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19th century sheet music collection

54 pieces of sheet music, primarily of popular songs published in the United States, with some examples published in England and Belgium, 1850s-1870s.

19th century theatrical photographs album

This photograph album consists of photographs of actors and actresses, many in theatrical costume and posies, as well as photographs of stage sets with actors. The actors, actresses and productions are unidentified.

19th century theatrical programs, newspapers, and broadside collection

Newspapers, broadsides, theatrical programs and bulletins, and meeting programs, 1859-1890, published primarily in Philadelphia, Boston, New York, and San Francisco. While the majority of the materials are theatrically related, the collection does include an issue of the Daily Stage, a...

78 rpm record collection

This collection contains more than 600 Shellac 78 rpm discs for a variety of American music representing the confluence of popular and jazz-adjacent genres typical of the developing music industry from the first half of the 20th century.

American Guild of Organists records

Established in 1908, the Southern California Chapter of the American Guild of Organists is a local chapter of the national professional association serving the organ and choral music fields. This collection contains the records of the Los Angeles and Pasadena...

Ampico collection of piano rolls

Player piano rolls recorded for Ampico (the American Piano Company, manufacturer of reproducing pianos) by prominent European and American pianists, 1895-25.

Arkatov (Alexander) papers

Alexander Arkatov was a teacher of theater at the Imperial School of the Theatre and an Associate Professor of Fine Arts at the University of Moscow, where he lectured on the history of drama. He was a member of the...

Bellson (Louie) sheet music collection

This collection includes folders of annotated sheet music scores performed by drummer and band leader Louie Bellson (1924-2009) and associated acts, as well as Bellson's compositions.

Bondi (Don) collection of dance programs and publications

Programs from performances of ballet, modern dance, and musicals; pamphlets and journal offprints discussing dance and dancers.

Bronson (Lillian) papers

This collection contains ephemera, correspondence, and clippings documenting the career of stage and film actress Lillian Bronson (1902-1955). Bronson appeared in more than eighty films and was Fonzi's grandmother on the television show .

Brown (Rayner) papers

The papers of American composer, organist, teacher, and USC alumnus Rayner Brown (1912-1999) include music scores, manuscripts and books.

Brown (Ross) theater photographs

This collection contains stereoscopic and 35mm slides and black and white photographs taken of Los Angeles theatre and ballet performances. The photographs in the collection were taken by Ross Brown, who photographed performances in Southern California in the 1940s and...

California Civic Light Opera Association records

Papers, letters, reports, Board meeting minutes books and records which relate to the formation and management of the Los Angeles Civic Light Opera Association (LACLO) and the subsequent California Civic Light Opera Association formed by the merger of the LACLO...

Dancing Cansinos photograph album

The Dancing Cansinos photograph album consists of photographs and ephemera relating to the Dancing Cansinos, a family of professional dancers who emigrated from Spain and eventually settled in Los Angeles. The troupe consisted of Antonio, Sr. and Carmen Cansino; their...

Diorio (Joe) papers

The Joe Diorio papers comprise material created and collected by Joseph Louis Diorio (August 6, 1936 - February 2, 2022), American jazz guitarist and former USC Thornton Studio Guitar program faculty member. The largest part of the collection consists of...

Duffy (Henry "Terry") and Dale Winter papers

The Henry "Terry" Duffy and Dale Winter papers consist of clippings, publications, playbills, and photographs documenting the careers of theatrical producer Henry Duffy and his wife Dale Winter. Duffy and Winter, who were married, worked together for a number of...

EMI Angel Records collection

Collection consists of production materials for the EMI Angel Records label, primarily research for the album liner notes and artwork for album covers.

Erjavec (Don) collection of Dizzy Gillespie solo transcriptions

Collection consists of transcribed Dizzy Gillespie solos which were transcribed by musician and jazz instructor, Don Erjavec.

Fallenius (Margaret) papers

Travel diaries, scrapbooks, programs, photographs, musical scores/sheets documenting Margaret Fallenius' (1890-1962) career in vaudeville....

Federal Theatre Project scripts

This collection contains scripts for plays performed by the Federal Theatre Project, which was operated between 1935 and 1939 as a part of the Work Progress Administration. The Los Angeles branch of the project produced over 195 plays.

Fields (Armond) American Theatre collection

This collection documents the history of the American stage before talking cinema, reflecting the birth and death of vaudeville and the advent of the modern Broadway musical. The collection includes books, posters, theater programs, sheet-music covers, souvenirs, rare film footage...

Gaines (Laurell) photographs

Collection of photographs of dancers, musicians, and radio personalities, the majority of which are inscribed to Laurell Gaines. Also included are photographs of Gaines and her partner, Ted Vaun. Gaines was a ballet and ballroom dancer who performed in vaudeville,...

German Theater and Movie programs

The collection consists predominantly of theater, cabaret, opera, and movie programs from European German-speaking countries, 1929-1937.

Getty (Ronald) collection of theatre programs

23 theatre programs from New York City and Los Angeles, including the last performance at the old Metropolitan Opera House, which was the Bolshoi Ballet in May 1966; Judy Garlan at the Palace in 1966; and the 3,225th performance of...

Gole (Joseph) collection on cantorial music

This collection consists of Josheph Gole's collection of cantorial music. Cantorial music is a Jewish style of prayer, led by the Cantor. It has characteristics of European music because it was developed by Jews from European countries. Joseph Gole is...

Grell/Colefax Collection on Russian Ballet

The collection consists of films, books, photographs, sound recordings, posters, costumes, and artwork related to Russian ballet, chiefly the Bolshoi Ballet Company. Collected by Los Angeles resident Dwight Grell from the early 1950s through the 2000s. Many of the materials...

Guigui (Efrain) papers

Collection consists of the papers and concert recordings of Efrain Guigui, Panamanian-born clarinetist and conductor.

Harry James Band sheet music and scores

This collection consists of the original orchestral scores and sheet music for big band leader Harry James' band.

Hinman (Mary Wood) collection of English folk songs

The Mary Wood Hinman Collection consists of teaching materials for folk dancing, piano forte and some violin music books, programs for plays, photographs, sheet music, newspaper clippings as well as presidential and American history related items that have been collected...

Hollywood Bowl and Los Angeles Philharmonic programs

A small group of programs from the Los Angeles Philharmonic and the Hollywood Bowl, dated 1915-195

Huddleston (Richard) papers

Collection consists of vinyl LPs, USC Marching Band photographs, and Alumni Review magazines from Richard Huddleston.

Kvasnicka (Jerry) collection of dance ephemera and photographs

Photographs, slides, and programs primarily of ballet performances, many in the Los Angeles area, but also some modern and folk dance companies....

Lert (Richard) papers

This collection consists of Richard Lert's video and audio recordings of performances, rehearsals and lectures, personal papers and his music score library. Lert was born in Vienna and trained as an orchestral conductor in Germany. He moved to the United...

Lewitzky Dance Company records

Based in Los Angeles, California, the Lewitzky Dance Company was formed in 1966 by Bella Lewitzky and gave its last performance on May 18, 1997. The archive consists of papers, films, photographs, costumes, programs, posters, stage plots, and sound recordings....

Los Angeles area theater programs collection

Theater programs from events in the Los Angeles area circa 1990s to 2015. The bulk are from the LA Opera.

Los Angeles Master Chorale records

The Los Angeles Master Chorale records range from 1951-2021, and contain the organizational files of the Los Angeles Master Chorale Association, formerly known as the Southern California Choral Music Association. The collection also contains audio recordings, video recordings, photographic materials,...

Los Angeles theater playbills collection

A collection of 18 Los Angeles theatrical playbills dating from 1917 to 1920. 13 of the playbills from from the Trinity Auditorium, and the remainder come from the Philharmonic Auditorium, the Orpheum, the Gamut Club at the Temple Auditorium, and...

Miller (Charles James) papers

Correspondence, ephemera, and photographs related to Russell Meriwether Hughes ("La Meri")-- ethnic dance icon, instructor, friend (and one-time lover) of Charles Miller who saved the materials which comprise this collection. The collection also includes Miller's own research material and dissertation...

Morgan (Barbara) dance photographs

The Barbara Morgan dance photographs comprise 36 photographs taken by Barbara Morgan (1900-1992), an American photographer best known for her depictions of modern dancers. The prints in the collection show well-known dancers and choreographers in various poses and performances, including...

Myrow (Fredric) papers

This collection consists of the papers of American composer Fredric Myrow (1939-1999), along with some papers of his father, composer Josef Myrow (1910-1987). Materials includes manuscript scores, manuscript sheet music, recordings, and correspondence, as well as books, scores, sheet music,...

Niska (Maralin) papers

Collection consists of various vocal scores, press clippings, photographs, programs, awards, correspondence, scrapbooks, and recordings belonging to American soprano Maralin Niska (1926-2016).

Ousdal (Asbjorn P.) Vinland Saga scrapbook

A scrapbook containing materials relating to Asbjorn P. Ousdal's historical drama, , first performed at the Lobero Theatre in Santa Barbara, California in 1937. The scrapbook includes an official program for the 1937 production issued by the Norroena Society of...

Perez (Rudy) archive

The Rudy Perez archive consists of the papers, clippings, programs, books, videos, costumes and photographs from the work of modern dance choreographer Rudy Perez (1929- ), currently based in Los Angeles.

Phonograph cylinders collection

The collection is comprised of seventy-five phonograph cylinders produced by several Edison companies as well as the Columbia Phonograph Company.

Play-Rite Music Rolls collection

Piano rolls are spools of perforated paper (or thin film) programmed with music and designed to be played on a mechanically-operated piano, more commonly called a player piano. Player pianos as popular entertainment reached their heyday in the 1920s, although...

Ray Herbeck Los Angeles Swing Band records

The Ray Herbeck Los Angeles Swing Band Collection consists of original scores and various chart arrangements, band photographs, concert reviews, recording and performance contracts, advertisements, and more.

Reinhardt (Max) collection

This collection contains materials related to the work of Austrian theater and film director Max Reinhardt (1873-1943) including European set design plans and some papers, dating from circa 1910s-1930s, and a scrapbook of memorabilia from Reinhardt's 1927-1928 New York repertory...

Richardson (Robert) collection on Southern California Theater

This collection consists of the research files on Los Angeles and Southern California theaters compiled by Robert Richardson. The focus of the files, which contain clippings, statistics, and ephemera, is the physical venues themselves (the theaters).

Robinson (Ula) collection of dance memorabilia

Collection of 3 programs/publications on Anna Pavlova; two copies of a program of Diaghilev's Ballet Russe, one program for the Mordkin Ballet; and one program commemorating the life of Enrico Cecchetti.

Rosenbloom (Aviva) collection on cantorial music

This small collection contains Jewish cantorial music dating from the 1920s to the 2000s collected by cantor Aviva Rosenbloom. Materials consist mainly of sheet music and Bar/Bat Mitzah booklets from the 1990s-2000s.

Ryland (Gladys) papers

Materials pertaining to group dances collected by the social worker Gladys Ryland in the 1930s and 1940s.

San Francisco theatre scrapbook

Scrapbook of theatre listings from San Francisco theaters, primaily the Bella Union and the New Bella Union Theatres, but also including the Alhambra and Pacific Theatres (San Francisco) and the Theater Comique in Sacramento. Most of the items are titles...

Schildkraut (Joseph) collection of vinyl records

Collection consists of vinyl records across various genres from the collection of Austrian actor Joseph Schildkraut.

Schildkraut (Leonora) papers

Leonora Schildraut (nee Rogers) was the third wife of actor Joseph Schildkraut. A musician and actress, she was a member of the Peter Merenblum California Junior Symphony and later appeared in a few motion pictures and acted on the stage....

Sevanian (Ara) papers

This collection contains the papers of Armenian-American composer and musician Ara Sevanian (1915-2011). Materials include musical scores and parts and audiovisual recordings including VHS tapes and sound records of Sevanian's music and performances. There is also correspondence between Sevanian and...

Shapiro (Eudice) collection of music scores

Collection consists of marked published music scores belonging to USC Thornton School of Music professor Eudice Shapiro.

Sheet music collection

Bound volumes of songs, ca. 1850; loose sheet music ca. 1848-1950.

Simonton (Richard) Collection of Welte system-recorded piano rolls

Player piano rolls recorded with the Emil Welte system by prominent European and American musicians, 1905-1920; catalogs of the Welte Company in Freiburg, Germany. The collection was brought to the United States in 1948 by Simonton, and some of the...

Star Photo Company Missouri Theatre photograph album

Album of photographs created by the Star Photo Company, St. Louis, depicting interiors of the Missouri Theatre in St. Louis, orchestras, stage scenes from theatrical presentations, and prologues for moving picture programs presented at the theater. Each photograph is captioned...

Sully (Robert) papers

Robert Sully was an actor and a designer. In addition to working for such well known firms as Raymond Loewy Associates, he also founded his own design firm, the Argonaut Company. He earned a Masters and Ph.D from Claremont Graduate...

Tarkington (Booth) playbills collection

This 10 item collection consists of playbills for productions of plays by, or adapted from stories by, Booth Tarkington. Tarkington is best remembered for his Pulitzer Prize-winning novels "The Magnificent Ambersons" and "Alice Adams", and is only one of three...

Theater playbills

This collection primarily consists of twentieth century theater programs from New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, and London. However, it also includes nineteenth century prompt books, souvenir programs, and theater programs from the Midwest (especially Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota).

Theater playbills collection

Playbills and clippings documenting theatrical productions, mostly Broadway, from the 1950s through the 1980s.

Theater playbills collection

This collection consists of theater programs dating from the early 1900s to the 1980s, chiefly for theaters in Los Angeles and New York City, with the majority dating from the 1940s to the 1970s.

Theater scrapbooks collection

Two scrapbooks containing newspaper clippings, theater reviews, interviews, obituaries, cast lists, programs, and other material pertaining to New York theatrical life, circa 1889-1904. A handwritten note on the inside cover of one of the scrapbooks states: "Property of Charles W....

Theatrical, concert, and movie performances program collection

This small collection consists of programs, brochures, and souvenir programs for theatrical, concert, and movie performances held primarily in Los Angeles and New York City, 1856-1972. It include, but is not limited to, programs and performances of and by MGM,...

Thompson and Berri sheet music collection

The collection consists of American sheet music, 1901-1930s.

Thoreau (Diane) theatre playbills scrapbook

Large scrapbook created by Diane Thoreau containing playbills and programs for theatrical performances in Los Angeles and New York, 1940-1949. Ms. Thoreau was a high school teacher in Ventura County who donated this scrapbook to the USC School of Theatre...

Twomey (Juliet Spohn) collection of theatre playbills

Theatre playbills from New York, Los Angeles, and Pasadena. Includes many Federal Theatre Project playbills.

Vennard (William) papers

Collection consists of the audio recordings, research, and faculty papers of American singer, instructor, and vocal pedagogist William Vennard (1909-1971).