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1984 Olympic Games Collection

The collection contains correspondence, pamphlets, maps, realia, and newspaper supplements pertaining to the 1984 Olympic Games, held in Los Angeles and environs, including Santa Barbara.

19th century American broadsides collection

17 American broadside sheets containing songs on a range of events and themes, circa mid 19th century....

ACCESS Collection

The collection contains files pertaining to the Alternative Comprehensive Environmental Study System (ACCESS) project in Santa Barbara county.

Acheson (Alexander W.) Letter

One letter from Alexander Wilson Acheson (1842-1934), Civil War soldier, mayor of Denison, Texas, and physician, on letterhead stationery of The Missouri Pacific Railway Co., to the editor of the Philadelphia Press, re the editor's desire to write a history...

Acosta (Oscar Z.) papers

The Oscar Zeta Acosta Collection contains material reflecting his work as a writer, lawyer and Chicano political activist. Acosta is most well known as the author of the classic Chicano books (1972), and (1973). Legal Proceedings, biographical documents, correspondence, writings...

Adams (Perry) Papers

Files relating to Isla Vista organizations and issues; correspondence (1980) and typescript draft of Adams' unpublished study , co-authored with Fred T. Newcomb, alleging the JFK assassination was engineered by the U.S. Secret Service; and scattered issues of newspapers, mainly...

Aden [Yemen] Photograph Album

Photo album, ca. 1937-1938, of a British airman, 90+ black/white snapshots with captions, mainly of Aden [Yemen]. Includes shots of fellow British servicemen, military planes and ships, Aden police and military on camels, dhows and other local boats, many street...

Africa and Middle East photograph album

Photographs of Africa Including South Africa, Mozambique, Egypt and elsewhere in North Africa and the Middle East [1890's].

African American Stereoviews

The collection contains 20 b/w stereoview images of African Americans, possibly Louisiana, mounted on one large sheet, numbered but lacking captions. These appear to be staged scenes, with several images of children (sitting on steps, at play), men playing cards,...

African-American Troops: Civil War, 127th Regiment, muster roll

One large folded document (muster roll) in folder. For the "127th Regiment (Company D) of Colored Troops" under the comand of Captain F. (Franklin) Cogswell. Contains information related to enlistment, deportment, payroll .

AIDS: Counseling and Assistance Program (AIDS: CAP) collection

Materials, dating from 1989 to 1997, related to the AIDS: Counseling and Assistance (AIDS: CAP) program of the Gay and Lesbian Resource Center of Santa Barbara, California.

Aladdin Stereographs: Japan and Russia

The collection contains a boxed set of 42 Aladdin stereographs of Japan (including Japanese in Manchuria) and Russia, with printed captions in English and distributed by Doubleday Page & Co. (New York), 1901-1905. Included are images of Japanese military officers...

Alarcón (Norma) papers

Consists of 61 boxes containing records related to Third Woman Press, Helaine Victoria Press, and fempress including correspondence, unpublished manuscripts, interviews, photographs, research notes, grants, and reviews related to Third Woman Press. Other materials include academic records, academic journals, personal...

Alaska Photograph Collection

About 800 photographs, loose and in three albums, captions in English, including photographers Eric A. Hegg, P. S. Hunt, H. G. Kaiser, P. Edward Larss and J. E. N. Duclos, Lomen Brothers, and Miles Brothers. Subjects include: boats, children, churches,...

Alaskan Inuit (Eskimo) village photograph collection

33 black-and-white photographs of an Inuit (Eskimo) or Aleut village, some with printed captions.

Alexander (Alec P.) Papers

The collection contains materials relating to the career of UCSB Economics professor and administrator Alec P. Alexander, who served as Chair of the Department of Economics (1965-1970), Dean of the College of Letters and Science (1971-1973), Vice Chancellor of Academic...

Algeria Photograph Album

Photograph album, 82 black/white images, with captions in English, of a British family's trip to Algeria. Includes views of Algiers, Tipasa (Tipaza), Belle Fontaine, Forêt de Bainem, Bouzorea, Valley of the Oued Messous, Aïn Toya, Guyotville, Timgad, El Kantara, and...

Algeria Photograph Collection

55 black/white shapshots, with captions, of a tour in Algeria taken by two elderly English women, Mrs. Frank Payne and Mrs. William Spencer, Mar. 1933. Contains images of Sidi Akba, Timgad (Roman settlement ruins), Biskra, and Bou Saada. Includes street...

Alicia (Juana) Collected Works Digitized Art Collection

The Juana Alicia collection chronicles the art, mostly murals, of the aforementioned artist. The dates of her artwork range from the early 1980's to the late 2000's.

Allen (Alden L.) Japan Notebook

Manuscript narrative, 1945-1946, of American sailor Alden L. Allen's experiences in the Pacific, including Japan's surrender in Tokyo Harbor, visit to Nagasaki and other Japanese ports, and thoughts about dropping of the atom bomb....

Allen (W. G.) Vladivostok [Russia] Collection

Collection contains a diary, photo album, and loose photos, detailing a mining engineer's trip from San Francisco to Vladivostok to work for Clarkson & Company, an American mining company establishing coal mines in eastern Russia.

Almaraz (Carlos) and Los Four Ephemera Collection

This is a discrete collection containing two boxes of miscellaneous materials that were collected by Charles Schermerhorn in relation to Carlos Almaraz and the Los Four. Almaraz was one of the members of Los Four, a group of influential artists...

Alternative Press Collection

The collection mainly contains latter 1960s and early 1970s US newspapers, with an emphasis on California, but also some foreign titles. In most cases there are only single or scattered issues, not long runs. Included are newspapers devoted to African...

Alternative Religions Literature collection

The collection contains books and printed materials on alternative religions and spiritual ideologies. Within these materials are writings describing ideologies, practices, history, and discourse surrounding known 20th century alternative beliefs and figures from related fields.

Alurista Papers

Alurista's collection consists of papers and literary manuscripts demonstrating his work as a literary artist. The collection contains certificates and awards, essays, articles, general correspondence, and correspondence relating to his book . His vast collection of research files show his...

Ambi Harsha Playsia collection

Materials related to the courses Asian-American Studies 142 and 145, taught by Ambi Harsha from 1995-2017. At the end of each quarter, students in the class presented a stage presentation entitled Playsia.

American Almanac Collection

149 printed almanacs from eastern parts of the United States, including some duplicates and variant issues.

American Folk Music Photograph Collection

The collection contains 54 WPA related black and white photographs of musicians, singers, their homes and environs, from California and parts of the South, including Arkansas and North Carolina.

American Institute of Graphic Arts Collection

The collection contains correspondence, flyers, invitations, memoranda, notices, and other mailings, mainly relating to the American Institute of Graphic Arts [AIGA] Fifty Books of the Year Show and other organization activities. These mainly are items sent to Hobart Skofield, who...

American Printing History Association Collection

The collection contains bylaws, membership directories and information, flyers, conference notices and programs, and other mailings relating to activities of the American Printing History Association (APHA), including the Southern California Chapter of APHA. These mainly are items sent to Hobart...

American Religions Collection

The container list in this guide includes folder level descriptions of materials mainly housed in the American Religions Collection (ARC). Prior to 2016, the collection was housed in file cabinets; it has since been rehoused in archival cartons. Contents of...

American Soldiers in Iran during World War II photograph album

American G.I.'s in Iran during World War II, 1943.

Anderson (C. R. W.) India / China Photograph Album

One photograph album with 46 black and white photographs, no captions, compiled by a C. R. W. Anderson, probably British, ca. 1904.

Anderson (Dame J.) Collection

The collection includes papers of the Australian born actress noted for her stage, radio, and television work, particularly her Shakespearean roles. The collection includes scripts, photographs, scrapbooks, and correspondence.

Anderson (Walter T.) Collection

Audio interviews for a book on the Esalen Institute and typescripts of this book and three others by author/journalist/political scientist Walter Truett Anderson.

Anglemyer (Philinda R.) Philippines Collection

The collection contains 159 b/w photographs (including a few cyanotypes), copies of a journal and correspondence, and related material of Philinda Rand Anglemyer, a Racliffe graduate who taught English in the Philippines in the early 1900s. It includes images of...

Angola Mining Photograph Album

One album containing 85 black/white photographs with handwritten captions in English, mainly southwest Angola.

Anti-Viet Nam War Collection

60+ flyers, handbills, newsletters, and other ephemera, mainly Detroit and Ann Arbor, Michigan area.

Appelbaum (Richard P.) Collection

Audio recordings, interviews re Bank of America burning in Isla Vista, next to UCSB, in Feb. 1970.

Archer (John F.) - Susohn Collection

The collection contains 18 original etching plates [linoleum cuts], created and used by John F. Archer in his printed portfolio, (San Diego, CA: Atavistic Press, 1976). UCSB Special Collections also has an author's autograph copy of , no. 13 of...

Arends (Harry) papers

Research files of Harry Arends, producer, director, and editor of numerous film and television specials from 1977-2001. The files include show rundowns with production numbers, synopses, cast information, and sometimes broadcast dates.

Argentina photograph album: Recuerdos de Mendoza y los Andes

Small leather bound album with 24 black-and-white images of Mendoza and Argentinian Andes.

Argentina Photograph Collection, ca. 1900-1950s

52 apparently unrelated black and white photographs, some tinted, some mounted, mainly portraits and group shots depicting dress and photographic techniques of the times, from Buenos Aires, Bahia Blanca, and elsewhere in Argentina.

Army of the Potomac Ledger

U.S. Army Headquarters, Army of the Potomac -- 1 Civil War era ledger, 1864-1865, entitled Report of Names of Officers doing duty in the Quartermasters Department, including number of staff, line officers and enlisted men for duty; and number of...

Around the Pacific photograph album

371 (circa 350) black and white photos plus several loose photos, some loose ephemera, one map etc. Date (1936) stamped on cover. "Around the Pacific" stamped on cove

Ashmore (Harry S.) Collection

Addresses and speeches, awards, biographical information, correspondence, writings, photographs, audiotapes and videotapes of the newspaperman, writer, editor-in-chief of Encyclopaedia Britannica, and executive for the Center for the Study of Democratic Institutions. Awarded the first double Pulitzer Prizes in history for...

Ashton Family World Travels Photograph Collection

2500+ black and white photographs in 53 Kodak albums, from numerous trips to far flung parts of the world, including India and Ceylon, Europe, West Indies, Latin America, the Middle East, Egypt, and the U.S.

Asian American Dance Performances collection

The Asian American Dance Performances collection spans the years 1974 to 2006. The collection consists of posters, exhibit pamphlets, DVD and videotapes, photographs and informational material about the organization.

Asian American Theater Company Archives

The Asian American Theater Company Archives consists of eleven series distributed among 56 archival boxes that occupy approximately 25 linear feet of space. The archival materials include administrative/personnel records, grant applications, production files, correspondence, flyers, audio and videotapes, photographs, and...

Asian American Theater Company Archives - Annotated Catalog to Productions and Scripts

This is a separate catalog to the productions and scripts found in the Asian American Theater Company Archives (CEMA 9) in the California Ethnic and Multicultural Archives. As an annotated list of productions and scripts, the catalog provides information about...

Asian American Women Artists Association (AAWAA) archives

Materials generated by the the San Francisco-based Asian American Woman Artists Association (AAWAA) in the course of its activities from approximately 1994 to 2014.

Aspinwall (Charles H.) diaries

16 diaries written by Charles H. Aspinwall, a founder of the New Thought Church in Southern California in the 1920s.

Association for Humanistic Psychology records

This collection is comprised of the records of the Association for Humanistic Psychology, an association for "those whose thought and work express a humanistic orientation." Materials in the collection are arranged by series.

Astrinsky Family Yiddish - East European Postcard Album

Photograph album in a customized box labeled with the family name Astrinsky. The album contains 53 postcards, some in color, depicting a variety of people and places with messages handwritten in Yiddish. Many are from areas in Eastern Europe including...

Astrology and palm reading pamphlets

Consists of pamphlets relating to astrology, palm reading, dream interpretation, and handwriting analysis.

Atkins (Stuart P.) Papers

The collection mainly contains invitations, programs, articles, reviews, and other items relating to the 1949 Johann Wolfgang von Goethe Bicentennial Celebration, which were collected by Goethe - scholar Stuart Pratt Atkins (1914-2000), UCSB professor of Germanic, Slavic, and Semitic Studies...

ATO Photographic Association China Photograph Albums

The collection contains two black cloth albums ca. 1920s, containing 260 b/w photographs, most with English captions (some of these descriptions seem rather speculative), featuring a number of scenes from various locales in China, Mongolia, and Manchuria. Among the photographs...

Auction Catalogs Collection

Printed catalogs of book auctions, mainly for Sotheby's, ca. 1938-1990.

Austin Method Builders Columbia Records Inc. prospectus

Austin Method Builders prospectus containing 20 black-and-white photographs of newly completed Columbia Records office in Los Angeles, California.

Austin (Warren) papers

Papers of Warren Austin (1911-1999), owner of the Val Verde Estate in Montecito, California. Austin was a close friend of Dame Judith Anderson, a patron of the Lobero Theatre (Santa Barbara, California) and personal physician to the Duke and Duchess...

Aztlán colllection

The Aztlán Collection spans from 1970-1988 and contains 8 U-Matic tapes and one audio tape that chronicle important cultural and political events within the Chicano movement.

Badash (Lawrence) Papers

Primarily auction, company, dealer, and exhibit catalogs relating to scientific instruments, publications, and the history of science, from a UCSB history faculty member.

Badges, Medals, Pins, and Buttons Collection

The collection contains a diverse assortment of badges, medals, pins, and buttons, ca. 1888-1918, including several Grand Army of the Republic items, political items like a William Howard Taft pin (1907), a Woman's Christian Temperance Union badge (1903), an Uncle...

Baker (Art) collection

Scripts from Art Baker's radio program (KFI, Los Angeles, 1938-1958), photographs, clippings, scrapbooks, as well as personal correspondence and memorabilia.

Baker (Charles T.) Papers

Ca. 1920s-1940s. Correspondence, photographs, postcards, clippings and other ephemera regarding Abraham Lincoln and Indiana.

Bakke (Allan) Vs. Regents of UC Collections

This collection contains materials related to both the opinion held by the Supreme Court and the debate within the UC over the legitimacy of it’s complaint. There was no definitive consensus among scholars as to the strength of weaknesses of...

Baldwin (James) correspondence

The collection is comprised of correspondence and photographs which provide insight into some of James Baldwin's social and political activism mainly in the 1970s.

Bali photograph albums

Two photograph albums. 1933 album contains 36 black-and-white snapshots of a trip to Bali. 1937 album inscribed (twice) "Bali 1937" on inside page. Thirty six (including two loose) black-and-white photos of various locales in Bali, many featuring activities of inhabitants.

Ballard (John) collection

Materials collected by John Ballard that relate to New Age, Human Potential, and other spiritual and religious movements.

Ballitore [Ireland] Collection

Mainly correspondence of the Irish Quaker Shackleton, Leadbeater, and Barrington families of Ballitore, Ireland. Includes material relating to Edmund Burke.

Barber (Alfred E.) Papers

The collection contains a diary, documents, 7 carte de visite photographs, and leather document case of Alfred E. Barber, a Civil War Union lieutenant, New York Infantry, 141st Regiment (Vol), Company G, ca. 1863-1864. Barber was the great uncle of...

Bardach (Ann Louise) archive

Research files maintained by Ann Bardach throughout her career as a journalist. The collection includes information about Cuba (especially the Castro family), Miami (Cuba-Miami) and US politics, Jorge Mas Canosa, Luis Posada Carriles, the New York punk scene, the JonBenét...

Barnes (Grover) Papers

This collection chronicles the life of Grover Barnes, the man whom Santa Barbara has dubbed "The Ambassador of Hospitality." His extraordinary charm and service as a "Bell Captain" at the Hotel Miramar Resort has made him famous in the community....

Barr (Kenneth Sr.) circus collection

Programs, clippings, posters, flyers and ephemera relating to the circus.

Barre (Richard) Papers

Typescript and edited drafts, correspondence, proofs, sample chapters, as well as promotional literature and other miscellany, of a Santa Barbara area mystery writer. Also, signed first editions of his works, which are cataloged separately.

Bason (Robert E.) / Capra Press records

The collection contains files from the earlier years when Noel Young owned and operated Capra Press, and later years when Robert [Bob] E. Bason owned and operated it.

Bason (Robert E.) Capra Press publisher's collection

This collection consists of over 300 books (many first editions) published by the Capra Press of Santa Barbara, California. The collection includes original signed contracts, photographs, notes, and advertising materials.

Bason (Robert E.) Collection of Christopher Morley

The materials described in the container list are part of a much larger collection of printed materials which have been cataloged individually and can be searched on Pegasus, the UCSB University Libraries online catalog....

Bason (Robert E.) community development and funding collection

Various documents and publications relating to funding and fundraising activities of a number of Santa Barbara-based educational and charitable organizations.

Battery "E" Eleventh Field Artillery photograph album

391 photographs documenting the activities of Battery "E" Eleventh Field Artillery in the Territory of Hawaii from 1927 to 1928.

Bay Area Black Panther Party Collection

The collection includes documents, small flyers, handbills, collected research, publications, and newspaper and magazine articles. There are six series: Organizational Papers, Subject Files, Publications, Magazine and Newspaper Articles, Oversize and Newspapers; each series is arranged either by chronological or alphabetical...

Bay Area Coalition Against Briggs Initiative collection

Group of nine Bay Area Coalition Against Briggs Initiative (BACABI) handbills and brochures, opposing California Proposition 6, the "Briggs Initiative" of 1978. The collection also contains nine issues of the newsletter from January to November, 1978.

Bayard (James A.) Letter

One Civil War era letter (ALS) from James Asheton Bayard [U.S. Senator from Delaware], discussing mid-term election to replace Senator Thompson, arrests in Delaware, and incompetence of reporters. Washington, 14 Dec.1862....

Bear (Marjorie W.) World War I Ephemera Collection

Collection of World War I era ephemera, ca. 1917-1918, including broadsides, programs, tags, stickers, and pins, as assembled by Mrs. H. S. (Marjorie W.) Bear. Many of the items are from Chicago....

Beash Roma illustrations to Sándor Petőfi's János Vitéz (John the Valiant)

43 illustrations depicting the story of drawn in Pécs, Hungary, by special needs high school students, many from the Beash Roma community, under the instruction of art teacher Ildikó Fodor in the 1980s.

Becker (television series) production files

Production files, mainly budget related, for the television series (1998-2004).

Beckett (Samuel) Papers

The collection contains photocopies of what were three unpublished works by Samuel Beckett and correspondence with Beckett and UCSB Library staff regarding permission to supply photocopies to researchers....

Beddie (James S.) Papers

Includes various State Department records, e.g. material on the German War Documents Project (post-WWII), from an American scholar and Foreign Service Officer who spent his last years in Santa Barbara.

Beilenson (Peter) Collection

The collection contains biographical information, lists, prospectuses, printing specimens, and other ephemera, mainly about Peter Beilenson, Peter Pauper Press (Mount Vernon, NY), and the Walpole Printing Office (New Rochelle, NY). Early in his career, Beilenson was associated with the William...

Belden (Louis D.) Papers

The collection contains correspondence, documents, maps, photographs, and ephemera of Louis deKeyser Belden, a surgeon and captain in the Medical Corps during WWI. Belden was born Dec. 7, 1888, and graduated from the University of North Carolina in 1910....

Belgian Congo Photograph Album

One photograph album containing 80 b/w snapshots, a few with captions identifying individuals, apparently from the Zone de la Mongala (river area) of the Belgian Congo, ca. 1890s to early 1900s. Includes images of local inhabitants and activities such as...

Bell (Henry H.) Letter

One letter (ALS) from Rear Admiral H[enry] H. Bell, Commanding the U.S. Asiatic Squadron, to his second in command, Commander J[ohn] C[arson] Febiger on the 'USS Ashuelet', re suppressing piracy and preventing American citizens from engaging in the coolie trade....

Berends Family Papers

The collection contains items mainly pertaining to Russian diplomat Axel de Berends and his career, latter 19th century, in Brazil, Sweden, Spain, and the Netherlands. Also included are notes and documents re research into the history of the family [de...

Berkeley Jazz photograph album

One album, 26 black-and-white photos, with related ephemera.

Billigmeier (Robert) Collection

The Robert Billigmeier collection holds some of the documents of the University of California's Evacuation and Resettlement Study begining in 1942. The collection contains reports conducted under the direction of University of California, Berkeley Professor Dorothy Swain Thomas. There are...

Birney (David B.) Letter and Photograph

One letter [ALS] and one photograph [carte de visite size] of General David B. Birney [Civil War Commander of the Tenth Corps], from his widow Antoinette Birney to General Davis, 17 June 1886....

Blacks in Film and Television Collection

The Blacks in film and television collection contains approximately 900 articles dating from 1960 to 1990. The collection has been arranged in four series: Film, Personalities, Television and General; in each series the articles have been ordered chronologically beginning with...

Blakmar, Den, and Olvera family correspondence and other material

Correspondence and other material, mainly legal documents, as well as a smaller number of personal items and ephemera. Correspondence includes that of Agustin Olvera (1818-1876), first judge of Los Angeles County. Legal materials document the activities of the heirs of...

Bligh (Eric Walter) Collection

Correspondence, cards, notes, photographs, and printed ephemera of English author Eric Walter Bligh, whose works included (1932), (1940), and (1961). Acquired by the UCSB Library in 1965, with Bligh's book collection of several hundred volumes focusing primarily on latter nineteenth...

Blodgett (Webster P.) Papers

The collection contains correspondence to relatives, diaries, document (honorable discharge from the GAR), and artifacts (spoon/fork/knife eating utensil, oak leaf clusters, and a GAR pin)....

Bonewits (Isaac) papers

Subject files, manuscripts, correspondence, notebooks, calendars, photographs and ephemera of Isaac Bonewits (1949–2010), writer, lecturer, and liturgist with considerable influence on the American Neopagan and Earth religion movements of the late 20th century.

Bonham (Mildred A.) Papers

The collection contains diaries, photograph albums, loose photographs, and a scrapbook relating to Mildred A. Bonham, wife of Benjamin F. Bonham, who was appointed U.S. Consul to British India, in Calcutta, 1885-1894.

Bookplate Collection

The collection contains bookplates purchased or donated by various individuals over a period of years from about the 1960s to 1980s. Most of the bookplates are 20th century American, including a number from Santa Barbara and other parts of California....

Boston Farm School Journal

One bound ledger, with entries, ca. 1850s-1890s. Early pages are accounts of the Boston Farm School, 1853-1856, followed by a number of pages mainly listing charges for labor for various individuals. The last few pages include names of men who...

Bottoms (Bud) GOO! files

Materials collected by Bud Bottoms over the course of his involvement with GOO! (Get Oil Out!), an organziation formed in the aftermath of the 1969 oil spill in the Santa Barbara Channel to prevent further oil development. Files contain correspondence,...

Bound Ethiopian manuscript on vellum

One bound Ethiopian manuscript on vellum, inserted in green slipcase. Date unknown....

Bowen (Caleb T.) Papers

Primarily correspondence of a Civil War Union soldier, 4th Rhode Island Infantry, Co. H. .2 linar feet (1 box).

Boyd (Greg) Asylum Arts and Unicorn Press collection

Literary press material of American writer and illustrator Greg Boyd. The collection (1979-2012) covers Asylum Arts and the Unicorn Press, as well as the written and graphic work of Boyd himself.

Brazil Photograph Album

The album contains 26 black/white photographs, with captions in German, of railroad construction in Porto Lucena; bridge of S. Joeio Curityba, Paraguay; harbor of Ultramar, Uruguay; Rio Grande do Sul; Porto Alegre and eucalyptus groves; revolutionaries; ruins of Sao Miguel;...

Brent (Duncan and Fredrika) Collection

Correspondence from Duncan Brent to Lawrence Clark Powell, as well as a typescript draft and other materials pertaining to Powell's publication of [a remembrance of Brent]. Also, a collection of the Brents' books, mainly 19th-20th century literature and Californiana. A...

Bristol and Colorado Gold Mining Company records

Records of the Bristol and Colorado Gold Mining Company.

British Army in Northern Pakistan Photograph Album

About 60 black/white snapshots and a few postcard views, most with captions. Most photos are of British and local soldiers at various locations near the Pakistan-Afghanistan border (North West Frontier), including Attock, Akora, Nowshera, and Kala-Bagh. Also photos of local...

British Army in Pakistan and Northern India Photograph Album

Photograph album containing 72 black/white snapshots, World War I era ca. 1917, of Baluchistan and Waziristan (Pakistan), and Northern India (Ferozepore, Dalhousie, and Ranikhet). Includes military photos of soldiers, camps, and camel transport, as well as local scenes and people....

British East Africa photograph album

Photo album containing 112 black and white photographs of indigenous people of the Mombasa Tribes.

British in Egypt/World War I Photograph Album

Photograph album, ca. 1917-1919, containing 120+ black/white photos, very few with captions, mainly of British (men, women, and children) in Egypt (possibly Alexandria) during World War I. Mainly troops in camps and on the march, hospital wards, sporting events, and...

British manuals and guides to magic tricks, conjuring, illusions, and prestidigitation

Early 20th century British pamphlets and ephemeral guides of a practical nature to magic tricks, largely published by L. Davenport & Co.

British Military in Egypt and Iraq Photograph Album

Photograph album of Capt. R. E. Godfrey, containing 167 black/white snapshots, many with captions, recording service with the British 153rd Rifles in North Africa, 1918-1919, and in the Arab Revolt, 1920. About 70 of the images are from Egypt and...

British Military in India and Burma Photograph Album

Photograph album, apparently of a British soldier with the 2nd Battalion, Worcestershire Regiment, containing 300+ black/white images, mainly snapshots without captions, ca. 1930s - early 1940s. Includes photos of family, apparently in Britain, as well as many shots of fellow...

British Military Operations in Waziristan Photograph Album, 1922-1923

A photograph album depicting British Military operations in Waziristan, then a region of India, in 1922 and 1923, prior to the Pink's War. Photographs mainly relate to military camps and convoys throughout the region.

British Soldier's Photograph Album - Northeastern India

Photograph album of a British soldier, with 150+ photos, mainly snapshots, some with captions, ca. late 1920s-1937. Contains a number of shots of friends and family, some taken in England, but most are set in India, including fellow servicemen, the...

Broadside Collection

More than 200 printed items, most American, English language, mainly poetry, many in limited editions, some signed.

Broida (Herbert P.) Papers

The collection contains correspondence, teaching and research materials, and some files on science organizations from Herbert P. Broida, UCSB professor of Physics.

Bromley (David) Collection

Manuscript, typescript, and printed material relating to new religious movements.

Brookman (Philip) collection

This collection consists of cassettes and reels, of music, poetry and production files related to Philip Brookman’s documentary video production entitled . Includes documentation related to the conference (1982) at UC Santa Cruz. Included are some personal papers, ephemera and...

Brown (George I.) Papers, 1955-1990

The George I. Brown Papers contain publications, correspondence, professional and biographical files, subject files on confluent education and Gestalt therapy, and teaching files of the UCSB professor emeritus of education.

Broyles-González (Yolanda) Collection

These two boxes contain the manuscript and notes of Yolanda Broyles-González's novel titled

Bryant (Hattie) Letter

One Civil War era letter (ALS) from Hattie Bryant to N. H. Willets, re personal matters and reports of many Confederate soldiers being women dressed in men's clothes. Wonders if this is true. Also worries about the great many wives...

Budd (James) correspondence

Four pieces of correspondence, including one sent autographed letter, pertaining to James Budd, governor of California from 1895–1899.

Buddhist manuscript sutras in Mongolian

Text of the Prajñāpāramitās and Mahāprajñāpāramitā Sūtras in Mongolian.

Buddhist palm leaves collection

Four palm leaves containing Buddhist text in the Pali language (of Indian Buddhism) and Burmese script.

Buell (Augustus C.) Diary and Sketchbook

Augustus Caesar Buell was born in 1847, and fought in the Civil War as a member of Company L of the 20th New York Cavalry, having enlisted on August 21, 1863. Although he was promoted to corporal the following November,...

Bukowski (Charles) / Martin (John) Collection

Correspondence from Bukowski to his publisher, John Martin, of Black Sparrow Press.

Bukowski (Charles) - O'Roark (James F.) Correspondence

Collection of four letters [TLS] and accompanying envelopes from Bukowski to Santa Barbara resident and collector James F. O'Roark, Apr.- Dec. 1975, re visits to Santa Barbara, how writing is progressing, and daily trials and tribulations in Buk's life. Includes...

Bukowski (Charles) Poems

The collection contains 449 unpublished, unsigned, undated, mainly one and two-page typescript poems by Charles Bukowski, sent to his publisher John Martin at Black Sparrow Press over nearly 30 years, from about 1966 to 1994, the year that Bukowski died.

Bukowski (Charles) Poems, 2004-2007

The collection contains four typescript volumes, with handwritten corrections/deletions by the editor, John Martin, of Charles Bukowski poems to be published by Harper Collins 2004-2007.

Bukowski typescript poems

20 manuscript poems by Bukowski, with author's signature on most, as well as hand-corrections and other notes.

Bulgaria Photograph Collection

Collection contains 50 black and while photos/photo cards mostly of people and places in several locales in Bulgaria.

Burma - U.S. Army Engineer Construction Battalion Photograph Collection

The collection contains more than 200 World War II era b/w photos, varying sizes, many with captions, many of Burma, Burmese life, and the Engineer Battalion in Burma, ca. 1944-1945, apparently taken by Arthur Wunner of New Jersey. Also, some...

Burma photograph album

96 silver gelatin or albumen photographs, various sizes, captioned.

Burma Photograph Albums

Three snapshot albums, ca. 1890s, with 70 b/w photos, no captions, including images of British teak harvesting operations in Burma, using elephants and water buffalo. Also, views of Burmese people and countryside, village scenes, houses on stilts with woven sides,...

Burns (Vincent G.) Papers

In 1969 the UCSB Library purchased several autographed books and a small amount of manuscript material from the author, Vincent Godfrey Burns. Burns had lived in Santa Barbara for a time and several of his poems were inspired by or...

Burrill (Edgar White) scrapbooks

Four scrapbooks that consist of newspaper clippings, photographs, pamphlets, correspondence and related material of Minister Edgar White Burrill's activites within the New Thought movement.

Burrow (Trigant) Collection

Collection consists of reprints of articles by psychoanalyst Trigant Burrow (1875-1950).

Butler (Benjamin F.) Collection

The collection contains three letters (ALS) about various Civil War-related issues. The first, written in the spring of 1861, is addressed to the Secretary of War, Simon Cameron, and touches on Butler's concern for what he calls the "negro question,"...

Buzzell (Rolfe G.) Collection

Correspondence, depositions, documents and evidence, witness statements, California State Assembly hearings, and audiotapes relating to the 1970 Isla Vista disturbances. Collected by Rolfe G. Buzzell, UCSB graduate student at the time.

Calamba Sugar Estate - Philippines Collection

The collection consists of 51 items from the papers of Hazel Kenward Pfleuger (whose husband was the forester O. W. Pfleuger) of Mont Alto and Chambersburg, Pennsylvania, relating to investments in the Calamba Sugar Estate, in the Philippines, dated between...

Califas: Chicano Art and Culture in California Collection

This is an extensive video archive of 173 video cassettes and 10 audio cassettes with bound transcripts, originally acquired through purchase in U-matic format and later reformatted into VHS. It is also preserved in digital format and the videos are...

California African American Historical Photos Collection

This collection includes photos and documents from historical African American/Chicano(a) figures in California. There are 21 black and white images of various historical figures. The collection also includes two book covers and miscellaneous writings from the 19th and 20th centuries....

California and Colorado photograph album

Album of 45 original photographs of California and Colorado, circa 1890.

California and the Pacific photograph album

287 black-and-white photos (some captioned) of various scenes and locales in California, Hawaii, Guam and the Philippine Islands.

California Central Coast photograph album

Album contains 131 black-and-white photographs and two cyanotypes with handwritten captions of early California.

California Circus Photographs, 1945-1955

The collection consists of photographic negatives of California circuses from 1945 to 1955, including the Clyde Beatty, Bell Brothers, Biller Brothers and Yankee Paterson Circuses.

California Dairy Associations' By-laws booklets

The collection consists of nine by-law booklets from various dairy associations across California between 1909 to 1924.

California Department of Conservation offshore oil and gas platform slide collection

35 mm color slides, dating, roughly, from 1969 through the 1990s, gathered by the California Department of Conservation documenting the history of offshore oil and gas islands and platforms, as well as oil spills and seeps off the Central Coast...

California Gold Rush Sermons

The collection contains 18 handwritten sermons and other theological notes by a Presbyterian minister, the Rev. Silas Solon Harmon, who established and maintained a church in Sonora, California from 1852 to 1863. Harmon came from New York State with his...

California: Imperial Valley photographs

Nineteen black-and-white photographs relating to agriculture in the Imperial Valley, California.

California life photograph collection

Black-and-white photographs relating to agricultural workers and the harvesting, packaging, and transportation of produce and crops. Also consists of a few photographs depicting reactions to Prohibition.

California Missions and Santa Barbara Area Glass Slides

39 color and black / white glass slides of California missions, including Santa Barbara mission; also Summerland Oil Wells, Los Banos, beach, olive trees, and Arlington Hotel in Santa Barbara. Photographers include: A. D. Handy (Boston) and Putnam & Valentine...

California Photograph Album

This California photograph album contains 74 black/white numbered photographs, some with descriptions, including coastal scenes, boats and fishermen, Garden of the Gods, Monterey, ostrich farm, Santa Cruz, San Gabriel Mission (Pasadena), Santa Barbara Mission (nos. 2264-2265), and several images apparently...

California photograph album: San Francisco, Santa Barbara, Sierra Nevada

76 black-and-white photos (circa 1895) of San Francisco, Santa Barbara, Sierra Nevadas, etc.

California Photograph Collection

The collection contains 98 mainly black and white photographs, including cabinet cards, cartes de visité, picture postcards, snapshots, a stereocard, and tintypes, loose and in a partially dissembled album.

California Picture Postcard Album

Album, ca. 1900, containing 45 black/white and color picture postcards. Mostly California, including several images of Santa Barbara (Potter Hotel, ocean front, mission, Santa Cruz Island), Los Angeles (court house, street scenes, parks), Santa Monica (Soldiers' home, pier), Catalina Island,...

California San Francisco Bay Area photo postcard album

Early 1900s picture album/real photo postcards.

California views photograph album

One photo album with 50 original photographs of Southern California (with captions); inscribed 1900. Includes images of missions, Los Angeles, Pasedena, Santa Barbara and other locales....

Camp Chase Prison, No. 3 (Columbus, Ohio) Document

One Civil War document (ADS), description of Camp Chase Prison, No. 3, Columbus, Ohio, by A. Davis, 1862. Davis notes that inmates come from all walks of life, including farmers, lawyers, doctors, judges, criminals, sheriffs, gamblers, painters, singers, and surveyors....

Camp (Roger) Collection

Correspondence, mainly editors' letters of acceptance or rejection, to poet and photographer Roger Camp, copies of poems by him, and issues of literary and poetry journals and reviews, usually containing poems or photographs by him. Correspondents include Ansel Adams, Robert...

Cannon (Lou) Rodney King papers

The collection mainly contains materials relating to Lou Cannon's book Official Negligence: How Rodney King and the Riots Changed Los Angeles and the LAPD (1997). Some files are closed, pending review for confidential materials.

Cannon (Lou) Ronald Reagan papers

The collection mainly contains files for four of the books about Ronald Reagan written by Lou Cannon. Included are court documents, fact sheets, interview tapes and transcripts, newspaper and magazine articles, polls, pool reports, presidential statements, press briefings, press kits...

Capelli (Mark H.) Southern California Steelhead Watershed archive

Collection compiled by Mark H. Capelli, National Marine Fisheries Service biologist and Executive Director of the Friends of the Ventura River. The bulk of the collection pertains to organizations and issues focusing on the Southern California Steelhead Trout population, primarily...

Caples (Robert) prints

Two prints signed by Robert Caples.

Capps (Lois) papers

Lois Capps (1938- ) was an American democratic politician who served as the U.S. Representative for California's 24th congressional district from 1998 to 2017. Spanning from 1989 to 2016, the collection consists of district office files, memoranda, government publications, bills...

Capps (Walter H.) papers

Papers of Walter Holden Capps (May 5, 1934 – October 28, 1997), Professor of Religious Studies at the University of California, Santa Barbara, and Representative of the 22nd district of California in the United States House of Representatives in 1997.

Capps (Walter H.) Vietnam travel ephemera

This small collection comprises materials separated from the Walter H. Capps papers (UArch FacP 47) including pamphlets published by the Vietnam Buddhist Research Institute, tourist guides, brochures and maps, and newspapers published by the Vietnamese American community.

Captain Midnight radio and tv Code-O-Graph collection

The Captain Midnight radio and TV Code-O-Graph collection consists of a small collection of promotional toy decoding devices, photographs, and memorabilia packaging, offering insight into wartime entertainment and its continued influence into the Cold War era.

Caribbean Photograph Album

The album contains 184 black/white photographs taken during a cruise on the steamship (German-American Line), with images of St. Thomas (Virgin Islands), San Juan (Puerto Rico), Jamaica, Panama Canal, Venezuela, Trinidad, Martinique, Dominica, San Domingo, Santiago and Havana (Cuba), and...

Carnihan family scrapbook

One family scrapbook and one flyer belonging to family of performer of short stature Bertha Carnihan.

Carrasco (Barbara) slide collection

Barbara Carrasco is a Chicana artist and activist from Los Angeles, California. Her work critiques cultural stereotypes involving socioeconomics, race, gender and sexuality. Although Carrasco's works are mostly large scale, she is as equally comfortable as an artist in creating...

Carreon (Reynaldo J.) Collection

The Reynaldo J. Carreon Collection consists of two document boxes and one flat box, which contain photography, documents and newspaper clippings regarding Mr. Carreon's career as a member of the Los Angeles Board of Police Commissioners, civic activities and travels.

Carrillo (Sean) papers

This collection is comprised of collected publicity materials concerning film festivals, Chicano punk rock shows, Punk bands and art exhibitions in Los Angeles from the 80's to early 2000's. The collection spans one document box and one oversize flatbox.

Casa de la Raza collection

La Casa de la Raza is a non-profit community center on the Eastside of Santa Barbara, California. Founded in 1971, the mission of La Casa de la Raza is to develop and empower the Latino community by affirming and preserving...

Casmalia Resources Superfund Site collection

The Casmalia Resources Superfund Site (CRSS) is an inactive hazardous waste management facility located in the northwestern corner of Santa Barbara County, California. The facility opened in 1973 and was used to treat and dispose of acids, bases, organic solvents,...

Castillo (Ana) Papers

The contents of the Ana Castillo Collection represent the beginnings of a prolific Chicana writer and teacher, whose body of work is expected to grow significantly as her career continues to develop. The material in this collection provides much insight...

Center for the Study of Democratic Institutions / Princeton University Files

The collection mainly contains post-1961 administrative files which the Center had microfilmed, then shipped to Princeton University, and which subsequently were transferred from Princeton University to UCSB in 1999.

Center for the Study of Democratic Institutions Collection

Records of the internationally renowned Santa Barbara-based think tank, emphasizing issues such as education, freedom of the press, international relations, public policy, religion, and science and technology in modern society. Included are materials relating to CSDI leaders such as Robert...

Center for the Study of Democratic Institutions Collection, Series 12: Audio-Visual

This guide is a supplement to a much larger finding aid to the Center for the Study of Democratic Institutions (CSDI) Collection, Mss 18.

Ceylon and Egypt photograph album

51 black-and-white photos, mostly of locales and scenes in Egypt and Ceylon (present day Sri Lanka).

Ceylon Photograph Album

Photograph album of Walter C. Hansell, 1937, containing 100+ black/white snapshots and some picture postcards, all with captions. Included are ship-board views taken on the voyage from England to Ceylon [Sri Lanka], shots of Gibraltar, Port Said, the Suez Canal,...

Chandler (Russell) Papers

Mostly subject files of journalist who wrote on religious topics for L.A. Times.

Chang (Iris) papers

The Iris Chang Papers consist primarily of her research materials from her work on with a few files which may have been used for and . The content is broken down according to Chang's own notes. Chang was a meticulous...

Chapman (John) papers

The John Chapman papers comprises a mix of materials pertaining to independent filmmaker John Chapman (1946-1983). Materials include film footage, photographs and slides taken on location in Central America, dating from roughly 1978 to 1983.

Cheadle Center for Biodiversity and Ecological Restoration (CCBER) collection

Papers transferred from the UC Santa Barbara Cheadle Center for Biodiversity and Ecological Restoration to the UC Santa Barbara Library Department of Special Research Collections. Included in this collection are the papers generated in the course of research by area...

Cheadle (Vernon I.) Papers

The Vernon I. Cheadle Papers contain biographical material, correspondence, subject files, and academic files from Cheadle's time as a faculty member before and after his days as Chancellor.

Cheney - Minard Family Papers

Primarily the writings of Clara Jane Cheney-Minard, the collection includes her journals, correspondence poems, and re-copied essays, among other things. Most of her writing focuses on personal and family-related matters such as her descriptions of nature, descriptions of school, thoughts...

Chicagoland Psychic Archives

A project started in 1975 at Institute for the Study of American Religions to gather materials relating to the large Chicago area community engaged in the study and practice of paranormal phenomena. The files contain newsletters, flyers and posters, newspaper...

Chicano art movement collection

This is an artificially created small collection that draws together in one place a quantity of published articles, news clippings and ephemera that had been compiled over the years as research files in the offices of the California Ethnic and...

Chicano News Clipping collection

This is a news clipping collection that ranges from 1969 - 1989. It was originally part of the Colección Tloque Nahuaque (CTN), the Chicano Studies research library collection in the UCSB Library. Since indexing sources to find some of these...

Chicano Pamphlets Collection

The Pamphlets were originally part of the Colección Tloque Nahuaque (CTN), the Chicano Studies research library collection in the UCSB Library. They were collected from 1967 thru 1990 and contain publications such as informative, educational brochures, unpublished bibliographies that are...

Chicano Tattoo Body Art Collection

This collection began with the acquisition of a set of 71 slides (the photographer is unknown) that suggest a possible ethnocentric study on gang life in San Gabriel Valley, California. Included in the slides are images of tattoos and tattooing,...

Chickamauga and Chattanooga National Military Park Photographs Collection

This collection contains 24 mounted b/w photographs of Civil War sites such as Missionary Ridge, showing the locations where Louisiana troops fought. Issued by the Chickamauga & Chattanooga National Military Park Commission, Louisiana Committee, with printed descriptions on the back...

Children of God collection

Consists of newsletters, pamphlets, and other material relating to the Children of God.

Chin (Frank) Papers

The Frank Chin papers contain personal and professional materials of Frank Chin from 1940-2001. The collection is divided into five series spanning 122 archival Boxes. The bulk of the collection consists of Chin's manuscripts, including essays, articles, novels, scripts (film...

China / Ceylon Photograph Album

Photograph album, with black lacquered wooden covers, containing about 120 b/w photos, most with captions, of a young officer on the British river boat 'Robin', stationed in the Canoton/Samshui area in 1913. Includes photos of the 'Robin', river scenes, and...

China and Pacific Coast photograph album

Photographs of China and Pacific Coast Americas. Photographic views taken by and documenting a British Sailor on his travels and with the Royal Navy to China, c. 1900s.

China: People's Liberation Army Photograph Album

Primarily black and white photo album of a Chinese PLA soldier from an army reserve training school in Chengdu, Sichuan province.

China Photograph Album

Photograph album, mainly of Han-Keou (Han-kow), China, ca. 1906. 13 black/white mounted photographs, most with extensive captions in French, including street scenes and buildings in Han-Keou, a pagoda, the Russian Orthodox Church, towers for raising irrigation water, shots of a...

China Photograph Album, ca. 1900-1910

The album contains 102 black and white photographs, 87 of which are of scenes of the late Qing Dynasty China. Most of the China-based photos appear to be from the time following the Boxer Rebellion (1900-1901). Additional 15 photographs appear...

China Photograph Albums

Three lacquer albums, ca. 1905-1907, containing 224 b/w photographs, few with captions. Mainly snapshots taken by German soldier(s) stationed in China, including areas such as Tsingtau [Qingdao], with images of individual soldiers and groups, troops on the march, boats, harbors,...

China Photograph Albums, ca. 1900-1912

These three photo albums show various aspects of Chinese life, society and political events at the turn of the century from the perspective of members of western military units (presumably German) stationed in China during the Boxer Rebellion and its...

China Photographs

The collection contains 14 b/w photographs of scenes of various locales in turn of the century China.Some photos have handwritten captions, in English, on the back. Photographs of western troops on horseback suggest timeframe may be period of Boxer Rebellion...

China Stereoviews

22 stereoviews of Peking (gardens, temples and other buildings, port and boats, countryside, Chinese men, women and children) and 8 stereoviews of Shanghai (temples, boats, street scenes), ca. 1900-1910. Some images have brief handwritten descriptions in Dutch....

China/Qing Era photograph album

Photo album with black and white photos of Qing era China.

Chinese American Democratic Club Archives

The Chinese American Democratic Club Archives covers the period from 1988 to 2000. It contains campaign material, such as election fliers, endorsements and candidate questionnaires or interviews. San Francisco local politics are viewed from this group’s interaction with politicians, political...

Chinese American Political Association archives

The Chinese American Political Association is a non-profit political organization spanning more than two decades starting in the middle of the 1980's. Aimed at increasing voter awareness and participation, this collection consists mostly of newsletters issued by the organization over...

Chinese American Voters Education Committee Archives

The Chinese American Voters Education Committee (CAVEC) Archives covers the period from 1985 to 1996. In this collection there is overlap between CAVEC and the Chinese American Democratic Club (CADC). Most of the documents are Chinese American Democratic Club related...

Chinese postage stamp album

Album with Chinese postage stamps, various dates ranging from 1957-1987.

Chinese propaganda poster collection

Chinese propaganda posters on a variety of subjects and themes, ranging from the 1950s through the early 1980s.

Choules (Patrick) India/England Photograph Albums

Two photograph albums, 1917 and 1921, containing 133 black/white snapshots, many with captions, apparently taken by Patrick Choules, a British colonial official in Poona, India. Most of the images are of Poona and vicinity, including buildings, streets, landscapes, gardens, sporting...

Christensen (Vernon) Family Papers

The collection contains biographical information, documents, financial records, and photographs pertaining to Goleta, California residents Vernon (Verne), wife Carolyn, and son Kevin Christensen. Also included are several poetry and tech (computer software) notebooks, and loose copies of poems and songs...

Christian Identity and Far Right Wing Politics collection

The collection consists of over 100 periodicals, pamphlets, books, programs, and other printed ephemera regarding American Christian Conservative groups' philosophies, mainly Christian Identity, as well as Far Right wing politics and election propaganda.

Chung family collection

Materials related to longtime Santa Barbara-based Chinese restaurant, Jimmy's Oriental Gardens.

Circus / Vaudeville / Minstrel Collection

The collection contains advertisements, telegrams, and lists of towns played, for circuses, vaudeville and minstrel shows, including W. P. Hall Shows, 1905; Guy Brothers Minstrels, 1910; and "Circus Day" itineraries for several circuses such as Ringling-Barnum, Clyde Beatty, Buck Owens,...

Citizens Planning Association records

Records generated by the Citizens Planning Association of Santa Barbara, California, in the course of its activities in land use and natural resource protection advocacy work. Materials consist primarily of issue files related to development, transportation, offshore oil drilling, water,...

City of Santa Barbara oil spill slides

Nine sheets containing about 180 color slides of the Santa Barbara oil spill of 1969. The slides all contain the label "Oil Spill Collection" with hand written dates and captions. A label on the first slide sheet reads: "Start. Gift...

Civil Rights photograph album

Civil Rights photograph album containing 83 prints documenting the struggle for equal rights, New York, circa 1960. Images include Malcolm X, Jesse Jackson, and Roy Wilkins, New York Congresswoman Liz Holtzman, Thurgood Marshall, and Kenneth B. Clark, as well as...

Civil War Amnesty Oath

One Civil War era printed document, an amnesty oath, signed by J. H. Westcott, stating he will "faithfully defend the Constitution of the United States and the States there-under; and that I will in like manner abide by and support...

Civil War Covers

Six printed envelopes, ca. 1861-1865. Five are used. One is Confederate and one is addressed to a Kingsley Wyles, Washington, D.C....

Civil War Covers -- Scrapbook

The collection contains a scrapbook with approximately 136 unused Civil War Union covers (envelopes), ca. early 1860s. All covers are illustrated, many printed in one or more colors, usually blue or red. Many are patriotic in nature, portraying figures such...

Civil War Documents

Eight Civil War era documents, affidavits re exemptions from military service by reason of age or occupation (e.g. potter, tailor, preacher, justice of the peace), Sebastian County, Arkansas, 1862-1863. The affidavit by the tailor, Henry Kuper of Fort Smith, for...

Civil War Period Scrapbooks

The collection contains three scrapbooks of clippings about the Civil War era and its participants. Newspapers represented include the , , , and Many of the clippings are about Civil War memorials, Abraham Lincoln's death, eulogies for Civil War veterans,...

Civil War poem - "Temptation"

Small slip printed with words to Civil War poem "Temptation".

Clark (Tom) Archive

Correspondence, manuscripts and proofs of writings (monographs, poems, reviews, essays), notebooks, research and teaching files, audiotapes, and ephemera of American poet Tom Clark, who lived in Santa Barbara for several years and published several works with Black Sparrow Press. Correspondents...

Claveria (Federico and Bertha) Collection

The Federico and Bertha Claveria Collection is made up of administrative records, subject files, correspondence, clippings, photographs and negatives, ephemera and other miscellaneous memorabilia documenting activities of the life of Federico Claveria, his family, and La Tolteca Tortilla Factory and...

Clay and Randolph Duel Correspondence

The collection contains 7 letters and notes concerning the duel between Secretary of State Henry Clay and Senator John Randolph on April 8, 1826. The correspondents are Clay, Randolph, and their seconds, Col.Edward F. Tatnall and Gen. Thomas J. Jesup....

Climatological Data Collection

Climatological data sheets from Point Mugu, Santa Barbara, Santa Maria; also shorter runs of data, in folders, from areas such as Coal Oil Point, Ellwood, Punta Gorda, Rincon Point, Goleta, Carpinteria, Summerland, and Montecito. Includes hourly data on wind, sky...

Cloud (Preston E.) Papers

The collection contains correspondence; organizational and administrative files; research, subject and teaching files; writings; and photographs of the UCSB biogeology professor Preston Cloud.

Clovis (Hall) Papers

Singer Hall Clovis (b. 1900) began his career in Omaha singing operettas. He later moved to New York where he sang the lead in the premier of Ernest Trow Carter's Blonde Donna, recorded for Gennett records with the vocal quartet...

Clyde (George) Scrapbooks

The collection contains three large scrapbooks with clippings of oil stories, many relating to the 1969 Santa Barbara Oil Spill, but also earlier and later articles, from 1965 to 1976. The clippings are from the , as well as other...

Coastal Resources Information Center (CRIC) records

Records of the Coastal Resources Information Center (CRIC) of Santa Barbara California, dating from the 1970s to 2012.

Cole (David L.) Collection

California and Santa Barbara area ephemera, including the Santa Barbara High School newspaper, (1917-1918), Lobero Theatre posters, and Franklin School photograph....

Collier (Thomas S.) Diary

Shipboard diary, 1868-1869, of Thomas Stephens Collier (1842-1893), boatswain on the 'Shenandoah' from July 1868 to April 1869, and previously on the 'U.S.S. Oneida,' May 1867-July 1868. Photograph of Collier glued in the diary, with caption "[U.] S.S. Monocacy, Yokohama,...

Collins (Robert O.) Diary

The collection contains two copies of Collins' diary, mainly relating to UCSB affairs, and especially events relating to Isla Vista during time of unrest, from the perspective of a university administrator and faculty member.

Combs (Arthur W.) Papers

Bibliography and annotated proofs/drafts from psychologist and educator Arthur W. Combs.

The Comedy Shop production rundowns

Production rundown sheets to television series (1978-1983).

The Comedy Shop production tapes

Production videocassettes (U-matic) from television series (1978-1983).

Comey California Goldfield Letters

Two letters (ALS) from A. Comey to his children (Albert B. and Ann E.) in Woodville, Mass., from the California goldfields, 1853, 1854. Talks about immigrants arriving, including women and children, sometimes with large herds of cattle and sheep. Says...

Coming to America in 1852 journal

Journal, originally recorded in 1852 and copied in 1880s, recounting voyage to America by a family of English immigrants.

Committee for Measures A and B collection

This collection represents the political campaign files documenting the founding of the Santa Barbara California's Committee for Measures A and B and its successful work in gaining voter approval of parcel tax measures to benefit the elementary and secondary schools...

Community Development and Conservation Collection

Also known as the Pearl Chase Collection, focusing on Santa Barbara history in the 20th century. Included are papers relating to several hundred local organizations (especially pertaining to architecture, gardens, housing, land use, and planning), as well events such as...

Community Environmental Council (CEC) records

This collection consists of several types of resources including clippings, history and events files, board minutes, Earth Day documents, administrative files as well as numerous photographs and audiovisual materials generated in the course of activities by the Community Environmental Council...

Conakry, French Guinea photograph album

[CONAKRY, FRENCH GUINEA] DESCHACHT, A."Conakry" La Perle de l'A.O.F. [Conakry, French Guinea Photograph Album with Sixty-Nine Photographs]. Ca. 1915.

Conard (Rebecca) / PHR Associations Technical Reports and Research Files

The collection contains technical reports and research files created and compiled by Rebecca Conard, founding partner of PHR Associates and, 1988-1993, sole proprietor.

Concrete Poetry Collection

The manuscript collection contains copies of brochures, catalogs, conference guides, exhibit notices, flyers, lists, posters, programs, and prospectuses, mainly European, collected by Scottish poet Ian Hamilton Finlay, founder of Wild Hawthorn Press. This is part of a larger collection of...

Confederate Blockade Runner 'Florida' - Letter

1 letter (TLS), from the Secretary of the Navy to C. E. Harrington of New York, re capture of the Confederate blockade runner "Florida" by the "U.S.S. Pursuit" during the Civil War, on 6 Apr. 1862. Department of the Navy,...

Confederate Broadside

One Confederate broadside, "To the People of Western Virginia," issued by Maj. Gen. [William Wing] Loring, noting recent victories at Fayette C. H., Cotton Hill, and Charleston, imposing martial law, and calling upon citizens to join the Confederate army. The...

Confederate Civil War Documents

CSA Civil War era documents pertaining to various regiments and units of government, acquired from multiple sources.

Confederate Naval Documents

Ten Confederate Civil War documents (ADS), vouchers re payments made for stage passage, wagon teams, Negro wages, ship 'Alonzo Child' dismantling, Confederate service, food delivered, and other. Vaughans Station and Yazoo City, Mississippi, Jan.-Feb.1863....

Confederate States of America Documents

Eleven Confederate States of America Civil War items, mostly tax forms, assessments, and receipts from Alabama, Georgia, North Carolina, and Virginia, 1862-1864. Included are 'Tax in Kind' forms for tobacco and agricultural products....

Confederation of La Raza Organizations collection

This collection consists of two series that document the history of the Confederation of La Raza Organizations within Santa Barbara. It is mostly comprised of newsletters, publications, action plans, announcements, and correspondence from the organization.

Conger (Mary Estella Perrigo) diaries

Ten pocket diaries dating from 1891 to 1909, documenting the daily life of Mary Estella Perrigo Conger (1858-1918), of upstate New York.

Conrad (Albert G.) Papers

The collection contains a typescript autobiography, with photographs, of Albert G. Conrad, professor of electrical engineering and the first dean of the College of Engineering at UCSB (1961-1970). Conrad previously was professor and chair of electrical engineering at Yale University...

Continuing Church Movement collection

Files from DeKoven Foundation of Ohio, Inc. pastor, Roderic B. Dibbert, concerning clergy connected with the 'Continuing Church' movement and some of the jurisdictions within the movement.

Conway (Joel) / Flying A Studio photograph collection

The collection mainly contains black-and-white prints and negatives relating to the Flying A Studios (aka American Film Manufacturing Company), a film company that operated in Santa Barbara (1912-1920), as well as supporting documentation.

Conway (Joel) society photographs

Eleven negatives and one print of society photographs taken by Joel Conway Studios, Santa Barbara, California.

Cook (Edward L.) Papers

Primarily correspondence of Edward Leigh Cook, a resident of Nunday, N.Y. Cook was a Civil War Union soldier who served with the 100th New York Infantry, Co. F. and Co. H. The letters date from September 17, 1862 to September...

Cook (Margaret Frances Case) Papers

Family correspondence, financial papers, passport, and photographs (mainly b/w family and cruise snapshots) of Santa Barbara resident Margaret Frances Case Cook. Also, a journal inscribed to Mrs. E. E. Kellogg, wife of John Harvey Kellogg, from her adopted daughter Helena,...

Cook (Thomas R.) journals

Consists of fifteen journals written by Reverend Thomas Cook, a Methodist preacher, who wrote about his experience growing up during the Western Expansion, Civil War, and life as Reverend preaching across the mining towns of Colorado.

Cooke (Jay) Letters

Two letters (ALS) from Civil War financier Jay Cooke (1821-1905), dated 1875 and 1884 or 1886, the latter declining an invitation to write about the financial aspects of the war, saying he feels it still is premature. During the Civil...

Cooper (Marsha Truman) papers

Papers of award-winning poet Marsha Truman Cooper, including correspondence with other poets, manuscripts, broadsides, ephemera, chapbooks and serials (cataloged separately).

Copley (Ira C.) "Happy Days" yacht collection

Materials related to the seagoing diesel yacht "Happy Days," designed for Ira C. Copley (October 25, 1864 – November 1, 1947) American publisher, politician, and utility tycoon, by Cox & Stevens Inc.

Coptic manuscript leaf

Coptic uncial Christian manuscript, with Arabic in margin.

Corona (Bert) Oral History Collection, 1937-1995

In early 1980 Mario García began work on a seminal biographical piece of American history, to illuminate the lifehistory of Bert N. Corona, a Mexican American labor leader whose life and work embody the remarkable character of Mexican American communities...

Corpi (Lucha) Papers

Lucha Corpi is a celebrated Chicana author born in Jaltipan Veracruz in 1945. She has received numerous literary awards, including a National Endowment for the Arts fellowship and the Latino Hallmark Book Award. Her papers are composed of four series...

Correspondence between Walter Clark, Jr. and John Ridland

Correspondence between poets Walter Clark, Jr. (University of Michigan, Ann Arbor) and John Ridland (University of California, Santa Barbara), dating from 1953-2008.

Corridos (Television program: KQUED-TV)

The collection contains studio audio and video recordings for KQED (San Francisco, Calif.) television special "Corridos." The performance was a dramatization of Mexican American folk ballads put on by El Teatro Campesino, a renowned Chicano theater group started by Luis...

Cortez Sisters collection

This collections consists of three signed photos of Lita and Anita Gamez who were known as "The Cortez Sisters." They were popular performing artists in the 1930s.

County Resource Management Office (CRMO) Collection

Environmental News packets of photocopied clippings offered by the subscription service run by the [Santa Barbara] County News Service. The clippings are taken from several Santa Barbara and area newspapers.

Couper (Mildred) papers

Papers of Santa Barbara-based composer Mildred Couper an early proponent of quarter-tone music. The collection includes musical scores, photographs, newspaper clippings, correspondence (including correspondence with her Husband Richard Couper and grandfather Thomas Ball), personal writings, financial documents, concert programs, recordings...

Cruz (Ricardo)/Catolicos por La Raza papers

Ricardo Cruz (1943 - 1993) was a Chicano rights attorney during the Chicano Movement era. He is most well-known for his advocacy on behalf of the Latino poor people of the Los Angeles area. Cruz was a law school student...

Cuba / Haiti Photograph Album

A photograph album with 109 b/w prints, most with captions in English, apparently compiled by an American sailor attached to the USS Wright on its visits to Cuba and Haiti during the late 1920s. Includes a number of photos of...

Cuba (Havana) photographs

16 mounted cabinet cards depicting scenes in and around Havana, Cuba, just after the Spanish-American War, 1899.

Cuba photographs

41 Black-and-white photographs of Cuba, some with handwritten captions on the front or back.

Cuba Subject Collection

Collection contains guidebooks, travel brochures, picture viewbooks, maps, and other ephemera from the first half of the 20th century. Materials relate primarily to Havana, Cuba.

Cult Awareness Network (CAN) Collection

Includes files (correspondence, clippings, articles) relating to hundreds of religious groups, as well as internal administrative, financial, and legal files of a cult watchdog group which ceased operations in the mid 1990s.

Cumberland Presbyterian Mission, Kanazawa, Japan Photograph Album

Photo album containing 19 black/white photographs with extensive captions, of the Cumberland Presbyterian Mission, at Kanazawa, Japan, 1906. Includes images of staff and grounds, girls at the mission school, local Japanese Christian converts, Kanazawa street scenes, and a Buddhist monastery...

Curiel (Anthony) papers

This collection contains original scripts by various playwrights including Anthony (Tony) Curiel, Luis Valdez, Josefina Lopez, Carlos Morton, and others. There are records and production files produced by El Teatro Campesino. Also within the collection are Curiel's personal research notes...

Cushing (Anne Greet) Collection

Prospectuses, slides, and other materials mainly relating to artists and artists' books, many French, esp. Iliazd.

Daley (Dennis) Papers

Pre-publication copies (lightly annotated) of psychiatrist Dennis C. Daley's 1988 book .

Danang Air Base/South Vietnam photograph album

262 photos in an album compiled by an American serviceman at Danang Air Base, South Vietnam, 1966-1969.

Daneau (Lambert) - Selva d'Aforismi Politici

Vellum-bound volume, collection of political aphorisms taken from Greek and Latin historians, handwritten in Italian by Lambert Daneau (ca. 1530-1595), professor of theology.

Darwin (Charles) / Evolution Collection

The collection contains printed and manuscript materials, photo albums, correspondences, pamphlets, diaries, and various ephemera by and relating to Charles Darwin and others interested in natural history and the theory of evolution. Includes material by Bernard Darwin, Francis Darwin, Thomas...

Daughters of Union Veterans Jocelyn Morgan Kirkwood Memorial Collection

The Daughters of Union Veterans of the Civil War is a national organization whose membership, according to their charter, is composed of the female, lineal, direct descendents of all "honorably discharged soldiers, sailors, and marines who served in the Union...

Daughters of Union Veterans of the Civil War, Department Of California & Nevada Collection

The bulk of the collection consists of journals of the organization's annual convention....

Davenport (Demorest) Papers

The collection contains the correspondence, research files, lecture notes, slides, and videos of Biology and Zoology professor Demorest Davenport.

Davidson (Donald C.) papers

The collection contains research files (notes, articles, clippings), bibliography cards, and picture postcards, mainly relating to concepts of time throughout history and among various cultures. Donald C. Davidson was University Librarian at UCSB for many years (1947-1977) and the collection...

Davidson (Eugene) Collection

Books and papers of an historian and editor of Yale University Press, primarily relating to 20th century German history, including the Weimar Republic, Third Reich, Holocaust, Nuremberg trials, international war tribunals, and the Cold War period.

Davis (Eddie) West Coast East Side Sound archives

This collection contains papers, publications, audio and video files, as well as scrapbooks that document the history of Rampart Records and multicultural rock and roll bands in the Los Angeles area. As an ongoing collection owner, Hector Gonzalez continues to...

Davis (Ruth) exam blue books

2 exam blue books belonging to Smith College student Ruth Davis.

Davis (Walter Halsey) screenplay and television script collection

Screenplay and television script library of American screenwriter and producer Walter Halsey Davis, active between the 1970s and 2000s.

de Chetelat (Enzo) papers

Artifacts, an autobiography, correspondence, documents, maps, several thousand photographs (prints, negatives, and slides), reports, travel files, and writings of Enzo de Chetelat, a mining engineer, who visited and worked in numerous countries, often French colonies at the time, from the...

de la tierra (tatiana) Latina lesbian magazine collection

A collection of Latina lesbian magazines donated by bi-cultural writer and activist tatiana de la tierra (Tatiana Barona) on December 2006. and are revolutionary Latina lesbian magazines created to stimulate dialogue and creativity within the Latina lesbian community.

de Lyon family photograph album

Photograph album, dating to around 1900, containing approximately 85 albumen prints of a family vacation at Matilija Springs in Ventura County California, as well as albumen prints of various places in Southern California, including Catalina Island and Coronado Island in...

De Mille (Richard) Collection

The collection relates mainly to de Mille's research and writings on Carlos Castaneda. The collection was received in 1980 and the correspondence (mostly photocopies) was restricted until 1990. Footnotes to Chapter 40 of (1980) provide an early, brief description of...

de Trobriand (Philippe Régis Denis de Keredern) Collection

The collection contains two small manuscripts, in French, of misprints and corrections to Philippe Régis Denis de Keredern de Trobriand's Civil War experiences, (1867), later translated as . ...

Dead Feminists broadsides collection

Seven broadsides printed by Chandler O'Leary of Anagram Press and Jessica Spring of Springtide Press, in honor of the social and political power of women throughout history.

Dead Feminists broadsides postcard collection

Set of 20 oversized postcard reproductions of the ongoing Dead Feminists series.

Debus (Allen G.) collection

The Allen G. Debus collection focuses on early entertainers, pioneer recording artists, vaudeville, minstrelsy, and the popular musical forms of the late 19th and early 20th century. The collection includes sheet music, photographs, correspondence, ephemera, and other primary source documents,...

Decca Belgian recording studio photographs

Black-and-white photographs of a recording studio and record pressing facility in Brussels, Belgium.

DeConde (Alexander) Papers

The collection contains correspondence files pertaining to a festschrift being prepared to honor Alexander DeConde (1920-), UCSB professor of history and expert in American foreign relations....

del Solar (Daniel) papers

Daniel del Solar (June 13, 1940 - January 13, 2012) was a prominent Latino media activist, photographer, videographer, documentarian, and poet. He worked with KQED-TV in San Francisco, the Corporation for Public Broadcasting and WYBE-TV in Philadelphia. His papers document...

Delaware Dance Marathon scrapbook

Scrapbook documenting the Delaware (Shellpot Park) Dance Marathon of 1932. The scrapbook contains photographs, clippings, and contestant histories. The scrapbook is accompanied by a clipping of a 1997 article from the New York Times, entitled "Stepping into the past with...

Delco Retirees Group collection

Materials gathered by members of the Delco Retirees Group, consisting of memorabilia, artifacts, photographs, historical documents, oral histories, and corporate publications. This collection documents the guidance systems work for NASA's Apollo lunar program that took place at Delco Systems Operations...

Dennison (A.L.)( Leon) maritime collection

Diaries, account books, photos, documents, correspondence, engineering blueprints and architectural drawing templates (among other items) relating to the career of A.L. (Leon) Dennison.

Deposit form, Confederate States of America

Deposit form for bonds purchased from the Confederate States of America, issued in 1885. This document summarized CSA bonds deposited with the National Safe Deposit Company, Limited of England.

DeWolfe (Barbara B.) Papers

The collection contains typescript, printed copies of autobiographical and other writings by Barbara Blanchard DeWolfe (1912- ), professor of zoology at UCSB, 1946-1977. DeWolfe's publications also include several ornithological studies on sparrows. Additional copies of some of these writings have...

Die-Cut Advertising Literature Collection

The collection contains over 100 pamphlets, booklets, cards, and flyers cut in shapes such as animals, books, bottles, boxes, cans, fruit and vegetables, hats, oysters, and shoes. Many of the items are highly illustrated and printed in vivid colors. Most...

Diemer (Emma Lou) Papers, 1943- 2008

Papers of an American composer and former UCSB professor that range from the 1940s through to 2008 and include many of her compositions in manuscript, audio recordings, extensive business and personal correspondence, programs, clippings, and contracts.

Diman Family Papers

The collection primarily contains the papers of Byron Diman (1795-1865), governor of Rhode Island (1846-1847) and prominent merchant of Bristol. It includes correspondence, shipping records, and business papers of Devol, Diman, & Co.; correspondence with the D'Wolf family of Bristol,...

Dole (William) papers

Papers of William Dole (1917-1983), American abstract collage artist born in Angola, Indiana, and former Professor of Art at UC Santa Barbara. This collection includes exhibition catalogs, correspondence, gallery records slides and photographs, teaching files, press clippings, and Dole's personal...

Doner (Kitty) papers

Correspondence, photos, manuscripts, albums, scrapbooks, and other memorabilia of vaudeville performer Kitty Doner (1895-1988).

(Dong) Jim papers

This mixed-media collection consists of Jim Dong's graphic artwork, photographs, and slides of the Asian American Theater Company, Kearny Street Workshop, Asian American Dance Collective, and the Asian American Jazz Festival. Other ephemera in the collection includes newspaper clippings, pamphlets,...

Doolittle (John H.) letter

Letter to Col. W.B. Wooster written by John H. Doolittle.

Dorbin (Sanford) papers

The collection primarily contains materials relating to Sanford Dorbin's , manuscript drafts of his poetry and other writings, and files pertaining to his poetry magazine (1973-1978), in which some of Bukowski's poems appeared.

Dos Decadas de Artistas Chicanas exhibition collection

This collection was created in CEMA from internal files about Dos Decadas de Artistas Chicanas (1972-1990): Envisioning and Transforming Culture, an exhibition co-sponsored by CEMA held in the Women’s Center Gallery on the University of California Santa Barbara campus.

Dos Passos (John) Letters

One letter (ALS) from author John Dos Passos to Michael Heskett (Santa Barbara, CA) re 1920s literature, disagreeing strongly with the characterization of it being the 'lost generation.' Westmoreland, VA, Apr. 22, 1966. Also, photocopy of one letter (ALS), to...

Dothard (Robert L.) Collection

The collection contains correspondence, Christmas cards, stock certificates and ephemera of Robert Loos Dothard, ca. 1938-1963, mainly relating to the printing firm of William E. Rudge's Sons, Inc. Dothard was one of the five original partners of the firm and...

Dougan (Robert O.) Collection

The collection primarily contains printed ephemera from the Zamorano (Los Angeles) and Roxburghe (San Francisco) clubs, collected by Robert Ormes Dougan, former chair of the Friends of the UCSB Library and director of the Huntington Library, 1958-1972....

Downey (William) Papers

This collection is housed in two boxes, containing correspondence files, photographs, and newspaper clippings. The collection is arranged in two series. Series one, Personal/Biographical Information is arranged alphabetically by assigned folder titles. It offers information about Downey's personal life, writing...

Dozer (Donald M.) Papers

Collection of a Latin American specialist in the DRA and a UCSB faculty member; includes typescript of book Latin America: An Interpretative History, files from Dozer's government service in the 1940s, and newspaper clippings (mostly about Argentina).

Dr. Pauline E. Brooks and Abye family collection

The Dr. Pauline E. Brooks and Abye family collection consists of early Black film actor Clarence Ahart Brooks' personal collection of films, early Black scripts and plays, documents, photographs, newspaper clippings, correspondence, lobby cards, and advertisements pertaining to the Lincoln...

Driscoll (Mrs.Thomas) oral history

The collection contains one audiocassette and one transcript of an interview conducted by Gibbs Smith in April 1971, for UCSB Special Collections, with Mrs. Thomas (Alice) Driscoll, prominent Santa Barbara resident.

Driscoll (Thomas) Collection

Driscoll served as a Lt. Colonel in the U.S. Army's 91st Division during and after World War I. Collection includes photographs, pamphlets, intelligence reports, newspaper clippings, and correspondence. Also includes Theodore Roosevelt correspondence, Gen. Sheridan letter, and some nineteenth century...

Duardo (Richard) Collection of Silk Screen Prints

This collection contains 65 silkscreen prints, including 37 prints by Richard Duardo and 28 prints by other artists such as Carlos Almaraz, Barbara Carrasco, Leo Limón, Carmen Lomas Garza and John Valadez. The dates range from 1976 to 1986. Duardo...

Duenewald (Ralph M.) Collection

The collection mainly contains correspondence between Ralph M. Duenewald and Hobart Skofield, re the William Edwin Rudge printing firm, ca. 1971-1983. Duenewald worked with Rudge for about eight years, ca. the 1930s, and was known for his color lithography. He...

Duke dos Santos (María Iris) Chicana literature collection

This is a small but significant Chicano literary collection that highlights María Iris Duke dos Santos' relationship to various Chicano writers over four decades. The collection adds understanding to the development of Chicano letters and writing and its international growth....

Dunlap (Margaret S.) Papers

Bio/personal files, sketch books, slides, photographs and other material of a local artist who created many public art works in Santa Barbara.

Dutch East Indies Photograph Album

Photograph album of the Dutch East Indies [Indonesia, Malaysia, Papua New Guinea], by the Wurffel Photostudio, Batavia, ca. 1920. Contains 113 black/white professional photographs of varying sizes, with calligraphed captions in white ink. Includes images of Bali (women, some palaces...

Dutch East Indies Photograph Albums, ca. 1902-1919 [bulk dates 1908-1913]

162 black and white photos mounted in 6 albums of Java and Sumatra.

Dutch East Indies Photograph Albums, ca. 1920s

Collection contains five black and white photograph albums, mostly of images on tour around Sumatra Island of the Dutch East Indies (now Indonesia). Photographs begin in Germany, Austria and the Netherlands then continue to coastal Europe (Italy, Gibraltar) on a...

Dutch New Guinea Photograph Album

One album with 250+ black/white photographs of Dutch New Guinea (now Papua province of Indonesia), some with Dutch captions, most snapshots likely taken by a Dutch non-commissioned officer.

Dwire (Harrison) collection

Artifacts (housed in a sliding wooden container) include a letter, a comb, a dog tag, coin and other items.

Eagleton (George D.) Stereoview Collection

The collection contains ca. 6708 stereoviews, 179 other photographic images (most photo postcards), one videotape about stereoviews, 11 stereoviewers, and related books and issues of , assembled by George D. Eagleton. The stereoviews, some exceedingly rare, include images from many...

Early homesteaders of the Upper Sisquoc River collection

Nine pages of description given by Chester Davis on September 28, 1961, concerning the settlement of the Upper Sisquoc River in Santa Barbara County, California, between 1895 and 1903.

Early twentieth century advertising ephemera and trade literature collection

The collection consists advertising, trade, and catalogs from the early twentieth century.

Earnest (John W.) California Gold Rush and Civil War Manuscript

One typed manuscript (TMS), 94 pages, "The Life of John W. Earnest (1824-1913)," by his son William W. Earnest, including an account of John W. Earnest's overland trip from Illinois to the California goldfields in 1850, experiences there, return east...

East Asian Artifacts Collection

The collection consists of items from and related to China and Japan. These include:...

East Asian Photograph Collection

40 b/w photos of Japan, China, Hong Kong, and Macao, ca. 1910-1920s. Most appear to be of Japan and China, many of scenery, shrines, and buildings, but a number of people as well, including some children. About half have captions....

Easton (Robert E.) Collection

Collection contains mainly papers and ledgers re Robert E. Easton's business dealings, especially the Sisquoc Ranch Co.

Easton (Robert O.) Collection

Correspondence, research and subject files (including Chumash, natural resources, wilderness, and women's issues), drafts of writings, and related materials of the Santa Barbara author of (on the 1969 Santa Barbara Oil Spill), , and the acclaimed multi-volume series. Also includes...

Ecuador photograph album

100 black-and-white photos/photo postcards of Ecuador, circa 1920.

Educational broadcasting collection

The Educational Broadcasting Collection consists of catalogues, trade magazines, pamphlets, educational materials, manuscripts, and ephemera that serves as an overview of the broadcasting industry during the golden age of radio. The bulk of these materials range in date from 1933-1946....

Egypt, Cape Town and Libya photograph album

World War II Era photos taken in Egypt, Cape Town and the Western Desert (Libya) [1942?]

Egypt Photograph Album

Photograph album with 19 professional quality, artistic Egyptian scenes, some with brief captions, 1936-1938. Includes images from the Western Desert (people, tents, donkeys, camels), urban street scenes and people engaged in daily activities (barber, vendors with carts - possibly Cairo),...

Egypt photograph album

110 black-and-white photographs of various scenes and locales in Egypt, circa 1920.

Ehrenfeld (Fritz) papers

Papers of Fritz Ehrenfeld, Austrian national, documenting his travels in China and Japan from 1911-1917.

Eichhem (Henry) Papers

Papers of composer Henry Eichheim.

Eighteenth Century French Plays

The collection contains 124 volumes (in 71 incomplete sets) of French tragic, comedic, and vaudeville plays from the 17th and18th centuries, including many from the revolutionary era.

Eisenhower (Dwight D.) Ephemera Collection

Mainly magazine articles, along with posters, bumper stickers, bulletins, and other ephemera relating to Dwight D. Eisenhower, 34th United States president (1953-1961).

Eissler (Fred) papers

Papers of environmentalist and teacher Frederick Eissler (1922-2014). Files relate to the Santa Barbara Airport, Crosstown Freeway, Goleta Slough/Goleta Valley Flood Control Project, and the Sierra Club. In addition to these files, a large component of the collection contains Eissler's...

El Arish/North Sinai photograph album

Small, oblong cloth-backed cedar wood album with seventeen photos and one illustration of El Arish on the Sinai peninsula.

El Camino Rancho California photograph album

71 black-and-white photographs relating to El Camino Rancho in one album.

El Teatro Campesino Archives

The archives of El Teatro Campesino are the largest archival collection on Chicano theater, consisting of approximately 157 linear feet of archives and manuscripts. They include a variety of formats, dating from the Teatro's founding in 1965. They include primary...

Elder (Paul) and Company Collection

The manuscript part of the collection contains two series: Catalogs and lists; and Photocopies of the title pages of Paul Elder imprints. The printed part of the collection contains nearly 200 titles, some in UCSB Special Collections, others in the...

Ellison (Harlan) Collection

Correspondence of author Harlan Ellison, with the UCSB Library, re his Edwin and Jean Corle lecture at UCSB, 1983. Talks about being frustrated by categorizations that prevent him from reaching his intended audience. Also, a copy of the lecture, "A...

Emerson (Ralph W.) Letter, 1859

One letter (ALS) from Ralph Waldo Emerson to Daniel Ricketson, thanking him for his book , and mentioning, re Henry David Thoreau, "We were all concerned that Mr. Thoreau would [prod her ?] at the Music Hall on Sunday. From...

Emerson (Ralph W.) Letter, 1861

One letter (ALS) from Ralph Waldo Emerson to Mr. [Slack?] requesting his assistance in obtaining newspaper coverage for a lecture. Concord, Mass., 3 Dec.1861....

Empty 17th century Italian leather binding with Latin text on pastedown

Empty 17th century Italian leather binding with Latin text on pastedown.

Engle (Jack) papers

Materials relating to the biological research of Dr. John (Jack) Engle.

English Almanacs, 1767

The collection contains fourteen printed English almanacs, bound together in one volume.

English Almanacs, 1772

The collection contains twelve printed English almanacs, all dated 1772, bound together in one volume.

English Photo Album

One photo album, containing 49 black/white images with captions, ca. 1920s-1930s. Includes scenes, mostly buildings, bridges, and streets, of Albany, Aldbury, Cambridge, Canterbury, Ely, London, Maidenhead, Oxford, St. Albans, Stoke Poges, Tunbridge Wells, and Wycombe....

English (Robert A.) Collection

The collection mainly pertains to the activities of the Community Council to End the War in Vietnam and other peace efforts in the Santa Barbara area.

Ensemble Theatre archives

Organizational records of the Ensemble Theatre of Santa Barbara, including administrative and production files, as well as press releases, playbills, clippings, and photographs.

Environmental Defense Center (EDC) records

Organizational records of the Environmental Defense Center (EDC)--a Santa Barbara, California, public interest law firm and citizen environmental advocacy group--documenting its activties from 1969 to 2013.

Erickson (Edward O.) Collection

Mainly copies of correspondence between Edward O. Erickson and Hobart Skofield, both William Edwin Rudge Press alumni, about the history of Rudge and other printing firms, and associates such as Ralph Duenewald, Milton Glick, and Bruce Rogers....

Ernst (Morris L.) Banned Books Collection

Primarily lists, articles, and government publications relating to censorship issues. Part of a much larger collection of printed materials, about 700 titles, which have been cataloged separately.

Esalen Institute Collection

This collection represents ephemera created by the Esalen Institute in Big Sur, California.

Esau (Katherine) Papers

The collection contains copies of all of Esau's publications and research notebooks. There is also personal and biographical material including her awards, correspondence, and family history.

Escalante (Alicia) papers

Alicia Escalante (1933 - ) is a Chicana activist who championed for welfare rights, economic justice, and women's rights in Los Angeles during the 1960's Chicano Movement. Escalante organized the East Los Angeles Welfare Rights Organization (ELAWRO) in 1967 after...

Eschelbach (Claire John) Papers

The collection primarily relates to Eschelbach's bibliography of Aldous Huxley.

Europe 1930s and World War II North Africa Photograph Album

Photograph album containing more than 185 black/white photographs, with some brief location captions, of a 1930s bicycle tour through Europe, including Germany (Dresden), Venice, Vienna, the Dolomites, Yugoslavia, Roumania (Bucharest), and Bulgaria (Sofia), as well as North Africa during World...

European photograph album

Album of photographs documenting travel by an American family in Russia, Germany , France, Hungary Poland, Sweden and Austria in 1910, with 86 photographs of pre-revolution St. Petersburg and Moscow; images are identified by white ink captions.

Evans (Gene) papers

Papers documenting the career of American pyrotechnician Gene Evans (1937-2008). Included in these papers are show files, marked scores, audiovisual materials, personal/biographical items, pyrotechnical manuals, trade catalogs, and artifacts.

Evershed (J. A.) East Africa, Egypt, Palestine Photograph Album

Photograph album of a young Englishman, J. A. Evershed, who took a trip down the east coast of Africa on the S.S. Guildford Castle and back up on the A.R. Garros, then to Egypt and the Holy Land. More than...

Exner (Richard) Papers

The collection contains bio-bibliographic files; correspondence; lectures, readings, and performances; research; UCSB and some Oberlin academic files; and writing files of UCSB German literature professor Richard Exner.

Expedition to West Patagonia photograph albums

Three photograph albums with 378 original photographs taken During Otto Nordenskiöld's expedition to West Patagonia in 1920-1921.

Eyzaguirre (Roberto) Collection

Photos, record disc inserts, press clippings, posters and sheet music related to Argentinian and Peruvian musical recording artists from the early to mid 20th century.

Facsimile Anstellungsreverse [declaration of employment] von Johann Sebastian Bach in Leipzig

Anstellungsreverse [Declaration of Employment] von Johann Sebastian Bach in Leipzig

Far East Photograph Albums

Two photo albums, the first mainly of handcolored scenes in Japan and the second mainly of the Peking area of China around the time of the Boxer Rebellion and the China Relief Expedition, with numerous pictures of European and American...

Farm worker collection

This is a small collection housed in one 1/2 document box and 1 slide binder box. The collection contains 1968-1972 issues of the English language version of the United Farm Workers (UFW) news magazine ; aproximately 150 slides related to...

Farrell (James T.) Letter

One letter (TLS) from author James T. Farrell to Elizabeth Schneider (English Department, University of Pennsylvania), re legal action to suppress his book, . New York, NY, 24 May 1948....

Fascist Italy collection

The Fascist Italy collection comprises books, pamphlets, postcards, sheet music, posters and various propaganda materials from the early to mid 20th century in Italy.

Fattey Family Diaries

Ten pocket diaries by Mr. and Mrs. Henry W. Fattey of Erie Co., NY, and their son LeRoy, who writes while in the Philippines, 1904-1913.

Faulkner (Maurice) Papers

Papers of musicologist, critic, and teacher Maurice Faulkner. The collection includes general biographical materials, photographs, article and review typescripts, extensive research notes, professional and personal correspondence, materials related to the Lotte Lehmann Foundation, and UCSB faculty records.

Favela (Ricardo) papers

The Ricardo Favela Papers reflect his life as an artist, professor, activist, and community organizer. Favela's personal papers include correspondence, news clippings (including articles concerning the Royal Chicano Air Force), photographs, as well as reports and exhibition announcements. Also included...

Fekete (Austin) Air Force photographs

159 black-and-white official United States Air Force photographs, some with captions, documenting airforce fighters, bombers and transport planes from the biplane era to modern rocket propelled and jet planes.

Fertig (Ralph) papers

The collection contains documents, clippings, and newsletters collected by Ralph Fertig over the course of his work as a bicycling advocate.

Fikkert (Rita) Collection

The collection contains correspondence, pamphlets, reports, articles, newspapers, flyers, tracts, and clippings from the World War II and post-WWII era, relating primarily to wartime relations with other countries; wartime mobilization of resources; support organizations; housing, labor, discrimination, and women's issues...

Filipino Labor Union Collection

These two tape interviews are a valuable resource to those interested in the role that filipinos played in the United Farm Workers (UFW) Union. Phillip Vera Cruz was one of the UFW's founding members. Fernando E. Gapasin is a Central...

The Filipino protest collection

This small collection consists of social and political documentation regarding the Philippines and Filipino Americans from 1974-1986. Many of the political documents are in relation to the Anti-Martial Law movement formed in protest towards Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos, and were...

Film Festival Programs Collection, 1984-2003

Collection of international film festival programs, 1984-2003. The collection consists of programs from countries in North America, Europe, Asia, South America, and Australia.

Film Press Kit Collection

Press kits for motion pictures, mostly independent releases, including promotional material, clippings, and advertising materials.

Film Scripts collection

Over 247 screenplays for major and independent American films written in the 1950s through 2003.

Fish (Pat) mail art collection

Mail art collected and created by Santa Barbara tattoo artist Pat Fish during the 1970s and 1980s.

Fithian (Joel) Abraham Lincoln Assassination Account

Handwritten thirteen-page account by Joel Fithian, entitled "Recollections of Stirring Times," dated April 5, 1872, in which he recounts what he witnessed in Washington at the time of Abraham Lincoln's assassination. Fithian, a major in the U.S. Army, was staying...

Foot (Isaac) Collection

Collection contains 16th-17th bible leaves, and correspondence of Joseph Addison, Edmund Burke, Samuel Taylor Coleridge, H. L. Mencken, William Pitt, Alexander Pope, Samuel Wesley, Sarah Wesley, other Wesley family members, and William Wilberforce.

Foreign heraldic scrapbook

Description from inside cover: "Drawings. Manuscripts. Sketches. Heraldry. A collection of nearly 100 sheets, mounted on hinges and bound in a limp vellum folio volume..."

Fortune-Telling Card collection

The collection consists of ten tarot/ fortune telling card sets from 1960s to 1980s.

Foundation for Christian Living collection

Approximately 700 printed tracts and pamphlets published by the Foundation for Christian Living, mostly authored by Norman Vincent Peale.

Fowler (Willa) Minstrel Show Collection

The collection contains correspondence, photographs, and posters, mainly for minstrel shows in Iowa and Illinois in the 1880s and 1890s. Included are items for the Barlow, Wilson, Primrose & West's Minstrels, Duprez & Benedicts Gigantic Minstrels, the Lady Minstrels, and...

Fox Family Falmouth [England] Consular Papers

Collection contains primarily 18th century documents relating to the Fox family's service as U.S. diplomats in England.

Fox (Hugh) Papers

The collection contains a mimeographed typescript of Hugh Fox's , a heavily corrected typescript draft of his novel , and poetry/artwork from the 1960s....

France and Italy World War II photograph album

One album of 23 photographs of varying sizes, including both snapshots and professional stock images of various events and locations in France and Italy during World War II, many with captions, compiled by Private C. Wenn, no. 5680560 A.C.C. H.Q....

Frasconi (Antonio) collection

Limited editions of related books, correspondence, flyers and brochures, and other ephemera relating to Frasconi.

Freeman (Robert N.) papers

The collection contains research files on music in Austrian abbeys (primarily Melk), drafts and research for publications, and conference and teaching files for UCSB musicology professor Robert Freeman.

French Indochina Photograph Collection

50 professional photographs, mainly of Vietnam along with a few of Laos, most with French captions on the back, ca. 1940s. Many have stamps from French agencies (French Press & Information Service, Agence Economique des Colonies, Compagnie Aerienne Francaise). Includes...

French Indochina (Saigon) photograph album

37 black-and-white photographs, with handwritten captions (in French), depicting indigenous peoples, places and locales in Vietnam. Photographs likley taken by Aurélian Pestel (1855–1897).

French Motor Expedition to China, Tibet, Mongolia, and the Gobi Desert Regions Photograph Album

The album, containing 282 uncaptioned black and white photographs ca. 1914-1916, is a record of a journey undertaken by a French expedition via automobile through China, Tibet, and Mongolia.

French Revolutionary Pamphlets Collection

This collection consists of printed pamphlets, most dating from the period of the French Revolution. The pamphlets are arranged alphabetically by surname of author or title of work. The following list describes the first and last items in each box,...

French Soldier's Turkey-Syria Photograph Album

Photograph album, ca. 1919-1921, of a French soldier with the Armée d'Orient, containing 100+ small black/white snapshots, and 14 related loose snapshots. Includes views of Istanbul and its environs, festival, market and street scenes, views of the Armenian and Turkish...

Fricker (Peter R.) Papers

Papers of British-American composer active from WWII through the 1980s, including a nearly complete collection of his published, manuscript and diazo scores as well as recordings of his compositions, extensive correspondence and materials related to his teaching activities at the...

Friends of the UCSB Library records

Subject files, administrative/financial and event files, newsletters, reports, and audiotape reels generated by the Friends of the UCSB Library during the course of its activities from 1958 to its dissolution in 2008.

Frost (Eugenia) Correspondence

Mainly incoming correspondence to Eugenia (Mrs. Frank) Frost, ca. 1930-1938. Includes one card (ACS) from John Steinbeck, thanking Frost for her earlier letter and saying he isn't sure anymore what his book [?] was about, having been told so many...

Fuentes (Juan R.) Papers

Juan R. Fuentes is an important, accomplished graphic artist from the San Francisco Bay area. His graphic art work covers a wide range of subjects and styles. This collection of 140 posters includes linocuts from 2010 as well as numerous...

Fukui Holy Trinity Church Photograph Album

Photograph album dedicated to the Rt. Rev. S. H. Nichols, Bishop of Kyoto Diocese, Japan, Feb. 2, 1941. 49 b/w photos, mainly 1930s, most with captions, including many of the Fukui Holy Trinity Church (Anglican), parish house, church members, chapel,...

Gahagan (G. William) Collection

Includes propaganda magazines, pamphlets, and leaflets used both in the Pacific and Atlantic theaters of war; OWI outpost reports; U.N. Conference press releases, circulars, correspondence and photos relating to a public relations officer for the Office of War Information's Overseas...

Gaines (Jack) and Perls (Fritz) Collection

Jack Gaines is a former industrialist who went on to work with the Esalen Institute. These are the papers and recorded interviews associated with his biography of Fritz Perls, the founder of Gestalt Therapy.

Gale (Raymond F.) Papers

The Raymond F. Gale Papers include typescripts of published books and papers, notes, exercises, lectures, and other works by Gale, a professor of humanistic psychology at Ball State University from 1962-1983. Also included in the collection are the elements of...

Gamboa (Diane) Art Documentation Collection

This is a small collection housed in one oversized document box, mainly one large binder assembled by the artist that consists of a cross section of documentation representing her work. Contents include ephemera and photos of the artist’s exhibits between...

García (Adelina) collection

Adelina García is consider to be the most renowned singer of the Mexican bolero movement of the 1930s and 1940s. Adelina García had a wide following throughout the United States, Mexico and Latin America. She began her singing career in...

Garcia (Jose Joel) Collection

Jose Joel Garcia was instrumental in the nascent Chicano movement at the University of California, Santa Barbara in 1968 and 1969. The papers in this collection help to chronicle these momentous years when activism was a significant part of many...

Garcia (Rupert and Sammi Madison Garcia) Collection

This collection contains materials assembled by Rupert Garcia and document his passion for civil rights and activist art. Garcia was a student at San Francisco State where some of the earliest protests against racism in higher education institutions took place....

Gardner (John) Papers

The collection contains a typescript draft and printer's proof of John Gardner's autobiographical (London: Frederick Muller, 1964), as well as typescript drafts and other material relating to his Boysie Oakes stories and, and introductory material for a proposed series featuring...

Garfield (James A.) Collection

One Civil War letter (ALS) by James A. Garfield, future President and then major general in the Union Army, to Colonel Lionel C. Sheldon, criticizing the President's [Abraham Lincoln's] conduct of the war and noting that "Halleck is as cold...

Garza (Ben) collection

Ben Garza was involved in the Chicano Student Movement while a student at UCSB. He was an amateur photographer and recorded events and meetings. This small collection came to CEMA from the UCSB Library’s Colección Tloque Nahuaque with no known...

Gault (William Campbell) collection

The bulk of the collection consists of work by Santa Barbara crime and young adult fiction writer William Campbell Gault, including hard covers, paperbacks, and stories in anthologies and pulp magazines.

Gaviola (Ruel) Zine Collection

The collection contains zines [aka fanzines, sometimes magazines] acquired by Ruel Gaviola, Santa Barbara collector and editor/publisher of [AYTD], a review zine issued from 1997 to 1999.

Gay [John] Beggar's Opera Scrapbook

Scrapbook relating to , by John Gay, with leaves from the 1787 printed version of the play, clippings from late 18th century London newspapers, and playbills of 1832-1833 London productions....

G.E. Tempo Collection

The collection was donated by T. A. Kvaas (TEMPO Manager - Synthesis), who had been Physical Scientist in the Missiles Division of The RAND Corporation - concerned with aerodynamic and control system design and later Project Engineer for air-to-air weapons;...

Gee (Zand) papers

Zand Gee is a printmaker, graphic designer, and photographer based in the San Francisco Bay Area. She contributed to the development of the Kearny Street Workshop since the 1970s. She is known for her silkscreen series on the Asian American...

Genns (Whitney T.) Photograph Collection

Photographs, mainly b/w, of the Genns family and bookstore in Santa Barbara. Most of the photos are undated but the bulk seem to be latter 1950s to 1978....

Geok-lin Lim (Shirley) Papers

This collection consists of the personal papers of Shirley Geok-lin Lim, a Malaysian American literary scholar. It is comprised of seven series, the bulk of which is of correspondence and drafts of her writings.

German East Africa: Lüderitz to Tanga, overland journey photographs

Original photographs taken by a party of German travellers on a coast-to-coast overland tour of former German Empire colonies, beginning with the once diamond prospering town of Lüderitz in German South-West Africa, and ending at Tanga where an important battle...

German East Africa photograph album

Photograph album containing 26 original, silver gelatin print photographs and three loose photographs of a political tour of Colonial Director Bernhard Dernburg (Exzellenz Dernburg in Deutsche Ostafrika Dar es Salaam, Tabora, Muanza, Pugu und Victoriasee)....

German manuscript songbooks

Two German language songbooks attributed to Schubert.

German Soldier's Photograph Album

The album, entitled by its owner "!" [, "Remembrance of my Service", is embossed on the cover] is the record of the military service of a German soldier, Helmuth Heuschen (probably from Lüdenscheid in Northwest Germany), during the Nazi era...

German South West Africa Photograph Album

German South West Africa photograph album, ca. 1915, containing 43 black/white snapshots, some with captions, including several of the WWI British campaign in South West Africa - now Namibia (Tsadbis, Otjiwarongo, Omaruru River, Ehako Bridge, German Light Railway, Asis Copper...

German Southwest Africa (Namibia) photograph album

Photograph Album Titled: Zur Erinnerung an Meinen Aufenthalt in Deutsch-Suedwest Afrika. [In Memory of my Stay in German-South-West Africa].[Namibia], 1906-7.

German Township, Montgomery County Ohio, manuscript letter

One letter described in accompanying documents as being "wriiten in German," but much of it also appears to be in Latin.

German World War II Russian Front Photograph Album

The album is primarily the record of a German soldier serving on the Eastern front during World War II. There are 131 black and white photos with some captions handwritten in pencil (in Sütterlinschrift) identifying various locales and activities of...

Get Oil Out! (GOO!) collection

Office files (bylaws, minutes, fundraising, publications, newsletters), governmental action, legal, and subject files, mainly pertaining to efforts to contain and monitor oil industry off coast of Santa Barbara, especially in the aftermath of the 1969 Santa Barbara Oil Spill.

Gibson (Isaac) Letter

One letter (ALS) from Isaac Gibson to his friend Burnett, talking about the recent election of 'Honest Abe' as President, which he is not pleased about, and asking for advice on how to get to California. Olney, Illinois, 11 Nov....

Gilbar (Steven) Collection

Research files, including correspondence, articles, clippings, and photographs pertaining to Steven Gilbar and Dean Stewart's (1994) and (1998).

Gildea (James H.) Middle East Railroad Collection

The collection contains documents and photos, mainly about James H. Gildea's involvement in the early 1950s, as engineer and manager in charge of the construction of the Saudi Government Railway, running through the Arabian desert from the Persian Gulf to...

Gillespie (John and Anna) Research Files for Notable Twentieth-Century Pianists

Research files on twentieth century pianists compiled by John and Anna Gillespie for the book "Notable twentieth-century pianists: a bio-critical sourcebook" (Greenwood press, 1995). Files include photocopied clippings of articles, books and concert reviews, programs, publicity materials, photographs, and correspondence.

Ginsberg (Allen) Letter

One autograph letter signed (ALS), on the back of a picture postcard, from Allen Ginsberg to Cid Corman, mostly about poet W. S. Merwin, Naropa Institute, and fellow author Tom Clark, who had interviewed Ginsberg. Lake Louise [Canada], 7 May...

Githens (William H.) Civil War Correspondence

The collection contains two letters [ALS] from William H. Githens, Assistant Surgeon with the 78th Illinois, to his wife, including description of hospitals and burying the dead....

Glass Lantern Slides

231 glass lantern slides, a few color, with subjects including adobes, biblical reenactments and scenes, carriages and wagons, cattle, cowboys, horses, Martinique, Mt. Saint Helens and Ranier, Native Americans, ranches, St. Louis Exposition (1904?), Northwest scenes (Columbia River, Mt. Hood,...

Glatt (Stephanie) Sabbathday Lake Shaker collection

Master's project----submitted to the faculty of the Feminist Spirituality program for the degree of Master of Arts in Feminist Spirituality by Stephanie Glatt, IHM, Immaculate Heart College Center, Los Angeles, California, August 1997.

Goings / Hauser family papers

Large number of photographs (2700+) and related documentation pertaining to the Native American Goings and Hauser families who mainly lived in South Dakota, and Washington. Most of the collection was assembled by Jeanette (Nettie) Goings [1905-?], a Sioux/Lakota, who married...

Golden Voices (Radio Program) Tapes

Tapes of Anthony Boucher's "Golden Voices" radio program devoted to early 20th century singers, aired on the Pacifica Network from 1964-1968.

Goldman (Shifra) Papers

Shifra M. Goldman is a ground-breaking Latin American Art and Social historian. Her work and legacy is preserved in these papers. The multitude of people, organizations and activities that she was involved with include Latin American artists, Chicano artists, social...

Goleta Chamber of Commerce collection

Papers, scrapbooks, newspaper clippings, and photographs pertaining to the Goleta Chamber of Commerce.

Gonzalez (Luis C.) papers

This collection contains graphic art posters printed by Louie "the Foot" Gonzalez, a prolific Sacramento, California based artist. He is a member of the renowned Royal Chicano Air Force, a collective of activist Chicano artists and actively supported the United...

Goodier (Brian G.) India and Burma Collection

The collection was assembled by a Maj. B. G. Goodier, B. Sc (Tech), Royal Engineers and includes correspondence and photographs relating to his World War II and post war experiences in South Africa, India, and Burma, particularly relating to road...

Graham (Otis) files on the Center for the Study of Democratic Institutions (CSDI)

Memos, reports, news accounts, and correspondence, mostly between Otis L. Graham, UCSB history professor emeritus, and UCSB administrators regarding plans and proposals for UCSB's continuing affiliation with the Center for the Study of Democratic Institutions.

Grand Army of the Republic (GAR), Starr Post No. 52 Collection

The collection contains ten secretary's books (mainly minutes), one account book, and a scrapbook entitled "Souvenir 1907 Encampment - Santa Barbara 40th Dept. Encampment of California and Nevada GAR, Santa Barbara, California, April 1907," containing photographs and biographical forms of...

Grant (Campbell) Collection

The collection contains more than 300 Patriotic Civil War covers, mainly Union and unused, and eight letter press copies of blockade run invoices and letters. The covers are arranged by type in two albums, housed in slipcases. A description at...

Grant (Ulysses S.) Civil War Letter

One Civil War letter (ALS) from Ulysses S. Grant to his wife Julia, talking about his return from Grand Junction and noting that the railroad from that part to Memphis soon will be completed.. Asks her and the children to...

Gray (Ethel C.) California, Canal Zone, Cuba Photograph Album

Photograph album, approx. 100 pages, recording Ethel C. Gray's six-week rail trip from NYC to the western U.S. (including Yosemite, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and San Diego), then by ship (S.S. Virginia) to the Canal Zone and Cuba. Includes photographs,...

Great Britain. Parliament. House of Lords. Orders of the House of Lords

Leatherbound volume, handwritten copy of , nos. 1-105, 1660-1717....

Great War Collection

Much of the material in the collection relates to British servicemen and units, but Americans, Australians, and some Germans also are represented. Included are diaries, correspondence, documents, maps, photographs, reports, and some printed material. The approximately 2,000 photographs and picture...

Gresham Family California Photograph Album

189 mainly black and white photographs, assembled in a soft leather album by the Gresham family of San Francisco who travelled, in part, on their yacht . Locations include Lake Tahoe, San Francisco, Santa Barbara (mission, alleged bullfight), Diamond Cañon,...

Grove (Roger) Papers

The collection contains materials relating to the career of UCSB Music faculty member Roger Grove (1938-1977). Included are letters, reviews, and programs for solo, duo, and ensemble (mainly Fine Arts Trio) performances, as well as printed copies of compositions by...

Gruenthal (Frank) Collection

Photograph albums and diaries, primarily World War I era, from a German-Jewish ancestor of the Grünthal family.

Guantanamo Bay Collection

Pamphlets, newsletters, blueprints, tracts, and other materials, mainly about the U.S. Naval Base (GTMO) and its history, dating back to the Spanish American War. Includes items issued by the U.S. and Cuban governments.

Guatemala photograph album

Album of 256 original black-and-white photographs, with the simple label "Guatemala '49" affixed to the front cover. Photographer unknown.

Guerrero (Dan) Collection on Latino Entertainment and the Arts

The collection documents Latino cultural and entertainment history of recent years, focusing on Dan Guerrero's professional life in the world of entertainment as well as his personal family life. It includes video and audio tapes of selected programming, scripts, publicity...

Guerrero (Lalo) Collection

The Guerrero Collection is rich in photographs, videos, interviews, correspondence, phonograph records, audiocassettes, scrapbooks, and ephemera, and ranges from photographs autographed by the President and Hillary Clinton to music and lyrics sheets for his comedic “Elvis Perez” and his “El...

Guerrero (Mark) Papers

The Mark Guerrero Papers contain materials related to this musician and to Chicano music history. Currently it contains photographs, recordings and promotional materials related to his performances from 1963 to 2003, photographs of Mark and the Escorts, Mark Guerrero and...

Guide to the Antonio Salazar Chicanismo photograph collection

This photograph collection consists of one flat box filled with 196 [35 mm negative] films, 3 [126 negative] films, 5 black and white photographs, one digital CD and hard-drive containing images taken by Antonio Salazar. Salazar's images tell of the...

Guide to the Centro Cultural de la Raza Archives

Slides and other materials relating to the San Diego artists' collective, co-founded in 1970 by Chicano poet Alurista and artist Victor Ochoa. Known as a center of indigenismo (indigenism) during the Aztlán phase of Chicano art in the early 1970s....

Guide to the Chicano graphic novels collection

The collection includes graphic novels created, illustrated and/or written by Chicano artists. Graphic novels include genres such as terror, action, suspense, family friendly, adult humor, and fantasy. Also included in this collection are two signed drawings and one graphic print....

Guide to the Chicano Movement Newspapers

The Chicano Movement Newspaper collection contains US newspapers and magazines from the mid-1960s to mid-1990s specifically focusing on the Chicano Movement and other Chicano and Latino issues. Included in the collection is , a collobrative newspaper with the Chicano based...

Guide to the Comisión Femenil Mexicana Nacional Archives

The Comisión Femenil Mexicana Nacional (CFMN), Inc. was founded in 1970 to organize and network with women so that they might assume leadership positions within the Chicano movement and in their community. They helped to disseminate news and information regarding...

Guide to the Galería De La Raza Archives

Administrative records, programs, subject files, correspondence, clippings, slides, photographs, serigraphs, posters, silkscreen prints, ephemera and other creative materials documenting activities of the San Francisco Bay Area Chicano cultural arts center. Includes work by many of the prominent Chicano(a)/Latino(a) artists, such...

Guthrie (James J.) - Pear Tree Press Collection

The James J. Guthrie - Pear Tree Press Collection was purchased in conjunction with the UCSB Libraries 500,000th volume celebration in 1968. It contains the collection of manuscripts, as well as a number of printed items that have been cataloged...

Hadden (Jeffrey) Papers

The collection contains files (correspondence, financial and tax records, clippings, notes, website printouts, brochures, newsletters, mailings and other promotional literature) assembled by Hadden, relating to various religious groups and leaders, mainly televangelists such Jim Bakker (PTL), Jerry Falwell, and Pat...

Hahn (Harley) Collection

Copies of publications by Santa Barbara author Hahn, on the internet, computer programming, and related subjects.

Haight-Ashbury Collection

The collection primarily contains handbills, flyers, and posters of cultural and political activities in the Haight-Ashbury area of San Francisco in 1967....

Haiti Document

One French military document (ADS), count of men (98) and rations (bread, fresh beef, pork, and rum), Port au Prince [Haiti], 15 June 1795....

Hale (Oscar F.) Papers

The collection primarily contains Civil War era correspondence from Union soldier Oscar F. Hale, Ohio Infantry, 44th Regiment (Vol), Co. D and Ohio Cavalry, 8th Regiment (Vol), Co. D. to his sister. Also included are a possibly unrelated 1845 letter...

Hamlet tune--Bob and Joan--God the Right! broadside

Broadside with lyrics to Hamlet tune--Bob and Joan--God the Right!

Hammer (Milton) Collection

Correspondence, photographs, and other material collected by Hammer, much of it during his career as a rare book and manuscripts dealer in Santa Barbara. Includes material re Heinrich Boll, Ralph Waldo Emerson, James A. Garfield, Oliver Wendell Holmes, J. Edgar...

Hansen (Alfred J.) / Veterans of World War I Collection

Records of the Veterans of World War I, District 7, which included Santa Barbara and surrounding areas. Hansen was a district commander at one point, and also was active in the local unit.

Hardin (Garrett) oral history

The collection contains background material, audiotapes, and transcripts of interviews conducted by David E. Russell, with Garrett Hardin, in 1983.

Hardin (Garrett) Papers

Comprised of 84 document boxes of Human Ecology Professor Garrett Hardin. Includes biographic and bibliographic information, correspondence, extensive subject files used in his writing, UCSB teaching files, drafts of articles and manuscripts, and photographs. Highlights include files related to his...

Harmin (Merrill) and Raths (Louis E.) Collection

Letters and memorabilia of Louis E. Raths as collected by Dr. Merril Harmin.

Hart (Gary K.) Collection

Subject, bill, and general files, of a California state legislator representing the Santa Barbara area, first in the California State Assembly and then in the State Senate. Subjects such as children/youth/women/families, crime, education, employer/employee issues, energy, law, legislative/legislature concerns, medical/health...

Hartwell (William H.) Papers

The collection contains handwritten reminiscences of the Civil War, and the period following it, by William H. Hartwell, New Hampshire Infantry, 9th Regiment (Vol), Co. I. Also included is some commentary by his daughter, Ruth Hartwell Nordhoff, who donated the...

Hasegawa (Tsuyoshi) papers

Files generated by UCSB Professor of History Tsuyoshi Hasegawa in the course of writing books on Russian/Soviet history and the Cold War, as well as the history of the Pacific War during World War II and Soviet-Japanese relations.

Hatch (Mary P.) Papers

The collection primarily contains correspondence and drafts of Mary Prescott Hatch's writings, including essays and descriptions of travels around the world, including Europe and South Africa (based on her correspondence, ca. 1920s-1930s)....

Hatfield (John) Collection

The collection contains a bound volume, "The Trial of John Hatfield," containing a handwritten account from the [England] re Hatfield's trial on charges including impersonating a member of Parliament (Alexander Augustus Hope) and forgery, 1803; together with copies of letters...

Hathaway (Charles Montgomery, Jr.) Papers

The collection includes calendars or lists for dispatches and reports from Ireland and Germany, depositions and proceedings from the Dail Funds Suit, documents and official dispatches, correspondence, clippings and notes from both Ireland and Germany, and financial statements and reports...

Hawaii photograph album

Photo album of 127 original photographs of Hawaii circa 1925.

Hawaii Photograph Albums

The collection contains two albums of Hawaii scenes. The first album, ca. 1898, with photographs taken by O. F. Sampson of Leonta, N.Y., contains 49 images of. Kamehameha Military School, Bishop Art Museum, other Honolulu buildings, houses of wealthy residents,...

Hay (Stephen N.) Papers

The bulk of the collection contains research notes relating to M. K. Gandhi, which Professor Stephen N. Hay used in his teaching at the University of California, Santa Barbara, and his writings on Gandhi. Included are materials relating to several...

Heath (Richard A.) / early Lockheed history collection

Early history of the Loughead (later Lockheed) family and aircraft company, located in Santa Barbara, ca. 1916-1921. Assembled by Richard A. Heath. Includes numerous photographs.

Heebner family collection on Bernard Herrmann

Materials, dating to the 1960s-1970s, collected by Maurice, Virginia, and Barbara Heebner, friends of Bernard Herrmann, including correspondence, clippings, and a libretto to Bernard Hermann's tone poem Correspondence from Bernard Herrmann dates to the 1960s-1970s and is addressed to Maurice...

Heebner (Walter) papers

Papers of Walter Schussler Heebner (1917-2002), professional musician, composer, and songwriter, and executive at RCA Records and Capitol Records.

Heeger (Alan J.) Papers

The Alan J. Heeger papers contain a large number of drafts, manuscripts, and correspondence relating to journal articles, conference papers, and patent applications, including files on his Nobel Prize-winning work. Also included are some materials from Heeger's college days and...

Herbert C Kay collection

Collection of American Civil War Union and Confederate correspondence concerning military strategy and life during the period. A portion of the collection includes an assorted group of correspondence relating to important nineteenth and twentieth century figures in American and global...

Hernandez (Ester) graphic art collection

Ester Hernandez is an internationally renowned Chicana visual artist based in San Francisco, California. Her art represents her activism in sociopolitical movements that range from her involvement in pioneering the Chicano Arts Movement in the 60's, to pieces that highlight...

Herrmann (Bernard) papers

The collection is focused around the composing and conducting activity of Bernard Herrmann (1911-1975) between the years 1927 and 1975. A small body of personal papers adds some material relating to his personal life (personal and legal correspondence, diaries, financial...

Herrmann (Bernard) Radio and Television Music

Copies of radio programs and television programs with original music by Bernard Herrmann.

Herrmann (Louis) collection of Bernard Herrmann scores

Manuscript scores and musical sketches by Bernard Herrmann to compositions for film and television, as well as concert works, dating from the 1930s through the 1950s.

Hewitt (B. George) Caucasian linguistics collection

Sound recordings, including language instruction tapes, folktales, and recited poetry, in various Caucasian languages (especially Georgian and Abkhaz), collected by B. George Hewitt, University of London Professor Emeritus of Caucasian Languages.

Hickling (Gary) collection on Lotte Lehmann

Materials by and related to Lotte Lehmann, collected by Gary Hickling (1941-), Lotte Lehmann discographer, radio host, bassist and founder and past president of the Lotte Lehmann Foundation and Lotte Lehmann League.

Hill (Don) collection

This collection consists of materials amassed during the later half of the 20th century and the early 21st century by professor of anthropology and ethnomusicology Don Hill, including postcards depicting cultural scenes from Africa, the Americas, and Europe, lantern slides,...

Hill (Robert J.) Papers

Civil War diary (1864) of a battle surgeon (45th Ohio Regiment), together with other documents, one post-war photograph, and other post-war material.

Hiller Family Papers

Typescript carbon of “A Leaf from My Experiences in Siberia – and How I Got There,” by Henry W. Hiller, describing his life 1851-1861 as cabin boy aboard the whaler “Maria Theresa,” the Crimean War, and trip to Siberia and...

Himovitz (Roger) oral history

Pre-interview notes and printed transcript of the Roger Himovitz oral history interview, conducted on September 27, 2018 by Zachary Liebhaber.

Hiss (Philip Hanson) Photograph Collection

The collection contains 120+ black/white professional photographs of people and scenes in Aruba, Bali, Bonaire, Curacao, Hawaii, Saba, St. Eustatius, St. Martin, and Surinam, taken by Philip Hanson Hiss (1910-1988), ca. 1939-early 1940s. ...

Hockett (Homer C.) Papers

The collection includes course notes for Frederick Jackson Turner's history of the American West course, when Homer Cary Hockett was a graduate assistant to Turner at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, ca. 1902-1903. Hockett later was a faculty member at...

Hodnett (Junji) collection of United States postage stamps replicas

Album containing 22 karat gold replicas of United States stamps issued by the Postal Commemorative Society.

Hoebich (Margarete) Shanghai-California Papers

Mainly personal and official documents and ephemeral items relating to Hoebich's life in Shanghai's German community, including the Kaiser Wilhelm Schule where she worked from 1939 to ca. 1945. Hoebich and her son emigrated to California after the war.

Hoffberg (Judith) collection

Papers generated by Judith Ann Hoffberg, librarian, co-founder of the Arts Libraries Society of North America and founder of the artists' books journal The collection contains files related to artists' books exhibitions, organizations, travel, mail art, as well as biographical...

Holguin (Robert) Papers

Robert Daniel Holguin (1953- ) was born and raised in California. He graduated from Baldwin Park High School and received his Bachelor and Master degrees from UCLA. His main focus of study was television production and directing. As a Mexican...

Holland (Ann) Papers

Collection consists of handouts and notes from various humanistic psychology workshops attended or facilitated by Ms. Howard between 1964 and 1978, as well as announcements and descriptions of workshops from 1972-1985.

Hollister Ranch aerial photograph

One folding black-and-white aerial photograph of Hollister Ranch.

Hollywood Film Star Photographs

The collection contains 30 b/w publicity shots, 1930s-1940s, of film stars such as John Barrymore, Edgar Bergen and Charlie McCarthy, Jimmy Durante, W. C. Fields, Clark Gable, Greta Garbo, Cary Grant, Jack Haley, Walter Huston, Harold Lloyd, Frederic March, George...

Holt Brothers band scores

Band scores and parts for about 90 compositions of the Holt Brothers, Thomas P. and G. Dana, of Dixfield Maine.

Holzwarth (Adam) Anarchist Collection

The collection contains two series: Correspondence and Ephemera....

Hom (Nancy) papers

Nancy Hom is a San Francisco based Chinese American artist, activist, writer, curator, and arts administrator. Her visual artwork touches upon sociopolitical themes of family, politics, women's rights, the environment, cultural celebrations, and immigration. Hom also served as Executive Director...

Honduras Photograph Album

Photograph album with 200+ b/w photos of Honduran cities (San Pedro Sala, Choloma, Truxillo, Tela, Ornoa, Puerto Cortes, and La Lima), buildings, churches, haciendas, rural areas, coastal shipping facilities, railroads, bridges, mills, and sugar factories. Includes images of U.S. businessmen...

Hope (Constance) collection on Lotte Lehmann

Material related to Lotte Lehmann from the collection of Constance Hope (1908-1977) public relations specialist and artists' agent.

Hopper (Bruce C.) Collection

The collection is divided into several alphabetically arranged series, followed by photographs and oversize materials. More detailed information about Hopper, including resumes and Who's Who entries, may be found in the Biographical/Personal Material....

How to undress in front of your husband scrapbook

Scrapbook of material primarily related to Dwain Esper's 1937 short film as well some material related to the 1934 Swedish film directed by Per-Axel Branner.

Howarth (F. M.) Drawing Collection

The collection contains eleven original cartoon line drawings by F. M. Howarth, on boards of varying sizes, which appeared in the old , 1889-1890. Howarth, an American artist known for his stylized characters, also drew for other humor magazines of...

Hsiang (Bob) papers

Bob Hsiang is a Chinese-American photographer who is primarily active in the San Francisco Bay Area. Hsiang has over 30 years of experience in still photography, including work in the fields of special events, product photography, fine art reproduction, and...

Hubbard Communications Office records

The collection consists of administrative records of the Hubbard Communications Office. The records include official forms, awards, letters, memoranda, bulletins, notes, and ephemera. Many of the documents describe training of auditing and conduct or procedural policies.

Huffman (Laton A.) Photographs

The collection contains four black/white copy prints of a Montana roundup, taken by Western photographer Laton Alton Huffman, of Miles City, Montana, ca. 1905, 1913. There are two copies of one print that appears as image no. 114 in Mark...

Huglin (Henry C.) Papers

Writings of Brigadier General Henry C. Huglin, USAF Ret., including his newspaper column, "Affairs of Nations," 1973-1977, and other essays, most written ca. 1965-1966, for broadcast as commentaries on the Pacifica Radio Network. Also two open reel tapes of Huglin...

Hunter (Florence I.) diaries

Consists of 31 diaries written by Florence I. Hunter, an eyewitness to historical events ranging from women's suffrage to World War II and changes in the religious order in which her husband was a pastor. Beginning with her 1937 diary,...

Häupl (Benno) collection

Approximately 2,100 postcards, cabinet cards, "cartes-de-visite" and other albumen prints featuring musicians with their instruments from around the world, as well as Country and Western, Cajun, and Folk sound recording research files amassed by ethnographic 78 rpm disc and photograph...

Huse (Charles E.) Diary

Typescript draft of excerpts from the Charles E. Huse Diary, 1850-1852 (San Francisco) and 1853-1857 (Santa Barbara), edited by William Henry Ellison and translated (from the Spanish) by Francis Price. The original two volume manuscript diary is housed in the...

Hussey (Roland D.) Collection

Files acquired with Roland D. Hussey's book collection; includes research and analysis reports from the Office of Strategic Services during WWII.

Hutchins (Robert Maynard) Collection

Correspondence, memoranda, reports, programs, and other materials mainly regarding Hutchins’ role as founder and long-time chief executive officer of the Center for Democratic Institutions (CSDI).

Huth (Frederick) correspondence

The bulk of this collection consists of correspondence between Frederick (Fred) Huth, a German-born merchant and banker residing in London, and his business partners in various cities throughout Europe. The letters go back as far as 1828, with 1850 being...

Ikegami (Chizuko) / Miller (Henry) Correspondence

The collection contains 52 handwritten letters (ALS), in English, from Japanese author Chizuko Ikegami [b. 1946] to American author Henry Miller [1891-1980] during a period when he lived in Pacific Palisades [near Los Angeles], California.

Illinois Infantry, 103rd Regiment Diaries

The collection contains seven diaries (about 500 pages), 1861, 1863-1864, from an unidentified Civil War Union officer, Illinois Infantry, 103rd Regiment, who participated in the Vicksburg and Chattanooga campaigns, and the battles of Lookout Mountain and Missionary Ridge....

Illustrated Ethiopian manuscript scroll

One illustrated Ethiopian manuscript scroll: includes prayers, incantations against headaches, migraines, 'legions,' constipation; chants, prayers to Christ; prayers against bad spirits of day and of night. Also includes cures for children, for pregnant women, and tale of St. Susenos fighting...

Incidents of the War Civil War Photograph Albums

The collection contains two photograph albums with 100 images, reproductions of Civil War era notables such as Abraham Lincoln, Ulysses S. Grant, and Robert E. Lee, as well as Civil War sites and battle scenes. Originals were taken by photographers...

India [Bengal] Photograph Album

One album containing 22 black and white photographs, a few with captions in English.

India [Calcutta and Poona] Photograph Album

Photograph album, ca. 1901-1902, containing 90+ black/white images, most with brief captions. The majority of the photos are of Calcutta and its environs, especially boats, buildings, and scenes around the Hooghly River. A number show the SS or HMS Carthage....

India photo postcards

14 black and white photo postcards of people in India, some with mostly illegible handwritten captions on the reverse.

Indian Sanscrit Illuminated Manuscript Leaf

Early nineteenth century handwritten and illuminated manuscript leaf, with printed descriptive slip (most likely prepared by Otto Ege and probably from one of Ege's sets of the various series of the ). Written in Devanagari or "town script", the style...

Indian Tribal Series Medallions Collection

The collection contains 35 "Commemorative Silver Medallions from the Indian Tribes of America," a commemorative series issued by the Franklin Mint, 1971-1976. Accompanying books for each tribe have been cataloged separately and can be searched on Pegasus, the UCSB Libraries...

Indochina Rubber Plantations Photograph Albums

99 black and white photographs in two albums.

The Indonesian protest collection

In one half-size document box, this small collection consists of an informational flyer from ca. 1945 that calls on American recognition of a free Indonesian Republic. The flyer and political cartoon describes situations of political unrest for Indonesians both abroad...

Ingram Family Collection

Included in this small collection are a birth certificate, naturalization certificate, photographs, abstracts of title, deeds, and other legal and real estate documents relating to the Ingram family, ca. 1883-1946....

International Subject Collection

Collection contains printed ephemera from around the world, including maps, guidebooks, viewbooks, rail and steamship travel brochures, and other related materials.

Inuit (Eskimo) photographs

35 black-and-white snapshots of Inuit people (Eskimos) and their villages, some with handwritten captions on the backs.

iPride organizational records

The collection consists of adminstrative records, newsletters, audiovisual recordings, and ephemera relating to the activities of the iPride (Interracial Intercultural Pride) organization to support interracial and multiethnic families in California.

Iraq and Iran photograph album

Large album contains 103 early black-and-white photographs, with handwritten captions in German, of Iraq and Iran.

Iraq photographs

Nine unidentified photos of Iraq circa 1920s or earlier.

Irby (Charles) Collection

The Charles C. Irby Collection was deeded to the California Ethnic and Multicultural Archives of the University of California, Santa Barbara, on February 21, 1996 and consists of six series distributed among 44 archival boxes which occupy approximately thirty linear...

Isaacs (W.B.) photograph album

Photograph album assembled by W.B. Isaacs of San Francisco, California, containing approximately 80 prints, mostly cyanotype, dating to approximately 1881. The prints contain scenes of one late 19th century family's life and travels throughout the state of California.

Isla Vista Archives

Records of the Isla Vista Community Council and Isla Vista Municipal Council, as well as subject/issue files including health, housing, incorporation and annexation, Isla Vista relations with UCSB, Santa Barbara County, and California, law enforcement, planning, population, public safety, riots,...

Isla Vista Improvement Association Records

The collection contains a short historical sketch of the organization and its records, including by-laws, minutes of meetings, membership lists, financial statements and correspondence....

Isla Vista Statistical Ledgers

Collection contains two ledgers with computer-generated statistics about Isla Vista.

Islamic manuscripts collection

The collection contains single and double leaves from previously disbound Islamic texts, written in many parts of the Islamic world, including Afghanistan, China, Egypt, Gulf States [Qajar], India, North Africa [Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia], Pakistan, Persia [Iran], Syria, and Turkey, from...

Italian Medieval Book of Hours Leaf

Leaf from an early 15th century manuscript prayer book, probably Italy, written on vellum in Latin Gothic script, with illuminated side initials, some in burnished gold leaf with intricate framework tracing....

Ito (Michio) collection

Michio Ito was a concert dancer and choreographer from Japan. This collection consists of numerous photos, magazines, articles, posters and books about his dances and choreography. The collection also consists of programs from his dance concerts, his own personal notes,...

Jacobs (Nathan Mallory) papers

Personal papers of Nathan Mallory Jacobs, World War I veteran and salesman in Oil City, Pennsylvania.

Jacobs (Wilbur R.) Papers

The collection includes newspapers, writings, monographs, articles, book reviews, foreign language works, lectures, and letters to editors.

Jamero (Peter) papers

Consists of 18 document boxes containing correspondence, organizational records, photographs, audio visual material, and a variety of ephemera related to Peter Jamero's life as a Filipino American. The collection spans from 1938-2015.

Japan - Post World War II Photograph Album

Photograph album, 142 black/ white snapshots with handwritten captions, along with 10 loose b/w photos and other ephemera belonging to an American GI who apparently was in Japan after WWII, around 1946. Mostly Tokyo, also places like Kamakura. Includes images...

Japan, Irkutsk (Siberia), and Manchuria Photograph Collection

Eleven black/white photographs, 1901-1902, most with captions on the back, including scenes of Japanese rickshaws and people, Japanese station and hotel, orthodox church and museum in Irkutsk (Siberia), horse and cart carrying firewood, and railway water tower in Manchuria....

Japan Subject Collection

The collection contains maps, guidebooks, viewbooks, and other printed ephemera from Japan, mainly from the first half of the 20th century.

Japanese In Manchuria Photograph Album

The album contains 190 black and white photographs documenting the wartime experiences of one Japanese soldier during his service in Manchuria in the 1930s. Included are scenes of barracks life, life in the field, portraits of friends and fellow soldiers,...

Japanese Papermaking Photographs

The collection contains 16 assorted photographs ("coloured by hand" per description in English on envelope) showing method of Japanese paper making from the gathering and processing of the raw materials to the final bundling of the paper for shipment. The...

Japanese Saipan Photograph Album

Photograph album, containing about 170 black/white snapshots and a few postcard views, of the Japanese period in Saipan, 1914-1944. Includes a number of shots of the local Saipan population and scenery, but most of the photos are of Japanese adults...

Japanese View Book

This is a 36 page (unpaginated) booklet in English with printed photographs and illustrations with no publication information. It appears to have been printed in Japan (note style of romanization of Japanese place names) and highlights various aspects of Japan's...

Jeffers (Robinson) / Armstrong (Frank H.) Collection

The collection contains three portfolios, with correspondence, photographs, newspaper clippings, magazines, and various pieces of ephemera related to Robinson Jeffers, such as announcements, broadsides, flyers, and handbills, as well as three large matted photographic portraits. The bulk of the correspondence...

Job's Daughters (Bethel 103) scrapbook

Job's Daughters Bethel 103 (Mountain View, California) scrapbook from 1958.

Johnson (Andrew) impeachment proclamation

One document, handwritten, a proclamation, relating to the impeachment of President Andrew Johnson....

Johnson (Basil) Photograph Collection

The collection contains several hundred black and white prints and color slides taken by Basil Johnson, Emeritus Professor of Geography at the Australian National University.

Johnson (Charles H.) Papers

The collection mainly contains correspondence from Charles H. Johnson, a Civil War Union soldier, Michigan Cavalry, 1st Regiment (Vol), Co. M, to his mother, 1858-1866, as well as some later correspondence, a few photographs, and miscellany, including a cookbook with...

Johnson (Donald Barton) papers

The Donald Barton Johnson papers are comprised of the research, correspondence, and works of literary criticism (especially related to Sasha Sokolov and Vladimir Nabokov) compiled by Professor Emeritus Donald Barton Johnson throughout his career as professor of Russian and Slavic...

Johnson (Dr. Marian Ashby) Santa Barbara oral history collection

More than 170 original oral history audiocassettes of interviews recorded with 125 identified cultural and political leaders of Santa Barbara of that day. Collection also includes other historical tapes, research notes, photographs, interviews, clippings and subject files.

Jones (Herschel V.) Collection

The collection primarily contains correspondence to Herschel Jones (1861-1928), editor of the and collector of Americana. Correspondents include Charles Evans Hughes, Charles H. Mayo, Thomas Nast, Robert E. Peary, Theodore Roosevelt, and Lillian Russell....

Judyl Mudfoot printer collection

Books, booklets, posters, broadsides, pamphlets and other materials printed by the Mudborn Press and Judyl Mudfoot (J. Mudfoot, Printer).

Just Another Poster Exhibition Collection

explores the critical role posters and other graphic arts have played in the Chicano struggle for self-determination in California. This is one of the many projects that focus on what has been called the Chicano poster movement or explore...

Kahn (Erika) print collection

The collection consists of original art pieces by local Santa Barbara artist Erika Kahn and her collection of Dietrich Varez prints.

Kamchatka Photograph Album

The album contains 24 mounted black/white photographs of the Kamchatka Peninsula and the Bering Sea, with captions in Russian.

Karczag (Dezso) Papers

The collection contains the handwritten autobiography by Dezso Karczag [Dennis G. Karzag], co-founder of Santa Barbara-based Direct Relief International, along with supporting correspondence, articles, clippings, documents, photographs, and reports, ca. 1920s-1991.

Kars Photograph Album

Photograph album, ca. 1878-1921, containing 24 black/white images, with captions in Russian. Kars, now part of Turkey, was part of the Russian Empire at the time. Most of the photos are landscapes from the Agri Dagi mountains south of Kars...

Kashi Ashram collection

Consists of copies of magazine articles, transcripts of lectures, flyers, leaflets, correspondence, programs, and event calendars relating to the Kashi Ashram and its founder Ma Jaya Sati Bhagavati.

Katz (Demian) gamebook collection

More than 2500 print gamebooks (primarily paperback) along with smaller number of related works in other media, including magazines, comics, audio recordings, films, and software.

KCSB Audiotape Collection

The collection contains 102 open reel tapes produced by radio station KCSB, with live coverage of events, other broadcasts, calls, and interviews.

KCSB-FM collection

Collection contains reels and cassette tapes on a variety of topics discussed on KCSB-FM radio station from 1964 until 2004.

Kearny Street Workshop Archives

The nonprofit agency Kearny Street Workshop (KSW) is the oldest multidisciplinary Asian American arts organization in the United States. Established in 1972 as a collective of artists in San Francisco's Chinatown/ Manila town neighborhood, KSW is now a nonprofit agency...

Keller (Helen) Letter and Printed Braille Card

One typewritten letter signed (TLS), Apr. 23, 1925, from Helen Keller to Mayer Porter of La Mesa California, regarding a recent San Diego talk of hers and what it is like to be blind. Also, a printed card with a...

Keller Latin American Diary

A manuscript pocket diary of U.S. citizen [?] Keller, traveling by steamship, with numerous stops at ports from Valparaiso, Chile, to Panama and Colon, recording impressions of shipboard life, fellow passengers, sights and customs observed along the way, sometimes interspersed...

Kelley (Robert L.) Papers

Primarily correspondence, research files, and writings of Robert Lloyd Kelley, UCSB professor of history, director of the UCSB Public History program, and scholar in the field of public policy, particularly California water history.

Kelliher (M. S.) Collection

The collection contains approximately 550 color slides taken by UCSB faculty member M. S. Kelliher in E. Pakistan, 1956-1957, while he was developing a teaching program for students there. The slides are organized by the following categories: occupations-workers (e.g. crushing...

Kellogg (Marjorie) papers

Papers of Marjorie Kellogg (1922-2005), American novelist and screenplay writer born in Santa Barbara, California. In addition to correspondence, original manuscripts, photographs, press clippings and artifacts relating to Kellogg's writing career, the collection includes historical photographs of Santa Barbara and...

Kelly (Frank K.) Papers

The collection contains papers of Frank K. Kelly, speechwriter for Harry Truman and longtime executive with the Santa Barbara-based Center for the Study of Democratic Institutions (CSDI) and the Nuclear Age Peace Foundation (NAPF).

Kelsey (Richmond) woodblock prints

Six woodblock prints by Richmond Kelsey with nautical and other themes.

Kelton (Stanley M.) radio collection

Materials generated in the course of operations of the Southern California AM radio stations KFI 640kHz (1938-1950) and KFON 1280kHz (1924-1941) -- later to become KFOX Long Beach (1941-1977) -- amassed by attorney and educator Stanley M. Kelton (1952-2015).

Kennedy (Amos Paul Jr.) collection

Art work, posters, broadsides, postcards, fans, and miscellaneous small items produced by Amos Paul Kennedy Jr.

Kennedy (John F. and Robert) Ephemera Collection

Mainly memorial issues of magazines following the assassinations of John F. Kennedy, 1963, and Robert F. Kennedy, 1968.

Kennedy (John F.) assassination newspapers, clippings and documents

Assortment of newspapers, many foreign, dealing with the assasssination of President John F. Kennedy in Dallas, Texas on November 22, 1963.

Kennedy (Robert E.) Japan Photograph Album

One album compiled by Private Robert E. Kennedy, with 151 black/white prints including ruins of Hiroshima and Nagasaki (commercial photos), views of Yokahama, servicemen playing baseball, visiting shrines (esp. Daibutsu nr. Kurakama), Camp McNair, Japanese at work, street scenes.

Kerrigan (Thomas) Papers

Correspondence and manuscripts (poetry and prose) submitted to Thomas Kerrigan, attorney, poet, and editor of (a Los Angeles magazine of new poetry and fiction), ca. 1969-1972. Correspondents/contributors include Douglas Blazek, Charles Bukowski, Robert Creeley, Thom Gunn, and Lee Mallory.

Kühne (Franz Ludwig) Wanderbuch

Wanderbuch (64 page bound volume) registered to Franz Ludwig Kühne [?], August 1815.

Kincaid Rolle (Sojourner) Papers

The papers of African-American poet and playwright, peacemaker, community activist, and television producer Sojourner Kincaid Rolle, have been established in CEMA. Her poetry includes chapbooks, inclusion in various anthologies and literary journals and a body of uncollected work, some of...

Kingston Collection

The collection contains correspondence, documents, and financial records (mainly bills and receipts) of the Beal and Holmes families. There are a number of items from the Civil War era....

Kirsch (Robert R.) Collection

The collection contains approximately 400 b/w publicity photographs of literary figures whose books were sent for review by Robert Kirsch. They are arranged alphabetically by surname. In a few instances, a photograph's credits may refer to a given author but...

Kita Shina Fūbutsu Shashin Gashū - Northern China and Tibet Scenes Photograph Album

Kita Shina Fūbutsu Shashin Gashū (title in Japanese on cover), "Northern China Landscape Photograph Collection." An album of 91 tipped-in black and white photographs with captions and descriptions in Japanese showing various sights and locations in China, Tibet and Manchuria...

Kittson (W. A.) Central Australia Collection

Two photo albums and other material relating to a "Reso" railroad and motor car tour organized to give Australian businessmen knowledge of the area's resources.

Klein (Fred) papers

DVDs of the television interview show (2010-2018) hosted by Fred Klein of Santa Barbara, California, as well as other materials, including show notes (with clippings) prepared by Klein, and material related to Klein's time as vice president of marketing at...

Knight (Arthur and Kit) Beat Collection

The Arthur and Kit Knight Beat Collection is comprised of manuscript material, photographs, magazines, booklets and ephemera relating to the Beats and Beat History. Most of the items in the collection are publications issued and edited by the Knights. Arthur...

Knowles (Joseph) Collection

The collection contains correspondence, lists, and samples, mostly from the Western Builder's Supply Co. of San Francisco, ca. 1920s-1930s, and two letters (TLS) to George Washington Smith, Santa Barbara architect, re architectural and design catalogs and brochures being sent, 1922...

Knox (Samuel B. P.) Papers

The collection contains three items: one letter (TLS) from the Secretary to the President, John Addison Porter, Executive Mansion, 30 Apr. 1898 to P. C. Knox, re his brother Dr. S. B. P. Knox; one document, signed by Franklin D....

Koenig (Laird) papers

Papers of American novelist, playwright, and screenwriter Laird Koenig. The bulk of the material dates from the 1970s to 2017.

Kohn (Walter) Papers

The Walter Kohn Papers contain materials related to the career of the Nobel Prize winning physicist Walter Kohn and is primarily comprised of physics-related research notes, professional travel files, and correspondence.

Korean American Coalition collection

Korean American Coalition (KAC) is a non-profit, non-partisan community based organization. Established in 1983, its mission is to facilitate the Korean-American community's participation in civic, legislative, and community affairs in order to contribute to the broader society.

Korean Postcards Collection

The collection contains a group of nine color ethnographic cards, six of people, three of various locations in Seoul, (known as Keijô by the Japanese colonial authorities who controlled Korea during this period, 1910-1945). Title captions (in English) are: "Everyday...

Krall Family Papers

ca. 1758-1900. Correspondence, business records, and documents (including 18th century indentures) of a family from Shafferstown, Lebanon County, Pennsylvania, along with almanacs from the 1850s-1860s, and printed speeches, programs, and pamphlets from the Civil War and Reconstruction eras. 2 linear...

Krenek Festival tapes

Tapes and program booklet for 1979 festival in Santa Barbara honoring composer Ernst Krenek.

Kreutzberg (John) Collection

Correspondence of an American ambulance driver who served in the French army during World War I.

Kriegs-Nachtrichten Collection

Three portfolios/scrapbooks with photographs, clippings, war reports, leaflets and political cartoons pertaining to the Franco-Prussian war of 1870-1871, as well as the Paris Commune and the Italian annexation of Rome.

Kroc Foundation archives

Administrative files, 1967-1985, of the Kroc Foundation of Santa Ynez, California, relating to conferences it sponsored and grants it awarded in the area of medical research.

The Ladder: A Lesbian Review

A 1957 to 1968 run of the first nationally distributed lesbian publication in the United States.

Lagerquist (Roger) Isla Vista history collection

The bulk of this collection include materials related to the history of Isla Vista and Lagerquist's involvement with the community as a resident from the 1960's until his death in 2016. Materials include reports, newsletters, photographs, and studies on Isla...

Lambert (Eric) Papers

The collection contains carbon typescript manuscript drafts of several of Lambert's works, many with extensive handwritten corrections and revisions....

Landau (Rom) Collection

The collection primarily contains correspondence laid in books of Landau's, which were purchased by UCSB in 1967....

Langer (James) papers

Papers of James Langer, American professor of physics at the University of California, Santa Barbara. These papers include research files and publications, correspondence, clippings, handwritten lecture notes and calculations, and photographs from his academic career as a graduate student while...

Langs (Robert) Papers

Manuscript and galley proofs for psychiatrist Langs's 1987 book .

Larcom (Lucy) Collection

The collection contains correspondence, photographs, cards, family history, and clippings, ca. 1846-1893, relating to Lucy Larcom (1824-1893), a Massachusetts poet, story writer, essayist, abolitionist, and friend of John Greenleaf Whittier....

Larsen (Milt) variety theater collection

This collection consists of materials amassed during the later half of the 20th century by Milt Larsen, founder of the Academy of Magical Arts at the Magic Castle in Hollywood, California, and the Society for the Preservation of Variety Arts....

Lasswell (Steven)/Tiersma (Peter) Frisian research archive

Materials created and collected by the linguist Steven Lasswell in the course of writing his 1998 dissertation An Ecological Reference Grammar of Sölring North Frisian, as well as materials by and from the legacy of the late Peter Tiersma, Frisian...

Latino articles collection

This collection is in two cartons and contains materials from 1984-1996. It was originally part of the Colección Tloque Nahuaque (CTN), the Chicano Studies research library collection in the UCSB Library. There are articles, papers, government reports, newsletters and proceedings...

Latino book review collections

This is a collection of two cartons of book reviews in the subject area of Chicano studies that ranges from 1959 - 1983. It was originally part of the Colección Tloque Nahuaque (CTN), the Chicano Studies research library collection in...

Latino illustrated humor and satire collection

This small collection consists of zines, graphic novels, serials, and other publications that reflect on Latino culture, humor, art, and society from 1965-2015. A majority of the materials in this collection are satirical in nature and contain a wide variety...

Latino Museum of History, Art, and Culture collection

Founded by Director, Denise Lugo, the Latino Museum of History, Art, and Culture (1995-2000), was located in the Downtown Arts District of Los Angeles and promoted awareness of contemporary Latin American art and culture. The Museum featured artists from countries...

Latino Periodicals Collection

These serials were originally collected by the Colección Tloque Nahuaque (CTN), the Chicano Studies research library collection in the UCSB Library. The Periodical collection is arranged alphabetically by title and lacks subject access but includes materials on a variety of...

Lavender (David) - Fort Laramie Collection

Research files from David Lavender, used in writing (Official National Park Handbook, 1983). Mainly photocopies and typed notes of correspondence, diaries, reports and other documents from the latter 19th century.

LaVoy (Merl) China Photographs

The collection contains 104 black and white photographs (with some duplicates) taken by photographer Merl LaVoy in China during the 1920's and 1930s. Many of the photos are taken in the Nanjing (Nanking) area which served as China's capital at...

Law & Order production scripts

Production script library for the Law & Order franchise, including Law & Order, Law & Order: Criminal Intent, and Law & Order: Special Victims Unit. Includes scripts, shooting and location schedules and other production information.

"Laying of the corner stone of Los Angeles High School" program

One program to the laying of the cornerstone of the new Los Angeles High School building ceremony on November 3, 1916, and one typewritten list of invited guests....

League of Women Voters of Santa Barbara records

Records documenting the activities of the League of Women Voters of Santa Barbara, California, from the 1940s to 2015, including administrative files, issue files, newsletters, and clippings and scrapbooks.

Leggett (Mortimer) Collection

Collection of a Civil War Union general, primarily correspondence from Civil War and post-war era. Includes correspondence with Ulysses S. Grant.

Lehmann (Lotte) Collection

The Lehmann Collection contains letters, scrapbooks, manuscripts, photographs, video cassettes, art works, and sound recordings relating to the life and career of Lotte Lehmann (1888-1976), the internationally famous soprano famous for her interpretations of Fidelio, Der Rosenkavalier and German lieder...

Leitner (Anthony U.) Memorial Collection

UCSB acquired the Anthony U. Leitner Collection from his estate in the summer of 1997. In the donation were books, tapes, ephemera, and manuscripts, including flyers, publicity announcements, conference handouts, newsletters, and legal documents relating to Tibetan Buddhism and other...

"Lest We Forget" leaflet

One leaflet published by The British Empire Union, an anti-socialism political party established in 1915.

Librarians' Association of the University of California, Santa Barbara Records

The Librarians' Association of the University of California, Santa Barbara (LAUC-SB) Records contain meeting minutes, bylaws, committee, election, appointment and statewide files, and other related documents.

Lieberenz (Paul) film and travel collection

Cinematography archive, documenting the travels and work of Paul Lieberenz from 1923 to 1954.

Lim (Genny) Papers

The Genny Lim Papers are primarily arranged according to subject matter and date. SERIES I: Personal and Biographical, contains published interviews that have been arranged chronologically, press reviews for Paper Angels that have been removed from their original binding but...

Limon (Leo) Papers

The Leo Limon Papers spans from 1971 to 2008. The collection contains correspondence, documents concerning various Los Angeles-area events, and a photo album that holds both professional and personal photographs that cover the past thirty years. Limon, one of the...

Lincoln (Abraham) / Parsons (Richard C.) Documents

Three documents: one signed by Abraham Lincoln and Salmon P. Chase, appointing Richard C. Parsons of Cleveland, Ohio to the position of Collector of Taxes for the Eighteenth Collection District of the State of Ohio, 1862; one signed by Abraham...

Lincoln (Abraham) Document

One document, signed by Abraham Lincoln - receipt acknowledging request by Claudius B. Smith for pay as Chaplain, 2nd Regiment, Vermont Volunteer Militia, at the rate of $70 per month, [ca. early 1860s]....

Lincoln (Abraham) Documents

Two Civil War era documents signed by Abraham Lincoln and Salmon P. Chase, appointing Samuel B. Brinkerhoff to the position of Surveyor of Customs for the Port of Santa Barbara, 1861. Also contains related correspondence, 1936, re acquisition of the...

Lincoln (Abraham) Scrapbooks

The collection contains five scrapbooks, mainly clippings ca. 1860s-1930s, pertaining to Abraham Lincoln and the Civil War. These volumes were part of the early Lincoln Library established by William Wyles. The volumes are different sizes and formats, and probably were...

Lincoln Centennial Celebration Scrapbooks

The collection contains three scrapbooks, mainly newspaper and magazine clippings, with portraits and accounts of the life and death of Abraham Lincoln, including tributes paid him on the one-hundredth anniversary of his birth in 1809. Newspapers represented include the ,...

Lindstrand Comparator user manual

The collection contains the user manual and correspondence for the purchase of a Lindstrand Comparator.

Littler (Mark and Diane) papers on Southern California intertidal macrophytes and macroinvertebrates study

This collection contains slides, raw data, and results from an extensive 1973-1981 study of Southern California intertidal macrophyte and macroinvertebrate communities, under the direction of Dr. Mark M. Littler and Dr. Diane S. Littler, both of the Department of Ecology...

Litton Colonial Collection

The collection contains letters and documents, mainly from the Colonial period, and apparently acquired from diverse sources.

Living Stream Ministry collection

Printed materials published by Living Stream Ministry, primarily authored by Witness lee.

Lo Sasso (Florence "Flory" Joyce) burlesque collection

Personal ephemera collection of burlesque dancer Florence (Flory) Joyce Lo Sasso of Denver, Colorado.

Lobero Theatre Archives

Organizational records of Santa Barbara California's Lobero Theatre, originally constructed in 1873 and reorganized and rebuilt in 1924 by a group of community members. The county owned theater is run by the Lobero Theatre Foundation and has hosted over 4,000...

Local History Files

The bulk of the collection was accumulated and maintained by the UCSB University Libraries Reference Department as a vertical file for researchers, then later transferred to the Department of Special Collections. Related materials have been incorporated into the collection and...

Lombard (Father Linus) China Photograph Albums

The two albums contain 175 black and white photos related to the career of Father Linus Lombard C.P., a member of the Passionists (a Roman Catholic religious order) who served as a missionary in China for several decades (ca. 1931-1954),...

Loomis (R. H.) Collection

The collection contains about 100 Civil War documents of Royal H. Loomis, a Union captain, 2nd Michigan Cavalry, Co. A, including mustering and mustering out rolls, orders, lists of equipment and stores, and discharge papers, the bulk from 1864-1865. Also,...

Lopez (Yolanda M.) Papers

The contents of the Yolanda M. Lopez Papers are comprised of both personal and professional materials generated by the artist during the period 1961-1998. The bulk of the collection consists of incoming personal correspondence from family members and fellow artists....

Louise Ramey collection of Christian fundamentalist ephemera

Newsletters, fliers, ephemera, and other materials mailed to Louise Ramey from various evangelical Christian organizations.

Lovejoy (Owen) Collection

The collection contains an undated note and a printed speech, "The Fanaticism of the Democratic Party," delivered by the Hon. Owen Lovejoy, of Illinois, to the U.S. House of Representatives, Feb. 21, 1859, in which he takes a strong abolitionist...

Lucero (Linda) collection on La Raza Silkscreen Center/La Raza Graphics 1971-1990

Linda Lucero collection on La Raza Silkscreen Center/La Raza Graphics [1971-1990]. As early as 1970, La Raza Silkscreen/La Raza Graphics Center was producing silkscreen prints by Chicano and Latino artists. The organizers and artists of what was originally called La...

Lungren (Fernand) Collection

The collection contains correspondence (including one typed letter signed [TLS] from Stewart Edward White), art exhibition catalogs (U.S. and England), and photographs relating to Santa Barbara artist Fernand Lungren, ca. 1890s-1932....

Lynds (Dennis) papers

Correspondence, manuscript drafts, and research files of Santa Barbara mystery writer Dennis Lynds.

Lyon (Farnham) Collection

The collection contains correspondence to Farnham Lyon, prominent hotel proprietor, from late 1885, and an autograph book that he kept. Also, numerous newspaper clippings relating to Farnham Lyon, Elizabeth B. Custer, the death of Margaret Custer Calhoun Maugham, George Armstrong...

M. (Rosa) papers

The collection takes up 2.5 linear feet in upright archival boxes and one flat box for oversize materials. The majority of the collection is dedicated to examples of Rosa M.’s work in slides and photographs. These photographs are in many...

Macgregor (James S.) Papers

The collection contains correspondence from James Scott MacGregor to his wife, photographs, and ephemera, mainly relating to his participation in the Civil War....

Mackey (Anita) Papers

The Anita Mackey Papers cover her educational, professional and volunteer accomplishments. They are recorded in correspondence, awards, memorabilia and other papers. Many slides and photos are part of this collection. The photos cover much of her personal life. Included are...

Mackintosh (Graham) papers

The collection consists of works from White Rabbit Press, Graham Mackintosh, and other small West Coast publishing houses.

Macy (George N.) / Amasa L. Lincoln Papers

The collection contains correspondence, a photo album, a scrapbook, and other Civil War materials, mainly relating to the Twentieth Regiment of Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry. The correspondence, 1861-1865, is from Harvard graduate and Brevet Major General George N. Macy to his...

Madagascar Photograph Album

One photograph album, 1901-1907, containing 139 black/white prints, with captions in French. Includes images in and around Tananarive, Madagascar, of French officials, families, and children, local residents, street scenes, festivals and parades, bicycle races at the hippodrome, horse races and...

Maher (Patrick J. ) Papers

The collection contains files and scrapbooks mainly relating to Santa Barbara, 1936-1945, when Patrick J. Maher was mayor of the city. Also included are later interviews with Maher, 1978-1979....

Maille (Alphonse) bound volume

One bound volume containing a handwritten list on two pages of plants and their various locations in the area of Neufchâtel, France, compiled by French botanist Alphonse Maille (1813-1865)....

Mallory (Margaret) Collection

Photographs of the Kasai District in the Belgian Congo and date books from Americans working in the region, 1914-1917. Includes collection of West African postcards. Also some unrelated material such as framed Western Americana.

Manahan (Charles F.) Collection

The collection contains correspondence, documents, reports, and clippings of Charles F. Manahan, an American soldier in the 34th U.S. Infantry, relating to military operations in the Philippines ca. 1899-1901. Many of the items date from a later period and refer...

Manchuria Collection

The collection contains pamphlets, handbooks, railway guides, tourist brochures, and other printed Manchuria-related items, most issued in Great Britain (extracts from publications by the British Foreign Office, the Royal Geographical Society), Manchuria or Japan (issued by various departments of the...

Map of North America by H.S. Tanner

Original map of North America by H.S. Tanner, 1822.

Maradiaga (Ralph) collection

The Ralph Maradiaga Collection covers Maradiaga's educational, professional and creative accomplishments. They are recorded in exhibit materials, poetry, posters and other papers. Many slides and photos are part of this collection as well. The photos cover much of his personal...

Maric (Bennett) Collection

The collection consists of material, primarily correspondence (mostly outgoing) related to Maric's efforts through international legal action to recover eight paintings stolen from him in Paris during World War II. The paintings were to have been transferred from Paris to...

Marks (A. L.) Civil War Diary

Civil War diary, 1861-1864, of A. L. Marks from Chicago, who enlisted as a very young man in the 13th Illinois Vol. Infantry, at Dixon, Illinois. The diary describes the movements and engagements of the 13th Illinois, from its organization...

Marks (A. L.) Civil War Diary

Civil War diary, 1861-1864, of A. L. Marks from Chicago, who enlisted as a very young man in the 15th Illinois Vol. Infantry, at Dixon, Illinois. The diary describes the movements and engagements of the 15th Illinois, from its organization...

Martinez (Rayvan) collection

This collection contains original sketches, designs, stencils and silkscreens from artist Rayvan Martinez (Gonzales). As an artist, Martinez was active in the early Chicano Movement during the 70's and 80's. His work focuses on Hispanic culture, social injustice, and the...

Martland (Peter) collection on sound recording industry history

Early sound recording industry research files collected by Peter Martland. Includes correspondence and other business papers, records, and reports of the Victor Talking Machine Company, RCA VIctor, EMI, Thorn EMI, Columbia, Gramophone, and others. The collection also contains papers, notebooks...

Maslow (Abraham) Collection

This is a collection of reprints of Maslow articles.

Massachusetts Infantry, 12th Regiment Records

The collection contains Civil War individual service and medical records, lists of circulars, regimental and regular orders received, order books - one with a short history, and photographs for the Massachusetts Infantry, 12th Regiment (Vol.), ca 1861-1864....

Masters (Chuck) Vietnam War Correspondence

The collection contains 15 letters from army photographer Lieutenant Chuck Masters, 221st Signal Co., to friend Dave Schmahl of Alhambra, California. Letters are mainly from Pleiku and Long Binh, Vietnam, and describe day-to-day life, including R&R in Hong Kong. There...

Matthews (Verner R.) World War II Photograph Album

Photograph album of an African American World War II soldier from New York City, Corporal Verner R. Matthews, Company A, 1863d Engineer Aviation. Contains 33 b/w photos, most with captions, of Matthews and fellow soldiers on Guam, relaxing off duty,...

Maxwell (John S.) Papers

The collection contains correspondence, documents, and photographs, mainly concerning John S. Maxwell's service in the Navy during the Civil War. Also included is a 1907 letter (TLS) from President Theodore Roosevelt re Grand Army of the Republic encampment....

May 23, 2014 Isla Vista Memorial archive

The May 23, 2014 Isla Vista Memorial Archive consists mainly of condolence items left at spontaneous memorial sites, as well as items sent to the university in the wake of the incident that occurred on May 23, 2014, in which...

May (Rollo) Papers

Extensive manuscript and audiovisual collection from well-known humanistic psychotherapist and popular author Rollo May (1909-1994).

Maya Gonzalez papers

Maya Gonzalez is a Chicana artist known for promoting the latino community through her vibrant illustrative work in children's books. This collection includes four folders containing past exhibition catalogs and 118 slides of her art work.

Mayer (Jacob Peter) Collection

The collection contains correspondence, photographs, and related materials, most of which accompanied the 14,500 volume library of Jacob Peter Mayer, political scientist and Alexis de Tocqueville scholar.

McAllister (Frances B.) Papers

The collection contains files of Frances B. McAllister, arranged into two series: Series I: the Center for the Study of Democratic Institutions (CSDI) and Series II: the International Ocean Institute (IOI).

McBirnie (W.S.) pamphlets

The W.S. McBirnie Collection consists of 51 pamphlets written by conservative radio host and theologian William Steuart McBirnie during the 1970s and 1980s.

McClellan (George) Civil War Telegram

One handwritten Civil War telegram, signed Maj. Gen. McClellan, Aug. 24, 1862, re the situation at Rappahannock Station, VA, where a series of minor battles were occurring as a prelude to Gen. Stonewall Jackson's march on Manassas Junction....

McClure (Michael) "The Surge" manuscript

Manuscript of the poem "The Surge," by Michael McClure.

McConnell (Robert L.) Collection

The collection contains Civil War and later items, of Robert L. McConnell, a Union lieutenant with the Ohio Infantry, 8th Regiment. Includes two letters to friend Mary Williams of Medina, OH, 1861-1862, and one from Mary C. McConnell to her...

McCord (J. D.) Civil War Letter

One lengthy eight-page Civil War letter (ALS) from J. D. McCord to his cousin, Mrs. R. A. Newton of Albany, NY, re recent engagements, including a Rebel ambush near Falmouth, Virginia. Also says he has been a butcher the last...

McCrummen (JB) GOO! and January 28 Committee collection

Documents collected by environmental activist JB McCrummen relating to Santa Barbara oil spill activism in the wake of the blowout and oil spill in the Santa Barbara Channel in 1969. Materials cover the formation of the Santa Barbara based environmental...

McGee (J. Sears) Collection

Photograph and diary (1854-1865) of Susan Alice Gray Sears, a 17th century indenture, and several southern Civil War era newspapers. Also, a number of 17th-18th century monographs, cataloged separately.

McGinnes (Marc) papers

These papers contain environmental studies course files, correspondence, notes, research materials, photographs, and recorded lectures relating to Marc McGinnes' tenure as a professor of environmental studies at UC Santa Barbara, as well as his work with the Institute for Peaceful...

McGuire (Harry) Collection

Correspondence, scrapbooks, photographs, and publications edited by McGuire, who spent his later years in Santa Barbara. Includes materials relating to the Music Academy and Santa Barbara Council of Arts. Also, Hogarth prints (18c), British engravings and handbills (mainly 19c), and...

McKie (Helen) / World War I Drawings Collection

Drawings from the Great War Collection.

McMillan (Horace J.) Papers

The Horace J. McMillan Papers consists of nine series distributed in six archival boxes. Correspondence, reports, and newspaper clippings make up the bulk of the collection. Together with the McMillan oral history interview in CEMA's Santa Barbara African American Oral...

McNear (George W.) Letters

Seventeen letters (ALS) from George William McNear to his wife Maria. In late 1865, McNear left his pregnant wife and two young daughters in Brooklyn, New York and traveled to New Orleans in search of business opportunities. Apparently, the steamer...

Meade (James J.) papers

Papers of Brigadier General James J. Meade, of Long Beach, California.

MECha collection

The "MEChA (Movimiento Estudiantil Chicano de Aztlán) Collection" was compiled by students who were members of the MEChA organization. Six of these students were appointed by UC President Hitch to an advisory committee on the operations of a newly established...

Medieval Manuscript Fragments Collection

Collection of medieval manuscript fragments from religious texts and scholarly notebooks.

Menkin (Eva L.) and Weininger (Ben) Collection

Drafts of and correspondence relating to the writings of psychiatrist/psychoanalyst Ben Weininger and marriage and family counselor Eva Menkin.

Menzies (Jean Storke) collection

These papers contain files of organizations and institutions with which Menzies was associated (including Santa Barbara Mission and University of California, Santa Barbara), as well as personal papers and subject files (people, places, subjects). Menzies spent years in India with...

Meredith (Florence Clark) Papers

The collection contains photographs, notes, diplomas, certificates, clippings, tapes and transcripts relating to Florence Clark Meredith's schooling and teaching years, primarily at what would become the University of California Santa Barbara.

Meriden Gravure Company Collection

The collection contains printed examples from the Meriden Gravure Company of Meriden, Connecticut, ca. 1964-1971. Included are booklets, calendars, exhibition catalogs, guides, journals, and pamphlets commissioned by a number of galleries, museums, organizations, and universities and colleges....

Merrill (Charles A.) Papers

Correspondence, manuscripts of letters to editors, sermons, financial records, Methodist ministerial and camp meeting flyers and pamphlets, essays, and poems of Charles A. Merrill, a Methodist minister from Holyoke, Massachusetts.

Metal type pieces to "Sun and Shadow" by John Ridland

Metal type pieces to the poem "Sun and Shadow" by UCSB Professor of English, Emeritus, critic, translator, and poet John Ridland....

Metaphysical publishing catalogs and ephemera

A collection of catalogs, correspondence, and newsletters from American metaphysical publishing companies from the 1940s to 1950s.

Mexican Manuscripts Collection

This collection consists of various documents related to institutions and property in the State of Puebla, México, between the years 1776 and 1837. The collection consists of six folders and some 240 total pages of documentation. The collection is divided...

Mexican Revolution / U.S. Navy Picture Postcard Collection

Ten black/white picture postcards documenting U.S. Navy actions, mainly of the U.S.S. Maryland along the west coast of Mexico during the Mexican Revolution, ca. 1915. Includes images of the 'Maryland' leaving San Diego Harbor, at Matazlan and Tuxedina Bay, and...

Mexican tourism collection

85 items relating to travel and tourism in Mexico, circa 1940s to 1960s.

Mexican travel and tourism ephemera

Items related to travel and tourism in Mexico. Collection includes booklets, brochures, guidebooks and souvenir cards.

Mexico mining photograph album

Album containing 458 black-and-white photographs with few handwritten captions, taken in northwestern Mexico and southern California, relating primarily to a mining operation.

Mexico photograph album

Album contains 167 uncaptioned black-and-white photographs of scenes in Mexico.

Mexico Photograph Album

132 sepia albumen prints in an album of Isabel Nesmith, who left San Francisco on the Pacific Mail boat and traveled to Mazatlan, Manzanilla, Acapulco, Tehauntepec, Amate, Minatitlan, Vera Cruz, Orizaba, and Mexico City, as well as visiting friends, the...

Mexico Subject Collection

Collection contains printed ephemera relating to Mexico, including: guidebooks and maps, many of which relate specifically to auto or train travel.

Middle East Photograph Album

Photograph album with more than 150 black/white images taken by the Matson Photo Service (Jerusalem, Palestine), ca. latter 1930s-mid 1940s. Mainly Palestine (Tiberias, Mt. Hermon, Dagania, Haifa, Akka, Tel-Aviv, Bethlehem, Ramallah, and Jerusalem); also Egypt (Port Said, Ismailia, Alexandria, Memphis,...

Miller (Arthur) / After The Fall Collection

The collection contains files of the printer/typographer Milton B. Glick, who designed the dust jacket for the 1964 Viking Press edition of . Included in the collection are galley proofs, page proofs, sample pages, mockups, business correspondence, and other material...

Miller (Eleanor) Photograph Albums of New Zealand

Three photograph albums: two labelled "New Zealand" and one labelled "Maories". Approximately 180 commercial b/w photographs, mainly by Burton Bros, Dunedin, with printed captions, of areas such as Ohinematu, Wairoa, Rotomahana, Mount Kimberley, Milford Sound, Wakatipu, New Plymouth, Wellington, Nelson,...

Miller (Henry), Young (Noel) [Capra Press] correspondence

Includes nine letters from publisher Noel Young to Henry Miller. A series of nine typed mainly single page letters mostly on Capra Press letterhead and club sized stationery from Noel Young, editor, to Henry Miller.

Minieh [Egypt] Photograph Album

One album by Photographie Zola, dated Feb. 20, 1914, with 24 black/white mounted photographs of officials and dignitaries, horse and camel trainers, riders, and races at an unknown celebration/festival during the last days of Ottoman rule in Egypt.

Minnick (Heidi) and Cannon (William) Collection

Collection consists of seventeen open reel audio recordings of humanistic psychologists during therapy sessions.

Miranda (Marcy ) Collection on the Comisión Femenil Mexicana National – Leadership project

Marcy Miranda was a graduate student at UCSB doing a case study of a Chicana feminist organization for her MA thesis in Sociology, focusing on the leaders of the Los Angeles-based Comisión Femenil Mexicana Nacional (CFMN). Her primary interest was...

Missouri Infantry (23rd Regiment, Co. A) Clothing Account Book

Leatherbound volume, with lists of clothing issued to soldiers in Company A, 1861-1864, along with a one-page return for Company E, of present and absent officers and enlisted men for September 1864....

Mitchell (Hugh) oblique aerial photographs

Oblique aerial photographs created by Colonel Hugh Mitchell Junior, USAF from the late 1960s through the 1980s, primarily of the Southwestern United States.

Mitchell (John J.) Collection

The collection contains series of early 19th century documents registering cattle brands in California, as well as 1945 correspondence and a 1939 guestbook relating to Zaca Lake Ranch, California. ...

Mitchell (Maurice B.) Collection

Correspondence, reports, and other, relating to his work with Encyclopaedia Britannica, the Center for the Study of Democratic Institutions, and other foundations and institutions such as the Annenberg. Also contains material relating to his interest in the history of printing.

Mitchell (Ruth Comfort) collection

The collection contains correspondence, typescripts of articles and speeches, research files, photographs, and ephemera of American author Ruth Comfort Mitchell.

Mizrahi (Joseph Victor) Wings and Airpower magazine collection

Archive of materials related to and magazine, photographs of World War II tanks and soldiers, correspondence from J. Cuny to Joseph Mizrahi, and descriptions of German and French tanks of World War II, especially in relation to the Battle of...

Méndez (Miguel M.) Papers

Miguel Méndez es una gran figura literaria en el mundo de la ficción Chicana. Sus papeles representan la importancia de este escritor Chicano y sus obras. El es un novelista y un profesor universitario retirado. Información personal y biográfica, correspondencia,...

Mobley (Paul H.) Vietnam War Collection

The collection is contained within an album of photographs, leaflets, and various ephemeral items relating to the service of First Lieutenant Paul H. Mobley with the U.S. 1st Cavalry Division in Vietnam in 1965-1966. There are twelve black and white...

Moffett (James Porter) Papers

The collection contains biographical information, correspondence, professional and project files, talks and writings of the internationally known author, editor, lecturer, workshop leader, and consultant on language arts teaching and integrated curriculum development.

Moldaver (Lee) Collection

Files mainly relating to Santa Barbara transportation issues.

Monaghan (Jay) Collection

The collection contains appointment books, biographical, personal and family files, correspondence, research files, scrapbooks, speeches and lectures, writings (including ms drafts), photographs and illustrations of Jay Monaghan, a Lincoln, Civil War, and western history scholar. Monaghan also played a major...

Mongolia Manuscript and Printing Collection

Examples of manuscripts and printing from various sources.

Mongolian Buddhist Offering Print Blocks and Manuscripts

A small collection of Mongolian Buddhist offering print blocks and manuscripts.

Monrovia, California photographs

Monrovia California, Photographs, 1916. Monrovia Canyon, Mount Wilson.

Montgomery (William P.) / Locust Plantation Collection

1834-1870. Includes bills, receipts, indentures, yearly cotton sales records of Montgomery, a planter and plantation owner in Washington County, Mississippi, who declared bankruptcy in 1869. .4 linear feet (1 box).

Montoya (José) Papers

The José Montoya Papers cover his life from his return from the Korean War around 1954 through the late 2000s. They contain biographical information such as correspondence, events and sketchbooks. Montoya is an important cultural luminary of the Chicano Movement...

Montoya, (Malaquias) collection

The Malaquias Montoya Collection contains silkscreen posters donated from the artist and family members. The posters are divided into three groups Premeditated: Meditations on Capital Punishment, La Raza Graphic Center, and Miscellaneous.

Moran (Robert B. and William R.) papers

Photographs and documents relating to the careers of Robert B. and William R. Moran. Most of the collection pertains to oil exploration in California, other parts of the United States, and abroad.

Moran (William R.) collection

Personal papers and collection of discographer, author, and philanthropist William R. Moran. Collection includes sound recordings, photographs, and ephemera as well as manuscripts and research files, including files on singers and correspondence with singers, discographers and others.

Moro (Philippines) manuscript in Arabic

One volume, in Arabic. Pasted on cover, "upside down" from text: "The Koran. Mohammedan or Moro Bible [sic]. Captured at Sultan Maceiu's Fort, by Company 'C' 27th Infantry CCT Ist 02." Possibly from U.S. military action during the Moro Rebellion...

Morocco photographs

Black-and-white photographs, with handwritten captions in French on the back, taken of Fez, Meknes, Rabat, and Mechra Bel Ksiri, Morocco.

Morris (Caspar W.) Civil War letters

37 Civil War letters of Caspar W. Morris, other family letters, newspaper clippings, and a few personal and biographical documents....

Morse Fellowship collection

Notes from retreats and serial publications relating to a channeling group known as the Morse Fellowship.

Moustakas (Clark) Collection

Collection consists of two boxes of article reprints as collected by Clark Moustakas, humanistic psychotherapist.

Mudborn Press Collection

The collection contains announcements and invitations, broadsides, checklists, commercial work, linoleum block and relief prints, page layouts, posters, postcards, programs, publisher's promotional pieces, type specimen sheets, and related artwork and other materials of jobs printed by the Mudborn Press, founded...

Mudrick (Marvin) recordings

This collection consists of 47 audiocassette recordings of lectures from UCSB Professor of English Marvin Mudrick (1921-1986). Mudrick founded UCSB's College of Creative Studies and served as provost until 1984....

Mujeres Unidas por Justicia, Educación y Revolución (M.U.J.E.R.) Collection

Mujeres Unidas por Justicia, Educación y Revolución (M.U.J.E.R.) was founded as "Mujeres en Cambio" in the late 1970s as an independent group funded by the Education Opportunity Program. The initial purpose of the organization was to ease the transition into...

Muller (Charles F.) Papers

The collection contains an autograph book, correspondence, diary, documents, reminiscences, and ephemera of Charles F. Muller, a Civil War Union soldier, Pennsylvania Infantry, 29th Regiment (Vol), Co. B, as well as some other items apparently not directly pertaining to Muller....

Muller (Cornelius H.) papers

Material relating to the botanical research and teaching of UCSB Professor of Botany Cornelius H. Muller.

Multiracial Americans of Southern California (MASC) records

Audiovisual and other material including videocassettes, audiocassettes, organizational records, newsletters, and ephemera documenting the activities of the Multiracial Americans of Southern California (MASC) from 1987 to 2004.

Music Academy of the West archives

Audio and video recordings of Music Academy of the West concerts, recitals and masterclasses dating from 1961 to 2001, as well as Music Academy of the West organizational records dating from 1946 to 2012.

Muster (Bill) Collection

The collection primarily contains photographs and slides taken by William N. (Bill) Muster, from the time he was in Germany after WWII, in various parts of the U.S. (mainly the LA area), and trips around the world, often as part...

Muster (Bill) papers on Capitol Records

Papers of William N. (Bill) Muster (1926-1989) mainly covering his six years as a merchandising manager at Capitol Records from 1953 to 1959.

N. N. Hill Brass Company Records

The collection contains 25 letter books of the N. N. Hill Brass Company of Middleton, CT, which manufactured bells and toys. Copies of approximately 12,500 letters are included in the letter books. Many deal with shipment of goods and related...

NAACP and Civil Rights ephemera collection

Contains flyers, posters, pamphlets, and correspondence relating to the activities of several Civil Rights organizations-- including National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP), Harvard Society of Minority Rights, and Committee of Racial Equality (CORE)-- during the Civil Rights...

Nabokov (Vladimir) Collection

The first three series in the collection were donated anonymously in 1987. They are:...

Nagasaki, Yokohama, and Tokyo Environs Color Photograph Album

The album contains a group of 44 early (mostly) color photographs and 1 color postcard. Many of the photographs are of a group of unidentified [Western, possibly British] visitors to Japan, ca. 1900 -1910. The color photographs may be examples...

Nast (Thomas) Scrapbooks

The collection contains four scrapbooks with pasted-in cartoons of Thomas Nast, which appeared . The items in each scrapbook are arranged chronologically....

National Network of Hispanic Women archives

The National Network of Hispanic Women was a non-profit corporation founded in 1980 dedicated to the identification and advancement of Hispanic women for positions of leadership in the public and private sectors. This organization was founded by Sylvia Castillo, the...

Native American photographs

Thirteen uncaptioned black-and-white photographs mounted on black paper of Native Americans in an undetermined location, most likely the Great Plains.

Native Media Resource Center / Peggy Berryhill Bay Area Native radio collection

Audiotape reels, audiocassettes, digital audiotape (DAT), and minidiscs from the Native Media Resource Center and Peggy Berryhill radio broadcasts. Material ranges in date from 1974 to 2001, and includes correspondence and radio program pamphlets

Naylor (Cal) Production Files

Production files for 18 shows of the 1981 television show, "Hill Street Blues" including the budget, location information, cast and crew, production reports, miscellaneous memos, and scripts. Also includes cast information, crew resumes, location information, budget estimates, and deal memos...

Neilson (Hugo) World War II Scrapbook

The collection contains 157 black and white snapshots (captions in English), documents, clippings, and two 1944 issues of the newspaper, on scrapbook pages and loose, compiled by Hugo Neilson, Seaman First Class with the 51st NCB (Naval Construction Battalion).

New Granada Canal & Steam Navigation Company Letter

One letter (ALS) from Henry Wells, president of the New Granada Canal & Steam Navigation Company of New York, 1855, to Captain Morrill of the Steamship Osprey, detailing the itinerary and business dealings for the ship's voyage, to include stops...

New Jersey Infantry (4th Regiment, Co. B) Morning Reports

Leatherbound volume, Civil War era, with entries kept by Captain William Seddon, of numbers of officers and enlisted men present and absent for Company B of the 4th New Jersey Infantry, Aug. 1861-Mar. 1862....

New York Heavy Artillery, 6th Regiment (Vol) Collection

The collection contains correspondence, documents, maps, sketches, newspaper clippings, and historical recollections regarding the involvement of the New York Heavy Artillery, 6th Regiment (Vol.) in the Civil War, apparently as collected by The Fraternity of the Survivors of the Sixth...

New York National Guard, 7th Regiment collection

Materials of the New York National Guard, 7th Regiment, especially in relation to its participation in the Civil War, and the later West Coast veterans organization.

New York World's Fair Collection

The collection contains brochures, pamphlets, and other ephemera relating to the fair and its exhibits.

Nicholas Piediscalzi collection

Materials collected by Nicholas Piediscalzi about religion and public education issues. Also included are notebooks and audio cassettes pertaining to Lazaris, the "nonphysical being" with whom Jach Pursel claims to communicate.

Nineteenth Century Americana Collection

The collection is partially processed, with folder titles generally referring to personal surnames or names of organizations. When more than one individual with the surname is represented in a folder, it often is unclear if the individuals are members of...

Nineteenth Century Business Collection

Correspondence, lists, invoices and other documents relating to several East Coast businesses. Some of the material is from the Civil War era.

Ninja Press collection

Correspondence, articles, lectures, conference, exhibition, and organization files, project files, and related materials of UCSB book arts graduate and fine press owner Carolee Campbell.

Nistal-Moret (Benjamin) Collection

The collection contains biographical material about Benjamin Nistal-Moret (1944-1993) and material collected and created for his , including a number of 19th century documents, in Spanish, from Puerto Rico, primarily relating to identification and registration of slaves and the apprehension...

Nixon Presidential Photograph Collection

Mounted prints taken by official White House photographers; given to Mrs. [?] Firestone, mother of Brooks Firestone, and prominent Republican supporter.

North Africa Cruise Album

An album compiled by a British couple, with photos, postcard views, and clippings from brochures for a 25-day trip on the Royal Mail Steam Packet Company's Morocco Route, aboard the R.M.S.P. Arzila, Aug. 1912, to Gibraltar, Morocco (Tangier, Larache, Rabat,...

North Africa Photograph Album

Photograph album with 96 black/white prints, no captions, of North African urban street scenes, local inhabitants and Europeans, buildings, churches, businesses, gardens, boats and harbors, railways, parades/processions, and soldiers. Includes images from Tunisia and possibly other North African countries, ca....

North Carolina School of the Arts dance programs collection

Collection of dance programs, playbills, and clippings spanning the twentieth century.

Norwood (Alice) Collection

The collection primarily contains scrapbooks of greeting cards, holiday cards, photographs and travel souvenirs, postcards, trade cards, and other ephemera, as well as U.S. and world stamp albums and loose stamps, including blocks, commemorative stamps, first day covers, and sheets,...

Noyes-Wallace Family Collection

ca. 1850s-early 1900s. Documents and correspondence concerning Henry Erastus Noyes, George W. Wallace, and George W. Wallace, Jr., all soldiers in the U.S. Army. Also includes Noyes' 1861 photo album and other material relating to West Point, his 107 pp....

Nuclear Age Peace Foundation Collection

Annual reports, bulletins, newsletters, published studies, programs, audiotapes, ephemera, artifacts, material relating to the Distinguished Peace Leadership Award and World Citizen Award, and files of Dean Babst.

O'Brien (Neil) papers

Papers of early 20th century American blackface entertainer Neil O'Brien (circa 1868-1954), leader of "Neil O'Brien's Great American Minstrels," including scripts, music, set designs, photographs, letters, artifacts, posters, programs, sheet music, and financial documents.

Occupied Japan Photograph Album

Photograph album of an American GI in Occupied Japan, containing more than 140 b/w photos, most with captions. Most photos are of GIs, including camp life, on maneuvers, recreational activities, and a few with Japanese women. Also includes some related...

Ochoa (Victor) Papers

Ochoa [Victor] Collection. Art files, exhibition files, ephemera, posters and prints and other printed matter, photographs and slides, correspondence files, and recordings of the Chicano painter/muralist long considered to be one of the pioneers of San Diego's Chicano art movement...

Ohio Infantry (42nd Regiment, Co. C) Clothing Account Book

Bound volume, Civil War era, with lists of clothing issued to soldiers of the Ohio Infantry, 42nd Regiment, Company C, 1861-1864....

Oil City and Titusville (Pennsylvania) Opera House programs

Approximately 100 Oil City and Titusville, Pennsylvania opera house programs.

Oil Spill Information Center (OSIC) Collection

The four-volume publication (Santa Barbara: University Library, UCSB, 1972) serves as a guide to specific items in the collection. Copies of the index are located in Special Collections and the Sciences and Engineering Library (SEL) [Z7173.W3 C3)]. ...

Okinawa World War II Photograph Album

Photograph album with 30 b/w photos of Okinawa during World War II, no captions, apparently taken by a soldier with the U.S. Sixth Marine Division. Includes images of U.S. soldiers, armored vehicles, naval vessels in action, destroyed Japanese aircraft, Japanese...

Olsen (Don) / Ox Head Press Collection

The collection includes limited edition material by Robert Bly, Ralph Waldo Emerson, John Keats, Ursula K. LeGuin, Pablo Neruda (tr. by Olsen), Percy Bysshe Shelley, and Walt Whitman.

Opera Air Check Recordings Collection

350 instantaneous disc air check recordings of mostly Metropolitan and San Francisco Opera live performance broadcasts (in addition to other, unnamed orchestras) from 1937 to 1956. Because the provenance of these discs is not known, they have been retained, though...

Oriental Consolidated Mining Company Photograph Collection

The collection contains 129 black and white photographs, mainly snapshots, most with captions in English, on loose pages from two or more photo albums, likely compiled by Pitt Hyde, a geologist working for the American owned and operated Oriental Consolidated...

Orquestra Medellin Photograph Collection

This photograph album was originally created and given as a gift from Amelia M. Lopez to Jack and Margie Lopez of Los Angeles on February 9, 1995. It contains 197 photographs (9 are in color, 188 are black and white)....

Ortiz-Taylor (Sheila) Papers

The Sheila Ortiz-Taylor collection contains material relating primarily to her work as a writer and a teacher. The collection takes up four linear feet and is continually being added to by Ortiz-Taylor, as her work as a scholar and writer...

Ousdal (Asbjorn) Papers

The collection contains correspondence, scrapbooks, magazines, pamphlets, and manuscripts of writings, ca. 1930s-1950s, of Asbjorn Ousdal, a Santa Barbara resident and medical doctor (osteopathy) who also had interests in creative writing and fossils.

Pacific Air Industries photograph collection

The Pacific Air Industries (PAI) photograph collection (4 x 5 inch negatives and prints) came to the UCSB Library in 1986 as part of a gift from the Teledyne Foundation. The majority of this collection consists of ground shots taken...

Pacific Island Communities collection

The Pacific Island Communities Collection consists of pamphlets and booklets that were published for the Pacific Islander Festival in Los Angeles, as well as some other events amongst the Pacific Islander community. The City of Los Angeles, Cultural Affairs Department...

Pacific Pride Foundation records

Records documenting the activities of the Pacific Pride Foundation of Santa Barbara, California, the bulk of these dating from 1991-2015. Materials include office files and correspondence, loose photographs and photograph albums, clippings, publications, posters, ephemera, and audiovisual materials.

Pacifica Radio folio collection

Folios from Pacifica Radio stations KPFA, KPFK, WBAI, KPFT, and WPFW ranging in date from 1949 to 1987, as well as a small number of Pacifica administrative files and promotional pamphlets.

Page (Henry Markham) collection

Collection documenting the history of the Early Republic (United States), Civil War, and early California politics (Henry Harrison Markham, former governor and senator, California, 1885-1895). Materials include diaries, documents, newspaper clippings, publications, manuscripts, and Civil War medals....

Pai (Hsien-yung) (Kenneth Pai) papers

The collection encompasses an extensive assortment of printed works, literary manuscripts and other material relating to the novels, plays, short stories, and films adapted from the work of UCSB Professor Emeritus Hsien-yung Pai (Kenneth Pai).

Palomino (Ernesto R.) Papers

The contents of the Ernesto R. Palomino Papers reflect the development of a Chicano artist from his 1950s era beginnings as a Mexican American youth through his active participation in the Chicano cultural movement of the 1970s and 1980s. The...

Panama Canal / Southwest U.S. / Europe Photograph Album

Photograph album, apparently of a family's 1926 travels, containing 250+ black/white snapshots of various locations - Panama Canal, Texas, New Mexico, Grand Canyon, and Europe. Includes shots of ships and locks (Panama Canal); Elliott family and oil wells (Brady, Texas);...

Panama Canal Picture Postcard Collection

The collection contains 77 picture postcards, most in color with printed captions, ca. 1908-1910. Included are images of Gatun Locks, Culebra Cut, Miraflores Locks, Pedro Miguel Locks, Cristobal, Ancon Hospital, Empire Bridge, Panama City, Naos Island, and the Pacific Coast...

Panama Subject Collection

The collection contains guidebooks, maps, canal zone publications, and postcard albums relating to Panama from the early 20th century.

Papua, New Guinea, World War II Photograph Album

One World War II photograph album containing more than 180 b/w photos, with captions. Apparently the album of a wry U.S. soldier and member of a finance group (some images indicating 3rd and 4th Platoons, Co. D), self-described as the...

Paraguay photograph albums

130 black-and-white photos/photo postcards (some mounted, some loose) depicting various scenes and locales in Paraguay.

Parana River and Iguazu Falls photograph album

Album with 103 original photographs of the Upper Parana River and Iguazu Falls.

Payne (Owen Street) Papers

Essays by Payne, primarily concerning WWII.

Peace Resource Center of Santa Barbara Collection

Newsletters, flyers, correspondence, photos, and subject files of the Santa Barbara center.

Pearce (Donald) Papers

The collection contains correspondence, teaching materials, and copies of articles by the late Donald Pearce, professor of English at UCSB from the 1970s through the 1990s.

Pearce (Donald) Ross Macdonald (Ken Millar) audio recordings

19 audiocassettes containing discussions by the late Donald Pearce, professor of English at UCSB from the 1970s through the 1990s, on American-Canadian crime-fiction writer Ken Millar (1915-1983) (pseudonym Ross MacDonald), lectures on W.H. Auden, and a discussion with Tom Nolan...

Peatman (Philip) Collection

This collection contains material by and about Henry Miller, collected by Philip D. and Sylvia Peatman. ...

Peattie (Donald C. and Louise R.) Papers

The bulk of the collection relates to the writings of Donald Culross Peattie, but there also is substantial material regarding Louise Redfield Peattie's writings. In addition, there is some personal/family material.

Pecourt (Edouard) Tango and Latin American music collection

The Edouard Pecourt Tango and Latin American music collection consists of correspondence, photographs, albums, clippings playbills, programs, ephemera, manuscript scores, sheet music, lyrics sheets, and research materials related to tango and Latin American music from the beginning of the 20th...

Pedroza (Alma and Alfonse) Recordings

Instantaneous (lacquer) disc recordings of Mexican-American opera singers Alma and Alfonse Pedroza.

Pennsylvania Infantry, 90th Regiment, Civil War History

The collection contains one undated 27-page handwritten manuscript, "Record of the 90th Regiment," recounting the participation of the Pennsylvania Infantry, 90th Regiment (Vols.) in the Civil War, 1861-1864, including the Battle of Gettysburg in July 1863....

Penzer (Norman Mosely) Papers

The collection contains mostly mounted photographs of architectural and archaeological sites in the Middle East and Europe, with extensive notes and accompanying maps, pamphlets, booklets, etc.

Performers of small stature collection

Collection of photographs, cartes-de-visite, and souvenir circus programs relating to little people performers in late 19th and early 20th century circus and vaudeville, including issues of the Midget City News newspaper.

Persia (Iran) photograph album

34 photographs taken in Persia (Iran) in the 1920s.

Persian Gulf Command - Iran Photo Album

During World War II, the U.S. Army's Persian Gulf Command maintained a supply line through Iran for the benefit of our Soviet allies. The first American troops of the PGC arrived in Iran in December 1942 and quickly took control...

Peruvian Political Printed Ephemera Collection

Collection of 20th century Peruvian newspapers, periodicals and ephemera, with emphasis on early issues of short-lived political publications.

Peterson (John D.) Papers

The collection primarily contains correspondence, interviews, newspapers and other printed material relating to John D. Peterson's UCLA dissertation research in Brazilian history, ca. 1960s.

Phelps (Waldo) Oral History

The collection contains five audiocassettes of interviews recorded with Waldo Phelps, by June Behrens, re his life history, beginnings of Santa Barbara Normal School, and retirement in Santa Barbara. UCSB Phelps Hall is named after his father, Clarence Phelps....

Philippines, Hong Kong, and Japan Photograph Album

44 black/white snapshots, 1923-1924, apparently taken by an American sailor, with descriptions in an index at the end of the album,. About half the images are of Philippine people and scenes on the island of Bohol, especially Tagbilaran, along with...

Philippines Photo Postcards

Collection of six color and sixteen b/w Philippines photo postcards, ca. 1913-1921, of rural scenes, local residents, Manila, U.S. Army views, Bilibid Prison, rivers and boats....

Philippines picture postcards collection

Four black-and-white picture postcards.

Photograph Album - Australia, New Zealand, New Guinea, England

Approximately 150 b/w photographs with handwritten captions, varying sizes, of areas such as Melbourne, Sydney, Tasmania, Wandiligong, Fernshaw, Dandenong, Yorkminster Cathedral, Malmsbury, Kolo Kemp (N.G.), Little River. Includes several images of camps, farms, ranches, and indigenous populations....

Photographs of American architecture and architecture in Austria, Belgium, England, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Mexico, Scotland, and Spain

American and European architectural images totaling four thousand one hundred and eighty-three images (4,183) two thirds of which are of American architecture and the rest European, with a small number of images from Mexico.

Piñeyro (Emma) scrapbook

Programs, playbills, clippings, and photographs of Emma Piñeyro, Mexican verse reciter and performer from the 1920s and 1930s.

Playman (Gordon) Papers, 1947-2002

Papers of composer Gordon Playman, including manuscript scores, research files, correspondence, clipping and recordings of his compositions. Playman wrote several large-scale orchestral works, including four symphonies, all of which were performed. Organized into the following series: I.Musical scores, II.Sound recordings,...

Playwrights' Arena archives

6 boxes containing scripts, internal organizational files, contracts, photographics prints, and other ephemera.

Plowden (Elizabeth) Diaries

19 diaries, 1827-1863, of an Elizabeth [Elisabeth?] Plowden, likely English and possibly from London, since there are occasional references to London locations. The bound volumes, all published in London, contain a front printed section, followed by a diary, with handwritten...

Poetry Broadsides Collection

Collection of broadsides of poems from the 1970s.

Poland Photograph Album

Photo album (disbound) contains 86 black and white photographs taken in Poland during the years 1932-1933 by Antoni H. Jakubowski.

Polish Army World War II Photograph Presentation Album

Photograph album, containing 52 black/white snapshots with captions in English, apparently presented by Polish Army soldiers in conjunction with an exhibition at United College, St. Andrews University, Scotland in February 1941. The soldiers were part of a Polish, British, and...

Port Said and Mesopotamia Postcard/Photograph Album

World War I era album, ca. 1917-1919, of British Private J. Bloom, 13th Divisional Cyclist Company, Mesopotamia Expeditionary Force. Includes 54 postcards from Mesopotamia (many of Basrah [Basra] and surrounding area), 47 of Port Said, and 18 of Marseille. Also...

Posters of the 1960s

The collection contains 27 original printed posters, many in vivid color, most advertising concerts and readings in Detroit, San Francisco, and Santa Barbara / Isla Vista, CA.

Potter (Robert A.) Plays

The collection includes typescripts of 29 original plays and 17 adaptations by Robert A. Potter (1934-2010), political activist, poet, playwright and professor of Drama at UCSB. Also included are reviews, programs, clippings, production photos, publicity and music.

Pound (Ezra) - Schneider (Elisabeth W.) Correspondence

Pound and Schneider began their correspondence in 1952, and it consisted primarily of trading literary recommendations, with Pound often providing addresses of small publishers who printed the works of obscure authors he considered important. His letters, written in a style...

Pound (Ezra) - Theobald (John R.) Correspondence

Pound and Theobald began their correspondence in 1957, when Theobald was preparing a poetry textbook and was seeking input from the living poets to be included. Although gruffly stating that his poems were not meant for adolescents, Pound insisted that...

Powell (E. C.) Daybook

Bound volume, with inscription "E. C. Powell Daybook" on the cover, mainly containing lists of general store accounts, from Tennessee and Georgia, some from the latter 1860s Reconstruction period. Includes prices for supplies such as tobacco, coffee, molasses, calico, and...

Powell (George May) Holy Land Collection

Documents relating to cartographer and "Bible geographer" George May Powell of the Oriental Topographical Corps, including maps of Palestine, correspondence, photographs, and other ephemera.

Powell (Philip W.) Collection

The collection contains mainly drafts of writings and research files including copies of 16th-18th century Spanish and Mexican government documents, of a UCSB Latin American scholar.

Presses and printers collection

Prospectuses, lists, flyers, correspondence and various other materials by or about individual presses, arranged alphabetically, by press name.

Prigoff, James Slide Collection

The James Prigoff slide collection is an important visual resource that helps document the Chicano visual arts movement in California, and in particular, the San Diego and Tijuana area. The collection complements that of other CEMA collections that make up...

Prigoff (James) slide collection

The collection includes 429 slides.The slides in this collection are overwhelmingly of mural art and of spray can art. The slide collection is an important visual resource that helps document the Chicano visual arts movement in California, and in particular,...

Process Church of the Final Judgement collection

Materials relating to the Process Church of the Final Judgement and one of its founding members, Robert de Grimston.

Pruessman (Gladys) Japan Photograph Album

Photograph album of a General Electric executive's family in Japan, 1929, with about 300 b/w photos and ephemera such as newspaper clippings, telegrams, cards, ships' menus, passenger lists, postcards, pamphlets, invitations, theater tickets and programs, and hotel menus. Gladys [Mrs....

Puck Magazine Drawings

Collection of 13 original drawings, ink on board, by various artists, for , the British humor magazine, 1879-1916....

Qing Dynasty Manchu prayer boards

Two wooden prayer boards in Manchu.

Qing era China photographs

Seventeen black and white photographs from late Qing era China (circa 1910).

Radin (Paul) oral history

The collection contains background material (including a six page typescript autiobiography), as well as tapes and transcripts from 1999 interviews on Radin’s role as a producer in the film industry.

Radio program library and transcription catalogs

Standard Program radio station library catalogs (loose-leaf binders and index cards), as well as other radio library and transcription catalogs.

R.A.F. Pilot's Pakistan Photograph Album

Photograph album of a British R.A.F. pilot in Pakistan, 1927-1928, containing 100+ black/white photographs, many with captions. Includes shots of biplanes, airfields, camps, and colleagues, as well as a number of scenes in the North West Frontier and other parts...

Railroad Collection

The collection contains correspondence, invoices, notices, receipts, and tickets for several railroads including the Atlantic and Great Western Railway; Buffalo Pass, Scalplock & Defiance Railroad; Chicago & North-Wester Railroad Company; Chicago Burlington and Quincy Railroad; Denver & Rio Grande Western...

Railroad Ephemera Collection

The collection contains a variety of ephemeral items relating mainly to railroad companies, but also some bus and other transportation companies. Included in the collection are passenger tickets, railroad forms, transfer tickets, bond coupons, baggage claim checks, company passes, time...

Railroad Printed Ephemera Collection

The collection contains flyers, memos, membership cards, newsletters, notices, proceedings, statutes and other related materials, mainly pertaining to the New York, New Haven and Hartford Railroad Company and to the Brotherhood of Railway and Steamship Clerks, Freight Handlers, Express and...

Rains (Omer L.) Papers

Bill files, committee files, legislation, campaign and election files, press releases, speech files, subject files, and binders with biographical information pertaining to Rains, a California legislator (State Senate), 18th Senatorial District (Santa Barbara/Ventura). Includes files on abortion, alcoholism, drugs, marijuana,...

Ramona Glass Slide Collection

40 glass slides by F. H. Maude (Los Angeles, CA), many colored, with captions, providing a visual depiction at Rancho Camulos (Ventura Co.) of Helen Hunt Jackson's novel .

Rancheros Visitadores films

Two reels of 16mm film relating to Los Rancheros Visitadores, or the "Visiting Ranchers," a social club in the United States.

Rand (William W.) Papers

Papers of William Whitehill Rand (1902-1988), geologist, engineer, and petroleum prospector. The collection includes documents, maps and some artifacts related to Rand's career in geology, marine engineering, and the oil industry. The maps are scientific and some include offshore sounding...

Record auction catalog collection

78 rpm record auction catalogs, from dealers both foreign and domestic, dating roughly from the mid 20th century to the present.

Reese (Harry) collection of paper samples from Rudge paper mold

Paper samples made using Rudge paper mold, collected by Santa Barbara book artist and printer Harry Reese....

Religious Leaders of America Collection

Research files used by J. Gordon Melton while compiling his book , first published in 1991.

Relis (Paul) journals

This collection consists primarily of personal journals, as well as manuscripts, booklets, correspondence, and articles documenting the environmental community outreach activities and personal reflections of author and environmentalist Paul Relis of Santa Barbara, California.

Reynolds (Dorothy) photograph collection

This collections consists of two document boxes filled with 363 black and white photographs, color slides, and essays documenting Dorothy Reynolds' travels in South and Central America. Her images illuminate the colonial and traditional architecture, and the cultural and religious...

Reynolds (Joseph Smith) Civil War Diary

Civil War diary, 1862, of Joseph Smith Reynolds, a Union officer with the 64th Illinois Vol., Co. F. Reynolds was born in New Lenox, Illinois, December 3, 1839. He moved to Chicago in 1856, graduated from the high school there...

Rice (Felicia)/Moving Parts Press archive

Fine press artist collection of the Moving Parts Press of Santa Cruz, California, dating from 1974 to 2017.

Richter (Jean Paul) - Leonard da Vinci Biography

Two-volume holographic manuscript on the life of Leonardo da Vinci, French translation of Jean Paul Richter's (1880 edition in English), likely done by his wife Louise in 1884.

Ridland (John) papers

Papers of University of California, Santa Barbara Professor Emeritus of English, critic, translator, and poet John Ridland (1933-). Materials include correspondence, manuscripts, teaching files, subject files, publications, and diaries.

Rieffel (Aristide) Collection

Primarily correspondence and writings [in French] of French philosopher, social scientist, journalist and inventor Rieffel, who spent his last years in Santa Barbara.

Ritzinger (Joseph L.) letters

175 handwritten letters from American sailor, Joseph Ritzinger, killed in action in the Pacific during the Second World War.

Riviera Association records

Records of the Riviera Association of Santa Barbara, California, including board minutes and correspondence, bylaws, issue files, newsletters, and maps.

Robertson (Alfred W.) Papers

Biographical files, correspondence, documents, clippings, photographs, scrapbooks, and sound recordings of a leading California State Assembly member from Santa Barbara, responsible for introducing and leading support of a bill to authorize transfer of Santa Barbara State College to the University...

Robey Theatre Company production files

Production files of the Robey Theatre Company of Los Angeles, California, from the period 1999-2011.

Robinson Collection

The collection contains correspondence, financial, legal, and religious materials pertaining to a number of apparently unrelated individuals and organizations, primarily from Massachusetts and other parts of the eastern seaboard, from the mid-18th to the early-20th centuries. Some documents in the...

Rodriguez (Favianna) Papers

Favianna Rodriguez is an internationally renowned artist, activist, and teacher based in Oakland, California. Her bold posters and digital artwork deal with social justice issues such as immigration, globalization, economic injustice, patriarchy, racism, and war. Rodriguez works in a variety...

Rogers (Bruce) Collection

The collection contains correspondence from internationally renowned typographer and designer Bruce Rogers (1870-1957) to Fred Rudge, Melvin Loos, and others, as well as manuscript and proofs of Rogers' (William E. Rudge's Sons, 1943), and other design items, ca. 1920-1954. Rogers...

Rogers (Carl R.) Collection

The Carl R. Rogers Collection contains select papers of Carl R. Rogers; records from his association with the Center for the Studies of the Person, a group he co-founded; and reprint articles from the Carl Rogers Memorial Library. There is...

Rojas (Arnold R.) Papers

Corrected typescript, galley and page proofs for Rojas' , published by McNally and Loftin, Charlotte and Santa Barbara, 1964.

Rojo (Charles) collection

The Charles Rojo collection consists of a scrapbook reproduction that chronicles the life of his father Leo Rojo (1907-1963). Leo Rojo was a Mexican American singer songwriter who sang, played or appeared in motion pictures. In the 1941 movie "I'll...

Romaine (Lawrence B.) Trade Catalog Collection

More than 40,000 items that Romaine collected and which are arranged along the lines of his published guide. Primarily 19th and early 20th century American trade and advertising literature, with large sections relating to subjects such as agriculture, architecture, booksellers,...

Romig family photographs and scrapbook albums

Scrapbook and photograph albums compiled by the travelling burlesque performers Stella, Della, and Jack Romig.

Rowny (J. F.) Press Records

The collection contains records of the Santa Barbara-based J. F. Rowny Press, publishers of works on religion and metaphysics. It includes incoming/and some outgoing correspondence (arranged alphabetically), financial records, galleys and typescript drafts of submissions for publication, and some miscellaneous...

Roxburghe Club Collection

Printed announcements, invitations, keepsakes, membership lists, notices, and other printed items, ca. 1928-1980, produced by various members of the Roxburghe Club of San Francisco, including Lewis and Dorothy Allen, Arion Press (Andrew Hoyem), Grabhorn Press (Edwin and Robert Grabhorn), Grabhorn-Hoyem,...

Roxburghe Club Keepsakes collection

A collection of keepsakes and ephemera from The Roxburghe Club of San Francisco, the majority of which were limited edition prints as commemorative items. The collection includes published and unpublished prints, drafts and samples, club invitations, and announcements.

Royal Chicano Air Force Archives

Extensive collection of slides and silkscreen prints, along with administrative records, news clippings, correspondence, exhibition descriptions and flyers, photographs, creative writings, and miscellaneous publications of the Sacramento-based artists collective. Founding members of the RCAF include José Montoya, Esteban Villa, Juanishi...

Rubin (Selma) papers

Papers of Selma Rubin (1915-2012) American environmentalist and civic activist, documenting her personal life as well as her involvement with numerous organizations on the state, local, and national level. Galvanized by the 1969 Santa Barbara oil spill Rubin would go...

Rudge Chapbook Archive

The collection contains correspondence, research files, drafts, artwork, proofs, and other material relating to the publication of Typophiles Chapbook 57: William J Glick, (New York: Typophiles, 1984). Hobart O. Skofield, former Rudge associate and creator of the UCSB Printers Collection,...

Ruhge (Justin) collection

Research files, including notes, photographs, clippings, oral histories, blueprints, artwork, maps, and other materials, relating to the history of Santa Barbara and Goleta, California.

Russian Photograph Collection

Six black/white matted photographs, ca. 1900, including scenes of Cossacks, castle/fortress in the Caucasus, views of Kazbeck and Tiflis, young Russian girl with tea cart, and a monument "1000 Years of Russia." At least two of the photos were taken...

Russian Soldier's Photograph Album

Album of a member of the "Chemical (warfare) Force in North-Caucasian military district." Album contains photographs of soldiers engaged in daily activities, group portraits and original artwork portraying scenes of military life in the barracks.

Rust (Frederick) Papers

The collection mainly contains WWII era correspondence between Frederick Rust, his wife Celia Adams Rust, and his mother Mariette Rust, as well as histories of units in the 18th Engineers, detailing their efforts to construct the Alaskan Highway under very...

Rypins (Alice) Collection

The collection mainly documents water issues in the Santa Barbara area. Alice Rypins (1910-1998) was a City of Santa Barbara, Board of Water Commissioner and a City Council member.

Saadi (Ruth) Collection

Files relating to League of Women Voters - Santa Barbara concerns, including air pollution, energy, environment, growth and development, oil and gas, voting and elections. Ruth Saadi was an active member and Energy Director of the organization.

San Francisco Bay California photograph album

California photograph album, circa late 19th century to 1910.

San Francisco radio and television station photograph album

Album contains 133 black-and-white photographs as well as newspaper clippings and paper ephemera relating to a family who worked in radio and television in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Sanchez (Gil) Papers

Series I: Personal and Biographical. The series includes articles from major magazines and newpaper sources and is divided into two categories and ordered chronologically. The first category includes all articles primarily concerned with Gil Sanchez himself, his work and his...

Sanford (John B.) / Smith (Robert W.) Collection

The collection contains material sent by John B. Sanford to Robert W. Smith, including correspondence, typescript drafts of articles/shorter works, and photocopies of reviews of Sanford's books from various newspapers, as well as other materials Smith had collected regarding Sanford....

Sanger (Margaret) Birth Control Collection

The collection contains 26 booklets, pamphlets, programs, and other printed ephemera relating to birth control advocate Margaret Sanger and organizations such as the American Birth Control League, Birth Control Clinical Research Bureau (Margaret Sanger, Director), Birth Control Federation of America,...

Santa Barbara African American local history collection

This Collection is based on the Black Santa Barbara Historical Calendar project files. Additional materials pertinent to Santa Barbara African Americans continue to be added to the collection.

Santa Barbara Afro-American oral history project collection

This collection consists of 27 recorded interviews of prominent Santa Barbara African Americans done by interviewee Ranford Hopkins. The interviews were later transcribed into audio tapes.

Santa Barbara and Suburban Railway Photographs

Collection of four b/w photos (various sizes), showing Miss Ednah A. Rich, President of the State Normal School, being presented with a spike maul, which she used to drive the golden spike at the end of the Normal School Extension...

Santa Barbara Area Newspapers

Single issues and short runs of newspapers not otherwise cataloged separately.

Santa Barbara, California photograph album

Photograph album containing 79 pages of over 350 snapshots taken in the early 1900s.

Santa Barbara California photographs: California Floral Festival Parade

Group of six cabinet card photographs of the Santa Barbara California Floral Festival Parade, Santa Barbara California, 1891.

Santa Barbara Chamber Orchestra concert posters

Six posters relating to concerts performed by the Santa Barbara Chamber Orchestra, circa late 70s-early 80s.

Santa Barbara Citizens Commission on Civil Disorders Collection

The collection contains a list/table of contents and 15 open reel audiotapes of hearings held from June 17, 1970 to September 1, 1970 regarding Isla Vista and other local disturbances, 1969-1970. It includes eyewitness testimony, accounts of arrests and jail...

Santa Barbara Civic Light Opera records

Records of the Santa Barbara Civic Light Opera (Santa Barbara, California) from 1984 to 2001.

Santa Barbara College of the University of California, Department of Women's Physical Education Scrapbooks

The collection contains six scrapbooks documenting the Women's Physical Education Department's dance concerts from 1937 to 1945. The scrapbooks contain clippings, programs, reports, memos and correspondence, and other related material.

Santa Barbara County area survey maps collection

Survey maps of Santa Barbara and surrounding areas.

Santa Barbara County Board of Supervisors minutes

Handwritten minutes of the Santa Barbara County Board of Supervisors from November 18, 1850 to August 5, 1907; typewritten minutes from September 3, 1907 to April 4 1977.

Santa Barbara County Bowl Foundation records

Records, dating to the 1980s-1990s, collected by Eric Sonquist in the course of his activities as a member of the Santa Barbara County Bowl Foundation Board of Directors.

Santa Barbara County Vintners Association records

Records of the Santa Barbara County Vintners Association, documenting its wine and grape industry promotion in Santa Barbara County, promotion of harvest festivals and wine tastings, and Santa Barbara County wine country tourism. Records in the collection date from 1987...

Santa Barbara earthquake photographs

Santa Barbara earthquake, June 29, 1925. Two black-and-white photos.

Santa Barbara Flower Festival programs

Santa Barbara Flower Festival programs for the years 1893-1896. Also includes program for the Grand Flower Festival Ball, 1894....

Santa Barbara gay and lesbian newsletters, brochures, and other material

Newsletters, brochures, flyers, and clippings documenting the activities of gay and lesbian rights organizations, mainly in Santa Barbara, California. The bulk of the material dates to the 1970s-1980s.

Santa Barbara Oil Spill photograph

Framed aerial photograph of an oil rig. Signed by Daniel C. Wychgram.

Santa Barbara Oil Spill Scrapbook

One scrapbook with clippings tracing the history of the Santa Barbara Oil Spill of January 1969.

Santa Barbara Parapsychology Collection

Newsletters, magazines, catalogs, flyers, articles, records of experiments, correspondence, subject files, and other material, mainly printed, collected by Santa Barbara resident Dr. David T. Phillips and primarily pertaining to parapsychology-related groups, studies, and issues in Santa Barbara, southern California, and...

Santa Barbara Water Resources Collection

The collection contains files relating to Santa Barbara area water districts, groundwater, and hourly precipitation records....

Satir (Virginia) Collection

Extensive collection of personal and professional manuscript materials, organizational records, and audiovisual materials from noted family therapist Virginia Satir.

Satir (Virginia) collection of Vern Woolf posters

Six posters given to Virginia [Satir] by Vern Woolf dated 1979.

Sawyer (James H.) Papers

The collection primarily contains Civil War correspondence and diaries of James H. Sawyer, a soldier in the Connecticut Infantry, 18th Regiment (Vol.), Co. B [for information relating to the 18th, see: William Carey Walker, (1885)]....

Sawyer-Lauçanno (Christopher) literary papers

Papers of American biographer, translator, critic, and poet Christopher Sawyer-Lauçanno (1951- ). The bulk of the material dates to the 1990s and includes manuscript drafts, galley proofs, correspondence, and research and interview notes.

Saxon (A.H.) Papers

Draft typescript of The Life and Art of Andrew Ducrow and the Romantic Age of the English Circus by A.H. Saxon, with accompanying material.

"Scenes from California" Photograph Album

Four albumen prints, including one of Santa Barbara Mission, in a handmade soft leather album entitled "Scenes from California" and dated 1888. Also, images of Helmet Rock (California coast); Soda Spring, Shasta; and oak trees (with elderly man seated), El...

Scenic Places in Japan Album (Nihon Meisho Shashin-Cho)

This is a small cord-tied album in Japanese dated Showa 11 (1936) on cover, (cover also notes "made in Japan" in English). The Japanese title is or "Photograph Album of Scenic/Noted Places in Japan." The album contains 26 views of...

Schleicher (A.F.) scrapbooks

The A.F. Schleicher collection is a series of six large photograph scrapbooks and documents the life and travels of Schleicher in the early 20th century.

Schmidt (Erich F.) Collection

The collection primarily contains boxes of glass lantern slides taken by Erich F. Schmidt (1897-1964), at archaeological sites, including Persepolis (in Luristan, Iran) ca. latter 1920s-latter 1930s.

Schmitz (Alfred and Carol) Collection

Mainly first editions, many signed, of Booker Prize winner and shortlist books, together with related correspondence (mainly Booker authors), publicity, and other ephemera.

Schott family papers

Papers generated in the course of activities of various members of the Schott and Kavinoky families from roughly 1900 through the 2000s. Materials includes correspondence, clippings, photographs, films, personal items and artifacts.

Scott (Tim) esoteric publishing collection

The collection consists of 3 boxes of materials collected by Tim Scott relating primarily to Western esotericism, with notable content from Builders of the Adytum.

Scrapbook - Advertising Literature

Correspondence, flyers, clippings, catalogs, lists and other advertising items, most relating to East Coast firms, laid and glued in a worn copy of Mark Twain's , being used as a scrapbook. Assembled by S. Tillinghast of La Plume, PA, ca....

Screen Guild Players Recordings Collection

Recordings of Screen Guild Players radio programs used as a fundraising effort for the Motion Picture Relief Fund, sponsored by the Lady Esther Corporation and Camel Cigarettes. The collection contains recordings of 33 shows originally aired between 1940 and 1948;...

Sea Fern Album

This album contains seven mounted sea fern specimens, together with a black and white photograph of the [southern California?] coast, bound from a section of backbone of a whale cast up on Long Beach, California, with a red silk tie...

Sedgwick (John) Papers

The collection contains one carte de visite photo of John Sedgwick, Civil War Union General, 6th Army Corps, and a 13 page handwritten report by him, to Brig. Gen. S. Williams of the Army of the Potomac, concerning movements of...

Self Help Graphics and Art archives

Extensive collection of silk screen prints and slides, as well as organizational records, photographs, and ephemera of the Los Angeles cultural arts center and studio. Founded in the early 1970s, during the height of the Chicano Civil Rights movement, by...

Selfridge / China Photograph Albums

The collection contains two photograph albums of scenes in China, including Shanghai, Peking, and Tientsin [Tianjin], apparently from the period preceding and during the Boxer Rebellion, ca. 1890s-1900. Some photos are snapshots while others appear to be more of the...

Selver (Charlotte) papers

The Charlotte Selver papers circa 20th century (bulk approximately 1950 to 1999) consist of the personal and professional correspondence, writings, transcripts of classes and workshops, photographs, personal items, and sound records of Charlotte Selver, music educator, originator of the concept...

Severy (Hazel) Papers

Scrapbook of Hazel Severy (1884-1974), with clippings, photographs, programs, and related materials documenting activities at Santa Barbara State Normal School, predecessor of UCSB. Severy taught science and home economics, then chemistry, from 1914 to 1951. For many years she also...

Shanghai Steam Navigation Co. Photograph Album

Leatherbound photograph album with 125 cartes-de-visite (cdv) and 6 cabinet size cards, including a signed and dated cdv of Rutherford B. Hayes. Mainly images of employees, their wives and children, and people associated with the Shanghai Steam Navigation Co., formed...

Sharp (Robert C.) Collection

Includes bids, contracts, leases, logs, reports, charts, and court records pertaining to oil drilling in the Santa Barbara Channel, mainly regarding lawsuits stemming from the 1969 Santa Barbara Oil Spill.

Shaw (W. B.) South Africa Photograph Album

Photograph album, 1918, commemorating a visit of Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Shaw to the C. J. Lappan family, at Shenfield house, in South Africa. 32 black/white photos, including Lappan and Shaw family members on the porch of Shenfield house,...

Sheinbaum (Stanley K.) Collection

Articles about Sheinbaum, copy of oral history transcript with Joan Didion, and copy of oral history transcript by UCLA. Includes material about his association with CSDI and later magazine. Includes files, ca. latter 1970s-mid 1980s, kept by Stanley K. Sheinbaum...

Shepard (Isaac F.) papers

1863 diary, Court of Inquiry papers, and related correspondence of Civil War brigadier general Isaac F. Shephard.

Sherman (William T.) Letter

One letter (ALS) from William Tecumseh Sherman to Dona [?], re sending funds with Sully [?]. The steamer 'Winfield Scott', in which Sully had embarked for home, was wrecked on an island [presumably one of the Channel Islands] not far...

Shewczyk (Patricia) Collection

The collection consists mainly of Goleta Water District Board of Directors' meeting packets, and some related files, including records of various committees. Published local government reports have been transferred to the Government Information Center and have been cataloged individually....

Siam/Thailand palm leaf book fragment

Siam/Thailand palm leaf book fragment, lacking possible wood or bamboo covers. Possibly Buddhist scripture or commentary....

Siberia Photograph Album

The album (stamped "Sibirien," Siberia in German, on the cover) contains 50 b/w photographs of people and places in Siberia. Many appear to be of the port city of Vladivostok, along with Irkutsk the most important trade and commercial center...

Siddell (Robert) Collection

The collection contains more than 200 picture postcards, black/white and color, from a 1909 trip that Robert Siddell took to South America (Guyana - then British, Dutch, and French Guiana) and the West Indies (Antigua, Barbados, Bermuda, Dominica, Martinique, Nevis,...

Sierra Leone and Gambia photograph album

The collection contains 61 black and white snapshots and commercial photographs, most with captions in English, in a partially filled album.

Sierra Leone photograph album

The collection contains 71 black/white images, most silver gelatin snapshots, some with dates and captions in English, in a partially filled album.

Silva (Simón) Papers

Simón Silva is a Chicano Artist who paints vibrant and colorful images that are reminiscent of his own culture. His collection to grow over time presently includes notecards, photographic prints, posters, and slides which exemplify his individualistic artwork. Also included...

Simla, India Photograph Album

Photograph album with 44 black/white mounted images, only three with captions. Includes scenes of Simla (the summer capital of British India) and countryside, the Mall (main street), buildings, Viceregal Palace, and family and group shots of what appears to be...

Simpkins (Herbert C.) Collection

The collection contains items collected by Herbert C. Simpkins on a variety of subjects, including the environment, Get Oil Out [GOO] and Santa Barbara oil spill, Ku Klux Klan, Santa Barbara and UCSB flyers on contemporary social issues, World War...

Sinclair (Robert B.)Teleplays Collection

Annotate teleplays for 1950s and 60s television series' directed by Robert Sinclair including Alcoa-Goodyear Anthology, The Alaskans, The Bell System Science Series, Bourbon Street Beat, Bronco, Cheyenne, Death Valley Days, Desilu Playhouse, The Deputy, Hawaiian Eye, Lawman, M-Squad, Markham, Maverick,...

Sinclair (Upton) Collection

Clippings, leaflets, broadsides, envelopes, political pamphlets, 1934 issues of Upton Sinclair's Epic News (Los Angeles campaign newspaper), and ephemera of the American novelist and activist.

Singher (Martial) Recordings

Original acetate disc recordings, shellac test pressings and audio tapes of French baritone Martial Singher. Includes solo works and performances with Lily Djanel, Eileen Farrell, Hertha Glaz, Rauol Jobin, Jarmila Novotna and Beverly Sills; performances under Bernard Herrmann and Eugene...

Sisquoc Ranch photograph album

Photograph album, with approximately 76 b/w images and handwritten captions, ca. 1899-1900. Most of the photos are of Sisquoc Ranch [Rancho Sisquoc], Santa Barbara County, California.

Skofield (Hobart O.) oral history

The collection contains tapes and transcripts of interviews with Hobart O. Skofield, conducted by UCSB Library Oral Historian David E. Russell in 1982. Skofield discusses family and life history, working at the Printing House of William Edwin Rudge, life in...

Skofield (Hobart O.) Papers

Two series: personal/family materials re Hobart O. Skofield, his father Ray L. Skofield, and a large number of genealogical files; and a printers/presses series, with a large amount of material relating to Skofield's association with the Rudge printing firm, as...

Slave Documents Collection

The collection contains bills of sale, manumissions, notes and receipts for slave hire, accounts for medical service, a property tax return, an estate list, correspondence, and essays. The materials for the most part were purchased as single items or small...

Slavery Collection of U.S. Government Documents

The collection contains 126 chronologically arranged printed United States government documents dealing with slavery issues. Included are memorials, messages, reports, resolutions, many being numbered miscellaneous documents of the various sessions of the Congress, Senate and House of Representatives. Many are...

Slavery Era Insurance Documents

Photocopies of documents collected by the State of California Insurance Department in pursuance of California Code Regulations, Title 10, Sections 2293-2398, which required insurance companies to provide documentation about insurance polices from the slavery era which coverage for slaveholders for...

Smith (Albert) paintings and slides

This collection contains one unbound accordion-folded portfolio of fourteen small paintings by California painter Albert Smith, 1991, and one binder containing negatives and slides of paintings by Albert Smith, 1980s.

Smith (Ben) Alaska Yukon Gold Rush Collection

Papers of Ben Smith, from Redwood City, California, who went to the Alaska Yukon goldfields ca. 1898-1900, and then apparently returned to California. The collection contains correspondence, diaries/journals, documents, financial records, maps, and other ephemera, much of it relating to...

Smith (Dick) collection

The collection contains more than 300 color slides, mainly of the 1969 Santa Barbara Oil Spill and its aftermath. Included are images of oil rigs, shoreline, beaches, oil soaked birds and animals, clean-up efforts, and some aerialviews. There are duplicates...

SMS Schleswig-Holstein, South America, Europe and the West Indies photograph album

Album of photographs from the pre-war voyage of German battleship SMS Schleswig-Holstein to the West Indies and South America before returning to Germany and firing the first shots of the Second World War.

Smyth (Samuel S.) Papers

The collection contains originals and photostats of correspondence and journals, 1862-1864. There also is a microfilm copy, which has been cataloged separately (Wyles E601 S6)....

Snow (Charles H.) Collection

The materials described in the container list are part of a much larger collection of printed works by Snow, about 200 titles, which have been cataloged individually and which can be searched on Pegasus, the UCSB University Libraries online catalog....

Sober (Kurt) Papers

Correspondence, manuscript scores, photographs, puzzles and poetry of pianist and conductor Kurt Sober dating from 1913 to 1920.

Social Protest Collection

The Social Protest Collection is organized into twelve rather broadly defined subject series reflecting the major movements of the 1960s-1970s: Arts and Culture, Civil Rights, Community, Ecology/Environment, Education/Academic Organizations, Electoral Politics, International Political Groups and Movements, Labor and Economic issues,...

Society of California Archivists (SCA) records

These are the organizational files for the Society of California Archivists (SCA). They cover from the beginning of its formation in 1971 to 2009. The bulk of the files go to 2004. The series are organized in alphabetical order and...

Society of Pragmatic Mysticism records

Consists of 7 boxes of material relating to the Society of Pragmatic Mysticism and its founder, Mildred Mann, and documenting their beliefs and activities from the 1930s to the early 2000s. Included are 53 audiocassettes and 1 CD containing lectures,...

Sokolov (Sasha) Collection

Collection contains biographical and bibliographical information, writings, interviews, speeches, lectures, photographs, and tapes relating to the writer Sasha Sokolov.

Sollen (Robert) Collection

This collection was assembled over a number of years by Robert Sollen, largely as background research for his reporting duties with the and his ongoing interest in oil and other environmental issues....

Soper Family Papers

The collection contains two series: Soper Family Manuscripts and Wilbur R. Jacobs Research. See container list for more information....

Sore Dove Press records

Founded in 1986 by Soheyl Dahi in San Francisco, CA, Sore Dove Press specializes in the publication of Beat writers. These records include correspondence, magazines, press releases, manuscripts, posters, photographs, chapbooks, boxed editions, broadsides, crockery, and artwork. These materials feature...

Sound recording trade catalog collection

Sound recording manufacturer and distributor catalogs, primarily from the 78 rpm era (approximately 1898-1990s), including annual catalogs, monthly supplements, numerical catalogs, and overseas catalogs from most major manufacturers.

South Carolina (1st)/US Colored Troops (33rd) Records

The collection contains various materials relating for the most part to the history and organization of the 1st. SC Volunteer Infantry, later designated the 33rd U. S. Colored Troops. A significant portion of the material is related to Thomas Wentworth...

South Coast Railroad Museum collection

Mostly printed materials, such as pamphlets, brochures, guides, and timetables, relating to railroad history, with emphasis on California.

South India photograph album

36 black-and-white photos; most seem to be of temples and fortress buildings. Locations include Mysore and Hampi, both located in Karnataka, South West India.

Southern California aerial photography collection

Approximately 900 aerial photographs (8 x 10 inch) of Southern California, including views from as far north as Santa Barbara to as far south as La Jolla.

Southern California ephemera collection

Train tables, tourist brochures, horse racing programs, maps, and miscellaneous pamphlets from Southern California, dating from 1911 through the 1920s.

Southern California family photograph albums

Two albums of black-and-white photographs, the first containing 518 photographs and the second containing 540 photographs, both relating to a family in Southern California.

Southern California photograph album

40 black-and-white photographs. Photographs include Santa Barbara Mission, San Buenaventura, Hotel (del) Coronado.

Southern India Family Photograph Album

Photograph album and loose black/white photographs, more than 100 black/white images altogether, ca. 1940s-1959. Most seem to relate to an Indian woman (Marie [?]) who, in the early 1950s, was a student at the Christian Medical College, Vellore, India. Includes...

Southern Methodist Mission in Japan Photograph Album

Photograph album, with approximately 40 b/w images and accompanying captions, of the Southern Methodist Mission in Japan, its missionaries and work done, mainly in Tokyo, Hiroshima, and Kobe, ca. 1935. The following description is taken from a typescript pasted on...

Southern Prisoners' Relief Fund Broadside

One broadside, "Southern Prisoners' Relief Fund," soliciting contributions from Southerners residing in Europe during the Civil War. Printed in Liverpool, England, ca. 1864.

Soviet Soldier's Photograph Album

The album entitled Памятъ О Службе (Memory of Service) is a visual record of a young Soviet soldier during his time of service in the 1980s. The soldier, one V. I. Tabushvili, an Ossetian national born in 1965, was a...

Spacks (Barry) papers

Manuscripts, teaching files, photos, and paintings by poet, novelist, and UCSB English Professor Barry Spacks (1931-2014).

Spanish Inquisition Documents Collection

Documents from the Spanish Inquisition, 1616-1816.

Stanford - Smith Families Papers

The collection mainly contains Civil War era correspondence to/from George Shoop, George W. Smith, and Benjamin Stanford, soldiers with the Pennsylvania Infantry, 102nd Regiment (Vol.), as well as Richard G. Smith, William D. Smith, and Duncan Stanford, all from Allegheny...

Stanley (Augusta G.) Collection

Correspondence and manuscripts of writings (with illustrations) by Augusta Stanley, about what she termed 'The Greatest Mystery' surrounding the , the medieval Lubeck manuscripts, and Father J. van Ginneken of Nijmegen University [Netherlands].

Steinhauer (Harry) Papers

The collection contains correspondence and related materials of Harry Steinhauer, Professor of German in the UCSB Department of Foreign Languages, with Max Barthel, Hermann Hesse, H. L. Mencken, Erich Maria Remarque, George Bernard Shaw, Fritz von Unruh, and others....

Stereoscopic Views

Seven items - military ships ca. time of Spanish-American War, Blackfeet Indians, and movie scene.

Stereoscopic Views Collection

The collection contains about 600 stereoscopic views, also known as stereoscopic slides, stereographs, and stereopticans. These images were intended to be viewed on handheld stereoscopes, which gave the illusion of 3D images. Most of the views have printed captions. The...

Steward (Lowell) oral history

The collection contains background material, transcripts, and audiotapes of interviews with Lowell Steward, graduate and captain of the Santa Barbara State College (now University of California Santa Barbara) basketball team in 1942, and Tuskegee Airman during World War II.

Steward (Lowell) Papers

This collection is very limited in size and has material on African American Lowell Steward and his experience as a Tuskegee Airmen in World War II. It consists of one box with photographs, correspondence and news articles.

Stewart (George) Thailand/Philippines Photographs

16 black/white snapshots, most apparently of Thailand, including Bangkok, and the Philippines, with street scenes, shops, temples, houses and boats, and local residents. George Stewart (1922-?) was a cartoon artist and art director of Pacific Stars and Stripes during the...

Stockton (Bayard) Collection

The bulk of the Bayard Stockton collection relates to Stockton's book (1989) and contains drafts of the manuscript, correspondence, and material about Monroe and the Monroe Institute. There are some files relating to Stockton's unpublished work , as well as...

Stockton (Bayard) Papers

The collection primarily contains correspondence, notes, manuscript drafts, and related research materials, including FOIA documents, pertaining to Bayard Stockton's biography of William K. Harvey of the CIA.

Stokowski (Leopold) Recordings

Test pressings, primarily RCA Victor, of Leopold Stokowski's recordings with the Philadelphia Orchestra and a set of Laura Bolton's field recordings of Native American music.

Stopes (Marie Carmichael) Birth Control Collection

The collection contains material pertaining to Marie Stopes, organizations with which she was affiliated, and other organizations and individuals concerned about issues of abortion, birth control, contraception, eugenics, obstetrics, population, sexual behavior, sterilization, and welfare of women, primarily in Great...

Storer (James B.) Papers

The collection contains an 1834 book of common prayer (given to James B. Storer by his father in 1844). photographs of Storer and his family, an 1853-1866 diary (Storer was in California during the Civil War), an 1866 commission in...

Storke (Charles A.) collection

Files relating mainly to Storke's biography , as well as family and research files.

Storke (Charles A., II) collection

Materials related to Charles A. Storke II, Montecito resident, newspaperman, businessman, son of Thomas M. Storke.

Sub-stance Archive

The Substance Archive includes draft manuscripts of articles and correspondence with authors; also other files relating to publication of the journal, a review of theory and literary criticism.

Sudan - Sennar Dam Photograph Album

Photograph album, with 16 black/white photos showing construction of the Sennar Dam, on the Blue Nile, more than 200 miles south of Khartoum, Sudan. The project began after WWI and was completed in 1926. The first leaf of the album...

Suits Family Papers

Correspondence, financial and military records, photographs, writings and ephemera of Clarence and Elihu Suits, as well as other family members. Includes some WWI and WWII material.

Sullivan (James J. ) Collection

Papers compiled by James J. Sullivan, UCSB faculty member, and primarily relating to the 1970 Isla Vista disturbances. Includes documentation collected and reports issued by bodies such as the Santa Barbara Count Grand Jury, the Santa Barbara Citizens Commission on...

Sumatra Rubber Plantation Photographs Collection

Assortment of 130 photographs from the archives of a founding executive of the American General Rubber Company (GRC) taken mainly in Sumatra and also in the Straits Settlements, at the pinnacle of enterprise and fortune.

Summerland, California Photographs

Two b/w mounted photographs, ca. 4 .75" x 7.5", 1890s, with views of the town (a Spritualist community), coast, oil derricks, and wharves....

Sunny Memories - Australia, New Zealand Photograph Album

Photograph album , ca. 1903, containing 102 black/white photographs of various sizes, all accompanied by captions. Apparently an album (with the title 'Sunny Memories' on the cover) assembled by Albert R. Lennon, depicting a voyage from London to Australia and...

Swami Bhagwan Bissessar scrapbook

Scrapbook including hundreds of advertisements, interviews, and reviews relating to a United States speaking tour of Swami Bhagwan Bissessar.

Sweeney (Beatrice Marcy) Papers

The collection contains biographical and research files for Beatrice Marcy Sweeney, UCSB biology professor.

Sweet (Robert B.) Collection

The Sweet manuscript collection is a very small part of a much larger personal library, all of which was donated to UCSB. Included in the manuscript section is correspondence, a diary, photos (Robert B. Sweet and others), scrapbooks, volumes of...

Swerilas (Phyllis) collection of scrapbooks and photograph albums

Four historical scrapbooks and one photograph album from the collection of Phyllis Swerilas. Three scrapbooks, dating to 1910-1930, document the Hollywood, California residence of Dr. and Mrs. Alfred Guido Castles, "Sans Souci." The fourth scrapbook tracks the performances of American...

Swineford (Alfred P.) Papers

The collection contains a biographical sketch of Alfred P. Swineford, copies of correspondence from him to his daughter, Nelly Flower Stafford (Mrs. E. O. Stafford), a manuscript entitled "A Cruise of Ten Thousand Miles in Alaskan Waters," and a description...

Table-Talk Press Collection

The collection contains artwork, correspondence, manuscripts, printer's mockups, promotional flyers, proofs, and other related material from Michael Sherick's Santa Barbara-based Table-Talk Press. Correspondents include Fielding Dawson, Clayton Eshleman, Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Henry Johnson, Michael McClure, David Meltzer, Leslie Scalapino, Gary Snyder,...

Tagatac (Sam) collection

This collection contains films of Filipino-American filmmaker Sam Tagatac documenting Filipino culture in California, including "Manila Town" in San Francisco and the I-Hotel. Tagatac is a poet, writer, and artist living in Billings, Montana.

Takata (Hawayo) papers

The collection includes the personal papers and belongings of Hawayo Takata, Reiki master, as well as material on Reiki practices throughout the 1930s to 1980s.

Tambo (David C.) Nigerian history collection

Artifacts, correspondence, documents, maps, oral history interviews, photographs, research notes and outlines, writings, and other material relating to two trips to Nigeria by David C. Tambo, first as a Peace Corps volunteer in Bauchi, 1968-1970, and then doing dissertation fieldwork...

Tanaka (Gayle) papers

This small collection contains Gayle Tanaka's biographical information and several catalogs from various exhibits.

Tanay Club in America minutes

These meeting minutes are from the Tanay Club In America at Oakland, California. This club established a link to the Philippines and serves as a support organization for Tanayans arriving in the United States. It's mission has been "to unite...

Tebbetts (George P. and Mary) memorial collection

Manuscripts, diaries, correspondence, photographs, ledgers/account books, scrapbooks, newspapers (including 1883-1885 Santa Barbara ), papers and documents from the . Also, tape and partial transcript of recording by Nathan A. Tebbetts. Artifacts include three Colt revolvers.

Tele-Dinda Mining Expedition [Belgian Congo] Photograph Album

Photograph album containing 105 b/w photos, with captions in English, of scenes in the Belgian Congo, taken by a member of the Tele-Dinda Mining Expedition which apparently was prospecting for gold and diamonds. Images of mining operations, views of forests...

Teledyne Geotronics photograph collection

Approximately 65,000 negatives of oblique aerial and ground photographs taken by various companies that became Teledyne Geotronics....

Temperance Literature

The collection contains four printed tracts and broadsides, Boston, Maine, and New York, with titles such as "Effects of Temperance: Twelve Reasons for the Prohibition of the Traffic in Intoxicating Liquors." Reason No. 1: They deprive men of their reason...

Temple (James W.) Papers

The collection contains ten handwritten documents related to James W. Temple from before and during the Civil War: three letters between Temple and his wife Bessie while he was stationed in Tennessee; six pages of poetry written in Temple's hand,...

Thomas (John W.) China Relief Expedition Photographs Collection

The collection primarily contains black and white photographs of Peking, China during the time of the Boxer Rebellion, some with handwritten inscriptions, ca. 1900-1901, as well as 1 map of Peking, 1 identification card, and a copy of Thomas' discharge...

Thomas (Norman) photograph collection

The collection contains several thousand black and white prints and negatives, taken by photojournalist Norman Thomas, who was based in New Orleans in the late 1950s to early 1960s. The largest number of photos are from Mexico, with British Honduras,...

Thompson (Edmund B.) / Hawthorn House Collection

The collection contains material relating to Edmund B. Thompson and his printing career, mainly at his Hawthorn House (Windham, Connecticut). Included are checklists, correspondence, photographs, and printing specimens (mainly by Hawthorn House)....

Thoreau Edition records

177 cartons containing records related primarily to the editing and production of The Writings of Henry D. Thoreau (the Thoreau Edition), as directed by Walter Harding (SUNY-Geneseo, 1966-1972), William L. Howarth (Princeton University, 1972-1980), and Elizabeth Witherell (Princeton University, 1980-1983;...

Thoreau (Henry D.) / Willson (Lawrence) Collection

The collection contains 8 items, mainly fragments of writings, notes, and drafts of letters by Henry D. Thoreau, acquired by UCSB English Professor and Thoreau scholar, Lawrence Willson, from diverse sources....

Thorpe (Maner L.) Collection

The collection contains one record book for the United Daughters of the Confederacy, Los Angeles Chapter, ca 1898, with correspondence and other material laid in, and one record book for the United Confederate Veterans, Pacific Division (Spencer R. Thorpe, Commander),...

Tibetan Manuscript Leaves

29 leaves in wooden boards, Sanscrit texts transposed into Tibetan script, written by various hands in Uchen script. The larger pages are scriptural texts, probably written by lamas; the smaller are copies made by lay people, to be carried in...

Tientsin (Tianjin) China photographs

Photographs of Tientsin (Tianjin) plus a small panorama of Shanghai.

Tindale (Thomas K.) Japanese Papermaking Photographs

The collection consists of an album with 113 black/white photographs taken by Francis Haar of Kamakura for Tindale, all stamped by Haar on the verso. This album was the result of Tindale's fascination with Japanese papermaking and paper makers. He...

Tom (Cynthia) papers

The Cynthia Tom papers consist of material donated by artist, curator, and community artist activist Cynthia Tom. As an arts administrator she is founder and director of Place of Her Own, an arts-based healing and transformation program for women. She...

Tompkins (Walker A.) collection

Manuscripts, monographs, serials, newspapers, clippings, black-and-white photographs and albums, black-and-white negatives, audiotapes, scrapbooks, maps, and artifacts, generated and collected in the course of research by Walker A. Tompkins, author of histories of Goleta and Santa Barbara, California.

Toole-Stott Circus Collection

Collection of author Raymond Toole-Stott, author of Collection includes correspondence, monographs, book drafts, printed ephemera and scrapbooks relating to the circus.

Toole-Stott (Raymond) / Maugham (W. Somerset) Collection

The bulk of the collection was purchased in 1968, with some later additions from Toole-Stott and his estate, ca. 1972-1983, and other small purchases to ca. 1984....

Torres (Salvador Roberto) papers

Salvador Roberto Torres is a Chicano artist who is a cultural activist, educator, and an influential figure in the Chicano art movement in California. Some of Torres' notable artistic contributions in the San Diego area include leadership in the creation...

Tosti (Don) Papers

Don Tosti [1923-2004] is known as the "Father of Pachuco Boogie." Born in 1923, he was considered a child prodigy and grew up to become a musical success. He bequeathed to the Regents of UC the rights to his collection...

Touton (Rush D.) Tobacco Collection

Includes material on tobacco industry in Puerto Rico and Sumatra; many photographs, mainly black and white and in U.S.

Townsend (Edward Davis) Collection

The collection contains four Civil War related items, of Major General Edward Davis Townsend (1817-1893). Included are two documents issued by Townsend at the Adjutant General's Office, War Department, 1864-1865 (assignment to duty of Brig. Gen. B. U. Brice, and...

Trade and Advertising Card Collection

The collection contains 126 trade and advertising cards, many color lithographs, from Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and elsewhere, for products such as bicycles and bicycling; boots and shoes; building materials; food, drink and restaurants; horse and...

Trade Catalog Additions

Single and small groups of catalogs acquired from multiple sources, augmenting the Romaine Trade Catalog Collection.

Travelling circuses photograph album

228 original photographs (219 black-and-white and nine color) relating to traveling circuses at various locations in the United States during the 1960 season.

Tremaine (Katharine W.) Collection

Mainly records of the Santa Barbara-based Sunflower Foundation, which Tremaine established, and through which she made contributions to hundreds of local, state, and national organizations. Also, some personal and family papers.

Truman (Marvin Allen) Saipan Island World War II collection

World War II album and other World War II-related items belonging to Marvin Allen Truman, United States Army Air Corps service technician stationed on the island of Saipan, Northern Marianas.

Tsunami Press Archive

The collection contains press files for David Dahl's Tsunami Press, located in Santa Barbara, California. It includes notes, typescripts, production schedules, trial sheets, mockups, proofs, artwork, woodcuts, broadsides, announcements, invitations, and prospectuses. The works, published from 1982-1986, are compilations of...

Tunisia Photograph Album

Photograph album, ca. 1930, with 85 black/white snapshots of Tunisia, most with brief captions in French. Apparently taken by a group of French on tour, who appear in some of the photos. Includes images of oases, desert, camels, city scenes...

Type Specimens Collection

Advertisements, catalogs, flyers, leaflets, and lists, mainly by U.S. companies, but also a number from Belgium, France, Germany, Great Britain, Italy, and the Netherlands.

Tyson (Seth H.) Letters

The collection contains six letters (ALS) from Seth H. Tyson, a young man from Philadelphia, mostly to his mother, concerning his California Gold Rush experiences in Calaveras County, 1853, 1855. Early 1853 letters talk about working in San Francisco and...

UCSB Ethnic Studies protests collection

The collection contains information about the two hunger strikes at UCSB that led, among other results, to the ethnic and gender studies undergraduate requirements and the eventual Ph.D program in Chicana/o Studies. The collection is made up of collected news...

Union Volunteer Refreshment Committee Cards

Two small printed Civil War era cards, issued by the Union Volunteer Refreshment Committee of Philadelphia, listing officers, committee members, history and statement of purpose, and also including engravings of the committee's refreshment saloon and hospital. According to the cards,...

United States 8th Cavalry in Philippines photographs

13 approximately 3 x 5 in. black-and-white photographs mounted on two 8.5 x 11 in. sheets of green paper with handwritten captions, primarily depicting U.S. military presence in the Philippines.

United States Army Abstract of Payments Ledger

1 bound volume, a Civil War era ledger kept by F. A. Hixson, U.S. Army Major and Paymaster. Includes names and ranks, with figures for pay, subsistence, forage, clothing of servants, and clothing of soldiers, 1864-1867....

United States Equitist League Civil War Broadside

Printed Civil War broadside, with a resolution introduced in the House of Representatives, Dec. 14, 1863, by Hon. Aaron Harding of Kentucky and supported by the New York representatives of the United States Equitist League [U.S. E. L.], which reads...

United States Signal Corps Film Unit Records

This collection consists of a large binder containing caption sheets, critical evaluations, and other paperwork relating to films shot during 1945 and 1946 by soldiers serving in the U.S. Army Signal Corps film units, particularly one Sergeant William McClure. Events...

United States Squadron in the Pacific Ocean, Quarterly Return of Receipts

1 bound volume, , June 1, 1837 to January 1838, while at Callao Castle [Peru] and Valparaiso [Argentina]. Includes figures for food, clothing, and miscellaneous stores such as anchors, cables, cordage, spars, barrels, linseed oil, pitch, tar, and paint....

University Archives Broadsides and Posters Collection

This collection contains posters, broadsides, and oversize flyers from departments, offices, institutes, and programs on campus.

University Archives Photographs Collection

The University Archives Photographs collection is comprised of photographs culled from other collections in the University Archives. The dates of the photographs range from the 1890s to the present, with the majority being black and white photos from the 1920s...

University of California, Santa Barbara, Academic Program Review records

The collection contains summaries of projects and plans, departmental historical background, lists of faculty and their activities and accomplishments, student surveys, and self-evaluations of the academic programs to determine their strengths and weaknesses.

University of California, Santa Barbara, Academic Senate Records

The records contain subject files on Academic Senate committees, councils, subjects of interest, and programs, meeting minutes, reports and correspondence.

University of California, Santa Barbara, Affiliates Collection

The UCSB Affiliates collection contains minutes, brochures, event flyers, correspondence, files on subject Affiliates groups, and other related materials.

University of California, Santa Barbara, AFSCME Collection

Collection contains materials on AFSCME Local 673, and includes contract agreements with the UC, pamphlets, notices and bulletins, event flyers, and other related materials.

University of California, Santa Barbara, Alumni Association Collection

The collection contains files on the Family Vacation Center, the Annual Fund, and various promotional publications for the Alumni Association.

University of California, Santa Barbara, Arts and Lectures Records

The UCSB Arts and Lectures records contain individual files relating to lectures, performances, film series and other events arranged and/or sponsored by the committee, as well as general files on press releases, calendars and programs, and other materials.

University of California, Santa Barbara, Associated Students Records

The UCSB Associated Students records contain administrative files of the AS Program Board, Finance Board, Legislative Council, and Community Affairs Board, including meeting minutes and agendas, budgets, bills, acts, and resolutions.

University of California, Santa Barbara, Associated Students Subject Files

The Associated Students subject files contain reports, clippings, correspondence, flyers, and other documents relating to student, university, and community issues.

University of California, Santa Barbara, Bookstore and Coffee Shop Collection

The collection contains inventory and budget reports, correspondence, flyers, catalogs, and other publications.

University of California, Santa Barbara, Bren School of Environmental Science and Management Collection

Collection contains faculty position announcement and lecture flyers, proposal for a masters degree, and other documents.

University of California, Santa Barbara, Business Services Collection

The collection contains flyers, memos, annual reports, etc. from Business Services and its subdivisions, primarily Central Stores and Purchasing.

University of California, Santa Barbara, Campus Planning Committee Records

The collection contains reports, budgets, memos, and other documents of the Campus Planning Committee, its subcommittees, and affiliated offices, relating to long range planning and capital development.

University of California, Santa Barbara, Center for Black Studies Collection

The Center for Black Studies collection contains mainly center reference publications for research assistance and a historical review of the center, as well as flyers for events sponsored by the center.

University of California, Santa Barbara, Chicano Studies Institute records

The collection contains materials from the early days of the Chicano Studies Institute (formerly Center for Chicano Studies), including administrative, research, project and program files, correspondence, and audio tapes.

University of California, Santa Barbara, College of Creative Studies Collection

The College of Creative Studies collection contains proposal for college; reports; course, exhibition and lecture flyers, and other related materials.

University of California, Santa Barbara, College of Engineering Collection

The College of Engineering collection contains annual research summaries, brochures and announcements, and APPRB (Academic Plan and Program Review Board) Review of Engineering.

University of California, Santa Barbara, College of Letters and Science, Isla Vista Riots Collection

Collection contains materials collected by the College of Letters & Science on the various student protests in the late 1960s and 1970s. Includes material on the ethnic studies protests for Black Studies and Chicano Studies.

University of California, Santa Barbara, College of Letters and Science Records

The College of Letters and Science records contain minutes, memos, correspondence, reports, etc. by committees formed by Letters and Science and the Division of Applied Arts, and subject files covering issues such as accreditation, budget, departments, majors, programs, requirements and...

University of California, Santa Barbara, Committee on the University and the Community Collection

The Committee on the University and the Community collection contains meeting minutes & agendas, reports, memos and correspondence, and articles. Subject matter includes enrollment, the Coastal Plan, housing, campus growth issues.

University of California, Santa Barbara, Community Organization and Research Institute Collection

The collection contains annual reports, budgets, reports to the National Institute of Education and publications from the Research Reports in Public Policy series (Urban Economics Program).

University of California, Santa Barbara, Computer Advisory Committee Records

The Computer Advisory Committee records contain meeting agendas and minutes, along with the final plans put forth by the committee.

University of California, Santa Barbara, Computer Center Collection

This small collection contains memos, course offerings, proposals and manuals.

University of California, Santa Barbara, Counseling and Career Services Collection

The UCSB Counseling and Career Services collection contains event, workshop, service and group flyers, brochures, publications on related issues, materials for faculty, and other documents.

University of California, Santa Barbara, CUE-Teamsters Collection

Collection contains primarily email correspondence from CUE, the clerical employee bargaining unit, as well as the union's constitution, financial and legal files, newsletters, and other related documents.

University of California, Santa Barbara, Department of Art Collection

This small collection contains reports and resource publications by the department, along with brochures and flyers related to shows and course offerings.

University of California, Santa Barbara, Department of Black Studies Records

The Department of Black Studies records contain general administrative subject files, files on the department's role in the creation of the Center for Black Studies, and files on the department and center's roles in shaping campus affirmative action policy.

University of California, Santa Barbara, Department of Chemistry Collection

Collection contains materials on graduate study in chemistry, course flyers, and a taped lecture.

University of California, Santa Barbara, Department of Chicana and Chicano Studies Records

The Department of Chicana and Chicano Studies records contain files relating to the history and development of the department, including administrative and subject files, course syllabi, department brochures, programs, and reviews.

University of California, Santa Barbara, Department of History Collection

The collection contains meeting minutes, committee and group information, conference files, graduate lists, memos, and course and event flyers.

University of California, Santa Barbara, Department of History, Public Historical Studies Program Records

The Public Historical Studies Program records contain research and publication files for projects such as the Painted Cave fire study, Santa Barbara County vintners project, and Santa Barbara district attorney history project, as well as audio tapes, correspondence, conference and...

University of California, Santa Barbara, Department of Home Economics Collection

The collection contains chronological files of memos, correspondence, flyers, and other related materials.

University of California, Santa Barbara, Department of Music Collection

The collection contains posters, flyers, calendars, and programs for musical performances by students, guest musicians, and faculty.

University of California, Santa Barbara, Department of Recreation Collection

The UCSB Department of Recreation collection contains event, course, program and activity flyers, brochures, program files, memos, and related materials.

University of California, Santa Barbara, Department of Sociology Collection

The UCSB Department of Sociology collection contains mainly flyers for sociology colloquia, courses, lectures, programs, and conferences, as well as information packets from the Sociology Computing Facility.

University of California, Santa Barbara, Department of Theater and Dance collection

The University of California, Santa Barbara, Department of Theater and Dance collection includes an extensive amount of materials related to performance publicity and advertising. These materials include performance programs, flyers, posters, and newspapers clippings. In addition, the collection contains a...

University of California, Santa Barbara, Division of Student Affairs Collection

The collection contains a large amount of earlier materials from the UC Santa Barbara College period, such as student handbooks, rosters, orientation and welcome publications, and other related materials.

University of California, Santa Barbara, Education Abroad Program Collection

The Education Abroad Program (EAP) collection contains correspondence, flyers, brochures, and publications on student experiences, program opportunities, statistics, and administration.

University of California, Santa Barbara, Educational Opportunity Program (EOP) Records

The Educational Opportunity Program records are comprised of correspondence, reports, clippings, administrative and subject files, and other materials relating to the program. Includes materials on student affirmative action and the 1989 hunger strike.

University of California, Santa Barbara, El Centro Collection

The collection contains documents relating to the Chicano Studies movement on campus, including correspondence with the administration on concerns, reports on progress of various units of El Centro, and space relocation.

University of California, Santa Barbara, El Congreso Collection

The El Congreso collection contains organization files such as constitutions, correspondence, etc., as well as files on La Escuela, a bilingual elementary school, and event flyers.

University of California, Santa Barbara, Environmental Health and Safety Collection

The UCSB Environmental Health and Safety collection contains a copy of the green EH&S binder, publications on regulations and guidelines regarding safety issues, flyers for courses and workshops, memos, and related documents.

University of California, Santa Barbara, Environmental Studies Program Collection

Collection contains reports, alumni directory, meeting minutes, flyers, brochures, memos.

University of California, Santa Barbara, Extended Learning Services Collection

Collection contains brochures, flyers, schedules, proposals, and other related documents.

University of California, Santa Barbara, Faculty Club Collection

The UCSB Faculty Club collection contains background/historical documents, constitution and bylaws, correspondence, meeting minutes, and event materials.

University of California, Santa Barbara, Faculty Collection

The UCSB Faculty collection contains alphabetical subject files on a range of topics relating to the university faculty and community.

University of California, Santa Barbara, Faculty Women's Club Records

The Faculty Women's Club records are arranged by subject and contains membership lists, minutes, presidential files, financial and social records, histories, publications, event files, and scrapbooks.

University of California, Santa Barbara, Financial Aid Office Collection

The UCSB Financial Aid Office controls loan and scholarship disbursements, the work study program, financial counseling services, non-UCSB study funding assistance, and related services. The collection contains memos, financial aid application materials, guides, scholarship and committee files, and other similar...

University of California, Santa Barbara, Gevirtz Graduate School of Education Collection

The collection contains reports, brochures, flyers and other materials related to the school's programs, credentials, and events.

University of California, Santa Barbara, Graduate Division Collection

Collection contains masters and Ph. D. graduate degree lists, annual reports, files on affirmative action, handbooks, flyers, brochures, etc.

University of California, Santa Barbara, Graduate Student Association Collection

The collection contains graduate student handbooks, student survey results, and a small amount of correspondence and flyers.

University of California, Santa Barbara, History and Antecedents Collection

The UCSB History and Antecedents collection brings together materials from multiple sources on the growth of the university from a small normal school at the turn of the 19th century to the large state university it is today. The collection...

University of California, Santa Barbara, Home Economics Club Records

The Home Economics Club collection contains record and ledger books maintained by the treasurers and secretaries of the club, guestbooks for visitors to the Home Management House, and scrapbooks documenting the club's events and members.

University of California, Santa Barbara, Housing and Residential Services Collection

The Housing and Residential Services collection contains housing brochures, guides, student surveys and statistical reports, a history of Housing and Residential Services, and materials on other services and programs offered.

University of California, Santa Barbara, Human Resources Department Collection

Collection contains memos, handbooks, manuals, flyers, and other documents relating to benefits, personnel, programs, training & development.

University of California, Santa Barbara, Institute for Crustal Studies Collection

The Institute for Crustal Studies is a UCSB interdisciplinary research unit focused on study of the earth's crust. The collection contains annual reports and a brochure for the institute.

University of California, Santa Barbara, Institute for Interdisciplinary Applications of Algebra and Combinatorics Collection

The Institute for Interdisciplinary Applications of Algebra and Combinatorics collection contains the proposal to form the institute, annual reports, and a flyer for summer internships at the institute.

University of California, Santa Barbara, Institute of Environmental Stress Collection

Collection contains the institute proposal, annual reports, and other related documents.

University of California, Santa Barbara, Institute of Religious Studies Collection

The Institute of Religious Studies was established as a researcher center on the Santa Barbara campus of the University of California in 1967, and dissolved in 1979. The collection contains annual, review, and dissolution reports, as well as flyers and...

University of California, Santa Barbara, Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee Records

The collection contains meeting minutes and related documents of the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC), formerly the Animal Care Council (ACC), from 1996 to 2006.

University of California, Santa Barbara, Instructional Development Collection

Collection contains memos, flyers, handbooks and guides, newsletters, proposals, and conference papers.

University of California, Santa Barbara, Intercollegiate Athletics Collection

The Intercollegiate Athletics collection contains primarily men's football and basketball announcements, programs, schedules and yearbooks, as well as the NCAA Self-Study and other college sports materials.

University of California, Santa Barbara, Interdisciplinary Humanities Center (IHC) Collection

Collection contains mainly flyers and calendars for Interdisciplinary Humanities Center sponsored events and lectures.

University of California, Santa Barbara, Library Records

The UCSB Library records contain files on library departments, projects, publications, and collections.

University of California, Santa Barbara, Marine Science Institute Collection

Collection contains annual and progress reports, symposium publications, memos, brochures, and other related materials.

University of California, Santa Barbara, Mortar Board National College Senior Honor Society, Crown and Scepter Chapter Records

The Crown and Scepter Chapter records contain membership lists, correspondence with the national organization, reports, scrapbooks, and other related material.

University of California, Santa Barbara, Multicultural Center Collection

The Multicultural Center collection contains an annual report and brochures, calendars, flyers, and memos relating to events sponsored and/or hosted by the center.

University of California, Santa Barbara Natural Reserve System records

The administrative records generated by the University of California, Santa Barbara Natural Reserve System. These records document the history and development of the Natural Reserve System, and in particular the seven reserves administered by UCSB. The records contain plans, annual...

University of California, Santa Barbara, Office of Admissions and Relations with Schools Collection

The collection contains older materials (1952-1998) relating to the admissions process (department information sheets, UCSB promotional publications) as well as some statistical information on entering students.

University of California, Santa Barbara, Office of Affirmative Action Records

The Office of Affirmative Action records contain mainly reports compiled by the office on university personnel procedures and policies from 1973 to 1994. There is also a small amount of correspondence, pamphlets, and flyers related to the office.

University of California, Santa Barbara, Office of Architects and Engineers Collection

The Office of Architects and Engineers collection contains plans, reports, and committee minutes relating to the design and construction of campus buildings and facilities.

University of California, Santa Barbara, Office of Budget and Planning Collection

The Office of Budget and Planning Collection contain reports, plans, and other materials related to university institutional research, campus planning, capital planning and budget.

University of California, Santa Barbara, Office of Development Collection

Collection contains files relating to the UCSB Foundation and other Development Office projects and events. Includes many event photographs.

University of California, Santa Barbara, Office of Facilities Management Records

The UCSB Office of Facilities Management records contain correspondence, maps, surveys, easements, deeds, lease agreements, photographs, meeting minutes and construction and planning documents pertaining to the facilities development of the University of California, Santa Barbara, focusing on its current Goleta...

University of California, Santa Barbara, Office of Public Affairs Records

The collection contains correspondence and memos, files from the Publications Office, news releases and clippings, and some subject files, including materials on animal research and the Proposition 3 construction bond.

University of California, Santa Barbara Office of Public Events Collection

The collection contains memos, and event flyers and invitations. Events include Charter Day, Parents' and Family Weekend, and Commencement.

University of California, Santa Barbara, Office of Public Information Biographical Files

The UCSB Office of Public Information biographical files contain clippings, press releases, photographs, some correspondence and other materials relating to UCSB faculty, staff, administrators, and other prominent individuals associated with the university.

University of California, Santa Barbara, Office of Public Information, Isla Vista / Student Unrest Subject Files

The Isla Vista / Student Unrest subject files contain clippings, memos, reports, correspondence, photos, and other documents on subject matter relating to Isla Vista and UCSB students, compiled by the Office of Public Information, now known as the Office of...

University of California, Santa Barbara, Office of Public Information Subject Files

The collection contains clippings, press releases, memos, and other materials relating to university events, policies, issues, facilities, departments, etc. gathered and/or published by the Office of Public Information, now known as the Office of Public Affairs.

University of California, Santa Barbara, Office of Research Collection

The Office of Research collection contains reports on campus research projects, the office's operation and funds, research policy, etc., as well as memos, flyers, and brochures.

University of California, Santa Barbara, Office of Residential Life Scrapbooks

This collection contains five scrapbooks from the late 1950s to 1970s, compiled mainly by several women's residence halls. Included are clippings, officer lists, notecards and letters, event photos, collages and drawings.

University of California, Santa Barbara, Office of Student Life collection

The Office of Student Life collection contains campus regulations on student organizations and their use of campus facilities, guidebooks for student groups, honor lists, and general reports, flyers, memos, booklets and other materials relating to the Dean of Students and...

University of California, Santa Barbara, Office of the Chancellor Administrative Files

The administrative files of the UCSB Office of the Chancellor contain records of ongoing issues, policies, procedures, and plans not relating specifically to the tenure of any individual chancellor.

University of California, Santa Barbara, Office of the Chancellor, Chancellors' Records

The Chancellors' records are arranged chronologically by chancellor and predecessor administrators, and contain speeches, subject files, clippings, committee files, correspondence, and other documents. The bulk of the collection consists of materials from Vernon I. Cheadle, chancellor from 1962-1977.

University of California, Santa Barbara, Office of the Registrar Collection

The Office of the Registrar is responsible for student enrollment at the university, which includes establishing residency, enrollment status, course registration, graduation, transcripts and grade reporting. The collection contains credential ledger books dating to the Santa Barbara State Normal School,...

University of California, Santa Barbara, Office of University Relations Collection

The Office of University Relations collection contains planning guides, files on governmental relations, and a proposal for a Humanities research and symposium center.

University of California, Santa Barbara, Phi Beta Kappa, Lambda of California Chapter Records

The collection contains records of the UCSB Phi Beta Kappa (Lambda of California) chapter's formation, organization, and the selection and initiation process, including correspondence, meeting minutes, handbooks, reports, and other related documents.

University of California, Santa Barbara, Physical Planning Committee Records

The Physical Planning Committee records contains committee meeting agendas and minutes, covering the period of 1962 to 1983. Also included are a few Building and Campus Development Committee meeting agendas and minutes, bound in conjunction with the Physical Planning Committee...

University of California, Santa Barbara, Placement Center Collection

The Placement Center Collection contain annual reports, follow-up reports on students assisted by the center, interview schedules for jobs, Placement Manuals, and other related documents.

University of California, Santa Barbara, Press Council, Daily Nexus Collection

The UCSB Press Council oversees the student newspaper, the , and the campus radio station, KCSB. The collection contains mostly financial files, as well as some brochures on advertising, publication guidelines, type samples, etc.

University of California, Santa Barbara, Resource Center for Sexual & Gender Diversity records

This collection documents the history of University of California, Santa Barbara, Resource Center for Sexual & Gender Diversity (RCSGD) from 1986-2017. These materials include office files, newspaper articles and clippings, and student zines. The collection also contains Center advertising flyers...

University of California, Santa Barbara, Social Process Research Institute Collection

The Social Process Research Institute collection contains proposals and reports relating to the research and progress of the institute.

University of California, Santa Barbara, Staff Assembly Collection

The Staff Assembly collection contains meeting minutes as well as flyers and memos on events, elections, awards.

University of California, Santa Barbara, Student Health Services Collection

The UCSB Student Health Services collection contains pamphlets and flyers on health services and events, memos, and materials on the student health insurance.

University of California, Santa Barbara, Student Organizations Collection

The collection contains mainly flyers and posters for events, issues of interest, meetings, etc. for student organizations, clubs, and groups.

University of California, Santa Barbara, Students for Free Political Action Collection

The Students for Free Political Action (SFPA) were formed during a period at UCSB and campuses across the country when students increasingly became politically active. SFPA was particularly interested in assuring the means for political free speech on campus, including...

University of California, Santa Barbara, Summer Sessions Collection

The UCSB Summer Sessions collection contains bulletins, flyers and schedules for UCSB Summer Sessions, from 1949 to 2003, including specialized programs such as high school student courses and Summer French Institute.

University of California, Santa Barbara, Tutorial Program Collection

The Tutorial Program collection contains files on colloquium courses from the program, flyers, memos, brochures, reports, and other related documents.

University of California, Santa Barbara, United Way Campaign Collection

Collection contains materials on the annual United Way fundraising campaign at UCSB, and includes memos, pledge forms, reports, newsletters, and flyers.

University of California, Santa Barbara, University Art Museum Collection

Includes administrative files and exhibition catalogs, announcements, and posters.

University of California, Santa Barbara, University Center Collection

The UCSB University Center (UCen) collection contains reports, minutes, memos, plans, and other documents on the multiple building projects for the UCen as well as general flyers, schedules, memos, etc. relating to UCen services and events.

University of California, Santa Barbara, Vice Chancellors Collection

The collection contains subject files on the various offices of the vice chancellors of UC Santa Barbara.

University of California, Santa Barbara, Women's Center Collection

The UCSB Women's Center collection contains event, lecture, program and course flyers, pamphlets and booklets on services and women's issues, memos from the center, and other related materials.

University of California, Santa Barbara, Woodrow Wilson Fellowship Program Collection

The Woodrow Wilson Fellowship Program collection contains application materials, brochures, nominee lists, clippings, newsletters, financial documents, and other related materials from UCSB participation in the program in the 1960s.

Urantia Book Historical Society archive

The Urantia Book Historical Society archive chronicles the philosophy, activities, and teachings of the Urantia Book from its inception in the early 1910s to 2006. The collection consists of materials concerning Urantia Foundation and related groups, such as administrative records,...

U.S. Colored Troops, 30th Regiment, Company D - Document

One document relating to the U. S. Colored Troops, 30th Regiment, Company D, "Inventory and Inspection Report of Unserviceable Stores" Includes items such as bayonet scabbards, cartridge boxes, rifles, and belts, which had been in use for a year and...

U.S. soldier in Philippines photographs

Six black-and-white photographs mounted on five cards with extensive typescript captions. The first five photographs were taken in Alimenues, Philippines, where the soldier was stationed as a scout in 1901. The last photo, dated 1916, shows the soldier and a...

USN Battleship: South America tour photographs

167 black-and-white photo postcards detailing the voyage of an unidentified U.S. Navy vessel in 1918.

U.S.S. Sharon Victory in the Pacific Photograph Album

Photograph album, 1945-1946, containing 35+ black/white photos, all with captions, of a U.S. sailor serving on the U.S.S. Sharon Victory during the latter stages of World War II in the Pacific. Includes photos of the ship and fellow sailors, as...

Utah Topographical Sketchbooks

The collection contains three bound Utah topographical sketchbooks, with faint pencil drawings, by three separate topographers, 1877, 1879, 1883. The first two have labels indicating "Engineer Department, U.S. Army, Geographical Surveys West of 100th Meridian," while the third indicates "Northern...

Valdez (Luís) Papers

The Luís Valdez Papers cover some of his significant accomplishments as a sceenwriter. Included are two editions of a screenplay about the life of Ritchie Valens, originally titled in 1985, then edited and retitled in 1986. The vast majority of...

Valentine (Harold L. Jr.) photograph album

Photograph album containing 85 gelatin silver photographs of Valentine family of Gouldtown New Jersey, as well as African-American soldiers on a military base during World War II.

Valentine (Wenonah) collection

Wenonah Valentine is the executive director of iDream For Racial Health Equity, a training and advocacy project dedicated to supporting positive birth outcomes in the African American community. As a notable art dealer, her collection includes artworks by Mary Heussenstam...

Vallejo (Linda) Papers

Vallejo [Linda] Papers, 1975-2001. Photographs, slides, posters, correspondence, publications and ephemera of the Chicana painter, sculptor, printmaker, and founder of Galeria Las Americas. (CEMA 76).

Van der Voort (Antoni) Papers

Music manuscripts of Dutch/American violinist and composer involved in the Depression-era Federal Composer's Program and composer of Dream of Life, Sketches from Fairyland and a Sinfonietta, the latter the winner of the 1942 Composition Prize from the St. Louis Symphony...

Van Every (Patricia J.) collection

This collection consists of a mixture of letters, legal documents (deeds, guardianship transfers, quit claims, etc.,) newspaper clippings, and keepsakes pertaining to the Bean and McMaster families from various locations within the United States. The bulk of the collection dates...

Vargas (Kathy) photographic art print collection

Kathy Vargas is an internationally praised Chicana photographer and artist from San Antonio, Texas, known for her composite hand-colored photographs that abstract loss and hope, life and death, and sexuality. This collection includes four photographic art prints by Vargas from...

Varley (C. Ray) Papers

This collection contains correspondence, clippings, official statements, and studies which provide a record of Varley's service to the campus as Vice Chancellor, particularly in relation to UCSB's neighboring community, Isla Vista. In addition to the official record, the collection contains...

Vasconcellos (John) Papers

This collection currently is being processed; with additions received on a regular basis. It contains the following series: Series I: Personal/Biographical Series II: Humanistic Psychology Series III: Campaigns Series IV: Legislative Files Series V: Artifacts Series VI: Audiovisual Series VII:...

Venturino da Fabriano (Giovanni Battista) - Del Viaggio Fatto

Handwritten Italian manuscript in two bound volumes. English translation of title: .

Vera Cruz, Mexico Photograph Collection

The collection contains 30 b/w photographs of the U.S. occupation of Vera Cruz, Mexico, April 1914. It includes picture postcards and panoramas, with images of U.S. troops, ships, Vera Cruz Harbor, Vera Cruz street scenes and prisoners, recreational activities of...

Veronica Mars production files

This collection includes materials from the television series It contains production documents from each episode, administrative and financial records from the series, a banner taken from the set, as well as audiovisual media utilized during the series' production.

Vietnam Refugees Photograph Album

38 8"x10" black/white mounted prints in an album with printed label "Exodus and Rehabilitation of Vietnamese Refugees," showing air and sea evacuation by U.S. military personnel from Hanoi and settling in South Vietnam, first at Honai and Phutho temporary centers.

Villa, Esteban Papers

Villa [Esteban] Papers, 1974-2002. Original sketches, correspondence, exhibition announcements, collected writings, and research files of the Sacramento Chicano artist and muralist, and one of the founding members of the Royal Chicano Air Force, an artists' cultural collective. (CEMA 50).

Viramontes (Helena Maria) Papers

Helena Maria Viramontes' papers chronicle this important Chicana writer's life from a child in East Los Angeles to a successful writer and university professor. Personal and biographical information, correspondence, literary work and critical writings as well as other parts of...

Von Breton (Harriette C.) Papers

The collection contains files relating to various civic and political issues, 1940s to 1970s, including the 1969 Santa Barbara Oil Spill....

Wade (Benjamin F.) Correspondence

The collection contains three letters relating to Benjamin F. [B. F.] Wade (1800-1878), abolitionist and Whig/Republican Senator from Ohio, 1851-1869. Wade was co-author of the Wade-Davis bill on reconstruction, which was pocket vetoed by President Lincoln, and the subsequent Wade-Davis...

Waite (Morrison R.) Collection

The collection contains one Civil War era note (ANS), 1862, from Morrison R. Waite (1816-1888) to R. F. Paine, concerning finances of [?] Rains, who was at Weston, Virginia, with the Ohio 67th Regiment. Also included is one undated engraving...

Walker (James F) Papers

Three Civil War journals/diaries (with maps) and loose sketches and descriptions, of a young Illinois farmer who enlisted on Aug. 7, 1862 and served as a Civil War Union soldier with the 101st Illinois Infantry, Company F....

Wallace (Lewis) Collection

The collection contains one Civil War letter (ALS) from Union General Lewis Wallace to Governor Robinson of Kentucky, Aug. 22, 1862, re raising 4,000-5,000 mounted Home Guards, which he sees as the quickest way of getting a proper force into...

Wallsten (Robert) Papers

Papers of actor and writer including correspondence, photographs, scrapbooks and literary manuscripts. Wallsten acted on Broadway before serving in the Navy in New Guinea during WWII. After the war, Wallsten wrote plays, teleplays, and short stories and had a long...

Walter (H. A.) - India/Kashmir Photograph Album

Photo album with 252 b/w photos, mainly 1912-1916, most with fine detail, of H. A. Walter and family, mainly in India and Kashmir. Walker, who was from Connecticut, apparently was one of a number of YMCA missionary-like foreign work secretaries...

Warder (Michael) Collection

Files relating to Michael Warder's participation in the Unification Church, mainly as editor of the New York based newspaper . Included are legal files relating to various activities of the church and its tax exempt status.

Ward-Perkins Family Papers

Primarily correspondence relating to the Ward and Perkins families of Boston, New York and elsewhere. Other families who figure prominently in the papers are the Barkers, the Howards, and the Bruens. Many letters from noteworthy individuals outside of the family...

Washburn (J.) Civil War Letter

One four-page Civil War letter (ALS) from J. Washburn to his brother, defending the Confederacy, about a month after the attack on Fort Sumter. Washburn had recently visited his brother, possibly in Princeton, and he describes at length the opposing...

Watkins Glen/Oil exploration photograph album

Album with 31 pictures of Watkins Glen, New York, and other locations, many having to do with oil exploration.

Watkins (Richard Howells) Collection

The collection contains correspondence, copies of short stories, articles, and screenplays by Watkins, as well as aviation files with photographs of WWI aces, early airplanes (Curtis, Martin, Le Perce-Packard, Thomas-Morse Aircraft Corporation, and others), ca. 1910s-1920 and images apparently shot...

Watson Airfotos Inc. photograph collection

This collection of historical imagery of areas in Los Angeles and surrounding counties dates back to the 1920s (1927 to 1947). The Watson collection came to the Library as part of the gift from the Teledyne Foundation in 1986, and...

Watson and Moderwell Families Collection

The collection contains historical material relating to the Watson and Moderwell families, including a typescript family record of William Haymond (father of Rebeckah Haymond, who married Thomas Watson in 1813), with genealogical information and transcriptions of letters by Haymond, mainly...

Wendell (Charles) Arabic Volumes

Seven bound manuscript and printed volumes in Arabic script, some illuminated by hand, including works on Islamic architecture and religion.

West Africa photograph album

Gold Coast Colony, Colony and Protectorate of Nigeria, circa 1938-1942. Photograph album of trade and transport in British Crown Colonies of West Africa, kept by Major Clarence Henry, whilst on the SS Nigerian cargo steam ship.

West Indies Photograph Album

Photograph album of the West Indies, 1937, containing 33 black/white photographs of street scenes and countryside in Martinique, Barbados, St. Georges (Grenada), Caracas (Venezuela), Curacao, Cartagena (Colombia), Panama, Trinidad, and St. Thomas (Virgin Islands)....

Western Photograph Collection

Photograph album, ca. latter 1800s, with 77 black/white prints, some captions, of California scenes (Mount Shasta, Shasta Springs, Trinity River, Mission Hills of Trinity County, hydraulic mining, stagecoach, woman and child on wooden aquaduct), along with a few of Colorado...

Westra (Dorothy) Papers

Scrapbook of Dorothy Westra, with programs, flyers, publicity, and reviews for concerts by soprano Dorothy Westra, on a European tour in 1951-1952. Westra later joined the UCSB music faculty in 1956 and was director of the Chamber Singers....

Wheeler Amusement Company circus photographs

28 black-and-white snapshots and one photo postcard relating to the Wheeler Amusement Co.

Wheeler (Harvey) Papers

Correspondence, writings, and administrative files, mainly relating to Wheeler's long-term association with the Center for the Study of Democratic Institutions.

Wheeler (Lyle R.) papers

Papers of Lyle Reynolds Wheeler (1905-1990), American motion picture art director and winner of five Academy Awards.

White (Nelson H.) Papers

Collected self-published works on ceremonial magic by Nelson H. White of Technology Group publications. Collection includes some unpublished material.

Whitehead (Richard S.) Collection

The collection is arranged in two series: Alphabetical Files and Geographical Files. Both series primarily are concerned with land use and planning. In some cases the key word apparently used for filing purposes, has been indicated in brackets....

Whitney (Daniel S.) Papers

The collection contains papers of the Reverend Daniel Saunders Whitney, Massachusetts abolitionist (1810-1894), including a Civil War era diary (1865-1866), correspondence to his wife Sophia and daughters (ca. 1864-1865), an engraved portrait of Whitney, and a page of the (printed...

Whitney (Frances A.) Scrapbook

Scrapbook of Frances Ann Whitney, mainly clippings of poems, many from the Civil War era. Includes titles such as "I Would the War Were Over," "Tell Him I'm Ready," and "A Soldier's Poem." Includes poems by a number of women...

Wilke (William Hancock) Collection

Examples of illuminations and book plates Wilke did for the press of John Henry Nash, as well as numerous drawings and water colors of San Francisco scenes, and two original posters for the Panama-Pacific International Exposition, San Francisco, 1915.

William Edwin Rudge [Firm] Collection

Business records and personal papers of William E. Rudge, his family, his printing firm, and associates.

Williams (Benajah) diaries

Five handwritten diaries by Methodist preacher Benajah Williams (1789-1864) documenting his activities during the years 1818-1862.

Williams (Frederick P.) papers

Research files on concert, military, and ethnic bands collected by Frederick P. Williams.

Williams (James C.) Trade Catalog Collection

Trade catalogs from various companies and a few trade magazines; most pertain to mining, drilling, milling, and smelting.

Williams (Samuel L.) papers

The Samuel L. Williams papers, valuable to scholars studying Los Angeles and urban life in general, includes material that represents the Southern California attorney's civic work, speeches, photographs, and correspondence from 1974-1995. The former California Deputy Attorney General was on...

Willson (Lawrence) Papers

The collection contains research files relating to Lawrence Willson's scholarly interests, including Henry D. Thoreau and American literature, as well as copies of his articles and reviews, correspondence, photographs, and files relating to the Thoreau Society, Phi Beta Kappa, early...

Wilson (Harrison) Civil War Collection

Collection of Civil War related material of Harrison Wilson [25th Ohio Infantry], including a letter (ALS) from [Gen.] M[ortimer] D. Leggett, 1883, asking for his remembrances of the Battle of Atlanta, July 22, 1864, and a 16-page typescript of his...

Wilson Peace Trip Photograph Album

One photograph album, with 113 black/white mounted photos, documenting President Woodrow Wilson's trip to Europe to present his peace plan to end the Great War (World War I), at the Paris Peace Conference. This volume (no. 2 only) includes images...

Wilson (Woodrow) Framed Photograph

One black/white framed photograph, portrait of Woodrow Wilson, ca. 30 cm. x 40 cm., Harris & Ewing, photographers (Washington, D.C.). Inscription reads: "To my darling Nell, With love from her father, Woodrow Wilson, 1923."...

Wilson-McAdoo Collection

Three series: (1) Personal papers and records of President Woodrow Wilson's daughters Eleanor Wilson McAdoo, her husband William Gibbs McAdoo, and their two children Ellen Wilson Mcadoo Henshaw and Mary Faith McAdoo Haddad; (2) Personal papers and records of President...

Women's history, suffrage, and equal rights collection

Pamphlets, newsletters, and feminist publications including and documenting radical feminism in the 1970s. The collection also includes miscellaneous ephemera related to women's suffrage and equal rights from the early 20th century.

Women's March Protest Posters collection

A collection of Women's March protest posters from the marches held in Sacramento, California 2017 and 2018.

Women's Rights Scrapbooks

The collection contains volumes 1, 3 and 4 of a set of scrapbooks assembled by an unidentified San Francisco area woman, with mounted clippings pertaining to issues such as women's suffrage, property rights, education, marriage and divorce, women in professions...

Wong (Elizabeth) Papers

Elizabeth Wong is an award winning Chinese American playwright and a television screenwriter specializing in Asian American issues. The Elizabeth Wong Papers consists of personal and professional materials generated by Wong during the period 1980-2003. The collection consists of seven...

Wong (Flo) Papers

The Flo Wong Papers contain correspondence related to her artwork and the Asian Heritage Council, promotional materials, photographs from her exhibits, books, articles and videos. There are photos of Wong's Flag Party in Sunnyvale Studio and her "made in usa:...

Wong (Leland) papers

Leland Wong is a San Francisco-based illustrator, photographer, and screen printer renowned for his documentation of the Asian American experience. This collection consists of 37 of his posters.

Wong (Nellie) papers

Nellie Wong is a poet and activist for feminist and socialist causes based in the San Francisco Bay Area. She is co-featured in the documentary film, (1982) and was featured in the film (2004). Wong's awards include Woman of Words...

World of Charlotte Moorman

Charlotte Moorman was an American cellist and performance artist who gained some notoriety for her Avant Garde performances at festivals she helped organize beginning in 1963. Moorman was trained as a classical musician at Julliard and later joined the American...

World Tour Photograph Album

Photograph album containing 458 black/white snapshots, most with captions, of a Nov. 1907 - June 1908 world tour covering 37,000 miles on 16 steamers, by an unknown American woman. Contains images from Gibraltar, Spain (Ronda), France (Marseilles), Egypt (Port Said,...

World War I & II poster collection

Collection of World War I and II posters.

World War I - U.S. Signal Corps Photograph Collection

The collection contains 102 black/white World War I professional photographs, most stamped "Signal Corps U.S.A.," some with penciled captions. Includes images of General Pershing and other high-ranking staff officers, President Wilson attending dinner with military officers, tanks, planes, fighting in...

World War I maps

43 World War I era Allied maps primarily of Northern France, as well as Belgium and Switzerland.

World War I Photograph Album

World War I photograph album with approximately 130 4"x5" black/white photographs, most labeled, mainly taken in France. Some are labeled as Men of the 102nd. Includes images of Generals Edwards and Passaga, several of Negro troops, several battle-site scenes, many...

World War II - Philippines, New Guinea, Okinawa Photograph Collection

More than 1,000 mostly World War II b/w photos, loose and in three photograph albums, many lacking identification. Includes scenes in Manila, Lingayen, Laoag, and other Philippine towns, many showing destruction of the war; railroad yards at Tarlac, Luzon; local...

World War II - U.S. Forces in the Pacific Photograph Album

World War II era photograph album of U.S. forces in the Pacific, ca. 1942-1945, containing 300+ photos, most black/white but some color prints and a few picture postcards, few with captions. Includes a number of shots of Naval personnel, bulldozers,...

World War II Danish Resistance Literature Collection

Pamphlets, flyers, joke books, poetry, song sheet music, and other printed materials (in Danish) produced in resistance to the Nazi occupation of Denmark, as well as a few items from collaborationist groups. Most published by Frit Nordisk Forlag (Free Nordic...

World War II German Engineer Bridging Battalion Photograph Album

This 1941-1943 World War II German engineer bridging battalion album contains about 265 black/white photographs with captions in German, including troops on the eastern front, convoys and bridges in Poland and Russia, captured fighter and bomber aircraft, artillery, tanks, barracks,...

World War II U.S. Military Construction in Okinawa Photograph Album

World War II era photograph album of U.S. military construction on Okinawa, 1945, containing 90+ black/white snapshots, with typed captions Shows the 801st Battalion at work on roads and buildings such as Quonset huts for the hospital, damage wrought by...

World War Through The Stereoscope

Boxed set of 75 stereoscopic views, World War I scenes with lengthy captions, part of the Stereographic Library issued by the Keystone View Co., ca. 1914-1918. Includes images of battlefields and trenches, armaments, cavalry, buildings, hospitals and cemeteries, dirigible, German...

Worldwide Church of God collection

Collection contains reports, corresponcence, newsletters, and other materials relating to the Worldwide Church of God and its affiliated organizations and members.

Wyles (William) microfilm collection

Newspapers on microfilm. Titles cataloged and classified separately.

Wyles (William) Newspaper Collection

This collection contains newspapers from the nineteenth century, most relating to the period leading up to and including the Civil War.

Wyles (William) Papers

The collection contains biographical information, correspondence, ephemera, legal documents, photographs, and other materials relating to William Wyles, as well as board records, correspondence, purchase information, scrapbook, and descriptions of the early development of the Wyles Collection (known in former years...

Wyman Family Photographs

The collection contains one disbound photo album assembled by the Wyman family, with 81 b/w photographs of varying sizes, of a trip apparently to the Sierras. Includes mountain scenery, forests, lakes, camping, cabins, family (and friends?) posing, hiking, holding strings...

Yemenite manuscript

Yemenite manuscript, in Hebrew.

York (Neil), Willson (Lawrence) correspondence

Correspondence between Lawrence Willson, a well-known English professor at UCSB and Neil York.

Young Family Papers

The collection contains correspondence and business-related materials concerning the Young family of Paw Paw, Michigan, as well as correspondence relating to a number of other Michigan families including Butler, Carpenter, Comstock, Goodrich, Henry, Hibner, Maloney, Moyer, Nellie, Poucher, Richards, Shallenberger,...

Young (Noel) / Capra Press Collection

The collection contains biographical information about Noel Young (1922-2002), including typescripts from early diaries in the 1930s and through his college years, typescripts mainly of short stories, but also poetry and plays, by Young, memorabilia from trips, photographs, and some...

Young (Oran) papers

Collection contains files of Bren School faculty member Oran Young relating to his work in the areas of Arctic studies, institutional and international environmental governance.

Yukon photograph collection

Collection of 109 real photo postcards, 8 printed postcards, 22 original photographs and various ephemera from the archive of the Watson family, Yukon Pioneers and owners of the Watson General Store in Carcross – the oldest operating store in the...