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Yale C. Maxon collection on General Hideki Tojo interrogation, 1946-1947.

Contains interrogation transcripts of General Hideki Tojo translated by Yale C. Maxon; General Tojo's notes and doodles made during the interrogation to clarify translation; case file of General Tojo entitled Evidential Facts Adduced from his Interrogations; and an affidavit of...

Yamada family papers, 1942-1949.

Contains mostly ephemera of a Japanese American family from their time living at the War Relocation Center in Poston, Arizona. Materials include correspondence, a Buddhist prayer book and program, 3 baggage tags bearing their assigned family number (#4202), travel passes,...

Yamate Brothers records, 1916-1935.

Consists of business records including correspondence, reports on cotton trade in the U.S. and crabmeat business with M. Hatae Co., accounts and shipping receipts. Also includes school records of Sasato Yamate, including some English compositions, one on his first day...

Yaney family account books : mss., 1850-1882.

Vol. 1 contains accounts, 1850-1853, of Israel P. Yaney (later of Inyo County) for his business interests in Sonora, Calif. Some relate to his partnerships with A. Barabino, J. Wilson and others.

Yaqui photograph albums

Photographs documenting conflicts in Northern Mexico, particularly of Yaqui people. Includes studio portraits as well as views of villages, Yaqui dancers, soldiers and prisoners of war, deportations to Yucatan, hangings and other executions, groups of children and adults, peace talks...

Yaqui photograph albums

Photographs documenting conflicts in Northern Mexico, particularly of Yaqui people. Includes studio portraits as well as views of villages, Yaqui dancers, soldiers and prisoners of war, deportations to Yucatan, hangings and other executions, groups of children and adults, peace talks...

Yates (Lorenzo G.) Papers

Letters written to him and by him; diary, 1871 and 1882; subject files with manuscripts of his writings, related notes and other material; catalogues of his shell and fossil collections; scrapbook of clippings and unmounted clippings of his articles. Relate...

Yearbook [graphic]

Contains photographs of faculty, graduating class, and campus scenes at West Point.

Years of growth, 1939-1966 : law enforcement, politics, and the Governor's office : oral history transcript and related material / [ca. 1952-1981].

Photocopy of typed transcript of tape recorded interview with former California Governor Edmund G. (Pat) Brown. Brown discusses his family and youth; early friendships and marriage; law school, legal practice, and first political steps; adventures as a young attorney; work...

Yeats, W. B. (William Butler) Collection of William Butler Yeats letters : mss., 1908-1934.

Chiefly letters to Miss Mabel Dickinson, mainly concerning his work with the Abbey Theatre, and commenting on his encounters with John M. Synge, Mrs. Patrick Campbell, Lady Gregory, George Bernard Shaw, and Winston Churchill.

Yellow Jacket Gold and Silver Mining Company papers : Gold Hill, Nev., 1871-1909.

Legal papers; reports of silver purchased by the U.S. Mint, Carson City, Nev.; records of stock transfers and accounts. Papers relating to the Comstock Pumping Association, San Francisco included. Ledger with some entries by Mercer Otey, Secretary.

Yellowstone and Yosemite National Parks - Views

Landscape views and sites of Yellowstone and Yosemite regions

Yellowstone Lake and Montana ranch photographs [graphic].

Views of Yellowstone Lake, Wyo., and a Montana cattle ranch with log cabins, corrals, and human figures against backdrop of unidentified butte.

Yerington (Henry M.) Papers

Bound volumes : chiefly letterpress copies of letters sent, 1872-1910 (with some gaps). There are 27 v. of general business correspondence, including many letters to D.O. Mills, principal owner of most of the businesses in which Yerington was associated, and...

Ying Kelley letter : [Berkeley, Calif.], to Elsa, before 1999.

Short handwritten letter, dated February 15, that likely accompanied flowers sent to a friend who had been ill and promising a visit by Ying and "Kelley" [i.e. John L. Kelley] when she gets stronger.

Yndice general de algunas palabras que no se contienen en el de la recopilacion de Yndias ... : Mexico?, [17--?]

Alphabetical subject index to the Laws of the Indies, containing works omitted from the index of the Recopilación de Indias, p. 1-93, with a supplement, p. 93-113. Contains annotations to various laws of the Indies, p. 115-254, also a treatise...

Ynez Ghirardelli papers, 1907-1956.

The papers contain a prospectus and reviews of Ghirardelli's book The Artist H. Daumier; legal documents; information regarding her initiation into Phi Beta Kappa at the University of California; and family photographs.

Yolo Base Line, California - Photographs

The Photographs of the Yolo Base Line, California, were taken during 1881 in Yolo County by Werner Suess and show men of the U.S. Coast and Geodetic Survey, including George Davidson, the moveable tent (Yolo buggy) used in the survey,...

Yoné Noguchi collection of papers, circa 1897-1940.

Promotional materials for one of his books, and corrected manuscripts for 10 Japanese Noh plays, and photocopies of poems, plays, and essays by and about him.

Yoné Noguchi letters and ephemera, 1899-1921.

Primarily letters to Frank Putnam, dated 1899-1911. Includes a folder of photocopies of articles, 1903-1921, about Yoné Noguchi. Some letters have typed transcriptions foldered with them.

Yoné Noguchi papers : additions, 1896-1904, 1971.

Include letters written to him by Charles Warren Stoddard, Joaquin Miller and Edwin Markham; and material relating to him. Includes biographical material from 1971.

Yone Noguchi letters, 1918-1923.

Written from Japan, and from various American cities on his lecture tour to his publisher, The Four Seas Company, addressed to Mr. Brown. Discuss arrangements for American publication of some of his works. Also with these: letter, n.d., written from...

Yorba family papers, 1863-1873.

Relate primarily to the settlement of the estate of Teodosio Yorba; includes inventories and final accounts.

Yosemite album [graphic] /

Title supplied by cataloger.

Yosemite and Golden Gate International Exposition views [graphic]

Photographs mainly show landscapes in Yosemite National Park, a few show wildlife, people. A few show the Golden Gate International Exposition in San Francisco, Calif.

Yosemite and Mariposa big trees, Calif. [graphic] /

Includes views from the Yosemite Valley and the Mariposa Grove of giant sequoia.

Yosemite and Santa Barbara Mission views [graphic]

Yosemite photographs show Glacier Point, the view from Union Point, and the view from Glacier Point. One photo shows the Santa Barbara Mission.

Yosemite area views [graphic] /

Views of Yosemite landscapes and outing groups, including trail riding, stage coaches, etc.

Yosemite camping trip [graphic].

Scenes include group of men and women at campsite and by lake, and views of Half Dome, Cathedral Rock, Nevada Falls, and Liberty Cap.

Yosemite Falls stereoviews [graphic] : including Lady Jane Franklin's party on horseback.

Photographs of Yosemite Falls from the valley floor. One includes a party on horseback in the foreground believed to be the party of Lady Jane Franklin who visited Yosemite in 1861.

Yosemite [graphic]

Includes early snapshots as well as professional photographs of Yosemite National Park. Also views of Big Tree, Calif.

Yosemite Lumber Company photographs [graphic]

Photographs show the Yosemite Lumber Co.'s operations at El Portal in Mariposa Co., Calif. Many photographs show workers, logs on trains, engine rooms, tools, equipment, and similar views. Many views show lumber camp facilities, including dining and living room areas,...

Yosemite National Park photos [graphic] /

Photos show waterfalls and general views in Yosemite National Park. One shows "Barnard's Rock Cottage".

Yosemite National Park views, Calif. [graphic] /

Includes views of Yosemite Valley from Mariposa trail, Yosemite and Nevada Falls, North and South Domes, Cathedral Rocks, Washington Tower and a section of the Grizzly Giant (Mariposa Grove).

Yosemite National Park views [graphic] /

Includes general views of the park and many waterfalls.

Yosemite Park Mines Syndicate scrapbook, 1908.

Contains prospectus, correspondence, reports on mines, and stock certificates for mining land in Devil Gulch originally included in the Yosemite Park grant made in 1864.

Yosemite photographs [graphic]

Scenic views and groups of tourists in the Yosemite Valley and nearby locales in Yosemite National Park. Views include a party at Inspiration Point, Mirror Lake, Cathedral Spires, El Capitan, various waterfalls, a wagon in the Wawona drive-through tree, an...

Yosemite photographs [graphic] /

Photos show: Nellie Crockett and sister (dated ca. 1900), Yosemite Valley from Inspiration Point, Bridal Veil Falls, Yosemite Falls and Indian Canyon, Nevada Falls, a profile of Vernal Falls, the Three Brothers, and the Stoneman Hotel.

Yosemite photographs [graphic]: Catherine Norton Case's 1905 trip.

One Snapshot is of a meadow with figures gathered, with Half Dome and the Royal Arches in background. The other is of an unidentified rock formation among trees, presumably in or near the Yosemite Valley.

Yosemite, San Francisco, Oregon, Peru, and other locations

Photographs show many scenes in and around Yosemite Valley; some views of San Francisco (including Watkins' 9-plate stereograph-sized panorama, ca. 1867, and a view of the wreck of the ship Viscata, 1868) ; views along the Columbia River; a panorama...

Yosemite snow scenes and mountain lions in captivity [graphic]

Includes views of the Glacier Point Hotel under snow drifts.

Yosemite stereo views [graphic]

Stereos captioned: Bower Cave, Yosemite [showing stairs and walkways into the cave] -- Clouds Rest and thunder clouds, Yosemite -- The Diamond Jump [waterfall].

Yosemite stereograph views [graphic] /

Includes stereograph views of Yosemite Valley and the adjacent Sierra Nevada mountain range. Photographer Roche and other members of his party appear in some views.

Yosemite stereoviews [graphic]

Title supplied by cataloger.

The Yosemite Valley [graphic] : Yosemite National Park California /

19 professional-quality views of the Yosemite Valley (including onw mounted on cover and one on title page). Added snapshots and ephemera appear to be from a participant in a 1924 Oakdale to Yosemite automobile run. One view from the main...

Yosemite Valley, Old Missions of California, Yellowstone Park - Views

Includes photos of many Yosemite falls and scenery; several views of California missions (San Gabriel Mission, San Diego Mission, Mission at Santa Barbara, San Luis Rey Mission, Mission San Juan Capistrano, etc.); various Yellowstone views; and one photo of Mt....

Yosemite Valley photographs [graphic] /

1: Bridal Veil Fall, Gorge, etc. [from the Coulterville Trail] no. a11 [very similar to mammoth CEW number 14] -- 2: Cathedral Rocks 2600 ft. Yosemite no. a12 [near the vantage point of mammoth CEW number 21]-- 3: Yosemite Falls...

Yosemite Valley Railway Co. records : mss., [1922-1943]

v.1 - letter press copies of damage reports, freight bills sent to other agents for collection, waybills and voucher correction notices from Merced Falls station, 1922-1943; v.2 - train register at Bagby, 1908; v.3 - record of freight received at...

Yosemite Valley scenes [graphic] /

Title supplied by cataloger.

Yosemite Valley stereo views [graphic]

Published by Underwood & Underwood.

Yosemite Valley views [graphic]

Title supplied by cataloger.

Yosemite Views by I. W. Taber

Views of the Yosemite Valley including: El Capitan, Glacier Point, Cathedral Spires, Yosemite Falls, Nevada Falls, Merced River, Bridal Veil Falls, Cascade Falls, Sentinel, and a view from Artist's Point.

Yosemite views [graphic] /

Includes views of Yosemite falls and scenery, as well as Fagersteen's wagon seen through the Wawona Tree.

Yosemite views [graphic]

Includes 6 views of Half Dome. Also views of Vernal Falls, Upper Yosemite Falls(?) and Merced(?) river.

Yosemite views [graphic]

Views show visitors to Yosemite on horseback, a crowded room of men sleeping on the floor (caption: Close quarters our first night), a man in a barber's chair being examined, playing cards with four kings identified by name (Alexander, Cesar,...

Yoshi Saburo Kuno papers, 1907-1937.

Correspondence, notes, manuscripts, course notes, and subject file on Kuno's interest and activity as a professor in Japanese Culture at the University of California in Berkeley.

Yoshiaki Moriwaki family papers, 1942-46, 1976.

Photographs transferred to the Pictorial Collections of The Bancroft Library (BANC PIC 1987.070--A)

Young America Mining Company checks : Forest City, Calif., 1865.

from University of Wyoming, American Heritage Center;

Young, Ella Letters to Acquisition Librarian, University of California, Berkeley, 1949.

Presenting copies of her works for the Rare Books Collection, with information on publication, rarity, etc.

Young family papers, 1865-1878.

of Albert Jefferson Young (1841-1933) May 21 - Sept. 11, 1862. Record of his overland journey by wagon train from Council Bluffs to California. The diary ends with the crossing of the Sierra Nevada. He settled eventually in Danville. Included...

Young family papers, 1921-1935.

Papers of Young Yuen and his family. Material concerning the Bow On Association (a benevolent society) included.

Young Men soiree invitations, 1859-1860.

Invitations to the Young Men's eighth and twelfth soirees in 1859 at Assembly Hall in San Francisco and 1860 at Tucker's Academy of Music in San Francisco. The 1859 invitation is addressed to a Miss Fany Frank. Committee members included...

A young woman's photograph album of San Francisco Bay Area outings [graphic].

Snapshot album of an unidentified young woman or group of women, taken around 1910-1913. Chiefly photographs of friends on hiking and camping excursions around the San Francisco Bay Area. Identifiable locations are Mt. Diablo (Contra Costa County), Mt. Tamalpais (Marin...

Youngman family papers, 1882-1904.

Includes letter, 1879, from Lorinda (Wooster) Youngman, describing life in California; Civil War service record of Alden L. Youngman in First Wisconsin Cavalry and regimental roster; and family genealogy.

Yount family papers, 1830-1945.

Photocopy of translation in California State Archives of "Expediente 154" - grant, 1836, of Caymus Rancho to Yount; abstract of title (with copy of Yount's will) made, 1915, for F.W. Ellis; papers of Mrs. E.E. Cook (including Yount family genealogy);...

Yuan T. Lee papers

The Yuan T. Lee papers including correspondence, research proposals, organizational records, project files and university records.

Yuba County documents, 1852-1867.

Includes power of attorney, Dec. 1852, for David S. Forman of Marysville to F.A. McCormick of Columbus, Ohio; a request for 1000 foreign miners' license forms by the Yuba County auditor in Dec. 1855; an undated, unsigned manuscript draft of...

Yuba County Jail mug shot photographs of Chinese miners [graphic].

Includes mug shot photographs of Chinese miners convicted of hydraulic mining and sentenced to prison terms at the Yuba County Jail. Photographs bear various dates from 1887. Names include: Hop Mow, Ah Sung, Ah Fung, Ah Wang, Ah Jin, Ah...

Yuba County land papers, 1857-1871.

Include pre-emption notices and affidavits, one concerning mining property.

Yuba Manufacturing Co. Records

Financial and operating records consisting of cash books, journal and general ledgers, petty cash reports, payroll records, stock journals and ledgers, appraisal inventory, company brochures, list of dredges, and job log books.

Yuba Manufacturing Company photographs [graphic]

Predominantly views of dredges manufactured by the company, both under construction in California and in operation in California and other locales (including Alaska and Greece). Views of other industrial and manufacturing equipment are also present.

Yucatan, Mexico Documents

These papers relate chiefly to the early national period, including circulars and letters from government officials to the governor of Yucatan; acts of the Yucatan assembly, 1840; official reports concerning the troops, 1834-1845; and synopsis of official correspondence, 1841-1843. There...

Yukiye Kusuda letters to Robert W. Carnachan, 1942-1944.

Letters from Japanese Relocation Center, Poston, Arizona.

Yukon Basin Gold Dredging Co. Ltd. papers, 1907-1908.

Include eleven letters to Mr. F. Henderson promoting the sale of stock in the company and miscellaneous promotional handbills and flyers.

Yussemite Valley (Californie).

Two views from Watkins' 1865-1866 trips to Yosemite, possibly printed later. Views may be reduced versions of his mammoth plate views. Upper view captioned "South Dome en fond de la vallée." Lower view captioned: "Cathedral Rocks." The upper view is...