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Kevin Starr papers, 1969-
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Kevin Starr papers, 1969-


Starr, Kevin., creator


Starr, Kevin.


Material in this series relates to projects Starr conceived of as publications, even though some were never published, and include speeches when they were a secondary aspect of that project. The series is divided into sub-series that reflect the type of publication: Books; Prefaces, Forewards, Introductions, and Chapters (articles, essays) in Books; and Articles (in periodicals). For each title there may be the following: correspondence with author/editor, publisher, reviewers, and the general public; research material for content and illustrations; outlines, drafts, typescripts, proofs, revisions, etc.; publicity; reviews; misc. In some cases material is incomplete or lacking.
An effort has been made to provide consistent organization of the material while preserving the order that reflects Starr's creative process. Research material was the foundation of the work, followed by handwritten draft material. Various revisions and, in some cases, reordering of material then occurred as well as the selection of illustrations and creation of bibliographic notes and indexes. Specific details for each of the publications are provided below. Usually, a more detailed finding aid for each work is provided in the first box/folder of that work.
Americans and the California Dream, 1850-1915 (Oxford, 1973; Peregrine Smith, 1981; Oxford paperback, 1986). First in the series, based on Starr's Ph.D. thesis written in 1969. Published in 1973 with later editions in 1983 and 1986: Includes correspondence with publishers (includes contract and royalty statements) dated 1971-1993 and general correspondence dated 1973-1986, 1997; draft of dissertation; photographs for the 1973 edition; covers from the various editions; publicity (1973-1986); reviews of the 1973 edition; and award.
California! (Peregrine Smith, 1980).Textbook developed for the California Dept. of Education. In process from 1978 and published in 1980, with teacher's guide in 1981. Includes: proposal; correspondence with publisher (1978-1984); general correspondence (1980-1992); research/reference material; drafts 1-3 and final; graphics; corrected page proofs; teacher's guide and other supplemental material [produced in 1981]; publicity; and review.
Land's End (McGraw-Hill, 1979). Starr's only published novel published in 1979: Includes correspondence with publisher spanning 1978-1990); general correspondence dated 1979-1982, 1996, 1998; notes and outline of scenes; drafts-- sequence of all sub-headings (versions) is in the presumed writing sequence. The sequence of chapters follows the uncorrected page proof -- 4 and 5 are reversed from original sequence 8 and 12 were originally one chapter, as were parts of 6 and 9; final typescript of chapters 9-19; edited proof (The Guardians); bound uncorrected page proofs (Land's End); late revisions; dust jackets; publicity; previews; and misc.
Inventing the Dream: California through the Progressive Era (Oxford University Press, 1985). Contracted for in 1974 as a sequel to Americans and the California Dream, 1850-1915 titled Americans and the California Dream, 1916-1976. Written over the next decade, evolved into published form and established the series. Includes: correspondence with publisher, 1974-1997; book and chapter outlines; research; drafts; edited galled proofs; edited page proofs; typescript index; post-publication corrections; photographs (located between pages 186 and 187 in book); publicity; and reviews.
Material Dreams: Southern California through the 1920s (Oxford, 1990). Includes correspondence with publisher and with collaborators/public; book and chapter outlines; research; early draft; edited typescript draft; typescript index; edited page proofs; corrections by proof readers; illustrations; publicity; and reviews.
For Endangered Dreams included material: research with illustration; new drafts; page proofs; publicity and reviews. For The Dream Endures included material is: new drafts; proof reader's comments; illustrations; publicity; reviews; and award.
Endangered Dreams: the Great Depression in California (Oxford, 1996) and The Dream Endures: California Enters the 1940s (Oxford, 1997). Originally contracted for in 1988 and written as one book, The Dream Endures. Because of its length, in 1994 it was separated into the two volumes as published in 1996 and 1997. Includes: correspondence from 1986-2002 with the bulk dated 1995-1997; book outlines; research and bibliographical material; early work that pre-dates the modification of the original contract.
Embattled Dreams: California in war and peace, 1940-1950 (Oxford University Press, 2002). Evolved as the result of another proposal for a book dealing with the 1940s to be titled California and the American Dream, 1940-1990. Material as detailed in the table of contents in the proposal was used in both Embattled Dreams and Coast of Dreams. Includes correspondence with publisher, general and re illustrations; research; drafts; edited page proofs; photographs; photo page proofs; jacket design; publicity; and reviews.
Coast of Dreams: California on the Edge, 1990-2003 (Knopf, 2004). Includes proposal; correspondence; outlines; research; drafts; page proofs; and index.
"Bank of America History." In 1978 Starr contracted with the Bank of America National Trust and Savings Association to write a monograph history of the Bank of America and deliver a speech based on that history at two bank conferences in early 1979. The book was not published. Includes: contract; correspondence; research; drafts; speech; project-conference ephemera.
"PG&E History." In 1979 Starr contracted with PG&E to author a new history of the company as a work for hire. Starr did not meet his deadline, PG&E voided the contract, and the "book" was never published. Includes: correspondence; research; drafts.
Over California (Collins, 1990). In 1989 Starr contracted to write the text and captions for this book, which primarily consists of scenic aerial photographs. Marterials include: contracts; correspondence; organization; drafts; proofs; publicity; reviews.
"The Developer in America." Shortly after joining USC's School of Urban and Regional Planning in 1989, Starr obtained a substantial grant to research, write, and publish this work. It remains unpublished, though real estate developers and their projects are major themes in Starr's "Dreams." Includes: correspondence.
"History of the Kaiser Permanente Medical Group." In 1986 Starr contracted with the Kaiser Permanente Medical Group to coauthor a history of the group with John G. Smillie, who had been working on a history since 1981. Starr withdrew from the project in 1990, just as the final manuscript was being readied for McGraw-Hill. "Can Physicians Manage the Quality and Costs of Health Care?: the story of the Permanente Medical Group," authored by Smillie, was published in 1991. Materials include:contracts; correspondence; research; Starr's speech (notes); Drafts; Publicity.
"Commerce & Civilization: Claremont McKenna College, the first fifty years, 1946-1996" (Claremont Mckenna College, 1998). Starr apparently began work on this for hire publication in 1996. Includes: correspondence; Research; drafts; page proofs; and miscellaneous.


1969 (issued)


100. Americans and the California Dream -- Land's end: 101. Correspondence - drafts (ch. 4) -- 102. Drafts (ch. 5-10) -- 103. Drafts (ch. 11-15) -- 104. Drafts (ch. 16) - final typescript (ch. 12) -- 105. Final typescripts (ch. 13) - sequel proposal.
California!: 106. Proposal - 1st draft -- 107. Second draft - title & summaries -- 108. Proofs - review.
Inventing the dream: 109. Correspondence - research -- 110. Drafts (Front. - ch. 7) -- 111. Drafts (ch. 8) - typescript -- 112. Dead matter - page proofs -- 113. Index - reviews.
Material dreams: 114. Correspondence - research -- 115. Typescript - page proofs -- 116. Corrections - reviews.
Endangered and enduring: 117. Correspondence - research, ch. 1-17 -- 118. Research (ch. 18) - subjects (biographies) -- 119. Research, subjects (Hollywood) - early work (ch. 10) -- 120. Early work (ch. 11-23) -- 121. Early work (ch. 24) - Endangered (new draft to ch. 5) -- 122. Endangered new draft (ch. 6) - reviews.
Endures: 123. New draft to typescript B (ch. 3) -- 124. New draft (ch. 4) - award; proposal.
Embattled: 125. Correspondence - research (ch. 1-9) -- 126. Research (ch. 10-end) - drafts (ch. 1-3) -- 127. Drafts (ch. 4-8) -- 128. Drafts (ch. 9-11); edited typescript (Version A) -- 129. Edited typescript (Version B) - edited page proofs -- 130. Photos - publicity.
Coast: 131. Proposal - early draft (pt. 2) -- 132. Early draft (pt. 3) - 2nd draft (pt. 3) -- 133. 2nd draft (pt. 4) - Draft 3A (pt. 1) -- 134. Draft 3A (pt. 2) - draft 3B (pt. 3) -- 135. Draft 3B (pt. 4) - 4th draft (pt. 5) -- 136. 4th draft (pt. 6 ) - draft 5A (pt. 7) -- 137. 5thA draft (pt. 8) -- 5th B draft (pt. 7) -- 138. 5thB draft (pt. 8) - page proofs (1st, set A) -- 139. Page proofs (1st, Set B) - index.
Bank of America and PG&E histories: 140.
Over California: 141.
Developer in America and History of the Kaiser Permanente Medical Group: 142.
Commerce & civilization: Correspondence - 1st draft: 143.
Commerce & civilization: Correspondence - Final draft: 144.


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Dr. Kevin Starr is the University Professor of History at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles. From 1994 to 2004 he served as the California State Librarian and was honored with the title of California State Librarian Emeritus upon his retirement. His writing has won a Guggenheim Fellowship and gold and silver medals from the Commonwealth Club of California.
Kevin Starr papers, 1969-



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