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Amestoy (Michel) Collection

The Michel Amestoy Collection, 1934-1967, primarily contains scripts for military training films and industrial films and documentaries written by Amestoy during his career in non-fiction film. The collection also includes a small number of scripts and treatments for entertainment films...

Anatomy of a Script Collection

The “Anatomy of a Script” Collection consists of video-recordings and curriculum materials for the “Anatomy of a Script” seminar series, presented by the Writers Guild Foundation from 2006 to 2012. In each seminar a screenwriter speaks about the writing process,...

Balnicke (Janelle) Collection

The Janelle Balnicke Collection, 1980-1995, consists primarily of research, script and production materials from the 1980 documentary series Cosmos and the 1987 television documentary The Hero’s Journey: The World of Joseph Campbell.

Barrie (Michael) Collection

The Michael Barrie Collection, 1960-2015, consists of monologue jokes, scripts, screenplays, and production material for late night and variety television shows, awards shows, and movies. Most of the material was written by Michael Barrie with his writing partner, Jim Mulholland....

Beavers (Susan) Collection

The Susan Beavers Collection, 1955-2014, consists primarily of scripts from the Lifetime network television series Oh Baby, created by Beavers. Also in the collection are scripts and material from other shows Beavers worked on as well as scripts, notes, and...

Belkin (Gary) Collection

The Gary Belkin Papers, 1955-1985, document Belkin’s writing career, especially his early years. The bulk of his collection consists of skits he wrote or co-wrote for “The Danny Kaye Show” and “Caesar’s Hour.”

Black (John D.F.) Collection

The John D.F. Black Collection, 1957-1986 encompasses various draft stages of episodic television, Made-for-TV Movies, and film scripts with handwritten annotations by Black. Scripts represented in the collection include Charlie’s Angels, Mr. Novak, Hawaii Five-O, Do Not Fold, Spindle or...

Booker (Bob) Collection

The Bob Booker Collection, 1973-2003, consists of scripts, production material and audiovisual material for various primetime television specials and variety shows he wrote for. The bulk of this collection consists of scripts for the NBC sitcom Out of This World,...

Brenner (Alfred) Papers

The Alfred Brenner Papers, 1954-1978 consists of materials relating to the career of screenwriter, Alfred Brenner. The materials represented include scripts, as well as related production and development material for television and film. The bulk of the collection consists of...

Brough (Walter) Collection

The Walter Brough Collection, 1957-1995 is comprised of material relating to Brough’s television and film writing career, including development materials, multiple drafts with handwritten revisions, and a selection of ephemera and publicity materials. Works represented include television shows such as:...

Burns (Stan) Collection

The Stan Burns Collection contains television scripts and unproduced film scripts accumulated throughout his career as a writer.

Butler (Jean Rouverol) Papers

The bulk of the Jean Rouverol Butler Papers consists of the creative writing, correspondence and personal papers of Jean Rouverol Butler; a small portion relates to her husband Hugo Butler. Jean’s work comprises short stories, poems, novellas and screenplays that...

Caruso (Dee) Papers

The Dee Caruso Papers, 1960-2007, consist mostly of produced television and film scripts and treatments of unproduced TV shows and film. Some of the popular shows include The Jerry Lewis Show, Get Smart, The Monkees, The Red Skelton Hour, and...

Cook (Thomas S.) Collection

The T.S. (Thomas S.) Cook Collection, 1967-2008, consists primarily of Cook’s scripts, produced and unproduced, written for film, episodic television and television movies, including his Academy Award nominated The China Syndrome (1979). Materials include outlines, research notes, correspondence and clippings...

Cooper (Hal) Magic Cottage Collection

The collection consists of scripts for 1000 episodes of daily children’s TV series The Magic Cottage and includes some production documents and merchandise from the show.

Corwin (Norman) Collection

The Norman Corwin Collection, 1930-2012, contains manuscripts, correspondence, essays, articles, programs, personal artifacts and books by and about writer Norman Corwin. Correspondence includes letters to and from Ray Bradbury, Carl Sandburg and more. The collection also includes published works by...

De Felitta (Frank) Collection

The Frank De Felitta Collection contains drafts of novels including Audrey Rose, The Entity, Oktoberfest and Sea Trial as well as drafts of screenplays by De Felitta adapted from his novels. Additional produced film scripts include The Savage is Loose...

Dougherty (Joseph) Collection

The Joseph Dougherty Collection consists primarily of produced scripts, drafts, outlines, synopses, notes and research by Dougherty for the episodic television series, Pretty Little Liars as well as the Pretty Little Liars spinoff, Ravenswood. The collection also includes other television...

Dreben (Stan) Papers

The Stan Dreben Papers, 1950-1979 and undated, contain scripts, sketches and development materials created by comedy writer Stan Dreben. The bulk of the collection represents Dreben’s work in television and includes produced and unproduced game shows, variety programs, specials and...

Feldman (Bruce) Collection

The Bruce Feldman Collection consists of multiple drafts of Feldman's teleplays written for two TV movies: Maybe I’ll Come Home in the Spring and The Defection of Simas Kudirka. The bulk of the collection consists of research, interview transcripts, and...

Flicker (Theodore J.) Collection

The Theodore J. Flicker Collection, 1965-1985, contains both writing and directing materials from his career. The bulk of the collection consists of scripts written by Flicker, most notably the pilot of Barney Miller, as well as episodes of The Mod...

Freeman (Leonard) Collection

The Leonard Freeman Collection, 1967-1980 contains a complete set of scripts and accompanying production materials for the original television series Hawaii Five-O from the personal collection of series creator Leonard Freeman. Nearly every script is supplemented with production reports, call...

Ganz (Lowell) & Mandel (Babaloo) Collection

The Lowell Ganz & Babaloo Mandel Collection, 1985-1994 is comprised of materials relating to the writing duo’s screenwriting careers, including handwritten and fully typed drafts, story notes, treatments, partial drafts and rewrites, re-shoot notes, and assorted production materials for eight...

Gay (John) Papers

The John Gay Papers, 1949-2013, consist of Gay’s scripts, outlines, notes and correspondence created during his five decade career as a screen and television writer in the entertainment industry. The collection features Gay’s most famous works, such as Around the...

Geller (Bruce) Collection

The Bruce Geller Collection consists of scripts and pilots written and produced by Geller during his television and film career, as well as a small amount of development material and correspondence.

Gillis (Jackson) Papers

The Jackson Gillis Papers, 1946-1992, contains manuscripts, correspondence, and development materials created by the television writer Jackson Gillis. The bulk of the collection consists of produced and unproduced manuscripts written by Gillis over his career.

Heinemann (Arthur) Collection

The bulk of the Arthur Heinemann collection consists of scripts from television shows and TV Movies on which he worked, such as Star Trek, Little House on the Prairie, The Father Clements Story, and United States Steel Hour. Also included...

Huggins (Roy) Collection

This collection contains scripts and other material related to the TV shows that Huggins created and/or worked on and contains a copy of his unpublished autobiography.

Jacobs (Robert Nelson) Papers

The Robert Nelson Jacobs Papers, 1977-2000, consist of scripts, development materials and research materials related to the feature film CHOCOLAT. The collection contains the original manuscript of the novel from which the film was adapted, early research materials, adaptation notes,...

Kanter (Hal) Collection

The Hal Kanter Collection, 1943-2009, primarily consists of radio scripts produced during Kanter’s work for the Armed Forces Radio Service during WWII. Also in this collection are other radio and television scripts, professional and personal correspondence and Writers Guild of...

Keller (Sheldon) Collection

The Sheldon Keller Collection, 1939, 1960-2004 consists of scripts from television, variety specials, and films, as well as correspondence and other materials related to Sheldon Keller's writing career. Several scripts feature sketches, jokes and speeches that Keller wrote for entertainers...

Kirgo (George) Papers

The George Kirgo Papers consist of feature film and television scripts written by Kirgo throughout his career as a screen and television writer, as well as personal and professional papers, particularly related to his time as President of the Writers...

Klein (Jessica) Collection

The Jessica Klein Collection, 1981-2006, consists of scripts and other material related to Klein's career as a TV writer and producer. The collection includes scripts and correspondence related to Beverly Hills, 90210, Capitol, and Truth or Consequences and also includes...

Lachman (Mort) Collection

The bulk of the Mort Lachman collection consists of scripts and production documents from television shows and radio shows on which he worked, primarily as head writer for Bob Hope. Scripts range from The Bob Hope Show (radio and television)...

Lancaster (Bill) Papers

The Bill Lancaster Papers, 1975-1987, consist of Lancaster’s scripts and project files, both of produced and unproduced film and TV titles, written during his screenwriting career. Well represented in the collection are The Bad News Bears, The Bad News Bears...

Leeds (Howard) Papers

The Howard Leeds Collection consists primarily of produced television scripts and treatments from 1952 through 1989, including Meet Millie, Bachelor Father, The Danny Thomas Show, My Three Sons, Bewitched, Julia, That Girl, My Living Doll, The Ghost and Mrs. Muir,...

Levitt (Alfred Lewis and Helen) Papers

The Al and Helen Levitt Papers consist of much of their creative work written over their lives as writers in the entertainment industry. The collection also includes extensive records from their work on the board and committees of the Writers...

Liebmann (Norman) Papers

The Norman Liebmann Collection consists of produced and unproduced television scripts, feature films, book manuscripts, short stories, and plays written by Liebmann. The highlight of the collection relates to development materials, drawings, notes, correspondence, contracts, synopses, outlines, scripts and press...

MacDonald (Kenneth) Script Collection

This collection comprises shooting scripts for most of the film and television projects MacDonald worked on, including dozens of B westerns and film serials. Each script is annotated in MacDonald's hand with information such as shooting schedule, filming location and...

Manulis (Martin) Collection

The Martin Manulis collection, 1954-1985 contains scripts and production materials from television programs produced by Manulis. Seasons 1 and 2 of Playhouse 90 (1956-1958) represent the bulk of the collection, which also includes development materials for the anthology series Climax!...

Meltzer (Lewis) Collection

The Lewis Meltzer Collection, 1938-1967, contains script materials for films, plays, and television programs written by Lewis Meltzer, as well as correspondence related to his career; agency and employment contracts; song lyrics written by Meltzer; stories and other writings; and...

Mitchell (Bob & Esther) Collection

The Bob & Esther Mitchell Collection, 1945-1993 is comprised of materials relating to the partners’ television writing careers, including development materials, multiple drafts with handwritten revisions, and a selection of ephemera and publicity materials. Shows represented include Buck Rogers in...

Moore (Joan) Collection

The Joan Moore Collection, 1932-1976, documents the research done by Dr. Joan Moore, a sociologist who began a study of the Writers Guild of America in 1963 and subsequently wrote several unpublished manuscripts about the history of the Guild and...

O'Connor (Mary H.) Collection

The Mary H. O’Connor Collection, 1908-1940, primarily consists of programs, flyers, leaflets and other promotional material produced by the Writers, a social club organized by the Screen Writers’ Guild during the 1920s and 1930s. The collection also contains some business...

Oppenheimer (Jess) Collection

The Jess Oppenheimer Collection, 1936-1977, reflects his successful writing career in radio and television that spans five decades. The collection is entirely electronic having been scanned from original documents. It consists of radio scripts, comedy routines and spots, and production...

Radio Scripts Collection

This collection consists of approximately 1,000 American radio scripts containing 48 different series titles spanning multiple genres - drama, comedy, mystery, musical, quiz show, documentary, children’s and religious. The bulk of the collection dates from the 1940s through the 1950s....

Reindel (Carl) Collection

The Carl Reindel Collection, 1961-1981, reflects Reindel’s two decades as an actor in film and television. Among his best-known credits are Bullitt (1968), Tora! Tora! Tora! (1970), The Andromeda Strain (1971), and television programs such as Bonanza, Ironside, Gunsmoke and...

Reisman (Del) Papers

The Del Reisman Papers, 1936-2011, documents Reisman’s career and life as a writer and as a board member for the Writers Guild of America West (WGAW). The collection includes Reisman’s television scripts spanning 1958 to 1987 and correspondence pertaining to...

Rhine (Larry) Papers

The bulk of the Larry Rhine Collection consists of scripts written by Rhine for film, television and radio programs spanning the 1930s through the 1970s. Other material consists of jokes, sketches, and Rhine’s unpublished memoir.

Riesner (Dean) Papers

The Dean Riesner Papers, 1917–1992, contain film and television scripts and production materials, as well as correspondence, story and development files, and other materials related to the life and career of the prolific film and TV writer Dean Riesner.

Rivera (José) Collection

The José Rivera Collection contains drafts of playwright Rivera's produced and unproduced film screenplays, TV scripts and some stage plays. The collection also contains some outlines, treatments and correspondence relating to the projects.

Rodman (Howard) Collection

The Howard Rodman Collection, 1943-1986, contains manuscripts, correspondence, personal papers, and awards belonging to the writer Howard Rodman. The collection primarily consists of produced and unproduced manuscripts written by Rodman.

Rose (Si) Collection

The Si Rose Papers contains hundreds of scripts spanning Si Rose’s career in radio, television and film. Radio scripts include Abbott and Costello, The Bob Hope Show, The Edgar Bergen Show, and The Pepsodent Show. Television scripts include Dukes of...

Screen Writers' Guild Records

The Screen Writers’ Guild records detail the activities and development of members and the board. The collection contains early guild documents including correspondence, membership records, awards materials, board meeting minutes and other items.

Shavelson (Mel) Collection

The Mel Shavelson Collection, 1946-2007, consists primarily of Shavelson’s produced film scripts along with production stills from those films. It also contains personal papers created while he served as Writers Guild of America, West, President, and during his involvement with...

Silliphant (Stirling) Collection

The Stirling Silliphant Collection is comprised of scripts, outlines, notes and correspondence for film and television projects that screenwriter Silliphant wrote throughout his career. The majority of the projects included are unproduced or unaired.

Thaw (Mort) Collection

The Mort Thaw Collection, 1956-1982, consists of numerous television scripts, as well as two versions of the feature screenplay Harrad Summer.

Thompson (Caroline) Collection

The Caroline Thompson Collection contains drafts of screenwriter Thompson’s produced and unproduced feature film screenplays as well as development materials, outlines, treatments, correspondence and photographs relating to each script.

Tolkin (Mel) Papers

The Mel Tolkin Papers, 1932-1997, consist of scripts, sketches, development materials, production notes, correspondence, playbills, clippings, and other material related to his work as a comedy and variety writer for stage and television. The bulk of the collection consists of...

Tonight Show Jokes and Sketches Collection

The Tonight Show Jokes and Sketches Collection consists of material written for the Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson. Monologue jokes and sketches were written by various writers and span 1958-1990 [bulk 1963-1966, 1980s].

TV Scout Program Previews Collection

Collection of short television program reviews written for syndication in American newspapers, covering 2976.

Unproduced Screenplays Collection

The Unproduced Screenplays Collection is an artificial collection containing approximately 400 unproduced film projects written but never made or released. Projects span 1940s through 2000s with the bulk being from the 1980s and 1990s.

Van Scoyk (Robert) Papers

The Robert Van Scoyk Papers consists mainly of produced television scripts, treatments, and ideas for produced and unproduced TV shows. Some of the popular shows include Columbo, Murder, She Wrote, The Imogene Coca Show, and The Virginian. This collection also...

Vorhaus (Bernard) Collection

The Bernard Vorhaus Collection contains feature film scripts and treatments accumulated throughout his career as a director.

Weiner (Matthew) Collection

The Matthew Weiner Collection, 1997-2015 covers Weiner’s involvement as a writer and producer with the television show The Sopranos, seasons 4, 5 and 6, and scripts from Andy Richter Controls the Universe, The Naked Truth, and Mad Men. The collection...

White (Robert and Phyllis) Papers

The Robert and Phyllis White Collection contains mostly television scripts written by the couple as a team and solo works by Robert White. A small amount of correspondence related to their involvement in labor organizing for TV writers is included....

Wiener (Willard) Papers

The Willard Wiener Papers, 1907-1976, consists of correspondence, photographs, memorabilia, news clippings, scripts, and development material related to Wiener's personal life and career as a journalist and screenwriter. The bulk of the material consists of both personal and professional letters...

Woolverton (Linda) Collection

The Linda Woolverton Collection, 1990-2012, contains screenplays and development materials for three feature films written by Woolverton for Disney - Beauty and the Beast (1991), Alice in Wonderland (2010) and Melficent (2014).

Writer Speaks Oral History Collection

“The Writer Speaks” interview series, conducted by the nonprofit Writers Guild Foundation from 1994 to 2013, consists of 63 videotaped oral history interviews with prominent film and television writers. Interviewees include Billy Wilder, Robert Towne, Julius Epstein, Garry Marshall, James...

Writers Guild of America Oral History Collection

This collection consist of 95 audiotaped interviews with screenwriters, WGA board members and WGA executive leadership. Most audiotapes have accompanying typed transcripts as well. Topics discussed by interviewees concern Screen Writers' Guild organizing as a labor union in 1933, the...

Writers on Writing Collection

The “Writers on Writing” Collection consists of audiovisual recordings of the “Writers on Writing” symposiums, an interview series the Writers Guild Foundation has hosted since 2001. The series features prominent screenwriters speaking about their careers, writing processes, and topics related...