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Adams, Claude M. Photographs

The collection consists of photographs taken by or given to Claude M. Adams while he worked in Japan for the Supreme Commander for the Allied Powers (SCAP), Natural Resources Section, Fisheries Division from 1945-1951.

Alaska Commercial Company Records

A small collection of business correspondence and records from the Alaska Commercial Company, a San Francisco trading firm concerned with the Alaskan fur trade in the late 19th century.

Allen (Winfred Emory) Papers

Papers of Winfred Emory Allen, Scripps Institution of Oceanography (SIO) biologist. The collection consists of personal and professional correspondence, research data, newspaper features, manuscripts, Allen's writings on and about SIO, and photographs.

Armed Revolutionary Organizations in Mexico Documents

A microfilm collection comprised of printed and manuscript materials created between 1965 and 1998 by twenty-two separate revolutionary groups in Mexico. The collection presents a wealth of primary material documenting the organization and activities of these twenty-two groups. It is...

Arthur (Robert S.) Papers

A small collection of papers and images from Robert S. Arthur (1916-1995), a physical oceanographer at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography.

Baca (Herman) Papers

The papers of Herman Baca, a National City, California, Chicano rights activist and prominent member of the Mexican-American community, document the contributions and accomplishments made by Herman Baca and the Committee on Chicano Rights. Since the 1960s, Herman Baca has...

Bancroft Family Papers

A small collection of family papers of book dealer and historian Hubert Howe Bancroft (1832-1918). The collection consists of letters from his first wife, Emily Ketchum, to her family, 1859-1869; and to her sister, Mrs. Coit, 1860-1869. It also includes...

Beyster (J. Robert) Collection

The J. Robert Beyster Collection documents the career and business records of Dr. J. Robert Beyster (1924-2014), the founder, former chairman and chief executive officer of Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC), the San Diego based employee-owned research and development firm...

Bond (William) Papers

Papers of William Bond (d. 1776), Revolutionary Army officer and colonel in the 25th Regiment of Foot from Massachusetts. Bond led the regiment from July 1775 to August 31, 1776, when he died from an illness at Mount Independence near...

Bradner (Hugh) Papers

Papers of physicist Hugh Bradner, including his correspondence, research files, teaching material and writings.

Chapman Family Correspondence and Other Documents

A small collection of the family papers of American painter John Gadsby Chapman (1808-1898), consisting mostly of letters to Chapman from colleagues and associates, and correspondence with his son, Conrad Wise Chapman. Of special interest are Conrad Chapman's letters to...

Cook (Edwin) Papers

Papers of Edwin Aubrey Cook (1932-1984), American anthropologist, professor, and specialist in Manga culture in Papua New Guinea. Cook devoted his career to anthropological work, focusing on kinship and social structure of the Manga tribe in Papua New Guinea. The...

Cupp (Easter Ellen) Papers

The collection consists of papers and photographs documenting the life and career of marine biologist Easter Ellen Cupp, including her graduate studies and research at Scripps Institution of Oceanography.

Dietz (Robert S.) Papers

Papers of geologist Robert S. Dietz (1914-1995), including correspondence, writings, and files relating to Jacques Piccard's submersible ocean research vessel, the bathyscaph Trieste.

Fisher (Robert L.) Papers

Scripps Institution of Oceanography research geologist Robert L. Fisher's papers, correspondence, professional materials, research files and writings.

Fletcher (Ed) Papers

The papers of Ed Fletcher of San Diego, California, consisting primarily of Fletcher's business records from his years as a noted San Diego land developer, civic leader, and member of the California State Senate. The papers document all aspects of...

Foundation for Enterprise Development Records

Records of the Foundation for Enterprise Development (FED), which was founded by Dr. J. Robert Beyster in 1986. The collection includes meeting minutes, administrative files and publications.

Genter (Tillie) Papers

Tillie Genter's papers and photograph collection, assembled over the course of her career from 1919-1948 as secretary to three consecutive directors at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography.

Graves (Charles H.) Image Collection

A 35mm color slide show and 16mm color film documentary of the early history (1963-1967) of the University of California, San Diego, created by Charles Graves. The two formats were photographed nearly simultaneously and include the construction and dedication of...

Hall Family Papers and Sugar Plantation Records

Family papers and sugar plantation records (1709-1835) of the Hall family of England and Jamaica, including William Hall (b.1696), Thomas Hall (1725-1772), Hugh Kirkpatrick Hall (b.1748?), and Thomas Kirkpatrick Hall (b.1776). The Hall family owned and operated the sugar plantations...

Hamilton (Edwin Lee) Papers

Papers of marine geologist Edwin Lee Hamilton documenting his work with the NEL Sea Floor Studies Group and MidPac Expedition. Includes photographs, field notebooks, and correspondence with Robert Dietz, Harry Hess, Gordon MacDonald, and H. William Menard.

Hinton (Sam) Papers

Papers of Sam Hinton, professional folk singer, illustrator, aquarist, and teacher of literature and folklore at UC San Diego.

Hoffmeister (J. Edward) Papers

John Edward Hoffmeister (1899-1991) earned his degrees from Johns Hopkins University; an A.B. in chemistry in 1920 and a Ph.D. in geology in 1923. Field work in Tonga and Fiji in 1926, 1928, and 1934 formed the basis of his...

Hollis (George Fearing) Papers

Papers of George Fearing Hollis, Union Naval officer (1861-1865) and United States Consul to Cape Town, South Africa (1888-1893). The papers consist mainly of correspondence Hollis wrote to his mother and wife during the Civil War.

Howard (James) Collection

Photographs and documents from the collection of James Howard, a mining foreman with the Amparo Mining Company who lived in Guadalajara, Mexico and worked in the Bolaños region starting in 1889.

Hubon Family Papers

The Hubon Family Papers contain the correspondence of early San Diego settler Frederick Hubon (1827-1882), and include letters from three generations of Hubons, with some additional correspondence from other acquaintances. The correspondence touches upon major events of the nineteenth century,...

Keesing (Roger M.) Papers

Papers of cultural and linguistic anthropologist Roger M. Keesing, who studied the culture, history and language of the Kwaio people of Malaita in the Solomon Islands. The Keesing Papers contain research material generated from his fieldwork with the Kwaio and,...

Lambert (Sylvester M.) papers

The papers of American physician Sylvester Maxwell Lambert (1882-1947) relate primarily to his public health work for the International Health Board of the Rockefeller Foundation. He worked in this capacity in Oceania between 1918 and 1939, documenting the prevalence of...

Limbaugh (Conrad) Papers

The collection consists of scuba diving pioneer Conrad Limbaugh's professional files, correspondence, field notes, writings, photographic media and films.

Livingston (Robert B.) Papers

Papers of Robert Burr Livingston (1918-2002), professor of neuroscience and medical administrator. The collection includes correspondence, writings, talks and lectures, project materials, UC San Diego administrative and teaching materials, photographs, audiovisual materials, and digital files. Also included are papers of...

Marine Biological Association of San Diego Records and Photographs

The collection consists of early records, meeting minutes, and photographs documenting the formative years of the Marine Biological Association of San Diego and its transition into the Scripps Institution of Biological Research, predecessor of the Scripps Institution of Oceanography.

Mayer (Joseph) Papers

Papers of Joseph Mayer, a theoretical chemical physicist, researcher, author, consultant, and professor of chemistry at UC San Diego from 1960 until his retirement in 1973. Mayer is best known for his work in statistical mechanics and the application of...

Meigs (Peveril) Baja California Research Materials

Photographs, journals, maps and related research materials on Baja California, Mexico, created by geographer Peveril Meigs III. Meigs conducted field research in northern Baja between 1925 and 1936 observing geology, climate, indigenous populations, mission sites, and local culture in preparation...

North (Alfred) Correspondence and Other Documents

Papers of Alfred North (1807-1869), Presbyterian missionary, minister, and printer. North served in missions abroad for the American Board in Singapore (1836-1843) and Madura, India (1843-1847). He subsequently worked as a minister in New York, Kansas, Missouri, and Wisconsin until...

Rappaport (Roy) Papers

Papers of Roy A. Rappaport, an ethnographic anthropologist. The collection includes research papers and materials generated from his fieldwork with the Tsembaga Maring of the Simbai Valley in Papua New Guinea during two field trips (1962-1963 and 1981-1982). Rappaport's first...

Reid (Freda) Papers

A small collection of papers and photographs of marine phytoplankton specialist Freda M. H. Reid. Included are files on Reid's work with plankton taxonomy and ecology, as well as those pertaining to her involvement with the SIO Building Advisory Committee...

Ritter Family Papers

The collection consists of correspondence, legal documents, and early photographs from the Ritter families of Syracuse, New York and Hampden, Wisconsin, the immediate relatives of the Scripps Institution of Oceanography founder William E. Ritter.

Ritter (William E.) Papers

The collection consists of professional correspondence, administrative papers documenting the formative years of the Scripps Institution of Oceanography, a selection of Ritter's manuscripts and notes, and photographs.

Salk (Jonas) Papers

Papers of Dr. Jonas Salk, noted physician, virologist, humanitarian, and founder of the Salk Institute for Biological Studies in San Diego, California. Salk is best known for his development of the world's first successful vaccine for the prevention of poliomyelitis,...

Scheffler (Harold) Papers

Papers of anthropologist Harold Scheffler, relating to Scheffler's field research on ambilineal descent groups on Choiseul Island in the Solomon Islands between 1958 and 1961, and to his comparative study of religious revitalization movements, especially the Christian Fellowship Church, conducted...

Scripps Family Papers on the Founding of the Scripps Institution of Oceanography

A small but important collection of correspondence, records, miscellaneous papers, and photographs that documents the Scripps family's role as a foundational supporter of the Scripps Institution of Oceanography, originally known as the Marine Biological Association of San Diego.

Scripps Institution of Oceanography Photographs Collection

The Scripps Institution of Oceanography (SIO) Photographs Collection contains photographic prints, slides, and negatives acquired by the former SIO Archives over many years through small accessions and donations from a wide variety of sources. It also includes reference prints of...

Seuss (Dr.) Collection

Manuscripts and drawings of Theodor S. Geisel, author and illustrator known internationally as Dr. Seuss. The collection (1919-1992) includes early drawings, manuscripts and drawings for the majority of his children's books, scripts and storyboards for Dr. Seuss films, television specials...

Sumner Family Papers

Papers of Francis Bertody Sumner, one of the first Scripps Institution of Oceanography biologists, and his family. The collection consists of correspondence, academic papers and reports, photo albums and prints, scrapbooks, and records of the Sumner Club.

Sverdrup (Harald) Manuscripts

The collection consists of typewritten manuscripts and related materials co-authored or written by Sverdrup, including .

Swope Family Correspondence

Letters from Charles Byron Swope to his wife, Gretchen, written during his tour of duty during World War I at Fort McDowell on Angel Island in San Francisco Bay.

Szilard (Leo) and Aaron Novick Research Files

Laboratory notebooks (1948-1953) of Leo Szilard and Aaron Novick. Szilard, a nuclear physicist, biologist and advocate of global arms control, held an appointment (1948-1955) as a professor of biophysics at the Institute of Radiology and Biophysics, University of Chicago, and,...

Szilard (Leo) Letters to Gertrud Weiss

The Leo Szilard Letters to Gertrud Weiss collection contains letters written between 1937 and 1959 from Szilard to Weiss. The letters document the development of their relationship during this period and cover a variety of topics, including Szilard's battle with...

Szilard (Leo) Papers

Papers of Leo Szilard, nuclear physicist, biologist, and advocate of global arms control. Most of the material in the accession processed in 1988 dates from the late 1930s to the early 1960s, the period following Szilard's move to the United...

Theatre and Arts Foundation of San Diego County Records

Records of the Theatre and Arts Foundation of San Diego County, a non-profit corporation founded in 1954 to promote cultural development through educational lecture programs, special events, international friendship programs, and the performing arts, especially the La Jolla Playhouse.

UC San Diego. 25th Anniversary Oral Histories

Oral histories conducted by Kathryn Ringrose and sponsored by the Mandeville Special Collections Library of various persons involved with the establishment and development of the University of California, San Diego in the early 1960s. The interviews were conducted as part...

UC San Diego. Scripps Institution of Oceanography. Visibility Laboratory Records

The Visibility Laboratory conducted research in the fields of optics and underwater visibility. Funded primarily through U.S. government contracts, Laboratory researchers studied problems of camouflage, detection, atmospheric optics, and remote sensing of the Earth and oceans. The records document the...

UC San Diego. Stuart Collection records

The Stuart Collection Records contains the materials documenting art pieces held in the Stuart Collection as well as proposals for projects that were not built.

University of California Division of War Research reports

The University of California Division of War Research reports consists of an incomplete set of unclassified UCDWR reports, Navy Radio and Sound Laboratory (NRSL) and Naval Electronics Laboratory (NEL) files, memoranda, pamphlets, manuals, training aids, and data notebooks.

Urey (Harold Clayton) Papers

Papers of Harold Clayton Urey, Nobel Prize-winning chemist who contributed to significant advances in the fields of physical chemistry, geochemistry, lunar science, and astrochemistry. He received the Nobel Prize for Chemistry in 1934 for his discovery of deuterium, and made...

Vangelisti (Paul) Papers

Papers of Paul Vangelisti, poet, editor, translator, publisher, and radio producer. The collection includes correspondence with colleagues; drafts of single poems and collected works; translations; book and art reviews; notebooks; and materials relating to Vangelisti's poetry readings and literary conferences.

Vaughan (Thomas Wayland) Papers

The collection consists of professional correspondence, photographs, and manuscripts relating to the research interests of Thomas Wayland Vaughan.

Vermilion (William F.) Papers

Papers of William F. Vermilion, physician, Civil War captain (1862-1865), Iowa state senator, and lawyer. The collection includes materials from Vermilion's military service in Company F of the 36th Infantry Regiment of Iowa Volunteers, such as wartime correspondence with his...

Villegas (José) Collection on Mining

Papers of José A. Villegas, a scholar and lecturer specializing in technological development in Latin America. The collection includes Villegas's research materials on 18th and 19th century mining technologies; original and reproduced mine illustrations, sections, and maps; and original documents,...

Weiner (Hannah) papers

Papers of Hannah Weiner (1928-1997), a New York City poet and significant member of the "language-centered" group of writers. The papers, covering the years 1946-2002, contain notebooks, typescripts of poems, prose works, typed transcriptions of notebooks, audiorecordings, and miscellaneous materials....

Williams (Milo Woodbridge) Papers

Papers and photographs created by Milo Woodbridge Williams, who was a graduate student at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography from 1947-48 and a professional photographer.

Yellen (Ben) Papers

Papers of Benjamin L. Yellen (1907-1994), physician and political activist in Brawley, California. Most materials date from 1948 to 1994 and pertain to water, farming and medical issues in Southern California. Typewritten correspondence forms the core of the collection, while...

ZoBell (Claude E.) Papers

Marine microbiologist Claude E. ZoBell's biographical materials, correspondence, professional files, writings and photographs.