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A California Supreme Court justice looks at law and society, 1964-1996 / 1997.

Allen Broussard discusses growing up in Louisiana, and later attending Law School at Boalt Hall, University of California, Berkeley. He talks about his law practice, building a political base, and working with the NAACP, Bay Area African American political leaders,...

Civil rights, law, and the federal courts : the life of Cecil Poole, 1914-1917 / 1997.

Childhood and education; military service; private law practice in San Francisco; Assistant U.S. District Attorney, Northern District, California, 1951-58; Legal Secretary to California Governor Edmund G. Brown, 1958-61; U.S. District Attorney, Northern District, California, 1961-70; Federal Judge, U.S. District Court,...

Collection of material concerning student protests against the admission policies of Boalt Hall Law School, Spring 1972.

Includes leaflet: "Betrayal! We, the La Raza Law Student Association, declare ourselves on strike!" and leaflet: "Black Law Students Up Against the Wall!!!!!"

David E. Feller and Arthur J. Goldberg collection of Supreme Court briefs [collection]

A collection of reprints of briefs filed with the U.S. Supreme Court by David E. Feller and/or Arthur J. Goldberg. Some briefs have been bound into volumes in chronological order. Most are from the period 1948-1966.

David E. Feller collection.


Deanship and diversity [collection]

Title from spine, supplied by library binder.

Dickinson, Edwin De Witt Addresses, 1921-37.

Mimeographs of typescripts of addresses on various topics of international law.

First among equals : California legislative leadership, 1964-1992 /

Boyhood in Texas; education: San Francisco State University, 1951-1955, Hastings Law School, 1955-1958; early Democrati party activities; election to state assembly, 1964; legislative issues and politics, 1965-1992; Ways and Means Committee chairmanship, 1969-1974; state assembly speaker, 1980-1993, leadership concerns: government...

A lifetime learning to be a lesbian : oral history transcript / 2001.

Wansley talks about coming to Cal in 1940, and the experience of encountering a mentally ill roommate who attacks her (and a second roommate) with a knife. She describes how the trauma brought her and her second roommate together, eventually...

Litigator, federal district judge, director of the Federal Judicial Center, and professor, 1952-1997 / 1998.

Childhood in Berlin, early 1930s, and family move to Los Angeles, 1938; World War II intelligence work; University of Southern California, and Harvard Law School; trial lawyer with McCutchen, Doyle, Brown & Enersen, 1952-1976: antitrust litigation, colleagues, Morris Doyle, cases...

Materials prepared for Commission members [collection]

From Commission member Herma Hill Kay.

Miscellaneous human rights publications, 2001.

Includes uncataloged paperbacks, stapled reports, etc. issued in 2001 by Human Rights Watch and others.

[Miscellaneous law school catalogs, bulletins and announcements]

Collection of bound law school catalogs, bulletins and announcements. Some volumes include catalogs and announcements from various law schools for a single year, while other volumes are compilations of catalogs and announcements of a single institution for several years. Holdings...

[Mongolian legislation]

Miscellaneous collection of legislation originating in Mongolia, translated by the Management Consultancy Centre, IAMD or by IRIS, University of Maryland. Originally on computer disc, they have been printed out and gathered in a looseleaf binder, in chronological order.

An oral history of Louis M. Brown /

Brown talks about his childhood in Los Angeles, mentions his education at USC and at Harvard Law School, and discusses briefly his early career in private practice in Los Angeles. He talks extensively about his theories of legal education and...

Prosser, William Lloyd Collection of materials concerning the memorial service held for William L. Prosser on Sunday, June 4, 1972, in Booth Auditorium, University of California School of Law. 1972.

Includes program for the memorial service; transcript of tape recording of remarks made by Adrian Kragen, Milton Green, William Keeler, Gary Spadden, and John Fleming; newspaper clipping of obituary; and offprint from California Law Review, vol. 60, no. 5 (September...

Sierra Club president, 1991-1992 : the club, the Legal Defense Fund, and leadership issues, 1984-1993 /

Phillip Berry discusses various legal issues relating to the Sierra Club; financial issues and the Sierra Club Legal Defense Fund, which in 1998 changed its name to the Earth Justice Legal Defense Fund (cf. Appendix B); Sierra Club litigation; his...

[Taba arbitration materials]

At head of title (of most volumes): In the matter of an arbitration between the Arab Republic of Egypt and the State of Israel concerning the location of 14 boundary pillars of the recognized international boundary between Eqypt and the...

University of California (System), petitioner. Collection of petitions and briefs of the Bakke Case [collection]

Reprints of petitions and briefs submitted to the U.S. Supreme Court in the case of Regents of the University of California v. Allan Bakke.

Warren, Earl Collection of materials concerning Earl Warren and the Berkeley campus.

Includes issues of the Kern County High School Oracle (1907 and 1908); photograph of the Kern County High School Class of 1908; photograph of the Kern County High School baseball team of 1908; dance card for the University of California,...

Water rights and legal issues at the East Bay Municipal Utility District, 1951-1983 /

A graduate of the Boalt School of Law, University of California, Berkeley, and attorney for the East Bay Municipal Utility District, John B. Reilly talks about the Alameda County Public Defender's Office under Willard Shea; litigation and negotiation for Mokelumne...

Weaver, John Downing Collection of materials concerning the article "The Honorable Earl Warren" published in Holiday magazine in April, May and June of 1966.

Includes mimeograph of typescript of manuscript with pencilled annotations (in three parts); bibliographical notes captioned "Documentation" [for part I], "Note" [for part II] and "List of sources" [for part III]; galleys for the April, May and June installments in Holiday...

World Trade Center terrorist attacks collection. 2001.

A collection of ephemera associated with the Boalt Hall Law School's response to the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, and the unsuccessful attempt which ended with a plane crash near Pittsburgh, PA....