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California Vertical and Textual materials.
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California Vertical and Textual materials
California ephemera


Printed materials of everyday life.


1850 (issued)


Vertical Files: Associations: Filed alphabetically by name of association.
Vertical Files: Campaign literature: Arranged chronologically by election.
Vertical Files: Companies: Filed alphabetically by name of company.
Vertical Files: Counties: Filed alphabetically by county name with following subcategories: County pamphlets, Cities (broken down alphabetically), Business establishments: General, Business establishments: Specific, Directories, Fairs, festivals and expositions (San Francisco County only), History, Hotels and resorts: General, Hotels and resorts: Specific, Maps, Produce and manufactures, Real estate, Regional, Sports, recreation and entertainment, Tourist attractions: General, Tourist attractions: Specific, Transportation and schedules.
Vertical Files: Regions: Same subcategories as counties under the following subdivisions: Baja California, California, Central California, Lake Tahoe, Mother Lode, Nevada State, Northern California, North Coast, Redwood Empire, Southern California, Yosemite.
Vertical Files: Programs: Art, Auctions, Awards and honors, Carnivals, Chautauqua, Churches (filed by county), Circus, Dance (filed by county), Dedications (filed by county), Dinner and balls (filed by county), Exhibitions (filed by name), Expositions (except San Francisco County, filed by name), Fairs, Festivals (filed by name of festival), Foreign languages, Historical celebrations, Holidays, Lectures (filed by name), Marriages, Memorial services, Military and patriotic events, Minstrels, Mother's day, Movie theaters, Movies (filed by name of movie), Music, Organizations, Pageants, Parades, Picnics, Poetry, Prisons, Radio, Schools, Shows, Sports, Theaters (filed by county, city, then name of theater).
Vertical Files: Subjects: Abortion, Admission Day, Advertising, Aeronautics, African-Americans, Agriculture, Alaska, Alcoholism, Algae, Almonds, Amphibians, Anecdotes, Animals, Anthropology, Archaeology, Architecture, Archives, Armenians in California, Art/Artists, Art, Arts and crafts, Astronomy, Automobiles, Bamboo, Bandits, Banks and banking, Basques in California, Bells, Bibliography, Bicentennial, Bicycles, Birds, Birth records, Blind, Blood, Book fairs, Books, Botany, Bridges, Bubonic plague, Building.
Vertical Files: Subjects: California, Camps, Canals, Canneries, Capital punishment, Cattle brands, Caves, Celebrations (Christmas, Easter, Fourth of July, etc.), Cemeteries, Census, Centennials, Charities, Chautauqua, Children, Chinese in California, Circuses, Cities, Citizenship, Civilian Conservation Corps, Climate, Clothing and Dress, Coinage, Colonies, Commerce, Comparability (wage disparities), Conservation (solid, water, etc.), Constitution, Consumer protection, Cookery, Copyright, Cornish in California, Costumes, Counties, County boundaries, Covered wagon babies, Credit unions, Crime and criminals, Dairying, Dams, Dances, dancing, Danes in California, Daylight, Deaf, Dedications, Dentistry, Deserts, Diaries, Directories, Disease, Divorce.
Vertical Files: Subjects: Earthquakes, Ecology, Economic conditions, Economics, Education, Elections, Electricity, Employer's liability, Employment, Energy, Energy conservation, Energy crisis, Executions, Expositions, Express companies, Fairs (except San Francisco County), Family violence, Fences, Ferries, Filipinos in California, Finance, Fire, First events, Fish and fishing, Flags, Floats, Flowers, Food, Forest and forestry, Forts, camps, posts, etc., Foundations, French in California, Fruit, Funerals, Fur, Furniture.
Vertical Files: Subjects: Gambling, Garbage disposal, Gardens, Gas, Gays and lesbians, Genealogy, Geography, Geology, Germans in California, Ghost cities, Glass, Government, Governors, Grain, Greeks in California, Guns, gunmakers, firearms, Hall of Fame, Hawaiians in California, Health and health care, Herbs, History, Hops, Horse racing, Horses, Hospitals, Hotels, Houses, Hungarians in California.
Vertical Files: Subjects: Illustrations, Immigration, Impeachment, Income, Indexes, Indians, Industries, Insects, Insurance, Irish in California, Irrigation, Islands, Italians in California, Japanese in California, Jewelry, Jews in California, Journalism (see also Newspapers), Juneteenth, Juvenile delinquency.
Vertical Files: Subjects: Kitchens, Labor, Laboratories, Lakes, Land, Landmarks and monuments, Laundries, Law, Lectures, Legislature, Libraries, Lighthouses, Lighting, Liquor, Literacy, Literature, Livestock, Lumber and lumbering.
Vertical Files: Subjects: Machinery, Mail Service, Manners and customs, Manufacturing, Maps, Masons, Medicine, Mental health, Mentally handicapped, Merchants, Mexicans in California, Military, Mills, Mines and mining, Minority groups, Mints, Missions, Mobile homes, Mormons, Mother's Day, Mountains, Moving pictures, Museums, Music, Narcotics and drugs, Natural history, Nature, Newspapers, Nobel Prize, Nomenclature, Norwegians in California, Nudity, Nurses and nursing, Nuts.
Vertical Files: Subjects: Obscenity, Observatories, Occupations, Oceans, Old age, Olympic Games, Oral history, Orphan, Osteopathy, Overland journeys, Oysters, Pacific Rim, Panoramas, dioramas, models, etc., Parks, Pensions, Periodicals, Pesticides, Petroleum, Photography, Physically handicapped, Pioneers, Plants, Poets and poetry, Police, Polish in California, Political parties, Politics and government, Pollution, Population, Pornography, Ports, Portuguese in California, Pottery, Poultry, Poverty, Prices, Printing, Prisons, Prize fighting, Proclamations, Prohibitions, Propaganda, Prostitution, Protests, Public utilities, Publishers.
Vertical Files: Subjects: Race problems, Radio, Railroads, Ramie, Ranches, Reapportionment, Real estate, Recipes, Recreation, Religion, Reptiles, Research, Restaurants (also see Menus in textual file), Retirement, Rice, River boats, Rivers, Routes and roads, Rubber, Russians in California, Saddles, Safety, Sailors, Salt, Salton Sea, Salvation Army, San Francisco Bay, Scandinavians in California, Schools, Science, Seals, Seeds, Sequicentennial, Sex, Shells, Shipping, Shoreline, Silk, Silverware, Snow shoes for horses, Social welfare, Societies, Spanish life, Speech, Sports, Springs, State, Steam, Stocks and bonds, Stock brokers, Strikes, Sugar, Surveillance, Surveys, Swiss in California, Syndicalism, Syrians in California.
Vertical Files: Subjects: Tanneries, Tattoos, Taxation, Teachers, Telegraph, Telephone, Television, Temperance, Testimonials, Theaters, Tile, Tobacco, Traditions, folklore, legends, Traffic, Transportation, Treasures, Trees, Tuberculosis, Tunnels, Undertakers, Unions, United Nations, United States Navy, Universities and colleges.
Vertical Files: Subjects: Vegetables, Vessels, Veterans, Vigilance, Vital statistics, Viticulture, War, Water, Whaling, Wharves, Wheat, Whiskers, Wind power, Wine and winemaking, Women, World trade, Y. M. C. A., Youth, Yugoslavians in California.
Textual Files: Abstracts of title, Advertisements, Affidavits: Homestead, Announcements, Autographs, Ballots, Blotters, Bookplates and bookmarks, Broadsides, Business and carding cards, Bumper stickers, Buttons, Calendars, Cartoons, Certificates, Charts, diagrams, etc., Checks, notes, etc, Clipper ship cards, Coloring books, Contracts, indentures, etc., Currency, Documents, Funeral and memorial services, Greeting and Christmas cards, Inaugural and gubernatorial material, Incorporation papers, Invitations, Invoices, Labels and stickers, Legal instruments, Letterheads and printed envelopes, Letterheads, envelopes, Licenses, Match book covers, Membership cards, Menus, Napkins, coasters, etc., Military papers, Notices, Passenger lists, Patents, Pennants (mostly small FMAP), Printed forms, Proclamations, Receipts, Ribbon sample ballot, Seals, Shape books, Stamps, Tickets, coupons, etc., Timetables and schedules




Unrestricted. Please credit California State Library.
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144 file drawers.






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Unrestricted. Please credit California State Library.