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20th Anniversary Photography Exhibit

This collection contains mounted photographs used in the 20th Anniversary celebration of the campus in 1985.

25th Anniversary Photography project

Includes the business papers, contact prints, work prints and matted exhibition photographs for the 25th Anniversary photography project.

African-American Student Life Office Records

Miscellaneous documents from the African-American Student Life Office at the University of California, Santa Cruz

Calciano (Elizabeth Spedding) Papers

This small collection contains research papers on the Cowell Ranch and early land grants and grantees in the Santa Cruz and Pajaro Valley area.

Campus community members, 1964-

Includes biographies, bibliographies, resumes, vitae, and obituaries of faculty, staff, and other campus related individuals

Center for Cultural Studies records

Administrative records of the UC Santa Cruz Center for Cultural Studies, including correspondence, event files, grant files, reports, publicity materials and audio recordings....

Center for South Pacific Studies Records

Includes records & publications from the Center for South Pacific Studies.

Collection of Early Photographic Processes

Assembled collection of 7 items representing early photographic processes, including tintypes, ambrotypes, and albumen photographs....

Colleges 9 and 10 Administrative records

Records maintained by the Assistant to the College Administrative Officer for University of California, Santa Cruz Colleges Nine and Ten. Primarily administrative files documenting event planning....

Cowell Press Printing Samples

Contains miscellaneous printing exercises produced by the Cowell Press students under the direction of Peter Manston, Jack Stauffacher and George Kane as well as guest teachers.

Crown College Records

The records of Crown College were maintained by the College until their transfer to the University Archives in 2016. Original order was maintained when discernible and the records are organized into five series representing the organizational groupings in which the...

Faber (Sandra M.) Papers

This collection contains correspondence, notes, papers, reports, minutes, articles, charts, tables, scan data sheets and maps, and photographs relating to Faber's research on the structure, formation and evolution of galaxies and stars since joining the faculty at UCSC Lick Observatory...

Fackler (F. Louis) Scrapbooks

This collection includes five scrapbooks, loose materials, photographs and 8mm films documenting the very early years of UC Santa Cruz's history.

History of Consciousness Board Records

This small collection contains early correspondence, essays, articles, and class material related to the History of Consciousness program at UCSC.

Images and Words Workshop Records

Photographs, negatives and production material.

King (Noel Q.) Papers

This collection includes an "Islam in Uganda" series of manuscripts and copies of works by Ugandan and foreign writers, from the era of the independent Uganda and the proceeding Protectorate.

Kresge College records

This collection documents the history of Kresge College from its inception to the early 2000s, and primarily comprises early college planning documents, administrative records and correspondence, event-related ephemera, and recordings of commencements, lectures, and other events on VHS and cassette...

KZSC Santa Cruz records

Collection includes program guides, promotional materials, newspaper clippings and other records documenting the UCSC radio station....

Labyrinth Project Records

This collection documents the proposal, dedication, construction and removal of the student built Labyrinth. Also includes some information on the adjacent Native American Indian lodge and village.

Langenheim, Jean H. Papers

This collection comprises the professional papers of Jean H. Langenheim, including correspondence, notes, photographs, slides, and publications related to her research, teaching, and other professional activities. Also included are correspondence, photographs, and other materials related to her family, childhood, and...

Librarians Association of the University of California, Santa Cruz Records

This collection documents the history and activities of Librarians Association of the University of California, Santa Cruz Division (LAUC/SC), the professional organization for the librarians employed on the Santa Cruz campus.

"Library without Pity" film project

This collections contains script, production materials, photos, outtakes and film copy of the staff produced film "Library Without Pity"

Lick Observatory Records: Series 1 Correspondence

This collection contains the correspondence of the Lick Observatory directors, faculty, and staff. It includes both incoming correspondence to the named author and copies of outgoing letters from the author. Content includes early planning of the construction and operation of...

Lick Observatory Records: Series 2 Business records

This collection contains the business records of the Lick Observatory, including materials related to observatory operations on Mount Hamilton in the late 19th and 20th centuries. The main areas of the series include financial files, business correspondence, and materials related...

Lick Observatory Records: Series 3 Directors' files

This collection includes the professional files of the following directors of the Lick Observatory: Edward S. Holden, William Wallace Campbell, Robert G. Aitken, Albert E. Whitford, Robert P. Kraft, and George Herbig. Materials mostly include correspondence, as well as reports,...

Lick Observatory Records: Series 4 Expeditions

This series contains records relating to the eclipse expeditions of Lick Observatory staff, as well as the D.O. Mills Expedition to establish and operate a southern-sky observatory in Chile. Materials include correspondence, planning and financial documents, maps, reports, news clippings...

Lick Observatory Records: Series 5 Research and Publication files

This collection contains both research materials and publication files from the Lick Observatory. Research materials document the work done by Lick astronomers, and contain research logs, reduction books, albums, various notes and charts, and drawings and photographs of astronomical objects....

Lick Observatory Records: Series 6 Glass negatives

This collection contains glass negatives documenting the building and development of the Observatory and its community as well as astronomy.

Lick Observatory Records: Series 7 Photographs

This collection contains photographic prints, negatives, and slides that document the history of the Lick Observatory from its inception through the early 2000s. The majority of the images record scientific activity and residential life at the Observatory throughout the late...

Lick Observatory Records: Series 8 Lick History

This series contains biographical and historical information on James Lick and the Lick family, as well as realia, scrapbooks, diaries, and other historical materials from the construction and early operations of the Lick Observatory. Most of the materials in this...

McHenry (Dean E.) Papers

This collection documents the career of Dean E. McHenry, the founding Chancellor of the University of California, Santa Cruz.

Merrill College Records

This collection comprises records from Merrill College at the University of California, Santa Cruz. Included are administrative records; budgets; core course syllabi; course proposals and requests for course approvals; committee agendas and minutes; documentation of the People's Alternative Dwelling cooperative...

Noller (Harry F.) Papers

Contains manuscript versions and offprints of articles, notebooks, and miscellany concerning RNA research.

Norris (Kenneth S.) papers

These papers document the career of Kenneth S. Norris, covering his research in marine mammal science and desert ecology, his professional activities, and his teaching career at UC Santa Cruz and UC Los Angeles. The collection includes research grants, proposals,...

Oakes College Records

The records of Oakes College currently consist of photographs and audio visual materials, generally on cassette or VHS tape. The photographs are primarily informal snapshots of unidentified events and have been put into a rough chronological order. Audio and video...

Osterbrock (Donald E.) Papers

This collection contains Dr. Donald E. Osterbrock's activities as astronomer and science writer, director of the Lick Observatory, and Professor Emeritus of Astronomy and Astrophysics at the University of California, Santa Cruz.

Out in the Redwoods Collection

This collection contains material relating to the GLBT history on the UCSC campus including files from GLBT Campus Concerns Committee, gay and lesbian student groups, UC domestic partner rights records, syllabi and readers for GLBT issues, interviews, class writings, media,...

Photography Services Photographs (University of California, Santa Cruz)

The UCSC Photography Services photographs is a collection of more than 200,000 images. It contains primarily 35mm black and white negatives, contact sheets, prints, and slides created by staff photographers employed by the University of California, Santa Cruz. The collection...

[Project planning guides].

Guides, issued for campus administrators and other members of the campus community, that typically include a distribution list, prose summary and description, budget, environmental impact classification sheet, map, schedule, and various tables or charts. Guides treat entire colleges, individual buildings,...

Public Information Office Records: Photographs (University of California, Santa Cruz)

The Public Information Office collection of more than 200,000 images contains the photographic materials that were used to promote the University of California, Santa Cruz, from the first invitation to the Board of Regents by the city of Santa Cruz...

Rachel Carson College records

Photographs and administrative records of Rachel Carson College at the University of California, Santa Cruz....

Religious Studies Board Records

This collection contains the Religious Studies Board office files, and correspondence pertaining to the short-lived Religious Studies major at UCSC.

Research Center for the Americas records

The records of the RCA highlight the productive potential of cross-border perspectives linking the Americas and the evolution of the fields of Latin American and Latino studies. The collection includes a variety of materials ranging from posters and flyers to...

[Santa Cruz Campus Plan materials].

Student papers and background materials for a class at the University of California, Santa Cruz entitled "Santa Cruz Campus Plan" and taught by Professors Reyner Banham and Virginia Jansen in 1986.

Shakespeare Santa Cruz Records

This collection documents the history of the professional theatre repertory company, Shakespeare Santa Cruz, which was established on the UC Santa Cruz campus in 1981 and ended in 2013. The collection contains production files for nearly every show produced by...

Stevenson Core Course Recordings

The collection includes nearly three hundred recordings of the Stevenson Core Course beginning in 1974 and dating through 2011. Recordings are in a variety of formats including, reel to reel audiotape, audiocassette tapes, videocassette tapes and compact discs. The recordings...

[Student papers about the University of California, Santa Cruz campus].

Student papers submitted for Art History 181, University of California, Santa Cruz.

UC Santa Cruz Photographs

The collection contains photographic prints, slides, transparencies and negatives of the UCSC campus from 1919 to 2005. Images include scenes from daily campus life and activities, and people and events significant to UCSC history. These are images that were taken...

UCSC academic planning records, 1961-2011

This collection contains early UCSC campus academic planning documents and related correspondence

UCSC American Studies Oral History Interviews

This collection contians transcripts and tapes of oral history interviews conducted by students in the American Studies classes of Professor Judy Yung.

UCSC Audio Collection

This is an artifical collection of nearly 300 audio recordings (mostly on 1/4" reel to reel tape) of various interviews, lectures, and public events related to the University of California, Santa Cruz. Some recordings have been re-formatted and cataloged individually...

UCSC Banana Slug Collection

Contains items with trademark UCSC Banana Slug, and information on the history of the Banana Slug as UCSC campus mascot.

UCSC Carlyleans Records

Includes correspondence, meeting agendas, minutes for UCSC Carlyleans.

UCSC Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurial Development records

Correspondence, budgets, prospectuses, proposals, photographs, contact sheets, and clippings related to the Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurial Development at the University of California, Santa Cruz. Also included is a congressional hearing on The Stevenson-Wydler Technology Innovation Act of 1980....

UCSC Class Schedules collection

This collection contains University of California Santa Cruz class schedules from its founding year, 1965, to 2009. Schedules for 1965-1966 also include registration circulars, student manuals, and final exam schedules. Schedules for 1967-1974 include faculty and staff directories....

UCSC College System Collection

This collection contains research materials originally collected by Carlos Noreña for use in his own work .

UCSC Commencements Collection

This collection contains various commencement programs, invitations, speeches, certificates, and some related correspondence.

UCSC Directories and handbooks

This collection contains campus, faculty, staff and student directories, as well as student orientation handbooks and manuals for the ten colleges of the University of California Santa Cruz....

UCSC Elephant Seal and other Pinniped Research records

Hand written field data from northern elephant seal research at UC's Ano Nuevo Reserve at Ano Nuevo State Park (San Mateo County, CA). Primarily census records with some specific accounts. Many of these documents were originally kept in 49 binders...

UCSC Feminist Studies Department Records

This collection documents the administrative and curricular functions of the Feminist Studies (formerly Women's Studies) Department at the University of California, Santa Cruz, as well as events, initiatives, and lectures sponsored by the department. It includes curriculum planning and advertising...

UCSC physical planning records, 1961-2011

This collection contains campus physical planning documents and related correspondence

UCSC Poster Collection

This collection contains posters produced by the University of California Santa Cruz for campus events. Most posters promote music and theater productions. Posters were produced by the Music, Theater Arts, Performing Arts as well as Arts & Lectures and various...

UCSC Theater Productions Photographs

Contains photographs of the 1968-1969 production of , cast list and photographs of cast members and guest artist Richard Trousdell.

[UCSC Tutorial Project publications]

A collection of flyers and unnumbered newsletters describing tutoring activities of UCSC students with children in the surrounding communities.

UCSC Women of Color Research Cluster Records

These records document activities of the Women of Color Research Cluster, also known as the Women of Color in Collaboration and Conflict Research Cluster, from 1992 to 2008. The majority of the contents are related to the annual Women of...

UCSC Women's Club Records

This collection contains the business papers, minutes and programs of the Club.

University Library Records

Includes documents and records relating to the administration of the University Library at UCSC.

[University of California, Santa Cruz multicultural senior theses, 1991].

Chicana feminist identity in The house on Mango Street and The last of the menu girls / Vicki Alcoset -- Forty Acres and a Mule Filmworks, Inc. : black independent film-making and the popular film industry / Phillip A. Calhoun...

[U.S. environmental history student papers, University of California, Santa Cruz, History 80P].

Includes nine papers relating to the Monterey Bay Sanctuary and two relating to Wilder Ranch State Park and the course outline and syllabus from professor Alisa Klaus.

Values and change in a diverse society.

Notes, student and teacher essays, and other materials related to the Oakes Core Course, University of California, Santa Cruz, 1988-1991, taught by Nubra Floyd.

W. M. Keck Observatory records

Contains correspondence and planning documents concerning the funding, planning, and construction of the Ten Meter Telescopes (TMT) on the summit of Mauna Kea, Island of Hawai'i. Also includes press releases and publicity regarding the telescopes. Additionally the collection includes audio...

Waters (Aaron C.) papers

This collection contains correspondence, writings, reprints, and other materials that document the research and teaching career of Aaron C. Waters....