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Adams (Leon David) Papers

Reports and brochures from the Wine Advisory Board and Wine Institute, files for The wines of America, correspondence and clippings, wine cookbooks and ephemera.

African American History Collection

The African American History Collection consists primarily of 19th and 20th century pamphlets with an emphasis on racial justice and political action. From anti-slavery tracts to civil rights leaflets, the materials in this collection reveal a nation's moral and legal...

Agricultural Appropriations Collection

Correspondence from the files of Legislative and Municipal Reference Librarian J. L. Gillis to and from other universities regarding agricultural education appropriations.

Agricultural Technology Brochures Collection

The collection contains promotional and descriptive published materials for various types of farm machinery and equipment.

Agricultural Technology Manuals Collection

Manuals created by manufacturers to assist in the operation, maintenance, repair, or restoration of agricultural machinery.


Aerial photographic negatives and transparencies of croplands. Country areas include Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, India, USSR, and United States.

Akins (Samuel B.) Papers

Samuel B. Akins served as an Extension agent for the Agricultural Experiment Station in Shafter, California. After his retirement, Akins bought a farm in Strathmore, California, and continued to work on cotton improvements and water conservation. The collection contains correspondence...

Albee Directs Albee Collection

The Albee Directs Albee project was a forty week international tour of universities and arts centers throughout the United States, South Korea, and Japan, during which Edward Albee, Pulitzer Prize winning American dramatist, directed the troupe in presenting eight of...

Album of Northern California Recreation

Album documenting hiking, camping, fishing and boating in Northern California in the early 20th century.

Allard (Robert W.) Papers

Papers related to Robert W. Allard's life and career in plant breeding and plant population genetics at UC Davis.

Allerdice (Norman) Collection

Collection of serial publications in the fields of conservative political and economic philosophy, communism, socialism, Russian history, anti-communism, and Soviet-American relations.

Allewelt (William F.) Papers

William F. Allewelt (1926-2010) served as Chief Executive Officer of Tri Valley Growers from 1966-1985. His Papers contain correspondence, speeches, and files related to his involvement with Tri Valley Growers, Sun-Diamond Growers of California, and the University of California Agricultural...

Alley (Curtis) Plant Physiology Lab Book

The collection includes UC Davis viticulture specialist Curtis Alley's copy of "Laboratory Plant Physiology" by Bernard Meyer and Donald Anderson with extensive drawings, notes, and problem solutions by Alley.

American Association of Land Grant Colleges Collection

Circulars, notices, and news items regarding political activities of interest to member colleges and universities.

American Beekeeping Federation Records

The American Beekeeping Federation succeeded the National Federation of Beekeepers Association in 1949. It was created to establish target prices and a comprehensive marketing program for honey, to control the theft of apiary equipment and bees, and to advance the...

American Bicyclist Records

Business records of magazine.

American West Travel Photograph Album and Journal

Photo album and journal of a family car trip in the American West.

Amerine (Maynard A.) Papers

Maynard A. Amerine (1911-1998) was Professor of Viticulture and Enology at the University of California, Davis. He was an author, lecturer, bibliographer, and consultant on wine matters. The collection includes correspondence, teaching files, research, and writing on grape growing, wine...

Amerson (Price) Art Exhibition Catalog Collection

Catalogs from art exhibitions primarily in the United States collected by artist and Richard L. Nelson Gallery founder Price Amerson.

Amerson (Price) Papers

Correspondence, course materials, art publications, publications by Amerson.

Andersdatter (Karla Margaret) Papers

Correspondence, poetry, journals, publications, and flyers.

Anderson Valley Advertiser Records

The (AVA) Records features correspondence, secondary research, ephemera, photographs, and other materials related to Bruce Anderson, editor of the . The collection spans the years 1944-2016 with the bulk of the collection comprising the years 1984-1991. The collection features materials...

Andrews (Lawrence J.) Papers

Reprints of articles on organic chemistry.

Andrews (Michael) Papers

Michael Andrews (1944- ) is a poet, book artist, and photographer whose works include: , , and The collection contains his works including manuscript and published editions as well as digital prints and mounted prints of his photography. Many of...

Angel Island Oral History Collection

The Pacific Regional Humanities Center at the University of California, Davis collected oral histories of immigrants who passed through the Angel Island Immigrant Station. This collection contains transcriptions of the fourteen oral histories as well as the original recordings.

Angelo (Homer G.) Papers

Materials relating Professor of Law Homer Angelo's research in international trade law, international telecommunications law, and space law.

Annereaux (Ralph) Papers

Material regarding malaria and parasites in California.

Apiculture Subject File Collection

This collection contains manuscripts, photographic images, and printed materials relating to pollination, hives, diseases, and pesticides.

Apiculturists Collection

This small collection contains manuscripts, photographic images, and printed materials relating to 19th century apiculturists and apiaries.

Armenian Women’s Archives Collection

These materials were collected under the auspices of the Armenian Women’s Archives. The collection contains church flyers and newsletters, a three page handwritten holograph biography of Agnes Halajian, one audiocassette labeled "Nina Agabian," and one audiocassette by Marie-Rose Abousefian.

Armistead (Samuel G.) Papers

The Samuel G. Armistead Papers includes Armistead's research and teaching materials, unpublished lectures, and correspondence. The collection includes a significant number of recordings and associated transcriptions of ballads, narratives, and riddles collected by Armistead and his collaborators in the field....

Asmundson (Vigfus) Papers

Vigfus Asmundson (1895-1974) served as Professor of Poultry Husbandry at the University of California, Davis from 1933-1967. His Papers contain two project files related to his research with poultry growth and reproduction in turkeys, as well as reprints of a...

Audiovisual Collection

The Audiovisual Collection, assembled by Archives and Special Collections, contains audiocassettes, reel to reel tapes, videocassettes, films, and dvds on various topics, including some related to campus history. This list does not contain media related to specific collections. Many of...

Avant Garde Poetry Anthologies

Collected poetical works of three or more poets.

Axe (Ruth) Papers

Clippings, programs, and scripts (sides and monologues) pertaining to California and Salt Lake City, Utah theaters in the early 1920's.

Ayers (C.) Papers

Several manuscript poems, including The Grove, Evening Thought, The Loss of Friends, and Hope.

Baccigaluppi (Harry) Papers

Papers, wine pamphlets, periodicals, books, clippings, and labels for grape products.

Bailey (Stanley Fuller) Papers

Stanley Fuller Bailey (1906-1981) served as Professor of Entomology at the University of California, Davis. His research focused on agricultural entomology, specifically bean thrips, pear thrips and the peach twig borer. His papers contain correspondence to researchers and growers regarding...

Bainbridge (David A.) Papers

David A. Bainbridge has been a professor, researcher, author and consultant in sustainable management. His Papers contain manuscripts and published versions of his writings which primarily focus on sustainability, solar energy, agroforestry, and restoration ecology. The writings include book chapters,...

Bainer (Roy) Papers

Curricula development, organizational conference agendas, and minutes for the College of Agriculture; manuscript (untitled) for a textbook on farm machinery (by Bainer, Kepner, Barger); miscellaneous journals and reports.

Baird (Joseph A., Jr.) Collection

This collection contains biographical information pertaining to primarily northern California artists and architects of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Research notes for two of Dr. Baird's publications, (1968) and (1972), offer additional biographical and art historical information....

Bakken (Anthony W.) Collection on Agricultural Technology Advertising

Catalogs, dealer-only publications, advertising scripts, memoranda, speeches, reports, and photographs relating to agricultural technology, centering on the Oliver Corporation and its antecedents.

Ballantine (Edward J.) Collection

Clippings, playbills, programs, and photographs relating Ballantine's involvement with the Provincetown Players and other instances of his acting and directing career.

Bancroft (Philip) Collection

Speeches by Philip Bancroft and printed material about him and his candidacy for United States Senator.

Bankowski (Raymond A.) Papers

The Raymond A. Bankowski Papers include research notes, laboratory and pathology data, reports, reprints, awards, correspondence, and slides related to Ray Bankowski's work in infectious disease in poultry and swine.

Barich (Bill) Papers

Bill Barich is the author of: (1980), (1984), (1987), (1994), and (1997). The collection contains his writing journals, manuscripts and published versions of his writings, promotional materials about his works, as well as literary and editorial correspondence.

Bartley (Basil George David) Papers

The contents of this collection reflect the professional activities of plant geneticist Basil George David Bartley, whose research focused on the cacao plant, L. ("food of the gods"), primarily in the Caribbean basin, Central and South America, and Africa. Bartley...

Bay Area Playwights Festival Collection

Founded by Robert Woodruff in 1976, the Bay Area Playwrights Festival is an annual event focusing on writing and workshops led by eminent playwrights. The collection contains festival materials including scripts, promotional materials, photographs, audio tapes, and video recordings from...

Bayard (Arnold A.) Collection

American and European wine catalogs and French price lists, especially those from the Bordeaux region.

Beekeeping Supply Catalog Collection

The Beekeeping Supply Catalog Collection contains supply catalogs and other publications that offer for sale an apicultural line from a manufacturer or retailer. Catalogs from companies such as: A.I. Root, Dadant and Sons, and the Diamond Match Company, are found...

Beer and Brewing Ephemera Collection

Collection includes stickers, coasters, and a small amount of realia from breweries, cideries, and beer events.

Belmore (George) Collection

Correspondence, ephemera, photographs, playbills, programs, realia, and scripts collected by English character actor George Belmore.

Berg (Harold W.) Papers

Correspondence, photographs, department minutes, lab manuals, newsletters, bulletins, articles.

Berger (Bennett M.) Papers

Academic writings of Bennett Berger during his career as a professor at UC Davis and UC San Diego. Includes correspondence, manuscripts, notes, and articles on his work on suburbia, counter-culture, and communes. Also included is his collection of other authors'...

Bernhardt (Sarah) Collection

Sarah Bernhardt (1844-1923) was a French actress generally considered one of the most famous actresses of the early 20th century. The collection contains clippings, engravings, caricatures, drawings, playbills, posters, programs, and more than three hundred pictures and photographs showing Bernhardt...

Bertram (Arthur) Papers

From the 1890s to the mid 1920s, Arthur Bertram served as a theatrical manager in England for a number of different theaters and actors. His papers, which include letters, financial documents, scripts, photographs and ephemera, document the process of theater...

Bialuski (Rudolph L.) Papers

Collection contain correspondence, daybooks and journals, photographs, materials concerning Bialuski’s scholastic work in Canada and his involvement with the United Nations Relief and Welfare Agency.

Bialuski (Rudolph) Papers

Correspondence, daybooks and journals, photographs, materials concerning Bialuski's scholastic work in Canada and his involvement with the United Nations Relief and Welfare Agency.

Bidinian (L. J.) Papers

Material about the Old Campus Landfill/University of California, Davis.

Bidwell (Daniel) Check

The collection consists of one personal check for two hundred dollars written by Daniel Bidwell (resident of Chico, California and half-brother of General John Bidwell) to Randall Rice.

Big Little Books Collection

The Big Little Books, a series of small books published by the Whitman Publishing Company, consist of stories based on comic strips, radio dramas, and popular fiction. This collection contains 193 volumes, including titles from the following series: Dick Tracy,...

Bioletti (Frederic T.) Papers.

The Frederic T. Bioletti Papers document the work of University of California professor Frederic Bioletti's pioneering work in grape-growing and wine-making practices in California. The collection includes correspondence, research material, publications by Bioletti, and extensive set of publications by others...

Bissinger (Karl) Papers

Karl Bissinger (1914- ), photojournalist and activist, was a friend of Julian Beck and Judith Malina, co-founders of The Living Theatre. Bissinger served as an occassional photographer of the Theatre and its performances. His Papers contain correspondence, ephemera, photographs, posters,...

Bisson (Linda F.) Papers

Collection includes materials related to Dr. Linda Bisson's service as Chair of the Department of Viticulture and Enology, including materials on the Trellis Alliance (Friends of the Department of Viticulture and Enology) and a proposal for an on-campus winery. Also...

Blackwelder Manufacturing Co. Records

Business records, correspondence, photographs, patent information, manuals, bills of material, drawings, blueprints, and specifications.

Blackwood Press Collection

The Blackwood Press was founded in 1956 by Edmund Simpson, M.D., of Placervile, California. The collection contains pamphlets and botanical prints used as examples of work commissioned to the Blackwood Press.

Blaisdell (F. William) Papers

Publications by Professor of Surgery F. William Blaisdell on trauma care and surgery and materials relating to the University of California, Davis, School of Medicine and Medical Center.

Blanchard (J. Richard) Papers

Correspondence, memos, meeting minutes, annual reports, committee reports, publications.

Blanquie (Raoul H.) Menu Collection

The collection includes menus, wine lists, and wine and food related booklets and memorabilia collected by San Francisco wine and food enthusiast Dr. Raoul H. Blanquie.

Blum (Jerome J.) Collection

World War II correspondence and memorabilia.

Bly (Robert) Collection

Four audiotaped radio shows of Bly's lectures. Includes Bly's "Jungian" interpretations of Grimm's fairy tales and readings of his own poetry.

Bodger and Sons Company Records

Catalogs and prices lists, photographs and scrapbooks of flowers, travels, celebrations and people chronicling the business of John Bodger and Sons seed business.

Bohart (R.M.) Papers

Richard M. Bohart (1913-2007) served as Professor of Entomology at the University of California, Davis from 1946 to 1979. His Papers contain biographial materials, writings, research materials, and correspondence with researchers, growers, and museums regarding the control of mosquitoes and...

Boniface (John B.) Collection

Untitled history of the Central Valley area, covering the late 19th century, concerning agriculture, pioneers, and Native Americans in the area.

Bonner (Michael) Papers

Anne Bonner Glasscock, writing under the name Michael Bonner, published four novels of Western fiction from 1960-1966. The Papers contain outlines, characterizations, typescripts with annotations and revisions, and select galleys for the novels: (1960); (1961); (1963); and (1966).

Born (Leonard L.) Collection

Leonard L. Born was the owner of a Northern California company, Born and Company, which specialized in the irradiation of foods, cold sterilization, and algae production. The collection contains reports, pamphlets, and clippings relating to experiments in the irradiation of...

Botanical Prints Collection

Block prints made by Henry Evans and Edmund E. Simpson.

Boulton (Roger) Beverage Label Album

Large-format album of wine, beer, spirits, and soft drink labels.

Bradbury Family Papers

The Bradbury Family Papers collection contains the personal and legal materials of the Bradbury family as well as business documents and records pertaining to the family's estate and subsidiary companies in both California and in Mexico. Also found in the...

Bradford (G.E.) Papers

G. Eric Bradford served as Professor of Animal Science at the University of California, Davis from 1957-1993. His Papers contain records for the sheep flocks at UC Davis and the Hopland Field Station, his publications, travel diaries, and subject files...

Bradley (James A.) Journal

A detailed journal that documents the agricultural life of James A. Bradley as he tended to his new fruit farm in Vacaville, California, during 1884 and the beginning of 1885.

Brady (Roy) Collection

Collection includes wine labels, buyers' guides, bibliographies, directories, wine lists, menus, antiquarian booksellers' catalogs. It consists mostly of wine catalogs, some of which date back to 1835, and wine labels (over 50,000) with vintages back to 1790. It also includes...

Branch (Nelle) Recipe Collection

One small box of recipes belonging to Nelle Branch, who was librarian of the University Farm from 1924-1951.

Brantley (Cynthia) Papers

Research materials for UC Davis Professor of History Cynthia Brantley's books and materials from the year Brantley spent in Nigeria (1966-1967).

Bread and Puppet Theater Archives

Founded by Peter Schumann, the Bread and Puppet Theater emerged as one of the first alternative theater groups of the 1960s and 1970s. Schumann incorporated religion and morality into the central anti-war theme of the plays. The Bread and Puppet...

Breese (Edmund) Sides Collection

Edmund Breese (1871-1936) performed in numerous plays in the United States and London and later starred in Hollywood films. The collection contains twenty-four handwritten sides of roles performed by Breese during 1901-1902. Sides are defined as pages containing an actor's...

Briedenback (William) Collection

Manuscript of Reminiscences of E. D. Pierce, discoverer of gold in Idaho, relating the story of Irish immigrants in California.

Briggs (Clifford E.) Agricultural Technology Photographs

The collection includes photographs, negatives, and slides taken by Clifford E. Briggs of Allis-Chalmers farm equipment and aerial photographs of farms.

British Women Romantic Poets

The British Women Romantic Poets Online Text Collection is a growing collection,consisting in 2003 of 100 online full-text transcriptions of poetry written by women in England, Scotland, and Ireland between 1789 and 1832 and SGML encoded using the TEI-Lite dtd....

Brody, David. Papers.

The David Brody Papers features correspondence, essays, teaching materials, ephemera, and other materials related to Dr. Brody’s time as Professor of History at UC Davis and other academic institutions. Dr. Brody is Emeritus Professor of American Labor History at UC...

Brooks (Frederick A.) Papers

Frederick A. Brooks served as Professor of Agricultural Engineering, University of California, Davis from 1931-1962. The collection contains correspondence, typescripts, notes, and reprints pertaining to Brooks’ teaching and agricultural engineering research at the University of California, Davis.

Brown (Barry) Collection

Engineering reports on water entities in Arizona, California, Nevada, and Utah prepared for Western Farm Credit Bank to determine the advisability of mortgage lending.

Brown (Dillon S.) Papers

Dillon S. Brown (1912-1998) served as Professor of Pomology at the University of California, Davis from 1949-1979. His papers contain several examples of his writings including a typescript of the first volume of his history of the Department of Pomology...

Brown (Moses) Papers

Moses Brown (October 2, 1742-February 9, 1827), prominent merchant and citizen of Newburyport, Massachusetts, developed a large foreign and domestic trade, especially in sugar, molasses and distilled rum. This collection contains records relating to Brown's involvement in the rum industry...

Bucknam (C. H.) Letter

Letter from C. H. Bucknam in Sacramento, California to his mother.

Buescher (Walter M.) Collection

Columns written by Buescher for Antique Power, Belt Pulley, Farmers' Advance and Old Allis News.

Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms Wine Label Applications

Wine labels and label permit applications submitted by domestic dealers, wineries, or importers to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms for approval. Information required on the label includes winery or distillery name, location, type of beverage, content, name of...

Bureau of Reclamation Irrigation Project Photographic Trade Catalog

Annotated photograph album of U.S. Bureau of Reclamation irrigation projects in Oregon and California.

Burnett Family Papers

Lester Burnett (1804-1870) settled in Yuba County, California in 1850. His son Wellington Burnett (1829-1907) served as city and county attorney of San Francisco. The collection contains correspondence related to Lester, his wife Olive, and their son Wellington, as well...

Butterfield (H. M.) Papers

Harry M. Butterfield served as an Agricultural Extension Specialist at the University of California (1914-1955); Garden Editor, for the (1955-1960); and President of the California Horticultural Society. His papers contain manuscripts, research material, and photographs on the history of horticulture...

C. M. Silva & Son Correspondence

Charles M. Silva (1823-1894) and his son Edward B. Silva (1854-1952) operated C.M. Silva & Son, a nursery specializing in fruit trees and plants, in Newcastle, California. This collection contains 135 letters written to C. M. Silva & Son from...

California Agricultural Teaching Aid Photograph Collection

The collection contains mounted photographs used presumably by the Alameda County Schools Curriculum Materials Center and later by the Hayward Unified School District as a teaching tool. The photographs are related to three subjects: dairy farming, the Delta Mendota Canal...

California Association of the American Registry of Professional Entomologists Records.

Organizational records related to the foundation and operations of the California Association of the American Registry of Professional Entomologists. Includes correspondence, membership records, financial records, bylaws, brochures, newsletters, and photographs.

California Canners and Growers Records

invoices, cash receipts, accounts receivable and payable ledgers, financial statements, payroll ledgers, bids, marketing studies, cancelled checks, pricing analysis, inventories, correspondence, and monthly manager’s letters. Legal files pertaining to the law suit filed against the U.S. Government for remuneration for...

California Here We Come... Travelogue

Typescript manuscript, photo album, and scrapbook chronicling the automobile trip of four women "to attend the Supreme Council, Order of Amaranth, at Los Angeles, California."

California Historical Quarterly Printing Blocks Collection

Printing blocks used in the production of issues of California Historical Quarterly.

California League of Food Processors Records

Established in 1905, the California League of Food Processors is a state trade organization representing canners, freezers, hydrators, and dried fruit packers. The organization monitors political activities affecting members, and works with government agencies in development of product standards. The...

California Lima Bean Growers Association Collection

Material about the Association's formation/history.

California Mining Operations Album

Album featuring mining operations likely in central and northern California in the late 19th or early 20th century.

California Native Plant Society Collection

Organizational records related to the foundation of the California Native Plant Society. Includes photocopies of correspondence, membership records, newsletters, notes, news clippings, publications, and photographs. Also includes a small amount of material related to the Native Plant Society of New...

California State Beekeepers Association

The California State Beekeepers Association was organized in 1889 to serve the beekeeping industry in California. The collection contains meeting minutes, correspondence, financial records, annual convention programs, publications, realia and photographs.

California State Fair Photograph Collection

Copy prints and original photographs of California State Fair exhibits, circa 1919-1925.

California Wool Growers' Association Records

Founded in 1860, the CWGA is an organization of sheep breeders and producers. The mission of the CWGA is to help producers to increase profits and efficiencies. The collection contains lists of officers and directors, board of directors meetings and...

Camejo (Peter) Papers

California politician Peter Camejo's journals, correspondence, writings, and audiovisual materials.

Camp Pioneer Lodge Photographs

Photographs of Camp Pioneer Lodge, located near Sierra City, California.

Campbell (Charles) Papers

Correspondence and instructions regarding printing and dying materials and tool construction; examples of calico print designs and materials.

Campbell (Mrs. Patrick) Collection

Mrs. Patrick Campbell (1865-1940), a British actress, performed in and , among other plays. The collection contains prompt scripts, working scripts, and other production materials relating to three plays she starred in: by Robert d'Humiere; by Edith Littleton; and by...

Campbell (Robert N.) Papers

Correspondence, notes, reprints, and subject files related to Campbell's work as Professor of Plant Pathology.

Campbell (Robert N.) Slides

Robert N. Campbell served as Professor of Plant Pathology at the University of California, Davis from 1959-1993. This collection contains ninety-three 35mm slides, most of which were taken by Campbell, during his academic career. Subjects include: campus scenes, people, agricultural...

Carey (James R.) Papers

Photocopies, newspapers clippings, letters, memos, and testimonies compiled by Carey related to his manuscript The 1989-90 medfly outbreak in Southern California: a chronology of newspaper clippings, letters, memos and testimonies (1990).

Carpenter (Don) Correspondence

Don Carpenter (1931-1995), a novelist, was the author of (1965), (1966), (1971), (1985) and (1988), among other works. This collection contains letters to Carpenter from Gary Snyder, Philip Whalen, Michael McClure, and other contemporary poets.

Carraco (Paul E.) Papers

Oral history tapes relating to the technology and culture of tobacco growing.

Caterpillar 20 Blueprints

Blueprints for the Caterpillar 20 tractor.

Cazden (Joann Cohn) Collection

The Joann Cohn Cazden Collection contains letters from Gary Snyder (1930-) to the then Joann Cohn (b. ca. 1930-), Snyder's poems and journal entries, and a small number of photographs and clippings. The collection spans the years 1945 to 1965,...

Cebiš (František Rudolf) Collection

Wine labels, price lists, menus, advertising brochures, and clippings relating to wine from throughout the world, with an emphasis on Eastern Europe. Regional wine maps and labels, arranged by country, are excellent graphic resources. Subject files include materials on corkscrews,...

C.H. Street & Co. Scrapbooks Collection

Newsclippings regarding agriculture, weather, irrigation, water rights, agricultural shipping (1880s-1890s).

Chan (Rosemary) Papers and Photographs

Collection of personal papers and photographs of world travels. Collection also has information about the Square and Circle Club of San Francisco.

Charlet (Ray) Photograph Collection

Photographs of the University of California Davis campus and the surrounding area. Also included are several photographs of Picnic Day 1936.

Chesley (Marie) Collection

Advertisements on silk material for various Yolo County enterprises.

Chicano Record Collection

Long-playing records which feature Chicano music. Artists include Lola Beltran, Yolanda Del Rio, Pedro Infante, Flaco Jimenez, Luis Perez Meza, Augustine Ramirez, and Silvestre Vargas, among others.

Chiles (Austin C.) Papers

Typescript of The Coachella Valley: agriculture and flood and earthquake hazards (1953).

China-Hawaii Photograph Collection

Photographs depicting U.S. military maneuvers, equipment, facilities, and ceremonies in Hawaii; political torture photographs from China.

Chinese Fan and Embroidery Collection

Two Chinese fans hand painted by Tung Kao, with poems in calligraphy by Juan Yuan and Chi Huang.

Chinese Nationalist Party, Sacramento Branch Records

Pamphlets, photographs, correspondence, and posters regarding the Chinese Nationalist Party of Sacramento.

Chinese Railroad Work Company Payroll Document

Payroll document for a Chinese work company on the Virginia and Truckee Railroad, signed in Chinese characters.

Chinn (Frank J M.D) Collection

Photographs, newspaper clippings about former Chinese Communists of 1950s

Chis (Alex) Papers

Material regarding socialism; articles, correspondence, mailing lists, memos.

Chumley (Dan) Papers

Material related to actor, teacher, and director Dan Chumley's involvement with the San Francisco Mime Troupe and files relating to his theater projects in Asia.

Cincinnati Butchers' Supply Company Collection

Cincinnati Butchers' Supply Co. was a manufacturer of meat packing equipment. The collection contains material regarding supply business operations including accounts, blueprints, and catalogs.

Circle in the Square Photographs

The Circle in the Square Theatre was founded in 1951 in New York City by Theodore Mann, José Quintero, Jason Wingreen, Eileen Cramer and Emily Stevens. The collection contains fifty-four photographs depicting the 1952 Circle in the Square production of...

City of Davis Collection

The City of Davis Collection documents life in a Sacramento Valley community during the twentieth century as seen through material related to the city's local government. The collection spans the years 1917-1982, with clusters of material around the periods 1932-1939,...

City of Davis/Maps Collection

Maps of Davis, California.

Claret Tasting Notes

Booklet with tasting notes from Les Amis du Vin rare claret tasting event.

Clark Family Correspondence

Letters sent to George H. Clark of Kennebunkport, Maine by his family living in California between 1911 and 1929.

Clark (William) Photograph Album

A photographic album documenting the controversial construction of the dam at Hetch Hetchy in Yosemite Valley.

Clauson (William) Collection of Cycling Materials

Bicycling books, journals, trade publications and directories, racing programs, rule books, posters, comics and other materials relating to bicycling.

Clemmer, Richard O. Papers.

This collection includes pamphlets, correspondence, newspapers, and organizational material relating to Anthropology Professor Richard O. Clemmer's activities with the Friends of the Hopi and the Committee of Concern for Traditional Indian Land and Life. The primary focus of the collection...

Clewe (John F.) Correspondence

The John F. Clewe Correspondence contains outgoing, incoming, and third party letters which span the years 1925-1958. The majority of the letters are between Clewe and his sister Marie and Clewe and Marie's husband Trevenen J. Taylor, a technician in...

Cohn (Ruby) Correspondence

Ruby Cohn was a member of the Comparative Literature and Theater departments at UC Davis from 1972-1992. She was also affiliated with the departments of English and French. Cohn had a particular interest in modern and experimental theater and was...

Coke (J Earl) Collection

Publications written by Coke and others

Cole (Toby) Archives

The Toby Cole Archives consists of materials relating Cole's activities as a theatrical-literary agent based in New York City from 1957 to 1979. These materials include books, business records, clippings, correspondence, financial papers, legal documents, photographs, programs, promotional materials, and...

Collection of United States Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms Records On California Wineries

The collection contains applications to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms for the establishment of wineries in California, statements of ownership, corporation papers, materials on bonds and consents, winery plans, capacity, facilities, and vineyard acreage. Correspondence regarding audits, permits,...

College Park Association Collection

In 1923, a group of Davis citizens formed the College Park Association and developed a new residential area north of the University campus. The collection contains materials relating to the history of the Association including: correspondence, board of directors meeting...

Colvin (Jean) and Daniel J. Crowley Carnival of Salvador de Bahia, Brazil Videocassettes

Thirty-nine videocassettes (primarily U-Matic) documenting the Carnival of Salvador de Bahia, Brazil which were made during a field project led by Professor Daniel Crowley and Jean Colvin in February 1983.

Commission on Agricultural Education Collection

One framed photograph of the commissioners of the Commission on Agricultural Education, with biographical notes.

Commission on California Agriculture and Higher Education Collection

Correspondence, memos, notes, reports, and newsletters.

Companhia Geral da Agricultura das Vinhas do Alto Douro Collection

The Companhia Geral da Agricultura das Vinhas do Alto Douro was established as a royal monopoly to regulate the manufacture and trade of port wine and to curb the encroachment of British influence on the Portuguese wine industry. The collection...

Condee (Robert A.) Correspondence

Robert Asa Condee (1875-1930) served as the President of the California State Agricultural Society from 1925-1930. This small collection contains Condee's incoming and outgoing correspondence, the majority of which deals with Condee's work for the State Agricultural Society.

Conn (Eric E.) Papers

Correspondence with scientists with whom Conn collaborated, grant applications to the U.S. Public Health Service (USPHS) and the National Science Foundation (NSF) that funded his research, and reprints of his publications.

Contemporary Issues Collection

Pamphlets, newsletters, and ephemera dealing with contemporary issues such as abortion, capital punishment, and civil rights.

Cooke (George M.) Papers

Wine Institute bulletins, wine newsletters, extension minutes, administrative handbooks, reprints, certificates and awards.

Corman (Cid) Letters to Frank Samperi

Cid Corman (1924-2004) poet, editor, and translator, was the founder of the poetry magazine Origin and the Origin Press. This collection contains 120 typescript letters to the poet Frank Samperi written by Corman, from 1972 to 1975, while Corman was...

Corman (Cid) Letters to Graham Ackroyd

Cid Corman (1924-2004) poet, editor, and translator, was the founder of the poetry magazine and the Origin Press. This collection contains 17 typescript letters to the poet and artist Graham Ackroyd, written by Corman, from 1973-1977, while Corman was in...

Corneretto (Alan) Wine Label Collection

An estimated 30,000 wine labels predominately from France, Germany, Italy, and California. He collected throughout his lifetime with the bulk of the labels spanning the years from the 1960s to the 1990s.

Corti Brothers, Inc. Records

Correspondence, catalogs, price lists, promotional materials, broker and winery advertising, newsletters, reports, photographs, wine labels, menus, recipes, receipts, business cards.

Corti (Count Egon) Collection on Pomology

Lithographs, drawings, books, and manuscript notes used for nineteenth century German pomological texts. Illustrations are primarily of apples and pears.

COSMEP Collection

Conference proceeding and tapes.

Cothran (Warren R.) Papers

Warren R. Cothran (1938-1980) served as Professor of Entomology at the University of California, Davis from 1968-1980. His papers contain several of his articles as well as his course materials for Entomology 104. Also included are 35mm color slides that...

Cotton (Charles P.) Bicycling Collection

Materials related to the Cycling Road Race at the 1984 Olympics including notes, correspondence, and course maps.

Counterculture Poster Collection

Psychedelic posters and cards announcing rock concerts and other "happenings" of interest to the American counter culture of the 1960's, mostly in the San Francisco area.

Cox (Rosalee) Collection

Photographs of University of California, Davis campus and events.

Coyote (Peter) Papers

Correspondence to and from agents, lawyers, directors, actors, friends, and family members relating to Coyote's professional work, political activities, and personal life.

Craemer (Jeff) Collection

Handbill listing Abraham Lincoln as candidate for President (from National Union Nom.); A reprint of the Taylor and Taylor imprint for the Winter MCMXVI-VII.

Crafts (Alden S.) Papers

Published and unpublished manuscripts, correspondence, reprints and radiographs relating to chemical weed control research employing autoradiography to trace the movements of herbicides through plants.

Craig (Edward Gordon) Collection

Edward Gordon Craig (1872-1966) was an English scene designer and the son of actress Ellen Terry. The collection contains ephemera, exhibition catalogues, periodicals, photographs, and souvenir programs illustrating Craig's theatrical staging.

Crampton (Beecher) Papers

Research material on grasses, lecture notes, and correspondence from UC Davis Herbarium curator and botanist Beecher Crampton.

Crane (George Belden) Diaries

The diaries discuss the care of Crane’s grape vines, wine making, and the weather.

Crawford (Dan) Papers and Photographs

Dan Crawford was an agricultural journalist. He created the concept for the magazine, Spudman. He also took agriculture photographs around the world.

Crocheron (Bertram H.) Papers

Bertram H. Crocheron (1882-1948) served as the Director of the University of California Agricultural Extension Service from 1919-1948. The collection contains speeches and articles by and about Crocheron and his work with the Extension Service.

Crowley (Daniel J.) Papers

Journals, newsletters, articles, reviews, correspondence, and research materials reflecting Crowley's interest in art and anthropology.

Cruess (William Vere) Papers

William Vere Cruess, a pioneer in food science and technology, spent his entire career as a University of California, Berkeley faculty member. His research was instrumental in the development of many practices in the field of food science including: mechanical...

Cruikshank (George) Collection

Twelve of Cruikshank's illustrations, depicting Charles Dibdin's ballads of sailors; one engraving of Charles Dibdin.

Cunningham Store Account Book, North San Juan, California

Accounts for sales of general merchandise, mostly farm and dairy products, from a store in North San Juan, California.

Curley (Robert G.) Collection

Agricultural engineer Robert G. Curley's collection of reprints and reports on agricultural machinery.

Dannreuther (Edward) Collection

Edward Dannreuther (1844-1905) was a pianist and music scholar. This small collection contains concert and lecture programs (1873-1894) from England, many of which feature performances by Dannreuther.

Darack (Ed) Papers

Photographs used in Darack's book, 6194, Denali Solo.

Davenport (Edward Loomis) Collection

Correspondence, ephemera, financial papers, photographs, programs, promotional materials, and scripts relating the activities of actor-managers E.L. Davenport and McKee Rankin; actors John Drew, Sidney Drew, and Frank Mayo; and poet-playwright Joaquin Miller.

Davidson (Della) Papers

Materials related to Davidson’s teaching at UC Davis and California State University, Long Beach.

Davis Boy Scout Troop No. 1 Photograph Album

The Photograph album is a collection of 79 Gelatin DOP black and white photographs of the members of Davis Boy Scout Troop No. 1 and its activities from 1922 to 1927. Photographs show the activities of the Boy Scout troop...

Davis (Calif.) Land Records Collection

The Davis (Calif.) Land Records Collection contains abstracts of titles for ownership of Davis, California land from 1883-1923.

Davis Comic Opera Company Records

The Davis Comic Opera Company was a theater group active in Davis, California, from 1973-2006, specializing in Gilbert & Sullivan works and other comic operas. The collection includes photographs, slides, scrapbooks, flyers, theater programs, video recordings, clippings, and one plexiglass...

Davis Downtown COVID-19 Community Art Project

In April of 2020, the Davis Downtown Business Association (DDBA) formed an art subcommittee to launch and facilitate a communal art project that would focus on how individuals and families were coping with the COVID-19 pandemic and shelter-in-place mandate. The...

Davis Family Papers

Family correspondence, photographs, account books and date books of the Davis family of Fair Oaks, California.

Davis Food Co-op Records

The Davis Food Co-op was founded in 1972 by Davis, California residents and UC Davis students. The collection includes brochures, flyers, articles of incorporation, and materials related to cooperatives and small farms. Collection also includes a Rolodex file of quick...

Davis (H.P.) Papers on Haiti

Harold Palmer Davis (1878-1962), who served as Secretary of the American Chamber of Commerce for Haiti, was the author of and . The majority of this small collection contains Davis' writings about Haiti including a memorandum with his thoughts on...

Davis Motor Mine Collection

Photographs, color slides, documents, letters, maps, and mining publications surrounding the efforts of a California mining engineer and his family reopening and mining the Davis Motor Mine, a hydraulic/underground mining claim located in Sierra County, California, between the ghost town...

Davis (Ronald G.) Papers

The Ronald G. Davis Papers consist of rare items relating to the San Francisco Mime Troupe's early period (1960-1970). These materials contain audio tapes, financial records, general office files, legal records, photographs, production files, promotional material, published material, scrapbooks, and...

Davisville 1905: The Year the Town Woke Up Exhibit Materials

The exhibit consists of images of both scenes and documents from the early 1900s, with the focus on the towns effort to secure the University Farm site for Davisville, CA (now Davis, CA). Reproductions of columns from the Davisville Enterprise...

DeBach (Paul H.) Papers

The Paul H. DeBach Papers document University of California, Riverside professor Paul DeBach's pioneering work in the field of integrated pest management and in the biological control of insect pests and weeds. The collection spans the years 1921-1989 (bulk 1955-1980)...

DeCarli (Dean) Papers

Certificates and awards presented to DeCarli as well as DVD and VHS copies of his oral history (2002) and "The DeCarli and Foy Families and Recollections".

Decker (Frank N) Papers

Two carbon copy manuscripts entitled To: National Advisory Commission on Food and Fiber and In re: Natural Law.

DeDecker (Mary) Papers

Botanist and conservationist Mary DeDecker's correspondence, publications, as well as materials related to the Owens Valley Unified School District, the Inyo County Museum, and the Eureka Dunes.

Del Rio Winery Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

Del Rio Winery, a wine cooperative, was organized in 1934 in San Joaquin County, California. In 1963, they sold their assets to Guild Wine Co. The collection contains meeting minutes for the Board of Directors from 1934-1964. The minutes contain...

DeLoach (Daniel B) Papers

Two carbon copy manuscripts entitled To: National Advisory Commission on Food and Fiber and In re: Natural Law.

Denslow (Jack) Collection

These materials, collected by Jack Denslow, document the life of Henrique Vivian Messetti, a writer, performer, and member of a vaudeville-circus family active during the 1920's-1940's. Messetti was born on September 5, 1918 in Spain where his parents were performing....

DePaoli (Geri) Papers

Geri DePaoli is an artist and art historian. The collection contain materials related to her work on two exhibitions, The Trans Parent Thread: Asian Philosophy in Recent American Art, which was organized by the Hofstra Museum, Hofstra University and the...

DePuy (Joanne) Papers

Photographs, business records, correspondence, clippings, and audiovisual material related to Napa Valley entrepreneur and wine enthusiast Joanne DePuy's businesses, especially Wine Tours International; the Napa Valley Wine Symposium; and the Paris Wine Tasting of 1976 (popularly known as the Judgment...

Deterding (Charles) Collection

Correspondence and notebooks of Deterding. Program for a dinner honoring Peter J. Shields (1940); Senate Resolution in honor of Peter J. Shields (1963).

Dewees (Christopher M.) Papers on Marine Fisheries

Christopher M. Dewees is Marine Fisheries Specialist Emeritus in the University of California Cooperative Extension. The collection includes reprints, subject files, reports, conference proceedings, and video recordings collected by Dewees.

Dickens Fellowship Collection

Scrapbooks, books, clippings, postcards, and ephemera relating to the writing and characters of Charles Dickens; includes several of Dickens' published pieces.

Digest, Alphabetically Arranged From H. Warner Allen's Book on Sherry

Handwritten digest of the contents of H. Warner Allen's book Sherry and Port.

Displaced Homemakers Center Archives Collection

The Displaced Homemakers Center Archives contains material relating to the organization, function, and administration of the Oakland, California center. Types of materials include correspondence, office files, and subject files....

Doan (James H.) Papers

Statistical data on University of California, Davis sports compiled by James Doan.

Dobbs (Betty Jo Teeter) Papers

Research files, reprints, manuscripts, lectures, book reviews, correspondence, bibliographies, and departmental files.

Doerper Etchings Collection

Three surrealistic etchings

Dorman (Steve) Collection

Material about the med fly in Santa Clara County, California.

Douglas (James Russell) Correspondence

James Russell Douglas (1912-1980) served as Professor of Parasitology at the University of California, Davis from 1946-1973. His correspondence which spans from 1946-1948 contains letters relating to the use of chemical insecticides such as DDT and the effects of the...

Draper (Hal) Papers

Collection contains research notes relating to political history and manuscripts of his writing.

Dreiser (Theodore) Letter

Single letter from Theodore Dreiser to "Sara" (possibly Sarah Dreiser, née Sarah Osborne White).

Dublin (William Brooks) Papers

William Brooks Dublin (1909-1996) served as Professor of Pathology at the University of California, Davis and Chief of Neuropathology and Director at the Laboratory of Auditory Pathology at the Veterans Administration Hospital in Martinez, California. His papers contain his books...

DuBois (Francis B.) Papers

Files on rice research, Demeter Corporation, and Francis B. DuBois' involvement with the California Crop Improvement Association and the California Rice Research Board.

Duffey (Sean S.) Papers

Research material and publications by Duffey.

Dunn (John S.) Papers

John S. Dunn (1810-1885) lived in the Nevada City, California area. This small collection contains two letters from Dunn addressed to "Brother," two receipts, and an agreement between Dunn, Charles Dunn Jr., and Richard Rowe regarding mining claims on Kennebec...

Dunning (Lorry L.) Collection

University of Nebraska Tractor Test Data, research material about agricultural technology, photographs, and copies of "Register of UC."

Earthmind Records

Books, correspondence, ephemera, financial papers, photographs, serials, and working files relating to energy use; some of these materials were once part of a lending library on alternative energy generation.

East Los Angeles College New Careers Program Collection

Meeting minutes, correspondence, and reports associated with the New Career Program.

Eastman's Originals Collection

Collection includes photographs, negatives, and postcards for a wide variety of northern California locations and events, including dam construction, logging, mining, food processing, and community buildings and activities.

Eckert (John Edward) Papers

John Edward Eckert (1895-1975) served as Professor of Entomology at the University of California, Davis from 1931-1962. The majority of his Papers contain his correspondence on subjects such as ants, bee diseases, honey marketing, and queen bees, among other topics....

Eddy (Charles L) Collection of Yolo County Photographs

Copy prints and original photographs of various Yolo County people and places.

Edison (Thomas A.) Papers

Brief letter of reference for Major MacLaughlin, in holograph.

Elbogen (Paul) Papers

Paul Elbogen (1894-1987) was an Austrian writer and the author of Dearest Mothers (1942) and The Jealous Mistress (1953). The collection contains typescripts of novels, a memoir, a biography, correspondence, and clippings. The materials are primarily in German.

Elkus (Mickey) Papers

Correspondence from Dorothy Swift to Elkus.

Ellsler (Effie) Collection

Side for Effie Ellsler's role of prefect in Heroines in rags.

Emmons (Bob) Papers

Manuscripts and research files for Bob Emmons's .

Engravings, Portraits Collection

Images of people, primarily English, from 17th-18th century.

Entomological Society of America, Pacific Branch Records

Annual meeting and committee minutes, annual reports, correspondence, financial documents, programs, and informational brochures.

Erickson (Jack) Collection

Jack Erikson is the author of six books on craft breweries, editor of the financial newsletter, The Erickson Report, on microbreweries (1995-1997) and served as Co-director of the Craft Brewing Business Research Institute at California State University, Sonoma. The collection...

Erté (Romain de Tirtoff) Collection

Collection of framed prints and statue.

Esau (Katherine) Collection

Reprints and reviews of numerous works on botanical anatomy and morphology.

Evans (Herbert M) Papers

Five reel-to-reel audiotapes corresponding to Dr. Herbert M. Evans' lectures on the history of biology and medicine.

Everest (Charles L) Collection

Photographs of the University of California, Davis campus and student life.

Everett Family Papers

Ledgers and notebook relating to commercial prune growing in Capay Valley, California.

Faculty Reprint Collection

Reprinted articles written by University of California, Davis faculty members and published in scholarly journals.

Fahrner (Robert) Collection

Framed and unframed playbills and images of actors and actresses collected by UC Davis Professor of Dramatic Art Robert Fahrner.

Fair Oaks Fruit Company Archives

Fruit company's business records.

Fairbank (James Partridge) Papers

Notebooks, photographs, proceedings, journals and correspondence pertaining to such civil engineering issues as fire protection and land use.

Fairbank (W.C.) Collection

Material about night picking of fruits and vegetables and slides of farm equipment.

Farm Labor Training Collection

Material about tomato harvesting training course; photographs, clippings, proposal.

Farmer (David) Collection

Material regarding wine; brochures, catalogs, ephemera, newsletters, recipes.

Farmer Family Diaries

Hanford, California family's diaries, financial records, clippings, and notes.

Farmers' Trade Union Records.

Account books, cash books, check stubs, and other records relating to the commercial activities of a farmers' supply cooperative in Clements, California.

Fazio, Victor Herbert Jr. Papers

Office files, correspondence, photographs, awards, and memorabilia relating to U.S. Representative Victor H. (Vic) Fazio's more than 20 years in public life. Files on Auburn Dam and closure of McClellan Air Force Base, briefing books on policy decisions, proposals for...

Federal Power Commission Collection

Memorandum about Central Valley Project in California.

Federal Theater Project Collection

Ephemera, photographs, and playbills taken from the papers of Charles P. Teevins, district supervisor of the Federal Theater Project in San Francisco and Alameda counties.

Feldman (Jay) Papers

Research materials for author Jay Feldman's books and . The collection also includes audio tapes of oral histories of Japanese Americans.

Fermentation Technology Collection

This small collection contains manuals, catalogs, and brochures relating to equipment used in enology, brewing, and distillation.

Ferry-Morse Seed Co. Records

Company ledgers (1879-1946), advertising posters (1890-1918), original art work (1896-1906), photographs, realia, and sales notebooks (1910-1950).

Finch (Michael) Cigar Label Collection

The collection includes cigar bands and box labels.

Finder (Leonard V.) Papers

Leonard V. Finder (1910-1969) was editor of the from 1962-1966. After Finder left the he devoted his time to lecturing and teaching, primarily at the Extension Program of the University of California, Davis. His Papers contain an unfinished manuscript of...

Fine Printing Collection

Examples of small and alternative presswork and typography, including advertisements, broadsides, and postcards.

Finney (Ruth) Papers

The Ruth Finney Papers consist of materials related to her career as a newpaper reporter. This includes her correspondence, scrapbooks, diaries, manuscripts, clippings, photographs, research materials, legal documents, and personal mementos....

Firehouse Theater Company Archives

In the summer of 1963, University of Minnesota graduate student Marlow S. Hotchkiss, artist James F. Faber, actor John Shimek, and actor and director Charles Morrison III renovated an 1894 fire station in Minneapolis, Minnesota as the Firehouse Theater. The...

Firestone Farm Guide Account Book

Copy of the "Firestone Farm Guide Book" annotated with the anonymous owner's accounts.

Fisch (Richard M) Papers

Correspondence, photographs, videotapes, clippings.

Fisher Family Correspondence

The Fisher Family Correspondence contains sixty letters of a Woodland, California family. The majority of the collection, which spans the years 1870-1890, consists of incoming correspondence to Edna Fisher (1870-1962). Primary correspondents are Ernest Blake, a cousin, and Adella Fisher...

Fiske (Emmett P.) Papers

The collection contains research materials related to Fiske's doctoral dissertation, The College and its Constituency: Rural and Community Development at the University of California, 1875-1978. Also included are materials related to the lawsuit by the California Agrarian Action Project against...

Fitzhugh (E. Lee) Papers

Cooperative Extension Specialist E. Lee Fitzhugh's subject files, research materials, course syllabi, and correspondence relating to his research in wildlife population and habitat management.

Flavell (M. Kay) Collection

Correspondence and manuscript material of Mala Lasser, a German Jewish writer of the 1930s and 1940s and refugee to England. Materials are in English and German and focus on social criticism.

Fletcher (Robert) Papers

University of California, Davis student's class notes.

Fong (Mary H.) Papers

Mary H. Fong served as Professor of Art and Art History at the University of California, Davis. She researched and published on T'ang Tomb murals outside China. The collection contains notes for her dissertation Secular Figure Painting of the T'ang...

Foot (Isaac) Collection

Correspondence, receipts, newspaper clippings, and book reviews pertaining to Foot's scholarly and collecting interests.

Forbes (Jack D.) Collection

Manuscripts and proofs of articles written by Forbes; microcopies of records of Bureau of Indian Affairs; numerous serials, newspapers, clippings, newsletters related to Native American issues. Materials from California Indian Education Association and national Indian organizations. Also contains materials related...

Forbes (James) Papers

James Forbes (1871-1938), a twentieth century playwright, authored , and . The collection contains manuscripts, correspondence, clippings, photographs, and memorabilia related to a number of his works.

Fowler (Herbert) Papers

The Herbert Fowler Papers contain twenty-one letters written in 1898 during the time of the Spanish American War. Herbert Fowler wrote fifteen of the letters, the majority of them are to his mother, Francis Carr Fowler. Written from April 30,...

Fowler (Murray E.) Papers

Materials related to Murray E. Fowler's career in zoological medicine at the UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine.

Francis (Mark) Papers on Landscape Architecture

The collection includes publications, reports, and an extensive set of slides related to landscape architecture projects and related research.

Frazier (Norman) Papers

Research notes and photographs from Frazier's career at UC Berkeley and UC Davis.

Freeborn (Stanley Barron) Papers

Dr. Stanley Barron Freeborn was named the first Provost of the University of California, Davis in 1952. He then served as Chancellor from 1958-1959. During his career he held several positions in the University of California system. From 1924-1935 he...

Freeman (Sanford and Barbara) Collection of Henrique Vivian Messetti Materials

These materials, which document the life of Henrique Vivian Messetti, a writer, performer, and member of a vaudeville-circus family active during the 1920's-1940's, were collected by Sanford and Barbara Freeman. Messetti began appearing on the stage at the age of...

French Revolution Collection

Correspondence between military figures involved in the French Revolution; includes manuscripts, reports, accounts, pamphlets, and proposals.

Fridley (Robert) Papers on Mechanized Harvesting

Patent for hedgerow picking machine.

Fried (Juan) Wine Label Collection

Dr. Juan Fried (1924-2007) collected an estimated 50,000 wine labels. The collection contains extensive labels from Europe (France, Italy, and Spain) as well as from the United States.

Friedrich (Edwin) Papers

Course notes and timeline of chemistry at the University of California, Davis.

Fruit Growers Association By-Laws Collection

By-laws from various California fruit growers associations.

Fujimoto (Isao) Papers

Isao Fujimoto (1933-) is Senior Lecturer Emeritus of Asian American Studies and the UC Davis Graduate Program in Community Development. He joined UC Davis in 1967 as a founding member of the community development program and later was a founding...

Gaiter (Dorothy J.) and Brecher (John) Papers

The Dorothy J. Gaiter and John Brecher Papers document the couple's career in wine writing from 1998-2009. The collection includes forty-four albums of labels and tasting notes related to the column "Tastings" (1998-2009), select pieces of art, publication materials, notes,...

Gallo (Ernest F.) Papers

Ernest F. Gallo (1916-2010) was a California dairyman and industry consultant from the mid-1930s to the late 1970s. The collection includes papers, photographs and architectural drawings related to dairy processing in California. Also included are ice cream and candy formulas,...

Galloway (Terry R.) Collection

Best Manufacturing Company photograph albums and patent books.

Galvan (Joaquin) Collection on Racial Conflict at UC Davis

Joaquin Galvan was a Retention Coordinator at the UC Davis Learning Skills Center from 1981-2011. The collection consists of news clippings, flyers, and ephemera collected by Mr. Galvan that relate to racist activity on UC Davis campus. Also present is...

Gardner (M. W.) Papers on Anaheim Grape Disease

Typescript of M. W. Gardner's "Anaheim Disease of the Grape" and related correspondence.

Gardner M.E. Scrapbook of Atomic Energy & Related Subjects

Scrapbook containing newspaper clippings on atomic bombs and atomic energy

Gardner (Walter H) Collection

Printed material and photographs of Caterpillar tractors and Yuba dredges.

Garrett (Roger) Papers on Agricultural Mechanization

Garrett's writings on agricultural mechanization and lettuce harvesting.

Garrigus, (Charles B.) Papers

California Poet Laureate and State Assemblyman Charles B. Garrigus' unpublished diary, entitled An American Journal.

George (Alan) Collection

Documents relating to the growth and development of the cotton farming industry.

Geyer (Edward F.) Collection of John Deere Miniatures

Edward Ferdinand Geyer (1897-1958), of Grove City, Ohio, was a farmer, auctioneer, employee of the U. S. Department of Agriculture, and an active participant in Franklin County, Ohio, agricultural activities. The collection includes four pieces of miniature John Deere farm...

Gibbs (Donald A.) Collection

Over 350 Chinese films, some subtitled, in a variety of formats; Chinese film posters and film journals.

Gibson (Robin) and Veiga (Luis) Living Theatre Collection

Robin Gibson and Luis Veiga were professional photographers and former members of the Living Theatre who left the company in 1975 to join a Pittsburgh group, Direct Action Theater. The Living Theatre was founded in New York City in 1947...

Gill (Eric) Collection

Three signed proofs: The Aldine Bible, "St. Matthew," Vol. I; "St. Luke," Vol. II; "Apocalypse," Vol. IV.

Gillespie (David K.) Papers

The David K. Gillespie Papers contain correspondence and other materials relating to his wholesale grain business in Kirkwood, Ohio in the later nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. The Papers include incoming correspondence from business associates and fragmentary personal correspondence from...

Gilmore (Arthur E.) Papers

Clippings, slides, and photographs of Sutter County flood damage in 1955.

Gleason (Lydia Vineyard) Papers

The collection contains thirty-one letters written between 1899-1917. The majority of the letters are to Lydia Vineyard Gleason (1877-1966) from her husband Elmer Percy Gleason (1875-1935). The letters discuss their courtship, family news, as well as life in Northern California...

Glenn (Dawrence S.) Papers

Material regarding pomology; correspondence, photographs, and scrapbooks.

Gold Rush Letter

Letter from an unnamed New England immigrant to San Francisco to his brother.

Gold (Seymour M.) Papers

Environmental planning and management files; books, manuscripts, and research reports regarding open space preservation, recreation planning, and urban horticulture; public service files, including draft legislation; correspondence.

Goldstein (Joyce) Papers on California Cuisine

Interviews conducted by chef and author Joyce Goldstein including work related to ; columns from the , , and ; and draft chapters of .

Goodman (Paul) Papers

Office files, grant applications, and professional correspondence; articles, clippings, and microfilm relating to American colonial history; research files for Goodman's book, Towards a Christian republic: Antimasonry and the great transition in New England, 1826-1836, minutes and meeting notes relating to...

Goss (John R.) Papers

John R. Goss served as Professor of Biological and Agricultural Engineering at the University of California, Davis. The collection contains material regarding cucumber and tomato harvesters.

Gotelli (Dolph) Papers on Art and Design

Dolph Gotelli is Professor Emeritus of Design at UC Davis (1970-2005). The collection includes lecture notes, exhibit catalogs, publications, photographs, and videos related to Gotelli's 35-year career at Davis.

Gottlieb (Vera) Collection

Ephemera relating to various events in California history including the San Francisco earthquake, the opening of the Golden Gate Bridge, the Panama Pacific International Exposition, and the Golden Gate International Exposition.

Gray (Thorne B.) Collection

Thorne B. Gray (1937-1993) worked as a journalist for the from 1966 to 1982, where he covered city and county government with an emphasis on Central Valley water issues, land use, and natural conservation. He reported on the campaigns to...

Green (Wayne L.) Papers

Manuscripts and proofs for Sacramento area author Wayne L. Green's novel (1983).

Greene (Henry Dart) Papers

The Henry Dart Greene Papers contains photographs, motion picture films and a limited amount of personal and business papers. The photographs date from 1914 to the late 1960s, and are a mix of personal and professional subjects. Greene's years at...

Greenleaf (Sidney) Papers

Twenty fictional essays written by Greenleaf.

Gregor (Howard F.) Papers

Material regarding UC Davis Professor of Geography Howard Gregor's research on "agrargeography," including correspondence, course materials, and slides.

Gregory (Stanley) Collection

Photographs of the University of California, Davis campus and student life.

Grigarick (Albert A.) Photographs

Photographs from Grigarick's fieldwork and professional travel.

Grivetti (Louis) Papers

Louis Grivetti served as Professor of Geography and Nutrition at the University of California, Davis from 1976-2007. The collection contains his correspondence, teaching, service, and advising materials, as well as research materials. Also included are materials related to Grivetti's research...

Grossman (Harold J.) Collection

The collection contains books and ephemera collected by wine expert Harold J. Grossman, including pamphlets, culinary guides, maps, and publications.

Gullan (Penny J.) Slides on Insect Control

Penny Gullan is Professor Emeritus of Entomology at UC Davis. This collection includes two slide carousels with accompanying audio cassettes and text for "Of Ants and Men and Mealybugs", a presentation on insect control in pineapple fields.

Guymon (James F.) Papers

Manuscripts, correspondence, pamphlets, and clippings pertaining to wine and brandy technology, including distillation, refrigeration, biochemistry of alcoholic fermentation, and aging processes.

Hackett (C. Nelson) Papers

Correspondence, manuscripts, photographs, books, business records, clippings, legal papers, scrapbooks, photo albums, ephemera, and realia.

Haeger (John Winthrop) Papers

John Winthrop Haeger (1944-) is the author of three books and dozens of articles on wine. His papers include correspondence, publications, and research files related to his writing, as well as menus, wine labels, and photographs.

Hagan (Robert Mower) Papers

Robert Mower Hagan (1916-2002) served as Professor of Water Science at the University of California, Davis from 1948-1987. The Hagan Papers contain writings, teaching files including class lecture notes and background materials, as well as subject files which contain materials...

Halberstadt (Hans) Papers and Photographs on Agricultural Technology

Hans Milton Halberstadt (1944-) is a writer, photographer, and documentary film maker. This collection includes Hans Halberstadt's original photographs and slides used for publications on tractors and farms, as well as research materials and books.

Halberstadt (Milton) Papers and Photographs.

Photographs, proofs, transparencies, and negatives of Milton "Hal" Halberstadt commericial and artistic photography. Personal and business correspondence relating to his life as a photographer. Papers include business ledgers and records, teaching slides and notes. Correspondence and memorabilia from 1936-2000.

Halbert (Sherrill) Papers

Sherrill Halbert, Sacramento jurist and amateur historian, served as a director of the Pony Express Centennial Association from 1958-1961. He was administrator of many Association Projects including the creation of trail markers and penned about twenty "Pony Express Days" vignettes....

Hall (John A.) Papers

This small collection conatins five letters between various members of the Hall Family, several receipts, a carte de visite of Edward W. Hall, and a handwritten family record of Sargent Hall and Nancy Clay.

Hall (John R.) Papers

The John R. Hall Papers include published articles, unpublished conference and other papers, subject files, department memos, correspondence, event flyers, and a small set of published materials relating to intentional communities.

Hamilton (Dwight L.) Slides

Slides of National Parks and Monuments and four audio interviews of stories of the National Parks.

Hanley (Joseph G) Papers

Autographed prompt books for the farce Bamboozling and for the melodrama The bear hunters, once the property of actor Joseph Hanley.

Hanna (Gordie C.) Papers

Correspondence with colleagues regarding tomato breeding activities.

Hannibal ( Lester) Papers.

Lester Hannibal was considered one of the foremost plant breeders in the country. The collection contains correspondence, articles, catalogs, notes, photographs, reports, and slides.

Harbison (John S.) Papers

John S. Harbison (1826-1912) was one of the first beekeepers to import bees into California and was an inventor of innovative beehives and new methods of rearing queen bees. He authored (1860) and (1861). His papers contain daybooks documenting Harbison's...

Hardie (John L.) Papers

A collection of papers and photographs collected by John L. Hardie, a former UC Davis alumnus and campus administrator. Material includes correspondence with other campus officials including Edwin C. Voorhies and Larry N. Vanderhoef; campus historic publications, recollections from Voorhies...

Hardin (Charles M.) Papers

Charles M. Hardin served as Professor of Political Science at the University of California, Davis from 1965-1976. The collection contains correspondence related to research, published and unpublished, dealing with the U.S. Constitution and constitutional reform politics. Also included are general...

Harer (Asher) Papers

Files on union activist Asher Harer's involvement with the International Longshore and Warehouse union; clippings on the Vietnam War and North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), audiocassettes, and reel-to-reel tapes.

Haris (Howard) Memoirs

Memoirs of Howard Harris which document his involvement in the 4-H, the San Benito County Farm Bureau, and San Benito County land and water issues.

Harper (Lawrence A.) Papers

Photostats, microfilm, and research notes relating to commercial shipping in the British Colonial ports of North America.

Harris Manufacturing Company Collection

Typescript biography of George Harris, founder of the Harris Manufacturing company, by Clifford W. Koster, plus a photocopy of The history of Harris combined header and thresher (1994).

Harrison (George John) Papers

George J. Harrison served as Senior Agronomist and Superintendent of the U.S. Cotton Field Station in Shafter, California from 1934-1952. His Papers contain serials, trade publications, clippings, photographs, and speeches relating to cotton breeding, with an emphasis on the development...

Harrison (Margaret B.) Papers

Margaret B. Harrison (1911-1980) became interested in fine bookbinding in the 1930's and apprenticed for a time with master bookbinder Hazel Dreis. For more than four decades, her bookbinding skills enabled her to bind and preserve a number of volumes...

Harrison (Mike) Library Cards and Microfilm

Updates to Harrison Western Research Center library card catalog, master microfilm of catalog records.

Hart (George H.) Papers

George H. Hart's career at the University of California began in 1917 when he joined the faculty at Berkeley as Professor of Veterinary Science. He came to Davis in 1926 as Professor of Animal Husbandry and Chairman of the Department,...

Hart (Winfield H.) Papers

Subject files, correspondence, slides, printed material, and articles and speeches by Extension Specialist in Nematology Winfield H. Hart.

Harte (Bret) Collection

At the height of his career, Bret Harte (1836-1902) was considered one of the best-known American writers of the nineteenth century. The collection contains Harte's writings published in magazines and newspapers, clippings and ephemera about Harte, and portraits of Harte...

Haussler (Ken) Photograph Collection

Historical images of children and teenagers in Davis, California.

Hayden (Charles H. and Richard M.) Papers

Charles H. Hayden (1827-1919) and Richard M. Hayden (1841-1936) lived in Callahan's Ranch (now Callahan) in Siskiyou County, California. The small collection contains bills of sale, receipts, and ephemera related to their life and business operations in Callahan's Ranch, California.

Hays (Peter L.) Papers

Peter L. Hays (1938- ) served as Professor of English at the University of California, Davis from 1966-2004. His papers contain a small amount of correspondence from his teaching and research including brief letters from Bernard Malamud, Arthur Miller, William...

Hazen (Harry) Papers on the University Farm

The Harry Hazen Papers on the University Farm document student life during the earliest years of the Davis campus. The collection includes a scrapbook of photos and memorabilia from 1916-1918, the booklet "Harry and I on the University Farm", a...

Hecke (George H.) Papers.

Business and personal correspondence of George H. Hecke (1868-1950?), Yolo County, California farmer and California's first Director of Agriculture. Collection also includes one volume of minutes of the California State Board of Agriculture and one scrapbook illustrating outbreaks of hoof...

Hedrick (Jerry L.) Papers

Hedrick's correspondence and manuscripts, as well as meeting, seminar and conference materials.

Heidrick (Joe) Papers

Notes and drawings relating to fire engines, steam shovels and tractors, bulldozers, and other kinds of agricultural machinery.

Helwig (John H.) Papers

The small collection contains materials from John H. Helwig related to a mining claim for the Jennie Lind Placer Mine in North Bloomfield, California in the late twentieth century.

Henchey (Paul L.) Photographs

Paul L. Henchey worked for the Southern Pacific Company. He enjoyed taking photographs of old mills, mines and buildings in rural areas in Arizona, California, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico and Utah. The collection consists of 1350 negatives.

Henn (James D) Papers

Notes and memorabilia relating to Henn's affiliation with International Harvester; framed lithograph.

Henning (Dianna) Papers on Poetry

Poet Dianna Henning is the author of , , and . She worked with the California Poets in the Schools Program and facilitated the Thompson Peak Writers Workshop in Lassen County, California. The collection contains personal journals, correspondence, and manuscripts...

Heringer (Robert P.) Recollections of Clarksburg, California

Robert P. Heringer (1921-2005), local historian and native of Clarksburg, California, wrote these research essays which describe life and early pioneers in the Clarksburg area.

Herrington (Fred S.) Menu Collection

Fred Herrington (1898-1971) was a California lawyer who collected menus. The collection contains shipboard and restaurant menus from around the world from circa 1850-1971.

Hertzman (Peter) Collection

Collection of Hertzman's recipes, notes, clippings, journals.

Hewitt (William B.) Papers.

William B. Hewitt served as Professor of Plant Pathology at the University of California, Davis. The collection contains research material, correspondence, reports, and handbooks.

Hickey (James H.) Papers

Materials related to James (Jim) Hickey's work as Planning Director for Napa County, including materials on the Napa Valley Agricultural Preserve, Jack L. Davies Land Trust, and Napa County Winery Definition Ordinance. The collection also documents his career as a...

Hicks (Susan) Collection

Photographs and postcards of the University of California, Davis campus.

Higgins (Floyd Halleck) Agricultural Technology Photographs

Photographs and negatives of farm machinery, equipment dealerships, and people of note in agricultural technology history.

Higgins (Floyd Halleck) Collection

News editor for Caterpillar Tractor Company (1927-1933); freelance agricultural journalist (1933-1971). Brochures, correspondence, manuscripts, clippings, serials, photographs, and posters relating to the development of agricultural machinery in the United States, Canada, and Europe, particularly the history of tractors and combines.

Higgins (Floyd Halleck) Papers

Manuscripts and research notes about agricultural machinery in the U.S., Canada, and Europe.

Higgins (Floyd Halleck) Photographs of Mexican Sugar Beet Workers

Floyd Halleck Higgins was born on May 15, 1886, in Keokuk, Iowa. After graduating from Iowa State College in Ames, he moved to Chicago and western Canada to work in a variety of public relations positions including Director of Public...

Hoagland (D. R.) Collection

Copies of Hoagland's reprints.

Hoke Tractor Affidavit Collection

Material about Hoke's court case: Testimony, photographs, blueprints, advertising brochures

Holland Land Co. Records

The Holland Land Company Records (1909-1953) consist of minute books, scrapbooks, photographic materials, and other records. The Holland Land Co. was incorporated in 1916. Its operations headquarters were in Reclamation District 999, Clarksburg, California, Yolo County. During the 1920s, the...

Hollywood Film Strike Collection

The collection contains ephemera and periodicals associated with Hollywood motion picture unions. It consists primarily of labor bulletins, convention proceedings, memoranda, and form letters.

Holt of California Records

Material regarding Holt Bros. & Caterpillar Co.; advertising films, notebooks.

Hong (Earn) Photograph Albums

Photographic record of Korean American activist Earn Hong's travels in the United States and Peru between 1919 and 1922.

Hosselkus Company Collection

Ledger of a family corporation that speculated on farm land in Genesee, Plumas County, California.

House (Freeman) Papers

The collection includes correspondence, writings, local and small press publications, and material related to Freeman House's books.

Howard (Clinton N.) Papers

Clinton Newton Howard (1902-1973) served as Professor of History at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). This small collection contains correspondence related to Eric A. Beecroft (1903-2001) and his position as a Professor of Political Science at UCLA. Also...

Howard (Seymour) Papers

Writings by Howard, course evaluations, printed material.

Howard, Walter E. (Walter Egner) Papers

Correspondence, reports, permit applications, research notes, photographs, and audio recordings concerning vertebrate pest management, including coyote baiting with toxic chemicals.

Howard (Walter L.) Papers on Pomology

Papers and photographs of Walter L. Howard, Chair of Pomology and Director of Campus.

Hoy (Georg) Collection

Photographs, letters and postcards from Carl Van Vechten to Georg Hoy.

Hudson (Nathaniel D.) Papers

Nathaniel Delos Hudson (1901-1982) served as Assistant Director of the University of California Agricultural Extension Service from 1951-1965. His Papers contain correspondence, speeches, an oral history, and photographs relating to his work with the Agricultural Extension Service. Also included are...

Hughes (Walter) Collection

Freshman dink, registration cards, and student handbook.

Hungate (Robert E.) Papers

Material include Hungate's curriculum vitae, list of publications, and reprints.

Hunold (Raymond) Photograph Collection

The collection contains over 70,000 images documenting the resurgence of storytelling in the United States as an art form. Also present in the collection are images from Hunold’s work as a nature photographer. Hunold’s work appeared in textbooks, newspapers, and...

Hunt (Thomas Forsyth) Papers

Thomas Forsyth Hunt (1862-1927) served as Professor of Agriculture at the University of California, Berkeley and Dean of the College of Agriculture (now the University of California, Davis). His Papers contain a comparative study of the agriculture of Caribbean countries...

Hutchison (Claude B.) Papers

The Claude B. Hutchison Papers contains both personal papers and materials related to his work with the International Education Board, University of California, as Mayor of Berkeley, and other academic institutions. The collection also contains material from a 1946 Agricultural...

Hutchison (Sarah V.) Papers

Meeting minutes, research notes, interviews, journal and newspaper articles, and speeches relating to establishment, development, and eventual approval of D-Q University and the UC Davis Native American Studies program.

Iazykov (Nikolai) Papers

Photographs and engravings of Russian nobility; political documents and pamphlets.

Iltis (Wilfred G.) Photographs

Photographs by entomologist and photographer Wilfred G. (Fred) Iltis, mainly of marches in support of the California Grape Strike. The collection also includes a small amount of Fred Iltis's nature photography, book illustrations by Julia Iltis, photographs of friends, and...

Index Seminum Collection

Seed lists from foreign and American arboreta and botanical gardens for studying the development, popularity, and history of horticultural varieties.

International Longshore and Warehouse Union, Local 17 Records

The collection documents warehouse organizing in the West Sacramento area. Includes minutes, correspondence, administrative files, photographs, picket signs, and memorabilia.

Italian Swiss Colony Records

Shipping invoices, inventory transactions, distillery records, correspondence, management office files, grower registers, crush reports, and loss records.

Ivie (Robert M.) Collection

Ivie's files related to brandy and the American Brandy Association.

Jackson (Forrest) Collection

Contains more than 8,000 photographic images relating to California agriculture. Subjects include the Tri/Valley Growers (1967-1991), the Modesto Irrigation District, central valley politicians (Bob Bergland, Leo McCarthy, Erneste LaCoste), and the Tulare Farm Equipment Show. Also includes photographs of the...

Jackson (W. Turrentine) Papers

Drafts of Jackson's articles, books, and papers; research notes; class lecture notes; and correspondence concerning his research interests in the Trans-Mississippi West and California mining and his organizational affiliations.

Jacobsen (Henry) Papers

Lantern slides and scrapbooks depicting agricultural practices in the Philippines.

Japanese-American Family Photograph Album

Family album of photographs capturing the lives of an un-identified Japanese-American family before and after the World War II internment period, with at least one image identified from Tule Lake Relocation Center.

Jeanbin Collection of Wine Label Art

Imprimerie Jeanbin was a French printing company in operation from 1840-1962. The collection includes artwork created in the design and production of French wine labels, as well as printed wine labels, menus, wine lists, and brochures related to Imprimerie Jeanbin....

Jett (Stephen C) Papers

Lecture notes for Jett's geography courses, material about Native Americans; Tiananmen Square.

Jewell Family Diaries

The Jewell Family diaries consist of three pocket diaries kept by Jesse Jewell, one diary kept by Jesse's daughter Mattie, and two diaries kept by Mattie's younger sister Ruby. The diaries record the daily lives of this family of immigrants...

Jewett (Alyce W) Collection

Photocopies of Jewett's correspondence with Peter J. Shields. Minutes of the Purple Circle Organization, clippings and printed material about the University of California, Davis.

John Lofland Papers on the Unification Church

Research materials on demonstrations in or near the California State Capitol building in 1977 collected by Professor of Sociology John Lofland.

Johnson (Hugh) Archives

Hugh Johnson (1939-present) is a British writer and expert on wine. This collection of his papers includes handwritten and typescript manuscripts, research files, correspondence related to several of Mr. Johnson's books on wine, drafts of many of his articles, correspondence...

Johnston (Tom) Collection

Photographs of the University of California, Davis campus taken by a student.

Joint Stock Theatre Group Archives

A British experimental theatre group founded in 1974 by Max Stafford-Clark, David Hare, and David Aukin, the Joint Stock Theatre Group was dedicated to developing new writing for the theatre. Workshops set up by William Gaskill and Max Stafford-Clark resulted...

Jones (Allan) Papers

Several original prints of agricultural machinery.

Jones, Burle J (Burle Jackson) Papers

Notebook containing articles written by Mr. Jones about planting, irrigation, and conservation of pasture land for publications such as The Pacific Stockman, The Pacific Rural Press, and The Western Livestock Journal.

Jones (J. Richard) Papers

Materials relating to the wine trade between England and France between the 16th-18th centuries; research data on apprenticeships, taverns, ports, and volumes of trade in paper and microfilm.

Jordan (Rudolf) Vintage Reports for Castle Rock Vineyard

The Rudolf Jordan Vintage Reports for Castle Rock Vineyard provide general remarks on the overall weather conditions, duration of vintage, general yield, condition of grapes, yeast, and sugar in wines as well as a chronological description of the vintage for...

Kasmire (Robert) Papers on Produce Refrigeration

Writings, photographs, and subject files on transportation and handling of refrigerated produce.

Kayashima (Shizuko) Photograph Album

Photograph album memorializing the school-age life of Shizoku Kayashima, a young Japanese-American woman living in California in the 1930s.

Keast (Phillip) Collection

Manuals, reports, specifications, and other documents relating to electrical machinery and plant operations.

Keehn (Joseph) Collection

Photograph of group of men sitting on South Hall porch.

Keith (Joseph Joel) Papers

Joseph Joel Keith was an American poet of the mid-twentieth century. His Papers contain his notebooks, poems, prose, and lyrics, as well as several photographs.

Keizer (Joel) Papers

Journal articles, research notes, correspondence, book manuscripts, and other materials relating to the mathematical modeling of biological processes.

Kelly (Robert) Papers

Draft copy of Kelly's poem The daughters of Jerusalem (1965) with changes in the author's hand.

Kendrick (James Blair) Correspondence

James Blair Kendrick (1893-1962) served as Plant Pathologist and Professor of Plant Pathology at the Berkeley and Davis campuses of the University of California from 1927-1960. The collection contains fifty-six letters, the majority of which are written from Kendrick to...

Kennedy (Bari L.) Papers

Letters, drawings, publishing statistics, audio tapes, books, unpublished manuscripts, and posters advertising special poetry events in the Sacramento area.

Kennett, California Photograph Album

Photograph album featuring images of the Mammoth Smelter and related scenes of the Mammoth Mining Company from Kennett, California at the dawn of the 20th century.

Kenworthy (Aubrey Saint) Papers

Aubrey S. Kenworthy served as principal military police officer in charge of security at the trial of Japanese war criminals. The collection contains mementos of the post-World War II Japanese war criminal trials in Manila and Tokyo; materials pertaining to...

Kepner (Richard E.) Papers

Reprints of articles on organic chemistry.

Kerista Commune Collection

John Peltz Presmont (Bro Jud) and Eve Furchgott (Even Eve) founded the Kerista Commune in San Francisco in 1971. After the commune's dissolution in 1992, Presmont continued his work under the name of the World Academy of Keristan Education (WAKEINC)....

Kew (Kenneth) Papers

Correspondence, reports, photographs, drawings, realia, and maps relating to Kew's career as a wine merchant for Draper Esquine.

Kiernan (Jim) Papers

Correspondence, newspaper clippings, subject files relating to Kiernan's involvement with labor unions.

Kingman (Alden H.) Gold Rush Letters

Manuscript letters by prospector and gold miner Alden H. Kingman, detailing his experiences in Tuolumne County, California, and later in San Francisco.

Kleiber (Max) Papers

Personal letters, files, and workbooks, publication reprints, photographs, tapes of speeches, diaries and personal manuscripts, as well as academic files and correspondence relating to Kleiber's research on animal metabolism.

Kliewer (W. Mark) Papers

UC Davis Professor of Viticulture W. Mark Kliewer's class materials, including syllabi and lecture notes and research materials.

Knowles (Paul F.) Papers

Collection includes collection trip notes, original manuscripts and drafts, and slides and photographs from agronomy professor Paul F. Knowles (1916-1990).

Knox (Kenneth R.) Collection

The Kenneth Knox Collection documents the trials of fifteen German Prisoners of War (POW) convicted of murdering four fellow prisoners: Johannes Kunze, Werner Drechsler, Hans Geller, and Horst Gunther in 1945. The collection also includes materials from Kenneth Knox's personal...

Koda Family Papers

Family photograph albums, 16 millimeter films, correspondence, newspaper clippings, and notebooks.

Korean American Oral History Project Collection

Correspondence between KW Lee and Luke Kim as well as mounted photographs, poster boards, and captions, regarding Korean Americans.

Koron (Alex) Collection

Material regarding European wine areas, menus, wine lists, brochures, slides with text.

Kreissman (Bernard) Papers

Library Associates files, correspondence, and speeches.

Kress (Phyllis J.) Papers

The bulk of the collection contains costume designs for the theater productions at the University of California, Davis. Other material includes posters, programs, and other records dealing with campus theatrical productions.

Kunkee (Ralph) Papers

Kunkee's personal journals (diaries) and calendars, course materials, conference materials, and slides.

Kupfer (David) Collection

"Whole Earth Festival" T-shirts from 1970s to 1990s.

Kyoi/Kuksu Archives

Correspondence, poetry submissions, type and paper samples, drawings, paste-ups, and flyers.

Laben (Robert) Collection

Material regarding dairy herd records; University of California, Davis dairy operations; maps, photographs.

Laboratoires Dujardin-Salleron Annotated Volume

Photographs, correspondence, clippings, notes, pamphlets, and ephemera preserved within an interleaved copy of Laboratoires Dujardin-Salleron's .

Laidlaw (Harry Hyde) Papers

Harry Hyde Laidlaw, considered the "father of honey bee genetics," was a professor in the UC Davis Department of Entomology from 1947-1974. He was best known for developing artificial insemination technology for honey bees and his contributions enabled selective breeding...

Lammerts (Walter E.) Papers

Walter E. Lammerts (1904-1996) was an author, plant researcher, horticulturist, and rose breeder. His Papers contain manuscripts of his lectures on the science and art of rose breeding, reprints of his articles on plant breeding, especially rose breeding, and articles...

L'Amour Lynette & Sidiku Collection

Poetry of Sherman Alexie, Native American author, poet, and film maker.

Lang (Norma J.) Papers

The Norma Lang Papers include correspondence, articles, teaching materials, and lab notes related to Lang's career in plant biology at UC Davis.

Lange (William Harry) Papers

William Harry Lange (1912-2004) served as Professor of Entomology at the University of California, Davis. His papers contain correspondence from 1943-1951 regarding work on insecticides and their usefulness in controlling crop pests, reprints of his articles, and some research materials...

Larkey (Joann Leach) Papers

Files from her work with the University of California, Davis Oral History Project and local history material including posters, newspapers, and several photographs.

Lavoipierre (Michel Marie Joseph) Scientific Photographs

Photographs of tables for publication and of parasites, especially fleas and ticks.

Learn (Elmer W.) Reports and Speeches

Elmer W. Learn (1929- ) served as Executive Vice-Chancellor at the University of California, Davis from 1969-1984. The collection contains copies of sixteen of Learn's speeches and reports discussing university management needs and techniques.

Lebaustri French Enology Collection

Correspondence and manuscript concerning presses, new instruments and techniques, quantities, and miscellaneous aspects of making Burgundy.

Lee (Chol Soo) Collection

Correspondence, newspaper clippings, and materials relating to the Committee for Chol Soo Lee’s Legal Defense.

Lee (K.W.) Papers

Correspondence, court records, clippings and other background materials relating to the Chol Soo Lee case (1973). Also contains office files, artwork, and photographs relating to the publication of (1980-1983) and a bound volume of the paper (1979-1981).

Lee (Lawrence Bacon) Correspondence

Lawrence Bacon Lee (1917-2003) served as Professor of History at San Jose State University from 1957-1983. The collection contains his correspondence primarily with fellow historians Paul W. Gates and Donald J. Pisani. Topics discussed include their research and writings on...

Leffingwell (Randy) Papers

Leffingwell’s photographic transparencies as well as his research notes for his books: Ford Farm Tractors (1998), International Harvester Tractors (1999), Farm Tractor Milestones (2000), California Wine Country (2002), and John Deere: A History of the Tractor (2004).

Leigh (John H.) Papers

John H. Leigh (1859-1934) was a public reader of Shakespearian plays in Great Britain. The collection contains clippings of reviews and interviews concerning Leigh's public Shakespearian readings as well as notebooks revealing Leigh's detailed study of each play in preparation...

Lemert (Edwin McCarthy) Papers

Professor of Sociology Edwin McCarthy Lemert's correspondence and subject files relating to his research on social issues such as stuttering, check forgery, alcoholism, and juvenile justice.

Leong (Thomas) Papers

Thomas Leong (1920-circa 1975) was a chemist, distiller, and winemaker.

Leslie (Alan & Fannie) Collection

Collection of wine labels from U.S., Europe, Eastern Europe, and Middle East.

Lewis Family Papers

The Lewis Family Papers contain materials relating primarily to Reed Lewis (1787-1836), his son John Bacon Lewis (1825-1909), and John's wife, Elizabeth (1826-1866). John Bacon Lewis was a California pioneer who operated a draying business in San Francisco from 1849-1856....

Lewis (Michael) Papers

Research material on beer and brewing.

Li (Jon) Papers

Jon Li, a public policy analyst, is a resident of Davis, California. The collection contains videotapes of Li’s interviews on Davis Community Television, as well as some of his articles on economics.

Liberty Farms Company Archives

The Liberty Farms Company, founded in 1919, reclaimed 5,000 acres of swamp and overflow land in the Sacramento Delta. The property, located eight miles north of Rio Vista and named Liberty Island by Robert K. Malcolm, was farmed by tenants...

Liddell-Hart (Basil H.) Papers

Correspondence between Liddell-Hart and Peter Paret regarding a faculty appointment at Davis in 1965-66; some speeches and lecture notes.

Life of a Toddler in California Photograph Album

Approximately 189 silver gelatin photos depicting the life of a toddler in California.

Lindeman (Jeffrey) Collection

Berkeley-area counterculture newspapers, playbills, some correspondence related to San Francisco Mime Troupe.

Lindley Family Papers

The Lindley Family Papers which span the years 1849 to circa 1922 contain material relating to an early Sacramento, California merchant and his family. Thomas M. Lindley (1819-1896) opened a mercantile firm in Sacramento, California shortly after his arrival there...

Lindsley (Robert) Photograph Album

Photograph album documenting a trip to Arizona from Kansas, with extensive images of local Native Americans.

Lithographs of Engravings Collection

Images printed from engravings.

Little Leather Library Collection

Nineteen pocket-size copies of the works of writers such as Shakespeare, Kipling, Plato, and Dickens.

Living Theatre Records

Clippings, correspondence, notebooks, photographs, promotional materials, scripts, working notes, and other production materials relating to Living Theatre productions and published books for the period extending from the company's inception to the mid-1970's.

Lloyd (Wylie E) Papers

Photographs of various hunting expeditions to Mt. Lassen, Snow Mountain, Navarro River, and other environments by Lloyd and his friends and colleagues.

Lo (Jung-pang) Papers on Chinese History

Lo's B.A., M.A., PhD. theses, and manuscripts on Chinese naval history and Chinese leaders, including manuscripts by or on K'ang Yu-Wei, a philosopher and reformer of the late 19th and early 20th centuries, part of the Lo family genealogical materials.

Lockhart (Robert) Collection

Short biography of Lockhart, along with scanned images of him at Picnic Day 1916 and 1961.

Lofland (John) Papers

John Lofland served as Professor of Sociology at the University of California, Davis from 1970-1994. His papers contain research materials on demonstrations in or near the California State Capitol building in 1977 for his books, (1982) and (1982). Also included...

Loney (Glenn M.) Papers

Clippings, correspondence, manuscripts, music ephemera, personal files, photographs, movie stills, playbills, promotional materials, published materials, and scripts. Highlights of this collection are nineteenth and twentieth century programs, items relating music and drama festivals in Europe, and promotional materials pertaining to...

Long (James Dewey) Papers

Flyers, correspondence, circulars, and drawings relating to his research projects which included a study of adobe farm buildings, milk dairy structures, sweet potato storage structures, and farm drying equipment.

Lott (Dale F.) Papers

Professor Dale Lott's files, research papers and slides that focus on the American West, American bison, quail, and other western fauna, as well as the grasslands that support wildlife.

Lovelace (Billie) Collection

Map of Kings County, California.

Lownsbery (Benjamin) Papers

Notes, slides, and publications.

Lug and Can Label Collection

The Lug and Can Label collection consists of more than 4,000 lithographed labels created primarily for containers of oranges, lemons, and apples. The majority of the labels are from growers and distributors from California's Central Valley. The collection spans the...

Luh (Bor Shiun) Reprints

Reprints of Luh's writings on food processing.

Lust (Geraldine) Papers

New York theater producer and director Geraldine Lust (1920-1987) began her career in modern dance and choreography. She later studied acting and directing. In the 1950s, Lust established Stella Adler's drama classes and produced and directed off-Broadway. She also directed...

Lynch (Sharon) UC Davis Athletics Collection

The collection includes UC Davis Athletics event programs, trading cards, pennants, medals, and pins, as well as some memorabilia related to UC Davis as a whole.

Machado (Manuel A.) Papers

Manuel Machado served as Professor of History, University of Montana and is the author of Aftosa: a Historical Survey of Hoof-and-Mouth Sisease and Inter-American relations (1969). The collection contains reprints, reports, and correspondence concerning the problem of hoof and mouth...

MacMillan (Howard G.) Papers

Howard G. MacMillan began his career with the United States Department of Agriculture in 1915. In 1934, as a Principal Agriculture Explorer in the Division of Plant Exploration and Introduction, Bureau of Plant Industry, he traveled to Manchuria and Mongolia...

Madson (Ben) Papers

Ben Madson (1887-1974) served as Professor of Agronomy (1928-1954) and Director of Agricultural Field Stations (1948-1954) at the University of California. His papers contain correspondence, field station research and progress reports, range management investigations and budgets, committee materials regarding the...

Maillard Merino Sheep Ranch Records

Records of Merino sheep (New Zealand imports); breeding experiment records, ewe production, flock, wool, and lamb records.

Major (Jack) Papers

Correspondence, reviews, manuscripts, surveys, articles, climatic data, research notes on weed control, films, and lectures.

Manifold (Huber S.) Scrapbook

Scrapbook and photograph album documenting Hubert and Beatrice Manifold's road trip from the East Coast to the West Coast and back, taken with two friends.

Mantegna (Gianfranco) Papers

Gianfranco Mantegna (1939-2001) was an Italian-born photographer who was a member of the Living Theatre from 1965 to 1969. His Papers contain photographs of Living Theatre productions and correspondence, posters, programs, and promotional materials relating to the Living Theatre.

María y Campos (Armando de) Collection

Armando de María y Campos (1897-1967) was a Mexican scholar and journalist whose interests were Mexico's history, especially the Revolution of 1910-1927, and the Hispanic stage. The collection contains clippings, correspondence, programs, and scripts relating to Mexican drama and Mexican...

Marchand (Roland) Papers

Research files, correspondence, publication files, ephemera, and memorabilia relating to Marchand's research in American corporate history.

Marler (Peter) Correspondence

Correspondence relating to Professor of Neurobiology, Physiology, and Behavior Peter Marler's research on animal communication and his involvement with professional organizations.

Marlin-Jones (Davey) Press Kit Collection

Davey Marlin-Jones (1932-2004) served as the arts critic for the CBS affiliate WTOP/WUSA, Channel 9 in Washington DC, from 1970 to 1987. The collection contains entertainment publicity materials, primarily press kits for motion pictures. The press kits contain information about...

Marsh (Warner L.) Papers

Cooperative extension circulars, reprints, technical reports, and notes relating to wilderness preservation, irrigation, carob and persimmon production, and local history.

Martin (Philip L.) Collection of Farm Labor Contracts

Philip L. Martin (1949- ) serves as Professor of Agricultural Economics at the University of California, Davis. The collection contains farm labor contracts, many of which are California United Farm Workers collective bargaining agreements.

Martin-Harvey (Sir John) Papers

Sir John Martin-Harvey (1863-1944) was an English actor-manager and member of Henry Irving's Lyceum Theatre Company in London for fourteen years before inaugurating his own management of the Lyceum in 1899. The collection contains correspondence, scripts, printed material and photographs,...

Masson (Paul) Records

Correspondence, ledger books, scrapbooks, and photographs from Masson's Santa Clara County, California, vineyards. Collection also includes notes on Masson by UC Davis Professor of Viticulture and Enology Harold P. Olmo.

Matheny (Deloris) Collection

Photograph of men in machine shop, possibly on campus.

Mathey (William J.) Hoof and Mouth Disease Scrapbooks

William J. Mathey taught at the University of California, Davis School of Veterinary Medicine. The collection includes two scrapbooks of photographs documenting hoof and mouth disease management in the mid-1920s.

Matlock (Peter Young) Lantern Slides of Latin America

Collection consists of 92 black and white lantern slides of the countries Nicaragua, Panama, Colombia, and Chile taken in the 1920s and 1930s by Peter Young Matlock. Peter Young Matlock owned a clothing store in Buffalo, New York until 1976.

Mawdsley (Dean) Collection on Richard Dillon

Clippings, fine press samples, and writings by Richard Dillon.

Mayer (H. M.) Papers

Vineyard plans, grape culture notes, and nursery orders relating to Mayer's viticulture interests.

Mazarinades Collection

The Mazarinades Collection contains French political pamphlets, written during the Fronde event (1649-1652), which reflect the struggle between the government and the Parliaments over the gradual usurpation of power by the Monarchy. They are known as the Mazarinades after Jules...

McCaskill (June) Papers

Material regarding the Herbarium, biographical material, research notes, correspondence, slides, photographs.

McConnell (John) Wine Label Collection

Wine labels with notes about the character of each wine.

McCorkle (Chester O.) Papers

Manuscripts; seminars, lectures, and addresses; speech materials; office files and reports.

McCubbin (John C.) Papers

John Cameron McCubbin (1863-1957) was an early California beekeeper in the San Joaquin Valley. The majority of his papers contain business correspondence with other beekeepers, honey customers, and equipment suppliers throughout the west and midwest. Also included are photographs of...

McDonald (Alex) Collection

Ribbons and medals from livestock judging.

McGee (Gertrude) Diary

Handwritten journal documenting a year in the life of 16-year-old Gertrude (Gertie) McGee.

McKenzie (Howard Lester) Collection

Howard Lester McKenzie was an entomologist at the University of California, Davis from 1958-1968. This collection contains illustrations, in watercolor, painted by Mary Foley Benson for McKenzie's book (1967), detailed drawings for the book, and pictures and photographs of entomologists.

McKevitt (Frank B) Papers

Correspondence to F.B. McKevitt during his tenure as President of the California Fruit Distributors. Correspondents include Luther Burbank, Edward J. Wickson, and Governor Stephens.

McKinnon and Ruble Families Papers

The McKinnon and Ruble Families Papers include records of a physician and rancher in the California Delta region during the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. The papers focus on the life and career of Aloysius John McKinnon, M.D. (1870-1933),...

McLean (Winsor W.) Scrapbook

Winsor Wimberly McClean was born on September 24, 1897 in Mojave, California to Neil Everett McLean and Annie Laura Wimberly. Winsor enrolled at the University Farm School circa 1915-1918 as part of the non-degree program. This scrapbook by Winsor W....

McNeil (Katherine) Papers

Katherine McNeil compiled the book (1983). Her papers contain correspondence with Gary Snyder's publishers, collectors, and friends that McNeil assembled during the time she worked on the bibliography. In addition, there is correspondence from Gary Snyder answering various questions and...

McPherson (Sandra) Papers

Sandra McPherson served as Professor of English at the University of California, Davis where she taught creative writing and poetry-as-literature courses. The Sandra McPherson Papers contain her literary publications, the majority of which are her published poems.

Mechling (Jay) Collection

Two photographs albums (scrapbooks) of Northern California images including some early University Farm and Picnic Day shots, as well as picture postcards and photographs of California and Western Pacific sites.

Medieval Association of the Pacific Records

The collection includes Medieval Association of the Pacific publications, especially , annual meeting programs, and annual meeting participant lists.

Medieval Manuscripts Collection

Examples of writing from the late 1st to the late 13th, including two leaves from a Spanish gradual.

Meister and Bro. Dairy Records

Meister and Bro. was a commercial dairy in Sacramento, California, founded in 1852. The collection contains the company's ledgers as well as the transcribed and translated diary of John Meister (1820-1911) covering the years 1851-1852.

Menu Collection

The Menu Collection includes menus from Northern California restaurants and clubs, as well as menus from events at private residences and other locations.

Messetti (Henrique Vivian) Papers

Henrique Vivian Messetti was a writer, performer, and member of a vaudeville-circus family active during the 1920's-1940's. The papers, which span the years 1929-1949, contain correspondence, scripts, and other production materials relating to the activities of a traveling California vaudeville-circus...

Meteorological Records Collection

Climatological records including Eppley charts; pyrheliometer records; continuous records of sun, wind, velocity, and rainfall; hydrothermograph records; evaporation records; air temperature, precipitation, wind and evaporation records collected at the U.S. Weather Bureau Standard Shelter, University of California, Davis.

Michael and Margaret B. Harrison Western Research Center Accompanying Material Collection

Michael Harrison tucked photographs, newspaper clippings, correspondence, publishers’ advertisements, and other interesting items into the books that he called his "fallout system," (because items were likely to fall out when one picked up a book). This ephemeral material provides insights...

Miller & Lux Records

Miller & Lux was a San Joaquin Valley, California ranching partnership formed by Henry Miller and Charles Lux in the mid-late 1800's. The collection contains contracts, inventories, patents and leases.

Miller (Loye) Typescripts

Loye Miller (1874-1970) served as Professor of Biology at the University of California, Los Angeles. The collection contains photocopies of eleven typescripts by Miller, several of which describe his naturalist expeditions.

Miller (Marion G.) Papers

Materials related to Miller's teaching as well as some materials related to her research.

Miller (Martin W.) Papers on Fruit Drying

Correspondence, reports, and reprints from Martin W. Miller (1925-2005), Professor Emeritus of Food Science and Technology. The papers include materials on fruit drying and dehydration with an emphasis on prunes.

Miller (Milton Albert) Zoological Illustration Collection

Scientific drawings and illustrations used in Professor of Zoology Milton A. Miller's published work.

Miller, Milton D. (Milton Davis) Papers

The Milton D. Miller Papers includes University of California, Davis Agricultural Extension Agronomist Milton D. Miller's work in the field of rice, cereal crops, oilseed crops, and food procurement. The collection spans the years 1939-1992 and contains research proposals and...

Miller (R. Bryan) Papers

Lecture notes and exams, research notes, journal articles, correspondence, office files, and reprints relating to his research and teaching in chemistry.

Mining Collection

The Mining Collection contains documents relating to the development of mining in California, including account books and ledgers for several mining companies, correspondence, photographs, and ephemera.

Miscellaneous Manuscripts Collection

This collection contains a variety of manuscripts that were extracted from the Mining Collection (D-016). Included in the collection are letters, diaries, account books, and scrapbooks which range in date from 1786-1940.

Mississippi Freedom Summer Project Collection

Collection includes newsletters, memoranda, clippings, and press releases related to the Mississippi Freedom Summer Project.

Mondavi (Margrit Biever) Papers on Art and Philanthropy

Swiss-American philanthropist and champion of the arts Margrit Biever Mondavi (1925-2016) was Vice President of Cultural Affairs at Robert Mondavi Winery. Her papers include correspondence, daily calendars, travel itineraries, subject files, clipping files, original artwork, photographs, and realia. Also included...

Mondavi, Robert G. Papers.

The Robert G. Mondavi Papers document the life and work of California winemaker and innovator Robert Mondavi (1913-2008). Mondavi was highly influential in redefining the place of wine in American food culture and promoting California wines throughout the world. The...

Mondry (John J.) Horticulture Photographs

35mm slides taken by Mondry of flowers and vegetables including: zinnias, marigolds, orchids, squash, cucumbers, corn, and cantaloupes.

Montana Territorial Warrant

Check written by the Territory of Montana for bear and mountain lion bounty.

Montgomery (John) Letters to Robert Frauenglas

John Montgomery (1919-1992) was a poet and the author of (1988) as well as several books about Jack Kerouac. The collection contains over 100 letters from John Montgomery to Robert Frauenglas, discussing poetry, Montgomery's books about Jack Kerouac, and personal...

Moores (Eldridge M.) Papers

Eldridge M. Moores served as Professor of Geology at the University of California, Davis from 1966-2003. The collection contains correspondence, subject files, and course materials relating to his research and teaching in geology.

Morrow (Dwight) Papers

Dwight Morrow (1861-1954) served as Professor of History at the Monterey Institute of Foreign Studies. He was a specialist on the phylloxera disease in grapes and on Franco-American agricultural history, and the history of French viticulture. The collection contains manuscripts,...

Morton Family Photograph Album

Photograph album documenting the life and activities of the Morton Family, early settlers in the San Joaquin Valley.

Moser (Norman) Papers

Manuscripts of Moser's poetry and his correspondence.

Moses (Benjamin Duncan) Collection

Scrapbooks with agricultural technology photographs, negatives, clippings, & correspondence.

Mosquito and Vector Control Association of California (MVCAC) Records

Materials related to training, malaria control, monthly and annual reports, and slides.

Movius (John) Papers

Correspondence; materials related to California State Fair wine judging, California viticultural areas, and Wine Scene Seminars and Tours.

Mrak (Emil M.) Papers

Pamphlets, reprints, reports, and working papers of the Environmental Protection Agency, the National Academy of Sciences, and other organizations, for which Mrak served as an advisor. Files on environmental health and safety subjects, ecology, yeast classification, and food production subjects;...

Mudd and Mapes Families Papers

George Mudd (1845-1898) was an early farmer in the Germantown, California (now Artois, California) area. This small collection contains correspondence by George and James Mudd, notes and clippings on the history of the Mudd and Mapes families, and family photographs...

Mullins (Michael G.) Papers

Michael G. Mullins served as Professor of Viticulture and Enology at the University of California, Davis from 1987 to 1990. His papers contain manuscripts and published versions of his writings, including reprints of his articles, typescripts of a paper entitled...

Munyon (Robert) Collection of the UC Davis Foundation, Board of Trustees Minutes

Minutes from the UC Davis Foundation, Board of Directors meetings collected by Robert Munyon during his time as an officer of the California Aggie Alumni Association and trustee of the UC Davis Foundation.

Muranishi (William) Photograph Collection

A small collection of photographs that belonged to William Muranishi, a young Japanese-American man from Isleton, California who was incarcerated at the Gila River War Relocation Center in Arizona during World War II.

Murphy (George E) Collection

Photographs of the University of California, Davis campus and events.

Murphy (James) Collection on John Urry's Edition of The Works of Geoffrey Chaucer

Research materials and notes on the Prologue to the Tale of Beryn, a 15th-century addition to the Canterbury Tales published in John Urry's 1721 edition of The Works of Geoffrey Chaucer.

Murray (Robert B.) Collection

Three versions of Donner, a taped interview with Murray, and technical and production notes of the play's performance at Davis in 1970.

Music Ephemera Collection

Clippings, lithographs, posters, programs, promotional materials, and serials. Extensive and diverse holdings containing, for example, a program for the Japanese Rock Musical '80 Hamlet along with a 19th century lithograph depicting Madame Fanny T. Persian. The bulk of the collection...

Mussen (Eric C.) Collection.

The Eric C. Mussen collection includes programs for the California State Beekeepers Association annual conventions from 1976-1989 as well as quarterly and annual reports for the U.S. Pacific Coast Bee Culture Field Laboratory at the University of California, Davis from...

Nakamura (George) Photograph Album

Photograph album kept by Sacramento-area student George Nakamura showing him and his friends during what is presumed to be his senior year of high school.

Natural Colored Wool Growers Association Records.

Records related to the foundation and operation of the Natural Colored Wool Growers Association (NCWGA). Includes: correspondence; membership lists; minutes; account books; an extensive set of NCWGA publications; and publications with articles related to the NCWGA's work.

Nelson Gallery Teaching Prints. Collection.

The collection contains a set of prints, drawings, and watercolors of classical, Biblical, and contemporary subjects.

Nelson (Klayton E.) Papers

Correspondence, graphs, reprints, photographs, and slides.

Nelson (Oscar M. F.) Papers

Drawings and manuscripts pertaining to sugar and refining methods.

Neubauer (Loren W.) Papers

Loren W. Neubauer was Professor of Agricultural Engineering at the University of California, Davis from 1940 to 1971 and co-author of (1961). Neubauer was particularly interested in passive solar heating and cooling of farm structures. His papers include notebooks, farm...

Nevada City Board of Trade/Chamber of Commerce Minute Book

Minutes of the Board of Trade's (1897-1902) and Chamber of Commerce's (1902-1910) meetings.

Nevada County Collection

Deeds, claim notices, District Court summons, Piety Hill Fire Company subscriptions, all relating to Nevada County, California.

Nevada Theatre Collection

The collection contains note cards, manuscripts and drawings about the Nevada Theatre in Nevada City, California, as well as microfilm of local Nevada City newspapers concerning local drama from 1851 through 1854.

Newton, Gordon, & Johnson, Merchants Collection

Letters to Madeira merchants regarding wine shipments in the late 18th century.

Noble (Ann C.) Papers

Syllabi, laboratory manuals, and lecture notes for Professor Ann C. Noble's Viticulture and Enology courses.

North Bloomfield Gravel Mining Company Records

The North Bloomfield Gravel Mining Company, located in Nevada County, California, was a hydraulic gold mining operation. The collection contains five account books which provide statements on water received and used, payroll, and expenses. Also included is one volume of...

Northern California Entomology Club Records

The California Entomology Club was formed in 1930 by university, state, and privately employed individuals with mutual interests in entomology. The organization split into a northern and southern California branch in 1954. Members met to exchange information about economic or...

Northern California Native American Political Activists Collection

Newsletters, publications, and correspondence by and among Native American activists.

Nursery and Seed Catalog Collection

This collection consists of catalogs from nurseries and seed companies in the United States.

Nursery and Seed Catalog Collection (International)

This collection consists of catalogs from nurseries and seed companies outside the United States.

Nursery and Seed Ephemera Collection

The Nursery and Seed Ephemera Collection began when the Department of Special Collections conducted a thorough review of the Nursery and Seed Catalog Collection. For the purposes of this collection, nursery and/or seed ephemera is promotional literature, plant or seed...

Nyhus (Paul O.) Papers

Paul O. Nyhus (1894-1981) served as Agricultural Commissioner for the U.S. Department of Agriculture. The collection contains his writings related to various aspects of agricultural development in China and Argentina in the 1920's and 1930's, as well as three pieces...

Obledo (Mario G.) Papers

Correspondence, subject files, daybooks, video and audiotapes, posters, and other materials relating to his career as a civil rights advocate, government official, educator, and consultant.

O'Brien (C. Bickford) Papers on Russian History

Microfilm, photocopies, translations, and drafts of articles relating to Russian foreign relations, trade, and economics, particularly in the 17th century.

Ogasawara (Frank X.) Papers

Correspondence and publications by Professor of Poultry Husbandry and Avian Sciences Frank X. Ogasawara.

Olive Collection

Materials from Lindsay Olive Growers, including correspondence, articles, and one photograph, and correspondence with Cruess, Vaughn, Webster and others in the olive industry.

Olivina Vineyards Collection

Vineyards' business records.

Olmo (Harold Paul) Papers

Papers from his work as a Professor of Viticulture and Enology, University of California, Davis, including correspondence, research files, slides on grape varieties, grape variety reports by county, and materials relating to his activities in symposiums, conferences, and advisory boards.

Olmstead (Alan L.) Papers

Background research materials for an article co-authored by Olmstead and Paul Rhodes, "The agricultural mechanization controversy of the interwar years," which appeared in Agricultural history 68:3 (Summer 1994).

Olmsted (David L.) Papers

Articles by David L. Olmsted and manuscript of his book, A lexicon of Atsugewi.

Olmsted (John) Papers

John D. Olmsted (1938-2011) was a California naturalist who was instrumental in the creation of the Jug Handle State Reserve and the Independence Trail, a hiking path in the Yuba River Canyon. The collection contains a slide set created by...

Open Ring Galleries Records

Open Ring Galleries, a not for profit corporation for the arts, was established in Sacramento, California in 1975 upon the receipt of a grant from the National Endowment of the Arts. Its purpose was to provide a space for exhibitions...

Oregon Girl's Photograph Album

Extensive collection of snapshot portraits and scenes illustrating family and social life in Grants Pass and Portland (Oregon) during and shortly after WWI through the eyes of Marie Anensen, a young Norwegian immigrant.

Orloff (Alexander Sergevich) Collection

Scripts in Russian by both Russian and European playwrights; some programs, reviews, and slides regarding Russian theatre.

Osburn (Bennie I.) Papers

Dean Osburn's weekly update emails, materials related to the UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine, the Association of American Veterinary Medical Colleges North American Veterinary Medical Consortium, foreign animal & zoonotic disease, as well as Osburn's research on the bluetongue...

Ough (Cornelius S.) Papers

Class materials, research notes, articles, and correspondence.

Owens (Louis) Papers

Manuscripts of author and professor Louis Owens' works, correspondence with publishers and students, course syllabi, reviews and articles on his works, manuscripts, dissertations, publications by other authors, and videocassettes.

Owens (Mr. and Mrs. Edward N.) Collection

Photographs of people and places in town of Yolo (in Yolo County).

Owens (Rochelle) Papers

Rochelle Owens (1936- ) is an American playwright and poet. The collection contains books, clippings, correspondence, promotional material, and programs relating to some of her works.

Pacific Rural Press Company Stock Book

The Pacific Rural Press Company was the San Francisco, California-based publisher of the . The collection contains one volume of stock certificates for the Pacific Rural Press Company.

Paint and Varnish Ephemera Collection

The collection contains pamphlets on paint and varnish materials and procedures.

Palmer Family Papers

The collection contains correspondence and memorabilia of the Palmer Family. The correspondence, written during the mid to late nineteenth century, discusses the Civil War and family matters in Ohio and South Carolina. Transcriptions of most of the letters are also...

Panama Pacific International Exposition Collection

The Photographs of the Panama-Pacific International Exposition collection contains photographic glass negatives of the 1915 Panama-Pacific International Exposition taken by the Cardinell-Vincent Company, the official photographers of the Exposition.

Pangborn (Rose Marie) Tribute Collection

Video tributes to UC Davis Professor and Sensory Scientist Rose Marie Pangborn and recordings of Pangborn's lectures for Food Science and Technology 107, Principles of Sensory Evaluation.

Pantothenic Acid Patent Rights Collection

Correspondence, financial papers, and legal documents regarding patent rights to pantothenic acid and beta-alanine invented jointly by Thomas Jukes, Sidney H. Babcock, Jr., and Bernard R. Baker under the auspices of the University of California.

Parfitt (Dan E.) Collection on Plant Collecting and Breeding

Published works, reports from plant exploration missions, reports on the establishment of new germplasm repositories, and grey literature from agricultural experiment stations in India and Turkmenistan collected by pomologist Dan E. Parfitt.

Park (Joe) Collection

Clippings, correspondence, research notes, and articles relating to the history of agriculture and a wide variety of agricultural equipment and technologies.

Parsons Frank G Papers

Seed Certification material.

Partansky (Julie) Papers

Reports, memos, agendas, clippings, and correspondence created while Julie Partanksy was a Davis City Council Member and Mayor.

Partansky (Julie) Papers

Reports, memos, agendas, clippings, and correspondence created while Partanksy was a Davis City Council Member and Mayor.

Pearl (Robert C.) Papers

Robert C. Pearl (1925-2012) served as Cooperative Extension Specialist with the UC Davis Department of Food Science and Technology. The collection contains biographical information, correspondence, and Pearl's publications as well as materials related to UC Cooperative Extension and the UC...

Peattie (Noel) Papers

Noel Peattie (1932-2005), a poet and author of and served as Acquisitions Librarian at the University of California, Davis from 1966-1992. His Papers contain correspondence with Gary Snyder and A.D. Winans, among others, and manuscripts of some of Peattie's works.

Peck (Harold) Papers

Correspondence, pamphlets.

Performing Arts Photographs Collection

This collection, assembled by the Special Collections Department, contains images of nineteenth to twentieth century vocalists and stage actors and actresses.

Personal Record Book

Day book with annotations for appointments, quantities of fruits and vegetables and their prices, and income and expenses.

Peterson (Maurice) Papers

Material about crop improvement and seed certification.

Philip (Fayetta Harris) Papers

Scrapbooks, notes, and ephemera relating to Philip's research concerning the nature of the universe and the Bacon-Shakespeare authorship controversy.

Phillips (Edith H.) Collection

Photographs of Ms. Phillips, her colleagues, buildings, equipment, and projects at Davis, Riverside, and Texas.

Photograph Album Containing Over 330 Original Photographs Depicting Family Hunting and Camping Trips in 1910s and Early 1920s California

Photograph album documenting one California family's hunting, fishing, and camping trips between 1913 and 1921.

Photograph Album of Scenes Taken Along Remote Stretches of Highways

An album of scenes taken along several highways in the Central Valley and Sierra Nevada Mountains of California.

Photograph of African Americans at Pullman Saloon

Group portrait of African Americans in the Pullman Saloon in Tonopah, Nevada.

Photos of UC Davis Campus Collection

Photographs of the University of California, Davis campus.

Pierce Family Papers

The Pierce Family Papers (1841-1940) were created or collected by this prominent, pioneering Davisville, California (Davis) family. The collection is divided into 8 series: George W. Pierce, Sr.; Eunice Pierce; George W. Pierce, Jr.; Susan Gilmore Pierce; George Gardner Pierce;...

Pioneer Reduction Company Records

The Pioneer Reduction Company processed gold ore in Nevada City, California. The collection contains organizational records (by-laws, check stubs, bullion book, and stock certificate register) as well as correspondence regarding the plant's operation.

Pioneering Punjabis Digital Archive

The Pioneering Punjabi Digital Archive is the most extensive collection of archival material documenting the first significant South Asian community in the United States. The collection includes over 1,300 photographs, rare archival films, letters, newspaper articles, songs, and audio interviews...

Placer County Land Deed

Land deed for the sale of 1/3 of the lands in Placer County about one mile north of Auburn.

Plant (Forrest A., Sr.) Papers

Forrest A. Plant, Sr. (1889-1933) was a member of a pioneering Davisville (later Davis), California family. Plant was admitted to the California Bar in 1913 and then established a private law practice in Davisville. He played a major role in...

Playbills: International Collection

The collection contains written or printed advertisements posted or otherwise distributed to announce theatrical entertainment, most in 19th century England.

Playbills: United States Collection

The collection contains predominantly 19th century printed advertisements announcing theatrical events; cast lists may or may not be included.

Playscripts Collection

The Scripts Collection of the Department of Special Collections consists primarily of 19th and early 20th century American and British acting editions. Various genres are included-comedies, Ethiopian sketches, farces, melodramas, musical comedies, pantomimes, and tragedies, among others....

Pohler (Henry Putnam) Collection

Documents related to the historical perspectives of California State Hospitals and Developmental Centers collected by psychologist Henry Putnam Pohler.

Polis (Gary A.) Papers

Correspondence, subject files, and reprints of Professor of Environmental Science and Policy Gary A. Polis.

Pond (Gardner P.) Collection

Hand-colored menu for a feast at the Imperial Palace Restaurant in San Francisco; watercolor on rice paper; print of the Chinese cooking god; unframed pen and ink; realia.

Pony Express Centennial Association Records

The Pony Express Centennial Association was incorporated (1958) to foster and facilitate commemorations of the centennial of the Pony Express (1860-1861). The man principally responsible for promoting this Association was retired Air Force Lt. Col. Waddell Smith, a grandson of...

Popper (Jan) Papers

Sheet music by Popper; songs from Shakespeare's Tempest by Roy Travis.

Poppino (Rollie E.) Papers

Microfilm, notes, and correspondence relating to Poppino's historical research; class lectures and other course materials.

Porter (John Easton) Photograph Album

Album containing photographs including those from his time as a student at the University of California, College of Agriculture (now the University of California, Davis)

Portraits of the Past Collection

The Portraits of the Past Collection contains clippings of articles written by Joann Leach Larkey and published in the from 1969-1973 as a supplement to the book (1968). Topics covered include: early Davis and University history, Davis pioneer families, landmarks,...

Postcard Collection

Postcards of Northern California attractions and local scenes as well as postcards related to important historical events.

Poultry Producers of Central California Collection

Through most of its history, Poultry Producers of Central California was said to the largest egg cooperative marketing association in the world. The collection contains material related to the activities of the Poultry Producers of Central California, including correspondence, interdepartmental...

Powell (W. Robert) Papers on Agronomy and Plant Sciences

Research notes, data, and publications of W. Robert Powell, UC Davis specialist in Agronomy and plant sciences.

Powell (William G.) Collection

Personal files documenting the careers of primarily American and English actors of the 19th and 20th centuries, but including files on playwrights, theatre managers, and other performing arts personalities. Clippings, photographs, pictures, programs, promotional materials, and other theatre-related memorabilia.

Power (Margaret) Collection of British Land Deeds

Eight British land deeds: Assignment of Estate, Conveyance, and Lease.

Power (Robert H.) Collection on Early California and Discovery of the Pacific

Robert H. Power, restaurateur and historian, authored (1973) and (1974). The collection contains correspondence, commission work notes, exhibits, newspapers and magazine articles, publications and speeches, and research project notes related to Power's interest in Francis Drake and the San Francisco...

Pratt Family Papers

The Pratt Family Papers spans the years 1825-1950. It contains historical correspondence and diaries related to the early settlement of the San Joaquin Valley.

Priory of Woodchester Collection

Book collection from a British Catholic priory.

Proebsting (Edward L.) Papers

Edward L. Proebsting (1897-1985) served as Professor of Pomology, at the University of California, Davis from 1924-1962. The collection contains experiment station reports, laboratory notes, and publications generated during Proebsting's career at UC Davis.

Prokopovich (Nikola P.) Papers

The Nikola P. Prokopovich Papers document United States Bureau of Reclamation geologist Nikola Prokopovich's work on irrigation, land subsidence, and geochemistry in California. The collection includes draft reports and memoranda, published writings, slides, photographs, and two films related to several...

Prout (Timothy) Papers

Professor of Evolution and Ecology Timothy Prout's correspondence, notes, course materials, drafts of papers and book, research materials, and card files.

Public Health History of California Collection

The collection contains dvds and transcripts of oral history interviews of 19 persons important in the history of the California Department of Public Health. Interviews were conducted between 1986 and 2009.

Putah Creek Council Collection

The founding meeting of the Putah Creek Council took place on Feb. 3, 1988, with the idea of bringing together people who would protect the water level in Putah Creek as well as the creek's remaining riparian habitat. The collection...

Quinn (Frank) Collection

Taped interviews with northwestern Californian Native Americans concerning government programs and the treatment of Native Americans, as well as some stories and songs reflecting various Native American cultures. Currently available on CD-ROM.

Quire (Joseph H.) Papers Relating to Peter J. Shields

Joseph H. Quire, was a personal friend of Peter J. Shields, the Sacramento Superior Court Judge who wrote the legislation that led to the establishment of the University Farm (now the University of California, Davis). The collection contains correspondence, articles...

Ramey (Bern C.) Papers

Bern C. Ramey had a long career in many aspects of the wine field including those of winemaker, merchandising specialist, author, lecturer, educator, and sales executive. A graduate of the UC Davis Department of Viticulture and Enology, Ramey worked for...

Raveling (Dennis G.) Papers

Dennis G. Raveling served as Professor of Wildlife and Fisheries Biology at the University of California, Davis from 1971-1991. The collection contains files from Raveling's Canada Goose Study in Manitoba and Rochester, Minnesota, his research data files, as well as...

Ray (Martin and Eleanor) Papers

Correspondence, manuscripts, business files related to winemaker Martin Ray and wife Eleanor Ray's life and work.

Reclamation District #551 Records

Four bank ledgers (1893-1922) and four minutes books containing trustee board meeting minutes and financial reports to the district (1893-1945).

Reed Quicksilver Mine Collection

The Reed Quicksilver Mine was located in Yolo County, California. This small collection contains reports about the mine, several pieces of correspondence, as well as twenty-seven photographs of the mine property.

Reid (David W.) Collection

David W. Reid served as a painter and illustrator for a variety of wine manufacturers. The collection contains posters, advertising artwork and copy, marketing plans, clippings, and ephemera relating to the wine industry in California.

Rettinger (Michael) Collection

One 45 rpm recording of animal noises

Revere Copper and Brass. Inc. Collection

Series of pamphlets bringing architectural concepts and designs to the American public.

Reynolds & Buckley Wine Auction Collection

Wine auction-related materials from San Francisco, California auction firm Reynolds & Buckley. The collection includes catalogs, posters, clippings, memorabilia, and recordings of auctions featuring David Buckley.

Reynolds (Christopher A.) Collection of Women's Song

Christopher A. Reynolds, Professor of Music at the University of California, Davis, has identified and collected sheet music written by women composers active in North America and England. This collection contains over 3000 songs and song publications mostly published between...

Reynoso (Cruz) Papers

Activities files, organization, people and issues files, files on committees and commissions, and correspondence.

Richardson (Bertram) Papers

Correspondence with the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals and notes on the chamber's use and construction.

Richardson (Fred) Collection

Black and white photographs; images reproduced from Eastman's Studio.

Richter (Max Clemens) Papers

Max Clemens Richter (1884-1973) was a commercial beekeeper, author of (1911), and owner of a book store, The Book Den. His Papers contain correspondence, photographs of various apiaries and apiculturalists, and scrapbooks relating to beekeeping, bee diseases, and queen bee...

Riddell (Adaljiza Sosa) Papers

The papers contain correspondence, subject files, curriculum materials, and research materials.

Riley (Norman E.) Papers and Photographs

The collection includes photographs of California, especially Davis and Sacramento, cityscapes, landscapes, still lifes, and portraits taken by the photographer Norman E. Riley.

Risling (David) Papers

Files, audiotapes, newspaper clippings, newsletters, reports, memos, legal papers on subject of Native Americans. Includes information about Indian education, Indian law, and Native American Rights Fund (NARF).

Ritchie (Mark) Papers

The collection includes activist and politician Mark Ritchie's minutes and notes of the meetings of the People’s Food System (San Francisco) and materials related to the cooperative food movement in the San Francisco Bay Area during the 1970s.

Robertson (David) Papers

Essays, coursework, correspondence, lectures, notes, exhibit catalogs, reviews, books, photographs, manuscripts, publications and exhibition information, audiotapes, flyers, and posters.

Robinson (Jancis) Papers on Wine Writing

Jancis Robinson (1950-present), OBE MW, is a British wine writer, journalist, and television presenter. Her papers include tasting notes from commercial and trade tastings, wine festivals, and informal occasions. The collection also includes a clipping books and clipping files containing...

Rockwell (Don A.) Papers

Don A. Rockwell served as Professor of Psychiatry at the University of California, Davis. This small collection contains Rockwell's lecture notes as well as several articles he wrote.

Roddy (Kevin P.) Papers

Materials from Roddy's research related to computers and the humanities and the revival of medieval drama in Britain.

Rodgerson (Eleanor) Papers

Dr. Eleanor Rodgerson (1909-2007) was an obstetrician-gynecologist in private practice in Sacramento, California. She also served on the faculty of the University of California, Davis School of Medicine. Her Papers contain correspondence written while she was a resident at the...

Roessler (Edward Biffer) Papers

Edward Biffer Roessler (1902-1993) served as Professor Mathematics at the University of California, Davis. This small collection contains his textbook, lecture notes and reprints of his articles which focus on the statistical analysis of viticultural data.

Rogers (John) Collection

Manuscript of remarks on poetry by relatives of Peter J. Shields, excerpts from poetry composition books from the 1850's.

Rominger (Richard Elmer) Papers

Correspondence, clippings, budget papers, agendas, and meeting notes relating to farmer and civil servant Richard Rominger's work with the Department of Food and Agriculture; files on pesticides, water appropriation, soil erosion, farm labor, and natural resources.

Rondeau (René) Wine Label and Menu Collection

René Rondeau was manager and vice president of Draper & Esquin Wine Merchants in San Francisco, California. The collection includes wine labels and promotional cards from French, German, and California wineries, including a substantial set of labels from Château Haut-Brion...

Rosen (Jerome) Papers

The Jerome Rosen Papers document the work of composer and UC Davis faculty member Jerome Rosen (1921-2011). The papers span the dates 1949 through 2005 and include: correspondence and notes; teaching materials; Rosen's compositions, including the operas and ; compositions...

Rost (Thomas L.) Papers

Thomas L. Rost served as Professor of Plant Biology at the University of California, Davis. The collection contains material regarding Jojoba including Rost's experiment notebooks.

Roth (Raymond F.) Papers

Raymond F. Roth (1915-1991) spent much of his career working for farm labor programs. After a brief stint from 1941 to 1942 working for the Farm Security Administration, Roth joined the U.S. Navy during World War II. After his return...

Rothchild (Donald S.) Writings

Donald S. Rothchild (1928-2007) served as Professor of Political Science at the University of California, Davis. The collection contains selected manuscripts of Rothchild's conference papers and writings which focus on politics and government in Africa.

Rothstein (Morton) Papers

Correspondence, research material regarding California's agricultural economics, history, and politics.

Rowe (Albert H.) Papers

Reprints pertaining to gastroenterology, asthma, cystic fibrosis, emphysema, chronic ulcerative colitis, diabetes, and ulcers of the stomach and mouth. Medical histories, articles, lecture notes, talks, allergy journals, photographs and radiographs.

Royal Arch Masons Manzanita Chapter No. 29 Ledger

This ledger book of the North San Juan Chapter of the Royal Arch Masons contains names of members with records of payment of dues, donations, and loans. Ledger also includes death dates for some members.

Rudin (Edward) Papers

Materials relating to mental health services in California and the Short-Doyle Act. Present as well are articles, speeches, presentations, and syllabi for courses Rudin taught as Clinical Professor of Psychiatry at UC Davis. Materials relating to his involvement with the...

Rudisill (Janet) Collection

Photograph of Fred H. Abbot, dairy industry associate connected with the University of California, Davis.

Russell (William O.) Papers

Collection contains files relating to the Russell Ranch in Davis and other family ranching operations in Idaho and Arizona. Material in the collection includes correspondence, financial statements, and annual reports.

Ruth Pierce Mine Collection

The Ruth Pierce Mine was located in Mariposa County, California. This small collection contains reports about the mine as well as correspondence regarding a lease option.

Rychetnik (Joseph S.) Photographs of California Viticulture and Agriculture

The Joseph S. Rychetnik photographs contain approximately 1200 color 35 millimeter slides and 13 medium format transparencies of vineyards, wineries, agriculture, and food in California taken by writer and photographer Joe Rychetnik.

Ryerson (Knowles A.) Papers

Correspondence and minutes from various commissions, including the National Arboretum and the South Pacific Commission; subject files related to subtropical horticulture and international agriculture; correspondence to academic colleagues and friends.

Sacramento Book Collectors Club Collection

Typescript and proofs for the translated journals of the Duke of Wurttemberg (Friedrich Paul Wilhelm), a new world explorer and naturalist whose travels took him to Sacramento in 1851-1852. The translation was printed in an edition of 400 copies by...

Sacramento Municipal Utility District Collection

Bidding instructions for Upper American River Transmission Lines Project.

Sacramento Union Newspaper Records

The archives contain 660 bound volumes and some accounting and business records from the early years of the newspaper. The photograph files run daily from 1966 to 1994. The clipping files provide subject access for 1972 through 1992. The business...

Sakaki (Nanao) Collection

Nanao Sakaki (1923-2008), Japanese poet, authored "Break the Mirror," "Let's Eat Stars," and "Real Play," among other works. He was a leading figure in the Tribe, Japanese sub-culture group. Collection includes manuscripts and published works by Sakaki, articles about and...

Salesman's Fordson Tractor Photograph Album

Salesman's promotional photograph album showcasing Fordson tractors.

San Buenaventura (Steffi) Papers

Manuscripts, correspondence, photographic materials, clippings, audiotapes, and memorabilia relating to San Buenaventura's research on Filipino American history. Also included is material on Hilario Moncado and the Filipino Federation of America.

San Francisco Ballad Slips and Song Sheets

Fourteen ballad slips and song sheets that comment on the social and political climate of the post-Civil War era.

San Francisco Mime Troupe Archive

The San Francisco Mime Troupe Archives consist of unique items relating to the forty year existence of the Troupe. The collection contains original and adapted scripts, financial papers, photographs, audio visual items, promotional material, correspondence, clippings, and office files. The...

San Francisco Oracle Archives

, an underground or alternative newspaper, was a worker-owned cooperative paper. It began in September 1966 and after a very short run of only twelve issues, folded in February 1968. The collection contains partial holdings of the articles, essays, original...

San Joaquin Valley Irrigated Farms Promotions

Four photographic proof advertisements for irrigated farm land in the San Joaquin Valley near Patterson, California.

Sanfield (Steve) Papers

Personal journals, manuscripts, correspondence, publications, audio tapes, and collected ephemera relating to Sanfield's life and career.

Saratoga Horticultural Research Foundation Collection

The Saratoga Horticultural Research Foundation Collection is the organizational and research records of an association of California horticulturalists active from 1952 to 2006. The Foundation's goal was to improve and enrich western ornamental horticulture through the promotion of shade trees,...

Sarlos (Robert K.) Papers

Books, clippings, correspondence, drawings, manuscripts, microforms, photographs, programs, published material, realia, serials, scripts, and research material resulting in Sarlos’ Jig Cook and the Provincetown Players (1982); also includes items documenting Sarlos’ attempt to reconstruct the Luzern Passion Play; notes and...

Sarna-Wojcicki (Matthew) Cycling Periodicals Collection

Collection of periodicals that focus on bicycles and cycling.

Satterlee (Charles E) Papers

Business correspondence about the building of Satterlee's house in Atlantic Highlands, New Jersey.

Save the Redwoods League Archives

Typecript of memo about the League's land acquisition and money sources.

Scenes of England and Wales Collection

Twenty matted prints depicting various topographical scenes in England and Wales.

Schacht (Henry M.) Papers

Henry M. Schacht (1916- ) served as the Farm Reporter columnist for the (1959-1993) and Vice President and Corporate Secretary of California Canners and Growers (1965-1981). His papers contain correspondence, manuscripts, serials, clippings, and promotional materials relating Schacht's work as...

Schack (Paul) Collection

Correspondence and publications about brandy and cognac.

Schaefer (Norman) Papers

Manuscripts, poems, correspondence, photographs.

Schafer (Jack) Collection

The collection contains assorted service grams, bulletins, product brochures for Caterpillar & Deere.

Scheuring (Ann Foley) Papers

Ann Foley Scheuring is a writer and editor with an emphasis on agriculture topics; author of Abundant Harvest: the History of the University of California, Davis. The collection contains photographs relating to California agriculture, some of which were used in...

Schmidt (Leon H.) Collection

Early photographs, 35mm and lantern slides of the California National Primate Research Center.

Schneeman (Barbara O.) Papers

The Barbara O. Schneeman Papers document UC Davis faculty member Barbara Schneeman's career as teacher, administrator, and public servant. The papers date 1934 to 2007, with the bulk of the material falling between 1988 and 2006. The collection includes materials...

Schneeman (Charles E.) Papers

Contains artwork and correspondence of illustrator Charles E. Schneeman, Jr. The group of science fiction illustrations includes roughly 500 drawings, sketches, photochemical reproductions (including photographs used as reference for sketches), and paintings. The collection also includes a small collection of...

Schoenstedt (Walter) Papers

Correspondence, speeches, typescripts of novels, book reviews, and short stories, mostly in German. Collection also includes one photograph album.

Schutt (Ellen I.) Pomological Watercolors

Ellen Isham Schutt (1873-1955) was an illustrator with the United States Department of Agriculture who was active from 1904-1914. This collection contains 286 original watercolors of fruits, mostly apples, rendered by Schutt for the University of California.

Schwab (Richard N.) Papers

Richard N. Schwab served as Professor of History at the University of California, Davis. The collection contains material related to Schwab's work on Diderot's Encyclopedie.

Schwier (Hilda) Photograph Album

Photograph album documenting Hilda Schwier's travels throughout the American and Canadian West with several female friends.

Scott (Sidelle) Artists' Books

Artists’ books create by Scott throughout her lifetime.

Searls Family Papers

Niles Searls (1825-1907) served as State Senator and Chief Justice of the California Supreme Court. This small collection contains several letters to Niles Searls and his son Fred Searls, as well as materials related to Fred Searls' involvement with the...

Segur (Hub) Papers on the United Farm Workers

The collection includes materials related to labor activist and economist Hub Segur's work with the United Farm Workers, including journals, photographs, writings, audio tapes, and memorabilia.

Shaffer (Jack) Collection of Cooperative Materials

Books and serials relating to a wide range of domestic and international cooperatives ranging from agrarian to financial to healthcare cooperatives, among others.

Shank (David) Papers

Typescript biography of Theodore Benjamin Shank, with an emphasis on his years of farming in the Imperial Valley, California in the early part of the 20th century.

Shapiro (Daniel) Papers.

The Daniel Shapiro Papers document the life and work of printmaker, painter, and UC Davis faculty member Daniel Shapiro (1920-1982). The papers span the dates 1940 through 1983, with the bulk of the material falling between 1959 and 1982. The...

Shed (John) Journal

Journal of a bicycle trip from Oakland to Sacramento to Yosemite.

Sherry-Lehmann Wine and Spirits Company Records

Wine and spirits sales catalogs produced by New York City-based retailer Sherry-Lehmann Wine & Spirits, Inc.

Sherwood (Morgan B.) Papers

Morgan B. Sherwood served as Professor of History at the University of California, Davis. The collection contains copies of patents, articles, bibliographies, photographs, manuscripts, and research notes relating to patents and inventions, with a particular emphasis on the role of...

Shideler (James H.) Collection

Reprints and serial titles relating to California agricultural history.

Shields (John) Farmstead Excavation Collection

The collection includes artifacts, photographs, field notes, and history from an archaeological excavation of the John Shields farmstead located near Rancho Cordova, California. The farmstead was established by John and Elizabeth Shields, who emigrated from Ireland in the 1850s. Peter...

Shields (Peter J.) Collection

The Peter J. Shields Collection contains both personal papers and materials related to the creation of the University of California, Davis campus. The collection materials date from 1896 to 1968. Peter J. Shields presided as a Superior Court Judge in...

Shragge (Elaine) Papers

Material regarding Shragge's exhibit titled "Soviet Jewish Theatre Design".

Sibia (Ted) Collection on Sikhs in California

Ted Sibia (1937-2008) was a Biological and Agricultural Sciences Librarian at UC Davis. The collection includes his research files on Sikhs in California as well as a small amount of correspondence and documentation of travel expenses.

Silverman (Joseph H.) Collection

Pamphlets, reprints, photocopies, and other material relating to the history of Spanish literature, with particular emphasis on the picaresque novel collected by UC Santa Cruz professor of Spanish Literature Joseph Silverman.

Simmons (Marie) Collection

Photographs of Native Americans, Bear Dance, and petroglyphs.

Singleton (Vernon L.) Papers

Correspondence, class materials, research files, wine judging files, published writings and patents, various committee files, speeches, and biobibliographies.

Sipapu Records

Photo layout and published issues of a newsletter "for libraries, collectors, and others interested in the alternative press, which includes small and 'underground' presses, Third World, dissent, feminist, peace, and all forms of indescribable publishing in general."

Sixteenth Century Bible Leaves Collection

Leaves from the Tyndale, Redman, Hollybushe, and Regvault bibles, mostly original, some annotated, as well as assorted unidentified leaves.

Slagle (Al Logan) Collection

Research files and petitions from Cherokee attorney Al Logan Slagle's work assisting tribal groups in obtaining recognition of their tribal status from the federal government, correspondence, and manuscripts of his writings.

Slater (Colby E. "Babe") Collection

Colby E. "Babe" Slater (1896-1965) graduated from the University Farm School (now the University of California, Davis) in 1917. He served with the United States Army Medical Corps in France during the First World War. An outstanding athlete, Slater won...

Smith (Alfred F.) Papers

Correspondence, blueprints, financial records, legal files, and other materials related to developer Alfred F. Smith's Stonegate development in Davis, California.

Smith (Jordan Fisher) Papers on Environmental Writing

Correspondence, notebooks, drafts, clippings and one scrapbook documenting Jordan Fisher Smith's career as a writer and his work with the US Forest Service, the National Park Service, and the California State Parks.

Smith (Leslie M.) Papers

Leslie Malcolm Smith (1903-1976) served as Entomologist and Professor of Entomology at the University of California, Davis. Smith's research centered on the study of the Oriental Fruit Moth as well as the control of pests of prunes, pears, strawberries, walnuts,...

Smith (Michael P.) Papers

Michael Peter Smith served as Professor of Community Studies and Development at the University of California, Davis from 1986-2010. The collection contains his writings as well as research materials related to his books: (2008) and (2001).

Smith (Milo B.) Papers

Material regarding women's services for "Displaced Homemakers."

Smith (Waddell F.) Papers

Waddell F. Smith, historian and collector, was the great grandson of William B. Waddell, member of freighting firm of Russell, Majors and Waddell, founders of Pony Express (1860). Smith retired from military service (1949) to devote time to study and...

Smith (William Henry Sedley) Sides

William Henry Sedley Smith (1806-1872) was an actor and stage manager who first appeared in the United States at the Walnut Street Theatre in Philadelphia in 1827. During his later years he was both actor and stage manager at the...

Smith (Wilson) Papers

Typescript used in the publication of "Theories of Education in Early America, 1955-1819" (1973) edited by Smith, lecture notes, and correspondence.

Snyder (Gary) Letters to Cid Corman

Gary Snyder (1930- ), poet, essayist, translator, Zen Buddhist, environmentalist, lecturer, and teacher, is considered one of the most significant environmental writers of the twentieth century. This collection contains fourteen letters from 1957-1961 written by Gary Snyder in Japan to...

Snyder (Gary) Papers

The Gary Snyder Papers document the personal and professional activities of Gary Snyder (1930- ), poet, essayist, translator, Zen Buddhist, environmentalist, lecturer, and teacher. Snyder is considered one of the most significant environmental writers of the twentieth century and a...

Snyder (James) Collection

Serials, pamphlets, and articles relating to Native Americans and the literature of the American west.

Sochor (James L.) Collection

The collection consists of published articles about Coach Jim Sochor from the : "Thanks, Coach Sochor", by Tanya Perez, and a special section of the titled "A Tribute to Jim Sochor, 1938-2015."

Society of Automotive Engineers Collection

Texts of presentations given to the Society of Automotive Engineers and the American Society of Agricultural Engineers discussing a wide variety of topics related to agricultural technology.

Soltero (Emilio A.) Papers

Artwork, sketchbooks, proof sets, manuscripts, papers.

Sonoma County Travel Album

Photograph album with a narrative account documenting travels through the wine country of California in the first decade of the 20th century.

Sparshott (Helen) Label Collection

The Helen Sparshott Label Collection includes labels are from wines, spirits, and other beverages, as well as other consumer products such as condiments and cleaning products.

Special Libraries Association, Sierra Nevada Chapter Records

Slides, memoranda, diskettes, budgets, flyers forof dinner events, executive board meeting minutes, and issues of the Gold & Silver Gazette, the Sierra Nevada Chapter's newsletter.

Spencer (Howard O.) Correspondence

Howard O. Spencer (1838-1918) served as a Mormon missionary in England and was an early settler of the town of Orderville, Utah. The collection contains eighteen letters, the majority of which are written by Spencer to his family while he...

Spicer (James) and Ploscowe (Morris) Collection

Correspondence, ephemera, legal documents, programs, and promotional materials. Among the most significant items in this collection are Ploscowe's files regarding the political activities of Julian Beck and Judith Malina, co-founders of the Living Theatre, and Judith Malina's diaries.

Spieker (Warren E.) Collection of Oral Histories of Waterfowl Hunters

Forty-three audiotapes of oral histories of California waterfowl hunters. Transcriptions of the interviews are included.

Spreckels Sugar Company Collection

Annual agricultural reports and reports of the experiment station of a sugar beet refiner formerly located in Salinas, California. Also includes United States Sugar Manufacturers' Association leaflets and reports; USDA reports on the beet-sugar industry; and one twentieth-century pamphlet on...

Squaring the Circle Collection

Squaring the Circle, a play written by Russian dramatist Valentin Katayev, was first produced at the Moscow Art Theatre in 1928. The United States production, translated by Charles Malamuth and Eugene Lyons, premiered at the Pasadena Community Playhouse in August...

Squat Theatre Records

Audio-visual materials, correspondence, ephemera, financial records, legal documents, photographs, programs, promotional materials, and scripts, providing an extensive historical record of the expatriate Hungarian theatre troupe from the time of its inception in Budapest in 1969 to its activities in the...

Stafford (Eugene Marshall) Correspondence

Eugene Marshall Stafford served as Professor of Entomology at the University of California, Davis from 1958 to 1973. His research involved the use of chemicals for the control of insect pests of agricultural crops, especially scale insects on olives and...

Stebbins (George Ledyard) Papers

Plant science research papers, correspondence, class materials and lecture notes.

Steiner (Howard) Collection

Contains an article entitled "An Old (Case) Tractor Story," published in Old Abe's News (1988) and an unpublished manuscript entitled "The Cat Crawled Into the Woods and Ran...", recalling Steiner's experiences at Best Tractor Company during the 1920's, when he...

Steinmetz (Andrew) Papers

Two handwritten essays, one fragment, "The weather and our food prospects," and "The duration of life and average amount of sickness of the tarious trades" by the author of (1848) and (1867).

Stevens (James) Collection

Material regarding world military history (20th century), especially Vietnam; government publications, reprints.

Stewart (John Innes Mackintosh) Collection

Correspondence with J.I.M. Stewart, receipts for books, dust jackets, and manuscripts of novels and short stories.

Stewart (M. A.) Papers

Material about the Oriental fruit moth and other entomological concerns.

Stilson (Charles L.) Papers

Charles L. Stilson (1844-1922) was a businessman in Chico, California. The collection contains twenty-three letters, the majority of which are written to Stilson by the aunt who raised him, Elizabeth L. Stilson. The letters discuss life in Chico, family news,...

Stirniman, E. J. (Edward James) Papers

Material regarding mechanized farming in U.S.S.R.; photographs.

Stockton Woman's Diary

Diary of an unidentified young woman teacher in Stockton who becomes governess for Albert Gallatin's children in Sacramento.

Stones (Margaret) Watercolors

Margaret Stones (1920-2018), botanical artist, served for twenty-five years as the principal illustrator for and worked under commission for the Royal Botanical Gardens, Kew, England. The collection contains six original watercolors of Northern California plants, painted in 1987 while Stones...

Storer (Tracy Irwin) Papers

Tracy Irwin Storer (1889-1973) was the founder of the Department of Zoology at the University of California, Davis. In 1923 he joined the faculty of the University of California, Davis as Assistant Professor of Zoology and Assistant Zoologist in the...

Stout (Perry R.) Papers

Subject files relating to soil science, plant chemistry, fertilizers, and genetics; correspondence, reports, contracts, clippings, photographs, and reprints; personal files.

Stowell (Robert E.) Papers

Robert E. Stowell (1914-2011) served as Scientific Director of the Armed Forces Institute of Pathology (1959-1967) and founding Chair of the Department of Pathology at the University of California, Davis School of Medicine. His Papers contain biographical materials, his writings...

Studer (Henry E.) Papers on Agricultural Engineering

Henry E. Studer (1935-2011) was Professor of Biological and Agricultural Engineering at UC Davis. His focus was agricultural mechanization research. The collection includes documents pertaining to Professor Studer's patents, particulary mechanized harvesters for berries and tomatoes, and one 16 millimeter...

Stumbo (John E.) Papers

Papers, freshman handbook, and small photograph album belonging to alumnus John E. Stumbo.

Stumpf (Paul K.) Papers on Biochemistry

Published works of UC Davis Professor of Molecular and Cellular Biology Paul K. Stumpf.

Stumpf (Paul K.) Slides of the University of California, Davis and Davis, California

Paul K. Stumpf (1919-2007) served as Professor of Biochemistry at the University of California, Davis from 1959-1984. While serving as a member of the Campus Building Committee during the 1960s, he photographed construction of various buildings on campus. These slides...

Styles (Florence H.) Papers

Photographs and records of George Haines Pearson and Harry Wilber Lewis, two early University Farm students.

Sullivan (Charles L.) Papers on California Wine History

Author and wine historian Charles L. Sullivan is the author of (1982), (1994), (1994), and numerous articles written for wine and food journals. His collection includes extensive historical information on California wineries, including articles, historical studies, research materials, and interviews...

Summers (Francis Marion) Correspondence

Francis Marion Summers (1906-1994) served as Professor of Entomology at the University of California, Davis from 1947-1973. His research centered on the Oriental Fruit Moth and insect pests of almond and stone fruits. His correspondence, which spans the years 1945-1951,...

Sunshine Farm Dairy Records

The Sunshine Farm Dairy was operated by the Greenough family in Merced, California. The collection contains the records of a working dairy including individual cow records, business and financial records.

Sutherland (Howard Vigne) Papers

Howard Vigne Sutherland, playwright, journalist, and poet, authored (1900); (1901); (1904); , 3 series (1908-1914); and (1913), among other works. The collection contains manuscripts of some of his works as well as several clippings about Sutherland and his writings.

Sutter Basin Company Records

The Sutter Basin Company Records document the draining of 45,000 acres of land along the Sacramento River near Robbins, California, and the subsequent use of the land for farming. The collection includes letters and telegrams from Chicago to Sacramento on...

Sutter Buttes Oral History Collection

The Pacific Regional Humanities Center at the University of California, Davis, in collaboration with the Middle Mountain Foundation, collected oral histories of landowners in the area of the Sutter Buttes. The Sutter Buttes are a small mountain range located in...

Sutter (John A) Papers

Letter from Sutter dealing with criminals, trapping parties, and American immigrants.

Svihra (Pavel) Papers on Environmental Horticulture

Slides, reprints, and conference proceedings related to Cooperative Extension Horticulturalist Pavel Švihra's work in environmental horticulture, especially Sudden Oak Death in California.

Swift (Dorothy) Papers

Poetry and fiction manuscripts and notes, personal correspondence, and memorabilia.

Swift (Richard) Papers

Original compositions, reviews, articles, working notes, concert announcements, and awards.

Talbert (John) Papers

Photographs of first "Best 60" track-tractor and correspondence about the tractor.

Talbot (Steve) Papers

Steve Talbot served as Adjunct Professor of Anthropology at Oregon State University and as a Lecturer at the University of California, Davis. The collection contains Talbot's research files on the impact of the oil discovery in Prudoe Bay and the...

Tanji (Kenneth K.) Papers

Slides, committee minutes, research notes, and class materials relating to Professor of Hydrology Kenneth Tanji's research on water issues, including a project to address selenium contamination that poisoned wildlife at Kesterson Reservoir.

Tchelistcheff (Dorothy and André) Collection

Scrapbooks, photograph albums, clippings, awards, memorabilia, and papers curated by Dorothy Tchelistcheff, wife of André Tchelistcheff. The bulk of the collection documents winemaker André Tchelistcheff's life and work from 1967-1994, especially his work with Beaulieu Vineyards, and memorial events in...

Teiser (Ruth) Collection

Product information reports, statistical information, interview transcripts, wine guides, lists, and brochures relating to her work as a researcher and writer.

T.G. Schmeiser Company Records

Collection includes articles, past brochures, photos, current brochures, and handouts.

Thayer (Robert L.) Papers on Landscape Architecture

Robert L. Thayer is Emeritus Professor of Landscape Architecture and the founder of the Landscape Architecture Program at the University of California, Davis. His papers include personal journals, work diaries, publications, conference proceedings, lectures, research files, and correspondence related to...

Theatre Programs Collection (International)

Mostly 19th and early 20th century British programs, including a sizable group from Dublin's Abbey Theatre.

Theatre Programs Collection (United States)

Mostly 19th and early 20th century programs, including a large group of souvenir programs.

Thelen (Ray) Papers

The Ray Thelen Papers document the work of American baking technologist Ray Thelen (1918-2005). The papers span the dates 1932 through 2004. The collection includes: commercial recipes and formulas developed by Thelen; commercial and home recipes and formulas gathered from...

Thiel (Philip) Collection on Human Powered Recreational Watercraft Materials

Correspondence, event notices and reports, advertising literature, and journal excerpts related to human powered recreational watercraft as well as videocassettes related to water bicycles, sea cycles, pedal boats, and human powered submarines.

Thomas (Tansey W.) Papers on the Status of African Americans in the City of Davis and UC Davis

Papers, placards, posters, photographs, and memorabilia related to the life and work of Davis, California community organizer and activist Tansey Thomas.

Thompson (Bob) Papers on Wine Writing

Bob (Robert G.) Thompson (1934-) is a California-based wine writer. He is the author or co-author of several books on California wines, and the author of the 's weekly wine column from 1970 to 2000. His papers include correspondence, manuscripts,...

Thompson (Brian T.) Collection

Photographs from the Gabriel Moulin Photography Studio in San Francisco. Subjects include street scenes, forests, buildings, advertising art, beach scenes, camping and picnicking, and aerial views, mostly of California.

Thompson (Jim) Papers on Energy and Agriculture

Collection includes 1974 and 1981 "Energy Requirements for Agriculture in California" joint studies, publications on energy use in crop production.

Thompson (Karla) Papers

World War II era photographs, scrapbook, and letters between Karla Kirchner Thompson, a young German woman and Herbert Fortner, a German airman.

Thompson (Orville) Slides

Orville Thompson (1919–2006) was a founding faculty member of the UC Davis Department of Human and Community Development and founding chair of the Department of Applied Behavioral Sciences. Thompson was a member of the UC Davis faculty from 1954 to...

Thorp (Robbin W.) Papers

Materials related to the research career of emeritus professor of entomology and expert in bee biology Dr. Robbin Thorp. The collection includes field data, correspondence and notes, meeting and conference proceedings, and publications.

Tomes (Joseph) Papers

Joseph Tomes was a founding member of the Fresno Community Theater in Fresno, California. The collection contains correspondence, photographs, programs, and memorabilia, many of which are related to Fresno Community Theater productions. Also included are short letters from theatrical personalities...

Torrence (Jackie) Collection

Jackie Torrence (1944-2004) was a storyteller and author. The collection contains a copy of her book, ten black and white photographs of Torrence by Michael Pateman from the book, as well as a video, The book contains sixteen tales as...

Toulson (Hank) Collection

Photocopy of Toulson's memoir, Life and Reflections of a Western Livestock Buyer.

Towler (John) Papers

Manuscript of The Art of Making Wine with Raisins translated by Towler.

Trade Literature Collection

The collection contains manufacturers' catalogs of various types of farm machinery and equipment, listed with price and ordering information.

Trafton-Crane Family Photographs

This collection of photographs documents the early California life of members of the the Trafton and Crane families. The collection includes one letter from Alice E. Crane to her sister Emma Crane Trafton of Davisville, California as well as photographs...

Train (Daniel E.) Holt Tractor Company Photographs

Photographic copy of Holt Tractor Company Album featuring early 20th century photographs of Holt agricultural machinery in use. The location of the original album is unknown.

Tree (Herbert D. B.) Collection

Clippings, photographs, and souvenir programs relating to plays produced by and starring Tree at the Comedy Theatre, Haymarket, Her Majesty's Theatre, and His Majesty's Theatre.

Tri/Valley Growers Collection

Twenty oversize panels related to predecessor associations that merged to become Tri/Valley Growers.

Trudell (Clyde F.) Collection on Sacramento Architecture

Original research on the architectural history of the Sacramento area; photographs, clippings, correspondence and notes regarding various buildings in the Sacramento area; photocopies of early Sacramento directories.

True (Gordon Haines) Papers

Gordon Haines True (1868-1928) served as Professor of Animal Husbandry at the University of California from 1913-1928. His papers contain correspondence, two photographs, and a scrapbook relating to his work with livestock and the University of California.

Tucker (Erasmus) Collection

Correspondence from Tucker about real estate sales.

Tucker (John M.) Papers

Correspondence, research materials, syllabi, and reprints relating to John M. Tucker's career as Professor of Botany.

Tuma (Elias H.) Papers

Research files, correspondence, publication files, ephemera, and memorabilia relating to his research in international economics. Includes extensive files from committee work at UC Davis and with national and international organizations.

Tupper (C. John) Papers

Files from 1963 to 1997 relating to the founding and development of the Medical School, as well as speeches, articles, reports, photographs, and scrapbooks from his career at the University.

Turner (John H) Collection

Photographs of Middle Fork American River mining operations.

Uehara (Masa) Collection

Masa Uehara was married to the poet Gary Snyder from 1967-1989. The collection consists of 111 letters she received from Gary Snyder over the course of their courtship and married life.

Uhl (E. H.) Collection

Correspondence and photographs relating to the Solano Project, which included building of the Monticello Dam.

Ullman (Russell) Collection

Programs, scrapbooks, and serials (including a long run of Playbill) pertaining mostly to New York City theatres, but also including Chicago, Boston, Philadelphia theatres, and others.

Underground Comic Book Collection

The collection contains around sixty underground comic books, including and

United Committee on War Temperance Activities in the Army and Navy Lantern Slides

The collections consists of color Lantern slides prepared by the United Committee on War Temperance Activities in the Army and Navy.

United Daughters of the Confederacy. California Division Records

The collection consists of one volume of member lists and minutes and one sheet of telephone numbers related to the Riverside chapter of the United Daughters of the Confederacy.

United States General Land Office Records

Land titles for Redding (1908-1910) & Stockton (1870-1891) from Commissioner.

Universal Movement Theatre Repertory Archives

The Universal Movement Theatre Repertory (U.M.T.R.), originally the Radical Theatre Repertory, was a New York based booking agency. The purpose of this non-profit organization was to assist theatrical groups and individuals in finding outlets for the presentation of their art...

University of California Center for Cooperatives Collection

Books and pamphlets relating to cooperatives from thelibrary of the University of California Center for Cooperatives library.

University of California Cooperative Extension, Monterey County Collection

Photographs & negatives of dairy, swine, beef, poultry buildings, mostly at UC Davis

University of California, Davis, General Library, Government Information/Maps Collection on Non-Governmental Organizations

Pamphlets, flyers, and newsletters, mainly pertaining to non-governmental organizations.

Ury (Marian) Papers

Class materials, student papers, reprints, and publications.

USSR Theatre Collection

Photographs, souvenir programs, and manuscripts (in Russian) relating to productions of the Moscow Art Theatre, the Vakhtangov Theatre, and the Theatre de la Chauve-Souris (Bat Theatre of Moscow).

Valente (William E.) Papers

Original compositions, performance scores, correspondence, scrapbooks, programs, and photographs.

Van Maren (James G.) Papers

Speeches, working papers, photographs, articles, and reports.

Van Wormer (Clara) Diary

Diary of Clara G. Van Wormer, a Northern California woman who worked for famed horticulturalist Luther Burbank in the early 20th century, and who records a trip to the Pacific Northwest.

Vanderhoef (Larry N.) Papers

Larry N. Vanderhoef, Chancellor Emeritus of University of California, Davis, led UC Davis for 25 years, first as provost/executive vice chancellor (1984-1994) and then as chancellor (1994-2009). As chancellor emeritus, he remained involved in campus, regional and national issues until...

Varese (Stefano) Papers

Articles by Varese, correspondence, and lecture and conference materials.

Vauxhall Gardens Collection

Clippings, correspondence, financial papers, legal documents, and programs pertaining to London's Vauxhall Gardens. Accounts and salary details, legal and insurance fees, and auction records.

Veihmeyer (Frank J.) Papers

Frank J. Veihmeyer served as Professor of Water Science at the University of California, Davis from 1918-1954. The collection contains research notes, publications, and pamphlets pertaining to Veihmeyer's work in crop irrigation, particularly on the movement of water through soil...

Veterans History Project Collection

As a regional partner of the Veterans History Project sponsored by the American Folklife Center at the Library of Congress, the Pacific Regional Humanities Center at the University of California, Davis collected thirty one oral histories of veterans in World...

Visalia (Calif.) Rainfall Log Book

Handwritten annotated ledger of rainfall totals in Visalia, California.

Viticulture and Enology Newsletter Collection

Magazines and newsletters related to wine and wine making.

Viticulture Scrapbook Collection

Clippings pertaining to the cultivation of fruits, including grapes and nuts, ornamental plants, forest trees, and garden vegetables, as well as gadgets and tools used for their maintenance.

Vlamis (James) Papers.

Data books related to soil and plant nutrition experiments conducted by the Department of Soils and Plant Nutrition.

Vohs (John L) Collection

Student and faculty activities of the Persian Gulf War teach-in and workshops held at the University of California, Davis.

Voorhies (Edwin C.) Papers

Edwin C. Voorhies (1891-1967) served as Professor of Agricultural Economics, University of California (1925-1958) and Dean of Students and Vice-Chair of the Statewide Department of Agricultural Economics (1952-1957). His papers contain correspondence, lecture notes, scrapbooks, photographs, and materials relating to...

Waard (Marieke and Frans de) Wine Label Scrapbook

Notebook-size scrapbook of wine labels, mostly from South Africa and California.

Waggoner (W.W.) Papers

Waldo Wade Waggoner (1860-1939) served as County Surveyor of Nevada County, California and as California Debris Commissioner. The small collection contains his report and map on the Dry Creek Reservoir Site in Nevada County as well as three letters from...

Wagner (D.R.) Papers

Collection includes poetry (Wagner’s and other’s), manuscripts, newspapers, and artwork.

Wagnon (Kenneth A.) Collection

Reprint of an article appearing in the Western livestock journal entitled "Two blades of grass where thousands grew before," about pioneer cattle farmers John and Harriet O'Neal, ghost-written by Wagnon.

Wagstaff (Christopher) Collection

Correspondence from contemporary poets regarding reading arrangements in the California area.

Wait (Frona Eunice) Lantern Slides of California Wine Country

Digital surrogates of eighty-five lantern slides taken by Frona Eunice Wait depicting wine-related scenes in the Napa Valley area during the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

Walker (Harry B.) Papers

The Harry B. Walker Papers include the administrative and research files of Professor Harry Bruce Walker, primarily during his tenure at the University of California, Davis. Included are research materials, maps, correspondence, manuscripts, publications, multiple committee files and professional or...

Walker (Harry O.) Slide Collection

Harry O. Walker was a faculty member in the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences at the University of California, Davis from 1955-1990. The collection contains approximately 3,000 slides that he photographed and used in his Resource Sciences course, California:...

Walker, Spinning, and Durrell Families Papers

A family history collection which contains correspondence, photographs, and scrapbooks pertaining to the Walker, Spinning, and Durrell families, who are related by marriage. The correspondence includes three letters from and one letter to Hiram Walker, while he was a Union...

Walrus & Carpenter Club Collection

By-laws, meeting minutes, and list of discussion group members.

Walters (Richard F.) Papers

Richard F. Walters served as Professor of Computer Science at the University of California, Davis. The collection contains reports dealing with campus and system-wide computer issues, research on computers, correspondence, drafts, and manuals.

Walters (Shipley) Collection

Videotape and transcript of Walters' speech, "Unsung heroines of Yolo County" (1992), and a bibliography of Yolo County histories.

Warde (Frederick B) Collection

Eighteen autographed working scripts and one unmarked script once owned by Warde.

Watkins (Lee H.) Papers

Lee H. Watkins (1908-1972) served as an apicultural assistant for the University of California, Davis from 1952-1964. The collection contains correspondence, research notes, and research papers concerning early American beekeeping history. The collection also contains a series of correspondence and...

W.B. Clarke & Co. Nursery Records

Personal plant breeding and record file of W.B. Clarke, founder and owner of W.B. Clarke & Co. Nursery in San Jose, California. The collection also includes a set of the nursery's catalogs spanning the years 1934-1949.

Webb (A. Dinsmoor) Papers

The A. Dinsmoor Webb Papers document primarily the professional life and work of Webb, a professor in the Chemistry and Viticulture and Enology Departments from 1948-1981. His research centered on the isolation and identification of trace aroma and pigment materials...

Webb (Nancy) Papers

This collection documents the work of linguistic anthropologist Nancy Matthews Webb (1922-1984). The collection includes materials on her research and professional activities studying the native languages of California, specifically Pomo and other Hokan group languages, and her broader work as...

Weber (Brom) Papers

Manuscript material, clippings, and books relating to the career and poetry of Hart Crane; reviews of other material by Weber; correspondence from authors and editors.

Webster (Grady L.) Papers

Professional correspondence, departmental notes, memos, and minutes of meetings of the Department of Botany, University of California, Davis.

Weeks (David) Papers

Weeks served as Professor of Agricultural Economics at the University of California, Berkeley. The collection contains operating records of forty-two livestock ranches which were used for his publication, Land Utilization in the Northern Sierra (1943).

Weeth (Lois Weston) Collection on UC Davis History

Lois Weston Weeth (B.S. Plant Pathology, class of 1943) is a past president of the Cal Aggie Alumni Association, a former UC regent, and a past chair of the UC Davis Foundation. She is a botanist and former docent at...

Weier (Thomas E.) Papers

Photo albums, diaries, research notes and lab notebooks corresponding to Weier's frequent and extensive collecting trips, including field trips with his botany classes.

Weslow (Jessie C.) Papers

Typescript of Weslow's article about location of a Donner Party site.

West (Martha) Papers

Correspondence, publications, course notes, and memorabilia related to West's teaching career and political activities.

Western Independent Publishers Records

Correspondence and financial records.

Western Machinery Company Records

Drawings and blueprints of agricultural machinery, including pattern and drawing records.

Western Ranching and Scenery Photograph Album

This photo album depicts scenery of the High Sierras and ranching scenes from around the West, likely from the late 19th century.

Western Travels of a Newly-Wed Couple Photograph Album

Photograph album depicting the travels of a young couple from California.

Westgate (Warren A.) Photograph Collection

Exhibit copy prints of the buildings, businesses, and people of Yolo County, California.

Whalen (Philip) Correspondence

Philip Whalen (1923-2002), American poet of the beat generation, authored and among other works. This collection contains letters to Whalen from his fellow poets, Robert Creeley, Allen Ginsberg, Bernadette Mayer, Michael McClure, Alice Notley, Gary Snyder, and Anne Waldman.

Whitaker (Thomas W.) Papers

Thomas W. Whitaker (1904-1993) served as a geneticist for the United States Department of Agriculture where he developed new varieties of cantaloupes, gourds, and lettuce. The collection contains his articles, talks, and manuscripts, as well as correspondence received upon his...

White (Ellis) Collection

The collection contains theater, music, opera, & ballet playbills.

Wickson (Edward J.) Papers

The Edward J. Wickson Papers pertain to agriculture in California, which Wickson studied and taught during his 34 years as a professor and later Dean of the College of Agriculture at the University of California. The papers include many works...

Wiggins (Robert A.) Papers

Departmental correspondence, minutes, meeting notes, manuscripts, book reviews, class rosters, lecture notes, and curriculum development materials.

Wilcoxson (Jefferson) Papers

Jefferson Wilcoxson (1809-1898) was a California pioneer who became involved in merchandising, farming, banking, and land investments in Northern California. The majority of the collection consists of incoming correspondence to Wilcoxson from 1869-1897. Correspondents include George W. Applegate, George W....

Wiley (William T.) Collection

High school yearbook and exhibition catalogs representing some of artist and UC Davis faculty member William T. Wiley's many exhibitions.

Wilhelm (Stephen) Collection

Reports and correspondence relating to cotton breeding, farming, and legislation.

Williams (Hibbard E.) Papers on Endocrinology

Hibbard E. Williams (1932-2016), endocrinologist and specialist in kidney stone disease, was Dean of the UC Davis School of Medicine from 1980-1992 and a member of the medical faculty from 1992-2000. His papers include lab notebooks, research notes, reprints, and...

Williams (Milo B.) Papers

Photographs, correspondence, project files and publications dealing with irrigation primarily in California, Peru, Columbia, Egypt, Haiti, Saudi Arabia and Pakistan.

Williams (Tennessee) Papers

Scripts, including several original typescript versions of The night of the iguana, showing various stages of Williams' creative process. Generally considered William's last great play, The night of the iguana opened in New York City in 1961.

Williamson (Alan Bacher) Papers

Alan B. Williamson, Professor of English at the University of California, Davis, is an author of poetry, short stories, and books on poetry. His works include: (2006), (2001), (1994), (1983), and (1974), among others. The Alan Bacher Williamson Papers contain...

Williamson (Joseph F.) Papers

Manuscripts of Sunset Magazine editor Joseph F. Williamson's writings and speeches, research files, and correspondence. Also included are editions of the Sunset Western Garden Book.

Willis (Peter) Collection

Price lists, vintage reports, and shipment statistics intended for the British wine trade, dating from 1860-1880, probably collected by a wine merchant at that time.

Wilson (Virginia Perry) Collection on Jesse Stuart

This small collection, assembled by Virginia Perry Wilson, contains correspondence and works by and about Jesse Stuart, author of short stories, novels, and poetry.

Wine Ephemera Collection

Winery and wine newsletters, wine lists, and wine labels relating to viticulture, enology, and the wine trade, with emphasis on California and the Pacific Northwest.

Wine Industry Technical Seminars Records

Seminars for winemakers conducted by Julius Jacobs, journalist and public relations representative for wineries and the Wine Institute. Collection includes wine promotional materials, correspondence, and office files for Wine Industry Technical Seminars; Jacobs' personal correspondence; photographs related to wine promotion.

Wine Institute Records on the American Wine Industry

The Wine Institute Records on the American Wine Industry includes winery survey data, county records, and regional growing histories; wine lists and menus; wine labels; speeches by wine scholars, producers and writers; promotional materials; materials related to wine and popular...

Wine Receipts Collection

Wine merchants' receipts for wine purchases.

Wine, Spirits, and Pharmaceuticals Ledger

The collection consists of one ledger detailing prices of wine, spirits, and pharmaceutical items. The ledger, signed by R. L. McAllister, appears to have been from a store in Ohio.

Wines and Vines Collection

The majority of the collection contains photographs used in the publication of , some dated and captioned. Also included are California wine labels.

Winter (Samuel & Mary) Collection

Books, slides, prints of flowers.

Witkin (Bernard E.) Collection

Collection of science fiction serial publications & assorted books.

Wolfskill Family Collection

The Wolfskill Family Collection contains genealogical and biographical information about a pioneer family of Solano and Yolo Counties, California. John Reid Wolfskill (1804-1897) settled on the Rancho Rio de los Putos Grant near present-day Winters, Calif., in 1842. The Wolfskill...

Woll (T.W) Papers

Notebooks about nutrition for animals and sugar beets

Wolpert (James A.) Papers on Viticulture

Research, unpublished papers, slides, and subject files related to Cooperative Extension Specialist James A. (Jim) Wolpert's work on wine grape rootstocks.

Wood (Douglas) Papers

Typescript of On Stage: An Actor's Story by Wood.

Wood (Jim) Collection

Articles written by Wood for Image Food magazine.

Wood (William B) Collection

Two autographed working scripts once owned by Wood.

Woodcuts Collection

18th century woodcuts of 17th century figures, largely participants in English Civil War.

Wooden (Wesley R.) Papers

The Wesley R. Wooden Papers document the life of a Central Valley sheep rancher and long-time resident of Davis, California. The collection spans the years 1900-2005 (bulk 1938-1985) and includes personal journals documenting ranch life, a serial run of the...

Woodland Opera House Collection

The present Woodland Opera House, built on the site of the first opera house which burned in 1892, operated from 1896 until 1913, when it closed until restoration began in 1971. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, it...

Wordsworth (Dorothy) Collection

Correspondence written by Dorothy Wordsworth to Richard Sharp (1759-1835) and Maria Kinnaird.

World War I and II Ephemera Collection

The collection contains articles, posters, military serials, photographs, and newspaper clippings relating to World War I and World War II.

Wright (Celeste Turner) Papers

Celeste Turner Wright (1906-1999) served as Professor of English at the University of California, Davis from 1928-1979. She authored (1964), (1963) and (1977). The majority of the collection consists of Wright's works, specifically her poems published in journals. Also included...

Yolo Basin Foundation Records

The Yolo Basin Foundation Records include documentation from the first executive director of the foundation, including materials documenting the creation of the Yolo Bypass Wildlife Area. The collection contains correspondence, reports, grant documentation, financial materials, records of educational programs, and...

Yolo County, Justice Court, Putah Township, Records Collection

The Yolo County, Justice Court, Putah Township, Records Collection spans the years 1852 to 1922. The bulk of the collection is made up of court records dating from 1870 to 1874 and from 1893 to 1897. Records from the 1870s...

Yolo Winery Association Collection

Minutes of the regular meetings of the association, discussing wine prices, stock options, winery operations, and other common concerns.

York (John P.) Slide Collection

Slides of the travels of John P. (Jack) York.

Yuba County Board of Supervisors Records

The collection includes correspondence, petitions, minutes, promissory notes, treasurer's reports, and resolutions related to the history and activities of the Yuba County Board of Supervisors.

Ziegler (Walter H.) Papers

Walter H. Ziegler (1891-1974) managed Holly Sugar Corporation's plant in Alvarado, California (now Union City, California) before being named manager of the corporation's sugar refining facilities. This small collection contains materials related to the history of the Holly Sugar Corporation,...

Zink (Frank W.) Papers on Plant Breeding

The collection includes field notes, data, draft and published writings, and slides of Frank W. Zink (1923-2001), UC Davis researcher and plant breeder specializing in vegetable crops.

Zweig (Gunter) Papers

Correspondence, subject files, articles about pesticides, course materials, and files on conferences and organizations.