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California Museum of Photography, UC Riverside
3824 Main Street
Riverside, California 92501
Phone: (951) 827-5303
Email: cmpcollections@ucr.edu
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Physical collections: 17
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Beverly Hilton Collection

Photographs (bulk) captured by Falcon Photographic Services with a business address at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills, California. The bulk of the photographs document attendees of special events held at the hotel and other locations. The remaining photographs...

Bingham (Robert) Negatives and Album Collection

This collection contains photographs taken by Robert Bingham. It includes negatives, a few loose photographs, and photographs encased in four different albums. There is also a book titled,

Bodine (Louis Albert Sayre) photographs

Album and negatives depict a couple's travels circa 1900, including visits to the Exposition Universelle in Paris, the London Zoo, Venice, and Egypt, as well as family snapshots believed to be made in Long Island, New York.

Cleveland (Robert) Negatives

The Robert Cleveland negative collection contains 543 8x10 negatives and color transparencies. Robert Cleveland, a commercial architectural photographer working primarily in Southern California, photographed for a number of interior and exterior firms and publications in the 1950s and through the...

Connell (Will) Negatives

The collection contains approximately 15,000 negatives and prints along with individual periodicals, personal notes, technical photographic books, manuscripts, and photographic equipment, made or used by Will Connell. Connell photographed virtually every industry in California at the time. He also completed...

Connell (Will) Slides

This collection contains 408 color slides from Will Connell, photographer. Photographs include primarily landscape and architectural images from the United States and Germany.

Engel (Fred) family photograph collection

The photographs and papers in the collection relate to the life of Fred Engel, who worked in Hollywood throughout the 1940s.

Haines (William Amos) Collection

The California Museum of Photography’s William Amos Haines Collection (c. 1905-1940) consists of approximately 800 original panorama gelatin silver film negatives taken with Kodak Cirkut cameras as well as prints both vintage and modern. While Haines took many photographs of...

Keystone-Mast Collection

The Keystone-Mast Collection comprises over 350,000 stereoscopic photographs and negatives that depict the world between the late-nineteenth and mid-twentieth centuries. Firms represented in Keystone-Mast include Keystone View Company, Underwood and Underwood, B.W. Kilburn, H.C. White Company, Universal Photo Art Company...

Morgan (F. Allan) Collection

The F. Allan Morgan Collection is comprised of photography taken by Allan Morgan and Grace Morgan with the bulk of the work taken with in the 1930s. The collection is comprised of 23 boxes of gelatin silver film negatives and...

Ouzoonian (Vahan) U. S. Army Signal Corps negatives

The images in this collection were taken in Central and Western Europe during World War II. They follow the U.S. Army’s invasion of the countryside in Belgium, France, and Germany, as well as military life in American-occupied London and Paris.

Ouzoonian (Vahan) U. S. Army Signal Corps photographs

The Vahan Ouzoonian U. S. Army Signal Corps photographs collection is comprised of 248 photographic prints dating from the final year of World War II. The prints depict the progress of the U.S. Army through Central and Western Europe in...

Pidgeon (Harry) negatives

The Harry Pidgeon Negatives collection consists of approximately 1550 glass plate negatives. The collection captures the adventures of Pidgeon on his two sailing adventures around the world, as well as on various trips across North America. Pidgeon's photographs document his...

Quick (Herbert) Collection

The Herbert "Herb" Quick Collection, 1931-2006, documents the career of egalitarian Herbert Quick as a California photographer and instructor of photography at the University of Riverside, California.

Reed and Ketcheson Family photographs,

The collection contains photographs of a Canadian family spanning multiple generations.

Singley (Barbara) Collection

The collection contains the personal stereograph collection of Barbara Singley Hitchcock, granddaughter of B.L. Singley, founder of the Keystone View Company. This collection notably contains a few stereo views of the Singley Family.

Sweeney/Rubin Ansel Adams Fiat Lux Collection

The Ansel Adams Fiat Lux collection, created between 1964-1967, consists of approximately 6,700 negatives and 600 photographs. These photos were used in a book entitled , written by art critic Nancy Newhall and published to commemorate the centennial of the...