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Clark (William Andrews) Memorial Library, UCLA
2520 Cimarron Street
Los Angeles, California 90018
Phone: (323) 731-8529
Email: clark@humnet.ucla.edu
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Baxter tracts.

Binder's title.

Browning, Oscar Letters to Joseph Leftwich, 1919-1921.

Letters written to Joseph Leftwich from Oscar Browning, concerning his friendship with Simeon Solomon and his other acquaintences in the aesthetic movement. Browning calls Swinburne "a loathsome little beast" and also metions Walter Pater, A.J.A. Symonds, and A.C. Benson, among...

Cambridge collections.

Binder's title.

[Claud Lovat Fraser scrapbook].

Scrapbook compiled by Pickford Waller, containing work by and about artist Claud Lovat Fraser. Most items are proofs of illustrations from Haldane MacFall's Book of Lovat, but the volume also contains prospectuses for works printed by Fraser, correspondence from Christopher...

[Collection of 22 type specimen books.

[1] Abbott, Kerns & Bell Co., Portland, Ore. 1958.--[2] American Type Founders. 1958.--[3] Commercial Printing Corp., Hollywood. [19--]--[4] Creative Type, Los Angeles.--[5] David Gildea, & Co., New York. [19--]--[6] Hi-Speed Typesetting Company, Los Angeles. [19--]--[7] Intertype Company, Brooklyn. [19--]--[8] Jaffe...

Collection of documents concerning repairs and renovations to the Tower of London.

A collection of 4 manuscripts related to the renovation and repair of the Tower of London, dating 1663-1682. They include 3 drafts of contracts (with John Downs, Robert Fitch and Mr Moore) for building work on the walls and the...

[Collection of English broadside ballads].

Nine broadsides either dated or with imprint information: Nature and Nancy printed by Mary Bowley; The marriage day printed by Coates; The dog and duck rig, The white cockade sold at no. 42, Long-lane in 1794 [i.e. John Evans] ;...

[Collection of English broadside ballads].

Undated, probable publication date based on printers' and booksellers' dates from Plomer.

Courier, Paul-Louis Correspondence, 1809-1812 /

Collection of eight letters from Courier to the scholar and publisher Antoine Augustin Renouard; with four letters from various correspondents to Renouard. Also included are several items relating to Courier's discovery of the missing portion of the text of Longus'...

Crowne's plays.

Binder's title.

Cupid and Psyche /

A series of 44 wood engravings by William Morris and others for a proposed edition of The earthly paradise; together with 9 wood engravings for a proposed edition of Love is enough. Each of the prints has the initials of...

Dryden's plays.

Binder's title.

Dryden's plays.

Binder's title.

Dryden's poems.

Binder's title.

Dryden's works.

Binder's title.

Dryden's works.

Binder's title.

Dryden's works.

Binder's title.

Dryden's works.

Binder's title.

Englische comedien.

Binder's title.

English men of letters.

Eighteen books from Macmillan's English Men of Letters, new series: Crabbe / by Alfred Ainger -- Edward Fitzgerald / by A.C. Benson -- Rossetti / by A.C. Benson -- William Hazlitt / by Augustine Birrell -- Andrew Marvell / by...

English operas.

Binder's title.

[Greenwood Press collection of ephemera].

Collection consists of prospectuses for books, type specimens, broadsides, keepsakes, and catalog of published books, dating from 1991-2006. Some items undated but are contemporary with dated items.

Heath, Edward [Letters to Sir John and Sir Edward Heath].

A collection of 5 letters and 1 separate address leaf written to Sir John Heath and Sir Edward Heath, the sons of Sir Robert Heath. The letters from Thomas Foster, John Hunt and William Vanbrugh concern business matters, but the...

Illustrations of the homes of William Morris.

Album compiled by Sydney Cockerell, consisting of photographs and prints (both originals and reproductions) related to William Morris, his family and his homes. The majority of images are photographs by F.H. Evans and prints by E.H. New of Morris's homes,...

In honorem J.M. : Decr. 9, 1908.

An autograph poem by Selwyn Image, written in honor of John Milton's tercentenary on December 9, 1908. Dedicated to "E.M.P.," this fine copy of the poem was written out in January 1909. No publication of this poem has been traced...

[John Clifford Cowles scrapbook].

Scrapbook compiled by Mary L. Bennett in the early 1950s from papers and photographs she purchased out of the belongings of J.C. Cowles, an American artist and author. In a note at the end of the volume, Bennett recounts that...

Letters and documents of rulers and statesmen collection, 1614-1920.

Collection consists of correspondence and other manuscript documents written by and addressed to various historical figures, including: Francis Bacon, Napoleon Bonaparte, James Buchanan, Aaron Burr, Grover Cleveland, Millard Fillmore, Ulysses S. Grant, Alexander Hamilton, Andrew Jackson, Thomas Jefferson (16 letters),...

Letters and manuscripts of musicians, 1789-1926.

Collection consists of 37 letters from composers, conductors, musicians, and vocalists. Includes 4 letters by Felix Mendelssohn (including a musical composition in four parts for three instruments, with directions for interpretation), 4 letters from Anton Seidl, 3 from Charles Gounod,...

Manual of cheirosophy &c : Correspondence. London 1885.

Bound collection of 27 autograph letters written to Edward Heron-Allen on receipt of gift copies of his books Codex chiromantia and Manual of cheirosophy. Correspondents represent a wide range of people in the literary and scientific worlds, and letters are...

Mexican Manuscripts collection, 1579-1828, bulk 1750-1799.

Collection consists of 29 manuscripts related to Mexico and Alta California during Spanish conquest of the New World. Topics covered in the manuscripts include colonialization and settlement, establishment of missions, Native American Indian uprisings, expeditions, travels, and political events in...


Binder's title.

Miscellany tracts.

Binder's title.

Modern novels, in XII volumes.

A reissue, with collective t.p, by Richard Bentley of "some 50 novels" originally issued by himself and others. Each novel has separate t.p., pagination, and signatures. See Plomer, Henry R. A dictionary of the printers and booksellers who were at...

Morris, William Letter, 1892 August 20 : Kelmscott to Sydney Cockerell.

Letter from William Morris to Sydney Cockerell, apparently regarding a design for a Kelmscott Press initial, according to an annotation made by Cockerell.

Morris, William Letter, 1895 July 19 : Lechlade to Sir.

Letter from William Morris to an unknown member of the board of the Thames Conservancy, discussing the rebuilding of the Lock-keeper's Cottage at Eaton Weir. Morris urges the Conservancy to use local stone and a slate roof when rebuilding. This...

Nethery, Wallace. [Collection of printed keepsakes].

Printed keepsakes commemorating anniversaries, birthdays, holidays, retirements, and the death of a pet, each consisting of one sheet folded to [4] pages, printed in black, some illustrated. Two keepsakes undated, one of which is printed in red and black. Type...

Opera libretti.

Binder's title.


Binder's title.

Original drawings for Vanity fair by W.M. Thackeray : Amelia waiting, Studies of the Miss Osbornes.

A volume containing several of William Makepeace Thackeray's preparatory sketches for illustrations of his novel Vanity Fair, along with several related items. Thackeray's daughter Anne Thackeray Ritchie owned these drawings until 1913, when she sold them to the American book...


[No.1] Benett, William. Panthea. 1817. -- [No.2] [Bell, Mr.] The watch-word. 2d ed. 1816. -- [No.3] [Maturin, C.R. Manuel. 1817.] [No.4] Oulton, W.C. Frighten'd to death! 1817. -- [No.5] Dimond, William. The broken sword. 2n ed. 1816.


Binder's title.


Binder's title.


Binder's title.


Prospectuses issued by the Vale Press of publications by the Eragny Press, 1896-1904.

Religious tracts.

Binder's title.


Collection of medical remedies for various ailments, written on small slips of paper in at least two different hands. Several remedies are written on the back of other manuscript and printed documents, including a letter written but never sent by...

Satirical poems.

Binder's title.


Nine sermons composed by Thomas Vivian and delivered at his parish of Cornwood, Devon and surrounding churches from 1753-1765. Each sermon is stitched into a separate booklet (two sermons bound together). Notations of where and when each sermon was delivered...

Taylor, Lark [Collection of Shakespeare promptbooks].

Collection of 5 promptbooks compiled by actor Lark Taylor based on the Shakespearian productions of Julia Marlowe and E.H. Sothern in which he took part. The printed text of the plays are from a uniform edition of Shakespeare, but their...

Tilt's miniature classical library.

Collection of miniature books of poetry, plays, essays, novels, and stories.

Tracts relating to J. Macpherson.

Collection of 34 legal petitions, memorials, letters, declarations, etc. relating to the estate of James MacPherson.

W. A. Caswell : seven rare Aretino books from my library, 1993.

Numbers 1, 3, and 4 of ten numbered and signed prints; no. 1 printed in black, no. 3 printed in red and gold, no. 4 printed in green and gold, by Righi, with the original zinc plate (measuring 16 x...

Warfield, Alexander. Papers, 1850-1861.

Collection consists of correspondence, receipts, contracts, promissory notes, memoranda, business accounts, records, and lists created by or directed to Alexander Warfield, Albert C. Boone, and associates. Materials deal with business and conditions in Indian Territory (Oklahoma), Missouri, Kansas, Texas, and...

Zamorano Club. [Portfolio of keepsakes from the Zamorano Club].

Books and broadsides produced by members of the Zamorano Club in 2007 and 2008, housed together in a portfolio as a keepsake for the year.