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Museum of Vertebrate Zoology, UC Berkeley
3101 Valley Life Sciences Bldg, #3160
University of California Berkeley
Berkeley, California 94720-3160
Phone: (510) 642-3567
Fax: (510) 643-8238
Email: mvzarchives@berkeley.EDU
Collections with online items: 21
Physical collections: 44
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Benson (Seth B.) papers

The Seth B. Benson papers include field notes, correspondence, and visual materials. These materials provide information regarding Benson's work between 1928-1981.

Borell (Adrey E.) field notes

The Adrey E. Borell field notes collection consists of field notes and specimen records completed in California and Mexico between 1924-1926.

Bryant (Harold C.) field notes

The Harold C. Bryant field notes collection consists of field notes and specimen records completed in California and southern Oregon between 1910-1927. The majority of the work represented here coincides with Bryant's time with the MVZ and UC Berkeley, where...

Clarke (Frank C.) field notes

The Frank C. Clarke Field Notes collection consists of field notes, specimen records, investigations, and some experiments completed in California between 1912-1913.

Dalquest (Walter W.) papers

The Walter W. Dalquest papers include bound and unbound field notes and correspondence. These materials offer insight into the work done by Dalquest between 1936-1990.

Grinnell (Joseph) papers

The Joseph Grinnell papers include field notes, miscellaneous notes, publications, biographical materials, correspondence, Thomomys manuscripts and research, and graphic materials. These materials provide insight into the work done by Grinnell and his peers between 1894-1944.

Hall (E. Raymond) papers

The E. Raymond Hall papers include field notes spanning the years 1927-1943, as well as wildlife control materials including correspondence, reports, meeting minutes, reprints of articles, and similar materials dating from 1924-1941. Additionally, there is a small collection of photographs...

Holliger (Charles D.) field notes

The Charles D. Holliger field notes collection consists of field notes and specimen records completed in California between 1912-1915. The work represented here coincides with Holliger's time with the MVZ and UC Berkeley, where he received his B.S., M.S., and...

Kellogg (Louise) field notes

The Louise Kellogg Papers collection includes field notes, correspondence, and 35 mm slides. Kellogg was an early participant in the MVZ and the longtime companion of the museum’s founder Annie Alexander. Her vertebrate collecting trips took place between 1908 and...

Koford (Carl B.) papers

The Carl B. Koford papers include work done by Koford between 1938-1979, as well as correspondence dating from 1939-1977. The field notes document projects focusing on the California Condor, Pumas, primates, and additional birds, mammals, and reptiles.

Lamb (Chester C.) papers

The Chester C. Lamb papers consist of field notes and correspondence. The field notes span the years 1925-1932, during which Lamb took on the roles of field assistant and Assistant Curator of Mammals at the MVZ. The correspondence dates from...

Linsdale (Jean M.) papers

The Jean M. Linsdale papers consist of field notes and correspondence. The field notes span the years 1926-1937. The correspondence dates from 1939-1964 and covers topics including the Hastings Reservation, general expenditures, professional societies, his writings, and miscellaneous.

Mayhew (Wilbur) papers

The Wilbur W. Mayhew papers primarily consist of data relating to specimens deposited at the Museum of Vertebrate Zoology, University of California, Berkeley. In addition to corresponding specimen data, the collection also includes journals, observational, and experimental data.

Russell (Ward C.) papers

The Ward C. Russell papers consist of field notes, correspondence, and oral histories. The field notes cover the years 1928-1969, mostly overlapping the time that Russell served as the MVZ's preparator and collector. The correspondence dates from 1931-1967. The oral...

Stebbins (Robert C.) papers

The Robert C. Stebbins papers collection consists of bound and unbound field notes, correspondence, photographs and artwork, theses and doctoral dissertations, conservation study reports and data, maps, manuscripts, the manuscript and papers for the , EBMUD correspondence and papers, and...

Stephens (Frank) field notes

The Frank Stephens field note collection consists of five bound volumes spanning the years 1886 to 1912. Frank Stephens created the first listed field notebook and catalog during his 1907 expedition to Alaska. They are in their original binding. The...

Storer (Tracy I.) papers

The Tracy I. Storer papers consist of five volumes of fieldnotes and specimen records spanning the years 1911-1923. All of the fieldwork was completed within California. Also included are five folders of correspondence with materials in the date range 1931-1976.

Swarth (Harry S.) field notes

The Harry S. Swarth field notes include field notes and a bound photocopy of a diary. These materials offer insight into the work done by Swarth between 1896-1930.

Taylor (Walter P.) papers

The Walter P. Taylor papers include field notes, manuscripts, and photographs. These materials offer insight into the work done by Taylor between 1904-1915.

Wright (George M.) papers

The George M. Wright papers consist of field notes completed throughout the United States and Canada between 1926-1933. There is also a folder of biographical materials containing an issue of , the George Wright Society's journal.