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Clark (William Andrews) Memorial Library, UCLA
2520 Cimarron Street
Los Angeles, California 90018
Phone: (310) 794-5155
Email: clark@humnet.ucla.edu
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Allen Press and Dorothy and Lewis Allen Ephemera Collection

The Allen Press was a private press founded in 1939 by Lewis and Dorothy Allen and based in the San Francisco Bay area. This collection includes printed ephemera (predominantly prospectuses), photographs, and correspondence.

Amalgamated Printers' Association Ephemera Collection

Ephemera from various members of the Amalgamated Printers' Association and from the Association's annual convention, the Wayzgoose.

American Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies Records

This collection contains papers and other items related to the organization and running of the American Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies (ASECS).

Archer (H. Richard) and the Hippogryph Press Collection

This collection contains correspondence, ephemera, photographs and other materials collected by H. Richard Archer, former bibliographer at the Clark Library, from his years at UCLA until his last position at Williams College. Many items were printed by his personal press,...

Armitage (Merle) Collection

This collection contains correspondence, printed ephemera, articles, book designs, announcements, and other materials written by and about and designed by Merle Armitage. Most items relate to book design and the performing arts.

Battledore Press Collection

The collection includes printed ephemera created primarily by the Battledore Press, run by Mary and Andrew Horn. Items are mainly paper examples of printing, with a few pieces on wood. Many of the pieces of ephemera relate to the UCLA...

Beardsley (Aubrey) Collection

This guide describes the Clark Library's collection of Aubrey Beardsley material, and includes original drawings, prints, prospectuses for published works, posters, and portfolios of published prints.

Beardsley (Aubrey), Philip S. Burns Collection on

Items related to the Aubrey Beardsley collection assembled by Philip S. Burns, which was sold at auction in 1999.

Beardsley Family Photographs, (R.A. Walker Collection of)

Photographs of Aubrey Beardsley and his family collected by R.A. Walker, likely as a part of his research on Beardsley.

Beerbohm (Max), Majl Ewing Collection on

Original artwork and prints created by (or related to) caricaturist, author and artist Max Beerbohm. The items in this collection were a donation from the estate of UCLA Professor Majl Ewing.

Bentley (Wilder) Papers

This collection consists of correspondence, manuscripts, designs, and miscellaneous printed ephemera related to the activities of Wilder Bentley and his work with the Archetype Press. Also included are materials related to his non-printing endeavors and to his friends and colleagues....

Blackmer (Helen) Papers

This collection includes approximately 300 letters written predominantly between 1890-1905 by a diverse group of Helen Blackmer's friends, family, and colleagues. Frequent correspondents include her three brothers, William, Ezra, and Alfred, who all moved from New York to Arizona in...

Bohne (Pall W.) Collection

This collection contains various printed ephemera, proofs, and booklets produced by either Bohne himself or other California fine printers, as well as correspondence and other materials related to his involvement in the Rounce & Coffin Club and the private press...

Book Fair Poster Collection

Posters from fifteen book fairs that were held in California between 1963 and 2004.

Booksellers' Catalogs, Collection of

Booksellers' catalogs collected by the Clark Library and the Heritage Bookshop, dating from 1918 to the present. Booksellers represented are largely from the United States and from England, though other countries (particularly France and Germany) are also included.

Brandon Thomas-Leverson Archive

The Brandon Thomas-Leverson Archive is a collection of scrapbooks, photographs, letters, and journals pertaining to the Brandon-Leverson household that was largely compiled by Silvia Brandon Thomas, the daughter of actor and playwright Brandon Thomas. The materials in this collection capture...

Browne (Clyde) and the Abbey Press Collection

Items related to, written by or about Clyde Browne, the printer and proprietor at the Abbey Press.

Buckland Wright (John), Collection of Letters to Christopher Sandford

This collection is comprised of hand written and typed letters, postcards, and a few pieces of inserted works/proofs sent from the engraver John Buckland Wright to Christopher Sanford, the owner of the Golden Cockerel Press.

Burne-Jones (Edward), Letters to Margaret Burne-Jones Mackail

Collection of letters from artist Edward Burne-Jones to his daughter, Margaret Burne-Jones Mackail, dating from her young childhood to his death (approximately 1873-1898). Many letters contain ink drawings and caricatures of Burne-Jones himself.

Burne-Jones (Edward) Letters to Violet Maxse

Letters and drawings sent to Violet Maxse (later Viscountess Milner) by Edward Burne-Jones.

Carpenter (Edwin H.) Collection on Hand Presses

This collection contains items collected by Edwin H. Carpenter about hand printing presses located primarily in California intended to be used to create a list or census of hand presses. Correspondence, photographs, and press information originate from many of those...

Castle Press and Grant Dahlstrom Ephemera Collection

This collection consists of ephemera and other printed matter produced by Grant Dahlstrom and the Castle Press. It also contains some materials printed before and after Dahlstrom's involvement at the Press.

Cheney (William M.) Papers

This collection consists of printed books and pamphlets, correspondence, ephemera, and broadsides related to William M. Cheney and his activities as a printer in Los Angeles. It also includes materials related to other Los Angeles area printers, presses, and bibliophiles...

Clark (William Andrews, Jr.) and William Andrews Clark Memorial Library Records

This collection consists of the pre-1934 institutional archive of the William Andrews Clark Memorial Library and the records of its founder, William Andrews Clark, Jr. Items include correspondence, invoices, photographs, secondary source materials and other documents related to Clark, his...

Clark (William Andrews) Memorial Library Institutional Archive

Records of the William Andrews Clark Memorial Library and the Center for 17th- and 18th-Century Studies from 1934 to the present. Subjects treated by these materials include library acquisitions, academic events, fellowships, Clark buildings and grounds, publicity and press clippings,...

Compton (Spencer), Earl of Wilmington Papers

Accounts, inventories, and receipts of George II and Spencer Compton.

Conyers (Dorothea) Papers

This collection consists of typescripts and manuscripts of many of the works of 20th century Irish author Dorothea Conyers.

Cowles (John Clifford), Mary L. Bennett Collection on

Photographs and textual materials generated by artist and writer John Clifford Cowles, documenting his time in Montana and his career in southern California.

Craufurd (John Walkinshaw) Papers

This collection contains letters, memoranda, bills and notes retained by John Walkinshaw Craufurd, a Scottish landowner and army officer, between 1746 and his death in 1793. Also included are letters regarding the disposition of Craufurdland Estate after his death.

Cruikshank (George), An Essay on the Genius of

"An Essay on the Genius of George Cruikshank by W.M. Thackeray; and additional memoirs by Hamilton, Stephens, Wilson, Bates and others" is in seven volumes dating from 1808 to 1877. The collection was purchased by William Andrews Clark from George...

Dunne, Father Cuthbert, Collection on Oscar Wilde

This collection contains Father Cuthbert Dunne's collection of papers related to the death of Oscar Wilde and consist of his memoirs of officiating at Wilde's deathbed conversion, correspondence, and transcriptions of newspaper accounts.

Everson (William) Papers

This collection contains items written by William Everson, primarily poems, correspondence, and drafts of manuscrupts (including his autobiography). Other items such as ephemera and newspaper clippings are also held in the collection.

Farquhar (Robert D.) Collection

Scrapbooks, ephemera, photographs, and correspondence related to architect Robert D. Farquhar and his work, particularly buildings commissioned by William Andrews Clark, Jr.

Fine Press Ephemera Collection

The collection contains material from fine presses and individual printers in the United States and England, with special emphasis on printers working in California. Items include cards, advertisements, invitations, and other printed materials.

Fong (Bobby) Collection on Oscar Wilde

The Bobby Fong collection contains notes, correspondence, reference materials, and typescripts concerning the writing of Fong's doctoral thesis in 1978 and a critical edition of Oscar Wilde's poetry that he published with his colleague Karl Beckson in 2000. Most of...

Freedman (Ted) Papers

This collection contains correspondence, ephemera, photographs and other materials collected by Ted Freedman, from 1935-1966. Many items were printed under his personal imprint, the Platen Press.

Gerry (Vance) and the Weather Bird Press Archive

This collection contains the artistic and commercial output of Vance Gerry and his Weather Bird Press. Materials largely consist of Gerry's printed works and the production materials created during his work process, as well as his sketchbooks and some of...

Gerson (T. Perceval) Collection on Oscar Wilde

Clippings, ephemera, bookseller descriptions, and other material about or related to Oscar Wilde, originally collected by Dr. T. Perceval Gerson.

Gibbings (Robert), Joseph Kelly Vodrey Collection on

This collection contains correspondence, artwork, bound manuscripts, ephemera, photographs and other materials by Robert Gibbings and related to his work.

Gill (Eric) Archive

This collection of materials accumulated by the William Andrews Clark Memorial Library documents the personal and artistic development and activities of Eric Gill, a twentieth-century English stone-cutter, sculptor, artist, author, typographer/type designer, printer, book illustrator; and champion of social reforms....

Gill (Eric) Artwork Collection

This collection contains original artwork and other visual material produced by or related to British artist, designer and sculptor Eric Gill. In addition to drawings, woodblocks, and other unique works, it also contains reproductions, photographs and supporting documentation. Gill's archive...

Glover Family Collection

Collection of letters and legal documents pertaining to members of the Glover family, spanning from late 18th c. to mid-20th c. Bulk of materials are letters from John Glover to his daughter, Lucy Freeman (nee Glover) during the early 1800s.

Gómez de Orozco (Federico) Collection on the Establishment of Spanish Missions in California, New Mexico, and other Southwest Territories

The Federico Gómez de Orozco collection contains manuscripts and maps dating from 1595-1829 regarding the Spanish settlement and colonization of California, New Mexico, and other portions of what was once New Spain. Most documents here were written by Franciscans and...

Goudy (Frederic W.) Collection

This collection contains printed ephemera, pamphlets, pictures and other materials related to the work of Frederic W. Goudy, a prolific typeface creator.

Grolier Club, Clark Library collection on,

This collection contains materials produced by The Grolier Club, including event announcements, yearly event lists, publications for sale, keepsake booklets, correspondence, and exhibition catalogs.

Harris (Frank) Collection

This finding aid describes the Clark Library's collection of material created by and related to Frank Harris, and includes correspondence, manuscripts, news clippings, typescripts and proofs.

Hart Press Collection

This collection contains items printed by James D. Hart of the Hart Press. Included are individual pieces of ephemera and keepsake printed booklets or pamphlets. Some are about Western America, including the California Gold Rush.

Heath (Helen Truesdell) Collection on Samuel Pepys

This collection consists of Helen Truesdell Heath's research materials and manuscripts of research related to the life of Samuel Pepys. It documents the long process of archival research on Samuel Pepys, and the numerous attempts that are taken by Heath...

Heritage Book Shop Records

This collection contains items related to the Heritage Book Shop, an antiquarian bookseller formerly located in West Los Angeles, California. This collection includes sale and purchase invoices, inventories, daily business files, catalogs, and artwork, dated from 1966-2007.

Hoffman (Richard J.) Collection

This collection contains material created and printed by Richard J. Hoffman for various individuals, institutions, and clubs. Items are mostly printed ephemera including Christmas cards, invitations, announcements, memorials, and certificates for various events.

Images of Montana and the West

This collection contains images of people and places in the Montana and Dakota Territories and other locations in the western United States. Individuals photographed include Calamity Jane, Malcolm Clark, Theodore Roosevelt, and others. Places photographed include towns, mining camps, wilderness...

Kronfeld (Marion) Collection

Marion Kronfeld (1912- 2004) was an American artist based in Los Angeles, CA. She worked primarily with printmaking and lithography techniques, and was an avid diarist. Her sketchbooks include landscapes, portraits, and rough sketches in pen and ink, pencil, pastels,...

Landacre (Paul), Anthony L. Lehman Collection on

This collections consists of Anthony L. Lehman's research material and Paul Landacre collection, which was used as source material for his 1983 book,

Landacre (Paul) Collection

The Paul Landacre Archive contains the artist's original artwork, prints, and blocks, personal papers, business archive, and published versions of his work, as well as the personal papers of his wife, Margaret McCreery Landacre. This collection also includes realia and...

Landacre (Paul), Crisell Collection on

The Paul Landacre collection formed by Robert and Toni Crisell consists of the artist's prints and related drawings, published examples of his work, exhibition catalogs and other works about Landacre, and research files compiled by researcher Patricia Adler Ingram.

Lang (Fred S.) Company Archive

This collection contains correspondence, ephemera and other materials of and made by The Fred S. Lang Company of Los Angeles, from academic prospectuses to an invitation for an exhibit of Mr. Lang's work held by the Rounce & Coffin Club.

Legal and Exchequer Document Collection

The bulk of this collection consists of Exchequer records and legal documents from England, 1541-1754. Includes documents and fragments bearing the signatures of Exchequer officials and other public officials. Also includes indentures regarding property in the village of Sulgrave, ancestral...

Levenson (Roger) and the Tamalpais Press Archive

Papers of Tamalpais Press and its founder Roger Levenson, dating from 1955-1994, including correspondence, job files, proofs and related ephemera.

Loti (Pierre) Correspondence

Letters written by French author Pierre Loti to members of his family from approximately 1866-1905.

Louÿs (Pierre) Collection

Manuscripts and drafts of letters written by French writer Pierre Louÿs.

Maguire (T.H.), Cromwell Refuses the Crown of England, Collection on

The material contained in this collection is connected to the painting titled "Cromwell Refuses the Crown of England" by T.H. Maguire, and to the life of Oliver Cromwell more generally. T.H. (Thomas Herbert) Maguire (1821 - 1895) was a London...

May (James Lewis) Papers

The May papers include correspondence addressed to James Lewis May and his daughter, Barbara Lewis May, as well as manuscripts of works by May and his correspondents.

McManus Family Trunk Collection

Diverse materials documenting the lives of several different members of the McManus family, including Alice G. McManus Clark, including clothing, textiles, photographs, newspaper clippings, and other papers, all originally stored in a large wooden steamer trunk originally owned by Margaret...

Miscellaneous poems and tracts: Collection of 17th and 18th century works

A collection of 100 published poems in two volumes, compiled by an unidentified owner, but probably a member of the Freke family. Poems written on the occasion of deaths, births, marriages, coronations, treatises, military triumphs, and other events during the...

Montana (Anaconda and Butte) Letterhead and Billhead Collection

The Montana Letterheads collection consists of various businesses in both Butte and Anaconda Montana throughout the late 19th and mid 20th centuries. The material includes: J.E Oppenheimer who was well known in the produce and cigar business; The Anaconda Copper...

Montana (Calendar of Papers)

Collection consists of materials related to the settlement and history of the state of Montana, and includes correspondence, mining claim records, legal documents, drawings, ledgers and other items.

Montana Manuscript Collection

This collection contains photographs, newspaper clippings, Montana-related ephemera, correspondence pertaining to the Society of the Framers of the Constitution of the State of Montana as well as written attempts to compile historical accounts of various aspects of Montana's history.

More (Hannah) Collection

Letters written to and from writer and social reformer Hannah More, as well as other manuscript and visual materials relating to the lives of More and her contemporaries.

More (Hannah), Mary Alden Hopkins Collection on

This collection consists of original correspondence and other secondary source material on Hannah More, gathered by Mary Alden Hopkins in the course of her research for the book (1947). Materials include original outgoing letters from and incoming letters to Hannah...

More House Archive

The More House Archive consists of the family archive of the Hope-Nicholson family, who lived at More House at 52 Tite Street in London for a century, beginning in 1892. The house was first purchased by Adrian Hope and Laura...

Nethery (Wallace and Corry) Papers

This collection contains material created and collected by Wallace and Corry Nethery. Correspondence, drafts, research notes, and ephemera are included for a number of Nethery's books. Materials related to Nethery's work as a librarian at the University of Southern California...

New Musical Magazine

This finding aid describes the contents of the music periodical from 1783 to 1786....

Novak (Maximilian E.) Papers on the Stoke Newington Daniel Defoe edition

This collection is comprised primarily of correspondence made within a circle of scholars of the early modern and Restoration period regarding the publication of a comprehensive, scholarly edition of works by 18th-century thinker Daniel Defoe. The primary correspondents are Maximillian...

Palé (George) Collection of Photographic Slides

This collection contains 35mm color slides taken by George John Palé from about 1944 to 1965 and document his World War II service in Europe and the Philippines, as well as his postwar family life in Arizona.

Peregrine Press and Henry H. Evans Collection

Correspondence, writings, designs, photographs, prints, artwork and ephemera produced by Henry H. Evans and the Peregrine Press.

Pièces de thêatre: Collection of 18th century plays

This collection of 548 plays was bound into 42 volumes between 1814-1819 and includes plays, mostly comedies, from the 1780s through the early 19th century, although the majority of the plays come from the time of the French Revolution.

Plantin Press Papers

The archives consist of subject files on artists, typographers, clients, business contacts, suppliers, projects, etc. Individual files contain correspondence, lectures, photographs, greeting cards, and examples of artwork. Also to be found are printed items by Plantin Press and other printers,...

Plumer Family Collection

Collection of manuscript notebooks, letters, and documents from 18th-19th c., spanning several generations of the Plumer family and their distant relations. Multiple items have been annotated in 1858 by a likely relative, Thomas C. Price, Vicar of St. Augustine, Bristol.

Pole Family Manuscript News Collection

This collection contains manuscript news-letters as well as printed issues of newspapers and with manuscript additions, all addressed to the Pole family of Radbourne, Derbyshire. Written from an agent in London, these letters and papers contain information on current happenings...

Popkin (Richard H.) Papers

Richard H. Popkin was an influential historian of philosophy. His 1960 work "The History of Scepticism from Erasmus to Descartes" introduced many historians to a previously unrecognised influence on Western thought in the seventeenth century, the Pyrrhonian Scepticism of Sextus...

Publisher and Bookseller Materials from the Collection of Sir Thomas Phillipps

Letters related to publishing and bookselling in 18th and 19th century England, from the collection of Sir Thomas Phillipps.

Radford (Dollie) Papers

Correspondence, contracts, diaries, original manuscripts and typescripts of poems, plays, and short stories by Dollie Radford. Several mss. by her daughters, Hester and Margaret, and by her husband, Ernest Radford. A.Ls.S. by John Lane, D. H. Lawrence, John Masefield, Ernest...

Rampant Lions Press Collection

This collection contains items related to the Rampant Lions Press and its owners Will and Sebastian Carter. Materials include those printed by and about the Rampant Lions Press, including books in print pamphlets, lecture announcements, book prospectuses, and other printed...

Reagh (Patrick) Papers

The collection of Patrick Reagh's Press consists of ephemera, page and galley proofs, printing plates, and various items relating to printing. The collection is contained in 111 boxes. Filed in folders, the archive contains the paperwork concerning the production of...

Ricketts (Charles) Collection

This collection contains visual material created by Charles Ricketts, an English printer and artist active in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

Ritchie (Ward) Papers

The Ward Ritchie Press collection consists primarily of papers ranging from 1928-1996, with the bulk of materials originating from 1930-1970. The collection includes job packets, typescripts, manuscripts, lectures, correspondence, photographs, ephemera, sketches, page and galley proofs, poetry, and some personal...

Ritchie (Ward) Personal Correspondence, Papers and Albums

This collection contains over 700 letters, photographs and documents ranging from 1926-1995, largely related to the personal life of Los Angeles printer Ward Ritchie. This collection also includes two photograph albums documenting Ward's childhood and young adulthood, compiled and illustrated...

Roscoe (William and Jane Griffies) Collection

Contains correspondence to and from William Roscoe and commonplace books compiled by his wife Jane Griffies Roscoe, as well as portrait engravings and ephemera, dating 1774-1887.

Rounce and Coffin Club Collection

This collection contains papers and printed ephemera created for members of the Rounce & Coffin Club. It includes items related to administration and activities of the club, materials associated with the annual Western Books Exhibition, event invitations, and printed keepsake...

Rounce and Coffin Club Records

The Rounce & Coffin Club was a 20th-century fine press book and printing club that operated from 1931 to 2007. It was founded by four members, and at its peak had over fifty-five local members. The Club sponsored the Western...

Savage-Armstrong Family Papers

Papers and bound manuscripts of poet and scholar George Francis Savage-Armstrong and his family, including commonplace books, notebooks, military papers, photograph albums, watercolors, and other items.

Sette of Odd Volumes Collection

Ephemera and correspondence related to Ye Sette of Odd Volumes from the collections of Ralph Straus and John Hassall. The majority of material is printed ephemera related to Odd Volumes meetings and activities, but there is also a substantial amount...

Shannon (Charles) Collection

This collection contains visual material created by Charles Shannon, an English artist, printer and lithographer active in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

Sherard (Robert Harborough), Collection on

Correspondence and other materials related to Robert Harborough Sherard, collected by both Glennyth M. Woods and by Francis Watson. Letters and other documents are concerned with the reputation of Oscar Wilde, Sherard's life and career, his views on other literary...

Sowers (Roy Vernon), Roger Burford-Mason Collection on

This collection is the research material collected by Roger Burford-Mason for his book, Roy Vernon Sowers : a life in rare books (1997).

Stricker (Thomas P.) Papers

This collection consists of correspondence, ephemera, original drawings, designs, broadsides, and photographs related to Thomas Perry Stricker and his activities as a printer in Los Angeles and New York....

Tickets, Engraved Concert and Benefit, Collection of

This collection contains 18th and 19th century engraved tickets from the concerts, benefits and other events in London. Multiple artists are represented, but many include work by Francesco Bartolozzi.

Verschoyle (John Stuart) Papers

Correspondence sent to John Stuart Verschoyle from a wide-ranging group of fin-de-siecle notables, dating 1881-1915 and undated. Though much of the correspondence issues from Verschoyle's role as assistant editor of the Fortnightly Review, a significant number of items related to...

Warde (Beatrice) Correspondence with Evan and Mabel Gill

This collection is mostly correspondence from Beatrice Warde to Evan and Mabel Gill and also contains two photographs of Warde in her home in Epsom, a newspaper clipping about her passing, a program/pamphlet from her memorial, and a page from...

Webb (Sir John), Collection of Estate Papers

Receipts, bills, inventories and other papers from the estate of Sir John Webb, baronet, of Odstock, Wiltshire, dated 1785-1802.

Western Books Exhibition Collection

This collection contains the Rounce and Coffin Club's collection of books submitted to and included in their Western Books Exhibition from 1938 to 2005.

Wilde (Oscar) and his Literary Circle Collection: Correspondence

Material described in this finding aid represents the main correspondence portion of the Oscar Wilde and his Literary Circle collection at the Clark Library. The collection includes letters by Wilde, his wife, his mother, Lord Alfred Douglas, More Adey, Christopher...

Wilde (Oscar) and his Literary Circle Collection: Forgeries

This finding aid describes confirmed or probable forgeries of Oscar Wilde's work and correspondence, in addition to describing materials about Wilde forgeries, dating primarily from the 1920s.

Wilde (Oscar) and his Literary Circle Collection: Manuscripts and Miscellaneous Materials

This finding aid described literary and miscellaneous manuscripts related to or composed by Oscar Wilde and his literary circle. Significant manuscripts include drafts of , , and a chapter of .

Wilde (Oscar) and his Literary Circle Collection: Wildeiana

This finding aid describes a wide-ranging collection of material relating to Oscar Wilde and to his literary and artistic circle in late nineteenth- and early twentieth-century Great Britain.

Wilde (Oscar) News Clipping Albums, Christopher S. Millard Collection of

Set of newspaper clipping albums compiled by Christopher Sclater Millard between 1909 and 1927, containing news articles and other clippings related to Oscar Wilde, Lord Alfred Douglas and the larger Wilde circle of colleagues and interests.

Woodward (George Ratcliffe) Papers

This collection contains papers, correspondence, and bound pamphlets relating to the work of George Ratcliffe Woodward. Included in the collection are lecture notes for sermons, translations from Greek and Latin, original compositions, correspondence, printed Christmas greetings, and other items.

Wright (Samuel) Collection of Wildeiana

Clippings, ephemera, and other material related to Oscar Wilde and Lord Alfred Douglas, from the collection of Samuel Wright.

Yerbury (Ann) Papers

Poems and prose written by Ann Yerbury between 1729 and 1753 on various themes including illness, religion, friendship, reflections, and death.

Zamorano Club Archive

This collection contains the official archive of the Zamorano Club, a Los Angeles-based club for bibliophiles and manuscript collectors, which was founded in 1928.

Zamorano Club Collection

Collection of materials created by and for the Zamorano Club, including primarily printed books, pamphlets, and other ephemera from meetings, talks, and dinners. Also includes minutes from meetings, meeting announcements, and other club functional records.

Zamorano Club Ephemera, Robert E. Cowan Collection of

Ephemera related to Zamorano Club events from 1929-1935, from the collection of bibliographer Robert E. Cowan.