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Chicano Studies Research Center, UCLA
University of California, Los Angeles, Chicano Studies Research Center Library, 193 Haines Hall
Los Angeles, California 90095-1544
Phone: (310) 206-6052
Email: librarian@chicano.ucla.edu
Collections with online items: 3
Physical collections: 122
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America en la Mira Archive

This collection of original artwork from the touring show America en la Mira represents about seventy-five percent of the original works in the show. The UCLA Chicano Studies Research Center came to "own" these images by default. The show came...

La Raza Publication Records

This collection includes digitized issues of the La Raza newspaper and magazine that ran from 1967-1977.

Self-Help Graphics and Art Research Collection

The collection consists largely of material relating to exhibitions put on by the organization, as well as a small number of administrative files. There are also audio-visual materials apparently related to a variety of community initiatives, though these will require...