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Special Collections and Archives, UC Santa Cruz
Special Collections and Archives, University Library
1156 High Street
Santa Cruz, California 95064
Phone: (831) 459-2547
Email: speccoll@library.ucsc.edu
Collections with online items: 41
Physical collections: 328
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(Abbot) Chuck and Esther slide collection

This collection contains scenic and urban views throughout the United States and Canada with an emphasis on malls, redevelopment, signage, urban blight and visual pollution. Also included are slides of downtown Santa Cruz before and after the creation of the...

Acid Test Poster Reprint Collection

The Acid Tests were a series of multimedia events held by author Ken Kesey and his associates, nicknamed the Merry Pranksters, from 1965-1966, primarily in the San Francisco Bay Area but also in Portland, Los Angeles, and Mexico. Centered around...

Adams (Ansel) photographs

485 black and white photographs by Ansel Adams documenting the land, building sites, and early activities of the University of California Santa Cruz campus.

Baruch (Ruth-Marion) and Jones (Pirkle) photographs and papers

This collection contains the photographs and papers of Ruth-Marion Baruch and Pirkle Jones, whose work visually documents the people and landscape of the San Francisco Bay Area during a time of enormous social, political, and environmental change. More than 12,000...

Cabrillo Festival of Contemporary Music records

The Cabrillo Festival of Contemporary Music (previously Cabrillo Music Festival), is an annual music festival in Santa Cruz, California that features symphonic works by contemporary composers. This collection contains administrative records of the Cabrillo Festival of Contemporary Music organization, as...

DeCou (Branson) Archive

Glass lantern slides, negatives, photographic albums, notebooks, travelogues, and miscellaneous artifacts that document DeCou's travels in five continents and subsequent travel lecture tours ca. 1920-1941.

Foote (Carol) photographs of the University of California, Santa Cruz

This collection consists of approximately 7000 images of campus life taken by Carol Foote at the University of California, Santa Cruz, from 1978 to 1982. It contains black and white negatives, proof sheets, and photographic prints. Included are performances, portraits,...

Frank Kofsky Audio and Photography Collection of the Jazz and Rock Movement

This collection includes photographs and audio recordings of interviews with renowned jazz and rock musicians, created by jazz scholar Frank Kofsky in the late 1960s. Included are photographic prints, contact sheets, negatives, and 35mm slides of such recording artists as...

Gail (Dr. Charles E.) Photographs

This collection contains gelatin silver photographs of Okinawa, taken from 1951-1952.

Grateful Dead Records: Artwork

This collection consists of the visual works of art and related correspondence amassed during the late 20th and early 21st centuries by the American rock and roll group the Grateful Dead. These works were created over the span of 50...

Grateful Dead Records: Back Stage Passes, Tickets and Laminates

This series includes backstage passes, tickets, and laminates from Grateful Dead concerts and tours. Only some of the band's 2,300+ concerts are represented.

Grateful Dead Records: Business Records

This series contains materials pertaining to the business practices of the Grateful Dead. It includes financial and accounting documents, and documentation from the production and promotion of various Grateful Dead projects including album production, merchandise sales, and publications. The Grateful...

Grateful Dead Records: Correspondence

This series contains incoming correspondence to the Grateful Dead, in large part letters and postcards received from fans. Materials in the early 1970s substantially reflect the Dead Heads mailing list and outreach efforts.

Grateful Dead Records: Decorated Envelopes

This series includes decorated No.10 business envelopes sent to the Grateful Dead Ticket Service by fans when requesting tickets.

Grateful Dead Records: History

This series contains a limited amount of historical and biographical material about the band and individual band members, as well as awards given to the band.

Grateful Dead Records: Media

This series includes examples of non-commercial, and in some cases unofficial audio and video recordings, variant editions, and fan recordings.

Grateful Dead Records: Photographs

This series comprises over 10,000 images taken by both professional and non-professional photographers documenting the Grateful Dead and their fans, the Deadheads.

Grateful Dead Records: Posters

This series includes posters from concerts and venues at which the Grateful Dead performed, and other posters of events and performances that were collected by the band and by Grateful Dead Productions' office staff.

Grateful Dead Records: Press

This series includes clippings and articles from newspapers, journals, ephemeral publications, and web sites, etc. with announcements, essays, reviews, commentary and criticism on the band and its performances, recordings, and cultural impact and influence.

Grateful Dead Records: Realia

This series includes merchandise samples produced or licensed by the band, and other three-dimensional objects used by the band on tours, in performances, and in recording sessions. It also includes large objects and decorative pieces given to the band by...

Grateful Dead Records: Show Files

This collection contains various materials documenting concerts performed by the Grateful Dead, as well as some show materials from solo and side projects with members of the Grateful Dead such as the Jerry Garcia Band, RatDog, Kingfish, Phil Lesh and...

Greene (Herb) photographs

This collection consists of 437 original photographs and contact sheets of the Grateful Dead and related artists, as well as the San Francisco music scene, primarily in the late 1960s. Also included are images of the Dead in the 1970s,...

Heinlein (Robert A. and Virginia G.) papers

The collection documents the professional and personal lives of science fiction author Robert Heinlein and his wife, Virginia Heinlein. Materials in the collection include manuscripts, short stories, articles, book reviews, screen plays, television and radio programs, personal and professional correspondence,...

Hihn (Frederick A.) Records

This collection documents the career of Frederick Augustus Hihn, an immigrant from Germany and early settler of Santa Cruz, California who was involved with the early timber, railroad, water infrastructure, road construction, and real estate industries in the Santa Cruz...

Hosmer (Helen) Papers

This collection consists of a small incomplete run of the Rural Observer, a newsletter put out by the Simon J. Lubin Society, published and edited by Helen Hosmer, a letter to Carey McWilliams and miscellaneous papers from the Simon J....

Long (Peggy) slides of the University of California, Santa Cruz

This collection consists of 301 photographic slides taken by Peggy Long at the University of California, Santa Cruz, from 1964 to 1968. The images of the campus include early construction, aerial views, and events significant to campus history, such as...

Lowry (Alexander) Photographs

This collection consists of black and white photographs taken of downtown Santa Cruz, California, immediately after the 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake and scenes of the University of Califoria, Santa Cruz Campus.

Mayo (Harry) Surfing Photography collection

This collection includes photographs and films of Santa Cruz surfing during the mid-20th century, primarily centered around activities of the Santa Cruz Surfing Club. Also included are correspondence, organizational documentation and ephemera relating to the Santa Cruz Surfing Club and...

McLaughlin (Sigrid) photographs of the University of California, Santa Cruz

This collection consists of approximately 290 images of campus views, landmarks, students, and architecture taken by Sigrid McLaughlin at the University of California, Santa Cruz, in 1998 and 1999. It contains negatives and 4 x 6 color prints.

Other Minds Records

This collection contains the organizational records of Other Minds, a San Francisco-based contemporary music non-profit organization. The records primarily include business records and correspondence related to the annual Other Minds New Music Festival, other events, artists, publications, fundraising and development,...

Rees (Steve) photographs of the University of California, Santa Cruz

This collection consists of more than 2700 images of campus life taken by Steve Rees at the University of California, Santa Cruz, from the fall of 1966 through the spring of 1967. These black and white, 35mm negatives chronicle the...

Rice (Miriam C. and Raymond) Papers

This collection documents the careers and artistic works of Miriam C. Rice and Raymond (Ray) Rice, two artists based in Mendocino, California throughout the twentieth century. It contains artwork samples, including batik prints, sketches, paintings, and dye samples, and photographs...

Santa Cruz County Historic Photograph collection

This collection contains original and copy prints of Santa Cruz County from 1866-1995.

Schmidt (Eric N.) Papers

The collection contains 53 color prints of the UCSC Farm and Garden Project. The photographs were taken by Eric N. Schmidt during his apprenticeship, and the images celebrate the land, the work, and the lives of staff and apprentices dedicated...

Silverstein (Tina) Photographs

The collection contains 56 color slides of the UCSC Farm, taken by Tina Silverstein during her apprenticeship with the Agroecology Program, as it was then called. The images were captured on four different dates: August, 1983, November, 1984, May, 1985,...

Sinclair (Gordon R.) papers

This collection contains correspondence, publications, news clippings and photographs documenting the City of Santa Cruz's bid for the new U.C. campus led by Santa Cruz Sentinel's Managing Editor, Gordon R. Sinclair.

Thiermann (Eric) Photographs

This digital collection contains images selected from 90 rolls of black and white negatives taken by Eric Thiermann, 1966-1969. Most of the photographs were taken for the second Cowell College yearbook, "Markings '67", when Thiermann was a member of the...

Watsonville is in the Heart oral history interviews

This collection contains oral history interviews collected by the Watsonville is in the Heart (WIITH) research team that chronicle the lives of the descendants of the (older brother) generation of Filipino agricultural workers who settled in the Pajaro Valley of...

White (Hayden V.) papers

The Hayden V. White papers document White's professional, teaching, and research career from the 1950s to 2017. A significant portion of the collection contains White's research files, which include his notes and writings, correspondence, and collected files on various topics,...

Yamashita Family Papers

The Yamashita Family Papers include correspondence, writings, photographs, photograph albums, genealogical research, and other family documents and belongings spanning over a century and including three generations of the Yamashita family. The collection covers the initial immigration of Kishiro and Tomi...

Zwart (Frank) Papers

This digital collection contains 264 black and white images from Frank Zwart's work as yearbook student photographer for Cowell College "Markings, 1969". Included are performances, informal portraits, and student activities, as well as visitors and events significant to the student...