the 1940s, 1950s and 1960s. General topics include architecture, landscapes and indigenous persons.

Eda Lou Walton papers, circa 1910-1960s.

Manuscripts, photographs, clippings, course notes, correspondence, honors, and printed materials concerning her interest and activity in writing. Includes correspondence with Ben Belitt, Henry Roth, and others. Oversize folder contains degrees and certificates from the University of California (1918) and New...

Eddie C. Bateson papers 1987-2002

The bulk of this collection consists of correspondence, notes, maps, photographs, and video tapes relating to Bateson's outings along the Pony Express and Oregon-California Trails 1987-1993, plus genealogies and documents pertaining to J. A. "Snowshoe" Thompson. The collection is divided...

[Eddie Rocco photograph archive.]

Collection comprises the professional archive of freelance photographer Eddie Rocco. Based largely in the Los Angeles area (but working at times in Las Vegas, Texas, Mexico, Louisiana, and Florida, and on one 1959 trip to Cuba), Rocco chiefly photographed the...

[Eddie Sanchez comic posters of San Francisco street life].

Low-cost digitally printed poster reproductions of original comic drawings by San Francisco street artist Eddie Sanchez, chiefly satirizing the city's street life, with an emphasis on drug use and addiction, local and national politics and social issues, comic book characters,...

Eddlestone (Neville B.) Papers

Contains correspondence, photos, ephemera and a scrapbook created by Neville B. Eddlestone, an operating official for the Interurban Electric Railway and Southern Pacific Company.

Eddy (Andrew J.) papers

The Andrew J. Eddy papers include correspondence, printed emails, clippings, press releases, and other materials, 1968-2002, many for the Broward Log Cabin Club of Florida. The collection also includes his writings, such as clippings from "Frankly Speaking," his column for...

Eddy (Arnold) collection of 1932 Olympics ephemera

This collection consists of Arnold Eddy's photographs and a souvenir book from the 1932 Olympics. Eddy was the Los Angeles Coliseum's manager for the 1932 Olympics.

Eddy (Arnold) papers

This collection contains the papers of University of Southern California alumni, General Alumni Association executive director, and hockey coach, Arnold Eddy.

Eddy (Charles L) Collection of Yolo County Photographs

Copy prints and original photographs of various Yolo County people and places.

Eddy (Dale Rae) scrapbook

This collection consists of a scrapbook belonging to Dale Rae Eddy, an alumni of University of Southern California.

Eddy (Nelson) collection compiled by Val Davison

The Nelson Eddy collection compiled by Val Davison spans the years 1901-1989 and encompasses approximately 15 linear feet. The collection includes scrapbooks, periodicals, artwork, a water color and pencil portrait of Eddy, miscellaneous disc recordings, and audio tapes....

Eddy (Nelson) papers

This collection consists of sheet music, photographs, awards, scrapbooks, and concert programs from the career of American baritone singer and actor Nelson Eddy (1901-1967).

Edel (Maximilian) collection

This collection consists of the papers, records, and realia of Austrian-born doctor and sculptor Dr. Maximilian Edel. Edel was physician to film director Ernst Lubitsch and composer Igor Stravinsky.

Edelman (Ed) Photographs

Official photographs with captions of Supervisor Ed Edelman across his twenty years in office, 1974-1994.

Edelman (Edmund D.) Papers

The administrative and political papers of Los Angeles County Supervisor Ed Edelman.

Edelstein (J.M.) Correspondence

Collection consists of correspondence between Edelstein, Humanities bibliographer at the UCLA Library, and various poets. Correspondents include: Wilder Bentley, Paul Frederic Bowles, David Bromige, Diane Di Prima, Ian Hamilton Finlay, Josephine Herbst, Jack Hirschman, David Kherdian, Ron Loewinsohn, Harold Palmer...

Eden Wadsworth Collection, 1857-1891.

Certificates, diary, printed materials, materials about his daughter, Carrie M. Wadsworth

Edens (Roger) papers

This collection consists of scripts, production information, and music scores from American composer, arranger, and associate producer of film Roger Edens (1905-1970). Edens was associate producer for a number of musical films, including "On the Town" (1949), "Show Boat" (1951),...

Edgar Magnin papers, 1966-1975.

This collection contains biographical materials about Magnin including articles, clippings, and copies of speeches. A speech included is one Magnin delivered at the White House ecumenical worship service in 1973. It also includes notes and background information for Magnin's oral...

Edgar N. Carter papers, 1856-1954.

Contains correspondence, research notes and drafts for book on William Carter. Also includes original letters from William Carter to his wife Mary from 1856-1859 and research on the Carter family.

Edgar Saltus note, 1888 April 11

One note (ANS) from American writer and philosopher Saltus to [?] Allen re a libelous aricle about Saltus. Laid in Eden: An Episode. [11 Apr. 1888]. Alpha list.

Edgar Spalsbury Portrait Album

This album contains a collection of portraits of famous figures, including actors and actresses, Civil War generals, and politicians.

[Edgar T. Gleeson photograph album].

Album contains portraits and snapshots documenting the life and career of San Francisco newspaperman Edgar Gleeson. Photographs depict Gleeson, his journalist colleagues, friends, family and associates. Also includes views of San Francisco and other locations in California and elsewhere; a...

Edgar Wayburn pictorial collection [graphic].

Views of Alaska, national parks and wilderness areas, and international travels. Some images were part of Sierra Club slide presentations. Among photographic prints are portraits of Edgar Wayburn and his wife Peggy, as well as snapshots taken during travels and...

Edgar Wayburn Sierra Club papers, 1932-1985.

Papers relating to Edgar Wayburn's involvement in the Sierra Club.

Edgar Whittlesey Camp papers, circa 1891-1943.

Correspondence, publications, family papers, and scrapbooks concerning Camp's career in California and his earlier years in North Dakota.

Edgar Winchester papers, 1852-1890.

Correspondence and papers relating to Winchester's medical career and service as surgeon in the Civil War, and to the Elgin Mining Company, San Bernardino, California. Letters to Mrs. Winchester, and a biographical sketch, written circa 1928, included.

Edgardo Buscaglia and William E. Ratliff collection

The collection consists of research materials that largely relate to the study of judicial systems, legal reform, political institutions, and economic development in Latin America and internationally. The materials are chiefly comprised of official reports, laws and decrees, statistics, and...

Edgerton (Lucile Selk) Papers

The collection consists of the professional papers of California writer Lucile Selk Edgerton (1896-1987) including manuscripts of unpublished novels, original sketches, assorted printed magazines, copies of her published novels, California research notes, some printed items, and ephemera.

Edgerton (R. Curtis) Papers

Reuben Curtis Edgerton was an Army surgeon during the American Civil War. The letters are primarily addressed to his wife Lydia O. Tiffany, about Army life from 1861-1862.

Edgewood Protestant Orphan Asylum photographs [graphic].

Snapshots include views of the Orphan Asylum, views of San Francisco possibly taken from the asylum grounds, and photographs of children. Although identified as the "Edgehill" orphan asylum, it is presumed to be San Francisco's Edgewood Protestant Orphan Asylum. One...

Edgewood Records

Annual reports, board minutes, admission and discharge records, indenture and adoption files, correspondence, administrative and financial records, property and maintenance records, and photographs of children, staff, buildings, activities, and events for the San Francisco Protestant Orphan Asylum, which became Edgewood....

Edinger and Johnston Company, 1884-1923.

Correspondence, business and legal papers, certificates, stocks

Edinger and Johnston Company Collection

Correspondence, business and legal papers, certificates, stocks, miscellaneous....

Edison International "Crossroads" Digital Video Recordings

This collection contains the digital files for a video series titled "Crossroads" that was produced for Edison International's employees as insight into the interesting people, jobs and locations around the electric utility's 50,000 square mile service territory. Eight episodes were...

Edison (J.) photographs

Depicts demonstrations, military personnel, railways, and scenery in northern China and southern Siberia.

Edison (Thomas A.) Papers

Brief letter of reference for Major MacLaughlin, in holograph.

Edison (Thomas A.) Photograph

Black and white photograph of Thomas Edison, dated 1912. Matting is inscribed, "To TC Brown, Thomas A. Edison."

Edison (Thomas A.) Photographs

Group of photos of Edison and some of his associates, with notes by Francis Jehl, laboratory assistant to Edison and author of Menlo Park Reminiscences. Also family photos including Edison's father and grandmother. Also two pieces of correspondence. ca. 1850-1927,...

Edison (Thomas) Collection

The bulk of this collection is made up of historical and modern ephemera related to Thomas Edison. It also contains some of Edison's correspondence, patents, and original and reproduced photographs of Edison and his associates.

Edith Bishop collection, 1862-1895

Correspondence and autographs from actors and actresses, to a San Francisco autograph collector. Alpha list.

Edith H. Rosenshine writings : typescripts, 1930s-1950s.

Articles and essays concerning various subjects, including her early life in San Francisco; trip to Europe in 1908 with her sister, Annette; the Stein family; the Community Music School in San Francisco; history of the Golden Gate Park and other...

Edith M. Coulter papers, [ca. 1927-1955].

Includes research correspondence, notes, and manuscript and typescript drafts for writings by Edith M. Coulter, including her 1927 thesis, "A guide to historical bibliographies", with an expanded version published by the University of California Press in 1935 as "Historical bibliographies,...

Edith Œnone Somerville papers, [ca. 1926-1932].

A few letters, drawings, notes, etc. by the Irish author, and clippings and book reviews about her and her work. With these: a postcard written by Violet Powell, Feb. 23, 1970, concerning her book about Miss Somerville and Violet Martin,...

Edith Schnaittacher's Photograph Album, [between 1895 and 1910].

The cloth-bound volume contains 19 gelatin silver prints and 10 cyanotype prints which document Golden Gate Park, Cliff House, and scenes from Mill Valley including the local Catholic Church, the railroad to Mt. Tamalpais, Elizabeth Birnbaum's collies, and a cottage...

Edith Wharton papers, 1935-1939.

Collection consists principally of typescript copies of Wharton's will and documents relating to the disposition of her estate.

Editions stereoscopiques de guerre slides

Depicts World War I scenes in France.

Editorial cartoons and illustrations.

Inventory of titles available.

Editorial cartoons pertaining to the Mexican Revolution [graphic] /

Original drawings for editorial cartoons, likely produced for the Oakland Tribune, commenting on the Mexican Revolution. One drawing refers to the Mexican constitutional congress of 1917, in particular the new constitution's Article 33, allowing for the expulsion of unwanted aliens....

Editorial cartoons pertaining to the Spanish American War and other topics /

4 original editorial cartoon drawings by Charles Nelan executed for the New York Herald between 1898 and 1904. Nos. 1 and 2 comment on matters pertaining to the Spanish-American War, namely the inadequate health care provided by the U.S. to...

Edmiston (Eleanor) Collection

This collection includes news releases, fliers, election bonds and bills, correspondence, and newspaper clippings....

Edmiston (Reverend Berry) Collection of Photographs of Apache Peoples

A collection of 45 photographs (glass plate negatives, lantern slides, and copy prints) of Apache peoples and some U.S. Army soldiers in Arizona, approximately 1899. The Apache are seen with baskets, in family groups, posed with rifles, riding horses, and...

Edmond (Larry J.) Letter

Letter from Larry Edmond to Mayor Willie Brown and the San Francisco Board of Supervisors asking for a ticket to the Black and White Ball. He also talks about his memories of moving to San Francisco in 1979, AIDS, the...

Edmondson (G.C.) papers

This collection includes galley proofs, typescripts, and materials related to some works of science fiction author G.C. Edmondson, including , , and . The collection also includes typescripts and galley proofs for two western novels written under Edmondson's pen names...

Edmondson (Hugh A.) papers

The Hugh A. Edmondson papers contains documents regarding Dr. Edmondson's impact on the USC School of Medicine and the advancements he made in the medical field, particularly in pathology. This collection consists of correspondence, photographs, notes, budgets, programs, medical documents,...

Edmondson (Mildred) Oral History

Contains a transcribed copy of Lucille Kendall's 1976 interviews with Mildred Edmondson documenting her work with the California State Employment Service and the War Manpower Commission in the 1930s and 1940s, with an emphasis on the role of women and...

Edmondson (Robert Edward) papers

The largest known existing archive of propaganda created by 1930s isolationist provocateur Robert Edward Edmondson, a journalist and America First activist with a pronounced anti-Semitic, anti-New Deal agenda. The collection consists of approximately 375 handbills, broadsides, flyers, and newsletters primarily...

Edmund Botsford Calvin Park letters to his wife : typescripts, 1849.

Typed transcripts of four letters, April 18-May 19[-21], 1849, from Edmund Park to his wife, Susan Maria Wilkins Park, describe a journey from St. Louis to Independence, Missouri, thence by a southern route toward California, ending on the Santa Fe...

Edmund Burke letters, 1781, 1783

(1729-1797). 3 ALS, 1781, 1793. [Returned to Foot Collection]

Edmund Cavileer Hinde Journals.

Large diaries: Vol. 1, 9/20/1849-3/31/1859; Vol. 2, 4/1/1859-9/13/1861; Vol. 3, 9/13/186-fall 1864; Vol. 4, January 1865-1870; Vol. 5, 1892; Vol. 6, 1/1-12/25/1893; Vol. 7, 1894; Vol. 8, 9/20/1903 to 3/1/1904. Small diaries: Vol. 1, 1/1-6/18/1900; Vol. 2, 6/18-9/20/1900; Vol. 3,...

Edmund Cavileer Hinde Journals.

Large diaries: Vol. 1, 9/20/1849-3/31/1859; Vol. 2, 4/1/1859-9/13/1861; Vol. 3, 9/13/186-fall 1864; Vol. 4, January 1865-1870; Vol. 5, 1892; Vol. 6, 1/1-12/25/1893; Vol. 7, 1894; Vol. 8, 9/20/1903 to 3/1/1904. Small diaries: Vol. 1, 1/1-6/18/1900; Vol. 2, 6/18-9/20/1900; Vol. 3,...

Edmund F[arwell] Slafter letter, 1888 February 25

(1816-1906). One letter (ALS) to a Mr. [?] Baxter, inviting him to visit and have lunch. Boston, Feb. 25, 1888. Found in Samuel de Champlain, Voyages, ill. by Slafter (1880). Alpha list.

Edmund G. Brown appointment books and other materials, 1939-1983.

Edmund G. Brown's appointment books from 1939 and scattered years in the 1940s, 1950s, 1960s, 1970s, and 1980s. Also included are a few notebooks with lists, a bank book, a booklet containing telephone numbers, a California State Bar membership card...

Edmund G. Brown photographs [graphic].

Title devised by cataloger.

Edmund G. "Pat" Brown letters, 1975-1993.

Correspondence between former California Governor Pat Brown and "Sacramento man-of-letters" Robert Young, Jr. The 1975 letters ask Brown to write a recommendation for Young's friend Alexander R. Henderson (who is applying to the UC Davis Veterinary School), and remind him...

E[dmund] H[amilton] Sears holograph poem, 1810-1876

(1810-1876). Holograph poem, untitled and undated, by the Massachusetts Unitarian parish minister and author of the carol "It Came upon the Midnight Clear." Alpha list.

Edmund Pinney papers, 1942-2000.

Consists of research materials, reports, and course materials relating to Professor Pinney's career in the UC Berkeley Department of Mathematics.

Edmund Randolph, 1861

(1819-1861). Newspaper supplement, with text of speech by Randolph, Californian and southern sympathizer, at the Theatre in San Jose, [CA] 1861. [Oversize boxed].

Edmund Rensselaer Lyman papers, 1889-1919.

Diaries: v. 1-2 (1889-1891); v. 3 (Oct. 1891-Mar. 1892) covering studies at Stanford University; v. 4 (May-Sept. 1898) covering journey from San Francisco to China with Professor John Fryer (with stops at Honolulu and various places in Japan) and teaching...

Edmund S. Muskie letters, 1969

Three letters (TLS), to Harriet von Breton, re oil spill issues, 1969. Also, one note (TNS) re water quality improvement act, 1969. Alpha list.

Edmund Schriver letter to Major R. L. Baker, 1843 Feb. 15.

One holograph letter written and signed by E. Schriver, who at the time was Captain at Headquarters of Eastern Department of the U.S. Military, to Major R. L. Baker about receiving Baker's report and asking him whether he has sent...

Edmund V. Burke papers, [ca. 1882-1930]

Contains letters, notes and business records relating to the Merchant's Retail Commercial Agency, mainly in Iowa; a few personal papers. Included also: book of sample form letters of the California Merchants Union and a book on auto repair written by...

Edmunds (John) Papers

Related collectionErnst Bacon papers (ARCHIVES BACON 1); John Edmunds letters : to Cornel Adam Lengyel (ARCHIVES EDMUNDS-LENGYEL 1)...

Edna Brean papers, 1967-1995.

Forms part of: Disability Rights and Independent Living Movement collection.

Edna Gearhart collection, 1892, 1957

Two Lincoln photos (copies), with accompanying letter (TL) by Jay Monaghan (1957), explaining the context in which they were taken, and one letter (ALS) from V. S. Lovell to J. H. Williamson (1892), talking about one of the photographs.

Ednah Robinson Aiken papers, circa 1915-1960.

Copies and drafts of manuscripts (including "Children to Her Arms" and "White Coal"), notes, clippings, some photographs, and a small amount of personal and professional correspondence. The volume is a scrapbook of clippings including reviews of her books and plays,...

Edouart (Alexander F.) papers

Photographs depicting war scenes and social conditions in France during World War I, and conditions in Germany and the Balkans at the end of the war; and writings and press summaries, relating to the motion picture industry.

Edsall (Thomas Byrne) papers

Writings, correspondence, notes, memoranda, poll data, statistics, printed matter, and photographs relating to American politics during the presidential administration of Ronald Reagan, especially with regard to campaign contributions and effects on income distribution; and to the gubernatorial administration of Michael...

Edson (Katherine P.) papers

Katherine Philips (1870-1933) was a member of the Friday Morning Club in Los Angeles (1908-11), worked on the gubernatorial campaign of Hiram Johnson, was appointed to the California Industrial Welfare Commission, became a member of the State Republican Party (1916-20)...

EDSource Records

EdSource is an organization responsible for gathering and sharing information concerning educational policies and reforms, both in California and nationally. The EdSource Collection houses documents relating to the research, data, and activities necessary to create these resources from 1973 to...

Eduard Eichenberg papers, 1959-1963.

Relating to his photographic work.

Eduard Seelig papers

The Eduard Seelig papers document the imprisonment of Mr. Eduard Seelig of Halle, Germany and the confiscation by the Nazi government of the retail business of which he was a partner. The collection includes nine letters written to his wife...

Eduardo Molina collection of photographs pertaining to municipal water supply in Mexico [graphic].

Includes snapshot and professional photographs documenting various aspects of the development of municipal water supply systems in Mexico -- e.g. watershed locations, construction, machinery, water treatment plants, etc. -- especially as pertaining to Mexico City and the career of Eduardo...

Eduardo Molina collection of Túnel de Lerma materials, circa 1919-1967.

Correspondence, reports, publications, blueprints, maps, survey drawings, and ephemera related to civil engineering, municipal water supply issues, and the construction of the Túnel de Lerma in Mexico. Includes an inscribed copy of a dissertation, La Perforacion Del Túnel Atarasquillo -...

Educating for Citizenship: A Career in Community Affairs and the Democratic Party, 1906-1976 : oral history transcript / and related material, 1976-1978.

Recollections of growing up in Mormon-dominated Utah; her involvement in Utah Democratic politics; marriage to Judge James H. Wolfe; heading the Women's Division of the Democratic National Committee; women prominent in Democratic politics, including women in the Roosevelt administration; move...

Education and Information Studies (Graduate School of). Center X. Administrative files.

Record Series 661 contains the administrative files of Center X at UCLA's Graduate School of Education and Information Studies, featuring portfolios and videotape portfolios. Other materials include evaluations, reports, forms, correspondence, handbooks, manuals, and documentation of meetings, conferences, and events.

Education and World Affairs records

Governing documents, minutes, correspondence, memoranda, reports, and printed matter relating to international education from Education and World Affairs, a private American non-profit organization created in 1962 for the promotion of internationalism in education. Education and World Affairs is the predecessor...

Education Dept. -- School Apportionments and Reports Bureau Records

School statistics and reports were originally kept by a statistician in the State Superintendent's Office and later by the Division of Research and Statistics. Between 1947 and 1954 this function was administered by the Bureau of School Accounts and Records....

Education Dept. Records

The first California State Constitution required the State Legislature to provide for the election of a Superintendent of Public Instruction by the people (1849, Art. IX, Sec. I). In 1851 the Legislature passed a law which provided for the Superintendent's...

Education (Graduate School of). Administrative files.

Record Series 580 contains the administrative files of UCLA's Graduate School of Education. This collection includes Spencer Foundation Grant materials and the administrative files of Dean of C. Wayne Gordon.

Education (Graduate School of). Assistant Dean for Programs. Administrative files of Marjorie Day.

Record series 362 contains the administrative files of Marjorie Day, Assistant Dean for Programs at UCLA's Graduate School of Education. Files regard accreditation, admissions, committees, courses, degree programs, curriculum, credentials, diversity matters, personnel, Spencer Foundation Grants, and UCLA's University Elementary...

Education (Graduate School of). Dean. Administrative files of John Goodlad.

Record Series 367 contains the administrative files of John Goodlad, Dean of UCLA's Graduate School of Education. Files regard committees, events, budget, curriculum, students, faculty, and other educational institutions. Materials include correspondence, memos, agendas, minutes, announcements, reports, and proposals.

Education (Graduate School of). Publications.

Record Series 139 contains publications of the Graduate School of Education at the University of California, Los Angeles, generated between 1934 and 1989.

Education of an artist : oral history transcript / and related material, 1966-1967.

Childhood in South Africa and in California; studying and teaching art at the California School of Arts and Crafts; influential teachers including Xavier Martinez and Isabelle Percy West; commercial art work; studying and working with Hans Hofmann; artists, patrons, museums...

Education of an economist : from Fulbright scholar to the Federal Reserve Board, 1951-1979 : oral history transcript / 1991, 1998.

Rice discusses the experiences of an African American student at City College of New York, 1937-1941, and UC Berkeley, 1946-1954, including International House, Berkeley Fire Dept.; U.S. Air Force specialized business training; doctoral studies in India; racial discrimination in higher...

Education Opportunity Program records (University of California, Irvine)

This collection contains photographs, clippings, and other printed information pertaining to the Education Opportunity Program at the University of California, Irvine.

Education (School of). Reports.

Record Series 370 contains the reports of UCLA's School of Education.

Education subject collection

Pamphlets, newsletters, serial issues, and other printed matter, relating to various aspects of education in the United States and abroad.

Educational broadcasting collection

The Educational Broadcasting Collection consists of catalogues, trade magazines, pamphlets, educational materials, manuscripts, and ephemera that serves as an overview of the broadcasting industry during the golden age of radio. The bulk of these materials range in date from 1933-1946....

Educational Research Council of America records

Correspondence, minutes, reports, memoranda, studies, financial records, textbooks, teachers' manuals, printed matter, motion picture film, and other instructional materials, relating to elementary and secondary school education in the United States.

Educators and Librarians Collection

This collection includes letters, postcards, bills, and clippings, representing persons in the fields of education and librarianship. Of note are the 181 items pertaining to William James, including 164 letters from James to F. C. S. Schiller discussing pragmatism, humanism,...

Edwar Lee papers, 1871-1971 (bulk 1938-1971)

Contains materials relating to the Chinese Christian Youth Conference, both Lake Tahoe and Silver Lake; including organization charter, resolutions, correspondence, minutes, conference programs, yearbook, reports, newsletters, newsclips,(1943-1954), with minutes of the Chinese Students' Christian Association of North America, (1939-1948). Includes...

Edward A. Breed correspondence : ALS, 1864-1865.

Contains letters written by L. Montagillard at French Gulch and G.E. Sloss at San Domingo, (Calaveras County) concerning mining operations including equipment and supplies.

Edward A. McClemand letter, 1866 April 13

One letter (ALS) from Edward A. McClemand's father to Mrs. Julia Trumbull, re appointment of Edward to the Military Academy at West Point. Springfield, IL, Apr. 13, 1866. Found in unsorted Wyles SC.

Edward A. Rix papers, 1852-1933.

Correspondence, 1882-1926; notes; patents, 1880-1933; memory album; high school recollections; a biography by daughter, Elizabeth Rix DeWolf and illustrated autobiographical data.

Edward Abenheim Colman papers, 1932-1955.

The papers include articles, two journals, and a draft of Colman's Ph.D. dissertation.

Edward and Cathryn Bransten family papers and photographs, 1880-1980.

Collection consists of a small number of documents and many photographs documenting the history of the family of Edward and Cathryn (Scheeline) Bransten. The documents include a 1903 marriage certificate for Edward Brandenstein and Florine Haas and a photocopy of...

Edward Atkins Siddens Wright scrapbook, [ca. 1855-1862].

Compiled, Batopilas, Mexico, as a memorial to his wife from material she had assembled. Pasted in account book headed: Mina Sta. Tomas. Genealogical notes added. Blank bills, Miners' Exchange and Savings Bank, San Francisco, included.

Edward Austin Burke papers : Tegucigalpa, New Orleans, etc., 1883-1936.

Relate to personal, public, and business affairs in Honduras; letters, contracts, reports, etc. Included are personal letters from various presidents of Honduras, and from Porfirio Díaz of Mexico.

Edward Austin letters : ALS, 1849-1851.

Written from Sacramento, San Francisco and Marysville to family and friends in the East. Concerning life at the gold mines and his trading ventures, with detailed information on types of equipment and provisions needed and the prices they could command.

Edward B. Kenyon letters : ALS, 1849-1876.

Includes 12 ALS and one 4 p. fragment from Kenyon to his family, plus one letter, n.d., written by his landlady, Lizzie A. Lardner, to his family following his sudden death. Letters of 1849 include description of ocean voyage to...

Edward B. Seago correspondence, 1934-1935

Six letters (ALS) by circus writer Seago to [Raymond Toole-]Stott, mainly about articles he is working on. Laid in correspondence to: Toole-Stott Circus Collection]. Alpha list. Transfer to Toole-Stott?

Edward Borein inscribed photograph, 1930 September 16

One black and white inscribed photograph of western artist Edward Borein. Santa Barbara, California, 16 Sept. 1930. [Oversize boxed].

Edward Borein poster, 1872-1945

Poster advertising The Pinto Horse, by Charles Elliott Perkins; illustrated by Edward Borein. First edition was published in 1927. Alpha list.

Edward Borein prints, circa 1872-1945

Two prints: "Moving Camp" and "Blackfeet Women." [Oversize boxed].

Edward C. Hirst papers, circa 1903-1911

Correspondence, telegrams, assessments, contracts, inspections, reports, and other material relating to U.S. business interests in Latin America pertaining to property and commodities such as rubber, bananas, coffee, and coal, much of it apparently relating to the activities of Edward C....

Edward C. Wagner notebook documenting well drilling projects in Humboldt County, California and assorted ephemera, 1915-1938.

A handwritten journal in a composition book with 44 pages. Includes diary style entries, technical notes, and two sketches documenting the drilling of wells in Garberville, Humboldt County, California as part of the expansion of the town's water services. The...

[Edward C. Webster residence, Marengo Avenue, Pasadena, Calif.].

Family members on lawn in foreground; others, possibly domestic help, in background and on porch.

Edward Carney letters : Red Dog, Nevada County, Calif. : ALS, 1857-1862.

Both letters discuss gold mining in Red Dog, Calif. and the second mentions the American Civil War.

Edward Carroll photographic portrait archive.

Chiefly San Francisco Bay Area society portraits, including portraits related to opera "Fol de Rol" fundraiser events.

Edward Churchman letters : to his son-in-law, Seth Smith, 1813-1817.

Describe the life of a Quaker in Pennsylvania. Included also is a letter written by his wife, Anne.

Edward Coke Hill papers, 1927-1956.

Papers concerning insurance, banking, and probate. Also includes Edward Coke Hill's high school and univerity diplomas and two official federal judge presidential appointment certificates.One appointment certificate is signed by Calvin Coolidge and the other by Herbert Hoover. Also includes a...

Edward Coley Burne-Jones letters, 1863-1896.

Relate mainly to his painting. One written on the death of William Morris.

Edward Conway papers, 1861-1876.

Letterbooks, diaries, and papers concerning his service as Superintendent, Collins Overland Telegraph Company, and Assistant Engineer for the Western Union Telegraph Company's Russian Extension. Testimonials for Civil War service as telegrapher are included.

Edward D. Baker documents, circa 1846-1861

Collection of copies of documents from Mexican War and Civil War, ca. 1846-1861. Originals in the National Archives.

Edward D. Baker letter about selling notes to raise funds, 25 June 1850.

Holograph letter written by Edward D. Baker, a friend of Abraham Lincoln and a Senator from Oregon, stating his desire to sell notes to raise five hundred dollars. He asks the letter's recipient to be his agent.

Edward D. Tuttle letters, 1862-1927.

Early letters, many from Arizona Territory, describe his military career, and life as a civilian employee of the quartermaster. He speaks of some brief mining activity. In the 1870s he began farming in Solano County, Calif. and those letters contain...

Edward Darlington Jones letters, 1929 May - 1931 Aug., to his wife.

Written while commanding the U.S. Coast Guard cutter Northland on her annual patrol duty in Arctic waters. Comments on various rescue operations, visits to native villages and remote settlements, medical aid rendered, etc. With these: copy of an article (typescript)...

Edward David Isenberg / Isla Vista Town Crier collection, circa 1970-1990

Cite as: [Identification of item], Edward David Isenberg / Isla Vista Town Crier collection, SBHC Mss 73. Department of Special Collections, UC Santa Barbara Library, University of California, Santa Barbara.

Edward DeWitt Taylor letters : San Francisco, Calif. to Carey Bliss, San Marino, Calif. : TLS, 1950-1953.

Contains 4 letters found in presentation copy of "Types, borders and miscellany of Taylor & Taylor," concerning book.

Edward Donald Tolles correspondence, 1861-1863

[Lieutenant, New York Cavalry, 5th Reg. (Vol.), Co. F]. Copies of Civil War correspondence, 1861-1863.

Edward Du Bois Flint scrapbook album on "The Garden Patch", 1913-1921.

Custom made scrapbook (58 p.) containing a collection of newspaper clippings, book reviews, poems, correspondence and typed notes mostly related to the publication and promotion of a book on vegetable gardening in California written by Edward Du Bois Flint titled,...

Edward Dwight Kendall document, undated

One document (ADS) re the history of the Independent Corps of Cadets (Guards of the Governor) of Massachusetts and their role in the Civil War, n.d. .02 linear feet (1 folder).

Edward E. Gerrick miscellany : typescripts, 1938-1952.

Consists primarily of documents pertaining to Edward Gerrick's work experience as an engineer, mostly in the state of Washington. Includes list of projects worked on for the Works Progress Administration of Wash., Dec. 2, 1938, recommendations for commission in the...

Edward E. Kentfield papers, 1867-1888.

Include letter to his father, John Kentfield, describing his sea voyage to New York in 1867; marriage license, 1879; and letter to his wife, 1888.

Edward Ermatinger papers, 1820-1874.

Two volumes in the Public Archives of Canada, made up of letters received from various persons, 1820-1872, and letters from John Tod, 1826-1874, mostly reflecting affairs of the Hudson's Bay Company.

Edward Everett Hale letter, 1879 November 24

(1822-1909). One letter (ALS) re his study of Spanish language and paper on the archives of Spain and Mexico. Boston, 24 Nov.1879. Alpha list.

Edward E[verett] Hale letter, 1908 August 10

[American author and Unitarian clergyman]. One letter (ALS), responding to unknown woman's letter and sending her some religious tracts he has written. Intervale, N.H., Aug. 10, 1908.

Edward Everett Hale papers, 1871-1902.

Letters from Hale, mainly relating to his duties as magazine editor. With a few clippings and photographs of Hale.

Edward F. Adams collection, 1850-1958 (bulk 1900-1940)

Papers of Edward F. Adams assembled by his son Frank and papers of Frank Adams. Carton 1: papers of Edward F. Adams: correspondence, 1894-1930, undated; writings, 1850-1928, undated; speeches, 1905-1920, undated. Carton 2: papers of Frank Adams: correspondence, 1902-1946; Commonwealth...

Edward F. O'Day papers, 1847-1928.

Correspondence concerning O'Day's research on the Empire Mines and Grass Valley history and the writing of the article, "Grass Valley and the Empire, Notes on a Community and a Mine" for William Bowers Bourn II. The collection includes eight letters...

Edward Fernand Meylan writings, 1927-1981 (inclusive), 1974-1981 (bulk).

Include: The Essence of Humanism; Convictions of a Free Thinker (English and French); Reflexions (English and French); Memories (containing recollections of professorial career at University of California, Berkeley); and his translation of Ficino's Commentary on Plato's Symposium.

Edward Fitzgerald Beale diary and journal, 1853-1859.

Diary, July 1-16, 1853, while pausing in Colorado on overland journey to California.

Edward Gardner Lewis Papers

Collection of documents regarding the work of Edward Gardner Lewis, who optioned to purchase 16,000 acres of land on the Palos Verdes peninsula from Frank Vanderlip, Sr. and drew plans for the first Palos Verdes Project.

Edward Griffin Beckwith and John Laurence Fox Papers

Papers belonging to military officers Edward Griffin Beckwith and John Laurence Fox.

Edward H. Fickett, FAIA, records

The Edward H. Fickett, FAIA, records primarily contain the archives of the architectural office of noted Los Angeles architect Edward H. Fickett, FAIA. In addition, the collection contains a small set group of Fickett's personal papers.

Edward Hogg letters received, 1807-1830.

Mainly relating to his publication of the Poems and Letters of William Isaac Roberts in 1811. Include letters from Mary Cockle, S. T. Coleridge, Robert Hartley Cromek, Isaac D'Israeli, Francis Douce, Charles Fox, John Gwilliam and Robert Southey.

Edward Hutchison certificates for teaching, 1885-1890.

Certificates awarded by the school examiners, Morgan County, Ohio, and the Boards of Education, Los Angeles and San Diego Counties, California.

Edward J. Logue oral history, 1993

Urban renewal. Interviewer: DER and Joe Bill. Interviewee(s): Edward J. Logue. . Transcript: Uncorrected transcript.

Edward Johnston calligraphy sheet, 13 June 1907

One sheet, ink on paper, by British craftsman Edward Johnson, considered one of the fathers of modern calligraphy. Transferred from Special Collections cataloging backlog. Alpha list.

Edward L. Bartlett papers, 1893-1895.

Relates to the Mexican Land Company and the Metlaltoyuca Land Company, corporations established in Mexico under the laws of the Territory of New Mexico.

Edward L. Hill journal, 1861-1863

Surgeon's journal, much of it written by Dr. Hill's orderly, Mr. McEvoy, 1861-1863. No publication without written permission of the donors. .05 linear feet (1 folder).

Edward L. Schreiber papers

This collection is comprised of a typescript of an undated article written by Edward L. Schreiber recounting his experiences in the United States as an emigre from Nazi Germany, a typewritten account in German with an English title "The Story...

Edward Lambe Parsons and Bertha Brush Parsons family papers, approximately 1880-1950.

Collection consists primarily of family correspondence, especially letters between Edward Lambe Parsons and Bertha Brush Parsons during their courtship (in the 1890s) and marriage. The collection also includes a substantial clutch of letters written by Edward Lambe Parsons to his...

Edward Lambe Parsons photograph collection [graphic]

Includes photographs of Edward Lambe Parsons and Bertha Parsons; some group photographs; photographs, mainly interior, of Old St. Luke's Church, San Francisco; photograph of sketch elevation of Grace Cathedral, San Francisco, 1928; 2 photographs taken at the 1930 Lambeth Conference....

Edward Larabee Barnes oral history, 1994

Architectural history - introduction to design, of Gropius and Broyer. Interviewer: David Russell. Interviewee(s): Edward Larabee Barnes. Transcript: Unedited first draft.

Edward Lee Plumb Papers

The papers of Edward L. Plumb, diplomat, railroad promoter, and vice president of the Mexican International Railroad Company, contain correspondence, legal and business papers, governement documents, newspaper clippings, and other material

[Edward L.G. Steele cartoon drawings].

Cartoons by Edward L.G. Steele, chiefly clippings from various print sources, also original ink drawings and watercolors. Subject matter is broad, including much caricature and other forms of social and political commentary. Sources of clippings include San Francisco News Letter...

Edward Livingston papers, 1924-1947.

The collection contains a copy of "A Personal History of the San Francisco Earthquake and Fire in 1906," which Edward Livingston wrote in 1941. The collection also contains a scrapbook about the Livingston Brothers store and the Livingston family, as...

Edward Loomis Papers, ca. 1960s-1990s.

Collection contains audiotapes of UCSB English professor, Edward Loomis, including master tapes of tape collages (Zendada, Utopia) and long form poems (Tex-Mex Iliad, Everyman, Archiolator). Also included are reels of found sound source material, inverviews (Kenneth Rexroth), monologues, dialogues, and...

Edward L[ucas] White letters and clippings, 1925-1927

(1866-1934). Two letters (ALS) and accompanying newspaper clipping, from American author and poet Edward Lucas White, to Santa Barbara resident Roger Boutell, thanking him for his appreciation of his (White's) work , 1925-1927. Alpha list.

Edward Lucas White typscripts, 1866-1934

(1866-1934). Four page typescript carbon re the Robertson brothers, adventurers and merchants in Paraguay, as noted in the dedication to Edward Lucas White's El Supremo: A Romance of the Great Dictator of Paraguay (1916). Laid in El Supremo: A Romance...

Edward Lynch scrapbooks, circa 1894.

Correspondence with California's Governor H.H. Markham, legal documents, pamphlets, and newspaper clippings, 1886-1894, concerning Adolph Sutro and the coastal lands around the Cliff House, Sutro Baths, and the Seal Rocks, San Francisco. Includes nine views (ca. 1870-1895?) of the beach...

Edward M. House typescript note, 1928 November 15

One typescript note (TNS) re autograph volumes of Captain Bissell and World War I.. N.p., 15 Nov.1928.

Edward Manning collection, circa 1834-1847

Rewards of merit, weekly report, and catalogue of Ellington School [Connecticut], where Manning attended. Alpha list.

Edward Marjoriebanks letters : London, England, to Bruce : ALS, 1893-1894.

Three letters (3 p.) addressed to Mr. Bruce. Two of the letters are written by Edward Marjoribanks, accepting dinner invitations. The third letter is by an unidentified writer. The Marjoribanks letters are on letterhead of the Treasury S.W., 12 Downing...

Edward Mendell travel slide collection, 1980s-1990s

38 slide carousels containing 2000+images of Edward Mendell's travels around the world, photographing endangered species for the World Wildlife Fund, and also of people in far-flung places such as Bhutan, Burma, Ecuador, Ethiopia, Iceland, Mali, Nepal, Papua New Guinea, Orissa...

Edward Miyakawa papers, 1942-2022.

Includes articles, correspondence, reviews, and speeches related to both the first and second publication of Miyakawa's novel Tule Lake, and his work on behalf of redress and reparations for Japanese Americans. There are materials related to the Japanese American experience...

[Edward Morrell lantern slide photographs of San Quentin and Folsom prisons].

Includes views of Folsom Prison and the California State Prison at San Quentin, depicting the grounds and buildings of both institutions. Folsom views include general grounds, entrance, mess hall, cell house, quarry and a group portrait of the warden and...

Edward Mullen photograph collection of views of San Francisco, and the Panama Pacific International Exposition.

Photographs of San Francisco, including street scenes, Alcatraz Island, Cliff House, and the 1915 Exposition.

Edward N. Hurley letter to Dan D. Griffiths, 30 July 1917.

Typed letter on official stationery of the United States Shipping Board, Washington, by Edward N. Hurley thanking Dan D. Griffiths of the Chicago Athletic Association for his congratulations.

A. Edward Newton letter, 1928 October 9

One letter (TLS) to Elizabeth M. Spencer, re bibliographical fine points and book collecting. Philadelphia, 9 Oct. 1928.

A. Edward Newton letter, 1929 April 17

One letter (TLS) to John A. Berger, re book collecting. Philadelphia, 17 Apr. 1929. Alpha list.

A. Edward Newton papers, 1927-1940.

Contains an essay by Newton "The books of my boyhood" from the Ladies Home Journal, Nov. 1927; 2 post cards, 6 photographs, 6 clippings, and 4 letters (1928-1935), one containing a list of Newtoniana for sale by Charles Sessler.

Edward Norton Barnhart papers, 1917-1978.

Consists of article and manuscript drafts and research notes.

Edward O. Strong Collection, 1922-1984.

Photos and negatives of State Printing Plant, correspondence, requisitions, sick leave forms, invasion currency, books

Edward Oscar Heinrich photograph collection.

Microscope slides of forensic evidence, photographs of documents relating to court cases, etc. Also includes many family snapshots.

Edward Otho Cresap Ord II papers, 1869-1945 (bulk 1885-1922).

Papers pertaining to the inventions of E.O.C. Ord II. Including patents, original drawings and diagrams, advertising material and instructions on use of the "Gold-Pan-Batea", an improved Gold Pan leading to the formation of the California Gold Pan Company and its...

Edward Otho Cresap Ord papers, 1840-1887.

Contains professional correspondence of E.O.C. Ord with other U.S. military and government officials including U.S. Secretary of War Jefferson Davis, General Horace Porter, and General U.S. Grant. Correspondence covers the gold rush and frontier years, the American Civil War, Reconstruction,...

Edward P. and Elliott Reed family photographs [graphic].

:1 ninth-plate ambrotype of Edward P. Reed, dated 1859 -- :2 sixth-plate ambrotype of Clara Winegar Reed, "just married, 1859" -- :3 sixth-plate ambrotype of Edward P. and Clara Reed, ca. 1860-1865 -- :4 portrait of Edward Cambridge Reed, 1871...

Edward P. and Elliott Reed letters: ALS, 1849-1879.

Contains over 50 letters of Edward P. Reed, written home to members of his family, particularly his parents and Ellen, one of three sisters, in Homer, N.Y. He recounts his voyage to California aboard the clipper, South Carolina, which left...

Edward P. Colbert papers : relating to The martyrs of Córdoba (850-859): a study of the sources, circa 1955-1962.

Contains copy of his dissertation, "The martyrs of Córdoba (850-859)," in English; an annotated and corrected copy of "Heterii et sancti Beati ad Elipandum Epistola" in Latin; and an annotated and corrected copy of "España sagrada," tomo 11, tratado 34,...

Edward Palmer notes, [ca. 1859-1891].

Notes and clippings re Indians of North America and Mexico that include information on miscellaneous California and Mexican tribes and on Choctaws, Coahuilas, Delawares, Hualapai, Otoes and Pimos. Also included is material relating to Yosemite Valley.

Edward Richard Sprigg Canby papers, 1861-ca. 1880.

Letter, 1863, to Adjutant General, State of New York, concerning for service of J.C. Lemmon; copies of dispatches and notes from official Civil War records; copies of accounts of Canby's murder by the Modoc Indians, from various publications.

Edward Robbins Howe papers, 1863-1877.

Autographs of his regiment in the Massachussetts volunteers, 1863; autobiographical sketch, 1864; diaries, letters to family and letterpress copybook describing his arrival in San Francisco in 1869, his social and business life there, his career as mining consultant in Salt...

Edward Robeson Taylor letters : San Francisco, Calif. to James D. Phelan, San Francisco, Calif. 1908-1922.

Manuscript correspondence containing brief letters and typescript poems (some with annotations) between two San Francisco politicians. Some of the letters are addressed to Phelan in his capacity as Senator and from Taylor in his capacity as mayor of San Francisco....

Edward Robeson Taylor letters, poems, and notes, 1894-1898.

Letters from Taylor to the Manchester Guardian relating to a review of his book, one discussing possible improvements. Also includes typed poems signed by Taylor, and manuscript notes.

Edward Roger Levy papers, 1868-1928.

The collection consists of material relating to E.R. Levy of Folsom, California and his family. Included are biographical materials, business correspondence, legal documents regarding Levy's business and real estate, legal documents pertaining to the settlement of Levy's estate in 1927-1928,...

Edward Rowland Sill letters, 1862-1937.

Vol. 2, addenda, includes letters from Ina D. Coolbrith, 1886, 1925; Daniel Coit Gilman, 1883; Martin Kellogg, 1884; Robert E.C. Stearns, 1883; Robert U. Johnson, 1890.

Edward S. Curtis collection, circa 1868-1952

Collection of recent copy prints and identification list, with geographic locations, including California. Source unknown, for the originals and the copies.

Edward S. Holden letters to Charles W. Irish.

Edward S. Holden (Director of Lick Observatory) writes to Charles W. Irish (Surveyor General of Nevada) with instructions and suggestions on viewing the upcoming 1889 solar eclipse. Letters include a copy of Holden's pamphlet, sent to Irish by Holden, "Suggestions...

Edward S. Rubin family papers, 1878-1997.

The collection contains photographs, documents, and newspaper clippings relating to Edward and Rose Rubin, their business, and to members of Edward's family. The collection includes a receipt made out to Harris Rubin for a donation that he made, in 1917,...

Edward Salz letters : Decoto, Calif., to Mrs. Wichmann, 1889-1894.

Concerning legal documents to be signed for a settlement, windmills and mines.

Edward Selden Spaulding letter, 1968

One letter (ALS) from Santa Barbara author and first headmaster of Laguna Blanca School, Edward Selden Spaulding, to Alice (Mrs. Thomas) Driscoll, talking about stories he has written. [Santa Barbara, CA] , 1968. Laid in Spaulding's Venison and a Breath...

Edward Smith Diary

This diary is one of only seven known California Overland Trail accounts that chronicled the westward trail experience prior to the 1849 Gold Rush.

Edward Stettinius letter, 1945 April 27

(1900-1949). One letter (TLS) from Secretary of State Edward Stettinius to G. William Gahagan, Assistant to the Director, Pacific Bureau - Office of War Information, San Francisco, thanking Gahagan for courtesy cards to the Press Club and Bohemian Club. Washington,...

Edward T. and Marion R. Parsons photographs

The Edward T. and Marion R. Parsons Photographs (1900-1920) is composed of approximately 2000 images – both film and prints -- housed within 9 boxes and 2 albums. Images document the travels of Edward and Marion Randall Parsons, who were...

Edward T. Hixson document, 1890 February 5

One document [ADS], U. S. land grant in Kansas, 5 Feb. 1890. [Oversize boxed].

Edward T. Stewart, Jr. World War II photo album, 1942-1944

Photo album of U. S. Army Corporal Edward T. Stewart, Jr., depicting his military career at the Stockton Ordinance Depot and Wake Forest and Duke Universities. The album contains 370 photographs and 110 pieces of ephemera, many of which depict...

[Edward V. Roberts photographs from the World Institute on Disability records].

Chiefly snapshots pertaining to the life and career of disability rights activist Ed Roberts, taken primarily during his association with the World Institute on Disability. Also includes photographs of his family, friends, various disabled persons and groups, politicians, Institute staff...

Edward Vere Brewer papers.

Mss. of a few articles, reprints etc.

Edward Vischer papers, 1853-1878.

Letters written by him, including one to his son Hubert re his drawings of the California missions, containing an index of mission and rural views, 1861-1878; receipt to W.H. Davis; a manuscript booklet with title "Presidios of upper California" containing...

Edward W. Gee family photographs.

Family photographs of Edward W. Gee and Mabel Gee. Includes 2 group portraits of the Gee wedding in a single large oval frame (C box). Also includes a plexiglass business sign for Edward W. Gee Realty, located at 1405 Taylor...

Edward W. Nolan papers, bulk 1962-1970.

Correspondence relates mainly to his collection of railroadiana. Includes some Northern Pacific Railroad ephemera.

Edward W. Strong papers, 1927-1991.

The Edward W. Strong papers contain documents related to his career at U.C. Berkeley, particularly his time as Chancellor from 1961-1965. Also included are materials on the Free Speech Movement and Students for a Democratic Society, as well as writings...

Edward W. Strong, philosopher, professor and Berkeley Chancellor, 1961-1965 : oral history transcript ; interviews conducted by Harriet Nathan in 1988. Regional Oral History Office, The Bancroft Library, University of California, Berkeley, 1992.

Edward W. Strong recalls his student days at Stanford University and Columbia University, and his career at the University of California, Berkeley. Included is an interview with his wife, Gertrude Dowsett Strong.

Edward Welch Family, 1891-1960.

Edward Harvy Welch was born in Iowa, on December 31, 1870, married Mary A. Hardy (born in California in about 1869) before 1897and subsequently moved to Oakland, California , where he ran a candy store. In 1911 he moved to...

Edward Welch Family, 1891-1960.

Edward Harvy Welch was born in Iowa, on December 31, 1870, married Mary A. Hardy (born in California in about 1869) before 1897and subsequently moved to Oakland, California , where he ran a candy store. In 1911 he moved to...

Edward Weston correspondence : with Alfred Honigbaum, San Francisco, Calif. : and ephemera, 1921-1937.

Five handwritten letters (6 p.), two on Weston letterhead stationery from Carmel, Calif., and two postcards from Santa Monica, Calif., to his friend Alfred Honigbaum in San Francisco. In one letter Weston writes of being awarded a Guggenheim Fellowship (the...

Edward Weston letters to Jake Zeitlin, 1929-1955.

Edward Weston letters to Jake Zeitlin, BANC MSS 73/152 c, The Bancroft Library, University of California, Berkeley.

Edward White Materials

Collection consists of newsclippings, photos, and geneology of White family

Edward Whiting Hopkins family photograph albums.

Snapshots and studio portraits related to the extended family of affluent San Francisco banker and businessman Edward Whiting Hopkins. Vol. 1. (1868-1927) features many studio portraits of Helen Hopkins Taylor, daughter of Edward Whiting Hopkins, from childhood through late adulthood,...

Edward William Nelson papers, 1903-1963 (bulk 1916-1934).

A collection of manuscripts and printed items relating to Nelson's work as a conservationist and naturalist in Alaska, Arizona and Mexico. Includes correspondence with relatives and articles written by Nelson, as well as articles written about Nelson; materials collected by...

Edward Winslow Gifford correspondence, 1916-1955.

Mainly correspondence with Edward Sapir concerning kinship terms and American Indian linguistics. Also included are letters from Hubert Gregory, William Egbert Schenck and Herbert L. Mason.

Edwards (A.J.) Papers

A.J. Edwards was an agent of the American Remount Association in Oregon during the 1940s. This collection includes stud books and receipts of mares bred to Edwards' stud horses, correspondence, photographs, and a stamp.

Edwards (Amy Ferguson) Photograph Albums

Collection contains two photograph albums and many loose photographs, largely cyanotypes. They primarily document student life at Stanford during both Amy and Agnes Ferguson's years on campus, ca. 1896-1902, and include images of students on campus, Escondita Cottage and other...

(Edwards) Anne papers

Anne Edwards (1927- ) was a freelance film and television writer, and an author. Her published work includes (1968), (1971), (1972), (1975), (1976), (1981), (1988), (1987), and (1988). The collection consists of Edwards' literary manuscripts, galleys, screenplays, research materials and...

Edwards (Arthur C.) papers

This collection contains the papers of ethnomusicologist Arthur C. Edwards. It consists of collected folk music scores, manuscript notes, and, to a lesser extent, original compositions by Edwards, as well other material relating to his professional career.

Edwards (Brian) matchbook scrapbooks

Two scrapbooks primarily containing matchbook covers from gay bars thoughout California and Japan, 1961-1981, compiled by Brian Edwards. Also included in the scrapbooks are flyers, invitations, napkins, 3 color photographs, and other memorabilia.

Edwards (Cecil and Gladys Brown) Papers

Gladys Brown Edwards was a noted equine artist and authority on the Arabian horse. She worked at the Kellogg Ranch for over a decade and was active in the Arabian horse community. Her husband, Cecil L. Edwards, was a respected...

Edwards (Charles) Papers

Papers of Charles Edwards, physician, surgeon, administrator, and former Assistant Secretary for Health (1973-1975) of the United States Department of Health, Education and Welfare. Edwards also served as Commissioner (1969-1973) of the United States Food and Drug Administration, senior vice...

Edwards, Christine (Afghanistan War correspondence)

This collection contains one letter from MSgt. Christine Edwards, USAFR to her daughter, and fifteen homemade cards from the daughter and her elementary school classmates.

Edwards (Don) Congressional Papers

Don Edwards Congressional Papers document his thirty-two year tenure (1963-1995) in the United States House of Representatives (Calif.). Elected in 1962 (D), Edwards represented San José, Gilroy, and Morgan Hill, and parts of Milpitas and other unincorporated areas of Santa...

Edwards (Don) Family Photograph Album Collection

The Don Edwards Family Photograph Album Collection consists of personal photograph albums, scrapbooks, articles, clippings, and correspondence related to the Don Edwards family. A bulk of the material is focused on former congressman Don Edwards and his partner and wife,...

Edwards (Edna) Interviews

This collection consists of textual and audio materials documenting Edna Edwards' interviews with children's literature authors and illustrators. The interviews were conducted in the early 1970s. Some of the interviews were published, while others remain unedited on cassette tape.

Edwards (Elza Ivan) Papers

This small collection contains correspondence and some ephemera of Elza Ivan “Eddie” Edwards (1897-1984), who authored several books on the history of Death Valley, California. The letters primarily date from the late 1960s to 1980 and are chiefly personal in...

Edwards F. Ricketts Papers

Collection consists of the records and correspondence of Edward F. Ricketts, marine biologist and proprietor of the Pacific Biological Laboratories.

Edwards Family Collection

The collection consists of multiple scrapbooks and some loose photographs belonging to the Edwards family of Fresno, California. The items range in date from the 1880s to the 1940s. Most of the scrapbooks were assembled by Clarence W. Edwards, who...

Edwards family papers, 1850-1856.

Includes three letters, 1852-1856, written by John Edwards, Jr. to his family from the California mines; letter to John Edwards, Sr. from John Root of Sacramento, Sept. 18, 1855; and memorandum of agreement between John Edwards, Sr. and Anthony Power,...

Edwards (Gordon) typescript

Relates to the introduction of anesthetic innovations in military hospitals during World War I.

Edwards (H. Arden) Manuscript

H. Arden Edwards Ancient Pueblo Trails of the American Southwest Manuscript contains a 36 page manuscript with a narrated tour of trails in the Southwest....

Edwards (Harry) Papers

The Harry Edwards Papers contain items created and collected by Dr. Edwards throughout the course of his more than fifty-year career as a sociologist, scholar, and activist. Through these objects he documents historic moments in the Civil Rights movement, his...

Edwards, Janis Postcard Collection

This collection is comprised of one album containing 146 postcards, mostly in color, picturing well-known landmarks in Sacramento during the 1900s. It was compiled by Dr. Janis Edwards, a past resident of Sacramento who had attended Sacramento State University, earned...

Edwards (John W.) Papers

This collection consists of physical and digital records, which include research notes and data, project documentation, presentations, publications, administrative files, correspondence, educational materials, and visual media produced or collected by Dr. John W. Edwards, an aerospace engineer who worked for...

Edwards (Lee) papers

The Lee Edwards papers (1878-2021) contains correspondence and clippings, writings and research material, speeches, memoranda, reports, studies, financial records, printed matter, material related to the Victims of Communism Museum, sound recordings of interviews, video recordings and digital media. The material...

Edwards (Marvin R.) papers

Writings, photocopies of military reports, printed matter, and photographs, relating to activities of the 492nd Bomb Group during World War II, especially in support of Office of Strategic Services clandestine operations inside Germany; and to the postwar Malmedy war crimes...

Edwards (Neil) Photography Collection

474 photographic prints and 3910 slides created circa 1964-1969 by male physique photographer Neil Edwards, as well as 420 photographs and 909 slides collected by Edwards and created circa 1950-1970 by Athletic Model Guild, Bruce of Los Angeles, Calafran Enterprises,...

Edwards (Ogden) Papers

Ogden Edwards was a jurist and legislator from New York. The collection primarily consists of correspondence between Edwards and his father, Pierpont Edwards from 1753-1876.

Edwards (Paul C.) miscellaneous papers

Correspondence, press releases, clippings, and other printed matter, relating to the movement to nominate Herbert Hoover for president in 1920. Photocopy.

Edwards (Paul C.) Papers

These papers largely pertain to Edwards' professional career and to his administrative positions with Stanford University. Papers relating to Stanford, 1940-1986, include correspondence and supporting documents from his tenure on the Board of Trustees (1943-1962), especially during his term as...

Edwards (Peter) drawing of the Hidalgo Plumbing building

The Peter Edwards drawing of the Hidalgo Plumbing building spans 3 linear feet and dates from 1954. The collection is composed of a single original elevation drawing depicting the front of the store building. Drawing is dated February 12, 1954....

Edwards (Phillis) Papers

Two Contemporary Arts Club scrapbooks (1918-1990); minutes (1940-1945) of the Sappho Society, or Kappa Alpha Theta Sorority, of which Phillis Edwards was a member; and one photograph album of snapshots documenting Edwards' young adulthood near San Jose in the 1930s...

Edwards, Plunkett & Howell drawings

The Edwards, Plunkett & Howell drawings consists primarily of blueprints and some original drawings of residences, commercial and civic buildings, all in the Santa Barbara region. Drawings in the collection represent the designs of Edwards before forming a partnership with...

Edwards Ranch Records

Eleven ledgers from the Edwards Ranch in the Evergreen area of San Jose, created by Wilson L. Edwards, Lloyd L. Edwards, and Isaac Bingham.

Edwards (Roman) Collection

The contains photographs, ephemera, and a manuscript documenting Edwards and his British and Russian parents' lives in Shanghai and World War II internment in Yu Yuen Road Camp and Ningkou Road Civilian Assembly Center.

Edwards, Sam Oral History

Family hisotry of Dr. Sam Edwards

Edwards-Pitman drawings

The Edwards-Pitman drawings span 3 linear feet and date circa 1988. The collection is composed of two flat file folders. One file contains five blueprints documenting the Bank of Montecito addition and renovations. Drawings include: site plan, West elevations, South...

Edwin and Irma Grabhorn collection of California letters, 1858-1876.

Contains letters from various writers in California. Other groups of letters from the Grabhorns collection can be found by searching under Irma Grabhorn-Engel or Edwin Grabhorn.

Edwin and Jean Corle memorial book collection contests, 1972-1976

Award ceremonies, for 9th-13th Contests, 1972-1976. Transcript: None found. Related materials: Corle Contest and Lecture files in University Archives. Arrangement: Chronological

Edwin Booth card and autograph, 1865 January 18

Calling card and autograph, January 18, 1865, of Edwin Booth, famous nineteenth century American actor and brother of John Wilkes Booth.

Edwin C. Van Dyke correspondence, 1888-1898.

Letters from Henry Ulke and Max Albright concern entomology and collecting.

Edwin Castagna Collection, 1909-1983

Clippings, notes, articles, speeches, interviews, correspondence, drafts, manuscripts, periodicals, reprints, genealogy, personal journals, travel journals.

Edwin Corle letter, 1955

One letter (TLS) from John Lipsey, Western Books, re mutual friend and proposed visit , 1955. Laid in: Patrick Floyd Garrett, Pat F. Garrett's Authentic Life of Billy the Kid [Spec, Wyles F786.B6 G7 1927]. Alpha list.

Edwin Crocker Family papers, 1885-1936.

Materials about and belonging to the Edwin Crocker family, the majority of which is correspondence and legal documents pertaining to litigation involving property near Donner Lake owned by Edwin's daughters Jennie and Aimee. Other material relates to the acquisition of...

Edwin D. Dickinson papers, 1925-1952.

Correspondence, clippings, agreements, subject file concerning labor negotiations on the Pacific Coast.

Edwin Douglas Hosselkus daybooks and ledgers, 1861-1869.

v. 1-6: Daybooks and ledgers for general merchandise store in Indian Valley and Marion, Plumas County, 1861-1869. Ranch accounts, Genesee Valley, 1865-1869, included in v. 6.

Edwin E. Nicol papers : San Francisco, 1920-1922.

Relating chiefly to his work as secretary and stock salesman for the Fallon Nevada Oil Company; some papers concern the allied Churchill County Oil and Gas Company.

Edwin Emerson letters to [Henry] Lafler, 1905 November 28-1907 January 10.

transmitting a letter (not included) to Governor Pardee from Emerson regarding a recent decision to execute a Folsom prison convict, serving a life sentence, to death for attempted escape. Solicits further comment from Lafler, and indicates that Emerson has also...

Edwin F. Walker Scrapbook

is a scrapbook assembled in 1938 by Edwin F. Walker, a research associate of the Southwest Museum....

Edwin H. and Augusta Lowell Garthwaite papers, 1881-1937.

Contains correspondence, family history documents and a manuscript about mining in Rhodesia. Most of the correspondence is between Edwin and Augusta in 1893 to 1894 when Edwin was in Mexico and his family was in Oakland. There is also correspondence...

Edwin H. Clough Collection, 1874-1922

Correspondence, 1919-1922, notes and drafts of speeches, poetry, scrapbooks

Edwin H. Furman collection of California photographs.

Primarily T.E. Hecht copies of San Francisco scenes photographed by George Fardon, I.W. Taber, and others. Also some originals, including Bradley and Rulofson portrait of Emperor Norton, snow scenes on Nob Hill, Warner's Cobweb Palace, interior of an unidentified office;...

Edwin H. Lennette papers, circa 1944-2000.

Consists of correspondence, reports, and research files pertaining to Dr. Lennettes's research in the field of clinical virology for the California Department of Public Health and United States Government agencies, including the Food and Drug Administration and the U.S. Department...

Edwin Henry Stoughton Civil War collection, circa 1862-1907

Typescript and manuscript text re Stoughton's Civil War career, which ended after being captured by John S. Mosby at Fairfax [VA] Court House. See dealer's description for further details.

Edwin James diary and journal notes, 1820-1827.

Diary, Mar. 22, 1820-Jan. 9, 1823, while a member of Major S.H. Long's Expedition to the Rocky Mts., and while writing the official narrative; journal notes and narrative, 1824-1827, for service as army surgeon in Minnesota and Iowa; miscellaneous geological,...

Edwin Laurens Whipple papers, 1871-1881.

Letters written mainly to his sister commenting on his ventures into politics, the University of California at Berkeley in 1875 and his law career. Also included: a mining deed from James W. Oates for part interest in coal mines in...

Edwin M. McMillan papers.

One snapshot transferred to the Pictorial Collections of The Bancroft Library (BANC PIC 1974.054--PIC)

Edwin M. Sackett papers, 1865

(1844-1915) [Artificer, New York Engineers, 50th Regiment (Vol), Company B]. Papers, including Civil War diary (1865), discharge, and typescript biographical sketch.

Edwin Markham collection of letters and papers, 1899-1933.

Includes autograph poem: To Young California. (Published, 1914; with autograph note, 1917).

Edwin Markham Poetry Society Hoe Room Collection

Collection of Edwin Markham Poetry Society records, print material, clippings, and original correspondence and manuscripts primarily related to Edwin Markham and Henry Meade Bland. Some of these items were on display at the Hoe Room in the Edwin Markham House...

Edwin Markham Poetry Society Records

Records of the Edwin Markham Poetry Society, donated by a past member, including poetry competition records from the 1980s, and administrative records from the 1930s-1980s.

Edwin R. Bishop letters: A.L.S., 1850 March 17 - 1851 April 11.

Letter of 17 March 1850 - 8 May 1850 written while enroute to San Francisco to a Mr. Allen in Ohio, has the character of a letter-diary and describes the voyage from Cape St. Lucas to a port south of...

Edwin W. Boney collection, 1968

Clippings and related material re donation of tapestry to UCSB Library Curriculum Lab , 1968. No alpha list.

Edwin Wolf II letter, 1961 January 16

One letter (TLS) to Allan Nevins thanking him for his encouraging comments about Wolf's Rosenbach biography. Philadelphia, January 16 , 1961. Found in Wolf's Rosenbach: A Biography (Cleveland , 1936). Alpha list.

Edythe Scripps Postcard Collection

The La Jolla Historical Society's Edythe Scripps Postcard Collection consists of 80 postcards comprised of fourteen linen cards, seventeen chromolithograph cards, twenty-one chrome cards, two black and white cards, and twenty-six real photo cards. See list of headings under "additional...

Eel River and Eureka Railroad Records

Correspondence, 1887; receipts for payment, 1902-1903; memorandum, 1902.

Eel River Water Council collection

The collection contains pamphlets, unpublished reports, speeches, minutes of meetings, news releases, and other materials produced by the Eel River Water Council.

Eells (George) papers

This collection includes the papers of American author, editor, and biographer George Eells (1922-1995). Materials include research documents, interview transcripts, and newspaper clippings for his books.

Eendracht is Macht records

Letterbook of outgoing correspondence relating to the Flemish question in Belgium.

Eesti NSV Riikliku Julgeoleku Komitee [Estonian KGB] records

Correspondence, reports, and investigative files relating to secret police and intelligence activities, dissident and anti-Soviet activities, and repatriation and nationalism issues, in Estonia, and to Russian refugees in Estonia before 1940 and post-World War II Estonian refugees in western Europe....

Efaw (James "Jim" Roy) Papers

Papers and photographs document the career of Southern Pacific fireman, road foreman, and trainmaster James "Jim" R. Efaw in the 1940s to 1980s.

Efimoff (Anatole Alexandrovich) papers

Correspondence, personal documents, printed matter, photographs, and miscellany relating to art and to Russian émigré affairs.

Efimov (Avenir Gennadievich) papers

Correspondence, writings, orders, and photographs relating to the Russian Civil War. Includes correspondence with B. B. Filimonov.

Efimovskiĭ (Evgeniĭ Amvrosievich) papers

Correspondence, writings, printed matter, and photographs, relating to the Russian Civil War and to subsequent Russian émigré affairs.

Efraín Gutiérrez Papers

Scripts and production notes related to feature films and proposed projects. Miscellaneous correspondence. Production and business documents: scripts, shooting notes, promotion, box office receipts, contracts, and legal correspondence. Original posters for all three feature films. Photographs. Clippings include local and...

E.G. Beckwith letters : Paia, Maui, Hawaiian Islands, to Hutchinson, San Francisco, Calif., 1894-1895.

Contains 2 letters from a pastor to a friend in San Francisco, comments on the San Francisco economy and taxes versus those in Hawaii, business negotiations and about Maui, Hawaii.

Egan (Richard) Manuscript Maps of Orange County

Four manuscript survey maps and one plat map depicting areas of Orange County and attributed to the noted surveyor and judge Richard Egan. One map is dated 1878 and 1879 by Egan. The other maps are undated and unsigned but...

Egbert (Donald Drew) typescript

Relates to the effects of Marxism and communism on American art, and the relationships between works of art and the social, economic, and political beliefs of the artists who produced them, 1680-1959. A revised version of this study was published...

Egbert (Edward H.) papers

Correspondence, notes, clippings, printed matter, and photographs, relating to the Russian Revolution, relief work in Russia, and Ekaterina Breshko-Breshkovskaia. Includes correspondence with E. Breshko-Breshkovskaia and Herbert Hoover.

Egenhoff, Elisabeth L. Photographs from the Elisabeth Egenhoff papers.

Chiefly COPY photographs used in the production of various publications by Egenhoff. Includes many images of California's Franciscan missions used in her book Fabricas; a collection of pictures ... Many photographs are of early drawings of the missions by Edward...

Egerskii vestnik bulletins

Relates to the history of the Russian Imperial army regiment, Leib-gvardii egerskii polk, especially during the Russian Civil War, and to activities of veterans of the regiment. Issued by a regimental veterans association.

Egerton family papers

This collection contains the official, semi-official, and personal papers of six generations of the Egerton family of Great Britain. Also known as the "Ellesmere Collection," the papers span from 1150-1803 and include approximately 13,000 pieces with particular strengths related to...

Egerton (Henry C.) Papers

This folder contains one letter of correspondence from Egerton to John Mackay dated 01/16/1871 regarding Mackay’s missing checks supposedly at the Bank of California.

Eggeling, Charles (First World War correspondence)

This collection contains correspondence to and from Pvt. Charles Eggeling, USA during the First World War. Also included are one diary, military documents, photographs, and ephemera from his time in France.

Egger (Daniel) papers

The Daniel Egger papers include correspondence, printed matter, and photographs related to Daniel Egger’s career in the aerospace industry.

Eggertsen (Claude A.) papers

Correspondence, speeches and writings, notes, memoranda, reports, minutes, printed matter, curricular material, student papers and records, and photographs, relating to comparative and international education, American educational exchange programs in Great Britain and India, the history of education, and administration of...

Eggleston (Arthur D.) Papers

Papers relating primarily to Eggleston's career as labor editor on the San Francisco Chronicle. Included are letters from union officials and others interested in the labor scene; a few letters written by him; manuscripts of some of his writings; scrapbooks...

Eggleston (William G.) Papers

Papers relating primarily to Eggleston's interests in single tax, direct legislation and other political and economic reform movements. Included are letters written to him and by him; manuscripts of his articles, essays and speeches; notes; reprints of his articles, pamphlets...

Eggleton, George. Papers relating to property of George Eggleton in San Francisco, 1857-1872.

Includes indentures; surveyor's plat of military reservation by George C. Potter, 1864; letters (one by Richard Coulter Drum) and papers re military possession of Point San Jose.

Egle (William H.) Collection

The William H. Egle Collection (1817-1967) provides light documentation for Egle's genealogical research and historical research interests. Filed alphabetically, the collection consists of correspondence, genealogical material, publications about Pennsylvania history, scrapbooks, and a small number of photographs. The collection also includes materials...

Eglee (Charles) Collection

The collection contains scripts from episodic television series written by Eglee and others, amassed during the course of his work as a TV writer, creator, and showrunner.

Egly (Paul) papers

The papers related to Judge Paul Egly's tenure of office as a Los Angeles Superior court Judge in the Los Angeles school segregation case, over which he presided from late 1976 until his resignation in March, 1981.

Egypt (antiquities of) photograph album

Two albums of photographs of Egypt by Antonio Beato, probably assembled in 1887 for the Vanderbilt family trip to Egypt, using photographs taken by Beato between 1862 and 1887, during the years he worked from his studio in Luxor.

Egypt, Cape Town and Libya photograph album

World War II Era photos taken in Egypt, Cape Town and the Western Desert (Libya) [1942?]

Egypt. Delegation for Negotiations with Great Britain memorandum

Relates to Egyptian demands for the withdrawal of British troops from Egypt.

Egypt Photograph Album

Photograph album with 19 professional quality, artistic Egyptian scenes, some with brief captions, 1936-1938. Includes images from the Western Desert (people, tents, donkeys, camels), urban street scenes and people engaged in daily activities (barber, vendors with carts - possibly Cairo),...

Egypt photograph album

110 black-and-white photographs of various scenes and locales in Egypt, circa 1920.

Egypt Photograph Album, 1946.

Album contains 230 black and white snapshots with brief captions in English on the backs of a few. Album possibly belonged to a postwar U.S. civil service worker, and many photos include colleagues/friends sightseeing and at parties, as well as...

Egypt photographs, circa 1895

Ten black/white, captions on back, people at work and scenes of Egypt. Purchase: Margolis and Moss

Egypt Postcard and Stereoview Collection, ca. 1896-1920s.

Collection contains 49 color postcards, 2 black and white postcards, 8 black and white stereoviews, and 3 double-sided color stereoviews. Stereoviews feature ancient sites in Egypt (Cheops, Heliopolis, Luxor, Giza, Memphis), Cairo, and other locations in Egypt; as well as...

Egypte : croisière 1898.

Photographs depict Cairo, markets, mosques, Nile boats, pyramids, the Sphinx of Giza, temples, local families, bedouins, etc.

Egyptian Manuscripts in Arabic Collection

The entire collection is in Arabic....

Egyptian movie poster collection

Collection of film posters from Egypt.

Egyptian subject collection

Pamphlets, leaflets, election campaign literature, other printed matter, and miscellany, relating to political, social and economic conditions in Egypt.

E.H. Smith family papers.

Feebook, 1864-1879, of Edward Hall Smith, Justice of the Peace, White Oak Township, El Dorado County (later used as a commonplace book) and a commonplace book containing record of voyage to California, via Nicaragua, 1854, family records, recipes and poetry.

Ehmcke (Caspar Johann) papers

The Caspar Johann Ehmcke papers span 29 linear feet and date from circa 1945 to 1995. The collection is comprised of architectural drawings and reprographic copies organized by project, black-and-white photographs of residences designed by Ehmcke, bound specification reports, handwritten...

Ehrenberg (Felipe) Papers

Abstract: The papers contain correspondence, photographs, and other material representing over thirty-five years of artist Felipe Ehrenberg's professional career. Painter, illustrator, printer, publisher, and teacher, Ehrenberg also was active in social and political causes, particularly in promoting the political the...

Ehrenfeld (Fritz) papers

Papers of Fritz Ehrenfeld, Austrian national, documenting his travels in China and Japan from 1911-1917.

Ehret (Theo) photographs

Photographs taken by Theo Ehret, 1970-1985, undated. Subjects include Hollywood, downtown Los Angeles and its buildings and freeways, LAX, the Olympic Auditorium, Hollywood celebrities, and boxers and wrestlers. Theo Ehret (1920-2012) was the house photographer at the Grand Olympic Auditorium...

Ehrhardt (Edwin) Photograph Collection

The Edwin Ehrhardt Photograph Collection consists of photographic prints and negatives taken or collected by Edwin Ehrhardt (1915-1996), a Lodi, California, policeman, who off duty owned and operated Ehrhardt's Photo Shop with his wife, Winifred Wood Ehrhardt (1920-2009). The images...

Ehrhorn (Jack) collection of Stone Boat Yard naval architectural drawings

The Jack Ehrhorn collection of Stone Boat Yard naval architectural drawings (SAFR 22826, HDC 1611) consists of 1069 naval architectural plans, of which 176 are original drawings from the Stone Boat Yard or one of its predecessor businesses. This collection...

Ehrhorn (Jack) collection of Stone Boat Yard photographs

The Jack Ehrhorn collection of Stone Boat Yard photographs, circa 1885-2005, bulk 1920-1975, (SAFR 23147, P05-081) is comprised mainly of photographs of yachts under construction at the Stone Boat Yard and underway in the San Francisco Bay area during the...

Ehrlich (Paul) Papers

Correspondence, memos, notes, photographs, posters and other papers relating to Paul Ehrlich's publications and public appearances, his work with the Rocky Mountain Biological Laboratory, Jasper Ridge Biological Presrve (California), the Zero Population Growth organization, and the Stanford Biological Sciences Department....

Ehrlich (Richard) Holocaust Archives Series Photograph Collection

The Richard Ehrlich Holocaust Archives Series consists of sixteen prints of digital photographs that photographer Richard Ehrlich took of the archival holdings of the International Tracing Service (ITS), in 2007. In addition, there are print-outs of captions for the exhibit....

Ehrlich (Richard) Photographs of the Holocaust Museum

Richard Ehrlich is a California-based urological surgeon and photographer. In 2007 he toured and photographed the Holocaust archives of the International Tracing Service (ITS) based in Bad Arolsen, Germany. This collection consists of 55 color photographic prints of the archive...

Ehrlichman (John D.) Papers, White House Special Files, 01/20/1969 - 04/30/1973

John Ehrlichman's papers pertain to his many activities as Counsel to the President and as Assistant to the President for Domestic Affairs. The files include a full set of Ehrlichman's handwritten notes of meetings with the President. Other materials of...

Ehrlichman (John) papers

The John Ehrlichman papers (1941-1999) consists of documents, manuscripts, correspondence, speeches and writings, court cases, handwritten notes, schedules, appointment books, media coverage, manuals, budgets and expenses, sketches, printed materials, clippings, newspapers, photographs, photograph albums, framed oversize material, scrapbooks, audio and...

Ehrman family papers, 1956-1978.

Consists of pamphlets, clippings and booklet on the history of the Hellman-Ehrman family and the Ehrman Mansion in Lake Tahoe; an Ehrman family tree by Joseph Ehrman III from 1978; a copy of a letter from Sidney M. Ehrman from...

Ehrman (John R.) collection

The John R. Ehrman collection documents Ehrman’s work in programming at IBM and Stanford University, and his membership with SHARE, an early user group for programmers of IBM mainframe computers. Material dates from 1956 to 2005, with the bulk from...

Eichelberger (Major-General R. L.) Papers

The Major-General R.L. Eichelberger Papers are a Xerox copy of a collection of documents and papers about Russo-Japanese relations in Siberia in 1918/1919, reported from the United States position.

Eichelberger (Robert L.) Papers

Robert Lawrence Eichelberger (1886-1961) graduated from the U.S. Military Academy in 1909. During World War II, he was assigned command of the 77th Infantry Division, and in charge of the first offensive victory against Japanese land forces in Papua, New...

Eichenberg collection of San Francisco views [graphic]

Photographs are arranged in the following categories: aircraft, animals (zoo, farm, pets), art shows (street art fairs), buildings (interiors and exteriors of San Francisco business and public buildings), cable cars, children (various ethnic backgrounds), churches, Fisherman's Wharf and the San...

Eichhem (Henry) Papers

Papers of composer Henry Eichheim.

Eichler (Alfred) papers

The Alfred Eichler papers span 19 linear feet and date from circa 1914 to circa 1963. The collection primarily consists of scrapbooks filled with black-and-white photographs and newspapers clippings regarding Eichler’s public works projects, but also includes negatives, correspondence, architectural...

Eichmann (Adolf) trial excerpts

Includes excerpts from the testimony of Eichmann and others, and from the closing defense statement.

Eichrodt (Joan Beecher) collection

Sound recordings, transcripts and summaries of interviews, notes, reports, conference proceedings, newspapers, other printed matter, and photographs relating to nationalism and separatism in Chechnya and elsewhere in the Caucasus. Digital copies of selected items available.

Eickhoff (Henry) Photographs of Stanford University

Fourteen black and white photographs of the Stanford University campus exteriors and interiors, primarily of the Quad. Photographs adhered to unbound scrapbook pages.

Eidel'man (N. IA.) typescript

Relates to the imposition of change from above as a theme in Russian history from the sixteenth century to 1917. Photocopy.

Eidgenossische Technische Hochschule Zurich collection

Protocols of meetings, bulletins, statutes, programs, statements, position papers, pamphlets, and printed matter, relating primarily to the Swiss organizations Eidgenössische Gemeinschaft and Gotthard-Bund, Swiss preparations for resistance to a possible German invasion during World War II, and proposals for political...

Eifler (Carl Frederick) papers

Orders, reports, personnel records, correspondence, writings, printed matter, photographs, and motion picture film relating to Office of Strategic Services sabotage and espionage operations in the China-Burma-India Theater during World War II. Digital copies of select records also available at

Eigen, Daryl (Vietnam War correspondence)

This collection contains correspondence and newspaper clippings from LCpl. Daryl Eigen, USMC.

Eigenmann (Rosa Smith) Scrapbooks

The Rosa Smith Eigenmann Scrapbooks collection consists of two volumes of newspaper accounts of San Diego Society of Natural History meetings, beginning in 1897. Included are her notes and corrections in the margins. See the early minutes of the San...

Eighmy (J. W.) Notebook

This handwritten notebook was titled "Practical Notes and Formulae. By J. W. Eighmy, M. D." by its author, and dated October 10th, 1875. It is a collection of 77 recipes and formulae for treatments to numerous illnesses. Eighmy wrote these...

Eighteenth Century French Plays

The collection contains 124 volumes (in 71 incomplete sets) of French tragic, comedic, and vaudeville plays from the 17th and18th centuries, including many from the revolutionary era.

Eighteenth-Century Italian Instrumental Music Manuscript Collection

The collection contains works by a range of Italian composers from Arcangelo Corelli (1653-1713) to Luigi Boccherini (1743-1805) and date primarily from the last quarter of the 18th century. Included are approximately 990 manuscripts of 1062 compositions by 82 composers....

Eighth Air Force Strategic & Tactical US Army Air Forces Collection

The Eighth Air Force was formed in 1942 and specialized in daylight precision bombing. The collection consists of a photographic book containing a narrative, ranging from the years 1943 to 1945.

Eigner (Larry) Papers

Personal papers through 1996, including all his poetry manuscripts arranged in sequence of composition by Eigner himself. Also literary and family correspondence, prose manuscripts, notebooks and juvenilia of Larry Eigner.

Eiler (Keith E.)

Correspondence, notes, collected writings, photocopies of military records and collected correspondence, printed matter, and photographs related to the career of General Albert C. Wedemeyer, commander of American forces in China during World War II. Used as research material for the...

Eilers (Charles H.) Collection

This collection contains materials related to Charles "Carl" H. Eilers (1875-1948) and his family. The Eilers family owned and farmed Rancho San Pedro lands between Dominguez, Alameda, Del Amo, and Santa Fe streets in what was to become Carson, CA...

Eilers (Sally) collection

This collection consists of scrapbooks, audio recordings, and photographs of American actress Sally Eilers (1908-1978).

Eilers (William L.) miscellany

Thesis, certificates, printed matter, photographs, and memorabilia, relating to American development assistance in Asia. Consists mainly of three-dimensional objects.

Eimac News

Bound and unbound issues of the Eitel-McCullough (Eimac) Incorporated company publication, Eimac News.

Einreinhofer (Bill) China Archive

The Bill Einreinhofer China Archive comprises approximately 1000 digital video, image, audio, and text files that Einreinhofer used to produce a series of public television documentaries covering modern China and Japan from 1910 to 2022. The collection includes the finished...

Einreinhofer (Bill) Collection

Bill Einreinhofer is an Emmy Award winning producer, director and writer who has produced several television programs related to China and Old China Hands. The collection contains videos from the production of three television shows related to China, most notably...

Einstein (Albert) "Annalen der Physik" Papers collection

Included in this collection are On the Electrodynamics of Moving Bodies, On a Heuristic Point of View about the Creation and Conversion of Light, On the Movement of Small Particles Suspended in a Stationary Liquid Demanded by the Molecular-Kinetic Theory...

Einstein (Albert) Collection

A collection of material related to the physicist Albert Einstein.

Einstein (Albert) Correspondence

Collection consists of a form letter sent out by the Emergency Committee of Atomic Scientists, of which Einstein was the Chairman of the Trustees, to scientists. It asks for help in raising $1,000,000 for scientists to fulfill their "inescapable responsibility...

Einstein (Hans A.) papers

The professional papers of Hans Albert Einstein. Materials include research notes and data, maps, correspondence, and reprints. Topics are primarily river sedimentation and flow.

Einstein (Kenneth) papers

The Kenneth Einstein papers, which range in date from 1975 to 2001, hold materials related to Einstein's career at Ansa Software and Borland International, as well as records from his consulting work. The collection can be divided into four parts:...

Einstein (Sigmund) Gestapo document

Sigmund Einstein was born in Munich on July 20, 1899. He was a Jewish unskilled worker whose home and other assets were taken during the 1940s. This collection contains Gestapo documents regarding the seizure of his assets.

Einzig (Robert S.) Papers

The Robert S. Einzig papers include correspondence; reports and publications from the Transamerica Corporation; publications and reports regarding corporate finance and international currency concerns; material from Einzig's tenure at the U.C. Berkeley School of Business; Einzig's personal academic file; and...


Though primarily known as a writer, Robert Eisele has worked in multiple aspects of the entertainment industry including as a teacher, writer, story editor and producer. The collection consists of script drafts for television projects including the series and among...

Eisen (Gustavus A.) papers

The papers of Gustavus Augustus Eisen, an expert in earthworms, whose varied scientific interests included archaeology, invertebrate zoology, horticulture, and more. Included are aquaria photographs, biographical materials, clippings, correspondence, illustrations, journals, manuscripts, maps, notes, and publications on a range of...

Eisenberg (Frances R.) L.A. City Schools Loyalty Oath Collection

Frances R. Eisenberg was an English and journalism teacher at Canoga Park High School in Los Angeles, California. She was charged with teaching communism in her classes in 1940s, and during the early 1950s, as an English teacher at Fairfax...

Eisenberg (Francis R.) Papers: Blacklisted Teachers in Los Angeles

Part of the larger Blacklisted Teachers in Los Angeles Collections, the Frances Robman Eisenberg Papers contain the personal papers of Eisenberg, a blacklisted Los Angeles teacher. The collection contains materials relating to Eisenberg's teaching and tutoring career, and involvement with...

Eisenhower (Dwight D.) Ephemera Collection

Mainly magazine articles, along with posters, bumper stickers, bulletins, and other ephemera relating to Dwight D. Eisenhower, 34th United States president (1953-1961).

Eisenman (Peter) Architectural drawings for House VI

Sixty-three architectural drawings in pencil, pen and marker on paper document the design development of House VI, one of Peter Eisenman's most important early polemical designs. Commissioned by Suzanne and Dick Frank, it was designed and built in 1972-1975, in...

Eisenman (Peter) Architectural Drawings for House VI

Sixty-three architectural drawings in pencil, pen and marker on paper document the design development of House VI, one of Peter Eisenman's most important early polemical designs. Commissioned by Suzanne and Dick Frank, it was designed and built in 1972-1975, in...

Eisenmayer (Francis) Papers

Francis Eisenmayer participated with Gideon’s International, serving alongside her husband Charles Eisenmayer. Charles Eisenmayer worked as an international trustee and the Gideon’s president of the Los Angeles Camp circa 1939.

Eisenshtat (Sidney) papers

USC alumnus Sidney Eisenshtat was a prolific Los Angeles architect best known for his innovative modern synagogues and Jewish educational buildings, although he also designed many noteworthy commercial structures and schools, as well as residential projects, during his long career...

Eisinger (Jean) Papers, White House Central Files, 1969-1974

The materials in the Jean Eisinger files consist of two major series. The first is press releases of Nixon speeches, annotated by the Presidential Documents Office to reflect the actual wording used by the President. The annotated press releases cover...

Eisler (Dorothy) Collection

The Dorothy Eisler Collection consists of live recordings of classical music from approximately 1964 to 1970.

Eisler (Hanns) papers

This rich collection contains Hanns Eisler's personal and business correspondence from his years in Southern California (1942-48). In addition the archive contains a few biographical documents and photographs. The collection also contains several recordings for films on records by Hanns...

Eisman (William and Beatrice) papers

The collection contains the personal and professional papers of William and Beatrice Eisman, political activists who founded the U.S. / Vietnam Friendship Committee in 1979, which aimed to normalize relations between the U.S. and Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos. It includes...

Eisner (Betty Grover) papers

Papers documenting Betty Grover Eisner's career in clinical psychology and experimental use of LSD and other drugs. Includes narrative reports and audio recordings of drug therapy sessions, articles and conference papers, book manuscripts, journals, legal documents, journals, personal and professional...

Eisner (Elliot W.) Papers

Collection pertains to his research and teaching and includes class files, articles, papers, speeches, correspondence, and other materials.

Eisner (Michael D.) College of Education Records

The consists of the records of the college, and previous education courses offered throughout CSUN's history. Records include correspondence, accreditation reports, annual reports, department meeting agendas, program brochures, event fliers, newsletters, handbooks, course information, and histories of the college and...

Eisner (Milton D.) Papers

Consists of papers from the Eisner/Reinstein family and subject files collected by Eisner regarding postal and express services in early California and the West, philatelic and numismatic materials, miscellaneous materials relating to San Francisco and the Bay Area, Californiana, and...

Eisner, Milton Daniel Photographs from the Milton D. Eisner papers.

Pictures relating to California, mainly San Francisco Bay Area history, include: views of 1906 earthquake, interior of I.W. Taber photographic studio, Woodward's Gardens, portraits, and various scenes, Two daguerreotype portraits, one encased and embossed "E. Long," [Enoch Long?] and the...

Eissler (Fred) papers

Papers of environmentalist and teacher Frederick Eissler (1922-2014). Files relate to the Santa Barbara Airport, Crosstown Freeway, Goleta Slough/Goleta Valley Flood Control Project, and the Sierra Club. In addition to these files, a large component of the collection contains Eissler's...

Eisteddfod Festival Brochure

A brochure with entries, names of sponsors, and events and program

Eitel (William W.) Papers

This collection contains the papers of William W. Eitel, co-founder of Eitel-McCollough, Inc. and a distinguished engineer. Included are papers depicting the 1970's battle between private Ham Radio operators and the Federal Government over radio wave rights, his involvement with...

Eitel-McCullough records, approximately 1930-1965.

Company records; some correspondence.

Eitner (Lorenz) papers

The collection includes Stanford Museum and Art Department correspondence, lecture notes (boxes 1-8), publications drafts, research files, and unpublished research projects (boxes 13-15 and 24-39). ...

Eizans (Andrejs) papers

Correspondence, personal documents, printed matter, photographs, sound recordings, and memorabilia, relating to political conditions in the Soviet Union and post-Soviet Latvia, and especially to the S"ezd Narodnykh Deputatov.

E.J. Felix Eloin papers, 1864-1865.

Letters by Eloin concerning the purported destruction of various Mexican towns by French troops, and the Battle at Huaniqueo; draft or copy of letter by Maximilian, congratulating General Bazaine on the fall of Oaxaca; notes and observations on a proposed...

E.J. Kelly Real Estate Co. records.

Five bound volumes with entries for various business transactions common to real estate activities including lists of property for sale, daily cash accounts, property management including rental income, real estate transactions, agents, commission fees, etc. Prominently noted in 3 of...

E.J. Molera architectural drawings for Anne Wohler home in San Francisco, California [technical drawings].

Includes floor plans, side and front views and molding detail of Mrs. Anne Wohler's home at 2025 Sacramento St., San Francisco, California.

E.K. Wood Lumber Co. records, ca. 1906-1957.

Records from the Company's offices at Reedsport Ore., Southern California and San Francisco. The company wound up its business and closed its San Francisco office, June 30, 1958.

E.K. Wood Lumber Company photographs [graphic].

Includes oversize panoramic view of a mill, and photos of the interior of the mill, probably in California; various vessels (including the Siskiyou the Lassen, and the El Capitan) and oversize prints of oxen hauling logs, and of men in...

Ekijo (Koga) papers

This collection consists of two self-bound volumes: the first is a manuscript written by Koga Ekijo and the second is an accumulation of source materials related to the topic of the first.

Ekonomicheskoe polizhenie Sov. Rossii typescript

Relates to the economic situation of Soviet Russia.

Ekstein (Rudolf) collection of material about Sigmund Freud, the Freuds, and the Freudians

Eighteen binders (in six cartons) and one box of assembled (by psychoanalyst Rudolf Ekstein) correspondence, photographs, brochures, conference announcements and programs, newspaper and magazine clippings, photocopies, portraits, biographical notes and texts, journal articles, and other material about Sigmund and Anna...

Ekstrand (Kasia) Photographs of San Jose

Photographic prints and negatives documenting the storefronts and streets of downtown San Jose, California, taken by Kasia Ekstrand in 2002.

Ekstrom (Clarence E.) papers

Photographs and printed matter, relating to American naval operations in the Pacific Ocean and Mediterranean Sea, during and after World War II.

El Andar Magazine records

Includes business and administration files, editorial files, grants and funding proposals, research files, magazine issues, computer files,correspondence, photographs and other graphical files, and awards....

El Arish/North Sinai photograph album

Small, oblong cloth-backed cedar wood album with seventeen photos and one illustration of El Arish on the Sinai peninsula.

El arte del estencil y las estampas del Dr. Atl.

Portfolio of hand-made stencil (pochoir) prints by Dr. Atl, most of which represent volcanoes and mountains of Mexico. Includes one print of a nude woman resembling Nahui Olin (María del Carmen Mondragón Valseca).

El Buen Tono, S.A., collection

This small collection contains loose photographs, a photograph album, and lithographed promotional comic book for El Buen Tono cigarette manufacturing company of Mexico City, dating from the early 1900s.

El Cajon Horticultural Society Records

The collection contains a ledger of the El Cajon Horticultural Society from July 10, 1889 through November 13, 1909.

El Camino Rancho California photograph album

71 black-and-white photographs relating to El Camino Rancho in one album.

El Camino Real archive.

Scrapbook of newsclippings (ca. 1904-1911) and some correspondence about the creation of the state highway along El Camino Real, linking the California missions. Lantern slides of El Camino Real, missions before and after restoration, and of related prints and documents....

El Campo de los Sonoraenses or Three Years Residence in California, 1849-1852.

Account of journey from New Orleans via Mexico to California; descriptions of San Francisco and of fires there; experiences mining around Sonora; Indians, Mexicans, French and Chinese in California; crime and criminals and formation of Vigilance Committees; gamblers and gambling;...

El Coro del Real Presidio de Santa Barbara Collection

This collection is made up of the songs that El Coro del Real Presidio de Santa Barbara performed from 1991 to 2009 for its yearly event Las Posadas, as well as several other performances.

El Dorado Canal Company records, 1852-1855.

Records of the El Dorado Canal Company kept in small notebook, including articles of incorporation, money paid out, and progress of construction.

El Dorado Canal Company records, 1852-1855.

Records of the El Dorado Canal Company kept in small notebook, including articles of incorporation, money paid out, and progress of construction.

El Dorado Co. (Calif.) Gold Rush Papers

The collection contains two Placerville items. Both are letters relating to Post Office business (1852; 1858). The collection contains a Diamond Springs letter from Joseph S. Bradley acknowledging receipt of a water company transcript from the Secretary of State (1853)....

El Dorado County (Calif.) Archives

Records of El Dorado County, California, chiefly dating from 1850 to 1890, including county court documents, ledger books and other business records, mining papers, land records, school records, treasury records (including tax rolls and assessment rolls), and merchandising accounts (principally...

El Dorado County, California, Convention of Teachers records, 1862-1863.

The El Dorado County Convention of Teachers' records includes minutes of meetings, Placerville, California, May 26-30 and December 15-19, 1862 and June 29-July 3, 1863; a constitution; and a list of members.

El Dorado County, California tax receipts, 1869-1885.

from University of Wyoming, American Heritage Center;

El Dorado County Deeds

Deeds, grants, bills of sale in Georgetown and Greenwood....

El Dorado County Deeds, 1873-1930.

Deeds, grants, bills of sale in Georgetown and Greenwood.

El Dorado County Justice Court, 1855.

Bill of cost for Augustus Brohinsh vs Henry Culver for $257.24, from the State of California County of El Dorado Justice Court in Salmon Falls.

El Dorado County records, 1859-1867.

Mainly documents relating to cases in justice court, Diamond Springs.

E.L. (Eli Lundy) Huggins papers, 1862-1929.

Box 1: Letters, l862-l929, written by him, chiefly to family members, relating primarily to his service in the U.S. Army, l86l-1903. Include letters written during Civil War, l86l-l865; from Pacific Northwest and Alaska, l866-l870, with extensive comments on life and...

El Espectador : Weekly Spanish Language Newspaper

Summary: Set is incomplete; there is nothing before 1937, little for 1941 and 1943, and nothing for 1952, 1954 and 1955. There is a partial card file index....

El Jacobinismo de Méjico ... : Mexico : ms. S., 1833.

Political pamphlet defending the constitution of 1824 and combating reactionist plans of Cuernavaca and Orizaba.

E.L. Lehmann papers, 1948-1998.

Includes correspondence, writings, teaching materials, and grant materials.

El Malcriado : Spanish language newspaper

Issues of El Malcriado collected by Father Victor P. Salandini. Some issues are in Spanish, with occasional issues in English.

El Nido Services and Lodges records

The El Nido Services and Lodges records cover the practical details of El Nido's operations, 1930-1980, documenting its real estate management, zoning battles, tax questions, insurance and "disaster preparedness" provisions, and occasional personnel problems of this social service agency. Originally...

El Paladin (Newspaper) Collection

This is a collection of approximately 90 newspapers--but they might more accurately be called broadsheets are in Spanish and range in date form 1929 - 1937

El Paseo Scrapbooks

This collection consists of six scrapbooks containing newspaper clippings and ephemera about the El Paseo complex of buildings and shops (also known as Streets of Spain), including El Paseo Restaurant (also known as Restaurante del Paseo) and the El Presidio...

El Paso and Northeastern Railway Financial Records

Financial records of the El Paso & Northeastern Railroad.

El Paso and Southwestern Railroad Collection


El Paso and Southwestern Records

Primarily financial records of the El Paso and Southwestern Railroad.

El Paso (built 1924; ferry) postcard

A single postcard of the ferries on San Francisco Bay with the Southern Pacific ferry El Paso in the center.

El Paso (built 1924; ferry) records

El Paso (built 1924; ferry) records (SAFR 16446, HDC 162) includes an engine room log for trips between Richmond and San Quentin, California, two letters to captains of Richmond and San Rafael Ferries and Transportation Company regarding regulations. The collection...

El Pueblo de Los Angeles Historical Monument, Los Angeles Fire Department Records

Primarily original photographs, cabinet cards, photograph albums, copy prints, enlargements, two digital scans and negatives relating to the Los Angeles Fire Department and the history of firefighters in Los Angeles. Also reports, clippings, publications, letters, receipts, and invoices. A small...

El Pueblo de Los Angeles State Historic Park : preliminary proposal.

Proposal by The Old Los Angeles Company (originally formed by Albert Ehringer, Robert J. Morris and John P. Wilson) to lease the development of the historic district then named El Pueblo de Los Angeles State Historic Park, specifically to "restore...

El Rancho San Miguel (Olivas)

This is a brief history of the Olives Rancho

El Rodeo yearbook records

This collection consists of records for the Universitiy of Southern California student yearbook "El Rodeo."

El show del niñ̃o burro.

Prints depicting Glaubitz's heroic comic figure El niño burro and other of the artist's characters in various scenes.

El Teatro Campesino Archives

The archives of El Teatro Campesino are the largest archival collection on Chicano theater, consisting of approximately 157 linear feet of archives and manuscripts. They include a variety of formats, dating from the Teatro's founding in 1965. They include primary...

El Toro Airport (Collection on the Development of)

This collection comprises records related to the development of the El Toro Airport in Irvine, California.

[El Verano, San Rafael and San Francisco family photograph album].

Snapshots depicting scenes of family life in El Verano, Calif., with a few taken in San Rafael and San Francisco, Calif. Chiefly depicts 2 brothers, Bobbie and Frankie, during their childhood. A few scenes include their father. Another includes an...

Elachich (S. A.) typescript

Relates to the Russian Revolution, the Omsk government of Admiral Aleksandr Kolchak, and the Czechoslovak Legion in Siberia.

Elaine Dorfman papers and oral histories, 1979-1993.

The collection contains oral history notes and transcripts created by Elaine Dorfman, by students in her oral history methodology classes, and others; audiovisual materials; miscellaneous correspondence; miscellaneous notes related to oral history activities; newspaper clippings; obituaries; and materials for oral...

Elbert Beedle letters to DeLoss Funk : Santa Rosa and Berkeley, Calif. : ALS, 1901-1902.

Description of his train journey from St. Louis to California and impressions of Santa Rosa and Berkeley. References also to the University of California.

Elbert Hubbard letter, 1912 March 7

(1856-1915). One letter (ALS) to William [Winter?], on personal stationery watermarked with his portrait. [Roycroft], East Aurora, New York, 7 March 1912.

Elbert Hubbard letters, 1896-1906.

Letters regarding books published by the Roycroft Shop in East Aurora, New York.

Elbogen (Paul) Papers

Paul Elbogen (1894-1987) was an Austrian writer and the author of Dearest Mothers (1942) and The Jealous Mistress (1953). The collection contains typescripts of novels, a memoir, a biography, correspondence, and clippings. The materials are primarily in German.

Elbridge Gerry Hall letters to his wife, Martha Ann Clark Hall, 1847-1861 : and family papers.

Letters, March-May 1849, written from Panama on his way to California, describe conditions there; letters thereafter written from San Francisco, San Jose and Hornitos.

Elco Electric Health Generator Promotional Literature collection

Collection contains promotional literature, sent by mail, describing the benefits of and offering a "ten day free trial" for an Elco electric health generator, which claims to generate combinations of violet ray, medical electricity, vibration, and ozone. Includes: Cover letter...

El'darova (Margarita Khristoforovna) holograph

Relates to social conditions in Transcaucasia.

Elder family correspondence : ALS, 1827-1854.

Contains 5 letters written by William Elder to various family members: 1827 Sept. 23, from Florida N.Y. to his sister in Scotland, describing life in America, geography of upstate New York, his teaching. 1837 Feb. 23, Florida N.Y. to Sarah...

Elder (Paul) and Company Collection

The manuscript part of the collection contains two series: Catalogs and lists; and Photocopies of the title pages of Paul Elder imprints. The printed part of the collection contains nearly 200 titles, some in UCSB Special Collections, others in the...

[Eldon L. Allison portraits of Jerome Caja].

Portraits of San Francisco artist and drag performer Jerome Caja, taken by Eldon L. Allison during Gay Pride Parade festivities, in 1990 or 1991. One image depicts Caja in leopard skin lingerie, sprawled on a bench, perhaps on Market Street,...

Eldred (Doris K.) Papers

Materials related to Doris K. Eldred's time as a teacher in China, including correspondence, photographs and photograph albums, teaching materials, and some collected ephemera.

Eldred Family Papers

This small collection consists mostly of correspondence from members of the Eldred family sent to Wilfred Eldred while at school on the East Coast. There is also a diary kept by Wilfred while a student at Washington and Lee in...

Eldredge (Helen W.) Papers

Helen (Woodsmall) Eldredge (1879-1959) was born in Selma, Alabama. She founded a physical education movement in India, traveled extensively in Europe and the Middle East and became a writer and lecturer in Oriental subjects and international affairs. The collection includes...

Eldridge (James William) Collection

James William Eldridge served in 127th New York Infantry, Company A and 23rd United States Colored Infantry Regiment during the American Civil War. This collection consists of Eldridge letters, manuscripts, documents, printed military forms, autographs, ephemera, and photographs from 1797-1902.

Eleanor Fowle Cameron papers, approximately 1955-1985.

Contains research materials for Eleanor Fowle's book on Alan Cranston titled "The Senator from California." Also includes papers relating directly to Senator Alan Cranston, including correspondence, press releases, clippings, ephemera, campaign materials, chiefly concerning his 1958, 1964, 1966, 1968, and...

Eleanor Gant New Jersey High School scrapbook, circa 1925-1930

Includes KKK related photos and membership cards. Also photos of African American classmates. Graduate in 1929 but a few 1930 items included.

Eleanor H. Swent papers, approximately 1970-1982.

Writings, talks, correspondence with students, and iterations of her journal entries (Possibly used in her writings) from Swent's time teaching English as a Second Language in the 1970's. Also includes 13 audiocasettes of a 1982 interview with early aviator Gordon...

Eleanor McKamy Collection, 1845-1901.

Correspondence, funeral notices, memorabilia

[Eleanor Milder Lawrence photograph archive].

Photographs taken in Berkeley, San Francisco, the Bay Area, elsewhere in California, and in during travels in the Western United States, Mexico, Guatemala, China, and Europe. Includes some photographs of the photographer's sister, folk singer Malvina Reynolds.

Eleanor Moore Stuart Middle East Photograph Album, ca. 1924.

Album contains 169 black and white photographs and postcards of the Middle East belonging to a British female traveler. Captions are handwritten in English. Includes images of excavations at Ur; British diplomatic and army personnel and their wives; archeological sites...

Eleanor Roosevelt letter, 1950 November 17

One letter (TLS), appeal for support of the United Nations Fund, signed by Eleanor Roosevelt and Ralph J. Bunche. New York, 17 Nov. 1950. Found in one of the [?] Kelley books. Alpha list.

Eleanor Swent recordings and interviews for the Vietnamese refugees in the East Bay oral history project and other oral history transcripts and recordings, 1980-2008.

Collection consists of transcripts of 10 taped interviews with Vietnamese refugees, conducted Jan.-Aug. 1977, by Eleanor Swent in connection with her work teaching English as a second language. Biography of interviewer, description of project and participants and photocopy of her...

Eleaser Stillman Ingalls typescripts, 1866 August 3

(1820-1879). Photocopies of typescripts "Journal of a Journey to California from Lake County, Illinois, 1850," and "1859: Journal of Incidents Enroute from Waukegan, Ill. To Pikes Peak Gold Diggings."

Eleazar T. Givens letters to family, 1850-1853.

Mining and trading in Mariposa County, California; account of bear hunt in which he was wounded; description of return trip to Kentucky via Panama. Note by his brother, Robert, appended to letter, June 16, 1851.

Eleazer Bourn deed : to Nathanael Bourn, 1725 Apr. 29.

Deed for farm land in Sandwish, Mass.

Election, November 3 sample ballot, 1896

Sample Ballot. Alpha list. [Oversize, map cabinet 20/6]

"Election Proclamation" broadside, 1860

Broadside. State of California, Executive Department, 1860. [Wyles Map Cabinet 1/1].

Election returns, Santa Cruz County, 1861 September 4 and 1871 September 6.

Election returns, Santa Cruz County, BANC MSS C-A 111, The Bancroft Library, University of California, Berkeley.

Elections Committee of the County of Orange (ECCO) Records

This collection comprises records of the Elections Committee of the County of Orange (ECCO) is an all-volunteer political action committee that works on behalf of civil rights, mainly those of women and the LGBT community. The collection includes newsletters, reports,...

Elections et les partis typescript

Relates to the Hungarian elections of 1922, and to Hungarian political parties. Signed "J. G."

Electoral Tickets, 1864 November

Two National Union tickets for Abraham Lincoln / Andrew Johnson and one Democratic ticket for George B. McClellan / George H. Pendleton. Also one clipping of Civil War era poems. .02 linear feet (1 folder).

Electoral Tickets, circa late 1860s-early 1870s

Two local Republican tickets and one national electoral ticket for Grant and Colfax, ca. late 1860s-early 1870s.

Electric railways of California and Washington.

Photographs show electric railways and signals in California and Washington, in particular, those in Oakland, Berkeley, Emeryville, Pugent Sound (Washington), Los Angeles, Richmond, etc. Some show railway of the Key Route. Views show track, signals, track maintenance, train cars, and...

Electric Works and Trillium Press records, 1997-2021.

Cartons 1-3: Project exhibition files including newspaper articles, show lists, postcards related to Electric Works and Trillium Press. Carton 4: Unsorted newspapers.

Electrical Products Co. Photographs of commercial signage, primarily neon, in California and Nevada [graphic].

Views of neon signs produced by the Electrical Products Co. (Epco), 1920s-1950s, Federal Sign & Signal Corp., 1950s-1970s, and Ad Art. Many signs are for businesses in the San Francisco Bay Area, but other California and Nevada areas also pictured....

Electricity Oversight Board Records

The Electricity Oversight Board was created by Chapter 854, Statutes of 1996, as part of the Legislature's restructuring of California's electricity industry. The records consist of twelve series (1996-2007)which document the Board's efforts to ensure a reliable electricity system and...

Electronic Arts sports game collection

Collection of sports video games produced by Electronic Arts.

Elephant Butte Dam construction photographs

Photographs documenting construction of the Elephant Butte Dam along the Rio Grande in southwestern New Mexico. Photographs depict dam construction, the construction camp and the developing town of Elephant Butte. Also pictured are an earthen dwelling, dam construction workers, and...

Elephant Walk Window

This is a window from the Elephant Walk. The Elephant Walk was a restaurant and bar that operated in San Francisco’s Castro neighborhood from 1974 to 1995. According to Fred Rogers, who owned the restaurant from 1974 to 1985, the...

Elfego Baca ephemera, 1881-1938.

Collection includes correspondence, legal documents (including a subpoena to appear at Baca's murder trial for Josepha Armija, dated April 18, 1885), clippings, printed items, and a tintype portrait of Baca, circa 1881.

Eli B. Prater letters : to his family, 1857-1890.

Letters written from Sierra, Kern, and Tuolumne Counties to his family in the East, concerning conditions and life in California mining country and various jobs he held. Letter of l882 from Tuolumne speaks of poor prospects in mining due to...

Elias Aelion oral history interview

This collection comprises one videotape of an oral history interview with Elias Aelion conducted by the Holocaust Oral History Project on September 19, 1989.

Elias Grünebaum Papers, ca. 1832-1869.

Notes on religion, philosophy, psychology, mythology and Greek literature dating from student days at Bonn and Munich; official letters and statements written while Rabbi at Landau, Germany, 1862-1866; manuscripts, many fragments only, of his writings, including sermons and prayers.

Elias Jackson Baldwin papers, 1892-1900.

Includes two letters to his attorney, Reuben H. Lloyd (one concerning proposed sale of Lake Tahoe property) and printed copy of map of Santa Anita Rancho.

Elias Kanarek papers, 1939-1970.

The collection contains copies of engravings for bookplates, photographs of Kanarek's painted portraits and other works, exhibition notices, newspaper clippings, and sketchbooks.

Elias Margolis papers, 1701-1962 (bulk 1901-1962).

This collection contains various materials Rabbi Elias Margolis collected, including correspondence (some with Judah L. Magnes); family and personal documents (photographs, passport, certificates); academic papers; presentations and writings; a scrapbook; and clippings. The collection also contains a bible in Hebrew,...

Elias (Paul) field notes

This guide describes the Paul Elias field note volumes bound at the Museum of Vertebrate Zoology, University of California, Berkeley.

Eliashev typescript

Relates to Soviet legislation.

Elie and Stella Reich Tennenbaum papers, 1920-1984.

The collection includes Elie and Stella Tennenbaum's personal and professional documents, correspondence, ephemera, and photographs. The personal documents in the collection, as well as the correspondence from Europe, China and the United States, reveal the transient life of Jewish refugees...

Eliel (Harriet J.) Oral History

Contains a transcript of Carol Farley's 1973 interview with Harriet Judd Eliel documenting her activities as an officer of the San Francisco, California, and national chapters of the League of Women Voters in the 1920s, 1930s, and 1940s.

Eliel (Paul) miscellaneous papers

Correspondence, pamphlets, propaganda materials, and newspaper clippings, relating to labor legislation, unionism, and communism in California during 1938.

Elihu Root letter, 1901 November 9

One letter (TLS) to J. E. Gay, Union League Club, re promotion of a Col. Wheelan. War Department, Washington, [D.C.], 9 Nov. 1901. Alpha list.

Elijah Ganoe document, 1863-1865

[Pennsylvania Infantry, 110th Regiment (Vol), Company A]. One Civil War document (AD): Clothing Account, 1863-1865.

Elinor (Carli) collection

This collection consists of the sheet music and arrangements of Romanian-born actor and film composer of Carli Elinor (1890-1958).

Eliot (T. S.) Papers

This small collection includes correspondence, playbills from performances of Eliot's plays, an annotated, corrected copy of "East Coker", a copy of "Natarejah" by Tambimuttu, obituaries, news clippings about Eliot and a selection of published appearances of Eliot's works.

Elisabeth L. Egenhoff papers, 1899-1985.

Contains the working files for Egenhoff's publications and subject files on various mining topics.

Elisabeth Larsh and James Philip Young papers, 1938-1999.

Contains diary, correspondence, scrapbook, photographs, two helmets, and bike banner for Spirit of Fun cross country tandem biking trip. Also includes galley and correspondence relating to 1996 edition of book Bicycle Built for Two; speeches given on tandem biking by...

Elise Antoinette Raisbeck letters to her husband, 1881.

Describe her railroad trip with her young children from Elmira, N.Y. to Washington Territory, with comments on her fellow passengers, many of whom were immigrants; the Indians of Nevada and California, food prices and hotels; voyage north from San Francisco...

Elise S. Haas Papers

Contains personal papers of Elise Stern Haas related exclusively to her over fifty year relationship with the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art and the management and assembly of her private art collection. Records include correspondence, shipping receipts, financial records,...

Elise Stern Haas correspondence, circa 1951-1966.

Includes letters from Sara Bard Field, Janet Flanner, Marino Marini, Henri Matisse, Darius Milhaud, Henry Moore, Alice B. Toklas and Bruno Walter, with occasional copies of Mrs. Haas' letters; and letter from Michael Stein to Thérèse Jelenko, July 31, 1922,...

Elise Stern Haas papers, 1914-1955.

Contains some letters from German Jewish architect Erich Mendelsohn and his wife Luise regarding, among other things, the creation of a Museum of Architecture, a photograph of Erich Mendelsohn, and pamphlets entitled "A Museum of Architecture" and "Church Art Today."...

Elise Wiehe letters, 1850-1852.

Re her voyage from Germany to San Francisco via Cape Horn on the Reform. Later letters from San Francisco and Sonoma. With these a few letters from family and friends in Germany. Elise Wiehe was later to marry Theodore H....

Eliseev (Fedor I.) memoirs

Relates to operations of the Kuban Cossack Divisions of the Russian Imperial Army, 1910-1919, the Russian Revolution and Civil War, 1917-1920, and operations of the French Foreign Legion in Indochina, 1943-1945.

Elisha C. Winchell papers, [ca. 1850-1913]

Include journals (original and augmented copy) describing his trip across the plains from Missouri to California in 1850; manuscripts of his writings; scrapbook of clippings containing articles written by him, and about him and Fresno County; loose clippings; miscellaneous notes,...

Elisha Lewis correspondence, 1891-1892.

Letters to him written from Bruneau Valley, Idaho, by Michael Rock, 1891. (2 p., 20 cm.) and by David B. Hyde, 1892 (1. l., 28 cm.) Concerning the estate of John Lane.

Elisha Mitchell, 1818-1820

Photocopies of typescript transcriptions of correspondence from geologist and chaplain at Chapel Hill, North Carolina, 1818-1820. Gift of Judith M. Ishkanian. No alpha list.

Elisha Oscar Crosby papers, 1849-1886.

Letter from J. Ross Browne re position as official reporter of Constitutional Convention, 1849; draft of report on Committee on Finance of Convention; letters from H.W. Halleck and W.G. Marcy; certificate of membership in San Francisco Committee of Vigilance, reminiscences...

Elisha Palmer Papers

The Elisha Palmer Papers Collection largely consists of legal documents (deeds, mortgages, a land patent signed by President Woodrow Wilson, lease agreements and tax records), correspondence (oil and land related). The collection also contains a great deal of his records...

Elissa (built 1877; bark, 3m) photograph album

The Elissa (built 1877; bark, 3m) photograph album, circa 1971, (SAFR 24657, P15-030) is comprised of an album containing images and text about the bark ELISSA. The collection has been processed to the Collection level and is open for use.

Elizabeth Bartlett correspondence, 1964-1966

Correspondence to Bartlett, poetry editor of Etc., from Sy Gressor, James Laughlin, Tyndale Martin, Paul Ramsey, Knute Skinner , 1964-1966. Alpha list.

Elizabeth Colson papers, approximately 1940-2002.

Contains field notes, diaries, census data, manuscripts and correspondence relating to Colson's work among the Gwembe Tonga and Plateau Tonga in Zambia. Also includes field notes concerning the Makah Indians of Washington state.

Elizabeth Coulter Baldridge Photograph Album

Photographs from her student days at Stanford. Subjects include fraternity houses, women's basketball team, decorating the Quad arcades for dances, Delta Gamma sorority members, student rooms, and general campus views.

Elizabeth Gertrude Stern letter, 1953

(pen name Eleanor Norton). One letter (ALS) to Mrs. [Wefer?], one clipping, and one postcard (1953), all re Stern and her work on Mahatma Gandhi. Laid in Stern's The Women in Gandhi's Life (1953). [ARC?]. Alpha list.

Elizabeth Grew Bacon oral history, 1976-1977

Life history of an English suffragette who moved to California. Subjects include suffrage, Margaret Sanger, birth control movement, Anglo-Irish relations, Greenwich Village, Pasadena Playhouse, and Santa Barbara. Interviewer: Joyce Baker, Aug. 1976; Diane Nassir, Mar. 3, 1977 Interviewee(s): Elizabeth G....

Elizabeth L. Lincoln letter, 1844

One handwritten letter (ALS) from [?] to Elizabeth L. Lincoln of Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts, re news of mutual friends or family. Hillsboro, [?], May 13, 1844. Removed from Montgomery Collection (Wyles Mss 9). Alpha list.

Elizabeth L. Scott papers, [ca. 1951-1988].

Professional papers of UCB statistian and astronomer.

Elizabeth Lyman Potter catalogue of prints and paintings in her private collection, 1968.

Many of the prints and paintings relate to California, and, in particular, to San Francisco.

Elizabeth M. Boyter papers, approximately 1886-1957.

Includes a commonplace and address book, approximately 1930-1957; some letters by Julia Morgan also included.

Elizabeth Paschal, pioneering career woman : New Deal labor economist, Social Security Administration Program Chief, Ford Foundation executive / c1996.

Paschal family background; youth, education; student experiences at Wellesley College, and University of Wisconsin, Ph.D. dissertation; professor of Economics and Sociology at Marietta and Eureka Colleges; work experience, sexual discrimination, views on being a career woman in the 1930s, 40s...

[Elizabeth Popper collection of Northern California postcards].

Views of Weaverville, Sacramento River at Redding, Shasta and a Karok Indian deer dance.

Elizabeth Powell papers, 1854-1916.

Diary, v.1, 1854-1868, describes her life as a schoolgirl in Milton, New York; travels in N.Y. and eastern U.S., including a description of conditions at Auburn prison; work as a governess in Louisiana and elsewhere; descriptions of slave life and...

Elizabeth Zierer papers, 1917-1993 (bulk 1945-1993).

The collection consists of an oral history, a scrapbook, and identification cards relating to Zierer's experience during and after the Holocaust and her relocation to the United States. The collection also contains materials from Zierer's career with Education Continentale.

Elizondo (Felicia "Flames") Papers

The collection includes materials documenting the life and work of Felicia "Flames" Elizondo (July 23, 1946 – May 15, 2021). Elizondo was a Latinx woman, community leader, drag artist, transgender activist and AIDS activist. She was a regular patron of...

Elk Grove Book Club Records

The Elk Grove Book Club has met since 1937 to share member book reviews of popular titles. The records of the Elk Grove Book Club are comprised of meeting minutes, book lists and reviews, member files, and anniversary celebration ephemera...

Elk River Mill and Lumber Co. Records

Records for one of the early sawmill operations in Humboldt County. Included are cash books, journals, ledgers, timebooks, letter books, invoices, receipts, cargo records, inventories, price lists, etc.

Elkan and Henrietta Moscowitz Voorsanger papers, 1914-1979.

The collection contains correspondence from Elkan and Henrietta Moscowitz Voorsanger; correspondence and materials relating to Elkan and Henrietta's work in Europe during and after World War I; a photograph album holding photographs of the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee in...

Elkes (Joel) papers

Documents related to Joel Elkes....

Elkin (Meyer) papers

This collection consists of the papers of American social worker Meyer Elkin (1916-1994) related to his work with Los Angeles families.

Elkins family letters : from San Diego, Pasadena, Oakland, Hurleton, and Nicolaus (Sutter County) : ALS, 1873-1910.

Letters mainly to Eleanor and Henry Elkins in New Hampshire from their niece C.G. Elkins and other family in California and in Farmington, Minn. Those written from Nicolaus (Sutter Co.), Hurleton (Butte Co.), describe children, family, home affairs, the large...

Elkins (Frances Adler) Collection

The Frances Adler Elkins Collection consists of a broad range of materials created and accumulated by Frances Adler Elkins and Nelle Currie Fry throughout their professional lives as interior designers.

Elkus / Manheim postcard - photograph collection, circa 1910-1937

Eight postcards, with messages, and four snapshots, from Japan, Philippines, India, Tibet, China, and Burma. Purchase. Alpha list.

Elkus (Albert Israel) Papers

The collection consists primarily of correspondence files containing letters and related material documenting Elkus' career as an educator and a leader in the music and arts community of his time, in particular that of the San Francisco Bay Area. The...

Elkus (Bertha K.) Scrapbooks

Scrapbooks contain several hundred programs of music and drama events which took place in Sacramento and the San Francisco Bay Area, 1883-1922....

Elkus (Elizabeth) Papers

Includes personal correspondence from and to Elizabeth Elkus, various articles on and byfriends of the Elkuses, photographs, date books, passports, and address books. There ismuch information on the UC Berkeley Music Department contained in the correspondence and other documents, and...

Elkus family papers, 1890-1975.

Genealogical material; a memorial book for Louis Elkus; a diamond jubilee book and other materials from B'nai Israel, including a testimonial booklet for Albert Elkus; certificates of appreciation for and speeches by Albert Elkus from B'nai B'rith's David Lubin Lodge;...

Elkus (Jonathan) Papers

The collection includes music manuscripts and proofs as well as printed music. It includes concert programs and production notes of performances. It also includes a small collection of personal correspondence, offprint articles and related documents on friends and colleagues. There...

Elkus (Mickey) Papers

Correspondence from Dorothy Swift to Elkus.

Ella Castillo Bennett letter, circa 1907

One letter (ALS) to Mr.[?] O'Day re her book Abelard & Heloise (San Francisco: Paul Elder , 1911, c. 1907). Alpha list.

Ella Costillo Bennett papers, circa 1896-1926.

Contains manuscripts of her articles, plays and stories, family photographs, scrapbooks, and unmounted clippings and articles. Scrapbooks include two containing clippings of her poems, articles and stories written for various newspapers and magazines, one scrapbook with manuscripts of her poems...

Ella Ferré poems : ms. S, [189-?].

Letter to J.C. Rowell. Ap. 30, 1898. 1 p.-Crowned poet-laureate Poetry to her sister Music. 3 p. - The first inhabitant of this "Silver City." 1891. 4 p. - Our dead. Decoration day. 1891. 4 p. - Requiescat. 2 p....

Ella Sterling Mighels Collection, 1890-1932

Correspondence, notes and drafts, poetry, and materials used in writing the book LITERARY CALIFORNIA.

Ella Sterling Mighels papers : additions, 1867-1930.

Collection contains primarily correspondence from Ella Mighel to her brother, Dudley Haskell. The bulk of the correspondence takes place during the late 1920s and discusses Mighel's daily affairs, her family memories, publishing problems and hopes, and her activities with the...

Ella Sterling Mighels papers, 1885-1935.

Correspondence, clippings, and photographs concerning her life, writings, and family.

Ella Yee Quan collection

Ella Yee Quan was an educator in the Los Angeles Unified School District as well as an active community leader in numerous educational, civic, and cultural groups. In 1975, she helped found the Chinese Historical Society of Southern California (CHSSC),...

Ellacuría (Ignacio) Collection

The collection is a copy of the material in the personal files of Ignacio Ellacuria at the Centro Pastoral Arzobispo Oscar Romero at the University of Central America in San Salvador. The materials were used for Robert Lassalle-Klein's 1995 dissertation...


The title of the series of prints, , refers to Death (La Mort). The series is considered one of Albert Besnard's most significant works in printmaking and depicts the omnipresence of death among the living.

Elleman (Bruce A.) papers

Lists, writings, and letters, relating to Soviet treaties with foreign countries, and constituting working material for a comprehensive inventory of Soviet treaties from 1917 to 1991.

Ellen Beckman manuscript, circa 1850s

One typescript manuscript by Ellen Beckman re Kansas in the 1850s.

Ellen Bowers oral history, 1975

Interviews with the UCSB Dean of Women, re her career 1934-1974, including a stint during WWII when the Dept. of the Interior requested her services as administrator of temporary housing in Washington, D.C., for wartime employees. Also traces her academic...

Ellen Cooney papers, 1961-1979.

Contains notebooks, published and unpublished poems, and manuscripts for published and unpublished works. Also includes segments from numerous poetry publications of her published poems. Segments include the cover and the relevant pages of poetry.

Ellen K. Shaffer papers, 1905-1993.

The Ellen K. Shaffer papers portray a chronology of Shaffer's life from her early childhood in Leadville, Colorado; college years in California; employment with Dawson's Book Shop; service in the Women's Air Corps; librarian position at the Free Library of...

Ellen Lieber papers, 1988-2007.

Papers document Ellen Lieber's work on behalf of Disability Rights in the San Francisco Bay Area. Included in the collection are newsletters and publications produced by various Bay Area agencies concerned with Disability Rights as well as Lieber's own correspondence...

Ellen S. Randel correspondence : Susanville, Calif., 1866-1867.

Contains 6 letters discussing Susanville and Black Rock (Walker Plains), Calif. and a murder in Susanville, Calif.

Ellenberger (Allan R.) Collection on Ramon Novarro

Correspondence, drafts, research notes, photographs, audiotaped interviews, newspaper and film magazine clippings, videotapes, and miscellaneous graphic materials produced and collected by Allan R. Ellenberger in the course of researching his biography of film actor and silent screen romantic idol Ramon...

Ellenwood (Cecilia Freeman Atherton) Class Notes

This collection consists of the printed syllabi, with her handwritten lecture and reading notes, for three classes she took at Stanford: the life of Christ, 1898; the ethics of Christ, taught by Charles Reynolds Brown, 1900; and the life and...

Ellenwood (Frank Oakes) materials on Stanford and William F. Durand

Three bound volumes. The 1904 & 1905 Stanford University viewbooks published by H. W. Simkins with additional photographs and handwritten notes added by Frank Oakes Ellenwood. Pasadena, a bibliography of the published works of Professor W.F. Durand, signed by Durand...

Ellerbe (Rose L.) Papers

Rose Lucille Ellerbe (1894-1929) came to California as a teacher in 1884 and then became a journalist, contributing regularly to the . Materials in this collection are from 1900-1929 and include fiction and non-fiction mansucripts by Ellerbe, correspondence, financial records,...

Ellery family correspondence : ALS, 1838-1861.

Contains correspondence written between George W. Ellery, and his wife, Mary Goddard Ellery, William Ellery, Richard Henry Dana Jr., E.T. Channing, and David Wood. Correspondence concerns William Ellery's schooling, his early career aboard ship, a poem on the death of...

Ellet Family Papers

This collection of 2 linear feet of Civil War papers was received by Stanford as a gift from Elizabeth Ellet Nitz and Frances Ellet Ward in 1994. The collection consists primarily of correspondence, including extensive letters of Brigadier General Alfred...

Ellin (Everett) papers

Everett Ellin was the polymathic owner of two well-regarded art galleries in Los Angeles during the late 1950s and the early 1960s. He invigorated the local art scene by bringing major artists from New York to Los Angeles. He also...

Ellingham (Lew) Papers

Lew Ellingham was a gay poet and co-author, with Kevin Killian, of "Poet Be Like God: Jack Spicer and the San Francisco Renaissance." This small collection includes poetry by Ellingham; typescripts by poet Bruce Boone, who co-founded the Black Star...

Ellingham (Lewis) Poet be Like God Research Materials

Papers of writer Lewis Ellingham, containing audio recordings and photocopies of materials used in his research on poet Jack Spicer (1925-1965) and the Spicer Circle, which flourished from roughly 1956 to 1965. The collection consists largely of interview recordings and...

Ellington (Richard) papers

Writings, letters, sound recordings of interviews, pamphlets, and serial issues, relating to anarchism in Spain, especially during the Spanish Civil War, and to anarchism in the United States and elsewhere.

Elliot (Bradford W.) Papers

This folder contains two copies of a letter from John M. Bailhache regarding a his donation of a copy of a letter by Elliot to Mason Brayman on 03/10/1850, as well as a typed transcript of said letter. The letter...

Elliot Burstein papers, 1878-1969.

The collection consists mainly of Elliot Burstein's handwritten sermons and lectures from the 1920s through the 1960s. The sermons are arranged mostly in chronological order (by decade), but there is a small set of subject files as well. The subject...

Elliot Evans research files on William S. Jewett, 1845-1967 (bulk circa 1942-1967).

The collection consists of the research files of scholar and curator Elliot Evans on California portrait painter William S. Jewett. Included are files of correspondence between Evans and a range of other scholars, curators, and Jewett relations on Jewett's biography,...

Elliot (Iain and Elisabeth) papers

Iain Elliot was director of Radio Liberty (RL); Elisabeth Robson-Elliot was the former Head of the BBC Russian Service. The collection includes VHS tapes of Soviet and post-Soviet TV news, many of NTV, the first Russian independent TV station. Also...

Elliot Navon Freemason certificate, 1920 Mar. 16.

The certificate, which was filled out on 16 Mar. 1920, contains symbolic Freemason imagery, and states that Elliot Navon was recognized as a "regular Master Mason."

Elliot (Stephen F.) Papers

This folder contains four sub-folders. Folder 1: Misc. Personal Items Folder 2: Letters to and from Elliot Folder 3: Fourteen letters (six of which are copies) regarding Elliot’s time as surgeon during the Civil War and the letters detail his...

Elliott (Clyde E.) papers

This collection consists of story treatments, production materials, clippings, correspondence, scrapbooks, and photographs from American motion picture director, producer, and writer Clyde E. Elliott (1885-1959).

Elliott (Daniel A.) collection

Collection consists of the project files of Southern California architect Daniel A. Elliott.

Elliott (David W. P.) papers

Transcripts of interviews of Viet Cong and North Vietnamese prisoners and defectors, notes, maps, and related material, relating to the Vietnamese War. Used as research material for the book by David W. P. Elliott, , 1930-1975 (Armonk, New York, 2003).

Elliott (Doug) papers

USC Lambda Alumni Association records, vacation scrapbooks, gay theater show fliers, photographs and other documents from University of Southern California alum and educator Doug Elliott (1924-2008). The collection contains fliers and programs for the Highways Performance Space, Celebration Theatre, the...

Elliott (Ellen Coit) Papers

These papers consist of photocopies of a diary, 1891 to 1893, and of her letters to her husband written from Pacific Grove, 1898 to 1904; as well as a typescript poem and a copy of her book UNICORNS BROWSING AT...

Elliott Family Papers

Letters, diaries, account books, legal papers, photographs, postcards, etc....

Elliott Family Papers, 1854-1960.

Letters, diaries, account books, legal papers, photographs, postcards, etc.

Elliott (Frank A.) prospectus on Panamanian economic development

The collection consists of a prospectus on potential economic investment opportunities in Panama prepared in the 1920s by Frank A. Elliott, a California mining engineer who helped California-based companies expand into Latin-American markets. The prospectus provides an overview of Panamanian...

Elliott (Harold F.) Papers

Correspondence, technical drawings, computations, patent materials, photographs, sketches and notes regarding electrical engineer's Harold F. Elliott's prolific work as an inventor of various radio apparatus and as a consulting engineer with companies such as the Federal Telegraph Company, the Galvin...

Elliott (John Elbert) papers

Includes letters, photographs, clippings, printed matter, and memorabilia of an American oil geologist, engineer, and entrepreneur.

Elliott (Orrin Leslie) Correspondence

Incoming and outgoing correspondence of Elliott as registrar, 1892-1914, regarding admissions, curriculum matters, fee structures, appointments, leaves, and administrative business; and general correspondence received by the University, 1891-1892, concerning academic and staff positions, business matters, and appointments. Correspondents include David...

Elliott (Orrin Leslie) Papers

This collection consists of notes, source citations, unpublished reminiscences, and copies of documents collected for, and the original manuscript of, Elliott's STANFORD UNIVERSITY; THE FIRST TWENTY-FIVE YEARS (1937). Also includes correspondence of George Crothers and notecards for Crother's FOUNDING OF...

Elliott (Robert) Papers

Papers of Robert Carl Elliott (1914-1981), scholar and professor of literature. Elliott specialized in the study of satire and its relationship to utopian societies. The collection includes manuscripts of writings by Elliott, correspondence with friends and colleagues, and material related...

Elliott (William Yandell) papers

Correspondence, writings, speeches, research notes, clippings, and printed matter relating to American national security and defense, American politics and foreign relations, American military-industrial relations, and American national labor policy.

Ellis and Campbell records

Collection consists of 8 reels of microfilm containing correspondence of the Canadian law firm of Ellis and Campbell, as well as some newspaper clippings and lists of the letters, summarizing their contents....

Ellis (Arthur M.) Collection of Photographic Negatives

This collection contains photographs, negatives, positives, and lantern slides depicting Southern California, primarily in the late 19th century, that were compiled by Los Angeles lawyer and writer Arthur M. Ellis (1875-1932), often for use in his research and lectures on...

Ellis B. Kohs compositions, 1953-1969.

The collection includes a brochure with biographical information about Ellis B. Kohs, a score for Kohs' "Three Chorale-Variations on Hebrew Hymns," and a libretto for his "Amerika," based on the Franz Kafka novel.

Ellis Barnes letters to his brother, William, 1849-1850.

Describe his ship journey to Pacific Coast and some mention of his prospects gold mining.

Ellis Booksellers Records

Frederick Startridge Ellis (1830-1901) was born in Richmond, Surrey, England. He opened a bookstore in Covent Garden in 1860 dealing in old books and manuscripts. He was the official buyer for the British Museum for many years and published works...

Ellis (Emory L.) Papers

The Ellis Papers were donated by Dr. Ellis in 1994. They comprise two boxes of correspondence, manuscripts and technical notes on both bacteriophage and the Caltech vitamin plan, plus biographical material. They cover the time period of 1925 through 1993....

Ellis (Erl H.) Papers

The Erl H. Ellis papers represent his work with the Westerners International from the late 1950s through the early 1980s.

Ellis Family Theater Memorabilia Collection

The Ellis Family Collection consists of theater and movie scripts by Edith and Edward Ellis, playbills, programs, reviews, photographs, and information about the Ellis family, specifically Edith Ellis. Also included are movie house ledgers, movie production picture magazines, posters, and...

Ellis (Havelock) Papers

Havelock Ellis (1859-1939) was a physician, anthropologist, novelist, and author of numerous theoretical works on human sexuality. His writings dealt with psychological, anthropological, and biological aspects of sexuality. The collection consists of the original typescript of with proofs and books...

Ellis (Henry H.) Papers

Mainly correspondence to Ellis as Chief of Police, San Francisco. Also miscellaneous papers, invitations, programs and tickets.

Ellis (James L.) Papers

James "Jim" L Ellis, Republican, was a State Assembly Member, 1977-1980, and a State Senator, 1981-1988. The James L. Ellis Papers consist of 5.25 cubic feet of records reflecting Ellis's activities during his time as both an Assembly Member and...

Ellis (Leon Hubbard) papers

Photographs and memorabilia, relating to personal life in the United States and to travel in China, Central America and Europe.

Ellis (P. B.) Papers

The correspondence is primarily with the corporations served; and the papers include organizational records of various companies. Six cartons contain 34 letterfiles of incoming letters, 1903-1923, alphabetically arranged within specified dates. The rest of the collection consists of 6 letterpress...

Ellis (William B.) papers

This collection is comprised of both print and visual materials from Tuskegee Airman William B. Ellis, including documents, photographs, correspondence, books, newspaper clippings, audiovisual material, and realia. The bulk of materials within this collection relate to the military service and...

Ellison (Frank J.) Correspondence

Correspondence of Frank J. Ellison, Chairman of the Order of Railroad Telegraphers, regarding arrangements for the May 15, 1930 meeting of the organization in Los Angeles.

Ellison (Harlan) Collection

Correspondence of author Harlan Ellison, with the UCSB Library, re his Edwin and Jean Corle lecture at UCSB, 1983. Talks about being frustrated by categorizations that prevent him from reaching his intended audience. Also, a copy of the lecture, "A...

Ellison (Harlan) (Collection on)

This collection contains correspondence, stories, photographs, a mouse pad, and other material related to American speculative fiction author and screenwriter Harlan Ellison, The collection contains information on Ellison's first typewriter as well as various memorabilia.

Ellison Lassell Crawford Collection, 1860-1871.

Account book, assessor's notebook, typescript of journal, typescript of letters, obituary

Ellison (Ralph) Collection

The majority of this collection consists of photocopies of short stories, essays, reviews, speeches by Ellison and interviews with Ellison. Two folders contain original material signed by Ellison. The books and selected serials have been cataloged separately.

Ellis-Orpheus Men's Chorus musical arrangements and papers

The Ellis-Orpheus Men's Chorus was one of the most enduring choral societies in the United States, and played a significant role in Los Angeles culture from the founding of the Ellis Club in 1888 until its dissolution in 2000. The...

Ellsler (Effie) Collection

Side for Effie Ellsler's role of prefect in Heroines in rags.

Ellson (Mark) collection of brochures and product specifications

The Mark Ellson collection of brochures and product specifications includes printed material pertaining to superminicomputers, minicomputers, workstations, processors, and memory systems published between 1980 and 1994. Ellson collected and retained these materials for use as reference files when making equipment...

Ellsworth (Frank) Papers

This collection contains the papers of Pitzer College's third president, Dr. Frank L. Ellsworth. A graduate of University of Chicago, Dr. Ellsworth's career has included both teaching and administrative roles at colleges across the country. Materials include speeches, addresses, comments...

Ellsworth (Kathryn) Papers

The papers contain Kathryn Ellsworth military papers, correspondence and World War II scrapbook.

Ellsworth (Theodore "Ted" R.) Collection

Ted Ellsworth's activities as a health plan administrator and consultant, union representative and labor management arbitrator, educator, and activist for the aging ranged over a period of more than 45 years. The Ellsworth Collection documents his consulting and efforts on...

Elmadjian (Fred) collection

This collection documents Dr. Fred Elmadjian's career as a research scientist and science administrator. His scientific work centered mostly on the endocrinology of stress. His administrative services at the National Institute of Mental Health focused on developing manpower for effective...

Elmer E. Ellsworth portrait, circa 1860-1861

Portrait of the organizer of the 11th New York Volunteers Infantry Regiment (New York Zouaves), who had studied law in Lincoln's law office, helping him with the 1860 presidential campaign and accompanying him to Washington, and who was the first...

Elmer E. Robinson Collection

This collection includes letters, autographs, account books, and printed material by or about noted figures in American history and politics. Also included are materials of general historical or political interest....

Elmer Ellsworth Brown papers, 1894-1898.

Consists of correspondence and professional papers regarding Elmer E. Brown's activity as secretary of the California Council of Education's Committee on the Course of Study for Elementary Schools. Correspondence primarily consists of communications with superintendents and educators in Calif. and...

Elmer (Minnie) Collection

Research notes and final proofs for Thematic catalog of a manuscript collection of eighteenth-century Italian instrumental music in the University of California Music Library (Berkeley, 1963). Minnie Elmer was joint author with Vincent Duckles of the catalog. The collection is...

Elmer R. Noble letter, 1958 October 3

One letter (TLS) from Vice-Chancellor Noble and accompanying map of University of California, Santa Barbara College. Goleta, California, October 3 , 1958. Laid in Santa Barbara Community Study, conducted by the Pereira and Luckman firm. (LD800.S292 P4 1958). Alpha list.

Elmer R. Peterson (built 1964; tanker) photograph

The Elmer R. Peterson (built 1964; tanker) photograph, 1964, (SAFR 24655, P15-028) is comprised of a photograph of the Standard Oil tanker ELMER R. PETERSON underway. The collection has been processed to the Collection level and is open for use.

Elmer Ray Noble oral history, 1978

Interviews with the UCSB provost and professor of zoology, re his life, the University of California in the 1930s, and his academic career at UCSB. UCSB's Noble Hall is named after him. Interviewer: Rick W. Sturdevant, UCSB Library Oral History...

Elmhurst (ship) journal

The ELMHURST (ship) journal (SAFR 14263, HDC 53) consists of a 34 page, unbound sea journal from the trip of the British ship ELMHURST that left San Francisco on September 1, 1893 and arrived in Queenstown, Ireland on January 13,...

Elmslie (Kenward) Papers

Papers of Kenward Elmslie, a writer, performer, editor and publisher associated with the New York School. Elmslie's lyrics and libretti for operas and musicals, (1965), (1966), (1966), (1972), and (1974), brought a contemporary style to the language of musical theatre....

Eloesser (Leo) papers

Memoirs and other writings, correspondence, reports, clippings, other printed matter, photographs, motion picture film, memorabilia, and miscellany, relating to international medical aid to Spain during the Spanish Civil War, international medical aid to China during the Sino-Japanese War and Chinese...

Eloesser (Nina Franstead) papers

Letters, printed matter, certificates, photographs, and medals, relating to relief work in Belgium during World War I, and to Herbert Hoover.

Eloesser-Heynemann family papers, 1852-1922.

Contains 242 p. diary in German script by Leo Eloesser describing his voyage in 1861 and 1862 to San Francisco via England, New York and Panama; poems in German by Leo Eloesser; typescript copy of letter in English by Arthur...

Eloise Keeler papers, 1942-1981, undated.

Consists of corrected typescripts of stories, articles, radio scripts and poems, many never published. Drafts of published works are "Susanne: an intriguing comedy in three acts," and "The lie detector man." Corrections made in author's own hand reflect multiple stages...

Eloise Sterling clippings regarding the theater, [ca. 1921-1925].

Box 1: Actors and actresses; dramatists; theaters; miscellaneous.

Elon G. Reynolds broadside, 1863 November 7

One printed Civil War broadside, "Standard--Extra. Hillsdale, November 7, 1863...," giving names [including Reynolds] of those drawn in the Hillsdale Co. [MI] draft. This copy from the family of Reynolds.

Elsa S. McGinn photograph collection [graphic].

Includes Alaska views (ca. 1900-1928), California views and the Panama Pacific International Expostion (1915), snapshots and postcards of travels in Mexico (1922-23 and 1940) and Europe (1924), studio portraits and snapshots of Elsa McGinn, her husband John L. McGinn, and...

Elsbree (Langdon) Papers

This collection contains the professor's handwritten lecture notes, syllabi, handouts, and some tests and quizzes focusing mainly on British and American Literature after WWII. Some of Professor Elsbree's articles and reviews are also present. The materials are mainly from the...

Else (Jon) collection on Cadillac Desert

The collection consists of video tapes, audio recordings, and log sheets related to the production of the 1997 television documentary series "Cadillac Desert," which focused on the transformation of the landscape of the American Southwest in the 20th century as...

Elsen (Albert Edward) Papers

These papers consist of notes, lectures, articles, and other sources Elsen compiled for the art history courses he taught at Stanford; course readers; drafts of his published works; transcripts of interviews he did with Bruce Beaseley, Kristina Branch, John Davis,...

Elsie A. Chapman postcards, 1906-1909.

Six picture postcards with scenes from the 1906 San Francisco Earthquake and Fire all addressed to a young woman, Elsie A. Chapman, living at 1315 8th Street in Eureka, California. Five of the six depict scenes from the city and...

Elsie E. Newton diaries : mss, 1910-1911.

Diary of 1910 with printed cover "Department of the Interior, U.S. Indian Service" describes travels north from San Francisco to visit California Indians and speak with their chiefs, details about the Indians and their problems (alcohol, physical abuse, etc.) Indian...

Elsie Pynchon Slaughter correspondence, 1965-1967, with Julien Michel : typescripts.

Correspondence exchanged between the two friends include ten original typescript letters addressed to Dr. Michel, a library administrator, nine carbon typescript responses from him, and one handwritten letter addressed to Michel from a friend of Slaughter.

Elsie Pynchon Slaughter writings : El Cajon, Calif. : typescripts, [undated].

v. 1: God's Waif (her experiences as an actress in Ireland, 299 l.)--v. 2: Hinges of Custom (data on myths and legends, 310 l.)--v. 3: I Gave up Thinking (her return to America, 284 l.)--v. 4-5: I Knew a Lovely...

Elsie Whitaker Martinez papers, circa 1910-1953.

Includes annotated typescripts of "Over These Hills," an unpublished novel written by Margret Whitaker (a pseudonym of Elsie Martinez), and of "The Settler," written by her father, Herman Whitaker. Materials by Elsie Whitaker Martinez include short stories, notes, and fragments...

Elspeth Huxley collection, 1950, 1954, 1966

Documents, letter, and clipping about East African affairs. Acquired, along with a number of books, mainly Africana, from Huxley. Alpha list.

Elstad (Peter Howard) papers

Personnel records, reports, maps, booklet, and photographs relating to operations of the United States Army XX Corps in France and Germany during World War II.

Elster (Arlene) Papers

The bulk of the collection contains newspaper clippings and articles about the porn industry in general during the 1970's and Elster's Sutter Cinema in particular. Also included in the collection are advertisements for the theater and films produced by Leo...

Elster (Ernestine S.) Files of the Calif. State Resources Commission

Ernestine Sondheimer Elster served as a member of the California State Historical Resources Commission, and as Director of Publications at the UCLA Institute of Archaeology. The collection consists of meeting notebook files used by Dr. Elster while serving as a...

Elston (Allan V.) papers

Allan Vaughan Elston (1887-1976) was a free-lance writer of western fiction and mystery stories. His publications include (1941), (1954) and (1973). The collection consists of research notebooks, typescripts, novels, magazines containing short stories, and stories clipped from magazines, all by...

Elston-Sandow photographs.

Mainly unidentified portraits and snapshots. Areas pictured include: Mexico, Hawaii (including funeral of Liliuokalani), & California.

Elton Hocking letter, 1936 March 20

One letter (ALS) from Hocking (Professor of Romance Languages at Northwestern University) to Aaron Schaffer (Professor of Romance Languages at University of Texas, Austin) re Hocking's book on Ferdinand Brunetière. Evanston, Illinois, March 20 , 1936. Alpha list.

Eltse (Ruth Ricci) papers

Correspondence, writings, and photographs, relating to the Italo-Ethiopian War, to Italian colonization of Libya, and to Italian relations in North and East Africa. Includes an album of photographs of Benito Mussolini.

Elvera “Elvira” Keating Lack Cabinet Card Collection, circa 1871-1912

This collection contains cabinet cards collected by Elvera “Elvira” Keating Lack (1886-1989) possibly via correspondence that took place mainly during her childhood through mid-twenties, though one card was dated before her birth in 1871. Elvera “Elvira” Keating Lack was the...

Elwell, Frank Campaign Speech

A speech given to the Santa Paula Historical Society reenacting the 1902 election

Elwell Stephen Otis Civil War diary, circa 1863-1864

(1838-1909) [Captain, New York Infantry, 140th Regiment (Vol), Company D]. Civil War diary, 1863, and four documents (AD), mostly accounts, ca. 1863-1864.

Elwin Marg papers, circa 1960-1988.

Contains articles, publications, and files. Includes materials concerning his interest and activity in the development of an improved tonometer for measuring interlocular pressure within the human eye.

Elwood (Phil) Papers

The Phil Elwood Papers offers a unique view into the San Francisco Bay Area entertainment scene. Philip "Phil" Elwood (1926-2006) was a music journalist and radio broadcaster. From 1952-1996, Elwood had a weekly jazz program on Berkeley's KPFA radio station...

Ely family papers, 1848-1875.

A collection of 13 letters from Elisha Ely written from San Francisco, Geyserville, and Clarville, California. In addition, there is a separate grouping of 10 letters written by Douglass Ely, a brother of Elisha Ely, from the Colorado Springs and...

Ely (Louise F.) Diary

Diary concerns some reflections on her life-concerns for husband's health where they will eventually settle hints of pregnancy....

Ely, Nevada views [graphic]

Photographs show mine and town views around Ely, Nevada.

Ely (Northcutt)

Correspondence, memoranda, research notes, rough drafts of reports, printed reports and pamphlets.

Ely (Northcutt) typescript

Relates to the life of Ray Lyman Wilbur. Speech delivered to Fortnightly Club, Redlands, California Photocopy.

Ely (Walter R., Jr.) Papers

The Ely Collection consists of the papers (68 cartons and transfer cases) of United States Federal Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals Justice Walter R. Ely, past President of the Los Angeles County Bar Association and prominent Los Angeles attorney. Roughly...

Elysian Fields Collection

Catalogs, order forms, booklists, clippings, press releases, receipts, newsletters, and correspondence documenting business activity, circa 1972-1990, of Elysian Fields, a largely mail-order bookseller specializing in out-of-print gay and lesbian literature. Located in Elmhurst, New York, Elysian Fields was operated by...

[Elza Victorine collection related to her career as a vaudeville performer].

Portraits and ephemera (programs and promotional items) related to the career of San Francisco based actress, singer, dancer, comic, and "electrical fencing" performer. Some items promote "The Victorines" (with sister or partner Myrtle?) or "Victorene and Belmont" "Victorine and Walters"...

Emada Methodist Episcopal Church Sunday School Records

Records of the Emada Methodist Episcopal Church Sunday School, formerly located in Coyote, Santa Clara County. Emada Methodist Episcopal Church is listed as a historic archaeological resource in the Coyote Valley.

Email scam letters collection

"419" or "advance fee" scam email letters collected between 2002-2014

Emancipation Proclamation

Charles Maltby's copy of the Emancipation Proclamation signed by Abraham Lincoln.

Emancipation Proclamation - printed engraving, 1862-1863

One printed engraving, "Signing the Emancipation Proclamation" and two copies of the same image, "The First Reading of the Emancipation Proclamation before the Cabinet," [1862-1863].

Emancipation Proclamation, undated

Copy designed by Bruce Rogers, n.d. [Wyles Map Cabinet 1/1].

Emanuel Kline papers, 1910-1938.

Collection includes postcard with Kline's photograph from Jarbidge, Nev. (1910); part of an article written about a trial in Jarbidge; a eulogy; and a membership certificate for Sam Friedenberg, who was on the Advisory Board of the Pacific Coast University...

Emanu-El Residence Club of San Francisco records

This collection contains materials relating to the Emanu-El Residence Club for single, working Jewish women. Among the records are correspondence, minutes, bylaws, photographs, reports, agendas, calendars of events, surveys, financial information, organizational histories, membership lists, scrapbooks of clippings, reports of...

Emanuel Wotiz letter, 1858.

Letter that Emanuel Wotiz wrote and sent to members of his family in Strakonitz (then a part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire and now in the Czech Republic) when he was stationed at Camp Floyd, in Cedar Valley, Utah Territory. The...

Emanuels, George Collection

An author of historical publications, George Emanuels' collection includes typed manuscripts and selected railroad materials.

Embleton (Richard) Correspondence Collection

Richard "Dickie" Embleton Lived in Hicksville, NY. His father, also Richard Embleton, served as a Sergeant in the U.S. Air Force. His mother's name was Mary. At some point Dickie lived with his Aunt Laura, Uncle John, and cousin Patty....

Embodied Information Teaching Collection

An artificial collection created by the Sutro Library staff in 2017 that allows students to have a hands on experience with various formats and artifacts that embody the transmission of information throughout time. The samples in this collection are not...

Embree (Edwin Rogers) mimeograph

Relates to observations while traveling in Central America.

Emel'ianov (Ivan V.) papers

Correspondence, speeches and writings, printed matter, and photographs, relating to the Russian agricultural cooperative movement and to the theory of economic cooperation. Includes papers of Nataliia V. Emel'ianova, chemist and wife of I. V. Emel'ianov.

Emeline Hubbard Day journal : ms.S, 1853-1856 Mar. 31.

Pages 1-2 lacking. Description of Panama, en route to San Francisco with stop at Acapulco; comments on the gold mines and life near Placerville at Mountain House, an inn. Interspersed are stories and articles written by her, mainly of a...

Emergency Medical Services Authority Records

The California Emergency Medical Services Authority, EMSA, is one of 13 departments within the California Health and Human Services Agency and administers the statewide system of coordinated emergency medical care, injury prevention, and disaster medical response. The records of the...

Emeriti Association. Administrative files.

Record Series 570 contains the administrative files of UCLA's Emeriti Association. Files regard both the UCLA Emeriti Association and the Council of University of California Emeriti Associations.

Emeriti Association Records

Bylaws, membership information, minutes, newsletters, operational records, of the UC Davis Emeriti Association, as well as master video recordings of oral histories.

Emerson (Alfred) Collection - Ancient Greco-Roman

Documentation of Emerson’s collection is extensive. Within the accession files, there are papers detailing exchanges between Emerson and others, such as letters between Emerson and Phoebe Apperson Hearst, in addition to information on the provenance of objects. Other items include...

Emerson College records, 1960-1963.

Includes correspondence, publicity, and financial records.

Emerson (Edwin) letter

Relates to Swiss neutrality during World War I.

Emerson (Eloise) papers

This collection contains correspondence, documents and other material from Eloise Emerson, an accomplished public health nurse who worked for the Riverside County Department of Health. The majority of materials in the collection focus on her nursing career, and her lobbying...

Emerson (George H.) papers

Correspondence, reports, maps, photographs, and clippings, relating to the activities of the Russian Railway Service Corps, the political situation in Russia during the Russian Civil War, and the Czechoslovak Legion in Siberia.

Emerson (Michael P) Christopher Street West Photographs

Eight color photographs taken by Michael P. Emerson at the 1972 Christopher Street West parade in San Francisco.

Emerson (Nathaniel Bright) Papers

This collection contains the papers of Hawaiian physician and author Nathaniel Bright Emerson (1839-1915), including a a wide range of material such as research material for his major publications about Hawaiian myths, songs, and history, manuscripts, diaries, notebooks, correspondence, and...

Emerson (Ralph D.) photographs of Stanford University

24 photographs, mostly of campus dormitories and Jane Stanford’s home, along with several depicting student life....

Emerson (Ralph W.) Letter, 1859

One letter (ALS) from Ralph Waldo Emerson to Daniel Ricketson, thanking him for his book , and mentioning, re Henry David Thoreau, "We were all concerned that Mr. Thoreau would [prod her ?] at the Music Hall on Sunday. From...

Emerson (Ralph W.) Letter, 1861

One letter (ALS) from Ralph Waldo Emerson to Mr. [Slack?] requesting his assistance in obtaining newspaper coverage for a lecture. Concord, Mass., 3 Dec.1861....

Emerson (Rebecca) Papers

The Rebecca Emerson Papers include photographs, correspondence, legal documents, and ephemera that document the activities of Rebecca Emerson and the Prince family in Texas.

Emerson (Robert M.) Papers

Professor Emeritus Robert M. Emerson has worked for the Department of Sociology at UCLA for 45 years as a leader who was instrumental in building ethnomethodology as a field of inquiry. The collection consists of field notes, subject interview transcripts,...

Emerson School (Berkeley, Calif.) collection.

History of the school, early photographs, list of graduates.

Emerton (Bruce) Collection on the Pomona Fox Theater Reopening

The Bruce Emerton Collection on the Pomona Fox Theater Reopening contains materials relating to the time the Pomona Fox Theater reopened in 2009 after being refurbished. The collection is primarily comprised of materials relating to the reopening of the Pomona...

Emery (Alan R.) Papers

Materials documenting the professional life of psychologist and consultant on HIV/AIDS in the workplace, Dr. Alan R. Emery. Includes writings and presentation materials and correspondence from presentation and workshop attendees describing their reactions to Emery’s presentations and the management of...

Emery (Jacob Adams) letters

Relates to American military activities during World War I.

Emery (Mike) Collection

Michael "Mike" Emery was a journalist, author, and professor of journalism at California State University, Northridge. The collection consists of photographs, audiovisual materials, papers, and mass media reporting of conflicts, politics, and the press in several geographic areas, specifically locations...

Emery (Thomas Parker) Personal Papers

Thomas Parker Emery - a local community college art instructor, mural painter, designer, and sculptor - was commissioned to restore the March of Transportation murals painted by Juan Larrinaga in the Ford Building, which currently houses the San Diego Air...

EMI Angel Records collection

Collection consists of production materials for the EMI Angel Records label, primarily research for the album liner notes and artwork for album covers.

Emil Bronimann papers, ca. 1910-1949.

Papers relating to Bronimann's career as an engineer, consisting primarily of maps, plans, diagrams, tracings, sketches, blueprints, etc., of mines, mining camps, roads and railway routes in Chihuahua and other northwestern Mexican states. Included also are reports with related correspondence...

Emil Fischer collection of photographs.

Includes group portraits, copy photographs of portraits, several laboratory interiors, and building exteriors, probably taken in Germany.

Emil Fischer papers : additions, 1876-1960.

Miscellaneous correspondence, biography, writings, etc., relating to Fischer and his family.

Emil J. Kern letters, 1909-1912.

Letters relate to activities as socialist and labor union organizer, mainly in San Francisco and Vallejo.

Emil Jensen papers, 1873-1967 (bulk 1926-1939).

Contains manuscripts, correspondence, a diary, legal documents, ships logs, news clippings and other memorabilia. Topics of manuscripts include San Francisco, the Yukon, the outdoors and Jack London. Correspondence includes 6 letters from Jack London, 6 letters from Charmain London after...

Emil Lewis Holmdahl papers, 1905-1958.

Correspondence, army records, photographs, clippings and papers relating to his experiences as a soldier of fortune with Pancho Villa in Mexico and as officer in World War I. Include letters from Sherburne G. Hopkins, Keith Wakeman, Julio Mitchell, Atkins McLemore,...

[Emil Petaja portraits of Clark Ashton Smith].

Informal portraits of Clark Ashton Smith taken outdoors near his cabin in Auburn, Calif. Petaja appears with Smith in one of the photographs.

Emil Pásztor oral history : oral history transcript, 2003.

Family background and early schooling; beginning medical university; Russian army siege of Budapest in 1945; capture by Russians; march to war labor camp, escape from Russians; experiences under Communist regime in Hungary; work before continuing medical education; attending medical university...

Emile J. Dillon papers

Correspondence with statesmen, historians, staff of the Daily Telegraph, family, etc., memoranda, diaries, subject files, articles, materials on Oriental studies, books and journals, and photographs.

Emiliano Zapata correspondence, 1914-1916.

Typescript letters, many on official letterhead stationery ("República Mexicana, Ejército Libertador, Cuartel General" and "Correspondencia particular del Gral. Emiliano Zapata"), signed by Zapata concerning land reforms and implementation of the Plan de Ayala. Some are signed by Manuel Palafox on...

Emilie Henry Burcham Photograph Album

Photograph album compiled by Emilie Henry Burcham as an undergraduate at Stanford, 1898-1903, with a few later entries. Subjects include views of the Quad and the campus, damage from the 1906 earthquake, construction of Assembly Hall and Memorial Church, the...

Emilio Segrè correspondence with Cornelis Bakker, 1931-1946.

Contains 78 mostly typescript letters of correspondence between two prominent physicists, Emilio Segrè and Cornelis Bakker, covering the time period from August 4, 1931 to July 15, 1946. Sixty-three of the letters are from Segrè to Bakker and are signed....

Emilio Segrè letters : Berkeley, Calif., to Kenkichiro Koizumi, 1976.

Contains three typewritten letters from an eminent Italian physicist, Emilio Segrè, to a Japanese professor of the history of science, Kenkichiro Koizumi. Segrè writes of his interest in the history of physics in Japan and comments on the reputation of...

Emily B. Perry letter, 1881 December 21.

One holograph letter written by Emily B. Perry in response to Mary's inquiry about a Mr. Vinton. She claims to have no knowledge of him but she did meet the Rev. Francis Vinton, Assistant Rector of Trinity Church, New York...

Emily Ketchum Bancroft correspondence, 1851-1869 (bulk 1851-1859).

Contains letters received by Emily Ketchum from her friends and suitors. Does not include correspondence from her husband, H.H. Bancroft.

Emily Wortis Leider papers, approximately 1971-2003.

Contains research materials on Thom Gunn, newspaper clippings of Leider's book reviews, and a small amount of correspondence.

Emin (Vahan) collection

Serial issues, clippings, reports, appeals, resolutions, and letters, relating to Armenians and Armenian nationalism in the Soviet Union, and especially in the Nagorno-Karabakh region of Azerbaijan.

Emler (Mahala E.) Diary Collection

Mahala E. Emler, of Coshocton and Cambridge, Ohio, kept a diary from 1943 to 1967 in which she describes her daily routines, events, marriages, births, her local community, and events of national significance including the conclusion of World War II...

Emler (Ron) Photographs and Greeting Cards

Photographic prints and greetings cards documenting the travels, personal life, extended family, friends, and civic activities of Ron Emler during the 1990s . He was a long-time partner of Joseph Carrier and a Redondo Beach School District teacher and counselor.

Emma Alexander (passenger vessel) radio newsletter

The Emma Alexander (passenger vessel) radio newsletter (SAFR 17647, HDC 387) contains one Daily Radio News bulletin dated July 19, 1933. The S.S. Emma Alexander was operated by the Admiral Line. The four-page bulletin contains mostly Depression-related news, sports, and...

Emma Frances Dawson papers, [18--?].

Includes a thank-you note to Albert M. Bender, and copies of her patriotic poem, Old Glory.

Emma J. Wickens and her electric automobile [graphic]

One photograph shows Wickens and her electric car; the other shows her and an unidentified man in front of her residence in Pasadena, Calif., with the car in the driveway.

Emma Jane Baker McIntyre observations on her life in the Pribilof Islands : St. George's Island : ms., 1874.

Written for her mother, Mrs. Ashford Baker, while her husband, Captain Wm. J. McIntyre, was resident agent for the Alaska Commercial Company.

Emma L. Hume correspondence, 1899-1927.

Includes letters from Ninetta Eames Payne and Katherine Boyd concerning Charmian London and Frances Fuller Victor.

Emma Lazarus Jewish Women's Clubs of Los Angeles Records

This is a collection of the records of the Emma Lazarus Jewish Women's Clubs of Los Angeles. This organization of secular Jewish women, most active in the 1950's through the 1970's, was dedicated to: promoting secular Jewish culture, advocating for...

Emma Moffat McLaughlin photograph collection [graphic]

Includes portraits of Emma McLaughlin, photos of social activities and travel, in Japan, Paris, 5th Conference of the Institute of Pacific Relations in Banff, 1933, and the Institute's headquarters in San Francisco, other San Francisco Bay Area views (including one...

Emma Nelson Baker papers, 1910-1939.

Contains correspondence, maps, ephemera etc. of Emma Nelson Baker concerning her role in organizing the 1915 Panama-Pacific Exposition in San Francisco, California. Also includes Baker's personal correspondence.

Emma Nelson Baker photographs [graphic] : relating to the Panama-Pacific International Exposition, her career, and personal life.

Photographic archive of Emma Nelson Baker, in large part reflective of her role in helping to organize the Panama-Pacific International Exposition held in San Francisco in 1915. Vols. 1-2: photograph albums documenting the planning and building of the PPIE from...

Emma Shafter Howard papers, 1868-1903.

Copy of College of California commencement address, 1868, by Richard Eugene Poston; annotated copy of Samuel H. Willey's History of the College of California, with letters by the author tipped in; correspondence with Joseph Cummings Rowell; and clippings concerning the...

Emma Unwin letterbooks and memorials : ms., 1827-1842.

Copies of letters written: by an English housewife, compiled as a memorial after her death. Included also are copies of a few letters from her husband, Jacob, and from friends; reminiscences concerning her last illness, and copy of sermons read...

Emmanuel Benjamin Lamare papers, circa 1897-1914.

Papers of instructor of French, University of California, Berkeley, including notes on grammar, examination questions, poems, drafts of an article on Louis Pasteur, clippings, and two scrapbooks containing clippings, notes, poems, circulars and other papers, some of which relate to...

Emmanuel C. Montoya collection of Dudley Carter, 1981-2004.

Contains files primarily related to two Dudley Carter sculptures at City College of San Francisco, Goddess of the Forest, and The Ram. Files include materials used for research and promotion of restoration and preservation work done on the sculptures by...

Emmanuel Henri Louis Alexandre de Launay, comte dAntraigues letter, 1753-1812

One letter (ALS) in French from French pamphleteer, diplomat, spy and political adventurer de Launay, in a hand difficult to decipher. N.p., 6 febrier [ca. late 1700s-early 1800s]. Alpha list.

Emmerson (John K.) papers

Speeches and writings, correspondence, notes, printed matter, and photographs, relating to Japanese-American relations, post-World War II Japanese politics, the Vietnamese War, and U.S. foreign policy in the Far East. Papers date mainly from the period of Emmerson's retirement.

Emmert (Fred L.) collection of aerial photographs from the Real Estate Masterwork series of books

This collection is comprised of aerial photographs, taken by Fred L. Emmert, a professional aerial photographer based in Orange County. The photographs were used in a series of books by Fred L. Emmert and Richard N. Frost. The books present...

Emmet (Christopher Temple) papers

Correspondence, memoranda, reports, press releases, writings, recordings of radio broadcasts, and photographs, relating to anti-Nazi and anti-communist movements in the U.S., U.S. foreign policy during the Cold War, and U.S.-German relations. Digital copies of select records also available at

Emmons (Bob) Papers

Manuscripts and research files for Bob Emmons's .

Emmons (Delos C.) papers

Correspondence, reports, and orders, relating to the U.S. military mission to Great Britain in 1940, and to U.S. troops stationed in Hawaii and on the U.S. Pacific coast during World War II.

Emmy Awards Collection of Music Scores

This collection is comprised of non-published manuscripts of scores and orchestral parts used for Emmy Award presentations primarily between 1969-1970 and 1980-1988. The manuscripts included in this collection mainly consist of segments of theme songs drawn from popular television shows...

Emmy Lou Packard papers, 1931-2003.

Notes, newsclippings, articles, and other materials relating to her work.

EMNID-Institut fur Meinungsforschung und Sozialforschung records

Questionnaires used in a survey to determine West German and West Berlin public opinion regarding the Berlin question, and excerpts from the results of the survey.

Emory S. Turner document, circa 1862

[Lieutenant, New York Infantry, 120th Regiment, Company D]. Copy of Civil War manuscript re spending last year of war in Washington, [D.C.].

Emotional Status of 56 Prenatal Clinic Patients : Correlation with Obstetrical Experiences thesis

Collection consists of a thesis submitted to the School of Hygiene and Public Health of The Johns Hopkins University in conformity with the requirements for the degree of Doctor of Public Health which includes a photographic portrait of the author,...

Emparan (Madie Brown) papers

Correspondence, writings, clippings, memorabilia, and photographs, relating to the 1928 Republican convention and presidential campaign of Herbert Hoover in California, and to historic landmarks in California.

Emperor Russ Jacket

Jacket belonging to Emperor II, Russ Higginbotham. White poly-cotton jacket with blue neck, waist, and wrist trim. Patches for San Francisco Cable Car, Metropolitan Community Church, Pathfinders Western Travel Club, Russ II, and a large overlay of the Society for...

Empey (William Young) Papers

This collection chiefly contains records documenting the work of William Young Empey (1808-1890) in England and America as an agent of the Perpetual Emigration Fund (PEF) of the Mormon Church, chiefly dating from the early 1850s. There are also letters...

Empire Mill and Mining Company Collection

Correspondence, 1861-1871; 1880-1881...

Empire Mill and Mining Company Collection, 1861-18881

Correspondence, 1861-1871; 1880-1881

Empire Mine, Grass Valley, California [graphic]

Photographs show miners, mining, the mill, flumes, trains, and other views related to the Empire Mine and North Star Mill in Grass Valley, Calif.

Empire Mine State Historic Park Collection

The Empire Mine State Historic Park Collection contains correspondence, financial and administrative material, mining records, employee records, and vendor material from the Empire Mine located in Grass Valley, California, and from other mines located throughout Nevada County, California. Mines and...

Empire Mine State Historic Park Photographic Collection

The Empire Mine State Historic Park Photographic Collection contains 1,085 cataloged images that date from 1870 through 2012. Images depict the property as both a functioning gold mine and, later, a state historic park.

Empire Mines records, 1912-1952.

Materials pertaining to the legal and financial affairs of the Empire Mines and William Bowers Bourn and to the proposed merger of the Empire Mines with the Filoli Estate at Woodside.

Employers' Associations Collection

Files on business management associations, predominantly from California, gathered by the San Francisco Employers Council Research Department for professor Sumner Slichter of Harvard University to prepare him for his late 1940's study of labor relations on the Pacific Coast.

Employment Dept. and Human Resources Development Dept. Records

The records of the Department of Employment (1936-1967) and Department of Human Resources Development (1968-1974) include 42 cubic feet of records accumulated over 30 years at the California State Archives. The records cover the period 1932 to 1974 and reflect...

Emporium Company Records

The Emporium was a San Francisco department store that operated from 1872-1995. Originally opened as the "Davis Brothers Golden Rule Bazaar" in 1872 it was renamed the Emporium in 1896 when it merged with its namesake. The company was eventually...

Empress of Colma Papers

The collection consists of an invitation to the celebration of "The Rabbitt's" "Big 5-0," correspondence from 1976 (between the Emperor and Empress of Colma, among others), regarding a dispute between the Council of Emperors vs. Emperor Michael Caringi, an unlabeled...

Empty 17th century Italian leather binding with Latin text on pastedown

Empty 17th century Italian leather binding with Latin text on pastedown.

en L.A. (Vista) Archive

Vista en LA is a contemporary, popular music, entertainment magazine aimed at the Latino Spanish speaking audience with wide cross-over English speaking audiences in Southern California. Through the years (mid 1980s to the present day), the magazine has undergone a...

Encino Woman's Club Collection

The documents club administration, activities, philanthropic endeavors, and the acquisition and management of their clubhouse. It details membership and committee work through business and executive meeting agendas, minutes, and attendance records. Fundraising events and local field trips are documented by...

Encore (schooner) logbook

The Encore (schooner) logbook (SAFR 14042, HDC 122) is comprised of one volume logbook kept by H.P. Palmgren during a voyage from San Francisco to Grays Harbor and Valparaiso, Chile from September 12, 1912 to sometime in 1913. Recorded in...

Encounter Cinema records

The collection contains organization files, maintained by administrator Douglas Edwards, on independent and experimental films screened at the theater, including correspondence, programs, press releases, clippings and reviews, and grant applications. There is information on American independent filmmakers, including resumes, filmographies,...

Encyklopaedie der Philologie von Professor O. Ribbeck : ms., [undated].

Notes taken from Professor Ribbeck's lectures on philology.

Endeavor (ship) bill of lading

Endeavor (ship) bill of lading (SAFR 18864, HDC 517) is for merchandise bound for San Francisco, California from New York under Captain Doaur on November 7, 1868. The collection is available for research use without restriction.

Enders, Private Hubert R. Letter Guide to

This collection contains a hand-written letter and the envelope it was contained in. It was written by Pvt. Hubert R. Enders from Camp Kohler, Sacramento, California and received by Elsie M. Brown in Brooklyn, New York. Details in the letter...

Enders (Robert) papers

Collection consists of scripts, clippings, and tapes from the career of American television and film writer and producer Robert Enders.

Enderton (Herbert B.) papers

Herbert B. Enderton was a mathematician and logician who taught mathematics at UCLA for over four decades, edited the Journal of Symbolic Logic's Reviews Section for more than three decades, chaired the UCLA Logic Colloquium, and was an internationally renowned...

Endore (S. Guy) papers

S. Guy Endore (1901-70) was a prolific author of books as well as television and movie scripts. His script, , was nominated for an Oscar in 1945. He was reputedly blacklisted by the Hollywood studios for his political views in...

Endrzheevskii (Adol'f Adol'fovich) papers

Adol'f Adol'fovich Endrzheevskii was a Russian émigré colonel who participated in the Second World War in the Russian Corps in Yugoslavia. One folder of his papers contains his correspondence with the founder and first commander of that unit, General Mikhail...

Energy Policy Office Papers, White House Central Files, 1973-1974

The Energy Policy Office file group documents the Nixon administration’s energy policies for the early 1970s. The mission of the EPO was to identify major problems in the energy area, review alternatives, make policy recommendations, and assure that Federal agencies...

Enforcing the law against gambling, bootlegging, graft, fraud, and subversion, 1922-1942 : oral history transcript / and related material, 1970-1976.

Comments on his long career in law enforcement, as agent for the Internal Revenue Service's Bureau of Prohibition, and working with Earl Warren on the staff of the Alameda County district attorney's office and the California attorney general's office. Views...

Engel (Edward J.) Collection

This collection highlights Engel's accomplishments during his long and distinguished career with the Santa Fe Railway. It includes a scrapbook containing news coverage and congratulatory letters upon his promotion to executive vice-president. Some mementos from his retirement such as a...

Engel (Fred) family photograph collection

The photographs and papers in the collection relate to the life of Fred Engel, who worked in Hollywood throughout the 1940s.

Engel (Mark) Papers

This collection includes materials documenting Engel's time as a student of Gregory Bateson and his involvement in the selection of essays for by Gregory Bateson.

Engel Sluiter collection of papers relating to Dutch-Iberian global rivalry, approximately 1400-approximately 1740, (bulk 1575-1650).

Collection of photocopies and transcriptions of documents from Spanish, Portugese and Dutch archives relating primarily to Dutch-Iberian global rivalry. The bulk of documents date from the 16th and 17th centuries. Included are materials on colonial expansion, voyages to the Pacific,...

Engel Sluiter history class maps.

Maps used for teaching history classes at UCB.

Engelbart (Douglas C.) papers

This collection documents that activities of Douglas C. Engelbart, a computer scientist whose pioneering work in the 1950s and 1960s (first at SRI International, later at Tymshare, Inc.) led to the development of the interactive personal computer. Most of the...

Engelbart (Douglas) Symposia Records

The materials consist of videorecordings, brochures and handouts from the symposia, clippings, press releases, press kit, photographs from the event, and a videotape of TV coverage from various news shows.

Engelke (Marian E.) Printing Ephemera Collection

Marian Elizabeth Engelke served as a staff artist at UCLA (1964-84). The collection consists of signs, brochures, and pamphlets designed and printed by Engelke during her career as a staff artist at UCLA. The collection also contains material designed and...

Engelman (Harry) papers

The collection consists mostly of correspondence, ephemera, and materials such as newspaper clippings related to Engleman's career in social work and to his personal life.

Engelmann (Larry) papers

The Larry Engelmann papers consists of Engelmann's research on the Vietnam War, including personal interviews of Americans and Vietnamese, focusing on Saigon in the days surrounding the Fall of South Vietnam. The collection contains photographs, cassette tapes, videos, floppy disks,...

Engelmore (Robert) Papers

Collection includes documents regarding the computer programs/projects CRYSALIS and SACON; conference papers; copies of overhead slides for talks; and files pertaining to the computer company Teknowledge, Inc. Teknowledge files include stock papers, annual reports, correspondence, company publications and brochures; correspondents...


This collection includes documentary material collected by Engine 557 Restoration Company during their restoration of Alaska Railroad locomotive No. 557.

Engineering and Applied Science (School of). Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET) files.

Record Series 498 contains course files used for accreditation by the Accreditation Board of Engineering and Technology (ABET) for departments within the School of Engineering and Applied Science.

Engineering and Applied Science (School of). Administrative files.

Record Series 550 contains administrative, academic, and research files generated by the School of Engineering and Applied Science at the University of California, Los Angeles.

Engineering and Applied Science (School of). Bio-Technology Laboratory. Administrative files.

Record Series 549 contains administrative files generated by the Bio-technology Laboratory at the University of California, Los Angeles School of Engineering and Applied Science.

Engineering and Applied Science (School of). Bio-Technology Laboratory. Publications.

Record Series 611 contains publications generated by the Bio-Technology Laboratory at the University of California, Los Angeles, School of Engineering and Applied Science.

Engineering and Applied Science (School of). Course proposal files.

Record Series 715 contains course proposal files generated by UCLA's School of Engineering and Applied Science.

Engineering and Applied Science (School of). Dean. Administrative Files.

Record Series 54 contains administrative files of the deans of the UCLA School of Engineering and Applied Sciences from 1967 to 1981. Files include academic plans, faculty directories, and other materials from Chauncey Starr, C. Martin Duke, and Russell R....

Engineering and Applied Science (School of). Engineering Executive Program. Records.

Record Series 508 contains records generated by the Engineering Executive Program of UCLA's School of Engineering and Applied Science. Records include articles and student reports (appraisals, analyses, studies) from Engineering courses 270, 470, 471, 472, and 473.

Engineering and Applied Science (School of). Executive Committee. Records.

Record Series 473 contains the records of the Executive Committee at UCLA's School of Engineering and Applied Science.

Engineering and Applied Science (School of). Faculty meeting files.

Record Series 474 contains faculty meeting files generated by the School of Engineering and Applied Science at the University of California, Los Angeles.

Engineering and Applied Science (School of). Graduate Policy Committee. Records.

Record Series 472 contains the records of the Graduate Policy Committee of UCLA's School of Engineering and Applied Science. Materials include correspondence, reports, proposals, agendas, and minutes regarding Committee meetings, subcommittees, and divisions.

Engineering and Applied Science (School of). Hazardous Substances Control Research Center. Records.

Record Series 573 contains the records of the Hazardous Substances Control Research Center at UCLA's School of Engineering and Applied Science. Records include proposals, reports, meeting minutes, research topical files, and individual researcher files.

Engineering and Applied Science (School of). Nuclear Energy Laboratory. Records.

Record Series 722 contains the records of the Nuclear Energy Laboratory at UCLA's School of Engineering and Applied Science.

Engineering and Applied Science (School of). Publications and reports.

Record Series 55 contains publications and reports generated by UCLA's School of Engineering and Applied Science generated between 1945-1980.

[Engineering and construction photographs from the Charles Derleth papers].

Construction progress photographs of various projects, including the Carquinez Strait bridge (fALB boxes 1 and 2, and A box 5); the Oakland Estuary Tunnel (fALB box 2); the Oakland-Alameda tube (George A. Posey Tube) (A boxes 4 and 5); and...

Engineering (College of). Administrative files of C. [Charles] Martin Duke.

Record Series 52 contains reports, committee minutes, and correspondence pertaining to the operation of the College of Engineering at UCLA. Predominant subjects include activities of faculty, curriculum design, departmental organization including a master plan study, annual commencement program and dinner,...

Engineering (College of). Outgoing administrative correspondence of Charles Martin Duke.

Record Series 38 contains the outgoing correspondence of Charles Martin Duke of the UCLA College of Engineering.

Engineering Courses at Stanford University Correspondence

Letters to University President David Starr Jordan from Professors Charles B. Wing, structural engineering, William R. Eckart, mechanical engineering, William F. Durand, mechanical engineering, and Harris J. Ryan, electrical engineering, in response to a proposed plan to make engineering coursework...

Engineering Projects Slides collection

35mm slides with item level inventory in slide box

Engineering reports : on electrical and gas utility operations in some California counties, 1931-1939.

Concern Midland Counties Public Service Corporation and Santa Maria Gas Company (San Luis Obispo); street lighting and natural gas service for San Diego; inventory and appraisal of Pinole Light and Power Company; Central Valley Project.

Engineering, Science, and Management War Training (ESMWT). Announcement and brochures.

Record Series 587 contains brochures and course announcements describing specialized defense industry training offered by UCLA during World War II, including approximately 286 course announcements, 79 brochures, and 4 publications created by the Engineering, Science, and Management War Training (ESMWT)...

Engineering, Science, and Management War Training records

This collection consists of USC's final course proposals for the United States Office of Education's Engineering, Science, and Management War Training program.

Engineering views in Panama and at the Keokuk Dam [graphic]

Snapshots of ships and unidentified passengers, street views and docks, buildings and scenes, all presumably from Panama. Also included are construction views of a railroad (and the Panama Canal?) Additional views relate to dam and lock construction, apparently on the...

England : Documents, 1461-1871

Summary: A miscellaneous collection of English documents form many sources, arranged in chronological order according to the dates of the documents....

England (Claire) Negatives

Color slides taken by Claire England in San Francisco, Oakland, and Berkeley document city architecture, the construction of the Grove-Shafter Freeway and the Bay Area Rapid Transit tracks circa 1969-1970. Also includes family photos and photographs of steamships in Oakland...

England (Robert) mimeograph

Relates to rehabilitation and readjustment of World War I veterans and expected problems of, and approaches to, rehabilitating and readjusting World War II veterans, especially in Canada.

Englander (Wilhelmina Hihn) Collection

This collection contains materials on the Hihn family, as collected and donated by Wilhelmina Hihn Englander (1909-2002). It includes correspondence, photographs, and legal and personal documents of the Hihn family. Also included are some genealogical research files, newspaper clippings documenting...

Engle (Clair) Collection

This collection spans the political career of Clair Engle from 1933 - 1964 with additions through 1979, topics include: Legislative Files, Legislative Correspondence, General Files, Mining, Congressional Records, Speeches, Statements, Broadcasts, Guest Books, Press Releases, Invitations, Tapes, Campaign Materials, Voting...

Engle (Jack) papers

Materials relating to the biological research of Dr. John (Jack) Engle.

Engle (Shirley H.) papers

Speeches and writings, correspondence, reports, memoranda, newsletters, bulletins, and curricular materials, relating to various aspects of education in the United States, especially the teaching of social studies and international education.

Englebright (William F.) Papers

William F. Englebright served as a member of Congress from California's First District from 1907-1911. The William F. Englebright Papers consist of 3 cubic feet of records containing professional correspondence relating to his five years in the U.S. House of...

Englekirk (John E.) Papers

John Eugene Englekirk (1905- ) was a professor of Spanish and Portuguese. He taught at the University of New Mexico (1928-39), Tulane University (1939-58), and at UCLA. He also served as treasurer (1938-40), president (1940-42), and vice-president (1955-57, 1961-63, 1967-69)...

Engleman (Finis Ewing) papers

Correspondence, speeches and writings, reports, photographs, and printed matter, relating to the administration of higher education and of international schools, the Association for the Advancement of International Education, the Department of State Office of Overseas Schools, the American Association of...

English / French document, circa 18th century

Partial leaf of a printed document, in English and French, with subheadings such as "The King's Pardon to his People of divers Debts...". Provenance unknown. Alpha list.

English (Ada) papers

Miss English was USC President Rufus B. von KleinSmid's long time secretary. This collection contains a photograph of a young Miss English, a 1941 booklet commemorating her 20th anniversary as secretary, letters congratulating her upon her retirement in 1964, and...

English Almanacs, 1767.

The collection contains fourteen printed English almanacs, bound together in one volume, with titles such as: "The Gentleman's Diary, or the Mathematical Repository; The Ladies' Diary": or, Woman's Almanack"; "Parker's Ephemeris, Poor Robin; The English Apollo, or, Useful Companion" and...

English Almanacs, 1767

The collection contains fourteen printed English almanacs, bound together in one volume.

English Almanacs, 1772

The collection contains twelve printed English almanacs, all dated 1772, bound together in one volume.

[English and Scottish Joint Co-operative Wholesale Society tea game card set].

Complete set of numbered cards issued by the English and Scottish Joint Co-operative Society pertaining to the history of the British tea trade and international tea culture. Fronts of cards are illustrated by various subjects, including teapots from China and...

[English and Scottish Joint Co-operative Wholesale Society tea game card sets].

Two complete sets, 12 cards per set, issued by the English and Scottish Joint Co-operative Society, pertaining to their activities in the British tea trade. One set of 12 cards illustrates various aspects of the trade, including views of estate,...

[English and Scottish Joint Co-operative Wholesale Society tea game cards for the Rose of the Orient].

Complete set of cards issued by the English and Scottish Joint Co-operative Society pertaining to their activities in the British tea trade, specifically to their Rose of the Orient film series (released 1935). Set is illustrated by scenes of Ceylon...

English Chapbook Collection

This collection is comprised of original chapbooks from England published in the nineteenth century. These chapbooks include song books, lesson books, fortune telling guides, natural histories, histories, and other ephemera. The term “chapbook” was first used in 1824, according to...

English Civil War copper engravings, circa 1710s

29 early eighteenth century mounted portraits of earlier seventeenth century figures, prominent in the English Civil War, several done by Michael van der Gucht. Oversize, boxed. Alpha list.

English Civil War copper engravings, circa early 18th century

Five early eighteenth century mounted portraits of earlier seventeenth century figures, prominent in the English Civil War. Oversize, boxed. Alpha list.

English (Department of) Records

Small set of files on faculty members Robert Wiggins, Celeste Turner Wright, and Karl Shapiro. Includes a poster for the Snyder/Soderquist Distinguished Visiting Writers lecture series.

English Department. Records

Record Series 641 contains records generated by the Department of English at the University of California, Los Angeles between 1969 and 1983.

English engravings, circa 18th century-19th century

58 engravings, people and places, including a number of London.

English for the children [kit].

"A project of One Nation/One California, a 501(c)4 nonprofit corporation."

English garden history, western gardening, and creating and editing Pacific horticulture : oral history transcript / 2000.

Boyhood in wartime London, conscientious objector status, alternative service jobs; research work at Kodak, Ltd., 1954-1972, bicycling; British Garden History Society activities, programs, horticultural groups, status; Waters's gardens in England; marriage, and move to Berkeley, CA; connecting with California Horticultural...

English land documents, 1758 Oct. 31 and 1867 July 25.

The 1758 land document concerns land of Edward Davenhill the elder, and Edward Davenhill the younger and his wife Lydia. The 1867 document concerns Emily Wilkie of Finsbury Place in Middlesex county and Robert Stanton of Glengall Grove in Surrey...

English Language Learner Oral Interviews Collection

The California State University, Northridge Freshman Seminar (U100) program includes a Community-Based Learning component. The sudden shift to online learning at the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic in the spring of 2020 meant that existing in-person relationships for this purpose...

English literary miscellany : single items.

Concerns collections pertaining to English literature and its personalities. Single items cataloged separately. See individual records for content (search under title: English literary miscellany.)

English (Patrick Noland) Uniform

Patrick English is a gay U.S. Army veteran and Korean language linguist. He served in the Army between 2000 and 2005, including a tour in Iraq. This Army dress uniform features a medal for service in the “Global War on...

English Photo Album

One photo album, containing 49 black/white images with captions, ca. 1920s-1930s. Includes scenes, mostly buildings, bridges, and streets, of Albany, Aldbury, Cambridge, Canterbury, Ely, London, Maidenhead, Oxford, St. Albans, Stoke Poges, Tunbridge Wells, and Wycombe....

English Portrait Album

The album contains a collection of primarily CDV and cabinet cards. These include unidentified portraits of people ranging in age from infants to elderly individuals. A studio logo on the back of each cabinet card identifies the photographers. All photographs...

English Portrait Album

The album contains a collection of primarily CDV and cabinet cards. These include unidentified portraits of people ranging in age from infants to elderly individuals. A studio logo on the back of each cabinet card identifies the photographers. All photographs...

English (Robert A.) Collection

The collection mainly pertains to the activities of the Community Council to End the War in Vietnam and other peace efforts in the Santa Barbara area.

[English Soul : a photograph album of an African American soul band].

Snapshots of a soul band playing at various venues in the vicinity of Monterey, California. Band members may have been college students living on or near the Monterey Peninsula in the late 1960s.

English-Pomo vocabularies of the seven dialects, circa 1965-1970.

A comparative vocabulary, with manuscript maps. Includes notes relating to the Pomos and the Pomo dialects.

English-Seneca dictionary notes

This is a small, leather-bound, 6-ring looseleaf notebook with the title "Seneca Dictionary" by Joseph Keppler, compiled between 1914 and 1944. Entries are hand-written in English with Seneca translations on the opposite page.

Englund (Ken) papers

Ken Englund (1911-1993) wrote material for vaudeville routines, radio shows, stage musicals, screenplays, and contributed scripts to television programs. He also served as president of the Writers Guild of America, West. The collection consists of materials related to Englund's career...

Englund (Ken) papers

Ken Englund was a magazine writer when he began writing sketches and special material for vaudeville, radio, stage and film. The collection consists of script material for motion pictures, television, stage, and radio written by Englund and his collaborators.

Engman (Lewis) Papers, White House Central Files, 1970-1974

Lewis Engman served as a Special Assistant to the President in the Office of Consumer Affairs, Assistant Director of the Domestic Council, and Chairman of the Federal Trade Commission. His principle areas of concern were tax policy, housing, school finance,...

Engraved check signed by Francis Elias Spinner, 1849 September 11.

One engraved check with a portrait of Native American Seneca chief Red Jacket from Mohawk Valley Bank, State of New York, No. 814, signed by F. E. Spinner with pay to the order of Dexter Burton for $62.31. Spinner was...

Engraving, circa early 20th century.

Three items, with copies of signatures, for George Rogers Clark, Simon Kenton, and Isaac Shelby.

Engraving, circa early 20th century

Unknown male. Found in unsorted SC.

Engravings (Hand-Colored Wood) of Fairgrounds Collection

Collection consists of eleven framed English hand-colored wood engravings of the type sold by itinerant traders in fairs....

Engravings of the U.S. Capitol, circa early-mid 19th century

. Three engravings: "Plan of the Principal Floor ..." and "Plan of the Ceilings...", B. H. Latrobe and Chas. Bulfinch, principal artchitects, ca. early 1800s; also "Interior of the Hall of Representatives," ca. mid 1800s. [Oversize boxed].

Engravings of theaters and stage sets collection

The collection contains 28 engravings of theaters and stage set designs of the 17th and 18th centuries. Artists include Giacomo Torelli, Caspar Amort, Melchior and Matthäus Küsell, and Daniel Pomerade.

Engravings of Winchester, England, circa late 1700s-mid 1800s

15 engravings of Winchester, England (town, cathedral, Market Cross, and other), ca. late 1700s to mid 1800s. Alpha list.

Engravings, Portraits Collection

Images of people, primarily English, from 17th-18th century.

Engstead (John) and Franciene Watkins papers

The collection contains photographs, clippings of Engstead’s magazine work, including covers, celebrity profiles, fashion spreads, and advertisements; correspondence; and a heavily annotated typescript of Engstead’s book "Star Shots." The photograph series consists of 5,472 items with two dozen film and...

Engsworth (Augustus S.) Ledger

The collection contains one bound ledger kept by Augustus Ensworth for Thomas Whaley’s merchandizing business activities in San Diego from September 1860 to January 1865.

Enhancing a citizen's influence: Community Service in Alameda, 1917-1981 : oral history transcript / and related material, 1980-1983.

Comments on growing up in Alameda; involvement in civic affairs, teaching and volunteer organizations.

Enid Griffith Collection

The Placer County Archives maintains a collection of ledgers, maps, documents, and images pertaining to the Griffith family and the Griffith Quarry/Penryn Granite Works.

Enid Thompson Sales correspondence : and other material, circa 1954-2008.

Contains mostly personal correspondence of Sales, some from Bay Area Beat poet, Philip Whalen, and other acquaintances. Includes a drawing of nasturtiums in a vase and poem (O Greta Garbo!) inscribed "Belated nasturtiams for the birthday of Tommy Sales, with...

Enke (Stephen) printed reports

Relates to aspects of the American economy and population, especially economic effects of slowing population growth, and to the South Vietnamese economy. Prepared for TEMPO.

Ennes (James M.) papers

Writings, and working materials assembled for writings, relating to the Israeli naval and air attack on the American naval intelligence ship Liberty on 8 June 1967. Includes copies of court of inquiry proceedings, copies of naval messages and other documents...

Ennis House Foundation Records

Collection consists of board documents, financial records, correspondence, grant proposals, materials related to fundraising activities and the earthquake renovation, publications, and photographs....

Enno Neseman scrapbooks, [undated]

Mounted clippings; some biographical information concerning his father, Richard Neseman, and other Marysville pioneers.

Ennor (Muriel A.) scrapbook

A scrapbook belonging to Muriel A. Ennor of Los Angeles documenting Ennor's time at Manual Arts High School between 1918 and 1922. The scrapbook contains photographs of classmates, invitations to dances and parties, a series of programs and leaflets for...

Enochs (James) Papers

This series was donated to the CSU Archives by Dr. James Enochs. An undated note in the files from Dr. Judson Grenier, Professor of History at CSU Dominguez Hills, indicates that the donation was made some time after Enochs had...

Enochs (James) Papers

Papers (1953-1968) of James Enochs, Dean of Academic Planning for the California State Colleges. Papers focus on curriculum, graduate programs and other materials.

Enrado (Patty) collection

The Patty Enrado collection includes research material by Filipino American Author Patty Enrado. Enrado was raised in California’s central valley during the Delano Grape Strike. The collection contains 1 series: Research files, 1965-2014, which contains correspondences, primary and secondary sources...

Enrique Posters

Enrique was a queer rock band that was active in the 1990s in San Francisco, California. This collection includes numerous posters and paper ephemera created by the band.

Enrollment Services publications (University of California, Irvine)

This collection comprises publications of UCI Enrollment Services and its subunits: the Office of Admissions and Relations with Schools, the Center for Educational Partnerships, Financial Aid and Scholarships, and the Office of the Registrar and Student Academic Information Systems.

Ensemble Theatre archives

Organizational records of the Ensemble Theatre of Santa Barbara, including administrative and production files, as well as press releases, playbills, clippings, and photographs.

Enterprise Engine & Machinery Company records, circa 1940-1970.

Photographs, photographic negatives, product catalogs, publications (Enterprise News; Transamerica Times), mechanical drawings of machine parts, and telephone list of a large machinery and diesel engine manufacturing company that had its start in San Francisco, Calif. circa 1881. Some materials in...

Enterprise (steamer) freight receipt

Enterprise (steamer) freight receipt (SAFR 421, HDC 502) is dated May 11, 1870. ENTERPRISE was an Oregon packet steamer. The collection is available for research use without restriction.

Entertainment West records

Article typescripts and editorial content, correspondence, advertising information, distribution records, notes, contact sheets, photographs, publicity photographs, affidavits, newspaper clippings, and surveys, 1972-1976, from the national bi-monthly gay and lesbian newsmagazine, , based in Hollywood, California.

Enthoven (Alain C.) Papers

Collection consists of Enthoven's papers from the 1960s, during which time he served as Assistant Secretary of Defense for Systems Analysis, with the Department of Defense. Papers include summaries of daily activities, meeting notes, travel files, and other materials....

Entitled Opinions (About Life and Literature) with Robert Harrison

The materials consist of program audiorecordings of Robert Harrison's show "Entitled opions (about life and literature)" broadcast on KZSU 90.1 Wednesdays from 2-3PM.

Entomological Society of America, Pacific Branch Records

Annual meeting and committee minutes, annual reports, correspondence, financial documents, programs, and informational brochures.

Entomology (Department of) Records

Files related to the department's Mosquito Research Program, microfiche of faculty research, slides of Briggs Hall, and audiovisual materials on bees.

An entrepreneur in mining in North and South America, 1930s to 1990s : oral history transcript / 1995.

James Orr discusses growing up in British Columbia, using the spectrograph as a consulting engineer, mining diamonds in Brasil, and forming the Orr Engineering and Chemical Company.

Entwistle (John, Jr.) Collection

John Entwistle Jr. is a marijuana and cannabis legalization activist. The collection predominately includes material related to marijuana advocacy and Dennis Peron.

Entzmann (Arnold) Papers

Arnold Entzmann lived in San Francisco at the time of the 1906 earthquake. The collection consists of over 1000 photographs taken of San Francisco by Arnold Entzmann documenting the earthquake and resultant fire. The collection contains copy negatives, photograph albums...

Environmental Affairs Agency Records

The Environmental Affairs Agency was formed through a series of executive actions in the 1970s, in order to maintain and enforce existing environmental laws in California. The records of the Environmental Affairs Agency contain 22.5 cubic feet of textual...

Environmental Coalition of Orange County Records

This collection consists of materials related to the Environmental Coalition of Orange County (ECOC), a non-profit environmental group based in Santa Ana, California. The collection includes subjects divided into various county environmental issues from the mid-to-late 1970s to the early...

Environmental damage along Redwood Creek in the Redwood National Park site, California [graphic]

Views show environmental damage caused by logging along Redwood Creek, both before and after creation of the Redwood National Park.

Environmental Defense Center records

This collection contains the organizational records of the Environmental Defense Center (EDC), a Santa Barbara, California, public interest law firm and citizen environmental advocacy group, documenting its activties from 1969 to 2013.

Environmental Design Department Collection

This collections consists of documents and brochures from the undergraduate Environmental Design Department, and the Environmental-related coursework prior to the establishment of the department in 1993. Of particular note is a 1938 brochure of a Kem Weber course. There are...

Environmental Design (Department of) Records

Audio and video recordings of department lectures and events as well as lecture and project slides.

Environmental effects of tourism at Yosemite National Park

Photographs show the impact of human activities in Yosemite National Park.

Environmental effects of tourism at Yosemite National Park [graphic]

Photographs show the impact of human activities in Yosemite National Park, including a garbage area and incinerator, an abandoned outhouse, overflow campers camping in meadows, the development of various tourist and employee facilities, crowds of visitors, etc. Many photographs show...

Environmental Health and Safety publications (University of California, Irvine)

This collection comprises publications of the University of California, Irvine, Environmental Health and Safety Office. Included are announcements, newsletters, brochures, fliers, manuals, and reports.

Environmental Impact Report (EIR) Collection

This collection consists of three environmental impact reports and analyses, prepared for the Cities of Richmond and Pittsburg in the 1990s, on three proposed projects.

Environmental Issues Collection

The Environmental Issues Collection consists of thirteen boxes of Environmental Impact Reports (EIR) and other similar documents mainly for development projects in the San Diego area from 1986 to 1997. Of note are reports concerning water treatment and sewerage systems, the...

Environmental Planning and Compliance Records

This collection contains correspondence, memoranda, reports, meeting and field notes, workbooks, and publications. Graphics, maps, architectural drawings, construction plans, and photographs are present in the collection as well as electronic and magnetic media. All material was created in the process...

Environmental Protection Agency Records

The records of the California Environmental Protection Agency, or CalEPA, comprise 19 cubic feet of textual and audiovisual records reflecting the work of the Secretary of Environmental Protection and the Secretary's role in overseeing the various units within the agency,...

Environmental Protection Information Center (EPIC)/ Headwaters Court Cases Collection

This collection is the product of a series of court cases filed by the Environmental Protection Information Center (EPIC), Sierra Club, and United Steelworkers of America during the 1990s and early 2000s against Pacific Lumber Company (PALCO)/Maxxam. The litigation in...

Environmental Quality Laboratory (California Institute of Technology)

35mm slides, maps/rolled items, mining project documents...

Environmental Science and Policy (Department of) Records

Committee reports, grant information, publications, and department theses and dissertations.

Environmental Stewardship and Sustainability (Office of) Records

Materials related to the 2012 California Higher Education Sustainability Conference held at UC Davis, sustainablity awards received by the campus as well as plans and brochures created by the office.

E.O. 9066 Inc. Records

The collection contains surveys, correspondence, administrative papers, and mailing lists created by and related to E.O 9066 Inc. from 1942 to 1994. The materials relate to the push by E.O 9066 Inc. for redress, and include primarily responses to a...

E.O. Essig papers, 1925-1954.

Contains notes, outlines, and manuscripts relating to Essig's research on the history of entomology. Includes detailed diaries from his travels throughout the U.S., Europe, and North America during 1936-1937 and 1939-1943, as well as scrapbooks of picture postcards and other...

E.O. Essig photograph collection.

Album consists of snapshots of men and women on trips to Victoria, Canada; Oregon; Echo lake, Death Valley, and Kings Canyon, Calif. Also includes 23rd Annual Outing of the California Alpine Club to Sequoia National Park. Loose photo prints are...

[E.O. Lawrence at Tizard Mission and the Bohemian Grove].

Two group portraits that also include Carroll Wilson, Frank Lewis, Edward Bowles, E.G. Bowen, Alfred Loomis and A.H. Compton, among others.

Eoff, Clyde D. (First World War correspondence)

This collection consists of letters written by Sgt. Clyde D. Eoff, AEF, to his mother, sisters, and father, from 1917 to 1942. Also included in this collection are photographs, postcards, and miscellaneous ephemera.

Eolyn C. Guy family papers : Boston, Mass., circa 1930-1948.

Contains handwritten and typescript notes and personal correspondence, hotel bill, store receipt, NAACP membership card, etc., of family members related to a prominent black Baptist pastor in Boston, David S. Klugh, Sr. Most of the correspondence belongs to Eolyn [Klugh]...

Epaphroditus Wells letters to his wife : typescript, 1849-1850.

Typed transcripts (with carbon copies) of originals in private possession.

Epel (David) Papers

The collection consists of the professional papers of Dr. David Epel, including correspondence with colleagues; administrative files from his tenure as acting dean of Stanford Universty's Hopkins Marine Station; lab notebooks; research files and drafts of published work; files on...

Epes Ellery documents.

Bookstore letterhead, bank receipt, property deed.

Epes Ellery papers, 1858-1872.

Mainly accounts of Epes and George B. Ellery for Great Central, Comstock, Masonic Tunnel, Ellery & Antiquarian mining companies. Include a few personal receipts, blank forms, deed of sale for property in San Francisco.

[Ephemera and photographs relating to a visit to Japan by representatives of Pacific Coast chambers of commerce during the Great White Fleet visit].

Ephemera includes invitations, calling cards, entertainment event programs, menus, postcards, maps, brochures, etc. Many items pertain to a Mr. & Mrs. A.C. Bilicke.

Ephemera Collection

Artificial collection containing ephemera as well as legal documents: land deeds, stock certificates and bonds, brochures, poster and tax stamps, business letterheads, event programs and other ephemera pertaining to Monterey County, donated primarily by local collector Jeffrey McBride.

Ephemera Collection

The Ephemera Collection at the Center for Sacramento History is an artificial collection created to organize and make accessible the large number of discrete, historically valuable ephemeral items we receive as one-off or small miscellaneous donations....

Ephemera Collection

The majority of Collection 071 consists of leaflets, pamphlets, programs, photographs, brochures, broadsheets, and newspaper clippings, on a run of topics that ranges from travel and tourism to Roman Catholicism.

Ephemera Collection

Brochures, pamphlets, and publications relating primarily to Southern California, but also including national and international materials. Arranged geographically, and then by subject. 1880s-present, undated

Ephemera from the Wheelhouse of the Eureka (built 1890; ferry)

Ephemera from the Wheelhouse of the Eureka (built 1890; ferry) (SAFR 17385, HDC 252) consists of twenty items including timetables, advertisements and newsclippings. The collection is available for research use without restriction.

[Ephemera pertaining to Global Climate Action Summit, San Francisco, 2018].

1 poster and 1 illustrated double-sided broadside promoting events held in San Francisco on September 8, 2018 in preparation for the Global Climate Action Summit held in the city a few days later on September 12-14. Poster: Rise for Climate,...

Ephemeral Mexican Popular Literature Published by Antonio Vanegas Arroyo Collection

Antonio Vanegas Arroyo (1850?-1917) ran a printing house that issued a series of small theatrical works which were put in his . Some of his publications were illustrated by José Guadalupe Posada. Between them they produced "Perico el incorregible," "Casa...

Ephraim Dyer Estate Company records, 1857-1977.

Primarily contains financial and land documents, including land in Alvarado and the Altamont Pass areas of Alameda County and in Solano County. Also includes some administrative records such as by-laws, annual reports, and minutes of meetings. Details about the Dyer...

Ephraim W. Morse Papers, 1849-1906

Correspondence, account books, legal papers, express and shipping receipts, Spanish and Mexican documents relating to mines in lower California.

EPIC campaign material

Mounted clippings, pamphlets, leaflets, and mimeographed news releases pertaining to the primary election in California in 1934....

EPIC News periodicals collection

This collection consists of 1936-1946 issues of writer, activist, and politician Upton Sinclair's (1878-1968) and the End Poverty League's publication EPIC News.

Epitome Publications Records

Elwin Volk was editor and Dennis McCalib was designer of Epitome publications in Los Angeles. Boxes 8-14 include original manuscripts, drawings, music, portfolios of materials, and ephemera.

Eppes (William D.) collection

The collection consists primarily of research material gathered for an unpublished biography of the actress Gertrude Michael (1911-1964). Included are Eppes's manuscripts for "Gertrude Michael: A Star of the Golden Age of Hollywood" and "Gertrude Michael Album." There is also...

Eppie's Great Race and Eppie Johnson collection

The collection primarily documents Eppie's Great Race almost entirely through scrapbooks dating from 1974 through 2015. It also documents the race's creator, Eppaminondas "Eppie" Johnson, who was a Sacramento restaurateur and philanthropist. The scrapbooks contain programs, photographs, clippings, and other...

Epple (Bob) Papers

California legislator Robert David "Bob" Epple, Democrat, was a State Assembly Member, 1988-1994. He served two terms from 1988 to 1992 as representative of the 63rd Assembly District including the cities of Artesia, Cerritos, Downey, Hawaiian Gardens, Santa Fe Springs,...

Eppleton Hall (built 1914; paddle tugboat) restoration photographs

The Eppleton Hall (built 1914; paddle tugboat) restoration photographs, 1968-1969, (SAFR 24840, P79-108a) are comprised of photographs of EPPLETON HALL (built 1914; paddle tugboat) during her initial restoration in Newcastle upon Tyne, England. The collection has been processed to the...

Epps (Edie) Visitacion Valley

Materials documenting Little Hollywood and Visitacion Valley.

Epstein (Andrew J.) photographs

The collection comprises prints of photographs by gay photographer and artist Andrew J. Epstein. The majority of the materials, including photographs and text panels, were part of the 2009 exhibition "Queer Culture: The Photographs of A.J. Epstein." The photographs document...

Epstein (Arnold Leonard and T. Scarlett) Papers

Papers of anthropologists Arnold Leonard and Trude Scarlett Epstein. The accession processed in 1985 contains field notes and produce market studies compiled by the Epsteins between 1959 and 1961, relating to the Tolai people from the Island of New Britain...

Epstein (Fritz Theodore) papers

Writings, correspondence, clippings, and orders, relating to Allied intervention in Russia during the Russian Civil War, the German military government of Strasbourg during World War I, the trial of Menshevik leaders in Russia in 1931, and the authenticity of the...

Epstein (Julius J.) papers

The Julius J. Epstein papers spans the years circa 1931-1997 (bulk 1970s-1990s) and encompass 9 linear feet. The collection contains scripts, primarily for films written by Epstein in the 1970s and 1980s, including adapted screenplays for PETE 'N' TILLIE (1972)...

Epstein (Julius) papers

Correspondence, speeches and writings, clippings, photographs, and printed matter, relating to World War II, communism, forced repatriation of Russian prisoners to the Soviet Union following World War II, the Katyn forest massacre, unreported deaths of Soviet cosmonauts, and the efforts...

Epstein (Marsha) Papers

Marsha Epstein is a lifelong activist for LGBT rights, and an advocate for the inclusion of bisexual accounts as part of the history of the gay rights movement. This collection contains both personal and professional materials representing Marsha Epstein's life...

Epstein, M.D., Marvin Collection

Dr. Marvin Epstein wrote the book, In Sickness and Health, The Progress of Medical Care in Contra Costa County, 1951 – 2000. This collection contains written transcripts and tapes of interviews of present and former staff of John Muir Med...

Epstein (Paul Sophus) Papers

Epstein was a physicist at California Institute of Technology from 1921-1953; he taught advanced courses in mathematical and theoretical physics. Collection includes general and family correspondence; personal and biographical material; notebooks; manuscripts; class notes by a Caltech student; books, mostly...

Epstein (Samuel) Papers

The working papers, correspondence, scientific data, teaching and biographical material of Samuel Epstein form the collection known as the Samuel Epstein Papers at the California Institute of Technology Archives. Epstein had a distinguished career in isotope geochemistry, resulting in the...

Equal Benefits Advocates records, 1996-2000.

Correspondence, newspaper articles, subject files, audiovisual material, printed e-mail, miscellaneous legal documents and other materials relating to the Air Transport Association of America v. City & County of San Francisco lawsuit regarding domestic partner benefits.

Equator (built 1888; tugboat) photographs

The Equator (built 1888; tugboat) photographs, 1983, (SAFR 24815, P16-009) are comprised of color slides showing the tugboat EQUATOR, a former two-masted schooner, hauled out at the Port of Everett in Everett, Washington. The collection has been processed to the...

Equatorial Guinean subject collection

Electronic bulletins, pamphlets, and other printed matter, relating to political, social and economic conditions in Equatorial Guinea.

Equity and diversity: Hispanics in the nonprofit world : oral history transcript / 1988.

Focuses on his experiences as a trustee of the Rosenberg Foundation, and the Rockefeller Foundation; discusses his social work education and professional career with community services organizations, particularly La Raza. He also speaks about the changing concerns of the Mexican...

Equity for the public's health : oral history transcript : Contra Costa health officer, professor, UC School of Public Health, WHO fieldworker / 1999.

Growing up on a farm in Napa; UC Berkeley, 1931-1937; UC San Francisco Medical School, 1942; military service, 1942-1946, US Public Health Service: venereal disease research projects, faculty position at Johns Hopkins; Rockefeller Research Fellow, Stanford; M.P.H., Harvard, 1948; County...

E.R. Cartwright papers, 1859-1862.

Diary, April 8, 1859-July 24, 1862, describing voyage from New York to San Francisco via Panama and Acapulco; experiences mining at Rich Gulch, farming in the Stockton area, and teaching school in San Joaquin County; mention of floods of the...

Eragny Press Records

Records of a London printer. Includes correspondence of Esther L. Pissarro concerning the sale of woodblocks by George Du Maurier and others, and of prints made by her from the blocks; letters from museums in England and America; receipts for...

Erasmo Buceta collection, circa 1935-1957

(1896-1964). Papers, mainly letters, picture postcards, business cards and other ephemera, ca. 1935-1957. Includes one letter from Fidelino de Figueiredo (laid in Figueiredo's Pyrene) , 1935; two letters (ALS) from Robert H. Lowie (laid in Lowie's The Origin of the...

Erasmus-Feit family papers

Correspondence, scrapbooks, memorabilia, printed matter, and photographs relating to the daily lives of Russian émigrés in China and the United States, and family matters.

Erastus Deane correspondence, 1849-1856.

Contains 12 letters from a 49er starting aboard ship to California and then in the gold fields and San Francisco. Discusses mining, fires, business and the Vigilance Committee of 1856.

Erastus G. Bradbury diaries and related materials, 1851-1991.

Three diaries covering July 1851 through December 1868. The first, for 1851, is very full and detailed, concerning mining activities in the area and gold discovery, politics, religion, Indians, military, wars, and life in the mining towns, including hangings, law...

Erb (Arthur L.) Papers

The Arthur L. Erb papers consist primarily of material related to Arthur Leslie Erb and his career in Beverly Hills, California from 1926-2013.

Ercegovich (Anton) Slides of the University of California, Irvine

This collection comprises 62 sheets of color slides taken by Anton Ercegovich on the University of California, Irvine campus from 1963-1976. The collection documents many significant events in UCI's first decade including campus construction, the UCI site dedication, the first...

Erenberg (Sam) Papers

The papers highlight Erenberg's career as a painter, bookmaker, filmmaker, and installation and performance artist. The archive includes correspondence, photographs, and project files documenting Erenberg's exhibition history; relations with artists, curators, and gallerists; and the development of various projects including...

Erganian (Gloria) collection of materials about the Family Support Group of the Mental Health Association of Greater Fresno

Records, correspondence, publicity, and clippings documenting the Family Support Group of the Mental Health Association of Greater Fresno, California, an organization for family members and friends of mentally ill persons. Includes newsletters, reports, clippings, and 19 books....

Ergushov (P.) typescript

Relates to White Russian military activities during the Russian Revolution.

Erhard (Ludwig) typescript

Delivered at Stanford University, July 17, 1967. Includes an autographed photograph of Erhard. Photocopy.

Erhard Rostlund papers, 1952-1963

Includes Rostlund's writings and research notes, primarily regarding birds and native peoples in North America as well as reprints of colleagues' work.

Eric Bellquist papers, 1929-1978 (bulk 1950s-1970s)

Eric Bellquist papers, BANC MSS 81/148 c, The Bancroft Library, University of California, Berkeley.

Eric Walker papers.

Contains typescript and manuscript poems, published poems, unpublished collections of poetry, notebooks, color pen drawings, and publications containing Eric Walker's poems. Unpublished collections include: Schizophrenia, Hearts and Freeways, Poems from the Subterranean Heart, The Heart's Assembly, among others. Includes some...

Erich Fromm typescript, circa 1961

Carbon typescript re the Socialist Party - Social Democratic Federation of Ohio and Fromm's socialist manifesto, as delineated in his Let Man Prevail, ca. 1961. Found in Let Man Prevail (1960). Purchase , 1969. Alpha list.

Erich Hahn collection on Walther Rathenau, circa 1914-1962.

The collection consists mostly of newspaper clippings regarding Walther Rathenau, along with a few publications. The majority of the items in the collection are in German, with a few English references.

Erickson, David T.D. (Vietnam War correspondence and other materials)

This collection contains correspondence from SGT David T.D. Erickson, USA to Andrea T. Kubacki during the Vietnam War. Also included are various materials belonging to Erickson, including hats, photographs, and other assorted militaria.

Erickson (Douglas) collection

Correspondence, lists, and bulletins, relating to White Russian military activities during the Russian Revolution, and to subsequent activities of émigré Imperial Russian cavalry officers.

Erickson (Edward O.) Collection

Mainly copies of correspondence between Edward O. Erickson and Hobart Skofield, both William Edwin Rudge Press alumni, about the history of Rudge and other printing firms, and associates such as Ralph Duenewald, Milton Glick, and Bruce Rogers....

Erickson (Eric) papers

Correspondence, memoranda, notes, bulletins, newsletters, clippings, and serial issues, relating to the 1963 coup overthrowing President Ngô Dình Diêm in South Vietnam and to the question of American involvement in the coup.

Erickson (Floyd R.) Papers

The Floyd Erickson Papers collection contains professional and personal correspondence concerning Floyd Erickson, the first University Librarian.

Erickson (Jack) Collection

Jack Erikson is the author of six books on craft breweries, editor of the financial newsletter, The Erickson Report, on microbreweries (1995-1997) and served as Co-director of the Craft Brewing Business Research Institute at California State University, Sonoma. The collection...

Erickson (Jan) collection of oral history interviews.

The Jan Erickson collection of oral history interviews is a collection of interviews of individuals affiliated with the University of California, Riverside. These interviews were conducted by the administrative assistant to former Chancellor Raymond L. Orbach, Jan Erickson, between 1992...

Erickson, Jim (New York Times mid-week pictorials)

This collection contains 102 New York Times Mid-Week Pictorial editions from the First World War.

Erickson (Lee Roy and Lucille) Collection

The Lee Roy and Lucille Erickson Collection contains published and unpublished materials collected by Lee Roy and Lucille Erickson. Most materials relate to their involvement with: the Western District of the United Pentecostal Church; Apostolic Bible Church, St. Paul, Minnesota;...

Erickson (Reed L.) papers

Legal papers, correspondence, meeting minutes, newsletters, pamphlets, publicity material, photographs, clippings, research material, financial records, manuscripts, handwritten notes, card catalogs, audiotape, ephemera and other material from philanthropist and (female-to-male) transgender/transsexual activist, Reed Erickson (1912-1992). Having built his wealth through oil...

Erickson (Robert) Papers

Papers of Robert Erickson, American composer and co-founder of the Music Department at UC San Diego.

Erickson (Vance Bryant) Photographs

This collection documents Erickson's undergraduate days at Stanford, 1920 through 1924, with a few items dating from 1925. Most of the collection consists of negatives, presumably from photographs taken by Erickson. There are also photoprints and postcards, many of which...

Erickson (William) Papers

The collection documents San Diego State University development and community planning, Business and Financial Affairs, Associated Students, Aztec Shops, SDSU Foundation, Public Safety, Facilities, the Equal Opportunity Protection Program, and university athletics.  It consists of correspondence, reports, memos, statements of...

Ericson Photograph Collection

The Ericson Collection depicts a wide variety of everyday northwest California scenes and activities from the 1880s through the 1920s. Lumber industry, Native Americans, city and village street scenes (primarily Arcata ), Schools, portraits, and scenic views are the featured...

Erie Railway Employee Diary

This leather-bound diary documents the daily work and personal activities of an unidentified employee of the Erie Railway Company for the year 1872.

Erikson (Rolf) papers

Rolf Erikson was an American engineer and naval historian. The collection includes photographs of Soviet ships and correspondence with German author Jürg Meister regarding the photographs.

Eritrean subject collection

Electronic bulletins, pamphlets, press releases, speeches, printed matter, memorabilia, and videotape. Materials relate to the independence movement led by the Eritrean People's Liberation Front; the establishment of Eritrean independence in 1993; political, social, and economic conditions in Eritrea; and conditions...

Erjavec (Don) collection of Dizzy Gillespie solo transcriptions

Collection consists of transcribed Dizzy Gillespie solos which were transcribed by musician and jazz instructor, Don Erjavec.

Erle Stanley Gardner papers, 1932-1965.

Collection of documents and correspondence, including contracts for the first six Perry Mason novels. Includes a portrait photograph of Jean Bethell.

Erlebnisse einer Reise nach den Goldregionen Californiens, [1849-1850].

Diary (original in German; Mar. 20, 1849 - Mar. 10, 1850) of overland journey to California. Nusbaumer started in company with a group of Germans (the German California Mining Company) and ended with one of the small groups from Captain...

Erlich (Reese) Jazz Programs and Interviews Collection

This collection is comprised of Jazz interviews and features compiled by Reese Erlich dating from 1994-2017....

Erlich (Reese) papers

Files, photographs, and recordings pertaining to Bay Area journalist Reese Erlich's career reporting on local stories and US foreign policy from the late 1960s through 2010s.

Erlin (Ted) Photographs Documenting the 1906 Earthquake

The materials consist of photographs documenting the aftermath of the 1906 earthquake in San Francisco and at Stanford University....

Ermakov (Petr Zacharovich) typescript

Written as told to Richard Haliburton. Photocopy.

Erman (Irma C.) papers

Irma Erman (1908 August 10-2000 December 10) was a German-Jewish writer and artist, and refugee to Shanghai and the United States. The collection documents her life and creative work, and includes poetry, plays, artworks, correspondence, research materials, and photographs. Also...

Erna Reich papers

Papers of Erna (Sascha) Marcuse, nee Reich (1905-1967). They consist predominantly of her correspondence with a boyfriend, Emil Kuehne, during the early 1920s, but also include other miscellaneous personal effects from her years in Los Angeles. Erna Reich was a...

Ernest A. Wiltsee notes on California mining towns, circa 1850-1855.

Reports of incidents in various mining towns from newspapers and books, compiled for Mr. Wiltsee by Mrs. Eleanor Bancroft and Mr. C. M. Wooster. Includes articles that Wiltsee wrote for a column called "Ghost Towns" in the publication "Stamps" in...

Ernest A. Wiltsee papers.

Includes Wiltsee's reminiscences, correspondence with Eleanor Ashby Bancroft, and papers relating to the Emperor Norton Memorial Association. Reminiscences contain recollections of Wiltsee's early life and education; mining experiences in California, South Africa, Mexico, and South America; European life; the 1906...

Ernest and Mary Peixotto pictorial collection

Chiefly sketches for his murals at Filoli, the Bourne residence in Woodside, Calif.

Ernest Brown Babcock papers, 1909-1958.

Letters from Benjamin I. Wheeler, Thomas F. Hunt, Roy E. Clausen, Robert G. Sproul; articles; lecture notes; reports; and photos relating to teaching career and his association with the College of Agriculture, Division of Genetics. Oversize folder contains membership certificate...

The Ernest Bulpitt collection of Inyo/Mono Water wars memorabilia.

Ernest I. Bulpitt was born in Round Valley, Inyo County, California in 1895, and graduated from the University of California in 1918 with a degree in Civil Engineering. This training led him to work in the early development of hydroelectric...

The Ernest Bulpitt collection of Inyo/Mono Water wars memorabilia.

Ernest I. Bulpitt was born in Round Valley, Inyo County, California in 1895, and graduated from the University of California in 1918 with a degree in Civil Engineering. This training led him to work in the early development of hydroelectric...

Ernest C. Peixotto drawings of a California mission building, Roman ruins, and a group of buildings in England.

Includes original drawings by Peixotto depicting an unidentified California mission building; a view of classical Roman ruins, titled Roma; and, on the verso of the Roman drawing, an unidentified group of buildings in England. Also includes snapshot photographs of Peixotto...

[Ernest C. Roschen photographs of oil company activities in Panama].

Photographs documenting presence of American oil company employees on the Pacific coast of Panama, near the Garachine region, Darien province. Includes several photographs of the Choco (here spelled "Cholo") indigenous peoples of the region.

Ernest Callenbach papers, 1956-2012 (bulk 1970-1991).

Contains unpublished manuscripts, notes, poetry, lecture notes, articles, poster, honorary diploma, etc. Includes an annotated copy of Ecotopia Emerging to be used for translated copies. Also includes a letter of condolence from the mayor of Trier, Germany after hearing of...

Ernest Clifford Peixotto pictorial collection.

Collection includes illustrations of San Francisco Chinatown; Chinese; a church near Monterey; the Plaza Hotel; San Juan Bautista; a railway station and ruins at San Juan Capistrano; the Old Town Hotel (San Diego?); Plaza del Mar, Santa Barbara; Emerald Bay;...

Ernest Clifford Peixotto pictorial collection : additions.

Transferred from the Ernest Peixotto papers (BANC MSS 90/58 c).

Ernest Clifford Peixotto pictorial collection [graphic] : additions.

Pencil sketches of various locations in California, Europe, and South America. Photograph albums and loose snapshots; mostly views in Europe, some in California. Photonegatives of murals and buildings of the New York World's Fair (1939-40).

Ernest Coxhead collection of architectural drawings.

Drawings, blueprints, designs, and details for various Bay Area projects, including the Calkins residence in Berkeley and many other Bay Area residences, as well as a hanful of commercial buildings in the area."

Ernest F. Ward, circa early 20th century

Typed and handwritten "Catalogue of Books belonging to E. F. Ward," also including lists of other family member, many titles religious in nature, n.d. Connection to abolitionist Ward family unknown.

Ernest Gellhorn letter, 1964 December 14

One letter (ALS) from Alfred and Else [Gellhorn ?]. In German. Barcelona, 14 Dec. 1964. Alpha list.

Ernest Goodman files, 1986.

Correspondence and chapter drafts concerning the trial of an Attica prisoner named "Shango".

Ernest H. King collection.

Chiefly news photographs by King and other Associated Press photographers. Also includes images, newsclippings, and ephemera related to King and his career.

Ernest H. Lyons papers, bulk 1957.

Appraisal report of the fair market value of land and improvements at San Simeon, known as La Cuesta Encantada, May 20, 1957. Includes photographs, copies of Julia Morgan's plot and building plans, and maps.

Ernest Lilienthal photograph collection, ca. 1880-1921.

The collection consists of photographs taken of members of the Haas-Lilienthal family and other prominent San Francisco families. Includes photographs of Jesse Warren Lilienthal, Ernest Reuben Lilienthal, Louis Sloss, and Milton Esberg. Also contains a photograph of Gustave Niebaum, Lewis...

Ernest Lowe Photography Collection

This collection consists of photographic materials from the Photographer Ernest Lowe over the course of his career. The bulk of materials that can be found within the collection are contact sheets, prints, slides, and negatives. The primary subject of his...

Ernest Marcus collection on Thomas Mann, 1922-1982.

The collection contains correspondence too and from Ernest Marcus concerning Thomas Mann (primarily in German); writings on Mann and reproductions of his work; clippings on Mann (primarily in German); and reproductions of photographs of Mann, primarily from postcards and magazines.

Ernest O. Lawrence papers, 1948-1958.

Includes personal letters, photographs, medical receipts, and travel papers related to his participation in the 1958 Geneva Conference on the Discontinuance of Nuclear Weapon Tests; diaries that include notations on color television research; draft of a speech to West Point...

Ernest O. Lawrence personal papers, approximately 1904-1966.

Consists of scrapbooks, medals, awards, photographs, letters of condolence after the death of E.O. Lawrence and other memorabilia relating primarily to the later years of Lawrence's life. Of particular interest is a photo album compiled on a tour of Japan...

[Ernest O. Lawrence snapshot] [graphic]

Lawrence in front of a house with an unidentified woman and two children.

Ernest W. Collins papers, 1939-1974

The papers contain correspondence with family and friends, as well as drafts and published versions of his poetry, much of which focuses on patriotic themes.

Ernesto Galarza Papers

Correspondence, reports, minutes, legal documents, notes, newsletters, press releases, newsclippings, statistical information, questionnaires and photographs documenting Galarza's career as a labor organizer, scholar, Research Director in the National Agricultural Workers Union (1947-1960), and nationally prominent Mexican American activist.

[Ernesto Vazquez prints pertaining to politics, social justice and other topics].

Linoleum block, woodblock and silkscreen prints pertaining to various topics: Zapatistas (EZLN), troubled youth, indigenous myth (Quetzalcoatl, Hummingbird), Arizona politics (Joe Araipo, SB-1070), Mexican wrestlers (luchadores), and the Los Angeles artist's collective Solidarity Ink.

Ernie and Doris Segale correspondence with Rube Goldberg, 1963-1987.

Principally letters by Goldberg to Ernie and Doris Segale and Irene Barsotti.

Ernst (Kurt) computer disk

Digital photographs depict scenes of the West German-East German border. Includes explanatory material.

Ernst (Morris L.) Banned Books Collection

Primarily lists, articles, and government publications relating to censorship issues. Part of a much larger collection of printed materials, about 700 titles, which have been cataloged separately.

Eros International collection of Indian cinema on DVD.

This representative sampling of Indian films originally released in theaters between 1957 and 2007 were distributed on DVD by Eros International. Titles include Mother India (1957), Mughal-e-Azam (1960), Sholay (1975), Mr. Natwarlal (1979), Qurbani (1980), Bombay (1995), Shakti the power...

Erotic and physique studios photography collection

Photographs produced from the 1930s through 2010 by gay erotic or physique photography studios. The studios named in this collection range from short-lived single person operations to larger corporations.

Erskine (Dorothy Ward) Papers

Consists primarily of subject files, arranged alphabetically, concerning early conservation in the San Francisco Bay Area. Some correspondence, notes, and organizational records among the subject files. Of note are the People for Open Space materials and the folders on preservation...

Erté (Romain de Tirtoff) Collection

Collection of framed prints and statue.

Erótica Náhuatl : 24 grabados originales /

Original linocut prints created to illustrate erotic poetry collected in the publication Erótica Náhuatl (Miguel León Portilla, ed., Mexico, 2018). Portfolio contains 4 thematic groups of images corresponding to chapters of the book: El canto del las mujeres de Chalco;...

Erven (Charles E.) Theater Collection

This collection documents Charles Erven’s creative process from conceptual planning to final set design for many of the plays he worked on throughout his career.

Ervin (Charles Wesley) collection

Internal bulletins, minutes, other internal documents, pamphlets, and serial issues, issued by Trotskyist organizations in India, Sri Lanka, the United States and elsewhere, and by the International Secretariat for the Fourth International, relating to international Trotskyism. Includes some minutes of...

Ervin W. Read Navajo - Hopi Song collection, circa 1891-1924

Two bound volumes, numerous 'bound-with' items.

[Ervy J. Redfox photograph albums of Mexico travels].

3 volumes of snapshot photographs documenting the Mexico travels of a Ervy J. Redfox, who regularly visited the Morales family in Mexico City and toured throughout the country. Photographs depict cathedrals and other churches, pyramids, missions, market scenes, houses, parks,...

Erwin Gustav Gudde notes for California gold camps, 1975.

Notes for the manuscript of the book as edited for publication by Elisabeth (Karpenstein) Gudde.

Erwin L. Hahn papers, approximately 1950-2000.

Contains research notes, course and lecture notes, and small amount of correspondence.

Erwin Rosenthal collection of Wilder Bentley, 1948-1958.

Consists of articles written by Erwin Rosenthal on Wilder Bentley, correspondence from Bentley to Rosenthal, and writings and artwork by Bentley. Writings include: "A landscape of the seasons," "Four canons from the Tang," "Two dreams: Canons IV and XVII from...

Erwin Strohmaier family papers, 1872-1994 (bulk 1879-1945).

Schroeder and Strohmaier family papers date mainly from the 1880's to 1920's. Family correspondence consists of letters from soprano Therese Caroline Tietjens and from Karl Marx, love letters between Jacob Strohmaier and Clara Schroeder, and family letters. Other papers include...

Esalen Archives of Extraordinary Human Functioning

This collection contains the Esalen Archives of Extraordinary Human Functioning.

Esalen Institute Collection

This collection represents ephemera created by the Esalen Institute in Big Sur, California.

Esau (Katherine) Collection

Reprints and reviews of numerous works on botanical anatomy and morphology.

Esau (Katherine) Papers

The collection contains copies of all of Esau's publications and research notebooks. There is also personal and biographical material including her awards, correspondence, and family history.

Escalante (Alicia) papers

Papers of Alicia Escalante (1933-2022). The bulk of the material ranges from the 1960s–1980s, and consists of correspondence, speeches, articles, publications, and internal organizational files that document her activism and sociopolitical involvement as a Chicana activist who championed welfare rights,...

Escalante (Vivian) Collection

Fliers, trading cards, and event materials from Cunt Club L.A., Dapper Dyke, Dyke March Los Angeles, and the Women Moto-cyclists collected by Vivian Escalante, the founder of Dapper Dyke and the Women Moto-cyclists of Southern California.

Eschelbach (Claire John) Papers

The collection primarily relates to Eschelbach's bibliography of Aldous Huxley.

Escher GuneWardena Architecture cabinet drawings for "Stephen Prina: As He Remembered It"

Escher GuneWardena Architecture (Frank Escher and Ravi GuneWardena) used the drawings in the Rudolph M. Schindler papers at UCSB to create cabinet drawings of the furniture made for the exhibit "Stephen Prina: As He Remembered It," which opened at Secession,...

Escobar Family Papers

This folder contains a list of the heirs of Mussilino (?) Escobar. It also mentions two leagues of land in "the Rancho known as San Jose".

Escondido Land and Town Company Records

Earl Montgomery Cranston (1863-1933) was born in Middleport, Ohio. He received his law degree at Cincinnati Law School and practiced law for 30 years in the Denver firm of Cranston, Pilken & Moore. He bought stock in Escondido Land and...

Escondido Public Library Collection

The Escondido Public Library Collection reflects the history of the library from 1924-2002.

Escritura de venta de una casa a favor de D. Santiago MaKinly [sic], 1836-1844.

File of documents (originals and copies) of title search and bill of sale to James McKinlay for a house in Los Angeles. Added, at end, record of sale of the house, Aug. 9, 1848, by McKinlay to Benjamin D. Wilson...

Escrituras del solar eriazo situado en la Rinconada de la Plazuela de Santa Clarita : Mexico City, [Mexico] : ADS, 1729-1829.

Records (16 p.) documenting the ownership of a portion of land (sitio eriazo) in the jurisdiction of Teocaltitlan in Mexico City. The collection consists of handwritten copies of property titles or original testimonies for transfer of property for twelve successive...

Escuela Normal de Costa Rica forms for class grades and graduation, 1933.

Contains three blank copies of a printed forms used at a teacher's college in Costa Rica to record grades at the preparatory and teaching levels (No. 3133 and No. 3129) and for graduation (No. 5782).

Esdaile (Katharine A.) Papers

This collection contains the papers of English art historian Katharine Ada Esdaile (1881-1950). Much of the collection relates to her research of British monumental sculpture. Notably the collection includes more than 600 chiefly pre-World War II visitor booklets and pamphlets...

Esenin-Vol'pin (A. S.) papers

Includes memoirs, other writings, correspondence, a police file, pamphlets, other printed matter, and photographs relating to civil liberties and dissent in the Soviet Union.

Esherick (Joseph) Collection, 1933-1985

The Joseph Esherick collection is arranged in four series: Personal Papers, Professional Papers, Office Records, and Project Files. Student drawings and travel sketchbooks comprise the bulk of Esherick's personal records. His professional papers include speeches and writings on topics such...

Eshleman (Clayton) Papers

The papers of Clayton Eshleman, American poet, translator, and editor. Included is extensive correspondence dating from 1963 to 1992; original typescripts and manuscripts of Eshleman's prose and verse writings; travel notebooks; interviews; original typescript and manuscript drafts of original works;...

Eshleman Family Papers

Documents, covering the period 1890-1985, of the family of Clayton Eshleman, writer, editor and translator. Includes correspondence between Clayton and his parents and between Clayton and his first wife Barbara; an extensive collection of family photographs; the family's school, church...

Eskijian, Luther Architectural Collection

Includes commercial and residential architectural drawings and plans created by Luther Eskijian, an Armenian architect, whose work is located primarily in southern California. His work included the Pasadena Jewish Community Center and the Armenian Cilicia Evangelical Church in Pasadena.

Esmer (Mithat) typescript

Relates to the Turkish communist leader Mustafa Suphi and the Turkish communist movement. Exerpts from pamphlet published in Moscow, 1923. Translated by Mithat Esmer. Turkish translation from Russian.

ESP Photographs and Ephemera

This collection contains photographs, event ephemera, and press materials relating to ESP, a San Francisco-based art space founded by Matthew Pawlowski, featuring queer and queer-friendly artists. Located at 305 Valencia Street at 14th Street in San Francisco’s Mission District, ESP...

Esparto High School Yearbooks

Yearbooks from Esparto High School. Location: 38.1

Espediente : Sonora, Mexico : DS, 1814-1815.

File of documents relating to litigation over the ownership of a house in Real San José de Mulatos, containing original and contemporary copies; signed by various officials.

Espediente promovido por Don José Antonio Pico en pretension del parage nombrado la Agua Caliente : DS, 1840.

Photocopy of tracings, certified, 1872, by J.R. Hardenbergh, U.S. Surveyor General for California, of "Expediente 228" which includes: petition of José Antonio Pico, Jan. 7, 1840; approvals by Tiburcio Tapia and Narciso Botello, and grant by Governor Juan B. Alvarado...

Esper (Dwain) papers

This collection primarily contains material belonging to movie producer and director Dwain Esper and his wife Hildagarde, including photographs, correspondence, business records, and advertisements, many of which are connected to Esper's movies and career.

Esperanza Timber Company records : Chiapas, Mexico, 1901-1937.

Consists of legal documents, rent and tax receipts and correspondence of the Encanto Rubber Plantation Co. and the Esperanza Timber Co. Also includes history of the Esperanza Timber Co. and photographs.

Espey (John J.) Papers

John Jenkins Espey (1913- ) taught at Occidental College (1938-48) and at UCLA (1948-73). The collection consists of correspondence, a copy of a reprint, and two programs. Includes correspondence between Espey and Ezra Pound. The collection also includes a copy...

Espino (Virginia) and Tajima-Peña (Renee) Collection of Sterilization Records

This collection includes court records from the 1970's federal class action lawsuit, Madrigal v. Quilligan, which brought to light the coerced sterilization of Latina women at Los Angeles County-University of Southern California Medical Center. The case was brought to court...

Espinosa (Paul) Papers

Papers of Paul Espinosa, an award-winning filmmaker and producer specializing in documentary and dramatic films focused on the U.S.-Mexico border region.