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1988 Seoul Olympics ephemera and printed materials

The 1988 Summer Olympics (officially known as the Games of the XXIV Olympiad) were held in Seoul, South Korea from September 17 to October 2, 1988. This collection consists primarily of ephemera and realia related to the Olympic Games, as...

Ahn (Henry) papers

This collection consists of the papers of Henry Ahn.

Ahn (Philip) Papers

Philip Ahn was a Korean American actor, WWII veteran, and USC alum. This small collection comprises primarily personal and family photographs, film and television stills, and awards and realia documenting Ahn's professional career, personal life, and his numerous involvements within...

Asian American Historic Resources Survey

This collection consists of the Asian American Historic Contexts Advisory Committee Meeting agenda, statement, and resources.

Association of Korean American Victims of the L.A. Riots collection

This collection chiefly consists of cancelled checks that prove that the Association paid out every dollar given to them to compensate Korean Americans who lost their stores or businesses, or suffered great losses in the 1992 Los Angeles Riots Saigu...

Barnhart (Pat and Verne) papers

The collection includes photographs, documents, correspondence, and journals of the Barnharts and their associates, and the privately published memoir of their daughter, Dr. Jean Barnhart Jost.

Berger (Gordon) collection of Japanese books

This collection consists of Japanese books.

Chang (Robert) collection

This collection consists of the CDs of Robert Chang.

Charr-Kim family papers

This small collection contains papers of the Korean-American Charr-Kim family, chiefly consisting of typescript drafts of "The Golden Mountain," the memoir of Korean immigrant Easurk Emsen Charr (1895-1986), and the memoir of his daughter Dr. Anna Charr Kim (born 1930).

Chen (Helen Paik) papers

This collection consists of the papers and photographs of Helen Paik Chen.

Cheung (Dominic) papers

This collection consists of manuscripts, news clippings, and other materials related to the work of Professor Emeritus, Dominic Cheung.

China Society of Southern California records

The China Society of Southern California was founded in 1935 as a non-profit cultural organization and is the oldest Sino-American organization of its kind in the United States. The records of the China Society consist primarily of correspondence, board meeting...

Chinese collection files

This collection consists of the inventories and notes related to the Chinese collections held by the University of Southern California's East Asian Library.

Chinese hanging scrolls (Collection of)

A collection of Chinese hanging scrolls featuring paintings and calligraphy. The scrolls were created by various artists and gifted to USC by various donors. The collection includes originals and reproductions created in a variety of formats.

Chinese posters (Collection of)

The collection of Chinese posters consists of approximately 43 posters, including a few duplicates, advertising both Chinese and Western products. Many of the posters date from the 1920s and were printed in China by the Shanghai Commercial Press (Shanghai shang...

Chinese posters on COVID-19

A collection of 32 public health posters on COVID-19 (Coronavirus disease 2019) published in China during 2020. The posters appear to be government-issued propaganda, advocating for unity and shared responsibility and featuring images of heroic labor figures, families, and medical...

Chinese prints and calendars

This collection consists of Chinese art prints and calendars from 1971-1973.

Cho (Joseph) papers

Joseph Cho (1943 - ) is a Korean American journalist, entrepreneur, and politician. He served as a councilmember and mayor of the City of Cerritos. The collection consists of photographs, VHS videotapes, cassette tapes, CDs, DVDs, scrapbooks, correspondence and other...

Cho (Kap Suk) collection

This collection consists of the photographs of Kap Suk Cho in Korea.

Christian Herald collection on Korean immigration

Collection consists of newspaper issues, published books on Korean immigration history, and Korean American photographs.

Chudy (Bob) collection

This collection consists of Peace Corps volunteer Bob Chudy's tourist brochures, scrapbooks of newspaper clippings, Korean language and culture books, and research papers on Korean culture.

Coox (Alvin) papers

This collection consists of files, photographs and audio recordings relating to the research and teaching career of military historian Alvin Coox (1924-1999), particularly pertaining to the 1939 Battle of Nomonhan between Japan and the Soviet Union.

Crystal City publications

This collection consists of Crystal City Chatters, the Crystal City Internment Camp publication, as well as newspapers, books, and photographs. These include a 50th anniversary reunion book of Crystal City Internment Camp and a book by Mr. Furukochi written and...

Daily (James and Sarah) papers

This collection chiefly contains travel diaries and correspondence reflecting the trips of American hydraulic engineering professor James W. Daily (1913-1991) and his wife, Sarah A. Daily (1915-2009), to the People's Republic of China in 1974 and 1979, as well as...

De Fraeye (Mark) photographs

This collection consists of photographs taken by Mark De Fraeye of South Korea.

Democracy Wall (collection on)

The collection on Democracy Wall consists of eight pamphlets, three pages of handwritten notes, and newspaper clippings relating to Democracy Wall in Beijing and the final years of the Cultural Revolution. All of the material in this collection was found...

Drake (George F.) papers

George F. Drake is an American Korean War veteran and activist. This collection comprises primarily DVDs, CDs, and CD-Rs created and collected by Drake and pertaining to orphans during the Korean War. It also contains correspondence, clippings, and documents relating...

Dube (Clayton) slides of China

Collection consists of color slides from the 1984 trip to China taken by Clayton Dube.

East Asian pamphlets and maps

This collection consists of maps, guides, and pamphlets for tourism in China, Korea, and Japan.

Einreinhofer (Bill) China Archive

The Bill Einreinhofer China Archive comprises approximately 1000 digital video, image, audio, and text files that Einreinhofer used to produce a series of public television documentaries covering modern China and Japan from 1910 to 2022. The collection includes the finished...

Ekijo (Koga) papers

This collection consists of two self-bound volumes: the first is a manuscript written by Koga Ekijo and the second is an accumulation of source materials related to the topic of the first.

Ettinger (Harry L.) papers

The Harry L. Ettinger papers contain correspondence, photographs, newspaper clippings, collected publications, and other material belonging to American philanthropist Harry L. Ettinger. In 1966, Ettinger--then serving as the director of the American-Korean Foundation--established a leprosy rehabilitation center in southeastern Seoul...

Flowers (Neil) North Korea Journal photograph album

North Korea Journal: 2002 is a large album (30 cm x 42 cm) of photographs taken by poet, screenwriter, writer, director, actor, editor, and USC alumnus Neil Flowers during a trip to North Korea (DPRK) in June 2002. Flowers, a...

Hahn (Jason) (Hahn Chang-Ho) papers

This collection consists of the personal papers and memorabilia of First National Air Force member Jason Hahn (born Hahn Chang-Ho in 1893).

Hoose (Saidee Pettus) papers

Saidee Pettus Hoose was an American missionary who, along with her husband, worked and lived in China beginning in 1916. This small collection consists of correspondence, clippings, biographical materials and a few pieces of ephemera relating to the personal and...

Hwan (Kim Young) slides

This collection consists of the slides of Kim Young-hwan on Korean Independence Movements.

Hyun (David) papers

David Hyun, son of Reverend Soon Hyun, was the first ever-Korean American architect and a self-described essayist. He is best known for his 1978 design of the Japanese Village Plaza in downtown Los Angeles, as part of a revitalization of...

James (David E.) collection on the USC Korean Film Festival

A collection of posters, photographs, ephemera, event programs, publications, newspaper clippings, and other material relating to the USC Korean Film Festival. The material in the collection was created between 1995 and 2017. The collection includes a 2002 poster signed by...

Japanese collection files

This collection consists of notes, correspondences, inventories, and such items helping to keep track of Japanese collections held by the University of Southern California's East Asian Library.

Japanese poster collection

The Japanese poster collection contains approximately 45 posters on the following topics: Japanese products and design; railways, ocean liners and tourism; Japanese art and design exhibitions; Japanese imperial modernity (including colonies in Korea, Manchuria, and northeastern China); and Japanese Ministry...

Jolly (Thesa) family papers

Thesa Jolly was an American volunteer of the Peace Corps in Korea from July 1972-1974. Her father, Donald Jolly, was a Lieutenant in the United States Marine Corps during the Korean War. This small collection comprises primarily correspondence, clippings, brochures,...

Justice (Jim) papers

This collection consists of photographs, research articles, clipping, and training manuals of Dr. James Justice.

Kang (Young-Hoon) oral history

Collection consists of DVD copies of Hahm Chaibong's interview of former South Korean Prime Minister Kang Young-Hoon.

Khim (Richard) collection

Collection consists of recordings of documentaries, interviews, and other projects produced by Richard Khim and his company, Hi-Media Productions.

Kim (Chan-Hie) papers

This collection consists of the papers and photographs of Chan-Hie Kim.

Kim (Charles) collection

This collection consists of directories for Korean American organizations, and VHS tapes of the KSCI-TV interview program LA Seoul.

Kim (Kyeng Bo) recordings and slides

This collection contains eighteen 1/4" reel audio tapes recorded by Kyeng Bo Kim (1883-1976) beginning around the late 1950s. The tapes have not been digitized, but appear to include recording of oral histories, family, business, and social events, and songs....

Kim (Ronyoung) and Richard Hahn papers

Ronyoung Kim was a Korean American author, best known for her novel "Clay Walls." Her husband, Richard Hahn, was a doctor and writer as well. This collection comprises primarily biographical materials, writings, academic papers, printed materials, photographs, and correspondence created...

Kim (Yin) papers

Yin Kim was a first-generation Korean American WWII veteran, dentist, and USC alum. This small collection consists of photographs and biographical materials related to Kim, as well as to his family members Earl Kim, Sung Kwon Kim, Hye Won Kang,...

Kim (Young Oak) Biography papers

Young Oak Kim was a Korean American United States Army officer, civic leader, and humanitarian. This collection comprises military documents and audiovisual materials relating to Kim's service in World War II and the Korean War, collected as well as created...

Kim (Young Tak) and Annabelle Kim papers

The Young Tak Kim and Annabelle Kim papers consist of correspondence, photographs, newspaper clippings, notebooks, ephemera, and other material created by Young Tak Kim (1920-2004) and Annabelle Kim, née Lee (1921-2015) before and during their marriage. Young Tak and Annabelle...

Kim (Yung-chol) papers

Yung-chol Kim (1929-2018) was a Korean American methodist pastor. A dedicated activist, he devoted his life to support human rights, democratization, and peaceful reunification of Korea, and helping Koreans in the United States. The collection consists of four boxes of...

Kimm (Diamond) collection on

This small collection chiefly contains photocopies of documents related to the deportation case of Diamond Kimm, a Korean resident of Los Angeles, whose legal case denying a suspension of deportation after refusing to say whether he was a Communist in...

Klein (Ken) collection of Korean American history

This collection consists of Korean American history through photographs, printed ephemera, interviews, correspondences, slides, and audio from the 1940s to the 2010s.

Ko (Won) papers

This collection contains the papers of Korean-American poet, human rights activist, and professor Ko Sung-Won (1925-2008).

The Korea Journal

This collection consists of bound newspapers of "The Korea Journal," from 1973 to 1975.

Korean American Leftists in the 1950s collection

The United States Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) was an agency of the U.S. Department of Labor from 1933 to 1940 and the U.S. Department of Justice from 1940 to 2003. This small collection comprises government documents from the INS...

Korean American National Museum collection

This collection consists of papers and news related to the Korean American National Museum in Los Angeles.

Korean American Pioneer Council records

This collection contains records of the Korean American Pioneer Council (KAPC) in Los Angeles, California, dating from 1995 to 2018. Records include by-laws, meeting minutes, member directory files, brochures and brochure drafts, newsletters, exhibition boards, and files related to projects...

Korean collection files

This collection consists of inventories and notes related to Korean collections in the University of Southern California East Asian Library.

Korean commemorative items

Collection consists of various display objects commemorating Korea's history.

Korean film booklets

Collection consists of DVD sleeves, special edition and promotional materials, and soundtracks for films made in Korea.

Korean Independence newspaper collection

Collection consists of bound copies of the bilingual publication Korean Independence.

Korean Language and Culture photos

Collection consists of color photo posters of significant locations in South Korea under the title Enjoying Korea, provided by the Korea Foundation.

Korean movie scripts

This collection consists of film scripts and photographs from Korean movies.

Korean National Association in Hawaii and related lawsuits collection

By the year 1905 more than 7,000 Koreans populated the Territory of Hawaii. In 1909, the Korean National Association in Hawaii was established, along with a main headquarters in San Francisco, with a purpose for uniting all Koreans in the...

Korean War collection

The Korean War collection contains Chinese propaganda leaflets printed during the Korean War (1950-1953), restricted Chinese military maps, books of photographs, post-war North Korean propaganda, songs, a photograph album, posters, comic books, and illustrated propaganda created during and shortly after...

Lee (Jimmy) papers

This small collection contains promotional and press material and two DVDs related to work of Korean-American filmmaker Jimmy Lee (born 1945).

Lee (Jung-in) collection

Collection consists of clippings, publications, notes, and photographs from Korean Times reporter Lee Jung-in's 1990 visit to North Korea.

Lee (Sammy) papers

Sammy Lee was a two-time Korean American Olympic gold medal winning diver, physician, and USC alum. This small collection consists of awards, certificates, audiovisual materials, scrapbooks, copies of a biography, and other various ephemera documenting Lee's life and career.

Letters from Kim Sang Wook to Kathy Dill

Collection consists of pen pal letters from South Korean college student Kim Sang Wook to American high school student Kathy Dill.

Liu (Tung-Sheng) collection

This collection consists of Chinese opera, music, and historical dramas on various media including DVDs, VHS, CDs, audiocassettes, and vinyl records.

Los Angeles Times Beijing Bureau records

This collections primarily contains clipping files from the Los Angeles Times Beijing Bureau, chiefly dating from the 1980s and 1990s. Materials include news clippings, news wires, magazine articles, speeches, press releases, published reports, newsletters, and pamphlets reflecting a broad range...

Loureiro (Pedro) Papers

Pedro Loureiro is a Navy historian, curator, archivist, and USC alum who has concentrated much of his research on pre-War Japanese espionage and relations with the United States. This collection comprises primarily reports, memos, and correspondence relating to the United...

MacDougall (Alan) photographs

This collection consists of about 3000 photograph slides of Korea and a book of facts about Korea belonging to Alan MacDougall. MacDougall was a U.S. veteran who served in Korea from 1967 to 1968.

Mao Zedong Writings Project records

This collection contains the records of the Mao Zedong Writing Project, which aimed to comprehensively translate the writings of Chinese leader Mao Zedong (1893-1976) into English. The project operated from the 1970s to 1992, first at Brown University and then...

Maps of China collection

This collection consists of several maps of China from the second half of the 20th century.

McCune (Shannon) papers

Shannon Boyd-Bailey McCune was an American geographer born in Korea to Presbyterian missionaries. This collection comprises primarily photographs, negatives, and slides as well as research, essays, and various publications relating to the geography and cartography of Japan and Korea. It...

Moody (Mark L.) papers

This collection contains photographs, 16mm films, personal documents, and news clippings that record Mark L. Moody's residence in East Asia.

Moore (Steve) scroll

This collection consists of a green wall scroll with Korean text belonging to Peace Corps member Steve Moore.

National Training Institute for Farmers' Organizations (NTIFO) certificates

Collection consists of certificates issued by Taiwan's National Training Institute for Farmers' Organizations.

New Directions for the Korean American Community conference tapes

Collection consists of cassette tape recordings from the 1993 New Directions for the Korean American Community conference hosted at USC.

North Korea and Taiwan flags

This collection consists of two flags, one from North Korea and one from Taiwan.

North Korean children's booklets

Collection consists of comics and illustrated story books for children in North Korea.

North Korean pamphlets

Collection consists of informational pamphlets issued by the North Korean government.

North Korean postcards and slides

Collection consists of travel brochures, slides, trading cards, and postcards of North Korea.

Odell (Glen and Dian) papers

This collection consists of the photographs, papers, and memorabilia of Dian and Glen Odell who served in the Peace Corps in Korea.

Oh (Chin Young) papers

This collection consists of newspapers, journals, bulletins, and the personal journals of Chin Young Oh.

Oh (K.S.) family papers

The K.S. Oh family papers is a small collection comprised of biographical and genealogical materials of the Oh family, primarily relating to professor of dermatology and medical missionary Kung Sung, as well as his grandson and creator of the materials...

Oh (Tae Hyun) collection

Collection consists of a scrapbook, photographs, and ID cards from USC alumnus and chair of the Overseas Korean Studies and Heritage Foundation, Dr. Tae Hyun Oh.

Oliver (Robert T.) papers

Robert T. Oliver was an American author, professor, specialist in Asian rhetoric and communication, and advisor to South Korean President Syngman Rhee. This small collection consists of his professional and personal correspondence during his life and career, as well as...

Ong (Ying) papers and tapes

This collection consists of Ying Ong Sr.'s correspondences, biography, photographs, audio tapes, and book of poetry.

Paik (Edward) papers

Edward Paik was a Korean American food service equipment sales supervisor, Kitchen Specialist, and U.S. Air Force Surplus Property Disposal Specialist. This collection comprises primarily photographs and printed materials created and collected by Edward Paik. It also contains ephemera in...

Paik (Irvin) papers

The Irvin Paik papers include correspondence, article typescripts, subject files, scripts, photographs, news clippings, slides, and audiotapes created by television and film editor Irvin Paik during a period (early 1970s) when he was actively involved in several organizations (East-West Players,...

Park (Sang Joon) collection on Korean science fiction

A collection of 79 pamphlets, leaflets, event programs, fliers, and other ephemera relating to Korean science fiction. The material in this collection was assembled by Sang Joon Park, the founding president of the Korea SF Association. Since its emergence in...

Paul Courtright papers

The Paul Courtright papers contain photograph albums, scrapbooks, newspaper clippings, maps, reports, books, correspondence, journals, and other material collected and/or created by Paul Courtright, a former Peace Corps volunteer who was stationed in the Jeonnam Province of South Korea from...

Peace Corps in Korea collection

This collection consists of the photographs, papers, art, and other items related to members of the Peace Corps in Korea.

Peters (Victor Wellington) papers

The digital portion of this collection consists of photographs, journals and letters which are collected when Dr. Peters engaged in mission work from 1928 to 1941 in Korea. The physical portion of this collection consists of photograph postcards from Japan...

Pfeifer (Don) collection on Korean military, politics, and culture

The Don Pfeifer collection on Korean military, politics, and culture contains Korean military albums, planners, newsletters, memorabilia, art, and other material collected by Donald M. Pfeifer (1949-). The majority of the material in the collection relates to Korean military and...

Pongsan Mask Dance slides

Collection consists of color slides depicting a folk-dance performance of the Pongsan mask dance in North Korea.

Prim image collection

This collection consists of photographs of the Upper Yangzi and Fuzhou areas of China.

Scrapbook of Korean newspapers

Collection consists of a scrapbook of bound copies of Korean newspapers, and clippings from American publications.

Sellin (Paul) collection of slides and flag

This collection consists of 129 slides of Japan, 117 slides of Korea, and a handmade Taiwan flag from 1954.

Shibutani (Tamotsu) papers

This collection chiefly consists of the professional papers of Japanese-American sociologist and professor Tamotsu Shibutani (1920-2004). The bulk of the collection relates to Shibutani's academic career at the University of California, Santa Barbara, in the form of research and writing...

Shin (In Sup) collection on Korean advertising

The In Sup Shin collection on Korean advertising consists of correspondence, advertisements, writings on the Korean advertising industry, newspaper clippings, Korean advertising data, and other material collected and/or created by In Sup Shin. Born in 1929, In Sup Shin has...

Shon (Mary) papers

Mary Shon was a Korean-American social worker, teacher, and USC alum. This small collection consists primarily of yearbooks from Union Christian College and the Presbyterian Theological Seminary of Korea. The collection also contains a photo album, a photo book on...

Sidwell (George) slides

This collection consists of the slides of George Sidwell.

Sohn (Won Tai) papers

This small collection is comprised primarily of printed materials and manuscript drafts collected and created by Korean-American physician Won Tai Sohn (1914-2014), a close friend of North Korean founder Kim Il Sung (1912-1994). Items chiefly date from the 1970s to...

South Korean pamphlets and postcards

Collection consists of tourism pamphlets and booklets, maps, exhibit and event programs, and postcard series primarily distributed by Korean Overseas Information Service.

Sunoo (Sonia) papers

Sonia Shinn Sunoo was a Korean American teacher, researcher, and writer. This small collection consists primarily of Sunoo's oral history interview transcripts with early Korean immigrant picture brides (mail order brides). The collection also contains research materials regarding this topic...

Taiwan election collection

This collection consists of realia from elections in Taiwan during the 1990s and 2000s.

Taylor (Corwin) photographs

This collection consists of photographs of Korea from Rev. Corwin Taylor of the Methodist Episcopal Church of Korea.

Thun (Nak Chung) papers

This collection contains the literary archive of Korean-American writer Nak Chung Thun (1875-1953), including the handwritten manuscripts for novels, stories, and essays. There are also some family papers including two yearbooks of Samson Thun from Dinuba Union High School (1924-1925)...

USC East Asian Studies Center records

This collection contains records of the East Asian Studies Center (EASC) at the University of Southern California. Materials include administrative records, federal grant applications, and files relating to EASC's involvement developing the USC Library's East Asian collections. There are also...

Venditti (Phil) collection

This collection consists of the books and papers of Phil Venditti, a Peace Corp voulnteer in Korea.

White Horse Literary Society collection

This collection consists of the papers of the White Horse Literary Society.

Whitehouse (Jack) papers

Jack Whitehouse was a public relations executive, consultant, writer, and editor. This collection comprises primarily film reels and video recordings relating largely to the Japanese Steel Industry, one of Whitehouse's clients. It also contains correspondence, speeches, annual reports, press kits,...

Wilbur (Michael H.) photographs

This collection consists of photograph slides of South Korea from 1995-1998 taken by photojournalist Michael H. Wilbur, and publications which featured some of his images.

Wood (Harriet) papers

This collection contains the papers of Harriet Wood (1917-2001), a devout American Christian who worked in South Korea from 1966 to 1978. Materials include journals kept by Wood in Korea, photographs and slides, correspondence, writings, and Bible and devotional material.

Yi (Chong-chan) photograph albums

This collection consists of the photograph albums prepared by National Assemblyman of the Republic of Korea Chong-chan Yi.

Yu (Eui-Young) collection of newspaper clippings on the 1992 Los Angeles Riots

The Eui-Young Yu collection of newspaper clippings on the 1992 Los Angeles Riots includes 1,282 Korean articles from and , and approximately 380 articles from the on the subjects of the 1992 Los Angeles Riots as well as race/cultural relations...

Zainichi Korean collection

The Zainichi Korean collection is comprised of research files of Yondaru Kimu. Yondaru Kimu is a second-generation Korean and a researcher of modern Korean history, particularly the history of Koreans. Koreans are Korean migrants and their descendants from Joseon who...

Zhang (Ailing) papers

Zhang Ailing (Chang Ailing, Eileen Chang) was a Chinese author whose well-known literary texts include The Rogue of the North, The Golden Cangue, and The Rice Sprout Song. Her works, considered to be among the best Chinese literature of the...